STROKE: Fall Out | May 6th, 2006 | Live From: Kansas City, Missouri | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ Jeff Jarrett staggers through the curtain holding his head.. The United States Championship hangs from his hand.. He's quickly approached by Ken Kennedy who looks genuinely concerned with Jarrett's well-being.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Mister Jarrett.. Are you alright?

-[[ Jarrett tries to push him away but Kennedy won't be denied.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Would you like me to get you.. An aspirin? Or some BC powder?

-[[ Jarrett slumps against the wall, looking to be in great pain after the stunner.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get out o'my face, Kennedy.. Didn't I fire your ass!?

-[[ Kennedy nods.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Well, yes.. But that's beside the point, Jeff..

-[[ Jarrett looks down at the title belt.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Listen, Kennedy... I know what you want..

[ Ken Kennedy ] You do?

-[[ Jarrett holds up the United States championship.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Oh, yes.. Yes, I do. Very much so.

-[[ Jarrett nods.. Knowing there was ulterior motive to Kennedy's actions.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But there's somethin' I want, too..

[ Ken Kennedy ] Name it.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I want Matt Hardy.. Taken out.

-[[ Kennedy nods.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I already had you booked against him for the Gimmick Title.. But that's done and over with..

-[[ Jarrett sounds bitter as he speaks the next line.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Orton couldn't get the job done tonight.. So you get the job done at Body Count..

[ Ken Kennedy ] I will, Jeff.. Anything to get back in your good graces.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And whichever one o'you wins..

-[[ Kennedy offers a big WINK on that comment.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Will get the vacant United States championship.. That sound good?

[ Ken Kennedy ] It sounds SPLENDID, Jeff.

-[[ Kennedy stands upright.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] And I promise.. At Body Count.. You WILL hear...

-[[ He bellows.. ]]-


-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ........KENNEDY!!

-[[ Jarrett slaps Kennedy on the  shoulder.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's what I like to hear.. Now.. Get the job done on Raven tonight and we'll be in business for real.

-[[ Kennedy nods, looking confident.. ]]-

The Rock versus Ric Flair
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Ric Flair and the Rock stand nose to nose to start.. They lock-up and fight over it a bit.. Ric Flair grabs a headlock and the Rock backs into the ropes.. He sends Flair into the opposite side and catches him coming off with a kick to the gut and a DDT! The Rock kips up and pulls Flair to his feet.. He hits him with a basic body slam and goes for a quick cover.. One! Two! Flair kicked out.. The Rock pulls Flair back to his feet and whips him into the ropes again.. The Rock ducks for a backdrop but Flair kicks him in the chest.. And nails him with a chop.. He hits him with another and another.. The Rock is reeling against the ropes and Flair follows him in with another chop.. The referee is telling Flair to let Rock get off of the ropes and when Flair turns around to argue, Flair kicks backward into the Rock's groin! The Rock drops to his knees, yelling in pain and Flair turns around, smiling, and eye gouges him! Flair pulls the Rock up and whips him into the ropes... And Flair hits a back drop on the Rock! Ric Flair begins climbing the ropes and makes it to the top.. But the Rock is up quickly and body slams Flair from the top! "OH GOD!" Flair sits up and the Rock sizes him up... ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock stands up, looking around.. And he removes the elbow pad.. And he bounces off one side of the ropes... Hits the other..... CROWBAR SHOT TO THE BACK! The Rock staggers over toward Flair and Flair sits up.. SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THREE! Ric Flair has won the match! The Rock sits up, clutching his back... Ric Flair sits up and sees David Flair sitting on the outside clutching his crowbar.. Flair doesn't look satisfied at all with this outcome.. ]]-

Winners: Ric Flair via Pin Fall

-[[ Raven is walking through the backstage area by himself, looking ready to go to war.. He stops and picks up a chair, taps it on the ground a few times and then discards it.. He looks at his bare hands and seems satisfied that that's all he'll need to take on Kennedy.. But before he steps through the curtain, he's stopped by Matt Hardy.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] This is it, Raven... Randy Orton went and got himself a Mattitude adjustment earlier tonight..

