-[[ Steve Corino is sitting backstage with Jack Victory and Eugene. They look to be getting ready for their respective matches. Corino and Victory are talking while Eugene sits there tries to bite his own ear. ]]-

Jack Victory: Everybody's talkin', Steve. Everybody's talkin' about Val Venis... Christian... Ric Flair... They're even talkin' about Raven..

Steve Corino: What the hell are you going on about?

Jack Victory: About who's gonna win the world title!! Nobody has their money on Steve Corino!!

-[[ Corino tapes his wrists and smirks at Victory. ]]-

Steve Corino: I do.

-[[ Victory listens. ]]-

Steve Corino: Let'em doubt me... But I have an advantage, Jack-O. Venis is too concerned with his own image, his legacy, to be a serious threat... Christian? He barely beat Eugene.

-[[ Eugene snarls his face up at the mention of Christian. ]]-

Steve Corino: Ric Flair? Old school as they come, but he's been eeking his way through the tournament.. And Raven? What does THIS guy have that Steve Corino doesn't?

-[[ A voice from off-camera echoes through the room. ]]-

Voice: Keen fashion sense?

-[[ Victory and Corino turn and see Christian standing there with Trish and Tomko. Corino, Victory, and finally Eugene stand up and face off with them.. ]]-

Christian: After how I beat down that retard last week, are you SURE you want to go?

-[[ Corino looks back at Eugene and Victory. ]]-

Steve Corino: You sure YOU want to go? There's three of us and.....

-[[ Corino looks at Christian, Tomko, and then laughs when he sees Trish. ]]-

Steve Corino: Two of you.

-[[ Trish looks pissed and slaps the hell out of Corino!! Corino grabs her by the hair and Christian nails him!! Tomko joins in and it's a brawl!! Corino and Christian trade punches while Tomko and Victory duke it out!! Eugene looks ready to pounce on Christian when.... Trish steps in? Trish begins petting Eugene and messing with his jacket... What... The fuck? ]]-

Trish Stratus: You don't wanna fight, do you, Eugene? Why don't you just come over here in the closet with me?

Eugene Dinsmore: I... Uh....

-[[ Eugene looks over at Jack Victory who is being pummeled in the face by Tomko. Even as he's being destroyed, Victory smiles and gives Eugene the thumbs up!! Eugene bites his fingernail and looks back at Trish. ]]-

Eugene Dinsmore: Okay. Okay.

-[[ Trish and Eugene go into the closet as the brawl continues. A few seconds pass and the fight stops dead when they hear...]]-

Trish Stratus: Wow, you really ARE special!!!

-[[ This gives security the adequate time to break the fight up!! They flood into the room and separate all of them, Christian still fighting to get at Corino and vice versa. Trish stumbles out of the closet alone, a huge smile on her face, her clothes and hair in disarray. Christian looks at her with a look of disgust on his face. ]]-

Trish Stratus: Baby, what's wrong?

Christian: Tell me that's hair gel.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-


Rob Van Dam vs. The Rock vs. Kid Kash
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Winner Goes to Supremacy for SGWx Television Title Match

