-[[ Christian's smiling face fills the screen and as the camera pans back, you see he and Trish Stratus are venturing through the backstage area, delighted with their easy victory over "The Canadian Vampire" Vampiro.... Tyson Tomko looms behind them with Jim Cornette following.... No one knows where they're heading, but there's a strange air about them.. Christian seems... Much happier than he did earlier tonight when dealing with Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Ya' know what, Trish? I don't know how.. And I don't know why.. But putting Vampiro on ice so easily has made me take a closer look at myself and my position here in Solid Gold Wrestling.....

-[[ Trish's own smile fades a bit as confusion overwhelms her. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] What do you mean?

-[[ Tomko and Cornette are closely listening as well. ]]-

[ Christian ] Well.. It made me realize how STUPID I was being when I blew my top on Jeff earlier..

[ Trish Stratus ] Stupid? But he's screwing you out of your title shot.. He had that coming and you know it!!

-[[ Christian shakes his head, looking straight forward as he speaks. ]]-

[ Christian ] No, Trish... See... Why am I getting my underwear in a twist over not getting that tournament title shot.. When it's obvious.. That after how easily I beat Vampiro tonight, I've got a world title shot coming soon anyway... You can't DENY what I did tonight wasn't world championship material!!

-[[ Trish clears her throat. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] What YOU did tonight?

-[[ Christian stops in his tracks and looks at her.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Yeah.. What I did.. I gave him the Unprettier and won the match..

-[[ Trish scoffs. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] I pinned him after the Chick Kick!!

-[[ Christian leans down right in her face with a "Didn't you know?" look on his face. ]]-

[ Christian ] .....AFTER.. I hit him with the Unprettier.

-[[ Christian stands back up straight, putting his hands on his hips as he continues walking with a smug look on his face.. Jim Cornette is the first to speak after this revelation that Christian practically won the match by himself. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] You won the match, she won the match, it don't matter which one o'ya'll won the match because the end result was the same and by end result, I do mean Vampiro's shoulders were on the mat for that three count, but what I'm wantin' to know, Christian, what I'm wantin' to know right now, right now at this very second is just where in the blue FUCK do ya' think you're takin' us right now, can ya' tell me that!?

[ Tyson Tomko ] Decaf.

-[[ Tomko's response is ignored by Christian.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Well, now that I realize what an ass I was being earlier tonight.. I thought we might stop by Jeff's office and apologize.. It doesn't make any sense for us to flush our friendship down the toilet over something as stupid as a Pick Your Title Tournament shot....

-[[ They all stop in front of a door... Christian takes a deep breath... Trish rolls her eyes. ]]-

[ Christian ] We're here....

-[[ Christian opens the door without knocking and walks in.. The Coaliation follows him in and inside the office, Jeff Jarrett sits behind his desk.. Ron and Don Harris stand on each side of him, Melina sits in a chair off to the side of the desk, and Vince Russo is standing in front of the desk, talking to a woman that none of them find familiar.. Jarrett stands up behind the desk, eyeballing Christian.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Christian.. Trish... Tomko.. Cornette..... What can I do for ya'?

-[[ Jarrett obviously expected something like this.. Both Harris Brothers begin cracking their knuckles like they're ready to start swinging at any second... Christian quickly answers to avoid confrontation.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jeff.. I just wanted to let ya' know.. That I'm sorry about earlier tonight.. I was out of line and.. I guess I was just so angry that those Team Canada losers were getting so much television time that I couldn't control my emotions out there..... I just wanted you to know.. Title shot or no title shot.. No hard feelings..

-[[ Jarrett smiles.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm glad to hear that Christian.... No hard feelin's...

-[[ Jarrett then turns to the unrecognizable woman in the room that Russo is observing.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] By the way, Christian.. Have ya' met our newest acquisition?

-[[ Christian looks around the room.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I don't see any new guys..

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] It ain't no guy, bay-bee.. It definitely ain't no fuckin' GUY!!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Christian, say hello to one o'the hottest acts on the indy circuit... "Super Model" Amy Love!!

-[[ The girl turns around, flaunting her body for Christian to see.. Christian looks confused.. Trish, disgusted.. ]]-

[ Christian ] So.. Who's she managing, Jeff? Some new guy?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] She ain't managin' nobody.. She's makin' Solid Gold Wrestlin' history, kid.. She's the first woman to ever wrestle in Solid Gold without a man attached to'er hip... She's breakin' new ground.. And she's makin' her grand debut at Six-String Supremacy!!

-[[ Christian shakes his head... And then blows his top. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jeff.. Jeff... Don't get me wrong, I love the ladies.. Really, I do... BUT THEY DON'T BELONG.. IN A WRESTLING RING!!

-[[ Christian then looks over at Trish and her gaze nearly cuts him in two.. He knows.. He's fucked up.. Jim Cornette pushes ahead of them and saves his ass for the time being. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] He's right, Jeff, he's god damn good and well right and you know it and by God, you should know it better than anybody else, my oh my, Arn Anderson is gonna be turnin' over in his god damn grave because you've gone and done the stupidest thing I reckon I have ever heard in my whole god damn life, oh Christ, signin' a woman to wrestle on a man's show, Jeff, it ain't right, it ain't American, and everybody knows, from the staff to the boys in the back to the god damn fans, it's SGDUBYA SUPERSTARS... NOT SGW SUPER..... GIRLS!!

-[[ Cornette bobs his head like a sassy black woman as he drops that on them. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Jim...

-[[ But before Jarrett can continue, the door swings open again and Ken Kennedy, the Big Show, and Lollipop storm into the room.. Ken Kennedy is practically foaming at the mouth as he enters and slams both hands down on Jarrett's desk. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Did I, Ken Kennedy, just overhear someone loudly..... AND PROUDLY... Proclaiming that a women's division was on the verge of being instated within the walls of Solid Gold Wrestling!? Please, Jeff, and be honest.. For am I begging.......... AND PLEADING with you.. Tell me.. It's not true!!

-[[ Jarrett opens his mouth to answer, but Kennedy cuts him off. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...........NOT TRUE!!

-[[ Jarrett clears his throat. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Believe it, Kennedy.. 'Cause the contract has been signed.. Got a problem, blame Russo..

