05/16/2020 | Bridgestone Arena | Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
Keith Lee def. Zachary Hartnell via Pinfall w/ Big Bang Catastrophe in 02:39
- Giulia (w/ Christian Michael Jakobi) def. Little Bit via Submission w/ Stealth Viper in 01:11
- Jay Briscoe (w/ Mark Briscoe) def. JT Quest via Pinfall w/ Jay Driller in 04:43
- Kevin Steen & El Generico def. Psycho Medic & LA Playa via Pinfall w/ Package Piledriver in 06:08
- Cody Rhodes def. Shawn Reed via Pinfall w/ Cross Rhodes in 04:12
- Zack Sabre, Jr. def. Bill Dundee via Submission w/ Fujiwara Armbar in 51:15
- Candice LeRae def. Cowgirl Kissy via Pinfall w/ Ballsplex in 03:22
- Judas Mesias def. Derrick King via Pinfall w/ Straight to Hell in 01:18
- V.E.N.O.M. (w/ Christian Michael Jakobi) def. 2 Cool 2 (Flex & Tim) via Pinfall w/ Jay Driller in 04:43

SHOCK Showcase Match
- Chris Dickinson def. LT Falk via Pinfall w/ Pazuzu Bomb in 00:24

We open outside the Bridgestone Arena with a shot of SGW road agents Justin Credible and Billy Gunn flanked by arena security. They're all business, surveying the scene in front of them. Before we can ask what they're doing here, Edge and Christian walk out the rear exit, serious looks on their faces. Edge pats Billy Gunn on the shoulder.

[ Edge ] Keep an eye out, fellas.

[ Christian ] Yeah, we don't want a repeat of the last show.

Credible nods, folding his arms across his chest.

[ Edge ] Orton doesn't come within a hundred yards of the arena.

[ Billy Gunn ] What about Jeff? Is Double J here tonight, boys?

Edge shakes his head, a solemn look on his face.

[ Edge ] Haven't heard a word from him.

[ Billy Gunn ] Damn. You gotta be kiddin' me.

[ Justin Credible ] We're like thirty minutes from his fuckin' house and he can't be bothered to show up? Even after what Orton did? Hell, he's the reason Orton's doin' this shit.

Edge and Christian exchange a look.

[ Christian ] It's not our place to judge... as easy as that might be. Our focus tonight is keeping our guys and girls safe so that lunatic doesn't strike again.

A scream pierces the night. Everyone stands rigid, surprised. The scream is shrill, chilling them to the bone. Without hesitation, Edge and Christian turn and sling open the rear exit door. They charge inside, followed by Billy Gunn, Justin Credible, and arena security. The camera follows them as they rush down the corridor and follow the scream. They stop in front of a closed door and Edge tries to open it, but it's locked. After pounding on it and receiving no answer, Christian pulls back and kicks the door as hard as he can. It doesn't budge and his leg comes out from under him, causing him to fall on his ass. Edge looks at him like he's an idiot, as Christian looks up at him and shrugs. Billy Gunn steps in front of the door and kicks it wide open with one shot, drawing a pop from the live crowd. Everyone charges inside and sees...


Candy Floss.

Kris Statlander.

And Tom Cruise, kneeling over a half-naked body on the floor. Cruise is performing CPR frantially... and screaming. The screams were coming from Tom Cruise, the star of Magnolia. Candy Floss and Statlander both look horrified. Tucor seems indifferent to what is going down in front of his horrifying, too-human eyes. As Edge and Christian draw closer, they see that Barbie Blank is on the floor, blue in the face... eyes rolled back... foam and vomit on her mouth.

There's a needle in her arm.

God help us... Barbie Blank is dead.

[ Christian ] Oh, dude. Is she dead?

Christian points at the rigid, pale body of Barbie Blank.

[ Christian ] Dude, is she dead?

[ Edge ] Oh yeah. She's dead, baby brother.

Edge covers his mouth and shakes his head.

[ Edge ] She's been dead for a while.

Billy Gunn and Justin Credible look weary.

[ Billy Gunn ] This ain't good, boys.

Credible runs his hand over his bald head.

[ Justin Credible ] Another dead prostitute... I can't do this again.

Edge and Christian look at Credible.

[ Edge ] That's Barbie Blank, dude. That's Tom's fiancé.

[ Christian ] And what do you mean ANOTHER dead prostitute?

Before we can figure out the mystery of the dead prostitute, Christopher Daniels walks into the room with a genuine look of concern on his face.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hey, what's going on with all the screaming?

Daniels looks down and sees Barbie Blank dead on the floor.

[ Christopher Daniels ] What the hell are you doing, Cruise? That's not how you do CPR! Stand back!

Daniels quickly approaches and removes his Affliction t-shirt, leaving him shirtless in a pair of jeans. He places the shirt underneath her head.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You gotta protect the neck, movie star!

And then he pinches her nose and places his mouth on her foamy, pukey, dead mouth. The live crowd groans in horror as Daniels performs CPR.

[ Edge ] Dude, Daniels. No.

[ Christian ] She's dead, Daniels. Come on.

[ Edge ] Why is this happening?

[ Christian ] I literally do not see how this segment could get any worse.

Suddenly, a bellow from down the corridor.


The Rock storms into the room, wearing a sleeveless tuxedo and stovepipe top hat. The live crowd goes wild as The Rock looks around the room with frantic, wide eyes.


[ Edge ] He's right there, Rock.


[ Edge ] I said he's right there--

Christian waves Edge off.

[ Christian ] Dude, don't even bother. He only listens to me.

Christian points at Cruise.

[ Christian ] He's right there, Rock.


Edge glares at Christian. Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] Seriously, it's the weirdest thing.

The Rock stomps over to where Tom Cruise and Christopher Daniels are doing their best to revive the long dead Barbie Blank. The Rock glares down at them, his wide, bugged out eyes threatening to burn a hole through their very souls.


Tom Cruise sobs uncontrollably.

[ The Rock ] TOM CRUISE! TOM!

Tom looks up at The Rock with tear-filled eyes.


[ Tom Cruise ] Rock... she's... she's--


[ Edge ] That answer doesn't even...

[ Christian ] Oh, I see. You're trying to make sense of all this.

Christopher Daniels sits up, his mouth caked in the foam and vomit of Barbie Blank. Daniels hammer punches her in the chest as hard as he can and tilts his head back, crying out to anyone who will listen.

[ Christopher Daniels ] COME ON, BARBIE! LIVE!

He clubs her in the chest again. A rib cracks.

[ Christopher Daniels ] LIVE, DAMN YOU!

Daniels slowly turns his head to look at Edge and Christian.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Guys, I think she's gone.

[ Christian ] Ya' think?

Daniels looks down at her and shakes his head sadly.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You should've taken me.

He looks up into the heavens and shakes his fist.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You should've taken me, you bastard!

[ Edge ] I'm calling 911.

[ Christian ] Daniels, go get ready for your match, you freak.

Daniels yanks his shirt out from underneath her head, allowing it to thud on the floor. He uses it to wipe his mouth and then puts it back on, making sure it's tight and smooth against his form, minus the vomit stains on it now.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Shut up, Christian. Who'd you ever beat, huh?

Without another word, Daniels pushes past Edge and Christian and leaves the room in a huff. Tom Cruise cradles Barbie's lifeless head as he openly weeps. The Rock looms over them, breathing heavily.


Christian approaches The Rock and places his hand on his shoulder.

[ Christian ] Dwayne, you gotta chill, man.

The Rock cocks the People's Eyebrow, looking confused.

[ Christian ] She's dead.

The Rock looks down at her and then back up at Christian.

[ The Rock ] The Rock says... she's dead?

Christian nods.

[ The Rock ] So that means no wedding for Tom Cruise... which means no wedding... for The Rock... which means--

The Rock cuts his eyes upward... at what rests on his head.

[ The Rock ] ...The Rock has no use for this top hat.

[ Christian ] Uh, yeah. I guess not.

[ The Rock ] The Rock had The Rock's heart set on wearing this top hat, Christian.

[ Christian ] That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear that.

[ The Rock ] This top hat cost The Rock five thousand dollars.

[ Christian ] Well, that's, um... not that bad.

Edge walks back into the shot with his hand over the speaker on his cellphone.

[ Edge ] Are you two seriously discussing top hat prices with a dead woman in the room? This isn't a joke, guys. This is serious business! A woman is dead! Dead like Taz! Not good!

[ Christian ] Well, hey. Taz eventually came back, right?

Edge glares at Christian.

[ Christian ] The orange urn, a billow of smoke... big orange genie--

Edge continues to glare.

[ Christian ] I'm just gonna shut up.

The camera pans over to reveal Tucor consoling Tom Cruise, hugging him tightly with his big furry army. Candy Floss and Kris Statlander remain in the corner of the room, separated from the chaos as much as they can.

[ Candy Floss ] Kris... I don't want t' be 'ere anymore.

[ Kris Statlander ] This planet is... most troubling.

Statlander shakes her head.

[ Kris Statlander ] Very troubling, indeed, Earthling Floss.

We begin to fade out as EMTs rush into the room to check on the deceased.

We cut to the ringside area where we see "Diamond" Dallas Page already standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand. He's packing back and forth, ready for a fight. The fans are cheering loudly before he even speaks.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're off to the races, fans! "Diamond" Dallas Page is here and he's looking for Jimmy Havoc!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Also, we're joined here for this match by the two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Val Venis! Always a pleasure, Val!

We get a shot of announce table where we see Schiavone, Steiner, and McGuinness joined by Val Venis in a black polo shirt with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship resting on the table in front of him.

[ Val Venis ] It's a pleasure to be here, boys. Not going to lie, after what Jimmy Havoc did to Big Kev two weeks ago, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see what DDP does to him tonight.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's quite the interesting match-up!

[ Val Venis ] You ain't kidding. I just hope Page saves me some for Supremacy.

Page stops pacing in the ring for a moment and faces the entrance ramp. He raises the microphone and begins speaking.

[ "Diamond" Dallas Page ] YO, JIMMY!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ "Diamond" Dallas Page ] You think you can just DO what you did to Big Kev and get away with it?! I DON'T THINK SOOOOO!

The fans are going nuts, chanting "D-D-P!" over and over.

[ "Diamond" Dallas Page ] See, when it comes to the Vegas Connection, when ya' mess with one of us... you're messin' with ALL of us, bucko! Now, I know this match was scheduled for later in the night... some kinda'... SEMI-main event but I don't care about none o' that! This is goin' down right here, right now 'cause I showed up for a fight and you got me ALL JACKED UPPPPPPPPP!

The fans explode.


Page throws down the microphone and waits, gesturing toward the ramp to "bring it on." After several long seconds, "I Hope You Suffer" hits and Jimmy Havoc makes his way out onto the stage with Noelle Foley in tow. Havoc's eyes are locked on the ring as he walks down the ramp, carrying his axe.

[ Scott Steiner ] Just lookin' at the god damn emo skeleton gives me chills!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Very unusual for you to admit that someone scares you, Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] Scares me!? Who the fuck do you think you're talkin' to right now?! I mean he's fuckin' gross! Just imagine him touchin' your skin with those pale, thin little fingers he's got!

[ Val Venis ] I'd be more worried about the axe.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, I ain't! Look at these arms! Look at this fuckin' chest! Little Jimmy Havoc better pack a lunch 'cause hackin' through all this muscle is an all day job!

Havoc hands the axe to Noelle, ditches his mask, and sheds his trench coat before rolling under the bottom rope, rising to his feet, and charging Page full blast! They begin trading punches right away!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Havoc and Page trade punches like men possessed until Page takes over, staggering Havoc with a series of right hands before taking him down with a discus clothesline! Havoc immediately rolls to the floor and Page follows him out, grabbing him by the back of the head and guiding him back toward the ring apron! Page attempts to toss Havoc under the bottom rope but Havoc elbows out and smacks Page's head on the apron!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's the hardest part of the ring! Jimmy Havoc has no mercy!

[ Val Venis ] Don't count Page out yet. This is just the beginning.

Havoc pounds away Page with some stiff forearms before whipping him hard into the ring steps. The fans boo loudly as Page lands in a seated position against the steps. Havoc charges and Page moves, causing Havoc to eat the steps with his knees and flip over the steps, landing on the other side! Page returns to his feet and pulls Havoc up by either side of his head. Page then whips Havoc hard into the guardrail, following him in and clotheslining him over into the front row! Havoc struggles back to his knees and Page grabs him by the t-shirt, pulling him back into a standing position. They trade punches over the rail before Havoc lands a shot to Page's throat! Page backs up and Havoc steps up onto the guardrail, leaping off with a double axe handle to the top of Page's head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc is holding nothing back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Val, how have you been preparing for a competitor like Jimmy Havoc?

[ Val Venis ] It's hard to prepare for a man like Jimmy Havoc, Tony... but rest assured, I've been putting in the work. I'm taking this very seriously. Solid Gold Wrestling has had a very diverse collection of champions in its history... Bill Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Gangrel, Alex Shelley... but for how different they all are, there's never been a man like Jimmy Havoc with the strap... and I aim to keep it that way.

Jimmy Havoc grabs Page up by his t-shirt and throws him under the bottom rope. Havoc follows him in. Page rolls back to his feet and Havoc is waiting on him with a boot to the stomach. Havoc drills Page with right hands, backing him into the corner. Havoc continues punching away before booting him in the stomach, causing him to fall into a seated position. Havoc stomps a mudhole and walks it dry before snatching Page up by his shirt and pulling him out of the corner. Havoc takes Page by the wrist and whips him out before pulling him back in... ACID RAINMAKER! NO! PAGE DUCKS IT AND CATCHES HAVOD WITH THE DIAMOND CUTTER!

[ Val Venis ] There it is! Pin him, Page!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an upset this will be!

Page covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NOELLE FOLEY PULLS HAVOC FROM BENEATH PAGE! The fans erupt in boos as Noelle pulls Havoc out of the ring. Havoc remains on his knees, hugging Noelle around the waist as she supports him. Without warning, Page rolls out of the ring and glares at Noelle before pushing her aside and advancing on Havoc! Havoc comes alive, grabbing Page by his shirt and pulling him forward into the ring steps!

[ Val Venis ] Dammit! Come on, Page!

Havoc quickly rises to his feet and pulls Page back up... ACID RAINMAKER ON THE FLOOR! The fans boo loudly! Havoc and Noelle work together to shove Page under the bottom rope and into the ring. Havoc follows him in and covers... ONE! TWO! THR-- PAGE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's still in the fight!

[ Val Venis ] Jimmy Havoc is a disgrace. Page has got this. Men like Havoc and Bryan Danielson, they do more to disrespect this company and the SGW Championship than anything else. Page is going to send him a message tonight and I'm gonna finish him off once and for all at Supremacy.

Havoc looks frustrated and pulls Page back up to his feet. Havoc goes for the ACID RAINMAKER again but Page ducks it and goes for another DIAMOND CUTTER... only for Havoc to duck THAT and kick Page low!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's gotta be a disqualification!

[ Val Venis ] That son of a bitch.

But Aubrey Edwards didn't see it! Noelle Foley was on the apron, distracting her! Page is doubled over and Havoc takes him by the wrist and pulls him in. With his free hand, he flips off Val Venis and then spins him out... ACID RAINMAKER! The fans erupt in boos! Havoc covers and Noelle hops off the apron! Aubrey turns around and counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


As soon as the three count is registered, Noelle Foley slides the axe into the ring and Havoc snatches it up off the mat, gripping it with both hands. He points at Val Venis with the axe and then looms over Dallas Page with it.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's he doing? What's he gonna do?!

[ Val Venis ] Don't you even TRY, Havoc!

We hear a thump and clatter as Venis ditches his headset and stands up behind the table. Havoc smiles and teases raising the axe over his head, prompting Venis to hit the ring! As soon as Venis hits the ring, Havoc tosses the axe and meets him in the center! They begin trading punches like wild men and then Venis takes over, slugging away at Havoc before clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes! Give it to him, Val!

[ Scott Steiner ] Emo skeleton ain't gonna forget that shit!

Havoc lands on his feet and Noelle grabs him, guiding him backward up the ramp as he glares up into the ring. Justin Roberts hands Venis the SGW World Championship through the ropes and picks up Havoc's axe from the mat. The fans go wild as Venis holds up the championship while gripping Havoc's axe.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Message SENT and DELIVERED!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's certainly gonna be no love lost when these two meet in the ring at Supremacy with that championship on the line!

With a final shot of Venis in the ring with the title, we fade to black.

The camera finds The Origin resting comfortably in their private locker room in the middle of what seems to be a celebratory moment. Adam Cole, Steve Corno, Arn Anderson, Chris Jericho, Britt Baker, and Jake Hager are all standing around with joyful looks on their faces. Cole seems to be in the middle of an address to his teammates.

[ Adam Cole ] Elias? GONE! PAC? GONE!

Confidence is exuding out of every pore of Cole’s body.

[ Adam Cole ] “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a dead man walkin’. He has no friends, no allies, nobody left to help him out. So at Supremacy, I’ll finish him off once and for all.

Cole turns to Jericho and Corino with a slight smile.

[ Adam Cole ] That is.. If you two promise to leave some of Austin for me to finish off.

[ Chris Jericho ] I’ll think about it.

[ Steve Corino ] Yeah, we may get a little carried away out there tonight against those two.

[ Chris Jericho ] Val Venis and Steve Austin? Those dinosaurs ain’t got nothin’ on us! “Stone Cold” That bald son of a bitch doesn’t scare me! Then don’t even get me started on the PAPER champion that is Val Venis!

Jericho spits on the ground.

[ Chris Jericho ] That’s what I think of the piece of CRAP Venis!

[ Adam Cole ] All we have to do is take care of business and there’ll be nobody left in SGW standing in our way of taking this place over once and for all, restoring order back to the way it SHOULD be, with Arn Anderson back in his rightful place running the ship.

[ Arn Anderson ] I knew it’d be easy, but I sure didn’t think it’d been this easy.

Just then, a male nurse wheels Shane Douglas into the room. Sitting proudly in a gold spray-painted wheelchair, Douglas looks worse for wear, but still alive weeks after being shoved down a flight of stars by Lightning Star to avenge Cathy Kelly.


