[--We cut backstage where we see Kurt Angle stretching and getting ready for his match later tonight... The door to his dressing room opens up and Steve Austin stomps in.... Angle stands up and gives Austin his full attention...--]

Kurt Angle: Hey, Steve..

Steve Austin: Where's Jericho!?!

Kurt Angle: Um.. I don't know?

Steve Austin: What?

Kurt Angle: I don'---

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

Kurt Angle: I DON'T KNOW!!

Steve Austin: Shut up!! Don't ever take that tone with me!! I need to find Jericho, dammit!! Money Incorporated's attacked him in the parkin' lot and I need to know if he's gonna be there for us!!

Kurt Angle: Well, I don't know, Steve..

Steve Austin: [--Mocking--] "I DON'T KNOW, STEVE," you're pathetic! Listen here, you mealy mouthed bastard! You just better be ready to pick up the damn slack if he doesn't show up!! You understand me?!?

[--Austin and Angle have a staredown and Austin finally just leaves the room... We cut to the ring for our next match....--]

The Big Nasty vs. Eddie Guerrero


[--The Big Nasty kicks into high gear and drops Guerrero with some stiff punches.. Guerrero gets back up quickly and sends a few shots into the Nasty's body but he that's not going to cut it as the Big Nasty sends Guerrero back to the mat with another solid shot to the skull!! The Nasty picks Guerrero up and tosses him into the corner like a rag doll and begins hitting him with some solid forearms... Guerrero kicks up and hits the Nasty in the balls and Guerrero hits the top turnbuckle and MISSILE DROPKICKS THE NASTY!! The Big Nasty hits the mat hard and Guerrero goes up top again.... He flies off for the FROG SPLASH!! But Nasty throws an arm up and catches Eddie around the neck!! Eddie looks scared as hell as the Nasty stands up with an iron grip on Eddie's throat.... AND IT'S THE BIG NASTY CHOKESLAM!! The Nasty goes down to one knee and puts one finger on Guerrero's chest....1....2......3!!!!! The Big Nasty has won the match!!--]

WINNER: The Big Nasty via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Triple H and Stephanie making their way through the hallways... Triple H looks pretty intense... He walks right by X-Pac and for some reason or another, X-Pac looks pretty pissed...--]

X-Pac: So, you too good to say hello to your old friends?

[--Triple H turns around and looks at X-Pac...--]

Triple H: What did you just say?

X-Pac: I think you heard me, boy!

[--Triple H charges up and gets up in X-Pac's face...--]

Triple H: I think you better just watch it.. Old friends, you say? Screw that!! That was the WWF, this is SGW, YOU'RE NOT SHIT TO ME!!!

[--Triple H just slams X-Pac in the head with a massive forearm and X-Pac hits the floor holding his head... Stephanie and laughs and motions for Triple H to come on... They leave and we cut to the ring for our next match....--]

Shawn Michaels vs. Dean Malenko
Lance Storm


[--It's a three-way tie up to begin things and Storm deals out some kicks to the guts of Malenko and Michaels!! Storm whips Malenko into the turnbuckle and Michaels hits Storm from behind.. Michaels and Storm brawl and Malenko runs back into the fray... Malenko hits Storm with a calf-drop kick and Storm hits one knee.. Michaels kicks Storm in the face and goes after Malenko... Malenko and Michaels go at it a bit and Storm is back up and he SIDEKICKS Michaels in the back!! Michaels stumbles forward into a snap powerbomb from Malenko!! Storm sidekicks Malenko in the chest and Malenko goes flying through the ropes!! Storm grabs Michaels' leg and hooks the MAPLE LEAF!!!! Michaels taps out!! Storm pulls back on the hold a little bit and Michaels keeps tapping!! Storm finally lets go and leaves...--]

WINNER: Lance Storm via Submission

[--We cut backstage where we see Eddie Guerrero sitting backstage nursing his injuries from his previous match... Chyna is behind him massaging his shoulders...--]

Eddie Guerrero: Mamacita, I can't believe that.. My neck's gonna be hurtin' for a month, man!

Chyna: Don't worry, Eddie.. That Big Nasty'll get his eventually.. He'll be set on fire by the Latino Heeeat, soon enough, hehe...

