03 / 07 / 2020 | Dunkin' Donuts Center | Providence, Rhode Island

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches

- Charlotte Flair def. Nyla Rose via Pin Fall w/ Natural Selection in 00:22
- Christina Von Eerie def. Leva Bates via Pin Fall w/ Graveyard Smash in 1:08
- The House of the Highers (Vanessa Borne & Aliyah) (w/ Jinny) def. Team Thunder Kat (Allie Kat & Thunderkitty) via Pin Fall w/ Arabian Night in 5:33
- Bryan Danielson def. Puf via Referee's Decision w/ MMA Elbows in 3:45
- Non-Title Match - Sami Zayn (w/ Gregory Helms) def. Brandon Cutler via Pin Fall w/ Helluva Kick in 8:39
- Suzie def. Tasha Simone via Pin Fall w/ Panic Switch in 1:08
- Lightning Star (AZM & Starlight Kid) def. Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) via Pin Fall w/ Flying Double Stomp in 8:01
- Zack Sabre, Jr. def. Tracy Smothers via Pin Fall w/ Small Package in 59:59
- Reno SCUM (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe) def. Beer Garbage (James Storm & Eli Drake) via Pin Fall w/ Okie Killer in 00:41

Fade up.

The SGW logo flashes across the screen.

A quick recap is shown from the end of Heartbreaker two weeks ago. Val Venis is on the microphone giving his passionate speech about stepping down from the Championship Committee and challenging Adam Cole at WrestleBrawl. Venis’ departing words echo in dramatic style.


We are now live inside the arena as the cameras pan the capacity crowd holding their signs and cheering loudly. Pyro explodes on the stage as the camera cuts to Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and Scott Steiner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to No Competition! I am Tony Schiavone, and alongside me as always is Nigel McGuinness and SGW Hall of Famer, Scott Steiner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And what a show we have for you all tonight! Jon Moxley versus PAC in the main event, the winna’ takin’ the numba’ thirty spot in the WrestleBrawl match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Also tonight, we’ll see Disrespect U explode as Christopher Daniels takes on Chris Dickinson! Also tonight, we hope to hear from Val Venis and Adam Cole as their World title match is now only two weeks away!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] And speakin’ of the World Champion, let’s quickly cut to The Origin arrivin’ to the arena earlier today.

Earlier today.

A black limousine pulls into the parking lot of the arena. Upon stopping, a few seconds pass as the driver exits and goes to the back passenger side and opens the door. Stepping out first is Dr. Britt Baker, Steve Corino, Arn Anderson, Shane Douglas, and finally, the SGW World Champion, Adam Cole. Strength in numbers defined. Adam Cole yanks the lapels of his suit jacket tightly adjusting himself.

[ Adam Cole ] Ah, smell that? It’s WrestleBrawl season. Tonight’s gonna’ be a good night. I can feel it in my bones. A nice, easy night for us and then it’s on to smashing Val Venis right back into retirement where he belongs.

[ Steve Corino ] Personally, I can’t wait for WrestleBrawl. You beat Venis, I’ll win the Golden Ticket. Life’s gonna’ be good for The Origin!

The trunk of the limousine springs open and the driver begins removing suitcases and placing them on the ground.

[ Arn Anderson ] I know Val like the back of my hand, Adam. I made him into who he is today. He ain’t going to be a cake walk, but then again, he ain’t had a match in nearly three years. When you walk through those doors, you’d better keep your head on a swivel.

Cole scoffs, patting Arn on the shoulder.

[ Adam Cole ] Arn, I love ya’, but get real.


[ Adam Cole ] I know you’re looking out for me, but there comes a point where you’re going to have to trust me. You saw what happened to Jimmy Havoc. He’s way more of a threat to my title than Venis will ever be.

Corino ponders it over and speaks up.

[ Steve Corino ] I’m with Arn. We’ve been part of SGW before you were in the business, kid. He ain’t what he used to be, but he’s dangerous.

[ Adam Cole ] And so am I.

Cole’s blunt. He means business as he stares Arn and Corino down.

[ Adam Cole ] I’m not driving purple monster trucks or filming documentaries about my career. It took Val YEARS to win this title. It took me two months. And in two weeks, I’m going to cripple him once and for all.

His demeanor changes to a more jubilant tone.

[ Adam Cole ] Like I said, tonight’s going to be a good night. We need to rejoice and bask in our success. We’re not the ones who need to be worried about WrestleBrawl. We run this place and everyone else is simply playing catch up!

Cole walks over to Douglas and slaps him on the back. This simple friendly gesture instantly perks The Franchise up.

[ Adam Cole ] Shane-O, do me a favor?

[ Shane Douglas ] ANY FUCKIN’ THING!

[ Adam Cole ] I’m still a little sore from Heartbreaker. Care to get me and Britt’s bags?

Like a linebacker shredding an offensive line, Shane Douglas plows through Arn, Corino, and Britt to get to the back of the limousine. In an impressive feat of strength, Douglas has two bags underneath his left arm with another big suitcase resting on his right shoulder.


Douglas turns and stares down Corino.

[ Steve Corino ] What the hell?


[ Steve Corino ] ….No?


Corino’s brains pour out of his ears as he tries to understand what’s going on.

[ Steve Corino ] I’ll fight you in this parking lot right now, Douglas!


A cut of the camera shows Cole whispering into the ear of Arn.

[ Adam Cole ] So what’s their beef?

[ Arn Anderson ] Son, Shane Douglas wouldn’t know beef if a cow kicked ‘em in the ass. But he’s loyal and someone we can count on to sacrifice himself by flying on a grenade if the situation called for it.

Back to Douglas and Corino, Douglas continues his rant.


Douglas drops all of the bags on the ground and walks right up to the cameraman filming them.

[ Britt Baker ] SHANE! That was a three-thousand dollar Louis Vutton suitcase you just dropped in a mud puddle!


He’s instantly cut off before finishing. Britt Baker gets right to the point, infuriating Douglas.

[ Britt Baker ] You are really offensive to women.

Douglas looks less than impressed at the sight of Britt Baker, the woman who stole Adam Cole away from him.


[ Britt Baker ] When was the last time you apologized for anything?


It’s not pretty, but Douglas reaches down and somehow manages to pick up all of the bags he dropped in one swoop. He marches towards the entrance of the arena as Britt bee-lines to Cole.

[ Britt Baker ] This had better be worth it, Adam.

[ Adam Cole ] I’ll do whatever it takes to keep this championship, babe. Anything.

The rest of the Origin follow in behind Shane Douglas after the moment is ruined by his ranting and raving. The camera follows closely behind them as each member enters the arena. The scene fades.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The bell rings and Dustin and Elias begin circling one another. Elias is pumped up, ready to go while Dustin remains standing upright, stoic, unbothered. They clash in the center of the ring and the fans begin buzzing with excitement as they tie up and struggle for a dominant position. Elias takes Dustin over in a headlock but Dustin backs into the ropes and shoots Elias off. Elias comes roaring back and throws a clothesline but Dustin ducks it and hits the ropes himself. Both men collide in the center of the ring, slamming shoulders together.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the power in the center of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neither man is willing t' give an inch, gentlemen! They both know that the winna' of this match will enter WrestleBrawl 3 with tremendous momentum!

Neither man goes down and they just stare at each other with intensity for a moment... until Dustin punches Elias in the throat! Elias staggers back against the ropes and Dustin charges at him, clotheslining him over the top rope! Elias lands on his feet and staggers back against the guardrail. Dustin runs and baseball slides under the bottom rope, landing on his feet and spinning around to chop Elias in the neck, knocking him down to one knee! Dustin sizes Elias up and boots him right in the side of the head! The fans boo loudly as Dustin stalks Elias, meticulously planning his next move.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The cold and calculating Dustin Rhodes, hard at work!

Dustin grabs a handful of Elias' hair and brings him back to his feet. Without giving Elias a second to think, he hoists him up and drops him chest first across the guardrail! Elias lands on his feet and staggers back around. Dustin takes him by the back of his head and tries to slam him face first into the ring apron... only for Elias to block it, bracing himself with both hands on the apron! Dustin tries to force him down but Elias refuses, throws an elbow into Dustin's ribs, and then slams HIS head into the apron! Elias slings Dustin under the bottom rope and follows him inside.


Elias snatches Dustin up with hands on either side of his head. He pulls Dustin in and goes for DRIFT AWAY but Dustin spins out and nails Elias with a stiff uppercut! Elias staggers back into the ropes and bounces off. Dustin goes for a clothesline but Elias blocks it and nails Dustin with an uppercut of his own! The impact sends Dustin spinning out and Elias catches him on the turnaround... kick to the gut! DRIFT AWAY! Elias covers and hooks the leg! One! Two! Th-- JIMMY JACOBS IS ON THE APRON! The fans erupt in boos as Jacobs distracts Mike Chioda!

[ Scott Steiner ] What's the fuckin' pretty boy doin' out here!? Emo piece o' shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Jacobs is looking to build his own momentum on the road to WrestleBrawl!

Elias gets up and approaches Jimmy on the apron... but before he can do anything, Lacey slides into the ring and KICKS ELIAS IN THE BALLS FROM BEHIND! Jimmy hops off the apron and Lacey quickly exits the ring as Elias falls to his knees. Dustin Rhodes slowly returns to his feet and hooks Elias from behind... LONESTAR STATE OF MIND! The fans boo loudly as Dustin covers and Mike Chioda counts... one! Two! Three!

WINNER - Dustin Rhodes via Pin Fall in 5:11

Dustin rolls out of the ring and walks to the back with no fanfare, leaving Elias in the middle of the ring. Elias rolls over onto his side, looking disoriented. Lacey has reentered the ring, shrieking and talking shit at Elias, pointing at him aggressively.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Lacey hasn't forgotten what Elias did to her at Heartbreaker! This is personal!

Jimmy Jacobs throws the apron up and drags a red container from underneath the ring! It's gasoline! Jacobs slides it under the bottom rope and the fans erupt in boos. Jacobs quickly descends on Elias, mounting him and raining down punches until Lacey begins shrieking again.

[ Lacey ] That's enough, Jimmy! Do it! KILL HIM!

Jacobs stands up, stomps Elias in the gut, and then grabs the gasoline! He rips off the cap as the fans lose their shit... and douses him with the gas! Elias is too out of it to fend for himself! Jacobs empties out the container and tosses it to the side. The fans are booing as Jimmy reaches into his tights and finds a book of matches! Before he can strike one, Lance Storm, Billy Gunn, D-Von Dudley, and Justin Credible hit the ring with arena security! Credible slides under the bottom rope and immediately tackles Jimmy Jacobs, dragging him out of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord, what did we almost just witness 'ere!?

[ Scott Steiner ] A GOD DAMN MURDER!

Jimmy Jacobs is dragged kicking and screaming to the back with Lacey following, cursing out Credible and Billy Gunn every step of the way. Inside the ring, Lance Storm and D-Von Dudley try to get Elias out of there safely, everyone surrounding him and escorting him to the back as he drips with gasoline. The fans seem to have no idea how to respond to what they've just witnessed. Things are more heated than ever as he we head into the Ring of Fire at WrestleBrawl 3!

A slow fade up reveals an establishing shot of a beautiful brick courthouse. It is tall, well-kept and recently renovated, a true house for justice and those who keep it. As a lower third appears on our screen, we are informed this is none other than Knoxville, Tennessee – home to the very unfortunate occurrences scheduled for this afternoon.

As we fade into the courtroom, a picturesque chamber, decorated with wood and stone, we hear murmuring from the folks inside. The courtroom is vast and able to hold the many persons in attendance for today’s hearing – a very much anticipated trial in the family court of Knox County, Tennessee.

One side of the bar is occupied by a man of average height and build – dark haired with a well-kept beard and a pressed navy-blue suit. He acknowledges the camera and nods, speaking directly to it though he’s been told repeatedly not to do so.

[ ??? ] What’s up, dudes? Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law! I’ll be winning this case today…NBD.

A small brass tiger is pinned to Culver’s lapel and matches his brass tie clip across his red tie. The attorney slowly removes a dark pair of Aviator sunglasses, ignoring the fact that he was wearing them all the way into the courtroom, tucking them into his leather briefcase before speaking quietly to the man beside him.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] Alright, Mike – don’t sweat it. This is an open-and-shut case if I’ve ever seen one…

The camera pans over to show Michael Jordan, dressed as nicely as ever in a dark suit. He looks towards Culver with a tone of sarcastic understanding.

[ Michael Jordan ] I dunno, man. If you knew anything about this stupid Angle guy, you’d know there isn’t anything open and close about him.

From the front row of the gallery behind them, Dennis Rodman leans in and speaks. His suit is tiger-printed, and his hair is dyed a strange neon cheetah monstrosity. His nose has three piercings and his sunglasses are jet-black.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Other than his sex life! I heard his wife Karen left him to start fuckin’ Chyna!

Culver and Rodman slyly low five, laughing, as Jordan smirks. Culver clears his throat quickly and looks toward the camera.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] …uh, rest in peace. All the best to the family.

Before we can fall any further into the prosecution’s side, the camera pans over to show an extremely tense Kurt Angle, sweating bullets in his navy-blue suit. He wipes his forehead with his American flag-printed tie and shoves it back into his jacket.

[ Kurt Angle ] …this is lookin’ pretty FREAKIN’ bad! I mean, look at that high-powered attorney Jordan’s got over there!

The camera pans over to show Colt Cabana seated beside Kurt, wearing a pair of glasses very far down his nose and studying a set of documents on the table and in his hands.

[ Colt Cabana ] Listen, Kurt – I’m not concerned about Fancy-Pants over there with his high-dollar Armani suit – what’s he tryin’ta do, join the Horsemen? Nah, man, I’m focused on the facts – that’s all that matters here today.

Cabana is dressed in a white Oxford shirt (nice start) with a navy-blue tie (popular choice today) without a tie clip. His jacket is constructed from what appears to be years-old brown tweed, stained in a few spots but nicely stitched, indicating it is somehow both second-hand and freshly made. Angle sighs deeply and sinks into his chair as the Bailiff, a slightly overweight sheriff’s deputy who looks like he may be a little too wild for street duty, but with a kind heart overall, clears his throat and walks up, running his hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. His nine-o-clock shadow dances across his lip as he announces.

[ Bailiff ] All rise.

As the room stands solemnly for the approaching judge, Cabana rises, showing off his extremely strange choice of pant – nearly-white acid washed jeans. Kurt notices the odd selection and looks down puzzled, then back up to Cabana, who confidently flashes a thumbs up and straightens his glasses as they take their seats.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] Be seated, ‘fokes. I know this case has a lotta media attention here so let’s try and get it out of the way as quick as possible.

The Judge is a middle-aged man of slight build with notable dark circles under his eyes. He ignores Cabana’s sarcastic snort of approval and gestures towards the prosecution.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] Mr. Culver, let’s go ahead and get started with your opening statement.

Culver smirks and stands up, straightening the tiny brass tiger on his lapel before speaking confidently to the judge.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] Your honor, I believe that the facts we show here today will clearly illustrate that the child in question, precocious young Jason, is the biological son of my client, Michael Jordan, and should no longer be exposed to the abuse associated with a life lived as the son of this boorish, sweaty Olympian.

Angle shoots up at his table and points his finger at Culver.

[ Kurt Angle ] Hey, listen here, you piece of crap! I’ll brea—


The Judge bangs his gavel, crying for Order as Cabana jerks Angle down into his chair. Kurt, still sweating and nervous, puts his head in his hands on the table as Colt shrugs at the judge, smiling broadly. Judge Thonee is too weathered for Colt’s charms and gestures for him to rise and deliver his opening statement.

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh, right! <Colt stands up and shuffles his papers> Hi! I’m Colt Cabana! I’m a Chicago native, an entertainer, a pahdcaster, but most of all – I…am a professional wrestler! Though, today, I’ll be acting as counsel for the defense! Your honor…and fine people of the court…

Colt steps out into the aisle and steps towards the Judge, turning his back and orating broadly to the room.

[ Colt Cabana ] I believe that through today’s proceedings, we will be able to finally put this matter to bed and determine once and for all that while Mister Jordan is a hero to all of Chicago and has made arguably a greater impact in the life of Jason but inarguably a far superior sum of money to provide for him, his father is none other than my client – Kurt Angle!

The judge nods and clears his throat, preparing to speak again, but Cabana cuts him off.

[ Colt Cabana ] …and let the record show that I mean, a FAR, FAR superior amount of money. The Jordan Complex makes your house look like a literal shoebox, Kurt. I mean, there’s like THREE gyms in the west wing alo—

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] ORDER! Mister Cabana, please take your seat!

Cabana sheepishly does as he’s told as the Judge rolls his eyes and looks to Culver, smiling arrogantly and shaking his head in disbelief at Colt.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] Prosecution, would you call your first witness?

Culver stands, smirking and pats Michael on the shoulder.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] …you bet your judgely ass I will.


We join the direct exam of Rodman near its conclusion. Culver is propped onto the barricade and is listening to the NBA Legend.

[ Dennis Rodman ] –llin’ ya, dude, I ain’t never seen this kid happier than when he’s with his daddy…and by that, I mean his biological daddy, Mike, not that stupid bastard Angle.

Culver smirks and looks at Angle, who is red-faced and suppressing fury as the Judge advises Rodman to mind his language.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] Mister Rodman…in your world-travelled wisdom…would you surmise that the life of young Jason Jordan, this innocent child of no more than –

[ Colt Cabana ] <quietly> He’s a full-grown man. Am I the only one who sees this?

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] – is being placed into the very hands of the devil himself – being delivered with a pretty blue bow on his head into the outstretched palms of Beelzebub – if he is allowed to continue making his life with this bumbling, bald nitwit as his father?!

Kurt shoots out of his chair again and jabs his finger at Culver.

[ Kurt Angle ] I’ll break your angle you sunnavabitch!

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] ORDER!


Cabana throws his glasses at the table, shattering them, before looking at the cameraman and winking, mouthing the words “did you get that?” as the judge pinches the bridge of his nose.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] …he’s not even on the stand, Mister Cabana! OVERRULED!

Cabana and Angle sit down again as Michael Jordan rolls his eyes and Culver turns back to Rodman.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] …as we were saying…Kurt Angle is a bald-headed, pot-bellied, washed-up, sixty-seven year old geriatric, forcing his son into a business he is not only too young for, but is also severely limiting his future earning potential for my client with!

The entire courtroom is silent, taking in Culver’s words essentially giving away Jordan’s plot.


The Judge looks incredulously towards Rodman, then to Culver, who quickly re-takes control.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] Michael would be a better daddy than Kurt, right, Dennis?

[ Dennis Rodman ] <quickly> Yeah man, fasho.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] That is all, your honor.

As Culver quickly scuttles to his table to confer with Michael, Colt steps up and goes nose-to-nose with Rodman before stepping back and staring intensely into Rodzilla’s eyes.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] …your cross examination, Mister Cabana?

Cabana rubs his hands together intensely and speaks.

[ Colt Cabana ] Mister Rodzilla, in the visit to the Jordan Complex you were asked about earlier, is it true that you told me that I was the best professional wrestler you’d ever seen in your entire life?

Rodman scoffs and answers with a half-hearted nod.

[ Colt Cabana ] And is that TRUE, Mister Rodman?

Dennis takes off his sunglasses, somehow having had kept them on through the examination and glares daggers at Cabana.

[ Dennis Rodman ] Hell naw it ain’t. You SUCK, Cabana.

The courtroom murmurs excitedly as Colt’s mouth drops into an open O of shock. Hurt, he speaks.

[ Colt Cabana ] …no further questions, your honor.

As Cabana slinks down into his seat, Angle screaming that they missed an opportunity to nail the case, Colt just waves it off, too hurt by Rodman’s words as Judge Thonee dismisses the NBA Legend.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] …well. Mister Culver, your next witness?

Culver stands again and straightens his tie.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] …you Honor, we’d like to call Karen Laurer to the stand.

Angle slams his head down on the desk as we fade away, back to Providence.


In the hallway of the arena, we find ourselves at a closed door with a sign placed directly in the center. “Championship Committee.” The door swings open and out comes oVe, making their on-screen debut in SGW. The entire group exits with Edge and Christian right behind them.

[ Sami Callahan ] You guys have made a very good decision. I’m glad you could see it our way.

[ Edge ] Hey, it’s a ten-team battle royal, so I mean, we would’ve had to ask you guys eventually.

