03 / 21 / 2020 | Rogers Centre | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
- Frankie Kazarian def. Chris Sabin w/ Suicide Solution via Pin Fall in 11:01
- Shawn Michaels def. Harry Smith w/ Sweet Chin Music via Pin Fall in 3:51
- Juventud Guerrera def. Kid Kash w/ 450 Splash via Pin Fall in 9:51
- The Veleveteen Dream def. Otis Dozovic w/ Purple Rainmaker via Pin Fall in 2:28
- Vipress def. Jenna Morasca w/ Telekinetic Chokeslam via Pin Fall in 00:13
- Rosemary & Allie def. Team Sea Stars w/ Red Wedding via Pin Fall in 9:11
- Darby Allin (w/ Priscilla Kelly) def. Zachary Hartnell w/ Coffin Drop via Pin Fall in 7:09
- Scorpio Sky def. Kid Lykos w/ Sunset Flip via Pin Fall in 1:22
- Abyss (w/ Raven) def. Koko B. Ware w/ Black Hole Slam via Pin Fall in 51:14
- Zahra Schreiber def. Nyla Rose w/ Curb Stomp via Pin Fall in 00:09
- Shawn Michaels def. Joe Briggs w/ Sweet Chin Music via Pin Fall in 1:27
- Dark Match Main Event - Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley) def. Leva Bates w/ Bank Statement via Submission in 6:18

Fade up.

The show opens without pyrotechnics or any excitement. We find ourselves in front of the SGW interview backdrop with Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Christian, and Val Venis. All four of them are in three piece suits, dressed for the event. Jarrett starts us off.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third edition of WrestleBrawl. We've got sixteen huge matches lined for all ya'll but first, we wanted t' get somethin' rather important out o' the way... as all ya'll know, Val Venis had t' turn over his seat on the Championship Committee so that he'd be allowed t' compete for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship in our main event tonight... well, that leaves a vacancy on the Committee 'n considerin' we got quite a few important title matches with a lot o' potential for controversy that might require a vote... well, we can't just lit that chair remain empty any longer.

Jarrett gestures toward Venis.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Seein' as how I respect this man and his opinions... and the way he views the business, I've opted to allow Mr. Venis to choose the person who will replace him on the Committee goin' forward, effective immediately. Val, let's hear it.

Venis clears his throat and steps forward.

[ Val Venis ] After thinking about it over the past couple of weeks, I've come to the conclusion that person who should replace me on the Championship Committee should be someone that has been with Solid Gold Wrestling for years... someone that's experienced greatness... and more importantly, someone who is humble and will always make the right decision based on what's best for business.

He looks down for a moment and then back up at the camera.

[ Val Venis ] Someone with a rich and storied history with the company and holds a very important role to this very day... someone that we can trust. That's why I've chosen this person above all others. This person has never held the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... as a matter of fact, this person has never held any championship in SGW...

The fans buzz with anticipation, wondering where this is going.

[ Val Venis ] But this person is a champion in the hearts of minds of SGW fans all around the world... and of the men standing right here before you today... without further adieu... I give you the person who will be replacing me effective immediately...

He gesture off-camera.

[ Val Venis ] Trish Stratus.

The fans cheer loudly and Trish Stratus walks into the shot in a black dress with a huge smile on her face. She shakes Val's hand. Without another word, Val excuses himself from the scene, no doubt to prepare for his match later tonight. Trish shakes hands with Jarrett, Edge, and Christian. Trish turns and looks into the camera.

[ Trish Stratus ] Thank you! Thank you all so much! I'm honored to receive this opportunity. I've worked alongside Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Christian, and Val Venis since the beginning of my SGW career. I've managed three of those men to SGW World Championships... as all of you know, I've worked diligently to establish the SGW Women's Division and I promise to show that same fortitude and determination when making decisions outside of the Women's Division!

Christian pats her on the shoulder.

[ Trish Stratus ] It's truly an honor.

Before this can go any further, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin walks into the shot. The fans erupt in cheers. The former two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion looks at everyone standing in front of him. His eyes settle on Jeff Jarrett.

[ Steve Austin ] Jeff.

Jarrett gives Austin a respectful nod.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Steve.

[ Edge ] What's up, Steve?

Austin looks at Edge.

[ Steve Austin ] Edge.

Christian pats Austin on the back.

[ Christian ] How's it hangin', Stone Cold?

Austin glares at Christian. Christian swallows hard.

[ Steve Austin ] Don't touch me.

Christian slowly removes his hand.

[ Steve Austin ] Jeff, I'd like a word with ya'.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm listenin'.

[ Steve Austin ] I'm standin' here right now in front o' you 'n your two little cronies ya' got back there... and in front of all sixty-somethin' thousand fans out there in that audience tonight, jus' lookin' for an excuse t' raise some hell... 'n I aim t' tell you exactly what I got on my mind!

The live crowd cheers loudly.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, let's hear it then.

[ Steve Austin ] I didn't decide t' make my in-ring return after nearly fourteen god damn years jus' so I could bounce around in a little rinky dink battle royal 'n cash a check... OH HELL NO! I decided t' come back 'n take part in the biggest damn battle royal in the business... with the highest stakes in the business... 'n I aim to walk away wit' that GOLDEN TICKET!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I wouldn't expect nothin' less, Steve.

[ Steve Austin ] You wouldn't, would ya'? You old bastard.

Austin rubs his goatee and smiles a cynical smile.

[ Steve Austin ] You really do think you're untouchable, don't ya'? Well, let me shatter that illusion for ya' real quick, son. When I win that Golden Ticket... and I will win that Golden Ticket... I'm gonna cash that sucker in and you 'n me? We're gonna settle that shit from 2006 once 'n for all.

Jarrett smiles and shakes his head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Seriously, Steve!? That was damn near fourteen years ago!

Austin steps up and gets right in Jarrett's face.

[ Steve Austin ] And I ain't forgot a damn bit of it... EH-EH!

We hear what sounds like metal dragging on the floor and the camera pans over to reveal Jimmy Havoc walking into the shot, dragging an axe behind him. One of his hands is heavily bandaged, still injured from breaking it at Heartbreaker. Jarrett looks from Austin to Havoc, flustered.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Oh, great.

Havoc tilts his head to the side.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] As much as I hate t' interrupt this touching reunion... well... I actually don't hate t' interrupt it 'cause who really gives a shit about Steve Austin versus Jeff Jarrett in 2020? I know I don't... had my fill of old cunts clogging up the main event scene for one lifetime.

Austin looks at Havoc and smiles. Jarrett rubs the bridge of his nose.

[ Steve Austin ] What was that?

[ Jimmy Havoc ] You 'eard me.

[ Steve Austin ] Naw, see... I didn't. I know I didn't 'cause there ain't a man alive dumb enough t' say what I think you just said t' ol' Stone Cold! What? I said I know I didn't hear ya' 'cause there ain't a man alive dumb enough t' say what I think you just said t' ol' Stone Cold! WHAT!?

Havoc just stares Austin right in the eyes. The fans buzz with anticipation. Havoc's voice is low.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'm gonna cut the head off a rattlesnake tonight.

Havoc raises the axe and lets Austin see his reflection in the blade.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'll be the one walkin' away wit' that Golden Ticket, too.

Havoc turns and looks at Jarrett.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] And then we're gonna start makin' some changes 'round here, cunts.

Havoc looks back at Austin and smirks.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'll be seeing you.

Havoc turns and walks off-camera, leaving Austin with the Championship Committee. Austin smiles and strokes his goatee again. He's almost chuckling aloud.

[ Steve Austin ] This shit's gonna be fun.

Austin walks off-camera in the opposite direction. Jarrett, Edge, Christian, and Trish look at one another. Jarrett just shakes his head before either of them can say anything.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't even wanna hear it.

Jarrett walks off, leaving Edge and Christian with Trish. Edge huffs.

[ Edge ] Well.

[ Trish Stratus ] Shouldn't we get started? We've got sixteen huge matches. At the rate we're going, it's going to take at least eighteen days to finish all this up.

Christian hisses.

[ Christian ] Sick burn.

[ Edge ] Look at little miss Championship Committee, taking charge already. Jeez.

She glares at them, tapping her foot.

[ Trish Stratus ] Guys.

Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] Hey, I'm not arguing. Let's get this party started, shall we?

Christian throws it to the production truck and we're off to the races!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Bryan Danielson is introduced first, the fans are absolutely letting him have it as he makes his way down the ramp slowly. “The Final Countdown” plays as he saunders around ringside, barking at fans who respond with middle fingers and profanities. At the peak moment of the song, Danielson hops into the ring, pounces to the top rope, and puts his finger in the air right as Europe blasts out “IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWNNNNNN!” Tim Storm’s music hits and he comes down looking like he means business. Before he gets to enter the ring, Danielson dives through the middle rope, sending Storm crashing into the guardrail! Danielson doesn’t give Storm time to recover, continuing the attack. Danielson whips Storm into the guardrail and then hits a running drop kick. Again, not giving Storm time to recover, Danielson floors Storm with a snap suplex on the floor and rolls into the ring. Danielson gets right into Aubrey’s face and demands that she starts the ten count.

[ Tony Schiavone ] If Aubrey Edwards starts this count, there’s no way Storm will be able to make it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’m not even sure if the match has started!

Nigel’s assumption is correct as the match hasn’t even started. Aubrey reminds Danielson of this and his rage takes the best of him as he kicks the bottom rope. Danielson exits and rolls Storm in himself. Aubrey calls for the bell and Danielson immediately dumps him back outside. Aubrey begins the count, encouraging both men to get back in the ring, as Danielson throws Storm into the ring steps and then proudly re-enters the ring. The fans are letting him have it and he gives the fans a middle finger in return. As Aubrey’s count grows, Storm is still on the outside, struggling to get going.


At nine, Storm dives back in as Danielson looks disappointed. Danielson makes his way to Storm, SMALL PACKAGE! STORM ROLLS HIM UP - one, two, kickout! Danielson is in shock as he’s back to his feet, but so is Storm! Clothesline! Clothesline! Bodyslam! Danielson rolls out of the ring as Tim Storm erupted with offense!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Discussions of Tim Storm’s demise were premature!

Tim Storm climbs the top rope and takes a deep breath.

[ Scott Steiner ] YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?!

Storm crosses his chest and DIVES! CROSS BODY BLOCK ON DANIELSON! Both men are down on the outside as the fans chant “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” Aubrey starts her count, and as the numbers grow, each man finally begins to come to. Storm beats the count first, hobbling with his left knee a little. Danielson comes back in and delivers a stiff forearm shot. Storm responds. The blows are back and forth, the fans eating it up with dueling “YAY!/BOO!” chants until Storm staggers Danielson back and hits a roundhouse clothesline! Danielson gets up, PERFECT STORM! THAT’S IT! One, two, th- no! 2.9999! As Storm advances, Danielson applies a drop toe hold and rolls over the back of Storm, locking his arms. MMA Elbows! After about ten stiff elbows, Danielson releases and then applies Cattle Mutilation! Storm’s in trouble!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This could be it!

Storm is struggling as Danielson’s hold is putting massive amounts of pressure on the back and shoulders. With one last attempt, Storm gets the toe of his boot on the bottom rope long enough to have Aubrey see it and force the break. Danielson rolls off to see Storm’s toe barely touching the rope and grabs his leg and slams it into the mat, knee first!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s the bad knee that Tim injured on the dive!

Storm uses the ropes to pull himself up and chops Danielson across the chest. Danielson responds with a stiff chop of his own. The two trade a series of blistering knife-edge chops until Storm headbutts Danielson! Danielson responds back! Danielson runs to the corner and comes out, RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! One, two, Storm kicks out! Danielson can’t believe it but Storm lives to see another day! Danielson focuses back on Storm’s bad knee, jamming it back into the mat and hooks his feet in the bends of Storm’s knees. Danielson flips the fans off, jumps, and jams Storm’s knees into the mat again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm’s in a lot of trouble.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Without mobility, he’ll be a sittin’ duck!

Danielson goes up top as Storm is on the mat, DIVING HEAD BUTT BUT STORM ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Storm pins but Danielson kicks out at one. Storm gets to his feet and waits for Danielson to get up. He grabs Danielson’s legs and drops him, falling on top for another pin attempt, but Danielson kicks out. Danielson springs to and attempts a roaring elbow, but Storm ducks, BACKSLIDE! One, two, thre- kick out! Danielson and Storm are now at a standoff in the middle of the ring, the fans roaring loudly, appreciating what these two are doing to start off the show. Storm shakes his legs, trying to regain feeling and then hits Danielson with a right hand. Danielson responds with a headbutt to Storm’s right shoulder and then a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Danielson stomps on Storm’s shoulder three times before bouncing it against the mat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm is fighting valiantly but Danielson smells blood in the water.

Danielson waits for Storm to get to his feet, roaring elbow! Storm staggers. Another! Storm pie-faces Danielson and tells him to hit him harder! Danielson bounces off the ropes, dropkick from Storm! Danielson up, clothesline! Manhattan drop! Back body drop! Tim Storm is feeling it! He’s endured so much damage but he has the fighting spirit! Danielson is back up, PERFECT STORM! One, two, three!

Wait! No!

Aubrey waves it off. Danielson’s foot was on the bottom rope. Storm lowers his head, knowing that might’ve been his one shot.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve shared that ring with Dragon many times, and Tim Storm must stay the course or else Danielson will recova’!

Storm drags Danielson to the middle, CATTLE MUTILATION! Danielson somehow rolls over to break it and catches Storm with a stiff kick as he gets to his knees. Again. Again. Kick after kick to the chest.

Storm springs to his feet and screams in Danielson’s face! Forearm, chop, forearm, chop. Storm isn’t flinching! Danielson looks terrified as Storm grabs him by the throat and shoved him into a corner. Storm lays in the boots before backing off and charging at Danielson. Storm misses a big splash in the corner as Danielson slides out of the way and rolls Storm over, kick to the chest! Running knee strike! Cattle Mutilation! Storm’s stuck in the middle of the ring. He’s exhausted. Beat up.

He taps.

Bryan Danielson via Submission in 11:39

[ Tony Schiavone ] Pardon my French, but that was one hell of a match. Tim Storm is possibly the roughest, toughest 50-year-old son of a bitch I’ve ever seen. Again, apologies for the language. But my word!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Agreed, Tony! What a way to start the show!

Danielson celebrates and then looks back to Storm, almost unable to move at this point. Danielson extends a hand but Storm has no idea whether or not to accept. After several attempts to encourage, Danielson pulls Storm up himself and the two men embrace in a hug. Danielson and Storm shake hands, thanking one another for the match.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Maybe, just maybe, there’s some good left in that clam digga’ Danielson after all!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a sign of respect. Tim Storm has done everything he could to try to steer Danielson on the right path but met rejection everywhere he turned. Could tonight be a turning point? Danielson and Storm are both set to compete in the WrestleBrawl match later tonight as well, so they’ll turn around and have to do this all over again!

Storm goes to exit the ring but Danielson stops him. The crowd lets out in unison a big “Ooooooh!” as Storm meets Danielson in the middle of the ring, hesitant and full expecting a beat down to come his way at any moment. Surprisingly, Danielson grabs a microphone and then looks Storm in the eyes and says.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You know, I've been having a lot going on upstairs the last few weeks.. And you and I beat the hell out of one another tonight..

Danielson is also exhausted, trying to catch his breath. The fans are chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!" like the annoying fans that they are, but for once, they're right. This moment is something we never thought we'd see - two rivals, fierce rivals, coming to an understanding after going to war.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You deserve a moment in the spotlight, Tim.

Danielson drops the microphone and then exits the ring, leaving a confused Tim Storm behind to soak up the approval and applause from the capacity crowd here in Toronto. Storm is carefully holding his arm against his chest, keeping the pressure off of his shoulder. He’s undoubtedly feeling the effects of Bryan Danielson, but for this moment, the spotlight shining on him, the fans chanting his name, Tim Storm forgets about all of that. He waves to the fans with his good arm and gives a bow, soon following behind Danielson in exiting the ring as the scene switches to another part of the arena. What a match. What a moment.

Shifting from the ringside area to the back, TK Cooper and Dahlia Black are fresh from picking Cooper’s number for the WrestleBrawl Match. And they’re making out.

Like a lot.

After several seconds, you begin to wonder how they’re even breathing as the two are interlocked like some sort of a weird human pretzel, tongues and saliva going everywhere. TK Cooper opens his eyes and sees the camera and stares straight at us, not stopping for a second. The stare only makes things more awkward. Thankfully, someone else appears to take the attention off of this spectacle - Chris Jericho. Jericho just left the office backstage from picking his number. He stops and looks at what spot he'll be entering and shock takes over.

[ Chris Jericho ] TWELVE?! TWELVE?!

Jericho does not seem thrilled with his selection.

[ Chris Jericho ] How can I be twelve? I should be thirty! Hell, I should be handed the Golden Ticket right now. Don’t they know who the hell I am?

Then Jericho spots an opportunity.

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey, ass-face.

He walks over to Cooper and Dahlia, still making out. Dahlia slings a leg over Cooper’s for an added angle. Cooper begins slowly dry-humping Dahlia, making this even worse than before. Jericho is not pleased.

[ Chris Jericho ] What number did you get?

No response.

[ Chris Jericho ] How dare you ignore Chris Jericho?!

Still nothing.

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey! You two! Congrats on getting to first base, but it's time to focus on the grand slam standing in front of you. Tell me what number you got. You're not going to win anyway so it doesn't even matter.

The make out session continues. Cooper and Dahlia are now on the ground, rolling around. Jericho’s face is pure disgust and irritation.

[ Chris Jericho ] Well guess what? You just changed numbers with Chris Jericho!

Jericho snatches the number from Cooper’s left hand and puts his in Cooper’s hand for an exchange.

[ Chris Jericho ] Can’t be any worse than the number I picked. Twelve. What a stupid number.

Jericho reaches into his leather jacket pocket and pulls out a small bottle of hand sanitizer and dumps half of it on to his hands. He rubs it all over as he looks on at TK Cooper and Dahlia, STILL making out. Cooper hasn’t quit staring at the camera one single time, either.

[ Chris Jericho ] Get a room, freaks.

The scene fades as Jericho steps over them on the floor and walks away, confident in his newfound number even though he never checked it to see.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 60:00

The SGW Twinstar Championship belts are resting on a podium at ringside.

As soon as the bell rings, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter charge at the opposition! Bea immediately nails Starlight Kid with a BEA TRIGGER, sending her tumbling through the ropes to the floor! Hayter nails Tegan Nox with a lariat and begins putting the boots to her until she rolls under the bottom rope to the floor as well! Priestley begins trading forearms with AZM and Dakota Kai nails Hayter from behind, pounding her with forearms across the back until Hayter turns around, putting her arms up to defend herself! Meanwhile, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce remain in their corner, watching the carnage unfold and cringing with every blow landed!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And we're off! These four teams have been at each other's throats for weeks in an effort to prove who truly deserves to become the first-ever SGW World Twinstar Champions!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And the IIconics have the right idea, gentlemen! Let the other three teams sort it out amongst themselves... and then pick up the pieces!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's a bullshit strategy! Those Aussie bimbos have got augmentations and injectations in all the right places and that's somethin' Freakzilla can respect... but none o' that shit matters if all that silicone is coursin' through the veins of a couple o' broads with NO HONOR!

Suddenly, Billie and Peyton are seized by the ankles from outside by Tegan Nox and Starlight Kid! They both shriek and squeal as they dragged under the bottom rope! Nox immediately shoves Billie Kay backward into the guardrail and begins pummeling her with forearms and chops! Starlight peppers Peyton Royce with forearms until Royce sneers and fires back up, lighting Starlight up with forearms of her own before knee lifting her and giving her a snap suplex on the floor! Peyton charges over and nails Tegan Nox in the back, allowing Billie Kay to right herself. Peyton and Billie hook Tegan and give her a DOUBLE SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The IIconics are pulling out all the stops after a hesitant start!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can't underestimate the tenacity of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's how you do it, god dammit! You don't hide in the corner like a couple o' pussies! You put in the work and ya' get the god damn job done! Now I can check these broads out without bein' ashamed of the Australian wildfire goin' on in my pants!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wait, what?

[ Scott Steiner ] What?!

Inside the ring, Dakota Kai has been beaten down in the corner and is catching her breath as Bea and Jamie double team AZM, whipping her into the ropes and going for a double clothesline. AZM ducks the clothesline, hits the ropes, and takes Jamie Hayter down with a flying headscissors! As soon as AZM returns to her feet, Bea drills her with a BEA TRIGGER... however, Bea turns right around into a PUMP KICK from Dakota Kai! The kick sends Bea staggers back into the corner and Dakota runs a lap around the ring... and NAILS BEA WITH A DRIVE-BY KICK TO THE FACE! Bea falls into a seated position and Dakota begins scraping Bea's face with her boot before hitting the ropes and delivering a devastating FACE WASH! Dakota grabs Bea by the ankle and drags her into the center of the ring before covering her! One! Two! Th-- The IIconics pull Dakota Kai out of the ring! Dakota immediately slugs Peyton Royce down with a right hand but she turns right around into SHADES OF KAY from Billie Kay! Billie laughs... but is instantly nailed with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK from Tegan Nox that sends her ragdolling backward into the ring steps!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These competitors are bloody relentless!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's even going on right now!?

[ Scott Steiner ] There's no god damn rules in this bullshit! Just a bunch o' fuckin' stiff shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Mike Chioda needs to get contro--

[ Scott Steiner ] I fuckin' love it!

Tegan Nox gets up, pumping her fists and shouting "COME ONNNN!" but AZM comes out of nowhere with a drop kick! Tegan staggers back against the apron and AZM nails her with a couple forearms before hoisting her up onto the apron. As soon as Tegan is on the apron, however, Bea Priestley FLIES OFF THE TOP AND NAILS TEGAN WITH A FLYING DOUBLE STOMP! Bea hangs onto the middle rope and rights herself as Tegan tumbles off to the floor! AZM immediately cuts Bea's legs out from under her and hooks her head, NAILING HER WITH A DRAPING DDT ONTO THE FLOOR! The fans groan in sympathy but then pop huge as AZM stands up, beating her chest with a huge smile on her face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She is small but she is MIGHTY!

And then Jamie Hayter drills her with a baseball slide to the back that sends her tumbling forward into Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, who dump her over the rail and into the front row... before catching Starlight Kid in a running crossbody attempt! Billie and Peyton hold her up and look at each other in disbelief... before Dakota Kai comes out of nowhere and dropkicks Starlight Kid in the back, causing the IIconics to fall down with Starlight on top of them! Dakota Kai points down at Jamie Hayter climbs onto the apron and leaps off, nailing Dakota in the back with a double axe handle. Dakota goes down to her knees and Hayter grabs a handful of hair. "GET THE FUCK UP, BEA!" Hayter shouts! Bea slowly gets to her feet, favoring her neck. Hayter and Bea throw Dakota under the bottom rope and follow her in.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is not good for Dakota Kai! Everyone else is bloody down!

Dakota rolls to the center of the ring and slowly gets up to one knee as Bea and Jamie take up positions in opposite corners. They both point at Dakota with gun-fingers. Dakota staggers up to both feet and Hayter shouts "CHAT SHIT, GET BANGED, CUNT!" Bea and Jamie charge and Dakota rolls out of the way... AND BEA NAILS JAMIE WITH THE BEA TRIGGER! Jamie goes down and rolls out of the ring! Bea looks shocked and turns right around into a SCORPION KICK TO THE FACE FROM DAKOTA KAI! Bea goes down to one knee, out of it! Tegan Nox slides into the ring and charges... SHINIEST WIZARD! Priestley goes down! As soon as Priestley is flat on her back, DAKOTA FLIES FROM THE TOP... FLYING DOUBLE STOMP! PRIESTLEY IS DEAD! Dakota rolls through and ends up on one knee on the opposite side of the ring as Tegan Nox pounces and covers Priestley, hooking both legs!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THIS IS IT! COUNT, REF!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're about to see the first champions crowned!

ONE! TWO! THREE! The fans pop huge!

Team Kick via Pin Fall in 8:41

Neither woman looks like they can believe it! Dakota and Tegan immediately tear up and hug in the middle of the ring as Mike Chioda presents them with the SGW Twinstar Championship belts! Jamie Hayter grabs Bea by the ankle and drags her out of the ring, hobbling to the back with furious looks on their faces.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dreams do come true! And this one came true on the grandest stage of them all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These two women have certainly put in the work recently! Not only did they debut in the first ever Kaiju Big Battel in SGW history but they walked away victorious! Since then, they've battled adversity, having been attacked by Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter at every opportunity... but now, here they are! Making history as the first-ever SGW World Twinstar Champions!

The fans are cheering loudly, chanting "YOU DESERVE IT!" as Tegan and Dakota hold up the championship belts. They hug in the center of the ring once more as the camera zooms in, focusing on them, before we fade out and head to the backstage area.

The WrestleBrawl 3 interview set is elaborate. The WrestleBrawl logo is stretched vertically on three large LED screens with a large monitor set up on the left-hand side of the set. We see the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson in their ring gear and jackets, standing alongside Charly Caruso, who’s filling in for Cathy Kelley here tonight.

[ Charly Caruso ] Hi SGW fans, I’m Charly Caruso and with me right now are the Young Bucks.

Matt and Nick give smiles as Charly continues. The shade of orange that the Bucks are tonight is terrifying. Almost as though they went through the spray tan booth twice.

[ Charly Caruso ] Matt, Nick, it’s been a shaky start thus far in SGW but tonight could be the turning point for you two. How are you feeling going into this ten team battle royal?

[ Matt Jackson ] It’s funny, Charly. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to care of everyone else’s problems in SGW. Cody and Dustin, getting Kenny back on track, and now dealing with Marty Scurll… but you know, what about us? What about the best tag team in the world?

[ Nick Jackson ] Yeah. So we went to Edge and Christian and told them we wanted on WrestleBrawl, that it was time for us to worry about ourselves. We're ready to make the climb to the top of this division where we belong.

Matt agrees.

[ Matt Jackson ] Exactly. So those guys being tag team icons, they could relate to our struggle so that’s why we suggested this contender match. Sure, it went off the rails there at the end, but I absolutely respect those guys for putting their name on it.. And themselves in it.

[ Nick Jackson ] Squashing a two-decade long beef in a vanity match is something we’re totally going to book in SGW 2040.

[ Matt Jackson ] It’s time SGW has Tag Team Champions it can be proud of. With such a rich lineage, those titles deserve better. They deserve us representing this division!

WIthout warning, Danhausen’s face overtakes the camera. He looks closely at the camera, too close even, eventually smacking his face against the lens and pulling back, rubbing his forehead.

[ Danhausen ] Ow! Why did this recording box hit Danhausen like that?!

[ Nick Jackson ] Hey buddy, we’re doin’ an interview here.

[ Matt Jackson ] Plus you literally smashed your own face into that?

[ Danhausen ] Oh, yes. Hello. I am Danhausen, one of your opponents tonight.

Danhausen cautiously approaches the Bucks.

[ Danhausen ] Have you guys met my partner, Vincent?

The camera pans over to reveal Vincent standing dead still off camera with an ax thrown over his shoulder and his dark hair resting over his face.

[ Nick Jackson ] That dude’s terrifying.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen agrees. He scares me.

[ Matt Jackson ] Then don’t team with him then.

Danhausen’s eyes are wide with shock from the suggestion.

[ Danhausen ] He’s a demon, I’m a demon.. Plus.. Look at him! HE HAS AN AX! YOU go tell him than Danhausen doesn’t want to tag with him because I’m not! I’m just going to continue being very nice… and very evil..

Vincent remains like a statue as the Bucks fake a smile.

[ Matt Jackson ] Cool, man.

[ Danhausen ] Gotta’ love that Danhausen!

[ Nick Jackson ] ..Yep.

Danhausen turns to look at the camera.

[ Danhausen ] But what is not cared for, is this devicehausen that nearly killed me! What is this anyway?

[ Charly Caruso ] It’s a camera. It’s recording us so millions of people can watch us?

[ Danhausen ] Millions?

Danhausen walks closer and closer to the camera, trying to sneak up on it. He’s now less than an inch away from the camera. He begins screaming, not understanding the dynamic of what he’s doing.


Danhausen continues pressing his face against the lens, inadvertently smearing his paint all over it as the scene fades.

A glass door with a large sign taped in the dead center. In large, black letters it reads “NOT AN EXIT.” The door slowly creeps open and Paul London enters through it with Matt Riddle right behind him. London is wearing oversized sunglasses and a white top hat with his ring gear on. Matt Riddle has a flat-bill cap with a track jacket zipped up to his chin.

[ Paul London ] Oh, hello. The Intrepid Traveler here. Paul London.

He waves.

[ Paul London ] With me is my new compadre, my amigo if you will.. Matt Riddle.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro.

[ Paul London ] And we just finished pre-gaming for our match tonight. It’s a very important match. It’s a match that can change our careers forever.

Riddle nods.

[ Paul London ] It’s a match that, if we win, catapults us to the top of this business.

London turns to Riddle.

[ Paul London ] Tell ‘em about the match, Matt.

[ Matt Riddle ] It has a really long name.

[ Paul London ] Go on.

[ Matt Riddle ] And uh.. It has fuckin’ Sid and Buff Bagwell in it.

[ Paul London ] The truest of warriors.

Riddle is struggling.

[ Matt Riddle ] And I think the Steiner Brothers?

[ Paul London ] Edge and Christian, but an easy mistake to make.

[ Matt Riddle ] And us, of course. Duh. There’s some other dudes but I’ll be honest, I didn’t learn their names.

[ Paul London ] Remembering names of opponents is difficult, but not as difficult as defeating us.. Team Name Pending, Bro. The newest, most official tag team in SGW! Tonight, whatever the stipulation is, we’ll achieve it and carry the title and-or title shot with great pride.

[ Matt Riddle ] We’re gonna’ celebrate so hard, bro.

London agrees.

[ Paul London ] But we’re going to celebrate without substances.. Because it’s illegal. We’re going to celebrate with our hearts, with our minds, with..

[ Matt Riddle ] Pot.

[ Paul London ] No, Matt. No pot. We don’t do that. No substances.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, you said no substances. Like.. alcohol.

Riddle rubs his chin.

[ Matt Riddle ] Pot isn’t a substance. It’s a solid.

[ Paul London ] Other teams beware, for Team Name Pending, Bro is coming! Tonight, the prize for winning this match will be ours.. Whatever it is!

[ Matt Riddle ] It’s definitely a title shot, bro.

[ Paul London ] Sign it up!

Riddle pumps his fist as London removes his sunglasses, showing off horribly bloodshot eyes.

[ Paul London ] And just as my injured eyes shall heal in time for this match, we shall prevail as winners and the best tag team in SGW!

[ Matt Riddle ] I’m gonna’ pray for your eyes, bro!

London nods in appreciation.

[ Matt Riddle ] And then I’m gonna’ pray for the other nine teams in this match because they’re about to get their asses kicked!

[ Paul London ] And after the show, we’re going to travel the galaxy to far away lands in celebration. We’re going to swim in the ocean with the dolphins, using their sonar powers to guide us to the proper place in Toronto to get powered up for the next leg of our journey with resources such as maple syrup and Tim Horton’s.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, I’m not swimming with dolphins. Can’t trust ‘em.

Riddle waves it off, not wanting anything to do with the idea.

[ Paul London ] Fine. We’ll fly high with the bats, using THEIR sonar abilities to guide us. Just myself, Matt Riddle, and some bats.. A colony of bats.. All of us just flying HIGH.. Soaring HIGH into the clouds.. Together.. As winners! And then, the leader of the bat colony will look at us and say "Matt, Paul, you guys go on.. Fly higher than ever! The skies will only allow us so far, but alas, you two take over the galaxies! But remember us always, the bat colony that guided you!"

Riddle is seen visibly mouthing the words "what the fuck?" His mind is blown.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro. I don’t even fuckin’ understand but I’m all about it.

Riddle turns to the camera.

[ Matt Riddle ] He also used great emphasis when saying the word "high," too. So that's pretty neat. Like some code word stuff. Basically, we're gonna' win and we're gonna' celebrate so hard tonight. Face it, who else would you'd rather have as the face of your tag team division, bro? Ice cream dudes, fake cops, or us? It's an easy decision if you ask me. So fine, we'll compete in the match since it's all a formality.. So yeah..

Riddle shrugs.

[ Matt Riddle ] See y’all in the ring, losers! Team Name Pending, Bro.. Team Name Pending. Put some respect on our names!


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 60:00

A huge “LET’S GO CATHY! Clap clap clapclapclap LET’S GO CATHY!” chant overtakes the Rogers Centre as Cathy looks ready to go in a pair of black leggins and a SGW tank top. She hands the comically large Lifetime title to Paul Turner as Shane Douglas, grossly out of shape, is in his usual yellow tights with black tassels dangling from the tops of his boots.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well fellas, ANYTHING can happen inside a Solid Gold ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] As my old friend Jim Ross once said, ‘this will be bowling shoe ugly.’

The bell sounds as Douglas sprints at Cathy and levels her with a clothesline! The fans gasp in shock as Cathy is out. Douglas begins laughing like a maniac on his knees next to Cathy. Douglas gets up and grabs Cathy by the hair and then wraps his right arm around her.

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOD, NO SHANE! YOU'LL KILL HER!

PITTSBURGH PLUNGE! Douglas hooks the legs as Paul Turner makes the count to three. “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple hits as Douglas grabs the referee and screams for a microphone and his title belt.

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas via Pin Fall in 00:28

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shane Douglas has practically MURDERED Cathy Kelley right in front of our eyes! I can’t believe it’s come to this! Someone needs to get Cathy some help!

[ Scott Steiner ] Shane Douglas is a piece of shit.

The muffling of Steiner removing his headset and dropping it on the table is heard. In the ring, Shane Douglas has the Lifetime Championship around his waist with the microphone he demanded. He’s sweating profusely.


As the music cut, Scott Steiner enters the ring. Douglas takes a few steps back until he realizes that Steiner is only here to tend to Cathy Kelley.


[ Tony Schiavone ] He does know he’s in The Origin WITH Arn Anderson, right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No, Tony. No, he does not.


Steiner picks Cathy up in his arms and mouths off to Douglas, who cups his ear.


The boos pile on in Douglas’ direction as he soaks it up, feeling like a young man all over again. Steiner carries Cathy to the back with Paul Turner and a medic in tow. Douglas now has the entire ring to himself.


Douglas removes the title from around his waist and stares down at it in his left hand.


He kisses the faceplate of the title and turns back to the fans.




[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s talked for longa’ than the match lasted!


Douglas pauses and looks dead into the camera.


Douglas cocks his head back and laughs as the fans are loudly chanting “BORING! BORING!”




Douglas drops the microphone but his music never hits. He waits and waits but still, nothing ever starts. With his frustrating level rising, four members of security enter the ring and begin dragging Shane from the ring, but he resists for as long as he can, screaming “I’M THE CHAMPION! I KNOW ADAM COLE!” They manage to roll Douglas out of the ring, overtaking him. After a solid minute of tussling, the four security guards grab both of Douglas’ legs and arms and begin dragging him up the ramp as he screams the entire way. Douglas is doing his best to fight, but his efforts are unsuccessful, as finally, Douglas is carried to the back, clearing the ringside area.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can’t wait ta’ see the reviews for this one in the mornin’!

The scene shifts away from the ringside area.

In the back, we see Cathy Kelley being loaded into an ambulance with Scott Steiner watching. Once he's certain that she's secure and being taken care of, he walks off-camera to return to his duties at ringside. Before the EMTs can shut the door, however, we see Starlight Kid and AZM run in from off-camera, panicked. They shout in Japanese at the EMTs.

[ AZM ] < Hey! Where are you taking her?! >

The EMT looks confused by the brightly colored words appearing out of thin air.

[ Starlight Kid ] < Is she okay? Is Cathy-san going to be okay? >

[ AZM ] < Of course she is not okay! The fat, greasy grandpa with pee-pee pants did this to her! >

[ Starlight Kid ] < Frenchfries-san, why!? >

Starlight begins openly sobbing into her hands. AZM huffs, frustrated.

[ EMT ] Look, she's going to be fine. She's just a little rattled and we're taking her in for--

WHAM! AZM and Starlight Kid are mugged from behind by Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter! The fans erupt in boos. The EMTs quickly slam the door and the ambulance speeds off into the night. Bea and Jamie stomp away at AZM and Starlight as the live crowd boos loudly. AZM tries to sit up and fight back but Priestley boots her right in the face! Hayter snatches Starlight up by her mask and gets right in her face.

[ Jamie Hayter ] You thought we were finished, cunts!?

