[--We cut backstage where we see Michael Cole standing by with Booker T... Booker T. is staring in awe at his hand while shaking his head.... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Booker T., many people in SGW have awaited your arrival in the federation, but as it stands right now, you are not booked for the Total Destruction pay-per-view....

Booker T.: Michael Cole... Tell me... You did NOT... Just say dat...

Michael Cole: Uh...

Booker T.: Because ya' see, Cole, the Booka' Man isn't booked... But he damn well SHOULD BE, SUCKA!! Because da' Booka' Man is the damn best supa' star in SGW and....WAIT!! Not just the best damn supa'star.... The Book is a damn FRANCHISE of SGW!! SGW can't survive wit'out the Book!! And anotha' thing---

[--Booker T. is suddenly cut off when someone hits him from behind!!! Who is it!?!? Wait... That's.... THAT'S SHANE DOUGLAS!!!! It's the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion, SHANE DOUGLAS!!!! He's laying shots into Booker T. with a CHAIN!!! Douglas laughs maniacally as he busts Booker T. open with the chain!! Douglas grabs the microphone from Cole....--]

Shane Douglas: Hahahaaaa!! How do you like me now, S-G-W!!!!! Booker T.!!! You talk a lot of trash, but you are definitely not FRANCHISE MATERIAL!!! Because quite frankly, Booker T......YOU SUCK!!!!!!! And since you've got nothing better to do than BITCH and MOAN about not being booked for TOTAL DESTRUCTION... Then I'll help you out.. Me and you, Booker T., at the pay-per-view!!!! CHAIN ON A POLE.....Booker T..... SGW..... PREPARE TO BE FRANCHIIIIIISED!!!!! Hahahahaaaaaa!!!!

[--Douglas laughs into the camera as we cut to the ring....--]

Steve Corino vs. The Hurricane

STIPULATIONS: Winner goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Elimination Match for the United States Championship/Loser goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Match for the Television Championship

[--The Hurricane makes quick work of Corino with an insane flurry of fast paced offense!! The Hurricane drops Corino with a stiff punch, and goes up top with the CAPE!! The Hurricane takes flight!! He hits Corino with a flying cross body and picks him up for the...EYE OF THE HURRICANE!!! The Hurricane covers..1.....2......3!!!! The Hurricane has advanced!! Hurricane and Molly celebrate all the way up the ramp...--]

WINNER: The Hurricane via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Edge walking down a hall way looking for Christian...--]

Edge: Christian? Christian, where the heck are you?!

[--Edge walks by a dressing room door that has no name on it, but he hears someone inside, so he knocks... No one answers... He knocks again, and once again, no one answers... The noises from inside get a bit louder and Edge opens the door.....--]

Edge: Christian?

[--But as Edge looks in, what he sees is what no man should be forced to see... He sees Kanyon in his underwear, being spanked with his half of the tag titles by two hookers!!!! Kanyon really seems to be enjoying himself...--]

Kanyon: Yeah, baby!! WHO BETTA'!?!?! WHO BETTA' THAN KANYON!?! Spank the champion, baby!! Yeah!!

[--Edge just slowly backs out of the room before anyone notices him, and shuts the door....--]

[--We cut to a place backstage where we see Christian and TAJIRI having a few drinks...--]

Christian: And he's like... So totally jealous of me, and he never gives me any credit...

Tajiri: Haro... Satikoh ulo chag a tak....

Christian: Right on, man, and look how he just left me in the dust! Same way Kanyon just left you to get trampled on like a total chumpstain...

Tajiri: Chompstang...Kanyon... CHOMPSTANG KANYON!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

Christian: Hahaha!! Correct-a-mundo!!

[--Christian raises his hand to high five Tajiri but Tajiri just recoils and squeals like a pig...--]

Christian: Anyway.. Thanks for listening, Tajiri-dude, I've got to go find my reekazoid brother now...

Tajiri: Bah bah, Christiaaaan!!

