There's a rumble from above.

The sight of it took his breath away. The lone piece of shimmering silver among a literal mountain of dull, lifeless rock. The Ashanti prince reached out carefully with gloved hands because he did not dare touch the artifact with his bare skin. He was well aware of the legends. Beads of sweat formed on his upper lip and he anxiously licked them away. He tried his best not to breathe too heavily but the journey had been long and tiresome up to this point.

But it was finally over.


Prince Nana plucked the final piece of Muramasa steel from its stone resting place and held it at eye level, admiring it. Clad in a camouflage tactical vest and matching cargo pants, and topped off with a black bandana on his head, Prince Nana doesn't come close to resembling the flamboyant prince we are more familiar with. His face is even smooth, unscarred... he had not suffered his greatest humiliation yet.

[ Prince Nana ] Ernie, my man... bring de' case.

Ernie Osiris approaches Nana, each footstep echoing in the underground cave. Ernie is dressed in khaki pants, a sweat stained button-up shirt, and a brown leather jacket with a fedora. He wipes the sweat from his face with one hand and allows his eyes to fall upon the artifact.

[ Ernie Osiris ] This... this is it? This is the last one?

Without a word, without even looking at Ernie, Nana nods. Ernie reaches into his satchel and removes a small black case. His hands tremble as he raises the lid and offers it to Nana. Nana gently places the shard of metal into the red velvet interior of the case. He snaps it shut with one gloved hand, then smiles.

[ Prince Nana ] For years, de' Embassy have scoured de' earth for de' Black Company's gain... finally, afta' many year, after much money, after many sacrifice... de' job is done.

[ Ernie Osiris ] Congratulations, my prince.

Nana looks at Osiris... the words mean the world to him.

[ Prince Nana ] Does Ernesto Osiris unda'stand what it has cost Prince Nana to collect all o' de' pieces o' da' MOO-RAH-MAZA steel, ah? Does he really know?

Ernie swallows hard and wipes the sweat from his face with his hand once more. He stammers.

[ Ernie Osiris ] E-everything.

He nods, assuring himself.

[ Ernie Osiris ] It cost you everything.

Nana huffs and looks down at the case in his hands.

[ Prince Nana ] I see you have been paying attention, ah? Ha ha.

[ Ernie Osiris ] Of course, my prince.

[ Prince Nana ] All my monies... all my riches... gone. De' Embassy? We are all dat is left, Ernesto... my friend. We are... de' last of our kind, yeah?

Ernie removes his hat and holds it at chest level, over his heart.

[ Prince Nana ] Jimmeh Rave, Sal Rinauro, Diablo Santiago, Oman Tortuga, Fast Eddie... Hurricane John! Dat swine Erick Stevens... Jade Chung and Mike Kruel... all gone like, ah--

Nana snaps his fingers, trying to think, and then his eyes light up.

[ Prince Nana ] Gone like de' mustard burp, yeah? Momentarily tangy... and then gone wit' de' wind! For all time. What a shame. I have enjoyed our time together on this journey, Ernesto. You have proven yourself to be a loyal and useful... friend.

Ernie nods, sweating profusely.

[ Ernie Osiris ] Thank you... that means so much to me, my prince.

Nana takes a deep breath and offers a slight shrug.

[ Prince Nana ] Of course... that journey is now at its end.

He slides the black case into one of the pockets on his tactical vest. He approaches Ernie and places his hand on his shoulder, giving him a good shake. Nana smiles and Ernie can swear he sees his teeth sparkle like something out of a toothpaste commercial.

[ Prince Nana ] Prince Nana has worked for too long to share credit for finding de' MOO-RAH-MAZA blade, yes? Dat is why all o' de' others had to go. There is only reward for one at de' high table o' de' Black Company--

[ Ernie Osiris ] I would never try to take credit for what you've done. You don't even have to tell them I was here--


The blade slides between Ernie's ribs and penetrates organs. He barely has time to realize what has happened before his mouth fills up with blood and he begins to drown. He coughs and begins to panic. Nana catches him around the waist and supports his head as he guides him toward the stone floor. Ernie gurgles and tears well up in his eyes. Still supporting the back of Ernie's head, Nana stares into his eyes.

[ Prince Nana ] I am so sorry, Ernesto.

Dramatic pause.

[ Prince Nana ] Truly, dis is de' cruelest cut o' dem all.

Ernie sputters and droplets of blood land on Nana's cheek.

[ Prince Nana ] You will neva' suffa' de' indignity o' de' dolla' menu where you are going, mine friend. No, you shall hold de' reservation at de' finest restaurants for all time... and when I join you, many many years from now, we shall dine on shrimp cocktail and sirloin like kings!

He raises his hand and offers the chef's kiss.

[ Prince Nana ] MUAH! Yeah, man!

The light is gone in Ernie's eyes. Nana gently lowers his head to the floor and places the fedora over his face. Nana stands, no more joy about him. He is quiet, stoic... as hard and cold as the rocks surrounding him. He sheathes the dagger that killed Ernie Osiris and removes the black case from his vest. Opening it up, he looks at the steel in front of him.

[ Prince Nana ] De' Black Company can not ignore my value now.

He closes the case.

[ Prince Nana ] Nana will have his seat... at de' high table.

He returns the case to his vest and rubs his hands together.

[ Prince Nana ] Oh yeah, man... it will be mine.

There's a rumble from above.


04/03/2021 | The Shrine | Off the Coast of Japan

Commentators: Don Callis & Gail Kim

The Shrine.

The structure stands against the night sky, cold and intimidating... lifeless. Despite how the rest of the island hums with dark energy, there's something about the exterior of The Shrine that feels dull and artificial, like it doesn't belong. Masked guards stand on either side of the large iron door but... speaking of things that don't belong, there's a man sitting on the steps leading up to that iron door... a curious looking man staring off into space with dark and lifeless eyes peering out from beneath a classic luchador mask designed to resemble the features of a one hundred year old man. The white beard attached to the mask rests on the collar of his dark blue robe just as he himself rests, leaning forward on a cane that's planted on the step between his feet.

Even though his true features are hidden behind the mask, there's an overwhelming sense that Gabai Ji-chan actually is an old man... that he truly is tired from a long journey and choosing to rest. One of the guards takes notice of him as though he just appeared. Annoyed, the guard closes the distance between them, delivering a sharp kick to the old man's back and pointing at him.

Guard ] < Hey! You are not supposed to be here! >

Gabai Ji-chan visibly sighs but otherwise ignores the guard.

Guard ] < We have gone through this before! I thought you would learn your lesson by now! Not so smart, huh? By order of Mr. Tagawa, I have to remove you now... by force! >

The guard plants his hand on Gabai Ji-chan's shoulder... only to have Ji-chan swing into action, remaining seated but using his cane to swiftly take the guard's feet out from him, causing him to land hard with the base of his skull hitting the top step! He remains motionless and the other guard rushes over, kneeling down to check on him. After a few seconds, he pulls down the front of his red mask, revealing the concerned face of a Japanese man.

Guard #2 ] < Hey! You fucking killed him! He's dead! >

He pulls the mask back up, eyes narrowing.

Guard #2 ] < Now I have to kill you for revenge! >

The second guard grabs Gabai Ji-chan's shoulder and pulls him to his feet. The man who just defeated the previous guard with extreme prejudice now seems feeble and helpless... and the guard tosses him off the steps, sending him crashing to the gravel walkway below! The guard looks down and sees the cane resting on the steps, remaining curiously upright despite no one being there to hold it up. He grabs the cane with both hands.

Guard #2 ] < I will put this in your ass. See how you like that! >

The guard walks down the steps but before he can reach Gabai Ji-chan, we see Chris Brookes walk into the shot. He stops at Ji-chan's head, only a few feet away from the guard. He stands easily a full head and a half taller than the masked goon. Clad in a t-shirt and shorts, Brookes looks far less than ready for a fight with the shredded guard. Brookes holds out his hand.

[ Chris Brookes ] Easy, mate. No need for violence.

The guard unsheathes a large blade.

[ Chris Brookes ] Oh fuck off now... MIZUKI! A LITTLE HELP 'ERE!

As if on cue, Mizuki slides into the shot and covers Gabai Ji-chan on the ground, looking up at the guard with puppy dog eyes. She holds up her hand between them, defending herself and the old man. Chris Brookes takes a step back, more than happy to let her take the knifing meant for him.

Mizuki ] < Please don't hurt him! He is just an old man! >

Brookes swallows hard, folding his arms across his chest defiantly.

[ Chris Brookes ] Yeah, what she said. Right.

The guard shakes his head and sheathes the blade. He looks down at Mizuki.

Guard #2 ] < You are lucky we are not allowed to kill you so-called warriors. Get this old man out of here and take him back to his temple. He is not welcome near The Shrine! This is not his territory! >

[ Chris Brookes ] Blah blah fuckin' blah, mate. Sod off already.

The guard glares at Brookes.

Guard #2 ] < I will visit you where you sleep tonight, tall man. >

[ Chris Brookes ] I have no idea what ya' sayin'.

Guard #2 ] < The rules say nothing about killing the likes of you. >

Brookes chuckles and shakes his head.

[ Chris Brookes ] Mizuki, love, what's this jerk-off sayin'?

Another voice can be heard from several feet away, loud and annoyed.

[ Maki Itoh ] He say he will... KEER YOU... while you suh-reep.

Brookes swallows hard as he watches the guard throw down the cane and walk away. Appearing genuinely concerned for his safety, Brookes looks at Itoh, a sense of urgency in his voice.

[ Chris Brookes ] He didn't really say that, did he?

Itoh looks down at Mizuki protecting Gabai Ji-chan.

Maki Itoh ] < Mizuki, what are you doing lying on top of that old pervert?! Have some fucking respect for yourself! >

Mizuki struggles to help Gabai Ji-chan to his feet. Brookes approaches, picking up the cane and taking an arm. He hands the cane to Gabai Ji-chan but gasps and takes a step back upon seeing his face.

[ Chris Brookes ] Fuck off, what's that on his face?!

Mizuki ] < It's a beard! >

[ Chris Brookes ] It's a fuckin' creepy mask is what it is!

Maki Itoh ] < I don't like the way he is fucking looking at me. I have dealt with enough creepy old men in my life. I will not fucking tolerate one here, too! >

Gabai Ji-chan slowly plods toward her, leaning hard on his cane. Gabai Ji-chan comes face to face with Itoh as Mizuki and Brookes look on. Brookes looks ready to intervene as they almost stand nose to nose... and then their foreheads touch. Itoh stares intently into the beady eyes behind the mask. Without so much as a word between them, Gabai Ji-chan takes a step back and then shuffles toward The Shrine, slowly making his way up the steps. Mizuki watches him, tilting her head to the side. Brookes stands next to Itoh and looks down at her.

[ Chris Brookes ] What the fuck was that?

Itoh scratches her head, confused.

[ Maki Itoh ] I think he want... to help... me.

Itoh follows Gabai Ji-chan, keeping a few steps behind him. Mizuki follows, taking the old man's arm and guiding him through the iron door with Itoh just behind. Chris Brookes looks utterly defeated. He cups his hands around his mouth and shouts after them.

[ Chris Brookes ] Girls, he ain't supposed t' be in there! I swear I heard one o' the guards say somethin' 'bout that! Christ almighty. I'm... I'm gonna die in this fuckin' place. I can see it already.

Reserving himself to his fate, he walks up the steps and follows them inside.



versus DANI LUNA versus
Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 30:00

With all four women standing in the ring, Tommy Ran holds up the Spirit of the Ronin Championship for all to see. Once she hands it off to a ringside attendant, she calls for the gong to be sounded and the match begins.

[ Gail Kim ] What a way to begin the evening, Don. Much like last time, this event will be christened by the crowning of a new champion here in REQUIEM.

[ Don Callis ] And what a collection of talent it is, chosen completely at random.

[ Gail Kim ] Well, random in a sense. They're all worthy in their own way. The interesting thing about the Spirit of the Ronin Championship is its reliance on transfer students. The only competitor in this match who is a regular presence on the island is Haruna Neko.

[ Don Callis ] Yes, the idiot dressed like a cat.

[ Gail Kim ] Correct. If she wins tonight, her life will resume as normal, albeit with the pressure of being a champion... but the other three women will be removed from the island. They're only ticket to remain is to become victorious and carry the championship going forward.

Mercedes Martinez immediately mugs Haruna Neko, backing her into the corner and nailing her with boots to the stomach until she falls into a seated position in the corner. Liv Morgan and Dani Luna circle each other, smirks on both their faces. They lock up and struggle against one another until Dani takes over with a knee lift and hip tosses Liv into the center of the ring. She hits the ropes and boots Liv in the back, causing her to cry out in pain. Meanwhile, Mercedes Martinez face washes Neko with her boot and then runs from the opposite corner, booting her right in the face so hard that she falls over the bottom rope and to the floor below!

[ Don Callis ] I'm a really big of the energy being shown by Mercedes Martinez! Kill that stupid cat!

[ Gail Kim ] Mercedes is definitely a favorite. There have been eyes on her for a long time.

Mercedes doesn't waste time going after Neko. She turns and nails Dani Luna in the back, tenderizing her with brutal forearms before spinning her around and hooking her for a FISHERMAN'S BUSTER... only for Luna to lock her legs to block it. Liv Morgan comes alive and ascends the turnbuckles. Perched on the top rope, she watches as Mercedes wins the battle of attrition against Dani Luna and plants her with a snap suplex... only to have Liv Morgan land on her mid-section with double knees! Liv quickly covers Mercedes but only gets two! Liv then tries to cover Dani Luna but only gets two again!

[ Gail Kim ] Dani Luna is made of much tougher stuff than Liv Morgan gives her credit for.

[ Don Callis ] It'll take a lot more than that to keep her down, I agree. However, Liv Morgan has to be an interesting prospect to become Spirit of the Ronin Champion, right? I heard she brought that freak Bray Wyatt and his dimwit brother to the island with her!

[ Gail Kim ] They are problematic, yes... but manageable.

Liv Morgan is frustrated as she stands... but walks right into a RUNNING DOUBLE PAW STRIKE from Haruna Neko! Morgan goes down and rolls to the floor. Neko pulls Mercedes to her feet and hoists her onto her shoulders... TKO! She covers but Mercedes bridges out at two! Neko looks distraught but not for long as Dani Luna grabs her around the waist, snatches her up off the mat and plants her with a STALLING GERMAN SUPLEX! She bridges it for the pin but Liv Morgan returns out of nowhere to DOUBLE STOMP her right in the mid-section, breaking the pin!

[ Don Callis ] Why would she break the pin!? It's elimination rules!

[ Gail Kim ] I have to believe there's a plan at work here... we're just not seeing it... yet.

Liv quickly dumps Dani Luna to the floor and tosses Haruna Neko into the ropes. She catches her coming off with a clothesline, causing Haruna to stumble back into the ropes. Liv sets her up into a seated position on the middle rope and then turns to run the ropes... only to walk into a RUNNING BOOT from Mercedes Martinez! Mercedes trashcans Liv to the floor and then snatches Haruna Neko out of the ropes. She goes for the FISHERMAN'S BUSTER but Haruna floats over into a pinning predicament on the way down! Tommy Ran drops down to count and Liv Morgan grabs Mercedes' ankle from the floor, keeping her secured as the referee counts three!


Haruna sits up and can't believe it! Mercedes immediately returns to her feet, visibly enraged, and snatches up Haruna, planting her all on her head and neck with the SAITO SUPLEX!

[ Don Callis ] Mercedes Martinez has been eliminated by the idiot cat! Criminal! Absolutely criminal!

[ Gail Kim ] Mercedes just dealt out one hell of a receipt, Don. I don't think she's getting back up.

Mercedes looks disgusted and leaves the ring. Dani Luna rolls under the bottom rope and eyes Haruna before springing to action, grabbing Haruna around the waist and dead lifting her into a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX FOR THREE!


Dani releases the bridge and then uses her feet to shove Neko under the bottom rope, out of the ring. She returns to her feet... only to get blindsided out of nowhere with the 201 FACE BREAKER! Liv scrambles on top of her, covering her... but only gets TWO as Luna throws a shoulder up at the last second! Liv stays on Dani Luna, raining down forearm strikes on her back as she struggles up to all fours. Frantic, Liv grabs Luna by the hair and tries to pull her to her feet... only for Luna to elbow her way out and get her feet beneath her on her own. Favoring her mid-section, Liv goes for a big forearm strike... only for Dani Luna to duck it and catch Liv on the turnaround by hoisting her onto her shoulder and planting her with a RUNNING POWER SLAM! She covers and hooks Liv's leg! ONE! TWO! THR-- LIV KICKS OUT!

[ Gail Kim ] I thought that was it. I'm extremely interested in the prospect of Dani Luna becoming champion. There's just something about her that I think would... flourish under the island's watch.

[ Don Callis ] Well, that doesn't sound insanely creepy. Down to Liv Morgan and Dani Luna, I think either one of these women would certainly fit the island's aesthetic as champion. It's simply down to who wants it more!

