-[[ Michael Shane is in the backstage area with Traci Brooks at his side... He's changed into his street clothes and he has the Television Championship slung over his shoulder... He looks intent, like his focus is solely on one thing... ]]-

[ Traci Brooks ] Relax, babe.. You're still the champion..

-[[ He looks over at her, clutching the belt tighter now.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I know I'm still the champion, Traci.. And I'll always BE the champion.. My downfall tonight was the fact that I had to count on someone else.. Kurt Angle failed to hold up his end of the bargain and got himself pinned by Storm.. No big deal... I have bigger things in my future....

-[[ A chuckle can be heard from out of the shot.. Michael Shane's eyes grow wide with anger. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] You bastard.. What do you want?

-[[ Randy Orton and "Cowboy" Bob slowly walk into the shot.. Orton has a smug look on his face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Michael Shane... I don't know what to say..

-[[ Shane looks at his championship belt and back at Orton.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] You don't have to say anything, Orton.. Because I'm the champion.. And there's nothing you can do about it... So, why don't you take your ass back where you came from..

-[[ Orton smirks.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I don't think so, Shane.... Because once again.. I beat you tonight, just like everyone KNEW I would.. And soon enough.. I'm going to be invoking my rematch clause.. And I'm going to take BACK.. Your television championship.. Which.. In the near future...... Will become MY championship..

-[[ Michael Shane gets right in Orton's face.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Orton..... You don't have a future.

-[[ Orton turns his head... Spins back around... And SPITS right in Michael Shane's face!! Michael Shane calmly reaches up and wipes the spit from his face and looks back up at Orton with fury in his eyes.. And before a single punch can be thrown, Team Canada storms onto the scene... Lance Storm, Petey Williams, Major Gunnz, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper, and Scott D'Amore.. Storm is the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Stay right where you are, Shane..

-[[ Mike Awesome yells. ]]-


-[[ Michael Shane looks confused.. Traci speaks.. ]]-

[ Traci Brooks ] Stay? ...How is that like Lisa Loeb?

-[[ Lance Storm grits his teeth and points at Traci as if he were cutting a promo on her. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Lisa Loeb's song, entitled "Stay" is the only single to reach the top of billboard charts while the artist was currently without a label.. Hence the relation.. Hence why "Stay".. Is like Lisa Loeb..

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton removes his hat.. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] Shit, son.. And you know this WHY?

-[[ Lance Storm looks down.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Irrelevant.

-[[ He looks back up, eyeing Shane.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] But what IS relevant.. Is the fact that tonight, while in a tag team match involving the television champion.. Yes, you, Michael Shane.. I registered the winning pin fall.. And as of tonight, I am undefeated here in Solid Gold Wrestling.. So, I feel I am most deserving of a shot at your television championship..

[ Michael Shane ] You want a shot... You can have one any time you want it..

[ Lance Storm ] Splendid.

-[[ Randy Orton busts in. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Hold on just a damn second... Michael Shane didn't even beat me and he's walking around with my championship belt.. I deserve the rematch, Storm... While you were playing grab-ass over the Canadian flag, I was in the ring with an SGW legend!!

-[[ Storm doesn't even hesitate. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And you lost. Moving on now..

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob whispers into Storm's ear.. Storm looks confused, but speaks... ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Would you like... Some ointment.. To go on that burn?

-[[ Orton grits his teeth.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Dammit, dad!! Stop!!

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] Sorry, son..

-[[ Randy Orton turns back to Storm and Shane.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] The bottom line is this... I deserve the shot.. Not YOU, Storm.. You Canadians.. You're pathetic.. While you're on your big winning streak.. Petey there is doing the exact opposite.. He hasn't won a damn match since he showed up here.. And yet, you embrace him.. Your team is a joke.. And that alone disqualifies you from coming after MY title!!

-[[ Michael Shane raises his belt.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] MY TITLE!!

-[[ Orton spins and gets right in Shane's face.. ]]-


-[[ Both men stare each other right in the face, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I don't care when the match happens, Shane.. But it will.. And I'm going to take what's mine..

