12 / 23 / 2001


[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and we cut to the inside of an office... It's in the arena where Holiday Hell is being held.. We see Shane McMahon laughing as he flips through a stack of papers... Also in the room are Booker T., Mike Awesome, Ric Flair, and Judge Jeff Jones... Shane takes a sheet out of the stack of papers and shows it to Jones....--]

Shane McMahon: Hahahaaa.... This look good?

[--Jones smiles....--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Looking good, Mr. McMahon... VERY GOOD...

[--Shane signs the sheet of paper and begins flipping through the others.... Booker T. walks up to Shane and even though they're on the same page, Awesome looks ready to attack Booker if he makes any wrong moves... Booker T. speaks to McMahon....--]

Booker T.: Mista' McMahon.... Tonight... The Booka' Man is goin' to take Kanyon out... That chump change sucka will GO DOWN to the most....ELECTRIFYING MOVE in SGW....

[--Booker suddenly snaps into a trance and begins staring at his hand... Shane laughs and pats Booker on the back...--]

Shane McMahon: SPINAROONIE, baby!! Hahahaa... Thanks, Book... I couldn't ask for anything more... To have Kanyon out of my hair FOR GOOD would be great...

[--Shane laughs and signs a few more papers... Jones looks at them and laughs, nodding...--]

Mike Awesome: Booker T.'s takin' out Kanyon... That's for sure, but you don't worry about a damn thing tonight, Mr. McMahon, I'M GONNA FUCK GOLDBERG UP!! Arn Anderson won't never be in charge of SGW again, because win or lose, I'm gonna put him in a FUCKIN' WHEEL CHAIR!!!

[--Everyone laughs evilly as Shane keeps signing papers...--]

Shane McMahon: Finished... It's now official, tonight if God strikes me dead and Arn Anderson somehow wins our match, then Anderson is the owner... This contract seals the deal, but you all know, and I know that tonight, their's only two things that are going to be owned... One, me owning SGW, and two, me and Awesome owning Anderson and Goldberg's asses!! Hahahaaa...

Ric Flair: WOOOOO!!

[--Shane puts the contract into a large yellow envelope and we cut to the ring for our first match as this small alliance makes plans for the night....--]

The New Age Outlaws
The Insane Clown Posse


[--Billy Gunn and Shaggy start out and Gunn beats the hell out of Shaggy with a ton of fast paced power moves... Shaggy doesn't even have time to fight back before he's whipped into the corner and hit with a solid clothesline!! Gunn tags in Road Dogg and J jumps in to help Shaggy, but Road Dogg clotheslines him out of the ring!! J smacks his head on the floor and doesn't move, and Road Dogg gives Shaggy a stiff kick to the gut... He sets him up, and Billy gets in the ring.... SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!!!! Road Dogg covers..1...2.....3!!!! THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS ARE THE #1 CONTENDERS!!--]

The New Age Outlaws via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Bret Hart walking with a purpose.. He's still in street clothes and he charges into a dressing room, and he finds the man he's looking for.... ARN ANDERSON... Arn turns to him and Bret gets in his face...--]

Bret Hart: Listen.. I don't know if you were behind what Douglas did to me on Shock or not, but here's a little advice... If you were involved... Stay the hell out of my business because I came here to SGW to help you, and even if you weren't involved, it took a lot of balls to put Douglas in the same ring with me and not expect him to screw me over... I don't even know if I can trust you anymore...

[--Bret is severely pissed off.... Anderson sighs and replies...--]

Arn Anderson: Bret.. How long have we known each other? A few years, right? And have I ever steered you wrong? I don't think so... What happened last week was a mistake on my part, and tonight I plan on making it up to you... And you CAN trust me on that...

[--Bret just stares Arn right in the face....--]

Bret Hart: I'll believe it when I see it...