[--Eddie laughs as she continues massaging his back, when suddenly Marc Mero and Sable walk onto the scene... Mero is laughing his ass off...--]

Eddie Guerrero: What's so funny, esse'?

Marc Mero: Hahaha! You're funny, Eddie! I mean, the way you bounced off of the Nasty last a friggin' rag doll! He didn't beat you! You beat yourself by being dumb enough to get in the ring with that blimp!! I've never seen anything funnier in my life!!

Chyna: Step off, Marc..

Sable: Don't talk to my man like that, you bitch!

Eddie Guerrero: Whoa, whoa, ladies! Ladies!

[--Eddie tries to stop them, but Chyna shoves Sable and Marc drops her with a TUTTI FRUITY KNOCK OUT PUNCH!! Chyna hits the floor completely unconcious and Eddie flies into a rage and jumps on Mero!! Mero and Eddie brawl like crazy and SGW security floods into the area to break them up!!--]

Eddie Guerrero: I'LL KILL YOU, MAN!! I'LL KILL YOU!!


[--They try to get each other again and KEVIN NASH runs onto the scene!! Nash stands between the opposing sides and speaks...--]

Kevin Nash: Stand back, Eddie... Marc, you listen, and listen good... It looks like you're pretty good at picking on women and guys with injured necks, but why don't you pick on ME!?! Next week on SHOCK, boy!!

Marc Mero: You got it, Nash!! I'll knock you right the hell out.... Just like I did to that man-beast!!!

[--Eddie tries to get at Marc again and they're separated by the security!! It's Kevin Nash & Marc Mero on SHOCK NEXT WEEK!!!! We cut to the ring for our next match...--]

Ted Dibiase/Val Venis/Johnny the Bull
Kurt Angle
/Steve Austin


[--Venis and Austin start out the action and Austin takes over like crazy and beats down on Venis with some hard punches... Venis and Austin go at it some more and Venis makes the tag to Johnny.. Austin whoops Johnny's ass with tons of brawling tactics and he whips Johnny to the ropes... Johnny throws a clothesline and Austin ducks it!! KICK! STUNNER!!!! Johnny bounces over into his corner and Dibiase tags himself in.... Dibiase runs in at Austin and Austin opens a can!! He drops Dibiase with a THESZ PRESS!!! He punches him in the face a few times and Dibiase eyegouges him!! Austin gets up and stumbles around and Dibiase clotheslines him down!! Dibiase punches him in the face a few times and Austin shoves him off!! Austin gets back up and brawls with Dibiase!! Austin whips Dibiase to the ropes... KICK! STUNNER!!!! Dibiase is OUT!! Austin goes for the cover..1...2... Johnny the Bull makes the save!! Austin tags in Kurt Angle, and Angle goes after Dibiase, but Dibiase manages to tag in Venis!! Venis and Angle go at it and the fans erupt as Chris Jericho has returned to the arena!! Jericho stumbles down the ramp, he's obviously been beaten severely by Money Inc. and he slides into the ring... Jericho gets up in Venis' face and.... ANGLE HITS JERICHO FROM BEHIND!!! Angle hits the OLYMPIC SLAM!! And he runs over and knocks Austin off of the apron!! Venis covers Jericho.1...2...3!!!!! WHY DID ANGLE TURN ON HIS TEAM!?!? WHY!?! Angle celebrates with Money Inc. as the fans boo loudly... We cut to the ring...--]

WINNER: Money Inc. via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Shane McMahon and Booker T. talking... Booker T. looks psyched for one reason or another....--]

Shane McMahon: Alright, Book, your match is coming up soon, so let's make this quick...

Booker T.: Yeah!

Shane McMahon: Let's make a little deal here... If you beat The Rock tonight, I'll give you the match everyone wants to see....

Booker T.: What's that, sucka?

Shane McMahon: The fans want to see you... THE BOOK! Make Bret Hart look like a bitch!!

Booker T.: DIG IT!!

Shane McMahon: That's right, Book, if you beat the Rock, I'm giving you a match, one on one with the living legend, Bret Hart, himself!! Haha... And get this, Book... It'll be in the first round of the PICK YOUR TITLE TOURNAMENT...

