[--We cut backstage where we see Chavo Guerrero Jr. pacing around in his dressing room.... He has the SGW World Title over his shoulder and Pepe in his hand.... Edge and Christian are in the room as well, sitting on a couch in the room, both drinking some cappucinos with tons of extra foam for no reason at all... Chavo stops and speaks...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Guys.... Can you believe what's happening tonight? I mean, I'm stepping in the ring with Scott Steiner... The three time World Champion! I could lose my belt tonight... But I can't let that happen!! I've worked so hard for this belt....

[--Christian takes a drink from his cappucino, leaving tons of foam on his nose and upper lip... Christian speaks...--]

Christian: Yeah, dude, totally... Like, you killed Chris Benoit last week and he held the belt for like what? A month? Steiner's in the bag, man!

Edge: Yeah, really! And did you see how Taz totally handed Steiner his ass on Shock before he went low and slapped on that heinous Steiner Recliner?

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: But he won!! Don't you understand!? Taz put up a good fight, and he still lost!! I can't lose this belt!! I just can't!! I'm going in that ring tonight with this belt, and I'm going to keep it by any means necessary.... I'll be a dead man before Scott Steiner is a four time champion!!

[--Chavo begins pacing again....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Almost a year I've worked for this.... I beat the Rock.. I beat almost everybody in SGW!! And I finally reached this pinnacle in my career....

Pepe: ... . . . . . . .....

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yes, Pepe... It was a very proud moment... And I'm not ready to lose this yet....

[--Chavo looks at his world title belt.... E&C marvel at it...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: I'm going to go get ready for the match, guys.... Talk to you later tonight...

Edge: Good luck, bro!

Christian: Yeah, man, break a leg!... Not literally of course...

[--Chavo leaves the room, leaving E&C alone...--]

Edge: Man... Chavo is just like Elvis...

Christian: How so?

Edge: They're both DEAD...

Christian: *sigh* Totally...

[--We cut to the ring....--]

Taz vs. Chris Kanyon


[--Kanyon and Taz brawl for a bit and Taz sends Kanyon outside the ring with a hard toss... Kanyon slides back in, and Taz begins stomping on him very hard... Taz whips Kanyon to the ropes and hits him with the ANGRY MAN'S CLOTHESLINE! Kanyon hits the mat hard, and Taz is on him, laying punches into his face, and just as he promised.... HERE COMES REGAL! Regal walks down the ramp to some loud boos and he gets in the ring... Taz yells at him, and Regal pays him no attention, and Kanyon hits Taz from behind!! Kanyon lays in some stiff shots, and Regal begins helping him out!! Taz suddenly roars up and CLOTHESLINES THE SHIT OUT OF REGAL!!!! Regal goes flying over the top rope!! Kanyon hooks Taz for the FLATLINER, but Taz gets behind him..... TAZMISSION!!!! KANYON TAPS LIKE A BITCH!!!!! Kanyon taps out!!!! Taz rips back on the move a few more times and then lets go!! Taz hops out of the ring and Regal runs like mad up the ramp away from Taz... Taz follows him up and we cut backstage....--]

WINNER: Taz via Submission

[--We cut backstage where we see Michael Cole standing by with Chris Jericho.... Jericho looks like he's a little pissed at something.... Cole speaks...--]

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho, I understand you had some comments you wanted make about a match at Holiday Hell?

[--Jericho runs his hands through his hair, he looks like he's almost embarrassed to talk about it....--]

Chris Jericho: Actually, Mitchell, I do have a little something to say about one of the matches at Holiday Hell... More specifically the Old Timers Match.... I mean, come on, Mitchell.... DDP vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Big Van Vader! Is this an SGW match or a casting call for Jurassic Park 4?

[--Cole chuckles....--]

Chris Jericho: Cole, if you would please.... SHUT...THE HELL..... UP... I'd be very much obliged... Now, back to the match... Hogan, Page, and Vader, three men who can hardly change their diapers, much less wrestle worth a damn, are pretty much sure to put on a total crap-fest at Holiday Hell, and that's why I'm going to make this offer.....

Michael Cole: And what kind of offer would that be?

