-[[ The scene fades up with a shot of massive arms flexing right in the frame.... As you back away, you see that those arms belong to "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.. He's standing there with a cocky look on his face as he admires his own physique.. He's talking to someone off-camera.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I'm telling you... Last week, I destroyed the so-called legend, Chavo Guerrero...

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] And tonight, I made the former television champion.. My personal bitch.

-[[ He waves his hand around.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] World Warrior is going to be a breeze... I get to destroy "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and become the United States champion all in one night... And there's no one that can stop me... Because no one... Can break my Masterlock!

-[[ You hear the voice of the person he's talking to.. It's instantly recognizable.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] It's not wise to overlook Chris Benoit.

[ Chris Masters ] Chris who?

-[[ Storm smiles.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Your first match of the evening..

-[[ Masters shrugs. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] So? I'm the Masterpiece.

-[[ Storm just shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Is Chris Benoit the Masterpiece?

-[[ Masters shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Nope... Because I'm the Masterpiece.

-[[ Masters locks his hands together and begins flexing his pecs.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] And not even the great Chris Benoit.. Can break my Masterlock!

-[[ Storm ignores him.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Even so... No matter who wins your match.. Yourself or Benoit.. You'll be the winner of the tournament and the championship.. Because I will have weakened "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the point that he will be able unable to compete at one hundred percent...

-[[ Masters nods.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] You just keep up that part of our deal... And I'll hold up mine..

[ Lance Storm ] A United States title shot, correct?

-[[ Masters shrugs.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] If that's what you wanna call it.... I call it suicide.. But.. Hey.. To each his own.

-[[ Storm cracks his knuckles.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I assure you.. Your Masterlock is no match for my Straight Shooter.

[ Chris Masters ] I guess we'll just have to see about that, won't we?

[ Lance Storm ] I suppose so.

-[[ Storm extends his hand to shake.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I'll see you at World Warrior, then.

-[[ Masters accepts the handshake. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] And I'll see you AFTER World Warrior.. With my United States title on the line..

[ Lance Storm ] You're absolutely correct there.

-[[ Storm turns to leave the room and just as he opens the door to leave.. He finds "Stone Cold" Steve Austin standing right in front of him, pouring a can of beer all over himself as he "drinks" it... Storm just stands there, staring at him.. Masters, still in the middle of the room can only watch from a distance as Austin lowers the can and looks back down at Storm... Austin flicks the can and it bounces off Storm's chest... ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Catch you fuckers at a bad time?

-[[ Big right hand to Storm!! "Stone Cold" whips Storm around and slings him hard into the wall!! Chris Masters charges at Austin and Austin ducks a running punch and pushes Masters forward into the wall!! Austin yanks Masters off the wall and throws him hard into the vanity mirror over his dresser!! Austin stomps over and grabs Masters' bags and begins beating him with them!! Masters is in a fetal position, trying to stop the assault, but Austin is relentless!! Lance Storm charges at Austin again and Austin slings the largest bag and it nails Storm right in the face!! Austin storms over and begins putting the boots to Storm as he lays on the floor!! Austin stomps over to Masters' dresser again and finds a large glass, full of a thick liquid... A protein shake... Austin smells of it and curls his lip.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] And you had the... Audacity to say.. BEER SUCKS!?

-[[ Austin dumps the shake all over Masters' face and then drops the cup next to him.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Hell no, you little bastard.

-[[ Austin gets right down in Masters' face.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Protein shakes suck.. YOU SUCK.. And Canada... CANADA!?

-[[ Austin turns and gets down in Storm's face.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] CANADA SUCKS, TOO!!! OH HELL YEAH!!

-[[ Austin stands and stomps out of the room as Masters and Storm attempt to stand up.. Looking shocked. ]]-

