-[[ The scene fades up with a shot of ambulance lights flashing. The camera pans down to show Randy Orton being treated for his injuries and carted into the ambulance while Charlie Haas and Rob Van Dam look on. Raven approaches from behind, the look on his face saying everything. He doesn't care about what happened to Randy Orton. He expected it. Haas and RVD turn to him. ]]-

Raven: It has begun... Your help was not requested and look what you've wrought on yourselves.

Charlie Haas: We didn't bring shit on ourselves, Taz just signed his death warrant. We showed him last week what happens when you step in the ring with the best... Now he'll find out what happens when you piss them off..

Raven: The thought is admirable.. I would applaud you if your effort wasn't folly. You've unleashed a monster and now it can not be stopped.

-[[ Haas looks even angrier, like he might hit Raven but then an idea dawns on him. ]]-

Charlie Haas: Listen up, I've got it... You think Taz is unstoppable, if that's true, he's going to beat Steve Corino and move on in the tournament.. I don't want that to happen. Rob Van Dam is the last chance The Dream Team has in the tournament and he's got you tonight.. The winner of your match gets Taz next week, providing he wins...

-[[ Raven knows where this is going, he doesn't like it. ]]-

Charlie Haas: Fighting Taz means nothing to you, you beat him last week... Me and Rob, we owe this son of a bitch the beating of a life time.. Tonight, you put Rob over and let us put Taz out of this tournament next week... And out of Solid Gold Wrestling once and for all.

-[[ Raven looks away, the idea is garbage. ]]-

Rob Van Dam: Hey, after I win the world title, you'll be the first person to get a title shot, bro.

Charlie Haas: Hold on just a minute!!

-[[ Rob smacks himself on the forehead. ]]-

Rob Van Dam: I forgot! My bad... You'll get the first shot after Charlie!!

-[[ Raven is now totally silent. ]]-

Charlie Haas: Knew you'd see things our way.. Don't screw this up.

-[[ The ambulance drives off. Haas and RVD head into the building as we fade out. ]]-


John Cena vs. Bill Goldberg
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Cena and Goldberg begin brawling almost immediately. Goldberg overpowers him and throws him into the turnbuckle!! Goldberg steps back and slams in Cena hard with some stiff shoulder blocks!! He pulls Cena out of the corner and throws him into the ropes! Cena ducks a clothesline and Goldberg turns around, Cena hooks him for the F-U, but Goldberg slips out of it!! Cena turns around and Goldberg punches him hard, sending him reeling backwards!! Goldberg shoots forward and clotheslines Cena into the ropes, leaving him limp against them!! Goldberg runs the ropes and runs at Cena, but Cena falls down and yanks the top rope down, sending Goldberg sailing over the top and to the floor!! He lands hard, and Cena begins distracting the referee!! A-Train runs over and nails Goldberg with a vicious kick!! A-Train tosses Goldberg back into the ring. Goldberg starts to get back up and Cena is on him in no time. Cena beats him down and power slams him into the mat!! Cena whips Goldberg into the ropes, and Goldberg ducks a clothesline, Cena turns around, and Goldberg side kicks him right in the face!! Cena goes down hard, and Dawn Marie gets on the apron, she tries distracting Goldberg, but he only turns to her for a split second.. He stands in the corner, waiting for Cena to stand up... He's ready for the spear!! Cena is up and Goldberg goes for it..... AND SPEARS A-TRAIN!!!! A-Train tried to get in the ring!! A-Train is OUT!! Cena grabs a chain out of his shorts and nails Goldberg from behind!! The referee calls for the bell!! Cena has been disqualified!! Goldberg turns to Cena, wipes the blood off the back of his head and Cena gets out of the ring!! Cena, A-Train, and Dawn leave the ring and head up the ramp with Goldberg yelling at them from the ring... "YOU'RE NEXT!!!!!" yells Goldberg, and Cena retorts with "YOU CAN'T SPEAR ME, GOLDBERG!! YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE ME!!! ]]-
Winner: Bill Goldberg by DQ


-[[ Backstage, we see Chavo Guerrero laying still on the pavement. The camera pans back and we're in the parking lot of the arena... Water is splashed all over Chavo's upper body and he wakes up, shaken, not knowing where he is. Cyrus is seen standing over him, holding the dripping bucket. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Have a nice rest, sleeping beauty?

-[[ Chavo remembers. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Cyrus!! What are you doing!?