[--Booker T. looks up at Shane and gets a huge smile on his face....--]

Shane McMahon: That sound good?

[--The Book laughs...--]

Booker T.: BLING BLING!!

[--Booker and Shane laugh as we cut to the ring for our next match....--]

Edge & Christian
The Rock & Bill Goldberg


[--Edge & Goldberg start things out.. Goldberg rips right into him and whips him into the ropes..... He sidekicks Edge in the head and Edge stumbles back up, Goldberg picks him up for the GORILLA PRESS SLAM!!! He throws Edge aside and tags in the Rock!! Edge and The Rock trade punches and Edge kicks Rock in the gut.. He hooks him for the Edge-A-Cutioner, but The Rock elbows out of it and whips Edge into the ropes... The Rock throws a clothesline but Edge ducks it and shoves The Rock from behind!! The Rock turns around and give Edge a total "You didn't just do that" look and Edge begins to back down, and The Rock just lunges at him!! Whip to the ropes... SPINEBUSTER!!! Edge lays still and The Rock looks down on him... Kick to the shoulder... To the ropes.... Jumps Edge... To the ropes again..... PEOPLE'S ELBOW!!!! The Rock covers..1....2......... CHRISTIAN MAKES THE SAVE!! Christian begins beating down on the Rock and the Rock springs back up and begins trading punches with him!! The Rock lays in punch after punch!! He spits in his palm and punches Christian over the top rope!! Edge jumps The Rock from behind and begins sending some shots into his head when suddenly two men jump the rail and pull Goldberg from the apron!! It's THE BIG NASTY & SHANE McMAHON!! Could Shane have formed an alliance with the BIG NASTY!?!?! Nasty and Goldberg brawl until Shane McMahon slams a chair into Goldberg's back!! The Big Nasty grabs Goldberg around the throat.... CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!! Goldberg doesn't move a bit!! The Nasty and Shane take off through the crowd!! Edge slides out of the ring and grabs two chairs... He throws them into the ring and Christian grabs one, and Edge grabs one!! They size the Rock up for a CON-CHAIR-TO but HERE COMES BRET HART WITH A CHAIR OF HIS OWN!! He slides in and slams it hard into Christian's head!! And he lays out Edge too!! The ref calls for the bell!! E&C are winning this by DISQUALIFICATION!! Hart throws the chair down and leaves, E&C help each other out and Goldberg is assisted from ringside by some officials... The Rock remains in the ring for his second match although he's weakened and disoriented from the previous fight....--]

WINNER: Edge & Christian via DQ

[--We cut backstage where we see The Big Nasty drinking out of a big bottle of liquor in the hallways... He's resting up against a wall and Chavo Guerrero Jr. approaches him.... Chavo looks pissed, Nasty just looks at him and laughs...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Hey! Listen here, Nasty!! I saw what you did to my Uncle Eddie & Goldberg and it makes me sick!!

Pepe: .. . . . . .....

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yeah!!

[--The Big Nasty chuckles...--]

The Big Nasty: Yeah? Well, whadda you plan on doin' about it, midget?

[--Nasty shoves Chavo with one finger....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Watch where you're puttin' that thing or the next time you'll pull back a stump!!

[--Nasty shatters the liquor bottle on the wall and grabs Chavo by the neck, Chokeslam style...--]

The Big Nasty: You threatening me, you little punk!?! Do you know who the HELL I AM!?!?!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Do you know who I AM!?! I'm a former World Champion!!!

The Big Nasty: YOU'RE A BITCH!!!!! A joke!! Now get out of here before I squash you like a DAMN BUG!!!!!

[--Nasty releases his grip on Chavo's neck and Chavo jumps and socks the Big Nasty in the nose!!!! Chavo takes off running with Pepe as blood squirts out of the Nasty's nose!!--]

The Big Nasty: You little bastard!! You broke my FUCKING NOSE!!!!

[--Nasty chases after him as we cut to the ring for our next match....--]

The Rock vs. Booker T.


