Date: Sunday, August 8th, 2004
Location: Reno, Nevada
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson

Dark Match Results
"Sick" Nick Mondo def. Eddie Guerrero

-[[ The show opens inside of Anderson's sky box. Talking and laughter can be heard and the camera pans around to see Arn Anderson pouring drinks. Ric Flair is standing near him, a big smile on his face.. Val Venis is off to the side, not looking too happy to be there... Dave Batista is sitting in a chair in the corner, away from everyone else. Rena Mero stands away from the men, talking with Stacy Keibler, she keeps stealing glances at Batista, wondering why he's so stand offish. Anderson passes the drinks around... ]]-

Arn Anderson: Ric, Supremacy is going to be the event that puts SGWx on the map forever.. And it's gonna be that Ric Flair and Val Venis main event that keeps it there.. The legend of the future versus the legend of the past.. And I'd like to make a toast..

-[[ Anderson raises his drink. ]]-

Arn Anderson: To the Nature Boy... If it wasn't for you savin' my boy, Val, last week... The Supremacy main event would'a been shot to hell..

-[[ Venis doesn't raise his drink, he just stares at Anderson. Flair and Anderson drink theirs down. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You're my guy, Ric.

-[[ Ric and Arn put their glasses down and Anderson gives Flair a big hug. A sound of glass shattering turns them both around. Rena and Stacy are both jolted by the noise. Batista doesn't flinch. They see Val Venis standing there, his glass has been crushed in his hand and blood drains out of a few cuts. Val drops what's left of the glass, staring hard at Flair and Anderson. ]]-

Arn Anderson: What's wrong, Val?

Ric Flair: What's on your mind, big guy?

-[[ Venis takes a few steps toward them. ]]-

Val Venis: He saved me? He.... Saved me?

-[[ Stacy runs over and grabs a towel from Val's bag. ]]-

Stacy Keibler: Baby, you're bleeding everywhere.

-[[ She starts to wrap his hand and he shoves her away, hard. ]]-

Val Venis: DON'T TOUCH ME!!

-[[ Venis turns back to Flair and Anderson. ]]-

Val Venis: He didn't save me, Arn!! I had Raven beaten!! It was OVER!! All Ric Flair did.... ALL HE DID WAS SPEED UP THE INEVITABLE!! Arn... I had the match won, Raven was nothing to me...

-[[ Arn walks closer to Val. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You did have Raven beaten, Val.. I'll give you that.. But you didn't have Kane beaten. I'll give you all the credit in the world.. But you couldn't have taken both of'em.. If it wasn't for Ric and that chair, you'd be fighting some no-name in the mid card while Steve Corino took on Raven...

-[[ Venis looks ready to blow, clinching his fists. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Val, there's no shame in havin' someone pull you out of a bind.

Val Venis: That... Is... Bullshit.

Arn Anderson: Val.. If I didn't have faith in you, why would I leave SGWx in your hands when I'm gone?

-[[ Venis just stares at Anderson... Flair waits for the punches to start.. But Venis just grabs Stacy by the wrist, getting blood all over her, and storms out of the room.. Anderson turns back to Flair. ]]-

Arn Anderson: I don't know what's wrong with that boy, Ric.. He's got a lot of talent.. A lot of potential..

-[[ Anderson begins to pour more drinks. ]]-

Arn Anderson: To Supremacy, Ric...

Ric Flair: To Supremacy...

-[[ They drink. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You want a drink, Dave?

-[[ But Batista doesn't answer.. He just sits in his chair in the corner, shaking like a molten volcano. ]]-


