05.02.2020 | Spectrum Center | Charlotte, North Carolina

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Z-Barr via Pinfall w/ Stone Cold Stunner in 00:29
- Giulia (w/ Christian Michael Jakobi) def. Sadie Gibbs via Submission w/ Stealth Viper in 03:18
- Lightning Star (AZM & Starlight Kid) def. Team Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) via Pinfall w/ Flying Double Stomp in 08:02
- The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) def. The Black T-Shirt Squad (Don Montoya & Reckless Youth) via Pinfall w/ Meltzer Driver in 04:20
- Kairi Hojo (w/ Prince Nana) def. Nyla Rose via Pinfall w/ Kabuki Elbow in 00:012
- The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) (as Mr. Sadistic & Matt Sydal) def. Adam Cole & Jimmy Havoc (CPU Players) via Pinfall w/ Shooting Star Press in a an Iron Man Hell in a Cell Match during a particularly glitchy SGW 2K20 match while in quarantine. It was awesome.

SHOCK Showcase Match
Eddie Dennis def. Mr. Ooh La La via Pinfall w/ Neck Stop Driver in 5:11

A close-up shot of pavement.

Blood is dribbling, pitter-pattering away.

The camera pans up to reveal "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair crawling on all fours. His head is busted wide open. His hair is drenched and sticking to his forehead. His breathing is heavy, labored. His arms wobble and threaten to give out under him at any moment.

[ Ric Flair ] Ah... Ah! OH GOD!

He hocks and spits, a mixture of phlegm and blood.

[ Ric Flair ] AH... AH! GOD DAMN! GOD DAMN YOU--

BAM! The boot of an off-screen attacker takes Flair's head off, knocking him unconscious. He rolls over onto his back and doesn't move. The live crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina boos loudly, furious at seeing their hero treated in such a way. The camera remains on Flair for a long moment, watching his chest heave up and down. The camera pans over to reveal the legs of the man who attacked Flair. Jeans and black work boots. The camera pans up to reveal a black t-shirt... and the face of Randy Orton. Orton stares into the camera with his steely cold gaze.

[ Randy Orton ] I think you're confused, Double J.

The fans boo loudly.

[ Randy Orton ] I wasn't giving you a choice.

Orton shakes his head.

[ Randy Orton ] You stupid old man.

Orton turns and walks off-camera. The camera zooms in on Flair's blood stained features as fade out.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Danielson extends his hand for a handshake to start off the match. Zicky Dice looks on with extreme hesitation, wondering what the catch is. After a few seconds of Danielson encouraging it, Zicky goes for the shake but Danielson pulls back and shoves a middle finger right between Zicky’s eyes. “Screw.. you!” Danielson screams at Zicky. The fans don’t really know who to rally behind in this one, as neither is really a fan favorite.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] For the first time eva’, it’s Bryan Danielson versus Zicky Dice!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hope it’s the last time ever! Look at this! Settin’ the fuckin’ business back decades. Danielson is five-foot-nothin’ and Ricky Dice is a fat piece a’ shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Zicky, not Ricky.

[ Scott Steiner ] What?

[ Tony Schiavone ] His name is “Zicky.”

[ Scott Steiner ] No it ain’t! ‘Cause there ain’t a man, woman, child, or dog alive with a fuckin’ stupid, made-up name like ZICKY!

Danielson, not taking the match seriously, begins playfully kicking the thighs of Zicky, refusing to engage in a lock up. The kicks getting a little harder with each one until Zicky grabs Danielson’s leg on the final attempt and trips him, sending the champion to the ground! The fans pop, laughing at Danielson, who is on the ground fuming. Danielson huffs and gets up and shoves Dice back into a corner. With all of his might, Zicky comes back and shoves Danielson in retaliation, sending Danielson back down to the ground! The crowd pops louder as Zicky struts in front of Danielson and screams, “It’s OUTLANDISH, baby!”

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If Danielson didn’t take it seriously before, I assure you that he will now!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These antics could prove costly if Danielson doesn’t turn it on.

Danielson is back to his feet and shoves Knox out of the way and kicks Dice right in the balls. Knox turns around and sees Dice down, but it’s too late, as Danielson is hitting a series of “Yes” Kicks to the chest of Dice as he’s on his knees. The fans are booing Danielson’s shortcut, but he shows them no attention, fully focusing on the task at hand. With each kick to the chest, the thud of the kickpad connecting with bare flesh echoes louder in the arena, leaving red welts across Dice’s chest.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here’s Dragon’s mean streak!

Danielson delivers one final devastating kick and rushes to the opposite corner, anxiously awaiting Dice to get back up. He finally does and Danielson charges, but Dice moves out of the way and Danielson’s attempted flying knee causes him to crash hard into the corner! Roll up! One, two, kickout! Danielson is back up and eats an atomic drop! Russian Leg Sweep! Pin fall attempt and Danielson kicks out!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hate ‘em, but I’ll shit my pants if this no class midget loses his made up championship to a tattooed sack of flour!

Dice looks to stay on the attack and puts Danielson in a Boston Crab and wrenches back. The Champion tries clawing his way to the ropes, but Zicky continues applying pressure to the small of Danielson’s back, trying to wear the champion down for his advantage. Danielson finally makes it to the ropes and, once free, goes to the outside. Danielson wastes no time and yanks Dice down and out of the ring and blasts him with an European Uppercut on the outside and then whips him into the ring steps, sending Dice flying over them. Rick Knox begins his count but Danielson continues the torture, grabbing Dice’s hands and repeatedly stomping Dice’s face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] C’mon, Danielson, get him back in the ring!

Seemingly hearing Schiavone’s plea, Danielson tosses Dice back into the ring and takes his time entering back in himself. Dice pulls himself up as Danielson is stalking. SMALL PACKAGE OUT OF NOWHERE! Dice could do it - one, two, thre- No! 2.99999! Almost a new champion! Danielson responds by kicking Dice in the face and hitting a running knee! Dice is down and Danielson quits playing around and wraps Dice’s arms up and starts delivering vicious MMA-style elbows to the temple. After five or six of them he transitions into Cattle Mutilation and Rick Knox immediately calls for the bell! Bryan Danielson retains!


Before even getting his arm raised in the air, Danielson demands a microphone. In the meantime, Rick Knox attempts to raise Danielson’s hand to acknowledge him as the victor, but Danielson pie-faces Knox to the ground, creating a chorus of boos. After securing his microphone, Danielson addresses the fans who are already tired of his antics.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I have been stuck in the opening match two shows in a row.

“YOU DESERVE IT!” clap clap clapclap clap “YOU DESERVE IT!”

[ Bryan Danielson ] The REAL World Champion is out here defending it every show and getting stuck in the opening match for his efforts. Where’s Val Venis, huh? Tell me! Val Venis is a paper champion while Bryan Danielson is the REAL WORLD CHAMPION!

Danielson displays his title which draws even more boos from the crowd.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Two weeks ago, I defended it against a weird little goblin, tonight, I beat that fat guy with tattoos. I’ve ransacked quality opponents to raise the prestige of my championship while Val Venis took the night off..


[ Bryan Danielson ] I’m sick and tired of the FICKLE SGW management’s complacency in allowing Val Venis to take time off while I’m being disrespected by the card placement when I’m here each and every show to defend the title for YOU PEOPLE! Bryan Danielson doesn’t take nights off because he’s a REAL WORLD’S CHAMPION! A FIGHTING CHAMPION!

Even more boos.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And I fear nobody! So who’s going to be number three on my title defenses, huh? If there’s anyone back there who’s man enough, who has the BALLS, to come accept my open challenge, then I’ll put the title on the line against them at The Level We’ve Sunk To Now. So who is it? Who has the guts to accept my challenge?!

“I Caught Crazy” by Tech N9ne hits as the fans groan in even more indifference. Christopher Daniels emerges from the back first and then we see Frankie Kazarian and Zack Sabre Jr. flank each side of him.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I survived the more heated blood feud in SGW history, Bryan, so you bet your ass I’m ready to cash in that momentum for a shot at the World title! So since Val Venis is DUCKING Christopher Daniels, then you’ll have to do.

“OoOoOohhhhh!” The fans show some reaction at the backhand from Daniels. Danielson smirks, rubbing his chin.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I sent Chris Dickinson to Shock after our feud and I’m looking to get back on track, looking to get back on the path to gold! I’m a former SGW Limitless Champion and I need to add more gold to my trophy case, Bryan. That combination of achievements is more than enough to earn me a shot at the belt!

[ Bryan Danielson ] You moron. You LOST to Chris Dickinson!

[ Christopher Daniels ] You IDIOT! I’m here and he’s not, thus, in the grand scheme of things, I WON THE FEUD, Bryan! God! Don’t you know how wrestling works?!

Danielson thinks it over as the fans continue chanting “BORING!” at the men.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Oh! Oh! You think this is boring? Do you? Do you think my hunt for REAL challengers is boring?


[ Bryan Danielson ] Fickle.

A box of popcorn flies into the ring and lands harmlessly on the mat with its contents exploding all over the canvas. A few paperwads and other pieces of garbage follow suit. Even Daniels is a victim of the revolt from the fans, as he’s hit with a pretzel!

[ Christopher Daniels ] Look at this heat, Danielson! And to think, we’ve not even locked up yet.

[ Bryan Danielson ] We were the first main event at Revenge and now look at us, setting up a match for the SGW Championship. Look at us now. These fans can shove it because this is the matchup they never knew they needed! This is the title defense I never knew I needed to test myself, to prove my worth.. Consider it done, Daniels!

Daniels’ face lights up as the fans continue booing with complete indifference. It’s so much of a big deal to Daniels and Danielson.

[ Bryan Danielson ] In two weeks, you versus me, the REAL SGW Championship on the line!

[ Christopher Daniels ] You hear that people?! I’m fighting for the WORLD TITLE! C’mon everyone, clap and chant with me.. “FAL-LEN-ANG-EL! FAL-LEN-ANG-EL!”

[ Bryan Danielson ] THEY’LL NEVER CHANT IT, SHUT UP!

[ Christopher Daniels ] “FAL-LEN-ANG-EL!”

HUGE boos, deafening.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You people can drown me out now, but you’ll never drown out the credibility I’m going to give that belt in two weeks! And then you people can ass kiss my ass!

[ Bryan Danielson ] I won’t kiss your ass, you piece of shit, because I’ll be too busy KICKING it at The Level We’ve Sunk To Now!

Danielson drops his mic and “The Final Countdown” hits. The fans are still roasting this segment in the arena, wanting nothing to do with the rivalry that will never end in Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels. Danielson may be defending his championship often, but the fans still seemingly won’t accept it as the real World championship in Solid Gold Wrestling.

Arn Anderson and Steve Corino are walking backstage with purpose in their steps. They round a corner and find exactly the person they were looking for - Terry Taylor. With the Intercontinental Championship firmly tucked under his arm, Terry is talking to some production assistants, seemingly enjoying being back. Arn stops Corino about six feet from Terry.

[ Arn Anderson ] Let me handle this, alright?

[ Steve Corino ] Arn, c’mon, it’s friggin’ Terry Taylor. The guy called himself the Cockmaster of SGW. I think I can handle it.

Arn isn’t convinced.

[ Arn Anderson ] Again, let me handle this.

Corino is miffed.

[ Steve Corino ] ..Fine.

The two turn and walk up to Terry, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries.

[ Arn Anderson ] Terry, that sure is a mighty fine looking title you have there. Lot of memories behind that thing.

[ Terry Taylor ] Isn’t it? I love this thing and I’m glad I got to be the one to bring it back into the fold.

[ Arn Anderson ] There’s almost 21 years of history behind that title. The memories we made, the hell we raised, the legacy we forged together when we started this place.. They’ll stick with me forever.

Terry smiles.

[ Terry Taylor ] Me too, Arn. Hell of a ride. Look at where SGW’s come since those early days.

[ Arn Anderson ] That title is the oldest championship in SGW history, it even predates the World title. So Terry, that’s why I need one more favor from you.

[ Terry Taylor ] Anything, Arn.

[ Arn Anderson ] I need you to hand me that title.

Terry is confused.

[ Terry Taylor ] Wait, what?

[ Arn Anderson ] Look at this roster, Terry. You really want to risk the oldest title in this company fallin’ into the hands of someone like Jon Moxley or Juventud Guerrera? That title has a heritage. Hall of Famers have held it. That’s why it belongs to someone who can honor the legacy and meaning.. Someone who can give it the prestige it deserves.. An SGW original..

Corino proudly steps forward and tries removing the title from Taylor’s grasp.

[ Steve Corino ] Someone like me!

Terry yanks the title back from Corino.

[ Terry Taylor ] We can’t just GIVE the title to someone! What company hands championships out to someone without earning them?

[ Arn Anderson ] You’d be surprised.

He follows up.

[ Arn Anderson ] But the difference is, Steve’s earned it. He’s an original just like us. He was there for those wars with PWO. He’s outlasted the famed ‘legends’ who thumb their nose at the Origin. I don’t see Bret Hart or Taz lining up to take this title and givin’ it the respect it earns like Steve is trying to do.

[ Terry Taylor ] It would be nice to see the title in the hands of an original.

[ Arn Anderson ] Trust me, Terry. You do NOT want to see the most recent acquisitions. They’ll make your skin crawl seeing what the business has accepted as ‘good’ workers. Don’t risk this title going to someone unworthy when you have the most damn worthy champion standing right in front of you.

Terry thinks it over as Corino is frothing at the mouth, almost unable to contain himself.

[ Terry Taylor ] You have a point. I trust you, Arn. Whether people liked it or not, you always have looked out for this company.. So yeah, alright, sure. Steve Corino, congratulations on becoming the new SGW Intercontinental Champion!

[ Steve Corino ] Yeah!

As Terry goes to award Corino with the championship belt, Edge and Christian walk into the scene. Arn closes his eyes and drops his head. So close, he was so close to his plan working.

[ Christian ] Hey guys, what’s up?

[ Edge ] Just handing out titles around here?

[ Christian ] I remember when I would just be handed belts to show up to places. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Edge takes the Intercontinental title from Corino and admires it.

[ Edge ] Cool belt.

[ Christian ] Yeah it is.. And we’re going to crown a champion in a cool way. One that doesn’t involve just handing it over to someone.

[ Edge ] At Supremacy, we’re going to do the biggest Gold Rush match yet. Gold Rush 3, twelve men, winner takes the Intercontinental Championship. I like it.

[ Christian ] Crammin’ everyone into one match to shrink the card size down.

Christian plays an air guitar.

[ Edge ] What he means is, we found twelve of the best participants we could to vie for the oldest championship in SGW history. It’s a title neither of us have ever fought for.

[ Christian ] Too busy winning World titles, dunkin on Val Venis left and right.

[ Edge ] And we look forward to seeing who leaves as the champ after they win it fair and square.

[ Christian ] Fair and square, the way Edge and I won like ten belts in SGW.

Christian gives the camera a 'Jim Halpert' look and winks.

[ Edge ] Well, it was twelve total, but who’s counting?

Corino is shaking his head in disbelief.

[ Steve Corino ] I hate you guys.

He doesn’t mince words.

[ Steve Corino ] Like, seriously. If I woke up tomorrow and checked my phone to find out you had both died, I wouldn’t shed a tear. In fact, I’d wait three days and go piss on your graves.

[ Christian ] Well, that’s a little intense, but join the club, buddy. ‘Cause you’re not the only one.

[ Edge ] Anyway, Steve-O, we’ll let you be one of the twelve. So, good luck!

Edge and Christian walk away with the championship as Corino buries his head in his hands. Arn shakes his head.

[ Arn Anderson ] I should’ve buried those two boys when I had the chance 19 damn years ago.

The scene fades.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Christian Michael Jakobi and Giulia are standing at ringside for the match. As soon as the bell rings, Low Ki charges across the ring at full speed and sends Bill Carr ragdolling backward into the turnbuckle with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Dan Barry can only look on in surprise before being blindsided by Ilja Dragunov! Dan Barry and Dragunov trade punches before Low Ki sets his sights on Barry and joins in, helping Dragunov pummel him into the mat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Things are not looking well for the champions!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Aubrey's got to get control of this match-up!

The fans boo loudly as Dragunov and Low Ki continue putting the boots to Dan Barry in the corner. Bill Carr uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his knees and Low Ki instantly turns and boots him in the stomach, knocking him down to all fours. As soon as Barry's hands touch the mat, Low Ki cocks his leg and drills him right in the back of the head with a SWITCHBLADE KICK! The fans boo as Barry clutches the back of his neck and rolls out of the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] These little guys are like some kinda' god damn miniature wreckin' crew!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's what they're here to do! After weeks of vague and oftentimes ominous imagery, these men are here to tear down Solid Gold Wrestling and rebuild it in their image!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And unfortunately for Dan Barry and Bill Carr, they've chosen to set their sights on the tag team scene first!

Low Ki and Dragunov whip Dan Barry into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Dan Barry ducks it and rebounds! Dragunov and Low Ki turn around into a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE FROM BARRY! The fans pop huge! However, as soon as he rises back to his feet, he sees Giulia standing on the apron! Barry looks her up and down, impressed... but then shakes his head... and draws his FINGER GUN! The fans pop huge... but then begin booing as Dragunov and Low Ki return to their feet behind him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no, Dan! Oh no! Turn around!

Dan slowly turns around and sees Dragunov and Low Ki, ready to advance on him. A look defeat crosses his face as he slowly lowers his head... but then raises it back up, drawing TWO FINGER GUNS and shouting "YOU'RE BOTH UNDER ARREST!" The fans pop huge as Dragunov and Low Ki turn around and come face to face with a rejuvenated Bill Carr! He takes them both down with a double clothesline! Low Ki rolls out to the floor and Team Tremendous whips Dragunov into the ropes! They go for a DOUBLE BOOT but Dragunov runs underneath it and comes off the ropes... TORPEDO MOSCOW ON BILL CARR!


Without a moment's hesitation, Giulia and Christian Michael Jakobi grab Dan Barry by the ankle and pull him out of the ring! Dan Barry pulls FINGER GUNS on both of them... but gets wiped out by a SUICIDE DIVE from Dragunov! Inside the ring, Bill Carr is still down as Low Ki ascends to the top turnbuckle and flies... WARRIOR'S WAY ON BILL CAR! Low Ki covers and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!

V.E.N.O.M. via PIN FALL in 04:57

The fans erupt in boos as Low Ki rolls off of Dan Barry and returns to his feet, straightening his tie in the process. Ilja Dragunov returns to the ring as Aubrey Edwards presents them with the SGW World Tag Team Championships. Christian Michael Jakobi climbs into the ring with a microphone in his hand, followed by Giulia. Bill Carr is helped out of the ring but not before Jakobi gives him a swift kick in the ass to see him outside. Someone throws a tray of nachos into the ring, followed by half of a cantaloupe. Giulia looks disgusted by the gesture, but Jakobi has never looked prouder. He raises the microphone.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Now that... that is how you influence change!