Chris Jericho: Well, I'm glad you asked, Cole... I'm going to offer my services as SGW's resident.... SUPER DUPER STAR to help spice this match up... As damaging to my career as those three men could be, I'm still willing to stick it out, and kick all their asses for the entertainment of my Jerichoholics... And after i've made the dinosaurs extinct ONCE MORE..... SGW will NEVER.... EEEEEEEEEEVER..... Be the same..... A-GAIN!

[--It's going to be Hogan vs. Page vs. Vader vs. Jericho at Holiday Hell!! Jericho stares into the camera and we cut to the ring....--]

Lance Storm
Justin Credible & The Sandman


[--Val Venis hasn't showed up for the match... It's Storm vs. Sandman & Credible... Credible and Sandman don't even bother tagging and they just begin laying in the shots to Storm! Sandman whips Storm to the ropes and Credible superkicks him in the mouth!! Credible strikes a pose to celebrate and Sandman gives him a stiff slap and tells him to stop acting like a bitch!! While Credible and Sandman bicker back and forth, Storm gets back up and drop kicks them both to the mat!! Sandman is up quickly, and Credible is up too, and they both begin laying in some stiff shots to Storm!! Sandman whips Storm into the corner and as he bounces out of it, Credible catches him.... THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!!! Credible covers..1......2.......3!!!! Lance Storm could NOT beat the odds!! The Sandman calls for some beers and someone throws him two from the outside! Sandman guzzles his own and Credible opens the other, but before he can drink it, Sandman takes it away and starts dumping it all over Storm's face!! Sandman celebrates and Credible just gets pissed at Sandman wasting that beer... WHERE THE HELL WAS VENIS?!?We cut backstage as Sandman celebrates....--]

WINNER: The Sandman &
Justin Credible via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see a man with his back turned.... We can't see who he is, but the camera pans out and we see two other men standing on each side of him..... TED DIBIASE & JOHNNY THE BULL!! Dibiase is laughing heartilly as the man turns around revealing himself....... VAL VENIS!!! He's not wearing the suit and tie!! He's in wrestling gear, white tights, black pads, white boots.... Val Venis stares into the camera evilly as Johnny gives off a smug look into the camera....--]

Val Venis: Sorry I couldn't be there to help you, Lance... But something a little more important came up... You know, Lance, we used to agree on a lot of things... Views on politics, views on drugs, views on SGW in general, we shared the same opinions... And then we formed the Brotherhood with Malenko and Corino...

[--Dibiase laughs loudly....--]

Val Venis: Unfortunately, our little alliance is just like the sitcom, "Townies".... CANCELLED.... Heh heh... One view we shared, Lance, one view we shared in particular, and that Malenko and Corino agreed on... Was that MONEY... is the root of allllll EVIL....

[--Virgil walks on camera with a huge wad of cash.... He hands it to Venis...--]

Val Venis: That may be true.... Money just may be the root of all evil, but you know? It doesn't hurt to have a whole hell of a lot of it.... So, I made a decision, and I joined a team that doesn't just benefit me in the ring, I joined a team that benefits me in LIFE....

[--Venis goes to continue, but he's interrupted suddenly by Steve Corino & Dean Malenko... Corino looks pissed off...--]

Steve Corino: Val... What the HELL are you thinking!?! Do you realize what you've done!? Storm's on his way to the damn hospital right now, and you're sitting here gloating while the Brotherhood is crumbling!?

[--Val chuckles, and then Johnny the Bull just clubs Corino in the head with a big right hand!! Malenko tries to help him, but Val is on him quickly, and before Corino can get back up, he's hooked in the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!! The Million Dollar Corporation beats down on the remains of the Brotherhood until ROB VAN DAM runs onto the scene!! Johnny the Bull and Dibiase bail out and RVD hits Venis with a stiff kick before he can get away... Malenko rolls around on the ground in pain as RVD helps Corino up.... Corino shows no thankfulness and shoves RVD away from him...--]

Steve Corino: Back off!! If I wanted your damn help I'd ask for it...

[--Corino helps Malenko up and storms off....--]

Rob Van Dam: Geez... Take a chill pill...

