STROKE: The Road to WrestleBrawl | July 22nd, 2006 | Live From: Providence, Rhode Island | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The interview area.. ]]-

-[[ "The Franchise" Shane Douglas is standing by with Kurt Angle and Colt Cabana.. Once again, The Fuckin' Franchise is wearing his wrestling gear despite not having a match.. He's got his microphone in his hand.. Kurt Angle is standing there in a "TAP OUT OR ANGLE SLAM" t-shirt and a pair of red track pants.. Angle looks pleased with himself.. Cabana stands next to Angle, still in his own wrestling gear, smiling smugly with a pair of black shades on.. Shane Douglas begins the interview. ]]-


-[[ Angle rubs his chin.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] What do I have to say about that, Shane?

-[[ Angle looks down.. And then back up, smiling evilly. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're exactly RIGHT.

-[[ He nods. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Oh yes.. It's true.. And do you know it's true, Shane?


[ Kurt Angle ] Because I am Solid Gold Wrestling's only.. Olympic gold medalist.. And I won those medals with a broke.. Freakin' neck.. So.. If anyone thinks for a second that I'm going to tap out.. Or say I quit.. To John Cena.. They need to have their head examined.. Oh yeah.. That's true, as well..

-[[ Angle turns and stares into the camera coldly.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] The bottom line is this.. John Cena will never.. And CAN never... Make me tap out-

-[[ John Cena explodes onto the interview set, immediately forcing both forearms into Shane Douglas, sending him flying through the interview set!! Cena kicks Colt Cabana in the gut and pie faces him backward and then he begins trading punches with Kurt Angle!! John Cena has had enough!! He couldn't wait for WrestleBrawl!! Kurt Angle throws a wild, over head punch and Cena ducks it and hits Angle with a drop toe hold.. And locks in the STFU!!!!! KURT ANGLE IS SCREAMING IN PAIN!! AND HE BEGINS TAPPING ON THE FLOOR!! KURT ANGLE IS TAPPING OUT ON THE FLOOR!! JOHN CENA IS YELLING!! ]]-

[ John Cena ] TAP OUT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!! TAP.. OUT!!!

-[[ Security and officials flood the area and try to separate the two as Cena wrenches back on the hold, forcing Angle to tap out repeatedly.. My God, is this a preview of what we'll see at WrestleBrawl!? ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The interview area. ]]-

-[[ Rob Conway is standing there in front of you with a big smile on his face.. He's still in his wrestling gear, wearing a black, leather biker cap and black sun glasses.. Rob Conway begins speaking. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] WrestleBrawl Two.. Intercontinental championship..

-[[ He chuckles. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Ya' know.. I've done a whole lot of connin' to get where I am right now..

-[[ He nods.. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Yep.. Sure have.. So you can only imagine how much it pissed me off when Matt Hardy stuck his nose in my business last week and hit Vince Russo with that chair.. And not only that.. But put himself into MY match.. That I earned!

-[[ Earned!? ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] But.. That's alright.. Because there's not a single situation I've been put in so far that I haven't found a way to.. Con my way out of.. And if that means kickin' Raven.. AND Matt Hardy's asses on the biggest show of the year.. Then I'll be glad to teach you both.. That it's..

-[[ He pulls the sun glasses down to the tip of his nose. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] The Conway.. Or the highway!

-[[ He laughs. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Raven versus Chris Masters
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Raven and Masters face off in the middle of the ring.. There's a brief stare down and Masters shoves Raven backwards! Raven jumps back forward, nailing Masters in the head with lefts and rights, absolutely brawling with him!! Raven backs Masters into the ropes and clotheslines him over the top and to the floor! Raven follows him out and whips Masters into the guardrail!! Raven follows him in but Masters catches him around the waist and stun guns him onto the rail!! Masters pulls Raven off of and forces him back first into the ring apron!! Masters forces Raven underneath the bottom rope and follows him in.. Masters begins sizing Raven up.. "MASTERLOCK TIME!" Raven slowly stands and Masters hooks one arm.. Goes for the second but Raven whips around and hooks Masters around the head for the EVENFLOW but Masters runs forward, forcing Raven hard into the turnbuckles! Raven staggers out, holding his back and Masters whips him into the opposite corner but Raven reverses it and follows him in.. CLOTHESLINE! BULLDOG! Raven covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- Masters powers him off!! Raven is up quickly and Masters stands.. Raven begins throwing punches at Masters but Masters blocks them, ducks one and catches Raven in another Masterlock attempt but Raven kicks backward, hitting Masters in the nuts! Raven spins around, hooks him.. EVENFLOW!! Raven covers him! One! Two! Three! Raven has won the match! ]]-