Ken Kennedy & The Big Show versus Carlito & Jesus
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Ken Kennedy and the Big Show don't even care to acknowledge the rules of the tag team match and just take it straight to Carlito and Jesus with no regard for a possible disqualification.. They pummel Carlito and Jesus straight into the mat and Big Show yanks Carlito up off of the mat and slings him over the top rope and to the floor!! They both pull Jesus off of the mat and whip him into the ropes.. Double clothesline!! Jesus slowly sits up and the Big Show grabs him around the throat... CHOKE SLAM!! But he hangs on to his throat...... FOR A SECOND CHOKE SLAM!! Big Show covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- Big Show picked up Jesus' arm!! Scott James is begging Show to end it, but he just laughs.. Carlito slowly crawls back inside the ring and Kennedy is waiting on him with some stomps to the back and head.. Kennedy picks Carlito up and hits him with a fallaway slam.. Kennedy then climbs to the middle rope and Big Show hoists up Carlito and puts him in the Green Bay Plunge position.. And then Big Show positions himself....... Kennedy hops onto Big Show's shoulders.... GREEEN BAAAAY PLUUUUNGE!!! Kennedy stands up, laughing, and perfectly executes the CARLTON DANCE!! Big Show shakes his head and puts a finger on Carlito's chest.. One! Two! Three! Ken Kennedy and the Big Show have made exceptionally short work of these two men on the road to World Warrior! ]]-

Winner: Ken Kennedy & The Big Show via Pin Fall

-[[ When we cut backstage, you're faced with a shot of a piece of paper attached to a clip board.. It's resting on a table in what appears to be the catering area.. As you close in on the text printed out on it, you realize it's an open contract for the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal at World Warrior.. A pen rests next to it.. And someone picks it up.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] I don't know about anyone else.. But... I think winning the Intercontinental Championship in my first pay-per-view match.... Is going to be PHENOMENAL! Ha ha...

-[[ He scribbles his name on the contract just as someone walks up and yanks it out of his hand.. The man begins writing his own name on the contract with a big smile on his face.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Maybe it would be.. If you were going to win.. But that honor is going to me.

-[[ AJ looks confused.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Who are you?

[ Colt Cabana ] I'm Colt Cabana... The hell are you?

[ AJ Styles ] I'm AJ Styles... "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles..

-[[ It hits him.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh yeah.. You're the guy who does the flips and stuff.

-[[ This clearly annoys AJ.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] ..Planchas.

-[[ AJ then shakes his head like he's trying to clear a bad thought.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Wait... What the hell do you do!?

-[[ Cabana shrugs. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, I'll tell you what I'm GONNA do..

-[[ He flashes a cocky smile. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] I'm gonna win the Intercontinental Title in my first match.

-[[ Someone clears their throat.. Cabana and Styles both look to the side and look disgusted.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Forget what AJ Styles can do.. And forget what you can do, Cabana..

-[[ Petey Williams walks right up between them and takes the contract.. He writes his name down... ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Because I can do... THE CANADIAN DESTROYER!!

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] And after I wipe out Lance Storm with it tonight.. I'm going to use it at World Warrior.. And become the new Solid Gold Wrestling.. Intercontinental Champion!!

-[[ There's laughter.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] What a joke this is... You three actually think you stand a chance with me involved?

-[[ He takes the clipboard and signs his name.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] Compared to me, you're all enhancement talent and would be better suited facing the Spirit Squad in the pre-show... Because unlike me.... You're not ready for primetime.. Much less pay-per-view..

-[[ Just then, the Rock slides into the shot like Kramer and only stops sliding when he grips his belt buckle and yells.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] WHOAAAA, MAMA.. Just... whoa..

-[[ Everyone turns and looks at him.. The Rock stands there in his vest and leather pants, smiling that big smile. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Hey, bitches. The Rock's here.

-[[ Petey Williams storms right up on the Rock. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Sign up, Rock!! Not even you can kick out of my Canadian Destroyer!!

-[[ The Rock shields his eyes.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Whoa! Hey! Ya' outfit's too bright!! Too much red, too much white!!

-[[ The Rock then points at Williams like he recognizes him.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] All that red and white... You must be the Candy Man!

-[[ The Rock laughs and adjusts his belt buckle.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Let me ask ya' somethin', Candy Man... Who can run around shootin'is mouth off like he owns the place.. Even though he's about three feet smalla' than the Rock and is about three seconds........ THREEEEE SECONDS.... From gettin' the Rock's boot up his ass candy cane lookin' ass?

-[[ The Rock tilts his head back and yells.. ]]-


-[[ The Rock looks back down at Petey with a big smile.. Petey's shaking with anger.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock kids, but not really. Screw off, ya' vanilla midget.

-[[ Petey stands there like he's going to attack him.. But then huffs and puffs and walks off camera.. The Rock looks around at everyone else, smiling and waggling his head around... His eyes settle on Colt Cabana.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And who, the Rock asks.... ARE YOU!?

[ AJ Styles ] That's what I was wonderin--

[ The Rock ] The Rock don't know who you are eitha', bitch, so shut up.

