Saturday, April 18th, 2020 | Barclays Center | Brooklyn, New York

COMMENTATORS - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner





There's a man in jeans and a black polo shirt dragging a wooden chair across a concrete floor. The sound it makes is obnoxious, to say the least. Placing the chair in the center of the room, the man finally sits down, revealing his face to the camera. It's the head of the Championship Committee and owner of Solid Gold Wrestling... Jeff Jarrett. The live crowd cheers loudly. Jarrett looks worn out, tired. This is the first time we've seen him since the attack by Randy Orton at WrestleBrawl 3. Jarrett takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, averting his eyes from the camera... almost like he's ashamed to make eye contact with the viewer. Finally, he allows his eyes to settle on the camera... there's something there. Something deep. Something troubled. His voice is low... wounded, even.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...yeah.

He leans forward in the chair. The light source casts shadows, highlighting the wrinkles in his face.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I see you, Randy.

The microphone on the camera picks up Jarrett's breathing, deliberate... labored.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But you ain't gonna get it.

The live crowd boos, not expecting that response from him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You ain't never gonna get it.

Still leaning forward, Jarrett points into the camera with one shaky finger.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Kiss my ass.

Jarrett stands up and walks off-camera as the live crowd boos.


REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Danielson hands his championship to Justin Roberts on the outside as Paul Turner calls for the bell. With Danielson’s back to Danhausen, giving orders to Roberts to protect the championship or pay for it with his life, Danhausen sees an opportunity. He dead sprints and hits Danielson with a drop kick, sending the champion tumbling to the outside, landing on top of Roberts!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Danhausen did what he had to do to give himself a chance but I’m afraid of the consequences!

Danielson gets up and shoves Justin Roberts back down. “I TOLD YOU TO PROTECT THE TITLE!” Danielson scowls at Roberts and turns around to see Danhausen on the apron, big kick to the chest! Danhausen begins walking the apron, doing the “Tequila” dance from Pee-Wee Herman.

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!

Danhausen dances back to where he started and kicks Danielson in the chest again!

[ Scott Steiner ] IS HE DANCING?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scotty, he’s doing the classic dance that Pee-Wee Herman made famous!


Danhausen struts to the other side of the apron again and hits Danielson with another big kick! He then throws his arms in the air and loudly proclaims ‘TEQUILA!’ Danielson yanks Danhausen’s leg and sends him crashing down on the apron, the hardest part of the ring. Danielson then yanks Danhausen off the apron and sends him flying into the ring steps. Continuing the assault, Danielson whips Danhausen into the guardrail, sending him flying over it and into the first row!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fellas, I think the time fa’ games are ova’!

Danielson grabs Danhausen’s hair and drags him over the railing and tosses him into the ring. Inside, Danhausen grabs his jar of teeth and comes to his knees as Danielson advances.

[ Tony Schiavone ] C’mon Bryan, look at Danhausen’s teeth! He’s extending a peace offering.

[ Scott Steiner ] How do you know so much about this travesty?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I just love this great sport!

[ Scott Steiner ] IT’S SHIT!

Danielson slaps the jar of teeth out of Danhausen’s hands and kicks him stiffly in the chest. Then again. And again. Danhausen slumps over, his chest blood red from the kicks. Danielson flips the bird to the fans as Danhausen grabs his jar of teeth once again and unscrews the lid, dumping a handful into his mouth. Danhausen gets to his feet, fired up. “BRYAN DANHAUSEN IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLDHAUSEN!” Danhausen hits two forearm shots that sends Danielson turning away from him, and then Danhausen jumps on Danielson’s back and applies a sleeper hold, taking the champion off guard. Danielson can’t shake him off of his back until he finally falls backwards, landing on top of the challenger. When both men get to the back of their feet, Danielson rocks Danhausen with a rolling elbow! Wasting no time, Danielson then locks Danhausen’s arms and begins delivering viciously stiff MMA elbows to the temple! After a rapid fire series of them, Paul Turner steps in and breaks the move up, calling for the bell. Danielson wins!

W I N N E R  &  S T I L L  C H A M P I O N

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I have been on the receivin’ end of those bloody elbows countless times and it’s why I’m sittin’ here wit’ you fellas and not inside that ring anymore!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was a dominant first defense for the “real” SGW World Champion!

Danielson releases his lock on Danhausen and stands up, demanding for his title immediately. Danielson then snaps the title tightly around his waist and audibly yells, “BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!” The fans boo loudly but Danielson brushes them all off. He takes a final glance at the Danhausen and scoffs at the sight of his fallen opponent before finally leaving the ring.

We join Arn Anderson and Steve Corino walking down the hallway to a chorus of boos from the Barclays Center. Anderson has a serious expression on his face, showing off each wrinkle he has earned from a lifetime of conquest. His neck, obviously injured following the events of WrestleBrawl 3, is still surrounded by a protective brace. Corino appears exasperated and stops outside a door in a random corridor, turning to Anderson with a strange expression, seemingly a final plead for Anderson to come to his senses.

[ Arn Anderson ] Listen, Steve, this is the right move. It’s the best thing for Origin…and as such, the best move for this company.

Corino sighs, dropping his head and nods as Anderson lifts his hand to knock.


Vince McMahon opens the door quickly and a big pop emanates from the arena proper as McMahon and Anderson go nose-to-nose in a surprisingly tense moment. Vince’s narrow lips break into a sly smile and he steps back, spreading his left arm to his side and welcoming the Origin representatives to the locker room.

[ Arn Anderson ] McMahon.

Vince smiles completely, evilly, in his all-too-familiar way.

[ Vince McMahon ] Arn. And…uh…

McMahon tilts his head, confused, as Anderson narrows his eyes.


[ Vince McMahon ] Ah, Steve Corino, of course. Forgive me. Please, come in, come in.

Corino immediately begins swearing under his breath as he and Anderson accept the invitation and step into the room, the cameraman close behind them. Sitting at the far end of the ring, though quickly standing to greet his company is Stone Cold Steve Austin, whose very appearance pops the Barclays Center again. He looks Anderson and Corino up and down, taking a moment to glare icily towards Corino as Anderson begins.

[ Arn Anderson ] Now listen here, Steve – we’re more than happy to fight you again, but we’re here to appeal to your better judgment! Dammit, I know that you’re not so stupid to think that WE, the Origin, are REALLY your biggest threat, aren’t you?!

Austin doesn’t respond, only snapping his head towards Arn midway through his question.

[ Arn Anderson ] You may just be a damn Rattlesnake, Steve, but let’s not kid ourselves – there’s another serpent slithering through Solid Gold Wrestling, and beheading the Viper is one of my most-chief priorities.

Austin’s eyes bulge slightly as Anderson continues.

[ Arn Anderson ] …Randy…Orton.

A small, but sure pop for Orton, who’s reign of tyranny is far from forgotten, but the hatred of Arn Anderson is certainly enough to draw a bit of support for the Apex Predator.

[ Arn Anderson ] Your enemy…our enemy. And Steve…this enemy must be eliminated. Randy Orton is an enemy of the Origin. Randy Orton is an enemy of Stone Cold Steve Austin. I won’t spell it out much further, Steve, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The Barclays Center are catching on and aren’t liking a word of what Anderson is saying.

[ Arn Anderson ] Steve, listen’ta me. I’m asking you to reason this out…put aside whatever beef you’ve got with the Origin. Put aside this pointless squabble with us and especially with Steve Corino, because we could strut around like the cocks of the walk all night long or we could worry about ringin’ the neck of the cockiest bastard in the yard. Steve, become one with the Origin! Take your rightful place at the top of this company, with those of us who respect the past…what this company was and should be, not this mismanaged, bullshit-artist filled, garbage-federation mudshow!

Stone Cold’s eyes narrow as he looks at Anderson, holding an open hand towards Steve Corino.

[ Arn Anderson ] Now, Steve, what I think is that you should take this opportunity to shake Steve Corino’s hand here. I think you two should completely and finally bury this hatchet before one of you does somethin’ stupid and hacks the head off the wrong damn chicken. I think this is the best move for you, Steve, at this point of your career. I think you’d do wise to listen, Steve…what do you think?

Austin begins nodding his head, looking at Corino for a moment before turning to Vince McMahon. Vince’s expression is unreadable, but Austin somehow nods, smirking slightly, as if he understands. He turns to Anderson, scratching the side of his bald head.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] You…you wanna know what I think…do’ya? Do’ya, Arn?

Anderson nods and Stone Cold smiles, chuckling at Anderson. Arn smirks, as well, and even Corino sticks his hand out to shake with Stone Cold.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] I think…

Austin’s expression suddenly snaps to a death-glare.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] I think you need to step your male-pattern-baldness ass out the same damn door ya’come from! And I think you need to take this pudgy sunnavabitch with’ya!

The Barclays Center explodes and Corino slowly retracts his hand. Austin rolls on, spitting venom with each word.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] I think I ain’t shakin’ no damn hand – and especially not no hand attached ta’this stupid suh-na-va-BITCH!

Anderson throws his hands up, separating Corino from Austin before muttering “Steve, think about this—”

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Shut up! I done thought about it – and I think if I have to look at your bifocal-wearin’ ass another damn second, I’ll stomp a mudhole so deep in your ass you can taste it in your measly, denture-filled mouth! Now get the hell out of this dressin’ room, cause I got a match ta’night! Go on! Get!

Corino seethes, but turns on his heel and stomps out, Anderson nodding solemnly and joining him as we fade away on a final shot of Austin’s snarling face.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The match begins with Rosemary in the ring with both IIconics arguing over who has to start the match with her. Peyton and Billie both look absolutely disgusted by the idea with their faces contorted into looks of horror. Finally, after what feels like forever, Rosemary agrees to let Allie start the match so we can get this one underway. Allie is very excited for the opportunity.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Certainly not the most conventional way to start a match but here we are, folks! Twinstar action where surely the winners will be in line for a future shot at the SGW Twinstar Championships, currently held by the delightful Team Kick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] After dipping their toe in singles competition at Fallout, the IIconics have turned their attention back toward their true calling in SGW, the Twinstar division... and now they're standin' across the ring from a brand new entry in the Twinstar division, the collective known as Demon Bunny!

Billie Kay starts with Allie and they lock-up in the middle of the ring before Billie cries out in pain and breaks the lock-up, pointing at Allie and accusing her of pulling her hair! The fans boo loudly and Rick Knox asks Allie if this is true! Allie denies the accusation and she and Billie begin arguing back and forth! Finally, Billie agrees to lock-up one more time... but this one lasts just as long before Billie accuses her of pulling her hair again! Rick Knox, having kept a close eye on this one, agrees with Allie that he did not see any hair pull! Billie sneers and they go for one more attempt... only for Billie to pull Allie's hair and then chop her right in the throat! Billie is ruthless as she ragdolls Allie by her hair and drags her into her corner with Peyton Royce!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The mood of this match changed rather quickly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, the IIconics are tired of being treated unfairly! They're sick of being held back, they say! To hear them tell it, the match at WrestleBrawl 3 was rigged and they should be the SGW Twinstar Champions right now, not Team Kick!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's a bunch o' bullshit! If you're meant to be the damn champ, you'll be the damn champ! Work harder and prove your damn worth and good shit'll happen! What's up with all these whiny broads?

Billie tags in Peyton and they whip Allie in the ropes, putting her down with a double clothesline! Rick Knox tries to regain control as they snatch Allie up and put her down with a double suplex! Billie steps back out onto the apron and Peyton takes over, working Allie over and keeping her away from Rosemary! Peyton backs Allie into the corner and rattles her with a series of forearms before pulling her out and hitting her with a BRIDGING FISHERMAN BUSTER! ONE! TWO! TH-- Allie kicks out! Rosemary was already halfway in the ring, ready to break the pin before Allie escaped, herself.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The ruthlessness of the IIconics! They're trying to make a statement!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They want a rematch for those titles bad, Tony! Very, very bad!

Billie tags back in and takes back over on Allie, keeping her off-kilter with forearm strikes. Billie whips Allie into the ropes and Allie ducks a clothesline! Allie rebounds off the ropes and charges back at Billie but Billie is ready for her... SHADES OF KAY! ALLIE TURNS INSIDE OUT! Billie goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ROSEMARY KICKS BILLIE IN THE HEAD! Peyton Royce charges into the ring and dives onto Rosemary, tackling her down and peppering her with right hands! Rosemary flips her over and mounts her, drilling her with a series of forearm strikes of her own! Billie boots Rosemary in the back! Rosemary tumbles off of Peyton and Peyton gets back to her feet! Billie and Peyton work together to dump Rosemary through the ropes to the floor! They turn around and Peyton walks right into a SUPER KICK FROM ALLIE! Peyton falls through the ropes to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] Somebody call the pretty boy's dentist girlfriend 'cause this koala bitch ain't got no teeth anymore!

Billie and Allie begin trading blows like women possessed and Rosemary returns to her corner, shouting "TAG ME IN, BUNNY!" repeatedly before Billie boots Allie in the gut and pulls her in for what appears to be a piledriver... but ALLIE BACK BODY DROPS HER OUT OF THE HOLD! Allie falls forward and tags in Rosemary to a huge pop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And here we go!

Rosemary hits the ring and immediately drills Billie with a clothesline! Peyton slides back into the ring and throws a wild punch but Rosemary ducks it and catches Peyton around the waist... GERMAN SUPLEX! Rosemary is back up! Billie charges with a clothesline! Rosemary ducks it and catches her... SKYWARD SUPLEX! Rosemary is back up and Peyton is out on her feet... she boots Peyton in the gut... RED WEDDING! Rosemary is back up and Billie Kay is charging at her with a running double axe handle! Rosemary ducks it and Billie Kay runs right into a SUPER KICK FROM ALLIE! Rosemary falls on top of Billie Kay and Rick Knox counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans pop huge! As soon as Rosemary stands up, Allie leaps onto her, almost knocking her down while celebrating! Billie Kay and Peyton Royce quickly exit the ring, looking furious as they make their way up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Demon and the Bunny have done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] With a decisive win over an established tag team like Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, these two will certainly be in line for a Twinstar title opportunity!

Rosemary and Allie continue celebrating but the cheers abruptly turn to boos as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce return to the ring and blitz Rosemary and Allie from behind, knocking them down! With Allie knocked down into a fetal position, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay hook Rosemary and dump her straight on her head with a double brainbuster!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The IIconics are sore losers!

[ Scott Steiner ] This is how you get your fuckin' heat back, Tony! Ya' wouldn't get it!

Rosemary is down and out! Billie Kay is raging out, pulling her hair and screaming "THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED T' BLOODY HAPPEN!" THIS IS OUR MATCH! OUR WIN! OURS!" Allie gets up to all fours and Billie boots her right in the side of the head! Peyton hooks her, lifting her into a wheelbarrow position and Billie comes off the ropes.. SHADES OF KAY RIGHT TO THE TEMPLE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Devastating strike!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're seeing a far more aggressive side to the IIconics!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You heard Billie, Tony. This isn't what was supposed to happen! They said at Fallout, they were focusing back on the tag team division... this was supposed t' be a new beginning and it has been spoiled by the Demon and the Bunny!

The fans boo loudly as the IIconics exit the ring and begin walking to the back, all business. The IIconics stand at the top of the stage and look out at the fans with disdain as we cut to the back.

Backstage, Chuck Taylor and Trent? are on a mission, walking with purpose.

[ Chuck Taylor ] And when we find them, oh man! Oh man, we’re going to kick their asses!

[ Trent? ] That’s right. WE call the shots around here!

The two continue walking and turn the corner in the hallway. Edge and Christian are standing around drinking coffee with Bret Hart, minding their own business. That is, until the Best Friends approach them and Chuck slaps the coffee out of Bret’s hands, sending it flying down the hallway.

[ Bret Hart ] The hell?!

[ Chuck Taylor ] I’m sorry, Mr. Hart, but I needed to do it to somebody to prove a point and you were the closest!

[ Edge ] What do you guys want now?

[ Trent? ] What we deserve!

Chuck nods.

[ Chuck Taylor ] We want what we’ve earned! What we deserve! We want our title match against Team Tremendous and we want it… TONIGHT!

[ Trent? ] We won that match at WrestleBrawl fair and square, and I’m beginning to think you guys don’t even have a plan for us!

[ Chuck Taylor ] It’s like you guys are booking this crap one show at a time! Where’s the plan?!

Christian turns to Edge with a desperate tone in his voice.

[ Christian ] Is this where we tell them or just fire them?

He pauses briefly.

[ Christian ] Because if it’s firing them, I want the honors.

[ Edge ] Look, guys, I’m tired of the bitching. Seriously.

Edge scratches his scruffy, graying beard and ponders things over.

[ Edge ] You know what? We were going to give you guys your shot at Supremacy, but fine. If you want it tonight, then tonight it is! Team Tremendous defending against The Best Friends!

[ Trent? ] Well, that was easy.

Trent? puts his hands on his hips.

[ Trent? ] So like, if we had just waited and not complained about it we’d seen that there is a plan after all?

[ Chuck Taylor ] And we would’ve gotten that pay-per-view money?

[ Edge ] Yep.

The Best Friends look completely flabbergasted as Edge slaps Trent? on the back.

[ Edge ] Good luck, guys. Truly. You’re a great team and would make fine champions. Your little buddy put up a helluva fight against Big Kev, too. Stay the course and continue to fight hard... But for now… Just go as far away from here as you can.

Chuck and Trent? walk away as Christian wipes his brow in relief.

[ Christian ] Dodged a bullet there.

[ Edge ] I did all of the work.

Bryan Danielson strolls into the scene, the Real SGW World Championship around his waist. He’s toweling off after his match but sports a big smile.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Speaking of doing all the work, how ‘bout the work of your champ, huh? Huh, guys?!

[ Bret Hart ] That was a cowardly finish to the match, Danielson. You must’ve caved Danhausen’s head in with thirty elbows.

[ Bryan Danielson ] More like seventeen.

Danielson is blunt.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I counted.

Danielson steps to Hart and shoves his index finger in his chest.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And how dare you think it’d take thirty elbows to finish off Danhausen! You know nothing, NOTHING, old man!

[ Christian ] Easy, easy. You don’t want to scuff up your new title.

Edge scoffs.

[ Edge ] Yeah, cool belt, Bryan. Where’d you get it? eBay?

[ Christian ]

Danielson turns and strips the belt off of his waist and holds it in the air.

[ Bryan Danielson ] This title is pure! This belt is free of the embarrassing past SGW carries with it! No Bret Hart! No Shane Douglas! No Edge! No Christian!

Danielson turns to Christian and snarls his lip.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And no Tom Cruise.

[ Christian ] Whoa, man. I hated the Tom Cruise thing, too. You think I wanted to give up my reign that easily?

[ Bryan Danielson ] So instead of falling in line and using my Golden Ticket for a title shot that someone could screw me out of it, I used it for the greater good. I used it to create a new legacy, one worth fighting for! One worth representing! So now, I’m only defending this title against those who are worthy of it.

