STROKE: Florida Dreamin' | August 12th, 2006 | Live From: Orlando, Florida | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Backstage we see Brian Lee and Brian Adams walking down the hall. They don't make but just a few steps before they are blindsided by Rob Conway and Alex Shelley! Russo's leading the operation, telling each Pulse member what to do. Conway and Shelley are laying the boots down to the two men. Russo directs traffic, telling them to pick Brian Adams up off the ground. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Put this mother fuckin' piece of shit through this table! I wanna' see a spike powerbomb right now on his Adam Bomb ass!

-[[ And as soon as he gets it out of his mouth, DOUBLE POWERBOMB ON THE TABLE! The contents on the table go everywhere. Brian Lee gets up and hits a few shots on Conway, but Shelley helps change the tide of the fight, playing the numbers advantage to the Pulse's advantage. Conway hits a dropkick on Lee, sending him to the ground. Shelley grabs Lee up and grabs him in a bodyslam position, Conway grabs the right side of Brian Lee's body.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I wanna' see a lawn dart into that wall! I want his skull to be cracked like a damn walnut!

-[[ The Pulse take a few steps, and LAWN DARTS BRIAN LEE INTO THE WALL! Brian Lee is immediately busted open with the impact. The Pulse look around, observing their damage, looking very proud of the job they did just then. Russo strokes his beard with delight. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Beautiful.. Fuckin' beautiful work, guys.

[ Alex Shelley ] It is good stuff.

[ Rob Conway ] I dropkicked Brian Lee.

[ Alex Shelley ] I know. Hey Russo, Conway dropkicked Brian Lee.

-[[ Russo shakes his head. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The fuck didn't you just kick 'em in the nuts?

-[[ Conway shrugs. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] I don't do things the easy way, Russo.

[ Alex Shelley ] Obviously.

[ Rob Conway ] I do things the RIGHT way.

-[[ Conway chuckles. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] I mean.. Just look at me.

-[[ Alex Shelley rubs his hands down his face in frustration. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] Jesus.

[ Rob Conway ] What?

[ Vince Russo ] Forget it, Conway. This shit, it's fantastic! But the bad news about what just happened, Brian Adams sure as fuck ain't makin' it to the tag match tonight against you guys. Looks like the back flip kid will need a new partna'.

[ Rob Conway ] They're planchas, Russo.

[ Vince Russo ] Excuse me?

[ Rob Conway ] They're called planchas.. The back flips AJ Styles does..

-[[ Russo looks at Shelley and then back at Conway. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The fuck eva'.. Anyway, tonight, it's gonna' be the fuckin' Pulse, the fuckin' sports entertainment crusada's, takin' on AJ Styles, that no charisma, no catchphrase usin' piece of shit.. And his new tag team partner..

-[[ Russo cracks a smile. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Christy Hemme!

[ Alex Shelley ] Excellent choice!

[ Vince Russo ] 'Cause I dunno' if you guys know this or not.. But guys kickin' girls' asses rules.. And it equals ratings.

[ Alex Shelley ] Makes perfect sense.

[ Vince Russo ] I know. I mean, who doesn't want to watch that annoyin' red headed bitch get a fuckin' foot stuffed down her god damn throat?

-[[ Shelley shrugs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I wanna' see it! And if I do see it, I'd stand up and cheer like I was watchin' a fuckin' sports game. And ya' know what I'd do afta' that?

-[[ He doesn't give them time to respond. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I'd scream for one of you two to do that shit AGAIN, bay-bee! I wanna' see Christy Hemme DIE!

[ Rob Conway ] I want to see her on my bed, wearing nothing but a smile.

[ Alex Shelley ] Shut up.

[ Vince Russo ] Anyway, we outta' go before Dumb n Shitface wake-up.

