STROKE: Caged Heat | July 1st, 2006 | Live From: Mobile, Alabama | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ We cut to the backstage area where we see Lance Storm sitting in a folding chair, putting on his gear.. The SGW World title is resting over his knee as he straightens up his kick pads.... Storm appears to be fully into this mode, mentally prepping for his match with Austin later tonight.. He hears footsteps behind him.. Someone stops close.. Storm goes rigid, wondering if he should expect an attack.. But none ever comes.. He only hears the voice.. And immediately recognizes it.. He doesn't relax. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Lance.. Storm.. SGW World Champion...

-[[ He nods, smiling. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Das' cool.

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Know what else is cool, Lance Storm?

-[[ Storm doesn't answer him. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Carlito.. Unifying his belt.. With YOUR belt.. Next week.. On Stroke!

-[[ Carlito goes serious for a second.. ]]-

[ Carlito ] But most of all.. Carlito.. Getting revenge for you spitting in de' face of your home.. APW!

-[[ Storm stands up, grabbing the SGW title as he does.. He turns around and faces Carlito.. Carlito has the APW Championship over his shoulder.. He stands his ground as Storm goes face to face with him. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Let me make one thing perfectly clear, Carlito..

-[[ Dramatic pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] What I have done here in Solid Gold Wrestling.. Has nothing to do.. With All-Pro Wrestling.

-[[ Storm is dead serious.. Carlito has really gotten under his skin. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] My choice to come here.. Was not because I am anti-APW..

-[[ He points in Carlito's face.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Nor was it because I am pro-SGW..

-[[ Carlito looks around.. Storm takes a step forward, making Carlito take one back.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I am pro-wrestling.. Pro-world championships.....

-[[ And the exclamation point. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And pro-Lance Storm.

-[[ Carlito reaches behind him and pulls an apple from nowhere.. He tosses it in the air.. ]]-

[ Carlito ] You better take a step away from Carlito, Lance Storm.. Or--

-[[ He tosses it in the air again.. It doesn't come back down.. Carlito's eyes go wide.. He slowly turns around and sees the apple in someone else's hand.. A hand that belongs to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.... ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Or what, son?

-[[ Carlito stammers for words but Austin speaks before he does. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You gonna spit in his face?

-[[ Carlito opens his mouth but Austin stops him. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] ..What?

[ Carlito ] Carlito was--

[ Steve Austin ] ..WHAT?!

[ Carlito ] Carlito--

[ Steve Austin ] Were you gonna spit in the face of the SGW World Champion!?

-[[ Carlito is sweating bullets. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Because if ya' spit in the face of the SGW World Champion.. You're spittin' in the face of SGW!!

-[[ Austin gets right in Carlito's face.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] And that means you're spittin' in the face.. OF STONE COOOOLD.. STEVE AUSTIN!!

-[[ Spit flies from his mouth as he yells at Carlito.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] ..HELL YEAH!!

-[[ Carlito is breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Jeff Jarrett says.. You can not touch Carlito!

-[[ Austin almost laughs in his face.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Do you think I give a damn about Jeff Jarrett and his.. Orders!?

-[[ He suddenly snaps. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] HELL NO!!

-[[ Austin takes a big bite of Carlito's apple and begins chewing it.. He chews it for a while, Carlito knows what's coming.. Austin stops chewing, stares Carlito right in the face..... Carlito braces for it.. And Austin-- ......Swallows. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Get the hell out of my sight, kid.

-[[ Carlito takes his belt and walks away.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Pray to God it ain't me ya' face next week.

-[[ Carlito disappears around the corner.. Austin and Storm are left alone.. Austin looks at the belt and then up at Storm.. They lock eyes.. They clearly don't like each other.. But there's some semblance of respect here.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] No interference.. No bullshit.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Just us and that cage..

-[[ Storm doesn't break his gaze. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] That means whoever wins.. They deserve that belt..

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You ready for this?

-[[ Storm nods. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I am.

-[[ Austin stares him hard in the face, maybe hoping for some insecurities to show on Storm's face.. They don't. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] ...Good.

-[[ Austin takes one last look at the belt and turns to walk away.. As Austin walks away, we cut to another part of the backstage area where we see Carlito Caribbean Cool still escaping with his championship belt.. He looks furious that he's been disrespected and he kicks open the exit door and walks out into the parking lot... And he's suddenly blasted from behind.. BY ROB VAN DAM!! Rob Van Dam stands over Carlito in a pair of shorts.. And an 'APW' t-shirt.. Paul Heyman walks out of the shadows, smiling that Cheshire cat's grin... Carlito stares up at Van Dam and Heyman in shock.. Heyman walks closer, staring down at Carlito.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Carlito, Carlito, Carlito......

-[[ Heyman laughs. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] The audacity of you.. The BALLS!

-[[ Van Dam nods, looking pissed. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] APW World Champion? You're not the APW World Champion!