Rob Van Dam & The Rock vs. Elix Skipper & Jeff Jarrett
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Rob Van Dam and Elix Skipper start. RVD whips Skipper into the ropes and throws a sidekick but Skipper ducks it and bounces off the ropes. He comes flying back at RVD with a forearm but RVD does the splits and Skipper sails over him!! However, before RVD can get out of the splits, Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring and drops a leg across his back!! RVD lays there moaning in pain and Jarrett picks him up off the mat. He holds RVD up and Skipper slams into him with a stiff forearm to the face!! Skipper drop kicks RVD and Jarrett lets him fall to the mat. The Rock is calling for the tag, reaching his arm out. RVD crawls toward him but Jarrett and Skipper drag him back. The Rock gets in the ring, pissed off but the referee tells him to stay back!! While the ref is distracted, Jarrett and Skipper double team RVD some more. Jarrett holds RVD's legs open and Skipper kicks RVD right in the balls!! Skipper gets out of the ring and the referee turns around. Jarrett assures him that a tag was made and begins beating down on RVD. The fans are booing loudly. Jarrett pulls RVD back into his corner and begins kicking away at him. RVD finally grabs Jarrett's foot, but Jarrett drops down on him and begins punching him in the face!! Jarrett pulls RVD up and whips him into the ropes. He throws a clothesline and RVD ducks it, Jarrett turns around and RVD spin kicks him in the face!! RVD lands on his back and sits up, the fans are rallying behind him to tag in the Rock!! RVD is up!! Jarrett is up!! SKIPPER IS IN THE RING!! RVD grabs Skipper and flings him into the turnbuckle, he runs in and monkey flips him out!! Skipper lands on his ass and rolls out of the ring!! Jarrett runs at RVD!! Spinning heel kick!! RVD tags the Rock!! The Rock is in!! SPINEBUSTER ON JARRETT!! The Rock kicks Jarrett in the shoulder, removes his shoulder pad and throws it into the crowd!! He goes rope to rope and Skipper slides in, only to get clotheslined so hard that he does a back flip!! PEOPLE'S ELBOW ON JARRETT!! The Rock tags in RVD!! RVD comes off the top rope..... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON JARRETT!!! Suddenly, Red Shirt Security pulls The Rock out of the ring!!! The ref yells at them for getting involved!! Skipper slides in the ring with a ring bell!! He nails RVD in the back of the head and throws Jarrett on top of him!! The ref turns around.... One! Two! Three!! Elix and Jarrett have won the match!!! The Rock fights off Red Shirt Security on the outside and slides in the ring!! Skipper throws a clothesline and the Rock catches him.... ROCK BOTTOM!!! The Rock helps RVD to his feet and the fans give them a round of applause for their effort. ]]-
Winners: Elix Skipper & Jeff Jarrett via Pin Fall


-[[ The Rock and RVD stand tall until the Golden-Tron flashes to life and "HOLLYWOOD" HOGAN's face greets the fans in the arena. The Rock stands there like he's ready to fight and Hogan begins speaking. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: Rockyyyyyyyy..... Where are you? Oh, there you are.. You'll have to excuse "Hollywood," Rocky, it's so hard to tell all the little people apart... Especially when you're constantly standin' tall, brah, lookin' down on all o'the pinhead puppets you call fans.... Hahahahaaa....

-[[ The Rock grabs a microphone. ]]-

The Rock: AHHHH... Get to the point, ya' big bald son of a bitch!!

-[[ The fans erupt and Hogan's face goes serious, staring out at the Rock. RVD stands next to the Rock, acting like he can't believe Hogan has the audacity to interrupt their celebration. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: The point is, dude, I decided over the last week that you're just not in my league!! That you don't deserve to be the first man to face "Hollywood" on pay-per-view!!

-[[ The fans begin booing. The Rock looks like he can't believe what he's hearing. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: But rest assured, brah, you'll get a chance.. To step in the ring with "Hollywood," but you gotta go through a little try-out match!! Hahahaaaa...

-[[ Without warning, RVD is suddenly BLASTED from behind by Jeff Jarrett with a guitar!! Splinters go everywhere and RVD hits the ground like a stack of bricks!! The Rock turns around, absolutely shocked, and he's suddenly mauled from behind by ZEUS!! Zeus yanks the Rock off of his feet and POWER BOMBS him straight into the mat!! Zeus stands over the Rock, breathing heavily as Hogan laughs on the Golden-Tron. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: At Supremacy, Rock.. You're not gettin' Hogan that easily.. You're gonna walk the HOLLYWOOD GAUNTLET!! Hahaha!! If you survive Zeus, Rocky, you get "Hollywood" immediately after!!

