06 / 13 / 2020 | State Farm Arena | Orlando, Florida

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
- Darby Allin (w/ Priscilla Kelly) def. Jack Starz via Pinfall w/ Coffin Drop in 6:01
- The Miz (w/ Maryse) def. Chasyn Rance via Pinfall w/ Skull Crushing Finale in 3:29
- Io Shirai def. Alisha Edwards via Pinfall w/ Moonsault in 7:41
- The Rock def. Christian Shane via Pinfall w/ Rock Bottom in 00:49
- Tamina Snuka def. Thunderkitty via Pinfall w/ Superfly Splash in 4:14


The Revival, Shaquille O'Neal, Doink the Clown, Earl Hebner, Frederick Culver, Sarah Logan, Barack Obama, Reggie Fils-Amie, Karl Pilkington, Tony Romo, Aldous Snow, Barney Stinson, Johnny Depp, Saul, Team LayCool, Joe Goldberg, Vince Russo, JTG, The Shining Stars, IAmTheEaterOfWorlds, The Cast of Friends, Wayne Gretzky, Mike Frost, RuPaul, The Cast of Law & Order: SVU, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Brad Mondo, Sam & Dean Winchester, Impostor Mr. Perfect, Repo-Man, Muhammad Hassan, Sting, MC Ride, The Scarecrow, Aksana, Steve Carell, Shigeru Miyamoto, The Big Bad Booty Posse, Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, Candice Michelle, Dwight Schrute, Toby Flenderson, Donald Trump, Mike Quackenbush, Gordon Ramsey, Adam Blampied, Hank Voight, Jumpin' Jeff Farmer, Drake & Josh, Sanshiro Takagi, Uncle Joe, Segata Sanshiro, A Dr. Cube Clone, Alfie, Jillian Hall, Oprah Winfrey, Betty White, The Ascension, No Way HoZay, Michael Bisping, BLANK, Still Life with Apricots and Pears, Paul Burchill, Charles Barclay, Avril Lavigne, Charlie Sheen, Bugs Bunny, Conor McGregor, The Trailer Park Boys, Rivers Cuomo, The Cast of Parks & Recreation, Nick Gage, Katie Lea Burchill, Shane Dawson, Tommy Dreamer, Tam Nakano, Tom Brady, Geralt of Rivia, Nacho Libre, Jay & Silent Bob, Jack from Titanic, Bill & Ted, Enzo Amore, Larry David, Dr. Phil, Donatello, Michael Myers, Simon Dean, The Boogeyman, Ozzy Osborn, Antonio Brown, Delirious, Dr. Ken Watanabe, Ronald McDonald, Rob Gronkrowski, Harry Smith, Prince Nana, Tha' Tru Warriorz, "The Kosher Chef" Andrew Palmer, Terry Taylor




Tonight is the night.

A black limousine pulls into the parking lot "Earlier Today" and everyone standing outside the arena stops what they're doing. A collection of staff members and SGW competitors look on as the driver climbs out of his seat and makes his way to the rear of the vehicle, opening the door with excellent showmanship. The live crowd begins booing loudly as Aliyah and Vanessa Borne step out first, staring down their noses at the lowers in their presence. After they've cleared the vehicle, Jinny steps out behind them in a flowing red gown with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Welcome to Supremacy, folks... and there she is... Jinny! The SGW Women's World Champion, arriving in style with her House of Highers!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] At one hundred and fifty-five days, not only is she the longest reigning SGW Women's World Championship... but she's the longest reigning CHAMPION, period, in Solid Gold Wrestling history!

Aliyah and Vanessa Borne lead the way confidently, keeping the onlookers at bay until Jinny comes to a halt... only a few feet away from a handful of SGW's women's roster. Jinny flicks her wrist, speaking with a wave of her hand.

[ Jinny ] Stop, bitches.

Aliyah and Vanessa stop in their tracks and look back over their shoulders at Jinny. Jinny curls her upper lip in disgust as the camera pans over to reveal Candice LeRae hanging out with Shotzi Blackheart, Starlight Kid, and AZM. Aliyah reaches into her clutch and removes a medical mask adorned with Arabic print which matches her outfit. She covers her nose and mouth.

[ Aliyah ] Ugh, gross. Why didn't Jeff Jarrett call to warn us that there would be poor people air right outside the arena?

[ Vanessa Borne ] It smells so broke out here.

[ Aliyah ] I think I'm gonna be sick.

Jinny shoulders past them and looks at Aliyah with disgust.

[ Jinny ] It might do you a favor to be sick, darling.

Aliyah looks confused.

[ Jinny ] You've put on an incredible amount of weight. It's unsightly.

Vanessa looks at Aliyah and shakes her head.

[ Vanessa Borne ] You're right, Jinny. She's really let herself go.

Aliyah looks offended.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Get yourself together, for God's sake.

Jinny ignores the remarks from Borne.

[ Jinny ] Look at these bitches.

The camera focuses on Candice, Shotzi, AZM, and Starlight Kid.

[ Jinny ] This retchid pack of ugly, unstylish monsters could possibly play a role in my match tonight. Lumberjacks. How uncivilized. Look at the the one with green hair.

Jinny shakes her head.

[ Jinny ] Just look at her.

Jinny's eyes narrow, disgusted.

[ Jinny ] Take it all in, girls.

[ Aliyah ] So busted.

[ Vanessa Borne ] It breaks my heart that someone let her go out in public looking like that.

Shotzi glares right back at them, a look of annoyance on her face.

[ Shotzi Blackheart ] Hey! I can hear you, ya' know!

Aliyah quickly turns and hides her face.

[ Aliyah ] Oh my god, it's talking to us!

Vanessa Borne turns and gags.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Ugh, who does it think gave it permission to acknowledge us!?

Shotzi approaches the trio with Candice and Lightning Star in tow. The live crowd begins to get excited. Jinny meets Shotzi halfway, standing almost eye to eye with her. The SGW Women's World Championship glimmers on her shoulder.

[ Shotzi Blackheart ] You got somethin' you wanna say?

[ Jinny ] I've many things I would like to say, wildling... but I'm not certain you would understand them all. Uneducated creature that you are.

Shotzi smirks.

[ Shotzi Blackheart ] Ya' know, it ain't even worth it. I would say that, after I beat the snot outta' Rhea Ripley tonight, I'll be seein' you sooner than later with that title on the line... but everybody knows you're not gettin' past Nia Jax tonight!

The live crowd pops huge.

[ Candice LeRae ] That's right. You've had a good run, Jinny, but it's coming to an end tonight.

Starlight Kid ] < If Nia Jax wins tonight, it will be like having Godzilla as champion! It is so exciting to imagine! >

AZM glares at Jinny with narrowed eyes.

AZM ] < Wrinkly faced grandma. >

Jinny looks furious.

[ Jinny ] Disgusting bitches.

Jinny turns to walk away with the Highers in tow but only makes it a few steps before she's approached by Shayna Baszler. Jinny looks repulsed by Baszler's face.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Ya' know, Jinny... if you think you're gonna have any problems out there with the lumberjacks, I might could be able to help you out for a fair price.

Jinny covers her mouth and gags.

[ Jinny ] So... so HIDEOUS!

The Highers quickly usher Jinny away, inside the building. Shayna Baszler is left behind, looking confused. She throws her arms out to the sides, sounding indigant.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Hey! The offer is on the table! That's all I'm sayin'!

We fade out and head to the ring for the first match!

We head to ringside where we focus on the entranceway for only a few seconds before... "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen hits! The fans pop huge as Val Venis walks out onto the stage with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist! He's already in his gear, ready to go!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait a second, what's going on!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Um, I'm actually not sure, Tony... this was originally the slot on the card for our triple threat match featuring AJ Gray, Lance Archer, and Apollo Crews! But it appears that Val Venis is here and ready for action!

Val Venis walks down to the ring with purpose and climbs up the steps. He walks across the apron and wipes his feet before stepping through the ropes and unsnapping the championship from around his waist. The fans are all on their feet, buzzing with anticipation as they wonder what this means. Venis takes the microphone from Justin Roberts and holds the championship out toward the entranceway as he begins to speak.

[ Val Venis ] Jimmy Havoc!

The fans pop huge.


The fans cheer even louder, realizing what's going down!

[ Val Venis ] I'm not waiting 'til later tonight!

A large "HOLY SHIT!" chant starts up.

[ Val Venis ] You and me, we coulda' had ourselves a legitimate wrestling match like real men... but all you are, all you allow yourself to be... uh-uh... that just wasn't good enough for you, was it?! That bullshit two weeks ago in the parking lot... you wanna fight, you son of a bitch?! YOU GOT IT! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND LET'S DO THIS RIGHT NOW!

He holds the championship over his head.

[ Val Venis ] LET'S GO, JIMMY!

There's a long pause the fans continue cheering and chanting... and then the lights dim! "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI hits and the fans go wild! The reality hits them all at once that our SGW World Heavyweight Championship match is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You've gotta be kidding me! Val Venis versus Jimmy Havoc... right here! Right now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Like it or not, learn t' bloody love it! The SGW World Championship is goin' on first, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't agree with everything Val Venis does, but this... this makes fuckin' sense! Bring emo Skeletor out here and get it over with! It's time for the old guard to mop up this young blood and put 'im away once 'n for all!

Jimmy Havoc walks out onto the stage with Noelle Foley next to him. He's dragging his axe behind him and glaring down at the ring with brooding intensity. Jimmy Havoc hands the axe to Noelle and removes his mask and jacket where he stands before--

[ Tony Schiavone ] Val Venis is tired of waiting!

Venis drops the belt on the mat and climbs through the ropes! The fans go wild as Jimmy Havoc charges down the ramp and meets him halfway! Jimmy Havoc and Val Venis begins trading punches like men possessed as the fans lose their minds!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

It's an all-out brawl all the way down the ramp until they reach the ringside area! Havoc and Venis tear at one another like wild animals until Venis takes over with a knee lift and whips Havoc into the guardrail... but Havoc reverses it and sends Venis crashing into the rail instead! Havoc follows him in but Venis is waiting on him and backdrops him over the rail and into the front row! Havoc lands on his feet and Venis turns around into a foream to the jaw! Havoc climbs onto the apron and leaps off... nailing Venis with a flying clothesline!

[ Tony Schiavone ] All bets are off! They're holding nothing back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The most prestigious prize in the business is on the line, Tony! They'd be fools to take it easy on this night!

Havoc tosses the apron up and goes fishing for plunder. Rick Knox yells at Havoc to stop what he's doing as he pulls a steel chair from beneath the ring and throws it under the bottom rope! Havoc finds a kendo stick as well and tosses that into the ring, too! Havoc also finds a STOP sign as well but Venis cuts him off with a forearm to the back before pulling him in... AND NAILING A SNAP SUPLEX ONTO THE RING STEPS! The fans POP HUGE before groaning in disgust as Havoc cries out in pain, favoring his back! Venis descends on Havoc and begins pounding away at his back before using brute strength to shred Havoc's t-shirt... exposing his BLEEDING BACK!

[ Scott Steiner ] Disgusting!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the damage done! That suplex on the stairs is a level of ferocity I don't think we've ever seen from Val Venis!

Venis grabs Havoc by the hair and tosses him under the bottom rope. He follows Havoc in and goes for a cover but Havoc kicks out at ONE! Venis pulls Havoc back up and whips him into the ropes. Venis goes for a clothesline but Havoc ducks it and hits the ropes... and nails Venis with a clothesline of his own! Venis is right back to his feet and Havoc is waiting on him with a boot to the gut. Rick Knox is too busy discarding the steel chair that was in the ring and has his back turned when Havoc waffles Venis across the back with the kendo stick! Havoc tosses it out of the ring and snatches Venis' wrist! He pulls him in and whips him out... ACID RAINMAKER! NO! VENIS DUCKS IT! BLUE THUNDER BOMB!


Venis covers and cradles both legs! ONE! TWO! THR-- HAVOC KICKS OUT! Venis rolls right back to his feet and the camera zooms in on his back, giving us a good look at the bleeding welt that's begun to form across his shoudlers! Havoc slowly returns to his feet and Venis charges... BIG CLOTHESLINE! NO! Havoc catches Venis' wrist... SHORT ARM LARIAT TURNS VENIS INSIDE OUT! Havoc returns to his feet and climbs the turnbuckles! He waits on Venis to stand! Venis slowly gets to his feet and Havoc flies... DOUBLE AXE HANDLE-- NO! Venis catches Havoc on the way down with a BOOT TO THE STOMACH! He pulls Havoc in... SPIKE PILEDRIVER! The fans pop huge and Venis goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- HAVOC KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He won't stay down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's tough as nails, that Jimmy Havoc!

Venis shakes his head and points toward the turnbuckles. Venis goes to the corner and steps out onto the apron. He begins climbing the ropes and prepares for the MONEY SHOT... but Noelle Foley hops onto the apron and grabs his ankle! Venis tries to shake her off but Jimmy Havoc comes alive and leaps onto the ropes, hooking Venis, and BRINGING HIM DOWN WITH A SUPERPLEX! Jimmy Havoc rolls right back to his feet with Venis still in his grasp... FALCON ARROW! Havoc covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- VENIS KICKS OUT! Jimmy Havoc sneers and mounts Venis, raining punches down on him with reckless abandon! Venis covers up and Havoc continues punching away before standing up and SPITTING Venis!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The frustration of Jimmy Havoc has begun to boil over! Ever since vacating the SGW Elevation Championship, Jimmy Havoc has suffered setback after setback! He was unable to defeat Adam Cole for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship! He was unable to win WrestleBrawl 3 thanks to Bryan Danielson... and now, he can't keep Val Venis down!

Havoc wipes the hair out of his eyes and gestures toward Noelle! She slides his axe into the ring and the fans... POP HUGE? Havoc reaches down and picks up the axe. he looks down at it lovingly and waits on Venis to return to his feet! Venis stands and Havoc raises the axe... only for Rick Knox to rip it from his grasp! Rick Knox goes to dispose of the axe at ringside but Havoc reaches into his tights and removes BRASS KNUCKLES! Venis charges at him... LARIAT! NO! Havoc catches him on the turnaround... BRASS KNUCKLES TO THE HEAD! VENIS STAGGERS OUT! Havoc catches him! ACID RAINMAKERRRRRRRRR-- NO! VENIS DUCKS IT... BLUE THUNDER BOMB! BOTH MEN ARE OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Both men are down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These men have been going non-stop! They have both entered this match with everything to lose! Jimmy Havoc can NOT afford another speed bump on his road to the championship! Val Venis can NOT afford to lose the championship at this point in his career! This match is EVERYTHING or NOTHING for both men!

Rick Knox begins the mandatory ten count and gets to seven before both men begin to stir. They both reach their feet at nine and then glare at one another from across the ring. They charge at each other and begins begin trading forearms until Havoc goes to Venis' eyes! Venis takes a step back, growling in pain, and Havoc pulls him in, going for the ACID RAINMAKER but Venis ducks out of it! Havoc tries to catch him on the turnaround with the BRASS KNUCKLES, having never left his fingers, and Venis catches his wrist! Havoc and Venis struggle for position and they stagger backward into Rick Knox, knocking him askew! With Knox distracted, Venis hauls off and BOOTS HAVOC RIGHT IN THE CROTCH! Havoc doubles over and Venis maintains his grip on Havoc's wrist, using his free hand to remove the knucks from Havoc's hand! Venis tosses them and then pulls him in... BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm not saying I agree with how Venis just took over on Jimmy Havoc but turnabout is fair play, guys!


VAL VENIS via PINFALL in 12:48

The fans cheer loudly as Venis rolls off Havoc... however, as Venis is being presented with the championship belt, we see that Jimmy Havoc's foot is clearly on the bottom rope! Rick Knox didn't see that Havoc's foot was on the bottom rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Would ya' look at that!

[ Scott Steiner ] Who cares! The right man won!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Rick Knox didn't see it! He's not registering the foot on the rope! Val Venis has won the match but... Jimmy Havoc didn't lose, from what I can tell, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Val Venis must not have noticed it either! As dirty as that low blow was, I can't imagine Val Venis would accept a victory THAT tainted!

Rick Knox raises Venis' arm in victory with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship held high over head. Noelle Foley rolls into the ring and checks on Havoc as we fade out.

Backstage, the returning Cathy Kelley is standing by with the reigning Twinstar Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Boss ‘n Hug Connection are in their ring gear with Sasha possessing both title belts as usual. Cathy is dressed in a flowing yellow dress and looking better than ever.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hi guys, Cathy Kelley here! I’m back, fully recovered and ready to get back to it here backstage. My firsts guests are the current reigning and defending Twinstar Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley!

Sasha fakes a smile, forcing it more than ever. Bayley takes the lead.

[ Bayley ] Cathy, I’d like to say welcome back.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Oh, well thank y-


Bayley goes up top for a high-five but Sasha doesn’t play along. As to not be left hanging, Bayley slaps her hand with her other.

[ Bayley ] A lot of things have happened since you left, Cathy, but the biggest thing is the rise of Sasha and myself to the top of the Twinstar division! We run this show!

[ Cathy Kelley ] That’s something I wanted to touch on. Tonight, you face the former champions, Team Kick, and -

[ Bayley ] Team Kick? More like TEAM SUCKS!

Sasha puts her hand over Bayley’s mouth.

[ Sasha Banks ] We do not speak their names, Cathy.

Sasha’s body language shows distance but her voice is filled with confidence as usual.

[ Sasha Banks ] Ever since Trish Stratus dropped that atomic bomb on us that we would be defending my championship, my world has been a literal hell. How dare she ambush us like this? Huh? How dare Trish Stratus, who never won anything in SGW, bring tears to my eyes for the first time ever on camera?!

[ Cathy Kelley ] We’ve seen you cry before.

Sasha stares a hole through her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Like, a lot.

[ Bayley ] I’ll make you cry, Cathy! Shut your mouth!

[ Sasha Banks ] No. Let her be a fool, Bayley. It’s fine.

Sasha’s smug demeanor confuses Cathy.

[ Sasha Banks ] Sometimes, I cry because it overwhelms me what we do inside that ring. It’s just, wow, it’s so amazing the magic we create as our reign grows and grows to such unstoppable heights. So tonight, the name who shall not be named makes their miraculous return to the ring, and Cathy, let me be the first to break the news to you.

Sasha’s tone is filled with venom.

[ Sasha Banks ] I’m going to shed tears again tonight.

[ Bayley ] Happy freaking tears!

[ Sasha Banks ] More like tears of anguish. What we’re going to do them is going to be vile because we have laid waste to this division. We are the champions, Cathy, and that’s something that will not change!

Starlight Kid and AZM run into the scene with bright smiles on their faces, and both rush to Cathy and simultaneously bear hug her. For a moment, Cathy actually enjoys being back to work.

Starlight Kid ] <Cathy-san! We missed you!>

AZM ] <We pushed the fat man down stairs to avenge you!>

Starlight Kid ] <Then he pooped his pants in his cast!>

AZM ] <I tried to kill him but alas, another day.>

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hold on. You did what?

Sasha and Bayley look at one another in confusion and then back to the sight in front of them.

[ Bayley ] Wait, wait, wait… You can understand them?

Starlight Kid ] <Can we get chicken nuggies?!>

[ Cathy Kelley ] After the show!

Starlight Kid fists pumps as Sasha scoffs and rolls her eyes.

[ Sasha Banks ] Excuse me? But uh, this is OUR interview segment. We’ve already beaten your little children. Get them out of the way and let the real adults shine.

Starlight Kid looks back to Sasha and giggles while mimicking crying with her fists up to her eyes.

Starlight Kid ] <Blue hair cries a lot.>

[ Bayley ] I’LL KILL YOU!

Sasha holds Bayley back and shakes her head. Somehow, in all of this, Sasha is the least-dramatic person in the room.

[ Sasha Banks ] How did YOU understand that?!

This scene defies all logic.

[ Sasha Banks ] We’ve already beaten them, Bayley. We’re not going to waste our time. Besides, unlike them… and Cathy… We have purpose here tonight. Let’s go.

Bayley and Sasha walk off as Lighting Star continues their bear hug of Queen Cathy. The scene fades.

Moving from ringside to the back, Jay Briscoe finds himself in front of a camera wearing a Confederate flag bandana around his head, a Supremacy t-shirt, and camouflage cargo shorts. Mark energetically paces behind him.



[ Jay Briscoe ] Hell yeah they did! How I debuted and was so close to becomin’ Real World Champ! How Jay Briscoe is a bright ‘n shinin’ start in SGDubya.. You know what? All that’s great ‘n all, but I could give a DAMN about any of that!

[ Mark Briscoe ] NOT JUS’ A DAMN, BUT A GOT DAMN!

[ Jay Briscoe ] Ya’ see, last I checked, bein’ a future star in a company, ALMOST beatin’ the top dog, that don’t mean SHIT! “Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and I ain’t playin’ no games!

Mark shakes his head as Jay continues with fire in his voice.

[ Jay Briscoe ] So tonight, I got myself another chance to ‘prove myself.’ Old ass Bret Hart done put me in this Gold Rush match. I ain’t no genius, so I ain’t gonna’ pretend to know what the match is all ‘bout, so I’ll figure it out when I get out there. I promise you all this, though. I ain’t here for no consolation prizes. My ass is here to win that Intercontinental title!


Applause is heard off camera.

Sarcastic, slow-moving, applause.

[ Jon Moxley ] The Briscoe Brothers, what poets.

Jon Moxley continues his slow clapping, interrupting Jay’s promo. Jay clinches his jaws, holding his anger back as Moxley continues.

[ Jon Moxley ] Inspirational guy. Helluva debut you had. The people love you. That’s great and all, but like you said, close won’t cut it here. Hell, I’ve been ‘close’ in a lot of situations and I haven’t got shit to show for it.

It’s a stare down between the two with neither man flinching.

[ Jon Moxley ] So this Gold Rush match, that makes two of us sick and tired of simply participating. It’s time for me to get over the hump. It’s time to prove the worth and stop settling for just existing!

[ Jay Briscoe ] Then you’d better kill my ass if you want that belt.

[ Jon Moxley ] Be careful what you ask for.

Then, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer pass by en route to the ring. Lance Archer towers over the two, amused by the sight of the bickering.

[ Jon Moxley ] Can I help you with something?

Clad in a leather jacket and a soured expression, Roberts stops to give them words to remember.

[ Jake Roberts ] You know, my daddy always told me something.

He smiles as he recalls the words from his past.

[ Jake Roberts ] Arguing with a fool only proves that there are two.

Roberts then bows his head and takes a step back.

[ Jake Roberts ] Our apologies for intruding on your moment, gentlemen. Good luck tonight.

As Roberts and Archer exit the scene, the Briscoes and Moxley continue their stare down. We go to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Apollo Crews and AJ Gray start the match off by double teaming the larger Lance Archer. Archer does his best to fight both of them off and create some space, but they just keep flocking back to him, even trying to toss him over the top rope like a battle royal.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, this is a triple threat but their strategy is an attempt to eliminate the larga’ competitor to be able to take on one anotha’!

They succeed and dump Archer to the outside. Jake Roberts rounds the corner of the ring and checks on his client. Back inside the ring, Crews and Gray begin trading back and forth forearms until Apollo Crews stuns with an enziguri! He hoists Gray over his head and drops him with a Gorilla Press Slam and immediately hits a backflip into a pinning combination! One, two, no!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guys, I’ll tell ya’, Apollo Crews is impressive for his size.

Crews dives over the top and crashes into Archer! He then springs back into the ring and continues trying to work on Gray. The strategy of keeping the big man out of the match works well early on. That is.. Until Lance Archer slides back into the ring and levels Apollo Crews with a big boot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And add that to Lance Archer, too! Wow, what a boot!

Archer drags Gray up by the hair and goes for a chokeslam, but Gray blocks it, kicks Archer in the gut, DDT! He goes up top and immediately dives off, hitting a monster LEG DROP! The fans "ooh" and "ahh" at the perfect execution.
Apollo Crews hits a basement dropkick on Gray and sprints against the ropes. Gray ducks a clothesline and hits an uppercut on Apollo. NASHVILLE NUKE! Here comes Archer, GRAY PULLS DOWN THE TOP ROPE AND ARCHER TOPPLES OVER TO THE OUTSIDE! Gray covers Apollo - one, two, three! AJ Gray wins!

AJ GRAY via PINFALL in 4:11

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an impressive debut for AJ Gray! With the Supremacy card mostly filled up, the Championship Committee gave these three men an opportunity to impress and they did just that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These three showed a lot of promise and heart in this one and it’s goin’ to be excitin’ to see them blossom into bonafide SGW stars!

We quickly go backstage where we see Charly Caruso standing by outside a dressing room with the name "JEFF JARRETT" written across it. The fans cheer loudly. Caruso has a big smile on her face as she begins to speak.