-[[ Kid Kash charges at the Rock and the Rock tosses him over the top rope without a second thought. RVD stands off with the Rock, waiting to make a move, and the Rock lets him know to "JUST BRING IT!!" RVD lets it fly, fast and furious, and nails the Rock with a spinning heel kick!! The Rock is up quick and RVD is on him with some punches. RVD whips the Rock into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline!! RVD drops a spinning leg drop on him and runs the ropes..... ROLLING THUNDER!!! RVD covers him and Kid Kash launches himself back into the ring, driving his own leg into the back of RVD's head!! RVD rolls off and Kid Kash covers the Rock! One! Two! The Rock kicked out!! RVD and Kash begin trading shots until Kash ties up with RVD to save himself, he whips RVD into the ropes and hits him with a drop kick, RVD goes down, and the Rock runs up and nails Kid Kash from behind!! He picks Kash up by his hair and drives him into the mat with a spine buster!! He walks up to Kash's head, removes his elbow pad and throws it into the fans!! The Rock runs the ropes, jumps Kash, runs them back and RVD HITS HIM WITH A CROSS BODY!! He covers the Rock! One! Two! The Rock kicked out!! RVD picks the Rock up, and Kid Kash jumps him from behind!! Kid Kash and RVD brawl a little bit more and Kash throws RVD out of the ring.... Kash jumps onto the top rope and dives off toward RVD, but RVD rolls back in and Kid Kash slams hard into the guard rail!! Kash lays motionless, the Rock meets RVD coming in, RVD throws a kick, the Rock catches his foot and RVD spin kicks him in the face!! The Rock goes down and RVD goes to the top rope..... And Kid Kash pushes him off!! Kid Kash goes up to the top rope, jumps off, and The Rock kips up, catches Kash coming down.... ROCK BOTTOM!!! The Rock springs up, celebrates and HOLLYWOOD HOGAN pulls him out of the ring!! Hogan throws the Rock into the ring steps!! RVD goes to the top rope... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON KID KASH!!!! He covers!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!! RVD is going to Supremacy for the Television Title!! ]]-
Winner: Rob Van Dam via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up in Arn Anderson's office. Anderson is watching the show on a monitor. Venis, Bischoff, and Stacy must be off preparing for Venis' match because Anderson is alone.. And why wouldn't he be? The one who would've had the balls to attack him in his office is gone forever...... Anderson probably only jumps a foot when the door opens unexpectedly. Anderson looks up and sees Ric Flair standing in the door way. Flair looks dead serious, usually a win for the Nature Boy meant celebration, women, champagne.. This change is disturbing to the fans. ]]-

Ric Flair: One step closer, Double A.

-[[ Anderson pulls a chair up next to him. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Come on in. Have a seat.

-[[ Flair positions the chair in front of Anderson and sits down across from him. Anderson exhales deeply and begins to speak. ]]-

Arn Anderson: The tournament's narrowing down now... Cut out all the fat and we have the meat of SGWx left. Hard to believe we've come this far.. Crowning a new champion, the start of a new era of Solid Gold.. For real this time, everybody in the tournament, there's not a single one that's a former world champion here...

-[[ Anderson doesn't look at Flair as he speaks. ]]-

Ric Flair: You got what you wanted. Taz is gone. Are you happy?

Arn Anderson: Should've went easier than it did. That's my only regret.

Ric Flair: I have a question, Arn.. And I want you to tell me the truth.

-[[ Anderson looks at him, waiting. ]]-

Ric Flair: If this tournament comes down to me and Val Venis, who's it gonna be?

-[[ Anderson looks away. ]]-

Arn Anderson: I'm not answering that.. You're asking me to pick between my best friend and my student of the game.

Ric Flair: Yeah. I am. I've seen you go through a lot to protect that man over the past two weeks and I want to know, Arn, if Supremacy rolls around and it's me and Val Venis, who's it gonna be!?

-[[ Anderson won't answer him. ]]-


-[[ Anderson looks at Flair, he looks beaten. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You're my best friend, Ric.

-[[ Flair looks relieved. ]]-

Arn Anderson: But.. I do have a vision for Supremacy.

Ric Flair: Shoot.

Arn Anderson: There's no main event I would rather have... Than Ric Flair versus Val Venis. The old versus the new for the biggest prize in the business.... You've already secured your spot in the next round, but Val has to go through Raven and he's got himself quite an entourage.. If you could.. Watch his back tonight, make sure nothing underhanded goes down.. That would make me feel a whole better about all of this...

-[[ It's Ric's turn to look away. He's almost ashamed to even consider it. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Ric, after all I've done for you over the years, you owe me this much..