-[[ Russo shrugs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] It's more tits.

-[[ Kennedy scoffs now.. Looking like he's prepared to vomit.. Christian runs up next to Kennedy and begins speaking. ]]-

[ Christian ] This is ridiculous, Jeff!! How can you do this!? First, it's women.. Next week, you're letting little kids in the ring.. And the week after that, it's wild animals... Where does it stop!? BAMBI AS THE FIRST ANIMAL WORLD CHAMPION!? GOD!!

-[[ Christian throws his hands up in submission.. His good mood is ruined... Kurt Angle casually walks into the room, already wearing a mask of disbelief..... Kurt walks right up the desk, looking at Amy and then quickly back at Jeff.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I hear their periods can attract bears, Jeff.. THEY CAN SMELL THE FREAKIN' MENSTRUATION!!

-[[ Christian turns to Jeff, dead serious. ]]-

[ Christian ] Did you hear that, Jeff? Bears. You're putting the entire promotion in danger now. Happy?

-[[ Amy has had enough of this abuse. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] You guys are blowing this way out of proportion!!

-[[ Kennedy turns and jams a finger in her face. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You have a filthy..... AND WHORISH.. Mouth.. Shut it quickly and politely for we all are sure to become dumber for having listened to the slutty words that EXIT it... A woman's place in wrestling is standing quietly.. AND LOOKING PRETTY!!!! Beside.. HER MAN!!

-[[ Obviously, she looks offended.. Christian has had enough. ]]-

[ Christian ] Screw it, Jeff.. Do what you want.. But do it without me.. First the title shot.. And now THIS.. I'm out.. I.. Quit.. Yeah... You heard me.. I quit.. I'm not going to be at Six-String Supremacy.. Or any other show for that matter..

-[[ The entire Coalition looks on in shock.... Christian nods, confirming the decision and storms out the door.. They reluctantly follow him out.... Even Jarrett looks surprised.. And then Kennedy speaks up. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I apologize, Jeff, but if this is the future you're aiming for, I'm out as well..

-[[ Jarrett sighs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well.. If that's what ya' want.. You and Show can leave your tag titles at the door.

-[[ Kennedy reconsiders. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Okay, okay.. I'm back in.

-[[ The camera quickly follows Christian and the Coalition out the door and into the parking lot.. They storm past two figures standing against the wall and Christian stops and does a double take.. Realizing that it's Edge fucking Stacy Keibler up against the wall... Jim Cornette nearly has a heart attack. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Oh my holy God, look, Tomko, he's fuckin' that long legged whore again!! My, oh my, when does it stop!?

-[[ Edge stops, realizes he's being watched and turns around, quickly zipping his pants back up as Stacy adjusts her skirt... Edge has a big cocky smile on his face.. Trish is disgusted.. Christian is in awe... ]]-

[ Edge ] Where you going, bro?

-[[ This sounds like the most difficult thing Christian has had to say. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'm out, Edge.. I just quit..

-[[ Edge looks on in disbelief. ]]-

[ Edge ] Why!? Over the title shot!?

[ Christian ] No.. Jeff is starting a women's division..

[ Edge ] But girls can't wrestle.

[ Christian ] Yeah, I know.

-[[ Trish stomps her foot, looking more pissed than ever now. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] I can wrestle, I beat Vampiro tonight!!

[ Edge ] No, you didn't.

-[[ He looks up at the sky.. As if what Christian said is just now dawning on him. ]]-

[ Edge ] God.. A women's division.. That's stupid.

-[[ Christian nods. ]]-

[ Christian ] I know.. I'm out.. I'll see you back at the hotel.

[ Edge ] I'll keep an eye on things around here.. I'm not leaving until I get my hands on Venis..

-[[ Christian turns and leaves with the Coalition in tow.. Seconds later, they're all piled inside their rental car and are headed back to the hotel.. Edge turns back to Stacy and sticks his tongue in her mouth... However, before they can get hot and heavy again, a voice pierces Edge's brain like an ice pick.... ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Stacy, Stacy, Stacy.....

-[[ Edge turns around and finds himself face to face with Eric Bischoff... Stacy looks shocked. ]]-

[ Stacy Keibler ] E-E...Eric......

-[[ He smiles that cocky smile. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] I always told Val you were no good.. Just a good time girl.. But he wouldn't have any of that.. He thought you were too good to be true... And in the end.. I guess he was right..

-[[ Edge looks furious, staring right at Bischoff. ]]-

[ Edge ] Where is he, Bischoff?

-[[ Edge pushes Stacy aside, knocking her on her ass and he grabs Bischoff by the jacket and nearly lifts him off of his feet... Bischoff surprisingly shows no fear whatsoever... ]]-

[ Edge ] I know he's here.. Because you wouldn't have the BALLS TO BE HERE IF HE WASN'T!! So, spill it... Tell me where he is.. Or I'm going to hurt you in ways that will make what Val did to Anderson look like CHILD'S PLAY!!

-[[ Bischoff's smile doesn't waiver a bit. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] He's not here, Edge... But he was watching the show earlier.. And he heard your challenge...

-[[ There's a twinkle in Bischoff's eye.. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] He accepts!!

-[[ Edge now smiles.. A huge, sickening shark's grin.. ]]-

[ Edge ] That's great, Bischoff.. That.. IS PERFECT... Do you know if he's watching now?

-[[ Bischoff nods. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Oh, he's watching alright....

-[[ Edge lets Bischoff down. ]]-

[ Edge ] Good.

-[[ And he punches Bischoff right in the mouth!! Bischoff staggers backward and before he can even fully comprehend what's happening to him, Edge runs at him and boots him right in the face!! Bischoff crumples to the ground and Edge jumps on him and begins punching him in the face repeatedly until Bischoff's entire face is coated in blood... Edge turns to the camera, his face is spattered with Bischoff's blood.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You like this, Val!? DO YOU!?! Was losing Stacy not enough?

-[[ Edge punches Bischoff right in the mouth, clearly busting his teeth out. ]]-

[ Edge ] You want to lose your best friend too!?