-[[ He points at Van Dam.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] This man.. Was the last REAL APW champion!!

-[[ Van Dam points at himself with his thumbs. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] ROB.. VAN.. DAM!!

-[[ Carlito clutches the belt tightly.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] And I've already had a word with Mister Jarrett.. And you're not facing the winner of the SGW World Title match next week.. OH NO!! You see.. What's fair is fair, Carlito.. And what's fair.. Is Rob Van Dam taking back what belongs to him.. NEXT WEEK ON STROKE!!

-[[ Van Dam smiles. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] And THAT.. Is cool!

-[[ He nods to himself.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] And of course, once you're out of the way.. Rob Van Dam will move on into the main event of the NEXT week's show.. And defeat the SGW World Champion.. To unify THAT belt.. With the REAL world title.. The APW WORLD TITLE!!

[ Rob Van Dam ] Main event of WrestleBrawl.. Here I come!

-[[ Heyman laughs, rubbing his hands together. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] See you next week... Champ!

-[[ He cackles loudly and walks away, leaving Carlito on the ground by himself.. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Dat.... Das NOT cool...

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Randy Orton versus John Cena
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Randy Orton and John Cena face off in the middle of the ring.. Orton has a big smile on his face.. John Cena looks dead serious.. Orton casually back hands Cena across the face and when Cena turns to get back in Orton's face, Orton nails him with a European uppercut!! Cena staggers backward and Orton jumps back on him.. Orton begins slugging away at Cena but Cena blocks a punch from Orton and begins nailing him with punches of his own!! Cena backs Orton into the ropes, punching away at him and Orton bounces off of the ropes right in a jumping hip toss from Cena!! Cena springs back up and pulls Orton to his feet.. Orton throws a wild punch and Cena ducks it, catching Orton from behind.. For a tilt-a-whirl POWER BOMB!! Cena springs back up, raising his hand in the air... And he ducks down into Orton's face.. "YOU CAN'T... SEE ME!" He hits the ropes.. FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!! Orton springs back up from the impact and Cena catches him........ F-U!! NO!! Orton slips out of it and Cena turns around.. RKO!! NO!! CENA PUSHES ORTON OFF AND OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!! Orton grabs his lower back and Charles Robinson leans over the ropes to check on him.. Cena stands back, smirking but ready for the match to continue.. Until he hears the ring rumble behind him.. He turns around.. KURT ANGLE!! Cena throws a clothesline but Angle ducks it.. ANGLE SLAM!! NO!! Cena slips out of it and hooks Angle...... F-U ON KURT ANGLE!! Angle rolls out of the ring, clutching his back and Cena turns around.. Face to face with Randy Orton! He's fine! RKO!! RKO!! RKO!! Orton covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE-- NO!! CENA KICKED OUT!! CENA KICKED OUT!! The fans are going ape shit!! Orton stands up, getting in Robinson's face.. And Orton begins shaking him around.. And he slaps him.. And Charles Robinson pushes Orton backward.. Into a school boy from Cena.. ONE! TWO! THREE! JOHN CENA HAS OVERCOME THE ODDS TO WIN THIS MATCH!! Randy Orton springs back up, waiting on Cena to stand up celebrating.. And Orton effortlessly nails him with the RKO!! ]]-

Winner: John Cena via Pin Fall

-[[ Orton leaves the ring where Cena is still laying... Kurt Angle slowly gets up on the outside and pulls himself up onto the apron.. He sees Cena begin to stir and push himself up... Slowly but surely, both men are standing in the ring... Cena turns around and sees Kurt Angle eye balling him.. Both men stare hard at the other.. And Cena wanders toward the ropes.. Calling for a microphone.. He receives it.. The fans are going nuts for Cena.. He slowly raises the microphone to his mouth, his eyes never leaving Angle... He speaks. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Is THAT.. The best you got, Kurt?

-[[ Angle has sweat pouring off of him, he's furious.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Because if.. THAT... Is the best you got...

-[[ Cena shrugs. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I might just have to KICK YO' ASS!!

-[[ Huge pop.. Angle grits his teeth, even more angry. ]]-

[ John Cena ] For weeks.. You been givin' me grief.. Why?

-[[ He shrugs again.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Iiiiiii don't know.

-[[ He walks closer to Angle now.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] You hit me wit' what ya' got.. And I'm still here..

-[[ He pounds his chest. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I'M STILL.. STANDIN'!!

-[[ Another big pop.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Let's get one thing straight, Kurt..

-[[ Kurt is shaking all over, he wants to destroy Cena.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Don't unda'estimate me.

-[[ They're almost nose to nose now.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] 'Cause these eyes you lookin' into right now.. These ain't the eyes of just.. Some otha' wrestler.. Nah.. It ain't like that.. You're starin' into the eyes of a desperate man... A man that's got nothin' to lose.. Everything to gain.. Surrounded by the enemy, the odds are stacked.. It ain't lookin' too good... But dammit, I ain't givin' up for nothin'!! Because jus' like our troops over in Iraq, I've got a goal.. I'M A SOLJA' FIGHTIN' MY WAY OUT!!