-[[ The Rock waves his hand in AJ's face. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock said shut your mouth. Shut it.

-[[ He turns back to Cabana. ]]-

[ The Rock ] You were sayin'?

[ Colt Cabana ] I'm Colt--

-[[ The Rock bursts out laughing. ]]-

[ The Rock ] It don't matta'... You're excused.

[ Colt Cabana ] But--

[ The Rock ] The Rock said you're excused.

-[[ Cabana looks confused and quietly begins walking off camera, but the Rock keeps talking. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And take ol' Christopher Daniels here with ya'.. Lock ya'selves in ya' mutha's basement and jack-off to some o'that puro-wrestlin'.. The Rock knows how you flippity-floppity wrestlers are a little koonsee... KOONSAH!

-[[ Daniels and Cabana both look pissed, but leave regardless.. AJ and the Rock are the only ones left.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And back to you... The Rock says you talk like ya' tongue is too big for ya' mouth.. You country?

-[[ AJ looks pissed. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Are you going to sign the contract or not?

-[[ The Rock looks around.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Contract?

[ AJ Styles ] You're not here to join the Intercontinental title battle royal?

-[[ The Rock laughs. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Nah.

-[[ Styles' jaw drops.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Then.. What was all of this about?

-[[ The Rock adjusts his belt buckle. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock don't NEED a point.. To make a point.

-[[ Styles just stands there.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Smell it.

-[[ The Rock walks off camera, leaving Styles... But Styles isn't alone much longer because he hears that cackling hyena laugh that could belong to only one person... Brian Lawler.. Lawler shuffles into the shot and grabs the contract.. ]]-

[ Brian Lawler ] Hell yeah, son.. Gonna win me a title in my first match!!

-[[ And then the contract is slapped out of his hand.... He turns and finds himself eye to eye with "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.. Steiner has Mickie James hanging all over him, cackling like an idiot as he just stands there and stares at Lawler... Lawler swallows hard. ]]-

[ Brian Lawler ] ....Hey, Scotty.

-[[ He extends his hand to shake nervously.. ]]-

[ Brian Lawler ] ..Peace?

-[[ Steiner shakes his head. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] No.

-[[ The first punch sends Lawler reeling and Steiner is on him, punching away at his head and neck, trying to injure him seriously.. Lawler tries fighting back and Styles just watches the carnage unfold.. Steiner yanks Lawler up off the ground and belly-to-belly suplexes him THROUGH THE TABLE!! Mickie cheers him on. ]]-


-[[ Steiner picks up the contract and looks it over.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Waste o'fuckin' time..

-[[ He throws it down.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] It's time for "Big Poppa Pump" to make an impact in Solid Gold... And I'm startin' at World Warrior and I'm startin' with Brian Lawler's ass... Not just in any match....... BUT A STRAIGHT JACKET MATCH!! And from there, I'm takin' anything.. And everything.. I fuckin' want!!!

-[[ He points at nothing in particular.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Big Poppa Pump is your hook-up!! HOLLER.. IF YA' HEAR ME!!

-[[ Mickie cheers him on as he stomps off camera.. Styles walks over and picks up the contract.. And then Shawn Michaels and Sid Vicious wander into the shot... Shawn looks Styles up and down and his eyes settle on the contract.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] That what I think it is?

-[[ Styles nods. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Hand it over, Jackson.

-[[ Styles does and Michaels writes his name down.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Tag champs one night.. Intercontinental Champ the next..

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Too easy.

-[[ They walk away and Styles looks ready to leave himself.. And then.... The lights begin to flicker.. Styles looks around, looking scared to death.. And then the Dead Man himself walks into the shot.. The Undertaker.. He takes the contract and looks at it.. He looks down at Styles and rolls his eyes, groaning..... And then the Undertaker is SPEARED OUT OF HIS BOOTS BY BILL GOLDBERG!! The Undertaker's head bounces off the wall and he doesn't move again.. Goldberg kneels over him, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] YEAH!! SEEK AND DESTROY!!

-[[ He lays a huge punch into Taker's head.. ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] You're not having a match for the Intercontinental Title, big boy.. You're having a match.. WITH ME!!

-[[ Taker tries to sit up, but Goldberg punches him back down.. ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] And just so everyone knows I'm for real.. I'm takin' you down in your own element...

