[--We see Shane McMahon walking through the parking lot... He seems to be watching his back pretty closely, because lord knows who could be after him after that despicable act his gang perpetrated on Ric Flair... Suddenly, he finds something... It's the broken Extreme Title... Shane looks a little disgusted.... He picks it up...--]

Shane McMahon: I guess Johnny doesn't respect this belt like he should... Leaving it broken in the damn parking lot, this stuff is expensive!! Since he obviously has no respect for this belt... We'll see how he fares WITHOUT IT... I'm sure someone like Rhyno or Test would appreciate it... Say, that's a good idea... RHYNO and TEST for the EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP...

[--Suddenly he feels a tap on the shoulder... Shane turns around and it's TAZ!!!! Shane speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: Um... Taz, what's happenin', 'brotha'?

[--Shane raises his hand for a high five, but gets nothing but a cold stare from Taz....Shane lowers his hand...--]

Taz: Just lettin' you know, Shane... What you did to Ric Flair... Was da' most vile... Sick thing I evva' seen in SGW... What you did may have ended that man's career....... And you know what?

Shane McMahon: *gulps*...what?

Taz: I......LOVE IT..

[--A smile spreads across Taz's face, as well as Shane's as all the fear that had built up suddenly drains...--]

Taz: I like what ya' doin' here... Takin' out da' old, bringin' in da' new... Just so ya' know, Shane, you evva' need anything.... Taz.. has got ya' back.... Heh heh...

[--Shane laughs and raises his hand for another high five since he and Taz are in agreement, but once again, he only gets a cold stare, and Taz walks away... Shane lowers his hand, kind of embarrassed, and we cut to the ring...--]

Test vs. Rhyno


[--Rhyno and Test brawl to the outside quickly and Rhyno is dominating like crazy... Rhyno whips Test into the guardrail, and then hits him hard with a clothesline over into the crowd!!! Rhyno follows him into the sea of people and they go crazy with the punches... Rhyno whips Test into the guardrail again and follows it up with a thunderous GORE!!!!! Rhyno hit his own head on the guard rail with that one, and he staggers back to his feet... Test barely gets up, and Rhyno charges at him.. Test throws up the boot, but Rhyno ducks it and gets behind him!!! Rhyno turns him around, kicks him in the gut an PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE CONCRETE!!!! The fans all give a collective "Ooooooh!!" in sympathy pain, and Rhyno covers..1....2.....3!!!!! Rhyno is the new Extreme Champion!!! Rhyno grabs the broken title and takes off to the back with the belt as Test wakes up, wondering just what the hell happened....--]

WINNER: Rhyno via Pinfall

[--Test and Rhyno leave the ringside area, and suddenly the Golden-Tron flashes to life.... We see a bridge, and then we see Johnny the Bull's car!! He's just parked it, and he's getting out!! He walks around to the trunk and opens it up, he drags Molly out and unzips the body bag..... And then he throws another bag out of the trunk... A bag of CEMENT!! He's going to SINK MOLLY!!!!! But suddenly the HURRI-CYCLE roars onto the bridge!!! Hurricane doesn't even bother to turn the cycle off as he jumps off and attacks Johnny!! Johnny and the Hurricane trade punches and Johnny lifts Hurricane up and he's going to GORILLA PRESS SLAM him off of the bridge!!!! But suddenly there's a loud thud and a large amount of powder engulfs the bridge in which they stand..... MOLLY HIT JOHNNY WITH THE BAG OF CEMENT!! Johnny drops Hurricane, but doesn't go down, and the Hurricane clotheslines Johnny into his own trunk!!!! Hurricane slams the trunk closed and Johnny is locked inside!!! The Hurricane admires his handy work and Molly leaps to his side... The Hurricane gives Molly a thumbs up...--]

The Hurricane: Quick thinking, Mighty Molly!..... WHASSUPWITDAT!?!

