[--We cut to another part of the backstage area where we suddenly see a close-up of someone's eyes... They're opened wide and as we pan out we see they're the eyes of..... RIC FLAIR!! He's extremely pissed off, he has a blood soaked bandage on his head, and he begins yelling into the camera....--]

Ric Flair:
Kurt Angle!! Kurt Angle!?! Who the hell do you think you are, pal!?! You hit me!? You hit the NAYYYYTCHAAAA BOOOY!?! You signed your death warrant, pal!! It's over, your SGW career is OVER!! WOOOO!!

The camera pans out a bit more and we see Flair is holding the SGW replica title belt...--]

Ric Flair:
You see this, Angle!?! This replica belt you gave me!! You say this is as close as I'll ever get? THIS?!?

Flair throws the belt down and stomps on it...The belt's gold plates shatter...--]

Ric Flair:
I dont need this damn thing, WOOOO!! I dont need it, Angle!! Because I'm gonna have the real thing soon enough, and to ensure that, I want you, Angle!! I want you on Shock next week!! Since Benoit and Austin are fightin' for the belt tonight, I want you for the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP on Shock next week!!! WOOOOO!! WOOOOOO!! KISS MY ASS, ANGLE!! YOU'RE MINE!!!!!

The camera pans back in on Flair's eyes as they intensify and we cut to the ring....--]



[--Edge and Nash start off the match.. Nash dominates with his usual power-offense but Edge keeps rallying back... Nash stays on him.. Nash sets him up for the Jacknife fairly early, but Edge slips out of it and tags in Christian, Christian takes it to Nash until Nash tags in Hall... Hall and Christian trade shots back and forth... Hall hits the sideslam and puts Christian to the mat, Christian rallies to make a hot tag but he can't quite reach it... Hall tags in Nash and Nash powers Christian all over the place, finally, Christian kicks Nash in the gut and hits a DDT out of nowhere! Christian dives and makes the hot tag! Edge charges in and begins throwing punches like a mad man, Christian hops off the apron and grabs a tag title from ringside... Edge whips Nash into the ropes and Christian hits Nash with the TITLE BELT!! Nash stumbles forward into the IMPALER!! Edge covers, Hall gets in the ring and Christian cuts him off mid-ring!! Edge has the pin..1...2......3!!!! E&C are the TWO TIME tag team champions!! They grab the belts and take off up the ramp celebrating...--]



[--We see Lance Storm making his way through the backstage area with a purpose... But as he rounds a corner, he's caught in the head with a devastating CHAIR SHOT!! Storm hits the ground and Johnny the Bull steps into the view of the camera, laughing to himself... Suddenly we hear a loud "WOO! YEAH BABY! YEAH!!" and Shane McMahon walks into view with the SGW Extreme Championship belt over his shoulder...--]

Shane McMahon: Hahaha... Like I said, Storm, I'm not Arn Anderson, I'm a McMAHON and you don't give me any crap!! Get me? I hope so, because you're precious Gimm--...Oops, I mean, Extreme Title is now the property of JOHNNY THE BULL!! And I'll tell you what, you son of a bitch, the only way the Gimmick title will EVER return is if you defeat the Extreme Champion one on one!!

Storm is barely concious as he listens to Shane's yelling.... Johnny keeps laughing as he takes the Extreme Title from Shane... Johnny gives the belt a spit-shine and straps it around his waist...--]

Johnny the Bull: Whatssamatta with you, boy? Don't got the cajones to step in the ring with a real king of extreme? Heh heh...

Shane laughs...--]

Shane McMahon: But since I'm a fair man, Storm, I'm giving you that chance on Shock next week, beat DA' BULL and become DA' GIMMICK CHAMPION!! Haha... But to be perfectly honest... I'll see you in hell before I see you with that belt...