She slaps Starlight hard across the face. Starlight shrieks in surprise.

[ Jamie Hayter ] We're not finished until we say we're finished!

She drops Starlight, allowing her to fall backward onto the pavement. Hayter and Priestley walk away, leaving Starlight and AZM down. The fans boo as we zoom out, revealing that Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were watching from the distance. Billie Kay stomps her foot on the ground, frustrated.

[ Billie Kay ] Oh come awwwwwn! I wanted t' beat down the little ones 'n send a bloody message!

Peyton looks no less frustrated.

[ Peyton Royce ] Anotha' time, Billie... Fallout is in two weeks... let's find ourselves a bigga' target, shall we? The Twinstar titles, nice as they are... are small potatoes. What say we find ourselves a bigga' target?

Billie looks at Peyton and raises an eyebrow.

[ Billie Kay ] I do like the sound of that.

As road agents approach to check on AZM and Starlight Kid, Billie and Peyton walk away, hand in hand as we fade to black.

We fade up backstage where we see Charly Caruso standing in front of the SGW interview backdrop. Standing next to her, we see Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox with the SGW World Twinstar Championships over their shoulders. The fans cheer loudly. Tegan and Dakota appear overjoyed to be here, having made history earlier in the night.

[ Charly Caruso ] Dakota Kai... Tegan Nox! Congratulations on the huge win earlier tonight, becoming the first Twinstar champions in SGW history! What must be going through your minds right now? Your first WrestleBrawl and you're walking out with gold!

Nox and Kai look at each other, smiling. Nox looks down at her championship belt.

[ Tegan Nox ] This feeling... Charly... it's out o' this world. I don't even know how t' put it into words.

[ Dakota Kai ] This is what we've had our sights set on since we came t' Solid Gold Wrestlin'... we wanted t' be pioneers of the women's tag team scene in this company 'n now here we are... the first champions 'n nobody can take that away from us!

We hear laughter from off-camera. Dakota and Tegan both look surprised. From off-camera, El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream, Jr. appear from either side with the SGW World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists. The fans boo loudly. Los Ice Creams lurk around Team Kick creepily. Nox and Kai visibly cringe as the Ice Creams come close to touching them. Charly looks confused.

[ Charly Caruso ] Um, Los Ice Creams? What are you doing here?

Before either of them can answer, Ted Dibiase walks into the shot with a sinister smirk on his face. The fans boo loudly. Dibiase snatches the microphone out of Charly Caruso's hand. He raises it and begins to speak.

[ Ted Dibiase ] What are the SGW World Tag Team Champions doing here? They're doing exactly what that gold and my money allow them to do! And do you know what that is, Charly Caruso!? ANYTHING THEY WANT! HAHAHAHAHA!

Dibiase looks at Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox, his eyes falling upon their championship belts.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Tonight, even more history will be made... when my Ice Creams, violent and delicious as they are, make short work of Team Tremendous once and for all! But that's not why I'm standing here right now... you see, I have a fever, ladies... and it's not COVID-19! NO! It's a very particular kind of fever... and the only cure... IS MORE TAG TEAM GOLD!

Nox and Kai look at each other and then back at Dibiase. Before they can say anything, Shayna Baszler, Becky Lynch, and Hana Kimura walk into the shot. Nox and Kai look the three ladies up and down.

[ Dakota Kai ] Bring it on.

[ Tegan Nox ] Any time... anywhere!

Dibiase chuckles, his voice is low and gravelly.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Don't tease me, ladies. You'll get what's coming to you sooner than later... and then? I'll get what's coming to me! Your gold! Everyone else's gold! All of it! All mine! When you're as rich as me, you're too big to fail! I made tag champions out of Ice Cream for god's sake! HAHAHAHAHA!

Becky steps up, tilting her nose up in the air, staring down at Nox and Kai.

[ Becky Lynch ] Are yun's gonna be waggin' those jaws whilst I'm tearin' 'em off, eh?

[ Tegan Nox ] Uh, English?

Baszler steps up next, holding a towel around her neck.

[ Shayna Baszler ] She's got marbles in her mouth but the coppertop curse is right... you two chicks have been runnin' your mouths since ya' got here 'n you've done nothin' to earn that right. So, me 'n her... we're gonna choke you out and snap your arms off... and then we're gonna put those titles around the waists of a couple legitimate athletes that these fans can respect...

Dakota and Tegan look at one another and then back at Shayna.

[ Dakota Kai ] ...who?

[ Shayna Baszler ] Us, you idiot!

[ Becky Lynch ] Oh yah, yer real funny, arn'cha!? Ye' won' be s' funny when I slap dat foony lookin' 'ead offa' yer shoulders, willya?!

Baszler puts her hand up, stopping Lynch from advancing on them.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Nah, not tonight... they ain't worth it. These two might not respect us, Bex... but when we're done with 'em... they'll damn sure fear us. I can promise you that.

You can cut the tension with a knife until Hana Kimura pushes past Dibiase and begins speaking in Japanese. The words scroll across the screen in large green and pink text. She's sounds very unhappy.

[ Hana Kimura ] < This is boring! No one cares about ugly Shayna and stupid Becky! >

Dibiase turns and glares at her, as though he understands every word... or he just read the words as they scrolled across the bottom of the screen. He looks furious.

[ Ted Dibiase ] That's enough! I told you, this is the goal! Money and championships!

[ Hana Kimura ] < Money and championship! Money and championship! I don't care! I have a match tonight! These two losers do not have a match tonight! You should be paying attention to me! >

Hana gets right in Dibiase's face, speaking English now so everyone can hear.

[ Hana Kimura ] I... do... not... care... about... money.

The fans cheer loudly as this act of defiance. Becky and Shayna glare at Hana. Dakota and Tegan stand there in silence, their mouths in perfect "o"s, wondering where this is going next.

[ Hana Kimura ] Barb-uh-ree... Buh-rank... die.

Hana's eyes narrow with intensity.

[ Hana Kimura ] ...tonight.

Dibiase looks like he's mad enough that he could punch her. She salutes him.

[ Hana Kimura ] Yes... sir!

Hana stomps off-camera as the fans cheer. Tegan and Dakota walk away as well, leaving Charly Caruso standing alongside Dibiase and his stable of Ice Creams and legitimate athletes. Dibiase shakes his head, sweat dripping off his nose.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Ladies... we might have ourselves a bit of a problem to take care of tonight.

Shayna and Becky look at each other and smile.

Earlier Today

We’re inside the empty arena as the ring crew is setting up the ring. Shawn Michaels is in the stadium seats by himself. The camera shoots from a few rows down. HBK is reflecting in silence until he breaks it with his opening remarks.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Ya’ know, all I ever wanted to do my entire life was be a professional wrestler. But not just any ordinary professional wrestler. I wanted to be the BEST wrestler that ever walked God’s green Earth..

Proud of himself, Michaels nods.

[ Shawn Michaels ] And I think I did just that.

He adjusts his cowboy hat down lower on his head, nearly covering his eyes. Looking on his aged face, you can see the wrinkles overtaking. His tone is calm.

[ Shawn Michaels ] You name ‘em, I’ve beaten ‘em. You name the belt, I won it. Name the show, I main evented it. That’s why I’m thankful Solid Gold Wrestling gave this old timer one last trip to the rodeo. Comin’ back to the ring.. Proving that I still got somethin’ left in the tank. I can’t wait.

From gazing deep towards the ringside area, Michaels looks down at the camera as it pans out.

[ Shawn Michaels ] I didn’t come back to professional wrestling, sign a SGW contract, and be willing to put my body through all of the pain and suffering just to come back and be a stepping stone for someone else. If I don’t belong in that ring then I’ll step away and go back home in a heartbeat.. But spoiler, I belong. And I’m ready to prove that this ol’ cowboy is still the sheriff around these parts.. And SGW, when I debut at Fallout, you’ll see it for yourselves.

Fade out.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Before the bell can even ring and certainly before the ringside attendants and fire containment team can ignite the equipment surrounding the ring for the Ring of Fire to activate, Jimmy Jacobs and Elias are in center ring, one hand on the other’s neck and the second throwing insanely fast punches at breakneck speed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The fiery passions of love are overflowing into this contest, Best Buddy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cliché as anything, Tony, but absolutely correct, nonetheless! Jimmy Jacobs is beyond passionate about the Lovely Lacey and he’s gone on record to say that he will stop at nothing to…well…BURN Elias here tonight!

Jimmy breaks the sequence of punches by stomping down hard on Elias’ left foot, stopping his punching, before throwing his knee upwards and connecting with the Drifter’s chin, sending him to the mat in a clump!


Jacobs begins screaming at the attendants to ignite the equipment but shifts his attention to Lacey.



Jimmy nods promptly and climbs the interior of the turnbuckles, turning to face Elias as the ring crew lights one side of the ring’s equipment, popping the Toronto fans and lighting up Jacobs’ eyes with evil intentions.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It just got so much hotter, Nigel! Scott, do you feel that?!

[ Scott Steiner ] IT’S NOT THAT BAD!

Another side is lit up as Jacobs begins yelling for the crew to hurry – giving Elias enough time to rise off the mat and join Jimmy on the top rope, punching one another and nearly falling off the ropes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my! Oh, God, no!

Just as the team ignites the ring entirely, Jimmy and Elias fall from the top rope, down into the center of the fire containment team, splatting to the floor wildly as Toronto, screaming out, chants:


[ Tony Schiavone ] God in heaven they could have both been burnt just then! Elias only missed the flames by a foot or so!

In a crumpled mess of bodies on the ground lies both competitors in this savage matchup; neither is moving and yet Jimmy Jacobs’ eyes are opened wide, glazed over but still searching for Elias in the chaos.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve known Jimmy a long, long, time, gentlemen; this desire to please Lacey is getting to be too dangerous for words.


Eventually, Elias and Jacobs are the first to move from the heap of humanity, crawling off of the bodies which were thankfully there to catch them before grabbing one another by the hair, standing and instantly throwing punches over and over!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two are absolutely insane! I can’t believe that they’re seriously going to fall off the top rope and continue swinging on sight!

[ Scott Steiner ] YEAH! HELL YEAH THEY ARE!

Jacobs takes a shot from Elias and swings his open palm, stiffly connecting with the Drifter’s face with a loud CRACK! Elias stumbles and Jacobs runs behind him, shoving him into the padded guardrails at ringside.

Pausing for a moment to look over at Lacey, Jimmy carefully climbs onto the guardrail – and dives off, back first!


Elias is hacking and choking after the blow, the fire having already cut into his wind. Jacobs takes a moment to build his own breath before taking another chunk of Elias’ hair and dragging him closer to the flames!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ahhhh, the thought of the smell of burning flesh – reminds me of my time at the University of Michigan!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Now, just what in the hell does that mean, Scott?

Steiner does not reply – because Elias, in an effort to cease Jacobs’ hair-pulling, has grabbed his guitar from ringside and jabbed him in the lower back with it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias broke the grip on his own head with that beautiful guitar!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s a Martin D-42, Tony – it’s a $12,000 guitar!

Elias stands up and holds the guitar in his hands, admiring its beauty – but Lacey pulls it from his hands behind him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is she going to do with that guitar?!

[ Scott Steiner ] I vote she gets some sweet revenge and plays a little Smoke on the Water on his caveman ass!

Lacey begins backing away from the approaching Drifter, guitar still tightly gripped in her hands. Elias’ eyes are filled with a mix of rage and panic, knowing one of the most valuable guitars in his collection is in jeopardy.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] MY WORD! Jimmy Jacobs strikes hard with the standing shirinui and Elias is OUT of it!

Jacobs rises from his knees and looks at Lacey, already exasperated from the toll of the high flames around the ring sucking oxygen from his lungs. Lacey berates him for not finishing the job, but notices Jimmy’s eyes not on her – but on Elias’ guitar. His gaze is colder, more ruthless than it has been in years and so…

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is she doing?! She’s giving the guitar to Jacobs?

Jacobs grins and begins rummaging in his boot – finally pulling out the steel railroad spike!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jesus, no! NOT THIS!

[ Scott Steiner ] Look! It’s still got Austin Theory’s blood on it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH IT DOES NOT!

Jacobs looks at Elias and stomps him in the sternum, getting his attention before bending over and screaming in his face.


Jimmy turns and sits the guitar in the equipment, slowly setting the hollow body on fire! He raises the spike high above his head – AND DRIVES IT THROUGH THE BODY! Elias’ $12,000 guitar is being burned!

Lacey’s eyes light up evilly as Jimmy turns back to Elias – who is up and punches Jacobs in the nose, shooting blood across the aisle! Elias doesn’t wait, throwing Jimmy into the air and dropping him with a stiff powerbomb before turning his attention to the flaming guitar, his eyes narrowing with fury as he realizes what has been done.


[ Tony Schiavone ] But I didn’t say anythi—


Elias reaches to the neck of the guitar – and jerks it upwards, pulling the guitar off the spike, sending tiny burning chips of the wood everywhere!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY WORD! OH MY! That guitar is on fire – and it’s falling apart!

Lacey begins screaming for Jimmy to get up and come to – but he’s out of it! Her entire being shifts as she notices Elias – and more specifically, the absolute malice in his eyes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh…oh no…

Elias steps towards Lacey, the flaming guitar in his hands and a flat, serious frown on his face.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be absolutely the end for Lacey – her whole body could catch fire if Elias does…the unthinkable!

From behind Elias, Jimmy struggles to his feet and looks into the sparking, flickering flames before seeing Lacey around Elias’ hulking frame.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias! Don’t do this!

Knowing what must be done, Jimmy positions himself and screams “ELIASSS!” The Drifter turns around just as Jacobs throws himself backwards – right into the fire!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOD, NO!

Elias via Immolation in 6:10

Lacey avoids Elias, turning to see the insanity behind him. His flaming guitar, only narrowly avoiding Lacey, falls to the mat. Already crying, Lacey is forced to watch in horror as Jimmy falls back-first into the equipment around the ring, his back and left shoulder and bicep being burned for about two seconds in the blazing flames before attendants swarm him, covering his entire body with the extinguishing CO2!


Lacey’s eyes are immediately wide and pouring tears as medical personnel rush through the white clouds to Jacobs, covering him with damp towels from containers at ringside and signaling for emergency personnel to help! Elias, whose bandannas on his wrists caught fire from the guitar, is escorted to the medical room backstage quickly, not at all seeming the victor, but labeled one nonetheless, as the assistants and crew load Jimmy onto a stretcher, his screams echoing off every inch of the Rogers Centre.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This…this is an absolutely horrible sight, fans.

[ Scott Steiner ] I can’t lie – that shit was AWESOME! EVERY MATCH SHOULD BE A FIRE MATCH!

As Jimmy is carried to the backstage area, still screaming in pain, Lacey is openly weeping at the sickening brutality she’s witnessed, taking a brief moment to observe Jimmy’s railroad spike, still stuck in the equipment and surrounded by flames, before we fade away to the back.

Inside The Origin’s locker room, we see Adam Cole with his head in his hands, deep in thought, getting in the zone for his match later tonight. The SGW Championship rests on a chair next to him and shines brightly from the glare of the lights above.

[ Britt Baker ] Babe, you need anything?

Cole shakes her off.

[ Adam Cole ] Nah, I’m fine. I’m just ready to get this over with. I know they say not to ever have regrets, but I’m really dealing with a major one right now.

Britt’s puzzled.

[ Adam Cole ] Jeff Jarrett.

Cole runs his hands through his wet, stringy hair and sighs.

[ Adam Cole ] I shouldn’t have attacked him like that.

This comment draws the attention of Steve Corino and Arn Anderson, bringing them over to the conversation.

[ Arn Anderson ] What do you mean, son? All of this is going according to plan.

[ Steve Corino ] Minus the guitar thing at No Competition.

[ Adam Cole ] I shouldn’t have put him in a coma.

Cole stands and his entire attitude is baffling the rest of The Origin.

[ Adam Cole ] Had I known then what I know now.

[ Steve Corino ] Adam, don’t worry about it. We’re going to clean sweep tonight! Jarrett won’t be our problem anymore after tonight!

Cole waves Corino off.

[ Adam Cole ] No, you guys aren’t understanding. My regret isn’t injuring Jeff Jarrett.

A smarmy smirk is now smeared across his face.

[ Adam Cole ] My regret is not KILLING Jeff Jarrett.

He follows up.

[ Adam Cole ] Had I put that old man out of his misery at Revenge, none of this would be happening to us. There’s not another member of the Championship Committee with the balls to try to stop us! There wouldn’t be Val Venis in the main event. There wouldn’t have been a guitar hidden underneath a table. There would’ve simply been us dominating this company until the end of time.

Cole grabs the title and shows it to the rest of the group.

[ Adam Cole ] This isn’t going anywhere.. But the same cannot be said for Venis and Jarrett. I’m going to wipe them off the face of the earth tonight. And Steve, you’re going to win the WrestleBrawl match to protect the title.

[ Steve Corino ] Damn right. Taking that Golden Ticket and cashing in my demand of “Adam Cole retains the title forever.”

[ Adam Cole ] I’m not sure that’s how it works, but I like where your head’s at.

The door of the locker room explodes open with Shane Douglas coming into the locker room with a bottle of Coca Cola in one hand and the Lifetime title in another.

[ Shane Douglas ] IT’S TIME TO FUCKIN’ PARTY!

Douglas takes a few more steps inside the room, walking near the group.

[ Britt Baker ] Soda, Shane? Seriously? Don’t you know what it does to your teeth?


Douglas puts his finger on the top of the bottle and shakes it over and over. Once he removes his thumb, the soda blows all over Britt Baker until Shane turns the bottle up and dumps it all over him!

[ Britt Baker ] WHAT THE HELL?!


[ Arn Anderson ] Son, what the hell’s wrong with you?

Douglas, now drenched in sticky soda, looks deflated.

[ Adam Cole ] Shane, it’s the biggest night of my life and you want to come in here and raise hell like this? You want to dump soda all over my girl?

Cole massages his temples, trying to maintain his composure.

[ Adam Cole ] Look. I like you, Shane. I appreciate what you do for The Origin. But you know the plan. I beat Val, Steve wins WrestleBrawl.


[ Steve Corino ] Hey! Screw you, Shane! I pinned Tim Storm in a main event once!


Corino looks to Arn.

[ Steve Corino ] Can I fucking kill him now or what?

[ Arn Anderson ] Not now. I can’t believe I’m sayin’ it.. But we need ‘em.

Fed up, Cole takes charge.

[ Adam Cole ] Enough!

He grabs a towel and hands it to Britt to clean up and looks to every member of the Origin.

[ Adam Cole ] I need every person in this room to focus on one thing and ONE thing only. Me regaining this championship.

Arn nods in agreement as the others remain silent.

[ Adam Cole ] You got me? Arn’s devised this plan and that plan will NOT change and it will NOT be failed. If Jarrett wants us to fight fire with fire, then it’s time for us to burn this shithole to the ground.

[ Arn Anderson ] Finish what we started.

[ Adam Cole ] Agreed. Once we hit the clean sweep tonight, everything SGW knows and loves will be turned upside down. Their precious heroes of yesteryear, the ones who wouldn’t be here without Arn Anderson, they’ll fade away into oblivion, never to be heard from again.

Cole turns to Douglas.

[ Adam Cole ] You with it, Shane? You going to be a team player for us?


[ Adam Cole ] But this plan is nothing without ALL of us pulling the rope in the same direction. I need ya’, man.

[ Shane Douglas ] YOU NEED ME?

[ Adam Cole ] Hell yeah.

Douglas is touched.

[ Adam Cole ] None of this happens without you, buddy. So, what do you say? Go take a shower and get that crap off of you and let’s get ready to rule the world.


Cole huffs, but nods.

[ Adam Cole ] Alright, fine. What is it?


[ Steve Corino ] What the fuck?! We’ve NEVER teamed!


Cole grabs his title and raises it in the air.

[ Adam Cole ] Fine. If it makes you happy.

Douglas smashes his soda-covered championship against Cole’s, causing a loud bang as the two belts collide. Douglas is as happy as he’s ever been, while on the flip side, Cole is obviously doing whatever he can to keep their plan intact until the end of the night.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - No Time Limit

Each team gets their own entrance, coming down team-by-team until the ring is filled with twenty superstars of past and present. The fans are anxiously anticipating this one as there’s so many routes this one could go in terms of who leaves the winner. The bell sounds and Christian steps to the center of the ring, preventing everyone from moving. He takes a microphone and holds everything up.

[ Christian ] Hold on, hold on..

[ Tony Schiavone ] What’s he doing?! The match has started!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] His name is on the match, Tony! He’s wantin’ to address the people!

Everyone inside the ring, even Edge, looks frustrated at Christian.

[ Christian ] Nobody move. Guys, we’re going to let you all have your match for contendership, but before we get going, I want to remind you all while we’re here. Edge and I, we are here to eliminate Demolition. If anyone else touches them, you are fired!

Everyone nods.

[ Christian ] Now that we have that established, I want to go over the ground rules with everyone. The first rule of this match..

Christian spikes the microphone over Smash’s head and dumps him over the top rope! The fans gasp in shock of it coming out of nowhere, but aren’t given any time to comprehend as Edge and Christian jump Ax and push him into a corner. Edge chokes Ax with one hand and runs his forearm across the bridge of his nose.

[ Christian ] Is that there are no rules! THIS IS WRESTLEBRAWL!

Edge grabs Ax out of the corner, whips him into the ropes, SPEAR! Edge throws Ax’s helpless body over the top rope as Christian looks proud of what they’ve done.


Christian marches around the ring after Demolition is gone. Finally, after eighteen years, the demon of Demolition has been vanquished for Edge and Christian.

ELIMINATED: Demolition

[ Christian ] Well Edge, one more thing and our jobs here are done.. Bring me.. The Dudley Boyz!

Bubba Ray and D-Von get face-to-face with Edge and Christian, giving us a hostile stare down from the two most decorated tag teams in SGW history.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a moment! Two Hall of Fame teams standin’ eye ta’ eye!

Christian begins motioning to the crowd.

[ Christian ] C’mon everyone! FIGHT FOR-EV-ER! FIGHT FOR-EV-ER!

Christian even claps along with the token fan chant, but the crowd really doesn’t play along.

[ Christian ] C’mon, dammit!

Bubba Ray and D-Von jump Edge, knocking him to the ground as Christian looks on. Turning their attention to Christian, a double clothesline sends Christian over the top rope, landing hard on the outside! Edge rushes at them, hitting both Dudleyz so hard that the force sends all three men tumbling over the top rope, landing on Christian!

ELIMINATED: Edge and Christian

ELIMINATED: The Dudley Boyz

[ Nigel McGuinness ] All of that plannin’.. Namin’ the match.. All of it..

Nigel sighs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And they were outlasted by Tha Tru Warriorz!

With all of the attention on the outside, we miss the ensuing brawl inside the ring with the fourteen other men. With the action getting hot and heavy, we have our next elimination with both members of oVe being chokeslammed over the top rope by Sid Vicious!


A faint “SID!” chant begins as the former Tag Champion looks invigorated. As he turns around, he’s greeted by a running knee strike from Matt Riddle, sending him over the top rope! As Buff Bagwell dives off the top rope on the other side of the ring, he’s hit with a double super kick from the Young Bucks! Danhausen finds himself brawling back and forth with Chuck Taylor as Vincent and Paul London try their best to to dump the Blue Meanie, but their efforts proves unsuccessful.


Chuck Taylor hits an Awful Waffle on Danhausen while Buff Bagwell is tossed over the top by Matt Jackson.

ELIMINATED: Tha Tru Warriorz

Halfway through, things get interesting when Al Snow and Matt Riddle find themselves trading blows on the apron, each man narrowly escaping getting knocked off by the other. SUPER KICKS! Snow and Riddle are staggering. SUPER KICKS! SUPER KICKS! Danhausen springs off the ropes and dives at them, but they drop to their knees as he makes it to the ropes and flies over the top! Danhausen is gone! Trent? grabs Nick Jackson in a Half-Nelson as Chuck comes around Soul Food/Half-n-Half! Matt leaves Snow and Riddle to focus on saving Nick.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Riddle and Al Snow have dodged a bullet!

Vincent hits a basement drop kick on Riddle, sending him to the floor and shoves Al Snow off, eliminating them both! His victory is short lived as Blue Meanie tosses him over the top rope!

ELIMINATED: Horrifichausen

Back inside, Paul London is the odd man out as we’re down to our final four teams, but he’s the only one without a partner. So Paul London does what it takes to survive. He slides out of the ring and crawls underneath without anyone noticing… but immediately springs back out with a horrified look on his face. He crawls back into the ring and curls up in the corner like he’s seen a ghost.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What the hell in wrong wit’ Paul London?

[ Scott Steiner ] How much fuckin’ time you got?

Our question is answered as Orange Cassidy barrel rolls out from underneath the ring, his hands in his pockets the entire time. He springs to his feet and then rolls into the ring.

And keeps rolling.

And rolling.

And he rolls all the way across the ring, out to the other side.


The distraction works as Chuck and Trent? use it to hit a double drop kick on Blue Meanie, sending him back into the ropes, and with the Bucks’ help, all four men dump him to the outside!


Chuck and Trent? extend their arms and march towards one another for a hug, because you GOT to give the people what they want! Upon hugging, the camera dramatically zooms out, giving us the Okada camera shot. Their hug is short lived as the Bucks wreck each member with a super kick. Matt grabs Chuck and hits a steamroller as Nick climbs up top - 450! Matt quickly follows with a moonsault! More Bang for Your Buck! SHOOTING STAR FROM PAUL LONDON OUT OF NOWHERE FROM THE OTHER TURNBUCKLE! You can audibly hear Chuck screaming in agony on the mat, the words “FUCK ME” echoing. Trent? is back up and clotheslines Nick Jackson over the top rope! Paul London hits a dropkick on Matt and lands on top of Chuck in one fluid motion! Trent? then clotheslines Matt over the top!

ELIMINATED: The Young Bucks

London pumps his fists and seeks a high five from Trent? for their job well done. With Chuck slow to his feet, Trent? looks at London confusingly, mouthing “whose side are you on?” Superkick from Trent? and a low blow from Chuck! Chuck clutches his ribs and points to London, “I punched you in your dick because there’s no more Bucks left to do it to!” Trent? picks London up and tosses him over the top, immediately hugging Chuck.. London skins the cat and enters the ring! He bounces off the ropes and hits a flying double clothesline! The Best Friends are back up and he does it again! Standing Shooting Star to Trent?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Paul London is fighting like hell in this one as we’re down to the final two teams! It’s two-on-one and he’s trying to pull the upset!

London body slams Chuck and eats a forearm shot from Trent? Half-Nelson! London rolls over and pulls himself up into the corner. Trent? charges and London leapfrogs over but gets caught by Chuck Taylor, who hits a big sidewalk slam! The momentum is ended for London, allowing Trent? and Chuck to embrace in the middle of the ring with a big hug!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Forget social distancin’, these two are the best of friends!

[ Scott Steiner ] Is that some sorta’ code word?!


[ Scott Steiner ] Not that there’s anything wrong with that! In the 80s, Big Poppa Pump made love to many women, oftentimes in the mud and the rain. It’s possible a man slipped in.. There ain’t no way to know!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well I-

[ Scott Steiner ] THERE AIN’T!

With the Best Friends still hugging, Paul London gets to his feet and dropkicks Chuck into Trent?, sending them both down. He quickly picks Chuck up and tosses him over the top, but Chuck lands on the apron. With Chuck to his feet, London springs off the middle rope and hits a roundhouse kick, sending Chuck to the floor! With Trent? still down, London hops over the ropes to the apron, immediately hops back in, bounces off the middle rope, and hits a moonsault on Trent?! London drapes himself over the top rope, exhausted, but he pumps his fists. He can feel the momentum.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We’re down to the final two! Paul London eliminated the two-on-one advantage, but can he do it?

London drags himself to the top rope and he flies off, SHOOTING STAR PRE- NO! Trent? rolls out of the way! Trent? picks London up and hurls him over the top rope, but London attempts to skin the cat! Halfway back up, Trent? hits a running boot to London’s face, causing him to let go of the rope and drop to a heap on the arena floor! The Best Friends have done it!

The Best Friends via Elimination in 9:45

Orange Cassidy rolls into the ring and gives a half-hearted thumbs up as Chuck also rejoins the group. Chuck and Trent? hug Orange Cassidy as the fans roar. We have new number one contenders to the SGW World Tag Team Championship!

The scene in the trainers’ room, temporarily made over into an emergency medical facility, is dire.

Tension weighs in the air like thick, black smoke. Medical workers and backstage attendants dance around the two beds, crowding and dissipating the scene and flickering on and off the screen. Eventually, we get a closer look at the two trainer’s tables made up as beds and the chair seated between them.

The left bed is a bit more tranquil, as Elias is having his arm attended to for the singes and minor burns he suffered from holding his flaming guitar. His eyes are closed but he appears to be relatively pain-free.

In the center of the screen, seated between the two beds but leaned, crying towards the right, is Lacey. Her eyeliner is streaming down her cheeks in a jagged way and her eyes are puffy from the constant crying. She is trembling from the shock of the violence she witnessed earlier in the evening and is seemingly beside herself with guilt or grief.

A few more medical personnel leave the frame and we see Jimmy Jacobs, lying face down on the right-side trainer’s table. His back has been padded with gauze, though the red splattered pattern of the burn is still visible beneath. His hair, singed at the ends, is soaking wet, as is his entire upper body, in some sort of too-little, too-late method of delaying the pain Jacobs is clearly feeling.

Or was.


She freezes.


As she asks no one in particular, a team of EMTs rush into the room and begin loading Jacobs onto a gurney, attaching a bag of sodium chloride to his undamaged right arm and doing their best not to further damage his broken body. As the team lifts, Lacey shoots up out of the chair and begins asking them for information.

[ Lacey ] Please, please, please – help him, you have to help my client.

[ EMT ] Ma’am, we’re planning to help him as best we can.

[ Lacey ] He isn’t moving! You’re doing a real shit job!

The EMT rolls his eyes and scoffs at her as his team finishes placing Jacobs on the gurney. We realize that Jimmy has been unconscious for the entirety of our viewing as attendants have to stop him from lying onto his own arm at a harsh angle.

[ EMT ] Ma’am, he is unconscious. He will be for a day or so. He’s not in good shape…as I’m sure you know.

Enormous tears fall from Lacey’s eyes as she hangs her head in shame and sorrow.

[ Lacey ] …can…can I come with him?

The EMT nods towards the door and holds his arm out for Lacey to follow the quickly moving gurney. Our camera turns to follow Jimmy’s blackened face. Lacey and the final paramedic run down the hallway, catching up as a commotion re-fills the trainers’ room behind us.

[ Charly Caruso ] Elias…? Elias? Can you speak to us, please?

The camera spins back and we see the newest SGW Broadcaster saddling up beside Elias’ bed, watching him through concerned eyes as he opens his own, slowly.

[ Elias ] …mmm…Hello…<cough>…

Elias turns his head and coughs again, straightening up on the table.

[ Elias ] …Hello, I am Elias.

Charly sort of nods confusedly and looks back to her subject.

[ Charly Caruso ] Err…yes. Anyway, Elias…we know you took part in that grizzly affair earlier, but you’re also scheduled to compete in the WrestleBrawl match later tonight.

Elias nods as she continues.

[ Charly Caruso ] We know you must be in considerable pain, but with a match and an opportunity like WrestleBrawl ahead of you…I must ask, Elias – can you compete?

The Drifter closes his eyes again, slowly opening them and looking into the distance.

[ Elias ] …Charly…tonight, I got to feel the heat of the crowd and the heat of the roaring flame. Tonight, I heard the sparks of their enthusiasm with the sparks from the fire. At WrestleBrawl 3, I made history with Jimmy Jacobs, just as I make history each night. Tonight, Charly, I performed…as I always do…as I am the Most Iconic Performer in Solid Gold Wrestling.

Elias looks back at Charly and pauses as she squints her eyes slightly.

[ Elias ] …Charly, you know this is the largest night in the years-long history of Solid Gold Wrestling?

[ Charly Caruso ] I do, Elias, yes.

[ Elias ] I will do exactly what is expected of me, Charly – I will perform. And in my encore performance tonight, I vow to win the WrestleBrawl Match.

Elias looks back towards nothing in particular and speaks again.

[ Elias ] Because when I do, I will win the Golden Ticket…and with it? I’ll compose something that will change this world…forever.

Elias smiles, sinking back into the trainers’ table and allowing the medical staff to begin wrapping his forearm as we fade away.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The match is pandemonium before it even reaches the ring! During Hana Kimura's entrance, Barbie Blank attacked her from behind with a kendo stick while wearing a full hazmat suit! The fans erupted in boos as Hana went down to all fours on the stage! Barbie Blank continued to lay into Hana with the kendo stick, lashing her across the back repeatedly as Mike Chioda left the ring and charged up the ramp to begin officiating the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a classless fiend, this Barbie Blank!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has been quite the puzzling rivalry, Tony. These women debuted on the same night against one another at Total Destruction! We witnessed Barbie Blank barely eek out the victory by count out... which seemed to send Hana Kimura into a fit of rage! The fans didn't quite understand, I don't think... the cultural differences, the level of humiliation that Hana Kimura felt because of that loss... it left fans confused and caused them to embrace Barbie Blank until her vile, true colors were exposed soon after!

[ Tony Schiavone ] To say the waters are muddy in regards to this rivalry would be an understatement, Nigel. What began as a battle for honor has turned into... well, Hana Kimura defending herself from... possibly the most ignorant woman who has ever walked into Solid Gold Wrestling! I mean, look at how she's dressed! Disgusting and disrespectful!

Hana rolls over onto her back and begins kicking at Barbie's mid-section, fending off further attacks from the kendo stick. She finally lands a solid blow into Barbie's stomach, causing her to back up, clutching her stomach in pain. Hana returns to her feet, red welts across her shoulders and back. Barbie tries to swing the kendo stick again but Hana catches it under her arm and punches Barbie right in the face! Barbie goes down on the stage and Hana grabs two handfuls of the hazmat suit and begins ripping it off of Barbie, shredding it until it's in tatters!

[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH, TAKE IT OFF!

Underneath the hazmat suit, Barbie is literally in lingerie! She's lying on the stage, scrambling away from Hana Kimura with genuine fear in her eyes, wearing nothing but her underwear and a hazmat mask! Hana Kimura is raging out as the fans go wild!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Why wouldn't she wear gear under the hazmat suit!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You... you haven't been paying attention to Barbie Blank's behavior, have you?

Hana Kimura picks up the kendo stick and nails Barbie across the stomach with it and she immediately welts up with a bruise forming. Barbie cries out in pain as the fans chant "WHOOP THAT TRICK" over and over. Barbie tries to crawl away on all fours and Hana kicks her in the ass, sending her sprawling forward on the ramp. Barbie begins rolling down the ramp comically in her bra, panties, and hazmat mask. Hana holds up the kendo stick and the fans cheer as she follows Barbie down to ringside. Barbie stops rolling at the apron and Hana kicks her in the side, causing her to roll over onto her stomach. Hana places the kendo stick beneath Barbie's chin and begins violently choking her! Barbie grasps at her throat and her eyes bug out as Hana continues pulling back, planting her knee in Barbie's back for extra torque.

[ Tony Schiavone ] By God, she's gonna kill her!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Barbie Blank has been the source of so much controversy since she came to Solid Gold Wrestling. She's offended all manner of races, minorities, body types, sexual orientations... you name it, she's spit on it! She's finally getting her comeuppance and the fans are bloody here for it, living vicariously through Hana Kimura!

Hana releases the choke and rips the hazmat mask off Barbie. She grabs a handful of her hair and flips her over, spitting in her face before pulling her up to her feet and slinging her under the bottom rope. Barbie rolls to the center of the ring and Hana throws the apron up, digging around for weapons. She finds a long chain and wads it up before tossing it under the bottom rope. She looks around some more and finds a steel chair, sliding it into the ring as well. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, ready to see where all this goes... and then Hana reaches under the ring and finds... A SAI!? Hana smiles and climbs onto the apron, gripping the sai tightly in her hand. She steps through the ropes and advances on Barbie, who is still lying face down and cradling her head, trying to protect herself from further punishment. Hana plants her knee in Barbie's  back once again and yanks her head up by her hair... before digging the point of the sai into Barbie's hairline, drawing blood!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! So this is that kinda' match, huh!? Fuck! You two are supposed to warn me when this shit's about to go down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] How... how are we supposed t' know the extent these women will go t' hurt one another?!