-[[ The Pulse walks off as we catch one last close-up view of Brian Lee and Brian Adams laying unconscious on the floor. Vince Russo's put AJ Styles into a tough predicament tonight on Stroke! ]]-

The Rock versus Ken Kennedy
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The Rock and Kennedy stand nose to nose in the middle of the ring.. They begin talking trash to each other and the Rock turns his head, a smile on his face.. And then he slaps the taste out of Kennedy's mouth! Kennedy backs up and then slugs The Rock right in the mouth! The Rock and Kennedy begin trading shots back and forth and the Rock takes the advantage! Punch! Punch! Punch! Spit in the hand! BIG PUNCH! Kennedy staggers back into the ropes and the Rock advances on him and whips him into the ropes... The Rock goes for a clothesline but Kennedy ducks it.. The Rock turns around just in time to catch Kennedy coming off of the ropes...... SPINE BUSTER! The Rock springs back up.. He walks to Kennedy's head and kicks him in the shoulder.. He removes his elbow pad and slings it into the crowd.. He goes to the ropes.. Jumps over Kennedy.. Hits the other side...... PEOPLE'S ELBOW-- Kennedy moves! The Rock hits mat and Kennedy is already up, waiting on the Rock to stand.. And the Rock walks right into a SPINE BUSTER of Kennedy's own! Kennedy begins climbing the ropes and calls for it.. He flies..... KENTON BOMB!! But the Rock KIPS UP out of the way! Kennedy lands hard and gets right back up, gritting his teeth in pain and he walks right into the ROCK BOTTOM-- NO!! Kennedy elbows his way out of it and the Rock staggers off to the side.. Kennedy plows into him from the Venis position and rolls him up.. ONE! TWO! THREE! Ken Kennedy has pulled it out of nowhere! ]]-

Winner: Ken Kennedy via Pin Fall

-[[ We fade up with the view of Scott Steiner and Bill Goldberg standing face to face. The tension is high, you could cut it with a knife. Neither man says a word, they just stare at one another, waiting for the other to make the first move. Several seconds go by, the fans are popping huge for this confrontation. Finally, Steiner breaks the silence. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at you, Goldberg, you think you're a real World Champion?

[ Goldberg ] That's why I have the title on my shoulder.

[ Scott Steiner ]  Well, newsflash you piece of shit, you ain't! You ain't a real World Champion! Why? 'Cause PWO FUCKING SUCKS DICK!

-[[ The fans pop and a small "S-G-DUB!" chant starts. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ]  I've been in Solid Gold Wrestling since day fuckin' one, Goldberg. Four times the Big Booty Daddy's won the SGW World Heavyweight title! I led the charge against Pussy Wrestling Organization week in and week out.. And you wanna' know what the hell happened to PWO?

-[[ Goldberg's cut off. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ]  Big Poppa Pump SHUT THAT BITCH DOWN! BECAUSE IT'S SHIT!

[ Goldberg ] That was then.. This is now, Scotty.

-[[ Goldberg stares at Steiner, not making a move. ]]-

[ Goldberg ]PWO and SGW had a lot of wars in the past, but evidently, boy.. Your memory's slipping.

-[[ Steiner looks at Goldberg, interested. ]]-

[ Goldberg ] Because evidently, you're forgetting that PWO is the only company to force SGW to close it doors because it was dominated. When Solid Gold was being crippled with talent raids, poor television ratings, and non-existant pay-per-view buyrates, PWO was setting records not even touched today.

[ Scott Steiner ]  You weren't even there, Goldberg.

[ Goldberg ] You're right, I wasn't. But I know the history, I know how big of a deal the PWO World Heavyweight title is being brought onto SGW television. And that's why I'm doing what I'm going to do.

[ Scott Steiner ] And what's that?

[ Goldberg ]Murder you. Murder the greatest SGW World Heavyweight Champion in the company's history.. Proving PWO was better than SGW then.. And NOW!

[ Scott Steiner ]  That so?

[ Goldberg ] Damn right.

[ Scott Steiner ]  Fuck you, Goldberg! You don't know shit, boy! See these? See these muscles? These are weapons you ain't never gonna' have, because you're a fuckin' loser!

-[[ Crowd pop. Steiner points to his crotch region. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ]  See this cock? If you think PWO's better than Solid Gold Wrestling, you can get down and suck it, you bastard! Because at Fallout, I'm gonna' treat you like the little punk bitch you are! HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME!

[ Goldberg ] We're not going to wait and see at Fallout.

-[[ Goldberg charges at Steiner, but Steiner's ready! The two big men trade blows back and forth, both hitting the ground. Steiner's on top and he's just laying Goldberg out with lefts and rights! Security and Dusty Rhodes hits the scene to break this up. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] So you boys wanna' hurry up and get it on, huh?