-[[ Cyrus drops the bucket and walks over holding the papers that Chavo signed earlier. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: I have some good news and bad news, Chavito.. The bad news is, the contract you signed wasn't for any merchandising rights...

-[[ Chavo looks shocked. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: You mean.. I'm not getting my own t-shirt!?

Cyrus the Virus: I'm afraid not.. The contract you signed was actually a bit more complicated than that.

-[[ Cyrus flips through the papers. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Page two, paragraph eleven; I hereby sign away my singles ambitions to embark one hundred percent on a tag team career. You see, Chavo... Your legendary status is about to be put to good use.

-[[ Cyrus begins laughing evilly. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: You SGW legends are so cocky. So self serving. Well, tonight, I have taken action to make sure at least one of you is willing to... Give a little rub to an up and comer in Solid Gold. You'll be tag teaming with a superstar of my choice full-time now... I wanted it to be Rhyno, but he blew out his knee.. You took him out.. So next week, I'm going to choose your new tag team partner right here on Mayhem!! And according to...

-[[ Cyrus flips through the papers again. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Page four, paragraph two, you'll be doing whatever it is we desire.. Clean our toilets, sweep our floors, cook our meals... Does that sound good to you?

Chavo Guerrero: What.... No! Of course not!!

Cyrus the Virus: Well, that's too bad, Chavo!! Because if you fail to meet your contractual obligations, YOU WILL BE FIRED!! FIRED, DAMMIT!! And I'll make sure it happens!! So....

-[[ Cyrus points at him with both index fingers. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Don't rock the boat.

-[[ Cyrus starts to leave when Chavo chimes in. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: But... You said you had good news too...

Cyrus the Virus: Oh yeah.. I just saved a whole lot of money on my car insurance.

-[[ Cyrus laughs and walks away, leaving Chavo wondering what the hell he's going to do. ]]-


Steve Corino vs. Taz
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Taz immediately takes it to Corino, hitting him with punches as Corino tries to back up and defend himself. Corino finally begins punching back, slugging it out with Taz, both of them taking extremely stiff shots to the face and head. Corino throws a wild punch and Taz ducks it, TAZMISSION!!!!! Corino immediately begins flailing around and he backs Taz into the turnbuckle hard, forcing him to break the hold!! Taz stumbles out of the corner, looking a little woozy from his concussion, but Corino shows no mercy, catching Taz coming out with a clothesline!! Corino gets down on Taz and punches him in the head a few times before the ref makes him stop. Corino backs off and Taz gets back to his feet. Corino gets on him gain, punching it out with him, Taz returns the shots and finally gets up, hooking Corino and driving him into the mat with a T-Bone Suplex!! Corino shoots immediately back to his feet, maybe from the shock of the impact, and Taz catches him from behind for a straight jacket suplex!! Taz stands up and picks Corino up.. Butterfly suplex!! Dragon suplex!! Corino has been decimated by the suplexes!! Taz picks Corino up to his knees and Corino drives his arm into Taz's nuts!! The ref calls for the bell!! The ref is disqualifying Steve Corino, but... Arn Anderson's music hits!! Anderson walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Hold on just a minute here... Ric Flair was right about something back there.. Solid Gold Wrestling IS about the talent... It's about puttin' on good matches for our fans.. And well, we've already had two matches end in a DQ tonight.. So, three would be cheatin' our fans out of their hard earned money..... So, ref, restart the match, this time... With no DQ.

