01 / 25 / 2020 | Capital One Arena | Washington, DC

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches

- Elias def. Lucky Cannon via Pin Fall w/ Drift Away in 2:18
- Limitless Division: Barbie Blank def. "The Doctor of Destruction" Joe Briggs via Pin Fall w/ B2 in 00:29
- Paul London (w/ The Brian Kendrick) def. Joe Hennig via Pin Fall w/ Shooting Star Press in 5:11
- Charlotte Flair def. Shotzi Blackheart via Submission w/ Figure Eight in 3:33
- Zahra Schreiber def. Thunderkitty via Pin Fall w/ Curb Stomp in 6:52
- Roman Reigns def. "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson via Pin Fall w/ Superman Punch in 1:01
- The Undertaker def. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. via Pin Fall w/ Tombstone in 00:08
- Gionna Daddio def. Cowgirl Kissy via Pin Fall w/ 201 Facebreaker in 4:20
- Steve Corino def. Max Caster via Pin Fall w/ Old School Expulsion in 8:09
- Pentagon, Jr. (w/ Paul Heyman) def. Willie Mack via Pin Fall w/ Package Piledriver in 5:44
- Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Lacey) def. Mike Mondo via Pin Fall w/ Contra Code in 7:28
- Chris Jericho (w/ Jake Hager) def. Fit Finlay via Pin Fall w/ Judas Effect in 11:12
- Shayna Baszler (w/ Ted Dibiase) def. Allie Kat via Submission w/ Rear Naked Choke in 1:18
- Team Kick (Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox) def. Skylar & Davienne via Pin Fall w/ TTYL in 3:13
- Horrifichausen (Danhausen & Vinny Marseglia) def. Bill Dundee & Koko B. Ware via Pin Fall w/ Redrum in 51:58
- Hana Kimura def. Diamante via Submission w/ Kamagatame in 9:21
- Austin Theory def. JD Drake via Pin Fall w/ The Unproven Cutter in 4:02
- Jamie Hayter def. Jungle Grrl via Pin Fall w/ Lariat in 2:18
- Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. Marko Stunt via Submission w/ Salt of the Earth in 00:17

The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and the Nation’s Capital is freshly bathed in a cool breeze. We are treated to a lovely, panning view of Stead Park, a beautiful public park where families of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds are having fun, enjoying picnics, and throwing frisbees around.

While it’s most likely a bit too cold for frisbee, the people look like they’re enjoying themselves and the family vibe is strong in Stead Park.

The camera pans past a young girl, running with a man who looks just like her, laughing and frolicking with no cares to the frowning face of Jason Jordan, who’s sitting on a bench and sullenly watching the families around him. He sighs out deeply, clearly very hurt by all the family drama surrounding his life at the moment.

[ ??? ] Aha! Jason! Check it out, man!

Jordan and the camera turn their heads, looking to the right to see Colt Cabana, approaching on his hands, balancing perfectly like the exceptional athlete he is before leaning over and gracefully coming to a stop on his feet.

[ Colt Cabana ] Huh? Huh? Pretty cool, right?

Jordan half-heartedly smirks and nods before looking quickly at a pocket watch from the inside of his black pea coat.

[ Colt Cabana ] A pocket watch?! Wow, that’s a relic...you got your corncob pipe on ‘ya, guvna?

Jordan looks up, frowning again.

[ Jason Jordan ] He said he’d be here now, man.

[ Colt Cabana ] Dude, if there’s anything in the world that MICHAEL FREAKIN’ JORDAN is, it’s good at basketball.

Jordan scrunches up his face, confused.

[ Colt Cabana ] ...I mean...’timely.’ Timely is what I meant.

As Jordan rolls his eyes, none other than Michael Jordan approaches from the right, behind Cabana, smiling broadly.

[ Michael Jordan ] Hey fellas...how’s it going?

Jason blushes and looks at his shoes as MJ pats him on the arm and shakes Cabana’s hand.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ya’know, no matter how many times we do this, I never get over that I know His Airness.

Michael chuckles slightly and turns his attention back to the man who could be his son. Jason looks kind of in awe of Michael, who is being very composed about the entire situation.

[ Michael Jordan ] Hi Jason...how’s it going?

Jason kicks at nothing in particular as Cabana stifles a chuckle.

[ Jason Jordan ] ...s’fine...

Michael smirks and looks at Cabana for help, who is shrugging himself. Ever-cool, Jordan carries on.

[ Michael Jordan ] Y’know, I have this sixth sense about things on the basketball court...and a seventh about when a young man’s feelin’ blue for some reason. So why don’tcha just tell me what’s wrong, son?

As soon as the word escapes Michael’s mouth, a sheepish grin spreads across his lips that he quickly stifles. Cabana is full out grinning at this point, delighted that he is somehow front row to this entire turn of events.

[ Michael Jordan ] Son...as in...young man...not to, uh...you know...claim anything officially.

Jason looks up, nodding and smiling. He finally speaks.

[ Jason Jordan ] Well, it’s just...I’m real confused about what’s going on right now. I mean, I learned about my dad — I MEAN — Kurt...not too long ago...and now... you. I just want to know...the truth, right? I’ve got so much on me with wrestling training, and traveling, and I mean, the Bachelor just started back up...

Michael nods and puts his hand on Jason’s shoulder.

[ Michael Jordan ] I completely understand being busy, Jase. You know, in 1996, I —


Somehow right on cue, up storms Kurt Angle, a massive picnic basket in his hands! He drops it and puts his hands on his waist in shock, glaring at Michael Jordan, who stands and stretches out his hand to greet Kurt.

[ Kurt Angle ] SO YOU’RE TELLIN’ ME...you’re gonna STRIKE MY SON...AGAIN! Then try and shake my hand?! I aughta break your ankles where you stand, you sonnovabi—

[ Colt Cabana ] KURT! <quietly> ...family park...

Angle looks around and notices that everyone has stopped in their tracks and are staring at him.

[ Kurt Angle ] OH! Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?! You all have your FREAKIN’ perfect families! Well ya know what?! My perfect freakin’ family is meetin’ up with MICHAEL FREAKIN’ JORDAN, some nobody shootyhoops star, BEHIND MY FREAKIN’ BACK!

Suddenly, the crowd are murmuring and pointing at Michael, who gets a little claustrophobic as the crowd approaches.

[ Michael Jordan ] Jason, maybe...uh...maybe you should text me and —

[ Kurt Angle ] TEXT?! You’re texting MY son?!

[ Michael Jordan ] — we can try to meet sometime later to talk, huh? I’ve got to run...

Angle notices the approaching crowd and smiles, arms out wide.

[ Kurt Angle ] Uh-huh! That’s right! I AM Kurt Angle, your Olympic hero...I’ll sign a few autographs, sure, but folks, I’m tryin’ to have a nice picnic with my family here and I’d really appreciate—

Michael pats Jason on the shoulder again and waves goodbye to Cabana, nodding quickly at Kurt and walking off, a crowd approaching far more quickly as he leaves the shot.

[ Kurt Angle ] — only once had that public admission to beastiality sex! That’s right, I’m a family man! Hey, hey! Hey! Where the hell are they going?!

The entire park, save for a few runners and the Angle-Jordan-Cabana triumvirate, has emptied, chasing after Michael in hopes of a selfie or autograph. Angle’s jaw drops as he shrugs angrily.

[ Kurt Angle ] Well, suit yourselves, then! You wanna chase away the pervert whose texting little boys instead of staying with the Gold Medalist who could protect you, be my guest! Alright boys, how about lunch??

Angle proceeds to spread a huge quilt, of COURSE decorated in Stars and Stripes, on the grass and pats it, beginning to pull out items from his basket.

[ Kurt Angle ] I’ve got my world famous potato salad! I’ve got lemonade! I’ve got forks! I’ve got...hey...now where are the gall-darn sandwiches?!

[ Jason Jordan ] Actually, Kur—errr...’dad.’ I think we’ve got to run...practice and all. But I’ll call you!

Colt smiles and gives Kurt a thumbs up as Jason rushes off.

[ Colt Cabana ] P-Sal lookin’ great, Mr. Angle! Catch ya on the flippedy-flop!

Angle looks up, incredulous and throws his arms out to the side, furious.

[ Kurt Angle ] OH, OKAY! WHOLE FAMILY JUST LEAVES, WHOLE FREAKIN’ PARK JUST LEAVES! Well fine!! FINE! I’ll just eat all this potato salad my damn self!!

Kurt takes a plastic fork and jabs it angrily into the bowl, pulling out a much too large bite and shoving it into his mouth, chewing vigorously — and spits it out!


Angle throws the entire bowl off screen and snaps the plastic fork, standing up and kicking his picnic basket angrily as we pan back to the running track, yards away from the angry Olympian.

...where a very fit young man approaches, running up and stopping, breathing deeply. He’s shirtless, wearing compression tights and basketball shorts. He pulls out his AirPods and speaks, slowly. We know this man...he’s a huge signee to SGW.

[ Austin Theory ] Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the guy who will elevate this company like every company I’ve ever been in. I’m a very thankful change of pace from...

Theory looks across the field at Angle, swearing at his quilt as he folds it.

[ Austin Theory ] ...whatever that is. If you don’t know...I’m Austin Theory — and I’m already the most valuable player on this entire team. I’m the future of professional wrestling — and the future, as far as I’m concerned?

Theory puts his AirPods back in and hits a button on his Apple Watch before running away.

[ Austin Theory ] ...is now.

The camera watches as Theory runs down the path, getting further and further away...and Angle storms across the path, swearing inaudibly as he exits the scene and we fade to black.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Mike Chioda barely has the bell rang before these two men spring free like rabid animals, ripping into one another with violent, stiff punches and forearm strikes as the Washington D.C. crowd roars out its approval!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] I couldn’t have seen it going any other way, Tony! After all, remember that the Dirty Daddy delivered a disgusting PAZUZU Bomb to Mox THROUGH – not on, not in, not around, not beside – THROUGH! THROUGH the backstage interview area!


Loose they truly are let as Chioda holds his hands up, resigning to the fact that this may be a time for a little loosened restriction and a little extended discretion. Moxley throws an errant headbutt and splits Dickinson open above the eyebrow, but Dickinson is quick to bite Moxley’s nose, wrenching his head back and forth in an effort to tear it off! Chioda finally decides his discretion is probably required in a situation like this and separates the two men – but Dickinson is already back on the prowl, leaping and tackling Moxley over the referee’s back.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is a little bit intense for me, guys! Card Subject to Change rolled my stomach over a few times!

On the outside of the ring, Luke Harper’s eyes are wide, ogling the violence inside like a caged tiger being forced to watch a butcher do his work. Back inside the ring, his associate professor from Disrespect U, Chris Dickinson, is doing his best to keep Moxley down for good, currently standing on his throat as Chioda begins shoving him off, having reached the count of five about ten seconds ago.

With Dickinson off his throat, Moxley instantly drags him to the mat by his ankle, mounting and slugging him in the mouth a few times with too-stiff punches. Dickinson grins and presses his thumb deep into Moxley’s ear, giving a bit of separation for both men to rise to their feet – AND CHARGE! – COLLISION! Dickinson and Moxley bash skulls in their rush to get back into the fight and fall to the canvas, discombobulated!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can’t believe the pace and physical intensity these two men are putting forth tonight! There’s no slowing down, no lesser gear, and no sign of it ceasing any time soon, gents!

Dickinson begins army crawling to Moxley, who hammerfists him in the back of the head to pop the DC crowd! Moxley rises and pulls Dickinson to his feet, scooping him into and popping him with the Hook and Ladder! Mox covers, but only draws a one count as Dickinson seethes, spit flying everywhere as he does so. Now fighting from his knees, Dickinson throws a stiff headbutt to Mox’s stomach, then rebounds off the ropes and clobbers his opponent with a bicycle knee strike! Moxley is down and Dickinson continues running, off the ropes with a big running senton! COVER! One! T—no! Moxley breaks the cover at one, looking at Dickinson with a flat mouth and narrowed eyes, thoroughly unimpressed with the attempted cover.

Back at square one, another battle of forearm strikes uncorks in center ring, until Dickinson is staggered into the ropes, but rebounds with a huge Yakuza Kick, staggering Moxley! The Death Rider prevents his falling through the ropes to the floor and fires a lariat – but Dickinson’s done his homework and pops Mox with another Yakuza, sending him to the apron!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s studied up! Let’s see how Dickinson makes the best of this turn of events!

The Putrid Papa joins Moxley on the apron and lifts him, looking for a piledriver, but the Dirty Dog fights back, clawing at Dickinson’s eyes and smashing him with an elbow to the mouth before hooking and dropping his opponent with a standing release suplex onto the apron! Dickinson takes it flush and his mouth opens, agape and slowly droning out a pained “awhhhhh” as DC roars approval for the reckless maneuver from Moxley! After falling to the floor, Mox is back up on the apron, looking to lift Dickinson and toss him back into the ring, but Harper is there quickly, grabbing the Dirty Dog by his ankle!


Harper keeps his huge hand around Moxley’s ankle, but does little to prevent his other foot from scraping across his mouth and freeing himself the hard way. As Mox starts to turn his attention back to Dickinson, the Dirty Daddy is up and clatters Moxley with a leaping gamengiri, sending him over the top rope and back into the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WOW! What a shot to the face! Moxley could be dead to rights!

Dickinson realizes his time to strike is now and leaps into the ring, quickly scooping Moxley off the mat, screaming in defiance and setting up for the Pazuzu Bomb! The Dirty Daddy points wildly into the opposite corner, eyes wide and tongue hanging out of his mouth, signaling that he wants to bounce Moxley off the turnbuckles and lifts, crucifix style, holding his opponent up in a dominant display before charging ahead!

[ Scott Steiner ] AWW SHIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] PAZUZU BOMB INCOMING!!

Moxley slides out of the crucifix and lands on his feet, meeting the dead-stopped Dickinson as they both turn and meet with a stiff kick to the gut before hooking the Dirty Daddy in a double underhook and lifting up – the PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley did a little deadlift-and-hold of his own, adding some extra height and dropping his opponent right on his skull before leaning into the cover, hooking both legs and gritting his teeth! Referee Chioda slides into the proper positioning and makes the cover as Moxley maintains his grip – ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Jon Moxley via Pin Fall in 11:31

As the bell rings and Moxley victoriously punches the air, letting Dickinson’s legs fall to the mat following his split-second victory from the jaws of defeat, Harper is automatically back in the ring and punching him in the back of the head repeatedly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT DARN DISRESPECT U! They’re just so…

[ Nigel McGuinness ] < to himself > He’s gonna say ‘disrespectful.’

[ Tony Schiavone ] …BAD-MANNERED!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, I’ll be damned.

Dickinson does his best to recover and joins Harper in putting the boots to the downed Moxley. Eventually, none other than Christopher Daniels strolls down the aisle, grinning ear-to-ear and pointing at Moxley, who has no idea he’s approaching.

[ Christopher Daniels ] < to the camera > Heh heh heh, we’ll see who’s so tough, now, won’t we?!

Daniels enters the ring slowly as his Disrespect U counterparts continue wailing on Moxley, leaving him hung out to dry to the attack, even covering up his head doing little to cease the damage.

[ Scott Steiner ] These Disrespect U goons are stormin’ Moxley! He just had a bad ass war with Dick and now he’s gettin’ his shit pushed in!

Dickinson and Harper lift Moxley from the mat and hold him tightly by the arms, leaving him wide open for an attack from Daniels, who is about as smug as any human being has ever been. He’s apparently swiped a microphone from Justin Roberts and begins patting Moxley on the cheek. Moxley isn’t keen on this and kicks wildly, only connecting with air.

[ Christopher Daniels ] JON MOXLEY! People like you are always disrespecting us! You’re always turning up your noses and looking down on us! You think you’re above us! You think your life is more valuable than ours?! HA! WE ARE GODSENT! WE ARE MAGNANIMOUS! WE ARE THE ALL-LIVING, ALL-LOVING HEART AND SOUL OF SOLID GOLD WRESTLING WHO IS SPAT UPON EVEN STILL! You are the newest flavor of the month, Jon. You won’t be chosen over us, though. Never again.

Moxley fires a huge wad of spit that hits Daniels right in the cheek as the Capitol One Arena roars in approval. Daniels snorts and wipes his cheek clean.

[ Christopher Daniels ] …you’ll regret that, Jonathan.

Daniels drops the mic and throws his open hand towards Moxley’s face, but at the last second Mox pulls Harper in and lets Mr. Sadistic take the blow! Moxley swings Dickinson into Harper and the two fall to the mat in a crumpled mess! Daniels, still staring at his associates in shocked silence, looks up and meets the crazed eyes of Jon Moxley before diving out of the ring recklessly, landing on his ass, embarrassed, but unscathed!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That Christopher Daniels is a slippery snake! He NEARLY got what he deserved there!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] At the root of it, I completely understand why Chris sees himself and his associates as being disrespected and overlooked, but his methods of making it better are BEYOND questionable!

Inside the ring, Moxley has pushed Dickinson and Harper out of the ring and grabbed the microphone Daniels dropped, slapping the top of it and sending harsh reverb around the arena.

[ Jon Moxley ] HAHAHA! Daniels! I’M BEGGIN’ YA, MAN! Come back down here and finish what you were sayin’! Come on!

Daniels grins ear to ear as Moxley waves him down. The Fallen Angel isn’t moving a muscle.

[ Jon Moxley ] Hey, you’re right – this company looks down on you, alright…hell, I know I look down on you! I really, REALLLLY do. So come on, man, prove me wrong. Right here! < Moxley slaps himself on the cheek three times.> Fire away, Chris! Come show me what happens when someone disrespects you!

Daniels puts his index finger to his lips and taps theatrically, miming that he’s thinking over the offer as Moxley smiles wildly.

[ Jon Moxley ] What it seems like to me…is that when someone disrespects you…you take one of two routes, Daniels. I think route one is you send your attack dogs, Dirty Dickinson and Harper to attack them and powerbomb them through interview stages and shit…and route two…route two, everyone, listen up – we’e seeing route two right here. Because your second option is to stand around and do nothing like an old, flappin’ pussy!

Daniels eyebrows shoot up, clearly insulted and shocked! Washington D.C. pop again at Moxley’s unorthodox reverse psychology. Despite his hurt feelings, Daniels decides discretion is the better part of valor and eyeballs Harper and Dickinson coming to join him at the top of the aisle. Looking back at Moxley, Daniels points his finger to the side of his head, smiles broadly and nods.

[ Christopher Daniels ] <shouting> I’m too smart for your little games, Moxley! I know your kind…you’re all the same. All the same, all the time, always will be!

Daniels turns and begins escorting Harper and Dickinson from the arena as Moxley rolls his eyes and tosses the microphone back to Roberts, ignoring Chioda’s attempts to raise his arm.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Jon Moxley gets a measure of revenge against Chris Dickinson in a hell of a brawl, but moreover – I think this issue with he and Disrespect U is far from over!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! Look at the way that Moxley looks at Daniels – he’s ready to rip baldy’s q-tip lookin’ head off his shoulders! I SAY LET HIS ASS FREE TO DO IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Perhaps MORE importantly – tonight Christopher Daniels takes his long-awaited shot at the Elevation Championship – and if this winning streak continues for Jon Moxley, it won’t be long before he’s at least in the mix for a shot himself!

Moxley storms up the aisle, not necessarily chasing Daniels, but still certainly unopposed to the thought of catching him as we fade away to the black on a shot of his back passing through the curtain.

We cut backstage where we see Cathy Kelley standing by in front of the SGW interview backdrop with Adam Cole and Arn Anderson! The fans pop huge upon seeing the brand new SGW World Heavyweight Champion. Wearing a three-piece suit, Cole holds the championship tucked under his arm. He wears a proud smile on his face as he looks around his surroundings as though he can actually see the thousands of fans cheering and chanting his name. Arn Anderson is in jeans and a polo shirt, smiling as well. He pats Cole on the shoulder like a proud father. Cathy Kelley is wearing a short yellow dress, holding a microphone in one hand while supporting her brand new SGW Lifetime World Championship on the opposite shoulder. She's practically glowing with happiness as she begins speaking.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Adam Cole... congratulations! You did it!

Cole looks down at the championship and nods. He looks at the championship on her shoulder.

[ Adam Cole ] You're damn right I did. Looks like you didn't do so bad yourself.

She looks at the championship and back up at Cole, smiling ear to ear.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Thanks! I pinned Shane Douglas!

Anderson offers a warm smile but shakes his head, perhaps because he remembers awarding that championship to the legendary Franchise nearly 20 years ago for his years of loyal service to the company. Cole seems amused by her brand new championship status. Cathy, ever the professional, keeps things on track.

[ Cathy Kelley ] But this interview isn't about me beating Shane Douglas, this is about you defeating Randy Orton in a steel cage match at Card Subject to Change, becoming the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion! What's going through your head? How do you feel being the new face of Solid Gold Wrestling?!

Cole looks down for a moment, thinking it over. He cuts his eyes up in her direction.

[ Adam Cole ] It feels... right.

The fans cheer loudly. He tilts his head up, looking directly in her eyes.

[ Adam Cole ] It feels like a plan finally coming together. I've known since day one that this belt would find its way around my waist.... and when Arn Anderson endorsed me as the future of this company, I knew it was only a matter of time.

He shrugs.

[ Adam Cole ] It didn't work out for me at 12 Large... it didn't work out at Holiday Hell... but at Card Subject to Change, I did what so many people in the past have failed to do... I stepped up and I made the best of my opportunity... and now I'm standing here as the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion.

Anderson steps up, speaking into the microphone.

[ Arn Anderson ] Solid Gold Wrestling has a reputation, Cathy. That world heavyweight championship... has a reputation. Some of the best wrestlers in the whole wide world have held that championship... but even more of the best wrestlers in the world... have fought for it and come up short.

He points off at nothing in particular.

[ Arn Anderson ] You look at that title history and you see a real short list... you see men, real men who have fought and bled to make this championship what it is! Men who are natural born champions like Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, and Scott Steiner! Men who fought and scraped to make a name for themselves outta' nothin' like Johnny Stamboli, Chavo Guerrero, and Gangrel! And men I'm proud to say I stood behind and always believed in on their inevitable path to the top like Val Venis, Lance Storm, and this man standin' next to me... Adam Cole!

Cole nods and points at himself with this thumb, mouthing "BOOM!"

[ Arn Anderson ] This is the man that I said would carry Solid Gold Wrestling into the future. I've always had an eye for talent when it comes to this business and this company. I ain't always seen eye to eye with everything that goes on here... but I've always done my best to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This man right here is the light that's gonna guide the way goin' forward, Cathy.

Cole nods, clutching the championship tightly.

[ Arn Anderson ] Not Randy Orton... not Tim Storm, God love 'im... but this man. Adam Cole.