[ Scott Steiner ] I'LL MURDER YOU, GOLDBERG!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Well that's great, I'm all 'bout two hosses settlin' differences. 'Specially with the stakes as high as they are right now. PDubyaO against SGDubya is a feud the wrestlin' wurld's waited years for.. And at Fallout, the wurld's gonna' get it, daddy!

[ Goldberg ] You're next, Steiner.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] But what da' wurld ain't gettin', is any more of this. No more confrontations! No more fightin' between the two of you before Fallout!

-[[ Security struggles to hold both men back. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] This has gone on long enough and it stops right now! 'Cause as of this second, if either of you touch the other one before Sunday night, July 27 at Fallout.. You both are suspended without pay, daddy!

[ Goldberg ] No big deal to me.

-[[ Dusty turns his attention to Goldberg. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] 'At so, Goldberg? Well, let's add a little more wood to fire why don't we?

[ Goldberg ] I'm all ears.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] You or Steiner touch one another before Fallout, you and Scotty's suspended without pay until fudda' notice.. And you're NO LONGA' da' PDubya O Wurld Champyun!

-[[ Big pop. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] OOOO WEEE!! THAT'S FUNKY!

-[[ Goldberg is pissed and Steiner continues the stare down of his Fallout opponent. SGW versus PWO is the match the wrestling world's been wanting to see since the early 2000s, and it's coming to a head at Fallout! ]]-

Dude Love versus Triple H
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Dude Love struts around the ring as Triple H eyeballs him.. The two meet in the middle of the ring.. The Dude has a big smile on his face but Triple H is all business.. The two lock up suddenly and Triple H powers Dude Love into the ropes before breaking and then slugging away at the Dude with huge punches to the head.. Triple H knees Dude Love in the gut and begins uppercutting him across the face.. Triple H pulls Dude Love off of the ropes and whips him into the opposite side... ANDERSON SPINE BUSTER! He drills him! Triple H goes for a cover.. One! Two! Dude Love kicks out! Triple H pulls Dude Love back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Triple H goes for the HIGH KNEE but Dude Love sees it coming and stops dead in his tracks.. He eye gouges Triple H and then hits him with a scoop slam! Dude Love gets in the corner and begins tuning up the band.. Triple H gets to his feet, pawing at his eyes and walks right into.. THE SWEET SHIN MUSIC! Triple H grabs his leg, yelling in pain and Dude Love hooks him.. DOUBLE ARM DDT!! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Dude Love is the victor! ]]-

Winner: Dude Love via Pin Fall

-[[ Lance Storm is seen walking around in circles, rubbing his head. You can tell something's bothering him deeply. Dusty Rhodes come into view and he speaks to Lance. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Hey Wance.

[ Lance Storm ] Oh, hello, Dusty.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] What's wrong wit'cha?

[ Lance Storm ] Nothing, Dusty.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Wance, we all know somethin's botherin' ya'.

[ Lance Storm ] It's just something I have to attend to myself.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Nonsense.. C'mon, step into my office and spin me a yarn.

-[[ Lance looks around. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] This is the parking lot.. Where's your office?

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Right there.

-[[ The camera turns and sure enough, we see a white, Ford pick-up truck sitting in the middle of the parking lot. The tailgate is full of hay. Hank Williams, Jr. is blasting out of the radio inside the cab of the truck. Dusty lets down the tailgate and flops down on a bail of hay. Lance stands beside the truck, looking it over. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] C'mon in.

[ Lance Storm ] Is.. Is.. That hay?

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Yep.

[ Lance Storm ] Right.

-[[ Lance hops on the tailgate and looks down at the hay. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Sit.

[ Lance Storm ] I'm fine right here.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Aw naw, I insist. Sit down.

-[[ Lance wipes off a hay bell and sits, looking very uncomfortable. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Now Wance, what's da' problem?

[ Lance Storm ] Well, as you know, I was the SGW World Heavyweight Champion for thirty-five days. I was on top of the mountain in Solid Gold, and I was doing it with my pure wrestling talent and abilities, not by my catchphrases and charisma.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I'm followin' ya' like a stray dog.

[ Lance Storm ] Alright.

