STROKE: The Road to WrestleBrawl | July 15th, 2006 | Live From: Providence, Rhode Island | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Match
Ron Harris
def. Al Snow via Pin Fall
Orlando Jordan
def. AJ Styles via Pin Fall
The Sandman
def. The Zombie via Pin Fall

-[[ The SGW logo fades up.. And away. ]]-

You're immediately greeted with the sight of thousands of fans, jam-packed into the arena, screaming in excitement.. And their screams of excitement only become louder when RAVEN's music hits! The show is getting off to a shocking start already as Raven makes his long awaited return to SGW television! Raven walks out onto the stage with the SGW Intercontinental Championship around his waist... He's wearing jeans and a 'Doors' t-shirt underneath his leather jacket.. His plaid shirt is tied around his waist loosely... Raven stands on the stage as the fans quickly get to their feet and begin giving him a standing ovation, something they've not been allowed to do since he disappeared after Total Destruction.. Alexis Laree walks out after him, no bouncing, no joy.. She hangs closely around him as they make their way toward the ring but she doesn't dare touch him.. They enter the ring and Raven stands in the middle of it, looking out at the fans as they cheer him and chant his name.. He wipes his nose and calls for a microphone.. He receives it, placing one hand in his pocket, he raises the microphone with the other.. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..The sentiment is appreciated but that's not why I'm out here tonight.

-[[ The fans quiet down as Raven stands there, silent for a moment. ]]-

[ Raven ] As you can all probably assume.. I'm out here tonight.. To answer a challenge.

-[[ A small pop.. The fans begin buzzing in anticipation. ]]-

[ Raven ] So.. Vince Russo.. You mentally deficient half-wit....

-[[ Another small pop.. Raven removes his hand from his pocket and throws out it out to his side.. ]]-

[ Raven ] ......Here I am.

-[[ He lowers his hands to his sides.. There's a long pause as everyone wonders what's going to happen next.. And then.. The instrumental version of "Iron Man" hits.. Vince Russo walks out onto the stage with his baseball bat in one hand and a microphone in the other..... He stands on the stage with a big smile on his face.. Before you can wonder what Russo is thinking by rolling alone, he turns around and motions toward the back.. And in seconds, he's followed out by Alex Shelley, with the Gimmick Championship around his waist, and Rob Conway.... Alex Shelley sets his camera up on a tripod and makes sure it's directed right at the ring.... Vince Russo raises his microphone and begins to speak. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I didn't think ya'd have da' balls to show tonight, Raven..

-[[ The rumblings of some slight boos can be heard. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ..Because.. If I was faced with what ya' gotta deal with.. I wouldn't be here!

-[[ Raven stands there, showing no emotional reaction.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] But I guess Matt Hardy was right..

-[[ Russo shrugs.. The fans boo Hardy's name. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] If ya' wanna get through to little Scotty Levy.....

-[[ "OOOoooo" from the crowd.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You gotta go through his SLUT!

-[[ The fans boo loudly.. Alexis looks at Raven like she expects him to say something.. But he doesn't. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And believe me.. If it wasn't for Chris Benoit.....

-[[ Rob Conway leans into the microphone, pulling his shades down to the tip of his nose.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] I would've went ALL..

-[[ He points down at his crotch. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Through.. That slut!

-[[ Raven immediately begins power walking toward the ropes and jumps through the middle and top ropes, landing on his feet on the floor.. He begins stomping up the ramp to a huge pop, leaving Alexis in the ring.. But Rob Conway takes the microphone from Russo and begins yelling. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Hold it right there, Raven!!

-[[ Raven stops in his tracks.. Several feet away from them.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] If you take another step.. You won't make it to WrestleBrawl Two..

-[[ He yells. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Because I'll end your damn career!!

-[[ Conway removes his sun glasses and hangs them on his tights. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Two weeks ago.. Vince Russo put HISTORY in my hands!! He laid the groundwork for the biggest Intercontinental Title match of all time.... Raven...... Versus.. ME!! "THE CONMAN!!!"

-[[ Loud boos.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] I don't like you, Raven.. And I damn sure don't respect you.. But I'm not stupid.. You're the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of all time.. And the end of your reign..... Will be the beginning of MY career!!

-[[ Conway smiles.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] And believe me.. Your reign.. WILL end..

-[[ More boos.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Because.. By hook.. Or by.. Ha ha.. Crook.... The Conman.. ALWAYS wins!!

-[[ Conway calms down a bit, still smiling.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] So.. What's it gonna be, Raven?

-[[ Raven looks down.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Are you willing to walk into WrestleBrawl Two.. Right into certain defeat!?

-[[ Conway laughs. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Wait.. Defeat? How about HUMILIATION?!

-[[ He points at Raven.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Because that's what I'll do to you.. Humiliate you!!

-[[ Raven raises his microphone, still looking down.. ]]-

[ Raven ] The end of this reign doesn't.. And never will.. Concern you, Rob Conway..

-[[ Conway immediately looks pissed. ]]-

[ Raven ] But as for the match at WrestleBrawl..

-[[ Raven shrugs. ]]-

[ Raven ] I'll humor you.

-[[ Rob Conway raises the microphone to talk but Vince Russo yanks the microphone out of his hand. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Humor us? You cocky shit..

-[[ Russo takes a few steps down the ramp.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Humor.. US! Fuck you, Raven! We humor YOU! Ya' just lucky I'm even bookin' a god damn match between you and da' Conman instead o' just takin' that belt from you and puttin' it around his fuckin' waist.... Because everybody knows.. You, me, the fuckin' fans..... YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS MAN!!

-[[ Russo then yells loudly. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Hell.. Ya' so busted up from ya' match at Total Destruction......

-[[ He finishes.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] YA' COULDN'T EVEN BEAT ME!!!