-[[ Corino, who once looked relieved for the match to be over suddenly looks horrified, even though Anderson's intent was to help Corino and screw Taz. Taz, however, looks extremely satisfied. The bell rings for the second time and they clash again, punching and kicking at each other and Taz clotheslines Corino over the top rope!! Taz follows him out and they brawl on the outside!! Corino kicks Taz in the gut and DDTs him on the floor!! Corino stomps Taz a few times and grabs a chair from under the ring. Taz gets back up and Corino waffles him across the back with the chair!! Corino raises the chair again and Taz punches it back in his face!! Corino goes down hard and Taz throws the chair in the ring.. Taz reaches under the ring and pulls out a table, the fans pop huge, Taz props up the table between the apron and guardrail. He goes to grab Corino but Corino spews him in the face with a fire extinguisher!! Taz back up, holding his eyes, and Corino nails him right in the face with a super kick!! Corino starts to roll Taz back in the ring, but then he sees the table propped up.. He rolls Taz on top of it and climbs into the ring.. Corino goes to the top rope and dives off with an elbow..... BUT TAZ MOVES!! Corino goes crashing through the table!! Taz pulls Corino out of the wreckage and rolls him in the ring. Taz follows and covers him!! One! Two! Thre-- CORINO KICKED OUT!! Taz picks Corino up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Taz follows him in, but Corino moves and Taz slams into it chest first!! Corino rolls him up out of the corner!! One! Two!! Taz kicked out!! Taz gets up, and Corino kicks him in the gut and hooks him for the Old School Expulsion, but Taz punches Corino in the ribs and breaks the hold!! Taz clubs Corino in the face, drawing blood!! Corino punches back at Taz, hitting him repeatedly, drawing blood himself!! Taz kicks Corino in the gut and goes for a power bomb, but Corino slips out of it and DDTs Taz on the mat!! Corino walks over and grabs the chair that was thrown in the ring earlier, and he raises it over Taz's head, but Taz gets his hands up, taking most of the blow on them!! Taz's hands could be broken!! Taz is up quickly, and Corino raises the chair again, but Taz smacks it out of his hands, "HIT ME, MUTHA' FUCKER!!" Corino throws a punch and Taz ducks it, TAZMISSION!!!!! Corino fights it, he slams Taz into the turnbuckle repeatedly, dragging him around the ring, slams Taz into another turnbuckle, again and again and again, and finally he throws his head back and headbutts Taz right in the face!! Blood is spewing out of Taz's nose, and he WON'T LET GO!! But something's not right, Taz's legs look to be buckling... What.. The... Hell? Taz is slowly dropping, he's dropping to the mat and he's still not letting go of the hold.... And Taz is out. Holding Corino in the Tazmission, choking the life out of him, Taz has passed out with Corino on top of him, and the ref counts..... One.... Two...... THREE. The referee tries hard to get Taz to let go of the hold, but he can't and it looks like Corino is starting to turn blue!! The referee signals for others to come out and help him, and finally, after a few agonizing minutes, they free Steve Corino from his clutches. A stretcher is called out for the injured Taz. ]]-

Winner: Steve Corino via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash chilling out backstage next to the concession stand. ]]-

Kevin Nash: Ya' know, Big Scott, there's nothin' I like to do more after kickin'a couple o'asses than kickin' back with a nice cold...

Scott Hall: ....Beer?

Kevin Nash: Not for you, oh no, we're not going THERE again.

-[[ Nash and Hall laugh. ]]-

Kevin Nash: No, Scott, tonight you'll drinking Pepsi.

-[[ Nash looks into the camera with a big goofy smile. ]]-

Kevin Nash: The choice of a new generation.

-[[ Both men are suddenly rocked forward by an attack from behind!! The brawl lasts a mere few seconds, but the end result Hall and Nash laying on the ground, beaten into a pulp.. And standing over them...... is "LITTLE" GUIDO MARITATO!! TONY MAMALUKE!! AND "BIG" SAL E. GRAZIANO!!! The FULL BLOODED ITALIANS!!! And what's that Guido and Tony are holding in their hands...... THAT'S THE ORIGINAL SGW TAG TEAM TITLES!!! ]]-

"Little" Guido Maritato: EY!! You guys wanna know who you're fightin' at Supremacy? Let me give ya' a hint, paisan!! Because we was da' last SGW tag team champions..... We ain't gotta win no qualifyin' match to earn a shot at da' new SGWx belts!! You'se guys is about to find out what tag team SUPREMACY is all about!!

-[[ The FBI walk off as the scene fades. ]]-


Mike Sanders vs. Jeff Jarrett
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Sanders and Jarrett lock up to start. Jarrett takes over and works Sanders with a headlock. Sanders backs into the ropes and whips Jarrett into them. Sanders hits Jarrett with a weak clothesline, knocking him down. Jarrett is back up in no time, and he locks up with Sanders again, this time kneeing him in the gut and planting him with a DDT!! He covers quickly! One! Two! Sanders kicked out! Sanders is up quick and he begins trading punches with Jarrett. Jarrett whips Sanders into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a running knee. He grabs Sanders out of the corner and face plants him right into the mat. Sanders gets up to one knee and Jarrett kicks him right in the back of the head, sending him back down. Jarrett puts him in a chinlock, and Sanders fights for the ropes, but Jarrett won't be denied!! He keeps yanking back on it, and Sanders finally manages to slip out and nail a drop kick on Jarrett!! Jarrett backs up into the ropes and Sanders charges at him, Jarrett ducks and pulls the ropes down, and Sanders goes over, but he holds on and stands on the apron. Jarrett turns around and Sanders sunset flips over the top and over Jarrett!! He pulls Jarrett down with him and pins his shoulders down! One! Two! Three!! Mike Sanders continues on!!]]-
Winner: Mike Sanders via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with Jack Victory and Eugene backstage. Corino is off getting medical attention for his wounds from Taz so it's just them. Eugene is sitting on a bench, chewing on the sleeve of his jacket while Victory stands over him, talking to him. ]]-