[ Adam Cole ] Well, tonight took a turn.

[ Britt Baker ] Hi, Shane.

Douglas wheels himself over to her. He’s sporting a yellow full-body cast with a black Origin t-shirt over it. Not missing, though, is the SGW Lifetime Championship, which he has strapped around his waist. There’s no way he’s comfortable right now.


[ Britt Baker ] Wow, okay.


Britt begins gagging, unable to hold it together.

[ Shane Douglas ] WHAT?! WOMAN, SPEAK!

[ Britt Baker ] Oh dear god.. Shane.. You reek.. You smell like a diaper filled with Indian food.


The nurse grabs the handles of the wheelchair and pulls Shane back.


[ Steve Corino ] Because you’re constantly covered in piss.

[ Chris Jericho ] Yeah, when I agreed to join The Origin, I was promised that there was going to be way less piss.

Cole confirms.

[ Adam Cole ] That’s still true. Don’t worry.


Corino’s voice is filled with sorrow.

[ Steve Corino ] My sympathies. It’s true, medical professionals aren’t paid enough, because there’s not enough money in the world to convince me to take care of this bag of sand twenty-four-seven..


Corino throws his hands up and steps back.

[ Steve Corino ] Christ, fine.

[ Chris Jericho ] Franchise, I don’t think you being ringside is such a good idea.

[ Adam Cole ] I tend to agree.

Douglas is floored.


[ Britt Baker ] He does have a point.

Cole thinks it over.

[ Adam Cole ] Fine.

He may regret it but he knows Douglas does mean well.

[ Adam Cole ] Hell, it’s Danhausen. What could it hurt?


[ Adam Cole ] It’ll be nice to have you back around, Shane-O. I’ll dedicate this win tonight to you.


Jericho looks to Hager.

[ Chris Jericho ] See if there’s an out to this contract.

Cole rallies the troops once again.

[ Adam Cole ] Tonight’s going to be a great night.. I can just feel it.


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Valentina Loca is vibing in the corner with no one in particular as the bell rings and Paul Turner encourages her to get into the action. She does not heed his warning and is smashed with a running body attack the size of her unfortunate teeth!


Nia doesn’t let Loca fall onto the mat, instead grabbing her opponent onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry and transitions into a powerslam! The Crazy Valentine’s eyes are rolling in her skull as Jax pushes off her body and to her feet, bouncing off the ropes and scoring with a flattening leg drop, right to the throat!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Loca needs to find some semblance of offense or this one’s going to be over quickly!

Nia does not allow Loca anything other than a few seconds more of life, scooping her off the mat and bearhugging her small frame, latching her into a guillotine choke while she’s being wrenched, turning to face the camera and roaring out intensely before driving VLo into the canvas head-first with the An-Nia-Lator!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, scratch the first part of that, then.

Jax transitions on the mat and pushes down on Loca’s chest with both hands, holding her victim in place for the emphatic three count!

NIA JAX via PINFALL in 01:08

As Valentina Loca twitches on the mat, probably, hopefully, lifeless, Nia Jax stands up, rejecting Paul Turners offer to raise her hand in victory and instead reaching for Justin Roberts’ microphone and quickly jerking it from his hands.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I presume Nia Jax has something she’d like to say!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What gave you that idea, Tony?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, Nigel, she went directly to the microphone after her match.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Sarcasm, like style, alludes you, my dull friend.

Nia paces back and forth across the center of the ring, breathing deeply and quite clearly infuriated with the way things are going for her. She lifts the microphone and holds it to her lips for a moment before speaking slowly.

[ Nia Jax ] …Gionna Daddio. The time has come and gone for games. You’ve ducked me for far too long…and now, you’ve run out of time. You’ve run out of games. You’ve run out of stooges…Gionna…you’ve run out! Now come out here! And fight! Me!

Little bit of a sloppy landing, but we’ll take it! Nashville roars with excitement as She Who is Unlike Most Girls nods, snarling and resumes her pacing, waiting for the arrival of her rival Gionna Daddio.

Right on cue, “Darkness Past” plays and the fans boo – and Gionna Daddio emerges onto the stage, dressed to the nines in a gorgeous pinstriped pant suit. Her hair is pulled high and tight into a seamless bun and her eyes are narrowed in anger at her rival Nia Jax. She produces a microphone and waits for Nashville to silence themselves and allow her to speak.

[ Scott Steiner ] These hillbillies need to shut the hell up and let this sexy little thing talk! Now, I personally would usually just see her strip naked and crawl to me, but in this instance, I wanna hear her talk about how she’s better than that stupid Jax thing in the ring!

Gionna sneers to the fans before turning her attention to Jax and speaking.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Listen carefully to me, you dense pile of adipose…it is not worth my time to wrestle you.

A big boo from Nashville, but Gionna powers on as Nia’s perfectly trimmed and shaped eyebrows furrow.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Your sloppy, sweaty hands have eliminated Vipress…you’ve eliminated Zahra…both of my friends are out of the picture, and as such, Nia, I will be excusing myself from this pointless rivalry and aspire to never look at you again. Good day.

The lights fall in the arena and a giggling comes over the speakers to pop the Nashville Crowd – “Oh! It’s Time to Rock-n’-Roll!”

Trish Stratus pushes through the curtain with her own microphone and stops six feet from Gionna and smirks at her before lifting the mic to her mouth and speaking with a bit of a snarky tone.

[ Trish Stratus ] Hi, Gionna! I don’t know if you’ve walked into the wrong arena, but that…that’s just not how things are done in SGW!

Big pop from the Tennessee crowd. Gionna scowls at them as Nia nods her head, smiling slightly.

[ Trish Stratus ] Little bit of news for ‘ya, G…these fans are sick and tired of seeing Gionna Daddio talk trash…and run away!

Nashville starts chanting “NI-AH! NI-AH!” as Jax nods more and more, eyes growing wider with excitement.

[ Trish Stratus ] Gionna, that’s just not how things work! And so, in two weeks…at Bad Signal in Atlanta, Georgia…

Massive pop and Gionna’s eyes go wide – she’s shaking her head ‘no,’ asking Trish to reconsider, but it’s too late!

[ Trish Stratus ] There’s no more running, Gionna! It’s going to be you, Gionna Daddio…versus NIA JAX –

Huge pop!

[ Trish Stratus ] IN A STEEL CAGE MATCH!

Nashville is hyper-stoked, just absolutely losing it as Gionna chases Trish, begging for a reconsideration, or another stipulation as the camera cuts to Nia Jax, roaring in excitement and shaking the ropes in the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOW! What a huge main-event-level match we’re in store for at Bad Signal in Atlanta!

[ Scott Steiner ] MEH. I’d rather see Daddio strip naked and swing on a pole!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …sometimes I wonder how I got here, gentlemen.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, Nigel! I’m sure you flew into town like the rest of us!

Nigel is silent as Nia Jax pumps her fists and stares intensely into the camera. In two weeks – it’s the Bella Dõn versus She Who is Unlike Most Girls in a steel cage!

We fade.

Earlier today.

We fade up in the catering area with a shot of the entire SGW women's roster, sitting and waiting. AZM, Starlight Kid, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Hana Kimura, Io Shirai, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Scarlett Bordeaux, Shoko Nakajima, Hikaru Shida, Giulia, Brandi Rhodes, Veda Scott, Yuka Sakazaki, and Gionna Daddio are spotted. Even newcomers like Shotzi Blackheart and Candice LeRae are in the room. In the furthest corner, looking uninterested with the Limitless Championship over her shoulder, we see Ruby Riott as well.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here we go. Earlier today... this happened, folks.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It was, how the kids say, quite the flex.

Everyone begins grumbling as Jinny walks into the room confidently with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder. Her nose is held high in the air and she doesn't even offer a glance to the women in the room. Jinny is followed by Aliyah and Vanessa Borne, who are smiling arrogantly. Once they're inside the room, Jinny turns to face the group of women with Vanessa and Aliyah standing on either side of her. Jinny looks down at the championship on her shoulder and then back up at the women in attendance.

[ Jinny ] Bitches.

She smirks.

[ Jinny ] I've called you here today because it has come to my attention that... there's no one left in this division who could possibly compete--

She raises her eyebrow.

[ Jinny ] ...with Jinny.

Everyone looks around, visibly insulted.

[ Jinny ] With Christina Von Eerie having left the company with her tail between her disgusting legs and Rhea Ripley vanquished once and for all--

Rhea Ripley stands up, fists clenched.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I'm standin' right 'ere, twat!

[ Jinny ] Of course you are, dear.

Jinny stares a hole through Ripley.

[ Jinny ] But as you can see, I am standing here with the championship and you, clearly, are not. Which is why I'm speaking and you're listening, you living, breathing example of fashion homicide.

Suddenly, Ripley snatches up a folding chair and throws it down on the floor. It clangs and clatters to a stop. Ripley points at Jinny.

[ Rhea Ripley ] We're not through, bitch!

Ripley storms out of the room, pissed. Jinny shakes her head.

[ Jinny ] Oh, but we are, sweetie.

She turns her attention back to the group.

[ Jinny ] Where was I? Oh, yes. With my two strongest challengers now gone or defeated, there's simply no one else with a legitimate claim to a title shot. All of you that are left are simply too new or too ugly to be deserving of the honor.

Aliyah looks at Shayna Baszler and looks disgusted.

[ Aliyah ] She's talking about you, Shayna.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Gag.

Baszler, her feet on the table, looks offended.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Hey, what the hell did I do?!

Hana Kimura stands up and slams her hands down on the table in front of her, screaming in Japanese.


[ Jinny ] You disgusting, pink little thing.

Jinny shakes her head.

[ Jinny ] You're fortunate that I don't speak Japanese.

[ Aliyah ] You have to read the words.

[ Jinny ] What?

[ Vanessa Borne ] The words that scroll across the bottom. You have to read those when they're doing that icky foreign crap.

Jinny stares at both of them blankly.

[ Jinny ] Words? Scrolling? You two empty headed gashes realize that this is real life, don't you? Get with the bloody program before I have you replaced with more intelligent creatures.

She shakes her head in disgust. Aliyah and Vanessa both look down in shame.

[ Jinny ] Bloody chihuahuas will do nicely.

Jinny turns back to Hana.

[ Jinny ] You can return to your seat, cunt.

Io Shirai stands up and looks up at Hana.

[ Io Shirai ] < Yes. Return to your seat and stop asking for opportunities that you have not earned, child. >

Hana glares back at her.

[ Hana Kimura ] < What!? >

Hana abruptly flips her table over, sending Candice LeRae and Scarlett Bordeaux scattering. Shirai and Hana stomp up to each other, standing nose to nose.

[ Io Shirai ] < This is not your place! It is not your time to step up! You do not deserve it! >

Hana Kimura ] < Stupid bitch! I have been here longer than you! >

Shayna Baszler stands up and looks pissed.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Is anyone else tired of listening to the Panda Express back here?! Kiss or fight already!

Starlight Kid ] < Oh no! Racism! >


Io turns around and points at Starlight and AZM.

[ Io Shirai ] < SHUT YOUR MOUTHS! >

They immediately sit down without another word. Before this can escalate any further, Jinny clears her throat, silencing everyone.

[ Jinny ] That's enough of that.

Everyone glares at Jinny. Before Jinny can continue, Ruby Riott takes her championship and walks out of the room, not caring to listen anymore. Jinny shakes her head, annoyed, but gets back on track.

[ Jinny ] The reason I called you all here... is quite simple. All of my true competition is gone or defeated. There's no one left until what's left of you prove that you deserve it... therefore, I will not be defending this championship at Supremacy.

She tilts her head back, staring down her nose.

[ Jinny ] Because... I've already proven it.

She smiles evilly.

[ Jinny ] My supremacy... that is.

Jinny looks over her shoulder and snaps her fingers.

[ Jinny ] Come, bitches.

Jinny walks out of the room with Aliyah and Vanessa Borne following her. The camera dwells on the faces of the insulted women's division as we fade out.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as Chioda calls for the bell to ring, Matt and Nick immediately strike – popping Ross Von Erich with a little dose of Early Onset Alzheimer’s!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] SUPAHKICK!! Holy Lord, here we go!

Marshall is a bit shell shocked, but responds with a heavy right hand to Nick, staggering him back as Chioda checks on Ross. Marshall ducks a Matt Jackson clothesline, taking the elder Buck by the wrist and hurling him into the ropes – and tosses him into the air with a back body drop! Marshall pumps his fists, feeling the roar of the crowd, but makes a mistake and checks on his brother, leaving himself wide open for a Nick Jackson superkick, knocking Marshall out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nick Jackson scores with the superkick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And he’s not finished yet!

Sure enough, Nick soars higher than his hairline, devastating Marshall with a high tope con hilo! Nick doesn’t make the rookie mistake that Marshall did, instantly popping up to the apron, springboarding in and dropkicking Ross!

[ Scott Steiner ] These crazy bastard Jacksons are at it again! Flippin’ and smackin’ and flippin’ and shit!

Matt has found his way back to his feet and joins Nick in lifting Ross from the canvas, positioning him for a hiptoss – onto Nick’s knee! Nick lifts Ross and lifts him for a belly-to-back suplex, giving Matt time to springboard from the middle rope with a neckbreaker to complete the double-team maneuver!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No teams are more in sync than brothers!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And if you’re not on that level, you’ll be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to a victory!

Commentary is deathly quiet as Matt stomps Marshall in the side of the head upon his failed re-entry to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Did you hear me, guys?! I said they’ll be saying “BYE BYE BY—


Ross Von Erich charges Nick Jackson from his knees and takes the Buck down to the canvas! Matt turns to assist his younger brother, but Marshall grabs him by the ankle and pulls him outside! Matt throws a punch – but Marshall catches it! Big haymaker from the Texan!

Marshall slides into the ring as Ross lifts Nick for a Hart Attack, running and leaping to the middle rope for a springboard –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH, GOD, DON’T SLIP!

– and plants perfectly and soars backwards, turning to complete the double-team move! Ross rolls ahead with the Jackknife cover, but only gets a one count! As he rolls off of his opponent, Ross begins beckoning for his brother to position himself for the Iron Claw Driver!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This maneuver put away Los Ice Creaams, gentlemen! This could be a three count if they hit it!

Marshall manages to apply the deadly Iron Claw to Nick as Ross squats under the younger Jackson brother – but here’s Matt with a superkick! Right to Ross’ lower back! Marshall is taken aback, giving Nick an opportunity to stamp down on the Von Erich brother’s foot! Matt doesn’t delay and superkicks Marshall in the top of the head, quickly scooping him onto his shoulders before he slumps to the mat!


Matt encourages Nick to shake off the pains of the devastating Iron Claw and make his way to the top rope for a little bit of old school Bucks – and Nick does so, climbing to the top turnbuckle with a pinch less speed than usual and gestures at his brother, who is in the opposite corner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They’re setting up for More Bang for Your Buck!

[ Scott Steiner ] Stupid name! ‘Jackson Off’ was RIGHT! THERE!

As Matt rolls ahead with the steamroller, Ross Von Erich is to his feet and shoves Nick off the top rope onto the ground to a huge pop from the Nashville fans! As Matt reaches his feet, Ross CLOCKS him with a huge spinning uppercut for another big response!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My word, what a shot! The Von Erichs have to capitalize while they can – they won’t get many shots against these Bucks!

[ Scott Steiner ] They’re doin’ just that, Ringo – look!

Ross has lifted his brother and is smacking him to come to following the steamroller, hooking Matt for the belly-to-back suplex – and Marshall connects with the Iron Claw, crushing the elder Jackson brother’s skull! Before long, the brothers communicate to execute the move and – WHAM! Iron Claw Driver! Matt Jackson is spiked and Ross makes the cover – ONE! TWO! THREE!


Chioda calls for the bell and begins checking on Matt Jackson as the Von Erichs embrace after another hard-fought victory in Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHEW! These crazy kids, they’re like nearly having a heart attack to watch, but golly gee, they’re something else!

Neither McGuinness nor Steiner reply for a moment as Marshall and Ross roll to the mat and exit the ring, regaining their bearings following their second straight victory. Nick Jackson crawls into the ring and begins assisting his brother as another voice is finally heard from the commentary table.


Schiavone whimpers as Ross and Marshall take a moment at the top of the ramp to turn back to the ring and nod solemnly at the Bucks, who appear a bit shocked with their loss to the Texans.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Another impressive showing from Ross and Marshall Von Erich, fans – these exciting young brothers are making their way up the tag team ranks – and this division is certainly filled with plenty of competition for the brothers to feast on!

We fade elsewhere.

We arrive to the SGW Interview area backstage, where Charly Caruso’s pleasant smile welcomes us.

[ Charly Caruso ] Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time…Keith Lee!

The Nashville fans react in kind as we zoom out and Lee steps into the shot, dwarfing Charly but smiling gently at her before arcing his head slightly and closing his eyes, listening to the slowly growing “Keith Lee” chant. He opens his eyes and smirks completely.

[ Keith Lee ] Thank you for your time, Charly. It’s my pleasure.

[ Charly Caruso ] Keith, your SGW debut is one which industry insiders have long awaited – how can you possibly be prepared to counteract the pressure building on your first match and your expected success?

Lee nods, lifting an eyebrow and chuckling slightly.

[ Keith Lee ] You don’t back down from the tough questions, huh?

Charly chuckles, shaking her head ‘no.’

[ Keith Lee ] Me either, I don’t back down. You know, Charly, I’m ready…better yet, I’m EXCITED for action here in Solid Gold Wrestling. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of this, the greatest company in the entire world. I’m prepared to show each and every one of these athletes that while they may be good…or they may be great…hell, they may even be legends…

Lee closes his eyes, soaking in the moment as the camera zooms in tight on him.

[ Keith Lee ] I am…Limitless.

The camera zooms out to show Charly smiling and nodding, but there’s another face in the frame beside Lee now – Matt Riddle!

[ Matt Riddle ] Bro…that shit was tight! I mean, you just laid down the law! Nobody fucks with this guy, Keith Lee!

Riddle throws up a hand and Lee accepts it, each pulling the other into a bro-hug as Riddle chuckles to himself. He blinks his bloodshot eyes as he studies Lee.

[ Matt Riddle ] Anyway, bro – welcome to SGW! I’m glad to have another bad son of a bitch here!

