Date: Sunday, April 16th, 2006 | Live From: Tokyo, Japan | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ Val Venis is walking through the backstage area with purpose in his step.. Venis is wearing a purple polo shirt and khaki pants and is carrying his bags.. He stares straight ahead as he walks, making eye contact with no one.. He's completely focused on what he has to do tonight.. Venis approaches a door that his name printed on it.. He removes a key from his pocket and sets his bags down next to him.. He inserts the key into the lock and someone taps him on the shoulder.. Venis turns around, looking prepared to fight.. He finds himself eye to eye with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. Austin and Venis stand there, looking at each for a moment before Austin speaks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I jus' got one thing to say to yer ass, Venis...

-[[ There's an irritable tone in Val's voice. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Oh yeah, Steve? What's that?

-[[ Austin's demeanor doesn't change at all.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Good luck tonight.

-[[ They shake hands.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Same to you.

[ Steve Austin ] Don't you worry 'bout ol' Stone Cold..

-[[ Venis smirks. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Of course not.

[ Steve Austin ] Well...

-[[ He rubs the back of his head.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Enough o'this shit.. I got a case to drink 'fore I stomp any ass tonight.

-[[ Austin walks off and Venis picks up his bag.. He turns and enters his dressing room.. Venis drops the bag on the floor and approaches the vanity mirror.. He stares at his reflection for a moment and does not look pleased with what he sees.. He exhales deeply... ]]-

[ Val Venis ] This.. Is what it has all come down to..

-[[ He licks his lips. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Everything I've worked for in this business has led me to tonight..

-[[ A long pause. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Everything or nothing... Everything... Or nothing..

-[[ Venis stares hard into his own face.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Ken Kennedy and Vince Russo.. Misguided personalities that must be put in their place..

-[[ And he clenches his fist.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And Orton... Randy Orton.. Is a menace that must be stopped.. For good.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I have been humiliated for too long...

-[[ He breathes the next words through his teeth.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] No more...

-[[ There's a knock on his door.. Venis almost falls out of his chair.. He stands.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Bischoff? That you?

-[[ The voice is barely audible through the door. ]]-

[ Voice ] ..telegram..

-[[ Venis looks disgusted.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Telegram... Yeah, right.. Someone's trying to get the jump on me..

-[[ Venis walks over to a wooden chair in the corner of the room.. He lifts it up and slams it into the ground until it breaks into several pieces.. Venis picks up one of the legs, holding it like a club.. He approaches the door, ready to swing and yanks the door open and finds himself face to face with.... ]]-



[ Mitch ] MITCH!



-[[ They all take standing positions with their arms behind their backs.. ]]-

[ The Spirit Squad ] AND WE'RE.. THE SPIRIT SQUAD!

-[[ Venis raises an eyebrow.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] ...The fuck?

-[[ Mitch stands in the center.. ]]-

[ Mitch ] READEH!? OKAY!

-[[ In unison now.. ]]-

[ The Spirit Squad ] TWO! FOUR! SIX! EIGHT! Who do we appreciate!? ORTON! RAN-RAN-DEE-ORTON!

-[[ And they shout. ]]-

[ The Spirit Squad ] CHARITY CASE!

-[[ And Mitch leads.. ]]-

[ Mitch ] GIMME AN R!

[ The Spirit Squad ] R!

[ Mitch ] GIMME A K!

[ The Spirit Squad ] K!

[ Mitch ] GIMME AN O!

[ The Spirit Squad ] O!

[ Mitch ] What's that spell!?

[ The Spirit Squad ] NEW CHAMPION!

[ Mikey ] YEAH!

[ Kenny ] WOO!

[ Johnny ] GO ORTON!


[ Mitch ] READEH! OKAY!

-[[ They assume the position again.. ]]-

[ Nicky ] Val's known for movies that are quite dirty-

[ Kenny ] Randy Orton will beat him.. In a hurry!

[ Mikey ] Then wash his hands! Don't forget to rinse!

-[[ Johnny drops to one knee as he finishes.. ]]-

[ Johnny ] Val's reign ends on the first defense!

[ Mitch ] YEAH!

-[[ Kenny begins doing the cabbage patch for no reason. ]]-

[ Kenny ] OH! OH! OH! FEEL THAT BURN!?

[ Nicky ] DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!


[ Kenny ] WOO!

-[[ Venis looks at the club in his hand and shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Not worth the time.