Before anyone can say anything else, the fans gasp and then pop huge when Jeff Jarrett walks into the shot in slacks and a black "SGW" polo shirt. Anderson looks surprised. Cole eyes Jarrett, curious. Jarrett walks right up to Cole, getting right in his face. Jarrett tilts his head to the side, staring Cole in the eyes. Things are intense for a moment. Cathy looks on with wide eyes, wondering where this is going. Jarrett finally eases up and nods gently.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This ol' bastard, Arn Anderson...

Anderson scowls, staring at the side of Jarrett's head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Me 'n him ain't never seen eye to eye... but everything he just said about you--

Jarrett extends his hand.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...is exactly damn right.

The fans pop huge. Cole looks down at Jarrett's hand, taken aback. Cole reaches out and accepts the gesture, shaking Jarrett's hand and drawing another huge pop. Jarrett pulls Cole in for a brief bro-hug, patting him hard on the back.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm glad it was you, kid.

Jarrett releases Cole and turns his head to face Anderson. Jarrett gives him a respectful nod.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Anderson.

Arn nods back, unable to hide the sour look on his face.

[ Arn Anderson ] Jarrett.

Without another word, Jarrett walks off-camera. Cole and Anderson watch Jarrett leave. Cathy edges back in and raises her microphone, preparing to continue the previously interrupted interview.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Adam--

Cole raises his hand, silencing her.

[ Adam Cole ] We're done.

Cathy shuts up and Cole smiles proudly, having just received the much-cherished endorsement of Jeff Jarrett. Cole walks off-camera with Arn following behind him, leaving Cathy alone... for a moment. Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and Roderick Strong walk into the shot, obviously following Adam Cole. Cathy hoists the Lifetime Championship up on her shoulder and huffs.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Guys, for real... give it up. He isn't gonna join you.

Strong turns and looks at her, indignant.

[ Roderick Strong ] Shut up, Cathy, you don't know!

[ Kyle O'Reilly ] Yeah!

[ Cathy Kelley ] I mean, it's pretty obvious at this point.

Cathy turns and looks into the camera, confused.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I'm not crazy, right? I can't be the only person that sees it.

Fish and O'Reilly look at each other and shake their heads.

[ Bobby Fish ] Mind your own business.

[ Kyle O'Reilly ] Yeah!

Fish looks at O'Reilly, frustrated.

[ Bobby Fish ] Let's go, boys.

Fish, O'Reilly, and Strong wander off the set, leaving Cathy to herself. She shrugs.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Whatever.

We quickly fade out and head to the ring for our next match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Gallows and Anderson attack before the bell, flooring Eddie Edwards and focusing on the smaller Davey Richards. Aubrey Edwards steps in and does her best to try to restore some order and get the match started. Gallows tossed Edwards to the outside and the duo hit the Magic Killer on Richards! Gallows goes outside to the apron and Anderson demands Aubrey call for the bell to start the match.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Good Brothers are back in an SGW ring and they’re lookin’ like they mean business tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is their first in-ring competition since losing to the Golden Lovers at Revenge and they’re out for blood!

Edwards finally gets back to the apron and grabs a tag rope as Anderson toys around with Richards, who is still reeling from the Magic Killer. Anderson paintbrushes the back of Richards’ head, spending more time talking trash than wrestling. A tag to Gallows brings the big man in, who hits a running boot to the forehead, sending Richards down. Gallows tags Anderson back in and the back-and-forth continues with the two cutting the ring off.

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at the little midget gettin’ his ass kicked! This is why children don’t belong in the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, believe me when I say that Davey Richards is one of the most fierce competitors in the history of this business! He’s taken me to my limit on numerous occasions.

[ Scott Steiner ] No wonder you’re sittin’ here next to me then if that’s the case!

Anderson whips Richards against the rope and snatches him for a Spinebuster, but Richards grabs him in mid-air and lands on the mat with the Kimura applied! The fans pop as Anderson stretches and desperately tries reaching any rope nearby while screaming in pain. Anderson finally gets to the bottom rope to break the hold, but this allows Richards to tag in Edwards. Edwards comes in but so does Gallows! Gallows tries a big boot but Edwards ducks and kicks Gallows in the plant leg and headbutts right between the eyes! Richards goes up top, double stomp off the top onto a bent over Gallows! Edwards grabs Anderson and spins him over for a Single Leg Crab but Anderson gets the rope again. Richards tags and comes off the top and hits a drop kick! Stereo kicks to the chest!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The American Wolves are mighty impressive in this SGW debut of theirs!

Richards springs Anderson against the rope and pushes him into the air and kicks him in the face on his way down! Anderson staggers and Edwards hits a Brainbuster! Gallows comes in and hits a clothesline on Richards, but then Edwards meets him with a flurry of punches! EDWARDS SUPLEXES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, BOTH MEN CRASHING HARD TO THE OUTSIDE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A hard landin’ for both men! This could change the landscape of the match completely!


The fans are buzzing, solidly behind the American Wolves at this point. Richards and Anderson are both down with each of them crawling to the ropes to try to get back to their feet.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whoever can get up first will easily have the advantage!

Richards is up first and he charges at Anderson, but Anderson is up at the last second - SPINEBUSTER! Richards springs back up with FIGHTING SPIRIT~! He hits a stiff kick to Anderson’s knee, sending him down but the kicks continue to pile on. Anderson is down to both knees and Richards sets up and delivers a roundhouse behind the ear! Richards goes up top as Anderson is prone.. But Gallows comes in with a chair and throws it in Richards’ face, sending him crashing to the mat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Right in front of Aubrey Edwards! She's calling for the bell!

WINNERS - American Wolves via Disqualification in 9:44

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at these excuses for wrestlers! They just keep gettin’ smaller!

Gallows picks Richards up with Anderson, MAGIC KILLER! Finn Balor runs down now that the damage has been done and hits a shotgun drop kick on Eddie Edwards on the outside.
Gallows and Anderson leave the ring and are joined by Balor at the beginning of the entrance ramp. The three men raise their arms in victory with the Too Sweet hand gesture on all six of their hands. Eddie Edwards slides back into the ring and checks on his fallen partner. The two men are infuriated that their debut was spoiled in such a manner by a steel chair and Finn Balor's interference. This match was theirs and it was taken from them. The Club continue their celebration as we go from the ring to another part of the arena.



With the fans left confused by that vignette, we fade up backstage where we see Trish Stratus standing in front of the SGW interview set. The fans cheer loudly as she stands there smiling in a sensible black pants suit. Sitting next to her is a golden pedestal. The object resting on top of it is obscured from our view by a black sheet. Beaming with pride, she addresses us.

[ Trish Stratus ] Ladies and gentlemen, since Solid Gold Wrestling returned last November, I have strived to take what Jeff Jarrett envisioned for the women's division and not only place a spotlight on it but expand it beyond what any of us ever thought was possible.

The fans begin buzzing with anticipation, sensing what this announcement could be regarding.

[ Trish Stratus ] When we presented SGW Revenge and introduced the women's division for the first time, our female roster was barely big enough to support the SGW Women's World Championship... but since that event, the roster has grown so much and so quickly... that I've convinced the Championship Committee to open their hearts and minds to introducing a second championship for the growing women's division!

The fans cheer loudly and Trish reaches over, removing the sheet. Beneath it lies two matching championship belts! The fans pop huge and there's even a smattering of "HOLY SHIT" chants that emanate from somewhere deep in the heart of the arena. Trish gestures toward the belts with her hand.

[ Trish Stratus ] I give you... the Solid Gold Wrestling World Twinstar Championship!

The fans continue cheering as the camera zooms in on the championship belts.

[ Trish Stratus ] Now, Solid Gold Wrestling will not only cater to the finest female competitors in the world... but to the finest female tag teams in the world!

Still smiling, Trish raises one finger in the air.

[ Trish Stratus ] Now, you're probably wondering when and where we'll be crowning the first Twinstar Champions... and the answer is actually very simple. We will be crowning the first-ever Twinstar Champions in a Fatal Four Way match on March 31st, 2020...

The fans begin rumbling, already knowing what she's about to say.

[ Trish Stratus ] ...at Solid Gold Wrestling's biggest event of the year... WrestleBrawl 3!

Trish winks at the camera.

[ Trish Stratus ] Let's make history again, ladies!

We take one last look at the championship belts and fade out.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Ruby doesn't appear to be intimidated by Nurse Ratchet at all, charging across the ring and throwing hands like a woman possessed! Ratchet absorbs the first few blows before finally staggering backward into the corner! Ruby tees off of on her with a series of right hands as the fans go wild! Suddenly, without warning, Ratchet reaches out and snatches Ruby by either side of her neck and whips her around into the corner before drilling her with a loud overhand chop! Ruby looks like the breath is absolutely driven from her body and then Ratchet lifts her leg in the air and begins choking Ruby with her boot, using the top rope for leverage as Paul Turner begins the mandatory count! Ratchet finally lets go at four, backing out of the corner before shaking awkwardly, convulsing!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nurse Ratchet is relentless in her pursuit of victory in the name of Dr. Cube's Army!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Can you blame her, Tony? Dr. Cube's Army suffered a devastating defeat at Card Subject to Change when the debuting Team Kick defeated the Big Kaijus in what I have to imagine would be their signature match... Kaiju Big Battel!

[ Scott Steiner ] What kinda' happy horse shit was that anyway!? Cardboard buildin's, a bunch o' fuckin' dollhouses 'n shit?! That ain't rasslin'! Look at me! Look at my arms! I didn't never need no made up city to step on and throw people through! I stepped on people's fuckin' necks and I threw people through whatever I wanted to throw'em through! And I earned the name... FREAKZILLA! Makin' me the only legitimate KAIJA-WHATEVER this business... has ever seen!

Ruby Riott explodes out of the corner and nails Ratchet with a shotgun dropkick that sends her flailing backward into the opposite corner, refusing to go down! Ruby charges the rest of the way across the ring and goes for a FLYING SPLASH but Ratchet moves out of the way and Riott eats the top turnbuckle! The impact sends Riott bouncing backward and she turns around, Ratchet goozles her and drives her into the mat with a choke slam!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the height on that choke slam!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ruby Riott has got t' pick 'er spots betta' than that! She can't try to go toe to toe with a powerhouse like Nurse Ratchet!

Ratches goes for a cover! One! Two! Ruby Riott kicks out with force! The fans cheer loudly! Ratchet sits up on her knees and grabs a handful of Ruby's hair. Ruby paws at Ratchet's gear, trying to fight her off, to push her away, but Ratchet maintains her hold. With ease, Ratchet slings Ruby halfway across the ring by her hair, leaving her sprawled on the mat, looking on with surprise! Ruby scrambles backwards toward the corner as Ratchet advances on her. Ruby reaches the bottom ropes and uses them for leverage, kicking upward into Ratchet's mid-section as she draws close! Ratchet staggers backward and then begins convulsing violently as Ruby springs to her feet and scales the turnbuckles. With no fanfare or wasted time, Ruby flies and drills Ratchet right in the chest with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Ratchet goes down hard and the impact sends her rolling head over heels, ending up on her knees, head wobbling in a daze! Ruby hits the ropes and nails Ratchet with a RUNNING METEORA! Ratchet rolls to the floor, shaking and jerking involuntarily. However, she only makes it a few steps before Ruby flies through the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE... ONLY FOR RATCHET TO CATCH HER BY THE THROAT AND RAG DOLL HER INTO THE GUARDRAIL!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus Christ!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She caught her in mid-air like she was nothing!

Ruby is lying on the floor and favoring her back, looking to be in a great deal of pain. Ratchet grabs two handfuls of Ruby's hair and pulls her back into a standing position. Ruby tees off, lifting a knee into Ratchet's groin! Ratchet looks down and then back up into Ruby's eyes, unfazed! Ratchet pulls back and goes to punch Riott in the face but Riott ducks the punch and executes a go-behind! She drills Nurse Ratchet into the floor with a release German suplex! The fans groan in sympathy pain as Ratchet accordions then lays flat before shaking and convulsing! Suddenly, Nurse Ratchet sits up Taker-style, drawing a smattering gasps mixed with boos, but Ruby was anticipating it as she wipes her out with another running meteora! Ruby is up and grabs Ratchet by two handfuls of her gear, hoisting her up and shoving her under the bottom rope. Ratchet rolls to the middle of the ring and Ruby climbs the turnbuckles from the outside. She perches on the top rope and then flies... FROG SPLASH! Ratchet gets her knees up! The impact sends Ruby bouncing at least three feet off Ratchet's knees! Ratchet returns to her feet... and then produces a syringe full of viscous green liquid! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Scott Steiner ] What the--! Not this shit again! Ain't nobody here to see this shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You ain't kiddin'! We've seen this before, used successfully against Sasha Banks and Nia Jax! While Nia Jax miraculously recovered, no doubt in thanks to the medical benefits paid for by her cool cousin The Rock, we have yet to see Sasha Banks in an SGW ring since!

Ruby sees her coming with the syringe and her eyes go wide as she scrambles back to her feet, favoring his mid-section! Paul Turner is shouting at Nurse Ratchet to drop the weapon but she staggers toward him and he retreats in fear! Ratchet advances on Ruby and brings the syringe down in a stabbing motion but Ruby catches Ratchet's wrists and keeps the syringe at a safe distance! They continue to struggle for dominance until Ruby drills Ratchet with a kick to the gut, staggering her, and then jams a thumb into her eye! The fans pop huge as Ruby does whatever she has to do to survive! Ratchet uses one hand to cover her wounded eye, giving Ruby access to Ratchet's single syringe-clutching wrist! Ruby spins out and drills Ratchet right in the head with the RIOTT KICK! Ratchet goes down and the syringe goes flying! Ruby falls on top of Ratchet and clinches her tight in an ALLIGATOR CLUTCH PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Ruby Riott via Pin Fall in 7:01

The fans pop huge and Ratchet kicks out with force right after the three count is registered! Ruby Riott immediately rolls out of the ring, breathing heavily. Nurse Ratchet returns to her feet and shambles toward the ropes, gripping the top rope and growling as she glares at the victorious Riott! Ruby backs up the ramp with a confident smile on her face, raising her fist in the air.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an impressive victory by Ruby Riott!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Some might argue that Ruby didn't win the match, she survived it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's been a heck of a month for Ruby Riott! She competed in the second-ever Gold Rush match at Card Subject to Change, eliminating Zack Sabre, Jr. and pinning the SGW Limitless Champion, Christopher Daniels! She came within a hair of actually walking away with the belt before underhanded tactics granted Sami Zayn the tainted victory! And now she's defeated the undefeated Nurse Ratchet!

Suddenly, Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima emerge from the back and blast Ruby from behind, knocking her down onto her knees on the ramp! The fans erupt in boos as Shida and Nakajima begin drilling Riott with kicks, sending her down to all fours! Nurse Ratchet exits the ring and shambles up the ramp, shoving Shida and Nakajima to the side before grabbing Riott by the throat and violently choking her!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on! The match is over!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is beyond being about a win or a loss, Tony! This is about carnage!

The fans pop huge as Candy Floss and Kris Statlander explode out of the back! Candy leaps and tackles Shoko Nakajima to the floor and they begin trading punches! Statlander charges in and boots Nurse Ratchet right in the head, freeing Ruby Riott from her grip! Statlander turns around into a big right hand from Shida but before Shida can capitalize, Ruby Riott whips HER around and drills her with a forearm right to the jaw that sends her spinning out into a PELE KICK from Statlander!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Candy Floss and Kris Statlander are here to even the odds!

Shida and Ratchet are down! Candy Floss and Shoko Nakajima are brawling out until Ruby Riott comes from the side and nails Shoko with a forearm to the side of the head, sending her crashing into the guardrail! With all three members of Dr. Cube's Army down on or near the ramp, Floss, Riott, and Statlander stand victorious... until the Golden-Tron flashes to life!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's this!?

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! Just let it be over already!

On the Tron, we see the nefarious Dr. Cube gazing out over the audience. Statlander and Floss look up in awe while Ruby simply looks unimpressed by this display. After what feels like forever, watching Cube observe what's going on around the ringside area, he finally begins to speak as Shida, Ratchet, and Nakajima return to their feet and approach Statlander, Floss, and Riott from behind... with obvious intent to attack.

[ Dr. Cube ] Stop right there, my failed experiments!

The fans boo loudly. Shida and Shoko look at one another, confused. Nurse Ratchet appears unfazed by the verbal lashing.

[ Dr. Cube ] I trust that if you were capable of getting the job done... YOU WOULD HAVE THE FIRST TIME! What do you hope to prove by failing me again?! You three will return to the lab immediately... FOR CALIBRATIONS!

Without a word, the Big Kaijus and Nurse Ratchet return to the back, walking past Floss, Statlander, and Riott without incident. Once they have disappeared behind the curtain, Dr. Cube laughs maniacally and the fans continue booing.

[ Dr. Cube ] As for you three... the banes of my existence... your continued interference in my plans will no longer be tolerated. I have given all three of you an opportunity to die with dignity and excuse yourselves from this miserable existence... but you JUST WON'T TAKE THE HINT!

Riott, Statlander, and Floss look from another to the big screen, shaking their heads.

[ Dr. Cube ] You have left me with no choice but to unleash the ultimate weapon upon you!

The boos become incredibly loud, shaking the building down to its foundation.

[ Dr. Cube ] Your time is up... and fortunately, this creature is... most timely!

There's a screech-roar from somewhere in the back, broadcasted loudly over the PA system. The fans cringe as their ears are violated. The boos get impossibly louder before giving way to a dueling "THIS IS BULLSHIT / WE WANT CIAMPA" chant! Suddenly, the curtain is thrown back and TUCOR appears! Tucor stops in the middle of the stage, tilts his head back, and ROARS! Ruby, Statlander, and Floss look at each other with looks of concern... but then begin advancing up the ramp toward the stage! The fans cheer loudly as the three of them show no fear in advancing on the rainbow beaked beast!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at that! They're heading straight for him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're headed for bloody disaster!

Tucor stomps down the ramp, his mobility hindered by his beast-like frame! As he approaches the three women, he holds out both of his arms and charges with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE but all three women run underneath the attack and end up behind him! By the time he manages to turn around, they've already made their up way up to the stage! They back away and finally escape through the curtain, managing to avoid physical confrontation with the monster! Tucor shambles up the ramp laboriously. On the screen, Dr. Cube shakes his head, frustrated.

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor, you fool! You were supposed to destroy them! Not let them get away!

He sighs.

[ Dr. Cube ] Return to me, immediately!

Dr. Cube smashes both fists down a control panel and the screen goes blank. The fans are booing this grievous display of outlaw bullshit as Tucor disappears behind the curtain. We quickly head backstage.

We catch up with Cathy Kelley backstage, standing in front of the SGW interview set. The fans cheer loudly as they see Toni Storm standing next to her with Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood at her back. Cathy still has the SGW Lifetime World Heavyweight Championship on her shoulder. Grace and Tenille loom behind Toni, looking to be all business. Toni is focused, staring straight ahead and wringing her hands together. With a smile, Cathy gets us started.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Toni Storm... what a debut at Card Subject to Change! Completely ignoring the internet critics' opinions of the match quality, you defeated Lacey Evans to earn a title shot at the SGW Women's World Championship!

Toni nods, still looking aimlessly off-camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Quite the meteoric rise! Toni, when you earned that shot, you were under the impression that you might face Christina Von Eerie... however, later in the night, your rival from the independent scene, Jinny, became the new champion... what does that mean for your upcoming title shot?

Toni turns to look at Cathy, dead serious.

[ Toni Storm ] It means everything, Cathy... I was really lookin' forward t' goin' a round wit' Christina... I think we woulda' had a right good bit o' fun... but Jinny's a whole notha' animal. I take Jinny very... very seriously.

Jordynne and Tenille nod, agreeing with the sentiment.

[ Toni Storm ] And ya' betta' believe I take an opportunity at the SGW Women's World Championship... very seriously, indeed. When I signed on the dotted line wit' this company, I made a promise t' myself that I'd one day call myself a champion... the opportunity has presented itself a tad quicka' than expected... but I aim t' make good on that promise, Cathy.

Toni turns to look into the camera.

[ Toni Storm ] Christina had a good run... made a right good bit o' history, she did. Some way or anotha', Jinny got the belt... good on 'er for it... but I hope she's enjoyed her little run for what it is. In regards t' that championship ya' keepin' warm, Jinny... let me make one thing perfectly clear, love.

She smiles.

[ Toni Storm ] Ya' might be in fashion now... but one day very soon, ya' won't be.

She pops the collar on her jacket.

[ Toni Storm ] M'self? You're 'bout t' find out the hard way... that's it's Toni Time... all the time.

Toni snaps her fingers.

[ Toni Storm ] Ladies, we got a match t' prepare for, yeah?

Toni walks off-camera with Jordynne and Tenille following. Cathy looks on, nodding with a smile on her face. Suddenly, the fans erupt in boos as Zahra Schreiber walks into the shot. Zahra stands in front of Cathy Kelley and folds her arms across her chest before raising an eyebrow. Cathy looks deeply uncomfortable and swallows hard.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Oh, hey... Zahra Schreiber! Um... are you even supposed to be here?

Schreiber smirks, indignant.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] Maybe I am... maybe I'm not... but I'm here now, Cathy.

Cathy looks off-camera uneasily.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] And I'm not gonna be ignored. Not anymore.

Cathy smiles, nodding enthusiastically as she slowly backs away.

[ Cathy Kelley ] That's awesome, Zahra! Really!

[ Zahra Schreiber ] Hey, where're you going?

Cathy continues backing away, still smiling.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Just right over here--


[ Cathy Kelley ] --Away--

And further.

[ Cathy Kelley ] --From--

And further.

[ Cathy Kelley ] --The horrible--

And away she goes.

[ Cathy Kelley ] --Person!

[ Zahra Schreiber ] Idiot bitch!

Cathy has completely vanished. Zahra is left seething. The camera pans over to reveal Gionna Daddio watching from several feet away. She doesn't look impressed.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Don't let it get to you.

Zahra looks over her shoulder at Daddio, her upper lip curled in disgust.

[ Gionna Daddio ] These people... their minds are shut and locked up tight.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] What the hell are you talking about?

[ Gionna Daddio ] They don't believe people can change.

Daddio gives a slight shrug.

[ Gionna Daddio ] ...but they can.

Daddio turns and begins to walk away.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Just watch and see.

She walks out of view just as mysteriously as she appeared. Zahra huffs.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] Huh.

We fade out.

We're suddenly thrust backstage where we see a crowd of EMTs surrounding a woman that's lying on the floor. Paige is standing off to the side, bawling her eyes out which kind of gives it away. The camera zooms in to reveal Tessa Blanchard lying on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her head. The EMTs are doing what they can to stabilize her and place her on a stretcher. As the camera scans the area, we see Rhea Ripley watching the scene unfold in front of her. She looks uninterested, her arms folded across her chest. She shakes her head.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Ya' hate t' see it.