-[[ Shelley and Conway laugh, agreeing with Russo... And then Raven raises his own microphone.. ]]-

[ Raven ] That's your problem, Russo.. You're a psychopathic megalomaniac.. With delusions of grandeur.. Ever since I got here in Solid Gold Wrestling, I've proved all of the critics wrong without even trying.. Why? Because I don't care.. I didn't show up with a goal, I showed up to wrestle.. Because wrestling is my mistress.. It's the one thing that keeps me from blowing my brains out at night.. Everything I have.. I've won on my own and at WrestleBrawl Two, I will overcome anything that is thrown at me.. Whether it be Rob Conway, Alex Shelley or both of them at the same time.. The fact of the matter is.. If you wanted a match so badly.. All you had to do was ask and I would have gladly given it to you.. What you did last week was uncalled for and reprehensible.. And now, what could have been a decent, back and forth match on the grandest stage of them all.. Is going to be nothing short of a blood bath as I take back everything you and your mindless, sex obsessed cronies have tried to rob me of over the past two weeks.....

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Raven ] And as for you beating me..

-[[ Raven laughs out loud, long and hard. ]]-

[ Raven ] You and I both know, Russo.. You couldn't beat me if I was a quadriplegic.. With both hands tied behind my back!

-[[ He laughs again... Russo slowly raises his microphone.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' serious.. When ya' say 'dat, right?

-[[ Raven wipes his nose.. Still chuckling. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..Yeah.. I am.

-[[ Russo lowers his head, smiling... He scratches the back of his head.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Then.. I guess tonight.. We're gonna see ya' put ya' money.. Where ya' mouth is..

-[[ ...What? Raven looks interested.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tonight, Raven.. Ya' gonna wrestle.. Wit' both hands.. TIED BEHIND YA' BACK!!

-[[ Loud boos.. Raven looks around.. What's he gotten himself into? ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And ya' opponent..... Is gonna be.... VINCE.. RUSSO!!

-[[ The fans erupt in boos.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And just so ya' don't think there's a swerve.. My boys are banned from ringside.. And so are yours! It's just me and you, Raven.... One on one!! And I'm gonna kick.. Your.. Ass!!

-[[ The fans boo even louder.. Russo turns and walks up the ramp, taking The Pulse with him, leaving Raven on the ramp, wondering what the hell he's going to do now... ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The backstage area.. ]]-

-[[ Jillian Hall is standing just outside Jeff Jarrett's office, scribbling something on her clipboard.. She puts her hand on the door to enter when she feels a presence behind her.. She slowly turns around to see Samoa Joe standing over her, staring down at her.. She smiles nervously, holding the clipboard tightly to her chest. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Can I help you?

-[[ Joe is straight and to the point. ]]-

[ Samoa Joe ] I hear there's an opening in a match at WrestleBrawl.. Maria needs a tag team partner to face Colt Cabana and Shane Douglas..... I've been watchin' from the side.. I don't like Colt Cabana.. I don't like Shane Douglas.. And I definitely don't like their boss man, Kurt Angle.. If the spot is still available... I want it.

-[[ She laughs slightly, quietly almost. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I can't just stick you in a high profile match on the biggest pay-per-view of the year.. Joe.

-[[ Joe raises his head a bit, looking down at her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You have to earn those spots.. 'Kay?

-[[ She looks back down at her clipboard and begins writing again.. And then she looks back up.. Joe is still there. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You can leave now.

-[[ A pause.. She looks back down. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Idiot.

-[[ And then she's covered in foam.. And the reek of beer hits her.. She looks up, furious.. And the man she sees next to Joe doesn't calm her one single bit..... She screams at him. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You... You.... ASSHOLE!!

[ The Sandman ] 'Sup, tits?

[ Jillian Hall ] ...WHAT!?

-[[ He smashes the beer can on his forehead, getting it all over himself, her and Joe.. Joe doesn't seem to mind so much, lightly dabbing at his face with the towel he wears around his neck... She stands there, shaking with anger.. She looks at Joe then at Sandman.. Then back to Joe.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You want the spot, Joe? Then you beat him in a match next week on Stroke..

-[[ She points at the Sandman. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And if you lose, Joe.. He's getting your SPOT on the pay-per-view..

-[[ Sandman spits beer on her clipboard, smiling.. He's completely drunk.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ..Fuck you, Joe.. Ain't shit..

-[[ Joe looks at Jillian, smiling. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Kick his ass... Please?

-[[ Joe shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Samoa Joe ] Next week.

-[[ Joe turns and walks away, leaving Sandman and Jillian.. The Sandman slumps against the wall, pouring beer down his throat, he slumps down on his ass, looking relaxed.. Jillian looks disgusted and turns around to enter the officer again, but someone taps her on the shoulder.. She turns around, furious. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..WHAT NOW!?

-[[ And then her face drops.. The blood drains from her face. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..SHIT!

-[[ She's yanked off camera.. As the Sandman slips away in a drunken stupor only feet away. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Shawn Michaels versus Edge
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Shawn Michaels and Edge stand in their respective corners, eyeing each other.. Charles Robinson calls for the bell.. Michaels and Edge begins circling each other and they lock up in the middle of the ring.. They fight over it and Michaels takes Edge down in a headlock but Edge quickly backs into the ropes and shoots Michaels off of him.. Michaels comes back at him and Edge drops to the mat.. Michaels hops over him and hits the ropes, Edge is up and leapfrogs over Michaels but when he turns around, Michaels is waiting on him.. SWEET CHIN MUSIC-- NO! Edge backs up quickly and drops, rolling out of the ring, shaking his head.. Edge walks around the ring and begins to stomp up the ramp but Michaels slides out of the ring and runs up behind Edge.. He spins Edge around and nails him with a big right hand! Michaels begins blasting Edge with lefts and rights, backing him against the guard rail! Michaels nails him with a chop and then takes Edge by the hair and drags him back toward the ring... He goes to slam Edge's face in the apron but Edge blocks it and slams Michaels face first into it! Edge rolls Michaels underneath the bottom rope and follows him in.. Edge kicks Michaels in the ribs and uses the top rope for leverage as he brings his boot down on Michaels' back... Edge pulls Michaels up off of the mat and throws him backward into the turnbuckle.. Edge begins kneeing Michaels in the gut and then hits him with an elbow to the cheek.. Edge whips Michaels out of the corner into the opposite corner but Michaels reverses it and sends Edge in instead! Michaels follows him in.. Corner clothesline! Edge staggers out of the corner and Michaels hits the ropes..... FLYING FOREARM! Michaels and Edge lay side by side... And Michaels kips up! Huge pop! Michaels begins climbing the ropes.. And he drops the big elbow, straight into the heart of Edge! Michaels stands up, pumping his fists.. The fans are going nuts.... And he begins tuning up the band!! Shawn Michaels begins stomping.. Edge slowly gets up to one knee... And then he gets to both feet and Michaels goes for-- He hits the mat flat on his face and gets dragged out of the ring!! Edge quickly grabs Charles Robinson and distracts him, yelling in his face... While MARK HENRY hoists Michaels in the air...... WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM on the FLOOR! Mark Henry and Johnny Nitro throw Michaels back into the ring and back up the ramp, smiling.. Their deed done... Edge shoves Robinson aside and kneels in the corner, motioning for Michaels to get up.. Michaels, clutching his mid-section, slowly stands, clearly out of it..... And he turns around right into the SPEAR!! Edge covers him! One! Two! Three! Shawn Michaels was robbed! ]]-