-[[ He slams the door in their faces and returns to the center of the room.. He can still hear them screaming and cheering out in the hallway.. Venis looks at the club and smiles.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I really hope that was supposed to discourage me, Orton...

-[[ He grips the club tighter.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I really do..

-[[ He turns and throws the club hard into the mirror, shattering it into a thousand pieces.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Because now........ Now?

-[[ He looks down at his bare hands.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I'm really pissed off.

-[[ He smiles. ]]-

Chris Masters versus Chris Benoit
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: World Warrior Tournament - Round Three
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Masters and Benoit stand nose to nose in the ring.. They exchange trash talk and Masters takes a step forward, forcing Benoit back a step before locking his hands in front of Benoit's face and saying "Nobody break my Masterlock! Nob--" and Benoit gives him a big knife edge chop! Masters backs up, holding his chest, and Benoit hits him with another! And another! He forces Masters into the corner and begins kicking away at him and then fires off with another chop that encites sympathy groans from the fans! Benoit pulls Masters out of the corner and hits him with a snap suplex! Masters sits back up and Benoit scrambles onto him, trying for an early crossface! He gets Masters' face hooked but he can't quite get the arm.. Masters continually fights it off and Benoit begins drilling him in the head and back with punches and forearms but Masters isn't going to give him the arm! Benoit stands up, furious, and kicks Masters in the back a few times but Masters catches Benoit's leg and trips him.. Masters stands up and forearms Benoit in the back as he begins to stand himself.. Benoit fights back up, punching Masters in the stomach and driving an elbow into his sternum.. Masters back up, clutching his chest, and Benoit runs at him for a clothesline but Masters ducks it.. Benoit turns around.. Polish Hammer-- No! Benoit catches Masters' arm! He tries forcing him down into the crossface but Masters is fighting to remain standing and he rakes Benoit's eyes.. Benoit steps back, clutching his face and Masters drills him with a big boot to the neck! Benoit goes down hard and Masters begins stalking him.. Benoit sits up slowly and Masters is licking his lips.... "Masterlock time, bebby!" Benoit stands and Masters hooks him for the Masterlock, but he doesn't get it locked all the way in.. Benoit executes a standing switch.. German suplex! Another! Another! A fourth! A fifth! Masters is reeling! Benoit stands up, staring down at the motionless Masters... And he drags his thumb across his throat! Huge pop! Benoit begins climbing the ropes.. And he flies! SWANDIIIIVE HEADBUTT! He drills Masters right in the shoulder! He covers him! One! Two! Thre-- Masters got a shoulder up! Benoit sits up, bleeding from his forehead from the impact, and he flips Masters over.... Crossface! He hooks it in! Masters screams in pain and reaches for the ropes.. He's almost there.. He's only inches away! Masters keeps reaching.... His fingernails are barely grazing the ropes but he can't reach any further! Benoit is yelling "TAP! TAP! TAAAAAP!" And Masters raises his arm.. He's going to do it... And then... The rope magically extends toward Masters and he grips it! John Bradshaw Layfield pushed the bottom rope into Masters' hand! Layfield backs up the ramp, smiling... Benoit breaks the hold and walks to the ropes.. He points at Layfield and drags his thumb across his thr-- Masterlock! Masterlock! Chris Masters locks it in! He swings Benoit around like a rag doll, drags him into the center of the ring... Flings him high in the air.. And drives him down to his knees! Masters holds it tight, gritting his teeth... And Charles Robinson checks Benoit's arm.. And calls for the bell! Chris Masters has won this match and is going to the finals! ]]-

Winner: Chris Masters via Referee's Decision

-[[ We cut backstage to the office that belongs to Maria and Jillian.. Jillian Hall is watching the match that concluded only seconds ago on a monitor that rests on the desk... The door to the dressing room swings open and Maria jogs in with a huge smile on her face... Maria's jumping up and down with joy.. ]]-


-[[ Jillian looks up, having no idea what to expect.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What?

[ Maria ] No! No! GUESS~!

-[[ Jillian shrugs.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You came up with the perfect strategy for your match tonight?

-[[ Maria laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Maria ] NOOOO! HA HA~!

-[[ Jillian looks around, confused.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well.... What is it?

-[[ Maria clasps her hands together against her chest as she explains. ]]-

[ Maria ] Well, silly, if you didn't check your calendar... TODAY'S EASTER!

[ Jillian Hall ] I know today is Easter.