-[[ Orton looks at the belt and back at Shane.. He walks off with "Cowboy" Bob in tow.. Lance Storm looks Shane up and down, his eyes resting on the championship belt.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] In time.

-[[ Team Canada walks away, leaving Shane and Traci by themselves.... As Team Canada walks away, Storm turns to Petey Williams.... He has a stern look on his face.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Petey... Orton made a valid point about your record here in Solid Gold Wrestling.... So, tonight.. If you can't pull out a victory and win your Lucky Seven match... You're out of Team Canada... Forever.

-[[ Petey Williams gulps loudly, knowing this could be the end.. ]]-

Muhammad Hassan(c) versus Ken Kennedy
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGW United States Championship
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Hassan and Kennedy stand in their corners... Daivari cheers on Hassan in his corner while the Big Show stands silently in the corner of Kennedy with Lollipop standing next to him.. When the bell rings, both men charge at each other like mad men and begin throwing punches all over the place.. Kennedy and Hassan are both going for blood and Kennedy deflects a punch from Hassan and begins taking it to him with rapid fire shots to the head.. Hassan ducks one of the punches and forearms Kennedy right in the back of the head.. Hassan is going straight for the camel clutch!! He sits on Kennedy's back and goes to hook the head, but Kennedy is fighting out of it and actually manages to power Hassan off of him!! Hassan looks furious and waits for Kennedy to stand up.. Hassan charges at him with a clothesline but Kennedy ducks the shot and Hassan turns around right into a heel kick!! Hassan rolls out of the ring to collect himself.. Daivari pats him down, encouraging him, and the Big Show rounds the corner!! The Big Show begins yelling at Hassan to get his ass in the ring and Hassan.. SLAPS THE BIG SHOW!! And then shoves Daivari in front of him!! Hassan rolls back into the ring and the Big Show grabs Daivari by the throat...... CHOKE SLAM ON DAIVARI ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!! Hassan looks shocked and walks right into a samoan drop from Kennedy!! Kennedy signals that it's time for Hassan to take the PLUNGE!! He lifts Hassan onto the top rope and follows him up..... He puts him in the position... And the lights go out........ They come back on..... SABU!! Scott James is unconscious on the mat!! Sabu springs up the ropes and kicks Kennedy right in the face!! The Big Show rolls inside the ring and Sabu drops kicks him right in the knees!! Sabu rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.. He slides back in and throws it right into the Big Show's head!! And then he picks the chair up.. And wraps it around Ken Kennedy's head!! Sabu rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, yanking at his hair.. Hassan pulls himself up and collects himself.. He turns Kennedy over and slaps on the camel clutch!! Scott James is coming to...... And he begins calling for the bell as he sees Kennedy motionless in the camel clutch!! Muhammad Hassan releases the hold and stands up... He spits on the mat beside him, staring down at Kennedy.. The Big Show comes to and charges at Hassan, but Hassan escapes the ring and walks up the ramp with Daivari, raising the championship over his head... Big Show helps Kennedy to his feet as they stare up the ramp at Hassan.. ]]-

Winner: Muhammad Hassan via Referee's Decision

-[[ Chris Benoit is walking backstage when he stumbles across the SGW World Champion, Christian. He walks right up to the champion and stares him down. Christian looks worried at first, but knows he's secure with Tomko behind him. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Well, well, well... If it isn't the SGW legend... Christian...

[ Christian ] That's the name, don't wear it out.

[ Chris Benoit ] Ya' know something, Christian, you and I fought once a long, long time ago in SGW... I thought then you and your brother were amazing athletes and bright stars to carry the Solid Gold banner into future greatness... And now, I see you with that World title.... AND IT MAKES... ME.. SICK!!

[ Christian ] Why's that? Because you can see your reflection in it?

Benoit chuckles a little, rubbing his left fist into his right open hand. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Because being SGW's World Champion means you're the best in the business. You set your goals high and do a lot of talking.... You like to think you're the best, eh?

[ Christian ] Damn right, because I am the best!

[ Chris Benoit ] If you were the best, you'd be out there defending your title tonight, not sitting back and making your woman do all the work...

[ Christian ] Big deal, Benoit. What's it matter to you? Like you'll ever get an SGW title shot against me anyway.

