STROKE: Swerve? | June 10th, 2006 | Live From: San Francisco, California | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ We open up in the ring.. There are three folding chairs already set-up.. The Harris Brothers are standing in the ring and Nick Patrick, in his referee gear, is already seated in the first chair, looking nervous as hell... We turn to the ramp as Jillian's music hits and she walks out onto the ramp, followed by "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters, who is still holding Alexis in a loose variation of the Masterlock.. And the Blue Meanie, who follows voluntarily from sheer intimidation.. They make their way to the ring and enter with Masters slinging Alexis underneath the bottom rope.. The Harris Brothers lift her off the mat and seat her.. The Blue Meanie sits down next to her, putting himself in the center seat.. Jillian Hall calls for a microphone... ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Welcome to... The Masterlock.. Gauntlet!

-[[ Boos.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] The rules are simple.. The Masterpiece puts one person at a time in his Masterlock..

-[[ She nods, smiling.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] It's that simple! And as each person fails to break it, he moves on to the next one!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Until alllllll the competitors.. Are eliminated!

-[[ Chris Masters paces back and forth behind the chairs.. All three of them look nervous.. Jillian Hall then points.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Do Nick first!

-[[ Chris Masters smiles and stops behind Nick Patrick's chair.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Raise your arms, Nick! Let him get situated!

-[[ Nick Patrick swallows hard... He raises his arms slowly.. And Chris Masters puts on the hold without the pressure first.. He locks it in and Jillian Hall bends over right in Nick Patrick's face.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I guess now.. Is as good a time as any to let you know..

-[[ She has a look of mock-sadness on her face. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] But whether you break the Masterlock or not.....

-[[ And then she laughs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] YOU'RE FIRED!

-[[ And Chris Masters rips him out of the seat, whipping him around in the hold until he goes completely limp.. Masters slings him high in the air and drives him straight down onto his knees! Nick Patrick isn't moving at all.. Chris Masters has rendered him totally unconscious.. Masters slings him down face first.. Flexing his pecs and yelling like a monster.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Ladies and gentlemen.. Nick Patrick has left the building!

-[[ Masters picks up Patrick's chair and throws it out of the ring.. He now stands behind the Meanie and Alexis.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Which one goes next? Hmmm... I wonder!

-[[ The bitch.. Playing with them like a little kid. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Do the porker!

-[[ Meanie's eyes go wide.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Raise your arms.. FAT ASS!

-[[ He shakes his head, holding them tight to his sides.. He's scared to death. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Raise.. Your.. Arms.. You fat loser! And maybe I won't fire you!

[ The Blue Meanie ] I can't! ...I can't!

-[[ Masters thumps him in the back of the head. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Get in the position!

[ The Blue Meanie ] I can't!

[ Jillian Hall ] You.. You... Fat.. Disgusting.. USELESS--

[ Alexis Laree ] Leave him alone!

-[[ She stands up and Don Harris forces her back into the seat... And Chris Masters Polish hammers the Meanie in the back of the head! The Meanie sprawls forward to the mat and doesn't move, but that doesn't matter.. Masters slings the Meanie's chair out of the ring and pounces on him, lifting his limp body.. INTO THE MASTERLOCK! He whips the Meanie around, pushing down hard on his head and then slings him forward onto the mat.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Big surprise.... FAT ASS IS ELIMINATED!

[ Alexis Laree ] Stop calling him that!

-[[ Jillian rolls her eyes. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Guess who's next?

-[[ Alexis looks furious.. Masters takes his position behind her.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I feel like I'm having.. Deja vu!

-[[ And then it hits him.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Oh yeah.. I remember.. You couldn't break my Masterlock at Body Count either!

-[[ Jillian laughs and gets right down in Alexis' face. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You break the Masterlock.. And I'll personally pay for Raven's medical bills!

-[[ She stands up and flips her hair.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well.. Not really.

-[[ And then she cackles. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Not that you have a chance anyway..

-[[ And then she points at Masters.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Break her neck.. Let her know who's really in charge here.

-[[ Masters smirks.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] You got it...... Boss!

-[[ And Alexis lunges for Jillian again, this time tackling her town and slugging her in the face once, twice and then she's lifted off of the mat in the Masterlock! Jillian rolls over, cupping her hands underneath her nose to catch the blood dumping out of it.. Chris Masters flings Alexis around in the Masterlock like she's completely weightless and then-- ]]-


-[[ Masters immediately drops Alexis and turns toward the ramp, waiting for Matt Hardy to come down.. But he comes in through the crowd!! Hardy slides in and nails Masters from behind!! The impact sends Masters flying between the middle and top ropes and to the outside.. Hardy spins and grabs the last chair in the ring and goes after both Harris Brothers but they scatter and escape up the ramp with Masters.. Leaving Jillian all by herself.. She staggers to her feet, holding her face as blood seeps through her fingers... And Alexis kicks her in the gut.. Hooks her..... TORNADO DDT! Jillian rolls out of the ring as Alexis sits where she landed, rubbing her own neck... Matt Hardy stares down at her.. And then grabs the microphone Jillian dropped when Alexis jumped her.. Alexis looks like she doesn't know what to make of this.. The enemy of her 'real' boss is only feet away from her.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Alexis.. I want you to know right now..

-[[ You can tell Hardy is still pumped from the adrenaline of running of Masters.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] What I did here tonight.. Wasn't for Raven..

-[[ She just stares at him.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Because you can bet your ass.. I'm still taking his title at Total Destruction..

-[[ Where's he going with this? ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I did this tonight.. Because all of this.. It's between Raven... And Matt Hardy!

-[[ He points at the ramp.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Not Raven.. And Chris Masters!

-[[ Hardy looks angrier than before.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Raven.. I know you're sittin' in a hospital bed watchin' this, man.. I want you to know.. I'm holdin' down the fort.. I'm protectin' your people, man.. I'm keepin' The Masterpiece at bay.. Because like I said.. I want you to forget.. Chris Masters..... And focus... On me!

