07 / 04 / 1993 | The Spectrum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Commentators - Tony Schiavone & Dusty Rhodes

A bright and sunny day overtakes the screen. The camera pans around to show the beautiful ocean and port where the U.S.S. Intrepid is docked for the big event. We see shots of sailors and their families surrounding a ring set up at the bow of the aircraft carrier as a quick cut sends us to Dusty Rhodes and Tony Schiavone.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hello Wrestling Gold fans! Happy Independence Day and welcome to Red, White, and Bruised!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] It’s America’s birthday, daddeh and we gunna’ celebrate Lady Liberty with a show and a half for you tonight, babeh!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s right, Dusty!

Tony is wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt with red and white stripes all over them while Dusty is wearing a sleeveless shirt with the American flag plastered all over it, sunglasses, and a white cowboy hat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We have seven big-time matches for you tonight including two championship bouts as Arn Anderson challenges Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship and Jake Roberts being locked inside the steel cage with the Wrestling Gold Champion, Bret Hart!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Those fireworks gone’ shoot off big an’ bright ta’night!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Right you are, Dusty! As you can tell, we’re aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid and the fans in attendance this afternoon are the brave men and women of our United States Coast Guard along with their families! What a sight it is, Dusty. American flags as far as the eye can see!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] The American Dweem loves the men an’ women in uniform!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Let’s take it on down to the ring and get things started with the Red, White, and Bruised ten-man tag!

We cut to the ring where all ten men are already in the ring, ready to go as the bell sounds.

Referee - Earl Hebner | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans are on their feet, beside themselves with excitement as this match gets going. It begins with Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow arguing over who gets to start the match before "Stunning" Steve Austin declares that he's gonna do it... until Sabu is chosen as the starter for his team, at which point Austin concedes the spot to Bigelow or Diesel... but they both shove Austin into the center of the ring and climb onto the apron, letting him have it! Sabu and Austin tie up, and Sabu takes over quickly, humiliating Austin with a series of arm drags and a dropkick before hitting him with an Asai Moonsault!

Austin scrambles to the floor and Sabu flies out onto him with a plancha! Sabu is up quickly but Mr. Fuji gets his attention, distracting him long enough for Chris Candido to leap off the apron and nail him with a RUNNING SENTON! Candido tosses Sabu back into the ring. Austin climbs back into the ring and tags in Bigelow! Sabu slowly gets to his feet and Bam Bam puts him down with a CARTWHEEL KICK! Bigelow hits the ropes and FLATTENS HIM with a big splash and covers! ONE! TWO! NO! Virgil breaks the pin! Candido charges into the ring and clobbers Virgil with a series of right hands! Owen Hart climbs to the top rope and nails Candido with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Sabu scrambles to his corner and tags in Jushin "Thunder" Liger!

Liger hits the ring like a house afire, dealing out dropkicks and spinning heel kicks to anyone that moves! Austin goes down! Candido goes down! Bigelow goes down! Bigelow crawls to his corner and tags in YOKOZUNA! The fans boo with a sense of dread as Yokozuna hits the ring and stares down Liger! Liger hits the ropes and tries to clothesline Yokozuna down! Yokozuna doesn't budge! Kevin Von Erich charges into the ring and joins Liger as they both hit the ropes and knock Yokozuna down with a DOUBLE DROPKICK!

Yokozuna struggles back to his feet and both men snatch an arm and tries to whip him into the ropes... but Yokozuna refuses to cooperate and whips both of THEM into the ropes! Yokozuna drops them both with a double clothesline! Von Erich rolls out of the ring and Liger rushes over to tag in Owen Hart! Owen enters the ring by climbing to the top rope and coming off with a double axe handle but Yokozuna just staggers and won't go down! Owen hits the ropes and comes back... clothesline! Yokozuna doesn't budge! Yokozuna snatches up Owen and PLANTS HIM with a forward slam! Yokozuna gets up and hits the ropes, where Chris Candido makes a blind tag! Yokozuna comes off the ropes... BIG LEG DROP! Candido flies from the top rope... BLONDE BOMBSHELL! Candido covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- SABU BREAKS THE PIN WITH A TOP ROPE LEG DROP!