The boos become even louder. One of the tag titles hands from Low Ki's gloved fist, dragging the mat as he looks around at his surroundings. Dragunov's championship is strapped around his waist and he's dripping with sweat, shaking with intensity. Jakobi smiles.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] I told you... I told all of you... that change is coming and that is exactly what I have delivered tonight. With the jokes known as Team Tremendous now forcibly removed from the spotlight, the rise of a new breed of professional wrestler in Solid Gold Wrestling can begin!

Before Jakobi can get too far into his speech, the Golden-Tron flashes to life and the fans pop huge as we're greeted with the sight of The Best Friends! They're being broadcast live from home. Chuck Taylor and Trent are shirtless, wearing nothing but boxers and headbands. Sitting on the couch behind them, we see Orange Cassidy, also shirtless, and wearing denim boxers along with his aviators. Trent shakes his head, looking disappointed. Taylor is already beyond nuclear, pointing into the camera, red in the face.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Hey! HEYHEYHEY! That's enough! No more celebrating!

He's so mad, he practically has tears in his eyes.

[ Chuck Taylor ] That... that... THAT SHOULD BE US CELEBRATING!

He points frantically into the camera.


Spittle flies from Taylor's mouth and hangs off his chin. Trent pats Taylor on the back and then nudges him backward, taking the forefront. Though he's no less furious, Trent is far more cool and collected.

[ Trent? ] My man Chucky T. is upset... but he's not wrong. We earned the tag team title shot when we beat literally everybody in the tag division at WrestleBrawl 3... including the legendary Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz--

Chuck grips Trent's shoulder and speaks earnestly.

[ Chuck Taylor ] And Tha' Tru Warriorz.

Trent nods proudly.

[ Trent? ] Especially Tha' Tru Warriorz.

Trent addresses the camera again.

[ Trent? ] We were moments away from getting our title shot when we had it ripped away from us by a couple positive COVID-19 test results... even though we were never tested!

[ Chuck Taylor ] So then we GOT tested!

[ Trent? ] Yeah. We got tested... and we just got the results back today.

[ Chuck Taylor ] It took forever.

[ Trent? ] Way longer than the usual COVID-19 test but that's beside the point... not only do we NOT have COVID-19... we never had it! Those test results were fake!

[ Chuck Taylor ] A SHAM! A really, really good sham, to be fair. Dude, Orange was hooked up to an IV in the hospital! He wasn't even sick! We got poked and prodded for days while doctors tried to figure why we didn't have symptoms because those results... looked LEGIT!

[ Trent? ] Yeah, except they weren't! And we know exactly who had those false test results sent to SGW management to get us out of the way for exactly two weeks, thanks to the mandatory quarantine period... somebody with unlimited money! Unlimited resources! Somebody who really wanted that tag team gold!


Jakobi continues looking up at the Golden-Tron, smiling arrogantly.

[ Chuck Taylor ] And now that we're free and clear, we're coming back to SGW and we're gonna be there in two weeks at The Level We've Sunk To Now! And you better believe... there's gonna be a confrontation! There's gonna be... THERE'S GONNA BE A STAREDOWN, BUDDY! Because we're not cashin' in our title shot there and then, oh no! That's not dramatic enough! We're gonna do this... WE'RE GONNA DO THIS AT SUPREMACY!

Trent nods confidently.

[ Trent? ] We're not just comin' for those belts... we're comin' for that sweet, sweet pay-per-view money.

Jakobi raises his microphone once again.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Perhaps you have a right be mad about the falsified documentation... but if you wish to build a new world, sometimes you must break eggs. However, you have witnessed what just happened to SGW's favorite tag team, Team Tremendous... and yet you willingly serve yourselves up to fall at our feet next? Who am I to refuse?

He chuckles.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] On behalf of my charges... we accept.

Chuck and Trent exchange a glance.

[ Trent? ] See you in two weeks.

The Golden-Tron shuts off. The fans are left buzzing with anticipation. We focus on a shot of the new tag team champions discussing what just happened as we cut to black.

SGW World Heavyweight Champion Val Venis is walking backstage, greeting a few attendants and Road Agent Justin Credible for a moment before continuing along his path.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And here’s the SGW World Heavyweight Champion! Val Venis! He’s looking fit, guys!

[ Scott Steiner ] He looks like a little bitch! Playin’ champion! In over his head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …he looks like he’s just talkin’ to Justin Credible, Scott.

[ Scott Steiner ] Who the fuck even IS that?! Like I said – BITCH!

Venis pats Credible on the back and carries on his way, smiling and shaking his head at something the road agent said. Suddenly, the SGW World Champion stops when he sees something behind the camera, and an all-too-familiar voice greets him.

[ ??? ] Bro, I never thought I’d see tha’ day!

A huge smile peels across Venis’ face as the camera steps back and ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page steps into frame, embracing his long-time friend.

[ Val Venis ] Page! My man. It’s been too long.

[ ??? ] What, since you’ve been able to show your face in Charlotte without being chased out by an angry mob?

Another voice approaches and Venis and Page beam, smiling even more. SGW Elevation Champion Kevin Nash steps into frame and knowledgeable fans recognize this is a reunion of long-time stablemates in the Vegas Connection.

[ Val Venis ] Kev, that was years ago, man! People forgive, brother!

[ Kevin Nash ] Yeah, but they don’t forget – and neither do I, Valbert!

Page scoffs as the trio laughs.

[ Dallas Page ] Y’know, we’ve run the roads a long time, bro! We’ve seen it all. We’ve done it all.

[ Kevin Nash ] Made a ton of cash. Met a ton of lovely ladies.

[ Val Venis ] You’re right, guys, you’re right. How long’s it been, Dally?

DDP shrugs and laughs to himself, answering.

[ Dallas Page ] Probably EWA, bro. We ran that place into the damn ground.

[ Kevin Nash ] …I’m pretty sure that was just last December, right? Didn’t some jaybrone win a Heavyweight Championship? I mean, I’ve seen some crazy stuff there before, but there must be a lizard-brained dunce bookin’ that nonsense.

Val raises his hands to quell the discussion as his friends look to him, all of them smiling.

[ Val Venis ] I’m glad you guys are here.

[ Dallas Page ] Me, too, bro. I gotta get me a nice belt like you two losers have! Hell, if it’s THAT easy!

Page laughs, elbowing Venis in the ribs as Nash strokes his chin in thought.

[ Kevin Nash ] You know…besides Val here getting his ass kicked by the handsome and virile Elevation Champion in the near future, we really could run this ship, too. Nobody can match our wits. Nobody can match our experience…

Nash shrugs and a big smile forms on Page’s face as they focus on the champion.

[ Val Venis ] …fellas, we’ll talk about it soon. I don’t want to be curt, but things are done a little differently here then they are elsewhere.

Nash raises an eyebrow curiously as Page nods, understanding. Venis claps DDP on the shoulder and begins to walk off.

[ Val Venis ] Hey, give ‘em hell tonight, Dallas. I know you will.

DDP smiles and Venis turns to Nash. There’s a slight air of tension as the SGW World Heavyweight and Elevation Champions look one another in the eyes.

[ Val Venis ] …don’t slip up at number two, Big Kev.

Nash makes a faux intimidated face and wiggles his fingers playfully at Venis, who smirks and breaks the tension, too.

[ Val Venis ] …we’ll talk soon, guys. Good luck tonight.

As Venis departs, Page looks curiously at Nash, who nods reassuringly towards his long-time partner as we fade away.

REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Io Shirai meets Bayley in the middle of the ring, all business. Sasha Banks is standing at ringside, scrolling through Instagra on her phone with both SGW Twinstar Championship belts resting on her shoulders, paying zero attention to the match. Looming over Shirai by several inches, Bayley smiles and pats Shirai on the head, making fun of her diminutive stature! Shirai doesn't look amused and nails Bayley with a flurry of forearms, backing her into the ropes and continuing to pummel her until Mike Chioda nearly reaches the five count!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not a good idea by Bayley to rile up the Genius of the Sky!

Shirai backs up, putting her hands up, and Bayley pushes past Chioda and punches Shirai right in the eye! Bayley takes over, booting Shirai in the stomach and hitting her with a snap suplex! Bayley goes for a cover but Shirai kicks out before Chioda can even count one! Bayley gets up quickly, bringing Shirai up behind her with a handful of hair. Shirai swats Bayley's hands down and forearms her in the jaw, staggering the Role Model! Shirai hits the ropes quickly and takes Bayley's knees out from under her with a basement dropkick! Bayley face plants and Shirai is already coming off the ropes... with another basement dropkick right to the face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an explosive flurry from the debuting Io Shirai!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We've seen her making the rounds backstage, creating lots of rumblings, lots of murmurs about her intentions in Solid Gold Wrestling. I think what we're seeing right now makes those intentions clear! She's here to win!

Bayley rolls out of the ring, favoring her face. She staggers around the corner just as Shirai launches through the ropes, taking Bayley out with a torpedo baseball slide through the top and middle ropes! Shirai lands on her feet and Bayley is down! Shirai grabs Bayley by two handfuls of hair and pulls her back to her feet. She points at the guardrail and the fans cheer! Shirai whips Bayley into the guardrail! Bayley remains stationary, arms propped up on the rail and Shirai charges at her, full speed! Bayley comes alive and BACK DROPS Shirai over the rail and into the front row! Bayley takes a few steps out, pointing at her head and shouting "THAT'S BECAUSE I'M SMART!" but Shirai landed on her feet! Bayley turns around and Shirai leaps onto the rail, drilling Bayley in the chest with a SPRINGBOARD SHOTGUN DROPKICK!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! This tight little Asian cuisine is like a mother fuckin' pinball!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The arrogance of Bayley and Sasha Banks is through the roof! I'm afraid winning the Twinstar Championship belts have only exacerbated the issue! Winning is winning but perhaps they should practice a bit of humility... there's no telling how that match would have gone if not for Dakota Kai's injury!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Speaking of Dakota Kai, I've been told that she's resting at home. Her condition appears to have been the result of a very severe concussion as well as trauma to the neck. The full extent of the injury is still being determined, but she's been taken off the active roster for the time being.

Shirai pulls Bayley back up to her feet and drills her with a snap suplex on the floor! Shirai is right back up and climbs onto the apron. Bayley slowly gets to her feet and Shirai flies, taking Bayley down with a METEORA to the floor! Shirai rolls forward and returns to her feet, looking down at Bayley and dragging her thumb across her throat!

[ Scott Steiner ] I know what that shit means! Finger across the throat means you DIE!

Bayley rolls over onto all fours and begins crawling toward Sasha, begging for help. Sasha finally notices what's going and looks annoyed, putting her phone away but maintaining her grip on the championship belts. "WHAT DO YOU WANT, BAYLEY!? DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!?" Shirai approaches Bayley from behind, stalking her prey! Bayley reaches up and grabs Sasha by the waist of her tights. Shirai snatches Bayley around the waist... AND DEADLIFTS HER INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Bayley still had a grip on Sasha's tights and Sasha is knocked down in the process! The fans are going wild as Io gets up and grabs Bayley by her hair and tights. She tosses Bayley under the bottom rope, into the ring! Mike Chioda is checking on Bayley as she rolls in and doesn't see what happens next! Shirai prepares to roll back into the ring but Sasha catches her by her tights and whips her backward, hard into the guardrail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now, that's just uncalled for!

[ Scott Steiner ] She put hands on that mocha latte hott-ay first, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Io Shirai did no such thing!

Bayley keeps Mike Chioda distracted whlie Sasha puts the boots to Shirai, kicking away at her relentlessly! Sasha snatches Shirai up by her hair and goes to throw her into the ring apron... but Shirai leaps onto the apron and takes Sasha out with a MOONSAULT! The fans pop huge! Shirai quickly slides into the ring and Bayley pushes past Chioda and charges at her! Shirai ducks a clothesline and catches Bayley on the turnaround with a basement dropkick! Bayley goes down hard and Shirai hits the ropes... IO GALAXY METEOR! Shirai stands up and points at the turnbuckle! The fans are going nuts as Shirai grips the top rope and leaps onto the top turnbuckle effortlessly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it! This is her move!

But Sasha Banks climbs onto the apron and grabs Shirai's ankle! Mike Chioda begins losing it, yelling at Sasha to get off the apron! Bayley is up and charges up behind Shirai, carrying her off the top turnbuckle in an electric chair position! Shirai looks around but then waves her arms about and takes Bayley down with a victory roll! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans pop huge as Shirai releases Bayley and rolls back to her feet! Bayley remains in a seated position, looking on in shock! Mike Chioda raises Io Shirai's hand in victory... and Sasha Banks blasts her from behind with a forearm! Shirai goes down to all fours and Banks looms over her with an angry, indignant look on her face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, come on, Sasha! She won fair and square!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' had t' know somethin' like this was gonna go down!

Bayley is up and gets down in Shirai's face, pointing at herself and shouting, "YOU THINK YOU BEAT ME, HUH!? YOU DIDN'T BEAT ME! YOU DIDN'T DO NOTHIN'!" and then she pie faces Shirai aggressively! Shirai comes up from her knees and nails Bayley in the mid-section with a forearm but Sasha is on her quickly, nailing her with a LUNG BLOWER as soon as she gets to her feet! Sasha floats her right over into the BANK STATEMENT as the fans erupt in boos!

[ Scott Steiner ] She's gonna choke 'er out, just like the Kiwi Pop-Tart!

Bayley grabs one of the Twinstar titles and holds it up in Shirai's face, pointing at herself and shouting "YOU DID NOTHING!" The fans suddenly pop huge as AZM AND STARLIGHT KID emerge from the back and run down the ramp! AZM slides under the bottom rope and immediately dropkicks Bayley right in the back of the head, sending her rolling forward! Sasha Banks releases the Bank Statement and grabs AZM by the hair but her eyes go wide as she looks up and sees STARLIGHT KID coming off the ropes with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Banks goes down hard and she's grabbed by the ankle by Bayley before she can even come to a stop! Bayley drags Sasha out of the ring and they escape up the ramp with the championship belts! Each woman holds up one of the titles with Bayley shouting "WE'RE STILL THE CHAMPIONS, SHEEPLE!" until Sasha snatches Bayley's title and holds up both belts, yelling "I'M STILL THE CHAMPIONS, THAT'S RIGHT!" Bayley pumps her fist, yelling "YEAH!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Boss 'n Hug Connection are certainly still the champions but it was Io Shirai who was victorious on this night!

Inside the ring, AZM and Starlight Kid help Shirai to her feet. Shirai looks at both of them as the fans cheer. The look on Shirai's face is a hard one to read... a mixture of confusion and frustration... but she immediately drops flat on her back and rolls out of the ring, leaving up the ramp without a word exchanged between them.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, we saw these three interact at No Peace in Brooklyn and it was quite the... awkward exchange. This is no less confusing, for sure. Where do we go from here, gents?

The camera focuses on the confused faces of AZM and Starlight Kid as we fade out.

Earlier Today.

Adam Cole paces back and forth in front of the camera with Dr. Britt Baker looking on from the right-hand corner of the screen. Cole is in a white dress shirt and black slacks. He begins speaking without looking into the camera.

[ Adam Cole ] Steve Austin.. Stone Cold.. You were given the opportunity of a lifetime..

He continues.

[ Adam Cole ] Join The Origin. Take your place as an SGW Original, a former champion, a Hall of Famer, and join us and take up our cause. It was a no brainer. It was a slam dunk decision.

Cole takes a few more steps and stops dead in his tracks and snaps his head at the camera, his hair dangling over his eyes.

[ Adam Cole ] And you chose poorly. You and I, former SGW World Champions ruling this place together. It would’ve been unstoppable. We were the two champions who restored balance and prestige to the championship. We have two of the longest reigns in history. You passed up a golden opportunity, Steve.

He runs his hands through his stringy hair, tying it up into a ponytail and securing it in place.

[ Adam Cole ] So now.. Now you gotta pay.

Britt Baker nods in agreement.

[ Adam Cole ] Your comeback has been one for the storybooks, Steve. Big Bad “Stone Cold” hadn’t stepped in a SGW ring in 14 years and came back better than ever. He didn’t skip a beat. He elevated himself quickly. It’s a great story, isn’t it?

He pauses.

[ Adam Cole ] But the storybook ending won’t exist, Steve. A happy ending isn’t an option because you threw it away when you turned your back on my offer.. And now Steve, it’s time for me to put you out of your misery. That is, if you accept the challenge. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin versus.. Adam Cole. Old school versus new school. Former World Champions colliding for the first.. time.. ever..

The camera zooms in, giving us a close shot of Cole’s face. His eyes twinkle in the light surrounding him backstage.

[ Adam Cole ] At Supremacy.

Without cause, the screen freezes.

A quick transition. The video is now on the screen of a big, blocky television.

The camera pans out to reveal the television resting on top of a hay bale.


Another quick camera pan reveals an arrow residing in the middle of the television, which has in turn shattered the screen of the television. Glass and television debris are scattered all around the immediate area.

Footsteps in the grass are heard and a shadow grows darker and larger.

The arrow is yanked clean out of the now broken television. A quick turn of the camera. It’s Steve Austin. He admires his perfect show with the bow and surveys the damage.

[ Steve Austin ] Adam Cole, ya’ meeley-mouth son-uv-a-bitch! You wanna’ challenge ol’ Stone Cold to a match? You wanna’ make Stone Cold “pay for a mistake” I made? I’ve made a helluva lot of mistakes in my time, but alignin’ myself with The Origin wasn’t one of ‘em!

Austin hooks his bow around his shoulder.

[ Steve Austin ] I flipped through my schedule and I ain’t got a damn thing to do on the night of Supremacy.

He smirks.

[ Steve Austin ] But show up.. Drink some beer.. And kick your ass!

He pops open a nearby cooler and pulls out a can of beer. He pops the top and reaches it out to the camera.

[ Steve Austin ] So if you want your ass beat at Supremacy, son, Stone Cold will gladly oblige. And that’s the bottom line..

Austin turns the beer up and downs it, with half of it landing on his shirt and face instead of his mouth. After he finishes, he wipes his mouth off and is drenched.

[ Steve Austin ] ‘Cause Stone Cold.. Said so!


The match is set for Supremacy! Stone Cold versus Adam Cole! Old School versus New School!

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

As Paul Turner calls for the bell, Nunzio is firing out of the starting blocks like a bullet, smashing Chris Jericho with a charging knee strike, ducking a clothesline attempt and welcoming Diamond Dallas Page back into in-ring competition with one of his own!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Nunzio can’t be called ageist!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, welcome back, DDP, you stupid shit!