-[[ The Rock contorts in pain, Zeus gets on the Rock's back and holds his head up, making him watch the Golden-Tron. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: And Rocky... Brah, if you complete the impossible task of surviving Zeus..... I'm gonna run wild all over your punk ass!! HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

-[[ Hogan laughs and the Golden-Tron shuts off. ]]-


Bill Goldberg vs. Mike Sanders
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Goldberg charges Sanders head on and slams into him with a shoulderblock right out of the gate. Goldberg yanks Sanders to his feet and lifts him over his head and drives him into the mat with a power slam!! Goldberg picks him up, yells, and whips him into the ropes. He catches him in a gorilla press and tosses him down into a spine buster!! Goldberg walks over into the corner of the ring and waits for Sanders to stand up.. He's getting ready for the spear!! Sanders gets to his feet and Goldberg charges!! Sanders moves!! Goldberg nails the ring post!! Goldberg steps back out of the corner and Sanders lifts Goldberg up and body slams him!! Sanders drops a leg on Goldberg and picks him up, but Goldberg won't have any of that, he nails Sanders with a kick to the gut and drives an arm straight into Sanders' spine!! Sanders goes down to his knees and Goldberg hooks him for a suplex!! Goldberg drops Sanders onto the mat, on the way down, Sanders' leg hits the referee in the eye!! Goldberg sets him up for the spear again and this time he CONNECTS!! Sanders is OUT!! Goldberg picks him up and suddenly to drop him when he sees an object flying toward him!! He catches it.. It's the ring bell..... Torrie Wilson threw the ring bell to Goldberg!! The referee turns around, his eye no longer hurting, and he sees Goldberg with the bell and he sees Sanders unconscious!! The ref is DQing Goldberg!! Goldberg yells, throws down the bell, and SPEARS THE REFEREE!!!! Goldberg pulls Sanders to his feet, sets him up.... JACKHAMMER!!!! Goldberg stands over Sanders as we fade out. ]]-
Winner: Mike Sanders via DQ


-[[ We cut back to the skybox. Batista is still sitting in his chair. Anderson and Flair are talking strategy for tonight. Rena sits away from them, nursing a drink by herself. ]]-

Arn Anderson: We still have two matches to go, Ric... You got Big Dave and Rena there.. So Christian shouldn't be a problem.. I was gonna have Val get your back in case Tomko tried any funny stuff, but I don't think he's gonna be much help.. So, I'll go ahead and let you know, if you need any help, you just holler and ol' Double A'll come runnin'..

-[[ Flair nods. ]]-

Ric Flair: I understand.. What's the plan for Corino and Venis?

-[[ Anderson exhales.. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Better let Val have this one himself.. There shouldn't be any trouble.

-[[ Anderson cracks a smile. ]]-

Arn Anderson: It's just Steve Corino.

-[[ Flair smiles. ]]-

Arn Anderson: But I'm gonna go try to find Val, make sure he's not off doin' something he'll regret. Enjoy the sky box, it's my treat.

-[[ Anderson leaves the room and Flair turns to Batista. Flair looks a little annoyed. ]]-

Ric Flair: Big Dave, what in the hell is wrong with you? Why are you disrespectin' Double A? He's givin' us a big opportunity here in Solid Gold!!

-[[ Dave stands up and walks over to Flair until they're standing just a few feet apart. ]]-

Dave Batista: Disrespecting him? You're disrespecting YOURSELF!! You sit there and you let him talk down to you like you're just getting started in this business!! You just let him walk all over you.. He's got your back? Why do you need his help!? Is it because you think you're not good enough to win this tournament on your own!?

-[[ Flair is now fuming. ]]-

Ric Flair: Are you callin' me a coward, Dave?

Dave Batista: I don't know what I'm calling you, Ric... Because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE!!

-[[ Flair and Batista stare each other down for a few seconds. ]]-

Dave Batista: I'm saying he's breaking you down, Ric.. He's making you insecure, making you think you need him to win a match... You don't need him to be a champion, Ric.. Just like you didn't need him in the past, but he was there the whole time, convincing you that you weren't good enough without him...

Ric Flair: He's my friend, Dave--

Dave Batista: Enough of that!! I'm tired of hearing it!! You know you don't need any help to be the best in SGWx... You ARE the best!! And if you want to trust him and commit career suicide.. You go ahead and do it... But I'm not going down with you.. I'm out of here.

-[[ Batista shoves past Flair and walks out of the room. Flair watches the door shut, he looks like he's thinking hard. He grits his teeth as he makes a tough decision.. He doesn't even look at Rena as he speaks. ]]-

Ric Flair: Rena... Darlin', stay in the back tonight.