[--Booker T. gets in the ring and quickly takes advantage of the weakened Rock... They trade punches and Booker takes the advantage... Booker drops the Rock with some stiff punches and kicks, but suddenly The Rock makes a solid come back with a series of big right hands!! He drops the Book with a clothesline and Booker T. gets back up quickly.... The Rock whips him to the ropes... SPINEBUSTER!!! The Rock may have already won the match!! He kicks The Book in the shoulder... He goes to the ropes... Jumps the Book and goes to the ropes again but SOMEONE HITS THE ROCK FROM THE OUTSIDE!!! Booker T. SPINAROONIES BACK TO HIS FEET!!!! The Rock stumbles forward from the impact from the outside shot and right into.... THE BOOKEND!!!!!! Booker T. makes a cover!!! 1...2....3!!!!!! BOOKER T. HAS BEATEN THE ROCK!!! Booker T. celebrates and quickly leaves as the person who hit the Rock from the outside enters the ring... IT WAS SCOTT STEINER!!!!! Steiner turns the Rock over on his stomach and LOCKS IN THE STEINER RECLINER!!!! Security and officials flood the ring and pull Steiner away from the Rock as the fans boo loudly... Steiner yells at the Rock as officials pull him away... We cut backstage as we get a close-up of the Rock, nearly unconcious from the pain....--]

WINNER: Booker T. via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Val Venis and Ted Dibiase resting after their match.... Venis seems to be dozing off while Dibiase flips through a stack of bills... The door to their dressing room opens up and Shane McMahon steps in....Dibiase and Venis don't know what's going on, but they stand up and shake Shane's hand... Shane speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: I've got a favor to ask you...

Val Venis: Shoot, Mr. McMahon...

Shane McMahon: As you know, those retchid bastards, Sandman and Credible crowned their own heirs to the tag titles... And quite frankly, their choice made me sick...

Ted Dibiase: Whipwreck and Hardy.... So low class! Hahahaa....

Shane McMahon: Exactly. And that's why I'm putting together the tag team match that I am for next week's Shock... Whipwreck and Hardy will be defending their newly "won" tag team titles in a four corners tag team match.... Against Mike Awesome & Chris Benoit... Rhyno & Taz..and I was hoping.. You two...

Ted Dibiase: Hahahahaaaa....I like the way you think...

Val Venis: I always like the chance to bring even MORE gold into Money Inc....Heh heh..

[--Venis strokes his goatee in anticipation...--]

Ted Dibiase: Indeed, it is a good idea..... Shane, we'll be glad to bring more gold into Money Inc.... Hahahahahahahaaaa...

Shane McMahon: Great... Just great, baby! Yeah!!

[--Shane shakes their hands again and leaves, and we've got quite possibly the biggest tag team title match in SGW history coming up next week!!--]

Scott Steiner vs. Mike Awesome
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Bret Hart
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Benoit