[--Hart turns around and walks out of the room... Arn watches him leaves as we cut to the ring for our next match...--]

The Hurricane/Kevin Nash/Chris Candido/Triple H
Shawn Michaels/Mankind/Kurt Angle/Rhyno


[--Kevin Nash and Mankind start out, and Nash stands toe to toe with him... Nash talks a lot of trash... KICK! JACKNIFE!!! Nash covers with one boot..1...2...3!!!!! MANKIND IS GONE!!! Nash laughs as Mankind rolls out of the ring... Nash tags in Triple H, and Kurt Angle takes Mankind's place in the ring... Angle and Triple H brawl for a bit, and Angle whips Triple H to the ropes.... Triple H tries for a clothesline but Angle hooks him.... OLYMPIC SLAM!!! Angle covers...1..2...3!!! TRIPLE H IS GONE!! Chris Candido charges in and Angle makes a quick tag to Shawn Michaels, Michaels and Candido trade some punches and basic wrestling holds, and Michaels hits the SWEET CHIN MUSIC out of NOWHERE!!! He covers..1..2...3!!!! Michaels tags in Rhyno, and Nash gets back in the ring... Nash boots Rhyno in the face and picks him up.... JACKNIFE!! He covers...1...2.....3!! RHYNO IS GONE!! We're down to Angle & Michaels vs. Nash & The Hurricane!! Nash tags in the Hurricane, but Angle is ON FIRE and he hits the OLYMPIC SLAM out of nowhere!!!! He covers..1...2.....3!!!! Nash charges in and big boots Angle in the face!! Angle tags in Shawn Michaels, and Nash whips him to the ropes... BIG BOOT!!! He picks Michaels up... JACKNIFE!!! He covers.1...2....3!! It's down to Angle & Nash!!! Angle and Nash brawl like mad men, and Kurt Angle lands a stiff kick to Nash's knee!! Nash goes down to one knee, and Angle grabs his foot!!! ANKLE LOCK!!!! Nash yells a lot and GRABS THE ROPES!! Angle releases the hold and Nash gets back to his feet... Angle makes a charge at him, and NASH CLOTHESLINES HIM DOWN!! The fans boo and Nash picks Angle up.... JACKNIFE!!!! He covers.1....2.....3!!!! KEVIN NASH IS THE SURVIVOR!!!!--]

WINNER: Kevin Nash via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Scott Steiner talking with Shane McMahon... Steiner has the SGW World Title thrown over his shoulder... Midajah stands near him... Shane speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Scotty.. Let me be the first to say.. Thank you for getting that belt off of Chavo Guerrero Jr. and bringing the SGW World Title back to the prestige it hasn't had since you last held it...

Scott Steiner: First off, I don't want your "thanks"... I came back to get this belt cause I got tired of seein' paper champions with their grubby mits all over it... They don't deserve this belt, only I do.. It's just by chance that you just happen to not like any of the bitches that held this, and it's just by chance that I decided to take your side and not break your back and go on my own!!

Shane McMahon: I understand that, Scotty, but it's still good stuff... I mean, just look at this entourage we have going here!! Scott Steiner!! Mike Awesome!! Booker T.!!....and... ME! Hahahaaa... It's great, it's like... The New Era 2.0!! Haha... I love it!!

Scott Steiner: Well, I don't!! It may sound good and all, but I'm here tonight for two reasons... To make sure Arn Anderson doesn't get anywhere near becoming SGW's owner again... and to make sure that Chris Benoit never makes it to the main event again!! Because if there's one thing I hate, it's lower class white trash touching this damn belt!! So, yeah, Shane, I'm on your side until Arn Anderson's ass is GONE... I'm on your side as long as your paying me in big fat fuckin' checks!! I'm on your side as long as you keep feedin' me the top notch competition...

[--Shane laughs....--]

Shane McMahon: Excellent... Then I take you'll be on my side for quite some time... Anyway, I've got other business to take care of.... Good luck with Benoit tonight...

[--Shane turns to walk away and Steiner suddenly turns Shane around violently and with this super intense voice says to Shane...--]

Scott Steiner: What I do to Benoit tonight... WONT...REQUIRE... LUCK... To put it simply, Shane-O... Chris Benoit is FUCKIN'...DEAD... Now, go do whatever the hell you were going to... I'm too damn busy for this shit...