-[[ He continues. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Anyway, Wrestlebrawl came around, and I was going to be the first man who beat Edge, snapping his winning streak. I was not only standing up for my beliefs, but I was fighting for pure wrestling. But.. I lost my title. And then the week after, I was upset by Colt Cabana.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] "I see," said da' blind man.

[ Lance Storm ] Right.. But now. instead of me being seen as the wrestling threat that I am, I'm no longer treated as a former SGW World Heavyweight champion. Steve Austin has been getting by week after week on the simple fact he held that title fifty-eight days. He's getting by strictly on the fact he 'saved' that title. Me on the other hand, I gave pure wrestling its spot in Solid Gold. I brought it to the forefront.. And yet, I lose my title, I also lose all the respect people had for me.

-[[ You can tell this is eating at Storm's soul. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And tonight, tonight topped it all off for me. I cheated to defeat the Undertaker. Cheated. Dusty, what I'm trying to say is.. I'm beginning to question my abilities in the squared-circle.. Especially when I had to cheat to win a match and could not rely on my skills to get me the win.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Wance, baby, you ain't got nothin' to worry 'bout. You think Wic Flair doubted his abilities every time he lost his World title? Of course he did! Hawley Wace, same thing. Christian even contemplated shootin' himself in da' head afta' Tom Cruise got his title!

[ Lance Storm ] That is true.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Look, Wance.. You're one of da' best 'rassla's I've ever seen. You've gotten by on that talent Stu Hawt taught ya' all 'dem years ago in Calgary. Tonight you cheated, yes, but you have 'at survival instincts you gotta' have to get back to da' top! You snapped da' skid you were in, and that's all that matters.

-[[ Lance is eating this up. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] No matta' if the people say you suck or you're still the man to 'em, they don't matta'. Don't let anyone else's thoughts 'bout you effect what you think about you and your abilties! If I let da' people determine how far I was gonna' make it, I'd still be in da' ditches diggin', daddy! I'd still be da' sonuvaplumba' in Austin, Texas! I'd not been chasin' da' American Dweem I've chased for thirty years!

-[[ Lance nods. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ]If I had let people's thoughts of me effect me.. Those yells of me bein' heavy, ugly, and unable to speak fluently.. I'd not be able to be the man I am today. Wance, daddy, you gotta' shut the thoughts and opinions of udda's out of ya' mind. You gotta' focus back on da' SGDubya title, that ten pounds of gold, daddy! It's time to tell the critics to take a hike and get back on da' trail!

[ Lance Storm ] You're right.

-[[ Storm nods. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I know what I have to do now.

-[[ Storm stands up and offers a handshake to Dusty. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Thank you, Dusty.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] It was my pleasure. Keep ya' head up. That title's gonna' be yours again someday.

[ Lance Storm ] I know.

-[[ Lance jumps out of the back of Dusty's office and walks away. The scene fades. ]]-

John Cena & Rodney Mack versus Matt Hardy & "Alpha Male" Monty Brown
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Rodney Mack begins the match with Matt Hardy.. The two circle each other and then lock up.. Matt Hardy takes Mack over in a headlock and backs him into his corner.. Hardy plugs away at Mack's head with punches while still keeping him in the headlock.. Hardy makes a quick tag to Monty Brown.. Brown comes in and begins punching away at Mack while still in the lock.. Matt Hardy steps out onto the apron while Brown backs Mack into the corner.. Brown begins nailing him with lefts and rights and then pulls him out of the corner and lifts him up.. Fall away slam! Brown looks down at Mack with a big smile on his face.. Mack begins crawling over to tag in Cena but Brown isn't letting him get that far.. He drags Mack back toward his corner and tags Hardy back in.. Hardy and Brown begin stomping away.. Mack fights his way back up to his knees and shoves Hardy backward, sending him into Jimmy Cordaris.. Cordaris goes down and John Cena rampages into the ring!! Cena clotheslines Hardy down!! He clotheslines Brown down!! Hardy is back up and he grabs Cena from behind but Cena turns around and scoops Hardy up...... F-U!! Matt Hardy rolls out of the ring and Cena follows him out!! Hardy and Cena brawl like crazy on the outside.. Rodney Mack slowly gets to his feet, out of it from the double team attacks.. And he walks right into.. THE POOOOOOOOOOOUNCE!! Monty Brown covers him.. ONE! TWO! THREE! Monty Brown and Matt Hardy are the winners of the match!! ]]-

