-[[ The fans, expecting another hard hitting match, begin booing loudly as Melina's music hits.. Solid Gold Wrestling's own Director of Authority walks out onto the ramp with a clipboard in her hand.. And right on cue, several SGW crew members begin rolling out the red carpet for her entrance... She makes her way to the ring and gets inside before taking a microphone from Gary Michael Cappetta... She shoos him out of the ring and takes her place right in the center.. A cocky grin on her face as she raises the microphone...... ]]-

[ Melina ] Ladies and gentlemen.... It is now time for the announcement that you have ALL been waiting for!

-[[ The fans boo and pelt her with garbage, regardless of any announcement. ]]-

[ Melina ] That's right.. It's time to reveal the main event.... Of Six-String Supremacy!!

-[[ The fans begin booing even louder.. They don't care a bit.. The boos become so loud that she can hardly be heard.. She walks a circle around the ring, yelling in the microphone so that her announcement can be heard. ]]-

[ Melina ] It's going to be Jeff Jarrett.. The Solid Gold Wrestling... World.. Heavyweight.. CHAMPION....

-[[ Holy shit.. Who's he going to defend against? ]]-

-[[ She stops, rests the clipboard on her hip and smiles as she prepares to announce his opponent...... ]]-

[ Melina ] Debuting the trailer.. For his new movie.. CHOSEN ONE: THE LEGEND OF JEFF JARRETT!!

-[[ ........What? ]]-

-[[ A massive "BULLSHIT" chant starts.. She seems way too excited to care. ]]-

[ Melina ] And ALL the stars are going to be there!! Ben Affleck! Matt Damon! Billy Zane! Renee Zellwegger! There will be more star power in the ring to see that trailer than we have on our entire roster combined!! And you people... You people should be grateful that the ticket prices aren't rising because of the main event star power ALONE!

-[[ She laughs as the boos continue. ]]-

[ Melina ] Hell.. We'll raise them anyway! Because Solid Gold Wrestling has the monopoly on this business right now!! And we'll do what we want.. Book what we want... And kill any PUSH we feel like!! And no one!! NO ONE!! Can do anything about it!!

.........It's time....


-[[ The fans don't necessarily want to cheer, but anyone is better than this bitch, so they blow the roof off the place as Triple H's music hits!! Triple H casually strolls out onto the stage in a suit and a pair of sunglasses.. He walks around the stage for a few seconds and then reveals a microphone in his hand.. Melina doesn't know what to think, looking pissed that Triple H has interrupted her announcement. Triple H raises his microphone and speaks to someone off to the side of the stage. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Roll that red carpet back out, jack-off.. If THAT bitch gets the royal treatment, then it's only suitable that it gets rolled out for the real star of this show.... Do it!!

-[[ The red carpet rolls out and Triple H smiles before making his way to the ring.. He gets inside and stands a few feet away from Melina before he begins speaking again... The fans are giving him a very positive reaction as opposed to the one she got earlier. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I was sittin' in the back.. And I could've sworn I heard you say that the main event... The main event of our first pay-per-view, Six-String Supremacy... Or whatever the hell stupid name that guitar swinging idiot gave it... Was going to be the debut.. Of a movie trailer....

-[[ Triple H almost laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Triple H ] A movie trailer.. A movie... About Jeff Jarrett.... And OH.. Oh what a GALA NIGHT.. There's gonna be stars.. And champagne and music and.. Let me ask ya' somethin', sweetheart.....

-[[ Triple H walks up really close to her.. You can tell she uncomfortable being in the ring with him. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Are there going to be any of those little hotdogs.. With the toothpicks? And you know, waiters.. Waiters dressed in nice suits to carry them on trays? Are ya' gonna have those?

-[[ Melina slowly nods and Triple H's face goes dead serious as he pie faces straight to the mat.. She lands on her ass and quickly stands back up and raises her own microphone as she yells in his face.. ]]-


-[[ And Triple H yells right back at her. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Let me tell you something, bitch!! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!! About any hot dogs!! Or waiters!! Or YOU!! AND I ESPECIALLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY MOVIE TRAILER IN THE MAIN EVENT OF A WRESTLING PAY-PER-VIEW!!

-[[ Triple H turns away from and paces around the ring before addressing the fans.. Still angry. ]]-

[ Triple H ] The name of the promotion.. Is Solid.. Gold...... Wrestling..... WRESTLING.. A unique concept, I know, but I guess I should know from looking back at SGW's history that wrestling.. Real wrestling.. Is the furthest thing from important around here.. I mean.. Nobody.. Nobody is remembered in SGW for what they did in the ring.. They're only remembered for screwing someone.. Or getting screwed!!

-[[ Triple H turns back around and gets back in Melina's face. ]]-

[ Triple H ] And at Six-String Supremacy, it looks like the new management is going to screw everyone from the top of the roster... All the way down to the bottom!! I don't think so..... Because I eat this business! I sleep this business!! And I damn sure BREATHE this business.. And I, Triple H..... THE GAME...... Am going to be remembered in SGW.. As the man who transcended the norm.. The man who the fans remember.. For what he did in the ring..... Now.. I don't know what I'm doing at Supremacy.... But I know what I'm doing tonight......

-[[ Triple H turns back to the fans..... ]]-

[ Triple H ] Tonight... I'm going to take Solid Gold Wrestling's own little legend, Christian.. And I'm going to make history.. No tricks.. No games.. No bells and whistles.... Only the PEDIGREE.. There will be no screwjobs.. No controversy!! And after I'm done with Captain Charisma.. Yeah right.... I'm coming after YOU, Jarrett.. And that world championship will go around MY waist...... Because the only pushes ended around here... Are ended... BY ME!!