[--Douglas and Hart go right at each other and begin brawilng it out!! Benoit and Chavo put the boots to each other and Steiner and Awesome take out some hard aggressions on each other!! Douglas whips Hart to the ropes and hits him with a vicious knee.. Benoit whips Chavo into the turnbuckle and chases him in with a hard lariat that puts Chavo on the mat quickly.. Steiner hits Awesome with a stiff belly-to-belly suplex and Awesome gets up, holding his arm awkwardly... Steiner whips Awesome to the ropes and it's the STEINER-LINE!!!!! Awesome hits the mat holding his arm and he rolls out of the ring.. Awesome seems to have injured his arm!! Some EMTs run down and help Awesome to the back, he may have torn a muscle or got a fracture of some sort, but AWESOME IS OUT OF THIS MATCH!! Steiner quickly makes his way over to Chavo and helps Benoit beat him down!! Chavo tries to fight back but Benoit and Steiner are just too much!! Douglas and Hart brawl it out in another corner of the ring and Hart whips the Extreme Champion to the ropes... ATOMIC DROP!!! HE HOOKS DOUGLAS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! The fans erupt as Hart hooks the move and begins pulling back on it!! Douglas yells in pain and Steiner leaves Chavo and Benoit to KICK HART IN THE FACE!! Hart hits the mat and Douglas gets back up.. Steiner whips Hart to the ropes and hits him with a STEINER-LINE!! Douglas fumbles in his tights and pulls out some BRASS KNUCKS!! He positions himself behind Steiner, and Steiner turns around... DOUGLAS SWINGS!! Steiner ducks and hits Douglas with a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! But Douglas' body hit the referee!! The ref hits the floor and he's unconcious!! Douglas stands up and Hart clotheslines him out of the ring!! Hart follows him out and they brawl on the outside!! Steiner, Chavo, and Benoit go at it in the ring!! Chavo suddenly becomes a house of fire and he drops Benoit with a SIDEKICK!! He turns around and floors Steiner with a big right hand!! Chavo IS MAKING THE COMEBACK!! The fans are roaring and HERE COMES SHANE McMAHON!! He slides into the ring with a chair and SWINGS IT AT CHAVO!! Chavo ducks it and slaps the chair out of his hands!! Chavo grabs McMahon by the collar of his shirt and begins yelling in his face, but here comes JOHNNY THE BULL, keeping his end of the deal to protect McMahon!! He hits Chavo from behind, but Chavo manages to fight him off!! Johnny helps Shane to the back.. Benoit and Chavo go at it some more, and Chavo takes the advantage!! BUT HERE COMES THE BIG NASTY!!! The Nasty still has blood all over his face from Chavo's punch, and THE NASTY LAYS OUT CHAVO WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!!! The fans boo loudly as the Nasty leaves the ring!! Benoit covers Chavo..1....2...... STEINER PULLED BENOIT OFF!! Steiner and Benoit go at it and Steiner BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEXES BENOIT OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! The fans boo loudly as Steiner flexes over Chavo's body, Steiner suddenly stops posing when he feels the vibrations of someone getting in the ring.... Steiner turns around is hit with a ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! The fans erupt and The Rock throws Chavo on top of him!! The Rock leaves and the ref counts..1....2.....3!!!!!!! CHAVO GUERRERO JR. HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!! Chavo grabs the title belt and runs off to the back as the fans roar!!!--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. via Pinfall

[--We quickly cut backstage to follow Chavo Guerrero Jr. running through the backstage area with his World Title belt!! He grabs Pepe as he runs through and OUT THE BACK DOOR!! Chavo charges into the parking lot, looks like he's trying to get out of the arena before any of Shane's boys can touch him!! Chavo quickly jumps into his vehicle and cranks it but before he can get anywhere.... ANOTHER CAR SMASHES INTO IT!!!! The whole arena pauses for a few seconds and for a moment no one moves... Finally, the door to Chavo's vehicle opens up and Chavo stumbles out his car with blood running down his face...The driver of the other car suddenly emerges... THE BIG NASTY!!!!! He forearms Chavo down!! The Big Nasty is a fucking psycho!!! He could've killed both of them!! Chavo tries fighting back with what strength he has left, but JOHNNY THE BULL HITS HIM FROM BEHIND!!! Chavo's back down!! The Big Nasty and Johnny the Bull beat the shit out of Chavo Guerrero!! Shane McMahon walks onto the scene and begins talking some serious trash at Chavo... Shane walks over to Chavo's vehicle and pulls out Pepe!! Johnny and The Big Nasty hold Chavo up on his knees and Shane waves Pepe in his face...--]


Chavo Guerrero Jr.: PEPE!!!! Please, don't hurt him!!!!!

Shane McMahon: It's too late for that, Chavo!! Begging's not going to get you out of this shit with me now!! There's only room in SGW for one of us, and I'll be damned if you're going to be champion after next week.. Because you're stepping in the ring with the Big Nasty and Johnny the damn BULL!!!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: I don't care!! JUST GIVE ME PEPE!!!!

[--Chavo looks like he's about to cry and Shane just stares in his face...--]

Shane McMahon: ....You're pathetic.. Nasty! Do your thing!

[--The Nasty grabs Chavo by the neck and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD OF HIS CAR!!! Shane hands Pepe to Johnny and Johnny laughs and TWISTS OFF PEPE'S HEAD!! He throws it down and we fade out as Nasty, Shane, and Johnny walk out of the parking lot, leaving Chavo a bloody, beaten mess....--]