08 / 08 / 2020 | The Tokyo Dome | Tokyo, Japan

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Go Shiozaki via Pinfall w/ Stone Cold Stunner in 22:08

Earlier today.

We fade up outside the Tokyo Dome. Rhea Ripley and Bea Priestley are arriving at the building, looking less than happy to be here. Rolling their bags behind them, they're completely caught off guard when Io Shirai charges out of nowhere and THROWS A CHAIR in Rhea Ripley's face! The impact causes Ripley to stagger back in surprise, barely even registering what just happened before Shirai pounches on her, peppering her with right hands! Bea Priestley tries to pull her off but she's attacked from behind by AZM and Starlight Kid!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ecstasy of Gold! As you can see, we've already had some excitement here tonight as Rhea & the Rippers have EXPLODED here in Tokyo, Japan!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It goes without saying that Io Shirai and Lightning Star owe Rhea Ripley and Bea Priestley more than their share of receipts for what happened at the unfortunately named Dr. Cube & the Women event!

A trickle of blood escapes from a cut across the bridge of Rhea's nose, courtesy of the thrown chair! Ripley and Shirai trade blows as Priestley holds her own against Lightning Star! As all five women brawl toward a production truck, we suddenly hear someone cry out!


The camera pans up to reveal Hyper Misao standing on top of the production truck! SHE LEAPS AND WIPES OUT ALL FIVE WOMEN WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! With all six women lying in a heap, we see security and road agents such as Billy Gunn and Justin Credible charge out from inside the building to separate the women before anymore damage can be done!

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck's Rey Mysterio got to do with any of this shit?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What are you talking about?

[ Scott Steiner ] Why's Rey Mysterio jabbering like an idiot and jumpin' off trailers on girls!? Is he makin' a bid for that junk Limitless title or somethin'!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's... that wasn't Rey Mysterio--

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Anyway, gentlemen, it goes without saying that Rhea & the Rippers aren't even in the same book, much less the same page. It should also be noted that Io Shirai did suffer an injury to her left knee during this brawl, though it's not clear exactly when it occurred.

[ Scott Steiner ] Probably when that fat midget Rey Mysterio fell on her!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We do know that she is still cleared to compete and will be defending her championship against Sasha Banks tonight as scheduled. How the injury will play into the match, who knows, but you have to imagine that Sasha Banks is factoring it into her game plan.

We fade out as we see security and road agents separating everyone.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time - 60:00

The match begins with Prince Devitt and Danhausen in the ring. As soon as Mike Chioda calls for the bell, Devitt charges across the ring and nails Danhausen with a shotgun dropkick that sends him ragdolling into the turnbuckles! Devitt wastes no time in pulling Danhausen out of the corner and dropping him right on his head and shoulders with a sickening brainbuster! Devitt goes the cover! One! Two! Thr-- Danhausen kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Danhausen will not go down that easily!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fast and furious action to start, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] Is it really, Jason Statham!? Is it really FAST AND FURIOUS action!? There's been like two moves and ain't neither one scored a pin yet! I woulda' pinned that little vampire bitch boy with ONE move!

Devitt pulls Danhausen back to his feet and begins delivering knee lifts before taking Danhausen down with a double underhook suplex. Devitt quickly mounts Danhausen and begins raining down forearms! As Devitt continues laying them in, the counter begins ticking down! Devitt quickly stands up and DOUBLE STOMPS Danhausen as the next entrant makes their way out onto the stage!

[ #3 - Jay Briscoe ]

Jay Briscoe charges down the ramp and leaps onto the apron. He grips the top rope and leaps onto the top, springboarding off and nailing Devitt with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Devitt immediately rolls out of the ring but Briscoe is waiting on him, hitting the ropes and flying out with a SUICIDE DIVE! Devitt and Briscoe are both down for a moment before Briscoe rises back to his feet and pumps his fists, shouting "THAT'S HOW I DO, BOY! MAN UP!"

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jay Briscoe is here with an exclamation point!

Jay Briscoe rolls back into the ring and immediately clotheslines Danhausen out of his boots! Briscoe goes to work on Danhausen, slugging away at him before pulling him back to his feet. He whips Danhausen into the ropes but Danhausen reverses it! Prince Devitt catches Briscoe's ankle and Briscoe staggers forward into a dropkick from Danhausen! Danhausen quickly hits the ropes and nails a SUICIDE DIVE ON DEVITT! All three men are down as the counter begins ticking down and our next entrant hits the stage!

[ #4 - Maxwell Jacob Friedman ]

MJF is out next and he runs down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and picks Jay Briscoe up before dropping him with a stalling vertical suplex! He gets up and puts his boot on Briscoe's neck, choking him out. Friedman cups his ear and shouts down at Briscoe, "Hey! What do ya' say, Jay!? HUH!? HUH!? Oh yeah, I can't hear you! I'm steppin' on your throat!" MJF lifts his boot and pulls Briscoe back up before whipping him into the corner. MJF follows him in with a corner clothesline and then bulldogs him into the center of the ring! As soon as he lands, Prince Devitt flies off the top rope out of nowhere and nails Briscoe with the COUP DE GRACE! MJF immediately dumps Devitt to the floor... but then Danhausen comes out of nowhere and dumps MJF to the floor before pinning Jay Briscoe! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Jay Briscoe via Pinfall ]

Danhausen gets up, celebrating!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Danhausen steals one! Good on Danhausen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's still got a long way to go!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh, no doubt!

The timer begins ticking down as Danhausen celebrates!

[ #5 - Cesaro ]

Cesaro emerges from the back and stands on the stage, looking down at the ring for a moment before heading down. He takes his time, surveying the situation... and then slides under the bottom rope and nails Danhausen from behind! Cesaro snatches Danhausen up by his legs and the GIANT SWING BEGINS! Cesaro swings Danhausen around repeatedly, round and round! Devitt tries to reenter the ring but Cesaro hits him with Danhausen! MJF tries to break it up but is also hit with Danhausen! Cesaro swings Danhausen until the timer ticks down and our next competitor enters the match!

[ #6 - Kevin Steen ]

Steen looks miserable as he skulks out from the back. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs inside. He watches as Cesaro continues swinging Danhausen before finally running and BASEMENT DROPKICKING Danhausen in the side of the head, interrupting the swing! Cesaro discards Danhausen and shoves Steen, shouting "EYYY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Steen shoves Cesaro back, shouting "WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING!? THIS IS A WRESTLING MATCH, ASSHOLE!" Cesaro responds with a European uppercut and Steen staggers back into the ropes! Steen rebounds with a big clothesline and then pulls Cesaro back up to his feet. Cesaro goes for a big right hand but Steen ducks it and catches Cesaro on the turnaround with a boot to the gut... PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Steen covers Cesaro! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Cesaro via Pinfall ]

Steen wastes no time in scrambling over to Danhausen and pulling him up to his feet. He pulls him in and goes for another PACKAGE PILEDRIVER but Prince Devitt flies off the top rope and takes Steen down with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Devitt returns to his feet and drags his thumb across his throat. He pulls Steen up to his feet but MJF attacks him from behind before he can do anything!