[--RVD seems genuinely confused at Corino's reaction and we cut to the next match....--]

Edge & Christian
Raven & Kurt Angle


[--Edge and Raven start things out, and Raven dominates with some stiff brawling... Raven whips Edge to the ropes and puts him down with a high knee... Raven picks Edge up and they trade punches, and Raven whips Edge into the corner with Kurt Angle.... Raven tags in Angle, and they double team Edge with a few powermoves... Edge hits a lowblow on Raven and pushes him outside the ring, and he begins taking it to Angle with a vengeance!! Edge whips Angle to the ropes.... SHOULDERBLOCK!! He throws Angle into the corner with Christian an begins stomping away like a mad man!! Edge tags in Christian and they both begin kicking him in the corner!! Raven slides back into the ring and the action is bonzo gonzo!! Raven and Edge pair off, and Christian and Angle fight it out!! Edge whips Raven to the ropes and gives him a kick..... EDGE-A-CUTIONER!!! Raven rolls out of the ring holding his head, and Christian hits Angle with the UN-PRETTIER!!! But Christian doesn't cover!! Christian picks Angle up and they set him up on the top turnbuckle, and what the hell are they doing? Christian gets on Edge's shoulders and he grabs Angle..... STACKER-PLEX!!!!! Christian covers Angle!! 1....2........3!!!!!! Edge and Christian retain!! E&C grab their titles and celebrate... Raven slides back into the ring... He helps Angle to his feet, and Angle pats Raven on the back as a way of saying thanks, and then GIVES HIM AN OLYMPIC SLAM!!!!! Angle slaps on the ANKLE LOCK and RAVEN BEGINS TAPPING!!!!!! We cut backstage as the referees pull Angle off of Raven.....--]

WINNER: Edge & Christian via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Kanyon sitting in his dressing room... He looks pretty upset and he's pacing back and forth... Suddenly, the door to his dressing room opens up and Shane McMahon steps in... Shane looks like he's just about fed up with something.... Kanyon stops pacing and Shane speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: Kanyon... I ask you to do something SO simple... Pin Taz and get that belt on our side.... So damned easy.. And even with Regal's help you couldn't get the job done!!

Chris Kanyon: Mr. McMahon... You know I wouldn't have lost if I could've helped it! It was Regal's fault! Yeah! Regal! That's the ticket! Regal cost me the match!

Shane McMahon: Ya' know... I forgave you for all the stuff we went through when you were giving my New Era a hard time... I... forgave you for Stacy pinning me in that tag team match.... I even forgave you for FlatLining me in front of a capacity crowd and embarrassing me... But Kanyon, this was the last straw....

[--The door to the dressing room opens up and BOOKER T. & Ric Flair step inside!! Booker T. gets all up in Kanyon's face as Flair stands by Shane...--]

Chris Kanyon: Um... What's this guy doin' here?

Ric Flair: Take one guess, PAL!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

[--Booker T. jumps Kanyon and begins laying big right hands into his forehead!! Booker keeps laying in the shots and Kanyon tries fighting back, but Shane makes the difference and kicks Kanyon in the face!! Booker T. picks Kanyon up off the ground and grabs him by the hair... He tosses Kanyon over a small table and Kanyon lands hard!! Kanyon isn't moving at all.....--]

Shane McMahon: Good job, Booker-Man!! Yeah!! Totally kicked his ass!!

Booker T.: DIG IT!!!!

Shane McMahon: DIG IT, BABY!! BOO-YAH!! How do ya' like that, Kanyon!! HOLIDAY HELL, you're steppin' in the ring with the most electrifying superstar in the SGW!!!!! THE BOOK!!!!! But not just in any match.... A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!! Hahahahaaa...

[--Booker T. gets down in Kanyon's unconcious face.....--]

Booker T.: Now.... CAN YOU DIG THAT......SUCKA?