[ Maria ] Well.. I thought since it was Easter.. I would invite the two guys that Easter represents with all its heart!

[ Jillian Hall ] Okay... Where are they?

-[[ Maria turns to the door.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Come on in, guys!

-[[ The door opens up and in walks.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Jillian.. Say hello to the Easter Bunny!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-


-[[ A man that's at least six foot six walks in wearing a pink bunny suit with an oversized rabbit head.. Walking beside him is a Japanese man with a badly pasted on beard and a long, white robe.. Maria begins jumping up and down, hugs Jesus and kisses him on the cheek.. ]]-


-[[ Japanese Jesus begins bowing, smiling, and nodding his head rapidly.. ]]-

[ Jesus Christ ] Oh, yes-ah, yes-ah.. Jesoss loff... Allllll pee-pol... Espesharee da' radies.. Yes-ah..

-[[ Maria turns to Jillian with a hopeful look on her face. ]]-

[ Maria ] Can Jesus wrestle tonight, Jillian!? PLEASE!? PUH-LEASE!?

-[[ Jillian stares blankly.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ...No.

[ Maria ] Can Snitsky wash his feet?

[ Jillian Hall ] ....Are you joking?

-[[ Maria cocks her head to the side.. ]]-

[ Maria ] ..No? I don't think so... Am I?

-[[ The dressing room door swings open again and Lance Storm barges in.. He looks pissed.. He walks right up to the desk and slams his hands down on the desk.. Jillian looks up at him, slightly annoyed at the way he's carrying himself.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Yes, Lance?

-[[ He raises his index finger in the air.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] First things first, Jillian.....

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Did I walk past Jesus Christ on my way to the desk?

-[[ She nods. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Splendid.. Shall we take bets on how long he lives?

-[[ She smiles.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Good to see you finally showing a sense of humor.

-[[ He's completely deadpan. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I don't recall telling a joke.

-[[ Now it's her turn to be serious. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What do you want, Lance?

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Who is the scheduled referee for my match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tonight?

[ Jillian Hall ] Nick Patrick.

-[[ He looks disappointed.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I demand a new referee.

[ Jillian Hall ] Why?

[ Lance Storm ] I spotted Nick Patrick outside.. Drinking a beer with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin..

[ Jillian Hall ] ..So?

[ Lance Storm ] So? So, he's getting intoxicated on the job.. And fraternizing with the talent.. When it is his duty to be completely unbiased, so as to avoid favoritism during matches.. I will not stand by and allow "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to have an advantage in our match like this..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I think you should replace him with Jimmy Cordaris.

-[[ She looks up at Storm and crosses her arms.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Nick Patrick is the scheduled referee for the match, Lance.. It's out of my hands.

[ Lance Storm ] Poppycock. This is an injustice.

-[[ Storm turns and walks away from the desk but stops in front of Maria.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I will be thankful.. To God.. And Edge and Christian.. If they rid us of you..

-[[ He turns back to Jillian.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And your pathetic regime..

-[[ Storm begins to walk away when Jesus speaks.. ]]-

[ Jesus Christ ] Yes-ah... Tankfool to God... Becoz our God... Is AWESOME GOD!

-[[ The Easter Bunny turns toward Jesus and you hear the voice from inside the head. ]]-

[ Easter Bunny ] WHAT!? WHAT!?

-[[ He rips the bunny head off.. And MIKE AWESOME IS THE EASTER BUNNY!! ]]-


-[[ He kicks Jesus in the gut... AWESOME BOMB ON THE FLOOR ON JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!! Jesus lays in as Awesome stands over him and pumps his fists while still wearing the bunny suit.. Lance Storm has stopped at the door and is watching the carnage take place with a look of fear in his eye.. ]]-


-[[ Jillian rubs her temples, looking like she has a headache.. She stands up.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Excuse me, everyone...... I need some fresh air.

-[[ She stands and walks out of the room, leaving Maria, Storm, Awesome, and the lifeless Jesus in the office to themselves.. She walks down the hallway and finds the exit door that leads to the parking lot.. She pushes it open and steps outside.. She leans against the wall and looks relieved to have a bit of fresh air... And then the man is on her in seconds, shaking her, squeezing her shoulders... At first, she's too scared to say anything.. ]]-


-[[ He's constantly looking around, his suit is torn.. There's dried blood all over his face.. ]]-


-[[ Tears are streaming down his face.. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] They took me... They took me so I couldn't talk... I know who is behind this.. I know..