Sabu pulls Candido off of Owen and whips him into the ropes where Diesel makes the blind tag! Sabu nails Candido with a flying headscissors that sends him to the floor! Diesel stalks Sabu and nails him with a big boot as he turns around! Diesel picks Sabu up off the mat and delivers SNAKE EYES before discarding him to the floor like yesterday's garbage! Owen Hart tags in Virgil! Virgil peppers Diesel with right hand after right hand until Diesel goes down to one knee. Diesel snatches Joey Marella by the shirt, holding his attention as Virgil goes to hit the ropes... only to run into a HANDFUL OF SALT FROM MR. FUJI! Virgil staggers away from the ropes and Diesel shoves Marella way! BOOT TO THE STOMACH, JACKKNIFE POWER BOMB! Diesel plants one boot on Virgil's chest and raises his fist! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Owen Hart and Kevin Von Erich pull Virgil out of the ring and go to the back with him. Liger leaves on his own to a small ovation. Sabu leaves as well. Inside the ring, Diesel celebrates while Austin, Candido, and Bigelow head to the back with arms raised in victory. Diesel is suddenly attacked from behind by Yokozuna! Diesel throws a back elbow and begins fighting him off! The fans go wild as Diesel and Yokozuna slug it out, settling their issue from two weeks prior!

Diesel boots Yokozuna right in the face, causing him to fall through the ropes to the floor, where Mr. Fuji is waiting! Fuji and Yokozuna escape to the back, leaving Diesel in the ring, victorious!

Somewhere in a dark part of the Intrepid, the thick, blue bars of the steel cage for tonight’s main event are leaning against a wall, ominously looming.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, there’s the steel cage we’ll see Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart and Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts locked in later tonight!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] S’goun be own like Dawnkey Kawng, daddeh! An’lookeh heah!

The aforementioned challenger for the Wrestling Gold Championship saunters up slowly, behind the blue cage walls and stops, looking them over eerily as the Intrepid’s packed-on fans react to the sight.

[ Jake Roberts ] A simple man might suggest that tonight I have what’s coming to me...that a serpent like myself deserves to be locked in a cage...and let nature take its course.

Jake cuts his dark eyes to the camera.

[ Jake Roberts ] But you see, the fool who thinks this doesn’t understand the entire situation, does he? No, he does not. Because, ‘Hitman,’ you, too, belong in this steel cage. You may excellently execute those who step into your path, but your deserved fate is this cage. Isolation. Terror. Why?

Roberts chuckles to himself.

[ Jake Roberts ] Bret, you’re a liar. You tell these people and people across this world that you’re the Best there Is, the Best there Was, the Best there ever will be -- when you know good and damn well that’s a lie, man! You and I both know you’re not willing to do anything it takes to keep that championship...and we both know I’d do whatever it takes to take it. So Bret...that means you’re a thief.

‘The Snake’ shakes his head.

[ Jake Roberts ] You tell these people lies and then you will be solely responsible for taking their joy when you fall victim to the DDT tonight...and lose the Wrestling Gold Championship. And then what, Hitman? Then what levels will you stoop to? Which crimes will you commit? Which sins will be tallied against your name, Bret? This cage is the perfect place for a snake, yes, but it’s an equally suitable place for you, Hitman.

Jake reaches up and grabs the thick bars and reflects before looking back to the barrel of the camera.

[ Jake Roberts ] I’m not stupid enough to say that only one of us leaves tonight unscathed, because I know better. I know you’ll give as well as you receive, Bret...but only one of us leaves this cage the better, Hitman. Only one of us will come out with that Wrestling Gold Championship, man. I know that I belong here...and always will. I’m a snake. Always have been. But you, Bret...when you’ve lost...and these people turn their backs on you...will you realize you belong in the cage? Or what’s worse -- will these people cast you back inside when you’ve stolen their joy?