-[[ Cena is screaming in Angle's face now. ]]-


-[[ Cena immediately ducks down and scoops Angle up for the F-U.. But Colt Cabana hits the ring and Cena throws Angle aside and begins trading shots with Cabana!! Cena stomps Cabana into the corner and turns around and begins trading shots with Angle again!! John Cena whips Angle into the ropes.. FLYING HIP TOSS!! Cena springs back up, flailing his arms around.. Angle staggers back to his feet and Cena catches him... F-U!! NO!! NO!! THE SPIRIT SQUAD FLOODS INTO THE RING!! They take out Cena's legs and knock him down, forcing him to drop Angle again.. It's a five on one beat down as the Spirit Squad stomps away at Cena.. They spread him out on the mat...... HIGH SPIRIT!! Cena is out.. Cabana and Angle get their shots in and Angle grabs Cena's microphone.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You idiot, Cena.. You've got no integrity, no intensity.. No intelligence..

-[[ He yells. ]]-


-[[ Mikey and Colt Cabana hold up Cena so that Angle can grip his face and yell into it.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You little punk.. How dare you disrespect me!?

-[[ He screams. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I'M KURT ANGLE!!!!

-[[ Angle is spitting all over Cena as he speaks.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] As for that stipulation, Cena... It's not just.. Any match..

-[[ Angle smirks.. ]]-


-[[ Angle slaps Cena across the face.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And this is one war.. You CAN'T fight your way out of!

-[[ Angle takes a step back.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] It's true.. It's DAMN true!

-[[ He throws the microphone down.. ]]-

-[[ We fade up.. And your screen is filled with this graphic.. ]]-

-[[ When it fades, you see Shane Douglas sitting in a folding chair in the back, wearing only under a pair of white underwear and going to town on a bowl of Cheerios... Douglas sees the graphic on his monitor and spits Cheerios all over the screen, eyes wide, cheeks puffed out like an angry monkey.. Milk streams down his disgusting hairy chest and over his round stomach.... He finally speaks. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] ......FUCK!!!!

-[[ He smashes the bowl of Cheerios on the wall before gripping the sides of his head. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] ..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! FUCK NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

-[[ He begins to openly weep. ]]-

-[[ We fade up in the interview area where we see Chris Jericho standing by with Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon.. There's no interviewer present, this is all Jericho.. Jericho has a smug look on his face, obviously in street clothes as he doesn't have a match tonight..... Jericho begins to speak. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Hello, Solid Gold Wrestling fans.... Hi there!

-[[ His fake smile is greeted only with boos.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] We just thought we'd drop in.. Say hello.. And let you know, of course.. That..

-[[ He tilts his head back and yells. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Y2J IS BACK, BAY-BEE!!

-[[ He stops and stares into the camera.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] And I'm not here for Steve-O Austin.. He's old news.. You see.. He can hold on to that memory he has of beating me in my last match a few weeks ago.. Because now that's he's out of the main event thanks to my fellow Canadian, Lance Storm... He's going to need all the MEMORIES he can get, baby..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Because his glory days.. Are behind him..

-[[ He puts his hands on his hips, smiling that movie star smile. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] But Chris Jericho's glory days? Oh yeah.. They're right up ahead! They're right there! You can almost SEE THEM!! I GOTTA PUT ON SUN GLASSES, BECAUSE MY FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT, JERKY!!

-[[ Bischoff and Stephanie are taking great amusement in this.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] And once I win the WrestleBrawl battle royal and get my match for the world title.. I promise you.. SGW.. Will NEVER......... EEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRRR....... BE THE SAME...... A-GAIN!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Alex Shelley & Rob Conway versus Jack Evans & New Jack
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Alex Shelley begins the match with Jack Evans.. They lock up and Shelley takes him over in a headlock.. Evans begins elbowing out of it immediately and whips Shelley into the ropes.. Shelley comes back at him and Evans goes for a drop kick but Shelley casually side steps it and lets Evans land hard on the mat.. Shelley begins stomping away at him and then kicks him right in the ribs.. Evans grabs his side and yells in pain.. Shelley tags in Conway.. Conway pulls Evans up off of the mat and whips him into the ropes.. He ducks down for a back body drop but Evans kicks him right in the head, knocking his glasses off!! Conway sees the pieces on the mat and Evans hits the ropes to come back at him.. But Conway snaps and tears his head off with a sickening lariat!! Evans lands right on his head and Conway covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- Evans gets a shoulder up.. Conway begins slugging him in the head repeatedly and then pulls him up.. He lifts Evans in the air.. And drops him with a vertical suplex.. Conway makes another tag to Shelley.. Shelley immediately begins climbing the ropes.. And he dives off with a DOUBLE STOMP onto Evans!! He makes a cover.. One! Two! Thr-- New Jack breaks the pin!! New Jack pulls Shelley off of Evans and begins pummeling with lefts and rights!! New Jack gets Shelley reeling and he hits the ropes to go after him again.. But COLT CABANA AND JOEY RYAN pull New Jack out of the ring!! Scott James tries telling them to leave him alone, but while his back is turned, Russo throws his baseball bat to Conway!! Conway gets in the ring and BLASTS Jack Evans with the bat right in the face at the same time as Alex Shelley chop blocks him!! Conway discards the bat and Shelley forces Scott James to turn around.. Shelley covers him.. One! Two! Three!! God dammit, was the bat shot even NECESSARY!!? Of course not.. The match was already won!! Cabana and Joey Ryan both lift New Jack up.. And guillotine him over the guardrail!! New Jack lands and holds his throat.. And both guys grabs New Jack.. And force him hard, back first into the ring steps!! Cabana and Joey Ryan leave through the crowd as Shelley, Conway and Russo celebrate their victory. ]]-