Hana discards the sai, tossing it to the side and pulls back on Barbie's hair, really wrenching it as blood pours down her face! The fans are going nuts as Hana takes out weeks of frustration on Blank. Finally, Hana shoves Barbie's face down and rubs her face into the mat, leaving bloody streaks on the canvas. Hana stands and looms over Barbie, breathing heavily. The fans begin chanting "PLEASE DON'T STOP" over and over. Hana stomps across the ring before picking up the chain. Meanwhile, Mike Chioda is beginning the ten count... ONE! TWO! Barbie Blank isn't moving at all. THREE! FOUR! She's still face down on the mat... FIVE! SIX! Hana returns to Barbie's body and breaks the count by wrapping the chain around Barbie's neck, making sure it's good and tight. Hana begins dragging Barbie across the ring, toward the ropes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's she doing, Nigel!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm scared t' even venture a guess, Tony!

Barbie is being dragged on all fours for a moment before she finally grabs the chain with both hands and tries to pull back. Hana won't be denied and Barbie yanks the chain, pulling Hana forward into a kick to the stomach from Barbie's bare foot! Hana doubles over and Barbie returns to her feet, blood pouring down her face. She takes two handfuls of the chain and nails Hana across the back with a double axe handle! Hana goes down to one knee and Barbie smiles, raising the wad of chains again as the fans begin chanting "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" at her! Barbie looks around, appearing genuinely hurt for a fleeting moment... allowing Hana to yank the chain, causing Barbie to stagger awkwardly toward the ropes... where Hana dumps her over the top rope... HANGING HER IN THE PROCESS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOODNESS! NO!

Hana plants her foot on the middle rope and pulls back on the chain, choking Barbie Blank to death as Mike Chioda looks on in horror! The bloodthirsty fans are loving it, continuing to chant "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" at the struggling competitor! Her feet are barely able to touch the floor but Hana continues to wrench back on the chain, willing to end this woman once and for all who has harassed her for over a month now!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Mike Chioda should put a stop to this! End the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The match can't end until the ten count has been registered!

The fans are cheering loudly as Hana continues to choke out Barbie with the chain. Finally, Hana lets go and Barbie falls limp to the floor. Hana climbs out of the ring and heaves Barbie up onto the apron, shoving her inside the ring. Hana climbs onto the apron and steps through the ropes. Hana lets Mike Chioda count up to seven before Barbie begins to stir. Hana isn't taking any chances! She snatches Barbie up off the mat... TIGER LILY! RIGHT ON HER NECK! Hana rolls back to her feet and stands over Barbie's body, swaying her hips and making sexy poses! The fans count along as Mike Chioda counts to ten, signaling the end of the match!

Hana Kimura via 10-Count in 10:57

Hana smiles, satisfied with the damage she's done. The fans are cheering but those cheers suddenly turn to boos! Hana looks confused for a moment but before she can figure out what's going on, she's blasted from behind with a steel chair... from Becky Lynch! The boos become deafening as Becky stands over Hana with the chair, a smug look on her face. Shayna Baszler slides into the ring, a sinister smirk on her face. Hana Kimura struggles back up to one knee, looking from Shayna to Becky, a confused look on her face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's going on here!? I thought... I thought those were her partners!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I do believe there was some sort of alliance between these three ladies, bankrolled by the devious Ted Dibiase... but it would appear that alliance has expired!

[ Scott Steiner ] Never trust a man who manages two jabronis dressed up like ice cream cones! Say what you will about anything else that happens on this fucked up show but those ice cream punks are straight-up outlaw bullshit! THEY'RE TRASH!

As Hana looks up at Becky, favoring her back, Becky pulls back... AND NAILS HANA RIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR! Hana goes down, unconscious in the center of the ring! The boos are causing the building to shake and they become impossibly louder once Ted Dibiase walks out onto the stage with a disappointed look on his face. He slowly makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in his hand as EMTs rush toward the ring, running past him. He walks up the steps and then steps through the ropes. The EMTs quickly get the scantily clad, horribly wounded Barbie Blank out of the ring and up the ramp, out of sight. Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler look down at Hana Kimura as Dibiase approaches.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is certainly ominous... what are we witnessing right now?!

Dibiase looks down at Hana and raises the microphone.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Kid, I really hoped it wouldn't come to this... but when I hired you to be a part of this organization... my organization... I expected you to fall in line and do whatever it takes to bring me money... and gold!

The fans boo loudly, already knowing where this is going.

[ Ted Dibiase ] But instead, you've brought me nothing but disappointment and frustration! You're obsessed with teaching this... talentless nitwit a lesson! And why!? Because she was mean to you!? Because you were disrespected?! Sure, you won the match but what do I get out of it?! Nothing! That's what! Let me make something perfectly clear, Hana Kimura!

Shayna Baszler pulls Kimura up into a seated position, wrapping her arm around Hana's throat to keep her in place. Hana's eyelids flutter, still quite out of it. Dibiase leans down, getting in Hana's face.

[ Ted Dibiase ] I don't care about your reputation and I damn sure don't care about your feelings! You are nothing but an investment... and you've yielded me... NO RESULTS! Unacceptable! Unacceptable, I say! You've left me no choice... effective immediately, your contract?!

Spittle flies from his mouth as he shouts.


Dibiase drops the microphone and gestures toward Shayna and Becky, ordering them to "finish her off!" The fans boo loudly as Shayna and Becky prepare to go back to work, ending this experiment with Hana Kimura once and for all!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a scumbag! What an evil... evil person, that Ted Dibiase!

Before Shayna and Becky can do anymore damage, however, Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox emerge from the back and sprint down the ramp! They both slide under the bottom rope! Dakota Kai immediately boots Shayna Baszler right in the face, knocking her flat on her back and sending her rolling out of the ring! Ted Dibiase escapes through the ropes and begins hightailing it up the ramp! Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox trade punches before Dakota Kai joins in! They whip Becky into the ropes and nail her with a double clothesline! Becky rolls out of the ring, and joins Shayna and Dibiase as they leave up the ramp, pissed!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here's Team Kick! That's what you get, Dibiase! He is certainly reaping what he's sewn here tonight!

[ Scott Steiner ] Somebody get Dibiase outta' here! He's turnin' this event into a god damn clown show!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like Hana Kimura might have finally found some friends she can rely on!

Kimura is stirring but unable to stand on her own. Tegan and Dakota help her to her feet and assist her toward the ropes. The fans give Kimura a standing ovation as she's helped out of the ring and up the ramp. She's visibly in pain, sobbing with an... angry look on her face as they reach the entrance way. Hana turns to look out at the grateful fans and huffs. With a parting shot of Team Kick standing on either side of the victorious Kimura, we fade out.

Backstage, the cameras catch up with Tim Storm, who is very carefully walking, grimacing in pain with every step he takes. He’s battered and in a rough shape after his match earlier tonight, but has recovered enough for a quick shower and a change in clothes. Storm is dragging his rolling suitcase behind him, heading towards the arena’s exit. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees someone that stops him dead in his tracks.

[ Tim Storm ] Danielson got me pretty good tonight. They checked me out and think I have a concussion and won’t let me go in the WrestleBrawl match later tonight. The doc told me to go to the hotel and get some rest. You know, for the last few months, I’ve fought like hell and it’s really catching up with me.

Storm can’t believe he actually said those words out loud. After hearing them and letting it register, he shakes it off that reality like some sort of a bad dream.

He reaches into the breast pocket of his gray suit and pulls out a slip of paper and hands it to whoever he's speaking to. Storm's internal battle is hard to watch unfold in front of us as he simply doesn't have any answers for what's all of a sudden occurring with him.

[ Tim Storm ] I don’t know.. I don’t know what to say right now so I’m not going to get too deep into it. I want to talk it over and figure out what’s best moving forward.

He looks at the person off-camera he’s talking to.

[ Tim Storm ] Here. Take this. It’s number fifteen, smack dab in the middle.

Storm nods, at peace with his decision.

[ Tim Storm ] I’ll reach out to you in a couple of days.

With that, Storm grabs the handle of his suitcase and continues heading for the exit as the camera never reveals who Storm was talking to this entire time. Whoever it is is now in possession of Storm’s #15 entry into the WrestleBrawl match!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

The arena is tense, yet excited for the lunacy to come as the bell rings, starting the ladder match for custody of Jason Jordan. The ‘child’ in question is seated at ringside, in a simple folding chair and looking absolutely miserable that all of the madness of the year has led to this.

Inside the ring, Kurt is steely-eyed, his in-ring intensity slowly overtaking the bumbling visage we’ve seen since he brought Jason into Solid Gold Wrestling in 2019. The Olympian is in complete control of his emotions – perhaps dangerously so, grinding his mouthguard as he tenses his muscles in the corner, finally striding forward.

His opponent, Michael Jordan, is in an entirely new element, but seems to be at home within the squared circle. ‘His Airness’ is wearing a traditional basketball outfit, crafted from the customary polyester and mesh, but with more spandex to accommodate for the rigorous in-ring action he is set for. His high-tops are laced tightly as he works his shoulders and arms, walking up to meet Angle in the center of the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this could be one of the most emotionally charged matches we have ever seen in the History of this Business…and I’m not even sure WHAT we will end up seeing.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, Michael Jordan is an all-time great athlete – but THIS! PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING – is Kurt Angle’s game. On the basketball court, the baseball field, perhaps other arenas of athletics, Jordan may be the favorite – but this is a different feel.

[ Scott Steiner ] I’m with you, Jeremy Corbyn – but look at Angle! He’s takin’ his eyes off the prize!

Angle takes a moment to break his sightline on Jordan and looks up above them both, to the steel Halliburton briefcase containing the custody papers for Jason Jordan.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Or…maybe, Scott…he’s focusing on the prize.

Standing between the men, referee Rick Knox is glancing back and forth, not sure what to expect from this matchup, but suddenly, Michael Jordan absolutely leathers Angle with a huge slap across the face!


Angle slowly turns toward Michael Jordan, glaring daggers into his soul as Toronto implodes. You see, this isn’t the Kurt Angle packing picnics to make happy. This isn’t the Kurt Angle reminiscing about sexual conquests with absolute strangers. This isn’t even the Kurt Angle fighting for custody in a courtroom.

This Kurt Angle is the Wrestling Machine, decimating everything in his path towards taking undisputed custody of his son.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH MY GOD, KURT ANGLE!


Angle uncorks from his meaty lower half, taking Jordan to the ground and quickly transitioning into a nasty leg lock with a grapevine, cinching tighter on the NBA Legend’s left leg! Toronto roars excitedly as Michael fights against the Olympian’s well-practiced grip, scrambling towards the ropes for reprieve – but not before Angle transitions, standing and dragging Jordan’s ankle over his head and pulling him to his feet – Fireman’s Carrying him to the ground before emphasizing his clear mat advantage by continually shifting position, then paint-brushing Jordan once emphatically to another huge pop!

[ Scott Steiner ] NOW THAT’S HOW YOU EMBARRASS A SORRY BASTARD! Hell of a job from Angle’s stupid ass!

Kurt stands, no smile in sight, but a serious glare etched onto his face as Jordan’s drops into a shocked O. Knox encourages Jordan to stand and fight and to his credit, the NBA Legend does so, circling with Angle. Jordan’s eyes meet those of Jason on the floor and he smiles, sending a very tiny reciprocation smirk onto the boy’s face. Michael turns back towards Kurt, who is already snatching him by the wrist and bending his arm unnaturally!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WRISTLOCK! TEXTBOOK!


[ Scott Steiner ] He’s retired, you ignorant shit! Don’t you watch SportsCenter?!

Tony chuckles to himself and spits loudly as Angle expertly maneuvers into a side headlock, Tiger spinning into a waist lock and through into another side headlock.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ha ha! Of course! I was…only testing Nigel here!

Kurt positions himself into another waist lock and Jordan pulls Knox in, explaining the pain his wrist is in to the official, who is powerless to stop the contest! Angle continues to muscle Jordan, but the basketball player’s grip is on Knox, leaving the Olympian unable to suplex his opponent. Jordan strikes quickly, throwing his left leg up and striking Angle with a low blow to release the hold!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hey! Low blow!!

Jordan quickly pops Angle with a stiff right hand, and he falls to the mat, curiously clutching his lower abdomen. The NBA Legend waves to the fans in Toronto, smiling – but THE SIX IS WISE TO HIS SHIT AND BOO HIS SORRY ASS!

Michael waves off the massive number of fans and looks down to Jason, smiling and waving to the child he seeks to adopt for scrupulous means. Jason looks up at Michael, pantomiming a difficult dribbling drill to impress his potential ‘son’ – but to no avail! Jason is simply too torn emotionally to let this nonsensical basketball skill-showing affect him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I understand that the winner’s relationship with the boy is crucial, but Michael Jordan needs to focus on this match! His opponent is too dangerous to ignore!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, too damn late!

Kurt is on the move, sliding a ladder silently into the ring as Toronto roars excitedly! Michael looks up and points to the fans, telling Jason ‘they like it!’ as Kurt sets up the ladder, slowly beginning to climb!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Kurt Angle isn’t the spring chicken he once was – and while it’s admirable that he could get this far, even, he took a shot…err…his…lower…ummm…

[ Scott Steiner ] Jordan kicked him in the cock! NO FUCKIN’ HONOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yes, thank you, Scott!

Jordan finally realizes that something is up and turns, seeing Angle halfway up the ladder and runs into action as Toronto encourages Kurt to climb faster! His Airness is too quick, and pulls Angle off the ladder, popping him with a big right cross!

Angle manages to stay on his feet and looks for a hold, but Jordan dodges and connects with a body shot, leveling Kurt again! Angle is doing his best to fight off the attack, but Jordan donkey punches him in the base of the neck again! Finally on his knees, Jordan runs off the ropes and leaps, planting a huge sneaker into the side of Angle’s face and sending him to the mat in a clump!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Sticking and moving is a great strategy for Jordan here – he’s not going to be able to outwrestle Angle, so why bother?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I agree with that strategy, Nigel, but it sure seems like Jordan wants to impress Jason instead of finish the contest, doesn’t it?

Michael slides under the bottom rope and begins fidgeting with something under the ring – finally pulling out a table! Toronto roars excitedly as Jordan muscles the edifice into the ring and erects it, looking at Angle and laughing before stomping him twice in the ribs and kicking him in the side of the head, near the ear!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I have absolutely no idea what Michael Jordan is thinking here, gentlemen – but there’s no stopping him! There’s no disqualifications here, there’s nothing to stop him from enacting each evil action he wants on Kurt Angle!

Jordan steps onto the apron carefully and begins to climb up the turnbuckles as Toronto roars excitedly, not sure what in the world could be coming next. The NBA Legend stands up, careful to mind his balance on the top rope before looking down at Kurt with contempt…then over to Jason, raising his eyebrows to non-verbally say “check this out!” and leaps!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY WORD!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get the hell out of here!

Jordan sticks his tongue out, hand outstretched before him in the all-too-familiar pose before connecting with Kurt – leaping OVER the table completely – in a gorgeous splash from the top turnbuckle! Toronto cannot believe the athleticism Jordan displayed with the maneuver but are still wildly in opposition to him winning this match – unfortunately, the move they applaud is putting Jordan in even better position to win – and he turns his attention to the still-standing ladder beside him in the ring. Michael looks to the ladder and begins climbing it slowly, taking his time to firmly establish his feet with each rung.

Now three-fourths of the way to the Haliburton hanging above the ring, Michael looks down into the eyes of the boy who could soon be his son – but Jason isn’t smiling back! The young man’s face is scrunched in a blend of confusion, sadness and fear, looking back at Michael, who is now very confused and can be seen saying “what’s wrong? Isn’t this what you want, kid? To be happy?!”

Before Jason can reply in any way, a coughing is heard from over a microphone!

[ Kurt Angle ] <coughing> Michael…! Michael, please…please, Michael, no.

The camera looks as Kurt begins clawing to the second rung of the latter, still completely grounded but doing everything he can to reach Jordan. Michael, meanwhile, is smiling down at Kurt with nothing but evil in his eyes. Angle is forcing himself up to his knees, struggling up the ladder on his knees and speaking into the microphone through broken, weary breaths.

[ Kurt Angle ] I’ll do anything, Michael! …anything!

Angle snorts hard, the emotion of the entire affair getting to him as Toronto begin screaming for him to climb further. Michael tilts his head, still smiling at Kurt, not sure what’s happening.

[ Kurt Angle ] You can win the match, Michael!

Angle is still very slowly working his way up the rungs of the ladder as he speaks, now struggling with the pain his body is in and a slowly-breaking heart as he pleads with Jordan above him

[ Kurt Angle ] <broken> I’ll leave…wrestling…SGW…forever…I’ll give you…everything…

Angle is fully crying, begging with his life as the Toronto fans encourage him to fight on, nearly to Jordan’s level on the ladder.

[ Kurt Angle ] …I’ll give you my Olympic Gold Medal, Michael…whatever you want…

Angle finally has clawed his way to go face-to-face with Jordan atop the ladder and his puffy, tear-stained cheeks are red as he looks deeply into the eyes of the man he has been at odds with for months.

[ Kurt Angle ] …please, Michael…let me have my son…please let me have my boy.

Kurt cries, sitting the microphone atop the ladder and hangs his head, at a loss but still willing to give anything to win the match. On the floor, Jason is crying, not sure what to think as Michael lifts the microphone slowly and nods.

[ Michael Jordan ] …aww, Kurt…

AND JORDAN SLAMS ANGLE’S FACE INTO THE TOP OF THE LADDER! The NBA Legend holds Angle’s head in place like a basketball as he sneers around the arena, speaking again into the microphone.

[ Michael Jordan ] I already HAVE an Olympic Gold Medal, you stupid bastard! I can’t believe you’d be so PATHETIC…to beg? You’re supposed to be a killer! You’re supposed to be a legend! But you’re no legend, Kurt…you’re a pathetic, whimpering bastard…you’re broken – just like your family!

Toronto is infuriated, screaming at Jordan, but he carries on undeterred.

[ Michael Jordan ] BROKEN! Just like your weak neck in ’96, Angle! <laughs> And you know what?? I’m gonna break your FREAKIN’ NECK AGAIN, KURT! RIGHT NOW! And when I’m done, you won’t be able to do anything but WATCH while I take MY SON, JASON JORDAN, and let him make my family money for the rest of our lives!

Jordan throws the microphone away and positions himself as the crowd being panicking in the stands and the commentary team follows suit.

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! GOD ALMIGHTY, NO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

Michael is, though – and leaps off the ladder with Angle between his legs, flipping forward – WITH THE CHICAGO DESTROYER! Jordan and Angle crash through the table in a heap, Toronto screaming and hollering at the lunacy they’ve just witnessed as Angle immediately clutches his neck and Jordan grins – eyes clenched shut tightly.

[ Scott Steiner ] NOW I’ve fuckin’ seen it all, man! That shit was crazy! And most importantly – KURT ANGLE’S BALD ASS IS DEAD!

As the competitors lay still for a moment, Jordan begins inching up on his elbows, breathing deeply as Knox attends to Angle, who still has not released the hold on his neck! Michael uses the ladder to steady himself and stands up, beginning to climb up the ladder again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans…this could be it.

Before Schiavone can get too far into the descriptives, Colt Cabana charges through the curtain and slides into the ring to a massive pop from the Toronto crowd. Surprisingly, Cabana does not acknowledge the reaction and is serious faced as he places a hand on Michael’s arm and speaks! Through the ring mics, we can just barely hear him asking Michael to “reconsider this” and “settle the whole thing outside the ring, please!”

Outside the ring, Jason is fully crying, unsure how in the world to feel but completely against the level of violence this has reached. Kurt is still clinging to his neck as Michael shakes his head ‘no’ and continues to climb the ladder! Finally given no other alternative, Cabana sighs deeply and applies a waist lock, pulling Jordan down from the ladder to a big pop! Michael is incredulous but Colt firmly explains to him that this is unacceptable – but MICHAEL ASSURES HIM IT IS WITH A PUNCH TO THE GROIN!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO HONOR, DAMMIT!

Michael steps over Colt and again begins the trek up the ladder as Toronto screams out in protest! Jordan steps up one rung and looks to make another step up – but Cabana has his ankle in his grip! Colt Cabana is fighting through the pain and has Michael stopped for the moment! Jordan looks down, furiously, and spits on Colt! Jason wails out for Michael to stop, but he ignores his cries and goes to step up the ladder again!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dammit, Colt Cabana’s heart won’t let his friend be hurt by this man! He’s defended Kurt in court and now he’s doing everything to stop Michael Jordan from winning!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s a true friend! That’s a true friend! OH MY GOD, NO! NO WAY! Dennis Rodman is here!

Sure enough, Rodzilla runs down the aisle, clad in head-to-toe Zebra print and slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand! Still refusing to let go of Michael’s ankle, Cabana looks at Rodman and nods, smirking, seemingly accepting that ‘whatever may be, may be.’ Rodman flips Cabana the bird and charges, steel chair overhead and ready to strike!!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] OHHHH MYYY GODDD!



Rodman points his long, tattooed finger into Jason’s face and begins screaming obscenities – but Jason won’t flinch! Michael screams for Jason to please go and sit down and for Rodman to stop screaming at him – but neither is ready to comply!


Rodman steps closer and gets into Jason’s face, the ring mics barely picking up his sneered words: “Get outta here boy, before you shit your stupid pants again…” Jason’s eyes sink to the mat as his entire mood is sank with it, Rodman laughing to himself and turning his attention back to Cabana…



Michael, now completely annoyed, steps off the ladder and steps on the back of Colt’s neck to walk up to Jason, who is shocked at this action! Michael straightens Jason’s face, holding it in his hands and speaks loudly. “Jason – get out of this ring RIGHT NOW! I’ve had enough interruptions – I’ve had enough trouble – I’ve wasted enough time with this!” Toronto is pissed as Michael points at the chair outside the ring. “GO! SIT DOWN AND WATCH YOUR DADDY WIN THIS MATCH!”

Jason looks sadly towards the chair, then to Kurt Angle, still grabbing his neck on the mat – and shakes his head ‘no’ to an absolute landfall of cheers from Toronto! Michael places his hand on Jason’s neck, wrenching him severely as the Six boos horribly! Michael cocks his fist and lifts it high over Jason’s head!

“You little bastard!” Michael yells to Jason, “YOU! WILL! OBEY! YOUR! DADDYYYAHHH!”



Kurt is absolutely animalistic, throwing Michael overhead with another staggering German and maintaining control of his opponent, popping up to his feet again and positioning himself with his back to the ladder – and Germans Michael again! The high angle leaves Jordan colliding with the ladder neck-first, crumpling into a seated position in front of the ladder as Angle roars with energy!

[ Scott Steiner ] Holy shit, Kurt Angle is a killer! THAT’S! WHAT! BIG! POPPA! LIKES!

Angle stands, turning in the ring and comes face to face with Jason – and the two embrace as Toronto explodes again. Kurt cries again, gesturing for his son to take Colt from the ring and get to safety – and Jason obliges!


Kurt turns his attention to Rodman, booting him from the ring before turning to Jordan, blinking through the immense pain he is in and glaring at Angle. Kurt steps forward, walking towards Michael and speaks: “Leave. Just leave now and stay away from my son...or I’ll break your FUCKIN’ ankle!” Toronto roars again as Angle turns to climb the ladder, but Jordan is struggling to his feet, steel chair in hand!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No! No!

Jordan swings the chair, but Angle ducks it, tripping Jordan to his stomach and snatching him up in the Ankle Lock! Michael is squirming on the mat, clearly in agony and clawing for Jason to help him – but the boy is no longer concerned, instead focused on Cabana! Kurt screams out – and SNAPS MICHAEL JORDAN’S ANKLE! His sneaker is hanging from his calf at a terrifying bend as Jordan immediately clings to his injured limb and Angle begins the slow trek up the ladder!



Angle reaches the top of the ladder, reaches up and unfastens the Haliburton, ending this saga once and for all!

Kurt Angle via Retrieval in 9:11

Toronto is a scene of victory as Kurt Angle slowly descends the ladder and leaps into the air happily, falling to his knees and clutching the briefcase tightly – before replacing it with his son, Jason!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Truly heartwarming! Kurt Angle has done it! He was on the bottom for this entire situation but tonight – justice has been served!

Attendants immediately remove Michael Jordan from the ring and begin assisting him to the backstage area. His face is pained with the agonizing loss of Jason’s potential earnings and the loss of mobility in his left ankle for the next three to six months.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a startling display of love from Kurt Angle to decimate Michael Jordan and take this situation by the horns! If this is the last we’ve seen of Kurt Angle in the ring, fans, you’ve seen a masterclass in heart!


With huge smiles on their faces, Kurt and Jason pull Colt Cabana in for an embrace as the Toronto fans cheer and cry along with the trio in the ring, smiling and embracing in pure joy as we fade to the back.

Killer Kross exits an office with his WrestleBrawl number in hand. Dr. Stevie is doing his best to motivate his client.

[ Dr. Stevie ] This is the first step! This is only the beginning.. Later tonight, you seize that ticket and SGW becomes OURS!

[ Killer Kross ] They don’t have a clue what’s coming.

Al Snow and The Blue Meanie approach.

[ Al Snow ] Oh hey guys. Kross, did you get your number?

[ Killer Kross ] I did, and it’s a very good one.

[ Blue Meanie ] Great! Al’s about to go get his.. Say, do him a favor a help him out in there?

[ Al Snow ] Meanie! Be cool!

Meanie shrugs, unsure of what he’s done to draw the ire of Snow.

[ Blue Meanie ] What? Just trying to help!

[ Al Snow ] I don’t need any help, you idiot!

[ Blue Meanie ] We need a LOT of help!

Dr. Stevie steps in, trying to calm the storm.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Guys, guys.. While Kross and myself appreciate the situation we’ve found ourselves in, I do have some bad news.

Kross smiles.

[ Killer Kross ] You two are on your own.

[ Dr. Stevie ] Well, I was going to attempt to be less blunt, but yes.. After much consideration between Kross and myself, I’m afraid your request for protection has been rejected. I can’t, in good faith, allow Kross to be responsible for himself AND for you two. I’m sorry.

[ Al Snow ] Well that’s not ideal.

Al sighs as Meanie looks terrified.

[ Dr. Stevie ] But Al, I’m sure you’ll do just fine in the match.

[ Killer Kross ] See you out there… Maybe.

They walk off as Al looks so dejected.

[ Al Snow ] Well hell, might as well go on in and get my number then. Like it even matters now!

They enter the room as see absolute chaos unfolding in front of them. MJF, Kenny Omega, Nia Jax, Zack Sabre Jr., and CM Punk are all huddled around the large metal holder with all of the ping pong balls inside.

[ Nia Jax ] Get out or I’m calling my cool cousin! I need my number.

[ Kenny Omega ] C’mon, OC, you’re better than this!

Inside the ball machine is Orange Cassidy, for no apparent reason. With the size of it and him in comparison, there’s almost no way he could’ve possibly fit inside either.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] This is stupid. Why do I keep findin’ myself in all of the tomfoolery this company has to offa’? It’s madness. Fuckin’ madness.

Punk looks over to Sabre with a smirk.

[ CM Punk ] Oh, so you’re new here huh?

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Unfortunately not.

[ Kenny Omega ] OC! C’mon! Get out so the rest of us can get our numbers and go get ready!

With his hands in his pockets, possibly asleep inside the spinning machine, Orange Cassidy doesn’t move an inch. You can see the rage levels start to grow more and more with some of the people in the room.

[ CM Punk ] The more things change, the more they stay the same. SGW and their b.s. comedy show routines.

Punk has had enough.

[ CM Punk ] Alright, buddy, show’s over.

Punk pushes the machine over with Cassidy inside! It crashes hard on the ground and ping pong balls scatter everywhere.

[ CM Punk ] Have at it, folks.

[ Kenny Omega ] You could’ve killed him!

ZSJ looks pleased.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Good.

He’s blunt.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] World would be a betta’ place wit’out ‘em, frankly.

Punk bends down and grabs the first one he comes to and nods at his number. Nia Jax, Omega, and MJF all grab theirs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Well losers, looks like I just won myself the Golden Ticket!

MJF then shoves a middle finger in Kenny Omega’s face.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Just wanted to show you who was number one.

MJF smirks. The sarcasm drips off of his words.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Good luck out there, Kenny.

MJF scoffs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Freaking loser.

[ Kenny Omega ] ...Thanks?

MJF strolls out of the room with his number as ZSJ picks one up and looks at it.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Awful.

He drops it and picks up another and walks out. As the room clears out once the numbers are drawn, Orange Cassidy crawls out of the machine and adjusts his hair and sunglasses. He then opens his mouth and a ping pong ball comes out. He grabs it and observes his number with a deadpan expression.

[ Orange Cassidy ] …..Cool.

Orange Cassidy then puts his hands in his pockets and walks away, leaving an absolute wreckage behind him. The scene fades.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 60:00

The unassuming Paul Turner serves as a temporary barrier between the two sides of a long-standing issue in Solid Gold Wrestling – but despite his calm presence, the squealing tones of Gregory Helms permeate the air and poison the moment.

[ Gregory Helms ] ‘Aight! ‘Aight! ‘Aight! ‘Aight! ‘Aight! ‘Aight!

A fist slams on the desk at commentary


Helms is pacing back and forth, waving a single finger in the air at Zayn’s designated corner. Beyond Paul Turner and Sami Zayn, all attention is directed in his way.

[ Gregory Helms ] ‘Aight! ‘Aight! Chu’thinkin’ you gotta’ chance, girl? Think you gunna beat muh’mayn’man, mayyyyne?! NUH-UH! NUH-UH, HONEYSUCKLE TITS!

Ruby snarls her lip disgustedly at Helms before locking eyes with the Elevation Champion before her. After so long striving for a shot at the gold she very nearly held back in January, the opportunity to claim it for her own was staring back at Riott through the eyes of champion Sami Zayn.

Turner signals for the bell and it’s extremely even keeled in the opening moments of the contest, neither competitor giving an inch or even circling for positioning, only very slowly observing the other stretching and finally striding forward into center ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Two very finely-tuned athletes, Tony – I don’t expect many mistakes in this contest – both Ruby Riott and Sami Zayn are at the tippy-top of their game!

Gregory Helms, still yelling a healthy blend of encouragement and nonsense from the floor, is the only noise coming from ringside until Riott can very audibly be heard saying “what?!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is this right? This can’t be right, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think it is! Sami looks serious!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He’s offering his wrist to Ruby Riott to start the matchup! What a very brave, albeit condescending move!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hate that word – condescending! – whatta crock’a shit! Zayn’s ginger ass is just tryin’ to show this tatted-up, long-beaked broad that he’s gonna knock her the fuck out with the greatest of ease!

Riott doesn’t hesitate to accept the advantage much longer and takes the champion by the wrist, quickly wrenching it and manipulating the palm and fingers unnaturally! Zayn winces but rolls backwards, springing forwards and breaking Ruby’s grip with acrobatics alone.


Ruby presses the issue this time and rolls around Sami’s lock-up attempt into a waist lock, quickly dropping to the ankles and pulling Zayn to the mat, face-first. Riott rolls across the champion’s back and into a side headlock, but Sami is wise to this strategy and is already standing up, forcing Riott into the ropes – and across the ring into the opposite side! As Ruby approaches, Sami drops down – but Riott is up and over! – Zayn pops up and leapfrogs Riott – but Ruby deadstops and goes off the perpendicular ropes! Sami reaches out and takes his opponent up – lifting into the Military Press!

[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Military Press!

Sami drops Ruby behind him, stepping forward and dropping to a knee, flexing humorously.


Riott pushes off the canvas slowly, a stern, serious expression on her face as she shoves Sami! Zayn falls onto his ass and hops up in defiance before Turner attempts to get between the two – but the competitors are already grappling again! Ruby shoots Sami into the ropes and he charges, hitting the opposite side with fervor as she determines the best course of action is to criss-cross with her opponent!


Ruby bolts into the ropes as hard as she can, only narrowly avoiding Sami as they run across the ring with all their might – until Riott stops suddenly and throws herself into Zayn’s path in a drop-down! Zayn realizes very late into his trot that Ruby is before him and his gait stumbles, sending him tumbling out of the ring through the second and top ropes to the floor – or more accurately, into Gregory Helms!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Zayn and Helms collide on the floor and Ruby Riott is standing tall, fellas!


As the Limitless Champion and his advisor pull themselves to their feet, Riott quickly ascends the turnbuckles and stands up, as well!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …looks like it’s still Ruby Riott!

As soon as Helms can notice Riott isn’t in the center of the ring, she dives – wiping Zayn and Helms out with a beautiful cross body to the floor from the top rope!


Riott stands up and pumps her fists, taking time to aggressively high five and shout with some front-row patrons before leaning over and lifting Sami, exerting a little more than she should to muscle him up off the protective mat and toss him onto the apron and into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Riott is going to be in prime position to capitalize and maybe Nigel – just maybe take the Limitless Championship!

As Ruby stands on the apron of the ring, looking into the ring and planning her next attack – HELMS GRABS HER ANKLE!

[ Scott Steiner ] Got her by the ankle! I’ve used that one many times!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, what in the hell are you…

Before Nigel can finish his thought, Sami absolutely clocks Ruby with the Helluva Kick, smacking the challenger with all his might and sending her crumpling to the apron!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOD ALMIGHTY WHAT A HELLUVA KICK! Ruby Riott is absolutely wrecked!

Helms begins pushing Ruby into the ring as Sami cracks his neck and gets prepared to lay down the law on his challenger. Once Riott has crossed over into the threshold of the ring, Zayn lifts her onto her hands and knees and takes a step back, waiting.


As soon as Riott stands, still wobbly on her own feet, Zayn runs, hopping onto her back and flipping forward, planting his opponent with a running sunset flip powerbomb! Riott slams into the canvas forcefully, but Zayn isn’t finished, quickly rolling backwards and grabbing Riott’s ankle, rolling her over onto her shoulders and up before scooping her up and dropping her on her neck with a high-angled Michinoku Driver! COVER!



NO!! Ruby Riott kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ruby isn’t done yet! She’s not done yet!

Zayn slaps the mat three times and rises, stomping Riott on the abdomen! She grimaces as Sami reaches over and takes her by the wrists, pulling her to her feet and flipping her into a bearhug, suplexing her up and tossing her into the air – AND DOWN!!

[ Scott Steiner ] HOLY SHIT! ORANGE CRUSH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] BEAUTIFUL MANEUVER! A double-wristlock pumphandle flipped into an Orange Crush powerbomb! ONE!

[ Scott Steiner ] THIS IS IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] TWO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] SAMI RETAINS!


Sami rises off the mat and is livid, smacking himself in the face twice before getting in Riott’s face and pie-facing her stiffly, dragging her by the wrist over to the corner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the hell is he going to do now??

Sami lifts Ruby off the mat and places her on the top turnbuckle, snarling as he climbs up the ropes and grips her in a front facelock!


Riott is still very dazed as Zayn stands up, forcing his opponent onto the top rope and screams out in energy, ready to devastate Ruby with the Brainbuster across the top turnbuckle – but she’s alive and shoves Zayn with everything she has, sending him down to the canvas on his back, splatting hard as Toronto explodes with excitement!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Riott has a chance here – she’s got to make it count!

Riott regains her composure—but Helms bobbles the ropes! Riott flips forward and crashes down beside Zayn, splatting onto the mat herself as Turner reprimands Helms for his interference!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gregory Helms needs to stay out of this match! These two are giving their all to win the Limitless Championship and I want to see a true, clear winner!

Paul Turner gives Helms a final stern warning and turns back into the ring, checking on Zayn and Riott before instinctively throwing up both hands and crying “One!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Both the champion and the challenger are down – and Paul Turner is already up to the count of three!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit! Get up, Zayn, you ginger shit!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] We’re coming down to crunch time! You’d better get up off the mat if you want the championship!


Turner is looking at both Sami and Ruby, Helms smacking the mat near Sami’s face as the champion pulls himself on the middle rope, doing his best to rise to his feet as Riott begins pushing off the mat on her palms! “Nine!” Sami gives a final gasp and pulls, screaming as he does, and Ruby rolls forward, darting ahead and meeting Zayn in center ring as Toronto explodes!

Sami throws a clothesline – but Ruby ducks and charges into the ropes, springing and twirling over with a beautiful arm drag! Zayn takes it flush and Ruby quickly scoots to the middle rope in the corner nearest the champion!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ruby’s second wind is an amazing one! Huge arm drag!

The Limitless Champion scrambles to his feet – and Riott is ready for him and leaps out with a Tornado DDT, but transitions last-second into a snap suplex!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HEIDI-HO! Pulling out all the tricks is Miss Riott!