Lee smiles, but a scoff from off-screen interrupts the greeting and both Riddle and the Limitless one turn to see Ethan Carter III approaching from behind Charly. She turns, pointing the microphone towards Carter, expecting comments.

[ Ethan Carter III ] Well…if that’s the case, Matt…I’m glad to be here, too.

EC3 looks Lee up-and-down, unimpressed, then turns to Caruso.

[ Ethan Carter III ] You see, tonight, I’m making my debut as well…and after I roll through 1999’s favorite luchador, I plan to continue climbing to the top of this company and making sure that Ethan Carter III never leaves the mountaintop he ascends to. Hell, I don’t think anyone in this company has ever been as high as I plan to go…

There’s a silence broken by Matt Riddle, who sniggers to himself.

[ Matt Riddle ] …I wouldn’t bet on that, bro!

EC3 rolls his eyes and gestures to Lee as the Nashville fans pop for Riddle’s joke.

[ Ethan Carter III ] …and if you want to see what a winner looks like…just watch the ring, Lee. I’ll be putting on a display very soon.

Carter turns to walk away as Riddle claps Lee on the back.

[ Matt Riddle ] …yo, Keith…do you know who the hell that was, bro?

The Nashville crowd laughs as we zoom in on Keith Lee again, studying EC3 as he walks away, then smirking as we fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

A physique as finely-tuned as Ethan Carter III’s is very rarely guffawed at – and yet, for whatever reason, Juventud Guerrera thinks it wise to do so in the opening moments of this contest between relative newcomers to Solid Gold Wrestling. The Juice waves off Carter and flexes, showing off his abdominals and playing them like a guitar for a moment until EC3 applies a side headlock to Guerrera, starting the match properly.

[ Scott Steiner ] Dammit, I can’t decide whether I like this greasy piece of crap or not. One minute he’s mackin’ on big-titted ladies, the next he’s in a muscle contest with this other bum, Carter. Neither of ‘em’s as jacked as me – hell, neither of ‘em’s as jacked as the jacked-up midget. REST IN PEACE, JACKED-UP MIDGET! YOU ARE IN HEAVEN, YOU NAMELESS, VASCULAR FUCK!

Guerrera drives EC3 into the ropes and pushes, forcing him off and into the far ropes, stepping up to meet his opponent in center ring – but Carter bowls Juvi over, sending him over his shoulders and down to the floor through the middle and bottom rope!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I realize that Guerrera is impressed with his physique, but he doesn’t have the mass to compete in the power game with Ethan Carter III here. Something else worth mentioning, Tony –

[ Tony Schiavone ] What’s that, best buddy?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Conspicuous by his absence at ringside is John Bradshaw Layfield – EC3’s advisor! I wonder why Layfield isn’t here at ringside tonight.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I would warrant the guess that JBL is letting Ethan prove himself on his own!

Carter catches a thick-skulled Guerrera cross body block attempt, nothing in the realm of a surprise, either; Juvi climbed the turnbuckles from the floor, screamed out “I gotcha now, baby!” and leapt all while Carter simply watched him. EC3 makes the cover after the surefire slam which follows and collects an early one count.

Keeping the advantage in hand, EC3 applies a rear chinlock, using his obvious upper body strength to wrench the chin backwards, really straining Juventud’s neck with the aggressive motion and angle of the maneuver.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] An application of the rear chinlock with an upper body as striking as Ethan Carter’s is eerily reminiscent of a hold you used to great success, Scott! What do you make of EC3’s form?

[ Scott Steiner ] Just when I think he’s a no-good banana-nosed bastard like Flair, he comes around and nearly does the Steiner Recliner! HEY MEATHEAD!

In the ring, Carter squints and looks around momentarily before re-cinching the hold and watching as Juventud wails out in pain, unaware it’s Steiner screaming at him.


Carter doesn’t mind the suggestions from the announcer’s booth and instead loosens the grip enough to step back and kick Juvi in the back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nothing hurts quite like a stiff kick to the back – those make sleeping comfortably an unenviable task!

Guerrera takes the strike and uses the momentum of pain to roll to his knees and maneuver towards the ropes. EC3 is in hot pursuit – but Juvi is ready and throws him throat first into the middle rope! Not waiting, the Juice quickly springboards up and over the top rope, legdropping the back of Carter’s head in a fluid motion! Sliding back in, Knox counts ONE! TWO! before Carter muscles up his shoulder to stop the attempted pinfall.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, guys, Juventud Guerrera is certainly an unorthodox competitor, his style is somethi—

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, he invented this shit style he uses, right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh, Scott, please – tell me you don’t believe that nonsense, there is no way Juventud could have honestly INVENTED the cruiserweight style of professional wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] The way I see it is – WHO GIVES A FUCK! It’s a shit style and he’s a shit head – so what do I care?! Give’em the credit before I give him a boot in the ass!

Guerrera doesn’t take long to scoot quickly to the top turnbuckle, biding his time by muttering incoherent ramblings of sexual innuendo splashed with healthy doses of ‘baby’ until Carter makes it to his feet – and Juvi dives!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] UH OH!

Another lacksidasical dive right into EC3 results in a huge release powerbomb – and Carter ain’t stoppin’ there! Guerrera’s up and running – into a corkscrew neckbreaker! Beautiful form, but the Juice is up again – and down again! Big Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge! ONE! TWO! NO! Juvi kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] EC3 is rolling! This young man is AWFULLY impressive here!

Juventud rises and throws a loose clothesline, but EC3 ducks and pops Guerrera with a Russian Leg Sweep, rolling through with control maintained on his opponent’s motion and hurls Juvi into the corner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This looks bad for Guerrera – and EC3 has looked incredible, Tony, you’re right!

Carter soars into frame – Stinger Splash! He pushes Guerrera back into the corner – running double knees!! Juvi staggers out of the corner and EC3 signals – Clothesline from Hell time!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The homage to his mentor – the LARIAT! The Clothesline from Hell, it’s coming right up!

Carter takes a huge burst of energy and dashes into the ropes, coming careening off with his arm cocked and ready to devastate Guerrera – but Juvi ducks it!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my – wait, what?!

Carter deadstops and turns – right into Juvi’s waiting arms, scooping him between the legs, up and QUICKLY down with a disgusting Juvi Driver!

[ Scott Steiner ] HOLY FUCK, that ANGLE!

Both men lay on the mat for a moment or two, absolutely spent before Guerrera gains his bearings and begins pushing Carter with his shoulders, hands and HEAD over into the corner with all his might. Juvi climbs the turnbuckles, holding his sore head and neck the whole way before flipping forwards with a gorgeous 450 Splash, smashing Carter! Knox is in perfect position and counts the ONE-TWO-THREE to give this highly competitive match to the Juice.


Guerrera rolls off of his opponent, still holding his neck and smiles. He reaches over and pats Carter on the chest, barely eeking out the words he speaks.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Holy…fuck, baby. Hell…uvva’job…baby.

Carter comes to a moment later and grips his own neck, rolling away from the Juice and his unwanted touching as Knox attends to him. Undeterred, Guerrera slowly exits the ring and looks towards the camera, walking up the ramp with him.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] …for you, mí amor! Por ti, baby!

Juvi very slowly whips his hair back and forth midway up the ramp as we get another shot of EC3 working his way to a seated position in the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Juice Train rolls on, I suppose – he seems destined for his goal of a championship match in SGW – but he did NOT have an easy win tonight – this man, Carter, has done a fine, fine job in the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think Carter has a tremendous future here in Solid Gold Wrest—

[ Scott Steiner ] LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY – I DIDN’T LIKE THIS CARTER! I THOUGHT HE WAS A PIECE OF SHIT! BUT NOW – I like the guy! He needs to apply the Steiner Recliner right, and come up with his own fuckin’ name for it, still respectin’ me, though – and he’ll do just fine! I say he’s got a tremendous future here in Solid Gold Wrestling, dammit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] …yes, well said, Scott…

Carter glares up the ramp in Guerrera’s direction before we cut to the Juice himself, smirking and shrugging before clapping for his opponent.


Outside the building, we see David Starr in jeans and a t-shirt, standing among a group of fans and local indie wrestlers. He has a megaphone in his hand, shouting into it. The entrance to the arena is being blocked by security, overseen by Justin Credible in slacks and a black SGW polo shirt.

[ David Starr ] This treatment is unacceptable!

He points at the guarded entrance.

[ David Starr ] My name is David Starr! I am an honest hard worker, just trying to make a living as a performer in the wrestling business... and I was brutally assaulted by an SGW contracted talent two weeks ago!

The fans and local indie wrestlers shout and cheer, giving Starr their full support.

[ David Starr ] What happened to me as a result? I'm being denied entry to the building tonight! I'm told I'm not welcome here! What happened to Randy Orton!? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!

Starr turns away from the building and addresses his followers.

[ David Starr ] Don't get me wrong, this isn't about me! This isn't about what happened to me two weeks ago... or the injuries I received! This is about all of you! This is about us! Because if it happened to me, it can happen to you!

He raises his fist in the air.


They cheer.


We quickly cut away to Chavo Guerrero, Jr. inside the arena, watching this protest go on below. He looks troubled. Chavo scratches his chin and sighs. Stevie Ray approaches him from behind in slacks and a black SGW polo shirt. Chavo looks over his shoulder, confused.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Where's Trish, esse?

[ Stevie Ray ] I can't find dat bitch nowhere, sucka'.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Damn. I don't know what to do, Stevie Ray. This escalated way beyond anything I imagined.

Stevie Ray looks out the window and shakes his head.

[ Stevie Ray ] Dis fruit booty can't be serious, dawg.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Yeah, that's the scary thing. He's serious as a heart attack.

Chavo looks down at the stick horse clutched in his fist and shakes his head.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Pepe, you stay here with Stevie Ray. I'm gonna go find Trish!

Chavo hands Pepe to Stevie Ray and walks off-camera. Stevie Ray looks down at Pepe.

[ Stevie Ray ] Man... sucka's GOTS to know what I did t' deserve dis shit.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is a match I've been looking forward to all night, folks! The Submission Magician versus The Genius of the Sky!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know Hana Kimura has her eye on this match tonight. Shayna Baszler has been a thorn in Hana's side since WrestleBrawl 3. As a matter of fact, if Shayna Baszler had gotten her way, she would be standing across the ring from Hana Kimura right now! However, the challenge was accepted by Io Shirai, who has developed quite the complicated and confusing relationship with Kimura over the past several events!

Shirai and Baszler meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down, with Baszler looking down at Shirai with a confident smirk. Without warning, Baszler pie faces Shirai, resulting in Shirai immediately rocking Baszler with a forearm to the jaw! The impact sends Baszler back a step but she returns fire with a forearm of her own! Shirai and Baszler begin trading forearm strikes until Baszler loses it and throws a haymaker... only for Shirai to duck it and catch Baszler around the waist! She pushes Baszler chest first into the ropes and tries to pull her backward into a pinning predicament but Baszler hangs onto the top rope, causing Shirai to tumble backward and roll back to her feet! Baszler turns and charges at Shirai with a clothesline! Shirai ducks the clothesline and leaps onto the middle rope, catching Shayna on the turnaround with an ASAI MOONSAULT!

[ Scott Steiner ] Here we fuckin' go! Time for some flippy shit!

Baszler immediately rolls out of the ring where Ted Dibiase begins checking on her. The fans begin buzzing with anticipation and we find out why when the camera pans up to catch Io Shirai standing on the top rope. Baszler looks up and shoves Dibiase out of the way just as Shirai comes down, wiping Baszler out with a MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Huge pop! Shirai stands up, shouting in Japanese, and pulls Baszler up by her hair. Baszler grabs the front of Shirai's tights and pulls her down head first into the ring apron, THE HARDEST PART OF THE RING! Baszler is seething mad, grabbing Shirai up in a wheelbarrow position before ragdolling her repeatedly into the guardrail and ring apron! The fans "OOOH" and "AHHHH" with every devastating blow before Baszler stiffens up and slings Shirai backward... WITH A WHEELBARROW GERMAN ON THE FLOOR! Shirai cradles her head as Baszler rests in a seated position, looking satisfied. Baszler dusts off her hands and gets back to her feet. She stalks Shirai with a sadistic smile on her face. Shirai gets up to all fours and Baszler grabs her from behind... in the KIRIFUDA CLUTCH! Aubrey Edwards demands that they return to the ring but neither woman listens. Shayna rears back, pulling Shirai off her feet. Shirai kicks away at the air as Shayna strangles the life out of her! Dibiase gets closer, laughing as Shirai struggles... but he gets too close and Shirai plants her feet on his chest and kicks him away, using the momentum to knock Shayna backward, off her feet! Shirai rolls straight back to her feet and Shayna scrambles back up, her back to Shirai... and Shirai snatches her around the waist... GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my goodness! These women are pulling out all the stops!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're not just trying t' win this match, Tony! They're jockeying for position in the newly open frontier of the SGW women's division! Whoever wins this match will surely be in line for the a title match!

Shirai gets up, screaming in Japanese again, and pulls Baszler to her feet. She shoves her under the bottom rope, back into the ring. Baszler rolls to the center of the ring and returns to her feet. She turns around into a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK FROM SHIRAI! Shirai kips back up and points at the downed Baszler! The fans are going wild as Shirai stomps on Shayna's mid-section on her way to the turnbuckles. Shirai leaps onto the top rope and FLIES! MOONSAULT! BASZLER GETS HER KNEES UP! The impact sends Shirai flailing off of Baszler, into a kneeling position! Baszler quickly gets back to her feet and charges... RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO SHIRAI'S FACE! Shayna covers! ONE! TWO! TH-- SHIRAI BRIDGES OUT! Shayna looks pissed and pulls Shirai up into a seated position... KIRIFUDA CLUTCH! The fans boo loudly as Baszler remains standing, pulling up on Shirai's neck! Shirai slowly works her way back up to her feet. Shirai reaches for the ropes but Baszler keeps her secure in the center of the ring! Shirai begins throwing her elbows backward into Shayna's mid-section! Shayna finally releases her grip on Shirai's neck and Shirai drops down, throwing her legs around Shayna's waist in a wheelbarrow position! She flows through and pulls Shayna down into a trapped pinning predicament! One! Two! Three!

IO SHIRAI via PINFALL in 10:39

The fans cheer loudly as Edwards registers the three count! Shirai launches off of Baszler and quickly rolls under the bottom rope, raising her arm in victory as she backs up the ramp with a confident look on her face! Baszler remains in a seated position in the middle of the ring, appearing genuinely surprised!

[ Tony Schiavone ] SHE DID IT! IO DID IT!

[ Scott Steiner ] The god damn Japanese pinball is victorious again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't intend t' take anything away from Io Shirai's victory, but you have t' consider this win something of an upset over an angry and highly motivated Shayna Baszler!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This victory is not only a statement to Hana Kimura but to Jinny and the SGW Women's Championship as well!

Io Shirai continues celebrating on the stage as Baszler and Dibiase flip out inside the ring.

We head backstage where we see Chavo Guerrero, Jr. walking down a corridor, still on the lookout for Trish Stratus. He opens and shuts a few doors on the way, looking inside and coming up empty handed. He looks frustrated as he rounds a corner... and is immediately kicked low! The fans erupt in boos as Chavo drops to his knees, favoring his groin. He looks up at the perpetrator with genuine shock on his face... and the camera pans up to reveal Randy Orton! Orton looks down at Chavo with disgust.

[ Randy Orton ] You stupid... piece... of shit!

Orton grabs Chavo by the head and pie faces him to the floor. Chavo gasps for air as Orton stands over him, looking down at him. Orton opens and closes his fists repeatedly, breathing heavily.

[ Randy Orton ] You're looking for Trish Stratus?

The corner of Orton's mouth twitches.

[ Randy Orton ] You want... Trish Stratus... back?

Oh no.

[ Randy Orton ] Then you get Jeff Jarrett on the phone. You tell him to get his old, decrepit ass off the couch... and stop... ignoring... his destiny. He has until the end of the show tonight... and if he doesn't show up?

Chavo looks up, still in pain.

[ Randy Orton ] ...if he doesn't give me the answer... that I want...

Orton runs his hand down his face. His voice is cold, robotic.

[ Randy Orton ] I'm going to do something... really... really...

He smiles evilly.

[ Randy Orton ] ...bad.

Without another word, Orton walks away, leaving Chavo writhing on the floor in pain.

The camera takes us to the parking lot of the arena where we see a Dodge Ram 3500 truck recklessly speed into the back lot of the arena, nearly flipping as it rounds a corner. The two-tone, burgundy and gray, truck stops and the engine revs with smoke billowing out of two pipes that run parallel to one another on the top of the truck. After a few seconds, the engine shuts off but our ears are still ringing from the vibrations. Jay Briscoe exits the driver's side with a Budweiser can in his hand as Mark escapes from the passenger's side window like a NASCAR driver.


Jay's voice is muffled by the golf ball-sized ball of tobacco he has in his bottom left.


He spits a massive wad of spit on the ground.


[ Jay Briscoe ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mark.. They told us we gotta' watch our language! They don't want us dropping the f-bomb, callin' people "pussy," or just being degenerates in general.

[ Mark Briscoe ] Do they know we is?

Jay spits again.

[ Jay Briscoe ] Hell naw! FUCK 'em! Dem Boys are who we are and 'ey, we ain't changin' a got damn thing about us, ya' hear me? We ain't exactly the definition of "PG" or "politically correct" if you feel me. We a couple country ass chicken farmers from Delaware and besides chickens, the only other things that we're good at are talkin' shit and kickin' ass! So 'ey, y'all just gonna' have to get the hell over it!

[ Mark Briscoe ] MAN UP!

[ Jay Briscoe ] Y'all just gonna' have to earmuff ya' kids and get used to the shit we do 'cause 'ey, I'm here for the long haul! But believe you me, what I'm gonna' do inside that ring is gonna' be far, far worse, more violent, and more nasty than what's comin' outta' my mouth! 'Cause 'ey, it's like this..

Jay pours the remaining bit of his beer into his mouth, crushes the can, and tosses it into the bed of his truck.

[ Jay Briscoe ] I ain't here to kiss babies and make friends. I'm here ta' whip ya' ass and make some cash! If you ain't alright wit' that, then there's only one suggestion I have in mind for ya'..