Winners: Alex Shelley & Rob Conway via Pin Fall

-[[ Randy Orton is walking through the backstage area with a smug look on his face.. He's obviously pissed over the outcome to his match, not caring in the least that it was all his fault.. Everyone avoids Orton, still not fully knowing what he's all about since his big return.. He stops in front of his dressing room and as he places his hand on the door knob, he's tapped on the shoulder.. Orton turns around and his face is immediately washed over with confusion.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] The hell are you?

You only a see a man in a black hoody.. He's got a package in his hand.. Wrapped up like a Christmas gift, complete with a big orange bow.. The man in the hoody pushes the box into Orton's hands and turns around to walk away.. As he turns toward the camera, he removes the hoody and you immediately recognize the man... What the hell? Tommy Dreamer? Tommy Dreamer disappears from the camera shot as Orton looks down at the box.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ..Whatever.

Orton opens his dressing room door and walks inside.. He places the box on his vanity table and begins carefully unwrapping it.. He opens up the box inside and smiles when he sees what's inside... He reaches both hands in and lifts the object out.. The Taz urn.. The remains of the man he killed all those months ago.. Orton shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] How thoughtful.

Orton shakes the urn, there's still ashes inside. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Time to kill you once and for all, buddy..

Orton turns toward his bathroom.. He opens the door and admires himself in the bathroom mirror, holding the urn.. A laugh escapes Orton's mouth as he turns toward the toilet.. He's going to flush Taz once and for all, finishing what he started so long ago.. Orton has a big smile on his face as he unscrews the lid of the urn and as it comes off........ ]]-

BANG! ]]-

Sparks fly from the urn and smoke begins billowing out of it.. Orange smoke!! Orton staggers back, dropping the urn.. Orton stops in front of his mirror and begins running his sink.. He splashes his face with water, trying to fight off the heat from the small explosion.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] What the hell... God dammit!!

He tries waving the smoke out of his face, staring into the mirror.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ..I am not the man.. With whom you want to play.. Practical jokes!!

The smoke begins to clear.. There's a figure behind Orton in the mirror but he doesn't see it yet.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I'm the Legend Killer.. I am.. The Godsend.. I.. Am not.. A JOKE!!

And the figure becomes clear.. Orton's eyes go wide.... Oh.. My.. Holy.. God!! ]]-

TAZ!!!!!! ]]-

Taz springs onto Orton's back.. TAZMISSION!! TAZMISSION ON RANDY ORTON!! HOLY SHIT, TAZ IS BACK!! TAZ WHIPS ORTON AROUND IN THE TAZMISSION!! HOW.. IN THE FUCK.. IS TAZ ALIVE!?! ORTON GOES LIMP IN THE TAZMISSION AND TAZ SLINGS HIM FORWARD INTO THE SINK, SHATTERING THE PORCELAIN!! Orton lays unconscious on the bathroom floor.. Taz stands over him, breathing heavily.. Taz kneels down over Orton's body.. ]]-

[ TAZ ] I could kill you right now, mutha' fucka'..

Taz smiles a sadistic smile.. ]]-

[ TAZ ] But not now.. Not tonight..

Taz slowly stands up, still staring down at Orton.. ]]-

[ TAZ ] The so-called GODSEND... Is HELLBOUND..