-[[ The camera pans in on Flair's face, thinking, as we fade out. ]]-


Eugene Dinsmore vs. Chavo Guerrero
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx United States Title Tournament - Round One

-[[ Cyrus accompanied Chavo Guerrero to the ring. Chavo and Eugene face off to start and Eugene taps Chavo on the chest. "TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!! HAHAHA!!" Eugene runs away from Chavo and Chavo gives chase!! Eugene slides out of the ring and Chavo goes after him, finally catching him and throwing him back into the ring. Eugene gets back up and Chavo is on him, whipping him into the ropes. Eugene comes off the ropes and Chavo hits him with a flying forearm! Eugene goes down and Chavo pulls him back to his feet. Chavo throws him into the turnbuckle and follows him in, but Eugene puts a foot up! Chavo runs into it and backs up, holding his jaw, and Eugene mows him over the SPEAR!!!! Eugene gets up, doing his best Goldberg impression and Jack Victory yells at him to cover Chavo!! Eugene covers! One! Two! Chavo kicked out!! Chavo gets back to his feet and Eugene whips him into the turnbuckle!! Eugene follows him in, but Chavo jumps him and rolls him up from behind! One! Two! Eugene kicked out!! Eugene gets back to his feet and Chavo throws him back into the corner. Chavo chops him hard across the chest and begins putting the boots to him. He grabs Eugene by the hair and goes running..... FACE PLANT!! Chavo goes to the top rope.... FLYING SPLASH!! Eugene puts his knees up!! Chavo springs up, holding his stomach and Eugene gets up, KICK WHAM STUNNER!!!! Chavo goes flying!! Cyrus is going berserk at ringside and begins motioning for someone in the back to get down here. Chavo gets back to his feet and walks into a ROCK BOTTOM!!! Eugene covers him!! One!! Two!! THR-- CHAVO KICKED OUT!! Chavo gets back to his feet, Eugene whips him into the ropes but Chavo reverses it, springs onto Eugene and plants him with the BRAIN BUSTER!!! Chavo starts to cover him, but he's jumped from behind by...... AJ STYLES!!! The referee calls for the bell!! ]]-
Winner: Chavo Guerrero via DQ


-[[ Styles beats down Chavo and doesn't look to let up anytime soon!! Cyrus is in the ring and Styles just keeps hitting him. Alexis Laree gets in the ring and she has PEPE!! She raises Pepe up and hits him with it!! Cyrus grabs a microphone. He stands over Chavo and speaks. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Chavo..... I'm afraid I'm going to have to back out of our deal. I've decided it's more beneficial to my career.. And AJ's career if we just... End yours!! And the first step to ending your career... Is getting rid of the one thing that stabilizes your little mental problem.... Alexis, would you give me the stick horse?

-[[ AJ takes the microphone from Cyrus. ]]-

AJ Styles: If you don't mind, Cyrus..... I'd like to do the honor myself.

-[[ Cyrus laughs. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: AJ... Be my guest!

-[[ AJ takes Pepe from Alexis, raises him over his head and ]]-

-[[ The lights go out. There's a scream. The fans are sitting in dead silence. ]]-

-[[ The lights come back on and Chavo Guerrero is surrounded. AJ Styles, Cyrus the Virus, and Alexis Laree are all three laid out in the middle of the ring, covered from head to toe in blood!! Sitting next to AJ is Victoria, blood splattered on her clothes and face. She's rocking back and forth with Pepe in her arms. Vampiro, Abyss, and the Sinister Minister are standing around Chavo, eyeing him. The fans do NOT know what to think and Chavo looks absolutely horrified. ]]-

Victoria: Horsie.. Horsie... Horsie....

-[[ Vampiro walks over to her and takes Pepe from her, she looks like she's going to cry. He quietly assures her. ]]-

Vampiro: Another time.

-[[ He drops the horse in front of Chavo and smiles, a little blood splattered on his own features. ]]-

Vampiro: .....Another time.