As Tessa is wheeled away with Paige, in tears, following close behind, Ripley is approached by Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend, Reno SCUM. They survey the area, noticing all the chaos.

[ Luster the Legend ] Hey, what's goin' on over 'ere?

And then his eyes fall on the mess on the floor.

[ Luster the Legend ] Holy shit, that's a lotta' blood!

Thornstowe stands on his tiptoes to see who they're carrying away on the stretcher and his eyes get wide. He jerks his thumb in the direction of the puddle.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Tessa Blanchard, huh? You do that?

Rhea shakes her head, almost appearing disappointed.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Wish I did... but no.

[ Luster the Legend ] What a god damn mess.

Rhea nods at Luster.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Ya' heard anything from Christina?

[ Luster the Legend ] Ain't heard shit.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Ain't nobody heard shit.

[ Luster the Legend ] We're just lookin' to settle shit wit' those redneck assholes tonight. We'll worry 'bout trackin' CVEvil down later. Way I see it, she wants t' be found... she'll get found.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Yeah, probably. Unless she's dead.

[ Luster the Legend ] Shut the fuck up.

Before this exchange can go any further, Rhea Ripley is approached by Lance Storm and Steve Corino.

[ Lance Storm ] Rhea, we need to have a word with you about what just happened.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Fuck off, I didn't have nothin' t' do with it!

Corino snaps his fingers rapidly.

[ Steve Corino ] Move it, toots.

An indignant smile crosses Rhea's face.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Toots? Fuck you, mate.

Storm puts his hand up between them, trying to soothe the situation.

[ Lance Storm ] Rhea, we really need to have a word. Trish just wants to get all our ducks in a row. Besides, if you didn't do it, what have you got to worry about?

[ Rhea Ripley ] Fine... but I got jumped at Card Subject to bloody Change and I didn't see anyone launchin' the fuckin' inquisition over that one, did I?

Without another word, Storm and Corino lead Ripley away from the scene. Luster and Thornstowe remain.

[ Luster the Legend ] Man, she did that shit.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Obviously.

Luster shrugs.

[ Luster the Legend ] Unless she didn't.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Then who did?

[ Luster the Legend ] Who gives a shit. Let's get ready for our match.


Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

Referee Rick Knox holds the two SGW Tag Team Championships in the air, displaying them to all four sides of the ring. Moments later, the bell rings with Dustin Rhodes and Kyle O’Reilly starting things off. O’Reilly uses his youth and speed to keep Dustin off guard with sharp kicks to the shins and thighs, chopping the taller opponent down. Dustin punches O’Reilly, but a Dragon Screw takes the veteran down hard, clutching his knee in pain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That Dragon Screw could make a big difference moving forward!

O’Reilly wastes no time and continues working the knee and leg of Rhodes, dragging him to the middle of the ring and applying an Achilles Lock, shoving the toes towards his shin! Rick Knox is listening closely for a submission from Dustin, who does his best to drag himself near the ropes. Before he can, Fish makes the tag and comes in, stomping away on Rhodes. With the referee counting, Undisputed Era ignores it long enough to begin tandem offense.. WHEELBARROW DDT COMBINATION!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Did you see that!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be it, Tony!

One, two, no! Cody comes in and breaks it up. Rick Knox dresses down Cody for the interference, allowing a blind tag to bring O’Reilly back in. Double arm ringers and stereo kicks to the chest take Dustin down. They pick Dustin back up - TOTAL ELIMINATION! Shades of The Eliminators from ECW, levels Dustin, who is struggling.

[ Scott Steiner ] The old geezer better get to taggin’ Cody!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Old Geezer? Scott, he’s younger than you are!

[ Scott Steiner ] But his ass don’t look it! Years of hard drugs and alcohol aged him, unlike me, the most natural man with the most natural body! Holler!

Constant tags and cutting the ring off keeps Dustin in there taking abuse. Cody can only shout encouragement from the corner, slapping the turnbuckles, doing his best to get the fans in it. Dustin slides through Fish’s legs and dives for the corner, only for Fish to catch him at the last minute and bring him back to the other side of the ring. The fans are booing loudly at the challengers’ underhanded tactics, but thanks to Cody, the mood shifts from frustration to encouragement. Dustin begins feeding off the energy of the fans as he’s stuck in a headlock with this face paint nearly removed. Fish tags O’Reilly and both men begin stiffly kicking Dustin in the back, ribs, and chest in unison. Fish holds Dustin as O’Reilly bounces off the ropes for a running knee, DUSTIN DUCKS! O’REILLY HITS FISH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Make the tag, Dustin!

O’Reilly grabs Dustin and whips him against the ropes and then ducks for a back body drop. In one fluid motion, Dustin springs off the ropes and HITS A CANADIAN DESTROYER! With all the energy he has left, HE MAKES THE TAG!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here comes Cody to save the day!

Fish comes at Cody, snap powerslam! O’Reilly kicks and Cody ducks down, slap to the face! Bulldog! The American Nightmare is on fire! Dustin comes back in and clotheslines Fish over the top rope, also sending himself over with the momentum, leaving just Cody and O’Reilly inside the ring. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes, but it’s blocked. O’Reilly wiggles out and hits a headbutt and a spin kick, staggering Cody back. SNAP POWERSLAM! Cody counters a cross body with a game changing powerslam. Cody springs to the middle rope and dives off, CODY CUTTER! One.. two.. Three! The Brotherhood retain!

WINNERS & STILL CHAMPIONS - The Brotherhood via Pin Fall in 16:29

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a match! The first successful defense of the Tag Team Championships in nearly fourteen years!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’ve been connected to the Rhodes family since the 80s, and guys, what a valiant effort from Dustin Rhodes there to stick to it and get Cody in there to finish this thing off. These guys are legit!

As “Kingdom” hits, Cody and Dustin celebrate in the ring with a big hug as Brandi makes her way in with the Tag Team Championships. She hands the belts to Cody, who hands the spare one to Dustin. With the fans roaring in approval, Cody motions to Justin Roberts for a microphone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Damn, that was fun, right?!

Dustin agrees, slapping Cody on the back.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Undisputed Era, boys, any time you two want to do it again, it’d be our honor.

Fish and O’Reilly look on from the floor and waves Cody’s sign of respect off. As they go up the ramp, Cody continues.

[ Cody Rhodes ] The tag team division in SGW is better and deeper than it’s ever been! Unlike the Hybrid 2, we are looking to defend these titles! We are looking to prove that we are the best! Dustin and Cody Rhodes are looking to cement their legacies in SGW history as the best team EVER! So come one.. Come all.. These belts are ready to go on the line at any time! This man to my left, this is the best partner anyone could ever ask for! If my SGW career ended right here, right now, then I’d have no regrets being in the ring with my brother!

The crowd pops as Dustin takes the microphone. His face paint is basically gone as this point, with only a few spots remaining on the left side of his face. Brandi looks on with an agitated look on her face.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Brother, thank you for that.

He pauses to catch his breath as Cody looks on.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] You know, I’ve been thinking, and there’s something I need to tell you. I-


The Golden Tron livens up as Ted DiBiase takes over front and center. On either side of him are Los Ice Creams. The fans groan as Dustin shakes his head.

[ Ted DiBiase ] BROTHERHOOD! Congratulations on your defense tonight. Dustin, your stupid little speech can wait because I’ve purchased this air time just like I’ve purchased something else!

DiBiase chuckles.

[ Ted DiBiase ] A shot at those titles!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jeff Jarrett is vowing to put a stop to this Committee member trading favors and yet, this person keeps rubbing his face in it! We've gone from bribery for tournament spots, match stipulations, and now title matches!

Cody and Dustin look at one another in surprise of what's going on and then turn back to the GoldenTron as DiBiase continues his address.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Jeff Jarrett may be hot on the trail of the Committee member who’s doing favors for people, but let’s just say, it’s still true after all of these years… EVERYBODY’S GOT A PRICE! HAHAHAHAHAHA! And I made ‘em and offer that they simply could not refuse! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The fans are booing relentlessly at this announcement. They too know it's not fair to the Brotherhood or the other teams in the stacked division.

[ Ted DiBiase ] So boys, we'll see you at Total Destruction! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As quickly as the Golden Tron comes to life, it fades out, leaving the fans in the arena booing. Cody and Dustin talk among themselves as the scene fades. It looks as though we have new contenders for the Tag Team Championships, as the corrupt Committee member continues doing favors!

We cut backstage where we see Ruby Riott pacing back and forth in front of the SGW interview set. She's changed out of her gear and is now wearing a hoodie. From her demeanor, it's obvious that she isn't in a great mood. Still pacing and looking down at the floor, she begins to speak.

[ Ruby Riott ] You know... I've seen a lotta' shit.

She shakes her head.

[ Ruby Riott ] I've seen things, man.

She finally comes to a stop and cuts her eyes up in the direction of the camera.

[ Ruby Riott ] Just a few months ago, I was goin' toe to toe in another company with a diabolical pirate princess and her army of zombified slaves. Two weeks ago, I witnessed what we're calling the Kaiju Big Battel where Tommaso Ciampa was literally turned into some kind of freaky bird monster... and there I was, in the ring, having to watch this happen and pretend that this shit is normal.

She flashes a cynical smile.

[ Ruby Riott ] Look, I get it... Kairi Hojo was a dangerous competitor... Shoko Nakajima and Hikaru Shida are world class athletes... and somewhere beneath the beak and the fur, Ciampa... Tucor... whatever his name is now... I'm sure--

She catches herself and shakes her head.

[ Ruby Riott ] No, ya' know what... fuck that. I'm not even dignifying this Dr. Cube Army shit anymore. All respect to Candy Floss and Kris Statlander, they're great athletes and under any other circumstances, I'd be proud to call them partners or even opponents... but I didn't come to SGW to be a part of a clown show... so excuse me while I exit stage left and do something I really don't do enough.

She gestures toward herself with both hands.

[ Ruby Riott ] And that's focus on what I want.

She points off-camera at nothing in particular.

[ Ruby Riott ] Two weeks ago, something else happened at Card Subject to Change. Maria introduced this new Limitless Championship. The first-ever belt in SGW history where women can officially challenge men. Well, that's something I know quite a bit about, okay? I'm a freakin' pioneer of intergender wrestling!

She nods, that cynical smile returning.

[ Ruby Riott ] Oh yeah. That's right. As much as I'd love to become the SGW Women's World Champion... I'm setting my sights on another goal. Christina Von Eerie might have made history becoming the first champion and putting women's wrestling on the map in SGW... but I want to be the woman who blazes a completely different trail in this company. I want to be the woman who does what so many think is impossible... and I want to normalize male versus female combat!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Ruby Riott ] I want to become the Limitless Champion... I need to become the Limitless Champion... and I want to carry that championship with such pride and prestige that it can't be ignored... that one day, I can kick the door down on the main event scene in this company, unify that belt with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship and we won't have to have belts like the Limitless Championship anymore!

She throws her hood back and glares hard into the camera.

[ Ruby Riott ] Two weeks ago, I pinned Zack Sabre, Jr. and the first-ever Limitless Champion, Christopher Daniels. I proved that it can be done... and I believe in my heart... that it will be done. This is just the beginning.

The camera slowly begins to zoom in on her face.

[ Ruby Riott ] Sami Zayn.

The fans begin booing as she says his name.

[ Ruby Riott ] I'm not one to make excuses... you pinned me to become the Limitless Champion two weeks ago... absolutely, you did... but you didn't do it legit and you made the mistake of letting me get back up. So, consider this a challenge, from the person who pinned the first Limitless Champion... to you... you don't owe me a title shot, Sami... you don't owe me a damn thing.

Her eyes narrow.

[ Ruby Riott ] But if you consider yourself any kind of a fighting champion, you'll step up and put that belt on the line... one on one... me versus you.

Someone applauds from off-camera. Ruby looks in the direction of the noise and the camera pans over to reveal Sami Zayn and Gregory Helms as they walk onto the set. Zayn is already in his gear and entrance jacket with the Limitless Championship strapped around his waist. Shane Helms is in a leather jacket and an Ed Hardy shirt with a TapOut beanie. Ruby squares up as though she expects a fight. Sami Zayn puts his hands up between them, gesturing that he comes in peace. We know this because--

[ Sami Zayn ] Whoa, whoa, we come in peace!

Zayn walks right up to Riott, an uneasy smile on his face. Helms stands behind Zayn with his arms folded across his chest, trying to look as intimidating as possible. Riott doesn't look happy to see either of them, not after what they did at Card Subject to Change.

[ Sami Zayn ] Look, Ruby... I know you're upset and I get it, I really do!

She scoffs, that cynical smile returning to her face.

[ Ruby Riott ] Upset? That you two screwed me over?

[ Sami Zayn ] Hey, now! Let's not go throwing around accusations! I mean, sure, maybe Helms allegedly attacked you and cost you the match but there's absolutely zero evidence that happened!

[ Gregory Helms ] Dat's right, Ruby! If they ain't no footage of my finisher gettin' hit... you must acquit!

[ Ruby Riott ] There's literally footage everywhere, you moron. It was the finish of the match. Every camera in the arena was focused on the ring. What are you trying to prove with this, Sami? Are you trying to say you don't want to defend against me? Is that it?

Zayn and Helms look at each other and shrug nonchalantly.

[ Sami Zayn ] That's about the sum of it, I guess.

[ Gregory Helms ] Yeah, no title match for you, chick.

[ Ruby Riott ] Are you fucking with me right now?

Sami unsnaps the championship from around his waist and looks down at it for a moment before placing it over his shoulder and hugging it tightly. He looks at Ruby Riott with a smug grin.

[ Sami Zayn ] Look, it's nothing personal. It's definitely not because you're a girl or anything.

[ Gregory Helms ] Sami Zayn respects all genders equally. He don't even see gender, son.

[ Sami Zayn ] It's because... well... when you're forced to put the two of us on a level playing field...

Zayn comically shrugs and then blurts out.

[ Sami Zayn ] You're just really not that good, ya' know what I mean?

[ Gregory Helms ] AW SNAP! TRUTH BOMB!

Helms slaps Zayn on the back.

[ Gregory Helms ] Truth hurts, son. Damn!

[ Ruby Riott ] Right. Okay.

Ruby nods, seeming to accept that answer begrudgingly.

[ Sami Zayn ] Besides, I can't just go around handing out title shots like candy! I've already got a defense lined up for Total Destruction against some 12 year old girl and it'd be real disrespectful if I skipped her over just so I could have an off week and beat Ruby Riott.

[ Gregory Helms ] Respect.

[ Sami Zayn ] You seem like a reasonable girl so I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

If looks could kill, Sami Zayn would die graveyard dead here and now. Ruby just glares at him for what feels like forever before she finally speaks.

[ Ruby Riott ] If that's how you wanna play, great.

Her eyes narrow.

[ Ruby Riott ] That's fine.

Zayn smiles and claps his hands together.

[ Sami Zayn ] Awesome! We're on the same page!

[ Ruby Riott ] I've had to claw my way up from the bottom of every company I've ever worked for... there's no reason for this one to be any different... but I grant you this, Sami... I'm going to earn my title shot and when I do, I'm coming for you... and more importantly, I'm coming for that belt and all of the history that comes with it.

Without another word, Riott storms off the set, leaving Zayn and Helms alone. Helms pats Zayn on the shoulder, comforting him. Zayn looks down at the championship, a genuinely worried look on his face, before looking back up in the direction that Ruby left.

[ Gregory Helms ] You got dis, champ... she ain't so tough.

Zayn continues staring off in the distance... uncertain.

[ Sami Zayn ] ...yeah.

We fade out.



We fade up backstage where the camera is focusing on a door. The door opens up and Rhea Ripley steps out, looking pissed. Lance Storm can be seen standing with Trish Stratus inside. As Ripley begins to walk away, Steve Corino leans out the door with a sneer.

[ Steve Corino ] Just 'cause we can't put you on the scene, don't mean I ain't gonna keep my eye on you.

Ripley stops in her tracks and looks over her shoulder, eyes narrowed.

[ Rhea Ripley ] You're a real wanka', Steve.

Ripley wanders off down the hallway, seemingly exonerated of attacking Tessa Blanchard. The camera zooms in on the face of Steve Corino. He shakes his head, looking pissed off. He mutters to himself.

[ Steve Corino ] Wanker? You're a wanker. Dumb broad.

He stares off at nothing in particular.

[ Steve Corino ] I'll show you... I'll show all o' you.

He slams the door.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

As you would imagine with two very seasoned technical grapplers, the match begins with a trading of holds, Riddle doing his best to keep things as based in amateur wrestling as possible, though Sabre’s mastery of the more ‘tricky’ British flavor – or FLAVOUR, as it were – of the graps gives him a decided advantage in the early going. ZSJ manages to slip Riddle into a crude form of his Jim Breaks Special only three minutes into the contest, but the Original Bro has done his homework and quickly scampers to the ropes as the D.C. fans applaud their efforts.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aspiring technicians, draw out your pencil and pad, this is study hall!

[ Scott Steiner ] STUDY HALL SUCKS! The damn Monitor, always keepin’ me from jerkin’ off and makin’ me do my stupid work!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s funny, Scott. I think Nigel means that any young professionals out there who seek to gain a more balanced understanding of the technical game should observ—


Riddle is on the offensive, ducking a ZSJ tie up and taking him to the mat with precision, working around his body to show off his technical mastery as the Wizard gets pissed – and THEN gets gutwrench suplexed back into the mat with lightning speed! Riddle is working the midsection and squirms around Sabre again, lifting and dropping him with a second gutwrench! The Bro pops his hips and rolls through – ANOTHER GUTWRENCH AND Sabre appears wiped out in the early going! Riddle senses his time to strike is now and quickly ascends the turnbuckles, flipping and tumbling off the top –

FLOWING BRO! But there’s no water in the pool!

ZSJ, wisely playing opossum, scoots off at the last moment and Riddle crashes to the canvas brutally! Sabre is on him quickly with a double stomp and slaps on a Spinning Toe Hold! Riddle, being shoeless, as he tends to be, is DOUBLY SUCCEPTIBLE TO THIS HOLD! IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My God! I’m pretty sure I just saw Sabre ACTUALLY spin one of Matt Riddle’s toes completely around!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It would not surprise me, Tony! ZSJ is a warrior in that ring and does whatever is necessary to pick up the win!

Sabre eventually ceases his spinning and decides to hook a figure four – but Riddle rolls him inward and hooks a sloppy cradle! ONE! TW—NO! ZSJ is up, but Riddle’s to his knees again! Sabre runs in, but Riddle sweeps the legs and latches the arm in a hammerlock – ELBOW STRIKES TO THE NECK! Riddle begins rapid-firing the elbows into Sabre, but Chioda is wise to the ploy and counts his hold once Sabre’s lanky legs tie up the bottom rope! Undeterred, Riddle releases the arm-lock and charges off the ropes – but ZSJ is up as well and runs in, spinning for a Discus Elbow smash – but Riddle catches him! SLEEPER SUPLEX! Sabre took it right to the head!

Riddle’s on fire! The former UFC fighter scoops up Sabre and plasters him with a huge powerbomb, rolling him backwards and to his feet on impact – looking for the Final Flash! – Sabre ducks through the leaping bicycle knee! – ZSJ spins Riddle around and lifts him for a body slam before sitting out suddenly for the Zack Driver! Both men are down and wiped out!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Which man will be able to capitalize?! Both could be pinned for three if only someone makes the cover!

Schiavone’s beckoning for a pinfall attempt is answered when Sabre sits up and struggles, but links Riddle’s legs for a ONE! TWO! NO! Matt Riddle kicks out! ZSJ looks stunned that one of his favorite impact maneuvers couldn’t finish the job, but scoffs at Chioda and stands up, stomping Riddle in the pectoral to sit him up and charging off the ropes, looking for a penalty kick – but the Original Bro catches the kick, glaring up at ZSJ with fire in his eyes!

Riddle wrenches on Sabre’s leg and turns him over, eventually standing up and fully applying the ankle lock! Sabre, being the technical wizard that he is, knows rolling into the pain is the best way to counter the pressure on the ankle and does so, sending Riddle right into the ropes! As Riddle rebounds backwards, Sabre hooks him with his legs and rolls backwards with a variant of an O’Connor Roll, getting control of both men’s momentums and quickly shifting into Article 50!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ARTICLE 50! That’s the cross armbreaker!


Riddle, highly familiar with the danger of this hold due to his extensive time in mixed martial arts, quickly rolls into the pressure and links his hands together, stopping Sabre from having it be completely effective. Now standing over Sabre with his arm still ensnared, Riddle squats and begins to lift! Roaring through the pain and the weight of lifting his opponent, Riddle screams, managing to toss ZSJ over his head with a variant of a pumphandle throw!

The lanky British grappler takes the fall in stride and does his best to roll to his feet, but Riddle is already back on the offensive and plows through ZSJ with a high-angled German suplex! Zack lands right on the base of his neck and rolls through on instinct to his hands and knees, but Riddle isn’t through and smashes him down to the mat with a Bro-ton senton!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH! OH MY! Zack Sabre is looking to tie up Riddle for good with the Hurrah!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Alright, let’s see here…’Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than The Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness!’

[ Scott Steiner ] He shoulda called it the…Sabre…uh…hmm. WHAT RHYMES WITH SABRE, SCHIAVONE?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Uh, let’s see…’labor, neighbor…flavor, savor, paper, hater, razor…shaper, maker, breaker, flak—


With ZSJ doing his best to clinch Riddle in the dual wrist-locks to finish the full Hurrah, the Bro is squirming around as best he can, trying to escape the long-limbed Brit’s grasp. Riddle finally realizes the best course of action is to roll backwards and try to catch Sabre on the ground – and does! Chioda’s down and counting! ONE! TWO! TH—NO! Sabre releases his hold at the last moment and Riddle is worn, trying to stay in it!

As Zack stands up and pops Riddle in the chest with a standing PK, Riddle’s fiery in the eyes once more and stands up, the two men trading heavy kicks! Riddle throws a reckless roundhouse and ZSJ ducks, charging in and springing off the ropes for a springboard enzuigiri – but the Original Bro catches him seamlessly – PLANTING him with another German Suplex! As ZSJ lands, Riddle is on him again, scooping him up – AND DRIVING with the BroDerek! COVER!! ONE! TWO! NO! Zack Sabre Jr. again finds the wherewithal to kick out of another huge blow!

As Riddle sits, stunned, Sabre suddenly throws a stiff kick to the head! ZSJ is up, running, annnnd PENALTY KICK! RIGHT TO THE FACE! Not wasting time, Sabre has Riddle up – NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX, Sabre bridges but rolls through and pulls Riddle up, maintaining control and transitioning quickly into a Double Underhook Snap Suplex! The train keeps rolling as ZSJ switches his grip again, locking Riddle in a full nelson and seeking a dragon suplex!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Devestating series of suplexes – this could be it for Matt Riddle!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Truly! This harsh edge Sabre is showing may just be what he needs to capitalize and put away the Original Bro!