-[[ He shrieks.. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] HE'S BEHIND EVERYTHING!!

-[[ Jillian gets her wits enough to stammer out.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Who... Who's behind it!?

[ Khosrow Daivari ] He's behind everything.. They said they'd kill me if I talked.. But I escaped.. I got away..

-[[ Tires screech and a hearse tears through the parking lot and comes to a complete stop.. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] He's heeeeere.........

-[[ All four doors open on the hearse and hooded men, dressed all in black pour out and swarm Daivari.. A hand clasps over Daivari's mouth and he's dragged moaning into the hearse.. The doors shut and he's sped away, leaving no trace of ever being in the area.. Jillian looks in the direction that the hearse disappeared, breathing heavily.. When her cell phone rings, she nearly jumps a foot in the air.. She pulls it out of her pocket and answers it.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ...Hello?

-[[ The voice on the other is distorted. ]]-

[ Voice ] YoU saW nOthInG.. yOU wiLl NoT spEAk oF tHis..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Voice ] jEsUS cHriST isN't tHE oNLy oNe wHo RiSEs oN eASteR..

[ Jillian Hall ] Who is this?

-[[ The voice ignores her. ]]-

[ Voice ] tOnIGht, yoU enSuRE THe rIgHT thInG gOES doWn..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What's that?

[ Voice ] sHifT tHe pOWeR... oNe reIGN EnDS... A NEw onE bEGiNs..

[ Jillian Hall ] ..What are you talking about? The world title?

[ Voice ] tHIs iS biGGeR tHaN AnY tItLE...

-[[ She understands now.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And if I don't?

[ Voice ] tHen THerE wiLL bE mOre liKE haSsAN.. aND BOb oRToN..

-[[ She swallows hard. ]]-

[ Voice ] mORe bROKeN bOdiEs.. moRE blooD.. THe bODy coUnt WIll rISe..

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Voice ] YoU wiLL bE thE fIRst.

-[[ Click. ]]-

Intercontinental Title Battle Royal
John Bradshaw Layfield
, AJ Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle,
Petey Williams
, Shawn Michaels, Raven, The Ultimate Warrior, Christopher Daniels,
Colt Cabana
, Booker T.
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Last Two Men Standing Do Battle for the
Intercontinental Championship Later in the Night
Referees: Mark Yeaton, Scott James, Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ The battle royal begins with everyone inside the ring.. Everyone begins brawling and within seconds, John Bradshaw Layfield has already splattered AJ Styles with a clothesline from Hell! Colt Cabana makes a blind charge at Chris Jericho and is backdropped over the top rope.. Cabana lands on the apron and taunts the fans, but turns around right into a drop kick from Jericho! Cabana goes flying and lands on the guardrail! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Colt Cabana ]

Raven and Petey Williams brawl against the ropes and Kurt Angle runs up out of nowhere and dumps men over the top rope! Raven and Petey both land on the apron and begin exchanging punches, trying to knock the other off the apron until Raven squeezes one nostril shut and blows snot all in Petey's face! Petey screams in horror and Raven ballshots him and casually pie faces him off of the apron and to the floor! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Petey Williams ]

Raven climbs back in and gets tackled by Angle! Layfield whips AJ Styles into the ropes and follows him in.. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! AJ Styles does a complete backflip to the floor and lands on his head on the outside! JBL turns and raises his arm in victory to a loud amount of boos. ]]-

[ Eliminated:
AJ Styles ]

As Raven and Angle brawl against the ropes, Shawn Michaels comes charging over and they double back drop him over the top rope and to the floor! Then they turn and catch Christopher Daniels doing the exact same thing! Back drop to the floor on Daniels as well!! Angle and Raven look at each other and shrug... And then they each turn around and throw punches, Raven slugs the Ultimate Warrior! Angle slugs Booker T.!! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Shawn Michaels & Christopher Daniels ]

Tommy Dreamer is hiding off in the corner with his urn.. He reaches into it and removes a handful of ashes and stuffs them up his nose.. He turns around.. "SURVIVE!! SIX-THIRTY-TWO!" and charges at Layfield!! Layfield sees him coming and goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Dreamer ducks it... TAZMISSION! Layfield swings around like crazy with Dreamer on his back and runs toward the ropes... And Layfield throws himself over, holding onto the top rope and allowing the momentum to carry Dreamer over to the floor where he's eliminated!! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Tommy Dreamer ]