Winners: Matt Hardy & "Alpha Male" Monty Brown via Pin Fall

After the match the beat down continues on John Cena and Rodney Mack by Matt Hardy and his new ally, Monty Brown. The fans are booing, referees are trying to make them stop, but they each are getting vicious punches and then tossed out of the ring. Monty Brown picks Rodney Mack up, whips him againt the ropes, POUNCE! Monty Brown pops up and yells "POUNCE" at the top of his lungs! CHRIS BENOIT HITS THE RING! Benoit hits a few shots on Matt Hardy but Monty Brown comes over and he and Hardy starts pummeling Benoit. TWIST OF FATE ON CHRIS BENOIT! Monty paces around the fallen Benoit, licking his lips. You know what he wants to do. He gets Benoit up, whips him against the ropes, and GLASS SHATTERS! STONE COLD! HERE COMES STONE COLD! Matt Hardy and Monty Brown clear the ring as Steve Austin gets Benoit up to check on him. Benoit says he's fine and Austin shakes his head in digsust. KICK! WHAM! STUNNER ON BENOIT! WHAT THE HELL HAS STONE COLD DONE! Monty Brown and Matt Hardy reenter the ring and all three men start beating Chris Benoit and John Cena down. HERE COMES KEN KENNEDY! KENNEDY COMES IN THE RING WITH A CHAIR AND HE'S SWINGING! Monty Brown takes a steel chair shot, Hardy and Austin escape the ring as does Monty. John Cena, Chris Benoit, and Ken Kennedy stand together in the ring, watching Brown, Hardy, and Austin begin to back up the ramp, looking very pleased with the statement they made here tonight. The three's exit is cut off by none other than Dusty Rhodes, with a mic in his hand. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, boys.. Da' fun ain't ova' yet.

-[[ The three turn and look at Dusty. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Ain't too manly of ya' to beat down three men and use the numba' game to your advantage and then high tail it when the wadda' gets too hot!

-[[ The fans pop. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Now it seems we got ourselves some issues between the six of ya'll. Well, that's when da' American Dweem comes in and he fixes those problems!

-[[ Austin, Hardy, and Monty can't believe this is happening. This is obviously not going according to their plan. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I was expectin' just to sit back tonight and let things run smoothly, and not really have to make a lotta' tough decisions.. But I guess I'm left wit' no choice. So now, at Fallout.. Steve Austin.. You're gonna' take on KEN KENNEDY!

-[[ Austin is PISSED! Kennedy looks very satisfied in the ring with the decision. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Matt Hahday, ya' got a mess of ya' own come Fallout, daddy. You're gonna' be takin' on CHRIS BENOIT, DA' RABID WOLVERINE!

-[[ The fans pop huge for that match as Hardy points and threatens Rhodes. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Ladies and gentlemen, Fallout's gettin' more funky and funky as the time goes by!

-[[ Dusty's music hits and the fans pop as he goes backstage, leaving the six men to stare down one another. Dusty Rhodes has ran SGW with an iron fist so far tonight! ]]-

Kurt Angle & Colt Cabana versus Randy Orton & Dave Batista
Title on the Line:
Four Way
Mike Chioda