-[[ Goldberg yells it right in Taker's face.. ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] IN A CASKET MATCH!! YOU'RE NEXT!!

-[[ Goldberg walks off, looking pissed as all hell as Taker lays there motionless.. Styles is just standing there in disbelief.. And then... The Ultimate Warrior's music hits... BACKSTAGE!!? The Warrior charges into the room, pumping his fists and running circles all around AJ Styles, breathing heavily, feeling the flow.. Styles looks terrified, trying to follow the Warrior with his eyes but he's making laps around the room like he's a Nascar driver.. Styles finally is able to mutter something.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Warrior? ....Do you want to sign up for the match?

-[[ The Warrior stops running but keeps pumping his fists and breathing heavily.. ]]-


-[[ He begins running in place.. ]]-


-[[ He rips the contract from Styles' hands and begins writing his name down while still running in place. ]]-


-[[ The Warrior begins shaking his head back and forth and groaning, slinging his hair all over the place as Styles looks on in horror.. He just throws his hands up and walks off camera.. ]]-

Chris Benoit(c) versus Raven versus Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: SGW Hardcore Championship
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Single Fall
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam are already in the ring when Raven makes his entrance with a trash can full of weapons.. Raven walks down casually and tosses the trash can inside of the ring, spilling weapons all over the place.. That proves to be his first mistake as Benoit and Van Dam grab a pipe and a 2x4 and exit the ring to go after Raven!! Raven ducks a pipe shot from Benoit and kicks him in the gut, making him drop the pipe!! Van Dam breaks the 2x4 over Raven's back and whips him hard into the ring post!! Benoit nails Van Dam with a chop to the chest and throws him backward into the guardrail.. Raven charges at Benoit and throws a clothesline but Benoit ducks it and creams him with a sickening German suplex ON THE FLOOR!! Raven goes limp and lays there for a bit.. Van Dam goes back after Benoit and Benoit catches Van Dam around the waist and FLAP JACKS him onto the ring apron!! Benoit turns and begins fumbling beneath the ring and he finds a TABLE!! He sets it up on the outside and pulls Van Dam to his feet.. He chops Van Dam across the chest and then headbutts him right in the face!! He tosses Van Dam onto the table and climbs onto the apron.. Hell no.. He can't.. Benoit goes to the top rope..... AND FLIES!! Van Dam moves!! Benoit headbutts the table and goes straight through it!! Benoit isn't moving!! Raven slowly sits up and grabs a chair.. He makes his way toward Benoit and Van Dam spins... VAN DAMINATOR!! Raven goes down.. Van Dam covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- THE BLUE MEANIE BROKE THE PIN!! Van Dam stands up and begins punching away at the Meanie!! The Musketeer charges down and nails Van Dam from behind!! Benoit slowly gets up to all fours.. Raven also begins to stand.. Meanie and Musketeer shove Van Dam into him... EVENFLOW DDT!!! Raven covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- CHAIRSHOT TO RAVEN'S BACK!! The Blue Meanie runs at Benoit.. CHAIRSHOT TO THE MEANIE!! The Musketeer doesn't want any.. He runs up the ramp and escapes the carnage!! Benoit throws the chair down and rolls Raven inside the ring.. He yanks Raven up and Raven throws a punch.. Benoit ducks it and hooks the arm for the CROSSF-- CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! John Bradshaw Layfield leans on the ropes after the impact, smiling that million dollar smile... He drops and rolls out of the ring, laughing.. And Raven throws an arm over him.. One.. Two... THREE!! RAVEN HAS ROBBED CHRIS BENOIT!! JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD HAS COST BENOIT HIS HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP!! THIS ISN'T RIGHT!! RAVEN IS THE NEW CHAMPION!! ]]-

Winner: Raven via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Booker T. and Chris Jericho standing.. Booker T. is shaking his head, his hair flying all over the place as Jericho just stands with his hands on his hips, looking like he's trying to think.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] This is bogus, man!!

-[[ Jericho rubs his chin.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] That's right, Booker.. We're being completely overlooked..

[ Booker T. ] Chyeah, dawg!! We ain't even gettin' da' oppa'tunity to be in dat batta' royale they havin' at World Warrior!! It's a bunch of bull, man.. Totally disrespectin' the FIVE TIME.. FIVE TIME... FIVE TIME.. FIVE TIME.. FIVE TIIIIIME WCW CHAMPION!!

-[[ Jericho points at Booker T. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] You know what it is, Booker.. It's a conspiracy.. To hold down me.. And to hold down you!!