Winner: Raven via Pin Fall

-[[ After the last match has ended and Raven and Masters have left the ringside area.. Ric Flair's music hits to a huge pop.. Ric Flair walks out onto the ramp by himself, wearing a suit and carrying a microphone.. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs inside.. He stands there in the middle of the ring as the fans give him a standing ovation.. He raises the microphone with genuine happiness on his face. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] ..Thank you.

-[[ Another huge pop.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Last week.. Jeff Jarrett found out.. That I am STILL.. The dirtiest player.. IN THE GAME!!

-[[ Pop. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Jeff Jarrett wants to use loopholes.. On the contract he signed.. IN.. MY.. BLOOD!! FINE!! DO IT!! TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME, PAL!! WOOOOOOO!!

-[[ The fans 'woooooo!' in response. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] And in eight days.. EIGHT.. DAYS.. Jeff Jarrett is going to find out.. ONCE AND FOR ALL.. That "The Nature Boy" still has one left in him.. ONE TIME.. FOR ALL TIME!! Jeff Jarrett.. I'm GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!

-[[ Another huge pop.. And then.. Jillian Hall's music hits!? Jillian walks down the ramp with a microphone in her hand.. She gets in the ring and stays a few feet away from Flair.. Flair looks her up and down, holding his microphone at his side.. She begins to speak. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Ric, Ric, Ric....

-[[ Flair raises his microphone, smiling. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Jillian, Jillian... Jillian.

-[[ She walks a circle around him.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Did you really think you'd do what you did to me last week.. And get away with it?

-[[ She walks in front of him, going face to face with him.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Everyone else around here may respect you.. But I don't.

-[[ Flair just stares at her, emotionless. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I think you're old.. Washed up.. Pathetic..

-[[ Boos.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And Jeff Jarrett is going to put you in the ground at WrestleBrawl..

-[[ Louder boos.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What's the matter, Ric? The truth hurts, doesn't it?

-[[ She laughs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well... So does this!

-[[ And she slaps him right across the face!! The fans all "Oooooo" in unison. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] That was for last week--

-[[ Ric Flair immediately reaches down and trips her!! He grabs one of her legs and begins dancing around it!! He's 'woo-ing' like crazy!! And he puts her in the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! The fans are erupting!! The roof is coming off of the place!! Jillian Hall is screaming in pain as Flair gets the move in tight!! Jeff Jarrett charges down to the ring in his suit and dives under the bottom rope but Flair breaks the hold and meets Jarrett halfway!! Jarrett stops dead in his tracks and grabs Jillian and pushes her out of the ring, through the middle and top ropes and Flair runs up behind him, trying to get a grip on him, but he's only coming away with pieces of Jarrett's suit!! Jarrett gets out of the ring, his suit in tatters and he grabs Jillian and he practically carries her up the ramp as Ric Flair stands in the ring with the fans chanting his name.. Flair grabs the microphone and speaks.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] JEFF.. JARRETT!!

-[[ The fans are cheering so loudly you almost can't hear him. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] All night long, pal.... Allllllllll.. Night... Loooooong....... WOOOOOOOOO!!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The interview area again. ]]-

-[[ This time you're looking into the face of Triple H.. Already in his gear, ready to go one on one with Ken Kennedy later tonight.. Triple H stares into the camera, breathing heavily.. Shaking with intensity.. He begins to speak. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I'm going to say this perfectly clear.. And I'm only going to say it once..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I'm looking past Ken Kennedy tonight.. I'm even looking past the Rock at WrestleBrawl Two..

-[[ The hell? ]]-

[ Triple H ] You see.. I have my eyes on a bigger prize.. I have my eyes.. On the SGW World Heavyweight championship.. And the easiest way to get my hands on that.. Is to go through twenty-nine other men in the WrestleBrawl battle royal and become the number one contender.. And that.. Is exactly what I plan.. To do!!