Jack Victory: Listen, kid, you've got this one in the bag.. The guy's cocky but he's got weaknesses, you just have to find'em. Shouldn't be too hard, just find'em and exploit'em.. You can win this one!!

Eugene: Where Steve?

Jack Victory: Steve's gettin' stitched up. He got it pretty rough from Taz.

Eugene: He going to the ring with us?

Jack Victory: No, but I'll be there with you, I've got your back. I'll keep my eye on Christian's entourage so all you have to worry about is takin' care of business in the ring.


-[[ An SGW crew member pops his head into the room. ]]-

SGW Crew Member: Hey, Eugene, Victory... Your match is up in three.

Jack Victory: That's our cue, boy, come on.. Let's go.

-[[ Eugene gets up and starts to walk out the door. Victory follows him out. ]]-

Jack Victory: Go get'em, you crazy bastard!

-[[ Eugene walks through the curtain to the ring when Victory is suddenly stopped by a female hand from off camera.. The camera pans around and we see TRISH STRATUS? Victory totally forgets about Eugene going to the ring. ]]-

Trish Stratus: Hey, baby... Why do you wanna go out there and watch that boring match? You know my baby's gonna win anyway...

Jack Victory: I.. Eugene has a chance, doll.

Trish Stratus: Of course he does.. Why don't you come back here with me? We can.... Have a little fun.

-[[ Victory can't control himself, he looks back at the curtain where Eugene is being led to the slaughter... And lets Trish take him back to her dressing room. The camera follows them down the hall and into the room where the door slams in our face. There's a sound of clothes hitting the floor. ]]-

Jack Victory: HIGH! HIGH! HIGH SPOT!!!

-[[ Fade out. ]]-


Christian vs. Eugene Dinsmore
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Eugene wants to lock up first and Christian gets a cocky look on his face. Eugene reaches out for the lock up and Christian gives him a vicious kick to the gut!! Christian hooks him and drops him down hard with a vertical suplex!! Christian picks him up by his hair and Eugene looks up at him with tears in his eyes.. Christian slaps him hard across the face and yells "Get up, retard!!" Christian slaps him again and Eugene suddenly erupts from the mat and tackles Christian to the ground!! Eugene punches him over and over and Christian keeps his hands up to block his face!! Christian rakes Eugene's eyes and Eugene falls off of him.. Christian rolls out of the ring, looking to catch a breather but Eugene follows him out!! Eugene goes after him and they begin trading punches on the outside!! Eugene gets the upper hand and rams Christian back first into the guardrail!! He keeps on hitting him and Christian slides down on his ass.. Eugene begins rallying the fans, he takes a few steps back and charges at Christian but Christian moves and Eugene sends himself flying over the guardrail and into the fans!! Christian gets back up and reaches over the rail. He pulls Eugene over his by hair and tries to whip him into the ring post, but Eugene reverses it and Christian reverses it, and Eugene reverses it again, "RING AROUND THE ROSEY!!" Eugene yells and Christian rips off his head with a short arm lariat!! Christian rolls him in the ring and begins stomping away at him, but Eugene keeps fighting to get back to his feet.. Eugene fights back up to one knee and Christian keeps hitting him, but Eugene keeps shaking his head, refusing to go down!! Eugene is finally back up and Christian hits him in the head, no sell! He hits him again! No sell! And Eugene points at Christian, his head thrown back to a huge pop!! Eugene punches Christian and Christian sells it like death!! Eugene grabs Christian and whips him in the ropes, BIG BOOT!! LEG DROP!!! Eugene covers!! One!! Two!! THR-- Christian kicked out!! Christian slowly gets back to his feet and Eugene floors him again with the three point stance!! "HOOOOOOOO!!!" Eugene raises his thumb in the air and Jim Cornette gets on the apron, he's ranting and raving and the referee runs over to tell him to get down and Tyson Tomko slides in and boots Eugene right in the face!! Eugene drops out cold, Cornette gets off the apron, and Christian covers him!! One! Two! EUGENE KICKED OUT!!!! Christian rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair!! He slides back in and raises it over his head, but the referee grabs it from behind!! Christian turns to yell at the referee, but Eugene spins him around and rolls him up in a small package!! ONE!! TWO!! CORNETTE ROLLS THE PACKAGE OVER!! Christian is on top!! Cornette keeps his hold on Christian's boot!! One! Two! THREE!! Christian has beaten Eugene!! Eugene looks upset, pouting in the ring and yelling "WHY!? WHY!?" at Cornette. Christian, Tomko, and Cornette leave to some extremely loud boos. ]]-
Winner: Christian via Pin Fall