Taz's voice rises.. ]]-


Taz turns and leaves the room as Orton lays motionless on the floor.. My God, Taz has returned, just as Orton did at Total Destruction.. How in the hell has Taz returned?! After a fiery death and weeks of desecration.. How!? HOW!? And what does this mean for the rest of Solid Gold Wrestling!? ]]-

Matt Morgan versus Rey Mysterio
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Mysterio stands face to stomach with Morgan, staring up at him.. Morgan stares down at Mysterio, smiling evilly.. And he pie faces Mysterio down!! Mysterio lays flat on his back, looking up at Morgan in shock.. Morgan flexes his muscles and yells.. Mysterio slowly pushes himself up and runs at Morgan! Morgan lunges at him but Mysterio baseball slides between his legs and stands up.. He drop kicks Morgan in the back, sending Morgan crashing toward the ropes.. But Morgan grips the top rope and turn around.. Just in time to catch Mysterio in a flying cross body!! Morgan walks him out into the center of the ring.. And plants him with a body slam!! Morgan pulls Rey up to his feet and lifts him high.. Into a gorilla press!! Morgan walks around with him, smiling.. And then drops him right on his face.. Rey grabs his ribs and moans in pain.. Morgan grabs Mysterio by the back of his neck.. And slides him across the ring and underneath the bottom rope!! Rey goes head first into the guardrail!! Morgan follows him out, stepping over the top rope.. He pulls Mysterio back up and lifts him high.. And drops him hard onto the ring apron face first! Morgan then pulls him up.. Gorilla presses him.. And throws him over the top rope back inside the ring!! Morgan follows him in and pulls him back to his feet.. He yanks Mysterio's head between his legs and lifts him up.. AND MARK HENRY BLASTS HIM FROM BEHIND!! Rey goes flying.. Matt Morgan goes down to one knee.. Mark Henry slings Matt Morgan off his feet and lifts him up..... WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM ON MATT MORGAN!! Mark Henry stands over him, looking pissed.. And he picks up Rey Mysterio and GORILLA PRESSES HIM OVER HIS HEAD!! Mark Henry drops him, catches him.. WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM ON REY MYSTERIO!! Mark Henry begins dragging the two men close together in the middle of the ring.. And Johnny Nitro and Trinity get in the ring... Johnny Nitro walks over with a cocky look on his face and lays across both men.. He orders Cordaris to count.. Mark Henry strong arms him a bit and he finally does.. One! Two! Three! JOHNNY NITRO has won this match!? What the hell is going on here!? ]]-

Winner: Johnny Nitro via Pin Fall(???)

-[[ We cut to a dressing room where we see Vince Russo, Alex Shelley and Rob Conway.. Vince Russo is pacing back and forth, nodding... Rubbing his hands together.. He's got something on his mind.. Alex Shelley has a folding chair turned backward, sitting in it, resting his arms on the back of it.. He watches Russo as he paces, a camera dangling from one of his hands.. Rob Conway is toying with his cell phone, still wearing his sun glasses.. Conway's eyes don't leave the phone when Russo begins speaking.. Meanwhile, Shelley listens intently. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I got it.. I fuckin' got it!

[ Alex Shelley ] What've you got, Ru?

[ Vince Russo ] ..The next fuckin' step! That's what!

-[[ Shelley stands up, using his foot to kick the chair out of the way.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] Cool! Let me get this on tape!

-[[ He raises the camera.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I've decided.. WrestleBrawl.. Is gonna be OUR night..

-[[ He notices Conway still toying with his phone.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Conway... You mind?

-[[ Conway looks up, shaking his head. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Nah.

-[[ He goes back to his phone.. Russo clears his throat.. Conway looks back up.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Oh.. Yeah.. You meant.. Yeah.. I get it.

-[[ Conway puts the phone away.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Continue.

[ Vince Russo ] I fuckin' will.. Thank you.

-[[ And he does. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I want us leavin' wit' double gold..

-[[ Conway nods.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] Double gold?

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah.. Double gold.. Not only do I want Shelley walkin' out with the unified title.. I want more.. I want everyone that sees that fuckin' pay-pa-view to know that I ain't blowin' smoke out my ass by sayin' you guys are tha' fuckin' future... And I want both of ya' to not only walk out with belts.. I want the both of ya'.. To make a fuckin' mark..

-[[ He pauses.. They wait for him to explain.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Shelley's make a damn big mark when he unifies the Gimmick title with the Hardcore title.. But Conway.. I'm gonna make sure ya' make a damn big mark ya'self... Last week.. At Total Destruction.. Raven unified that Inta'continental title with the United States title.. And on top o' that.. He's the longest reignin' Inta'continental champion eva'... And dammit, he's on his way to bein' the longest reignin' champion of any kind EVA'..

-[[ Conway lowers his sun glasses to the tip of his nose.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] You're giving me an Intercontinental title shot?

[ Vince Russo ] I'm puttin' history right in ya' damn hands.

-[[ Conway smiles.. Shelley just sits in awe, filming this.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' just gotta.. Grab it.

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The end o' his reign.. Is the beginnin' o' your career..

-[[ There's a silence in the room... Shelley sighs, still holding the camera.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen..