Zicky Dice reluctantly approaches.

[ Zicky Dice ] Edge, Christian, Bret, hello.

Danielson is disgusted by the sight of Dice.

[ Zicky Dice ] I appreciate the opportunity to be in SGW. I look forward to showing you guys what I can do.

[ Bryan Danielson ] He’ll work.

Danielson spins Dice around and shows him his championship.

[ Bryan Danielson ] People Who Hate Each Other Fighting. You versus me. The REAL SGW Championship on the line.

[ Zicky Dice ] Is this a real show name or?

Before anyone answers him, Danielson looks up and down at Dice in pure disgust. There’s no hiding it, not that Danielson is attempting to try anyway.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Nice fanny pack.

[ Zicky Dice ] Oh, th-

[ Bryan Danielson ] ..Asshole.

Danielson walks off and disappears. Zicky Dice scratches the back of his head, trying to process what’s just happened.

[ Edge ] Sorry about that. He’s something else.

[ Zicky Dice ] Screw it, baby! I’m going to be a champion!

Zicky grabs Christian in a bear hug and squeezes tightly as the scene fades to black.

After a quick cut, we find ourselves backstage as Danhausen is seated on a table with a medic seated in front of him shining a light in his eyes.


[ Medic ] We have to make sure you’re not concussed. Just a few more seconds and we’ll be finished.

The medic continues shining his light into Danhausen’s eyes for a few more seconds and then turns it off and puts it in his pocket.

[ Medic ] Everything checked out. You took a lot of stiff shots out there, but I think you’re in fairly good shape. Just take it easy tonight and rest up.

During all of this, Danhausen never took his eyes off of the medic’s mouth after his eyes readjusted.

[ Medic ] Any questions?

[ Danhausen ] Yes. Danhausen thinks you have very nice teeth.

[ Medic ] Um, well, that’s not a question.. but thank you.

[ Danhausen ] Give me your teeth, yes?

The medic is taken aback.

[ Medic ] What?

[ Danhausen ] Your teeth! I want them! I have a jar that goes with Danhausen wherever I go and all of my teeth are stored there. It’s wonderful! People love my teeth collection! Very nice, very popular!

[ Medic ] Yeah.. No. I’m not giving you my teeth.


REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Dr. Cube is sitting ringside on commentary. Before the match began, Hikaru Shida allowed Nurse Ratchet to inject her with a glowing orange liquid which appeared to amp Shida up. She walked a circle around the ring, flexing and showing her arms which... looked exactly the same as they did before but whatever, okay? Shoko Nakajima and Nurse Ratchet remained at ringside in support of Shida. The former SGW World Champion, Raven, stood at ringside and gave Abyss instructions. Aubrey Edwards called for the bell to begin the match and Abyss charged across the ring at full speed! Shida side stepped his charge and Abyss collided with the corner, allowing Shida to drop down and roll him up with a schoolboy! ONE! ABYSS KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!

[ Dr. Cube ] Impossible! My Superior Strength Concoction was specifically designed to prevent such acts of power by THEMONSTERABYSS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is that what Hikaru Shida was injected with at the start of the match? This... um... Superior Strength Concoction?

[ Scott Steiner ] You should know, ya' block head son of a bitch, that Solid Gold Wrestlin' has got a serious steroid testing policy! And I should know! I been provin' those bastards wrong my whole career! Showin' the world that I've naturally got the LARGEST ARMS IN THE WORLD!

[ Dr. Cube ] Steroids?! How dare you, Mr. Freakzilla! I would never administer something as weak and uncultured as steroids! My collection of colorful concoctions are all natural, created in a laboratory beneath the Earth's crust, utilizing only the cleanest run-off of slurry and sludge from cesspools and dumping grounds used by the world's most successful corporations! How does that sound, oh muscled one?

[ Scott Steiner ] It sounds like Hikaru Shida's gonna get fuckin' cancer!

[ Dr. Cube ] PHOOEY!

Abyss returns to his feet and meets Shida in the middle of the ring. They stare each other down with Abyss looming over her. She nails Abyss with a forearm and Abyss palms her entire head and pie faces her to the mat! Shida rolls right back to her feet and charges, nailing Abyss with a running forearm to the jaw! Abyss doesn't budge! She nails him again and again and again but Abyss completely no-sells all of it! Shida looks confused for a moment, staring down at her hands... but before she can further ponder why the concoction isn't working, Abyss scoops her up and nails her with SHOCK TREATMENT!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Hikaru Shida has a lot of heart, gentlemen--

[ Dr. Cube ] Indeed, she does! It's resting inside two jars on my desk!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What?

[ Dr. Cube ] What?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I just don't know if this was the wisest match-up for her to accept in the Limitless Division! Abyss is a bloody monsta'!

[ Dr. Cube ] THEMONSTERABYSS is a monster?! He's girthy, for sure, if you're into that kind of thing but look at the body on that sleek and efficient Kaiju in the ring, standing opposite him! That is a body built for violence! Built for the destruction of cities!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, yeah! That body's built for a lot o' shit! There's a lot o' shit I'd like t' try with that body but right now, that body's gettin' fuckin' BODIED by a grown ass three hundred pound man! Explain that shit!

Abyss goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! TH-- SHIDA KICKS OUT! Abyss gets up and immediately pulls Shida up by her hair. He whips her into the ropes and goes for the BLACK HOLE SLAM but Shida shifts her weight and hooks Abyss' arm with her legs... CRUCIFIX BOMB! Abyss lands on his head and neck! Abyss rolls right back up to his knees and Shida is already coming off the ropes... TAMASHII NO THREE COUNT! Shida sits on Abyss' chest and pulls his leg up! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Scott Steiner ] Wait, hold the fuck up!

[ Dr. Cube ] Yes... YES... YESSSSSSSSS!


Disgusted, Raven leaves the ringside area immediately and vanishes behind the curtain. Nurse Ratchet and Shoko Nakajima climb into the ring where Shida is kneeling over Abyss, still.

[ Dr. Cube ] What do you have to say now, Freakzilla!? AH?! Nothing! My concoction has brought victory to the Cube Army and with this defeat, our humiliating loss to Tom Cruise will be forgotten!

[ Scott Steiner ] I wouldn't go that fuckin' far.

Inside the ring, Shida and Shoko each hold one of Abyss' arms, keeping him in place. He lightly struggles but their immense Kaiju strength is TOO MUCH for him to fight against! Nurse Ratchet reveals a syringe filled with viscous green fluid and holds it over her head! There's genuine fear Abyss' eyes as he continues to struggle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Oh my, no! That's the same mixture that Nurse Ratchet used on Sasha Banks and Nia Jax at different times! We've seen what it can do!

[ Dr. Cube ] Yes, no one is a match for the Green Death! My most deadliest of creations!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax did eventually return, good docta', so... perhaps a name change is in orda'. Perhaps the Green Naptime or the Green Vacation.

Dr. Cube slams his hands down on the announce table, sounding furious.


Dr. Cube storms out from behind the announce table as Nurse Ratchet injects Abyss, rendering him unconscious. Faceless members of The Cube Army file out from the back and carry Abyss over their heads like a martyr. The fans boo loudly as Cube leads Nurse Ratchet toward a smoking escape pod that has emerged from the center of the stage.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it remains t' be seen how this victory propels Hikaru Shida forward in the Limitless Division rankings! You'd have to imagine that a decisive win over a competita' like Abyss has to put her on Ruby Riott's radar!

With Dr. Cube, Ratchet, and the unconscious Abyss now inside the escape pod, Shoko and Shida turn to the camera and begins shouting in Japanese.



The Kaijus flex, showing off their immense size and strength as we go backstage!

We go backstage where we see AZM frantically going through drawers, pulling them all the way out, looking angry, and then dumping them on the floor. There's a huge mess at her feet as she's emptied out at least seven drawers on the floor, huffing with each failed search. Starlight Kid walks into the room and stops, looking at the mess with wide eyes.

[ Starlight Kid ] < AZM! What is this mess? What have you done? >

AZM whips around, glaring at Starlight from across the room.

[ AZM ] < I am looking for a knife! Or any suitable stabbing instrument! >

[ Starlight Kid ] < But why? What is the knife for? >

AZM's eyes narrow and her voice is low, intimidating.

[ AZM ] < I have to finish what we started. Pee Pee Pants lives. >

[ Starlight Kid ] < French Fries-san? >

[ AZM ] < I should have done it myself. If I did, he would be dead and Cathy-san would be avenged. Your weakness allowed him to survive-- >

AZM stops in her tracks, mouth hanging open in surprise. The camera pans over to reveal Io Shirai walking into the room. She walks past Starlight Kid like she isn't even there. Shirai looks right at AZM, staring straight through her.

[ AZM ] Io-chan.

AZM quickly bows. Shirai continues staring at her, a serious look on her face.

[ Io Shirai ] < Look at what you have allowed yourself to become. >

AZM averts her eyes, looking down at the floor.

[ Io Shirai ] < Do better. >

Without another word, Shirai walks AZM and leaves the room. Shirai sniffles and looks up, seeing that her former mentor is gone. Starlight Kid approaches, looking confused. She places a hand on AZM's shoulder.

[ Starlight Kid ] < What was that? Are you okay? >

AZM wipes her eyes.

[ AZM ] < Shut up, idiot. >



REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The bell sounds and Cabana walks towards Moxley with a goofy smile on his face and looks for a handshake. “Put ‘er there, pal!” Moxley slaps Cabana’s hand away without a second thought. Cabana playfully wags his finger at Moxley. The two tie-up in a collar and elbow and Cabana rolls into a headlock and then into a hammerlock. Moxley moves to the ropes to break the hold and Cabana responds with a big bear hug. Moxley shoves him off and slaps his jaws! Paradigm Shift! Moxley covers but Colt’s foot finds the bottom rope before the count begins. Moxley drags Cabana to the corner and sits him up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him. The two begin dueling back and forth with elbows and forearms, jockeying for position.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This does not bode well for either man!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Both of ‘em are in No Man’s Land!

Moxley wraps Colt up and tries a superplex but Colt blocks it. After another attempt, Cabana picks Moxley up on his shoulders and pushes himself up with the middle ropes. The crowd buzzes for a potential high risk maneuver and Cabana drops down, sending Moxley’s midsection crashing against the top turnbuckle for a Chicago Skyline! Moxley bounces off and lands on the mat. Pulling himself back up in the corner, Moxley looks up in time to see Cabana come sailing through the air - FLYING ASSHOLE!

[ Scott Steiner ] That’s the dumbest move I’ve ever seen!

Cabana flashes a thumbs up to the fans as Mox staggers out of the corner. Moxley then backs against the ropes, REBOUND LARIAT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] REBOUND LARIAT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, it was one o’ my primary moves for years!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s a really neat way of you paying homage to the “Death Rider” himself!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ...What?

Moxley falls over on top of Colt, one, two, kick out! Moxley looks to capitalize but Cabana drops him with a drop toe hold and rolls over him into a headlock. After a minute of being in it, Moxley begins working his way up to his feet as Cabana presses his body weight down, trying to wear Moxley down. The fans are split 50/50, cheering for both men with dueling chants of “COLT-CA-BAN-A/LET’S GO MOX!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cabana is trying to slow the pace down in this one.

Finally, Moxley pushes both of them up to a standing base and then back drops Cabana to break the hold. Moxley bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Cabana pops back up as Moxley hits the ropes of the other side of the ring, attempting another clothesline, but Cabana ducks under and jumps to the middle rope. Cabana springs off for a moonsault, hitting Moxley and pinning him. Moxley quickly kicks out.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The athleticism of Colt Cabana cannot be ignored!

Cabana whips Moxley against the rope and yells “STOP!” as Moxley gets near him. Colt points to the ceiling, trying to get Moxley to look up but he refuses. Colt then stomps on Moxley’s foot and hooks his arms. Pulling him up with all of his strength, Colt has him on his shoulders for Colt .45, but Moxley slides off and spins Cabana around - PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley rolls Cabana over and pins him with the leg hooked - one, two, three! Jon Moxley wins again!


After the match, Cabana and Moxley shake hands but Moxley’s attention quickly turns to requesting a microphone. Out of breath, Moxley paces around the ring like a shark looking for prey until he’s able to speak.

[ Jon Moxley ] Colt Cabana, you’re a helluva competitor. We’re gonna’ have to do that again.

Moxley runs his hand across his face and wipes the sweat off. He finally settles in the center of the ring.

[ Jon Moxley ] I’ve been in SGDubya’ for a while. So long in fact that Chris Daniels had time to break Disrespect U up and start it up again for some reason.

A few laughs scatter throughout the arena as Moxley continues.

[ Jon Moxley ] I fought in the marquee SGW event and now I beat one of the longest tenured members of the roster dating back to the last run in ‘06. I’ve been here long enough to know the history of the company. I know about the blood feuds that changed men forever. I see the title histories filled with hall of famers and hear their stories told by third parties like they were the ones living in those moments. I want it. I want part of it. I want my name etched alongside the heroes, not for personal gain or notoriety, but because I BELONG! Because Jon Moxley is the best damn wrestler in this company, past, present, or future, and my time of sitting on the sidelines, piddling around, barely getting my number called is over.

Mox looks at the camera.

[ Jon Moxley ] So the question keeps poppin’ up and I want to address it. With all the wins racking up, and with all the quality opponents fallen to the wayside, when’s Jon Moxley gonna’ get involved in somethin’ serious? When’s Jon Moxley going to become a champion here in Solid Gold Wrestling?

He waits for an answer that never comes from his rhetorical question.

[ Jon Moxley ] I was promised all the opportunity in the world from the Championship Committee when I signed but it’s proven to be nothin’ more than smoke blown up my ass. I see Kevin Nash with the Elevation title, easily winnin’ it while I was mucking around with Disrespect U. I see all the people who came in when I did do great things and I ain’t got a damn thing to show for myself.

He pauses.

[ Jon Moxley ] And it’s time for a change.


[ Jon Moxley ] When the dam’s about to burst, you can clog the hole and hold the water back for a little bit of time, but eventually the pressure’s gonna’ be too much and it’s gonna’ explode! I’ve been held back and held back, and my clock says it’s time for this leak to turn into a friggin’ waterfall! Kevin Nash, you’re takin’ it easy and propping yourself up on this lax schedule of yours. Nah. Not anymore. At Fallout, I told you I was comin’. If you wanna’ cash in your Elevation title for a shot at Val Venis, you gotta’ defend it three times.

Moxley ignores everything surrounding him and is treating it like he’s having a one-on-one discussion with Nash himself.

[ Jon Moxley ] I’m here to play spoiler. Your plan won’t have a happy ending. Your title won’t be with you much longer. Because Jon Moxley calls next.

Huge crowd pop.

[ Jon Moxley ] The days of trying to contain me are over. Once I'm unleashed, once I snatch that opportunity out of thin air and claim it for myself, it's all over but the cryin'. The only way to become King is to stick a sword in the current one.. To the self-anointed King, the man who calls his own shots with a fat contract full of empty dates.. Once you cross paths with me, it's off with your head.

Moxley twirls the microphone around in this hand and drops it to the mat without taking his eyes off of the camera. His music revs up and he exits the ring without any fanfare. Moxley hops the railing and is swarmed by a sea of fans wanting to slap, congratulate, and take selfies with him. We take one final shot of Moxley celebrating in the crowd as the scene fades.

The Barclays Center is excited to see Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Val Venis, who is standing solemnly at the interview area backstage.

With no announcer or stagehands with him, the focus in on the champion; wearing blue jeans and a purple ‘Legacy’ hoodie, Venis has the championship belt draped over his shoulder. He looks from the title belt to the camera and speaks calmly.

[ Val Venis ] I don’t want to waste time speaking when we could be presenting the best professional wrestling on the planet, but I’ve got to make a point quickly and hope that it resonates with all of you.

Venis pauses and readjusts the championship, taking a moment to look at the title and process what it represents for his career.

[ Val Venis ] Tonight and every night, I seek to raise the prestige of this championship by defending it against credible opponents. I want to give others a chance because I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you have no chance to reach the mountaintop. Now, it’s funny I say that, because tonight, here in Brooklyn, I’m defending the SGW World Championship against another two-time SGW Champion, the Rock.

A big pop for the Brahma Bull, and Venis nods, completely understanding the major support the fan favorite garners.

[ Val Venis ] I think it goes without saying that the Rock has had a strange year…and isn’t having the easiest go of anyone on the roster, but rest assured, I am not taking this title defense lightly. I plan to go into this match with just as much intensity and just as much drive as I had against Adam Cole. I plan to go to every length I have to in order to retain this championship and maintain this title reign. My whole career has built to this, and I’m not letting my legacy be tarnished by those who are seeking to bring me down.

Val’s quiet intensity is permeating through the screen and he swallows to redirect.

[ Val Venis ] I intend to defeat the Rock tonight, and continue to defend this championship along the road to Supremacy in Orlando…where I will no doubt defeat Jimmy Havoc and, if he’s lucky enough to get past Jimmy tonight, Adam Cole. But again – no matter the night, no matter the man, I hope they’re prepared to give everything they have and more to win this championship – because that’s what I’m giving to keep it.

Brooklyn roars again as Venis repositions the championship.

[ Val Venis ] I’ll see you out there, Rocky.

We fade elsewhere on a tight shot of the SGW World Heavyweight Championship.

Venis vs. Rock is tonight!

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Champion and Challenger are incredibly balanced to begin the match, with Rhodes using his natural strength advantage to overwhelm Riott, whose speed and agility over the more muscular Cody allows her to slip out of danger without much abuse suffered.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Certainly seems to be an even slate for Cody and Ruby thus far, Nigel.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It is, Tony, but I expect one of them to gain an advantage – then, more importantly, it’ll be a chaotic race to the finish, I have to imagine! Neither of these individuals is mistaken enough to think they’re being paid by the hour!

Riott connects with a beautiful arm drag, but Cody does enough to slide across the mat, coming to his feet quickly and meeting Riott with an Irish Whip! Ruby rebounds and is tossed high into the air with a back-body drop, crashing to the canvas with a thud and giving Cody the first ‘point’ of the match. Riott is quick to even up the score, coming to her feet and connecting with a hurricanrana, a flying head-scissors sending Rhodes to the floor, and an impressive suicide dive to capitalize!

Not giving her well-awarded opponent time to recover, Riott rolls Rhodes into the ring and applies a short-arm scissors, transitioning beautifully into a cross-arm breaker before Cody rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Riott maintains her advantage for several moments, scoring a near-fall with a Heidi Ho and nearly forcing Cody to submit to a crossface.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody Rhodes needs to find his footing in this match if he hopes to win a third championship in SGW, Nigel!


Cody throws a Bionic Elbow, but Riott ducks and scores with a German Suplex, sending Rhodes to the mat with authority! Taking a moment to breathe, Ruby ascends the turnbuckles, waiting for her opponent to rise to his feet.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THIS COULD BE IT FOR CODY!

