03 / 08 / 1988 | Memphis, TN | Mid-South Coliseum

Commentators - Tony Schiavone & Jesse "The Body" Ventura

-[[ Static. ]]-

The footage on the screen is choppy and skipping all over the place but finally adjusts itself after a few shaky seconds. A polyphonic tune plays in the background as clips of the stars from Wrestling Gold appear on the screen one after one is a slow moving transition.]]-

With the Wrestling Gold logo disintegrating into a million pieces and fading off of the screen, we find ourselves in the Mid-South Coliseum. There’s a capacity crowd of over 10,000 strong in the dimly-lit arena. Residing in the center of the arena is the wrestling ring with four black ring posts, alternating gold and black turnbuckle pads, golden ring ropes, and the ring skirt displaying the pink and teal Wrestling Gold logo behind a gold backdrop. ]]-

The fans of all age ranges are on their feet, cheering wildly as the camera pans over to Tony Schiavone in a suit and Jesse “The Body” Ventura looking as exotic as ever, the contrast between to two stands out like a sore thumb.Tony does his best to speak over the rambunctious crowd. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Memphis, Tennessee! This is Wrestling Gold 1988 and I am Tony Schiavone. Alongside me tonight in the commentary booth is Jesse “The Body Ventura!” Jesse, what a show we have for the folks at home and the capacity crowd in the Mid-South Coliseum tonight!

[ Jesse Ventura ] That’s right, Schiavone! Six matches, over twenty of the best this business has to offer, all under one roof here in Memphis!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Like Jesse said, six matches for you tonight, including three championship bouts! The Nasty Boys, Sags and Knobbs, will defend their United States Middleweight Tag Team Wrestling Championships against Hulk Hogan and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake! In singles action, we’ll see The Fabulous Moolah defend her Golden Championship of the Americas Ladies Championship against Godiva! Then our main event, what a match this will be!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Schiavone, you couldn’t be even more correct! The Golden Champion of America, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, defends his championship for the sixteenth time this year as he takes on one of the fastest rising stars of this industry in STING!

Some generic rock music begins playing in the background, bringing the fans to a frenzy. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] But to kick things off tonight, it’s a twenty-man battle royal with ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH on the line! Let’s hear from some of the competitors!

A quick transition takes us to some pre-recorded footage where we see the Big Boss Man standing in front of a backdrop of prison bars with his logo on the top left of the screen. Joining him are Slick and a dancing Akeem ]]-

[ Big Boss Man ] Wrestling Gold! Tonight’s the night! I’ve come all the way to Memphis to compete in this battle royal! And there’s one goal on my mind, and that’s winnin’ that thousand dollars!

Boss Man spins his nightstick furiously. ]]-

[ Big Boss Man ] Men, when you’re stuck in the ring with the Big Boss Man with nowhere to go but over the top rope, it’s the same thing as takin’ a ride down to Cobb County and servin’ some HARD TIME!

[ Slick ] That’s right! Two of my men are in this here battle royal, which means the odds of me bein’ a thousand dollars richer are better than ever!

A quick cut takes us to the Iron Sheik standing in front of a backdrop of the Iranian flag. ]]-


Sheik flashes an index finger as his scowl strikes a little bit of fear in us. ]]-

[ Iron Sheik ] IRAN NUMBA’ ONE! U.S.A -

Sheik spits on the ground. ]]-


Bam Bam Bigelow takes over the camera looking rough and tough in his flame-covered bodysuit, his arms and head covered in tattoos. ]]-

[ Bam Bam Bigelow ] Oh... Tonight... Is going to be a GOOD night!

Bam Bam stands in his usual flamed attire, hands out in front of him ]]-

[ Bam Bam Bigelow ] They gave me the offer of a LIFETIME... One thousand dollars to CRUSH nineteen other men.

He rubs his hands together ]]-

[ Bam Bam Bigelow ] Nineteen PUNKS stand in my way and I won't allow it... When you play with fire... YOU GET BURNED!

Pointing directly at the camera now, he continues ]]-

[ Bam Bam Bigelow ] That's right... BURNED!

A young, smug Bret “Hitman” Hart adjusts his wrist tape with his eyes covered by black sunglasses. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Memphis, Tennessee... Tonight, "The Hitman" Bret Hart walks down to that ring in front of you all to face nineteen other men... A thousand dollars on the line!

Bret almost scoffs at the amount of money on the line ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] It's just as well I don't do this for the money! I do this to prove that I am the very best technical wrestler in the entire world... And while this match might not be about just that... I promise you that I'll be the last man standing when it's all said and done!

Bret taps his chest with his index finger ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Every single time I step through those ropes I represent my family and The Hart Foundation... That means more to me than any "prize" that might be offered!

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan stands front and center as Mr. Perfect smacks chewing gum in the background with a white towel wrapped around his neck. ]]-

[ Bobby Heenan ] Listen up your humanoids! Tonight, Wrestling Gold, there’s only one man who’s capable of walkin’ away with that thousand dollars and you’re lookin’ at ‘em!

Perfect smiles arrogantly. ]]-

[ Bobby Heenan ] It’s gonna’ be quick work for Mr. Perfect! Those nineteen other ham-n-eggers don’t stand a chance! Tell ‘em, Perfect!

[ Mr. Perfect ] Memphis, Tennessee, you’re in for a treat tonight. It’s not everyday that you’re treated to the presence of someone like me! Tonight, I’m going to toss nineteen men over that top rope and take that thousand dollars… and it’s gonna’ be absolutely PERFECT!

The Ultimate Warrior is huffing and puffing like he just ran a mile at full speed. His face is covered in orange and white paint and his brown hair flies all over the place with any movement he makes. He turns and looks at the camera and begins screaming. ]]-

[ Ultimate Warrior ] AHHHHHH!! WRESTLING... GOLD... EIGHTY... EIGHT!!!

The Warrior is absolutely pumped to the heavens, veins popping from every single part of his body ]]-


He's shaking uncontrollably ]]-


His arms raise up as does his head, the shaking is absolutely insane. ]]-


As the final promo ends, the camera returns back to the commentary booth where Schiavone and Ventura are still standing. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jesse, you’ve heard it from some of the participants, it’s a who’s who of superstars in it including some rookies on the scene such as Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas. Who’s your pick?

Ventura snaps back in his deep, raspy tone. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] If I had to pick someone to give a thousand dollars to, Schiavone, I’m pickin’ myself and that’s a fact! If I’m having to look up and down the roster in this match and pick a winner, it gets a little more difficult! Who do I want to win? Easy. Mr. Perfect! I want to see those other chumps try to stack up against the most perfect professional wrestler in the business!

He quickly follows up ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] Who do I think will win? Andre the Giant. He’s the largest athlete in the world! Ain’t nobody able to throw a seven-foot-four, seven-hundred pound man over the top rope! I don’t even think nineteen men would be able to team up and do it!

Schiavone looks floored at Ventura, trying his best to register what’s been said. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jesse, forgive me, but are you insinuating that Andre the Giant is SEVEN hundred pounds?!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Hulk Hogan told me himself, Schiavone! Who are we to question The Hulkster?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Certainly not I, Jesse.

Tony turns from Jesse back to the camera, flashing a big smile and a voice full of excitement. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] As you know, we’re in the wonderful Mid-South Coliseum here in Memphis, and it wouldn’t be a trip to Memphis without hearing from The King of Memphis! Jerry Lawler, one of the twenty men in the battle royal, is already in the ring as the fans wait to hear what he has to say!

The camera moves to the ring where, instead of Jerry Lawler, we’re greeted by someone else. ]]-

I got long sideburns and my hair slicked back

I’m comin’ to your town in a pink Cadillac

‘Cause I’m the Honky Tonk Man

I’m the Honky Tonk Man

I’m cool

I’m cocky

I’m bad!