-[[ He grips Raven's shoulder.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] You get ahold of Ken Kennedy.. And you let'im know.. That the kind of stuff that's been goin' on the past few weeks.. Is never happening.. Again!

-[[ Raven shrugs Hardy's hand off of his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Raven ] What I do to Ken Kennedy will be done of my own volition..

-[[ Hardy listens.. ]]-

[ Raven ] No ulterior motive.. No message.. The time for messages is over, Matthew.

-[[ Hardy looks around, not quite grasping this.. ]]-

[ Raven ] The Golden Rule is dead.. It was dead before it began.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Raven ] And now.. The only rule.. Is Raven's Rules.

-[[ He looks at Hardy like he's disgusted to see him.. ]]-

[ Raven ] So keep your pep talk to yourself, hero.. Because I'm not listening.

-[[ Raven turns to walk away and Matt Hardy spins him back around.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] The hell is your problem, man?

-[[ Raven pie faces Hardy backward.. ]]-

[ Raven ] The remnants of the Golden Rule.. The ones who still choose to stand together even in the face of Jeff Jarrett shunning them like lepers.. They have injured Chris Benoit.. They have tried, although they failed to take out CM Punk and Rob Van Dam... And now, they will try the same thing for me...

-[[ Raven shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Raven ] I'm not going to the ring tonight to save Solid Gold Wrestling..

-[[ Raven shrugs.. ]]-

[ Raven ] I'm going in to save my own ass.

-[[ He heads toward the curtain. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..Idiot.

-[[ Matt Hardy watches him disappear through the curtain.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] ..Asshole.

-[[ To the ring. ]]-

Ken Kennedy versus Raven
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Falls Count Anywhere
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Ken Kennedy and Raven begin brawling as soon as the bell rings.. They club each other with rights and lefts and Kennedy drives his knee into Raven's midsection.. Kennedy whips Raven into the ropes but Raven reverses it and sends Kennedy in.. Raven follows him in.. And clotheslines him so hard that both men tumble to the floor! Raven begins pummeling Kennedy in the head and them smacks his head off of the guardrail! Raven then yanks Kennedy's head up and slams it into the ring apron!! Kennedy slumps onto the floor and Raven begins kneeing him in the face repeatedly until blood begins gushing out of Kennedy's forehead!! Raven begins punching away at him until Kennedy grabs Raven's shorts and yanks him down face first into the apron.. Raven and Kennedy sit there next to each other, clutching their foreheads.. And Kennedy reaches over and punches Raven.. Raven punches Kennedy back.. And they tie up and begin fighting on the floor! Both men fight to their feet and Raven whips Kennedy into the guardrail.. Raven follows him in and Kennedy backdrops him over the guardrail! Kennedy hops the rail and begins punching away Raven's head... He pushes a fan down and takes his chair and raises it over his head.. And Raven catches it and they fight over it.. Until Kennedy kicks Raven in the gut and drills him with the chair! Raven staggers backward against the guardrail and Kennedy charges at him with the chair raised.. And Raven kicks the chair back into Kennedy's face!! Kennedy staggers backward and drops the chair.. And Raven charges at him and clotheslines him down! Raven covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- Kennedy got a shoulder up! Raven sits up, looking pissed, now bleeding profusely from his own forehead.. He pulls Kennedy up and tosses him back over the guardrail.. Raven follows him over and begins punching away at him.. Kennedy and Raven begin fighting up the ramp.. Kennedy drags Raven up by his hair, punching him in the side of the head.. They reach the stage area and Raven kicks Kennedy in the balls... Raven drills him with a big right hand and then reaches down and yanks one of the lights off of the stage.... And he blasts Kennedy in the head with it!! Kennedy staggers backward toward the edge of the stage and Raven charges at him to hit him again and send him flying but Kennedy hits a desperation spear! Raven and Kennedy both lay motionless for a bit and Kennedy covers him.. One.. Two... Thr-- Raven kicked out! Kennedy's entire head is soaking wet with blood.. Kennedy pulls Raven up and goes to run with him and throw him off of the stage.. But Raven whips Kennedy around and hooks him..... EVENFLOW DDT! Raven covers him! ONE........ TWO.......... THRE-- NO!! KURT ANGLE!! KURT ANGLE YANKED RAVEN OFF OF HIM!! Raven turns around.. And Angle.. THROWS FIRE IN RAVEN'S FACE!! ANGLE THROWING FIRE!? Raven is BLINDED!! Angle helps Kennedy to his feet and he hooks Raven from behind... ANGLE SLAM!! Kennedy staggers over, gushing blood, and covers Raven... One........... Two............. Thre-- NO! Angle pulled Kennedy off of Raven!! "Not like that, you son of a bitch.. YOU KILL HIS ASS!! KILL HIM DEAD!! YEAH!!" Kurt Angle hoists Raven onto Kennedy's shoulders... Angle guides them toward the edge of the stage.... And Angle doesn't look satisfied, he spins Kennedy around and hooks him..... AND GERMAN SUPLEXES KENNEDY OFF OF THE STAGE WITH RAVEN ON HIS SHOULDERS!!! REVERSE GREEN BAY PLUNGE STRAIGHT INTO THE PITS OF HELL!!! Kennedy and Raven crash through four tables by the stage and lay motionless, both with an arm over the other.. Scott James looks freaked out but counts nonetheless.. One.. Two.. Three... He has counted both men down for the count.. Kurt Angle smiles down the stage and makes the 'title belt' motion around his waist.. ]]-