-[[ Rena looks up. ]]-

Rena Mero: Wh.. What? Why?

Ric Flair: Don't question me, babe, just do it.

-[[ Flair starts to walk out of the room. ]]-

Rena Mero: Where are you going?

Ric Flair: I've got to find Arn.

-[[ Flair walks out. ]]-


The Outsiders vs. AJ Styles & Cyrus the Virus
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ The match starts with all four men in the ring.. AJ and Cyrus look to be deciding who starts the match but the lights suddenly begin flickering.. As they flicker, the Blood Pack's music hits and AJ looks like he's about to shit his pants!! AJ gets out of the ring and runs through the crowd!! AJ IS RUNNING SCARED!!!!! He's left Cyrus all alone with the Outsiders!! Since AJ is out of the ring, the match legally starts with Kevin Nash and Cyrus the Virus!! Cyrus throws a few weak punches but Nash just laughs them off!! Nash boots Cyrus right in the face!! He picks Cyrus up by his hair and sets him up...... JACKKNIFE!!! Nash laughs and puts his foot on him..... One! Two.... Nash lifts his foot and looks over at Hall. Hall is DYING to be tagged in!! Nash has a big smile on his face and tags in Hall.. Hall gets in the ring and paintbrushes Cyrus' head as he lays face down.... He picks Cyrus up.... OUTSIDER'S EDGE!!! Hall covers him with his arm across his face.. One! Two! Three!! The Outsiders have DESTROYED Cyrus the Virus!! ]]-
Winners: The Outsiders via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with Goldberg sitting down in his dressing room. Vince McMahon stands over him, yelling at him, obviously trying to get him hyped up. ]]-

Vince McMahon: What you just did to Mike Sanders is just the beginning, Goldberg!! You lost by disqualification but you sent a message to every wrestler in the locker room that you are not to be taken lightly!!

Bill Goldberg: Yeah..

Vince McMahon: You showed them with that chairshot that you are not just another wrestler.... You showed them that you are not to be ignored....

Bill Goldberg: ...Yeah.

Vince McMahon: You showed them that you, Bill Goldberg, ARE A MONSTERRRR!!!

-[[ Goldberg stands up. ]]-

Bill Goldberg: YEAH!!!!

Vince McMahon: And tonight, Bill Goldberg, you're going to show them.. Show everyone... That you are... FOR REAL.

-[[ Goldberg looks at Vince. His expression totally serious. ]]-

Vince McMahon: It's time... To make an impact, Bill. It's time for the streak.......

-[[ Vince smiles. ]]-

Vince McMahon: ....To begin again.

-[[ A sick smile cracks across Goldberg's face. ]]-


William Regal vs. Scott Steiner
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Regal avoids Steiner to start, knowing full well that a full frontal contest will mean his end. However, it only lasts a few seconds before Steiner gets his hands on him. Steiner throws Regal across the ring with a big shove and is already on him before he can get up. Steiner picks Regal up and throws him on his shoulder. He drops down to his knees, racking Regal with a chest breaker!! Regal goes down hard and Steiner picks him up and stomps him right in the center of the chest!! The fans are booing loudly. Steiner picks Regal up and power slams him!! Regal fights back, hitting Steiner with a European uppercut and then raking his eyes, but Steiner recovers too quick and slams Regal down with a belly-to-belly suplex!! He yanks Regal back up and drives him down with a gargoyle suplex!! Steiner pulls Regal up again, yells "IT'S OVER, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" and floors Regal with an EXPLODER!!!! Steiner gets a sick smile on his face and goes to lock in the Steiner Recliner, but GOLDBERG HITS THE RING!! Goldberg nails Steiner with the SPEAR!!! Goldberg gets up, yells and pulls Regal to his feet.... JACK HAMMER!!!! Goldberg punches Steiner in the face a few times and the referee is going crazy, yelling for the bell to be rung.. Goldberg has just ended this match!! But.. What the fuck is happening now!? Goldberg covers Regal..... And Vince McMahon walks out in a referee shirt?? Vince gets in the ring and counts... One! Two! Three!! Goldberg picks Steiner up... ANOTHER JACK HAMMER!! Goldberg hooks the leg.. One! Two! Three!! Vince McMahon grabs the microphone..... ]]-

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen.. Bill Goldberg... TWO AND O!!