-[[ Mike Sanders is walking through the backstage area with Torrie Wilson. Mark Jindrak is lagging behind them. ]]-

Mike Sanders: They didn't think I could do it.. But I guess I showed'em that I'm above average, after all!!

Torrie Wilson: You sure are, baby!

Mike Sanders: I didn't know who I was going against tonight... I couldn't prepare physically or mentally!! And I still whooped Jeff Jarrett's ass like he never stepped in a ring before in his life!!

-[[ Sanders suddenly stops when he sees Ric Flair standing in his way. Flair looks him up and down. Sanders does the same, they size each other up like a fight is about to break out. Sanders suddenly breaks the silence. ]]-

Mike Sanders: 'Sup, Nature Boy?

-[[ Flair cracks a smile. ]]-

Ric Flair: Oh, nothin', Mike, just wonderin' somethin'... You see, you and me, we got a match next Sunday.. I was just wonderin' if you plan on half assin' your way to a win over me like ya' did over Jarrett tonight?

-[[ Sanders looks a little offended. ]]-

Ric Flair: Because next week, you're--

-[[ Sanders cuts him off. ]]-

Mike Sanders: SHUT UP!! Just....... Shut... The hell up.

-[[ Sanders jams his finger in Flair's face. ]]-

Mike Sanders: Don't even TRY to tell me what's what, "legend," you think you can get punked by Anderson and then give me shit? Man, next week, you're DEFINITELY gonna be S.O.L.

-[[ Sanders and Torrie walk off laughing, Jindrak, passing by Flair, pokes him in the chest. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: And you know what that means.

-[[ Flair stands there in the hall, wondering what in the hall has just happened. ]]-


Raven vs. Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Rob Van Dam doesn't pose so much for this match, just standing across from Raven. Raven doesn't look happy to be there, as if he ever does, but having been asked to lose to RVD, he's especially out of it. The bell rings and they begin circling each other and finally lock up with RVD taking Raven over with a headlock. Raven whips RVD into the ropes and hits him right in the mouth with a back elbow!! RVD snaps up and leg sweeps Raven, then proceeds to drop a spinning leg drop on him!! RVD makes a quick cover.. One! Raven kicked out!! RVD picks Raven up and whips him into the turnbuckle. RVD follows him in and monkey flips him out of the corner!! Raven gets back to his feet and RVD runs at him with a spinning heel kick, but Raven ducks it, leaving RVD flailing through the air!! He lands hard and sits up on his ass and Raven charges and knees him right in the face!! He picks RVD up off the mat and tosses him through the ropes and to the outside. Raven follows him out and begins pounding on him on the apron. Raven slams his face into the apron and goes to do it again but RVD blocks and slams Raven into it instead!! Raven slumps over the apron and RVD hops up there and drops a leg across the back of Raven's head!! He rolls Raven into the ring and you can audibly hear Rob Van Dam whisper to Raven "This is it, stay down just like we talked about." Raven lays in the ring and RVD goes up to the top..... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!! RAVEN LIFTED HIS KNEES!!! RVD stumbles to his feet, holding his ribs and gasping for wind, and Raven snaps to his feet and EVEN FLOWS RVD straight into the mat!! Raven covers him!!! One!! Two!! Three!! ]]-
Winner: Raven via Pin Fall


-[[ Raven stands over RVD. He looks satisfied with his win and then turns to leave when Charlie Haas' music hits. Haas and Benjamin walk down to the ring and Haas is visibly upset. Haas grabs a microphone and rolls in the ring. Shelton follows. Haas gets right up in Raven's face and begins yelling. ]]-

Charlie Haas: Look what you did!! You ruined everything, you son of a bitch!! The Dream Team is OUT!! We're done!!