[ Charly Caruso ] Ladies and gentlemen, I'm anxiously awaiting the opportunity to speak to the head of the Championship Commitee... and one half of tonight's main event, Mr. Jeff Jarrett!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Charly Caruso ] Let's see if we can get a word.

She prepares to knock on the door but a hand comes in from off-camera, stopping her. The camera slowly pans over to reveal Randy Orton, already in full gear. The fans boo loudly as Orton glares at her. He lets go of her wrist.

[ Randy Orton ] Don't do that.

She looks confused.

[ Randy Orton ] Have you no respect, Charly?

[ Charly Caruso ] I... I don't understand--

[ Randy Orton ] Exactly. You... don't... understand.

He glares at her, trembling with intensity.

[ Randy Orton ] You wouldn't.

He points off camera, staring a hole through her.

[ Randy Orton ] Leave... and don't you dare come back.

She swallows hard and quickly leaves. Orton watches her go and then slowly turns to look at the door she was prepared to knock on. Orton reaches out and allows the tips of his fingers to brush along the letters on the door. Orton takes a deep breath.

[ Randy Orton ] Tonight.

And then he exhales.

[ Randy Orton ] It ends.

Without another word, he walks off-camera. The camera slowly zooms in, focusing on the words "JEFF JARRETT" emblazoned across the door... until we fade out.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Danhausen enters at number one since he was the competitor pinned by Chris Jericho in the six pack challenge two weeks ago. Steve Corino, unfortunately, drew unlucky number two. With Corino and Danhausen meeting in the center of the ring, Mike Chioda holds up the vacant SGW Intercontinental Championship and then hands it off to Justin Roberts before calling for the bell! As soon as the bell rings, Steve Corino boots Danhausen right in the face, knocking him on his ass!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And just like that, we're off to the races in only the third-ever Gold Rush match! Danhausen and Steve Corino are your unlucky numbers one and two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It might be the third-ever but its set to be the biggest and most historic Gold Rush match ever! Not only is it the biggest Gold Rush match so far with twelve hungry competitors, but it has the highest stakes with the oldest championship in SGW history on the line!

Steve Corino stays on Danhausen, pummeling away at him with rights and lefts before going for a quick pin... only to get two! Danhausen fights back from the ground, throwing punches and forearms into the rotund mid-section of Steve Corino before Corino knocks him right back down with a huge forearm of his own, right to the jaw! Steve Corino maintains control, gripping Danhausen on either side of his head as he pulls him to his feet. Corino pulls Danhausen in and drills him in with a stalling brainbuster! Corino remains in a seated position and dusts his hands off before going for the cover once again! One! Two! Danhausen kicks out! Corino looks pissed but doesn't have time to react any further before the timer begins counting down from ten!

[ #3 - Jay Briscoe ]

The fans pop huge as Jay Briscoe explodes from the back, climbs onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckles from the outside! He perches on the top rope and leaps off, hitting Steve Corino with a double axe handle right to the top of the head! The fans go nuts as Briscoe flies right back to his feet and catches Danhausen as he stands up, booting him in the stomach and planting him with a JAY DRILLER!

[ Scott Steiner ] This redneck piece o' shit is dealin' out some serious punishment!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One has to question his confederate flag attire in this political climate, however, wouldn't you say?

Before Jay can go for a cover, Steve Corino dumps him to the floor and covers Danhausen himself! The fans boo as Mike Chioda counts! One! Two! Thre-- Danhausen gets his foot on the bottom rope! Corino gets up and pulls Danhausen up off the mat. He ragdolls him backward into the turnbuckles and then charges in, kicking Danhausen right in the face one of those boots, custom made from Arn Anderson! Corino turns to charge out of the corner but walks right into a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK from Jay Briscoe! Briscoes flies back to his feet, runs up on Danhausen, and slings him up into a seated position on the top rope. Jay follows him up and sets him up for a superplex... but Corino slips in underneath him... and POWERBOMBS BRISCOE TO THE MAT, SUPERPLEXING DANHAUSEN IN THE PROCESS! All three men are down as the timer counts down once again!

[ #4 - Christopher Daniels ]

Christopher Daniels emerges from the back with Frankie Kazarian in tow! The fans boo loudly as Daniels stands on the apron for a second with Kazarian applauding him... until Daniels gestures for Kazarian to go to the back, shouting "I GOT THIS! I'M THE GOLD RUSH GENERAL!" He charges down to the ring with a huge smile on his face as Kazarian turns and goes to the back!

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at this fuckin' goober!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christopher Daniels entered Gold Rush 2 at number one, defending the SGW Limitless Championship! He does have Gold Rush experience, coming in!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He pinned Starlight Kid in that match with help from Chris Dickinson! Never forget! Yes, never forget the time that Christopher Daniels needed help to eliminate a female child from a championship match!

Daniels slides under the bottom rope and surveys the damage. All three men are down in the ring! Daniels smiles and drags his thumb across his throat before picking Jay Briscoe up off the mat. He hoists him up... ANGEL'S WINGS! The fans boo loudly! Daniels covers him and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Jay Briscoe via Pinfall ]

Daniels is laughing maniacally and points toward the ramp, "GET OUTTA MY RING, PAL! YOU'RE ELIMINATED!" But before Daniels can capitalize on Danhausen or Corino, Zack Sabre, Jr. emerges from the back and charges down the ramp. Daniels looks shocked! Sabre climbs onto the apron and taunts Daniels, drawing his attention long enough for... Danhausen to schoolboy him! One! Two! Three!

[ Eliminated - Christopher Daniels via Pinfall ]

The fans pop huge! Daniels can't believe it! Zack Sabre, Jr. hops off the apron but Daniels follows him out! They clash on the ramp and begin slugging it out until they disappear behind the curtain! Danhausen is ecstatic, unable to believe he just pinned the former SGW Limitless Champion... but he turns right around into a SUPERKICK from Steve Corino! Corino falls on top of him! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Danhausen via Pinfall ]

[ Nigel McGuinness ] AND THEN THERE WAS ONE!

Steve Corino is the last man in the ring! He remains on his knees, laughing out loud as Danhausen is helped out of the ring! Corino looks all too pleased with himself until the timer begins to count down once again!

[ #5 - Jon Moxley ]

The fans erupt as Jon Moxley charges out from the back, looking like someone pissed in his Cheerios! Moxley walks with purpose down to the ring and rolls inside before turning Corino inside out with a clothesline! Corino lands in a seated position and Moxley pulls him back up to his feet. Moxley lays into Corino with lefts and rights! Corino covers up and tries to deflect but Moxley is relentless!

[ Scott Steiner ] This guy, Mox! I used t' think he looks like shit 'til I saw him next to Steve Corino! God damn! That fat ass Corino makes Mox look like Lex Luger in his prime!

Moxley backs Corino into the corner and lays into him until Corino falls down into a seated position. Moxley stomps away at Corino until Corino finally rolls under the bottom rope to escape. Moxley follows him out and Corino is waiting on him with a rake to the eyes! Moxley backs up, cursing Corino loudly... until Corino delivers a sickening back rake! Moxley staggers away from Corino, in visible discomfort! Corino takes Moxley by his shoulders and whips him around. He whips Moxley into the guardrail and then follows him in... only for Moxley to throw his boot up and catch Corino in the chin! Corino staggers back and Moxley follows him out, booting him in the stomach and delivering THE PARADIGM SHIFT ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT'S HIS MOVE!

[ Scott Steiner ] You can hit whatever you want on that guy on the outside! Good luck gettin' that fat bastard back in the ring! Jon Moxley and his shrimpy little arms ain't gonna get it done! He'd have better luck takin' a trip up t' Heaven and punchin' out God!

Sure enough, Moxley can't get Corino up off the floor to force him under the bottom rope! As Moxley struggles to get Corino in the ring, the timer counts down once again!

[ #6 - Maxwell Jacob Friedman ]

The fans boo loudly as Maxwell Jacob Friedman emerges from the back with Wardlow behind him. Unlike Daniels, MJF does not tell Wardlow to head to the back... instead, he gestures for him to follow! MJF charges down and immediately nails Moxley from behind with a forearm before whipping him around and throwing him back first into the ring steps!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MJF is not above taking a shortcut to get ahead! Not only does he attack Jon Moxley from behind, but he's encouraging involvement from the dastardly Wardlow!

MJF snatches Moxley up by the sides of his head and throws him underneath the bottom rope! MJF follows him in but Moxley is already staggering back to his feet. MJF approaches from behind but Moxley catches him off guard with a back elbow before whipping around and booting MJF in the stomach. He pulls him in... PARADIGM SHIFT-- NO! WHACK! WARDLOW STRUCK MOXLEY IN THE BACK WITH A CHAIR! Mike Chioda calls for the bell!

[ Eliminated - Maxwell Jacob Friedman via Disqualification ]

The fans boo loudly as MJF falls away from Moxley and looks up in horror as he realizes he's been disqualified! Moxley falls to all fours and Wardlow smashes him in the back with the chair again! The fans continue booing, even as the timer counts down once again!

[ #7 - CM Punk ]

CM Punk walks out onto the stage with Paul Heyman and AJ Lee behind him. They both turn and walk to the back after Punk rises from one knee, shouting "IT'S FUCKIN'... CLOBBERIN' TIIIIIIIIME!" and charges down to the ring! He slides under the bottom rope and eyeballs MJF and Wardlow before MJF shrugs and gestures toward Moxley and leaves the ring! Moxley writhes around on the mat until CM Punk snatches him up, throws him onto his shoulders... and delivers GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEP! Punk covers! One! Two! Three!

[ Eliminated - Jon Moxley via Pinfall ]

The fans boo loudly as Punk remains next to Moxley with a big smile on his face before pressing his hands together and holding them against his cheek.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an impact by CM Punk! Taking out a competitor the caliber of Jon Moxley, just like that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He owes a debt of gratitude to MJF, I think, Tony!

Steve Corino rolls under the bottom rope, looking out of sorts. CM Punk meets him coming in with a BICYCLE KNEE and then hoists him onto his shoulders!

[ Scott Steiner ] This little Punk guy is a lot stronger than he looks!

Corino spins around, airplane spin style, and Corino slips out behind him! He pushes Punk foward and then catches him on the turnaround with a SUPERKICK-- NO! Punk deflects it and nails Corino with a SPINNING BACKFIST! Corino looks out on his feet... and Punk nails him with a big ROUNDHOUSE KICK before hoisting him onto his shoulders again... only for Corino to elbow his way out! They both clash in the center of the ring and begins trading forearms as the counter ticks down once again!

[ #8 - Nunzio ]

Nunzio charges out from the back and slides under the bottom rope, immediately nailing Steve Corino with a basement dropkick, right to the knees! Corino drops to both knees and CM Punk immediately grabs both wrists and KNEES CORINO RIGHT IN THE FACE! As soon as Corino goes down, Nunzio comes off the top rope... WITH THE SICILIAN SLICE!


[ Scott Steiner ] SHOOTER?! That's hell of an allegation, Tony! Nunzio ain't never been tied to no shootin's!

Before Nunzio can go for a cover, CM Punk snatches Nunzio off the mat and hoists him onto his shoulders! He spins around a few times and then NAILS HIM WITH THE GO TO SLEEP! CM Punk covers Nunzio! ONE! TWO! THR-- BIG VITO PULLS CM PUNK OUT OF THE RING! The fans erupt in boos! CM Punk wastes no time in nailing Big Vito with a SPINNING BACKFIST and then dumping him over the rail and into the front row! Punk is all fired up! He turns to re-enter the ring... and gets nailed with a baseball slide from Steve Corino! The timer begins counting down!

[ #9 - "Diamond" Dallas Page ]

DDP charges out from the back, ALL JACKED UP, and slides under the bottom rope! Steve Corino begs him off but DDP isn't gonna be denied! Corino goes for a clothesline but DDP ducks it and catches Corino on the turnaround with... THE DIAMOND CUTTER! The fans pop huge! Corino rolls under the bottom rope, avoiding being pinned!

[ Tony Schiavone ] DDP HAS STILL GOT IT!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn right, he does! Get 'em, Page!

DDP points down at Nunzio on the mat and pulls him back up to his feet with hands on either side of his head. Page tosses Nunzio into the corner and begins peppering him with rights and lefts before letting Nunzio stagger out of the corner... before delivering a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! DDP throws up the DIAMOND CUTTER hand sign but then turns right around into a backfist from CM Punk! Punk hoists him up onto his shoulders but DDP slips out behind him and whips him around... DIAMOND CUTTER ON CM PUNK! DDP goes for the cover! One! Two! Thr-- Punk got a hand on the bottom rope! DDP shakes his head, disappointed, as the timer counts down again.

[ #10 - Triple H ]

The fans boo loudly as Triple H walks out from the back with Stephanie McMahon next to him. He stands on the stage for a moment, looking out at the fans with disdain before holding up his hand and wagging it back and forth. The camera draws closer to Triple H and looks right into the lens.

[ Triple H ] You all saw what happened two weeks ago... I defeated the SGW World Heavyweight Champion! I'm in line for a shot... at something much bigger than this.

He points at the ring and then at himself with both thumbs.

[ Triple H ] I DON'T NEED THIS!

Triple H turns and walks through the curtain, abandoning the match! Mike Chioda looks confused... but then calls for the bell!

[ Eliminated - Triple H via Forfeit ]

Inside the ring, Steve Corino has returned and is pummeling DDP with forearms to the back. Nunzio has returned to his feet and he double teams DDP with Corino, assisting with a DOUBLE SUPLEX! Corino and Nunzio begin putting the boots to DDP before CM Punk returns to the fight, nailing Nunzio with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK that sends him ragdolling into the corner! Steve Corino visibly mouths "HOLY SHIT" before Punk fires up off the mat and nails him with a huge roundhouse kick! Corino goes down and CM Punk goes to the top rope... MACHO MAN ELBOW ON DDP! CM Punk covers him! ONE! TWO! THR-- DDP KICKS OUT! The timer begins counting down!

[ #11 - Keith Lee ]

The fans pop huge as Keith Lee emerges from the back, all fired up and ready to go! Keith Lee casually walks down to ringside and steps inside. He looks around the ring at the remaining competitors. Corino, DDP, and Nunzio are all down. CM Punk is the last man standing. CM Punk looks around and then charges at Keith Lee... only to walk right into the BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Keith Lee covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - CM Punk via Pinfall ]

Keith Lee springs right back and points at Nunzio, still seated in the corner! Keith Lee charges in... CORNER CANNONBALL! The fans groan with sympathy pain and Keith Lee pulls Nunzio out before scooping him up... BIG BANG CATASTROPHE ON NUNZIO! Keith Lee covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Nunzio via Pinfall ]

Keith Lee returns to his feet with a cocky smile on his face. He points down at Corino and pulls him up off the mat... only for Corino to nail him with a forearm! Corino and Keith Lee trade forearms until DDP returns to the fight, nailing Corino with a forearm of his own, to the back! DDP and Keith Lee whip Corino into the ropes... Keith Lee BODY PRESSES CORINO IN THE AIR... AND HE FALLS DOWN INTO A DIAMOND CUTTER! DDP starts to go for the cover... but Keith Lee stops him! Keith Lee wants the pin! Keith Lee and DDP both argue over who gets to pin Corino until finally DDP insists that Keith Lee take it... but as Keith Lee starts to go for the cover, DDP boots him in the stomach and pulls him... SNAP SUPLEX ON KEITH LEE... ONTO STEVE CORINO!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! Keith Lee and Steve Corino! That's gotta be a thousand pounds combined! Couple o' god damn walkin' heart attacks waitin' to happen!

DDP covers both men! ONE! TWO! TH-- KEITH AND CORINO BOTH KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! DDP looks shocked as the timer counts down!

[ #12 - Chris Jericho ]

The fans boo loudly as Jericho takes his time making his full entrance, including pyrotechnics! Despite the boos, the fans sing along with "Judas" as Jericho makes his way down, looking at them with disgust.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There he is, lucky number twelve!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's been quite the bit of discussion about whether or not Steve Corino and Chris Jericho could coexist in the match. By hook or crook, Steve Corino is still in this match so I guess we'll find out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We're down to Corino, Jericho, Keith Lee, and "Diamond" Dallas Page! What a final foursome this is!

Jericho takes his time walking up the steps and climbs into the ring. Corino and Keith Lee are still down. Jericho eyeballs DDP before pointing at him with a shaky finger and shouting "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING IN HERE, OLD MAN!?" DDP and Jericho circle each other before tying up in the center of the ring! They fight for position until Jericho takes over with a knee lift and dumps Page through the ropes, to the floor below! Jericho whips around and yells "YEAH, COME ON, BABY!" but walks right into a BIG BANG CATASTROPHE FROM KEITH LEE! The fans come UNGLUED... but Keith Lee turns right around into... A SUPERKICK FROM STEVE CORINO! Corino covers Keith Lee! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Keith Lee via Pinfall ]

The fans boo loudly as Corino rolls off of Keith Lee while laughing his ass off. And then Corino notices Jericho out, flat on his back. He eyeballs the fallen Jericho and clearly thinks it over...

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! What's he gonna do!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's thinking about it, Tony!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's every man for himself! Do what you gotta do, fat ass!

Corino shakes his head and rolls out of the ring, grabbing DDP by his pants and pulling him back up to his feet. He tosses Page into the ring and follows him inside before going for the cover! One! Two! Th-- DDP kicks out! The fans cheer loudly! Suddenly, those cheers turn to boos as Britt Baker emerges from the back and runs down to ringside, pounding on the mat! She points at Jericho, shouting "PIN HIM! GET HIM OUT OF THE MATCH, STEVE!" Corino looks at her like she's crazy and returns to his feet.

[ Tony Schiavone ] A line has been drawn in the sand, it seems! Britt Baker overheard the things that Chris Jericho said about Adam Cole two weeks ago... she knows what he's up to!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She doesn't want her man to fall out of favor with the bloody Origin! She's tryin' to work Steve Corino to Adam Cole's favor, it seems!

Corino looks at her, confused, and she climbs onto the apron, still pointing at Jericho! "You've got to pin him! Take the belt for yourself-- LOOK OUT!" Jericho charges from behind and Corino moves! Jericho collides with Britt Baker, knocking her off the apron! Jericho snarls, looking enraged! Corino shoves Jericho! "What the hell are you doing, man!?" Jericho shoves Corino back and throws his hands out to the side, "What are you talkin' about, dummy!? I DIDN'T DO THAT!" Corino shove Jericho AGAIN! "You tried to attack me from behind!" Jericho looks indigant, "NO I DIDN'T! DON'T BE A STUPID IDIO--" DDP nails Corino from behind, causing him to knock heads with Jericho! Jericho goes down and DDP whips Corino around... DIAMOND CUTTER! He covers Corino! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Steve Corino via Pinfall ]

The fans pop huge as DDP shoots straight back up to his feet... only to immediately get nailed with the JUDAS EFFECT! Chris Jericho covers DDP and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans boo loudly as Terry Taylor climbs into the ring with the SGW Intercontinental Championship. He presents it to Chris Jericho, who demands that Terry Taylor strap it around his waist!

[ Scott Steiner ] You're gonna need a longer strap for that to work, big boy! I'll give ya' this, SGW, this definitely was the biggest Gold Rush ever! And by biggest, I mean filled with FAAAAAT ASSES!

Terry Taylor snaps the title around Jericho's waist as Steve Corino rolls out of the ring, greeted by Britt Baker. Britt Baker helps Corino to the back, keeping her eyes on the ring and shaking her head in disgust as Jericho continues celebrating.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The oldest championship in SGW history has finally found a new home around the waist of Chris Jericho! Outlasting eleven other men on this night!

As soon as Taylor gets the title secured around Jericho's waist, Jericho unsnaps the belt and holds it up in front of the camera, pointing at it and shouting, "THIS IS WHAT THAT ORIGIN LIFE IS ALL ABOUT, BABY! YEAH! CHRIS JERICHO IS ORIGIN FOR LIFE! THIS IS FOR YOU, ARN! IT'S ALSO... ABOUT ME! IT'S FOR YOU! BUT IT'S MOSTLY FOR ME! HEY!" He points at a fan who threw half a watermelon into the ring at him, "CUT THAT OUT, JERKY!" The fans continue booing as Jericho celebrates with his newly won championship and we fade out.

The brawl between Zack Sabre, Jr. and Christopher Daniels has escalated to the backstage area. Daniels gets thrown over a table, taking a computer and some monitors with him!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] C’mon dickhead, fight me!

ZSJ hops over the table and kicks Daniels in the head, then pulls him up. ZSJ presses Daniels’ face against the wall.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] We’re not a bloody fuckin’ stable, mate. Never was. I want nothin’ to do wit’ you and your buddy, Kazarian. All I wanted out of this was a shot in Gold Rush.

Daniels pushes ZSJ back and gives him a STO through the table! Daniels stands over Sabre.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Good, because you aren’t good enough to EVER be in Disrespect U 2: The New Class!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] You recruited me, dickhead!

[ Christopher Daniels ] And yet, you still hung around me… IDIOT!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] You kissed a corpse, got puke all ova’ your mouth and shit.

[ Christopher Daniels ] HOW DARE YOU SPEAK HER NAME?!

Still laying in the middle of table debris, ZSJ has a puzzled look on her face.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] But, I didn’t. Strictly against the rules an’ all.

[ Christopher Daniels ] HOW DARE YOU SPEAK HER NAME?!

Daniels dives on top of Sabre and the two begin scuffling around. Daniels covers Sabre’s nose and mouth with his hands.

[ Christopher Daniels ] GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT, ZACKARY!

ZSJ kicks his legs up and puts Daniels in a headscissors! He then quickly rolls out of it and on top of Daniels. The brawling continues as Daniels pushes him off enough to create some separation.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You cost me the Intercontinental title!

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] As if you were winnin’ it anyway!

[ Christopher Daniels ] I might have!

And the least-inspiring brawl in SGW continues as Daniels swings but Sabre blocks it and wraps Daniels up in a headlock. The two trade fists, trying to gain an advantage until finally, road agents hit the scene and break things up. Things between Christopher Daniels and Zack Sabre, Jr. has only just started to escalate!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] What in the blue hell?

Coming around the corner, Frankie Kazarian sees a brawl unfolding in front of him as he takes a big bite of a sandwich. With the two now separated, Daniels stands beside Frankie as ZSJ is being held back.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Where the hell were you?!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Sorry. I wasn’t expecting you to be in a backstage brawl in the MIDDLE OF YOUR MATCH, Chris!

ZSJ breaks free from the road agents and dives on the two, taking both members of Bad Influence down! The road agents swarm once again, doing their best to break things up as the scene fades.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Ever affable, El Generico elects to start this tag team match with an offered handshake to Ice Cream Jr. – who accepts, much to the chagrin of Kevin Steen!


Generico’s head sinks in depression as he slinks towards his corner, hand slightly aloft for a tag, but Steen shoves him backwards!

[ Aubrey Edwards ] Tag! Steen, you’re in!

Steen’s eyes cut like a knife through the tension-filled air towards Edwards as he steps through the ropes, watching with hate-filled eyes as Generico steps to the apron sadly. Once the masked man is there, Steen leathers him with a huge slap across the face! Orlando begins booing voraciously as Mr. Wrestling steps back to the apron and begins shoving Generico into the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a despicable human is this Kevin Steen! He’s got a real problem!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, he does – and it’s his pantry! SWEETS! CHIPS! CANDIES! SUGAR NIPS! AND THAT’S NOT A SNACK, THAT’S THAT FAAAT ASSS STEEN!

Once in the ring, El Generico engages into a showing of technical prowess with Ice Cream Jr., showing the skill that has preceded Generico alongside his pleasant personality and cheerful demeanor in the ring. Junior hooks a front face lock, but Generico lifts and tosses the Dairy Deviant forwards, leaping into a beautiful headscissors in a simultaneous fashion, dragging the Ice Cream to the ground. Junior leaps up and runs under a Generico clothesline and hooks the Generic Luchador for a bulldog – but Generico maintains control and shifts his opponent’s weight, spinning him through and around with a scintillating Blue Thunder Bomb! COVER! ONE! TWO! Hijo breaks up the cover!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] El Generico has all the skill in the world, gentlemen – he’s a kind soul and has an incredible amount of talent in those four ropes!

Hijo and Junior lift Generico and sling him into the ropes as Kevin Steen shouts disparaging remarks for all of them from the comfort of the ring apron. As Generico returns to center ring, Los Ice Creams deliver a double back body drop! Steen screams for his partner to “get off his lazy ass” and tag him in immediately, but Hijo is the only legal tag to be made, stepping quickly in and out of the ring to become legal before he and his brother stop the crawling luchador.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don’t take the Ice Creams lightly, gentlemen – they may be a comical duo, but they’re former SGW World Tag Team Champions!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Too true! And now – they’ve got El Generico on the ropes!

