[--We see Johnny the Bull walking through the hallways before his match... He walks into his dressing room and prepares to get suited up for the bout, but in his chair is a small black duffel bag... The Bull doesn't know what to think, but he unzips it and looks inside... It's stacks and stacks of one hundred dollar bills, and a note.... The camera pans around and all we get to see of the note is.. "Do the right thing, come to our side...."... We can't see the rest of the note, but the Bull looks awfully confused.... We cut back to the ring...--]



[--Hall dominates with some power moves, and he puts Christian to the mat with a lot of stiff punches and kicks... Christian fights back and puts Hall down with some high flying maneuvers, and keeps him down for a two count after a flying head scissors!! Hall has a little trouble keeping up for a few moments as Christian picks him apart with a series of dropkicks and takedowns... Hall makes a comeback and drops Christian with a series of punches and kicks and puts him down hard with a powerbomb!! It only gets two, and moments later, Hall whips Christian into the ropes, Hall goes for a clothesline, Christian ducks it and hooks Hall from behind for the reverse DDT!! Hall's down, and Christian covers...1.....2..... CHRISTIAN PUT HIS FEET ON THE ROPES!! 3!!!! Christian has just screwed over Scott Hall!! Christian quickly leaves the area as fast as he can as Hall stands up VERY pissed off....--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Steve Austin talking to two men.. We can't see who they are, they're in the shadows, but Austin seems to be barking orders at them... All we can hear clearly are numerous "What?"s and "SHUT UP!"s... Austin continues talking to these two mystery men... The camera finally pans around to them, and we see that the two men are wearing luchadore masks, barring any chance that we might see who they are.... Austin shakes each ones hand and leaves with a sick smile on his face... The two men in masks begin talking among themselves as we cut to the ring....--]



[--The ladder is sitting on the ramp... Johnny brings weapons into the match quickly as he produces a baseball bat to use on Storm, but Storm uses a drop toe hold to bring Johnny to the mat!! Storm uses a barriage of classic wrestling holds to take the Bull apart and Johnny doesnt know what to do!! The Bull flounders around the ring as Storm kicks his ass with all kinds of wrestling holds!! Storm plants Johnny with a brainbuster and he gets up and looks over at the ladder... The fans roar as Storm goes out to get the ladder.. He slides it into the ring and Johnny gets back up, they begin having a little tug of war over the ladder that Johnny the Bull's strength wins for him!! But Storm superkicks the ladder in Johnny's face!! Suddenly, the fans begin booing as Shane McMahon begins walking down the ramp... Storm sets up the ladder and begins climbing it as Johnny lays unconcious.. Shane gets in the ring and before he can even do anything, Storm dropkicks him from the top of the ladder!!!!! The fans roar as Shane hits the mat and Storm turns him over..... MAPLE LEAF!!!!! Storm has Shane in the Maple Leaf!!!! Johnny wakes up and grabs the ladder, and he SMASHES STORM in the back of the head with it!!! The fans begin booing loudly as Shane staggers back to his feet.. "Set it up!! Grab that damn belt, baby!! Yeah!!", Johnny sets up the ladder and climbs, and... GRABS THE BELT!! Dammit, Johnny the Bull is STILL the champion!!! Shane leaves the ring and Johnny celebrates the win, but wait.... It's VAL VENIS!! In a suit and tie!! Val comes from behind and lays Johnny out with a blue thunder powerbomb!!!! The fans begin booing loudly as Val raises his hand in the air and the RTC music begins playing... Val leaves and we cut to the back....--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Michael Cole standing by with... RIC FLAIR!! The fans in the arena are cheering as Flair stares into the camera... Before Cole can even speak, Flair is ranting and raving....--]

Ric Flair: Michael!! WOOO!! BY GOD!! Cole!! Good to see ya', pal, but right now's not the time nor the WOOOO!! Place!! Kurt Angle!! Tonight's the night, bucko, and tonight I'm goin' to show ya' exactly why I AM the NAYTCHAAAAAA BOOOY!! And exactly why, Angle, I am goin' to be the next SGW World Heavyweight Champion!! TWO TIME!! WOOOO!! WORLD CHAMPION!!

[--Flair begins breathing heavily and Cole speaks....--]

Michael Cole: Yes, Mr. Flair, you ARE the former World Champion, but do you think your ankle is one hundred percent after the gruesome assault by Kurt Angle last week?

Ric Flair: One hundred percent!?! One HUNDRED percent!?! What does it matter, Cole!?! WOOO!! The Naaaytchaaaa Booooy would be here even if he was in a damn wheelchair, pal, and even then, I'd carry the damn match, because Kurt Angle may be talented, but he's no Ric Flair!! He'll never be Ric Flair, and tonight....

Michael Cole: Yes?

Ric Flair: Tonight, I'm going to kick...WOOOOO!! HIS ASS!!!!