Frustrated, Dani Luna returns to her feet and brings up Liv behind her, clutching a handful of hair. She whips Liv into the ropes and tries to catch her coming off with a clothesline... but Liv ducks it and executes a go-behind. She tries to lift up Dani for a German but Dani elbows out of it and executes a go-behind of her own. Liv grabs the top rope and refuses to let go, prompting Dani to pummel her back with forearms until she does... RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Liv lands all on her head and neck but rolls straight back to her feet! Luna returns to her feet just in time to see Liv charge at her with a clothesline! Dani ducks that but Liv ducks Dani's attempt at a clothesline on the turnaround! Dani's momentum sends her into the ropes where she catches herself, but she turns right around into OBLIVION! Liv covers, hooking both legs and praying for dear life! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Liv Morgan rolls off of Dani Luna and buries her face in her hands until Tommy Ran kneels down next to her, presenting her with the Spirit of the Ronin Championship. Liv looks down at it, laying it across her lap and placing her hand on the center plate.

[ Gail Kim ] Liv Morgan has done it! Liv Morgan is the first Spirit of the Ronin Champion, and she has earned her right to stay on the island until her purpose-- until her reign is ended!

[ Don Callis ] Solid performance, and now we have Bray Wyatt and that idiot Bo to look forward to... indefinitely. Splendid.

[ Gail Kim ] Everyone is here for a reason, Don. Even the undesirables.

Liv Morgan stands and holds the championship over her head as Tommy Ran raises her other hand in the air. However, there's a gasp from the spectators as someone enters the ring unexpectedly. Clad in jeans and a leather jacket with half her face painted to look like a colorful sugar skull, Thunder Rosa stands across the ring with a microphone in her hand.

[ Don Callis ] Thunder Rosa is here! What-- why?! How?! How did she get here!?

[ Gail Kim ] She was chosen, Don! That's the only way anyone gets here!

Thunder Rosa looks at Morgan and nods before making her way toward her. Morgan rests the championship on her shoulder, glancing down at it and squaring up as Rosa approaches. Standing within a foot of one another, Rosa looks at the championship and then up into Morgan's eyes before raising the microphone.

[ Thunder Rosa ] So, this is what passes for championship material around here? I gotta' say... I'm not impressed.

Liv's eyes narrow, taking that comment to heart.

[ Thunder Rosa ] I expected more from a place that is supposed to be exclusive and mysterious... but all I see in my presence are soft Japanese girls and even softer Americans.

Rosa eyes the championship.

[ Thunder Rosa ] Maybe the Black Company needs a taste of what can happen when their prestigious championship belts are treated with respect and held by a TRUE WARRIOR... when they're taken away from the little girls playing wrestler and strapped around the waist of a MEXICAN!

Liv scowls, visibly unhappy about having her moment ruined.

[ Thunder Rosa ] Well, here I am, hermana. Clearly, they are curious about what could happen as well... because your next challenger... IS THUNDER ROSA!

Rosa and Liv go nose to nose. Finally, after a few uncomfortable moments, Rosa exits the ring and walks to the back, stopping on the stage to make the "title belt" motion around her waist.

[ Gail Kim ] Next month, Liv Morgan will defend her Spirit of the Ronin Championship against the oncoming storm, Thunder Rosa! What a treat for the island faithful!

We fade out on a shot of Liv Morgan looking on with the championship over her shoulder.

Electricity in the air.

The calm before the storm.

The corridor leading into the main hall of The Shrine is silent except for the sound of dice scrabbling on the floor, followed by childlike giggling. On their knees and in a circle, we see Suzume, Shiori Sena, and Itsuki Hoshino playing chō-han. Suzume celebrates a winning roll, pumping her fists in victory.

Suzume ] < I win again! I am very good at this! >

Shiori Sena reaches across the circle and pushes Suzume hard at the shoulder. Suzume looks at her and pouts. It's clear that Shiori is taking the dice game too seriously.

Shiori Sena ] < You are just lucky! This is a child's game anyway, okay? >

Shiori stands up, looking down at Hoshino and Suzume.

Shiori Sena ] < I have a match to prepare for. I don't have time for you two cheaters! >

Itsuki Hoshino ] < Cheaters!? You take that back! >

Hoshino springs to her feet and gets in Shiori's face. Suzume tries to get between them.

Itsuki Hoshino ] < I will teach you not to disrespect me! >

Shiori Sena ] < You better shut up, Itsuki! I will fight you and I will win! >

Suzume ] < Please stop! >

Before the conflict can escalate further, a door creeks open further down the corridor. All three women turn their attention to the sound. Seconds later, Dolph Ziggler exits the room in white pants and a hot pink button-up shirt. Behind him, Sonya Deville emerges, already in her gear with a short black robe tied off at the waist. Shiori Sena's eyes widen upon seeing Deville. As Ziggler and Deville approach, he notices the dice on the floor.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Oh nice. I'll take some of this action. What's the game, ladies?

Deville places her hand on Ziggler's chest and shakes her head.

[ Sonya Deville ] Uh-uh. You've lost enough of our money.

Ziggler looks offended.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] But they're kids.

[ Sonya Deville ] Yeah, and the last one was an old man.

Hoshino nudges Shiori from behind, almost knocking her forward a step. Hoshino taunts her with a mocking tone.

Itsuki Hoshino ] < Isn't she the foreigner who snuck up on you from behind? Another cheater. Do something about it. Reclaim your honor, Shiori! >

Suzume ] < Shut up, Itsuki! >

Deville looks Shiori dead in the eye.

[ Sonya Deville ] Is there a problem?

Deville shakes her head and walks past Shiori and toward her destination. Shiori looks embarrassed by how she was so casually brushed off.

Shiori Sena ] < You do not remember me?! >

Deville stops in her tracks.

Shiori Sena ] < Turn and face me, coward! I promise that you will not best me in combat again! >

Deville slowly looks back over her shoulder before turning around. She approaches Sena, getting right down in her face. Suzume places her hand on Shiori's shoulder, trying to draw her back... but Shiori pushes her back and goes nose to nose with Deville. Ziggler inexplicably has a small bag of peanuts, popping them into his mouth one at a time and chewing obnoxiously, watching with amusement.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I don't know if you can take her, Sone. She looks real mad.

Sonya doesn't even look back at him, but rolls her eyes.

[ Sonya Deville ] Look, kid... I don't know if you can even understand the words that are coming out of my mouth but I'm gonna say what I gotta say and then we're done. I absolutely remember you... and I have no doubt that your ego is sore after what I did to you... but you need to take this opportunity to listen to your friends and fuck off until you're mentally prepared for a challenge at my level.

Deville's eyes narrow as she glares at Shiori.

[ Sonya Deville ] Now... be gone.

Deville turns around to leave and Hoshino shoves Shiori forward, knocking her into Deville, sending the Pride Fighter forward a step. Deville grits her teeth as her eyes meet Dolph's. Dolph chuckles and shakes his head.

[ Sonya Deville ] ...seriously?

Deville turns around to face Shiori, trembling with anger. Hoshino and Suzume stand behind Shiori, Suzume appearing concerned while Hoshino smirks, knowing what she just caused... but then Shiori makes it worse on her own by taking the opportunity to hock and spit right in Deville's face! Deville reaches up and wipes the spit from her face, flicking her hand at the floor where it lands. Deville immediately back hand slaps Shiori across the face, sending her sprawling backward to the floor with a split lip. Before Shiori can recover, Deville descends on her and drills her right in the cheek with an elbow so stout that she's immediately knocked unconscious. Deville gets up and dusts herself off. She looks down at Shiori, disgusted.

[ Sonya Deville ] Shoulda' fucked off when I gave ya' the chance, kid.

Deville turns to leave as Suzume and Hoshino kneel to check on Shiori.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I love watchin' you work, babe. Damn!

She ignores the "compliment" and they round the corner, suddenly coming face to face with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, clad all in black. Next to him, Leva Bates stands with a large leather bound book in her grasp. Almost as if she doesn't want to be seen with Tagawa, she averts her gaze from Deville and Ziggler, taking a step back and standing behind him. Tagawa smiles.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] Sonya Deville.

His eyes narrow as he looks Ziggler up and down... not impressed.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] Mr. Ziggler.

Assuming this sudden visit is about something else, Sonya starts.

[ Sonya Deville ] Look, the kid was in my face--

[ Mr. Tagawa ] I am not concerned with any child.

She looks confused. His smile returns.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] My concern is your lack of faith.

She folds her arms across her chest, raising an eyebrow.

[ Sonya Deville ] Yeah, about that... I'm here to fight and win, man. I'm not about whatever else is going on here--

[ Mr. Tagawa ] Oh, but you are.

He leans in slightly.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] You seek control, yes?

Without waiting for an answer, he turns to Leva Bates and takes the book from her. He opens it and carefully turns the pages. They look ancient. Leva gasps as he tears a single page from the book, looks it over, and then hands it to Sonya. She looks down at it, confused by the symbol on the page.

[ Sonya Deville ] What the hell is this?

[ Mr. Tagawa ] After your contest tonight, journey into the depths of The Shrine... find a door with that symbol on it. There, you will find an example of the island's power... and an opportunity to take your--

She can swear for the briefest moments that his eyes flicker black.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] --control.

Without another word, Tagawa hands the book to Leva Bates and walks past Deville and Ziggler. Leva shuffles away behind him, looking down at the damaged book with a sad look on her face. Once they're gone, Ziggler and Sonya exchange a glance. Deville looks down at the symbol as we fade to black.

Exhibition Supplement
Referee: Daisuke Kiso | Time Limit: 10:00

Yoshiko stands silently at ringside, peering through the ropes at the two competitors preparing to do battle. As soon as the gong sounds, Pom Harajuku charges across the ring and awkwardly dives at Yasukawa, which is easily sidestepped. Harajuku eats the bottom turnbuckle and Yasukawa instantly snatches Pom's ankle and drags her into the center of the ring before dropping an elbow across the back of her neck.

[ Don Callis ] Act Yasukawa is giving Pom Harajuku no quarter, going straight for the neck!

[ Gail Kim ] Act Yasukawa is a ruthless competitor. Her path to the island is littered with blood and broken bodies... and there's no doubt that she'll leave plenty more behind her as her career advances.

Yasukawa pulls Pom back to her feet with a pigtail in each hand. Pom comes alive and swats Act's hands down before nailing her with a forearm! She hits her with a second forearm, staggering her, and then hits the ropes. She goes for a single leg dropkick but Act deflects it, causing Pom to crash and burn. Wasting no more time, Act nails Pom in the back with a standing axe kick and lifts her off the mat, awkwardly hoisting the larger competitor onto her shoulder and driving her down head first with ACT OMEGA! She sits on Pom's chest and cradles one leg as Daisuke counts three!


Act stands up and immediately whips around, glaring down at Yoshiko, who appears fixated on Act. Yoshiko clenches her fists and then relaxes them. Maintaining eye contact, Act exits the ring and glares at Yoshiko as she walks past her, toward the ramp.

[ Don Callis ] The relationship between these two is confusing, given their history.

[ Gail Kim ] Their relationship isn't confusing, it's complicated. I can assure you that Act has everything under control.

[ Don Callis ] How can you possibly assure me of that?

[ Gail Kim ] I know things, Don. Don't be glib.

We fade out on a shot of Yoshiko's back as she silently follows Act Yasukawa to the back.

She needs to clear her head.

After a series of sleepless nights, Anna Jay is trying to unwind. Perhaps the island marketplace isn't the best choice. Doing her best to walk unimpeded around the unwashed locals, she finds herself getting tagged repeatedly in the shoulders, pushed back, growing more irritable with each instance of unapologetic contact. Dressed in black jeans and a tight black tank top, she stops to take a breath and runs a hand through her hair.

[ Anna Jay ] I should've just gone to the fucking beach.

She shakes her head, remembering that was her original plan before she heard the erratic gunfire coming from that direction. That quickly changed her mind but now she was second guessing her decision... being mowed down in cold blood didn't seem like such a bad deal anymore.

[ Anna Jay ] Dude, get the hell out of my way.


She pushes past a man who appears to be literally wearing rags caked with mud... or manure. She takes a look at her surroundings, seeing the various pop-up markets housed under rickety wood and sheet metal... some of them selling food, others peddling trinkets or bootleg clothing. She hears the voice of an old woman over the persistent murmur of the locals.

[ Old Woman ] GAIJIN!

She looks toward the voice and sees a woman dressed in a brown robe that appears to have the texture of a potato sack. The old woman's eyes light up as she gets Anna Jay's attention, gesturing for her to come closer with a crooked old finger. Anna looks around and rolls her eyes before begrudgingly approaching the woman's table. The woman looks up at Anna Jay and smiles, offering a polite bow before reaching under her table and producing a large black candle, decorated with flecks of gold. The woman speaks in Japanese and Anna leans in closer, confused.

[ Anna Jay ] I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese.

The woman slides the candle across the table toward her.

[ Anna Jay ] I don't have any money on me.

The woman tilts her head slightly, looking confused. She says something else in Japanese. Getting fed up, Anna raises her voice slightly, hoping in vain that upping her volume will make the old woman understand.

[ Anna Jay ] No money! Can't buy!

[ ??? ] She says it's free, dude.

Anna turns around and sees Kris Wolf standing nearby, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Wolf approaches the table and gestures toward the candle.

[ Kris Wolf ] She's trying to give it to you.

Anna curls her upper lip, not understanding.

[ Anna Jay ] What the hell? Why?

Wolf looks at the old woman.

[ Kris Wolf ] < She wants to know why you want her to have this. >

The old woman nods and replies in Japanese. Wolf nods and looks at Anna Jay, translating for the old woman.

[ Kris Wolf ] She says you need it for protection. It wards off evil spirits and she can sense them all around you. Pretty heavy stuff, if I'm bein' honest.

The old woman grabs Wolf by the wrist and brings her in close, whispering in her ear. Wolf nods and cuts her eyes in Anna Jay's direction. Anna looks annoyed, looking down at them both.

[ Anna Jay ] What? What now?

Wolf sighs.

[ Kris Wolf ] She says... take the candle, light it in your room tonight and don't let it go out... that, as long as you walk the path of the righteous, it will never burn down and it'll--

Wolf looks like she doesn't want to translate the last bit, but does anyway with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

[ Kris Wolf ] --keep Onibaba away.

She shrugs.

[ Kris Wolf ] Whatever that means.

[ Anna Jay ] I seriously don't have time for this.

Anna turns and walks away from the table. Wolf bows to the old woman and apologizes, picking the candle up from the table and following Anna Jay. She catches up to Jay, clutching the candle to her chest. Walking side by side with her, she pushes the candle into her hands.

[ Kris Wolf ] Forgot somethin'.

Anna Jay stops in her tracks, looking down at the candle. She looks at Kris Wolf, annoyed.

[ Anna Jay ] Seriously? I thought my dramatic exit was hint enough that I didn't want anything to do with the weirdo demon candle. Get this thing out of my face.

She holds the candle out but Wolf takes a step back, refusing to touch it again.

[ Kris Wolf ] No way, dude. If the island wanted me to have that thing, it would've given it to me--

[ Anna Jay ] What did you just say?

[ Kris Wolf ] I said if the old woman wanted--

[ Anna Jay ] No, you said the island... if the ISLAND wanted you to have it.

[ Kris Wolf ] Yeah, sure, whatever. Look, I'm starving. I don't understand half the shit that comes out of my mouth when I'm hungry, okay? Speaking of--

Anna Jay glares down at Wolf, frustrated.

[ Kris Wolf ] You wouldn't happen to be willing to hit up one of these fine folks for some meat, would ya'? These fools won't sell me anything that isn't green and I kinda' need it before I lose my mind or somethin'.

Anna looks down at the candle and then back up at Wolf.

[ Anna Jay ] Sounds to me like... if the island wanted you to have meat--

Her eyes narrow.

[ Anna Jay ] --it would give it to you.

Anna turns her back to Wolf and walks away, clutching the candle in her hands. Kris Wolf shakes her head and kicks at the dirt in front of her. She huffs.

[ Kris Wolf ] I guess I walked into that one.

She cups her hands around her mouth and calls out.


Wolf watches Anna Jay disappear among the locals.


Referee: Daichi Murayama | Time Limit: 15:00

Chris Brookes and Mizuki are at ringside with Gabai Ji-chan several feet away. They both look at him apprehensively, unsure of what to make of the gentlemen in the creepy old man mask.

[ Don Callis ] What's the deal with the old-timer?

[ Gail Kim ] He isn't supposed to be here.

[ Don Callis ] I get that, but seriously, what's the deal?

[ Gail Kim ] He isn't... supposed... to be here.

As soon as the gong sounds, Itoh and Priscilla Kelly meet in the center of the ring. Priscilla puts both hands down the front of her tights and feels around before pulling her hands out and offering Itoh a handshake. Itoh raises two middle fingers, prompting Kelly to pie face her with her soiled hands! Itoh snaps and spears Kelly to the mat, raining down punches!