Jake smiles ominously.

[ Jake Roberts ] Don’t worry, Bret...the cold steel bars of a cage may seem a horrible place to be at first...but over time...it simply feels...like home. Trust me.

We fade back to the ring as Roberts snarls his lip and closes his eyes.

Referee - Mark Curtis | Time Limit - 30:00

To start the match, Doink refuses to lock up, instead choosing to antagonize Luger verbally, laughing at him. Doink stalls like a Memphis heel on steroids, refusing to make contact before finally just outright leaving the ring, drawing insane heat from the fans. Luger gets fed up and chases him to the floor before literally chasing him all around the ring! Doink slides back under the bottom rope and Luger follows him in, only for Doink to step on his neck and begins stomping away at him!

The fans boo loudly as Doink goes to work, sadistically beating on Luger with reckless abandon. Luger struggles back to his knees and begins plugging away at Doink with forearms and punches to the mid-section! Luger fights back up to his feet and snatches Doink by his wig before drilling him with a big right hand! Doink staggers backward into the ropes and Luger catches him on the rebound with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE that sends him over the top rope to the floor!

Luger follows him and Doink is trying to crawl under the ring! He's halfway under when Luger pulls him out by his ankles! The fans go wild as Luger throws Doink back under the bottom rope and follows him in! Doink begs on his hands and knees as Luger holds up his fist, asking the fans if he should punch him in the face! The fans go wild... until a SECOND DOINK rolls under the bottom rope and cradles Luger from behind! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The Doink begging for his life was a false Doink! The real Doink quickly escapes the ring and runs up the ramp, laughing his ass off! He disappears behind the curtain as Luger gets to his feet, looking disappointed. And then he turns his attention to the false Doink! He continues begging but Luger won't be denied! He snatches up the false Doink and throws him up in THE TORTURE RACK! The fans go wild as Luger cranks the move, almost folding Doink in half!

Luger drops the fake Doink to the mat, where he writhes around in pain. As the camera zooms in on his crying features, the announce team points out that the fake Doink appears to be Barry Darsow! Luger looks down at him, disgusted with him, and proceeds to flex and celebrate despite the disappointing finish to his match!

We're treated to a vignette where we see Big Van Vader posing in front of the Rocky Mountains in his full gear and mask. The live crowd boos loudly as Vader breathes heavily and hisses before shouting, pointing at the camera.


He breathes out, loudly... the promo continues, intercut with footage of Big Van Vader slugging away at a punching bag. The bag shakes violently, dust flying off of it with every blow.


The punching bag suddenly splits and sand falls out.

[ Big Van Vader ] YOU'RE NOTHIN' BUT A MAN!

Another big blow and the punching bag outright explodes!


We see a clip of Big Van Vader sitting at a dinner table where he's served a 76 ounce steak with all the trimmings and sides. Vader throws the silverware away and picks the giant steak up... WITH HIS HANDS AND EATS IT!

[ Big Van Vader ] WHO'S THE MAN!? WHO'S THE MAN!?

Vader stands forehead to forehead with a bull in an open field! The bull snorts and paws at the ground but Vader doesn't flinch! He nudges the bull, sneering angrily and shouting "WHAT'CHU GOT!?" but the bull just turns and plods away, clearly intimidated by Vader!


We return to the Rockies where Vader flexes and roars.


Referee - Joey Marella | Time Limit - 30:00

The match begins with both men meeting in the center of the ring and staring each other down. The fans are buzzing with anticipation... until Vader nails the Undertaker with a big right hand! Taker doesn't go down! He doesn't even stagger bag! He whips his head back around to face Vader and then nails him with a throat thrust! Vader staggers back and Taker stays on him, nailing him with right hands until Vader falls back into the corner! Taker continues punching and thrusting away before taking Vader by the wrist and walking him out of the corner. Taker climbs the ropes and then walks to the center... before leaping off... only to have Vader catch him in the mid-section on the way down!