Winner: Edge via Pin Fall

-[[ The parking lot. ]]-

A rental car pulls up outside of the arena.. The driver's side door opens and the former All-Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight champion, Carlito Caribbean Cool steps out, looking pissed.... He looks around the parking lot smugly and then.. His eyes go wide.. And he dives out of the way! A garbage truck slams in his rental car and DESTROYS IT!! Carlito is laying on the pavement, looking at the garbage truck in shock.... The garbage truck has "APW SUCKS 3:16" spray painted on the side of it!! The front door opens and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin jumps out of the vehicle!! Carlito tries to get away, scrambling on all fours! ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Oh, hell no, you mealy mouth little bastard!

He grabs Carlito by his pants and by his afro! ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Bring your ass right the HELL back over here!!

And he slams Carlito back first into the garbage truck!! Austin begins laying waste to Carlito with lefts and rights, punching him until he slumps down on his ass with blood pouring out of his nose! Austin begins stomping away at Carlito's chest until he stops moving.. Austin turns around, climbs up into the cab of the truck and pulls out a small cooler with a skull logo on it!! ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] All this whoopin' Carlito's ass is makin' Stone Cold thirsty!

He pops open a can of beer and pours it all over his own face. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Have a beer, ya' son of a bitch!

And Austin begins pouring beer all over Carlito's head!! Carlito shakes his head, putting his hands up but Austin kicks him right in the head and knocks Carlito back out! Austin drags Carlito by his hair up to the driver's side door.. And slams his head in the door! He slings Carlito backwards, letting him free fall back to the pavement.. Austin jumps back down and grabs Carlito by his Hawaiian shirt.. He drags him toward the back of the garbage truck.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Hell yeah, Stone Cold Steve Austin's about to take out the trash!

He smacks Carlito's face on the back of the truck and turns to the camera. ]]-


You can hear the fans in the arena... "HELL YEAH!" ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] YA' GOD DAAAAAAMN RIGHT!!

And Austin flings Carlito into the back of the garbage truck and pulls the lever, locking Carlito inside!! Austin then grabs another beer and yanks the lever again, opening the door back up.. Carlito tries to crawl out slowly.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Have another drink, you big haired bastard!

And he SMASHES the can on Carlito's head and locks him back inside!! The fans are going nuts! Austin grabs another beer and climbs back into the driver's seat before leaning out the window, yelling at the camera and raising the beer in the air, foam billowing out over his hand. ]]-


And he drives off in the garbage truck, taking Carlito with him! ]]-

Good God, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wasted no time in getting revenge for Carlito costing him the championship at Total Destruction!! ]]-

Fade. ]]-

Scott Steiner versus Justin Credible
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Scott Steiner and Justin Credible stand face to face.. Steiner pie faces Credible backwards and Credible jumps back at him with a forearm to the head! Steiner shrugs it off and immediately punches Credible down! Steiner gets down on Credible and begins punching away at his face, trying to hurt him quick.. Scott James makes Steiner break the position and Steiner mans up on James, telling him to back off.. Credible hits the ropes and clips Steiner's knee, taking him down to one knee.. Credible begins punching away at Steiner's head but Steiner shoves Credible off of him, sending him flying halfway across the ring.. Steiner gets up and Credible runs at him but Steiner kicks him in the gut, stopping him dead in his tracks.. He hooks Credible.. T-BONE SUPLEX! Credible yells in pain and Steiner is already up.. He yanks Credible up off of the mat.. Belly-to-belly suplex!! Credible lays flat, his mouth open in pain and Steiner flips him over effortlessly and slaps on.. THE STEINER RECLINER! AND HERE COMES KEN KENNEDY AND THE BIG SHOW!! They slide into the ring and Steiner releases the hold and charges right for the BIG SHOW!! Steiner and Big Show begin clubbing each other with big right hands.. Ken Kennedy attacks Steiner from behind, trying to bring him down.... Until Kennedy is nailed from behind by.. JUSTIN CREDIBLE!! Credible blasts away at Kennedy with the Singapore cane, putting him flat on his back.. And then he joins in with Steiner and they beat down the Big Show!! It was all a trick!! Credible and Steiner were in cahoots!! Credible sizes up Kennedy, waiting on him to stand.. And he blasts him right in the face with the Singapore cane!! Steiner then kicks Big Show in the side, flipping him over effortlessly.. And locks in the STEINER RECLINER!! Steiner wrenches back on the hold and flings Big Show down face first on the mat.. Steiner and Credible smile, looking at the destruction they've caused.. They leave the ring, pleased with themselves. ]]-

Winner: No Finish[Draw]

-[[ After that match has concluded.. A graphic appears on the screen.. ]]-

-[[ It fades away, leaving you with a view of Vince Russo watching this on a monitor.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] PWR!?

-[[ He spits on the ground. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Pro-Wrestlin' Redefined can suck my cock!