A pink Cadillac slowly rolls down the aisle with the Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart sitting on the back, waving to the crowd who is booing them out of the building ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] This isn’t Jerry Lawler!

[ Jesse Ventura ] No! It’s even better! It’s the Honky Tonk Man! The women and children are safe, Schiavone!

Honky Tonk Man enters the ring with his guitar and the fans are booing heavily. Jimmy Hart gets a microphone and his squeaky voice irritates the fans even more. ]]-


Honky Tonk Man strums very poorly on the guitar, drawing the ire from the fans. A “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” chant breaks out. ]]-


Jimmy leans the microphone over for the Honky Tonk Man and he does his best to speak over the crowd. ]]-

[ Honky Tonk Man ] I’ve come home to Memphis to reign as the true King! And while I’m here, I’m going to do two things - I’m going to play a number one hit and I’m gonna’ walk away with that cold, hard, cash!

[ Jerry Lawler ] Over my dead body!

Jerry Lawler comes down the aisle with a microphone in his hand and the long cord coming from it being drug behind him. Lawler’s cape flows behind him as he has his crown tucked under his arm like a football. The crowd EXPLODES as the hometown hero is here to save the day ]]-

[ Jerry Lawler ] First off, these people ain’t here to hear you sing!

HUGE crowd pop! Honky Tonk Man staggers back like he’s been shot after hearing the news ]]-

[ Jerry Lawler ] And secondly, I don’t see how your pipsqueak mouthpiece can claim that you’re the King of Memphis when there’s only one man holding a crown… And you’re lookin’ at him!

“JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” Lawler steps on the apron and Jimmy Hart swings but Lawler ducks! He grabs Jimmy by the necktie, BIG RIGHT HAND! Jimmy Hart flies in the air like a bomb went off, instantly dying on the spot. The crowd explodes as Lawler now enters the ring and is face to face with the Honky Tonk Man! ]]-

[ Jerry Lawler ] If you think you’re going to win this battle royal, you have another thing comin’, pal!

Before Lawler can finish, Honky Tonk Man charges with the guitar cocked back. He swings wildly but Lawler ducks. The force of Honky’s swing causes him to drop the guitar and he turns around and eats a big right hand from Lawler! And another! Lawler picks up the guitar and SMASHES IT OVER THE HONKY TONK MAN’S HEAD! Shards of guitar and white powder flies everywhere in the ringside area as Lawler looks to the crowd. He then grabs Honky Tonk Man and slings him over the top rope, landing hard on the outside! Lawler dusts his hands off after a job well done and picks up the microphone. ]]-

[ Jerry Lawler ] Memphis! Welcome to the King’s Court! Welcome to Wrestling Gold! This is gonna’ be a great show here in the Mid-South Coliseum and it’s time to get things going with the battle royal!

Jerry hands the microphone off to Howard Finkel and hands his crown and cape off to an attendant at ringside. In one large group, all eighteen participants of the battle royal come down to the ring, except the Ultimate Warrior, who dead sprints, pumping his fists down the aisle the entire time. ]]-

Referee: Tommy Young
Time Limit: 30:00

As the bell rings to kick off our battle royal, the wise and venerable Honky Tonk Man charges ahead, double-axe-handle cocked and ready to throw at the young upstart Shane Douglas!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Golly gee! This could be a hot start to the big battle royal for the Honky Tonk Man!

Douglas thinks quickly and grabs the top rope, falling to the mat and low bridging the top rope! From the mat, a grinning Douglas watches on as Honky Tonk flails wildly over the top rope and to the floor below!

ELIMINATED: Honky Tonk Man

Memphis roars out in delight as the Honky Tonk Man comes to his feet, absolutely enraged at this turn of events! Back inside the ring, there is chaos spilling over each inch of the squared circle as men grab and claw to eliminate one another. The Ultimate Warrior is running wild, punching every villainous wrestler he sees in the mouth as the commentary team focuses on Douglas’ big elimination.

[ Jesse Ventura ] The young Pittsburgh native Douglas comes away with the elimination! This young man has quite a future in front of him!

Douglas grins and rises, proud of himself and the big response from the Memphis crowd, before turning right into Bam Bam Bigelow, who throws a heavy hand to stop Douglas’ momentum to a big boo from the Mid-South Coliseum.

[ Jesse Ventura ] Bam Bam says ‘not today, rook!’ Bigelow’s going to make an example out of this kid right here, right now!

Bigelow does scoop Douglas up on his shoulder and motion towards the ropes, preparing to hoist him up and over the ropes! Before Bammer can do his damage, Douglas skillfully slips off of his shoulder and fires a huge dropkick, sending Bigelow over the top rope – but only to the apron! Shane is shocked and runs over to finish the job, but is cut off by the Iron Sheik, who unceremoniously dumps Douglas over the top rope, clipping the back of his head on the apron before crashing onto the concrete below.

ELIMINATED: Shane Douglas

Memphis is very upset as Douglas clutches the back of his head, clearly hurt. Mr. T is conferring with Dusty Rhodes on how best to combat Andre the Giant as Bad News Allen runs over to Sheik and beings throwing forearms to his back, but Sheik is too much and too strong for Allen, hurling him over the ropes and to the floor beside the wounded Douglas.

ELIMINATED: Bad News Allen

With only 17 left in the mix for the $1000 grand prize, Andre the Giant has the largest target on his back, fighting off a slew of contenders to the big bills but facing very little actual resistance, tossing aside the likes of Jim Duggan, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett before hurling Terry Taylor over the top rope by his long, blonde hair!

ELIMINATED: Terry Taylor

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s going to be a tall test – and no pun intended, Jess – to get Andre out of this contest!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Yeah, yeah – but he’s not the only big man in this match! Look at the Twin Towers! Look at Bundy! Look at Bam Bam!

Just as Jesse finishes his statement, the impressive young upstart wearing a duo-toned singlet in University of Michigan Blue for the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Gold for the University of Michigan – none other than Scott Steiner – muscles Bam Bam up and over the top rope with a belly-to-belly throw!

ELIMINATED: Bam Bam Bigelow

Ricky Steamboat is doing his best to hold off Bret Hart on one side of the ring while Dusty Rhodes is sticking and moving around Andre. King Kong Bundy is doing some serious damage on Jim Duggan before the high-energy youngster Jeff Jarrett clatters him in the mouth with a dropkick, sending the big man up and over the ropes to the floor!

ELIMINATED: King Kong Bundy

Steiner and Jarrett connect with a double high five and begin fist-pumping excitedly for the fans in Memphis before Mr. Perfect runs over and scoops them both under the knees and dumps them to the ground in a single tossing motion!

ELIMINATED: Scott Steiner
ELIMINATED: Jeff Jarrett

Perfect laughs and wipes his hands, yelling at the young grapplers that he is simply too good to be eliminated by doofuses like them – before being scooped under the knees and dumped to the floor by ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan!


The Twin Towers finally choose their time to strike and run, clobbering Hacksaw from behind and dumping him to the ground beside Perfect to claim their first victims in the match.

ELIMINATED: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The Twin Towers turn back to the ring and are met by the gargantuan frame of the Eighth Wonder of the World! Memphis explodes in excitement as Andre muscles BOTH Boss Man and Akeem over the ropes at the same time, taking both men out of contention for the $1000!


[ Tony Schiavone ] We’re down to eight! That’s a one-in-eight shot for $1000, Jesse!

Mr. T decides this is his prime opportunity to strike and runs in, jabbing the Iron Sheik in the breadbasket stiffly! Sheik, stunned, leaves his mustachioed face open for a big left cross! Somehow Mr. T wasn’t informed that this is a work and that Sheik is (even in today’s days of 1988) a total crazy person! Before he can be ravaged by the raging Sheik, Bret Hart opportunistically ties T up in the ropes as Ricky Steamboat, ever the professional, runs over to Sheik – but is punched in the throat and hurled over the top rope for his trouble!