Riott dives off the top rope with a beautiful cross body – but Cody catches her!


Rhodes transitions Riott up onto her shoulders and prepares for a powerbomb – but Riott hurricanranas Rhodes and both are up to their feet quickly, running off the ropes before –

DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Riott and Rhodes crash into one another, sternum-first, and crash into the mat, both down as Brooklyn begin pumping up the volume for the action to resume!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ruby Riott is down! Cody Rhodes is down! The champion and challenger are both vulnerable – who can capitalize on this situation?!

As Riott clenches her stomach muscles and writhes across the mat, a rustling comes from across the ring. It’s Rhodes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody Rhodes is up! This could be it!

As the Barclays Center roars out, Cody gazes across the ring at Knox’ still-down body and shouts for him to come to – but from behind him comes Jay White, sliding into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO! NO! Jay White!

White drops to his knees and fires a low blow, balling his fist and swinging upwards into Rhodes’ crotch. Cody bends at the waist, stunned in pain as White, laughing arrogantly, stands up and pulls Rhodes by the hair.

[ Jay White ] <over the ring mic> Think’ya so smaht, Codeh Rhodes!

White pulls Rhodes into his chest and bends him backwards, throwing their bodies back with a slight twist and PLANTING Cody face-first with the Blade Runner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] God Almighty, what a Blade Runner! Cody’s spine must be broken in half!

Rick Knox has come to just enough to see what's going on and calls for the bell!

R U B Y  R I O T T  R E T A I N S

As the bell rings, Ruby Riott realizes what happened and slinks forward to the mat, immediately gripping her neck as Knox begins inching towards the timekeeper to retrieve the Limitless Championship Belt. Rhodes, still lying flat on his back without any notion that the match has concluded, similarly has no idea that five sets of Bullet Club eyes are locked on him, readying themselves for what could follow.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, be that as it may, Jay White and the Bullet Club have cost Cody Rhodes his third championship in less than one year in Solid Gold Wrestling – and why?! For what?!

Riott rolls from the ring, conversing with a ringside doctor as she slowly walks away from the squared circle. Rick Knox, realizing that Cody is recovering slowly, asks for another ringside attendant to see to the Grandson of a Plumber as he exits the ring to receive his own medical attention. With the ‘coast clear,’ Jay White looks around his compatriots and makes a motion with his fingers, sending the Guerrillas one way and Fale the other, Sakazaki entering the ring directly before him.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don’t think it damn well matters, Schiavone – maybe they did it because they JUST FUCKIN’ WANTED TO!

Tama Tonga is the first in the ring, sliding right up to Rhodes and grinning evilly in his face as his brother, Tanga Loa crouches over his shoulder, looking down at Cody.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, you’re right –

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCKIN’ NATURALLY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] – but it sure doesn’t look good for Cody Rhodes!

The Guerrillas are practically licking their chops to pounce Rhodes as White slowly enters the ring, drawing the attention of the rest of the Club before signaling with two fingers to Falé. Annoyed, but compliant, the G.O.D. snatch Rhodes off the mat and throw him towards the massive Tongan, who hoists him up into a powerbomb position! With Rhodes still out of it, Falé posts Cody into a crucifix position and –

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NO! OH, NO – BAD LUCK FALL!

Rhodes collides into the canvas harshly as White chuckles, finally motioning towards Tama Tonga, who ravenously snares Rhodes off the mat and throws him onto his and his brothers’ shoulders and – MAGIC KILLER! Cody twists into the mat, crashing into a clump of humanity as the Bullet Club surrounds him. White looks up before kneeling down to Cody’s level, saying something inaudible before standing and posing with his foot planted on Rhodes’ chest.


The Bullet Club poses over Rhodes’ body as we fade to the back, Steiner still screaming on commentary.

Inside the locker room of Team Tremendous, we see Dan Barry doing some stretching as Bill Carr is seated in a chair next to his locker. The SGW World Tag Team Championships are neatly displayed in cubby holes above the lockers.

[ Dan Barry ] Are you ready for tonight, partner?

[ Bill Carr ] Ready as I’ll ever be. Gonna’ make easy work of those chumps!

Dan likes what he’s hearing.

[ Bill Carr ] And if it looks like we’re in trouble, then..

Carr slowly lifts the tail of his shirt up over his belt and “pulls out” a finger gun. His eyes go wild as he admires the “cold steel” in his hand.. Or is his hand.. Or.. Well, you get the picture.

[ Bill Carr ] Then we take matters into our own hands.

[ Dan Barry ] Bill! We will do no such thing!

[ Bill Carr ] What?!

Barry rushes to Bill and shoves the “gun” back into Carr’s pocket.

[ Dan Barry ] We’re going to beat those guys fair and square and prove who the REAL best friends of SGW are.. We don’t need to go to such extremes.

[ Bill Carr ] But I tell you this, if their little dog, Pockets, gets involved, well, I’m going to cap Ole Yeller.

[ Dan Barry ] Let’s just win it in the ring and not resort to nefarious means.

Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door, causing both men to draw their finger guns.

[ Dan Barry ] WHO’S THERE?!


After a few more moments, Bill Carr cautiously walks to the door and slowly opens it up, going side to side with his gun. He looks down and sees a box.


[ Dan Barry ] What is it?

Carr picks the small, white box up and displays it to Barry. It has a neon green note card taped to it reading “FREE DONUTS.”

[ Bill Carr ] Free donuts!

[ Dan Barry ] There’s no such thing as free anything in this world. I wouldn't eat those if I were you.

Carr cradles the box like a newborn baby and sits down with it on his lap.

[ Bill Carr ] Someone out there’s appreciative of what we’re doing to clean this tag team division up, and I plan on taking advantage of it.

[ Dan Barry ] It’s too suspicious.

[ Bill Carr ] Your loss.

[ Dan Barry ] Just don't eat too many. We have a match to get ready for.

[ Bill Carr ] Yeah, yeah.. Thanks for the tip, Mom.

Carr opens the box and tosses it into the air.


Without hesitation, Dan Barry dead sprints to the exit with Bill Carr fighting him, doing his best to exit the room before his partner. The camera zooms in on the discarded box of donuts on the floor, its contents spilled everywhere, with a large snake slithering on the floor beside it.

What could this be about? Who would target the Tag Team Champions with a calling card like this?

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

It’s a fast and furious start to this grudge match, convenient as both men are Dominic Toretto lookalikes, but with a tight collar-and-elbow and fists flying in every direction, the Barclays Center is electric with energy.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Holy smokes! We’re off, gentlemen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Disrespect U implodes for the final time! Christopher Daniels! Chris Dickinson! Who will be the victor?!

Daniels rakes Dickinson’s eyes and sprints to the ropes, springing back with a beautiful armdrag, sending the Dirty Daddy to the floor! The Ring General is quick, running and leaping backwards into the top rope, hitting a gorgeous Arabian Moonsault and wiping out Dickinson!

[ Scott Steiner ] Mr. Clean means business! Holy shit!

Daniels is back up, pumping his fists and drawing a decent reaction from the Barclays Center. The Fallen Angel hurls Dickinson back into the ring, quickly scooting up the turnbuckles and pausing, waiting for his opponent to rise – and leaps!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] CROSSBODY – oh no! Dickinson’s got’em!

The Dirty Daddy transitions the hold into a stalling suplex, parading around the ring with Daniels in tow as the Barclays Center chant along with the number of seconds he’s been in the air.

[ Scott Steiner ] What, he’s some kinda strong bastard now?!

Dickinson screams out, finally planting Daniels with a brainbuster, sweeping over to make the cover seamlessly as Edwards counts! One-Two—NO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christopher Daniels kicks out! This isn’t over!

Dickinson stands up and rolling sentons across Daniels’ back, driving him back down and covering again for a one count. Frustrated, the Dirty Daddy picks Daniels up and whips him hard into the buckles! The Fallen Angel stumbles out of the corner and to his knees, but Dickinson lifts him up and props him onto the top turnbuckle. Dickinson steps back and off the middle rope, popping Daniels with a huge enzuigiri!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My, what a stiff kick to the head! Daniels could be unconscious!

Dickinson grabs Daniels by the throat to prevent him from falling out of the ring, joining him on the top rope and hooking the Fallen Angel in a front facelock! Daniels is dazed, unable to prevent Dickinson from deadlifting him up into the air and throwing their bodies backwards into a falling Falcon Arrow! The Dirty Daddy chants are uproarious as Edwards counts – one! Two! Thr—no! No! No! Christopher Daniels still kicks out! He wants this win horribly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What heart! The Ring General is still marching towards the victory! What in the world will Dickinson have to do to put away the Fallen Angel?!

Chris Dickinson isn’t waiting around long to ponder the thought, instead pushing ahead and propping Daniels up on his knees, running off the ropes and scoring with a bicycle kick, pushing Daniels backwards into the ropes – and Daniels responds with a discus lariat!

The Barclays Center are roaring with energy as both men are down, Daniels rising first! The Fallen Angel shakes the pain from his head and stomps Dickinson in the abdomen, then scores with a beautiful Shining Wizard! Dickinson takes the impact flush and rolls over to his hands and knees, giving Daniels a perfect opportunity to scoop his opponent up and over his shoulder!

[ Scott Steiner ] WOW! Mr. Clean’s on the juice, now?!

Daniels scores with a Kryptonite Krunch, driving Dickinson into the mat and maintaining the leg hook for the one! Two! Thr—NO! NO! Kickout!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These guys are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at one another! What in the world will it take to pick up the win here?!

As Daniels and Dickinson grab onto one another and struggle to regain their footing, Zack Sabre Jr. emerges onto the ramp and gazes interestedly towards the ring. Dickinson and Daniels take notice of ZSJ’s appearance and refocus, taking a moment to stare at one another.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] With the exception of Frankie Kazarian, whose contract was extended later on and admittedly has a better relationship, Chris Dickinson was Daniels’ most trusted ally! He survived the departure of Luke Harper! The loss of the Limitless Championship! The war with Jon Moxley!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And it’s coming down to this. Who will win?!

[ Scott Steiner ] They’re throwin’ bombs!

Daniels with a big palm strike! Dickinson with a pump kick! Daniels runs off the ropes – leg lariat! They’re up! Dickinson with a discus lariat! They’re up and grip heads – DOUBLE HEADBUTT! Both men are down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They’re giving all they’ve got, ladies and gentlemen!

Aubrey Edwards reaches a count of six before Daniels rises and lifts Dickinson from the mat, applies an inverted headlock and – spins out! Last Rites! Beautiful maneuver spikes Dickinson into the mat violently! Daniels lies on the back for a moment, pausing to shake off the exhaustion from the war against his former friend and leaps over his body – then to the second rope – and to the top, soaring backwards in a moonsault!


Dickinson’s up! And catches Daniels on his shoulder, stumbling slightly under the weight and force, but steadies himself and leaps into the air, SITOUT TOMBSTONE DRIVER!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a move! Chris Daniels is unconscious!

Dickinson isn’t stopping and throws Daniels onto his shoulders from the powerbomb position – charging across the ring and yeeting the Fallen Angel into the far side with the Pazuzu Bomb!! Daniels’ skull rattles off the bottom turnbuckle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NO, MY GOD, WHAT A PAZUZU BOMB!

Dickinson pulls Daniels into the center of the ring, hooking both legs tightly and gritting his teeth as Edwards counts!





As the bell rings out across the Barclays Center, Dickinson releases the legs and finally breathes out, releasing energy as the adrenaline begins to wane in his body.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an amazing contest – and Chris Dickinson has done it! He’s defeated Christopher Daniels and has put Disrespect U behind him once and for all!

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK! I respect the effort from both of these assholes…dammit!

Pinkie Sanchez runs down the ramp past Sabre to attend to Dickinson, whose adrenaline has dumped following the intense matchup. Right behind him is Frankie Kazarian, who begins checking on Christopher Daniels.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite a show of respect from both men to leave their seconds in the back until the conclusion of the match, isn’t it?

Nobody replies, but Zack Sabre Jr. begins clapping his hands slowly at the ramp, drawing the ire of the crowd. Kazarian and Daniels are discussing the conclusion and Daniels’ injuries as Dickinson is pulled to his feet by Sanchez across the ring.

Stumbling out, Dickinson demands for Daniels to join him in center ring and the former partners come eye-to-eye again.

[ Scott Steiner ] DECK HIM!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …which one?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an amazing conclusion. These guys deserve our respect, and with Chris Dickinson headed to Saturday Shock, this truly is a goodbye of sorts!

Dickinson extends his hand to shake with Daniels, who pauses. Eventually, the Fallen Angel steps away, through the ropes before looking back at the Dirty Daddy.

And nods, accepting the loss.

The Barclays Center explodes with cheers for the Dirty Daddy as Sabre scoffs at Daniels’ show of respect for his former partner and walks off the stage. As Daniels leaves the arena with Kazarian, Dickinson shares the ring with Sanchez, celebrating the huge victory as we fade away.

Chuck Taylor and Trent? are putting the finishing touches on their ring gear as Orange Cassidy is slumped over in a chair nearby. There’s a knock on the door.

[ Trent? ] Yo, O.C., will you get that?

The knocking continues. Orange Cassidy hasn’t even considered moving a muscle yet.

[ Chuck Taylor ] O.C., c’mon, get the door.

Still nothing. The knocking finally turns into the door getting kicked wide open with two men in yellow hazmat suits and masks standing in the doorway. We can faintly see Edge and Christian standing behind the men in hazmat suits.

[ Chuck Taylor ] The hell?

The two men in hazmat suits come in and one grabs Trent? while the other guides Chuck up from his seat. Edge and Christian stay out in the hallway, their faces covered by light gray, plastic grocery bags with eye holes cut out.

[ Edge ] Someone with the CDC sent us a memo that you guys tested positive for the coronavirus and you have to be removed from the building and immediately be put in isolation.

[ Christian ] Plus you guys were around Bret earlier, so we’ve put him into quarantine as well since he has underlying health issues.. Apparently there’s something called the coronavirus going around.

[ Chuck Taylor ] You don’t watch the news?

Christian adjusts the plastic bag over his head.

[ Christian ] Seems as though a lot of companies are shutting down and people are avoiding crowds. Thousands of people have died, too. It sounds pretty serious. I wonder why we’re not doing the whole preventing crowds from coming to events, you know?

[ Edge ] So suffice to say, there’s not going to be a Tag Team title match tonight. You three go into quarantine and once this passes, we’ll get you guys your title shots. Trust me, this has taken us aback as well. We weren’t prepared for such an emergency, hence why we’re wearing bags over our heads instead of masks.

Christian raises his mask up and inhales deeply.

[ Christian ] I’ll just have to catch it. I can’t breathe in this thing.

[ Trent? ] We feel fine! We’ve not been tested, so there’s no way we’re positive for whatever this is!

[ Orange Cassidy ] COVID.

[ Edge ] Look, guys, please, just go with these guys and let’s sort it out.

[ Chuck Taylor ] This is some grade-a bull crap! We were gonna’ become Tag Champs tonight!

Trent? agrees.

[ Trent? ] Yeah. Convenient.

[ Edge ] We had nothing to do with it. Chavo got the call and sent us to talk to you guys since we met up earlier. Trust me, we don’t want this any more than you guys. We’re just asking for some cooperation. You’re still the number one contenders, but first and foremost, we have to take care of you guys’ health.

The two men in hazmat suits hand the three members of Best Friends medical masks and escort them out of the room. They reluctantly agree to go, better being safe than sorry. Once the coast is clear, Christian removes the bag off of his head.

[ Edge ] I don't know, but something definitely seems fishy about all of this.

[ Christian ] Chavo got alerted and then called the medical staff, man. It's legit. But I'm confused.

Christian's face scrunches up in confusion and then he just gives up, completely mind blown.

[ Christian ] What the hell is COVID?

The scene fades.

REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The Guerrillas of Destiny, having already made their mark on the show with a violent gang attack on Cody Rhodes clearly decided that discretion was far from their minds as they rush the Job Squad from jump street, kicking off the match with reckless abandon.

And fists.

Lots of fists.

So many, in fact, that a few bruise and bloody the Blue Meanie only thirty seconds into the contest.

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK ME! He’ll be the damn GREEN Meanie if all that stupid blue paint and the bright red blood of combat keep mixin’ on his fat fuckin’ face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Actually, Scott, blue and red mix to form purple. He’d be the Purple Meanie in your perverse, nightmare scenario!

[ Scott Steiner ] SHUT THE FUCK UP, BOB ROS—actually, no! No! Bob Ross is a treat, despite being a pussy – you’re some other crackpot art freak. Walt Whitman or some shit!

Meanie does his best to fight back, but Tanga Loa WRECKS him with a flying single-leg dropkick to send him over the top rope and to the floor in a heap. Al Snow takes umbrage with this heinous attack and fires up, lighting up Tonga and Loa with big right hands and a discus lariat apiece as Brooklyn roars with approval.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Snow’s coming around, now!

Al goes to lift Tama from the mat for a Snow Plow, but is quickly cut off by Loa, who uses his power to Guerrilla Press him high into the air!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ain’t gonna be coming any further!

Loa yells for his brother to come to – pausing with Snow lifted above his head long enough to drop Al into a sickening assisted GUN STUN!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Lord, what an assault this has been. And thankfully it appears these Guerrillas have found their stopping point!

Tonga and Loa each muscle Snow off the mat, Tama taking a moment to talk another bit of trash before they thrust him up into the air, onto their shoulders seamlessly as Gedo screams encouragement from the floor.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We saw what this maneuver can do to the body earlier with Cody Rhodes!

And they twist – MAGIC KILLER! Snow is busted, laying on the mat in a heap as the Tongan brothers hop up, high-fiving and staring at their victim on the canvas. Without warning, Tanga Loa lifts Snow, positioning him for a second Magic Killer!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Just cover the man! What the hell is this!

Tama is hyped, to say the very least, and does his part to ready the finishing blow, telling Al that he can ‘suck his dick!’ before snapping again, planting Snow with another Magic Killer!

[ Tony Schiavone ] DAMMIT! This is enough! This Bullet Club are just a bunch of low-life degenerates!

[ Scott Steiner ] …I kinda got the vibe they were jackin’ shit off the nWo, myself!

Tama, now completely without conscience, beckons for his brother to ‘do it again, uce!’ Loa obliges, pulling Snow to his feet as Mike Chioda demands for the violence to stop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yes! Disqualify them, Mike! That will show them!

With Chioda yelling in his face, Tama Tonga smirks and tells Chioda to ‘disqualify this,’ grabbing his crotch before the Guerrillas SPIKE Snow with another disgusting Magic Killer! The Blue Meanie rolls back into the ring and Tama grabs a handful of his hair, preparing to pull him up off the mat... but Meanie small packages him out of nowhere! ONE! TWO! THREE! The fans ERUPT!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT!? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!