Shane leaves the area... We fade out as Johnny walks away....--]



[--The Rock and Angle begin trading punches early on, and Angle takes the early advantage... Angle hits The Rock with a big right hand and throws him into the turnbuckle, Angle hits a superplex out of the corner and he begins working the Rock's knee... Angle whips him into the ropes again and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex, Angle goes right for the AnkleLock, but The Rock makes it to the ropes... The Rock gets back up and Angle runs right into a spinebuster!! The Rock begins taking over, but Angle stops the Rock's comeback with a stiff lowblow and the OLYMPIC SLAM!!!! Angle goes up top and goes for the MOONSAULT!! Someone pulls the Rock out of the way from the outside!!! RIC FLAIR!!!! RIC FLAIR MOVED THE ROCK!! Angle hits the mat hard, and The Rock goes for the cover, but it only gets two!! Angle gets back up, and the Rock hooks him for the Rock Bottom, but Angle turns it around and OLYMPIC SLAM!!! Angle covers...1.....2.........3!!! Angle wins, and Ric Flair charges into the ring, but Angle slides out and exits through the crowd quickly... Flair stands in the ring watching Angle leave with a very pissed off look on his face...--]


[--We see Chris Benoit making his way through the backstage area... He begins to walk past Steve Austin, but Austin clashes shoulders with him... Austin stops and gives Benoit an accusing look....--]

Steve Austin: Excuse me? Did you just bump into ME?!? I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! What? I said I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and I dont deserve to be treated like this!!

Chris Benoit: You're right, Steve... You don't deserve to be treated like this...

Steve Austin: What?

Chris Benoit: You got our match turned into a World Title match, correct? Then you deserve exactly what you're going to get tonight... I'm going to take great pleasure in tearing your arm out of the socket...

Benoit chuckles, and Austin just stares him down... Benoit continues laughing as he walks away leaving Austin alone in the hallway...--]



[--Flair comes down to the ring and waits on Jericho... But Jericho never arrives... The Golden-Tron flashes to life and we see Chris Jericho laying backstage clutching his ankle, we hear him yelling about 'that damn Angle' as he writhes in pain... Flair, mesmerized by the images on the Golden-Tron, doesnt see Angle enter the ring behind him with a chair!! Angle lays Flair out from behind, and Flair hits the mat, fresh blood begins collecting on Flair's bandage as Angle lays into him some more, Angle hits the ankle with the chair and turns Flair over.... ANKLE LOCK!!!! Flair yells in pain but he won't tap!! FLAIR WILL NOT TAP OUT!!!! Angle keeps yelling about snapping the ankle, but Flair won't tap out!!! Referees and EMTs flood the ring and pull Angle off of Flair... Flair struggles to get back to his feet, but his ankle is practically destroyed and he cant keep his balance!! Angle and Flair are dying to get at each other, but the crowd of officials are holding them back!! THIS IS WAR!!!!!--]


[--We cut backstage where we see a poker table from an above view... From the distance, we hear a voice... It's FAAROOQ...--]

Faarooq: Two pair..

Faarooq throws his hand down on the table..--]

Bradshaw: Haha! Full house! Gimme that money you ol' son of a bitch!

Faarooq: DAMN...

Bradshaw rakes over the money and begins counting it... Faarooq reaches for a beer that's on the table, but before he can get it, a hand from off camera grabs it and takes it away.... It's Billy Gunn..--]

Billy Gunn: Hello, kids... Just lettin' ya' know that DX is in town, and that all the old timers here in SGW.... Well, I guess you can just....

X-Pac and Road Dogg walk on camera and join in....--]

All of DX: SUCK IT!!!

X-Pac: Hahahaa... Gimme that damn beer, Bad Ass!

[--X-Pac pops the beer open, takes a big drink and then throws it in Faarooq's face!! Bradshaw and Faarooq both spring up and Billy Gunn and X-Pac take off, but Road Dogg isn't so lucky!! Faarooq grabs him, and executes the DOMINATOR through the POKER TABLE!!!!! The fans in the arena are roaring as Faarooq and Bradshaw stand over the Road Dogg... Faarooq wipes off some of the beer...--]

Bradshaw: Haha... Looks like you're all wet, Faarooq!

Faarooq: .....DAMN..