[ Gail Kim ] Priscilla Kelly is a vile creature. She should fit right in among the animals here.

[ Don Callis ] Is it really a good strategy if it causes your opponent to attack you with berserker rage?

Itoh gets back to her feet and goes for a big stomp but Kelly rolls out of the way and scrambles back to her feet. She quickly rakes Itoh's eyes and takes her over with a snap suplex. Kelly goes to work, stretching Itoh with a variety of holds and shoving her fingers into her mouth at every opportunity, making Itoh cry out in disgust. Itoh finally escapes and fights back to her feet but Kelly maintains a headlock. Itoh backs her into the ropes and shoots her off. Kelly comes back with a clothesline but Itoh ducks it and meets her on the turnaround with a headbutt!

[ Don Callis ] You could hear that all the way up here!

Kelly staggers backward into the ropes and checks her lip. Furious, she charges at Itoh and goes for a clothesline but Itoh ducks it! Kelly stops and whips Itoh around, nailing her with a big right hand before booting her in the stomach and planting her with a FACE BUSTER!

[ Gail Kim ] That could seal it up for Priscilla Kelly!

[ Don Callis ] I'm not so certain. Itoh's head is SOLID!

Kelly goes for a pin but only gets two. Angry and looking to disrespect Itoh, she straddles her face and begins grinding on her! Mizuki looks appalled while Chris Brookes covers his eyes and peeks through his fingers, a cheesy grin on his face. Itoh goes berserk and flings Kelly off of her. Kelly and Itoh scramble back to their feet and Itoh rages out, pointing at Kelly and screaming in Japanese! Kelly smiles and Itoh charges at her! Itoh goes for a clothesline but Kelly ducks it and hits the ropes on the opposite side... only for Gabai Ji-chan to snag her ankle with his cane!

[ Gail Kim ] Ridiculous. He shouldn't even be here!

[ Don Callis ] He just put an immediate stop to Priscilla Kelly's momentum!

Kelly turns around and looks down at him, furious! Shaking her head, she turns right around into a TORPEDO HEADBUTT! Kelly goes down in a heap and Itoh goes to the top rope. Seething with rage, angry tears pouring down her cheeks, she flies... FLYING BIG HEAD! She gets all of it and covers Kelly with two middle fingers raised! ONE! TWO! THREE!

MAKI ITOH via PINFALL in 05:02

Maki Itoh sits up, pumping her fists in victory. She boots Priscilla Kelly in the stomach, causing her to roll to the apron. Itoh goes corner to corner and celebrates until Chris Brookes climbs into the ring and catches her from behind, plucking her off the middle rope and onto his shoulders. He parades her around as she raises two middle fingers to everyone in attendance.

[ Gail Kim ] An impressive win for Maki Itoh after falling short against Sonya Deville last month... but she's got to ditch whatever allegiance she has to that... that Gabai Ji-chan. He will bring her nothing but trouble!

Gabai Ji-chan watches the celebration from ringside. He swats Mizuki across the backside with his cane and gestures for her to help him. Reluctantly, she helps the old man toward the ramp as Itoh celebrates.

Excruciating boredom.

Tenille Dashwood sits in a chair in the furthest corner of the dressing room, wearing jeans and a black tank top, sunglasses hiding her complete lack of interest. Kaleb with a K paces back and forth, refusing to let their situation drag him into depressed, unfashionable territory.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] I have literally neva' been more bored.

He thinks about it for a second.

[ Kaleb with a K ] I certainly have.

He tosses his scarf over his shoulder and adjusts his glasses.

[ Kaleb with a K ] You don't find any of this the least bit intriguing?

[ Tenille Dashwood ] You can't be serious.

[ Kaleb with a K ] I feel like I have a new sense of freedom without the constraints of my cell phone and the crushing weight of my incredible social media presence.

Tenille lowers her sunglasses, raising an eyebrow.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] You CAN'T be serious.

He looks at her, turning his nose up in the air.

[ Kaleb with a K ] Of course I'm not serious. I've been craving hydrogen sulfide since I got here.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] I saw a geek wearing effin' genie pants on my way in. Is there no quality control around 'ere? Did they send invitations to just bloody anybody?

[ Kaleb with a K ] Speaking of invitations, how is that you got an invitation but Billie keeps getting booked, shouldn't it be the other way around--

The door opens and Billie Kay enters the room with a stack of resumes clutched in both hands. She almost stumbles and falls down when she uses her foot to close the door behind her. Tenille stands up and removes her sunglasses, looking annoyed at Billie.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] Please tell me... ya' haven't been handin' those out 'round the island.

Billie looks confused.

[ Billie Kay ] Well, how else am I supposed t' find bloody opportunities 'round 'ere? Hello? Isn't this whole trip a journey of self-discovery? Provin' t' the world that we're betta' than all the rest o' these girls?

Before Tenille can respond, she notices something resting on top of the headshots in Billie's hands... an envelope, yellowed with age. Tenille reaches over and picks it up between her thumb and finger, looking it over.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] Nevermind that, what's this?

[ Billie Kay ] Oh yah, some creepy old guy 'anded it to me on m' way in, said it was SUUUUUUPER important that I keep m' eye on what's inside it 'til the time is right--

Tenille rips it open and looks inside.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] I'm sure he meant that I should keep MY eye on it... I mean, after all, I'm the one that's supposed t' be 'ere, am I right?

Billie takes the jab and nods.

[ Billie Kay ] Sure, why not?

[ Tenille Dashwood ] It's a key.

Tenille removes what looks like an ancient, rusty key from the envelope. She holds it up and looks it over. Billie looks intrigued but obviously doesn't understand.

[ Kaleb with a K ] It looks filthy. Please be sure to wash your hands.

Tenille curls her upper lip in disgust.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] Obviously.

A slip of paper falls from the envelope and lands on Billie Kay's boot. She reaches down and picks it up. She looks at it really closely but can't figure it out.

[ Billie Kay ] It's in some foreign language... it looks a little Japanese-y, yeah?

Tenille looks at the note and sighs, snatching it and turning it over.

[ Billie Kay ] OHHH! Yeah. That'll do the trick, won't it?

[ Tenille Dashwood ] "Only a pure heart can set her free and the sun will shine down on you both."

Tenille drops the key back in the envelope and hands it to Kaleb.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] What the eff does that even mean? I mean, obviously I'm the one with the pure heart... but the rest is bloody gibberish.

Tenille plops back down in her chair, annoyed. Kaleb tucks the envelope into his pocket and shakes his head. Billie Kay scratches the top of her head, confused, thoughts of pure hearts and sunshine dancing around her head.


Exhibition Supplement
Yuka Sakazaki & Rika Tatsumi versus Dani Jordyn & Chakara
Referee: Daisuke Kiso | Time Limit: 10:00

Before the gong sounds, Dani Jordyn and Chakara attack Yuka and Rika from behind, pounding away at their backs before Chakara dumps Rika to the floor and follows her out. Yuka fights back against Jordyn, peppering her with forearms before taking her down with a quick headscissors.

[ Gail Kim ] What a unique tag team to have here, the Magic Dragons. Though it appears they might have their hands full with Dani Jordyn and Chakara. This match was originally supposed to feature Shiori Sena, but an incident earlier tonight rendered her unable to compete for the second month in a row, giving Dani Jordyn this opportunity to shine.

[ Don Callis ] I'm aware that both of the Magic Dragons are world class competitors. It will be very interesting to see how they help flesh out the Dual Wield division going forward.

On the floor, Chakara whips Rika into the barricade but Rika catches herself and climbs onto the barricade, catching a charging Chakara with a LEAPING HIP ATTACK OFF THE BARRICADE! Rika climbs onto the apron and then ascends the ropes as Yuka whips Dani Jordyn into the ropes. Dani comes back with a clothesline but Yuka ducks it and immediately catches the MISSILE HIPS from Rika off the top rope! Yuka's already on the apron and climbing the ropes as soon as Dani lands... MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH! She covers and hooks the leg as Daisuke counts three!


As soon as the three count is registered, Yuka leaps to her feet and into Tatsumi's arms. They hug and celebrate as though they just won a championship. Attendants collect Dani Jordyn and Chakara as the Magic Dragons celebrate.

[ Gail Kim ] That was a dominant win by two warriors of light. I can't wait to see how they develop here on the island... and how they adapt to surroundings which may be resistant to their smiling faces and unyielding charisma.

[ Don Callis ] That doesn't sound ominous at all!

Yuka and Rika make their way up the ramp and stand on the stage. As they raise their arms in victory, we fade out on their smiling faces.


The roar of the ocean.

What a beautiful day to be alive.


Standing on the shore in a bright green three-piece suit with the pants legs rolled up to his knees, Riki Takeuchi fires a fully automatic rifle into the ocean, cackling like a mad man. Only a few feet away from him, Tony Schiavone is also firing into the distance, clad in floral print short shorts and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Smiling, Tony stops firing and uses his hand to shield his eyes as he stares off into the distance.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! I think you just shot a dolphin, Riki!

Riki stops firing and points the gun at the sky, holding it up next to his face. Smoke billows out from the barrel. Riki reaches into his jacket pocket and removes a hand grenade. He looks over his shoulder at Tony.

[ Riki Takeuchi ] < Fuck the fucking dolphins! If they were so smart, they would dodge my bullets! Watch this! >

He lobs the grenade into the water and it explodes, coming nowhere near the dolphins. Water erupts upward and giant clumps of sand land all around them. Riki turns and looks at Tony, giving him a playful wink.

Riki Takeuchi ] < You only live once, my good friend! >

[ ??? ] This looks like fun.

Hearing the voice from a short distance away, Riki and Tony turn around. Riki's eyes go wide as he sees the source of the voice. Ronda Rousey approaches, dressed all in black. Behind her, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir approach, also clad in black. Riki fires his rifle into the sky and then tosses it into the sand without a care in the world. He sounds genuinely excited.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Ladies, so glad you could make it! >

He approaches Ronda and offers his hand. She accepts the gesture, giving him a firm shake in return. However, she doesn't appear to share the same sense of happiness as he does. Her eyes never leave his... it's evident that she doesn't trust him.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Tagawa and Kitano were not happy when they found out I invited you four to this magnificent paradise. They do not think you have a purpose here but King Riki knows better than that! >

Releasing Riki's hand, Ronda tilts her head back, getting a good look right in his eyes. While she doesn't speak fluent Japanese, it quickly becomes obvious that she and Riki at least understand one another.

[ Ronda Rousey ] Yeah, about that.

Riki's smile stretches further across his face.

[ Ronda Rousey ] All this bullshit about plans and purposes, how we don't have one or whatever. Let's keep it that way. We've barely been here a minute and we're already hearing whispers about some of the weird shit goin' on here.

Baszler steps up, folding her arms across her chest.

[ Shayna Baszler ] We ain't about that shit.

[ Ronda Rousey ] We're here to fight and win.

Riki scratches his chin, nodding.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Fight and win... fight and fucking WIN! >

He chuckles.

Riki Takeuchi ] < I would not have it any other way. >

He looks Ronda up and down, then Shayna. He's clearly satisfied by what he says.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Tagawa and Kitano are obsessed with their plans and the fucking program. King Riki lives by one philosophy, yes? The perfect plan... is no plan at all! >

He holds his arms out to the side, eyes wide with glee.

Riki Takeuchi ] < You four bitches, I like you! >

He shakes his finger in Ronda's face.

Riki Takeuchi ] < I like you a lot! >

He chuckles.

Riki Takeuchi ] < I can not wait to see what you do! >

Ronda and Shayna look at each other, unimpressed. Shayna nods toward Riki, sounding annoyed.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Just make sure the checks clear. Got it?

Without another word, all four Horsewomen turn and head backward The Shrine, leaving Riki and Tony alone. Tony walks up to Riki and stands side by side with him, having picked up Riki's rifle. He holds both weapons up proudly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow, they seemed tense! Maybe you should have invited them to squeeze off some rounds!

Riki chuckles and takes his rifle from Tony.

Riki Takeuchi ] < You are my favorite person on this island, Tony-san. Never forget that. >

Tony smiles proudly and they both turn back toward the ocean, taking aim as we fade to black.

Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 15:00

Reba and Mark Henry are ringside, cheering on their women.

[ Gail Kim ] We saw Bianca Belair earn a dominant win last month, while Britt Baker fell just short in her Dual Wield outing with Reba, against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. It will be very interesting to see how this play out.

[ Don Callis ] I see Reba and Mark Henry out here, but where is Tony Schiavone? Didn't Britt Baker bring him to the island with her?

[ Gail Kim ] Don't concern yourself with Tony's whereabouts. He's being taken care of.

Tommy Ran signals for the gong to be sounded, and Britt and Bianca meet in the middle of the ring. Britt attempts the same gloved handshake trick as the last event but lashes out and boots Bianca in the mid-section before she could one-up her! Britt immediately pulls Bianca in and drills her with a SNAP SUPLEX before rolling through and giving her a BRAINBUSTER ONTO HER KNEE!

[ Don Callis ] Just like that, the good doctor seizes the advantage!

[ Gail Kim ] Now she just has to maintain it. You know she's eager to claim a victory after it was stolen from her last month.

Britt is practically laughing out loud as she covers Bianca, but Bianca kicks out at two! Mark Henry looks on with genuine worry on his face. Bianca struggles back to her knees and Britt goes for a SUPER KICK... only for Bianca to catch her foot and stand back up! Bianca wags her finger back and forth before tossing Britt's foot to the side, causing her to spin out... right into a LARIAT from Belair!

[ Don Callis ] Bianca turned her inside out!

[ Gail Kim ] A true desperation move.

Britt tries to scramble out of the ring but Bianca snatches her ankle and pulls her back into the center of the ring before flipping her over and falling onto her with wild right hands! Britt covers as best she can and Bianca grabs two handfuls of hair, standing up and pulling Britt back up with her! Bianca whips Britt into the ropes and catches her coming off... GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Britt rolls out of the ring and Reba begins consoling her, trying to get her head back in the game. However, Bianca Belair slides out of the ring behind Britt and whips her around! Britt goes for a big right hand but Bianca ducks it and catches Britt on the turnaround... GORILLA PRESS SLAM... THROUGH THE ROPES AND BACK INTO THE RING!

[ Gail Kim ] What an incredible feat of strength.

[ Don Callis ] It's not over yet... Britt can still make the comeback!

Bianca climbs back onto the apron and begins trying ascending the turnbuckles but Reba follows her up, grabbing her ankle! Bianca boots her off and Reba falls onto the apron, then to the floor! Britt slowly returns to her feet and Bianca flies from the top rope with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE-- SUPER KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! Britt falls on top of her! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! BIANCA KICKS OUT!

[ Don Callis ] What does it take to keep her down!?

[ Gail Kim ] People aren't invited to compete in The Shrine because they're soft, Don. Bianca Belair came here to fight and win. She might not make quick work of Britt Baker like she did Itsuki Hoshino, but she aims to earn a similar result one way or another!

Britt can't believe it! She snaps the glove already on her hand and tries to turns Bianca over into the LOCKJAW but Bianca fights back, elbowing away at Britt until she has to retreat! Both women get back to their feet and eyeball each other. They charge into the center of the ring and begin trading forearm blows until Britt takes over with a knee lift. She goes to suplex Bianca but Bianca locks her knees and then lifts over her head into a stalling vertical suplex! She walks a full circle around the ring, showing off her impressive strength-- UNTIL REBA SPEWS MOUTH WASH INTO BIANCA'S FACE!

[ Don Callis ] Minty-fresh mist! Right in the eyes!

Bianca falls backward and Britt lands on top of her! She quickly pivots and hooks Bianca's arms before planting her gloved hand right into her mouth! Bianca has no choice but to tap out immediately!


With no hesitation, Baker quickly rolls out of the ring and throws her arm around Reba's shoulders, forcing her to help her walk to the back even though she's nowhere near that injured.

[ Don Callis ] She didn't do it alone, but that was an impressive win by Britt Baker!

[ Gail Kim ] A win is a win, Don. Britt Baker was just more willing to do what it takes.

Inside the ring, Mark Henry enters in his salmon jacket and kneels next to Bianca, checking on her. She's visibly frustrated by how the match ended up. We focus on Britt Baker raising her arms in victory on the stage while Reba holds up an empty travel sized bottle of mouth wash, cackling like a super villain who pulled off the crime of the century!

[ Gail Kim ] I can't wait to see where she goes from here.



Grunts of exertion.

Several masked guards struggle to carry a large item down the corridor. Appearing to be carved from jade and accentuated with gold, the item resembles a robed woman wearing a horned kabuki mask... life size. They're so busy trying not to drop it that they don't notice Nikki Cross watching them, a wide eyed look upon her face. She swallows hard and approaches a nearby dressing room, opening the door and slipping inside. She peeks from behind the security of the door. There's a repeating sound of impact behind Nikki, a dull pop, pop-pop, pop-pop, POP... she watches the guards round the corner and shuffle out of sight before pulling the door shut. The lock clicks in place.