-[[ Edge stands up and begins kicking Bischoff in the face now.. Bischoff isn't even moving at all now.. Edge is just having his way with him, beating him into the ground.. There's a sound of squealing tires in the parking lot and Edge looks even more ready to fight as a LIMOUSINE DRIVES UP!! It comes to a quick halt and the back door flies open... VAL VENIS!! VAL VENIS BARGES OUT!! Venis and Edge begin brawling like crazy, punching and kicking at each other and Edge wraps his arms around Val's waist and charges with him, spearing him into the brick wall!! Venis punches away at Edge's back, but Edge is relentless, you hear him yell. ]]-

[ Edge ] Stacy.... THE CUFFS!!

-[[ THE CUFFS!? Stacy runs over and hands Edge a pair of HAND CUFFS!! He grips them like brass knucks and punches Venis right in the temple, drawing blood!! Edge hits him again and again, and Venis is brought to his knees... And Edge puts the cuffs on one hand... And cuffs Venis to a parking sign post!! Edge looks up and laughs at the sign, realizing he's handcuffed Venis to a handicapped parking sign.... Edge kicks Venis in the face for good measure... This is pathetic.. He had handcuffs because this was a planned assault!! He knew fucking Stacy outside would lure Venis out of hiding!! And the plan came together perfect!! Edge strolls over casually and drags Bischoff toward the curb... He's smiling again.. Bischoff is beaten so senseless, he doesn't even know where he is.... Venis can only watch in horror... ]]-

[ Edge ] Put your mouth on the curb...

-[[ He forces Bischoff's mouth onto the curb.. His teeth make a scraping sound.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Look what you did, Venis.. LOOK AT HIM!! Look at yourself.... I took your woman... I'm about to take your best friend..... And at Six-String Supremacy..... I'M GOING TO TAKE... YOUR...... LIFE!!!!!!!

-[[ Edge yields a childish smile. ]]-

[ Edge ] Isn't that going to be a kick in the head?

-[[ Venis screams. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] NOOOOO!!!

[ Stacy Keibler ] Edge, don't!!

-[[ SPLUNCH!! EDGE BRINGS HIS BOOT HEEL DOWN ON BISCHOFF'S HEAD!!! HE CURB STOMPED ERIC BISCHOFF!!! Edge laughs and walks closer to Venis, who is now seething with anger.... Stacy is crying over to the side, unable to look at what Edge has just done... Edge kneels down right in front of Venis... ]]-

[ Edge ] Looks like the only one getting ended this Sunday.... Is you.

-[[ Edge stands up and kicks Venis right in the face, knocking him unconscious.. Edge grabs Stacy and drags her away from the scene of the crime.. Bischoff lays motionless and Venis only remains in a seated position because his cuffed arm won't allow him to fall any further.... Good God.. What is going to happen at Supremacy when these men meet? ]]-

Randy Orton versus "Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus The Rock versus Petey Williams
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Four Way Elimination Match
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Orton and Williams pair off while Austin and the Rock pair off on the other side.. Each pair is brawling like crazy, trying to get an upper hand.. The Rock and Austin beat each other silly, punching and kicking away at each other.. The Rock whips Austin into the ropes and goes a backdrop, but Austin just kicks him in the chest!! The Rock springs up and Austin kicks him in the gut...... KICK! STUNNER!! No!! The Rock pushes Austin off of him and into the ropes.. Austin hits the ropes.... The Rock hooks him for a Rock Bottom!! Austin elbows out of it and the Rock goes staggering off to the side!! Orton and Williams fight over a lock-up and Williams wins the battle, kicking Orton in the gut and nailing him with a high vertical suplex!! Orton is right back up and Petey gives him another kick.. He's going for the CANADIAN DESTROYER!! Randy drops to one knee, to block the move!! Rock and Austin continue battling and Austin whips the Rock into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline but the Rock ducks it and bounces off the ropes.. He throws a clothesline of his own but Austin ducks it..... KICK WHAM STUNNER!! He covers the Rock!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- Ken Shamrock is in the ring!! He broke up the pin fall!! Ken Shamrock punches away at Austin, trying to take him out, but Austin fights back, punching away at Shamrock now... He whips him into the ropes and stops him dead with a KICK WHAM STUNNER OF HIS OWN!! Shamrock rolls out of the ring, holding his neck...... The Rock spins Austin around... He goes for the Rock Bottom!! Austin elbows out of it..... KICK WHAM STUNNER!! The Rock goes flying!! Austin covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! The Rock has been eliminated!! ]]-

[ Eliminated: The Rock via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Austin nails Petey Williams from behind and spins him around..... KICK WHAM.. No, Petey pushes Austin away but turns right around into the RKO!! Orton covers Williams!! One!! Two!! Austin breaks the pin!! But this is elimination style!! "HE'S MINE, YA' BASTARD!!" He pulls Petey Williams up.... KICK WHAM STUNNER ON PETEY WILLIAMS!! Austin springs back up, looking pissed off..... And Austin turns around, flipping the bird...... And Randy Orton nails him with the RKO!! Austin goes motionless and then he covers Petey Williams!! One!! Two!! Three!! Petey is gone!! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Petey Williams via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Orton sees Austin laying still from the RKO..... He covers him quickly.. One!! Two!! Thre-- Austin kicked out!! Orton looks pissed.... He then drops to one knee and sizes up Austin.. Austin staggers back up and Orton goes for the RKO!! But Austin pushes Orton away, making him land flat on his back!! Orton springs back up and Austin meets him when he gets on his feet.... HE GOES FOR THE STUNNER!! Orton pushes him away.. Austin hits the ropes and bounces back at Orton.. He throws a clothesline but Orton ducks it and Austin barely misses Scott James!! Orton then throws a dropkick and Austin moves... And Orton takes out Scott James!! Austin waits for Orton to stand up...... KICK WHAM STUNNER ON RANDY ORTON!! Orton is finished.... "Cowboy" Bob rolls in the ring.. He runs and nails a double axe handle to the back of Austin's head!! Austin gets up with an "Oh hell no" look on his face.... "Cowboy" Bob tries to beg him off, but it doesn't work...... MIDDLE FINGERS!! KICK WHAM STUNNER ON "COWBOY" BOB ORTON!! Huge pop!! Austin turns around...... And takes the RKO!!!!! ]]-