The fans boo loudly as Taker lays flat on his back and Vader hits the ropes. BIG SPLASH! Vader gets right back up and pounds his chest, shouting "WHO'S THE MAN!?" before going to the ropes! Vader climbs to the top rope... VADERSAULT! Undertaker executes the DEAD MAN SIT-UP and Vader MISSES! The fans explode as Taker slowly returns to his feet! Vader scrambles back up, favoring his mid-section, and Taker GOOZLES HIM! CHOKE SLAM ON VADER! Undertaker goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- VADER KICKS OUT! Taker gets up and pulls Vader back up to one knee. Vader peppers Taker's mid-section with punches until he staggers back. Vader rises to his feet and boots Taker in the gut... VADER BOMB! Vader covers him! ONE! TWO! THR-- UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT!

Vader can't believe it. Vader gets up and drags his thumb across his throat before hoisting Undertaker up off the mat. He throws him over his shoulder... Vader's going to give Undertaker his OWN TOMBSTONE! But Undertaker shifts his weight and FLIPS HIM OVER! BUT VADER KICKS HIS LEGS AND SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT... DROPPING UNDERTAKER RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A TOMBSTONE! Vader covers, mocking the Undertaker's trademark pin! ONE! TWO! THR-- UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT! Vader gets up, huffing and puffing. He drags Taker to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles... VADER BOMB! Vader covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Vader rolls out of the ring, shouting "WHO'S THE MAN!?" as Undertaker executes the Dead Man sit-up in the ring to a big pop! Vader looks up into the ring with fear as Undertaker rises and rolls out of the ring, giving chase! Undertaker and Vader disappear behind the curtain as we fade!

Backstage, Diesel is walking backstage drinking a cold beer from a dark brown bottle. He approaches Kevin Von Erich.

[ Diesel ] You see what happened out there tonight?

He doesn’t wait for an answer.

[ Diesel ] Got myself a nice win.

[ Kevin Von Erich ] Yeah. Congrats.

Diesel is miffed by the response.

[ Diesel ] Son, what you need is a beer.

Diesel slaps him on the back.

[ Diesel ] Maybe some female companionship. Anything to turn that frown upside down.

Kevin wants nothing to do with it.

[ Kevin Von Erich ] No thanks.

Diesel smirks.

[ Diesel ] I liked your brother better anyway.

Diesel begins to walk off but catches himself.

[ Diesel ] Where’s he at? Tell ‘em to show up to the next show.

He chuckles and walks off as Von Erich bites his bottom lip, doing his best to contain his anger.

Referee - Randy Anderson | Time Limit - 30:00

Brooklyn Brawler’s naked aggression overwhelms him as the bell rings and he darts across the ring, looking to gain a jump-started advantage -- but the Macho Man responds by hurling Brawler into the top turnbuckle! Brawler goes face first and rebounds out, right into a Savage fist to the face! Brawler flies backwards into the buckles and the Macho Man climbs them, up to the second rope and begins whirling his fist in the air before bringing it down onto his opponent’s face as the crowd counts along!


Savage hops down and Brawler falls through the ropes to the floor as the Intrepid cheers him on! Macho Man traces his finger through the air around the battleship before scooting to the floor himself and watching as the Brawler struggles up to a knee. Macho Man gives a lucky serviceman a high five before taking Brawler by the scruff of his neck and running with him towards the barricade - but the Brooklyn Brawler reverses! Savage goes sternum-first into the steel and is instantly down on the protective mats!

Brawler screams out in Savage’s face and lifts him up by the hair, tossing him into the ring and following him in, placing his foot down on his throat and adding leverage with the top rope! Savage begins clawing at Brawler’s jeans, but the official is over and counting, getting to four before Brawler removes his foot and instead drops an elbow into Savage’s sore sternum. Pulling the Macho Man back into the ring, Brawler lifts Savage and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker! Cover! One! Two! No! Macho Man forces his shoulder up!