-[[ Kurt Angle begins the match with Dave Batista.. They circle each other and Angle dives for Batista's legs and executes a double leg takedown.. Angle begins fighting, trying to hook him in the ankle lock but Batista hooks Angle by the head and begins clubbing him across the head and neck with forearms until Angle backs off.. Batista gets back to his feet.. Angle staggers back against the ropes and Batista charges at him for a clothesline but Angle ducks and yanks the ropes down and Batista goes flying over the top rope and to the floor.. Angle follows him out.. He takes Batista by the back of the head and slams him face first into the ring apron.. Angle pushes Batista back inside the ring and follows him in.. Angle begins sizing Batista up and Batista slowly stands.. Angle runs up on him and goes for a belly-to-belly suplex but Batista doesn't move! He shrugs Angle off and slams into him with a devastating clothesline! Angle goes down hard and Batista pulls him back to his feet.. He whips Angle into the ropes... SPINE BUSTER! BOOM! Batista is back up and he pulls Angle to his feet.. THUMBS UP..... THUMBS DOWN! He goes for the Batista Bomb! But Angle begins plugging away at Batista with lefts and rights, trying to unbalance him and Batista staggers backward into the opposite corner.. And Angle tags in Colt Cabana while still on Batista's shoulders! Cabana slides into the ring and clips Batista's knee! Batista goes down and Angle slips off of his shoulders.. Cabana and Angle begins punching away at Batista and Randy Orton charges into the ring!! Orton begins throwing punches and he takes it to Cabana like crazy but Angle nails him with a low blow and Cabana kicks him in the gut.... COLT .45 ON ORTON! Orton rolls out of the ring and Angle yanks Batista up off of the mat.. And Batista elbows Kurt in the mouth and flings him over the top rope and to the floor.. But Cabana spins Batista around.. KICK! COLT .45 ON BATISTA!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! Cabana covers him!! ONE! TWO! THREE!! Colt Cabana and Angle are the winners!! ]]-

Winners: Kurt Angle & Colt Cabana via Pin Fall

-[[ Shane Douglas is backstage, ready to interview SGW newcomer, Chris Masters. Masters is cracking his knuckles one by one as the Franchise begins to speak to him. ]]-


[ Chris Masters ] Thank you, Shane.


[ Chris Masters ] Angry.


-[[ Masters takes offense to that. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Shut it, Shane! It was a fluke! It wasn't supposed to happen!


[ Chris Masters ] Why are you attacking me for? What have I ever done to you?


-[[ Masters shakes his head. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Whatever, Shane.. But it's like this and listen up.. SGW is in for a rude awakening come next week. Because, let's face it, it's a known fact, Shane.. NOBODY BREAKS MY MASTERLOCK!

-[[ Masters flexes. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] You, you can't break my Masterlock. The ten cups of coffee you had before this interview.. The caffeine cannot break my Masterlock.


[ Chris Masters ] Shane, I told you.. NOBODY can break my Masterlock. Not even The Rock, Mr. Hollywood himself. He especially couldn't be able to do it.


[ Chris Masters ] Well yeah, and I'd enjoy every second of it.


-[[ Masters turns around and there's The Rock! Masters slides his right hand down his face as The Rock slides his sunglasses down a little on his nose so he can get a good look of Chris Masters. ]]-

[ The Rock ] So.. You wanna tell it to the Rock's face?

-[[ Masters doesn't move an inch. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Well.. The Rock's face is right here.

-[[ The Rock gets right in Masters' face. ]]-

[ The Rock ] So.. Why don'cha tell the Rock.. Right now?

-[[ Masters looks down.. And then throws a punch, but the Rock blocks it and begins punching away at Masters! The two begin trading punches back and forth and security floods the area, separating the two men before the fight escalates any further.. ]]-

Ron Harris versus Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Raven's Rules
Referee: Scott James

-[[ The originally scheduled opponent, Raven, was barred from the building earlier and is being replaced by Ron Harris in the match.. Raven's Rules still apply to the match.. Ron Harris and Rob Van Dam circle each other.. Van Dam throws a kick and Harris catches it.. And Van Dam nails him with a wheelbarrow kick! Harris goes down and Van Dam rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.. He rolls back inside and Ron Harris stands up, shaking his head.. Van Dam throws the chair to him and Harris catches it.. VAN DAMINATOR!! Harris lands with the chair across his face.. And Van Dam hits a spinning leg drop on the chair!! Van Dam begins climbing the ropes....... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON THE CHAIR!! Van Dam rolls off, clutching his ribs.. He hurt himself on the move! Ron Harris stands up like a robot, laughing at how stupid Van Dam was.. Van Dam stands up, screaming in pain and Ron Harris BREAKS the chair over Van Dam's head! Harris covers him.. One! Two! Three! Ron Harris has decimated Rob Van Dam! ]]-

Winner: Ron Harris via Pin Fall

We see Kurt Angle and Colt Cabana running backstage, arms in the air, screaming and yelling loudly in victory. They stop right in front of their locker room door. They stop yelling, and Kurt turns to Colt Cabana. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Tonight, Colt, tonight's what Team Angle's all about!

[ Colt Cabana ]  Definitely, Kurt.