[ Booker T. ] CHYEAH!! THAT'S RIGHT!!

-[[ AJ Styles walks up with the contract from earlier.. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] Hey, guys.. You wanna sign up for the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal?

-[[ Jericho and Booker T. just stare at him... And then.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Sure.. Don't mind if I do.

-[[ Jericho signs. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Yeah, man.. CH-YEAH!! This is bomb-diggity.. I love SGDubya', dawg!!

-[[ Booker T. signs.. Jericho looks Styles up and down.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] So, what are you.. The official representative of the match or something?

-[[ Booker T. laughs.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Chyeah, dawg, you carryin'at thing around like you a little bitch or sumthin'!!

-[[ Styles just stands there, angry. ]]-

[ AJ Styles ] ..No.

-[[ He takes the contract and walks off.. As he walks away, Chris Benoit staggers through the curtain, still rattled from his match that just occurred with Raven and Van Dam... Benoit drops to one knee, holding his head.. He looks to be in bad shape... As he sits there, clutching his head, someone walks up to him... He looks up slowly and finds John Bradshaw Layfield staring down at him.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Told ya' our match wouldn't be for no Hardcore title.. Didn't I?

-[[ Benoit looks back down.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] You're pathetic..

-[[ Benoit speaks low.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Layfield.. I promise you.. A match with me is the last thing you want...

-[[ He looks up slowly.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] The last.. Thing... You will ever get..

-[[ Bradshaw laughs.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Big words for somebody that just got their ASS KICKED!!

-[[ The curtain parts and Raven steps through with the championship around his waist and the Meanie trailing behind him.. Benoit stands up.. His eyes lock on Raven.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Raven.. How can you accept the championship like that?

-[[ Raven smirks.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Shut up, Benoit.. It's a hardcore match.. Anything goes..

-[[ Raven shrugs.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Besides.. If anyone could appreciate a solid match strategy.. I thought it'd be you, Benoit..

-[[ Benoit's eyes go wide. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You two.. PLANNED THIS!?

-[[ Bradshaw laughs.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] That's not the only thing we planned, kid.

-[[ Benoit realizes what's about to happen and RIPS Layfield's suit with a vicious chop!! He spins and kicks Raven low, sending him to the floor and Benoit grabs the Meanie and SNAP SUPLEXES him on the concrete floor!! Layfield runs back at Benoit and Benoit nails him with a CHOP ACROSS THE FACE!! Layfield grabs his nose as blood squirts out of it and Raven is already back up.. He throws a clothesline and Benoit ducks it and grabs him from behind for a GERMAN SUPLEX but right as he lifts Raven off his feet, he's grabbed from behind..... BY PERRY SATURN AND STEVIE RICHARDS!! They begin pummeling Chris Benoit down and yank him up his feet... He tries to fight back, but he's suddenly grabbed up.... IN THE MASTERLOCK!! Chris Masters whips Benoit around in the hold, slinging him like a rag doll and he forces Benoit onto his knees!! Layfield runs up and gets right in Benoti's face, blood dumping out of his broken nose.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] You little bastard.. YOU HEAR ME NOW.. AND BELIEVE ME LATER!! I AM COMING FOR YOUR ASS.. But you made one crucial mistake.. You took your EYE.. OFF THE PRIZE!! You may be a genius in the ring.. But I'm a genius EVERYWHERE ELSE!! You put all your thoughts on me and Raven.. AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT YOUR PAY-PER-VIEW OPPONENT, CHRIS MASTERS!!

-[[ Benoit is fading fast in the hold.. Layfield jams a finger in Benoit's face.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] And I pray to GOD that there's something left of you when he's done.. Because after him.. IT'S MY TURN.. AND THE LAST THING YOU WILL SEE.. THROUGH THE BLOOD IN YOUR EYES.. WILL BE MY BOOT.. KICKING OFF YOUR FACE!!

-[[ And with that, Bradshaw stands up.. And kicks Benoit right in the face.. Masters slings him down face first onto the floor... Masters laughs and rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] You can't break it, Benoit.. Nobody can!