ELIMINATED: Ricky Steamboat

[ Jesse Ventura ] That’s what you get, Steamboat! Your bleeding-heart liberalism kills me and costs you! ONE THOUSAND BIG ONES, CHUMP!

Sheik is quickly quelled by Andre, who drives the Humble-Maker into his knee and to the canvas with a big bump. The Ultimate Warrior runs in to mix it up with Andre and gets a series of clotheslines to affect the big man, but is punched to the mat as the Giant rolls onward.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Who in the world can put Andre over the ropes!?

As soon as Schiavone speaks, Memphis’ own Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler soars off the top rope with a big punch, stunning Andre as the Mid-South Coliseum roars! Mr. T begins pulling Andre by the back of his trunks towards the ropes as Dusty Rhodes approaches, firing up with several jabs and rummaging up all his strength with a little boogie before delivering a big Bionic Elbow to Andre’s…well, chin…to send the big man tumbling to the floor!

ELIMINATED: Andre the Giant

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well that’s just great, fans! The Million Dollar Man won’t just absorb that wealth into his own pockets to become richer! What a day! In fact…

Schiavone pauses as Bret Hart quickly pulls Mr. T up off his feet and dumps the A-Team Actor to the floor.

[ Tony Schiavone ] …one MIGHT say this is the Greatest Day in the History of Our Sport!


[ Jesse Ventura ] You know, Schiavone – as much as I think you’re a blowhard, that’s pretty insightful! Tonight is packed with so much action it makes sitting next to you worth it!

Somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind, Schiavone stores this compliment towards future commentary.

Elsewhere, Lawler is fueled by the cheers of his hometown crowd, punching Bret Hart in the jaw over and over – but Iron Sheik runs up and knocks the King to the apron! Sheik begins wrestling with Lawler to force him out of the match – but Lawler pulls him through the ropes to the apron and the two begin throwing blows again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! So much can go wrong here!

Sheik throws a wild punch and Lawler ducks it, planting his boot into the Iranian’s ass and trying to force him off the apron to the concrete below!

[ Jesse Ventura ] EXECUTE, YOU FOOL!

Bret Hart makes the most of this opportunity and runs, knocking Lawler off the apron and to the floor as he turns back to the ring! Memphis is roaring, throwing paper cups at Hart as their King comes to, furious on the floor!

ELIMINATED: Jerry Lawler

Hart smirks and waves goodbye to Lawler, but the King is not yet interested in leaving and tries to attack the young Canadian – but a series of ringside attendants and police officers separate the two! In the chaos at ringside, Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant begin yelling for Dusty Rhodes to face Andre like a man – alone! Rhodes is waving off the pair – but Bret doesn’t wait and scoops up another big elimination, tossing Rhodes to the floor as soon as he takes his eyes off of DiBiase and Andre!

ELIMINATED: Dusty Rhodes

Memphis is furious as Rhodes stands up and smacks the apron angrily, watching as DiBiase and Andre begin their trek to the back and Bret Hart laughs.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bret Hart is certainly opportunistic! I can’t believe this! He’s certainly not fighting honorably here tonight in Memphis!

[ Jesse Ventura ] WHO CARES?! Bret Hart is going to be taking a grand home to Canada, Schiavone! He’s the only man left!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NOT YET, JESSE! LOOK!

Hart turns, smirking, back into the center of the ring – and right into the waiting hands of Ultimate Warrior, who lifts him up high into a gorilla press position! Memphis explodes with excitement as Warrior roars – and drops Hart over his head onto his chest! The Canadian pops up off the mat on impact and Warrior builds momentum, clothesline Hart nearly out of his boots and over the ropes to the floor!



Just as Schiavone celebrates, the Iron Sheik is back in the ring and quickly scoops Warrior up and over – taking the match in spectacularly villainous fashion!

Bret Hart smirks as Warrior slaps the apron angrily, ranting like a crazy man to Tommy Young and the host of officials at ringside. Memphis boos out like the Tigers just took a fat L as Sheik holds up the ten $100 bills in his right hand!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, no! That rotten Iron Sheik has won the money?!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Hahaha! Who else?! AND WHO BETTER?! Sheik has added this sum to his massive pile of wealth!

Tony pays Ventura no mind and boos alongside the Memphis fans as Sheik ascends to the middle rope, shaking his head and laughing as he tightly clenches ten $100 bills in his right hand!

We fade away as the boos become too loud to process!

WINNER: The Iron Sheik in 12:08

-[[ After the match, we take it back to the commentary team. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a match that was! The wheel keeps on spinning. Next up, Jake Roberts takes on Bruiser Brody!

[ Jesse Ventura ] This could be the match of the night, Schiavone! Two wild men tearin’ one another apart!

Tony nods. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Let’s hear some words from the participants.

Bruiser Brody fills the screen, stomping around like a mad man, swinging a chain wildly in the air like it’s a lasso. ]]-

[ Bruiser Brody ] JAKE ROBERTS!

The chain is still spinning wildly. ]]-

[ Bruiser Brody ] HUSS! HUSS! HUSS!

Brody’s eyes are crazed, so mix that in with his beard and wild hair, he looks like someone you do NOT want to meet in a dark alley. ]]-


A quick cut. ]]-

Jake Roberts stands with a black bag draped across his shoulder. ]]-

[ Jake Roberts ] A little Snakespear for you..

A pause. ]]-

[ Jake Roberts ] Hell is empty. All the devils are here.

He smirks. ]]-

[ Jake Roberts ] As the sand pours down in the hourglass counting away the time left in life, so does it count away the seconds until we meet, Brody. I know who you are and what you’re capable of.. But on the flip side, you should know exactly who I am and what I can do inside that ring.

Pause. ]]-

[ Jake Roberts ] And tonight, when you turn your back on the snake and it delivers a venomous blow, don’t even be surprised. Because you know it’s comin’.. Along with a DDT.

We go to the ring! ]]-

Referee: Dave Hebner
Time Limit: 30:00

The action kicks off with Bruiser Brody fully on top of Jake Roverts, some stiff shots to the face followed by a huge bodyslam. Jake holds his back in agony from the impact, but Brody isn't waiting for him to recover. Some huge stomps on the back of Jake's head, he gets a warning for it but he shrugs it off, picking Jake back up by his hair. A couple short headbutts follow while he's holding the hair of Jake, before he picks him up... ATOMIC DROP! Brody comes off the ropes.... BIG BOOT! The head of Jake Roberts bounces off the mat! Brody drops down for a cover... ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bruiser Brody coming out swinging!

[ Jesse Ventura ] He's a monster, Tony!

Brody continues the assault on Jake for the next couple minutes, before finally, Jake catches him with an elbow directly to the face and he takes over. He drags Brody over to the corner and drives his face into the tunbuckle over and over again, taking great pleasure in the pain that he's causing right now. Jake with a headbutt of his own, before closing his fist tight and driving it directly into the head of Brody who immediately drops to a knee! Jake holds onto the hair still, before driving his knee into the face of Brody with absolutely brutal impact. Dave Hebner isn't overly happy with what he's seeing from Jake right now, but he just shrugs him off. Jake puts his boots on the side of Brody's face, then takes great pleasure in dragging it the entire way down! Brody screams out, clutching his face, with Jake stalking him around the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't think I've ever seen a guy who takes so much pleasure in dealing out punishment to others! Jake Roberts is on another level!

Brody is trying to escape Jake but he won't allow it, Jake putting the stiff boots in as Brody keeps trying to get up to his feet. Brody makes it to the corner and a few boots to the gut are quick to meet him, before Jake pulls him out and connects with a thunderous short-arm clothesline while slaps Brody back down to the mat. Brody may have had the early advantage in this one, but it's definitely Jake who is on top of this one now. Jake slides out the ring, pulling Brody over from under the rope and holding onto both of his legs. Jake has the legs of Brody either side of the ringpost and he looks around to the crowd with a smile on his face, before pulling Brody into the ringpost!! Ouch! That's one way to stop any man dead in his tracks!

