02 / 22 / 2020 | Wells Fargo Arena | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches

- The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) (w/ Orange Cassidy) def. Private Party via Pin Fall w/ Grenade in 3:11
- Gionna Daddio def. Nyla Rose via Pin Fall w/ 201 Facebreaker in 00:19
- Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Lacey) def. Jay Lethal via Submission w/ End Time in 8:22
- Elias def. Sal Rinauro via Pin Fall w/ Drift Away in 6:01
- Dave Batista def. Zicky Dice via Pin Fall w/ Batista Bomb in 00:09
- Marty Scurll def. Ryback via Submission w/ Crossface Chickenwing in 2:45
- Dustin Rhodes def. Chasyn Rance via Pin Fall w/ Final Cut in 4:21
- Colt Cabana def. Moe Stegall via Submission w/ Billy Goat's Curse in 1:07
- Vipress def. Big Swole via Pin Fall w/ The Serpent's Call in 3:41
- Reno SCUM (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe) def. Koko B. Ware & Bill Dundee via Pin Fall w/ The Okie Killer in 48:14
- The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) def. The Headbangers via Pin Fall w/ The Meltzer Driver in 9:09
- Jon Moxley def. Nick Gage via Pin Fall w/ Paradigm Shift in 4:18
- The South Pacific Power Couple (TK Cooper & Dahlia Black) def. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox via Pin Fall w/ The RockPaperScissors Kick in 11:42
- Zahra Schreiber def. Kacy Catanzaro via Pin Fall w/ Curb Stomp in 7:28

Earlier today.

There's tension in the air.

We find ourselves in a board room with a long wooden table. Sitting at the table, we see "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and Christian sitting on one side. On the other side, we see Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Val Venis, and Edge. At the head of the table, we see Jeff Jarrett. Everyone is dressed in three piece suits or polo shirts and slacks. It's real fancy like. Jeff Jarrett is leaning forward, hands clasped on the table. Everyone is listening intently.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So, it's decided, boys... WrestleBrawl 3... thirty-man battle royal, two minute intervals... and the last man standin' walks away with a Golden Ticket they can cash in for anything they want that's within our power t' give.

Bret Hart removes his plastic pink shades and places them on the table in front of him, unimpressed.

[ Bret Hart ] What do you mean when you say... anything, Jeff?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Anything.

[ Ric Flair ] Anything?! ANYTHING!? Jus' what are we talkin' about here, pal?!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm sayin' whoever walks outta' WrestleBrawl 3 with the Golden Ticket can stand before this Committee and cash that sucker in for an SGW World Heavyweight Title shot... or they can demand to be Director of Authority for the night and book the whole damn card for all I care.

Jarrett holds his hands out to the side, throwing out more options.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell, maybe they wanna cash it in for a date with that interview gal we got that everybody's so damn fond of... what's her name?

[ Christian Cage ] Cathy Kelley.

[ Edge ] And she would absolutely not be cool with that.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, I'm just sayin'... it's an opportunity for one o' the boys to get creative.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Maybe one of them could use it to get Pepe back for me!

[ Bret Hart ] Brother, nobody's cashing in that ticket to get Pepe back for you.

[ Ric Flair ] Not a chance.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] But maybe if--

Flair stands up and points at Chavo, his face blood red.


[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I mean--

[ Ric Flair ] WOOOOOOOOO!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Alright, that's enough. That's the plan for WrestleBrawl 3. The winner gets a Golden Ticket and they can cash it in for whatever they want, end of discussion. Now, we got bigger fish to fry. Everybody's wonderin' about the state o' the world title headin' into WrestleBrawl 3. All o' ya'll know we got that no good son of a bitch Adam Cole as champion right now.

Edge smirks.

[ Edge ] Right now, sure... but he's gotta get past Jimmy Havoc tonight.

Edge goes for a high five but Bret Hart completely no-sells him. Edge looks at Chavo.

[ Edge ] Am I right, brother Chavo?!

Chavo also completely no-sells the high five attempt, just looking sad. Edge lowers his hand.

[ Val Venis ] Jimmy Havoc isn't exactly what we're looking for in a champion either.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Exactly. Look at the title histories, gentlemen... Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair! Those are champions, boys. Those are the guys you can build a company around. Even in the later years, Edge and Christian, Lance Storm, Steve Austin!

[ Christian Cage ] Tom Cruise, fellas.

[ Edge ] Yeah, I think that pretty much opens the door for anyone to be champion.

[ Christian Cage ] It has to, right?

Jarrett huffs.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We're tryin' to move away from that abomination.

Christian looks to the side, rolling his eyes.

[ Christian Cage ] Well, I mean, you booked it, Dubba' J.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Randy Orton done that sumbitch in once 'n for all at 12 Large. Mark my words, gentlemen, Tom Cruise will never step foot in an SGW ring again as long as this Championship Committee holds power.

[ Val Venis ] Damn right.

[ Ric Flair ] Amen.

Jarrett looks from Edge to Christian and back again.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, let's never speak o' that slapnut ever again.

Jarrett gestures toward Venis.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Venis, tell 'em what ya' got.

Venis stands up and clears his throat.

[ Val Venis ] I assume you all received the memo I e-mailed out this morning about our options for the SGW World Championship at WrestleBrawl 3... what happens if Adam Cole wins tonight... what happens if Jimmy Havoc wins tonight.

[ Bret Hart ] Neither scenario is ideal, Val. I'm not gonna lie.

[ Val Venis ] The state of the company isn't ideal right now, Hitman. Arn Anderson is leading a full-on infiltration on Solid Gold Wrestling... an insurgency, if you will. I know this man. He's driven. He's going to do everything in his power to undermine us and ensure that this... this Origin succeeds.

Flair leans forward.

[ Ric Flair ] Pal, you know if you go through with that plan, there's no goin' back.

Chavo shakes his head, looking troubled.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It's literally everything or nothing, esse.

[ Christian Cage ] It's definitely not my first choice.

Venis looks sideways at Christian. Christian looks up at him and shrugs. Edge stands up.

[ Edge ] Given our options, if Adam Cole is walking into WrestleBrawl 3 as the SGW World Heavyweight Champion, I think it's our best shot at getting the title off of him, fair and square. You guys know how much it makes me want to throw up in my mouth to agree with Val Venis... but the plan is solid and...

Edge looks at Venis and nods.

[ Edge ] I support it, one hundred percent.

Jarrett smacks his hand on the table.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Seconded.

Jarrett looks around the table, eyeing each man.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Anybody got a problem with Plan A?

No one says anything. Jarrett nods, satisfied.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Then let's get on to Plan B... Jimmy Havoc, SGW World Champion.

Ric Flair looks disgusted, shaking his head.

[ Ric Flair ] I support the proposed idea... make the son of a bitch work for it.

[ Bret Hart ] I think it's excessive... if he walks out with the belt tonight, you know he's gonna walk through fire to get it. You're a fool if you think he's just fighting Adam Cole tonight. He's gonna have to deal with Arn Anderson, Steve Corino, Britt Baker, and Shane Douglas, too. If he gets through that and walks out as the champion... maybe we should consider showing him the respect he deserves.

[ Christian Cage ] The dude's been nothing but trouble since he got here.

[ Ric Flair ] And he's only gettin' the title shot 'cause o' that damn Elevation title! Whose idea was that anyway!? I thought this was a wrestlin' company! That belt is a damn participation trophy! Anybody can use it to get a world title shot!

[ Edge ] But that's the point.

[ Ric Flair ] Used t' be, only men got title shots!

A voice is suddenly heard from the doorway.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] But am I not more than a man, Ric?

The camera pans over to reveal Jimmy Havoc walking into the board room, dressed in a black three piece suit with a bright red tie. He drags an ax behind him, the head scraping along the floor as he walks into the room, eyeing the Championship Committee. Jarrett stands up, looking pissed.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What the hell are you doin' here, Havoc? This is Committee members only!

Havoc doesn't even pay attention to Jarrett as he walks up to the table, glaring at everyone.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Am I not a perfectly imperfect representation of the direction this company is heading? At one time, Solid Gold Wrestling was everything a pure wrestling fan could eva' want. For years, it was touted as bein' the best o' the best... no room for balderdash 'n chicanery... no, only the best would do.

Ric Flair slams his hand down on the table.

[ Ric Flair ] Is this some kinda... kinda' god damn joke!?

Havoc turns his head to look at Flair.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] If ya' had the slightest  bit o' patience, old man, I was soon t' ask you the same thing.

Havoc takes a deep breath, breathing it all in... he remains calm... eerily calm.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I walked into Solid Gold Wrestling, the forma' champion of a rival company... 'n you all treated me like an afta'thought... treated me like I was less than nothin'... exiled me into a backstage segment wit' Colt Cabana in a bloody bathroom wit' Disco Inferno and Nick fucking Gage.

[ Ric Flair ] That's because you're a disgrace t' this business, kid.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's enough, Ric.

[ Ric Flair ] You don't belong here, Havoc! And ya' know it!

Havoc smiles and looks down for a moment.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] There it is.

Havoc looks back up and meets the gaze of the Committee.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] You all put on this front of bein' an all-welcomin', singin' 'n dancin' band o' fun lovin' misfits... come one, come all, enjoy the freedom, enjoy the timeliness of events... take advantage of how Solid Gold Wrestling is everything that the otha' companies aren't... but it's all one big fuckin' lie.

Havoc raises the ax and points off at nothing in particular with it.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] For one year, I reigned as world heavyweight champion... 'n I walk into this company 'n I get treated like a god damn joke... and everything I've done since that moment in that fucking bathroom, I have done t' shove that slight down your fucking throats.

Ric Flair huffs.

[ Ric Flair ] You slighted yourself, comin' in here lookin' like that, pal!

Without warning, Havoc smashes the butt of the ax handle into Ric Flair's nose, knocking him backward in his chair, sending him tumbling to the floor. Chavo Guerrero quickly rises to his feet and kneels to next Flair, checking on him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You son of a bitch! I oughtta take you out o' the main event tonight for that!

[ Jimmy Havoc ] But ya' won't... 'cause you're a pussy that's gotten soft wit' old age.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you--

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'm the oncomin' storm... I'm the change that's overtakin' this company... when I look around 'ere, I don't see the same prestigious company that used t' stand in its place. I don't see classic, traditional wrestling... I see chaos... I see a recipe for disasta' that you're too scared t' stand up against... well, it's coming, mate. It's coming tonight... and there's nothin'... bloody fuckin' nothin' that you can do about it.

Jarrett looks pissed. Venis scowls at Havoc, sweat rolling off his nose.

[ Val Venis ] We'll be ready, Havoc.

Havoc looks at Venis and smiles.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I bet you will, sunshine. See, I convinced--

Havoc moves the ax, allowing the light to catch it and glimmer along the edge.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] --that little secretary out there to show me your top secret memo about the WrestleBrawl 3 world title scene... and while I like what ya' got in mind for Adam Cole, real original, real ambitious--

Havoc winks at Venis.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I really liked what ya' got in mind for me.

And then he becomes dead serious.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Bring 'em on.

Jarrett looks from Havoc to Venis and back again.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Bring 'em all on.

Chavo helps Ric Flair up into his chair, bleeding profusely from his nose.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I will win that championship tonight... 'n I will defend it in the WrestleBrawl match... twenty-nine fucking opponents, lambs being led to the bloody slaughta' is more like it. If ya' that desperate for me t' prove I'm betta' than ya' whole fuckin' company in one night... I will happily oblige.

Without another word, Havoc raises the ax and slams it into the boardroom table, leaving it stuck there. Everyone flinches on impact. Havoc takes a final look around the table and offers a sarcastic bow.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Gentlemen... I will see you all later tonight to discuss our plans for the future of Solid Gold Wrestling.

And then a smug grin crosses his face.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] ...cunts.

And then he turns and walks out of the room, leaving everyone sitting in silence. Everyone looks around at each other without saying a word. Jarrett's eyes finally fall on Flair and he looks furious, nearly shouting.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get Ric Flair's old ass to a damn doctor!

Chavo and Bret Hart help Flair out of the room, leaving Jarrett with Edge, Christian, and Venis. The camera slowly zooms out as we fade to black. We don't know what the plan for Adam Cole is just yet but we know that if Jimmy Havoc wins the world championship tonight, he'll be defending it for the first time in the WrestleBrawl match at WrestleBrawl 3! The first time a champion will have defended in the match, ever!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Before the match even gets started, Aliyah and Vanessa Borne assault Toni Storm on her way to the ring, knocking her down to all fours on the ramp and stomping away at her aggressively as Jinny watches on from the center of the ring with a sinister smile on her face! Toni Storm tries to fight back, throwing wild punches and elbows into the mid-sections of her attackers but they won't be denied! The Vision and The Boujee Brat continue their relentless assault before slinging Toni Storm under the bottom rope, into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You've gotta be kidding me! This isn't fair!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Toni Storm has been brutally assaulted by The Highers, only seconds before she was due to compete for the SGW Women's World Championship! You have t' know this was Jinny's plan all along!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The so-called locker room leader of the women's division! What a joke!

Toni Storm looks beaten to hell and back, struggling to get up to all fours but she's having trouble. Suddenly, the crowd pops huge as Mike Chioda ejects Aliyah and Vanessa Borne from ringside! Aliyah and Vanessa throw a fit but Jinny looks unfazed, pointing toward the back, basically giving them permission to leave. The fans cheer loudly and begin singing the Goodbye song as Aliyah and Vanessa vanish behind the curtain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good officiating by Mike Chioda! Get 'em outta here!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But Toni Storm still has to compete with the damage already done!

Toni forces herself up to one knee and Jinny and charges at her, whipping her down to the mat with a basement flying headscissors! The fans boo loudly as Jinny scrambles back to her feet, snatches Toni up by her wrist... and DRILLS HER WITH THE ACID RAINMAKER! Toni Storm turns inside out and lands on her head! Jinny covers her, planting her forearm across Toni's jaw in a sign of disrespect! ONE! TWO! THR-- TONI STORM KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' not gonna get Toni Storm that easily!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Toni Storm knows that this match is everything she's been working toward since she debuted at Card Subject to Change with a commanding victory over Lacey Evans in the historic first-ever blindfold match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This match is everything or bloody nothing for Toni Storm!

Jinny looks pissed, blowing the hair out of her face. She pulls Toni back up with a handful of hair, dragging her up to all fours before kicking her right in the side of the head! Toni rolls over on her back and Jinny mounts her, drilling her in the head and neck with a series of punches and forearms! Toni struggles to cover up but Jinny lands for more than she misses before standing up and dragging Toni up behind her with two handfuls of hair. Toni fights back as she rises to her knees, plugging away at Jinny with forearms and elbows to the mid-section before landing one that forces her to stagger backward. Toni rises to both feet, pumping her fists and Jinny charges at her with a clothesline! Toni ducks it and nails Jinny with a headbutt! Jinny staggers backward into the ropes and Toni follows her in, taking both ladies over the top rope with a cactus clothesline! Both women tumble to the floor and Toni is up quickly, pumping her fists and shouting "LET'S GOOOO!" as the fans cheer loudly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like Toni Storm is getting a second wind!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She knows this could be 'er only chance!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! Put that fat ass to work, Toni Storm!

Toni grabs a handful of Jinny's hair and pulls her up to her knees. Dragging Jinny to her feet, Toni whips her hard into the guardrail and follows her in with a HIP ATTACK, sandwiching her between her body and the steel rail! Toni grabs Jinny by her hair and her gear before slinging her under the bottom rope and following her inside. Toni posts up in the corner, gripping the top rope and stomping her foot, getting the fans behind her! Jinny slowly rises to one knee and Toni charges at her... AND NAILS HER WITH A RUNNING HIP ATTACK! Jinny sprawls out flat on her back and Toni snatches her up, hoists her onto her shoulders, and DROPS HER WITH STORM ZERO! Toni wastes no time in rolling back to her feet with hands on either side of Jinny's head! She pulls her in... STRONG ZERO PILEDRIVER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We're about t' have a new champion!

Toni sits on Jinny's chest and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! JINNY KICKS OUT! The fans erupt in boos! Toni can't believe it! Toni rolls back to her feet and pulls Jinny up with two handfuls of hair. She pulls her in for another STRONG ZERO PILEDRIVER but Jinny locks her legs and then drops to one knee before violently shoving Toni backward, sending her colliding into Mike Chioda! Toni's elbow catches Mike in the eye and he staggers backward! Toni tries to check on him and Jinny scrambles outside the ring and grabs the SGW Women's World Championship! She slides back into the ring and Toni turns around... just in time to DUCK an attempted belt shot from the champion! Jinny turns around and quickly throws the championship at Toni! Toni catches it, looking confused, and Jinny charges at her, nailing with the TOUCH OF COUTURE! The belt goes flying and slides under the bottom rope! Jinny snatches Toni up by her wrist... ACID RAINMAKER! Jinny covers and hooks both legs while shrieking "COUNT! BLOODY COUNT, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" Mike Chioda drops down slowly and counts! ONE... TWO... THREE!

WINNER & STILL CHAMPION - Jinny via Pin Fall in 6:08

The fans erupt in boos as Jinny rolls off of Toni Storm and quickly slides out of the ring to collect her championship belt. Jinny clutches the championship tightly to chest as she backs up the ramp with a sinister smile on her face.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] How very disappointing! Toni Storm was so close to making history tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Only to have it ripped away from her by the fashionable and nefarious Jinny!

With one arm, Jinny raises the championship over her head as she continues to back up the ramp. Once she reaches the stage, she stands there for what feels like forever, soaking in the hatred from the fans. Finally, having had her fill, Jinny turns around and walks through the curtain. Seconds pass the camera dwells on the entranceway...

And then Jinny comes staggering out, holding her jaw! The fans pop huge as they realize Jinny has come under attack... but then they pop even louder as CHRISTINA VON EERIE emerges from behind the curtain! Jinny charges back at Christina and they tie up, throwing punches and forearms like women possessed! The championship belts falls by the wayside as Jinny and Von Eerie lay into each other with lefts and rights!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christina Von Eerie is BACK!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's back with a bloody vengeance!

Security and road agents begin to flood out from the back! Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley, Billy Gunn, and Justin Credible are flanked by arena security as they get between the brawling women and separate them! Jinny is losing her shit, shrieking "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU, BITCH!" as she's pulled in the opposite direction! Somewhere in the chaos, Christina Von Eerie has gotten her hands on a microphone and is shouting into it as Storm and Credible try to keep her restrained!

[ Christina Von Eerie ] You piece of shit! Fuck you!

Big pop.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] You think you can just steal my belt and get away with it!? You think you can just shit on everything I built in this company and I'm just gonna fuckin' disappear!? NO FUCKIN' WAY!

There's a rumble over the PA as she fumbles the microphone while security tries to hold her back.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] GET OFFA' ME! GET THE FUCK OFFA' ME!

Jinny manages to wrench herself free and dives over a couple of security guards, reaching for Von Eerie and grabbing a handful of hair before she's met with a couple of punches from Von Eerie and pulled away. Von Eerie keeps shouting.


The fans pop huge and Jinny looks on, surprise on her face as Dudley and Gunn keep her grounded.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] IN A MOTHER FUCKIN' DEATH MATCH!

The fans pop even louder and Von Eerie tosse the microphone and tries to get at Jinny again! Both women struggle against the men trying to keep them separated, managing to get handfuls of one another's hair or gear before being pulled apart!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did ya' hear that, Tony!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jinny will be defending the SGW Women's World Championship at WrestleBrawl 3 against Christina Von Eerie... IN A DEATH MATCH!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] IN A BLOODY DEATH MATCH!

As they continue to fight on the stage, we cut to the back.

Backstage, we see Orange Cassidy slumped over in a chair looking more like a statue than a human being. On either side of him are Trent? and Chuck Taylor chugging beers. Chuck finishes his and spikes the can down on the ground.

[ Chuck Taylor ] We ain’t booked! I’ll do what I want!

Trent? finishes his and softly tosses it into the trash can.

[ Trent? ] Don’t litter, man. That’s not cool.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Screw the environment, dude! We’re controversial!

[ Trent? ] Hold on. We hurt feelings and we need to do something to atone for that.

Chuck pops the top on another can and holds it in the air.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Sorry dick lips!

Taylor turns the can up and begins pouring it briskly into his wide open mouth. After a few seconds, Chuck wipes his mouth off, satisfied with himself. Suddenly, the side doors of the arena swing open and smoke fills the hallway.

[ Trent? ] Whoa! Something’s on fire!

Matt Riddle and Paul London walk through the clouds of smoke, giggling about nothing in particular.

[ Paul London ] Hey guys.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Were you two setting shit on fire outside or something?

Riddle chuckles with a shit-eating grin on his face.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, we burned a ton of leaves.

[ Paul London ] It’s a shame, though.

London sighs.

[ Paul London ] Burning leaves contributes to air pollution by adding chemicals like hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to an already thinning ozone layer. Besides all of that, it can be a fire and health hazard, especially for those with asthma or lung problems.

Chuck and Trent? stare blankly at the two.

[ Trent? ] The fuck?

[ Chuck Taylor ] Don’t you two have a match later?

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, don’t worry about it. I put a poll on my Twitter account to have my fans vote on which way we’re gonna’ win tonight. Either by tapout or knock out. It’s in the bag.

[ Chuck Taylor ] How does a Twitter poll help?

Riddle can’t believe Chuck’s questioning.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro.

He scoffs.

[ Matt Riddle ] As GI Joe reminded us.. “Knowledge is half the battle.”

Dead silence.

[ Matt Riddle ] And since the poll’s gonna’ tell us which way to finish off Jericho and Zayn, our jobs are half done before the bell even rings. All we gotta’ do is just beat ‘em up and get the win… Duh, bro.

Trent nudges Chuck.

[ Trent? ] Duh!

Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish enter the scene with disgusted looks on their faces. Strong walks out in front of his teammates and points out the two teams.

[ Roderick Strong ] Hey guys, look at the merry band of losers we have here.

[ Paul London ] I know you are but what am I?

Strong smirks. He could chop the skin off London’s chest at the drop of a hat but thinks better of it.

[ Roderick Strong ] So this big Wrestlebrawl rumble, huh? How’s it gonna’ feel to be doing nothing at the show but sitting back here and having to watch me win it?

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, if you deserved it, I’d give you a thumbs up and support it.. But.. like.. You won’t… and you don’t…. So.. Your questioning is all for nothing.

Dr. Stevie and Killer Kross pass by with Al Snow and Blue Meaning hot on the trail, pleading loudly for them to stop.

[ Al Snow ] C’mon Stevie.. Give us an answer already.

[ Blue Meanie ] You saw what happened at Total Destruction!

[ Trent? ] Yeah, our bad for kicking your asses.

Snow points to them and looks back at Stevie and Kross.

[ Al Snow ] See?!

[ Killer Kross ] You lost to.. Them?

Kross shakes his head.

[ Bobby Fish ] And they’re soon to get their heads caved in by us later tonight!

[ Kyle O’Reilly ] I’m going to play air guitar on your crippled bodies!

O’Reilly looks Blue Meanie up and down.

[ Kyle O’Reilly ] Until the fat boy over here tries to eat me.

[ Roderick Strong ] Ha! You’d be an appetizer for ‘em! CAUSE HE’S FAT!

Snow puts his arm around Meanie, consoling him as Kross sees the damage done. In either a moment of solidarity or weakness one, Kross steps to Strong.

[ Killer Kross ] Then maybe I’ll sign up for the Wrestlebrawl match and kick your ass.

[ Al Snow ] Then what the hell are we supposed to do?!

[ Trent? ] Sit backstage with us and watch the show, I guess.

Edge and Christian are seen walking alongside the Young Bucks, almost as if they’re guiding the two members of the Championship Committee to the ongoing situation. Matt is basically a model, displaying the infighting to them.

[ Matt Jackson ] See what I mean?

Edge looks confused.

[ Edge ] All I see are a bunch of guys in a schmohz segment and Orange Cassidy potentially being dead in a chair. It’s harmless.