-[[ Raven, Saturn, Richards, Masters, and Layfield stand over Benoit, victorious.. ]]-

AJ Styles versus Triple H
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Triple H waits in the ring for Styles and Styles wastes absolutely no time in getting the match off the ground as he leaps onto the apron and springboards onto the top rope and nails Triple H with a somersault plancha!! Triple H goes down hard and is back up quickly where Styles is waiting on him with a high flipping drop kick!! Triple H is back up again and Styles hits him with an arm drag, another arm drag and a kick to the gut.. Snap suplex!! Triple H rolls back to his feet and Styles begins taking it to him with punches and kicks.. Triple H fights those off and forces Styles backwards.. Triple H charges at him and nails him with a sickening lariat!! Styles does a complete back flip and lands on his head!! Triple H smiles and pulls Styles to his feet... Styles tries in vain to stop Triple H, punching him in the stomach a few times but Triple H just casually whips him into the ropes...... HIGH KNEE!! Styles goes down hard and Triple H pulls him up again.. He dead lifts him straight up..... SPINE BUSTER!! Triple H walks around him, sizing him up as the fans boo... Triple H pulls him up and puts his head between his legs...... He's going for the PEDIGREE!! He hooks the arms.... But Styles slips them away and grabs Triple H's legs.. TRIPS HIM UP AND YANKS HIM IN...... STYLES CLASH!!! STYLES CLASH!!! STYLES ROLLS THROUGH!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! AJ STYLES HAS UPSET THE GAME!! ]]-

Winner: AJ Styles via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage and find ourselves face to face with Edge and Christian.. They're in their wrestling gear with the SGW World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists... They're staring straight into the camera.. They begin speaking... ]]-

[ Edge ] Inspirational.. Gutsy.. Courageous.. All words used to describe Chavo Guerrero Junior for standing up for Maria and coming after my brother and myself..... But to us.. There's only one word that fits..

-[[ Christian nods.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Idiot.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Edge ] The bottom line is this... Chavo Guerrero... At World Warrior, you're going to lose that match.. Maria's going to lose her job.. And you're going to lose your damn stinkin' career....

[ Christian ] Yeah.. But don't worry about anything, Chavo.. Because you'll still have a job..

-[[ Edge and Christian look at each other and laugh.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I mean, after all... Somebody has to clean our pool!!

-[[ Edge goes serious.. ]]-

[ Edge ] It's do or die time, Chavo... This isn't some inspirational journey you're taking... It's suicide..

-[[ Christian waves Edge off.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Actually.. It's not even that...

-[[ Edge looks confused.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Chavo Guerrero's too selfish to embark on something like an inspirational journey.. He's too selfish to even consider this a suicide mission...... The fact of the matter is.. Chavo Guerrero knows he's losing.. He knows he's going out... And he just wants to trick everyone in Solid Gold.. And all of his idiot fans at home back in Mexico... Into thinking that his final match.. His final LOSS.... Means something....

-[[ Edge laughs and slaps Christian on the chest.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Oh, it means something alright..... It means the last time we ever to suffer through another Chavo Guerrero pity push disguised as a legend's big comeback..... Because when we're done at World Warrior.. Chavo Guerrero wouldn't be able to wrestle again.. Even if he could.. And as for Maria's involvement.. When I'm done pinning her in the ring..... I'm going to pin her in the sack!!

-[[ Edge laughs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You really missed out, Jillian..

-[[ Christian cuts in.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Just realize this, Chavo.. There's no more fun and games.. We're not playing around anymore.. We're only playing to WIN.. And that's what we do... We're not laying down for anybody.. Especially someone that's on their way out.. Because that..... Is how we roll!!

-[[ Edge licks his teeth.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Bank on it.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Lance Storm & Mike Awesome versus Petey Williams & Eric Young
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Lance Storm begins the match with Petey Williams.. The two circle each other for a bit and Storm tries to go for Petey's knee but Petey side steps it and kicks Storm in the head.. Storm reels backward and Petey advances but Storm drop toe holds him and makes a quick tag to Mike Awesome.. Awesome comes in, pumped up and ready to go.. Awesome and Storm yank Petey off of the mat and whip him into the ropes.. Double back drop!! But Petey manages to land on his feet.. Storm and Awesome both turn around.. Drop kick on Storm! Storm rolls out of the ring and Awesome throws a clothesline at Petey but he ducks it and chop blocks Awesome!! Petey sizes Awesome up and goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Awesome grabs his ankles and WHIPS HIM straight into the mat!! Awesome points at himself with his thumbs and bellows "YEAH!! RIGHT HERE!!" He covers Petey.. One! Two! Thr-- Eric Young broke the pin fall!! Awesome sits up and immediately grabs Eric Young... AWESOME BOMB!! Eric Young is DEAD!! Awesome turns and eyeballs Petey Williams.. Williams is trying to crawl away and Awesome yanks him up off of the mat.. Whips him into the ropes.... BIG BOOT!! Petey goes down and Awesome picks him up... RUNNING AWESOME BOMB!! "RIGHT THE FUCK HERE!!" Awesome tags in Lance Storm and Storm stands over Petey, sizing him up... Petey slowly uses the ropes to stand on shaky legs... He turns and you can tell by the look in his eyes, he's a dead man walking... He staggers toward Storm and Storm rolls through..... STRAIGHT SHOOTER!! Petey reaches for the ropes for a brief second.. And then just taps out!! Lance Storm will not be outdone by Steve Austin tonight!! ]]-