[ Christian ] Yeah, logistics and stuff.

[ Jake Crist ] We’ve been sitting on the sidelines for far too long. In two weeks, that contendership belongs to us.

Christian nods in agreement and sarcastically responds.

[ Christian ] Hell yeah, brother.

Callahan shakes hands with Edge and the entire group walks off. Christian leans in near Edge with a confused look.

[ Christian ] So, uh.. Who were those guys?

[ Edge ] oVe.

[ Christian ] Who the hell are oVe?

[ Edge ] Literally the guys we just talked to.

[ Christian ] Do they have names or are they collectively just “oVe?”

Edge is frustrated.

[ Edge ] They all have names, Christian. I just.. I don’t know what they are.

[ Christian ] So that’s the team you chose to replace Undisputed Era?

[ Edge ] Who the hell else were we going to pick, huh?

Almost on cue, Horrifichausen - Vincent and Danhausen appear. Without saying a word, they simply stare down Edge and Christian, who looked a little freaked out.

[ Danhausen ] Hello! Danhausen here!

[ Christian ] Well thank God, someone tells me who they are!

[ Danhausen ] Hello! Danhausen here!

[ Christian ] You’ve already said that.

Silence. Danhausen stares closely at Christian.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen thinks you have nice teeth.

[ Christian ] See? This is my kind of guy. Hey, what are you two doing at WrestleBrawl?

[ Vincent ] Nothing.

[ Danhausen ] It’s true! We have yet to be bookhausen for the event!

[ Edge ] Oh God.

[ Christian ] Well, get this. Consider yourselves booked! You guys are the sixth entrants for The First Ever Edge and Christian 4 Time SGW Tag Team Champions Host the First Ever All-Star Classic Celebrity Pro-Am-Multi Tag Team Match to Determine Number One Contendership Match of DOOM~!

Danhausen claps his hands repeatedly and flashes a wide, spooky smile.

[ Danhausen ] Horrifichausen likes this!

Danhausen opens a broom closet nearby and enters. Vincent remains. Edge and Christian look at one another and then back to Vincent.

[ Edge ] So, buddy, you going to follow your friend into that closet?

[ Vincent ] No.

[ Edge ] Alright, well.. We’re going to get back to work. Good talk.

Edge opens the door to the office and re-enters. Immediately inside, Edge jumps back in shock, clutching his chest. The camera pans over to reveal Orange Cassidy slumped over in a chair. Christian buries his face in the palms of his hands.

[ Christian ] Why is this guy here? Seriously? What’s the deal?

Chavo Guerrero appears from the other side of the room with a big smile on his face.

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Hey guys! Glad you could make it.

[ Edge ] We’ve been here the whole time. Where did you appear from?

[ Chavo Guerrero ] I have a big surprise for you guys!

[ Christian ] Is it explaining how you killed this guy in self defense?

Christian kicks Orange Cassidy in the shin, who doesn’t flinch.

[ Edge ] Yeah, why is he here?

[ Chavo Guerrero ] I have no idea, man. He just.. Appears. I’m too afraid to tell him to leave.

Chavo turns his back to Orange Cassidy and focuses on Edge and Christian.

[ Chavo Guerrero ] So, I know the Undisputed Era had to take a leave of absence, opening up a spot in the battle royal thing at WrestleBrawl…

[ Christian ] The First Ever Edge and Christian 4 Time SGW Tag Team Champions Host the First Ever All-Star Classic Celebrity Pro-Am-Multi Tag Team Match to Determine Number One Contendership Match of DOOM~!

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Yeah, that.

He continues.

[ Chavo Guerrero ] So I decided to make a few calls and went on a nostalgia trip! But then I was left with a tough decision and couldn’t pick.. So, if it’s okay with you guys, I booked two teams for it!

[ Edge ] Hey, yeah, sure Chavo. We have six, so your three leaves us one more for a deserving team. What’cha got?

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Tha Tru Warriorz! HUGE pop they got at Card Subject to Change! Then I saw D-Von in catering and asked if he and Bubba Ray wanted in and they said yes!

[ Edge ] Oh, nice. That’ll be nice to see the Duds back in a SGW ring.. You know.. After we crushed two of their records.

Edge and Christian high-five.

[ Christian ] One of those records got us banished for months. Totally worth it.

[ Edge ] Alright, so who’s lucky team number nine?

On cue, a knock at the door is heard. Chavo slaps his hands together with glee and rushes to it, grabbing the door knob.

[ Chavo Guerrero ] I asked this team if they wanted in and they said they’d do anything for a pay day! I knew you guys would love to see them again.. Well.. After last time anyway..

Chavo pulls the door open wide, revealing Demolition - Ax and Smash - in full makeup and ring gear. Black tights, studded vests, leather chaps, everything. Christian’s reaction says it all.


Edge shoves Chavo out of the way and slams the door. He snaps back at Chavo with a flustered look.

[ Edge ] Chavito! How dare you betray us like this?! You know they’re our sworn enemies!

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Well, I mean, the show is getting pretty big and I knew I could book them cheap! Nostalgia sells!

[ Christian ] I can’t believe you booked three teams for our match!

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Hey! If I’m not mistaken, you guys just booked two teams for it that have barely existed in SGW!

[ Christian ] But it’s my match, dammit! I call the shots! You’ve had a five month feud with Bray Wyatt over a stupid horse and he doesn’t even work here anymore! So please, for the love of God, can I not have a match with my name on it that DOESN’T INVOLVE DAMN DEMOLITION?!

[ Chavo Guerrero ] It was EIGHTEEN years ago!

[ Christian ] What’s that? The amount of years it’s been since you mattered?

Christian immediately takes it back.

[ Christian ] I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I meant it but I shouldn’t have said it.

Desperate, Edge makes a rash decision without thinking it through.

[ Edge ] We’re the tenth team! Book it!

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Wait..

[ Edge ] Book it! Edge and Christian, numero ten!

[ Christian ] Hold on, I’m not giving up my spot on the Championship Committee. I love this power to make or break lives.

On second thought..

[ Christian ] Although, I could wake up daily without messages from The Rock demanding title shots.. No! I want my power!

[ Edge ] Yeah, we’re not giving our places up for this. Val did it because he’s trying to win a title. I literally want to hop in the ring, eliminate Demolition, maybe have a stare down with the Dudley Boyz as the fans chant “FIGHT FOREVER!” or something at us and then skip out of town.

[ Chavo Guerrero ] With the deepest tag team division in SGW history, you guys are the tenth team?

[ Christian ] I’m not walking out that door to tell Demolition they’re off the show. If you want to do that, then you go right ahead. If I went out there, I’d prison shank them to death.

Christian makes repeated stabbing motion.

[ Christian ] Right in the jugular! “Oh! What a rush!” indeed.

[ Orange Cassidy ] Road Warriors.

[ Christian ] Oh. Right.. Wait..

Orange Cassidy slowly pulls himself out of the chair, softly kicks the chair over on its back, and walks up to the group. After a few seconds of hesitation, Orange Cassidy dramatically shoves his hands in his pocket and walks to the door. Refusing to remove his hands from his pockets, he finds himself unable to exit.

[ Edge ] Let me get that for you.

Edge opens the door and Orange Cassidy casually strolls out of the office and saunders down the hallway, never to be seen again.

[ Christian ] Why the hell did he kick the chair over?

We go to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

All four women are in the ring as the match starts. Nurse Ratchet stands still in her corner, looking intimidating. She remains still as Vipress, Nia Jax, and Becky Lynch meet in the center of the ring. Becky gets right in Nia Jax's face, pressing her index finger into Nia's chest, telling her how this match is going to go. Vipress stands several inches shorter than them, looking pissed that they're ignoring her. After several long seconds, Vipress becomes fed up and shoves Becky and Nia Jax at the same time, causing them both to turn around and punch her in the face! Vipress goes down hard!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The debuting Vipress is finding out quickly that these women are not ones wit' whom you would like t' mess!

Vipress rolls out of the ring and Nurse Ratchet charges out of the corner, nailing Becky and Nia Jax with a double clothesline! Becky goes down and rolls out of the ring as well! Nia Jax doesn't budge! Jax and Nurse Ratchet stare one another down and Nia Jax abruptly nails Ratchet with a big right hand!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nia Jax is bringing the pain! Seeking revenge for Nurse Ratchet sticking her with that syringe of viscous green liquid at Holiday Hell!

[ Scott Steiner ] That was like ten years ago! Who even remembers that shit!?

Ratchet comes back with a big right hand of her own! Nia Jax frowns... and then punches Ratchet full-on in the face! Ratchet staggers back into the ropes and then shambles back toward Nia Jax! Jax boots her in the stomach and pulls her in... POWER BOMB! The fans pop huge as Nurse Ratchet convulses on the mat and then rolls under the bottom rope! Nia Jax walks a circle around the ring, pounding her chest... until Vipress climbs the turnbuckles from the outside and nails Nia Jax with a FLYING BACK ELBOW! Nia Jax finally leaves her feet... just in time for Becky Lynch to leap off the top rope with a FLYING SPLASH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Rock's cool cousin is down!

Becky Lynch and Vipress both rise to their feet and clash in the center of the ring! They begin trading forearms like women possessed and Becky takes over, whipping Vipress into the ropes! Vipress rebounds and Becky catches her... BEXPLODER! Becky covers! One! Two! Th-- NURSE RATCHET BREAKS THE PIN! Ratchet drags Becky off of Vipress by two handfuls of hair. Becky struggles to get free, punching and elbowing away at Ratchet's mid-section. Maintaining her grip with one hand, Ratchet tees off, slugging away at Becky's head with the other! Nia Jax returns to her feet and wipes both women out with a running avalanche! Vipress is up on the apron, gripping the top rope. Nia Jax charges at her and Vipress drops, pulling the top rope down, causing Nia Jax to crash and burn to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What impact! Did ya' hear that? Sounded like wet meat hitting pavement!

[ Scott Steiner ] SHE'S FAT!

Nia Jax struggles back to her feet... but as soon as she's up, she's attacked by SHAYNA BASZLER AND HANA KIMURA! They both begin raining blows down on Nia Jax before whipping her into the guardrail! Nia Jax hits hard, left leaning against the rail. Baszler and Kimura charge... AND TACKLE NIA JAX THROUGH THE RAIL AND INTO THE FRONT ROW! The fans pop huge upon seeing the spectacle but then begin booing loudly. Baszler and Kimura get up and begin backing up the ramp, looking satisfied at what they've done.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nia Jax has been neutralized! Shayna Baszler and Hana Kimura have done their part to even the odds in favor of their unlikely ally, Becky Lynch!

Shayna and Hana continue to watch from the stage. Vipress stands in the corner, waiting on Becky Lynch to stand up. Becky slowly returns to her feet... and as she does, Vipress thrusts her hand forward, gripping Becky's throat with telekinesis! The fans erupt in boos as this outlaw bullshit takes place right in the center of the ring! Becky struggles against the invisible grip of the Vipress! Vipress lifts her hand... TELEKINETIC CHOKESLAM!


[ Tony Schiavone ] The laws of physics do not apply to Vipress!

Becky rolls out of the ring and Nurse Ratchet shambles toward Vipress! Vipress attempts the Telekinetic Chokeslam again but Ratchet is immune to Vipress' supernatural abilities! Ratchet grabs Vipress around the throat and begins throttling her! Vipress is helpless to stop her... until Nia Jax returns to the ring to a huge pop! Nia Jax blasts Nurse Ratchet in the head with a KNOCKOUT PUNCH and Ratchet goes down! Vipress immediately springs into action and dumps Nia Jax through the ropes to the floor! Vipress rolls leaps onto Nurse Ratchet, cradling her with both feet on the ropes! One! Two! Three!

WINNER - Vipress via Pin Fall in 6:29

The fans boo loudly as Vipress quickly escapes the ring and begins backing up the ramp with a sinister smile on her face. However, as soon as she reaches the midway point on the ramp, she's blasted from behind by Shayna and Kimura! Shayna and Kimura put the beatdown on Vipress before casually dumping her over the guardrail and into the front row!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These women are relentless! They're not happy that Becky Lynch wasn't victorious tonight!

Nia Jax is up at ringside and Becky Lynch nails her from behind with a running dropkick, sending her sprawling forward into a double clothesline from Hana and Shayna! The fans are booing loudly as Lynch, Baszler, and Kimura begin putting the boots to Nia Jax on the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're sending a message, Tony! And it's being received loud and clear!

Inside the ring, Nurse Ratchet just watches what's going on, tilting her head to the side quizzically. Once they're done, Becky, Shayna, and Hana walk up the ramp, appearing satisfied with the carnage they've left behind. We fade to black as they celebrate on the ramp.

Kenny Omega focuses intensely on adjusting his kick pads on his boots so that they look just right. Once he’s satisfied, he gives each one of them a slap to test them out.

[ Kenny Omega ] Tonight’s my night! Feeling good! Better than ever!

Omega punches the air a few times, doing a light boxing routine to warm up. During the middle of it, we see Matt and Nick Jackson walk up to him in Young Bucks t-shirts and jeans. Nick has a SGW hat pulled down low.

[ Nick Jackson ] What’s up, Kenny?

[ Matt Jackson ] First match in SGW in a while. You ready?

Kenny nods confidently.

[ Kenny Omega ] Yeah! You know, I’ve not been in a ring in a minute but it’s like riding a bike. I can’t wait to see if fortune favors me a little more so this time around.

[ Matt Jackson ] Andrade is no pushover, but I think it’ll be a nice test for ya’.

[ Kenny Omega ] For sure. So, big night for you guys at WrestleBrawl, huh? The Edge and Christian thing.

[ Nick Jackson ] Aka the Young Bucks breaking through that glass ceiling that’s held us back and us finally get shots at those belts!

[ Matt Jackson ] It’s about damn time, man.

Omega puts on his ring jacket and adjusts it to his liking.

[ Kenny Omega ] Who knows? Maybe if I put on a nice showing in this match tonight I can get in the WrestleBrawl match or something? Or at least get some equity built back up after that disastrous early run with Kota. I know I’m better than the product I’ve put out there.

Marty Scurll opens the door to the locker room and is caught off guard by his old friends all being collected.

[ Marty Scurll ] Well, well, well.. If it isn’t my ol’ friends.

[ Kenny Omega ] Marty! Good to see you again. What’s up?

[ Marty Scurll ] You guys seen Cody? Afta’ what’s been goin’ on wit’em lately, I wanted to check on ‘em.

Omega shrugs as the Bucks follow in behind him.

[ Matt Jackson ] No idea, man. He’s kept a low profile since Total Destruction. He has a lot going on so we’ve just held back.

[ Marty Scurll ] Right. I’m gonna’ go see if I can find ‘em. Give ‘em a little support for his match tonight.

[ Nick Jackson ] Say Marty, you booked for WrestleBrawl?

Scurll casually waves him off.

[ Marty Scurll ] ‘Fraid not. I’m bidin’ my time, though. I have just the person in my sights, though. Soon enough, I won’t need a Golden Ticket or a fight against ninety-nine men. There’ll be no doubt as to who the top man in SGW truly is.

[ Kenny Omega ] I like that confidence, Marty. Good luck to you.

[ Marty Scurll ] The same goes for you, Kenny. Fingers crossed this return of course yields betta’ results than before. You rememba’.. When you were a laughin’ stock of the company. Losin’ to such high profile wrestlers such as the Hybrid 2 and Christopher Daniels..

Omega is taken aback, not expecting the criticism from Scurll.

[ Marty Scurll ] Aw, c’mon. I’m just havin’ a laugh! Friends can do that right? Like, look at the Bucks! No wins to their name and they fink they’re ‘bout to take ova’ the tag team division!

[ Nick Jackson ] Damn, Marty.

[ Marty Scurll ] All this time wit’out me in SGW and nothin’ ta’ show for it. I come in, win two easy matches, and now look at me. Callin’ the shoots. Workin’ at my own pace. It’s quite nice. That’s why I’ve been stickin’ wit’ Cody. He understands what winnin’ is all about!

Scurll rests his umbrella on his shoulder and bids goodbye to his friends.

[ Marty Scurll ] Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna’ go wish Cody good luck.

Scurll turns around and exits, leaving the Bucks and Omega behind. Matt and Nick look at one another, speechless. Omega scratches the back of his head and puts it ever so bluntly.

[ Kenny Omega ] Guys, is it me or is Marty Scurll a dick nowadays?

As the conversation shifts from their matches to the sour attitude of their former ally, Marty Scurll, the Bucks and Omega talk amongst themselves as the scene fades out.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Kenny and Andrade take a look at one another, and they quickly lock up, with Andrade getting the quick advantage, by giving Kenny a headlock to slow the speed and potential that Kenny has to turn it up high speed. Kenny pushes him and Andrade towards the ropes and pushes him off. The push happens and is quickly stopped by Andrade with a shoulder block which gets Kenny knocked down to the mat. Kenny slowly gets up, and delivers a strong punch, that knocks Andrade down to the mat. Kenny starts to lock in a head lock, and wrenches it on Andrade.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Kenny is tha' best at what he does, I got 'ta love this intensity!

Zelina is on the outside barking at Andrade to get up and fight out of it, and he slowly starts to get up hitting elbows in gut of Kenny. Kenny lets go of the hold, and starts to run back towards the ropes and tries to hit a big knee to the face of Andrade. Andrade manages to get out of the way, but is met by a quick snap Dragon Suplex to the mat. Kenny makes the cover, ONE. TW.. Kick out by Andrade. Andrade starts to hold his neck screaming a bit, as that Dragon Suplex hit hard.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The speed! The power of Kenny Omega here tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Andrade is gon' have to get togetha and regroup a bit with Zelina.

Andrade rolls out of the ring and Zelina checks in on him to see if he's doing okay. Zelina works on helping Andrade back up, and takes a look at him and tells him to go and finish Kenny. Andrade nods and rushes into the ring and delivers a hard closeline to Kenny knocking him down. Andrade picks up Kenny and delivers a hard suplex down to Kenny, giving him some pain on his lower back. Andrade covers, and gets a quick two count as Andrade starts to get frustrated and slaps the mat, demanding for Paul Turner to count faster.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Andrade trying to get the advantage back here, after a quick conversation with Zelina on the outside.

Andrade grabs Kenny again, and starts to punch him in the gut again, and runs towards the ropes and delivers a drastic dropkick to the face of Kenny. Andrade starts to clap to get some sort of crowd reaction, but is met with a chorus of boos as Kenny slowly gets himself up to the mat. Kenny starts to punch Andrade in the chest, and starts to lift him up for a One Winged Angel. Kenny struggles to hook the neck of Andrade, as Andrade delivers a Reverserana, having Kenny land right on his neck.

[ Tony Schiavone ] That landing by Omega does not look good for him! Ouch!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Andrade's business associate, Zelina cheerin' on 'er man!

Kenny is slow to get up, and goes to the outside of the ring to recover. Kenny is holding his neck, but quickly looks up to a rushing Zelina from the apron jump on him, and deliver a Hurricanrana to the steps on the side of the ring. Andrade was busy with Paul Turner asking to check his arm, and slightly pushes Turner out of the way to go to the outside, and picks up the prone Omega. Andrade throws him back into the ring, and he starts to cover Omega, but Omega slides out of it, backs up a bit and hits a huge knee to the side of Andrade's head and the crowd goes nuts.

[ Tony Schiavone ] V-TRIGGERRR! What a blow to the head of Andrade!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Kenny 'bout to end 'dis match!

Kenny starts to grab Andrade by the neck, and delivers a strong Tiger Driver 1998. Kenny makes the cover and Zelina gets on the apron yelling over to Paul Turner goes over to Zelina asking her to get down. Kenny starts to look over at what's going on, and starts yelling at Zelina to get down from the apron. Kenny then turns around and moves out of the way, only for Andrade to stop in his tracks before bumping into Zelina. Andrade turns around to a strong V-Trigger on the face from Kenny. Kenny smirks and starts to pander to the crowd for a bit, before lifting up Andrade over his head, grabbing his neck and delivers a ONE WING ANGEL. The cover, ONE.. TWO.. THREE! Big statement win for Omega!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big win here for Kenny Omega tonight! Welcome BACK to Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Kenny got rid of his pal, in Ibushi and is ready to shine alone!