[--Hurricane and Molly quickly leap onto the Hurri-Cycle and take off away from the bridge!!! They've left Johnny locked in his own damn trunk!!! We cut to the ring...--]

[--We cut back to the ring where we're hearing the Million Dollar Man's theme winding down... He's already in the ring with a microphone.... The fans are booing loudly, and he speaks....--]

Ted Dibiase: Tonight was the final straw! People need to learn to stay out of MY business!! I paid McMahon a LOT of money to get my match with Chavo turned into a title shot, and I get screwed over!! Now, I demand! I DEMAND that I get what I deserve!! I have spent too much money to be dealt this pathetic hand in SGW!!!!

[--Dibiase is fuming in the ring when suddenly "REAL AMERICAN" hits.... Hulk Hogan stomps down the ramp and Dibiase looks ready for a fight.. Hogan gets in the ring, Dibiase throws a punch, Hogan blocks it! Dibiase throws another and Hogan blocks it and this time lands a big right into Dibiase's head!! Hogan lands another, and another, and another!! Hogan whips Dibiase to the ropes and hits the big boot and Dibiase rolls out of the ring!! Hogan talks some trash and grabs a microphone....--]

Hulk Hogan: Sorry to interrupt, Dibiase, dude, but The Hulkster's got somethin' to say! Chris Benoit, I don't know who you think you are, or who you think you're steppin' in the ring with tonight, but it's about time you had yourself a little reality check!! Ya' see, Benoit, I've been to the top of the mountain, I've seen the promised land of the wrestling business, and I'm about to show everyone exactly what that is when I beat your ass for that World Title belt here tonight! But what you don't seem to realize is.. You're not the best in the business, Benoit, I am, I'm Hulk Hogan, I MADE this business what it is today, and if you think you've got what it takes to beat me, then you just come on down here an do it right now, brother!! We don't have to wait until the main event!!

[--Hogan throws down the microphone and waits.... And.... "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEEY....." hits... The fans boo loudly as Shane walks out onto the ramp.... Shane has microphone and he speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Hogan, I see where you're comin' from, brother, and I know Chris Benoit talks a lot of trash.... And yes, he does play dirty, after all, he DID put me in Crippler Crossface for no reason at Total Destruction... And that's why I'm about to make this announcement, an announcement that will change the main event drastically.... That match needs a special guest referee... Someone who will call it right down the middle, someone who... would love to referee a match of such a high magnitude.... Someone like.... ARN..ANDERSON.... hahahaaaa.... That's right.. I hate him, but the man'll call the match down the middle..... Now that I've made it positive that there will be no screwy dealings in the main event, feel free to get the hell out of my ring....

[--Shane's music hits and he leaves.... Hogan follows soon after....--]

Taz vs. Triple H


[--Taz and Triple H begin with some quick chain wrestling that turns dirty once Triple H nails a low blow on Taz... Triple H whips Taz into the ropes and hits him with the high knee, but it only gets two... Taz gets back up, and whips HHH into the turnbuckle.... Taz runs in and slams HHH with a big clothesline.... HHH falls out of the corner and Taz kneels over HHH's back and begins slamming his forearms into the sides of HHH's head!!! HHH gets out of there and rolls outside the ring where Stephanie consoles him.... But Taz doesnt care, he slides outside the ring and knocks the hell out of Triple H with a massive clothesline.... Stephanie begins screeching at Taz and yelling at him, and Taz goes after her!!! But HHH grabs a chair, and when Taz has his back turned, Triple H lays a shot into Taz's back!!! Taz hits the floor hard, and Triple H picks him up.... HHH puts Taz on the announce table and sets him up for the PEDIGREE!! But Taz backdrops him off and the table doesnt break! HHH could be hurt badly here, and Taz doesnt give a shit!! Taz rolls him off of the table and throws him back in the ring... Triple H staggers back up, holding his back in pain, and Taz locks on the TAZMISSION!!!!! Triple H looks severely in pain, and refuses to tap out!!!!! The ref stops the match!!! The ref stops the damn match!!! TAZ HAS WON BY REF'S DECISION!!!!!--]

WINNER: Taz via Referee's Decision

[--We see RVD walking backstage... He's in his street clothes, looks like he's about to get ready for his match... He turns and enters his dressing room, and he picks up his duffel bag, which has his gear in it.... He opens it up to take it out his tights, but what he finds is shocking.... He finds a small bag of... marijuana.... RVD seems a little shocked, but then he hears from outside his door...--]

Val Venis: I guess we've all just found out exactly what RVD 4:20 really means.... Heh heh..