Winner: Lance Storm & Mike Awesome via Submission

-[[ Ken Kennedy, Vince Russo, and The Big Show are walking through the parking lot.. They've already changed out of their wrestling gear and are carrying their bags.. They appear to be leaving the building.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Where'd I park the god damn car?

-[[ They're still looking around.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The sooner we can get get the fuck outta' here, the sooner your ass can be trainin' to become the new world heavyweight champion....... And now that Venis is out o'the fuckin' picture, that's a fuckin' guarantee...

-[[ Kennedy looks around and suddenly notices something.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Russo.. Is that our car?

-[[ Russo looks and throws his hands up.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Well, I'll be FUCKED!!

-[[ Russo, Kennedy, and Big Show stomp up to their rental car and find it has been absolutely destroyed.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Orton.. It's that bastard, Orton!!

[ Ken Kennedy ] How do you know, Show?

[ The Big Show ] Well... RKO being spray painted on the side was my first hint.

[ Ken Kennedy ] ..Oh. Of course. I'm not stupid.

-[[ There's a clapping from behind them.. They turn around and there stands Randy Orton, wearing a suit of his own now and carrying the SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt... ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Guys.. I've just got one thing to say about next week..

-[[ Orton walks right up to Kennedy and goes nose to nose with him.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ....Good luck.

-[[ Kennedy shows no emotional reaction, just staring back.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] And one more thing....

-[[ He hocks.. Pushes Kennedy aside.. And spits a thick wad of phlegm right in Russo's face!! Orton backs away, smiling as Russo tries to pick it out of his eyes and hair... Kennedy and Show just shake their heads in disgust.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You're gonna pay, Orton... Listen.. To what I say..

[ Randy Orton ] See you at World Warrior, Kennedy..

-[[ Orton smirks and re-enters the building, leaving Kennedy, Russo, and Show alone.. ]]-

Edge & Christian(c) versus Shawn Michaels & Sid Vicious
Title on the Line: SGW World Tag Team Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Christian and Shawn Michaels begin the match.. The two lock-up to start and Christian forces Michaels into his corner.. Edge reaches around and begins choking Michaels and Christian backs away before slamming into Michaels with a knee lift to the gut.. Michaels groans in pain and Christian takes him by the hair and hairmares him out of the corner.. Christian makes a quick tag to Edge and they hit Michaels with a double suplex.. Christian quickly slides out of the ring and Edge pulls Michaels up off of the mat and holds him in place with a front facelock.. Michaels forces Edge into the corner and begins shoulder blocking him in the gut.. Michaels whips Edge into the opposite turnbuckle and follows him in with a splash but Edge slumps down in the corner, leaving Michaels to hit the post face first!! Edge pulls him down with a roll-up!! One! Two! Thr-- Michaels kicked out!! Michaels is staggers back to his feet and Edge begins sizing him up........ SPEAR-- NO!! Michaels SUPERKICKS EDGE RIGHT IN THE FACE!! Michaels falls on top of him!! One! Two! Thre-- Christian broke the pin fall!! Christian and Michaels begin brawling and Christian whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a backdrop and Michaels kicks him in the chest!! Christian stands up all the way and Michaels hits him with him a chop!! Christian backs away and Edge stands up.. Michaels hits Edge with a chop and kicks him in the gut.. Michaels goes for the tag to Sid Vicious, but Edge and Christian both tackle him down.. Michaels begins fighting like a mad man and kicks Christian off of him.. He forces Edge away and KIPS UP!! Edge charges at him and Michaels hits him with a clothesline and he bounces off of the ropes.. FLYING FOREARM ON CHRISTIAN!! Michaels KIPS UP AGAIN!! And he DIVES to tag in Sid Vicious!! Sid comes in, pumping his fist in the air.. "POWER BOMB!! POWER BOMB!!" He pulls Christian to his feet...... Slams his head between his legs..... And lifts him for the POWER BOMB!!! But Edge chop blocks him from behind!! Sid goes down and drops Christian!! Edge bounces off of the ropes.. AND SPEARS SID RIGHT OFF HIS KNEES!!! Sid goes down and Edge covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- ELBOW DROP FROM MICHAELS!! Edge rolls off, clutching his chest and Christian nails Michaels from behind, sending him through the middle and top ropes.. Sid slowly sits up and Christian turns around into a KICK WHAM POWER BOMB-- NO!! Christian punches away and forces Sid to drop him and Christian kicks him in the gut.. Desperation DDT!! Christian pulls Edge on top of him and goes back to the apron.. Michaels also returns to his corner.. Sid and Edge are both wanting the tag... They're crawling.. And both men dive for the tag.. Christian and Michaels are both in!! They clash in the middle of the ring and begin throwing punches like crazy and Christian ducks a punch from Michaels and hooks him from behind.. Reverse DDT!! Christian goes for a cover and Sid charges into the ring and he's SPEARED DOWN BY EDGE!! Christian yanks Shawn Michaels up off of the mat and hooks him from behind in the Unprettier position...... "WELCOME TO THE MAIN EVENT...... BITCH!!" UNPRETTIER!! Christian covers him!! One! Two! Three!! Edge and Christian have dominated the match!! Is this what is waiting for Chavo and Maria at World Warrior!? ]]-