-[[ He stares down at Melina and smiles. ]]-

[ Triple H ] And your push, Jarrett... IS OVER!!

-[[ He stares coldly into Melina's eyes. ]]-

[ Triple H ] How's that... For a big announcement?

-[[ He drops the microphone at her feet and exits the ring. ]]-

Dave Batista  versus "Prime Time" Brian Lee
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Raven's Rules
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Batista and Brian Lee have a stare down to start.. And with no warning whatsoever, Lee NAILS Batista with a big right hand! Batista barely flinches! Batista's eyes go wide and he begins shaking all over like something has gone off inside of him...... And he rips Brian Lee's head off with a devastating clothesline! Batista yanks Brian Lee off of the mat and whips him into the ropes..... SPINE BUSTER!! "BOOM!!!!" Batista isn't finished!! He grabs Brian Lee and slams his head between his legs......... BATISTA BOMB!!!! Batista covers!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- ... The count is stopped by the Blue World Order!! Meanie, Stevie, and Nova stomp away at Batista, but Batista stands up like he's not even being touched.. KICK! WHAM! BATISTA BOMB ON NOVA!! He turns around..... SPINE BUSTER ON THE MEANIE!! Batista turns and sees Stevie sneaking up on him... But Stevie backs away, shaking in fear... And the front of his Daisy Dukes go dark with fresh piss!! Stevie stops, drops, and rolls out of the ring as Batista yells "BOOM!!" and turns around...... And catches Brian Lee with a second SPINE BUSTER!! He covers!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!! Batista has earned the right to face Raven right here and right NOW!! ]]-

Winner: Dave Batista via Pin Fall

-[[ But as soon as Batista stands up, he's nailed in the back with a chair by Raven!! Scott James calls for the bell
to start the second match!!

Dave Batista  versus Raven
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Raven's Rules
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Batista goes down to one knee from the chair shot.. And Raven raises the chair again.. But his eyes go wide when he sees Batista begin to stand up as if the chair shot didn't effect him at all!! Raven throws the chair to the side and exits the ring, watching Batista as he backs up the ramp and collects his Nest... Batista leans on the ropes, shaking like a molten volcano.. Angry that Raven has chosen the easy way out of this match.. ]]-

Winner: Dave Batista via Forfeit

-[[ Jeff Jarrett is in the back with Melina is still visibly pissed off by how Triple H treated her earlier in the show... Jarrett is pacing around with a guitar over his shoulder which makes you wonder exactly how many of these fucking things he's got on him..... She speaks. ]]-

[ Melina ] I don't care what it takes, Jeff.. No one touches me like that.. I want him destroyed.

-[[ Jarrett stops and rubs his goatee. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This ain't the old SGDubya.. I ain't screwin'im over, but you can rest assured, tonight.. He WILL get what he has comin' to'im.. Because I got ALLLLLLLLLL the faith in the world that Christian will send the Game back to Stamford where he belongs!

-[[ Before she can say anything else, the door opens and Christian steps inside.. No Coalition in sight.. Jeff stops and looks him up and down, wondering why the intrusion was necessary.. Christian puts his hands up in mock defense. ]]-

[ Christian ] I come in peace, Jeff-dude.

-[[ Everyone relaxes a bit as Christian continues. ]]-

[ Christian ] I wanted to talk to you about that tournament I won.. That tournament that says I can have any title shot in the company that I want? Well, I was kind've hoping to cash that in.. Sooner, rather than later..

-[[ Jarrett smiles. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Christian! I know exactly what you're wantin', pal... There's a record that needs some breakin' and you're thinkin' that you're just the one to do it!! The Dudley Boyz... One o'the most overrated tag teams in SGDubya history... You're tied with'em for the most tag team title reigns in history..... And ya' wanna break it... Well, I'm the man who can make that dream come true!!

-[[ Christian raises an eyebrow.. He cuts Jarrett off. ]]-

[ Christian ] Well, actually.. I was thinkin' of the world--

-[[ Another cut off. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Christian, I've got it.. Next week.. CHRISTIAN.. And a partner of his choice.. Versus.... Hell, who do you wanna' face? You'll need somebody good to face... So this record breakin' achievement looks good on your résumé.. Just name somebody.. Any team on the whole damn roster!

-[[ Christian didn't want this.. But he thinks really hard and then it hits him. ]]-

[ Christian ] How about the Blue World Order? They suck!

-[[ Jarrett claps his hands together. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Great choice!! Couldn't've picked a better team myself!! Who do ya' want your partner to be?

-[[ Christian nods, knowing already who he wants. ]]-

[ Christian ] You know who I want.

-[[ Jarrett smirks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I like how ya' think, Christian..... Next week.... It'll be the Blue World Order.. Versus one of the greatest teams to ever step foot in an SGDubya ring!!

[ Christian ] Sounds good.. I'm gonna go make the necessary phone calls.. And prep for my win over "The Lame" !