[ Scott Steiner ] This match is a god damn mess!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're doing whatever it takes to earn that title shot in Saudi Arabia!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's not what I fuckin' meant! I meant it's bad! The match sucks! Buncha' god damn disjointed bullshit! Ain't nobody hittin' any real moves or nothin'! Like they got no idea what they're doin'!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Kevin Steen--

[ Scott Steiner ] HE'S FAT!

MJF and Devitt begin trading punches while Danhausen and Devitt lie on the mat. The timer begins counting down and our next competitor is on his way to the ring!

[ #7 - Cody Rhodes ]

Cody Rhodes jogs down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He immediately goes after Danhausen and pulls him up to his feet. He whips Danhausen into the ropes and hits him with a back elbow! Danhausen rolls out of the ring and Cody motions for Devitt to get up. Devitt slowly gets to his feet and Cody runs to the ropes and rebounds... CODY CUTTER! He covers Devitt and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Prince Devitt via Pinfall ]

On the other side of the ring, Steen boots MJF and dumps him through the ropes to the floor. He turns right around into a right hand from Cody! Cody and Steen slug it out before Steen takes over with a knee lift. He pulls Cody in for the Package Piledriver but MJF grabs Steen's ankle from the outside! Cody manages to backdrop Steen over his shoulder and then turns around, posting up in the corner and waiting on Steen to recover! Steen returns to his feet and Cody leaps... DISASTER KICK! Steen takes the impact and immediately powders to the floor as the counter ticks down once again!

[ #8 - The Rock ]

The Rock explodes from the back and immediately clotheslines Danhausen on the outside so hard that he turns inside out! The Rock looks around, smelling the air, listening to THE PEOPLE who applaud politely. The Rock nods and then grabs Danhausen by the hair. He throws him into the ring and follows him inside. Danhausen staggers back to his feet and The Rock catches him as he turns around... ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock kips back up to his feet and kicks Danhausen in the shoulder. He removes his elbow pad and hits the ropes... PEOPLE'S ELBOW! The Rock covers Danhausen! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Danhausen via Pinfall ]

The Rock stands up, dusting off his hands, and immediately gets double teamed by Cody and MJF! They pound away at him before backing him into the corner and putting the boots to him. They pull The Rock out of the corner and nail him with a double suplex!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the teamwork between Cody and MJF!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You're witnessing the teamwork culture instilled by Cody for all members of the aptly named... Team Cody!

[ Scott Steiner ] Stupid fuckin' name. Just fuckin' stupid as fuck.

MJF goes for a cover. One! Two! MJF breaks his own pin and then insists that Cody gets the pin! Cody looks unsure but gives in and covers The Rock. One! Two! THE ROCK KICKS OUT! Cody and MJF neither one look like they can believe it as The Rock returns to his feet! They throw The Rock into the ropes with a double Irish whip but The Rock returns with a FLYING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE that knocks them both down as the timer runs out!

[ #9 - Christopher Daniels ]

Christopher Daniels walks out onto the stage in a hooded robe, unable to see his face. After standing on the stage for a few moments, the hood is thrown back to reveal... Frankie Kazarian! Everyone is confused until the REAL Christopher Daniels enters through the crowd and rolls up The Rock from behind! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - The Rock via Pinfall ]

Kazarian returns to the back as Daniels sits up on his knees, cackling in victory! Daniels instantly gets booted in the head by Kevin Steen. Steen goes to work on Daniels, pummeling him with left and right hands before throwing him into the corner and punching away at him until he falls into a seated position on the mat! Steen charges... CORNER CANNONBALL! Steen pulls Daniels out of the corner and PLANTS HIM WITH THE PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Steen goes for the cover but MJF breaks it up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is he thinking!? It's elimination rules!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I... I don't get it either, Tony!

Steen gets in MJF's face! They begin arguing! MJF tells Steen, "Nobody hates Daniels more than Cody! Cody gets to eliminate that piece of shit! Not you!" They begin violently shoving each other until Cody tries to get involved... resulting in both men turning to shove Cody away and resume their conversation... only for the shove to send Cody into a SCHOOLBOY FROM DANIELS! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Cody Rhodes via Pinfall ]

MJF looks on in shock, realizing what he's done... only for Steen to boot him in the gut and nail the PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! He covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Maxwell Jacob Friedman via Pinfall ]

We're down to Kevin Steen and Christopher Daniels as the buzzer sounds!

[ #10 - The Miz ]

The Miz runs down to the ring and immediately kicks Kevin Steen in the back. The Miz goes to work on Steen, pummeling him with kicks and forearms before pulling him up to his feet. Christopher Daniels joins in and they double suplex Steen to the mat. Steen goes to the floor, favoring his lower back. Daniels offers a high five to the Miz but the Miz boots Daniels in the stomach and plants him with a DDT, going for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- DANIELS KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This match is unpredictable!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The field is truly wide open! It's safe to say that no matter what happens, we're gonna get a brand new, unique title match in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

The Miz pulls Daniels up and whips him into the corner. Miz follows him in with a corner splash and then climbs the turnbuckles, delivering a TEN PUNCH! As he reaches the tenth punch, Daniels walks out of the corner with the Miz on his shoulders and plants him with a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Daniels covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THR-- THE MIZ KICKS OUT! Daniels can't believe it as the buzzer sounds again!

[ #11 - Los Ice Creams ]

Both members of Los Ice Creams are out with Ted Dibiase in tow! Kevin Steen charges up the ramp to meet them but they're ready and begin pummeling Steen with forearm blows, knocking him down to all fours! They toss Steen under the bottom rope and follow him inside. They overwhelm Steen, and just as Steen is mounting a comeback with a flurry of right and left hands, Ted Dibiase snatches his ankle from outside, allowing the Ice Creams to take over! Pulling Steen away from the ropes, they nail EL ASESINO and both Ice Creams sit on him! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Kevin Steen via Pinfall ]

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Members of Team Psych just pinned a member of The Snake Pit! What a statement heading into Body Count!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] An even bigger statement would be if one of the Ice Creams walked into Body Count as SGW Champion after winning this match and then claiming the title in Saudi Arabia!

[ Scott Steiner ] Are you fuckin' JOKIN' right now, Eddie Izzard?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I honestly don't know anymore.

Daniels attacks both Ice Creams, trying to take them on himself. The Ice Creams quickly turn the tables on him and drill him into the mat with a double flapjack! The Miz attacks El Hijo del Ice Cream from behind, knocking him down to his knees. He goes after Ice Cream, Jr. and throws a big haymaker... but Ice Cream, Jr. ducks it and catches Miz on the turnaround with the COLD STONE STUNNER! He goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! TH-- THE MIZ GETS A SHOULDER UP AS THE BUZZER SOUNDS!