Steen doesn’t wait for any tag from Generico, nor approval from Edwards, stepping illegally into the ring and double clotheslining the Ice Creams to the mat! Steen grabs Generico by the wrist and drags him to their corner, stepping back out to the apron, reaching and tagging Generico with a slap to the back of the neck! Mr. Wrestling hops back through the ropes and gets to work, slinging Hijo back-first into the far turnbuckles! Junior is next and takes an Irish Whip into his partner, falling to his rear end on impact – and he’s right in Steen’s path!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] FIRE ON THE OPEN SEAS!

CANNONBALL! Junior is smashed and Hijo takes a bit of the impact from Steen’s blow, pausing as Mr. Wrestling staggers up and throws Junior into the other corner, stalking in – but Hijo reaches to stop Steen, stretching his arm as far as it will go until –

HELLUVA KICK! Generico cleans Hijo’s clock! Steen shoves Junior into the corner and the duo focus their efforts, each chopping Hijo once before Generico begins tussling with the taller Ice Cream. Steen turns to handle the other member of LIC, noticing Junior is on the top rope and rushes in – but the Ice Cream greets him with a boot to the face! DiBiase begins yelling for his charge to make his move as the Ice Cream stands tall on the top rope.

Junior leaps, soaring through the air with a crossbody – but Steen catches him! Without dropping or hesitating, Mr. Wrestling slings Junior around his back and drives him down into the mat with a modified Air Raid Siren!

[ Tony Schiavone ] God almighty, what a move!

Steen is up quickly, grabs the approaching El Hijo del Ice Cream and cracks him with a Manhattan Drop! Steen pops up off the mat, booting Hijo in the gut and hooking all his limbs just so, lifting and – dropping!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!

The impact is staggering, but Steen rolls Hijo over and into the waiting arms of his partner as Atlanta gasps! Generico takes Hijo and hooks him in a front facelock, slinging his arm over his head – but hesitating!


The veins in Steen’s neck bulge and his face grows beet red.


Generico closes his eyes, grits his teeth and lifts Hijo into the air, then spikes him down at a gross angle with a sickening BRAINBUSTER! Generico sulks a moment but repositions for the cover – one! T—WAIT! Steen shoves Generico from the cover and across the ring, hooking Hijo’s leg and yanking it tight, nodding his head with each smack of the mat – one! Two! Three!

via PINFALL in 5:24

Steen presses off the mat and screams out energy, punching the top rope as the bell finishes ringing and “Olé” begins playing again. Generico, excited too, throws a single finger into the air and claps Steen on the back, but Mr. Wrestling turns and shoves his masked partner to the mat again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now just what in the world is going on here?!


Generico holds his hand up, trying to calm his partner’s fury, but it’s no dice.


[ Scott Steiner ] This guy is fat!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Finally, Scott, you verbally abuse one of the many horri—

[ Scott Steiner ] SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET ME FINISH! This guy is fat!...

Steen kicks Generico’s hand away and storms through the ropes to the floor, shaking his head, annoyed.


Generico rolls under the ropes and leaps into the air, pumping his fist and running to catch up with his partner. Meanwhile, Steen turns, having thought he heard fun being had, only to find an again-moping Generico. The Orlando fans are excited and cheer Generico, who looks barely able to contain his excitement over the win, but Steen sees through their cheers and curses several fans as they reach the stage.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Steen’s…quite the character…but he and Generico make a wonderful tandem – one that could possibly take the Tag Team Division by storm! That’s former Tag Team Champions they just defeated!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t understand the sour attitude on Kevin Steen, guys! He won and his partner’s just trying to celebrate with him!

Steen looks over his shoulder and notices Generico giving a thumbs up to a small girl sitting in the stands. He grabs his partner by the mask and begins swearing inaudibly as we cut back to the ring, where Ice Cream Jr. and Ted DiBiase are checking on Hijo after the barrage of attacks to the head he endured.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Poor El Hijo del Ice Cream – he took a terrible beating, anyone would have succumbed to a three count!

DiBiase looks down at Hijo, head spinning on his neck, and rather than scream, helps Jr. lift his brother to his feet and through the ropes to the floor.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite a show of compassion from Ted DiBiase, here, gents – could it be he’s seeing his investment as a bit more than dessert warriors now?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Maybe so, Nigel! Maybe so!

The Ice Creams and their Multi-Millionaire Manager reach the stage and continue through the curtain as we fade elsewhere.

Cathy Kelley is backstage standing in front of the locker room door of The Origin. She nervously grips her microphone and forces a smile. The thought of what could be behind that door brings up a lot of bad memories for the Queen.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hi guys! Cathy Kelley here and I’m hoping to get a word with the new Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho!

She hesitantly knocks on the door softly, so soft that there’s no way anyone heard it. Cathy wants to do her job, but also wouldn’t mind if nobody answered and the whole interview was a wash. The door swings open and Chris Jericho comes out with his ring gear still on, the Intercontinental title around his waist, and a bottle of champagne in his hand.

[ Chris Jericho ] What do you want?

[ Cathy Kelley ] I was hoping I could get some words from the new Intercontinental Champion!

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh. I know what’s going on here. You think you’re slick don’t you, Cathy?

Cathy is confused.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I, uh..

[ Chris Jericho ] You know how Chris Jericho likes to celebrate! You know after a victory like this that, inside that locker room, are the finest spreads! The coldest bubbly! The biggest party SGW has ever seen! And Cathy.. You want to partake, don’t you?

[ Cathy Kelley ] I just need some comments.

Jericho is miffed that someone would dare not want to party.

[ Chris Jericho ] You don’t want to attend the Celebration of Jericho?

Before she can answer, he snaps.

[ Chris Jericho ] Good! Because I’d let Shane Douglas snap your neck and have his way with your corpse before I let you inside this locker room to party!

He scoffs.

[ Chris Jericho ] Dumb slut!

[ Cathy Kelley ] All of that was really offensive, Chris.. I’m just trying to do my job.

[ Chris Jericho ] Well.

Jericho rubs the face plate of the title.

[ Chris Jericho ] You’re not as good at your job as I am! Look at me! Look at how this belt shines around my sexy waist! Look at these abs popping in the glare of the brand new shine of this belt! This title was made for Le Champion!

He gets great pleasure from rubbing the title, it’s almost orgasmic. Cathy cringes and prays for a quick ending to this.

[ Chris Jericho ] And now with The Origin holding the oldest championship in SGW history, being held by the biggest star in the company no less, there was one hell of a power shift tonight! The Origin is closer than ever to taking control of this company and never looking back!

Nick Aldis, dressed from head to toe in a black suit, black vest, and white dress shirt walks with great confidence down the hallway. Under his right arm is a large silk bag.

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey, ass-face! You’re ruining my celebration!

Aldis stops and looks at Jericho, somehow maintaining his composure.

[ Chris Jericho ] I don’t blame you. I’d cover that piece of shit NWA title in a bag, too! Especially if I knew I was going to be walking by the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, Chris Jericho!

[ Nick Aldis ] You know, Christopher.

Aldis takes a step to Jericho.

[ Nick Aldis ] You should stop being so daft and mind your own business. I think it would be in your best interest.

[ Chris Jericho ] My best interest, huh?

[ Nick Aldis ] Correct.

Aldis’ grip on the bag silk bag is tighter as he pulls it closer to his chest.

[ Nick Aldis ] It’s better to be suspected of being a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Aldis smirks.

[ Nick Aldis ] Wouldn’t you say?

[ Chris Jericho ] I’d say it’s time for you to shut your ass before I embarrass you in front of God and everyone right here, right now!

[ Nick Aldis ] Have it your way. Free country, I suppose.

With those parting words, Aldis returns back to his walk down the hallway. Jericho tosses the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder, takes a huge swig of his champagne, and watches Aldis’ every step.

[ Chris Jericho ] Son of a bitch.

With champagne dripping off his upper lip, Jericho fumes as the scene fades.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Senior Official Mike Chioda has the call in this bout for the SGW Limitless Championship, a match fueled by an issue running over the last few months. In one corner is champion Ruby Riott, the spitfire champion who has held the gold since the last SGW pay-per-view offering, WrestleBrawl 3. Across the ring is her chauvinistic, charismatic challenger, Juventud Guerrera.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a matchup this should be, gentlemen – a conflict between Guerrera and Riott is sure to be a dynamite encounter.

[ Tony Schiavone ] For all that she’s endured, I think Ruby Riott is going to absolutely steamroll Juventud Guerrera! We’ve seen her intensity shine through in a tough spot in matches with Hikaru Shida, Drew Parker and former champion Sami Zayn – I think it’s time for her to shut Juventud up!

[ Scott Steiner ] I think you’re a whiny bitch, Schiavone! This Guerrera guy gets tons of puss – admirable! He’s also, however, a numbskull fuck! He’s frustrating as all hell!

Juventud lifts a bottle of Gran Patron Vodka with a red ribbon wrapped around it and walks to center ring, kneeling and offering it to Riott in a display which, on the exterior, seems genuine – but knowing the man behind the action, is likely everything but.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Could this be a genuine offer of apology?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t know…It’s fishy! I don’t trust Juventud!

Riott rolls her eyes and walks up to the Juice, asking if he’s serious before Guerrera replies inaudibly. Guerrera stands and holds the bottle out to Riott, but she replies with a stiff right hand, rocking the Juice as the bell rings to kick us off! Juvi drops the bottle and Chioda quickly scoots it out of the ring as Riott knocks Guerrera with another three shots, sending him to the ropes before shooting him off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT’S IT, RUBY!

Guerrera ducks a clothesline and lucha passes Riott when she follows into the same ropes – Riott rebounds and Juvi leapfrogs her – he’s down for the block, but Riott steps over and keeps running! – Juvi’s up and leapfrogs, but Riott dropkicks him from mid-air to a huge pop! They’re both up and Riott ducks a Juvi clothesline – big right hand! Right hand! Left jab! Right jab! Enzugiri!! Juvi stumbles forward and mumbles something before faceplanting!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT’S IT! YOU GO, GIRL!

[ Scott Steiner ] Ugh, FUCK YOU, SCHIAVONE!

Riott doesn’t leave any room for Guerrera to recover and quickly grapevines his left leg, slapping on an STF with a tight grip on his head! Juvi’s eyes go wide as he recognizes the danger he’s in and begins crawling for the ropes – but Riott is too strong and keeps him grounded! Eventually, Guerrera muscles to the bottom ropes and clings to it with his bicep, death gripping the cable for his life.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That could have been a submission – Ruby had the STF applied with lethal precision and Guerrera is lucky he made it to the bottom rope – another couple of seconds and I bet we’d have had a successful defense!

After releasing the hold, Riott breathes in as Guerrera makes it to his knees before she clobbers him with a forearm strike to the ear and positions him for a powerbomb!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO DAMN WAY!

Ruby grunts and muscles Juvi up to her shoulders, but stumbles – giving Guerrera an opportunity to shift his weight and drive Riott face-first into the mat with a sickening DDT, scorpioning the champion in a gross display!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Check her, Mike! This is horrible!

Guerrera shoves by Chioda and hooks both legs, pushing off the mat with both feet and applying all the pressure he can – ONE! TWO! TH—no! NO! Riott muscles off the mat and the Orlando fans roar in support for the champion. Guerrera sits up and glares at Chioda, snarling at the official before wiping his face and turning to Riott again – with a smile!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT SNAKE IN THE GRASS!

Guerrera pulls Riott up and drives her into the corner, shoulder tackle-style before lifting her to the top rope and stepping to the apron. Juvi climbs the ropes and stands behind the champion, gyrating his hips sexually before leaping onto her shoulders and rotating into a gorgeous frankensteiner from the top ropes! He leaps into a cover, whipping his long, wet hair with each count – ONE! T—no!!! NO! Riott kicks out at ONE and Juventud is PISSED! He slaps the mat thrice before lifting Ruby again and punching her in the mouth! She stumbles back and Juvi throws a stiff chop, clapping her chest violently! Ruby looks up, fire in her eyes, and throws an overhand slap, wrecking Guerrera’s chest in return! Orlando shouts with each progressive strike, the playing field re-evened! Riott throws a stiff backhand to Juvi’s jaw, but Guerrera leaps into the air with a spinning wheel kick and grounds Ruby when it hits her in the ear!

[ Scott Steiner ] BEAT HER ASS! FINISH THIS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Get up, Ruby!

Guerrera doesn’t give her the opportunity to do so and quickly ascends the ropes from inside the ring and soars off with a twisting moonsault! The crowd pops as Juvi smashes Riott and applies the cover – one! Two! No! Riott kicks out again! Juvi pulls his soaked hair and stands, pulling Ruby to her feet – but Riott uses what’s left in the tank to boost him to her shoulders and launch him off –

[ Tony Schiavone ] RIOTT KICKKKK! COVER!!

Chioda counts – ONE! TWO! NO! Juvi kicks out at two and Orlando’s at a fever pitch!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has been an absolute boxing brawl – big blow after big blow – who’s going to score the knockout shot?!

The champion and challenger allke begin clawing at one another, doing all they can to stand up but are both unable to do so without basing on one another for support!

[ Scott Steiner ] They’re both too fucked up to finish! I’ve been there!

As Ruby and Juventud reach their feet, the fans boo tremendously – because Nunzio is coming down the aisle, fists clenched! Juvi and Riott notice him coming but are too dazed to capitalize before he slides into the ring, despite Chioda’s warnings and throws a punch at Riott – but Juvi intercepts and stops it! RIGHT HAND FOR NUNZIO! Riott follows with one of her own and the champion and challenger lock eyes before locking hands and throwing a double clothesline, sending Nunzio over the top rope to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS!

Riott and Juventud turn to one another and each throw a clothesline and connect – they’re both down again! Both champion and challenger are down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good Lord, what a collision!

Chioda rushes to the ropes and leans through the middle and top, screaming to order Nunzio out of the ring as Juvi and Riott separate, each crawling to the ropes to pull themselves up. As Nunzio shouts back and flips off Chioda defiantly, Ruby stands and shakes off the cobwebs, stalking towards the Juice!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS IS IT!

Ruby lifts Guerrera – BUT JUVI SWINGS THE TEQUILA BOTTLE AND SMASHES IT INTO RIOTT’S SKULL, SHATTERING THE GLASS ON HER HEAD! Ruby crumbles to the mat and Juventud rolls over, hooking both legs and connecting his hands as Chioda turns to make the count – ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NO NO NO!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jesus, what a waste of Tequila! But he got the job done!

Juventud grabs the championship from the timekeeper, totally out of Chioda’s hands and rolls through the ropes before he can be admonished for the illegal shot and lifts the belt high overhead, smiling ear-to-ear.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Juventud Guerrera just smashed that tequila bottle over Riott’s head! And this is a woman he wanted to APOLOGIZE TO?! He’s said he’s a feminist icon! I say he’s a piece of trash! He’s a garbage person!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thank Heavens some medical assistance is coming for Ruby – she’s got what appears to be a serious laceration on her head…

Sure enough, a medical team rushes by Juvi en route to the ring for Riott and the camera attempts to turn to follow, but Guerrera grabs it and makes it focus on him! He screams unintelligibly into the camera before whipping his long hair back and forth in the lens. Finally, medics reach the ring and begin attending to Riott as Juventud throws the title high in the air on the ramp.


Guerrera grins wickedly as we cut to Riott, still unconscious in the ring before fading elsewhere.

Backstage, Kevin Steen is pacing back and forth in front of El Generico, whose happy grin is barely covered by his mask. Generico is twitching with happiness, but Steen stops and gets right in his partner’s face, breathing heavily and huffing out each syllable.

[ Kevin Steen ] Do you know what happened out there? DO YOU?!

Generico smiles happily and nods.

[ El Generico ] Sí amigo! We won, amigo!

Steen’s head falls, shaking, as he sighs out.

[ Kevin Steen ] …no. No, you idiot.

Steen looks up and holds a finger in his partner’s face.

[ Kevin Steen ] We won – AGAIN. That makes us THIS, you nitwit – NUMBER ONE!

[ El Generico ] Sí! Numero uno!

[ Kevin Steen ] Yeah, whatever, maybe, but we’re the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS! Who else has two straight tag team wins? And I swear, if you say the Von Erichs, I’ll beat the holy hell out of you.

Generico scratches the side of his head and shrugs as a small smirk breaks onto Steen’s face.

[ Kevin Steen ] Imagine that – nobody! And that, my small-minded partner, makes us number one! NUMBER ONE! That means we should be getting a title shot any day now – and let me take this opportunity to tell you that if you are to screw that up for me – like I know you will do your best to do – I’ll be thrilled to break your neck and rid myself of you forever!

Generico gulps as the sound of a small piece of metal hits the ground off screen. Steen looks across the corridor and squints his eyes, annoyed. The camera zooms and pans, showing Bobby Roode and James Storm, each with a longneck cracked open and taking pulls. Atlanta pops big to see the tandem known as Beer Money on an SGW screen and the duo step closer to Steenerico. Steen seems extremely annoyed as Generico smiles politely.

[ James Storm ] Whatcha think, Bob – looks like we’ve found our way to the biggest league’a’them all!

[ Bobby Roode ] I think you’re right, partner. Looks like we’ve made it…

[ Kevin Steen ] ‘Looks like we’ve made it?!’ Uh, sorry, Laverne and Shirley, I don’t think this is the urinal trough for you to suck up some suds…you’re clearly drunken and lost.

Storm lifts a finger quickly, sloshing beer all over the place as he does.

[ James Storm ] Hey, listen, you bastard! Only thing you know’s the distance to the nearest damn buffet!

Storm guffaws to himself as Generico slinks into the background. Steen smirks himself.

[ Kevin Steen ] Har har, a fat joke. What’s next, you gonna wear chainmail and pick fights with Bryan Danielson? Super original. Well, this has been tons of fun, but I’ve got a lobotomy and a Tag Team Championship match on my schedule, so…bye?

Steen grabs Generico by the shirt and prepares to step away, but Roode steps into his path, hands raised.

[ Bobby Roode ] Now listen…I know my partner can be a bit jarring occasionally, but, please, allow me introduce ourselves. This here is James Storm –

Storm lifts his beer, grinning at El Generico, who nods, smiling.

[ Bobby Roode ] – and he’s all about the beer. My name is Bobby Roode, and I’m all about my money.

Storm leans into the middle of Steen and Roode.

[ James Storm ] The name just made too much damn sense, y’know?

Steen glares at Storm as Roode continues.

[ Bobby Roode ] Now, I know you two have won two matches in a row here, but we’re one of the premier tag teams of this or any generation – and while two matches in a row might normally push your names to the top of the list, we’re pulling rank, gentlemen.

Atlanta cheers as Steen seethes. Roode shrugs and carries on.

[ Bobby Roode ] Not that we mind backing up our claims in the ring…because once we step through those ropes, there’s only one thing on our minds, and that’s –

[ James Storm ] Winnin’.

Roode claps Storm on his shoulder.

[ Bobby Roode ] Winning. So, fellas, congratulations on your two wins. I encourage you both to strive for three, maybe even four. But Beer Money, Inc? We’re aimin’ higher. That’s…

Roode looks up, then meets Steen’s steely gaze.

[ Bobby Roode ] The SGW…World…Tag…Team…Championships.

Steen’s face is beet red and his whole body is shaking with frustration as Storm leans in again, finishing his beer.

[ James Storm ] …sorry abou’cho DAMN luck, boys – the number one contenders’is right here!

Storm puts his arm around Roode’s shoulders and the pair saunter off as Atlanta give them a strong response. Steen turns and screams in Generico’s face, startling the luchador.

[ Kevin Steen ] NICE COMEBACK, GENERICO, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT! GOD, I’VE GOT TO DO ALL THE WORK AROUND HERE! Barney Gumble and Magnum PI team up and all of a sudden we’re supposed to act like it’s 2012?! Well say hello to ‘December 21, 2012,’ because I’m going to wipe those stupid bastards off the face of the Earth!

Generico smiles, laughing slightly and nodding to his partner.


Steen walks off screen as Generico whimpers and hangs his head, following his partner as we fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans are on their feet, buzzing with anticipation as Rhea Ripley and Shotzi Blackheart meet in the middle of the ring, dead serious looks on their faces. Ripley towers over Shotzi, sneering at her. Shotzi shows no fear in the face of the larger, more established SGW competitor.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an exciting match this will be, folks! Rhea Ripley is on a path of reinvention following her disappointing loss to Jinny in her first one on one SGW Women's World title match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And Shotzi Blackheart, making her SGW debut only two weeks ago, is looking to make a name for herself by knocking off one of the big dogs in the SGW women's division! It's the Ballsy Badass versus The Nightmare, only on Supremacy!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, you guys know I'm rootin' for the fuckin' moose! She's been screwed over since day one in this company and it's time she got what she deseves! I'm thinkin' it starts tonight when she puts this punk rock pocket rocket to bed for good!

Rick Knox calls for the bell and Rhea goes for a big right hand, only to have Shotzi ducks it and hit the ropes, hitting Rhea on the turnaround with a basement dropkick to the knees! Rhea goes down hard and Shotzi is already up, coming off the ropes again, and nailing her with a running senton to the lower back! Ripley groans in pain and quickly scrambles under the bottom rope, where she looks frustrated by the sudden burst of offense! However, before she can even catch her breath, Shotzi flies through the ropes and nails Rhea with a SUICIDE DIVE, sending bothe women crashing into the guardrail!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shotzi Blackheart is surely looking to make an impact tonight! She knows what's at stake! She knows that that taking down a woman like Rhea Ripley will put her in front of the line for an SGW Women's World title match!

[ Scott Steiner ] Nah! Fuck that! Shotzi Blackheart is one o' them Asians and that means she's smart! So she KNOWS she can't beat a woman that's jacked as fuck and double tough like Rhea Ripley! So she's gonna throw everything at her, even if it means riskin' her own health! She's dead one way or the other, so why not take a few risks!?

Shotzi is up first, looking jacked up from the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She goes to pull Rhea up by her hair but Rhea comes alive, grabbing Shotzi by her tights and pulling her down head first into the rail! Rhea is up, looking pissed, and she snatches Shotzi up, pulling her up into a wheelbarrow position! Ripley whips Shotzi head first into the rail and then into the apron before slinging her into the steps, allowing her to ragdoll to the mat in a broken heap! Ripley is breathing heavily as she pulls Shotzi up by her hair and then GORILLA PRESSES HER UP and drops her chest first on the steps!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the BRUTALITY of Rhea Ripley!

Ripley takes Shotzi by the hair and tosses her under the bottom rope. Ripley follows her in and sizes her up, waiting on her to stand. Coughing and trying to regain her bearings, Shotzi slowly returns to her feet and Ripley charges... SMASHING HER WITH A RUNNING BOOT! Ripley immediately snatches Shotzi up off the mat and pulls her in... RIPTIDE-- NO! SHOTZI SLIPS OUT! Shotzi falls behind Rhea, over her shoulder, and cradles her! ONE! TWO! RHEA KICKS OUT! Rhea and Shotzi both immediately rolls back to their feet and collide in the middle of the ring! They begin trading forearm blows to the face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The intensity is off the charts!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's do or die time! This is where THE MOOSE comes alive!

Ripley suddenly snaps and claws Shotzi's eyes! Shotzi turns, favoring her eyes with her hand... and Rhea charges behind her, running her shoulder first through the turnbuckles and into the ring post! She pulls Shotzi out of the corner and DRILLS HER WITH THE RIPTIDE! The fans erupt in boos as Rhea covers! One! Two! Three!


Ripley rolls away from Shotzi and stands in the corner, brushing the hair out of her face. Rick Knox helps Shotzi out of the ring where a medic is waiting to check on her shoulder. The fans are booing loudly as Ripley walks to the center of the ring and raises the horns, smiling evilly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, there you have it... Rhea Ripley has proven exactly what she set out to do! She's defeated Shotzi Blackheart by hook or by crook and has surely cemented herself in line for another championship match!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, ya' know I hate t' say I told you so!

Suddenly, "This Time I Want It All" hits and the fans explode!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Hold on, what's all this, then?!

Tessa Blanchard walks out onto the stage to a huge pop! Blanchard stands on the stage for a moment in jeans and a leather vest. She glares down the ramp at Rhea Ripley, seething with anger! Ripley's eyes widen, first with confusion and then with rage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait! That's... that's Tessa Blanchard!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, it is, Tony! We haven't seen Tessa Blanchard in months, since she was left beaten and brutalized by... Rhea bloody Ripley!

Tessa removes her vest and tosses it... and then storms down to the ringside! The fans are losing their minds as Tessa climbs into the ring and immediately clashes with Rhea Ripley! They begin trading wild punches like women possessed as the fans lose their minds! Lance Storm leads arena security to the ring where they flood the ring and separate the women... for only a brief second before Tessa and Rhea begin fighting security off until they've cleared the ring to continue brawling! The fans begin chanting "FIGHT FOREVER" as Ripley and Tessa refuse to stop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my GOODNESS! What's it gonna take!?