[--Flair walks off camera and we cut to the ring....--]



[--E&C's other tag title is on the timekeeper table...Nash dominates with some stiff offense... Kanyon is having trouble fighting back because Nash is using a wide variety of high impact powermoves.. Nash lays him out with the big boot and Kanyon tries to get back up but Nash gets him by the hair... He sets Kanyon up for the Jacknife!! Kanyon clubs Nash in the face and Nash drops him!! Kanyon hits Nash in chest with a clothesline and Nash no-sells it and hits Kanyon with a big right! Kanyon whips Nash into the ropes and Kanyon charges at him, but Nash tosses Kanyon into the referee!! The ref is out, and Nash picks up Kanyon.... JACKNIFE!!!! Nash tries to wake the referee up, but he doesnt notice Edge and Christian getting in the ring with chairs!! CON-CHAIR-TO on Nash!!!! E&C high five and here comes Scott Hall!! Hall slides in and ducks a chair-swing from Christian but takes one from Edge!! Hall, Nash, and Kanyon are all laid out!! Edge and Christian take off through the crowd laughing!! Nash crawls over and throws an arm over Kanyon's body but here comes Tajiri!! Tajiri pulls Hall's body out of the ring, and he sets the dazed Nash up on his knees and it's the BUZZSAW KICK!!! Tajiri throws Kanyon on top of Nash and gets out of the ring!! The ref wakes up...1........2.........3!!!!!! Kanyon has defeated Kevin Nash!! Tajiri then laughs gleefully as he takes the other tag title from the timekeeper!! Tajiri then helps Kanyon to the back..--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Michael Cole standing by with Val Venis and the rest of the Right to Censor, Steven Richards and Ivory... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Val Venis? You just interfered in one of the most anticipated matches since SGW re-opened, and you interfered by attacking, of all people, Johnny the Bull!! Can you please inform me, and I'm sure, all of the fans who are wondering, exactly what you were thinking!?!

Val is breathing heavily, and he has a sick smile on his face as he speaks.....--]

Val Venis: You see, Michael Cole, the Right to Censor is about getting rid of everything that is immoral, everything that is wrong with the world... And most importantly, everything that is wrong with Solid Gold Wrestling....

Michael Cole: And that is?

Val Venis: Let me finish, Cole... There are many things wrong with Solid Gold Wrestling.. We've got a man who CHEATS to win as our World Champion, we have chair swinging tag team champions.... And we have a title belt that is based solely around.... EXTREME wrestling... And if there's one thing in SGW that the RTC is against.. It IS extreme wrestling....

Steven Richards: Right...

Ivory: Right....

Michael Cole: What do you plan on doing about it?!

Val Venis: Cole, I'm standing before you today to make a challenge for next week on Shock... To Johnny the Bull... And just to ensure that you accept the challenge... We'll make it a street fight, falls count anywhere, but there IS a catch!! Oh yes...

Steven Richards: Oh yes...

Val Venis: If I beat you, Johnny, your extreme behavior ENDS.... Forever...

Suddenly, Cole, Richards, and Ivory dive out of the way as JOHNNY THE BULL launches onto the scene with a kendo stick!! He smacks Venis in the head with it and begins plowing the shots into Venis's back and chest!! The Bull throws down the stick and begins stomping on him, but SGW security floods the area and drags him away as Venis tries to get up.... We cut to the ring...--]



[--Steiner beings dominating the hell out of the Undertaker in no-time... Taker has trouble fighting back and Steiner just tosses him all over the ring... Taker tries going for some powermoves, but Steiner fights back vicious and puts the Undertaker in the position for a jumping piledriver, but Undertaker flips Steiner over his back... Steiner no-sells and gets right back up!! He STEINER-LINES the Undertaker in the neck and turns him over.... STEINER RECLINER!!!!! The fans begin booing as Steiner pulls back on the hold and the Undertaker passes out from the pain rather than tap out.. The ref stops the match and Steiner throws the Taker out of the ring as he walks around pissed off....Steiner has won the match...--]


[--We see Edge and Christian backstage celebrating their respective matches... Christian is celebrating especially as he shines one half of the tag titles with his "E&C" t-shirt.. Edge suddenly snaps from the celebration and speaks....--]

Edge: Christian?... When we so totally kicked Kevin Nash's ass.... Did you happen to pick up a tag title on the way out?

Christian: Uh oh....

Edge suddenly becomes frantic...--]

Edge: DUDE!! Where's my title belt!!

Christian: DUDE!! I'm sorry, I forgot!!

Edge: DUDE!! How could you forget!?! That's the only reason we went out there!!

Christian: DUD---

Christian is cut off as their dressing room door opens up and Kanyon and Tajiri walk in...--]

Chris Kanyon: Hey hey, jabronies, missin' somethin'? Hahaha!!