[ #12 - Jacob Fatu ]

Jacob Fatu is out next and he charges down to the ring! He rolls under the bottom rope and instantly catches Ice Cream, Jr. on his shoulders, drilling him with a SAMOAN DROP! He covers him! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Ice Cream, Jr. via Pinfall ]

[ Scott Steiner ] So, wait, are they both gone now or what!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... I don't think so!

[ Scott Steiner ] STUPID!

El Hijo del Ice Cream attacks Fatu from behind but Fatu quickly shrugs him off! Fatu turns and grabs El Hijo del Ice Cream by either side of his head, squeezing him until his mask goes slack and creamy melted ice cream begins pouring from the eye and mouth holes of his mask! He tosses the remains of El Hijo del Ice Cream onto his shoulders... SAMOAN DROP! He climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies... SAMOAN SPLASH! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - El Hijo del Ice Cream via Pinfall ]

As soon as Fatu stands up, he's greeted with a boot to the stomach from Christopher Daniels... ANGEL'S WINGS! Daniels prepares to go for a cover but before he can, The Miz sneaks up behind him... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! The Miz covers Daniels! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Christopher Daniels via Pinfall ]

We're down to The Miz and Jacob Fatu! The Miz covers Fatu! ONE! TWO! FATU POWERS OUT! The Miz can't believe it! Jacob Fatu gets back to his feet. The Miz and Fatu stand off in the middle of the ring... and The Miz turns to try and escape! Fatu catches him by his tights and pulls him straight back into a GERMAN SUPLEX! The Miz rolls right back up to his feet, favoring his back, and walks right into a release overhead belly to belly suplex! Jacob Fatu descends on The Miz and pulls him back up to his feet. He whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but The Miz ducks it! Fatu turns right around into a boot to the stomach! The Miz goes for a vertical suplex but Jacob Fatu slips out and lands behind him! He shoves the Miz forward into the ropes! The Miz rebounds and Fatu nails him with an earth shattering HEADBUTT! The Miz is out on his feet and Fatu scoops him up... SAMOAN DROP!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Miz has nothing left! Jacob Fatu is about to end this one!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know what that Hollywood idiot was thinkin'! You can't suplex somebody like Jacob Fatu! KNOW WHY!? YOU CAN'T SPELL FATU... WITHOUT FAT!

Jacob Fatu goes to the top rope and flies... and the Miz misses! There's no water in the pool! Fatu lands flat in the center of the ring and doesn't move! The Miz quickly rolls back to his feet, worse for wear. He waits on Fatu to get up to his knees... and then begins delivering stiff kicks to Fatu's chest! Fatu absorbs every one of them, roaring up at the Miz with every blow!

[ Scott Steiner ] Mike Chioda needs to put a stop to this shit! Jacob Fatu's chest can't take no more! Look at his chubby belly and his fat ass! That big Samoan is a day away from a heart attack without gettin' booted in the tits by that bug eyed freak!

Jacob Fatu forces himself up to one knee and Miz throws a final kick... only for Fatu to catch it! Fatu stands up with the Miz's foot in his grasp. Miz looks horrified! Fatu pulls him in... T-BONE SUPLEX! Before Fatu can capitalize, Maryse climbs onto the apron and distracts Fatu! Fatu approaches her... and the Miz recovers, running up behind Fatu and pulling him backward into a pinning predicament! ONE! TWO! THR-- FATU KICKS OUT! He rolls back to his feet, as does the Miz! They run at each other, colliding in the center, and Fatu nails Miz with a headbutt! Miz's eyes go crossed and Fatu scoops him up... SAMOAN DROP! Fatu goes up top... MOONSAULT! He covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Fatu stands up, slapping himself in the chest and celebrating as he's joined in the ring by Josef Samael. The rest of CONTRA Unit make their way down, Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwan. The Miz rolls out of the ring and is helped up the ramp by Maryse.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Who could have predicted this?! Jacob Fatu will challenge the winner of Adam Cole versus Kevin Nash in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Don't take anything away from The Miz either, Tony! He put up a hell of a fight! A star making performance, if I may say so myself!

[ Scott Steiner ] Now we just gotta hope Jacob Fatu can keep from eatin' his fat ass to death before his title shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't think we have to worry about that, Scott. Someone who DOES have to worry is the winner of tonight's world title match because I'm afraid they're walkin' into a challenge at Blood in the Sand that they aren't ready for!


Backstage, Arn Anderson is rubbing his hands together with a determined, confident look in his eye. The camera pans out and shows the Origin, all wearing matching “ORIGIN JAPAN” shirts. Adam Cole and Britt Baker are front and center, looking proudly at Anderson as he paces. Steve Corino is smiling slightly, listening intently. The Big Nasty looms over the team, arms crossed, and eyes narrowed. Chris Jericho’s eyes are threatening to roll out of his head as the zoom expands to include him – but the appreciative, knowledgeable Tokyo fans remember his efforts in the Land of the Rising Sun and applaud politely, yet loudly.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These fans remember Chris Jericho…and despite his Origin allegiances, they respect him over his 50+ trips to this great nation.

Jericho smirks and sniggers to himself as Anderson breathes out and begins his speech.

[ Arn Anderson ] Gentlemen, tonight is a crucial night in our crusade. We’ve come to Tokyo, Japan, where you all, and I, have waged many great wars over these years. These people love professional wrestling…and we’re going to give it to them here tonight…Paul? Britt?

The Big Nasty and Baker turn their attention squarely to Arn, who continues.

[ Arn Anderson ] I need you both to be with me 110% tonight. We’re supporting our men in battle and will do whatever it takes to help them win.

Cole pats Britt on the back and winks, while Jericho nods to the Big Nasty. Steve Corino smiles at Anderson as he continues.

[ Arn Anderson ] Steve, Chri—

Arn stops suddenly and begins craning his neck, looking around the room.

[ Arn Anderson ] …have any of you seen Guerrera?

Jericho’s eyes roll just hearing the name. Corino shakes his head ‘no,’ as Cole simply closes his eyes, not thinking about Juventud.

[ Steve Corino ] No, I haven’t. I don’t know where he is…

Arn rubs the bridge of his nose as Jericho snickers to himself.

[ Steve Corino ] …what he’s doing…

Anderson looks to Corino, listening intently.

[ Steve Corino ] …really, I’m not so sure letting him join the team was the best decision…

Jericho guffaws out loud and cuts off Corino with a raised hand.

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh, you think so, Steve? Do ‘ya? ‘Ya think that lettin’ Quasimodo’s ugly ass onto the Origin was a bit of a bad idea, do ‘ya? You think he’s just not being a team player, huh, Steve??