[ Chris Benoit ] To me, it makes me think the SGW Champion, the so-called BEST.. IN THE BUSINESS.. Is a coward!

[ Christian ] To me, the SGW Champion, the best damn wrestler alive.. You look like a man lacking brains... And TEETH!

Christian and Benoit now go face to face in a heated stare down... Christian's cockily smiling as Benoit could snap at any second. ]]-

[ Christian ] And oh yeah, for your information.. I'm not defending next week, either. I've got the week off AGAIN!

 [ Chris Benoit ] You'll be laughing when the new owner makes you defend the belt or lose it.

[ Christian ] Whatever, Benoit... I don't care who the new owner is going to be, because I'm Captain Charisma, the SGW World Heavyweight Champion... And in laymen's terms, that means that I CALL THE SHOTS! And there's not an owner stupid enough to screw up my one and only title reign...

Christian slaps his chest cockily. ]]-

[ Christian ] My one and only, because I'm NEVER gonna lose it!

Christian smirks at Benoit, who is just ready to fight at any second. ]]-

[ Christian ] Because I'm Captain Charisma..

He winks at Benoit. ]]-

[ Christian ] ..Bitch!

Christian and Tomko walk off and leave Benoit standing there pissed. ]]-

The Rock versus John Cena
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Pick Your Title Shot Tournament - Round One
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The Rock waits on Cena in the ring and when Cena enters, he's a house of fire! He comes charging down the ramp, slinging off pieces of his attire on the way down, some of the fans get free souvenirs as he discards his hat and jersey, but Cena doesn't care.. He slides into the ring and goes right after the Rock!! The Rock meets him in the center of the ring and the two men begin punching away at each other, desperately trying to knock the other off of his feet, but neither man is willing to give! Finally, Cena blocks one of the Rock's punches and begins putting the lefts and rights to him! The Rock flails like a mad man as Cena goes to town on him.. Cena knocks the Rock into the ropes and starts hitting him in the head, but the Rock, out of desperation, whips Cena into the ropes.. Cena comes bouncing back at him and the Rock throws a clothesline, but Cena ducks it.. The Rock turns around.... F-U!! John Cena covers him!! One!! Two!! Thr-- The Rock kicked out! Cena can't believe it!! The Rock crawls back to his feet and John Cena goes for a shoulder tackle, but the Rock casually sidesteps him, allowing Cena to collide head first with the turnbuckles!! Cena turns around, holding his head and neck and walks right into a SPINE BUSTER! The Rock springs right back up, looking out at the fans... Huge boos.. The Rock yanks Cena up off of the mat and whips him into the ropes.. Cena goes for a clothesline and the Rock ducks it.. He hooks him for the Rock Bottom, but Cena begins elbowing out of it! The Rock releases the hold and Cena lifts him up for the F-U! The Rock fights out of that and ends up behind Cena, he spins him around.. KICK! DDT! The Rock covers him! One! Two! Thr-- Cena kicked out!! The Rock stands up, waiting on Cena: "Come on, ya' son of a bitch!" and Cena slowly staggers up and the Rock charges at him.... Cena catches him! F-U!! As soon as he makes the cover, HAKU runs inside the ring! Cena catches him... F-U on HAKU!! Cena turns around... ROCK BOTTOM!! ROCK BOTTOM!! ROCK BOTTOM!! The Rock quickly covers Cena!! One!! Two!! Three!! The Rock has just defeated John Cena thanks to a distraction from his head of security, Haku!! That's just not right!! ]]-

Winners: The Rock via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage in the interview area where we see Maria. She's sporting her typical happy go lucky smile, not having a clue what's going on around her. ]]-

[ Maria ] Hiya! Maria here~! And tonight I'm interviewing BLT!

JBL enters the scene looking pissed. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] That's JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield, the WRESTLING... GOD!

[ Maria ] Oh, oopsie! I just get confused sometimes.

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] No kiddin'... Get on with the interview, little girl.

She nods and pauses, trying to think of a good question. ]]-

[ Maria ] So, JBL.. If you're a Wrestling God, then why aren't you the World Champion?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I haven't even had a damn match yet.