The Ultimate Warrior begins overpowering Raven and forcing him against the ropes.. When John Bradshaw Layfield runs up behind him and slings him over the top rope and to the floor! The Warrior sits on the mat and hisses as Layfield laughs and wipes his hands off.. ]]-

[ Eliminated:
The Ultimate Warrior ]

Angle and Booker T. brawl like crazy and without warning, Angle shoves Booker T. hard and away from him, sending him right into a Chris Jericho clothesline that sends Booker T. flying over the top rope and to the floor!! Jericho celebrates like he's already won the match.. And Angle turns and dumps Jericho over the top rope as well!! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Booker T. & Chris Jericho ]

We're down to the final three! One of these men will not be in the match at the end of the night! Raven, Angle, and Layfield circle each other for a bit.. Angle ducks down and goes for Raven's ankle, but as soon as he grabs him, Raven drops and turns over in the hold, forcing Angle to tumble forward into the ropes! As soon as he hits them, Layfield slams into him like a runaway train with the Clothesline from Hell and sends Angle over the top rope but Angle holds on and pulls himself onto the apron.. He nails Layfield with a shot to the head and tries to suplex him out of the ring but Layfield shifts his weight and tries to suplex Angle.. And as soon as he lifts Angle up, Raven slams into them both and sends both men tumbling to the outside of the ring!! Angle landed first!! Layfield has survived this match but he doesn't appear to be in the best shape after that horrible fall to the outside... Raven sits in the ring, staring to the outside as Layfield..... Raven makes the title belt motion around his waist and Layfield shakes his head in disagreement.. ]]-

Winners: Raven & John Bradshaw Layfield

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Edge looking at himself in a mirror with Stacy Keibler standing next to him.. She stands there, admiring him.. He's already in his wrestling gear with a big smile on his face... Stacy begins rubbing his chest down.. He runs his hands through his hair and laughs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Tonight.. Is the big night, Stace..

-[[ He looks at himself, admiring his own features with a cocky grin.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian and I.. We've done everything there is to do in Solid Gold Wrestling.. And tonight.. We do something that everyone else wishes they could do... And, thanks to us.. Will never be able to duplicate...

-[[ He turns his head toward her.. ]]-

[ Edge ] We're going to END... Chavo Guerrero's CAREER! HA HA HA!

-[[ She looks up at him, ignoring what he said. ]]-

[ Stacy Keibler ] Would you have really had sex with Jillian if she let you?

-[[ Edge looks around, surprised that this has come up. ]]-

[ Edge ] Yeah, why?

-[[ Stacy looks down, like this has devastated her.. ]]-

[ Stacy Keibler ] Well... I thought..

-[[ Edge puts his finger under her chin and raises her face up to his.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Babe, don't worry... It was only to get what I wanted..

-[[ He smiles a kind, warm smile. ]]-

[ Edge ] She's not even in your league.

-[[ Stacy smiles. ]]-

[ Stacy Keibler ] ..Really?

[ Edge ] Yeah, really.. Her tits are MUCH bigger than yours.

-[[ Edge turns back to the mirror, smiling.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Better body, too.

-[[ He shrugs. ]]-

[ Edge ] And her voice isn't as annoying as yours.

-[[ Stacy's mouth hangs open in shock.. She's totally destroyed. Edge smells the air. ]]-

[ Edge ] What's that smell? Have you showered since we--

[ Stacy Keibler ] Yes.

-[[ Edge looks disgusted. ]]-

[ Edge ] You smell like a bum's nut sack.

-[[ There's a peck on the wall behind them.. And then a voice. ]]-

[ Christian ] Now, now, big brother.. You keep talkin' like that and sooner or later..

-[[ He looks at Stacy with a cocky smirk.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Somebody's gonna start crying.

-[[ She begins shaking her head, disgusted with Christian.. Edge stands by smiling.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Should I call the waaaaaambulance?

-[[ Christian's smiling like he's laying down the most massive burns ever. ]]-

[ Christian ] I was about to make a run to town later.. Should I pick you up a waaaaaamburger and some French cries?

-[[ Stacy storms out of the room with her face in her hands.. Edge laughs. ]]-

[ Edge ] Slut.

[ Christian ] Idiot.

-[[ Edge and Christian high five like old times.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Are you ready to make history... AGAIN, little brother?

-[[ Christian nods, a serious look on his face. ]]-

[ Christian ] You bet your ass, I am.