[--Shane laughs and walks away as Steiner walks off camera with Midajah... We cut to the ring for our next match...--]

Taz vs. William Regal


[--Taz and Regal brawl all over the ring, and Taz dominates with dozens of suplexes!!! He drops Regal with a solid T-Bone Taz-Plex and gets two off of it!! He whips Regal to the ropes and hits him hard with the ANGRY MAN'S CLOTHESLINE!! Regal gets back up, and he hits Taz with a stiff EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Regal whips Taz to the ropes and it's the UNION JACK NECKBREAKER!!!! Regal covers..1....2.... TAZ KICKED OUT!! Taz gets back up quickly and Regal runs at him!! Taz backdrops Regal over the top rope!!!! Taz follows him out and begins digging under the ring... He drags out a TABLE!!!! He slides it into the ring and gets ANOTHER TABLE!!!! It's in the ring as well, and Taz throws Regal inside!! Taz sets up each table in a corner of the ring and he whips Regal hard into one of them!!! The table just shatters around Regal on impact!! Regal bounces out of the corner and Taz catches him..... TAZ-PLEX!!!! Regal staggers back up, and Taz gets behind him.... TAZ-MISSION!!!!! REGAL TAPS OUT!!!!! Taz releases the hold and grabs his belt as the fans give a loud mixed reaction... Regal rolls around holding his throat as Taz leaves....--]

WINNER: Taz via Submission

[--We cut backstage where the Sandman is walking around backstage with a couple of hot Asian twins... Justin Credible and X-Pac are walking behind them.... The Sandman finds the ring announcer who has came backstage to get some refreshments before the next match... The ring announcer, Gary Michael Capetta seems a bit nervous as the Sandman and his entourage approach him... The Sandman speaks...--]

The Sandman: Listen up, ya' fuck.. Tonight, when me and J.C. come out, you announce my bitches too...

[--Capetta pulls a small notecard out of his jacket pocket, and gets a pen... He starts to write...--]

Gary Michael Capetta: Ok... What are their names?

[--Sandman looks each twin up and down and then speaks....--]

The Sandman: The AssFuck Twins..

[--Capetta nearly drops his card and pen when he hears this....--]

Gary Michael Capetta: I... I... I can't say that... Can't we call them something else? Like the Naughty Twins?

The Sandman: Why the FUCK would you call them the Naughty Twins when they get fucked in the ass all the time?

Gary Michael Capetta: Well... Um...That's pretty naughty...

[--Before another word can be said, a CHAIR smashes into the Sandman's head!! He hits the floor and another hits Credible!! X-Pac is wiped out as well!! Left standing is EDGE AND CHRISTIAN!!!!! Edge throws his chair down on X-Pac's body... Christian tosses his behind him and Edge gets down in the Sandman's face...--]

Edge: Tonight after our match... You're gonna be drinking a lot of beer and doing a lot of drugs, but not because you won any tag titles...

Christian: Totally not because of that....

Edge: It's going to be so you can put yourself into some kind of drug inducified coma.... Because that's the ONLY way you're going to forget what we do to you tonight...

[--Christian spits on Credible's downed body and they head off deep in the arena's backstage area... We get a close-up of an unconcious Sandman as we cut to the ring for our next match...--]

Booker T. vs. Chris Kanyon


[--Booker T. and Kanyon begin brawling and Booker takes a quick advantage with his various power moves.... Kanyon fights back with some technical wizardry but finds himself on the business end of several Harlem SideKicks... Kanyon stays down for a seven count, but manages to get back on his feet... They brawl a little bit more, and Booker whips Kanyon to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Kanyon hooks his arm and hits the FLATLINER!! Booker stays down for a six count, and gets back to his feet.. Booker and Kanyon fight it out a bit more and Booker clotheslines Kanyon outside the ring... Booker follows him out and begins pounding on him with some hard forearms... Kanyon gives Booker T. a stiff kick to the gut and goes to piledrive him, but Booker manages to back drop Kanyon out of the move, Kanyon hits his ass on the floor and springs back up, but his first punch is ducked, and BOOKER T. HOOKS HIM FOR THE BOOK-END!!!! HE PUTS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!! The fans erupt in boos as the referee counts to ten, and BOOKER T. HAS WON THE MATCH!!!! Booker T. gets back in the ring and he hits one knee... He stares at the hand.... SPINAROONIE!!! SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!!!! The fans erupt in boos as Booker leaves Kanyon laying....--]