Christian walks over to Orange Cassidy and pulls a mirror out of his back pocket and carefully maneuvers it underneath his nose. After a few seconds, the mirror fogs up and Christian turns back to Edge and the Bucks with a thumbs up.

[ Christian ] He’s alive!

[ Edge ] Why do you have a mirror in your back pocket?

[ Christian ] SGW has a reputation of a LOT of people dying. This is the easiest way to check. So whew, dodged a bullet there guys. We have been death free since 2006!

Nick turns his back on the group and focuses on Edge and Christian.

[ Nick Jackson ] So see what we mean? You have the biggest show of the year coming up and everyone has their spots to fit in for opportunities.. Hell, even Killer Kross is fighting for a title AND just booked himself for Wrestlebrawl!

[ Killer Kross ] And I’m going to win both.

[ Nick Jackson ] Legit. We’re in a world where Killer Kross is in a more high profile spot than the best tag team in the world.

[ Christian ] Oh, I wasn’t aware Killer Kross was in a better spot than Edge and mys- Oh.. you guys. Right.

Christian strokes his chin as Edge shrugs, out of ideas.

[ Edge ] Alright, so what do you two suggest?

[ Matt Jackson ] You have the best tag team division SGW has ever had without anything to do on the biggest show in SGW history. You two are the KINGS of SGW’s tag division! If anyone would be focusing on building this thing up, it would be you guys.

[ Nick Jackson ] That’s right. So you guys need to establish a contender for the straps coming out of WrestleBrawl 3.

Agreeing with everything the Bucks are saying, Edge snaps his fingers. He has an idea. Not to be left out, Christian snaps his fingers as well.

[ Edge ] I got it!

Edge surveys the landscape and whispers in Christian’s ear.

[ Christian ] Oh man, that’s completely fitting for this situation.. But under one condition.

Edge raises an eyebrow in curiosity.

[ Christian ] I get to give it a gimmick name.

[ Edge ] Sure. Whatever.

Christian fists pumps and high fives a reluctant Nick Jackson.

[ Edge ] Alright.. Here’s the deal, gang.

Everyone is all ears as Edge takes control with his announcement.

[ Edge ] We have a lot of people signing up for the Wrestlebrawl rumble, which is great. It’s a huge opportunity to win that Golden Ticket. But we have to focus on this hellacious tag team division.. So, as one of the guys who put this tag team division on the map, here’s what we’re going to do.

Edge clears his throat, but Christian undercuts him on the announcement before Edge can follow up.



[ Paul London ] I am NOT high enough to understand that.

[ Christian ] C’mon guys, it’s golden! Right?

He breaks out in a nervous sweat, desperately needing affirmation.

[ Christian ] ...Right?

[ Al Snow ] I think more people would be excited if we knew what it meant.

[ Bobby Fish ] Yeah. There were a lot of the same words used twice.

[ Matt Jackson ] Why is it a pro-am?

[ Chuck Taylor ] Also.. the word “doom” being at the end leaves a lot open for interpretation.

[ Christian ] It’s a good name, dammit!

Edge sighs as he shakes his head.

[ Edge ] Alright, besides the name for the match.. Which is a total work in progress.. It’s simple.

Dr. Stevie and Killer Kross walk off, talking among themselves.

[ Killer Kross ] Idiots.

Blue Meanie reluctantly raises his hand.

[ Blue Meanie ] Christian.. What.. What does the match entail?

[ Edge ] I was literally about to tell you.

[ Blue Meanie ] But I think it’d mean more coming from the guy who named it.

Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] Here’s the sitch.. I don’t know. I just named it. I’m an idea guy more than anything.

Edge takes his arm and moves Christian back behind him. Knowing things are getting rocky, he gets everything back on track.

[ Edge ] Real simple. At WrestleBrawl 3.. Number one contenders for the SGW Tag Team Champions..

[ Christian ] Also known as The First Ever Edge and Christian 4 Time SGW Tag Team Champions Host the First Ever All-Star Classic Celebrity Pro-Am-Multi Tag Team Match to Determine Number One Contendership Match of DOOM~!

[ Edge ] The Young Bucks, Job Squad, ReDRagon, Best Friends, and whatever Matt Riddle and Paul London call themselves..

[ Matt Riddle ] Team name pending, bro.

Christian looks on in approval.

[ Christian ] You heard the man. “Team Name Pending, Bro.”

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro.. No.. That’s not the name -

Edge just wants to get through this at this point.

[ Edge ] Ten teams will do battle on the biggest stage of ‘em all. And may the best team win.

Edge sighs in relief. His graying hair turning even more gray by the second dealing with all of this.

[ Edge ] Also, to all of you in matches tonight, good luck. Disperse and go prepare.. Or whatever you want to do. I’m past caring at this point.

Edge walks off with Christian trying to quickly catch up with him.

[ Christian ] I just shot our marketing guy a message. The match name is going to be on shirts, hats, mugs, posters… EVERYTHING! I think we have a hit on our hands. Maybe we can get the winners a trophy! Like, a six foot tall trophy...

Christian’s eyes light up. He has an idea.

[ Christian ] ..and at the top, it’s you and I doing a five second pose or something.

He slaps his hands, thrilled.

[ Christian ] I’m crushing this part of being the idea man of the Championship Committee!

The scene fades.

We fade up with a shot of Cathy Kelley standing in front of the SGW interview backdrop. She has the SGW Lifetime World Championship around her waist. Standing next to her, we see Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey. Lacey has her arms folded against her chest, looking annoyed. Standing in front of her, Jimmy looks deep in thought, dark... he's looking down at the railroad spike he's clutching in his fist. Cathy leans in, ready to get the interview going.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Jimmy Jacobs... two weeks ago at Total Destruction, you severely injured Austin Theory after he accidentally struck Lacey during your tag team match. There's genuine concern that Theory could end up losing his eye... at the very least, he has multiple surgeries in his future--

Jimmy mumbles.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Excuse me, Jimmy? What was that?

Jimmy turns his head and looks at her, his eyes narrowed.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] He deserves worse.

Cathy's eyes widen with surprise. Jacobs reaches out and snatches the microphone out of her hand.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] He deserves worse, Cathy.

He looks down, his voice becomes quieter.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] He deserves... he deserves to die for what he did to Lacey.

Lacey shakes her head, a look of disbelief on her face.

[ Lacey ] Jesus Christ, Jimmy! I'm fine! It wasn't even a big deal!

Jimmy doesn't even pay attention to her.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] I would take an eye for an eye until the whole world was blind, if it meant protecting Lacey. She... she's my everything, Cathy. Putting hands on her was Austin Theory's first mistake. Showing no remorse for such a horrible act? That was his last.

Cathy looks surprised and the fans pop huge as Elias walks into the shot with his guitar over his shoulder. He takes a deep breath and looks down at Jacobs, gently shaking his head. Jacobs averts his eyes but brushes the hair out of his face. Lacey rolls her eyes.

[ Lacey ] Oh, here we go again! Look, everyone! It's Elias, the white knight! Here to virtue signal about-- oh wait, that's not it at all! Elias didn't even care that Austin Theory ALMOST KILLED ME two weeks ago! Why, if Elias had his way, I'd still be lying on the floor in a broken heap!

Elias just glares at her. Cathy Kelley looks confused by Lacey's sudden change in attitude.

[ Lacey ] What are you gonna do about it, Elias? Are you gonna sing another stupid song? Are you gonna put over Christopher Daniels in thirty seconds again?! Pathetic! No one puts over Christopher Daniels! You're a loser!

Elias huffs and wipes his mouth, looking visibly annoyed.

[ Elias ] What are you thinkin', Jimmy?

Jacobs doesn't answer.

[ Elias ] First, you abandon me two weeks ago... and then? Then you punched me in my face when I came to you for an explanation. I'm tryin' to help you out! I've been in SGW since day one, I know how things work around here... and you and me, we coulda' had somethin' good goin' on, workin' together!

Jimmy won't look up and meet his gaze.

[ Elias ] We got a lot in common, little man... even though I'm tall and statuesque, like a greek god and you're smaller, softer, and wear that eye make-up. We coulda' been the musical duet that set this company on fire!

Elias gestures toward himself with his free hand.

[ Elias ] Look at the two of us... we're a couple of bleedin' souls, brother, paintin' our masterpiece match by match, crafting lyrics from--

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Shut up, Elias.

Elias cocks an eyebrow. Jacobs steps up, getting in his face.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] You don't know me.

[ Lacey ] Yeah, you don't know him! You don't know Jimmy Jacobs or you'd know Jimmy Jacobs is a solo act! Jimmy Jacobs is the main event! The headliner! You're just an opening act, Elias! That's all you've ever been since you came to SGW!

Jimmy looks over his shoulder at her, confused.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Do you really mean all that?

[ Lacey ] Of course, I mean it! Elias sucks!

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] No, I mean... the stuff about me being a solo act... the headliner.

Lacey almost vomits in her mouth.

[ Lacey ] Ugh, no. I just said it because I wanna SHIT ON ELIAS' WHOLE CAREER!

Jimmy nods, seeming satisfied with that answer.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] You better get outta' here, Elias. All you've done since Total Destruction is disrespect Lacey... and when you disrespect Lacey, you disrespect my heart... because my heart belongs to her.

[ Elias ] Boy, when they made you, they forgot to put in the common damn sense.

Elias points at Lacey.

[ Elias ] That woman don't give a damn about you.

Jimmy shakes his head, trembling with anger.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] I said leave, Elias... before I... before I have to make you leave.

Cathy Kelly steps up, a timid look on her face.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Guys, now really isn't the time.

Elias and Jimmy glare at each other. Elias nods, sweat rolling off his nose.

[ Elias ] You're right, Cathy Kelley.

Elias shakes his head.

[ Elias ] Now ain't the time.

[ Lacey ] Yeah! Now isn't the time! As a matter of fact, you're outta' time! YOU'RE DONE, ELIAS!

[ Elias ] The time was two weeks ago... when ya' hit me and thought ya' could get away with it.

Elias swings his guitar at Jimmy Jacobs and Jimmy ducks... AND THE GUITAR BLASTS LACEY RIGHT IN THE HEAD! Lacey goes down in a heap! LACEY IS DEAD! Jimmy Jacobs immediately bursts into tears and drops to his knees next to her, removing the frame of the guitar from around her neck and plucking wooden shrapnel from her hair. She isn't moving at all.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Lacey! Lacey, no! Talk to me! Talk to me, my love!

Cathy looks mortified.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Elias! Seriously!? What... what have you done!?

Elias looks down at Jimmy checking on Lacey with a smug look.

[ Elias ] Now, ain't that a damn shame.

Without another word, Elias walks off-camera and Cathy Kelley is left behind, tending to Jimmy Jacobs as he tries to wake Lacey up. EMTs and road agents hit the scene as we fade to black.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Bobby Fish and Al Snow start for their respective teams, and they lock up. Snow gets a quick jab in, and grabs Fish and slams him to the mat. Snow quickly gets and tries and drops an elbow on Fish, but Fish moves out of the way, and you hear Snow yell out "OW" as he starts to rub his elbow, and slowly roll his way to his corner. Blue Meanie tags himself in, and Meanie charges right into the bicep of Fish, who starts to work him over a bit, and starts to put a leg lock on him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aye, Fish workin' on tha' leg o' Meanie.


Meanie gets to the ropes, and Fish tags in Kyle O'Reilly, who continues to attack the leg of Meanie. Meanie is allowed to get up, as O'Reilly waits for him to get back on both legs, and delivers a leg drop, which gets a kick-out at one. O'Reilly demands Aubrey Edwards to make a fast count to end this match, but she refuses. O'Reilly starts to then hit Meanie with some vicious uppercuts, which throws Meanie back to the ReDRagon corner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Referee Aubrey Edwards not getting intimidated by ReDRagon!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I could watch these men fight fo' hours!

Snow comes into the ring to try and help his partner, but Edwards stops Snow quick in his tracks. Suddenly, Fish and O'Reilly are double teaming Meanie, hitting him with chops to the chest, as well as delivering vicious uppercuts, knocking Meanie hard down in the corner. O'Reilly comes back a bit, and rushes in with a hard stalling drop kick. Snow gets out of the ring, as O'Reilly covers Meanie. ONE... TW.. Kick out! O'Reilly can't believe it as he quickly tags in Fish.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big kick out by Blue Meanie! JOB Squad not done yet!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Lookin' like Roddy wants ta' help ReDRagon!

Roderick Strong makes his way out from the back, as he makes his way down to the ring to support both Fish and O'Reilly. O'Reilly starts to lift up Meanie, and tries to slam him down, but is having issues doing so. O'Reilly holds his back, as he throws himself back in his corner allowing Fish to tag him in. Fish starts to give strong left and rights to Meanie, and hits a drop kick to the corner. Fish starts running towards Meanie, but Meanie finds his way out of the way, making Fish hit the ropes hard. Both men are down, as the crowd comes to life, as Meanie starts crawling to the corner. Strong realizes this, and quickly jumps up to distract referee Edwards. Edwards starts to come to the corner, to tell Strong to get off, as Meanie makes the tag to Snow. Strong jumps down, as Edwards quickly tells Snow to go back into his corner as she didn't see or hear the tag.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And Roderick Strong takes advantage of referee Aubrey Edwards, not allowing the tag to Al Snow to count for Blue Meanie.


Fish tags in O'Reilly as the two of them start attacking Meanie. As the two take advantage, Dr. Stevie comes out from the back, standing at the top of the ramp, waiting for his monster to come out. Suddenly Killer Kross makes his way out. Cracking his neck, he slowly makes his way down to the ring. Strong turns around and starts rushing towards Kross, who delivers a big boot knocking Strong on the ramp. While Fish and O'Reilly are watching this, Meanie finally gets a legal tag into Snow. Snow turns O'Reilly around and kicks him in the gut. Meanie meanwhile, runs towards Fish, and knocks both of them outside of the ring. Snow hits the SNOWPLOW on O'Reilly. He covers, ONE.. TWO.. THREE! The JOB Squad has done it!

WINNERS - The JOB Squad via Pin Fall in 8:41

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE?! THESE IDIOTS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big win for the JOB Squad, as Killer Kross causes the distraction and wins.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aye, but these boys ain't gon' be happy with tha' outcome of this.

As Fish rolls back in the ring to check on O'Reilly, he takes a look at Snow, and hits a kick to the back of Snows head knocking him down. Suddenly, O'Reilly comes to, and the two start to continue their attack on Snow, as Meanie is being stopped by Strong.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two have to be stopped!

Kross gets the go-ahead from Dr. Stevie, and makes his way into the ring. He lets out a scream and starts his attack, closelining both Fish and O'Reilly out of the ring. Meanie gains control of Strong, and throws him into the ring. Dr. Stevie yells at Kross to finish Strong. Strong is slow to get up, as Kross grabs him and hits the Doomsday Saito to Strong, landing hard on his neck. Strong is in audible pain, as he withers as Fish and O'Reilly make their way back in. Kross grabs both, and hits a strong Chokeslam on both. Dr. Stevie rolls into the ring, and raises the hand of Kross. The JOB Squad get back in the ring, and try to celebrate with Kross, but Dr. Stevie tells them to stay back.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Killer Kross making a STATEMENT!

We head to the back abruptly.

At the SGW interview set, Cathy Kelley flashes a big smile to the camera as she’s flanked by Pentagon, Jr. and Paul Heyman.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey guys! Cathy Kelley here. With me right now is Paul Heyman and his client, Pentagon, Jr.! Now Pentagon, tonight-

Heyman presses his index finger firmly against Cathy’s lips, stopping her before she even got started.

[ Paul Heyman ] Pardon me, Cathy, but you’re going about this all wrong. Might I give you a little advice?

It didn’t matter what her response was because Heyman gave her no time before going right back into speaking.

[ Paul Heyman ] I am the advocate for Pentagon, Jr. I am the man who signs his contracts, books his matches, and ensures that success follows him every.. Where.. He.. goes..

Heyman removes his finger from Cathy’s lips but continues staring her down.

[ Paul Heyman ] So Cathy, if you’re going to try to question my client with your bootleg, outlaw, guerrilla interview tactics, then you need to know the rules. All questions, remarks, comments.. They go through Paul.. Heyman.

Heyman pats her on the head and snatches the microphone from her hands.

[ Paul Heyman ] So Cathy, allow this to be a learning experience.

He then turns to the camera and brings Pentagon front and center alongside him. Pentagon’s wild makeup combined with his white colored contacts unsettles you at first glance.

[ Paul Heyman ] Tonight, my client, PENTAGON JR. does battle with Bryan Danielson. Two weeks ago, Bryan Danielson cost not only himself, but his three other partners an opportunity at championship gold. Bryan, do not think for one second that we’ve forgotten! Do not think that tonight will not be a miserable existence for you inside that ring!

Heyman pauses and wipes his mouth.

[ Paul Heyman ] I brought Pentagon to SGW for championships! For glory! And your erratic behavior has consequences! Consequences that crash up and down like waves into the shore, Bryan Danielson! At Total Destruction, you went into business for yourself. Tonight, you’ll have no one to blame for all of this but..

Heyman smirks as Pentagon flashes the “Cero mero” hand gesture.

[ Paul Heyman ] Yourself.

[ Pentagon ] CERO! MIEDO!

[ Paul Heyman ] My client has zero fear. Tonight, your fears will all crash down upon you in a heap, smothering you, stomping out the flame that is the American Dragon once and for all! You might have cost my client a title shot tonight, but after he beats you, you’ll be the reason he’s front and center in Solid.. Gold.. Wrestling.

Heyman hands the microphone back to Cathy and walks off camera with Pentagon following behind. The scene fades.

We suddenly find ourselves in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. We see a woman tied to a chair with a black bag over her head. From what she's wearing from the neck down, we can tell that it's obviously Kris Statlander, still wearing the gear she had on at Total Destruction when she was taken. We see hooded figures walking from one side of the warehouse to a white van, loading up crates of Teremana Tequila. The Rock is pacing back and forth in jeans and a dirty white t-shirt, carrying an axe handle... for some reason dressed like his character from Walking Tall. The Rock addresses the hooded figures, gesturing toward them aggressively.

[ The Rock ] The Rock says be careful with that tequila, mama! Load it up! Load it up REE-ULL NICE LIKE, SAYS THE ROCK! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! SAYS THE ROCK! THE ROCK LIKES TO SWITCH IT UP EVERY NOW AND THEN, IS THAT A PROBLEM!?

The Rock grabs one of the hooded figures and whips him around, staring right into his face.


[ Scientologist #1 ] N-no, Dwayne... that's not a problem.


The hooded figure nods.


The hooded figure nervously reaches out to shake The Rock's hand... but The Rock just clubs him with an open hand slap that knocks him down to his knees. The other hooded figures look on but they don't dare interfere.


The Rock looms over the hooded figure and raises an eyebrow.

[ The Rock ] Do ya' the think The Rock just goes and shakes hands with just any whisker biscuit sumbitch that crosses The Rock's path!? UH-UH! THAT AIN'T IT, CHIEF! Now, while you're lyin' there, wallowin' in defeat, SOMETHIN' THE ROCK HAS NEVER KNOWN! THE ROCK WILL ASK YOU ONE QUESTION... AND THE ROCK MEANS... ONE-AHHH QUESTION!?

Dramatic pause. His voice echoes throughout the warehouse.

[ The Rock ] WHERE'S JOHN!?

Another hooded figure rushes over, trying to diffuse the situation.

[ Scientologist #2 ] Dwayne, you have to stop using that name. Please.

[ The Rock ] What name!? JOHN!? Hey! That reminds The Rock, WHERE'S JOHN!?

The Rock grips the axe handle in both hands. He nods and clicks his teeth at the hooded figure.

[ The Rock ] Hey, ya' like that? The Rock's carryin' some big wood, mama!

The Rock thumps the hooded figure in the chest with the stick.

[ The Rock ] Does that get your thetans pumpin', little mama? Give ya' a little wood!? Some mahagonay?! A little teague?! YEAH! THE ROCK'S WALKIN' TALL AND CARRYIN' A BIG STICK! BABY, I'M THE ROCK!

There's suddenly a lot of noise as a metal roll-up door begins to rise and a black limousine rolls into the open warehouse. As the limousine pulls into the shot, we see the Scientology logo emblazoned on the side because that's how Scientologists roll, I imagine. The limousine comes to a stop and the driver steps out, walks casually to the back with each footstep echoing in the warehouse, and opens the rear door. Another hooded figure steps out but this one's robe is red and covered in sequins like some kind of cross between Ric Flair and Ministry-era Undertaker. The Rock smiles and shakes his head.


[ Scientologist #2 ] ALL HAIL THE SUPREME BEING!

All of the hooded figures kneel, except the one The Rock knocked down earlier. The Rock kneels, leaning forward on the big stick and looking like a character from Arthurian legend, presenting his sword to the king. The Supreme Being motions for everyone to rise and they do. He turns his hooded head toward the fallen man. The Supreme Being sounds annoyed.

[ The Supreme Being ] Hey! What happened to Kevin?!

One of the hooded men points at The Rock discreetly.

[ The Supreme Being ] Dwayne, did you do this to Kevin?! C'mon, man!


[ The Supreme Being ] Dwayne, you know how I feel about people layin' hands on my Bacon Bits!

[ The Rock ] Maybe The Rock got a little excited and punched Bacon Bits in the face.

The Supreme Being shakes his head.

[ The Supreme Being ] Well, how's the shipment of your groovy mind altering tequila going? Is that at least going as planned? We need your millions... and millions of fans to consume as much of it as possible. Once we've converted the masses to Scientology... not only can we audit the entire world's Thetan count... but I can finally assume the real... ultimate... power!

The Supreme Being turns a semi-circle, addressing everyone and sounding overjoyed.

[ The Supreme Being ] I mean, that's why we're all here, after all! Am I right, fella's?!

[ Scientologist #2 ] ALL HAIL THE SUPREME BEING!

[ The Supreme Being ] Of course, the road to real ultimate power begins with one audit in particular and the cultivation of what power may lie within said audit... I trust you've brought the merchandise, Dwayne?


He tilts his head back and shouts, wagging his tongue around.


The Supreme Being suddenly sounds dead serious.

[ The Supreme Being ] Show her to me.

The Rock whips the axe handle off to the side. We hear glass shatter and a cat screech. The Rock power walks toward the chair where Kris Statlander is bound. He gestures toward her. The Supreme Being approaches and takes a knee in front of her. He reaches up and removes the black bag over her head. She shakes her head, getting her hair out of her face. She looks disoriented. The Supreme Being throws back his own hood, revealing his face to the camera. The fans immediately shit all over the revelation.

[ John Travolta ] WOO-WEE, YOU GOOD LOOKIN'!

Kris Statlander's eyes widen with surprise... with a hint of fear.

[ Kris Statlander ] ...father?

John Travolta smiles evilly.


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Pentagon wastes no time getting right in Danielson’s face, reminding him that they’re not fighting for the Elevation Championship tonight because of Danielson’s selfishness two weeks ago. Danielson shoves Pentagon away, but Pentagon raises his hand, proclaiming “CERO!” as the crowd chants along. Pentagon then shoves his fingers in Danielson's face as the crowd follows up with “MIEDO!” Danielson bites his fingers and then snatches Pentagon’s arm, forcing him to the ground! LEBELL LOCK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Whoa! Bryan Danielson looking to end things here seconds into the match with the LeBell Lock!

Pentagon uses his free hand to quickly grab the bottom rope, forcing a break. As Paul Turner gets to four, Danielson finally lets go. Danielson kicks Pentagon in the side of the head and steps over him. Playing to the fans, Danielson flips the bird to the fans, giving Pentagon time to recover. Danielson turns around and Pentagon lights into him, ferociously kicking Danielson in the thighs until he flips over to the ground. As soon as Danielson is back up, Pentagon hits him with the Slingblade for a quick two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dragon had betta’ watch himself in this one! Pentagon is motivated in a way that I haven’t seen him be in a SGW thus far!

[ Scott Steiner ] Good, ‘cause Bryan Danielson sucks!