[ Jesse Ventura ] I felt that from here!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jake doing whatever it takes and well... That'll do it!

Jake slides in to break the count then brings Brody to the outside, he tries to drive his head into the guardrail but he's blocked... BRODY DRIVES THE HEAD OF JAKE INTO THE GUARDRAIL!! Jake holds his head... AGAIN! Brody drives his head back into the rail in front of the fans, who are absolutely loving being so close to the action. Brody is quick to break up the count, before sliding back to the outside. He pummels the head of Jake Roberts, who is leaning up against the rail and he's a sitting duck. This is turning into a full scale brawl right now. Dave Hebner is trying to get them to return into the ring, but the action continues on the outside.The two trade off, Jake fighting his way back into it. He manages to get the upper hand and bounces the head of Brody off the ringpost, paying the favor back for hitting his head off the rail.

[ Jesse Ventura ] I love watching Jake Roberts work, you've got to love it!

Roberts breaks the count, wanting to keep the action outside the ring and why not? Bruiser Brody is taking an absolute beating now at the hands of Jake Roberts, right hands over and over again. Jake taunts him a little as he lies on the floor, before dropping a sharp elbow straight to his heart. Dave Hebner again screams at Jake to bring this back inside, but it's just ignored once more. Jake pulls Brody up to his feet and throws his head on the ringpost three times in a row!! Brody doesn't know where he is right now! Jake hooks the head of Brody under his right arm... Surely not? He looks around to the crowd... DDT!!!! Jake Roberts plants Bruiser Brody outside with a DDT and Brody is out of it! Jake slides back into the ring, leaving Brody on the outside as the count continues.... 8!!! 9!!!!!! 10!!!!!! It's over!! Jake Roberts wins this one by count out, Brusier Brody nowhere near close to getting up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We need to get some medics out here. Bruiser Brody could be seriously hurt, Jesse!

WINNER: Jake "The Snake" Roberts via Count Out in 9:09

-[[ "The Stripper" hits out in the packed out arena and booing immediately fills the arena. The music of Rick Rude plays out, but it's barely audible for all the booing right now from the fans in the arena. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] The fans letting Rick Rude know exactly what they think of him, Jesse!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Ahh, they are just jealous that they don't have a body like him!

Bobby Heenan is the first to appear wearing a black sparkled jacket, followed by Ric Rude who is wearing a robe in the same style. Heenan is a huge smile on his face, soaking in the boos which won't die down. Rude looks as composed and calm as ever, a cocky grin upon his face as the two men make their way up the wooden steps and into the ring. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] What a fine specimen of a man right there! It don't get any better than "Ravishing" Rick Rude!

Both men are in the ring, Bobby Heenan leans over the rope and asks for a microphone to be passed to him, the fans still absolutely flooding the place with booing still. Eventually, he gets what he asks for and passes the microphone to Rick Rude, who stand in the middle of the ring, soaking in every last boo. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] Ya' hear that sound?

[ Tony Schiavone ] The deafening booing?

[ Jesse Ventura ] That's the sound of jealousy if I've ever heard it!

It seems like Rick Rude is giving it a few moments longer, making the fans even more angry. He smirks before raising the microphone to his lips ]]-

[ Rick Rude ] Why don't all you fat... Lazy... Ugly... Memphis SWEATHOGS... Shut the hell up and let me speak!

If you thought the crowd couldn't boo any louder then you were wrong. They are so loud we struggle to even hear Rude. ]]-

[ Rick Rude ] Sit there and do what you do best... Fill your fat faces with food... While I take my robe off and show the ladies in this arena what a REAL... Sexy man looks like!

[ Jesse Ventura ] He's giving the ladies what they want!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Are you sure? Doesn't sound that way to me!

[ Rick Rude ] Now hit my music!

Bobby Heenan is telling everyone to focus on the incredible physique of Rick Rude, as he begins to undo his rope, slowly opening it to reveal his body. He smirks, motioning to his sick pack as he fully drops the robe and hands it to Heenan. He flexes his biceps a few times, booing happening the whole time, as his music fades away. ]]-

[ Rick Rude ] People in Memphis can only DREAM of a body like this... There ain't a man in this crappy city who comes even CLOSE... To "Ravishing" Rick Rude!

Both Rude and Heenan laugh, looking pretty pleased with themselves. Rude raises the microphone back to his lips, when suddenly a familiar theme hits out in the arena and the fans start to go absolutely wild. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is that... Is that who I THINK it is?

[ Jesse Ventura ] I can't believe he's cutting Rick Rude off, how disrespectful can ya' get?

Lex Luger appears from behind the curtain, microphone already in hand, the fans going absolutely wild chanting "LUGER! LUGER! LUGER!" over and over again. Heenan is screaming at them to shut up, but clearly, it's a fail. ]]-

[ Lex Luger ] I'm sorry... For a minute there I thought I heard you say there wasn't a man with a body like yours in Memphis!

The fans pop loudly once again, Rude screams "That's right!" and points to his own body once again. ]]-

[ Lex Luger ] Unfortunately for you... You forgot Lex Luger was in the building!

Another huge pop, Luger getting closer to the ring as he continues. ]]-

[ Lex Luger ] I'm sure all these people here tonight are already sick of listening to you voice... And to be honest... So am I!

Rude is clearly getting more and more annoyed. ]]-

[ Rick Rude ] Know your place, Luger!

Lex smiles, making his way up the ring steps. ]]-

[ Lex Luger ] We could stand here and argue all night long, Rick! But how about we let the people decide who REALLY... Has the body!

[ Jesse Ventura ] I think these guys are forgetting who the REAL body is!

Lex smiles, making his way up the ring steps. ]]-

[ Lex Luger ] There's only ONE MAN the ladies came to see tonight... And Rick... You're looking at him!

Stepping into the ring, Luger drops the microphone and begins to flex in the face of Rick Rude. The women go crazy, the screams echoing around the arena. Rude just brushes it off, then begins to flex himself. It's like a showdown here, both men facing the same way now striking all sorts of poses. Luger is getting the louder cheers every single time, much to the annoyance of Rick Rude. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think Luger is the clear winner here!

Rude pushes Luger strongly, making him take a couple of steps back. Luger then shoves Rude, who hits the mat and rolls out the ring. Heenan slides out with him and says a few words to him, as a referee slides into the ring now. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Looks like we're about to get this one started, Jesse!

[ Jesse Ventura ] My money is on Rude!

Rick Rude takes a moment to compose himself, a couple slaps on the back from Bobby Heenan and he's ready, sliding under the bottom rope as the bell sounds. ]]-

Referee: Earl Hebner
Time Limit: 30:00

The two men circle each other to begin the match, both men knowing what the other is capable of so it's starting slow. They tie up, both men trying to get the upper hand but they release and look at each other, a slight nod to each other as they do. Rick Rude showing that he can match Luger for strength. Rick Rude decides this is a good time to flex, motioning to his body before flexing his biceps in front of Lex Luger. Rude looks so sure of himself, but a quick shake of the head from Luger. Luger flexes his biceps up thenbrings his arms down, showing every single muscle in his absolutely insane body. There's no doubt who wins this one, Luger looks like a million bucks and this seems to annoy Rick Rude to no end. They lock up once more, but this time Rude follows it with a knee quick to the gut of Luger. A few clubbing rights to the back of the head of Luger follow, before he whips him off the ropes... SHOULDER BLOCK FROM LUGER! Rick Rude slaps down hard to the mat. He pops back to his feet quickly, a smile on his face almost as if to say it was just luck. Luger doesn't waste any time, a few sharp right hands moves Rude into the corner, he takes a few steps back... CLOTHESLINE IN THE CORNER! Rude drops to the mat and Luger quickly hooks a leg... ONE... TW-KICKOUT!!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Rick Rude getting the shoulder up quick, Jesse!

