-[[ The scene fades up and we immediately see EMTs and SGWx officials rushing all over the backstage area. Something big has happened. The camera rushes over to where all the commotion is and the crowd clears out to let the EMTs in. We see what the big deal is now. Shane McMahon is laid out backstage with blood pooling out of his head. Arn Anderson rushes onto the scene himself. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] What the hell happened!? Is he going to be okay?

-[[ An EMT approaches him. ]]-

[ EMT ] Someone attacked him, he was like this when we found him. If everyone will just stay calm, this will be a lot easier. The injury doesn't look to be that serious but he we have to get him to a hospital now, he's lost a lot of blood.

[ Arn Anderson ] No idea who did it?

[ EMT ] Someone said they saw him talking to Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, and.... Charlie Haas, I think, just a few minutes before we found him.

-[[ Anderson's eyes open wide, the anti-SGW Dream Team. Anderson storms away from the EMT. ]]-

[ EMT ] Mr. Anderson, what are you going to do!?

[ Arn Anderson ] Don't worry about what I'm going to do, get him to a hospital!! When he comes to, you tell him not to worry about a damn thing, SGWx is in good hands.

-[[ Anderson walks away as the scene fades out. ]]-




-[[ Venis and Jericho lock-up to start but that ends quickly when Venis kicks Jericho right in the gut. Jericho bends over in pain and Venis begins pummeling his back with forearms. The referee separates them and as soon as Jericho is up, Venis charges at him, only to get a spinning heel kick right to the face! Jericho goes for a quick pin! One! Venis kicked out! Venis gets back up and Jericho whips him into the ropes, Jericho goes for a drop kick but Venis holds onto the top rope and Jericho lands on his face! Venis walks over and picks Jericho up and casually body slams him. Venis runs the ropes and drops a knee right across Jericho's throat! Venis then begins blatantly choking Jericho until the referee warns him to stop. Venis covers him quickly. One! Tw-- Kick out by Jericho! Jericho gets back up, favoring his throat and Venis whips him to the ropes and takes his head off with a clothesline! Venis picks Jericho up and sets him up for a running power slam, but Jericho slips out behind him! Venis turns around and gets drop kicked right in the mouth! Venis stumbles back up quickly to one knee and Jericho charges in with a face buster! Jericho runs the ropes, LIONSAULT! Venis gets the knees up! Jericho pops up quickly, doubled over in pain and Venis runs up on him and PILEDRIVES him straight into the mat!! The fans let out a collective "OHHHHHHH!" Venis picks Jericho up again, totally limp, sets him up and piledrives him a second time!! Venis covers him! One! Two! THRE--- Venis pulls Jericho's head up off the mat!! The referee yells "What the hell are you doing?!" Venis leaves Jericho laying there and ascends to the top rope..... MONEY SHOT!! Venis covers him.. One! Two! Three! Venis stands over him and refuses the referee when he tries to raise Val's arm. ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up backstage with a shot of Goldberg packing his gear and getting ready to leave. He looks pissed off. Someone behind him begins speaking. The camera pans around and reveals John Cena with a cocky smile on his face. Goldberg turns around and looks at him. His anger clearly rising. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Yo.. Yo.. Thanks for the help back there, dawg! I was gonna punk his ass anyway and win that tournament, but I see where you're comin' from...

[ Bill Goldberg ] Oh yeah? Where's that, boy?

[ John Cena ] You wanna earn my respect.. You got scared when you pissed me off earlier.. I understand, dawg.. Ain't no shame in bein' scared o'John Cena... Hell, I--

-[[ Goldberg grabs Cena by the throat and pushes him hard against the wall. ]]-

[ John Cena ] WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

[ Bill Goldberg ] The only thing I WANT, little boy, is to punch you right in your GOD DAMN FACE!!

-[[ Goldberg lets him go and takes a few steps back, breathing heavily. He's extremely pissed off. Cena touches his own throat and has a look on his face like "OH NO, YOU DIDN'T!" ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] Let's get one thing straight, you got lucky tonight. There's another spear with your name on it and next time I WON'T MISS!!

-[[ Cena takes a few steps up, now pissed off himself. ]]-

[ John Cena ] You wanna go, mother fucker!?

[ Bill Goldberg ] YEAH!! I wanna go!!

[ John Cena ] Then come on, mother fucker, LET'S WORK!!