[--RVD turns, and gets this extremely pissed look on his face....--]

Rob Van Dam: What the hell is your problem!? This isn't mi--

[--He is cut off by the click of a camera, and Val Venis has taken RVD's picture with the weed in his hand!!!! Venis laughs, and suddenly takes off down the hall, and RVD gives chase, but Val has already gotten too far ahead.... What the HELL is RVD going to do!?! And WAS that his weed!?! Or did Val Venis have something to do with it?!? Who knows, but it looks like Val has RVD by the balls as we cut to the ring for the next match...--]

Lance Storm vs. Booker T.
Billy Gunn vs. Steve Corino


[--Storm and Booker T. pair off.... Billy Gunn and Steve Corino go at it in another corner... Corino hits a few fast paced moves, but Billy Gunn is clearly the dominant superstar and drops Corino with a stiff kick and a sleeper-hold drop! Gunn covers but only gets two... Storm outwrestles Booker T. like crazy and puts him to the mat with lots of leg holds, Booker T. hits a few stiff kicks, but Storm is too fast for him and he catches Booker's leg in an AxeKick attempt and locks on the MAPLE LEAF!!!!! Booker T. taps out!!!! Storm stays back and rests while Gunn and Corino go at it, and Billy Gunn wasts no time in hitting Corino with the FAME-ASSER!!!!!! Gunn covers..1..2....Corino kicks out!! Gunn stands up and he can't believe it!! But Lance Storm comes from behind and SUPERKICKS Gunn in the head!!! Gunn flies forward into the OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION!!!! But before Corino can cover, Storm tries to attack him, but Corino superkicks him and covers... 1..2.....3!!! Corino has eliminated Storm!! Gunn begins attacking Corino again, and Corino kicks Gunn in the gut and whips him into the ropes... Gunn tries for a clothesline, but Corino ducks it and hits the OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION!!!! He covers..1.....2.....3!!!! Steve Corino has won the match!!--]

WINNER: Steve Corino via Pinfall

[--We cut to the parking lot where we see a limousine parked in the parking lot, but no one's getting out of it, Michael Cole is waiting about 20 feet away from it, but all we know is that the person inside is the person that Arn Anderson called to come help SGW...Michael Cole turns to walk away, as it becomes apparent that no one is leaving the limo anytime soon... But as he turns, he runs into Shane McMahon... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Shane McMahon? What are you doing here?

Shane McMahon: Just checking out Anderson's boy's limo... and thinking a few things over....

Michael Cole: Thinking things over?

Shane McMahon: Yeah.. I've got a few plans I think need to come to fruition next week... And since we're here, and we've got ourselves a camera, I might as well go ahead and let the public in on them... Edge and Christian.. You two have been nothing more than a thorn in my side since I took over SGW, and it's time to put an end to this! Christian, on Shock, you'll be stepping into the ring with a mountain of a man who's just arrived in SGW... He's a real 'killer', I'd say, and if you wanted to get literal...I'd go as far as to call him.... A CAREER KILLER!! Christian vs. Mike Awesome on SHOCK!!! And oh no, Edge, I haven't forgotten about you... You'll be stepping in the ring with...TRIPLE H!! And as for Chavo... Since you like bringing up how you cost me a match...to a woman... I obviously can't book you against a woman, but I can do the next best thing...

Michael Cole: And what's that?

Shane McMahon: I'll simply make Chavo... SCREAM... like a woman.. Hahaha... Oh yes, Chavo, you'll be screaming like a bitch, baby, when you're gettin' stretched.... BY CHRIS BENOIT!!!! Now, all three of you... Have a great week.. In fact.. Have a great CAREER.. Because it's comin' to an end on Shock...