[ Edge ] Chavo Guerrero's dream ends tonight... Once.. And for all.

[ Christian ] There's no REAL tag team in Solid Gold Wrestling that can stop us, Edge...

-[[ Christian's voice is ripe with arrogance.. ]]-

[ Christian ] We're definitely not being stopped by a career choker and a halfwit.

-[[ Edge nods, agreeing totally. ]]-

[ Christian ] But I have to admit.. As great as it is being the best tag team EVER in Solid Gold Wrestling....

-[[ Christian looks straight ahead at nothing, like he's gazing into the future.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I want something else..... Something I've been missing...

-[[ Christian smiles and looks down at his bare waist... ]]-

[ Christian ] Something I never lost..

-[[ Edge chuckles.. ]]-

[ Christian ] And after we're done with Chavo Guerrero..

-[[ Christian makes the title belt motion around his waist.. ]]-

[ Christian ] It'll be something.. I'm taking back..

[ Edge ] Brother.... I like it... I like it.. A lot!!

-[[ Christian looks at Edge, a sinister smile on his face.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Of course you do... Because that... Is how I roll.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus Lance Storm
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Ultimate Submission Match - Thirty Minutes
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Austin runs and slides into the ring and doesn't even wait for the bell to sound, he goes right for Storm and they begin exchanging punches left and right! Storm throws a chop and Austin looks at him like he's a pussy and floors him with a big right hand! Storm pops right back up and Austin nails him again and again and Storm goes down.. Austin begins stomping a mudhole in his stomach and then kicks him right in the face! Storm sits up and Austin stomps him back down! Austin pulls Storm to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Thesz Press! Punches! He punches Storm in the face repeatedly, stands up and yells "Oh, hell yeah!" He turns around and pulls Storm to his feet... Kick Wham Stunner! Storm goes flying! But Austin can't win if Storm is unconscious! Austin stands next to the fallen Storm and waits for him to stand up.. Storm sits up slowly and pulls himself to his feet.. He turns and finds himself face to face with Austin... Middle fingers! Another stunner! Storm goes flailing and falls through the ropes! Storm lays on the outside and Austin follows him out.. He grabs Storm up off the mat and punches him back down! Austin pulls him back up and whips him into the guardrail! Storm hits it hard and Austin follows him.. Clothesline! Both men tumble over the rail and Austin begins kicking away at Storm, Storm's beaten body is hidden from the camera's view by the guardrail, all you see is Austin kicking away like a man possessed! Austin picks Storm up and slams him face first into the guardrail! Storm turns around, looking to be in pain and Austin clotheslines him back over onto the mats! Austin follows him over and pulls Storm back to his feet.. And whips him into the ringsteps! Storm's body causes them to go flying several feet and Austin charges in after him and Storm has enough wits about him to duck and force Austin's knee to crash hard into the steps! Austin flips over the steps and when he lands, his knee brace is a twisted hunk of useless plastic.. Storm slowly stands up, looking beaten half to death.. He wipes the sweat off his brow and turns around.. He sees Austin trying to free his leg from the twisted plastic and metal.. Storm immediately zones in on it and dives over the steps and stomps right on Austin's knee! Austin yells in pain and Storm kicks away at it.. He reaches down and holds Austin's ankle up... And stomps on his knee! Storm continues kicking away at it and wrenching on his ankle.. Storm pulls Austin back to his feet and throws him into the apron.. Austin grabs his back and Storm immediately kicks Austin right in the leg, dropping Austin to one knee.. Storm smiles and gives Austin a casual slap to the face.. The fans "ohhh" knowing that Storm made a mistake.. Storm does it again.. And Austin springs up, forgetting his knee and slams Storm against the apron and begins pummeling with punch after punch! And Storm kicks Austin in the leg again! Austin goes down to one knee and Storm grabs him by the head and whips him inside the ring... Storm slides in after him.. ]]-

Twenty minutes remaining - No falls ]