-[[ Orton springs up... Smiling... And he covers Austin...... One!! TWO!! THRE-- CHAVO GUERRERO JUNIOR!! CHAVO GUERRERO PULLED ORTON OUT OF THE RING!! Chavo is going to town on Orton!! He's beating him on the head and neck and the referee is calling for the bell!! Randy Orton is taking this one by disqualification!! Chavo slings Orton into the guardrail and follows him in with a clothesline!! "Cowboy" Bob Orton runs up behind him with a chair and Chavo spins around and kicks the chair back in Bob's face!! Bob veers around from the impact...... AND WALKS INTO A STUNNER FROM STEVE AUSTIN!! Chavo whips Orton into the ring and he goes under the bottom rope.. Orton is trying to get away!! Chavo whips him into the turnbuckle.. Follows him in... TORNADO DDT!! The impact sends Orton straight back up on his feet and he staggers into........ KICK WHAM STUNNER!!! Chavo reaches out of the ring and grabs Pepe...... AND THE TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!! Steve Austin begins calling for beers to be thrown in the ring..... He catches two!! Austin opens them up and bangs them together before turning and looking at Chavo... Chavo holds up the television championship, nodding.... And Austin toasts the belt!! Chavo and Austin celebrate over the fallen Orton.. ]]-

Winner: Randy Orton via Disqualification

-[[ Michael Shane watches the previous match on a monitor in the back.. He clutches Vince Russo's baseball in his hands, and he is absolutely furious.. Traci Brooks tries to console him, rubbing his chest and telling him to calm down, but he's having none of it as he watches Chavo Guerrero and Steve Austin in the middle of the ring... Michael Shane's voice is full of venom as he speaks... ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] This is ridiculous, Traci.. Someone has to put a stop to this..

-[[ Traci is genuinely concerned with Shane's mood.. ]]-

[ Traci Brooks ] Michael.. Stop beating yourself up over it, you've had him beaten twice..

-[[ Shane cuts her off. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Beating myself up over it? I'm the only one NOT beating me up!! I had Orton beaten the first time.. And because of the Harris Brothers, I lost my chance at the television championship.. And last week.. Last week.. We had Randy AND his father beaten right in the center of the ring..... Until Vince Russo stuck his nose...

-[[ He grips the bat tighter. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] And this.. In my business..

-[[ He shuts his eyes tight, like a sharp pain has went through his head... ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I don't know what I did to deserve what they're doing to me, Traci... They're screwing me over.. Ruining my career... Tonight.. With the Undertaker.. That was the final straw.. Not only did they try to screw me again.. But he could've killed you with that tombstone..... And the source of my trouble here in Solid Gold Wrestling can be traced back to one man........ I must get rid.. Of Vince Russo.....

-[[ A voice echoes in the backstage area, catching Shane's attention. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] And yew must get reed of that 'orrible hair style!

-[[ The atrocious French accent rakes Shane's nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.. He turns around, as does Traci, and they find themselves mere feet away from Sylvan Grenier and the incomparable, Candice Michelle... Sylvan Grenier has one hand on his hip, the other hand resting under his chin as he looks Shane up and down... He shakes his head. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] Yew look positeevely like yew have been beaten weeth the ogly steeck!!

-[[ Shane raises his arms, bringing the bat into view.. He slaps it into his open hand.. Looking down at it. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I don't know about any ugly stick.. But if you don't step off and mind your own damn business, I'm going to beat you with THIS one... Do you understand me?

-[[ Candice giggles and rubs Sylvan's chest.. ]]-

[ Candice Michelle ] He's cute when he's angry...

-[[ She kisses Sylvan on the cheek. ]]-

[ Candice Michelle ] Not as cute as you, though...

-[[ Sylvan seems offended. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] Kee-yoot? That eez no way to dee-scribe thees clothes.. Or thees looks... There eez only one word that dee-scribes the man standing before yew..... And that word eez......

-[[ Sylvan looks up at the ceiling and puts his arms out to the side, as if he's drawing power from his surroundings. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] SYL-VAAAAAAN!!

-[[ Michael Shane has had enough.. He raises the bat..... And chunks of concrete spray outward from behind him and he goes flailing to the ground as Traci Brooks screams in terror.... Vince Russo just busted a cinder block over Michael Shane's head!! Shane lays motionless on the floor as Russo stands over him, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Thanks fa' the distraction, Frenchy...

-[[ Russo looks over at Traci and flings a piece of the cinder block at her.. It narrowly misses her head. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck off, you fuckin' fuck!! Get outta' here, 'fore you get anotha' taste o'what ya' got last week!!

-[[ Traci reluctantly backs away and out of Russo's sight.... Russo kneels down next to Shane now. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Look at ya', ya' stupid prick... Ain't you tired yet? Ain't you tired o'gettin' ya' ass kicked by me every single fuckin' week? I know I would be...... But ya' stupid, kid.. Ya' damn stupid.. Because if you was smart in tha' fuckin' least.. You would'a recognized Sylvan here.... As the man that's gonna take your ass to the cleana's at Six-String Supremacy... You hear me?

-[[ No answer, because he's obviously unconscious. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] That's right... It's gonna be Michael Shane.. Versus Sylvan Grenier.... And just because I'm a nice guy.. I'm gonna put somethin' in this fa' YOU... If you just happen to beat this man... If God himself comes down and stops this man and MY OWN HEART and you pull off the miracle of the god damn century and win this match...... You get me, Vince Russo in the ring... Alone... Fa' FIVE WHOLE MINUTES..... No interference.. Guaranteed.....

-[[ Russo spits right in Michael Shane's face and stands up.. Disgusted. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You want ya' chance to get rid o'Vince Russo..... This is it..

-[[ Russo looks up at Sylvan and Candice, who have watched all of this transpire.. Sylvan is smiling a cocky smile. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] I weel beat him easy, no?

[ Vince Russo ] You damn well betta'...

-[[ Russo's serious facade slowly fades away however.. Still standing over Michael Shane, he speaks candidly to Sylvan and Candice.. You'd think he would get to know and trust the man BEFORE he put himself in danger with the stipulation he just presented to Shane... But oh well, this is Vince Russo.. When has he ever thought something through? ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Now, Sylvan.. I unda'stand ya' some kind've model.. Fashion consultant.. What the fuck eva'... But the pair o'tits.. Candice!! Baby.. What the fuck are YOU supposed to do?