Danielson rolls to the outside to create separation, but it’s short lived as Pentagon dives through the middle rope, sending Danielson crashing against the guardrail! Pentagon is the first up and he immediately flashes his hand gesture, “CERO! MIEDO!” Low blow! Danielson grabs Pentagon and slings him into the railing. Quickly back inside, Danielson darts off the ropes, through the middle ropes, SUICIDE DIVE OF HIS OWN! Danielson immediately springs up and smashes Pentagon’s head against the ring post! Danielson then grabs a fan’s soda and dumps it on top of Pentagon!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I hope Pentagon was thirsty!


Danielson rolls Pentagon back inside and follows him. Using the ropes to pull himself up, Pentagon finds himself in the corner, but Danielson charges with a dropkick! Danielson dead sprints against the opposite corner and comes back for another, but Pentagon ducks out of the way, forcing Danielson to reroute, instead flipping off of the top turnbuckle and landing on his feet. Danielson turns around, CANADIAN DESTROYER! Danielson wobbles back to his feet, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! One, two, Danielson’s foot lands on the rope at 2.9999!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The ring awareness of Bryan Danielson saves him in this match!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ring awareness? More like dumb luck!

Danielson comes to his knees, clutching the back of his head is agony. Paul Turner checks on him, seeing if he can continue, but Pentagon shoves Turner out of the way, kicking Danielson in the face as hard as he can! Pentagon grabs Danielson by the ear and brings him to an upright position. He bends Danielson over for a pumphandle driver, but Danielson uses a drop toe hold to take Pentagon down. Danielson rolls over and hooks his feet into the back of Pentagon’s knees and jumps into the air, crashing Pentagon’s knees hard onto the ring mat! Danielson goes to the corner and stalks Pentagon and he works his way back up, RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! One… two.. Three! Bryan Danielson wins!.

WINNER - Bryan Danielson via Pin Fall in 11:27

[ Tony Schiavone ] The vicious streak of Bryan Danielson’s comes out tonight, resulting in the Dragon coming back into the win column!

Nigel McGuinness is seen stepping into the ring with a microphone and whispering something into Danielson’s ear that causes the Dragon to shake his head in agreement.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel’s in the ring with the winner for some words.. Nigel, take it away!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thank you, Tony! Bryan Danielson, you and I have been inside a ring wit’ one anotha’ countless times and our friendship goes back almost two decades.. But I hafta’ say, the way you’ve acted lately has me gravely concerned.

Danielson cuts his eyes at Nigel.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Two weeks ago at Total Destruction, you inadvertently cost your team a victory by trying to do it all on your own. Later in the show, you ran down to help Tim Storm who you’ve had a rocky relationship with, but then laid him out to be picked apart by The Origin! Dragon, my friend, the people want ta’ know, I want ta’ know, what’s goin’ on inside your head?

Nigel positions the microphone at Danielson’s mouth.

[ Bryan Danielson ] What’s going on inside my head? Really? Really?

You can tell the line of questioning irks Danielson.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Of course someone with a simpleton mind like you would ask something like that. Let me guess, next you’re going to ask why I did what I did to Tim Storm, right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Dragon, I mean..

[ Tim Storm ] Hold on one second..

Tim Storm appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone decked out in a black suit and yellow necktie. He continues speaking with a serious tone as he walks down the ramp.

[ Tim Storm ] I want a front row seat for this.

Storm enters the ring and sits the microphone down. He casually removes his suit jacket and hands it to Justin Roberts. Storm then begins neatly rolling up the sleeves on his dress shirt until they reach his elbow. Once he’s situated, he picks his microphone back up.

[ Tim Storm ] Now, please, go ahead, Bryan. Explain yourself.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I don’t owe you anything! You were the one poking around my business, Storm!

The usually mild-mannered Storm has a sudden change in character.

[ Tim Storm ] I was the one trying to help you, you son of a bitch! There's nearly a hundred people on this roster and ONE MAN.. ME.. GAVE ENOUGH OF A DAMN TO MAKE SURE YOU WERE OKAY! I invested my time in you and challenged you to do the right thing for ONE damn time in your life.

He quickly continues, passion exuding from his voice that’s beginning to crack.

[ Tim Storm ] But no, you play the victim time and time again and when someone tries to befriend you, you strike like a snake! I respect what you do inside this ring and even more the fact that you fought like hell to come back when EVERYONE said you were done. You kept grinding, kept fighting, and EARNED your spot in this company! I simply tried to be your friend.

Danielson is taken aback momentarily until he smirks at Storm. He responds very matter-of-factly.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And look at where it got you.

[ Tim Storm ] You know, Bryan, while I was walking down the ramp, I had it in my mind to enter this ring and immediately punch you in the face for what you did to me two weeks ago. I took my jacket off and rolled up my sleeves for the moment.. To finally pay you back for what you did to me.. but the more I thought about it, the more I decided against it. I wanted you to be afforded the opportunity to defend your actions.. But now that I see that you show no remorse for what you did and instead chose to make excuses, I’m going to do this instead.

Storm collects his thoughts and continues.

[ Tim Storm ] I’m going to challenge you to a match at WrestleBrawl. You versus me. Nothing fancy, just two of the best SGW has to offer settling an issue like MEN..

HUGE crowd pop as Danielson looks taken aback.

[ Tim Storm ] ...And if you have the guts to accept it, then on March 31st in Toronto, I’m going to kick your ass!

[ Bryan Danielson ] You want to challenge me? You stupid old man..

Danielson’s offended by the notion of Storm even considering doing such a thing.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You’re.. On!

[ Tim Storm ] Good.

WHAM! Tim Storm decks Danielson right between the eyes with a stiff right hand! Storm jumps on top of the fallen Danielson, delivering right hand after right hand to his face as Danielson does his best to cover up. Storm gets to his feet and grabs his microphone.

[ Tim Storm ] About not punchin’ you in the face.. Well, I changed my mind.

Storm drops his microphone at Danielson’s feet and exits the ring through the middle rope. He takes his suit jacket and puts it back on. Danielson remains on the mat in a seated position, breathing heavily, fuming after getting embarrassed by Storm’s sucker punch. We cut from the ringside area, but not before giving us one final glance at Bryan Danielson and a quick cut to show Tim Storm smiling as he backs up the ramp. SGW's first Wrestlebrawl match is official! Bryan Danielson versus Tim Storm!

As soon as we arrive backstage, we’re privy to the four men who will compete for the SGW Elevation Championship tonight in mid-conversation. Actually, mid-argument is far more appropriate. Though the men won this opportunity as a ‘team,’ tonight they are anything but.

Nunzio and his goons are screaming at Doctor Stevie, though not too closely, as Killer Kross looms ever dangerously behind them. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is discussing the argument with Wardlow, who hasn’t taken his eyes off of Kross the entire time. Aleister Black is leaned against a brick wall, seemingly in his own world when through all the fighting a voice is heard approaching off-screen.

[ ??? ] Well, well, well, would you look at this! Someone let the job boys out for a little roamin’ the halls early, I see!

The camera swings over to show Kevin Nash walking up and settling in amidst all of the competitors in tonight’s title match. Big Sexy perks his head up in the silence and continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] What’s that? What could a man who’s actually drawn money in this business have to do with these jay-brones?

Nobody says a word as Nash nudges Nunzio in the ribs with his elbow and continues through the silence.

[ Kevin Nash ] Y’see, I just got off the ‘ole horn with my old buddy Davey Meltzer. Yeah, that’s right, we’re tight. Anyway, he says I’m in line for an SGW Elevation Title shot at WrestleBrawl 3!

The entire room shifts as Nash drops this bombshell of information before speaking again.

[ Kevin Nash ] Two things I’ve learned from Dave otherwise, boys – one, I’m going over, kiddos! I always do. And two – if it’s on the internet, it must be true! Haha, am I right, Nunz?!

Nash claps Nunzio on the back a little harder than he probably intended to, but the Sicilian Shooter rolls with the blow and laughs.

[ Nunzio ] Ayy, you know it, paisan!

Nash smirks, nodding still, and turns towards Aleister Black, who is glaring daggers in Nash’s direction. Big Sexy turns over his shoulder and realizes nobody’s there, and that this gaze must be intended for him. Not impressed, he speaks up.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, golly gee! It’s the will-never-be SGW Elevation Champion! Mister …uh…

Nash pauses and rubs his chin, lost for the name.

[ Aleister Black ] …you do not deserve the pleasure of uttering my name, but humans like yourself are known to refer to me…as Aleister Black.

[ Kevin Nash ] Right. Right. Of course! I definitely knew that, because…I mean…how couldn’t you? Look at this guy!

Nash waves his hands up and down Black and gets a disgusted look on his face before fanning in front of his nose to alleviate what must be a foul smell. Black isn’t pleased, but Nash grins pleasantly and changes the subject quickly, turning to Killer Kross and Dr. Stevie, jerking his thumb towards Kross, who seethes intensely.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hell of a finish you’ve got there, kid…

[ Dr. Stevie ] Indeed, Mr. Nash. Kross is well-versed in many discipli—

[ Kevin Nash ] Yeah, yeah, real sharp. Good stuff. Yep.

Nash pops his lips lightly to emphasize his sarcasm.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’d normally bet that a spot like that gets you lots of vag, but…

Nash looks the Doomsday Patient up and down and clicks his teeth sadly as he nods his head towards Dr. Stevie, who looks insulted, but more bemused with the joking.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well…anyway. The good doctor seems to enjoy it. And all the mizarks seem to like it, too! And you know what?

[ Dr. Stevie ] <through gritted teeth> …what…

[ Kevin Nash ] I can’t wait to kick out of it in front of 300,000 people at WrestleBrawl 3.

Kross snarls as Stevie’s eyes grow wide.

[ Dr. Stevie ] I don’t think the Rogers Centre even holds 100,000 people…

Nash lifts a hand to silence him and nods knowingly.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well it will that night.

Dr. Stevie rolls his eyes as Nash raises an eyebrow and nods repeatedly and annoyingly. MJF steps forward and opens his mouth to speak, but Nash cuts him off before a single syllable emerges.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hold on, hold on, hold on, before you even start rattling off all your rhetoric about who you are and how you’re so great, let me go ahead and pull out my phone here…

Nash pulls an iPhone from his interior jacket pocket and wiggles his hand towards Friedman to begin; annoyed, MJF does just that.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Listen closely, old man, because if your ears are anywhere near as bad as your knobbly little knees, there, you’ll want to pay attention when I tell you that I am Max-well! Jay-cob! Fried-mannn!

MJF nods, making sure Nash is listening, though Big Sexy hasn’t looked up from his device.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] And while, frankly, any two-legged son of a bitch who can get from point A to point B without riding their buddy’s coattails to the top or tripping and tearing a quad along the way can say the same, please realize that I am oh-so much Better Than You! And that’s ever. Better than You ever were, are, have been or will ever be.

Nash smiles to his phone and looks up, realizing MJF has finished. Friedman is adjusting his scarf as Wardlow nods, smirking behind him.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, hell. I appreciate your sense of timing, Max. Gave me just enough time to tune out and get some work done. You see, I’m still pretty spry even in my old age…see what I’m doing here?

Nash turns his phone quickly towards MJF, who did not have nearly enough time to assess the screen before Nash continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] Editing my Wikipedia page. Just finished, in fact! Had to make a quick change…

[ Killer Kross ] …to ‘deceased?’

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh, okay, see, now it makes sense why you don’t talk. That voice…wow. Anyway. No, I had to amend the very vast section called ‘Professional Wrestling Championships.’ I’m adding the Elevation Championship to the list!

Everyone is a bit stunned at what he’s saying but “Big Sexy” winks to the camera, still very much unconcerned, as Dr. Stevie shakes his head in disbelief, eyes closed. Nash brushes off his shoulders and straightens his blazer as Black steps up to him.

[ Aleister Black ] Enough talk, Nash. I’ve heard more than enou—

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh, THAT’S how I know you! You’re the job boy feuding with fake Mysterio! Meltzer told me all about you…and something about how you’re always late? Very unprofessional.

Black’s eyes narrow as Nash nods, proud of himself.

[ Kevin Nash ] Y’know, I feuded with actual Mysterio back in the day. Won that one. Like always…

Nash clicks his teeth as Black steps forward.

[ Kevin Nash ] …not that you’d know what winning is like…

[ Aleister Black ] I’ll know it intimately when I’ve broken your legs off at the knees and send your skull flying into the seventh circle of hell, you vapid desecrate. Cease your mouthing and make me care that you’re even still on this plane of existance.

Nash’s eyes open wide and he nods snarkily.

[ Kevin Nash ] Wow! I’m impressed! Somewhere in those tights rests balls! I’ll be damned, here I thought I was going to be thumping some nutless nobody at WrestleBrawl 3 if you could pull out the upset of the century and do anything right! Or hell, even be here when you’re supposed to! But still – just look at this! Behind all of your angst and ridiculousness, there’s a real man there!

[ Aleister Black ] And behind all of your insufferable smarm is a dead man.

[ Kevin Nash ] I assure you, Dave Navarro…you couldn’t fathom the amount of dead men behind me.

Nash turns and walks away, but Black throws a punch towards him, finally unable to restrain himself – but it connects with Chuck Palumbo instead! A pier-six brawl breaks out as attendants quickly rush in to separate the four men who will do battle for the SGW Elevation Championship later tonight as we fade away!

Earlier Today.

A pre-taped segment.

Chris Jericho holds a cellphone in front of his face. We’re inside the locker room as Jake Hager is seen leaning against the wall and Jericho is holding the phone at face-level, almost too close for comfort.

[ Chris Jericho ] Solid Gold Wrestling, I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to the conversation Joey Janela and myself had two weeks ago at Total Destruction after I humiliated and ran Roman Reigns out of the company! He tucked his tail between his legs and hit the bricks.. Let’s just say.. SGW is alo short a Bad Boy along with a Big Dog, because after that door closed, I beat the shit out of Joey Janela and Hager threw his ass out into the cold where he belongs.

Jericho smirks as he looks back to Hager.

[ Chris Jericho ] Didn’t we, Jake?

Hager nods.

[ Chris Jericho ] Let this be a lesson, if you have the balls to step to the Greatest of All Time, then you’d better be worth my time. Joey Janela was not worth my time and he paid dearly for trying to elevate himself to my level when he isn’t capable of lacing my boots or washing my gear like a young boy bitch… Screw ‘em. He’s gone and we’ll never see him again.

The phone is laid down on a table and propped upright as Jericho sits down in front of it in a chair and crosses his right leg on top of his left. Completely comfortable, Jericho leans back in the chair with confidence oozing out of every pore.

[ Chris Jericho ] And tonight, two weeks later, I’m going to add two more to the list of those who just don’t belong. Paul London and Matt Riddle. What a joke. Me, Chris Jericho, Greatest of All Time, stuck in a match against Matt Riddle and Paul London with that ass-hat Sami Zayn as my partner. Sami, you're welcome for getting the honor of me carrying you to victory tonight. Sami Zayn, the idiot as my partner, two stoners as my opponents.. You cannot convince me that I am not a victim of some wide-range conspiracy to hold me back… But there’s only one way to overcome it.

He pauses. Jericho leans forward and gets closer to the camera.

[ Chris Jericho ] Kick the shit out of everyone in sight. Foe, teammate, referee, I don’t care who it is. You cross my path, I’ll kick your ass! Sami Zayn, you think you’re hot stuff because you beat a girl two weeks ago? Here’s your chance to fight two more tonight. Do what you do best.. But listen to me.. Enjoy your moment in the sun getting to team with Chris Jericho, because I don’t do charity, so if you can’t prove your worth, Hager will end you.

Hager takes a step forward with his arms crossed. Jericho puckers his lips with an expression that makes you just want to punch him right in the mouth.

[ Chris Jericho ] So after I win tonight, I point myself to WrestleBrawl 3. There’s a 30 man rumble where the winner gets a Golden Ticket. This ticket gets the winner ANYTHING they want.. Anything that their heart desires… What could Chris Jericho use it for?

He comedically shrugs as he puts on a pair of aviator sunglasses and reclines with his arms behind his head.



[ Chris Jericho ] But adding the SGW World Heavyweight Championship wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen. But first, Matt Riddle, Paul London, you’re gonna’ kiss my ass tonight!

Jericho leans forward and taps the screen of his phone, ending the recording. Darkness overtakes the screen as we fade out.

Cody Rhodes walks through the doors of the arena with a stoic expression on his face. His matching royal blue suit stands out in contrast with Brandi’s black jumpsuit. The normally jubilant and friendly Rhodes says nothing to anyone… Until he’s stopped dead in his tracks.

[ Marty Scurll ] Ah, Cody!

Marty Scurll, Paul Robinson, and WALTER appear. Scurll flashes a bright smile as he removes his sunglasses.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hey Marty. Welcome to SGW.

[ Marty Scurll ] Cody, I hafta’ say, what Dustin did to you was uncalled for, mate. I’ve known you for quite a while and I know you’ll ensure that he gets his just desserts.

Cody swallows hard. It’s a subject he didn’t want to really talk about.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Yeah.

Marty reads the room and changes the subject.

[ Marty Scurll ] Right… Sore subject. Apologies.

Marty puts his arm around Cody, not letting the awkwardness stop him.

[ Marty Scurll ] Say, when you get done beatin’ Christopher Daniels tonight, let me take you n’ Brandi ta’ dinna’. We owe it to ourselves ta’ catch up.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I don’t know. I have a lot going on.

[ Marty Scurll ] You have a lot goin’ on that you need to quit worryin’ about! WrestleBrawl is in a month! Biggest show o’ the year, numtpy! Life is good. You can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch, right?

Cody shrugs.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Alright, alright.. I’ll call you after the show. We’ll figure something out. Deal?

[ Marty Scurll ] Perfect!

Marty and Cody shake hands.

[ Marty Scurll ] Good luck out there!

Cody and Brandi continue heading toward the locker room area as Paul Robinson sneers at the sight of Cody walking away.

[ Paul Robinson ] Oy, I don’t fuckin’ wanna’ eat dinna’ wit’em.

He spits on the floor.

[ Paul Robinson ] Rich piece o’ shit. Silver spoon stuck up his bloody arse n’ shit.

[ Marty Scurll ] Now, now, PR.. Cody’s my friend. He’s my ticket to great things in this company. Just watch.

Scurll looks on in admiration at Cody. The scene fades.

We cut backstage where we see Christina Von Eerie walking with purpose. She walking toward the exit. From behind her, we hear someone shouting at her but she keeps walking, staring straight ahead.

[ Luster the Legend ] Christina! Hold up!

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Yeah! Where you goin'!? Ya' can't just walk out on us!

[ Luster the Legend ] We ain't heard from you in weeks! What's goin' on!?

Christina doesn't give even give them a glance over her shoulder before she pushes the door open and disappears into the parking lot. Luster and Thornstowe follow her out the door and look around, but she's already gone. They look frustrated.

[ Luster the Legend ] God dammit!

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Where'd she go!?

Luster huffs and storms off-camera. Thornstowe follows him. The camera focuses on the darkness surrounding the exit door. From the darkness, we see a woman appear... but not Christina Von Eerie. It's a woman clad in black leather with silver and black hair.


[ Vipress ] Mmm... rage... hatred...

She smiles.

There's a flicker of red in her eye.

[ Vipress ] ...delicious.


Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

No more than a split second before Referee Rick Knox calls for the opening bell to the contest, Maxwell Jacob Friedman delivers a Jake Elliott-like kick to Aleister Black’s Aleister Sack, doubling the Demonic Kickboxer over at the waist as the tome sounds around the arena.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And MJF kicks us off on the wrong foot!...although it’s actually probably only the wrong foot for Black!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO HONOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And no pun intended, right, best buddy?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wit is ruined when it’s pointed out, Tony – thanks for putting your stamp on my commentary, as always!

Schiavone sulks like a scolded child as Black tumbles lifelessly out of the ring and MJF fakes concern before laughing to himself and turning right into a massive spin kick from Killer Kross! Kross roars out and turns to face Nunzio, who crosses himself for good luck – before Kross is tripped – MJF pulls him down to the mat with a leg lock, taking away the height advantage the Doomsday Patient enjoys over all other participants in the contest.

[ Scott Steiner ] Killer Kross is a big tall bastard!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And he’s certifiably insane, Scott!

Dr. Stevie calmly instructs Kross from the floor on how to reverse the hold or alleviate the pressure long enough to reach the ropes as Nunzio watches on curiously. Kross eventually manages to make his way to the ropes and grits through the four count from Knox as MJF holds on as long as possible. Friedman eventually releases the hold and begins to push off the mat – but Nunzio strikes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here comes Nunzio!

In a very fluid motion, the Sicilian Shooter shoves MJF through the top and middle ropes to the floor and quickly hooks Kross’ legs for a two count! The big man forces his upper half off the canvas and glares down Nunzio, not giving him any room to breathe in lunging across the ring for him! Before Kross can grab or damage the Shooter in any way, MJF is back on him with a legdrop across the back of the neck, pausing after popping up to his feet to spread his arms wide before the Philadelphia crowd.

[ Scott Steiner ] Dammit, this MJF is impressive as all hell! He’s always talkin’ shit and always backin’ it up – just like yours truly!

Friedman scoffs at Nunzio pulling himself up in the corner and turns his attention back to Kross, lifting a leg and going for some sort of hold – but Kross forces MJF off! Friedman bumps on the top of his shoulders and rolls through to his knees, eyes wide as Kross pushes off the mat and charges, steamrolling him in the corner with a big body press and elbow smash combo! Nunzio runs and leaps onto the Doomsday Patient’s back, doing what he can to drag the big man to the ground – but no dice!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no, Nunzio – that’s not going to work!

Dr. Stevie’s docile smile quickly morphs into a sickening sneer as he points a thumb into the air before swinging it downwards – Kross obliges, throwing himself backwards and smashing Nunzio between the ring and his beefy frame! With the Sicilian’s grip loosened, Kross is back up in a machine-like way and throws a series of kicks to MJF’s ribs, staggering him again.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HERE COMES BLACK!

Aleister Black has recovered from the low blow and is careening off the top rope, nailing Kross with a Blood Moon Stomp to the chest and driving him into the mat disgustingly! He rolls forward on impact, right into his seated pose in center ring!


[ Tony Schiavone ] AH! AH! What’s going on!?


[ Nigel McGuinness ] …okay, wow, lots to unpack, there, Scott.

As the lights rise up in the arena again like the intro to SmackDown in 2006, Sin Cara is standing behind Aleister Black and the Philadelphia fans pop huge. Black lifts an eyebrow to their cheers, still sitting calmly in center ring, but eventually is smacked in the ear with a buzzsaw kick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] First of all, Sabu doesn’t work here…

Black takes the blow flush, but uses its momentum to roll to a knee – but Cara is already off the ropes and connects with a swinging head scissors – SPIKING Black’s face into the canvas as Philly roars again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …I mean, if he WERE to show up unannounced, it’d definitely be in Philadelphia, but still, I mean…

Cara pulls Black up by his hair and is already charging away again, leaving Black to feebly chase, before springing backwards off the middle rope with a quebrada – transitioning upon landing on Aleister’s shoulder into a beautiful tornado DDT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …and I can even see it being NOW, of all times, since he was recently commenting on Twitter about Aleister Black’s home promotion – where Aleister stomps the ground under him in Clothesline Pro – but still, Scott, still, above all…

Cara is quickly up after the DDT and smacks Black in the jaw before propping him up onto the top rope, facing out into the rabid sea of Philadelphia Phaithful who are all the more excited to see the luchador’s bloodthirstiness.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …you know Sabu’s bald because he’s sick, right?

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, I knows that! I saw him at some convention and complimented him for finally cuttin’ off that nappy curtain shit on his head! Now he looks more like a real man!

There’s an awkward pause on commentary as Sin Cara leaps, springboarding before turning his body in mid-air and connecting with an absolutely breathtaking Spanish Fly from the top rope! Cara crashes to the arena floor below as Black somehow gets tangled on the top rope and falls head-first to the apron and lies still in a crumpled mess!