Zayn is up, swinging punches at nothing before turning right into Ruby Riott, who PLANTS him with a beautiful STO! The champion is down and appears wrecked as Helms screams bloody murder on the floor. Rather than go for the cover, Riott slowly ascends to the top turnbuckle and stands, preparing to dive out –

BUT ZAYN IS UP! He very quickly ascends the interior side of the buckles and pulls, both champion and challenger attempting something but getting nothing, careening wildly into Paul Turner as all three individuals in the ring are down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this contest is reaching critical mass – Sami Zayn is down! Ruby Riott is down! Paul Turner is down! And now, just what in the world is that smarmy little…

Gregory Helms leaps onto the apron and looks at the top turnbuckle, then down to Ruby Riott, who is doing her best to push off her hands and knees – and starts to climb up!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Seems to me that Gregory Helms is going to take matters into his own hands here!

Helms, still crouched on the top rope, begins screaming unintelligibly as Riott struggles up to a knee.

[ Gregory Helms ] –ichin’! Get on up, gurl! GET ON UP! C’MON, NOW! I’M GUNNA WRECK YOURSELF, SO BETTER CHECK YA’SELF, RUBY GURL!

Riott is up and Helms stands, as well – when she turns, Zayn’s confidant flies, majestically into the air with a beautiful cross body block!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cross body from Helms! OH, OH NO!


True enough, Riott catches Helms and rolls through the plancha, standing up with the man’s full weight in her arms as Toronto explodes with cheers! Riott screams and muscles Helms up, onto her shoulders!


Ruby begins to work Helms off her shoulders, but Sami pulls his manager off of his opponent and lifts Riott onto his shoulder, spinning wildly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looking for the Blue Thunder Bomb! This could be it!

While she spins, Riott counters her weight and tumbles backwards, absolutely WRECKING Zayn with a spiked hurricanrana! Toronto explodes in shock at the angle in which Zayn landed as Riott hops up and comes face-to-face with an approaching Gregory Helms!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NOT LIKE THIS!

Riott swings her leg as hard as she can into Helms’ crotch, leveling the weaselly manager as the Six blows up again! Riott turns her attention back to Sami and lifts him up, throwing him onto her shoulders – and off, kicking him in the side of the face brutally with the Riott Kick! Paul Turner army crawls over and slaps the mat – once! Twice! Three times! Ruby Riott has done it!

Ruby Riott via Pin Fall in 14:32

Turner calls for the bell and a ringside attendant delivers the Limitless Championship to him, which he proudly bestows to Ruby Riott.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, this reaction is outstanding! What a matchup and yes – this championship allows Solid Gold Wrestling to be limitless, and our champion is a perfect representation of this!

Riott puts her forehead on the championship, sobbing slightly before standing and asking Turner to fasten the Limitless Title around her waist. She leaps from the ring and begins high-fiving fans up the aisle, celebrating with the front-row patrons.


Back in the ring, Gregory Helms, clutching his sore ballbag, waddles on his knees to Sami and begins attending to his friend, desperately apologizing for the loss which just occurred. Sami, for his part, is still very much out of it following the big blows to the head and is doing his best to shake it off as we take a final shot of Ruby Riott, arms raised in victory at the top of the ramp before fading away.

We fade up backstage on a shot of Rhea Ripley walking down a corridor toward the dressing room area. The fans cheer loudly upon seeing Ripley appear. She's in torn up black jeans and a leather jacket. In the distance, we can hear punk rock music blaring behind a closed door. As she approaches, we see two men standing on either side of the dressing room door... the men known as Reno SCUM, Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend. They eye Ripley as she draws closer. She gives them a quick nod.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Oi, CVE in there?

Luster folds his arms across his chest, trying to look intimidating.

[ Luster the Legend ] Who's askin'?

Rhea looks indignant.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Fuck off, mate. Is CVE in there or what?

[ Adam Thornstowe ] She's in there, alright.

Ripley smirks.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Right.

She approaches the door and Reno SCUM draw their shoulders together, blocking the door.

[ Rhea Ripley ] What's all this, then?

[ Luster the Legend ] Look, she ain't been right since she... ya' know... dropped the strap.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] She's in there, alright... but she's gettin' ready for war.

[ Luster the Legend ] She ain't to be disturbed, is what we're sayin'.

Ripley shakes her head, looking annoyed.

[ Luster the Legend ] We'll let 'er know ya' stopped by.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] No disrespect.

Ripley waves them off, obviously offended.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Yeah, whateva'.

Ripley walks off, leaving SCUM to themselves. They look at each other.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] You think she's pissed?

[ Luster the Legend ] Women.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Can't live with 'em... can't kill 'em.

Fade out.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Senior Official Aubrey Edwards is playing point in the contest for the Solid Gold Wrestling World Tag Team Championships – a matchup between two Cinderella teams, the challengers Team Tremendous and the champions Los Ice Creams.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scott, certainly an unorthodox pair of teams we have in the tag team championship contest tonight.

Dan Barry and El Hijo del Ice Cream begin circling the ring, preparing to lock up as Steiner replies to Schiavone’s statement.


In the ring, El Hijo is chasing Barry in a circle, the policeman running full speed and nearly lapping the Dairy Deviant before realizing his mistake and flinching into a neutral corner.


A quick exchange of holds brings in the smaller Ice Cream, Junior, who delights himself and Hijo with a series of fingers to the butthole region of the Officer. At commentary, Scott Steiner is just slamming objects in between Tony and Nigel’s statements and analysis.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, I certainly think Los Ice Creams are trying to unsettle the challengers –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] CLEARLY! And…well, while I’d normally say I think it’s working, I don’t know that Barry is that bothered!

Sure enough, the Officer calmly walks up to the Ice Cream and slaps him in the mouth, eliciting a big pop from the Toronto fans. Barry slaps on a side headlock and is pushed back into the ropes, shooting off as Junior does his best to wriggle free!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Uh oh, here we go!

Rather than follow or drop down, Junior chooses to crisscross with Barry, leaving a perfect opportunity for Bill Carr to smack his partner’s back with a blind tag and become legal! As Junior takes a new turn, Barry drops down to the mat – Junior leaps over – but is smacked with a big outside-in diving shoulder tackle from the Detective!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WOW! Impressive agility from big Bill Carr!

Carr isn’t done yet and ducks the clothesline from the illegally encroaching Hijo, who deadstops and turns right into a beautiful Canadian Destroyer from the big man!


DiBiase is beside himself as Carr hurls Hijo over the top rope, landing somehow on his feet in an unrequited embrace with his manager! The Detective begins hopping up and down and takes off, hitting the ropes for a dive – but Ice Cream Junior cuts him off with a big chop! And another! And a third!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ice Cream Junior with some stiff shots now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But Carr isn’t affected! What’s going on here!?

Outside the ring, DiBiase hops onto the apron and punches Barry, reaching into his holster and producing his finger gun! Toronto is a sea of uneasiness as Junior jockeys with Carr, finally positioning the scrambling Detective in a full nelson – and putting him in front of DiBiase’s loaded finger gun!

[ Scott Steiner ] Dammit, Ted, no…

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO IS RIGHT! NO! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN! NO!

DiBiase laughs evilly – and fires the gun! Right into Bill Carr’s sternum!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] What in the world?!

Carr grins and drops into a stunner, sending Junior backwards and into a brawl with Dan Barry! DiBiase looks bewildered until Carr rips the top five buttons of his shirt open – REVEALING A BULLETPROOF VEST! DiBiase is furious, mouthing “you son of a bi—” before Carr rushes him, grabbing the finger gun from his hand and DECKING him with a huge right hand!

Toronto explodes as Barry and Junior begin fighting up the turnbuckles – but all attention is on Bill Carr, who charges up and darts off the ropes, soaring majestically over the top with a beautiful Topé con Hilo, wiping out Hijo and DiBiase with one shot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOW! WHAT A MANEUVER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Beautiful tope from Bill Carr!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That had to be one of the most beautiful moves in the History of Our Business!

Carr stands up, pumping up the crowd momentarily before sliding back into the ring, going to fists with Ice Cream Jr.! The Detective ducks a Dairy blow and forces a meeting of the minds with a colossal headbutt!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now THAT’S using your head!


With one half of the champions dazed, Carr shakes off the pain and hurls Junior to his shoulders, turning to face a rising Barry in the corner! Toronto is coming unglued as Dan Barry draws his finger gun and points it at Ice Cream Junior, praying off the attack to no avail – and fires!


Sprinkles somehow fly out of the back of Ice Cream Junior’s mask as Carr steps forward, allowing Barry to grab his opponent’s head, turn – and fly!


Upon impact, Barry rolls to a knee and points his finger gun at DiBiase, still down on the protective mat as Carr cradles both of Junior’s legs and Edwards counts alongside a joyous Toronto crowd for the “ONE! TWO! THREE!”

Team Tremendous via Pin Fall in 4:09

The Magnum PI Theme hits and the Rogers Centre is electric in celebration – Team Tremendous have done it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, you’re seeing it! – Team Tremendous HAS DONE IT! They’ve dethroned Los Ice Creams and are the NEW! SGW World Tag Team Champions!

Barry immediately embraces his partner, both men highly emotional with the emphatic championship victory.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ll be, Tony, it’s hard to believe that a team could come as far as Team Tremendous have come in the six months since Solid Gold Wrestling returned – and yet, they’ve done it! It’s been a joy to watch these two knuckleheads crack down and rise to the top of the Tag Team ranks!


Aubrey Edwards advises Bill Carr to stand still so she can fasten the championship and the Detective (barely) does so, practically vibrating in place out of sheer excitement as she clasps the last notch. He looks down at the shiny gold belt, then back up to the fans, and finally to Barry – and the two embrace again.

On the floor, Ted DiBiase is miserable, pounding the mat with his hands and devastated that his money would now be forced to purchase a new squad car for Team Tremendous! Los Ice Creams are both very out of it as DiBiase stands and kicks the ring steps, affecting the steel none but badly stubbing his toe! He limps and stumbles, falling as he tries to bring the Dairy Deviants to, much to the delight of the Toronto crowd.

Bill Carr begins yelling inaudibly at DiBiase, presumably listing the sorts of features he wants the cruiser to have as Los Ice Creams and their sad, sore manager cross into the backstage area.

[ Scott Steiner ] You know what?! No! IT’S ALL BULLSHIT! THESE GUYS SUCK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, that’s YOUR OPINION, Scott!

Steiner slams his fist on the commentary table as Carr and Barry leap over the guardrail and begin exiting through the crowd, taking time to slap hands of the excited fans in the Six.

[ Tony Schiavone ] ….sir!

We fade away to the announce table on a final shot of the brand new, jubilant, SGW World Tag Team Champions.

As Team Tremendous’ celebration begins, we go to the announce booth, being greeted by Tony, Nigel, and Scott.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a moment for the new Tag Team Champions!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, that’s an opinion to have, Scott. Team Tremendous, your new Tag Champions! Congratulations to them on a well-deserved victory! They’ll surely have challengers aplenty coming their way.

Tony shuffles his notes and sees what’s next.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, as we turn from the wild and crazy, we now look at the heartbreaking. Our next match is brother versus brother. What started off as two decorated brothers from wrestling royalty teaming together and capturing the SGW Tag Team titles has ended with the older turning on the younger. I’ve mentioned before, I’ve known these two for over 30 years. It’s been torture to watch Dustin act the way he has against his brother, Cody.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These two could have went down as the best unit to eva’ hold the championships, but now they’re minutes away from beatin’ one anotha’ to a bloody pulp!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Our guest interviewer tonight, Charly Caruso, has done a phenomenal job for us, and she was tasked with the difficult job of getting comments from each member of the Rhodes family earlier today. Let’s see how she did.

Earlier today.

Hours before the show, most of the SGW roster begins arriving to the arena to begin preparing. Charly waits by the entrance as the door opens and Dustin Rhodes passes through. Charly pounces immediately, trying to catch Dustin.

[ Charly Caruso ] Dustin, tonight you and Cody finally square off. What’s on your mind going into the match?

Dustin brushes her off and continues walking, forcing Charly to give chase.

[ Charly Caruso ] Dustin, please.. Any comments for the fans watching?

Dustin stops and spins around with a hint of a smile.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Oh, the fans huh? They magically give a damn about me all of a sudden?

He rolls his eyes.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] You tell the fans this - their little hero, Cody, he’s a dead man walkin’.

With that, Dustin turns his back to Charly and continues his way into the building.

The scene shifts with Charly already catching Cody and Brandi Rhodes as they enter the building.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Charly, no offense, but I’ve said all I’m going to say. It’s time to do the real talking in the ring where my message, I assure you, will be heard loud and clear.

As Cody tries walking off, Brandi stops and looks at Charly.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] You know Charley.. Once upon a time, I was in your role. I know how thankless of a job that it is.. So here’s a soundbite.

Brandi takes a beat and chooses her words carefully.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Since I’ve been made out to be the villain in all of this and my head slammed against a steel chair, I think it’s only fair if I say my piece.

She looks straight into the camera with a stern expression. Never lacking an opinion on any topic, Brandi continues.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Dustin, did I want Cody to risk a good thing he had going for something not guaranteed like it wasn’t teaming with you? No. Cody was the first ever Elevation Champion! He didn’t need this team full time. But you know, I saw what it meant to him, to you.. I know I am a Rhodes by name only but I fight every day to protect the value of that name. Something you do not do.


[ Brandi Rhodes ] Something you haven’t done by losing match after match after match here in SGW. Hell, you were the only man in SGW not given a second chance to get entered into 12 Large. Even Christopher Daniels was given that chance! So if I’m the bad guy in your made up story for wanting to protect the interests of my husband, so be it. I thought you held Cody back, but I also respected The Brotherhood and how damn happy it made both of you. So I was almost ready to admit that I was wrong.. That is.. Until you showed your true colors and proved me right.

She then gives a warning.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] You're free to have your side of the story.. But this twisted series of events you've mashed together in your head that you call the 'truth' is not going to have a fairytale ending, Dustin. Because Cody’s going to beat you from bell to bell. He’s going to show the world why he is the only true Rhodes, why you should’ve given it up a long time ago.. And why I was right all along.

She smirks.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] You reap what you sow, Dustin. It’s time for the harvest.

Cody Rhodes. Dustin Rhodes. Bullrope Match


Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Dustin Rhodes enters the ring first wearing red leather pants tucked into matching cowboy boots and a sleeveless black shirt. His hands and wrists are taped for battle. He’s also gone without his usual face paint tonight. He enters the ring to a chorus of boos and reluctantly puts his right hand inside the opening on one end of the thick bull rope. Dustin has a calm demeanor, looking completely in the zone for the war that's about to momentarily break out. The fans are booing Dustin heavily, something the elder Rhodes is not accustomed to.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can’t believe this is about to happen, guys.

“Kingdom” hits and the place erupts as Cody comes dead sprinting from the back wearing blue jeans and and a black shirt with “DUSTY” on the front. He slides into the ring and wastes no time, spearing Dustin and the fight is on! Mike Chioda has the difficult task ahead of him of trying to get this match started and the rules adhered to. Cody mounts Dustin and punishes him with lefts and rights, not even aiming, just delivering them wherever they may land. Dustin finally creates some separation by using the cowbell on the rope and smashing it upside Cody’s head.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We’re seein’ the immediate impact of that bell! Cody might be busted open afta’ that!

Dustin pulls himself up as Chioda puts the other end of the rope around Cody’s wrist. The camera zooms in, giving us a great close-up of Cody’s forehead gushing blood. Chioda calls for the bell, officially starting the match. Dustin punts the side of Cody’s head and then drapes Cody over the middle rope, choking him against the ropes. Chioda is helpless as there’s no disqualifications in the match. The camera shows Cody’s wound, a large slice right across the forehead. Dustin screams into the camera, “THIS IS WHAT HE WANTED! THIS IS WHAT I’M FINISHING! Dustin then bounces against the ropes and brings a leg crashing down on the back of Cody’s neck, jamming his throat against the rope.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody’s in trouble!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, I don’t think “trouble” is sufficient.

Dustin bounces off the ropes and tries it again, but Cody moves and Dustin crotches the middle rope! With Dustin hurt, Cody sees an opportunity and punches Dustin in the gut but Dustin no sells it and wraps the rope around Cody’s throat. Cody’s face turns dark red, contrasting with the crimson mask he’s sporting. Cody wildly swings at Dustin, trying to break free with elbows and punches, but Dustin tosses Cody over the top rope and rears back on the rope, giving Cody no slack to breathe! The more Dustin pulls back, the closer Cody’s eyes seem to be to pop out of their sockets!


As Cody struggles, the oxygen being cut off more and more as time passes, Brandi comes from the back in tears with a white towel. Dustin releases the rope and Cody falls to the arena floor like a brick. Brandi tends to Cody, but Dustin begins pulling on the rope, forcing Cody to go along with it and drags him back into the ring against his will. Dustin blows her a kiss and leans over the ropes. “This is all YOUR fault, Brandi! Throw in that towel!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is the first time in all of this that I agree with Dustin. Cody simply cannot defend himself right now.

Brandi takes the towel and dramatically drops it to the ground. She gives Dustin a middle finger and says, “Turn around.” Dustin turns - DISASTER KICK! Cody takes the cow bell attached to the rope and begins carving Dustin up, slicing his arms and forehead, blood coming from all of the cuts. Cody mounts Dustin and presses the sharp edge of the bell deeper and deeper into the open wound on Dustin’s forehead as Dustin screams in agony. Cody then begins lashing the back of Dustin with the rope and then chokes him with the rope! The fans are chanting “CODY! CODY!” as the youngest Rhodes is returning the favor to his brother. Dustin rolls out of the ring and Cody follows. Dustin tries removing his hand from the end of the rope but Brandi stops him, grabbing his wrist. Dustin pushes her back but Brandi responds with a slap across the face, sending blood flying everywhere! Cody pulls on the rope, sending Dustin his way - POWERSLAM ON THE FLOOR! Cody slides into the ring and right back out on the other side, waiting for Dustin to get up.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don’t like the look in Cody’s eyes here.

Cody balls up a couple feet of the rope, turns his back and begins sprinting away from the ring. The force causes Dustin to have to follow the rope, sending him crashing face-first into the ring post! Cody grabs the rope and pulls hard, sending Dustin back into the post! Cody enters the ring and Dustin comes in from the other side. On his knees, blood pouring down his face, Dustin begs for mercy. Cody holds the cowbell section of the rope in his hand, preparing to deliver another devastating blow.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think Dustin is begging for mercy!

As Cody looks to the fans, who are begging for him to clock Dustin with the bell, Dustin punches Cody low. With Cody doubled double, Dustin makes one last-ditch effort. He grabs the middle of the rope and levels Cody with the bell. Dustin grabs Cody and attempts an Inverted DDT, but once Cody is in the air, he uses his body weight to flip over the top of Dustin and land behind him, reversing the move.. CROSS RHODES!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a reversal!

Slowly, Cody rolls over and pins Dustin. One.. two.. Kick out! Dustin kicking out was absolutely instinct and instinct alone. Cody sits on the ring mat, shaking his head. He’s covered in blood, Dustin’s covered in blood. It looks like a war zone. After a minute or so, Dustin rolls to his stomach and pushes himself up, motioning for Cody to bring it on. Cody gets to his feet, looking down at his older brother, the cause of all of their issues. “Is this what you wanted? Was all of it worth it? Dustin remains defiant, spitting blood in Cody’s direction, it splattering all over Cody’s chest. Cody knows what he must do.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Just finish this already…

Cody pulls Dustin up, forcing him to look him in the eyes. “Brother, it didn’t have to be like this. I know your heart.. Your mind.. I know you’re better than this!”

[ Scott Steiner ]] IS HE GONNA’ KISS ‘EM OR FIGHT ‘EM?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, this is a very emotional moment right now! This is one brotha' pleadin' with the otha'! Have you not ever had this kind of moment with Rick?


Cody bites his bottom lip, it’s killing him to see the damage he’s caused his brother. Cody doesn’t look too good himself, blood having now stained his face, hands, and chest. “I wish this could’ve ended differently, Dustin.” Cody kicks Dustin in the gut and rolls him over, CROSSRHODES! Dustin’s head torpedoes the mat and he is OUT. Cody covers - one.. Two.. three!

Cody Rhodes via Pin Fall in 17:54

Mike Chioda removes the rope and raises Cody’s hand in the air but Cody yanks it down and exits the ring. He grabs Brandi by the hand and marches up the ramp. Cody never wanted any of this upon entering SGW, and now that it's over, he can turn his attentions back to the original goal. For now, spending one more second focusing on what he did to his own brother is something he can't stomach.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, that was the damndest thing I think I’ve ever seen. Dustin Rhodes caused his family great amounts of grief and tonight, he paid dearly for it. I wouldn’t even say Cody won. I don’t think there’s a real winner in all of this.

Not even playing to the fans or celebrating in the slightest, Cody walks right through the curtain and disappears to the back as a ringside medic enters the ring and tends to Dustin, who seems to be completely out cold. A feud birthed out of jealousy and bitter feelings ended with overwhelming emotion.


We fade up backstage with a shot of Ruby Riott, still in her gear. She's just standing there, looking down at the SGW Limitless Championship with tears in her eyes. She's approached by Charly Caruso, who is smiling proudly. Ruby shows no sign of acknowledging Charly's presence.

[ Charly Caruso ] Ruby Riott... you did it.

Ruby wipes a tear from her cheek but doesn't look up at Charly.

[ Charly Caruso ] You just became the first woman to hold the SGW Limitless Championship after a grueling match with Sami Zayn... you must be overcome with emotion right now... what's going through your head? You just made history.

Ruby looks down at the championship for another long moment before slowly turning her head to look at Charly. A proud smile begins to form on Ruby's face. She brings the championship in close to her chest and walks off-camera without a word, leaving Charly alone. The live crowd is cheering loudly as we zoom in on Charly's smiling, confused face.

x D x E x M x O x N x B x U x N x N x Y x

x My Name is Legion x For We Are Many x

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

As the match begins, there's an ominous sense of dread in the building. The stage and ramp are lined with members of The Cube Army and cloaked Scientologists. Tom Cruise is shirtless, wearing wrestling boots, and trunks with "Risky Business" across the ass and his own face on his crotch. Candy Floss shuffles her feet nervously, looking around with genuine fear in her eyes. Kris Statlander is all business... her eyes are locked on John Travolta, who is also shirtless and wearing wrestling trunks... with the Church of Scientology logo across the ass. Travolta is wrestling barefoot with tape around his ankles. Across his stomach, we see tattooed: "Only Xenu May Audit Me." He's dripping with baby oil. The fans shift uncomfortably upon laying their eyes on him. Tucor lurks in the corner, his horrifyingly human eyes staring a hole through his opponents on the other side of the ring. The Rock paces back and forth, shaking his head and wagging his tongue around. He carries a bottle of his tequila in his hand, refusing to put it down no matter how much Rick Knox tells him to. Nurse Ratchet and the Big Kaijus stand among the Cube Army soldiers on the stage, they watch intently.

Most egregious of all, though... Dr. Cube has joined the commentary team for this match.

[ Dr. Cube ] Can you feeEeeeeEeel it, fellow men? This... this is the END!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dr. Cube, I would like to say it's an honor t' have you here right now but what is the horrifying stench you've brought along with you, I must ask!

[ Dr. Cube ] That is the smell of centuries of work finally paying off! It is the smell of victory! Tonight is the night that I am finally justified in time traveling all those years ago and creating my most successful of monstrosities... the Church of Scientology!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what?

[ Dr. Cube ] With careful manipulation of L. Ron Hubbard decades ago, I put this plan into motion that would allow me to control the two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion, The Rock! As well as claim the minds of men like John Travolta and Tom Cruise... though Tom Cruise proved to be too far a simpleton to maintain control of for long... and now he is the bane of my existence along with Kris Statlander and this insufferable Candy Floss!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I fancy myself an intelligent man, Dr. Cube, but I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what your plan is... are we t' believe that you time traveled and set all of this in motion as some sort of complicated revenge plot against Kris Statlander and Candy Floss?

There's a moment of silence as we hear Dr. Cube breathing heavily.

[ Dr. Cube ] Do not insult me by trying to understand my plans, you fool. They are beyond your comprehension.

[ Scott Steiner ] Seriously, though, what the fuck's that smell!?

We get a close-up shot of Tom Cruise huddled with Statlander and Floss.

[ Candy Floss ] What's the plan? What are we doing? Seriously, what are we doing!?

Tom Cruise looks over at the opposite corner and removes his aviators. Everything seems to slow down at once. His hair moves with a breeze that comes from nowhere. He smiles and his teeth twinkle in the light. Candy looks at him, genuinely concerned.

[ Tom Cruise ] Alien girl, John Travolta is all yours.

Statlander nods, confident.

[ Tom Cruise ] Cotton candy girl, you look like you can handle The Rock. So take care of him, will ya'?

[ Candy Floss ] What.

[ Tom Cruise ] As for me... I'm takin' down that gnarly bird monster.

Cruise turns and looks at Rick Knox, pointing at him dramatically.

[ Tom Cruise ] Hey, you... in the stripes.

Knox looks down at his shirt and then back up at Cruise.

[ Tom Cruise ] Ring the damn bell.

Knox looks confused... and sounds annoyed.

[ Rick Knox ] Rung it four minutes ago. We're waitin' on you, fucko.

[ Tom Cruise ] Right on.

Tom Cruise leads the charge, running full speed across the ring at Tucor only to get clotheslined so hard that he turns inside out and lands on his head and neck! Tucor screech-roars and looms over Tom Cruise for a moment before delivering a BIG SPLASH! The fans don't know what to think as Tucor demolishes the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion!

[ Dr. Cube ] Yes! Annihilate! Eradicate! Terminate him! My most timeliest of creatures!

Candy Floss chews her bottom lip but goes for it anyway, charging into the warzone, right toward The Rock! She nails The Rock with a big forearm and he completely no-sells it! The Rock looks down at his bottle of tequila and then back up at Candy Floss, confused.


Candy wrings her hands together, genuinely unsure what to do!

[ Candy Floss ] Everything ya' bloody sayin' literally makes no sense!

[ The Rock ] The Rock has done everything there is t' do in Solid Gold Wrestlin', baby! There ain't nothin' left! As a matter of fact, the only thing The Rock hasn't done is make some cotton candy babies with the candy ass Candy Floss from the Candy Crush Kingdom, yeah! How's that sound, mama!? We'll drink The Rock's tequila, have cotton candy babies with sweet tribal tattoos, and move into The Big Rock Candy Mountain! YEAH!

Candy looks mortified.

[ Candy Floss ] Absolutely NOT!

And then she tees off and kicks The Rock right in the balls! The Rock drops his tequila bottle and Candy picks it up. She prepares to smash it across his face but John Travolta grabs her wrist! The fans erupt in boos as Travolta wags his finger in her face with a sinister grin! But before Travolta can stop her, Kris Statlander comes out of nowhere with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK that sends John Travolta staggering backward into Tucor! Tucor tumbles through the ropes and to the floor!

[ Dr. Cube ] Tucor, you fool!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, this could be the... the worst match in the history of our sport!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuckin' outlaw bullshit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen, I'm off t' the loo.

We hear Nigel's headset placed on the table as he gets up and leaves. Without warning, Candy Floss EXPLODES the brainwash tequila across the Rock's head! The Rock falls through the ropes to the floor, leaving Statlander and Floss in the ring alone with John Travolta! Travolta gets up, looking pissed! He charges at them... and slips in a puddle of his own baby oil! He lands flat on his back and Candy Floss drills him with a STANDING DOUBLE STOMP TO THE CHEST! Travolta rolls over on his side and begins military crawling toward the ropes. He looks at the announce table, locking eyes with Dr. Cube!

[ John Travolta ] Dr. Cube... Cube! I need more power, baby...

We hear Dr. Cube stand up behind the table. We get a shot of him standing between the seated Schiavone and Steiner, who look like they would rather be anywhere but here. Cube shakes his head in disgust.

[ Dr. Cube ] Pathetic.

Cube drops his headset and walks away from the announce table! He waves Travolta off and begins walking up the ramp, away from the ring! Travolta begins openly sobbing, realizing he's truly been defeated.

[ Dr. Cube ] Most undesirable! Millennia of planning down the tubes!

Travolta uses the ropes to pull himself up to his bare feet. He slowly turns around... and immediately gets scooped up by Tom Cruise... and planted with CRUISE CONTROL!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's the move he won the SGW World Heavyweight Championship with!

[ Scott Steiner ] Shut the fuck up.

The impact sends John Travolta right back to his feet and Kris Statlander picks him up with superhuman strength... and drills him with the BIG BANG! The fans erupt in cheers as Statlander remains on top of him with both legs hooked! Rick Knox drops down! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Candy Floss, Kris Statlander, & Tom Cruise via Pin Fall in 5:23

The fans pop huge! Tom Cruise points toward the ramp, at the departing Dr. Cube!

[ Tom Cruise ] Don't let him get away!

Tom Cruise leaps out of the ring and immediately clotheslines a Scientologist on the way down! Cube soldiers and other Scientologists try to stop him but Cruise begins leveling them with a Sting-like flurry of punches, chops, and kicks! Kris Statlander executes a plancha out of the ring, wiping out at least a dozen Cube soldiers! Statlander and Cruise fight like warriors as they cut a swath through the mob of minions but the stage opens up, smoke billowing out from beneath the steel grating! A light show emanates from the depths of the stage and a pod rises from beneath! Dr. Cube approaches the pod and there's a hiss as it opens up. Dr. Cube steps inside, followed by Nurse Ratchet and the Big Kaijus!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What... is... happening!?

Dr. Cube is lowered into the stage along with Ratchet and the Kaijus as the fans boo!

[ Scott Steiner ] That box head fuck has escaped again!

The soldiers and Scientologists quickly retreat, leaving only Tom Cruise and Kris Statlander on the ramp, looking on in awe as Dr. Cube escapes in his pod. The stage remains open with smoke pouring out, making it difficult to breathe for fans sitting nearest the opening. The boos suddenly get even louder for some reason. Cruise and Statlander turn and see that John Travolta has returned to his feet and is holding Candy Floss with what must be assumed to be a laser gun to her head! He has a microphone in his hand.

[ John Travolta ] Uh-uh! That's not how this is goin' down, baby! Not by a god damn long shot!

The fans boo loudly. Tom Cruise begins to take a step forward.

[ John Travolta ] No way, Tom Cruise! Stop right where the fuck you are! See, I got this groovy laser gun, baby! Powered by the magic of Scientology and the real REAL ultimate power! You take another step and this cotton candy cunt becomes a stain! A grease stain, if you will!

There's a rumble as Tucor returns to his feet and climbs inside the ring. Tucor screech-growls and approaches Travolta. Travolta smiles and gestures for Tucor to come closer.

[ John Travolta ] Yeah, that's right, Tucor! Get over here! Stand united with the Supreme Being of Scientology! Me! Together, no one can stop us! Together, we can destroy all three of these mother fuckers and take over this--

Tucor nails John Travolta from behind with a giant, furry forearm! Travolta staggers forward and Candy Floss falls to the side! Travolta turns around with a genuine look of betrayal on his face... and Candy Floss steps forward and kicks him right in the nuts! Travolta falls through the ropes to the floor! Tucor follows him out! The fans begin chanting "FUCK HIM UP, TUCOR, FUCK HIM UP! <clap clap>" Travolta tries to beg Tucor off but Tucor won't be denied! Tucor lifts John Travolta up in a gorilla press and walks him to the gaping hole in the stage where Dr. Cube escaped! The fans are roaring as Tucor stands at the edge... AND THROWS JOHN TRAVOLTA INTO THE VOID!


Tucor slowly turns around and the stage begins to close up, sealing off John Travolta from the rest of the world forever. Tom Cruise, Kris Statlander, and Candy Floss approach Tucor. Tucor looks at all three of them, his human-like eyes chilling them to the core.

[ Candy Floss ] He saved my life... Tom, now that we have the Real Ultimate Power, can you help him? He was once a great warrior named Tommaso Ciampa... one of the best, when he could be bothered t' actually show up on time 'n perform.

Cruise looks at Tucor and raises an eyebrow. He approaches him and places his hand on Tucor's multi-colored beak. After what feels like forever, Tom Cruise lets go and takes a step back. Cruise looks disappointed. He shakes his head.

[ Tom Cruise ] No.

Candy's shoulders slump. Statlander just glares at Tucor, sympathetic.

[ Tom Cruise ] He's been trapped in this form too long now. I'm afraid Tomato Chomper is gone forever. Not even the Real Ultimate Power can save him now. There's nothing left of the once great warrior inside this creepy bird monster.

The fans "AWWWW" in unison, disappointed. Tom Cruise glares at Tucor and then offers his hand.

[ Tom Cruise ] Except his heart.

Tom Cruise and Tucor shake hands on the stage. Candy Floss hugs Tucor around his giant furry waist. The fans are cheering loudly. The Rock suddenly kips back up in the ring and touches his face where the bottle exploded on him. The Rock steps through the ropes and power walks up the ramp, stopping as he comes face to face with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise and The Rock stare each other down as Floss and Statlander look from one to the other. The Rock produces a microphone from nowhere.

[ The Rock ] Finally...

The fans begin cheering loudly.


The cheers... they become even louder.

[ The Rock ] The Rock says this... the last fourteen years have been a blur, mama! The Rock has been a slave to Xenu whether The Rock likes it or not... but for the first time, The Rock sees... CUH-LEAR-LEEEEEE!

The Rock whips his head around and raises The People's Eyebrow.

[ The Rock ] And The Rock has Tom Cruise, Candy Floss, and Kris Statlander--

The Rock looks at Tucor and tilts his head to the side.

[ The Rock ] And ya' creepy ass bird monster... to thank.

The Rock turns and looks out at the fans.

[ The Rock ] Enjoy the rest o' the show, jabronis! Your host, the two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion is OUTTIE!

And then he tilts his head back.


He uses his hand to lower his chin and turn his head.


The Rock's music hits and he storms through the curtain, leaving Tom Cruise, Statlander, Floss, and Tucor alone. As soon as he steps through the curtain, his music cuts and we're left in silence again. Tom Cruise turns to address Statlander and Floss.

[ Tom Cruise ] You crazy girls did a good thing tonight. We've kept the Real Ultimate Power away from John Travolta and thwarted Dr. Cube once again... now, for the safety of the world and the future of Solid Gold Wrestling... I think it's best that I hang on to the Real Ultimate Power. With Real Ultimate Power comes Real Ultimate Responsibility.

Statlander and Floss look at each other and nod.

[ Tom Cruise ] I heard that from my friend Spider-Man.

[ Candy Floss ] Well, I mean, it's a little bit different from what he says-

[ Tom Cruise ] Spider-Man wanted me to play him in the big screen adaptation of his life but the studio went with Andrew Garfield instead.

[ Candy Floss ] He isn't real, though.

[ Tom Cruise ] Anything is real, Candy Floss.

He gives her the Tom Cruise movie star wink.

[ Tom Cruise ] If you believe.

[ Candy Floss ] See, I don't know what that means.

Tom Cruise turns and addresses the fans.

[ Tom Cruise ] Enjoy the rest of the show, everybody! It's WrestleBrawl 3! I'M UNDEFEATED AT WRESTLEBRAWL!

He jumps in the air and pumps his fist.


He runs full sprint through the curtain, leaving Tucor, Floss, and Statlander on the stage. The camera zooms in on their confused faces as we cut to the back.

Jon Moxley struts confidently backstage, taking a huge drink of water from a bottle. He swishes the water around in his mouth and spits it into a nearby garbage can and dumps some of the water on top of his head.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Ah, Johnny.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian come around a corner and stop Moxley from advancing.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Jonathan.

Moxley is less than pleased.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Jonathy.

Daniels realizes and catches himself.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Ahem. Jon.

[ Jon Moxley ] What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy here?

Daniels looks around in confusion.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Doing what? You were literally walking down the hall while drinking water!

[ Jon Moxley ] Yeah. Very busy.

Mox takes another sip.

[ Jon Moxley ] Way too busy to waste my time with you.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, fine. I’ll get right to it. I wanted to give you first dibs on congratulating me on winning the Golden Ticket!

Danielson shows Moxley his entry number with a huge smile on his face.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Look at it! Double digits, baby! It’s a helluva lot better than coming in first like you! You don’t have a chance!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] No chance.

[ Christopher Daniels ] With my number, there’s NO WAY I’m going to lose!

[ Jon Moxley ] Oh, got'cha a good number huh? Proud of it?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, yeah! VERY proud of it.

[ Jon Moxley ] Let me see it again, would ya’?

Mox takes another sip of the water as Danielson obliges. Mox squints and looks at the number and nods. Then, without warning, Moxley SPITS the water all over Kazarian’s face!

[ Jon Moxley ] Hell of a number!