[ Maria ] Yeah, well, God has powers to heal people and stuff.. So, wouldn't a Wrestling God be able to like, make himself World Champion?

JBL stares blankly at Maria... She's expecting an answer? ]]-

[ Maria ] You're silly, JBL! The cat must have your tongue! That darn Ernest Miller! HA HA~!

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Look Maria, let me make somethin' plain and simple to ya' and everyone else in SGDubya.. John Bradshaw Layfield is here for one reason and one reason only.. And that's to become the World Heavyweight... CHAMPION.. And come hell.. Come high water.. COME THE CREEK RISE... I will achieve that goal.. So Christian, be keepin' that belt warm, 'cause one day, I'll come lookin' for it... I can.. Guarantee it.

[ Maria ] Looking for it? It's not hiding!

JBL shakes his head, just trying to get through this. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] But for right now, Muhammad Hassan, son, you may be the champion of the United States, but there's not a more patriotic man in this company than I am, so you'd best watch out, 'cause I'm comin' for you too! Solid Gold Wrestlin' is fixin' to belong to the Wrestling God, and there ain't a thing nobody can do about it!

[ Maria ] But what if the new match maker person doesn't put you in matches for the belts? How can you be a champion?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Why do you ask such ridiculous questions? What was Jeff Jarrett thinking when he hired your ass? Did he put out a casting call that read "BIG BREASTS, PRETTY FACE, MUST BE ABLE TO HOLD MICROPHONE........ NO BRAIN REQUIRED!?" You are an incompetent fool and the day someone like you succeeds in this world, or hell, succeeds in this company, is the day I will go in the god damn GRAVE!! So the next time you think about sticking that microphone in my face.. THINK AGAIN!! Because, so help me God, I will shove it down your stinkin' THROAT!!

Maria frowns. ]]-

[ Maria ] You're mean!

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I'm rich and you're stupid!

[ Maria ] HOW RUDE! You're not getting interviewed EVER AGAIN!

JBL smiles, almost in laughter. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Good.

-[[ He tips his hat and walks off camera, leaving Maria pouting and alone.. ]]-

Perry Saturn versus Vampiro versus Cactus Jack versus Petey Williams
versus Justin Credible versus Chris Jericho versus Alex Shelley
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Pick Your Title Shot Tournament - Round One
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ All seven men begin in the ring.. Perry Saturn pairs off with Vampiro.. Cactus Jack and Petey Williams go at it.. Justin Credible and Chris Jericho brawl in one corner... Alex Shelley looks around, waiting on making his move... And then he nails Chris Jericho from behind! Credible and Shelley beat Jericho and pin him in the corner.. They each begin chopping and punching him repeatedly.. Cactus Jack whips Petey Williams into the ropes and nails him with a Cactus Clothesline that sends both men sprawling outside of the ring.. Perry Saturn whips Vampiro into the ropes and catches him coming off for a death valley driver, but Vampiro slips out behind him and pushes him forward into the ropes.. Perry Saturn bounces off and Vampiro rolls him up from behind.. One! Two! Everyone swarms Vampiro to make sure he doesn't register the pin fall! Vampiro gets slung into the ropes and nails with a running enziguri by Chris Jericho! Jericho turns right around in a death valley driver from Perry Saturn!! Perry Saturn gets taken down by a double clothesline from Credible and Shelley!! Cactus Jack and Petey Williams brawl on the outside.. Cactus whips Petey into the stairs and charges at him with a running knee.. But Petey moves and Cactus BLASTS the stairs!! Cactus flips over them and groans, holding his leg.. Petey rolls back in the ring, spins Alex Shelley around........ CANADIAN DESTROYER!! Petey Williams covers him! One! Two! Justin Credible breaks it up! Credible whips Petey into the ropes and goes for a back drop but Petey kicks him in the chest.. Kicks him in the stomach...... He goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Credible drops to one knee... And Perry Saturn rips off Petey's head with a clothesline!! Cactus Jack rolls back in the ring and tackles Perry Saturn down.. Cactus beats down on Saturn like crazy... Vampiro runs off the ropes and nails Cactus Jack right in the face with a spinning kick!! Chris Jericho catches Vampiro coming off the kick and hooks him for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Vampiro is yelling in pain, but he won't tap out!! Petey Williams bounces off the ropes, catches Chris Jericho... CANADIAN DESTROYER OUT OF THE WALLS!! Vampiro pulls himself back up.. Catches Petey.. NAIL IN THE COFFIN!! But Vampiro walks right into the double arm DDT from Cactus!! Alex Shelley charges at Credible, but gets caught... THAT'S INCREDIBLE!! Justin Credible stands up, cheering his ass off, and he gets SCHOOL BOYED BY CACTUS JACK!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!! CACTUS JACK IS MOVING ON IN THE PICK YOUR TITLE SHOT TOURNAMENT!! And not only that.. But Petey Williams lost!! He's OUT of Team Canada!! ]]-