-[[ The fans begin booing loudly.. Realizing this was another selfish act on the part of Matt Hardy.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Alexis.. Stand up.. Please..

-[[ Slowly, she does.. Looking weary and keeping her distance.. Nick Patrick and the Meanie are still out. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I want you to know.. This is between me and Raven.. Not me and you.. Do you understand me?

-[[ She's hesitant.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] At Total Destruction.. Raven's Rules.. I'm gonna do a whole lot of horrible things to him.. And when the smoke clears.. I'm gonna have both championship belts.. And Raven... Maybe he'll walk away.. Maybe he won't.. I don't know.. I can't make promises.. I just know......

-[[ He looks up at the ceiling.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I want to... Hurt Raven..

-[[ Hardy looks back down, rubbing his chin.. Smiling now.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] But he.. Likes pain..

-[[ He looks at Alexis now.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Before I go any further, Alexis.. I want to reiterate..

-[[ He takes a few steps closer to her.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] This is between me and Raven... I have no desire to hurt you..

-[[ His eyes go dark.. His smile disappears.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] But to get his attention.. To hurt.. Him.....

-[[ He gets closer.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I have to.

-[[ He kicks her in the gut suddenly and pulls her head underneath his arm.. He throws his other arm out.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] V-ONE-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

-[[ TWIST OF FATE! ]]-

-[[ The fans erupt in boos as Hardy springs right up, tilting his head back and throwing the cross pose out with the V-One hand sign extended on both sides.. Hardy stands still in that position for a bit, basking in the crowd response.. He slowly turns his head back toward her, grinning a psychotic grin.. He picks the microphone back up.. ]]-


-[[ Louder boos.. ]]-


-[[ No answer, obviously.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] ..I guess not..

-[[ He walks a circle around Alexis as she lays on the mat.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Maybe this will get your attention..

-[[ He kneels down at Alexis' head and picks her up into a sitting position.. He stands and lets her rest on his knee.. She begins to stir but she is too far gone to realize what's happening.. Hardy raises her arm and holds her hand in his.. He looks at the Golden-Tron like he expects Raven to appear on it at any second.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Don't worry about Masters.. Don't worry about Kane..

-[[ Hardy curls his lip, looking furious. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Don't even worry.. About the pain in your body at this very moment, Raven.....

-[[ He separates her fingers and clutches one in his fist.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Because your pain... IS RIGHT HERE!

-[[ Snap. ]]-

-[[ She comes to life in his hands, screaming and kicking, he holds her in place, grabs another.. ]]-

-[[ SNAP. ]]-

-[[ She's doing everything she can to kick and claw herself away from him but he's got a death grip on her.. He takes one more finger in his hand... Smiling like a mad man...... And just as he's about to twist.... CHRIS BENOIT HITS THE RING!! The fans erupt!! Hardy pushes her aside and meets Benoit halfway across the ring!! The two begin trading punches with Benoit giving Hardy nothing but resistance!! Benoit blocks a punch from Hardy.. KNIFE EDGE CHOP! He chops away at Hardy as the fans "OHH!" and "AHH!" with each one! Hardy throws another wild punch but Benoit ducks it and catches him... RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Matt Hardy rolls out of the ring, holding his lower back.. Hardy backs up the ramp, raising the V-One hand sign as the fans boo... Chris Benoit checks on Alexis, who clutches her hand, screaming and crying.. Benoit stares down the ramp at Hardy, furious.. ]]-

-[[ Benoit is BACK! ]]-

Triple H versus The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Triple H and the Rock lock-up to start and fight over it before Triple H knee lifts the Rock in the gut and whips him into the ropes.. Triple H goes for a clothesline but the Rock ducks it and spins Triple H around.. The Rock nails Triple H with a big right hand.. Another.. And another.. The Rock spits in his hand and WHAM! Triple H hits the ropes and almost goes over but remains inside! The Rock begins punching him again and whips him into the ropes! The Rock ducks for a back body drop but Triple H nails him with the KNEE! The Rock goes down and Triple H bounces off of the ropes.. And knee drops him across the throat! Triple H makes a quick cover.. One! The Rock got a shoulder up! Triple H pulls him up and punches him right back down.. He covers again.. One! The Rock kicks out with force! Triple H pulls the Rock up to his knees and the Rock begins blasting Triple H with punches to the midsection! The Rock unbalances him and nails him with a big right hand to the face.. Triple H staggers backward into the ropes and the Rock springs up to his feet and clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and to the floor! Triple H lands on his feet and stumbles back into the guard rail! The Rock follows him out and grabs him by the hair.. And plants him face first into the ring apron! He hits him again and again and he goes to put him into the apron one more time but Triple H blocks it and puts the Rock's face into the apron! Triple H rolls the Rock inside the ring.. Triple H follows him in and pulls him to his feet.. Triple H kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the Pedigree but the Rock back drops him out of it! Triple H is up quickly and the Rock catches him as he charges.. SPINE BUSTER! The Rock kicks Triple H in the shoulder and removes his elbow pad..... He runs the ropes.. Jumps over Triple H.. Hits the opposite side... And Triple H springs up and kicks the Rock in the gut........ PEDIGREE! Triple H stands up, pumping his fists.. And walks right into a CHOKE SLAM FROM KANE! Charles Robinson calls for the bell as Kane stands over Triple H with a sick smile on his face.. Alex Shelley rolls in after him, filming the entire thing with a delighted look.. ]]-

Winner: Triple H via Disqualification

-[[ Alex Shelley crawls over on his hand and knees as he zooms in on Triple H's face with the camera.. Kane stands there, looking down at him, smiling.. Vince Russo hops the rail and slides underneath the bottom rope with his baseball bat in his hand... He calls for a microphone and receives it... Vince Russo paces around the ring, looking out at the fans.. He wipes the sweat from his brow and begins to speak.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Day in.. And day out..