[ Jesse Ventura ] You know it takes more than that to keep Rude down, Tony!

Luger has taken charge of the match as it rumbles on, currently having Rick Rude in a headlock. Rude manages to throw him against the ropes and as he comes back... DROPKICK TO THE KNEE OF LUGER! Luger flips over and holds holds his knee, his cries audible for all to hear. Rude goes to work on the knee of Luger, lifting it up and putting a few boots to the back of it. He twists his leg around and puts all the pressure on the knee, Luger screaming in absolute agony! Earl Hebner checks on Luger to see if he wants to quick, but he defiantly shakes his head. Rude tries to crank the pressure even more, but Luger manages to flip around and knocks Rude to the mat as he does so. Both men get back to their feet, but Rude works behind Luger... BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! He hits the ropes... DIVING FIST DROP!! Rude hooks the leg... ONE!!! TWO!!! KICKOUT!! Luger kicks out with authority!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Luger kicks out, but at what cost, Jesse? That knee has to be hurting him right now!

[ Jesse Ventura ] We'll find out, but it don't look good for him right now!

There's a very visible limp from Luger right now. He holds onto the ropes, looking down at his injured knee. Rude makes his way over to Luger, but he spots him coming! Luger goes for a right, but Rude slips it and kicks his good leg out from under him! Rude grabs the leg and drags him into the middle of the ring... FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! Shades of Ric Flair right now, as Rude drops back and applies the pressure! Earl Hebner does his job and drops down, asking Luger if he quits but he just screams and shakes his head. Rude is basically bouncing on the mat now, trying with everything that he can to make Luger give up. Luger is literally pulling at his hair, almost pulling it out, fighting with everything that he's got but his knee has to be absolutely killing him at this point! Just when it looks like it might be too much, he starts to rock to the left side of him and then to the right, he's trying to reverse it!! Rude has a look of shock on his face... LUGER REVERSES IT! All the pain is now on Rick Rude, the fans pop as Rude is the man screaming in pain. Bobby Heenan is motioning for Rude to make it over to the ropes, he's pulling himself closer and closer... ROPE BREAK!!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Heenan doing everything he can to get his boy over to those ropes!

Rick Rude slides out the ring, still in shock at Luger managing to flip the figure four over. Heenan is giving Rude a good talk, whispering a few things in his ear and a nod of the head from Rude. Luger is pulling himself up to his feet with the ropes, Earl Hebner checking on him and asking about the knee, Luger says he's absolutely fine but it's clear that he's anything but fine right now.Rude slips back into the ring and goes to work again, he's lining up a boot to the knee but Luger EXPLODES... He turns Rude inside out with a massive clothesline! Luger is limping but he manages to drag Rude up... He tries to go for a military press slam, but the knee gives out!!! Rude slips down the back.... DDT!!! He plants Luger directly onto his head at an awkward angle! He covers... ONE!!! TWO!!! THR-NOOOOO!!! Luger at the very last possible moment throws a shoulder up high into the air!! Heenan is absolutely SHOOK at ringside, slamming the side of the ring apron and Rude just looks pissed off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Luger just won't stay down!!!

[ Jesse Ventura ] He's one of the very BEST, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That knee is getting worse. If he can't lift Rude... He can't Rack him!

Heenan is shouting his instructions to Rude from ringside "THE KNEE!!!! THE KNEE!!!!" as he points to Luger on the floor. Rick Rude gets back to his feet, Luger begins to stir but Rude grabs him by the hair. Luger battles up to his feet fully though, smashing a few huge forearms to the face of Rude. He hooks the head of Rude under his arm... VERTICAL SUPLEX! He basically did that on one leg!! Insane strength and power from Lex Luger! Heenan can't believe it at ringside! Luger drags Rude to his feet and sends him into the corner, but Rude trips on his way there and his head connects with the ringpost!! Earl Hebner immediately goes to check on him, as Luger hops over to the ropes and leans on them. Bobby Heenan are ringside has a steel chair in his hand, he's creeping closer to Luger. He raises his into the air, but Luger turns around!! Heenan freezes where he is, as Luger stares him down, pointing at him and warning him not to take another step!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Heenan was about to hit Luger with that chair!!

[ Jesse Ventura ] He's not looking too clever now!

Luger is telling Heenan to bring it on now, but Heenan drops it and holds his hands up as if he wasn't going to do it. "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!" yells Luger, but he's taken his eyes off Rick Rude who rolls him up... He has the tights... ONE!!! TWOOO!!!! THREE-NO!!!!!!! Luger pops out of the pin! Even with the tights, Rude couldn't get the job done! Rude is in full shock now and he starts yelling at Earl Hebner that it was a slow count. He gets fully in his face and Hebner warns him he better not touch him or he'll be disqualified instantly. Rude looks down to Heenan with his arms wide, but he doesn't look behind him.... TORTURE RACK!!!! Luger somehow, with his knee wrecked, manages to get Rude onto his shoulders and he's Racked him!! You can see Luger almost lifting his leg off the ground, but there's enough pressure and Rick Rude has no choice but to give up!!!! Lex Luger has somehow managed to win this one with everything stacked against him, he drops Rude and drops down himself. The knee having taken a crazy amount of damage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Some how, some WAY... Luger manages to Rack Rick Rude and get the victory!

[ Jesse Ventura ] I'm impressed, Tony! You can see how much pain he was in and he still manaaged to pull it off!

Lex Luger via Submission in 10:42

-[[ Backstage, we see the massive back of Hulk Hogan flexing. It’s a dark shade of tan, almost leather. In the background we can see Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake snapping his sheers repeatedly. Without seeing him, we can hear “Mean” Gene try to start the interview. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake, you two have a big match tonight!

-[[ As the camera zooms in, we can see “Mean” Gene looking half the size of the massive men he stands in between. Hogan finally turns and looks to the camera, covered in sweat already. ]]-


-[[ Brutus’ eyes are crazed as he nods. ]]-




-[[ By now, it’s nothing but absolute screaming. ]]-



-[[ Hogan slaps Brutus’ chest and the two men walk off. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Well there you have it! Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Hulk Hogan appear to be ready for battle!

-[[ And with that, we go to the ring. ]]-

Referee: Tommy Young
Time Limit: 60:00

The bell rings, and starting off the match is Beefcake and Knobbs. The two lock up, and a quick club to the back of Beefcake by Knobbs. Knobbs starts to push Beefcake to the Nasty Boys corner, and quickly makes the tag to Sags who starts to hit left and rights in the gut to Beefcake. Hogan is walking and and pacing back and forth going insane to get the crowd into it, as the crowd starts chanting loudly for Beefcake. Beefcake gets to and closelines down Sags, and quickly makes his way to the corner, and tags in the Hulkster.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at everyone! The crowd is going wild for Hogan!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Whatever Schiavone! We all know Hogan is a fraud here!

Hogan starts to closeline down Sags, as Knobbs runs in and gets lifted to a quick back drop over the head of Hogan. Hogan starts to drop the elbows on both downed Nasty Boys. Hogan makes the cover to Sags, but Sags quickly kicks out and comes to, hitting a suplex knocking Hogan hard down to the mat. Sags then starts to give a headlock to Hogan, who is starting to fade. Beefcake quickly comes out, and kicks Sags in the gut breaking up the hold. Tommy Young goes over to Beefcake and is asking him to get back to his corner. Knobbs runs out and drops an elbow on Hogan and starts to pull him over to his corner, asking Sags for the tag.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on, ref! Pay attention.

[ Jesse Ventura ] He was Schiavone! Beefcake has to stay in his corner, no advantage for this team.