As Arn Anderson and Steve Corino check on new associate Chris Jericho, Nunzio quickly smashes Page with a senton, then lifts him by the head and puts him down again with a double-leg takedown, transitioning to a cross-armbreaker with ease! Nunzio’s superior ground game gives him limitless access to Page’s limbs, as the scrappy brawler is keeping his guard, only ineffectively against the mixed-martial artist.


As Tony aptly calls, Jericho breaks the armbar and scoops Nunzio off the mat, leathering him across the face with an open-hand slap, but only serving to enrage the Boss! Nunzio rolls forward, smashing Jericho with a Koppo Kick to a huge pop from the audience!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nunzio isn’t taking no for an answer – he’s looking to push through the frustrating start to his post-WrestleBrawl year!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And what an impressive start!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, yeah! But he’s got company now!

Sure enough, Matt Riddle has appeared at the top of the ramp, watching Nunzio intently. The Don eventually notices the Original Bro and turns all attention towards the ramp, rushing from the ring despite Paul Turner’s insistence that he continues the contest. As Nunzio gets a few steps up the ramp, Riddle meets him halfway and they begin brawling! They brawl through the curtain, leaving the ring with two men down and the official perplexed!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] While it’s not for me to criticize Matthew Riddle’s intentions here, I must assume he's giving in to Nunzio's mindgames!


Jericho and Page each begin scrambling to get to their feet – and Jericho is up first, throwing a punch and connecting with DDP’s face! Page boots Jericho in the gut and throws his own blow, knocking the Painmaker back! Dallas waves Jericho in, asking for another punch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at DDP getting back into the mix! He’s daring Jericho to fight!

Jericho swears inaudibly and rushes in with a double-axe handle, but Page puts another boot to the midsection and spins around, smashing the King of the World with a discus clothesline! Jericho is up quickly, but DDP scoops him up with a big body slam!

[ Scott Steiner ] What in the hell is this?!

Page throws his arms up in the air, connecting his open, outstretched hands at the thumb and forefinger as the Charlotte fans explode with excitement.

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS HERE – THIS IS THE HIGH SIGN FOR THE DIAMOND CUTTER, GUYS! I’ve seen this maneuver end matches in the blink of an eye!

DDP pulls Jericho up from the mat and loosely hooks a three-quarters bulldog when –

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is Steve Corino doing on the ring apron?! He’s got no darn good business up there!

Jericho reverses Page’s grip and wrenches his arms, pushing him towards the King of Old School on the apron and –

WHAM! Corino connects!


Page spins the hold at the last second and Corino punches his partner right in the face, stunning him long enough for DDP to schoolboy the Painmaker and collect the ONE, TWO, THREE!


Page shoots up off the mat, hyped out of his brain, throwing the diamond sign high into the air – but Jericho blasts him from behind with a charging forearm! DDP crumples to the mat and Jericho immediately begins laying the boots to him.


Jericho, with the loud support of Arn Anderson, is absolutely wearing Diamond Dallas Page out with stomps, being sure that despite the end result, Jericho would be the name on everyone’s tongue. Anderson begins demanding the microphone from Justin Roberts as Steve Corino joins Arn to listen to whatever the Living Legend has to say.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It certainly seems as if the alliance with the Origin is paying off for Jericho thus far!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, just what has this cheating cheater got to say now?!

Jericho begins obnoxiously thumping the top of a live microphone to silence the Charlotte fans, doing the opposite of his intent, though. His face, already blushed from his match, is growing more scarlet by the second as he screams at the fans.

[ Chris Jericho ] All of you stupid bastards shut up and listen to what I have to say!

Again, the opposite of his intended reaction. Jericho snarls toward the crowd as Arn Anderson and Steve Corino enter the ring to join their newest associate.

[ Chris Jericho ] No! No! I’ve been shit on in Solid Gold Wrestling for longer than I care to remember! I’ve been in and out, in and out, in and out of SGW – and why is that?! Why is it that clownshow rejects like Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Gang-fuckin’-rel are respected but a world-class athlete like myself is shit on?! I’ve NEVER gotten the respect I am due, I’ve NEVER gotten the money I should have made, and I HAVE NEVER! NEVER! NEVER…gotten the success I deserve in Solid Gold Wrestling!

Deafening boos from Charlotte. The raucous crowd is furious and a wadded-up poster board misses Jericho’s face by less than a foot.

[ Chris Jericho ] Well, all that’s changin’ now! I’m with the Origin, baby!! And let me tell ya’ something – there ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ this train! Because the Origin…is committed! To saving SGW! To one another! AND TO ME! Because the RESURGENCE – of Chris! Jericho! Starts at Supremacy!

While the fans are still booing vehemently, a more confused twang infuses through the masses.

[ Chris Jericho ] So I’m going to set this ship to sail right now…I’m going to call out a guy who’s been a real thorn in the Origin’s side ever since WrestleBrawl 3! I’m going to pick the guy who I’ll make an example of. I’m going to pick a man who has the unadulterated audacity to think he’s some kind of rock star around here!

Another boo, though the bright bulbs in the drawer begin to put the pieces together and cheer what is to come.

[ Chris Jericho ] I know all of you are slow, North Carolina rednecks…so this may need to be spelled out slowly for you all…but Elias! You poser! The only rock star in SGW is the AYATOLLAH! OF ROCK AND ROLLA, BABY! IT’S CHRIS JERICHO! So, bring your curtain-jerkin’ ass out here…and face the music!

The fans are excited, hoping the Vagabond will emerge and kick Jericho’s ass, and sure enough, Elias begins marching to the ring, strumming his guitar to the tune of “Wagon Wheel.” Not wasting time, the Drifter steps into the ring and rests his guitar in the corner behind himself, turning to face Jericho.

[ Elias ] A lot of nerve on you, Jericho…and a lot of words to say. Funny, though…in all the shit you said…there was a single nugget of gold in all of it.

Jericho’s got the microphone by his side but can barely be heard over Elias’ mic asking, “just what in the fuck he means.”

[ Elias ] Oh, I’ll tell you. You inferred…that I’d been a thorn in the Origin’s side since WrestleBrawl…and you know what, Chris? …I’m glad I’ve been a thorn in their side! That’s what I’m here to be – a catalyst for change! The spark falling towards the gasoline like the revolutionaries before me! Ahead of their time! Fighting for the future! Standing up against the bullies who seek to halt the progress. Against YOU, Chris.

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh, you think you’re some kind of hero, huh?! Some martyr, do’ya?! Well you know what, Elias, I think you’re a stupid piece of shit. You’re no rock star, Elias – you’re a button-tapping, Guitar Hero bastard! I’m the revolutionary! I’m ahead of my time! I’m the Dylan! I’m the Lennon! I’m the Hendrix! I’m the McCartney! I’m the Mick Jagger! I’m the Kurt Cobain! I’m the Mozart! I’m the Madonna! ME! Not you, Elias – ME!

Elias scratches his hairy chin and shakes his head, turning to face Jericho closely.

[ Elias ] You’re surely not naïve enough to think you’re both the Lennon and the McCartney of anything, right? I mean, Chris, come on…at your best…you’re a third-rate Sebastian Bach!

THAT DOES IT! Jericho fires a punch, but Elias predicts it, ducking and weaving through, connecting with three jabs! A big right cross levels the Painmaker, sending him to the canvas as Steve Corino turns his attention to the Vagabond, sliding into the ring to avenge his fallen teammate. Elias is prepared for Corino and lights him up with a huge punch to the face, knocking the King of Old School to the mat with one shot! Arn Anderson, now at ringside conversing hastily with Jericho, beckons for ‘someone, anyone’ to ‘stop this madness!’ Elias stomps Corino in the midsection before turning back to Jericho, who is clutching his midsection, crawling closer to the Drifter.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias is taking it to the Origin! They’re finally getting what they deserve! Kick their BUTTS, Elias!

With the crowd completely behind him, Elias lifts Jericho by his long hair to continue the assault – but Jericho swings upwards with the damn ring bell, clipping the Vagabond right in the throat!


[ Scott Steiner ] IT SURE THE SHIT WAS!

Elias falls to the mat, gripping his throat, eyes bulging and choking, doing his best to breathe despite the overwhelming pain preventing the action. Jericho grins evilly towards Elias as the crowd boos voraciously, against everything he stands for and particularly the heinous assault on the Drifter.


Medical professionals book it towards the ring and slide between Jericho and Elias, creating a human barricade to prevent another attack. The Vagabond is loaded onto a stretcher with zero resistance under a chorus of heavy, raining boos. Jericho lifts the ring bell like it’s a championship, parading around the ring like he’s done something worth celebrating as Elias is carted up the ramp towards help.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a sorry piece of garbage! Chris Jericho, you are a rotten, nasty urchin!

As Corino begins to find his footing, Jericho notices Elias’ guitar, still propped up in the corner, and grabs it, throwing the ring bell over his shoulder and narrowly missing his teammate’s left foot.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Put that down! It’s not yours, Jericho, you thief!

Jericho laughs and aggressively strums a E Barre Chord, cackling to himself as he climbs the ropes and lifts the instrument like a trophy above his head.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a violent attack – and Jericho is showing no remorse whatsoever!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jericho’s a real piece of work! A dirty, rotten, scoundrel! A no-good piece of trash!

Jericho’s face is beaming as he looks at the trophy from Elias and we fade away from the ring.

The scene transitions to the backstage area where we’re on the interview set for the show. Charly Caruso, still filling in for Cathy Kelley, dons a floral print dress and holds the microphone up to her lips.

[ Charly Caruso ] SGW fans, by guests at this time are the NEW SGW Twinstar Champions, Bayley and Sasha Banks!

Sasha comes into the scene first, both championship belts draped over her shoulders, followed by Bayley.

[ Sasha Banks ] Charly, let me give you a present.

Sasha then snatches the sunglasses off her face.

[ Sasha Banks ] The gift of opportunity.

[ Bayley ] Knock, knock, knock! Charly, opportunity is knocking!

[ Sasha Banks ] Bayley, no. I have this.

Sasha looks Charly dead in the eyes.

[ Sasha Banks ] You have the opportunity to reintroduce us and do it correctly.

[ Charly Caruso ] But, I..

[ Sasha Banks ] You said “Bayley AND Sasha Banks..”

She rolls her eyes as Bayley looks on.

[ Sasha Banks ] It’s Sasha Banks.. And.. Bayley.

[ Bayley ] Get it right, sheep! God!

[ Charly Caruso ] My apologies.. Alright.. Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time.. Your new SGW Twinstar Champions - Sasha Banks and Bayley!

[ Sasha Banks ] Well, that was entirely awful.

Sasha scoffs. Bayley snatches the microphone from Charly.

[ Bayley ] Forget the sheep! It’s time for your Role Model to speak! AZM! Starlight Kid! Enough is enough! You two.. Boss ‘n Hug! And we’ll put these titles on the line! Let’s do it!

Sasha nearly faints right on the spot, only saved by Charly’s quick thinking to catch her before falling.

[ Bayley ] You’re looking at the best tag team in SGW, male or female! You’re looking at the best friends ever! We’re the best and we’ll put these on the line against anyone at any time!

[ Sasha Banks ] Bayley.

Sasha fans herself, trying to regain composure.

[ Sasha Banks ] Did you just go rogue? Did you just take it upon yourself to put The Legit Boss’ titles on the line without my approval? Those are MY titles, Bayley! You got me? I won them all by myself, and yet, now.. You’ve put them on the line against CHILDREN?!

Bayley realizes she might have messed up.

[ Sasha Banks ] The Blueprint, the Standard encourages children to buy the gear and troll my enemies on social media under the disguise of several dozen stan accounts. She does NOT FIGHT them!

[ Bayley ] I got a little carried away.. I just.. I just got so angry when this sheep messed up the intro!

Sasha places her hand on Bayley’s shoulder.

[ Sasha Banks ] Stop.

Bayley lowers her head in shame but Sasha lifts her head back up by her chin.

[ Sasha Banks ] You made an executive decision. It was a poor one.. But fine.

Sasha turns to the camera with an evil smirk.

[ Sasha Banks ] AZM, Starlight Kid.. You’re welcome.

Sasha places her sunglasses back on her face and walks off the interview set. Bayley gives chase but then comes back to the scene and drops the microphone at Charly’s feet. The scene fades.

As cameras cut from the ringside area, we see a shot of a vacated area backstage. Nothing suspicious, just your usual storage area of production crates, ladders, and other supplies. Slowly, a head rises from the bottom of the screen, revealing itself as Danhausen.

[ Danhausen ] Hello yes, is this on?

Danhausen is unsure and taps the microphone in his hand, creating a loud thud every time he does so. He almost puts the microphone inside his mouth as he continues.

[ Danhausen ] Hello Solid Goldhausen fans, Danhausen here, roving reporter!

The camera zooms out a little to show Vincent with an ax over his shoulder, looking less than impressed.

[ Danhausen ] And this is my co-host, Vinhausen! He is booked tonight in a match and is very excited about it! He will become champion of the world upon winning!

[ Vincent ] The World title is not on the line.

[ Danhausen ] Not with that attitude!

Danhausen shoves the microphone in Vincent’s face.

[ Vincent ] What do you want?

[ Danhausen ] Your match! Talk about your match! Come on, this is an interviewhausen with me, Danhausen! Very nice, very evil!

Unsatisfied with the results, Danhausen pulls the microphone away and brings it back to his mouth.

[ Danhausen ] Lots of people reached out to Danhausen angry about his snack two weeks ago. Why?! Danhausen enjoys teeth! He ate a perfectly healthy snack! Danhausen does not come to your human homes and second guess your snack choices! You hurt Danhausen greatly!

Something catches his attention from the corner of his eye.

[ Danhausen ] Speaking of snacks.

Leaving Vincent in the dust, Danhausen sprints and jumps, landing in the middle of Los Ice Creams and Ted DiBiase.

[ Ted DiBiase ] What in the world?!

[ Danhausen ] Hello, Danhausen here. Roving reporter! Please, large ice cream men, explain something to me.

Los Ice Creams look on, intrigued.

[ Danhausen ] What flavor are you?

They go to respond.

[ Danhausen ] Can Danhausen have a taste?

[ Ted DiBiase ] What? No! Little here you little freak, my clients are far too busy for your shenanigans, you hear me? We have a very important match tonight against the Von Erich boys.

[ Danhausen ] Tell Danhausen more.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Why are you interviewing people? Isn’t that Shane Douglas’ job?

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen saw him this morning cooking eggs with Hitler. He’s not here.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Is that some sort of metaphor for something?

Danhausen shrugs.

[ Danhausen ] They like eggs! What can Danhausen say?

DiBiase shakes it off.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Anyway, the Von Erichs. Tonight, my clients, who have yet to have a rematch for the SGW Tag Team Championships that they unjustly lost, face two men who know great loss. Their family, cursed for generations! The new era of them will have the same luck when they step into that ring tonight!

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen loves curses!

[ Ted DiBiase ] They’ve come into SGW with a lot of hype but they don’t have the championship pedigree that my boys here have! They have the only remaining member of the family who thought life was worth living in their corner, and after tonight, Los Ice Creams will make him reconsider that!

Something causes DiBiase to do a double take.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Hey! What are you doing?!

The camera pans over to show Danhause licking the back of Ice Cream Jr.’s mask.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Stop that!

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen was just curious as to the flavor! Nobody answers my questions!

The moment is interrupted as MJF, Richard Holliday, and the rest of the Dynasty come into the picture, doing a quick survey of what’s going on.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Look at what we have here, the freak parade is out in full force.

MJF scoffs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Ice cream men, a fake millionaire, and a ghoul. Awesome. Love SGW.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen is a demon who is very nice, but very evil! The people love that Danhausen!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] The people don’t give a shit.

[ Danhausen ] No swearing!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] No.. Body.. Gives.. A.. SHIT!

[ Danhausen ] You swear! No swearing!

MJF proudly adjusts the cuffs of his dress shirt underneath his jacket.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] At least, I don’t.

Holliday pulls his AirPod from his left ear.

[ Richard Holliday ] Make it two. Don’t even know what’s going on, couldn’t give a damn.

He plugs his AirPod back in as MJF continues.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You know Danny, and can I call you “Danny?” Is that good?

[ Danhausen ] My name is Danhausen.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Danny, everyone in this circle jerk is what I like to call “mid card trash.” See, they keep booking you because they feel SORRY for you, ALL of you. They’re glad you’re here because you’re dependable, cheap, and don’t cause any harm. I’m sure someone gave you that microphone because they couldn’t care less what you did with it.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen stole this.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Ol’ Teddy over there was hoping for another Von Erich curse, right? Just hoping people would drop dead?

DiBiase nods.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Why don’t all of you in this circle jerk drink the special Kool-Aid and let the spirit of Kerry Von Erich take you all to hell with him.

[ Danhausen ] That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works! People! Let Danhausen know if you need more knowledge on death and curses! This is very discouraging because the information is out there! Knowledge is power!

MJF spits his chewing gum in Danhausen’s face.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] So is knowing when to shut your mouth.

MJF scoffs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Freaking loser.

He looks at everyone around.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] All of you.

The Dynasty falls in behind MJF as he passes through and exits the view of the camera. Danhausen puts the discarded chewing gum in his mouth and his tone is still raspy but more serious.

[ Danhausen ] MJF.. UP YOURS!

Vincent comes into the scene with his ax still resting on his shoulder.

[ Danhausen ] WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! We were talked down to by the scarf man and his ten managers! They take up half the roster! An ax could’ve helped greatly! We could’ve chopped them up and ate them all in a nice stew!

DiBiase is nudged by both members of Los Ice Creams.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Oh, no, I agree. We’re not sticking around for you two to become dessert. Let’s go.

Los Ice Creams and DiBiase also exit, leaving Horrifichausen to themselves.

[ Danhausen ] This has been Danhausen interviewing people for Solid Goldhausen Wrestling!

He clinches a fist.

[ Danhausen ] MJF, UP YOURS!

The scene fades.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The match kicks off in a very fast pace as Juvi runs, leaping and rolling across the canvas, Candy tumbling underneath him to avoid his attack! The two come to their feet and trade arm drags, Juvi lifting Candy for a hip toss, but Floss shifts her weight and drags him over with a pinfall! Rick Knox counts – ONE! Kickout! Guerrera forces his shoulder up early!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This one’s getting off to a quick start! Juventud Guerrera and Candy Floss, two very talented athletes, colliding here in Charlotte, North Carolina!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not quite Flair and Steamboat, but these two are having a nice back and forth thus far here in Charlotte!

Floss rises first and scopes out Guerrera, arm dragging him again to the floor, then scooting off and across the ring, flying through the air with a beautiful tope, wiping out Juvi on the floor! Candy pops up off the mat and takes Guerrera by the hair, lifting him slightly – but Juventud fires up, lifting her and slamming her to the mat with a powerslam!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHOA! Whoa now!