The fans boo so loudly that Russo almost can't continue.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Day in...... And day out... Solid Gold Wrestlin' puts on the most enta'tainin' weekly show that anybody in this business.. Has eva' seen.. And why, ya' might ask? Because... Solid Gold Wrestlin'... Doesn't conform.

Boos.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah, ya' heard me right.. Solid Gold Wrestlin'... Does not conform to the norms.. Of professional wrestlin'... Because.. In this day and age.. Professional wrestlin'.. Is a dead art!

Louder boos.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tha' people.. They don't watch Stroke for wrestlin'.. They don't purchase.. Our pay-pa-views for wrestlin'.. An' they sure as shit don't buy tickets.. And watch us live.. For wrestlin'.. Because from day one.. Day stinkin' one in Solid Gold Wrestlin'.... We only been about three things.....

He raises three fingers in the air.. ]]-

Vince Russo ] Death, explosions... And fuckin' titties!

The fans boo loudly.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] People don't tune in to see a five star match.. They tune in to see who the fuck is dyin' next! Who's gettin' lit on fuckin' fire! Who's gettin' stuffed in the trunk of a car.. And gettin' driven headlong into an eighteen mutha' fuckin' wheela'!!

Russo paces around, running his hand through his hair.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ..But.. Some o' youse wrestla's.. Ya' just don't get it..

Russo's voice becomes more shrill, more desperate.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Guys like.. Jerry Lynn last week.. Guys like.. Colt Cabana tonight.. Guys that think.. They've got some kinda' opinion that holds wata' in this business... Guys.. That don't agree with the new way we do business..

He licks his lips.. Triple H begins to stir a bit, turning over slightly.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Guys like... Triple H..

Russo stomps over and stands over Triple H, pointing down in his face.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Triple H.. Who carries around a sledgehammer.. And fucked the boss' daughter to get a push in the Dubya Dubya E... Triple H, who has gone out of his way to kill more pushes than any otha' supa'star in HISTORY... Is gonna get in my face... MY FACE.... And tell me.. That he's all about some pure wrestlin'.......

Russo spits on Triple H's chest.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] WELL, FUCK YOU, TRIPLE H!!

Triple H tries to sit up and Russo puts his foot on Triple H's chest.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Nobody threatens me! Nobody comes afta' me with a god damn hamma', you jacked up, handlebar mustached PIECE O' SHIT!! Ya' signed a contract with Solid Gold.. Ya' signed ova' ya' fuckin' LIFE!! I OWN YA' LIFE, MUTHA' FUCKA'!! AND AS LONG AS YA' UNDA' CONTRACT WITH US... YA' AIN'T NEVA' GONNA SEE ANOTHA' PURE WRESTLIN' MATCH.. IN YA' GOD DAMN STINKIN' LIFE!!

Russo takes his foot off of Triple H and looks at Kane.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Pick this piece o' shit up!!

Kane goozles Triple H and lifts him up off of the mat, holding him out in the choke slam position.. Alex Shelley makes sure to keep a close-up on Triple H's face.. Triple H is still a little rattled, but he's alive.. He's awake.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' don't like the way I run shit, Triple H!? Ya' don't like how ya' gettin' treated or how the talent is gettin' used!? Well... How about this, mutha' fucka'..... At Total Destruction.. Ya' gonna get a title match.... And it ain't gonna be no pure wrestlin' bullshit.. FUCK PURE WRESTLIN'!! Ya' gonna be in the ring.. With this big, red mutha' fucka'.... KANE!!

And then he points to Shelley.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ..........AND ALEX SHELLEY!

He points right in Triple H's face.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Triple threat match, bitch.... For the Solid Gold Wrestlin' Gimmick Championship... And the match... IS GONNA BE A FORTY-NINERS MATCH!!

He walks closer to Triple H.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And in case ya' don't know what that is.. It's a match with four crates hangin' from poles on each corna' o' the ring... And whoeva' finds the crate with the Gimmick Title in it... Is the new champion! But there's a swerve... Yeah, bitch.. There's ALWAYS A MUTHA' FUCKIN' SWERVE!

Russo laughs to himself. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] This ain't some shit where ya' can just run around and hope ya' open up the right fuckin' box.. Fuck no! The only way ya' eligible to crack one of them boxes open.. Is to be the last guy to get a pin or submission! And hell, that don't guarantee ya' SHIT!

Russo gets right back in Triple H's face.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' like that, Game?! Ya' like that shit!? Ya' stupid mutha' fucka'... Is this good enough for ya'!? IS IT!? Because at Total Destruction.. That.. Is EXACTLY.. What's gonna happen to ya'..... TOTAL.. FUCKIN'.... DESTRUCTION!!

And Triple H comes alive!! He kicks Kane right in the balls!! Kane releases Triple H's throat and he shoves Kane away from him and grabs Russo.. And kicks him in the gut! He hooks him for the PEDIGREE and he..... Gets blindsided by Alex Shelley and his camera!! Triple H staggers to the side but turns his head slowly and stares at Shelley... He shakes his head and begins going after him.. And Russo blasts him in the back of the head with his baseball bat!! Triple H drops to one knee and Alex Shelley hits the ropes... SHINING WIZARD! Triple H goes down and he and Shelley scramble out of the ring and up the ramp, watching as Kane uprights himself and staggers over to Triple H... He grabs him by his throat while he's flat on the ground and lifts him up....... CHOKE SLAM!! Kane stands over him, contorting his face like he's in great pain.. And he raises his arms.. And lowers them as the pyro erupts..... What has Triple H gotten himself into!? ]]-

-[[ We cut backstage where we see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin walking away from the camera, back in his street gear with the World championship slung over his shoulder.. Walking toward the camera, down the hallway.. Is Edge.. Also in his street gear with Stacy Keibler on his arm.. The tag team title is over his shoulder.. As they walk past each other, there's a momentary pause as their eyes lock.. Edge nods at him. ]]-

[ Edge ] 'Sup, champ?

-[[ Austin keeps walking, ignoring the gesture.. Edge watches him as he walks away.. ]]-

[ Edge ] See you soon.