-[[ Russo turns the monitor off.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] If Chuck Norris wants to roll his fuckin' ass into WrestleBrawl.. He ain't gettin' off easy.. I'm signin' da' fuckin' match right now...... The man who beat da' shit out o' Shawn Michaels and Triple H... Pro-Wrestlin' Redefined's Chuck Norris.. Versus da' forma' Solid Gold Wrestlin' World Heavyweight champion... TOM FUCKIN' CRUISE!!

-[[ Russo scratches his beard, smiling. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Only at WrestleBrawl, bitch..

-[[ He laughs.. And then "The Franchise" Shane Douglas storms up on Russo.. Still wearing his wrestling gear like last week.. It appears that the Fuckin' Franchise is still ready for battle.. He begins speaking as soon as he grabs Russo's attention.. ]]-


-[[ Russo listens casually, showing no sign of being taken aback by Douglas' interview skills.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] What'cha' got, Franchise?

-[[ Douglas laughs. ]]-


-[[ Russo looks up, thinking. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] That's a good question, Franchise..

-[[ He then looks at the Franchise.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] And it gives me an idea..

-[[ A pause.. The Franchise looks enveloped in the interview.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] See.. With da' United States and Inta'continental titles.. We could unify 'dose things into one belt and let the winnin' belt survive.. 'Cause both belts are so damn similar nobody'd notice one of'em bein' gone..... But 'dese two.. They're two completely different concepts!

[ Shane Douglas ] FUCKIN' RIGHT!!

[ Vince Russo ] So.... How 'bout 'dis, Franchise...

-[[ Douglas leans in, listening. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Alex Shelley is seein' singles action.. Next, actually... And so is Chris Benoit... So.. I say.. Whoeva' wins 'dere match in da' fastest amount o' time.. Can decide what da' unified title becomes once da' match is over.. And no matta' who wins.... That's what da' fuckin' belt IS!

-[[ Douglas strokes his goatee. ]]-


-[[ Russo sits there, smiling.. He scratches his beard. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] A title belt that.. Revolves around.. Sports enta'tainment...

-[[ He nods.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The SEX title.... Sports.. Enta'tainment.. Xtreme Championship!

-[[ Douglas laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] If you'll excuse me, Franchise.. I need to get a hold o' Shelley 'fore his match starts.. This is too god damn good to pass up... This is.. This is fuckin' FANTASTIC!!

-[[ Russo runs off camera to find Shelley before his match.. The Franchise is laughing crazily and he turns around and finds himself face to face with... "The Godsend" Randy Orton.. Randy Orton stares down into Douglas' face.. The Franchise looks around and then begins speaking.. ]]-


-[[ Orton raises an eye brow. ]]-


-[[ Orton smiles.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Shane.. I'll give you nothing but.


-[[ Orton looks down... And then back up.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Shane.. I can tell you with the utmost honesty.. That I never even entertained the thought of going to All-Pro Wrestling for any reason....... I am a former SGW World Champion.. I made my name here.. I am Solid Gold Wrestling through and through.....

-[[ And then he smiles.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Besides.. If you saw their roster before they folded...

-[[ He looks at the camera.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You'd know that DEATH.. Wouldn't have stopped me from signing up..

-[[ And then he points. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I'm looking at YOU, Curt Hennig.

-[[ Orton laughs.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Now that that is cleared up, Shane.. I have a match to prepare for..

-[[ Orton leaves the set, leaving The Fuckin' Franchise by himself. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The backstage area. ]]-

Edge is walking with Trish Stratus on his arm and Tyson Tomko walking behind them.. Edge is already out of his wrestling gear and in jeans and a "Rated R Superstar" t-shirt.. They're walking with a purpose. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] What are we going to do now?

Edge stops and looks down at her.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Something.. Shocking.

He laughs. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Sex on live television again?

He shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Oh no.. First.. I'm going to get in Lance Storm's face..

He looks up at the ceiling like any true visionary does as he finishes.. ]]-

[ Edge ] And then.. I'm going to do something.. That's NEVER.. Been done..

She looks confused.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] What's that?

He leans down and whispers in her ear.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Oh....

She smiles really big and they continue walking.. ]]-

The hell is that all about? ]]-

Alex Shelley versus Johnny Nitro
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Alex Shelley and Johnny Nitro circle each other to start.. They lock-up and fight over it briefly as Shelley backs Nitro into the corner, breaks and then elbows Nitro in the side of the head.. Nitro staggers out of the corner, holding the side of his head and Alex Shelley quickly rolls him up.. One! Two! Nitro kicks out with force! Alex Shelley tried to get the pin early to set a good standard for the clock.. Shelley and Nitro both get up quickly and run at each other! Shelley ducks a clothesline and grabs Nitro around the waist.. He tries to give him a German suplex but Nitro locks his legs and then victory rolls Alex Shelley! One! Two! Alex Shelley kicks out! Both men are up again and Alex Shelley nails Nitro with an open hand slap! Nitro punches Alex Shelley, knocking him backward into the ropes.. Johnny Nitro runs at him but Shelley ducks and back drops Nitro over the top rope! Nitro lands on his feet on the apron and Shelley turns around only to have Nitro punch him in the face! Shelley backs up, holding his jaw and turns around just in time to see Johnny Nitro springboard off of the top rope with a flying clothesline! Johnny Nitro hits the ropes... Leg drop! He gets back up..... BREAK DANCE LEG DROP! He covers him! One! Two! Th-- Alex Shelley kicked out! Nitro looks frustrated and punches Shelley back down.. Nitro goes back to the ropes.... Running shooting star press! Shelley got the knees up! Shelley is up quickly, sizing up Nitro.. SHELL-SHOCK!! Shelley goes for the cover! One! Two! Thre-- Trinity dives into the ring and tackles Jimmy Cordaris to stop the pin! Jimmy Cordaris shoves her off of him and calls for the bell! He's disqualifying Johnny Nitro for Trinity's interference! Alex Shelley has won the match... Shelley shakes his head, pissed that it ended this way.. ]]-

[ Time of Match: 00 : 05 : 01 ]

Winner: Alex Shelley via Disqualification

-[[ The skies outside of Charlotte, North Carolina are pitch black, yet a few stars shine bright enough to divert your attention away. ]]-