-[[ Goldberg is suddenly jolted forward from an ambush by A-TRAIN!! A-Train begins beating Goldberg down and Cena stomps him down as well. A-Train lifts Goldberg up and Cena gives an assist and they pancake him right into the wall!! Cena slaps A-Train on the back. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Let's go. This punk ass is finished.

-[[ Cena and A-Train leave the area as Goldberg contorts in pain. ]]-




-[[ Corino starts out with Scott Steiner. Corino sticks and moves for a few seconds, hitting Steiner with quick offense and getting out of the way before he can retaliate. Corino finally makes the mistake of trying to wrestle Steiner and ends up getting beaten down to the mat. Steiner picks him up and slings him hard into the turnbuckle. Steiner chips him hard across the chest and grabs him around the waist for a sick belly to belly out of the corner! Corino flops around like a fish out of water and rolls over to tag in Rob Van Dam. RVD takes it right to Steiner with a flurry of kicks and punches before whipping Steiner into the ropes. Kanyon makes a blind tag and he's already in the ring before RVD can hit Steiner with anything off the ropes. Kanyon hits RVD with a clothesline and Steiner gives him an assist as both begin putting the boots to him. Corino gets in the ring and starts trading punches with Kanyon until they send each other over the top rope, brawling to the floor! Steiner picks up RVD and slams him down onto the mat. He drops a big elbow across his throat! Corino and Kanyon brawl on the outside and Kanyon whips Corino into the guardrail! Kanyon slides back in the ring just as RVD is getting back to his feet. RVD ducks a Steinerline and dumps Scott Steiner over the top rope and to the floor! Kanyon charges at him, but RVD drops him with a standing side kick! RVD hits the ropes..... ROLLING THUNDER!! Steve Corino whips Steiner into the ring steps! RVD hops up onto the top rope and flattens Kanyon with the five star frog splash! He covers! One! Two! Three!! Steve Corino and Rob Van Dam are entering the world title tournament!! The celebration, however, is short lived as RVD nails Corino with a spinning heel kick! RVD leaves Corino laying and heads to the back.

Scott Steiner gets in the ring and helps Kanyon to his feet. Steiner shakes Kanyon's hand, congratulating him on the good effort he put forth..... And then belly-to-belly suplexes him right out of his boots! Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and doesn't let go until security floods the ringside area to pull him off!]]-


-[[ The scene fades up in the locker room. We see Randy Orton and Charlie Haas talking when Rob Van Dam walks into the room. He's sweaty and tired from his match. Haas and Orton welcome him in and shake his hand. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Damn fine match, RVD. A true example of what The Dream Team is all about.

[ Rob Van Dam ] Hey, what can I say? It just comes natural.

-[[ RVD gets a cocky smirk on his face. ]]-

[ Charlie Haas ] And what you did to Corino was the icing on the cake. Let'em know right out of the gate that The Dream Team is in this for themselves.

-[[ Their attention is turned to the entrance to the locker room as Arn Anderson and a group of security guards enter. They walk right up on the Dream Team and Anderson looks furious. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] Security, arrest these men.

-[[ Security advances forward, Orton, RVD, and Haas look shocked. ]]-

[ Charlie Haas ] Hold on just a damn second!! Arrest us?

[ Randy Orton ] I want my lawyer.

[ Rob Van Dam ] Whoa, whoa.. What did we do?

-[[ Anderson looks even more furious with this answer. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] You know damn well what you did. Shane McMahon is on his way to the hospital as we speak. You were the last people anyone saw him with.

-[[ Orton smirks. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Yeah, we talked to him. We asked him if there was any chance you'd be coming back on staff.. Because you see, we kick your ass right now? You're a civilian, we get sued, sent to prison.... The works.

-[[ Orton looks back at RVD and Haas, who nod in approval. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] We kick your ass as an official part of the roster? Bonus. There's no one's ass we'd rather kick than yours, Anderson. You made this God forsaken place... But McMahon? We didn't lay a finger on a hair on his head.. So until you have some proof that we did something wrong... Take your monkeys with badges and stay out of our business, you has-been son of a BITCH!

-[[ Orton stands nearly nose to nose with Anderson. They both look ready to fight. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You're nothing. Now get out of my way... I've got a match to win.