-[[ Cactus Jack stands up, celebrating... And he's suddenly blasted from behind by William Regal and Fit Finlay!! Both men begin putting the boots to Cactus as the fans boo... What the hell are these two men doing!?! They whip Cactus into the ropes... SUPER STIFF DOUBLE BACK ELBOW!! Cactus goes down hard and Regal drops down on him....... REGAL STRETCH!! Finlay kicks Cactus in the face as his head is yanked back in the hold... Referees flood the ring and try to separate the competitors.. What the hell do these two men want with Cactus Jack!? ]]-

Winner: Cactus Jack via Pin Fall

-[[ Val Venis is standing in the back with Orlando Jordan.. Venis is drinking from a bottle of water.. He begins hopping up and down.. It's match time.. Orlando Jordan is pep talking him while still wearing his suit... He looks way too excited to be going to the ring with Val Venis.. Venis looks super intense and ready to fight.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Oh yeah.. Val Venis is ready to go!!

-[[ He slaps Venis on the chest, smiling.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Feel o'dat!! You rock hard, man!! Gonna kick the Undertaker's ass!!

-[[ Orlando shakes his head, laughing.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] And if he wants to come outside that ring and get a piece o'Orlando... He's gonna find it's gonna be more beneficial to his health to drink MILK!!

-[[ He bellows out with a big, cheesy smile.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] 'CAUSE O.J. KILLS!! HA HA!!

-[[ Venis even has to chuckle at that one.. He stops his preparation and looks at Orlando.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You saw what I did to Edge last week... Tonight, you're going to get an education on how a true Solid Gold Wrestling legend gets the job done... My loss last week, even if you can even call it that...

[ Orlando Jordan ] Lord knows I don't.. You beat his ASS, Val!!

-[[ Venis smiles. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] That loss was only a minor set-back.. Tonight.. Is the first step on my journey to the world.. Heavyweight.. Championship.. And no one... No one is going stand in my way.. Not Edge.. Not Jarrett.. Not even our wonderful locker room leader... Oh no.. Tonight, I make a statement, O.J...

-[[ Orlando swings his fist around next to his head, doing the Arsenio Hall "woop woop" motion.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Oh yeah.. You makin' a statement, alright!!

-[[ Suddenly, Teddy Long shuffles onto the scene, doing his raise the roof dance.. Venis and Orlando look surprised. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] If anybody knows anything about makin' a statement.. It's Teddy Long! Belee-dat!!

-[[ Venis laughs.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] T-Long!! Heh heh... I didn't think you were going to make it tonight..

[ Teddy Long ] Teddy Long is full o'surprises, playa', belee-dat..

[ Orland Jordan ] Yes, he is!! HA HA!!

-[[ Venis reaches over and straightens the collar on Long's jacket.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You're lookin' sharp, Teddy.. Fit for a champion!

-[[ Orlando slaps Venis on the back.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] The man couldn't be more right!

-[[ Teddy Long looks around, suddenly look scared. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] The man?! Where he at, playa'!?

-[[ Venis smiles, shaking his head. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You kill me, Teddy..

-[[ Teddy Long suddenly goes serious.. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] But seriously now, playa'.. I'm here to see you a kick dead man's ass.. So let's stop our talkin' and start our actin', playa', belee-dat, because if you wanna be a champion in SGDubya', ya' gotta be a man o'action! Holla' if ya' hear me, playa'!!