" Dead. Ric Flair is dead. Ric Flair is.. dead. "

Your eyes pan downward, away from the shadows.. until you find yourself on a well-lit, elegant balcony. Connecting to the end of a multi-million dollar mansion on the outskirts of the city, it's almost a symbol of elegance and wealth. Folding his hands in front of him, the source of the voice, a man wearing a silk white dress shirt tucked neatly into a pair of black slacks, keeps eyes diverted up into the heavens. ]]-

Immediately, you recognize very image, his persona, his look. It's Ric Flair.. the "Nature Boy".. or so it seems. ]]-

" I admit, I took an easy way out. I took.. a coward's.. way.. out. At the hands of the so-called "Six String Samurai", I suffered a humilation so devastating.. that it almost made me leave this sport, forever. "

Slowly, Flair begins to shake his head. ]]-

" Before all this.. I was on top of the world. I came out of a brief exile, and won title.. after title. "

A quick jump cut ensues.. years ago in Feburary.. CWE SuperBrawl 2004; Ric Flair managing to defeat A.J Styles for the company's heavyweight title. ]]-

Jeff, in one single moment, you threw away the glitz, and the glamour, and the robes, the cars, the women, the money.. and well.. "

Another cut.. nEw's return in December; fatigued and exhausted to the point of a breakdown, Flair manages to send Val Venis over the top rope to seal his second title win since his return from a wrestling hiatus. ]]-

" Now.. all you have left is a man. Broken.. beaten.. and raped of his dignity. "

Finally.. we return back to the balcony. Leaning over a railing, the legend keeps his fingers interlocked, looking outward. ]]-

So now.. at WrestleBrawl 2.. I'm not gonna put on a sixty minute wrestling clinic.. I'm not gonna strut around, and play games, Jarrett. What I will do.. is this.. "

One sudden movement later, and we've closed up on Flair's face. His eyes, once cold and distant, almost suddenly seem to be alive.. on fire. ]]-

" ..'One Time for All Time'.. last man standing.. call it what you will, I'm gonna beat you until you cannot move. Until it hurts.. to breathe. Jeff Jarrett.. you will be left a broken mess, because.. if I have my way, and I know I will.. my friend, you will.. be bleeding.. all night.. long. "

A slight quiver occurs in his lips.. as he lets out a prolonged, heavy breath. ]]-

" Walk that aisle, Jeff.. it'll be the longest walk.. of your life. "

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The hallway. ]]-

-[[ Jeff Jarrett is seen walking through the hallway with Gene Snitsky and the Harris Brothers trailing behind him.. They're all four dressed in suits and while Jarrett wears a cocky look on his face, the three body guards seem to be focusing on looking as intimidating as possible.. Jarrett has his guitar over his shoulder and in his other hand is the contract, still smeared with Ric Flair's blood.. Wherever they're going, you don't get to find out as another man in a suit comes from nowhere and cuts them off.. The look on Jarrett's face says this man's appearance was unexpected. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Terry Taylor? The hell you doin' here?

-[[ Terry Taylor smiles, adjusting his glasses. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Oh, I just happened to be in town, Mister Jarrett..

-[[ Jarrett looks back at Snitsky and the Harris Brothers and then back at Taylor.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] I just thought I'd drop in and say hi to the boys.. Check in on old friends.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, alright..

-[[ Jarrett pushes past Taylor and continues walking past him, the Harris Brothers and Snitsky follow him closely and Taylor turns around still trying to speak to Jarrett as he walks away.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Jeff! There's something I wanted to talk to you about as well!

-[[ Jarrett doesn't even turn around. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Save it.

-[[ He continues walking.. Leaving Taylor in the dust. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Idiot..

-[[ And then another man cuts them off.. This time.. It's referee, Charles Robinson.. ]]-

[ Charles Robinson ] Mister Jarrett, I hate to bother you.. But I have to give you a message..

-[[ Jarrett pulls his sun glasses down on the tip of his nose. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] A message? From who?

-[[ Robinson swallows hard. ]]-

[ Charles Robinson ] ..Ric Flair.

-[[ Jarrett motions forward and both Harris Brothers quickly yank up Charles Robinson and hold him against the wall.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's Ric Flair got for me? And don't you hold nothin' back..

-[[ Robinson is frantic, almost crying. ]]-

[ Charles Robinson ] It's about Jillian--

-[[ Jarrett then looks around.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Jillian!? Where the hell is she?!

-[[ Robinson points as best he can.. ]]-

[ Charles Robinson ] There's a monitor down the hall.. Ric said you could find out there!

-[[ The Harris Brothers drop Robinson on his ass as Jarrett turns and begins making his way down the hall.. On a small table, a monitor rests by itself.. The Harris Brothers and Snitsky follow him.. Jarrett flicks on the monitor and, sure enough, Jillian Hall's face greets them.. Her mouth is taped shut, she looks around franticly.. Jarrett stares at it, fuming mad.. He turns to Snitsky and the Harris Brothers.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] She's in the buildin'.. Find'er, Snitsky.. And find Ric Flair..

-[[ He begins walking down the hallway.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ron, Don... You're comin' with me.

-[[ Jarrett stares straight ahead as he ventures down the hallway. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ain't nobody plays these mind games with me and lives to tell about it..