-[[ Christian walks out of the room and removes a cell phone from his pocket.. He dials a number and raises it to his ear... After a few rings, someone picks up the other end. Christian sounds almost excited. ]]-

[ Christian ] ....Edge.. Pack your bags.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

The Boogey Man & Ken Kennedy versus The Blue World Order
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Stevie and Nova are both still beaten silly from the match with Batista earlier and don't look like they're in any shape to compete, especially Stevie, who is still wearing his piss stained shorts.. Ken Kennedy is waiting on the apron as the Boogey Man stands in their corner, eyeballing Stevie, who is the legal man for his team.. The Boogey Man charges at him and hits him with a vicious clothesline.. He lifts him up and throws him up on his shoulder... And the Boogey Man begins smelling the air... What's he doing? The fans begin buzzing, knowing something is about to happen..... Boogey Man nails Stevie with a running power slam and stays over his body while they're on the mat.... He continues sniffing until he reaches Stevie's crotch....... No... Oh hell no.. THE BOOGEY MAN IS LICKING STEVIE'S PISS STAINED SHORTS!! Nova gets in the ring and looks to stop him, but the Boogey Man turns around and stops Nova dead in his tracks..... Nova's lip is quivering as the Boogey Man reaches into the front of his pants... Removes a hand full of worms.. And shoves them in his mouth! Nova begins projectile vomiting!! The Blue Meanie gets on the apron to distract the Boogey Man, but Nova vomits right in his face, blinding his own partner!! Stevie staggers back to his feet and Ken Kennedy gets in the ring and hoists him up into a Samoan Drop position.. He then climbs the ropes........ GREEN BAY PLUNGE on Stevie Richards!! The Boogey Man turns around... Covers Stevie and drools worms in his mouth!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! My God, these two teams have left the ring a rancid mess of vomit, piss, and chewed up worms!! ]]-

Winner: The Boogey Man & Ken Kennedy via Pin Fall

-[[ The scene fades up backstage where we see Maria standing by, holding a microphone.. She has a big stupid grin on her face.. And as the camera pans to the side, you realize she's standing next to the man who assaulted Justin Credible earlier tonight.... RHINO... Maria seems way too happy to be in the presence of this guy.. Rhino stands there, staring off-camera and breathing heavily... Maria speaks. ]]-

[ Maria ] HI! I'm Maria! HA HA~! And I'm standing here with the man, who just earlier tonight.. Attacked Justin Credible! And now, the fans... And myself, Maria, have just one question on our mind!

-[[ She looks up at Rhino with her serious interviewer face.. He remains staring straight ahead. ]]-

[ Maria ] Who are you?

-[[ His serious, intense look melts away as he looks down at her in disbelief. ]]-

[ Rhino ] Are you fucking kidding me?

-[[ Without changing her expression a bit, she shakes her head 'no'. ]]-

[ Rhino ] I... What the f--..... I'm Rhino.. RHINO!! THE FUCKING MAN BEAST!!

-[[ Maria covers her mouth and begins laughing.. Rhino looks embarrassed now. ]]-

[ Rhino ] What's so god damn funny?!

[ Maria ] Nice try, but I'm not stupid! HA HA~! You're not a rhino!

[ Rhino ] What the fuck? How did you get this job? Affirmative action for water heads?

[ Maria ] HA HA~! No.

-[[ Rhino just stands there, silent. ]]-

[ Maria ] Anyway, my next question...... Where is your horn?

-[[ Rhino answers through gritted teeth. ]]-

[ Rhino ] I don't.. Have one..


-[[ Rhino's face then goes grim.. And his voice is full of anger as he speaks now. ]]-

[ Rhino ] You know what, bitch? I don't need a horn... To do this......

-[[ And without warning, Rhino yells out loud and bull charges off camera!! The camera pans over as Maria looks on in shock... And Rhino nails the GORE!!!! GOOOOOOORE!! GOOOOOOOOOORE ON KEVIN KELLY!!! Kelly folds double like he's been hit with a moving vehicle and Rhino springs right back up, pounding his chest with one fist as Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi look on in horror.. ]]-

[ Grandmaster Sexay ] MOFO DONE WRECKED OUR SHIZ-NIT!!

-[[ Rikishi slowly removes his sunglasses. ]]-

[ Rikishi Phatu ] Word.

-[[ Maria begins cackling loudly, covering her mouth as she laughs at Kevin Kelly's misfortune. ]]-

[ Maria ] That's funny, monster man! Do Todd now! HA HA~!!

-[[ Todd Grisham, standing at the catering table turns around with an eyebrow raised. Cocky prick. ]]-

[ Todd Grisham ] Did someone say my name?

-[[ And Todd is PLOWED through the catering table with a second GORE!! GOOOORE!! GOOOOOOORE!! Rhino stands back up as she cheers him on.. Rhino looks to be totally in the zone now... And WHAM!! SINGAPORE CANE SHOT!! Justin Credible just nailed Rhino with a Singapore Cane!! Rhino is shaking it off and he begins fighting back!! But just as Rhino begins to take an advantage, he's blasted from behind by Samoa Joe!! Rhino keeps brawling with them, refusing to go down and here comes TOO COOL!! Rhino, The Impact Players, and Too Cool are all brawling like mad... And suddenly all of them are forcefully separated by...... THE HARRIS BROTHERS AND SNITSKY!!! Once the battle has been subdued, Snitsky looks over at Maria, who is wearing her best 'innocent' face. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] MAH-REE-UHHHH...... What.. HAAAAPPENED!?

-[[ Maria looks around before speaking frantically about the events that have just unfolded. ]]-

[ Maria ] Uh-uh-uh.. Well, uh.. First.. First the monster man hit the hermie with that running thing and then.. And then he hit Todd with it and wrecked the catering table!! And then the guy that wore the jockstrap on his head but now he doesn't wear a jockstrap on his head and looks like a freshly circumcised penis hit him with that wooden sticky thing.. And-And-And then the guys from Kriss Kross and Yokozuna jumped him and then that foot licking guy came and broke it up--

-[[ Snitsky just stands and listens, trembling as this information registers.. And a thin stream of blood slowly trickles from his nose as he stares blankly at Maria.. He finally pushes some words out. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] Stop.