[--Booker and Shane laugh and leave the dressing room with Flair... Kanyon stirs about as we cut to the ring....--]

Mike Awesome vs. Bret Hart


[--Awesome makes a running dash and wipes Hart out with a hard clothesline!! Hart staggers back up, and Awesome begins laying in some hard shots.... Awesome tosses Hart into the corner and begins kicking away until Douglas pulls Awesome away from him!! Awesome gets pissed and shoves Douglas away!! Douglas shoves Awesome back into a roll-up from Hart!! 1..2..... Awesome kicked out!! Awesome gets back up and whips Hart into the ropes...Awesome tries for a kick, but Hart ducks it and bounces off the other side and clotheslines Awesome to the mat!! Awesome gets up quickly and he and Hart begin trading punches... Awesome dominates and he tosses Hart in the corner, he begins laying in the stomps, and Hart lays in a stiff kick to Awesome's gut!! Hart gets on the second rope and shoulderblocks Awesome to the mat!! Hart covers... Douglas counts...1...2..... Awesome kicks out!!! Awesome gets back up, and he and Hart begin brawling again... Hart whips Awesome into the corner, and Hart charges at him with a big clothesline but Awesome puts a boot up, and puts Hart to the mat!! Awesome picks Hart up and whips him into the corner himself... Awesome charges in, but Hart moves and Awesome hits the turnbuckle chest first!! He reels out of it backwards and Hart catches him...ATOMIC DROP!!! Awesome hits the mat hard and Bret grabs him by the legs..... HE HOOKS HIM!!!! SHARPSHOOTER!!!!! Bret begins cinching back on it, and Douglas..... KICKS HART IN THE FACE!!!! Hart hits the mat, not believing what has just happened, and Awesome is already on him!! Awesome and Douglas both begin stomping on Hart as the fans boo loudly... Douglas is directing traffic as Awesome lifts Hart up.... AWESOME BOMB!!!!! They both beat down on Hart for a few minutes and Hart is left laying as a bloody mess... The match was given no definitive winner, so it's a NO CONTEST.... Douglas grabs a microphone and speaks....--]

WINNER: No Contest

[--Douglas stands over Hart's body... Awesome stands in the back, taunting the crowd as they boo and chant "GOLD-BERG"... Douglas looks down at Hart and points in his bloody face as he speaks.....--]

Shane Douglas: BRET HART!! HITMAN!! It looks like not all the SGW LEGENDS are what they're cracked up to be!! Some people will call what I just did an act of cowardice... An act of cowardice because I kicked you when you least expected it....

[--The fans are booing incredibly loud....--]

Shane Douglas: BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I CALL IT!! I call it years of bottled up frustration finally being let OUT!!!! Why the frustration? Let me let you in on it!! SGW World Title Match... Bret Hart vs. Shane Douglas!! STEEL CAGE!!! Bret Hart!! I KICKED YOUR ASS!! I destroyed you, and when we both battled to the top of that cage.... YOU PUSHED ME OFF...

[--Small pop for that one....--]

Shane Douglas: You pushed me off, causing me to win the match, leaving me with numerous injuries... The critics were saying that I only won that match because you pushed me.... I only won because you FUCKING PUSHED ME!!!!! BULLSHIT I SAY!!

[--The fans boo loudly now....--]

Shane Douglas: IT'S BULLSHIT and you know it, Hart!! You know I had you beat!! So, I'm going to make a little challenge.... BRET HART... At HOLIDAY HELL... VS. SHANE DOUGLAS... Our first match since our Epic Cage Match... You might even call it.... A SOLID GOLD RE-MATCH.... Hart, I want you in the STEEL CAGE at Holiday Hell... And I want to prove to everyone that I deserved that World Title... That I did in fact... KICK YOUR ASS!! Hart... PREPARE TO BE FRANCHISED.......

[--"PERFECT STRANGERS" hits and the fans boo loudly.... Douglas leaves, but Awesome sticks around... What the hell does Awesome want? Awesome grabs the microphone that Douglas left in the ring.... Hart is still laid out in the ring...--]

Mike Awesome: Goldberrrrrg.... Gooooldberrrrg... You talk a lot of trash for someone who's going to get his ass kicked at Holiday Hell... You fuckin' think you're going to push me around like you do everyone else? I DONT FUCKIN' THINK SO!!! And you know what else I think? I THINK I DON'T FEEL LIKE WAITING UNTIL HOLIDAY HELL TO FUCK YOU UP!! Get your ASS down here RIGHT NOW!!!!!