[ Mark Briscoe ] MAN UP!

[ Jay Briscoe ] That's right. Man ya' ass up.

He gets right in the camera's face.

[ Jay Briscoe ] Pussy ass bitch! Man up!

Jay pushes the camera out of the way, and with Mark following behind, makes their way to the entrance of the arena as the scene fades to black.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

The bell sounds with Dan Barry and Curt Hawkins starting things off. The action was back and forth as the two old friends locked horns inside an SGW ring for the first time ever. Team Tremendous is out for blood, looking to get back in the win column after losing their championships two weeks ago to V.E.N.O.M. Barry clotheslines Hawkins out of the ring after knocking Ryder off the apron. He springs against the opposite side ropes and comes towards them full speed, diving over the top and landing on top of them to the outside!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dan Barry looks rejuvenated!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sometimes a setback can lead to an incredible comeback, Nigel.

[ Scott Steiner ] What is that, Schiavone? Chicken Soup for the Pussy’s Soul? IT SUCKS!

Barry rolls Hawkins back inside and tags Carr. Carr rushes in and HITS A HURRICANRANA ON HAWKINS! Hawkins lands in his corner and tags in Ryder. Ryder charges at Carr and eats a Sidewalk Slam! Carr quickly tags in Dan Barry.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Team Tremendous looks unstoppable!

Carr hoists Ryder up on his shoulders as Barry climbs the top rope.. BOOK ‘EM DANNO! Carr levels Hawkins as Barry covers Ryder. It’s academic from here for Paul Turner. One.. two.. Three! Team Tremendous wins!


Team Tremendous celebrates in the ring as the crowd pops loudly for the former champions.

Then the lights go off. The fans begin buzzing throughout the arena as they seem to know what’s coming next.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my god.. Could it be?

The lights come back on..

And Orange Cassidy is propped against the corner looking like a dead body. The fans erupt and begin chanting “ORANGE-CASSIDY-clap clap clapclapclap!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow, I was expecting V.E.N.O.M. there with the lights off but it’s Orange Cassidy instead!

[ Scott Steiner ] How is this any better?!

Chuck Taylor and Trent? hop the rail from the crowd and enter the ring. Carr and Barry are back to back with their finger guns drawn. Chuck grabs a microphone and looks at Team Tremendous.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Put the guns down, fellas.. ‘Cause the only shootin’ is coming from this got dang microphone!

Crowd pop.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Thought of that myself on the fly. Off the cuff. That’s why I’m a promo god.


[ Chuck Taylor ] Team Tremendous, we’re here to tell you boys to back the heck off! You got me? That Tag Team title shot is OURS! Yet, you inserted yourselves into our moment and that just ain’t gonna’ fly with me and Trent.

Trent? agrees, shaking his head back and forth, allowing Chuck to do the talking.

[ Chuck Taylor ] You had your big WrestleBrawl moment fighting the Ice Cream cones and that time has come and gone! This match belongs to the Best Friends! Those sweet ass titles are going around our waists at Supremacy!

Dan Barry secures a microphone of his own with Carr protecting him with two finger guns drawn.

[ Dan Barry ] As former champions, we deserve a rematch. I would say that there’s room for everyone in SGW, but it appears to me that this division just isn’t big enough for the four of us.

Barry drops his mic and quickly brings out a finger gun of his own. The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy now have three finger guns drawn on them and the fans are losing their minds.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Team Tremendous are refusing to yield their rematch at Supremacy!


[ Tony Schiavone ] But that’s a death match tournament, Scotty!


Before The Best Friends and Team Tremendous can take things one step further, the lights go off again.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my god! This is it!

Lights on.

Orange Cassidy is laying face-first on the outside. Here’s Giulia! Double low blow to Team Tremendous!

[ Tony Schiavone ] V.E.N.O.M. is here!

Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov hit the ring from behind Chuck Taylor and Trent? and floor them! Low-Ki snatches Chuck Taylor and levels him with a Ki-Krusher! As he ascends to the top rop, Ilja Dragunov dives at Trent?, leveling him with Torpedo Moscow!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Torpedo Moscow!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Low-Ki is on the top!

Trent? is OUT from the devastating move from Dragunov as Low-Ki comes off the top rope, DOUBLE STOMP straight to the gut of Chuck Taylor!

Giulia, Low-Ki, and Ilja Dragunov stand tall in the center of the ring, surrounded by the bodies of their opponents at Supremacy. V.E.N.O.M. has hit the scene with dominance and they have sent a stern message tonight!

Inside the locker room area, we see the Young Bucks unlacing their boots, dejected after their loss to the Von Erichs. Cody and Brandi come into the view of the camera and approach them.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hell of a match out there.

The compliment isn't good enough for the Bucks. With disappointment in his voice, the usually cocky Matt keeps it simple.

[ Matt Jackson ] We lost.

Nick follows up the disappointment.

[ Nick Jackson ] I’m so freaking pissed. There’s no way they’re better than we are. This is a total violation of our contract! Article one, section five: The Young Bucks do not job on television.

[ Matt Jackson ] Literally, though, I thought those guys were dead.

[ Nick Jackson ] Tonight was inexcusable.

Cody understands.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hey, there’ll be more opportunities here. Trust me. Tonight was nothing to be ashamed of.

Nick unravels the white wrist tape on both of his wrists and chunks them on the ground. Matt ties his hair up in a ponytail and looks up to Cody.

[ Matt Jackson ] So, what are you doing here tonight on your day off?

[ Cody Rhodes ] I’m looking to set myself up for Supremacy by aiming for some big game.

He’s confident in his demeanor.

[ Cody Rhodes ] We’ll see how that goes. I’ll let you guys know later tonight if it works or not.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] This is the first and only time I have ever supported you going big game hunting.

[ Cody Rhodes ] 2020, hell of a year. A lot of firsts.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich walk into the room, bringing Matt and Nick Jackson to their feet to confront them. Cody shakes each of their hands.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Fellas, how’s it going?

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Just fine, Cody.

[ Cody Rhodes ] You guys look alive and well, so that’s a plus too, right? Hell yeah.

Probably not the smoothest thing to say when paired with the seemingly fake enthusiasm in Cody’s voice. He quickly turns to a more serious tone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Nice win out there tonight. Congratulations.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Thank ya’. We sure do ‘preciate that.

The Von Erichs turn from Cody and look to the Young Bucks.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Thank y’all for the match.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] It was our pleasure.

They extend their hands. Matt and Nick look down at them and then to one another. Reluctantly, the Bucks shake hands with the Von Erichs, doing their best to force a smile through their disappointment.

[ Matt Jackson ] You got lucky.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Maybe. A win’s a win, though.

[ Nick Jackson ] And we’re going to have to do it again.

Marshall nods.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] You’re darn right.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I guess you guys are setting your sights on the Tag Team titles, huh?

They nod.

[ Cody Rhodes ] As someone who has held those straps, you boys had better be ready. SGW’s tag team division is nothing to sneeze at, as you can tell by tonight.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Oh, there’s no doubt about that. Once we see how Supremacy shakes out, we’ll be ready.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Our sights are set on whoever leaves with the belts and they’re gonna’ get everything we got.

Cody likes what he hears.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Well, good luck to you then.

Cody shakes Ross and Marshall’s hands once again.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Now, if you guys don’t mind, I have to go take care of some business.

Cody side-steps the Von Erichs and exits the locker room with Brandi hot on the trail as the scene fades. What is this 'big game' Cody is looking for?

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Adam Cole has strength in numbers in this one, as Britt Baker, Shane Douglas, and his nurse are all accompanying him and Danhausen is going it on his own with the recent departure of Vincent from the roster. The bell sounds and Cole leans his head forward, challenging Danhausen to give him his best shot.

[ Scott Steiner ] What a saint. Adam Cole over here giving Danhausen a fighting chance.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It could be a bad idea giving an opponent an advantage. Underestimating someone is a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, I didn’t, so let’s see if this painted freak can do anything!

Danhausen stomps on Cole’s foot and puts him in a headlock. Danhausen is heard telling Cole as he wrenches down, “Very nice, very evil, very strong!” Danhausen again stomps on Cole’s boot and then takes him down with a headlock takeover for a one count.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Danhausen is very impressive early on!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT?!

Cole powers his way up and backdrops Danhausen to the mat. Cole preys on his opponent and tries a superkick but Danhausen blocks, scissors kick from Danhausen! DDT! Cole is back up as Danhausen meets him, kick to the gut, spinning neck breaker! One, two, kick out! Danhausen is back up and Cole levels him with a super kick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It appears as though Adam Cole is tired of playin’ around!

Cole grabs Danhausen by the hair and drags him up and pushes him into a corner. LOUD chop! You can hear the skin of Danhausen’s chest peeling off with every brutal chop. Cole goes to the opposite corner and sizes him up. He goes for a big splash but Danhausen ducks out of the way! Enziguri! Small package! One, two, kick out! Cole stuns Danhausen with a high knee! A low kick to the thigh drops Danhausen, stunted Superkick! Cole picks Danhausen up, Kneecap Brainbuster! As Danhausen comes up his knees, Cole lowers the knee pad on his right leg.. LAST SHOT! One, two, three! Adam Cole wins!

ADAM COLE via PINFALL in 05:01

[ Nigel McGuinness ] An impressive showing from the forma’ SGW Champion. Danhausen continues to show great heart and he’s on the cusp of puttin’ it togetha’ and turnin’ the corner!

After the match, the celebration is taken to the top of the ramp. Cole and Britt Baker share a kiss as Shane Douglas is pushed up the ramp to join in. Everyone is celebrating as if Cole just became a two-time SGW Champion. The fans are booing loudly, wanting nothing to do with the Origin celebration.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t like Adam Cole, guys, but it’s hard to deny his talent.

Cole and Britt embrace once again. To the victor goes the spoils, but behind them, a different story is unfolding.



Cole and Britt turn around to see the aftermath and Cole begins confusingly screaming at the nurse.

[ Adam Cole ] WHAT THE HELL?!

The nurse flips two middle fingers and Cole’s jaw drops.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh… my god..

The nurse removes his mask.. IT’S STONE COLD! Cole swings wildly at Austin and Austin fires back! The two men are slugging it out like men possessed and the fans are fired up! Britt Baker doesn’t know what to do as all hell is breaking loose in front of her!

Austin takes the upper-hand and smashes Cole’s head into the entryway and Cole is on the run, trying to escape. The camera follows the two as they continue brawling past the Gorilla Position and to the back. Britt Baker follows closely, screaming at Austin to stop. Road agents hit the scene and Austin lays all of them out! Here’s a slew of referees and Adam Cole shoves them all out of the way! They go right back to trading blows. Cole rakes Austin’s eyes but Austin kicks Cole low and hits a Stunner on Cole, landing hard on the concrete floor! It did Austin more damage than Cole but it looked brutal.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These two are fightin’ to the parking lot!

Austin kicks the door of the arena wide open and slings Cole outside! Austin looks to his left and gets an idea.

There’s a garbage truck with the motor running.

Oh no.

Austin grabs Cole by the hair and drags him to the truck.




Austin yanks the driver out of the truck and gets behind the wheel, puts it in park and jams the accelerator, speeding off out of the parking lot, hitting a couple of parked cars in the process as Britt Baker looks on, horrified.

Steve Corino and Chris Jericho rush out, just seconds too late to try to stop Austin.


[ Chris Jericho ] What the hell do you mean he kidnapped him?

Britt is in tears.

[ Chris Jericho ] Is he coming back?

[ Steve Corino ] We have a match tonight!

Britt is exasperated at the two, her voice cracking.

[ Britt Baker ] How should I know? He didn’t exactly lay out his plan for me, you dumb asses! Although, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty damn sure being KIDNAPPED AND PUT IN THE BACK OF A GARBAGE TRUCK WASN’T PART OF IT!

Corino looks to Jericho with a worried look on his face.



[ Nigel McGuinness ] The escalation between The Origin and Steve Austin has reached a feva’ pitch! Where is “Stone Cold” taking the forma’ SGW Champion?!

The three look on as the garbage truck shrinks as it goes deeper and deeper into the night.

Bret Hart is seated on a leather couch backstage in the Championship Committee’s office watching the show. A knock is heard at the door almost instantly.

[ Bret Hart ] Come on.

The door opens as Jon Moxley steps into the room looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.

[ Jon Moxley ] You wanted me?

[ Bret Hart ] I did. Sit down, Mox. I wanna’ talk to you about something.

Moxley shakes it off.

[ Jon Moxley ] I’d rather stand.

When dealing with a wildcard like Moxley, you have to pick your battles.

[ Bret Hart ] Fair enough. I’ll make it quick.

[ Jon Moxley ] Music to my ears.

[ Bret Hart ] Two weeks ago, you caught my attention.

[ Jon Moxley ] You mean when I gave Zicky Dice the Paradigm Shift on the floor? ‘Cause, I’ll be honest, I’d do it to the sumbitch again if you want me to.

Bret cracks a smile.

[ Bret Hart ] No, not that part.. The part before it. The promo you cut on him.

Bret pushes himself slowly off the couch to give Moxley eye contact.

[ Bret Hart ] That impassioned promo you cut on him. The whole thing about you not being satisfied with just being here or just being in title matches. That was real. That was from the heart. That’s what we’re looking for here. Now, we could’ve done without you dropping a talent on his head on concrete, but that’s a topic for another day.

Moxley is all ears.

[ Bret Hart ] You have every intangible to make it in SGW, Jon. I don’t know what’s keeping you from taking that next step or getting over the hump to capture gold, but I know you have it inside you. I know you have what it takes.. That’s why I’m presenting you with another opportunity. I want you to be in the Gold Rush match at Supremacy for the Intercontinental Championship.

Moxley rolls his eyes.

[ Jon Moxley ] I don’t want your charity, Hit Man.

[ Bret Hart ] It’s not charity. It’s an opportunity. You’ve deserved that much. You show up ready to work every show and you’re one of the best we have on the roster. Personally, I think it’s your title to lose at Supremacy.

The rugged exterior of Moxley, guarded by a not-giving-a-damn-attitude, seems to be set aside momentarily. Words from a legend of the business will do that.

[ Bret Hart ] You’re right there, Jon. All of the Committee members are allowed to pick a few competitors and you were my first choice.

[ Jon Moxley ] Huh.

He tries playing it cool.

[ Jon Moxley ] Maybe I’ll be in it then.

[ Bret Hart ] Just do me a favor. No more Paradigm Shifts on concrete, alright?

Moxley and Hart shake hands, but the moment is interrupted by CM Punk, who is flanked by Paul Heyman. Heyman begins sarcastically slow clapping at the sight in front of him.

[ Paul Heyman ] What a beautiful moment. Jon Moxley, the big bad Death Rider, making friends with Bret Hart. Gee, Jon, congratulations on being in Gold Rush. Although, it’s a shame.

Heyman steps closer to Moxley.

[ Paul Heyman ] Mr. Hart clamors for the moment that you seize that big brass ring and break through the other side a champion like Bret himself was, and you know, the Gold Rush match is a prime opportunity to do so.. That is.. Until my client was entered into the match. Isn’t that right, Bret?

Bret confirms with the hint of a nod.

[ Paul Heyman ] After my client was set up by the nefarious acts of Maxwell Jacob Friedman two weeks ago, I promised change. I promised that the SGW Championship Committee would make good on their promises listed in the VERY lucrative contract that CM Punk signed to join the SGW roster and it is now time to pay.. the.. Piper!

CM Punk steps from behind Heyman and stares Moxley in the eyes momentarily.

[ CM Punk ] You’re lookin’ at the next Intercontinental Champ.

[ Jon Moxley ] Yeah, and maybe pigs will fly out of my ass.

Moxley bumps shoulders with Punk and exits. Heyman has a hint of a smirk on his face.

[ Bret Hart ] Now Paul, you know Punk being in the match isn’t a guarantee of him winning it, right? It’s twelve men and it’s twelve damn good men at that.

[ Paul Heyman ] Bret, if I may humbly offer you a rebuttal.. All my client has ever asked for was a chance. Now that he’s in Gold Rush, don’t you worry. He’ll take it from here.

Heyman begins to walk away but catches himself and looks back to Bret.

[ Paul Heyman ] And Bret, when CM Punk becomes the SGW Intercontinental Champion, the oldest title in this company’s history, finally, finally the championship will be carried by someone who can give it meaning so that it’s not discarded to the wayside once a decade.

Heyman flashes a cheesy grin.

[ Paul Heyman ] You’re welcome.

Heyman walks away with Punk following behind him. We take one final shot of the Hitman.

[ Bret Hart ] What a snake.

We go to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

Dr. Cube is conspicuously absent for Shida's first title opportunity. Ruby Riott stands in her corner, keeping a close eye on Shoko Nakajima at ringside. Nurse Ratchet stands on the apron and injects Shida with Superior Strength Concoction. Shida becomes visibly amped up and meets Ruby Riott in the center of the ring. Riott looks at Shida in disgust. Shida raises her hand in the air, inviting Ruby into a test of strength!

[ Scott Steiner ] This oughta be fuckin' good.

Ruby Riott looks up at Shida's hand and takes a deep breath before raising her own hand. She grips Shida's hand... and then immediately stomps her foot, causing Shida to back away in pain! Ruby stays on Shida, peppering her with forearms before backing her into the ropes. Ruby shoots Shida off and follows her in, catching her on the turnaround with a running YAKUZA KICK that almost sends Shida over the top rope! Shida collapses back inside the ring and falls to her knees where Ruby begins drilling her in the side of the head with knees until Shida rolls under the bottom rope to escape. Shoko and Ratchet approach Shida, checking on her. Shoko and Shida jabber back and forth in Japanese as Ratchet uses her fingers to pry open Shida's eyelids and look deeply into her eye. Suddenly, they're all three wiped out by a FLYING BODY PRESS from the top rope to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a move! Ruby Riott is showing no fear!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She truly IS limitless, Tony!