Back inside the ring, Sabre’s smirking as he wrenches the hold on Riddle’s neck and shoulders.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Let’s see ‘ya break this one, ya Original Dickhead!

ZSJ prepares to lift and drop Riddle on his head, but the Bro is ready and transitions his own weight to take Sabre’s head and stand up! Riddle’s got him on his shoulders! BRO 2 SLEEP! OUT OF NOWHERE AND SABRE IS STUNNED! Riddle doesn’t delay – POWERBOMB! ROLL THROUGH – FINAL FLAAAAAAASSSSH!!! JACKKNIFE COVER – ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Matt Riddle via Pin Fall in 12:52

“The Next Episode” hits as the Nation’s Capital pops for the pinfall, while Riddle rolls off of Sabre and lifts his hands victoriously.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite the display of fortitude from Matthew Riddle to withstand all the attacks and holds of the very dangerous Zack Sabre Jr. and fellas, I’ve got to admit – I thought it was Sabre’s to lose at many points there!

Sabre pulls himself to a corner, seated still with his hands rubbing out the damage to his skull as Riddle, celebrating, takes notice to this and extends a hand to help his opponent up.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a class act is this Matt Riddle!

[ Scott Steiner ] Class act?! This freak?

Sabre scoffs and waves off the Original Bro, who shrugs and takes to the floor, celebrating with the front row patrons as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg continue to rap.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nevertheless, Riddle has made quite an impact here and surely seeks championship gold in the not-too-distant future, guys! We’ll see where this talented performer goes from here – both of them have bright, bright futures in SGW.

Tony’s verbiage switches course as the camera cuts to Sabre, sneering and shaking his head at Riddle walking up the ramp as our cameras fade to the back.

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows are seen talking among themselves in a corner of the backstage area. The Good Brothers are fresh off their victory over the American Wolves and seem in high spirits. We seem to have caught them in mid-conversation.

[ Karl Anderson ] I’m not a rocket scientist or a bookerman, but I’ll tell you right now, go out there and try to find a team who kicks more ass than we do!

[ Luke Gallows ] You can say that again, Good Brother Machine Gun!

[ Karl Anderson ] I think we’re gonna’ need a twelve pack of novels to read on the way home if you ask me.

Gallows and Anderson “too-sweet” as Balor looks on.

[ Finn Balor ] I think things are goin’ pretty well thus far for us, boys. Even in defeat, you two established yourselves as THE team ta’ beat in the tag team division, and I’m due a shot at the Elevation title any time now.

[ Karl Anderson ] Good Brother Fergal, we may be drowning in gold baby!

Jack Evans and Angelico interrupt with Scarlett Bordeaux behind them.


[ Angelico ] You guys think you’re the team to beat in SGW?

[ Jack Evans ] We ain’t got our rematch yet! Y’all boys ain’t fightin’ nobody but ya’selves until we get those belts back!

The Club looks unimpressed.

[ Finn Balor ] Where did you guys come from anyway? Can’t you see we’re havin’ a conversation?

[ Jack Evans ] Bitch, Jack Evans is omnipresent!

[ Karl Anderson ] Holy crap, he used that word correctly.

[ Jack Evans ] That means I’m everywhere! All knowing! All powerful!

[ Finn Balor ] No, no it doesn’t.

[ Jack Evans ] You tryna’ tell me that I’m stupid?!

Evans scoffs.

[ Jack Evans ] Check yourself, Demon QUEEN!

[ Angelico ] It’s funny because instead of “king,” he insulted you by calling you “queen.”

[ Jack Evans ] ‘Cos you a BITCH!

Balor is held back by Gallows as Evans’ nonsensical rant continues.

[ Jack Evans ] Look here.. Y’all stand around in a random hallway and blow one another and we’ll go get our belts back from the Brotherhood. So when I’m draped in gold and have that fine ass milk chocolate snack named Brandi Rhodes underneath me in my queen-sized futon at night screaming my last name, life’s gonna’ be so good to Jack Evans that we’ll consider givin’ you two a shot at the straps!

[ Angelico ] But even then, nah. Probably not.

[ Karl Anderson ] Congrats on the sexski.

[ Luke Gallows ] But why do you sleep on a futon?

[ Finn Balor ] I'm more curious about the screaming his last name thing, but sure, the futon...


Dan Barry and Bill Carr come into the scene with their finger guns drawn, which are completely no sold by everyone in the vicinity except Jack Evans.

[ Jack Evans ] YO! IT WASN’T ME!

Sprinting away, Jack Evans is unable to be stopped by Scarlett or Angelico. Evans is seen flipping over a nearby table and doing a spin move around a nearby vending machine.

[ Dan Barry ] Fellas, we seem to be at an impasse where words won’t suffice. You see, Team Tremendous are due up for a shot at the belts!

[ Bill Carr ] And we’re at the point where police brutality might just have to occur if you disagree. We don’t want to go this route so compliance is encouraged!

Luke Gallows punches Dan Barry in the nose, dropping him in a heap! Bill Carr’s jaw drops as he dives on his partner and begins screaming.


Carr begins pounding on Barry’s chest, pleading with him.


[ Dan Barry ] He broke my frickin’ nose!


THE AMERICAN WOLVES hit the scene! Richards and Edwards begin brawling with Gallows and Anderson with Balor doing his best trying to pull the four apart from one another. Angelico and Scarlett look on, admiring the brawl.

[ Davey Richards ] C’mon boys, fight back! Let’s finish this!

Richards tackles Galloway to the floor as the two continue exchanging blows. Anderson is in a front head lock and manages to ram Edwards back-first against the wall with Balor getting in some shots in the process. The camera pans out wide to reveal Matt and Nick Jackson seated at a table, messing around on their phones, simply observing.

[ Matt Jackson ] I mean, yeah, we want shots at the belts too..

[ Nick Jackson ] But we just went to Cody and Dustin and told them.. You know.. Like normal people.

[ Matt Jackson ] My contract specifically states that I cannot participate in backstage brawls.

[ Nick Jackson ] I got that Hot Topic money. I’m not going to act a fool. I treat my play fighting career very seriously.

Finally, road agents hit the scene and begin trying to break up the melee going on as the scene fades.




Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

The bell sounds and all three men just meet in the middle, rights and lefts being thrown back and forward furiously, none of these three men giving an inch to the other right now. Eventually, a team begins to form between Nunzio and Gargano. Nunzio slips behind Danielson and holds his arms, as Gargano delivers a few boots straight to the mid-section of Danielson, who is then whipped against the ropes and met with a beautiful dropkick to the face by Nunzio. Danielson drops to the mat, holding his face, Nunzio looking pleased with himself. He tries to plan more with Gargano, hinting at what they should do next.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Uh oh! Looks like we've got an alliance formin' here, boys!

Nunzio puts his hand out for the shake and Gargano looks down at it then into the eyes of Nunzio... SUPERKICK TO THE FACE OF NUNZIO! Quick pin ONE... TWO... NO!! Kickout from Nunzio!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neva' mind!

Bryan Danielson slides back into the ring taking Gargano by surprise, BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! Gargano goes crashing hard to the mat. Danielson looks pissed due to the earlier alliance between the two. He drags Nunzio off the mat and into the corner, delivering brutal strikes to the legs and a few elbows to the side of the head. He shoots Nunzio to the opposite corner and follows him, BIG KNEE ! The knee of Danielson connects right into the face of Nunzio, who crumples to the mat after the impact. Danielson wastes no time at all grabbing the legs of Nunzio, but Gargano is behind him, REVERSE DDT! All three men are now down at the same time.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Just when you think someone has the upper hand... The other strikes right back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Love it!

Gargano is the first man to his feet and he targets Danielson, a few strikes to the back of his head as he pulls him up to his knees. Danielson sits with his head bowed, BABY ACE CRUSHER!! Gargano hooks the leg... ONE!! TWO!! TH-NO!!! Danielson manages to get his shoulder up at the last possible second!

[ Scott Steiner ] SHIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] So close!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I thought it was ova'! Bryan Danielson JUST beats the count!

Gargano is the first man to his feet and he targets Danielson, a few strikes to the back of his head as he pulls him up to his knees. Danielson sits with his head bowed, BABY ACE CRUSHER!! Gargano hooks the leg... ONE!! TWO!! TH-NO!!! Danielson manages to get his shoulder up at the last possible second! Gargano can't believe it, but he doesn't have time to dwell on it as Nunzio goes back on the offensive.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nunzio gettin' back ta' work!

After a few right hands, he lifts Gargano to his feet and drops him with a single arm DDT then quickly rolling over... SICILIAN NECKTIE! He's got it locked in, putting a lot of strain on the arm of Gargano right now. The screams from Gargano can be heard around the arena, the pain is almost unbearable!

[ Scott Steiner ] HE'S GONNA' TAP!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's locked in deep, that's for sure!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The pain!! Gargano surely can't hold on for much longa'!

THUNDEROUS KICK TO THE HEAD OF NUNZIO!! Bryan Danielson saves a certain tap out! Nunzio releases the arm bar instantly, Danielson spins him around... TIGER SUPLEX! He plants Nunzio right on his head! Nunzio lies motionless in the ring after that, the breathing of Danielson getting heavier and heavier now. Danielson is feeling it! Nunzio begins to stir, LEBELL LOCK! It's Danielson's turn to try get the submission victory, pulling with everything that he's got. Gargano breaks it up quickly though, throwing Danielson into the corner and hitting him with a couple shoulders to the mid-section. Nunzio is on his hands and knees, as Gargano eyes up Danielson... DOUBLE KNEE TO DANIELSON!! Gargano crashes his knees off Danielson who drops to the mat, even more impressive that he used the back of Nunzio as a springboard for it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] VERY impressive innovation from Gargano right there!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit. I'd do it better!

Danielson stays down as Gargano turns around... SMALL PACKAGE! NUNZIO WAS WAITING! ONE!! TWO!! THREE NO!!! Johnny Gargano at 2.9 seconds manages to free himself. The two men shoot up quick, Gargano goes for a huge kick but Nunzio ducks... KISS OF DEATH!! NO!! Gargano hits a huge back bodydrop to save himself. Gargano is motioning for Nunzio to get up... CHOP BLOCK FROM DANIELSON!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Need ta' have eyes in the back of your head in this one!

Danielson stands in front of Gargano and repeatedly boots him over and over again. Every single part of his body is getting kicked right now, before Danielson lines him up and charges... NUNZIO TRIES TO CUT HIM OFF BUT GETS A DIVING BOOT TO THE FACE!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nunzio is down!

The momentum of the boot throws Nunzio under the bottom rope and crashing to the outside. Danielson walks over and looks over the top rope, as if considering flying over but as he turns Gargano throws a strike, but misses. Danielson gets double underhooks in and throws Gargano over his head, but he quickly floats over and spins him around... CATTLE MUTILATION!!! Danielson bridges over and you can really see how much he's putting into it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This could be it!

Gargano is doing all that he can to fight it... The referee is down asking him if he gives up, but he shakes his head. Danielson puts MORE pressure on the arms and pushes them further... GARGANO TAPS!!!

WINNER - Bryan Danielson via Submission in 14:39

The referee calls for the bell, but Danielson doesn't let go!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hey, come on!

[ Scott Steiner ] You've gotta' love it!

The referee is screaming at Danielson to let go, after 10 seconds or so he eventually releases and rolls away, venom in his eyes! Gargano is in absolute agony to say the least. Danielson just stares down at Gargano, admiring his work, before dropping and rolling out of the ring.

As the logo fades out, Dario Cueto and Tetsuya Naito appear on the screen decked out in matching black suits, except for Naito, who completes his look with a black trucker hat brandishing a red Los Ingobernables logo on the front. The squeaking of a ceiling fan’s blades spinning is the only sound. The room is dim and the video quality is grainy, making your eyes readjust often to try to view it.

[ Dario Cueto ] Ah, hello, my believers!

Sporting a big, fake, smile on his face, Dario greets us first, breaking the silence in the room.

[ Dario Cueto ] Happy New Year from Los Ingobernables! We hope 2020 has treated you kindly thus far.. Especially you, PAC.

He smirks.

[ Dario Cueto ] We saw the Gold Mine. We saw your little promo where you challenged Naito to a rubber match. It was very cute. You tuck your tail and run after Holiday Hell and three weeks later, come back on a secondary show, and challenge my client without having the GUTS to do it face-to-face.

Naito’s sleepy-eyed expression makes you think he’s less than enthused, but he’s locked in.

[ Tetsuya Naito ] I accept.

[ Dario Cueto ] See how easy that was? We’re agreeable people! But my friend, you have to admit, coming and doing it in person would’ve been the route to go, not hiding in the shadows. Amigo, if your goal is to prove that you are without a doubt the better man in comparison to Naito, then you’re going to have to grow a spine and fight like hell to do so!

Naito slings his trucker hat off and sends it landing on the table in front of them.

[ Tetsuya Naito ] Meet me.. At Total Destruction.

[ Dario Cueto ] Ha, yes! Naito, good idea.

The camera zooms in for a tighter shot.

[ Dario Cueto ] Total Destruction. Two weeks from tonight. Let’s make this match official, shall we? You want it, Naito wants it, but we can seal it with a handshake in the center of the ring and make it official for, say, Heartbreaker…

He pauses.

[ Dario Cueto ] That is.. If you dare.

Cueto arches an eyebrow high up his forehead with a sly grin across his face.

[ Dario Cueto ] The “Heartbreaker Screwjob” in famous in SGW lore, but once my client vanquishes you with his display of power that can only be possessed by Los Ingobernables, PAC, the stories of the past will be nothing but an afterthought. Forgotten.

[ Tetsuya Naito ] See you.. Soon.

The scene fades to black as the Los Ingobernables logo flashes across the screen once again.

¿Sabes quien soy?

Quick, successive cuts of a masked man, beating opponents with his limbs and body weight – and back to black.

¿Sabes cómo me encanta romper los brazos?

About twenty arm snaps in a row, quickly cut together – and again, back to black.

¿Tienes idea de en cuántos problemas estás?

The man, still shrouded in shadows, walks closer to the camera.

Cuando las personas están en problemas ... tienen miedo. Su naturaleza los delata. Sucumben ... a su miedo.

A hand shoots out of the darkness, outstretched into a light.

¡Pero soy un hombre con CERO MIEDO!

The hand quickly shifts into the all-too-familiar Cero Miedo signal, before we finally see the man’s snarling face…

…or, mask, rather…


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Referee Paul Turner has his hands full from the opening bell as The Rock runs train on everybody’s monkey ass with clotheslines and stiff right hands, clearing every bit of the house, including screaming at Nia for pumping her fists to cheer rather than clap the top turnbuckle! Even with the passé cheering blunder, Nia is clearly still enamored with the incredible in-ring prowess of her cool cousin, slapping the turnbuckle pad energetically.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Something about the Rock, fans, is SIMPLY ELECTRIFYING!

Dwayne does his best to maintain his own advantage in the contest and stomps away at Chuck, who squeals out wildly with each connecting boot.


As soon as the words left his mouth, the Rock arches his eyebrow and looks around the Capitol One Arena before screaming at the audience.


Because they are all brainless drones, the audience do as they are told.

*clap clap clap clap clap*
*clap clap clap clap clap*
*clap clap clap clap clap*

Chuck comes to and looks around the arena sadly, wondering how these fans could turn on him so easily. He sadly tags out to Trent, who leaps over the ropes and into the ring, running right into a spinebuster! The crowd is electric as Dwayne leaps over his downed opponent, looking around the arena before slowly pulling off his elbow pad! He throws his arms back and forth – off the ropes! – over Trent! – slides to a stop annnnnnnnnd – PEOPLE’S ELBOW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS IS IT!

Rather than make the cover, Rock instantly walks over and tags in his cool cousin Nia! From the apron, Jax is resistant to fighting men, giving her cousin some lip about the opportunity to instead wrestle women – but is cut off!


Jax steps into the ring and runs, leaping into the air for a splash – but Trent moves! On the apron, the Rock rolls his eyes as Trent begins double stomping Nia on the mat and springboarding into a legdrop for a near fall – a count of two!

[ Tony Schiavone ] If only Nia had listened to the Great One!

Absolute bedlam takes over as Chuck and The Rock enter the ring and all four competitors begin throwing blows rapidly. Referee Paul Turner simply shrugs and allows it, over this entire thing already.

Nonplussed by the occurings in the ring, Trent and Chuck smack Dwayne with a double superkick before turning their attention to Nia – who eats a double superkick of her own! The Best Friends give a funny look – AND HUG! THE CAMERA ZOOMS WAY OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What nonsense is this?!


With each successive blow, the Rock shouts “TAG!” “TEAM!” “TITLES!” “I’VE!” “BEEN!” “WANTING!” “SINCE!” “DAY!” “ONE!” before wrecking Chuck with a Samoan Drop to a raucous cheer from the audience! As he kips up, Trent is running in and SMEARS the Great One with a Gobstopper, right to the chin! After the brief stillness in the ring, The Rock and Trent begin stirring, still worn from the puzzlingly fast-paced match.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] EVERYONE IS DOWN! …what the HELL is this match?!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jesus, look at this guy! What the hell’s he doin’?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Orange Cassidy! He’s got something in his pockets!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Errr…yeah…it’s his hands!

With Nia on the mat before him, Orange Cassidy stands up, puts his hands in his pockets and pauses atop the top turnbuckle, taking a hot second to be on top of the entire world before hap-hazardly…err…not…’jumping,’ but…more…’falling’ off of the top rope – AND RIGHT INTO THE WAITING ARMS OF THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION!

The DC crowd explodes in excitement, sending the fever pitch into a full-blown nuclear explosion as The Rock furrows his famous brows, scowls, swearing, and lifts OC up, high into the air, and plants his candy ass with the Rock Bottom!


As The Rock kicks Cassidy from the ring, still swearing and pointing his finger at him, Trent quickly blasts him from behind and gets sent to the floor in a heap! Working quickly, Trent scoops Nia up before Chuck runs up to join him, taking Jax’ arm in a wrist lock and spinning through!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THIS COULD BE BAD!

With Trent gripping her right arm and waist, Chuck places his foot on her jaw and drops back with Soul Food! On impact, Trent fires off a half-nelson suplex, dropping Jax right on her head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] YIKES!

With Jax down on the mat and probably unconscious, Trent quickly slides over and hooks the legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!!

WINNERS - The Best Friends via Pin Fall in 5:27

As the bell rings and Trent hugs Chuck again, the two of them quickly skirt from the ring to check on Cassidy, who hasn’t moved a muscle.

…and not in his usual lethargic way, but because he’s been Rock Bottomed through the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I am quite aware we often have a share of strange occurrences here in SGW, but this…was something…

Checking on Cassidy takes a brief backseat to interacting with the downed Dwayne, as Trent and Chuck nudge the movie star with their feet – BUT THE ROCK KIPS UP! In fear, Chuck and Trent grab Cassidy by his shoes and run, dragging him up the ramp with them!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Best Friends want no part of the Rock!

The Rock walks about the ring, screaming for Nia to “stop suckin’ your damn teeth and come on!” As Nia rolls to her cool cousin, the Samoans are conversing about their fortunes as we fade to the back.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley is seen wearing the SGW Lifetime Championship. The title is so large that she’s unable to fully tighten it around her slim waist, causing the belt to slide down on her hips. Tim Storm steps into the scene in a three piece suit, looking dapper as can be.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey guys, SGW Lifetime Champion Cathy Kelley here! My guest at this time is Tim Storm!

[ Tim Storm ] Thanks for having me.. And congratulations on the new hardware!

[ Cathy Kelley ] Thanks for your help two weeks ago, I appreciate it.

[ Tim Storm ] Cathy, it doesn’t cost a dime to do the right thing!

The belt slides as Cathy grips it with her left hand and holds it in place.

[ Cathy Kelley ] With Card Subject to Change behind us, we look to the future, specifically, Wrestlebrawl. With the announcement of the next quarterly pay-per-view coming soon, everyone has their sights set on the biggest show of the year. What’s in store for Tim Storm?

[ Tim Storm ] Cathy, I wouldn’t even know where to start. See, every time you and I have this conversation, I plan out some ideas in my head of what happens in a perfect world for me, and someone always comes along and side tracks me. MJF, Drew Galloway, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson.. They all come knocking trying to cause problems instead of letting me focus on getting that SGW World Championship.

Joey Janela and Penelope Ford strut into the scene. Storm throws his hands in the arm, mouthing “give me a break!” Penelope is in black leather pants and a fur coat while Joey Janela is in his ring gear, backwards hat, and sunglasses. He’s smoking a cigarette and ashes it before speaking.

[ Joey Janela ] Excuse me, sir.. Can you do me a favor?

[ Tim Storm ] Can’t you see we’re conducting business here?

[ Joey Janela ] Can you tell me where you got your suit?

Reluctant, Storm responds.

[ Tim Storm ] It’s Armani. I have a tailor. Like a true adult.

[ Joey Janela ] Nice. Do you think they make ‘em in big and tall? Because I’m going to MURDER Kevin Nash tonight!

Janela chuckles as Storm and Cathy roll their eyes.

[ Joey Janela ] Everyone here thinks they’re so big and so bad, but buddy, ain’t nobody as bad as “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela, baby!

Storm begins shooing Janela away.

[ Tim Storm ] Go on. I don’t have time for punks like you.

Bryan Danielson appears and shoves Joey Janela completely off camera. Things just get worse for Tim Storm.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Get the hell out of here, you homeless lookin’ piece of SHIT!

Danielson is now face-to-face with Storm, who looks irked at his moment again getting interrupted.

[ Tim Storm ] You got yourself a haircut and a shave. You look nice.

Storm reaches out and puts his hand on Danielson’s shoulder.

[ Tim Storm ] You seem to be dealing with some things, son. You okay? I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye but I’m here if you need me.

Danielson immediately slaps Storm’s hand away and snaps back with fury in his voice.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Shut it, old man! Listen to me.. That crap at Card Subject to Change.. That.. That meant NOTHING, got it?! NOTHING! I don’t even count that match as even happening, so if you’re going to mention the SGW title as if that match was some way to continue your “momentum” towards it, then you’re out of your mind! I don’t want you to get any wild ideas that winning a match like that, where you didn’t do anything in it, is your ride to a SGW World title shot!

Danielson continues, not even giving Storm a moment to respond.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Especially when the only person getting a title shot around here.. Is me. Following my win tonight, a REAL win over a REAL person, I'm getting put on the fast track to the Elevation title at Total Destruction. So while you sit on the bench, I’ll be securing my shot at the SGW World title!