-[[ He stares hard, a smile creeping across his face. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Matt Hardy versus Ric Flair
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Ric Flair stands in his corner, obviously in no condition to compete after the beating he received at the hands of Rob Conway earlier tonight, but it's not in Flair's nature to forfeit a major match against a competitor like Hardy.. Flair has a bandage plastered across his forehead, blood seeps through it and Flair's eyes are hollow, staring straight ahead at his opponent.. Flair slowly lumbers out of the corner, obviously not all there.. Matt Hardy walks out toward, smiling evilly.. They lock up and Hardly quickly takes Flair over with a headlock.. And then punches him right on top of the head.. Hardy releases the hold and lets Flair stagger back and fall on his ass.. Hardy laughs.. He walks over and pulls Flair to his feet.. He hooks him quickly for the Twist of Fate but Flair has enough of his wits left to push Hardy forward into the ropes! Hardy comes back toward Flair and Flair nails him with an eye poke and a weak chop.. Hardy winces in pain and kicks Flair right in the gut.. Hardy bounces off the ropes and nails Flair right in the head with a forearm shot.. Flair goes down hard.. Hardy pulls him back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle.. Hardy charges in after him, going for a splash... But Flair moves! Hardy gets all turnbuckle and Flair school boys him out of the corner! One! Two! Thr-- No! Hardy kicked out! Hardy gets up, looking furious.. Flair still isn't all there.. He uses the ropes to pull himself up.. Hardy jumps on him, punching and kicking away at him.. And Hardy rips off Flair's bandage.. Blood goes all over the place, draining down Flair's face.. Hardy shoves the bandage in Flair's mouth and then punches him.. Flair spits it out, trying to fight back and hit Hardy with anything he has left, but it's just not enough.. Hardy slaps away a chop attempt and kicks Flair in the gut......... TWIST OF FATE! He covers him.. One! Two! Three! Matt Hardy was just.. Undeniably ruthless! Hardy stands over Flair's bloody body and strikes the cross pose, smiling sadistically as the fans boo.. ]]-

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Simon Dean and Booker T. standing in the backstage area.. Booker T. is swinging his head around, his hair going all over the place while Simon Dean stands there with a big goofy smile on his face.. No one knows what the hell is going on.. Booker T., however, begins speaking. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] NAW, DAWG!! I'ma give him my axe kick!!

-[[ Booker T. kicks in the air.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] CHYEAH!!!

-[[ And then he pretends to slap the mat three times. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Booka' T. is the winna', sucka'!

-[[ Simon Dean begins hopping in place, smiling huge. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Wow! You're really jumping the gun!

-[[ Booker T. looks confused. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] 'Chu mean, dawg?

[ Simon Dean ] Here's the game plan--

-[[ Simon Dean makes quotation fingers. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Brother!

-[[ Simon Dean laughs. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] I'll stay on the apron! While you get pinned!

-[[ Simon gives Booker T. a double thumbs up. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] YEAH!

-[[ Booker T. doesn't know what to say. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Because if you think we're winning this match.. Then you are.. A total! Ignorant! Asshole!

-[[ He slaps Booker T. on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] See you in the main event--

-[[ More quotation fingers. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] My brother!

-[[ Simon Dean jogs off out of the room as Booker T. stands there in shock.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Tell me... He did NOT.. Just say that!

-[[ As Simon Dean disappears, Booker T. stands there, shaking his head... And then.. Rob Conway walks into the shot, smiling with his sun glasses on.. Michelle McCool trails behind him, perhaps to keep him in check.. However, he can only go a few seconds without offending someone. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Hey, Booker-man!

-[[ Booker T. slowly turns his head toward Conway.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Great match tonight! That's tough luck!

-[[ Booker T. stays silent for a bit but then it gets to him.. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Man, what tha' hell is yo' problem?

-[[ Conway laughs.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Problem? I don't have a problem.. Just look at me.

-[[ He points at McCool with this thumbs.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Hell, look at her.

-[[ He smiles big. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] She's like milk.. She does a body good.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] MY body, at least.

-[[ HORRIBLE ONE LINER - He winks at Booker T... She rolls her eyes. ]]-

[ Booker T. ] Man.. Get out o' my face, son.. I don't give a damn--

-[[ Conway points behind Booker T. eyes wide. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Look out, it's Chris Masters!

-[[ Booker T. spins around quickly, eyes wide.. And Conway BLASTS him from behind with a forearm!! Booker T. goes down hard and Conway begins stomping away at him repeatedly until Booker T. stops moving.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] CONNED, BITCH!

[ Michelle McCool ] Why did you do that?!

[ Rob Conway ] Don't question the Con Man.

-[[ He smirks... ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Besides.. I didn't lie.. There WAS a Masterpiece behind him..

-[[ He puts on his sun glasses.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] ..Me!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ We cut to an area backstage where the Rock is standing with a microphone in his hand.. The Rock stands there, still in his wrestling gear after his match with Triple H.. The Rock looks furious.. He begins speaking. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Just when ya' think ya' might get a competitive match out o' someone on Saturday Night Stroke, that New York jack ass and his goons have to charge in and mess everything up!

-[[ Boos. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Well, the Rock says this..

-[[ Anticipation.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Vince Russo wants to wage a war against pure wrestlin' and peddle his version of entertainment upon all of the Rock's fans........ Upon all of the Rock's... People.. Well, ya' might say to yourself.. Rocky.. Yo Rock! Aren't you the guy who calls himself... THE MOST.. ELECTRIFYING MAN.. IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!?

-[[ The Rock tilts his head down, eye balling the camera.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And the Rock says...

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ The Rock ] ..Yes.

-[[ Pop. ]]-

[ The Rock ] But the Rock is no fool! Oh NO, mama, the Rock.. Knows.. Where he came from!

-[[ The Rock nods, getting into this.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock knows.. That without pure wrestlin'.. Without Lou Thesz.. Without Bruno Sammartino or Bob Backlund.. Hell, even without Bret "The Hitman" Hart and "The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit... We.. Would not be.. Where we are today! OH NO!