Knobbs comes in and starts to give ten punches as the crowd boos after each punch. Hogan goes down to his knees, and another closeline knocking Hogan down. Knobbs makes the cover and gets a two count. Hogan is slow to get up, but he and Knobbs closeline one another down, leaving Young to start counting to ten. Hogan is slow to get to his feet, but quickly makes the tag to Beefcake, who runs back in and knocks down Knobbs again. Young starts to make the pin count, but Knobbs kicks out at two.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Beefcake brings the boom! Momentum shifting back to his and the Hulksters side!

[ Jesse Ventura ] You can't doubt the Nasty Boys, Schiavone! They are ready to make a difference here.

Knobbs gets back out and makes his way to Sags, who comes rushing after Beefcake and knocks him down with a closeline. Sags makes the cover, but Beefcake kicks out quickly. He makes his way back up, and starts to punch Sags toward his corner by Hogan. Hogan starts to hold Sags a bit, giving Young the opportunity to start yelling at Hogan to get his hands off of Sags. Beefcake lifts him on the top rope and hits a huge back body drop onto the mat from the top rope, both men are down as Young starts to make the ten count.


[ Tony Schiavone ] The crowd is at their feet! Chanting for Beefcake to make the cover.

Beefcake makes the cover, but Knobbs comes running out kicking Beefcake in the back of the head, breaking the count up. Hogan gets heated and comes into the ring to start the attack on Knobbs, but Young comes in and tells Hogan to go back in his corner. Knobbs continues to lay the boots in on Beefcake, as the Nasty Boys double team Beefcake. Hogan goes back to his corner, yelling at Young to turn around. Young does and pushes Knobbs to his corner. Beefcake gets up and makes the tag to Hogan. Sags makes the attempt to run towards Hogan, as Hogan hits the big boot and starts taunting the crowd. He runs to the corner, a big LEG DROP is hit by Hogan. Hogan makes the cover, ONE TWO.. Beefcake knocks Knobbs out of the ring with a strong clothesline. THREE!

[ Jesse Ventura ] You have to be kidding me! Tommy Young is a god damn fool!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Alright! Hey, Beefcake and the Hulkster making short work of The Nasty Boys here tonight at Wrestling Gold '88! Look at the Hulkster celebrating in the ring.

Hogan and Beefcake get their hands raised by Young as Hogan lets go and starts to pose for the crowd. The crowd is chanting Hogans name as the pose down by Hogan and Beefcake continue! Magic being made here at Wrestling Gold '88.

WINNERS & NEW CHAMPIONS: Hulk Hogan & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake via Pin Fall in 5:08

-[[ Earlier today. ]]-

-[[ In the parking lot, a black stretch limousine fills the screen as it slowly pulls into the back parking lot of the arena. As it comes to a stop, the driver quickly comes out and rushes to the back passenger side door and opens it up. After a few seconds, three beautiful blondes exit with barely-there dresses. After them comes JJ Dillon, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, and finally, the World’s Champion, Ric Flair. All of the men are decked out in custom suits of varying colors and oversized aviator sunglasses. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] What’s causin’ all of this?!

-[[ Flair has the championship tucked tightly underneath his left arm. Two of the blondes link their arms inside his, giving the confidence of the champion a boost that it certainly does not need. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Fellas, fellas, fellas..

-[[ Flair inhales a deep breath of the fresh Memphis air. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Tonight’s gonna’ be a good night for Ric Flair! WOOOOO!

-[[ The Four Horsemen collectively walk towards the entrance of the arena as the scene fades. ]]-

Referee: Dave Hebner
Time Limit: 60:00

Moolah and Godiva shake hands in the center of the ring as the bell sounds. Moolah circles Godiva like a shark smelling blood, but Godiva hits a sloppy dropkick, sending the champion down! Once back up, Moolah swings but Godiva dodges and hits another dropkick! Moolah rolls out of the ring and shakes her head as the fans are beginning to cheer loudly for the challenger. Moolah comes back in and slaps Godiva in the face and delivers a stiff forearm shot to the bridge of the nose and another to the sternum!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The champion has quickly overcome the initial threat of the challenger!

[ Jesse Ventura ] You mean when Godiva was cheating?!

Moolah slams Godiva to the mat with a body slam and covers for a two count. Once back up, Godiva is slammed to the mat again for another two count! Moolah gets up and goes over to Godiva, but Godiva sends Moolah crashing into the bottom rope with a drop toe hold! She grabs Moolah’s legs, MONKEY FLIP! Moolah lands face first on the mat.

[ Jesse Ventura ] I have been wrestling over a decade, Schiavone, and that is, without question, the UGLIEST monkey flip I have EVER seen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Luckily this is a professional wrestling contest and not a beauty contest, Jesse. It seems to be quite effective.

[ Jesse Ventura ] It looked awful!

Moolah rolls back out of the ring and waves the match off. She yanks her championship out of the hands of Howard Finkel and starts walking away from the ringside area. Godiva puts her hands under her armpits and begins screaming “CHICKEN! CHICKEN!”

[ Jesse Ventura ] The Fabulous Moolah is NOT a chicken!

As the taunts and mocking from the fans and Godiva alike continue, Moolah slings her belt down and storms back into the ring. Once inside, she toe kicks Godiva in the gut and sends a clubbing forearm across the chest.

[ Jesse Ventura ] Look at that! A fighting champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] One that had to be goaded back into the ring!

[ Jesse Ventura ] A Champion all the same!

Moolah begins choking Godiva right in front of the referee, releasing the choke at the count of four. She grabs Godiva again and begins choking her, this time putting her on the top rope. With Godiva struggling to regain oxygen, Moolah plays to the fans, drawing a lot of boos in her direction that she soaks up. Turning her attention back to Godiva, she’s too late, as Godiva DIVES OFF THE TOP! CROSS BODY! ONE, TWO, TH-NO! KICK OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Almost a new champion!

Moolah is up before Godiva and stomps her on the back of the head. Moolah attempts a suplex but Godiva blocks. Moolah knees her in the gut and tries again, another block. WAIT, A ROLL UP! SMALL PACKAGE! ONE.. TWO.. THREE! NEW CHAMPION!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Do you believe in miracles!

[ Jesse Ventura ] I believe in high crimes and travesties! Godiva pulled the tights! She pulled the hair! She’s a rotten cheater!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She won fair and square! She has ended the decades-long reign of the Fabulous Moolah here at Wrestling Gold 1988!

Godiva is handed the championship and holds it high in the air, the crowd popping loudly for the second surprise title change here tonight!

Godiva via Pin Fall in 8:52

-[[ As Godiva continues celebrating with the championship, The Fabulous Moolah returns to her feet and spins Godiva around before violently pushing her down! Godiva lands in a seated position, looking shocked as Moolah picks up the championship and leaves the ring with it! The fans boo loudly as Moolah walks to the back with the title! Godiva pleads with Dave Hebner to do something but Moolah is already gone! ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is the Fabulous Moolah doing!? She lost the belt!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Lost schmost, Tony! That pin wasn't legitimate! That belt has belonged to Moolah for so long, it's her private property! Godiva has no claim to that strap!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But Godiva won the match!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Do you think you win a war by winning just one match, Tony!? Godiva might have won the match but this war is just now starting! A war that The Fabulous Moolah will win in the end!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That analogy doesn't even make sense!

-[[ We fade out on a tight shot of Godiva openly weeping over Moolah stealing her hard earned championship belt! ]]-

-[[ As the match ends, we find ourselves backstage as “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by with Sting. “Mean” Gene is dressed in a tuxedo with a red bowtie as Sting is full of colors, wearing a yellow ring jacket mixed with blacks, reds, and purples. His face paint matches his jacket. In true 1988 fashion, his bleached-blonde hair is complimented by a rat tail hanging off of his neck. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evening is next as Ric Flair defends his championship against my guest at this time, STING!

Sting is filled with nervous energy, frantically moving back and forth as “Mean” Gene continues. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Sting, you and Ric Flair are no strangers to one another. How are you feeling going into the main event of this sold out show, Wrestling Gold?