Stevie Ray, Justin Credible, and Billy Gunn charge out from the back and slide into the ring with another mob of arena security! They finally manage to separate the women and get them to the back as fade out!

Backstage, champagne is pouring – onto the ground and a trio of scantily clad women, primarily, as the celebration for new SGW Limitless Champion Juventud Guerrera appears to be in high gear. He pats a pair of greasy-looking security guards on the shoulders as he dumps a bottle of champagne down a lady’s chest!

[ Scott Steiner ] Now this is a party! Take their tops off!

Guerrera is in the process of taking his own tights off, the Limitless Title strapped around his waist still. The Juice cackles to himself evilly.


The women uncork more bottles and continue their celebrations as Guerrera dumps an entire bottle over his own head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is he talking about?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …let anyone who DIDN’T know Juventud Guerrera was a piece of garbage stand up and say ‘aye.’

The commentary table is silent as Guerrera continues sloppily making out with a woman and drinking the champagne simultaneously. He stops and grins to the camera, wagging his tongue.


Suddenly, the locker room door bursts open and Ruby Riott storms in, bandages hastily wrapped to her forehead where the tequila bottle smashed across it!

[ Ruby Riott ] You piece of shit, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

Guerrera shoves the security forward, into a position to restrain Riott as he cackles to himself more.


Riott’s face is bright red with fury as Juventud continues.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] That’s right, Ruby – you hear me, baby?! I knew you were the more iconic feminist! I knew you actually cared about all that shit! Me?! I CARE ABOUT THE GOLD, BABY! I TOLD YOU ALL THAT’S WHAT I WANTED AND I GOT IT, BABY! YOU ALL FELL FOR I—


Orlando roars as Juventud registers disgust at Ruby’s comments, but before he can reply further, the door smashes open and Nunzio runs into frame, looking to continue the brawl from the Limitless Championship match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My head hurts, gentlemen.


[ Tony Schiavone ] This is chaos backstage!

Juventud grabs a woman and a bottle of champagne, headed for the far door as the hired security goons struggle to restrain Riott and Nunzio from reaching him.


Guerrera yanks the woman through the door as Riott and Nunzio continue screaming in his direction. Riott lays out one of Juvi’s hired security guards with a stiff forearm strike and turns her attention to Nunzio, lashing out against any and everything as SGW security and staff flood the room to break up the brawl. Justin Credible slips in a puddle of champagne, but the situation is diffused as we fade away from the chaos.

We quickly cut away to another area backstage where we see Chavo Guerrero, Jr. watching the entrances for the next match on a monitor. Chavo clutches Pepe nervously with one hand while chewing on his thumbnail. The live crowd is cheering loudly, highly anticipating the match which is about to take place... Kevin Nash defending the Elevation Championship against David Starr. As Chavo watches on helplessly, Trish Stratus approaches him from behind, her arms folded against her chest.

[ Trish Stratus ] This has gone too far, Chavo.

Chavo looks over his shoulder and catches a glimpse of her stern face.

[ Trish Stratus ] I can't believe you let Kevin Nash bully you into allowing this match. You know that arrogant jackass doesn't know or care who David Starr is. He thought he was setting himself up for a night off.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I know, Trish. But what do you want me to do?

Trish looks at him in disbelief.

[ Trish Stratus ] You need to FIX this!

She points at the monitor where we see David Starr standing on the middle turnbuckle and rallying the fans behind him. Kevin Nash is standing in his corner with the Elevation Championship hanging lackadaisically from his right hand.

[ Trish Stratus ] Starr isn't under contract. He could win that title and take it anywhere he wants. You've really put us in a bad spot here.

Chavo grits his teeth, conflicted.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] ...dammit.

He looks down into Pepe's cold, black button eyes.

[ Trish Stratus ] Just... DO something, Chavo.

He cuts his eyes in her direction. We hear the bell ring on the monitor.

[ Trish Stratus ] We're running out of time.

She turns and walks away, leaving Chavo with his thoughts.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

With a simple three count, Kevin Nash could become only the second person in Solid Gold Wrestling to fulfill the specific regulations and goals of the Elevation Championship.

The final hurdle in his path is one which many in SGW would not even consider a hurdle – the independent wrestler David Starr. The Man of A Thousand Nicknames peers across the ring at the Elevation Champion, keenly aware of the task at hand – and more importantly, the opportunity at hand, should he put away one of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, have you spoken to Kevin Nash? How’s he feeling before this huge contest?

[ Scott Steiner ] He feels good! Better than good – GREAT! How the hell else would he feel?!

Starr wisely rushes in, speeding up the pace as the bell rings and peppers Nash with punches and chops, forcing the champion into the corner! Starr springs off the bottom rope and lifts his knee up into Nash’s chin!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOW! What height on that knee strike!

Starr keeps the momentum rolling, running into the opposite corner and stepping up again, adding to the break-neck pace and charging in, leaping up –

But Nash catches him! Big Sexy’s face is written over in anger as he shifts Starr to his shoulders and launches him high up – and down – FACE-FIRST into the top turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes! Starr is dazed and Nash grabs him by the waist, carrying his opponent effortlessly at his side before leaping and scoring with a huge sidewalk slam! Nash hooks both legs, grinning as he does – ONE! TWO! NO! Turner only slaps the mat twice and Nash’s face is written over with confusion.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nash cannot get caught up in the big-headedness he’s shown in the past – David Starr will put you away without warning if given the chance! He’s got stamina for days and it takes a big blow to defeat him!

[ Scott Steiner ] He doesn’t even have a contract! He’s a loser! If he was worth havin’, SGW’d have him! It’s that simple!

Nash stands, looking down at Starr before bending to lift him up – BUT STARR GRABS HIM! INSIDE CRADLE! ONE! TW—NO!! Nash breaks the hold! Starr is up quickly and levels Nash with a seated dropkick! Starr is rolling now, applying a spinning toe hold to Big Sexy’s left leg, wrenching the muscles in the leg and weakening the champion.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scott, you have to admit – David Starr has impressive technique!

[ Scott Steiner ] He’s got a nice mustache, but that’s all that bastard’s gettin’ from me!

Starr releases the hold and pulls Nash to a seated position before running off the ropes – and scoring with a Penalty Kick! Right to the chest! Nash is down and Starr covers – only a one count!

As Turner slaps the mat and signals one to Starr, Chavo Guerrero Jr. begins walking down the aisle, a concerned look in his eyes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is Chavo Guerrero doing here?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ll give you three guesses – and the first two don’t count!

Chavo reaches the ringside area and begins speaking inaudibly to Starr, who looks concerned with the disruption! Guerrero points towards the back and then towards the bell, saying something before Starr shakes his head ‘no’ voraciously. From behind, Nash strikes, bashing Starr with a huge club over the shoulders! Starr is weakened and Nash carries on – big knee lift, holding Starr by the ears to increase the impact! Nash drapes Starr across the middle rope and pauses, flipping his hair and cracking his knuckles before slowly jogging off the ropes and leaping to guillotine his opponent on the ropes –


[ Scott Steiner ] AWWW, COME ON, NASH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Starr needs to focus and capitalize!

With Nash gripping his groin, Starr quickly laces Big Sexy through the middle rope and looks to Chavo – who is screaming “NO, DAVID! NO!” – but Starr drops!

[ Tony Schiavone ] CHERRY MINT DDT! Nash spikes onto the apron like a lawn dart!

Starr takes a moment to watch Nash slump backwards as Chavo smacks the apron and turns away, looking at the protective mats in a clear internal struggle about what he’s witnessing.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] STARR! MUST! FOCUS!

Nash is down on the mat and Starr’s eyes go wide, realizing what could be is staring him in the face right here, right now!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! NO!

Starr leaps into action, maneuvering through Nash’s long legs and tangling them, turning him over to his stomach – in the Republican Remorse! Big Sexy’s notoriously weakened knees and quads must be groaning in unison with Nash as Starr wrenches the hold tighter, squeezing this ankle downward to torque the knees and lower back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This hold is absolutely lethal to a normal man – and Nash’s legs haven’t been ‘normal’ since 1991! Starr’s just got to keep the hold applied, and he’s got the Elevation Championship!

Turner is in perfect position, down on the mat and level with Nash’s face, preparing for what probably feels inevitable, the verbal cue, the smacking the mat, the submission.

And yet – it doesn’t come.

David Starr stumbles to the mat, releasing the hold and turning behind himself to look to the arena floor – at the hands holding his ankle tight, refusing to release it.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is Chavo Guerrero doing?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s broken the grip on David Starr’s signature hold – and won’t release his ankle!

Starr yells for Chavo to let him go, but the Championship Committee member does the exact opposite. Davey Wrestling begins fidgeting against Chavo’s hold on his ankle, eventually finding his way free as Paul Turner approaches, looking down at Chavo, whose face is written with innocence as Starr screams at him!

[ Scott Steiner ] UH-OH, YOU HAIRY SHIT!

Nash connects with a low blow, an uppercut swinging through the uprights and connecting with Starr’s lower midsection!


The Product bends at the waist, clutching his crotch in his hand, waving the other hand to find stability in the ring and only finding –


Big Sexy does not hesitate and pulls Starr into position for the Jackknife Powerbomb – thrusting him up onto his shoulders and dropping him from seven-feet-high, back first into the canvas!


Nash falls, stretching back-first across Starr’s chest and clenching his eyes and fists as Turner counts – one! Two! Three!


As “The Dirt” begins to play through the Amway Center, a smile breaks across the face of the Silver Fox.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can’t…I can’t believe he’s done it!

[ Scott Steiner ] GET USED TO IT, SCHIAVONE!

With Starr still weakened from the Jackknife, Nash sits up, dusts off his hands and slowly, deliberately, stands from the mat, taking the Elevation Championship from Paul Turner and looking at it with a cocked eyebrow before lifting his chin to show the same expression to the audience in Orlando.


Still gripping the top rope and gritting his teeth after the agonizing experience of the Republican Remorse, Nash walks over to Turner – and hands the Championship belt back to the official!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, my! I think…I think…

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has got to be it, guys!

Turner’s face quickly shifts from one of skepticism to sullen understanding and he nods, registering another smile on the big man’s face. Nash pushes his hair back, behind his ears, and slowly lifts the ‘Too Sweets’ above his head victoriously before demanding that Justin Roberts bring him the microphone!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, this is it! It’s over – and done! I can’t wait to see what happens now!

Nash gently taps the microphone with his thumb.

[ Kevin Nash ] Eh-hem. As I understand it, now that I’ve beaten three guys and defended this championship along the way, I’m entitled to a shot at the SGW World Heavyweight Championship.

The Orlando fans pop as Nash pauses to reflect. Eventually, Big Sexy leans onto the top rope and continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] And so…I guess that means you’ve got two weeks to prepare, kiddos. June 27…San Diego…Big Sexy’s cashin’ in…and cashin’ out.

Nash sticks his tongue out, enjoying himself, as the Orlando fans respond in kind.

[ Kevin Nash ] Valbert. We’ve been friends for a long, long time. We’ve ridden these roads up and down, forwards and back…but this is as big a fork as we’ve ever seen, man. I know you’re at the top of your game…but so am I. If the Vegas Connection is gonna implode, then why not make it for the biggest prize in all the game?

Nash thumbs his nose and pops his neck to the left.

[ Kevin Nash ] Either way…I’m tired of makin’ the money I am. Not that it’s not top-five in the company, mind you…but there’s…healthy room for growth. In fact, I’m ready to start making that main-event, world-title money. So ‘champ’…get ready…because you’ve got a date with Big Sexy in two weeks…and you’d better put out.

Nash gently tosses the microphone back to Roberts and steps over the top rope, slowly sauntering up the ramp.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That confirms our suspicions, gentlemen – and now, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash is going to challenge for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship on June 27 in San Diego!

[ Scott Steiner ] Correction – Big Sexy is gonna WIN the SGW World Heavyweight Championship in San Diego!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The result is still to be seen, Scott, but one thing is for sure – there’s tons of combustible history leading to the Championship Match in two weeks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well…I can think of another thing that’s for sure.

Starr sits up, holding his neck and looking forlorn at the mat, before rolling to the floor himself.

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, you’re right, Pete Townshend – we know for sure that Davis Starr is a fuckin’ loser!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it’s DAVID Starr, Scott, but to be fair, he did lose that contest – though under suspicious means!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Chavo Guerrero Jr. seemed hesitant to do what he did – but it appeared that his decision was one he was content with…right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can never be too sure, Tony. Never.

Starr reaches the stage and quickly looks around at the capacity crowd in the Amway Center before nodding to himself and disappearing through the curtain.

The fans are still buzzing from Kevin Nash's announcement when we head backstage. We're immediately greeted with a shot of Stevie Ray and Justin Credible standing between David Starr and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.! Only minutes removed from a devastating loss, David Starr is visibly worse for wear as arena security converges on the scene, surrounding him.

[ David Starr ] What the hell is this!?

Without warning, Starr shoves one of the nameless security guards, knocking him down. Stevie Ray and Justin Credible surround him with the rest of arena security.

[ David Starr ] This is bullshit, Chavo!

Chavo grits his teeth, clearly conflicted.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Guys, escort him off the property.

Starr looks indignant.

[ David Starr ] Escort me off the property!? Are you serious right now!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND, CHAVO! YOU WERE DIFFERENT THAN THE REST!

[ Justin Credible ] Come on, let's go.

[ Stevie Ray ] Yea', dat's enough, sucka'.

Starr hocks and spits over Stevie and Credible, hitting Chavo right in the face! The live crowd gasps as Chavo takes a step back and wipes the spit off his face with his hand.

[ David Starr ] YOU PIG!

Chavo looks furious. He lashes out.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] GET HIM OUTTA' HERE, NOW!

[ David Starr ] YOU FASCIST PIG!

Stevie Ray, Justin Credible, and arena security mob David Starr and physically carry him away from the scene as he shouts and curses at Chavo. We can still hear him losing it as he's removed from the building. The camera dwells on Chavo for a long moment, looking frustrated as we fade out.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards| Time Limit - 30:00

The bell rings and we’re off to the barbed-wire-covered, blood-pouring races!


Sure enough, Mesias produces a wooden stake from his boot and charges, holding it in both hands over his head, preparing to plunge it deep into the heart of his opponent, Drew Parker, once and for all! Parker, however, being the battle-wizened performer he is, applies a textbook drop toe-hold and sends Mesias to the mat face-first, stabbing the stake into the top turnbuckle on the way down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Far be it for me to criticize Judas bloody Mesias, but…

Parker straddles Mesias and begins raining blows down on the back of his neck, but the stronger man throws Parker from his body and begins rising to his feet again.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think HE is FAR more vampiric than his opponent, don’t you all?!

Parker and Mesias reach their feet simultaneous and collide mid-ring in a flurry of offense, punches and slaps being thrown in every direction. Eventually, the two lose their balance and teeter dangerously towards the barbed-wire wrapped ropes!

[ Scott Steiner ] I see what you mean, Kenneth Branagh! Judas’ got this whole blood-dripping thing goin’ on at times, which certainly evokes the neo-classic vampiric image. His look and persona, preferring darkness and implying ties to evil are certainly more traditional, but fuck! The point stands firm – you’d think this roided’-up bastard would be afraid of the stake RATHER THAN USE IT LIKE A STUPID SUNNAVABITCH!

You could hear a pin drop at commentary as Mesias forces Parker chest-first into the barbed wire, imprinting the barbs deeper into the pectoral muscles of the Urchin Prince with a sick look on his face. Parker throws his elbow back and connects with Mesias’ nose before painstakingly pulling himself from the barbs!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott…I have to ask…

Mesias turns again to face Parker, but right into a big running Mushroom Stomp! Parker drives Mesias down before charging ahead, then back with a rolling senton! He covers and Senior Official Aubrey Edwards makes the cover – only a one! Parker slaps Mesias in frustration, but Judas slaps a chokehold on, wringing Parker’s neck!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …how do you know so much about vampires?!

Mesias stands, still draining the life from Parker with the illegal chokehold. Referee Edwards just shrugs, understanding perfectly that in a barbed wire match with two potentially certifiable individuals, it’s sometimes best to just let the rulebook’s lines be a bit blurred. Judas lifts Parker with a two-handed choke, parading around the ring before – slamming him to the mat with authority! COVER! ONE! TWO! NO! Parker manages to slip the shoulder up!

[ Scott Steiner ] IT AIN’T NUTHIN’ FUCKIN’ WEIRD – Big Poppa Pump attended the University of Michigan! Ann Arbor! Best place on the planet! Anyways, while I was there, I was legendary for slayin’ all the puss I wanted – which was a lot! One day…I saw this fine, gothic freak! Just beggin’ for it! So, I followed her ass right into a Vampire Studies class! Some elective bullshit! The professor asked what the hell I was doin’ there, sayin’ I’m in the wrong class – so I slugged him in the fuckin’ face! He soon found my name on his list of students! Go figure!

Mesias begins pulling Parker by the hair over to the ropes, holding him with one hand to the mat as he struggles, finally tearing a strand of barbed wire away from the ropes and forcing it into Parker’s mouth! As Mesias forces Parker’s mouth closed around the wire, he begins screaming in Spanish, pointing his finger towards the barbed wire-wrapped table outside the ring! A bi-lingual attendant recognizes the request and the team begin providing Mesias with his dark request.

[ Scott Steiner ] ANYWAYS! So I saddled up next to the chick and asked if she wanted to suck some blood later, cause my dick was already full of it by then –

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sponsors, Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK’EM! Anyways – she played hard to get! Big Poppa liked that shit…so he came back to class all semester, learnin’ about Nosferatu and shit, studyin’ the vampires and earnin’ a credit that went a lonnnng way!

Mesias finally releases Parker’s mouth and he spits the barbed wire out through bloody lips. Judas begins rummaging with the table, doing his best to navigate the wire and erect the structure properly.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You mean the elective credit towards your degree?

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell no! I mean the sex with the goth chick was out of this world – and to her credit, I thought about it for years to come!

Mesias turns, finally having put the table up, but runs face-first into Drew Parker’s fist – wrapped in barbed wire! Parker had used the broken link in the wire on the ropes to wrap around his fist, leaving him essentially tethered to the rope with a barbed-wire glove! Mesias staggers, bending over to check his surely-broken-nose, but Parker throws a big lifting kick, clocking Mesias in the face and knocking him out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] GOOD LORD, WHAT A SHOT!

Leaning haphazardly on the table, Mesias truly appears to be out of it! Parker untangles his fist and muscles Mesias completely onto the table, laying at an odd angle, and face down in the wire as he begins climbing to the top rope – and quickly flips off – 450 degrees with the splash, shattering the table and forcing Mesias into the barbs! He covers and Aubrey makes the count – ONE! TWO! THREE!


“Territorial Pissings” fires up on the speakers and the Orlando crowd offer a healthy applause for Parker, who rolls solemnly off of Mesías and comes to a halt in center ring, laying on the mat in an odd crumple, smirking to himself.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, Judas Mesías is a legitimate scary customer, an absolute monster with ties to the dark arts, but this Drew Parker is something special! This is another huge win in the most depraved of scenarios, gentlemen – and now, Parker’s requesting a microphone! What could this be?

[ Scott Steiner ] Maybe he’s got thoughts on that whole ‘stake’ nonsense!

The commentary team ignores Steiner’s musings as Parker receives his microphone and straightens his posture, still laying on his back in center ring.

[ Drew Parker ] …you’re a riot, Jude. A right riot.

Parker struggles to his stomach, crawling to the ropes and laying his head awkwardly across the bottom cable, still wrapped in barbed wire! The ropes are hardly even supporting his head, not that the Urchin Prince minds, as he starts pulling the microphone to his mouth again.

[ Drew Parker ] An’yeah. Yeah, so…you pushed me fine…but’s nothing I’ve not faced on the streets, mate. Ts’nothing I’ve not faced in the Blood and Gold…and we all know who survived that day. S’me. Drew Parker…the fuckin’ Urchin Prince.

Parker coughs and small streams of blood echo from the pinpricks in his flesh.

[ Drew Parker ] Judas, mate, you’ve done your job. You’ve put another log inna’me furnace. That fire’s growin’…and now, everyone’s seen what I can do…so now the question stands, dun’nit? Which champion’s got their name on Drew Parker’s list, huh?

Parker puts his index finger to his lips, thinking.

[ Drew Parker ] S’no need to wait around like some sort of prissy shit – s’just get out with it! Juventud! Y’er carryin’ round that Limitless Championship and I’ve already pinned a Limitless Champion! Thass’right – Riott! In the finals! I won it – I pinned her! And now…I’ll do it again! What? Whass’at?

Parker turns his attention to a patron a few rows deep and scrunches his face, listening. While it’s probably a near-impossible task to listen through a roaring crowd and the screams from all directions, Parker nods and chuckles to himself.

[ Drew Parker ] Why?! Well, hell, why not?! I’m sure I could serve’ya some shit up, couldn’t it? Well, ya’ git, it’s nothin’ special. It ain’t cause ‘the pain I cause’s limitless,’ or none of that bollocks. It’s because I think I can win. It’s because I’m not about fantasy. I’m one-fuckin’-hundred percent reality. I do the shit I do because my life duddn’t matter, does it? Nope. Not too much. But my actions? They’ll live on. My work? It’ll outlive me by millenniums. Eons.

Parker coughs and smiles at nothing in particular.

[ Drew Parker ] So…Juventud…you’re the unlucky victim. You’re the one I’m challenging. You’re next on my bloody list, cunt – and…

Parker pushes up to his feet, exerting and forcing blood through the tiny holes in his flesh.

[ Drew Parker ] The Urchin Prince…will see you now.

Parker drops the microphone and rolls through the ropes to the floor, pushing his hands through his curtains of tangled curls, blood smearing across his hands as he does so.


We go backstage where we see Nia Jax in full gear, stretching before her match with Jinny later tonight. The live crowd cheers loudly upon seeing The Irresistible Force. Nia stands upright and throws her arms back and forth, exhaling deeply. The door to her dressing room opens up and Eve Torres walks inside with Tamina Snuka trailing behind her. Nia smiles upon seeing them and gives Eve a big hug.

[ Nia Jax ] Hey, girl. What are you two doing here?

They release the hug and Eve smiles.

[ Eve Torres ] We're here to see you make history.

Tamina pats Jax on the back.

[ Tamina Snuka ] You think we're just gonna sit at home while our sista' beats the brakes off the longest reigning champion in SGW history? I don't think so, girl.

Nia Jax balls up her fist and looks down at it, smiling.

[ Nia Jax ] You two are the best. Every bit of the pain I'm gonna inflict on that skinny little bitch tonight... it's not just for me, it's for all the women in the back that she's terrorized over the last six months.

Jax nods confidently.

[ Nia Jax ] She thinks her and her little stooges can get away with calling me fat, she's got another thing coming. Tonight, I'm gonna take that shiny title belt from her around her bony waist after I drop my fat ass on that little head of hers.

[ Eve Torres ] Right on, sister.

Suddenly, without warning, the dressing room door flies open and The Rock slides into the room like Kramer, wearing a sleeveless tuxedo jacket and stove pipe top hat. The fans absolutely explode as all three women turn their attention to the former two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion. The Rock glares at Nia Jax with bugged eyes as the fans continue losing their minds.

[ The Rock ] Finally...

The fans cheer even louder.

[ The Rock ] THE ROCK... HAS COME BACK...

And louder, even.

[ The Rock ] To Nia Jax's... dressing room.

The fans begin chanting "ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!"


Huge "Holy Shit" chant.

[ The Rock ] Tonight, it's gonna be Nia Jax versus Jinny! Jinny versus Nia Jax! Women's World Championship on the LINE! YEAH! And it's a LUMBA' JACK MATCH, MAMA! THE IRRESISTIBLE FORCE, THICK MAMA JAX! GOIN' ONE ON ONNNNNNNE-HAH... WIT' THE SUN TAN SLENDA' MAN!

The Rock turns his head dramatically and looks out at the fans... who he can't possibly see from Nia Jax's dressing room. The Rock smells the air.

[ The Rock ] CHANT IT!

The fans begin loudly chanting "SUN TAN SLENDER MAN" over and over. As the fans loudly chant, The Rock whips his head back toward Nia Jax.

[ The Rock ] Does Nia Jax hear that?! Does Nia Jax hear... THE PEOPLE!? Look! LOOK AT THE ROCK! The Rock is dressed for a WEDDING! Yeah, mama! The Rock... came to Supremacy... for a WEDDING! But Barbie Blank is dead, ARR-EYE-PEE! Tom Cruise is GONE! YEAH! SO WHAT'S THE ROCK SUPPOSED T' DO WITH THIS TOP HAT!?