[--The fans boo Awesome and wait eagerly...... GOLDBERG'S THEME hits... The fans erupt as Goldberg walks out onto the ramp... He stands at the top and points up at Awesome, jawing at him, but here comes CHRIS BENOIT!!!! BENOIT HIT GOLDBERG WITH A CHAIR!!! Benoit begins firing in the shots rapidly, putting Goldberg down to the ground!! Mike Awesome charges down and gets in a few shots of his own, and slams Goldberg down hard!! Goldberg is getting his ass kicked!! Benoit and Awesome lead Goldberg's dazed self to the ring and Awesome GORILLA PRESSES Goldberg through the ropes and into the ring!!! Chris Benoit slides in and Awesome leaves laughing his ass off.... The fans are booing and the ref calls for the bell!! BENOIT vs. GOLDBERG IS BEGINNING NOW!!!!!--]

Bill Goldberg vs. Chris Benoit


[--Benoit begins by stomping the already downed Goldberg!! Benoit slams the kicks in, and Goldberg shows signs of trouble with getting up.... He finally gets up to one knee, but Benoit kicks him in the face!! Goldberg hits the mat and Benoit begins stomping at him again!! Goldberg fights his way back up, and manages to hit Benoit with a punch to the mid-section, but Benoit is hardly phased... He hits Goldberg in the neck with a hard chop, and kicks him in the chest!! Goldberg hits the mat again and Benoit HOOKS THE HALF CRAB!! Goldberg yells in pain, and Benoit cranks back on the move!! Goldberg struggles and grabs the ropes!! Benoit releases the hold and waits for Goldberg to get up.... Goldberg is up and Benoit begins punching on him, but Goldberg uses his brute strength and shoves Benoit half way across the ring from him!! Benoit gets back up quickly, and Goldberg gets ready for a Spear which tells Benoit to get out of the ring... He gets out and waits for Goldberg to get out of his stance... Goldberg paces the ring for a few seconds, and Benoit slides backin, and Goldberg is on him!! Goldberg fires in some rapid punches and whips Benoit into the ropes!! Goldberg lunges at him and Benoit leapfrogs the SPEAR!! Benoit gloats and keeps his back turned, and Goldberg bounces off of the ropes again and Benoit turns around just in time to get the SPEAR!!!!! Benoit rolls out of the ring holding his ribs... Goldberg yells alot and follows Benoit outside... They begin brawling pretty hard and Goldberg whips Benoit into the guard rail! Benoit shoves off of it like it didn't hurt and hits Goldberg with a stiff kick to the ribs... He whips Goldberg into the ring steps and Goldberg yells out in pain, but also pushes off and SPEARS BENOIT ON THE OUTSIDE!!!! Benoit rolls around holding his ribs and Goldberg tosses him inside the ring!! Goldberg makes sure Benoit is in one corner, and Goldberg goes and positions himself... He gets ready in one corner.... Benoit gets back up, and GOLDBERG CHARGES!!! Benoit drops quickly and someone hits Goldberg from the outside with a LEAD PIPE!!! The ref calls for the bell!! IT'S MIKE AWESOME!!!! Awesome gets in the ring with his pipe and begins beating down Goldberg with it!! Benoit begins beating down on Goldberg too, and the fans are booing loudly... Awesome lifts Goldberg up.... AWESOME BOMB!!!!! HERE COMES BRET HART and EDGE & CHRISTIAN!!! They all come charging down and Benoit bails out!! Awesome jumps out quickly as well as Hart and E&C help Goldberg to his feet.... Awesome taunts them from the ramp and we cut backstage....--]

Bill Goldberg via Disqualification

[--We cut backstage where we see The Sandman, Justin Credible, and X-Pac lounging around in their locker room... The room reeks of beer and marijuana smoke as X-Pac is toking away as we see them... Suddenly, the door to the room opens up and Shane McMahon steps inside... He immediately begins coughing and waving the smoke out of his face and before he can take two steps, the Sandman is up and has his singapore cane pushed up against Shane's chest....--]

The Sandman: Alright.... THE FUCK DO YA' WANT, PUSSY BOY?

[--Shane laughs uneasily and motions the cane away from him....--]

Shane McMahon: Easy, Sandman.... I got a little propsition for you....

[--Credible sits up upon hearing this, he's very interested.... X-Pac just keeps toking away....--]

Justin Credible: What kind of proposition?