Sting stops his pacing and rubs his chin. He looks straight ahead with his answer. ]]-

[ Sting ] “Mean” Gene! The Stinger is here! WOOOOO!

His “WOO!” draws the response of the crowd watching on from their seats. ]]-

[ Sting ] You’re right, Gene-O! I do have a lot of history with Ric. He and I have been fighting all around the South, from the Carolinas, to Georgia, and now we’re here in Memphis! Ric Flair, you and your Four Horsemen have reached the end of the road, pal!

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Do you have a plan for the rest of the Horsemen getting involved?

[ Sting ] Call me crazy, but I don’t need a plan. I’m going to beat Ric Flair in the center of that ring like a man! I don’t need anyone to fight my battles for me but MYSELF! And if Ric Flair is a real World’s Champion, then he’ll do the same thing and leave his women at the house where they belong!

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] I’m not one to question a professional such as yourself, Sting, but I’m afraid that you’re underestimating the levels that the Four Horsemen will go to in order to protect Ric Flair.

Sting nods. ]]-

[ Sting ] Gene, you might be right. But like I said, this ain’t my first rodeo with The Nature Boy and I’m sure it won’t be the last! Ric, in a few minutes you’re gonna’ walk that aisle and put that ten pounds of gold on the line, pal… Let it be known…

Sting points to the camera with a stern expression. ]]-

[ Sting ] I pride myself on being a little bit unpredictable.

He smiles ]]-

[ Sting ] And I may have it wished in my heart of hearts for a clean fight, to give these people what they deserve at Wrestling Gold.. But don’t get it sideways. If, and that’s a big one.. If your boys step in to try to save you, I think I have some back up ready! But Ric Flair, this is all about you and me, baby! This is all about The Stinger taking that belt for himself and giving these people what they want! And that’s to see “The Nature Boy” get BEAT like a drum!

Sting rears back with his mouth cupped with his hands. ]]-

[ Sting ] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with that, Sting exits the scene and heads for the ring, leaving “Mean” Gene where he stands. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The challenger in tonight’s main event is ready for war. He’s hoping for a good, clean fight, but if not, it sounds like Sting has some people prepared to combat the Four Horsemen!

“Mean” Gene gives the camera a nod as he wraps it up. ]]-

[ “Mean” Gene Okerlund ] Tony, Jesse, let’s send it back to you for the main event!

The scene quickly cuts back to ringside. ]]-

-[[ Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura take over once again. The lights in the arena are dim and the excitement level throughout the crowd is a buzzing anticipation. They know what’s next. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a show we’ve had thus far, ladies and gentlemen! There’s still one more match to go, and what a match it will be!

[ Jesse Ventura ] One fall, sixty minute time limit, with the title on the line!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We just heard from Sting and he said he’s not worried about the Four Horsemen after encouraging Ric Flair to do the right thing and fight one-on-one and give these people a fair fight, but Jesse, you have to think that simply cannot be the case.

[ Jesse Ventura ] Ric Flair isn’t the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” for nothin’, Schiavone! I don’t blame ‘em! Four is better than one every day of the week, especially when there’s championship gold at stake!

“Turbo Charged” hits and the fans erupt. After about ten seconds of the music blasting, Sting comes through the curtain to a thunderous ovation from the Mid-South Coliseum! Sting enters the ring and lets out of howling “WOOOOO!” to all four sides of the ring, with the crowd reciprocating the “WOOO!” back to him. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sting is looking focused and ready for tonight!

[ Jesse Ventura ] You can look the part all day, Schiavone, but when that bell rings, it’s all about what you can do!

What lights were left on in the arena are cut. Darkness. The familiar opening sequence of “Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)” hits. A single spotlight shines at the curtain and Ric Flair appears from the back to a mixed reaction. A hated villain, the fans still can’t keep themselves from showing respect to the World Champion. Most of the women in the arena are loudly screaming for Flair as well. His sequined green robe shines in the lights as his face is covered in a smug, confident smirk. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] Look at ‘em, Schiavone! A REAL World’s Champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] “The Nature Boy” looks very confident as he makes his way to the ring! And look, Jesse, no members of the Four Horsemen are in sight!

Flair walks up the wooden steps to the ring apron as referee Earl Hebner sits on the middle rope, allowing Flair to enter with ease. The spotlight follows to the center of the ring as Flair poses to the climax of his epic entrance music. Sting removes his jacket and watches Flair like a hawk, not letting him move an inch without knowing where he’s going. Flair has his usual confidence oozing out of him as he slowly removes his robe. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] Flair’s the man!

Flair keeps his title around his waist and moves to the center of the ring, being met by Sting immediately. Earl Hebner stands between the men as Howard Finkel’s iconic voice breaks it down for us. ]]-

[ Howard Finkel ] Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

Earl Hebner continues giving instructions as Finkel introduces the men ]]-

[ Howard Finkel ] It is a sanctioned bout for the Golden Championship of America! Introducing first, the challenger..

Sting huffs and does some final stretching ]]-

[ Howard Finkel ] He is from Venice Beach, California, stands six-foot-two-inches tall and is weighing in at 250 pounds.. STING!

Sting bellows out a loud “WOOOOO!” to the fans as Flair smirks. ]]-

[ Howard Finkel ] And his opponent is the Golden Champion of America. He comes from Charlotte, North Carolina, and weighs in at 243 pounds and stands six-foot-one.. He is “The Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR!

Using mind games, Flair “WOOO’s” in Sting’s face as he removes his championship title. Flair hands it off to a ringside attendant and slaps his shoulders before pulling on the top ropes. Flair and Sting reconvene in the middle of the ring as Earl Hebner calls for the bell ]]-

Referee: Earl Hebner
Time Limit: 60:00

A collar-elbow tie-up starts things off with Sting taking the early advantage. He wraps Flair up with a headlock and wrenches down. Flair struggles to fight free but manages to lean backwards against the ropes, shooting Sting off. Sting comes back wide open and drops Flair with a shoulder block to a huge ovation from the crowd. Flair puts his hands up, asking for a time out as Sting towers over him, flexing and screaming.

[ Jesse Ventura ] Look at Sting and his illegal scare tactics, Schiavone! This is appalling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The challenger looks better now than he’s ever looked! The Champion is asking for mercy but Sting doesn’t seem interested.

Sting grabs Flair by the hair and pulls him up to a standing base. The two men engage in another tie-up and Flair pushes Sting back to the nearby corner. Earl Hebner gets the two men to break at a three count, but Flair chops Sting. With Hebner out of the way, Flair rears back and chops again but Sting shakes it off. Flair tries another chop and Sting shakes his head in disgust. He grabs Flair and shoots him into the corner on the other side of the ring, with the force of the shoot sending Flair bouncing out of it right into the waiting arms of Sting, GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Flair crashes down hard! Flair bounces up and eats a hip toss from Sting. He’s back up and Sting levels him with a drop kick!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Champion rolls to the outside, wanting no more of Sting!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Ric Flair is simply trying to regain his composure and strategize! Don’t worry! Ric Flair is the real World’s Champion for a reason!

Sting goes outside and grabs Flair as he tries to escape and punches Flair above the eye. Flair is audibly begging for mercy as Sting responds with “No mercy today, Flair!” Sting then rolls Flair back inside and Flair is on his knees, begging off. Sting looks to the roaring crowd and pounds his chest wildly, but this gives Flair recovery time. He pokes Sting in the eyes and immediately hits a snapmare and a big knee drop. Sting is back up and Flair drops him again with a suplex! Sting is back up! Flair chops Sting and he no-sells it! Sting whips Flair against the ropes, clothesline! Flair is back up, clothesline! Sting goes up top, CROSS BODY! One, two, kick out! Flair immediately rolls out of the ring again and goes to the timekeeper’s table to take his title belt.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ric Flair is taking his ball and going home!