Winners: Double Pin

-[[ Simon Dean is parading around the backstage area with the Hardcore Championship strapped around his waist.. He has a big smile on his face.. The Gymini stand quietly behind him as high steps through the hallway.. ]]-


-[[ He runs his free hand, the other occupied by his gym bag, over the center plate.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] And nobody does Hardcore.. Like Simon Dean! Yes!

-[[ He gives someone off-camera a thumbs up.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Hardcore.. Dieting.. That is! HA!

-[[ He continues walking and is quickly cut off by.. CM Punk? ]]-

[ CM Punk ] You don't deserve that..

[ Simon Dean ] You're right! NOBODY deserves a body.. THIS GOOD!

-[[ CM Punk shakes his head, pissed off. ]]-

[ CM Punk ] Not your body.. That belt.. You.. Don't.. Deserve it!

[ Simon Dean ] You're crazy. I won the match.. I'm the new champion! Yes!

[ CM Punk ] Screw that.. I'm challenging you.. Body Count.. You and me, Dean!

-[[ Simon Dean laughs.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] You're a freakin' idiot! You can't get a shot at me..

-[[ He points behind CM Punk.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Until you've settled your business with the number one contender!

-[[ CM Punk turns around...... GORE!! GORE!! GORE!! RHINO GORED DOWN CM PUNK!! Rhino stands over him, breathing heavily.. He slowly begins to smile...... ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] OWNED, LARD ASS!

-[[ Rhino looks up at Dean... ]]-

[ Rhino ] Got him good... GOT.. HIM.. GOOD!

-[[ Rhino then points at Dean and makes the title belt motion around his waist... Dean's smile immediately fades. ]]-

[ Rhino ] See you BOTH.. At Body Count!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Matt Striker versus The Sandman
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The Sandman jumps on Striker as soon as he enters the ring.. The Sandman begins beating down on him, pummeling him into the mat until Striker raises up and punches Sandman in the throat! The Sandman backs up, clutching his throat, and Striker kicks him in the gut.. Striker whips him into the ropes and catches him coming off with a back elbow to the face! Striker pulls the Sandman up and throws him into the corner.. Striker begins nailing him with lefts and rights and then knee lifts him right in the gut! Striker whips Sandman into the opposite corner but Sandman reverses it and sends Striker crashing into the turnbuckle! The Sandman follows him in and clothesline him hard in the throat! Striker staggers out and the Sandman catches him... Russian leg sweep! The Sandman covers him! One! Two! Thr-- Striker kicked out! The Sandman has had enough of this boring shit and rolls out of the ring.. He grabs his Singapore cane and slides back into the ring.. Striker is slowly sitting up and the Sandman begins sizing him up for a cane shot but the referee grabs the cane from behind the Sandman.. The Sandman turns his head, yelling at the ref to drop his fuckin' cane but Striker takes advantage.. LOW BLOW on the Sandman and Striker springs up..... LEARNING CURVE! He covers him! One! Two! Three!! Matt Striker has SCREWED the Sandman! ]]-

Winner: Matt Striker via Pin Fall

-[[ David Flair is sitting on the floor, clutching his crowbar and rocking back and forth.. A man paces back and forth in front of him.. As the camera pans backward, you see that it is "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.. Flair has his hands on his hips.. He reaches up and wipes his forehead.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] David... Woo.. What.. The hell.. Is goin' on!?