-[[ She takes a step away from Sylvan, making sure to push her tits out as far as she can without completely exposing them.. Russo looks her up and down, breathing heavily... He looks ready to explode.. ]]-

[ Candice Michelle ] I do... This..

-[[ She raises her arm and begins twirling around, perfectly executing her one and only valuable signature move, the Go Daddy dance!! Vince Russo looks like he's going to blow the crotch out of his pants... He can barely speak. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Uh.. New stipulation.. Sylvan...

-[[ Sylvain's cocky smile gets even bigger. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] Yes, monsieur?

-[[ Russo swallows hard.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] If you lose dis match.. And ya' let Michael Shane kick my ass fa' five minutes.. I get ta' fuck tha' SHIT out o'Candice Michelle there afta' the fuckin' match... Also, no inta'ference.. Guaranteed...

-[[ Sylvan seems to think it over, although Candice doesn't seem to like the idea. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] May I watch?

-[[ Russo thinks and then decides. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Sure.. But no touchin'.. I heard the stories.. 'Bout you and Patta'son..

-[[ Sylvan shrugs.. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] No biggie.

-[[ Russo nods.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Good... Just.. Uh.. Get the job done..

-[[ Russo picks up his baseball bat that's been laying just inside Michael Shane's lifeless hand and walks away, massaging the huge bulge in his pants... As soon as he is out of sight, Candice slaps Sylvan hard across the face.... He looks absolutely shocked.. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] What deed I do!?

-[[ She just scowls at him. ]]-

[ Sylvan  Grenier ] You are so confident that I am going to lose?!

-[[ She nods. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] I am Sylvain... I do not LOSE!!

-[[ She turns and walks away. ]]-

[ Sylvan Grenier ] Honestly!!

-[[ He walks out of your line of sight. ]]-

Mike Sanders versus The Boogeyman
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Sanders looks nervous as the Boogeyman eyeballs him from across the ring.. Sanders is a little wobbly in the knees.. Possibly still injured by the attack from Hassan earlier in the night... Boogeyman slowly approaches him, shimmering and shaking like a mad man.. Sanders is reluctant to meet him in the center.. So he doesn't...... Torrie Wilson jumps onto the apron to try and distract the Boogeyman, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect.... So Sanders just charges at him blindly and goes for a tackle, but Boogeyman doesn't budge!! The Boogeyman just laughs...... "AH'M THE BOOGEYMAN!!" Sanders looks like he's going to shit his pants....... "AND AH'M COMIN'........ TO GET YA'!!!" He grabs Sanders... Kick to the gut...... PUMP HANDLE SLAM!!! The Boogeyman covers him...... One!! Two!! Torrie Wilson drags the referee out of the ring!! She begins rubbing his face in her gigantic tits and he can't help but be distracted.. Mark Jindrak rolls in the ring with a chair..... And he SPLATTERS the Boogeyman's head!! Boogeyman no-sells the shot!! Jindrak can't believe it!! The Boogeyman reaches into the front of his pants... And pulls out a handful of worms!! HE'S EATING WORMS AGAIN!! Jindrak covers his eyes and hops off the apron, gagging like crazy..... And Mike Sanders runs up behind him...... AND THE BOOGEYMAN TURNS AROUND AND CATCHES HIM!! Mark Jindrak runs into the ring, still fighting back vomit and the Boogeyman grabs both men by the throat!! The Boogeyman lifts them both with ease....... AND CHOKE SLAMS BOTH MEN THROUGH THE RING!! Red smoke begins billowing out of the holes that Sanders and Jindrak made.. And worms begins launching out of the holes like they're being fired out of a cannon!! The Boogeyman is laughing, catching worms and eating them as the red smoke fills the ring, obscuring the view completely..... And when the smoke finally clears... The smoke is gone.. Sanders and Jindrak... Are gone... The Boogeyman....... Is gone...... Even the holes in the ring are gone.. The Boogeyman has once again eliminated one of Jeff Jarrett's problems!! And himself, it seems!! Torrie stands in awe on the outside.. A look of fear and confusion on her face... ]]-

Winners: The fans.. For being allowed to see the Boogeyman work his magic

-[[ A steel chair slams against a wall backstage... And a feral scream follows it.. Rhino charges into the shot and grabs the chair off of the ground before slamming it into his own head and onto the ground repeatedly.. He slings it against the wall again and begins pulling out his hair as he screams in rage.. ]]-


-[[ He kicks the chair across the floor and then rams his own shoulder into the wall!! This man is NUTS!! ]]-

[ Rhino ] I'm going to fucking.. KILL THEM!! FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE........ FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!!

-[[ He drops to his knees.. Breathing heavily and looking down at the floor.. ]]-

[ Rhino ] They don't stand a fuckin' chance.... They're.. Fuckin'....... DEAD!!!

-[[ And Booker T. casually walks into the shot, looking down at the seething monster on the floor... Booker T. is wearing his sun glasses and looks like he's just enjoying his time in Solid Gold Wrestling so far... He talks to Rhino without a care in the world.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Yaw, son, let me axe you somethin'.. You got da' time?

-[[ Rhino stops breathing heavily, almost on cue, and slowly turns his head to Booker T... ]]-

[ Rhino ] Do I look like I'm wearin' a fuckin' watch....... Asshole?!

-[[ Booker T. laughs and slaps Rhino on the back.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Shit, son, I'm sorreh.. Heh heh.. I wasn't thinkin', ya' heard?

-[[ Rhino doesn't like Booker T. touching him. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] 'Sides.. Where'd you put a watch anyway? On ya' horn?

-[[ Booker T. turns to walk away, laughing.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Catch ya' lata', dawg!!

-[[ Rhino isn't letting it end that easily. ]]-

[ Rhino ] What is it with all the assholes around here talking about my fucking HORN!?! I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING HORN!! I'M NOT AN ANIMAL, GOD DAMMIT!! I'M A MAN!! I'M THE MAN FUCKIN' BEAST!!

-[[ Cactus Jack casually strolls through the area, commenting almost politely. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] Man fucking beast? Isn't that illegal?