[--Shane walks off camera, and we pan to a close-up of the limo... We cut to the ring....--]

Rob Van Dam vs. Val Venis


[--RVD dominates early and puts Val to the mat with lots of fast paced maneuvers.. Val fights back with some power moves, and puts RVD down with a solid sit-down powerbomb!! RVD kicks out at two, and gets back up... RVD and Val trade punches, and RVD wins that battle with a few stiff right hands.... RVD backs Val into the corner and begins hitting him with some stiff kicks and lands a stiff one into Val's mouth, opening Val's lip up and causing blood to spill onto his white shirt... Val flies into a rage and whips RVD into the turnbuckle.. Val hits a running avalanche, and as RVD flies out of the corner, Val plants him with a hard DDT!!!! Val goes up top, and he hits the CENSOR SHOT!!!!! Val covers..1.....2.......RVD GOT THE FOOT ON THE ROPES!! RVD slowly gets back up, and RVD and Val trade some punches... Val goes low and kicks RVD in the groin!! Val hits RVD with another stiff powerbomb that only gets two... Val and RVD fight some more and RVD whips Val into the ropes, RVD leapfrogs him, and when Val comes back around, RVD hits him with a stiff dropkick... RVD goes to the ropes and it's ROLLING THUNDER!!!!! Val coul be out here!! RVD goes up top, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!! VAL MOVES!!! RVD hits the mat EXTREMELY hard and Val capitalizes and rolls RVD up..... He's HOLDING THE TIGHTS!!!! 1...2..3!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!! Val Venis rolls out of the ring as RVD gets up, and Val slides back in with a chair!!! He takes the chair and slams it down into RVD's head!! RVD is out!! Val then reaches into pocket and pulls out the bag of marijuana that was in RVD's bag earlier.... He STUFFS IT INTO RVD'S MOUTH!! Val looks freakin' sadistic as he stares into RVD's unconcious face... "You promote it with your catchphrases... You condone it in 'High Times' magazine... Now it has been your un-doing.... Bad influences on America's children will NOT be tolerated....", Venis grabs the TV title and walks away from the ring... The fans don't believe Val's drivel for a second and cheer RVD as he wakes up and leaves the ring....--]

WINNER: Val Venis via Pinfall

[--After RVD and Venis have both left ringside, the fan response dies down a bit.... However, they're all brought back to life as "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEEEY...Here we go... Money talks....HERE COMES THE MONEY!" hits.... The fans all erupt in boos as Shane McMahon walks out onto the ramp... He's wearing a gold jersey that has "NATURE BOY WONDER" written across the back, and Shane does a little dance on the ramp that makes the fans boo even louder.... The fans begin booing even louder as Chris Kanyon walks out behind him with a "WHO BETTER THAN KANYON?" t-shirt on... They walk down to the ring and Shane takes a microphone after they're inside... Shane waits for the "ASSHOLE" chants to die down, and speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: WOOOOO!! Hahahaaaa... Talk about making an impact in SGW, I'd say Ric Flair made one helluva impact tonight!!

[--Kanyon leans in to the mic...--]

Chris Kanyon: Yeah! Impact! KEEE-RASH!!! Hahaha!! That Mike Awesome sure is a character!

Shane McMahon: You got that right, Big K! Yeah!! Hahaha!

[--Kanyon takes the microphone....--]

Chris Kanyon: Hey, Shane-O... I heard a rumor the other day about Ric Flair's mutha...

Shane McMahon: Yeah? Let's hear it!

Chris Kanyon: Ok.... I hear Ric Flair's mutha is soooooo FAT...

Shane McMahon: C'mon, Kanyon! How fat IS sheee!?!

Chris Kanyon: She's sooooo fat that when she sits around the house... She really sits AROOOOUND THE HOUSE!!

[--Kanyon and Shane keel over laughing like it's funniest joke EVER....--]

Shane McMahon: That's the best one I've heard in a long time, but enough fun and games, get Ric Flair's old, beat up, and beltless ass out here!!

[--Flair's music cues up... And no one comes out.. This is pathetic because Shane knows that Flair was taken away in an ambulance earlier in the show....The music stops and Shane speaks again as Kanyon laughs...--]

Shane McMahon: Come on, Flair!! I thought you were SGW's BEST and DAMMIT, I want SGW's BEST IN THIS RING RIGHT NOW!!!!!