Storm descends on the knee again and locks Austin in the Straight Shooter! Storm pulls back on the move, doing everything he can to make Austin submit.. Austin is yelling in pain and reaching for the ropes.. Austin is struggling to make it.. His hand is grazing the ropes.. And Lance Storm pulls him into the middle of the ring! Austin grips his own head, screaming in pain.. He's still reaching for the ropes in vain.. Storm leans back on the hold, yelling himself, trying to injure Austin if anything.. And Austin stops moving.. Storm notices and tells Nick Patrick to count it.. Austin has passed out from the pain.. And Nick Patrick will NOT count it because Austin didn't submit! Storm releases the hold and gets in Nick Patrick's face.. Storm shoves Patrick.. And Patrick shoves Storm back.... Superkick on Nick Patrick! Patrick goes down and rolls out of the ring.. Storm turns and puts Austin BACK in the Straight Shooter! Storm cinches it in tight again.. And Jimmy Cordaris runs down to the ring.. He slides in.. And.. Calls for the bell!! Jimmy Cordaris is calling for the bell! Steve Austin didn't tap out.. He wasn't even conscious! ]]-

Lance Storm - 001 - 000 ]

Storm releases the hold, drops down.. And puts Austin in an STF! He holds Austin in the hold for a few seconds.. And Jimmy Cordaris calls for the bell again! What the hell is this garbage!? ]]-

Lance Storm - 002 - 000 ]

Storm stands up, smiling... And Jimmy Cordaris shrugs and removes his referee shirt to reveal.. A red and black referee t-shirt with a Maple Leaf on the breast! JIMMY CORDARIS HAS JOINED TEAM CANADA!! Storm and Cordaris hug and Storm turns around to find Austin using the ropes to pull himself to his feet... Austin is almost there, looking groggy as hell and Storm goes after him but Austin kicks him in the gut.. Storm goes staggering back and Austin stands all the way up, using the ropes for leverage... Austin sees Cordaris wearing the Team Canada referee shirt and he goes straight for him but Storm comes charging at him with a clothesline... Austin ducks! Storm turns around.. Kick wham Stunner! Storm goes flying! Austin jumps on him and applies the Texas Cloverleaf! Jimmy Cordaris is standing there.. Lance Storm begins tapping out! Cordaris won't call for the bell! Austin releases the hold and gets in Cordaris' face.. Cordaris points at the Maple Leaf on his shirt and warns Austin not to touch him... Austin smirks... Middle fingers.. And Austin is nailed from behind by Elix Skipper! Austin completely no-sells the attack, turns around, kick wham stunner on Elix Skipper! Skipper rolls out of the ring and Austin goes back after Storm... He pulls Storm to his feet and Storm throws a weak punch.. Austin ducks it.. COBRA CLUTCH! Austin cinches it in and Storm begins tapping out on Austin's shoulder and Jimmy Cordaris won't call for the bell.... Austin looks at Cordaris with a look that would kill a normal man and Cordaris begins shaking.... And he calls for the bell out of FEAR for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Austin throws Storm down with a smirk on his face.. ]]-

Steve Austin - 001 - 002 ]

Ten minutes remaining - Austin 001 - Storm 002 ]

Austin begins sizing Storm up.. Waiting for him to stand again.. Storm slowly begins to crawl to all fours.. And Mike Awesome blasts Austin from behind! Austin goes down hard and Awesome yanks him back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Spinebuster! Storm pulls himself to his feet.. Awesome stands there, pumping his fists and swearing, and pulls Austin back to his feet.. He holds Austin up and Storm sizes him up and goes for it... Superkick! Austin ducks! Awesome takes the superkick! Awesome flies backward and hits the ropes and bounches back.. Kick wham Stunner on Mike Awesome! "FUUUUUUUUUCK!" He rolls out of the ring and clutches his head.. Storm and Austin lock eyes and begin trading punches! Storm nails Austin with a chop and kick to the knee which brings Austin down and as Storm advances on him, Austin blasts him with a LOW BLOW! Storm yells in pain and Austin drills him with a second LOW BLOW! And another! And another! And Austin stands and grabs a handful of STORM'S BALLS!! Austin gives'em a good twist and Storm begins tapping out!! Austin looks at Cordaris... And Cordaris swallows hard...... And calls for the bell!! ]]-

Steve Austin - 002 - 002 ]

The match is all tied up! Austin shoves Storm away and Storm rests against the ropes, holding his crotch and Austin charges at him.. Clothesline! Both men go flying over the top rope! Austin is up first and he pulls Storm to his feet and begins punching away at him! Storm rakes Austin's eyes and kicks him in the knee.. Storm rolls back inside the ring.. ]]-

Five minutes remaining - Austin 002 - Storm 002 ]