Kazarian is acting like he was hit in the face with the green mist from Muta instead of a harmless amount of water.

[ Christopher Daniels ] What the hell, Mox? I just wanted to rub my good fortune in your face and this is how you respond?!

[ Jon Moxley ] My bad. I was just in shock. You know how it goes.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You son of a..

Before Daniels can finish, PAC enters the scene and immediately shoves Kazarian into a garbage can and then turns his attention to Daniels.

[ PAC ] Shouldn’t ya’ be more worried about not gettin’ murdered by Chris Dickinson in tonight ratha' than confrontin’ a man who broke up yer stupid group and decisively kicked your ass, Chris?

[ Christopher Daniels ] ..What’s it to you?

PAC is chest to chest with Daniels. His icy demeanor makes Daniels uneasy.

[ PAC ] ‘Cos I’d love ta’ be the second man in this area ta’ kick your ass. In fact, if you’re still around when I enta’ at numba’ thirty, I might just go for you first.

PAC chuckles and slaps Daniels on the back.

[ PAC ] Who am I kiddin’? You won’t.

PAC snarls, turning a complete one-eighty from the joke cutting of a few seconds ago.

[ PAC ] Now, get the fuck out of my face.

Daniels puts his hands up and backs off, leaving Kazarian struggling in the garbage can. Moxley looks perturbed by PAC showing up.

[ Jon Moxley ] What was that all about?

[ PAC ] Just runnin’ off a hyena.

[ Jon Moxley ] Thanks for your concern but I don't need you showin' up out of the blue trying to be my buddy. We ain't pals. Besides, you saw what I did to his stupid group, right? Fought the whole damn team by myself.

[ PAC ] You're right.

PAC is completely indifferent to Moxley.

[ PAC ] We are not buddies.

Finally, something they can agree on.

[ PAC ] You have one hell of a tall task in front’o ya’ tonight, Jon.

PAC smirks.

[ PAC ] Comin’ in at numba’ one an’ all.

[ Jon Moxley ] I like a challenge.

Even as rivals, you can sense a hint of respect between the two, something neither man have really shown for anyone else in the company thus far.

[ PAC ] You’d betta’ still be there when I come in.

[ Jon Moxley ] I don't plan on goin' anywhere tonight without that Golden Ticket in my possession.

PAC nods, liking what he hears.

[ Jon Moxley ] And hey, that match at No Competition..

Moxley is very matter-of-fact.

[ Jon Moxley ] You know we're gonna' do it again right?

Emphasis on VERY.

[ Jon Moxley ] And when we do.. Don't forget that I owe you one.

[ PAC ] I won’t be hard ta’ find.

With the two men having an understanding, the camera gets one final shot of them staring one another down before cutting back to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Zahra Schreiber grabs Charlotte's ankle as soon as the match starts, allowing Gionna to attack her from behind. However, Charlotte anticipates this and throws a back elbow, catching Gionna in the eye! Charlotte kicks Zahra off of her and advances on Gionna, nailing her with a chop that reverberates throughout the arena! The fans "WOOOO!" in unison as Flair keeps going, landing another and another and another!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Every single one of those chops sounds more painful than the last!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's channeling her father with each one! The same father that Gionna Daddio and Zahra Schreiber disrespected two weeks ago at No Competition!

[ Scott Steiner ] Normally I'd be pissed about a couple o' nobodies disrespectin' a true SGW legend... but since Ric Flair ain't a real legend, I don't give a shit! I shit on the idea that this Charlotte Flair broad is special just 'cause Ric Flair spit 'er out the tip of his wrinkled old dingus! Personally, I wanna see this spicy Italian broad get the win and then engage in a very special celebration with this hoochie with the prison tats!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's a lot to unpack--

[ Scott Steiner ] And by very special celebration, I mean H... L... A and what that means is--

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We know what it means, Scott. For God's sake.

[ Scott Steiner ] HOT! LESBIAN! ACTION!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There you have it, folks.

Gionna has been beaten until her eyes are nearly rolling into the back of her head. Flair grabs Gionna by the hair and tilts her head back before delivering a brutal overhand chop that causes Gionna to fall into a seated position on the mat. Charlotte begins kicking away at Gionna's head and chest before reaching down and dragging her into the center of the ring by her ankle. She goes to lock on the FIGURE EIGHT but Zahra Schreiber hops onto the apron, distracting Paul Turner! The fans boo loudly as Charlotte stops applying the hold and walks over the ropes, pushing Paul Turner out of the way and grabbing Zahra by the hair! Zahra tries to beg her off but Charlotte just smirks... and nails Zahra with a big right hand! Zahra bumps on the apron and tumbles to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!

[ Scott Steiner ] She got more business in that ring than a Flair!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did you just say Zahra Schreiber has more business in a wrestling ring than a member of the Flair family?

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn right, I did! I stand by it, too! Ric Flair is a disgrace and anybody he ejaculated into this business is a disgrace and everybody KNOWS what that means! Charlotte Flair is a disgrace and I'm ready to see her fuckin' lose tonight, just another victim of the blonde bombshell, my Gangster Bitch Barbie, Gionna Daddio!

The fans cheer loudly and Flair turns around into a running dropkick from Daddio! Flair staggers back into the ropes, seated on the middle. Gionna rolls back to her feet and advances on Charlotte but Charlotte boots her in the mid-section and returns to her feet, hanging onto the top rope. Gionna is doubled over and Flair places her finger under Gionna's chin, using it to tilt her chin up before DRILLING HER with a huge chop! "WOOOOOOOOO!" says the fans and Gionna reels, turning around and clutching her chest with tears in her eyes. Flair spins Gionna around and hooks her, drilling her with a snap suplex and then returning to her feet. Flair slings the hair out of her face and looms over Daddio, shouting "GET UP, GIONNA! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED, LITTLE GIRL! WELL, HERE IT IS!" Gionna rolls over onto all fours and tries to crawl away but Flair grabs the back of her tights, yanks her up and drills her with a BACK SUPLEX!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is not going how Gionna Daddio hoped, you have to imagine!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Do ya' think?!

Flair KIPS UP and the fans pop huge. She walks a semi-circle around the ring with her arms outstretched, soaking in the cheers of the fans. Gionna rolls over on her side, favoring her back. Flair snatches up Gionna's ankle and goes for the Figure Eight again... only to see Zahra entering the ring with a STEEL CHAIR! However, before Zahra can even take a step toward Charlotte, she's grabbed around the ankles... by RIC FLAIR! Ric Flair drags Zahra out of the ring and she swings the chair at him! Flair ducks it and nails her with a BIG CHOP! "WOOOO!" Another chop! Another! Another! And Ric Flair dumps her over the rail and into the front row! AND NOW HE'S STRUTTING! "WOOOOOOOO!" The fans are losing their minds! Paul Turner is watching this unfold at ringside and he doesn't see... VIPRESS crawl out from under the ring and slide under the bottom rope! Charlotte quickly lets go of the Figure Eight and meets Vipress coming in with a RUNNING BIG BOOT that knocks her through the ropes and onto the apron!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What the hell is Vipress doing out here!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I... I'm just as confused as you are, Tony!

Charlotte watches as Vipress tumbles onto the floor and brushes the hair out of her face. However, she turns around to return to the match... and walks right into the 201 FACEBREAKER! The fans erupt in boos as Gionna covers Flair and hooks the leg, shrieking at the referee to count! Paul Turner slides into position! One! Two! Three!

Gionna Daddio via Pin Fall in 8:08

The fans erupt in boos as Gionna Daddio quickly rolls out of the ring, looking like she's been through hell. Zahra Schreiber meets her at the foot of the stage and they quickly collect Vipress and begin backing up the ramp, all three women having took some nasty shots.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You've gotta be kidding me!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Charlotte Flair was prepared for Zahra and Gionna... but she wasn't prepared for the surprise third part of the equation... the mysterious Vipress!

[ Tony Schiavone ] First, Charlotte Flair's back-up was denied entry into the arena tonight and now this! It's almost as though she were set up to fail tonight! What is the story behind this strange alliance of Gionna Daddio, Zahra Schreiber, and Vipress!?

[ Scott Steiner ] You two can cry all you want about Charlotte Flair gettin' fuckin' robbed of her big moment tonight but the true victim at WrestleBrawl 3?! ME! Because I was robbed of seein' three beautiful women with faaaat asses share a victory kiss with touchin' and feelin' and then their hands get real low and then those clothes start t' get real hot and real itchy and they got to come off--

There's a sound of a water bottle being sprayed.

[ Scott Steiner ] God dammit, what the fuck are you doin', Hugh Grant!?

We hear Nigel huff loudly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There you have it once again, folks!

Inside the ring, we see "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair checking on Charlotte. She's in a seated position in the middle of the ring with tears in her eyes. On the stage, we see Vipress and Zahra standing on either side of Gionna, raising her arms in victory. We head backstage as the unlikely celebration continues.

A black limousine slowly creeps into the back part of the arena as the cameraman stations himself at the passenger side door. As the driver gets out and opens the door, we get a dramatic low-level shot of Dave Batista exiting, wearing a custom-made black suit. He snaps the lapels and looks around, taking an inventory of his surroundings.

[ Dave Batista ] So this is WrestleBrawl, huh?

He’s not impressed.

[ Dave Batista ] Time to go to work.

Batista grabs his bag and sees someone standing nearby.

[ Dave Batista ] Take my bag and put it in my locker room.

It’s Nunzio.

[ Nunzio ] Da’ fock?

Batista then reaches into his breast pocket and flicks through a wad of cash, finding the smallest bill in the stack and handing it to Nunzio, who refuses.

[ Nunzio ] I don’t want your money, mook. The show has been goin’ on for hours. Yer late.

Not even remotely phased, Batista shrugs.

[ Dave Batista ] The show won’t start until I say it starts. Besides, I’m only here for the Golden Ticket. I’m just going to stroll into the office and pick it up and be on my way.

Batista looks confusingly at Nunzio, making eye contact with him for the first time in this entire conversation.

[ Dave Batista ] What a good vet you are. Always bringing your gear with you just in case.

[ Nunzio ] I have a match tonight. I’m the Elevation Champion.

[ Dave Batista ] Huh.

He’s shocked.

[ Dave Batista ] But you’re so tiny. Look at ya’! Little guy. Belt’s bigger than you are. It would look like an action figure title if I held it.

Batista pops his pecs.

[ Dave Batista ] Because unlike you, tiny man, I’m a big guy.

[ Nunzio ] After I beat Nash, meet me in the ring and I’ll show ya’ ‘tiny.’

[ Dave Batista ] Oh, you’re fighting Big Kev? Sucks to be you.

[ Nunzio ] You ain’t shit, Batista. I don’t care where you came from or what you’ve done. ‘Round here, you’re lookin’ at a fockin’ CHAMPION! You’re lookin’ at one of the BEST this company has to offa’ and if you think you can hang, then prove yourself or shut your mouth.

Batista smirks.

[ Dave Batista ] Hold on buddy. I’m sure you’ll have a LOT of contenders coming after you. Don’t worry, when I get my Golden Ticket, I won’t come after your belt.

Batista looks to his left.

[ Dave Batista ] Or yours.

Batista takes a few steps with the camera trailing him. As he passes through, the camera catches up with who he last spoke to - Chris Dickinson.

[ Chris Dickinson ] I’m not a fuckin’ champion!

He pauses.

[ Chris Dickinson ] ..Yet.

Dickinson eyes Nunzio.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Was that fuckin’ Drax?

Nunzio shakes his head.

[ Nunzio ] I’m sick and FOCKIN’ tired of the slights I’m gettin’ ‘round here. Don’t they know who I am? Huh? Don’t people know who I beat to get to where I am? I’m not the prototypical champion, but I’ll be damned if I’m passed over any longa’.

Nunzio scoffs, looking Dickinson up and down.

[ Nunzio ] I’m a very, VERY powerful person. So I’m takin’ names and I’m remembering those who cross me. One day, one fockin’ day very soon, there’s gonna’ be a lot’o hell to pay.

Nunzio storms off, leaving Dickinson confused.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Whoa.

Dickinson is trying to figure out what he did to draw the ire of Nunzio like that.

[ Chris Dickinson ] I was just askin’ a question.

Dickinson looks around, desperately seeking anyone to confirm his suspicions.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Was that the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy or not? I’m not askin’ for a lot.


We fade up on a shot of Justin Roberts standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. Standing on either side of him, we see Aubrey Edwards and Mike Chioda. Aubrey Edwards is holding the prized Golden Ticket in both hands at waist level. The fans are buzzing with anticipation. Justin Roberts raises the microphone and speaks.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the third-ever... WRESTLEBRAWL match!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Justin Roberts ] The rules are as follows... two men will begin the match... every two minutes, another competitor will enter the ring. Eliminations may only occur by throwing your opponent over the top rope... with both feet touching the floor!

He gestures toward Aubrey holding the Golden Ticket.

[ Justin Roberts ] The winner of the match will receive the Golden Ticket, which may be cashed in at any time for anything the holder desires within the power of the Championship Committee to deliver!

The fans are on their feet, ready to go.

[ Justin Roberts ] And now... the man who drew NUMBER ONE!

"Unscripted Violence" hits and Jon Moxley walks out from behind the curtain, drawing a big pop from the crowd. He doesn't make a show of it, he just walks straight to the ring, focused on getting the job done.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the face of Jon Moxley... that's the face of a man who knows he's got a long night ahead of him, guys.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] At No Competition, Jon Moxley battled PAC in a match to determine who would enter numba' one and who would enter numba' thirty... unfortunately for the Death Rider, he drew the short straw and that's what we're witnessing right now.

[ Scott Steiner ] I was talkin' to Jon Moxley earlier tonight and I can tell you two right now, this mother fucker ain't got no fear! He knows what he's walkin' into and he's ready for it! Say what you want about this guy and his fuckin' chances of walkin' outta here the winner tonight, but he's one tough son of a bitch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No one's saying it can't be done, Scott. It was at WrestleBrawl 2 in 2006 that Raven won from the number two position, last eliminating Rob Conway!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHO!?

Moxley rolls under the bottom rope and stomps across the ring, radiating intensity. He looks around at the fans, clenching and unclenching his fists, ready to throw down. His music cuts and Justin Roberts continues.

[ Justin Roberts ] And his opponent... the man who drew... NUMBER TWOOOOOOO!

"Worlds Apart" hits and the fans erupt in boos as Sami Zayn sulks out from the back, looking PISSED, with Gregory Helms in tow. Zayn stands on the stage, looking down the ramp at the ring, scowling. The fans really let him have it, booing him intensely.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here comes a man wit' somethin' t' prove, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It was only a bit ago, earlier tonight, that Sami Zayn was defeated by Ruby Riott!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Losing the SGW Limitless Championship in the process!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You have to believe he's out for blood! He wants to regain that lost momentum!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh you bet'cha, Tony. It's hard t' get ahead in this business without momentum!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ain't that the god damn truth! Two things you fuckin' need in this business... thick skin 'n fuckin' momentum! And also the uncanny fuckin' ability to shit all over talented guys that contribute to your company and make your community better all 'cause you're on a power trip and ain't nobody gonna tell you different!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What?

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT?!

Sami Zayn makes his way up the steps and keeps his eye on Moxley as he steps through the ropes. Zayn removes his jacket and psyches himself up. Justin Roberts and Mike Chioda exit the ring. Sami Zayn and Jon Moxley stand in opposite corners as Aubrey Edwards walks to the center of the ring and holds up the Golden Ticket before exiting the ring herself. Mike Chioda calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Mike Chioda & Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - No Time Limit

The bell sounds and Jon Moxley meets Sami Zayn in the center of the ring. The fans are buzzing with electricity, standing on their feet, ready to see this match get underway. Gregory Helms is at ringside, pounding on the mat frantically. Moxley and Zayn get nose to nose with Sami Zayn talking trash and jamming his finger into Moxley's chest, letting him know how this match is gonna go... but then Moxley punches Zayn right in the mouth! The fans pop huge as Moxley peppers Zayn with right hands, driving him back into the corner! Zayn throws his arms up, trying to block but Moxley is relentless, throwing uppercuts and getting underneath Sami's guard!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jon Moxley is giving Sami Zayn the business!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He knows the only way to survive early on is to take guys out quick so he's got time to rest between intervals!

Moxley reaches down and hooks Sami's leg, trying to lift him over the top rope but Sami hooks his arms around the top rope and uses his free leg to boot Moxley in the chest, sending him reeling backward! Moxley staggers out and spins around with his back to the ropes... just in time for Sami Zayn to charge at him with a RUNNING YAKUZA KICK but Moxley ducks it and Zayn's leg flies over the top rope, crotching him! The fans pop huge! Moxley punches away at Zayn until he tumbles over the top rope, landing on the apron! Moxley throws a haymaker and Zayn blocks it before nailing Moxley with a punch of his own! Moxley staggers back and Zayn uses the top rope to propel himself back into the ring, drilling Moxley with a DDT! Both men are down as the timer counts down from ten!


[ Scott Steiner ] Now, here comes a real bad mother fucker!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Killer Kross! A vicious competitor that's looking to make an impact!

The fans boo loudly as Killer Kross appears on the stage with Dr. Stevie in tow. Kross is wringing his hands together, gritting his teeth, ready to dish out punishment. He charges down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, immediately descending on Jon Moxley and pulling him back up to his feet with hands on either side of his head. He whips Moxley into the ropes and drives into the mat with a power slam! Moxley writhes around on the mat, favoring his back. Sami Zayn scrambles back to his feet, his back resting against the ropes. Killer Kross charges at him but Zayn drops and pulls down the top rope! Killer Kross tumbles over the top rope, onto the apron! Zayn returns to his feet and immediately dives out of the way, allowing a charging Jon Moxley to knock Killer Kross off the apron!

[ Scott Steiner ] You gotta be kiddin' me! That big jacked mother fucker is already out!?


As soon as Kross hits the floor, Sami Zayn dumps Jon Moxley from behind! Sami Zayn staggers out into the middle of the ring, dropping to his knees and celebrating! But the fans pop huge as they realize Moxley wasn't eliminated! He pulls himself up and steps back into the ring. Sami Zayn slowly stands and turns around... only to get a kick in the gut... PARADIGM SHIFT! The fans pop huge! Moxley sits up next to Zayn and dusts his hands off as the timer begins counting down once again!


Boos emanate from deep in the heart of the arena as Chris Jericho walks out onto the stage with Jake Hager in tow! Jericho appears to be in a foul mood as he makes his way down to the ring, jawing back and forth with angry fans!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hold on, didn't he steal TK Cooper's number earlier?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That, he did! But it seems as though he didn't inspect what number Cooper had drawn himself! Chris Jericho has traded numba' twelve for lucky numba' four!

Jericho slides under the bottom rope and meets Moxley face to face in the middle of the ring! They jaw back and forth before Moxley headbutts Jericho in the nose! Jericho staggers back and then lunges forward, drilling Moxley with a forearm to the jaw! Moxley and Jericho trade punches and forearms like men possessed until Jericho casually deflects a punch from Moxley and kicks him low! The fans boo loudly as Jericho smiles and guides Moxley toward the ropes by a handful of hair. Jericho tries to force Moxley over the top rope but Moxley elbows his way out, causing Jericho to stagger backward. However, before Moxley can capitalize, Sami Zayn charges out of nowhere and boots Moxley right in the side of the head! Moxley tumbles through the ropes where Jake Hager snatches him off the apron and POWER SLAMS HIM ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHATAMANEUVER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jon Moxley might have just been taken out of the match by Jake Hager!

Hager stands up, pounding his chest and roaring with intensity! Sami Zayn has a huge, cheesy smile on his face but Jericho isn't having it, chopping Zayn in the throat and clotheslining him over the top rope and onto the apron! Hager charges at Zayn, trying to clothesline his legs out from under him but Zayn jumps Hager's arm and spins around, nailing a running boot to Hager's face! Hager staggers out and goes down! Zayn turns around and Jericho tries to clothesline him off the apron but Zayn ducks that, runs and leaps onto the middle turnbuckle from the outside, climbs to the top, and leaps off, nailing Jericho with a FLYING AXE HANDLE! Gregory Helms is losing his mind at ringside, trying to rally the fans who are completely unwilling to be rallied by him! The timer begins counting down!


The fans boo loudly as The Fiend makes his way out onto the stage with his lantern in one hand and Pepe in the other! Sami Zayn looks on in horror as The Fiend lumbers toward ringside. He places the lantern on the stage and makes his way up the ring steps, still clutching Pepe.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The bloody Fiend! He stole Pepe from Chavo Guerrero at our first event, SGW Revenge! And now, here he is after an absence... trotting Pepe out for the world t' see!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Where has The Fiend been all this time, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I imagine he's been trapped off in his own little world, paranoid, alienating those closest to him while eliminating those he views as threats, no matter the level of personal harm it might do to him and his fragile psyche!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... I don't understand!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Don't worry about it, Tony. I would estimate it would take roughly eighteen days to tell that whole story.

The Fiend walks across the apron, eyeing Sami Zayn. Moxley returns to his feet and grabs The Fiend by the ankle, trying to slow him down, but The Fiend kicks Moxley away, knocking him backward into the guardrail with supernatural force! Sami Zayn charges over and nails The Fiend with a forearm, trying to knock him off the apron but The Fiend slowly turns around and tilts his head to the side. Zayn backs away, putting his hands up in fear before dropping to his knees! The Fiend steps through the ropes... and Gregory Helms slides under the bottom rope, standing between The Fiend and Sami Zayn, putting his dukes up, ready to fight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh no, Sami. This is not smart!

The Fiend looks at Pepe and then at Helms... but before The Fiend can do anything, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. emerges from the back to a huge pop! Chavo runs full speed down the ramp and leaps onto the apron, shouting at The Fiend and getting his attention! The Fiend slowly turns around, clutching Pepe, and lays eyes on Chavo! Chavo points at Pepe and begins yelling, "That's MY friend! Not yours! Give me Pepe back, esse!" The Fiend looks down at Pepe and advances on Chavo! Chavo reaches out and grabs Pepe by his stick! The Fiend and Chavo struggle for possession of Pepe until Chavo hops off the apron, still gripping Pepe's stick! The Fiend leans over the top rope, trying to maintain control... but Sami Zayn and Gregory Helms charge up behind The Fiend and dump him over the top rope to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] With the assist from Chavo bloody Guerrero, Jr.!


The fans pop huge! The Fiend lands on his feet but Chavo wrenches Pepe away from his grip! Chavo backs up the ramp, fear in his eyes, as The Fiend advances on him! However, before The Fiend can do anything, Gregory Helms launches off the apron nails him with a flying KNEE TO THE BACK! The impact sends The Fiend forward... INTO A SHOT WITH PEPE RIGHT TO THE HEAD! The Fiend goes down and Chavo escapes to the back as the timer begins counting down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Chavo and Pepe have been reunited!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a feel good moment! Who is joining us next!?


Colt Cabana charges out from the back to a huge pop! As he's running down the ramp, The Fiend returns to his feet... and CABANA NAILS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE THAT TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT! The fans lose it! Cabana slides underneath the bottom rope and immediately nails Sami Zayn with a clothesline! Chris Jericho is posting up in the corner and Cabana charges at him... "FLYING ASSHOOOOOOOLE!" and sandwiches Jericho against the turnbuckles! Cabana rebounds out of the corner... and Jon Moxley charges at him! Moxley goes for a clothesline but Cabana runs underneath it, causing Moxley to collide with Jericho! Moxley and Jericho are staggered in the corner as Cabana cries out... "FLYING ASSHOOOOOOLE!" and sandwiches both men!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! I hate this jack-off comedy bullshit! Somebody this guy out before I get in there and do it myself!

The fans are losing their minds as Cabana is a house of fire! Sami Zayn returns to his feet, looking out of it. Cabana points at him, a huge smile on his face, and shouts "TIME TO HEAD TO THE PAY WINDA', BUDDY!" He takes Sami Zayn by the back of the head and guides him toward the ropes. Cabana casually tosses Sami Zayn over the top rope and onto the apron! The fans gasp and are ready to pop with Zayn's elimination! Cabana throws a big punch and Zayn blocks it, nailing Cabana with one of his own... but then Cabana nails Zayn with a straight punch! Zayn almost tumbles but hangs onto the top rope with one hand! Cabana smacks Zayn's hand and he lets go before grabbing the top rope with the other hand! Cabana smacks that hand and Zayn switches again! Cabana smacks THAT hand and Zayn switches again, barely managing to hold on each time! The timer begins to count down!

[ Scott Steiner ] For real, somebody eliminate this fuckin' goober!


The fans instantly shit all over everything as Steve Corino emerges from the back with a cocky smile on his face! Corino lethargically jogs down to the ring before sliding under the bottom rope. Without wasting any time, Corino charges up behind Colt Cabana and nails him with a forearm to the back, sending him careening forward as Sami Zayn pulls down the top rope, allowing Cabana to fall to the floor, eliminated!



The fans erupt in boos as Cabana is unceremoniously eliminated! Sami Zayn quickly rolls under the bottom rope and back into the ring! Steve Corino turns his attention to Jon Moxley and begins trying to force him over the top rope. Jericho joins in and they've almost got Moxley forced over the top rope! Moxley desperately grasps the middle and bottom ropes, kicking erratically and trying to maintain his grip! Sami Zayn falls into a seated position in the opposite corner, watching as they struggle to eliminate Moxley and the timer begins to count down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the teamwork going into eliminating Jon Moxley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one o' the biggest dogs in the fight, Tony! They gotta get him outta there!


CM Punk emerges from the back and drops to one knee on the stage before looking down at his wrist and declaring "IT'S FUCKIN'... CLOBBERIN' TIIIIIIIIIIME!" Punk stomps down the ramp and slides into the ring, immediately clubbing Chris Jericho in the back! Jericho turns around and begins trading forearms with CM Punk! Moxley manages to elbow Corino off of him and tumbles back into the ring, landing awkwardly on his feet. Moxley and Corino begin trading punches as Jericho and Punk go at it on the opposite side of the ring. Sami Zayn continues watching, licking his lips as he anxiously waits, preparing to pick a spot.

[ Tony Schiavone ] CM Punk is here! We haven't seen him since Holiday Hell!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And you know he's got somethin' t' prove after how he departed us last time!

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at this Sami Zayn punk, sittin' on his ass, pickin' his spots! What a fuckin' loser! No wonder he lost to that bird face girl earlier tonight! Whoever told his asshole he could wrestle men!?

CM Punk gets Jericho reeling with a series of right hands and open hand slaps before knocking his head off his shoulders with a big roundhouse kick! The impact sends Jericho spinning out and he staggers back against the ropes. Punk clothesline him over the top rope and Jericho barely manages to hang on! Punk throws a spinning back fist but Jericho ducks it and nails him with a shoulder through the middle ropes! He hooks Punk's head and brings him over the top rope with a SUPLEX but Punk drives a knee into the top of Jericho's head and lands on the apron next to him! Punk and Jericho punch and elbow each other, trying to knock the other off but they won't go! Punk manages to sweep Jericho's legs and Jericho goes down on the apron... only to roll back under the bottom rope! Jericho quickly rises to his feet and charges, hitting the ropes. He runs back toward Punk, full blast, but Punk leaps and nails Jericho with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK as the timer counts down!


The fans boo loudly as Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his way out to the stage! Friedman throws his scarf to the side and runs down to ringside, sliding underneath the bottom rope and going right after Jon Moxley! Friedman and Corino pummel Moxley, knocking him down to all fours. They drag Moxley back up and drag him toward the ropes but he comes alive, nailing Corino with an elbow to the mid-section before hooking him for the PARADIGM SHIFT... but Friedman cuts him off with a forearm to the back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Why would you stop another man from hurting someone else in this environment? There's literally no benefit to it!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's these young guys, George Attenborough! They're dumb as fuck!

Jericho struggles back to his feet and CM Punk is sizing him up. Jericho slowly turns around and Punk goes for a ROUNDHOUSE KICK but Jericho ducks it and dives out of the way as Sami Zayn comes out of the corner full blast and nails Punk with a RUNNING BOOT! Punk goes down in a heap and Jericho descends on him, grabbing two handfuls of hair and dragging him back to his feet! Jericho jerks his thumb toward Sami Zayn and shouts "GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME, ASS FACE!"

[ Scott Steiner ] That's right, Zayn! You fat shit! Follow the lead of a real man!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm surprised to hear you say that about Chris Jericho!

[ Scott Steiner ] Don't get it twisted, Tony! Chris Jericho ain't cut from the same cloth as a real REAL man like yours truly! But compared to punks like Sami Zayn or CM Punk, Chris Jericho is a testosterone fueled, bad mother fucker!

Sami Zayn and Jericho both grab Punk and try to toss him over the top but Punk tangles himself in the ropes, refusing to cooperate as the timer begins to count down once again!


The fans pop huge as Jimmy Havoc walks through the curtain in his trench coat and studded mask, clutching his axe in his hand. His other hand is bandaged heavily, still injured from his daring escape at Heartbreaker! Havoc looks down at the axe and then begins walking with purpose toward the ring! Havoc discards his mask and trench coat but carries the axe into the ring with him! Steve Corino charges at him and gets an axe handle to the mid-section! Maxwell Jacob Friedman rushes him and walks into a boot to the stomach! Havoc looks down at the axe, smirks, and then raises it over his head!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my goodness, NO! HE CAN'T--

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! Do it, you fuckin' emo skeleton!

But before Havoc cause murder Friedman in the middle of the ring, Jon Moxley blindsides him with a running forearm to the side of the head! Havoc goes down and Moxley picks up the axe, looking down at it quizzically before shrugging and tossing it over the top rope to the floor. Havoc scrambles back to his feet and gets right in Moxley's face! Moxley and Havoc go nose to nose as the fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT!" at the mere thought of these two going at it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Now this... THIS IS A FIGHT!

However, before they can even touch, they're blindsided by Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho, who have abandoned CM Punk in order to focus on the two perceived heavy hitters! Zayn pairs off with Moxley as Jericho gives his all to Jimmy Havoc! The timer begins to count down!


The fans pop huge as Nia Jax emerges from behind the curtain, pounding her fist into her open palm! Nia Jax makes her way down the ramp, high fiving fans all the way down! Jax stomps up the steps and enters the ring, looking around the ring for the first person to hit! However, before she can choose, Maxwell Jacob Friedman charges at her! Nia Jax scoops him up mid-run into a SAMOAN DROP POSITION... and DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! The fans pop huge!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did that just happen!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Indeed! That just happened!


Friedman looks up the floor, shocked! Nia Jax points down at him, "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, HUH!? I'VE ELIMINATED YOU FROM THE WRESTLEBRAWL WITH MY SAMOAN DROP AND NOW I WILL WIN THE WRESTLE--" and Jimmy Havoc dumps Nia Jax over the top rope to the floor out of nowhere! The fans boo loudly as Nia Jax tumbles off the apron and onto the floor.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy freakin' Havoc!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, there has been a lot more interaction between Jimmy Havoc and Nia Jax in this company than I would have ever imagined when I signed on the dotted line!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You ain't kiddin'.


Jimmy Havoc looks down at Nia Jax with a smug look on his face... and instantly gets dumped by Chris Jericho! But Havoc hangs on, gripping the top rope for dear life! Jericho tries prying his fingers off but Havoc lets go just long enough to punch Jericho in the face and climb back into the ring! Havoc stays on Jericho, punching away at him until Steve Corino comes out of nowhere with a SUPER KICK that puts Havoc flat on his back! Jericho directs traffic and he and Corino each take Havoc by his tights and t-shirt, pulling him up to his feet. They attempt to heave-ho him over the top rope but Havoc hangs onto the top rope and fights them off until Jon Moxley returns to the fray and nails Corino in the back, breaking him off from the attempt to eliminate Havoc. Havoc elbows his way out and lands back in the ring, booting Jericho in the gut before turning him inside out with the ACID RAINMAKER as the timer begins counting down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's his move!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Acid Rainmaker! He got all of it!

[ Scott Steiner ] It ain't no Steiner Line but I guess it'll do the trick!


The fans boo loudly as TK Cooper and Dahlia Black walk out onto the stage, hand in hand. They begin aggressively making out and Dahlia leaps up onto Cooper, wrapping her legs around his waist and grabbing handfuls of his hair. The fans shit all over this as Cooper falls flat on his back and Dahlia begins gyrating on top of him as mothers and fathers cover the eyes of young fans close enough to see what's going on in graphic detail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! This... this is just wrong! Children are watching!

[ Scott Steiner ] Freakzilla's goin' six to midnight, boys!

Inside the ring, Sami Zayn attacks Jimmy Havoc from behind, preventing him from eliminating Chris Jericho. Zayn pummels Havoc across the back with a series of forearms but Havoc refuses to go down, though every blow visibly jars him, causing him to grit his teeth. Zayn takes a handful of Havoc's hair and drags him toward the ropes but Havoc elbows his way out and grabs Zayn by the hair, drilling him with a headbutt and dumping him through the ropes to the floor! Havoc stumbles into the ropes, sitting on the middle rope. Steve Corino approaches him and Havoc comes alive, booting him in the stomach before even returning to a standing position. Corino goes for a clothesline and Havoc ducks, causing Corino to spin out and end up with his back against the ropes. Havoc clotheslines Corino over the top rope and onto the apron where he lands on his feet! Chris Jericho charges up behind Havoc and Havoc moves out of the way! Jericho and Corino almost collide but Jericho stops himself! Jericho turns around and ducks a RUNNING BOOT from Havoc! The boot catches Corino right in the face but Corino falls flat back on the apron and grabs onto the bottom rope, keeping himself being eliminated! Jericho and Havoc begin trading forearms as the timer counts down once again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neither Havoc or Jericho are willing to back down!


Bryan Danielson stalks out from the back and glares down the ramp at the ring. Mere feet away from him, TK Cooper an Dahlia Black continue feverishly making out. Danielson shakes his head in disgust before shoving Dahlia Black off of Cooper to a huge pop! Cooper looks shocked as Danielson grabs him by the hair and drags him off the stage, running down to the ring with him in tow! Danielson slings Cooper underneath the bottom rope and into the ring! TK Cooper staggers back to his feet just as Danielson enters the ring... and IMMEDIATELY CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOODBYE, TK COOPA'!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson has ARRIVED!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, he tossed that scrawny, flaccid Samoan dude outta' there but what's he gonna do when he's faced with a real man!? Bryan Danielson is nobody! He's always been nobody! Tossin' out some dumb fuck wearin' a romper don't prove nothin'!


Danielson hocks and spits over the top rope at Cooper, who just looks on in surprise! Danielson smiles and turns around, finding himself face to face with Chris Jericho and Steve Corino, who have dispatched Havoc on the mat, mere feet away! Danielson looks from Jericho to Corino and smiles before raising two middle fingers and shouting "FUCK YOU BOTH!" Jericho and Corino both go after him but Danielson ducks a haymaker from Jericho, hits the ropes, and NAILS STEVE CORINO WITH THE RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Jericho is so taken aback that he doesn't see Jon Moxley coming up behind him! He whips Jericho around... PARADIGM SHIFT-- NO! Jericho elbows his way out of it and shoves Moxley back... ONLY TO GET SCOOPED UP AND NAILED WITH GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEP BY CM PUNK! Jericho is out on his feet... AND DANIELSON PUTS HIM DOWN WITH THE RUNNING KNEE STRIKE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] IN! THE! FACE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That will certainly give you Excedrin Headache #9!

Danielson rests on one knee as he looks up at Moxley and CM Punk, an arrogant smirk on his face. Moxley wipes the sweat off his face and points at Sami Zayn. Zayn begins backing away in fear, begging them off. The fans are buzzing with electricity... but their attention falls away from Sami Zayn as the timer begins counting down!


The fans cheer as Al Snow emerges from the back with The Blue Meanie! They both run down to the ring at full speed! The Blue Meanie hits the ring first and CM Punk catches him coming in... GO TO SLEEP! The Blue Meanie is OUT ON HIS FEET! CM Punk flings him over the top rope to the floor as soon as Al Snow hits the ring! Snow is a house of fire! Big right hands to Jon Moxley! Kick to the stomach of Bryan Danielson! Short arm clothesline to CM Punk! Al Snow is motioning for everyone to bring it on! Sami Zayn charges at him with a BIG BOOT but Snow ducks it and catches Zayn on the turnaround... SNOW PLOW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Al Snow is on fire!

[ Scott Steiner ] Are you fuckin' kiddin' me right now!? Al Snow!? Fuck outta' here, Al Snow!