WINNER - Kenny Omega via Pin Fall in 10:37

We fade up on a shot of Suzie standing backstage, a sweet and innocent smile on her face. Before we can even find out why we're focusing on this newcomer to Solid Gold Wrestling, we see Sami Zayn and Gregory Helms walking through the backstage area in street clothes. Zayn has the SGW Limitless Championship over his shoulder while Helms wears a smug look upon his face. Suzie catches Helms' eye and he stops in his tracks, looking her up and down.

[ Gregory Helms ] Well, well, what do we have here, Sami? A troublemaker!

Zayn shakes his head and places his hand on Helms' shoulder.

[ Sami Zayn ] Come on, Gregory, leave 'er alone. We're not booked tonight so let's just hit up catering for some free food and get outta' here.

[ Gregory Helms ] I don't think so, Sami. I'm tellin' you... she was eyeballin' us.

Helms turns and looks at Sami's belt.

[ Gregory Helms ] I think she wants your belt!

[ Suzie ] I... um... I don't want--

Helms snaps his head in her direction.

[ Gregory Helms ] Shut up, woman! Don't try to tell me what you want and don't want!

Helms points at himself.

[ Gregory Helms ] ...'cause I know! I know women like the back o' my hand, girl!

Helms holds up his hand, looking at the back of it. He turns his hand and shows it to her.

[ Gregory Helms ] And the back o' my hand... it's always the same!

Suzie just looks genuinely sad. Before this harassment can go any further, Ruby Riott walks into the shot in street clothes, appearing furious. She has some papers in her hand. She holds them up, shaking them violently.

[ Ruby Riott ] What the hell is this supposed to be?! Some kinda' god damn joke!?

Sami turns, sees the papers and a smug look crosses his face.

[ Sami Zayn ] That's my appeal to the Championship Committee to overturn our match at WrestleBrawl 3, obviously. I mean, you did read the well-crafted document, correct?

Ruby looks confused but no less angry.

[ Ruby Riott ] I'm not talking about that worthless piece of paper, Sami! The Championship Committee already overturned that and our match is happening whether you want it to or not... I'm talking about these bogus sexual harassment charges from your buddy over there!

[ Sami Zayn ] Oh, no way. Helms, did you--

Sami turns and looks at Helms. Helms shrugs.

[ Gregory Helms ] She seduced me, dawg.

[ Ruby Riott ] No, I didn't!

[ Sami Zayn ] I'm not gonna lie, Greg, I really don't think she did either.

[ Gregory Helms ] Shut up, Sami! I'm tryin' to do you a favor and get this match canceled!

[ Sami Zayn ] How... how is this gonna get the match canceled?

Helms leans in and whispers.

[ Gregory Helms ] How she gonna face you for the belt at WrestleBrawl if she in jail doin' hard time for tryin' to steal my dignity? Not to mention defaming my pristine character for givin' millions of people around the world the idea that I'd lower myself to lay with a beast such as herself!

[ Ruby Riott ] I don't know why you're whispering. I can hear every word you're saying.

Her eyes narrow.

[ Ruby Riott ] And you're a fucking pig.

Zayn shakes his head.

[ Sami Zayn ] That's not how the legal system works, Sami.

He runs his hand down his face.

[ Sami Zayn ] At all.

Sami turns and looks at Ruby, halfheartedly trying to appear intimidating.

[ Sami Zayn ] Look, Ruby... you wanted the match and you got the match even though everyone knows you don't deserve it... and more importantly, that you can't win. I was trying to do you a favor by backing out of the match... because at WrestleBrawl 3, I'm gonna humiliate you. I don't wanna do it but you've forced my hand and you really need to think about what that's gonna do to me psychologically, to humiliate a girl in front of millions of people.

[ Gregory Helms ] He gonna humiliate that neck when he drop you on that top turnbuckle wit' the brainbusta', girl. Snap, crackle, pop! That's the sound yo' neck gonna make... when he does the brainbusta'... on the top turnbuckle. That's my favorite move Sami does, girl. I hope that's what he beats you with.

Ruby just glares at Helms, a vacant look in her eye. She wads up the notice and drops it on the floor.

[ Ruby Riott ] Ya' know... up to this point, I've done everything the right way when it comes to earning this match and I'm just gonna throw this out there... but god damn, am I tired of talking!

Ruby punts Gregory Helms right in the balls! Sami Zayn drops the Limitless Championship with a surprised look on his face as Ruby turns and begins peppering him with right hands! The fans are going wild as Ruby backs Zayn up against the wall, punching away before he blocks a punch and nails her with a forearm of his own! She staggers back and Zayn advances on her, slugging away with punches of his own but Ruby won't back down! She fires back, nailing him with a forearm and then a knee lift, doubling him over! Ruby hooks him for a suplex but before she can do anything... GREGORY HELMS NAILS HER IN THE BACK WITH THE LIMITLESS CHAMPIONSHIP! The fans erupt in boos as Ruby goes down to both knees, favoring her back. Helms is gripping the championship with one hand and his testicles with the other. Sami looks up at Helms and then down at Ruby with a confused look on his face.

[ Gregory Helms ] Do it, Sami! Finish 'er off!

Sami's look of confusion wavers and then becomes an almost cartoonish frown... AS HE BOOTS HER RIGHT IN THE FACE! Ruby Riott goes down flat on her back, blood pouring out of her nose. Gregory Helms nods, satisfied. Zayn holds his hands out.

[ Sami Zayn ] Gimme my belt.

Helms tosses the belt to Zayn and Zayn stands over Ruby. He leans down, getting into her face. He holds the championship up against her cheek. She looks up at him, clearly out of it, unable to defend herself at all.

[ Sami Zayn ] I told you, Ruby... I didn't wanna do this to you... but now?

He stands upright and places the championship on his shoulder.

[ Sami Zayn ] Now, I have to.

Without another word, Zayn walks away with Helms following him.


They both walk off-camera but we can still hear Helms shouting.


And more.


Arena security rushes into the area and kneels down next to Ruby Riott, checking on her. However, before EMTs can arrive, she begins pushing the security guards away and sits up. With tears in her eyes threatening to roll down her cheeks at any moment, she wipes at the blood from her nose and stands up as the fans cheer. She shakes her head and uses the wall to guide her as she walks off-camera with her purpose reinforced.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Chuck Taylor’s eyes are perhaps the widest they have ever been in his life as he stands in stunned silence across the ring from ‘the Horror King’ Vincent Marseglia.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Taylor was certainly horrified by the King of said genre earlier in the year, gentlemen – it’s going to be a big test for the Kentucky Gentleman’s mettle here tonight!

Taylor very hesitantly begins circling the ring with the Horror King at the insistence of partner and Best Friend Trent, who snickers as Taylor timidly stumbles around the ring, eyes still locked on the man across the ring from him. Marseglia’s patience is telling, as he continues to glare across the hypotenuse of the ring at Taylor, who is comically horrified. Eventually, Marseglia steps ahead to initiate a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Chuckie shrieks and turns to run – right into Danhausen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And there’s Danhausen!

[ Scott Steiner ] That little bastard’s creepy!

Danhausen’s head cracks and whips toward the commentary booth, where he slowly drops his grin to a smirk at Steiner and silently mouths: “No cursing.”

[ Scott Steiner ] …shit…

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s a polite little Demon!

Turning back to the action in the ring, the massive smile on the face of Danhausen causes Taylor to scream again, turning another 180º – right back into Marseglia! Taylor cries out in fear and falls to the mat in the fetal position, banging on the mat childishly with his fist as he shakes in fear.


Marseglia looks at Rick Knox for any sort of explanation of what’s happening before his very eyes but receives nothing other than a shrug in response. As soon as he has a free moment, Taylor begins army crawling around the Horror King and Knox, much to the delight of the fans in the Dunkin Donuts Center. ‘Smooth Chuckie’ may as well have been on the beaches of Normandy, muscling himself towards the sweet homeland as he reaches out his hand, desperately seeking a tag from Trent!

[ Tony Schiavone ] CHUCK TAYLOR! He’s looking for the tag here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes, Tony, but Taylor is still in center ring! He’s nowhere NEAR his corner!

Having grown tired of these charades, Marseglia stomps hard on Taylor’s lower back, sending a high-pitched scream through the arena. Taylor continues to reach for a tag from Trent, even knowing that he’s no less than half a ring away from his hand. Marseglia wheelbarrows Taylor’s legs and lifts, transitioning into a full nelson before slamming the Kentucky Gentleman to the mat viciously and tags Danhausen.

[ Scott Steiner ] Here comes Dan Hultzen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Let’s see what Da—wait, what?

The Cheerful Demon dives from the top rope, splattering Taylor with a big splash and covers for a two count. Danhausen isn’t bothered by the kick out, or, more appropriately, does not appear to be bothered. Then again, he rarely appears to be much more than ‘delighted,’ so his emotional outlook is clouded at best. Regardless, Danhausen applies a stern rear chinlock and begins gently fishhooking Chuck, trying to investigate his teeth!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The teeth! Danhausen loves teeth!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If I have my information correct, Tony… *checks notes* …he EATS teeth!

[ Scott Steiner ] For the love of God…

Taylor takes a big bite of fingers and rolls forward off his ass, tagging in Trent as the Providence fans pop! Danhausen, still nursing his fingers, turns into a big Gobstopper knee strike to another huge crowd reaction. Trent is up again and runs to Vincent, popping him with a running right hand before ascending to the second rope and meeting a rising Danhausen with a swinging hurricanrana!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HUGE RANA! Trent is a house of fire here!

Trent swings a finger around in the air, calling for something before lifting Danhausen onto his back – they’re looking for the Strong Zero!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This could be it – Strong Zero incoming!

Before Taylor can leap off the top rope to complete the double stomp and add the extra ‘oomph’ to the Dudebuster for the Strong Zero combination, Vincent shoves him onto the apron and looks toward Trent – who still has Danhausen on his back!

[ Scott Steiner ] HAH! GET FUCKED, CHUCKIE!

But, from the apron, Chuck pulls Vincent through the middle and top ropes, skillfully springboarding up and stomping down on Danhausen with the Strong Zero!! Trent maintains the cover and Knox counts – ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNERS - The Best Friends via Pin Fall in 7:41

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an encounter, fans!

[ Scott Steiner ] What a crock’a shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No matter your feelings on the contest, the outcome is relevant to WrestleBrawl, gents – the Best Friends have taken a step ahead in the tag team division and are riding a wave of momentum right into the Edge and Christian…err…ah….the Tag Team…Invitational…Gauntlet…pro-team…matchup.

[ Scott Steiner ] That name’s a crock’a shit!

From the floor, a livid Marseglia pulls Danhausen from the ring by his boot and begins dragging him up the aisle until the Cheerful Little Demon can rise and hop alongside the Horror King. Still creeped out, Taylor peers out from behind Orange Cassidy, who has slowly rolled into center ring, before shouting “yeah you’d better run!” Trent rolls his eyes as commentary carries on.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Still, from one pair of Best Buddies to another, Nige’, this is a team to watch, wouldn’t you say?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve asked you many times, kindly, not to put your hands on me, Tony – and yes! The Best Friends pick up a statement win tonight and will storm into WrestleBrawl and the…big tag team match therin!

[ Scott Steiner ] BULLSHIT!!

We fade on a shot of the hugging trio in the ring.

We quickly go backstage where we see Zack Sabre, Jr. watching the final moments of the previous match on a monitor. He shakes his head in disgust, unable to believe the level of outlaw bullshit he's just witnessed. He folds his arms across his chest and his bottom lip sticks out. He speaks out loud to no one in particular.

[ Zack Sabre, Jr. ] Mate, I can already tell ya' what I'll be usin' my Golden Ticket for, after I win the WrestleBrawl match... I'm gonna use it to wish away all o' this disgraceful, embarrassin' shite that goes on around here.

He balls up his fist and shakes it in front of him. Real tough guy.

[ Zack Sabre, Jr. ] This is supposed to be a wrestlin' company... not a fuckin' clown show.

Sabre turns around to walk away but finds himself staring at Orange Cassidy, lounging against the wall with his hands in his pockets. Sabre looks confused... Orange Cassidy was in the ring literally two seconds ago, hugging it out with the Best Friends. There's no possible way he could've made it all the way to the back that quickly. Cassidy stares a hole through Sabre... or does he? Hard to tell with the aviators. Sabre shakes his head, disgusted.

[ Zack Sabre, Jr. ] Fuck this.

He storms off-camera. Orange Cassidy remains still as Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend walk into the shot. They post up next to him, folding their arms across their chests. They remain that way for a second before Luster looks at Orange and then over at Thornstowe.

[ Luster the Legend ] Is this guy alive or what?

Thornstowe shrugs.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Who the fuck knows... all I know is that maybe if we hang out next to this dude long enough, maybe SGW management will stop ignoring us and actually book us for once. I'm tired of sitting in catering.

[ Luster the Legend ] Aint that the fuckin' truth... the pigs in a blanket are pretty good though.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Yeah, yeah... I know.


We fade up backstage where we see "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair in a three piece suit with a huge smile on his face. The former SGW World Heavyweight Championship is wearing sunglasses but there's still some visible bruising and redness from the shot he took from the butt of Jimmy Havoc's axe at Heartbreaker. He wears a piece of tape across the bridge of his nose as well. On either side of him, we see two women fawning over him... Gionna Daddio and Zahra Schreiber? The excitement the fans felt upon seeing Flair quickly dissipates and turns to boos. Gionna runs runs her finger up Flair's button-up shirt, smiling seductively.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Ya' know, Naitch, I've really got a thing for guys with a legacy.

Zahra plays with his hair as he seems oblivious to what's going on.

[ Gionna Daddio ] You've done everything there is to do in this business... an eighteen time world champion. Solid Gold Wrestling, League of Champions, New Era Wrestling... you're the original triple crown champion.

[ Ric Flair ] WOOOOO! You know it!

[ Zahra Schreiber ] And now that legacy lives on... through your daughter.

Flair nods, hugging both ladies close to him.

[ Ric Flair ] That's right! The Nature Boy's legacy... will live! Forever!

Gionna smiles evilly.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Yeah, about that...

She gives Flair a kiss on the cheek... and then Zahra raises her knee into his crotch! The fans erupt in boos as Ric Flair goes down to both knees. His sunglasses slide off his nose, revealing his bugged out eyes. Flair plants one hand on the floor in front of him to brace himself while he holds his testicles with his other hand. Flair is breathing heavily, panting almost.

[ Ric Flair ] You... you bitches!

Gionna kneels down next to Flair, smiling and meeting his gaze.

[ Gionna Daddio ] You're disgusting.

Zahra kneels down next to him right after.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] And your legacy? Literally no one cares.

Flair is red in the face, sweat rolling down his face.

[ Gionna Daddio ] At WrestleBrawl 3, I'm snuffing out your overrated daughter... and I'm putting your legacy to rest once and for all. When I'm done, people aren't going to remember the Flair name for all your championships and accomplishments... they're gonna remember the Flair name... for the failure it is. You could never get the job done against Jeff Jarrett... and your daughter will never... ever get the job done against Gionna... DADDIO!

Zahra reaches over and thumps Flair on the nose, causing him to grunt and grab his nose, looking furious. Zahra and Gionna stand up, smiling at one another. They walk off-camera as the fans boo. Seconds after they leave, Flair struggles to stand and Charlotte Flair runs onto the scene, looking concerned. She helps her father stand.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Dad! What the hell!? What happened?!

Ric Flair trembles as he struggles to remain standing, still holding his crotch. Charlotte looks off in the distance, off-camera, furious. How will this match at WrestleBrawl 3 shake out now that Gionna Daddio and Zahra Schreiber have gone one step further and made it personal by assaulting an SGW legend, the father of Charlotte Flair?!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Tom Cruise is at ringside in a three piece suit, managing Floss and Statlander. As soon as the bell rings, Hana Kimura immediately blasts Barbie Blank in the side of the side of the head with a big forearm! Barbie goes down and Hana mounts her, throwing punches and forearms into Barbie's head and neck before standing up and spitting right in Barbie's face! The fans don't even know what to think as Hana begins posing sexily while standing over Barbie before finally stepping through the ropes and hopping off the apron. Hana points at Barbie and shouts something in Japanese.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a brutal assault on her own partner! This is two shows in a row where Barbie Blank has been attacked by someone on the same team! Nia Jax at Heartbreaker and now Hana Kimura tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can't say I didn't see it coming, Tony! Barbie Blank has made no friends with her somewhat questionable attitude and controversial remarks since joining Solid Gold Wrestling! She particularly drawn the ire of Hana Kimura since day one! Kimura hates Barbie Blank and everything she stands for!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Barbie Blank should really be careful in how she handles this situation with Kimura, especially now that Kimura has back-up in the form of Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch!

Barbie Blank gets up to all fours and Candy Floss comes out of nowhere with a basement dropkick to the side of the head! Barbie rolls over onto her back and Candy Floss picks her up by her hair. Kimura continues to shriek in Japanese as Candy Floss nails Barbie with a snap suplex and then tags in Kris Statlander!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here comes the Galaxy's Greatest Alien!

[ Scott Steiner ] That can't be what they actually fuckin' call her!

Statlander sizes Barbie up as Barbie tries to crawl away on all fours. Statlander pulls her up to her feet and scoops her up before getting her into position... THE BIG BANG! The fans pop huge as Barbie's neck bends in ways God never intended but before Statlander can go for the cover, Tom Cruise barks an order from ringside!

[ Tom Cruise ] Give her the Cruise Control, babe! Yeah!

Statlander nods and gives Cruise a thumbs up. She pulls Barbie back to her feet. Barbie can barely stand. Statlander hoists her up onto her shoulders... and delivers the F-5 KNOWN NOW ONLY AS CRUISE CONTROL! The fans pop huge as Statlander rolls over and covers Barbie, hooking both legs! One! Two! Three!

WINNERS - Candy Floss & Kris Statlander via Pin Fall in 2:48

The fans pop huge! Statlander and Floss celebrate in the ring until Cruise joins them, jumping up and down, shouting "I'M IN LOVE... WITH WINNING!" Hana Kimura rolls into the ring and grabs Barbie by the hair, pulling her up and then slinging her through the middle rope to the floor! The fans begin booing loudly as Hana drags Barbie up the ramp, kicking and screaming, before Barbie finally gets her feet under her and begins fighting back! Hana and Barbie begin brawling as soon as they reach the curtain and then fight through it, leaving us only with what's happening in the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This beef between Hana Kimura and Barbie Blank is far from over!

Statlander, Floss, and Cruise continue celebrating until their music cuts and the Golden-Tron flashes to life. The fans erupt in boos as we see the visual of a hooded man sitting in the center of the screen. On either side of him, we see Tucor, The Rock, The Big Kaijus, Nurse Ratchet, and the abominable Dr. Cube. The hooded man slowly pulls back the hood to reveal John Travolta, as we all expected. Travolta doesn't look amused. He looks quite stern, actually. Floss and Statlander look concerned but Tom Cruise steps up heroically, looking ready to fight. Travolta begins to speak.

[ John Travolta ] I know what you're doing, Tom.

Cruise raises an eyebrow.

[ John Travolta ] You're a huge Hollywood star... I'm more of a serious actor with a far more credible resume but we're cut from the same cloth... so I know what you're doing, I know what you're thinking and ya' know what, Tom? Ya' know what? It really pisses me off!

The fans continue booing.

[ John Travolta ] Scientology was our thing, man! It was our thing! And ever since Randy Orton kicked you in the head at 12 Large back in December, you haven't been the same, man. Your thetans are all out of whack... I mean, you are in desperate need of an audit.

The fans just seem confused now.

[ John Travolta ] I'm trying to do what's best for Scientology... that's why I recruited Dwayne here. I'm trying to obtain the real ultimate power for the greater good... and it's clear that you only want it for yourself. It's a damn shame, Tom. You're a fucking legend in Scientologist lore! I mean, blasphemy be damned, you're almost bigger than Xenu himself!

Travolta shakes his head.

[ John Travolta ] But you're throwing it all away to hang out with those two suppressive people? You can have Candy Floss, Tom. She's worthless to me... but Kris Statlander is property of the church. The power she holds in her cells belongs to me... it belongs to Scientology.

Travolta holds up his hand and balls it into a fist.

[ John Travolta ] She was bred for this purpose. A gift from the stars to L. Ron Hubbard!

Tom Cruise wanders over to the ropes and is handed a microphone. The fans begin buzzing with excitement. Cruise shakes his head in disbelief as he looks up at Travolta.