-[[ The fans are buzzing.. Going crazy for everything the Rock has to say.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Now.. The Rock didn't want to get involved in this.. But the Rock didn't bring the fight to Vince Russo.. Vince Russo brought his fight............ TO THE ROCK!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And now.. The Rock has a suggestion.. Ya' got a three way dance at the pay-per-view.. Total Destruction! Yeah! The Rock says... If ya' have a three way dance.. Why not make it a four way dance.. With the big red retard, Kane! The creepy little bastard, Alex Shelley! THA' GAME-AAHHHHH Triple H!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And....... THE ROCK!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And Vince Russo.. Know this.. The Rock ain't gonna go into Total Destruction to wrestle.. He ain't gonna go in to entertain.. Oh no.. The Rock's focus.. Is only one thing and it ain't no belt in a box.. IT'S THE ROCK'S BOOT IN YOUR ROODY-POO... CANDY ASS!!

-[[ He tilts his head back.. ]]-


-[[ CHRIS JERICHO blasts the Rock from behind with a forearm!! The Rock goes sprawling forward and Chris Jericho stays on him, kicking away at the Rock and then dropping down to punch away at his head!! He yanks the Rock up off of the ground and whips him into the wall.. Follows him in.. And hits a running ENZIGURI ON HIM!! The Rock goes down and doesn't move.. Chris Jericho stares down at him, yanking at his ponytail over his shoulder.. Jericho grits his teeth.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Screw you, Rocky... You don't deserve a title shot..

-[[ He's breathing hard, almost out of breath.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] But I do.. Because I'm Y2J, baby... But a title shot.. Can wait..

-[[ Jericho smiles.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Because I've had words with Dubba-Dubba-J.. And I've got my own match at Total Destruction.. With you... You call yourself the People's Champion.. Well.... I hate the people, Rocky.. And at Total Destruction.. I'm going to take.. Them.. Away from you....

-[[ He kneels down in the Rock's face.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] And you will NEVER.... EVERRRRRRR......... Be the same... A-GAIN!

-[[ Jericho wipes his face, still smiling.. Fade. ]]-

Alex Shelley versus Colt Cabana
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Shelley and Cabana circle each other to start.. Shelley makes a dive for Cabana's legs and attempts to take him down but Cabana remains standing and tries punching away at Shelley to break his attempt.. Cabana stomps Shelley down and pulls him up off of the mat.. He throws him into the turnbuckles and begins kicking away at him.. He whips Shelley into the opposite corner and follows him in.. Big splash! Alex Shelley staggers out and Colt Cabana nails him with a drop kick! Cabana makes a quick cover.. One! Two! Th-- Alex Shelley got a shoulder up.. Cabana pulls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Cabana catches him with a sleeper hold! Alex Shelley waves his arms around, trying to get out of the move and finally reaches behind him and snapmares Cabana over his shoulder! Cabana sits up on his ass and Shelley kicks him right in the back! He kicks him again and then pulls Cabana up.. He whips him into the ropes and nails him with a spin kick to the stomach.. He turns around and hooks Cabana for a side Russian leg sweep.. But instead of hitting the move, he just back kicks him right in the balls! Cabana groans in pain and drops to his knees.. Shelley hits the ropes.... SHINING WIZARD! The shot to the nuts wasn't necessary at all! Shelley covers Cabana with a smile on his face.. One! Two! Three! Alex Shelley has just taken another shit all over pure wrestling! ]]-

-[[ Colt Cabana stands up after the match, holding the side of his head.. And gets blasted from behind by Aaron Stevens! Aaron Stevens begins putting the boots to Colt all over again.. He whips him into the ropes.. And rips his head off with a sickening clothesline!! Colt Cabana goes down, clutching his throat.. Aaron rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.. He rolls back inside and waits for Cabana to stand up.. And he nails him right in the forehead with it!! The fans boo loudly.. Aaron rolls out of the ring, leaving the chair inside.. He makes his way up the ramp where Shelly and Beth are waiting on him on the stage.. ]]-

Winner: Alex Shelley via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage and are immediately greeted by the smiling face of Kurt Angle.. Angle sits there, wearing a red, white and blue track suit with his Olympic gold medal hanging from his neck... Angle begins speaking. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You know who I am..

-[[ The fans begin buzzing in anticipation.. Wondering where this is going.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And you know why I'm here.

-[[ He licks his lips.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] To kick ass.

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] To drink milk.

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And to shatter ankles.

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And it wish no further hype.. Or introduction.. That I announce my intentions..

-[[ He looks around, wide-eyed and confused. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I don't have a match for Total Destruction!

-[[ He settles down a bit.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Why is that? I'm the best freakin' wrestler in the world!

-[[ The fans have no answer. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Well.. I'm taking matters into my own hands.. And I'm making.. An open challenge!

-[[ He waggles his head around. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Oh yeah! It's true!

-[[ The fans pop. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Anybody that wants a piece.. Of the Olympic gold medalist.. Step up.. Take a shot!

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Don't be afraid..

-[[ And then.. John Cena walks into the shot, shaking his head.. Kurt Angle looks him up and down, confused.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Here I am.

-[[ Kurt Angle scoffs. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Here you are, what?

-[[ He waggles his head around again.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Here you are ready to go to high school?!

-[[ Cena looks down at his clothes, smiling.. He looks back at Angle.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Slick.. That's pretty cleva', dawg... But..

-[[ He points at Angle with both index fingers.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] You know why I'm here.

[ Kurt Angle ] Actually.. I don't.

-[[ Angle gets in Cena's face.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're a punk, Cena.. With no respect for wrestling..

-[[ Angle gives Cena a big thumbs down. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Challenge denied, bad boy!

-[[ Kurt turns back to the camera to address his fans again.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Well.. If you'se scared.. I guess that's... O-kaaaay.