Corino sort of shrugs and nods his head in agreement as Anderson narrows his eyes to Jericho.

[ Chris Jericho ] Well, duh! If only you’d listened to the TRUE leader of the Origin, none of this nonsense would have EVER been made to occur! That’s right, baby, if you’d kicked Doofentud to the curb long ago, we’d be in fine shape, just like…oh, who was it that said that? Oh yeah, CHRIS JERICHO!

The Tokyo fans applaud and cheer his name and Jericho turns to the camera aggressively.


The fans certainly understood that and boo Jericho, who turns his satisfied smirk back towards Anderson, who is flustered. Cole, on the other hand, isn’t bothered in the slightest.

[ Arn Anderson ] Now…you listen to me, Chris…I don’t care where Guerrera is! I don’t mind if he’s layin’ in a ditch in Roppongi for all I care, because he’s not TRULY Origin as far as I’m concerned! Chris, Steve, tonight, you two have a very, VERY important job to do.

The entire room is focused on Anderson.

[ Arn Anderson ] Now, he doesn’t need help with Big Lazy…but…should…anything go…awry…

Cole’s eyes open and focus sternly on Arn’s as a sinister smile cracks across Jericho’s face.

[ Arn Anderson ] …you two will need to ensure that A: nobody interferes in the match. Not Page, not Austin, not the damn ghost of Val Venis – NOBODY!

[ Steve Corino ] R.I.P. you intolerant piece of shit…

[ Arn Anderson ] And B: That should Adam need your help, you are right there and prepared to do the Lord’s wor—

Cole lifts a finger up and the entire room may as well be magnetized to him. After a moment, he speaks.

[ Adam Cole ] Arn, if I may?

Arn opens his hands, allowing Cole the floor. Cole turns towards the room and speaks calmly.

[ Adam Cole ] Let me ease your minds and put any and all worries to rest – there will be…NO…need for assistance. There will be no need for either you, Steve, or you, Chris, to turn your nose further toward my match than the television screen or the entranceway to prevent interference from those morons on Team SGW. I am the crown jewel of this organization. I am the centerpiece of this group. I am the only former Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion in this room and intend to make that one of only a few two-time champions in the history of this company.

Anderson nods proudly and Britt Baker winks at him.

[ Adam Cole ] Your being here, in this room, emphasizes to me that you are among the elite in this company. Those on our team for Body Count who are not here, well…they are none of my concern – and that lies on the fact that I believe in each and every person in this room to be the very best Solid Gold Wrestling has to offer on any given night! I will lead you by example! I will make tonight a lasting memory in the minds of Solid Gold Wrestling fans when I step into the ring against Kevin Nash and do what his body tried to do long ago – and put him OUT of this business once and for all, and FOR GOOD!

The Big Nasty nods, a crooked smile threatening to break. Britt Baker claps lightly and Steve Corino nods his head. Chris Jericho’s eyes are squinted, largely unimpressed.

[ Adam Cole ] Everyone in this room will have no doubt in their minds that their faith is rested securely not only in Arn and his wisdom and judgment, but in the man he put at the helm of the future of this company! You will never again doubt the fact that Adam Cole is the greatest professional wrestler alive today! You will watch…listen…and feel…the very air choked from the throat of the SGW monster when I pull down my tights…and force this company…to SUCK! MY! DICK!

Jericho rolls his eyes as Anderson nods, really feeling the confidence on display from the challenger.

[ Adam Cole ] Guys…this is my night…and as such, this is OUR night. Tonight, this company will be forced to recognize their future is the Origin! And their future…is Adam…Cole…baybay.

Anderson pats Cole on the shoulder and nods, lifting his finger and dragging it through the air around the room.

[ Arn Anderson ] That is an absolute damn fact! We are the very blood pumping through this company’s sickly, diseased body! We are the cure waiting to heal from within! We are the strongest, most unified, most feared conglomerate of talent this organization has ever, or will ever see – and dammit, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but ‘toot toot!’ This is the finest assortment of talent I’ve ever assembled! This is the strongest collection of warriors this business has ever known! And gentlemen and my fair lady, this is the only tomorrow that Solid Gold Wrestling has to look forward to seeing! Because we are going to watch Adam Cole defeat Kevin Nash tonight! We will watch Adam lift that championship over his head in victory! We will win Body Count! And we will smash Solid Gold Wrestling into the ground and rebuild it in our very image – because, by God, we are the Origin – and the Origin is! THE! Future!

The room erupts in cheers as the Origin prepare for the main event tonight – Cole versus Nash for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time - 30:00

As Paul Turner calls for the bell, it's clear that Nia Jax's head is not in the game since Dr. Cube's minions kidnapped Tamina Snuka and Eve Torres. She seems confused, maybe even paranoid as she looks around the ring. Tessa and Nia Jax meet in the middle of the ring. Tessa Blanchard offers a handshake and Nia accepts it shakily... only to get a boot to the stomach from Blanchard!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dirty tactics from the third generation daughter of one of the dirtiest players in the bloody game!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nia Jax seems confused... lost without her partners!

[ Scott Steiner ] It don't matter! Look at her! She's fuckin' HUGE! Tessa might have a nice ass but Nia Jax has got that FAT SAMOAN ASS and sooner or later, it's gonna land on little Tessa Blanchard and she ain't gonna be able to get out from under it!

Tessa goes to work, pummeling away at Nia Jax with forearms until Nia staggers back into the corner. Tessa goes to work with stomps and boots until Nia falls into a seated position. Tessa hits the ropes and nails Nia with the double knees to the chest! Tessa grabs Nia by the hair and tries to pull her out of the corner but Nia sandbags her and grabs her by the front of her tights! Nia pulls Tessa down face first into the middle turnbuckle! Nia is up quickly, pulling Tessa out of the corner and dropping her on her head and neck with a back suplex! Nia slowly returns to her feet and grabs Tessa by the hair. She whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline! Tessa ducks it! Tessa returns with a clothesline of her own! Nia Jax ducks that and catches Tessa on the turnaround... SAMOAN DROP!

[ Scott Steiner ] Here it fuckin' comes! FAT ASS SAMOAN BEATDOWN TIME!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nia Jax has quite the record for overcoming the odds. It will be quite the feather in her cap to put away Tessa Blanchard tonight in Tokyo, Japan!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm tellin' you! Fat ass Jacob Fatu won the Gold Rush! Nia Jax is about to become the Elevation... Limitless... whatever fuckin' belt this is! Nia's gonna win it and we're gonna have what I like to call... A SAMOAN SWEEP!

Tessa is down! Nia Jax hits the ropes... BIG LEG DROP!

[ Scott Steiner ] There's that fat ass I was talkin' about! Now stay on her!