-[[ Fade. ]]-

John Cena versus Chris Benoit
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Chris Benoit and John Cena stand nose to nose.. Chris Benoit needs to beat five minutes and one second to earn the right to name the new championship he and Shelley will be creating at WrestleBrawl Two... Benoit immediately chops John Cena across the chest! Cena begins slugging away at Benoit and Benoit sidesteps one of the punches and immediately goes for the CROSS FACE! He whips Cena down to the mat and tries to lock his fists across his face.. Cena fights it but Benoit forces it on and begins ripping back on the hold! Cena fights it, refusing to tap out.. And Cena manages to drag Chris Benoit toward the ropes! Cena gets a hand on the ropes! Charles Robinson forces a break and both men stand and begin slugging away at each other! Benoit ducks a punch and catches Cena! GERMAN SUPLEX! He goes for another one but Cena elbows out of it and whips around and hoists Benoit in the air for the F-U! Benoit kicks his way out of it and lands behind Cena.. He whips him around and trips him.. And puts him in the SHARPSHOOTER! Benoit pulls back on the move.. But Cena is refusing to tap!! Cena is DRAGGING Benoit across the ring toward the ropes! He's defying the odds! Benoit keeps cinching back on it... Cena is only inches away from the ropes.. And.. Kurt Angle slides out from under the ring, just out of the referee's view and SLAPS THE MAT THREE TIMES! Kurt Angle quickly escapes through the crowd and Charles Robinson calls for the bell!! HE THINKS JOHN CENA TAPPED OUT!! ]]-

[ Time of Match: 00 : 04 : 29 ]

-[[ Chris Benoit is going to be the man who decides the fate of the new championship at WrestleBrawl Two! Chris Benoit releases the hold and celebrates.. John Cena uses the ropes to pull himself up, favoring his legs..... He looks over at Benoit with a hard look in his eyes.. Benoit just stares back at him.. Cena quietly leaves the ring, obviously furious.. Benoit celebrates at Cena walks up the ramp with purpose in his step... What is he thinking of doing!? ]]-

Winner: Chris Benoit via Submission(???)

Backstage. ]]-

We see Scott Steiner and Justin Credible standing face to face.. Credible is clutching his Singapore cane tightly, rubbing it hard against his cheek.. Scott Steiner stands there, breathing hard in his face.. Steiner thumps Credible in the chest with his finger. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] What you took tonight.. Was the first god damn step!!

Credible nods, gripping the cane even tighter. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] You took that ass beatin' like a man and didn't complain for shit.. All so we could set up that bleach blonde, name callin' bastard!! Ken Kennedy ain't shit.. He won't never be shit.. Because he can't win the big one.. Like Big Poppa Pump!! Four tiiiiiiimes!

Steiner flexes his muscles. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] But you.. You're goin' somewhere.. As long as you stand by me.. The owner.. Of the largest arms in the world!! You'll go straight to the god damn top, starin' down at all the cretins that wish they could be finer.. Than Scotty Steiner... And in no time.. You'll be collectin' freaks, makin'em scream.. BOOM! SHAKA LAKA!

Credible nods, smiling.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] And Big Scott.... That's not just the coolest..... That's not just the BESSSSST......

He raises the cane.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] THAT'S JUSTIN...... CREDIBLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!

Good Christ, what kind of alliance have we just witnessed!? ]]-

Fade. ]]-

-[[ Team Angle's dressing room.. ]]-

You see Kurt Angle, Colt Cabana and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing together.. All three of them look dead serious.. Angle is looking at both of them, one to the other.. Angle looks pretty damn pissed. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Tonight.. We have an opportunity to make a statement..

Cabana nods.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Colt.. Tonight.. You're going one on one with the former SGW World Champion.. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. You're going to learn a lot from this match.. Like.. How it feels to wrestle a main eventer..

Angle nods to himself, looking up.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And of course, how to lose gracefully.. Which is a staple of any great athlete.

[ Colt Cabana ] Yep.. Wait.. What?

Angle ignores him. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And I've already showed John Cena that he can't hang with a submission specialist like Chris Benoit.. And if he can't hang with THAT loser.. Then he damn sure can't hang with Kurt Angle! Oh yeah, it's true!


Angle rubs his chin. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Yeah, almost.

He continues. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And later tonight, I'm going to prove my superiority again.. When I take the Samoan Submission Machine.. And make him tap.. Now, how about them apples?

Cabana smiles. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] I definitely like THEM apples!


Cabana and Angle look at each other.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Yeah.. Candy apples.....

Angle scratches his head.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] ..Yeah.

Angle continues.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Anyway.. I'm going to do some damage to Samoa Joe.. So much damage, that next week.. When he faces The Sandman.. He'll lose! Oh yeah! He'll lose to the freakin' Sandman!!

[ Colt Cabana ] Nobody loses to the Sandman!

[ Kurt Angle ] Well, no duh! That's why I said it!

Cabana looks around. Owned. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] It's time for Team Angle to take out the trash in Solid Gold Wrestling.. Tonight is Samoa Joe and.. Well.. Samoa Joe.. It IS Austin, Colt.. I'm sorry.. But at WrestleBrawl Two.. It's going to be Maria and whatever unfortunate soul gets to team with her.. And John Cena...

Angle looks down at his hands, clenching them into fists. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] John.. Cena..

Angle looks up at Cabana and Douglas and the look in his eyes strikes fear into them.. Angle smiles evilly. ]]-

Fade. ]]-

Matt Striker versus The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Matt Striker and the Rock lock up to start and Striker grabs the Rock in a headlock.. The Rock immediately lifts Striker over his head and drops him with an overhead suplex! The Rock is back up quickly, sizing Striker up as he slowly gets to one knee.. And the Rock goes for a spine buster but Striker elbows the Rock on top of the head and then knee lifts him! Striker whips the Rock into the ropes and catches him coming off.. He goes for a clothesline but the Rock ducks it! The Rock whips Striker around and nails him.. SPINE BUSTER! The Rock springs up and kicks Striker in the shoulder.. He begins to remove the elbow pad and throws it out into the crowd! The Rock runs the ropes.. Jumps Striker, hits the other side..... PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Striker moves! Striker is up quickly and immediately hits the ropes and drops an elbow of his own across the Rock's chest! Striker pulls the Rock up off of the mat and throws him shoulder first through the turnbuckles and into the ring post! Striker pulls the Rock out of the corner and school boys him.. One! Two! Thr-- The Rock kicks out! The Rock sits up, holding his shoulder.. Striker kicks him in the shoulder and pulls him up.. Striker whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but the Rock whips around Striker's arm.. DDT! The Rock and Striker both lay motionless for a bit.. And then the Rock kips up! The Rock, still favoring his shoulder, begins sizing Striker up... And Shannon Moore jumps onto the apron! The Rock runs over and hair tosses Shannon Moore over the top rope and into the ring! The Rock yanks Moore up off of the mat..... ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! The fans erupt! Scott James tries to get Shannon Moore out of the ring and the Rock turns around right into.... THE PEDIGREE!! Triple H rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp casually.. Matt Striker crawls over and cradles the Rock as Scott James turns around.. One! Two! Three! Triple H has screwed the Rock! ]]-

Winner: Matt Striker via Pin Fall

-[[ Matt Striker rolls out of the ring and grabs Shannon Moore.. Striker helps Moore over toward where Gary Michael Cappetta is seated.. With Moore's arm draped over his neck and Moore hanging limp like a dead body, Matt Striker reaches out for Cappetta's microphone and receives it..... Striker, breathing heavily from the match and from the deadweight he's having to hold up, raises the microphone..... ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Ladies and gentlemen..... The time has come..