All three members of Dr. Cube's Army are down! Ruby is up first, pumping her fists and yelling "COME ONNNN!" which draws a big pop from the fans! Ruby grabs Shida by the hair and throws her under the bottom rope, into the ring! Ruby goes to follow her inside by Nurse Ratchet grabs her ankle, holding her in place! Hikaru Shida is up and charges over, nailing Ruby Riott with a baseball slide that sends her flailing backward into the rail! Shida slides the rest of the way onto the floor. Ruby is in a seated position against the rail. Shida approaches and Ruby kicks her in the mid-section from the floor. Ruby struggles back to her feet and clashes with Shida on the floor, trading forearm blows.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ruby Riott refuses to give up! She's fighting tooth and nail against the relentless Cube Army!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] After a close call against Cody Rhodes, Ruby is taking no chances! She intends t' leave no doubt in the minds of the fans, who deserves to be champion after this night!

They continue laying into one another until Shida cuts Ruby off with a knee lift to the stomach. Shida brings Ruby in and DRILLS her into the floor with a SNAP POWER BOMB! The fans boo loudly as Shida reaches over the rail and pulls a fan out of his seat by a handful of his shirt. Shida grabs the chair he was sitting in and plants it on the floor. Rick Knox warns her not to use the chair but Shida ignores him, backing up several feet. Ruby Riott painstakingly returns to her feet and Shida charges... LEAPING OFF THE CHAIR AND DRILLING RUBY IN THE FACE WITH A FLYING KNEE STRIKE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Innovative offense from Hikaru Shida!

Shida quickly pulls Ruby up to her feet and throws her under the bottom rope. Shida climbs to the top turnbuckle from the outside and Ruby Riott slowly returns to her feet in the middle of the ring. Shida goes for a MISSILE DROPKICK but Ruby sidesteps it and Shida gets nothing but air! Ruby quickly charges for the corner and climbs onto the top turnbuckle! Shoko Nakajima climbs onto the apron and grabs Ruby's foot! Ruby kicks Shoko off and she lands on the floor below! Nurse Ratchet is watching from below and Ruby flies... WIPING OUT NURSE RATCHET WITH A METEORA TO THE FLOOR! The fans are going wild as Ruby slides back under the bottom rope where Shida is still down! Ruby climbs back to the top... FROG SPLASH! SHIDA MOVES! Ruby lands hard and the impact sends her right back up to her knees! Shida comes off the ropes.. TAMASHII NO THREE COUNT! NO! RUBY DUCKS THE KNEE! Ruby returns to her feet as Shida turns around... RIOTT KICK! Ruby covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans cheer loudly as Ruby rolls off Shida and quickly exits the ring, grabbing the Limitless Championship from the timekeeper! Ruby begins backing up the ramp, keeping her eye on the members of the Cube Army still in and around the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a victory! Ruby Riott just silenced any doubters she may have!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This isn't the last we'll hear from the Cube Army, Tony, but Ruby Riott just made sure Dr. Cube will go another day without getting his hands on SGW championship gold!

We fade out on a shot of Ruby Riott holding the championship over her head on the stage.

We cut to just beyond the curtain backstage, where Ruby Riott emerges, Limitless Championship tightly in her hand. The champion wipes sweat from her brow and tightly closes her eyes, pushing through the area and into the hallway, where she stops, opening her eyes – the cameraman steps back to reveal Juventud Guerrera, waiting ominously on her to return! Nashville pops, realizing that Guerrera is wearing only a thong, his massive belt buckle, and a cowboy hat with sunglasses propped on top. He looks ridiculous and Riott rightfully sneers at him, trying to walk by.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] WHOA, BABY, WHOA! WHOA, BABY! I don’t get a ‘thank you,’ huh?!

Riott clenches her teeth and whips around, facing the Juice head-on. His eyes open wide, surprised but pleased at the forward response from the level-headed Limitless Champion.

[ Ruby Riott ] …what do I have to thank you for, Guerrera? For being a disgusting pig? For downplaying all I’ve done in my career?

Juvi stifles a laugh and puts his hand on Ruby’s shoulder – it’s quickly knocked off. He continues.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] No, baby, no. No. No, no. I expected a thank you for helping you to win out there tonight against Heekaru Sheeder, baby. Imagine it, Ruby – you hadn’t seen the FUCKIN’ the Juice be a feminist icon last week…you hadn’t seen Juvi Baby crush EC3 earlier tonight…then…well…you’d have had no inspiration to go out there and win against Sheeder! I gave you that inspiration, baby! It came from Juvi’s loins and into your body, baby!

Riott’s face is scrunched into a jumbled mess trying to comprehend Guerrera’s staggering logic. She opens her mouth to speak, but Juvi plants his index finger on her lips and pulls it away slightly as he speaks.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] OR! Or…maybe my well-timed help last week scared off Doctor Boxhead’s Army of Fools into not coming down there to kick your plump little ass, baby! That sounds right!

Ruby scratches her head and points toward the ring behind her.

[ Ruby Riott ] You idiot! They DID interfere! And I fought them off! Alone! Without YOU! With NOBODY’S help at all!

Juvi holds up his hands to quell her anger. It’s not working, but he nods as if it is and carries on with his nonsense.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Hey, what are friends for, baby?! We’re like…best friends, or some shit, now, right, baby?

Ruby grabs the bridge of her nose, exasperated.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] This is like…two shows in a row I’ve saved your sexy ass, baby! How crazy is that! And…chu know something, Ruby…friends...help friends out.

Juvi grips his belt buckle suggestively as Nashville groans at what may be the worst sexual advance in history, but Guerrera scoffs and quickly speaks again as Riott narrows her eyes in anger.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] No! No, baby, no…I am a firm believer in wining and dining a sexy lady before I take her. Usually, baby, I mean to dinner…or her sweet womanly love…but in this instance, baby, I mean…that.

Guerrera points at the Limitless Championship in Riott’s grip as Nashville pops big again. Riott finally smirks a bit as Juvi nods rhythmically.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] That’s right, baby. Enough runnin’ and duckin’, baby! It’s high time you gave your best buddy the Juice a shot to win that Limitless Championship, Ruby, baby! Lets…make magic, baby. Let’s show these people how a feminist icon and…uh…

Juvi scrunches his lips, in thought, as Riott finally smiles in response to his games.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Let’s see…a feminist icon and…uh…Ruby Riott…can do in that ring. What do you say, baby?

Nashville is popping, but silence themselves enough to hear Ruby’s solemn response.

[ Ruby Riott ] …you’re on, Juvi.

Another big pop and Juventud’s eyes light up in joy. He smirks and throws his hands out to the side.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Way to go, baby! You made the right decision, girl…and now you’re going to face the Juice…at Supremacy, baby. We’ll show the world what the premiere Feminist Icon can really do, baby. But hey! Before that, baby, like I said…I like to wine and dine a lady before I take her…

Juvi lifts Ruby’s hand and kisses it way-too-sloppily to be kind, sweet, or slightly appropriate. She rescinds her hand and wipes it on a nearby tablecloth as Juvi carries on.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] What do you say, baby? How about dinner with the Juice, baby?! Dinner, baby! DANCING, BABY! DRINKS, BABY! I know all the good drinks, baby! I know all the dri—

[ Ruby Riott ] No.

Guerrera stops suddenly.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] …what?

[ Ruby Riott ] No. Absolutely not, Guerrera. You see – you aren’t my friend. You’ve done nothing for me but piss me off. You are certainly no feminist icon, and all you are is standing in my way towards trailblazing for people everywhere to ascend past the world YOU live in. Your delusional view on life disgusts me, Juvi…but more than that, it makes me sad. You really think I’d go on a date with you? What, do I LOOK pathetic?

Nashville pops as Juvi nods, smirking for a moment. He looks up, more somber than usual.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Alright, baby. That’s on you, baby. Your loss, right! Hey…I’ll see you at Supremacy, best buddy! I’ll be the one on top of you, baby!

Guerrera walks away with his match confirmed as Riott shudders and we fade away.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Matt Riddle rushes Nunzio and connects with a huge knee strike to the face! The Don sinks to the canvas – but his goons are already entering the ring to retaliate!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO! THIS ISN’T FAIR!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nobody said it would be, Tony!

Otunga grabs Riddle from behind and wrenches him up and off of Nunzio as Vito reaches under the ring – and produces a pool cue?!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE HELL?!

Vito takes the chalk attached to it and begins seasoning the tip of the cue before jabbing it into Riddle’s ribs! The Bro howls out in pain as Nashville screams for Riddle to fight back. Otunga drops Riddle to his knees and Vito throws the cue aside, stomping Riddle in the chest over and over until he slumps to the mat. David Otunga assists Nunzio, propping him up in the corner as the Don shakes off the ill effects of the huge blow Riddle kicked off the contest with.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Riddle signed up for a one-on-one fight! This is gang warfare! Mob rules!


Riddle isn’t doing much fighting back at the moment, though, only able to cover his face and inch backwards into the corner as Vito and Otunga continue raining the blows down on his torso. Eventually, the pair lift him by his arms and clobber him with a double clothesline, keeping their grip and bringing him to center ring, where Nunzio staggers out to meet them.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Riddle’s been at war with these men for a long while and it could all come to a head here!

Nunzio lifts the pool cue from the mat – and snaps it over his knee! Nashville explodes with the cue as Vito wails that “it was my good cue, bawss!” Nunzio growls for Vito to “shut the fuck up!” before lifting the pointed end of the cue up and looking it over closely.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Now…now, this….THIS could be excessive, Nunzio!

Otunga and Vito tighten their grips as Nunzio stalks closer, brandishing the cue in his hands and murmuring inaudibly towards Riddle as he slowly lifts the weapon over his head –


[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S A COCK! AND ALSO – NO HONOR!

Matt Riddle throws his forehead into Nunzio’s crotch, connecting with a headbutt to stun the boss, dropping the cue to the mat! As the goons start to fight against Riddle, he pulls them into one another, loosening their grip before standing – and SMACKING Otunga right in the face perpendicularly! He flies through the middle and bottom ropes to the floor violently! Vito runs, throwing a punch recklessly, but Riddle ducks it, leaping to bicycle knee strike Vito in the mouth as he turns! Not wasting breath, the Bro hurls Vito over the top rope into Otunga! The two goons regain their breath as Riddle climbs up the turnbuckles –



Riddle rises and slides into the ring, pumping his fists over and over, shouting out for the Nashville fans to cheer louder as he prepares to finish off his opponent.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be the opportunity Riddle need—oh! No! Look at this!


Nunzio tactfully sneaks up behind Riddle and stabs ahead with the broken cue – but Riddle grabs the end! They’ve both got a hand on the weapon as Nashville roars approvingly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY! What in the world! Riddle stopped that murder attempt!

Nunzio begins wrenching backwards, but Riddle is too strong and pulls, too, leaving a deadlock on the weapon in center ring! The Don pulls back, trying to tear the weapon from Riddle’s grip, the loud boos not affecting him. Riddle, meanwhile, is doing his best to acquire full possession of the snapped cue, and is gritting his teeth to exert as much as possible to do so.


[ Tony Schiavone ] YOU’RE RIGHT, SCO—



Riddle yanks the snapped-off pool cue from Nunzio’s grip and realizes he alone has a grip on the weapon as Nashville roars excitedly! The Original Bro’s eyes grow wide and a smile slowly creeps across his face as Nunzio’s face drains of color and he slowly lifts a hand to stop any ideas in Riddle’s mind.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Matt Riddle’s got the pool cue!

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s the day of reckoning for the mob boss!

Riddle slowly begins stalking across the canvas towards the Don, slowly rotating his wrist to bounce the cue back and forth in Nunzio’s eyes. While Nunzio begins audibly telling Riddle to reconsider what he’s doing, the Original Bro answers non-verbally, lifting the snapped pool cue above his head and moving ahead, bringing the weapon down –


Vito pulls the cue from Riddle’s grasp and dives awkwardly through the ropes to remove the cue from the equation as the Bro gives chase – but Nunzio is on him instantly, wrapping one arm under Riddle’s throat and smacking the other hand over his nose and mouth!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is this illegal choke?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] AND WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!

The Don wraps his legs around Riddle’s waist as the pair crash to the mat, the Bro only casually fighting against Nunzio’s tightening grip on his throat as all the wind drains from his lungs…


Aubrey Edwards dives towards Nunzio and begins tearing his hand off Riddle’s face as she calls for the bell!


As Nunzio rolls off of his rival and sits up, looking at his own hand and smiling before turning his attention to ringside, where David Otunga is holding a bottle of chloroform!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] I cannot believe this! Nunzio had to stoop to THIS level to defeat Matthew Riddle tonight!

The Don rolls from the ring, where he rejoins his associates and rips off his wrist tape, throwing it into the ring and plunking Riddle in the skull with each piece as Edwards demands for the men to leave the ringside area.


[ Scott Steiner ] Nunzio! That mobster did it like a real fuckin’ superstar! SHOW ME A MAN NOT NAMED SCOTT STEINER WHO’S STEPPING TO NUNZIO, CAUSE THERE AIN’T BEEN NOBODY SO FAR NOT NAMED RIDDLE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can’t think of anyo—


[ Tony Schiavone ] – right. Right. Anyway, yes, fans, Nunzio, by hook or crook, has taken this victory from Matt Riddle – and after taking his friend and tag team partner Paul London, one must wonder if there’s anything else that the Mob can take from Riddle! Or…if there’s anything left for him to lose?

As Nunzio’s goons continue assisting their boss from the ring and up the ramp, the camera takes another look at Matt Riddle, still unconscious despite Edwards’ best efforts as we fade away from ringside.

We go to the parking lot where we see EMTs loading a body bag into an ambulance. Tom Cruise watches with tears in his eyes as the lifeless corpse of Barbie Blank is tossed inside with an awkward thump. Tucor places his arm around Tom's shoulders, consoling him.

[ Tom Cruise ] She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever known, Tucor. She was... she was everything I ever wanted.

Kris Statlander and Candy Floss watch this from several feet away. Candy Floss shakes her head, still not believing, even after all these months, how her life has taken her to this point.

[ Candy Floss ] It's 'orrible, Kris. It's so bloody tragic.

[ Kris Statlander ] Who knew that our journey would lead us here, Earthling Floss? I traveled millions of light years, crossed galaxies far and wide... obtained the Real Ultimate Power of this universe, even. I thought that all of this would end with a most spectacular wedding on your planet's most prestigious and technologically advanced communication system... pay-per-view.

Floss just stares blankly.

[ Kris Statlander ] But instead, the prize at the end of the journey is simply the knowledge of how fragile the human life is.

[ Candy Floss ] Um... right.

Statlander places her hand on Candy's shoulder.

[ Kris Statlander ] It has made me realize that the struggles with Dr. Cube were largely meaningless. Our clashes with Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter... trivial. The match with John Travolta and the Rock at WrestleBrawl 3? Pointless.

Candy sighs.

[ Kris Statlander ] In the end, it turns out that there truly was no direction for any of us. On Earth, there is no destiny, no predetermined outcome, there are just... things.

Statlander stares off into space.

[ Kris Statlander ] Things that happen for no rhyme or reason.

Candy Floss looks at Statlander, confused.

[ Candy Floss ] What are you saying?

[ Kris Statlander ] That the things do not matter, Earthling Floss.

Statlander turns and looks at Floss, her best friend.

[ Kris Statlander ] That perhaps... the REAL Real Ultimate Power... is the friends we made along the way.

Statlander boops Candy Floss on the nose.

[ Kris Statlander ] Thank you for being my friend, Earthling Floss.

Candy fights back tears and gives Statlander a hug.

[ Candy Floss ] I wouldn't 'ave it any other way, Kris. Maybe... maybe I'd have less death and explosions and... John Travolta covered in baby oil... but... yeah, sure, I wouldn't 'ave it any other way.

They release one another.

[ Kris Statlander ] I have a match to prepare for. Stay here with Earthing Cruise. In this time of need, he could use a friend like you.

Candy looks over at Tom Cruise and Tucor and then back at Statlander... but Statlander is already gone. Candy Floss shrugs and begins walking toward Cruise and Tucor... but as she draws closer, two Cube Soldiers come out of nowhere and assault the EMTs before Abyss, dressed in full Cube Army regalia, blasts Tucor from behind with what appears to be a high tech tazer! The fans boo loudly as Tucor collapses to the ground, leaving Tom Cruise surrounded by advancing Cube Soldiers! Candy Floss is boxed in as well... as they advance, Cruise and Floss are forced almost shoulder to shoulder by laser gun toting Cube Soldiers.

[ Tom Cruise ] The love of my life is dead. Just kill me and get it over with.

[ Candy Floss ] That request is exclusive to him. I'm perfectly content with doing NOT what he just said.

The Cube Soldiers don't answer... but we hear footsteps walking in from off-camera. The camera pans over to reveal Dr. Cube. The fans boo loudly as Cube walks into the circle and rubs his hands together anxiously. Tom Cruise wipes the tears from his eyes.

[ Tom Cruise ] Dr. Cube... I should've known you were behind this. You killed my bride to be! You injected her with one of your cruel concoctions!

Dr. Cube looks around, confused.

[ Dr. Cube ] Wait, seriously? You think I would sink so low as to murder your beautifully beloved Barbie Blank for personal gain?

The frowning face on the Cube appears ominous.

[ Dr. Cube ] Of course I would. I absolutely would!

He tilts his head to the side.

[ Dr. Cube ] But alas, I did not.

He strokes his... chin? Is it really a chin if there's no... chin?

[ Dr. Cube ] But I wish I did! For all the trouble you've caused me and my plan for global, galactic, and interdimensional domination! The fact that you hold Real Ultimate Power and have done nothing with it but brainwash this poor dead girl into loving you... infuriates me. That power belongs to someone who knows how to use it... what to do with it, even!

[ Tom Cruise ] Go to Hell, Cube. I'll never give it to you.

[ Dr. Cube ] If you give it to me, I can use it to raise your dead lover and bring her back to life!

[ Tom Cruise ] It's yours.

[ Dr. Cube ] Of course it is-- wait, what?

[ Candy Floss ] Tom, no!

[ Dr. Cube ] You... you were listening to what I said, right?

[ Tom Cruise ] It's yours, Cube. All of it.

Tom Cruise steps forward and places his hand on Dr. Cube's chest. Cruise stands bolt upright as if electricity fires through his body and Dr. Cube's cube-head glows for a split second as the power is fully transferred. Cruise removes his hand and looks down at it. A trickle of blood runs from his nose. He sounds exhausted.