WINNER: Booker T. via 10-Count

[--We cut backstage where we see a close-up of Taz's face... He's got a towel over his head and he begins yelling into the camera.....--]

Taz: WILLIAM REGAL!! JUST...ANOTHA...VICTIM!! Who's next? I'm ready for a real challenge, I want someone who can put a FUCKIN' FIGHT!! Not some pretty boy british BITCH!! I'm not out here to cut some promo saying how bad ass I am, I'm just out here to make a challenge.... ANYBODY.... ANYTIME.... Someone step up to the fuckin' plate... Cause on Shock, I'm expectin' a fight.... And if you're not as bad as you think you are... If you're not as hardcore as you claim to be, then there's one thing that YOU can expect... AND THAT'S TAP MUTHA FUCKA... TAP MUTHA FUCKA....TAP!!!! Somebody... Step up... I'm beggin' ya.... BEAT ME IF YOU CAN.... SURVIVE...

[--Taz says it low and intense....--]

Taz: ....IF I LET YOU...

[--We cut to the ring for our next match....--]

Big Van Vader vs. Hulk Hogan
Chris Jericho
vs. Dallas Page


[--Jericho and Hogan start out in one corner, and DDP and Vader brawl in another... Jericho whips Hogan to the ropes and hits a dropkick.... Hogan gets back up and they begin brawling again... Vader and Page fight it out and Vader whips Page to the ropes... He gives him a solid kick to the gut and a VICIOUS VADER BOMB!!!! Vader drags Page over to the corner and hits a VADER SPLASH!!!! Vader covers Page...1...2.....3!!!!! Vader has eliminated Page!! Vader takes a running charge at Jericho and Hogan and for one moment they work together to backdrop Vader out of the ring!! Vader hits the floor hard and a recovering Page meets Vader outside!! Vader and Page brawl to the back and the referee counts out VADER!!!! VADER IS GONE!! Jericho and Hogan brawl it out and Jericho whips Hogan hard into the corner!! Hogan bounces out and JERICHO HITS THE FACEBUSTER!!! Hogan lays still and Jericho hits the ropes.... LIONSAULT!!!! He covers..1...2...3!!! Chris Jericho has won the match!!--]

WINNER: Chris Jericho via Pinfall

[--We cut to a scene that says "DURING THE LAST MATCH" in the lower left corner of the screen... What we see is simply sickening... It's Booker T. returning from the ring to his dressing room and being created with champagne and balloons!! Why the hell are they having this kind of celebration!?! Shane walks up laughing and hands Booker T. a glass of champagne...--]

Booker T.: Shane.... Tell me you didn't do this... TELL ME...You did NOT... Do this....

Shane McMahon: We all did it, Booker Man!! Cause you deserve it!!

Mike Awesome: Yeah!! Yeah!! You deserve it!! PUT HIM RIGHT THROUGH THAT FUCKIN' TABLE!!!

Booker T.: DIG IT!! 10-COUNT!!

[--Booker T. suddenly hits one knee and holds both hands in front of his face....--]

Booker T.: TEN, SUCKA!!

Shane McMahon: Hahahaaa... That's one down, boys... Only got Edge & Christian, Hart, Goldberg, and Anderson to go.... Tonight's a good night, boys... A damn good night...