-[[ The fans boo. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I don't care if Edge is the champion.. I don't care if Lance Storm is the champion.. No matter WHO is the champion.. They will know only one word when they step in the ring with me.. And that word.. Is PEDIGREE!!

-[[ Triple H's lip twitches.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] That championship belt is my destiny.. It is what I desire.. It is the only thing that means ANYTHING to me in this world.. And I will not.. NO.. I REFUSE TO GO ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT IT!! On July thirtieth.. At WrestleBrawl Two.. Twenty-nine other men will find out that I deserve that championship.. Because I am the GAME.. THE KING OF KINGS... And I am.. THAT.. DAMN.. GOOD!!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Shawn Michaels & Eric Young versus Lance Storm & Mike Awesome versus Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Single Fall
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Shelton Benjamin and Shawn Michaels begin the match.. There's a long feeling out process and then they lock up.. They fight over it and Michaels forces Benjamin back into the corner, unfortunately, it's the corner belonging to Charlie Haas and he forearms Michaels in the head, knocking him off of Benjamin.. Benjamin charges at Michaels and goes for a clothesline but Michaels ducks and drop toe holds Benjamin to the mat.. Michaels dives on Benjamin's back and locks him in a rear naked joke and then flips over to put him in a front face lock.. Michaels begins dragging Benjamin across the ring and Michaels makes a quick tag to Eric Young.. Michaels holds Shelton's arm up and Eric Young kicks him right in the ribs! Young and Michaels hit Benjamin with a double suplex and Michaels gets back on the apron.. Eric Young covers Benjamin.. One! Two! Benjamin kicks out.. Eric Young looks surprised and Benjamin gets up.. Benjamin and Young stare each other down and Young quickly backs off and tries to get back to Michaels but Benjamin grabs him by his tights, hook him around the waist and German suplexes him right on his head! Benjamin drags Young by his boot and tags in Charlie Haas.. Haas and Benjamin pull Young up and Haas holds Young around the waist.. And Benjamin nails Young with the MONEY CLIP! And Haas German suplexes him back on his head!! He bridges it!! One! Two! Three-- LANCE STORM BROKE THE PIN! Storm backs off and gets back on the apron.. Benjamin goes back to his corner as well.. Haas pulls Young up off of the mat and whips him into the ropes.. He ducks for a back body drop but Young stops and kicks him in the chest! Haas goes upright and Young whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline but Haas ducks it and Young turns around into a drop kick! Young staggers backward and Mike Awesome tags himself in!! Mike Awesome charges in, pumping his fists and yelling "FUCK!" repeatedly.. Charlie Haas looks scared to death and runs to make a tag to anyone, anyone at all but everyone jumps off of the apron! Charlie Haas then runs at Awesome and tries to hit him with a big right hand but Awesome blocks it and hits Haas with a punch of his own! Everyone returns to the apron and Awesome whips Haas into the ropes.. LARIAT!! He pulls Haas up and puts his head between his legs.. He goes for an.. AWESOME BOMB!! But Shawn Michaels slaps Awesome on the back before he drops it.. And he drills Haas with the bomb!! Awesome covers him but he's informed that he's not the legal man!! Shawn Michaels runs up behind Awesome and shoves him out of the ring!! Michaels covers Haas.. ONE! TWO! THREE-- LANCE STORM BREAKS IT UP AGAIN!! Michaels shoves Storm and Storm shoves Michaels.. And then Michaels goes for a SUPERKICK out of nowhere but Storm sidesteps him and flings him over the top rope.. Mike Awesome reaches over the ropes and slaps Haas, tagging himself in.. Storm gets on the apron.. Shawn Michaels gets back into the ring and quickly tags in Shelton Benjamin while he's not looking.. Michaels laughs and gets on the apron.. Shelton springboards onto the top rope and flies off at Awesome with a flying clothesline but Awesome catches him in a double choke.. And slings him hard into the corner, his hand flying out and hitting Eric Young by accident! Tag! Eric Young looks terrified! Awesome grabs him by the head and hair tosses him over the top rope and into the ring.. Awesome tags in Lance Storm!! Eric Young staggers up, holding his ass and he turns right around into a.. TRIP! STRAIGHT SHOOTER!! Mike Awesome begins running around the ring, stopping anyone from interfering.. And Eric Young taps out!! Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are taking the victory!! ]]-

Winners: Lance Storm & Mike Awesome via Submission

-[[ You're in a dark room.. ]]-

-[[ There's a sound of water dripping. ]]-

-[[ Because one faint, stream of light.. You see a man sitting in the corner of this dark room.. He's by himself.. And you see the gold that rests in a heap next to him.. The SGW Intercontinental Championship.. Raven's face is partially obscured by the darkness.. Another hype video, filmed before his match tonight.. Raven speaks, his voice annoyed.. Pained. ]]-

[ Raven ] One more time..