Flair looks at the belt then back to Sting and slings the title down and comes back into the ring. Reaching his hand high in the air, Sting reluctantly raises his and grabs Flair’s hand for a test of strength. Before the two can lock their left hands, Flair kicks Sting in the knee and levels the challenger with a chop block! Flair knows this is his opening and goes to work, balancing Sting’s leg on the bottom rope and crashing down on it! Flair does this again and picks a hobbling Sting up, pushing him into the nearby corner. Chop! Chop! Chop! Flair shoots Sting off the ropes and comes back with a big clothesline on Flair! Sting misses an elbow drop and Flair attempts a Figure Four but Sting blocks it and gets back to his feet, giving us a stalemate.

[ Jesse Ventura ] Listen to this crowd! They love the World Champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think it’s more of appreciation of this great match-up!

Sting looks at Flair and lets out a big “WOOOOO!!!” Flair takes offense and gives a “WOOOOO!!!” back. The fans are going along with the chants, screaming “WOOOO!” themselves.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We have ten-thousand people screaming in unison here tonight in the Mid-South Coliseum!

Flair sucker punches Sting and a chop sends him to the ground. Flair springs back on the knee of Sting, stomping and kneeing on it meticulously. Flair’s confidence grows the more he stomps on Sting’s knee. Sting kicks back, hitting Flair in the gut and gets to his feet. He tries a drop kick and misses. Flair hits a knee drop for a two count. Sting is back up, shaking some feeling into his knee. Sting hits a chop of his own, sending Flair down. Sting applies the Figure Four Leglock himself and Flair is in trouble! Earl Hebner checks on Flair, who refuses to quit. Flair finally inches to the ropes for a break. Sting grabs Flair from the ropes and mounts him and begins crashing his forehead with stiff punches. Sting gets up and plans his next move, but Flair is up as well and rakes Sting’s back. Sting turns around and sends Flair into the corner, flipping him over the corner! Flair lands and sprints down the apron to the top rope, but Sting throws him off and covers. One, two, kick out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Champion lives to see another day in this match! Sting has an answer for everything he tries, though.

[ Jesse Ventura ] I give Sting credit, Schiavone. I didn’t think he had it in him.

Sting debates the count with Hebner, giving Flair time to recover. Flair hits a chop block and sends Sting down. Flair picks Sting up and brings it to the corner and begins chopping Sting over and over again. After the fourth or fifth chop, Sting walks out of the corner, unaffected by anything the champion does to him. Flair begins backing off and Sting lets out a thundering “WOOOO!” He grabs Flair and throws him into the corner and mounts him for the ten punches! One, two, three.. As the punches continue, the fans chant along. Once Sting hits the tenth punch, he drops down out of the corner and Flair staggers out.. Flair Flop! HUGE pop from the fans as Sting is energized! Sting picks Flair up and whips him into the corner, Flair flips over and sprints the apron again, but Sting catches him halfway with a clothesline! Sting grabs Flair and drags him to the center of the ring, SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Flair screams out in agony, begging for his life as he can feel the championship slip through his fingers!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HERE COME THE HORSEMEN!

The Four Horsemen - Tully, Arn, Ole, and J.J. Dillon - charge out from the back and head toward the ring! Sting lets go of the hold and meets them as they climb onto the apron! Big right hand for Tully! Big right hand for Arn! A chop to the throat for J.J. Dillon! And a boot to the stomach for Ole! All four of the Horsemen fall to the floor... and RIC FLAIR CHOP BLOCKS STING'S KNEE! Sting cries out in pain and goes down! Flair lets out a big "WOOOO!" and grabs Sting's ankle... he struts as he holds onto the ankle and then he struts some more! He goes to apply to the Figure Four Leglock... AND STING CRADLES HIM OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Jesse Ventura ] Are you kidding right now!? Sting had the tights!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was clean as a whistle and you know it, Body!

Sting via Pin Fall in 25:01

-[[ The Horsemen charge back into the ring and mug Sting before he can even touch the title! The bell rings over and over but the Horsemen ignore it as J.J. Dillon continues barking orders, watching on as the Horsemen continue their destruction of Sting in the middle of the ring. The crowd is begging for Sting to fight back, but the numbers are simply too much. ]]-

HERE COMES LEX LUGER! Luger sprints into the ring and clotheslines Tully Blanchard! Before he gets to anyone else, Flair and the remaining Horsemen pounce on Luger, taking him down as well. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s simply not possible to overcome a five-on-two situation!

Earl Hebner comes back into the ring and gets tossed to the outside by Arn Anderson. J.J. Dillon goes outside and comes back in with two steel chairs! They place Luger and Sting’s ankles each inside the bend of the chairs. Tully climbs one turnbuckle while Arn climbs another. ]]-

[ Jesse Ventura ] Oh man! Luger and Sting are going to pay the ultimate price of crossin’ the Nature Boy!

HERE COMES HULK HOGAN! THE PLACE ERUPTS! Hogan is in the ring and no-sells a punch from J.J. Dillon, but hits him with a right hand that sends Dillon flying over the top rope like a bomb exploded! Ole Anderson swings but Hogan blocks, BIG RIGHT HAND FROM HOGAN! Arn charges at Hulk, BIG BOOT! Sting is back up and he hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Flair! Luger grabs Ole and puts him in the TORTURE RACK! ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Folks, I don’t know if you can hear me or not, but this place is pandemonium!

Dillon drags Flair out of the ring as Arn and Tully follow. Luger finally drops Ole from the Torture Rack and he rolls out of the ring, being gathered by his teammates. Sting shakes hands with Hogan and Luger in the ring and the fans are losing their minds. “Real American” begins playing as Hogan rips his shirt in half and tosses it into the crowd. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ric Flair may have put a beating on Sting but the night didn’t end on the best of terms for the Four Horsemen thanks to some new allies for Sting!

[ Jesse Ventura ] That ring is full of nothin’ but dirty cheats, Schiavone!

Taking the spotlight, Hogan begins flexing to the audience in his patented routine. He motions for Luger and Sting to join him. The three puff up and flex to the hard camera. Then they turn to the other three sides, flashbulbs going off at a rapid speed from the crowd, wanting to get an iconic shot of the celebration. They pose at all corners in a variety of poses. Sting’s make up is practically removed at this point and he’s exhausted, but the fans’ reactions are giving him energy. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed this special presentation of Wrestling Gold 1988! We collected the best of the best in the world of professional wrestling under one roof and what an event it was!

Hogan cups his ear to all four corners of the ring, encouraging Luger and Flair to follow behind. As the fans erupt in more cheer, almost blowing the roof off of the arena, Sting rears back and bellows out an echoing “WOOOOOOO!!!!” Earl Hebner approaches Sting with the championship and places it around the new champ's waist. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] The goal is to one day see a day where one wrestling company is able to bring these stars together on a more regular basis. And Jesse, if that day comes, sign me up for an announcing job because I’d love to do this on a regular basis!

[ Jesse Ventura ] Schiavone, I’d rather be governor of a random midwestern state before I EVER sat in the booth with someone like you again!

“Real American” ends and cranks right back up, the posing and celebrating in the ring not even close to stopping. We see some more members of the roster such as Dusty Rhodes, Jim Duggan, and Jerry Lawler enter the ring to celebrate. Everyone in the ring high-fives and hugs, fully embracing the moment. We take one final shot of Hogan doing the bow and arrow pose in the middle of the ring. ]]-

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank you all for joining us tonight here in lovely Memphis, Tennessee! For my colleague, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, I’m Tony Schiavone. It’s been our honor to bring you the action tonight of Wrestling Gold!

As the baby faces continue celebrating in the ring, the Wrestling Gold logo flashes across the screen. After a few seconds, the scene slowly fades to black. ]]-

End transmission. ]]-

Static. ]]-