The Philly fans are absolutely livid as a swarm of attendants, doctors, and Rick Knox rush to the scene, quickly taking charge of the scene to assess the probably countless injuries both men have sustained from the disgusting fall.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And you know, in my head, I was praying for a subject change and, Hell on Earth, here it came. God have mercy.

MJF notices the madness from the corner, just rising, but shoves the doctors away and drags Black back into the ring, preparing to cover him – but Kross is back up, too! He LEVELS MJF with a huge spin kick before turning – right into a low blow from Nunzio! The Sicilian shoves Kross through the ropes to the apron and turns to face a charging MJF!

[ Scott Steiner ] This shit is breakin’ down!

Nunzio side-steps Friedman, sending him crashing into the Doomsday Patient and rocketing Kross off the apron from the collision! Friedman turns around to a gut kick! Nunzio hooks his head in a front facelock and a single arm lock – lifts and spins before driving him headfirst into the canvas!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ARREVADERCI, MJF!

Without missing a beat, Nunzio rolls across the mat on his shoulder and hooks both of Black’s legs, demanding that Knox count the fall, injuries be damned! Knox scowls but obliges, smacking the mat thrice to end the contest and give the Sicilian Shooter the dub!

WINNER & NEW CHAMPION - Nunzio via Pin Fall in 9:33

As soon as the third chime of the bell echoes around the Wells Fargo Center, Nunzio is instantly off of Black and rolls to the floor, pushing through doctors and stepping over Sin Cara, making a beeline for Justin Roberts and his newly earned championship belt!

[ Scott Steiner ] I’ll be damned, look at this! The son of a bitch did it! I should have known after I saw him gettin’ that lap dance that he was top shit!

Nunzio is quickly up the ramp to the stage, where David Otunga, Vito, and Chuck Palumbo greet him with applause and pats on the back. A rare smile begins to emerge on the Don’s face, but he quickly stifles it and slaps Chuck across the back of the head to stop the celebration for now.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But don’t forget, Scott – his first defense is set for WrestleBrawl 3! And it’s against –

[ Scott Steiner ] AWW YEAH! BIG SEXY! Well, tough shit, paisan – you had a hell of a reign!

Nunzio doesn’t mind the looming threat of his sometimes-friend Nash at the moment, though – for the moment, he stands proud atop the ramp, the new SGW Elevation Champion!


We fade up backstage with a shot of Dahlia Black and TK Cooper in front of the SGW interview set. They're feverishly making out. It's a grotesque sight with tongues on full display. Cathy Kelley is standing by with the SGW Lifetime World Heavyweight Championship around her waist. She clears her throat, trying to get their attention but TK Cooper simply cuts his eyes in her direction, staring her down uncomfortably as he continues sucking on Dahlia's tongue.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Um... hi.

They keep going. Cathy looks disgusted.

[ Cathy Kelley ] There's... a lot of people who would like to hear from you two. You're one of the more talked about signings over the past couple of months... so, could I... like... get a word with you about your plans in SGW?

TK keeps staring her down, not saying a word. Dahlia hops up, wrapping her legs around TK's waist, gyrating erotically. Cathy almost openly gags before catching herself. She looks into the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Okay, we're done. Let's go. Shane Douglas can have this one if he wants it.

Cathy walks off-camera, leaving the camera man to focus on the erotic scene taking place in front of him. TK Cooper's knees finally give out and Dahlia goes down on top of him. They continue making out and gyrating against one another until we mercifully cut to black.

“Hangman” Adam Page is seated at his locker in the dressing room. His suitcase is spread open and his gear, boots, and clothes are scattered everywhere in a total mess. Hangman looks ahead, above the camera, off into the distance.

[ Adam Page ] Solid Gold Wrestling.

The words are like music to his ears.

[ Adam Page ] Do you know how hard I fought to get here? To get to THE best wrestling company in the world?

He finally makes eye contact with us. His tone is sincere.

[ Adam Page ] It’s not about wins and losses. Title belts don’t mean a damn thing to me. It’s about respect. It’s about finding a place to belong. To prove yourself.


[ Adam Page ] And SGW’s going to give me all of that and then some. I’m excited as hell. I don’t care if it’s fighting ZSJ or Randy Orton, I’ll take on anyone the Championship Committee throws my way.

Hangman pulls his hair back and then ties it into a curly ponytail.

[ Adam Page ] Hangman Page BELONGS in SGW! And I’m here to do some real cowboy shit.


In a lavish dressing room backstage, Ted DiBiase is in mid-story as our camera arrives and the feed begins, hands spread wide and laughing as he recounts a tale.

[ Ted DiBiase ] – knowing full well that the team meeting is in five minutes, I did what any tax-evading millionaire above the laws of the normies would do…

The camera zooms out slightly, showing El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr., each wearing gold suits, decked out in shining sequins and glittery accents. Around their waists are the Solid Gold Wrestling World Tag Team Championships.

[ Ted DiBiase ] That’s right – I marched right on across that street!

El Hijo del Ice Cream is shocked – what kind of reckless madman has he been working for this entire time? His brain, already frozen, is now double-frozen from the revelation. Ice Cream Jr. has his hands on the sides of his face in shock. DiBiase nods cockily and carries on.

[ Ted DiBiase ] That’s right! Ol’ Teddy’s at it again – I strolled across – NO SIGNAL! NOT A ONE! – and marched into that building to have the meeting of a lifetime, discussing my newest business venture, boys! Now, I know this sort of behavior is certainly all the more heinous because of the lawlessness of the crime, but furthermore, it’s a great secret that I was meeting with none other than Be —

A stifled cough breaks the air and Philadelphia begins murmuring as the Tag Team Champions and DiBiase begin peering around the room.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …I’m sorry, what the hell is that?

From the back of the dressing room, a pair of curtains with a strange series of bulges in it shakes slightly. The Million Dollar Man strolls over and rips the curtain off, revealing none other than Team Tremendous! Philadelphia pops as DiBiase holds his hands out, in disbelief not only that these clowns would try such a silly tactic, but also that it worked until that moment. After a moment to sense out the scene, the Million Dollar Man begins his interrogation.

[ Ted DiBiase ] So what are you two doing here?

Barry points his nose high in the air, no-selling DiBiase literally just finding them out. Carr shrugs and responds firmly in the most nonchalant manner, though he and DiBiase are eventually testing their wits with lightning-quick replies.

[ Bill Carr ] Oh, you know, just hangin’ around.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Hangin’ around?

[ Bill Carr ] Hangin’ around.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Thwartin’ my plans?

[ Bill Carr ] Thwartin’ your plans?

[ Ted DiBiase ] Are you?

[ Bill Carr ] No.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Good, ‘cause that would be bad.

[ Bill Carr ] How bad?

[ Ted DiBiase ] I’d have to pay to have you killed.

[ Bill Carr ] That’s bad.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Real bad.

DiBiase scowls as Philadelphia roars out an excited laugh. He sneers in no particular direction at the cheering, joyous crowd before jabbing a finger toward Solid Gold Wrestling’s favorite arm of the law. Carr is particularly offended by the outstretched finger.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Listen you gruesome gumshoes – I know you think you’re slick, defeating a pair of mystical demons and overshadowing the greatest success story to ever emerge from obscurity and into the record books – my men! My BEST FRIENDS, Los Ice Creams, valiantly defeating Dusty’s boys and earning these SGW World Tag Team Championships.

Ice Cream Jr. nods emphatically, over and over, as DiBiase speaks and even afterwards. The Million Dollar Man acknowledges that his head is still bobbing and grabs him by the cone of his mask to steady his head.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Bizarre as they are, they are deviant dairies! They are the champions! With the championships come the power! And the power is in the cream, coppers! You have no claim! You have no contendership! You have no connections! You have! No! Match!

Dan Barry shakes his head and slowly removes his aviators, looking the Million Dollar Man deep in his eyes.

[ Dan Barry ] See, that…that’s where you’re wrong, Teddy.

Barry pulls out – a tape recorder! Philadelphia pops and Carr begins wide-eyed nodding.

[ Dan Barry ] We’ve got your whole confession on tape, Ted! That’s right – the Million Dollar Man himself, admitting guilt to simple jaywalking! You know what I think, partner?

Carr answers matter-of-factly, not taking his eyes off DiBiase.

[ Bill Carr ] I’ve told you many times I do not.

[ Dan Barry ] I think Ted knows we’ve got him by the ball-satchel. So, let me make this perfectly clear for you, Tedward Jean DiBiase – either you accept our challenge for those SGW World Tag Team Championships at WrestleBrawl 3 – or we’ll take this tape straight to the chief and blow your whole secret operation sky-high!

Philadelphia is popping off like the Fourth of July as DiBiase’s eyes grow wider, realizing that he was trapped and that as a result, the championships around his boys’ waists could be in jeopardy. Los Ice Creams are fairly indifferent to the turn of events, as their English is fairly rusty. DiBiase is growing red in the face and eventually blurts out:

[ Ted DiBiase ] DEAL!

Gritty himself could not electrify the Philly Phaithful in a way like this. Somehow, Team Tremendous have grown from joke to number one contenders in six months – DiBiase is beside himself, seething, but raises his hand to ask a question.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Now that you’ve got your match, and you’ve signed your very expensive death warrants, I must know…

Barry tilts his head to the left, curious.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …just what sort of jurisdiction does your chief have that he could pin me for a crime in a city that I never even said the name of?!

Barry slowly places his sunglasses back on before stepping up and going nose-to-nose with DiBiase, showing no fear. Carr scooches his way up beside his partner, also nose-to-nose-to-nose with Barry and DiBiase. Not wanting to be left out, Los Ice Creams also saddle in closely and DiBiase looks ready to just roll over and die this very moment. Barry answers slowly:

[ Dan Barry ] The main chief I serve…is each and every one of these SGW fans, buddy.

Philadelphia are roaring with love for Team Tremendous as DiBiase scowls.

[ Dan Barry ] …and of course, the highest-ranking officer in our precinct, but he’s not got any jurisdiction in these matters…

DiBiase rolls his eyes as Carr nods.

[ Bill Carr ] That’s right, Tedward…and you know what? I know you’ve got Millions of dollars and I know you will be sure your boys are good’n frosty fresh when we all get to Toronto for WrestleBrawl 3…

Philadelphia roars again, building up as DiBiase nods angrily.

[ Bill Carr ] They can be as cool as they wanna be…but on that night? Their title reign, like them, will melt into a sweet memory – because Toronto? The block is hot! And Team Tremendous are coming to bust your asses!

Barry turns and beams, nodding proudly at the badass final line before Team Tremendous use two fingers apiece to show DiBiase that they are watching them before leaving the locker room. DiBiase lips are quivering and he kicks a trash can as his Champions leap up in fear and imitate the ‘watching you’ motion Team Tremendous were making in confusion. The Million Dollar Man rears a backhand at Los Ice Creams, who flinch big before he buries his face in his hands and we fade to ringside.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The two lock up right away, as Adam Page tries to get the power advantage on Zack Sabre Jr. Sabre lets go of the hold and rolls out of the ring, trying to get things back to a pace he can easily manage. Sabre starts to mock Page as he walks around the outside of the ring, trying to make Page come to the outside. Page finally listens, coming to the outside, and is met quickly with an uppercut, which stuns Page for a bit. Sabre throws Page into the barricade and roles back into the ring, taunting Page and the crowd.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Got ta' love the effort from the ol' chap.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hangman has to get himself focused, or Sabre Jr. will win this match with ease.

[ Scott Steiner ] WHERE'S HANGMAN'S HORSE?!

Page gets himself back together, and rolls back into the ring slowly. We suddenly see, Sabre run towards Hangman, and starts to lock in a chin lock to slow the pace down even more, allowing him to really draw the attention on him, and his style. Sabre continues to lock in the hold, as Page gets up and slams him down to the mat. A quick cover, but Sabre quickly kicks out, holding his side a bit as Page gets back up, ready to go in for the next move. Page then takes Sabre, and hits a nice Samoan Drop, and makes the cover, ONE.. T.. Kick out by Sabre, as Page takes a look at the ref asking for a quicker count.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Page really taking control now.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' got ta' think Tony, one way or anotha' Zack will regain control 'ere.

Sabre gets up and starts to chop the chest of Page, who starts to fall back against the ropes. Sabre starts to try and Irish Whip Page to the other corner, but the strength of Page causes the ability for Sabre to just go back into the corner himself. Page gets up on the second rope, and tries to start the ten punch salute, but is quickly caught by Sabre who pulls him down and starts to lock in a wrist lock which has Page starting to try and quickly grab the rope which he does. Mike Chioda starts to make a count to break the hold, with Sabre screaming ot Chioda that he has until 5.


[ Tony Schiavone ] You always need to say something, don't you?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gotta love, dis tenacity from Sabre!

Page gets back towards Sabre, and starting hitting him with left and rights, pushing Sabre back and bit as it caught him off guard. Sabre then quickly takes him down, and starts to punch the back of the head with force. Sabre makes the cover on Page, but Page quickly kicks out, and gets back up, and starts hitting left and rights of his own. Page then throws Sabre outside of the ring, and starts to get himself motivated again. The crowd chanting for Page to get Sabre, and he quickly starts to chop the chest of Sabre. Sabre goes down on a knee, giving Page the opportunity to climb the top rope. Chioda starts to count and yell at Page to get off the top rope. A Moonsault on a groggy, standing Sabre! The crowd is chanting for Hangman, as Sabre gets thrown back in the ring by Page.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This crowd falling in love with Hangman!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] C'mon! Let's go Zack!


Page quickly makes the cover. ONE.. TWO. TH NO! Sabre kicks out. Sabre kicks out at the last second, getting Page disappointed that the kickout happened. Page starts to get himself ready, picks up Sabre, but Sabre quickly comes to, and starts to hit Page with some quick left and rights. Page getting a bit stunned by this is suddenly put in the Hypernormalisation. Sabre starts to get a hold of the other arm, as Page tries to fight it off, but the pain becomes to much. Chioda starts to check on Page, asking if he wants to quit. Page denies it at first, trying to fight it off, but the pain becomes too much as we hear Page yells he has to quit.

WINNER - Zack Sabre, Jr. via Submission in 8:09

[ Tony Schiavone ] Damn it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aye'! What a win for Zack Sabre!

[ Scott Steiner ] TEA TIME BITCHES!

Sabre denies his hand to be raised by Chioda, as we see Page holding his right shoulder in pain. Sabre stands tall on Page as he continues to celebrate his victory.






Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima attack Billie Kay and Peyton Royce before the ring introductions are even over! The fans boo loudly as Shida and Shoko go to work, pummeling the IIconics and putting the boots to them! Shida corners Billie Kay and begins delivering overhand chops and knee lifts in rapid fire succession! Shoko has mounted Peyton Royce on the mat and is raining lefts and rights as Peyton covers up to protect her face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an onslaught by the members of the Cube Army!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You have to believe that the winna' of this match will earn a position of high favor in regards to the upcoming SGW Twinstar Championship match at WrestleBrawl 3! The Big Kaijus are looking to secure their bloody spot!

Rick Knox is desperately trying to get some semblance of order going on in this match but it's not even coming close to happening. Shida hairmares Billie Kay out of the corner and she lands in a seated position toward the center of the ring! Shida runs and hits the ropes! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE OF BILLIE KAY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a hit! Billie Kay could be bloody out of it!

Shoko Nakajima stands up and snatches Peyton Royce off the mat... and delivers a SNAP SUPLEX ONTO BILLIE KAY! Billie and Peyton both writhe around on the mat as Shida and Shoko talk back and forth in Japanese. It looks like they're going to continue their dominant onslaught when... CANDY FLOSS EMERGES FROM THE BACK WITH A CANDY CANE COLORED KENDO STICK! She slides under the bottom rope and swings at Hikaru Shida's head but Shida ducks and rolls out of the ring! Shoko Nakajima narrowly avoids contact by ducking and rolling before sliding out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Candy Floss is HERE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's lookin' to even the score wit' the Cube Army afta' what happened at Total Destruction! Candy Floss is saying ENOUGH ALREADY!

Shida and Shoko escape over the guardrail and run through the crowd! Candy Floss is in hot pursuit! The fans part as Candy Floss leaps over the rail and follows them into the sea of people! Within seconds, all three women are out of sight and the IIconics are left in the ring! Rick Knox looks around confused and begins the mandatory ten count! Peyton and Billie look at each other, hopeful! Knox reaches ten and the match is over!

WINNERS - The IIconics via Count Out in 2:45

The IIconics return to their feet and begin celebrating like they just won a couple of world championships! The fans are booing loudly as they shriek and hug one another while jumping up and down.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Real impressive win, ladies.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the IIconics are attacked from the crowd by Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter! The fans boo loudly as Hayter takes Peyton Royce's head off with a running lariat! Bea Priestley whips Billie Kay into the ropes and DRILLS HER with a BICYCLE KNEE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Jamie Hayter and Bea Priestley are out in full force tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're looking t' get their bloody names out there! Commanding respect!

Priestley and Hayter continue slugging away at the IIconics... until TEAM KICK hits the ring to a big pop! Dakota Kai immediately greets Jamie Hayter with a PUMP KICK right to the face! Hayter goes down and rolls out of the ring! Priestley charges at Dakota and Dakota clips her knee, causing Bea to go down to one knee... where Tegan Nox WIPES HER OUT WITH THE SHINIEST WIZARD!

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck is goin' on here?! Where's all these bitches comin' from!?

The fans are cheering loudly as Tegan and Dakota high five in the middle of the ring... only to turn around into STEREO MISSILE DROPKICKS FROM AZM AND STARLIGHT KID! Dakota and Tegan roll out of the ring, looking disoriented. As Starlight and AZM celebrate what they've done, Trish Stratus walks out onto the stage with a microphone in her hand. She doesn't look thrilled by what she's witnessing. She raises her microphone and speaks in a stern tone.

[ Trish Stratus ] Ladies, that's enough!

The IIconics are huddled in a corner, looking up the ramp at Trish with concerned looks on their faces. Jamie and Bea have collected themselves at ringside, looking pissed. Tegan and Dakota are watching, both pouting. AZM and Starlight are the only women standing in the ring, looking surprised.

[ Trish Stratus ] You're better than this! Do you know what I see when I look at the eight women in and around the ring right now? I see passion! I see excitement! I see eight women who have worked hard to get where they are in Solid Gold Wrestling right now...

The fans cheer loudly. Billie Kay points at herself and Peyton, shouting "Yeah, that's us!"

[ Trish Stratus ] More importantly, I see eight women that deserve an opportunity to make history at the biggest event in Solid Gold Wrestling history... of course, I'm talking about WrestleBrawl 3!

Big pop!

[ Trish Stratus ] The IIconics! Team Kick! Onikage-gun! Lightning Star!

The fans are buzzing with anticipation.

[ Trish Stratus ] Fatal Four Way for the vacant SGW World Twinstar Championship!

Trish looks out at the fans and nods, satisfied. Her eyes settle on the ringside area again.

[ Trish Stratus ] Get it together, ladies! This is your chance to do something good for this business!

Without another word, Trish turns and walks through the curtain as the fans cheer. The IIconics, Hayter and Priestley, Lightning Star, and Team Kick are left speechless at ringside, digesting what they just learned. We quickly cut backstage.

We find ourselves in the parking lot, our view jostling, jumping up and down as the camera man gives chase! We see Candy Floss from behind, carrying her striped kendo stick as she gives chase into the rear parking lot. She looks totally enraged!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Candy Floss is still on the hunt!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has gone on too long, Tony! Candy wants to end this tonight!

In the distance, we see Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima climbing into a white van and speeding off into the distance! Candy Floss audibly growls with frustration and looks around the area before her eyes fall on her light blue and bright pink Volkswagen Beetle! She slings the door open and tosses her kendo stick inside before looking over the top of the vehicle and shouting at the camera man.

[ Candy Floss ] GET IN!

The camera man hops in the passenger's side and Candy Floss peels out, giving chase! The fans are fired up, anxious to see what's coming next as we fade to black!

We go backstage where we see Starlight Kid and AZM walking through a corridor alone. They both seem excited following the announcement that they will be taking part in the SGW World Twinstar Championship match at WrestleBrawl 3. Starlight Kid is practically jumping up and down with excitement.

[ Starlight Kid ] < I am so nervous and excited! What a wonderful opportunity! >

[ AZM ] < Yes, I am so excited to have the opportunity to carry you to your first victory! Luckily, one of us has experience winning matches! >

[ Starlight Kid ] < You're right! I pinned The Rock! >

[ AZM ] < I'm talking about when I defeated AJ Styles and Tommaso Ciampa at the same time, you idiot! Just as I suspected, you really are a grandma under that mask! You are very forgetful and stupid to boot! >

As they continue speaking in Japanese to one another, they walk in front of an open janitor's closet. They pay no attention to it, because why would they? But they're suddenly blindsided and shoved inside the closet by... Barbie Blank!? Barbie is already in her wrestling gear but is wearing a flu mask and rubber gloves. She slams the door shut and blocks it with a chair before wiping her forehead with the back of her gloved hand, sighing in relief.

[ Barbie Blank ] Into quarantine you go, Hana Kimura and... um... other slightly smaller Hana Kimura!

Charlotte Flair walks into the shot, wearing her gear and full entrance robe. She looks at Barbie Blank, rightfully like she's an idiot. Barbie cuts her eyes up in Charlotte's direction, meeting her judgmental gaze, the flu mask hiding the bottom half of her face.

[ Charlotte Flair ] What are you doing?

Barbie shrugs nervously.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Nevermind that... what are you wearing?

[ Barbie Blank ] For your information, what I'm doing is protecting the locker room from an outbreak of the coronavirus! So, like, you're welcome!

Charlotte nods toward the closet.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Let the kids out of the closet.

[ Barbie Blank ] Seriously? Do you want to die, Charlotte?

Barbie's eyes narrow.

[ Barbie Blank ] Because this is how you die.

Dramatic pause.

[ Barbie Blank ] From coronavirus.

Charlotte removes the chair from in front of the door and opens it up. Starlight Kid and AZM walk out casually, appearing unfazed minus AZM's scowl. She glares up at Barbie Blank, radiating hate. Charlotte looks from Lightning Star and then to Barbie. Charlotte raises an eyebrow.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Now, apologize.

Barbie looks shocked.

[ Barbie Blank ] Apologize?! We're in a match with these... one of these two tonight!

[ Charlotte Flair ] No, we're not.

[ Barbie Blank ] Uh, yes, we are. It's you and me and Nia Fat against the drunk Irish girl, the really really butch lesbian, and one of the Hana Kimura girls. I'm not stupid, Charlotte. We should shove these two back in the closet and give ourselves an advantage--

Charlotte reaches over and pulls down Barbie's flu mask. Barbie immediately grabs her throat and begins gasping for air as she drops to her knees. Charlotte just looks at her in disbelief. AZM frowns as her eyes follow Barbie down.

[ Starlight Kid ] < Is she okay? >

[ AZM ] < Die slow, bleach blonde grandma. >

Charlotte looks down at Barbie and then at Lightning Star.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Girls... leave.

Without a word, AZM and Starlight Kid quickly vacate the scene. Charlotte grabs Barbie by her top and pulls her up to her feet. She shoves Barbie against the wall and gets right in her face.

[ Charlotte Flair ] The disrespect... it stops now, Barbie. You're going to take this match seriously and I'm not gonna put up with this... whatever all this is that you've got going on. You've got Hana Kimura... the real Hana Kimura fired up and ready to kill you... you've upset Nia Jax and I'm not even really sure where she is right now... but I'm heading into tonight's match with a point to make... that what happened two weeks ago against Candy Floss was nothing but a fluke... and I need you and Jax operating at peak performance. Got it?

Barbie nods gently.

[ Charlotte Flair ] I wanna hear you say it.

[ Barbie Blank ] I got it, Charlotte! Jeez!

Charlotte lets go of Barbie and Barbie clears her throat, looking disheveled.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Good.