Nia, Eve, and Tamina look confused.


Jax pounds her fist into her open palm, nodding.


Rey Mysterio walks into the room.

[ Rey Mysterio ] And I've got your back, too, Nia!

The Rock instantly pie faces Rey Mysterio out of the room.

[ The Rock ] HEY! HEY-HEY-HEY!

He slams the door shut.


The Rock eyeballs Eve Torres.

[ The Rock ] The Rock knows it was you, Eve Torres.

She looks away from The Rock.

[ The Rock ] Don't let it happen again.

We fade out.

The scene shifts somewhere unknown backstage. With it pointed at nothing in particular, we hear muffled conversation outside of its view. CM Punk walks in front of it with his attention directed at the cameraman himself.

[ CM Punk ] Nothing fancy. Just point and shoot, got it?

Paul Heyman is heard off camera.

[ Paul Heyman ] Punk, now is not the time for comments.

His pleas go in one ear and out the other.

[ Paul Heyman ] The match was rigged! He doesn’t deserve the title! Just go back to the hotel, get some dinner, and sleep on it before you say anything.

Punk, still looking at the cameraman, waits for his signal.

[ CM Punk ] We live?

The camera nods up and down.

[ CM Punk ] Good.

Punk rubs his palms together with disappointment smeared all over his face. He thinks it over, choosing his words wisely.

[ CM Punk ] You know, every person who doesn’t see the results they expect say “it’s just a slump” or “there’s a conspiracy against me.” That’s not the route I’m taking.

Punk raises his head, still collecting his thoughts.

[ CM Punk ] I’ve not succeeded at the level that I expect from myself and there’s only one person to level that blame on. And that’s me.

Admitting it out loud is hard to stomach.

[ CM Punk ] I’ve been my own worst enemy and tonight was no different, but you know what? That ends.


[ CM Punk ] From this moment onward, from now until the day SGW closes its doors, you’re going to see a new CM Punk. You’re going to see a man who will no longer accept the status quo. You’re going to see the return of the REAL CM Punk, not the version of him that’s been on cruise control. I know what I have to offer. I know what’s in the tank. I say over and over that I’m the best. No longer will those claims won’t ring hollow, they’ll ring truer than they ever have.

Humbled, Punk continues.

[ CM Punk ] I’ve not lived up to my potential and it pisses me off. That all changes. SGW Championship Committee, give me your best shot at the next show. It’s time to prove my worth and remind everyone.. And myself.. Why I truly am the best.. In the world.

Creating a tight shot, the camera adjusts to the perfect angle to show Punk’s worn, tired eyes.

[ CM Punk ] Consider this the CM Punk Revival Tour.

Punk crosses his arms into his signature ‘X’ pose as we return to ringside.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

All six men are battling in the ring and Mike Chioda doesn’t have a chance to even try to restore order. Team Tremendous is setting the tone early, desperately wanting their titles back. The ring is cleared of both Trent? and Chuck Taylor thanks to stereo clotheslines from the former champions. Ilja Dragunov rushes at them but gets back body dropped over the top! Bill Carr climbs to the top and dives onto the three men on the floor! The fans are loving it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an explosive start to the Tag Team Championship match!

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at that fat ass fly!

Dan Barry looks to join outside but he forgot about someone.. Low-Ki. He turns to hit the ropes and Low-Ki drops him with a rolling kick and Barry is OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One shot, one kill from Low-Ki! This one is ova’!

Low-Ki covers but Orange Cassidy rolls in and breaks it up with the softest kick you’ve ever seen. Insulted, Low-Ki jumps up and roars in Orange Cassidy’s face, not phasing him in the slightest. Orange Cassidy slides his hands in his pockets and stares down Low-Ki.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well boys, we’re about to watch a fuckin’ murder! The little man is gonna’ kill Pockets and I can’t wait!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Orange Cassidy is savin’ his friends’ match by sacrificin’ himself for the cause!

Low-Ki tries a kick but Cassidy ducks with a dive. He dives again, dodging another kick. Low-Ki tries stomping him on the ground but OC kips up, still with his hands in his pockets. Low-Ki is furious! But it’s short-lived as Bill Carr comes in and picks Cassidy up and dumps him over the top rope! The fans completely turn on Team Tremendous with that act.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The fans are letting Bill Carr have it! They love Orange Cassidy!

[ Scott Steiner ] They’re stupid too!

Carr runs at Low-Ki and Ki dodges a clothesline, handsprings off the ropes and flies back with a kick! He goes up top by Trent? pushes him off, sending Low-Ki crashing hard on the outside. Chuck Taylor tosses Barry back in and Best Friends go to work on Team Tremendous. A Soul Food/Half-and-Half takes Carr down, going to the outside with Dragnunov. The Best Friends see the opportunity and set things up, STRONG ZERO ON DAN BARRY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We’re goin’ to have new champions!

One, two, Ilja Dragunov in at the last second for the save! Dragunov saves the championships for V.E.N.O.M.! TORPEDO MOSCOW ON TRENT?! TORPEDO MOSCOW ON CHUCK TAYLOR! Low-Ki picks Dan Barry up, TORPEDO MOSCOW! Low-Ki grabs him afterwards, KI-KRUSHER! Dragunov clears the ring from anyone else in the vicinity as Low-Ki goes to the top.. KI KRUSHER! One, two, three! Dan Barry never had a chance to kick out of that intense series of offense!

V.E.N.O.M. via PINFALL in 4:38

[ Tony Schiavone ] V.E.N.O.M. makes short work of their opponents in impressive fashion!

As the fans rain boos down on the champions, Christian Michael Jakobi enters the ring with the championships and hands one to Dragunov and one to Low-Ki. Giulia enters as well and all four members of V.E.N.O.M. celebrate in the middle of the ring, their reign of terror continuing despite a hard-fought contest with two fierce challengers. With their first defense in the books, the dangerous team of Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov now look to the future and what teams may rise up and challenge them next.

As V.E.N.O.M.’s theme plays across the arena, we fade into the posh dressing room of Jinny and the House of Highers, where the trio are watching the night’s events unfold.

[ Aliyah ] So much potential for the good D in that match, am I right?

Jinny and Vanessa each cut their eyes to Aliyah, who melts into her chair as the SGW Womens Champion’s glare may as well be projecting flames into her skin. Clearly on edge with her defense looming closer in the evening, Miss Couture bares fangs as only she can.

[ Jinny ] I wonder if your parents could ever forgiven themselves for providing the ignorance-ridden gene pool which gives cause to the muddled dross you speak.

Ouch. Aliyah’s head hangs in sorrow as Jinny stands.

[ Jinny ] I’m stepping into the closet for a moment to take a call…I presume the two of you can continue breathing without my supervision?

The Highers nod simultaneously as Borne lifts a finger slowly.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Spectacular! Another company seeking an endorsement, I presume.

Jinny rolls her eyes.

[ Jinny ] Listen…I appreciate your seven brain cells working overtime to presume things, but I advise firmly that the two of you keep your combined forces of attention on the Lumberjack Match and allow Jinny to do the Jinny things? Can we all do this? Yes? Excellent.

Jinny rolls her almond-brown eyes again and steps out of the main locker room as Vanessa and Aliyah’s gazes meet.

[ Aliyah ] …she’s…feeling it, huh?

[ Vanessa Borne ] I guess so. You’re right, though, Ali…I could use a date…I’ve been so stressed out lately.

The girls smirk as Orlando pops in the background, plenty of creepy men willing to remove their fedoras to inquire on the availability of openings for said dates.

[ Aliyah ] Me and you both, girl. I just need to have a tough, manly winner pay attention to me for a while.

Many of these groan to themselves and rescind their names from contention.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Mmmmm…someone exotic.

They meet eyes again.

[ Both Highers ] Someone who’s reeeeeally cool!

The Highers giggle to themselves as Orlando pop for their playfulness.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Well, convenient for you two, I’ve got –

The Highers shriek in unison and jump out of their seats, completely unaware that the Million Dollar Man had even stepped into the room.


[ Vanessa Borne ] GET OUT OF HERE, YOU OLD PERV!

DiBiase rattles his finger around in his ear, shaking his hearing back to operation and continues.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …that’s better. As I was saying, it’s convenient for you two, because I’ve got an offer to make.

The fans pop huge as Aliyah and Vanessa look at one another back and forth before starting to speak.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Well, listen to the offer, at least, girls…Shayna!

DiBiase waves behind him and Shayna Baszler steps into the room, her miserable mood a seeming newly permanent feature on her face. She looks at DiBiase and breathes hard through her nose, spreading an arm to her side.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Presenting…your dates…

Orlando is nuclear as Los Ice Creams step into the room, dressed to the nines and beyond. Hijo is wearing a pistachio-colored suit and Junior’s is bubble-gum pink. The duo push ahead, nudging by Shayna and standing on either side of DiBiase, whose eyebrows are jumping like a Destiny’s Child hit.

[ Ted DiBiase ] See?! What’d I tell ‘ya? You said tough, manly winners…

The Ice Creams flex their muscles and Orlando roar as Aliyah’s face sneers in disgust.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …exotic!

Hijo leans in carefully and speaks in his high-pitched voice.

[ El Hijo del Ice Cream ] Mi pene es como un King Cone ... está congelado. ¡Pero también! ¡Es un manjar delicioso que te encantará en tu boca!

Eagle-eared Hispanics and hispanohablantes in the audience pop massively as DiBiase speaks again.

[ Ted DiBiase ] What a gentleman! And yes, you already know…they’re cool! So cool in fact, they’re ICE CREAM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Vanessa holds up a hand as Orlando’s level of noise threatens to blow the roof off the Amway Center.

[ Vanessa Borne ] …yeah…but they’re weird as all hell!

Los Ice Creams’ heads sink as Orlando boo and awe for them. DiBiase looks at the Highers sternly and speaks again.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Now girls…my men…my Dairy Deviants…they like you two very, very much…

As he speaks, the Million Dollar Man pulls out a sheet of paper from inside his jacket, holding it carefully in front of his chest to not let the Ice Creams see. The crumbled sheet reads “I WILL PAY YOU $100,000 TO GO OUT WITH THEM” and Orlando explodes finally as DiBiase carries on.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …so PLEASE…reconsider? They’d love to take you out on the town, ladies!

Aliyah and Vanessa’s eyes are saucer-sized and their mouths fall open before looking to one another, back and forth from the Ice Creams to each other. Eventually Shayna steps forward and holds her own sheet of paper up above the Ice Creams’ heads.


Vanessa looks off, to the closet where Jinny is currently on the phone, before looking back at Aliyah.

[ Vanessa Borne ] …I…I can’t…

[ Aliyah ] …it’s just…too good an offer.

They sigh deeply as the Ice Creams tap their fingers together eagerly.

[ Both Highers ] …deal.

Orlando pops massively as Los Ice Creams leap up, pumping their fists. They each take a Higher by the arm and stroll through the door of the locker room as DiBiase looks to Baszler and speaks, proudly.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …like I say, Shayna…everybody has a price.

Baszler groans as the pair exit the room. A moment later, Jinny steps through the closet door and into the locker room, looking down at her phone as she speaks.

[ Jinny ] Before you dribble it out, yes, I will accept your apologies, but just know – I need you to be focused tonight! It’s the three of us versus the wor—

Jinny looks up into an empty dressing room as Orlando roars again. Her eyes grow wide and she swallows silently as we fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

In a contest named for their uncle, Marshall and Ross Von Erich hit the ring, visually stirring images of Kerry himself, double-teaming Brian Cage like a pair of Texas Tornadoes as the match kicks off in exciting fashion.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here we go, guys – this one is going to be crazy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s already there, Tony! Here comes Sammy Guevara to crash the Von Erich plans!

Sure enough, Guevara cuts off Ross with a big double axe handle, smashing him with another two of the same strike before turning and lighting up Marshall with a big punch of his own. Cage shakes off the double teaming and charges, clotheslining Ross over the top rope before Deus Ex Machina double team Marshall, stomping him over and over like rabid animals!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Like a pack of wolves, Tony – Deus Ex Machina are operating with clear intentions of victory in their movements.

[ Scott Steiner ] I like this jacked up sunnavabitch – what’s his deal, John Bonham?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Scott, I don’t mean to be secretive, but perhaps you should learn from watching – all I’ll say is, they call him….’CAAAAAAAAAGE!’

Rick Knox rushes to check on Ross, who is still down on the floor – but inside the ring, it’s not looking great for Marshall, either! Cage has him held in a stalled vertical suplex as Guevara scoots to the apron and leaps, springboarding with a 360 before splashing with a cross body and driving Marshall into the mat with a beautiful double-team maneuver! Guevara covers – but Marshall’s up at one!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You can’t deny the heart of these Von Erich boys, guys.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It certainly seems as though they’ve had a great string of luck thus far in their SGW careers – and I’m not talking about victories! They’ve quite literally avoided permenant, serious injury in some cases!

[ Scott Steiner ] Comes in their DNA, I surmise!

Ross begins crawling across the apron, looking to provide assistance to his brother, but Cage is quick to stop that notion, stomping the Texan to the arena floor as Sammy Guevara talks smack into another camera. Marshall’s up quickly, though! He blasts Cage from behind with a running attack, sending them both to the floor in a heap with Ross! The Von Erichs continue their tandem assault on the Machine, giving him rights and lefts and generally stunning the big man until –

[ Tony Schiavone ] MY WORD! MY GOD!



Sammy Guevara’s death-defying springboard 450 Splash from the top rope to the floor wipes out all four men as the Orlando crowd explodes with excitement. “The Spanish God” is the first to his feet and pumps his fists before flexing aggressively at a young woman at ringside.

[ Scott Steiner ] I respect the hustle, little man, but your ass needs to put these unlucky Texas shits away and worry about the freaks after the bell’s rang!

Finished with his flirting, Sammy hurls Ross Von Erich under the bottom rope and into the ring, sliding in after his opponent and running ahead, beautifully executing a standing Shooting Star Press! Guevara covers – ONE! TWO! TH—NO! ‘Only a two,’ says Referee Rick Knox!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I know you’ve been impressed with Cage, Scott, but Guevara is an incredible athlete in his own right! He’s probably in the top five fliers in all of SGW as of right now!

[ Scott Steiner ] He’s got the flips, all right, but let’s see the kid fuckin’ finish someone before we give him all that high praise!

Sammy begins lifting Ross from the mat, but Marshall is in and dropkicks Guevara to the canvas himself! After helping his brother up, the Von Erichs shoot Guevara into the ropes – and connect with a double hip toss!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big time double team!


Cage slides into the ring and charges the brothers – Marshall leapfrogs him and Ross pushes him past, sending him through the ropes and clocking his head on the ringpost with a mighty gonging noise! Cage slumps through the ropes and hits the floor in a heap as the brothers reconvene in center ring –

[ Tony Schiavone ] Guevara’s flying again!

Sammy soars through the air with a big cross body, looking to take both brothers out, but they move at the last second and Guevara splats onto the canvas! Ross scoops the smaller opponent up and positions him – and Marshall applies the Iron Claw! He holds it on, wrenching on Sammy’s head before—

[ Nigel McGuinness ] IRON! CLAW! DRIVERRR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s their move! Ross’ got the cover – and MARSHALL DOGPILES ON, TOO!



Orlando pops as Ross and Marshall come off of Guevara and embrace, having earned a measure of revenge on the young man birthed of a jackal!

[ Tony Schiavone ] ANOTHER impressive win for the Von Erich brothers, guys!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, but I think both teams have made an impact tonight – you don’t rough up and nearly beat a team like the Von Erichs twice and have nothing to show for it, in my books!


Before long, Cage yanks Guevara out of the ring and the pair angrily stomp up the aisle, nearly smashing Charly Caruso on their way. The effervescent announcer enters the ring, smiling, and begins to interview the victorious Von Erich brothers.

[ Charly Caruso ] Marshall, Ross – another impressive victory for you boys here tonight! What’s on your mind after compiling a winning streak in such a competitive division?

The Von Erichs look around the arena happily before Marshall saddles up to Charly and answers.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Well, you beautiful thing, you, I’m happy to tell’ya! Ya’see, Ross’n’me? We’ve worked hard to earn respect here in SGDubbaya and I think we’ve done that well. So now, Charly?

Marshall lifts his eyebrows and nods as Ross leans in to the mic.

[ Ross Von Erich ] We’re calling out the SGW World Tag Team Champions! V.E.N.O.M.! You boys have run roughshod with those belts long enough – and now, these good ‘ole Texas boys are ready to have y’all put up…or shut up!

[ Charly Caruso ] Well, folks, there you have it! The Von Erich brothers are seeking a shot at the SGW World Tag Tea—

Marshall leans back in.

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Pardon me, ma’am…but there’s no seekin’ to it! We been seekin’ it – and now, we’re demandin’ it! We earned it – and we’re ready to see if V.E.N.O.M. can hush us up!

Marshall and Ross high-five and exit the ring as Charly smiles at them, chuckling to herself.

[ Charly Caruso ] Forgive me, fans, the Von Erich brothers are DEMANDING a shot at the SGW World Tag Team Championships! When or if they’ll receive this match is yet to be seen, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the latest news and updates as they arrive right here at SGW Supremacy!

Charly smiles and we cut to the Von Erich brothers, hands raised in victory as we fade to the back.

An immediate cut backstage shows the SGW Tag Team Champions, Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov, watching the ending of the Von Erichs’ post-match interview with great interest. Their expressions show interest but they’re not impressed.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Ah yes, The Von Erichs.

Christian Michael Jakobi enters the scene with a cup of coffee. He stands in the center of his clients with Giulia by his side.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] The brothers fight strong, with honor and pride. They want to do right by their family name.

He gently blows the rising steam off of his coffee before taking a small sip.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] If they want a shot at the championships, then who are we to decline?

Jakobi looks at the Von Erichs celebrating in the ring. Low-Ki and and Dragunov look back at their advisor.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] With the demise of the Best Friends and Team Tremendous tonight, we will require fresh competition.

His lips yield a confident smile.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] If this is what they want, then we will give them just that. They will learn that their wish for a championship opportunity can be granted, but it will come at a price.

Low-Ki and Dragunov look on as Jakobi continues his calm, monotone declaration.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] A very painful price. Gentlemen, tonight, we celebrate.. But prepare, for we will see them very, very soon with a message in response to their welcomed challenge.


Elsewhere in the Amway Center, we get a tight shot of Keith Lee, who is seated in a folding chair with a black towel draped across his head and shoulders. He’s slowly removing the tape from his wrists and flexing his fingers as he decompresses from the Gold Rush Match earlier in the night.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, the very-impressive Keith Lee has done a lot to make his name in his short stint in Solid Gold Wrestling thus far, one of the most prominent notes on his record, though, MUST be his impressive performance in the Gold Rush Match for the SGW Intercontinental Championship earlier tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can sense the level of competitor that Lee is, gentlemen – look at his body language! He’s absolutely seething that he isn’t going home with the Intercontinental Championship tonight.

Lee breathes in and out deeply and slowly turns his head slightly to the right.

[ Keith Lee ] …what?

The crowd pre-emptively pops as the camera zooms out to reveal Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart, clad in a SGW Hockey Jersey and jean shorts, hair pulled back in a ponytail, as is his custom.

[ Scott Steiner ] Oh, great, what’s this old bastard want?!

Hart swallows and smirks.

[ Bret Hart ] Keith. Can I have a word with you, please?

Orlando pops as Lee stands, inching higher than Bret as he reaches his full height. Bret’s warm expression hasn’t left his face.

[ Bret Hart ] Thank you. Now listen, Keith…we all see a whole lot in you on the Championship Committee. We’re very excited to have you on this roster of talent. I don’t want you to get down on yourself any at all after tonight’s match.

Lee hasn’t moved an inch and is standing still, listening carefully to the Hitman’s words.

[ Bret Hart ] It’s tough, ya’know. I know better than anybody what it feels like to go out there in the SGW ring and lose a championship. In fact, I’ve lost a lot of them myself in the past…

Hart chuckles to himself as Lee finally turns to face him.

[ Keith Lee ] With all due respect, Hitman…this one’s my first shot at a championship. This one’s gonna sting…

Lee shrugs the towel off his shoulders and it hits the chair behind him as the Orlando fans pop. He lifts his chin, sensing this energy and closes his eyes a moment before finishing his thought.

[ Keith Lee ] But you…and the Championship Committee…have nothing at all to worry about. I know who I am…I know what I can do. I’m keenly aware of the quality of opponent in Solid Gold Wrestling and respect the grind…I respect this process.

Bret nods, understanding.

[ Keith Lee ] But you all on the Championship Committee should and know and respect something about me, too…I know this roster is stacked, top-to-bottom. I know they’re skilled…but me, Hitman?

The Orlando fans pop again as a smile breaks across the Hitman’s face.

[ Keith Lee ] …I’m Limitless. I know my time is coming. I’m unconcerned with the when, even though it stings that it isn’t tonight.

Bret pats Lee on the shoulder as the big man continues.

[ Keith Lee ] Chris Jericho…Steve Corino…they’re on borrowed time. And when their time runs out? They’ll be the ones needing a talkin’-to when they see that I’m the type of man to win a championship…and then never lose it again.

The two men shake hands as Orlando roars in the affirmative.

[ Bret Hart ] Now that’s what I like to hear. You have a good evening, Keith.

[ Keith Lee ] Likewise.

As Hart steps through the door, Lee sits down and rips off the final piece of his tape, looking ahead with a determined look in his eyes as we fade away.

Returning back to the ringside area, we find Justin Roberts in the ring holding a microphone.

[ Tony Schiavone ] How about another championship match, guys?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is goin’ to be a good one! The Real World Championship is on the line! This is a validation moment for both men. One needs to prove the title’s worth while the other needs to prove he’s worthy of the opportunity!

The lights in the arena go down.

“Wrestling has more than one royal family.”

“Kingdom” hits and plays through most of the first verse until Cody Rhodes appears from the back with Brandi Rhodes by his side to a thunderous response from the fans. Cody is wearing gray and purple ring gear with a black, sleeveless shirt. Brandi is in a Nightmare Family t-shirt and a black skirt. The two kiss at the top of the ramp and slap hands with the fans down the ramp. Cody is fired up, jumping to the top rope and waving his arms, pumping the fans up even more.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’ve said it many, many times. I’ve been a family friend of this family for nearly 40 years, guys, and what Cody’s done since The Brotherhood dissolved in February. He’s become one of the go-to guys in this company. Tonight, he could become champion!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh great.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] ...What?

Cody and Brandi kiss again inside the ring and Cody rips his shirt down the middle and then throws it into the crowd. Then, the opening sequence of “The Final Countdown” hits and the mood in the arena changes instantly. After a lengthy delay, Danielson finally appears from the back as the chorus of the song begins. He makes a slow walk to the ring, the Real World Championship shining brightly around his waist, and a smug look on his face lets you know the confidence going into this match. He stops at the end of the ramp and throws his arms in the air and belts out, “BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!” The fans drown him out in boos. He turns his back from the ring and his attention is now on a fan in the front row. After a few seconds of trading barbs, he turns around and CODY RHODES DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE, COLLIDING WITH DANIELSON! The fight is on!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody Rhodes wasting no time!

Cody picks Danielson up and sends him into the ring post! Danielson keeps pushing Cody away, trying to create separation, but the challenger keeps the pressure on, even ripping the title belt off and striking Danielson in the back with it! Danielson finally makes his way into the ring with Cody following right behind. Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There were no ring introductions, no pageantry, nothin’ of the sort in this one!

Danielson is on his knees begging for mercy as Cody cocks his fist back. The fans are encouraging Cody, but a moment of hesitation costs him, as Danielson hits him low and rolls him up! One, kick out! Danielson uses the shift in momentum to his advantage, slowing the challenger’s flurry. A butterfly suplex and a stiff knee to the temple staggers Cody and Danielson sees an opportunity. He locks Rhodes’ arms with his legs and begins leveling him with MMA Elbows! One after one after one!

[ Scott Steiner ] THIS SHIT IS OVER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody’s in trouble!

The elbows continue but Cody starts shaking them off! The more Danielson hits him the more fired up Cody gets! He breaks an arm free and is able to block the final attempt, dragging Danielson to the mat, CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Danielson quickly grabs the ropes and goes outside. Cody gets to and hits the ropes, HE DIVES BUT DANIELSON THROWS BRANDI IN FRONT OF HIM! CODY DESTROYS BRANDI! Danielson hops back into the ring, climbs to the top, FRONT FLIP ON TOP OF CODY TO THE OUTSIDE!


Danielson rolls back inside as Aubrey has no choice but to start the ten count. Cody finally comes to as Aubrey hits seven, but then sees Brandi holding her neck on the floor next to him. He checks on her but she begins screaming for him to get back inside.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aubrey is at eight! Nine!