-[[ Orlando cups his hands around his mouth. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] HOLLA'!!

-[[ Teddy Long raises the roof as Venis looks on. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] Because where goes the belt, goes the money! Show me the money!

-[[ Orlando laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Show me the money! Say it, Val!!

-[[ Venis shakes his head, laughing. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] Say it, playa'! You wanna be the champion!? SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

-[[ Venis nods.. He can't believe he's doing this.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Show me the money..

[ Teddy Long ] Put some gusto behind that, Val!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

[ Orlando Jordan ] YEAH!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

-[[ Venis yells, looking uncomfortable as hell.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] SHOW ME.. THE MONEY!!

-[[ Teddy Long slaps Venis on the chest.. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] That's right, playa'!! Now you go win that damn match!! Let's go!!

-[[ As they all turn to head to the ring, Venis spies someone out of the corner of his eye..... He has to look closer to make sure he knows who it is... And then.. It dawns on him.. The black pants.. The leather jacket... The orange shirt..... IT'S TAZ!! TAZ IS HERE!! Taz stares at Venis, shaking his head in disgust.. He stomps up to Venis and gets right in his face.. Both men look ready to swing at any moment.. Orlando looks ready to back Val up at a moment's notice.. ]]-

[ TAZ ] We got unfinished bidness..

[ Val Venis ] You're god damn right we do.

[ TAZ ] I'm here tonight.. For one thing...

-[[ Venis doesn't move, staring hard into Taz's face. ]]-

[ TAZ ] To look you right in ya' god damn face... And tell ya'.. Man to man..

-[[ Taz spits as he yells in Val's face. ]]-

[ TAZ ] I'M BACK!!

-[[ Both men are trembling with anger.. Taz looks Venis up and down... ]]-

[ TAZ ] I'm gonna choke you out.

-[[ Taz looks at Long and Orlando... Then back at Venis, smiling now.. ]]-

[ TAZ ] Still can't get nothin' done on ya' own, huh?

-[[ Taz shakes his head. ]]-

[ TAZ ] Bitch.

-[[ Taz walks away, leaving Venis alone with Long and Jordan... Venis doesn't watch Taz as he walks away.. He just stares straight ahead... Jordan and Long look concerned.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You two...... Tonight... Stay back here.. I'm doing this on my own..

-[[ Orlando and Long just nod as Venis exits through the curtain to begin his match. ]]-

The Undertaker versus Val Venis
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Pick Your Title Shot Tournament - Round One
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Val Venis stares up at the Locker Room Leader.. Both men talk trash at each other and then Venis nails Undertaker out of nowhere with a big right hand!! The Undertaker barely moves before nailing Venis with a punch of his own that sends Venis reeling halfway across the ring!! The Undertaker stays on him!! Punch! Punch! Punch! BIG BOOT!! Venis goes down hard!! The Undertaker rips him up off of the mat and throws him into the ropes.. Venis bounces off into a big right hand!! The Undertaker pulls him up again and throws him into the turnbuckles so hard that Venis comes bouncing out..... And the Undertaker grips his throat for a choke slam!! Val Venis knees Undertaker in the midsection and bounces off of the ropes.. And he clips the Undertaker's knee!! Venis kicks Undertaker right in the head!! The Undertaker begins standing up anyway and he grabs Venis by the tights and yanks him straight down into a punch in the face!! Venis staggers back, holding his face and the Undertaker remains on him.. Punching away at Venis.. Venis staggers back against the ropes and comes back swinging at the Undertaker.. They beat each other repeatedly over the head, with neither man wanting to go down..... And finally, the Undertaker nails Venis with a huge throat thrust!! Venis goes straight down to the mat and the Undertaker pulls him up.. He whips Venis into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Venis ducks it.. He turns around and Taker GOOZLES HIM!! CHOKE SLAM ON VAL VENIS!! The Undertaker covers him.. One!! TWO!! THRE-- VAL VENIS KICKED OUT!! The fans can't believe it!! The Undertaker doesn't seem to mind... He pulls Venis up and lifts him up for the TOMBSTONE, but Venis slips behind him.. And low blows him!! Venis bounces off the ropes, catches Undertaker bending over.. PILEDRIVER!! Sabu and Daivari begin creeping down the ramp and they catch Venis' eye.. Venis points at them, talking trash... And the Undertaker does a DEAD MAN SIT-UP!! Venis doesn't see the Undertaker sitting up behind him!! The Undertaker is waiting on Venis to turn around....... And Muhammad Hassan slides into the ring with a chair.. He runs at Venis with it!! Venis sees him coming and ducks... AND HASSAN NAILS THE UNDERTAKER!! Hassan drops the chair out of shock at missing the man he wanted to hit and spins around.. And Venis whips him straight over the top rope and to the outside!! Venis climbs the ropes quickly........ MONEY SHOT ON THE UNDERTAKER!! Venis covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! Muhammad Hassan fumes on the ramp with Daivari and Sabu as Val Venis celebrates his advancement in the Pick Your Title Shot Tournament.. Venis makes the 'title belt' motion around his waist and points at Hassan, drawing huge cheers from the fans.. ]]-