-[[ Goldberg spits and yells, what is THIS all about!? ]]-

Winner: Bill Goldberg????


-[[ The scene fades up in a bar just a few blocks away from the arena. The camera pans through the people inside and finally settles on Dave Batista sitting at the bar. He keeps looking up at the television that's positioned in a corner above the bar itself... Dave is drinking a beer, he sets the bottle down when a particular scene on the TV catches his attention. ]]-

Dave Batista: Turn that up.

Bartender: It's loud enough.

-[[ Batista throws his beer bottle behind the bartender, shattering it. He stares hard at the bartender. ]]-

Dave Batista: Turn... It... Up.

-[[ The bartender takes a look at Batista and decides he doesn't want any. He turns the television up. Batista watches the show.. He sees Arn Anderson walking around the backstage area and he's headed off by Ric Flair.. Flair begins talking a mile a minute to Anderson. Batista listens closely.]]-

Ric Flair: Double A!! I've had it up to here!! RIC FLAIR IS NOT GONNA BE DISRESPECTED... ANYMORE!!! Ric Flair is gonna get in the ring with Christian and he don't want ANY HELP!! Stay in the back, Arn!! Dave's gone!! Rena ain't comin' out!! WOOOOOOO!! It's gonna be RIC FLAIR versus CHRISTIAN and it's gonna be ONE ON!!! WOOOOOOO!! ONE!!!

-[[ Arn nods. ]]-

Ric Flair: Gonna show everybody that Ric Flair has still got... WHAT IT TAKES!! To win a belt by himself!! Tonight, that SGWx World Heavyweight Championship is one step closer... TO THE NATURE BOOOOOY!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

-[[ Flair pops up in Anderson's face. ]]-


-[[ Flair dashes off into the hallway as Anderson stands there like he doesn't know what to do. Batista sits there, staring at the television like he also doesn't know what to do. Batista looks down, back at the television, and back down again. He has a decision to make now. ]]-

Dave Batista: God dammit...

-[[ Batista throws down a few bills and walks out of the bar. ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up with Eddie Guerrero and a few SGWx production crew members talking backstage. They seem to be having a really good time, laughing and talking about the show... Until one of them yells..... ]]-

SGWx Production Crew Member: LOOK OUT!!

-[[ Eddie Guerrero turns around just in time to get SPEARED!!! Goldberg stands up, spits on the floor and covers Guerrero as Vince McMahon walks up with a cocky swagger.. He counts... ]]-

Vince McMahon: ONE....... TWO!! .......THREEEEEE!!

-[[ Vince raises Goldberg's arm in victory. ]]-

Vince McMahon: Three and O, Bill... Three and O.

Bill Goldberg: ......Four.

-[[ Goldberg spins and NAILS the same production man with the HART KILLER kick!! Goldberg yells and puts a boot on him as Vince smiles and counts the three again. ]]-

Vince McMahon: Four it is...

-[[ Vince laughs evilly as the scene fades out. ]]-


The Full Blooded Italians vs. Randy Orton & Justin Credible
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ The match starts with Big Sal and Justin Credible. Sal dominates him like he's nothing, throwing him into the turnbuckle and splashing him into mush!! Sal pulls him out of the corner and picks him up for a body slam!! Sal crashes down on him, crushing the wind out of him!! Credible tries to get up but Sal drops a leg across his chest and leaves it there for the ref to count... One! Two! Credible kicked out!! Guido calls for a tag and Sal obliges. Guido gets in and hooks Credible in the Sicilian Crab!! Credible reaches for the ropes but Guido yanks him back into the center of the ring. Guido keeps cranking it but after he realizes he won't tap, he lets the move go and drops an elbow across the back of his head!! Guido pulls Credible up and Credible gets a quick burst of offense, hitting an elbow to the midsection and whipping Guido into the ropes. Credible hits a superkick and Guido goes down hard!! Credible covers! One! Two! Guido kicked out!! Credible and Guido get up and Credible whips Guido into the ropes again, this time Credible ducks down for a backdrop, but Guido trips him and locks him back in the Sicilian Crab!! Guido cranks it again and this time... Randy Orton gets in the ring!! He runs and RKOs Guido out of the move!! Orton helps Credible to his feet... AND RKOs HIM TOO!! Orton pulls Guido on top of Credible and walks out of the ring as the referee counts.. One! Two! Three! The Full Blooded Italians have won the match!! Orton walks up the ramp, he doesn't give a damn about a tag team match!! ]]-
Winner: The Full Blooded Italians via Pin Fall