Tajiri holds the belt close to his face as he begins squealing in Japanese jibberish...--]

Chris Kanyon: We were gonna play nice, boys, and give this thing back, but we figured 'what the hell', and decided to keep it, after all, it's gonna be ours legally soon enough!!

Christian: Excuse me? Is your name Tattoo? Are you seeing airplanes? Cause I so totally swear you're living on Fantasy Island!!

Tajiri begins laughing his ass off as Kanyon just looks around all confused... Suddenly, the door opens up again and Shane McMahon steps in, none of the others have any idea what he wants until he speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Boys, I've been watching this non-sense all night over the stolen belts, and if there's one thing I hate, it's situations like this... So, Tajiri, can I see your belt?

Tajiri hands him the tag title reluctantly...--]

Shane McMahon: Christian?

Christian hands Shane the other belt... Shane looks at the belts, seems to think things over a bit and then... Hands one belt to Edge.... and the other belt to... KANYON!?!?!--]

Shane McMahon: Say "hello" to the new tag team champions, Edge and Kanyon!! Now, here's a few rules, boys, you're defending the belts on Shock next week, but here's the catch, I know you dont like each other, so... If Kanyon costs Edge the match, or if Edge costs Kanyon the match, then you're both going to be suspended, get it? got it? Good.

Shane leaves the room and Kanyon has a big girlish grin on his face while looking at the belt....--]

Chris Kanyon: I'm a champion!! I'm a champion!! WHO BETTA' THAN KANYON!!

Tajiri and Kanyon leave... Edge is kind of weary of the situation... Christian looks very pissed off...--]

Christian: Why do YOU get to keep the damn belt?

Christian shoves past Edge and leaves the room, Edge looks baffled as we cut to the next match...--]



[--Flair and Angle begin ripping into each other with stiff punches and chops, and Angle gets the early advantage... Angle whips Flair into the ropes and hits a few hard hitting maneuvers... He drops Flair with a belly-to-belly suplex, and he eventually begins kicking Flair in the leg to keep him down, the fans boo Angle loudly as he tries to apply the ankle lock.. He almost hooks it at one point but Flair manages to kick away from it... Flair makes a brief come back and puts Angle down with some classic wrestling moves, and begins working Angle's knee in return!! Flair works it over with a few stiff kicks and it's no time before Angle is limping around the ring holding his knee... Flair keeps working it over, but Angle delivers a stiff kick to Flair's ankle and hits him with a solid vertical suplex!! Flair tries getting back up, but it looks like his ankle has finally given out under the pressure!! Angle stomps away at it and keeps yelling "WOOOO!!" as he does it... Angle picks Flair up and hits him with an atomic drop!! Angle celebrates and...puts Flair in the ANKLE LOCK!!!! Flair yells out in pain and tries reaching for the ropes but he's just too far away!! Flair wont tap out!! Flair keeps yelling but he can't reach and Angle keeps cinching up tighter on the hold!! The ref tries motioning to stop the match but Angle stands up and OLYMPIC SLAMS the referee!!! The fans boo loudly... Flair holds his ankle in pain, Angle is pissed as hell and he's stomping around the ring looking ready to snap... But wait a damn second!! From the crowd is CHRIS JERICHO!!!! Jericho, who Angle put out of action last week with the ankle lock!! Jericho slides into the ring and hits the FACEBUSTER!!!! He goes to the ropes and it's the LIONSAULT!!!! The fans are roaring as Jericho leaves... Flair staggers back to his feet and he locks in the FIGURE FOUR!!!! The ref barely wakes up and he sees Angle in the Figure Four with his shoulders down....The ref counts..1.........2......Angle throws the shoulder up!! Flair keeps wrenching the move on Angle's knee, and Angle begins trying to turn the move over!!! AND HE SUCCEEDS!! The move goes over and puts the pressure on Flair's ankle!!!! Flair begins yelling in pain and he tries to get to the ropes but it's not working!! The ref stops the damn match!! He stops the match before Flair's ankle is totally snapped and Kurt Angle has won this damn match!!--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Michael Cole standing by with Bret Hart... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Bret Hart, you were just pinned, cleanly I might add, by Taka Michinoku and right now, we don't exactly know what direction you're going to be going in the SGW... Can you try to enlighten us a bit?

Bret Hart: Yeah, I'll enlighten you a little bit, tonight's was a major turning point in my career.. Losing to Taka Michinoku? That may be the lowest point in my career, but I'll tell you what, Cole, something like that will never happen aga-----

[--Bret Hart is cut off suddenly as he's hit with the GORE!! GORE!!! GORE!!!! out of nowhere from RHYNO!!!!!! Hart hits the floor hard and Cole tries to run away but Rhyno grabs him by the arm and makes him hold the microphone for him....--]

Michael Cole: Rhyno!! What the hell are you doing!?!