[--Shane looks super-pissed and Kanyon is ready for a fight, but Ric Flair's music doesn't hit... In fact, it's music we haven't heard in quite some time in SGW... And suddenly, the words... "THREE TIME CHAMPION" flash across the Golden-Tron and slowly morph into the "SuperMan" logo... To put it simply... The fans fuckin' EXPLODE as SCOTT STEINER and Midajah walk out onto the ramp... Steiner's got a microphone in his hand and he waits for the fans to shut up... Kanyon and Shane both look like the fear of God has been put in them.... Steiner speaks....--]

Scott Steiner: It's funny, I leave this shithole for a few months and it goes right down the crapper!! Figures when SGW turns shitty like this, that Arn Anderson would give me a little call!! Shane McMahon!! Kanyon!! Let's get somethin' straight, you couple of no-good, dimestore whores!! You say you wanted the BEST in SGW? Here's a little advice for next time you call out the BEST in SGW... When you're callin' out the best, you're not callin' out Ric Flair.... YOU'RE CALLIN' OUT ME!!!!!

[--Steiner takes a few steps down the ramp and.... KANYON JUMPS OUT OF THE RING AND LEAVES!! He jumps the rail and runs away through the crowd!!! He's left Shane alone!! Steiner walks on down and gets in the ring with Shane.... Steiner still has a microphone...--]

Scott Steiner: You're shakin' awfully bad, bitch, you gonna cry for us? You know, you oughtta have your rich daddy shell out a few extra bucks and buy you a sex change, because it doesn't look like you've got the BALLS to fight me, boy....

[--Shane raises his own microphone....--]

Shane McMahon: Oh, I've got the balls to fight you, "Scotty", I've got balls made out of solid brass, but if you touch me, so help me God, I'll FIR---

[--Steiner grabs Shane by the throat and the referee has signalled for the bell to be rung.... IS THIS A MATCH!?!?!--]

Scott Steiner vs. Shane McMahon


[--Steiner backs Shane into the corner and begins screaming stuff in his face!! Shane looks like he's ready to crap his pants, when someone pulls Shane out of the ring!!! It's Awesome!! Awesome is pulling Shane away from the ring and Steiner leans over the ropes to talk some trash at them but he doesn't see TAZ COME FROM BEHIND!!!!! Taz locks on the TAZMISSION and Steiner reels backwards and slams Taz into the turnbuckle!! Taz takes the hit and rolls out of the ring... He teases getting back in to fight with Steiner but only talks trash and slaps the apron with his hands... Shane and Awesome quickly leave, Taz leaves soon after as Steiner waits in the ring while the fans cheer his name...--]

WINNER: No Match Took Place

[--We cut backstage where we see Val Venis talking to Lance Storm....--]

Lance Storm: Personally, I think you're right about Rob Van Dam... He has no class... He has no talent, and he has no right performing for the children of America...

Val Venis: Correct, Lance... You see, most of my views may seem wrong to the average person, but in the long run, my views are the only views, and the people in SGW WILL see them the way I do...

Lance Storm: After seeing what Rob Van Dam pulled out of his bag.... Marijuana.. It almost made me puke.. SGW should seriously promote drug tests a LOT more... Stuff like this shouldn't happen... It's sickening, to be honest...

[--Steve Corino suddenly walks onto the scene.... He walks up....SHAKES HANDS with Lance Storm! The man who he beat earlier tonight!--]

Steve Corino: Congrats on the win, Lance... Good match... Anyway, what are you two talking about?

Lance Storm: We're talking about that drug using scum, Rob Van Dam..

Steve Corino: Oh... Good job getting that on camera, Val.. About time someone brought RVD down to earth.. And stuffing the crap in his mouth after you beat him for the television title? PRICELESS...

Val Venis: Thank you... I feel the same way.. In no way, shape or form, do I want the children watching or emulating a man who resorts to such recreational behaviors... But I must be going now... Maybe we can share our views and opinions later...

[--Val walks away, and Corino and Storm begin talking..... Rob Van Dam, unknowing of what has just occured, walks up to the two men....--]

Rob Van Dam: Hey guys... What's happening?