[ Tim Storm ] Well, congrats, Bryan. That’s good for you finally getting a shot at a championship here. I was honored to get to fight for the World title once and I look forward to getting another.

Danielson scoffs at the attempt of Storm trying to belittle his announcement.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Wishful thinking. Face it, Storm.. Your only hope of winning a title in SGW is if you fought Cathy Kelley for the worthless piece of shit around her waist...

Danielson snarls at the sight of Cathy Kelley holding on to the SGW Lifetime title for dear life. Disgusted.

[ Bryan Danielson ] ...and even that's debatable since she carried her team to victory at Card Subject to Change.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey! I made a pin!

Danielson slaps the microphone out of her hand, sending it landing on the concrete floor. Cathy is shocked as Storm steps in between her and Danielson.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Yeah? Well, your microphone’s on the floor.

He scoffs.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Idiot.

Danielson walks off, leaving Storm and Cathy Kelley standing.

[ Tim Storm ] That boy ain’t right.

We go back to the ringside area for our next match. Marty Scurll versus Sami Zayn is NEXT!




Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Marty Scurll and Sami Zayn eye each other up from across the ring. At ringside, Scurll is flanked by the intimidating WALTER and Paul Robinson. Gregory Helms is hanging out ringside to support Zayn, but it seems like he’s trying to keep his distance from Scurll’s brutes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fresh off a big win at Card Subject to Change, and Sami Zayn finds himself in a very competitive match. I guess winning the Limitless title has put a target on the Montreal superstar’s back. This one is a non-title match, but it doesn’t make it any less consequential.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There’s been a’lotta talk about Marty Scurll these past two weeks. Time ta’ see what he’s made of.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well those big mother-fucka’s hangin’ out with Scurll ain’t gonna let Sami pull a fast one on tha’ Villian.

Zayn and Scurll lock up. Sami has four inches and about twenty pounds on Scurll, but they seem evenly matched. Scurll knees Zayn in the gut and hits him with a few right hands. He Zayn swings and misses, and Marty bounces off both sets of ropes and lays out Zayn with a clothesline. Sami does a full rotation and lands flat on the mat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not a good start for Sami. Scurll packs a lot of power in his frame.

[ Scott Steiner ] Shit, and I thought my clothesline hit hard.

Sami recuperates by sliding out of the ring to escape Marty inflicting further damage. He stumbles over to Gregory Helms, hoping to get a little assistance and motivation. It doesn’t take long for WALTER and Paul Robinson to surround Sami. This forces him back into the ring just in time for Marty to start stomping him into the mat. Walter and Robinson stand tall while Helms puts his hands up, hoping to keep them from taking him out.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ah’ knew it wouldn’t take long for the Villain’s henchmen ta’ get involved.

Scurll keeps laying into Sami with stiff kicks. But Sami catches Marty’s boot and spins him to the mat with a desperate single leg takedown. Sami scampers across the ring to get a little distance. As Scurll stands up, he knocks him across the ring with a standing dropkick. Scurll stumbles into the corner. Zayn doesn’t waste any time. He backs up across the ring and comes flying boot first into the corner. HELLUVA KICK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He just missed it! Scurll was waiting for him!

Scurll ducks and throws his shoulder right into Sami’s groin. Zayn doubles over in pain. Scurll grabs the back of his head and runs up the turnbuckle, spiking him in the mat with a top rope Tornado DDT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He put some extra oomph in ta’ that one! Wow!

[ Scott Steiner ] HE BROKE HIS FUCKIN’ NECK!

Helms tries to get into the ring to get Sami out of the line of fire, but WALTER and Paul Robinson pull him back off. WALTER smashes his forearm across a couple of times across Helm’s head. Gregory turns around and runs right into Paul Robinson, who plants him on the ground outside with a devastating spinebuster.

[ Scott Steiner ] There’s no hope for Sami here!

Sami struggles to get up. The crowd is cheering him on. Scurll is taking his time to hone in on the Limitless champion. He reaches for Sami’s head and lifts him up from under the shoulders. Sami swats him away and starts throwing forearms at Marty in desperation. The attack flurry is enough to knock Marty off his game a bit. Sami throws Marty against the ropes and as he comes running back at him, Zayn hoists him up, spins nearly three times and slams Marty to the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb! He goes for the pin. 1… 2… KICK OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Almost got him! Sayn isn’t done yet!

Sami grabs his face in desperation and starts to argue with Rick Knox. Both men starts to pull themselves up. But since this was the first power move Sami hit, Marty isn’t too bad off. He beats Sami to his feet and immediately clips Zayn off at the knees with a low drop kick. He then backs up and kicks Sami right in the side of the head. Sami flops to the mat as Scurll scrambles over to cover him. Rick Knox counts 1..2.. KICK OUT! SAMI BARELY GETS HIS ARM UP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Limitless Champ is provin’ why he won that title at Card Subject to Change. He just doesn’t give up!

Sami and Marty both get to their feet. They start exchanging knife edge chops across the chest. This devolves into a flurry of fists. Sami gains the upper hand as he kicks Marty in the gut and executes a picture perfect snap suplex. Sensing an opening, Sami scrambles to the corner to climb to the top rope for a high risk maneuver. Just as that’s happening. WALTER climbs onto the opposite apron. The referee is distracted just long enough for Paul Robinson to climb up on the apron next to Sami and hit him with a super kick! Sami slouches forward but doesn’t fall off the top rope. Scurll senses an opportunity. He grabs underneath Sami’s armpits, hoists him up on his shoulder and plants him in the center of the ring with the BIRD OF PREY!

[ Scott Steiner ] The villain strikes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Come on! That’s just not fair.

Rick Knox turns around and sees Scurll rolling up Sami into a tight pin. He drops to the mat. ONE.. TWO.. THREE!

WINNER - Marty Scurll via Pin Fall in 16:59

The fans boo loudly as Scurll rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp with a huge smile on his face. WALTER and Robinson join Scurll and stand on either side of him as he stops on the stage and raises his arms in victory. Inside the ring, a battered Gregory Helms rolls under the bottom rope with the Limitless Championship tucked under his arm. He checks on Sami in the middle of the ring as we cut to the back.

With a towel draped over his shoulders, Zack Sabre, Jr. chugs a bottle of water. He’s exhausted from his match against Matt Riddle, but seems to have something on his mind. After finishing the last sip, he drops the bottle on the floor and dabs his forehead with the towel.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Pure shit, isn’t it?

That’s one way to start.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Helluva start to my career here. Came up short in the Gold Rush match two weeks ago, came up short tonight. If someone came to me and asked what my worst case scenario would be for this company, this right here would be the exact description.

The sounds of an acoustic guitar begin overtaking Sabre’s words but he tries pressing on.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Let it be known right now, this isn’t the norm. ZSJ isn’t here to be a stepping stone for others.

The tune grows louder, distracting Sabre completely.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Fuckin’ hell.

Elias is seen strumming on his guitar, minding his own business completely. ZSJ walks up to him and slaps the guitar pick out of his hand.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Can’t you see I’m ova’ here talkin’, dickhead?

Elias pays him no mind, continuing to pick the strings with his fingers.

[ Elias ] This guy is angry because he cannot win
It’s not because of favoritism or bias
It’s simply because he
..Is not Elias.

Sabre knocks the guitar out of Elias’ hands, causing it to tumble to the ground. Before Elias can bend down to pick it up, ZSJ stomps right in the middle of it, breaking it. Elias shakes his head at the sight.

[ Elias ] I wish people would quit breaking my guitars.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] And I really wish people would quit tryin’ to interrupt me.

[ Elias ] Friend, do you know who you’re messing with?

Elias and ZSJ are now nose-to-nose, neither man conceding space to the other man.

[ Elias ] I know you’re not from around these parts, but I’m the man who makes this place run.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] No wonder it’s shit then.

Jimmy Jacobs saunders into the shot with Lacey screaming at him. Jacobs has a guitar around his neck as well and looks so thrilled to see Elias.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Elias! I hope I’m not interrupting, but I’ve been working on being as amazing of a player as you and wanted to run this ballad by you.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Not now, dick head.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] I call this “Jimmy’s Sacrifice.”


Jimmy runs his fingers across the six strings and gives Lacey puppy dog eyes.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] For you, I’d break all the bones in my body
I’d pour blood for you until it became clotty.
Lacey, I’d die to be the final piece to your love collection.
Forget MySpace, add me on Facebook, let’s influence an election..


[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Yeah, mate. Listen to your little lady.

Sabre shakes his head.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Awful.

[ Elias ] Jimmy, can I see that guitar?

Jimmy hands it over without thinking twice. Elias takes it and admires it from top to bottom, even strumming it for a second or two.

[ Elias ] Very nice.

BANG! Elias shatters the guitar over Zack Sabre’s head, sending him to the ground with debris flying everywhere.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] HEY MAN, MY GUITAR!

Jacobs drops to his knees and grabs a handful of guitar pieces as tears swell up in his eyes.

[ Elias ] Get used to it.

Elias walks off without a second thought as Jacobs cries, holding the remains of his shattered guitar. Lacey crosses her arms and rolls her eyes so fast they’d get a speeding ticket on the interstate. The cameras follow Elias walking down the hallway as the scene fades.

"Holiday Hell was the worst night of my life."

A man is seated in a chair with his back to us. Though, from the voice and the familiar Burberry scarf, we know exactly who it is.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Not only was I pinned by that fossil Tim Storm, more importantly, Drew Galloway made a very poor business decision to do what he did to me. I left that show in Chicago on a stretcher.

A brief pause.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Oh, what? You thought that was the end of me? Huh? You think that MJF would vanish into thin ever, never to be seen again? Not even. I've spent the last month plotting and scheming. I've devised a plan for my return.

A monstrous figure steps into view of the camera, stopping right beside the left side of MJF.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Meet Wardlow.

Wardlow is in a matching gray suit that MJF is wearing. His necktie is the same pattern as MJF's scarf.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] So, SGW, I'm coming back at Total Destruction.. And Drew Galloway, you piece of shit, your destruction is coming. You think the chains are gone and you're free? You're nothing without me and you know it.

Wardlow crosses his arms, looking more menacing by the second. MJF still gives us his back.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Drew Galloway, you tried to disfigure my million dollar face and end the career of the fastest rising star in professional wrestling today. So here's what's going to happen, pal. I'm going to come back in two weeks. I'm going to kick ass of whoever is in my way... And then Wardlow and myself, we're going to see if we can have a little reunion with you. But SGW, don't think this is simply about me versus Galloway, because it's not. I'm here for championship gold. I'm here to rub my success in the face of each and every one of you poors.. Because I am MJF.. I am better than you..

MJF leans back in the chair and puts his arms behind his head.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] ...And you know it.


Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Adam Thornstowe and Mance Warner start the match for their respective teams, Tammy Lynn Sytch cheering her boys on from ringside as the two in the ring lock up. Big knee from Warner gives him the advantage, followed with a couple solid right hands. He fires Thornstowe again the ropes, missing the clothesline as Thornstowe manages to duck it... FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Adam Thornstowe connects, immediately taking the big man down to the mat.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wow! Good start for Reno SCUM! Warner down!

Thornstowe wastes no time, driving knees to the side of the head of Warner, eventually being reprimanded by the referee, much to his displeasure. He spends too much time complaining though, Mance Warner is back on his feet... SPINEBUSTER! What an impact! Warner springs to his feet and heads over to his partner, slapping the hand and in comes Cameron Grimes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here we go! Cameron Grimes looking to build on this momentum!

Grimes explodes into the ring, a few quick boots to Thornstowe before dragging him up to his feet... DDT! Grimes covers... ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Adam Thornstowe not done that easily! Grimes stays on him, quickly hooking him for a suplex but he's struggling. Thornstowe battles his way out of it... SUPERKICK! Grimes drops to his knees... ANOTHER SUPERKICK! Thornstowe drops down for pin.. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thornstowe has ta' go for that tag, boys!

[ Scott Steiner ] No fuckin' shit, Sherlock!

Looking worse for wear, Thornstowe slowly gets to his feet to make the tag to his partner and Luster makes it into the ring... Just as Grimes makes the tag! Mance Warner back in and here we go! Warner aims a big boot for the head of Luster, but he manages to duck it... He reaches for the arm, SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Luster hooks the leg... ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Warner gets the shoulder up. Luster wastes no time, whipping Warner into the corner where his tag partner is. He charges... MISSED! Warner moves out the way, Luster springs out of the corner.. DISCUS LARIAT!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus! Warner nearly took his head off wit' that!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Luster didn't even see it coming!

Mance Warner let's out a roar to the crowd, he's feeling it now. He places himself in the corner, begging Luster to get up. The kneepad comes down, we know what he's looking for as he charges towards Luster... MISSED! Luster saw it coming and trips his other leg, Warner going face first into the middle turnbuckle!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck, that must've hurt!

Reno SCUM make the quick tag, double teaming Warner quick, ending with a huge double suplex. Thornstowe continues the punishment with some boots to the back of the head before dragging him back up to his feet, putting him in a sleep hold to try and wear him down even more. Thornstowe squeezes tight, but Warner begins to move forward towards his own corner with his hand held out in front of him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Mance Warner really working those legs!

He battles and battles, Thornstowe trying to hold on and stop him making it. It's so close... TAG!! Cameron Grimes explodes into the ring... CLOTHESLINE! Warner rolls out of the ring, as Grimes comes off the ropes... ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Grimes is on fire! He goes over to his downed opponent who is flat on his stomach right now... DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wowww! The power!

Cameron Grimes is the man on top right now. Thornstowe manages to slide out of the ring and he's quickly followed by Grimes, who grabs the back of his head... OFF THE RINGPOST!! Luster doesn't take too kindly to this and he quickly works his way around.... CROSSBODY OFF THE APRON! Grimes is out on the floor, as Luster turns around... BIG BOOT FROM MANCE WARNER! All four men are now on the outside and this is quickly turning into a brawl, as Warner drags Luster along and throws him straight into the barricade in front of the fans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I knew it was only a matta' o' time before this one got outta' hand!

[ Scott Steiner ] ABOUT TIME!

Warner throws a few right hands to the head of Luster, as Thornstowe and Grimes begin to go at it. Thornstowe gets the better of the exchanges... GRIMES IS THROWN INTO THE STEEL STEPS! His knee connecting on the corner and he flips over them, landing awkwardly on the other side! Warner and Thornstowe are the only two men standing now, and Warner is quick to pounce, attacking Thornstowe before he can even turn around. Some clubbing forearms around the back of the head from Warner, before slamming the head of Thornstowe against the same steps that Grimes just went over. Thornstowe escapes around to the other side of the ring, past Sytch who gives him an earful as he does. Thornstowe gets himself back inside the ring as does Cameron Grimes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Finally, a bit of order has been restored!

Eventually, Warner and Luster make it back onto the apron too. The war rages on, Thornstowe back on top as he connects with a HUGE overhead belly to belly! Grimes landing on the other side of the ring such was the force. He's quick to follow up, but Sytch decides to climb up onto the apron right in front of them both. She's yelling in the direction of Thornstowe, trying to distract him. He eventually has enough of this and steps over to reach out, but Grimes spots it and he charges... THORNSTOWE MOVES!! Grimes takes Sytch out my complete accident, she drops to the floor!! Luster is quick into action as they plan for it... OKIE KILLER!!!! Luster quickly gets up and tackles Warner off the apron as Thornstowe pins... ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEE!!!

WINNERS - Reno SCUM via Pin Fall in 10:34

The fans pop huge! Luster and Thornstowe roll out of the ring and raise their arms in victory as they make their way around the ring and then up the ramp. Tammy Sytch has a meltdown at ringside, even taking off her shoes and throwing them. Inside the ring, Warner crawls inside to check on Grimes as we cut to the back!

We again see Finn Balor. He’s alone this time. With something seemingly on his mind, he addresses the camera, looking completely focused on business.

[ Finn Balor ] Earlier tonight, me an’ the boys got interrupted by fools. Gallows n’ Anderson got jumped by the damn American Wolves as well. Seems to me that people aren’t takin’ to kindly ta’ our presence here in the company.

Balor smiles wide.

[ Finn Balor ] Good. ‘Cos we’re not here to be forgotten. I want my Elevation title shot. If Havoc retains tonight, I want it hand delivered to me as number one contender. If he keeps it or Daniels somehow wins it, I want my shot regardless.


[ Finn Balor ] I will not stand by like that loser Christopher Daniels. I will not be ignored.

[ Marty Scurll ] No, numpty, you won’t be ignored, but you will be forgotten.

Marty Scurll, WALTER, and Paul Robinson enter the scene and surround Finn Balor.

[ Marty Scurll ] Nice li’l promo ya’ did there. Original. Creative. Unpredictable.

Scurll scoffs as he rests his umbrella on his right shoulder.

[ Marty Scurll ] Ya’ know, Finn, you seem ta’ be set up for a big career hea’. You know that? But there’s simply one t'ing that’s in your way.

Scurll, WALTER, and Robinson take a step closer to Balor.

[ Marty Scurll ] Villain Enterprises.

[ Paul Robinson ] Bloody fockin’ nice ta’ meet ‘che.

[ Marty Scurll ] You’ve been all ova’ the show tonight. Helped your boys win a match, got a little segment earlier, and now, you want to cut a promo on your demands, eh? I appreciate your moxy, numpty. Truly. But now it’s my turn to be a li’l honest… My turn to cause a spota’ botha’.

Scurll rips off his sunglasses and looks Balor dead in the eyes. Balor returns the expression and we have a standoff. Balor knows he can’t make any false move due to the rest of Villain Enterprises.

[ Marty Scurll ] You don’t have anyone fooled.

For a guy also making his debut, Scurll is brash.

[ Marty Scurll ] We know you’re real good at runnin’ your mouth and tryin’ ta’ skip the line and go straight to the top. I don’t know how things worked where you came from, but hea’, all roads to the front o’ the line run through… Us.

Scurll chuckles as WALTER remains like a statue and Robinson is like a pit bull on a leash.

[ Marty Scurll ] So if you want ta’ be ‘the’ man ‘round here, ya’ know, to back up the trash you’re talkin’ and help justify that bloody large ego of yours… Tell your boys to lick their wounds and you three meet us at Total Destruction.

Scurll puts his oval-shaped sunglasses back on and walks away, WALTER follows and Paul Robinson remains behind, foaming at the mouth for the chance to tear into Balor. Scurll comes back into view, grabbing Robinson by the arm and dragging him off camera. Balor remains unphased with a look of rage on his face. Will we see Villain Enterprises versus The Club at Total Destruction?!





We fade up backstage where see Barbie Blank watching a monitor with a genuine look of concern on her face. Having just witnessed that Shayna Baszler vignette, same as the rest of us, she seems to have come to the realization that the competition in the SGW Women's Division isn't quite on the level that she's used to. She turns away from the monitor and takes a deep breath.

[ Barbie Blank ] Wow, she looks tough.

Barbie bites her bottom lip.

[ Barbie Blank ] I hope I made the right decision by coming here.

Before she can walk away, we hear a commotion off-camera and she whips around to see what's going on. The camera pans over to reveal Cathy Kelley talking with AZM and Starlight Kid. AZM is throwing a fit, having thrown a trash can. Starlight Kid is panicking, standing between Cathy and AZM. AZM is raging while Cathy just looks disappointed. AZM rattles off at the mouth as the colorful subtitles roll across the screen.

[ AZM ] < You are not being fair, Cathy-san! I am to receive a Limitless title match at the next show, I should be allowed to interfere in the main event and make my statement to the world! I thought you were different but you are just like everyone else, afraid that I will humiliate the mentally handicapped leader of the uninspired faction known as Disrespect U and his opponent, the anemic skeleton man! >

[ Starlight Kid ] < You must save your energy, AZM! You will need all of your strength and skills that you have learned since coming to America to defeat Sami Zayn! >

AZM looks offended, pointing at herself with her thumb.

[ AZM ] < I have learned nothing in America! Maybe you learned something because you came here with no skills to go with your no brains! I have defeated AJ Styles and the bald man who was turned into a bird monster! What have you done, idiot? >

[ Starlight Kid ] < I beat The Rock! >

[ AZM ] < He obviously let you win because he feels bad for you! >

Starlight scratches her chin, looking confused.

[ Starlight Kid ] < No... I don't think so... >

[ Cathy Kelley ] Okay, that's enough! I'm not budging! You don't get to interfere in a match with Jimmy Havoc! And why are we even arguing for Pete's sake? You're like 16! Just cool it, I've gotta do an interview!

Before Cathy can go about doing her job, Barbie Blank approaches the trio with a vacant smile on her face. She looks from AZM to Starlight and back again.

[ Barbie Blank ] I'm sorry, I know it's none of my business but, like... how are you two doing that with the words? You know, like, when you're just saying gibberish but real human words are just appearing out of thin air? That's so dope!

AZM and Starlight stare at her blankly.

[ Barbie Blank ] I mean, I'm not imagining that, right? I'm not crazy, I don't think.

AZM sneers.

[ AZM ] < Ugly grandma. >

And then she looks at Starlight.

[ AZM ] < She is even uglier than you. At least you wear a colorful mask to spare me the pain. >

Starlight's smile stretches ear to ear.

[ Starlight Kid ] < Thank you so much! It is very colorful, indeed! >

Barbie pouts.

[ Barbie Blank ] The pretty, colorful words... they hurt more than you might think.

Cathy stands upright and looks at Barbie with an apologetic look. The SGW Lifetime World Championship is around her waist.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I'm sorry, Barbie. I was actually on my way to see you about your debut match at Total Destruction before these two decided to cause problems. Anyway, I'd like to get your thoughts on your scheduled opponent.

[ Barbie Blank ] Oh, that's no problem! Who am I facing?

[ Cathy Kelley ] You'll be taking on another debuting talent, Hana Kimura!

Before Barbie can answer, we hear another commotion off-camera and the camera pans over to reveal Starlight Kid and AZM are now being harrassed by... the returning Jamie Hayter and Bea Priestley! The fans erupt in boos upon seeing them. Hayter grabs a handful of Starlight's hair and gives it a good yank.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Well, well, well... if it isn't Starlight Cunt.

Priestley bends at the waist, looking AZM in the eyes with a cynical smile.

[ Bea Priestley ] Did ya' miss us, twats?

AZM folds her arms across her chest as Starlight cowers next to her.

[ AZM ] < I should have known you two were here. The scent of raw fish and desperation has been strong all day. >

Bea sees the words and she suddenly looks unamused.

[ Bea Priestley ] You miserable little bitch! How dare you!

Priestley grabs AZM by the face and violently shoves her backward, knocking her down on her ass. Barbie Blank steps forward to get involved but before she can, Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox charge into the shot out of nowhere and get between Lightning Star and Onikage-gun. The fans pop huge. Priestley and Hayter back up, looking pissed off.