-[[ After the wrestlers clear out of the ring, the fans erupt in boos as "The Franchise" Shane Douglas begins making his way to the ring with Traci Brooks and Mark Geragos. Douglas gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.. He looks fairly pissed off as he begins to speak. ]]-

Shane Douglas: Shut up!! SHUT UP!! SHUT THE HELL UUUUUUUUUP!!!!

-[[ The fans boo even louder. ]]-

Shane Douglas: I'm out here for a reason, SGW... And that reason is, last week, a travesty occurred!! A man was robbed of his spot in the SGWx World Heavyweight Title tournament!! A man was robbed of his dream.....

-[[ Shane Douglas smiles knowingly. ]]-

Shane Douglas: He was ROBBED....... OF HIS DESTINY!!!!

-[[ The fans boo loudly as they realize who he's talking about. Douglas points to the ramp. ]]-

Shane Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen..... Allow me to introduce you to...... RAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEN!!!! HAHAHAHA!!

-[[ Raven's music hits and he makes his way out onto the ramp with his entourage of Cactus Jack, Billy Kidman, and Lucy Furr... Raven has them stay on the stage area and he makes his way down to the ring. He gets inside and Douglas begins speaking again. ]]-

Shane Douglas: Raven, last week, you had the SGWx World Title in your GRASP!! And then that no good son of a bitch, Ric Flair, STOLE IT FROM YOU!! With a chair, he came in like a thief in the night and STOLE IT!!

-[[ Raven just stands there as Douglas continues on. ]]-

Shane Douglas: And you know what, Raven.... That's nobody's fault but YOUR OWN!! You are an embarrassment to everything we built in ECW!! It seems like you've been doing nothing but cruising through this business since ECW while I've been... BUSTING MY ASSSSSSSSS to keep "The Franchise" on top and I AM SICK OF IT!!

-[[ Raven listens as Douglas gets right in his face. ]]-

Shane Douglas: You dropped the ball, Raven, you're not the torch carrier for what we built ANYMORE!! From now on, the fans are going to recognize Shane Douglas... THE FRANCHIIIIIIISE as the TRUE HARDCORE ICON!!!

-[[ Douglas sneers. ]]-

Shane Douglas: What do you have to say about that, tough guy? You wanna dispute it? You wanna hit me?

-[[ Douglas slaps himself. ]]-

Shane Douglas: Hit me, you son of a bitch!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!

-[[ Douglas shoves Raven but Raven doesn't do anything. ]]-

Shane Douglas: I'll make it easy for you.... You and me, Raven... AT SUPREMACY!!!! No rules, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING!!!!

-[[ Raven smiles. ]]-

Shane Douglas: What do ya' say, Raven? Answer me!!

-[[ Raven looks down and without warning, shoves Shane Douglas down on his ass, spins around and punches Traci Brooks right in the face!! And in almost one fluid motion, he hooks Mark Geragos and SLAMS HIM with the EVEN FLOW!!!! Raven slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp where his crew is waiting!! Douglas gets up, looking absolutely shocked and appalled that Raven has ruined his shit. Douglas helps Traci to her feet as we fade out. ]]-


Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx United States Title Tournament - Round Two