-[[ Conway/Raven at WrestleBrawl II!? ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Ken Kennedy versus The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Ken Kennedy and the Rock circle each other for a moment and then lock up.. They fight over it for a bit and then the Rock grabs Kennedy in a headlock.. Kennedy backs the Rock into the ropes and whips him off.. The Rock comes back at him and Kennedy goes for a clothesline but the Rock ducks it and when Kennedy turns around, the Rock kicks him in the gut and nails him with a DDT! The Rock pulls Kennedy back to his feet and backs him into the corner.. The Rock begins punching away at him, stops, spits in his hand.. And then nails Kennedy one more time!! The Rock backs up, waiting on Kennedy to stagger out of the corner.. And he catches Kennedy coming out... SPINE BUSTER! The Rock turns around and kicks Kennedy in the shoulder.. He hits the ropes.. Jumps Kennedy.. Hits the other.. PEOPLE'S ELBOW-- NO! Kennedy rolls out of the way!! The Rock springs back up and Kennedy's already up.. The Rock throws a punch but Kennedy blocks it and hooks the Rock and lifts him onto his shoulders.. He takes a few steps.. And drops the Rock with a standing senton!! Kennedy springs back up and hits the ropes.... He begins climbing and stands there for a second, smiling...... KENTON BOMB!! He covers the Rock!! One! Two! Three!! Ken Kennedy has won this decisively! ]]-

Winner: Ken Kennedy via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut to the parking lot where we see Matt Striker and Shannon Moore loading their gear into the trunk of their car.. Striker is already back in his street clothes, looking ready to leave.. Striker makes sure everything is in place and shuts the trunk.. He turns around and looks at the building.. ]]-

[ Shannon Moore ] What's wrong?

-[[ Striker shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Nothing, Shannon..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] I'm just.. Thinking.

-[[ Shannon Moore looks confused.. ]]-

[ Shannon Moore ] About what?

[ Matt Striker ] About what happens from here.. From Total Destruction.

-[[ Moore nods.. ]]-

[ Shannon Moore ] ..Oh.

-[[ Striker turns to Moore.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] The sensei is hurt, Shannon..

[ Shannon Moore ] I know..

-[[ Striker shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] No, you don't.

-[[ Striker turns back to the building.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] He's hurt.. Not in the way you're thinking.

-[[ Striker taps his chest.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Here..

-[[ And then taps his temple. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] ..Here.

-[[ He looks back at Moore.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Understand?

-[[ Moore nods.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] The people of Solid Gold Wrestling have no idea what awaits them when Matt Hardy is well-enough to return to action.. No idea, whatsoever.. But that is why I'm here, Shannon.. While Matt Hardy rests and heals and prepares for his eventual return to glory... To claim the championship that should have been his at Total Destruction.. I will be here.. On Stroke, week after week.. To remind the ignorant masses of his return..

-[[ Moore listens.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] To teach them.. That Matt Hardy and his ideals.. That Mattitude.. Is the way.

-[[ Striker seems passionate about this. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] The sensei's contributions.. His sacrifices he made at Total Destruction.. Will not be forgotten.

-[[ He turns and climbs inside the vehicle.. Moore follows.. What is this leading to? ]]-

-[[ The dressing room door swings open and Randy Orton staggers out, gasping for air.. He uses the door frame to pull himself up.. He looks like he's seen a ghost... Terrified... Orton staggers out of the room and slams into the wall with his shoulder... ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ..Taz...... Taz....

-[[ He covers his face with his hands.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] .....TAZ!!

-[[ He wanders out into the hall some more, staggering down toward the corner and occasionally touches his throat where he was choked unconscious earlier tonight.. Orton is totally fucked up.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Not real..... Not.. Real..

-[[ And as he rounds the corner...... WHAM!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Randy Orton goes down, unconscious for the second time tonight.... Shawn Michaels stands over him, no amusement on his face at all.... ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Told you I'd get ya' for you did to Chyna's bags..

-[[ Michaels spits on Orton. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] See you next week.

-[[ Michaels leaves. ]]-

Lance Storm(c) versus "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Title on the Line: SGW World Heavyweight Championship
Stipulation: Steel Cage Match - Pin Fall | Submission | Escape
Referees: Scott James & Mike Chioda