[ Tom Cruise ] You're right, John... you're absolutely right, man. I haven't been the same since Randy Orton knocked my brain into oblivion... the doctors even told me that ever returning to wrestling would be risky business... but you, of all people, should know that I can't turn down a challenge, especially if I'm told it's mission impossible.

Candy Floss winces.

[ Candy Floss ] That last one was a bit of a stretch.

[ Tom Cruise ] But one thing was clear when I woke up in that hospital bed after 12 Large, John... I've been wrong all this time. Scientology isn't the way anymore, not the way it's portrayed now! I didn't just come back to save these two or to become a two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion--

He lets that sit, expecting a pop but it doesn't come because no one really wants that.

[ Tom Cruise ] I'm here to take Scientology back from the corrupt members of our church such as yourself who would use the real ultimate power for personal gain instead of our true purpose... to honor Xenu! And if that means I have to fight you to the death to keep Kris Statlander and her power away from you... then that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Travolta scratches his chin and nods.

[ John Travolta ] Combat, it is, then.

The fans don't know what to make of that. Cruise nods.

[ John Travolta ] Let it be known that on March 7th, 2020... Tom Cruise is named an enemy of the church and he is to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Dr. Cube nods and even though his expression doesn't change, you know he's happy.

[ Dr. Cube ] Such excitement.

[ John Travolta ] You were my god damn hero, Tom.

Travolta shakes his head.

[ John Travolta ] I declare WrestleBrawl 3 as the final battleground.

Cruise nods, a smirk crossing his face. Floss and Statlander look at each other nervously.

[ John Travolta ] The final struggle for real ultimate power.

Cruise becomes even more stoic and heroic, practically glowing in the ring as his calling is met.

[ John Travolta ] WrestleBrawl 3 shall be... battlefield earth.

The fans boo loudly, having no idea where this mess is going.

[ John Travolta ] Tom Cruise... Kris Statlander... and the miserable Candy Floss...

Travolta smiles.

[ John Travolta ] ...versus John Travolta... The Rock... and TUCOR!

The boos get even louder. Tom Cruise steps up and raises his microphone.

[ Tom Cruise ] I will accept the ultimate challenge! I'm gonna take everything you've got, Travolta! I'm gonna take every drop of power you have! All of your thetans! I will leave you with nothing... I'm talkin' scorched earth, mother fucker! They will audit you when I'm done and find nothing left!

The fans are actually cheering this super weird promo that Cruise is cutting.

[ Tom Cruise ] And if you think there's a single scenario where you leave WrestleBrawl 3 with Kris Statlander... I've got news for you, bucko... fuck you, man! Just... fuck you!

Travolta smiles a sinister smile. His eyes darken.

[ John Travolta ] Your little outbursts used to be so charming but now? You're just tiresome, Tom. Isn't it strange how, after all these years, it's you who has become outdated and glib? We'll see you at WrestleBrawl 3... for the last time.

The screen goes dark, leaving Cruise, Statlander, and Floss in the ring as the fans boo. Cruise raises the microphone again, smiling cockily.

[ Tom Cruise ] And I'll see YOU at WrestleBrawl 3, John! Yeah!

The fans don't pop at all because that was a terrible and awkward attempt to get the last word. Cruise pumps his fists and deals out awkward high fives to Statlander and Floss. We try to digest what we just witnessed as we head backstage!

There's a loud crash as we head backstage and see Hana Kimura and Barbie Blank, tied up once again! They're holding nothing back as they throw punches and forearms at one another! The fans are going nuts as Barbie nails Hana with a big forearm and then shoves her backward into a catering table, sending trays of vegetables and a big bowl guacamole all over the floor! Hana grabs two big handfuls of chips and salsa, then spins around and slings it all over Barbie's face! Temporarily blinded, Hana grabs two handfuls of Barbie's hair and whips her around, slinging her on her back on top of the table. Barbie struggles to get free, kicking even more food and drink into the floor. Hana pounds Barbie's head into the table with both hands, shrieking in Japanese before snatching a handful of food and rubbing it aggressively in Barbie's face!


Hana places her hands on Barbie's throat and begins throttling her until Lance Storm, Justin Credible, D-Von Dudley, and Billy Gunn hit the scene with arena security! Gunn grabs Hana around the waist and pulls her off! Hana is struggling hard, kicking and screaming in Japanese! Barbie rolls off the table, onto all fours. Lance Storm immediately begins checking on her. Barbie holds her throat and chokes in an exaggerated manner.

[ Barbie Blank ] I... can't... breathe!

She clutches her throat with both hands and sits up on both knees.

[ Barbie Blank ] I can't tell... if she crushed my windpipe... or if the coronavirus has set in!

Barbie sticks her tongue out, pantomiming her untimely demise.

[ Barbie Blank ] Ugh, no... it's definitely the coronavirus!

Barbie falls over on her back and begins trembling as the life leaves her body. Lance Storm looks down at her in disbelief, shaking his head. He places his hands on his hips.

[ Lance Storm ] Barbie, come on... this is hardly appropriate.

Justin Credible huffs.

[ Justin Credible ] I told Jeff Jarrett a women's division was a bad idea. Fuck.

We hear someone clear their throat from off-camera. The camera pans over to reveal Trish Stratus to a huge pop. She looks at Justin Credible and raises an eyebrow.

[ Trish Stratus ] What was that, Justin?

Credible rubs the back of his bald head nervously.

[ Justin Credible ] Uh... nothing.

[ Trish Stratus ] Yeah, that's what I thought.

Trish walks to the center of the commotion, standing over Barbie Blank and looking unimpressed. Hana stops struggling against Billy Gunn, eyeing Trish. Trish looks from Hana to Barbie and back again. She shakes her head.

[ Trish Stratus ] You two really disappointed me tonight... I wanted to see you two persevere, work together... do literally anything other than what you actually did.

Barbie returns to her feet, using the catering table to balance herself, suddenly cured of her death by coronavirus. She points at Hana Kimura, pleading with her eyes.

[ Barbie Blank ] It was totally her fault, you should fire her, Trish! I was trying to wrestle a good clean match when she Pearl Harbored me out of nowhere! How am I supposed to legitimately compete when I'm subject to a kamikaze attack at any moment?

Trish just glares at Barbie, unable to comprehend what's coming out of her mouth.

[ Barbie Blank ] She should be ashamed of herself! You should make her commit ritual suicide!

Hana hocks and spits right in Barbie's face, such a copious amount of saliva that her mascara begins to run. Barbie immediately begins bawling without warning.

[ Hana Kimura ] < STUPID COW! >


Trish gets between them, fuming mad.

[ Trish Stratus ] That's enough! You're both embarrassing yourselves! I should seriously fire you both for how you've been acting over the past month... seriously! But no, that's too good for you. You two are gonna settle this in the ring... one more time for all time and then this issue is being put to rest.

Barbie sobs, openly weeping now. Hana scowls, looking pissed.

[ Trish Stratus ] Barbie Blank versus Hana Kimura... one on one... WrestleBrawl 3!

The fans pop huge.



[ Trish Stratus ] Yeah. You heard me. Get ready, ladies.

The fans are cheering loudly as the road agents and security usher Barbie and Hana away from each other and off-camera. Trish stands there with her arms folded across her chest, looking satisfied as we head to the ring.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans are loudly engaged in dueling chants as this one is set to begin, alternating between “LET’S GO LONDON!” and “WOOP! WOOP!” It gives this match quite the atmosphere as the competitors stand face to face. Each man has back-up at ringside with Matt Riddle accompanying London and the two members of Villain Enterprises with Scurll. London extends his hand for a shake but Scurll responds by slapping the hand away with a boot. As the bell rings, the two start with a collar-and-elbow tie up with London turning it into an arm lock. Scurll works his way down to the mat, spinning in a circle and using his feet to transition the hold, now having London by the arm. Back to his feet, Scurll transitions into a hammer lock, leaving London trying to work his way free. Scurll kicks the back on London’s leg, sending him down to one knee. Scurll grabs London’s hand and looks wildly to the fans… SNAP!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh dear Lord!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, I don’t think I’d be incorrect in sayin’ that Paul London is one finga’ short after that!

London clutches his hand as Scurll wastes no time going on the attack, stomping away on London’s head. As London works his way to his feet, Scurll goes from behind and attempts the Chicken Wing! But before he can lock it in, London falls backwards, pinning Scurll in the process for a quick two. Back up, London his a dropkick, and then another! With Scurll down, London springs off the ropes and hits a running shooting star for another two count! Scurll rolls to the outside and gets tended to by WALTER and Paul Robinson. London goes up top and dives! CROSS BODY BLOCK SENDS ALL THREE DOWN HARD!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s an unconventional style, Scotty, but has proven to be effective!


London’s dive did damage but he has now found himself in a precarious position. With Rick Knox counting, Paul Robinson and WALTER maul London, giving Scurll time to recover. The strength in numbers makes a difference, as the stiff shots that London endures truly adds up. Riddle has seen enough and slides into the ring and kicks his flip flops off! The fans are chanting in unison, “BRO! BRO! BRO!” Riddle gets a head of steam and dives through the middle rope, crashing into WALTER and Robinson! Scurll managed to get out of the way in time, rolling back into the ring. London fights his way to the apron, reeling.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, things don’t look great for Paul London here.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He ended up in no man’s land on that dive to Villain Enterprises, but thankfully his new-found partna’, Matt Riddle, has momentarily evened the odds!

With London on the apron, Scurll grabs London’s arm and snaps it against the top rope and then drags him inside. With London still trying to recover, Scurll places London’s hand on the mat with his elbow bent in the air and STOMPS on top of the elbow! London screams out in pain as Scurll begins flapping his arms like a bird, getting a few “WOOP! WOOP!” responses from the fans.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Marty Scurll has been floating around SGW for a little over a month, but he’s quickly become one of the most dangerous men in this company.

Scurll grabs London and hits a super kick to the shin. Black Plague! One, two, kick out! On the outside, Riddle tosses Paul Robinson over the railing and then begins trading blows with WALTER. Scurll looks to the outside for help but sees his team being decimated by Riddle and throws his arms in the air. He turns around, SUPER KICK! Scurll is staggered. ENZIGURI! SNAP DDT! London covers - one, two, th- KICK OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That was almost three! So close!


London bounces against the ropes but Robinson comes over the railing and grabs London’s leg, preventing him from moving. Riddle hits a clubbing forearm to WALTER and then hits a roundhouse kick on Paul Robinson! London breaks free and Scurll goes for a superkick but London puts his hands up, allowing Scurll to hit a basement superkick to the thigh. London drops down and Scurll hits another right between the eyes! Scurll jumps behind London and waits. On the outside, WALTER grabs Riddle and hits an Inverted Piledriver and then a big splash, leaving Riddle incompacitated on the floor! London is up and Scurll goes for the Chicken Wing again, but London springs off the middle rope and flips it over! London immediately goes up top as Scurll is on the mat. Robinson is on the apron but Rick Knox catches him and begins scolding him. London checks his balance, but here’s WALTER! WALTER shoves London off the top, causing him to crash hard on the mat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Villain Enterprises has screwed Paul London! Look at this!

Scurll grabs London while the moment is right and locks in the Cross-Face Chicken Wing! Scurll interlocks his fingers, tightening the grip even more as London’s face is stretched sideways, making it difficult to breath. However, before Scurll can drop back, London pushes himself forward, kicks his feet onto the top rope and pushes off, rolling Scurll backward into a pinning predicament! His shoulders are down! One! Two! Three!

WINNER - Paul London via Pin Fall in 13:28

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm speechless! Paul London just shocked the world!

Scurll releases the hold in surprise and London quickly vacates the ring, running up the ramp to escape Paul Robinson and WALTER! The fans are losing their minds as London celebrates like he just won the world championship! Scurll is sitting in the reing on his knows, looking on in disbelief! He can't believe what just happened! We cut to the back as the camera focuses on Paul London celebrating on the stage!

We fade up backstage where we see Jinny walking down a hallway with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder. Jinny is dressed in a stylish, short black and silver dress with heels. The fans erupt in boos upon seeing her. Jinny crosses paths with road agent Billy Gunn. She clears her throat, drawing his attention. He stops in his tracks and looks at her.

[ Jinny ] You.

Gunn looks around, confused.

[ Billy Gunn ] ...yeah?

Jinny tilts her head back, staring down her nose at him.

[ Jinny ] ...disgusting.

She smiles evilly and walks away, leaving Gunn standing there, offended.

[ Billy Gunn ] What the hell did I do?!

Jinny continues walking, quietly judging everyone she comes across before reaching her personal dressing room. The door is slightly ajar. She looks confused and checks her surroundings before placing her hand on the door and gently shoving it open. The dressing room is trashed from top to bottom. Everything is torn to pieces, there's paint on the walls, and there's even a flaming trash can in the corner. Jinny steps into the room, appearing unbothered... more disgusted than disturbed. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne are laid out in the floor, unconscious. They've both been given makeovers with lipstick smeared all over their faces. Jinny shakes her head.

[ Jinny ] Silly cows... can't handle yourselves for five minutes while I'm gone.

Suddenly, the fans pop huge as the door shuts behind Jinny, revealing Christina Von Eerie standing behind the door. Almost as if she senses a presence, Jinny turns around and is immediately nailed with a big right hand by Von Eerie! Jinny drops the belt and they begin brawling like women possessed!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christina Von Eerie isn't waiting for WrestleBrawl 3 to get her hands on Jinny!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's too damn personal for 'er to let it go 'til then!

As they continue slugging it out, Von Eerie nails Jinny with big forearm, knocking her down her back alongside her fallen Highers! Von Eerie snatches up a steel chair from the floor... wrapped in barbwire! The fans erupt as Von Eerie raises it over her head! Jinny raises her arm to protect herself... but the door flies open and Von Eerie is quickly tackled by Billy Gunn, D-Von Dudley, and arena security! They quickly drag Von Eerie out of the room as she kicks and shouts, doing everything in her power to get her hands on Jinny. Jinny sits up, trying to hide the genuine fear she just experienced. She points at the door.


Aliyah shifts and rolls over a bit and her arm falls on Jinny's leg. Jinny looks down at Aliyah's arm and sneers. She picks up Aliyah's arm by the wrist and removes it from her leg aggressively.

[ Jinny ] Don't touch me, cow!

The camera zooms in on Jinny's face as she sits there, furious and contemplating what will happen when she and Von Eerie step into the ring at WrestleBrawl 3 in a DEATH MATCH with the Women's Championship on the line!

Backstage we see Paul London laughing to himself as he walks around aimlessly with no real destination in sight. As the camera follows his every move, he stops on a dime with a total look of amazement on his face. He takes a deep breath and adjusts his hair and corrects his slumping posture.

[ Paul London ] Alright Paul, here’s your chance. You walk right up to that guy and you tell him what’s what!

With an over the top power walk, London walks right up and taps someone wearing a black leather jacket on the shoulder. As the figure turns around, it’s revealed to be Chris Jericho standing beside Jake Hager.

[ Chris Jericho ] What the hell do you want?

[ Paul London ] I saw your little announcement that you’re going to be in WrestleBrawl.

Jericho is confused.

[ Chris Jericho ] Yeah?

[ Paul London ] Well, I’ve been looking for you ever since to tell you one thing.

Jericho waits for the follow up. Nothing.

Jericho continues waiting and now the silence is getting awkward.

[ Chris Jericho ] Spit it out, jackass. I don’t have all night!

[ Paul London ] Oh!

London takes another deep breath and goes for it.

[ Paul London ] Me too!

[ Chris Jericho ] ….What?

[ Paul London ] Me.. Too!

Jericho turns to Hager.

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey Jake, bust ‘em up, would you?

[ Paul London ] Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t expect you to be so distraught by the announcement.

[ Chris Jericho ] It took you so damn long to say it that I’ve forgotten what you were doing, ass-face!

[ Paul London ] The WrestleBrawl match. I’m in it, too!

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh.

Jericho shrugs.

[ Chris Jericho ] I mean, I guess there has to be enough people to eliminate from it.

Jericho slaps London on the shoulder and flashes the fakest smile you’ve ever seen..

[ Chris Jericho ] Good luck, kid.

Batista appears out of literally nowhere and levels London! Jericho and Hager step back, watching the madness unfold.


Batista picks London off the ground and squeezes him by the throat.

[ Chris Jericho ] Yeah, he is! He says he’s going to kick both of our asses in it, but specifically yours, Big Dave!

Batista turns to Jericho.


[ Chris Jericho ] Him more so than me!

[ Dave Batista ] We’ll see about that.

Batista bends London over and POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH A TABLE! With London lying in the middle of the table unconscious, Batista rips off his sunglasses and looks to Jericho. Hager steps in between the two but Batista easily moves him out of the way. Jericho now finds himself backed against a block wall with Batista inches from his face.

[ Dave Batista ] Tonight, Roman Reigns.

Batista moves even closer to Jericho, getting right in his face. It’s close enough to where Jericho tries turning his head sideways to avoid getting spat on when Batista speaks.

[ Dave Batista ] At WrestleBrawl 3.. It’s you. It’s Paul London. It’s everyone who stands in my way from that Golden Ticket! I’ve gone through wars throughout the years to end up here, and if anyone thinks for one second they’re going to keep me from my destiny… They have another thing coming!

Batista backs off from Jericho and takes one final look at London in the middle of the table debris before walking off. Jericho pops off the wall and adjusts his jacket, turning his ire towards Hager.


No expressions or movements from Hager. Just a blank stare into the void.

[ Chris Jericho ] Mark my words, Jake… Dave Batista is going to be the first person I toss out of the WrestleBrawl match. He wants to roll in out of nowhere and try to embarrass me?! ME?! That’s not how things work around here!

The camera gives us a final shot of a defiant Jericho as the scene fades.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Before the bell sounds Jericho drops Tim Storm from behind and starts stomping on Storm’s back and shoulders. Paul Turner motions for the bell and tries dragging Jericho off of Storm, but Jericho shoves Turner off and continues his attack. Storm gets to his knees and punches Jericho in the gut three times, working his way up and creating space. With Storm back to his feet, a stiff forearm shot staggers Jericho, but a Codebreaker floors Storm! The crowd pops thinking it's over within seconds.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It could be over early!

Jericho covers with a boot on the chest and only gets a one count. With Storm rolling over to push himself up, Jericho paintbrushes the back of his head, talking trash the entire time. Jericho sends Storm into the corner and then whips him into the opposite side of the ring, with the second sending Storm bouncing chest-first off the turnbuckles!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, one of your comments there is actually a good point, Scott. Is Tim Storm’s mind elsewhere or is this a case of Jericho simply being the betta’ man?

Jericho is kind of having his way with Storm. A bodyslam turns into a LIONSAULT for a quick two count. Everything Jericho throws at Storm, Storm finds a way to push through, not giving in. Jericho runs at Storm for another Codebreaker, but Storm catches him and dumps him over the top rope! Storm collects himself in the corner as Paul Turner begins a ten count. At six, Jericho is back in and eats a spine buster! Back up, Storm hits an Atomic Drop and a clothesline!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm has some momentum!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Let’s see if he can turn the tide of the match, Tony!

Storm grabs Jericho and sends him into the corner and mounts him. One.. two.. Three.. Four.. five.. The rapid punches sends Jericho’s head flailing around to the fans’ delight. As Storm gets to eight, Jericho grabs Storm by the legs and carries him out of the corner, launching him into the other side of the ring with a Buckle Bomb!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Every time Storm gets something going, Jericho stops him in his tracks.

Jericho picks Storm up, Storm counters, PERFECT STORM! One, two, kick out! Jericho is back up, JUDAS ELBOW! Storm is flat on the mat but rolls out to the outside before Jericho could cover. Frustration has overtaken Jericho as he sees his chance of victory now on the outside. Paul Turner begins the count but Storm is barely moving. One.. two.. three.. four.. five.. Storm finally makes movement. Six.. seven.. Storm is on his feet. Eight.. nine.. STORM DIVES IN, BEATING THE COUNT!


[ Tony Schiavone ] What heart!

On the inside, Jericho swings wildly but Storm ducks and hits a back drop! Jericho is back up and spins for a Judas Effect elbow, but Storm side-steps it and rolls him up in a Small Package! One.. two.. Kickout! Storm grabs Jericho and hits a snap suplex.