-[[ Jericho and Chavo lock-up. Jericho grabs a headlock and works Chavo over. Chavo backs into the ropes and pushes Jericho into them. Jericho bounds back and Chavo nails him with a dropkick! Jericho gets up, runs at Chavo and they both do a drop kick, flying past each other and landing on their asses! They both get up and run at each other again, this time clashing with punches!! Jericho takes the upper hand and punches away at Chavo, backing him into the corner and kicking him repeatedly in the gut! Chavo turns the tables and puts Jericho in the corner! Chavo kicks away at him and chops him hard across the chest!! Chavo climbs to the middle rope and begins the ten-punch!! He nails Jericho ten times and Jericho LOW BLOWS him!! Chavo yells in pain and Jericho POWER BOMBS him off the middle rope!! Jericho covers!! One! Two! Chavo kicked out!! Jericho picks Chavo up and hits him with a vicious back breaker!! Chavo yells in pain and Jericho sits down and drives a knee into Chavo's back!! Jericho begins killing him with a surfboard stretch!! Chavo won't quit!! Jericho keeps tearing at him and finally Chavo manages to slip out and land on top of Jericho! One! Jericho kicked out!! Jericho and Chavo fight it out for a bit and Jericho trips Chavo and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Chavo fights it!! Chavo won't turn over!! Jericho keeps trying!! Chavo manages to get a leg free and kick Jericho away!! Chavo gets up and Jericho runs at him!! Chavo dropkicks him down!! Jericho gets up and walks into a series of arm drags and hip tosses from Chavo!! Jericho gets pissed and slides out of the ring, he grabs PEPE from ringside and gets back in the ring!! Jericho holds Pepe up like he's going to hit Chavo, but.... VICTORIA is suddenly on the apron!! She grabs Pepe from behind, holding on, and Jericho spins around to see what the deal is!! He goes face to face with Victoria, fighting over the horse until... SHE SPITS BLOOD IN HIS FACE!!! Jericho, still holding onto the horse, staggers back into a roll-up from Chavo!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! Chavo has advanced!! Chavo grabs Pepe and heads for the back. ]]-
Winner: Chavo Guerrero via Pin Fall


-[[ The fans calm down after that match and they finally go silent when suddenly, what sounds like a steady heart beat begins pumping through the arena... The fans are confused, what the hell could this be? Suddenly, the heart beat stops and music they've never heard hits... And MARK JINDRAK walks out onto the ramp with GAIL KIM in tow!! Jindrak and Kim make their way to the ring where Mark Jindrak calls for a microphone.... The fans don't know what to think.. Jindrak begins speaking. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: You know.. For years I've sat back and watched SGW pat itself on the back for its history.. I've sat and watched it say it's the best in the business.... Because of its history.. Because of its LEGENDS.....

-[[ Jindrak paces around as Kim watches on. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: I've sat and I've watched wrestlers with goals of SGW domination come and go with nothing but failure following them right out the door!! Well, I'm tired of sitting and watching!! It's time to make some changes around here in Solid Gold!!

-[[ The fans begin to boo. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: It's time that all of you recognize that it's not the history of SGW that's driving this place!! It's not the legends!! The history.. Is in the past!! The legends.... ARE GONE!!!

-[[ Jindrak suddenly becomes furious. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: IT'S ALL OVER!!! Forget about the past, dammit, I'M HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

-[[ Jindrak paces around the ring. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: I'm here right now, dammit!! I'm keeping this place alive!! It's my talent right here and right now that's running Solid Gold Wrestling!! It's not the past!! It's ME..... I am "The Pulse" that keeps Solid Gold alive and kicking ass on a regular basis....

-[[ Jindrak gets a cocky smile on his face as Gail applauds him. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: And it's going to be "The Pulse" Mark Jindrak that leads Solid Gold Wrestling X into a NEW... era of history.

-[[ Jindrak starts to leave the ring when a church bell tolls over the PA. Jindrak looks around, not knowing what's going on and suddenly PAUL BEARER AND THE UNDERTAKER walk out onto the ramp!! Paul has the urn in his hand and he's carrying a microphone... ]]-

Paul Bearer: OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!! Mark Jindrak... Oh yes... Wanting to make an impact... Well so is my Undertaker!! And what a fitting way for you two to try, Mark... The man who claims to BE the pulse... VERSUS A MAN WHO DOESN'T HAVE ONE!! OHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!

Mark Jindrak: You want a match, is that what you're trying to say?

-[[ Bearer puts his hand over his mouth like he can't believe Jindrak has spoken. ]]-

Paul Bearer: I think, Mark, the question is..... DO YOU WANT A MATCH!?!

-[[ Jindrak laughs. ]]-

Mark Jindrak: You want it at Supremacy, dead man.. You got it. Everyone is going to find out firsthand that the only history Mark Jindrak cares about... Is the history he makes.

-[[ Bearer and Taker leave for the back as we fade out. ]]-

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