[ Nikki Cross ] Lexeh, sumfin' weird is goin' on... I joost saw--

Alexa is already in her gear, ready for her match with Havok later tonight. Standing in front of her, Hanan holds up her hands, allowing Alexa to punch away at the black boxing mitts covering them. Alexa doesn't even look at Nikki.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Something weird? Well, that's new.

Alexa lands a stiff punch that knocks Hanan back a step, then stops to turn and finally face Cross. Cross points toward the door, attempting to get some words out and explain what she just saw but Alexa doesn't give her the chance.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Wanna know somethin' really weird, haggis wench? Why is my so-called partner malfunctioning to the point that I have to send her on a coffee run so that I can work out before my match with some brainless gash that doesn't even speak English?

Alexa gestures toward Hanan, putting on a fake smile.

[ Alexa Bliss ] This is fun, huh? Having a good time getting knocked around by a real athlete, you fucking idiot? How about when we're done, I take you outside and we get you some fresh dirt to eat! How does that sound? MMMMM! Dirt!

[ Hanan ] < I only endure your verbal abuse so that I may end up a stronger competitor in the end! >

Hanan offers a smile and thumbs up.

[ Alexa Bliss ] See what I mean? Idiot!

Alexa looks Nikki up and down, her frustration growing.

[ Alexa Bliss ] And speaking of sending you on a coffee run, I can't help but notice you don't have any coffee. Seriously, Nikki? Seriously? I don't ask for a lot from you--

She tilts her head, thinking about that.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Mostly because I know your limited brain capacity can't handle large requests... but coffee? Coffee, Nikki? How do you screw that up? What were you even doing out there?

Nikki looks like a whipped dog... and the harder she tries to think of an answer, she realizes that she has no idea what happened or where she was... the last half hour is gone from her memory. She only remembers the jade idol. Nikki runs her hands through her hair and swallows hard.

[ Nikki Cross ] I'm sorreh, Lexeh... Nekkeh will goo' get yer coffeh.

Nikki pats herself on the chest.

[ Nikki Cross ] Nekkeh... is a good friend.

come play.

Alexa shakes her head, taking a step toward Nikki.

[ Alexa Bliss ] No, no. Don't overexert yourself. Please.

She snaps her fingers at Hanan. Hanan looks at her, confused.

[ Alexa Bliss ] You. Fetch my coffee.

Hanan tilts her head to the side. Alexa looks annoyed.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Come on, you know what I'm talking about! Coffee, drinkie! Drink! Warm! MMMMM! Delicious!

Alexa makes the "drinking tea" gesture. Hanan smiles and nods.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Good. You're not completely thick.

Hanan returns the "drinking tea" gesture and offers another thumbs up.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Great. You understand coffee. Bring it to me.

Hanan nods and walks toward the door.

[ Alexa Bliss ] And I better not find any boogers or spit in it!

With her hand on the door handle, Hanan turns around and smiles cheerily.

[ Hanan ] < There are much worse things to put in your drink which you will never notice! >

[ Alexa Bliss ] Yeah, okay.

Alexa rolls her eyes and salutes Hanan. Hanan returns with an exaggerated salute of her own and exits the room. Alexa looks at Alexa and clears the distance between them. Using her index finger, she raises Nikki's gaze to look her in the eyes.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Look, I know you're head isn't in the game... but whatever's going on, I need you to snap out of it. I'm not stupid... there's no forgetting what we saw in that cave, but if we're getting through this, if we're ever going home... you have got to get it together. Understand?

Nikki nods.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I don't want you at ringside tonight, okay?

Nikki's eyes widen, she sounds desperate.

[ Nikki Cross ] But-- but, Lexeh--

[ Alexa Bliss ] Don't argue with me. Listen, the last thing I need tonight is for you to spaz out during my match. Have you seen the size of this thing I'm facing? She looks like a dump truck mated with the Thousand Pound Sisters.

Alexa's eyes narrow.

[ Alexa Bliss ] ...both of them.

Nikki nods solemnly.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Go take a nap or something, okay?

Alexa uses her hand to tuck Nikki's hair behind her ear.

[ Alexa Bliss ] You look... tired.

come play.

Without a word, Cross nods, then turns and exits the room, leaving Alexa Bliss alone to prepare for her match. We fade out on a shot of Alexa sitting down in a nearby chair, starting off into space... deep in thought.

The classroom.

Buzzing fluorescent lights.

Mr. Kitano sits on the edge of a rickety wooden desk in his gray and black tracksuit. A black bag rests on the desk next to him. He sighs deeply and just... appears tired. It's as though he doesn't want to be here, or maybe that he doesn't enjoy why he's here. He slowly turns his head to face the camera, acknowledging the viewer with a gentle nod.

Mr. Kitano ] < Hello, class. >

He grips the desk and shifts so that his body is facing the camera.

Mr. Kitano ] < My name is Mr. Kitano. I am your teacher for this lesson. You probably already knew that. We have met before, haven't we? >

The corner of his mouth twitches.

Mr. Kitano ] < I am here to make a very important announcement. We will be debuting a new title belt soon. It is very shiny. Very calming to look at. I like it. It is called the Love Song of Violence. Interesting name. >

His eyes twitches involuntarily. He opens the black bag next to him and reveals the title belt.

[ Mr. Kitano ] < It will be very important. Very prestigious. Everyone will want it. Not everyone can have it, however. That is sad, I suppose. Sharing is caring and all but that's not life is it? It is a fun way to bring everyone together, anyway. >

He offers a halfhearted smile.

Mr. Kitano ] < I like making new friends, don't you? >

He slides off the desk and stands in his white sneakers.

[ Mr. Kitano ] < So, on the 1st of May, we will have a special event. One match with the Love Song of Violence on the line. It will feature eight warriors, but look out... all of them will be given randomly assigned weapons. Some of the weapons will be good, very dangerous... others, less so. That will make things interesting. Two warriors start... every two minutes, another warrior will appear until all eight have entered. Eliminations can happen at any time by pin or submission... whoever is left standing will be the champion. Everyone else will be losers. >


Mr. Kitano ] < I wish the match was simpler than that. >

He shakes his head.

Mr. Kitano ] < This one is too complicated for an old man. >

He huffs.

Mr. Kitano ] < Anyway, it is called Batoru Rowaiaru. >

He turns his back to the camera and walks toward the chalkboard.

Mr. Kitano ] < That is all. >

He waves us off.

Mr. Kitano ] < Class dismissed. >


Marika Kobashi & Natsuko Tora versus Nia Jax & Ember Moon
Referee: Daichi Murayama | Time Limit: 15:00

Shota Umino and Eve Torres are at ringside. Eve stands on the apron, talking to Nia Jax and Ember Moon before the match starts. Umino is well-dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt, but is bound by a pair of fuzzy orange handcuffs. Natsuko Tora has a large chain wrapped around her forearm, and is clutching her baseball bat with nails in it. Marika Kobashi is seated on the top turnbuckle, smiling confidently. Daisuke summons the gong to start the match.

[ Don Callis ] I'm expecting great things from this match. The Crush Gals really impressed in defeat last month, falling at the hands of our reigning Dual Wield Champions.

[ Gail Kim ] Don't forget the admirable showing by Nia Jax against Mariah May. It was a solid back and forth battle which saw Nia Jax just come up short in a match she probably should have won. I have no doubt that whoever wins this match will be in line for a shot at the Dual Wield Championship.

As soon as the gong sounds, Natsuko charges across the ring and swings the bat at Nia Jax's head! Jax catches Natsuko's wrists and shakes her violently before hitting her with a knee lift, causing her to drop the bat and chain! Marika dashes across the ring and nails Ember with a shotgun dropkick, causing her to fall through the ropes to the floor! Marika follows her out, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her back first into the barricade!

[ Don Callis ] Marika is a violent little spitfire. I love it.

Inside the ring, Nia Jax and Natsuko Tora engage in a hoss fight, clubbing away at each other with big forearms. The larger Jax rattles Tora with a big right hand, then another knee lift before snatching her wrist and planting her with a PUMP HANDLE SLAM! Nia Jax remains on one knee after the move and dusts her hands off. She plants one hand on Natsuko's chest but only gets one! Natsuko rolls over onto all fours, looking pissed-- and Nia Jax drops a big leg drop right across the back of her head!

[ Gail Kim ] Nia Jax is taking it to Natsuko Tora... a battle of big girls that I'm not sure I want to see end!

Nia Jax is wasting no time, grabbing Natsuko by the hair and hauling her back to her feet. She throws her into the ropes with one hand and Natsuko comes staggering back... into a SAMOAN DROP! Nia Jax smiles confidently and rests back against Natsuko... but only gets TWO! Outside the ring, Marika clubs away at Ember Moon with chops and forearms, keeping her pinned against the barricade until Ember returns with a violent chop of her own and whips Marika around, changing positions! Ember Moon flies off the handle, peppering her with right hands before finishing off the flurry with a DISCUS PUNCH that causes Marika to tumble over into the front row!

[ Don Callis ] Ember Moon is one of the most explosive competitors that we've seen in The Shrine so far. I'm disappointed that we didn't get to see her in action at the last event.

Ember Moon reaches over the barricade and snatches Marika by her hair, suplexing her over onto the concrete floor! Ember Moon shoots back up to her feet, shouting "COME ONNNN!" before turning around and pulling Marika to her feet, throwing her under the bottom rope and following her in. Marika and Natsuko both slowly return to their feet at the same time in the center of the ring. Nia Jax and Ember Moon each stand in opposite corners before charging at both Crush Gals! Natsuko shoves Marika out of the way and dives, causing Nia Jax and Ember Moon to collide in the center! Ember goes flying and lands flat on her back! Nia Jax can't believe what she's done but she doesn't have time to worry about it as Marika and Natsuko converge on her, booting her in the stomach and nailing her with a DOUBLE SUPLEX!

[ Gail Kim ] Even working together, that was an incredible act of strength.

[ Don Callis ] Ember has got to get back in there and keep the Crush Gals from capitalizing.

Marika retrieves the chain and tosses it to Natsuko. She whips Nia Jax across the back with it before wrapping it around her forearm. She drills Nia right in the back with a chain assisted double axe handle! Shota awkwardly retrieves the bat with his hands cuffed behind him and gets it into the ring. Marika grabs it and points at Nia Jax with it, smiling. She raises it over her head... but is hit with the ECLIPSE OUT OF NOWHERE! Marika goes down and the bat falls to the wayside! Tora immediately hits Ember Moon in the back with the chain, knocking her down to all fours! Without wasting a second, she descends on her with two fistfuls of chain, knocking her down flat on her face!

[ Don Callis ] What a shot, unprotected to the back!

[ Gail Kim ] That might be the end for Ember Moon.

Nia Jax returns to her feet and whips Tora around, nailing her with a big headbutt! Tora goes down next to the bat. Nia Jax prepares to capitalize but Shota Umino climbs onto the apron, getting Nia Jax's attention. Nia approaches him, turning her back to Tora... but Eve Torres pulls Shota off the apron and slaps him in the face! Shota goes down and Nia Jax turns around, seeing Tora pick up the bat off the mat. However, as Tora prepares to advance on Jax with the mat, HYPER MISAO zips down the ramp on her combat cycle and leaps off, reaching through the ropes and grabbing the bat, preventing Tora from using it!

[ Don Callis ] The Dual Wield Champions are here!

[ Gail Kim ] It stands to reason that they would want to deal out receipts for what the Crush Gals did to them last month! I just wonder if it's a smart decision to stoke that fire even further!

Tora struggles against Misao, dragging her into the ring with the bat... but Shin Ultra Shoko flies from the top rope out of nowhere and nails her with the KAMEN RIDER KICK! Tora lets go of the bat and Nia Jax catches her as she staggers backward... SAMOAN DROP! She hits the ropes... BIG LEG DROP! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Misao and Shoko quickly leave the ringside area, celebrating as Nia Jax rolls off of Tora. Ember Moon rolls into the ring and grabs Nia Jax, kneeling next to her and hugging her. They exit the ring together, grabbing Eve Torres on their way up the ramp.

[ Don Callis ] So, huge win aside, when did Eve Torres get here? I don't remember seeing her on the initial roster.

[ Gail Kim ] That's not a question that is relevant to you, Don.

[ Don Callis ] Wow, okay.

Marika and Shota climb into the ring and check on Natsuko, who is trembling with rage.

[ Don Callis ] Either way, a huge win for the Irresistible Warriors. I see big things on the horizon for them. Will they meet the Tokyo Joshi Rangers or the Kabuki Warriors? Only time will tell... tonight!

On the stage, Nia Jax, Ember Moon, and Eve Torres raise their arms in victory as we fade out.

Another letter.

Another wax seal with the letter "A."

Mei Saint-Michel opens it up with a blade and offers it to Sakisama. Seated in a comfortable black chair, Sakisama takes the letter from Mei and unfolds it slowly. Sakisama's eyes scan the words found within and she does her best not to allow them to influence her demeanor.

"The blood in your veins is not to be disrespected, lest it end up outside them.
Failure tonight is unacceptable. Strike true. Win!"

Sakisama grips the letter tightly and lazily maneuvers it toward a candle next to her. The letter quickly catches fire and burns to ash. Mei Saint-Michel watches with delight as the letter vanishes in a flicker of flame before her eyes. Sakisama sounds uninterested, speaking fluent French.

Sakisama ] ~ I will be taking no more letters from anonymous know-it-alls, Mei. I know what must be done. The Holy Emperor has given us the only knowledge we need. ~

Mei nods and bows, gripping the envelope in her white-lace gloved hands. Without a word, Mei discards the envelope into a nearby bin.

Mei Saint-Michel ] ~ May your victory over Madame Kay be a dominant one. Let the peasants speak of your magnificent reign for years to come! ~

The envelope lays face up at the bottom of the bin.

Sakisama ] ~ You have such a way with words, Mei. Like poetry. ~

Sakisama produces a flute from nearby. She offers it to Mei.

[ Sakisama ] ~ Now, serenade me while I allow the anticipation of tonight's festivities to dance in my head. How delightful that would be... ~

Mei takes the flute and bows.

Mei Saint-Michel ] ~ With pleasure, Sakisama! ~

She begins to play the flute as we fade to black.

Exhibition Supplement
Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 10:00

Alizé attacks before the gong sounds, pummeling Lovelace in the corner with forearms before dumping her through the ropes and to the floor. Lovelace lands on her feet and Alizé flies through the ropes seconds later with a suicide dive... only for Lovelace to catch her coming out and maneuver her into crashing into the barricade!

[ Don Callis ] Heidi Lovelace might have just ended this match before it began!

[ Gail Kim ] Miranda has the heart of a warrior. I don't think she's finished yet.

With Alizé disoriented from the impact, Lovelace pulls her to her feet and gives her a snap suplex onto the floor before going to the apron and ascending the turnbuckles. Alizé slowly gets to her feet and Lovelace crushes her with a FLYING CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR!

[ Gail Kim ] Heidi Lovelace is truly pulling out all the stops in her debut match.

[ Don Callis ] She's here to impress and WIN!

Wasting no time, Lovelace tosses Alizé under the bottom rope and follows her inside. Alizé slowly gets up to her feet and Heidi charges out of the corner, leaping onto her shoulders and spinning out before planting her with the HEIDI-CAN-RANA! She covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Heidi immediately leaps to her feet, looking down at Alizé with disdain, as if she's insulted by how hard she tried to keep up with her.

[ Gail Kim ] What a victory for the Punk Rock Rag Doll. I think we'll be seeing big things from her.

We fade out on a shot of Tommy Ran raising Heidi's arm in victory.


The RQM interview backdrop.

Nia Jax and Ember Moon are still in their gear, looking beat up despite their victory earlier tonight over the Crush Gals. To the side of them, Eve Torres wears a confident smile. Sayuri Namba, clad in a black dress with white accents, smiles with a microphone in her hand. Breathing heavily, Nia Jax wrings her hands together as Namba-chan begins the interview.

[ Sayuri Namba ] NIA JAXU! EMBURU MOON!

Her infectious smile stretches ear to ear.

[ Sayuri Namba ] < Tonight, you earned a victory over the Crush Gals in a very hard fought battle! Good fight, all spectators are winners... but you two-- >

She holds her hands out in front of her, moving them further and further apart.

[ Sayuri Namba ] < --really really BIG winners! >

She leans in close to them.

[ Sayuri Namba ] < Cool, huh? What is next? >

Jax looks at Ember Moon, raising an eyebrow.

[ Ember Moon ] I think what she's asking is--

[ Nia Jax ] I know exactly what she's asking.

Jax turns and looks at Namba.

[ Nia Jax ] I'll tell you what comes next for the Irresistible Warriors. Last month, we saw the first-ever Dual Wield Champions crowned... we've got our eyes on those belts... and if we're being honest, we're actually a little offended that we weren't in the first title match.