The lights in the arena go off, causing the fans to buzz and “Oooooh!” A few seconds later, the intro to “The Final Countdown” hits and the fans begin singing along. Suddenly, the lights spring back on and Storm is in a fighting stance, looking at the entrance ramp with the music still blasting loudly. Storm looks confused and then turns around.. Nothing. He looks to his left and to his right. Still nothing. You can hear Storm yell, “C’MON DANIELSON! LET’S FIGHT!” As the song’s chorus reaches its climax, the entire audience sings in unison, “IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWNNNN!”

And then the music stops. No Danielson. No sneak attacks. Nothing. Storm turns around and Jericho is back up - JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho collapses on top of Storm. One, two, three! Jericho wins!

WINNER - Chris Jericho via Pin Fall in 8:08

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson wasn’t here but his music was and it cost Tim Storm the match!

Jericho celebrates like he’s won the World Championship, jumping up and down with his arms high above his head. Jericho looks to the camera and proclaims, “WRESTLEBRAWL, BAY-BAYYYY!!” As Jericho exits the ring victorious, we get a tight shot of Tim Storm sitting on the mat with his arms resting on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Chris Jericho did everything in the world he could to win but it took Bryan Danielson’s mind games to secure the win! Maybe Storm has learned to focus, because in two weeks, Bryan Danielson will not be an easy night at the office! Also, with this win, Chris Jericho has solidified himself as one of the favorites to win the WresleBrawl match! What a contest between these two!

We take one final shot of Tim Storm in the ring before transitioning from the ringside area. Chris Jericho’s victory celebration is only just beginning.

A black screen.

In red splatter, “Die Havoc Die” appears in the middle as an instrumental version of “I Hope You Suffer” plays softly in the background. We’re in an unknown location at night. Some sort of dimly light alleyway. Jimmy Havoc stands in the center with one of his hands stretched out, giving the camera a middle finger. The other hand is carefully pressed against his chest with a thin cast on it.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Ever since day one of bein’ in this company, SGW has done nothin’ but make me out to be some sorta’ bad guy. Some sorta’ outcast. I don’t fit their mold for what it takes to thrive in this company.

He speaks soft but his words carry a heavy message.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Day fuckin’ one I was throw with the other misfits wit’ Colt Cabana. A forgotten outcast from anotha’ company. Fuck me and what I’ve done elsewhere. Fuck the longest-reignin’ champion in a company that operated just fine b’fore SGW came back from the dead. But then, what did I do? I beat your golden child. I beat Cody Rhodes thanks to his own stupidity. Five more minutes. He let those five minutes change this company foreva’.

Havoc wipes his hair off to the side. This is a man venting, unloading pounds of frustration off of his chest.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Without a thing to do about it, I was three matches away from the World Championship. So what happens next? Colt Cabana goes down ‘cos he ain’t on my level. SGW gets more desperate. Throw multiple cunts at me at Card Subject to Change, didn’t they? What did I do? Win again. Christopher Daniels wanted his shot, leavin’ me one match away. What did I do then? Anotha’ victim.

Havoc scoffs. Finally, a smile comes across his face.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] If you wanted to keep me away from Adam Cole, then you should’ve done betta’ than puttin’ me against Nia Jax an’ Christopher Daniels. If you don’t think I’m good enough ta’ be on your rosta’, then you’d betta’ take a look in the fuckin’ mirror at them too, yeah? I done everything asked of me since joinin’ this company. Win after win, defended my Elevation title more in a month than Adam Cole or Randy Orton combined as World Champion. I proved to be an unstoppable force.

The camera zooms in on Havoc as he smolders with resentment. There’s no hiding his feelings.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] After my third defense, I’m kept off shows until I took matters into my own hands and called out Adam Cole. What did I get in return for my loyalty? For my sacrifices and victories? Huh?

Havoc raises his broken hand, ensuring the camera gets a good, clear shot of it.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I get fucked. I get a broken fuckin’ hand and a count out loss. That’s what three Elevation title defenses get you when you’re not “one of the boys,” or if you look the way I look. Everyone is quite alright with The Origin runnin’ about, fuckin’ everyone but let’s not let Jimmy Havoc anywhere near that title. What a world. What a world we live in where I’m beneath the group tryin’ to rip this company apart. Nobody tryin’ to help. Nobody tryin’ to make things right. Nah. Just Val Venis fuckin’ walkin’ out afterwards to cash in his title shot. Hasn’t worked here in 13 years. The cunt went elsewhere and ran down this company and its history to put over to his new friends, but he waltzes right back into the good graces because of bloody loyalty.

Havoc tries containing his rage the best he can, taking a few seconds to breathe.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] So go right ahead. Let the Origin fuck me over and hope I’m left for dead. Watch me break my own fuckin’ bones just to try to be World Champion. Then look yourself in the mirror and tell me you fuckin’ deserve your shot, Venis. Good luck at WrestleBrawl. I hope you win.

He pauses. The camera zooms in for a tight shot of just Havoc’s face.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] ‘Cos I’m enterin’ myself in WrestleBrawl. An’ I’m goin’ to fuckin’ win it. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Once I have that Golden Ticket, the power belongs to me. I call the shots. I am the best wrestla’ in the world. I’ve been all around the globe and beaten the best of the best. So Adam Cole, I owe you one. Val Venis, you stole my moment. I owe you one.

Havoc gives us another shot of his broken hand while yielding a sinister smirk on his face. His eyes

[ Jimmy Havoc ] To the twenty-nine other men in the match. Good luck. Look at me. Look at my scars. Look at my broken hand. You saw me break my wrist escaping handcuffs to try to win the SGW title… Imagine what I’d be willin’ to do to get the opportunity to fight for the title again or make The Origin’s life a livin’ hell.


[ Jimmy Havoc ] I guarantee you all this. What I’m willin’ to do to win that Golden Ticket is beyond what any of you would be willin’ to do. I’ve been close to that championship against the wishes of everyone on that Committee and I’m not goin’ to sit around and wait for ‘em to give me anotha’ shot. I’m gonna’ take destiny into my own hands.

Havoc flips the middle finger to the camera as the scene fades to black.

Die Havoc Die.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Both men stare one another down, as the bell rings. Reigns runs towards Batista to try to knock him down, but fails to do so. Roman takes a look at Batista, and tries to see if he's interested in trying himself. Batista nods, and starts the run towards it on his own. Batista runs towards Reigns, and fails to knock him down as well. Instead of slowing it down a bit, Batista kicks Reigns in the gut, and starts to club the back of Regins knocking him down to the mat. Reigns starts holding his back a bit, as Batista starts to put the boots on Reigns.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These men are going to be beating each other until one of them can no longer stand!


Reigns, slow to get up, does so and starts slapping the chest of Batista, who is shocked by the strength of the chops. Batista starts holding his chest a bit, but starts again to club the back of Reigns, who seems to have some issue with the strength of Batista, and goes back down on one knee. Reigns starts to get himself back and focused for a bit, and starts to get himself together, and lifts Batista up and slams him down on the mat. Reigns is shown holding his back a bit as that powerful slam may have hurt him a bit.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Somethin' to keep an eye on fellas' is Roman's back.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The stregth is out of this world from Reigns here! Strong showing for both men so far.

Batista gets back up, and starts to give Roman some clubs again to the back, he slowly picks him up and delivers a perfect suplex knocking Roman down the mat, and makes the cover. A quick kick out by Roman was made, but you could see the move made Roman struggle a bit. Roman is slow to get up, but is met with some boots by Batista, keeping him down. Batista goes down on one leg and yells something at Roman, while Batista slowly puts on a chokehold, trying to choke the life out of Roman. Roman gets himself to the ropes and referee Aubrey Edwards starts counting to five, but Batista is quick to let go of the hold.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] I swear, there's nothin' like this 'ere in Solid Gold Wrestlin'!

Batista, is waiting for Reigns to get back up as he stares him down a bit. As Reigns starts to get, up Batista boots him on the side of the head hard, and makes the cover. Aubrey gets in position and starts counting. ONE.. TWO. TH! Kick out by Reigns as Batista starts looking over at Aubrey making sure she counted quick enough. Aubrey talks to Batista and tells him to concentrate on the match, as Reigns turns Batista around and hits grabs Batista up for a Samoan Drop.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Roman gaining control here, folks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' got 'ta wonda' if Roman's ready to take it ta' the next level.

[ Scott Steiner ] MORE BEEF!

Reigns covers Batista, ONE.. TW.. Kick out by Batista, and Reigns is starting to feel it now. Roman starts to run over to the corner, and is getting himself ready for the Superman Punch. Reigns rushes towards Batista, and gets ready for the punch, but Batista ducks under it, and slowly turns himself around and hits a big spinebuster hard on the mat. Batista gets himself down as well as he starts to roll himself over to the side of Reigns but Reigns kicks out before anything can happen.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Batista needed to get over quickly, but failed to do so. As Roman got up ready for the attack.

Reigns gets himself back up and starts punching Batista in the chest. Reigns runs the ropes, and jumps up to deliver a huge SUPERMAN PUNCH! The crowd is on their feet as Roman, gets back into the corner of the ring. Roman starts to taunt the crowd hyping up something coming. Reigns screams out a primal scream, and rushes towards Batista who slowly gets himself up and moves right out of the way. Reigns smashes his head in the turnbuckle and is slow to turn back around. Batista grabs Reigns and delivers a strong BATISTA BOMB. The cover ONE.. TWO.. THREE! BATISTA WINS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Excellent display 'ere by Batista! Showin' just how dangerous he can be in Solid Gold Wrestlin'!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOW! Excellent match by these two big man here in Solid Gold Wrestling! Big debut for Batista!


WINNER - Dave Batista via Pin Fall in 10:21

We cut backstage to the interview set where Cathy Kelley is standing next to a large monitor with the footage on the screen paused.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey guys, Cathy Kelley here. I’m waiting for Tim Storm to join me to get his final thoughts on his match in two weeks against Bryan Danielson.

Almost on cue, Tim Storm joins Cathy wearing a WrestleBrawl 3 shirt with the sleeves cut out of it, tucked into the front of his ring gear. He smiles politely at Cathy but you can tell something’s on his mind.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Tim, thanks for joining me. I wanted you to be the first to see the footage that was delivered to SGW Headquarters this week and get your thoughts.

[ Tim Storm ] What kind of footage?

[ Cathy Kelley ] Bryan Danielson isn’t in the building tonight, but he has sent some comments about you and your match at WrestleBrawl.

Storm rolls his eyes. He’s about had enough.

[ Tim Storm ] I can’t wait to hear what’ll come out of this guy’s mouth after what he did to me tonight.

Cathy turns to the monitor as it begins playing. Bryan Danielson is seen inside his home, holding Birdie in his lap. He’s wearing a green sweater and jeans as the view overtakes our entire screen.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Hi Tim. How’s it going? Did you enjoy my little surprise tonight? Did you think I was going to come out and jump you after your match?

Danielson’s demeanor is calm but you can see the crazy in his eyes.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I didn’t because I’m not a coward like you. I don’t sucker punch people when they’re least expecting it. That might be how you operate, but not me. I’m a husband! I’m a father! I take care of the environment! I’m more of an honorable man that you’ll EVER be!

Danielson holds Birdie tight. He believes every word that comes out of his mouth.

[ Bryan Danielson ] So in two weeks, we’re going to settle this like men inside the ring, Tim. But beware, because your cheating ways won’t be tolerated, okay? You might have these people fooled into thinking that you’re a man filled with integrity, but I’m going to expose you as a FRAUD! These sheep, they'll believe anything but I can see right through you! You weren't trying to "help" me, were you? No! You were trying to set me up! You were trying to hold me back and I busted you red-handed!

Birdie breaks free from her father’s grip and begins playing innocently on the floor nearby. The camera zooms in for a tighter shot of Danielson.

[ Bryan Danielson ] All of this could’ve been prevented, Tim. Just know that. When your broken body is looking up at the lights, when you spend the night in the hospital, when your career in SGW is over.. Just remember that. It was simple. All you had to do was mind your own business.


[ Bryan Danielson ] All of those times you were “looking out for me,” those were times you could’ve spent trying to save someone who needed saving. I have my issues, but so does everyone else. I’ve never wanted your help and time after time you’ve failed to take a hint.. So at WrestleBrawl.. I guess I’m just going to have to make it even more loud and clear.

The footage stops and the camera switches from Danielson’s pre-recorded video back to the interview set. Storm strokes his chin, digesting everything Danielson threw at him.

[ Tim Storm ] Cathy, if I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. That man has unlimited potential in this company and should rightly be the Elevation Champion. But time and time again he’s gotten in his own way and has held himself back. It’s all about him and he’s on the path of no return, self-destructing before our very eyes.

He shakes his head, disgusted, heartbroken.

[ Tim Storm ] He needs help. He needs to have that flip switched inside his mind to realize that what he’s doing is going to continue to be his own downfall.

Storm sighs.

[ Tim Storm ] I guess in two weeks I’m going to have to beat some sense into that boy.

Turning to the camera, a stoic Tim Storm chooses his words carefully.

[ Tim Storm ] That right hand to your kisser two weeks ago wasn’t enough to make up for the things you’ve done, Bryan. From the trash talk to stomping my head in at Infiltration, it’s all come to this.. It’s all come down to one match between two of the very best this company has. This should be a match to see who the best man is, perhaps even a match to position the winner to get a shot at the SGW Championship.. But look at where it’s ended up.. Look at where you’ve taken us, Bryan.

He shakes his head. You can hear the disappointment in his voice. Almost like a father talking down to a son.

[ Tim Storm ] Now we’re going to do battle in Toronto to settle a score. If this is what you want, then let’s rock and roll. I’ll tell you this right now, Bryan. I may be an old dog but I sure as hell have a lot of bite left in me! You want to put me out of my misery? Cock that hammer back on the cold steel, aim… and don’t you dare miss. ‘Cause if you do, then I’m going to make you pay.

Storm turns back to Cathy, forcing a smile.

[ Tim Storm ] Cathy, thank you for bringing this to my attention. It’s a pleasure getting to talk to you so often.

He nods his head as Cathy returns the favor.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Thank you, Tim!

[ Tim Storm ] Hey, I saw Franchise challenge you earlier tonight.

He follows up.

[ Tim Storm ] Kick his ass.

Storm walks off, leaving Cathy with something to ponder as the scene fades.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Cody and MJF meet in the center of the ring as Mike Chioda gives the instructions to each men for the match. The bell sounds and MJF spits his gum in Cody’s face, laughing as Cody wipes away the saliva. MJF them mimics crying, audibly screaming “What’s wrong, Cody?! You gonna’ cry because your brother hates you?!” Cody breathes deeply, calming himself as the mocking continues. “Forget your brother. You’d better worry about me!” BICYCLE KICK TO MJF’S FACE! Clothesline over the top rope! Cody grabs the rope and dives over, sending himself and MJF crashing into the guardrail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’ve known Cody since he was born and this is as fired up as I’ve ever seen him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s takin’ risks two weeks before his showdown with Dustin!

On the outside, Cody grabs MJF and slams his face into the ring steps and plays to the fans, which respond back with an insane pop for the American Nightmare! His fury is short lived as he turns back to MJF, who grabs him by the front of the tights and pulls him into the ring post! MJF quickly rolls Cody into the ring and covers but only gets a two count. MJF is on the offensive, slowly picking Cody apart with stiff boots. Every time Cody works his way to his feet, MJF knocks him back down. Cody makes one last attempt but MJF stomps on Cody’s fingers and spits on him again!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well Scott, I’m not quite sure..

[ Scott Steiner ] DON’T CORRECT ME!

MJF is hearing it from the crowd and he simply responds with a middle finger, which draws even more heat than before. As he turns back to Cody, Cody is already back up on his feet. He springs against the ropes, DISASTER KICK! One, two, MJF’s foot is on the rope! Cody steps back in waiting for MJF.. MJF is up and Cody attempts another Bicycle Kick but MJF ducks, belly-to-back suplex and MJF follows up with a headlock. He wrenches back, talking trash to Cody the entire time.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody looks more focused this week than he did two weeks ago against Christopher Daniels, but MJF is one dangerous competitor. He wrestles a similar style to Cody and knows that less is truly more.

Cody uses the will of the fans rooting for him to power his way back to his feet and elbows MJF in the ribs three times to break the headlock’s grip. He bounces MJF off the ropes, snap powerslam! Cody sprints to cover but MJF hits a low blow without Chioda being able to see! DDT! One, two, kick out! MJF picks Cody up and grabs him from behind. Cody grabs the ropes and MJF bounces off Cody, rolling over himself. MJF is back up and charges, but Cody springs off the middle rope - Cody Cutter! One, two, three!

WINNER - Cody Rhodes via Pin Fall in 8:42

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cody Rhodes hit that out of thin air and secured the win! What an impressive turn around for “The American Nightmare!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] You have to give it up for Maxwell Jacob Friedman, guys. He’s a show removed from almost securing the Elevation Championship and now he put up one hell of a fight against a former Tag and Elevation Champion!

“Kingdom” hits as Cody has his arm raised in the air in celebration. MJF exits the ring, infuriated by the loss. He mouths to some fans, even ripping one of their signs in half and tossing another fan’s hat halfway across the arena. Cody motions for a microphone and upon getting one, stands dead center in the ring, letting the crowd’s anticipation build with a growing “CODY! CODY!” chant. Slowly, Cody raises his right hand in the air, killing the music and trying to mute the rambunctious crowd.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hold on, hold on..

The music cuts and the fans finally quiet down enough so he can speak over them without being drowned out.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I only need a few minutes of your time.

The muffled crowd settles down a little more as Cody looks deep ahead into the crowd at no one in particular, doing his best to muster up the right words.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I’m not going to stand here and bore you with stories of a brotherly bond for sympathy, nor will I give you a pity party about my brother deciding to do what he did at Total Destruction. This situation is far beyond anything like that. I’m sure you all expect a fiery promo comparable to that of what my father would do decades ago, or maybe it’s more appropo to expect me to throw mud but I won’t be doing any of those things..


[ Cody Rhodes ] I stand here right now as a man issuing a warning to another. We may share a last name but more importantly, in two weeks, we share a ring. And inside this ring, I’m bringing Hell with me. Do to me what you want to do. I’ll recover and move on. Turn your back on me, hit me with a chair, tell lies about our relationship.. But be warned. Hell is coming with me to WrestleBrawl.

A quick pause gets the fans riled up as he continues with passion oozing out of his words.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Brandi is recovering from a concussion because in your mind, all of this is her fault somehow. Every decision you made, every decision we made, all falls on her shoulders somehow. But Dustin, reality is going to humble you in two weeks… Because I’m bringing Hell with me to WrestleBrawl and I assure you that there’ll be nobody to blame but you.

Dustin appears on the GoldenTron, drawing the ire of the fans in attendance. His face is worn and wrinkled, completely bare from any paint.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Bravo brother. Nice speech.

Dustin sarcastically applauds Cody’s effort.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Thanks for your warnin’, but I don’t need it. I’m sick and damn tired of everything I do in SGW bein’ because of you! From the matches, the title reign, hell, even the damn Tag Team of the Year Award. You’ve gotten credit for each and every single thing that WE accomplished together! Your wife spent months BEGGING, PLEADING, SWAYING you to ditch me because I was holding you back.. So bring hell with you, Cody. At WrestleBrawl, I’m going to show the entire damn world who was holding who back!

The crowd boos as Cody lets all of Dustin’s words harmlessly bounce off of him.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Brother, I didn’t want it to come to this no more than you did. But you have to look in that mirror and realize that your life isn’t some majestic fairytale. Now, I’m sorry for what I did to Brandi. That was an accident.. But brother, that’s another instance of her gettin’ involved in somethin’ she don’t know anything about. This ain’t her world! She’s a Rhodes by name only and she ain’t got the right to try to make or break what I’ve spent 32 years doin’ with my blood, sweat, and tears!

[ Cody Rhodes ] Ah, Dustin, glad you could join me. I was expecting it more so when my back was turned and I couldn’t defend myself. But hiding behind a camera, that’s even better. Real convenient for you. You know, on the Gold Mine when this match was announced, it was also mentioned that a stipulation for our match was to be named tonight.

Cody slides out of the ring and flips the apron up and digs for a second, coming back out from under the ring with a silky black bag. He slides it into the ring and crawls back in.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I don’t want to fight you. Dad never wanted us to, either.

Cody picks up the bag and stares deeply at it, milking the moment.