-[[ Lance Storm and Steve Austin stand in their respective corners as the cage is lowered around them.. Storm has the World Championship around his waist.. He unsnaps it and hands it to Scott James.. Scott James raises the title in the air and then hands it out the cage door to Mike Chioda, who passes it off to the time keeper.. The cage is set firmly in place and James calls for the bell to begin the match.. Austin and Storm emerge from the corners and circle each other for a bit... There's a feeling out process and then they lock-up.. They fight over it and Austin forces Storm back against the ropes, bending him over the top until his head touches the cage... There's no disqualifications, so the referee can't call for a break.. Storm frees one of his hand and and rakes Austin's eyes.. Austin staggers back a bit and Storm begins nailing him with forearms to the side of the head until Austin hits the ropes on the opposite side.. Storm whips him off and Austin comes back at him and Storm drops down for Austin to jump over him but Austin just stops.. And stomps Storm right in the back! Austin begins stomping away like crazy and he pulls Storm up off of the mat and grabs him by the head.. He runs.. And slams Storm face first into the cage!! Storm reels backward from the impact and Austin takes him by the head again.. He runs.. And slams Storm face first into the other side!! Storm slowly turns around, a thin stream of blood running his forehead and off the tip of his nose.. Austin takes Storm by the head again and runs for another side but Storm reverses it and whips Austin face first into the steel!! Austin staggers back, wiping at his head frantically and Storm trips him, taking his legs out from under him.. It looks like he's going for a Boston crab.. But.. NO! He SLING SHOTS Austin into the steel!! Austin hangs there on the cage for a second and then slowly falls off and lands on the mat, cradling his head.. Lance Storm is up, wiping his face off and he pulls Austin up off of the mat, revealing Austin's already wearing the crimson mask! Storm punches Austin a few times and then knees him in the gut before he whips him into the ropes.. But Austin comes back and rips off Storm's head with a clothesline! Storm staggers back up just in time see Austin coming off the ropes once more... THESZ PRESS! PUNCHES! Austin springs back up, waving his hands around like he's calling for a beer.. Storm slowly rolls over and Austin begins sizing him up, motioning for him to get up.. Storm is up to one knee and he stands.. He slowly turns around as the fans buzz in anticipation for Austin's next attack..... Storm turns.. MIDDLE FINGER! KICK WHAM-- STORM CATCHES THE BOOT! And he doesn't even give Austin enough time to register what just happened before he rips him down with the DRAGON SCREW! Austin lands hard and grabs his leg.. Storm is up quick and immediately begins stomping away at Austin's leg.. Storm stops and pulls Austin's leg up.. He tries to turn him over into the Straight Shooter, but Austin fights it.. Storm begins kicking Austin straight in the back, trying to turn him over, but Austin reaches up and grabs Storm by the hair..... Small package! One! Two! Thr-- Storm kicks out! Storm and Austin both get up, Austin limping a bit and Storm immediately drop kicks him in the leg!! Austin goes back down and Storm drags Austin toward the ropes.. He drapes Austin's leg over the bottom rope and begins pulling it, trying to hyperextend it.. Austin is yelling in pain, pawing at Storm's back, trying to get him to stop but Storm isn't being denied.. Storm stands up and puts his boot on Austin's knee.. He begins pushing down on it, trying to injure it.. And then he uses the bottom rope for momentum and jumps up to drop his ass on Austin's knee, but Austin gets it out of the way and Storm lands hard on his ass! Austin rolls back up to his feet, hopping a bit and grabs Storm from behind.. He yanks him up off of the mat and nails him with a big right hand!! Storm staggers back into the turnbuckle and Austin begins punching away at him.. Austin nails him with a knee to the gut and begins stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry!! Austin leaves Storm in a heap and then turns around, yelling "OH HELL YEAH!" before he returns and begins stomping Storm down again!! Austin turns back around, the fans are going nuts... And Storm pulls himself up quickly.. And clips Austin's knee!! Austin goes down and Storm stares down at him, wiping the blood from his face again.. Storm grabs Austin's leg, lifts it up.. And drives it down knee first into the mat.. Austin lays there, clutching it and yelling in pain.. Storm walks over to the door and motions for them to open it up so he can walk out but Mike Chioda is having trouble getting the lock undone.. Storm shakes his head and heads for the turnbuckle.. He climbs up and pulls himself onto the top of the cage.. Storm slowly starts to climb over to the other side, but Austin is already up.. Austin slowly makes his way over and climbs the turnbuckles.. Storm is over the other side but Austin grabs him by the head and tries to pull him back over.. Austin climbs up a bit, throwing one leg over the cage.. They both fight it out on the top and Austin grabs Storm's face.. And slams him down into the steel!! Storm slowly sits up and starts to slump back but Austin holds him up and nails him with a big right hand... Austin goes to climb back over into the ring and he takes Storm by the head.. He hooks him.. Oh my God.. No.. He can't do it! SUPERPLEX OFF OF THE CAGE!! Both men lay motionless upon impact... Scott James begins the mandatory ten count......... ONE! TWO! No movement.. THREE! FOUR!! Austin begins to stir a bit.. FIVE.. SIX!! Austin slowly begins to crawl over to Storm.... SEVEN! EIGHT!! Austin puts a hand on Storm's chest.. ONE! TWO! THREE-- NO!! STORM GOT A SHOULDER UP!! Austin sits up slowly on his ass.. He looks shocked.. Storm rolls over onto all fours.. Austin gets up, still hopping.. He takes Storm by the head and pulls him up.. He runs and rams Storm into the cage again!! Storm bounces off and remains standing, looking out of his head and Austin hits the ropes as Storm turns around.. THESZ PRESS!! But Austin immediately rolls off of him, clutching his knee!! Austin hurt his own knee on the move!! Storm immediately springs up like nothing in wrong and quickly grabs Austin's leg.. STRAIGHT SHOOTER!! HE HOOKS IT IN!! Austin tries to push himself up with his hands but Storm sits back harder on the move!! Austin tries pushing himself up again, yelling loudly... AND HE POWERS STORM OUT OF IT!! Storm gets sent forward and he looks surprised.. Austin is using the ropes to pull himself up.. And Storm charges at him but Austin turns and sees him coming.. KICK WHAM STUNNER!! Austin lays there for a bit, breathing heavily.. But he's close to the door.. He motions for Chioda to open it.. Chioda fumbles with the lock again and this time.. IT COMES OFF! Chioda opens the door and Austin slowly crawls for the door.. Austin grips the bottom rope and pulls himself up.. Austin steps through the ropes and walks out the door.. He walks out onto the steps and all he has to do is touch the floor!! He turns around and sees Storm slowly sitting up, more blood pouring down his face.. Austin looks at the floor.. Back at Storm.. Then the floor........ Then Storm..... The fans are roaring..... AUSTIN IS GOING BACK INTO THE CAGE!! He doesn't want some cheap escape victory!! Austin begins sizing Storm up again, smirking, waiting for Storm to stand... Storm rolls over and slowly gets to his feet.. Austin looks him dead in the eyes.. MIDDLE FINGERS!! KICK WHAM STUNNER-- As soon as Austin turns around, Storm drops and school boys him!! ONE! TWO! THREE-- NO!! Austin kicked out!! Storm springs up and makes a mad dash for the still-open door, but Austin is up quickly and rams into Storm from behind as Chioda tries closing the door.. And both men slam head first into the steel cage door!! Both men fly backward and land side by side with an arm over the other..... One..... Two.......... Three! It's a double pin!! Both men are down for the count!! The fans boo the decision, but.. That's the only call the referee could make.. ]]-