-[[ And he's gone just as fast as he arrived.. Rhino is shaking with anger.. Booker T. has stopped in his tracks, listening to the shit talk from Rhino continue... The pure, unadulterated anger is evident in Rhino's voice. ]]-

[ Rhino ] If I had a dollar for every time.. An asshole.. Like YOU.. Mentioned.. My fuckin' horn..

-[[ Booker T. removes his sun glasses and stares Rhino down, cutting him off in mid-sentence in the process. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Tell me you didn't just say 'dat.....

[ Rhino ] You heard me.. I CALLED YOU AN ASSH--

[ Booker T. ] TELL ME...... YOU DID NOT....... JUST SAY 'DAT!!

[ Rhino ] I... DID!!

[ Booker T. ] Let me tell you sumpin', dawg.. I'm about to take yo' five dolla' ass and make CHANGE!!

[ Rhino ] You wanna' go!? YOU WANNA FUCKIN' GO!?

[ Booker T. ] Son, it's about to on like a NECK BONE!!

-[[ Rhino and Booker T. go nose to nose and at any moment, punches could be thrown.. But before these two mountains of men can brawl, Gene Snitsky, the sheriff of Shock steps in between them, looking intense... He opens his coat and flashes the badge..... Making sure they realize just who he is... ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] No.. Fiiight... Nowww...

[ Booker T. ] The hell chu' say?

-[[ Snitsky's eyes go wide and he begins breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] Jeff.. Gave me permission... To book.. ONE MAAAAATCH!!

-[[ The heavy breathing immediately stops. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] ...For the pay-per-view!!

-[[ He places one hand on Rhino's shoulder.. The other on Booker T.'s... A huge grin stretches across his face.. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] AND THIS........ IS....... IIIIIIIIIIIT!!

-[[ Booker T. begins nodding, eyeballing Rhino. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Yeah.. CHYEAH!! CHU' GONNA GET IT NOW!!

[ Rhino ] Bring it on, you son of a bitch!!

-[[ Snitsky interrupts.. ]]-


-[[ Booker T. and Rhino both look at Snitsky in disbelief. ]]-

[ Booker T. & Rhino ] WHAT?

[ Booker T. ] Tell me he didn't just say dat..

[ Rhino ] I ain't kissing his fuckin' feet!!

[ Booker T. ] Chyeah, I ain't kissin' his feet neitha', dawg!!

-[[ Snitsky laughs, a sadistic evil laugh. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] Not your feet..... MIIIIIIIIIINE!!!

-[[ Both wrestlers look down and see that Gene Snitsky is going barefoot with his suit.. They both look up in horror.. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] And I'm gonna be...... The special guessst... Refereeeee!!!

-[[ Snitsky walks off laughing, leaving Booker T. and Rhino to themselves... Booker T. looks at Rhino. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Man, I ain't kissin' yo nasty ass feet.

-[[ Rhino grits his teeth. ]]-

[ Rhino ] Fuck you.. I take good care of my feet.

-[[ My God, Booker T. and Rhino at Six-String Supremacy in a KISS MY FOOT MATCH!! Refereed by Gene Snitsky!? What else can happen at this pay-per-view!? ]]-

Shawn Michaels versus Carlito
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Carlito starts the match by charging right at Michaels with a clothesline!! Michaels ducks it and goes for the SWEET CHIN MUSIC, but Carlito catches his foot.. He spins Michaels around and NAILS him with a short arm clothesline!! Carlito yanks Michaels off the mat and throws him into the turnbuckle.. Carlito kicks away at him and nails him with a vicious European uppercut!! Michaels spins Carlito around in the corner and nails him with a chop and then goes the ten punch!! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! And Carlito hooks him at ten...... POWER BOMB OUT OF THE CORNER!! Carlito covers him!! Feet on the ropes!! One!! Two!! Thr-- Michaels kicked out!! Carlito pulls Michaels up and whips him into the ropes... He goes for a back drop but Michaels kicks him in the chest..... SUPER KICK!!! Carlito ducks it and catches Michaels from behind....... TEARDROP SUPLEX!! He covers Michaels!! One!! Two!! Thr- Michaels kicked out!! Carlito can't believe it!! Carlito pulls Michaels up again and hooks him for the spinning neck breaker!! Shawn elbows out of it and Carlito back away.. Shawn throws another superkick, but Carlito catches this one..... He spins HBK around and NAILS him with a clothesline!! Shawn Michaels goes down hard... Carlito pulls him up and whips him into the ropes...... Shawn ducks a clothesline and bounces off the other side.. FOREARM!! Michaels lands flat on his back next to Carlito..... KIP UP!! The fans pop huge!! Michaels climbs the turnbuckles...... BIG ELBOW!!! THIS COULD BE IT!! Michaels rolls off of Carlito and walks to the corner..... HE TUNES UP THE BAND!! STOMP!! STOMP!! STOMP!! Carlito staggers back to his feet....... Shawn goes for the SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Carlito ducks it and runs to the ropes..... AND HE GETS LOW BLOWED FROM THE OUTSIDE!! CARLITO STAGGERS FORWARD INTO THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! And THE HARRIS BROTHERS ROLL IN THE RING!! It was a Harris Brother that low-blowed Carlito!! The Harris Brothers catch Shawn around the throat...... H-BOMB ON THE HEART BREAK KID!!! They lift Carlito off of the mat....... H-BOMB ON CARLITO!! Don Harris stomps over to the corner and grabs Carlito's apple.. He laughs and takes a bite out of it.... "THIS TASTES LIKE SHIT!!" and spits it all over Carlito's face.... He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Once again, bitches... This match is OVER... Because this match SUCKS!!

-[[ Harris throws the apple down, beaning Carlito in the temple.. The Harris Brothers leave the carnage in the ring as the fans boo.. ]]-

Winner: The Harris Brothers

-[[ Chris Benoit and Vampiro look disappointed.. The voice of Petey Williams tells you why.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] You both lost.. You're both out of Team Canada!!

[ Chris Benoit ] You lost too, you idiot!!

[ Petey Williams ] I got double teamed!! It wasn't fair!!

-[[ Benoit throws his hands up.. He gives up and walks out... Vampiro follows him, leaving Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore by themselves... D'Amore just shakes his head in disappointment.. Petey is not happy in the least.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] This sucks, Scott.. There's no TEAM to my Team Canada anymore!!