-[[ Haas slaps Raven across the face. ]]-

Charlie Haas: I gave you a simple task!! Put RVD over and step aside, but you couldn't do that!! You had to try to live out your worthless destiny!!

-[[ Benjamin positions himself behind Raven, it's obviously a set-up, and Rob Van Dam is getting to his feet now as well. ]]-

Charlie Haas: Reality check, asshole, your destiny is going nowhere because you're not an SGW legend!! You're not one of THEM!! They're going to hold you down and screw you over and leave you in the dust!! This was our chance to BE something, Raven!!

-[[ Haas looks like he's going to cry over it. He turns his back to Raven and runs his hands through his hair, looking like he's trying not to lose it. ]]-

Charlie Haas: The Dream Team and Raven, man.. We could've been beautiful, sitting right on top of SGW.. Telling the so-called legends what's what... BUT THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!! You screwed us over.. And by doing that, you screwed YOURSELF over!!

-[[ Benjamin nails Raven from behind!! The Dream Team begins putting the boots to Raven and then -- FLAMES ERUPT FROM THE RAMP!!! They all three stop and turn to the ramp as KANE makes his entrance!! Haas and Benjamin look ready to fight and they jump on Kane as he steps over the top rope, but Kane flings Haas away like a used tissue and grabs Benjamin around the throat... He hoists him up for a chokeslam and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Benjamin could be dead!! Raven is up and Kane tosses Haas to him... EVENFLOW!! Haas goes limp and RVD jumps on Kane, but Kane tosses him off and slams him in the face with a big boot!! Kane picks RVD up and lifts him up for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!! Kane and Raven stand amongst the human wasteland that the ring has become and the fans give a decidedly mixed reaction. ]]-


Val Venis vs. AJ Styles
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Venis and Styles lock-up and Venis starts the match with a knee to the gut. He picks Styles up and hits him with a hard vertical suplex!! Venis is up and grabs Styles off the mat, he throws him hard into the turnbuckle. Styles takes a few steps out of it, holding his back, and Venis clobbers him with a clothesline. Venis covers, pushing his arm in Styles' face, one! Two! Styles kicked out!! Styles is in the ropes so the referee tells Venis to back away. Styles gets to his feet and Venis runs at him again and this time Styles leap frogs him!! Venis bounces off the ropes and Styles hits him with a drop kick!! Venis goes flailing backwards over the top rope!! Venis lands on the outside and Styles jumps onto the apron, onto the top rope, ASAI MOONSAULT!! He and Venis both go crumbling down to the floor!! Styles is up first and he picks Venis up by his hair, tosses him against the guardrail. Styles punches Venis in the forehead a few times and Venis kicks Styles in the gut, causing him to back away in pain. Venis grabs Styles by the hair and slams his face into the guard rail!! He picks Styles up and throws him inside the ring. Val goes in after him and picks him up, body slamming him into the mat. He goes to the ropes and drops a knee, but Styles moves!! Venis gets back up to one knee and Styles crashes into him with a dropkick to the face!! Venis rolls back on his head and Styles gets him off the mat, whips him into the ropes, and hits him with a flying forearm!! Styles goes up top and goes for SPIRAL TACT but Venis moves!! Styles lands awkwardly on his arm and Venis targets it like a shark who smells blood!! Venis rips at his arm with an arm bar and Styles is yelling in pain.. Alexis Laree gets on the apron and begins shouting at Venis to let him go but the referee tries to make her get off the apron. Venis releases the hold and Styles holds his arm in pain.. Venis approaches Laree and yells at her to shut her mouth, he shoves the referee out of the way and takes a swing at her!! She ducks and Venis spins around back toward Styles, and Styles kicks him in the gut!! He sets him up for the STYLES CLASH!!! But Styles' arm gives out under the pressure and he drops Venis!! Venis hooks him around the ankles and trips him!! SLING SHOT into the turnbuckle!! Styles bounces his face off the ring post and spins around right into a POWER BOMB from Venis!! Venis covers!! One!! Two!! Three!! ]]-
Winner: Val Venis via Pin Fall


-[[ Venis stands over the fallen AJ Styles... The fans are booing loudly. Venis stares into the camera and says, almost cryptically.... ]]-

Val Venis: SGW......... IS MINE......

-[[ With Arn Anderson on his side and Taz injured... Who will stop him? ]]-

-[[ Fade out. ]]-