Winner: Double Pin
[ Lance Storm retains ]

-[[ Once the cage has been raised, Mike Chioda enters the ring with the championship belt in his hand.. He walks toward Storm with it, but Austin slowly gets up and he turns Chioda around, staring him right in the eyes.. Chioda looks nervous, swallows hard.. And Austin gives him the double bird! KICK WHAM STUNNER ON MIKE CHIODA!! Austin pops right back up and grabs the SGW World Title off of the mat.. Austin looks down at the belt as Storm slowly stands, staring Austin down... The fans are buzzing in anticipation, wondering what Austin is going to do.. He turns toward Storm and the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife... Austin walks up to Storm, holding the championship in a way that he could nail Storm with it at any second.. Storm stands his ground as Austin approaches him.. They stand face to face, the fans are chanting "KICK HIS ASS! KICK HIS ASS!" Austin looks around at them, he smirks and then turns back to Storm, a dead serious look on his face.. And then, without warning he... Shoves the world title into Storm's chest.. Storm reaches up and grabs the championship.. Austin takes a step back, looking almost relieved.. Storm's face is still one of stone.. The fans begin clapping this show of respect, despite it being slightly uncharacteristic for Austin.. Storm and Austin's eyes remain on each other.. Austin turns and drops onto his back and rolls out of the ring.. Austin backs up the ramp, still watching Storm.. Storm raises the championship in the air to another mixed reaction.. Storm goes corner to corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and raising the championship over his head.. He climbs back down from the last one and begins to strap the title around his waist.. He turns around to-- SPEAR!! Lance Storm goes down in a heap.. Edge kneels over him, smiling.. The fans immediately begin booing loudly.. The fans begin chanting "AUSTIN! AUSTIN! AUSTIN!" Edge looks up at the ramp.. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is standing on the stage, staring down the ramp at what's occurring in the ring.. Edge stands up, motioning for Austin to come on down.. The fans are buzzing with anticipation.. Austin then takes a couple steps forward to a huge pop.. And then stops dead in his tracks.. Austin smirks.. And then flips the double bird toward the ring! What the fuck!? Austin slowly turns and walks to the back.. Edge laughs and then drops down next to Storm.. And begins punching him in the head, causing more blood to flow from the wounds Austin gave him.. Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko enter the ring.. Trish has the All-Star Championship Wrestling world title over her shoulder.. Edge calls for a microphone and hands it to Trish Stratus.. In turn, he takes the ACW World title and holds it in the air.. Trish begins speaking in her best game show host voice.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Edge.. Last week, you defeated your brother.. A man no one in this company could even come CLOSE to beating! Among your prizes... You got the ACW World Heavyweight Championship.. Your own personal problem solver, Tyson Tomko...... And hot, torrid sex.. With yours truly!

Edge leans into the microphone.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You're right.. I DID GET THE SEX!! HA HA HA!!

The fans begin booing loudly. ]]-


He smiles mischievously.. ]]-


Trish laughs, biting the tip of her finger.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Edge... After all of that.. What are you going to do next?

Edge shrugs.. Reaches down and picks up Storm's SGW World Title.. He raises both championship belts in the air and leans down into Trish's microphone.. He shouts.. ]]-


Boos.. ]]-

Close in on Edge clutching both titles and fade. ]]-

...and the next induction into the new hall of fame...

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