Winner: Val Venis via Pin Fall

-[[ Jillian Hall clears her throat.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And now.. The moment you have all been waiting for..

-[[ Everyone, from the wrestlers to the ring announcer, is crowded into the small office that once belonged to Jeff Jarrett.. Jillian Hall is clutching the clipboard to her chest.. The tension is so thick that you could cut it with a knife.. After a few seconds, Val Venis enters, dripping with sweat after his hard fought battle with the Undertaker.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Did I miss anything?

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton points at himself, smiling. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] That big tittied woman was about to name ME the new interim owner!!

-[[ The Rock laughs.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] HAH! Ya' hear this guy? Hey.. Hey Buffalo Bill.. Don'cha have a gay cowboy movie to star in?

-[[ No one laughs.. The Rock waggles his head around, smiling. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Get it? The Rock's insinuating that he's.. LIKE 'DAT... Hey!

-[[ He adjusts his belt buckle.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] I'm the Rock, baby!

-[[ Kennedy smirks.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Silence your tongue, Rocky.. Because you, I, and all of these men standing here with us today know.. That there are only four men that can fill the shoes left by our FEARLESS LEADER, Jeff Jarrett... One of them.. Is "Cowboy" Bob Orton.... The other is his son... The Legend Killer.. AND FEE-YOOTCHER TELEVISION CHAMPION, Randy Orton... And of course, THE BIG NASSSTY........ BIG SHOW!! And especially.. The man speaking before you today.... Myself...

-[[ He tilts his head back.. ]]-


[ Carlito ] Carlito.. As the--

[ Ken Kennedy ] KENNEDYYYYY!!

-[[ Carlito looks irritated, but he continues. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Carlito.. As the new interim owner... Dat's cool!

-[[ Chris Jericho shakes his head. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] No, it's really not.

[ Lance Storm ] Obviously, a Canadian would be best suited for the position.


-[[ Storm shakes his head. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] That is a DIFFERENT Brian Adams, Mike.


-[[ Jillian clears her throat and removes an envelope from the inside of her coat.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Inside of this envelope is the name of the person who will be taking over the duties left behind by Mister Jarrett..... If everyone will quiet down, I'll gladly make the announcement...

-[[ She opens the envelope and pulls out a piece of paper... She looks at the name on it.. And her eyes go wide. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Wait... This can't be right... This isn't who Melina said--

[ Ken Kennedy ] Who is it, woman!? SPEAK!

[ Jillian Hall ] She said..... She said it was Ricky Steamboat.. This... This....

-[[ Jillian looks up with tears in her eyes... ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ........It's..

-[[ Everyone is dead silent, awaiting the answer... Jillian almost whispers.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ......Maria.

-[[ Dead silence. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Maria.... Is the new.... Owner..

-[[ One voice pipes in from the back.. Everyone separates to reveal this person.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Wow... Wow! Golly gee.. Oh, man! I never win anything!

-[[ She seems extremely excited, the only one, actually.. Confusion washes over her face.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Wait... What's an owner?

-[[ Everyone groans. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Mother of God...

-[[ Randy Orton shakes his head, fuming mad. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] God has nothing to do with this.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-