Guerrera leaps to the barricade and soars with a diving plancha, smashing Floss on the floor! Standing and whipping his wet, greasy hair around, Juventud takes Floss in his arms and stomps up the steel ring steps, sitting his opponent on the top turnbuckle before sticking his tongue out at the hard camera.

[ Scott Steiner ] What in the hell is he doing now?!

Juventud leaps, springboarding and twisting in mid-air, connecting with a beautiful hurricanrana to drive Candy into the mat violently! The Charlotte fans erupt for the beautiful maneuver, but Juventud’s way-too-sexual cover draws a strong boo from the people – and it only garners a two for the Juice.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is…unorthodox…a good description of the cover, there, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I…I would say so, yes, Tony!

Juventud smirks, patting Candy on the head and lifting her – and Candy throws a forearm strike in defense! The arena comes alive, cheering wildly for her show of candor, but Juventud is unamused, instantly snarling and snatches her up into a body slam before sitting out, dropping her on the back of her head with the Juvi Driver!


Not resting on his laurels, Guerrera is up and hopping to the top turnbuckle, flying forward with a gorgeous 450º Splash, connecting completely with Floss’ torso as the Charlotte fans roar at the beautiful plancha from the Juice. Guerrera quickly moves to Floss’ legs, bending her ankles over her shoulders and using his entire body across it perpendicularly to make the cover – ONE! TWO! THREE!


Guerrera steps off of the folded-up pinfall and rises, whipping his hair back and forth aggressively before pumping his fists in victory.

[ Tony Schiavone ] ANOTHER big victory for Juventud Guerrera! The Juice is certainly loose and is staking his claim for an SGW Limitless Championship match in the near future! But…strange stuff, as always, from Mr. Guerrera.

Juvi isn’t concerned with Knox’s attempts to raise his hand, focusing again on Candy Floss. Guerrera scoops her off the mat and props her face-first in the corner, admiring her form with a big smirk on his face.

[ Scott Steiner ] He’s greasy as shit, but this Mexican fella’s got great taste in ladies, I’ll say! This sweet little piece is a nice choice, Grease-man!

Juvi begins rubbing his hands together and winding up to slap Candy on her ass, when a huge pop thunders from the crowd – and Ruby Riott comes running down the ramp! Floss slumps over in the corner, falling to the mat as Juvi realizes Riott is on the prowl! Guerrera quickly scoots from the ring as Riott slides into the ring, unable to get hands on Juvi but preventing further abuse of Candy Floss.


Guerrera walks calmly up the ramp, licking his lips and lifting his hands to say “I’m innocent, I’m innocent” as Riott finally turns to help Candy Floss.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It seems as if Ruby Riott’s taking a stand against Juventud Guerrera here, gentlemen – oh! Oh my, look at this, now!

From the crowd emerges the Big Kaijus! Hikaru Shida absolutely demolishes Riott from behind with a forearm strike as Shoko Nakajima slides in and joins her partner in stomping the downed Limitless champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] AMBUSH! An ambush on Ruby Riott from these Big Kaijus! Doctor Cube knows no lows he will not stoop to!

As Candy begins coming to her senses in the corner, Nurse Ratchet emerges from under the ring, syringe-in-hand!

[ Scott Steiner ] IT’S THE NURSE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nurse Ratchet! She’s got that weird green liquid in her syringe!

Shoko turns to begin attacking Candy in the corner as Ratchet steps into the ring, staring into the emerald-colored liquid as Shida continues smashing Riott over and over in the back of the head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at this! Here comes the calvary! It’s the Galaxy’s Favorite Alien!

Charlotte pops huge as Kris Statlander emerges from the curtain, running at breakneck speed towards the ring – and slides in, throwing a shot to meet Hikaru Shida! Statlander slugs Ratchet, knocking the syringe out of her hand and to the mat outside the ring – but Shoko Nakajima is up! Shoko cuts off Statlander’s roaring offense and eventually, she, too succumbs to the combined force of the Cube Army! With Floss, Statlander, and Riott down on the mat, suffering through the abuse of the strikes from their rivals, Shida is particularly vicious with her strikes on the Limitless Champion.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Recall, gentlemen, that Hikaru Shida defeated the Monster Abyss to earn a shot at Ruby Riott’s Limitless Championship! She’s making a statement here and now! And this is a statement for the ages, apparently!

Another massive pop erupts from the Charlotte fans and the Cube Army turn their attention to the ramp – where Juventud Guerrera, of all people, is running towards the ring with a steel chair in hand! The Juice slides into the ring and throws a chairshot towards Shida, who leaps through the ropes to the floor, the rest of the Cube Army following suit as Juventud begins screaming nonsensically for them to come back and fight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Uh…fans, forgive me, but I have absolutely no idea why Juventud Guerrera has made the save for these women, but…he has!

On the mat, Ruby Riott is scowling, not completely sure what Juventud is playing at. Statlander makes her way to Floss, helping her to come back to her senses, but equally confused as to why the Juice made the save for the trio. Juventud smiles and gives very animated thumbs ups to all three women, sitting up the chair and standing in it, lifting his arms and waving his hands towards the ceiling, asking the crowd to get pumped up for these three women in the ring and their hero – himself!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can’t say I completely understand his logic, either, Tony – but…be that as it may, Juventud Guerrera has saved Candy Floss, a woman he just defeated mere moments ago, her partner Kris Statlander, and Limitless Champion Ruby Riott!

Riott rolls towards Floss, and she and Statlander begin escorting Candy from the ring as Juvi scrunches his face in confusion, not sure why his heroism isn’t being lauded. Guerrera smiles ear-to-ear, shrugging and waving towards the three women as they walk up the ramp, not entirely sure why he did what he did. Charlotte gives Guerrera a mixed reaction as he climbs to the second rope, doing his best to pump them up again, to very little more than a soft smattering of cheers.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Juventud Guerrera is a strange one, Nigel – but he certainly evened the score tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …fair enough, Tony…but it certainly seems Juventud did this with nothing but the best of intentions!

We fade away on a final shot of a smiling Guerrera, flexing his muscles on the second rope.

We fade up backstage with a shot of Dan Barry and Bill Carr pacing back and forth, disheveled and sweaty. They're both pissed off but Bill Carr is absolutely losing it. He picks up a steel chair and throws it across the room. Dan Barry looks into the camera and addresses the fans at home.

[ Dan Barry ] Do ya' see that? You see what you did out there, V.E.N.O.M.?

Barry shakes his head, upset but visibly disappointed.

[ Dan Barry ] I know me and Big Bill are always goin' on and on about the crimes that go unpunished in this company... but that out there... what just happened to Team Tremendous?! That was a crime, brother. That was a REAL crime and you know it!

He points into the camera.

[ Dan Barry ] You stole your title shot from the Best Friends... and now you've stolen our titles... OUR titles, that belong to us! On the first defense! You think we're a joke? You think we're what's wrong with SGW?

Bill Carr is looming behind Barry, huffing and puffing angrily.

[ Dan Barry ] We know what's wrong with this company and it has nothing to do with us or the Best Friends or any of the other guys who work hard to make this company competitive and fun! The problem with this company is how it rewards despicable criminals like yourselves instead of locking you up and throwing away the key like you deserve!

Bill points at the camera.

[ Bill Carr ] We're not finished! We're not goin' down like that!

Spit flies from his mouth as he gets louder.

[ Bill Carr ] NOT LIKE THAT!

[ Dan Barry ] He's absolutely right. We're not finished... not by a long shot. The way I see it, we've got one of the most spotless tag team records in this whole company. We worked our way up the ladder when no one even knew who we were--

[ Bill Carr ] People didn't know who we were?

[ Dan Barry ] Shut up, Bill.

[ Bill Carr ] Sorry.

[ Dan Barry ] We earned those titles. We're the guys who put in the work, keeping the locker room clean, keeping the streets safe. Stressing out about what danger's coming to threaten SGW next and waking up at night in a cold sweat with a nosebleed and a fully loaded finger gun in your hand...

Dan Barry points at himself with his thumb as Bill pats his shoulder.

[ Dan Barry ] That's us. That's what  Team Tremendous is all about.

[ Bill Carr ] Tell 'em, Danno.

[ Dan Barry ] As far as we're concerned, your dance card isn't full at Supremacy... Best Friends, we hate to cut in on your moment... but we're gonna have to insist... on a three way dance.

[ Bill Carr ] I like the sound o' that.

[ Dan Barry ] Yeah.

Barry stares into the camera with steely cold eyes.

[ Dan Barry ] Me, too.

The fans are cheering loudly as we fade out.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

While the challenger has the typical mentality of a major wrestling championship contest, Elevation Champion ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash appears all-too indifferent to Jon Moxley’s lion-esque pacing across the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Death Rider seems confident…he’s got that trademark steely-eyed expression on his face and looks primed to take a championship!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] I assume he’d stay down for a three count, Scott.

[ Scott Steiner ] YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT HE DOES!

Moxley stops in center ring, ignoring Senior Official Aubrey Edwards’ requests for him to return to his corner for the opening bell and, understanding the bullheadedness of her two assigned competitors, Edwards pays his positioning no mind as the bell rings to kick off the match.

Nash still isn’t averse to Moxley’s positioning, nor his eagerness to get the match started, but the Death Rider walks right up to the champion – and slaps him in the mouth!

[ Scott Steiner ] BIG MISTAKE!

Nash’s ire has been properly raised and he throws a punch – but Moxley ducks! Stiff right! And another from the Death Rider! A third! Discus and – left hand cross! It was a left hand, Cross! The champion stumbles to the ropes and Moxley delivers another blow to the breadbasket before whipping Nash across the ring, and rushing after him, hitting the same ropes and the disoriented Big Sexy turns – right into Mox’s clothesline!

Nash rolls to the floor, wide-eyed and finally at an early disadvantage in an Elevation Championship contest, running his hands through his hair and taking a few deep breaths to regain his composure.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It sure looks like Kevin Nash is in troub—


After a particularly deep breath, Nash looks towards Edwards, who begins her countout call, and grins his Silver Fox grin, waving goodbye to Moxley and turning to walk away!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT?! What in the world is he doing?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …perhaps Mr. Nash decided discretion is the better part of valor, gentlemen.

As Nash makes it a quarter of the way up the ramp, taking his time to exit the ringside area, Moxley visibly swears and shrugs his shoulders, rolling through the ropes and to the floor, running to meet Nash with a huge club to the shoulders, stopping his movement! Mox smashes Nash’s face into the top of the barricade and prepares to take him back into the ring – but at the last second, Big Sexy takes Moxley by the head and slings him into the ringpost – and the Death Rider goes head-first into the pole!


[ Tony Schiavone ] I never said Nash wasn’t smart!


Moxley falls backwards like a mighty redwood, crashing to the protective mat as Nash rolls his shoulder under the bottom rope to restart Edwards’ count. The wily champion grabs Moxley by the boot and drags him halfway up the ramp, leaving him for dead at a count of four and leisurely re-enters the ring, watching patiently as Edwards reaches a count of seven – but Moxley is already pushing towards the ring!


Moxley reaches the edge of the ring and muscles up and under the bottom rope only milliseconds before Edwards reaches the count of ten!


Nash visibly rolls his eyes and as Edwards begins checking on Moxley, unfastens the top turnbuckle on the far corner of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nash must be trying to even the odds any way he can!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He’s a cheater! A dirty cheater!

[ Scott Steiner ] SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH! I’ll fuck you up, Schiavone!

Nash interrupts the inspection on Moxley to alert Edwards to the removed pad! Using a jabbing motion with his index finger, Big Sexy indicates that MOXLEY removed the protective pad from the turnbuckle.


As Edwards begins readjusting the turnbuckle, Nash immediately goes to a knee and begins removing his ring boot! After unfastening it completely, ‘Big Sexy’ lifts Moxley and props him up on the ropes, saying something indistinct to his opponent before stomping his still-booted foot loudly, dropping to the mat quickly and tossing the other boot to Moxley!

Senior Official Edwards spins around and sees Moxley holding the boot and Nash down on the mat, effectively pulling an Eddie Guerrero! Edwards looks at Moxley, who throws the boot towards Nash’s skull (missing slightly) and begins looking around, unsure of what the correct call is to make – but Moxley does not wait, walking over and bending down to grab the champion – but Nash pulls Mox down in a sloppy cradle! Edwards counts!! ONE! TWO! NO!! Moxley muscles his shoulder up!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Getting counted out did not work – getting MOXLEY counted out did not work! Getting Moxley disqualified did not work! The quick cradle did not work!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NONE OF THESE CHEAP TRICKS IS GOING TO WORK! Jon Moxley can’t be denied!

Nash pushes up from the mat as quickly as he can with his notoriously weakened knees – but Mox is already up and lights Big Sexy up with a left hand! And another! And a huge right! Nash is rocked and Moxley’s off the rope, looking for a big lariat – Nash ducks and Moxley keeps running – NASH SWINGS THE SHOE! – Moxley ducks it!

[ Scott Steiner ] SHIT!

Big Sexy deadstops and turns around – GUT KICK! WHAM! Double Underhook!


Nash spins through and throws a back elbow – but Mox ducks, keeping the other wrist locked and –


Nash thuds into the mat on his upper back and plants, not rolling through the pain but crumpling back down, just as Mox makes the cover! One! Two!

NO!! Nash kicks out! Moxley is up again, foaming at the mouth as Nash, perhaps only instinctually, rises up to meet the Death Rider, who scores with the lariat, sending Big Sexy into the corner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] MOXLEY IS ROLLING NOW!

Mox lifts Nash’s shoe up, scoffing – and pitches it into the Charlotte crowd!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There’s a souvenir for a lucky fan!

Immediately, Mox is back on offense, rockin’ and rollin’ on Big Sexy with a ten punch in the corner, each strike stiffer than the one before it! Before the tenth punch, Moxley wags his tongue at Nash, taking a split second to embrace the huge applause of the crowd – but Nash throws him off the ropes backwards! The Death Rider rolls backwards and runs back to the corner, but Nash puts up a big boot, connecting with Moxley’s face!!

[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S IT! OVER!

Mox staggers, stumbling backwards into the middle rope – but rebounds and soars ahead with a beautiful Jawbreaker Lariat, cleaning Nash’s clock and popping the Charlotte crowd massively! Nash literally comes out of his other boot with the ferocity of Moxley’s lariat!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! NO!


As Nigel seethes, Moxley is up and slapping himself in the face, clearly recognizing this is the time to kill – but as he and Edwards approach Nash in center ring with differing motivations (Edwards to make sure he is still conscious and Moxley to remove all doubt of the latter), the Elevation Champion attempts to pull himself up on Edwards’ pants and accidentally tugs too hard, sending her crashing to the mat awkwardly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO! OH NO! Aubrey’s down!

Moxley rolls his eyes but keeps focused on the champion, doing his best to lift the big man, now on his stomach, finally wrenching enough to get Nash to his knees when – WHAM!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT?!

Nash swings his OTHER boot, smashing Moxley in the nose with it and falls forward, covering his opponent as Edwards regains just enough wherewithal to count the one – two – three!

KEVIN NASH via PIN FALL in 10:03

A smirk spreads across Big Sexy’s face as the bell tomes across the arena and he rolls off of Moxley’s torso, headed to the ropes and away from the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] After all the shenanigans, after all the cheating, after everything Kevin Nash did to short-change Jon Moxley, it all came crashing down – and to cheating shenanigans! Moxley should be the Elevation Champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] But he’s NOT! HE JUST CAN’T HACK IT! Big Sexy made it happen! He always makes the shit happen! And as for Moxley? TOO BAD! SO SAD! FUCK YOU!

Nash clutches his neck and begins demanding for the Elevation Championship to be returned to him and as Edwards finally delivers the belt, Moxley comes to, gritting his teeth and glaring daggers through Big Sexy as he kicks off the ill-earned celebration.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I suppose that a lost feather still makes a perfectly fine quill…and Kevin Nash is still the Elevation Champion of the world!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don’t know what in the fuck you mean by that, but hell yeah, the second part is true as shit – BIG NASH IS THE CHAMPION! ONE MORE DEFENSE TO GO, BIG MAN!

[ Tony Schiavone ] As much as it pains me to say, I guess Jon Moxley just had the other shoe drop – and Kevin Nash retains the championship…


Moxley slowly makes his way to a knee, pushing away the attempted assistance of Edwards and other ringside officials as Nash slowly lifts the championship above his head at the top of the ramp, grinning ear-to-ear all the while.

We fade to the back.

Immediately after the match, we find Zicky Dice, exhausted after his match against Bryan Danielson, seated in a folding chair, eating a banana and sipping on a bottle of water.

[ Zicky Dice ] Hell of a journey so far.

So reflective, even in times like these.

[ Zicky Dice ] Don’t know what I expected from SGW, but wow, two matches into my contract and I fought for the World title. I must’ve really impressed Danielson!

He’s proud.

[ Zicky Dice ] The people are really friendly here, the competition is fierce, and I think I have a good thing going!

Zicky then takes an uncomfortably large bite off the banana. As he struggles to chew, he continues talking out loud.

[ Zicky Dice ] Mama, I did it!

Fresh off his match, Jon Moxley comes through the hallway looking disgruntled as hell. He kicks over a trash can in frustration. Dice is quick to his feet, still struggling to chew the banana up. We can make out what he says, but it’s muffled and you have to listen very closely.

[ Zicky Dice ] Hell of a night for us, huh?

Moxley scrunches his face trying to understand.

[ Jon Moxley ] What?

[ Zicky Dice ] You and me, hell of a night.

[ Jon Moxley ] Finish chewin’ your food before you speak to me.

Dice agrees, obnoxiously chewing for what seems like an eternity. Moxley is somehow being patient even though signs of annoyance are slapped all over his face.

[ Jon Moxley ] Any day now.

Dice holds up an index finger, wanting a second. Moxley rubs his face and huffs, trying to catch his breath as best he can. Once he’s finished chewing, Zicky smiles and puts the remaining part of his banana inside his fanny pack.

[ Zicky Dice ] I said, man, hell of a night for us two right? Two title matches in front of a hot crowd. We came up short, but hey, it’s the effort to be proud of out of it all, right?

[ Jon Moxley ] Oh. You like consolation prizes, huh?

Oh no.

[ Jon Moxley ] Coming up short is just fine with you? Getting the match is the equivalent of scaling the mountain, not winning the title itself?

Moxley scoffs.

[ Jon Moxley ] You make me sick.

[ Zicky Dice ] Oh.

[ Jon Moxley ] I’ve been here scraping and clawing and fighting show after show, and tonight was my first shot at a belt and I came up short. I’m pissed as hell, I’m angry, I’m disappointed.. And now, standing in front of me, is some guy who lost a match tonight too, but hell yeah, let’s kick back and relax! Let’s shrug it off and eat a banana! Life is grand! Right?