-[[ Cena turns to walk away but Angle spins and turns him around forcefully.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Scared!? Scared!? I'm not scared, Cena.. I'm not scared of anything!

-[[ He points at his neck. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I won my gold medals with a broke freakin' neck!

-[[ Cena nods. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Impressive.. But I'll be goin'.. So you can finish ya' challenge an' all that.

-[[ Angle doesn't let him go. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're not going anywhere, Cena.. My challenge.. Has been answered. Oh yeah...

-[[ Cena seems intrigued now.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] But I'm not lowering myself to get in the ring with you at Total Destruction.. Until you've proven yourself..

-[[ Cena raises an eye brow.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Proven myself?

-[[ And BAM! Cena is blasted from behind by ROB VAN DAM AND SABU!! Van Dam and Sabu begin pummeling Cena with lefts and rights and begin stomping away at him on the ground! Cena tries to cover his head by they're all over him!! They finally beat him until he stops fighting back and Angle gets down in Cena's face.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] YEEEEEEAH!!

-[[ He's spitting all over Cena.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Let's see how you do first.. At Total Destruction.. Against ROB.. VAN.. DAM!!

-[[ Angle then grips Cena by the face.. ]]-


-[[ Angle stands up and raises his arms over his head.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] YEAAAAAAAAH!!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The Sandman and Balls Mahoney make their entrances and stand in the ring, waiting for Rob Conway.. But instead.. Rob Conway's music doesn't hit.. As the Sandman and Balls stand there, a Singapore cane in the Sandman's hand.. A chair in Mahoney's... Another man's entrance music hits.. ]]-


-[[ "HEAD!" ]]-

-[[ Al Snow slowly walks out onto the ramp with Head tucked under one arm.. And the Hardcore championship that he stole from the Sandman last week under the other... He looks nervous.. He makes his way to the ring and calls for a microphone.. He receives it.. The Sandman and Balls look at each other and then at Snow.. Al begins to speak.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] Okay.. Okay.. Okay! Let me explain..

-[[ He clears his throat.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] Last week.. I got a little bit out of control.. Yeah, I admit it.. And me and Head.. We stole your belt, Sandman.. And I know you're pissed.. Dammit, you have every right to be.. But I'm out here right now.. To tell you straight up.. Man to man.. That... I'm sorry... Here's your belt.

-[[ Al Snow holds out the title belt.. The Sandman looks disgusted.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] Take it, man. It's yours.

-[[ The Sandman walks up and yanks the title out of his hand.. And then he takes the microphone. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Thanks, asshole.

-[[ And then Singapore canes him right in the face! Al Snow veers around, clutching his forehead and walks right into an Earth shattering chair shot from Balls Mahoney! The chair actually bends so much that it breaks into pieces! Al Snow drops, completely unconscious, possibly dead.. Sandman and Balls then pick him up and dumps him over the top rope and to the floor... Balls picks up Head and holds it in the air as the fans chant "BALLS! BALLS! BALLS!" and he flings it into the tenth row! The fans pop huge.. Balls and Sandman then wait on their match to begin. ]]-

Rob Conway versus Balls Mahoney versus The Sandman
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Hardcore Rules - Single Fall
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Before the match even starts, Rob Conway trips entering the ring and begins complaining of a knee injury.. Trainers and EMTs come down to check on him.. They pull down his knee pad and one of them begins checking him out.. One of them shakes his head and motions for them to get Conway out of there.. Conway looks shocked.. And then furious that he's not being allowed to compete.. Michelle McCool is complaining and trying to get them to reconsider but they're saying Conway must get medical attention.. As Conway is being helped to the back with his knee problem, Charles Robinson orders Balls and Sandman to begin the match, one on one.. They begin trading punches right out of the gate and Balls clotheslines the Sandman over the top rope! Balls follows him out and they begin brawling on the side of the ring where the announce tables are located.. The Sandman slams Balls' face down hard into the ring announce table and Balls immediately returns the favor! They two begin trading punches again and the Sandman kicks Balls in the gut and goes for a suplex but Balls reverses it and suplexes the Sandman on top of the announce table! It doesn't break! Balls grabs one of the monitors from the table and brings it down hard on the Sandman's head! He hits him again and again until the screen shatters.. Balls flips Sandman over on the table and covers him.. One.. Two.. Thr-- The Sandman barely got a shoulder up.. Balls pulls the Sandman off of the table and begins punching at him.. The Sandman returns with some punches of his own.. Balls goes to whip Sandman into the ring steps but Sandman reverses it and sends Balls into the ring steps.. Sandman goes fishing underneath the ring and finds... His Singapore cane! The fans erupt.. Sandman begins blasting Balls with the cane, beating him as he tries to escape up the ramp.. Balls kicks Sandman in the gut and takes the cane away from him.. He begins popping the Sandman with it, trying to knock him down, but instead he only knocks him closer to the edge of the ramp.. Balls hits him across the head with it and the cane shatters! Blood trickles down the Sandman's forehead.. And Balls screams in rage.. And tackles the Sandman off of the stage and through two tables on the concrete floor! Both men lay motionless....... And... The fuck? ]]-

...Just look at me! Ain't I a sight to see? The whole damn world wants to--


Rob Conway's entrance music hits.. And he makes his full entrance with Michelle McCool by his side.. The Conman's knee is FINE! He's conned the world again!! Conway casually climbs down the edge of the ramp and walks cockily over toward the two men laying in the wooden rubble.. Conway gently kneels down between them.. And places a hand on each of their chests.. One.. Two.. Three! This is ridiculous! Rob Conway has done NOTHING to deserve this victory! NOTHING! He's just CONNED Balls Mahoney and The Sandman! ]]-

Winner: Rob Conway via Pin Fall

-[[ The backstage area is frantic.. EMTs and officials are swarming around a screaming Alexis Laree as they try to tend to her broken fingers.. Chris Benoit stands outside the circle of people that are trying to hold her down.. She's gone absolutely belligerent with pain.. Benoit finally snaps. ]]-


-[[ They turn and look at him like he's gone mad.. Benoit turns around, running his hands over his head.. He storms out of the room.. Benoit looks frustrated.. Truly, this couldn't have been how he saw himself returning to Solid Gold.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] ..Christ.