Paul Turner slides into position! ONE! TWO! THR-- TESSA KICKS OUT! Tessa slowly gets back to her feet and Nia Jax is waiting on her! Nia Jax goes for the FACEBREAKER PUNCH but Tessa Blanchard ducks it, catches Nia by the wrist, and nails her with SOLE FOOD! Nia Jax goes down and Tessa Blanchard climbs the turnbuckles! Nia Jax shakily gets up to one knee and turns right around into... MAGNUMMMMMMM! Tessa covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Tessa rests on her knees next to Nia Jax as Paul Turner presents her with the Elevation Championship. She clutches it to her chest and stands up, raising her fist in the air. She reaches down and shakes Nia Jax's limp hand before turning around and "kicking dirt" over her and leaving the ring with the championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's defense number two! One more and Tessa Blanchard earns her anytime, anywhere SGW Women's World title shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Give it up for Nia Jax, though. She's got a lot going on in her head right now. More than we can comprehend with her friends missin' 'n all. She did what she could... it just wasn't enough!

Tessa Blanchard disappears through the curtain with the championship. The camera focuses on Nia Jax in the center of the ring, tearing up over another disappointing loss as we fade to black.

In another corner of the Tokyo Dome, CONTRA Unit are celebrating around Jacob Fatu, who rests on a steel chair, breathing deeply and staring at his hands in his lap.

[ Josef Samael ] THIS IS IT! Gentlemen…this…is it.

Ikuro Kwan and Simon Gotch turn their attention to Samael, who begins pacing.

[ Josef Samael ] Jacob, my friend, you have DONE IT. With one fell swoop, it can all be achieved. This company…mine. Wild riches…ours. Your destiny...?

Fatu looks up at Samael.

[ Josef Samael ] …fulfilled. Your birthright claimed! Your legacy cemented! You, Jacob, shall do what is necessary for yourself and for this organization in the glorious kingdom of Saudi in two weeks! Your victories shall be forever remembered in the hearts of this company! Your endurin—

The door blasts open and Chris Dickinson stomps in.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Well, fuck, heah they ahh!

The Dirty Daddy walks in further, flanked by AJ Gray, Orange Cassidy, and bringing up the rear, the new Golden Idol holder, Eddie Dennis. Dennis has the massive golden staff in his hand, a smile permanently on his face as Dickinson nudges his head for his rival to hurry up. Determined, he gestures to Fatu and speaks.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Fatu, we’ve been lookin’ for ‘ya! Gotta have a team meeting!

Samael smirks and steps towards Dickinson.

[ Josef Samael ] I am afraid, Mr. Dickinson, that Mr. Fatu will be unavailable for your meeting as he has greater matters to atten—

[ Chris Dickinson ] Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is Body Count we’re talkin’ about! What’s bigger than that?! That’s right, NOTHIN’!

Samael’s eyes narrow and Kwon shakes his head in disbelief. Gotch sort of backs away from Fatu, who hasn’t acknowledged anything occurring.

[ Chris Dickinson ] I drafted this fuckin’ team! I built it to help us ALL get a shot at the glory! To help us ALL get a shot at immortality! AJ, you want a shot at the big fuckin’ belt?!

[ AJ Gray ] You’re damn right I do. And I aim to earn it, even if everybody thinks I don't deserve to be here.

Dickinson points at Orange Cassidy.

[ Chris Dickinson ] OC, you want a fuckin’ match with Big Nash?! You wanna be remembered with the greats of this company?!

Cassidy shrugs, unconcerned with existence. Dickinson powers on, turning back to Fatu before Dennis speaks.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Cap’n? I buhleive…you’f fuhgotten’ sumpin’.

Dickinson turns to see Dennis holding his staff and admiring it in the light.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Oh, trust me, you muddafucka’, I ain’t forgotten shit.

[ Eddie Dennis ] At’s splendid. Becoz I’d be hurt if you forgot that we’ve already a champion on our team…the greatest man…to evah hold…this heah Staff.

Dickinson turns, snarling at Dennis.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Yeah, an’ I’m really gunna like watchin’ that staff hold yer fuckin’ head you fuckin’ piece’a shi—

Steel slides angrily across the floor and all eyes shift to Jacob Fatu, who is standing in the center of the room and dripping intensity.

[ Jacob Fatu ] …enough. You two may know what it means to be a champion in SGW, but you’ve never even SNIFFED the level of glory I’m about to be on, son. You haven’t DREAMED of the shit I’m about to do…of the throats I’m about to cut.

Dickinson snarls slightly and steps up to Fatu, who isn’t intimidated in the slightest and continues.

[ Jacob Fatu ] I realize that you know you had a bar of gold fall into your lap when you expected to be pushing pennies in my spot at Body Count…but you didn’t draft SHIT when it comes to Jacob Fatu. Do you understand me?

Dickinson doesn’t reply or flinch.

[ Jacob Fatu ] The only team that means shit to me – CONTRA Unit? We’re going to be in Saudi Arabia and we’re going to have one fuckin’ thing on our minds – and that’s the SGW World Heavyweight Championship. That’s either old man Nash or Cole and the fuckin’ Origin. Nothin’ else. This Filthy Family bullshit? It’s secondary. No, no, you know what? It’s tertiary – at fuckin’ best.

Dickinson nods, his nostrils flaring, clearly getting angry.

[ Jacob Fatu ] When I snap somebody’s neck…and take my gold? You’ll be the second luckiest son of a bitch in Solid Gold Wrestling – because the new World Heavyweight Champion will have fallen into your lap…and that’s only second because I MIGHT have let the former champion keep breathin’ when I’m done…

Samael steps closer.

[ Josef Samael ] …and even that…is in the air.

Fatu smacks his chest.

[ Jacob Fatu ] You’re damn right.

The Samoan Werewolf turns and leaves the room, the CONTRA Unit following behind him in unison. The camera stays focused on Dickinson, who is snarling, eyes tightly shut as Eddie Dennis walks up behind him.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Supah…motivational…cap’n. I’ll say…you’f jus’ made…anovah…enemy.

Dickinson turns and BLASTS Dennis in the face with a right hand and the Golden Idol staff rattles on the ground as the two men brawl! Security quickly floods the room to separate them as we fade away from the scene.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time - 20:00

The bell sounds and we have James Storm and Trent Baretta starting off. The fans are split in this one, rooting for both teams loudly. A lock up starts it off and Storm backs Trent into the corner and Roode tags in. Roode kicks Trent in the gut and chops him loudly. Trent reverses and fires off a chop of his own! Roode fires off a right hand and tags Storm back in.

[ Tony Schiavone ] A series of tags early on from Beer Money is keeping the team fresh.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s a sound tag team strategy, Tony!

Beer Money attempts a double team but here’s Chuck. Chuck Taylor rushes in and knocks Storm back, allowing Trent to roll Roode up for a near fall. Rick Knox quickly tries restoring order to get two of the four men out of the ring. Storm and Trent trade blows in the ring until Trent rakes the eyes and sends Storm against the ropes, dropkick! He tags Chuck in and SOUL FOOD HALF-AND-HALF! Chuck covers - one, two, no!