Moxley pats Dice’s cheeks.

[ Jon Moxley ] I didn’t win but I got a cool match! That’s all that counts, right?

[ Zicky Dice ] Well, I uh..

[ Jon Moxley ] You what? Huh? You realize how stupid you sound right now? That it? Then you have the audacity to catch me minutes after the bell rang on my match and try to relate to me like you even know the half of what I went through to get here.. What I had to overcome to get that match?

Moxley shakes his head.

[ Jon Moxley ] This is what separates people like us. We ain’t one in the same. You overachieved tonight and you’re happy. I dropped the ball and I’m pissed. But hey, it’s all good. You still have a damn banana left in your fanny pack!

[ Zicky Dice ] Yeah! It’s great potassium for your muscles and-

Kick to the gut! Paradigm Shift on the floor! Jon Moxley pops right back up and looks down at the fallen Zicky Dice with sheer disgust on his face. Moxley is more offended at Zicky’s nonchalant attitude than he is at losing his match. Moxley runs his hands over his sweaty, blood-red face and then looks down at Zicky Dice once more as the scene fades.

REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

David Starr receives a strong mixed reaction during his entrance while Vincent is cheered heavily thanks to Danhausen accompanying him to ringside. Starr and Vincent lock up in the middle of the ring and jockey for position before Starr takes over with a headlock. Vincent attempts to shoot him off but Starr maintains the hold, refusing to let go! Starr takes Vincent a few steps away from the ropes and Vincent whips him around and plants him with a BACK BODY DROP right in the center of the ring! Vincent sits up and dusts his hands off, an evil smirk on his face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a match this is going to be! The controversial David Starr taking on the horrifying Vincent Marseglia!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Given Vincent's reputation for violence, you have to wonder if this match wasn't made as sort of a... punishment or deterrent for David Starr!

Vincent quickly mounts Starr and begins pummeling him with right and left hands! Starr covers up and Vincent quickly gets to his feet, pulling Starr up with him. He pulls Starr in and goes for a vertical suplex but Starr locks his legs, refusing to go with the hold! Vincent struggles but Starr is locked in place and hoists Marseglia up, planting him with a vertical suplex of his own! Starr and Marseglia both quickly return to their feet and hit the ropes! They collide in the center of the ring with a double shoulder block! Neither man goes down! They glare at each other and Starr gestures toward the ropes, inviting Marseglia to try again! Vincent nods and runs at the ropes... but David Starr meets him on the turnaround, sending both men over the top rope with a Cactus Clothesline!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What impact!

[ Scott Steiner ] Helluva clothesline!

Both men tumble to the floor! Danhausen lurks around the corner but doesn't interfere! David Starr is up first. He grabs a handful of Vincent's hair and pulls him up. He goes to whip him into the guardrail but Vincent reverses it and sends Starr into the rail instead! Vincent charges at him but David Starr comes alive, launching himself toward Vincent and turning him inside out with HAN STANSEN! The fans pop huge! Starr stands up, pumping his fist. He looks at the arm he took down Vincent with as if HE can't even believe what he just did! Starr tosses Vincent under the bottom rope and follows him in! Vincent rises to his feet, clearly not one hundred percent... He throws a haymaker and Starr ducks it, booting Vincent in the gut! He pulls him in... KAEPERNICK! Starr covers! ONE! TWO! VINCENT KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' not gonna get Vincent down that easy!

Starr is up, huffing and puffing, clenching both fists in front of him! Vincent slowly rises to his feet, also pumping his fists, running on pure adrenaline! Vincent nails Starr with a big overhand chop! Starr nails Vincent with a big overhand chop! Vincent boots Starr in the gut out of nowhere and pulls him in for a piledriver but Starr BACK DROPS HIM out of that position and hits the ropes! Vincent returns to his feet just in time to walk into HAN STANSEN for the second time! Starr rolls right back to his feet and snatches Vincent up... PRODUCT PLACEMENT right in the center of the ring! Starr covers him and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans cheer loudly as Starr rolls off of Vincent and raises his arm in the air. Danhausen quickly collects Vincent and they disappear to the back without incident. David Starr stands up in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips, soaking in the adulation of the fans, who he seems to be slowly but surely winning over.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an impressive and decisive win for David Starr!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I would certainly call a win that commanding, a message well sent and delivered! Championship Committee, take notice!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know they're watching, Nigel.

[ Scott Steiner ] He's got a god damn good mustache, I'll give'im that.

Starr continues celebrating as we fade out.

Backstage in the catering area, Matt Riddle and Nunzio are continuing their back and forth brawl. Riddle slings Nunzio into a ladder that’s propped up against the wall and then takes the ladder and slams it down on top on Nunzio! Here’s Nunzio’s back up! Big Vito and Chuck Palumbo pounce on top of Riddle and Vito produces a thick chain and begins choking Riddle with it! With no one to help him, Riddle is taking a vicious beating. David Otunga appears on the scene, doing his best to ward off road agents who are coming to break things up.

[ David Otunga ] Gentlemen, gentlemen, there’s simply nothing to see here.

Nunzio is back to his feet and spits on Riddle, still being choked with the chain.

[ Nunzio ] Fockin’ finish ‘em like we did his buddy.

Riddle frantically tries fighting the chain from around his neck.

[ David Otunga ] Again, nothing to see here.

[ Stevie Ray ] Get out the way! There’s a man dyin’ right in fronta’ our eyes!

Riddle manages to punch Palumbo low, causing him to drop to his knees. Riddle makes a final attempt and grabs the chain from around his neck and slings Vito over his shoulder! Nunzio kicks Riddle on the side of the head and grabs the chain.

[ Nunzio ] Riddle, I have to admit somethin’ to ya’.

Nunzio stands over the fallen Riddle.

[ Nunzio ] I shouldn’t have done what I did to ya’ little buddy, London.

[ David Otunga ] Allegedly.

Otunga reassures the road agents.

[ David Otunga ] Allegedly. This is not an admission of any wrongdoing.

[ Nunzio ] Instead Riddle, I should’ve done it to you.

Riddle presses himself back up to his knees.

[ Nunzio ] But fortunately, life presented me a second opportunity.

Nunzio spins the chain in his hands like a lasso, but Riddle leg sweeps him and sends Nunzio landing hard on the floor! Riddle comes up and grabs Vito and tosses him through a glass window that is connected to a nearby office! Riddle then knees Palumbo so hard in the face that he drops right where he stands.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro..

Riddle stands over Nunzio, the tables have turned.

[ Matt Riddle ] It’s time to end this right here, right now!

Otunga rushes over to try to save Nunzio and takes a backfist for his troubles. Riddle reaches down and grabs the chain and rears back. Then, finally, after minutes of standing by and watching all of this unfold, Stevie Ray, Billy Gunn, and Lance Storm rush in and try to break things up. Edge and Christian pass by with plates full of food and are completely shocked by the scene.

[ Edge ] What in the hell has happened here?

[ Christian ] Was there some sort of suicide pact or something? There’s bodies everywhere.

[ Billy Gunn ] Riddle and Nunzio’s been fighting again. This time, Nunzio’s cronies tried killing Riddle with a chain, but Riddle fought them off.

Edge sports a blank stare, trying to register what’s going on.

[ Edge ] And you guys let it get to this point before breaking it up?

[ Billy Gunn ] Otunga was spouting off lawyer gibberish while it was going on. Hell of a fight, too.

[ Christian ] I love a good fight.

Christian takes a bite of a pretzel and walks over to the now broken up melee. He spits the pretzel out and looks at everyone.

[ Christian ] Alright fellas, let’s get down to business.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro, not to interrupt.. But why did you spit that huge bite of pretzel out? Like, you can talk but I won’t listen to anything because I’m going to be so focused on the unknown.

[ Christian ] Oh. Yeah. That.

Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] I just like the taste of the salt.

He gets back to business as everyone around him is beyond confused.

[ Christian ] Anyway. Riddle, Nunzio, I don’t know why you two are constantly fighting, but if you two are going to keep it up then you’re going to do it in two weeks at The Levels We’ve Sunk to Now. That way, I can see it happen… Oh yeah.. No disqualification, too. That way we can get this blood feud some juice besides it just being random backstage brawls.

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro! You don’t know why I’m doing this?! Bro! They killed Paul London!

Still being held back, Nunzio intervenes.

[ Nunzio ] Allegedly.

Christian puts his hands over his ears.

[ Christian ] Yeah, I’m not going to trial for that.

He follows up.

[ Christian ] So yeah, good talk.

Christian rejoins Edge and takes another bite of his pretzel.

[ Edge ] Do you even watch the show? How did you not know Paul London’s been missing for a month?

[ Christian ] Simple. I honestly do not care about Paul London.

Edge and Christian walk off as we take one final shot of a separated Matt Riddle and Nunzio, being held back by a slew of road agents, as tensions have reached an all time high! In two weeks, it’s Nunzio versus Matt Riddle - no disqualification!

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

In their debut contest, the Charlotte fans were quite receptive to the newest generation of the legendary Von Erich professional wrestling family, cheering them vividly and clapping politely as “Conscience Killer” dies down. Despite the warm reception, there was no softball to be thrown to the young Texans – their very first opponents staring across the ring are the former SGW World Tag Team Champions, Los Ice Creams!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ross and Marshall Von Erich! The newest additions to the storied Von Erich wrestling clan are now two of the newest additions to the Solid Gold Wrestling family!


[ Tony Schiavone ] So I take it you’re on the side of Los Ice Creams, Scott?


The flashier of the two brothers, Marshall, starts off against Ice Cream Junior, treating the fans to the rock-solid technique they have grown to expect from the Von Erich family. Ice Cream Junior does use a well-placed index finger to the butthole to shock Marshall off of his hold before taking over with his own tightly-learned technical maneuvers.

On the floor, Ted DiBiase begins yelling for Junior to take it to the Von Erichs with all the force they’d discussed – but Junior doesn’t seem to get the hint, leading El Hijo del Ice Creamto hop into the ring and apply his OWN side headlock – but on his partner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Certainly…uh…unorthodox offense from Los Ice Creams…

[ Scott Steiner ] OUTLAW! MUDSHOW! BULL! SHIT!

Ross enters the ring illegally and positions himself under Hijo, then, along with his brother, muscles his opponents – both of them! – up and down to the mat with a double-double side suplex! Ross clutches his lower back after the big showing of strength, in a bit of pain.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh God, what’s happened?! Torn muscles? Vertebrae issues?! This child is only getting started, you despicable curse!!

Charlotte pops huge as Ross rolls to the floor for a break and Marshall takes to the top rope with speed, slightly stumbling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOD! NO!


Marshall recovers, steadying himself, and flying off with a beautiful moonsault to smash Hijo!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT A MOONSAULT! BEAUTIFUL FORM! …I nearly had a heart attack! These kids are going to give me ulcers!

As Marshall gets to his feet, Junior storms in with an axe handle, but a well-placed kick to the gut stops him – and a big Jawbreaker! Junior begins twirling around in pain as Ted DiBiase puts his face in his palms at ringside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT A JAWBREAKER! Junior looks like he’s had it!

Junior staggers, turning in circles before coming to as much of a rest as he can when Marshall applies the Iron Claw!


Ross immediately snaps back to attention, hooking Junior over his shoulder as his brother keeps the Iron Claw tightly applied.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve seen this in videos before! It can be lethal when the angle is high and tight!

IRON CLAW DRIVER! Junior lands on his topmost scoop and folds over like an accordion as Ross makes the textbook cover and Paul Turner counts in perfect time! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Ross releases the legs and rises to embrace his brother, hyped for the huge debut victory in Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow! Wow, fans, I can’t lie, certain parts of their matches may scare those of us who knew their lovely family, but these third generation Von Erichs have certainly made a statement in their debut contest here in SGW!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT’D I SAY?! HAH?! THEY WON!

As DiBiase begins slapping his Ice Cream grapplers up the ramp, Charly Caruso crosses their path, heading to the ring for a word with the victorious newcomers. Ross acknowledges Charly and holds the ropes open for her as Marshall greets her with a handshake.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite the gentlemen, too, these boys.

Charly smiles and directs the brothers with a smile, they settle in as she begins.

[ Charly Caruso ] Fans, if you don’t know them – now you can’t forget them, it’s Marshall and Ross, the Von Erich Brothers!

A very nice applause from Charlotte and the brothers seem genuinely touched.

[ Charly Caruso ] Gentlemen, what an impressive victory! That’s former World Tag Team Champions you just defeated!

Ross nods and leans into the microphone first.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Thank you ma’am, but if I may, my brother and I are actually the newest set of brothers in our family to get the chance to perform under these bright lights. Our father, Kevin, and his brothers were the second generation…but yes ma’am, we’re very happy with the win.

Charly smiles and continues.

[ Charly Caruso ] Marshall, may I ask, your brother has detailed the long lineage your family has in professional wrestling, and you gentlemen seem to be on your way to success in SGW – was it a goal of your family to make it to Solid Gold Wrestling in the past, and if so what does it mean for you and your brother to achieve this goal?

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Well, of course! Everybody wants to make it to SGW, Charly, and my daddy and uncles were no exception, ma’am! We’re happy to trailblaze over to SGW and carry the torch for our family!

Charly nods and Ross leans back into the microphone.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Thank you so much, Miss Caruso, for your time, ma’am, but my brother and I must be goin’ – we’ve got trainin’ to do.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Awww, come on, Ross, look at’er! She’s beautiful! I’d answer any question she’s got for us!

Ross smirks and pulls his brother away as the Charlotte fans pop again for the brothers.

[ Charly Caruso ] Well, there you have it, Charlotte! The Von Erich Brothers! Carrying the torch for their family and blazing new ground in the tag team division!

The camera focuses on the brothers, discussing the match as they make their way up the ramp and we fade away.

We fade up backstage where we see David Starr wandering through catering, still in his wrestling gear. Before he can take advantage of the amazing spread, he's approached by Billy Gunn and Lance Storm. The fans boo loudly, already knowing what's coming.

[ Lance Storm ] David.

Storm looks at both men and smiles.

[ David Starr ] Gentlemen, what can I--

[ Billy Gunn ] You already know the drill, kid.

Gunn jerks his thumb toward the door.

[ Billy Gunn ] Time to go.

[ David Starr ] Seriously? I haven't even eaten yet.

[ Billy Gunn ] That food... is for contracted talent only.

Starr scratches his chin.

[ David Starr ] So, where's the food for workers without contracts?

Gunn points off at nothing in particular.

[ Billy Gunn ] Up the god damn street.

Lance Storm motions for Billy to calm down.

[ Lance Storm ] We've been asked by upper management to make sure you're removed from the building. I guess someone heard you were trying to recruit Z-Barr and some of the other enhancement talent for this little movement of yours.

[ David Starr ] Recruit? What do you think this is--

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. walks into the shot and stands next to Starr.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Hey, hey. What's going on, guys?

[ Lance Storm ] Chavo, come on. You know this guy is bad news--

[ David Starr ] No, I think I'll tell you what's bad news--

RKO OUT OF NOWHERE ON DAVID STARR! The fans erupt in boos as Orton comes up off the floor and immediately uppercuts Lance Storm right in the chin, knocking him down in a seated position! Without missing a beat, Orton grabs a tray of sushi from the table and whips it across Billy Gunn's face, sending him teetering backward over another table, landing on his head! Lance Storm tries to stand but Orton immediately boots him right in the face, knocking him unconscious!


Chavo spins Orton around and nails him with a big right hand! The former rivals from SGW '06 begin trading punches like wild men until Orton comes up with a knee to the groin, cutting Chavo off! Orton grabs Chavo by either side of his head and spits right in his face before drilling him with an RKO ON THE FLOOR! Orton springs right back to his feet. Billy Gunn is on all fours, crawling around the table and Orton grabs a steel folding chair. He raises it over his head and brings it down hard across Gunn's back, knocking him clean out! Orton walks around the table where David Starr has managed to pull himself up into a seated position, resting against one of the chairs. He looks up at Orton, clearly out of it. Orton looks down at him and grabs a tray of meats and cheeses, casually dumping them all over Starr. Before Starr can even sell that, Orton boots him right in the side of the head, knocking him over on his side, out of it. Orton grabs a large metal serving bowl of chocolate pudding and pours it all over Starr before tossing the bowl over his head with a loud clang. Orton smiles evilly and walks off-camera.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton isn't finished... what a despicable act!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Someone has got to do something about this.

[ Scott Steiner ] There's only one man who can... and he ain't fuckin' here!

The door swings open and Stevie Ray, Justin Credible, and D-Von Dudley run in and begin checking on the fallen. Justin Credible calls for help as we fade out.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Christina Von Eerie and Hana Kimura stand in their respective corners as the fans buzz with anticipation. Rick Knox pats down each woman and then calls for the bell to begin the match. Von Eerie and Kimura meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down. Von Eerie offers a handshake and Kimura goes to accept it... but right as their fingertips begin to touch, BOTH women retract their hands and raise double middle fingers at one another to a huge pop! They both smile and nod before circling each other and preparing to begin the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is truly one of the most anticipated matches we're putting on for you tonight, folks! Christina Von Eerie, the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion, making her return to the ring for the first time since WrestleBrawl 3 against a young up and comer here in Solid Gold Wrestling, Hana Kimura!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Interesting little factoid for you, gents... this is the first non-title match Christina Von Eerie has had in Solid Gold Wrestling since Momentum, back in November, when she teamed up with Rhea Ripley to defeat the tag team of Lacey Evans and Jamie Hayter!

Von Eerie and Kimura lock-up in the center of the ring and struggle for a moment before Hana suddenly lifts a knee in Von Eerie's mid-section, sending her back a step. Von Eerie favors her mid-section and Hana clubs her across the back with a big forearm strike! Von Eerie staggers forward as Hana stays on her, drilling her with another and another before Von Eerie turns around... just in time to receive a straight boot right to the stomach! Hana pulls her in and lifts her up for a vertical suplex but Von Eerie manages to slip out and fall behind her, grabbing Hana around the waist and DRILLING HER with a release German suplex! The fans pop huge... and Hana rolls straight back to her feet, screaming! Von Eerie turns around and walks right into a big boot to the face! Von Eerie staggers backward against the ropes and Hana turns, hits the ropes, and charges back in for a RUNNING BIG BOOT... but Von Eerie drops, pulling down the top rope in the process, and Hana Kimura's leg goes flying over the top rope, crotching her! Von Eerie scrambles back to her feet and grabs Hana's other leg, dumping her over the top to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neither woman is holding anything back! Christina Von Eerie is desperate to build momentum on her quest for revenge! Meanwhile, Hana Kimura intends to keep the momentum she began building at WrestleBrawl 3 when she vanquished Barbie Blank!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This victory is extremely important for both women! For Christina Von Eerie, it gives her momentum heading into her inevitable confrontation with Rhea Ripley! For Hana Kimura, it has to guarantee a future shot at the SGW Women's World Championship!