Tama immediately breaks out and looks shocked that just happened! Loa looks down and smirks, despite having lost the match. Tama and Loa grab the defenseless Meanie off the mat and plant him with a Magic Killer! They lifts their hands momentarily in the ring before Tama shakes his head and spits at Meanie, leaving the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A huge sign of disrespect from the Guerrillas of Destiny, tonight. The Bullet Club as a whole are awfully despicable, gentlemen; first, the display of violence against Cody Rhodes, and now against Al Snow and the Blue Meanie, who are the rightful winners of that contest!


As attendants begin assisting Al Snow and Blue Meanie, Nigel pauses for a moment before approaching that statement.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Are…are you comparing one of the finest in-ring performers of a generation…to the Blue bloody Meanie?!

We cut to the GOD, with Gedo at the top of the ramp as boos rain down.

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah I am, Pierce Brosnan. They’re both NO GOOD PIECES OF SHIT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] God save us all.

We fade away.

We see Lance Storm frantically running down a hallway, opening every door that he comes across, looking for someone in particular. He swings open a door on his right and sees Danhausen seated on the same table as earlier, but with his hands covered in blood.

[ Lance Storm ] Danhausen, where was the medic that was tending to you?

[ Danhausen ] I haven’t seen him!

Storm does a double take after seeing the blood all over Danhausen’s hands.

[ Lance Storm ] You’ve not seen him.. At all.. Period?

Danhausen shakes his head, his eyes going wide.

[ Lance Storm ] So you're just casually sitting in the training room with your hands covered in what appears to be blood?

[ Danhausen ] No! Danhausen was somehow defeated by Daniel Bryan Danielson and needs to be checked out! Now look at me! Hands covered in red paint! This is not blood! Danhausen believes in Scout's honor!

[ Lance Storm ] I don’t believe you, but being near you freaks me out. Look, if you see the medic, send him straight to us. With all of this going on with the Best Friends, we need all hands on deck right now.

Danhausen nods in agreement.

[ Danhausen ] Ah, yes! Yes! When Danhausen spots him, he will have him come save the day. Danhausen is very nice!

Storm turns around and exits, leaving Danhausen alone in the room again. He begins tossing bite sized pieces of something in his mouth and crunching loudly.

[ Danhausen ] ...And very evil.

A close up shot reveals that it’s human teeth than Danhausen is crunching on. As the scene fades, Danhausen casually dumps a handful of teeth into his mouth and begins crunching loudly like he’s eating popcorn, giving us a good idea of what’s happened to the medic from earlier.

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

PAC is off to the races with a John Woo dropkick, clobbering Corino in the face and sending him to the floor in a crumble quickly! Brooklyn is electric as the Bastard quickly hops over the top rope and runs across the apron, greeting a rising Corino with a shooting star plancha off the ring to knock him down again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] PAC – THE BLOODY BASTAHD – is one of the most premier athletes on the roster of SGW and he’s looking to make a point here against Steve Corino – PAC had the prized #30 spot in the WrestleBrawl match and look what happened – the Origin’s spoiler, Steve Corino, eliminated him! The Bastard is serving court in his kingdom here tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wouldn’t you consider this a battle of kings, then, Nigel? After all, Steve Corino is the King of Old School!

[ Scott Steiner ] Steve Corino is the king of my ass! And I ain’t bein’ homosexual – nothin’ wrong with lovin’ dudes, more bitches for Big Poppa Pump, right? – But yeah, Steve Corino’s a stupid bastard and ain’t the king of shit! EXCEPT SHIT!! You got it, Schiavone?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I…uh…I think so, Scott.

PAC instantly begins fiddling with a table, propping it against the barricade as Corino reaches under the ring skirt, attempting to find something to turn the tides – and does!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Corino’s got a kendo stick! This isn’t good for PAC!

Corino swings, but PAC catches it in his hand! Brooklyn explodes as Corino’s eyes grow wide with fear, he’s absolutely stunned! The Bastard throws his end of the stick down and sticks Corino with a bicycle knee strike, turning him around and German Suplexing the King of Old School through the table!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good Lord! Good Lord! What in the hell is Steve Corino feeling right now?!

[ Scott Steiner ] Looks like a fuck-ton of pain, Schiavone!

The Bastard gives Corino no time for rest, hurling him face-first into the steel steps before pushing him under the ropes and into the ring. PAC fetches a steel chair and slides in with his opponent. The Bastard sets the chair upright before sitting in it, watching as Corino struggles to his knees, flipping off PAC as the Brooklyn fans roar out in surprise.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Probably not the best move, Steven!

PAC thinks not, either; he stands, picking up the still set-up chair and HURLS IT at Corino’s face! The metal bashes Corino’s face and shoots blood from his nose, bruising him!

[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is getting to be a bit much!

The Bastard sneers down at Corino, looking at the top rope before quickly hopping up to the highest turnbuckle and watching his opponent squirm.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This…could be it, gentlemen! PAC looks like a caged lion waiting to devour the first thing to cross him!

PAC begins screaming for Corino to get up, practically begging his opponent to trot blindly into his path like a lamb willingly bouncing into the slaughter – and Corino obliges, rolling along on instinct alone, better sense and gameplan having left him after the countless weapon shots of the contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Steve Corino is about to…be seriously hur—

[ Scott Steiner ] DIE! HIS ASS IS OVER! KA-PUT!

PAC leaps, flying through the air with a shooting star press and CLATTERING the King of Old School with a Shooting Star Knee Strike!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] God Almighty! That’s the sickening Shooting Star Knee Strike he used against Tetsuya Naito! It’s one of the most lethal maneuvers on the entire roster!


Truly, Corino is knocked stupid on the mat. He looks like his mind is anywhere in the world other than in the middle of the ring in Brooklyn.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THE BASTARD IS UP!

PAC kips up, feeling the energy flowing through the Barclays Center and points to the top rope, quickly skirting through the ropes and up the buckles, standing up on the top rope and swearing through his long, stringy hair at Corino, still down on the mat and –


From the floor, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD swings Corino’s kendo stick into the top rope with all her might, knocking PAC down onto the top rope, crotching him! Without waiting, Baker swings again, clocking PAC in the ear! The Bastard slumps over, falling into the ring, perhaps unconscious! Corino army crawls over, slumping his arm across PAC’s face – Turner counts! One! Two! Three!




“Piece of Me” hits the speakers and Brooklyn begins booing Corino, who rolls over PAC and down onto the ground in an uncoordinated flumping of humanity. Baker gags just looking at Corino, nearly lifeless on the floor, but when he lifts his hand for help to his feet, Baker suppresses vomiting all over the front row. Corino struggles to his feet and goes to put his arm around Baker, who runs up the ramp scared, only JUST close enough to visibly confirm their alliance within the Origin as they exit.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is ridiculous. The Origin has got to be stopped, guys! This is turning into the Darkest Period in the History of our Sport!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …right. Well, I think Britt Baker is certainly acting under the direction of Cole or Anderson because she’s bloody disgusted by Steve Corino! And moreover, this is a disgusting way to end this match for PAC! He gave it his all and is now lying unconscious on the mat.


Medics attend to PAC, helping him back to consciousness as we fade away.

Ruby Riott is sitting in a busy backstage corridor, with various roster and staff members in the surrounding area, preparing for their matches, catching up with old and new friends, and finishing up their evenings at the Barclays Center. She is well-worn after a hellacious Limitless Title defense against Cody Rhodes and breathes in and out very deeply, leaning into the cold brick wall behind her to regulate her body’s temperature. The camera is zoomed in on her pained expression as a voice from off-camera speaks.

[ ??? ] Hey.

From her left approaches the “Grandson of a Plumber” himself, clearly annoyed with the transpirings of the evening as reflected by the half-smile on his face. Riott stands, facing her opponent from earlier in the evening and pauses, waiting for him to speak. Cody is rubbing his sore neck and wipes his face with a towel before draping it around his shoulders.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Congratulations on the title defense.

Rhodes sticks his hand out earnestly and Riott accepts it. A select few wrestlers cease what they’re doing and listen in to the conversation.

[ Ruby Riott ] I didn’t want to defend the title that way. I hope you know that.

Cody nods.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Of course…and there’ll be another time down the road, you know.

Ruby and Cody share a sly smile before Rhodes’ dissipates into a flat, serious expression.

[ Cody Rhodes ] …but for now, I’m setting my sights on the Bullet Club…and Jay White.

Ruby nods knowingly as Cody looks once more at the Limitless Championship in her chair, then back to Riott, nods, and walks away. The interested wrestlers all sort of dissolve from their glob of humanity, other than Juventud Guerrera, who slowly strides over to Riott’s chair as she appears to be packing up her things and heading for the locker room. Juvi removes his sunglasses and tucks them into his obnoxiously large golden belt buckle and clears his throat.

With no response from Ruby, Guerrera clears his throat again. Riott isn’t paying anyone any attention, so Juventud reaches out and slaps her directly on the ass! The Barclays Center pops as Riott turns, infuriated as Juventud wipes his hand on his own jeans.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Díos mío, how did a wasp that size get into the arena, huh? I couldn’t let him sting you, baby…

Guerrera bows with faux respect, but Riott is still understandably pissed.

[ Ruby Riott ] Whatever, alright, just get the hell out of here.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Alright, alright, alright, but hey! Could’chu help me out with something…I don’t understand?

Ruby clenches her teeth and closes her eyes, releasing both enough to ask “What?”

[ Juventud Guerrera ] How did Dusty’s boy fight you for the women’s championship, baby?! I don’t think he’s in the right locker room if he’s doin’ that! That’s a ladies’ belt, baby!

Riott rolls her eyes and lifts her championship, pointing dully at the word ‘Limitless’ across it. Juventud squints at the word as she speaks.

[ Ruby Riott ] ‘LIMITLESS.’ It means there’s no weight restriction…no gender restriction…no restrictions. Anyone…can challenge me.

Juventud beams, nodding his head to an inaudible rhythm. Ruby’s confused expression tells the entire story.

[ Ruby Riott ] I…I hope that answered your question? Never touch me again.

As she turns to leave, Juvi grabs her by the shoulder and smiles warmly as she turns, looking more pissed.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] See, that makes much more sense to me…chu’know something, Ruby Riott?

Ruby pinches the bridge of her nose as Juventud removes his sunglasses from his belt buckle, twirling them on his index finger.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] I want to be a champion…and chu’know what? SGW…is the land…of opportunities! I mean, get fuckin’ real, baby…if Val Venis can be a champion, so can THE FUCKIN’ JUICE, BABY!

Riott is doing her best to phase out of this conversation as Juvi continues twirling his shades.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] I mean, let’s just look at my resume, shall we?

Guerrera drags his bedazzled sunglasses down his abdominal muscles slowly, licking his lips at Riott as he does so before putting the glasses on again. The Barclays Center boo his sleazy display as RIott scoffs.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] …and my references are all…GLOWING, BABY! FROM SEX, BABY! And chu’know what?! I felt that nice firm little ass of yours and know you’d make a helluva reference yourself!


Enormous pop from the Barclays Center as Guerrera’s mouth drops open in shock. Riott points directly into his face.

[ Ruby Riott ] Look, I don’t back down from anyone! Man, woman, you name ‘em, I’ll fight ‘em. You may be a veteran and you may have been impressive in your time here, but if you want a shot at a title – ESPECIALLY my Limitless Championship – well, you’re gonna have to shut up and EARN IT!

Brooklyn is live, cheering each word Riott says as she picks up her things and walks away. Guerrera takes off his glasses, a stern expression on his face, before slowly, he begins to smile. He nods, watching Riott walk away.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Haha, alright, baby…that’s how you want it? The Juice likes it, baby…I LIKE IT, BABY!

Juvi puts his sunglasses back on as we fade away.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Vipress attacks Nia Jax before the bell, raining forearms down on her in the corner before Jax powers up and shoves Vipress off of her! Vipress flies halfway across the ring and ends up in a seated position with wide eyes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh ho ho! Big mistake, Vipress!

Nia Jax stomps toward Vipress and descends on her, grabbing two handfuls of hair! She pulls Vipress up off the mat and HAIR TOSSES HER ACROSS THE RING! The fans go wild as Vipress lands flat on her back and then tries to scramble backward on her hands! Vipress ends up in the corner stands up but Nia Jax is already on top of her! The fans are going wild as Vipress covers up and Nia Jax tees off on her with a series of rights and lefts! Rick Knox forces Nia Jax to break-up the assault and backs her out of the corner but Vipress reaches over Knox's shoulder and gouges Nia Jax in the eye with her nails!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a dirty girl that Vipress is! Using those manicured nails to her advantage!

[ Scott Steiner ] Use'em if ya' got'em, I say!

Nia Jax staggers back, covering her eyes! Vipress gets on her, pummeling her with forearms across the back before grabbing her hair and putting her down with a FACEBUSTER! Vipress goes for a quick pin! One! NIA JAX KICKS OUT! Vipress rolls back to her feet and posts up in the corner! She waits for Nia Jax to stand. Nia stands up, still favoring her eyes, and turns right around into... THE SPEAR OF DESTINY-- NO! NIA JAX CUTS HER OFF WITH A FACEBREAKER PUNCH! Vipress lands flat on her back, OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT A PUNCH!

[ Scott Steiner ] They ain't no way that bitch don't have a concussion!

However, before Nia Jax can capitalize on it, Zahra Schreiber appears out of nowhere and leaps onto the apron! Schreiber gets Nia Jax's attention... but Nia Jax spins out and NAILS ZAHRA WITH A FACEBREAKER PUNCH! Zahra crumbles and falls to the apron before tumbling to the floor! Nia Jax shakes her fist and then blows on her knuckles with a confident smile! The fans are going nuts... but Nia Jax turns right around into... THE 201 FACEBREAKER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That darn Gionna Daddio!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' had t' know she's been watching this match! After how Nia Jax disrespected her at Fallout, Gionna just had to retaliate! And where's Rick Knox!?

Vipress is on her knees, distracting Rick Knox by showing her face, where Nia Jax punched her! Gionna Daddio quickly rolls out of the ring and Vipress shoves Knox aside before scrambling across the ring and covering Jax! ONE! TWO! THREE!

VIPRESS via PINFALL in 05:02

Nia Jax kicks out with force but it's too late, the three count has already been registered! Nia powers back up to her feet and Zahra Schreiber immediately blasts her from behind, knocking her down to her knees! Vipress comes charging off the ropes and boots Nia Jax right in the side of the head!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's not bad enough that they blatantly cheated to win but now the numbers game is in full effect! They have to beat her down after the match, too?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's not just about winning, it's about respect! Or the lack thereof, which Gionna Daddio feels she has been shown by the Irresistible Force!

Gionna Daddio casually enters the ring as Zahra Schreiber and Vipress hold Nia up on her knees by each arm. Nia is seething, straining against her captors, trying to stand up but they've got her held firmly. Gionna is cackling as she stands in front of Nia Jax... and SLAPS HER IN THE FACE! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a slap! How disrespectful!

Gionna pulls back to slap Nia Jax again... but this time, Nia Jax freezes Gionna in place with a stone cold death stare. Gionna keeps her hand pulled back, clearly taken aback. Nia Jax begins trembling with rage... and brings her arms together, causing Zahra and Vipress to collide and fall flat on their backs!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Would ya' look at that!? The strength of Nia Jax!

Nia Jax stands back up and points at Gionna Daddio as the fans cry out "YOUUUU!" and Gionna throws a huge telegraphed punch which Nia Jax ducks... and then plants her with a SAMOAN DROP! Gionna quickly rolls out of the ring where she's collected by Zahra and Vipress! The fans are losing their minds as Nia Jax yells at them to get back in the ring! Gionna, Vipress, and Zahra escape up the ramp, clearly worse for wear after that encounter. Nia Jax remains in the center of the ring with her fists clenched, furious.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The rivalry between Nia Jax and this trifecta of treacherous women is far from over! Where does it go from here!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Honestly, I'm not sure anyone knows where this rivalry is going but Gionna Daddio has made it her personal mission to wipe out these so-called legacy competitors. She started with Charlotte Flair at WrestleBrawl 3 and now Nia Jax, feeling threatened, has come after her to shut 'er down... I'm not gonna lie t' you, Tony, I think Gionna Daddio might have bitten off more than she can chew with Nia Jax!


Inside the locker room, we find Cody Rhodes with a towel draped over his head with Brandi rubbing his back. Noticing the camera, Brandi’s eyes are flashing angrily as her lips narrow.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Jay White, GOD, you think you got the upper hand tonight? You think you guys made a statement?

She shakes her head.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Not even close. Men have come and gone before who have tried making my beloved a stepping stone to greatness. They have tried using my husband’s hard work and success as a rocket ship to the top of this company while looking to leave him where he stands.

A pause.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] The list is compiled of tag teams, multi-man matches, and hell, his own brother. You boys want to be next? Do you REALLY want to be next?

A chuckle escapes her lips. Cody yanks the towel off of his head and looks up.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] We are not a charity nor are we the star makers in SGW. We’re the reality check. Cody Rhodes has done more in six months in SGW than you have done your entire careers spanning multiple continents. You think costing Cody the Limitless Championship is some sort of big moment for you? Do you really think a man who has won one-third of the titles in SGW already gives a DAMN about some Limitless Championship?

Brandi sighs. This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, they’ve gone through this.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Jay White.. You foolish, ignorant son of a bitch.

Cody stands up and takes over, looking us right in the eyes.

[ Cody Rhodes ] People Who Hate Each Other Fighting.. Jay White, I’ll see you there.

Cody shoves his palm over the lens, blacking the screen out, more or less ending the interview without any fanfare. The scene fades.

The fans are cheering loudly.

We return to the ring where we see Bill Carr and Dan Barry, furious. Dan Barry has his SGW World Tag Team Championship hanging from one hand and a microphone in the other. Bill Carr has his half of the championship over his shoulder with a donut in his hand. He bites into it aggressively, chews it angrily, and swallows it with disdain.

"TEAM TRE-MEN-DOUS! *clap clap clap-clap-clap!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, it appears as though Team Tremendous has something to say!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I imagine they do, Tony. First, they were scheduled to defend their championships against The Best Friends in an impromptu match... and then they had to delivered to them, an even more impromptu box with a scaly surprise inside! With their title match now canceled, I'm sure they want answers!

Dan Barry thumps the top of the microphone a couple of times, making sure it's on before raising it and beginning to speak.

[ Dan Barry ] Okay, allow me to make somethin' perfectly clear... I, Dan Barry, like a good practical joke as much as the next guy! I like to laugh! I like to have fun! But what happed earlier tonight... well, let's just say--

Bill Carr takes the microphone out of Barry's hand and shouts.


Dan Barry snatches the microphone back, giving Bill a sideways glance.

[ Dan Barry ] Now, what my friend here is tryin' to say is... men such as ourselves in our chosen profession, you mess without our donuts... and you mess with our hearts, see?! And whoever it was that teased us with the notion of free donuts... and instead, played the time old snake in a box gag... well, you messed with our donuts... and you broke poor Bill Carr's heart!