He looks down at Moore and then shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Forget this.

He dumps Moore on his ass.. Moore lays motionless on the ground as Matt Striker continues as if nothing happened.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Now.. As I was saying... Class, turn your attention to the Golden-Tron.. For it is now time for the announcement that is sure to rock Solid Gold Wrestling down to its very foundation.... Live via satellite from Cameron, North Carolina........ My boss..

He smiles. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] And YOUR sensei!

He points at the Tron. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] ....MATT..... HARDY!!

The fans erupt in boos as the lights dim and the Golden-Tron flashes to life.. You see Matt Hardy sitting in a recliner, wearing jeans and a 'V1" t-shirt.. He stares solemnly into the camera with one arm resting calmly on the arm of the chair.. And the other arm around the waist of Melina Perez, who sits on the other arm of the chair.. You realize something may be up when you notice she keeps dabbing her eyes with a tissue, refusing to make eye contact with the camera lense..... Matt Hardy speaks.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Greetings, my fellow followers of Mattitude..

Boos. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I realize that.. Over the past few weeks ever since my match with Raven at Total Destruction, my health and my whereabouts have been a subject of much debate....

Loud "SHUT THE FUCK UP! *clap clap - clapclapclap* chant. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] When I lost my championship.. A part of me died on the inside, there's no denying it.. And once I was cleared to leave the hospital.. I isolated myself from the public eye.. I couldn't bear to show my face.. I was hurt.. And most of all, humiliated...

Melina wipes her eyes again, mascara streaking on her cheek. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] But then.. I realized something.. I didn't lose the match.. Raven did not beat me.. What happened was a fluke.. What Raven did.. Tackling me off of that Golden-Tron was an unconscious act.. And I could have landed on top of him for the three count just as easily as he did me... What happened at Total Destruction was.... A twist of fate..

It seems as though Hardy is trying to comfort himself, preparing for a comeback of sorts... But Hardy continues, immediately shooting that theory into the dirt. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And that's how I'll remember the.. End of my career..

Melina sobs loudly. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Unfortunately, when I fell.. I damaged several vertebrae.. And in a few short days, I am scheduled to undergo spinal fusion surgery.. And that will mean, as bluntly as I can put it... The end of my career... The death.. Of my dream..

Hardy pauses.. It appears to be setting in for him now. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Do I have any regrets in how it ended?

Another pause.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] There will always be what ifs.. But no.. If there is anything that the teachings of Mattitude have taught me, it is to accept what life gives you with open arms.. And move forward..

He pulls Melina closer, almost having her sit in his lap. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And move forward.. I will.. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to all of you.. And good luck to Matt Striker and Shannon Moore, as they continue to carry on my teachings inside the squared circle..

Loud boos. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] To my fans.. Don't worry about me.. I'm doing well.. I'm looking forward to embracing this new way of life.. Without wrestling... I was honored to reign as your United States champion and it will be your love and adoration that I remember above all the victories I ever achieved inside the ring....

He wipes a tear of his own away. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Thank you, all.

He raises the V-One hand sign. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] This is Matt Hardy.. Version One.. Signing off.

The feed cuts. ]]-

The lights come up and Matt Striker stares up at the Tron in shock.. The boos of the fans are loud.. Striker helps Moore back to his feet and they go to the back with no fanfare. ]]-

Fade. ]]-

Stevie Richards versus Vampiro
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mike Chioda

-[[ Vampiro attacks Stevie Richards as soon as he enters the ring.. Vampiro kicks away at Richards, stomping him into the corner and then choking him with his boot.. Vampiro pulls Richards out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. And he nails him with a spinning kick! Vampiro goes for a quick cover.. One! Two! Thr-- Richards gets a shoulder up.. Vampiro pulls him back up and chops away at him.. He shoves Richards back into the corner and begins kneeing away at him.. Richards tries to get his hands up but Vampiro is relentless! Vampiro pulls Richards out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline but Richards ducks it and Vampiro turns right around.. Into a STEVIE-KICK! But Vampiro catches Stevie's foot and pulls him right into.. The NAIL IN THE COFFIN! But Stevie slips out behind Vampiro and shoves him forward into the referee! Mike Chioda staggers back, covering his head and as soon as Chioda drops, RAVEN rolls into the ring, yanks up Vampiro and plants him with the EVENFLOW! Raven stands up, throwing out the cross pose and drags Chioda over.. Stevie pins Vampiro and Chioda counts with Raven standing over him.. One! Two! Three! Stevie Richards is the winner! ]]-

Winner: Stevie Richards via Pin Fall

-[[ Stevie Richards runs around the ring, jumping up and down, pumping his fists as the fans cheer.. Raven reaches down and grabs Vampiro by his tights and hair and throws him over the top rope and to the floor.. Raven walks over to the ropes and calls for a microphone.. He's handed one and he speaks. ]]-

[ Raven ] Stevie.. Leave.

-[[ Richards stops celebrating, looking at Raven, confused. ]]-

[ Raven ] I won't tell you again, Stevie.. Get out of the ring!

-[[ He moves toward Stevie quickly, pointing toward the ramp. ]]-

[ Raven ] Get out of here.. Get your things.. And go back to the hotel!