[ Ember Moon ] By beating the Crush Gals tonight, we just proved that it should've been us in that match to begin with... and if we had've been, I can guarantee you that Hyper Misao and Shin Ultra Shoko... they wouldn't be the champions today.

Jax pats Ember Moon on the shoulder, nodding in agreement.

[ Nia Jax ] Ember and I, we've got a destiny on this island. We came here to kick ass and prove to ourselves that we're the best, we're the strongest, and nobody messes with us!

Jax turns and looks at Eve Torres.

[ Nia Jax ] And now that we have Eve Torres at our side, what happened last month with Mariah May will never happen again.

[ Eve Torres ] You saved my life out there, Nia. You know I've got your back.

Ember Moon looks into the camera.

[ Ember Moon ] We're not here to play this island's twisted games. We're here to mess people up. So, whoever's in charge of putting the matches together -- Tagawa, Kitano, the guy with all the guns? The Irresistible Warriors versus the winner of the Joshi Rangers and the Kabuki Warriors... one month from today-- BOOK IT!

Before they can say anything else, Sonny Onoo walks into the shot in a green plaid suit. A large pair of sunglasses obscure his eyes. He approaches Ember Moon personally. She looks him up and down, confused.

[ Sonny Onoo ] Emba' Moon... I regret to inform you, on behalf of the Buh-rack Company, you will not receive a shot at the Dual Wield Championship in one month--

[ Ember Moon ] Excuse me? Did you SEE what we just did to the Crush Gals?!

Sonny cowers in fear, expecting to be struck.

[ Sonny Onoo ] You have been chosen... for BATORU ROWAIARU!

He bows and quickly shuffles backward off-camera.

[ Sonny Onoo ] Sorreh! So sorreh!

Ember looks annoyed by the news. Nia Jax cracks her knuckles.

[ Nia Jax ] Okay, new plan.

Ember cuts her eyes in Nia's direction.

[ Ember Moon ] Yeah, while I'm training to become the first holder of the Love Song of Violence... you dig in and find out what scumbags tied up Eve in that freaky forest.

Nia looks over at Eve and nods.

[ Nia Jax ] I'm on it.

Then turns and looks at Namba.

[ Nia Jax ] We done here?

Before Namba can respond, Jax cuts her off.

[ Nia Jax ] Yeah, we're done.

Jax, Ember, and Torres walk off-camera, leaving Sayuri Namba standing there with a concerned look on her face.


Referee: Daisuke Kiso | Time Limit: 15:00

Upon walking out onto the stage, Shayna Baszler sends Shafir and Duke to the back, heading to the ring with only Rousey accompanying. Rousey radiates confidence as she stands by the apron, watching as Baszler glares across the ring at her smaller opponent. Kagetsu stands on the apron, speaking to Hazuki, hyping her up.

[ Don Callis ] I hope Hazuki is coming into this bout with a good strategy.

[ Gail Kim ] Hazuki is a fierce competitor, and with Kagetsu at her side, I would imagine that anything is possible... but yes, in order to topple a warrior the likes of Shayna Baszler, she will need quite the strategy.

The gong sounds and the two competitors circle one another, neither one taking their eyes off the other. They collide in the middle of the ring, locking up aggressively and fighting over it before Shayna uses her size and strength advantage to back Hazuki into the corner. Once there, Shayna breaks and takes a step back before booting Hazuki in the stomach and then taking control with a handful of hair, pulling Hazuki out of the corner and planting her with a gut wrench suplex in the center of the ring!

[ Don Callis ] Did you see that? She manhandled her!

[ Gail Kim ] Shayna is undeniable. Hazuki better get her guard up or this fight is over!

Shayna immediately mounts Hazuki and elbows her right in the eye, splitting her eyebrow instantly. Hazuki tries to cover but Shayna uses one hand to clasp Hazuki's wrists and pins them behind her head. Kagetsu looks on in horror as Shayna uses her free hand to smear Hazuki's nose and then deliver another unprotected punch to Hazuki's other eye, resulting in immediate swelling. Daisuke immediately calls for the bell, ending the match abruptly!


Despite the gong ending the match, Shayna hits Hazuki one more time and offsets her jaw! Kagetsu darts underneath the bottom rope and shoves Shayna off of Hazuki. Kagetsu eyes Shayna, trembling with fury but Shayna just laughs and waves her off before exiting through the ropes and leaving up the ramp with Rousey to no fanfare.

[ Gail Kim ] What a beating... magnificent effort by Shayna Baszler. I'm impressed.

[ Don Callis ] I can't even put into words what I'm feeling right now. She absolutely decimated Hazuki. She's going to need medical attention.

[ Gail Kim ] Without a doubt. I think we just saw the debut of a very, very dangerous woman.

We fade out on a shot of Kagetsu cradling Hazuki's unconscious body and begging for medical attention in Japanese.

Hyper Misao.

Shin Ultra Shoko.

The Dual Wield Championship belts.

The Tokyo Joshi Rangers proudly display their utility belts, wrapped tightly around their waists. Normally conveying a sense of wonder and fun, they are uncharacteristically somber as they head toward a challenging title defense. tonight Standing backstage, away from the rest of the roster, they speak to one another in hushed tones, notably without their heroic bluster.

Hyper Misao ] < We will have to be extra careful tonight. >

Shoko nods quickly.

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < Natsuko and Marika will not forget what we did to them, just as we did not forget what they did to us. >

Hyper Misao ] < We will hold them back and keep our titles, of course. >

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < Of course. >

Hyper Misao ] < Because that is what superheroes do. >

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < Still, we must be extra careful, right? >

Hyper Misao ] < Yes. A hero should always be aware of her surroundings. >

Almost as if on cue, Prince Nana walks into the shot, clad in a three piece suit and a flowing purple cape. He claps slowly and loudly, gaining their attention. He looks them both up and down and smiles. Misao and Shoko look right back at him, upper lips curled in heroic disgust.

[ Prince Nana ] Ladies, ladies, LADIES! HA HA!

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < Villain! >

Hyper Misao ] < The worst villain! >

[ Prince Nana ] I would like to talk to de' two of you... about riches beyond ya' wildest dreams!

Misao tilts her head to the side.

Hyper Misao ] < Perhaps we should hear him out. >

Shoko looks at her in disbelief.

[ Prince Nana ] I know you two heard my offa'... access to all mine monies 'n treasures for anyone wit' de' courage to reach out 'n take it, ah? Yeah! HA HA! Well, let Prince Nana say... dat offa' work both ways... yes, Prince Nana keeps eyes on talent himself... and last month, you two make quite de' impression, yes?

He gestures toward the titles around their waists.

[ Prince Nana ] Quite de' accomplishment, ah? Walkin' away as champions... great success. Prince Nana know somethin' 'bout success, my mans. Prince Nana know somethin' 'bout bein' de' manager o' champions, yeah?

Shoko and Misao look at one another and then back at Nana.

[ Prince Nana ] So Prince Nana no wait for Tokyo Joshi Ranger to come to him 'n beg, oh no! Prince Nana come to Tokyo Joshi Ranger 'n lay his treasure at their caped 'n cowled feet! Join me! Combine ya' title belts wit' my many treasures 'n togetha', we can rule dis island wit' ultimate powa'!

Misao places her hands on her hips, puffing her chest out.

Hyper Misao ] < How much treasure are we talking about, huh? >

Shoko slaps Misao on the back of the head.

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < We can not entertain this! We are heroes! >

Misao scratches her chin, thinking it over.

Shin Ultra Shoko ] < We do not do what we do for profit! >

Misao nods and pats Shoko on the shoulder. She looks up at Nana.

Hyper Misao ] < No deal! Find someone else to be your nefarious henchmen! >

Without another word, the Tokyo Joshi Rangers turn and leave the scene, leaving Prince Nana by himself. He's visibly annoyed by the rejection but as the camera pans in on his sweaty face, he begins to crack a sly smile and we fade to black.

Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 15:00

Nikki Cross is nowhere to be seen after being sent away by Alexa Bliss earlier in the night. The much larger Havok glares across the ring at her, looking ready to get her hands on the five feet of fury and break her into pieces.

[ Don Callis ] This is quite the size mismatch.

[ Gail Kim ] Alexa Bliss has quite the test in front of her.

The gong sounds and they begin to circle one another. They tie up and Havok immediately uses her size advantage to throw Alexa all the way across the ring! Alexa quickly rolls back to her feet, finding her footing in a nearby corner. Havok charges at her and goes for an AVALANCHE but Bliss ducks and rolls out of the way! She gets straight back to her feet and meets Havok with a dropkick that sends her backward into the corner!

[ Don Callis ] She's staggered the monster!

Bliss quickly leaps onto middle rope and begins raining down punches into Havok's head... but Havok snatches her by the tights and walks into the center of the ring with her before planting her on her head and neck with a POWER BOMB! Havok plants one boot on Alexa's chest and Tommy Ran counts... ONE! TWO! TH-- Bliss bridges out and rolls over onto her stomach! Havok stalks her and grabs a handful of hair. With zero effort, she lifts Bliss over her head in a GORILLA PRESS and then torpedoes her head first into the top turnbuckle!

[ Gail Kim ] The size disadvantage has begun to come into play for Alexa Bliss.

Bliss lands hard on the mat and Havok bounces off the ropes... BIG LEG DROP-- Bliss moves! Bliss slowly returns to her feet and Havok follows in suit. Bliss is clearly worse for wear and charges at Havok... only to get immediately get turned inside out with a clothesline! Havok slings the hair out of her face and pounds on her chest before dropping a big elbow right across Alexa's chest! Havok covers, driving her forearm across Alexa's jaw in an act of petty disrespect... one! Two! Th-- Alexa throws a shoulder up!

[ Don Callis ] Alexa Bliss isn't out of the fight yet.

[ Gail Kim ] She's struggling to maintain the momentum she began building with her victory over Britt Baker and Rebel last month. A loss here could completely derail it.

Suddenly, the overhead light flickers ever so slightly and Father James Mitchell walks out onto the stage, clutching his cane. He watches the match as it unfolds with great interest. Jessicka Havok walks a circle around the ring, focusing on Bliss before noticing Mitchell out of the corner of her eye. She points at him and nods. He smiles evilly as she pulls Bliss up to her feet and throttles her for a CHOKE SLAM-- NO! Bliss gets a thumb in the eye and Havok drops her, staggering back into the corner! James Mitchell approaches the ring slowly and deliberately before placing his hand on the apron. Alexa Bliss attempts to ignore him and charges into the corner... only to walk right into a boot to the chest from Havok! Bliss goes down hard and Havok stomps out of the corner... only for Mitchell to hand something to her. Havok looks at it and smiles before beckoning Bliss to stand up!

[ Don Callis ] James Mitchell could be looking to turn the tide in this match! What the hell is he even doing out here? Neither of these women are associated with him!

[ Gail Kim ] James Mitchell works in mysterious ways. I suggest you simply watch and find out, Don!

Bliss slowly gets up to one knee and Havok moves in closer, revealing a lighter! She attempts to light the object in her hand on fire... but just as she does, Alexa comes alive and uses both hands to swat it up into her eyes! The fireball EXPLODES in Havok's face and she goes down to the mat, shrieking in horror! Bliss falls on top of her and cradles both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Alexa rolls off of Havok and scoots back into the corner, with her back to the bottom turnbuckle. She runs her hands through her hair, looking like she's been through a fight. Havok continues to claw at her face, groaning in pain.

[ Don Callis ] Havok is in dire need of medical attention after catching that fireball to the face!

James Mitchell continues smiling, then offers a sly shrug and walks to the back as if what just happened doesn't bother him at all. Alexa watches him leave, a confused look on her face. As ring attendants crawl into the ring and cover Havok's face with a towel, Alexa rolls under the bottom rope and makes her way up the ramp.

[ Gail Kim ] Alexa Bliss is victorious again. With momentum such as this, she'll be attracting all sorts of attention from the other warriors on the island. I hope she's ready for it.

We fade out on a shot of Alexa standing on the stage, looking down at the ring.

The crash of waves.

The mist from the sea touching down on her face.

Kairi Sane had thought of nothing but the ship she had found, conspicuously located at the heart of the island. How did it get there? What did it... want? The disembodied voice continued to haunt her. Standing in a private dressing room, she paces back and forth, her long black entrance robe dragging the floor behind her... and she thinks of the open water splitting in front of the craft.

Asuka ] < Tonight, we begin our journey toward... ultimate... power! >

Asuka emerges from the shadows, her own more-colorful robe flowing behind her. In her hand, she holds a white kabuki mask with green accents around the eyes and mouth. There's a swagger in her step, almost a dance-like energy, as she reaches the center of the room.

Kairi Sane ] < I have heard its voice. It has called to us. As long as we listen, it will not steer us into dangerous waters. Tonight, not even a pair of heroes will be able to stop us. >

Asuka smiles evilly.

Asuka ] < You know I have my doubts about this voice and its intentions, but I can not deny that I am intrigued by what you have told me about it. >

Kairi and Asuka glare at each other in silence for a moment. It's clear that the ship and the voices are a point of minor conflict between them.

Asuka ] < That does not mean I am unwilling to do what must be done. Tonight, we will become the Dual Wield Champions. Those stupid, prideful heroes will meet their fall... and then, perhaps we will learn more about the power this island holds, yes? >

Kairi holds out a gloved hand and clenches it into a fist. She smiles.

Kairi Sane ] < Whatever power this island holds... we will take it! >

Her smile stretches ear to ear. Asuka looks into her eyes and sees the sea.

Cold and grey and cruel.

Referee: Daisuke Kiso | Time Limit: 15:00

Vinny Marseglia paces back and forth at ringside, waiting on the match to start. Daisuke signals for the gong and the sound reverberates throughout The Shrine.

[ Don Callis ] I've been looking forward to this match. Two women who are fairly new in their careers, fighting it out in a strange new land to see who the superior athlete truly is!

[ Gail Kim ] I can't wait to see how it turns out. Both of these women have so much promise.

Mariah May and Anna Jay circle one another for a moment before locking up. They jockey for position for a time before Anna Jay takes over with a wristlock. Anna and Mariah engage in some old school chain wrestling for a time before Mariah actually manages to get the upper hand, forcing Anna Jay to cut her off with an elbow to the eye!

[ Don Callis ] What a shot! You know Mariah May felt that one!

Staggered, Mariah May is unable to fight back as Anna Jay takes over and goes to work with a series of stiff forearm strikes. She backs Mariah into the corner with each impact, then brings her back out with a snap suplex. Mariah ends up in a seated position and Anna charges out of the corner, nailing her with a somersault neckbreaker! She goes for a cover, hooking the leg, but only gets two! Mariah breaks free but Anna Jay stays on her, showing some serious aggression as she pounds away at Mariah's back with forearms. Mariah fights back up to one knee and elbows away at Anna Jay's mid-section. Anna tries to get a couple handfuls of hair but Mariah May swats both hands away and rises up, nailing Anna with a discus forearm!

[ Gail Kim ] Mariah May is really laying it in. Both of these women know what it means to win here tonight. A good, decisive victory here can mean a lot toward your future with REQUIEM!

Anna rolls right back to her feet and charges at Mariah for a clothesline. Mariah ducks the clothesline and catches Anna on the turnaround with a RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Anna struggles back to her feet, checking her jaw, and turns right around into a headscissors that sends her rolling toward the corner! Anna scoots back into a seated position against the bottom rope just in time for Mariah May to come charging in with a BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Mariah May returns to her feet, all fired up, and pulls Anna Jay out of the corner by a handful of hair. Wasting no time, she hoists her onto her shoulders for the MKO but Anna Jay slips free and whips Mariah around by her wrist... SIDE-KICK!

[ Gail Kim ] Mariah May almost caught her but Anna Jay isn't ready to lie down just yet.

[ Don Callis ] Those educated feet of Anna Jay might prove to be too much for Mariah!

Visibly frustrated by how well Mariah May has done, Anna looks down at her and then at the turnbuckles. She steps onto the apron and begins to climb but just as she reaches the top rope, Mariah May comes alive and leaps onto the middle rope, hooking Anna Jay and bringing down into the center of the ring with a SUPERPLEX! Both women lie still for a moment before Mariah May rolls over onto all fours, eyeing Anna Jay with determination. Mariah pounds on the mat and gets up to her feet. She grabs Anna Jay by her top and yanks her up behind her and hoists her onto her shoulders. Swinging Anna Jay around, she lands a picture perfect MKO... but Anna Jay manages to roll under the bottom rope and onto the floor!

[ Gail Kim ] Good ring presence by Anna Jay!

Mariah May freaks and rolls out of the ring, doing her best to get Anna Jay up off the concrete floor and onto the apron. Daisuke watches from the ring as Mariah manages to get Anna on her feet but can't quite get her back into the ring. Vinny Marseglia peers from around the corner, piercing Mariah with his icy gaze. Frustrated, Mariah begins pounding away at Anna Jay's back, only for Anna to suddenly come alive and elbow Mariah in the throat, causing her to stagger backward against the barricade. Still clearly disoriented from the MKO, Anna drills Mariah with a forearm and then lifts her up, suplexing her mid-section first across the barricade... and then KNEE LIFTING her right in the face, knocking her over into the front row of well-dressed businessmen.