Bill points at himself with his thumb, shouting "THAT'S RIGHT!"

[ Dan Barry ] So, whoever's responsible for this... this atrocity! Bring your butts out here and face the music because one way or another, justice WILL BE SERVED right here... in this very ring!

Dan Barry lowers the microphone and the fans begin buzzing with anticipation, wondering who is responsible for this crime against Team Tremendous. They wait for at least a solid minute with no answer. Bill Carr grabs a couple steel chairs from ringside and places them in the middle of the ring. Both members of Team Tremendous sit down. Dan raises the microphone once again.

[ Dan Barry ] Our match is canceled and we got nothin' better to do! We can wait out here all night long! And do you know why? Because justice never sleeps! And neither does Dan Barry or Bill Carr! But especially Dan Barry... because you wouldn't believe the horrors I've witnessed in this line of work. And also because of Bill's CPAP machine. But mostly because of the horror.

Bill pats Dan on the back. Suddenly, the fans begin booing loudly as a man in a suit walks out onto the stage with a mischievous grin on his face. On his arm is a Japanese woman in a black, pin-striped pants suit. The man is... mostly unrecognizable to SGW fans, as he is someone who has never stepped foot on SGW programming in the past. The man, clad in a navy blue three-piece suit, makes his way down to the ring with the woman on his arm. With a microphone in his hand, he climbs the steps. He sits on the middle rope, allowing her to step inside before following her in. Both of these strangers stare a hole through Team Tremendous, who just stare back with looks of confusion on their faces. Dan Barry looks at Bill and then back at them.

[ Dan Barry ] Okay, so... what's going on? Who are you two?

The man continues smiling confidently. The woman raises an eyebrow, not looking impressed. Finally, the man raises his microphone and begins to speak... with the hint of a German accent.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] For those of you who do not know me... my name is Christian... Michael... Jakobi... and I am not only the most successful sports agent in all of European professional wrestling... but I stand here as the harbinger of something more... something much, much bigger... and more important.

He gestures toward Team Tremendous, almost dismissively.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Important... something which you two would know nothing about. See? For a very long time, I have known of Solid Gold Wrestling and I have seen it pass hands from one billionaire to another... from one great pro-wrestling mind to another... and yet its fate is always the same.

The woman known as Giulia smirks.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] It... ends.

Jakobi's face becomes more serious as he furrows his brow. His voice sounds more menacing.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] It always ends.

He gestures all around him, toward nothing or no one in particular.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] What you see here before you, gentlemen... it has all happened before... and it will all happen again... it is the nature of this company and those who support it... it is time for a change.

Barry and Carr listen intently, visibly confused.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] It is time for someone to take the reigns of this company who has the best interests for this business at heart... not Jeff Jarrett or Arn Anderson, those dinosaurs who have failed so many times in the past... no! Someone else... someone who is a VISIONARY... someone who knows the meaning of ELITE...

There's humor in his voice. He almost chuckles as he speaks.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Someone who commands... a NETWORK OF MAYHEM who does what needs to be done... to ensure the prosperity and survival of this business once and for all. I am not some trumped up super villain with aspirations of destroying this company... We have no far fetched allegiance to celebrities like Tom Cruise or John Travolta and we will never bend the knee to the nefarious yet insultingly stupid... Dr. Cube.

Carr and Barry look at one another and back at Jakobi.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] But the first step to purifying Solid Gold Wrestling... is creating the survival of the fittest atmosphere that it deserves... by eliminating that which threatens to kill it from the inside... notably, jokes such as you two.

Carr and Barry look insulted. Carr gestures toward himself, "we're... jokes to you?"

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Alas, do not take it personal... it is not your fault. It is simply your nature. However, you were most unfortunate enough to stumble onto something that my associates and I want... those tag team championships... and that makes you a target.

There's a twinkle in his eye.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Hence the snake in your box of donuts.

The fans boo loudly as it dawns on Team Tremendous. Without another word, Bill Carr storms forward and shoves Giulia aside, grabbing Jakobi by his tie! The fans erupt in cheers as Bill Carr begins shouting "YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY TO MESS WITH A MAN'S FOOD, BOY!? I'LL SHOW YOU A JOKE! I'LL SHOW YOU A GOD DAM--"


The lights come back on and there's two more men in the ring! Bill Carr's eyes go wide and he turns around... only to have GIULIA KICK HIM IN THE BALLS FROM BEHIND! He doubles over and staggers forward into... TORPEDO MOSCOW! The fans erupt in boos as Ilja Dragunov rises back to his feet with wild eyes! Dan Barry sees the other man and charges at him but LOW KI meets him mid-way with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK that sends him ragdolling backward! Low Ki quickly ascends the turnbuckles and flies... WARRIOR'S WAY TO DAN BARRY! The fans are booing loudly as Low Ki and Ilja Dragunov each pick up one of the SGW World Tag Team Championships... they hold the titles over their heads and then drop them across the fallen bodies of Dan Barry and Bill Carr.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, what are we witnessing!? What is this!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think it's pretty clear what we're witnessing, Tony! This is V.E.N.O.M.! And talk about a statement! They've just left our world tag team champions lying in the center of the ring! We've been wondering what the subliminal messages meant since WrestleBrawl 3... and here they are!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And they want... survival of the fittest? Chaos? Mayhem?!

[ Scott Steiner ] It sounded like some o' that god damn Illuminati bullshit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We'll just have t' wait 'n see, gentlemen! There's no other way about it... but the message tonight was loud 'n clear! Team Tremendous has something they want and the team of Ilja Dragunov and Low Ki is coming straight for it!

The fans are booing loudly as Christian Michael Jakobi leads the trio of Low Ki, Ilja Dragunov, and Giulia to the back... V.E.N.O.M. is here and Solid Gold Wrestling will never be the same again!

We quickly go backstage where we see a silver platter with hundred dollar bills on it, stacked at least a foot high. Next to it, we see an extravagant spread of expensive, elaborate food options. Everything one could imagine. Without warning, a man in a suit grabs the platter of money, lifts it up, and throws it as hard as he can, causing hundred dollar bills to fly in every direction, floating toward the ground gracefully. Al Snow and the Blue Meanie charge in out of nowhere and begin scrambling to pick up as much of the money as they can. Completely ignoring them, we see the man who threw the platter... "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. He's red in the face, huffing and puffing. Angry.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Did you see that?!

He points at a monitor several feet away.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Those two goons just came out of nowhere and stole our thunder! We haven't even had our rematch yet and Team Tremendous is already moving on to new challengers!?

The camera pans over to reveal Los Ice Creams watching Dibiase melt down in silence.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Everyone's so concerned about The Best Friends and now this... this V.E.N.O.M. crap that they've forgotten about the real threat in the tag division...

Los Ice Creams look confused. El Hiji del Ice Cream scratches his head.

[ Ted Dibiase ] I'm talkin' about YOU TWO!


[ Ted Dibiase ] MORONS!

He throws his hands up. In the background, Snow and Meanie have pocketed almost all of the money. Snow quickly shuffles off-camera and Meanie stops to take a plate of caviar and gourmet crackers. Dibiase is oblivious to all of this.

[ Ted Dibiase ] I didn't spend all that money to turn you two into former tag team champions! It's time to get back in the game! Shayna will be working on finalizing the separation with our wayward China doll and that means you two need to start carrying your weight! We're getting back in the mix! There's a couple of boys... VON ERICH boys... that have just signed contracts....

Dibiase smirks.

[ Ted Dibiase ] I've put in a good word and now you two will be throwing their welcoming party! And what's a good party... WITHOUT SOME ICE CREAM! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

They look confused, still.


They stare at him blankly.

[ Ted Dibiase ] AND YOU'RE... YOU'RE... gonna... beat--

Dibiase shakes his head.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Look, we just need a win.

Los Ice Creams nod, seeming to understand. Satisfied as he can be, Dibiase turns to walk away with the camera following him. He looks up at the ceiling with disdain.

[ Ted Dibiase ] Lord, I could really use a couple of those good ol' fashioned Von Erich tragedies before the next show.


REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Senior Official Aubrey Edwards is doing her very best to keep Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho separated for the bell to ring, but loses control momentarily and the two begin throwing punches like crazy, connecting with whatever portion of flesh they can in an effort to take this match to the end as quickly as possible!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My God, they’re running wild!

Austin clotheslines Jericho over the top rope to a big pop! Sliding to the floor, Jericho recovers in time enough – to eat another clothesline over the guardrail into the crowd!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bedlam! Absolute bedlam!

Stone Cold hops the guardrail and storms into the crowd, laying waste to Jericho with heavy right hands! Jericho lifts his hands to create a measure of separation with Austin, but Stone Cold doesn’t give a single damn and smashes Jericho’s face into a happy patron’s lifted chair!

Jake Hager rushes into the crowd to meet Austin with a double axe handle, but Austin plants his boot in his gut and nails a Stone Cold Stunner right in the middle of the Barclays Center!

[ Tony Schiavone ] STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin is absolutely destroying Jericho and Hager!

Stone Cold stands up, taking Jericho by the hair and hurling him into the guardrail, sending him flipping over and onto the protective mats! After taking a moment to down three beers passed on by eager patrons, Austin joins Jericho, stomping a mudhole in his opponent before lifting him by the hair and tossing him with vigor into the ring post!


On a roll, Austin whirls Jericho into the ring, preparing to slide in with his opponent, but Hager holds onto his ankle, pulling him back from the ring and throwing a punch – but Stone Cold catches the blow and begins firing back!

Hager scrapes Austin by the eyes and Edwards has seen enough, yelling for Hager to cease this interference, lest Jericho be disqualified! Austin pays this advice no mind and brings a steel chair into the mix, bashing Hager in the back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Stone Cold needs to be careful or he’ll lose this contest!

Austin pays Nigel’s advice, which, admittedly, he cannot hear, no mind as well, sliding into the ring and swinging the chair for Jericho, who ducks it, pointing at his head to show off how smart he is!



Rather than make the cover, Austin takes the steel chair again and slams it down hard into Jericho’s back! And again! A third time!

Aubrey Edwards rolls her eyes and calls for the disqualification as a rabid, venomous Texas Rattlesnake smashes Jericho once more with the steel chair as Brooklyn roars out excitedly!




Stone Cold stops moving in center ring to watch as Arn Anderson makes his way onto the stage, flanked by none other than Adam Cole, Britt Baker, and Steve Corino. The Origin’s appearance draws a hefty boo from the Barclays Center, who are already fairly sick of the group’s antics. Arn lifts his hand slowly, trying to reason with Austin before slowly handing the microphone to former SGW World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole.

The crowd in the Barclays Center is a bit more receptive to Cole than Anderson, but a hearty undertow of boo leads Cole to glare around the arena before looking to the ring at Austin and smiling.

[ Adam Cole ] Wow. You know, this is probably a dream moment, isn’t it?

Stone Cold doesn’t know (or care) what Cole is going on about, holding his emotionless gaze towards the stage.

[ Adam Cole ] This is the day that Stone Cold Steve Austin can join the winning team! This is the day that Stone Cold Steve Austin can become one…with the Origin! You see, Stone Cold…Steve…Austin? Austin? Steve? Stone Col—Steve? Can I call you Steve?

Austin does not reply.

[ Adam Cole ] Steve, tonight, I plan to run through Jimmy Havoc’s pasty ass. I plan to kick his teeth out of his skull. I plan to have him suck my dick, Steve! And Steve, I’ll earn a spot in the main event of Supremacy in doing so. Steve – you know that means that I’ll then become a TWO-TIME SGW World Heavyweight Champion! Awesome, right?!

Austin does not reply.

[ Adam Cole ] Steve…listen. You’re…

Cole swallows and grimaces slightly before smiling to soften the blow he’s bringing.

[ Adam Cole ] …you’re old. You’re broken down, man! Steve, you’re…you’re not fit to be a champion in this day and age, man! But hey, just like…

Cole puts his arm around Steve Corino and beams. Corino smiles back at Cole.

[ Adam Cole ] Just like my good buddy STEVE CORINO here – you could be a great tool!

Corino’s face goes from glowing with pride to scrunched in confusion in seconds as Cole continues.

[ Adam Cole ] You could be a world-class second, man. You could be the man to give the tools to the next generation. You could be the kind of talent that a group…like the Origin…would love to have in our back pocket. Steve, you could be…relevant again.

Cole lowers the microphone, smiling cockily at Austin, who is berating Justin Roberts for his own and smacks the top of it, resonating an echoed thud across the Barclays Center.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] So because…Stone Cold is an old man now, according to…this long-haired pretty boy bastard up there…I gottalot to think about here, don’t I? Stone Cold’s got a big ass decision to make, don’t he?

Austin turns from the Origin to the crowd and asks:

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to accept his old age as some kinda disadvantage like a normal sun-na-va-BITCH, gimme a hell yeah!

[ Barclays Center Patrons ] HELL NO!

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] …well if ya’ want Stone Cold Steve Austin to accept this generous offer from the Origin and become a tool for the Origin, gimme a hell yeah!

[ Barclays Center Patrons ] HELL NO!

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] …if you think Stone Cold Steve Austin should walk his ass up that ramp there and shake Adam Cole’s little hand with his hand and join the Origin, then gimme a hell yeah!

[ Barclays Center Patrons ] HELL NO!

Stone Cold nods his head, adding up all the facts in his mind.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Well, listen here. I done thought about your generous offer long and hard. I heard what Anderson said about how if the Origin don’t like Randy Orton…and if Stone Cold Steve Austin don’t like Randy Orton…then this all fits! Then the answer is obvious.

Austin’s expression shifts quickly to white-hot fury!

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] OHHHHHHH HELLLLLLL NOOOOO!

The Barclays Center explodes as Cole’s eyes widen.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Because Stone Cold Steve Austin don’t need no damn help from nobody! NEVER HAVE! NEVER WILL! If you think Stone Cold Steve Austin needs some help from the damn Origin, gimme a hell yeah?!

[ Barclays Center Patrons ] HELL NO!

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] EH-EH! HELL NO, HE DOES NOT! So Arn Anderson! Steve Corino! Adam Cole! All y’all Origin suns-a-BITCHES – y’all listen ta’ Stone Cold! IF YOU WANT STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN TO CONTINUE KICKIN’ ASS ON HIS DAMN OWN WITHOUT NO DAMN HELP FROM NO ORIGIN, GIMME A HELL YEAH!

[ Barclays Center Patrons ] HELL YEA—OHHH!!!

From out of nowhere, Jericho re-emerges with a HUGE Judas Effect to Austin’s nose, shooting blood everywhere! Straddling Stone Cold, Jericho begins raining punches down onto Austin’s face as Cole and Corino run down the ramp to join him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No! No! Adam Cole, Steve Corino, Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, now Britt Baker and Arn Anderson! What in the hell is this! Stone Cold is being mugged!

From behind the curtain dashes Elias, storming down the ramp with fury as the Barclays Center explodes with joy! The Vagabond slides into the ring and lights up Adam Cole with a right hand before Steve Corino and Jake Hager surround him with heavy blows, finally succumbing to the gang warfare and slumping to the mat with Austin.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Valiant attempt from Elias, but now he’s down on the mat with Stone Cold Steve Austin!

[ Scott Steiner ] LIKE A BITCH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And the Origin…and Chris Jericho and Jake Hager are putting the boots to both of them!

After another moment of stomping Elias and Austin, the combined forces of the men in the ring cease their fire and stop, reflecting on what’s just happened. Slowly, Adam Cole extends his hand towards Chris Jericho and a chorus of boos rains down from the Barclays Center.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What?! What?! No!

Jericho smirks and accepts the handshake, each man cackling evilly as the boos amplify around them!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my God! No way! Could it be?

[ Scott Steiner ] May just be, George Harrison!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Has…has Chris Jericho already made a deal with the Origin?!

Before we can get any answers, we have a final tight shot of Cole and Jericho’s handshake as we fade to the back.

We head backstage where we see Charly Caruso standing by with Jinny. The fans boo loudly. Jinny has the SGW Women's World Championship resting on her shoulder. She acknowledges the strong negative reaction with a sly smirk.

[ Charly Caruso ] I'm standing by with the woman scheduled to defend her SGW Women's World Championship against Rhea Ripley in two weeks... Jinny! Jinny, what's your thought process as you head into People Who Hate Each Other Fighting against The Nightmare?

[ Jinny ] My thought process is simple, Charly... I feel disrespected.

Charly looks confused.

[ Jinny ] I feel disrespected because when I came to this company, I was promised that this championship... my championship would be on equal footing with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... and what's happened?

Jinny looks at Charly and raises an eyebrow.

[ Jinny ] I'm barely featured on the show. Why is that?

[ Charly Caruso ] I... um... I don't know--

[ Jinny ] And why would you, you bloated cow? It was a rhetorical question.

Charly bites her bottom lip and looks down.

[ Jinny ] Everyone is so concerned with this ridiculous beef between Christina Von Eerie and Rhea Ripley, and no one is talking about... JINNY... it's disgusting and I hate it. That mindset should join Kobe Bryant and Howard Finkel on the list of things that've died in 2020.

[ Charly Caruso ] Well, that's a little uncalled for--

[ Jinny ] Your hideous face is uncalled for, darling. Professional advice? You should find a plastic surgeon and pay them to do literally anything else but what you presently have. It's disgusting.

Charly hangs her head in shame.

[ Jinny ] Seriously.

Jinny's upper lip curls in disgust.

[ Jinny ] Every time I make eye contact with you, I must fight the urge to vomit.

Jinny adjusts the championship on her shoulder and addresses the camera without Charly's influence.

[ Jinny ] As I was saying, before I was so rudely imposed upon... it's despicable, the treatment I have received as champion. I sought to raise this championship above where it was previously held by Christina Von Eerie... to put it on a pedestal where it belonged, next to me.

She smiles confidently.

[ Jinny ] But everyone 'ere is so concerned with Rhea Ripley and Christina Von Eerie and the dozen or so nameless Japanese girls that are free to wander around and do as they wish without punishment... you've all lost sight of the bigga' picture.

She removes the title from her shoulder and looks down at it in her hands.

[ Jinny ] I... am... the bigga' picture, darlings.

Her eyes narrow.

[ Jinny ] At WrestleBrawl 3, I defeated Christina Von Eerie... in two weeks, I will defeat Rhea Ripley... and then I shall do what Solid Gold Wrestling should have done after Card Subject to Change, when this company found a real women's champion.

Her smirks transform into a sinister smile.

[ Jinny ] I shall move... on.

