[--A video montage rolls showing what's been happening in SGW for the last few weeks and ends by recapping the Benoit and Flair encounters... As the video finishes up and fades out, we fade to a view of the parking lot outside of the arena that Total Destruction is being held in.....A nice big limo pulls up and the anticipation builds as to who could be inside.... That question is quickly answered as the door swings open and Ric Flair steps out with a woman on each arm.... But before he can even get out his first "WOOOO!!", Arn Anderson has approached him.... Flair looks a bit concerned and speaks...--]

Ric Flair: What's the problem, Double A?

Arn Anderson: Ric, I'm not sure, but I think Shane may have somethin' planned for the main event tonight... Now, like I said, I'm not sure, but I'm just lettin' you know just in case... Cause I know he has it in for me, and I know he has it in for you...

Ric Flair: Double A, who's the former champion around here?

Arn Anderson: You are....

Ric Flair: Double A, who's the man you gotta beat?

Arn Anderson: You.

Ric Flair: Double A, who delivers TEN TIMES OUTTA...WOOOOOO!! TEN!?!

Arn Anderson: You do.

Ric Flair: Then you got nothin' to worry about, Double A, I got Shane in the palm of my hands 'cause tonight the NAYTCHA BOY IS GOIN' TWO TIMES!!! TWO TIMES!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! And afterwards there's gonna be a party, Double A!! And there's gonna be women! Twenty, thirty, a HUNDRED!! WOOOOO!! Chris Benoit's ass....IS GRASS!! And Shane McMahon's too!! WOOOOO!!!

[--Flair struts on inside the building and leaves Arn standing there.... Arn runs his hand through his hair and looks very nervous about something....--]

Shawn Michaels vs. D-Von Dudley
The Rock
vs. Justin Credible


[--The match starts off very fast paced and the Rock begins running through D-Von Dudley in no-time!! Justin Credible and HBK go at it in another corner!! The Rock whips D-Von to the ropes and D-Von goes for a clothesline, but Rock ducks it and it's the ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! Rock covers.1...2...3!!!!! D-Von is eliminated!! The Rock runs over and clotheslines Justin Credible out of the ring and HBK tries to hit the SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! But Rock ducks it and hits Michaels with the SPINEBUSTER!!!!! Rock throws the elbow pad into the crowd and goes from rope to rope... PEOPLE'S ELBOW!!!! Rock covers.1...2...3!!!! HBK is GONE!!! Credible slides back into the ring and Credible and Rock begin trading punches!! Credible picks Rock up for THAT'S INCREDIBLE, but Rock slips out of it from behind, and when Credible turns around, he's hit with the ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! Rock covers..1...2.....3!!!!! THE ROCK HAS JUST CLEANED HOUSE!!!!--]

WINNER: The Rock via Pinfall

[--We cut to the parking lot area again where we see another limousine pulling up.... It stops and the door opens... Chris Benoit steps out with the World Title belt slung over his shoulder... He helps someone out of the back of the limo and it's STU HART!! Chris Benoit has his trainer with him!! Benoit assists Stu across the parking lot where they are suddenly met by Michael Cole... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Welcome to SGW, Stu... Chris Benoit, tonight you're stepping in the ring wit--

Chris Benoit: SHUT IT, COLE!! I'm not here to jaw with you over my match... I know what my match is and tonight I'm going to rip Ric Flair into little....tiny...pieces.... And my trainer, Stu Hart is going to be in the crowd watching me do it... Do you know how great it is going to be for him to see his student dismantle the so-called "Greatest Wrester Ever"? It's going to be great!! Now, get out of my damn face....

[--Benoit and Stu Hart walk past Cole and inside the building....--]

Steve Austin vs. Dean Malenko


[--Austin and Malenko brawl for a bit and Malenko takes him down with some quick leg maneuvers... Austin makes a few comebacks and drops Malenko with a barriage of punches, but Malenko makes a few quick movements and almost locks Austin in the CloverLeaf!!! Austin struggles and gets to the ropes quickly, and Malenko breaks the hold... Malenko and Austin trade some more punches and kicks and Austin backs Malenko into the corner, Austin begins sending punches into Malenko's skull, but Malenko hits Austin hard with a drop toe hold out of nowhere!! It causes Austin's face to bounce on the top turnbuckle and Malenko rolls Austin up from the move....Malenko's holding tights!!!! 1..2...Austin kicked out!!! Austin gets up and Malenko runs at him for a clothesline, but Austin ducks it, Malenko turns around, kick to the gut...STUNNER!!!!!! Austin covers..1....2....3!!!!! Austin has won the match!!!--]

WINNER: Steve Austin via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Tajiri and Torrie making out.... They're reaaaaally going at it, tongues and everything, when we see Billy Kidman walk up.. He just stares at them, smiling... Torrie finally takes notice and manages to pry Tajiri's tongue out of her mouth long enough to ask....--]

Torrie Wilson: Billy! Like, um, what are YOU doing here?