The fans don't know what to think as Al Snow runs the table! Steve Corino charges at Snow and Snow ducks a clothesline! Corino turns around and Snow nails him with a jab to the throat! Corino staggers back against the ropes and Al Snow charges at him... only for Corino to drop and pull down the top rope! Snow tumbles onto the apron but manages to hang on! Corino turns and Snow punches him in the throat again! He tries to suplex Corino over the top and onto the apron but CORINO IS JUST TOO FAT! Corino elbows his way out of it and suplexes Al Snow back into the ring as the timer counts down!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ain't nobody liftin' that fat fuck!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Being of Steve Corino's size is certainly an advantage in this match!

[ Scott Steiner ] The Origin ain't nothin' but a bunch of fat, greasy bastards!


The roof blows off the arena as Jeff Jarrett walks out from the back in his sleeveless entrance robe with a golden guitar! The SGW logo is emblazoned on the back of the guitar as is revealed when he holds it over his head! Jarrett's pyrotechnics explode all around him and he discards his robe before making his way down to the ring with purpose in his step!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one of the few men who has competed at every WrestleBrawl event along with Shane Douglas, Edge, Christian, and Val Venis! However, unlike any of them... he is UNDEFEATED!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's right, Nigel! At the original WrestleBrawl pay-per-view, Jeff Jarrett won the WrestleBrawl match to win the vacant SGW World Heavyweight Championship... and at WrestleBrawl 2, he defeated "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing match! And now, here he is... one more time! WrestleBrawl 3!

Jarrett wastes no time, sliding under the bottom rope and meeting a charging Chris Jericho with a boot the the stomach! Jericho staggers back and Corino advances... ONLY TO GET BLASTED WITH A GUITAR SHOT! Corino goes down with the frame of the guitar around his neck! Jericho smiles and... BEGINS TO STRUT! Al Snow charges at Jarrett and Jarrett casually flings him over the top rope the the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOOD NIGHT, AL SNOW!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck outta' here, Al Snow! You weren't foolin' nobody! Least of all, me!


Jarrett gets attacked from behind by Sami Zayn but Jarrett doesn't go down! Zayn continues the assault, pummeling Jarrett across the back with forearms but Jarrett stumbles forward into the ropes, using them to maintain his balance. He turns around and Sami Zayn throws a clothesline but Jarrett ducks it and catches Zayn... WITH THE STROKE! Sami Zayn is OUT! Jarrett stands over him and finds himself being faced by Jimmy Havoc, Jon Moxley, and CM Punk! Jarrett looks all three up and comers up and down... before motioning for them to bring it on! Punk dives in first and Jarrett immediately backdrops him over the top rope and onto the apron where Punk holds on! Jarrett boots Moxley in the gut and hooks him for a DDT but Jimmy Havoc clotheslines Jarrett right in the throat, knocking him down! Havoc advances on Jarrett but Jarrett grabs him by his tights and pulls him forward, causing him to tumble through the ropes and onto the apron!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jeff Jarrett is holding everyone off single handedly!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuckin' legend! That's my boy, alright! Gonna win the whole god damn thing!

Jarrett rises back to his feet and Moxley charges at him only for Jarrett to move! Moxley collides with Havoc, knocking him to the floor! Moxley turns around and Jarrett catches him... WITH THE STROKE! Jarrett is the last man standing as the timer counts down once again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There it is! The Stroke on Jon Moxley!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! Get 'em Chosen One!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what?! ARE YOU KIDDING!? THIS IS HAPPENING, GUYS!

[ Scott Steiner ] He's back?! How come nobody told me he was back!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is... this is quite the surprise!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the look on Jeff Jarrett's face! It was at Card Subject to Change in January that Jeff Jarrett cost Randy Orton the SGW World Heavyweight Championship, which caused a shift in power, fracturing the Championship Committee and putting the title in the grasps of Arn Anderson and The Origin!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Revenge has to be on the mind of The Legend Killer!

The building QUAKES with boos as Jarrett waits on Orton to emerge from the back... but he never does! Instead, Orton enters from the crowd! The fans try desperately to warn Jarrett but it's too late! Orton slips into the ring behind him and Jarrett turns around... INTO THE RKO! The boos impossibly get louder as Orton scoops Jarrett up and dumps him over the top rope to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And just like that, Jeff Jarrett has been defeated at WrestleBrawl!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuckin' bullshit! Randy Orton ain't shit! Fuck him!


Randy Orton smiles evilly, trembling with intensity as he looks over the top rope at the downed Jarrett, who isn't moving at all! Orton runs his hands over his head, clearly satisfied by what he's done! However, before Orton can do anything else, he's tackled from behind and dumped over the top rope by Jon Moxley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT?! ORTON IS GONE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jon Moxley just took out the trash!

[ Scott Steiner ] Serves that punk right!


Orton lands on all fours next to Jarrett! Orton looks furious but quickly snaps out of it and grabs Jarrett by the hair, dragging him back up to all fours before they brawl toward the back until road agents swarm them. Inside the ring, Jon Moxley uses the ropes to pull himself up, still out of it from the Stroke. Sami Zayn comes up behind Moxley and spins him around, attempting to get the jump on him! However, Moxley comes alive, booting Zayn in the gut and nailing him with the PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley springs back up with all the adrenaline he's got left... and TOSSES SAMI ZAYN TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jon Moxley is on a tear! He's cleaning house!


The fans pop huge! But then Moxley turns right around... INTO THE JUDAS EFFECT! Moxley tumbles over the top rope and onto the apron... WHERE JAKE HAGER POSITIONS HIMSELF UNDERNEATH AND POWERBOMBS HIM ONTO THE FLOOR, ELIMINATING HIM!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus Christ! Jon Moxley might be dead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a phenomenal showing by Jon Moxley!


The fans groan at the sight of Moxley's body ragdolling against the floor but before they can dwell on it for too long, the timer begins counting down, signaling the arrival of our next entrant in the match!


Sabre walks out casually and stands on the stage with a smug look on his face. He unzips his jacket and sets it aside gently before making his way down to the ring with a smug look on his face. He walks past Hager without a passing glance and climbs onto the apron. As soon as he steps through the ropes, Jericho greets him with a boot to the stomach! Jericho takes Sabre by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope, onto the apron! Sabre regains his footing and hangs onto the top rope. Jericho throws a punch but Sabre ducks it and nails Jericho with a forearm of his own! Jericho staggers backward and Sabre steps back through the ropes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Zack Sabre, Jr. isn't going down that easily!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one of the most resilient young competitors on the roster and I've heard he's got quite the interesting plan should that Golden Ticket come his way tonight!

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this guy weigh, huh? Ninety-eight pounds? I take shits bigger 'n Zack Sabre, Jr.! I'm gonna use that sumbitch as a toothpick when I get done eatin' tonight!

Bryan Danielson comes out of nowhere, nailing Sabre with a European uppercut! Sabre and Danielson trade brutally stiff uppercuts and forearms before Sabre takes over with a knee lift and slings Danielson halfway across the ring with a double underhook suplex! As soon as Sabre stands, he gets scooped by CM Punk! Punk's going for GO TO SLEEP... but Sabre repositions himself, wrapping his legs around Punk's head and locking in a VERTICAL TRIANGLE CHOKE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at this! Innovative offense by Sabre!

[ Scott Steiner ] Just powerbomb his ass, Punk! Fuckin' powerbomb his skinny ass!

Sabre wrenches on the hold as tightly as he can and Punk tumbles over the top rope! Sabre hangs onto the top rope and Punk falls to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There goes CM Punk! What an impressive elimination by Zack Sabre, Jr.!


Sabre climbs back into the ring with a satisfied look on his face as the timer begins counting down!


The roof blows off the place as Dave Batista emerges from the back and makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant look on his face. Batista walks up the steps and suddenly becomes dead serious as he eyeballs everyone in the ring before stepping through the ropes. As soon as Batista enters the ring, he catches a charging Jimmy Havoc and plants him with a spine buster! Batista springs back to his feet and gets kicked in the thigh by Zack Sabre, Jr.! Batista looks him up and down, face turning red with anger. Without a word, Batista snatches Sabre by the wrist and turns him inside out with a short arm lariat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Drax the Destroyer is handin' out punishment!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the bodies left in his wake!

Batista turns around and walks right into a SUPER KICK from Steve Corino! Batista shakes it off, completely no-selling it... and boots Corino in the gut! BATISTA BOMB! Batista rolls back to his feet and pumps his fists, yelling "BOOMMMM!" before getting put down with a running face buster from Chris Jericho! As soon as Batista goes down, Bryan Danielson flies off the top rope with a FLYING HEADBUTT! Danielson and Jericho both meet over the fallen Batista, going forehead to forehead as they jaw back and forth! The timer counts down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Danielson and Jericho! You can smell the intensity!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They want it bad, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] Want in one hand, shit in the other! See which one fills up first for Bryan Danielson!


Paul London explodes from the back and run full sprint! He slides under the bottom rope with such velocity that he almost slides all the way out the opposite side! London returns to his feet and immediately ducks a clothesline from Chris Jericho! He catches Jericho on the turnaround with a DROPSAULT, landing on Batista! However, Batista hangs onto him and slowly stands up, carrying London in a fallaway position! Batista uses London as a weapon, swinging him around into Danielson, knocking him down! Corino and Havoc approach but Batista gorilla presses London and throws him into both of them, knocking them down!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! Let's see some fuckin' power!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I have to question the strategy of throwing Paul London... into the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] He's a strong mother fucker! Not a smart mother fucker!

The fans are going wild as Batista roars in victory... before Zack Sabre, Jr. leaps onto his back, locking in a sleeper hold! Sabre tries to choke him out but Batista stomps toward the ropes, grabbing onto the top. Batista struggles to remain on his feet... until Danielson and London charge up behind Batista and dump him over the top rope to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck!? NO! That's bullshit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Like it or not, Dave Batista is GONE!


Sabre lands on the apron, looking down in awe as Batista tumbles to the floor! Before Danielson and London can do anything else, Steve Corino and Chris Jericho charge up behind them! They sidestep and Jericho and Corino collide with Sabre, sending him crashing into the guardrail and to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Steve Corino and Chris Jericho have seen to it that Zack Sabre, Jr.'s dream of winning the Golden Ticket will not come true on this night!


Danielson and London both charge and nail Corino and Jericho with dropkicks as the timer begins counting down from ten once again!


The fans boo loudly as Christopher Daniels rushes to ringside and slides under the bottom rope. As soon as he enters the ring, he finds himself staring down Danielson and London! Daniels looks from side to side and tries to direct traffic, suggesting "it will take all of us to throw Corino's fat ass out of here, guys!" However, Danielson and London look at each other and then back at Daniels before hitting a double boot to the gut and delivering a double suplex! Daniels sits up, crying out in pain and Jimmy Havoc comes out of nowhere with a BASEMENT LARIAT! As soon as Havoc is up, he gets mugged by London and Danielson, who quickly toss him through the ropes to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Havoc, sent to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Paul London and Bryan Danielson are working in tandem! What an unexpected thing, to witness the reunion of The Hybrid Dolphins right here in Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's a true WrestleBrawl moment!

Jericho and Corino are back up and assault Danielson and London from behind, pummeling them before tossing Danielson through the ropes to the floor! Corino whips London into the ropes and London comes back, ducking a clothesline! London leaps onto the middle rope and nails Corino with an ASAI MOONSAULT! London is right back up and Jericho comes out of nowhere with a JUDAS EFFECT but London ducks it and nails Jericho with a GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans pop huge as London climbs the ropes and flies... SHOOTING STAR PRESS ON JERICHO! The fans lose their minds and the timer... it begins to count down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] When I first witnessed what Paul London could do in the ring, I thought he was one of the most impressive athletes I had ever seen! That still holds true to this day! What a phenomenal performer!


Kenny Omega runs out from the back and slides into the ring to a big pop! He's met by Paul London and they trade forearms and chops like men possessed! Omega quickly takes over, whipping London into the ropes and nailing him with a V-TRIGGER! London falls into a seated position and Omega snatches up both of his wrists, smiling huge! He pulls London... INTO ANOTHER V-TRIGGER, RIGHT TO THE FACE! London is OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Kenny Omega is making a statement!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Knees! To! Faces!

Steve Corino clubs Omega in the back but Omega stiffens up, shaking his head, slinging sweat in every direction! Omega slowly turns around and Corino begins to beg off but Omega boots him in the gut and points at the ropes! Omega charges and flings Corino over the top rope! Corino lands on the apron, hanging onto the ropes for dear life! Jimmy Havoc climbs onto the apron on the opposite side of the ring and Omega charges at him, nailing him with a BICYCLE KNEE off the apron! Omega goes to turn his attention back toward Corino but Danielson grabs Omega's ankles from the outside and drags him out of the ring before whipping him backward into the guardrail! Corino climbs back into the ring, relieved as the timer counts down once again!


Chris Dickinson explodes out from the back and runs down to ringside! Danielson and Havoc meet him at the foot of the ramp and HE TURNS THEM BOTH INSIDE OUT WITH A FLYING DOUBLE LARIAT! Dicksin springs back to his feet, pounding his chest and shouting "THAT'S WHAT I'M TAWLKIN' ABOUT!" The fans are loudly chanting "DIRTY DADDY" over and over! Dickinson slides into the ring and immediately boots Steve Corino in the gut! FAT ASS PAZUZU BOMB! CORINO IS DEAD! Paul London charges at Dickinson but Dickinson ducks a clothesline attempt! London spins around and Dickinson catches him with a CLOTHESLINE OF HIS OWN! London goes over the top rope! Dickinson runs the length of the ropes with a clothesline but London ducks it... only to turn around and catch a SECOND CLOTHESLINE that sends him crashing to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hit the showers, you pale, flaccid little man!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You can't deny the power and charisma of Chris Dickinson!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know he's not just here for a Golden Ticket, gentlemen! What are the chances that the Dirty Daddy would be in the ring at the same time as The Fallen Angel!?


Dickinson grabs the top rope and shakes it violently while sticking his tongue out as the fans go wild... AND THEN CHRISTOPHER DANIELS DUMPS DICKINSON TO THE FLOOR!


[ Tony Schiavone ] My word! Just like that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He took his eyes off the ball for one second too long and that's all it takes!

As soon as Dickinson's elimination is registered, the timer starts up again!


"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple hits and the fans erupt in boos as Shane Douglas emerges from the back with the SGW Lifetime World Heavyweight Championship around his greasy waist! Douglas walks bowlegged down the ramp with a huge smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and immediately tries to revive Steve Corino, his Origin partner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at this! Shane Douglas is looking to unify The Origin's efforts!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's only two members of The Origin in this match tonight... and they're in the ring at the same time, mostly in part to Steve Corino's freakish endurance! How has this man survived this long in the match!?

[ Scott Steiner ] Give it time! If somebody don't eliminate his fat ass soon, a heart attack will!

Corino staggers back to his feet and he and Douglas begin talking strategy! The fans are booing loudly as Corino and Douglas home in on Christopher Daniels and begin putting the boots to him! Daniels is out, in a seated position in the corner! Before they can finish him off, Daniels rolls under the bottom rope, looking out of it! Douglas and Corino look around and the ring and find that everyone still in the match are outside! Douglas and Corino exit through the ropes and begin going to work! They snatch up Jimmy Havoc and drop him chest first across the guardrail with a FLAPJACK SUPLEX! Bryan Danielson goes at them with a series of forearms and chops but Douglas completely no-sells it, screaming "YOU PASTY VEGAN FUCK!" before spitting on him and kicking him in the gut... PITTSBURGH PLUNGE ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's the move he used to defeat Cathy Kelley earlier tonight!

[ Scott Steiner ] Don't remind me of what that fuckin' idiot did to Cathy Kelley! He's still got a date with Big Poppa Pump comin' to him and I intend to stick that mother fucker with the bill!

Chris Jericho is lurking behind the ring steps, playing possum but Corino and Douglas pay him no mind anyway as they zone in on Kenny Omega and sling him under the bottom rope! They follow him inside but he rises to his feet and hits the ropes... BIG CLOTHESLINE ON DOUGLAS! Douglas falls against the ropes and drops to his knees! Corino and Omega trade blows until Omega takes over with a big knee lift to the mid-section! Omega begins vibrating, throwing his head back and forth... JAZZ HANDS! Omega hits the ropes and charges at Corino... but Douglas nails him with a LOW BLOW! SUPER KICK FROM CORINO! DOUGLAS AND CORINO DUMP OMEGA TO THE FLOOR!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There goes Kenny Omega, courtesy of The Origin!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Steve Corino is playing the role of spoiler tonight!


Douglas and Corino high five and begin laughing, two fat sweaty old guys soaking in a chorus of deafening boos. The timer begins to tick down as our latest entrant is on his way!


Elias casually walks out from the back with a brand new guitar over his shoulder. The fans are cheering loudly as Elias makes his way down go the ring. He begins to place his guitar next to the ring steps but Chris Jericho emerges and attempts to attack him... ONLY TO HAVE THE GUITAR EXPLODED OVER HIS HEAD! Jericho goes down in a heap! Elias shakes his head, disappointed in Jericho... but then turns around just as... SHANE DOUGLAS GOES FOR A SUICIDE DIVE ON ELIAS BUT EATS THE ROPES! Douglas rag dolls on the middle rope, eats the apron with his face, and then SCORPIONS ON THE FLOOR BELOW! Elias just looks on in horror before shouting "ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR DAMN MIND, SON!?"

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Someone call an ambulance! Shane Douglas might be dead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a devastating fall!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm serious! He might be dead!

Elias slides under the bottom rope and is met by Steve Corino! Corino and Elias trade punches until Corino thumbs Elias in the eye! Elias covers his eye and staggers back as Corino shouts "YOU'RE GONNA GET IT NOW, KID! NOBODY DOES WHAT YOU JUST DID TO THE FRANCHISE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" In pain and holding his eye, Elias shouts back "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? DID YOU EVEN SEE WHAT HE TRIED TO DO!?" Corino charges at him with a running double axe handle but Elias boots him in the gut... DRIFT AWAY!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm surprised he got that fucker up!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Elias is--

[ Scott Steiner ] HE'S FAT!

Elias rises back to his feet, all jacked up... but turns around into a boot to the gut from Christopher Daniels! Daniels has a huge smile on his face! He drags his thumb across his throat and hooks Elias for ANGEL'S WINGS! Daniels cries out "GET READY TO BE HUMILIATED ONE MORE TIME... BY GOOD OL' C.D.!" He tries to lift him up but Elias locks his legs... AND BACK DROPS DANIELS OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! Elias stands upright and looks down at Daniels on the floor with a sly smirk, "never again, old friend," he says before turning his attention back to the match.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a callback to their match at Fight to the Finish!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A true turning point in Elias' SGW career and he just made it clear for anybody watching... there's no bloody going back! Thanks for coming, Christopher Daniels!


The timer begins to count down!


The fans immediately begin chanting "BRO! BRO! BRO!" over and over at Matt Riddle runs down to ringside! He slides under the bottom rope and meets Elias in the middle of the ring. Elias and Riddle stare each other down... but before they can make contact, Jimmy Havoc slides back into the ring and nails Riddle in the back with a big forearm! Riddle collides with Elias, knocking him backward into the ropes where he tumbles onto the apron to the floor! Riddle and Havoc trade blows before Riddle ducks a punch and nails Havoc with a roundhouse kick to the head! Havoc spins out and Riddle scoops him up... BRO 2 SLEEP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc has endured unspeakable punishment tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm surprised no one has exploited the injured hand of Jimmy Havoc!

Riddle springs back to his feet and drops to one knee, soaking in the cheers of the fans! Shane Douglas climbs back onto the apron with a bloody nose and Riddle charges at him, nailing him with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE that sends Douglas back to the floor! Riddle turns around... INTO A SUPER KICK FROM CORINO! Riddle staggers back and falls into a seated position in the corner!

[ Scott Steiner ] How did fat ass Corino get his leg up that high!?

Corino smiles that crooked smile, showing off these even more crooked teeth... and walks right into a MISSILE DROPKICK FROM BRYAN DANIELSON! The fans pop huge! Danielson kips up and begins shaking his fist with intensity as... the timer counts down!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, boys, time to fuck shit up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what? Where are you going, Scott?


The fans explode as Scott Steiner stands up from behind the announce table and shreds off his casual attire to reveal his wrestling gear! Steiner removes his headset and places his chain mail on his head! Steiner climbs onto the apron and then removes the chain mail before stepping through the ropes! Steiner and Danielson go nose to nose as this heated rivalry is renewed! Danielson smiles evilly and takes a step back... before raising his middle finger and shouting "FUCK YOUUUUU!" However, before they can even touch, Chris Jericho comes out of nowhere and nails Steiner with a running forearm to the head!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, big mistake, Chris Jericho!

Shane Douglas returns to the ring, looking visibly concussed, totally out of it, and nails Danielson in the back with a double axe handle, almost falling down as he does so. And then he does fall down and can barely push himself back up to all fours. Steiner and Jericho club away at each other before Steiner catches one of Jericho's overhand blows, grips him around the waist, and nails him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I told you so! Big mistake!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's moving like he's in his prime!

Steiner does push-ups before standing back up and locking eyes with Shane Douglas! Douglas sobers up just enough that you can see the genuine fear in his eyes... as Steiner grabs him around the waist and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HE'S DEAD! He's bloody dead for real this time!


The fans erupt as Steiner flexes and the timer begins to count down!


Everyone turns to the entranceway, looking for Orange Cassidy but he never appears. Suddenly, Orange Cassidy casually rolls from underneath the ring with his hands in his pockets. He looks up at the WrestleBrawl match going on and casually shrugs his shoulders before rolling under the bottom rope and lethargically rising to his feet... coming face to face with the four-time former World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner! Steiner stares Cassidy down before raising his arm up and flexing it hard, showing Cassidy how jacked he is... and then Cassidy slowly kicks Steiner in the leg!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is gonna be bad.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You ain't kiddin'.

[ Tony Schiavone ] To say that Orange Cassidy is an acquired taste would be an understatement... to say that Scott Steiner is going to take this lying down... well, that's an even bigger understatement. I'm scared for Orange Cassidy's health!

Steiner looks down at the point of impact... and Cassidy kicks Steiner's other leg!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't do it, Scott! Let the poor guy live!

Steiner looks around, dumbfounded... but before he can do anything about this level of disrespect, Bryan Danielson comes out of nowhere and dumps Steiner over the top rope to the floor! The fans erupt in boos as Danielson falls back into a seated position with a smile on his face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, that's not exactly going to put Scott in a better mood, for sure.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson just eliminated the four-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion! What a feather to stick in his cap going forward!


The fans barely have any time to breathe at all... before Steve Corino comes out of nowhere and dumps Orange Cassidy to the floor as well!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The spoiler strikes again! Goodnight, Orange Cassidy!


Corino falls into a seated position against the ropes, laughing his ass off! The fans are booing loudly but they're attention is turned to the entranceway as the timer begins counting down again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Steve Corino has certainly earned his pay day tonight! He intends to bring this home for The Origin and ensure that the Golden Ticket is used for the greater good!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Origin's greater good, you mean!

#28 ALF

The fans don't know what to think as the Golden-Tron informs them that Alf is coming! However, it isn't the usual stuffed Alf doll, nor is it a regulation size, authentic Alf puppet from the show... it's a full-grown man wearing a mascot style Alf costume! Entering alongside him is Toni Storm and the Big Fat Booty Buddies! The fans suddenly begin booing and throwing tomatoes and heads of lettuce at what we're seeing, prompting Toni, Tenille, and Jordynne to abandon the elaborate entrance, leaving Alf to himself!

[ Scott Steiner ] Now, this is what I'm talkin' about! A good ol' fashioned eighties icon and some girls that got some faaaaaaat asses!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Welcome back, Scott!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's back in the booth, folks! And we're absolutely not going to talk about his unceremonious exit from the WrestlBrawl match!

[ Scott Steiner ] What's that supposed to mean, bitch!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're not going to talk about it, I said!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's what I thought!

The man in the Alf costume makes his way up the ring steps and steps through the ropes, taking great care not to lose his head as he enters the ring. Once he's inside, he surveys his surroundings. Everyone is down with the exception of Danielson and Corino, who are in seated positions in opposite corners, watching this unfold... suddenly, Alf produces a microphone from out of nowhere and raises it to the oversized head's mouth.

[ Alf ] For those o' you who don't know me...

And then he rips the oversized head off and tosses it to the side, drawing intense heat!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Son of a bitch!


The fans begin a startled "HOLY SHIT" chant before reverting back to booing Russo out of the building! Old, gray, and haggard, Russo continues jawing into the microphone as everyone looks on in confusion!

[ Vince Russo ] Thirteen fuckin' years ago, I seized control o' this company by turnin' Jeff Jarrett RIGHT HERE in this very fuckin' ring! WrestleBrawl 2, bay-bee! And I promised all o' you'se mutha' fucka's that NOTHIN' would eva' be the same again! And what happened?! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?

He looks around, genuinely wondering.

[ Vince Russo ] The company shut the fuck down and now here we are, thirteen years later and I gotta sneak in dressed up like mutha' fuckin' ALF TO GET IN THE FRONT DOOR!? WHERE'S THE RESPECT!? Well, fuck you! I ain't gonna take it anymore! I'm here to run this shit and put some respect back on my name and there ain't nobody that's gonna stop me this time!

Russo points out at nothing in particular with his big, brown furry mascot hand.

[ Vince Russo ] See, THIS... THIS RIGHT HERE... IS THE BEGINNIN' OF A REVOLUTION, BAY-BEE! It's time t' finish what I started when I sent Jeff Jarrett packin' all o' those years ago! Wrestlin' is dead! It's dead, ya' hear me!? I'm winnin' this fuckin' match and I'm usin' that Golden fuckin' Ticket to ERASE professional wrestlin'... and this shit is gonna be called SOLID GOLD TITTIES and when all o' you'se pieces o' shit are gathered up beneath me, just hopin' to drink some o' the wata' drippin' off my GENIUS BALLS, you'll be beggin' me for a spot on the biggest show o' the year, THICK ASSES 'N TITTIES BRAWL 4! It's gonna be Toni Storm and her fat ass friends for everybody, bitches!

The boos are so loud, they threaten to bring down the entire building!

[ Vince Russo ] AND ANOTHA' THING--

The glass shatters. The fans... they explode.


[ Tony Schiavone ] It's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! The two time SGW World Heavyweight champion!

Steve Austin emerges from the back to a huge pop and stomps down the ramp on his way to the ring! The former two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion rolls under the bottom rope and Russo tries to beg him off!

[ Vince Russo ] Steve! Steve, wait! Fuckin' hold on--

STONE COLD STUNNER ON VINCE RUSSO! The fans lose it! Austin yanks Russo back up to his feet and flings him over the top rope to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] Damn right! Take out the trash! Now bring those fat ass girls back out here!


Before Steve Austin can raise anymore hell, he's quickly mugged by Bryan Danielson and Steve Corino! They beat down on Austin, trying to stop his momentum but he boots Corino in the gut, sending him staggering back into the ropes! Danielson nails Austin with a huge chop to the chest and then goes for another but Austin ducks it and catches Danielson on the turnaround... KICK! WHAM! STUNNER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's his move! Danielson is down!

Chris Jericho finally returns to the ring and charges at Austin, nailing him with forearms until he's cornered him against the turnbuckles. Jericho stomps a mudhole in Austin and prepares to walk it dry before Matt Riddle returns to the match and nails Jericho in the back with a flying knee! He pulls Jericho out of the corner by his hair and scoops him up... BRO 2 SLEEP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Chris Jericho is currently the iron man in this match and he has endured so much punishment! It's unheard of! How this man continues, I do not know!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Chris Jericho is a man who has experienced various versions of Solid Gold Wrestling... he's a man who has always been on the edge of greatness, of making history, but has never quite gotten there... it's apparent that Chris Jericho is using this opportunity to make a statement... to establish his name once and for all in the annals of Solid Gold Wrestling history!

Jericho rolls back out of the ring. Riddle walks to the ropes to gloat about how easy that was... and Jimmy Havoc comes out of nowhere to dump Matt Riddle out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Riddle! No!

[ Scott Steiner ] The King of Bros is fuckin' gone!


Jimmy Havoc immediately wheels around and stares Austin down, motioning for him to bring it on! Austin pulls himself up out of the corner and glares at Havoc. They meet in the center of the ring as the fans begin buzzing with anticipation, wondering what's going to happen when these two start throwing hands... and without warning, Austin nails Havoc with a big right hand! Havoc comes back with a punch of his own but Austin no-sells it, peppers Havoc with lefts and rights, and knocks him down into a seated position in the corner! Austin stomps a mudhole in Havoc and walks it dry... until STEVE CORINO COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND DUMPS AUSTIN TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You must be joking! Steve Corino again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The bloody spoiler!


The fans ERUPT in boos as Corino celebrates like he just won the entire thing! Everyone turns their attention to the Golden-Tron as the timer counts down for the final time tonight!

#30 PAC

PAC walks out from the back, dripping wet and scowling down at the ring. He makes his way down and climbs up the steps, keeping his eyes locked on everyone he can physically see in and around the ring. PAC steps through the ropes and Corino charges at him, throwing a SUPER KICK in his direction but PAC ducks it and TRASH CANS CORINO TO THE FLOOR WITH NO EFFORT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And just like that, Steve Corino is gone! PAC has done it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And the fans are thankful! The Origin will not receive a Golden Ticket on this night!


The fans pop huge as Corino lands in a heap on the floor and looks on in shock! PAC immediately turns his attention to Jimmy Havoc, snatching him out of the corner and drilling him with a BRAINBUSTER! PAC steps through the ropes and climbs to the top turnbuckle... BLACK ARROW ON JIMMY HAVOC!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord! Just stay down, Jimmy!

[ Scott Steiner ] Every bone in his tiny, frail little body must be fuckin' gravel by now!

As soon as PAC returns to his feet, Elias slides back into the ring and whips PAC around! He goes for DRIFT AWAY but PAC spins out of it and drills Elias with a SPIKE DDT! Elias stands on the top of his head for a full two or three seconds before tumbling over like a falling tree! PAC kips back up and finds himself face to face with Bryan Danielson! PAC and Danielson go nose to nose until PAC headbutts Danielson right in the face! Danielson staggers back and PAC hits the ropes, drilling Danielson with a RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE FACE! Danielson tumbles through the ropes to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a dropkick!

Chris Jericho slides back into the ring and attacks PAC from behind, knocking him down to one knee. Jericho clubs away at him, hitting him across the shoulders and back of the head. With PAC down to one knee, Jericho runs the ropes... but PAC rises and follows him in, catching him on the turnaround with a KITCHEN SINK! Jericho flips over PAC's knee and lands in a seated position! PAC rests his hand on the top rope, looking down at Jericho and pointing at him, ready to finish him off... but Steve Corino climbs onto the apron and grabs PAC by the wrist, holding him in place! The fans boo loudly as Corino hops off the apron, maintaining his grip on PAC, almost pulling him over the top rope on his own... but Chris Jericho charges up behind him and DUMPS HIM TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No! Not like that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Even eliminated, Steve Corino continues to spoil the match!


The fans boo loudly as PAC and Corino brawl up the ramp and toward the back as the match continues in the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] PAC and Steve Corino, going at it like wild animals!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Get Steve Corino away from the damn ring!

Jericho is the only man standing in the ring, dropping to one knee with his fist raised in the air. The fans cheer loudly as Elias climbs onto the apron and steps through the ropes, eyeing Jericho hungrily. Elias approaches and Jericho whips around, staring him down. Elias and Jericho look at each other and then out at the fans, who begin cheering loudly, excited at the prospect of these two having a match against one another... but then Jericho sucker punches Elias in the throat! Jericho grabs a handful of Elias' hair and guides him toward the ropes, attempting to force him over. Elias hangs onto the ropes, refusing to cooperate.

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're doing everything they can to eliminate The Drifter!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Elias did not survive the Ring of Fire so that he could be eliminated so easily!

Bryan Danielson slides back under the bottom rope and charges, nailing Jericho in the back and then trying to dump HIM over the top rope to the floor! Danielson struggles, trying to force Jericho over the top! Elias regains his footing and boots Jericho in the side before helping Danielson force him over. They're tangled in the ropes, struggling, grunting, fighting with everything they have... and Jimmy Havoc returns to the ring and charges full speed into the mass of humanity, dumping all three of them over the top rope! The fans can't believe it! Elias and Jericho tumble to the floor but Bryan Danielson manages to hang on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias and Jericho! Elias and Jericho! They're gone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And Danielson remains! Only Bryan Danielson remains!


Bryan Danielson hangs onto the top rope! Havoc throws a punch and Danielson blocks it before nailing Havoc with a big right hand! Havod staggers out into the center of the ring and Danielson leaps onto the top rope... SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Havoc goes down hard and Danielson kips up, shaking his fists and gritting his teeth! Havoc rolls over onto all fours and Danielson approaches him... BEFORE STOMPING ON THE DAMAGED HAND OF JIMMY HAVOC! Havoc cries out in pain as Danielson grinds his foot on Havoc's broken hand! Havoc finally wrenches his hand free and rolls under the bottom rope, holding it tightly to his chest. As he staggers around ringside, Danielson flies through the ropes, wiping Havoc out with a SUICIDE DIVE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson is pulling out all the stops!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bryan Danielson and Jimmy Havoc, fightin' for all the fuckin' marbles! What a disgrace! Total combined weight is like two hundred fuckin' pounds! There was more beef in the ring during Barbie Blank's match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson is ruthlessly attacking the injured hand of Jimmy Havoc!

Danielson quickly returns to his feet and slings Havoc under the bottom rope before sliding in behind him. Danielson remains on all fours, staring Havoc down as he struggles to roll over on his side. Danielson drools everywhere as he shouts "GET UP, JIMMY! GET UP!" Jimmy forces himself up to his knees and Danielson rises to his feet. Danielson drills Havoc with kick after brutal kick to the chest! Havoc looks up at Danielson and flips him off... before Danielson kicks his head clean off his shoulders! Havoc goes down, limp!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a shot! Broken hand be damned, Havoc has to be out!

Danielson grabs Havoc by either side of his head and tries to drag him toward the ropes. Havoc fights back, punching and elbowing at Danielson's mid-section. Havoc struggles back to his feet and Danielson takes hold of his hair before drilling him with a forearm that nearly makes Havoc weak in the knees! Havoc fires back with a forearm of his own! They exchange forearms repeatedly until Danielson sneers and throws a haymaker! Havoc ducks it, catches Danielson by the wrist, and goes for the ACID RAINMAKER... but Danielson ducks it, executes a go-behind... and DRILLS HAVOC WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! The momentum sends Havoc rolling back to his feet! He staggers backward into the ropes and Danielson charges... CLOTHESLINING BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP ROPE!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] No! They're hangin' on by a bloody thread!

Danielson and Havoc both hang onto the top rope, their feet only inches from the floor! They hang freely and kick away at one another, trying to force the other to let go! Danielson and Havoc keep kicking away, struggling to maintain their grips... until Danielson pulls himself up and uses the momentum to kick further... to kick higher... INTO HAVOC'S INJURED HAND! Havoc lets go and tumbles to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We have a winna'!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson has done it!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO GOD DAMN WAY!

Bryan Danielson via Elimination in 71:23

Havoc sits with his back to the guardrail, clutching his injured hand to his chest and staring up at Danielson with genuine disappointment on his face. Danielson sits on the apron and glares right back at Havoc, a surprised smile stretched across his features. Danielson raises a middle finger to Havoc and rolls back into the ring, celebrating as Aubrey Edwards brings the Golden Ticket into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson has gone through hell to become the winner of the WrestleBrawl match... joining elite company with Jeff Jarrett and Raven as the only three men in SGW history to do so... however, Bryan Danielson will be the first of those three men to receive the Golden Ticket! What will he use it for?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I wish I could say for certain, Tony... but with Danielson's erratic behavor of late, I have no idea.

[ Scott Steiner ] Who cares what he cashes it in for? He can't use it to increase his fuckin' skill or add on two hundred pounds of muscle so what's the point!? Cash it in for a title shot and lose, bitch! Or use it to make sure there ain't no meat served in catering, you vegan pussy! This is the worst WrestleBrawl ever!

[ Tony Schiavone ] How devastated must Jimmy Havoc be? To come so close but have his downfall be the result of damage inflicted by his own drive to succeed? He came into this match with a broken hand... he fought with heart and honor but in the end, it was Bryan Danielson who walks away with the victory!

Danielson looks down at the ticket and then out at the fans, grinning evilly. He holds the ticket over his head and shouts "ANYTHING... I... WANT!" Danielson goes corner to corner, raising a fist in the air with the ticket held tightly to his chest. Danielson climbs out of the ring and backs up the ramp, smiling. He reaches the stage and holds the ticket over his head once again before pointing at himself and shouting... "BEST... WRESTLER... IN... THE... WORRRRRRLD!"