The fans are booing loudly. Jinny sees something off-camera that causes her smile to wither and die. She looks disgusted by what she sees. Scarlett Bordeaux walks into the shot, running her hands through her hair with a sultry look on her face. The live crowd begins hooting and hollering, whistling. Charly has exited stage left, nowhere to be seen.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] If you're looking for new challengers, look no further--

BAM! Rhea Ripley comes out of nowhere with a vicious forearm that sends Scarlett Bordeaux crashing to the floor! The fans cheer loudly at first but then begin booing as they realize they still don't like Rhea Ripley. Jinny grips the championship tightly in front of her, looking up at Ripley with gritted teeth. Ripley uses her hand to sling her hair back out of her eyes. Ripley glares down at Scarlett, who is holding her jaw.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Not today, ya' cheeky cunt.

Ripley points at Jinny.

[ Rhea Ripley ] You wanna stake ya' claim to a title shot? Earn ya' bloody spot 'n wait 'til I'm finished.

And then she points off-camera.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Until then... fuck off.

Scarlett quickly scrambles off-camera, leaving Ripley and Jinny to themselves. Ripley turns and locks eyes with Jinny. They glare at one another. Jinny notices Ripley's eyes on the championship. Jinny looks down at it herself and then places it back on her shoulder. Before either of them can say anything to the other, Christina Von Eerie walks into the shot to a huge pop. Jinny and Ripley both glare at her. The fans begin buzzing with anticipation.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] No matter who wins in two weeks...

Von Eerie looks up at Ripley.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I'm comin' for you.

The fans cheer.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] And when I'm done with you... when I've got my pound of flesh for what you did to me at WrestleBrawl...

She turns and looks at Jinny.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I'm comin' back for my belt.

Jinny huffs and storms off-camera with the championship. Von Eerie and Ripley stare each other down. This lasts for what feels like forever as the fans cheer, anticipating what these two will do to each other once they're in ring together for the first time since Mile High Madness... but then there's a loud shriek... and both women are mugged by JINNY AND THE HIGHERS! Jinny blasts Ripley in the back of the head with the championship as Aliyah and Vanessa Borne put the boots to Von Eerie on the floor! The fans are booing loudly as Jinny drops the title, snatches Ripley up by her wrist... and DRILLS HER WITH AN ACID RAINMAKER! The fans boo loudly as Jinny sits up and begins directing traffic.


Jinny stands and the Highers lift Von Eerie into a standing position. Jinny grips her championship and prepares to blast Von Eerie with it... but Jinny and the Highers quickly vacate the scene with the championship as Allie and Rosemary run in from off-camera, ready to fight! The fans are cheering loudly as Rosemary checks on Von Eerie. Allie tries to help Rhea Ripley to her feet but Ripley violently shoves her away, causing Rosemary to charge up on her, getting right in her face. The fans buzz with anticipation. Ripley and Rosemary  stare each other down until Ripley shakes her head.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Ya' not worth it.

Ripley turns and walks off-camera, favoring her neck. Rosemary and Allie approach Von Eerie but Von Eerie brushes them off.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I appreciate the assist but...

She turns to walk away.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I don't really do the friend thing anymore.

Von Eerie disappears, leaving Allie and Rosemary alone.

[ Allie ] Aww... she doesn't have any friends?

Rosemary rolls her eyes.

[ Rosemary ] Truly, this is the darkest timeline.


REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The match starts off with Juventud Guerrera and Nunzio in the ring against one another. The fans are into it, supporting a variety of the participants. We get some chain wrestling to start off and Juventud makes a statement with a shoulder block that sends Nunzio down. “YOU’RE NOT JUICY, BABY!” Nunzio is quick back to his feet and slaps Juventud across the jaws. With Juventud taken aback, Nunzio uppercuts him and hits a snap DDT for a quick two. Nunzio makes the quick tag to MJF and MJF refuses to tag in. The camera picks up MJF scoffing and proclaiming “No way am I stepping into the ring with.. THAT!” Nunzio is infuriated and begins belittling his partner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] MJF is seemingly refusing to get into the ring against Juventud Guerrera!

[ Scott Steiner ] Can you blame ‘em?! I wouldn’t have my freaks lace my fuckin’ boots for this match, let alone show up for it! The 7-1-8 man.. 7-1-8, the amount of times I’m gonna’ threaten to kill myself before this one is over.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scotty, is everything okay? Are you good?


With Nunzio unable to get MJF to tag in, he turns his attention back to Juventud and catches a spinning heel kick for his troubles. Juventud tags in Zicky Dice. Dice struts into the ring confidently and throws a handful of confetti into the face of Nunzio! “OUTLANDISH!!” Nunzio looks to the crowd with a confused look and punche Zicky right in the face and tags TK Cooper!

HERE’S MATT RIDDLE! Riddle yanks Nunzio off the apron and slings him over the guard rail, following right behind him trading blows with the man who made his tag team partner and friend mysteriously disappear two weeks ago!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Matt Riddle is here and he’s seemingly lookin’ for revenge for his partna’, Paul London!

As the two men fight through the crowd, the attention turns back to the ring. Cooper has Dice in a side headlock, wrenching down tightly on it. The fans start clapping, urging Zicky to break the hold. Zicky backs into the ropes and whips Cooper forward to the opposite site of the ring and back, big knee to the gut! Cooper is down. Dice tags in ZSJ and here’s Sabre. ZSJ wastes no time, kicking Cooper stiffly in the chest and going for an armbar until Cooper crawls out of the ring. Outside, he begins frantically making out with Dahlia Black, drawing a huge chorus of boos from the fans. David Starr dives from the apron, landing hard on both of them! Starr springs up and rolls Cooper back into the ring. Cooper ducks a clothesline attempt from Dice and dives to the corner, making the tag to MJF. MJF shakes his head, AGAIN refusing to get into the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, what is MJF’s problem tonight?

ZSJ grabs the top rope and pulls it towards him quickly, springing MJF into the ring! Penalty Kick! He tags Dice, drop kick! Dice tags Starr, rolling elbow! Starr makes a tag to Juventud. 450 SPLASH OFF THE TOP! One, two, kick out! MJF tags Punk in. Now inside the ring, Punk tries offering Juvi a handshake. Juventud considers it but refuses, then takes a sidekick to the head for his troubles. Punk picks him up - GO 2 SLEEP! Punk’s pin attempt is broken up by David Starr. Punk pie faces Starr back but gets clotheslined over the top rope for his troubles! Heyman checks on Punk and points to the back.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wait a second! Is Paul Heyman tellin’ CM Punk to LEAVE the match?

[ Scott Steiner ] Smartest piece a’ advice he’s ever given anybody!

Punk, Heyman, and AJ Lee leave the ringside area, choosing to fight another day, and now it’s four-on-two! The wheels are quickly falling off of Team Nunzio! With no one to be the legal man, MJF steps into the ring and shoves a middle finger in Juventud’s face. MJF then turns to TK Cooper and gives him one as well, screaming, “BEING ON YOUR TEAM ISN’T WORTH MY TIME! NONE OF YOU LOSERS ARE WORTH ME BEING OUT HERE! I’M.. OUT!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MJF has abandoned his team as well! Not wanting to be on a sinkin’ ship!

[ Scott Steiner ] There ain’t gonna’ be a goddamn winner in this piece o’ shit match!

TK Cooper gets drug into the ring by Juventud and gets body slammed down hard. Juventud tags in David Starr. Cooper drags himself to the corner and sees that there’s no one left on his team to help him out. Dahlia gets on the apron as Cooper pulls himself up. The two embrace, sloppily making out again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This show is not PG! C’mon!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, I don’t know how mucha’ SGW you’ve seen since November, but there’s been a whole HELL of a lot worse happen than two consenting adults sharing a kiss!


Starr lets the young couple continue kissing for a while until chants of “BOR-ING! BOR-ING!” break out. Undeterred, TK Cooper continues what he does best until David Starr grabs Cooper from behind, PRODUCT PLACEMENT! One, two, three!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well Scott, it’s hard to have a quality match when seventy-five percent of one time either quits or gets ran off by an enraged pot head!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But a nice win nonetheless for Zicky Dice, David Starr, Juventud Guerrera, and Zack Sabre Jr.!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHOLE THING SUCKED!

Juventud, ZSJ, and Dice shake hands and congratulate one another on the win. Starr, who made the pin, tries celebrating with his teammates, only to be shunned in the process.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] David Starr gets the win for his team and gets no love in the process!

[ Tony Schiavone ] David’s controversial opinions and ideals about the unionization of professional wrestling and corporate greed of promoters are certainly lightning rods for headlines. For such a talented superstar, his views may overshadow his ability.

Starr shrugs off the lack of gratitude from his teammates as the scene fades to black.

Backstage, the fight between Matt Riddle and Nunzio escalates. Nunzio is doing everything he can to create some separation between himself and Riddle, although his efforts are proven unsuccessful time and time again.

[ Matt Riddle ] WHERE’S LONDON, BRO?!

Nunzio turns over two production storage crates to slow Riddle down, but Riddle hops right over them, his slides flying off of his feet in the process.


Nunzio allows Riddle to catch up with him. As Riddle inches nearer, Nunzio turns around and blasts Riddle with a fire extinguisher! Nunzio uses the opportunity to level Riddle with a stiff right hand and wrap him up in a headlock. Riddle uses his momentum and rams Nunzio up against a nearby wall to break the headlock, but Nunzio clinches tighter while slamming his free forearm against Riddle’s wide back.

[ Nunzio ] And if ya’ don’t leave well enough alone, you’re gonna’ find ya’self right wit’ em!

Riddle blasts Nunzio against the wall again, breaking the hold. Riddle swings wildly and connects with Nunzio’s jaw. Before he can swing again, road agents finally hit the scene and break this scuffle up. With Riddle being dragged away from Nunzio, he gives some departing words.

[ Matt Riddle ] I WANT MY BRO BACK, BRO!


The area is cleared up and all parties are separated and removed, but this one is definitely far from over as Matt Riddle is seeking revenge for his missing partner, Paul London. Only Nunzio knows what happened to the Intrepid Traveler and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to talk. This one is far from over!

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Venis and Rock stand face-to-face in the middle of the ring with the fans wildly cheering around them.The Rock broods with intensity as Venis looks focused, his first title defense in SGW in over a decade. Rock strikes first with a right hand and Venis responds immediately with one of his own. Rock looks infuriated and shoves Venis. “THE ROCK WANTS TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Did.. The Rock just get mad at Val Venis for returning fire?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know as well as I do, Tony, that The Rock does what he wants!

Venis slaps Rock across the face and Rock bumps and rolls over himself like he was hit by a truck!


[ Tony Schiavone ] I think The Rock was overreacting there, Scott.


The Rock motions for Venis to just bring it which Venis complies. A running clothesline sends Rock down and Venis quickly covers but only gets a one count. After a few stomps, Venis pulls Rock up and whips him into the ropes, Rock bounces off and levels Venis with a shoulder block. Venis is up and runs the ropes and collides into Rock, not even budging the challenger! Venis tries it again with the same result!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Rock might not be all there right now but he’s still one of the strongest men in the company!

The Rock slaps his bolder-like chest and pushes Venis back, allowing Val to bounce off the ropes and attempt a cross body but the Rock catches him. A quick toss to his shoulders and the Rock levels the champion with a Samoan Drop! The Rock nips up and dusts his shoulders off.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We know how much this match means to the Rock! He’s been literally demandin’ a shot at the champ since the moment he arrived!

With The Rock’s back turned to Venis, it gives the champion time to recover. The Rock finds the cameraman filming the match and looks down to eye-level with the camera. “WHERE’S JEFF?! JEFF, I WANT MY TITLE MATCH, JEFF!” With the Rock distracting his own self, he’s caught off guard when Venis picks him up, ATOMIC DROP! Before The Rock can react, Venis picks him back up, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! One, two, kick out! Back up, Rock swings and connects with Venis on a desperation punch. And hits another. The Rock spits in his hand and goes for a third, but Venis ducks, another Blue Thunder Bomb! Venis wastes no time and goes up top.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Vintage Val Venis!

MONEY SHOT! The big splash crushes the Rock against the ring mat and it’s academic from here. One, two, three! Val Venis has retained the SGW Championship!

W I N N E R  &  S T I L L  C H A M P I O N
VAL VENIS via PINFALL in 09:41

[ Tony Schiavone ] Val Venis is still your SGW Champion after an impressive defense against a determined foe! The Rock brings it each and every show, but tonight, he was simply out-classed by the Hall of Famer!

Venis is handed his championship by Paul Turner and has his arm raised in the air. The fans roar in approval as Venis thanks them for the support while waiting on The Rock to get to his feet. Paul Turner offers assistance to the Rock but is brushed off. Upon getting to his feet, The Rock is offered a handshake from Venis but blows him off. “THE ROCK SAYS SOCIAL DISTANCE!” The Rock rolls out of the ring, leaving it wide open for Venis to celebrate with the fans as the scene cuts to the backstage area. Val Venis promised to be a fighting champion and he proved himself as a worthy, fighting champion thus far.

We quickly cut backstage, where we have a from-behind view of two people leaving the arena in quite a huff.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we are being told this is CM Punk with his wife, AJ Lee, leaving the arena and we’ve got Charly Caruso en route to get the scoop on the goings-on. Charly? Charly, can you hear us?

[ Charly Caruso ] <off-screen> Punk! Punk?!

The Second City Saint stops, turning inward towards Charly and the approaching camera with a grim expression on his face. AJ is only marginally more pleasant in terms of expression. Neither Punk nor Caruso speaks before the interviewer gets the hint and carries on.

[ Charly Caruso ] Punk, it’s…evident…that you’re unhappy in Solid Gold Wrestling.

Punk scoffs and holds up a hand to cut Charly off. He knocks the charcoal hood off his Cubs hat and looks her deep in the eyes.

[ CM Punk ] ‘Unhappy?!’ Charly, come on, if that’s the best you’ve got, then this simply won’t do. I’m a lot more than ‘unhappy,’ Charly. I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m fed up with how I’m treated in Solid Gold Wrestling – like some prelim guy! I get shoved into multi-man garbage heaps and stupid tag-team schmoz matches where the damn teams don’t even make any sense!

Caruso doesn’t respond, only slightly nodding to encourage Punk to continue. AJ Lee puts her hand on his back, trying to reign him in but sadly aware that this is the path they’re going down now.

[ CM Punk ] Your employer and mine, Charly, Solid Gold Wrestling, sure has a hell of a way to make guys feel unwelcome, don’t they? Don’t they know who I am? Don’t they know that I’m the Best in the World?

The Barclays Center pops for that one and Punk just scrunches his face to say, ‘come on, can’t you hear it?!’

[ CM Punk ] So here’s the long and short of it, Charly – if I’m not welcome here, if the Best in the World isn’t welcome in SGW, maybe it’s time to take my ball and go home.

Charly doesn’t say anything, only standing with a sad expression as Punk pats her on the shoulder, turning to leave.

[ CM Punk ] Have a good night, Charly.

[ ??? ] Well, well, look who it is, gentlemen!

Punk turns in the opposite direction to see Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Wardlow, and Richard Holliday approaching the scene. MJF is leading the pack and Punk passes the handle to his rolling bag to his wife as the trio approaches.

[ MJF ] It’s MMA Phil! Oh, wait, no…no…

MJF puts a finger to his mouth, ‘thinking.’

[ MJF ] DC Brooks? No, no, he wrote for the other nerd conglomerate, didn’t he?

[ Richard Holliday ] Failed at that, too! Bad investment on their part.

[ MJF ] Truly. Truly. And now…failing again, only this time it’s at the one thing he lied to himself and to thousands of people about still having half a fragment of talent in – professional wrestling. Gee, Punker, didn’t think you’d forget the rules so quickly, huh?! You can’t just walk out of a match and win! Guess those blows to the head in the UFC really did give you some concussions, huh.

Punk deadpans the entire assault and looks from one member of the Dynasty to the next before fixating on MJF.

[ CM Punk ] Remind me – didn’t you walk out on the same match I did?

MJF sneers at the notion.

[ MJF ] No, no, no, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong, old-timer. See, you walked out because you’re a washed-up, dried-out, sad-sack former revolutionary just begging for a megaphone so you could have one thing to your name. Me? I walked out because I wasn’t going to waste my precious time goin’ down swingin’ with the likes of TK fuckin’ Cooper!

[ Richard Holliday ] Who even IS that?!

[ MJF ] Beats the hell out of me, Rich. See, Punk – that’s the difference between me and you. I leave because it’s apparent I’m above the scene I was in…I was…more. You left…because you’re a little crybaby bitch.

Brooklyn is all over MJF and begging Punk to lay into him, but Punk’s still got the same deadpan expression.

[ CM Punk ] …cool promo. Good lines. You’ve been practicing.

MJF is incredulous, not sure he believes that Punk could be so passive.

[ CM Punk ] We’ll see you later.

Punk turns to leave, but Wardlow’s massive frame is blocking his path. AJ quietly begins to go around Friedman’s bodyguard, but Punk just looks at his shoes, shaking his head for a second before looking back up.

[ CM Punk ] …really?

And the Punker fires a big right hand, clocking Wardlow and actually staggering him before Holliday and Friedman are on him from behind, absolutely devouring him with heavy stomps! Wardlow soon joins in, pounding away at Punk as AJ screams for them to leave. Finally, MJF snaps his fingers and the beating ceases. AJ immediately rushes to Punk’s side, and MJF stops, looking AJ in the face, studying it for a moment.


Friedman’s face lights up and his mouth drops open with a burst of information to the brain.

[ MJF ] Oh! Oh, that’s it! You…

AJ’s eyes grow wide.

[ MJF ] That’s how I know you! You look just like this nerdy little emo chick I knew in high school! Ha! Yeah, that’s it!

MJF smiles broadly.

[ MJF ] She played real tough. Real badass, Rosie-the-Riveter-type shit, y’know? But as soon as I offered…she sucked my dick like it was the only thing giving her oxygen on an alien planet! – or some sci-fi bullshit like that. Yeah. You look just like her!

AJ’s face scrunches in fury as MJF’s scrunches, reacting to something cringy in his mind, before straightening out as he holds his hands open.

[ MJF ] …except you’re clearly old as hell and busted all to shit. Must be all the dick you’ve taken trying to make it to the top. <sigh>

AJ’s mouth is twitching, but Friedman’s already turned to walk away, cackling with his goons as they do. Charly Caruso runs up to console AJ, informing her that help is coming as we fade away.

The Rock comes walking through the hall heading to the locker room area after coming up just short against Val Venis. Shawn Michaels catches him and stops him dead in his tracks.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Hey brother, have you thought any more about my offer?

The Rock cocks his eyebrow, suspiciously looking at Shawn Michaels.


[ Shawn Michaels ] No.

Michaels isn’t even going to put up with it today.

[ Shawn Michaels ] We’re not going through all of this again. You got tied up in a world that you didn’t belong in. I want to help.

The genuine tone in Michaels’ voice would be a welcoming thing to almost anyone. Unfortunately, The Rock isn’t almost anyone.

[ Shawn Michaels ] You’re a good guy, Dwayne.

[ The Rock ] WHO’S DWAYNE?!