Austin follows him in, limping badly, and Storm kicks him in the leg while he's down.. Austin is going down so easily though and grabs Storm by the ankle.. He trips Storm up and grabs him by the legs.. And hooks Storm in the Texas Cloverleaf again! Storm reaches for the ropes and Austin drags him into the center of the ring! Storm has no choice! He begins tapping out! But this time Jimmy Cordaris WILL NOT call for the bell! He won't allow Austin to get in the lead!! Austin releases the hold, hobbles toward Cordaris and grabs him by the shirt! Cordaris is begging him off but Austin isn't having it... STUNNER ON JIMMY CORDARIS!! Austin gets down in Cordaris' face, jawing obscenities at him and Austin stands back up, turns around, catches Storm coming at him..... KICK WHAM STUNNER ON STORM!! ]]-

One minute remaining - Austin 002 - Storm 002 ]

Austin follows Storm's body as it goes flying and jumps on top of him.. Austin hooks Storm's arm.. And his head.. He's CROSSFACING STORM! Austin wrenches the move back but Storm is totally unconscious.. Austin looks up at the timer.. There's not enough time left! He looks over.. Both referees are still completely out of it...... Storm isn't going to tap!! Austin shrugs....... And uses his hand to make Storm's limp wrist slap the mat three times! Austin releases the hold and hobbles over to the ropes.. And he only has to LOOK at the time keeper.. And the time keeper RINGS THE BELL! AUSTIN IS DECLARING HIMSELF THE WINNER!! Storm is barely coming to as he hears the bell sound to end the match! ]]-

End match - Austin 003(?) - Storm 002 ]

Austin begins calling for beers and celebrating as Storm rolls out of the ring and goes to the back with the rest of Team Canada helping him up the ramp.. ]]-

Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (?)

-[[ The SGW World Heavyweight championship belt rests on a folding chair.. You see a man standing next to it.. In his wrestling tights and an 'rKo' t-shirt, "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton is taping his wrists, concentrating hard on the task at hand.. He finishes one wrist and begins the other, his eyes lock on the championship belt.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Tonight... My destiny.. Will be fulfilled..

-[[ The belt glimmers in the light.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You're already mine physically....

-[[ He reaches down and brushes his finger over the large center plate. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] But tonight... You find your true home.. Around my waist..

-[[ He averts his eyes from the title and looks straight ahead at nothing.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Nothing can stop me.. Not Val Venis.. Not Ken Kennedy..

-[[ He looks down at his clenched fists.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Not even the nameless bastard who wounded my father....

-[[ He opens his hand and stares into the open palm.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] The future of Solid Gold Wrestling.. Lies in these hands...

-[[ Orton never heard the door to his dressing room open.. But he hears the voice from behind him.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Mister Orton.

-[[ Orton turns around, assuming a fighting stance.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] What the hell do you want?

-[[ Kennedy puts his hands up.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I've come to talk.

[ Randy Orton ] You have nothing to say to me.... That can't be said in the ring tonight.

-[[ Kennedy smiles.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I beg to differ, Orton..

[ Randy Orton ] Oh yeah?

[ Ken Kennedy ] I've come to wish you luck in our match tonight..

-[[ Orton looks skeptical. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Because as much as I dislike you for your treatment of the Big Show and myself...

-[[ He shrugs. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I must admit...... I do respect you.

-[[ He busts out laughing. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Okay.. THAT.. Was a joke.. But seriously, now..

-[[ Orton crosses his arms, looking pissed. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] This better be good.

[ Ken Kennedy ] You and I both have our own agendas tonight, Orton.. I'm with Russo now.. And you, you're still representing Jeff Jarrett... And I do respect that.. Because I still respect the one, true owner of Solid Gold Wrestling.. But the apprentice... Is now......... THE MASTER!

-[[ Kennedy tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] .......MASTERRRRRRRR!

-[[ Orton reaches down and picks up the world title.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You're not the master of anyone until you have this around your waist..

-[[ Kennedy laughs.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I'll be sure to remember that next time I see a gym bag with a title belt sticking out of it.

-[[ Kennedy puts an L on his forehead with his finger and thumb. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] .....LOSER!

-[[ Orton smiles and looks down... And then he quickly looks back up, a different look in his eye.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Laugh it up now, Kennedy... Because tonight... If you stand between me and this belt.....

-[[ He takes a step toward Kennedy and stares him right in the eye.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ..I will kill you.

-[[ Kennedy swallows and backs away toward the door. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] May the best man win.

-[[ Kennedy exits and shuts the door, leaving Orton alone with the title.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Don't worry... I will.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

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