Justin Credible: Why don't you make me, douche bag!!

The Sandman: I'll deal with your ass later, mother fucker! Now, what kind of proposition, Fuck-O?

Shane McMahon: Actually, it's Shane-O...

The Sandman: Nah, it's Fuck-O, now what the fuck do you want!?!

Shane McMahon: Ok.... Obviously, you hate Arn Anderson.. And that's great, cause I hate Arn Anderson too! And do you know what would be great?

The Sandman: A lotta pussy? Like, right fuckin' now?

Shane McMahon: Um.... That'd be nice, but no... I was thinking... You hate Anderson, I hate Anderson... Then you take out two of Anderson's boys... Kills two birds with one stone... You get some revenge on Double A, and I get two of his boys out of my hair...

The Sandman: Sounds fuckin' good.... Who's goin' down?

Justin Credible: Yeah, who we takin' the fuck out?

The Sandman: Shut up, god dammit! Shut up, and go back to doin' what you do best!

Justin Credible: Oh? What's that, mother fucker?

The Sandman: Sittin' there, lookin' like a freshly circumsized DICK!!

Shane McMahon: Ok, ok, you two.... Damn! You two against EDGE AND CHRISTIAN at Holiday Hell.... FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING...

The Sandman: Sounds good! Fuckin' good! Those two blonde faggots are gonna get FUCKED UP!!!! You want some beer?

Shane McMahon: Uh... No, not right now... I've got some other business to take care of... You two just get ready for Holiday Hell, I don't want E&C leaving with their damn belts....

[--Shane leaves the room.... Sandman gives Credible a look that would cut through steel and whacks him with the cane!!--]

The Sandman: The fuck you lookin' at, bitch!?!

[--We cut to the ring for our next match as Credible tries to stop bleeding.....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Scott Steiner


[--Chavo makes a mad dash at Steiner and Steiner just hammers him down with some stiff offense... Steiner tosses Chavo all over the ring and Chavo has some serious trouble fighting back..... Chavo manages to hit a few stiff dropkicks on Steiner, but they only manage to stagger him.... Steiner keeps fighting back and slams Chavo down hard with a double axe handle!! Chavo goes low and hits Steiner in the gut, and Steiner barely steps back, Steiner overpowers Chavo and grabs him by the head and slams his face into the mat!! Chavo's forehead is now busted open, and Steiner begins slugging into his head with some hard lefts and rights!! Chavo is being destroyed!! Chavo staggers back to his feet, and Steiner charges at him... Chavo ducks a STEINERLINE and manages to roll Steiner up!! 1...2...... Steiner kicks out!! Steiner gets back up and begins going back at Chavo, and hits him with a seriously hard BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!! Steiner covers...1.....2...... CHAVO GOT THE SHOULDER UP!! Chavo gets back up, and Steiner clubs him back down!! Steiner drops Chavo hard and goes for another cover..1..2.... Chavo kicked out!! Chavo fights back, he doesn't want to lose the title he's fought so hard to gain!! Steiner picks Chavo up, and Chavo kicks him right in the balls!!! Steiner bends over, and Chavo hooks him for the TORNADO DDT!!!!!!! Chavo covers!! 1...2........ Steiner kicked out with a vengeance!! Steiner gets back up, and Chavo begins taking it to him with lots of stiff rights and lefts!! Chavo backs Steiner into a corner and gives him some stiff kicks to the gut.... Chavo jumps up onto the top rope and HURRICANRANNAS STEINER OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Chavo covers..1.....2....... STEINER KICKED OUT!! Chavo doesn't know what else to pull out of his bag of tricks... Steiner gets back up like a man possessed and bullcharges at Chavo!! Chavo moves and Steiner hits the turnbuckle head on!! Chavo slides in behind him.... ROLL-UP!! 1...2....... STEINER KICKED OUT!! Chavo's going with the old 'stick and run' strategy, but that ends quickly when Steiner whips Chavo to the ropes..... AND CHAVO IS HIT WITH THE WORLD TITLE FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!!! IT'S THAT BASTARD, SHANE!! Chavo staggers forward into a HUUUUUGE POWERBOMB from STEINER!!! Steiner covers arrogantly..1.....2......... CHAVO KICKED OUT!!!!!! The fans are in SHOCK!! Steiner gets pissed and whips Chavo to the ropes.... Chavo leap frogs him and SIDE KICKS him in the back of the head!! Steiner stumbles forward and hits the referee!! THAT WAS ON PURPOSE!! Steiner stays down from the kick, and here's MIKE AWESOME!!!! He runs in and LARIATS CHAVO!!!! Awesome begins yelling and pointing at himself yelling "RIGHT HERE!!!! RIGHT HERE!!" BUT HERE COMES GOLDBERG!!! Goldberg chases Awesome out of the ring and through the crowd!! Chavo is still OUT.... Steiner throws an arm over him, and the referee wakes up.....1.......2........... CHAVO KICKED OUT AGAIN!!! Shane is still lurking at ringside... And here comes BRET HART!! He's running off Shane!! Shane runs like a bitch as Hart chases him away from the ring!! Steiner picks Chavo up for a powerbomb, but Chavo reverses it!! VICTORY ROLL!!!!! 1...2...... STEINER KICKED OUT!!!! Steiner gets up, and DAMMIT, SHANE IS BACK!! The ref is busy calling the match, and Shane is UNTYING THE TOP TURNBUCKLE PAD!! He's revealed the cold unforgiving steel!! Shane leaves quickly and Steiner whips Chavo into the corner.... CHAVO REVERSES!!!! STEINER HITS THE STEEL!!!! Chavo gets on the top rope, and JUMPS ON STEINER FOR A HURRICANRANNA BUT STEINER CATCHES HIM!!!!!!!! POWER BOMB!!!!!! Steiner doesn't make a mistake this time.... It's the STEINER RECLINER!!!!!! Chavo is FUCKING OUT OF IT!!!!! He's got blood spraying down his face and the referee STOPS THE FUCKING MATCH!!!!!! STEINER IS THE FOUR TIME SGW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!--]