[--Corino and Storm just stare at him.... RVD looks kind of confused, but then catches why they're looking at him...--]

Rob Van Dam: Listen, if this is about what Val did, I can safely say that marijuana wasn't mine... I swear, IT WASN'T MINE... What's the matt--

[--Storm and Corino cut him off with DUAL SUPERKICK!!!! RVD lays on the floor clutching his face and Corino and Storm beat him down into a bloody pulp... Storm and Corino both stand up, and Storm lays a devastating stomp into RVD's chest....--]

Lance Storm: We don't like your kind around here...

[--Corino and Storm walk away as RVD tries to stand...--]

Hulk Hogan vs. Chris Benoit


[--Arn is in the ring as we cut to the ring... He's ready to ref the match.... Hogan and Benoit go at it quickly with lots of punches and kicks, and Benoit is dominating surprisingly... He whips Hogan into the ropes and hits him hard with a Benoit clothesline.... Benoit picks Hogan up, and scoop slams him, and tries for a leg hold, but Hogan shoves him away... Hogan gets back up and Benoit runs at him, but Hogan BOOTS HIM DOWN!! Hogan goes to the ropes and goes for the LEG DROP, but Benoit moves!! Benoit gets up and kicks Hogan in the back as he tries to get up... Benoit kicks him again and continues working on him.... He picks Hogan up and throws him into the turnbuckle... Benoit charges in and Arn tries to make Benoit back off, but Benoit shoves Anderson out of the way!! Benoit goes back to kicking at Hogan, and he whips Hogan into the ropes... He hits Hogan with a stiff dropkick, and Hogan is right back up!! HOGAN IS HULKING UP!!!!! Hogan drives a big right hand into Benoit's forehead!! Again, and again, and again!!!!! Hogan whips Benoit to the ropes... BIG BOOT!! Hogan goes to the ropes for the LEGDROP!!! HE HITS IT!! He covers!! Arn counts!! 1.....2....... SOMEONE PULLED ARN OUT OF THE RING!! It's Shane-O-Mac!!!! Shane punches at Arn, but Arn blocks it and PUNCHES SHANE!!! Shane hits the floor hard, and the action inside the ring continues as Benoit and Hogan trade punches and chops!! Hogan throws a big right and Benoit catches his wrist and tries to slam him down into the CROSSFACE!!! Hogan fights it off, and as he fights it off, Shane and Arn brawl on the outside!! And Arn drops Shane with another big right hand, and this time, Shane doesn't move after he hits the floor!! Arn slides back in, just in time to see Benoit drops Hogan into the CROSSFACE!!!! Hogan gets into the ropes!! Hogan gets back up, and he and Benoit begin trading shots left and right, and Hogan goes to the ropes.... He throws a big clothesline, but Benoit ducks it, gets behind Hogan and GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM!!!!! Benoit covers!!!!! Arn counts!! 1...2.....3!!!!!! CHRIS BENOIT IS STILL THE CHAMPION!!!! Benoit leaves with the title belt, and Shane McMahon slides back in and attacks Arn, but Arn fights him off until three other men slide in and jump Arn!!! BY GOD IT'S THE SANDMAN!!!! AND JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!! AND X-PAC!!!! Pac and Credible hold Anderson down in a kneeling position, and the Sandman tunes up his Kendo Stick... Even Shane-O seems confused by this, so this is obviously an independent act of aggression against Arn!!! But before anyone can do anything, EDGE AND CHRISTIAN charge down with chairs!!! They slide in and X-Pac takes a stiff shot to the head, but Credible and Sandman get away unscathed!!--]

WINNER: Chris Benoit via Pinfall

[--Sandman and Credible grab X-Pac and exit through the crowd.... Shane looks out after them as they leave, so does Arn, but Edge and Christian aren't..... BECAUSE THEY HIT SHANE WITH THE CON-CHAIR-TO!!!!! Shane hits the mat hard, and Arn just watches on.... Mike Awesome charges down the ramp, but E&C keep him at bay with the chairs, and we fade out as Awesome jaws at them as they stand over Shane.....--]