[ Scott Steiner ] I wouldn’t sell for that piece of shit, Chuck Taylor, swear to God!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well Scott, while looking unlike your ordinary wrestler, Chuck Taylor is one of the best!

[ Scott Steiner ] One of the best?! Fuck me! That pudgy fucker?

Chuck sends Storm against the ropes and Storm ducks a clothesline and makes a tag. As he hits the opposite side ropes, he hits a flying forearm and sends Chuck down. Roode comes in and staggers Chuck with a big uppercut, to which Storm immediately hits a backstabber on Chuck! Roode covers but Chuck kicks out at the last second.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Near fall!

Beer Money takes over in dominating fashion, cutting the ring off so that Chuck can’t get near Trent for the tag. The fans support that was once split has shifted strongly to rallying behind the Best Friends. On the outside, Orange Cassidy decides to take matters into his own hand.

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE FUCK?!

Orange Cassidy has stolen the motorized beer cooler and is slowly driving it around the ring! This catches the eye of James Storm, who drops Chuck during an attempted double team.



[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, Scott, that’s awfully me-


Orange Cassidy goes around the corner of the ring and very slowly.. Very, very slowly.. Crashes into the steel ring steps! Orange Cassidy slumps over as the wheels keep churning, unable to go anywhere due to the steps.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my, God! He’s dead! He’s dead!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He hit that at less than a kilometer per hour, Tony! There’s no way!

Storm and Roode look over the ropes at Cassidy, allowing time for Chuck to roll over and tag Trent in! Trent dumps James Storm over the top rope and spins Roode around DUDE BUSTER! He got all of that Tornado DDT! One, two, three! The Best Friends win thanks to Orange Cassidy!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Orange Cassidy sacrificed his life so his friends!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, again, he’s not dead but he did change the match entirely! This has to get the Best Friends back in the hunt for Tag Team gold!

Orange Cassidy comes to and slowly rolls himself in the ring as Chuck and Trent are celebrating inside the ring with Rick Knox raising their arms in the air. Cassidy runs his hand through his hair and stands center ring, flashing half of a thumbs up. Chuck and Trent attack Orange from each side, sitting in the middle with a huge bear hug.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You gotta’ give the people what they want!


The camera dramatically zooms out with the Okada-Rainmaker effect as the hug continues. The fans erupt in cheers. As the trio of Best Friends continue their celebrating, we cut to the back.

We cut backstage to see the Rock blazing a trail down a corridor of the Tokyo Dome. The jam-packed crowd cheer, clapping politely and softly hooting their praise. An eyebrow shoots up over his $200,000 Shiels Jewelers Emerald sunglasses as he passes by a group of stagehands. Looking to his left, he notices a young fan and their father, pointing at all the sights of the backstage area. Dwayne suddenly comes to a halt and steps backwards, lifting the child into the air by the scruff of his shirt, producing a Sharpie from his pocket and signs the child’s bare back before tossing him at his father and continuing along his way.

[ The Rock ] An autograph for you, young man; don’t sell it on eBay, the Rock browses!

Continuing along his merry way, the Rock passes by the makeup stand, where Jinny is seated and being tended to by a cosmetics artist – certainly off the books of the SGW budget.

[ The Rock ] The Rock thinks you’re one hell of a spicy curry, mama! Yeah! The Rock’s mighty dong is twitchin’ just lookin’ at your tight little ass!

Jinny’s mouth falls slightly agape as the Rock lifts his belt buckle up and down.

[ The Rock ] Whoa, now, big fella! Whoa-oh-oh-oh, now!

The Rock wags his eyebrows up and down as Jinny scrunches her face in anger and opens her mouth to eviscerate him verbally, but the Rock lifts a finger to stop her.

[ The Rock ] Don’t bother, mama! The Rock’s put his room key in your cleavage already!

Jinny lifts an eyebrow of her own and peers into her blouse, producing, incredulously, a room key! She drops it in surprise as the Rock flashes his million-dollar smile.

[ The Rock ] See you tonight, you sexy sand princess! Don’t pick up any dong bags, the Rock’s got a box of Hefty Bags ready to rock’n’roll!

The Japanese fans applaud his sexism as he continues along his way, nodding at Lance Storm as he passes. Eventually, the Rock comes to a stop and tears the sunglasses from his face, smiling broadly at what’s in front of him.

[ The Rock ] Well. The Rock will be damned where the Rock stands…

The camera zooms out to show Jushin Thunder Liger, in full regalia before him, flashing a thumbs up and bowing to the Great One respectfully. The Tokyo Dome pops the loudest it has all evening at the collection of legendary figures on the screen. Liger and the Rock step closer to one another and look the other up and down.

[ The Rock ] …it’s Kamen Rider!

The Tokyo fans giggle to themselves as the Rock sticks out his hand, which Liger shakes graciously.

[ Jushin Thunder Liger ] Keigu, Dwayne-san! Tōkyō dōmu ni kite kōeidesu. Nihon ga anata no konomi ni atte iru koto o negatte imasu.

The Rock’s eyes bounce across the bottom of the screen, reading the subtitles: “Hello, Dwayne-san! It is an honor to have you here at the Tokyo Dome. I hope Japan has been to your liking, Great One!” He smiles and looks up at Liger, nodding his head rhythmically.

[ The Rock ] Tokyo Driftin’! The Rock stayed out until 11:30 PM last night on the dirty back alleys of Tokyo, refereeing drag races and even taking part in a few before gettin’ back to his hotel for some good sleep – THAT’S RIGHT! THE ROCK BELIEVES IN A FULL EIGHT HOURS! CHANT IT!

The Tokyo fans stumble through a “eight hours” chant for a moment as Dwayne nods his head, pleased with the effort. He looks at Liger and bows respectfully, as well.

[ The Rock ] Kamen Rider, the Rock admits he isn’t the biggest fan of anime, but he loves your land, he loves your culture, and he loves the way you lay the Smacketh Down on all those nameless goons’ candy asses every night on TV Asahi! You all! Out there watchin’! Show respect for this man, Kamen Rider! What did you say your real name was? The Rock saw it on the screen a moment ago…

Liger chortles and replies.

[ Jushin Thunder Liger ] Jushin…THUNDER! Liger.

[ The Rock ] You heard him – JUSTIN BIEBER WHISKER BISCUIT! Chant it! Chant respectfully!

The Tokyo fans fail miserably, maybe getting three words through their first chant before trailing off. Liger gives them a fist pump and shakes hands with the Rock again before the Great One speaks.

[ The Rock ] Tell me, Kamen Rider son, where oh where is the locker room filled by that pompous British King George monkey dick licker Nick Aldis?