[ Jamie Hayter ] You two really need t' learn t' mind ya' own fucking business.

Hayter and Priestley continue backing away until they're almost off-camera.

[ Bea Priestley ] That's twice now ya' fucked wit' us. We owe ya'.

Hayter holds up two middle fingers.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Might could say we owe ya' two.

[ Bea Priestley ] Sleep with one eye open, cunts.

Priestley and Hayter vanish. Dakota and Tegan look at each other and then off in the distance where Hayter and Priestley disappeared.

[ Tegan Nox ] We'll be waitin'.

Dakota helps AZM to her feet and AZM shoves her away as soon as she's on her feet.

[ AZM ] < Wrinkly grandma! >

Dakota looks genuinely offended, eyeing AZM up and down.

[ Dakota Kai ] Rude!

Cathy, embarrassed by AZM's behavior, snatches her up by the arm and guides her off-camear with Starlight Kid following behind in a hurry. Dakota and Tegan watch as Cathy vacates the scene with Lightning Star. Tegan shakes her head, scowling.

[ Tegan Nox ] I vote that's the last time we help those two out of a pinch.

Dakota huffs and folds her arms across her chest.

[ Dakota Kai ] Seconded.

Before we can fade away or escape the scene, Barbie Blank approaches Team Kick from behind, looking genuinely confused.

[ Barbie Blank ] Hey, guys... um... who is Hannah Camaro?

Dakota and Tegan look over their shoulders at Barbie and then at each other before rolling their eyes. We quickly head to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The ringing bell generally signifies a match beginning, but neither Janela nor Nash look to be in any rush to start the contest as Referee Rick Knox signals for both men to begin. Janela’s got a White Claw, open, in either hand with a cigarette in his mouth, still lit from his entrance. Joey takes a super-deep inhale and finishes the cig, spitting the filter over the top rope for Justin Roberts to quickly step on and snuff out.

Meanwhile, Nash is standing and watching Janela with a slight smile on his face, not entirely sure what to make of his opponent. Janela is unintimidated by the seven-foot-tall professional wrestling legend standing opposite him, arguably in far better shape as he approaches 60 years of age than he did approaching 30.


Nash, on the other hand, wrings his wrists and cracks his neck, squatting slightly to test his quad muscles – AND QUICKLY GRABS ONE IN PAIN! The DC crowd roar out in shock and Janela’s eyebrows shoot up – what in the world happened?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO! NOT THE QUAD! Kevin Nash has a long history of quadriceps injuries, fans, and it looks like he’s –

As Knox approaches to check on Nash, Big Sexy stands up and laughs; waving off the concern of the arena and chuckling to himself.

[ Tony Schiavone ] –oh. Oh, of course he’s fine. That Kevin Nash! What an unfair…prank!

Knox frowns and shakes his head back and forth, unimpressed, but Joey Janela laughs, walking up to his opponent and passing him one of the opened White Claws in his hands. Nash raises an eyebrow and shakes the can gently as if to say ‘what even?’ Janela simply nods and crushes his White Claw in a single gulp, drawing a big pop from the Capitol One Arena. Nash shrugs and downs his can, as well – but he doesn’t much care for it!

[ Scott Steiner ] HE DON’T CARE FOR IT!

Nash throws the can at Janela’s face before delivering a big knee to the stomach! With Janela bent over, Nash throws a forearm into his opponent’s spine, sending him down to his knees in the early going!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve heard of ‘No laws when you’re drinkin’ Claws,’ but this is ridiculous!

Nash scoops Janela off the mat and onto his shoulder, refocusing towards the corner and trotting to deliver a Snake Eyes, but Joey is off the back of his opponent and Nash crashes into the buckles himself! Janela is quick, leaping off the bottom rope and kicking Nash in the chin, staggering Big Sexy.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Joey’s got to stay on Nash to limit the experience and size disadvantages!

Janela decides to do the opposite and pulls Nash’s face down to his, reiterating that he’s a “BAAAAAD, BAAAAAAD BOOOYYYYYYYYY!” before charging off, into the other buckle before stepping off and running back – STINGER SPLASH! Janela scores, but Nash isn’t down, only stumbling out of the corner! Joey quickly leaps out of the ring and climbs up to the top rope – and flies! It’s a flying cross body! Nash just steps out of the way!! Janela splats onto the canvas!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, that’ll ruin Joey’s evening plans!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! Smackin’ your cock and balls off the canvas hurts like hell!

Janela is still down as Nash lifts him by the hair and to the side, walking around with his opponent before sitting out, Sidewalk Slamming the Bad Boy! COVER! ONE! TW—NO! Joey Janela forces his shoulder off the mat! Nash isn’t upset in the slightest, and in fact, smiles at Janela, ruffling his hair gingerly. Nash is up, bringing Janela with him and situating him into the corner. Big Sexy squares up Janela – and a big back elbow strike! And another! Nash fires a third, but Janela gets his boots up and kicks Nash in the back! Joey’s running on adrenaline and scores with a superkick to the shin! And another to the stomach!


Joey begins stomping his foot, a la Shawn Michaels, and fires off a Sweet Chin Music!!...


[ Scott Steiner ] NO! DAMMIT, NO!

Nash grimaces, instantly gripping his quad again, only this time, Janela is wagging his tongue about as Knox attends to Nash, now down on one knee.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’m not buying it! No siree, Bob!

Inside the ring, Nash is yelling for anyone who’s listening.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, wow, well, maybe, Nash is actually hurt!

As Janela runs up to Nash and hooks his arms, looking for something, Nash cries for Knox again – and when the referee’s back is turned, he low blows Janela! Joey grabs his crotch as Nash stands slowly, holding his hands to the side as if to say “wow, all better!” before gripping the Bad Boy for the Jackknife Powerbomb!


Nash hoists Janela up, seven-feet-up, and drops him – JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB! Nash kneels, hooks a leg and covers, blinking broadly into the camera as Knox counts ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Kevin Nash via Pin Fall in 6:39

As the bell rings, Nash drops Janela’s leg and smirks, still on his knees. Big Sexy slowly lifts the Too Sweets up above his head and raises an eyebrow.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, that was certainly a strange contest, and yet – I’m surprisingly impressed by both men’s odd strategies. Kevin Nash, “Big Sexy,” though, outsmarted Joey Janela here tonight – he’s got to have turned some heads on the Championship Committee, Scott.

[ Scott Steiner ] DAMN RIGHT! Big Sexy an’ Big Poppa Pump – two ass kickers for all the times, unlikely that squirmy little shit Bryan Danielson! What, with your meatless chicken wings, your natural energy solutions, and your flannel shirts, and your Against Me M3Ps –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s not it.


Nash helps Janela to his feet and gives him a playful pat on the ass before slowly stepping over the top rope and to the floor, slowly stalking to the back and ignoring the outstretched hands of many fans – only pulling a business card from his singlet for a particularly busty woman in the front row as a man beside her immediately grows sour.

[ Scott Steiner ] HEH! CLASSIC NASH! Always tendin’ to the FREAKS – JUST LIKE ME!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yeah, but her boyfriend didn’t look too happy!


From a shot of a pissed Janela, conversing with Penelope Ford on the floor to Nash, raising the Too Sweets again, we fade to the back.

Al Snow and Blue Meanie are talking among themselves and are stopped dead in their tracks. Meanie’s eyes go wide in shock.

[ Blue Meanie ] I can’t believe it! A celebrity!

Al Snow rubs his eyes frantically and then rubs Head’s as well, you know, to ensure that.. It?... can also see.

[ Al Snow ] This is it, Meanie! Our first night in SGW and we’re about to rub elbows with its biggest star!

The camera pans over to reveal The Rock standing next to Nia Jax. The Rock’s in a “Team Bring It” black t-shirt with black track pants. Nia is in her ring gear, looking on with concern.


The Rock snaps his flip phone closed in anger and looks up to notice the Blue Meanie and Al Snow. Meanie cautiously waves at Rock as Snow

[ Al Snow ] Rock, it’s an honor.

[ The Rock ] WHO ARE YOU?!

Meanie rams his elbow in Snow’s side with a giddy smile on his face.

[ Blue Meanie ] He’s going to do it!

[ Al Snow ] My name i-


All of the air is let out of Meanie and Snow’s balloons.

[ Al Snow ] Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting..

[ Blue Meanie ] They say to never meet your idols.

The Rock dials a number on his phone and slaps it back to his ear. His brooding intensity continues as he anxiously awaits the person on the other line to answer.

[ The Rock ] WHERE’S DAD?!

[ Al Snow ] Oh, god..


[ Al Snow ] This.. This is not good..

[ Blue Meanie ] I’m not telling him!

The joyful mood in the room is gone with the awkwardness from The Rock. Snow and Meanie turn around and try walking away from the scene without being noticed.

[ Al Snow ] How has nobody told him yet?

[ Blue Meanie ] I mean, he has a flip phone in 2020. Maybe he doesn’t have the news!

[ Al Snow ] Then explain why his own cool cousin doesn’t know!

The duo takes a few steps and are again stopped in their tracks.. By Killer Kross and Dr. Stevie. Killer Kross looks at the two with disdain as Stevie looks relatively happy to see his old friends.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Al! Meanie! How are you guys?

[ Killer Kross ] Who are these guys?

[ Dr. Stevie ] Once upon a time, before I was cured, these two were my running mates! Such good times we had back then.

Killer Kross is not impressed.

[ Killer Kross ] You made the right decision.

[ Blue Meanie ] I’m not even mad.

[ Al Snow ] Yeah. You’re a doctor now, so…

The Blue Meanie steps forward with his arms out to his sides, attempting a hug. Dr. Stevie stops him before he gets any closer.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Careful.

Dr. Stevie follows up as he places a hand on Kross’ chest to hold him back.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Don’t get too close.

Meanie doesn’t understand.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Killer Kross hates it when you get too close.

Kross remains stoic, as still as a statue. Almost begging for one of them to get closer. Stevie’s tone goes from serious back to joyful.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Well.. It was nice to see you. Enjoy SGW. Not a bad place.

Dr. Stevie and Killer Kross walk away, leaving Blue Meanie and Al Snow left where they’re standing. The scene fades.

In another area backstage, we see Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. They're already in their gear and ready for their match that's scheduled to take place in just a few moments. The fans boo loudly as we catch them in mid-conversation.

[ Peyton Royce ] It's awlmost like Trish knew what was gonna happen tonight!

[ Billie Kay ] I know! The way she just... TRAWTED OUT those brand new, shiny Twinstah Championship belts! It musta' been hahd for 'er to pretend those weren't custom made for these... ICONIC waists!

They both laugh obnoxiously.

[ Peyton Royce ] Tonight, we're gonna put the whole women's tag division on notice when we put a right good beat down on Toni Storm and her embarrassing DUFF!

Billie giggles and covers her mouth.

[ Billie Kay ] You're so bad!

[ Peyton Royce ] She'll be okay! She's a perfect bloody ten in the Tokyo Dome!

They laugh out loud and walk off-camera as the fans boo. The camera pans over to reveal Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai watching from the side. They look utterly disgusted. Dakota huffs.

[ Dakota Kai ] Angry Japanese kids, Bea 'n Jamie are back, and now this.

[ Tegan Nox ] We got a lot o' work t' do, missy.

Dakota shakes her head and we fade out.

A pre-recorded video begins to roll.

We see absolutely nothing, just a mist, a fog... Whatever you'd like to call it. It floats all around the camera, no sign of where we are or even what time of day it is.

"From the beginning of time... Wayward souls have done all they can to avoid the path to... The Undertaker."

The voice is clear, a silhouette can now be seen in the fog.

[ The Undertaker ] But now... They find themselves foolishly heading towards me... Blinded by their own stupidity... Consumed by their need to make themselves a star.

The silhouette gets bigger as he gets closer to the camera.

[ The Undertaker ] The fear that once stood side by side with my name... It's now gone. These souls consider The Undertaker... A prize... A trophy... A name to add to their lists and a story to tell for all of eternity.

We see him stop for a moment.

[ The Undertaker ] These are thoughts... Dreams... That I cannot allow to pass any longer.

Finally, appearing from the smoke, we see The Undertaker. His head is slightly tilted, the hat covering his face and eyes.

[ The Undertaker ] The creatures of the night have awoken their master... Just when I thought that finally I would lay to rest... Just when I thought... My business in this world was over...

A second silhouette is starting to appear in the distance.

[ The Undertaker ] The Undertaker would rise again.

The fog moves in front and behind The Undertaker, as the second silhouette gets ever closer.

[ The Undertaker ] But I... Have not come alone.

A crashing sound in the background, thunder maybe, as the second silhouette is almost upon us.

[ The Undertaker ] There can be no stronger bond... Than the bond... Of a brother.

The silhouette emerges to reveal itself, it's Kane, fully masked. He takes pride of place beside his brother, head also down, he stands completely still.

[ The Undertaker ] Together with Kane... We are an entity which cannot be stopped... The souls of the masses shall be ours, it is only a matter of when.

The head of The Undertaker slowly rises.

[ The Undertaker ] For centuries... I was led to believe my brother was left to burn... I allowed my mind to be poisoned, but now... Now I see clearer than ever... And finally we are reunited.

The head of Kane now rises.

[ The Undertaker ] Solid Gold Wrestling... No one is safe. I cannot rest until I have claimed enough souls... The souls of the corrupt... The souls of the broken... You shall be consumed into the darkness...

He motions with his left arm.

[ The Undertaker ] And thrown... Into the fire. There... You will be left to burn... For all... Eternity.

His eyes flick into the back of his head.

[ The Undertaker ] When judgment day falls upon Solid Gold Wrestling...

Kane begins to raise his arms.

[ The Undertaker ] You will all...

The Undertaker's eyes are fully into his head now.

[ The Undertaker ] Rest... In... Peace.

Kane throws his arms down, as flames shoot from behind them, lighting up the fog for a brief moment as the video feed goes to static.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

As the match starts, the fans are all over the IIconics, booing them relentlessly as they've spent so much time jawing back and forth with each other and stalling, doing anything they can to avoid actually starting the match. Tenille Dashwood stands at ringside, watching intently, ready to see this contest jump off. Billie and Peyton argue about who will start the match before Peyton finally wins out, causing Billie to huff and look annoyed that she's being forced to start. On the other side of the ring, Jordynne Grace and Toni Storm play rock, paper, scissors... which Toni Storm wins because that's what Toni Storm does, meaning Grace must excuse herself to the apron.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is sure to be an exciting match, gentlemen! Toni Storm is gonna be looking to make a statement tonight after earning a shot at the SGW Women's World Championship at Card Subject to Change! However, that doesn't change the fact that Billie Kay and Peyton Royce will also be looking to make a statement in their much-hyped debut!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It would go a long way to earn a victory over the number one contender to the SGW Women's Championship in their first match!

[ Scott Steiner ] First match, last match, ain't nobody gives a shit about all that! There's only one thing goin' on in that ring right now that matters and that's the fact that two o' those broads and the one at ringside have got some FAAAAT ASSES!

Toni Storm and Billie Kay start, circling one another before locking up in the center of the ring. Toni Storm takes over quickly and slaps on a headlock before Billie backs up into the ropes and shoots Toni off! Toni comes back, knocking Billie down with a shoulder block! Billie rolls right back to her feet and Toni hits the ropes... only for Billie to meet her on the turnaround with a running yakuza kick right to the chin! The fans erupt in boos as Billie Kay cackles and Toni falls to her knees!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Right in the face! Oh my!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The educated feet of Billie Kay cannot be denied!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hopefully Toni can recover from such a blow! She'll need plenty of durability when faced with Jinny! We saw what she was capable of at Card Subject to Change!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And she's already drawn Jinny's ire... Jinny and Toni Storm have a history and it's not bloody pretty. When those two finally meet, it won't be a match, it'll be a sodding war!

Billie Kay takes a handful of hair and guides Toni toward her corner, tagging in Peyton Royce who enters the ring confidently. Suddenly, Billie and Toni begin raining down forearm strikes on Toni until she's beaten down onto all fours! The fans boo loudly and Paul Turner begins counting to five, demanding that Billie Kay step onto the apron! She finally does, leaving Peyton to go to work on Toni, pulling her into the center of the ring and going for a snap suplex! Toni hooks Peyton's leg with her own, refusing to go with the hold! Peyton suddenly looks panicked and Toni brings her over with a snap suplex of her own! Peyton sits up, favoring her back, and begins crawling toward Billie Kay as Toni leaps and tags in Jordynne Grace!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] Add that to phrases I neva' thought I'd hear Tony Schiavone say!

Peyton tags Billie, and Billie hits the ring, running right into a clothesline from Grace! Peyton is up and also walks into a clothesline from Grace! Billie is back up and Jordynne lifts her up, drilling her into the mat with a huge bodyslam! Peyton runs up behind her and grabs her around the waist, attempting to lift her up for a German suplex but Jordynne completely no-sells it, looking around like she can't believe Peyton is even TRYING this move! Grace grabs both of Peyton's wrists and drills her ass into Peyton's mid-section, sending her flying backward!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' not gonna get Jordynne Grace like that, ladies!

Tenille is flipping out at ringside, cheering Jordynne on, when Billie Kay comes out of nowhere with SHADES OF KAY! Jordynne ducks the big boot attempt and Toni catches Billie coming in hot with a CAPO KICK! Billie goes down hard and Toni snatches her up off the mat... STRONG ZERO PILEDRIVER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's her move! That's how she beat Lacey Evans!

The fans pop huge... and ALIYAH AND VANESSA BORNE HIT THE RINGSIDE AREA AND MOB TENILLE! They rag doll her hard into the guardrail! Toni doesn't even bother trying to pin Billie Kay, she just gets up and FLIES THROUGH THE ROPES, WIPING OUT THE HIGHERS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Highers are 'ere t' send a message to Jinny's next opponent but Toni Storm just let 'em know, in no uncertain terms... message received, loud and clear!

Paul Turner is doing his best to restore order, leaning through the ropes and demanding that the Highers leave the ringside area! Toni rolls back under the bottom rope. Billie Kay is still down and out. Peyton Royce enters the ring and charges at Toni with a clothesline but Toni ducks it and walks right into... A BELT SHOT FROM JINNY!?!?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO WAY!

Toni goes down in a heap and Peyton Royce turns around to see what happened! She sees Toni laid out and Jinny looming over her. Jinny, clutching the championship, points down at Toni and shouts "PIN "ER, YOU STUPID COW!" and then Jinny just casually leaves the ring! Peyton falls on top of Toni and hooks the leg as Paul Turner turns around! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - The IIconics via Pin Fall in 5:09

The fans erupt in boos as Peyton rolls off Toni and collects Billie Kay. They roll out of the ring, shrieking and celebrating. The camera pans over to reveal Jinny watching from the stage with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder, staring down her nose at the ring with a stoic demeanor.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There she is, gentlemen. The champion, making a statement.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, her friends didn't do a good job of delivering the message, she had to do it herself!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That wasn't the message, Tony. Not by a long shot. Jinny just let Toni know that she sees her. She recognizes her. And she's gonna do anything, whatever it bloody takes... to keep that women's championship!

Tenille and Jordynne check on Toni as she lays in the middle of the ring. The Highers make their way up the ramp and join Jinny, standing on either side of her. Jinny raises the championship over her head, drawing intense heat from the fans.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Toni Storm will challenge for the SGW Women's World Championship at Heartbreaker!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, she will. And I've got a feeling that Jinny is ready. The question is, with everything Toni Storm has going on, with all her extracurricular activities and schmoozing with celebrities, is Toni Storm... ready for Jinny?

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce walk up the ramp, bickering with the fans, as Jordynne and Tenille help Toni to her feet and stand in the ring. Toni is trembling with rage, looking furious as we quickly cut to the back.

We’re backstage in a very popular backstage corridor, filled to the brim with stagehands and various women, united by their relative bustiness, crowded around a table. Once our cameraman pushes through the crowd, we see a beaming Kevin Nash, seated at the table in a sharp color block polo shirt and slacks, victorious over the Bad Boy Joey Janela earlier tonight. The astute cameraman notices huge stacks of cash and multiple dice and playing cards littering the fold-away table. Taking up the other spots at the table are Nunzio, Johnny the Bull, and Chuck Palumbo, who are smiling, but not quite as broadly as “Big Sexy.”

[ Kevin Nash ] Good roll, Chucky, my boy! That one was good for…oh…let’s say three Gs? Aww, buck up, Nunz – you’ll win it back! Hey there, honey, what’s your name?

Nash quickly changes his attention from his fellow gamblers to a nearby woman. She’s a short, blonde, Asian number who is likely to topple over at any moment, and wisely takes a seat on Big Sexy’s lap.

[ Himari ] <giggles> …I’m Himari, Big Sexy…

Nash smirks and turns to Nunzio, nudging him slightly.

[ Kevin Nash ] Did’ja hear that, Nunz? Her name is Mary. <turns back to Himari> That was my mother’s name, you know?

Himari giggles again as Nunzio rolls his eyes.

[ Nunzio ] Ayy! Ayy! Big man! We’s not done here, paysan, let’s roll! I’ve got three Gs to win back…or else Chucky here’s walkin’ta Brooklyn!

Palumbo frowns, turning to Johnny for help, but the Bull has nothing for him, shrugging his shoulders. From the right side of the corridor, a smattering of cheering approaches, intersecting into the crowd at the table – it’s the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy! Nash looks up at the trio and stifles a giggle as Chuck Taylor steps up, slicking down his eyebrows into shape as he looks at Himari.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Hey there, sweetheart. I gotta say… <looks at Nash> …I have a lot of respect for the sort of man you find yourself interested in.

Nash raises his eyebrows and nods, smiling, as Taylor continues, elbowing Trent to pay attention, as this…”ploy(?)”…is clearly something they’ve been discussing.

[ Chuck Taylor ] You may notice my first name has a well-placed ‘H’ in there, and that’s mainly because my momma liked the sound of the word, but also because I ain’t into that cucking lifestyle, so I’m not gonna cock-block Big Kev, but…wellllll…

Chuck steps back and holds his arms out to the side, doing a little twirl and stopping with a blown kiss to Himari, who giggles again.

[ Chuck Taylor ] …if the sound of Applebees appetizers, bourbon, a leather sectional and a pleasantly average-sized human penis is appealing to you, well, sweetheart, you’re in line to find out just why they call Chuckie T. “Smooth!”

[ Trent ] Jesus Christ, dude…

Chuck quickly turns to Trent, face scrunched and desperate.


As the DC crowd laughs, Nash smirks even wider as Himari licks her lips seductively at Chuck before looking back at “Big Sexy” with sad eyes, faced with a decision that is simply too much for her to process at the moment. Nash breaks the tension in her mind by speaking up.