Charlotte walks off, leaving Barbie alone. Barbie looks around and pulls the flu mask back up over her nose and mouth before walking off-camera swiftly. We head to the ring.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Cody and Daniels lock up to start things off, but the attention is instantly drawn away from the match as Dustin Rhodes saunders down the ramp, dressed in all black, with a steel chair in his hand. At the bottom of the ramp, he folds the chair out and sits down in it, screaming loudly for his brother. Brandi walks over to him and begins belittling him, causing Paul Turner to exit the ring to break it up. Inside the ring, Cody takes his eyes of Daniels long enough to get hit with a low blow and the Angel’s Wings!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dustin Rhodes is still causin’ his brotha’ problems wit’out even moving an inch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You hate to see a family suffer like this.

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s all Brandi Rhodes’ fault! If she had just done ‘er job of shuttin’ up and lettin’ that ass escape those tight shorts of hers, wouldn’t none of this be an issue!

Daniels takes control of the match, constantly staying down on Cody, not giving him any room to breathe. You can tell Cody’s mind is elsewhere and he’s not really focused on the task at hand.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is an important match for Christopher Daniels as well, guys. He’s coming off the loss to Jon Moxley two weeks ago and is needing to rebound.

Daniels drops several knees to Cody’s back and hits a leg drop to the back of Cody’s head. As Cody rolls over, Daniels quickly pounces to the ropes. BEST. MOONSAULT. EVER! One, two, kick out! Daniels begins arguing with the referee about the count, giving Cody time to recover. As Daniels turns around back to Cody, he eats a snap powerslam! As Daniels springs back up, Cody jumps off the middle rope, DISASTER KICK! Cody covers - one, two, t- Dustin pulls Cody out of the ring! Paul Turner comes outside and reprimands Dustin for the interference. Daniels comes out as well and rolls Cody back into the then and begins pleading with Turner not to disqualify him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at Christopher Daniels pleadin’ his case!

[ Scott Steiner ] I wouldn’t want nobody thinkin’ Dustin Rhodes was helpin’ me either!

As Daniels continues pleading his case with Turner, Dustin slides in and levels his brother with a chair shot to the back of the head! Cody collapses into a heap on the mat and Dustin exits the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’ve known the Rhodes family for 35 years and this is SICKENING!

Daniels sees what happened out of the corner of his eye, which Turner wasn’t in position to see for himself. Brandi runs into the ring to check on Cody, but Daniels moves her off long enough to roll Cody over. One.. two.. Three! Christopher Daniels defeats Cody Rhodes! Brandi is in tears as Cody lies lifeless on the mat.

WINNER - Christopher Daniels via Pin Fall in 9:11

Christopher Daniels has his hand raised in the air by Paul Turner but his celebration is short-lived as Dustin enters the ring and dumps Daniels over the top rope, sending him crashing hard on the outside! With Cody clutching the back of his head from the chair shot, Dustin reaches out of the ring and demands a microphone. Once it’s secured, Dustin walks to the center of the ring, picks the dented-chair back up and folds it out, and sits down. With his face buried in his hands, the fans are booing him. Cody finally rolls to the outside where he’s met by Brandi. Dustin raises his head and brings the mic slowly to his lips.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] In 1994, my father stood in the center of this ring and told me something that’s stuck with me for twenty-five years.

The boos subside long enough for a small “DUSTY! DUSTY!” chant to break out in spots of the crowd. Dustin snaps at the crowd.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] SHUT UP!

His response garners the opposite of reactions he was hoping for. As the boos grow louder, Dustin talks over them, looking straight ahead, speaking in a somber tone.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] He told me that when you’re a walk-behinder, the view never changes. I wasn’t Cody’s partner. I wasn’t his brother. I was his shadow. I was walking behind him and his wife. My half of the Tag title didn’t mean a damn thing because it was Cody who won it! It was Cody who secured the shot, who won the belts, who carried me to victory time and time again! I should’ve not even bothered comin’ out to the matches, because Cody could do it all.

He pauses and shakes his head. Tears are forming in his eyes.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Or, that’s what Brandi would want you all to think.

Brandi looks up from the outside as Dustin continues.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] I was in SGW before Cody. I’m the reason Cody signed that contract. But I was never good enough to be with Cody, was I, Brandi?

Dustin stands up and looks down on her with his top lip curling in disgust. His black-on-black ensemble and bare face puts more focus on his words than himself.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] What I did wasn’t against Cody. God bless my brother standing in this ring at Momentum and wanting to honor Dad’s legacy by teaming up… But god DAMN Brandi for rubbing my face in shit each and every week! I’m the black sheep of the Rhodes clan, aren’t I? I don’t go to your fancy dinners or wear your designer clothes. I’m not in wearin’ fur coats while I count my money. But unlike you, I’m a real RHODES! I carry this name each and every day! You got Cody to drop it so he could focus on doin’ his own thing as if that legacy wasn’t good enough! JUST LIKE YOU TRIED GETTIN’ HIM TO DROP ME! BECAUSE I WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH!

Brandi steps into the ring through the bottom rope and confronts Dustin in the center of the ring.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Go ahead, Brandi. Tell all the people here that I’m wrong.

He extends the microphone to her and pulls it back as she reaches for it.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] That’s because you can’t! Your focus has been on Cody and Cody’s achievements. You don’t give a damn what makes him happy! We formed this team to honor our dead father and you couldn’t give a shit because it didn’t pay as well as being Elevation Champion did! Forget his happiness, let’s make money! That’s all that matters doesn’t it?

Dustin scoffs at the sight of his sister-in-law.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] So let me do you a favor, Brandi.. Since all of this is your fault after all… My brother, as you can see, he’s lying on the floor outside the ring. He probably has a concussion from my chairshot so you’ll need to relay him a message.

Dustin towers over the smaller Brandi, looking down at her as he fans are chanting for Cody to get up.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Tell ‘em I’m sorry about his noggin’ and I have an idea for him to make his wife a little extra money that involves you gettin’ to watch the shit get kicked out of me.

Brandi balls up her fists in rage as Dustin slowly delivers his sentences. His Texas drawal is thickening the more he speaks.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] He can fight me at WrestleBrawl 3. Unless, you know, I’m not a worthy opponent for the man who can’t defeat Christopher Daniels. I think it’d be a helluva’ match. I also think it’d be a chance to see who really carried who in the Brotherhood. After all, I did bring Cody into SGW, so it’s only fitting that I get to be the one who takes him out. Was I right in saying that I was worthy to hold gold with my brother… Or was his bitch wife right all along?

Brandi rears black and slaps Dustin across the face! The sound of her palm greeting the left side of his face echoes throughout the arena as the fans explode in approval! Dustin takes a step back with a smile on his face as he rubs the spot Brandi slapped. He drops the microphone and grabs Brandi by the shoulders and slings her to the ground, her head bouncing off the corner of the chair on her way down! She’s out cold as the fans start chanting “ASS-HOLE! ASS-HOLE!” Dustin is beside himself, seemingly snapping out of some sort of a trance as he sees what he’s done. Cody dives into the ring and falls over his wife while still clutching the back of his head. Paul Turner, D-Von Dudley, and Lance Storm grab Dustin and drag him out of the ring. He doesn’t resist, simply going with them peacefully. Dustin looks in complete disbelief at what he’s done as a hush comes over the crowd. A medic slides into the ring to check on Brandi as Cody leans over the middle rope, tears in his eyes and his lips quivering in rage at what his brother has done.

As we transition backstage, our screens are filled with the stern, emotionless face of a woman who, for all intents and purposes, is not like most girls.

It is, of course, Nia Jax.

Nia breathes out, preparing herself to speak, as it appears there is much on her mind.

[ Nia Jax ] This has been a tough year for me.

Despite the admission of adversity, Nia presses on, undeterred; she closes her eyes and tilts her head up.

[ Nia Jax ] As a professional wrestler, you’re due to bumps and bruises and cuts and nicks and all the wear and tear that you can imagine.

Nia tilts her chin down, eyes still closed.

[ Nia Jax ] With my lineage, the expectations are crazy. I’m being watched and scrutinized at every single turn…

Jax pushes her hair behind her right ear with her hand and continues.

[ Nia Jax ] Tensions with my cool cousin, the Rock, are high…

The fans cheer for the Great One and Nia finally opens her eyes and turns them in the direction of the arena proper and the cheering.

[ Nia Jax ] …he demanded I stop sucking my teeth…and then we had that tough loss…and now, he’s involved in some…crazy…

Nia’s eyes grow wide and she shakes her head, unable to put together the proper words to describe the Rock’s current goings-on.

[ Nia Jax ] …anyway. The worst of all is that my tag team partner tonight, Barbie Blank, insulted my weight. As you might have heard…that really broke my heart. I was so hurt by her words that I actually stayed here in the arena for the entire week leading up to tonight’s event looking for her…

Nia looks back at the camera.

[ Nia Jax ] But NONE of that matters anymore. The pain…the expectations…the family drama…and the jealousies of the other women in SGW – none of it matters to me. Do you know why?

There is no answer. It’s a rhetorical question, as Nia is standing alone with a cameraman in the corridor. Regardless, she responds to a non-existent interviewer who is not present.

[ Nia Jax ] That’s right, Charly Caruso. I have officially entered the WrestleBrawl Match for WrestleBrawl 3!

Enormous pop from the fans in Philly. Nia sucks her teeth, nodding.

[ Nia Jax ] And I don’t care who’s across the ring from me – man, woman, monster, other, or any non-binary genders – step up! I’m daring you to try me – because I’m going to win the WrestleBrawl match…and write my name in the history books…

Nia punches her open palm as the camera zooms in tight to her face.

[ Nia Jax ] …N…I…A….space….J….A….X.

She Who is Unlike Other Girls smolders with intensity as the tight zoom stops on her eyes and eventually, fades to black.

We fade up backstage where we see Shayna Baszler, Hana Kimura, and Becky Lynch all standing together backstage. The live crowd boos loudly upon seeing them. All three women look standoffish, like they don't want to be here and definitely don't want to be here together. Hana Kimura rolls her eyes.

[ Hana Kimura ] < I hope that no one comes down here to see me standing with you two. I have a reputation as the most cutest and sexiest competitor to maintain. I have standards, you know. >

Shayna and Becky both look at her, clearly not understanding anything she said. Someone is heard walking in from off-camera. After a few seconds, we see Ted Dibiase walk into the shot, a smug look on his face.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Ladies, I assume you know why I called you here tonight.

[ Becky Lynch ] Can't say that I do, Teddy. Better be good, though.

[ Shayna Baszler ] I already work for you. Doesn't really matter to me.

Dibiase chuckles.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Well, ladies... chance brought you together but right here, right now, it's money that will keep you together!

[ Becky Lynch ] What makes ya' so sure o' that, eh?

Dibiase reaches into his jacket and removes a gigantic wad of cash.

[ Becky Lynch ] Keep talkin'.

[ Ted Dibiase ] See, now that I've conquered the SGW World Tag Team division with my vicious and delicious Ice Creams, I'm looking to expand my venture into the women's division! Now, I've already got precious Shayna on the payroll but I want full coverage! Not only do I want the SGW Women's World Championship... but I want those shiny new Twinstar straps, too!

Shayna scoffs.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Seriously? I don't need these broads helpin' me! I mean, it's bad enough that the one chick that doesn't speak any english but you want me to team up with the coppertop curse, too? We'll never win anything with that kinda' bad luck on our side!

Becky squares up, looking Shayna up and down.

[ Becky Lynch ] You wanna say that t' my face, lassie!? I'll slap that greasy head off yer shoulders!

[ Hana Kimura ] < I will only join these two if I am the leader! OKAY!? OKAY! >

Dibiase is distracted by Lynch and Baszler preparing to thrown hands. He looks at Kimura, flustered, and nods.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Yes! Of course! Whatever you want!


Baszler and Lynch stop arguing and look at Kimura as she continues jabbering at no one in particular.

[ Becky Lynch ] What's that dope talkin' about?!

[ Shayna Baszler ] Who knows? Who cares! We've got a match to win tonight!

[ Ted Dibiase ] Don't mind her! Just work together and get the job done tonight! It's time to send a message to the women's division... that just like every man, every woman has a price! And every woman... IS GONNA PAY! HAHAHAHAHA!

We cut to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Andrade charges across the ring full speed and goes flying, driving double knees into the top turnbuckle as Ruby Riott ducks out of the way! Almas lands on his feet, facing the corner, and Ruby begins drilling him in the back with forearms until he throws a back elbow and nails her in the eye, causing her to spin out and stagger toward the center of the ring! Almas charges at her from the rear and takes her head off with a lariat to the back of the head, causing her to do a somersault and land in a seated position, appearing out of it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Almas is not 'ere t' play t'night, gentlemen! He's 'ere to make a statement!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I've heard through the grapevine that Andrade might not have taken kindly to be being booked against Ruby Riott tonight. If he took it as an insult, he's definitely taking it out on her right now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There could certainly be a mindset in the locker room amongst some that it may be considered a step down to engage in intergender competition but that's the name of the game in the Limitless division, Tony! Anyone can compete against one another! Ruby Riott has more than proven her mettle against the men in the dressing room, having defeated Zack Sabre, Jr. and Christopher Daniels at Card Subject to Change!

[ Scott Steiner ] Andrade or whatever his name is, is doin' exactly what I'd be doin' in there! Whether you wanna fight a woman or not, it's better to beat that ass into the ground and make sure she stays down than to play around and get pinned! Might as well hang up your boots... or burn 'em and get the fuck outta the business!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And there's that mindset I was talkin' about.

Almas snatches Ruby up by her hair and pulls her into a suplex position before drilling her into the mat with a BRAINBUSTER! Almas sits up, dusting off his hands and slides over on top of her for a cover! One! Two! Ruby gets a shoulder up! Zelina Vega pounds on the mat, shouting at Andrade to stay on the offensive. Andrade springs back to his feet with a sinister smirk on his face. He grabs Ruby by her hair and pulls her up to her feet. She's standing on spaghetti legs. Andrade holds her up, hands on either side of her head. He looks directly into her eyes, muttering something to her in Spanish, and then goes for a scoop slam but she manages to slip out over his shoulder and land behind him! She grabs him around the waist and pushes him forward into the ropes. He grabs onto the top rope as she pulls back and he remains still, causing her to tumble backward and rolls back to her feet. Almas quickly turns and charges at her but she ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes. Almas turns around and Ruby explodes, nailing him with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK that sends him flailing backward! Almas rolls under the bottom rope, looking to be in pain as he touches his chest. Zelina checks on him, trying to ensure her meal ticket is still in good condition.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's why ya' don't unda'estimate Ruby Riott!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's got a long way to go, though!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hope that beaked broad packed a lunch 'cause I got a feelin' beatin' this jacked up cartel lookin' mofo is gonna be an all day job! I know I wouldn't be givin' up easy if I had to keep that spicy senorita with the ASS FOR DAYS happy!

Before Almas can return to the ring, he looks up in surprise and shoves Salina out of the way as Ruby Riott wipes him out with a suicide dive! Almas lands in a seated position against the guardrail, blinking erratically, obviously knocked silly. Ruby is breathing heavily, having already taken a good deal of damage. She manages to make it to her feet first and grabs Almas by the hair, struggling to get him to his feet. Almas suddenly comes alive, grabs Ruby the front of her tights, and pulls her down face first into the guardrail! Almas rises slowly, grabs the top of the rail, and plants his boot on Ruby's throat, choking her violently as Zelina applauds, barking orders in Spanish. Finally, Almas snatches Ruby up off the mat, picks her up in a suplex position and drapes her legs across the rail... before planting her with a spinning neckbreaker on the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus Christ! Just call the damn match, Aubrey!

[ Scott Steiner ] That broad is dead! Even if she ain't dead, she's fuckin' dead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It has to be over. Ruby can't have anything left after that.

Almas snatches her up off the floor with two handfuls of tights and slings her under the bottom rope. He follows her in and scrambles to cover, hooking the leg! One! Two! Thre-- RUBY KICKS OUT WITH FORCE! The fans cheer loudly as Ruby rolls over onto her stomach and tries to push herself up onto all fours! Almas looks like he can't believe it! Almas stands and sizes her up... before field goal kicking her in the ribs! Ruby goes back down, panting heavily. Almas pulls her back to her feet and throws her into the corner where she falls into a seated position against the bottom turnbuckle. Almas turns and hits the ropes... RUNNING DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE! Almas pulls Ruby out by her hair and sets her up for the HAMMERLOCK DDT but before he can drop it, Ruby spins out, using Almas' own grip on her wrist against him... and NAILS THE RIOTT KICK!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my goodness, she got it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's still in the fight!

[ Scott Steiner ] But for how long, god dammit!? It's only a matter of time before Scarface puts her down for good! I can feel it in my fuckin' bones! She's only delayin' the inevitable!

Almas and Riott are both down and Aubrey Edwards begins the mandatory ten count! However, the fans stop counting along and begin booing as Gregory Helms and Sami Zayn walk out onto the stage. Zayn has the Limitless Championship over his shoulder. They both watch what's going on with great interest.

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this jack-off doin' out here?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's scouting the opposition! Whoeva' wins this match will no doubt receive a title opportunity in the near future, you have to imagine!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That remains to be seen! Sami Zayn has been in no hurry to defend the Limitless Championship against Ruby Riott. We've seen him back down from the challenge more than once, I believe!

[ Scott Steiner ] Didn't he beat a god damn kid!? Anybody can do that! I do that every day!

Riott rises to her feet, using the ropes. Almas begins to stir but is much slower to rise, rolling over on his side. Ruby steps out onto the apron and begins painstakingly climing the ropes. She perches on the top rope... and Sami Zayn is suddenly on the apron, distracting Aubrey Edwards! The fans are booing loudly as Zayn keeps her attention... while Gregory Helms PUSHES RUBY RIOTT OFF THE TOP ROPE! Ruby crashes and burns! Ruby tries to return to her feet and Helms is already inside, sizing her up! Ruby finally stands just in time for Almas to come charging at her with RUNNING DOUBLE KNEES... and she moves, causing him to collide with Gregory Helms! Helms goes flying and rolls under the bottom rope! Almas looks confused by what just happened and turns around... RIOTT KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! Ruby covers him and Aubrey turns around! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Ruby Riott via Pin Fall in 10:11

The fans pop huge and Ruby quickly rolls out of the ring and makes her way up the ramp where Aubrey Edwards meets her and raises her arm in victory. Almas rolls out of the ring where he's checked on by Zelina Vega. Inside the ring, Sami Zayn and Gregory Helms look alarmed by what Helms just caused. Once Ruby reaches the stage, she grabs a microphone. She's beat up and out of breath but begins to speak.

[ Ruby Riott ] Sami... Sami Zayn!

The fans boo. Sami Zayn looks around, confused. Helms embraces it, throwing up a middle finger to someone in the front row. Ruby goes down to one knee on the stage, looking down the ramp at the ring.

[ Ruby Riott ] I won't be denied, Sami... not anymore.

She points at herself.

[ Ruby Riott ] I've earned a shot at that belt... these fans know it...

Big pop.

[ Ruby Riott ] But most of all... YOU know it!

Zayn and Helms look at each other. Zayn bites his bottom lip. Helms walks over to the ropes and grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts. Helms stands next to Zayn and looks down at the mic for a second before raising it up and speaking.

[ Gregory Helms ] Ruby Riott! You talentless hack! You really think you deserve a shot at the REAL MAN and the Limitless Championship around his smooth belly!? WASSUPWITDAT?! On behalf of Sami Zayn and all o' his fans in the SAMI ZAYN UNIVERSE... I SAY HELL NAWWWW!

Zayn places his hand on top of the microphone, cutting Helms off. Zayn grabs Helms by the wrist and brings the microphone up to his own lips. You can tell Zayn hates to do it... but he has to.

[ Sami Zayn ] I'll do it.

The fans cheer loudly. Helms looks shocked, yelling "WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'!?"

[ Sami Zayn ] I'll defend this belt against you, Ruby Riott... at WrestleBrawl 3... so the largest audience in SGW history can see without a shadow of a doubt... that you may be good... you may even be great... but you're not better than ME!

Helms slaps Sami Zayn on the back, shouting "MY MAN GOIN' HARD!" The camera pans over to Ruby Riott on the stage, a confident smile crossing her face. She raises her microphone one last time.

[ Ruby Riott ] You're on.

The fans are cheering loudly as we fade to black.

Adam Cole is in his locker room getting his gear on for tonight’s title defense. Once his gear and pads are on to suit him, he puts his sleeveless shirt on and his dog tags. The camera slowly pans out to show Britt Baker looking at her phone. Cole shows nervous energy, exhaling as Arn Anderson and Steve Corino enter the scene, big smiles on their faces as they greet the champion.

[ Arn Anderson ] You ready for tonight, champ?

[ Adam Cole ] Hell yeah.

Confidence was never something Cole was lacking in.

[ Adam Cole ] People don't like it, but they're going to have to learn that SGW's prized possession being wrapped around my waist is what's saving this company from falling to the wayside like all of the competition. If I'm not champ, then we're all screwed.

[ Arn Anderson ] Now listen, this ain’t no ordinary match tonight. Jimmy Havoc is a damn fool and he’ll do anything to win. We’ve seen what he’s done to legitimate competition like Cody Rhodes and Colt Cabana. Tonight’s not gonna’ be a walk in the park.

Cole picks up the SGW World title and holds it eye-level to Arn.

[ Adam Cole ] See this?

Cole lets the belt dangle for a few seconds before following up. He's possibly never been this serious in his entire life. You can sense that being champion means everything to him.

[ Adam Cole ] This belt means I’m the best SGW has to offer. So Jimmy Havoc may not be a walk in the park, but you know what? Neither am I.

Shane Douglas enters the scene covered from head to toe in sweat. His black polo shirt has the SGW logo covered with a white piece of athletic tape and the word “Origin” sloppily written on it.

[ Shane Douglas ] STEVE CORINO!

Corino sighs and lowers his head.


[ Adam Cole ] What the hell, Corino? You did that?


Cole shakes his head at Corino in disbelief. In the least sincere response ever, Corino responds.

[ Steve Corino ] I thought you were in the car, Shane. I’m sorry.


If Arn Anderson had any hair left, he would be pulling it out at this point.

[ Steve Corino ] Look, Shane, that’s a topic for another day. We have to focus on Adam’s match tonight.

Douglas sits down next to Britt Baker and spreads his legs out with a look of agony on his face. Britt immediately covers her nose.

[ Britt Baker ] Jesus Christ, Shane, you REEK!


[ Arn Anderson ] Damn it, Shane! This is a serious night. All of our focus is on Adam, you got me, son? Are you dense? Are you capable of understanding?

Douglas extends his right hand in Cole’s direction.

[ Shane Douglas ] ADAM COLE, BABY, HELP ME UP!

Reluctantly, Cole reaches out and helps pull Shane up out of his chair. Douglas is now face to face with Arn.


Douglas’ face is a dangerous color of dark red. A heart attack is imminent.


Having enough, Adam Cole steps in.

[ Adam Cole ] Good God! That’s enough from everyone.

Cole flops down on the chair next to his locker and runs his hands through his long, wet hair. After a few seconds of deep breathing, he turns his attention to his inner circle of misfits.

[ Adam Cole ] We all have our roles to ensure that I leave that match still SGW Champion, but at the end of the day, it all lies on me doing what I do best inside that ring. I was born to carry this title around my waist, and I’ll be damned if someone like Jimmy Havoc takes it from me. And I don’t even care who the Championship Committee has in mind of throwing my way after this for WrestleBrawl, I’ll worry about that when the time comes.. But tonight.. Tonight is all about sending a message to the rest of that roster that I’m simply untouchable.

Corino turns to Douglas and brow beats him.

[ Steve Corino ] Yeah, Shane. Can’t you see that tonight is all about Adam? Get your head out of your ass! I have my own announcement to make but I’m not going to steal Adam Cole’s moment.

Cole rolls his eyes, knowing that not trying to steal the attention, Corino HAS stolen the attention.