Rhyno: Shut the fuck up, Cole!!! Let it be known that tonight, Rhyno's path of destruction BEGINS!!!!!

[--Rhyno shoves Cole out of the way and takes off....--]



[--Pinfall, submission, and escape rules....The cage lowers and Benoit and Austin begin brawling like mad men... Austin slams Benoit into the cage numerous times, and Benoit does the same to Austin.. The fans are going nuts everytime Benoit is on offense... Benoit whips Austin into the corner and Benoit hits him with a running lariat!! The fans are roaring as Benoit hooks Austin and hits him with SIX rolling German Suplexes!! Austin staggers back to his feet and hits Benoit with a stiff clothesline!! Benoit hits the mat hard and Austin stomps on him!! Austin keeps on stomping until Benoit kicks up and hits Austin in the groin!! Benoit gets back up and sends Austin crashing into the cage, BUSTING HIM OPEN!!!! Austin's head is gushing blood as Benoit rubs his face into the mat!! Austin gets back up and Benoit tries to hit him with a lariat but Austin ducks it... STUNNER!!!!! Benoit's down!! Austin covers..1........2.......... Benoit kicks out!! Benoit gets back up and Austin lays into him with a stiff kick to the gut, he goes for another Stunner, but Benoit grabs him around the waist and hits him with a German Suplex out of nowhere!! The fans erupt as Benoit rolls through and hits him with another!! And another!! He releases Austin, and Austin is barely able to stand!! Benoit runs at him, but Austin is able to hit the Thesz Press and punches!! Austin punches away, but Benoit rolls him over and begins striking him in the neck and head!! But as Benoit lays the shots into Austin, we see two men making their way down the ramp.... It's those two men in the Luchadore masks we saw Austin talking to earlier!! One of them has a pair of bolt cutters and he cuts the lock open!! The fans boo as the two masked men get in the ring!! Benoit is distracted, and Austin hits the STUNNER!!! One of the masked men leaves the cage, as he thinks the job is done, Austin covers...1.......2..... The other masked man, with the bolt cutters, PULLS AUSTIN OFF!!!! He rips off the Luchadore mask and it's BILLY GUNN!!!!! Benoit and Austin stand up, almost side by side, Gunn raises the bolt cutters over Austin's head.....and HITS BENOIT!!!!! The bolt cutters split open Benoit's head and blood splatters all over the ring!! The other masked man gets back in the ring, and just as he's about to unmask, here comes RIC FLAIR!!!! Flair limps into the ring and tosses the still masked man out of the ring!! He begins sending shots into Billy Gunn's body and slams him into the side of the cage really hard!! He throws Gunn out the door, and follows him out, Flair beats on the two masked men!! Benoit wakes up and sees Austin with his back turned!!! Benoit comes from behind and it's the German Suplex!!!! Austin is OUT!!! Benoit begins climbing the cage, it looks like he's going to win via escape but as Benoit gets to the top, he stops and looks down... The fans are buzzing with electricity!! BENOIT SWAN DIVES OFF THE TOP!!!!!!! He hits Austin!!!! Benoit has damn near killed himself!!!! He throws an arm over Austin... The ref counts...1.........2.......3!!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!! BENOIT HAS DONE IT!!!! Benoit leaves the cage and grabs the belt as Ric Flair congratulates him on the outside... Flair raises Benoit's hand in the air as Billy Gunn and the Still-Masked Man help the bloodied Austin to his feet...--]


[--The Golden-Tron suddenly flashes to life and the fans take notice... Flair is still congratulating the bloody Benoit on his title victory, and Austin is still splattering blood all over the ring with Billy Gunn and a masked man... What's Billy's connection to Austin anyway? Anyway, on the Golden-Tron we see none other than SGW's owner, Shane McMahon... He speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: Congratulations, Austin, you're officially the shortest reigning SGW World champion in history! Hahahaaa.. But let's not dwell on that, it seems that we just cant have a World Title match without interference out the wazoo... So, I figure I'll make a match tonight... A match for the World Title at the pay-per-view, No Remorse... Since Benoit is the champion, and Kurt Angle is the number one contender, that seems to be the logical choice, but let's look at a few other options here... Steve Austin just lost his title in a match with tons of interference, and technically, Ric Flair never even lost his match because he was not pinned and he didn't submit... So, let's see... Angle and Benoit for sure, but let's add one more person... Austin or Flair... Flair or Austin... I guess we'll just have to find out next week on SHOCK!! When Austin and Flair battle it out to see who the OFFICIAL NUMBER ONE CONTENDER IS!! The winner goes to the pay-per-view, no questions asked!! Haha... Oh, and congrats on the win, Chris.... Hahahaa...

[--Shane gives the camera a cocky smirk and the show ends as Benoit holds up the World Title belt with Flair applauding in the background....--]