Liger shakes his head, laughing and points down the hallway. The Rock squints his eyes, throws his sunglasses into the air before catching them perfectly on his face and patting Liger on the shoulder.

[ The Rock ] Keep on Walkin’ Tall, Kamen, daddy. The Rock loves ya! The Rock loves Japan!

And like that, he’s off, storming away towards the What Caused Aldis locker room as we linger on a final shot of Liger, laughing to himself as we fade away.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time - 20:00

Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell as Deonna Purrazzo turns around to take her entrance robe off, allowing Starlight Kid to sneak up and dropkick her in the back! Deonna goes face first into the middle turnbuckle! Starlight Kid immediately hits the ropes and comes back in, drilling Deonna in the back with double knees! Deonna quickly powders to the floor, looking annoyed! She takes a lap around the ring, favoring the back of her neck... but a gasp from the fans alerts her to turn around! She turns and Starlight Kid falls from the top rope with a FLYING BODYPRESS TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Would you look at that! Starlight Kid is eager to impress in her home country!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's gonna take some serious risks to knock off Deonna Purrazzo, gentlemen! She's here to make an impact and build momentum heading into Body Count!

[ Scott Steiner ] If there's anything I ever learned in my career, it's that momentum is the most important thing a guy can have! Even if you're the better man and you prove you're the better man, if you don't have momentum behind your ass, you're still gonna lose! Even if your opponent sucks and anybody watchin' and listenin' to his fuckin' promos knows he sucks and doesn't deserve to win!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Anyway, Starlight Kid is back up to her feet!

Starlight Kid pulls Deonna up by her gear and rolls her under the bottom rope. Starlight follows her in but Deonna scrambles back to her feet and meets Starlight coming in with a boot to the head! Deonna immediately drops down on Starlight, nailing her with forearms to the head before locking in a front facelock! Deonna works Starlight toward the center of the ring before repositioning into a mount and then cynching in a rear naked choke! She rolls over onto her back, choking Starlight Kid out! Starlight struggles toward the ropes before finding herself unable to reach them. She elbows Deonna in the ribs, forcing her to break the scissor hold around her waist. Starlight manages to kick up and jackknife on top of Deonna, putting her in a pinning predicament! ONE! TWO! THR-- DEONNA KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Starlight Kid almost stole it!

[ Scott Steiner ] It doesn't surprise me that the creepy little bitch in a BDSM mask would try to steal somethin'!

Deonna immediately returns to her feet and catches Starlight Kid with a running knee as she gets up to one knee! Deonna quickly pulls Starlight up to her feet and plants her with a snap suplex! Deonna floats over and returns to her feet. She sizes Starlight Kid up! Starlight slowly gets up and Deonna charges at her, going for another knee strike... but Starlight takes Deonna down with a drop toe hold! Deonna falls chest first onto the middle rope and Starlight runs... TIGER FEINT KICK! DEONNA CATCHES HER AROUND THE KNEES! Deonna whips Starlight Kid back into the ring, maintaining the hold on her legs, and sits down with a high angle boston crab! Starlight Kid cries out in pain, unable to reach the ropes! Deonna falls back even further, LITERALLY SITTING ON STARLIGHT KID'S HEAD, NEARLY DOUBLING HER OVER BACKWARD! STARLIGHT KID TAPS OUT!


Aubrey Edwards helps Starlight Kid to her feet. Starlight staggers toward Deonna and offers her hand. Deonna looks down at it and then gestures to accept it... only to retract it at the last second and leave the ring with her arms outstretched, victorious.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Deonna Purrazzo! What a... what a mean woman!

[ Scott Steiner ] She just showed the whole fuckin' world she's got a big swingin' dick to go with that FAT ASS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, you're mouth is moving and words are coming out during a women's match. Perhaps you should look into that.

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck you, John McEnroe.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That man is not British.

[ Scott Steiner ] I SAID FUCK YOU! GOD DAMN!


Backstage in catering, Dustin Rhodes sits down at a table with a plate of steamed vegetables with a grilled chicken breast on top. The camera pans over quickly to show Christopher Daniels looking his fellow teammates in the eye.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Alright gang, you know your marching orders, right?

[ Jon Moxley ] Yeah. I’m not going to dump his crap on the floor.

Liger backs up Moxley by shaking his head back and forth.

[ Jon Moxley ] And I really don’t think it’s a good idea if you do it, either.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Punk, what about you? Are you going to disobey your marching orders?

Punk lets out a deep sigh.

[ CM Punk ] Look man, last time I accosted someone in catering, AJ got cereal dumped on her head.

Punk gazes over at Moxley, who shrugs innocently.

[ Jon Moxley ] Whoever did that is a real son of a bitch, man.

[ CM Punk ] It was you, Jon.

Mox scratches his chin.

[ Jon Moxley ] Ah, shit. Yeah. It was, wasn’t it?

Daniels has had enough of his team.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Alright, fine, I’ll do it myself. We have to send a message and find out whose side he’s on! Let’s go, Fallen Five!

Daniels power walks towards Dustin Rhodes as the rest of the group follows like tourists following a guide. Liger leans over and whispers into Punk’s ear.

[ CM Punk ] No. I have no idea why we started out the fifth version of Disrespect U and are now named after a future Fast and Furious movie.

Daniels approaches Dustin and shoves his tray off the table without saying a word. Dustin jumps up from his chair, holding his chicken breast, and looks down at all of his food scattered on the floor.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] WHAT THE HELL, CHRIS?!


Dustin squints and shakes his head.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] What the hell are you talking about?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Now more than ever, this team needs to know. Your brother supposedly wanted you on his team to help him make it to the Body Count match, OR! OR! Or did he ALLOW you to get drafted by me to sabotage the Fallen Five?

[ Dustin Rhodes ] “Fallen Five?”

Daniels cuts him off.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I’m asking the questions here, chief!

Daniels shoves his finger in Dustin’s face, but it only lasts a few seconds before Dustin swats it away like a gnat.

[ Christopher Daniels ] After Gold Rush IV, Cody’s entire game plan for the event has changed, and since we fight them first, I have to know. It’s like this, he’s my sworn enemy that I didn’t even know I had! I HAVE to beat Cody Rhodes!

[ Dustin Rhodes ] You have a whole helluva lot more to worry about than me. So, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to slap you in the face with this piece of chicken, then I’m going to go back in line and get some more. In between all of that, the rest of your team is gonna’ look at you like you’re a damn fool.

Dustin leans in.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Because you are.

Dustin then slaps Daniels across the face with the piece of grilled chicken! It drops harmlessly to the floor and Dustin turns and walks away back to the catering line. Liger covers his mouth and laughs as Mox puts his arm around Daniels.

[ Jon Moxley ] Told ya’ that you shouldn’t dump his crap on the floor.