-[[ Raven sighs. ]]-

[ Raven ] One more time, Matt Hardy sticks his nose in business that doesn't concern him..

-[[ A pause.. Raven raises his index finger in the air. ]]-

[ Raven ] The first time.. It almost got him killed..

-[[ He raises his middle finger now. ]]-

[ Raven ] The second time...

-[[ He shrugs.. His shoulders slump.. ]]-

[ Raven ] I don't care..

-[[ What? ]]-

[ Raven ] I've beaten you, Hardy.. I've moved on and now I'm looking past you and Rob Conway.. I'm looking ahead to the WrestleBrawl battle royal.. Thirty men.. Only one can be the winner.. I said last week that I didn't come here for gold.. But this one...

-[[ Raven touches the crumpled up belt next to him.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Has brought me nothing but pain..

-[[ He moves his hand away from it.. ]]-

[ Raven ] And it's time to try a new one on for size..

-[[ Another pause.. ]]-

[ Raven ] So, Hardy.. Conway.. If you lose.. Fine.. If you win.. I don't care..

-[[ Raven tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Because my destiny doesn't lie.. In our match..

-[[ He stares straight up at the ceiling. ]]-

[ Raven ] It lies.. In WrestleBrawl..

-[[ He shuts his eyes. ]]-

[ Raven ] Quote the Raven.. Nevermore.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Johnny Nitro versus "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Austin takes it immediately to Nitro, punching away at him and kicking him down in the corner, doing everything he can to incapacitate Nitro right out of the gate! Austin pulls Nitro out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. THESZ PRESS!! PUNCHES!! Austin pulls Nitro up off of the mat and punches him back down!! Nitro rolls for the ropes but Austin stays on him, grabbing the top rope and stomping away at Nitro until he finally falls off of the apron and to the outside!! Austin follows him out and begins beating down on him and throws him hard into the guardrail!! Charles Robinson climbs out of the ring to try and get them back inside but Austin pulls his hand back to punch Nitro and catches Robinson in the eye!! Robinson goes down, clutching at his face.. Mark Henry charges around the corner and clubs Austin in the back!! Mark Henry pulls Austin up off of the floor.. And rams him into the ring post!! Mark Henry GORILLA PRESSES Austin over the top rope and into the ring!! Johnny Nitro slowly rolls back inside and covers Austin.. But no one is there to make the pin.. Johnny Nitro gets up and pulls Austin to his feet.. He backs Austin into the corner and turns around to run the ropes and walks right into.. THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Shawn Michaels rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp while Mark Henry tries to chase him down!! The impact sends Johnny Nitro spinning right around into.. KICK WHAM STUNNER!! Austin covers him!! Charles Robinson climbs into the ring.. ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! Steve Austin has won the match thanks to Shawn Michaels!! ]]-

Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Pin Fall

Another interview segment. ]]-

-[[ Ken Kennedy, The Big Show and Lollipop are all that you see here.. Kennedy's in his gear, the SGW Television championship around his waist, ready to face Triple H in the main event tonight.. Ken Kennedy has a microphone in his hand, unlike the other interview subjects from tonight.. Kennedy begins speaking into the microphone. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Ever since I got here in Solid Gold Wrestling.. I have dreamed about one thing.. Becoming the Solid Gold Wrestling.. WORLD.. Heavyweight champion..

-[[ Big Show pats him on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I've had my fair share of gold here.. Gimmick champion.. Tag team champion..

-[[ He touches the belt around his waist.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] And the current, reigning Television champion..

-[[ He stares intently into the camera. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] But it seems that every time I get a shot at the big one.. The world championship.. I fall short.. I've been called undeserving.. I've been called.. A choker.. But at WrestleBrawl Two, in just eight, short days.. I will prove to everyone that those two monikers.. Do NOT apply to me..