-[[ He leans against the wall, looking drained.. And then.. The yellow polo shirt becomes visible.. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas storms into the shot with a big grin on his face.. He motions for his camera man to follow him closer to Benoit and then raises the microphone.. ]]-


-[[ Benoit snaps and yanks the microphone out of Shane's hand and plugs him with it right in the temple! Shane Douglas staggers back, clutching the side of his head and begins running away down the hall as Benoit stares in his direction, fuming mad... Benoit turns to Douglas' camera man.. He raises the microphone.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] What.. Have I returned to?

-[[ Benoit breathes heavily, spitting as he does. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Is this... THIS.. What Solid Gold Wrestling.. Has become!?

-[[ He stares hard into the camera.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Matt... Hardy...

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] .....MATT... HARDY....

-[[ He's growing angrier.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You.. Want to get Raven's attention.. By going.. Through his friends..

-[[ Another pause.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Pray... To God... That he finishes you.. At Total Destruction..

-[[ His voice is low, gravelly.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] ...Pray...

-[[ He's shaking with intensity.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] For what you've done tonight.. Matt.. Hardy.. You've got.. MY attention..

-[[ Low and cold.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You fancy yourself... Some kind of.. Instructor.. Sensei... Some kind wrestling... Deity..

-[[ He clutches the microphone tightly, staring hard into the camera.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] I... Dis.. Agree..

-[[ He drops the microphone and reenters the room.. ]]-

-[[ John Bradshaw Layfield and his cabinet are making their way through the parking lot and toward Layfield limousine.. Layfield is already back in his suit and cowboy hat and he is furious.. The Basham Brothers, Doug and Danny, follow behind him in their all black, leather attire.. They don't look happy either.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] This is bullshit and you know!

[ Doug Basham ] You are so right, Mister Layfield!

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I beat Kevin Nash's ass!

[ Danny Basham ] You sure did! You did it!

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I beat Scott Steiner's ass!

[ Doug Basham ] You're correct, sir!

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] And I damn sure.. BEAT.. Ken Kennedy's ass!!

-[[ The Bashams nod in unison.. Bradshaw removes his cowboy hat.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I am the ASS BEATER.. SUPREME!

-[[ He puts the hat back on and tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] And one HELL.. Of a WRESTLING....... GOD!

-[[ He turns back to continue his journey to the limousine.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] What happened tonight was unjust.. But I will get my due.. As I always do.. And I will get it on a stage grander than Saturday Night Stroke.. For at Total Destruction.. I will make a name for myself.. Once.. And for all!

[ Doug Basham ] What's your match?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I don't know yet.. But I'll have one.. And I will damn sure WIN IT!!

-[[ He gets in Doug's face.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Because THAT is what I do!! I WIN MATCHES!!

-[[ Layfield turns back around and continues.. They see the limousine, where Orlando Jordan is waiting in a pair of brown slacks, a white, button-up dress shirt, suspenders and a bowler cap.. A small monkey is perched on his shoulder.. Layfield heads toward the limousine and Orlando opens the back door for him. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] 'Chu lookin' mighty dappa' t'day, missa' Layfield!

-[[ Layfield begins to climb inside the limo.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Is you sad, boss? You want me to do a dance fo' chu?

-[[ Orlando does a quick tap dancing exhibition as the Bashams climb into the limo behind Layfield and shut the door right in Orlando's face.. Orlando looks down and then feeds a piece of cracker to the monkey on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Chu know, Frosty.. If I could be like 'dat.. If I could live one day.. In 'dose shoes..

-[[ He tips his bowler cap.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Why.. I's sing me a song!

-[[ And then he begins crazily slapping his thighs, rapid fire. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Mama's little baby loves shortnin' shortnin'! Mama's little baby loves shortnin' bread!

-[[ A pause as he grins.. And continues slapping. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Mama's little baby loves shortnin' shortnin'! Mama's little baby loves shortnin' brea--

-[[ KICK WHAM AWESOME BOMB ONTO THE HOOD OF THE LIMOUSINE!! Mike Awesome stands there, huffing and puffing, staring down at Orlando's broken form on the hood... Then he grabs Frosty the monkey and squeezes it in his fists until it dies.. He flings the monkey carcass into the bushes.. Elix Skipper stares in awe at what Mike Awesome has just done.. Awesome pumps his fists Ultimate Warrior style.. ]]-


-[[ He storms off.. Skipper follows him, shaking his head.. ]]-

[ Elix Skipper ] What the fuck are you talkin' about, Mike!?

-[[ After a few seconds, the back door to the limousine opens and Layfield sticks his head out.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Are we leaving or not!?

-[[ And then he sees Orlando laid out across the hood.. ]]-


-[[ A pause.. He sees the blood draining off the side of the hood.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Orlando?