-[[ David giggles.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I'm talkin' to you, son.. What.. Is.. Causin' all o'this!?

[ David Flair ] Oh... Oh my....

-[[ Ric looks confused.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] What? WHAT!?

[ David Flair ] ...mommy's very angry.

-[[ Flair shakes his head, slinging his hair in every direction.. ]]-


-[[ Ric looks like he's going to bust a vessel in his forehead.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] The limo-ridin'.. Jet plane flyin'.. Wheelin', dealin', kiss stealin'.. SON OF A GUN!!

-[[ David Flair doesn't respond.. He just stares at the crowbar and grins.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You're killin' me, son.. What's goin' on in that head o'yours, pal!?

-[[ David looks up at him, grinning.. His eyes wide.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] David Flair! Woo! Why are you.. The way.. Woo! You ARE!?

-[[ David grumbles.. ]]-

[ David Flair ] ...visitors..

-[[ Flair turns around and his own eyes grow wide.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Ah, SHIT!

-[[ He's suddenly mobbed by "Big" Sal E. Graziano, Little Guido, and Tony Mamaluke!! They begin beating him down and stomping away at him until he curls up into a fetal position and stops defending himself.. Little Guido grabs the crowbar out of David's hand and without even hesitating, cracks him right in the skull with it!! David Flair slumps over.. ]]-

[ Little Guido ] YO!! 'CHU FOCKIN' MOOKS!!

-[[ Both Flair's are lying completely still.. ]]-

[ Tony Mamaluke ] 'Chu motha' focks.. Just got challenged.. Da' Italian way!

-[[ Little Guido flicks his hands underneath his chin and drops the crowbar.. ]]-

[ Little Guido ] Yeah! We'll see you shnooks at Body Count!

-[[ He slaps "Big" Sal on the chest.. ]]-

[ Little Guido ] 'Cause once we take out da' Flairs... We be back on da' fast track.. To OUR tag team titles!

-[[ He spits on Ric Flair's chest and contorts his face... ]]-

[ Little Guido ] 'Chu tink you can beat us? FAHGETTIBOOOOUDDIIIITTT!!!!

-[[ The Full-Blooded Italians leave the room.. David Flair's eyes flicker open.. He reaches up and touches the blood that trickles from the wound on his forehead... He looks at it on his fingers and smiles.. ]]-

[ David Flair ] I like it... When the red.. Water.. Comes..

-[[ Fade. ]]-

John Bradshaw Layfield & Rhino versus CM Punk & Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Rhino begins the match with Rob Van Dam.. They have a staredown in the middle of the ring and Rhino punches Van Dam right in the face.. Van Dam staggers back and Rhino charges at him with a clothesline but Van Dam heel kicks him right in the head! Rhino doesn't go down! Rhino staggers backward, holding his forehead and Van Dam hits the ropes and drop kicks Rhino right in the face! Rhino goes down hard and Van Dam hits the ropes.. Rolling Thunder! Van Dam covers him! One! Two! Rhino kicked out with force! Rhino is up and Van Dam bounces off of the ropes and comes after him.. And Rhino ducks him and pulls the top rope down, causing Van Dam to go tumbling to the outside! Rhino tags in Layfield and Layfield hops off of the apron and begins stalking Van Dam.. He whips Van Dam into the guardrail and begins punching away at his head and neck.. Layfield whips Van Dam back into the ring and follows him inside... Layfield begins sizing him up and Van Dam turns around.. Layfield hits the ropes.... CLOTHESLINE FROM HE-- NO! Van Dam ducks it, dives, and tags in CM Punk! CM Punk is a house of fire! He knocks down Layfield with a punch! Rhino charges in and CM Punk nails him with an elbow to the face! Rhino goes staggering backward and falls out of the ring! CM Punk whips Layfield into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Layfield ducks it and Punk turns around.. Kick! POWER BOMB! NO! CM Punk slips out of it! He hits the ropes.. And Rhino trips him from the outside! CM Punk staggers forward... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Layfield covers him... ONE! TWO! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! LAYFIELD MOVES!! CM PUNK TAKES ALL OF IT!! Rhino drags Van Dam out of the ring and Layfield covers Punk again.... ONE! TWO! THREE!! CM PUNK HAS BEEN SCREWED OVER!! ]]-