[ Cody Rhodes ] But this isn’t about the dead. It’s about the living. And Dusty Rhodes might’ve had two sons, but he didn’t raise but only one coward and it’s not me.. Because at WrestleBrawl, we’re going to fight. There’s gonna’ be no rules, no disqualifications, no count outs, nothing but you and I settling this like grown men.

Cody rips the top of the bag and dumps its contents on the mat. He reaches down and picks up a large, thick rope with a worn-down golden cowbell attached to the center. Cody lifts it high in the air as the fans erupt.

[ Cody Rhodes ] If we’re going to do this and we’re going to fight.. Then when we’re going to do it in one of Dusty’s matches.. WrestleBrawl 3, IN A BULL ROPE MATCH!

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Cody, hang on..


“Kingdom” hits once again as the GoldenTron turns to black. Cody drops the microphone and drapes the heavy bull rope over his shoulders reminiscent of Jake Roberts with a python or something similar. The crowd is fired up, chanting “CODY! CODY! CODY!” He’s fired up and begins playing to the fans on all four corners of the ring, riling them up more than ever as his showdown with Dustin is only two weeks away. The Brotherhood explodes at WrestleBrawl 3!

After the match, Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Wardlow are seen walking backstage. Exhausted, MJF breathes heavily as he walks towards the locker room area. Every light, sound, person, and movement irritates MJF more and more. An innocent production assistant holds a bottle of water looking at a schedule with another assistant, that is, until MJF slaps the bottle out of his hands.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You dropped something, asshole.

Continuing his walk, MJF sees another production assistant reaching into an open trunk, attempting to pull an extension cord out, and shoves him into the trunk, landing inside. MJF observes the aftermath with a hint of a smile.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Wardlow, if you would.

Wardlow slams the trunk closed and fastens the combination lock on it, shutting the production assistant inside!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] If I have to suffer, then EVERYBODY has to suffer, Wardlow. Everyone has to feel my wrath! I should be Elevation Champion! I should be walking into WrestleBrawl defending that title! And I should’ve beaten Cody Rhodes, but per the usual, cheaters always prosper in this company.

Matt Riddle appears eating a peanut butter sandwich. He takes a huge bite and tries speaking, but everything is muffled because of his chewing. After several seconds of listening intently with disgust plastered all over his face, MJF’s had enough.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Hey, mongoloid, do like your mother and swallow before you try speaking to me.

Riddle chews a few more times, trying to cut down the size of the bit in his mouth. He finally finishes and collects himself.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro.

Riddle goes to take another bite but MJF slaps the sandwich from his hands. Riddle watches it land at his feet with horror in his eyes. MJF steps up to Riddle and shoves his finger in Riddle’s face.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You listen to me, Riddle! I know you’d rather look at your watch and see 4:20 than get in that ring and prove your worth, but me, I’m here to be SGW World Champion! But while I have to scratch and claw for everything I have, people like you seem to coast through life without an issue.

[ Matt Riddle ] Care-free livin’, bro.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] And while your one remaining brain cell fights the battle of his life against the things you do to it on a minute-by-minute basis, I, in full mind and body, stand here to let you know one thing.

Riddle looks on, intrigued.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] In two weeks at WrestleBrawl, I’m going to take the fast track to the top. No longer will I be stuck fighting the Killer Kross and the Cody Rhodes’ of this company. No longer will I have a worse record than someone like you.. Oh no, not even. Because I’m going to win that Golden Ticket at the WrestleBrawl Match and I’m going to make everyone in this company’s life a LIVING hell when I do!

Riddle looks on.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] And believe me when I say this, Riddle. When I have that Golden Ticket in my possession, scum like you that offer nothing to this planet, will not have a spot.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bummer.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Don’t worry, Matty. I’m sure you’ll have some high times on the unemployment line.

Riddle shakes it off.

[ Matt Riddle ] Nah bro. I said ‘bummer’ for another reason.

MJF scrunches his face, trying to figure out what exactly Riddle is trying to talk about.

[ Matt Riddle ] Because bro, when I finish winning the The First Ever Edge and Christian 4 Time SGW Tag Team Champions Host the First Ever All-Star Classic Celebrity Pro-Am-Multi Tag Team Match to Determine Number One Contendership Match of DOOM~!

He takes a deep breath.

[ Matt Riddle ] Woof. That was a long match name to remember.

A quick follow up.

[ Matt Riddle ] I’ll then go win the WrestleBrawl match. So like, bro, I hate to be the bear of bad news, but like, you can’t win the Golden Ticket because I’ll have the Golden Ticket.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] There’s so much wrong about all that you just said that I’m going to completely ignore the fact that you just said you hated to be the “bear” of bad news.

[ Matt Riddle ] Like a freakin’ kodiak, bro.

Wardlow steps forward but MJF blocks him with a forearm across the chest, potentially saving Riddle from a world of hurt.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] No. He’s not worth it.

MJF stomps on Riddle’s fallen sandwich and looks back up at him with a stern, villainous stare that you just want to slap off of his face.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You and Cheech, you two go win your stupid tag team match and leave the Golden Ticket to someone who deserves it. This company NEEDS Maxwell Jacob Friedman and what it needs even more, is MJF being able to call his shot. No more waiting in line behind the disgustos and the poors. No more “waiting” my turn in line to get to the top. With that, I become THE DESTINATION! I BECOME THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN WHERE I BELONG!

MJF scoffs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] And in two weeks, people like you need to prepare for the worst. Because when all the power in this company belongs to me, life as you know it.. Is over.

MJF and Wardlow both bump Riddle as they walk past him, leaving Riddle to look at them confusingly. He shrugs it off and looks down at his destroyed sandwich.

[ Matt Riddle ] That dude talks a lot of trash.

Riddle picks up his sandwich, admiring the boot print that crushed it flat. Riddle sighs and tosses it in a nearby trash can. He then gives it a final salute.

[ Matt Riddle ] I will seek revenge for your demise, bro.

Riddle cocks his head up and puts his hands on his hips, posing in some sort of a superhero-esque pose.

[ Matt Riddle ] Or dry tryin’.

The scene fades.

The Elevation Championship fills the screen. As the camera slowly zooms out, it’s revealed to be draped over the shoulder of Nunzio. Looking irritated, the champion grips the title tightly and addresses the camera.

[ Nunzio ] Kevin Nash.

The name escapes his lips, giving a bitter expression on Nunzio’s face.

[ Nunzio ] You have no idea, do ya’? You don’t have a fockin’ clue who you’re messin’ with. See, I ain’t no ordinary guy. I’m a made man. I could sit here and yap my jaws ‘bout all the things I’m gonna’ do to you at WrestleBrawl 3, but instead, I’ll just say this.

Nunzio removes the title from his shoulder and adjusts the collar on his black dress shirt.

[ Nunzio ] This ain’t gonna’ be no walk in the park. You got me? A lota’ people runnin’ their mouths about how I don’t deserve this title and I hear it. I ain’t fockin’ deaf. Those chirps are heard loud and clear. Then we got you walkin’ around like you’re some sorta’ god and we should all kiss your ass. I ain’t doin’ that eitha’.

Nunzio shakes his head back and forth with a defiant look on his face.

[ Nunzio ] You’ve been here for a cup’a coffee, Nash. You don’t know the first thing about me but you’ve already called your shot, haven’t ya’? Before anyone won this title, you proclaimed yourself the challenger in wait. Fine by me. In two weeks, I’ll see ya’ in the ring.

Nunzio turns to walk away and the camera follows. About three steps down the hall, the sound of slow clapping is heard. The camera pans over to reveal Kevin Nash sitting back in a barber’s chair as a barber is giving his neck a shave.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hell of a promo, kid.

[ Nunzio ] What are you doin’?

[ Kevin Nash ] Self-care.

Nunzio looks around, waiting for the punchline to the joke.

[ Nunzio ] You’re in the middle of the fockin’ hall gettin’ a shave?

[ Kevin Nash ] Yes sir. Gotta’ look good for win I pin you clean in the ring at WrestleBrawl.

[ Nunzio ] Oh? When YOU pin ME huh? That’s how it’s gonna’ go?

[ Kevin Nash ] Exactly. The bell will ring, I’ll kick you in the gut, hit the ol’ Jackknife and we’ll get the three. You can kick out right after the three count to keep your heat if you want, brother. I’m not picky.

Nunzio is beside himself with rage at how nonchalant Nash is about all of this.

[ Nunzio ] You’ve got a lot of nerve.

[ Kevin Nash ] This ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been main eventing since before your people were putting suckers in cement shoes. Making people sleep with the fish. All of that stuff. I just want to make it easy on both of us. The people will pop like crazy if I pinned you in like ten seconds.

[ Nunzio ] Well, it ain’t gonna’ happen. I’m gonna’ hit you so fockin’ hard that you’re mooch will turn sideways. You might be bigger but I’m gonna’ humiliate you in that ring.

Nash leans up from the chair and takes a hotel towel, dabbing his neck and face.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hell yeah, brother.

Nash pushes forward, leaving the chair and towers over Nunzio, looking down on him.

[ Kevin Nash ] That’s how you build heat! That’s how you make the people care about this match. Good idea. But let me give you some advice. Be more Italian. You do all of this mobster stuff. The people dig it. You should put a hit out on me or something. Promise someone that they’d be a made man if they ensured that I didn’t show up to WrestleBrawl.

Nash shrugs.

[ Kevin Nash ] Because that’s the only way I’m not going to beat you, kid.

[ Nunzio ] Why do you keep callin’ me a “kid,” Nash? Don’t you know who I am?

[ Kevin Nash ] Nah. I don’t like to get tight with guys I’m about to take titles from. Makes things awkward. Look, just spend the next two weeks practicing looking up at the lights. It’s easy. Everyone does it. There’s no shame. It won’t hurt a bit.

He takes it back.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, for ten seconds it will. You know, the amount of time it’ll take for me to beat you. But after that, smooth sailing, brother. We’ll give those Canadians something to talk about forever.

Nash pats Nunzio on top of the head like he’s a child and walks past him. Nunzio reaches into his pants pockets and pulls out a slapjack. He sprints at Nash and jumps, whacking Nash on the back of the neck with it! Nash bends over and Nunzio whacks him again! Billy Gunn, Stevie Ray, and Lance Storm appear and separate the two men. Nunzio is foaming at the mouth, desperate to get his hands on Nash for all of the trash talking. Nash pushes over the barber’s chair as Nunzio begs Nash to bring it on. With tensions rising and the two men separated, we take one final shot of the Elevation Champion before switching back to ringside!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Our opening bell sounds and Chris Dickinson is on the prowl, charging across the ring at the former Dean of Disrespect U – but the wily veteran Christopher Daniels is too sly and very quickly tucks his torso through the ropes, causing referee Rick Knox to cease Dickinson’s running attack!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The veteran, Christopher Daniels, what a mood! He’s telling the Dirty Daddy that if he wants to throw down, they’ll do it on HIS terms! This could enrage the short-tempered Dickinson!

[ Scott Steiner ] I bet that jacked-up bastard Dick duddn’t like these fuckin’ games Mr. Clean’s skinny ass is playin’!

Predictably – ‘Dick’ does not. As Knox encourages Daniels back into the ring, Dickinson takes matters into his own hands and wrings the top rope, catapulting the Fallen Angel into the ring over the top rope!! Referee Rick Knox is quick to admonish Dickinson for attacking his opponent in the ropes, but the Dirty Daddy pays him no mind and rolls on with his attack.

As Daniels lands, he rolls through the pain and runs ahead, full steam into the ropes and leaps at Dickinson for a cross body – but the Dirty Daddy ain’t sweatin’ it! He tosses Daniels’ frame up into a stalled suplex and pauses, throwing an arm out to the side and pumping up the fans to cheer louder as Daniels screams for Dickinson to “put him down!”

[ Chris Dickinson ] PO’UH CHOICE’A WORDS, DANIELS!

Dickinson DRILLS Daniels with a stalled brainbuster, popping Providence yet again! Still not finished, Dickinson reaches down into the Fallen Angel’s mouth and lifts, pulling him up and onto his shoulders before driving Daniels down AGAIN onto the base of his neck with a Burning Hammer!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My word, what a hellacious series of blows to Christopher Daniels’ neck!


Almost as if he heard him, Dickinson applies the By-God Steiner Recliner!


Daniels doesn’t tap, but he does use every bit of energy he has to claw towards the ropes, somehow forcing through the pain of the near-choke-hold Dickinson has applied – and finally grabs the bottom rope with his left hand! Referee Rick Knox is on Dickinson quickly, counting to (and reaching the count of) five before the Dirty Daddy finally loosens his grip and lets Daniels fall lifelessly to the mat.

Knox begins yelling at Dickinson, who is full-out tunnel visioned by this point and is standing solemnly in a corner, twitching ever-so-slightly with blind rage as Daniels pushes himself off the canvas and to his feet – DICKINSON CHARGES! Bicycle Kick – BUT DANIELS SIDE-STEPS IT! Dickinson turns – and the Fallen Angel scores with a huge slap to the face!

As Dickinson seethes, looking to the mat before slowly back up to Daniels, the Fallen Angel is grinning ear-to-ear, nodding like he’s suddenly evened all the odds in the match despite the obvious pain he’s in.


Dickinson suddenly spins and blasts Daniels with a Rolling Elbow in the face! Providence explodes again as Knox suddenly screams for the Dirty Daddy to cover Daniels and end the match – but Dickinson has a far different idea!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY! Dickinson has Daniels set up for the Pazuzu Bomb!

Sure enough, Dickinson throws Daniels up onto his shoulders and into his arms, running across the ring and tossing the Fallen Angel towards the turnbuckles with the Pazuzu Bomb! Daniels smashes into the canvas and skids under the ropes as the Dunkin Donuts Center roars out with joy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] DEAR GOD, PAZUZU BOMB! This has been an absolute wreck, Dickinson’s got the match in the bag, just make the cover!

Knox agrees with this sentiment and demands that Dickinson makes the cover and ends the contest. The Dirty Daddy nods before quickly scooping Daniels off the mat and positioning him for ANOTHER Pazuzu Bomb! Providence is yelling for Dickinson to deliver the maneuver as Knox threatens the Dirty Daddy – and eventually, the thrill of destroying Christopher Daniels overtakes everything in Dickinson and he absolutely CLATTERS the Fallen Angel with another Pazuzu Bomb! Daniels lands on the base of his neck and sticks, slowly allowing his lower half to crumple to the mat!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] I…I don’t think so, Scott!

Knox walks up to Dickinson and explains the result before slowly stepping through the ropes, conferring with the ringside doctor about Daniels! Justin Roberts slowly takes the microphone to his mouth and explains:

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest by disqualification – Christopher Daniels!

WINNER - Christopher Daniels via Disqualification in 11:39

As Dickinson takes to the floor, furious with Knox’ decision and discussing it nearly ¾ of the way up the ramp, Daniels beckons for the microphone! Still flat on his back, Daniels is a sight to behold, only just waving his left arm from the elbow up and remaining perfectly still as to not damage himself any further after the savage beating from Dickinson! Knox and Dickinson, still arguing, push through the curtain as Daniels continues calling for Roberts!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can’t believe he wants a microphone! Christopher Daniels is something else!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah! He’s a damn fool!

Roberts tosses the microphone and accidentally hits Daniels in the top of his head with it! After grimacing on the mat a moment, the Fallen Angel feels around blindly with his only moving limb as the Providence crowd eviscerates this entire sham. Finally having found the mic, Daniels drags it to his chest and positions it so he can speak, still laying flat-backed.

[ Christopher Daniels ] <through labored breathing> …what…a victory…for Christo—<coughes> Christopher…Daniels!

The collected booing of Providence rains down even heavier as Daniels catches his breath.

[ Christopher Daniels ] <through labored breathing> …I defeated that Dirty Dummy…all by myself! Not that…it was…challenging…or anything…

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is he serious? He’s about to have a coronary now!

[ Christopher Daniels ] <through labored breathing> …so now…WrestleBrawl 3! I’ve washed…my hands…of Disrespect…U…I’ve taken…my place…as Ring General! …Now…now…I set…my sight...on…the WrestleBrawl match!

Providence’s reaction is a bit more mixed, though they quickly resume booing Daniels.

[ Christopher Daniels ] <through labored breathing> …I’ve been…a staple…of SGW…since it’s return…and WHEN…I win…WrestleBrawl…do you know what will happen?

Still on his back, Daniels laughs, choking each joyous noise through his congesting and pain. The microphone bobs up and down comically until he slows down to speak again.

[ Christopher Daniels ] …I’m going to use this Golden Ticket…and with it…I’ll right a wrong…a mistake…that SGW…refuses to correct…because…when I win…I will use…the Golden Ticket…to FIRE! CHRIS! DICKINSON!

A massive boo from the Providence crowd, who see Dickinson as one of their own.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I’m sorry…to disappoint you…but you see…Chris Dickinson, the Dirty DUMMY, does not deserve a job in this…the greatest company in the world…the company…that CHRISTOPHER DANIELS BUILT!!

Providence is absolutely livid, booing louder than ever as Daniels continues to ramble, flat-backed on the canvas.

[ Christopher Daniels ] –t’s been a tough go lately…but everything is coming up Daniels!

Suddenly, Providence are far more pleased – because Chris Dickinson has re-emerged through the curtain and is making a crazy-eyed beeline for the squared circle! Sliding in and popping up to his feet quickly, the Dirty Daddy is infuriated!

[ Christopher Daniels ] – uddy molesting my mot – hey, what’s that sound? It almost sounds li—OOGUFH!!

Dickinson stomps Daniels in the stomach and quickly scoops him up and lifts – A THIRD PAZUZU BOMB!! DANIELS ONLY BARELY MISSES RATTLING HIS BRAINS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Providence is electric as Dickinson reaches down and grabs the microphone! From the backstage area, Frankie Kazarian can take no more and runs to ringside, pulling his longtime partner from the dangerous ring and trekking up the ramp as Dickinson chuckles over the mic.


Providence is right with Dickinson, screaming up the ramp at Daniels, who is knocked stupid and only moving by the efforts of Kazarian.


Dickinson jabs a finger at the side of his head before pointing it at Kazarian and Daniels, now on the stage.


Providence really likes this decision; Kazarian isn’t as pleased with it. Daniels, meanwhile, looks like he’s not sure what day it is.


Big pop from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center as Dickinson jabs his finger towards Daniels again.


Dickinson spikes the microphone and climbs up to the second rope, flexing his gargantuan frame towards Daniels and Kazarian as Providence roars out again.


Another shot of Dickinson, holding his tongue out and flexing as we fade away to the back.

Backstage, Ted DiBiase is standing under a pair of spotlights in front of a simple black backdrop. His face is flat and his calmness is startling in the stillness of the moment.

[ Ted DiBiase ] I don’t want to waste any of you people’s time, and I would not dare to waste my own, as, after all, time is money, so I’ll be brief with my words today.

DiBiase looks to his right and speaks to nothing in particular.

[ Ted DiBiase ] By now, all of you know that Solid Gold Wrestling will present the largest, most wonderfully extravagant event in company history on March 21 – WrestleBrawl 3. On this night, boys will become men…men will become heroes…and heroes…shall become legends.

DiBiase rolls his eyes as he looks back to the camera.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Many of you, the brightest few of you, at least, who have remaining brain cells will also expect the Million Dollar Man to use his massive wealth to put himself into a better position to come out of this milestone event exactly where he belongs – at the top of the pile and on the tip of everyone’s tongues. So this leads to a crucial question –

The Million Dollar Man lifts a single finger.

[ Ted DiBiase ] How will I use my resources to better myself and my men at WrestleBrawl 3?

A smile breaks across his face.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Will I pay entire sections-worth of fans’ mortgages to cheer louder than they ever thought possible to support my charges? No, no, no – that’s a reckless investment whose return could never be properly predicted. So, then – should I pay off the official, ensure that the only ‘down the middle’ he is concerned about is strolling down the middle of Easy Street to the bank, dropping off his massive wealth? Also, a fruitless endeavor. Why cheat when it’s not essential to do so? Why not win fair and square, eliminate all doubt from the minds of your opponents that you are truly…superior?

DiBiase shrugs.

[ Ted DiBiase ] No, you see, the Million Dollar Man is a mogul of the business world. You all wonder how I will utilize my wealth to better myself on the night of WrestleBrawl 3?

The Million Dollar Man rubs his hands, smirking.