[ Tom Cruise ] I feel... lighter.

Dr. Cube looks down at his own hands. The face on his cube is now... a smile.

[ Dr. Cube ] I feel... quite nice, actually.

[ Tom Cruise ] Now, give me back my Barbie.

[ Dr. Cube ] No.

[ Tom Cruise ] What?

[ Dr. Cube ] I lied.

[ Candy Floss ] BUT YOU SAID--

[ Dr. Cube ] Hello?! SUPER VILLAIN HERE!

Candy palms her own face, defeated.

[ Dr. Cube ] This is the end of the journey for you and I, Tom Cruise. You have proven to be a most worthy... yet most stupid foe. As for you, Candy Floss... your end has been a long time coming. I will relish your ultimate defeat even if it is the cosmic equivalent of a skunk being run over in the highway.

Cube looks around frantically at the soldiers surrounding.

[ Dr. Cube ] I can't believe it. It's mine... it's all mine! REAL... ULTIMATE... POWER! And with it, I can do anything... control... EVERYTHING!

[ Tom Cruise ] Do your worst, Cube.

[ Dr. Cube ] Oh, I will.

He holds his hands out in front of him, toward Cruise.

[ Dr. Cube ] I WILL!

There's a flash of light and the camera feed cuts out briefly, giving us a few seconds of static before returning to normal. Tom Cruise is gone... in his place, the pavement where he stood is burned. Candy Floss is on her knees looking horrified. Tears are streaming down her face. Dr. Cube looks down at her, a sad face resting on his cube now.

[ Dr. Cube ] Your tears are wasted, foolish Floss. I have not killed him. I have simply transported him to another time, another place... somewhere most horrible. He will never be heard from again. Your tears would be better spent on yourself.

[ Candy Floss ] What... what are you going to do to me?

Dr. Cube sounds overjoyed. He completely ignores her.

[ Dr. Cube ] This is amazing... this power... I can feel it consuming me! I have all the knowledge in the universe! All of it! The beginning! The end! Alpha! Omega!

He stands upright, a stoic look on his cube.

[ Dr. Cube ] I know now why humans die.

He sounds whimsical, sad.

[ Dr. Cube ] It's actually... beautiful.

And then he shrugs.

[ Dr. Cube ] But alas... it is something I can never do.

He holds up his hand in front of her.

[ Dr. Cube ] Become my Dusto Bunny.

The fans boo loudly as Candy Floss becomes no more in front of their very eyes. Dr. Cube laughs maniacally and Cube Soldiers lead Dusto Bunny off-camera. The brainwashed Abyss lifts up Tucor and carries him off-camera as well. Seconds later, the scene has been completely vacated with the camera focusing on the body bag in the back of the ambulance... and the burn mark on the pavement underneath it.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Bayley and Sasha jump Starlight and AZM before the bell rings, pummeling them with forearms before unceremoniously trash canning AZM, sending her straight to the floor! Bayley and Sasha double team Starlight Kid and whip her into the ropes. She ducks a double clothesline and comes off the ropes with a double crossbody... but the Boss 'n Hug Connection catches her and viciously slams her onto the mat!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a start to this title match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, it is, Tony! The first defense of the Boss 'n Hug Connection is off to the races!

Sasha goes to the apron and Bayley takes over, dominating Starlight Kid with her size advantage. AZM returns to her corner, kneeling and watching the action over the middle rope. Bayley dominates Starlight with ease, wrestling her to the mat and occasionally nailing her with a heavy strike before dragging her back to her corner and tagging in Sasha Banks.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's BOSS TIME!

Sasha Banks goes to work, nailing Starlight with a series of forearms before standing her up in the corner and delivering a series of quick kicks to the mid-section and chest! Sasha goes to work, pulling snapmaring Starlight out of the corner and hitting ropes, hitting her with a running METEORA! Sasha tags Bayley back in and Bayley immediatley mounts Starlight, drilling her with forearms to the chest and head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If the match keeps going at this pace, Sasha Banks and Bayley are going to make short work of Lightning Star!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's no secret that Lightning Star hasn't been the same since Io Shirai arrived on the scene. While there's always been tension between AZM and Starlight Kid, the rift between them has only grown since her mysterious appearance!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You could argue that AZM is more worried about Io Shirai than her own partner during this contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not to mention, the loss of their surrogate mother, Cathy Kelley, has taken a toll on their tenuous friendship!

[ Scott Steiner ] If Cathy Kelley is their mother, that's a whole 'nother category of MILF that I'm prepared to explore!

Bayley pulls Starlight back to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Bayley goes for a clothesline but Starlight baseball slides between her legs, leaps, and tags in AZM for a huge pop! AZM hits the ring and immediately nails Bayley with a dropkick! Sasha Banks hits the ring and AZM takes her down with a flying headscissors! Sasha goes straight to the floor and Starlight Kid wipes her out with a SENTON OFF THE APRON!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Business is picking up!

Bayley is back to her feet and AZM charges at her! Bayley tries for a big boot but AZM slides underneath it and takes Bayley's foot out from under her! Bayley goes down and AZM immediately locks in an ARM BAR! Bayley struggles for the ropes but AZM has it locked in and Bayley can't reach! It looks like Bayley could tap out at any second! On the floor, Sasha Banks throws Starlight Kid into the steps and rolls inside, breaking up the hold!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] AZM almost had it, dammit!

Sasha and Bayley whip AZM into the ropes. AZM ducks a double clothesline and leaps to tag in Starlight Kid, who is just returning to the apron! Starlight immediately climbs to the top rope and FLIES! She takes out Sasha Banks with a MISSILE DROPKICK as Bayley charges and knocks AZM off the apron! Starlight returns to her feet as Bayley approaches and Starlight walks right into BAYLEY TO BELLY! The fans boo loudly as Bayley covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

via PINFALL in 06:54

The fans are booing loudly as Bayley climbs off Starlight but then drops right back down, mounting her and punching away at her head! Sasha Banks returns to her feet, climbing out of the ring and tossing AZM back inside, a pissed off look on her face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh come on! Is this necessary!?

[ Scott Steiner ] I guess the little runts got too close for comfort! Time for payback, girls!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They won the match bloody clean! It's pointless!

Sasha immediately rolls AZM over into the BANK STATEMENT! AZM taps out frantically as Sasha cranks back on the hold! Bayley walks over to the ropes and Justin Roberts hands her both Twinstar titles. Bayley gets down in AZM's face, rubbing the title in her face, shouting "YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS, SHEEP! NEVER!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] The level of disrespect is disgusting!

Starlight Kid returns to her feet and tackles Bayley from the side, raining punches down on her but Bayley twists her mask to the side and pushes her off! Bayley punches away at Starlight again as the fans continue booing!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Someone has to stop this!

The boos suddenly turn to cheers as Io Shirai charges out from the back! Sasha and Bayley both release their holds on Starlight and AZM and stand up just as Io leaps onto the apron, jumps onto the top rope, and nails them both with A DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Sasha and Bayley both land hard and roll out of the ring with their Twinstar titles! They both scramble up the ramp and disappear, looking furious!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] IO SHIRAI IS HERE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And not a moment too soon!

Io Shirai stomps around the ring, slinging her hair in every direction while shouting in Japanese as Sasha and Bayley leave. AZM and Starlight both look up at her in surprise. Shirai looks down at them, a look of disappointment on her face. Shirai points toward the entranceway and then leaves... with AZM and Starlight following.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's happening? Why are they leaving with her?

We fade out.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kevin Nash is resting comfortably in an oversized bed with red silk sheets. Nash looks comfortable with a brunette underneath one arm and a blonde under the other, but still shows signs of the assault from Jimmy Havoc two weeks ago, but it’s safe to assume resting at home with his company isn’t the worst of ways to recover.

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

Nash raises his eyebrows up and down several times in a row with a smile on his face.

[ Kevin Nash ] As you can tell, my nurses here are helping me return to my top form after what Skeletor did to me two weeks ago. At first, I was really angry. How dare some pasty guy and Mick Foley’s daughter try to get over at my expense? This isn't my World title feud and if I'm getting involved in the World title scene, then I need some World title payouts, know what I'm saying?

He shrugs.

[ Kevin Nash ] Can you believe it? How dare I bring up my career history from elsewhere to tie into my newfound SGW success? Right? It's a novel concept to use it to accelerate my push. Hell, maybe Mr. Gimmick was right. Maybe I should've ignored Val and DDP, pretended we were never part of the greatest faction ever and then I wouldn't have been jumped by a 175 pound marshmallow two weeks ago. Besides all of that, Jimmy, pal, compadre, attacking me isn't even the worst thing you've done. Aligning yourself with Noelle is. I know she has a lot going for her underneath her chin and above her belly button, but those dead eyes of hers, man. She's killing your vibe, brother.

A third woman emerges from underneath the covers, giggling as she makes eye contact with Nash.

[ Kevin Nash ] But you know, it’s not been that bad. I’ve encountered a few ways to get my mind off of it.

The woman moves forward trying to kiss Nash but he pie-faces her away from him.

[ Kevin Nash ] Big Sexy don’t play that.

Defeated, the woman gives it up and rolls out of the bed.

[ Kevin Nash ] Havoc, once my buddy Val finishes up with you at Supremacy and your dance card isn’t too full for little ol’ me, I’ll be seeking sweet, sweet revenge, don’t you worry. If you leave Supremacy without the title, I’ll be waiting… But…

Nash smirks as he pulls the covers down, revealing that he’s in bed with the Elevation title wrapped around his waist.

[ Kevin Nash ] If you do leave with the title due to a miracle such as Val dying in his hotel room before the match, Eddie Guerrero style, then just remember, I’m one title defense away from a World title shot of my own.

The unidentified blonde rubs the centerplate of the title until Nash slaps her hand away like a mother preventing her child from touching a hot stove.

[ Kevin Nash ] I know where your hands have been.

Nash sighs.

[ Kevin Nash ] And speaking of my Elevation title, I’m going to be back at Bad Signal. That’s right. A heroic return. Overcoming the odds. Never giving up. Surviving and thriving baby! So.. Bad Signal.. Big Kev needs to pay for these medical bills I’ve endured as of late, and I’ll be there to hand pick my third and final defense for the strap.

He looks down at the belt and back to the camera.

[ Kevin Nash ] Personally, I can’t wait for another sweet, sweet, PPV pay-day from beating whatever jabroni steps up and faces me. So James, Jim, Jimothy, watch your back. Also, get rid of Noelle. She’s bringin’ you down, man.

The third female presents a cigar to Nash and offers him a light as soon as it hits his lips. Smoke fills the room as he takes a series of puffs to spread the flames. He exhales a cloud of smoke and enjoys himself.

[ Kevin Nash ] But if you don’t mind, I have to get back to my rehab. SGW, I'll see you soon, baby.

He blows the camera an over-dramatic kiss.

The scene fades.

Backstage, we see Charly Caruso standing by the newest members of the SGW roster, Kevin Steen and El Generico. El Generico is energetically bouncing around as Steen looks beyond annoyed.

[ Charly Caruso ] Hey SGW fans! Please join me in welcoming the newest tag team in SGW, having just signed their contracts a few short days ago - Kevin Steen and El Generico!

Generico pounces on the microphone, raising an index finger in the air.


Steen slaps Generico across the jaw and shoves him back, pointing a finger in his face.

[ Kevin Steen ] SHUT UP!

Steen's blood pressure has to be at an uncomfortably dangerous level.

[ Kevin Steen ] Just.. Just shut the fuck up, okay?

Steen sighs deeply.

[ Kevin Steen ] Christ.

[ Charly Caruso ] So, if I may, Kevin.. I received word before our interview that you two make your SGW in-ring debut in two weeks at Bad Signal. Any comments or thoughts?

[ Kevin Steen ] Of course I have thoughts. You saw my promo earlier in the week. I wanted to come to SGW, but I wanted to come alone.

Steen turns a side-eye to Generico, who is oblivious.

[ Kevin Steen ] But if I'm stuck with this piece of shit partner, then we might as well win some matches, right?

Generico cuts between Charly and Steen again, looking dead into the camera.

[ El Generico ] Nosotros ganaremos! Todos los partidos!


[ Charly Caruso ] I think he said something like.. "We will win! All the matches!"

Steen huffs, infuriated that she's taken Generico's side.

[ El Generico ] Si! Si!

Generico gives her a thumbs up.

[ El Generico ] Bueno! Bueno!

Steen grabs the hair on top of his head and pulls as his face turns blood red.

[ Kevin Steen ] You know what? I'm over this.

Steen walks off the interview set and Generico sees his moment. He takes the microphone from Charly.

[ El Generico ] El Generico, numero uno luchadore! Uh.. Yo.. Yo soy el future champion!

He flashes another "number one" with his index finger.

[ El Generico ] S.. G.. W.. El Generico! Numero uno!

Charly begins trying to wrestle the microphone away from Generico as we take it back to ringside. The tag team scene in SGW has picked up this week with several big additions, but none bigger than the tandem of Kevin Steen and El Generico!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 60:00

Upon the bell ringing, Danielson hits Daniels with a running knee and goes for the quick pin, only getting a one count. Daniels slides out and is met by Zack Sabre Jr. and Frankie Kazarian, who immediately encourage him to get back in there. Before he has a chance, here comes Danielson diving through the middle rope with a forearm! Kazarian is sent over the guardrail into the fans. Danielson and Sabre are face to face. “Watch what I do to your boy!” Danielson screams. ZSJ backs up and shrugs it off, responding with “I’m just here. Don’t mind me.”

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Zack Saba’ doin’ the smart thing and keepin’ his nose out of things.

Danielson picks Daniels up and rams his head into the ring post. He goes to try again but Daniels blocks it, instead ramming Danielson’s head into it! Danielson spins back and Daniels clotheslines Danielson over the guardrail! He slides back into the ring to break the count and raises his arms in the air.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, I don’t know what he’s celebrating for! If Mike Chioda reaches ten then Danielson retains the title!

Chioda’s count rises to six.. Seven.. Then it hits Daniels. He exits the ring and drags Danielson over the guardrail and rolls him into the ring.

The count now reaches Eight.. Nine..

At 9.9 Daniels makes it back into the ring, almost getting himself counted out! Danielson is back up and Daniels capitalizes, hitting a STO. Daniels immediately bounces off the top rope and hits an Arabian Press! One, two, kick out! Being caught off guard, Daniels is rolled over by Danielson, one, two, kick out! Both men are back to a standing base and the crowd applauds the effort.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two were part of the first main event in the return of SGW and their rivalry will never end!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They bring the best out of each otha’!

Danielson demands a test of strength and the two engage in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. As they jockey for position, Danielson trips Daniels and drops him to the ground but Daniels manages to bridge. Seeing this, Danielson jumps on top of Daniels’ thighs, creating more pressure on the neck.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a display of technical wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] Boring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] “Boring?!” How? Scott, you yourself were an All-American at Michigan. This should be right down your alley!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, “amateur” wrestling.. Then I became a grown ass man doin’ grown ass wrestling. Power moves, breaking necks, and puttin’ people to sleep in the Steiner Recliner. This might as well be a tranquilizer to my ass cheek!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Scotty, I-

[ Scott Steiner ] ‘CAUSE IT’S PUTTIN’ ME TO SLEEP!

Danielson rocks back and forth and uses his momentum to bring Daniels to his feet and monkey flips him over his head! Daniels is back up and hits Dainelson with an Uranage Slam! Danielson is back up and hits a drop kick! Daniels is back up and we have another standoff! What a match! Daniels forearms Danielson in the face and follows up with a shot that is stiffer than the first. Danielson responds with one of his own and then Small Packages Daniels! One, kick out! Yes Kick to the chest and a headbutt! Daniels is down. Danielson goes up top, FLYING HEADBUTT, Daniels moves! KOJI CLUTCH! Danielson is in trouble!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dragon’s in trouble! We could have a new Real World Champion!

After a few minutes of struggling, Danielson finally gets to the ropes to break the hold. Giving it to a count of four, Daniels holds on to the hold for as long as he can. Upon breaking, Daniels sees an opportunity and goes to the corner and waits. Danielson rolls over and the time is now - BEST! MOONSAULT! EVER! IT MISSES! Danielson nips up and meets Daniels, who is clutching his chest, rolling elbow! Gutwrench suplex! Danielson wraps up Daniels’ arms with his legs.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We know what’s coming next! Danielson has really started implementing these vicious MMA-style elbows into his arsenal again here lately.

Danielson rears back and begins clocking Daniels’ temple with the point of his elbow over and over again. After ten sickening blows, Danielson stops and slings Daniels down.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] C’mon Dragon, finish it! Show some mercy!

Danielson points to the ceiling and loudly proclaims, “BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!” Kazarian is on the apron, and Danielson begins trash talking him, giving Daniels time to recover. Kaz slaps Danielson and Danielson grabs him by the throat, plotting what to do with the other member of Bad Influence.

[ Scott Steiner ] NOW WE’RE TALKIN’!

Daniels comes from behind but Danielson senses it and moves, causing Daniels and Kaz to collide! Daniels turns around, SMALL PACKAGE! One, two, three! Danielson retains!


“The Final Countdown” hits and Danielson grabs his title and demands a microphone.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson once again shows how dangerous he can be. He excels at all facets of the game ad didn’t need a finishing move to retain his title here tonight! One helluva effort from “The Fallen Angel” as well!

Danielson gets a microphone and props himself against the corner to collect himself. The fans are booing to the point that they nearly drown out the music. Tired of waiting for them to settle down, Danielson just loudly talks over them.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Christopher Daniels.. Stand up..

An angry Daniels gets up and throws his arms in the air. He looks at Danielson, waiting to see what’s next.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And get the FUCK out of MY ring!

The boos rain down as Daniels waves Danielson off and leaves.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Three. Three title defenses in a row for the REAL SGW World Champion! No World Champion in years has defended his title as many times successfully as I have in just three shows! Less than two months!

Danielson proudly displays his championship before putting it over his shoulder.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Show in and show out, I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why this title is more prestigious, more valuable, and more sought after than the phony, MEANINGLESS one Val Venis holds! It’s a who’s who of contenders who have fallen at the feel of the American Dragon and suffered the wrath at the hands of the REAL WORLD CHAMPION!