Brawler pushes the referee into the corner and is jabbing his dirty finger into the official’s face as Macho Man pulls Brawler backwards into a school boy! ONE-TWO-NO! Brawler kicks out! Savage and Brawler are both struggling to their feet and -- WHAM! Big right hand from the Macho Man! Brawler fires back and Savage is dazed! Another from Brawler! A third! A fourth -- but Savage catches it! Big right from the Macho Man! And another! Another! Another! Macho Man is peppering the Brooklyn Brawler over and over and finally he lifts the Brawler and drops him with an Atomic Drop! Brawler is down and the Macho Man’s eyes cut to the top turnbuckle, then to the fans on the Intrepid, who are electric!

Savage climbs the ropes, finding the top turnbuckle with comfortable ease and standing, lifting his fingers high into the air before soaring off the ropes, elbow cocked for the big finish!

WHAM!! Savage hooks the legs! One! Two! Three!


Savage shoots off the mat and gets as close to the hard camera as possible before jabbing his finger at the Brawler and then to the camera before leaping from the ring. The Macho Man leaps into the stands and gives high fives to many fans, working his way to a lighting rig and climbing it, waving his hand as we get a lovely wide shot of the Intrepid, the Macho Man Randy Savage high above it, celebrating.

We fade away.

Backstage, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing with a laser-focused Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart in front of the Red, White, and Bruised banner. Gene’s eyebrow is raised and he gets right to it.

‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund ] Ladies and gentlemen, we’re only a short while away now from the Steel Cage Match to determine the future of the Wrestling Gold Heavyweight Championship, and with me now is the reigning, defending champion of the world, Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart. ‘Hitman,’ we’ve arrived on the Intrepid!

Bret nods, his lips flinching slightly, though his concentration stays sharp.

[ Bret Hart ] That’s right, Gene, and tonight’s the night I’ve been waiting for! That crooked snake Jake Roberts has been running around, taking all the low roads and shortcuts he could find, and now he’s telling people that he’s going to be winning my Wrestling Gold Championship tonight?

Gene nods halfway.

[ ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund ] That’s right, Bret.

[ Bret Hart ] Well I think that cage is the perfect spot to chop the head off that crooked snake, Gene! Jake, you’ve got another thing coming if you think your silly mind games will work on me, because I’m not worried about all that crap coming out of your mouth - I’m worried about that ring! That cage! And the face that Jake Roberts is going to be excellently executed by the Best There Is, the Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be!

The Intrepid roars support for the Hitman.

[ Bret Hart ] So, Gene, I appreciate your time - but I’m going to finish preparing for my match tonight. Thank you very much.

Hart steps off-screen as Gene smiles and holds up a finger, pointing it towards the camera.

[ ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund ] You heard the man, let’s get back to ringside!

Referee - Earl Hebner | Time Limit - 30:00

Papa Shango’s shaking and eye-rolling would normally be enough to put any crowd on the side of his opposition, but on the U.S.S. Intrepid on July 4, 1993 - the Shockmaster did MORE than enough to earn the adulation of the fans by bursting - successfully, might be added! - through a huge, Americana-graffitied wall placed by the entryway to the ring! Slapping high-fives with each person as he walks to the ring, Shango intercepts Shocker with a big punch - but the Master catches it and punches the Voodoo Master right in his face-painted schnoz! Brawling back to the ring, Shockmaster notices a Lieutenant and his family in the front row and pulls Shango over to the man-in-uniform, asking him to throw a shot! The reserved lieutenant stands solemnly and removes his dress cap before HEADBUTTING Shango right in the face to a massive applause from the rest of the battleship!

Finally inside the ring, Shango utilizes a drop toe hold to put Shocker down to the mat face-first and immediately lays the boots to his opponent, circling him like a one-man pack of dogs and planting stiff kick after stiff kick into the Master’s ribs and head. Convulsing wildly in the corner, the U.S.S. Intrepid begins booing Shango, jarring the Voodoo Master briefly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Maybe these wonderful American fans here on the Intrepid are rattling the cage of this...this voodoo foreigner!