Tajiri: Malo sakarata motooooo jong!

Billy Kidman: What do you think I'm doing here? I'm watching this wannabe martial artist Tajiri make out with my ex-girlfriend.... But instead of just sitting here and watching you two make out, I thought I'd make a little challenge to your "man"... What do you say, Tajiri? Love Her or Leave Her Match.... If I win, she's mine... If you win, she stays yours....You can give me your answer later, anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't get upset over this because quite frankly, he can have MY sloppy seconds if he wants....

Torrie Wilson: Billy!!! That's like the most disgusting thing I've ever heard!!


[--The first kick puts Billy on the floor and Tajiri follows up with another hard jab to the chest... Billy lays on the floor trying to catch his breath.. Tajiri gets in his face...--]


[--Tajiri storms off down the hall.... Torrie now gets up in Billy's face...--]

Torrie Wilson: Yeah! Like, he'll see you on Shock!!

[--Torrie kicks Billy in the ribs and storms off after Tajiri... We cut to the ring...--]

Jeff Hardy vs. Rhyno


[--Rhyno begins by tossing Jeff all over the ring and he hits the GORE almost one minute in!!!! Rhyno goes outside the ring and throws a table in... He grabs two more and tosses them in too!! Rhyno slides back in and he sets up one table in the middle of the ring, and the other two in different corners.... Jeff gets up and jumps on Rhyno's back and Rhyno almost falls through one of the tables, but he manages to flip Hardy off of his back, narrowly missing the table in the middle of the ring!! Rhyno picks Hardy up and kicks him in the gut, Rhyno's going for a powerbomb!!!! But wait, here comes Lita!!! She gets on the top rope and jumps off onto Rhyno's shoulders for the LITA-CANRANNA!!! But Rhyno caught her!!!! RHYNO POWERBOMBS LITA THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! The fans erupt in boos, but as Rhyno stands over Lita's body, Jeff hits him with a low-blow!! Rhyno bends over and Jeff gets a good running start and SLAMS RHYNO'S FACE into a table set up in the corner!!! The table cracks, but doesnt break, and Rhyno is still laying against it, and Jeff goes running and it's the POETRY IN MOTION!!!!!! BUT RHYNO MOVES!!!! HARDY GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Rhyno has won the match!!!--]

WINNER: Rhyno via Broken Table

[--We cut backstage where we see Dean Malenko relaxing in a big chair in his dressing room... April Hunter is comforting him with a massage after his stunning loss to Steve Austin.... Suddenly, there is a knock on the door... Malenko and April walk to the door and open it up.... Standing there is... THE HURRICANE and MIGHTY MOLLY... The Hurricane looks Malenko up and down and then speaks....--]

The Hurricane: Well, well.... What do we have here, Mighty Molly?

Mighty Molly: Holy freezer burn, Hurricane, it's the Ice Man!

The Hurricane: Ice Man, eh? Let's see your powers! Turn Molly into an ice cube!

Dean Malenko: What...the HELL...are you talking about?

The Hurricane: Oh, I see, he's trying to fool us into buying his secret identity.. Isn't that right Mr... Malenko, if that IS your real name? WHASSUPWITDAT!?!

Dean Malenko: *sigh* Listen, kids.... Just turn around and walk away because, much like a paper bag, you won't be able to wrestle your way out of this....

The Hurricane: Oh, is that right, Mr. Malenko, if that IS your real name, are you fighting for the good of SGW..... Or the EVIL!?!

Dean Malenko: What's your damage, kid? Listen, if you want to fight, then dive on in and pull the rip-cord, because I'm tired of playing your damn game!!!

[--Before the Hurricane can respond, April Hunter delivers a stiff kick to the Hurricane and POWERBOMBS HIM!!!!! Molly pulls back and punches April in the chest, but it doesn't seem to phase her and she CHOKESLAMS Molly through the door!!!! Hurricane tries to crawl away and Molly just lays still... Malenko just looks on in awe as April observes her handy work... Malenko looks April's body up and down...He chuckles and speaks...--]

Dean Malenko: I always knew there was a reason I kept you around... Heh heh...