[ Kurt Angle ]  What we did tonight, Colt.. It's the same thing that John Cena's going to have coming to him in our Falls Count Anywhere match at Fallout! He wants my Television title?

[ Colt Cabana ]  He can't have it!

[ Kurt Angle ]  Darn right he can't!

[ Colt Cabana ] Randy Orton and Dave Batista got served tonight!

[ Kurt Angle ]  Darn tootin'. Just like John Cena.

-[[ Angle opens the locker room door, and there in the doorway, arms crossed, is John Cena! Angle and Cabana take a few steps back as Cena remains still. ]]-

[ John Cena ] 'Sup Kurt, Colt?

[ Colt Cabana ]  Nothing much, you?

-[[ Angle nudges Cabana. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ]  What? I don't have beef with him!

[ Kurt Angle ]  Get out of my locker room, Cena! That's tresspassing!

[ John Cena ] I will in a minute. I just gotta' check somethin' first. Did my ears deceive me, or I did I heard you say you, Kurt Angle, was gonna' "serve" me at Fallout?

[ Kurt Angle ] Absolutely!

[ John Cena ] Thought so. Kurt, man, I feel bad for ya', really I do.

-[[ Angle is confused. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Because if I had my head so far up my ass like 'chu, I don't guess I'd be able to see what I had comin' to me at Fallout eitha'.

[ Kurt Angle ]  What do you mean, Cena?

[ John Cena ] Kurt Angle, at Fallout, Falls Count Anywhere.. I'm gonna' storm into that match, fight with all my heart, fight for my beliefs, my life.. Like da' soldja's in Iraq! Kurt Angle, I will unleash HELL ALL OVER YO' ASS!

-[[ You can hear the crowd popping off-camera. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ]  Screw you, Cena! I'm the Television Champion! I refuse to lose my title to someone like you! I beat you once, and by golly Miss Molly, I'll do it again!

[ John Cena ] Kurt, dawg, 'chu ain't ready for round two. I'm stronga', fasta', more ready this time than eva' before! You had to cheat to take me out last time, but this time, you're comin' into my element. Falls Count Anywhere, Kurt.. Your little submission moves ain't gonna' help you now. Fallout, you enter my yard! You come into my element! And as the sayin' goes..

-[[ Pause. ]]-


[ Kurt Angle ]  I HATE YOU, CENA!

-[[ Angle charges at Cena and Cena's ready. Dusty Rhodes hits the scene before any punches or this scuffle can progress any farther. Dusty stands in between the two, checking to make sure neither man tries rushing at the other. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ]  Now, I'm as big of a fan as da' next man of a good, bitta', feud.. But boys, dis' one here's gone on long enough. There's too much heat between it! The passion is gettin' out of hand, and before we know it, we're gonna' have a hell of a situation nobody can control!

[ Kurt Angle ]  It's all Cena's fault, Dusty! It's all his fault!

-[[ Angle points at Cena, Cena shrugs, being never nonchalant. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ]  It don't matta' who's fault it is, Kurt. But now, da' Dweem's got an idea for Fallout to make dis' here match even betta'!

[ Kurt Angle ] Loser Leaves SGW!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Not qwite, Kurt.

[ Kurt Angle ] It ought to be!

[ Dusty Rhodes ]  But here's what it's gonna' be.. At Fallout, I'm addin' a third man to da' mix for da' Television title to cut down on some of da' heat between you two.

-[[ Angle and Cena both look taken aback by this decision. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ]  A triple tweat match for da' Television title! We gonna' see Kurt Angle defendin' his title against John Cena..

-[[ Dusty pauses to milk it. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] And da' third man in 'dis match..

-[[ Dramatic pause. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] COLT CABANA!

-[[ Cena nods, seemingly fine with the match. Kurt gasps and looks over at Cabana, who's pumping his fist. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] YES!

[ Kurt Angle ] COLT!

-[[ Colt notices Kurt's angry, so he stops and puts on an angry face. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ]  Horrible decision, Dusty! You fool!

-[[ Colt stands behind Angle, winking at Dusty and giving him a thumbs up. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] I can't believe this garbage!

-[[ Another wink. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Me either! Darn it!