At 9.99 Cody dives back into the ring and Danielson attacks with vicious stomps! He grabs Cody’s arms and begins stomping on Cody’s face, busting his nose in the process. Cody manages to roll over and lock Danielson’s legs with his own, creating a drop toe hold of sorts and sends Danielson down. Cattle Mutilation! Cody Rhodes has applied Danielson’s own move! Cody quickly rolls them both over and locks Danielson’s arms, MMA ELBOWS OF HIS OWN! Danielson locks his legs around the bottom rope to create a break.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is what a World title match is all about! Both men want to be the best!

Cody springs off the ropes as Danielson gets to his feet - Disaster Kick! One, two, thre- no! Last second kick out! Cody collapses on the mat, knowing that it was so close. Danielson and Cody are both back to their feet and have a face off. Cody shoves Danielson and Danielson fires back with a slap that echoes throughout the arena! Cody slaps Danielson and Danielson slaps him again! The two alpha dogs plant their foreheads against one another and trade trash talk. Danielson shoves Cody back and delivers a stiff forearm smash to the base of the jaw! Cody returns! They begin rapid-fire trading blows and the fans are coming unglued! Both Cody and Danielson stagger back, weak-legged. Danielson attempts a rolling elbow but Cody counters into a snap powerslam!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is the damndest thing I’ve eva’ seen! They’re perfectly matched!

Cody drags Danielson up, CROSS RHODES! One, two, kick out! Cody wastes no time and jumps to the middle rope as Danielson drags himself up, CODY CUTTER! One, two, kick out! Cody picks Danielson up, SMALL PACKAGE BY DANIELSON! ONE, TWO, NO! Danielson swings but Cody counters again, CROSS RHODES! Cody maintains the hold! A THIRD CROSS RHODES!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cover him, Cody!

Having used all of his energy for the moves, Cody is spent. Danielson is out cold on the mat himself. Aubrey begins counting both men out with both still on their backs. Danielson comes to first and rolls out of the ring and takes his title belt from the timekeeper. Cody pulls himself up in time to see Danielson jumping over the guardrail and waving the match off. Aubrey is counting but Cody is begging her to stop.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson, that clam-digga’! He’s walked out on the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Every time you think bryan Danielson has turned the page, be it against Tim Storm or Cody Rhodes or whomever, he does something despicable like this!

As the count grows, Cody drops to his knees, blood running down his nose, knowing there’s nothing he can do as Danielson disappears in the crowd as Aubrey finally reaches ten. She calls for the bell and “Kingdom” hits. Aubrey raises his arm in the air as Brandi enters the ring.


[ Tony Schiavone ] “REAL” World Champion, my ass!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, it’s justifiable to be upset but let’s not be surprised!

In no mood for celebration, Cody immediately calls for a microphone. Justin Roberts delivers and Cody stands in the center of the ring, dealing with a number of emotions from disappointment to exhaustion to anger.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I joined SGW in late-October and debuted in a dark match on the very first show a week later. I’m undefeated in title matches, yet, there’s barely any memory of my accomplishments here. In my third match, I became Elevation Champion and vowed to become a fighting champion. I did what nobody else would. I offered Jimmy Havoc five more minutes so we didn’t end in a draw and I lost my title. Did I get a rematch? Nope. Jimmy Havoc’s had main event after main event and I’ve stood still.

He wipes the blood from his nose and wipes it on his tights.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Then my brother screws us out of the Tag Team Championships. No fault of my own there, but thanks to my work, the tag team division is flourishing better than even the days when Edge and Christian reigned! I work hard and get a third title match, this time against Ruby Riott. I win the match, yet, here’s Ruby Riott defending the Limitless Championship against Juventud Guerrera tonight.

Cody leans on the top rope as Brandi rubs his back. There’s simply no hiding the frustration.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I had to take it upon myself to challenge for this match tonight because SGW sure as hell wasn’t going to break their necks booking Danielson real challenges. Since they couldn't get James Ellsworth to fight him, they let me challenge, I guess. Fourth time’s the charm, right? Right? SGW has let their “real” World Champion walk out on a goddamn pay-per-view, screwing me and all of its fans! Again, I win a title match and have no title to show for it. This has to be some kind of a record.


[ Cody Rhodes ] I was brought up to work hard. I was told the harder you work, the more opportunities would come. Yet, in SGW, it seems the harder you work, the more of the shaft you get. I didn’t get a chance to compete in 12 Large to become World Champion. I sure as hell wasn’t placed into the WrestleBrawl match. Nah. BECAUSE MY SPOT WAS TAKEN BY VINCE RUSSO! BY JEFF JARRETT! BY PEOPLE WHO AREN’T EVEN ON THE ACTIVE ROSTER! I’ve sat back and been a good soldier. I’ve been on-time, consistent, and deadly in this ring, there are people who don’t deserve their spots getting title matches hand over fist!

Cody takes a deep breath and collects himself. He’s gone a little too far but there’s no return.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I get praise from the people in charge, the boys in the back, the fans online. Every show, I’m here. I do the work and it’s not just a catchphrase, it’s a lifestyle! This “win” tonight is as hollow as Danielson’s case for being a World Champion. I’ve not lost in nearly four months, yet, I’m as lost in the shuffle as a newcomer or a trouble-maker. If you’ve waited to see if Cody Rhodes is real or if he’s committed, then your wait is over because I assure you, The American Nightmare is as real as it gets! Every obstacle I’ve faced, I’ve overcome. Every bad apple placed in front of me, I’ve beaten! Every challenge, I’ve met head on without uttering a word!

Cody turns and looks deep into the camera.

[ Cody Rhodes ] So if you think the more adversary that gets dumped on Cody Rhodes will make me give up my quest, think again. I will be SGW World Champion! I will not give up! I will not be sidelined any longer! I have my eye on the REAL SGW Championship, the one Jimmy Havoc and Val Venis fought over tonight! The one Bret Hart validated 21 years ago! The one that MATTERS!

Huge crowd pop.

[ Cody Rhodes ] The thicker the glass that gets installed on the ceiling above my head, the sweeter it’ll be when I crash through it and fulfill my destiny as a leader, as a legend, as a CHAMPION!

Cody drops the mic as the fans roar. He and Brandi exit the ring as we switch to the back.

Judas Mesias storms through the backstage area with no destination in particular. He stops and stares at Danhausen, who is minding his own business, flipping through a magazine.

[ Judas Mesias ] I challenge you!

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen has already competed. I almost won the Intercontinentalhausen Championship!

[ Judas Mesias ] Meet me in the ring.. For pain!

Danhausen looks around, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head.

[ Danhausen ] I have already told you! I’ve already competed!

Darby Allin passes by while riding a skateboard.

[ Danhausen ] Him! Go ask him!

[ Judas Mesias ] You want to be a demon? You will meet the undead in the ring!

[ Danhausen ] Look at him! He has a skeleton painted on his face! He’s PERFECT for you! Danhausen is very busy.

Judas Mesias turns his attention to Darby Allin, who does a kickflip while minding his own business.

[ Judas Mesias ] I challenge you to an inferno match!

[ Darby Allin ] Pass.

Darby puts his board down and skates off into the distance. As the camera pans over, Danhausen sees Apollo Crews and Virgil.

[ Danhausen ] Guys! Go fight Judas Mesias.

[ Virgil ] How much is he paying, clown?

[ Danhausen ] I’m not a clown! I’m Danhausen! Very nice, very evil!

[ Virgil ] Unless he got that fuck money, we ain’t doin’ shit. We’re goin’ to the Olive Garden.

[ Apollo Crews ] You fight ‘em.

[ Danhausen ] I’ve already competed! How hard is it to understand?

Bryan Danielson comes into the scene, sweating profusely, out of breath, but still clutching his championship.

[ Danhausen ] Oh good! Someone to validate this moment!

[ Bryan Danielson ] Screw you!

Danielson pie-faces Danhausen to the ground! Standing in the middle of all of these moving parts, Danielson makes a declaration.


AJ Gray walks in unimpressed.

[ AJ Gray ] The fans deserved a clean finish to that, man.

[ Bryan Danielson ] “Deserved?” Cody Rhodes is a joke! The fans are a joke! YOU, you are a joke! You all have deserved nothing! Nobody has EARNED anything like I have! I’ve EARNED this championship and I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt who the REAL SGW World Champion is!

Danielson scoffs at the sight of AJ Gray.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Nice face.

He snarls.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Prick.

Danielson holds his title high as everyone around looks on in disgust of Danielson’s boisterous claims. He’s lived to fight another day as Real World Champion, but he’s not come close to earning the respect of his peers.

[ Judas Mesias ] Fight me in a death match. Put your title on the line.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Go fight Danhausen because you'll NEVER be worthy enough to step into the ring with the REAL World Champion!

The camera pans over to Danhausen, who throws his magazine in the air and shrugs.


The scene fades.

Before the next match begins, the camera pans around the ringside area and we get a look at something quite unexpected. Sitting right in the front row, center of the aisle... is The Miz and Maryse! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, it's The Miz and his wife, Maryse! There's been rumors that these two have signed SGW contracts... but I think this confirms it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And I'm just now receiving word through my headset, Tony! The Miz is set to debut in two weeks at So-Called Rivals! Scheduled to appear one on one against a man who was victorious earlier tonight... AJ GRAY!

[ Scott Steiner ] As long as he's bringin' that MILF with him, I don't care who he's in the ring against! Not gonna lie, though, he looks pretty stupid with that haircut!

We focus back on the ring as our next matches gets underway!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans don't know what to think as this match begins. Kris Statlander stands across the ring, full of intensity, from the entirety of Dr. Cube's Army... officially in the match, we see Hikaru Shida, Shoko Nakajima, Nurse Ratchet, and Dr. Cube himself. At ringside, we see Tucor and Dusto Bunny, shuffling around and chirping and chittering at one another.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is certainly one of the most bizarre match-ups we've ever seen in Solid Gold Wrestling! And this is coming from a man who sat ringside while John Travolta wrestled in a speedo, covered in baby oil!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it's been a crazy ride since Holiday Hell when all of this started. What we thought was a routine dust-up between The Cube Army and the team of Kris Statlander and Candy Floss... well, it's turned into something far more than we ever imagined!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, a buncha' outlaw bullshit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We've seen the return of Tom Cruise, the unfortunate demise of Tom Cruise! The transformation of Tommaso Ciampa into Tucor! We've seen Tucor enslaved by Dr. Cube! Freed from Dr. Cube! Enslaved again by Dr. Cube! The transformation of Candy Floss into Dusto Bunny... as well the idea that we might get to see Tom Cruise marry Barbie Blank right here at Supremacy!

[ Scott Steiner ] R.I.P., you beautiful bitch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But what it all comes down to... is this! Kris Statlander, the Galaxy's Greatest Alien... and maybe, now... the Galaxy's Last Great Hope! Across the ring from her, Dr. Cube and his malicious minions! Four on one, if you only count the competitors IN the match! What's at stake? Well, I truly... don't really know. Real Ultimate Power is what it's called... what it is, what it can do... I... I don't know the limitations of it. We've witnessed it do some truly horrible things, and why Dr. Cube doesn't just use it to blink Kris Statlander out of existence like Tom Cruise... or transform her into one of his mindless drones, I don't know!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm sure there's some highly convoluted rules to the Real Ultimate Power that we're simply not privy to, Tony.

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! This shit is ridiculous! Just send the fuckin' asteroid already if this is what we're really puttin' on SGW television! I remember when me 'n Gangrel were tyin' up and people thought that shit was too extreme 'cause he was pourin' blood all over the place, givin' me blood baths every week like some kinda' blood fetish creepazoid or some shit but that shit? That shit was TAME compared to this happy horseshit! Dr. Cube? Tucor? Galaxy's Greatest fuckin' Alien?! MORE LIKE... MUDSHOW TRASH! Call it the Final Battle for Real Ultimate Power, call it whatever the FUCK you wanna call it! But I calls it like I see it and I call it... THE DEATH... OF THE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLIN' BUSINESS! FUCK DR. CUBE! AND FUCK ANYBODY WHO LIKES THIS SHIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is the end of the line, folks!

As soon as the bell rings, Kris Statlander charges across the ring, but is met halfway by Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima! It's two on one as they try to overwhelm her! Statlander fights back valiantly, swinging away and peppering Shida and Shoko with forearm strikes and knee lifts until they fall away from her! Shoko staggers backward and Statlander runs at her... SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Statlander kips back up and Shida charges at her! Statlander executes a MATRIX EVASION and Shida turns right into a PELE KICK! Both Big Kaijus roll out of the ring and Statlander turns and points at Cube and Ratchet! Cube points at Statlander and Ratchet advances on her!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dr. Cube doesn't want any of Kris Statlander! He's siccing his undead dog on 'er!

Statlander charges and nails Nurse Ratchet with a big clothesline! The fans pop huge as Ratchet staggers backward! Statlander stays on her, delivering forearm after forearm until Ratchet is propped up in the corner. Statlander continues blasting away at her until she falls into a seated position! Statlander charges across the ring and nails Ratchet with a CORNER CANNONBALL! The fans cheer loudly! Statlander rolls back to her feet and pulls Ratchet out of the corner by her hair... but Ratchet reaches into her pocket and produces a syringe of viscous green liquid! She tries to stab Statlander with it... but Statlander holds her wrist, shaking with exertion! Shoko and Shida return to the ring and charge at Statlander's rear... but Statlander redirects Ratchet's syringe and it catches Shoko in the arm! SHOKO IS DOWN AND OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Someone get a doctor for Shoko Nakajima! That viscous green liquid is now coursing through her veins!

Ratchet drops the syringe as Shida charges in and goes for a flying knee strike... but Statlander moves and the knee strike nails Nurse Ratchet, knocking her through the ropes to the floor! Shida looks on with wide eyes, surprised by what she's done! Statlander turns around and drills Shida with a series of forearms before clotheslining her over the top rope to the floor! Shida and Nurse Ratchet collect themselves at ringside... just in time for Statlander to leap onto the top rope and fly... 450 SPLASH TO THE FLOOR ON SHIDA AND RATCHET!


Statlander returns to her feet, pumping her fists, full of excitement! The fans are going wild! And then Tucor whips her around! Statlander nails Tucor with a big right hand! Tuctor staggers backward against the ring post and Statlander charges at him! She leaps, plants her foot in the middle of his chest... and BACKFLIPS OFF HIS CHEST! Tucor falls into a seated position as Statlander whips around... and walks right into a BIG CLOTHESLINE FROM DUSTO BUNNY! Statlander goes down hard and looks up at Dusto Bunny in fear! "Earthling Floss! Please! I know you're still in there!" she cries out but Dusto Bunny won't be stopped! Dusto Bunny hoists Kris Statlander up off the mat and tosses her through the ropes, back into the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Dusto Bunny clearly holds no memory of its past life as Candy Floss! It has truly become one of Dr. Cube's soulless monsters!

Kris Statlander returns to one knee and looks out through the ropes at Dusto Bunny, genuinely hurt... but before she can do anything else, Hikaru Shida comes out of nowhere with TAMASHII NO THREE COUNT, blowing up Statlander's face with a running knee strike! Statlander goes down! Dr. Cube saunters in the ring and covers her, a smile on his oversized square head! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans boo loudly as Dr. Cube rises up, shaking his fists and shouting "YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS!" over and over. He gestures toward the back and Cube Soldiers begin filing out. A couple of them hit ringside and collect Shoko Nakajima's limp body before carrying it up the ramp where the stage has begun to separate. Smoke and a light show from somewhere in the bowels of the arena emanate from the gaping hole in the stage! A large, phallic escape tube with a smile face on the tip emerges.

[ Scott Steiner ] Christ! Why won't it stop!

Hikaru Shida and Nurse Ratchet grab a struggling Kris Statlander and guide her toward the escape pod as well. Dr. Cube follows, cackling with glee. The soldiers take Shoko inside the pod, followed by Tucor and Dusto Bunny. However, as they reach the pod, Statlander manages to get free from Shida and Ratchet, keeping them at bay with forearm strikes and brutal kicks! Dr. Cube wanders too close and Statlander grabs him tightly around his torso, dragging him toward the hole in the stage. Dr. Cube struggles with everything he has and the camera catches a glimpse of what lies beneath... a swirling void of bright colors and debris from places in time that we can only imagine!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't know what I'm looking at! What... what is that, Nigel!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm not going t' lie to you, Tony! I have no bloody idea!

Dr. Cube tries his best to shove Statlander off of him but she won't be denied! The face on his oversized head now resembles a squiggly frown as he tries to push her away. Shida looks on with genuine fear in her eyes, refusing to move forward as the lights and smoke begin to billow out of the gaping hole in the stage!

[ Dr. Cube ] No! No, you fool!

[ Kris Statlander ] This is the only way! You must be stopped!

[ Dr. Cube ] You will condemn us both to a fate which no one before has ever known or suffered, alien wretch! You dare threaten to release me from this corporeal form... to trap me inside the Nexus of Reality!? NO! UNACCEPTABLE! I HAVE SEEN HOW THIS STORY ENDS! WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE... IS NOT ONLY IMPROBABLE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

There's a roar from deep beneath the stage... and a single figure launches out of the hole, beaming with cosmic energy and blinding at least a hundred fans in the nearest vicinity.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is that... IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's no way!

[ Scott Steiner ] I thought that son of a bitch was dead!

Tom Cruise emerges like he was launched out of a cannon and lands on the stage next to Dr. Cube and Kris Statlander! The fans pop huge! Tom Cruise wraps his arms around Statlander and Dr. Cube, a wild look in his eyes.


Tom Cruise flashes that movie star grin and... no shit... his teeth sparkle.

[ Tom Cruise ] Nothing is impossible, you son of a bitch!

And then he begins to fall backward, taking them both with him!

[ Tom Cruise ] NOT IF YOU BELIEVE!

Tom Cruise, Kris Statlander, and Dr. Cube fall backward into the hole. The fans are losing their minds as the light show suddenly stops... the smoke stops billowing. The Nexus of Reality has closed! Hikaru Shida looks down into the hole and sees only a basement, hydraulics, wires... nothing otherworldly or uncommon at all. No sign of Statlander, Cube, or Cruise. Nurse Ratchet tilts her head to the side, confused.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What did we just witness?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm no expert, Tony, but I think Kris Statlander and Tom Cruise just made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE in orda' to seal away Dr. Cube and the Real Ultimate Power within this... Nexus of Reality! Whatever that is!

Shida and Nurse Ratchet remain silent as the fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT!" over and over, unable to comprehend what they just witnessed. Suddenly, Dr. Cube emerges from behind the curtain... but not the original Dr. Cube... most likely the Dr. Cube clone from the Supremacy Battle Royal earlier tonight. Shida and Ratchet both look at Cube and then back down into the hole. The new Dr. Cube gestures toward the escape pod.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] Come, ladies. We have much work to do!

The new Dr. Cube climbs into the pod, followed by the very confused Shida and Ratchet. With a rumble, the pod lowers back into the stage and then the stage seals up behind them. Within seconds, everything is as if nothing ever happened.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like Dr. Cube has... already been replaced!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It would seem so... but with the Real Ultimate Power now vanquished once and for all, it would seem as though this new Dr. Cube is... the same as the old Dr. Cube. No more cosmic, God-like crazy... just plain ol' regular crazy!

[ Scott Steiner ] Great! Now let's pretend like none o' this shit ever happened and move on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I hate to say it but... I think Scott has a point!

We fade away as the camera dwells on the stage.

The catering area backstage is relatively empty, save for a table in the center of the room, occupied by Officer Dan Barry and Detective Bill Carr. The two are still in a state of general disarray from the triple-threat Tag Team Championship match earlier in the night and neither man is speaking. Carr is looking at his hands, flat on the table, unwavering, while Barry’s head is tilted back, pointed towards the ceiling.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, you know the former SGW World Tag Team Champions Team Tremendous have to be feeling this loss – they were riding a wave of momentum into tonight’s event and just couldn’t quite recapture the gold.

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s because they’re losers! Look at’em!

Their forlorn expressions stand.

[ Scott Steiner ] SEE! LOSERS!

From off-screen, we hear a commotion approaching and finally, the camera zooms out just as Chuck Taylor comes rambling into the table, throwing back a chair and plopping down in it near Barry. Trent is far more reserved, softly sliding a chair back and sitting beside Carr. Orange Cassidy saunters into the frame to the biggest pop of all, standing silently between the two members of Team Tremendous.


[ Trent ] English.


Trent closes his eyes, speaking slowly and softly.

[ Trent ] …English. Low-Ki speaks English.

Chuck’s face scrunches up and he turns to OC.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Juice, is that right? That can’t be right, is he tellin’ the truth?

Orange replies with a shrug so half-hearted it may as well have never happened.

[ Chuck Taylor ] …well. Shit.

Orlando pops as Taylor uses his one swear word on the evening. He allows his face to fall forwards, smacking the tabletop and finally jarring Barry and Carr. When the good cops finally realize they’re no longer alone, they look around the table before Trent speaks.

[ Trent ] Listen…it’s all been pretty heated lately…and since we’ve noticed, we’re sure you guys have, too…but the tag team division is getting a lot more crowded lately. There’s all kinds of talented teams in the mix now, and we both…I mean…

Trent shrugs.

[ Trent ] …it’d make sense, is all I’m sayin’ if we…

Barry fills in the gaps.

[ Dan Barry ] All went to the back of the line.

A solemn silence spreads across the table.

[ Trent ] …yeah. Exactly.

Nobody says anything for a moment until Orange Cassidy removes a hand from his pocket and slowly slides it on top of Detective Bill Carr’s right hand. Orlando gives a collective ‘awwww’ and Carr finally shifts his gaze to his right hand, then up to Cassidy.

[ Bill Carr ] …well, said, brother. Well said.

Carr puts his left hand on top of Cassidy’s patting it and registering appreciation for the gesture.

[ Dan Barry ] Hey…like you said…there’s a lot more teams around now…and maybe we won’t be GIVEN shots…but we can sure earn them.

[ Trent ] Right. And if we ever get the pleasure of facing you guys again…?

All four members of the two teams lock eyes, totally serious, glaring all around, then smile, breaking the tension.

[ Chuck Taylor ] It’d be a good time.

[ Bill Carr ] Definitely.

Before much more can happen, a MASSIVE chair shot connects with Dan Barry, sending him flying into Orange Cassidy! Carr and Chuck stand up – but Brian Cage clotheslines them both to the floor, immediately stomping them both with reckless abandon!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What in the world is this?! Deus Ex Machina! They’re attacking both Team Tremendous and the Best Friends!

Trent climbs to the top of the table and leaps for Cage, but Sammy Guevara swings the steel chair again, blasting Trent down and sending him through the table to the floor! Cage screams out in fury as Trent lands – but Orange Cassidy is up! He very slowly, very weakly kicks Cage in the calf, then readies his other leg for another kick – but Cage PLOWS through him with a massive clothesline!


Cage isn’t finished, and grabs OC by the denim jacket, pulling him to his feet as Guevara screams encouragement! The Machine lifts Cassidy above his head in a Military Press – and tosses him about six feet through another craft table! OC smashes through a platter of cold cuts and halved bread loafs as he hits the concrete below.

[ Sammy Guevara ] …yeah! You guys stand around and buddy up all you want, but we’re not takin’ this layin’ down stuff so easy! We ain’t eatin’ no damn sandwiches, we ain’t gettin’ left in the dust – this is our division and we’re takin’ it by force! GODS IN THE MACHINE, YOU KNOW!

Sammy smacks Cage on the chest as the big man cracks the tiniest of smirks and the two leave the scene, the former two contending teams left in their wake, as we fade.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

The match is non-stop action as Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox rush Sasha Banks and Bayley as soon as the bell rings! All four women begin brawling with Tegan taking Sasha and Dakota taking Bayley to opposite corners! Aubrey Edwards tries to maintain order but there's no way! She can't do it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And we're off to the races! It's the Boss 'n Hug Connection versus the returning Team Kick and there's certainly no love lost between these four ladies!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And how could there be? The Boss 'n Hug Connection almost ended the career of Dakota Kai en route to becoming the new SGW Twinstar Champions!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's no secret that Dakota had some severe medical difficulties stemming from that match... but she's been fully cleared and she's back for revenge!

Dakota Kai kicks away at Bayley in the corner before running a lap around the ring and kicking her face into the third row with a DRIVE BY KICK! The impact sends Bayley tumbling over the top rope to the floor! On the other side of the ring, Tegan Nox dumps Sasha Banks to the floor! Bayley and Sasha find each other at ringside and assure one another that they're gonna be okay... just in time to get wiped out by a STEREO SUICIDE DIVES FROM TEAM KICK!

[ Scott Steiner ] These bitches mean business! God damn!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This isn't just about the titles! This is about giving Bayley and Sasha the comeuppance that they deserve!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I should also note that, when I spoke to Team Kick earlier tonight, they did say they were dedicating this match to Hana Kimura, whom they befriended just a few weeks before Dakota's unfortunate injury put the team on the shelf!