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Congratulations, Bryan... this is your night!

The camera zooms in on the smiling, victorious Danielson and his Golden Ticket before we fade to black.

"You aint neva' seen no one like me
you ain't neva' seen no one like me... I'm a-maaayayayzinggg!


#RoleModel #richandfed #LegitBoss #yourewelcome

We quickly go backstage where we see Barbie Blank hanging out in her underwear with a giant bandage on her head, covering up the battle wound inflicted by Hana Kimura earlier tonight. Barbie is holding a bottle of wine in her hand and it's obviously not her first as she's hopelessly sloshed. She staggers toward someone lurking in the shadows.

[ Barbie Blank ] Wow, I... I wash all wrong about you...

She falls into the man's arms. We can tell the man is short but his face is obscured by darkness. Barbie looks up into his eyes. She slurs her words horribly. An absolute embarrassment.

[ Barbie Blank ] You're rich ash fuck and you know how t' party.

She laughs and drools all over herself.

[ Barbie Blank ] Dude... the doc gave me shum groovy pain pillsh.

The man strokes her hair.

[ Barbie Blank ] I should get shtabbed in the head... more often!

We hear the man's voice and it's immediately familiar to us. We've already heard it tonight.

[ Mystery Man ] You know, I may sound crazy since we just met and all... but... I think...

The man's face is slowly illuminated... and we see his identity.

[ Tom Cruise ] I think I love you.

He smiles, showing off his pearly whites. There's a twinkle as they shine in the light.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...I love you.

Barbie's eyes widen with surprise. She tries to push away.

[ Barbie Blank ] Whoa, that's kinda' heavy--

Cruise grabs her by either side of her face, holding it close to his own.

[ Tom Cruise ] You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

[ Barbie Blank ] Obvioushly... but--

[ Tom Cruise ] And now that I am the one true holder... of real... ultimate... power...

He shakes his head, smiling.

[ Tom Cruise ] Not even the most beautiful woman in the world can tell me no.

She suddenly heaves and vomits all over his chest. Tom Cruise looks down at the mess and takes a deep breath. He removes his aviator shades and looks her dead in the eyes. He forces the words past gritted teeth.

[ Tom Cruise ] I love you, Barbie Blank.

And then he kisses her on her pukey mouth. The fans gag in unison.

[ Tom Cruise ] Despite your very few... yet very glaring flaws.

She tips forward, almost passing out. The side of her face rests in the vomit on his chest.

[ Tom Cruise ] Ride off into the sunset with me, babe. Let's live happily ever after.

There's a sickening "gluck" sound as he uses his hands to remove her face from his ruined chest. He looks her in the eyes and she absentmindedly nods. There's obviously no one home.

[ Tom Cruise ] Marry me.

The fans gasp, having no idea where this is coming from.

[ Tom Cruise ] Saturday, June 13th, 2020... in Orlando, Florida!

He holds her head tightly between his hands, so tightly that her head threatens to pop.

[ Tom Cruise ] Supremacy! Live on pay-per-view!

Her eyelids flutter and her bandage comes undone, allowing some blood to escape the wound and run down the center of her forehead, dripping off her nose and onto Tom's shirt.

[ Barbie Blank ] lol okay

She immediately passes out against him and he scoops her up, holding her in his arms.

[ Tom Cruise ] I'm in love.

His smile gets impossibly larger and he cries out at the top of his lungs.


He walks off-camera, carrying her away. The camera pans over to reveal Candy Floss, Tucor, and Kris Statlander watching this with wide eyes. The fans cheer but those cheers quickly plateau into genuine concern. Floss gestures toward what we just witnessed.

[ Candy Floss ] What... wait... I don't... what happened t' power... and- and... responsibility? Did he just use the real ultimate powa' that we risked our lives for... t' woo, quite possibly the worst human being eva' born? I know I didn't just see that.

Tucor tilts his head to the side, confused. Statlander is trembling with rage and confusion. She places her hands on either side of her head... she can't contain it anymore.

[ Kris Statlander ] ...WHAT THE FU-

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 60:00

The opening bell rings and the very obvious size differential between the two competitors vying for the Solid Gold Wrestling Elevation Championship is a textbook first note to be made.

The Champion, seriously undersized at 5’6 and 170 lbs. on his heaviest day, does not seem intimidated in the slightest as he stares down the seven-foot, shade-under-three-hundred-pound challenger. Nunzio’s eyes are narrowed, laser-focused even, emphasizing his all-business outlook on the match at hand.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, best buddy, how can the Champion manage to overcome the challenger’s vast size advantage to retain the title here tonight in Toronto?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, it’s pretty simple – Nunzio’s got to get Nash on his back. Damage the legs – put him on his back and then, he’s shorter than you are! A man on his back can be controlled, Tony – if the Don wants to win the match and keep the gold, he MUST limit the size differential!

Meanwhile, ‘Big Sexy’ is completely relaxed, leaning slightly into the corner as Paul Turner finishes checking his boots for foreign objects. Nash is lifting and lowering his legs at varying times, playing mind games with the timid official before finally settling and letting him complete the task and gesture for the two men to begin.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scott, I wonde—

[ Scott Steiner ] NASH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] —r if you’d be…wait, what?

[ Scott Steiner ] You’re askin’ me who’s gonna win! I said – NASH!

Commentary is silent for a moment as Nash stretched his interlocked fingers before him, cracking a few knuckles as he slowly begins to circle the mat with the champion.

[ Tony Schiavone ] …yes. Yes. But, Scott, what do you think Nash’s gameplan should be in this championship opportunity?

[ Scott Steiner ] SIMPLE, SCHIAVONE! Big Sexy’s got to be seven feet tall! He’s gotta be three hundred pounds! He’s gotta pick Nunzio up on his shoulders and slam his ass down! Break his damn back! Then he’s got to cover him and win the match. IT’S SIMPLE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Excellent analysis, Scott, but pray tell – what should Nash do if Nunzio’s paisans decide to get involved tonight?

Sure enough, the trio of Big Vito, David Otunga, and Chuck Palumbo are standing calmly, fanned out from Nunzio’s corner and watching the ring intently. After walking with their boss to the ring, each of the men were given strict instructions to follow and appear prepared to do so as Steiner chimes in.

[ Scott Steiner ] Do they look stupid to you?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, I –


Nunzio ducks to a knee and swipes at Nash’s left leg, but Big Sexy isn’t shaken by the attempt and cocks an eyebrow with a sly smile at the Don. Nunzio stands again and the two men meet in the center of the ring in a collar-and-elbow tie-up! Nash pantomimes struggling with the lock-up, really over-exaggerating the Champion’s strength until he lifts Nunzio completely off the mat briefly, the champion kicking his legs to regain footing until Nash tosses him backwards, back onto his feet.


Nunzio is clearly annoyed by Nash’s shenanigans and is quickly back on his opponent, looking to take a wrist – and does so! As Nunzio transitions his hold into a hammerlock, Nash uses his immense height advantage to reach over and execute a standing headlock takeover, throwing the champion to the mat again. Nunzio hits the mat and slaps it angrily, getting frustrated.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You cannot get frustrated, Nunzio! You’ve got to stay on your game to get Nash off of his!

As Nash smirks and flips his silver hair, Nunzio takes a different approach, running forward and dropkicking Nash in the left knee! Big Sexy immediately clutches his patella and hobbles towards a corner, but the Don is on him again and fires a big kick to the calf! Nunzio quickly follows up the strike by dropkicking Nash in the back of the knee, sending him to the mat in pain!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, looks as if Nunzio has the same idea you detailed earlier!

Before Big Sexy can do anything, Nunzio quickly takes his opponent by the ankle and begins stomping him in the quadriceps area and then rolling over Nash’s shoulders to further torque the limb unnaturally. Nunzio does his best to apply a knee bar, battling against the challenger’s long leg, and finally applies it as Nash begins crawling on his elbows towards the sanctity of the ropes.

[ Scott Steiner ] GET THERE, BIG SEXY! CRAWL ON!

Despite Nunzio putting all of his weight into resisting Nash’s movements, Big Sexy does eventually reach the ropes. Turner immediately begins the count to break the hold and reaches four and a half before Nunzio relinquishes his knee bar. Nash slides under the bottom rope and begins strategically rubbing his quad muscle with his thumbs, up and down the muscle repeatedly.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nash is wise to try to circumvent the pain in his notoriously weakened quad muscles here – but he’s got to look out now!

Nunzio immediately pulls Paul Turner to his side, complaining of a pain in his neck as Nash steps off the apron, walking slowly to test the leg before realizing he is surrounded on both sides of the ring by Otunga, Vito, and Palumbo!

[ Scott Steiner ] Awww shit, the goons are here!

Otunga walks closer, talking smack to Nash as Palumbo approaches from behind and claps his hand on Big Sexy’s shoulder.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I am far from one to doubt Kevin Nash, but I don’t know how he’s going to talk his way out of this one, guys!

Otunga’s tone shifts as he looks around Nash’s shoulder to Palumbo and nods curtly – but Nash is wise to the wiseguys and clunks Otunga and Palumbo’s heads together swiftly to a big pop from the Toronto crowd! Vito is quick to run over and leap at Nash – but Big Sexy repositions himself and props Vito onto his shoulder, dropping him face first onto the steel ring steps!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, Big Sexy! Take those bitches out!


As Nash began attacking his cronies, Nunzio quickly pushes past Turner and climbs to the top turnbuckle, biding his time until – Nash turns from attacking Vito and he leaps!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nunzio! Nunzio!

The Boss soars aimed perfectly for Nash – who moves!


Nash’s sly maneuvering out of the path of the flying Elevation Champion leaves Nunzio with nothing but guardrail to break his fall and as such, Nunzio is near-certainly broken in half, lying still on the protective mats on the arena floor. Toronto collectively groans in shock at the disgusting fall as Nash takes a moment to genuinely pause and realize he has to capitalize on the twist of fate for the champion. Big Sexy looks into the nearest camera and breathes out slowly, speaking.

[ Kevin Nash ] <in camera microphone> Now that kind of bump wouldn’t be good for business, kid! …it sure as shit ain’t best for me.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, Nunzio may be knocked out cold – and it looks like Kevin Nash has the championship on his mind!

Nash leans over and grabs Nunzio by the neck and muscles him off the mat and onto the apron, shoving him farther into the ring as he rubs his quad again, taking care to climb the ring steps and lower the straps of his singlet!

[ Scott Steiner ] YES! END IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nash, looking for the Jackknife perhaps!

Nash steps into the ring and looks towards Nunzio, doing his best to prop himself up on his elbows despite the majorly jarring blow into the guardrail. Nash assists the Elevation Champion by lifting him again by the neck and straightens him up to his feet, looking his opponent in the eye – AND NUNZIO SLUGS NASH RIGHT IN THE MOUTH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh no…Nunzio’s resigned to fire away until he runs out of ammunition, and that’s certainly honorable, but…

Big Sexy is unamused with Nunzio’s candor and quickly clubs him in the shoulders, bending him at the waist before lifting him up onto his shoulders and dropping him down – a seven-foot drop to the canvas with the Jackknife Powerbomb! Nash kneels and hooks the legs as Paul Turner counts – ONE! TWO! THREE!

Kevin Nash via Pin Fall in 4:43


[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely right, Scott – but you’ve got to feel for Nunzio, guys! Perfectly executed game plan, but a minor slip-up cost him the gold. I’m just hoping he’s alright after that nasty fall…

Turner retrieves the championship from the ringside attendants as Nash stands to join him, reaching his hand out and accepting the championship. Big Sexy looks over the title belt for a moment before stepping over the ropes and to the floor, marching up the aisle with purpose and a big smile on his face.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Big Sexy’s got a new path to success, as well, gents – with three victories, he could exchange that championship for a shot at the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!

Vito, Palumbo, and Otunga slide into the ring to check on their boss, deeply concerned for his well-being after the fall from the top rope to the guardrail below. Slowly, the men raise Nunzio up, just in time to see Nash paused at the top of the aisle, checking out the championship in his hand with a big smile on his face. We cut back to Nash on the stage, and he is heard saying “thanks, Dave! I appreciate the tips on tonight – like I said, kids, I always go over!”

Nash lifts the championship high into the air, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as we fade away.

The Toronto skyline is illuminated beautifully as we take an exterior shot of the Rogers Centre, home to WrestleBrawl 3!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans around the world, we want to take this opportunity to thank Toronto, Ontario, Canada, home not only to WrestleBrawl 3, but all the preceding events this weekend – which, of course, were fairly scantly attended thanks to the bastardly Coronavirus, but we want to say thank you!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, we should hardly complain about attendance to the Staff AMA or the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – we’ve got a raucous sea of people on hand here tonight! Over 68,000 patrons have chosen to attend tonight’s event and for that – we just want to say thank you so very, very much!


[ Tony Schiavone ] I must have missed that one, Scot—


Tony whimpers slightly as we pan across the busy city streets, cars driving down the road outside the massive Rogers Centre, save for one man, puzzlingly shirtless and flipping his long, black hair to-and-fro, talking to any person who drives by.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know something, if I squint, that bloke resembles Juventud Guerrera…

The camera crew approaches slowly, slowly letting on that –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It IS Juventud Guerrera!

The aging luchador is holding up a cardboard sign for passing by traffic to read:



Eventually, Guerrera notices the camera and beams wildly, coming over and brandishing his sign, speaking inaudibly through what sounds to be five approaching sirens at once!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is that horrible noise?!

From the opposite side of the street, we notice a garish monstrosity of a vehicle approaching.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What in Heaven and Earth is this disaster on wheels?

It appears to be a Dodge Charger – or at least was at one point. The entire body has been painted white, with thin blue pinstripes. Five sets of police lights adorn the top and a pair of loud, side-mounted sirens are just above the side mirrors. The headlights are like LEDs on steroids and threaten to blind the cameraman, who ignores Guerrera to approach the vehicle, now pulling onto the sidewalk outside the Rogers Centre.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Scott, you regularly break laws both written and understood!


The car’s driver, still unseen through the jet-black tint on all the windows and, dangerously, the windshield, revs the engine excitedly. It rumbles like a deep-seated volcano before the horn blows. Annoyingly, it is to the tune of La Cucaracha. The driver’s side door swings open and out steps –

Officer Dan Barry!

This is Team Tremendous’ new squad car for defeating Los Ice Creams to win the SGW World Tag Team Championships earlier tonight! The Officer stands back and looks, nodding, at the car.

[ Dan Barry ] Now THAT is a damn fine automobile, Bill!

Bill Carr saddles out of the passenger side and takes a few steps back, admiring the rolling garbage pile.

[ Bill Carr ] …oh yeah. It’ll do. It’ll do….jussst…fiiiiine.

Carr raises a finger slowly.

[ Bill Carr ] Just one thing.

Without warning, the hefty detective runs, sliding seamlessly across the hood of the car and stops beside Barry, whose mouth is agape in surprise!


Carr crosses his arms and nods, smirking.

[ Bill Carr ] Last minute addition…’easy-slide hood.’

Barry takes off his sunglasses, beaming at his partner.

[ Dan Barry ] You really do think of everything, you magnificent bastard…

From the distance, another loud siren is heard – it’s another squad car! This one, of the ‘normal’ variety, is manned by two of Toronto’s finest, who quickly step out of the car and approach Team Tremendous with frowns on their faces.

[ Bill Carr ] Our brothers on the force! Here to carry on the celebration with us!

[ Dan Barry ] Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming out to show your support!

Team Tremendous are grinning ear-to-ear, but their Toronto counterparts aren’t pleased at all.

[ Officer 1 ] Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken?

Barry shrugs.

[ Dan Barry ] I mean…I don’t know, man, it’s been a busy night…busy case, really. You know what the handbook says, ‘whatever you have to do to bring in the perp.’

[ Bill Carr ] God bless that handbook.

The officers look at one another puzzled.

[ Officer 2 ] What the hell are you talking about?

[ Dan Barry ] Pfft! Some officers you guys are! What, first days on the beat, fellas?

[ Bill Carr ] Hey, you know what! I bet they wanna take photos with the title belts!

Carr opens the driver’s side door and goes to pull out the SGW World Tag Team Championships, but the officers aren’t keen to the idea! One springs into action, twirling Barry by his shoulder into the back-driver’s side door, holding him still, while the other takes Carr and presses him face first into the hood of the car, holding a sloppy hammerlock to keep the Detective in place.

[ Dan Barry ] Bill! Bill! What in the world is going on?!

Carr’s face is sliding across the easy-slide hood, still not allowing him to speak though.

[ Officer 2 ] <over radio> Yeah, we’ve got’em. Turns out they’re some wrestlers?

[ Dan Barry ] Hey! We’re officers of the law just like you!

[ Officer 1 ] Sure you are, buddy. Then what the hell is this squad car?

Barry, still restrained, belly laughs.

[ Dan Barry ] This is the best squad car money can buy! And trust us – cause we didn’t buy it!

[ Officer 2 ] <over radio> Looking like a ‘grand theft auto’.

[ Dan Barry ] No! No! We won it fair and square in our match! We won the cruiser and the World Tag Team Championships!

[ Bill Carr ] <face smushed> MYEH!

The Officers look back and forth at one another.

[ Dan Barry ] Just let me call the chief and we’ll clear this all up!

[ Officer 1 ] Oh, no! I think we’ll be takin’ you downtown to settle all this, aye?

[ Bill Carr ] <face smushed> MOHWW SFUNNAVABEESH

The cameraman begins stepping away from the action slowly, panning back to the Rogers Centre as Dan Barry bickers with the Toronto Police Department as we fade elsewhere.

We fade up backstage where we see Jinny walking toward the gorilla position, in her gear and entrance waist-cape. She holds the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder. She's staring straight ahead with her nose up in the air, obviously better than anyone and everyone in the immediate vicinity. Behind her, Aliyah and Vanessa Borne follow, dressed to the nines. The scheduled death match for the championship is only moments away... but Jinny comes to a sudden stop. Vanessa and Aliyah look momentarily confused. Jinny raises her hand in the air, waving them off rudely. Her voice is cold... but confident.

[ Jinny ] Leave, bitches.

Aliyah and Vanessa look at each other, eyebrows raised. Jinny's eyes narrow.

[ Jinny ] This victory shall be mine... and mine alone.

Without another word, Jinny glides forward, leaving Aliyah and Vanessa standing alone. The live crowd is booing as Jinny disappears off-camera. Aliyah places her hand on her hip and smiles as we head to the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] At Mile High Madness, Christina Von Eerie became the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion when she defeated eight other women in the Gold Rush match... it was only a few months later that she had that championship stolen from her by the debuting Jinny at Card Subject to Change... their rivalry has not been a long one by any stretch, gentlemen... but it has been heated... it has been deeply personal... and what we're about to witness in this ring tonight, in front of the largest audience in SGW history... well...

[ Scott Steiner ] There's gonna be fuckin' blood.

We hear Nigel take a deep breath.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scotty... you aren't kidding.

"Broken Bones" by Anti-Flag hits and the fans erupt in cheers! The camera focuses on the entranceway and Christina Von Eerie appears from behind the curtain in torn up jeans, a shredded Misfits t-shirt, and a studded leather vest. In her right hand, she drags a steel chair wrapped in barbwire behind her.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And here... she... IS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christina Von Eerie returned at Heartbreaker and since then, she has been on a roaring rampage of revenge! With few exceptions, she has isolated herself from the rest of the SGW locker room and set her sights one hundred percent on recapturing the gold she lost to the nefarious, underhanded Jinny and her House of the Highers!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Christina Von Eerie has every right to be upset about how she was cost the championship. She had no clue who she was stepping into the ring with that night... and had she been left alone with Jinny, perhaps we would be telling a different story right now... but she wasn't! She had to take on Aliyah and Vanessa Borne as well, and as expected, that treacherous trio proved t' be too much for the Ultra Violent Punk Rock Princess to handle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Von Eerie has been a trailblazer since coming to SGW. At Mile High Madness, she became the first ever SGW Women's World Champion... at the end of 2019, not only was she was the number two ranked competitor on the SGW Top 40 but she was named the 2019 Female Competitor of the Year! Her reputation and her credentials speak for themselves!

Once Von Eerie reaches the ringside area, she slings the chair over the top rope and into the ring. She rolls under the bottom rope and looks out at the fans, a dead serious look on her face. The fans are loudly chanting "OI! OI! OI!" in support of the history making, first-ever women's champion. She nods and places her hands on her hips, stoic, before tossing her vest outside the ring and taking a place in the corner, facing the entranceway. Rick Knox stands to the side, looking ready for action and wearing padded gloves, anticipating where this match is going.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's ready... she's ready t' go t' war, gentlemen, and take a look at Rick Knox. This is a man who has seen some things. Neva' forget, he was the man who refereed the brutal Mile High Street Fight between Matt Sydal and "Mr. Sadistic" Luke Harpa'...

Von Eerie's music cuts and there's a lull in crowd noise as the fans anticipate what's coming next. "Trap or Treat" hits and the fans erupt in boos. There's a long moment where nothing happens and the boos become even louder... until Jinny steps through the curtain with the SGW Women's World Championship held over her shoulder. She glares down the ramp at the ringside area, wearing a leather mask reminiscent of the one her trainer, Jimmy Havoc, wears.

Jinny stands on the stage and drops her waist-cape. She tilts her head back, staring down her nose at the ringside area with brooding intensity. She reaches up and unfastens the mask, dropping it to the stage as well. A small collective of fans near the front begin chanting "JINNY! JINNY! JINNY FUCKING HAVOC!" but the rest of the crowd doesn't join in.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at that face! If Christina Von Eerie was lookin' for a war, Jinny looks as though she intends to bloody give 'er one!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know if my god damn stomach is ready for this! Neither one of these broads looks like they're gonna hold shit back!

Jinny walks confidently down the ramp, her eyes never leaving the ring... but that doesn't do her any good as, as soon as she gets close enough to the ring, Christina Von Eerie flies through the ropes and wipes her out with a suicide dive to a massive pop! Christina Von Eerie springs back to her feet, breathing heavily, running on pure adrenaline and hatred! Von Eerie looks down at Jinny and then picks up the women's championship, staring down into the center plate as Rick Knox leaps out of the ring and calls for the bell!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

Von Eerie snatches Jinny up by two handfuls of hair and immediately throws her onto a plywood board wrapped in barbwire! Jinny begins shrieking loudly as she tries to pull herself out of the barbwire but it clings to her gear, tearing her flesh! Rick Knox tries to help her but Von Eerie shoves him aside and grabs Jinny by the hair again, dragging her out, almost against her will as the barbwire is reluctant to let her go!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christina Von Eerie isn't wasting any time!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is not going t' be a match for the weak of heart!

Jinny is bleeding out of several wounds on her arms and the backs of her legs as Von Eerie drags her around the ringside area by her hair. Jinny is grimacing, gasping, and cursing as Von Eerie leads her around the ring. Von Eerie finally stops in front of another large plywood board wrapped in barbwire. Von Eerie pulls her in and hooks her for a suplex but Jinny locks her legs and refuses to go with it. Von Eerie pounds her in the back until Jinny goes down to one knee. Von Eerie lets go of the hold and knees Jinny right in the face, knocking her flat on her back! Without wasting another second, Von Eerie grabs one of the cloth sacks and unties it, dumping thousands of THUMB TACKS onto the plywood board! The fans gasp and then begin cheering loudly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! No! This early!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm thinking Jinny is about t' wish she took the suplex the first time!

Von Eerie snatches Jinny up and pulls her in... for a PILEDRIVER! But Jinny fights it, kicking her legs erratically to throw Von Eerie off! Von Eerie pounds Jinny in the back again but this time Jinny shifts her position to switch places with Von Eerie... and BACKDROPS HER INTO THE BARBWIRE AND TACKS! Christina Von Eerie screams in pain as hundreds of tacks find their way into her back and legs while the barbwire rips and tears at her flesh!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, STOP IT!

Jinny staggers forward, panting, looking genuinely fearful for a moment before looking over her shoulder and seeing Von Eerie in pain. A sinister smile creeps across Jinny's face and she dives for the ring apron, throwing up the skirt and finding a bundle of light tubes! Jinny holds it in front of her like a baseball bat, getting a feel for it. Rick Knox is using snips to cut Von Eerie free from the barbwire. She frantically yanks the barbwire out of her skin and brushes the tack away, leaving specks of blood up and down her arms. Von Eerie seems genuinely concerned with her physical condition until she sees Jinny charging at her! Von Eerie's eyes go wide and she shoves Rick Knox out of the way... as JINNY SWINGS THE LIGHT TUBE BUNDLE! Von Eerie catches Jinny's wrists and boots her in the stomach before wrenching the light tubes out of her hands! Jinny is doubled over and Von Eerie EXPLODES the light tubes across Jinny's back!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! She's gonna kill this bitch!

Jinny goes down to her knees, crying out in pain! Jinny's back is covered in blood and phosphor as Von Eerie grabs her by the hair and pulls her back to her feet. Von Eerie plants Jinny on the floor with a snap suplex and then returns to her feet, pointing down at Jinny. The fans are buzzing with anticipation and a sadistic smile appears on Von Eerie's face. She positions one of the tables at ringside and the fans begin loudly chanting "WE WANT TABLES" over and over. Von Eerie painstakingly lifts up one of the barbwire wrapped sheets of plywood and places that on top of the table. Jinny slowly gets up to all fours. Von Eerie approaches her and Jinny nails her in the stomach with a forearm before rising to one knee, nailing her with a second forearm. Jinny is up and drills Von Eerie in the side of the head with a series of forearms, rattling her, before throwing her under the bottom rope. Jinny looks down at her bloody hands and slides a chair under the bottom rope before finding another cloth sack and tossing it into the ring as well.

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're finally taking it inside!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But what does that mean when there's just as many dangerous toys in the ring as there is out of it, Tony!? This nightmare is far from ova' for these ladies!

As soon as Jinny enters the ring and gets to her feet, Christina Von Eerie charges at her full speed with a steel chair wrapped in barbwire! Jinny ducks out of the way as Von Eerie swings, the momentum causing her to lose her grip on the chair, sending it sailing out of the ring and narrowly missing Rick Knox, who turns pale upon realizing how close he came to dying! Von Eerie doesn't even care, whipping around to face Jinny and throwing a right hand! Jinny takes it on the chin and nails Von Eerie with one of her own! They trade punches until Jinny blocks one of Von Eerie's punches, catches her wrist... and NAILS HER WITH THE ACID RAINMAKER! The impact turns Von Eerie inside out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Goodness gracious! THAT'S HER MOVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be a short yet violent night for the champion!

Jinny falls on Von Eerie and hooks her leg! Rick Knox slides into position! One! Two! Thr-- VON EERIE KICKS OUT! Jinny clenches her fists and shrieks in rage before standing up and grabbing the steel chair she slid into the ring. Von Eerie isn't in great shape, clearly out of it. She pushes herself up onto all fours and Jinny motions for her to get up, clutching the chair. Von Eerie gets up to her knees and looks Jinny dead in the eye before raising two middle fingers! Jinny swings... and KNOCKS VON EERIE'S HEAD OFF HER SHOULDERS! The fans boo loudly! Jinny slings the chair to the side and falls onto Von Eerie again! She plants her forearm across Von Eerie's jaw, disrespecting her with a cocky pin! One! Two! Thre-- VON EERIE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

[ Scott Steiner ] Their ain't no god damn way! She scrambled her fuckin' brains!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Christina Von Eerie has not come this far to leave without the championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HER championship, Nigel! That title belongs to Christina Von Eerie!

Jinny sits up and grabs two handfuls of her own hair, refusing to believe that Von Eerie won't stay down! Jinny stands up and looks around the ring before her eyes settle on the sack she tossed into the ring. She picks it up and unties the string, not bothering to look inside before she pours out... SHARDS OF BROKEN GLASS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh. Oh no.

[ Scott Steiner ] Man, fuck this.

Jinny looks down at the sparkling mess in front of her with wide eyes. "Fuck!" she says, realizing she's brought this into play. She shuts her eyes for a moment and then takes a deep breath before wandering over to take Von Eerie by a handful of hair. Von Eerie barely gets up to her feet before Jinny begins guiding her toward the pile of broken glass. Jinny takes Von Eerie by the wrist, getting right in her face and shouting "This is it, bitch! It's the end for you!" ACID RAINMAKERRRRR! NO! VON EERIE DUCKS THE CLOTHESLINE! Von Eerie whips Jinny around... BOOT TO THE STOMACH... GRAVEYARD SMASH INTO THE GLASS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH! MY! GOODNESS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That has to be it! I hope to GOD that's it!

Von Eerie rolls Jinny over and covers her, too beat up to be concerned with hooking a leg! One! Two! Thre-- JINNY GETS A SHOULDER UP! The fans boo loudly! Jinny's face is bleeding from a dozen tiny cuts. Her eyes flutter as she's visibly knocked loopy. Von Eerie remains on her knees, looking down at Jinny. Von Eerie looks around the ring and slowly stands up, staggering a bit as she wanders toward the ropes. Von Eerie climbs out of the ring and slides a table under the bottom rope. She tosses the ring skirt up and finds... sheets of construction paper!? Von Eerie smiles and rolls under the bottom rope.

[ Scott Steiner ] What's she gonna do with fuckin' paper!?

Von Eerie holds up one of the sheets of paper and walks over to Jinny. Jinny is visibly trembling with pain and trauma. Von Eerie pulls her up into a seated position and grabs Jinny's hand. Jinny realizes what's happening and tries to fight her off but Von Eerie elbows Jinny on top of the head... and BEGINS PAPER CUTTING HER BETWEEN HER FINGERS!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm gonna be fuckin' sick!

Jinny cries out in pain and struggles to get free as Von Eerie goes to work! Jinny finally manages to reposition herself and kick Von Eerie away before looking down at her hands in horror! Jinny scrambles back to her feet and Von Eerie charges at her with a clothesline... but Jinny ducks it and catches Von Eerie on the turnaround with a CAPO KICK! Von Eerie goes down to one knee and Jinny backs into the ropes, using the momentum to dropkick Von Eerie right in the face! Von Eerie goes down and Jinny stares down at her, seething with anger. She picks up the discarded paper and pulls Von Eerie up into a seated position now. Von Eerie comes to just enough to struggle but it's too late! JINNY PAPER CUTS VON EERIE BETWEEN THE FINGERS! Von Eerie fights back up to her feet and Jinny immediately cuts her off with a BRUTAL CUNT PUNT! Von Eerie goes down to her knees and Jinny wastes no time positioning the paper against Von Eerie's open mouth.... and PAPER CUTS THE CORNERS OF HER MOUTH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just when ya' think it can't get any worse, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm very uncomfortable watching this!

[ Scott Steiner ] How does this shit even cross somebody's mind t' do, huh!? If Gangrel did this shit to me back in the day, I woulda' come back and I woulda' killed that fat, stupid bastard! There's just some shit ya' don't do to another man and we're lookin' at that shit right now! This is outlaw bullshit!

Jinny discard the paper and looks down at Von Eerie. Von Eerie remains on her knees and throws up a middle finger, right in Jinny's face. Jinny grabs Von Eerie by the wrist and attempts to pull her up but Von Eerie punches her in the stomach before rattling off a series of forearms to the mid-section that cause Jinny to stagger back and away. Von Eerie slowly returns to her feet and Jinny charges at her, drilling her with a big forearm to the head! Von Eerie and Jinny trade vicious forearms as the fans "BOO/YAY" over and over! Von Eerie takes over with a headbutt to the face and Jinny staggers back into the ropes! Von Eerie catches her on the rebound, going for a big haymaker but Jinny ducks it! Von Eerie turns around and Jinny catches her with a HEADBUTT of her own! Von Eerie goes down to one knee and Jinny kicks her in the face, knocking her down! Jinny sets her sights on the table that Von Eerie slid into the ring earlier. She tries setting it up but as trouble getting the legs underneath it. Jinny looks at Rick Knox and points at the table, "HELP ME, YOU BALD CUNT!" Knox leaps into action, helping Jinny set up the table!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jinny is looking to end this one, finally!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's too late! The damage has already been done! Neither of these women will ever be the same again after this match!

[ Scott Steiner ] I ain't never gonna be the same again after seein' this shit!

Jinny turns around to retrieve Von Eerie but Von Eerie is already waiting on her, nailing her in the stomach with a stiff kick! Jinny doubles over and Von Eerie brings her in for a POWER BOMB but before she plants her, she looks down around the ring and lets Jinny fall by the wayside. Von Eerie grabs another sack from the ringside area and rolls back into the ring. She unties it and slings the contents onto the table... THUMB TACKS! Von Eerie grabs Jinny by her hair and Jinny struggles to get free... but Von Eerie isn't having it! She headbutts Jinny right in the face and pulls her in... AND POWERBOMBS HER THROUGH THE THUMBTACK COVERED TABLE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS IS IT!

Von Eerie covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- VON EERIE PULLS JINNY UP! Von Eerie shakes her head! The fans are confused! Von Eerie isn't finished! She pulls Jinny's lifeless body out of the wreckage and drags her toward the ring apron. The table is still set up at ringside with the barbwire wrapped plywood on top of it! Von Eerie pulls Jinny up to her knees and positions her head between her legs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] By God, she's going to powerbomb her off the apron into the bloody barbwire!

But then Von Eerie's eyes settle on the corner and she lets Jinny go for a moment. Von Eerie points at the corner and the fans begin buzzing with anticipation! Von Eerie drags Jinny toward the corner and deadlifts her into a seated position on the top rope! Von Eerie climbs up behind her and hooks her...


[ Tony Schiavone ] Someone has to stop this! Someone could be seriously hurt!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has gone way too far!

Von Eerie prepares to superplex Jinny off the top to the outside, through the barbwire plywood... but the fans suddenly cheer as Rhea Ripley runs down the ramp at full speed and leaps onto the apron. Von Eerie looks down from the top, seeing Ripley blocking her trajectory to the table! Rhea looks up at her, a look of concern on her face, though she doesn't say anything.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank God for Rhea Ripley! Here to talk some sense into Christina Von Eerie!

But Ripley suddenly springs into action, hooks Von Eerie... AND POWERBOMBS HER OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE BARBWIRE TABLE AT RINGSIDE! The fans erupt in boos as Ripley stands on the apron and looks down at Von Eerie's broken body. Ripley runs her hands through her hair and hops off the apron before walking to the back without saying a word! Von Eerie is accordioned on the floor, tangled up in the barbwire, completely unconscious. Jinny is slumped over the top turnbuckles, barely moving.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Why, Rhea, why!? Heaven's sake!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're both dead. Just call it, Rick Knox. It's over.

Jinny tumbles off the top turnbuckle and onto the apron. She rolls off onto the floor and crawls on all fours toward the wreckage containing the body of Christina Von Eerie. The fans boo loudly as Jinny crawls on top of Von Eerie. Rick Knox shakes his head, just looking disappointed. He slowly drops to his knees and counts... one. two. three.

Jinny via Pin Fall in 13:13

The fans erupt in boos as "Trap or Treat" hits. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne charge out from the back and swarm Jinny, fanning her and wiping at her face, trying to clean her up. Jinny is completely out of it. EMTs and road agents charge out from the back to check on both women.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a war. What a war, guys.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm honestly speechless.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't never wanna see nothin' like that in an SGW ring ever fuckin' again.

EMTs help Jinny to her feet and she's assisted to the back by Aliyah and Borne. Somewhere in the chaos, Rick Knox managed to hand Jinny her championship belt and she stops on the stage with the Highers, who wheel her around so that she can look out at the fans, covered in blood and phosphor. Jinny raises the championship over her head, trembling. Though she's victorious, there's no sign of joy on her face. Only the look of a woman who has been to hell and back tonight. The Highers escort her through the curtain.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You don't have to like it... but learn to live with it. Jinny is the champion.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thanks to Rhea Ripley, of all people. What was she thinking?

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm sure the moose has her reasons... whatever the fuck they might be.

The EMTs try to strap Von Eerie to a stretcher but she pushes them away, struggling to move about on her own. Von Eerie actually crawls on all fours until she gets halfway up the ramp and collapses. Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe emerge from the back and check on her. The EMTs insist on looking at her again but Luster stands up, blocking their access to Von Eerie. Thornstowe helps Von Eerie up to her feet and throws her arm over his shoulder. The fans give Von Eerie a standing ovation as Reno SCUM helps her to the back.

Elsewhere, we begin on a tight shot of the Solid Gold Wrestling Elevation Championship, and upon zooming out, we see it is resting on the shoulder of the new champion, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash.

He smiles at the championship for a second before looking to the camera and making a shocked face, mouthing “Oh, hi there!” and waving seductively. From beside him, a voice speaks.