-[[ Cena/Angle gets more interesting as the weeks go by! Will Colt Cabana work for his own championship dreams, or will he help his mentor out against John Cena at Fallout? ]]-

AJ Styles & Christy Hemme versus Alex Shelley & Rob Conway
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mike Chioda

-[[ Alex Shelley begins the match with AJ Styles.. They circle each other to start and then lock up.. They fight over it and AJ takes Shelley over in a headlock.. Shelley backs into the ropes and whips AJ off into the opposite side.. AJ comes back at him and Shelley goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks it and when Shelley turns around, AJ nails him with the PELE KICK! Shelley staggers backward, looking to be out on his feet and AJ backs him into the ropes and whips him off into the opposite side.. Shelley comes back and goes for a huracanrana but AJ POWER BOMBS HIM and holds on to his legs.. He's going for the STYLES CLASH but Shelley grabs the bottom rope and is refusing to leg go.. Until Christy Hemme kicks Shelley's hands off the bottom rope!! STYLES CLASH!! Styles rolls him over.. ONE! TWO! THRE-- Rob Conway breaks the pin!! He pulls AJ off of Shelley and begins pummeling away at him with lefts and rights in the corner.. Conway pulls Shelley into his corner before stepping onto the apron.. Shelley tags Conway in officially and Conway goes in after AJ.. Conway pulls AJ up and whips him into the ropes..... Back body drop!! Conway drags AJ over.. And forces him to tag in Hemme!! Hemme reluctantly gets in the ring as Conway laughs.. AJ rolls out of the ring, out of it.. Conway jumps forward and grabs Hemme and nails her with a scoop slam! He drags her into the corner and tags in Shelley.. Conway lifts her onto his shoulders in a torture rack position and Shelley begins climbing the ropes....... DOUBLE STOMP ON HEMME!! Conway drops her, wiping his hands off.. Conway steps out of the ring and Shelley whips Hemme over into a crossface hold with a big smile on his face.. He releases the hold and tags Conway back in real quick.. AJ Styles is up and he jumps onto the apron and springboards onto the top rope..... And Russo blasts him across the back with the baseball bat!! AJ splats on the inside and Conway yanks Hemme up.. And DRILLS HER with the EGO TRIP! He covers her and hooks the leg.. ONE! TWO! THREE! The Pulse is victorious! ]]-

Winners: Alex Shelley & Rob Conway via Pin Fall

Rob Conway and Alex Shelley's attack continues to the direction of Vince Russo. Rob Conway kicks AJ Styles in the gut and Alex Shelley grabs Styles' legs.. They give one another the nod and Conway hits a big EGO TRIP! Shelley starts laying the boots to the fallen AJ Styles as Conway licks his lips and eyes Christy Hemme. She's begging him off in the corner, but he keeps coming closer. Russo is in the corner, yelling right in Hemme's face. Conway picks up Christy Hemme and holds her hair tightly in his hand. He laughs and puts her into powerbomb position. NO! HE'S NOT GOING TO DO IT! THIS IS A WOMAN! Conway lifts her up high in the air, RAVEN! RAVEN HITS THE RING AND KNOCKS CONWAY TO THE GROUND! RAVEN'S BARRED FROM THE BUILDING, WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!? Raven stops Shelley's charge with an EVENFLOW DDT! Conway gets back up and he staggers into an Evenflow DDT of his own! Russo drags the limp body of Conway out of the ring, joining him with Shelley, who also rolled out immediately after the Evenflow. Russo is talking shit to Raven as they make their way up the ramp in defeat. Raven sending his own comments back to Russo. The Pulse disappears through the curtains and Raven goes to check on Christy Hemme and AJ Styles, but as soon as he turns around, SPEAR! EDGE HIT RAVEN, HIS OWN TAG TEAM PARTNER WITH THE SPEAR! Edge gets up and stands over Raven, holding the SGW World title up to a huge chorus of boos. Edge is staring down at Raven, not taking his eyes off him. Edge is yelling down at Raven, throwing every insult in the book his way. Raven holds his chest, coughing, trying to catch his breath after the spear. Edge speared his tag team partner at Fallout for no apparant reason! Why did Edge spear the number one contender, his very own tag team partner he'll team with at Fallout to take on The Pulse? Can these two co-exist in two weeks time at Fallout? ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-