[--Christian walks off camera as we cut to the next match....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Taka Michinoku

STIPULATIONS: Winner goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Elimination Match for the United States Championship/Loser goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Match for the Television Championship

[--Chavo and Taka begin putting on one hell of a match with all kinds of various luchadore-esque maneuvers!! Taka takes the advantage a few moments in when he hits a low-blow and almost scores the pin after a quick Michinoku Driver!! Chavo makes a comeback and begins planting Taka with several light power moves, and he puts Taka on the top rope for a HURRICANRANA!! The fans are roaring as Chavo celebrates the move... Taka gets up and ducks a drop kick from Chavo, but doesnt duck a massive sidekick!! It only gets two, and Chavo continues laying in the offense!! Taka finally breaks the streak of Chavo offense with a dropkick to the knees, and he begins trying to wear Chavo down!! Chavo keeps fighting back, and eventually manages to get back to his feet, Taka whips Chavo to the ropes, and Taka goes for the move that NEVER works, he bends over to do a flip, and Chavo catches him with the TORNADO DDT!!!!! Chavo covers..1....2.....3!!!! Chavo advances!!--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. via Pinfall

[--We see Scott Steiner and Midajah walking through the hallways... But they're suddenly but off by The Hurri----....By "Mild Mannered" Gregory Helms!! He has a small note book and a pencil....--]

"Mild Mannered" Gregory Helms: Excuse me, Scott Steiner, but you have advanced to the United States title match at.... Total Destruction.. What are you thoughts on the match, how do you feel about competing against Chavo Guerrero, Sting, and most importantly, my close personal friend.... The Hurricane?

Scott Steiner: Is this some kind of fuckin' joke?

"Mild Mannered" Gregory Helms: I'm not sure I know what you mean, Mr. Steiner... Could I please get an answer?

Scott Steiner: Fine.. Make sure you write this down real nice and clear.. Copy this down word for word.. You ready?

"Mild Mannered" Gregory Helms: Yes, I am...

[--Steiner grabs Helms around the waist and belly-to-belly suplexes him on the concrete!!!! Steiner laughs as Helms doesnt move at all on the ground... Steiner walks away with Midajah... After a few seconds, Helms lifts his head in Steiner's direction...--]

"Mild Mannered" Gregory Helms: What IS.....Up with dat?

[--His head drops back down and we cut to the next match....--]

Edge & Kanyon vs. Taz & Test


[--Edge and Test start things off and Test dominates with lots of power moves, Test slams Edge into the turnbuckle a few times before Edge can tag out to Kanyon... Once Kanyon's inside, he gets in a little offense, but Test is still the dominant wrestler... Kanyon tags Ege back in and they double team Test for a bit, and Test has finally had enough... He goes to tag in Taz but.... Taz hops off the apron!! Taz flips off Test and yells out "FUCK YOOOOU!!"... Taz walks out on Test!!...Test is suddenly turned around by Kanyon, and he and Edge each grab an arm of Test's and hit the FLATLINER and DOWNWARD SPIRAL at the same damn time!! Edge covers...1.....2..... Kanyon pulls him off!! Kanyon covers!! Edge pulls HIM off!! Test wakes up as Edge and Kanyon have a shoving match, and TEST BIG BOOTS THE SHIT OUT OF KANYON!! Wait!! Christian slides into the ring with a ring bell!! Tajiri runs in and... KICKS EDGE IN THE FACE!! The ref calls for the bell, Test leaves the ring, and Christian plasters Tajiri with the ring bell!! Kanyon's back up and he hits a mafia kick into Christian's chest, putting him to the mat hard!! And Kanyon turns around only to see Shane McMahon getting in the ring!!--]

Edge & Kanyon via Disqualification

[--McMahon grabs a microphone.... Tajiri, Edge, and Christian have all staggered up to their feet now, and Shane talks....--]

Shane McMahon: You guys just can't get along can you? Well, I tried... I really really tried to make this work... But it seems you guys just can't put your differences aside for one....damn...match... So guess what, none of you are the tag champions anymore....

[--Kanyon suddenly comes close to bursting into tears and Edge just gets this "I can't believe this shit" look on his face.... Christian and Tajiri high five behind Kanyon and Edge's backs...--]

Shane McMahon: So, I'll tell ya' what.. No champions, so at the pay-per-view... At Total Destruction, we'll have.... A LADDER MATCH!!!! Kanyon and Tajiri vs. Edge and Christian, and whoever gets those damn belts, gets to be the undisputed tag team champions!!! Now, time keeper, give me those belts!!