The Louisiana-based Shango covers his ears and lifts Shockmaster from the mat, placing him in the corner before wobbling to the opposite corner and charging up power - then charges! Papa Shango runs across the ring and SMASHES Shockmaster with a huge body attack! Shocker remains in the corner, bent and bruised, as Shango makes his way back to the other corner for another running blast!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Thith’ll do it, daddeh!

Shango’s off, running across the ring - but Shocker moves! Shango eats the turnbuckle face first and turns -- right into Shockmaster’s fist! And another! A third! Shango is dazed and the Shocker prepares him, scooping him high up for a body slam! AND PLANTS HIM! Shockmaster’s off the ropes and leaps -- BIG SPLASH! The official counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The Intrepid begin cheering crazily as Shango rolls to the floor, defeated, as Shockmaster runs to the side of the ring, grabs top rope and begins shaking it with fury as he celebrates his win.

[ Tony Schiavone ] YES! It’s not shocking at all - the SHOCKMASTER HAS WON, DUSTY!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Lookth to me like the Sockmathter just arrived to’tha big’sho, daddeh! He’s gottena taste’a the spotlighth and now the thky’s the limit fo’ da’ Shockthter, Schiavon-tay!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And it couldn’t have happened against a better opponent! That Papa Shango is...is just WICKED, Dusty! I don’t trust him!

Shango eventually maneuvers through the curtain and the booing subsides, only giving the cheering more volume. Inside the ring, the compassionate fans aboard the Intrepid are encouraging the Shockmaster, who continues to celebrate the big victory as we fade away from the scene.

Backstage on the interview set, Arn Anderson stands by with “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

[ Mean Gene Okerlund ] Arn Anderson, you are just moments away from walking to the ring to take on Razor Ramon. Do you have any final words?

Arn is dripping wet, having poured water over his head moments before the interview. He’s in his ring gear and black Four Horsemen jacket, looking ready to go.

[ Arn Anderson ] You hear that sound, Razor?

Arn cups his ear.

[ Arn Anderson ] Do ya’?

He drops his hand and drops the playful act.

[ Arn Anderson ] That’s the clock ticking down the final few minutes of your reign as Wrestling Gold Intercontinental Champion, son.

The no-nonsense Anderson continues.

[ Arn Anderson ] Syndicate Sports has put a lot of time and effort into makin’ Wrestling Gold what it is today and they sure as hell didn’t plan on someone like you carryin’ one of their championships. So my advice to you, Razor, is quite simple.


[ Arn Anderson ] Spend the last minutes you have as champion cleaning that title up. Wipe that greasy oil that drips from your hair off that title, clean it up until it shines so bright you can see your reflection in it, and when we get to that ring, save us both the trouble and just hand that belt to me.

He smirks.

[ Arn Anderson ] Because if you don’t, then what I’m gonna’ do to you in that ring is going to be a whole heck of a lot worse than you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams.

Arn walks off.

[ Mean Gene Okerlund ] Stern words coming from the challenger!

A tight shot of “Mean” Gene.

[ Mean Gene Okerlund ] Let’s go to the ring and see if “The Bad Guy” who oozes machismo can withstand the challenge of “Double A” Arn Anderson!

We go to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Mark Cutis | Time Limit - 60:00

The bell sounds and Razor thumps the toothpick into Arn’s face. Arn comes at Razor and gets greeted with a right hand, and another, and a roundhouse right hand that sends him to the ground! Arn gets back up, and as Razor advances, Arn snaps him with the Spinebuster! He covers - one, two, kick out from Razor!

Arn swings and Razor ducks, Atomic Drop! Arn turns around, Fallaway Slam! The Intercontinental Champion is feeling it and the fans are fired up! Razor wastes no time and drags Arn up to his feet. He tucks him between his legs and brings him up in the air, THE RAZOR’S EDGE! If there was a roof, it would’ve exploded from the crowd.