[ Shawn Michaels ] It's literally your name! It's on movie posters all over the world!

Dave Batista enters the scene and throws his arms in the air.

[ Dave Batista ] Rock, there you are. We’ve been looking all over for you.

He then wraps his arm over The Rock’s shoulders and looks over at Michaels.

[ Dave Batista ] Is this little old man bothering you?

[ Shawn Michaels ] …”Old man?”

[ Dave Batista ] Look at how little he is compared to us, Rock. Are you going to let someone like him try to sway you like that?


[ Dave Batista ] Well, Shock isn't a pay-per-view..

He realizes it's not worth the fight.

[ Dave Batista ] On second thought..

[ Shawn Michaels ] Did he just challenge me?

Batista turns his back on Michaels, completely ignoring him, and begins gently dragging the Rock from the scene, guiding him back from where he came from a moment ago.

[ Dave Batista ] C’mon. We have a tux fitting to get to. Big Tom needs us to look our best and we can’t do that wasting our time with fossils like Shawn Michaels.


The Rock tilts his head back, eyes closed, smelling the surroundings. He lowers his head and matter-of-factly follows up.


Batista rolls his eyes.

[ Dave Batista ] I could give a damn what you wear, buddy.

Batista then continues guiding the Rock away from HBK.

[ Dave Batista ] But let’s get you into a suit first.

Finally, Batista and the Rock disappear, leaving Michaels by himself, shaking his head.

[ Shawn Michaels ] What in the world have I found myself in the middle of?


REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Bayley and Dakota Kai begin the match. They circle the ring and lock-up, jockeying for position. Bayley takes control with a headlock but Dakota backs her into the ropes and shoots her off! Bayley comes running back with a clothesline and Dakota ducks it! Dakota catches Bayley on the turnaround with a Scorpion Kick and Bayley falls onto her back and rolls out of the ring where Sasha is waiting on her, embracing her and caressing her face. Bayley points up into the ring, mouthing off "she kicked me in the face!" while Sasha pets her head and keeps repeating "It's okay! It's okay! You're still prettier than her! You're SO much prettier than her--" UNTIL TEGAN NOX WIPES THEM BOTH OUT WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's breaking down in Brooklyn, folks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The members of Team Kick are not taking the Boss 'n Hug Connection lightly! They intend to keep their championship tonight!

Tegan Nox picks Bayley up by two handfuls of hair and throws her under the bottom rope where Dakota Kai is waiting! As soon as Bayley stands, Dakota begins throwing left and right kicks into Bayley's ribs before taking her head off with a SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Bayley is out on her feet and tumbles over sideways like a falling tree! Dakota falls on top of her! ONE! TWO! BAYLEY KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was almost it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One can not deny the power of Dakota Kai's educated feet!

Tegan goes to pick Sasha up as well but Sasha grips Tegan's tights and pulls her forward into the guardrail! Tegan goes chest first and manages to turn with her back to the rail. Sasha begins pounding away at Tegan's chest with forearm blows before Tegan falls into a seated position! Sasha begins stomping away at Tegan and then chokes her with her boot... before turning around into a SUICIDE DIVE from Dakota Kai! The impact sends both women crashing into the rail and Dakota is up first, pumping her fist and screaming "COME ONNNNNN!" to a huge pop!

[ Scott Steiner ] These broads are throwin' everything at the fuckin' wall, seein' what sticks!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai know that Sasha Banks and Bayley are world class competitors! This isn't just some routine defense! This is the type of defense that can define your entire title reign, if not your career!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And let's not forget that Sasha Banks and Bayley earned this title shot by defeating Dr. Cube's Big Kaijus at Fallout! Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima are no pushovers! We just saw Hikaru Shida defeat a man with a three hundred pound advantage earlier tonight!

Dakota turns around right into a running SENTON from Bayley off the apron! All four women are on the floor! Bayley is up first and she pulls Dakota up with hands on either side of her head. She whips Dakota Kai into the ring steps! Bayley begins checking on Sasha, getting her back to a standing position! They both pull Tegan Nox up to her feet and lift her up in a suplex position... before dropping her stomach first across the guardrail! With Tegan see-sawing on the rail, Sasha Banks hauls off and boots her right in the side of the head! Bayley climbs onto the apron and drops a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE across Tegan's back, causing her to tumble back into the ringside area! Bayley and Sasha both turn around into a double clothesline from Dakota Kai! Dakota pulls Bayley back to her feet and throws her under the bottom rope. She follows Bayley in and sizes her up as Bayley gets up to one knee. Dakota charges at her... KAI-ROPRACTOR! NO! BAYLEY SITS OUT AND DROPS DAKOTA RIGHT ON HER HEAD! The fans gasp and Rick Knox immediately kneels down next to her to make sure she's okay! Bayley gets up and looks concerned as it looks like Dakota isn't moving at all.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, I... I'm at a loss for words right now. It looks like Dakota Kai has suffered some kind of injury, possibly to her neck or head. Rick Knox is checking on her as we speak and--

Bayley suddenly pushes Rick Knox aside and covers Dakota, hooking her leg! Rick Knox looks like he hates himself for doing it but he counts! ONE! TWO! THR-- TEGAN NOX BREAKS THE PIN! The fans pop huge as Tegan rips Bayley off of Dakota and begins throwing wild punches and forearms at her head and chest! Bayley and Tegan brawl into the corner until Sasha Banks hits the ring and mugs Tegan from behind! Bayley and Sasha double team her, beating her down relentlessly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here comes the EMTs and trainers, along with Trish Stratus. Dakota Kai has been moved to the apron where she's being seen to. This is certainly not ideal, gentlemen. Perhaps the match should be halted.

Sasha and Bayley kick away at Tegan in the corner until Rick Knox finally regains control, shouting at Sasha to get back on the apron. She finally does and Bayley tags her right back in. Sasha and Bayley burn up the mandatory five count once again, putting the boots to Tegan before pulling her out of the corner and whipping her into the ropes... for a double dropkick! Bayley rolls out onto the apron and Sasha goes to work, dominating Tegan with a series of forearms and kicks before breaking out the THREE AMIGOS! The fans boo loudly as Sasha plants the Third Amigo like a brainbuster and goes up top for the FROG SPLASH! TEGAN GETS HER KNEES UP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There ya' go, Tegan! Don't give up!

Tegan slowly gets back to her feet. Sasha is up to one knee, favoring her mid-section. Tegan hits the ropes... SHINIEST WIZARD! Sasha is down! Tegan falls on top of her and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THR-- BAYLEY KICKS TEGAN IN THE FACE! Bayley pulls Tegan up by her hair and Tegan throws a big right hand but Bayley ducks it and catches Tegan... BAYLEY TO BELLY! The fans boo loudly as Bayley pulls Sasha on top of Tegan and rolls out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not like this!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's two on one, dammit! It couldn't go no other way!

Rick Knox counts! ONE! TWO! THRE-- HANA KIMURA PULLED SASHA OUT OF THE RING! The fans pop huge! Hana Kimura has come to the rescue for her friends! Sasha delivers a devastating open hand slap to Kimura's face, almost knocking her down! Sasha slides back into the ring just as Tegan is staggering back to her feet! Sasha nails a LUNGBLOWER and floats Tegan over into the BANK STATEMENT! Tegan is reaching for the ropes but she's too far away! She reaches and reaches but there's no way she can make it! She's dead in the center! Hana Kimura is screaming in Japanese at ringside! Bayley is leaned over the ropes in her corner, shouting "TAP! TAP! TAP!" over and over!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's it! There's nowhere t' bloody go!

Tegan raises her arm as though she's going to tap out... AND DAKOTA KAI BREAKS THE HOLD! The fans pop huge! Dakota gets up, heavily favoring her neck! Bayley charges into the ring and Dakota nails her with a PUMP KICK right to the chest! Bayley falls through the ropes to the floor! Dakota drags Tegan to their corner with one arm, the other cradling her neck. Dakota climbs onto the apron and tags herself in! Dakota charges in and Sasha goes for a clothesline but Dakota ducks it... SCORPION KICK! Sasha goes down! Dakota backs up into a corner and sizes Sasha up, waiting on her to stand! Sasha slowly begins to get up... but there's a commotion at ringside as Shayna Baszler has attacked Hana Kimura from behind! Shayna and Hana are brawling and Shayna ducks a punch, catching Hana in a KIRIFUDA CLUTCH on the turnaround! Dakota Kai springs into action, leaping onto the apron and charging... BOOTING SHAYNA BASZLER RIGHT IN THE FACE TO BREAK THE HOLD! Baszler goes down and Hana is free... but Bayley charges and CLOTHESLINES DAKOTA'S FEET OUT FROM UNDER HER! Dakota falls face first onto the apron, the hardest part of the ring! Bayley shoves Dakota under the bottom rope, back into the ring, and Sasha Banks immediately locks in THE BANK STATEMENT! Tegan Nox dives through the ropes to break it up but Bayley is already there to meet her halfway, stopping her in her tracks! Dakota Kai's neck is too weakened and she can't fight it off! SHE IMMEDIATELY TAPS OUT!

W I N N E R S  &  N E W  C H A M P I O N S

Sasha and Bayley embrace in a big hug, tears flowing from each of them as Tegan and a member of the medic staff hovers over Dakota, checking on her and eventually helping her up to her feet to a thunderous applause from the fans in attendance. Sasha secures a microphone and looks over at the former champions.

[ Sasha Banks ] Tegan, Dakota, I only have one thing to say..

Sasha pauses, milking her delivery as they look on. Bayley tosses her Twinstar title over her shoulder and audibly yells “GET OUT OF OUR RING, SHEEP!”

[ Sasha Banks ] Don’t listen to Bayley.

Bayley looks taken aback as Sasha shakes her head.

[ Sasha Banks ] It’s not OUR ring.. It’s MY ring. This is an environment of winning.

Sasha points to the entrance ramp.

[ Sasha Banks ] And you two should get the hell out of here.

Boos fill the arena and Tegan shakes her head in disbelief and very carefully helps Dakota out of the ring as she still clutches her neck. Bayley raises the title in the air and displays it to all four corners of the ring. Sasha wipes crocodile tears from her eyes and exhales, composing herself. Being a Legit Boss is a 24/7 job.

[ Sasha Banks ] For my first act as Twinstar Champion is demanding someone come down here and interview myself and Bayley so that I can address my stans.

The boos multiply, almost drowning out everything in sight as Sasha and Bayley look to the entrance ramp, waiting for someone to come out. After an awkward silence of a minute or so, Charly Caruso reluctantly comes walking down the ramp and into the ring. Unimpressed, Sasha rolls her eyes. Bayley takes the microphone from Sasha and tries bullying Charly.

[ Bayley ] Way to take for-freaking-ever, sheep! My gal, Sasha, wants to speak to the millions of people cheering us on and she can’t do that without someone to interview her! DUH!

Even though Sasha was just literally addressing the fans on a microphone, Charly composes herself and lifts her microphone up and begins speaking.

[ Charly Caruso ] Sasha, Bayley, congratulations on becoming the new SGW Twinstar Champions. What do you have to say to your fans during such a big moment?!

Sasha collapses to the ground and rests her head on the faceplate of her championship. She’s crying so hard she begins convulsing. Bayley reaches down and rubs her back while giving her encouraging words. Charly looks around and shrugs, having no idea what's going on. Sasha finally gets back to her feet and holds her title carefully as if it were a newborn.

[ Sasha Banks ] Charly, can you repeat the question?

[ Charly Caruso ] Your fans, what do you have to say to them?

A switch is flipped and Sasha raises her title in the air and proclaims loudly.

[ Sasha Banks ] I DID IT!

The “Sky’s the Limit” remix hits and Sasha side-steps Charly and exits the ring with Bayley yelling and screaming behind her, “WE’RE THE CHAMPS! WE’RE THE BEST!” The two stop at the top of the ramp and raise their titles in the air once again as Charly remains in the ring, having no idea what just happened or why her time was wasted for something as simplistic as that. We take a final shot of the new Twinstar Champions as the scene fades from ringside.

The fans are still booing loudly.

We quickly go backstage where we see Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox walking into the dressing room area. Dakota immediately falls to one knee and cradles her neck, openly sobbing in pain and disappointment over what just happened. Tegan Nox kneels down next to her and places her arm around her shoulder. One of the trainers rushes over with an ice pack and Tegan takes it from him, applying it to the back of Dakota's neck. Hana Kimura follows closely behind, a genuine look of concern on the face.

[ Tegan Nox ] It's okay... we can rebound from this--

Tegan cuts herself off once she sees Kimura has entered the room.

[ Tegan Nox ] ...we're gonna get'em back, 'Kota.

Dakota slams her fist against the wall, gritting her teeth angrily with tears in her eyes. Kimura kneels down next to them and places her hand on her own chest, forcing out the words in English as best she can.

[ Hana Kimura ] I... am so... sorry.

Dakota's eyes narrow and she snatches the ice pack out of Tegan's hand.

[ Dakota Kai ] Not now, Hana.

Dakota stands and stomps off-camera, leaving Tegan and Kimura alone. Hana wrings her hands together anxiously. Tegan sighs and places her hand on Hana's shoulder.

[ Tegan Nox ] Look... we'll... we'll give you a call, okay?

Hana gently nods and Tegan walks off-camera, following Dakota. The camera focuses on Hana Kimura as she watches them walk away. Kimura stands by herself for a moment until Io Shirai walks into the shot. Io stops in front of Hana and allows her gaze to follow the direction that Team Kick left in. Hana and Shirai lock eyes and the fans begin buzzing with anticipation, wondering if something is about to go down. Hana folds her arms across her chest, looking annoyed. She snaps off in Japanese.

[ Hana Kimura ] < What?! What do you want?! >

Shirai shrugs and cracks a confident smile.

[ Io Shirai ] < Nothing. >

Shirai walks off-camera, leaving Kimura standing there... confused.

We fade up in another area backstage where we see David Starr, still in his wrestling gear, conversing with Chavo Guerrero, Jr. The fans offer up a strong mixed reaction upon seeing them. The camera slowly zooms in, capturing elements of their conversation.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It doesn't matter how that match broke down by the end, esse, there's nobody that can deny what an impressive debut that was for you!

Starr smiles and shakes Chavo's hand.

[ David Starr ] Thank you, again.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It's no problem. I got a little heat from Trish for pushing the match through, but I can handle it. Only thing is, you know she complained to the rest of the Committee... so this might be your last booking, for a few shows, at least.

Starr grips Chavo's hand more tightly, still smiling.

[ David Starr ] On the contrary, I think my performance tonight should open up some doors to more opportunities--

Trish Stratus walks in from off-camera with Christian trailing behind her, scrolling through Instagram on his cellphone. Stratus looks at Chavo and Starr, clearly not happy that this is happening again.

[ Trish Stratus ] Is that what you think, David? That your big win is going to earn a spot for you on the roster? What part of "YOU DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT" do you not understand? We're not an independent company.

She looks over her shoulder at Christian, who is obviously not paying attention.

[ Trish Stratus ] See, Christian, this is what I'm talking about.

Christian lowers the phone.

[ Christian ] Wait, what were we talking about?

[ Trish Stratus ] Seriously? Look... I'm all for SGW showcasing the best talent in the world. It's what we do... but Chavo is giving away television time to David Starr and taking focus away from our contracted talent. David Starr is being featured and yet we're paying Triple H and the Mighty Don't Kneel their full salary to sit at home.

[ Christian ] We have a Triple H?

She pinches the bridge of her nose, frustrated.

[ Trish Stratus ] Why... did you word it... like that-- Yes, Triple H is employed. So are dozens, dozens of others who are dying to be on television and they're not, yet this guy is!

[ Christian ] Then offer him a contract?

[ Trish Stratus ] He doesn't want one!

[ Christian ] Then... don't?

[ Trish Stratus ] We're not.

[ Christian ] What's the problem, then?

[ Trish Stratus ] He needs to leave.

David Starr steps up, offering his hand to Christian. They shake.

[ David Starr ] David Starr, nice to meet you. I'd just like to say, before we make any questionable decisions regarding my future with Solid Gold Wrestling... no, I'm not under contract but I did just pin one of your contracted talents on live television--

[ Trish Stratus ] You pinned TK Cooper.

[ David Starr ] He is a contracted talent, is he not?

[ Christian ] I've literally never heard that name before in my life.

[ David Starr ] What I'm saying is, how does that make Solid Gold Wrestling look if some... guy from off the street walks into your live event and defeats one of your contracted talents... and then just disappears?

Starr shrugs.

[ David Starr ] I mean, I come out of it okay, I guess. I can add "undefeated in SGW" to my résumé. SGW on the other hand... well, I suppose it just makes all of you look a little bit... amateur. Is that the word I'm looking for? Definitely disorganized. Unprofessional, maybe.

[ Trish Stratus ] It's not that big of a deal. You pinned TK Cooper.

[ Christian ] The guy does have a point.

[ Trish Stratus ] Wait, what.

[ Christian ] I mean, think about it, Trish. This guy beats one of our top guys--

[ Trish Stratus ] It was TK Cooper.

[ Christian ] Then he gets to go work everywhere else and brag about all the egg he put on SGW's face? Don't you remember 2006? This is why we stacked the deck against all those outsiders trying to unify our world title with theirs. We had to make sure OUR guy ended up with the belt because we couldn't trust one of the Carlitos from APW not to run back to APW and throw our belt in the trash.

[ Trish Stratus ] You're seriously comparing the unification of WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to David Starr pinning TK Cooper.

[ David Starr ] I'm sensing a lot of unhealthy hostility toward TK Cooper.

[ Trish Stratus ] That's because he sucks, David! No one cares about TK Cooper!

The camera quickly pans over to reveal Dahlia Black gyrating on top of TK Cooper, feverishly making out with him on the floor. Cooper pushes her up and looks at Trish with wide eyes, genuinely hurt.

[ TK Cooper ] That's a bit harsh, mate.

[ Dahlia Black ] Shut the fuck up and kiss me.

The camera quickly pans back over to the important conversation.

[ Christian ] I'm gonna allow it.

[ Trish Stratus ] You can't be serious.

[ Christian ] We have enough talent quit or no-show without influence from the Championship Committee. Besides, what's the harm in keeping him around for a few shows?

[ Trish Stratus ] He's trying to start a union.

[ Christian ] Whatever that is.

Trish scowls at Christian.

[ Christian ] Just give him a match at the next show with the balloon guy.

Christian snaps his fingers repeatedly.

[ Christian ] The guy with the balloons and the creepy face.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Doink? He's been gone for years, esse.

[ Trish Stratus ] Thank goodness.

[ Christian ] Hey! Are we here to book matches or sully the name of the greatest SGW Gimmick champion of all time? Besides, Matt Borne, R.I.P.

Chavo points at the ceiling halfheartedly and sighs.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You are in heaven, Doink.

[ Trish Stratus ] We're here to sort out this David Starr situation which you are not helping.