-[[ The lights go out and come back on. The Blood Pack is gone. Chavo grabs Pepe and scrambles for the back. ]]-


Elix Skipper vs. John Bradshaw Layfield
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx United States Title Tournament - Round One

-[[ Layfield charges at Skipper right off the bat, but Skipper evades him and drop kicks him to the mat!! Layfield gets back to his feet and he catches Skipper off guard with a stiff boot to the chest. He picks Skipper up and slams him to the mat with the Fallaway Slam!! Layfield picks Skipper up on his shoulder and runs at the turnbuckle, driving Skipper's face into the top turnbuckle!! He grabs him by his legs and cuts him across the top rope with the stun gun!! Layfield pulls Skipper to his feet and hits him with a short arm clothesline. He covers him!! One! Two!! Skipper kicked out!! Layfield laughs and picks Skipper up. He kicks him in the gut and sets him for a power bomb, but Skipper slips out of it and drop kicks Layfield in the chest!! Layfield backs up a few steps and charges at Skipper only to get caught with a drop toe hold!! Layfield gets back up and Skipper whips him into the ropes, Skipper tries to hit him with a cross body, but Layfield just catches him and lawn darts him into the mat!! Skipper is down!! Layfield positions himself in the corner, tightening his elbow pad for the Stock Market Crash!! Skipper stumbles to his feet, finally, and Layfield charges!! MATRIX MOVE!!! SKIPPER DUCKED THE STOCK MARKET CRASH!! Layfield is shocked, doesn't know exactly what happened, he turns around and Skipper jumps on him, HURACANRANNA!!!! He hooks the legs!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!!!! Elix Skipper has won the match!! Skipper gets out of the ring and celebrates with Storm as Layfield throws a fit in the ring!! ]]-
Winner: Elix Skipper via Pin Fall


-[[ Skipper makes it halfway up the ramp before Arn Anderson's music hits. Skipper stops dead in his tracks. Anderson walks out onto the ramp and approaches him with a microphone in his hands. Skipper has no idea what's going on. ]]-

Arn Anderson: I like your work, Skipper.. You're damn impressive.... But I'm out here right now to let you know that you're not going to be competing in the next round of the tournament....

-[[ Skipper begins to throw a fit. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Now, calm down, Skipper.. That's not a bad thing.

Elix Skipper: How the hell is that not a bad thing!?

Arn Anderson: Because... You're not in the next round.... Because you've got a bye straight to the finals.

-[[ Skipper gets a big smile on his face. ]]-

Elix Skipper: Finally!! Some justice in Prime Time's house!!

Arn Anderson: Keep up the good work, Skipper... Chances like this come once in a blue moon.

-[[ Skipper celebrates as the fans boo. ]]-


Christian vs. Bill Goldberg
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx World Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round Two