[ Scott D'Amore ] Forget them, Petey.. They were weak.. Pathetic.. Damaged goods after their matches tonight.. Chris Benoit tapped out to that idiot, Storm, something you will NEVER do.... And Vampiro... He got pinned by a girl!!

-[[ D'Amore gets right in Petey's face. ]]-

[ Scott D'Amore ] That's not a teammate.. That's a disgrace!!

-[[ Petey smirks.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Storm made Benoit tap out... But that won't help him in our match at Supremacy.. But my Canadian Destroyer... It's all I need to leave him down long enough to take what's mine... And once I have the rights to Team Canada...... I'LL JUST TAKE HIS!!

-[[ D'Amore laughs loudly, rubbing his goatee. ]]-

[ Scott D'Amore ] Petey... I like the way you think..

-[[ They both laugh. ]]-

Rhino versus Rob Van Dam versus Cactus Jack
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Falls Count Anywhere
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ All three men collide in the center of the ring and begin throwing wild punches at each other and without warning, Van Dam and Rhino turn and punch Cactus Jack down!! Rhino and Van Dam begins fighting amongst themselves now and Rhino whips Van Dam into the ropes...... Rhino charges at him and Van Dam leap frogs a GORE attempt!! Rhino turns around and gets wheel kicked right in the face!! Van Dam, seeing Rhino on the mat, stops and points at himself with his thumbs.. The fans chant along.. "ROB! VAN! DAM!!" And Cactus Jack NAILS him from behind!! Van Dam goes reeling outside the ring through the middle and top ropes!! Cactus follows him out, standing on the apron... And Cactus drops an ELBOW on him from the apron!! He covers him!! One!! Two!! Rhino rolls out and breaks the count!! Rhino and Cactus begin punching away at each other, trying to knock the other off his feet.. Cactus lands a shot that draws blood from Rhino's eyebrow!! And Rhino responds by lifting Cactus off his feet and running with him into the guardrail!! Cactus moans in pain and Rhino yanks him right off the guardrail and SPINE BUSTS him on the floor!! He covers Cactus Jack!! One!! Two!! HOLY SHIT!! VAN DAM COMES OFF THE APRON WITH A SOMERSAULT LEGDROP!! He nails Rhino right in the neck!! Cactus slowly gets back up and Van Dam nails him with a standing side kick that sends him backwards over the railing.. Van Dam follows him over and yanks him up by his hair.. He slugs Cactus in the face a few times, drawing blood from his forehead!! Van Dam is then blasted from behind by Rhino!! Rhino yanks a chair out from under a fan and SLAMS it into Van Dam's back!! Van Dam goes down hard and Rhino lifts the chair again.. And Cactus Jack lifts a forearm into Rhino's balls!! Rhino drops the chair and Cactus grabs it.. He nails Rhino in the midsection.. And then hits him in the back with it!! Rhino goes down to his knees, groaning in pain.. Cactus lifts the chair again..... And Rob Van Dam flies and nails Cactus Jack with a VAN DAMINATOR!! Cactus goes down in a heap and Van Dam covers Rhino!! One!! Two!! Thr-- Rhino kicked out!! Van Dam then rolls over and covers Cactus Jack!! One!! Two!! Thr-- Rhino broke up the pin fall!! Rhino punches away at Van Dam's head, drawing blood from HIM now.. All three men are bleeding from their faces!! Van Dam fights back to his feet, punching away at Rhino now... Cactus is back up.. He grabs Van Dam from behind and spins him around.. And punches him right in the face!! Van Dam staggers backward..... Into a half nelson suplex from Rhino!! Van Dam could be dead!! Rhino is right back up and he charges at Cactus!! They begin brawling up into the stands, fighting, kicking and punching all the way up into the concession area!! Fans are scattering like crazy, trying to get away from the bleeding monsters that seem to take joy in pounding each other into raw meat... Cactus whips Rhino into the t-shirt racks, but Rhino rolls off and charges at Cactus......... GORE!! GORE!! GOOOOOOOOORE!! HE NAILS CACTUS JACK!! Jack spits blood out of his mouth and it goes straight up and lands on his face, giving himself a crimson mask... Rhino covers him... ONE!! TWO!! THR-- CRACK!! CHAIR SHOT!! ........FROM BOOKER T.!!! Booker T. hits Rhino with it again and Rhino begins to stand up anyway!! Booker T. nails Rhino in the gut with the chair.. He throws it down... AND AXE KICKS RHINO STRAIGHT TO THE FLOOR!!! "CHYEAH, DAWG!! DIG THAT!!" Booker T. takes a step back and watches Cactus crawl on top of Rhino...... Booker T. just wants to make sure the job is done...... ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEEEE!!! Cactus Jack has won this hard fought contest thanks to interference from Booker T.!! Cactus doesn't seem to care as the blood gushes out of his face and onto the floor.... ]]-

Winner: Cactus Jack via Pin Fall

-[[ Inside Jarrett's office, you see the man himself sitting behind his desk with the world championship propped up right up front and center.. Vince Russo, Melina, and Snitsky are standing behind him.. He's staring right into the camera, so you know he's about to address everyone.. The audience and the boys in the back.. You can't help but listen intently. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We're only seven days away from the biggest pay-per-view in the history o'Solid Gold Wrestling.. Of course, I'm talkin' about the pay-per-view named after me, created by me, and hell, it's ALLLL about me.. Six-String Supremacy... So, because all o'ya'll are idiots and we ain't got nothin' else to fill this air time.. I'm gonna give ya' the run down o'matches we've got so far....

-[[ Jarrett looks at a piece of paper placed in front of him.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Michael Shane versus Sylvan Grenier.. What's this you got scribbled on here, Russo?

-[[ Russo looks down and squints.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck, Jeff.. I don't know...

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell, Russo, you wrote it!! What's the stipulations!?

-[[ It hits Russo. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Oh, shit, Jeff.. I'm sorry... If Michael Shane wins.. He gets five minutes in the fuckin' ring wit' me.. With no inta'ference guaranteed..... And I get to fuck that hot piece o'ass, Candice Michelle...

-[[ Melina shakes her head in disgust.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well.. What if Sylvan wins?

-[[ Russo shrugs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ...Then he wins?