On the floor, Hana gets back to her feet and turns right around into a baseball slide from Von Eerie! Hana staggers backward against the rail and right as she begins to take a step away from it, Von Eerie flies through the ropes and nails her with a SUICIDE DIVE! Von Eerie is quickly back up to her feet and begins pumping her fist, leading a loud "OI! OI! OI!" chant! Von Eerie takes Hana by the hair and guides her around the ring, toward the steps. Von Eerie attempts to smack Hana's head on the steps but Hana but gets a boot up, blocking the attempt! Hana elbows Von Eerie in the side and then slams HER face into the steps! Von Eerie staggers back, shakes it off, and then boots Hana in the stomach... before smacking HER face on the steps! Hana staggers back and Von Eerie takes over, whipping her into the rail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Rick Knox really needs to get control of this match!

Von Eerie charges but Hana raises her foot, catching Von Eerie right in the chin! Von Eerie staggers backward and Hana charges at her, drilling her with ANOTHER running boot right to the face! Von Eerie goes down and Hana snatches her up by a handful of green hair! She pulls Von Eerie up to her knees and Von Eerie nails her in the stomach with an elbow! Von Eerie nails her with a second and third before Hana finally lets go and staggers back! Von Eerie returns to her feet and Hana immediately lunges forward, nailing her with a forearm! Von Eerie returns with one of her own! They trade forearm blows repeatedly with neither woman willing to back down! Finally, Von Eerie ties up with Hana to break up the barrage and they struggle for positioning, fighting over the lock-up until they both bump into the apron. They continue struggling until they both roll onto the apron and underneath the bottom rope, still tied up!

[ Scott Steiner ] Somebody forgot to put in the QUIT when they built these bitches!

They struggle back to their feet and Hana immediately lifts a knee to break the lock-up! Von Eerie staggers back and nails Hana with a big forearm! Hana returns with one of her own! They trade forearms as the fans lose their shit! Both women are beating each other senseless! Suddenly, instead of going for another forearm, Hana spits right in Von Eerie's face! Von Eerie doesn't even blink, hocking and spitting right in Hana's face! The fans pop huge! Hana suddenly boots Von Eerie in the gut and pulls her in... TIGER LILY! NO! Von Eerie spins out and catches Hana by the wrist, boot to the stomach... GRAVEYARD SMASH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT'S HER MOVE!

Von Eerie covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- HANA KIMURA KICKS OUT! The fans cheer loudly! Von Eerie looks like she doesn't know what to do for a moment before standing up and pulling Hana up by her hair. She drags Hana toward the turnbuckles and shoves her in the corner. Von Eerie positions herself, seated on the top rope. She hooks Hana's wrists!


But Hana begins slinging her head backward, headbutting Von Eerie in the mid-section repeatedly until she releases Hana's wrists! Hana turns around and UPPERCUTS Von Eerie right in the chin, staggering her! Hana charges out of the corner, hits the ropes, and nails her with a RUNNING YAKUZA KICK to the face, almost sending her toppling off the turnbuckle to the floor! Hana catches Von Eerie's wrist, refusing to let her fall! Hana climbs the ropes and hooks Von Eerie, pulling her in tight... TIGER LILYYYYYYYYYYYYY OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord, she's dead! She has to be, right?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The package piledriver off the middle rope!

Hana covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans cheer loudly as Hana rolls off of Von Eerie. Kimura sits up on her knees next to Von Eerie for a moment before standing up and having her hand raised by Rick Knox.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a moment for Hana Kimura!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She had a rough go of it when she first arrived here in Solid Gold Wrestling a victory of this magnitude over a competitor like Christina Von Eerie... she just put 'erself on the bloody map!

A couple trainers hit the ring and begin checking on Von Eerie, helping her up into a seated position and giving her water. After a few moments, Von Eerie is able to stand, though she's visibly out of sorts. She pushes the trainers off and staggers toward Kimura, interrupting her celebration. Von Eerie and Kimura stare each other down for a moment before Kimura offers her hand. Von Eerie teases accepting the gesture... but then both women raise middle fingers at the same time again, drawing respectful applause. Von Eerie lowers her fingers and gives Kimura a respectful bow, before dropping and rolling out of the ring, walking to the back with no fanfare.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a show of respect from Christina Von Eerie!

Von Eerie disappears behind the curtain and Kimura goes to continue her celebration... until Shayna Baszler comes in from the crowd and snatches Hana up from behind in a KIRIFUDA CLUTCH! The fans erupt in boos as Hana struggles to remain standing but Shayna drags her down to the mat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not again! Let it go, Shayna!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is uncalled for! What a way to step on Hana's moment!

Shayna continues squeezing, trying to choke Hana Kimura out until the trainers and Rick Knox manage to pry her off! The fans boo loudly as Hana rolls over on the mat, gasping for breath. Shayna is fighting with everything she has to get back at Hana but she's restrained as we cut to the back.

The camera focuses on a smoke ring, fading away into the air before zooming out to reveal a nearly choking Charly Caruso and SGW Elevation Champion Kevin Nash, winding down from his second defense of said championship. ‘Big Sexy’ has a lit Cuban hanging from his lip and Charly is staring at her own capped and lit cigar. She hands it back to Nash and begins her interview.

[ Charly Caruso ] Again…as I told you before you lit it…I don’t smoke, Mr. Nash. Now, please, the question, sir is –

[ Kevin Nash ] Listen, Chuck, I’ve already told you – ten inches. I know, I know, it’s a bit far-fetched, but the Silver Fox has had it professionally measured for quality.

Charly closes her eyes, already over this assignment, but pushes on.

[ Charly Caruso ] My question, Mr. Nash, is how do you feel after making a second successful defense of the SGW Elevation Championship? What are your plans for a third defense? Do you have the main event of Supremacy in mind? Affecting Venis versus Havoc? Or maybe you want Bad Signal in Atlanta? What are your thou—

[ Kevin Nash ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, now, Chuck…slow down. Slooooow.

Nash puffs his cigar slowly, then shrugs and takes a few from Charly’s cigar in his other hand. He smiles and refocuses.

[ Kevin Nash ] See how much better it feels to take it slow? See how much more relaxed you are?

Nash blows another smoke ring which passes right over Charly’s face. She coughs and he takes a step back.

[ Kevin Nash ] …why aren’t you wearing a mask? You know social distancing is still a thing, right?

Charly scowls at Nash and he steps forward again and continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] Charly, much like I’m trying to teach you here and now, takin’ it slow is a great thing. So ole Big Sexy is going to do just that! I’m going to Cabo! I’m gonna sit back on the beach and beckon any and every beautiful little thing that passes by to come over and sit on me. Know why, Chuck?

Caruso clears her throat and shakes her head no.

[ Kevin Nash ] I didn’t imagine so. Millenials. Always runnin’ around with their heads cut off. Chuck, I’m savin’ the third defense for the BIG PAY OFF. Y’see, I’m winning my third defense and vacating this championship on pay-per-view. That’s where the money is, honey. Orlando. Supremacy. That’s where Big Sexy throws the ole number one right down the pipeline and steps up to his old buddy Valbert Venis.

Charly nods, understanding.

[ Charly Caruso ] So…you’re going on vacation until then?

Nash smiles.

[ Kevin Nash ] Now you’re gettin’ it, kid! Remember, your ticket’s in your purse. I’ll see you there, Chuck!

As Nash steps away from the interview set, Caruso scrunches her face in confusion and goes off-screen to her purse, where she sees said ticket!

[ Charly Caruso ] Hey! How the hell’d he do that?!

We fade away.

Matt and Nick Jackson walk out of a dressing room and Nick closes the door behind him. The name of the door reads "Cody Rhodes." They begin talking among themselves but two men passing by catch their eyes.

[ Matt Jackson ] Whoa, whoa whoa.

Matt reaches out and grabs the arm of one of the men, Marshall Von Erich, who spins around to see who it was that would dare grab him.

[ Matt Jackson ] Where do you think you're going?

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Excuse me?

[ Matt Jackson ] You two want to walk by us and not speak?

[ Nick Jackson ] Where are your manners, guys?

Marshall turns to his brother, Ross.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] I don't understand, do you?

[ Ross Von Erich ] Not a clue.

[ Matt Jackson ] Let me fill you guys in on something.. Around here.. WE are the preeminent brother tag team in Solid Gold Wrestling.. And when you walk past royalty, you have to acknowledge our existence.

Matt shoves his finger in Marshall's chest.

[ Matt Jackson ] Yeah. We're the real deal, not some fake brother team like you guys.

[ Ross Von Erich ] We're definitely brothers.

Nick doesn't seem sold.

[ Nick Jackson ] Weird, because I was sure all of those Von Erichs were dead.

[ Matt Jackson ] Yeah! And you guys were just fill-ins.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Nope. Definitely, definitely, one-hundred-percent alive..

[ Ross Von Erich ] And one-hundred-percent brothers.

Matt's mind is blown.

[ Matt Jackson ] Learn something new every day, Nick.

[ Nick Jackson ] Just like they're gonna' learn who the best team is come The Level We've Sunk to Now?

[ Matt Jackson ] EXACTLY like that!

[ Ross Von Erich ] Hold on, what?

[ Nick Jackson ] Yeah, it's you two versus us two at the next show, winner establishes brotherly tag team dominance. You know, a nice, friendly rivalry sorta' thing?

[ Matt Jackson ] Yeah, the Committee probably wants you to give us some shine before we go snatch those Tag straps or something. Thanks in advance for putting us over so cleanly. Appreciate it.

Matt slaps Marshall on the arm and the Bucks walk off, leaving the Von Erichs behind, incredibly confused.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Are they the bookers or something?

[ Ross Von Erich ] Brother, I don't even know who those boys are.


REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

CM Punk looked to be aggressive early on but the stalling tactics of MJF killed any chance of that. Every time Punk advanced, MJF ducked underneath the ropes or even outside the ring completely, drawing the ire of Chicago’s favorite son. On the outside, the fans in the front row begin mocking MJF, screaming obscenities at him and flipping middle fingers.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at these fans. They HATE MJF!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They are only a handful of the thousands upon thousands!

One fan in particular catches the attention of MJF with his insults and gets his beer yanked away from him and splashed back in his face! A security guard and Wardlow step in to deescalate the situation before it gets even worse!

[ Scott Steiner ] That fat ass got $8 splashed in his face! I hope he was fuckin’ thirsty! That’ll show ‘em to run his mouth!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That fan paid his hard-earned money to be at the show tonight, not to get beer thrown in his face!

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK ‘EM!

Aubrey continues her ten count, getting to eight. MJF rolls back in to break the count and immediately rolls back out. The fans’ ire grows as we’re minutes into this match without a single lock up. CM Punk sits down in the center of the mat with his legs crossed, propping his head up with his left arm. MJF rips a sign out of a fan’s hand and throws the two pieces into the air. He continues sauntering around the ringside area, ignoring Aubrey’s demands for him to come back into the ring. Another fan shoves his middle finger in MJF’s face and MJF responds by spitting directly in the fan’s face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This Maxwell Jacob Friedman is appalling! These fans paid for wrestling!

MJF rolls back in and again breaks the ten count, but then immediately rolls back out. “I’M BETTER THAN YOU ALL, AND YOU KNOW IT!” MJF points to his temple, very proud of himself.

But here comes CM Punk! He dives through the middle rope and hits a flying forearm on MJF, sending both men crashing into the guardrailing! Punk immediately picks MJF up and throws him into the ring. Punk follows quickly and MJF is now begging off, evening offering a handshake to Punk.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, god! Look at MJF!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don’t think this will end well!

Punk slaps MJF across the jaws and hoists him up on his shoulders, Go 2 Sleep! MJF is OUT! Wardlow reaches in and drags MJF out of the ring before Punk can even get down to attempt a pin. Frustrated, Punk throws his arms in the air and mouths “You have got to be kidding me!” Aubrey, having enough, throws Wardlow out of the match, sending him to the back! The fans pop huge and Wardlow argues back with Aubrey to no prevail. He shakes hands with MJF and gets thanked for his effort. MJF enters the ring again, with Aubrey still demanding Wardlow exit the ringside area.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Finally! Finally we can get a real match and give these people what they paid for!

Punk and MJF look on, both with separate reactions, as Wardlow leaves the ring to go to the back. MJF sees an opportunity and levels CM Punk with a right hand! Loose coins fly everywhere after the impact of the blow and CM Punk drops to the mat in a heap!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That S.O.B. Wardlow must’ve given MJF a roll of quarters before leaving! CM Punk is out!

MJF does his best to quickly kick some of the change out of the view of Aubrey and dramatically collapses on top of Punk and hooks the leg. Aubrey turns around and sees the pin and starts counting - one, two, Punk kicks out! How?! MJF looks like he’s seen a ghost as Punk manages to get the shoulder up at the very last second!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] He is truly despicable! Always looking for the easy way out! It didn’t work this time, though!


MJF is screaming at Aubrey, accusing her of a slow count, but she is giving it right back to him, affirming her decision of the two count. This is giving Punk time to recover. “What’s more shitty, your face or your referee skills? Hmm.. TIE!” MJF is ruthless as Aubrey is taken aback.

MJF turns around and Punk is up! Roundhouse kick! MJF is hoisted up on Punk’s shoulders.. GO TO SLEEP! MJF is out! Punk covers, one, two, three! The plan backfired on MJF and CM Punk came out the winner in this one! As the music hits, Punk scoops up some of the loose quarters in the ring and tucks them neatly in his trunks while winking to the camera. CM Punk is going to the pay window tonight.

CM PUNK via PIN FALL in 07:43

We fade up backstage where we see Ted Dibiase standing by with Shayna Baszler in front of the SGW interview set. The fans boo loudly as Dibiase chuckles while counting a stack of cash in his hand. Baszler is wringing her hands together anxiously, aggressively. She stares hard into the camera and speaks.

[ Shayna Baszler ] You thought we were done, Hana? You thought what happened at Fallout was the end? I don't think so... we're not done until I say we're done.

Dibiase cuts his eyes at the camera, still flicking through hundred dollar bills.

[ Ted Dibiase ] You don't get to do what you did to me and get away with it, my exotic little China doll! That's not the way this works! You signed up to be a part of somethin' big! Somethin' special! A MOST MONEY MAKING PROJECT... and you threw it away! Like garbage!

[ Shayna Baszler ] You ruined everything, little girl.

[ Ted Dibiase ] You Pearl Harbored me at WrestleBrawl 3! Cost me MILLIONS! Well, now it's my turn to Pearl Harbor YOU, missy! You traded Shayna and Becky Lynch for Team Kick and where are they now?! They're gone! There's no one left but you and... THE QUEEN OF SPADES!

[ Shayna Baszler ] I'm gonna hurt you, Hana. I'm gonna hurt you for real!

[ Ted Dibiase ] That's right! You're done! Finished! Accept the challenge! If you've got the... if you've got the WANTONS TO DO IT! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

The fans are booing loudly as Dibiase tilts his head back and continues laughing. Suddenly, those boos turns into... mass confusion as Io Shirai walks into the shot, glaring at Shayna Baszler. Baszler pushes Dibiase out of the way, almost knocking him down. Baszler and Shirai stand only a few inches away from each other.

[ Shayna Baszler ] What do you want, huh? You want some, too?

Baszler pushes Shirai back a step. The fans "OooooOooo" in response.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Get in line.

Shirai looks down at her chest where Shayna pushed her... and then back up at Shayna with a confident smirk. Shayna is dead serious, clenching her fists, ready for a fight.

[ Io Shirai ] Hana... no... ready.

She pokes Shayna in the chest with her index finger.

[ Io Shirai ] ...for you.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Tell me something I don't know.

[ Io Shirai ] Io Shirai... arr-ways... ready.

Baszler and Dibiase look at each other, confused.

[ Io Shirai ] I weer-uh do... what Hana Kimura... do not.

[ Shayna Baszler ] And what's that, huh?

[ Io Shirai ] Make-uh you... go away.

Baszler sneers, looking down at Shirai with anger.

[ Io Shirai ] ...and-uh stay... away.

And then Shirai delivers a VICIOUS open hand slap to Baszler! Baszler's head turns but she doesn't budge at all otherwise. She raises her hand to touch her cheek, the point of impact. Shirai looks up at Baszler, still smiling. Without another word, Shirai walks off-camera, leaving Baszler and Dibiase alone. Baszler watches Shirai leave, still rubbing her cheek.

[ Shayna Baszler ] I'm gonna kill 'er.


What should be a time of celebrating is more like a time of frustration boiling over.

CM Punk is in his locker room, fresh off his victory over MJF and he looks beyond the point of calming down. AJ Lee and Paul Heyman are both doing whatever they can to try to calm him down.. But it’s not working.

[ CM Punk ] Can you believe what that idiot tried to do? Punch me with a roll of quarters after stalling like a piece of trash all night?

[ AJ Lee ] Babe, c’mon.

[ CM Punk ] Is this what management thinks of me? Shove CM Punk in shitty matches against people like MJF who’s going to do nothing but that? I came here to FIGHT, not to grab ass around the ring for what felt like an eternity out there.

Punk picks up a wooden chair and holds it over his head, preparing to send it sailing until Heyman reaches up and yanks it out of Punk’s hands.

[ Paul Heyman ] Punk, Punk..

Punk is frothing at the mouth, furious at Heyman. Heyman swallows hard, sits the chair down, and does his best quick thinking.

[ Paul Heyman ] Punk.. If I may..

He nervously adjusts his necktie and wipes sweat off of his brow.

[ Paul Heyman ] Yes.

Heyman nods.

[ Paul Heyman ] Yes, Maxwell Jacob Friedman used underhanded tactics and tried making you look bad tonight.. And yes, you trained hard for two weeks to endure a match that featured minutes upon minutes of stalling and overall cowardice. But Punk, look me in the eyes.

Heyman uses his index and middle fingers and points to his eyes until Punk agrees.

[ Paul Heyman ] That’s the only way M..J..F would EVER beat C.. M.. Punk! I know it to be true, AJ knows it to be true, and YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE!

[ CM Punk ] I didn’t come back to the ring for this.

[ Paul Heyman ] Agreed. None of us did, Punk. See, for too long, we’ve allowed the powers to be to control the narrative around us, and sir, tonight, THE GAME.. HAS.. CHANGED! NO MORE!

Punk raises an eyebrow, interested.

[ Paul Heyman ] We’ve given the almighty SGW tyrants their chance to live up to their promises as laid out and agreed upon in your contract, and they.. Have.. failed! So Punk, look at your watch on your wrist because my friend, it is no longer Clobberin’ Time.