[ Steve Corino ] I mean, I could let it be known that I’m entering the Wrestlebrawl match to win that Golden Ticket to ensure that, no matter what, The Origin will have a grip on that SGW World title for years to come.. But no.. I’m a good soldier who focuses on the true task at hand, and that’s Adam Cole defeating Jimmy Havoc! Not Steve Corino tossing his name in the hat to win a match a month from now!


[ Steve Corino ] That doesn't even make sense!


Arn's seen enough. He shakes his head and ends this debate right then and there.

[ Arn Anderson ] Alright.

Seeing an opportunity, Arn swiftly moves towards the cameraman, forcing him to back out of the locker room, which allows Arn to close the door, locking the cameraman out in the process. With nothing but a view of the locker room door, we can faintly hear Arn speaking.

[ Arn Anderson ] Enough of the b.s. Tonight, Jimmy Havoc’s gonna’ be a handful and we’re gonna’ have to have all hands on deck. You hear me? Pullin’ the rope in one direction. We don’t know what Jeff Jarrett has in store for tonight or the future, so we all gotta’ work together. You got me?

The scene fades as Arn’s pep talk continues.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The match opens with Matt Riddle and Sami Zayn squaring up. They circle each other for a few seconds before finally locking up. There is a short push and pull before Riddle is able to transition into a rear grapple. Zayn is quick to try to get out, throwing elbows behind him that find nothing but air. He finally resorts to running towards the ropes, grabbing the top rope and jerking back which does get Riddle of him...only for Riddle to rush back forward and hit Zayn squarely with a dropkick to the jaw. Zayn falls to his knees, checking his chin after the impact as the crowd starts a “Bro! Bro! Bro!” chant.

[ Tony Shiavone ] Off to a quick start here for Riddle, who makes the first blow in the match-up.

[ Nigel McGuiness ] Hopefully he can keep it up, Shiavone. Zayn is not a competitor to take lightly.

Zayn is quick to come back for another tie-up, taking quick advantage this time and forcing Riddle into the corner. He throws a hard elbow, which seems to stun the King of the Bros long enough to get whipped into the other corner with Jericho waiting. Zayn rushes across and throws another elbow at Riddle, then starts to pummel at him with Jericho assisting to keep him in the corner. Mike Chioda is quick to spot the double-team and starts to count to five for Jericho to lay off. The veteran of the match obliges to break his hold before the five count, getting an earful from Chioda in the process. Meanwhile, Zayn snapmares a stunned Riddle out of the corner into a seating position. Running against the ropes, Zayn drops into a baseball slide that he extends his arm for a snap clothesline to complete. He is quick to cover, getting 1...2 but a kick-out immediately after 2.

[ Tony Shiavone ] And the tide has already turned.

[ Scott Steiner ] That’s some damn fine tag team wrestling! And I would know, I’m the damned best at tag teaming anybody!

Zayn lifts Riddle off the ground and drags him into the corner again, this time tagging in Jericho who in turn gets a few hard blows in on and his opponent while his partner holds him. Zayn makes it back out in time for the count, deliberately holding up the tag rope to show that he’s well within regulation as Jericho continues to put the hurt on Riddle. Hard physical blows to the face and body stagger him, until something snaps him awake and he return the favor, smashing Jericho HARD in the mouth. Jericho seems stunned, though more surprised than hurt before he hits back with his own blow, leading to the two trading back and forth.

Eventually Jericho over extends his strike and gives Riddle the chance to roll out of the ring, lunging forward and tagging in Paul London. London in turn jumps onto the top-rope for a slingshot clothesline that downs the Painmaker. He scrambles for the cover and gets the 1...2...but not much more before the kick out.

He tries to keep momentum, setting Jericho up for a big springboard dragonsault (hey that’s Jericho’s thing!), only to find his feet tripped up by Jack Hagar, causing London to fall directly on his neck. Chioda missed the interference due to dealing with Gregory Helms standing on the apron on the opposite side, barking his own bullshit objections. London quickly grabs at his neck, looking like the landing goosed him, but that doesn’t stop Jericho from taking advantage and laying some big boots into him as he lays helpless. He soon picks up London and sets him up for a reverse DDT drop onto that targeted neck. He hooks the leg for a cover. 1...2….broken up by Riddle, who then tries to explain to Chioda all the shenanigans Hagar and Helms have been up to.

[ Tony Shiavone ] I know this is part of the sport, but when you got factors like Hagar and Helms at ringside, it’s hard to overlook the number’s game coming into affect. Really 4 vs. 2 here.

[ Nigel McGuiness ] At least 4 vs. 3. Brian Kendrick is here for London!

[ Scott Steiner ] With a busted foot! Besides, we’ve seen how effective a manager he’s been! Gimpy weirdo fuck!

Jericho keeps the pressure on London, first mocking him by just slapping the back of his head, before scooping him up for a series of three solid looking suplexes. He goes for the pin again, only getting 2 as London seems to be kicking out mostly on instinct, his expression glazed. Jericho picks him up by the hair again and drags him towards his corner, giving him a hard chop across the chest before tagging Zayn back in. Zayn instructs Jericho to hold London up as he starts to climb the turnbuckle. He leaps off to deliver a flying elbow, only for London to duck at the last minute, causing him to clock out Jericho!

In the chaos, London scrambles to tag in Riddle, who explodes out of the corner to throw feet in the face of Jericho, then Zayn, then Jericho again before kicking the Painmaker out of the ring. He turns his attention back to Zayn just in time to avoid a Helluva Kick, spinning him around to throw him up on his shoulders. The “Bro! Bro! Bro!”s are filling the arena as he drops him for the Bro to Sleep. He is able to go for the cover, when he sees Paul London begging for the tag. Riddle laughs and tags in London, who climbs the turnbuckle.

He looks out into the crowd, holding his neck still with a “Please don’t die” chant starting. He gets all the way on the top of the turnbuckle and goes flying. He lands the 450 Splash and is quick to get the cover while Riddle makes sure none of the other team or various reinforcements make their way back into the ring. 1….2….3!!!!

WINNERS - Matt Riddle & Paul London via Pin Fall in 15:03

Riddle and London immediately dive out of the ring and escape up the ramp with Brian Kendrick in tow! The fans are cheering wildly as Helms and Hagar hit the ring at the same time, raging out over what just happened.

We're suddenly in the car with Candy Floss as she continues to give chase to the white van carrying the Big Kaijus! We see the white van pull into a parking lot in front of a warehouse and come to a screeching halt. The side door slides open and Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima dives out and run inside the warehouse. Candy Floss whips the cotton candy colored Volkswagen into the parking lot and comes to a stop. She looks up at the warehouse through the windshield, gripping the steering wheel so tightly that her knuckles turn white. She chews her bottom lip.

[ Candy Floss ] This must be Dr. Cube's secret lair! Come on!

Candy Floss gets out of the vehicle and runs toward the warehouse, sneaking in through a side door. The camera man follows her closely as she sneaks through the dark corridors, finally ending up on a balcony, overlooking the main room of the warehouse. She sees hooded figures loading white vans and... The Rock conversing with John Travolta. She looks deeply confused, even more confused than usual.

[ Candy Floss ] What... the bloody hell?

We hear a door slam suddenly. Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima emerge from the shadows and approach Travolta and The Rock, speaking to them in Japanese which Travolta appears to speak fluently. Travolta nods and then snaps his fingers, getting the attention of several hooded figures.

[ John Travolta ] Find this... this Candy Floss!

And then he shouts even louder.

[ John Travolta ] FIND HER!

Another door slams... and Dr. Cube emerges in a lab coat with Tucor shambling behind him. From the balcony, we can hear him begin speaking in a boisterous tone.

[ Dr. Cube ] What is all this commotion, I ask!? I'm in the process of turning this vile tequila into a most suitable mind control potion and yet, all I hear from outside my door is noise! Noise! Most unsatisfying noise! Unacceptable!

Dr. Cube gestures toward The Rock.

[ Dr. Cube ] It's bad enough that I must endure hearing this slab of meat talk himself up! But--

We see John Travolta lean in and whisper something to Dr. Cube. Dr. Cube looks surprised... well, his face doesn't look surprised... but his body language... it certainly gives you the impression that he is surprised.

[ Dr. Cube ] Candy Floss? Here? How!? How did she find us! Troubling! This is very troubling!

Cube turns to Tucor.

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor! Find her! Destroy her! And don't let me down this time!

And then Cube raises his wrist watch to his "mouth."

[ Dr. Cube ] Nurse Ratchet! I have need of you! There is suffering that need be inflicted!

Within seconds, the area has emptied out. Everyone... EVERYONE is looking for Candy Floss, leaving Kris Statlander unguarded. Candy Floss looks around nervously and descends from the balcony, walking down the metal steps while trying not to make any noise. She approaches Statlander's chair from behind and begins to untie her hands. Statlander looks over her shoulder and a smile crosses her face.

[ Kris Statlander ] Earthling Floss! You came for me!

Dramatic pause.

[ Kris Statlander ] You should go before they find you! I am soon to serve my purpose on this planet!

Candy Floss continues fumbling with the restraints.

[ Candy Floss ] What purpose? All these people are crazy!

[ Kris Statlander ] I am to provide real ultimate power to my father, The Supreme Being!

[ Candy Floss ] The creepy guy from Grease? That's so not your father.

[ Kris Statlander ] Why do you doubt that knowledge?

[ Candy Floss ] Look, there's enough baby mama drama goin' on in SGW right now. We really, really don't need another dramatic twist about somebody's parentage... and I mean, it's kinda' bloody obvious, really. The guy from Hairspray is just usin' you, Kris. We have t' get you t' safety! WrestleBrawl 3 is right around the corna' and I don't think ya' could live with ya' self if ya' were t' miss it because ya' let these loonies cut you open or whateva' madness they're plotting!

Statlander tilts her head to the side.

[ Kris Statlander ] Your terms are confusing but agreeable. Perhaps I will join you at WrestleBrawl 3 and revisit the possibility of channeling real ultimate power to my father at a later date.

[ Candy Floss ] Yeah, sure! Sounds like a right good plan!

Candy Floss finally cuts Kris Statlander free but as soon as she stands up, they both look around and realize they're surrounded by hooded scientologists, armed Dr. Cube soldiers, The Rock, John Travolta, Tucor, Nurse Ratchet, the Big Kaijus, and Dr. Cube himself. There's no way out. Candy Floss huffs, looking defeated.

[ Candy Floss ] Well, this is certainly not ideal.

[ John Travolta ] Normally, this is where I would offer up a villainesque explanation for what's going on and why I can't allow you two to leave... but I've got millions of people to brainwash and real ultimate power to usurp so I think I'm cool with just... having you killed.

He laughs, gesturing toward Candy Floss.

[ John Travolta ] Well, having you killed for sure.

And then he points at Kris Statlander.

[ John Travolta ] I still need to audit her Thetans and harvest her power... but then she'll join you. Cool?

He reaches into his robe and removes what looks like a laser gun out of a 50's sci-fi movie.

[ John Travolta ] Cool!

Dr. Cube points toward Candy Floss.

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor! It's time! Do your duty and EAT Candy Floss!

He clenches his fists as Tucor takes a step forward.


[ John Travolta ] God damn! You're a mad man! I love it!

Tucor advances and Floss and Statlander hug one another, knowing this is the end with nowhere to go! However, as Tucor gets closer and closer... there's a loud explosion on the opposite side of the warehouse! Everyone turns, looking on in fear as flames and rubble go in every direction! A purple stretch limousine monster truck explodes through the side of the warehouse and sits there, the engine rumbles so loudly that no one can hear anything. John Travolta looks furious.

[ John Travolta ] WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?

[ Dr. Cube ] No... No, no, NO! It can't be!

A single figure leans halfway out the driver's side window. He removes his aviator shades and smiles.

[ Tom Cruise ] Catch you fuckers at a bad time?

Travolta rages out, his face turning red as he shouts.

[ John Travolta ] GOD DAMMIT, TOM! NO!

Without another word, Tom slides back into the driver's seat, revs the engine, and barrels toward the crowd of monsters and soldiers and scientologists! Everyone scatters and the limousine monster truck comes to a stop only a few feet away from Tucor, Candy Floss, Kris Statlander, and our camera man. Tom Cruise shouts out the window.

[ Tom Cruise ] Come with me if you wanna live!

Candy Floss and Kris Statlander begin climbing to get inside. Dr. Cube shouts from the side.

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor! Stop them! Kill them! I command you, my most timeliest of monsters!

But Tucor just watches them escape, making no effort to stop them! As Candy Floss reaches the passenger's side door and prepares to climb inside, she turns and looks down at Tucor, who just looks back up at her with sad eyes.

[ Candy Floss ] Come with us, Tucor!

Tucor teases taking a step forward... but shakes his head and takes a step back.

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor! Do not let them escape! You shall suffer the most heinous of consequences!

Kris Statlander makes it inside. Candy Floss looks sad that Tucor won't join but she can't wait any longer. Candy Floss climbs inside the purple limousine and our camera man joins them. The monster truck revs up and peels out, running over EVERY SINGLE ONE of the white vans, destroying them and the mind altering tequila inside! John Travolta loses his mind.


We leave the Cube Army and the Scientologists behind, following the monster truck. In the front seat. Tom Cruise is smiling that movie star smile as he blazes down the street, running over innocent cars with people inside with reckless abandon. Statlander and Candy Floss both look uneasy as Tom Cruise leaves death and destruction in his wake. Floss swallows hard.

[ Candy Floss ] So, um... where did you get this... purple limousine monster truck?

[ Tom Cruise ] It's a long story.

[ Candy Floss ] Oh. Okay. Nevermind, then.

[ Tom Cruise ] I won it from Val Venis in a poker game backstage at WrestleBrawl 2.

[ Candy Floss ] Wow, super long story.

[ Tom Cruise ] Don't be glib. That was the show where he told me he respects me.

Cruise chuckles and places his aviators back on his face.

[ Tom Cruise ] Val Venis respects me. Fuck yeah!

He fist pump as we fade out as Floss and Statlander wonder where this ride will take them.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The opening bell rings and Philadelphia is absolutely prepared for a war – one which will settle the even slate between Tetsuya Naito and PAC. With one victory apiece, the strategy used by both men would normally be considered ‘timid,’ though knowing the history of these rivals in Solid Gold Wrestling, it is easy to agree that both competitors are falling more towards ‘reserved.’

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, earlier this month at Total Destruction, SGW Championship Committee member Bret “the Hitman” Hart made it very clear that none of Los Ingobernables are allowed at ringside here tonight! Bret made it very clear that this was the final time, for all time, a ‘war to settle the score, as it is!’

Finally, both men stride with purpose towards center ring, PAC seeking a collar-and elbow tie-up, but Naito quickly starts a run and Irish Whips the Bastard into the opposite ropes as himself! The two rivals crisscross one another for thirty seconds or so before Naito drops down perpendicularly on his path and allows PAC to cross over before quickly popping up to his feet and following his opponent into his set of ropes. As PAC rebounds from the ropes, unaware of where Naito has gone, the Los Leader runs into the action behind the Bastard, sliding under the arm and up the torso, over the shoulder – connecting the head and – DESTINO!!



Naito hooks both of PAC’s legs and pulls him in snug, cradling him tightly – ONE!



PAC forces his shoulder off the mat!

[ Scott Steiner ] The jacked-up midget ain’t done yet, Nightzo! You better shoot to kill in a match like this, bub!

Naito does not waste any time and pulls PAC up by his wrist and hair, wrenching the wrist again and running in, rehooking the head and rolling over the shoulder, planting the Bastard on the back of his skull with a second Destíno! Rather than release him and negotiate a second standard pinfall, Naito latches quickly onto PAC’s legs just after the impact of Destíno, eliminating the extra time – ONE! TWO! THR—NO! The Bastard is up again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You have got to be kidding me! What heart from PAC!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Call it heart, call it stupidity – I’ll call it drive! PAC flat-out DOES NOT WANT TO LOSE!

Philadelphia is roaring for the sheer nerve PAC shows in his kickouts, but the Bastard is certainly feeling the effects of Naito’s quick-start offense. The Los Ingobernables leader is stunned, still seated beside the Bastard and looking at referee Rick Knox for certainty in the call – but the steely-faced official is firm with the decision and encourages Naito to resume the contest. Naito is no different without Darío Cueto’s particular brand of ‘guidance’ at ringside and is calm in his movements, circling PAC unhurriedly as the Bastard muscles off the canvas, slowly to his knees.

[ Scott Steiner ] Make a move, Nightzo! You ain’t got all day – this jacked-up Bastard is gonna knock your dick in the dirt if you don’t bring it!

Naito finally approaches PAC, who connects with a big punch to the breadbasket! PAC is up to one foot, trying to rise higher off the mat still, but Naito is too much for him in his weakened state. The Bastard takes a big shot to the head, courtesy of Naito’s enzuigiri – and Naito’s off the ropes, looking for something big – but PAC is after him, pushing through the pain – BICYCLE KICK! The Bastard scores big with the Bicycle Kick!


[ Tony Schiavone ] He has to capitalize now!

Still dazed from taking two Destínos to the back of his head, PAC somehow powers through the agony and deadlifts Naito from a waistlock, holding firm even as the Los leader kicks his legs, fighting off the hold – and plants him with a German Suplex! COVER! ONE! TWO! NO! Naito’s turn to kick out and he does!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s a Geordie, Scott, but I’m sure he appreciates the sentiment – as do I! – PAC has to force the issue if he wants to score a fall!

Philadelphia is on fire, in a mix of disbelief (that no more than six minutes into the contest, both men are nearly spent) and uproarious excitement (that these rivals, two of the finest performers on the roster, are going hell for leather from the word go) which threatens to shake the Wells Fargo Center to its core as PAC and Naito both stand at the same time! Naito throws a punch, but PAC rolls underneath it and instinctively dead stops and bounds up to leapfrog a charging Naito – and shifts his weight mid-move, spiking Naito on his head with a poisonrana!


[ Scott Steiner ] I don’t know shit about a poisoned version but Nightzo may as well be, cause his ass is DEAD!

Naito’s on his knees, absolutely wrecked and in a stunned daze as the Bastard makes his way back to his feet and circles round to Naito’s face – firing off a BRUTAL Buzzsaw Kick to the side of the head! Rather than let Naito fall, PAC steadies his opponent and shakes his head, sending his long, wet hair flying in all directions to shake off the wooziness – and quickly ascends the turnbuckles!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What in the world could PAC have on his mind here…?

Nigel and Philly don’t have to wait long as the Bastard leaps high into the air, gainer style, and WARPS Naito with a scintillating Shooting Star Knee Strike to the face! Philadelphia groans and roars animalistically in unison as Naito crumples under his weight from the staggering impact!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Disgusting maneuver, Tony! Purely sinister!

PAC does not rest on his laurels and is clawing back to the corner, where he climbs up to the top rope and brushes the hair from his face before soaring off, twirling majestically before landing violently with a beautifully severe Black Arrow! COVER! Knox is in perfect position and counts – ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - PAC via Pin Fall in 8:58

Philadelphia is on their feet, clapping and cheering raucously as “Boom Boom Tap” plays again, an auditory signal of victory for the Bastard.

[ Scott Steiner ] What a fuckin’ match! These guys actually impressed Big Poppa Pump tonight – and that shit’s not easy to do!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] High praise that I will echo, Scott – PAC survived an early onslaught from Tetsuya Naito and despite the technical prowess that both men possess, it was a smash-mouth battle from the opening bell! The Bastard is the one walking out on top!

PAC allows Knox to lift his arm as the official attends not only to Naito, but the match’s victor, as well. The Bastard, not one for exorbitant celebration, rolls from the ring, clutching his neck and begins his trek up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, it’s impressive that PAC could compartmentalize the pain in his neck and spine and execute those death-defying maneuvers he’s known for – what heart!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Moreover, Tony, we have to wonder if this firmly establishes the Bastard in title contention?? He would certainly be keen to an Elevation Championship contest!


Inside the ring, Naito is dazed – absolutely zoned from the onslaught of maneuvers PAC slapped him with – and perhaps most telling, all alone in center ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You make a good point, Scott – where is Darío Cueto? The ban from ringside ended as soon as the bell rang and this is no way to treat your meal ticket, as far as I’m concerned!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you, Nigel! Darío is a snake! A down, dirty snake! Naito fought hard tonight – but the winner is that man – PAC!

At the top of the ramp, the Bastard turns over his shoulder to sneer down to the ring, where his rival is only just sitting up. PAC has won the night in Philadelphia – and can say for sure that he is the better man. We fade to the back as PAC exits through the curtain.


We’re shown a series of beautiful exterior establishing shots of the Jordan Compound in Chicago, Illinois as Tony Schiavone narrates momentarily. The gate and front façade, the basketball courts, visible through a large glass room near the back of the mansion, as well as several custom-designed clay-top courts outside, and of course, the majestic pool, grotto, and waterslide.

[ Tony Schiavone ] <narrating> Since Holiday Hell, Jason Jordan’s life has been a never-ending merry-go-round of shock and awe. A young man seeking to achieve his dreams in professional wrestling, his personal life is in flux as his heritage has been called to question – is he the Olympic-blooded offspring of Kurt Angle, or does the Pride of Chicago run through his blood, blood he shares with NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan?

There is a well-kept tennis court, a beautiful putting and pitching green, and a private gymnasium. A garage filled with cars both new and old is adorned with a simple ball hoop above an outgoing door – a sign that despite the luxury, there’s simple, good-hearted family values at play within the compound.

[ Tony Schiavone ] <narrating> As a young man seeks to re-establish normalcy in the rapidly-fracturing two-way mirror that is his life, Mr. Jordan was kind enough to invite our camera crew alongside Jason and trainer Colt Cabana as they visited the Jordan Complex in Chicago earlier this week…for a little ‘family time.’

We fade to an interior shot of a plush family room, filled with nice sectional sofas and plush recliners. Seated in the center of the frame are Jason Jordan, Colt Cabana, and Michael Jordan’s five-year old daughter Victoria. Each of the featured individuals have a Playstation 4 controller tightly gripped and their faces are scrunched with frustration and disbelief.

Well, Jason and Colt’s. Victoria looks rather pleased as a buzzer sounds over the television behind the camera.

[ Television ] And that’s the game, folks – the Golden State Warriors…win tonight’s game over the…’96 Chicago Bulls…in a BLOWOUT…of 224-17. For all of us here in the studio, have a great evening!

[ Victoria Jordan ] <giggling> Pay up, funny man!

Colt, smirking, turns to Jason as he pulls out his wallet and begins rifling through the bills.

[ Colt Cabana ] <mocking> Come on, Colt! Let’s do it, man! She’s just a kid!

Colt sheepishly hands Victoria four singles as Jason hangs his head slightly.

[ Jason Jordan ] <quietly> She IS just a kid…

[ Victoria Jordan ] Hey! You said ten, this is only four!

[ Colt Cabana ] That and a hot dog is what it’s like working for Bert Prentice, kid. Well…there’s more to that whole deal, but I’m DEFINITELY not the guy to tell you about all’a’that!

A calm clearing of the throat from off-screen draws all eyes to the large, open doorway to the second-story family room – it’s none other than the Patriarch of the family, the Master of the Complex, Air Jordan himself – Michael Jordan.

[ Michael Jordan ] Vic…are you bothering Colt and Jason?

The little girls pockets her four dollars as Cabana breathes a sigh of relief and tucks his wallet away. Victoria jumps up to hug her father while Jason is practically glowing as he and Colt stand to greet MJ.

[ Victoria Jordan ] No, dad! We were playing the game like you said we should!

[ Michael Jordan ] Oh yeah? Who won?

Jason blushes and looks at the floor as Victoria faux screeches a cheer for herself, lifting her arms.

[ Victoria Jordan ] It’s like you always say, Dad – winning’s in the blood!

Jason kicks at nothing in particular, embarrassed at the huge blowout loss. Colt is silent and Michael smiles at his daughter knowingly before lowering her to her feet.