Even more boos. You couldn’t think it could get louder but it is.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You people may boo me but you’re fickle! You’re lying to yourselves! You know it’s the god’s honest truth. Consider the words coming out of my mouth as the gospel.. According to the American Dragon!

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” clap clap clapclapclap “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

[ Bryan Danielson ] Screw you. I’m the champion and I call.. The.. shots!

Danielson puffs his chest out and walks around the ring.

[ Bryan Danielson ] So what’s next? Or.. most appropriately.. Who’s next? Huh? Who wants to be lucky number four? Who will I choose to be my next challenger as I keep stacking title defenses against the elite of Solid Gold Wrestling?

Wrestling has more than one royal family.

“Kingdom” hits and the place erupts. Arena maintenance men are sent to the roof to prevent it from blowing off thanks to the reaction Cody Rhodes’ theme gets. Danielson leans over the ropes with a soured scowl on his face, not appreciating getting interrupted.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It looks like Dragon has his wish!

Cody Rhodes appears from the back with Brandi by his side, decked out in a custom-fit burgundy suit. Brandi hands her husband a microphone as the fans begin loudly chanting “CODY! CODY! CODY!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here’s one of the hottest competitors in SGW, Cody Rhodes, and he looks ready to speak his mind.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Ya’ know, Bryan.. I was sitting in the back minding my own business until I heard you say a word that triggered me and garnered my attention.

He pauses.

[ Cody Rhodes ] ..Elite.

Crowd pop.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Now, it’s fitting that you mentioned wanting to fight the SGW elite while I myself am associated with a group of rebels, a band of misfits hell bent on proving that we ARE the elite in SGW.. So, Bryan.. Maybe this is fate.

[ Bryan Danielson ] What’s fate?

[ Cody Rhodes ] I told the Bucks earlier tonight I was looking to go big game hunting for Supremacy. I’ve hung around the level of mediocrity for far too long here in SGW and I think it’s time for me to take the next step. I’m a former Elevation Champion and a former co-holder of the Tag Team Championships.. And it’s like those reigns never existed.

Cody’s delivery is smooth and filled with confidence.

[ Cody Rhodes ] So it’s time to capture a title and remind these people, hell, myself, just what I’m capable of. It’s time for me to become the REAL SGW World Heavyweight Champion..

He smirks.

[ Cody Rhodes ] ..At Supremacy.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHOA!

[ Cody Rhodes ] Your time of picking on the lesser is over, Bryan, because now it’s time to put your money where your big mouth is and fight someone who’s on your level if not ready to surpass you, leaving you in the dust and never checking the rear mirror ever again! It’s time for you to fight someone who has the balls, the gall, the ability to fight back and take you to limits you’ve never knew were possible to be taken to! Bryan Danielson, your arrogant son of a bitch, it’s time to put that title on the line and fight a real man! So at Supremacy, since I cannot take down the biggest trophy animal of them all in Val Venis..

Danielson is LIVID.

[ Cody Rhodes ] ..I guess I’ll start with you.

Cody drops the microphone as “Kingdom” once again blasts through the PA system in the arena. The crowd erupts as Cody and Brandi share a kiss that Cody dramatically oversells afterwards to the fans' delight. Danielson is trembling with rage as the Rhodes duo disappear back behind the curtain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve just gotten notice from the back that this match is in fact official for Supremacy! Cody Rhodes challenges Bryan Danielson for the Real SGW World Heavyweight Championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Two men that are on some of the longest winning streaks in the company right now are on a collision course! I can’t wait!

Danielson throws the microphone into the sea of fans on the hard camera side and exits the ring in a huff. Fans reach out to try to slap hands or get a touch of him and he slaps all of their arms away, wanting nothing to do with them. The scene fades as Danielson is screaming “BULLSHIT! THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT!” over and over to no one in particular. Danielson now has himself a date with one of the best SGW has to offer at Supremacy!

Nunzio is walking with purpose backstage and stops at the Championship Committee’s locker room door. Without hesitation, he kicks the door wide open and barges in, catching Bret Hart off guard. Nunzio is exhausted, worn down from his earlier match with Matt Riddle, but he has enough energy to speak his mind.

[ Nunzio ] Hitman, I think I’ve been through enough here to find myself in the Gold Rush match. I ain’t got a fair shake since the first moment I stepped back into ‘dis company as a competitor.. And it all changes tonight.

He doesn’t even give Bret time to respond.

[ Nunzio ] You guys threw me into some junk match upon debutin’ and guess what? I fockin’ won it and then I turned around and won the Elevation title. Pretty good story huh? Nah. Not even. B’cause I was ignored for weeks and immediately sent to Kevin Nash in a match I don’t think I deserved ta’ lose.

Nunzio balls his fist, doing his best to contain his anger.

[ Nunzio ] So then I get crossed by Riddle an’ London an’ do what I had ta’ do to protect my interests. You saw what I did out there tonight. I gave that sonuvabitch hell and I’ve proven my worth ‘round here.. Even if this almighty Committee don’t think I do, I belong! And no longer will I be fockin’ ignored.

[ Bret Hart ] I agree.

Bret extends his hand to Nunzio.

[ Nunzio ] Admittedly, we didn’t know if you could transition back to the ring full-time but you’ve proven yourself time and time again. I think the Gold Rush is a great opportunity for you to open a lot of eyes and capture another piece of gold. Consider it done.

Nunzio accepts Bret’s handshake.

[ Nunzio ] But if you guys fock me again, Hitman.. What happened ta’ London won’t be nothin’ compared to what happens to you.

Nunzio turns and walks away. As he reaches the exit, Danhausen appears behind the door, startling The Boss.

[ Danhausen ] Hello, Danhausen here!

[ Nunzio ] Get out o’ my face, freak.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen apologizes, mafia boss man!

Danhausen steps aside and enters the room. Bret rolls his eyes because there’s no way to escape.

[ Danhausen ] Ah yes, Hit “Bret Hart” Man, Danhausen is very nice, but very evil, and he would love to be in the Gold Rushausen match! Danhausen LOVES gold and he loves continents and when they are continental! I will make a great champion! Very strong!

[ Bret Hart ] Fine. You’re in. Whatever.

[ Danhausen ] Gotta’ love that Danhausen! Gotta’ love that very easy negotiation!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Whoa, whoa, whoa..

MJF appears with Wardlow in tow.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Hitman, buddy, pal, you just letting all of the freaks in here or what?

MJF is smacking gum obnoxiously.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] I see some fake mob boss in the hall that just left your office, and then I come in here to find a face painted freak. It’s disgusting the people you people employ around here.

If anything, MJF is confident.

[ Danhausen ] Agreed! There are so many disgusting people here! Where did they come from?!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You’re one of the disgustos.

[ Danhausen ] UP YOURS!

Danhausen leaves.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Bret, can I call ya’ Bret? Bret, look, let’s cut to the chase. You guys are trying to fill this match up with twelve men to fight for the Intercontinental Championship, right? I would’ve made it easy on you by saying just hand me the title, but, since that doesn’t seem to be an option.. I’ll do you a major favor. I’ll be in your stupid match and lend it some credability.. But I want my back scratched in return. I want guarantees that I’m leaving with that title.

[ Bret Hart ] We don’t do that here.

MJF winks.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Sure you don’t. I see how it is. We’re on the same level, buddy. Don’t worry.

The door busts wide open again, this time with Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Zack Sabre, Jr. coming in. Bret’s head drops.

[ Bret Hart ] Oh geez.


[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] There was no vehicle in it, you oaf.

Daniels pays him no mind.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Bryan Danielson robbed me blind, Bret, and it’s up to you to make it right by giving me another title shot!

[ Bret Hart ] Fine. You can be in Gold Rush at Supremacy. Will that make you happy?


Daniels looks like he’s been shot with a gun.

[ Christopher Daniels ] The shortest Limitless Championship reign EVER!

Kazarian tries his best to console.

[ Christopher Daniels ] THE CONSPIRACY CONTINUES!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] If he doesn’t want in it, I’ll do it.

Daniels changes his mind quickly.

[ Christopher Daniels ] No! It’s a conflict of interest if two members of Disrespect U 2 are in it. If anyone’s going to overcome the unjust nature of the Championship Committee throwing together half the roster to fight in one match.. It’s gonna’ be.. ME!

Daniels puts his hand on ZSJ’s shoulder.

[ Christopher Daniels ] We have a good thing going with Disrespect U 2, an epic stable, more epic than the original, the phony, the weak Disrespect U. We can’t risk internal conflicts breaking us apart.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] We’re not a stable, dickhead.

ZSJ scoffs at the thought.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] And if we were, that most certainly wouldn’t be the name. It’s a stupid name. Sounds like you’re sayin’ “Disrespect U2,” like, disrespectin’ the bloody band named U2.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I would NEVER, NEVER disrespect Bono!

Bret’s had enough.

[ Bret Hart ] Is there a reason you’re all still here?

Bret surveys the room.

[ Bret Hart ] Any of you?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] I was captivated by baldy having a mental breakdown, to be honest. I’ll go. Show’s over anyway. I already got what I wanted.

MJF exits as ZSJ looks miffed from not getting in the Gold Rush match.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Kris Statlander and Hana Kimura meet in the middle of the ring. The fans are electric as these two stare each other down. Hana Kimura offers her hand to shake but Statlander boops her on the nose! The fans cheer loudly. Kimura smiles and backs up, raising middle fingers to Statlander, drawing another pop.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There seems to be some level of respect between these two as competitors. Refreshing to see in a women's division whose foundation has been built on hatred.

Kimura and Statlander lock up and struggle for a dominant position before Statlander takes over with a headlock. Kimura backs her into the ropes and shoots her off, following her in and nailing her with a RUNNING YAKUZA KICK right to the chin on the turnaround! Kimura shoots Statlander off but Statlander reverses it, sending Kimrua into the ropes and catching her with a KITCHEN SINK that flips her over Statlander's knee and leaves her in a seated position on the mat! Statlander hits the ropes and nails Kimura with a running knee strike to the face! Statlander goes for the cover but Kimura kicks out at one!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It won't be that easy, Stat!

Statlander pulls Kimura up and nails her with a forearm strike! They trade forearm blows with neither woman willing to give an inch! Finally, after bludgeoning each other, Hana begins shouting in Japanese and points at the ropes. Statlander nods and hits the ropes... and comes back to collide shoulder to shoulder with Kimura! Kimura barely moves! Statlander points at the ropes and Kimura runs to the ropes... but Statlander follows her in and clotheslines her over the top rope to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Deception from the Galaxy's Greatest Alien!

Kimura slowly gets back to her feet... and Kris Statlander flies from the top rope to the floor with a FLYING BODY PRESS! Statlander is quickly back to her feet, pumping her fists, and pulls Hana up behind her. She tosses Hana under the bottom rope where Hana immediately scrambles back to her feet! Statlander follows her in and Hana is already coming off the ropes. Hana ducks under a YAKUZA KICK and catches Kimura with a PELE KICK on the turnaround! Hana goes down and Statlander waits on her to stand, motioning for her to get up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This level of intensity from Statlander is something we've not seen before from the Alien!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's fully focused on this match. She must have no idea what went down in the parking lot with Dr. Cube and her friend, Candy Floss!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You mean... Dusto Bunny?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This truly IS the Level We've Sunk To Now, isn't it?

Hana Kimura rises to her feet and Statlander charges, nailing her with a ROLLING KICK! Hana Kimura ragdolls backward into the corner, landing in a seated position! Statlander runs to the opposite corner and charge back in... CORNER CANNONBALL! Statlander pulls Hana out of the corner by her hair and hoists her onto her shoulders. She positions her for the BIG BANG THEORY but Hana slips out and pulls Statlander down into a pinning predicament! ONE! TWO! THR-- STATLANDER KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was close!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] TOO CLOSE!

Statlander and Hana both roll back to their feet and Statlander charges! She throws a big kick and Hana deflects it with her forearms! Hana throws a kick of her own and Statlander deflects it! Hana nails Statlander with a forearm! Statlander throws a ROUNDHOUSE KICK but Hana ducks it and catches Statlander with a boot to the stomach... TIGER LILLY! NO! STATLANDER SANDBAGS HER! Hana lets go and Statlander upright and... boops Hana on the nose! Hana looks confused and Statlander turns and hits the ropes! She comes back with a running clothesline but Hana ducks it and catches Statlander on the turnaround with another boot to the stomach! TIGER LILLY! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Statlander rolls out of the ring and Hana Kimura remains on her knees in hte middle of the ring. The fans are cheering loudly as Kimura has picked up another huge win.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a victory! You know Hana Kimura has to have Jinny's attention at this point!

Hana rises to her feet and Rick Knox raises her hand in the air. However, her celebration is cut short as "Brutality" hits and Rhea Ripley makes her way down to the ring as the fans boo. Ripley has a microphone in her hand. She climbs the steps and gets in the ring, walking right up to Hana Kimura. Ripley stares her down and then raises the microphone.

[ Rhea Ripley ] So, you're the new hotness in the women's division, huh? Ya' get t' put away Christina Von Eerie... ya' get a big win ova' Kris Statlanda'... 'n ya' think ya' some kinda' big shot.

Ripley shakes her head.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Ya' don't impress me.

Ripley points off at nothing in particular.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Jinny wants t' say she's got no challengers. She wants t' take the night off at Supremacy? I don't fuckin' care. This is my division. It's always been my division... and I'm takin' my bloody claim.

Ripley and Hana stand nose to nose.

[ Rhea Ripley ] And it's gonna be a cold day in hell before you get a title shot before I get my rematch. In two weeks at Bad Signal... I'm takin' this little Hana Kimura experiment... and I'm endin' it.

Hana snatches the microphone out of Ripley's hand. The fans pop huge. Hana glares at Ripley and smiles.

[ Hana Kimura ] Ray-uh... Rip-uh-ree?

There's a flicker of light in her eyes.

[ Hana Kimura ] FAWCK YOU!

The fans pop huge as Ripley just nods and smirks. Ripley turns and leaves the ring without a word, leaving Kimura in the ring with the microphone. We head backstage.

We go backstage where we see Io Shirai addressing Starlight Kid and AZM. Starlight and AZM are both roughed up after their Twinstar title match earlier in the night. Starlight hangs her head in shame. AZM chews her bottom lip as Shirai dresses her down.

Io Shirai ] < You have allowed this company to make you weak! You are not the AZM I knew... not anymore! This team you have formed... everyone treats you like you are a joke. That is not you. >

Tears well up in AZM's eyes. Shirai shakes her head.

[ Io Shirai ] < That is not AZM. >

Starlight Kid ] < Io-san, we have-- >

Shirai cuts off Starlight Kid with a sharp slap across the face, almost knocking her down. Shirai glares at her as she cups her cheek, cringing away in pain and fear of another blow.

[ Io Shirai ] < Little shit. Speak out of turn again and my next strike will certainly end you. >

AZM looks at Starlight, an angry but confused look on her face.

[ AZM ] < Stay out of this! >

[ Io Shirai ] < Listen to yourself. You act tough now... but you are not strong. This will not do. I will take you back under my wing. I will make you stronger. I will make you better. >

Io looks at Starlight Kid.

Io Shirai ] < We must separate you from this one-- >

Before Io can continue, we hear a crash from off-camera. The camera pans over to reveal Hana Kimura approaching the trio. She walks right up and shoves Io Shirai, almost knocking her down.

[ Io Shirai ] < YOU DARE!? >

Hana Kimura ] < Shut up, ugly little hag! >

Hana points at herself, shouting in Japanese.

[ Hana Kimura ] < I am not one of these brats that you can push around! I've had enough of your taunts and disrespect! >

Shirai slaps Kimura hard across the face and Kimura fires back with a vicious slap of her own. Both women stare each other down... and then smile? Shirai touches her cheek and nods, appearing impressed. Kimura does the same, using her hand to adjust her jaw before offering a nod of her own. Hana Kimura walks away, appearing satisfied. Shirai watches her leave as Starlight and AZM look on in surprise.

We suddenly see a shot backstage of Dave Batista handcuffed, being carried off by two police officers. Batista is beside himself, doing his best to try to wiggle free from the cuffs.

[ Dave Batista ] I want a lawyer!

Bill Carr and Dan Barry appear and begin walking alongside the police officers but are immediately stopped.

[ Police Officer ] Guys, I know you’re just tryin’ to help, but c’mon.

[ Bill Carr ] Excuse me?

[ Dan Barry ] This looks like a case that needs all hands on deck.

[ Police Officer ] I get it, but we’re going to need you two to get back. We have this under control.

Team Tremendous step back with disappointment littered all over their faces.

[ Bill Carr ] Your loss.

[ Dan Barry ] Yeah. When he snaps those cuffs in half and starts roid raging, don’t expect us to bust out the nightsticks and bludgeon him to death and say we feared for our lives to justify it.

The police officers escort Batista past Team Tremendous and then past Edge and Christian, who are watching on along with half of the roster it seems.

[ Christian ] Who knew it would be as easy as just reviewing security footage to find out who injected Barbie Blank with enough heroin to kill an elephant?

[ Edge ] Right? I totally expected some long, drawn out investigation. Some sort of real mystery that would go on for a few shows and have a thrilling conclusion that we could monetize in some way.

Christian shakes his head.

[ Christian ] This way is kind of refreshing though. It’s just done and over, and next show, it’ll be like none of these people ever existed.. Except for when Dave Batista eventually gets free and tries joining another company and his legacy is nothing but - “GWF legend Dave Batista.. a junk peddler and a murderer.”

[ Edge ] I liked Barbie, though. She peaked too soon. Got mixed up with a loser like Big Dave. What a hot ass angle that was going to be, but you know what they say - "it's not 2006 anymore, so you can't use dead people in your wrestling company."

[ Christian ] Really miss the days of Curt Hennig winning world titles everywhere. Maybe there's still hope for Barbie.

Christopher Daniels enters the scene, wanting a closer look of Dave Batista being loaded into the back of the police car. He crosses his arms and doesn’t look the least bit surprised.

[ Christopher Daniels ] So, this is a bad time but I think you guys should know something I've known for a long, long time..

A dramatic pause.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I always knew Dave Batista was a piece of shit.