Razor is quick to cover. One, two, three! WHAT?! Razor Ramon dispatches Arn Anderson in record time, the fastest match in Wrestling Gold history!


Arn Anderson is out cold on the mat as Razor is handed the Wrestling Gold Intercontinental Championship. He’s barely broken a sweat from handling his biggest rival to date. Razor puts the belt around his waist and celebrates with the fans as daytime fireworks in reds, whites, and blues explode around him. The most popular star in Wrestling Gold leaves with a big time title defense, wrapping up the summer tour in style.



Referee - Joey Marella | Time Limit - 60:00

The large blue bars of the steel cage surround the ring, locking the champion and the challenger inside with nowhere to go. After the official ring introductions from Howard Finkle, referee Earl Hebner gives Hart and Roberts their final instructions and signals for the bell to start the match. The fans surrounding the ring are anxiously anticipating this one, but no more than the competitors inside the squared-circle.

The match was a heated affair with the normally strategic Hitman losing his cool several times throughout, letting his frustrations get the best of him as Jake Roberts continued his mind games, torturing the champion at every turn with displays of underhanded tactics and foreign objects. Jake tried several times to escape, but Bret pulled him back in each time before he was able to climb over the top. The game changer in the match came the final time Jake attempted to escape, and as Bret pulled him back down, Jake blasted the champion with a pair of brass knuckles he had hidden in his tights. Jake went for a three count but it was only good for two!

With Jake arguing about the slowness of the count, Bret uses the time to recover and rolls Jake up for a two count! As soon as Bret is back up, Jake drops him with a short-arm clothesline! Jake drops to his knees, also feeling the effects of the match as time marches on. Jake pulls himself up and sends Bret face first into the cage! Jake begins his climb to the top of the cage and the fans are mixing boos with pleas for Hart to get up.

Here comes Owen! Owen rushes down the aisle with a steel chair in his hand. Owen quickly scales the cage and meets Jake at the top with the chair. He threatens Jake, who begins wrestling the chair away from him. Bret rolls over and sees what’s going on and climbs the cage and sits at the top, trading blows with Roberts. Owen drops down as the fighting continues. Bret hooks the head of Jake - SUPER PLEX OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Owen throws his hands on his head, in disbelief of what just transpired in front of him.

Earl Hebner begins counting both men out. If they’re unable to continue, the match is a draw. Jake shows life first, rolling over and clutching his neck. Owen breaks the lock on the cage door and comes in, dropping to his knees to help Bret up. Jake sees an opportunity and begins dragging himself to the open door Owen has created. Owen realizes his error and goes for Jake, but Jake pushes him away and gets to his feet. DDT ON OWEN! Bret pushes himself up and lunges for Jake, but Jake dives through the door, landing on the outside. JAKE ROBERTS HAS WON! HE ESCAPED! We have a new Wrestling Gold Champion thanks to Owen Hart!


After the match, Jake Roberts is celebrating his win as he’s being pelted with garbage from the fans in attendance. He looks in the ring from the floor as Owen is helped up by Bret. Owen realizes what’s happened and tears begin flowing from his eyes, knowing he cost his big brother the championship. He apologizes profusely as Bret shakes him off, telling him not to worry about it.

Jake shows the championship to Bret with a sinister smirk on his face, pleased that he one-upped the Hitman. Bret nods and we can read his lips telling Jake, “there’ll be a rematch, don’t you worry!” Bret puts his arm around Owen to console him.

And Owen kicks him between the legs.

What just happened?!

Bret drops to his knees, looking up at his brother in shock and heartbreak. Owen is fuming as he pie-faces his brother down to the mat. The place becomes unglued, and if they could get ahold of Owen, the fans would throw him into the ocean! Jake Roberts tilts his head back and laughs hysterically as Owen looks down at his brother one final time.

We get a shot of Jake Roberts tossing the title over his shoulder as Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are dead silent on commentary.

What did Owen just do?

End transmission.