[ Kevin Nash ] You know what? I think I like the cut of your jib, kid. Mary? I think Chuckie here would give you a night you…well…you know, you may forget it, but I can say with certainty it won’t be the WORST night of your life.

[ Trent ] I mean, the jury’s still out…

Chuck doesn’t give a single damn about Trent’s snark and takes Himari’s hand, looking at Nash again with a huge smile.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Big Sexy, I don’t care what anyone says, you’re a suave son of a bitch, man. Have a good evening! Now, what’s your name sweetheart?

[ Himari ] <giggles> I’m Himari, Chuckie!

[ Chuck Taylor ] …let’s just stick with ‘sweetheart.’ I know I’ll remember that one.

Taylor walks off, Himari on his arm, and Trent sort of nods knowingly at Nash as he follows him off screen.

[ Kevin Nash ] Best of luck to you, brother. I really dig that thick headband, definitely nothing suspect under there…hey, wait…I’ve heard of you.

Nash stands up and holds his hand out, stopping Orange Cassidy from following his friends. Cassidy’s face is washed over with a lack of concern. Nash waves his hand in front of his face and stifles another laugh.

[ Kevin Nash ] Orange Cassidy…I hear you’re the sickest bastard on this whole roster. Some of the stuff you’ve done with the ladies is…well, not legendary, cause I’m standing right here, but I mean…certainly…creative. I have to ask…is it true that you…

Nash leans down, whispering in Cassidy’s ear.

[ Kevin Nash ] And all while keepin your hands in your pockets?!

Cassidy very slowly lifts a hand and displays the most half-assed thumbs up of all time. The crowd roars and Nash nods approvingly, but OC is in his own world.

[ Kevin Nash ] My kinda guy.

Trent runs back onto the scene and pulls Cassidy off.

[ Trent ] Come on, dude, Chuck’s already got his tights off and we’re not to Applebees yet. Looks like it may be a quick night for ‘Sweetheart,’ and we’ve still got to talk Tag Team Titles.

As OC and Trent leave the scene, they’re quickly replaced by Southern Hospitality and Tammy Sytch, who are still in a state of disrepair from their slugfest earlier in the evening.

[ Tammy Sytch ] UMM, absolutely not?! If there’s ANY team in Solid Gold Wrestling that’s nothing but gold, it’s without question –

[ Kevin Nash ] My face and your bongos.

Nash smirks, nodding at Sytch’s chest. She is appalled, and perhaps slightly interested, but shakes it off and carries on.

[ Tammy Sytch ] SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! They’ve done NOTHING but impress since they burst onto the scene in SGW, and we’re DUE for a championship match!

[ Kevin Nash ] Sure, sure. I mean, look at’em, this guys’ clearly all together…

Nash holds a hand up to Mance Warner, who’s staring ahead vacantly, before moving it over to Cameron Grimes, who’s snarling despite holding his ribs.

[ Kevin Nash ] …and…aren’t you a charmer? Anyway, Tam, Shawn’s filled me in on all the dirty deets of your game, and I mean, speaking of bursting onto scenes, <Nash gestures back to her chest> it’s clear to everyone here that you’re still racked out of your brains, right?

Chuck Palumbo hoots and Nunzio nods, sort of against his own wishes.

[ Kevin Nash ] <leans in> …I’m not even gonna ask you to cover your face, even though I saw ‘Sunny Side Up,’ either, Tam. There’s really no going back after that, is there?

Sytch is seething, but Nash raises his hands to defuse the situation.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hey. Probably not a good idea, anyways, huh? Like I said, I saw your…erm…’film,’ and I’m concerned you wouldn’t be able to handle Big Sexy after seeing what those boys were workin’ with down below…

Tammy snarls and quickly shuffles Southern Hospitality off screen, swearing inaudibly as Nash holds his hands out, about a foot apart, takes his seat again and picks up the dice, shaking them in his hands.

[ Kevin Nash ] Anyway, where were we, Nunz? <humming to himself> …I know you want meeeee…Oh! Hey, there, champ! I didn’t know we were letting kids wander around backstage. You want an autograph or something? Selfie? A TikTok?

The camera pans from Nash’s bemused expression to Johnny Gargano, who is walking through the corridor and stopped, not nearly as impressed with Big Sexy’s barbs.

[ Johnny Gargano ] That’s mature, Kevin. You’d think after hitting your 70th birthday you’d have learned a little tact.

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh, but I have, young man! One tact I’ve learned is how to win a wrestling match here in SGW. Tell me, son, how many have you won?

Chuck Palumbo speaks up, lifting a finger into the air.

[ Chuck Palumbo ] None!

Nash smirks and nods.

[ Kevin Nash ] Very good, Chuck! Geez, there’s a lot of Chucks around here. Chuckie T, Chuck Palumbo, Chuck Roast here who gets cooked every match he’s in...

Nash jerks his thumb at Gargano, who is still frowning.

[ Kevin Nash ] Not that I’ve watched them to know, I mean. You know, I generally only watch guys that have drawn anything in their lives. Guys who have done things…attracted people to the seats out there. OH! And stood taller than six feet tall, that’s an important one. It’s a big list of boxes, but generally I expect my ‘rasslers’ to tick them all, kiddo.

Nunzio smirks, though he’s every bit of 5’7”. Nash nods skeptically at him before turning his attention back to Gargano, who’s unafraid and stepped up to the table to get closer to Nash.

[ Johnny Gargano ] I could stand here and listen to your fourth-rate Comedy Central late night routine or I could go on being a professional wrestler that people RESPECT. I won’t lie to you, Kevin, I don’t respect you.

Nash is shocked, his mouth falling into a big open O, eyebrows lifted mockingly.

[ Johnny Gargano ] I don’t like what you stand for.

Nash puts his hands on either side of his face, still pantomiming.

[ Johnny Gargano ] …and I’m not a fan of this whole vibe you’ve brought with you to SGW. Newsflash, Kev – it’s not 1997…and you’re not the top of the food chain anymore. So I’d be careful who you try and challenge…

Nash starts shaking his head, faux-frightened, as Gargano steps in closer.

[ Johnny Gargano ] …because it’d be a real shame to see an old man get hurt out there.

Gargano walks off and Nash quivers his lip, watching him go. He notices a brunette watching him and waves her over, pointing at his lap. She sits as he shakes the dice again.

[ Kevin Nash ] They just let ANYONE back here…Nunzio, I trust this isn’t the usual riff-raff in your hallway casinos?!

Nunzio shakes his head, laughing, as Nash holds the dice in his open hand to the brunette’s mouth.

[ Kevin Nash ] Blow.

The woman does as she’s told, seductively blowing on the dice for good luck as Nash lifts an eyebrow and snorts another laugh.

[ Kevin Nash ] …not what I meant, but it’s a start.

Nash shoots the dice as we fade away.

"I am a queen...
and I will do what queens do.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

The Elevation Championship does not have a long history in the grand tapestry of Solid Gold Wrestling, but in its limited existence, it has provided four contests of great entertainment to SGW audiences – and tonight’s main event may well be the one with the biggest stakes.

Jimmy Havoc runs directly into Daniels as the bell rings, startling the Fallen Angel with a body attack and punching recklessly – throwing both fists overhead and down into Daniels’ sternum and head with uncontrolled fury!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Havoc…the bloody miscreant…getting the upperhand with his savage attacks here, but he would be a fool – A FOOL – to underestimate Christopher Daniels. Even with all his rubbish about being disrespected, Daniels has long been one of the most talented professional wrestlers in the game. He’s got an opportunity to silence Jimmy Havoc here and now – and I for one, can’t wait to see him do just that!

Daniels manages to force a bit of separation between he and Havoc, but the Elevation Champion is on him again, running and double stomping across his shoulders before throwing his arms out wide, nearly knocking Aubrey Edwards down in the process!

[ Scott Steiner ] This little Eddie Munster shit better be careful or he’ll get disqualified for poppin’ the ref broad!

Havoc lifts Daniels and picks him up – slamming him to the mat stiffly! An evil laugh escapes Havoc’s mouth as he picks up the Fallen Angel again, this time by the ears, lifting his opponent to slam him again – but Daniels slides off his shoulder! RIGHT HAND! ANOTHER! AND A LEFT! A BODY BLOW! UPPERCUT! Havoc goes flying! Where the hell did Daniels pull that from?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] BEAUTIFUL combination from Christopher Daniels!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Keep on’em…

Daniels does just that and lifts Havoc, sending him off the ropes and scoring with a powerslam before leaping up, throwing his legs over the top rope and tumbling backwards with a picture-perfect Arabian press! ONE! TW—NO! Havoc kicks out! Daniels snaps his fingers and goes back on the offensive, lifting the champion by his head – but Havoc thumbs him in the eyes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OY! What the hell is that?!

Edwards quickly admonishes Havoc for the illegal maneuver, but Jimmy is already on Daniels with a running senton, driving the air from his opponent’s lungs. Havoc does his best Jerry Lawler and PLANTS Daniels with a big piledriver, drawing his own two count! Havoc is a bit pissed with Edwards, who defends her counting cadence, before returning to Daniels, who throws a punch to the champion’s stomach – but Havoc encourages another! Daniels throws it, but Jimmy hooks the arm and lifts – GO HOME DRIVER! NASTY! A COVER! ONE! TWO! NO!!! Daniels kicks out again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s one of Havoc’s strongest attacks, what heart Christopher Daniels is showing here!

Havoc is a little pissier and gets in Edwards’ face again, but she isn’t taking any of his shit and shoves him back – right into a Daniels school boy!!




But Daniels is still on him! The Fallen Angel drops down and trips the charging Havoc, popping up himself and stepping over Havoc, who attempts the same strategy! – Off the ropes, Havoc’s up, looking for the back body drop! – Daniels swings his leg forward with a big kick to the chest – annnnnnd STO!! HUGE POP FROM THE CROWD AS DANIELS HOOKS THE LEGS! ONE! TWO! NO!!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY! OH MY! I THOUGHT IT WAS OVER!

[ Scott Steiner ] Damn, this annoying sunnavabitch wants this win!

The crowd chanting “LET’S GO DANIELS” is only encouraging the Fallen Angel, who points at the turnbuckle with a big smile on his face before running in! Havoc is doing his best to push up off the mat, but the Fallen Angel could care less! Even with his opponent struggling up to his elbows, Daniels leaps twice, springboarding, and soars!


AND HE GETS ALL OF IT! Havoc’s body, a flattened balloon; his face, a pained ‘O’; his legs, both hooked by Daniels! Edwards counts! ONE! TWO! NO!!! NO! The Elevation Champion kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOW! I’ll be, fans, I thought that was three! After the STO, that beautiful moonsault!

Daniels slaps the mat, frustrated, but lifts Havoc and shoots him off the ropes – CLOTHESLINE! Havoc pops up and throws his own, but Daniels ducks! – ATOMIC DROP! Havoc is holding his sore ballsackial region and Daniels quickly pops him with a Northern Lights Suplex! No cover – Daniels rolls over and maintains control – suplex position! AND DANIELS RUNS! GOURDBUSTER! The Fallen Angel lifts Havoc and pumps his fists excitedly, his opponent worn and weakened and the crowd firmly on his side!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] STAY ON HIM, DANIELS! THIS IS IT!

Daniels charges, looking for the leg lariat – but Havoc dodges it! – And Aubrey Edwards takes the brunt of the blow! The Senior Official is down, and she looks like she’s certainly out of it, too! Havoc senses his time to strike and darts in with a lariat, but Daniels hooks the arm and spins through – he’s got the head! – LAST RITES! LAST RITES! Havoc is down!!

The Fallen Angel begins checking on Edwards, doing his best to restore her to her faculties – but “Unscripted Violence” hits and the Capitol loses its mind!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH MY!

With Jon Moxley’s theme blaring across the speakers, Daniels’ eyes go wide as he quickly snaps his attention to the entranceway, looking for any sign of the Death Rider – BUT MOX IS BEHIND HIM!

[ Scott Steiner ] BEHIND YOU, MR. CLEAN!

Moxley snarkily mocks Daniels’ pose before tapping him on the shoulder! Daniels spins around, but Moxley kicks him in the gut! Hooks the head and arms – PARADIGM SHIFT! Daniels takes it right to the head! Moxley blows a huge wad of snot from his nose at Daniels and rolls from the ring, sitting on the barricade proudly as Havoc looks up, stunned, but slowly grimaces as he realizes he must pounce!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Oh no!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dammit, NO! NOT LIKE THIS!

Havoc army crawls to Daniels and hooks both legs, a deep, deep cover with both hands clasped shut and shaking his head all the way as Edwards feebly slaps the mat – ONE!



WINNER & STILL CHAMPION - Jimmy Havoc via Pin Fall in 14:51

As the bell rings and Havoc slumps to the canvas beside Daniels, the pain and stress on his face are slowly re-written with elation and pride. A smile creeping across his lips and his eyes closing blissfully, it is clear that Jimmy Havoc is on cloud nine.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! This may be the Darkest Day in the History of Our Sport. My word, fans, Jimmy Havoc…has done it.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No, no, Tony, no – Jon Moxley has done it. Moxley’s revenge against Christopher Daniels, noble as it is, was the final, unexpected hurdle that the Fallen Angel had to leap over and yet – he tripped and fell – it is, though, the ABSOLUTE fault of Jon Moxley…and now…

Havoc sits up, eyes still closed and mouth still agape with joy, hands outstretched to the heavens.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …I suppose this is a reality we’ve got to deal with.

Still reaching out his hands blindly in celebration, Havoc receives the Elevation Championship belt from Edwards, who immediately turns her attention back to Daniels, who, in turn, is being pulled recklessly from the ring by Moxley!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They’re not done! They’re not close to done here, guys!

Moxley gets Daniels to the floor and begins pounding his ear repeatedly with heavy fists, the Fallen Angel doing all he can to even cover up! With the Death Rider continually slugging him and his defenses wearing, Daniels does the only thing he can to turn the tides and pops Moxley in the crotch! Now strangling Moxley, Daniels is giving all of his effort to rip the life from his body, just as Mox ripped his championship opportunity from him!

As Moxley regains his bearings, he swings another stiff fist into Daniels’ ribs, connecting and stunning the Fallen Angel as the pair reach the center of the ramp, still fighting as they make it further away from the ring.

[ Scott Steiner ] THEY AIN’T STOPPIN’!

Finally, with a pull of hair and a vicious headbutt, Jon Moxley and Christopher Daniels vanish through the curtain, Edwards and a host of ringside officials joining on their heels to break up the brawl. Back inside the ring, however, Jimmy Havoc finally opens his eyes, still smiling, looking deeply at his own reflection in the bright gold front plate of the Solid Gold Wrestling Elevation Championship. He nods and looks up at Justin Roberts, saying something inaudible and eventually, receiving the microphone and speaking softly.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I’ont want you miserable cunts in the truck to cut away for a single second’a this…

Finally, Jimmy opens his eyes and looks around the Capitol One Arena. There are certainly those supporting him amidst the 20,000+ strong, but a vast majority are booing – not that Havoc cares; his smile is massive and infectious, bubbling from his lips into his every waking word, even the jeers to the camera crew.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] As a matter of fact, I don’t want you all to miss a single word I say. Y’see here…this is a special day on the calendar…

[ Tony Schiavone ] Of course it is! It’s SGW Infiltration, live from the Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C.!

[ Jimmy Havoc ] …and I’m not talkin’ about the bloody show, either.

[ Tony Schiavone ] <dejected> Oh.

Havoc breathes in deeply and lifts the Elevation Championship slowly.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Because today? I’ve made history! I’ve defended this Elevation Title three times! And you all should know what this means, right? It means…

Havoc throws the championship to the canvas, his sick grin growing wider with every added boo, a loud droning and a broad smile that each only grows by the moment.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] …that I’m gunna get to skin Adam Cole alive!

The DC fans aren’t very happy to hear this rather disgusting threat, but Havoc is still beaming. The King of the Deathmatch presses up to his feet and holds the belt up high in the air.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] That’s right! Y’see, now that I’ve made history…I’ve defended this Elevation Championship three times…I won against th’idiot Cabana, I survived the bloody deathmatch, and I beat the Fallen Angel! So Adam Cole! Listen…and remember this moment…

Havoc lays the belt down across the mat, drawing a line in the sand metaphorically as the DC fans roar out in excitement.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I PLAYED BY YOUR STUPID FUCKIN’ RULES, SGW! I DID IT YOUR WAY – AND NOW? Now…now? Adam Cole’s blood…is on YOUR hands.

Havoc steps emphatically, stopping to press his foot right on the Elevation Championship!

[ Jimmy Havoc ] …though…soon, I s’ppose it’ll be on mine…won’t it?

With a mighty laugh and a mic flip, Havoc rolls to the floor through the ropes, leaving the Elevation Championship belt behind him literally and figuratively as “I Hope You Suffer” blares over the speakers.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow…fans, strong words from Jimmy Havoc, the Elevation Champi—well, no, no, I guess he isn’t the Elevation Champion, is he? He’s the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He may just be, but dammit, Adam Cole is NOT an easy target – ASK RANDY ORTON! ASK DUSTIN RHODES! ASK BRYAN BLOODY DANIELSON!

[ Scott Steiner ] I AIN’T ASKIN’IM SHIT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If Jimmy Havoc thinks he’ll be able to walk up and just take the bloody title from Adam Cole, he’s got a whole’notha thing comin’, sunshine!

Havoc pauses and grins at the DC audience a final time, spreading his arms as the chorus rings out; a final shot from the opposite side of the ring showing the Elevation Championship down on the mat of the ring and Havoc atop the ramp – and we fade to the back!

Cutting from the ring, we see Daniels and Moxley continuing to brawl in the backstage area! Now at the Gorilla Position, we see the two men trading right hands, tumbling over a nearby table, knocking down a production assistant in the process! Moxley punches away on Daniels on the ground. Daniels pushes him off and gets back to his feet. Living no time to recover, Moxley grabs a mop and snaps it over the back of Daniels and tosses him into a row of production trunks as the crew starts trying to pack up for the night! As Moxley approaches Daniels, Danielson rakes him across the eyes and hits a suplex on the floor! Giving Moxley three boots to the gut on the ground, Daniels gaps for air and tries to create separation but Moxley gets up and dives on top of Daniels as both men land hard on the concrete floor! Mox hits three punches and picks Daniels up off the floor. Daniels is begging for mercy at this point, but Moxley doesn’t seem to be interested.

[ Jon Moxley ] We ain’t finished yet!

Daniels sees an opening.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You’re right...

In a last-ditch effort, Moxley gets kicked low by Daniels and then gets a trash can dumped over his head! With trash and discarded food landing on the ground in a disgusting pile, Daniels grabs a chair and swings as hard as he can, folding the can in half over Moxley’s skull! Moxley drops to the ground with the can creating a loud thud upon impact. Daniels gasps for air, wishing for all of this to end after that desperation move. Daniels climbs on top of a table and dives, landing on top of Moxley with a big splash! Back up to his feet, Daniels is now covered in some of the filth from the trash can. In the worst timing ever, he comes up with a witty comment and exclaims with exhausted breath.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Guess it’s time for me to.. TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

Knowing he needs to take advantage of the opening, Daniels grabs Moxley off the ground and slings him through the exit doors to the outside. He brushes his shoulders off, satisfied with his job for a few seconds until Moxley grabs him and brings him outside with him! The brawling continues in the parking lot, with Moxley wildly punching and kicking every spot on Daniels he can connect with! Moxley grabs Daniels and body slams him on the pavement! Writhing in pain, Daniels pleads with Moxley, who is nowhere near finished.

[ Christopher Daniels ] PLEASE, GOD!

[ Jon Moxley ] Disrespect U? Nah. Startin’ to think it’s more like Pussy U. Get up!

Daniels gets to his feet, still holding his back the best he can. Moxley grabs him.. He’s going to attempt a Paradigm Shift on the pavement! No! LUKE HARPER AND CHRIS DICKINSON BREAK IT UP! Taking over, the other members of Disrespect U are here and they save Daniels from a horrible demise. The numbers game is too much for Moxley, who fights as valiantly as he can before succumbing. Dickinson begins choking Moxley with the drawstrings from his tights, wrapping it tightly around his next. With Moxley’s face going blood red, Harper steps in, taking control of Moxley with a wild expression on his face.

[ Luke Harper ] It’s time to get Sadistic.

Dramatic pause.

[ Luke Harper ] REALLY damn sadistic!

[ Chris Dickinson ] Dammit, Mox, all you had to do was show us a little respect!

Harper lifts Moxley high into the air for a powerbomb, but Paul London and Matt Riddle come to the rescue! London dives off a car and cross-body blocks Dickinson as Riddle kicks Harper in the balls! Harper drops to the ground with Moxley landing hard right beside him. London and Riddle continue the defense, sending the two men running off grabbing Daniels on their way to safety. With the coast clear, Riddle checks on Moxley.

[ Jon Moxley ] You should’ve let ‘em do their worst.

Riddle shakes it off with a concerned look on his face.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, you good?

[ Paul London ] Those guys are bad news.

London extends his hand for Mox, who slaps it away and gets up on his own.

[ Jon Moxley ] I don’t need your damn help. I don’t need anyone’s help. Got me?

[ Matt Riddle ] C’mon bro. We’re just trying to help.

Moxley shoves Riddle away and limps off on his own.

[ Paul London ] Dude, you wanna' hang out?

Moxley pie-faces London to the ground and continues limping off, doing his best to dust himself off from the scuffle. London is helped up by Riddle and looks completely bummed out.

[ Paul London ] No good deed goes unpunished.

[ Matt Riddle ] ..Guess not, bro.

Riddle slides his feet back inside his black flip flops and puts his flat bill cap back on his head as London surveys the scene, making sure the coast is clear from any of the Disrespect U members coming back for more. Jon Moxley was saved from a powerbomb in the parking lot and showed no appreciation for Riddle or London.

We quickly cut to another area backstage where we see Kris Statlander and Candy Floss leaving the arena in street clothes. The fans pop huge upon seeing them, still amped for them after seeing them help fight off Dr. Cube's Army earlier in the night. As they exit the building, the camera pans over to reveal a hooded figure watching from the shadows... the same one who was watching Kris Statlander at Holiday Hell. The camera zooms in, closer and closer to the hooded figure but we can't see a face. We hear an obviously distorted voice emanate from somewhere in the folds of the black cloak.

[ Hooded Man ] Her power... it will be mine.

Dramatic pause.

[ Hooded Man ] Oh yes... it will be mine.

The camera zooms in even further, over the hooded figure's shoulder... behind him... and we see... THE ROCK! The fans don't know what to think as The Rock stands there, staring straight ahead. The Rock shows no signs at all of his match earlier in the night, completely unbothered. The Rock snorts and raises his eyebrow.

[ The Rock ] The Rock says... just give The Rock the word... and that power will belong...

The Rock cuts his eyes toward the back of the hooded figure's head and utters his name.