[--April shuts what's the left of the door and we cut back to the ring....--]

Bret Hart vs. Kane


[--They tie up and almost 20 seconds into the match, Kane lays out Bret Hart with a massive CHOKESLAM!!!! But wait!!!! It's RHYNO!!!!! Rhyno charges in and GORES KANE!!!!! Kane is down!! Bret staggers back to his feet and Rhyno GORES BRET HART!!!!! The fans boo as Rhyno leaves screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs....--]

WINNER: No Contest

[--We cut backstage where we see The Phenom...The Undertaker brooding backstage in the darkness... He looks up at the ceiling and rolls his eyes, but we hear someone call to him from the darkness....--]

Jeff Jarrett: Hey, Taker!! Heads up, SLAPNUTS!!

[--Taker turns around just in time to receive a devastating guitar shot to the head!!!! Taker staggers backwards against the wall and slumps against it unconcious.... Jarrett laughs, but then we hear ANOTHER voice from the darkness.....--]

Sting: Heeeeeeey, Jeffrey!

Jeff Jarrett: What the hell?

[--Sting suddenly splinters his baseball bat over Jarrett's head and leaves him laying totally motionless.... Sting laughs as he looks at what's left of his bat...We cut to the ring as Sting walks back into the darkness with a BIG smile on his face....--]

Booker T. vs. Shane Douglas


[--Booker T. and Douglas brawl for a bit and the match begins getting very fast paced as Booker T. takes control and dominates the former SGW World Champion.... Booker whips him to the ropes alot and hits him with a few high flying maneuvers before planting him down with the BOOKEND!!!! Douglas rolls around in pain as Booker climbs the pole and grabs the chain!!! Douglas stumbles back to his feet and Booker T. throws a punch, but Douglas ducks it and hits Booker with the FRANCHISER!!!!! Douglas grabs the chain and begins pounding Booker in the forehead with it, and Booker T. is busted open, Douglas covers...1...2..... Booker T. kicks out!!! Booker gets back up and Douglas runs at him with the chain, but Booker hits him with a HARLEM SIDEKICK!!!! Douglas doubles over and Booker T. hits the AXEKICK!!!!! He grabs the chain, and Douglas gets back to his feet, and Booker T. lays him out with the chain!!!!! Douglas hits the mat hard, and Booker T. hits one knee staring at his hand..... SPINAROONIE!!! SPINAROONIE!!! SPINAROONIE!!!! Douglas gets back up and runs at Booker T. for a clothesline but Booker ducks it... BOOKEND!!!!! He covers...1......2.....3!!!!!! BOOKER T. HAS DEFEATED THE FORMER WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!! Booker rolls out of the ring and celebrates as Douglas lays in the ring unconcious...--]

WINNER: Booker T. via Pinfall

[--We see Test making his way through the backstage area... He seems to be minding his own business when he suddenly hears someone let out a yell of rage... Test turns just in time to see it coming!!! He moves out of the way and narrowly dodges the GORE!!!!!!!! Rhyno turns as he misses and is hit with the BIG BOOT BY TEST!!!! Test begins laying shots into Rhyno's skull and Rhyno turns him over and begins laying in the shots of his own, they both manage to get back to a standing position and Rhyno lowblows Test!! He shoves Test about five feet away from him and hits a weak GORE!!!!! It's enough to floor Test and Rhyno is on him again in no time!!!! Test shoves him off, and finally SGW security pours into the area.... They manage to pull Rhyno off of Test and we can finally hear what Rhyno is screaming at Test...--]


[--Looks like another random attack by Rhyno since Test has nothing to do with the Extreme Title....Rhyno and Test are separated finally and we cut to the ring....--]