Winner: Edge & Christian via Pin Fall

-[[ Val Venis sits quietly in the cell, still wearing his suit from earlier in the show.. He's staring at the floor, looking as if the life has been sucked from his body.... In the midst of the silence, you hear the cell doors open up and Venis doesn't even move... You hear a voice with a French accent tell a man to sit down and shut up... The man, you can't see his face, takes a seat next to Venis.... And then you hear his voice and realize who it is.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Pick yer damn chin up..

-[[ Venis slowly turns his head and sees the Rattlesnake sitting next to him.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What're you in for?

-[[ Austin almost laughs out loud.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] That pussy, Storm got me on assault..

-[[ Venis shakes his head. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] ..Dick.

-[[ Austin smirks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You ain't kiddin'..

-[[ Silence settles in the room.. And then there's a mumbling sound coming from the corner.. Austin looks over.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] What's he in for?

-[[ Venis looks over and shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Mike Awesome ] yeah.. fuck yeah.. right here.. right fuckin' here... yeah.. fuck yeah..

-[[ Awesome sits in the corner, pointing at himself with his thumb repeatedly and rambling on.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Awesome Bombed a guy because he thought he called him a wee-wee...

-[[ Austin raises an eyebrow.. ]]-


-[[ Val Venis yells back at him.. ]]-


-[[ Venis is spitting as he yells.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] THE SOUP WAS GOOD!!

-[[ Venis stops, appearing to have calmed down suddenly.. And then one more time.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] ....ASSHOLE!!

-[[ Awesome covers his head and quiets down.. Austin speaks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Orton's got yer belt, kid..

-[[ Venis sighs.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And here I am.. I can't do anything about it..

[ Steve Austin ] I know ya' didn't do what they said ya' did..

[ Val Venis ] I may not even make it to World Warrior for what they're pinning on me..

-[[ Venis wrings his hands together.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] But if I do... God help Randy Orton for doing what he's done..

-[[ He's breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] God help Ken Kennedy for sticking his nose in my business...

-[[ His voice is low.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And God help the man who's behind all of this....

[ Steve Austin ] Whatever happens, kid.. I got yer back.. You can count on that..

-[[ The cell door slides open again... An officer speaks. ]]-

[ Officer ] Mister Venis.. You have a visitor..

-[[ Venis looks up.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Teddy?

-[[ A man walks up to the cell door.. Venis squints.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] ..The hell... You're not Teddy.

-[[ The man's voice is a bit garbled.. Like he's speaking with a.. Broken jaw. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Believe that.

-[[ Bischoff smirks.. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Val.. What have you gone and got yourself into now?

-[[ Venis stands up.. And Austin follows.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Nothing you can't get me out of, I'm sure..

-[[ Fade. ]]-