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Shit.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Jeff Jarrett, Lance Storm & Chris Masters versus Booker T. & Simon Dean
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Handicap Tag Match
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Lance Storm starts the match with Simon Dean.. They lock up quickly and Dean breaks the lock-up so that he can do jumping jacks with a big smile on his face.. Lance Storm looks back at his tag partners, not believing this.. And then bitch slaps Simon Dean right in the face! Simon Dean looks around, surprised.. "What was that for?!" Lance Storm answers him with a big right hand, followed by a chop! Storm backs Simon Dean into the ropes and chops him again.. He whips him off into the ropes and nails him with a high back body drop! Simon Dean springs up, clutching his back and Lance Storm drop kicks him in the back of the head! Storm makes a quick cover.. One! Two! Booker T. breaks the pin.. Lance Storm looks furious.. Storm pulls Simon Dean back up and pushes him into the turnbuckle.. Storm chops away at him and then begins slamming into him with knees to the gut.. Storm makes a tag to Chris Masters.. Masters storms in, yelling and flexing his pecs.. He pulls Simon Dean out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. POWER SLAM! "Yeah, baby!" He pulls Simon Dean up by his hair and Simon Dean elbows Masters in the gut, but Masters no-sells it and axe handles Simon Dean right in the forehead! Chris Masters picks Dean up and locks him in a front facelock.. And then begins drilling him with knees to the head and chest! And the final knees sends Simon Dean flying backward into his own corner! Booker T. makes the blind tag and charges in as a house of fire! Booker T. begins firing off lefts and rights into the Masterpiece! He backs him into the ropes and whips him off into the other side.. Clothesline! Masters is up! Another clothesline! Masters is back up again and Booker T. charges at him.. Spin kick! Masters goes down! Booker T. pulls him back up quickly and kicks him in the gut.. He hits the ropes and goes for the AXE KICK but Chris Masters sidesteps it and grabs Booker T. from behind with the MASTERLOCK but he doesn't get it fully locked in! Booker T. is fighting it! Masters can't get his fingers locked.. And Simon Dean charges in to break the hold but Lance Storm meets him halfway with a clothesline! Lance Storm yanks Dean up off of the mat and throws him outside the ring! And Booker T. kicks backward into Masters' crotch! Masters yells in pain and bends over.. Booker T. charges up behind Storm and dumps him over the top rope and to the floor! And he spins around.... AXE KICK ON MASTERS!! NO! Masters sidesteps this one and NAILS BOOKER T. WITH THE POLISH HAMMER!! Booker T. goes down in a heap and Masters sizes him up.... "MASTERLOCK TIME, BABY!!" And Jeff Jarrett tags himself in!! He pulls Booker T. up, hooks him.. STROKE! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Jeff Jarrett sits on his knees, pumping his fists like he just won the world championship! He stole the pin fall from his own partner! ]]-

Winners: Jeff Jarrett, Lance Storm & Chris Masters via Pin Fall

-[[ Jarrett continues celebrating as Chris Masters stands there and just stares at him, looking confused at what just happened.. Masters spins Jarrett around and pushes him. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] What the hell was that!?

Jarrett looks confused now. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I wanted to give him my Masterlock!

He locks his hands together and flexes his pecs.. Jarrett looks around.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I gave him the Stroke! I won the damn match!

Jarrett then shoves Masters back.. Masters looks down where Jarrett's hands touched him.. Masters looks back up at Jarrett, fire in his eyes. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] At Total Destruction.. The title is mine, Jeff.. And I'm going to win it.. With my Masterlock! Nobody breaks the Masterlock, Jarrett!

And then Masters yells. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Not even you!

He shoves Jarrett hard and just as Jarrett is ready to come back at Masters, Lance Storm blasts Masters from behind! Masters staggers forward and drops to one knee, clutching the back of his head.. Storm looks at Jarrett, shaking his head.. Storm makes the 'title belt' motion around his waist.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] It.. Will be mine.

Jarrett nods, a mocking smile on his face... And then he makes the title belt motion around his own waist.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I made the pin tonight.. I'll make it at Total Destruction!

Storm and Jarrett go face to face and it looks like they might begin throwing punches at any second, but before they can even exchange another heated word.. THE GLASS SHATTERS! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin charges down to the ring with the SGW World Championship in his hand! He flings it over the top rope and slides underneath the bottom rope! Lance Storm and Jarrett try to head him off but Austin immediately punches Jarrett down!! Austin and Storm begin trading punches like crazy, their hatred for each other blocking out their sense of pain! And then.. Chris Masters nails Austin from behind! Storm and Masters begin stomping and kicking away at Austin, pummeling him into the ground.. Jarrett is back up and he joins in on the beat down.. It seems that Jarrett, Storm and Masters have put their differences aside one more time to take out a common threat! Storm and Masters hold Austin up and Jarrett goes to town on him with punches to the head.. Jarrett and Storm switch places and Storm sizes Austin up..... For the SUPER KICK! Jarrett goes down flat and Jarrett backs up as Masters begins sizing up Austin himself..... ]]-


Austin slowly sits up and tries to stand.... And Chris Masters locks him right in the Masterlock effortlessly! Chris Masters begins whipping Austin around in the hold, trying to injure his neck.. And Ken Kennedy and the Big Show charge down to ringside!! Kennedy and the Big Show slide inside and Kennedy begins immediately trading punches with Jeff Jarrett!! He punches Jarrett into the ropes, takes a step back.. And clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! Chris Masters throws Austin down and collides with the Big Show! And the Big Show head butts him down! Chris Masters goes down like a ton of bricks! And the Big Show grabs Storm.. Another head butt! Storm rolls out of the ring and escapes up the ramp with Jarrett.. The Big Show then picks up Chris Masters.......... CHOKE SLAM! Steve Austin uses the ropes to pull himself up.. He doesn't seem to realize exactly what's happened yet.. Ken Kennedy walks over and picks up the SGW World Championship belt.. He walks up to Austin and taps him on the shoulder.. Austin turns around quickly, expecting the shots to come in.. But they don't.. Ken Kennedy stares Austin down.. And holds out the world championship belt..... Austin reluctantly grabs it out of his hand and stomps over to another corner, leaving Kennedy wondering what's going to happen.. Austin looks around the ring, seeing Masters laid out.. And Jarrett and Storm disappearing behind the curtain.. And he calls for beer.. They throw him one.. Two.. Three.. And he turns around.. And pauses, staring at Kennedy and the Big Show.. And he tosses one to the Big Show! And one to Kennedy! They all three crack their beers open and begin pouring them all over their faces, getting hardly any in their mouths.. Austin then stomps over and calls for a microphone.. He receives it.. ]]-


"HELL YEAH" Austin then looks at Kennedy and walks over to him.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well, son... Looks like ya' got your chance.

Austin slams his beer can together with Kennedy's.. ]]-

They drink. ]]-

Fade. ]]-

...and the next induction into the new hall of fame...

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