-[[ Richards reluctantly steps out of the ring and backs up the ramp, his eyes on Raven as he leaves.. Raven paces around the ring, running his hand over his hair, throwing it out of his eyes.... Raven looks down at the mat and then up at the ramp once more, Stevie is gone.... Raven begins to speak. ]]-

[ Raven ] Come on, Russo.. Let's get this over with..

-[[ There's a long pause.. Silence.. And then Vince Russo walks out onto the stage in jeans and a sleeveless "NY" t-shirt.. Russo has a do-rag on his head.. He looks ready to go to war.. His baseball bat is in one hand and he has a microphone in the other.. He makes his way down to the ring and gets inside as the fans boo him.. Russo points the bat at Raven and speaks.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' opened ya' big god damn mouth.. Now ya' gonna get what's comin' to ya'..

-[[ Russo reaches behind him and removes a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Turn around!

-[[ Raven doesn't move. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Turn around, mutha' fucka'..

-[[ Russo gets pissed and stomps behind Raven, grabbing his wrist, but Raven throws an elbow backward and catches Russo right in the eye! Russo goes sprawling and drops his baseball bat and the handcuffs... The fans pop huge! Raven stares down at Russo.. Russo lays there, propped up on one elbow, with a hand over his eye.. Raven advances on him and Russo puts his other hand out to defend himself.. And Raven........ Picks up the handcuffs.. Raven clamps them tightly around one wrist and then puts his other hand behind his back and snaps it shut as well... Russo smiles and motions for Mike Chioda to get back in the ring.. ]]-

Raven versus Vince Russo

-[[ Mike Chioda calls for the bell as Raven stands there with his hands cuffed behind his back.... Vince Russo scrambles for his baseball bat but Raven is faster and kicks it out of the ring! Russo looks up at Raven, terrified.. And Raven begins stomping away at Russo!! Russo tries to scramble away but Raven stays on him, driving his boots into Russo's side and back!! Russo gets into the corner and tries to use the ropes to pull himself up but Raven continues kicking him repeatedly.. Finally, Russo lunges forward and rakes Raven's eyes! Raven turns around, shaking his head.. Russo is up, holding his ribs.. He waits for Raven to turn back around.. And he punches Raven right in the face! Raven staggers backward into the ropes and Russo hits him again and again..... Russo is laughing, finally with an advantage.. And then he slaps Raven! He slaps Raven right in the face! And then Raven springs forward and HEAD BUTTS Russo right in the forehead!! Russo goes down and rolls out of the ring.. Raven drops down on his back and rolls out of the ring after him.. Russo says "Fuck this" and begins staggering up the ramp, holding his forehead with one hand and cradling his ribs with his other arm... Raven follows him, calling for him by name "RUSSO!" Russo gets to the stage and Raven is walking quickly behind him.. Russo turns around and sees Raven coming after him and Russo makes a mad dash for the curtain and he whips it back and disappears behind it and-- ]]-

-[[ KRAAAK!! ]]-

-[[ Russo staggers backward out from behind the curtain and slumps down, limp on the stage.. The fans pop huge.. Even Raven has a smile on his face, thinking Stevie Richards didn't take his advice and stayed in the building.. Russo twitches like electricity pulses through his body and he doesn't move again.. You see the curtain slowly pull back.. You see the steel chair with the dent Russo's head made.. And then you see.... ]]-

-[[ Matt Hardy! ]]-

-[[ The fans go dead silent in shock.. Raven's eyes widen.. He kicks his head back to sling the hair out of his eyes as Matt Hardy steps out from behind the curtain, wearing exactly what he had on in his satellite interview... He was never in Cameron!! He was never retiring.... It was all a set-up!! Raven takes a step back and then the fear washes over him as he realizes... ]]-

-[[ He's still handcuffed. ]]-

-[[ Matt Hardy's eyes are locked on Raven.. No emotion.. The fans don't know how to react.. They just know.. That this is bad.. This is VERY.. VERY BAD.. Matt Hardy begins walking slowly toward Raven, clutching the chair tightly in his hand.. Raven begins backing up and then loses his footing and falls back on his ass.. Raven tries to scramble backward but this sets Hardy off.. And he begins advancing quickly on Raven, raising the chair and bringing it down hard on Raven's legs!! Raven rolls over, trying to get away.. And Hardy brings the chair down hard on Raven's back!! Hardy throws the chair aside and grabs Raven by his jeans and bound hands.. And flings him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.. Hardy grabs his chair and slides it into the ring.. Hardy follows it in.. Raven gets up to his knees and Hardy watches him try to stand with a sick smile on his face.. Hardy casually approaches Raven, knowing he can't defend himself.. And slugs Raven right in the side of the face!! Raven staggers and topples over, landing on his side.. Hardy drops down on his knees next to Raven and begins punching away at his head until blood begins pouring out of Raven's eyebrow!! Hardy continues slugging away relentlessly as Raven kicks at nothing in particular.. Hardy grabs Raven by his hair and yanks him up to his knees.. He slings Raven hard into the turnbuckle, forcing him to stand.. Hardy grabs his chair, staring at it.. And then he looks at Raven.. The fans begin booing loudly... And Raven slumps down and drops to one knee.. Hardy smirks and throws the chair aside.. He approaches Raven, grabs him by his hair and pulls him in..... ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] V-ONE-AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


-[[ Matt Hardy stands up, staring down at Raven, sweat dripping off of his face.. He looks out at the fans as they boo him loudly.. Hardy picks the chair up again and walks over to Raven's body.. He opens the chair and places Raven's head inside of it.. My God, he's going to PILLMANIZE Raven's head!! Hardy climbs the ropes and stands on the middle..... AND CHRIS BENOIT CHARGES INTO THE RING!! Matt Hardy hops off of the ropes and rolls out of the ring quickly.. He hops the rail and escapes through the crowd as the fans boo.. Chris Benoit takes the chair off of Raven's head and throws it out of the ring... Chris Benoit stares down at Raven for a moment.. And then helps him up.. Benoit helps Raven up the ramp and to the back..... ]]-

-[[ Matt Hardy has shocked the world.. And has left Raven a bloody mess.. What does this mean for WrestleBrawl? ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour Two