-[[ Snitsky turns to the Harris Brothers who are somehow managing to keep The Impact Players, Too Cool, and Rhino separated all by themselves...... Snitsky wipes his nose and opens up his suit jacket, revealing a badge that says "SHERIFF" on it. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] As.. The sheriff... Of Shock...... It's my dutyyy.. To make sure these things... DON'T... HAAAAPPEN!! So next week.... You men.. SETTLE THIS... IN... THE...... RIIIIIIIIIIIING!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!

-[[ Snitsky's eyes roll back like he's just had the orgasm of his life... He continues. ]]-


-[[ Snitsky extends his arms to the side and roars like a beast, as if this match is the most earth shattering thing to ever come out of his mouth.... Credible, Rhino, and all three members of Too Cool just look on as if this is the most bizarre thing they've ever seen.. Even Ron and Don Harris can't help but do a double take.... Snitsky then turns back to Maria. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] By the way....... Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.... Shoooooooooes......

-[[ The members of Too Cool look surprised that they weren't involved in the match decision.. ]]-

[ Scotty 2 Hotty ] What about us, dawg? Why ain't we in the match!?

-[[ And without another word, the Harris Brothers grab Sexay and H-Bomb him onto the concrete!! Blood sprays out of his mouth on impact and he doesn't move again... And then they grab Scotty and do likewise to him!! Blood pools out of the back of Scotty's head as he lays motionless on the concrete... Rikishi just backs that ass up and doesn't get involved... The Harris Brothers smile as they look at the remains of Too Cool. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] ..Bitches.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

Lance Storm versus Shawn Michaels versus "Above Average" Mike Sanders
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ The three men circle each other and finally clash in the center of the ring, throwing wild punches in every direction.. And without even thinking, Storm and Michaels turn and double punch Mike Sanders, sending him careening to the outside through the middle and top ropes! Storm and Michaels trade punches and neither man gains an advantage until Storm lifts a knee into Michael's midsection and locks him in a standing guillotine choke! Storm and Michaels fight over it and Mike Sanders slides back in the ring.. He nails Storm in the back and rolls him up which inadvertently forces Storm to SPIKE DDT Michaels straight into the mat! Sanders holds the roll-up! One! Two! Storm kicked out! Storm is up quickly and he catches Sanders coming off the ropes with a double underhook suplex! Sanders gets back up and runs at Storm again, but Storm nails him with a super kick!! And just as Storm turns around and raises his arms in the air... Michaels nails Storm with a super kick of his own!! Michaels covers Storm!! One! Two! Thr-- Mike Awesome pulls Michaels out of the ring!! He robbed him!! Awesome grabs Michaels and sets him up for an Awesome Bomb, but Sherri Martel jumps on Awesome's back and begins clawing at his eyes... But Major Gunnz yanks her off!! CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIIIIIIIGHT!! Michaels uses the distraction to nail Awesome with some SWEET CHIN MUSIC! And inside the ring, KURT ANGLE runs down with a steel chair!! He's preparing to nail Storm with it as soon as he stands up!! Storm staggers up to one knee.. Angle raises the chair... And Storm pulls Sanders in front of him!! ANGLE HIT SANDERS!! Sanders is done!! Storm rolls up on Angle and throws him outside the ring.. Storm turns around just in time to catch Michaels coming back in... And he rolls him through..... INTO THE STRAIGHT SHOOTER!! Michaels fights it, but Storm keeps pulling back on the move... And Michaels has no choice but to tap out!! Kurt Angle has given this match to Lance Storm!! Storm celebrates with Team Canada as Angle fumes at ringside over his mistake. ]]-

Winner: Lance Storm via Submission

-[[ We cut backstage where Maria is standing by with Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.. Both of them are looking intense and ready to cut the promo of their lives..... And they even get off to a good start by not allowing Maria to start the interview.. Austin Aries yanks the microphone out of her hand and begins to speak.... ]]-

[ Austin Aries ] LET ME--

-[[ And Chris Jericho steps in and yanks the microphone out of Austin's hand!! Jericho looks both of them up and down with an eyebrow raised.. He smirks, blowing them both off with one simple line. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] No mic time for enhancement talent, bucko.

-[[ When they don't leave, he remarks again. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Go on now.. Get out of the shot! Go warm up for your loss to the Boogey Man.. Or Vince Russo or whatever other ass clown they're allowing to waste MY television time...... Move it, jerky!!

-[[ Austin and Strong just look at each other and grit their teeth, taking the abuse and walking off camera, leaving the interview to Jericho and Jericho alone.... He shakes his head as they walk away. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Idiots.

-[[ Jericho turns back to the camera..... ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Solid.. Gold.. Wrestling...... Wow.. The place where history is made.. I mean, I'm standing amongst... LEGENDS!! Why, I can go in that ring.. And place my name amongst the greats... Place my name up there with Bret Hart, two time world champion...... Or Bill Goldberg!! Or Taz!! This... This is the place where people are acknowledged.. For what they've done.. A place where they can wrestle.. And be remembered!!

-[[ Jericho looks up at the ceiling as if he's trying to think of something else uplifting to say. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] And wow.. Just.. Wow.. I really COULDN'T care less!!

-[[ Jericho sneers his face up as the fans boo loudly.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh, come on.. Why would someone as great as myself, Chris Jericho, a bonafide LIVING LEGEND in this sport give a damn about the history of some two-bit promotion run by that six-string suckhead, Jeff Jarrett?!

-[[ Jericho puts his arms out to the side, showing off his body. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] I'm CHRIS JERICHO! I'm the king of the world, bay-bee!! And tonight, when I made Val Venis tap out like a little girl... I showed the everybody!! The fans!! DUBBA-DUBBA J!! I SHOWED THE WORLD..... That Chris Jericho doesn't give a damn about Solid Gold history...... He just MAKES history..... And after tonight.. After I did to an SGW... Legend... What NOBODY ELSE COULD DO...... I can promise you.. I can GUARANTEE YOU....... S.. G... W... Will NEVER........