-[[ Goldberg and Christian tie up and Goldberg tosses him away like a rag doll. Christian is leery about doing it again but Goldberg keeps egging him on. Christian locks up with him again, but kicks Goldberg in the stomach. Goldberg backs up and Christian sucker punches him right in the face. Christian whips Goldberg into the ropes but Goldberg reverses it and catches Christian with a gorilla press!! He drops him onto his shoulder!! POWER SLAM!! Goldberg snaps up and yells. He pulls Christian to his feet and whips him into the ropes... STANDING SIDE KICK!! Christian goes down in a heap and Goldberg picks him up again, this time tossing him onto his shoulder and running at the turnbuckle but Christian slips out and shoves Goldberg into the turnbuckle!! Goldberg stumbles out backwards and Christian hooks him for the UNPRETTIER, but Goldberg is so strong that he reverses it into a backslide and dumps Christian on his head!! Christian rolls back to his feet and Goldberg slams him across the chest with a stiff clothesline!! Goldberg picks Christian up and whips him into the ropes, Goldberg ducks his head and Christian leap frogs him, Christian bounces off the ropes and Goldberg throws another clothesline, but Christian ducks it, bounces off the other ropes and hits Goldberg in the chest with a drop kick!! Goldberg staggers back and no-sells it. Christian runs at him with a clothesline, and Goldberg catches him with a power slam!! Goldberg stomps back over to the corner and he's getting ready for the spear!! Christian staggers up to one knee and slowly gets to his feet..... GOLDBERG CHARGES!!! Christian slumps down, grabs Goldberg by the front of his tights and guides him straight between the turnbuckles and into the post!! Goldberg slowly steps out, holding his shoulder and Christian jumps on his back, hooking him with a sleeper hold!! Goldberg reaches back, grabs Christian by the hair and flips him over on his ass!! Christian gets up, his back turned to Goldberg, and he slowly turns around..... SPEAR!!!!! Goldberg yanks Christian up by his hair, lifts him up for the Jackhammer..... And drops him!! Trish is on the apron!! Goldberg begins stalking toward her, but she's suddenly yanked off the apron by EUGENE!!!! She looks disgusted and shoves Eugene away from her, she runs away from him and he chases her, but as he rounds the corner, Tyson Tomko floors him with a boot to the face!! Tomko and Trish laugh at him and Jack Victory and Steve Corino run down!! They begin beating down Tomko!! The referee tries to stop the brawl on the outside and this gives Jim Cornette the opportunity to throw Christian his tennis racket!! Christian winds up and POPS Goldberg in the back of the head with it!! Goldberg stumbles forward so Christian yanks him around and slams him down with the UNPRETTIER!!!! He covers Goldberg, holds the tights, and puts his feet on the ropes!!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! Christian rolls out of the ring and joins in on the fight!! Christian and Corino are throwing punches at each other, Tomko and Victory are going at it, the fans are going berserk!! Security floods the ringside area and breaks them up. ]]-
Winner: Christian via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up in Flair's dressing room. He's sitting there in a chair in the corner.. He's looking at the ground between his feet, thinking deeply. Every now and then he'll scratch his chin brush his hair back. Batista is pacing back and forth and Rena is sitting in front of the mirror in the room. Batista seems stressed. ]]-

Dave Batista: This is bullshit, Naitch. He's putting you in a position.. He's setting you up for a fall.

-[[ Ric looks up at Dave. ]]-

Ric Flair: Dave, he's my best friend... He's been with me almost since the beginning...

Dave Batista: He's using that against you, dammit!! He uses you to get Venis into the finals and I promise you... I promise you that he's going to stab you right in the back.

Ric Flair: Dave, you know I respect your opinion--

Dave Batista: Then tell Anderson to shove it up his ass. You don't need his back-up to win the world title here.

-[[ Flair stands up and walks over to Batista. He puts his hand on his shoulder. ]]-

Ric Flair: Dave, Anderson isn't going to screw over the Nature Boy.

Dave Batista: He's not your friend, Ric. There's something different about him.. Passionate about his business is one thing, but he seems pretty damn crazy.. Like everything has finally gotten to him and made him snap.

-[[ Flair takes his hand away from Batista, his face turning red. Flair looks pissed off. ]]-

Ric Flair: Don't say something like that about Double A.... Don't.. You.. Do it, mister.

-[[ Batista gets in Flair's face. ]]-

Dave Batista: I... JUST... DID!!

-[[ Flair and Batista stand eye to eye. ]]-

Dave Batista: And when he stabs you in the back.. Or hell, once he has what he wants, maybe he'll stab you right in the FACE... I won't be here to help you pick up the pieces.

-[[ Rena finally has heard enough. ]]-

Rena Mero: Will both of you shut up!? Dave, I understand your concern, but if it bothers you that much... Go take a walk. Clear your head.. Fighting isn't going to help any of us..... And Ric, tonight.. You do whatever you have to do... I trust that you know exactly...... EXACTLY.... What you're doing.