[ Michael Jordan ] That’s true, baby girl, but how you handle winning or losing is also in the blood. Everyone has an off-day sometimes…remember what I say – a good winner…

[ Victoria Jordan ] Doesn’t gloat! I know that one, too.

Jason sheepishly smiles to himself as he hears Michael reassuring him in the coolest way possible.

[ Michael Jordan ] Very good. Now, why don’t you go find your sister, you girls have a shooting lesson in an hour or so, you should get stretched out.

Victoria high-fives her dad as she speaks, then looks to Colt and Jason.

[ Victoria Jordan ] Alright, Daddy! See you guys later! It was nice meeting you, Jason and Colt! You can give me the money you owe me later!

As the little girl skips away, Michael scrunches his face in confusion at Colt, who shrugs comically.

[ Colt Cabana ] Kids, amirite? They’re always sayin’ the darndest things!

Michael smirks and walks up, saddling between Jason and Colt.

[ Michael Jordan ] That they do, my man, that they do. So, guys – I don’t know how much time you’ve got, but another dinner guest just arrived a second ago…

Jason smiles inquisitively as Colt opens his mouth, nodding.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ah yeah? Anyone we’d know?

Almost as if the entire thing was scripted, in walks none other than legendary Bulls forward and NBA bad-boy Dennis Rodman on command. Colt is instantly fangirling as Jason and Michael chuckle to themselves at his reaction.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Mikeyyyyy, what’s up my broth—


Rodman isn’t shaken. He’s kind of unshakeable in his very own, odd, Dennis Rodman sort of way.

[ Dennis Rodman ] All day, my man. Who is you?

Cabana slaps his forehead and looks back at Michael and Jason with a wide-open mouth, in disbelief of his own actions.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ah, of course! How silly of me, man, I’m Colt Cabana! I’m a Chicago native, I’m a small businessman, I’m a podcaster, I’m a professional wrestler –

Rodman is nodding along, impressed with Cabana’s well-rehearsed spiel.

[ Colt Cabana ] – and probably most importantly, I’m the trainer of Mr. Jordan’s…err…uh…

Colt’s face scrunches up, trying to find the words to describe this relationship. Jason looks like he wants to be buried beneath the Earth, forever damned to float lifelessly through space as Michael rhythmically answers Colt in the most relaxed way possible.

[ Michael Jordan ] My son.

Colt’s eyes widen and a slight smile forms on his lips. Slight tears well up in Jason’s eyes as Michael looks at him knowingly and nods. Jason’s entire outlook on life has shifted dramatically within seconds and he stands straighter, closer to Michael and beaming – he is flying weightlessly on the highest, fluffiest cloud in the stratosphere.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, alright, His Airness is about the labels – I’m trainin’ his son to ‘rassle!

Rodman nods, lips puckered, clearly impressed.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Aww, hell yeah, dude, bring it in.

Rodman and Cabana bro-hug. Cabana, in the home of one-fifth the starting lineup of the World Champion ’96 Bulls and hugging another fifth, may as well be piggybacked on Jason’s cloud nine. As Rodman releases Cabana, he lifts a finger.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Hey, hell, bruh, I can wrestle, too. You know Hulk Hogan?

Cabana stops in his tracks, a little timid, but mostly confused.

[ Colt Cabana ] …Mr. Rodman, I can’t tell if you’re asking me if I’m an associate of his or not…because I DEFINITELY do not agree with his horrible hate speech…

Rodman removes his sunglasses to deadpan Cabana and then the camera.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Naw, bro, I mean are y’all tight? Do you know who he is? Hulk says some dumb shit, but he’s always been my guy.

Cabana lifts an eyebrow and chuckles to himself. Somewhere in Miami, a phone call is made to Scott to discuss gimmick infringement.

[ Colt Cabana ] …yeah, man, I’ve heard of Hulk Hogan.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Badass, bro. I wrestled Diamond Dallas Page once.

Cabana and Rodman exchange a few more pleasantries as Michael looks at Jason and laughing, widens his eyes to non-verbally say “these guys, huh?” before interrupting.

[ Michael Jordan ] Listen, fellas – I know the staff has dinner going, but I’ve got something I need some help with…

Jason turns, practically puppy-dog-eying Michael as he finishes his thought.

[ Michael Jordan ] …I’m having a 20”x20” installed in the gym’s spare room – think you guys want to test it out with a little workout?

Jason’s eyes are wider than ever, while Cabana is beaming and looks from Jordan to Rodman. Rodzilla is nonplussed, of course.

[ Colt Cabana ] Jason! Right now! Down to the gym and start stretchin’! It’s not every day you can sell for Dennis Rodman’s sloppy offense! And you!

Cabana beckons to the cameraman to follow him and they do so; stopping at the top of the staircase to watch Jason with Michael.

Jason nods, laughing at Colt, who is already practically vaulting down the staircase behind the camera and then looks at Michael, who winks at him knowingly. Jason puts his head down, smiling, and Mike claps him on the shoulder playfully as he turns to follow Cabana.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Ayy Jay, tell Colt I’ll be there inna sec, I gotta talk to Mike a minute!

Jason nods and proceeds down the staircase as Jordan smiles and Rodman watches, finally pulling off his gaudy sunglasses and turning to Michael. The cameraman takes a step or two down the staircase as the former Bulls confer in what they believe is privacy.

[ Dennis Rodman ] …so…you think you got it all wrapped up?

Michael’s demeanor changes radically as he turns to Rodman, smirking.

[ Michael Jordan ] It’s locked down. Easy.

Rodman pulls Jordan in with a bro-hug and the two laugh.

[ Dennis Rodman ] And what about Angle?

[ Michael Jordan ] What about him? I haven’t had to say anything, plant anything, hell – I’ve hardly had to do anything but show up!

Rodman laughs as Jordan snickers and continues.

[ Michael Jordan ] He’s a joke. He’s ruined every bit of credibility in that boy’s eyes in trying to outdo me…which, let’s just be honest, could never happen. Jason’s ignored that pocket buzzing all afternoon, Rod…you tell me how it’s going.

Rodman smirks, nodding and rubbing his hands together menacingly.

[ Dennis Rodman ] And Jason’s buying it? No…hesitation?

The camera zooms in on Michael.

[ Michael Jordan ] Every word. He’s too stupid to see through any of it…and soon? It’ll be too late anyway.

The feed fades to black as Jordan looks off-screen, smirking and chuckling to himself.

Zack Sabre Jr. is walking backstage with four bottles of beer stuffed in the front of his tights. Exhausted after his match, he flops down in the closest chair to him. After wiping the sweat off of his brow, he reaches down and pulls one of the beers out and twists the top off.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] What a night for Zack Sabre, Jr. You see that?

ZSJ presses the cold bottle against his forehead, momentarily calmed by the feeling.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Adam Page, helluva fighta’, no question. His “cowboy shit” was bollocks and I kicked that dickhead’s ass.

He tosses the cap down the hallway and takes a big swig. ZSJ wipes his mouth and sits the beer down.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] So what’s next for Zack Sabre, Jr.? Good question. I’m goin’ to drink these four beer. I’m goin’ to eat a nice meal to celebrate…. And then I’m goin’ to WrestleBrawl 3 where I’m goin’ to take that Golden Ticket and do whatever the hell I want wit’ it.

He shrugs.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] I don’t know, I may just choose to book the bloody fuckin’ show after I win the Golden Ticket. Make you Americans watch me wrestle my fuckin’ self for three hours. I’m Shakespeare in that ring. I’m writin’ literary masterpieces while you fools are tryin’ to read books wit’ a buncha’ pictures in’em and all o’that. Fools.

Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega come into the scene.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Speakin’ o’ fools, look at ‘em. Lost to a girl.

[ Andrade Almas ] ¿Perdóname?

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] I didn’t stutter, mate.

Zelina steps in front of Andrade and snarls at the sight of ZSJ.

[ Zelina Vega ] Andrade lost because of Gregory Helms’ nonsense! There’s no other reason as to why he would EVER lose a match, let alone one to.. That THING!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] She has a lotta’ tattoos, yeah? Bird nose. Tucor’s aunt or something.

[ Andrade Almas ] Never again.

Andrade spits on the ground and takes one of the beers straight from Sabre’s waistband.

[ Andrade Almas ] WrestleBrawl.

Zelina raises an eyebrow. She likes what she hears.

[ Andrade Almas ] Golden Ticket.

Zelina quickly turns to face her client and places her left hand on his chest.

[ Zelina Vega ] With that Ticket comes POWER! Andrade, imagine the things you and I could do with that? A title shot without jumping through hoops or facing roadblocks! Choosing our own path to the top of this company? Whatever WE choose happens! Yes! Brilliant idea!

Andrade takes a big drink of the beer and shoves it into ZSJ’s chest, splashing it everywhere. He and Zelina walk off camera, leaving Sabre shaking his head.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Well now I suppose I’ll only drink three beers!

The scene switches back to ringside for our next match!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Nia Jax snatches up Barbie Blank and DRILLS HER with a Samoan Drop! The fans pop huge as Nia Jax destroys her very own partner! Charlotte shouts at her from the corner, "Hey! What the hell, Nia!?" but Nia Jax just looms over the fallen Barbie Blank, shouting "WHO'S FAT NOW, BARBIE! YOU CALLED ME FAT AND MADE ME SAD! SO I GAVE YOU A SAMOAN DROP AND MADE YOU SAD! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?" Barbie curls up in a fetal position, gasping for air but manages to eek out "I'm really, really sad!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is quite unexpected!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, if ya' been payin' attention, Tony, Barbie Blank has gone out of her way to offend Nia Jax, making fun of her weight during the build-up to this match and, t' say the least, Nia Jax was not appreciative of Barbie Blank's comments!

[ Scott Steiner ] Nia Jax ain't exactly what I'd call a genetic freak but she's strong as fuck! That big broad oughtta' be proud o' them tree trunk legs and that FAT ASS!

Before we can sort out the issue between Barbie and Nia Jax any further, Shayna Baszler, Becky Lynch, and Hana Kimura all three assault Nia Jax from behind, pummeling her relentlessly until she goes down to all fours! Finally, Shayna delivers a brutal kick to the side of Nia's head and she tumbles over the bottom rope, onto the apron, and down to the floor! Ted Dibiase laughs at ringside, counting a stack of $100 bills!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like Shayna Baszler, Hana Kimura, and the debuting Becky Lynch have formed some kind of alliance with Ted Dibiase!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And now they've got Barbie Blank right where they bloody want 'er!

Becky and Shayna return to the apron while Hana Kimura stalks Barbie Blank. Hana steps on Barbie's back and claps her hands together, almost as though she wants to rally the fans behind her but the fans just respond by booing. Finally, Hana hits the ropes and dropkicks Barbie right in the side as she tries to get to all fours! Charlotte shouts at Barbie to get up from the apron but Barbie is manhandled by Hana Kimura, getting hit rapid fire by a scoop slam, snap suplex, and basement dropkick to the back of the head! Hana shouts in Japanese as she goes to work and pulls Barbie back to her feet. Holding Barbie up by two handfuls of hair, she spits right in her face only to have Barbie spit right back in her face! Hana and Barbie begin slapping each other viciously before trading forearms! They fight to one corner of the ring where Shayna Baszler makes a blind tag! They fight to the other corner where Charlotte makes a blind tag... and then they tie up and drop before rolling under the bottom rope, fighting each other viciously, pulling hair, spitting, scratching and clawing!

[ Scott Steiner ] This is the kinda' women's match I can get behind! Fuck yeah!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Clearly, these two still have some issues t' work through following what happened at Total Destruction!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're brawling straight out of the ringside area!

Hana and Barbie fight all the way up the ramp and through the curtain, vacating the ringside area! The fans are going wild the entire time! Shayna and Charlotte eye each other from the apron, across the ring. They both slowly get inside the ring... but once they're inside, they run at each other and clash together, trading forearms and chops! The fans are going wild as Charlotte and Shayna rip and tear at each other, doing everything they can to knock the other off their feet!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is a titanic battle of two of the best in the business!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Imagine the clout Shayna Baszler will earn if she knocks off the daughter of former SGW World Heavyweight Champion, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck Ric Flair! Crooked tooth bastard!

Shayna takes over and drags Charlotte to her corner where she tags in Becky Lynch. Becky and Shayna take over on Charlotte, whipping her into the ropes and hitting her with a double clothesline as Ted Dibiase laughs at ringside. Becky and Shayna pick up Charlotte and set her up for a double suplex but NIA JAX returns to the ring, clubs Becky in the back and hooks her around the neck... so that Charlotte and Nia Jax can double suplex Becky and Shayna at the same time! Nia Jax is up immediately, flailing her arms around and JAXING UP! Shayna Baszler rises to her feet first and Nia Jax charges at her, clotheslining her over the top rope! Baszler lands on the apron and Nia Jax sends her flying off onto the ramp with a RUNNING AVALANCHE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nia Jax is running wild!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn right! Put a hurtin' on them scrawny girls!

Shayna slowly returns to her feet and turns around into a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE APRON from Nia Jax! Shayna doesn't go down! She fights back, throwing forearms and punches at Jax! Jax doesn't back down, throwing forearms and punches of her own! Shayna and Baszler and Nia Jax continue brawling all the way up the ramp and then through the curtain, leaving Charlotte and Becky in the ring! Charlotte posts up in the corner, motioning for Becky to get up! Becky slowly returns to her feet and turns around... SPEAR FROM CHARLOTTE! NO! BECKY LEAPFROGS THE SPEAR! Charlotte stops herself in the opposite corner and turns around just in time to see Becky Lynch coming in with a CORNER SPLASH! Charlotte moves and Becky eats the top turnbuckle! Becky spins out of the corner and Charlotte meets her staggering out with a RUNNING BIG BOOT! But Becky catches, traps Charlotte, and PLANTS HER WITH THE BEXPLODER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Neither woman is giving an inch!

Becky goes for the cover! One! Two! Charlotte throws her shoulder up... and Becky uses the momentum from the movement to flip Charlotte over in the DIS-ARM-HER! The fans are going nuts, wondering if this is it! Charlotte is only inches away from the ropes and she reaches and reaches! She manages to pull Becky along with her... and grabs the bottom rope! Paul Turner calls for the rope break! Becky continues pulling back on the hold until Turner reaches the count of four! Becky releases the hold and stands up, walking arrogantly to the center of the ring with her arms outstretched. Becky shouts "WHO'S DE QUEEN NOO'!?" drawing heat from the fans. Charlotte hangs onto the bottom rope and Ted Dibiase gets in her face, yelling at her and throwing $100 bills at her! Charlotte lashes out and grabs Dibiase by his tie, pulling him up onto the apron! Charlotte and Dibiase stand face to face and it looks like she might swing on him... but Becky charges in! Charlotte moves and Becky collides with Dibiase! Dibiase tumbles off the apron and money goes everywhere! Becky staggers backward and lands in a seated position just as Charlotte is coming off the ropes... NATURAL SELECTION! Charlotte covers Becky and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNERS - Charlotte Flair, Barbie Blank, & Nia Jax via Pin Fall in 12:11

The fans cheer loudly as Charlotte rolls off of Becky and pumps her fists in victory. Becky rolls out of the ring and leaves with Dibiase, both of them looking pissed. Charlotte stands up, looking worse for wear, and calls for a microphone. She receives one quickly. She leans on the top rope with an arrogant smile on her face. She raises the microphone, speaking through labored breaths.

[ Charlotte Flair ] See that? That... is more like it!

The fans cheer.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Like I said at Total Destruction, I'm not just here to honor my father's legacy in Solid Gold Wrestling... I'm here to create my own. My debut was spoiled by children playing games... well, I'm not here to play games, I'm here to establish my legacy and become the SGW Women's World Champion!

They cheer even louder. Charlotte walks to the center of the ring.

[ Charlotte Flair ] I can't speak to or for the ladies who abandoned this match halfway through... but I will say this... Becky Lynch, I respect the hell out of the effort you put in here in this ring tonight... any time, any place, if you ever want a rematch... you got it, sister.

Charlotte looks around at the cheering fans. She nods in approval of their praise.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Standing right here, right now... I'm staking my claim... and I'm laying out a challenge... whoever walks out of WrestleBrawl 3 as the SGW Women's World Champion... I'm calling you out--

The fans begin booing loudly as Gionna Daddio walks out onto the stage with Zahra Schreiber in tow. They're both in stylish, all black attire. Gionna has a microphone in her hand and a knowing smile on her face. She waits for the boos to die down a bit and then raises the microphone.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Blah... blah... blah.

Charlotte doesn't look amused. Gionna continues smiling.

[ Gionna Daddio ] I think we've heard just about enough out of little miss... I don't need my dad's legacy to succeed but I'm still gonna mention him every chance I get.

Zahra smiles. Gionna looks around at the booing fans.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Am I right?

And then she suddenly becomes serious, glaring at Charlotte.

[ Gionna Daddio ] You're insufferable.

Charlotte folds her arms across her chest and mouths "oh, really?"

[ Gionna Daddio ] Ever since SGW management announced your arrival, I've been curious about how you'd handle yourself here... I was so curious, Charlotte, that I felt like I needed a front row seat to your debut match at Total Destruction. I listened to the words you said about your plan for the women's division... but mostly, I listened to all your talk about your daddy's legacy and how you were gonna follow in his footsteps but... you... don't want to ride his coattails?

Gionna shakes her head, looking annoyed.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Sweetie, ya' can't have it both ways.

Charlotte gestures toward Gionna, inviting her to the ring. Gionna stays put on the stage, not falling for it. Zahra places her hand on Gionna's shoulder, patting it, showing her support.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Imagine my surprise when big bad Charlotte squared up against Candy Floss... and failed. I don't care if it was a disqualification or whatever... ya' didn't get the job done. Stumbled right outta' the gate... what a joke.

The fans boo.

[ Gionna Daddio ] You wanna make a difference in this division? Send it off in a new direction... make a challenge for the championship when you've done nothing... literally nothing to deserve it? I don't think so. Not gonna happen!

Charlotte shakes her head, frustrated.

[ Gionna Daddio ] As far as I'm concerned, you're little legacy ends here... and it ends with me. See, I'm looking to carve out a little legacy of my own... except, I'm not really in the legacy business, Charlotte. I'm in the empire business... and I intend to build mine on top of the corpse of your career! If you wanna go further in this company... if you wanna succeed... you gotta get through me... at WrestleBrawl 3!

Gionna smiles evilly, nodding.

[ Gionna Daddio ] That's right... Charlotte Flair... versus Gionna... DADDIO!

Gionna holds her arms out to the side, soaking in the strong negative reaction. Charlotte smirks and raises her microphone.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Ya' know what? It might not be the women's title match... but since I don't have anything better to do at WrestleBrawl 3... what the hell... I don't have a problem kicking your ass and making you bow to the queen in front of the largest audience in SGW history!

The fans cheer loudly. Charlotte's smile gets even bigger.

[ Charlotte Flair ] You're on, Daddio. I just hope you're ready!

Without another word, Daddio and Schreiber walk to the back, leaving Charlotte in the ring to continue her celebration as abruptly cut to the back.

We go backstage where we see Hana Kimura and Barbie Blank are still fighting, throwing wild punches and slaps while Kimura does her best to maintain control with a handful of hair. Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley, and a handful of arena security are doing their best to separate Kimura and Blank but Kimura refuses to budge and absolutely will not let go of Barbie's hair, holding her in place as she lands punches and slaps to the side of Barbie's face before spitting on her.

[ Barbie Blank ] Gross! Now I'm definitely gonna get the coronavirus!


Barbie reaches up and thumbs Hana in the eye, causing her to back off and allowing Lance Storm to grab her around the waist and pull her away! She kicks violently in Barbie's direction as she's separated from her. D-Von pushes Barbie back, keeping her away as well, though Barbie looks far less anxious to get back into the fight. Before things can escalate, Trish Stratus walks into the shot with a frustrated look on her face.

[ Trish Stratus ] That's enough! I've seen enough from you two!

Hana and Barbie both look at Trish, confused.

[ Trish Stratus ] You've barely been here two weeks and it's already come to this? Why? What issue could you two possibly have?

No one has an answer.

[ Trish Stratus ] Whatever. I'm settling it. Next week, you two are going to team up against opponents of my choosing... and if you can't make it work out, then you're not going to like what comes next.

Trish walks off-camera in a huff. Without any other words, Lance Storm and D-Von Dudley get Hana Kimura and Barbie Blank away from each other and we cut to another area backstage.

We find ourselves backstage inside the Disrespect U locker room where Christopher Daniels is dousing himself with a bottle of champagne while Chris Dickinson looks on in disgust. Luke Harper is propped against the wall, smoking a cigarette and reading a Playboy magazine.


He wipes the champagne out of his eyes to see no one cheering from him.

[ Christopher Daniels ] What the hell guys, seriously?

[ Chris Dickinson ] Bro, why are you pourin’ champagne on yourself?

[ Christopher Daniels ] WHY?! WHY?!

Daniels pops the cork on another bottle and spews the liquid all over Dickinson, who is NOT pleased. As Dickinson brushes his shirt off, Daniels continues.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Did you see what happened out there, young Chris? I defeated CODY RHODES! EASILY! I barely broke a sweat!

[ Chris Dickinson ] And that merits you spillin’ champagne all over me like a dumb ass?

Daniels scoffs and then pours the remaining portion of the bottle in his mouth, overflowing it.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Yes!

Daniels wipes his mouth and tosses the bottle near the trash can, missing it completely. The bottle crashes on the ground, shattering into a million pieces.

[ Christopher Daniels ] And you know what, guys? I did it WITH… OUT.. YOU!

Harper, not even looking up from his magazine, responds.

[ Luke Harper ] Cool.

Harpers’ nonchalant response draws the ire of Daniels.

[ Christopher Daniels ] And you.. You’ve not wanted to be in this group this entire time! Why are you still here?!

Harper drops his cigarette and stomps on it.

[ Christopher Daniels ] If you want to quit, then quit!

Harper rolls up his magazine and stuff it underneath his arm.

[ Luke Harper ] Alright.

Without saying another word, Harper casually strolls out of the locker room and we see him climb on top of a motorcycle. The engine revs up and Harper speeds out of the hallway as Daniels is in complete disbelief.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Did Harper really just leave?

He speaks the words out loud to try to make them more believable.

[ Christopher Daniels ] On a motorcycle that he had parked in the hallway?

[ Chris Dickinson ] Yep.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Good! I never needed him! I didn’t need this stupid group! He was worthless! And let’s be honest, you’re not exactly setting the world on fire yourself.

Dickinson pushes Daniels against the wall.

[ Chris Dickinson ] What did you say?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Don’t act surprised. When’s the last time you won a match? Because, as for me, I beat a man who won two belts in three matches ON MY OWN EARLIER TONIGHT!

Daniels makes the terrible decision of shoving Dickinson back.

[ Christopher Daniels ] So yeah, I don’t need Harper, so maybe.. Just maybe.. I don’t need…

Daniels shoves Dickinson again.

[ Christopher Daniels ] The Dirty.. Daddy.

Daniels shoves his index finger into Dickinson’s sternum.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Oh yeah, that’s right! I said it! Disrespect U is Disrespect DONE! When I hooked Cody’s leg and the referee counted to three, I was carefree and victorious! In those three seconds, I realized that I found success ON.. MY.. OWN! Hell! Hell, it was truthfull three of the best seconds of my life.. Even better than the three seconds I spent behind closed doors with your MOM!

Dickinson snatches Daniels’ index finger and gives it a twist.

[ Chris Dickinson ] You think my mother would give you three seconds of her time?

Dickinson twisted harder on Daniels’ finger, bringing him down sideways.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Look, this group was bullshit from the jump but I rolled with it because I thought it could get me somewhere… So let’s leave my mother out of this and focus on the task at hand by absolvin’ this group amicably. Yeah?

[ Christopher Daniels ] You’re really hurting my finger, pal.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Oh, I’m sorry! The big winner has a hurt finger! How are ya’ gonna’ feel when I yeet your ass through a table?

Daniels is confused.