[ Ted DiBiase ] You fools fail to realize that I have already made all the investment I ever needed to make! When I signed Los Ice Creams to my employ, I knew they would rise to the level they have risen to. I saw past the comedy and the silliness and realized that nothing but gold was in their future! I knew the Dairy Deviants would far exceed the unfair expectations many labelled them with upon their arrival to Solid Gold Wrestling and ye – I HAVE BEEN PROVEN CORRECT!

DiBiase is getting fired up, pointing at the camera.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Los Ice Creams are the SGW World Tag Team Champions! Ted DiBiase has managed another championship-level career and now – NOW – we have another hurdle to leap over.

Slowing down, DiBiase looks back to his right.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Team Tremendous. You two…have proven to be something quite like my Ice Creams. Perhaps undervalued or overlooked, your careers have taken quite the turn in SGW and now, you find yourselves as number one contenders to the most prestigious tag team championships in all of professional wrestling. I know you two will do your absolute best to win, but let’s get right down to brass tax, gentlemen – it’s a lost cause. Los Ice Creams are the most superior team in this company and let me be clear with you – no matter how you slice it, you’re only second-rate in comparison.

DiBiase pauses solemnly.

[ Ted DiBiase ] I realize the alternative to this clear loss to Los Ice Creams is participating in that sham contest put on by the hopeless hulls of two has-beens, still clinging onto any threads of relevance they can muster from the shambles of their careers long gone. A bit of helpful information to all teams in that rambling monstrosity of a match – your positions are no better than that of Team Tremendous! You all will fall. No one can match the muscle, the minds, the sheer MAJESTY of Los Ice Creams!

DiBiase laughs and points at the camera half-heartedly, clearly amused with a thought.

[ Ted DiBiase ] In fact, I am so secure in the investment I’ve made, in the force and skill of Los Ice Creams, that if you gruesome gumshoes can somehow, someway defeat my Dairy Deviants, I will purchase you the new squad car of your dreams! Any make! Any model! Any additional accoutrement! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, Team Tremendous – you are simply unable to reach the level my men have reached – the championship level of the tag team ranks.

DiBiase lifts his finger into the air again and drags around, illustrating his words as he speaks.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Whether you’re Team Tremendous, looking down the frozen double barrel of the gun before you – or one of the teams unlucky enough to see the train coming around the bend of Ice Cream Mountain to run through you next, your end result is the same! Professional! Bankruptcy! The Million Dollar Man has made his investment and now, the time has come for reaping the reward of said venture.

Rubbing his hands together, DiBiase narrows his eyes and speaks directly to the men in question.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Carr…Barry…you’ve fought valiantly to get where you are, and yet – it’s still not enough! HAHAHAHA! I advise you both to lie still on the mat that night in Toronto – perhaps with fewer broken bones, your future pay days may be more fruitful! And after all, following your EMBARRASING LOSS at WrestleBrawl, you’ll lose your jobs with your PATHETIC precinct…and will still need to pay your PATHETIC bills to live your PATHETIC lives!

Shaking his head ‘no,’ a smile breaks across the Million Dollar Man’s face again.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Time is money, gentlemen. So please, do your best not to waste mine on March 21! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We fade away from DiBiase, who is still laughing wildly.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

The match begins with Peyton Royce and Dakota Kai in the ring. They circle one another for a moment and then tie up in the center of the ring. They fight for positioning before Peyton nails Dakota with a knee lift, doubling her over. Royce guides Dakota to her corner by a handful of hair and tags in Billie Kay. The IIconics both whip Dakota into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Dakota ducks it and rebounds off the opposite side! The IIconics both turn around and Dakota nails them both with a running drop kick! Both IIconics fall flat on their backs and roll out on opposite sides of the ring, to the floor! However, as soon as they land, Tegan Nox climbs into the ring and Team Kick wipes out The IIconics with stereo dives!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a start to this match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Team Kick knows that the winna' of this match will enter the four way title match at WrestleBrawl 3 with serious momentum! They want to be the first champions!

Tegan and Dakota rise up on opposite sides of the ring and toss the IIconics under the bottom rope. They both roll to the center of the ring until they come to a stop right next to each other. Tegan and Dakota follow them in and size them up as they struggle back to their feet. As soon as the IIconics are standing, Tegan and Dakota charge, sandwiching the Australians between a clothesline and a kitchen sink! Billie Kay drops and rolls back out of the ring! Tegan climbs onto the apron and Dakota tags her in. Tegan climbs the ropes from the outside and Peyton Royce slowly returns to her feet. Tegan flies... TEGAN-GO-ROUND! The fans cheer loudly as Tegan crushes Royce to the mat, sitting on her chest! Turner counts! One! Two! BILLIE KAY BREAKS THE PIN!

[ Tony Schiavone ] So close!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The sternum of Peyton Royce, devastated!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit! Look at all the padding she's got up top! She's fine! Fine as hell!

Billie shrieks at Peyton to get up as she takes two handfuls of Tegan's hair and pulls her to her feet. Peyton gets up and they hook Tegan... for a DOUBLE SUPLEX! The impact sends Tegan rolling right back to her feet where she hits the ropes... only to run into a DOUBLE YAKUZA KICK from the IIconics! The fans boo loudly. Billie climbs onto the apron and Peyton tags her in. They take advantage of the five count to whip Tegan into the ropes and nails her with a double clothesline! They maintain their hold on each other's hands... and drop a DOUBLE ELBOW into Tegan's chest! Peyton returns to the apron and Billie takes over!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Lots of tandem offense from the IIconics!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Great teamwork from the iconic Aussies!

Billie goes for a cover but Tegan kicks out at two. Billie pulls Tegan back up to her feet and nails her with a forearm before backing her into a corner. Billie goes to work, forearming and booting Tegan before placing her boot across Tegan's throat and choking her with it! Paul Turner demands a break and Billie finally lets go at four. Tegan rubs her throat but Billie drives a shoulder into Tegan's midsection and then hoists her up into a seated position on the top rope. Billie follows her up and hooks her for a SUPERPLEX but Tegan braces herself and refuses to go with the move! Tegan punches Billie in the mid-section, trying to break the hold. She hits her again and again before Peyton joins Billie in the ring, climbing the ropes and hooking Tegan as well, going for a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! Dakota Kai charges into the ring and hooks both IIconics from underneath! Tegan gets a grip on the top rope... and DAKOTA POWERBOMBS BOTH IICONICS AT THE SAME TIME!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my goodness! Did ya' see that!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Impressive strength from the captain of Team Kick!

Still perched on the top rope, Tegan Nox waits for Peyton Royce to stand... MISSILE DROPKICK! Royce rolls out of the ring! Billie staggers back to her feet, still doubled over from the impact... and Dakota Kai runs in out of nowhere for the KAIROPRACTOR! Huge pop! The impact sends Billie Kay reeling back onto a single knee... and TEGAN NOX NAILS HER WITH THE SHINIEST WIZARD! Nox covers! One! Two! Three!

WINNERS - Team Kick via Pin Fall in 9:45

The fans pop huge but as soon as the three count is registered, Jamie Hayter and Bea Priestley hit hte ring and mug Tegan and Dakota! The fans erupt in boos as Jamie Hayter rips Tegan Nox's head off with a lariat! Priestley hoists Dakota Kai onto her shoulders and drops her cold with the QUEEN'S LANDING! Priestley and Hayter stand over Dakota and Tegan with proud looks on their faces, raising their arms in victory.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter are making a statement!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They want those titles, too, Tony! If ya' remember, it was Jamie and Bea who were instrumental in pressuring Trish Stratus to introduce the championships as early as 12 Large last year!

Bea and Jamie's celebration is cut short, however, as they nailed with double dropkicks from behind by STARLIGHT KID AND AZM! Priestley and Hayter roll back to their feet and charge at Lightning Star, only for Starlight Kid to take Jamie down with a FRANKENSTEINER and for AZM to catch Bea with a drop toe hold, followed by a basement dropkick to the face! Bea and Jamie both roll to the floor and stagger backward up the ramp, looking furious!

[ Tony Schiavone ] AZM and Starlight Kid are standing tall once again!

...and then they're suddenly not as Starlight Kid gets decimated by SHADES OF KAY out of nowhere! Peyton Royce blasts AZM from behind with a violent forearm and then whips her into the ropes... before drop toe holding her into Billie Kay's knee! The fans boo loudly as The IIconics are the final team left standing tall! Billie and Peyton talk trash and walk a circle around the ring, making the "title belt" motion around their waists. What's going to happen at WrestleBrawl 3? Who will be the first SGW World Twinstar Champions?!

We are back in the courtroom in Knoxville – a very long evening of court has dragged on through nearly the entire show’s worth of transpirings. We are sadly not privy to the examinations of Karen Laurer, Danhausen, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and others – but look at that, Jason Jordan is on the stand! He is being examined by Colt Cabana, who appears to be less-than-hurried with his questioning.

[ Colt Cabana ] So again, you admitted that you lost in a game of NBA on the PlayStation to a little girl, you’re admitting that you once shat your pants during a bump drill with me?

Jason could die this very moment. He is wearing what appears to be a white polo shirt and navy shorts with red, yellow and blue suspenders, but most importantly, a beet-red face of shame.

[ Jason Jordan ] …that is correct, Colt…

Cabana nods, frowning, and looks to the judge.

[ Colt Cabana ] I see…your honor, it is abundantly clear to me that any REAL father would never allow his son to be so voraciously humiliated as this man, Jason Jordan, was that day in the Cabana gym!

The Judge squints his eyes.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] …your point?

Cabana points his finger across the courtroom, Pheonix-Wright-style at Michael Jordan.


The gallery cheers as the Judge rolls his eyes.

[ Colt Cabana ] Michael Jordan is a hero to Chicago and a hero to me, no doubt – but this man, Kurt Angle, is Jason’s father! Through act! Through deed! Through the lack of creepy recorded conversation with Dennis Rodman admitting this is all a scheme to make money off Jason!

The Judge’s ears perk up as Culver leaps up and points a finger at Cabana!

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] OBJECTION! My client was previously unaware of the defecated-in garments!

Kurt rises and points his own finger at Culver.


Michael Jordan jumps up and points his finger at Jason!

[ Michael Jordan ] Don’t listen to them, Jason! I love you!

Dennis Rodman rises and points his finger at Kurt!

[ Dennis Rodman ] KID DIDDLER!

Colt turns to Rodman, shocked.

[ Colt Cabana ] SHUT IT, RODZILLA! You’re a liar!

The Judge places his head in his hands as the madness carries on.




[ Dennis Rodman ] I’LL FUCK YOU UP, CABANA!

Jason stands up and throws his hands into the air.


The Judge begins slamming his gavel into the desk, screaming over and over for order as everyone takes their seats, save for Cabana, who Thonee jabs a finger towards. Cabana is wide-eyed and the Judge looks like he’s ready to implode.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] So you’re trying to tell me that you’ve had information which could have absolutely ended this entire hearing the whole time and are only choosing to haphazardly reference it now?! You do realize you could have won the entire case by simply mentioning that you’ve seen or could produce videotaped proof of a confession from Mister Jordan! You have witnessed the exact evidence needed to make this entire matter extraneous!

[ Colt Cabana ] …well, I mean, I hardly see how that’s relevant…

The Judge throws his gavel at the desk and stands up, lifting his hands and speaking as he walks out of the courtroom.

[ Judge Tony Thonee ] You know what? I’m done. I’m done! This entire damn thing has been such a charade. One guy keeps talking about banging the poor child’s mother, the other won’t stop schmoozing for the camera, I’m done with it. Done, done, done –

As he exits the room, the whole chamber is murmuring to themselves until a man stands up from the back of the gallery and walks through the aisle to the Judge’s desk, taking a seat. He is very, very tall and wearing a nice slate-gray suit with a lovely golden tie.

He is also wearing a red leather mask over his long, stringy black hair.

[ Mayor Kane ] …says here in this copy of the Knox County Charter that should a judge ever abandon or be forcibly removed from his post mid-hearing that the highest ranking official within the chamber should resume his role until the conclusion of said hearing.

Mayor Kane looks around the room and smiles, getting comfy in the judge’s chair.

[ Mayor Kane ] And as the Mayor of Knox County, I believe that makes me…Judge Mayor Kane.

A pop emanates from Providence as Kane looks over the papers on his new desk.

[ Mayor Kane ] …and I believe that I’m prepared to make my decision.


[ Judge Mayor Kane ] OVERRULED. Sit down.

Culver very slowly sinks into his chair and looks at Jordan with panic in his eyes as Kane continues.

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] …there has been a great number of evidence presented today and after taking it all in, I’m prepared to make a ruling on the matter.

Colt clenches Kurt’s hand as Michael Jordan leans in, eager to hear.

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] The custody of this young man, Jason, shall be determined once and for all in a manner I am very familiar with…in the professional wrestling ring!

Angle smiles and Cabana grins, while Michael’s eyes widen!

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] As Mayor of Knox County, I decree that WrestleBrawl 3 will feature a Ladder Match for Custody of Jason Jordan…to be contested between Kurt Angle…and Michael Jordan.

Providence explodes with excitement as the courtroom murmurs feverishly! Judge Mayor Kane closes his eyes, nodding, as Culver is reassuring Jordan at their table.

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] I trust that two athletes of your quality will have no problem physically proving you are the man to be this young boy’s father at the biggest Solid Gold Wrestling show of all time – so climb the ladder! Retrieve the briefcase! And restore your family!

Kurt glares across the aisle at Michael as Judge Mayor Kane lifts his gavel.

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] Court is adjourned.

He bangs the gavel and the Bailiff escorts Jason from the courtroom, looking pathetic as ever. Culver stands, rolling his eyes and shaking Jordan’s hand begrudgingly as Cabana and Angle meet the opposing counsel in the aisle.

[ Colt Cabana ] <stretches his hand out towards Culver> Nice work, man! You nearly had me!

Culver spits into Cabana’s hand and glares at him.

[ Fredrick Culver, Attorney at Law ] Fuck you and your $20 SportsClips haircut, you piece of shit.

Angle scoffs in disbelief as Culver walks off.

[ Colt Cabana ] …since when did you have to pay more than $20 for a haircut?! I think it looks good…

Michael Jordan steps ahead, checking to make sure Jason is out of the room before speaking.

[ Michael Jordan ] …I’ll see you at WrestleBrawl, Kurt…where I’ll make you my bitch…and dunk your broken-neck ass into the ground.

With that, Jordan slaps Angle across the face! Angle dives, looking for retaliation, but the officers and onlookers quickly separate the pair as Judge Mayor Kane begins banging his gavel again!

[ Judge Mayor Kane ] ORDER! ORDER! ORDE…oh, hell. Have at it.

Kane climbs onto the desk and dives into the pile of chaos as the camera pans back to Colt Cabana, talking to himself.

[ Colt Cabana ] …I mean, that’s when I’m SPLURGING, too. I usually cut my own hair, even…I just don’t get it…

We fade back to Providence as Kurt Angle spits towards Michael Jordan, who hurls a lamp in Angle’s direction – chaos has brought us to this point and only one man can claim custody of Jason Jordan! We will find out which at WrestleBrawl 3!

Finding ourselves back at ringside, the commentary team of Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, and Scott Steiner greet us. In the background, we hear some music playing as the fans are buzzing with anticipation for what’s coming next.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the main event of the evening, and it’s one with high stakes! PAC versus Jon Moxley! The winner enters the WrestleBrawl match at number thirty and the loser has the drastic disadvantage of entering at number one!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yeah, Tony, there’s simply no room for error in this one and I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited for it! PAC vanquished Tetsuya Naito out of Solid Gold Wrestlin’ and Jon Moxley is one of the hottest new stars in the company. Both men would make great holders of the Golden Ticket!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The challenge was laid down at Heartbreaker with Chavo Guerrerro confirming in to add the stipulation on to the end. Let’s hear from the participants of No Competition’s main event!

A match graphic for PAC versus Jon Moxley flashes across the screen and quickly cuts out to pre-recorded footage featuring PAC. The words “earlier this week” flash across the top of the screen as PAC is seen sitting on a weight bench, drenched in sweat.

[ PAC ] Ah’ve been hea’ since day one in ‘dis company. And since day one, ah’ve been the last in line for title shots, fa’ main events, fa’ all of the high profile situations.. No more.

Cut to Jon Moxley wandering a random street in the middle of the night. He walks confidently with his hands in his pockets and his leather jacket resting high up on his neck to defend against the night air.

[ Jon Moxley ] You know what’s funny? Every wrestling company claims to be different. That their vision for operation is the one that’ll change the business forever, you know? But when you take away the initials, those three letters on the marque and look at things at face value… they’re all the same.

Back to the gym, PAC is ripping pull-ups at a rapid pace.

[ PAC ] No longa’ will da’ Bastahd sit back an’ wait for his opportunity. It’s been since 12 Large that I’ve had an opportunity, but that changes.

PAC drops down and dusts his hands together.

[ PAC ] WrestleBrawl.

Moxley stops dead in his tracks in the streets and turns to the camera.

[ Jon Moxley ] The favorites get the shots, the “plans” are in place and cannot be changed. Don’t dare rock the boat or catch fire or else they’ll stomp your ass out.

Moxley smirks.

[ Jon Moxley ] At No Competition, I’m gonna’ do more than rock the boat. More like, Jon Moxley’s about to capsize it! At WrestleBrawl, when I win this thirty-man rumble, I’m gonna’ burn the thing to the ground. PAC, you’re a helluva fighter, but you ain’t me. For five months you’ve been here and haven’t sniffed a title shot, that should tell you something.

Quick cut to PAC.

[ PAC ] Moxley, we have ourselves a date at No Competition, don’t we? Seems as though you are the man who determines how easy my night is at WrestleBrawl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gon’ ta’ win it no matta’ the position I enta’, I’d just prefer to two kill birds wit’ one stone. I look to prove that you are nothin’ more than a flash in the pan that doesn’t deliva’ like the many who walked thru’ the doors in the past. You have’a couple victories over lesser opponents, don’tcha Jon? Let’s see how ya’ fare when ya’ fight the best!

A tight camera shot on Mox.

[ Jon Moxley ] You’re tired of getting skipped and overlooked for opportunities? Here’s your chance, PAC. Here’s your chance to step up and prove your worth. You’ve been here since day one? So has Christopher Daniels. Look at what I did to him. You think longevity merits some sort of reward? Nah. Talent wins out. And you’re lookin’ at the baddest man in SGW.

PAC deadlifts a barbell stacked with a massive amount of weight on either side. After a few seconds, he drops it to the floor, causing it to shake upon impact. He turns and looks into the camera with a sadistic snarl.

[ PAC ] Let tonight be a preview, Jon. A preview of what’s ta’ come in two weeks. I’m gonna’ beat you tonight in front of the world, and in two weeks at Wrestlebrawl, I’ll do it all.. ova’.. again when I toss you ova’ the top rope.. That is, if you’re still in the ring when I enta’ at numba’ thirty!

One final cut back to Mox. He does a “come here” motion with his hands.

[ Jon Moxley ] I don’t get paid to talk. I get paid to fight. No Competition, the main event, you and I are gonna’ fight, PAC. One-on-one.. Mano-a-mano.. Your best versus mine.. I hate to spoil it for you, but the winner’s already determined and there’s not a thing you can do about it! Let’s give ‘em one for the ages. Let’s leave no question as to who THE man in SGW truly is! You’re a stepping stone. At No Competition, I beat you. At WrestleBrawl, I win the Golden Ticket. Before long, I’m SGW World Champion. But it all starts with beating you. I ain’t puttin’ the cart before the horse. See you in the ring.

PAC roars into the camera like a wild animal.

[ PAC ] Jon Moxley! At No Competition, you’re goin’ to get exposed as the fraud that you are! De’ Bastahd has his sights set on his target, and it’s time fa’ you ta’ bend.. de’.. knee to da’ King o’ Solid.. Gold.. Wrestling!

PAC. Jon Moxley.

The winner gets Number 30. The loser enters first.

The main event is NEXT!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

PAC is off to a fast start, charging across the ring with a John Woo dropkick, forcing Moxley into the corner as the Providence fans explode!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Holy smokes, here we go, fans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John Woo! The Bastard is rollin’ heavy from the first TONE of the opening bell, gentlemen!

Popping up quickly, the Bastard charges in again with a big shoulder tackle! And another! A third! PAC steps out and lifts Moxley onto the top rope, taking a moment to breathe deeply before leaping up and hooking the Death Rider’s head for a frankensteiner – but Moxley holds the top rope tightly and resists!