[ Charly Caruso ] Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my distinct pleasure to introduce for the very first time speaking to the media, the brand new SG—

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh, I’m sorry there, Chuck, you’re actually the second. I obviously spoke with Big Daddy Meltz first…

Nobody says anything as Nash puffs air out through tense lips. Eventually, Charly carries on.

[ Charly Caruso ] …the second time speaking to the media…the brand new SGW Elevation Champion, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash.

Nash grins and nods, raising an eyebrow before turning his attention to Charly…and more particularly, her backside.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, thanks, Chuck. Not so bad yourself…

[ Charly Caruso ] …Mr. Nash, please. Now, I wanted to ask you, now that you’ve made history as the fourth-ever Solid Gold Wrestling Elevation Champion, what are your plans?

Nash strokes his chin slowly and flips his hair before turning back to the broadcaster to answer.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, my dear, I believe the night will start with a nice, steamy shower. I’ll wash myself vigorously and then dry off with a lovely, plush towel. After a match, I often like to be massaged, and then I believe I’ll be having a steak…perhaps a glass or two of the oldest wine I can find. Afterwards, I’ll be resigning to the suite I’ve reserved…for…extracurriculars…?

Charly squints and shakes her head, not sure of what he means.

[ Kevin Nash ] …you’re more than welcome to join me for steps one, three, and four, Charly.

[ Charly Caruso ] …Mr. Nash, I meant your plans with the Elevation Championship.

Now Nash looks puzzled.

[ Charly Caruso ] <sigh>…the champion can defend the title three times and then exchange it for a shot at the SGW World Heavyweight Championship…

Nash smirks and nods, surprised.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well! Isn’t that…something…new… I bet all the net geeks and marks love it, huh?

[ Charly Caruso ] Uh, yes, our FANS seem to like the concept.

Nash narrows his eyes again.

[ Kevin Nash ] …are you always this saucy, Chuck?

Caruso opens her mouth, but an approaching voice off-screen answers:

[ Chuck Taylor ] Well, I’d like to think so!

The camera zooms out to show the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy walking up to join Nash at the interview station. Big Sexy rolls his eyes slightly, mumbling to himself about “too many Chucks” and smiles politely at the trio.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hey kiddos – hows it hangin’?

[ Chuck Taylor ] Oh, you know – long, strong, down’ta get the friction on!

Trent rolls his eyes as Chuck raises his eyebrows repeatedly to emphasize his smooth talking. Nash lifts his own and ignores the comment, focusing on Trent for a moment.

[ Kevin Nash ] Headband. Always a pleasure…

Trent sighs deeply.

[ Trent ] Hello Kevin…

Nash turns his attention finally to Orange Cassidy, uninvolved as ever and blankly staring down the abyss.

No, not Adam Lock.

[ Kevin Nash ] And the Big Man…quite a showing in the battle royal tonight, kid. You’re just as impressive in the ring as you are in the sack…at least, from what I hear…

Charly squints as Nash reaches out for a ‘too sweet’ with Cassidy, who is too oblivious to notice. Eventually, Nash lowers it and turns to Charly, who is still giving him an odd look.

[ Kevin Nash ] …what I hear about both. I’ve never seen him in the bedroom or the ring.

[ Charly Caruso ] …don’t you watch the shows, Mr. Nash?

Nash snorts out a laugh and claps Chuck Taylor on the back way harder than he should.

[ Kevin Nash ] Now just why in the world would I do that?! I mean, you’re trying to tell me I’m missing something by not watchin’ Johnny Denim over here wrestle?

[ Trent ] Yeah.

Nash turns to Trent, suddenly more serious.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’m sorry, son, but you’ll need to raise your voice like your hairline if you want to speak to Big Sexy.

Chuck, rubbing his back, speaks up next.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Hey, Kev! If you think Orange isn’t competition for you, then you should notch a quick victory and put one in the books towards that SGW World Title shot soon!

Trent steps forward, keeping himself in check though certainly sending a message with his body language.

[ Trent ] Yeah, Nash…you’re not afraid of Orange Cassidy…are you?

The Toronto crowd is nuclear as we cut back to OC, who has hardly breathed since coming into view. Nash scrunches his face up, not sure if this is a joke or not.

[ Kevin Nash ] …yeah. Yeah, you know what? Sure. Why the hell not?

Nash gently nudges by Chuck Taylor and elbows Trent out of his way and looks down at Orange Cassidy, who is still gazing through sunglasses at the area below Nash’s nipples.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’ve heard all the stories, Orange. Let’s see how your legend lives up to mine sometime, kid.

OC cranes his head backwards at a snail’s pace and produces the weakest, most lacksidasical thumbs up in history as Toronto explodes again. Nash chuckles to himself and rolls his eyes.

[ Kevin Nash ] Who said kayfabe is dead, right? Way to live the gimmick, pal.

He reaches down into his singlet and produces a very sweaty key card and hands it to Charly, who accepts it disgustedly.

[ Kevin Nash ] Official invitation this time, Charly. See you later.

As Nash walks off the screen, Caruso drops the card and exits in the opposite direction. Chuck’s face lights up suddenly and he puts his arm around Trent.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Dude, I just realized he said you’d have to raise your voice like your hairline. Low blow!

Trent rolls his eyes and walks on, Chuck waving Orange along as we fade away from the scene.

The buzz inside the area is electric. The fans are all on their feet because they know what’s coming next. Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, and Scott Steiner greet us one final time.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a show it has been tonight, ladies and gentlemen! New champions crowned, blood lost, careers made. We have one match to go and boy, it’s going to be a big one!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s right, Tony. It’s the SGW World Championship! Adam Cole defendin’ against the Hall of Fama’ and forma’ World Champion, Val Venis!


They completely ignore him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This all started when Adam Cole won the SGW Championship from Randy Orton at Card Subject to Change and aligned himself with SGW Founder, Arn Anderson. Along with Shane Douglas and Steve Corino, this “Origin” group has ran roughshod over SGW, even leading to Adam Cole being revealed as the man who attacked Jeff Jarrett on our very first show, Revenge! Adam Cole recently defended his title for the first time against Jimmy Havoc, and in his second defense, faces his toughest challenge yet in SGW.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Val Venis stepped in while Jeff was out and has given up his place on the Committee to take this match. He and the members of the Championship Committee haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but Val Venis appreciates the company and is out to reclaim that title for Solid Gold Wrestling! Val Venis is a dangerous challenger for Cole's championship. Besides his SGW accolades, Venis has won the World Championship in every company he's ever participated in. He's highly decorated and this won't be his first big match situation.

Tony turns to Nigel and Steiner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, do we have any predictions?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Adam Cole. The Origin always finds a way.

Steiner strokes his goatee in thought. His sunglasses doesn't allow his poker face to be exposed.


This was not the answer Tony wanted but it was what he expected.

[ Tony Schiavone ] So much for that.

Tony then presses his finger into his ear to better hear the incoming message in his earpiece.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’m told we’re going to check on our two main event participants one more time as they prepare to head to the ring.

A quick cut to the back shows The Origin walking down the hall as one collective unit. Adam Cole is out front, the SGW World Championship wrapped tightly around his waist. He’s stoic, walking with great confidence, hand-in-hand with Britt Baker. Arn Anderson rubs Cole’s shoulders a few times before Cole stops and looks to the rest of The Origin.

[ Adam Cole ] Everyone knows the plan, right?

[ Steve Corino ] We’re ready.

The affirmation is all Cole needed to hear.

[ Adam Cole ] Good.

Another quick cut. Val Venis faces a brick wall in his locker room with his arms propped above his head. The silence allows for one more moment of solitude before chaos ensues. The still silence is broken up by a knock at the door. The head road agent of SGW, Lance Storm, opens the door and sticks his head in.

[ Lance Storm ] Hey Val, you ready? You’re next.

Venis pushes himself away from the Val and shakes his head up and down.

[ Val Venis ] Yeah.

Storm sticks his hand out which Val immediately grabs and shakes.

[ Lance Storm ] Kick his ass.

[ Val Venis ] Plan on it.

The final quick cut of the camera takes us back to the ring. Adam Cole. Val Venis. The SGW Championship. The main event of WrestleBrawl 3 is NEXT!

We head to ringside where we see Justin Roberts standing in the middle of the ring. Aubrey Edwards stands in the corner, hands clasped behind her back with a stoic look upon her face. The fans are all on their feet, buzzing with anticipation. This is the moment they've all been waiting for. Justin Roberts raises the microphone and begins to speak.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall... and it is for the SGW WORRRRRRRRRRRRLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPPPPPPPPP!

"Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen hits as the camera begins to focus on the entranceway. The fans begin cheering loudly. For several long moments, there's nothing to be seen and the cheers become louder and louder in anticipation. Finally, the curtain parts and Val Venis steps out onto the stage in a black robe with purple trim. He stands at the edge of the stage and places his hands on his hips, looking out into the sea of fans with a satisfied look on his face.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There he is, gentlemen... the man who would challenge Adam Cole and The Origin on this night, putting everything on the line... Val Venis.

[ Tony Schiavone ] A man who embodies everything good about Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Say what you will about what Val Venis has done in his career, where he's been or even where he's going... but one word sums this man up above all others... loyalty! He made his name in Solid Gold Wrestling, from his historic rivalry over the SGW Television Championship with Rob Van Dam... to finally having all of his hard work pay off when he became the SGW World Heavyweight Champion in 2006! Val Venis may be wearing black and purple this evening but he bleeds gold!

Venis makes his way down to the ring, touching the hands of fans on the way down, stopping to shake hands with a few. Venis reaches the ringside area and looks up at the ring. He offers a solemn nod and approaches the ring steps.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is a match that no one ever thought we would see. It was thought that Val Venis was permanently retired after his successful, hall of fame worthy career in the EWA... but when it came time to put it all on the line... to save Solid Gold Wrestling from monsters of its own creation, Val Venis couldn't resist and now he's back! Val Venis is HOME, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That, he is. The fact that this man holds prominent spots in two significant halls of fame in this industry... well, that blows the mind, wouldn't you say? He's a forma' SGW World Heavyweight Champion, New Era Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, E-Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion... you name it and this man has done it! In all of his career, Val Venis has carried the torch for Solid Gold Wrestling, even when Solid Gold Wrestling couldn't carry it itself!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, he's hoping to pick up that torch one more time, tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I wish him all the luck in the world!

Venis makes his way across the apron and steps through the ropes. Once he's inside the ring, he looks around, eyes wide with wonder as he takes in his surroundings. The fans continue cheering as Venis undoes the robe and removes it. He hands it off to Aubrey Edwards and she sees that it's handed off to a ringside attendance. Venis stands in the middle of the ring, hands on his hips.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at him... you can tell he didn't expect this. When he signed his SGW contract months ago, he had no idea he would be main eventing WrestleBrawl 3. Val Venis competed at the first-ever WrestleBrawl pay-per-view in 2001... he was a special guest referee at WrestleBrawl 2... and now here he is, almost fourteen years later, competing for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an unpredictable business, this is.

"Glory Days" cuts and we're left in silence, nothing but the murmur of the crowd. After several long seconds, the lights dim and "End of the Revolution" by Shape of the New Sun hits! The fans erupt in boos! Pyrotechnics explode as the Golden-Tron flashes to life, giving us a sharp look at The Origin's logo:

Adam Cole is the first man out in his gear and a sleeveless "Origin" t-shirt. The SGW World Heavyweight Championship is strapped around his waist. He's only a few steps out onto the stage when he's followed out by Arn Anderson in jeans and a black polo shirt. Britt Baker is on Anderson's arm, wearing a short, black and gold dress that might as well be painted on for how tight it is.

[ Scott Steiner ] This fuckin' guy.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The SGW World Heavyweight Champion... Adam Cole. The man who unseated the seemingly unstoppable Randy Orton at Card Subject to Change... and then turned around and broke our hearts only two weeks later.

[ Scott Steiner ] Mother fucker looks like he weighs 'bout ninety pounds and he thinks he's got the fuckin' stones to lay his hands on a legend like Jeff Jarrett? And fuckin' why? Cause Arn Anderson said so? This guy ain't no real champion and he ain't gettin' past Val Venis tonight! That's some truth from a real, true blue SGW World Champion! Me! The Big Bad! Booty Daddy!

Cole, Anderson, and Baker make their way down to ringside. Anderson climbs the steps and walks across the apron first. Cole follows him up, taking Baker by the hand and guiding her up the steps after him. Anderson sits on the middle rope and Cole steps through, followed by Baker. Anderson follows them inside. Anderson glares at Venis and shakes his head in disappointment. Cole gives Baker a kiss and then shoves her away before getting right in Val's face! They stand nose to nose for a moment and Cole unsnaps the championship from around his waist, holding it up so that Val gets a real close look at it.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The arrogance of Adam Cole! He has no respect for anyone!

Cole smirks and points at himself with his thumb, shouting "BOOM!" right in Venis' face before backing up and holding the championship in the air for the fans to see, drawing intense heat from the fans in attendance. Cole joins Baker and Anderson in a separate corner as the lights dim and Justin Roberts takes center stage. He raises the microphone and begins to speak.

[ Justin Roberts ] In the corner to my left... the challenger... he is a man of much experience and many accomplishments... he is a former two-time SGW Television Champion, SGW United States Champion, SGW World Tag Team Champion, and SGW Worrrrrrrrrld Heavyweight Champion! He is a former two-time EWA Worrrrrrrld Heavyweight Champion! He is the first-ever New Era Wrestling Worrrrrrrrld Heavyweight Champion! And he is a member of the very first class of the Solid Gold Wrestling HALLLLLLLLLLLL OF FAAAAAAAAAAAAAME... VALLLLLLLLLL... VENISSSSSSSS!

Venis walks to the center of the ring and holds his arms out to the side. The fans cheer loudly. Venis turns and looks at Cole, making the "title belt" motion around his waist before returning to his corner.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's ready to do what it takes, gentlemen.

[ Scott Steiner ] He's in the best shape of his life. He ain't in Freakzilla shape, but I'm impressed his old ass was able to get that ripped.

Justin Roberts allows the crowd reaction to die down before continuing.

[ Justin Roberts ] Aaaaand his opponent... he is the current and reigning Solid Gold Wrestling WORRRRRLD Heavyweight Champion! He is--

Before Roberts can continue, Arn Anderson leans in and whispers something in his ear. Roberts nods and speaks once again.

[ Justin Roberts ] And he is the man who killllllllled The Legend Killer!

The fans erupt in boos. Cole laughs and points at himself with his thumb. Roberts prepares to speak again and Cole steps in close and grabs Roberts by the tie, pulling him in and whispering something into his ear. We see Roberts says "I'm not saying that--" before Cole points in his face and yells "SAY IT!" Roberts swallows hard and continues under duress.

[ Justin Roberts ] And... and he is the man... who made Jeff Jarrett into his bitch!

The entire arena vibrates with intense hatred from the fans. Cole laughs out loud.

[ Justin Roberts ] He is the one true SGW legend... he is--

Cole steps forward, shouting: "ADAM COLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"


Despite participating in his intro, the fans instantly begin booing him. He whips off the t-shirt and holds up the SGW World Heavyweight Championship before handing it off to Aubrey Edwards. She holds it out in front of her and Cole removes the chewing gum from his mouth and presses it onto the center plate, smirking as he does so.

[ Scott Steiner ] That no good son of a bitch!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That is certainly not going to sit well with Val Venis.

Aubrey brings the championship over to Venis and presents it to him. He looks down at the championship and scowls. He reaches down and plucks the gum off the center plate. He looks at it quizzically for a moment, raising an eyebrow... before putting it into his own mouth and chewing it! Venis dusts his hands off and glares at Cole from across the ring. Cole shakes his head, pissed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Would ya' look a that... Val Venis is getting inside the head of Adam Cole!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is it, gentlemen! We're about to get this match underway!

Aubrey Edwards holds the championship over her head and then hands it off to Justin Roberts at ringside. She returns to the center of the ring, gesturing for Cole and Val Venis to meet her there. Venis and Cole stare one another down... and she calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Cole and Venis stand eye to eye. Venis is all business. Cole is smiling arrogantly. Cole leans in and points at his chin, daring Venis to hit him. Venis nods and looks down for a moment... and then punches Cole right in the jaw! The fans erupt as Venis follows him in, nailing him with punch after punch, backing him into the corner! Venis continues throwing hands until Cole raises his arms to cover up! Venis grabs the top rope and begins kicking away at Cole's mid-section! Cole falls into a seated position and Venis begins stomping away at him! The fans are losing it! Finally, Arn Anderson grabs Cole and drags him out of the ring, saving him from Venis' onslaught!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole, pulled from to safety by Arn Anderson!

Anderson guides Cole away from the corner, walking him around ringside with his arm around his shoulder. Val Venis wastes no time in climbing through the ropes and following him out. Venis is in hot pursuit but as he approaches Cole from the rear, Britt Baker jumps between them, daring Venis to hit her! "Do it, Val! You know you want to!" Venis looks down at his fists and then up at her before shaking his head... only for Adam Cole to shove Britt Baker into him! Baker stumbles forward into Val's arms and Val looks down at her in surprise! Val pushes her to the side... AND ADAM COLE NAILS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK! Val goes down to one knee and Cole bends over in front him, getting right in his face... before SLAPPING HIM ACROSS THE FACE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Big mistake, Adam! Big, big mistake!

Venis comes alive and grabs Cole by either side of his head! He stands and slings Cole onto the apron by his head! Cole rolls under the bottom rope and returns to his feet as Venis follows him inside! Venis rises and Cole charges at him! Clothesline! No! Venis ducks it! Cole turns around and Venis hocks Cole's own gum right into his face!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck yeah! Get him, Venis!

Cole is taken aback by the gesture and snaps, throwing a huge haymaker but Val ducks it and catches Cole from behind... BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Venis covers Cole and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! COLE KICKS OUT! Cole uses his momentum to crawl for the ropes, anything to stall the momentum of Venis! Venis stays on him, grabbing his ankle and dragging him back into the center of the ring! Cole flips over on his back and kicks Venis in the face! Once! Twice! Three times! Venis lets go and staggers back as Cole returns to his feet! Venis shakes off the impact and charges at Cole with a clothesline but Cole ducks it! Venis turns around and walks right into a boot to the gut... COLE-ATERAL! The impact causes Val to sit up in a seated position! Cole hits the ropes... LAST SHOTTTTTTT! NO! Venis moves! Venis scrambles back to his feet and Cole whips around to meet him! Venis goes for a big clothesline but Cole blocks it and thumbs Venis in the eye! Venis turns around, palming his eye, seething! Cole grabs him from behind... FLORIDA KEYS! Val lands all on his head and neck! Cole scrambles for a cover! ONE! TWO! VENIS KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Val Venis isn't going to stay down that easily!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If Adam Cole thinks it's going to be that easy, he's got another thing coming! Val Venis is just getting started!

Cole returns to his feet and stares down at Venis as Venis pushes himself up to all fours. Cole leans in and slaps Venis in the face! Once! Twice! Venis catches Cole's wrist on the third attempt! Venis shakes his head, trembling with intensity, as he forces himself to stand. Cole sneers and boots Venis in the gut, cutting off his moment! Cole turns and runs to the ropes... but Venis follows him in and catches him on the turnaround with a kitchen sink! The impact sends Cole careening over Venis' knee and landing in a seated position! Cole's mouth hangs open in shock! Venis grabs him by the head and pulls him up, pulls him in, and DRILLS HIM WITH A JUMPING PILEDRIVER STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT! The fans "OOOOOOOH!" in surprise and Venis points toward the turnbuckle!



Val climbs the turnbuckles and makes his way up to the top... but as soon as he prepares to step onto the top rope, Britt Baker climbs onto the apron and grabs his foot! Venis looks at her, furious, and pushes her away with his boot! Aubrey Edwards charges over and begins yelling at Britt Baker to get down... and while she's distracted, Arn Anderson climbs onto the apron and nails Val Venis with a big right hand! Quarters fly in every direction!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What... what just happened!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That crafty ol' bastard just hit Val Venis with a roll of quarters!

Venis slumps forward on the top turnbuckle but before he can tumble back into the ring, Adam Cole leaps onto the middle rope, hooks Venis, and BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH COLE-ATERAL OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE! Venis sits up, his head wobbling like it's full of ball bearings! Cole points at Venis with the trusty gun fingers and pulls the triggers on both! He hits the ropes... LAST SHOTTTTTTT! HE GOT ALL OF IT! Cole covers! ONE! VENIS KICKS OUT WITH AUTHORITY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THAT. JUST. HAPPENED!

Venis rolls over on his side, huffing and puffing, red in the face Cole runs his hands through his hair. He can't believe it! Britt Baker is standing at ringside, hands on either side of her head. Arn Anderson just watches in silence, shaking his head. Cole gets up and posts up in the corner, waiting for Val to get up. Cole gestures for Venis to "bring it on," while shouting "GET UP, VAL! GET THE FUCK UP!" Venis gets up to his knees and Cole charges... SUPER KICK-- NO! Val catches Cole's foot! Venis stands up, shaking his head, sweat flying in every direction! Venis raises a middle finger and pulls Cole in close! T-BONE SUPLEX! Cole rag dolls on the mat and the momentum carries straight back to his feet! He bounces off the ropes and charges at Val, throwing a wild clothesline but Val ducks that and catches Cole on the turnaround... with a SECOND T-BONE SUPLEX!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at him go! Shades of Taz, one of his greatest rivals!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One could say his relationship with Taz put him on the map! What a bloody tribute!

Cole quickly returns to his feet and staggers back toward Venis! Cole throws a big right hand and Venis ducks it... catching Cole in the TAZMISSION! The fans ERUPT! Venis locks it in tight! Cole reaches for the ropes, fighting to grab them but Venis drags him down to the mat and wraps his legs around Cole's waist, keeping it locked in! The fans begin chanting "TAP! TAP! TAP!" over and over as Cole struggles and reaches for the ropes!

[ Scott Steiner ] As somebody that's been locked in that mother fucker before, I can vouch that shit ain't comfortable! Adam Cole's pencil neck ain't gonna survive that shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Beat him if you can! Survive if he lets you, Adam Cole!

Cole reaches and reaches but he loses his ability to fight, fading away fast! Cole's arm begins to go limp as Anderson shouts at him to push through the pain! Aubrey Edwards takes Cole by the wrist and raises his arm! It drops! She raises it a second time... and it drops! She raises it a third time-- and Shane Douglas slides under the bottom rope with a bright yellow foam neck brace and heavy tape over his nose, damage accumulated from his death defying WrestleBrawl suicide dive! Aubrey Edwards leaps to her feet and heads him off, pointing at the entranceway and shouting at him to get out of the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this asshole doing!? Get the fuck outta there, Franchise! You fat shit!

Venis lets go of the Tazmission and pushes Cole to the side. Cole lays face down on the mat, out of it! Venis begins to advance on Douglas, approaching Edwards from the rear... but he's whipped around by STEVE CORINO! SUPER KICK! Venis takes it right on the chin and begins to fall backward but Corino catches his wrist and pulls him in... OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION! Corino pulls Cole on top of Venis and slides out of the ring! Edwards turns around! One! Two! Thr-- VENIS KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my goodness, how!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Val Venis is running on autopilot! He can't have anything left!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Origin is pulling out every trick in the book to make this happen!

Adam Cole pushes himself up, looking distraught! He gets up to his knees and cradles Venis' head, plugging away with right hands before shoving him away! Cole gets back to his feet as Venis rolls over on his side before struggling to get up himself! Cole hangs onto the top rope, motioning for Venis to get up... Val slowly pushes himself up to one knee and then gets both feet underneath him. Venis is clearly out of it and he slowly turns around... into a CORONA KICK-- NO! Venis sidesteps it and catches Cole from behind... BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Venis maintains the hold upon landing, keeping Cole cinched in tight for a pin! Aubrey drops down to count... but quickly returns to her feet as Britt Baker climbs into the ring! Aubrey gets right in Baker's face, ordering her out of the ring... before flat out EJECTING HER! The fans pop huge!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Justice is served! Get her outta' there, Aubrey!

Britt huffs and turns to leave but then thinks better of it... before turning and nailing Aubrey with a stiff forearm! Britt mounts Aubrey and begins punching away at her until she's completely out of it! Venis rises and grabs Baker by the hair, pulling her off of the unconscious Aubrey Edwards! Behind him, Arn Anderson slides a steel chair into the ring! Venis whips Baker around, looking her dead in the face! He points at her with wide eyes and pulls her in... for a PILEDRIVER-- CRACK!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No, dammit! Not like this!

Adam Cole blasts Venis across the back with the steel chair! Britt Baker falls away from him and rolls out of the ring! Venis tenses up and slowly turns around, visibly in pain! Cole taps the chair on the mat and raises it over his head once again... but Venis catches it on the downswing and jerks it out of Cole's hands! Cole begins begging Venis off... and drops to his knees, holding his hands up, crossing his heart and hoping to die! Venis is seething, spittle flying from his mouth with every labored breath!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't care if he's defenseless or not! Do it, Val! Do it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is everything or nothing, Val! It's now or bloody never!

[ Scott Steiner ] Take your god damn place in history! Finish him off!

Val raises the chair and brings it down... ON THE HEAD OF SHANE DOUGLAS! SHANE DOUGLAS THREW HIMSELF IN THE LINE OF FIRE TO PROTECT ADAM COLE! Douglas falls to the side, unconscious, maybe even DEAD with the ruined remains of the steel chair around his already injured neck! Venis even looks surprised... and Adam Cole lunges forward, raising his arm into the groin of Val Venis! Venis doubles over and Cole rises to his feet! He points at his crotch, "SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!' PANAMA SUNRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE! VAL VENIS IS D.E.A.D! DEAD!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHATAMANEUVER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I've never seen Val Venis take a move like that before! Not even in his prime!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck, he's dead! God dammit, he was so fuckin' close!

Cole covers Val and hooks the leg but Aubrey Edwards is still down! Cole shakes his head back and forth, frustrated! He pounds his own hand on the mat! ONE! TWO! THREE! But it doesn't count! Cole grabs a handful of hair and yanks it, sweat pouring off his face! Here comes Rick Knox! The fans boo loudly as Knox slides under the bottom rope! He leaps into place! ONE! TWO! THR-- VAL VENIS GETS A SHOULDER UP! Cole cries out in frustration, shouting "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" Rick Knox holds up two fingers right in Cole's face! Cole stands up, grabbing Knox by the shirt, demanding a three count but Knox won't budge. Cole lets go of his shirt and backs away, running his hand through his hair... AND THEN SUPER KICKS RICK KNOX!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh come on! The man was doin' his bloody job!

Steve Corino applauds loudly at ringside, offering a thumbs up in appreciation for what Cole just did! Cole shakes his head in disgust but then turns right around into... A LOW BLOW FROM VENIS! Venis maintains his positioning, keeping his forearm buried against Cole's testicles as Cole cries out in pain! Venis then lowers his arm and raises it again! And again! And again! FOUR DEVASTATING NUT SHOTS IN A ROW! Cole drops to his knees and Venis stands up, trembling with intensity! He looks down at Cole and then turns to hit the ropes... NAILING COLE WITH A LAST SHOT OF HIS OWN! Cole goes down face first on the mat but instead of going for a cover, Venis makes a detour toward the ropes... and KNOCKS STEVE CORINO OFF THE APRON WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND! The fans pop huge as Corino tumbles to the floor and flops around like a fish! Venis beats his chest with one fist as the fans go wild... AND VENIS TURNS AROUND INTO AN ARN ANDERSON SPINE BUSTER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] For Christ's sake! It's a joke at this point!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I just don't see how Val Venis can pull it off, guys... the numbers game is too much!

Anderson stands over Venis, breathing heavily. The fans are booing loudly until... Jeff Jarrett emerges from the back with a guitar! He charges down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope! Arn Anderson meets him coming in, nailing him with a right hand! Jarrett drops the guitar and begins brawling with Anderson! Anderson and Jarrett tumble through the ropes to the floor and trade punches all the way up the ramp!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get him, Double J! Beat the shit outta that old bastard!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who expected this!? The founda' of Solid Gold Wrestling fighting it out wit' the current owna'! The ultimate power struggle! Jeff Jarrett is here t' this main event goes off without furtha' complication!

Neither man is willing to give an inch as they reach the top of the stage! The fans are entirely focused on Anderson and Jarrett as they fight to the edge! Jarrett nails Anderson with a big right hand and he teeters on the edge of a fifteen foot drop! Anderson rallies back and nails Jarrett with a big right of his own! And then RANDY ORTON emerges from the back, charges, and SHOVES BOTH MEN OFF THE STAGE, THROUGH TABLES AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FIFTEEN FEET BELOW! The lights flicker and sparks fly in every direction! Jeff Jarrett and Arn Anderson could both be dead!

[ Scott Steiner ] Randy god damn Orton! Again!? This ain't his fuckin' show! He don't deserve t' be here, dammit! He's the pussy that up and disappeared after he lost his belt! Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, you piece o' shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We could use some medics out here for Arn Anderson and Jeff Jarrett!

Orton stands at the edge of the stage, looking down at the smoking carnage below him. Edge, Christian, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. charge out from the back. Chavo is gripping Pepe anxiously, nervous. They rush to the edge and look down, fifteen feet below. Edge motions toward the back and EMTs rush out, swarming the area and checking on the downed Jarrett and Anderson! Edge shoves Orton and Orton shoves him back before security rushes in and gets between them! Orton raises his middle finger right in Edge's face, shouting "Fuck you, Adam!" before smirking and walking to the back with an arrogant swagger!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And just like that, he's gone! Good riddance, I say!

Inside the ring, Cole and Venis are both laid out in the middle. Paul Turner charges out from the back and slides under the bottom rope. He rises to his feet and begins the mandatory ten count! He reaches even before Adam Cole rolls over and places his hand on the middle rope, using it to pull himself up. Venis begins to stir at eight and manages to push himself up to one knee before Turner reaches ten! Venis stands up on spaghetti legs and turns right around into... A SUPER KICK FROM ADAM COLE! NO! VENIS SIDESTEPS IT... AND PAUL TURNER GETS HIT! Paul Turner goes down in a heap! Adam Cole shouts "FUCK!" and whips around into a big boot to the gut from Val Venis! Venis pulls him in... BRAINBUSTER! Venis returns to his feet and gets blasted from behind by Steve Corino! Venis goes to one knee and Corino posts up in the corner, sizing up Venis! Venis manages to get back up to both feet and slowly turns around! Corino's going for a SUPER KICK OF HIS OWN... but he's grabbed from the outside... BY PAC! The fans pop huge as PAC grabs Corino by the ankle and drags him out of the ring! Corino and PAC brawl all the way up the ramp for the second time tonight before disappearing behind the curtain!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That'll do it! We're down to one on one!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Britt Baker is still at ringside but with the carnage at hand, she has to know what a mistake it would be to get involved at this point in the game!

Speak of the devil, Britt Baker seizes Adam Cole by the ankle and struggles to drag him out of the ring. He leans against the apron, visibly out of it, and she slaps him in the face in an attempt to get him back in the game. Venis shakes his head and climbs out of the ring, pushing Baker out of the way and grabbing Cole by the hair. He pushes Cole hard into the ring post and then tosses him onto the announce table!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! What the fuck are you doin', Val!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... I think we should move, guys!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Clear a bloody path!

Venis peppers Cole with right hands! Cole remains on the table, not moving... and Val points at the turnbuckles! The fans begin cheering loudly and Venis climbs onto the apron. He enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckles. With gritted teeth, Val rests with one foot on the top turnbuckle. He looks down at Cole on the announce table... the fans are waiting with bated breath.

[ Tony Schiavone ] He can't! He won't! We've never seen Val do something like this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not even in his bloody prime! He knows how important this is!

Venis gets both feet on the top rope... and FLIES!


And Britt Baker pulls Adam Cole off the table! VENIS FLIES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON HIS OWN! HE'S CRASHED AND BURNED! Adam Cole is on his knees, arms around the waist of Britt Baker. He looks at the wreckage in genuine horror! Britt points at Venis' broken body and begins shrieking, "GET HIM IN THE RING, ADAM! BABY, GET HIM IN THE RING!" Cole scrambles forward on his knees and gets to his feet before grabbing Venis by his wrist. He tries Venis out of the wreckage and attempts to dead lift him onto the apron! Britt helps Cole get Venis onto the apron and shoves him under the bottom rope. Cole rests against the apron for a moment before rolling in after him. Cole remains in a seated position next to Venis and then falls over him, halfheartedly hooking his leg in the process. The fans boo loudly as Mike Chioda emerges from the back and charges down to the ring! He slides underneath the bottom rope and right into position!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It has to be over! Val Venis must have internal injuries after that fall!




VAL VENIS GETS A SHOULDER UP! Cole rolls off of Venis and appears to be visibly sobbing, devastated that the match just... won't... end! Cole returns to his feet and eyes the guitar lying on the mat, left behind by Jeff Jarrett! Cole picks the guitar up and holds it up in front of his face, looking at it with teeth bared. "GET UP, VAL! TIME TO DIE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Val gets up to all fours and then up to one knee. Venis stands up, his knees trembling, ready to give out any second! Venis motions for Cole to bring it on and Cole raises the guitar over his head... AND MIKE CHIODA YANKS IT OUT OF HIS HANDS! The fans pop huge! Adam Cole looks shocked and Chioda sets the guitar down on the mat, pointing at the SGW logo on his shirt! "YOU USE THAT... AND THIS MATCH IS OVER!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] YOU TELL HIM, MIKE!

CORONA KICK ON MIKE CHIODA! The fans boo loudly as Chioda tumbles through the ropes, rag dolls on the apron, and lands on the floor below! Cole turns around... and Venis has the guitar in his hands! The fans are cheering loudly as Venis prepares to bash it over Cole's head... but Britt Baker kicks Venis in the nuts from behind! The fans erupt in boos as Venis drops the guitar and falls to his knees! Suddenly, Aubrey Edwards returns to the ring... and tackles Britt Baker to the mat, slugging away at her with rights and lefts before dumping her through the ropes to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did that just bloody happen!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ref Aubrey is the real deal! You don't wanna cross the senior official!

Adam Cole looks on in surprise at what just happened but then averts his gaze back at Venis on his knees! Cole shakes his head and goes for a SUPER KICK but Venis manages to catch Cole with a low blow of his own! Venis returns to his feet... BLUE THUNDER BOMB-- NO! COLE SLIPS OUT AND LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND VENIS! Cole shoves Venis forward into the ropes and grabs the guitar! Venis rebounds off the ropes and COLE SWINGS THE GUITAR! VENIS DUCKS IT AND CATCHES COLE ON THE TURNAROUND WITH A SCHOOLBOY ROLL-UP! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Val Venis via Pin Fall in 18:26

The roof blows off the place as Venis releases the hold and falls flat on his back on the mat, his chest heaving up and down from exertion. Adam Cole remains in a seated position with wide eyes, not fully realizing what just happened!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's done it! He's bloody done it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] For the second time in his career, Val Venis is the Solid Gold Wrestling WORLD Heavyweight Champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] I ain't gonna lie, I ain't always liked this fuckin' guy but I'm proud t' sit here and witness what he's done tonight! Fought and earned like a real god damn man!

The locker room empties out, led by Edge and Christian. Aubrey Edwards retrieves the SGW World Heavyweight Championship from ringside and kneels down next to Venis. Edge, Christian, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Ric Flair, Trish Stratus, Cody Rhodes, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, AZM, Starlight Kid, Colt Cabana, Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan, John Cena, Danhausen, Vinny, Chris Dickinson, Elias, The Young Bucks, The Rock, Nia Jax, Team Kick, Hana Kimura, Paul London, The JOB Squad, Shawn Michaels, Kenny Omega, PAC, Matt Riddle, Kris Statlander, Candy Floss, The Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Billy Gunn, The Dudley Boyz, Tha' Tru Warriorz, and Stevie Ray among others flood the ring, celebrating!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hold on a second! I gotta get me a piece o' this!

Steiner puts his headset down and climbs into the ring. A mob of wrestlers hoist Val Venis onto their shoulders as confetti and pyrotechnics rain down around the ring. Venis has the SGW World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder and he barely has enough energy to hold his head up and celebrate this, the biggest moment in his entire career!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, what a war... history has been made! The Origin has been defeated and Val Venis is our new SGW World Heavyweight Champion... I don't know what else to say... what a moment... what a night!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely, Tony... what a ride it's been to get here tonight... let's just leave it at that, shall we? For Tony Schiavone and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, this is Nigel McGuinness signing off for WrestleBrawl 3! Goodnight, everyone!

The camera zooms in on Val Venis being carried around on Edge and Christian's shoulders, everyone in the ring and in the audience cheering him on as we fade to black.