[ Christopher Daniels ] One.. How is this an amicable split? Second.. “Yeet?” What the hell is -

Dickinson kicks Daniels in the balls.. PAZUZU BOMB THROUGH A TABLE! Dickinson stands over Daniels, who is now covered in pieces of wooden table debris. Daniels is lifeless as Dickinson gives him his parting words.

[ Chris Dickinson ] This group fuckin’ sucked.

Dickinson spits on Daniels.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Just like you.

Dickson walks out of the locker room, taking a bottle of champagne with him. Daniels remains out like a light in the middle of a broken table as the scene fades.

As the cameras return to ringside, we see Heath Slater standing in the middle of the ring holding a microphone. He flashes a big smile as he takes a deep breath and yells into the microphone.


The cheap crowd pop gets a nice ovation for the newcomer, who quickly transitions into his next comment.

[ Heath Slater ] I’m not booked for a match tonight, but I’m lookin’ to get booked for the biggest one of ‘em all! WRESTLEBRAWL 3!

Another big pop for Wrestlebrawl. Slater confidently paces around the ring, the lights reflecting off of his aviator sunglasses.

[ Heath Slater ] I heard through the grapevine that there’s a thirty-man rumble at the show where the winner gets a Golden Ticket for anything they want! I’m gonna’ be dang ol’ Willy Wonka, man! I’m gonna’ get that ticket and I’m gonna’ win that SGeeDubya title! So y’all can go ahead and mark it down that it belongs to HEATH SLATER and HEATH SLATER ONLY!

The arena explodes as the spotlight from the ring flashes to the top left corner of the arena. JON MOXLEY appears in the sea of fans, looking pissed off at the world. With the crowd roaring, Slater throws his arms out to his side to soak in the cheers, having no idea the root cause of the response.

[ Heath Slater ] The City of Brotherly Love, baby!

Moxley forces his way through the crowd, who constantly wants to slap him on the back, tug at his jacket, or stop him to get photos. Moxley wades through them like quicksand, until he finally gets to the rail and hops over it and slides into the ring, standing right behind Slater. The crowd starts chanting “MOX! MOX! MOX! MOX!”

[ Heath Slater ] Keep it up! “SLATER! SLATER! SLATER!”

Moxley spins Slater around, PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley rolls Slater out of the ring with his head and picks up Slater’s microphone and walks around all four corners of the ring. The fans are eating it up, losing their minds for one of the hottest new stars in SGW. Moxley adjusts his black leather jacket and finds the cameraman before he starts speaking.

[ Jon Moxley ] Since I’ve been here, I’ve wanted to fight the best SGW has to offer.. Chris Dickinson - beat! Christopher Daniels - beat! Disrespect U? GAME… OVER!

Moxley lowers the microphone and makes a circle in the ring before walking back to the camera.

[ Jon Moxley ] So now that I got rid of Disrespect U, I want a new challenge.. A REAL challenge.. I don’t want any of this kid gloves treatment or this precautionary booking for me to “get my feet wet.” I dove off the high dive head first into this pool and I’m ready to sink or swim on my own, and I guaran-damn-tee, I’m gonna’ swim with the sharks and take over the entire ocean before it’s all said and done!


[ Jon Moxley ] ‘Cause I ain’t no charity case or any ordinary man.. Nah.. I’m the baddest man walkin’ the face of this planet and I’m here to take on anyone that’s stupid enough to stand up against me to try to prove me wrong..

Moxley licks his lips with a devilish smile.

[ Jon Moxley ] Heath gave me a good idea.. If SGW ain’t sendin’ me the right people, then I guess I’d better go take on EVERYBODY! So consider this Jon Moxley enterin’ himself in the Wrestlebrawl Rumble! I don’t care if it’s a Golden Ticket, a Purple Reign, or a Black Arrow.. Consider this Jon Moxley leavin’ NO DOUBT as to who the baddest sumbitch in this company is!

Moxley drops the mic and plays to the fans until he’s interrupted by a familiar accent. The camera pans over, revealing PAC standing at the top of the ramp.

[ PAC ] Johnny.. Johnny.. Johnny… Don’t utta’ the words ‘Black Arrow’ n’ expect fa’ me to not come out.

The cheers Moxley received from the crowd quickly turns to a chorus of boos showering down on PAC as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring. With his black hair almost hiding his face, PAC continues.

[ PAC ] You’ve been in this company fa’ a month, Moxley, you barely know the way o’ the land. I’ve been hea’ since day one. I’ve beaten people, I’ve brutalized ‘em, I’ve embarrassed ‘em all the way out o’ this company! Just look at what I did ta’ Tetsuya Naito tonight.. Rubba’ match in a competitive feud.. I beat ‘em like the joke him and his entire group truly is… So if you’re poundin’ yer chest about bein’ the baddest man in dis’ company…

PAC steps forward, getting right in Moxley’s face.


Moxley chuckles as PAC continues his deathly serious address.

[ PAC ] Laugh all ye’ want, Moxley, but deep down inside, ya’ know it’s true! You aren’t the first and you won’t be da’ last man to show up in this company n’ try to cut the line straight to da’ top without earnin’ it.. But that’s where I step in.

[ Jon Moxley ] You? You’re the man who’s gonna’ come out here and try to prove me wrong? I saw you beat Naito, and that’s swell and all, but it don’t impress me. I beat Christopher Daniels and you don’t see me propping my resumé on that fact alone, do you?

[ PAC ] Then Johnny, let me put it a different way… If yer insinuatin’ that yer gonna’ walk into this company n’ sidetrack da’ Bas-tahd, then you have anotha’ t’ing comin’...

Chavo Guerrero appears on the Golden Tron, interrupting Moxley and PAC from coming to blows.

[ Chavo Guerrero Jr. ] Guys! Guys! Hang on!

The fans begin booing, chanting “LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!”

[ Chavo Guerrero Jr. ] You two have given the Championship Committee a good idea. Yes, as Heath mentioned before Jon.. ahem.. Had him leave the ring.. As with Wrestlebrawl tradition, we are holding “The Wrestlebrawl Match.” It’s a 30 man rumble where the winner receives a Golden Ticket… a free shot at ANYTHING! SGW World title match! SGW Elevation title match! A specific gimmick match against someone! The options are limitless..

“LET THEM FIGHT!” chants continue as Moxley and PAC look on in interest.

[ Chavo Guerrero Jr. ] And since you two seem interested in the match itself while also proving yourselves in this company.. Let’s do this. In two weeks at No Competition, I’m going to listen to the fans and I’m going to LET YOU TWO FIGHT!

PAC and Moxley both nod in satisfaction as Chavo continues.

[ Chavo Guerrero Jr. ] But there’s a little extra importance to the match.. PAC versus Jon Moxley… The winner gets the number thirty spot in the Wrestlebrawl Match. The loser… He gets number one.

Chavo looks please with the announcement as the fans cheer.

[ Chavo Guerrero Jr. ] It’s going to be a hard-fought contest in two weeks and I look forward to seeing who the best man is!

Moxley takes his microphone and shoves it into PAC’s chest and drops down out of the ring, exiting through the same area of the crowd where he entered into the ring from. PAC remains in the ring with a soured expression on his face. The stakes are high in two weeks at No Competition!

We fade up inside a hospital hallway where we see Jimmy Jacobs pacing back and forth in front of the camera. He's trembling with anger, pulling at his hair with both hands. Drool rolls off his bottom lip. Jacobs is manic... just absolutely losing his shit. The camera focuses on him, following him back and forth as he paces, wheezing through tears. Finally, he stops in front of the camera and brushes the hair out of his face. His eye make-up is running down his cheeks. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Elias... you... you monster!

He sniffs hard and wipes one of his eyes.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] You can say whatever you want... about what happened tonight... you can claim you tried to hit me with your guitar and missed... but I know that isn't the case... you tried to hit Lacey! You... you WANTED to hit Lacey... because you're jealous, Elias! You're jealous of what me and Lacey have!

He runs his fingers through his hair, leaving it all sticking straight up like a mad scientist.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] You wanted a duet... you wanted a god damn duet but I already have a duet, Elias! I have the love of my life! And you... you can't stand it! You hoped if you took Lacey out of the picture, you could slide right in and take her place but you can't! You can never take her place... and now...

He looks down, sobbing violently. He wipes his eyes with his sleeves.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Now I have to kill you, Elias.

He points off-camera.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Now you have to go away like Austin Theory!

And then he looks into the camera, deeply... passionately.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] But not with a railroad spike to the eye... that's too good for you, Elias! That's better than you deserve! No... it has to be more. It has be violent... and brutal... and full of... full of passion. It has to be at WrestleBrawl 3... on the grandest stage of them all.

He breathes heavily.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] You said it yourself, Elias... you wanted to set this company on fire with me.

He glares at the camera, barely forcing the words past gritted teeth.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Well... well, what if I set you on fire, Elias?

He throws his arms out to the side.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] What if we surrounded the ring with fire at WrestleBrawl 3, huh? How would you like that, Elias!? How would you like it if we surrounded the ring with fire and the only way to win... was for one of us... to light the other one... on fire?

Jimmy leans in, his eyes become darker, more sinister.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] We can call it... The Ring of Fire.

Jimmy smiles evilly and nods, pointing at his temple to show you how smart he is.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] And just like my heart... burns with love for Lacey...

His voice becomes lower.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Your flesh will burn... your FLESH will BURN... with my hate.

He chokes back a laugh and wipes away another tear. He points at the camera.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] That's passion, Elias.

A pause.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] That... is... passion.

He begins to back away from the camera.

[ Jimmy Jacobs ] Something you're going to learn a lot about at WrestleBrawl 3.

We fade out.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

The match begins with Jimmy Havoc and Adam Cole standing in their corners, staring one another down from across the ring. Arn Anderson stands at ringside, glaring at Havoc with a look absolute disgust. Next to him is Britt Baker, who can be seen muttering something to Anderson, prompting a nod from the former owner of Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Folks, this is it. One of the most anticipated matches in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling! Adam Cole's first defense of the SGW World Heavyweight Championship against "The King of the Goths" Jimmy Havoc!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc! The first man to win the Elevation Championship and defend it three times, thus earning this title shot tonight at Heartbreaker!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The state of WrestleBrawl 3 rides on the result of this match tonight! We learned earlier tonight that if Jimmy Havoc wins the SGW World Heavyweight Championship, he will be forced to defend it against twenty-nine other men in the WrestleBrawl match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But if Adam Cole wins... who bloody knows? Val Venis says he has a plan in place to ensure that Adam Cole doesn't leave WrestleBrawl 3 with the championship, if he somehow manages to survive Mr. James Havoc tonight!

[ Scott Steiner ] You wanna guarantee Adam Cole doesn't leave with the world title, there's only one fuckin' option in my eyes... and that's put him across the ring from the one, the only, the five time SGW World Heavyweight Champion... THE BIG BAD... BOOTY DADDY!

Cole and Havoc meet in the center of the ring... and as soon as the bell rings, Havoc nails Adam Cole with a big right hand! Cole staggers back and Havoc stays on him, peppering him with lefts and rights until he's backed Cole into the corner! Cole covers up as Havoc continues laying into him. Aubrey Edwards tries to get them out of the corner, forcing a break. As Havoc takes a step back, Cole pushes past Aubrey and punches Havoc right in the eye! Havoc staggers back and Cole stays on him, laying into him with right hands before clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor! Havoc lands on his feet and staggers back against the guardrail. However, as soon as Havoc finds his balance, Adam Cole crashes into him with a suicide dive that takes both men over the rail and into the front row!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My goodness! The impact!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Some fans just got a lucky souvenir!

Havoc and Cole both rise to their feet at the same time and begin trading punches and forearms as the fans go wild! Aubrey Edwards is freaking out, trying to regain control, shouting at both men to return to the ring! They don't listen, instead continuing to drill one another with shot after shot! The fans around them are screaming with excitement but still trying to avoid catching a stray fist or elbow as they swing on one another like men possessed! Finally, Cole boots Havoc in the stomach and dumps him over the rail and into the ringside area. Havoc scrambles back to his feet just in time for Adam Cole to springboard off the rail with a flying clothesline! Havoc catches him with a clubbing blow the the stomach, which turns Cole inside out in mid-air!

[ Scott Steiner ] That emo skeleton is lettin' it all hang out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc is quite resourceful in a pinch, gentlemen!

Havoc grabs Cole by the hair and drags him to his feet. Britt Baker sneaks up on Havoc from behind but Havoc catches her and whips around, staring a hole through her. She backs away in fear... allowing Cole to nail Havoc from behind, sending him sprawling forward! Britt Baker laughs and Cole snatches Havoc up off the floor and whips him into the guardrail! Cole follows him in and Havoc ducks, backdropping Cole the rail and into the first row of fans! Cole lands on his feet! Havoc turns around and is met with a forearm to the jaw from Cole! Havoc staggers back, turning his back on Cole. Cole climbs onto the rail and springboards off, nailing Havoc with a FLYING KNEE TO THE BACK! Both men crash but Cole rolls straight back to his feet. He snatches Havoc up off the floor and DRILLS HIM WITH A BRAINBUSTER! Havoc is OUT! Cole struggles to get the limp Havoc off the floor but finally gets him up and shoves him under the bottom rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The pin fall is academic!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' can't count out Jimmy Havoc that easily!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit! He's dead! Look how skinny that emo skeleton is! He's got NO PADDING! He took all that impact! Send 'is ass back t' the damn graveyard he came from!

Cole follows him in and covers him! He hooks the leg! One! Two! Jimmy Havoc kicks out! Cole immediately pulls Havoc up and hooks him for another brainbuster! He lifts him up and Havoc knees Cole in the head! Havoc lands behind Cole and pushes him forward. Cole staggers forward a couple steps but then turns back around... into a ROLLING ELBOW from Havoc! The impact staggers Cole but he doesn't go down! Havoc steps back, bouncing off the ropes, and nails Cole with ANOTHER ROLLING ELBOW! Cole goes down and Havoc falls on top of him! One! Two! Cole kicks out! Havoc smiles, expecting that, and pulls Cole back up to his knees. Cole looks up at Havoc as Havoc clenches his fist and then begins drilling Cole right in the side of the head with a series of punches! The fans are losing it as the light fades in Cole's eyes with every blow! Cole slumps backward, flat on his back, and Havoc circles him, dragging his thumb across his throat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It looks like Jimmy is ready t' finish 'im off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We could be looking at a new SGW World Heavyweight Champion, folks!

[ Scott Steiner ] God fuckin' help us!

Cole slowly gets up to one knee and Havoc snatches his wrist and pulls him in... ACID RAINMAKER! NO! COLE DUCKS IT! Cole hits the ropes as Havoc turns around... CORONA KICK! Cole doesn't waste any time! He pulls Havoc up off the mat and lifts him into a suplex position... BRAINBUSTER ONTO HIS KNEE! Cole covers! One! Two! TH-- Havoc kicks out! Cole sneers and pulls Havoc back to his feet. He whips Havoc into the ropes! Cole goes for a clothesline but Havoc ducks it! Havoc rebounds off the opposite side and goes for a ROLLING ELBOW but Cole ducks THAT! Havoc turns around... SUPERKICK TO THE KNEE! Havoc goes down to one knee! SUPERKICK TO THE FACE! Havoc goes down! Cole covers! One! Two! TH-- HAVOC KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HE WON'T. STAY. DOWN!

The fans are rallying behind the nefarious Havoc for the guts he's showing by taking this beating and refusing to stay down! Cole pulls his hair and shouts at Havoc, "STAY DOWN, YOU PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!" Cole stands and pulls Havoc up behind him by a handful of hair. The fans are booing loudly. Havoc lands a couple shots to Cole's mid-section but Cole no-sells it. Havoc is on his knees, looking out of it. Cole, still gripping Havoc's hair, loudly proclaims "AND NOW IT'S TIME... FOR YOU TO SUCK! MY! DICK!" Cole hits the ropes, runs past Havoc, comes up behind... LAST SHOT! NO! HAVOC DUCKS IT! Havoc rises to his feet as Cole turns around! Cole freaks and goes for a big right hand but Havoc catches his wrist... ACID RAINMAKER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] MY GOD THAT'S HIS MOVE!

Havoc covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! BRITT BAKER PULLED AUBREY EDWARDS OUT OF THE RING! The fans boo loudly as Aubrey gets in Britt's face and the fans begin chanting "WHOOP THAT TRICK!" over and over! Britt gets in Aubrey's face and Aubrey shoves her down! Inside the ring, Havoc looks furious that his victory was just stolen from him. Cole is down and Havoc returns to his feet... only to be whipped around by Arn Anderson... AND PLANTED WITH AN ANDERSON SPINE BUSTER! The fans erupt in boos as Anderson spits on Havoc, throws Cole on top of him, and rolls out of the ring! Aubrey slides back under the bottom rope and counts! ONE! TWO! THRE-- HAVOC KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Arn Anderson! That son of a bitch!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He learned everything he knows from the dirtiest playa' in the game!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck Ric Flair!

Havoc and Cole are both down, looking utterly defeated! The fans are chanting and cheering, anxious to see this match continue! Anderson is fuming at ringside, pissed that his plan didn't work! Adam Cole is up first, looking disheveled. Havoc struggles up to both knees. He looks up at Cole and flips him off! The fans cheer loudly and Cole sneers before hitting the ropes... LAST SHOT! NO! HAVOC SWEEPS COLE"S LEG! Cole goes down and Havoc immediately rises and takes Cole by the wrist, yanking him back up to his feet! ACID RAINMAKER! NO! COLE DUCKS IT! Cole executes a go-behind, wrapping his arms around Havoc's waist! Havoc struggles to get free before throwing elbows backward into the sides of Cole's head! Cole lets go and staggers back against the ropes! Havoc charges at him but Cole ducks and pulls down the top rope, causing Havoc to tumble over onto the apron and to the floor below!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Havoc's momentum... halted!

Adam Cole scrambles on his knees toward Audrey, wrapping his arms around her waist, turning her away from where Havoc landed! Havoc uses the apron to return to his feet but he's blindsided by STEVE CORINO and SHANE DOUGLAS! The fans erupt in boos as Corino and Douglas rain punches down on Havoc until he's lying on the floor in a fetal position! Arn Anderson directs traffic before reaching into the back of his jeans and producing... TWO PAIRS OF HANDCUFFS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Where did he get those!? Why did he even have those on him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I take it ya' haven't watched many Horsemen matches, eh, Tony?

He tosses one to Corino and one set to Douglas! They each sling Havoc against the guardrail and handcuff his wrists to the rail! Havoc struggles hard but he's fully restrained! Douglas rains down some extra punches on Havoc's head and then Corino tees off and kicks Havoc right in the balls! Douglas spits on Havoc and he and Corino walk away, leaving him to hang against the rail, barely alive!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Despicable! Absolutely despicable behavior by The Origin!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit, I say! You're tellin' me Adam Cole needed help beatin' that anemic lookin' piece o' shit!? Get that belt off Cole and onto a real man! A real champion! Like me! BIG POPPA PUMP!

Cole finally lets Aubrey go and she begins paying attention to what's going on at ringside... and begins the ten count! ONE! TWO! Havoc hangs limp against the rail, barely stirring! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! Havoc eyes flicker and he begins to pull at his restraints! SIX! SEVEN! Havoc comes to fully and begins fighting hard, doing everything he can to get free! EIGHT! HAVOC ACTUALLY MANAGES TO SNAP ONE OF THE CHAINS! NINE! HAVOC IS PULLING HARD! HE'S TRYING SLIP HIS HAND OUT! AND HE DOES IT! JIMMY HAVOC HAS BROKEN HIS OWN HAND TO ESCAPE! HE RUSHES FOR THE APRON... TEN!

WINNER & STILL CHAMPION - Adam Cole via Count Out in 18:31

Havoc slides into the ring and Cole immediately dives on him, bringing his foot down on Havoc's broken hand! Steve Corino and Shane Douglas hit the ring and mob Havoc, stomping away at him before he can even get back to his feet! The fans are booing loudly as all three members of The Origin stomp and kick away at Havoc! Arn Anderson and Britt Baker climb into the ring. As soon as Britt hits the ring, she shoves Aubrey down out of the way and kicks her out of the ring violently! Anderson is directing traffic as The Origin goes to work!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dammit! That's enough! I dislike Havoc as much as anyone else but this is three on one! It's not fair!

Finally, the locker room empties out with Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley, Billy Gunn, and Justin Credible hitting the ring with arena security to break up the violence! They push Cole, Corino, and Douglas back as arena security forces Jimmy Havoc out of the ring where a medic is waiting to check on his hand. Havoc refuses to be restrained and punches the medic in the face before struggling to get back in the ring! Credible and D-Von break off to help restrain Havoc, keeping him outside the ring as Storm and Gunn manage The Origin with some members of security.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They've got to get some control in there!

Before the violence can escalate any further, Val Venis walks out onto the stage in slacks and a light purple polo shirt. He has a microphone in his hand. The action in the ring grinds to a halt as all attention falls on the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion. He raises the microphone.

[ Val Venis ] Congratulations, Adam Cole.

Venis smirks.

[ Val Venis ] Congratulations on another well deserved, hard fought victory.

The fans boo loudly. Cole holds up the championship belt and points at himself, shouting "I DO DESERVE THIS! I'M THE DAMN CHAMPION!" Venis nods, that smirk transforming into a smug grin.

[ Val Venis ] But I'm afraid I'm about to have to have to rain on your parade... see? We had a plan in place just in case Jimmy Havoc won the belt... but I had a completely different plan in place, Cole. Whether you won tonight or not, your road only led in one direction... and it's a direction that I had to think long and hard about...

Venis bows his head, appearing to think it over again.

[ Val Venis ] See, when a competitor signs on to become a member of the SGW Championship Committee, they give up all their rights and their legal ability to compete in an SGW ring... and for a member to accept a match of any type, they would forfeit their seat on the Committee... forever.

The fans "OoooOoOooo" as they realize what's coming.

[ Val Venis ] Let me tell you something, Adam Cole... something a lot of people know but not many of them understand... I love Solid Gold Wrestling... I love this company more than life itself. It's the source of my greatest triumphs and my greatest failures... without this company, I wouldn't be the man that stands here right now... I wasn't asked to be a member of the original Championship Committee and that hurt... it hurt real deep down... but when I was asked... I jumped at the opportunity... because loyalty... because my love for this company supersedes any humiliation or hard feelings I might have felt...

Venis looks back up and glares hard at the ring.

[ Val Venis ] I take my role on the Championship Committee very seriously... more seriously than I've taken anything in years... but I will not stand idly by while Arn Anderson, a man I once respected, tries to tear down everything we built... brick by damn brick! Not on my watch! Not... going... to happen!

Venis is trembling with intensity. Anderson and Cole are talking to one another, confused.

[ Val Venis ] So... I had a little talk with Edge, Christian, Jarrett, and the rest of the boys on the Committee... and I brought up a little idea I had and they asked me one simple question... is it worth it to lose my spot on the Championship Commitee... forever...

The fans begin buzzing with anticipation.

[ Val Venis ] ...for one more shot at the gold?

The fans are ready to pop... but they control themselves.

[ Val Venis ] You bet your ass, it is.

And they pop... huge.

Cole freaks out! Douglas is spinning in circles, shouting "NO! NO! FUCKING NOOOOO!" Steve Corino drops to his knees and places both hands on either side of his head! Britt Baker is trying to calm Adam Cole down! Suddenly, Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Christian, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Bret Hart, and Ric Flair, with tape on his nose, all walk out from the back with stern looks on their faces. They stand behind Venis, offering up their full support. Venis takes a step forward, his eyes wide with intensity.


Venis points down at the ring, his finger trembling.


The fans are blowing the roof off the place. Cole runs his hand down his face, trying to calm himself.


His eyes go wide.

[ Val Venis ] AND I... WILL... END YOU!

Cole drops to his knees in the ring, clutching the SGW championship tightly to his chest. The camera zooms in slowly on Val Venis standing on the stage with gritted teeth as we slowly fade to black.

End transmission.