Heyman, a car salesman disguised as a mad scientist, has seriousness in his voice which has Punk all ears.

[ Paul Heyman ] Because the time is now here where C.. M.. Punk.. Chicago Made.. Calls.. The.. shots in SGW. No more will we dance to their beat, no longer will CM Punk march to the orders given.

Heyman smashes his fists into an open palm.

[ Paul Heyman ] And then we turn back around and cross paths again very soon with Mr. Friedman and you will once again swiftly and violently remind him who the big dog on the porch really is in Solid Gold Wrestling. You will make him pay for wasting your time and you will break.. Him.. in half.. But it’ll be on our terms.

Punk ponders over everything Heyman tosses at him, absorbing it like a sponge.

[ CM Punk ] Tell me more.

Noticing the camera, Punk walks over and puts his hand over the lens, sending the scene to black.

REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Before the match even starts, Gionna, Zahra, and Vipress attack Scarlett Bordeaux at ringside and dump her over the rail and into the front row! The fans boo loudly as all three women turn their attention to Nia Jax!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my, this is not good for Nia Jax!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The odds are certainly not in her favor, fellas!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit! She weighs more than all three of'em combined! She can hold 'er own, I say!

Standing in the middle of the ring, Nia Jax gestures for all three of them to bring it on and they do! They slide into the ring and charge at her, only for Nia to scoop up Vipress and DRILL HER with a Samoan Drop! Vipress rolls out of the ring and Mike Chioda tries to regain control as Zahra and Gionna descend on Jax, kicking and stomping away at her! Jax fights back up to her knee as Zahra and Gionna lay into her with clubbing forearm blows to the back and head... but Jax rises up, throwing her arms out, and knocking both women aside!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The strength of The Irresistible Force is unparalleled!

[ Scott Steiner ] I told you'se guy! Now it's time to beat some ass!

Zahra rolls back to her feet and charges at Jax only to get clotheslined out of her boots! Gionna clubs Nia Jax in the back and Jax slowly turns around, trembling with intensity. She glares at Gionna and Gionna begins to back away... and Nia Jax points at her dramatically as the fans shout "YOU!!!" Gionna tries to escape the ring but Nia Jax grabs her by two handfuls of hair... only for Zahra to take her knee out from behind! Nia Jax goes down to one knee and Gionna wrenches her hair free before hitting the ropes... and nailing a 201 FACEBREAKER from the kneeling position! Nia Jax is down! Gionna covers and Mike Chioda counts... ONE! TWO! THR-- SCARLETT BORDEAUX BREAKS THE PIN!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's back in the mix! Scarlett Bordeaux!

Before Scarlett can even get up from breaking the pin, Zahra comes out of nowhere and PLANTS HER with the CURB STOMP! Scarlett goes down flat and Vipress snatches her ankle from outside and pulls her out of the ring! Nia Jax struggles back to her feet and Gionna goes for another 201 Facebreaker... only for Nia Jax to catch her in mid-air and PLANT HER with SPINEBUSTER! The fans pop huge! Zahra charges at Jax and meets a BIG BOOT right to the chin! Jax hits the ropes... LEG DROP! Nia Jax goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! VIPRESS PULLS ZAHRA'S LEG, YANKING HER FROM BENEATH NIA JAX! Jax looks furious! She rolls out of the ring and catches Vipress by the hair! The fans cheer loudly and begin chanting "WHOOP THAT TRICK!" as Nia Jax drags her around the ring before booting her in the stomach and pulling her in... POWERBOMB ONTO THE RING APRON!


Before Vipress can even fall to the floor, Nia Jax catches her and hoists her onto her shoulders... before charging and ABSOLUTELY MURDERING HER WITH A FINLAY ROLL ONTO THE RINGSTEPS! The fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT!" over and over as Vipress slides lifelessly to the ground. Nia Jax stands up before tossing the ring skirt up... she goes underneath and finds... A TRASH CAN! The fans begin cheering loudly as Jax sets up the trash can and then picks Vipress up one more time. Vipress doesn't struggle at all, totally unconscious! Nia Jax plants Vipress in the trash can head first, with just her legs sticking out! The fans are going nuts as Nia Jax points at the trash can and shouts "THAT'S WHERE SHE BELONGS! BECAUSE SHE'S GARBAGE!"

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! Now that's how you bury a son of a bitch!

Jax boots the trash can over on its side and then goes back under the ring, finding a kendo stick! The fans lose it as Jax slides into the ring and catches a charging Gionna Daddio with the kendo stick right to the mid-section! Mike Chioda immediately calls for the bell!


Gionna doubles over from the impact and Nia Jax whips her across the back with the kendo stick, dropping her to her knees! Gionna cries out in pain, favoring her mid-section, and Nia Jax stalks her, gripping the stick tightly. She points at Gionna and speaks through gritted teeth, "I'M TIRED OF YOU ALWAYS CHEATING AND RUNNING AWAY FROM ME! YOU EARNED THIS BEATING, NOW TAKE IT!" Jax raises the stick over her head... but Zahra charges at her from the side... AND NIA JAX SHATTERS IT OVER HER HEAD!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord, she's dead!

The fans pop huge as Zahra Schreiber goes down in a lifeless heap and doesn't move! Jax discards the ruined kendo stick and turns around to finish off Gionna... but Gionna has already escaped the ring! The fans are booing loudly as Gionna backs up the ramp, appearing disheveled. Without a word, Daddio storms through the curtain and disappears.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gionna Daddio lives t' fight anotha' day, gents!

Scarlett Bordeaux rolls under the bottom rope and approaches Jax, looking worse for wear. Nia Jax looks down at her and curls her lip in disgust... before scooping Scarlett Bordeaux up and drilling her with a SAMOAN DROP! The fans cheer loudly as Jax gets up and climbs out of the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Why did she attack her own partner?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who knows, Tony! She's not like most girls... and most girls are hard enough to read as it is!

We cut away from ringside as we focus on a shot of Nia Jax walking up the ramp with a look of smoldering intensity.

We go backstage where we see Christina Von Eerie walking toward the exit with her bag over her shoulder. Her shoulders are slumped, head down. She looks utterly defeated. As she reaches for the handle on the exit door, she's approaching by Charly Caruso.

[ Charly Caruso ] Christina! Wait!

Christina stops but doesn't turn around, resting her forehead on the door.

[ Charly Caruso ] The show isn't over... where are you going? Don't you want to see who walks away with the women's championship in the main event tonight?

Christina takes a deep breath and slowly turns around.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] It's... it's no secret that things haven't really been going my way since Card Subject to Change. I've got a lot of unfinished business here... with Jinny... with Rhea Ripley, especially... but... I think it's time to take a step back and hit the reset button.

Charly nods, understanding.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] As for where I'm going?

Von Eerie stands silent for a long moment, looking off in the distance.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Home.

She looks at Charly.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I'm going home.

Without another word, Von Eerie turns and walks out the door, leaving Charly Caruso standing there with the microphone in her hand.

We find ourselves in another area backstage where we see The IIconics walking, jabbering back and forth to one another. The camera dwells on them for a long moment before... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE ON BILLIE KAY! The fans erupt in boos as Randy Orton springs right back up to his feet and looks down at her unconscious body. Sweat drips off Orton's nose. Peyton drops to Billie's side, horrified and screaming. Still looking down at Billie, Orton speaks out loud.

[ Randy Orton ] Do you want it to stop, Jeff?

Orton turns his head to stare hard into the camera.

[ Randy Orton ] There's only one way you can make it stop.

He blinks erratically and wipes his face with his hand.

[ Randy Orton ] You son of a bitch.

Peyton Royce continues shrieking, begging for someone to help. Anyone. Orton turns his head, looking down at her, furious. His face is red. Sweat rolls off his nose.

[ Randy Orton ] Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

Peyton recoils in terror, keeping her hand on Billie's prone form. Orton shakes his head, disgusted... and then walks off-camera.

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The bell sounds as Brandi slaps loudly on the apron from the floor, trying to get the fans into this one from the start. Cody eyes Jay White, but also takes time to eye the flock of back-up White has brought with him in Gedo, the Guerrillas of Destiny, Bad Luck Fale, and Yuka. Cody is hesitant, constantly looking over his shoulder. Gedo hops on the apron and catches Cody’s eye long enough for Jay White to attack, knocking Cody to the ground.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Barely into this one and the numbers game is already proving costly for Cody Rhodes!

White continues stomping on Cody every time he tries to raise up, until White finally grabs a handful of hair and picks him up himself. White slaps Cody in the gut, the face, and then hits a solid forearm shot to the jaw, stunning Cody against the ropes. Wasting no time, Cody is picked up and Jay White suplexes him over the top! He crashes hard on the outside!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Heck of a start by Switchblade

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cody’s surrounded by sharks!

With Aubrey distracted by White, GOD takes the opportunity to gang up on Cody on the outside, kicking him in the ribs and head before Gedo rolls him back into the ring. White covers and Cody kicks out at two. Staying on the attack, White drags Cody to his feet again and suplexes him into the corner, Cody’s head bounces off the mat like a basketball!

[ Scott Steiner ] That moved sucked! I’m about to call the cops and report a hate crime!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That.. That wasn’t a hate crime?

[ Scott Steiner ] Well I fuckin’ hated it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t even understand?

White continues with Cody getting very little offense in, his bell still ringing from the suplex. White hits Cody with a Saito Suplex and covers, again, getting a two count. Frustration rises in White and he scolds Aubrey for slow counting. White turns back to Cody and gets rolled up! Small package! One, two, th- kick out! White breaks free and runs at Cody, snap powerslam from Cody! White is back up, drop kick! White rolls out of the ring and into the arms of Gedo and Cody is FIRED UP and so are the fans. Cody bounces off the ropes, looking to go for a dive, but thinks better of it when he sees Bad Luck Fale with his arms crossed, standing in front of Jay White.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Smart thinkin’ on Cody’s part!

After collecting himself, Jay White comes back into the ring as Cody looks ready to go. They engage in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, restarting the match from scratch, and the two push themselves into a corner, neither man agreeing to release as Aubrey begins the five count. Without a break, Aubrey steps in between the tie-up, trying to break it up, and gets knocked down by a wild elbow in the process!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Ref Aubrey is down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This really spells trouble for Cody now!

With the tie up broken, Jay White kicks Cody low and hooks him for the Blade Runner. Cody blocks and breaks free, rolling White into a school boy, but there’s no one to count. White whips Cody into the ropes and Tama Tonga grabs Cody’s boot. On the apron, Tama and Tanga trash talk Cody, giving an opening for Jay White to attack. White bounces off the ropes and Cody ducks, White bounces into GOD! White spins around, DISASTER KICK! Cody goes down and tries reviving Aubrey with assistance from Brandi.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] They’re desperately trying to revive Aubrey Edwards so she can count this pin before Jay White’s associates get back to interfering in the match!

Reviving Aubrey comes out unsuccessful. While Brandi continues trying, Cody turns around and eats a big boot from Tama Tonga! GOD and Bad Luck Fale are in the ring, pouncing on Cody like a pack of wild dogs. Yuka yanks Brandi out of the ring, leaving Aubrey still out cold.

HERE COMES HANGMAN PAGE! BUCK SHOT LARIAT TO TANGA LOA! The place erupts but the rally is short lived as the numbers game is simply too much.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hangman Page is here to help his friend, Cody, try to even the odds!

Hangman and Cody do the best they can, but it’s four-on-two at this point. Brandi and Yuka find themselves catfighting on the outside, but Hangman Page is dropped with a Blade Runner and the attention is focused back on to ending Cody once and for all.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jay White promised a new era of SGW and he’s looking to usher it in by eliminating one of the mainstays of the company!

Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa pick Cody up in the air, GUERRILLA WARFARE! He is out! But wait! HERE COME THE YOUNG BUCKS! They hit the ring and start dealing super kicks! Double superkick to Gedo! He flops out of the ring as the Bucks turn their attention to GOD. The Bucks hit each member with a superkick and then the fight goes out of the ring. Hangman clotheslines Fale over the top and then climbs the turnbuckle. SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO A CROWD ON THE OUTSIDE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There’s bodies everywhere!

[ Scott Steiner ] It looks like the aftermath of a weekend at Big Poppa Pump’s crib if you ask me!

Jay White looks on in horror as his master plan has blown up in his face thanks to Cody Rhodes evening the score. He turns around, DISASTER KICK! White staggers around so Cody goes off the middle rope again, CODY CUTTER! Aubrey Edwards comes to at a convenient time to see Cody falling on top of Jay and counts - one, two, three! Cody Rhodes wins!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody Rhodes has done it again, this time, with a little help to even the odds!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's good ta' have friends, Tony. Especially when you're fighting an army!

Brandi, Hangman, and the Bucks come back into the ring to celebrate with Cody, who successfully vanquished Jay White and continues his impressive winning streak here in SGW. The fans are clapping and cheering loudly with chants of “THE ELITE.. THE.. THE.. ELITE!” as the four men and Mrs. Nightmare continue their celebration of a hard fought victory.

Backstage, the fans begin hooting and hollering, whistling as they see Scarlett Bordeaux sitting in a chair backstage, favoring her neck. The camera slowly zooms in on her and she grimaces in pain as she tilts her neck to the side. Finally, she looks up into the camera and begins speaking.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] What the hell is it with this place? Two weeks ago, I made my debut on SGW television... showing the whole world what a real woman looks like, and what happens? Rhea Ripley attacks me for no reason.

She sighs deeply.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] And now, tonight... I go out of my way to help some needy garbage bag full of cottage cheese, and not only does she cost us the match... but she attacks me after it's over? Like it's my fault?

She runs her hand through her hair seductively, even though it falls a bit flat since she's worse for wear after the beating Nia Jax gave her.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] This isn't what I signed up for.

She stands up and stamps her foot on the floor.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] It's time to show these bitches who I really am.


We fade up backstage in the midst of chaos. There's an all-out brawl going on and there's no one around that can stop it! As the camera draws closer, we see Steve Corino and Chris Jericho swinging away at PAC!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Where's bloody security!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is uncalled for! You had to know this was part of their plan! We've already seen Elias taken away in an ambulance tonight thanks to Chris Jericho... and now they're working on PAC!

PAC drills Corino with a knee lift, staggering him, before turning his attention to Jericho! PAC lands several stiff forearms to Jericho's head before Corino retaliates with a forearm to the back! PAC doubles over from the impact and Jericho kicks him right in the face! PAC goes down and Corino mounts him, raining punches down as PAC tries to cover up!

[ Scott Steiner ] The jacked midget is tough as fuck but he's outnumbered! Fat ass Chris Jericho and even-fatter Steve Corino are pussies! I always knew they was pussies but this proves it! Two fat ass losers gangin' up on a fuckin' midget!

PAC reaches through the punches and gouges Corino in the eye, causing him to fall sideways to the floor! PAC mounts him, raining down punches of his own! Jericho tries to pull him off but PAC quickly stands up and drills Jericho with a big right hand that knocks him down flat on his back! PAC turns to finish the job on Corino but walks right into... A SUPER KICK FROM ADAM COLE! The fans erupt in boos as Cole stands over PAC in the same outfit he was wearing earlier in the night. He smiles confidently. Arn Anderson and Britt Baker walk into the shot, looking down at PAC with disappointed faces.

[ Scott Steiner ] Now it takes FIVE o' these son of a bitches to get it done!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know what this is, gentlemen. Adam Cole is meeting "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at Supremacy, one of the greatest SGW World Champions of all-time... Elias... now, Pac... they're taking out the men who have helped Austin, one by bloody one!

Cole looks at Jericho and Corino as they return to their feet. He gestures toward PAC.

[ Adam Cole ] Get him up!

Jericho and Corino lift PAC up onto his knees. His eyes are rolling back in his head, clearly out of it after being beaten senseless and then eating a super kick. Adam Cole grabs PAC by the face with one hand. Cole gets down right in PAC's face, squeezing it. Spit flies from Cole's mouth as he talks.

[ Adam Cole ] You picked the wrong side, asshole. Where's Steve Austin now, huh? He's at home, getting drunk, playing with fuckin' arrows and here you are... getting your ASS kicked! And now... it's time, PAC... time for somethin' that should've happend a long... LONG time ago!

Britt Baker looks on, smiling evilly.

[ Adam Cole ] Time for you to SUCK! MY! DICK!

Cole steps back and SUPER KICKS the kneeling PAC right in the face! Jericho and Corino keep him upright and Cole delivers a SECOND SUPER KICK right to the face! PAC has blood pouring from his nose and mouth but Corino and Jericho keep him upright. Cole looks down at PAC, smiling. PAC's head wobbles and dips like its full of ball bearings. With what little energy he has left, he looks up at Cole... and spits blood on his white dress shirt. Cole looks down at the mess and sneers.

And then super kicks him a third time.

Corino and Jericho allow PAC to fall to the floor. Jericho, Cole, Corino, Baker, and Anderson stand around PAC, looking down at him like they're watchings someone being lowered into the ground. Cole holds up two fingers.

[ Adam Cole ] Two down.

A smile stretches across his face.

[ Adam Cole ] One to go.


REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Dave Batista squares off with Zack Sabre Jr. to begin the contest, with the Hollywood Superstar visibly scoffing at Sabre’s stretching and preparations for the match. The Technical Wizard pays Big Dave no mind, even laughing back at the movie star’s candor with indifference.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Certainly seems like each man isn’t taking the other seriously. That could be a big mistake!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah – for that string bean British shit! Your BOY is gonna get his dickhole smashed in, Chris Martin! Sing a stupid piano song about it or some shit while I bang your hot wife Gwyneth Paltrow!

Batista rushes across the ring, screaming all the way – but Sabre scoots around him and instantly goes to the knee, chop-blocking him to the mat! Once down, ZSJ begins manipulating the Animal’s worn-down knee, using his own limbs and bridging backwards, increasing the torque on the appendage! Batista claws to the bottom rope and Rick Knox demands for Sabre to break the hold – which he does after four seconds of pause.

[ Scott Steiner ] HOLY SHIT! No way! What in the hell is happening?!

Sabre stands, pressing his entire body weight into Batista’s knee, wearing the joint down further. Batista reaches for Sabre, but the Technical Wizard evades his meaty hands by stepping backwards, then stomping down on the actor’s hand – and quickly to the leg again! ZSJ lifts the leg and spins inward, wrenching the tendons and slamming the patella down into the canvas!

Sabre lazily boots Batista in the side of the head before tagging out to Christopher Daniels, who immediately rushes into the ring and covers the Animal! One! Two! No! Batista forces his massive shoulder off the mat as Daniels snaps his fingers and his mouth drops slightly agape, genuinely surprised that he didn’t get the three count.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did he…did he really think that would be it?

[ Tony Schiavone ] He sure did, best buddy! Christopher Daniels is a veteran of professional wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …what does that have to do with anything?!