Tegan and Dakota both pull Sasha and Bayley to their feet. Tegan whips Sasha into the rail and follows her in... only to have Sasha backdrop her into the front row! Dakota rolls Bayley under the bottom rope and follows her in! Sasha turns to pull Tegan back to her feet. She hooks her and tries to suplex her back into the ringside area but Tegan blocks it and forearms Sasha right in the face! Sasha takes a few steps back, favoring her jaw, and Tegan climbs onto the rail and nails her with a FLYING FOREARM OFF THE RAIL!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a move!

Dakota Kai sizes Bayley up, waiting on her to stand. Bayley slowly gets to her feet and Dakota scoops her up! She goes for TTYL but Bayley slips out behind her and pushes her forward into the ropes. She tries to pull her back into a pinning predicament but Dakota hangs onto the top rope and Bayley rolls backward and then back to her feet! Dakota and Bayley charge at each other and begin trading forearms as the fans go wild! At ringside, Tegan goes to pull Sasha to her feet but Sasha grabs her tights and pulls her down head first into the ring steps! Tegan goes limp and Sasha begins bullying Justin Roberts for the ring bell! She snatches it away from the table next to him and starts to slide under the bottom rope with it... but she's stopped by AZM AND STARLIGHT KID!


Sasha takes a deep breath and puts the ring bell down on the apron before bitch slapping Starlight Kid and pie facing AZM! Sasha looks pissed and shouts "YEAH! THAT'S WHAT A BOSS DOES--" but gets drop kicked in the back by Tegan Nox! Sasha eats the ring post and falls flat on her back, looking devastated at this turn of events! Inside the ring, Bayley takes over on Dakota Kai with a knee lift and goes to run the ropes... but Tegan catches her ankle! Bayley stops and looks down at Tegan, furious! "DON'T TOUCH ME, I'M A CHAMPION--" but Dakota spins her around, hoists her up... and delivers TTYL! The impact sends Bayley right back up to her feet, out of it! Dakota brings her back in and hooks her...

She's going for a TIGER LILY in tribute to Hana Kimura but she can't get Bayley up! Bayley locks her legs and then spins out of the hold, catching Dakota Kai around the waist... BAYLEY TO BELLY! Both women are down! Tegan Nox starts to slide back into the ring but Sasha catches her ankle and pulls her back out of the ring! She whips Tegan into the ring steps! Sasha slides back into the ring as Dakota and Bayley both struggle to return to their feet. Sasha runs up behind Dakota... LUNG BLOWER! The impact sends Dakota straight back up into Bayley's arms... BAYLEY TO BELLY! Sasha has already ascended to the top rope and comes down as Bayley rolls off of Dakota Kai! SASHA COMES DOWN WITH THE FROG SPLASH, SHADES OF EDDIE GUERRERO! Sasha immediately rolls back to her feet and dives through the ropes, wiping out Tegan Nox, Starlight Kid, and AZM with a SUICIDE DIVE! Bayley covers Dakota Kai and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!

via PINFALL in 10:41

The fans erupt in boos as Sasha Banks grabs the Twinstar titles and runs up the ramp! Bayley rolls out of the ring and follows her out, looking back at the ring, almost in a panic! As they reach the stage, they both turn around and Sasha holds up both titles with a huge, exasperated smile on her face! Bayley and Sasha have escaped with the titles, by hook or by crook!

The camera flinches as Triple H comes pacing, back and forth, into the frame. He’s ripping at his still-taped wrists. Eventually, “the Game” notices the camera and jabs his index finger at it.

[ Triple H ] Camera – right here. Right now. Get over here. NOW!

The cameraman does as he’s told and stands closer, filming as Hunter finally rips the last strand of tape from his left wrist and flexes it in circles.

[ Triple H ] <to himself> …may not work how I want it to, but I’ll get a damn cameraman over here when I want one.

He cracks his neck and faces the camera head-on, sweat still dripping down his face and chest.

[ Triple H ] Notice how nobody else is here right now? Stephanie…Shawn…they know enough to leave well enough alone with me right now.

Hunter closes his eyes and his lips twitch, clearly still in the zone.

[ Triple H ] That Gold Rush match would have been a simple operation. Organize, execute. Divide, conquer. That sort of stupid thing was made for me…nobody plays this game like I do. But still – I’m choosing instead to focus on the bigger picture. The Gold Rush match doesn't matter in the long run, because sometimes…I get a bit greedy. I want it all… the bigger picture looms.

Hunter jerks his thumb over his shoulder.

[ Triple H ] Remember two weeks ago? When I beat the SGW World Heavyweight Champion Val Venis?

He smirks. It’s harrowing.

[ Triple H ] That entitles me to a guaranteed SGW World Heavyweight Championship match. That means that you’re living on borrowed time, ‘champ.’ It’s high time that I rectified a mistake that’s been in my mind for damn near twenty years…I will win the SGW World Heavyweight Championship. I will right this wrong…I will render all challengers irrelevant…because no one…can touch me.

Shaking his head back and forth, finally tearing the last of the tape from his right wrist, he looks up and speaks again.

[ Triple H ] I am the Game. I always have been. I always will be. If you’ve forgotten, I insist that you stay tuned, because it will be my deepest pleasure to remind you just who in the hell I am.

He points over the cameraman’s shoulder.

[ Triple H ] Out. Go.

The cameraman does as he’s told and we fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Austin shoots out of his corner like a bullet from a gun, lighting Adam Cole up with each right hand! The Panama Playboy’s long hair whips forwards and back with each shot, staggering more as Austin continues the assault, finally knocking Cole to the mat with a big left hook!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Stone Cold Steve Austin is putting a whoopin’ on Adam Cole, best buddy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] For the here and now, Stone Cold’s strategy is sound enough — but I fear it may become more a detrimental one if the match rolls into more a marathon than a sprint.

[ Tony Schiavone ] How do you mean?

[ Scott Steiner ] What George Harrison is trying to say is that Stone Cold’ll get winded — he’s old! Adam Cole’s a pretty boy, but he’s got some of the best wins on the whole damn roster — he can wrestle for hours, and Austin’s gonna wear himself out in three minutes!

Austin is still throwing with all his might, shooting Cole into the ropes and clobbering him with a Lou Thesz Press, raining down heavy blows on the Origin leader for ten or fifteen seconds before standing and lifting a double bird salute to the raucous Orlando crowd — who respond in kind!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s almost like Stone Cold’s going all-or-nothing here, he’s trying to finish this by any means necessary – and however he can!

With Cole on the rebound, doing his best to stand up, Austin whips him into the far ropes and runs with a clothesline cocked, but Cole ducks it and continues running, taking his momentum and turning Stone Cold inside out with a crazy single-leg dropkick! As Austin hits the mat, Cole is already up and stomping his opponent repeatedly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole, despite his disgusting attitude, is one of the finest wrestlers on the entire roster, and he’s doing serious damage to Stone Cold Steve Austin!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Doesn’t look like he’s ready to relinquish control yet either!

With a firm grasp on control and momentum of the contest, Cole applies a figure-four leg lock and torques on Austin’s notoriously bad knee, applying pressure to hold Stone Cold in check on the canvas. Sitting up and laughing, Cole begins wagging his fists in front of his face, pantomiming crying as the Rattlesnake inches backwards on his elbows, wringing for the ropes but unable to make it!

[ Scott Steiner ] Just break this old snake’s leg and call it a day! End his old ass!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Stone Cold isn’t going to quit – he’ll never quit! He never backs down from a fight and always whips ass, Scott!

As Cole leans back to apply pressure, cackling to himself, Austin begins twisting his torso, finally tipping over to his stomach and reversing the pressure! Cole grabs his head, in disbelief that Austin would reverse HIS figure-four and embarrass him. Eventually, the Panama City Playboy releases his hold and the pressure from Austin’s legs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is critical – Cole has to maintain control or else Stone Cold will absolutely execute with whatever opportunity he’s given!

Cole pushes off the mat onto his knees and eventually stands before turning to see Austin, struggling to get to his feet with his knee in as much pain as he’s in currently. Pushing but unable to stand, Stone Cold is at the mercy of one of the most merciless men on the roster – standing only ten feet from him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fight, Steve! Keep fighting!

Austin’s rising from the canvas and lifts his middle finger defiantly, giving Cole a few choice four-letter words — but the Origin Leader replies with a superkick to the hand!! Austin clutches his aching appendage and rises from his knee to escape, but Cole throws another superkick to Stone Cold’s knee, knocking him back to one leg! Measuring the damaged Texan, Cole gives a resounding ‘suck it’ with a crotch chop and fires a third superkick, rattling Austin’s jaw and sending him to the mat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A TRIO OF SUPERKICKS! Stone Cold’s taking them on the chin, but everyone’s armor wears thin eventually!


Cole throws his hair back and smiles wickedly, looking at the downed Rattlesnake before him and stalking to his prey like a Panama City Mongoose. As he arrives to Austin’s side, Cole begins screaming for Stone Cold to prepare to “suck his dick,” but Austin’s faulty hearing kicks in and he instead KICKS Cole’s dick, knocking the Origin leader to the mat with him!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO DAMN HONOR!

As both men lie on the canvas writing about, Austin grabs the bottom rope and starts pulling, doing his best to regain his composure as Cole crawls on his belly across the ring, looking to do the same. Rick Knox begins his count – reaching four as Cole grabs the middle rope and pulls himself to a knee. Breathing deeply, Austin pulls himself to his feet and despite his wobbling knee, screams through the pain in his raspy voice and reaches his feet! Stone Cold beats his weakened knee with a fist, working it back and forth before turning into an Adam Cole right hand!


The pair begin throwing punches back and forth, connecting with bombs back and forth before Cole slings his head forward and headbutts Austin! Stone Cold laughs to himself and throws one of his own! Cole staggers back, hitting the ropes – but explodes out with a clothesline! Austin ducks – dead stop – turn – Cole scoops him up into a vertical suplex, looking to drop Stone Cold head-first onto his knee – but Austin shifts his weight and lands feet-first!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Counters back and forth – who’s going to find the solution?!

Austin throws a kick to the gut – connects! Hooks the head for the stunner, but Cole drops down and school boys Austin over to his knees – KNEE STRIKE FROM ADAM COLE! IT CLATTERS ACROSS AUSTIN’S SKULL!


Cole pulls Stone Cold to his feet and into a piledriver position – before launching himself forwards with a Panama Sunrise piledriver!! Austin’s broken neck is jarred with the disgusting impact and Orlando roars with shock and awe as Cole makes the cover! ONE! TWO! THRE—NO!!


Cole sits up, grabbing his head in sheer fury and smacks the mat over and over before standing, yelling and demanding for Austin to stand up and fight. Stone Cold, full of piss and vinegar, obliges – but Cole throws a big kick to the gut!

[ Scott Steiner ] THIS IS IT!

Cole pulls Austin in again, turning him BACKWARDS and wrapping him in his arms as Austin kicks his legs, doing all he can to break the hold – but Cole continues the lift and PLANTS Austin with the Florida Key German Suplex!! Austin rolls over on his neck, holding it with both hands and absolutely wrecked as Cole shoots off the ropes and connects with the Last Shot!! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

ADAM COLE via PINFALL in 12:34

Cole throws his hand up in victory as Arn Anderson cheers on the outside, thrilled that his man scored the victory. Looking out across the sea of fans, Cole wags his tongue from his head as he reaches his feet and lifts his arms, shouting out “ADAM COLE, BAYB—”



[ Tony Schiavone ] Austin! He’s ready for some revenge!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They’re a mess of fists – and look out! They’re crashing to the outside!

Once the pair hit the floor, fists begin flying again, like no bell or match had decided anything between the pair of former SGW World Heavyweight Champions.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cole and Austin! They’re still brawling up the ramp!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, cause the shit ain’t solved! Easy!

Cole staggers Austin and throws a superkick, but Stone Cold catches it and spins the Origin leader around and clotheslines him down onto the stage! Austin isn’t finished and grabs a handful of hair, pulling Cole over to the curtain and up to smash his face on a video board before the pair disappear through the curtain. With Arn Anderson following closely behind, the commentators are left with plenty of questions.

[ Scott Steiner ] THEY’RE STILL GOIN’!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes, but where in the world TO?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world is happening tonight?!

Eventually, a camera cuts over the screen and we see Austin and Cole brawl through a catering area, smashing one another’s faces on tables and through platters of deli meat before Cole runs over – and gets back body-dropped through a desserts table!

[ Scott Steiner ] WELL, SHIT! I WANTED THAT PIE!

Eventually, Stone Cold grabs Cole and smacks him with a big right hand, knocking him backwards into what appears to be a tiny balcony, seated on the ground for some reason! Austin joins him inside, punching Cole for all he’s worth after their grueling match until –


The Orlando crowd springs to life with the CRANE, lifting Austin and Cole up higher and higher as the dark sheet covering the machine’s cab slowly slides off to reveal –

[ Tony Schiavone ] IT’S SHANE DOUGLAS!


Furious and crimson-faced, Douglas begins screaming at Austin.


Austin throws a hammer from the basket and dents the roof above Franchise’s head to cut off his rampaging diatribe as the pair reach a ledge maybe three stories higher than the ground! Stone Cold turns to attend to his opponent, but Cole leathers him with a toolbox, sending him over the basket and the ledge of the arena floor to safety!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like he went over a stone railing there in the upper floors of this expansive arena, Tony – but I’m quite sure a metal toolbox to the face isn’t the most delightful way to traverse that terrain!

We cut away from Douglas to the commentary team, where each man’s face is written over with confusion.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we’re working overtime to get a camera to the level where Cole and Austin have gotten, but until then, we’re as in the dark as you!

[ Scott Steiner ] Who knows where they’re headed but WHO CARES?! THIS SHIT WAS AN EVERYDAY OCCURRENCE IN THE OLD DAYS! Let them beat the fuck outta each other!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A serious situation, for sure, gentleme—

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’m being told we have visual, go on, go!

We cut back to the back, where Arn Anderson, Britt Baker, Chris Jericho and Steve Corino are frantically mashing the buttons on a service elevator, screaming over one another.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it’s not Austin and Cole, but it looks as if the Origin are on their way to the scene, as well!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HOW IS THAT FAIR?! This is a fair fight, albeit a dangerously reckless one!

[ Scott Steiner ] Speakin’ of, let’s get that fuckin’ shot! Where the hell are they?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They’re going as quickly as possible, Scott!

Finally, a camera snaps on and opens a door, revealing the roof of the Amway Center, where Austin and Cole are still fighting like wild animals! Austin’s knee wobbles slightly and he punches it, but Cole connects with a superkick to stagger the Rattlesnake!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is dangerous! We need help up there to stop this insanity!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell, let ‘em fight! It’s good for ‘em!

As Cole and Austin continue their wild brawling, a door to the roof swings open and Britt Baker screams, running through to survey the fight, flanked by Anderson, Jericho, and Corino. Any edge that the numbers game would ever have added in this scenario for Cole is circumvented as the Panama City Playboy and Stone Cold are too far gone with their brawling to notice the Origin audience who have joined them atop the Amway Center.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This fight has been one for the ages, but where in the world will it end?! If they can’t settle it with all the space they’ve got, it seems like an inexcusable fact that they’re just not going to see eye-to-eye!

Eventually, Cole throws a superkick, but Austin catches it and spins Cole around – looking for the gut kick, but Cole catches it and spins Stone Cold, throwing him forward into –

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT THE HELL?!

A hand emerges from the shadowed part of the roof and wraps around Austin’s neck, strangling the very life from Stone Cold’s body! Eventually, the hand and the person attached to it emerge from the darkness to reveal –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!

[ Scott Steiner ] IT’S THE BIG NASTY!

Sure enough, “Big Nasty” Paul Wight steps ahead, hands practically crushing Austin’s windpipe before lifting him high overhead – and chokeslamming him over the side of the roof of the Amway Center!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] NO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO, MY GOD, NO! LORD HAVE MERCY!


Orlando pops massively before growing eerily silent as Wight stares down into the darkness of the night and nods gruffly before turning his attention to Adam Cole.

[ Tony Schiavone ] RUN, ADAM! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIE, TOO!

Wight throws his hand down, into Cole’s face, and opens it, allowing the Panama City Playboy to accept it and be pullled to his feet, where he smirks and grins, leaping into the Big Nasty’s arms and throwing his hand high in the air, screaming victoriously.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WAIT A MINUTE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wait a damn minute, you’ve got to be kidding me! This cannot be the ca—No! Adam Cole’s recruited the Big Nasty to the Origin?!

Arn Anderson approaches and shakes hands with Wight, bringing him in for a pat on the back as Britt Baker hugs their new associate, thanking him for his help with “this horrible Austin issue.”




Chris Jericho stands in stunned silence as Steve Corino stumbles over, shaking Wight’s hand with a sheepish smile on his face as the Origin are generally thankful, but still in frightened shock at what the Big Nasty has done on this night.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Someone’s got to get out there to check on Stone Cold Steve Austin! Someone has to…oh, no. We’ve got to get him some help right now!


As the entire arena is in shock at what’s happened, the Origin, save for Adam Cole and Arn Anderson, at least, are right there with them as “the Big Nasty” Paul Wight has returned to Solid Gold Wrestling in one of the most shocking and brutal ways imaginable!

After the match, the camera finds itself in the locker room of the Vegas Connection. Two of the three members, Kevin Nash, and Diamond Dallas Page, are sitting around an open cooler filled to the brim with beer bottles buried deep inside sections of ice. Each man is holding a bottle, reared back in chairs, seemingly in the middle of conversation.

[ Kevin Nash ] Page, I hate that the Gold Rush didn’t go your way tonight so that we could all have the clean sweep.

[ Dallas Page ] Yo, like it was my intention to like that piece of crap leave with the belt!

[ Kevin Nash ] What an ugly match that was. Hell of a motley crew. Me? Well, I had it on Easy Street tonight.

[ Dallas Page ] Yeah. Congrats on gettin' a title shot. You know you and Val are gonna' have to air that shit out before you get your match, right?

Nash finishes off his bottle and underhand tosses it towards the garbage can. It clinks off the rim and clangs off the concrete floor.

[ Kevin Nash ] Close enough.

[ Dallas Page ] You hear me?

[ Kevin Nash ] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ Dallas Page ] Besides that.. You also know Havoc’s probably gonna' be lookin' to square things up with you, now.. To get revenge from Blood and Gold and all of that.

Nash isn’t phased.

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh yeah, right. I’m shaking in my boots.

Nash reaches into the cooler and twists the top off another.

[ Kevin Nash ] He’s the last thing on my mind, brother. I’m the next World Champ around here. I’m about to restore some order and make sure people like Havoc are never seen again. I'm going to place a height chart outside the door like they do before you get on a roller coaster. "You must be THIS tall to get a World title shot!"

Val Venis busts into the locker room. His skin is blood red and he’s fired up.

[ Val Venis ] Did you guys see this shit? It’s time for The Origin to pay. Let’s go!

[ Dallas Page ] Bro, what’s goin’ on?

[ Val Venis ] What’s going on? Steve Austin got thrown off the goddamn roof by The Origin! THAT’S what’s going on!

Nash reaches into the cooler and offers Venis a beer.

[ Kevin Nash ] Here, you need one of these to calm down.

Venis slaps it out of his hand.

[ Val Venis ] We have to do something right NOW!

Ever the loyal friend, DDP springs up from the chair and looks ready to go at a moment’s notice.

[ Dallas Page ] I’ll take a little piece of revenge from those Origin SOB’s, bro.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hold on, before we go to war, shouldn’t we make sure Steve-O is alright? Like, this is sports entertainment, baby.

He takes a swig of his beer.

[ Kevin Nash ] He probably landed on a crash pad that was placed on the blades of a helicopter and he’s floating around the arena, waiting to skydive and parachute into a Lou Thesz Press on top of Cole or something.

DDP and Venis both stare at Nash, waiting for the punchline that never comes. In the middle of another drink, Nash can feel the stares. He puts his drink down and stands up, groaning the entire time.

[ Kevin Nash ] This damn company turns Tommaso Ciampa into a bird and my booking idea is bad? Come the hell on. I'm callin' Vinny Ru and pitchin' him that thing free-of-freaking-charge.

[ Dallas Page ] You comin' or not?

Nash stretches his arms over his head and rolls his neck.

[ Kevin Nash ] Fine. I just don’t see how this is our war.

[ Val Venis ] My name was made here. Without SGW, there is no Vegas Connection. There is no us three. I’ll fight til my last breath to defend it against those pieces of trash.

[ Kevin Nash ] Alright, Braveheart, I’m with you.

DDP walks to the door ahead of the others with Venis following closely behind. Before he gets to the threshold, Nash grabs Venis by the arm and spins him around.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hey man. Before we go try to save the world, let’s talk about what's all happened tonight. Your match, my match, the results of those matches and what it means looking ahead...

[ Val Venis ] Now?

[ Kevin Nash ] It needs to be out in the open. I cashed in the Elevation strap tonight. Only belt I ever lost for defending it TOO many times, you know? First time for everything.

Venis knows it’s a touchy subject but shakes it off. There’s much more at stake right now.

[ Val Venis ] Tomorrow.

Venis follows up.

[ Val Venis ] Tonight, right now this second, we check on Austin and start figuring out how to get The Origin the hell out of SGW.

[ Kevin Nash ] So you just wanna’ ignore everything else that’s happened tonight and pretend like it’s not a big deal?

[ Val Venis ] Tomorrow, I said. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Right now, Steve needs us. SGW needs us.

Venis dashes out of the door as Nash sighs and follows suit. The Vegas Connection will have some awkward days ahead coming up, but first and foremost, Val Venis’ focus isn’t on himself, but it’s unselfishly all directed towards protecting Solid Gold Wrestling.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Jinny glares across the ring at Nia Jax with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder. Nia Jax pounds her fist into her open palm, ready for action. Standing at ringside, we see the chosen lumberjacks for this match: Starlight Kid, AZM, Shayna Baszler, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Shotzi Blackheart with an ice pack on her shoulder, Maki Itoh, Kylie Rae, Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox with the Twinstar championships, Candice LeRae, Shoko Nakajima, Hikaru Shida, Nurse Ratchet, Bea Priestley, Priscilla Kelly, AJ Lee, Brandi Rhodes, Tamina Snuka, and Yuka Sakazaki... even SHOCK talents such as Ariel, Sonya DeVille, Jamie Hayter, Sarah Logan, Leva Bates, Becky Lynch, Hyper Misao, and Eve Torres.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is the match everyone has been waiting for! Nia Jax is finally receiving her opportunity at Jinny's SGW Women's World Championship!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And look at the sea of humanity around ringside, gentlemen! Jinny has nowhere to run!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not only that, but her House of Highers left the arena with Los Ice Creams and Ted Dibiase earlier tonight! Jinny is on her own!

Jinny hands the championship to Paul Turner and he calls for the bell. As soon as the bell rings, Nia Jax charges across the ring and goes for a CORNER AVALANCHE but Jinny moves! Nia Jax collides with the turnbuckle and spins around into a series of forearm strikes from Jinny!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The longest reigning SGW champion in history is relentless!

Nia Jax completely no-sells the strikes and shoves Jinny backward, sending her tumbling head over heels! Jinny rolls back her feet and Nia Jax is on her, throttling her with both hands and lifting her high in the air... BEFORE YEETING HER STRAIGHT INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE WITH A TREE SLAM! Jinny's eyes roll in the back of her head on impact and she rolls out of the ring... only to realize what a horrible mistake she's made as Hyper Misao and Candice LeRae begin slugging away at her with forearm strikes! Jinny quickly scrambles back into the ring and is immediately turned inside out with a LARIAT FROM NIA JAX!

[ Scott Steiner ] This fat ass Samoan ain't playin' no games!

Jinny lands in a seated position and looks out of it. Nia Jax hits the ropes and CRUSHES Jinny with a basement cross body! The fans are going nuts as Nia Jax hoists Jinny up and then trash cans her to the floor, drawing another big pop! Shotzi Blackheart and Team Kick begin putting the boots to Jinny while Maki Itoh holds up two middle fingers in her face! Kylie Rae looks on before getting in close and sheepishly nailing Jinny with a forearm strike to the back before Becky Lynch snatches her up and throws her back under the bottom rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There is NO love lost between Jinny and the SGW women's roster, whom she hasn't been shy about insulting over the past couple of months!