-[[ He stares hard into the camera. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] EVER...........

-[[ He cracks a smile. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Be the same....... AGAIN.

-[[ Jericho storms off camera. ]]-

-[[ And as quickly as he's gone, a monitor comes crashing in front of the camera.. And Mike Sanders charges into the scene with blood pouring out of a wound on his forehead... He looks furious.. Torrie Wilson and Mark Jindrak are both tailing him.. Torrie trying to calm him down and Jindrak only fueling the fire. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] ANGLE!!

[ Mark Jindrak ] Where you at, you son of a bitch!?

-[[ Sanders looks around frantically.. Looking for Kurt Angle for costing him the triple threat match. ]]-

[ Torrie Wilson ] Baby, no.. Just stop.. You might need stitches!!

[ Mike Sanders ] Shut it, Torrie!! I don't have time for that.. I've only got time for Kurt..

-[[ Sanders turns and sees the camera... He walks right up to it, sticking his face right in the frame, so that is the only thing you can see.. He yells right into the camera, right at Kurt Angle. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] KURT ANGLE!! For what you did to me tonight... Accident or not, I don't give a DAMN!! You took your business into MY RING and cost me a match that I had WON!! And next week........ I WANT YOUR ASS IN THE RING!! You want some solid competition!?! WELL, NEXT WEEK... YOUR ASS IS S........ O........... L!!

-[[ He takes a few steps back. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] AND YOU KNOW........ WHAT THAT MEANS! HA!!

-[[ He storms off camera with Torrie and Jindrak in tow...... ]]-

Randy Orton w/ "Cowboy" Bob Orton versus Cactus Jack
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Orton and Jack stand face to face to start the match.. Orton talks shit right in Jack's face... And Jack delivers a vicious punch to the face of Orton!! He keeps nailing with lefts and rights and Orton can't fight back!! Cactus pushes him back into the corner and keeps nailing him.. Punches, knees, open hand slaps, Randy Orton is being dominated!! Cactus leaves Orton in a seated position in the corner and runs to the opposite corner... He charges in for the running knee, but Orton uses the top rope to pull himself back up.. And nails Cactus with a European uppercut!! Cactus staggers back and Orton NAILS him with a clothesline!! Cactus stands back up slowly and Orton drills him in the side of the head with a vicious boot!! He then grabs Cactus up off the mat and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor.. Orton follows him out and Cactus is already waiting on him.. Cactus starts throwing wild punches again and whips Orton hard into the guardrail!! Orton contorts against the steel momentarily and Cactus charges at him... And Orton backdrops him over the rail and into the front row!! Orton tries to take a breather, but Cactus is already up!! He grabs Orton by the head and slams him face first into the guardrail!! Blood trickles from a wound on Orton's forehead!! Cactus climbs over the guardrail and begins pummeling Orton again.. Orton throws a punch every few seconds, but Cactus is keeping the upper hand and soon enough, Randy Orton is wearing a crimson mask!! Cactus is beating him relentlessly.... Cactus whips Orton hard into the steel steps and Orton goes limp against them... Cactus advances on him..... And Orton suddenly comes to life, yanking Cactus down by the front of his tights into the steps!! Orton stands up, calling for Cactus to turn around...... Cactus turns with blood pouring out of his nose.......... RKO ON THE OUTSIDE!! Orton's eyes go wide as he sees that Cactus is not staying down!! Cactus slowly pulls himself to his feet.... And Orton throws him back inside the ring.. Cactus gets up to one knee... And finally to both feet... And Orton nails him with ANOTHER RKO!! Orton covers him... ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!!! Randy Orton has defeated Cactus Jack in one very hard fought match!! Orton looks totally out of it as the blood drains down his face and chest.. ]]-

Winner: Randy Orton via Pin Fall

-[[ Vince Russo is sitting in the back, reading the latest issue of Playboy magazine for some reason.. He's not paying a bit of attention to anything happening in the ring.. This man obviously doesn't give a shit about the wrestling side of the Solid Gold product.... He nods and smiles as he turns the page.... He opens up the centerfold and his mouth drops open.. He shakes his head and the smile gets even bigger. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tits.. Tits... TITS!

-[[ Russo then lowers the magazine and sees Michael Shane standing with Traci Brooks in front of him.. Russo looks Traci up and down, admiring her low-cut, cleavage revealing top.. He shakes his head again, laughing. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tits.. Tits... TITS!

-[[ She looks disgusted by this comment. ]]-

[ Traci Brooks ] Excuse me?

-[[ Michael Shane puts his hand up to silence her.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Traci, please... This guy could make us or break us..

-[[ Russo looks back down at the magazine and back up at Traci before standing up with a cocky swagger. Not taking his eyes off of her breasts, he comments... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] That's not all I can do, bay-bee.... I can cross ya' T's....

-[[ And Russo points to his crotch while laughing. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And dot ya' eyes..

-[[ Russo then goes dead serious, seemingly. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' talk dirty enough and I might play with ya' ass, too.

-[[ She slaps him hard across the face.. Russo falls back in his seat, the smile now gone. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Can I fuckin' HELP you!?

-[[ Shane begins frantically trying to apologize for her. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Mister Russo.. I'm so sorry about that... But I'm here.. We're here.. Because.. We know you're a man in an important position of power.. And I want to know what I have to do to get ahead in Solid Gold Wrestling.. I'm willing to do anything.. Anything to make my stay here worth while.. To you.. And myself..

-[[ Russo doesn't even look up.. He opens his magazine back up. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' botherin' me.. Don't ya' have a match to prep for or somethin'?