[ The Rock ] ...to the Supreme Being.

The fans groan, having no idea what to think about this... but before we can think too much about it, we fade to black.

" Ohhhhh… It's good to be back BAY-BAY!"

A video feed opens up, and we're met with the sight of Chris Jericho, bottle of bubbly in his hand, Jake Hager standing behind him.

" The Ayatollah... The Painmaker… The Greatest... Of ALLLLLL TIME..."

Jericho takes a swig from the bottle, Hager poker faced behind him.

" That's right, jerk-offs... Your eyes do not deceive you. I am standing before you, bubbly in hand, telling you all that Solid Gold Wrestling... IS..."

He spreads his arms wide, head tilted upwards.

"... JERICHO! "

He snaps his head back down, eyes fully fixed on the camera.

" And in two weeks time... Not only will I be there, big Jake Hager by my side..."

He wiggles his finger in front of the camera.

" No."

Another huge swig from his bottle of bubbly.

" I'll be bringing a few bottles of... THE BUBBLY... And baby, whoever stands in my way... You better prepare..."

The camera zooms in on his eyes and his tone now very serious.

" Prepare... For TOTAL... DESTRUCTION! "

The fans are still buzzing with excitement as we return to the ringside area. The gray ring mat has been changed out in the few minutes since we last saw it, replaced by a clean black spread. Already in the ring, we see Edge, Christian Cage, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Val Venis, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr., the SGW Championship Committee. All of them are in suits or polo shirts and slacks. There's a sense of unease as they stand there amongst one another, some of the chatting with the man next to them and other shuffling anxiously.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, is this what I think it is?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'd be hard pressed to disagree, Tony. It was two weeks ago that Jeff Jarrett was prepared t' reveal the identity of the corrupt memba' of the Championship Committee... before he was unceremoniously interrupted by the event's host, Maria Kanellis!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He promised on the last edition of the Gold Mine that we would find out tonight! Oh my goodness, I don't think I'm ready for this!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, I'm tired o' waitin'! Let's find out who this no good fuckin' scumbag is!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think most everyone just wants t' know WHY this has been happening!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You're right! Since the very first event, this person has been on the take, influencing change across multiple divisions! All of these men were hand picked by Jeff Jarrett to serve as honorable members of the Championship Committee and one of them has grievously taken advantage of that privilege! For personal gain, no less!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's got t' be more to it than that, Tony! Look at the men standing in that ring! Just looking, identify a single bad apple in the bunch! Ya' bloody can't!

[ Scott Steiner ] I bet it's Ric Flair! That banana nosed bastard's got NO honor! And you fuckin' KNOW he's broke! I heard he pawned his SGW Hall o' Fame ring! That mother fucker ain't no good! I ain't never liked 'im! HE'S BROKE!

"My World" hits and the fans cheer loudly. Jeff Jarrett emerges from the back in slacks and a polo with a gold guitar over his shoulder, the SGW logo emblazoned across the back of it. Jarrett stands on the stage for a moment, looking out at the fans before nodding, satisfied. He begins making his way down to the ring with purpose in his step.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That is the face of a man on a mission!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I've got goosebumps!

Jarrett climbs the steps and then walks across the apron, keeping his eyes locked on the men in the ring. Every single one of them stares right back, their eyes never leaving the five-time former champion. Jarrett steps through the ropes and walks to the opposite side of the ring, shouting "gimme a mic!" at Justin Roberts, who promptly hands him one. With the guitar still over his shoulder, Jeff Jarrett walks to the center of the ring, facing away from the Committee, and raises the microphone, beginning to speak as a hush falls over the audience.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm sure all ya'll know why I called this little meetin' tonight.

The members of the Championship Committee look at one another, some of them nodding solemnly. Jarrett looks out at the fans, the look on his face telling them everything they need to know. This is not a happy man. Not by a long shot.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I called this meetin'... 'cause we got a rat in our midst.

He slowly turns to face the Committee, eyeing them intently.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And I aim t' sniff 'em out, right here and right now.

The fans begin buzzing with anticipation.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, I know ya'll are probably wonderin'... why I'm so hard up to solve this little mystery and I'll tell ya' what right now. I got reason t' believe that whichever one o' ya'll is on the take... probably knows a little somethin' about who gave me that lick upside my noggin at SGW Revenge.

The fans are suddenly unsettled, not realizing these two things could be connected.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Course, they ain't nothin' obvious that connects the money grubber and the son of a bitch that tried t' put me down like a dog in the street... but when I laid them two mysteries down side by side... well, let's just say a lot of stuff started t' make sense.

Jarrett takes a few steps down the line of Committee members.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] All I had to figure out was who had somethin' t' gain... and who's got the biggest bone t' pick with ol' Double J.

Jarrett stops in front of Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and looks him up and down. Chavo raises his eyebrow, eyeing Jarrett right back, a nervous look on his face. Jarrett stares awkwardly at him until maybe... just maybe, we start to believe Chavo was capable of doing such a thing.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Chavo... way I see it, you 'n me ain't never had a cross word 'tween us... and outta everybody standin' here, you probably been gettin' the worst of it since we kicked those doors down all over again a few months ago.

Chavo scratches his chin and offers a slight shrug.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That big spooky bastard, Bray Wyatt... he stole the most important thing t' you in the whole world. You got the power in your hands to book that man in any kinda' match you want 'n try to take it back... but you ain't. You've booked that man fair 'n square. I reckon that tells me all I need t' know.

Chavo looks thoughtful and nods.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're excused.

Chavo shakes Jarrett's hand and exits the ring, walking up the ramp and disappearing behind the curtain. Jarrett turns to Bret Hart. Hart stares right back into Jarrett's eyes, showing no sign of intimidation at all.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hitman...

The fans begin cheering, showing their love for the first SGW World Heavyweight Champion.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're one o' the most straight forward guys t' ever step through that curtain. You ain't never had a problem with nobody in SGW that you ain't stepped right up 'n told 'em right t' their face. Add t' that, ya' retired on top with no regrets... you're excused.

Hart nods and pats Jarrett on the shoulder before walking past him and exiting the ring, slapping hands with fans all the way to the back. Jarrett walks past Steamboat, eyeing him intently before stopping in front of Val Venis. Venis tilts his head, cracking his neck. Venis and Jarrett glare at one another. You can cut the tension with a knife.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Val... you got every reason in the world t' do what this person has done. From muddyin' the waters on my Championship Committee t' layin' me out upside my head--

Edge steps forward, approaching Jarrett with a concerned look on his face.

[ Edge ] Jeff, Val--

Jarrett snaps his head in Edge's direction, pointing at him aggressively.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't remember askin' you a damn thing, Edge!

Jarrett's finger trembles with intensity. Edge swallows hard and stops.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Back in line!

Edge nods, visibly taken aback by Jarrett's tone... but he gets back in line. Jarrett faces Venis again.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Where was I? Oh yeah... we been on the same side more 'n once, Val... but we been on different sides of the ring even more than that. We've done some terrible things t' one another but... by my count, I done quite a bit more terrible things t' you than you ever did t' me.

Venis nods, looking angry.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We've spilled blood every which way you can imagine.

Jarrett gets right in Venis' face... their noses are almost touching.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell, you probably wanna swing on me right now, don't ya'?

Venis smirks and looks down for a split second before looking back up, meeting Jarrett's gaze.

[ Val Venis ] It crossed my mind.

Jarrett smiles right back and offers a nod.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But I know ya' well enough to know that if you were gonna stab me... you'd do it right in the front... and besides, you weren't even on the Championship Committee at SGW Revenge... so that means it had t' be somebody else that Dario Cueto paid off that night.

Jarrett and Venis shake hands.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I appreciate you pickin' up the slack after I went down.

Venis nods.

[ Val Venis ] Anytime, brother.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're excused.

Without another word, Venis walks past Jarrett and turns to eye the remaining men left behind... Edge, Christian Cage, Ric Flair, and Ricky Steamboat. Venis shakes his head and then exits the ring, walking to the back with purpose in his step before disappearing behind the curtain. Jarrett looks at Edge and Christian, shaking his head before walking past Steamboat and stopping in front of Ric Flair. Flair rubs his hands together anxiously and steps up to Jarrett. Flair places his hands on his hips before letting out a loud "WOOOOO!" which the fans echo from side of the arena to the other. Jarrett smiles, a genuine and warm smile.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Nature Boy... now, you 'n me...

Flair nods, a proud look on his face.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We got history.

Jarrett takes a step back and removes the guitar from his shoulder. He holds it out in one hand, admiring it. Flair looks at the guitar and his smile gets even bigger. Flair points at his head, tapping himself on the temple.

[ Ric Flair ] C'mon... take a shot, big boy.

Jarrett looks at Flair, raising an eyebrow. Jarrett huffs, maintaining that same warm smile.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] As much as I'd love to, for old time's sake... I know you ain't the one that did it, Naitch.

Flair holds his hands out to his sides, almost like it insults him that Jarrett doesn't suspect him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Cause with everything we've put each other through... I'm smart enough t' know... that if it was you that left me layin' that night... I wouldn't have never got up. You're excused.

Flair smiles, nodding, and shakes Jarrett's hand before exiting the ring to a chorus of "WOOOO!"s from the excited fans. Ricky Steamboat, Edge, and Christian remain in the ring. Edge and Christian look at one another and then at Steamboat. Jarrett approaches Steamboat and looks him up and down before shaking his head and stepping up to Edge and Christian. They look at Jarrett with surprised, wide eyes.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, you two knuckleheads.

Edge gestures toward himself with both hands.

[ Edge ] You can't really think we'd--

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We got quite a bit o' history, too, boys.

[ Christian Cage ] Come on, Jeff, seriously?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We spent years takin' everything we could away from each other... world titles, women! Let's not forget, one o' the most memorable moments in SGW history... when ol' Double J returned from the dead at World Warrior... ya'll remember why that happened?

Jarrett eyes Christian, stone cold.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Cause you took my belt, you took my woman, and you killed my ass live on pay-per-view.

Christian smiles nervously.

[ Christian Cage ] To be fair, you "died" like a month later in the hospital and it's not like you really died, is it? I mean, it was all part of your master plan to get the belt off Val Venis, who hadn't even won it yet and now that I'm explaining the whole thing out loud, it makes absolutely zero sense. Seriously, what even was that?!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Don't get cute. You know I never liked that about you.

[ Christian Cage ] I think it's one of my better qualities, honestly.

[ Edge ] Christian, that's enough, baby brother.

Jarrett tilts his head to the side, getting right in Christian's face. Christian looks uneasy.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's a damn good thing I'm not some kinda' dumbass... 'cause if I was, I wouldn't even hesitate t' think it was one o' you jokers... but I know if this whole thing was you two makin' some kinda' power play, ya'll wouldn't be dumb enough t' replace my ass with Val Venis, an even bigger stick in the mud if I ever saw one.

Christian shrugs, nodding.

[ Christian Cage ] That's actually a really good observation.

[ Edge ] Yeah, I'm impressed, Double J.

Jarrett jerks his head in the direction of the entrance way.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get outta' here.

Edge and Christian quickly walk past Jarrett and exit the ring, making their way up the ramp in a hurry. Jarrett is left alone in the ring with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. It dawns on everyone that we have our answer staring us right in the face and the tension becomes even thicker in the air. Jarrett faces Steamboat, a stone cold serious look on his face. Steamboat just stares right back at him, icy and stoic, showing no emotion. Jarrett slowly raises the microphone, standing several feet away.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Why'd ya' do it, Steamer?

Steamboat takes a deep breath and walks to the ropes where Justin Roberts is waiting with another microphone. Steamboat takes the microphone and walks to the center of the ring, approaching Jarrett. There's maybe a foot between them. Steamboat taps the microphone to ensure it's on, the thud reverberating throughout the arena. Steamboat meets Jarrett's gaze and raises the microphone.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Why... why?

Steamboat lets that hang in the air for a moment.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Why would I do such a deceitful and dishonorable thing?

Jarrett nods, mouthing "Yeah, why?"

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Because you are cancer, Jeff.

Steamboat points out at nothing in particular.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Because everything you stand for in this business... is poison.

Jarrett smirks and looks out at the fans who have now begun to boo.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Look at everything you have done. For years, you crawled from company to company to company... to anyone who was still naive enough to have you... and you killed them one by one. Even this one, your precious Solid Gold Wrestling... you have laid to rest with your own hands more times than you can probably even remember.

The boos get even louder.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] The past few months have made me sick to my stomach... how all of these fans praise you and thank you for your contributions to this business. Even the boys in the back can't help themselves. They fall over each other to worship you... even though you have brought nothing but death and destruction everywhere you have ever gone.

Steamboat's face turns a shade of red as he becomes visibly angry, passionate about what he's saying. Spittle flies from his mouth as he continues.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] You don't even try to hide it. That's the worst part of it all, Jeff. Look at the championship history. Look at the history of the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... eight lineages that form one title...

Steamboat looks out at the fans, pleading with his eyes.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] Where do you think those other seven lineages came from? Do you think those companies donated them to Jeff Jarrett? Do you think they volunteered or sold out? No... no! That isn't what happened at all.

Steamboat turns back to Jarrett, his eyes narrowed.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] That isn't what happened at all.

Steamboat shakes his head, disgusted.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] You ran those companies out of business with shady promotional tactics. You stole those championship belts! You stole their talent! You cut them open and allowed them to bleed out so that you could line your pockets!

The boos get even louder. Jarrett continues listening intently.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] All-Pro Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Online, All-Star Championship Wrestling, New Era Wrestling, Championship Wrestling Online, X-Treme Wrestling Federation... and League of Champions.

The fans "OooOooooo" as they realize now how deep this hatred goes. Jarrett was single handedly responsible for shutting down Steamboat's company League of Champions and absorbing its championship before the kick-off of the 2006 incarnation of Solid Gold Wrestling. Arguably, that version of Solid Gold Wrestling would have never existed without the path blazed by League of Champions.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] That blood... all of it! It's on your hands!

Jarrett huffs and shakes his head.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] You're no saint, Jeff. You're not some savior of this business, no matter what these naive fools think. You're a harbinger of destruction. You brought this circle to its knees once before, left it in ruin... left people with no place to call home... and if you're not kept in check, you will do it again.

Steamboat gets right in Jarrett's face.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] I... won't... allow it.

Jarrett stares right back into Steamboat's eyes and raises his microphone.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So, that's it? That's your big justification for messin' up my title scene for a little bit o' money? I expected more out o' you, Steamer. I ain't lyin' when I tell ya'... I'm a little disappointed.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] That's the thing, Jeff... I never took the money they offered.

Steamboat snarls.

[ Ricky Steamboat ] I did it because I don't like you!

Jarrett smirks and offers a slight shrug... before averting his eyes back up at Steamboat.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So... that answers that question... how 'bout you answer one more for me? You're the son of a bitch that's been playin' fast 'n loose with the power I gave ya', that's understood. So who was it that left me layin' back at SGW Revenge and put my ass in a coma, huh? 'Cause I already know it wasn't you... but I got a feelin'... I got a real good hunch... that you know who did it. Answer me, Steamer. Who the hell are you workin' for?

Steamboat tilts his head back, a sly smirk crossing his own face now.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I want a name.

Without saying a word, Steamboat holds out his microphone and drops it in front of Jarrett. The microphone thuds on the mat. Jarrett looks down at the microphone and nods, scratching his chin.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, I figured ya' might feel that way.

There's a brief pause... and then Jeff Jarrett BLASTS Steamboat with the golden guitar! Steamboat goes down flat on his back with the lining of the guitar still around his neck! The fans pop huge! Suddenly, we see Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley, and Steve Corino charge out from the back with a herd of arena security! Storm, Dudley, and Corino slide under the bottom rope and get between Jarrett and Steamboat, pushing Jarrett back toward the corner.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It looks like things have gotten a tad out of control, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell naw! That fire breathin' piece o' shit got exactly what he deserved!

There's a small pop as Arn Anderson and Shane McMahon emerge from the back and jog down to ringside, trailed by Trish Stratus. Stratus remains at ringside as Anderson and McMahon enter the ring. McMahon kneels down next to Steamboat and begins checking on him. Anderson grabs Steamboat's microphone from the mat and turns to address Jarrett.

[ Arn Anderson ] Jeff, what are you thinkin', son?

Jarrett raises an eyebrow, gesturing toward himself with both hands, shouting "ME?!"

[ Arn Anderson ] This ain't how it's done anymore! This ain't the old days! It ain't the all or nothin' days! Look at yourself and what you've done the past few weeks... you're outta' control! You've inserted yourself into a world title match twice now and Randy Orton's got a damn concussion that could keep him out for the better part of a year... now this!

The fans boo loudly. They're not physically holding him back but the road agents are standing in such a way that they're keeping Jeff Jarrett from getting close to Anderson or Steamboat.

[ Arn Anderson ] This outlaw shit don't cut it anymore, Jeff. You think you got a blank check to whoop a man's ass just cause you got laid out with a tire iron? You're a company man now. The landscape's done changed... it's your job to do the right thing, cast out the riff raff and move forward... I'll admit, I ain't the man I used to be when I started this company with Terry Taylor and Shane McMahon in 1999... but if you can't get yourself under control, I might be inclined to put a little bug in somebody's ear about the Committee takin' a vote... to elect a new head.

Jarrett nods, no emotion on his face. He looks at Corino, Storm, and Dudley, giving them a nod of assurance before stepping past them. They allow him past and he stands a few feet away from Anderson. Still clutching his own microphone, Jarrett raises it.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Arn, I'll admit somethin' myself, here... I'll admit it's mighty rich gettin' talked down to by the man who once paid The Undertaker, Raven, and Big Van Vader to screw me outta' the SGW World Heavyweight Championship and kidnap my woman... but you're right.

The fans boo.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're absolutely right.

The boos get even louder. Anderson nods, standing there in jeans and a button-up denim dress shirt.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Maybe I do need t' calm my ass down a little bit... I'm an old man and if I ain't careful, I'll be givin' myself a whole 'nother type o' stroke around here... but there was somethin' else you said in the middle of all that bullshit you were spoutin' that caught my attention... so allow me to ask ya' somethin', Enforcer, if ya' don't mind.

Anderson nods, listening.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] There wasn't no weapon found at the scene of my attack.

Anderson tilts his head, not understanding.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Just how in the hell did you know I got whacked upside by head with a tire iron?

Anderson's eyes go wide... and Jarrett nails him with a big right hand! Anderson flails backward and staggers all the way back into the opposite corner! Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley, and Steve Corino all charge over to separate them before it goes too far but Jarrett begins throwing hands at them as well! Storm goes down and rolls under the bottom rope! Jarrett clotheslines D-Von Dudley over the top rope to the floor! Jarrett lights up Corino with one punch! Two punches! Three punches! And Corino staggers and falls through the ropes to the floor! Jarrett goes to advance on Anderson again... but Adam Cole runs down with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship in his grasp! Cole slides under the bottom rope and stands between Jarrett and Anderson!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank goodness! Here's Adam Cole to restore order!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Adam Cole and Arn Anderson have become quite close since 12 Large. Anderson has become something of a mentor, a father figure almost, to Adam Cole... there's no doubt that Adam Cole doesn't wish to see harm done to Arn Anderson!

Jarrett glares at Cole, clearly ready to throw down. Cole puts his hands up, gesturing to Jarrett that he isn't here to fight. Cole backs away as Anderson comes out of the corner, looking furious and adjusting his glasses. Cole turns to Anderson and checks on him. Still kneeling next to Steamboat, Shane McMahon begins shouting at them to "cool it!" but he's completely ignored. Cole can be heard asking Anderson "what were you thinking, coming out here and starting this shit?!" Jarrett begins to approach from behind... AND ADAM COLE DRILLS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's no way! THERE'S NO BLOODY WAY!

Jarrett goes down flat on his back and Cole stands over him, still clutching the SGW World Heavyweight Championship. Arn Anderson looms behind Cole, looking down at Jarrett with disgust on his face. The fans are booing loudly and throwing trash in the ring. Cole reaches down and picks up the microphone. Still standing over Jarrett, he bends over so that he can speak straight to his face.

[ Adam Cole ] You stupid old man.

Cole smiles.

[ Adam Cole ] You wanna know who caved your god damn head in at SGW Revenge?!

The boos get impossibly louder.

[ Adam Cole ] YOU'RE LOOKIN' AT HIM!

Cole snorts and spits right in Jarrett's face! Cole stands upright and holds up the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... but here comes VAL VENIS from the back! Venis runs down the ramp full speed and slides under the bottom rope before rising and clashing with Cole in the middle of the ring! Cole and Venis begin trading punches like men possessed... until STEVE CORINO slides under the bottom rope and nails Venis with a LOW BLOW! Venis goes down to both knees and Cole, Corino, and Anderson vacate the ring as quickly as possible as Scott Steiner slides under the bottom rope awkwardly with a steel chair and struggles to his feet, cursing all the way!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is sheer pandemonium!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can't believe it! Ricky Steamboat is the sell-out, working for Arn Anderson... but Adam Cole is the man who attacked Jeff Jarrett at SGW Revenge!? My mind can barely process all of this!? What does it mean!? Why is this happening?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And Steve bloody Corino is apparently in cahoots, as well!

[ Tony Schiavone ] To my knowledge, Corino has always been intensely loyal to Arn Anderson!

Adam Cole, Steve Corino, and Arn Anderson escape up the ramp as the fans boo. Inside the ring, Scott Steiner helps Val Venis to his feet. Venis is seeting with anger, his suit disheveled. Trish Stratus has joined them in the ring and Shane McMahon is standing with them, leaving Ricky Steamboat lying still in the center. Venis and Steiner look furious while McMahon and Stratus mostly just look confused. Jarrett has rolled over and pushed himself up onto all fours, wiping the spit out of his face and looking pissed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This isn't good... nothing good is gonna come of this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, you ain't kiddin'!

On the ramp, Adam Cole stands with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship held over his head. Steve Corino kneels in front of him, pointing at Cole over his shoulders with both thumbs while Anderson stands next to them, trembling with anger. Adam Cole points at his crotch and shouts:


The fans boo loudly and Cole throws his hand in the air, shouting again:


The camera zooms in Cole as he stares intently down at ringside, holding up the championship.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm just... I don't know what to say! This isn't what was supposed to happen! Getting rid of Randy Orton was supposed to make things better! This... this... this isn't better at all! I think this might actually be worse!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is truly the beginning of something awful.

We get a shot in the ring of Jeff Jarrett standing up, using the ropes to steady himself with Val Venis, Scott Steiner, Shane McMahon, and Trish Stratus in the ring behind him. We cut back to the ramp where we see Cole smiling with confidence. Steve Corino is up now and pats Cole on the back, a crooked smile on his own face. As the camera zooms in, Cole points at himself with his thumb:


End of feed.