-[[ Orton pushes past him and makes his way to the ring. ]]-




-[[ CM Punk starts out with Kurt Angle. Angle immediately begins dominating him with some amateur holds. Punk tries to counter but it's no use. Angle destroys him and drives him down hard into the mat with a German suplex! Angle tags in Randy Orton. Orton goes to work on Punk and tosses him outside the ring. Orton and Punk brawl on the outside for a bit until Orton finally has had enough of Punk and RKOs him right on the floor!! Orton sits up with a cocky smile on his face. He rolls Punk inside the ring and covers him! One! Two! Thre--!! UNDERTAKER makes the save!! Taker, no regard for his partner, throws Punk out of the ring and goes after Orton himself!! Orton and Taker brawl with Taker getting the better of it for a few seconds until Orton goes low and nails Taker right in the balls. Orton tags in Mike Sanders. Sanders and Taker fight it out for a bit until Taker decides Sanders has had enough offense. He picks Sanders up and drops him hard with a body slam. He picks Sanders up and goes for the choke slam, but Sanders rakes Taker's eyes and shoves him away. He tags in Orton but doesn't get out of the ring. They double team Taker and hit him with a double suplex, followed by a double DDT. Taker crawls over to make a tag to Triple H, but Triple H steps off the apron. He doesn't give a damn about his partners!! Triple H walks to the back, whipping CM Punk into the ringpost on his way out. Taker staggers around from the double teaming and Orton tags in Angle. Angle slides in and within seconds, hits Taker with the Angle Slam! Angle covers him and holds the tights! One! Two! Three!! Orton, Sanders, and Angle are in the tournament! ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up with a shot of Taz staring straight into the camera, a torn, black towel hanging over his face.. Taz begins talking into the camera, low and intense. ]]-

[ Taz ] I should'a been da' champion... I had Hart beat.. Ain't nobody punished Bret Hart like I punished that son of a bitch.. So close to that world title, I could feel the cold metal on my finga' tips... But I got screwed ova'..

-[[ Taz begins to pick up speed, talking louder. ]]-

[ Taz ] Screwed ova' so that that little pretty in pink muh fucka could walk around an' kiss corporate ass to keep appearances up for S-G-dubbya.. Whateva'. Taz don't do that shit. Taz don't do promotional work. Taz don't kiss ass for nobody!! For years, I been thinkin' about that belt. Wantin' that belt. Cravin' that belt.. HELL, I been lustin' after that belt... I want that SGW World Title more than anything I ever wanted in my entire life!!

-[[ Taz points into the camera. ]]-

[ Taz ] SO FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE!! People ask me about this guy and that guy and if I think I can take'em, FUCK YES!! I'm TAZ!!! I'm the baddest mother fucker to ever walk in Solid Gold and they ain't a mother fucker in SGW that can put me down for the three count!! I'm gonna choke mothers fuckers out from here until Supremacy when I walk out of that ring with that belt I should'a had all 'dose years ago!!

-[[ Taz begins yelling even louder. ]]-

[ Taz ] So, Raven, you think you're a bad ass!? You think you're gonna put Taz out before the tournament even starts? YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THAT, BOY!? You're notorious for bein' hardcore, but I DON'T THINK YOU'RE SHIT!! If you think you can beat Taz, then you think you can take Taz all the way out because that's the ONLY WAY you're gettin' through Taz, mother fucker!! So, I've got a proposition for you, tonight..... Our match..... HARDCORE MOTHER FUCKIN' RULES!!!

-[[ Taz stares intensely into the camera. ]]-

[ Taz ] Raven, tonight.. One of us ain't walkin' out o'that ring.. Beat me if you can...... SURVIVE... IF I LET YOU......

-[[ The scene fades out. ]]-




-[[ Layfield takes it straight to Michaels with a flurry of punches and kicks, trying to take the high flier off guard. Layfield throws him hard into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a clothesline, but Michaels moves and Bradshaw gets nothing but turnbuckle! Bradshaw staggers out of the corner and Michaels catches him coming out with a flying forearm! Michaels picks Bradshaw off the ground and whips him into the ropes. Michaels hits him with a drop kick and Bradshaw rolls out of the ring to get a breather. That doesn't last very long before Michaels goes flying over the top rope with a suicide dive!! He wipes out Bradshaw and the fans erupt. They continue fighting on the outside. Michaels throws Bradshaw hard into the guardrail and Bradshaw comes back by throwing Michaels just as hard into the ringsteps! They fight all over the ringside area and up the ramp, punching each other repeatedly. The bell rings! The referee is ruling the match as a double count out!! The fans erupt in boos but Bradshaw and Michaels don't seem to care! They keep brawling all over the outside until security breaks them up. What will happen to the, now, vacant tournament spot? ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up with D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry watching the last match on a monitor backstage. Theodore Long walks up behind them and shakes his head in disgust. ]]-

[ Theodore Long ] What a waste, playa'. Those two cracka's just wasted some tournament spots that could'a easily belonged to Big Mark or D'Lo!! The battle royal should'a been ours, playa', but it was rigged.. Rigged by the white man and won by a white man and that's not right!! There's not a black man in the tournament and that makes me wanna weep, HOLLA'!!