[ Michael Shane ] I beat Rob Van Dam tonight.. I don't have another match.

-[[ Russo shakes his head and looks up. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You idiot.... Don't ya' know that was only round one in a one night television title tournament? Congratulations, kid.. Ya' made it to the finals!

[ Michael Shane ] I... Did?

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah... Yeah.. That's the ticket.. Now go prep for it and leave me alone.

-[[ Michael Shane turns around to walk away with a confused look on his face.. But he stops and turns back around. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Uh.. Mister Russo.... Who am I facing? And.. When? The show is almost over..

-[[ Russo slams the magazine down in his lap, looking annoyed as hell that Shane is pressing the issue.. But just as he's about to speak.. Randy Orton steps through the curtain with "Cowboy" Bob holding him up.. Orton is covered in his own blood.... Russo looks up at him and points. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] This guy!

-[[ Orton looks at Russo in disbelief... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] This guy right here! And the match is.. Uh.. NOW!

[ Randy Orton ] But.. I just had a match.. I can barely move, Russo!!

[ Vince Russo ] That's tough luck, kid! Welcome to the business!

-[[ Michael Shane looks at Orton... And pushes "Cowboy" Bob out of the way!! He begins brawling with Randy through the curtain and out onto the stage!! The Television Title is being decided RIGHT NOW!! ]]-

Michael Shane versus Randy Orton w/ "Cowboy" Bob Orton
Title on the Line: SGW Television Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Shane and Orton brawl down the ramp with "Cowboy" Bob following them down and yelling encouragement at Randy.. They trade punches and Orton has to stop every few seconds so that he can wipe the blood out of his eyes.. They brawl to the ring and Orton slings Shane inside and follows him in quickly... Michael Shane gets back up and starts trading punches with Orton again, but Orton slaps one of his hands away and goes for a quick RKO, but Shane pushes him off... Orton hits the ropes and bounces off... SUPER KICK to the back of Orton's head!! Orton goes down! Shane covers! One! Two! Thr-- "Cowboy" Bob pulled the referee out of the ring!! Mark Yeaton tells "Cowboy" Bob to go to the back!! HE'S EJECTING "COWBOY" BOB ORTON!! Bob heads to the back and while Yeaton keeps watching to ensure he's leaving..... THE HARRIS BROTHERS SLIDE IN THE RING!! They whip Shane to the ropes... H-BOMB ON SHANE!! They leave the ring and exit through the crowd as Yeaton slides back in... Orton slowly crawls over and puts a hand on Shane..... One......... Two............ THRE-- Shane got a shoulder up!! The fans pop huge!! Shane rolls over and gets up to one knee... So does Orton... But as soon as Shane is standing... Orton jumps!! RKO!! He cradles Shane!! ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEEE!! Randy Orton has become the first Solid Gold Wrestling Television Champion in nearly FOUR YEARS!! ]]-

Winner: Randy Orton via Pin Fall

-[[ Cactus Jack stumbles through the backstage area with blood staining his features, stemming from the brawl he had with Orton earlier... He's squealing like a stuck pig and he slumps against the wall and falls on his ass.. Cactus Jack lays motionless for a brief moment until a shadows obscures his features.. A voice echoes in the back. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Cactus Jack..... Mick Foley....... Some people might find your effort.. Against Randy Orton admirable...

-[[ Benoit kneels down next to Cactus, trying to look in his eyes, but Cactus is hiding them behind his hair.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] I find it... Pathetic.. And now, look at you...

-[[ Benoit sneers. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Beaten.. Broken.. And with NOTHING... TO SHOW FOR IT!!

-[[ Benoit snaps and begins slapping Cactus hard in the head and face.. Cactus doesn't fight back, only falling onto his side and remaining in a fetal position... Benoit slaps him hard again, yelling at the fallen hardcore legend. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] FIGHT BACK!! BE A MAN, MICK!!

-[[ Cactus sits back up quickly, staring Benoit right in the face now. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] Do it again...

[ Chris Benoit ] That... THAT.. Is what I like to hear.

[ Cactus Jack ] Is that what I said? Because I don't recall asking you... To reply in a verbal manner, Christopher.. I think... I think what I asked you to do...... Was to do it... AGAIN!

-[[ Benoit obliges and NAILS Cactus with a stiff shot to the head and this time, Cactus is back on his feet and right up in Benoit's face.... Benoit stands his ground, not daring to back down from Foley. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] And again, Christopher... Just one more.

-[[ And Benoit racks Foley's head so hard that it almost makes him weak in the knees, but Cactus snaps back in Benoit's face.. Advancing on him, forcing Benoit to step back or get walked over.... Foley wipes the hair from his eyes, inadvertently throwing speckles of blood into Benoit's face.. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] I'm still standing here, Christopher.. I'm not hurt.. I'm not scared..... Although you'd like me to be, I think.. And yet I stand here, asking you for more.. Asking you.. If that is ALL... YOU'VE GOT!! IS THAT.. ALL YOU HAVE, CHRISTOPHER!?

-[[ Cactus snaps and begins punching himself in the face, drawing more blood from his already busted nose.. Benoit's emotions do not change a bit as he watches this exhibition. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] You and I have a lot in common, Christopher... We both enjoy pain.. Just in different ways... I thrive.. Hell, you might even say I ENJOY...... Feeling it... And you like.. Inflicting it.. We're a match made in Hell and unless I'm wrong.. Unless I took your UNPROVOKED... UNNECESSARY ATTACK ON ME WRONG... I think that's what you're getting at... I think.... I think you saw a young Randy Orton pull out a fluke victory.. And now you want a piece of that action, Christopher.. Am I right?