Winner: Rhino & John Bradshaw Layfield via Pin Fall

-[[ John Cena is hanging out in the parking lot, signing autographs for a few young fans that are dressed almost exactly like him.. Cena's got a smile on his face, as he loves to do anything for his fans.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Hey.. Ya'll know it.. Everything I do in that ring..

-[[ He's in full-character mode.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I don't do it for da' gold.. I don't do it for me... I do it for all o'ya'll..

-[[ He shakes one of their hands.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] ..That brought me to da' DANCE!

-[[ CRACK! The kids all shriek in terror as Matt Striker stands over Cena's fallen body with an English book in his hand.. Striker shakes his head and the children scatter... Striker kneels next to Cena's body.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Corrupting our youth again, Mister Cena?

-[[ He sighs. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] That's no good.

-[[ He reaches down and picks up Cena's baseball cap that fell off on impact.. Striker casually tosses it aside. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] It's bad enough that your corrupt our airwaves with your.. Explicit lyrics..

-[[ He makes 'quotation fingers.' ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] And you're.. Thug lifestyle..

-[[ Striker is disgusted. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Imbecile.

-[[ He continues.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] But the way you speak.. The words you use.. The way you USE them!

-[[ Striker thumps the book. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] It's a verbal holocaust!

-[[ He clutches the book tightly now.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] But.. Worry not. I'll teach you the error of yours ways next week.. Inside the ring.

-[[ Striker stands up.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] After all.. I am Matt Striker... YOUR teacher.

-[[ Striker drops the book on Cena's head and walks off camera. ]]-

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin(c) versus Kurt Angle
Title on the Line: SGW World Heavyweight Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Austin storms directly into the ring and begins taking to Kurt Angle with lefts and rights! Kurt Angle fires back with lefts and rights of his own.. Steve Austin quickly takes over and backs Angle into the corner with rapid fire punches and kicks and finally stomps Angle straight down into the corner and begins stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry! Austin finishes stomping him down and then removes his vest.. He tosses it to the floor and turns around.. He pulls Angle out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.... THESZ PRESS! Punches! Austin stands up, waving his arms around and yelling "WHAT'CHA GOTTA SAY 'BOUT THAT!?" He pulls Angle back to his feet and whips him hard into the turnbuckle.. So hard that Angle staggers back toward Austin and Austin waits on him.. MIDDLE FINGERS..... KICK WHAM STUN-- Angle catches his foot and spins him around.. German suplex! He holds onto it.. A second! And a third! Kurt Angle has rattled Austin big time.. Kurt Angle stands up, looking furious.. Steve Austin pulls himself up with the ropes and turns around.. And then he walks right into a belly-to-belly suplex! Angle begins sizing Austin up.. Austin stands up slowly and Angle runs up on him.. Release German suplex!! Steve Austin is being destroyed!! Kurt Angle screams in victory and the fans boo loudly.. Angle walks up to Austin and yanks him to his feet... Austin kicks Angle in the gut and punches him in the jaw but Angle no-sells it and whips Austin into the ropes.. He catches him.. Overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Austin sits up slowly and Angle sizes him up again, waiting on him to stand... Austin is finally up and Angle charges at him and Austin ducks a clothesline! Angle turns around.. KICK WHAM STUNN-- NO! Angle pushes Austin off into the turnbuckle and catches him coming out.... ANGLE SLAM! Kurt Angle stands up, "WOO!" and begins.. RIPPING DOWN THE STRAPS! Angle grabs Austin by the ankle and.. LOCKS IT IN! ANKLE LOCK!! Austin begins yelling in pain and reaching for the ropes but Angle pulls Austin into the middle of the ring! And Austin... Flips out of the move, forcing Angle head first into the middle turnbuckle! Austin stands up, waiting for Angle to turn around.. And he does.. Dazed.. KICK WHAM STUNNER! Austin covers him! One! Two! Three! Steve Austin has retained his championship! ]]-