-[[ He's getting more into it now. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Because in one night.. I will defeat the former.. FORMER.. FOUR TIME.. SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner.. And then I will go on to defeat twenty-nine other men to become the number one contender to the SGW World Heavyweight Championship..

-[[ He nods.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Every time I've had a shot at the title.. It has been in a multi-person situation.. And I have never.. EVERRRR.. Been the one with his shoulders on the mat after the match has concluded.. And that tells me this.. If I can get the champion in a one on one situation.. I can win.. I can do it!!

-[[ He's yelling loudly, face turning red. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] And I promise you.. I PROMISE YOU!! When I win WrestleBrawl Two and I become the number one contender and I receive my one on one title shot.. You WILL hear..

-[[ He tilts his head back.. ]]-


-[[ He looks back down at the camera.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ......KENNEDY!!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ Backstage. ]]-

-[[ We see Alex Shelley and Vince Russo walking through the backstage area.. Both men are wearing street clothes because Shelley doesn't have a match tonight.. You hear them talking as they walk closer.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I don't get it.. He ain't givin' us the rules for the Pure title 'til fuckin' WrestleBrawl!

[ Alex Shelley ] That's ridiculous, Ru..

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck it.. Doesn't matta'.. I got anotha' hot idea to get inside his fuckin' head..

[ Alex Shelley ] I'm all ears..

-[[ And he raises the camera. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] And eyes!

[ Vince Russo ] Well.. We go back to'is fuckin' house--

-[[ And Alex Shelley is suddenly blasted from behind!! Alex Shelley goes sprawling forward and CHRIS BENOIT grabs Russo by the shirt and slams him backward against the wall!! Shelley runs at Benoit and they begin trading shots until Benoit takes over and nails Shelley with a sickening chop to the chest!! Security floods into the area, trying to separate the two as Benoit yells. ]]-


-[[ He tries getting at Shelley again.. Shelley looks terrified.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] STAY AWAY!!

-[[ They finally get Benoit out of the area.. Shelley and Russo look at each other with wide eyes. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] Ru... What did we do?

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Edge & Tyson Tomko versus The Island Boys
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Tomko and Edge don't even bother going for the tag format, immediately taking the fight to Kimo and Ekmo! All four men brawl in the ring, fighting like animal.. Edge and Kimo throw punches at each other like crazy and Tomko backs Ekmo into the corner and begins kneeing away at him repeatedly.. Kimo takes over on Edge, whipping him into the ropes and catching him coming off.. Samoan Drop! He makes a quick pin! One! Edge kicks out! Kimo pulls him back up and whips him into the corner.. He charges in and goes for a big splash but Edge ducks out of the way and hits the ropes once Kimo comes bouncing out.. SPEAR ON KIMO! Kimo goes tumbling through the middle and top rope and to the floor!! Edge and Tomko begin double teaming Ekmo and they whip him into the ropes.. DOUBLE SPINE BUSTER!! They pull him back up and Ekmo tries fighting back, raking Edge's eyes and pushing him back against the ropes.. He grabs Tomko and whips him into the ropes.. Tomko comes back and Ekmo goes for a clothesline.. But Tomko ducks it and hits the ropes.. And Ekmo turns around into.. THE BIG BOOT!! The big boot sends Ekmo spinning right around..... INTO THE SPEAR!! Edge covers Ekmo and hooks the leg.. One! Two! Three!! Edge and Tomko have won the match! ]]-

Winners: Edge & Tyson Tomko via Pin Fall

-[[ The backstage area.. ]]-

-[[ Jillian Hall is wailing, crying, screaming.. A couple EMTs are looking at her leg as Jeff Jarrett hovers over them, looking pissed off.. Jarrett paces back and forth, walking a circle around them like he doesn't know what else to do.. When suddenly, Johnny Nitro, Trinity and Mark Henry walk into the shot.. Johnny Nitro is fuming mad. ]]-

[ Johnny Nitro ] Did you see what just happened!?

-[[ Jarrett looks up at Nitro. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, I did! I'm pissed off!

-[[ Nitro raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Johnny Nitro ] You're pissed off!? I'M PISSED OFF, JEFF!

-[[ Jarrett stops in his tracks and looks at Nitro right in the eyes. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Wait a second.. I'm talkin' about Flair.. What the hell are you talkin' about?