-[[ Benoit chuckles. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Cactus.. Mick.. Whatever..... If I witnessed you beat Randy Orton into an early grave.. I would feel no differently about my chances in the ring with a broken down... Loser... Like yourself... As a matter of fact, I would welcome the challenge....... Next week.. You and I.. Shall we dance?

-[[ Cactus smiles, his missing teeth obvious to anyone looking. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] We shall.

-[[ The two depart and we fade out. ]]-

Triple H versus Christian
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ The fans are buzzing in anticipation at the thought of what this match might bring... Christian stands in one corner with Tomko, Trish, and Cornette on the outside... Triple H stands in his own, alone, staring straight ahead at the man who will soon be attempting to stop his ascension up the ranks in Solid Gold Wrestling.. The two men meet in the center of the ring.. Christian is seen mouthing off, completing his series of insults with three slaps to the chest and a point into the crowd... And Triple H immediately punches him down!! Christian gets right back up and is punched down again by The Game!! Christian's up again and this time, he blocks the punch thrown by Triple H and throws his own.. But Triple H blocks it and nails Christian with a stiff kick to the gut... And Triple H is already going for the Pedigree, but Christian grabs the Game's legs and trips him, putting his back flat on the mat!! Christian stomps Triple H in the groin and follows it up by putting him in the Boston crab!! Triple H is trying to power out of it!! And... He does!! Christian does a complete somersault as Triple H forces him out of the move!! Christian looks to be in shock!! Christian gets back to his feet and Triple H nails him with a vicious clothesline!! Triple H goes back to the ropes... And Trish trips him up!! Triple H turns around and begins talking shit at her... Giving Christian enough time to capitalize and nail him in the back!! Christian yanks Triple H's head back and hits him with a vicious reverse DDT!! He goes for a quick cover!! One!! Two!! Wait!! Nick Patrick just noticed Jim Cornette holding down Triple H's boot!! Christian sits up, pissed off.. "That was three, ref!! THREE!!" He stands up and shoves Patrick.. Patrick shoves him back.. And Christian pulls back to go for a punch, but he hears Triple H coming and ducks, leaving Nick Patrick to get NAILED by a clothesline from The Game!! Patrick is FINISHED!! Christian is then kicked in the gut.. Triple H sets him up for the PEDIGREE!! Tomko slides in!! BIG BOOT ON TRIPLE H!! Triple H goes down.. Christian covers him.. No referee!! Charles Robinson runs down.... ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Triple H kicked out!! Christian can't believe it!! "THAT WAS THREE, DAMMIT!! THREE!!" and he kicks Charles Robinson right in the balls!! Christian paint brushes Robinson repeatedly as he lays on the mat, yelling "THREE!! THREE!! THREE!!" And Christian turns around..... KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!!! Triple H covers him!! Once again, no referee!! Here comes Mark Yeaton!! He slides in!! ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Trish pulled out Yeaton!! CHICK KICK ON MARK YEATON!! Triple H is furious!! He rolls out of the ring and goes after Stratus!! She runs away from him and Cornette nails Triple H in the back with his tennis racket!! Triple H no-sells it and turns around.... KICK WHAM PEDIGREE ON JIM CORNETTE!! Triple H gets back in the ring.. He pulls Christian off of the mat.... He's going for the Pedigree again... But here comes Tomko again!! A second BIG BOOT on Triple H!! Christian hooks his legs and cradles him up!! And here comes SCOTT JAMES!! He rolls in... ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Triple H got a boot on the bottom rope!! Christian stands up.. Staring straight ahead.. This.. This isn't what he was expecting.... And he rips off Scott James' head with a lariat!! "I'M THE WINNER, ME!! ME!!" and Triple H is already up.. He hooks Christian from behind... And nails him with a reverse DDT!! Triple H stands up with a smirk on his face... And Trish grabs his ankle from the outside!! Triple H has had enough!! He charges out of the ring and chases Trish down!! She runs frantically up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain... Triple H follows her up.. Yanks the curtain back and..... GUITAR SHOT!! Triple H crumbles to the mat!! It's Jeff Jarrett!! Jeff Jarrett... In a referee's shirt!! WHAT.. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!? Jarrett motions for the Harris Brothers to drag Triple H back to the ring and they do.. They throw him back inside... H-BOMB!! They leave the ring and Christian staggers back to his feet... He yanks Triple H up..... Oh.. SHIT NO... PEDIGREE ON TRIPLE H!!! He covers him!! And Jeff Jarrett rolls in and counts.......... ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEE!! What the fuck!? What a... What a SCREWJOB!! This isn't right... This just isn't right!! ]]-

Winner: Christian via Pin Fall

-[[ Jarrett raises Christian's arm in victory as the fans pelt the ring with garbage.. The Harris Brothers get back in the ring and begin putting the boots to Triple H!! Gene Snitsky emerges from the back and jogs to the ring with Russo and Melina following closely behind.. Tomko helps Cornette to his feet and they get inside the ring as well.. Trish follows them in and the beat down on Triple H commences!! The Harris Brothers whip him into the ropes.... H-BOMB!! Jarrett lifts him up.... STROKE!! My God, they're just having their way with the Game!! ]]-

-[[ But here comes Shawn Michaels and The Rock!! They roll in and begin throwing punches all over the place!! But the numbers game is too much!! A Tomko Boot puts Michaels flat on his back and The Rock is, quite simply, no match for Christian's Unprettier!! These men have gotten away with murder!! They're killing Solid Gold Wrestling as we speak!! And... HERE COMES MATT HARDY!! Matt Hardy is running down to the ring, but he's blindsided by RANDY ORTON!! Randy Orton nails Hardy with a European uppercut and THROWS HIM OFF THE RAMP!! Matt Hardy falls FIFTEEN FEET and goes through three tables!! Randy Orton strikes a pose on the ramp as the fans boo loudly!! ]]-