-[[ D'Lo and Mark nod in agreement.. D'Lo steps up, fired up from getting eliminated from the battle royal. ]]-

[ D'Lo Brown ] I should be in that tournament, Teddy!! I GOT SCREWED OVER BY THE MAN!!

[ Theodore Long ] HOLLA'!

[ D'Lo Brown ] I was held back because of the color of my skin and I ain't gonna stand for it!! Solid Gold don't want D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry at the top but they better get used to bein' DOWN WIT' THA' BROWN!!!

[ Theodore Long ] Make some noise up in here!

-[[ The inspirational speech is suddenly interrupted by laughter coming from behind them. They all turn around and find themselves staring at The Outsiders. ]]-

[ Scott Hall ] 'Ey yo.. Maybe you guys don't know yet or somethin'.. But you didn't lose because o'the color of your skin... You lost because..... Well, you suck.

-[[ The fans pop huge. The Power House looks shocked that Hall would say that about them. Long steps up and stares up at Nash and Hall. ]]-

[ Theodore Long ] Them's big words comin' from a cracka'jack white boy that already got his self speared and jackhammered out o'the tournament himself! LEMME GET AN AMEN!

-[[ Nash and Hall turn the heads, looking ashamed. ]]-

[ Kevin Nash ] You got us there... But I think you need to take a look at who you're talkin' to, little man. In case you don't know, he's Scott Hall.... And I'm "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.. The guys that are gonna beat your asses if you don't start showin' a little respect.

-[[ Mark Henry grabs Long around the waist and puts him behind D'Lo and himself. The Outsiders stand eye to eye with The Power House until Arn Anderson walks onto the scene! He steps between them and looks both teams up and down. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] First and foremost, to address your concern about the "wasted spots" in the tournament thanks to JBL and HBK getting counted out.. Next week, there'll be Second Chance Qualifying Matches... They'll have six men that didn't make the cut tonight and the winner of the first one will take on Steve Corino.. The winner of the second one will take on Mike Sanders.... And as for you four... You want each other so bad, you got yourselves a match.. Next week, you two are gonna fight each other for a spot in the SGW Tag Team Title match at Supremacy.. Until then, if you touch each other, you're fired.

-[[ Anderson walks out of the area. The two teams stare each other down for a few more seconds and then part ways. ]]-




-[[ Jarrett and Flair circle each other to start. They lock up and Jarrett goes low with a knee to the midsection. Jarrett hammers Flair across the back and sends Flair crashing to the mat face first with a stiff shot to the back of the head! Jarrett goes to work on Flair's leg, stomping the back of his knee and lifting it up and slamming it hard into the mat. Jarrett pulls Flair to his feet and kicks him straight in the knee. Flair retaliates with a stiff chop to Jarrett's chest and gouges him in the eye! Jarrett staggers back and Flair trips him! Flair drops a knee across Jarrett's own! Flair stands up, drops another one, and then sits there for a moment, favoring his own, he looks to have hurt it worse by trying to hurt Jarrett's! Flair is up to his feet and Jarrett is up soon after. Flair chops Jarrett hard and Jarrett returns with a stiff punch. They exchange chops and punches until Jarrett backs Flair into the corner and begins kneeing him in the gut. Incapacitated, Jarrett places Flair's leg on the middle rope and begins kicking away at it. He pulls him down and throws him on the mat. Jarrett grabs Flair's leg and goes the figure four leg lock, but Flair scrambles for the ropes! Jarrett yanks him away from the ropes by his ankle, but Flair pulls him down head first and rolls him up! One! Two! Thre-- Jarrett kicked out! Jarrett gets up as fast as he can and goes after Flair on the mat, but Flair low blows him! Flair stands up, hobbles around a little bit on his leg and stands with his back turned to Jarrett... Flair kicks straight back and nails Jarrett in the balls again!! Jarrett is bent over in pain and Flair turns around. Flair raises Jarrett's chin up and chops him hard across the chest! Jarrett takes a straight bump on his back and Flair yells "And now... We go to school! WOOOOOOO!!" Flair drops a knee across Jarrett's and slides out of the ring. He pulls Jarrett toward the ring post and crotches him!! Jarrett yells in pain and Flair wraps Jarrett's leg around the ring post!! He signals that he's going to do it again and he does! Flair rolls back in and he grabs Jarrett, "WOOOOOOOOO!!" and locks in the figure four!! Jarrett yells in pain but there's nowhere to go!! Jarrett begins tapping out!! Jarrett tapped out!! Ric Flair is in the tournament!! ]]-