Winners: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Pin Fall

-[[ Austin grabs his championship belt and goes post to post, raising the title in the air.. He calls for a beer and receives it.. He pours it all over his head and face, spitting it all over himself before discarding the can.. He calls for two more and they come flying from ringside.. Austin hops down and tosses the world title on the mat.. He goes to the ropes and calls for more beer.. He's soaked, the ring is soaked.. The fans are going nuts! ]]-

-[[ Someone in the crowd screams, a woman. ]]-

-[[ Austin turns around in time to see Mike Awesome climbing over the rail, entering through the crowd.. Awesome has an angry look on his face, coming toward the ring with purpose.. He slides underneath the bottom rope and charges straight for Austin.. Austin throws his beers to the side and begins trading punches with Awesome! Awesome nails Austin with a stiff knee lift and begins forearming him in the back.. The fans are booing loudly.. What is Mike Awesome doing out here? Awesome pulls Austin's head between his legs and calls for it.. "YEAH! AWESOME BOMB!! YEEEEAH!!" He lifts Austin up and begins running.. But Austin slips out from behind him and Awesome spins around "FUUUUUUCK!!" KICK WHAM STUNNER ON MIKE AWESOME! Mike Awesome goes flying! Austin turns around, waggling his head.. And comes face to face with.... ]]-

-[[ Lance Storm! ]]-

-[[ Lance Storm stands, supported by his crutches with fear in his eyes.. He clearly expected Awesome to get the job done tonight.. Austin stares at Storm and smiles, pointing at Storm's hindered leg.. Storm looks down at his own leg and then swallows hard.. He knows he's screwed... And Elix Skipper blasts Austin from behind! Austin turns around and begins laying into Skipper with punches, when-- ]]-

-[[ CRACK! ]]-

-[[ Lance Storm blasts Steve Austin in the back of the head with one of his crutches!! Austin drops to one knee and Storm runs.... RUNS! RUNS!! He's running!! He hits the ropes...... And drop kicks Austin right in the back of the head!! Lance Storm's injury was FAKE!! Mike Awesome pulls himself to his feet... Storm flips Austin over and begins punching away at his head.. Mike Awesome grabs one of the crutches and begins shoving it hard into Austin's throat, choking him.. Storm calls for a microphone.. He crouches down next to Austin, a diabolical look in his eye. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Steve Austin.. Three words...

-[[ The fans boo. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Number.. One.. Contender!


-[[ Storm doesn't even flinch at Awesome's comments, he's so into the zone.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] You are looking at the man.. Who has yet to be pinned in Solid Gold Wrestling...

-[[ Awesome pushes the crutch harder into Austin's throat.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] You are looking at the man who will take your championship from you at Body Count..

-[[ Loud boos.. Austin's face is contorted in pain.. And anger. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And when that happens.. You will have no one to blame..... But yourself!

-[[ Storm looks up at Awesome.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Mike... Do what you do.. Best!

-[[ Mike Awesome's eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning. ]]-


[ Elix Skipper ] Man, shit, why I gotta get da' tables!?


-[[ Elix Skipper obliges and rolls out of the ring.. He pulls a table from beneath the ring and slides it underneath the bottom rope.. Mike Awesome begins setting the table up in the corner of the ring.... Awesome turns around and he and Storm pull Austin up to his feet.... Austin tries fighting back but Storm kicks him in the groin, ending the comeback before it properly begins..... And Awesome sets him up....... Running Awesome Bomb through the table!! Austin lays motionless in the wooden rubble.. Lance Storm then turns, smiling, and picks up the SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt.. He holds it at waist level.. He appears completely fixated with it.. ]]-

-[[ The camera zooms in on the shot of Storm with the championship belt.. ]]-

-[[ Austin / Storm II at Body Count! ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-