-[[ Batista leaves the room in a huff. Rena and Flair stand together as we fade out. ]]-


Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx World Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round Two

-[[ Corino and Lynn lock up and Lynn nails Corino with a quick head butt, sending him backwards. Lynn jumps forward and hits him with a clothesline!! Corino goes down and Lynn is on him, pulling him back to his feet and hooking him for a snap suplex!! Lynn covers him quickly! One! Two! Corino kicked out!! Corino is back to his feet and Lynn locks up with him again, this time going for a headlock. Corino whips Lynn into the ropes out of it and Lynn ducks a clothesline. Corino turns around and Lynn hits him with a stiff lariat!! Lynn pulls Corino to his feet and body slams him. He drops a leg on him and begins working him with a Fujiwara arm bar!! Corino grabs the ropes. Lynn lets go and Corino gets to his feet. They lock up again and Lynn goes for a hammerlock, but Corino reverses it into a hammerlock of his own!! He wrenches it and pulls back, yanking Lynn down and into a pinning predicament!! One! Two! Lynn got a shoulder up!! Corino rolls through and pins Lynn with a package, one! Two! Lynn kicked out!! Corino pulls Lynn back up to his feet and hits him with a stiff chop and then follows it up with a knee to the gut!! He whips Lynn into the ropes and hits him with an elbow to the head!! He drops an elbow on Lynn and picks him back up, whipping him into the turnbuckle.. Corino follows him in and hits him with a splash!! Lynn stomps out of the corner and Corino hits him with a clothesline!! Lynn gets back up fairly quick and Corino throws him into the ropes. Lynn leapfrogs Corino, ducks a clothesline from Corino, bounces off the ropes, and then gets nailed with the SUPER KICK!!!!! Lynn goes down hard!! Corino covers him!! One! Two! THR-- LYNN KICKED OUT!!!! The fans suddenly begin booing as Christian walks out onto the ramp. He walks on down to the ring and this gets Corino's attention, giving Lynn the chance to recuperate. Christian comes on down and gets on the apron, Corino stands a few feet away from him and Lynn charges him from behind!! Corino sidesteps him and Lynn collides with Christian!! Corino catches Lynn on impact and pulls him back into a roll up!! ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEE!!! Steve Corino is going to the final four!]]-
Winner: Steve Corino via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with the Full Blooded Italians standing around Hall on a bridge. They've got him blind folded, his hands bound with rope, and the camera pans down to show his feet in a bucket full of cement!! Guido, Sal, and Mamaluke are admiring their handiwork. ]]-

"Little" Guido Maritato: This is it, Hall!! Curtains!

-[[ Sal steps up with a cocky look on his face. ]]-

"Big" Sal E. Graziano: Ya' gonna be sleepin' wit' da' fishes, see?

-[[ Hall spits straight forward, narrowly missing Sal. Sal punches him hard in the stomach. ]]-

"Big" Sal E. Graziano: Let's dump dis' mutha' fucka'.

-[[ They all grab Hall and start to push him over the edge when a truck speeds onto the bridge and CRASHES into their car!! The Full Blooded Italians duck for cover and KEVIN NASH gets out of the truck!! He's got a baseball bat!!! He runs at them and nails "Big" Sal in the stomach with it and CLOTHESLINES HIM OFF THE BRIDGE!!!!! "Big" Sal makes a huge splash on the landing!! Mamaluke and Maritato jump on Nash and they wrestle the bat away from him but he casually tosses Mamaluke into the waters below and grabs Maritato around the throat and slams him into the windshield of his car!! His back is sliced to hell and back on the glass!! ]]-


-[[ Kevin Nash peels Maritato off the car and gorilla presses him into the water with his buddies!! ]]-

Kevin Nash: AT SUPREMACY...... YOU'RE GONNA GET A WAR!!!!!!!

-[[ Nash begins untying Hall as the camera pans down to the water.. The Italians are swimming for shore. ]]-

"Little" Guido Maritato: Outsiders!! You mutha' focks!! We're gonna get you for dis!!