-[[ Jarrett shrugs. ]]-

 [ Jeff Jarrett ] Fair enough.. Movin' on.. A Canadian Flag Match.. Lance Storm versus Petey Williams!! Where the only way to win the match is to grab that Canadian flag off the turnbuckle and wave it around like a big ol' patriotic idiot!! But that ain't the only thing, the winner gets Kurt Angle's medals.. And ALL the rights to TEAM CANADA!!

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Like anyone really wants'em.. Fuck Canada!!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Indeed, Russo... And we got the first ever women's match in SGDubya' history!! You heard me right.. Jeff Jarrett just don't stop makin' history here in Solid Gold!! First, I'm the longest reignin' world champion.. OF ALLLL TIME.. And now this.. We got "Super Model" Amy Love...

[ Vince Russo ] Tits, tits, tits!!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Versus Joanie Laurer!!

[ Gene Snitsky ] He'ssss... HOT!!

-[[ Melina looks at Snitsky, confused. ]]-

[ Melina ] He?

[ Gene Snitsky ] Yesss... Joanie.... He's hot...

-[[ Snitsky groans and the front of his pants turns dark with moisture.. Melina gags and walks away from him. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And it looks like we got a Snitsky special here... Gene Snitsky refereein' Booker T. versus Rhino in a Kiss My Foot match... That's... Ah.. Disgustin', Snitsky...

[ Gene Snitsky ] ..Yessss....

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton is gonna be defendin' that television title against a so-called SGDubya legend... Chavo Guerrero Junior.. Randy Orton's gonna beat that son of a bitch like a dog.. I ain't liked Chavo Guerrero since the day I met him.. And it'll be a pleasure to see him bite the dust on MY pay-per-view!!

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah!! Fuck him AND the.. Stick horse he rode in on!!

-[[ Melina checks her nails, not even looking up as she speaks. ]]-

[ Melina ] Not funny.

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck you, too.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And in a match very dear to my heart... Edge is gonna whip Val Venis' ass!!

-[[ Jarrett smirks.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And just because I don't like Val Venis... And because that son of a bitch tried to walk out on me on the first night.. I'm changin' the rules.. Val wants to play hardcore, beatin' up Edge in a janitor's closet? Well, Edge happens to like playin' hardcore too.. Remember that match we talked about on the first night, Melina?

-[[ Her eyes light up. ]]-

[ Melina ] Oh no.. No, you're not... You're going to do that with THIS match?

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're damn right, I am... See, this ain't gonna be no regular match anymore.. If you two wanna get crazy.. Then you're gonna get crazy.. 'Cause I'm addin' a ladder to this match.... And I know you're probably thinkin'... Ya'll ain't got no belts.. What're ya' climbin' for?

-[[ Jarrett smiles, making Melina laugh out loud.. She knows what's coming. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, hangin' from the rafters is gonna be a box... Like your normal, every day wooden crate... And ya'll ain't gonna know what's inside of it.. Hell, even the referee won't know...

[ Vince Russo ] What's in the fuckin' box, Jeff?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Even Vince Russo doesn't know!! That's how secretive this is.... It might be a box of cash.. It might be a contract that guarantees ya' a title shot at any time you want one... Hell.. I'm feelin' generous.. It IS my pay-per-view after all........ It might just be the world title itself!!

-[[ Jeff runs his hand over the championship belt in front of him.... Laughing. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And after that... We've got Kurt Angle versus Muhammad Hassan.. Muhammad Hassan who dared to lay a hand on my Melina... That just ain't gonna cut it, Hassan.. And you might think I'm takin' a risk by makin' your match a qualifyin' match for a spot in the Thunderdome... But it ain't no risk because Kurt Angle is gonna break your damn ankle... And you know it......

-[[ Melina speaks up now. ]]-

[ Melina ] For what you did to me, Hassan.. I'm going to personally see.. That you get EXACTLY what you deserve..

-[[ Jarrett smirks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And speakin' of the Thunderdome... It's about time I announce the participants in that match.. And trust me.. Just 'cause you're in it don't mean you deserve to be U.S. champion.. Hell no.. I put some o'you guys in here just because I wanna see you DIE... Ha ha... First, we got... The Undertaker.. Who kinda' volunteered himself, but whatever... If he likes steel cages and torn flesh, more power to'im....

-[[ A shadow looms over Jarrett in the office.. And you hear someone spit in a cup.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Heh... He's my personal pick, by the way..

-[[ The shadow disappears.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm also insertin' my boy, Ken Kennedy into the match.. Because there ain't no other tag teams for him and that fat ass to defend their tag belts against.. So he might as well be in there to take up space... And in the... I want'em to die category.. I'm insertin' "Stone Cold" Steve Austin into the match... You wanna make friends with Chavo? You wanna stun Randy Orton? That's fine.. We'll see what good that does ya' ten tons of Thunderdome terror comes screamin' in on ya', you bastard...

-[[ Russo laughs... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And I picked this next one myself...... CACTUS JACK!! Bitch, you ain't seen hardcore yet!!

-[[ Jarrett smiles.. Russo keeps going. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You keep yellin' and cryin' about wantin' to feel pain... I can't wait to see you in the Thunda'dome, screamin' and pissin' ya' pants like a little girl!! Ya' shit is about to be RUINED, kid.. RUINED!!

-[[ Jarrett speaks calmly after Russo's outburst. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Add to that the winner o'Angle and Hassan and you got one helluva match, if I do say so myself.. So sit back, grab some potato chips... And turn on that pay-per-view channels.. Because if there was ever a show worth the thirty bucks.. It's this one... And... Oh.. Oh hell, I almost forgot!!

-[[ Jarrett smacks himself on the forehead. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I forgot the two main attractions!! Of course, I'm talkin' about the duet... American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is gonna be singin' with ME, Jeff Jarrett and it's gonna be her NEW hit.. JARRETT TAKE THE WHEEL!! And in the main event of the evenin'.. We're gonna be airin' the worldwide debut of the trailer for my NEW movie.... CHOSEN ONE: THE LEGEND OF JEFF JARRETT!!

-[[ Jarrett laughs evilly.. Snitsky, Russo, and Melina join in like supervillains... Jarrett's face then goes dead serious and he points right into the camera....... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Don't miss it.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-