We cut away from the scene....--]

[--We cut backstage where we see Edge and Christian are celebrating their title win... Suddenly, they're ambushedy by Hall and Nash!! Hall grabs Christian and slams him into the wall!! Nash boots Edge in the mouth and he hits the floor with blood spraying out of his lip!! Nash and Hall pick up E&C's tag titles and begin laughing, but Nash takes a solid kick to the back of the head!! From who? Before that question can be answered by Hall or Nash, KANYON and TAJIRI charge onto the scene!! Tajiri lays Hall out with another stiff kick, and he and Kanyon begin working on Nash!! Nash fights off Tajiri, and Tajiri grabs a tag title and takes off out of the area leaving Kanyon!! Nash boots Kanyon and JACKNIFES HIM on the concrete!!! Nash grabs the other tag title and helps Hall to his feet.... Edge, Christian, and Kanyon lay unconcious as Nash and Hall leave... Tajiri has one tag title in his possession... Nash has the other tag title in HIS possession... Edge and Christian have neither.... What's up with this!?--]



[--Benoit and Austin begin laying some stiff shots into each other.. Austin begins dominating, but everytime he leads with his right hand, Benoit tries snapping him into the CrossFace, they're all futile attempts, but Benoit tries anyway... Austin hits Benoit in the mouth and drops him on his ass, Austin gets on him and begins laying shots into his face and chest... Benoit turns him over and begins laying shots into Austin's head... Benoit picks Austin up and tosses him into the turnbuckle, Benoit slams shots into Austin's chest, chops galore and Austin's chest is turning blood red after every shot!! Benoit whips him into the ropes and hits him with a high drop kick, Austin is having trouble fighting back because Benoit keeps hitting him with high impact maneuvers!! The World Title is on the line, and you can tell by the way these two are ripping into each other!! Benoit goes for a running clothesline, but Austin ducks it, kick to the gut, STUNNER!!!! Austin covers! 1...2..... Benoit kicks out!! Benoit gets back to his feet, and Austin kicks him in the gut again, he goes for the Stunner, but Benoit grabs Austin's arm and CROSSFACE!!!! Austin screams in pain and clamours for the ropes, but he can't reach!!!! Austin cant reach the damn ropes!! Austin begins desperately trying to scoot towards the ropes but it's not working!! Debra reaches into the ring and rakes Benoit's eyes, opening a cut below his eyebrow!! Benoit releases the hold!! Austin rolls around holding his neck and Benoit leans out of the ring to get Debra!! Benoit grabs her by the hair and begins lifting her off the ground!! Austin gets back to his feet and sees this, he turns Benoit around, STUNNER!!!! Austin covers again...1.......2..... Benoit got his foot on the ropes!! Austin begins getting frustrated... He picks Benoit up and throws him out of the ring.. Austin follows him out and takes the World Title belt away from the timekeeper's table!! Benoit stands up, he's groggy from the Stunner, and Austin LAYS HIM OUT with the title belt!!!! Austin rolls Benoit back in!! Austin covers..1.....2..... BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!! Austin begins yelling in frustration and he stands behind Benoit as he stands up, Benoit turns around..STUNNER!!!! Austin covers....1............2.......... 3!!!!!!! Dammit, Austin is the champion!! Austin is the damn champ!! Austin grabs the title and walks up the ramp celebrating as Benoit watches him from the ring... But Austin backs up the ramp into....SHANE McMAHON!!--]


[--Austin looks at Shane, and Shane seems to be shaking his head in disgust... Shane lifts his microphone and speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Congratulations, Steve... Or maybe I should congratulate Debra for raking Benoit's eyes... Or maybe.. I should congratulate the SGW title itself since it.... bashed in Benoit's skull... None the less, you are the new SGW World Champion, Austin, but I have an announcement... Next week on Shock, you're going to defend that title.... And you're going to defend it in a re-match against CHRIS BENOIT!!!

Austin's eyes go wide and he begins yelling "NO!! NO!!"... Benoit is smiling in the ring...--]

Shane McMahon: And you're going to do it in a STEEL CAGE!!!!

The fans erupt as Austin throws a fit on the ramp... We fade out as Shane smiles widely at Austin....--]