[ Don Callis ] Someone might be taking home a souvenir!

[ Gail Kim ] I'm really loving what we're seeing from Anna Jay tonight. What a warrior.

Vinny makes his way over, checking on Anna while they've got a moment to breathe. As Vinny checks on her, Mariah May climbs onto the barricade and leaps off! Vinny pushes Anna out of the way and Mariah sandwiches him against the apron! He falls into a seated position and she looks down at him, confused. The distraction is just enough for Anna Jay to take back over with a BICYCLE KICK to the side of the head! Mariah staggers out and away from the apron until Anna comes up behind her, grabs a handful of hair and tights, and throws her under the bottom rope.

[ Gail Kim ] Anna Jay is such a dominant force tonight. If she can keep this up, I think we have a superstar on our hands... a really good candidate--

[ Don Callis ] Candidate? For what?

[ Gail Kim ] She's such a stellar athlete, Don.

[ Don Callis ] I mean, I know that-- but... okay?

Mariah May rolls into the center of the ring and Anna Jay climbs the turnbuckles from the outside. She perches on the top rope and flies... SHOW-STEALER-- NO! MARIAH MAY MOVES! Anna Jay lands hard but manages to roll straight back to her feet! Both women end up in opposite corners and charge at each other! Mariah ducks a clothesline and catches Anna Jay on the turnaround with the CODEBREAKER-- NO! Anna Jay maintains her grip on Mariah's legs and drops her down into a JACKKNIFE PIN! She hangs on for dear life! ONE! TWO! THREE!

ANNA JAY via PINFALL in 11:14

Anna Jay falls back off of Mariah and lays flat on her back in the center. Mariah May covers her face, clearly frustrated by how close she came to pulling out the win. Vinny crawls into the ring and kneels next to Anna Jay, favoring his own mid-section after the collision on the floor.

[ Gail Kim ] What a hard fought victory. I'm so proud of Anna Jay.

[ Don Callis ] That's why they call her The Star of the Show!

Mariah May gets up to one knee as Vinny helps Anna to her feet. Mariah and Anna glare at each other for a moment before Anna looks at Vinny, then turns and offers her hand to Mariah. Still kneeling, Mariah begrudgingly accepts the handshake and stands up, making direct eye contact with Anna Jay as she does so.

[ Don Callis ] Look at Anna Jay giving Mariah May the respect she deserves. What a match.

Disappointed, Mariah drops down on her back and rolls out of the ring, making her way to the back. We fade out on a shot of Anna Jay and Vinny Marseglia standing in the middle of the ring, victorious.


A tray of food hits the wall and splatters.

[ Britt Baker ] This is absolute BULLSHIT!

Britt Baker, still in her gear, is raging out while Reba does everything she can to try and calm her down. Reba looks down at the mess on the floor, knowing she will probably have to clean it up.

[ Britt Baker ] And you're cleaning up all that shit on the floor!

She's definitely going to have to clean it up.

[ Britt Baker ] I'm tired of wrestling these nobody scrubs! I'm tired of seeing your potato face! I'm tired of being on this STUPID island! This isn't what I was promised, Reba! I want to go home--

She looks around as if she just noticed something.

[ Britt Baker ] And you know what? Where the FUCK is Tony!?

[ Reba ] I... I haven't seen him!

[ Britt Baker ] Typical! He's off having the time of his life, while the star of this freakin' show-- ME, is getting shit on! I'm getting SHIT ON, Reba! It's not fair. I humiliated Bianca Belair tonight--

Reba smiles and holds up her mini-bottle of mouthwash.

[ Britt Baker ] --all by myself--

Reba frowns and puts it away.

[ Britt Baker ] --and what do I have to show for it? Nothing!

[ ??? ] Good evening, ladies!

Britt and Reba both whip around to see Tony Schiavone standing only a few feet away from them in short shorts, flip flops, and a Hawaiian shirt that is unbuttoned all the way down, exposing his hairy gut to the world.

[ Britt Baker ] Tony, what the fuck. You scared the shit out of me. As a horrifying, half-dressed old man, you should always announce yourself when you're approaching young attractive women!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's what I did--

[ Britt Baker ] Lucky for Reba, she doesn't have the burden of having to worry about being sexually assaulted by old perverts because--

Britt looks Reba up and down.

[ Britt Baker ] --ugh.

She turns her attention back to Tony.

[ Britt Baker ] Anyway, where have you been? We've been looking all over for you! We're trying to figure out a way off this island and don't you dare tell me that you don't want to leave! This is absolutely NOT the greatest vacation in the history of anyone's life, ever!

Tony adjusts his glasses.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Actually, a friend of mine was wondering if you could draw up some prescriptions for a party that's coming up, seeing as how you're a doctor and all. I told him I absolutely have the hook-up!

Britt just stares at him.

[ Britt Baker ] You're being serious right now? I just need to make sure you're being one hundred percent serious and that this isn't a joke so that I can properly measure my reaction to the words that just came out of your stupid fat mouth.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, I mean, yeah. I actually have a list of what he--


She gets right in Tony's face as he cowers in front of her.


Tony swallows hard. Britt turns and violently shoves Reba down, causing her to skid several feet on the floor.

[ Reba ] WHY!?

Britt doesn't even look at her, turning her attention back to Tony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] So, um... that's a no on the prescriptions.

[ Britt Baker ] Fuck you.

She allows an exasperated smile to creep across her face.

[ Britt Baker ] That's what it is.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, then!

[ Britt Baker ] Get the fuck out of here, Tony.

Tony turns and walks away, shoulders slumped.

[ Britt Baker ] And don't come crying to me when you're weirdo coke head boyfriend tries to kill you! Me and Reba are getting off this island and you're not invited! We're leaving and you're not!

The fact that he doesn't turn around to acknowledge her makes her even angrier.


She shakes her head, furious.


Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 15:00

James Mitchell and Crazzy Steve stand at ringside. Crazzy Steve clutches Kevin the monkey tightly within his grasp, watching the match intently. Mitchell seems very relaxed, gripping his cane and smiling as he looks up at the ring. Raven stands on the other side of the ring, looking haggard. He strokes his chin, watching with great interest as his charge, Abadon, makes her debut.

[ Gail Kim ] The mysterious Raven and the even-more-mysterious Abadon... I'm very interested to see where this goes.

[ Don Callis ] Honestly, I'm horrified to see where this goes.

The gong sounds at Tommy Ran's behest and Abadon wastes no time getting the action underway as she charges across the ring blindly. Rosemary sidesteps her and she collides with the corner, allowing Rosemary to shove her chest first into the top turnbuckle and begin nailing her in the upper back with forearms. Rosemary whips Abadon around and drills her with forearms to the jaw but Abadon nails Rosemary with a knee lift and grabs two handfuls of hair. She ragdolls Rosemary about and then plants her with a double underhook suplex.

[ Don Callis ] Abadon is having her way with Rosemary here at the start!

Viscous red liquid pours from Abadon's mouth as she mounts Rosemary and begins nailing her with forearms to the chest and jaw. Taking Rosemary by the hair, she pulls her up and whips her into the ropes. Abadon goes for a sloppy clothesline but Rosemary ducks it and catches Abadon on the turnaround with a mafia kick straight to the chest! Abadon falls into a seated position and Rosemary hits the ropes, driving a knee right into Abadon's face! She goes for a quick cover but only gets two! Rosemary, frustrated, pulls Abadon off the mat and PLANTS HER with a t-bone suplex!

[ Gail Kim ] Rosemary is making quite the comeback, really giving it to Abadon.

Rosemary remains in a seated position next to Abadon, but before she can make a cover, Abadon sits up and pops her neck before turning her head and looking straight at her! Abadon sneers and growls at Rosemary... and Rosemary growls right back before forearming her right in the face, knocking her back down! Rosemary scrambles back to her feet and pulls Abadon up behind her with a handful of hair. Abadon quickly comes alive and grabs Rosemary by the tights, trash canning her straight to the floor, causing her to land hard on her hip and land in a heap on the concrete below. Abadon follows her out and makes a show out of throwing Rosemary with ease into the barricades and ring steps before body slamming her on the concrete. Crazzy Steve looks genuinely concerned, while Raven smiles and chuckles at the carnage he's witnessing.

[ Gail Kim ] This could be it for Rosemary. Abadon isn't giving her a moment to breathe.

Abadon smacks Rosemary's head on the apron and then doubles her over the barricade. Abadon forearms Rosemary in the back and then turns around, snarling. Rosemary finds her footing and slowly turns around... right as Abadon attempts to SPEW THE VISCOUS RED FLUID into her eyes... but Rosemary blocks it with a chair! The chair is painted red before Rosemary flings it into Abadon's face! Abadon staggers back and Rosemary springs into action, throwing Abadon under the bottom rope. Rosemary follows her in, and Abadon slowly returns to her feet. Abadon charges with a clothesline but Rosemary ducks it and catches Abadon on the turnaround with the RED WEDDING! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Rosemary climbs off of Abadon and sits next to her for a moment. Raven rests against the apron, his face in his hands. Rosemary returns to her feet and looks down at Abadon with disdain. Suddenly, Abadon sits up as though she's unfazed by the damage she's taken... and Rosemary immediately snatches her up and nails her with a SECOND RED WEDDING!

[ Don Callis ] She won't stay down!

Abadon is laid out flat on her back and Rosemary stands over her. Raven is shouting at Tommy Ran to call Rosemary off but Ran doesn't interfere. Crazzy Steve rolls into the ring and keeps Raven from entering, walking the perimeter of the ring and keeping an eye on him.

[ Gail Kim ] Are we going to see Steve and Raven do battle? Very interesting.

James Mitchell clutches Kevin and watches with glee as Rosemary mounts Abadon and grabs a handful of hair. She tilts Abadon's head back... and VOMITS BLACK GOO INTO ABADON'S MOUTH! She covers Abadon's nose and mouth, forcing her to swallow it... and then falls away from her, lying next to her.

[ Don Callis ] I'm gonna be sick. This is... come on, what even is this?

Rosemary retches and hitches for a moment before cackling evilly, wiping black goo from her mouth with the back of her hand. Crazzy Steve finally lets Raven into the ring and he quickly scrambles on all fours to Abadon and checks on her. Moments later, Abadon is up and eyeballing Rosemary, confused. Rosemary and Abadon stand face to face before Rosemary presses her forehead to Abadon's. It's almost like there's an understanding between them.

[ Gail Kim ] I think we're seeing the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Don.

[ Don Callis ] Is that what this is called? Jesus.

Confused, Raven watches as Rosemary, Steve, Abadon, and Mitchell leave the ring together. With no other options, Raven follows them as we fade to black.

Outside The Shrine.

The iron door is forced open from the inside with an obnoxious creak. Gabai Ji-chan steps out, hobbling forward with his cane. As he begins to descend the stone steps toward the gravel path below, he's followed out the door by Maki Itoh, Chris Brookes, and Mizuki. Ji-chan is moving so slowly that all three of them have to consciously try not to run him over while following him. Itoh seems determined, keeping her eyes locked on the old man as he finally reaches the gravel path. Brookes stops her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

[ Chris Brookes ] I've got a bad feeling 'bout this.

Itoh looks up at him, narrowing her eyes.

[ Maki Itoh ] He want... to help.

Mizuki ] < He seems harmless but we should be careful, Itoh-chan. >

Itoh glares at Mizuki.

[ Maki Itoh ] < Shut up, Mizuki! It was not long ago, you were throwing yourself at this old pervert and now you are worried about being careful?! You are just jealous that he is paying attention to me instead of you! >

Itoh tilts her head back and cries out.


Mizuki ] < I do not even remember saying the supposed weird things you are talking about! I would never encourage you to embrace the darkness! I have nothing but admiration and respect for you! >

Chris Brookes steps between them.

[ Chris Brookes ] Ladies, all I'm sayin' is that I do not support the idea of followin' the creepy fella' in a mask into the dark 'n spooky murder forest.

Itoh punches him in the stomach, doubling him over. He gasps, looking at her in surprise as she turns and follows Gabai Ji-chan toward the trees. Without a word, Mizuki follows after her. Brookes shakes his head, looking mortified.

[ Chris Brookes ] Ah, fuck! Come ONNNN, WHY!?

With no other option, he follows Itoh, Mizuki, and Gabai Ji-chan into the forest... and though our eyes never leave them, they're swallowed by the darkness seconds later and we fade to black.

Referee: Tommy Ran | Time Limit: 15:00

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are at ringside for Billie, looking unsettled after what happened earlier tonight in their dressing room. Mei Saint-Michel stands at ringside, holding her silver platter. She doesn't allow her eyes to leave Sakisama for even a second.

[ Don Callis ] There's a lot going on at ringside for this match.

[ Gail Kim ] This match has many personal ramifications for both competitors. I'm very curious to see how this plays out.

The gong sounds and Tommy Ran watches as Billie Kay and Sakisama slowly step out of their corners. They meet in the center of the ring and appear to size one another up... but after a few seconds, they banter back and forth in what seems like... mutual admiration? Though it looks like they each appreciate the other's fashion sense, Billie shrieks and throws a haymaker but Sakisama effortlessly ducks it and catches Billie on the turnaround with a vicious WHEEL KICK!

[ Gail Kim ] If Sakisama covers, that could be it.

[ Don Callis ] Devastating strike!

Sakisama controls the match, taking Billie off the mat and utilizing her superior in-ring ability to maintain a position of dominance. Billie is helpless as Sakisama takes her down with a variety of suplexes before tying her up on the mat with her own limbs, leaving her helpless in the middle of the ring! Sakisama hits the ropes and nails Billie with a vicious basement dropkick that breaks her hold on herself and sends her rolling to the apron!

[ Don Callis ] Billie Kay really needs to try to get a breather.

[ Gail Kim ] Sakisama is cold and calculating. She's not going to let Billie have that breather.

Tenille and Kaleb try to console Billie but Sakisama isn't having it. She grabs Billie by the hair and tries to drag her back into the ring but Billie flails around wildly, catching Sakisama in the eye with an errant fist! Sakisama staggers backward and Billie Kay immediately rolls under the bottom rope. Looking confused for a moment on what to do next, Billie hits the ropes and takes Sakisama down with a SPEAR! She covers but only gets one before Mei Saint-Michel grabs Sakisama's ankle and pulls her out of the ring! "YOU GOTTA BE JOKIN' ME!" Billie cries out.

[ Don Callis ] The outsiders are coming into play!

Billie follows Sakisama to the floor, but Sakisama pushes Mei Saint-Michel into her! Billie pushes past Mei and opts to pursue Sakisama... but Mei nails Billie in the back with her silver platter! "CURSE YOUR INEVITABLE BETRAYAL!" Billie shouts at Mei as she falls to all fours... seconds before Sakisama comes out of nowhere with the ACADEMY AWARD KICK right to Billie Kay's head! Billie goes down in a heap and NEO Biishiki-gun works together to get her up off the mat... until Tenille Dashwood nails Mei from behind with a vicious forearm, then whips her around and throws her hard into the barricade!

[ Gail Kim ] And it begins to break down as Tenille assaults Mei Saint-Michel.

Tenille finishes up with Mei and turns right around into a shot from a ROSE from Sakisama! Petals fly in every direction as Tenille falls back on her ass, rubbing her cheek! Sakisama looks down at her and shakes her head in disgust... before Billie Kay comes up behind her, grabs two handfuls of her gear, and slings her under the bottom rope. Billie follows her inside, posting up in the corner. Sakisama slowly returns to her feet and Billie charges at her... SHADES OF KAY-- NO! SAKISAMA DUCKS! She catches Billie on the turnaround with a boot to the stomach... QUETZALCOATL! NO! Billie grabs two handfuls of ropes and won't let go! Sakisama tries to pry her off but she won't budge!

[ Gail Kim ] If she had hit the Quetzalcoatl, that certainly would have been the end.

[ Don Callis ] She's desperately clinging on to her last shreds of hope for victory.

Mei Saint-Michel slides her platter into the ring and Sakisama grabs it, preparing to waffle Billie with it... but Kaleb climbs onto the apron, unable to think of anything else to prevent the inevitable, holding up the mysterious key that was given to Billie earlier tonight! Sakisama's eyes go wide when she sees it, clutching the tray in front of her... frozen, she never sees Billie Kay coming with the SHADES OF KAY, kicking the platter into her face! She covers Sakisama and hooks both legs, kicking her own legs desperately with every strike of the mat! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Billie scrambles out of the ring as quickly as she can, meeting Kaleb and Tenille on the rap, pumping her fists and shouting "I DID IT! DID YA' BLOODY SEE THAT!? I DO BELAWNG 'ERE!" As they reach the stage, Tenille snatches the key away from Kaleb and they disappear behind the curtain.

[ Don Callis ] What's going on with the key? I don't get it.