[ Johnny Nitro ] Shawn Michaels!

-[[ Jarrett shakes his head, a look of disgust on his face. ]]-


-[[ Nitro puts his hands up in defense. ]]-

[ Johnny Nitro ] Listen, Jeff.. I know you don't care.. But I need something.. I need a favor.

-[[ Jarrett looks at Jillian and back at Nitro. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm a little busy right now.

[ Johnny Nitro ] It'll only take a second.. Please.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, make it quick.

[ Johnny Nitro ] Tonight.. Shawn Michaels cost me my shot at beating a former world champion in this company.. It seems like I can do anything without having Shawn Michaels right on my back.. So, I'm pitching this.. Since Shawn Michaels has found it SO EASY to get his hands on me over the past few weeks.. We make it difficult for him.. At WrestleBrawl.. I'm saying.. A Gauntlet match!

-[[ Jarrett thinks about it.. ]]-

[ Johnny Nitro ] Where he'll still get to face me.. But first.. He has to beat..

-[[ Mark Henry steps up, pounding his fist into his open palm. ]]-

[ Mark Henry ] ..Me.

-[[ Nitro smiles.. ]]-

[ Mark Henry ] Shawn Michaels.. Can't beat me wit' speed.. He can't beat me.. With strainff.. He just plain can't beat me!

-[[ Jarrett nods. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Alright, fine.. Ya' got it.. Now, hit the bricks!

-[[ Nitro, Henry and Trinity leave as Jarrett goes back to watching the EMTs tend to Jillian. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ Another interview.. ]]-

-[[ Matt Hardy is standing alone, his head bowed, his hands in front of him, pressed together as if he is praying.. Wearing his gear and a 'V1' t-shirt, he begins to speak without looking at the camera.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I have come from nothing..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And I know.. From experience.. The only thing worse than having nothing..

-[[ He tilts his head back, opening his eyes, staring at the ceiling. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Is having everything.. And then losing it all..

-[[ He slowly turns his head toward the camera, lowering his hands, but keeping them together. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] That's what you did to me, Raven..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] You took everything I had.. Away from me..

-[[ He takes a step toward the camera.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And I don't care if you don't like it..

-[[ He breathes heavily.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And I DAMN SURE don't care.. If Rob Conway likes it..

-[[ He smiles an evil smile. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Because.. At WrestleBrawl....

-[[ He extends both hands out to his side in the cross pose.. Version One hand signs on each side. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I'm taking it.. All back.

-[[ He tilts his head down, keeping his eyes turned up at you.. That smile becoming more sinister. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And myself.. And all of the fans.. Will celebrate.. And live.. In perfect.. Mattitude.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Ken Kennedy versus Triple H
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Ken Kennedy and Triple H stand in their respective corners.. They each slowly walk out of their corner and meet in the center of the ring.. They stand nose to nose and then take a few steps back.. Cordaris calls for the bell to be rung.. It does and the match begins.. Kennedy and Triple H lock up and fight over it hard.. They fight against the ropes and then both men drop and roll out of the ring, still locked together.. Triple H backs Kennedy against the guardrail and then knees him in the midsection.. Triple H immediately takes Kennedy by the back of the head and throws him underneath the bottom rope.. Triple H follows him in and Kennedy is up quickly, taking Triple H by the hair as he reenters the ring.. Ken Kennedy puts Triple H in a headlock and Triple H backs into the ropes, whipping Kennedy off into the opposite side.. Kennedy comes back at him and Triple H goes for a clothesline.. Kennedy ducks it and Triple H turns around.. And Kennedy drops him with a running elbow! Kennedy begins waiting for Triple H to stand, sizing him up.. Triple H gets up to one knee and Kennedy charges at him a second time.. And Triple H comes alive, grabs Kennedy.. Anderson Spinebuster!! Triple H covers him and hooks the leg! One! Two! Ken Kennedy gets a shoulder up.. Triple H stands up and takes Kennedy by the head.. He pulls him up and hooks him.. For a stalling vertical suplex! Triple H takes a few steps with him, drops him forward so his legs bounce off of the top rope and then falls backward, driving Kennedy into the mat! Triple H goes for another cover.. One! Two! Th-- Ken Kennedy got a shoulder up again.. Triple H stands up, walking a circle around Kennedy, staring down at him.. Triple H sizes him up.. Kennedy slowly stands and Triple H runs at him for a clothesline but Kennedy ducks and Triple H hits the ropes.. Kennedy goes for a clothesline of his own but Triple H ducks that and hits the opposite side.. Kennedy turns around.. HIGH KNEE!! Ken Kennedy stands up immediately, looking out of it and Triple H kicks him in the gut.. PEDIGREE- NO!! Ken Kennedy back drops Triple H out of the move!! Triple H turns around and Kennedy begins taking it to him with big right hands!! He backs Triple H into the ropes and then whips him off.. Kennedy goes for a clothesline and Triple H ducks it and turns right around into a spinning heel kick from Kennedy!! Triple H goes down and Kennedy begins climbing the ropes... And Triple H comes alive, kicking Jimmy Cordaris in the leg, knocking him over into the ropes, unbalancing Kennedy but Kennedy jumps off of the top rope before he can fall and Triple H kicks him in the gut.. PEDIGREE-- NO!! Kennedy backdrops him out of it again and-- WHAM!! LEAD PIPE SHOT FROM SCOTT STEINER!! Scott Steiner rolls out of the ring, Kennedy slowly turns, a trickle of blood running down his forehead.. And.. KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!! Triple H covers him and hooks the leg.. ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! TRIPLE H HAS WON THE MATCH!! ]]-