[--The time keeper gives Shane the tag titles and Shane leaves the ring with them.... Edge and Christian leave the ring, as do Tajiri and Kanyon.....--]

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho


[--Angle starts off going for Jericho's ankle, but Jericho does a pretty good job of protecting himself... Jericho and Angle trade punches to get going and Jericho takes the advantage!! Jericho puts the boots an punches to Angle's abdomen and chest, Angle fires back with a few wrestling maneuvers and finally hits the shot he wanted, he delivers a stiff downward stomp onto Jericho's ankle!! Jericho hits the mat, but his ankle has healed since last week, and he isn't hurt too bad... Angle tries going for the ankle lock, but Jericho gets in the ropes!! Angle stands up, and Jericho is quickly up after him, Jericho and Angle begin trading some more punches, and Jericho puts Angle down with the facebuster!!! Jericho goes to the ropes, and it's the LIONSAULT!! But Angle got the knees up!!! Jericho holds his ribs, and Angle begins laying in the kicks to Jericho's back and chest!! Angle's like a shark who smells blood going after Jericho's ribs!! Angle grabs Jericho's arm and slaps on a Rings of Saturn type maneuver, and Jericho has nowhere to go!!! Jericho yells in pain, but he wont give up!! Angle finally gets tired of this and lets Jericho go... Angle stomps Jericho again, and Jericho slowly gets back to his feet... Angle takes a running charge at him, and Jericho drop toe holds him onto the bottom turnbuckle!! Jericho yanks Angle out of the corner and it's the LIONTAMER!!!! Angle yells in pain, and grabs the bottom rope!! Jericho releases the hold, and Angle gets away from the ropes, he stands up and Jericho grabs him and takes him down and tries to put him in the LionTamer again!! But as Jericho bends over to cinch the hold, Angle grabs him by the hair and rolls him up!! 1..2....3!!!!! Angle was holding the damn tights!!!! Angle rolls out of the ring celebrating as Jericho fumes in the ring....--]

WINNER: Kurt Angle via Pinfall

[--After Flair and Angle are out of the ring, Bret Hart's music hits and he walks down to the ring in his street clothes with a microphone.... He gets in the ring and begins talking....--]

Bret Hart: Ever since I got here, I've got nothing but disrespect... So to prove to all of SGW's fans just who IS the best there is...Was....and ever will be... I'm going to make an open challenge to anyone who wants to face me at TOTAL DESTRUCTION!! Come on, I'll take anyone just to prove who is the best!!

[--Hart waits.... The fans grow a bit impatient, but suddenly..... The ramp EXPLODES with pyro and.... IT'S KANE!!!! KANE IS HERE!!!! Kane walks down to the ring and gets inside... Hart lands several punches into Kane's chest, and Kane grabs Hart by the throat and CHOKESLAMS HIM TO HELL!!!!!!! Kane stands over Hart and makes the flames explode out of the turnbuckles!!! It's KANE AND HART AT TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!!! Kane leaves the ring and we cut to the backstage area.....--]

[--We see Rhyno walking around backstage... He looks like he's looking for someone because he's hunched over and looking in every direction like he's really paranoid for some reason.... Suddenly, Rhyno lunges and GORES someone!!!!! Good God, it's Jeff Hardy!!! Rhyno lands some hard punches into Jeff head and Lita runs onto the scene to pull Rhyno off, but Rhyno shoves her away hard and GORES HER TOO!!!!!!!! Rhyno yells in anger and walks off camera as EMTs rush to help Jeff and Lita....--]

Ric Flair vs. Steve Austin

STIPULATIONS: #1 Contendership to the SGW World Heavyweight Title

[--Austin begins attacking Flair with lefts and rights, and Flair cant even get his hands up to block the shots... Austin keeps firing them in, and Flair keeps taking then until Flair lifts a knee into Austin's groin and hits him in the chest with a hard chop!! "WOOOO!!" Flair yells as he slams another hard chop into Austin's chest!! Austin and Flair trade punches and chops, and Austin sucker punches Flair in the face!! Austin whips Flair to the ropes and hits the Thesz Press!! The fans erupt in boos as Austin lays in the punches, but Flair turns him over and begins laying in punches of his own!! The fans erupt as Flair takes it to Austin!! Flair stands up and lets out another loud "WOOO!!", he struts, but it costs him as Austin lays him out with a stiff clothesline!! Austin and Flair do a little classic mat wrestling and Austin gets back on his feet!! Flair's back up quickly, and Austin kicks him in the gut... STUN---No, Flair shoves him away!! Austin bounches off the ropes and Flair gives him a hard elbow to the forehead!! Austin begins bleeding and Flair chops him again!! Austin throws a wild punch and hits Flair in the nose, drawing blood, and Austin hits the STUNNER!!!!! Austin wipes the blood out of his eyes and goes for the cover...1.....2...... Flair gets his foot on the rope!! Austin can't believe it, and he gets back up, Flair follows him to his feet, and Austin kicks him in the gut but Flair catches the foot and trips Austin!! Flair hooks the FIGURE FOUR!!!! Austin gets in the ropes quickly as Flair is forced to release the hold... Austin gets up, and Flair begins hitting him with all kinds of punches and kicks, and Austin retaliates with a stiff shot to the chest!! Austin goes for the STUNNER but Flair shoves him hard into the turnbuckle!! Shaggy 2 Dope jumps out over the ramp and sprays paint in Austin's eyes!!!!! Austin flies out backwards and Flair rolls him up from behind!!! 1...2....3!!!!! Ric Flair has won the match!!! Flair gets out of the ring quickly as Austin sits in the ring in disbelief...Flair is going to the pay-per-view for the World Title!! Austin throws a fit in the ring and tries to get the ref to reverse the decision.....--]