[--The camera pans out from this to reveal that we've been watching this whole thing on a monitor, and so has THE ROCK.... The Rock just shakes his head in disappointment as we cut to the ring for our next match....--]

Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino
Val Venis


[--They begin brawling like crazy and Van Dam takes a quick advantage, dropping Corino with a hard side kick.... Venis and RVD begin trading punches, and RVD takes advantage!! He drops Venis with a solid drop kick and Venis is back up quickly.... Corino gets back in the mix and he drops RVD with a solid SUPERKICK!! Corino and Venis trade punches, and RVD is back up!! He slides out of the ring and grabs a chair... Venis and Corino keep fighting and Venis shoves Corino into an RVD CHAIRSHOT!! Corino hits the mat hard and RVD throws Venis the chair!! Venis duck it, because he saw the Van Daminator coming... Venis grabs the chair off the ground and RVD bails out of the ring before he can use it.... Corino gets back up and Venis PLASTERS HIM with the chair!! RVD jumps back up on the apron and he hops up onto the top rope and VENIS SMASHES THE CHAIR INTO RVD'S SKULL!! RVD falls to the outside and Venis drops the chair... He goes up top and hits the MONEY SHOT on Corino!!! He hooks the leg..1...2....RVD PULLS VENIS OUT!!! RVD is bleeding from the head and Venis clubs him one good time!! Venis throws RVD in and RVD walks right into the OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION!!!!! Corino covers...1...2.....3!!!!! THE TV CHAMPION HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!! WE ARE GUARANTEED A NEW CHAMPION TONIGHT!!! Venis slides back in, and he and Corino brawl like crazy!! Venis backs Corino into the corner, and begins sending shots into his body with some freakish strength!! Corino fights back and whips Venis to the ropes.... SUPER KICK!!! Corino covers..1..2.... VENIS KICKED OUT!! Venis gets back up and Corino begins kicking away at him but Venis pushes Corino away and whips him into the ropes.... Venis boots Corino in the mouth and picks him back up.... BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!! Venis covers..1..2..... CORINO KICKED OUT!! Venis and Corino go at it some more, and Corino whips Val to ropes, but Val reverses it and hits Corino with a high knee!! Val picks Corino up.... SNAP POWERBOMB!!! VAL COVERS!!! 1...2..... FEET ON THE ROPES!!!!! 3!!!! VAL VENIS IS THE TWO TIME CHAMPION!!!!! Venis grabs his belt and takes off backstage as Corino throws a fit in the ring.....--]

WINNER: Val Venis via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Chris Jericho making his way through the backstage area.. He looks a little tired from his last match... Johnny the Bull is coming down the hall in the opposite direction and they inadvertantly bump shoulders... Jericho pays no attention, but Johnny expresses his frustration....--]

Johnny the Bull: 'Ey! Watch where ya' goin'!

[--Jericho stops in his tracks and turns to look back at Johnny... Johnny is giving him a big staredown...--]

Chris Jericho: Or what, jerky? You'll make me sleep with the fishes? Or better yet, maybe you'll use some of the concrete in your head to make me a nice pair of shoes so you can try to sink me in Dibiase's swimming pool..

Johnny the Bull: You gotta big mouth, kid... Perhaps you'd like me to shut it for ya'?

Chris Jericho: Ya' know... Maybe I would... Come on, Johnny, shut it for me...

[--Johnny smirks and begins laughing...--]

Johnny the Bull: I thinks I will...

[--But before Johnny can do anything, Chris Jericho just bitchslaps him in the face!! Johnny smiles and jumps at Jericho and they begin brawling, but VAL VENIS comes from behind!! Venis hits Jericho in the back, and Johnny takes this opportunity to punch Jericho in the face with a solid right hand!!! Jericho hits the floor completely unconcious, and Val holds Jericho's leg up.... AND JOHNNY BRINGS HIS FOOT DOWN ON JERICHO'S KNEE!!!! Jericho could be fucking crippled!! Val slaps Johnny on the chest to get his attention as Jericho writhes in pain on the floor...--]

Val Venis: Come on, let's get out of here before the officials start asking us questions...

Johnny the Bull: Yeah... Let's go...

[--Johnny and Venis take off into the backstage area as Jericho tries to stand, but can't....--]

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