-[[ Fade out. ]]-


Val Venis vs. Raven
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx World Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round Two

-[[ Venis and Raven stand across from each other, both men who share a common goal, to win the SGWx World Title. Raven to fulfill a destiny.. Venis to prove he is worthy of main event status.. Both men could care less about the fans, but they consider Raven to be the lesser of two evils. The first lock up ends up in favor of Venis, who follows through with a headlock and wrenches Raven's head like he hopes it will pop out of the socket. Raven has other plans and backdrops Venis out of the headlock!! Venis, still in pain from his confrontation with Taz earlier, yells in pain. Raven pulls him off the mat and whips him into the ropes, hitting Venis with a back elbow!! Venis gets up, and Raven forearms him in the back, trying to keep him down. Venis elbows Raven in the gut and catches him bending over with a hard upper cut!! Raven staggers back and Venis pushes him into a standing position, punching him in the face. Raven staggers back and Venis throws a clothesline, only to have Raven duck it!! Raven spins Venis around and kicks him in the gut, he hooks him for a DDT, but Venis uses his weight to push Raven into the turnbuckle, driving his shoulder into him repeatedly. Raven drives the point of his elbow into Venis' head, making him back off in pain. Raven runs at Venis and hits him with a high knee!! Venis goes down hard, and Raven pulls him back to his feet, hooks him for a DDT again, but Venis shoves him hard again, this time pushing them both through the middle and top ropes, sending them falling to the outside in a heap!! Both men get to their feet, a little dazed after the fall.. They begin throwing punches at each other, Raven knocks off part of Venis' bandage, blood begins streaming down his face again!! Venis misses a punch and Raven slaps the hand away, plugging Venis in the head with a few rapid fire punches, tackling him down to the ground, hitting him repeatedly, but Venis turns it over and begins pummeling Raven in turn!! Venis gets off of him and yanks him to his feet. Venis screams loudly and whips Raven as hard as he can into the ring post!! It sounds like bones crunch on impact and Raven goes limp against the post. Venis wipes the blood out of his eyes and pulls Raven off the mat. He rolls him inside the ring and follows. Venis picks Raven up and sets him for a power bomb, but Raven slips out of it and DDTs Venis on the way down!! Both men lay motionless!! Kane steps out onto the ramp, watching the match. The fans buzz as he begins walking to the ring. Raven throws an arm over Venis... One!! Two!! Venis kicked out!! Venis rolls over and starts to get up slowly.. Raven follows suit.. Both men throw punches at the other and Raven punches Venis down to one knee, he kicks the other knee out from under him, putting him down on both, and Raven runs the ropes, leaps at Venis, and VENIS PULLS THE REFEREE IN FRONT OF HIM!! Raven wipes out the referee!! Kane, stalking the ringside area, starts up the steps. Venis whips Raven into the ropes and hits him hard with a clothesline!! Kane steps over the ropes and comes inside!! Venis immediately takes it to Kane, hitting him as hard as he can, but Kane brushes him off and grabs him around the throat!! Venis kicks him in the balls and pushes himself away from Kane!! Venis turns around and walks right into the EVEN FLOW!!!! Kane and Raven beat Venis down for a few seconds when RIC FLAIR runs down with a chair!! He slides into the ring and SLAMS Kane right in the face with it!! Kane falls through the ropes and to the outside!! Raven charges at him and Flair nails him too!! Raven goes down hard and Flair gets out of the ring.. Flair looks incredibly disappointed in himself... Venis slowly gets to his feet and he sees Raven laying on the mat.. He slowly climbs to the top rope...... MONEY SHOT!!!!! Flair looks on, shaking his head, as Venis covers and the referee comes to.... One.. Two.. Three.. ]]-
Winner: Val Venis via Pin Fall


-[[ Flair walks back up the ramp, dragging the chair. Venis stands in the ring, victorious. Arn Anderson walks out onto the ramp.. Venis stands there, watching, as Flair walks up the ramp toward Anderson. Flair walks up and stands eye to eye with Anderson. Neither man looks extremely happy to see the other and the fans have gone dead silent in anticipation, waiting for whatever is going to happen. Even Venis is interested, not leaving the ring. Flair tosses the chair to the side, Anderson opens his arms. Flair and Anderson hug on the ramp and the fans boo. Venis stands there, looking on, burning rage in his eyes. ]]-

-[[ What... The hell? ]]-