-[[ Flair, Batista, and Rena make it to the backstage area. Flair is all over himself, celebrating his victory. Rena produces a bottle of champagne and hands it to Flair. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Here's to eighteen times!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!

-[[ Flair pops the cork and suds go everywhere, spraying all over the walls, Flair himself, Batista, and.... ]]-

Kane. ]]-

Flair and the others stop and look at Kane who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Kane has a slight grin on his face. He reaches down and wipes the champagne off his chest, licks it off his hand. He stares a hole through Flair, as if Batista and Rena are nowhere around. ]]-

[ Kane ] Hello, Ric.

-[[ Flair doesn't really know how to respond, who knows what Kane wants? ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] BIG RED!! WOOOOO!! BY GOD MACHINE!! Kane, we're both winners tonight, daddy, have a drink on the Nature Boy!!

-[[ Kane chuckles. ]]-

[ Kane ] Both winners. One of us, actually, Ric. One of us.

-[[ Ric is confused. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] What'cha mean, Big Red?

[ Kane ] I mean.. Standing right here.. There's only one winner. You may've beaten Jeff Jarrett, but you're not a winner, Ric...

-[[ Kane chuckles again. A dry, desperate laugh. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I don't get it.

[ Kane ] Because next week.... In the first round of the tournament.... YOU'VE..... GOT........ ME!!!

-[[ Kane looks over at Batista, who looks ready to pounce at any second, and gives him a look that says for him to make a move. ]]-

[ Kane ] You've beaten the greats, Ric.. Seventeen times, huh? CWE World Champion.... You've beaten the greats.. But you've never beaten a real live monster!!

-[[ Flair doesn't look like he knows what to think about this. The Nature Boy versus The Big Red Machine next week!? Kane reaches over and yanks the champagne out of Flair's hands. He takes a big drink out of it and lowers the bottle, holding it at his side. Flair looks over at Rena and Batista. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] C'mon, guys. Let's get out o'here.

[ Kane ] What's the matter, Ric? Is the party already over? No more celebration!?

-[[ Kane heckles him as they walk away. The monster gets a sick smile on his face. ]]-

[ Kane ] The party's not over.. Until I say it is.

-[[ He crushes the bottle like it was made of styrofoam, slicing his hand open but he doesn't seem to notice. Fade out. ]]-