-[[ ........ "MY TIME IS NOW" hits!! HERE COMES JOHN CENA!! Cena's going to make the save for "The Game" !! Cena runs down and collides with Randy Orton on the way down, drilling him with lefts and rights and leaving him laying against the guard rail!! Cena charges past him, slides in the ring....... F-U ON RON HARRIS!! F-U ON GENE SNITSKY!! The fans are going absolutely ape shit!! John Cena is going to do what no one else tonight has been able to do!! JOHN CENA IS..... ]]-


-[[ THE BOOGEY MAN!! THE BOOGEY MAN HAS EMERGED FROM A HOLE IN THE RING!! Cena is yelling and fighting and trying to get him away, but the Boogey Man is not being denied as he grips Cena around the waist and forcefully drags him beneath the ring!! Smoke is billowing from the hole and covering almost everything!! ]]-

[ The Boogey Man ] AH'M THA' BOOGEY MAN!! .......AND AH'M COMIN'.. TO GET YA'!!

-[[ And that's the last thing anyone hears before Cena AND the Boogey Man disappear beneath the ring!! All the action in the ring has stopped as no one can do anything but stare at the hole that's just been made right in the center of the ring... Vince Russo is the only one to speak. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] THE FUCK WAS THAT!?

-[[ Jarrett laughs and raises his arms in victory. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] HERE'S TO THE BOOGEY MAN!

-[[ All the heels in the ring yell in unison. ]]-

[ Everyone ] THE BOOGEY MAN!!

-[[ And they commence celebrating and beating down the people that have tried to stop their domination.. And as they lift up Shawn Michaels for another H-Bomb, you're granted a shot of the backstage area where you see Michael Shane and Rob Van Dam standing side by side with Traci and Paul Heyman by their sides... They look ready to fight, but nervous about something.. Shane is the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I'm going out there... I've got to do something about this!!

-[[ Van Dam shakes his head. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] Dude, you can't go out there.. Look what they're doing to all those guys!! You'll get killed!!

-[[ Shane's fighting stance slumps.. And he sounds totally discouraged... ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Then.. What are we going to do?

-[[ Van Dam and Shane don't jump in the air less than two or three feet when they feel the massive hands grip their shoulders..... They look up and there stands the man... THE ANIMAL....... DAVE BATISTA... His voice is full of purpose. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] We're gonna make a difference.

-[[ Batista then grips his dress shirt and rips it open, revealing his black t-shirt with the silver, jagged "B" logo on the front!! He pushes Shane and Van Dam aside and charges through the curtain!! ]]-

-[[ The action in the ring stops when Dave Batista's music hits!! And panic strikes everyone when he explodes from the back like a house of fire!! Randy Orton meets him halfway up the ramp and Batista makes him turn a complete flip with a vicious clothesline!! Batista doesn't even stop.. He slides in the ring!! Big boot for Tomko!! Clothesline for Don Harris!! He catches Ron Harris with a SPINE BUSTER!! "BOOM!!" Jarrett and Christian get out of the ring and begin hauling ass up the ramp!! KICK WHAM BATISTA BOMB ON SNITSKY!! Batista is UNSTOPPABLE!! Tomko is back up.. SPINE BUSTER ON TOMKO!! Jim Cornette nails Batista in the back with his tennis racket!! Batista turns around and Cornette drops the racket out of fear... KICK TO THE GUT ON CORNETTE!! Batista sets him up... Christian and Jarrett both stand on the stage and watch on in horror........ BATISTA BOMB ON JIM CORNETTE!!! Batista springs right back up, "YEEEEEEEAH!!" Batista has DECIMATED this celebration!! Christian and Jarrett turn to escape...  And find themselves face to face with Michael Shane and Rob Van Dam!! AND KURT ANGLE!! AND CACTUS JACK!! AND TOO COOL AND RIKISHI!! AND AJ STYLES!! The locker room has unified against this threat!! ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Aw, shit, Christian..

[ Christian ] It's time for Plan.. Uh.. Plan C, Jeff..

-[[ They look at each other and nod. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Through the crowd?

[ Christian ] Dig it.

-[[ Jarrett and Christian split and go in opposite directions off the stage and over the guardrail before disappearing in the sea of fans, thoroughly losing the men who intended cruel intentions... Dave Batista stands in the ring amongst the crumbled bodies of Jarrett's crew when he hears the ring begin to shake a bit... He turns around and catches Vince Russo in mid-escape... Batista shakes his head and Vince Russo freezes in his tracks. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Oh... FUCK.

-[[ Batista rips him away from the ropes and sets him up..... THUMBS UP.... THUMBS.... DOWN!! BATISTA BOMB ON VINCE RUSSO!! Batista grabs a microphone from ringside and stands amongst the wreckage.. He smirks as he notices the hole in the middle of the ring... Batista speaks as the men who unified against Jarrett stand and listen. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Hey, Jeff!! Six-String Samurai! DOUBLE J!!

-[[ He turns to the crowd where he saw Jarrett split. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] It's gonna take a lot more than takin' out McMahon and Anderson to kill Solid Gold Wrestling.. The way I see it.. Looking at the men on that ramp.... And hell, lookin' in the MIRROR...... You got a long way to go..

-[[ Batista smiles. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] You want a war?

-[[ His face suddenly goes dead serious. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] YOU...... GOT ONE!! BOOOOM!!

-[[ The fans erupt. ]]-

-[[ Fade out. ]]-