[ David Starr ] I think he's actually helping quite a bit and the wrestler you're referencing is Vinny Marseglia. The Horror King. Real great guy. It'll be an honor to step in the ring with him at... what's your next show called?

Trish hates herself for having to say it out loud.

[ Trish Stratus ] People Who Hate Each Other Fighting.

[ David Starr ] Catchy.

David Starr reaches out and shakes Chavo's hand before turning and shaking Christian's as well.

[ David Starr ] Well, now that we have a plan, I'll excuse myself so you three can discuss where we go from here and I'll see you in two weeks, I guess!

He nods at Trish, who simply scowls back.

[ David Starr ] Trish, always a pleasure.

David Starr walks off-camera, leaving them behind. Chavo looks at Trish nervously. Christian watches David Starr walk away, a smirk on his face.

[ Christian ] Nice guy. I like him.

[ Trish Stratus ] Christian.

Dramatic pause.

[ Trish Stratus ] Shut up.


We fade up in another room backstage where we see a glass case sitting on a podium, obscured by a black sheet. The fans begin buzzing with anticipation as the camera slowly zooms out, revealing a man in a brown three-piece suit standing next to the podium. The more the camera zooms out, the more of the man's features are revealed. His tired, weathered face. His eye glasses. The spiky red mohawk sticking straight up in the middle of his full head of graying hair.

Wait. What.

Yes, we're staring at one of the original founders of Solid Gold Wrestling, Terry Taylor. The fans, remembering his exploits toward the end of SGW '06, offer him a strong mixed reaction. Without further introduction, he begins speaking to the viewers at home.

[ Terry Taylor ] Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Terry Taylor. You might remember me as the man who founded Solid Gold Wrestling in 1999 with Arn Anderson or more infamously, as Vince Russo's right hand man, the self-proclaimed Cock Master of Sports Entertainment.

He takes a deep breath.

[ Terry Taylor ] Not my proudest moment.

He continues without missing a beat.

[ Terry Taylor ] However, what remains one of my proudest moments occurred on September 22nd, 1999 when I introduced the Solid Gold Wrestling Intercontinental Championship to our viewers on the first-ever episode of SGW television. On that night, Scott Hall won a battle royal over nine other competitors to become the first person to win gold in Solid Gold Wrestling.

The fans cheer loudly, already knowing what's coming.

[ Terry Taylor ] While the championship became dormant not long after, I had the pleasure of reintroducing the championship in 2006 where it was won by Raven, once again in a battle royal, and he would go on several months later to unify the championship with the long running SGW United States Championship, combining their lineages into one.

He continues.

[ Terry Taylor ] The SGW Intercontinental Championship is the oldest championship in SGW history. With it, it carries the histories of the United States, Gimmick, Hardcore, and Pure Wrestling Championships. It's easily the most prestigious championship in Solid Gold Wrestling history, next to the SGW World Heavyweight Championship.

He places his hand on top of the glass case, gripping the black sheet.

[ Terry Taylor ] Without further adieu, I introduce to you, the SGW audience... for the third time... the Solid Gold Wrestling Intercontinental Championship!

The fans pop huge upon seeing the classic design remains intact.

[ Terry Taylor ] I am working very closely with the Championship Committee to determine what type of match type we will use to crown the first Intercontinental Champion of this new era. While that detail isn't finalized, what IS finalized is that we will see this new champion crowned at Supremacy on June 13th, 2020!

Before he can go any further, Colt Cabana walks into the shot. Terry Taylor looks confused. Cabana looks at the championship with a huge smile on his face. He runs his hand over his head, pointing at the belt.

[ Colt Cabana ] So, this is it, huh? Look at 'er. What a beaut!

[ Terry Taylor ] Can I... can I help you, Colt?

Colt places his hands on his hips.

[ Colt Cabana ] She looks just how I remember her. I was the last guy to challenge for 'er back in '06. Colt Cabana, The Rock, and Rob Conway. A three way dance for the ages.

He looks directly into the camera.

[ Colt Cabana ] It wasn't nearly the squash for The Rock that it looks like on paper.

He shrugs.

[ Colt Cabana ] I mean, The Rock did win... but HEY!

The suddenly burst of excitement causes Taylor to flinch.

[ Colt Cabana ] What do ya' think the chances are that I could be involved in the match for the belt at Supremacy, eh? For old time's sake? Come on! Whattaya' say?

[ Terry Taylor ] Well--

[ Colt Cabana ] Come on!

[ Terry Taylor ] I--

[ Colt Cabana ] COME ONNNNN!

[ Terry Taylor ] Well, the thing is... I heard a rumor that you were being transferred to Shock in a producer role... effective immediately.

[ Colt Cabana ] Wait, seriously? So, what would've happened if I beat Jon Moxley tonight?

Terry lowers his head and mumbles.

[ Colt Cabana ] What was that, Rooster?

[ Terry Taylor ] I... don't think the Championship Committee was worried about that.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, alright then.

Cabana offers his hand.

[ Colt Cabana ] Put 'er there, pal.

They shake hands and Colt Cabana walks off-camera. Terry Taylor straightens his tie and looks annoyed. The camera pans over to reveal Al Snow and the Blue Meanie watching what just transpired. They're thumbing through a stack of hundred dollar bills they picked up earlier in the night.

[ Al Snow ] Wow, Meanie. What a sad, sad little man.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Yeah. What a loser, am I right? Frickin' jabrone.




There's a rush of medical personnel charging through the back. We seem collecting in one area, over one body. We see Tegan Nox standing back with her hands on either side of her head, looking worried. Tears are streaming down her cheeks. As the camera gets closer, we see Bret "The Hitman" Hart speaking with an EMT before shouting at someone off-camera.

[ Bret Hart ] Get an ambulance, now!

Dakota Kai is lying down, flat on her back. She's awake but we can tell ther'e's no one home. The medical staff has placed a temporary neckbrace on her and are in the process of placing her on a bright orange board. As she's taken away right before our eyes with Tegan Nox following behind, we hear our trusty announce team give us the rundown.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, what we're hearing right now is that Dakota Kai collapsed shortly after we last saw Team Kick, following their Twinstar Championship match. As you saw during that encounter, Dakota Kai landed awkwardly while performing her Kai-ropractor finish and suffered what we think, now, is a neck or spine injury.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's a very scary situation, for sure. As you can see, Dakota is now being taken away to a local medical facility and we hope t' have an update on her condition very soon.

[ Scott Steiner ] It always sucks t' see somebody eat shit in the ring and get carted off but that's wrestling. That little Kiwi Pop-Tart seems like a good kid and I hate it for 'er. Get well soon! Holler if ya' hear me!

With a final shot of the ambulance driving off into the distance, we fade out.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Outside the ring, we see Arn Anderson and Britt Baker looking on. Jimmy Havoc and Adam Cole stand across the ring from one another, in their respective corners. Despite neither man being a clear-cut fan favorite, the fans have decisively picked sides in the issue as a dueling chant breaks out across the arena:



Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell and Cole and Havoc meet in the center of the ring, going nose to nose. We can see them talking trash to one another before Cole jams his index finger into Havoc's chest. Havoc looks down at Cole's hand and cuts him off mid-sentence by grabbing his finger and wrenching it backward! Cole tries begging him off but Havoc reaches up and grabs another of Cole's fingers on the same hand... and snaps his fingers! The fans groan and Cole stumbles backward, falling on his ass and scooting backward toward the corner as he begs off Jimmy Havoc!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And we're off with a snap!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's gonna be no mercy in the main event tonight, gentlemen! Adam Cole needs this win to enter the main event at Supremacy while Mr. James Havoc seeks to keep Cole out of the match and heighten his own odds against Val Venis!

[ Scott Steiner ] The emo skeleton's gotta keep his shit together and keep an eye on those two punk asses at ringside... AND the punk asses in the back! These Origin pussies are lookin' t' make a statement tonight after losin' it all at WrestleBrawl! You know they're desperate when they recruited that no-good son of a bitch, Chris Jericho!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Origin has certainly rebounded tonight, setting their sights on PAC and Elias, as well as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin after he turned down their offer to join them! They've created an immeasurable amount of chaos!

Havoc advances on Cole in the corner and Cole comes to life, grabbing Havoc by the front of his tights and pulling him forward into the middle turnbuckle! Cole returns to his hand, and begins putting the boots to Havoc in the corner! Havoc manages to turn around and face Cole as he puts the boots to him. Cole plants his boot firmly in Havoc's throat and begins choking him violently but Aubrey Edwards begins counting, forcing a break! Cole backs away with his hands up as Aubrey points in his face, warning him about that type of offense... but behind her back, Britt Baker wraps her around Havoc's throat and begins choking him from the outside!

[ Scott Steiner ] That fuckin' bitch! Like it ain't a big enough uphill battle for that skinny little goth freak t' win matches with his spaghetti noodle arms and his tiny frame! Now he's gotta worry about a broad that's bigger than he is chokin' him out!

There's a shriek and Aubrey Edwards turns around to see Jimmy Havoc... BITING BRITT BAKER'S HAND! Britt is screaming and falls away from the apron, crying out in pain! Havoc smiles and spits on the floor... only to get attacked from behind by Cole!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Did ya' see that!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He took a bite outta' the good dentist, it seems!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's what you get for putting your hands where they don't belong!

As Arn Anderson consoles Britt Baker at ringside, Cole goes to town on Havoc, pounding away at him with forearms and elbow strikes! Havoc fires back with wild punches and forearms of his own, backing Cole up little by little! They fight into the center of the ring and begin trading punches like men possessed! Havoc backs Cole up against the ropes and Cole uses his arms to cover up! Havoc begins peppering Cole in the mid-section with punches and Cole lunges forward with a thumb to the eye! Havoc staggers backward, palming his eye! Undeterred, Havoc lunges forward with a clothesline and Cole ducks it... catching Havoc on the turnaround with a CORONA KICK! The impact sends Havoc tumbling backward through the middle rope and to the floor below!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Havoc to the floor! Adam Cole would be wise not to follow him!

[ Scott Steiner ] A bottom feeder like Jimmy Havoc does his best work on the god damn floor!

Havoc slowly returns to his feet and Adam Cole instantly sends him careening backward into the guardrail with a baseball slide! Havoc is resting against the guardrail, looking up at the ring wearily when Adam Cole comes flying out with a SUICIDE DIVE that sends both men over the rail and into the front row! The fans pop huge! Havoc and Cole both fight back to their feet and begin slugging it out in the front row! Aubrey Edwards has slid out of the ring and is now yelling at both men to get back inside the ring! Havoc takes over with a knee lift and takes Cole by the back of his head! Havoc tries to smack Cole's head into the rail but Cole puts his hands up and blocks it! He elbows Havoc and takes him by the head! Cole tries to ram Havoc into the rail but Havoc elbows out and plants Cole's head firmly into the rail himself! Cole is clearly disoriented by the blow and Havoc dumps him over the rail and back into the ringside area! Cole staggers back to his feet and Havoc climbs onto the rail, leaping off and taking Cole down with a flying clothesline!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Aubrey Edwards is desperately trying to regain control of this match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Clearly, she's letting them get away wit' quite a bit right now. The stakes connected t' this mach are high. There's a pay-pa'-view main event at stake and these two men are going t' do whatever it takes t' come out on top!

Aubrey climbs back into the ring and begins the mandatory ten count, shouting at both men to get back inside the ring. Britt Baker climbs onto the apron, favoring her bitten hand, and gets Aubrey's attention! The fans boo loudly as Aubrey begins commanding Britt to get off the apron! Jimmy grabs Cole by two handfuls of hair... but Arn Anderson spins Havoc around and DRILLS HIM with a big right hand! Cole comes alive and throws Havoc under the bottom rope, into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That big right hand from Arn Anderson! One of the best in the business!

[ Scott Steiner ] Best in the business, my ass! Arn Anderson's a delusional old man! The only thing he's best in the business at is lyin' to the boys and kissin' Ric Flair's old, wrinkled ass!

Cole follows Havoc under the bottom rope and Baker hops off the apron. Havoc gets up to his knees and Cole TAKES HIS HEAD OFF with a SUPER KICK! Aubrey turns around as Cole covers! ONE! TWO! HAVOC KICKS OUT! Cole looks frustrated and pulls Havoc right back to his feet. He pulls Havoc in to a piledriver position... PANAMA SUNRISE-- NO! Havoc drops to one knee and then begins throwing punches and forearms into Cole's mid-section until he backs up, gritting his teeth! Cole throws another SUPER KICK at the still-kneeling Havoc but Havoc rolls through and rises to his feet! Cole turns around... LARIAT! COLE TURNS INSIDE OUT! Arn Anderson immediately climbs onto the apron and Aubrey Edwards stomps over toward him, jamming her finger in his face! Havoc gets up and begins to approach Anderson on the apron but Britt Baker slides back into the ring and nails him with a LOW BLOW! Baker slides out of the ring and Cole returns to his feet! Seeing Havoc doubled over, Cole hits the ropes... RUNNING PANAMA SUNRISE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No! Not like this! Please!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The numba's game is winning out, just like we knew it could!

Cole covers Havoc and hooks the leg! Anderson leaves the apron and Aubrey turns around! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! HAVOC KICKS OUT! Cole can't believe it! Cole quickly returns to his feet and pulls Havoc into seated position. With a handful of hair, Cole points down at his crotch and shouts:


Cole hits the ropes... LAST SHOT-- NO! Havoc falls out of the way and Cole goes right past him! Havoc scrambles behind him! Schoolboy roll-up! ONE! TWO! THR-- COLE KICKS OUT! Both men immediately roll back to their feet and charge at each other, clashing in the middle of the ring! They trade punches and forearms as the fans "BOO!" and "YAY!" with every blow! Cole throws a wild haymaker and Havoc ducks it, catching Cole by the wrist... ACID RAINMAKER! COLE TURNS INSIDE OUT! Havoc covers him and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! COLE KICKS OUT! THE FANS ERUPT IN BOOS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT WILL IT TAKE?!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know what else that Skeletor lookin' mother fucker's got left in the tank!

The boos become even louder as Steve Corino and Chris Jericho walk out onto the stage. Jericho is all business but Corino is smiling ear to ear. They begin making their way down the ramp, toward the ring.

[ Scott Steiner ] What are these two jack-offs doin' here?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What do ya' think they're doing, Scott? Adam Cole is having trouble getting the bloody job done so the reinforcements have been called in, clearly! This is an injustice!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're desperate to get Adam Cole back in the main event mix!

Back in the ring, Havoc sees the other members of The Origin make their way to the ring. Havoc smiles a cynical smile and returns to his feet. He motions for Jericho and Corino to bring it on... and they do! Jericho and Corino climb onto the apron and Havoc charges forward, nailing Jericho with a big forearm that sends him tumbling to the floor! He turns and nails Corino with a big right hand and Corino takes a flat bump on the apron and rolls to the floor as well! Havoc turns around and walks right into a SUPER KICK FROM COLE! Havoc drops to one knee and Cole nails him with ANOTHER SUPER KICK! Cole covers him and counts along with Aubrey! ONE! TWO! THR-- HAVOC GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's still in the fight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc is not one to give up, ever!

Cole begins pulling his hair, raging out. He returns to his feet and backs into the corner. He points at Havoc with the finger gun! Havoc slowly gets up to both knees... and Cole pulls the trigger! Cole hits the ropes... LAST SHOT! Cole covers and hooks both legs... BUT THE FANS POP HUGE! Aubrey isn't counting! She's distracted by STEVE CORINO and CHRIS JERICHO brawling with ELIAS and PAC!

[ Scott Steiner ] Aw shit! It's a god damn brawl!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias and PAC are here, looking for retribution for what happened earlier tonight!

Adam Cole is absolutely furious! He begins shouting at Aubrey to count the fall but she's trying to regain control of the ringside area! Elias whips Jericho into the rail and takes him over into the front row with a clothesline! PAC and Corino brawl like wild men up the ramp! Adam Cole is trembling with rage and turns around to get back on Jimmy Havoc but finds himself face to face...




[ Scott Steiner ] OH HELL YEAH, BITCH!

The impact makes Adam Cole do a back flip, landing on his stomach in the middle of the ring! Austin remains next to him on all fours, talking trash right in Cole's ear! He gets up, flips Cole over, and drags Jimmy Havoc over on top of him! The fans are losing their minds as Austin rolls out of the ring! Aubrey Edwards turns around! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans erupt as Havoc rolls off of Adam Cole and Aubrey Edwards raises his hand in victory! Havoc looks disoriented, confused about what just happened! Elias stands at ringside with a big smile on his face, realizing he just helped screw over The Origin in a big way. PAC and Corino are out of sight, having brawled all the way to the back. Austin is standing mid-way up the ramp with a smile on his face. Arn Anderson is pounding on the apron, losing his shit! Britt Baker is glaring at Austin and shaking her head in anger, tears in her eyes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Havoc has done it! The Supremacy main event will be a one on one contest between Val Venis and the King of the Goths!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not only that but, on this night, Jimmy Havoc has redeemed himself by defeating Adam Cole! Now it's onward to Supremacy to see if he can right another wrong by becoming the SGW World Heavyweight Champion!

Austin remains on the ramp and calls for a beer! He receives one from somewhere inexplicably, catching it and cracking it open before pouring it all over himself! Austin discards the can and makes direct eye contact with Arn Anderson before raising a middle finger! The fans are going nuts as Austin receives another beer, which he cracks open and pours all over himself again before slinging it into the crowd. Austin turns and walks up the ramp toward the back.

[ Scott Steiner ] That Austin, he's a real son of a bitch but god dammit, I like him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think it goes without saying that this war between The Origin and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is far from over!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'd say it's just beginning, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We can only hope that Elias and PAC are in for the longhaul as well! You know they're involvement tonight is not going to go unanswered!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You ain't kiddin'! That being said, let's return to the ring where Jimmy Havoc is basking in his victory! What a match this is going t' be, gentlemen! Val Venis versus Jimmy Havoc! Only at Supremacy!

In the ring, we focus on Jimmy Havoc standing in the corner, leaning on the top turnbuckle with his forearms and looking out into the sea of cheering fans. Adam Cole has left the ringside area with Anderson and Baker, leaving the ring to Havoc. Justin Roberts hands Havoc a microphone. Still leaning on the top turnbuckle, Havoc speaks calmly into the microphone.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Steve Austin, eh? How' 'bout that.

Havoc is breathing heavily after the match.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] This don't make us friends, Steve. You're still a cunt and WrestleBrawl 3 ain't the last bloody time we're gonna share a ring togetha'. That being said... the next time we do share a ring togetha'... I will be the SGW World Heavyweight Champion and there is absolutely fucking nothing that can stop that from happening.

He pauses and looks out at the fans.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Val Venis... Supremacy...

The fans begin loudly chanting.


Havoc smirks and gently shakes his head.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] You best get ready... 'cause I'm comin' for you next, cunt.

The fans cheer and Havoc drops the microphone.

End of transmisison.