-[[ Taz and Raven begin brawling immediately, before the bell has even rung. Taz gets the upper hand and whips Raven into the turnbuckle. Taz begins punching him repeatedly and throws him face first into the mat. Raven gets back to his feet and Taz is already on him with a vicious clothesline that sends him flipping onto his stomach. Taz gets on his back and begins punching him across the face from behind! Raven is already gushing blood from his nose! Taz picks Raven up and throws him over the top rope and to the floor! Taz follows him out, but when he gets down there, Raven has already grabbed a cookie sheet from outside the ring. He teepees it over Taz's head and Taz no-sells it! Taz slaps it out of Raven's hands and throws him head first into the ring steps. Taz picks up the ring steps and raises them over his head to crush Raven!! Raven kicks up and nails Taz in the groin, sending him staggering back and falling on his ass. Raven jumps up on the apron and drives an elbow straight into Taz's face!! Raven begins punching Taz in the face, busting his nose as well! Raven gets up and kicks Taz in the ribs before telling Mike Tenay to get up. He grabs Tenay's chair and walks back over to Taz. He drives the chair into Taz's ribs! Taz starts to get up and he's barely standing as Raven hits him in the head with the chair! Taz staggers back and leans against the apron! Raven wields the chair again and this time Taz moves as the chair bounces off the bottom rope and goes flying out of Raven's hands! Taz springs forward and rips off Raven's head with a lariat!! He picks Raven up and drives him into the floor with a T-Bone Suplex!! Taz grabs the chair himself and raises it over his head. The fans erupt. Raven gets back up to one knee and Taz BREAKS the chair over Raven's head!! Raven is gushing blood out of his forehead!! Taz starts to go after him again, but he's suddenly jumped from behind by Perry Saturn and Billy Kidman!! Kidman jumps on his back and Taz flings him through the middle and bottom ropes, into the ring! Taz brawls with Saturn and finally picks him up and lawn darts him through the announce table!! Taz turns around to go after Kidman, but he's gone.... LOOK UP! Kidman comes off the top to the floor with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! He wipes out Taz!! Both men are laying on the floor. Raven is still out! Kidman is up first, he pulls Taz to his feet and throws him in the ring. He then grabs Raven and throws him inside the ring too. He pulls Raven on top of Taz and the referee counts... One! Two! THRE--- TAZ KICKED OUT!!!!! Raven staggers up to his feet and throws out the cross pose, he's going to try to end it!! Taz gets up, but he's bent over a bit and Raven hooks him for the Even Flow, but Taz grabs him by both arms and suplexes him!! He bridges it! One! Two! Raven kicks out!! Raven and Taz begin brawling, both men bleeding and Raven hits Taz with a DDT out of nowhere! Raven rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring steps. He throws them inside the ring. Raven goes in and gets Taz to his feet, he whips him into the ropes and drop toe holds him into the steps!! Raven covers him! One! Two! THRE-- KICK OUT BY TAZ!!! Raven gets Taz to his feet and pulls back to punch him in the face. He throws the punch and Taz ducks it!! TAZMISSION!! TAZMISSION!! Kidman gets back in the ring and Taz releases the hold. Kidman throws a clothesline and Taz ducks it!! TAZMISSIONPLEX!!!! BILLY KIDMAN IS DEAD!!! Raven comes back after Taz and it's the TAZMISSION AGAIN!!! Raven fights it. Raven kicks off the top turnbuckle to try to roll Taz up. Raven is going ballistic but Taz will not let go!!!! WAIT!! WAIT!! RANDY ORTON HITS THE RING!! Orton slides in and nails Taz in the back!! Taz lets go of the hold and turns around right into the RKO!!!! This must be the "NOISE" that Orton and the Dream Team planned on making!! Out of nowhere, Rob Van Dam comes off the top rope with the Five Star Frog Splash on Taz!! They drag Raven on top of him and because it's no DQ, the ref has no choice but to count!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! TAZ HAS BEEN SCREWED!!!! ]]-

-[[ Orton is on Taz first and drags him to his feet. Charlie Haas is in the ring and it's four on one!! Taz tries to fight back and Taz won't go down!! They finally beat Taz down to the ground and begin stomping on him!! The fans erupt out of nowhere and the camera catches ARN ANDERSON running to the ring with a tire iron!! He slides in and nails Rob Van Dam across the back with it!! RVD tucks and rolls out of the ring!! Orton, Raven, and Haas scatter and head up the ramp as Anderson yells at them to get back in the ring and fight... Anderson helps Taz to his feet but Taz shoves him away, he doesn't want help. Anderson calls for a microphone... ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] There's a lot of things I'll stand for.. A lot of things, boys, but if you want to challenge the SGW's good name then you're challengin' ol' Double A to a knock down, drag out fight..

-[[ Anderson points at them with the tire iron as they stand on the ramp. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] I've gone toe to toe with a lot o'men to defend SGW's honor and I'll tell you right now just like I told every single one of them.. There ain't nobody that's gonna insult SGW.. There ain't nobody that's gonna give SGW a bad name... There ain't nobody that's gonna kill the dream I've worked so hard to bring to life...

-[[ Anderson's voice changes a bit, becomes more angry it seems as he says his next word. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] ........NOBODY.

-[[ HOLY SHIT!! Arn Anderson slammed Taz in the face with the tire iron!! Anderson stands over him, wipes the sweat from his brow and brings the tire iron down hard into the ribs of Taz!! Taz contorts in pain and Anderson hits him again!! EMTs and referees rush the ring and Anderson casually gets out of the ring and exits through the crowd. The fans boo loudly as Anderson stands in the middle of the crowd and raises the tire iron in the air. WHY DID ANDERSON HIT TAZ!? It doesn't make any sense!! ]]-

-[[ Fade out. ]]-