Edge and Christian nod in agreement.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Idiot.

The camera takes one final shot of the police car as the blue lights turn on and begin strobing in circles over and over. The scene fades with Dave Batista being driven away to the Metro-Davidson Detention Facility.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

With no Stone Cold in sight, SGW World Heavyweight Champion Val Venis is playing at a disadvantage with both Jericho and Corino clobbering him to kick off the match – before a horn is heard blaring!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT?!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Steve Austin! Stone Cold is here!

Austin parks the truck right at ringside and climbs out of the door and up to the roof of the cab, throwing his middle fingers high into the air as Nashville explodes for him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And we know, gents – Adam Cole is still at the dog pound! It’s a nearly even field now!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE HELL’S HE DOING?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY!

Stone Cold dives off the top of the truck and smashes Jericho and Corino, taking Corino to the floor with him as the crowd blows the roof off the Bridgestone! It’s a pier-six brawl as Austin pounds Corino with fists on the floor – but Arn Anderson is there to stop him, popping Austin in the ear with his own punch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is Arn thinking?!

Austin says essentially the same thing, giving Arn the double middle fingers – and smacks Anderson with the STONE COLD STUNNER! Nashville is nuclear as Austin gets in Anderson’s face, wagging his head back and forth to emphasize Arn’s stupidity for messing with Stone Cold! Corino cuts Austin off and the two brawl to Britt Baker’s area as we jump back inside the ring!

Venis has Jericho stalled overhead in a beautiful suplex – and drops! Val makes the cover – but it’s only a one from Senior Official Aubrey Edwards! The Champion comes up to his knees for a breath – but Jericho claws him in the eyes!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jericho’s gonna do whatever he’s got to to win! He’s a crafty bastard!

The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah begins stomping Venis’ head ravenously, really going to town before lifting the champion from the mat – and CLOBBERING him with a Judas Effect elbow!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] JUDAS EFECT! Jericho could pin the SGW Champion here!

Jericho hooks the legs! ONE! TWO! NO! NO! Austin breaks up the pin with a diving double axe-handle –

– but smashes Aubrey Edwards under his weight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Austin makes the save – but the referee is down!

Steve Corino crawls into the ring and rakes Austin’s back, turning Stone Cold towards him as Venis and Jericho regain their composure and make their way back to their feet.

[ Scott Steiner ] Holy hell, this is wild!

Corino tackles Austin into the corner, drilling him with shoulder tackles repeatedly as Jericho claws Venis in the eyes again, low blowing the champion without the threat of disqualification! Jericho fake cries to the audience before spitting into the front row and boosting Venis onto the top turnbuckle.

Meanwhile, Austin has fought back, punching Corino off of a Lou Thesz Press – but Corino takes a page from Jericho’s book and claws at Stone Cold’s eyes rabidly! Austin rises off of Corino and both men scamper to their feet – and collide head-first! Both men are down!

On the top rope, Chris Jericho is positioning Val Venis for a mighty superplex, talking trash all the way. Once Venis is finally where he wants him, Jericho spits into his face and laughs as Nashville rains boos down on him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] DESPICABLE!

Jericho grips Venis by the face and begins screaming in his eyes, spittle flying everywhere as he does: “You think you’re the champion, you stupid old basta—ahh!”

[ Nigel McGuinness ] UH OH!

Venis shoves Jericho backwards off the top rope and the Ayatollah crashes back-first into the mat! Val looks around the arena with wide eyes and Nashville explodes as he stands up on the top turnbuckle – soaring off! THE MONEY SHOT!



But wait! It’s Jimmy Havoc! The number one contender to the SGW World Heavyweight Championship is in the building and is running to ringside like a bat out of hell!

[ Scott Steiner ] What is Havoc doing now?!

The King of the Goths answers Steiner’s question by grabbing Venis’ ankle and yanking him out of the ring, smashing him in the face with a huge punch, staggering Val backwards! Havoc rushes up for another strike – but Val is ready and swings back! It’s on! This is bedlam!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS IS BEDLAM!!

See what I mean? Havoc and Venis continue brawling up the ramp, each connecting with vicious punches and kicks, leaving nothing to the imagination for what sort of violence we are in for at Supremacy! Back inside the ring, Steve Corino and Stone Cold are coming to at nearly the same time! Corino rolls Jericho from the ring with his head and shoulders, turning his attention to see Austin still dazed and rising from the mat weakly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at this! Corino is setting up for the finish!

Corino begins stretching his leg as Austin rises, turning slowly to face his opponent as the King of Old School fires a superkick!


[ Tony Schiavone ] UH OH, CORINO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH NO!


Chris Jericho connects with a steel chair! Austin drops to a knee and Corino and Jericho instantly pounce, smashing Stone Cold with forearm after forearm, absolutely wrecking the Rattlesnake until Jericho stands, screaming that he’s the greatest of all time as Corino rises, smirking to himself. He lifts Austin by the bald head – but Stone Cold’s got the chair! He gut-shots Corino first, then greets Jericho with a shot to his gut! WHAM! Y2J takes a stiff shot to the back!


Austin whirls around to see Aubrey Edwards calling for the disqualification, but Stone Cold’s angry face quickly morphs to one of furious acceptance, turning and CLATTERING Steve Corino in the skull with the chair, as well!



Blood begins trickling from Corino’s skull as attendants quickly begin attending to Aubrey Edwards. Stone Cold, still absolutely rabid in center ring, calls for a beer – and receives one! He downs it, pouring half of the lager down his chest, before grabbing Jericho by the hair and hurling him over the top rope to the floor! Before you know it, Austin has Corino by the neck and whirls him over the top rope, as well! The Origin members collide on the floor and Austin joins them, still absolutely ravenous for violence!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Why is Austin taking Corino to the back of that truck?!

Stone Cold has Corino by his head – and HURLS him into the back of the garbage truck! Nashville is roaring as Corino comes to an awkward stop inside the truck, laying amongst the trash!

[ Scott Steiner ] WELL I’LL BE DAMNED!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He just threw Steve Corino into that garbage truck!

As Austin returns to take Jericho by the hair, Y2J stomps Austin’s foot and begins trying to assist Corino out of the truck – but Austin smashes Jericho’s face on the truck! And again! A third time! Jericho’s face is bruising grossly as Stone Cold wears him out on the truck before launching him into the truck with Corino!


Austin, still cursing inaudibly, returns to the driver’s side of the truck and begins fooling with levers and buttons –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] JESUS! Careful, Steve!

Finally, a whirring sound spreads through the arena and the mouth of the truck slowly closes! Jericho and Corino are just as trapped as Adam Cole is now! Stone Cold exits the truck and climbs onto the back step, flipping off the closed doors as Nashville explodes with energy in support of this act!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I WILL BE DAMNED! Steve Austin’s trapped Jericho and Corino in that truck!

Stone Cold begins walking back towards the ring – but Britt Baker swings a fist at him as hard as she can and connects with his jaw! Nashville pops again as Baker begins clubbing his back over and over – but Austin lifts her up onto his shoulder! He’s got a furious look on his face as he stomps up the stairs and into the ring, screaming for Justin Roberts to give the Rattlesnake his microphone – Roberts wisely agrees.


Austin drops Baker to her feet, still holding her by her shoulder, and sticks the microphone in her face.

[ Britt Baker ] YOU BASTARD! You bring Adam back right now! You gave Arn Anderson a stunner and he’s older than Methusala and all hell! No way he’s living that! Let Chris and Steve out of that damn truck, bring Adam back, and let me GO!

Austin scoffs and tears the mic away from her.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Now, dammit, girl, just calm the hell down! You’re still standin’ on yer’ damn feet cause you’re the only logical one in the whole damn Origin, ya’hear?!

Baker stops fighting and pouts her twitching lips as Austin summons two beers into the ring, his favorite party trick. Nashville pops again as Austin cracks them open and offers one to Baker.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Beer?

Baker looks at him like he’s an alien as Austin points the microphone towards her.

[ Britt Baker ] …beer?!

Austin’s eyes grow wide as he takes the mic back.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Yeah. You heard me…BEER.


The audience are fully with Stone Cold, egging him on now.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] LAGER.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] SOME SUDS.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A SWIG!


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A DRAFT.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A BREWSKI.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A PINT.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A COLD ONE.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] UN CERVEZA, POR FAVOR!


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A LONGNECK.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A TALL BOY.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] THE SWEET NECTAR OF THE GODS.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] A STEVEWEISER.


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] BEER, WOMAN! BEER!

Another gargantuan pop from Nashville as Austin points the mic back at Britt Baker, waiting her acceptance of the beverage.

[ Britt Baker ] …I don’t want your damn beer, Austin! I just want Adam Cole back! RIGHT NOW!

Austin scowls mightily as Nashville boos Britt Baker relentlessly. Stone Cold slowly lifts the microphone again.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] You…you’re really gonna stand there…and look at Stone Cold Steve Austin in the face and tell Stone Cold…you don’t want a beer?

Another massive pop. Baker solemnly nods no.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Well, sometimes ya’ don’t know what you want!

Austin dumps a beer over Britt’s head, drenching her hair and face in the cold beer! Nashville is rabid, and Austin turns up the second can, dumping it over her head, too!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO!

Stone Cold manifests another two beers and opens them, killing one instantly, then tossing the first sip into Baker’s face, shocking her from her static place in center ring. Austin downs the second one, calling for another, and cracking it open, too, finally speaking again.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Now, as Stone Cold was tryin’ta say…you was the only logical one in the whole damn Origin, so you’re still here to pass along a message for ‘ole Stone Cold.

Baker’s twitching lips mouth “what” as Austin continues.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Ya’see, Britt Baker, as the only logical one in the whole damn Origin, you should know better than anyone that Adam Cole’s ass doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of beatin’ Stone Cold Steve Austin at Supremacy, don’t ya?

Baker doesn’t reply, still seething as the beer drips down her head.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] I thought so. Stone Cold Steve Austin plans to make his way down to Orlando, go see his best buddy Shamu, crack open a case of Steveweisers at Sea World, beat the hell out of anybody tryin’ to mess with my whale friend Shamu’s ass, then take my pickup truck over to the damn arena, stomp down that aisle right there and stomp a mudhole in Adam Cole’s ass!

Nashville is electric as Austin downs another beer and carries on, gesturing to the garbage truck.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] See what I did right there, Britt Baker? I threw Chris Jericho’s rock-and-roll ass into that truck, I threw Steve Corino’s old-school ass in there, I stunned that old bastard Arn Anderson and God only knows where the hell Shane Douglas’ piss-stained ass even is right now, dammit! WHAT I DID, BRITT BAKER, WAS CLEAR THE PATH TO ADAM BY GOD COLE! Do you see anybody standin’ in Stone Cold’s way?!

The audience is quick to shout “HELL NO!”

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] EH-EH! NO I DO DAMN WELL NOT SEE ANYBOD—

Britt Baker snarls and grips Austin’s wrist, bringing the mic closer to her face as Austin looks on in bemusement.

[ Britt Baker ] If you think…for one second…that Adam Cole…OR I…will let this stand…at Supremacy…you’re just as stupid as you look!

Baker lashes out with a slap, connecting with Austin’s face! He laughs as his cheek grows redder by the second.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] So much for logical! Nash Vegas!!

Nashville is eating from his hands and begging for more as Austin gestures to them.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] If you think the Origin can stop Stone Cold from whippin’ ass at Supremacy, gimme a hell yeah!


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] HUH! If you think Adam Cole can whip Stone Cold’s ass at Supremacy, gimme a hell yeah!


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] WELL I’LL! BE! DAMNED! If you think Stone Cold Steve Austin considers Britt Baker a logical member of the damn Origin now, gimme a hell yeah!


[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] HELL NO!

Austin advances as Baker tries to throw another fist, but Austin leathers her with a gut kick and puts her on the mat with a Stone Cold Stunner as Nashville roars again and his music blares over the speakers!

[ Tony Schiavone ] MY WORD! Stone Cold Steve Austin has eliminated the entire Origin from his path! Only Adam Cole remains – and Stone Cold! Steve! Austin! Is on the warpath!

Austin downs another beer, pours another on Baker, and summons two more, smashing them and downing them on the top turnbuckle as we fade away.

Back at the dog pound, Adam Cole is covered in mud and God knows what else at this point. He’s hanging halfway up one of the cages as two rottweilers desperately try getting to him, taking turns nipping and ferociously barking. Cole is on a cell phone, listening intently.

[ Adam Cole ] That son of a bitch did what to Britt?

Cole’s face turns blood red with anger.

[ Adam Cole ] I’ll kill ‘em for that.. for this.. for everything he's done.

Apparently the response on the other end is not what he wanted to hear.

[ Adam Cole ] YES, I’m still in this stupid cage! This asshole camera keeps filming me instead of letting me out. I made him give me his phone so I could at least call you. It’s time to bring in reinforcements.

He listens as the barking dogs grow louder.

[ Adam Cole ] No, I don’t want you here at Bad Signal.

A quick follow up.

[ Adam Cole ] I want you here at Supremacy.. Where it counts!

He ends the call and throws the phone back at the cameraman.

[ Adam Cole ] You’re seriously not going to let me out of here?

The camera shakes back and forth.

[ Adam Cole ] What a prick. Don't you know who I am?! You just wait until I get out of here. I’m going to punch you right between the eyes.

One of the dogs finally connects with Cole’s backside.

[ Adam Cole ] Ow! Dammit, Austin!

Who was Adam Cole talking to on the phone?!


We head back to ringside where "Voices" hits and the fans erupt in boos. Randy Orton walks out from the back, dragging Trish Stratus behind him by a handful of hair. Trish struggles against him but Orton isn't being denied. He stares straight ahead and walks toward the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is absolutely deplorable behavior.

[ Scott Steiner ] I oughta' get up from this bullshit table and put a stop t' this right now if Jeff ain't gonna do nothin'!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You'll do no such thing, Scott. Randy Orton is unhinged. We don't know what he's bloody capable of right now.

Orton tosses Trish under the bottom rope, into the ring. Orton follows her in, sliding under the bottom rope. She tries to scramble away on all fours but he catches her by the back of her shirt and holds her in place. The fans are shitting all over this, booing relentlessly. Orton calls for a microphone and receives a full strawberry milkshake to the shoulder from the fans before a half-eaten hot pickle lands in the ring with a wet plop. Orton shouts "STUPID!" and rips his ruined shirt off, leaving him shirtless in slacks as Justin Roberts finally hands him a microphone. Orton looks furious as he pulls Trish into a standing position with her arm twisted behind her back to keep her place. Orton raises the microphone with his free hand and speaks.

[ Randy Orton ] This is it, Jeff.

Orton's red in the face.

[ Randy Orton ] I SAID THIS IS IT!

The fans are raining garbage down on the ring.

[ Randy Orton ] Where are you, you son of a bitch!? I'm standing here in your backyard... in YOUR ring! With YOUR old lady! And I promise you, Jeff... I promise you... if you're not here... I'm gonna kick this bitch's head clean off her god damn shoulders! WHERE ARE YOU!?

The camera focuses on the entrance... but nothing happens. Just silence. Orton waits... we wait for a full minute with no activity. The fans continue booing loudly. Orton shakes his head and shoves Trish down onto all fours before planting his foot in her lower back, pinning her down.

[ Randy Orton ] So, that's how it is?

He smirks.

[ Randy Orton ] This is on you, Jeff.

He growls angrily.

[ Randy Orton ] ALL OF THIS IS ON YOU!

But just as Orton prepares to do whatever he's going to do, the Golden-Tron flashes to life with a shot of the parking lot. The fans pop huge as a white pick-up truck pulls into the shot and stops with a screech. The driver's side door opens up and Jeff Jarrett steps out, looking grim. He begins power walking toward the rear entrance and then walks inside. We cut back to the ring where we see Orton with a huge smile on his face. Only moments later, "My World" hits and plays for almost a full minute before Jeff Jarrett finally emerges with arena security trying to keep him back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like the Championship Committee is looking out for the safety of Jeff Jarrett!

The road agents as well as Edge, Christian, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. try to keep Jarrett from going to the ring but he pushes past them, ignoring their warnings. Jarrett climbs into the ring and calls for a microphone, receiving one immediately from Justin Roberts. Jarrett looks down at Trish on the mat, struggling underneath Orton's boot... and then he looks up at Orton, disgusted. Jarrett raises the microphone.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You want the damn match?

Orton nods, smiling.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You want Randy Orton versus Jeff Jarrett? The Six-String Samurai versus The Legend Killer? That's what you want? One time for all-time at Supremacy?!

[ Randy Orton ] That's what I want, Jeff! That's EXACTLY what I want! Give it to me or this reign of terror continues... starting with caving this bitch's head in with the toe of my boot!

Jarrett looks down at Trish and then back up at Orton again.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You've got your match. Now let 'er go.

Orton almost looks surprised. Without hesitation, he lifts his boot off Trish's back and she scrambles back to her feet, rushing past Jarrett, and leaving the ring. She's quickly taken in by the Championship Committee members. Orton and Jarrett stare each other down. Jarrett honestly looks confused by how easy that was. Orton stares Jarrett right in the eyes.

[ Randy Orton ] What's the matter, Jeff? Did you think I was lying? Did you think I'd get my match... and then punt her head into the third row anyway?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Honestly, Randy. I wouldn't put anything past you.

Orton runs his hand down his face.

[ Randy Orton ] That's where you've got it twisted, Jeff. You know... and now all of these fans know... I'm a man of my word.

Orton blinks erratically, sweat dripping off his nose.

[ Randy Orton ] I'm not the bad guy in this story, Jeff.

The fans boo.

[ Randy Orton ] You are.

Jarrett waves Orton off and turns around to leave... but Orton whips him around... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! The fans erupt in boos as Orton springs right back to his feet and rolls out of the ring as security, road agents, and members of the Championship Committee hit the ring! Orton escapes through the crowd as Edge and Christian kneel next to the unconscious Jeff Jarrett!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a monster! Randy Orton is despicable!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Say what you will, Tony... Randy Orton is a man of his word and he's got his match. He's spent the last month makin' his bed... in one more month, he's gonna have to bloody lie in it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Folks, that's all for tonight. For Scott Steiner and Nigel McGuinness... good night and we'll see you at Bad Signal!