Scott Steiner via Referee's Decision

[--The fans are booing so loud it's pathetic... Shane McMahon slides into the ring and gives Steiner the World Title belt... Steiner puts it around his waist... The fans are booing and we're getting dueling chants of "CHA-VO" and "GOLD-BERG".... Chavo just lays motionless in the middle of the ring in a pool of his own blood....Shane grabs a microphone and speaks as Steiner poses with his belt....--]

Shane McMahon: BOO-YAAAAH!!!! NOBODY'S FINER THAN SCOTTY STEINER, BABY!! Chavo, it's just like that song says... You tried so hard... You got so far... But in the end... It just didn't matter!! Haha!!

[--Steiner laughs and begins jawing with the fans.... Shane hands Steiner the microphone.....--]

Scott Steiner: Four time champion, it was only a matter of time, because everybody knew Chavo wouldn't hold the belt for long.... Because everybody knows that gold doesn't belong on lower class pieces of trash!!

[--Steiner looks around, absorbing the boos....--]

Scott Steiner: Now, as far as I'm concerned.... Chavo Guerrero Jr. is DEAD!! Get his carcass outta my damn ring because I'm the champion now, and he ain't shit!! I'm the king of the hill, FOUR TIME SGW CHAMPION, more than anybody else in HISTORY!! And now that I've got one bitch outta the way, it's time to start knockin' names off the bitch list!! Taz? DESTROYED HIM!! Chavo Guerrero Jr.? DEAD!! Next up? HOLIDAY HELL... CHRIS BENOIT!!

[--Shane laughs....--]

Scott Steiner: Chris Benoit, you go around talkin' about how you're the best in the business, but in truth, you held this belt for one stinkin' month and got your ass kicked by the bitch that I just DEMOLISHED... At Holiday Hell, you're a DEAD MAN... I'm gonna kick your ass, make you tap out, and show you why everyone who's held this belt since my THIRD reign ain't been nothin' but paper champions!! Chris Benoit... PREPARE TO BOW DOWN.....


[--Shane laughs and Steiner throws down the microphone.... The show comes to an end and fades out with a close-up view of Steiner flexing his huge muscle while wearing his fourth SGW World Title..... We cut to a promo for Holiday Hell and fade out....--]