Winner: Triple H via Pin Fall

-[[ Triple H celebrates his victory and walks up the ramp as the fans boo.. Once he gets about half-way up the ramp, Lance Storm's music hits.. Lance Storm walks out in jeans and a white Maple Leaf t-shirt.. He has the SGW World Championship over his shoulder.. He's alone.. Storm makes his way down the ramp and meets Triple H halfway.. They lock eyes for a second.. Triple H looks down at the championship belt and smirks before heading up and disappearing behind the curtain.. Storm gets inside the ring and calls for a microphone.. He receives it.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Edge.. I told you that tonight.. I was going to get a piece of you inside this ring..

-[[ The fans begin buzzing in anticipation.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] That's right, Edge.. Mister Undefeated.. I'm calling you out.. Right here.. Right now!

-[[ Storm lowers the microphone.. He waits.. No answer. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Come on, Edge.. Surely, the..

-[[ Quotation fingers. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Damn champion.... Isn't afraid!

-[[ Still no answer.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Well, Edge.... In eight days.. I hope you show more guts--

-[[ "Metalingus" hits.. The fans erupt in boos.. Lance Storm discards the SGW World Championship and waits on Edge to make his entrance.. The smoke billows out of the entrance way.. And.. WHAM!! Edge nails Lance Storm from behind!! Edge entered through the crowd!! The coward, the damn coward!! Storm goes sprawling face first and Edge stays on him, punching away at him.. Edge stands up and Storm sits up.. And Edge kicks him right in the head!! Storm tries to get up on all fours.. And Edge hits the ropes.. And stomps Storm right in the side of the head!! The fans are booing loudly now.. Edge runs his hand through his hair and takes his place in the corner, motioning for Storm to get up.. He's going to give him another spear.. The THIRD spear he'll have given Storm!! Lance Storm slowly stands up, looking noticeably out of it from the kicks to the head... Storm turns around and Edge goes for it!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR- NO!! LANCE STORM TRIPS EDGE AND ROLLS THROUGH..... STRAIGHT SHOOTER!!! STRAIGHT SHOOTER!!! STRAIGHT SHOOTER!!! Lance Storm begins ripping back on the hold and Edge screams in pain.. AND BEGINS TAPPING OUT!! EDGE IS TAPPING OUT!! LANCE STORM HAS FORCED THE UNDEFEATED, UNPINNED EDGE TO TAP OUT!! THE FANS ARE GOING NUTS!! Lance Storm quickly releases the hold, grabs the SGW World Championship and rolls out of the ring, celebrating up the ramp, showing an awkward display of charisma not usually shown by "The Canadian Superstar".. Edge lays in the middle of the ring, staring down the ramp with a snarl on his face as Storm stands on the stage, raising the SGW championship over his head as the fans chant his name..... ]]-

-[[ Mother fuckers, WrestleBrawl II is HERE! ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-