Jinny slowly returns to her feet, worse for wear, and Nia Jax charges at her... only for Jinny to drop and pull the top rope down, causing Nia Jax to tumble over the ropes and onto the floor, wiping out Leva Bates in the process! As soon as Nia hits the floor, she's mobbed by Jamie Hayter, Shayna Baszler, and the Boss 'n Hug Connection! Nia Jax suddenly powers up, throwing Hayter, Shayna, and Sasha off of her but Bayley grabs her around the waist and delivers BELLY TO BAYLEY on the floor! Bayley looks proud of herself... but she turns around into... A FLYING CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE BY STARLIGHT KID! Starlight Kid is back up and AZM joins in, brawling with Boss 'n Hug until Team Kick gets involved! All three teams fight to the back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's pandemonium at ringside!

Jamie Hayter and Bea Priestley both pull Nia Jax to her feet and prepare to whip her into the guardrail but Nia reverses it and throws both women forward... into a double clothesline from Tamina Snuka! Nia Jax rolls back into the ring, all fired, and walks right into a TOUCH OF COUTURE! Jinny covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NIA JAX POWERS OUT! The force of the kick out sends Jinny through the ropes and onto the apron! Jinny regains her footing as Nia returns to her feet... Nia charges and nails Jinny with a RUNING AVALANCHE! Jinny flies backward off the apron, into Shoko Nakajima, Hikaru Shida, and Nurse Ratchet! All four women are down! Nia Jax rallies the fans inside the ring! Jinny slowly returns to her feet and prepares to return to the ring but abruptly turns and shoves Yuka Sakazaki backward into Sarah Logan and Sonya DeVille, triggering a fight at ringside that slowly consumes all the other women! It's pure chaos at ringside and Paul Turner struggles to regain order! Nia Jax is so focused on whether or not Jinny is returning to the ring... that she doesn't notice Shayna Baszler sliding into the ring with a steel chair!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh come on! Is this some kinda' bloody joke!?

Baszler nails Nia Jax in the back with a chair! Nia Jax goes down to both knees and Baszler hits her in the back again! Jinny slides into the ring as Baszler slides out with the chair! Jinny climbs on top of Nia Jax and hooks her leg! Paul Turner is still distracted, Jinny begins shouting at him, "GET OVER 'ERE AND COUNT, YOU TWAT!" Paul Turner whips around and slides into position... ONE! TWO! THREE!

JINNY via PINFALL in 6:18

The fans erupt in boos as Shayna Baszler grabs the women's championship from Justin Roberts and then grabs Jinny's ankle, dragging her out of the ring! Baszler shoves the championship into Jinny's hands and then rushes her up the ramp as the women at ringside look on, confused, not realizing the match came to such an abrupt conclusion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You've gotta be kidding me! Shayna Baszler just cost Nia Jax the championship! Jinny did it! Jinny paid off Shayna Baszler to help her keep the title!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't blame Baszler for takin' the money! I woulda' done the same damn thing!

Tamina Snuka and Eve Torres climb into the ring and check on Nia Jax as she struggles back to her feet. Nia Jax is trembling with anger as she watches Jinny and Shayna Baszler escape up the ramp. Jinny stands on the stage, disheveled, holding up the SGW Women's World Championship with Baszler standing alongside her. Baszler glares down the ramp at Nia Jax with a smirk on her face, knowing she's been paid for a job well done.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a despicable tactic by Jinny, who is still, on this night, the SGW Women's World Champion... the longest reigning champion in SGW history!

[ Scott Steiner ] Despicable or not, she's the champion and there ain't nothin' any o' these broads can do to change it! Line up and take a shot, ladies!

The camera focuses on Jinny with the championshpi belt in her hands, and Shayna Baszler at her side as we fade out.



The live crowd pops huge as the vignette plays out and we hear our excited announce team.

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH, WOW!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Outta' the bloody fryin' pan and into the FIRE, Jinny goes! She survives Nia Jax by the skin of her 'er teeth and now finds 'erself starin' down the barrel of TENKU NO GENIUS 'erself, Io Shirai!

[ Tony Schiavone ] So-Called Rivals! That's in two weeks! You know Jinny isn't happy about this!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't even know what t' say here! The tight little Asian cuisine is like fightin' a god damn pinball! We ain't seen her lose yet but everytime we think Jinny's number's been called, she finds a way to escape with the belt! That's the mark of a fuckin' champion! I don't know who I got in this one!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's only one way to find out! Tune in to So-Called Rivals in two weeks!


The off-white painted wall of the backstage area is slapped with a bloody handprint. The red trail drags several feet down the hallway, and as the camera slowly follows the path, it stops suddenly.

And reveals Jimmy Havoc, staring down at the blood trickling out of a slice in his palm. In his other hand in his trusty ax with the face of its blade carrying some of the blood residue on it.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Sometimes you have to do things to remind yourself that you’re not dead just yet, no matter how badly someone wants you gone.

Havoc admires the blood on his hand and wipes it across the chest of his plain black shirt.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Well, Championship Committee, you got what you fuckin’ wanted, didn’t you? The favored son, the paper champion, the “legend” somehow wins again.. And once again.. Fuck Jimmy Havoc.

For a man so menacing, he speaks so softly.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Since day one of comin’ into this company, I’ve done everything SGW officials have asked of me. Won the Elevation title on my first night, defended it three times, got my title match. I was a good soldier, wasn’t I? I came from elsewhere, so I wasn’t an “original” like the cunt Venis or that cunt Orton. For a company lookin’ to the future, you sure have leaned on the past. The more you preach change, the more things stay the same.

He abruptly drops his ax and it bounces on the floor before settling.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Time ‘n time again I got fucked over. And I know that’s no excuse but the proof is there. You’ve all said it yourselves - Jimmy Havoc isn’t SGW Title material. Adam Cole kept his title at Heartbreaker by handcuffin’ me to the guardrail and you all were quite alright wit’ it because it didn’t mess with your pay-per-view main event. Was gonna’ make me defend the title against 30 men in WrestleBrawl had I won it. Fair isn’t it? Vegas Connection, cunts from another company reform and fuck me over in Blood ‘n Gold, but it’s fine. Fuck Jimmy Havoc. We don’t need ‘em havin’ a title match of his choosin’.. Not after he’s already won the contendership match. Gotta' make sure I don't get too many opportunities to break the glass ceilin'.

Havoc is filled with disgust.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] And tonight, I should’ve beaten Val Venis. In fact, he should’ve never been champion to begin with. He was a fluke champion and you all know it. But fuck Jimmy Havoc, right? I give this company months and months of my legacy and what do I get in return? I get spat in the face and fucked again. I’m no cookie cutter champion. I’m no paint-by-numbers wrestler. I’m who I am and you all knew it when Edge reached out to me to sign me away from Lariat. You just didn’t expect me to rise to the top so quick, did you?

Havoc flashes two middle fingers.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I was a monsta’ out of control that you couldn’t do nothin’ with. I know egomaniacs like you. I know that fear of losin’ control is overwhelmin’.. But you have to remember… You can only back that wild animal so far into the corner before it comes out fightin’ more savage, more ferocious than it ever has before.. And I think it’s safe to say that time has come.


[ Jimmy Havoc ] Fuck SGW. Fuck the Championship Committee. I was never goin’ to be your corporate suit. I was never goin’ to kiss the babies and help the grannies cross the street. I’m here to fight. I’m here for gold. So if you won’t give me a fair shake, then I guess I have no other options but to come for blood now. I’m going to pick apart this fuckin’ roster one-by-one until there’s no one left standing but me..

Darby Allin has been watching Havoc’s promo the entire time. The camera pans to the left to reveal him sitting on a production crate, rolling his skateboard back and forth with his left foot.

[ Darby Allin ] You lost. Get over it.

Darby hops off the crate and kicks his board up and grabs it. Havoc doesn’t realize where the voice is coming from until Darby steps into the scene and confronts him.

[ Darby Allin ] It’s part of life. The deck is always stacked against people like us. For every person like you or me, there’s a hundred Kevin Nashs or Adam Coles to worry about.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Li’l Darby Allin. Joined SGW and now is the voice of reason, I see.

[ Darby Allin ] I’m just tired of hearing your bitching.

Havoc chuckles at Darby’s blunt honesty.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Oh? Is that so?

[ Darby Allin ] I’ve been scouting things out tonight, trying to get the lay of the land, and I expected more out of the baddest man in the company.

Havoc headbutts Darby between the eyes! Darby staggers back and Havoc picks up the ax and rams the handle into Darby’s gut. Havoc then pulls Darby’s shirt over his head like a hockey fight and starts blasting him with right hands. With Darby down on the ground, Havoc admires the skateboard.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Fuckin’ cunt.

Havoc then raises the ax over his head and sends it flying to the ground, splitting the skateboard with one swing! Road agents hit the scene and wrestle the ax away from Havoc and then do their best to prevent Darby from getting back up and going after Havoc. Once the two are separated fully, we get a final shot of the crazed look on Havoc’s face and his eyes focused squarely on the debuting Darby Allin. Tonight wasn’t the best of nights for Darby to choose to be honest with Havoc, fresh off losing his second opportunity at the SGW Championship! Havoc's plan was to plow through the roster, but now he has new problems to deal with.

We go to the ring where the fans are all standing on their feet, ready for what's coming next. The camera focuses on the entranceway for several long seconds before the lights dim. The fans cheer loudly, like they've never had lights dim around them before.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, here we are... the moment we've all been waiting for... the main event. One time... for all time.

We continue focusing on the entranceway until...


The fans erupt in boos but as quickly as "Voices" hits, it abruptly cuts off and leaves us in silence once more. All we can hear is the droning boos of the fans in attendance... until...


The fans boo even LOUDER as the lights come up and golden sparks begin showering from above the entranceway! "Burn in my Light" plays for several long seconds before Randy Orton walks out onto the stage and looks out at the fans with a disgusted sneer.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wow. What a throwback, gentlemen!

Orton stands beneath the golden sparks and throws his arms out to the sides in his classic pose, drawing even more heat before he begins walking confidently down to the ring. Orton walks up the steps and enters the ring before climbing onto the second rope and throwing his arms to the side as even more sparks begin pouring from the ceiling above.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Of all the things I thought we might see tonight... this, I did not expect. Randall Keith Orton, the Legend Killer himself... classic entrance and all. I've got goosebumps!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get a good look at him while you still can! Because this son of a bitch is toast after tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is a match... nearly fourteen years in the making! Randy Orton has never looked so focused! So intent! If there's any man alive who can end the legend of Jeff Jarrett... gentlemen, I dare say it's this man we're looking at right now!

Orton hops off the apron and walks to the center of the ring, pausing there for a moment before approaching a corner and standing with his back to it. He wipes his nose and glares at the entranceway as Aubrey Edwards checks him for foreign objects. The pyro stops falling and his music cuts... the fans begin buzzing with excitement.

"Evil Ways" by Blues Saraceno begins to play... and plays out for almost a full minute before Jeff Jarrett walks out onto the stage in black and gold gear with a matching sleeveless entrance robe. Jarrett stands on the stage for a moment, stopping to raise his golden guitar high over his head and look out at the fans.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, this is something we never thought we would ever see again. Jeff Jarrett is here... prepared to compete right now, in the main event of Supremacy!

Jarrett rests the guitar over his shoulder and makes his way down to the ring. He walks up the steps, strides across the apron, and then stands there for a long moment, looking out at the fans before climbing through the ropes. Orton storms out of the corner and meets Jarrett in the center of the ring. They stand nose to nose, just staring each other down until Aubrey Edwards forces herself between them, separating them before it gets out of hand. Orton and Jarrett stand on either side of her. Jarrett's music cuts and Justin Roberts steps up next to Aubrey.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, it's time.

Jarrett and Orton's eyes remain locked on each other.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen... it is now time... for our MAAAAAAAAAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!

The fans cheer loudly and the lights dim. A spotlight falls on the center of the ring where our two competitors continue to stare each other down. Justin Roberts continues with a proud look on his face.

[ Justin Roberts ] Standing here to my left... he is a man known around the wrestling world as The Legend Killer! He is a former TWO-TIME SGW Television Champion! A former TWO-TIME SGW World Heavyweight Champion! He is a Solid Gold Wrestling HALL OF FAMER and the winner of the first-ever 12 Large Tournament! He is The Godsend! The Viper! AND THE MAN... WHO KILLED TAZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Orton nods, proud of that last one.


As Justin Roberts' voice trails off, we can hear the boos begin to well up from deep in the heart of the arena. Jarrett eyes don't leave Orton as Justin Roberts clears his throat and continues.

[ Justin Roberts ] And his opponent... standing to my right... he is a living legend in the world of professional wrestling... he is a former TWO-TIME SGW World Tag Team Champion! A former TWO-TIME SGW United States Champion! A former League of Champions World Heavyweight Champion! A former New Era Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion... and a former FIVE-TIME SGW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! He is an SGW Hall of Famer and the winner of the FIRST-EVER WRESTLEBRAWL MATCH! HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE! THE JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR! THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN! AND THE ONE AND ONLY SIX-STRING SAMURAIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Roberts gestures toward Jarrett with his hand.


The fans react strongly... mixed, but strong. Jarrett sheds his entrance robe and lays his guitar beneath the bottom turnbuckle in his corner. Jarrett and Orton stand in their respective corners as Justin Roberts exits the ring and Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Jarrett and Orton meet in the center of the ring and stand nose to nose. The fans are reaching a fever pitch as they're so anxious to see these two finally throw down. Suddenly, without warning, Orton shoves Jarrett back a step... and then spits right in his face! Jarrett wipes the spit out of his face and then throws a big punch but Orton deflects it... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO WAY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I-I'm speechless! What!?

Orton covers Jarrett and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THR-- JARRETT KICKS OUT! The fans blow the roof off! Orton immediately rolls over onto the mat next to Jarrett, his face only inches away from Jarrett's. Orton pounds his fists into the mat, seething with intensity as spittle flies from his mouth.

[ Scott Steiner ] That was too damn close!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We almost saw the most shocking finish in SGW history!

Jarrett begins to stir and rolls over onto his side. Orton continues pounding the mat and shouting "GET UP! GET UP, JEFF! IT'S TIME!" Jarrett pushes himself up onto all fours and then gets up to one knee. Orton slowly stands, remaining doubled over so he can maintain eye contact with Jarrett... and then he goes for ANOTHER RKO! Jarrett shoves him off! Orton hits the ropes and rebounds toward Jarrett... but Jarrett catches him with a boot to the stomach! DDT ON ORTON! Orton immediately rolls out of the ring, to the floor! Orton favors his neck as he staggers around ringside... until Jarrett nails him with a baseball slide that sends him into the guardrail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're taking it to the floor!

Jarrett takes Orton by the head and pulls him up off the floor. He goes to whip Orton into the rail but Orton reverses it and sends Jarrett into the rail instead! Orton follows him in and Jarrett ducks a clothesline attempt! Orton ends up with his back to the rail and Jarrett nails him with a big right hand but Orton responds immediately with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Jarrett staggers out and Orton charges at him, catching him right in the gut with a KITCHEN SINK! Jarrett flips over Orton's knee and lands in a seated position on the floor! Orton immediately snatches Jarrett up by his hair and then wraps his arms around his waist before charging and ramming him back first into the steel steps! With Jarrett's back to the steps, Orton pummels away at his head before booting him in the stomach until he falls into a seated position against them! Aubrey Edwards has begun countin them out! Orton slides under the bottom rope and then returns to the floor, breaking the count before taking Jarrett by the hair and pulling him back up to his feet. Orton hooks Jarrett for a suplex but Jarrett fights it. Orton struggles to get the suplex until he becomes frustrated and rams Jarrett's head into the apron, the hardest part of the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] Come on, Jeff! Come alive, dammit!

Orton shoves Jarrett up onto the apron and then rolls under the bottom rope. Orton reaches through the ropes and grabs Jarrett's hair, pulling him and then pulling him through the ropes. Jarrett doesn't have time to even try to fight back before Orton plants him with a DRAPING DDT! The fans boo loudly as Orton immediately goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- JARRETT GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Orton sits up on his knees next to Jarrett and smiles evilly. Orton positions himself in the corner and waits on Jarrett to get up. The fans boo loudly as Jarrett forces himself up to all fours... the fans are going nuts, trying to warn Jarrett as Orton charges... RUNNING PUNT-- NO! JARRETT MOVES! Orton whips around and throws a clothesline at Jarrett but Jarrett catches him coming in... STROKE! Jarrett covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! RANDY ORTON KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Randy Orton is a man possessed! He's consumed with this quest for revenge! He's not going that quietly, Tony! Not by a bloody long shot!

Jarrett doesn't even look surprised as he slowly returns to his feet and backs into a corner. He motions for Orton get up and Orton slowly pushes himself up to all fours. As Orton stands up on spaghetti legs, Jarrett charges across the ring and boots him in the stomach before pulling him in for a SNAP SUPLEX! Jarrett returns to his feet and pulls Orton up behind him! Orton takes a swing and Jarrett ducks it, catching Orton from behind and drilling him with a BACKDROP SUPLEX! Jarrett rolls back to his feet and Orton quickly rolls out of the ring, looking frustrated. Orton takes a lap but then Jarrett follows him out, running up behind him... only to have Orton hit him with a back elbow out of nowhere and then whip around to nail Jarrett with a European Uppercut! Jarrett staggers backward and Orton stays on him, drilling him with right hands until Jarrett finds himself sandwiched between the ring post and Randy Orton! Orton tees off, nailing Jarrett with right hand after right hand, right to the head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bloody hell! Look at those shots to the skull!

[ Scott Steiner ] God dammit, Jeff! Get your damn head in the game!

Orton turns and rips up the padding around the ring, exposing the unforgiving concrete! The fans boo loudly! Orton turns around and walks into a boot to the stomach from Jarrett but Orton immediately lashes out and rakes Jarrett eyes before kicking him in the gut and pulling him into a suplex position. He hoists Jarrett up and rests his feet on the apron... PLANTING JARRETT INTO THE CONCRETE WITH A DRAPING DDT! The fans boo loudly as Orton rolls right back to his feet with wide eyes, shouting "YES! YES, YOU STUPID BASTARD! STAY DOWN!" Jarrett rolls over on his side, bleeding profusely from a wound on his forehead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my, would ya' look at that.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A wound like that will certainly put you at a disadvantage in a match like this.

Orton mounts Jarrett and begins punching away at the wound on his forehead before standing up and looking at the blood on his hand. Orton smiles and wipes the blood on his chest. War paint! Orton reaches down and grabs Jarrett by his hair, pulling him up to his knees. Orton looks down into Jarrett's eyes and then hoists him up, shoving him onto the apron and pushing him under the bottom rope. Orton follows him in and slowly stalks him, walking a circle around the ring as Jarrett struggles to regain his footing. Blood pools under Jarrett's head as he forces himself up to all fours. Once Jarrett has gotten up to one knee... Orton spins out and drops flat to the mat, pounding his fists and waiting on Jarrett to get up. Jarrett slowly stands, standing on spaghetti legs... and turns around into... THE RKO! NO! Jarrett pushes Orton off! Orton goes chest first into the ropes and bounces backward into Jarrett's arms! THE STROKE! NO! Orton spins out of the hold! RKO! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! Orton springs back to his feet with wild eyes like he can't believe it! He falls on top of Jarrett but doesn't hook the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- JARRETT GETS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

[ Scott Steiner ] There's still life left in 'im!

Orton sits up, looking furious. Orton looks at the corner and nods before approaching and stepping out onto the apron. He climbs the turnbuckles and perches on the top for a moment as he waits on Jarrett to return to his feet. Jarrett slowly stands and Orton flies! HIGH CROSSBODY! JARRETT DROPKICKS HIM OUT OF MID-AIR! THE FANS ERUPT! Both men are down! Orton writhes around on the mat, favoring his stomach! Jarrett lays face down with blood pooling beneath his head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We've not seen Orton go to that well in a long, long time!

Orton is the first one back to his feet and he sets his sights on the guitar resting in the corner. Aubrey Edwards tries to stop him but he shoves her out of the way and picks it up, twirling it in his hands before sizing Jarrett up. Jarrett pushes himself up to all fours and then up to one knee. As he rises, blood trickles off his features. He motions for Orton to bring it on and Orton charges at him with the guitar, raising it over his head! Aubrey grabs it from behind and snatches it out of his hands! Orton turns around and gets in her face... only for Jarrett to nail Orton in the back, knocking him into Aubrey! Aubrey goes down and rolls onto the apron! Orton looks surprised but then turns around to find Jeff Jarrett... holding his golden guitar! "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" shouts Orton and Jarrett busts the guitar over Orton's head! The fans EXPLODE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Vintage Double J!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Do it, Jeff! Make the cover!

Jarrett falls on top of Orton! Aubrey slowly crawls back into the center of the ring! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ORTON KICKS OUT! The fans can't help but pop huge before the droning boos overtake the excitement of the nearfall! Jarrett remains lying on top of Orton, too drained to even look surprised. Jarrett rolls off of Orton and both men lie in the middle of the ring. Both men begin to stir and slowly return to their feet. They rise, backs to one another, and then slowly turn around. Both men deliver boots to the gut at the same time and both men double over! Jarrett hauls off and punches Orton in the jaw! Orton returns with an UPPECUT that sends Jarrett upright! Jarrett responds with another boot to the stomach and pulls Orton in for a suplex but Orton spins out of that and goes for an RKO! Jarrett shoves Orton off and Orton instantly whips around only to get another boot to the stomach! Jarrett goes for a suplex again but Orton blocks it, spins out... and DELIVERS AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord, no! That has to be it!

Orton sits next to Jarrett and looks satisfied with what he's done. Jarrett isn't moving at all. Orton dusts his hands off and slowly gets up to his feet. He uses his boot to nudge Jarrett over onto his back and then slowly falls to his knees. Orton covers Jarrett and stares hard, right into the camera. Aubrey drops and counts... one... two... thre-- wait! Orton pulls Jarrett up! He's not FINISHED WITH HIM! Randy Orton shakes his head and holds Jarrett's head up with hands on either side of it. "WE'RE NOT FINISHED YET, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" and then he spits right in Jarrett's face! Orton drops Jarrett's head and then stands up before backing up into a corner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I have to question the intelligence in not finishing off Jeff Jarrett when he had the chance!

Jarrett begins to stir and slowly gets up to all fours. It's obvious that Jarrett has almost nothing left in the tank. Orton is practically dancing in the corner as he hops up and down, ready to deliver the killing blow! "GET UP! GET UP, JEFF! THIS ISN'T OVER UNTIL I SAY IT'S OVER!" Jarrett is up to all fours and Orton charges... RUNNING PUNT! NO! Jarrett moves out of the way and Orton whips around, off-balance! Jarrett pulls him down into a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The roof blows off and Jarrett releases the hold. Orton rolls into a seated position and just sits there in disbelief before resting his face in his hands, realizing what just happened. Jarrett lays flat on his back with Aubrey Edwards checking on him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed history.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jeff Jarrett has finally vanquished the demon from his past known as Randy Orton.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't like the son of a bitch but ya' gotta give it to Orton here. The guy gave as good as anybody ever could. He's got my respect, even though he's a piece o' shit.

The fans are cheering loudly and stand in unison, giving a standing ovation to the two competitors still in the ring. The cheers become even louder as Edge, Christian, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Trish Stratus, and Val Venis walk out onto the stage, flanked by almost the entire SGW locker room. All of them stand and applaud what just happened here in the main event of Supremacy.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at that, what a show of respect!

Aubrey Edwards helps Jarrett to his feet and then backs away slowly. Jarrett stands in the corner with his back to the ring, hands on the top rope as he braces himself. The applause and cheering are incredibly loud... and then Randy Orton charges up on Jarrett and whips him around in the corner, making him face him. The fans erupt in boos.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on, Randy! You lost fair and square!

We hear a headset hit the desk and Scott Steiner stands up behind the table, preparing to get involved if he needs to. But instead, Orton just stares Jarrett in the eyes... and then extends his hand. The fans begin cheering and the applause becomes even louder as Jarrett nods and accepts the handshake. Orton can be seen mouthing "I just needed to know" before Jarrett pulls him in for a hug.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a moment.

Orton rolls drops and rolls out of the ring before leaving up the ramp, giving Jarrett the ring. Jarrett staggers out into the center of the ring and looks out at the cheering fans. As they watch on and cheer, Jarrett removes his wrist tape and then sits down in the middle of the ring, unlacing his boots. The fans watch in awe as they realize what's happening. Jarrett removes his black and gold boots and then leaves them resting in the center of the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Just like that... it's over.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can't believe it. We truly have witnessed history here tonight.

Jarrett climbs out of the ring and walks up halfway up the ramp before turning around and taking one last look at the fans. They continue cheering and applauding as he turns and walks up onto the stage where he's greeted by the Championship Committe and members of the SGW locker room. We focus on a shot of Edge and Christian patting Jarrett on the back as he looks out at the fans and then we fade out.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, for Nigel McGuinness and Scott Steiner... this has been Supremacy, and I think it's safe to say that things in SGW will never be the same again... good night and we will see you in two week at So-Called Rivals!

End of transmission.