Daniels applies a rear chinlock, but Batista hurls him over his own shoulders across the ring to break the hold! Daniels rolls through mostly, but Batista limps up to his feet and begins stalking across the ring, looking for the Rock’s hand – and finds it! Daniels turns around to face the Great One just as he steps into the ring, eyebrow raised high, muscles flinching with readiness.

[ Scott Steiner ] That goofy bastard the Rock is gonna light Mr. Clean up like a match – just by taking his skinny ass in his hands and dragging his bald-ass head across the canvas!

Daniels stands up, eyes spread wide as the Rock looks him up and down, a puzzled expression on the People’s Face. Charlotte is predictably losing it, just watching the Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment exist. Chrissy Wrestling isn’t plussed by the response to the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion, instead choosing to run, full steam ahead –

Into a Rock Bottom! Daniels is absolutely WRECKED by the Rock Bottom as the Charlotte fans go bananas!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, don’t that beat all? Rock Bottom! Christopher Daniels has gotten himself into quite the pickle yet again!

The Rock rolls to his back and kips up in a single, fluid motion, rolling the arch in his eyebrow from left to right and waggling his tongue in his head as he crouches over Daniels, screaming the entire time.


Charlotte explodes with energy as Rocky looks around the arena, eyebrow raised. He lifts a microphone to his lips.

Wait, how the hell did he get a microphone?!


On command, Charlotte begins chanting the long-winded insult and Rock smiles, circling the spot where he Rock Bottomed Daniels a few moments ago. He looks down at Daniels and smiles, crouching again to get closer to the Fallen Angel.


Another explosion in Charlotte. The Rock is in rare form tonight.

Although, honestly, he always is in rare form. Which raises the question, is it then, ‘common form,’ when he’s always turned up to eleven with the knob ripped off and disintegrated?

Who knows. Certainly not the Rock, who is oblivious to everything but the microphone in his hand, the bald man laying unconscious on the mat before him, and the raucous reception from the Charlotte fans.


The fans in Charlotte scream ‘ON ONE!’ regardless if they chose to or not.


And as strangely as he came, Rock smacks Big Dave on the chest, tagging him in. Batista squints his eyes, confused as many are, as Rock takes his place on the opposite side of the apron and Daniels remains laying sprawled on the mat in center ring. Batista shrugs and steps through the ropes, walking over and bending down to pin Daniels –

WHO SPRINGS TO LIFE! HE WAS PLAYING OPOSSUM! ONE! TWO! THREE! Christopher Daniels pinned Batista!!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE FUCKIN’ FUCK?!

 via PIN FALL in 08:19

As Daniels leaps from the ring and to the floor, grinning ear-to-ear and pointing at his head to show how smart he is, Zack Sabre Jr. jumps off the apron, shaking his head, audibly saying how stupid all of SGW is as he makes his way to the back, a winner despite the frown on his face. Daniels rushes to join his partner mid-ramp and pats him on the shoulders, a one-man victory party confused as to why his genius move isn’t being lauded with the great strategies of all-time.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I…I think Christopher Daniels…just made a genius-level move. He took the brunt of the Rock Bottom and then gained his strength…and cradled the first available opponent! Daniels and Sabre have defeated two wrestling megastars, gentlemen!

The Rock leaps over the top rope and into the ring, shaking his head with fury the entire time. He yells for Justin Roberts to stop ‘yellin’ about nothin’ and give me that microphone!’ Roberts reluctantly hands the Rock the microphone. Rocky takes Roberts’ microphone and pairs it with his own and begins speaking to Batista, sitting in center ring in shock, with both mics.


Rock bends down and gets eye-to-eye with Batista, who still hasn’t moved a muscle.


Batista is in stunned silence, not even casting his gaze anywhere but the crowd.


No dice.


Charlotte roars and starts chanting “top hat” over and over. The Rock holds up four fingers and continues speaking to the silent, seated man in the center of the ring.


The Rock’s music smashes onto the speakers as Charlotte explodes with energy as the Rock leaps from the ring and begins trekking up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think the Rock made it perfectly clear, guys!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I, uh…I don’t think so, Tony. I’m still pretty lost with all of what Dwayne was saying!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tuh-mayto, tuh-mahto!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …that has no relevance to this situation!!

Batista still has not moved, and the Rock turns, arching his eyebrow with a frown on his face as we fade away from the ring to the back.

Backstage, we see Jinny walking through the backstage area, nose high in the air. Her waist-cape flows behind her. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne walk confidently behind her.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There she is, the champion.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's oozing confidence as she heads toward the ring... but notice that she isn't shooing away the Highers tonight, as she did at WrestleBrawl 3. That tells quite the story on its own.

We quickly cut away and find ourselves in the dressing room of Rhea Ripley. Ripley is taping her wrists, staring intently at her reflection in a mirror. Ripley's eyes are narrowed, full of intensity.

[ Scott Steiner ] The fuckin' moose. Finally gettin' her due tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's been a long and winding road to this opportunity for Rhea Ripley... will she make the best of it? Will her betrayal of Christina Von Eerie be worth it? There's only one way to find out.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tune in for the main event... next!


Bryan Danielson watches Christopher Daniels and Zack Sabre, Jr. celebrate their win on a monitor backstage. With his arms crossed against his chest and the Real SGW Championship around his waist, Danielson looks almost.. Happy.. For once. That is, until Charly Caruso cautiously approaches.

[ Charly Caruso ] Excuse me, Bryan..

Miffed, Danielson turns to see who interrupted him.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Can I help you with something?

He doesn’t even give her the chance to respond.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Can’t you see I was scouting? Huh? Can’t you see I was admiring Christopher Daniels and Zack Sabre, two of the finest men in the business?

[ Charly Caruso ] Well, that’s actually what I wanted to ask..

Danielson’s eyebrows curl down at an angle as he awaits what comes next.

[ Charly Caruso ] ...Why?

[ Bryan Danielson ] You know, Charly, you’re normally a real idiot.

Her jaw drops.

[ Bryan Danielson ] But for once, you’ve asked a question worth answering. It’s simple.

Danielson points to the monitor as the two men continue their celebration.

[ Bryan Danielson ] As the REAL SGW World Champion, I look to defend this title against the most prestigious, highest caliber opponents this company has to offer. At No Peace in Brooklyn, Danhausen got his chance. Tonight, Zicky Dice.. Now, Charly, now that my scouting is complete, I cannot wait to defend this championship against Christopher Daniels!

[ Charly Caruso ] Why him?

[ Bryan Danielson ] Why? Charly, listen to yourself!

Danielson shakes his head in disgust.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Idiot.

What a waste of time.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Val Venis beat The Rock, okay? Now, Christopher Daniels has beaten The Rock while miraculously carrying Zack Sabre to the Promised Land along with him! The Rock, a movie star! Dave Batista, well, he won some worthless belt in another company once. That's kind of important, I guess. Combine all of that together and the math doesn’t lie, Charly. Christopher Daniels is just as good as, if not BETTER, than that idiot Val Venis. He's my next selection to have the PRIVILEGE to fight for my championship!

Danielson is the only one who believes his logic.

[ Bryan Danielson ] So when I defend my title against and BEAT Christopher Daniels at The Level We've Sunk To Now, I will AGAIN prove to the world that I’m BETTER than Val Venis!

Cody Rhodes sarcastically applauds as he strolls into the scene. Danielson becomes a statue, staring him down as he draws closer.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Whoa, whoa, I mean you no harm. I come in peace.

Cody glances at the title around Danielson’s waist and then returns to eye contact.

[ Cody Rhodes ] But I come with a warning.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You.. Warning.. ME? Haven’t you LOST to Christopher Daniels, the very man I plan on defending this title against? Who are you to come and issue me a warning?

[ Cody Rhodes ] Now, yeah, I have had some setbacks, namely losing to the very man you’re wanting to defend your title against, sure. I've wasted a lot of time not focusing on my championship resume like I should. But all of that is behind me. I’m feeling better than ever and I’ve yet to find a man who has won more matches in a row than I have.

Cody steps closer.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Other than you.

Danielson is enraged.

[ Cody Rhodes ] So hey, don’t let me stop you, do your thing with Danielson. Defend that title against anyone and everyone. But just know… I’m going to keep my eye on your prize there and I might just come knocking for it sooner than later. And when I do, Dragon, I'm going to give you hell, because I promise you this, I am not like the men you have chosen to defend that title against.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Yeah. You've got a bigger ego than all of them combined!

[ Cody Rhodes ] Sure. That's the difference. See you soon, Dragon.

Cody smirks and walks away, leaving Danielson and Charly where they stand. Danielson fumes for a few seconds and then turns and looks at Charly.

[ Bryan Danielson ] SEE?! I told you this was the most prestigious championship in SGW!

The scene fades.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

Jinny and Rhea Ripley meet in the middle of the ring, staring each other down with great intensity. The fans are booing loudly, a deep droning sound from deep in the heart of the arena. Aubrey Edwards holds up the SGW Women's World Championship and then calls for the bell after handing it off to Justin Roberts at ringside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it, folks. The match we've all been waiting for!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is Rhea Ripley's first shot at the SGW Women's World Championship since the original Gold Rush match to crown the inaugural champion back in November! It was Christina Von Eerie who ultimately pinned Rhea Ripley to become the champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] The fuckin' moose has been on a tear ever since, wantin' that belt, wantin' that gold! She felt like Von Eerie was duckin' her and hoggin' up all the glory... well, now's your shot, kid! Better make it a good one!

Jinny and Ripley continue staring each other down for a moment before they turn and walk back to their corners. The fans continue booing, eventually beginning to chant "FUCK YOU BOTH" over and over. Neither Ripley or Jinny look bothered by the chant. They both turn around, staring across the ring at one another. Suddenly, without warning, both women charge across the ring and meet in the center, slugging away at each other with forearms! They trade shots for a few seconds before Ripley wins out with her size and strength advantage, battering Jinny with right hands and backing her into the corner! Ripley continues peppering Jinny with punches before Jinny lashes out and scratches Ripley's eyes, causing her to stagger backward. Ripley turns her back and checks her eyes with her hand but as she turns around, Jinny charges and nails her with a flying headscissors! As soon as Ripley hits the mat, she rolls under the bottom rope to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's certainly no love lost between these two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Rhea Ripley believes that Jinny stole her title opportunity at Card Subject to Change. While this match may mean nothing more than a title defense to Jinny, Ripley has strong personal feelings about this match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Listen to these fans! They hate both of these women!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And for good reason! Rhea Ripley and Jinny have earned every bit of their reputations in Solid Gold Wrestling!

Ripley walks around the ringside area with her hands on her hips, looking frustrated. As she round a corner, Jinny goes for a baseball slide but Rhea catches her ankles and drags her out of the ring! Jinny lands on her feet and Rhea immediately shoves her backward into the guardrail. Jinny rests with her back against the rail and Rhea throws a big haymaker! Jinny ducks it and Rhea ends up with her back to the rail, allowing Jinny to nail her right in the jaw with a big forearm! Jinny continues nailing Rhea with forearms before pulling back and nailing her with a deafening overhand chop! Ripley touches her chest, seething with pain, and then lashes out, whipping Jinny around, pushing her back against the rail and firing off rapid fire punches and forearms! As Jinny ragdolls with every blow, Rhea suddenly grabs Jinny by both sides of her head and THROWS HER into the ring apron!



Jinny falls to the mat, writhing in pain! Rhea snatches Jinny up in a wheelbarrow position and begins slinging her head first into the ring apron and the guard rail! After four, five, six, seven good shots, Rhea drops Jinny to the floor and then snatches her up by two handfuls of her gear. She throws Jinny under the bottom rope and follows her inside. Ripley stalks Jinny as she crawls sluggishly on all fours. Ripley grabs a handful of Jinny's hair and pulls her up to her knees. Jinny grabs Rhea's gear and pulls her forward, causing Rhea to go face first into the middle turnbuckle! Jinny scrambles back to her feet as Rhea uses the ropes to pull herself up... as soon as Ripley stands and turns around, Jinny charges in and nails her with ROLLING WHEEL KICK! Ripley ragdolls in the corner and falls into a seated position! Jinny begins booting Ripley in the face, scraping her with the side of her foot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jinny is doing anything she can to cut the bigger woman down! She knows, with the size difference, that any mistake could be her last!

Jinny grabs a handful of Ripley's hair and pulls her out of the corner. She takes Ripley by the wrist, pulls her in and whips her out... ACID RAINMAKER! NO! RIPLEY DUCKS IT! She catches Jinny on the turnaround... KICK! RIPTIDE! NO! Jinny uses the momentum on the upswing to float over Rhea's back and execute a sunset flip bomb! Jinny maintains the hold for the pin! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! RIPLEY KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's not gonna be that easy! She has to put Ripley DOWN!

Ripley and Jinny both roll back to their feet and clash in the middle of the ring again, trading forearms! Ripley deflects a forearm from Jinny and throttles her with one hand around the throat! Ripley looks PISSED! She whips the hair out of her face and PLANTS Jinny with a CHOKE SLAM! Ripley stands over Jinny and then reaches down to pick her up. She deadlifts her straight off the mat... RIPTIDE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] SHE GOT ALL OF IT!

Ripley covers and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ALIYAH PULLED AUBREY EDWARDS OUT OF THE RING! Aubrey begins yelling at Aliyah and telling her to leave the ringside area... but Vanessa Borne blasts Aubrey from behind, knocking her down and out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is NOT a good night be Aubrey Edwards! Someone needs to get down here and take control of this match!

With the referee down, Aliyah and Vanessa prepare to make a difference but as they turn to enter the ring, Rhea Ripley reaches through the ropes and grabs a handful of Vanessa Borne's hair! She drags her kicking and screaming into the ring! Ripley whips Borne into the ropes... BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Aliyah slides into the ring and nails Rhea in the back, knocking her forward! Aliyah hits the ropes and charges at Ripley but Ripley ducks a clothesline and catches Aliyah on the turnaround... WITH A GORILLA PRESS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOD!

[ Scott Steiner ] This is the kinda' shit I'm talkin' about! God damn!

Vanessa Borne is up and Rhea Ripley THROWS ALIYAH AT HER! Vanessa Borne catches her and the momentum carries both women over the top rope to the floor in a broken heap! But Ripley isn't done! She follows them out and grabs Vanessa Borne by the hair. She winds up and whips Vanessa Borne into the ring steps so hard that they come apart and Vanessa Borne doesn't move at all! She's FINISHED! Ripley takes Aliyah by the hair and drags her around to the announce table. Ripley begins taking the monitors off the table and clearing it off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what are you doing!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's bloody obvious what she's doing, Tony! Get outta' the way!

Once the table is clear, Ripley pulls Aliyah in... POWER BOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! The fans pop HUGE! Rhea Ripley turns around... and JINNY WIPES HER OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Both women are down! Jinny is up first, looking worse for wear! She looks down and sees Aliyah laying in the wreckage. Jinny looks indignant, shouting "GET UP AND HELP ME, YOU LAZY COW!" but Aliyah is DEAD! Jinny looks around for a weapon, picking up a steel chair and then sneering before discarding it. She begins looking around at the timekeeper's table and picks up the bell... but before she can make use of it, Rhea Ripley has rise and grabs Jinny from behind! Jinny begins freaking out and Ripley throws her under the bottom rope, back into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank goodness, she stopped Jinny before she could do what she wanted with some of the plunder from ringside!


Chioda slides into the ring as Ripley goes for RIPTIDE! Jinny floats over again and lands on her feet behind Ripley! She whips Ripley around and goes for the TOUCH OF COUTURE but Ripley avoids it and hooks Jinny for RIPTIDE AGAIN but Jinny's boot slightly catches Chioda on the upswing, knocking him askew... and as the RIPTIDE reaches its peak, Jinny reveals she stashed the RINGBELL HAMMER and nails Ripley right in the head with it! Ripley collapses and Jinny lands on top of her in a seated position! She hooks Ripley's leg as Chioda comes around, looking slightly disoriented! ONE! TWO! THREE!

JINNY via PIN FALL in 14:21

The fans boo loudly as Jinny rolls off Ripley and immediately slides out of the ring, charging toward Justin Roberts and shrieking "I WANT MY FUCKING TITLE, YOU TWAT!" Roberts shakily hands her the belt and she snatches it out of his hands!

[ Tony Schiavone ] By hook or by crook, Jinny has done it again!

[ Scott Steiner ] The moose was fuckin' robbed! Again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who in the bloody hell can hope t' stop her at this point?! She's run through the whole bloody division.

Jinny has blood in her teeth as she backs up the ramp, clutching the championship tightly to her chest. The camera pans around the ringside area, revealing Aliyah and Vanessa Borne are still dead where Ripley left them lying.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, I've just received information from a gentlemen in the SGW archives department... and I've just learned that, by retaining her championship tonight, by the time Jinny defends her championship again, she will be the longest reigning champion of any kind in SGW history. Amazing.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And she'll be sure to remind us of this fact, I'll bet.

Jinny stands on the stage and holds up the SGW Women's World Championship with a bloody grin as we fade to black.

Without warning, we quickly head to the parking lot where we see Kevin Nash laid out flat on his back with blood on his face. The fans erupt in boos upon witnessing the sight. The SGW Elevation Championship is lying next to him. He's completely motionless... the camera begins to pan up his still body.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Someone call an ambulance! Big Sexy has been laid to waste! Who would do such a thing!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who do ya' bloody think would do such a thing, Tony?! He's been doin' it all night long! Randy Orton has taken out Ric Flair, David Starr, Billy Gunn, Lance Storm, and even poor Scarlett Bordeaux! It's clear that Kevin Nash is simply his latest victim!

As the camera pans up around Nash's head, we see two black boots standing at Nash's head. The fans are booing loudly. There's a loud THUNK as the head of an axe lands on the pavement next to Nash's head. The boos turn into a far more mixed reaction as the camera scans upward and reveals the disgusted face of Jimmy Havoc. Noelle Foley stands several feet behind him, surveying the carnage with a huge smile on her face. Havoc looks into the camera and flashes a sinister smile.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] What? You were expectin' someone else?

Havoc swings the axe up and looks at the blade, next to his face.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Don't look at me like that... this old cunt wanted t' take a vacation... so I bloody sent 'im on one... but it's not just for his sake... oh, no. It's for one Mr. Val Venis, too.

Havoc turns and looks into the camera.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'm feelin' a bit neglected, Val. You've paid me no mind since I earned my title shot. We haven't had any intense staredowns, no harsh words... not even a fucking contract signing. I'm beginnin' t' think you aren't taking this as serious as I am.

Havoc gestures toward Nash with the axe.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Well, here's your fucking wake up call, cunt.

He glares hard into the camera.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Get your head in the bloody game... 'cause if ya' don't?

Havoc looks at the axe and then back at the camera.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.

Fade out.

End transmission.