[ Scott Steiner ] NUH UH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Moxley’s kept his grip!

As PAC hits the mat and slowly begins resuming his stance, Moxley shakes off the impact of the first minute of the match and stands up, soaring from the middle rope with a cross body block and scores! As Mox and PAC hit the mat, the Death Rider immediately begins throwing punches to the head and shoulders, taking every opportunity to weaken the Geordie.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this match is going just as fast as PAC’s contest last month with Tetsuya Naito! Is this a strategy from PAC?

[ Scott Steiner ] His strategy right now better be cover your damn head! Moxley’s makin’ it rain fists on that bastard!

Senior Official Aubrey Edwards manages to force a measure of separation between the men and Moxley rolls across the ring before turning his attention back to the Bastard, teeth bared and ready to attack – but PAC is faster and clatters Moxley with a big running dropkick to said chompers!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’ll stop you in your tracks, Mistah Moxley!

Moxley and PAC continue along the mat, using whatever forward momentum they have to either get to the ropes for safety, or in the Bastard’s case, scurry through the ropes and position for a springboarding attack! As soon as the Cincinatti native is back to his feet, PAC leaps up, using the ropes for added height and momentum – and scores with a springboard spinning wheel kick! The side of the Bastard’s foot scrapes across Moxley’s face, sending him corkscrewing into the mat at a sickening angle as PAC scoops the legs and covers immediately! ONE! TWO! NO! Moxley breaks the cover!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s hard to be shocked from Jon Moxley’s toughness and yet – I am shocked, fans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It was a beautiful blow from the Bastard – but he’s GOT to follow up!

Still not interested in resting on the work already done, PAC is up quickly and pops off a beautiful standing moonsault! AND A STANDING STAR! PAC hooks both legs again! ONE! TWO!

NO! Jon Moxley won’t be put away this easily!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t want to bet against Jon Moxley but I could have SWORN that would be it!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] PAC hit Moxley with two big blows in a row and now – where do you go, PAC?

[ Scott Steiner ] Shit, he looks like he wants to go home! He KNEW that would be three! BUT IT AIN’T!

PAC can’t believe it! He decides to switch the pace and applies a grounded hammerlock, keeping a close proximity to the dangerous Moxley and wrenching tighter on the shoulder and elbow joints. Moxley wisely rolls through the pain and quickly crosses over his own body with a big right hand! And another! Despite the heavy blows, the Bastard maintains control of the wrist and Moxley starts to stand off the mat – but is swept over and off his feet, arm dragged down onto the canvas again! PAC quickly steps over the arm and cinches on a textbook short-arm-scissors, really tearing into Moxley’s bicep – but the Death Rider isn’t interested in submission and rolls backwards, over PAC and to his own knees, somehow forcing himself into a standing position with the Bastard on his shoulder – hold still bound!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Beautiful, scientific counter from the well-studied Jon Moxley – all those old tapes are paying off in dividends right now!


Moxley falls to his back, driving PAC into the mat at high speed and finally breaking the scissors hold! Providence roars out with excitement as Moxley grins devilishly, turning his attention back to the Bastard, who is pulling himself up on the ropes slowly! The Death Rider charges in, smashing PAC against the ropes with a big body attack, leveling the Bastard and ceasing his plans for retaliation! Moxley takes a wrist and whips PAC into the far ropes, charging again and lifting his knee to Kitchen Sink the Bastard to the mat again!

With a guttural roar and a fist pump, Mox pulls the Bastard to his feet and hooks a side headlock – perhaps looking for the Headlock Driver! – but PAC drives his elbow into Moxley’s side multiple times and applies a waistlock – but quickly dumps Moxley over his head and onto his own with a sick German suplex!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Holy Magilla! What a suplex, good Lord!


Not delaying any at all, the Bastard is quickly through the middle and top rope and springs up to the top rope seemingly in one fluid motion, standing up to his full height – and soaring!


[ Scott Steiner ] OH SHIT!

At the last possible second, Moxley rolls out of the way and leaves no water in the pool for the Bastard – who splats onto the canvas and pops off, up and on to his knees on impact!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Moxley moves! PAC misses the Black Arrow!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And The Death Rider had better be thankful he DID move! The Black Arrow is a killshot for sure! Moxley ab-so-LUTE-ly MUST CAPITALIZE!

PAC is dazed from the blow and is wobbling on his knees as Moxley struggles to his feet, pointing his finger at the Bastard! Mox wildly scrambles across the ring and smashes through PAC with a brutal Knee Trembler, bending him backwards over his own feet! The Death Rider turns over his shoulder and pulls the Bastard’s legs from under him and pulls them both over his shoulders, pinning them down! ONE! TWO! NO!! NO! PAC still gets his shoulder up!

[ Scott Steiner ] HOT DAMN!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] AND A KICKOUT FROM THE BASTARD! PAC won’t lay down and die either! What a main event, gentlemen!

Moxley’s face is written with shock as PAC lies face first on the canvas, breathing deeply. Both men, in fact, are showing the wear of the intense main event as Edwards verbally confirms the two count to Moxley. The Bastard begins crawling to the nearest corner and attempts to pull himself to his feet as Mox starts pushing himself off the canvas! Both men manage to reach their feet at the same time and turn into one another –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH MY! OH MY! MASSIVE right hand from Moxley!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Moxley falls into the cover! This could do it here! ONE! TWO! TH—NO!! Oh, my God! PAC kicks out! PAC kicks out!

Moxley’s face is written with stunned shock – not so much that PAC kicked out, more realizing the measures he may have to take to put the Bastard down for the three count. As his cold eyes track over to his opponent’s, Moxley takes a huge handful of hair and pulls, lifting the Bastard up to his knees as the Death Rider brings himself to his feet.

Moxley runs off the ropes behind PAC, building momentum before racing by his opponent and off the ropes before him, charging in for a huge Knee Trembler – BUT PAC IS UP AND LEAPS, CLOCKING MOXLEY WITH A RISING KNEE SHOT OF HIS OWN!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY!

PAC very quickly scurries to the top rope again and does not take time to posture, soaring off and splattering Moxley with the Shooting Star Knee Strike! Moxley smacks onto the mat violently as the Bastard re-establishes himself, running to the corner nearest his opponent and scaling it – standing to his full height before careening down with the BLACK ARROW!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] BLACK! ARROWWWWW!!!

Edwards slides in and makes the count – ONE! TWO! THREE!!

WINNER - PAC via Pin Fall in 14:34

The Providence crowd is stunned with the violent conclusion to the contest as PAC rolls off of his opponent and to the mat, beckoning for Edwards to lift his hand in victory!

[ Scott Steiner ] The jacked-up midget did it! What a big ass win!

[ Tony Schiavone ] With that…err…large-posteriored victory…PAC will be entering the WrestleBrawl match at number 30! That’s the best spot, Best Buddy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And now the man who calls himself the uncrowned King will have an opportunity to take the crown – as he enters at number thirty!

Edwards assists PAC to his feet and lifts his arm, signaling to the shocked crowd that he is the winner – much as their stunned reaction leaves the entire scene an eerily silent sight. On the mat, Moxley grabs his chin, trying to work the pain out from being kneed in the mouth, positioning himself into the corner and looking at the Bastard.

PAC very slowly turns over his own shoulder and meets Moxley’s eyeline, a stern moment shared between the two of them and no one else, despite the 20,000 sets of eyes watching on. Moxley’s ice-cold demeanor is as close to cracked as we’ve seen in Solid Gold Wrestling, but even still, he rolls under the bottom rope and to the floor, not taking his eyes off the Bastard as he slowly makes his way up the ramp.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a moment we just saw there! I think it’s a slow realization that one man will enter at number one – and the other will be the last challenge he COULD potentially face! It’s a tough feeling, but Jon Moxley is a tough man – I wouldn’t doubt him being in the match whenever PAC finally comes to the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No doubt, best buddy – but the winner tonight…is that no-good BASTARD – PAC! He takes a big step forward in his quest for the crown here in SGW – he’ll enter thirtieth in the WrestleBrawl contest!

The Bastard climbs to the middle ropes, very slowly peering across the Providence crowd, whose response is far more mixed than silently stunned as before. PAC lifts his arms slowly and grips his fists, grinning devilishly as we fade to the back.

A quick transition to the backstage area shows Cathy Kelley packing up her bag for the evening and rolling it out of the women’s locker room. She gets no more than three feet out of the threshold before being startled by the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Oh, so I guess you’re wanting my answer to Shane’s challenge?

The camera nods up and down in agreement.

[ Cathy Kelley ] How stupid. All of this.

She throws her arms up in the air, not knowing what to do next.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I mean, it’s so petty and childish. Shane Douglas was one of the most feared men in SGW’s early days. A legend. Now look at him. He spent the better part of two months walking around with his pants covered in urine! He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, a bully… And don’t even get me started on his obsession with Adam Cole. That’s unhealthy, right?

She’s adamant.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Like, really unhealthy.

Cathy zips open a compartment of her bag and pulls out the Lifetime SGW Championship and displays it to the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Shane, is this what you want so badly? You want to fight me, a woman, just to get a meaningless title back in your possession to match Adam Cole's title?

Cathy shrugs. She gives up.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Fine. Tim Storm was right.. I should kick your ass!

Her face blushes with embarrassment.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Sorry guys. I’m normally not this crass.. But.. No! Forget it! I’m not apologizing for anything! Shane Douglas, you want this belt back, you big goof?! FIGHT ME!

Cathy fastens the title around her waist and uses both hands to hold the belt in place since it’s way too big to rest tightly around her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Queen Cathy accepts your challenge, Franchise! You dumb, smelly, ol’ curmudgeon! Go back to Target where you belong!

...Is this Cathy Kelley?

[ Cathy Kelley ] And give me a discount when I check out, you bum!

The title is removed from her waist and she rests it on her right shoulder. The face plate is bigger than she is and the weight of the belt causes her to stand at an angle to support it.

[ Cathy Kelley ] The Origin sucks! And.. And.. uh.. When I’m done with you and Val Venis takes care of Adam Cole, then maybe you two can share a hospital room! Then, like, I’ll send you dead flowers to your room! And when you think it can’t get any worse.. I’ll.. Uh.. I’ll smother your face with a pillow and the last thing you’ll see before you enter the gates of Hell is Adam Cole not trying to save you because he DOESN’T LIKE YOU and never has!

[ Cameraman ] Jesus.

[ Cathy Kelley ] ..Was… Was that too mean?

She quickly saves face.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I don’t care if it was. I’ll see you at WrestleBrawl!

It hits her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Actually, I’ll be on the Gold Mine before that. Please watch. We’re going to preview WrestleBrawl.. Which will involve me previewing how I’m going to beat you up and become the real Franchise of SGW!

She nods.

[ Cathy Kelley ] And that’s a fact, Jack!


We fade up inside the ring with the fans still buzzing from Cathy Kelley's announcement. Inside the ring, the ring mat has been replaced with a black carpet and there's a table in the center of the ring with a gold table cloth. Already in the ring on one side of the table, we see Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Edge, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and Val Venis... on the other side of the table, we see Adam Cole, Arn Anderson, Britt Baker, Steve Corino, and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. On the table, there's a contract in a black binder with the SGW logo emblazoned on the front.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, what we're about to witness here... is a contract signing regarding the main event of WrestleBrawl 3, which will be contested between Val Venis and the SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole... let's see how this unfolds.

[ Scott Steiner ] It's gonna end with a fight! This contract bullshit always ends with a fight!

Jeff Jarrett stands at the head of the table in a suit with a microphone in his hand. He looks at both parties and then raises the microphone. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, ready to see how this whole thing plays out.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, here we are... two weeks out from the biggest spectacle in this sport... WrestleBrawl 3... and this is our main event. Adam Cole defendin' the SGW World Heavyweight Championship against Val Venis.

Jarrett looks over at Venis, also in a suit.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's been a long time comin', Val. It'll be an honor to see you finally get your due.

Without warning, Adam Cole produces his own microphone and speaks.

[ Adam Cole ] Seriously, Jarrett? Is this some kind of joke? Did I do some serious brain damage when I left you lying all the way back at SGW Revenge? Because I know you didn't just congratulate this jack-off has-been like the finish of our match is a foregone conclusion!

Cole places the SGW Championship on the table, facing Venis. Venis looks down at it and then back up at Cole. An arrogant smirk crosses Cole's face.

[ Adam Cole ] Look at you... you can't take your eyes off it. You want this bad boy more than anything you've ever wanted in your whole life... and why is that, Val? Because you're looking to be validated for all your years of hard work. This company chewed you up and spit you out. It took everything you built and shit on it!

Edge and Christian look at each other nervously. Venis glares at Jarrett, who glares right back.

[ Adam Cole ] Don't look at him, look at me.

The fans "ooOoOoo" and Venis slowly turns his head to look at Cole.

[ Adam Cole ] I'm the one tellin' you the truth here, old man. This company has done you a disservice. They've treated you like everything you ever did here... doesn't matter! You weren't chosen for the original line-up of the Championship Committee! You're not on any of the advertisements! Look at the website! The main page! That "Do You Want To Live Forever?" graphic... all world champions... where's Val Venis? Shane Douglas is there!

Douglas laughs and shouts, "YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT I AM! GOT A REAL BIG DICK, TOO! HAHAHA!" Cole completely ignores him, staring a hole through Venis.

[ Adam Cole ] You know Jeff Jarrett is there... Edge, Christian, Chavo freakin' Guerrero... They're all there but you're not. That's because they don't trust you... and they damn sure don't respect you. The only person that ever treated you right in this company... is standing right here next to me.

Arn Anderson steps up and places his hand on Cole's shoulder.

[ Adam Cole ] Arn Anderson is the reason you're a star today. He built you up when these clowns tore you down to make themselves look better. They keep telling everyone they've changed... that things are different now... but you know deep down, that's bullshit. You shouldn't be challenging me at WrestleBrawl 3, Venis... you know better than that.

Cole and Venis continue staring one another down, hard.

[ Adam Cole ] You should be standing over here... with us.

Anderson nods. Venis stands back and wipes the sweat from his face, knowing Cole makes sense.

[ Adam Cole ] The Origin is your home, Val.

Steve Corino rubs his hands together, a smirk on his lips.

[ Adam Cole ] Hell, if anybody in this company right now belongs in The Origin, it's you.

Cole smiles, a cocky and deceptive smile.

[ Adam Cole ] Why don't ya' just come home, Val?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now hold on just a damn secon--

[ Adam Cole ] That's enough out of you, Jarrett! I can't stomach another second of you making all of this about you! Contrary to popular belief, there are bigger things afoot than whatever's going on in Jeff Jarrett's dwindling career!

Jarrett's face turns red, furious.

[ Adam Cole ] You're the reason this company is in the shape it's in... you're the reason that people don't trust the Solid Gold Wrestling product! Your reputation and the reputation you've forced on this company... is poison! The Origin has come together to fix that once and for all... with a credible world champion and reinstating a power structure that's a proven success. One man in charge, making all the decisions... one man that isn't a sociopath, hell bent on the destruction of every other company in the business! That man is... once again, Arn Anderson! The man who built this company out of nothing... who took a struggling territory and turned it into a global phenomenon, built on respect and athletic ability!

Venis raises a microphone, cutting Cole off.

[ Val Venis ] You stupid kid.

Cole looks surprised, having been interrupted.

[ Adam Cole ] Excuse m--

[ Val Venis ] No, that's enough out of you.

The fans cheer loudly. Venis glares at Cole and continues speaking.

[ Val Venis ] All you're doing is spouting out bullshit that delusional old man next to you has fed you. I don't know everything he promised you to get you to follow him into this mess... maybe it was just the promise of the world title, maybe it was more... I don't know... but I'm telling you right now, there's a lot of things that could be done to "fix" the reputation of Solid Gold Wrestling... but Arn Anderson damn sure isn't one of them.

Big pop.

[ Val Venis ] This match is happening at WrestleBrawl 3 whether you want it or not... because no matter how you try to paint it, there's nothing you could say that would ever make me follow that man again.

Anderson looks pissed. Steve Corino pats Anderson on the back, trying to comfort him but Anderson swats his hand away, red in the face.

[ Val Venis ] You're right about a lot of things you said. I wasn't chosen for the original Championship Committee line-up and that stung... I'm not featured prominently on the website? Yeah. That's true. But everything you said about these guys tearing me down, disrespecting my legacy... shitting on me, as you put it... there's something you need to understand, boy...

Cole huffs and gestures toward himself, mouthing "boy!?"

[ Val Venis ] In our day, this business was the wild west... it was all or nothing and you did what you had to do to survive. Am I still sore over the some of the stuff that happened to me... some of the stuff that was said about me, even after I left? You're damn right, I am. There's days I think about all that business back then and I wanna walk into Jeff Jarrett's office and punch him right in the face. There's days where... if Edge and Christian knew the thoughts that ran through my mind about what I'd like to do to them... they'd run out of this building screaming...

Venis leans over the table.

[ Val Venis ] But at the end of the day, my loyalty isn't to Arn Anderson or Jeff Jarrett... my loyalty is to Solid Gold Wrestling and these fans, who have supported us through thick and thin and given all of us this opportunity to do what we love right here in the middle of this sacred ring.

The fans pop huge.

[ Val Venis ] You're the poison, Adam Cole. You could've been something good for this company but you're exactly the kind of problem that you claim to be fighting against. A hostile takeover? You should've left that garbage in 2000. This isn't All-Pro Wrestling, you punk. This is Solid Gold Wrestling and if you really did your homework, you'd know there's not a chance in hell any of these men would ever turn over power to the man who orchestrated that ridiculous Apokolips group that crippled and nearly killed the entire company.

Venis shakes his head, glaring at Anderson. Anderson glares right back.

[ Val Venis ] Never gonna happen... not on my watch.

Cole opens the binder and signs the contract. Cole raises his microphone, stone faced.

[ Adam Cole ] Sign the god damn contract.

Venis smirks and reaches for the binder but Cole won't let go of it.

[ Adam Cole ] Just know... that when you put your stupid ass name on this contract in purple ink or whatever other gimmicky bullshit you've got going on that I'm sure Edge and Christian will find hilarious... you're done with the Championship Committee forever. There's no going back. You either walk out of WrestleBrawl 3 as the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion... or you leave with nothing... nothing... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

They continue staring one another down.

[ Adam Cole ] So I suggest you think long and--

Venis snatches the binder out of Cole's hand, slams it down on the table and signs his name on the contract in black ink. Venis closes the binder and hands it to Jarrett. Jarrett nods and takes a step back. He hands the contract to Justin Roberts at ringside. Venis and Cole continue staring each other down. Jarrett looks from Venis to Cole and back again, looking frustrated before finally raising his microphone again.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Far be it from me to make this all about me... but are we gonna do this or what?

Cole looks at Jarrett confused... and Venis flips the table over! There's a guitar attached to the bottom of the table! Jarrett snatches the guitar up and IT EXPLODES OVER SHANE DOUGLAS' HEAD! Douglas goes down, twitching and vibrating like electricity is pulsing through his body before he rolls under the bottom rope to the floor! Val Venis and Adam Cole begin trading punches like wild men, ripping their suits off of each other in the chaos! Britt Baker, Bret Hart, and Chavo quickly vacate the ring as Edge and Christian go after Steve Corino, whipping him into the ropes and clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor! Jeff Jarrett peppers Arn Anderson with punches before dumping him through the ropes! Adam Cole finds himself stuck in the middle of Venis, Jarrett, Edge, and Christian! Cole tries to beg them off as he backs toward the ropes... until Arn Anderson and Steve Corino snatch his ankles and drag him out of the ring! The fans are going wild as The Origin escapes up the ramp, looking disheveled and angry!

Inside the ring, Venis, now shirtless, motions for them to bring it on! Edge walks over to Venis, holding Adam Cole's world championship. He hands it to Venis and Venis looks down at it before holding it over his head, drawing another big pop. Venis lays the championship on the mat and stands over it, taunting Adam Cole as he freaks out on the stage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, what's going to happen at WrestleBrawl 3?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, after what we've witnessed tonight... I feel safe in saying, I have absolutely no idea at all!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] That certainly would be interesting, Scott.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WrestleBrawl 3 is here, folks! Don't miss it! We'll see you in two weeks!

End transmission.