[ Gail Kim ] You wouldn't. Stick to calling the action, Don.

Inside the ring, Mei Saint-Michel checks on Sakisama. Sakisama looks furious, arguing with Tommy Ran about the count. She demands that Mei confirm the count and Mei reluctantly holds up three fingers, causing Sakisama to faint in the middle of the ring as we fade to black.



Maybe the letter was right.

Mariah May wanders down a corridor backstage, still in her gear. She's visibly worn down from her back and forth battle with Anna Jay. The words from the letter ran through her mind over and over... stopping to lean on the wall with her shoulder, she ran her hand through her blonde hair and wondered if she really didn't belong here.

But then... why was she invited?

She hears a sound and gets the vibe that someone is watching her. Looking around nervously, she rights herself and begins cautiously walking away from the scene. Her steps become quicker and quicker until she rounds a corner and--


She falls to the ground, limp. There's a sound of footsteps from around the corner and one of the masked Black Company guards appears with a lead pipe in his hand. Chiaki Kuriyama follows the guard in a sleek black business dress. She looks down at the fallen Mariah May and sighs.

Chiaki Kuriyama ] < Was that truly necessary? >

Guard ] < Apprehending Hazuki, Belair, and Kelly was easy. However, you were not there when Havok and Mark Henry took down seven of my best men before falling to my might! I am not taking any chances with this one! >

Kuriyama kneels down next to Mariah and finds a cell phone tucked away in her knee pad. She looks the phone over and sees that there's no service, that there hasn't been since Mariah's arrival. Still, she browses Mariah's files, videos, pictures... she holds the phone out toward the guard.

Chiaki Kuriyama ] < The contraband is secured. While she was unable to broadcast to her followers, she was keeping a thorough record of experience here for future distribution. Unacceptable. See that it is destroyed. >

[ Guard ] < Did you hear what I said? I took down Mark Henry and Havok on my own after-- >

Kuriyama clears her throat, cutting him off.

Chiaki Kuriyama ] < Take her to The Red Room with the other deviants. >

Without another word, she stands and walks away, her heels clicking in the empty corridor. The guard watches her leave and then hoists Mariah May off the floor, tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He walks in the opposite direction... toward The Red Room.



Referee: Daichi Murayama | Time Limit: 30:00

Daichi takes the titles from the Tokyo Joshi Rangers and shows them to the Kabuki Warriors before holding them over his head for the spectators to see. He hands them to a ringside attendant and calls for the gong to sound. Once it sounds, Misao and Shoko meet Asuka and Kairi in the middle of the ring. Misao and Shoko offer their hands but Asuka kicks Misao's hand away right as Kairi lunges forward and nails Shoko with a stiff forearm!

[ Don Callis ] I feel like the Tokyo Joshi Rangers should have known better than that.

[ Gail Kim ] It's called hope, Don. It's kind of their thing.

[ Don Callis ] Still... stupid.

[ Gail Kim ] Oh, I don't disagree.

It's an all-out brawl as the Kabuki Warriors trade forearms with the Joshi Rangers. Asuka blisters Misao with stiff kicks to the chest before charging at her. Misao drops and pulls down the top rope, allowing Asuka to fall to the outside. Asuka lands awkwardly on her feet and staggers back against the rail just in time for Hyper Misao to fly through the ropes and torpedo her with a SUICIDE DIVE! Both women crash to the floor!

[ Gail Kim ] I'm happy to see Hyper Misao pulling out all the stops. For a challenge like this, she can't afford to rely on her usual mischief.

Inside the ring, Shoko and Kairi continue trading shots until Kairi takes over with a knee lift. She whips Shoko to the mat with a snapmare, leaving her in a seated position. Kairi hits the ropes and goes for the SLIDING D but Shoko quickly moves and rolls back to her feet. Kairi quickly recovers and charges at Shoko, only to get a drop toe hold! Kairi falls into the ropes face first and Shoko charges in-- TIGER FEINT KICK! Kairi flies all the way to the center of the ring and Shoko climbs to the top rope! Kairi slowly returns to her feet and Shoko flies.... KAMEN RIDER KICK-- NO! KAIRI CATCHES HER COMING DOWN WITH A SPINNING BACK FIST! She covers but only gets two!

[ Gail Kim ] What a brutal strike. Much respect to Shoko for kicking out after that.

[ Don Callis ] It says a lot about the importance of the Dual Wield Championship that these four women are willing to go all out like this.

Kairi drags Shoko to the corner and climbs the ropes. She prepares to drop the SEVEN SEAS but Hyper Misao climbs onto the apron and shoves her off! Kairi lands on her feet but stumbles forward and Shoko small packages her! ONE! TWO! THR-- ASUKA BREAKS THE PIN! Shoko tries to cover up as Asuka begins throwing stiff kicks at her head! Shoko quickly rolls to the floor to escape. Asuka and Kairi both turn to focus their attention on Misao but Misao is perched on the top rope... "I AM A HERO!" she cries out, and then flies! Taking them both down with a flying crossbody!

[ Don Callis ] Spectacular form, taking down both Kabuki Warriors!

Kairi rolls to the floor and Misao covers Asuka... ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! Natsuko Tora and Marika Kobashi pulls Misao out of the ring by her ankle! They begin pummeling away at Misao, beating her down onto all fours before dragging her up the ramp and toward the stage. Misao tries to fight back but she's overwhelmed. Once they get to the stage, Tora pulls Misao in... and PILEDRIVES HER! Unable to fight back anymore, they drag Misao's body to the back!

[ Don Callis ] The Crush Gals just... they just took Misao!

[ Gail Kim ] This is not leaving Shoko in a good place. Now she has to deal with both Kabuki Warriors alone!

Shoko rolls back into the ring and sees both Kabuki Warriors still recovering from the crossbody. She quickly climbs to the top rope and waits on them to stand... once they both get to their feet, she flies and nails Kairi with the KAMEN RIDER KICK! Kairi flails toward the ropes and falls out to the floor! Shoko turns and ducks a clothesline from Asuka! She catches Asuka on the turnaround with a drop toe hold! Asuka falls into the ropes... TIGER FEINT KICK! Asuka staggers out of the ropes, still standing but disoriented! Shoko goes to the top rope and flies... KAMEN RIDER KICK-- NO! GREEN MIST!

[ Don Callis ] It's over! It has to be over!

[ Gail Kim ] There was just no way she could do it on her own.

Asuka immediately takes Shoko's head off with a roundhouse kick! She goes down and Asuka falls on top of her! ONE! TWO! THR-- SHOKO REVERSES THE PIN INTO A CRADLE OF HER OWN! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! Kairi breaks the pin! Shoko crawls on all fours to the ropes and struggles back to her feet, blinded by the mist. Both Kabuki Warriors charge at her and she pulls down the top rope! Kairi Sane tumbles to the floor but Asuka lands on the apron. She grabs Shoko's hair but Shoko drops, causing Asuka to go throat first on the top rope before falling to the floor! Shoko grabs a bottle of water and tries rinsing her eyes out before hitting the ropes and nailing both Kabuki Warriors with a suicide dive!

[ Gail Kim ] I don't think she got all of it but she got enough of it to take them both down!

[ Don Callis ] She got a lot of the barricade on impact, but she's got to be running on autopilot now. She can't keep this up much longer.

All three women are down when Prince Nana appears on the stage. He quickly makes his way down to ringside and surveys the chaos. Thinking quickly, he grabs Asuka under her arms and throws her under the bottom rope. She rolls toward the center of the ring. Nana then helps Shoko to her feet, audibly telling her "get in dere and pin her! Do it now! Retain your championship!" He helps her onto the apron but as she begins to enter the ring, he grabs her ankle and begins laughing like a mad man, "YOU FOOL! I HAVE BAMBOOZLED YOU FOR ALL TIME!"

[ Gail Kim ] What is Prince Nana doing to Shoko?

[ Don Callis ] I can't believe this!

As he holds her ankle, Asuka returns to her feet and snatches Shoko around the neck, dragging her down into the ASUKA LOCK! Prince Nana laughs and jumps around in circles as Shoko is forced to tap out!


Asuka releases the hold and tosses Shoko to the side. Kairi Sane rolls under the bottom rope and crawls on all fours to Asuka in the center of the ring. Seconds later, Prince Nana steps through the ropes with both Dual Wield Championships, handing them to Kairi and Asuka with a huge smile on his face.

[ Don Callis ] You can't help but feel terrible for Shoko.

[ Gail Kim ] Regardless of the circumstances, we have our second Dual Wield Champions crowned. Prince Nana promised riches to whoever agreed to work with him and he has come through tonight for the Kabuki Warriors!

As we zoom in on the Kabuki Warriors celebrating with the titles, we quickly cut backstage where we see Natsuko Tora and Marika Kobashi continuing to beat down Hyper Misao in what looks like a dingy restroom. Misao tries to fight back but she barely gets a couple shots in before she gets shut down and pummeled back down to her knees. There's a visible trickle of blood from Misao's nose, and as she grits her teeth upon impact of a vicious Natsuko Tora forearm, we see her teeth are stained pink as well.

Natsuko Tora ] < You should have minded your business, bitch. >

Misao cries out in pain as Tora picks up a cash can and dumps out the contents on her before dropping it across her back. Kobashi grabs Misao by the hair and makes her look her in the face, pointing at her aggressively.

Marika Kobashi ] < You are going to pay for what you did, with your life! >

Misao comes alive for a second and nails Kobashi with a forearm from the floor, knocking her back on her ass. However,, the burst of energy is short lived as Tora snatches her up off the cold floor and rag dolls her into a nearby sink, causing it to break and water to begin flowing out all around them. Tora snatches the mask off Misao's face and wads it up before tossing it aside. Before the beating can go any further, Nia Jax, Ember Moon, Yuka Sakazaki, and Rika Tatsumi charge into the room, putting a stop to the violence. Tora and Kobashi look pissed and slowly back away.

Natsuko Tora ] < We are not finished, Misao. There is only one game on this island. >

Kobashi nods, sneering.

Marika Kobashi ] < Kill or be killed! >

They both raise middle fingers and leave the room. Rika and Yuka help Misao into a seated position against the wall where she begins violently sobbing and covering her face with her hands. Nia Jax walks over with the wadded mask, does her best to straighten it out, and hands it to Misao. Misao looks down at the mask.

Hyper Misao ] < Get out. >

Everyone looks confused.

Hyper Misao ] < Get away from me! Do not look at me! >

Yuka and Rika nod and gesture for Jax and Ember to follow them. Seconds later, Misao is alone in the restroom. The camera focuses on her clutching the mask as we fade to black.



The desire for revenge.

For the second time, two events in a row now, Sonya Deville has left Shiori Sena lying and taken an in-ring opportunity away from her. Her colorful hair flows behind her as she storms down the corridor, her cheek swollen and bottom lip split. She rounds the corner and looks in both directions, breathing heavily through gritted teeth.

Shiori Sena ] < You will not get away with this, Sonya Deville! >

She points at herself with both hands.

Shiori Sena ] < I am a warrior! I am a number one athlete! >

Balling up her fists, she shrieks.


Her eyes settle on a door only a few feet away from her. She stomps up to it and pounds on it with her fist. After a few seconds with no answer, she pounds on it again... and it creaks open. She pokes her head inside and almost chokes on the cigar smoke. There's a strobe light going full blast and Sonny Onoo is singing "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" while shirtless on a makeshift stage at the front of the room. Tony Schiavone is sitting in a leather chair with three Japanese women putting their hands all over him. He chomps on a cigar and drinks from a large baby bottle full of alcohol that one of the women feeds him. He admires her and sits back in the chair.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Your breasts are perfectly symmetrical! What a delight!

Shiori Sena looks away from Schiavone, disgusted. She walks through the smoke, covering her nose and mouth until she sees the man she meant to find. Riki Takeuchi snorts a line of cocaine off the bare chest of a woman painted like a geisha. He tilts his head back and laughs hard before dumping her out of his lap and standing up, pumping his fists.


The music is so loud that Shiori feels the room pulse around her, and the smoke clings tightly to her form. Upon seeing Riki Takeuchi, she quickly approaches him and falls to one knee in front of him. He looks down at her confused, puffing manically on a cigar, eyes bugged out.

Shiori Sena ] < Takeuchi-san, you are my only hope. >

Riki Takeuchi ] < Hey... hey, HEY! You are not supposed to be here! How did you find this room anyway, ah!? THIS ROOM IS ONLY FOR PARTY ANIMALS! >

She ignores his enthusiasm, remaining stoic.

Shiori Sena ] < I have been disrespected. I crave revenge... with your reputation, I feel that you will understand the need to defend my honor! Will you help me? >

He smiles and removes a handkerchief from his jacket, wiping the sweat from his reddened face. He speaks to her in a more humble tone, far removed from the King Riki we've grown accustomed to.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Little girl, this is not your path. >

He reaches down and caresses her face with fingers decorated with extravagant jewelry.

Riki Takeuchi ] < There is much light in your heart. I think Kitano-san has important plans for you. You will suffer greatly if you try to walk the path of chaos. Understand? >

She swallows hard and nods.

Shiori Sena ] < I understand... but I am desperate. My enemy must pay the ultimate price. >

Riki nods and gestures for her to stand up. She does.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Lucky for you, King Riki does not care about Kitano's plans. >

He reaches behind and removes a pistol from his belt. He offers it to her grip first. Her eyes widen and she reaches out, accepting the weapon. She looks down at the pistol in her hand, a smile creeping across her face.

Riki Takeuchi ] < Go have your revenge, but most importantly... have fun! >

She clutches the gun close to her heart.

Shiori Sena ] < Yes! Thank you, Takeuchi-san! Get ready to taste molten hot lead, Sonya Deville! >

She turns and walks toward the exit. The sound of Sonny Onoo singing reverberates throughout the room. Tony Schiavone sounds enthusiastic.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's no end to the wonders which can be found on this island!

She exits the room and walks out into the corridor. The door clicks shut behind her. She turns around and looks at the door, smiling and holding the gun to her chest. Taking a deep breath and knowing what she's setting out to do, she turns around and abruptly comes face to face with--

[ Rosemary ] Hello, space ranger.

Shiori Sena ] < Be gone, dark one! >

She points the gun at Rosemary... and instantly has a bite taken out of her bicep by Abadon! Blood sprays from the open wound and Shiori cries out in pain, firing the gun into the wall, narrowly missing Rosemary who doesn't even flinch! The gun falls from Shiori's grasp and skids beneath a nearby shelf. Shiori looks at both of them, mortified... and pushes past them, attempting to run away! However, as she rounds the corner, she's casually tripped by the cane of Father James Mitchell!

[ James Mitchell ] Whoops!

He cackles loudly as Shiori sprawls face down on the floor. She tries to push herself up onto all fours but slips in her own blood and goes back down. She rolls over onto her back and sees Abadon approaching, still chewing the chunk of her bicep so aggressively that she can hear her teeth clicking together.

Shiori Sena ] < WHY!? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! >

Abadon falls upon her, pinning her down and burying her teeth in her neck. Blood sprays across the floor and up the nearest wall. Abadon plants her hand on Shiori's face, pinning her head down and exposing her neck even further, allowing for maximum bloodletting to occur. Abadon's face is covered in blood, dripping off her chin. James Mitchell kneels down next to her and looks down into Shiori's eyes.

[ James Mitchell ] Because, child... in the war of light versus dark--

He smiles evilly.

[ James Mitchell ] Someone had to be first.

Rosemary looms over Abadon's shoulder, looking down at Shiori Sena as the light fades from her eyes. While Rosemary seems amused at first, we see a flicker of humanity cross her features for the briefest of moments.


She tilts her head and grabs a handful of hair, giving it a sharp tug and doing her best to ignore the voice nagging at her. Trying hard to hide her discomfort, she forces the words out.

[ Rosemary ] We are done here... we should go.

Mitchell smiles and stands. Without further conversation, Mitchell walks away looking satisfied. Rosemary grabs Abadon by the hair and guides her away from her meal, dragging her on all fours and leaving a trail of bloody hand prints and streaks in her wake. With a final shot of Shiori's blood splattered face and vacant gaze, we fade to black.

Referee: Daichi Murayama | Time Limit: 30:00

The gong sounds and both women begin to circle one another. Dolph Ziggler watches from ringside, obnoxiously chewing gum, but never letting his eyes wander from the action in the ring. Sonya goes in for a lock-up but Kris Wolf immediately executes a go-behind and attempts to lift Sonya for a German suplex... only for Sonya to throw an elbow and catch Wolf in the eye! Wolf lets go and staggers back, only for Sonya to whip around and stay on her, throwing direct and calculated lefts and rights at Wolf's head! Wolf covers and backs into the ropes where Sonya begins delivering body blows until Wolf falls through the ropes and ends up on the floor!

[ Gail Kim ] I knew this was going to be an exciting main event but I wasn't expecting it to kick-off quite like this.

[ Don Callis ] Sonya Deville has come out swinging, quite literally!