WINNER: Ric Flair via Pinfall

[--Austin finally leaves the ring, and as he walks to the back, we hear "HERE COMES THE MONEY" hit again, and Shane McMahon walks out onto the ramp.... He has a microphone and the TELEVISION TITLE in his hand... He stops on the ramp as the boos die down and he begins speaking...--]

Shane McMahon: Tonight, in our little mini-tournament I had planned to crown the United States and Television champions, we've had a strong series of injuries for our Television Title competitors... It seems the Hurricane gave Steve Corino a small neck injury that will keep him out of the ppv... Sting has put Lance Storm out of action, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. took Taka Michinoku right out of action.. That leaves only one man who, thanks to the ICP, survived the onslaught of Big Poppa Pump..... So, Raven.... Join me out here, if you please...

[--Raven's music hits and he makes his way onto the ramp....He seems a bit confused why Shane would want him out here....--]

Shane McMahon: Congratulation, Raven, due to the injuries of your opponents, you are SGW's NEW Television Champion....

[--Shane hands Raven the belt....Raven just looks at it....--]

Shane McMahon: But now we need you an opponent for Total Destruction so that you can defend that title.... Let me think....

[--"WALK" By Pantera hits and Rob Van Dam walks out onto the ramp...--]

Shane McMahon: Well, Mr. Pay-Per-View himself is here... Looks like we've found your opponent, Rave, now how about you two shake hands to seal the deal...

[--RVD smiles and extends his hand... Raven hesistantly accepts and then..... EVENFLOW RVD ON THE RAMP!!! Raven stands up with the belt and a sick smile on his face as he walks to the back... Shane follows soon after...--]

Chris Benoit vs. Billy Gunn


[--Benoit and Gunn throw some stiff punches to start off, and Benoit dominates quickly, he puts Gunn down with a solid kick to the ribs and begins planting even more solid kicks into Gunn's upper body!! Benoit begins yanking on Gunn's arm and weakening it... Gunn gets back up, and hits Benoit with a straight eye gouge!! Gunn hooks Benoit for the One and Only, but Benoit kicks backwards and hits Gunn in the crotch!! Benoit plants the, now bent over, Billy Gunn with a stiff DDT and he tries hooking the Crossface early, but Gunn gets in the ropes... Gunn and Benoit trade a few more shots, and Gunn goes low with a shot to the crotch on Benoit!! Gunn goes for the FameAsser but Benoit ducks out of the way and slaps Benoit into the CROSSFACE!!!! He begins tearing at Gunn's face and arm with the move and Gunn is reaching for the ropes!! Gunn finally gets a few fingers on the bottom rope and the ref makes Benoit break the hold!! Gunn gets back to his feet and Benot gives him a stiff chop to the chest!! Benoit and Gunn trade punches and chops, and Benoit grabs Gunn from behind for the German Suplex but wait!!! Here comes Kurt Angle!!!! Angle slides into the ring with a chair and he slams it into Benoit's back!! Benoit hits the mat hard and the ref calls for the bell!! Angle hits Gunn with the chair too!! Billy Gunn slides out of the ring and heads to the back as Angle slams the chair into Benoit's ankle!! Angle then turns him over and slaps on the ANKLE LOCK!!! The fans in the arena are booing loudly as Benoit wrenches the ankle for all he's worth, but.... Here comes Ric Flair!!!!! Flair slides into the ring and Angle makes a break for it!! Angle stands outside the ring and yells at Flair.. Flair helps Benoit to his feet... Angle exits to the back and Flair asks Benoit if he's ok, but Benoit just smiles and... SNAPS FLAIR INTO THE CROSSFACE!!!! Benoit begins ripping back on it as EMTs and Security charge down!!! We see them trying to pull Benoit off of Flair as we fade out and gear up for TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!!!--]

No Contest