Sid Vicious vs. Rob Van Dam


[--RVD and Sid begin trading punches and Sid takes the early advantage with a very quick, powerful chokeslam!!! It only gets two, but it leaves RVD weakened very badly.... RVD fights back with a lot of punches and kicks, but Sid seems unphased by the shots!! Sid throws RVD into the corner and begins laying in some hard chops and kicks, but RVD fights back and lays out Sid with a hard kick to the mouth!! Sid hits the mat and gets back up, but only to get hit with a drop kick from RVD!!! RVD lays in some stomps and Sid gets back to his feet... Sid throws RVD out of the ring!! Sid follows him outside and whips him into the announce table!!! RVD grabs the timekeeper's bell and shoves Sid away!! He throws the bell to Sid and it's the VAN DAMINATOR!!!!!! RVD throws Sid back in the ring, and Sid isn't moving!! RVD goes up top..... FIVE STAR FROGSPLASH!!!!!! RVD covers....1....2.....3!!!!!!!! RVD is the champion!!!!! Sid rolls out of the ring and staggers up the ramp with blood all over his face, he just keeps blinking like a psycho... RVD celebrates with the belt as the fans roar....--]

WINNER: Rob Van Dam via Pinfall

[--After RVD and Sid are both away from the area the fans go quiet.... Suddenly, we hear... "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEEY....here we go...money talks.... HERE COMES THE MONEY!"... The fans erupt in boos as Shane McMahon walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand... He walks on down to the ring and gets inside... The fans are booing incredibly loud... Shane raises the microphone and speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Welcome, everyone.... to TOTAL DESTRUCTION!! And so far, I'd say it has more than lived up to it's name... I mean, look, we have a new Television Champion in Rob Van Dam... We've had a vicious chain on a pole match, and later tonight we've got the Extreme Championship being decided inside the massive.... TRIPLE CAGE!!!! But I'm not out here to hype the matches, if you're here, or if you're watching at home on Pay-Per-View, you already know what you're in store for.... What I'm out here to do is... Express my displeasure in tonight's main event....

[--Shane paces around a bit as the fans boo....--]

Shane McMahon: Ric Flair....vs. Chris Benoit.... These two men may very well be two of SGW's top stars, but in my eyes... That is pathetic!! Everytime before, when I was in charge of SGW, when Arn Anderson was injured, SGW had a REAL champion.... SGW had the Rock and Ric Flair was nowhere to be seen!! And do you want to know why Ric Flair is headlining this pay-per-view!?! Because of that SON OF A BITCH, Arn Anderson!! Now, I know Anderson didn't put Flair there... Because Anderson has no more stroke, he's no longer a stock holder in SGW... What I mean is, Arn Anderson is trying to take SGW back from me... And he's no doubt promised Flair the world if he can get it for him...And that just makes Flair fight harder, it makes him WANT that damn belt.... Anderon's god forsaken influence is pushing Flair to the top, and I'm sick of it!!

[--Shane puts his head down and slowly raises it back up.. He speaks again....--]

Shane McMahon: But I tell you what.... Although I hate both of them, I'd rather have Chris Benoit at the top rather than Ric Flair... So I promise you ALL.... I promise you ALL or I'll go into my damn GRAVE, that you will NEVER.... EVER.... See Ric Flair with the World Title in SGW AGAIN!!!!!!

[--The fans boo loudly... Suddenly, the classic Horsemen theme hits and Arn Anderson starts down the ramp with a purpose... The fans are roaring and holding four fingers as Anderson gets in the ring and takes the microphone from Shane... Shane is absolutely FUMING with anger...Arn speaks...--]

Arn Anderson: Shane, now you need to listen here, son.... Cause I think you're gettin' way over your head.. For you to say that Ric Flair will never be the champion again, I think that's the biggest understatement you've made since comin' here.... Now, I respect Chris Benoit, but I've got a whole helluva lot more respect for Ric Flair, and it's my opinion, Shane, that Ric Flair WILL become the new champion right here TONIGHT... And if you think for one second about getting involved in that match, then I'm gonna come after you, and you're gonna learn that you can cross Steve Austin... You can cross Chris Benoit... But you never.... EVER... Cross a Horsemen...

[--Shane doesnt take the mic, but we can read his lips as he says "Don't you threaten me, dammit...."... But suddenly the ring shakes a little bit as someone slides in behind Anderson and hits him with an INSANE LARIAT!!!!! THAT'S MIKE AWESOME!!!!!! MIKE AWESOME IS HERE!!!!! Awesome picks Arn back up to his feet and Shane begins directing traffic!! Awesome's manager, Judge Jeff Jones get into the ring and begins barking orders as well, and Awesome lifts Anderson up.........AWESOME BOMB!!!!!! Anderson hits the mat hard and lays still!! Shane gives the Judge a big hug and pats Awesome on the back... The fans boo loudly as Shane, Awesome, and Jones leave the ring and EMTs flood in to check on Anderson.....--]