Wolf gets to her feet and Sonya sits on the middle rope, gesturing for her to get back inside. Wolf climbs onto the apron and eyeballs Sonya before stepping through the ropes. Sonya lets her in clean but then immediately goes for a high kick, which Kris Wolf ducks under and hits the ropes! She goes for a dropkick but Deville deflects it. She attempts to mount Wolf when she lands on the mat but Wolf quickly scrambles back to her feet and nails Deville with a basement dropkick while she's still on her knees!

[ Gail Kim ] You have to admire the craftiness of Kris Wolf.

[ Don Callis ] She's got to be careful, though. With Sonya Deville's background, this match could end as quickly as Sonya gets her hands on her. We saw what happened earlier when Shayna Baszler got her hands on Hazuki.

Deville quickly rolls to the floor where Ziggler checks on her. She pushes him off just in time for Kris Wolf to fly through the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE-- NO! Deville knocks her out of the air with a big right hand! Wolf crumples on the apron and Deville snatches her off in a wheelbarrow position! She begins slamming Wolf repeatedly into the guardrail before raising her up and dropping her chest first across the barricade! Propped up by the barricade, Wolf is helpless as Deville pummels her back and ribs with body shots!

[ Don Callis ] This is what I was talking about!

Deville snatches a handful of Wolf's hair and pulls her off the barricade. Wolf is visibly in pain, favoring her ribs. Sonya goes to toss her under the bottom rope but Wolf comes alive and smacks Deville's head against the apron, the hardest part of the ring! Deville is disoriented and Wolf climbs onto the apron, charging and nailing her with a DIVING METEORA TO THE FLOOR! Wolf gets back to her feet and growls at Dolph Ziggler, forcing him to take a step back, before climbing onto the apron and ascending the turnbuckles from the outside. Deville slowly gets to her feet and Wolf flies... FOR A TOP ROPE METEORA TO THE FLOOR!

[ Gail Kim ] You were saying?

[ Don Callis ] Maybe the Wolf has got a little more fight in her than I gave her credit for.

Wolf guides Deville back to her feet and tosses her under the bottom rope. Deville rolls to the center of the ring. Wolf climbs back to the rope and leaps... FLYING DOUBLE KNEES-- NO! Deville moves! Wolf goes knees first into the mat and Deville shakily returns to her feet. Wolf struggles back up to one knee and Deville charges at her, field goal kicking her right in the chest! Wolf goes down and Deville grabs two handfuls of hair. She pulls her back to her feet and forces her head down, kneeing her repeatedly in the face and chest before bringing her in and planting her with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX!

[ Don Callis ] Sonya Deville is taking this match to the next level!

Ziggler watches with great interest as Deville covers but only get two! Wolf throws her shoulder up but Deville uses that momentum to turn Wolf over into an armbar! Wolf scrambles to escape the hold before finally using some leverage to roll Deville over into a pinning predicament, causing Deville to break her own hold in order to kick out! Deville and Wolf both roll back to their feet and glare at each other from across the ring... without prompting, they charge at each other and begin trading punches and forearms! Blow after blow lands until Kris Wolf's knees buckle and she goes down to the mat like a sack of bricks! Deville falls on top of her! One! Two! Three!


As the three count is registered, even Deville seems confused by what happened. She looks down at Wolf and sees that she's completely unconscious, then shrugs and rolls out of the ring, leaving with Ziggler.

[ Don Callis ] It looks... it looks like she knocked her out during that flurry.

[ Gail Kim ] That definitely appears to be what happened. I have to say, this is a most unexpected conclusion.

Daichi Murayama signals for medical staff to come to the ring. They respond quickly and begin checking on Kris Wolf, shining a light in her eyes and helping her into a seated position. Wolf rests her face in her hands as she slowly comes to. We focus on a shot of her being checked out as we fade to black.



A masked man dressed in all-white goes to work, mopping up a large pool of blood in the corridor. We're unable to see any of his features as he performs this thankless task. However, as we watch, we see that no matter how much he mops, it looks more like he's simply smearing it around than actually cleaning it up. Another masked man, all in white, walks into the shot and raises a cell phone to his ear with a hand gloved in blue. Clearly, the rules for cellular devices are different for Black Company staff. Holding the phone to his ear, he waits patiently for the man on the other end to answer.

The phone is obnoxiously loud.

Somehow, we can still hear the buzz of the fluorescent lights in the classroom. Mr. Kitano shuffles toward the phone on his desk and picks it up. Pressing it to his ear, it's clear that he has no idea what it's about when he answers.

[ Mr. Kitano ] Konnichiwa.

He listens to the voice on the other end and lowers his head before taking a seat. He sighs deeply upon hearing what the man on the other line tells him. He grunts in response to something the man says and then hangs up the phone, setting it back down on the desk. He lets what he just heard settle in his mind for a moment before finally standing up and shuffling toward a desktop microphone on a nearby table. He looks down at it solemnly before pressing the button at its base and addressing everyone on the island through the Black Company's public address system.

"Class, I'm afraid I have some bad news."

We see Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K looking at the key they took from Billie Kay. They look it over carefully, looking at the symbol on the grip. As they ponder what it could mean, they both appear frustrated. Kaleb holds it up the light and looks it over but Tenille snatches it away from him, annoyed.

[ Tenille Dashwood ] We don't have time t' mess around. We need to find out what this thing unlocks so that these friggin' people will stop putting all their attention on Billie and start putting it where it belongs... ME!

We zoom away from them and out the door of the room they're in... and find Billie Kay standing just outside the door, overhearing their conversation. She sighs deeply, appearing hurt by their lack of support for her success.

"Shiori Sena, our Tokyo Space Ranger, is dead."

Prince Nana and Asuka dance backstage with her newly won Dual Wield Championship belt. In a far corner of the room, we see Kairi Sane seated with her own championship belt resting across her lap. In her hand, we see what looks like an ancient compass in a black case with gold trim. She's fixated on it. Prince Nana dances in her direction, smiling down at her. He laughs with glee.

[ Prince Nana ] How do you like it, my pirate PRIN-CESS!? AH!?

He gestures toward the compass.

[ Prince Nana ] That trinket is merely a TASTE o' what I can give to you!

Kairi stands up and places her championship over her shoulder. She holds the compass out and smiles from ear to ear.

[ Kairi Sane ] < Across all the waters, find the path to our destiny! >

She tilts her head back and laughs evilly.

"It is always hard when a
friend dies, but that is life.

Britt Baker storms down a corridor with Reba trailing behind her. Baker is on a mission and won't be denied. She stops in front of a door and Reba puts her hand on her shoulder, trying to stop her.

[ Reba ] Britt, please, just try to relax. Talk it over when you've had some time to think!

[ Britt Baker ] Get out of my face, Reba! I'm going to tell Tony EXACTLY what I think--

She whips the door open and finds Tony Schiavone, Riki Takeuchi, and Sonny Onoo strapped to a trio of BDSM racks with speedos and ball gags. Natsuko Tora and Marika Kobashi turn and look at the intruders, furious. Shota Umino crawls on the ground in a full-on leather gimp suit. Reba cups her mouth and immediately projectile vomits through her clasped fingers. It gets all over Britt's shoulder and she freaks.

[ Britt Baker ] What the fuck?!

She slams the door shut.

"You are all strong. You will keep going.
There is more to life here than death.

Mariah May looks around at her surroundings, wondering why The Red Room has white walls. Her stomach growls... it's been hours since she's eaten. She sees no television, no bed, no windows... no door? How did she get inside? She hears a click and looks in the direction of the sound, only to see a small slot open up where the wall meets the floor. A tray is slid underneath with her first meal. Upon seeing it, she gags uncontrollably and crawls backward into the furthest corner of the room. Resting on the tray is a plate with a large, uncooked rat.

[ Mariah May ] No... no, no, no... what... what is going on?

Next to it, her drink... a clear plastic cup of viscous yellow fluid.

"All of you have a purpose here... some good, some bad... I assure you that nothing happens here that is not meant to happen."

The coins noisily land on the table in front of Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Shayna Baszler smiles as the light catches the Gold Dragons. Ronda Rousey picks one up and looks it over, smiling.

[ Shayna Baszler ] You see this shit? We're gonna be swimmin' in these things.

Marina reaches out to touch one and Shayna slaps her hand away.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Uh-uh.

Shafir and Duke look confused. Baszler picks one up and looks it over.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Raise hell. Bring your own to the table.

Rousey flicks her coin back into the pile and smirks.

[ Ronda Rousey ] These bitches have no idea what they've got coming.

"You will find purpose in her
unfortunate death, won't you?

Eve Torres leaves her room in the middle of the night, exiting the fighter quarters and walking toward the forest. As she wanders toward the trees, we see Nia Jax follow her out, keeping a close eye on her. Eve appears to have no idea that Jax is tracking her every move. She mutters under her breath.

[ Nia Jax ] Where the hell are you going, sister?

Torres journeys into the trees, swallowed by the darkness. Jax looks around and prepares to follow her but Ember Moon comes from nowhere and stops her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

[ Ember Moon ] Yeah, she's actin' weird as hell... but we're not going back in there after her.

Nia stares off into the distance.

[ Ember Moon ] Let it play out... and see where it goes, alright?

Nia nods and returns to the barracks with Ember.

"I think she would like that."

Abadon rocks back and forth, blood still all over her face. Raven sits in the corner of the room, scratching his chin, keeping his eye on his charge. He acts like he's having trouble processing what he's hearing.

[ Raven ] You're tellin' me she took a chunk outta' somebody? That girl everybody's talkin' about?

Rosemary sits on the edge of her bed, staring at the nightstand. She nods.

[ Raven ] So, what does that mean for us, huh? Authorities?

Rosemary shakes her head.

[ Rosemary ] I don't think so... not here.


She shakes her head, trying to silence the voice nagging at her. Crazzy Steve rests on the bed next to her, Kevin caught in the crook of his arm. Raven leans forward and places his face in his hands. This is a little more heavy than he expected. Rosemary takes a deep breath and opens the nightstand drawer, slowly and quietly... revealing the gun that Shiori Sena dropped... someone went back for it... but who?

"...courtney, open your eyes..."

A tear rolls down Rosemary's cheek.

"That is all anyone wants in this world...
to matter. Do not let her die for nothing, okay?

Still in the restroom, Hyper Misao stares into the mirror over the broken sink with her crumpled mask in her hand. Blood smeared under her nose and around her mouth where she's wiped away at it with the back of her hand. Shin Ultra Shoko approaches her from behind and places her hand on her shoulder, a show of support... but Misao swats her hand away.

[ Hyper Misao ] < Leave! >

Shoko nods, appearing disappointed, and leaves the room. Misao looks down at her mask and hisses with pain.

[ Hyper Misao ] < It is not supposed to be this way. I am a hero. >

She looks up into the mirror and sees Mr. Tagawa standing behind her in her reflection. Clad in black, he stares down his nose at her. He speaks in Japanese, his voice booming behind her.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] < Strength is beauty. >

Her eyes widen.

[ Mr. Tagawa ] < Beauty... is strength. >

She whips around to face him... only to find him gone.

"It is up to all of you to do your best... put in the work... try hard! Become a number one woman and fulfill your greater purpose."

Backstage, a doctor shines a light in Kris Wolf's eyes. He shakes his head and speaks to a medic standing nearby.

[ Doctor ] < I don't understand. There's no concussion, no physical damage that I can see. >

[ Kris Wolf ] I don't feel good... like at all, doc.

[ Doctor ] < It is as if she is getting weaker... but I don't understand why. >

"Shiori Sena can no longer
fulfill her purpose on her own.

Sakisama rests on her bed with Mei Saint-Michel standing over her, trying to cool her off with a large oriental fan. Sakisama rests the back of her hand on her forehead. It's obvious that she's trying to relax after a tough loss earlier in the night.

Knock knock.

Mei Saint-Michel leaps nearly a foot in the air as she hears someone pound on the door. She swallows hard and approaches the door, slowly opening it up. Her eyes wide with surprise as she sees the man standing on the other side of it. Without a word, she bows and backs away, allowing him inside. The man stands in a three piece suit, looking down on Sakisama who hasn't even bothered to open her eyes and see who he is. He looks into a nearby bin and sees a letter with the wax seal on it, marked with an "A."

[ ??? ] < I see you have been receiving my letters. >

Sakisama's eyes shoot open and fall upon the man.

[ Hidekazu Akai ] < But you haven't listened to anything I have said. Typical Saki-chan. >

She sits up on the edge of the bed, visibly shocked to see him. She speaks in Japanese.

[ Sakisama ] < ...father? >

"It will be up to you to do it for her."

The black candle rests on a small table.

Anna Jay kneels next to it, looking at it and contemplating. Vinny stands in the doorway to the bathroom and watches over her shoulder from several feet away. He exhales deeply.

[ Vinny Marseglia ] I don't like it.

Anna doesn't respond... simply looking down at a pack of matches in her hand.

[ Vinny Marseglia ] I don't trust it... I don't buy it... I don't fuckin' like it.

She focuses hard on the candle, gripping the matches tightly... she wonders what to do.

"You may not want that responsibility... but I assure you, it is necessary. In all jobs, everywhere you may travel, you must do things that you do not want to do. That is what being a grown-up is like. You will learn."

Outside The Shrine.

Alexa Bliss rests on the steps, staring out into the forest. She hears a sound of footsteps behind her, then catches a flicker of red as a man walks around her and descends the steps, stopping at the bottom and turning around to look up at her. Father James Mitchell plants his cane on the ground in front of him and smiles up at Alexa.

[ James Mitchell ] Congratulations on your victory.

She rolls her eyes.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Whatever your game is, leave me out of it. Your dumb ass plan blew up in your face-- well, blew up in Havok's face-- and I'm over it. I just wanna get some fresh air and go to bed without any of... whatever this is.

His smiles stretches even further.

[ James Mitchell ] Yes... my dumb ass plan--

He chuckles.

[ James Mitchell ] What a miserable failure that was.

He lifts up his cane and grips it tightly, his eyes never leaving hers.

[ James Mitchell ] Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

He turns and walks away, cackling loudly. Alexa watches him leave, vanishing into the darkness... but she doesn't notice Nikki Cross peering at her from the trees, watching her intently.

"Maybe fulfilling her purpose is the key to putting an end to all of this mess. I don't know. Probably not."

The depths of The Shrine.

Sonya Deville journeys alone in search of the door with the symbol, having told Ziggler to stay out of her business before venturing beneath The Shrine, into uncharted territory. A lone masked guard stood watch over the steel hatch in the floor which functions as the entrance. She sees dozens of rooms beneath The Shrine, all with different symbols. None of them match the one given to her by Tagawa, however. She continues to look... but the deeper she travels, the more disturbing the experience becomes, hearing wails of pain and torment.

[ Sonya Deville ] What the fuck is this place?

Masked men and women shuffle past her in silence. Just as she doesn't imagine she can be anymore unsettled, she sees it... the symbol. She approaches the door and presses her ear to it... inside, she hears what sounds like meat hitting meat, followed by groans of pain. She places her hand on the door handle and takes a deep breath... only to find the door isn't even latched. It opens up with no effort, revealing a man in black pants and a white tank top teeing off as hard as he can on a man tied to a chair, his face obscured by a black bag.

[ Sonya Deville ] What--

She notices that the room was once completely white but is now splattered with red. It dawns on her that these are The Red Rooms that rumors have been circulating about. The man in the chair has been beaten into hamburger. The man doing the beating looks at Sonya through stringy black hair. He throws it back out of his face.

[ Robin Shou ] So, you're here because you want control...

He grips the black bag on the man's head and rips it off.

[ Robin Shou ] Well, this is your chance.

Sonya's heart drops.

[ Robin Shou ] Take it.

Despite the blood, swelling, and broken teeth... she immediately recognizes the man. She looks into the eyes of Phillip A. Thomas... and clenches her fists.

"What do I know? I am just an old man."

It felt like they had been walking for hours.

Maki Itoh followed Gabai Ji-chan through the forest on faith... but her patience begins to grow thin. Chris Brookes and Mizuki follow her closely, both with looks of concern on their faces. Just as Itoh as about to explode with anger at how long this is taking, they reach a small clearing with a stone path... which leads further into the forest toward a temple obscured by the threes.

Chris Brookes ] Holy shit. Where are we?

A bald man rests next to the entrance to the temple path, clad in a light robe and holding a sheathed sword. Gabai Ji-chan approaches the entrance and stand next to it, raising his cane and nodding slowly, as if he's congratulating himself on a job well done by bringing them here. The bald man speaks and his voice carries across the distance perfectly, forceful and gruff.

Toshishiro Obata ] < Itoh-chan... we have been expecting you. >

He gestures all around him, pride in his voice.

Toshishiro Obata ] < Welcome... to Sunrise Kingdom! >

Itoh takes it all in and then turns, looking over her shoulder at Chris Brookes and Mizuki, genuine concern in her voice.

Maki Itoh ] < What the fucking fuck is this? >

"But it is a happy thought."