Moxley, Punk, and Liger walk away as Daniels rubs his left cheek, drastically overselling the spectacle from Dustin as we fade.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time - 60:00

The atmosphere in the Tokyo Dome is startlingly quiet – even more so than usual. Drew Parker is business-as-usual, focused and watching his opponent carefully. Meanwhile, across the ring, his opponent has a great deal less focus.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we want to apologize for the behavior of Juventud Guerrera here tonight – he will almost certainly be reprimanded for these actions, most likely fined and suspended!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There really is no easy way to say this, but…well, Guerrera’s lifestyle has lent itself towards his…relapse. And this, sadly, seems to be a rock bottom for the Limitless Champion.

[ Scott Steiner ] HE’S SHITFACED!

He most certainly is.

Guerrera’s eyes are glossy, darting around the gargantuan baseball stadium for something to lock onto, but failing with each flicker. Finally rushing into the center of the ring, Juvi throws a dropkick to kick us off – but is off by four feet to the left!

[ Scott Steiner ] Oh, come the fuck on!

Drew Parker runs over and double stomps Guerrera, sending spit (possibly vomit?) flying from his mouth to a disgusted groan from the audience!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is ridiculous! He can’t even defend himself!

Parker straddles Juvi and delivers fists and elbow strikes, rocking the champion before Juvi forces him off. Standing and throwing a sloppy collar-and-elbow tie-up attempt, the challenger easily ducks the champion and positions himself into a waist lock. Parker grips Juvi around the waist and positions him for a German Suplex – but Guerrera shifts his weight and stops the throw. The Urchin Prince keeps his grip tight, but Juventud quickly thrusts his left leg up, between Parker’s and clipping him with a low blow! The Tokyo fans boo as Juventud scrunches his face, confused at the reaction and slurring that he “definitely didn’t nutshot Charlie, baby…”

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Charlie?! Who is Charlie?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a disgusting individual! Juventud Guerrera clearly has no respect for Drew Parker, nor the Limitless Championship, NOR this Tokyo crowd, NOR Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You’re damn right, Tony!

[ Scott Steiner ] For ONCE, Schiavone, I agree all the FUCKIN’ WAY!

Guerrera, still giggling to himself and hiccupping, escapes the ring and begins waving off the championship defense, casually strolling up the ramp, laughing and pointing at Parker – and Tokyo pops, applauding and clapping! Guerrera looks to the crowd, confused, but cracks a big smile.


It’s Ruby Riott! She crosses her arms and plants her feet, waiting – and eventually, Guerrera backs into her! Juvi’s eyes, glazed over, shut and clench, as he opens them slowly and turns, wincing prematurely before muttering “baby…” – and EATING a right hand from Ruby Riott! Tokyo clap loudly as Ruby takes Juvi by the hair and drags him back down the aisle, hurling him into the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ruby Riott isn’t letting Juventud Guerrera escape that easily! He took that Limitless Championship from her and there is CLEARLY no love lost between these two!

Guerrera’s body wrenches as he hiccups, struggling to stand properly – but Parker couldn’t possibly care less, grabbing him in a chokehold and lifting, then dropping his intoxicated opponent across his own knees brutally!


Parker quickly ascends the turnbuckles and turns, facing Guerrera, still down on the mat – and flies!

[ Tony Schiavone ] FOUR! FIFTY! SPLASH!

The Urchin Prince hooks both legs, Guerrera slumping lifelessly under his grip – one! Two! Three!


“Territorial Pissings” hits the speakers and the Dome applaud for the title change, despite the former champion’s disappointingly poor showing. Parker holds up the championship, quickly flying up the turnbuckles and lifting the title high above his head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Drew Parker! I’ve known since the Blood and Gold Tournament that this young man was destined for special things here in Solid Gold Wrestling – and tonight, he’s proven it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Regardless of Guerrera’s condition, it still takes a pinfall – and Parker earned it! He IS the new SGW Limitless Champion!

Ruby Riott smirks and scoffs to herself, turning and leaving the arena as Tokyo applaud her efforts. Meanwhile, a team of medical professionals and backstage assistants quickly grab Juventud from the ring and escort him up the ramp, stumbling and tripping over everything and nothing up the aisle.

[ Scott Steiner ] What a shit show! Guerrera is a fuckin’ disgrace! I’ve been FAR more wasted than that shit and defended titles plenty!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think we’re focusing on the wrong man there, Scott! Drew Parker – the Urchin Prince – he’s won the championship! Drew Parker is the NEW SGW Limitless Champion!

The Urchin Prince sits down in center ring, pushing his long, curly hair from his face and the fans applaud him, standing to clap for his victory. We get a final shot of Parker looking at the shining gold championship before grinning ominously as we fade elsewhere.

After a quick cut, we find ourselves in the locker room for Kooks That Kill, with team captain, Dolph Ziggler, in the middle of giving his teammates a rousing speech. He’s in his ring gear and a “Team Cody” hat pulled down over his eyes.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] The Filthy Family? It’s in the bag already, guys. It was in the bag beforehand, but it’s REALLY in the bag now! All we have to do is figure out one thing.

[ Lance Storm ] Why are you wearing a Team Cody hat when you’re the captain of your own team?


Ziggler waves them off.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] First off, Lance, as my Sergeant-at-Arms, I would expect you to be a little more professional.

Lance ecoming the Sergeant-at-Arms is news to everyone, including Storm himself.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Secondly, long story short, Brandi Rhodes paid me twenty bucks to take five of those boxes of hats.

He winks.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] And she let me keep the change if you know what I mean.

Storm deadpans.

[ Lance Storm ] No, I don’t.

Carlito stops polishing an apple against his shirt to chime in.

[ Carlito ] Sex. He’s talkin’ about sex.

Ziggler beams with pride.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] My man.

He quickly transitions back to the task at hand.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] But no, since we know our match-up and we know who’s leaving SGW Champion.. Yours truly.. all we have to do now is figure out who among us will be the survivors to enter Body Count.

[ Carlito ] Hey! Why can’t Carlito be SGW Champion?

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Ha, alright, well, that’s just a display of poor judgment. Hell of a running trend from you.

Carlito snaps his teeth down on the apple and takes an angry bite, giving Ziggler a stern glare as he chews.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] So look, we’ll say.. Maybe.. Two of us besides me can advance. Two of you have to be sacrificial lambs so that I can crash through the glass ceiling and end Big Daddy Fool’s reign of terror.

Duggan raises his 2x4 in the air.

[ Jim Duggan ] Alright tough guy, then I guess Bray Wyatt isn’t going to be one of them because he’s not been to a meeting yet!

[ Carlito ] And it won’t be Jim Duggan because he’s older than God, mang!


As the infighting begins and Ziggler has lost control of his meeting, the lights go out.



Referee - Paul Turner | Time - 20:00

Paul Turner calls for the bell and the Big Kaijus rush across the ring, mugging Leva Bates and Nyla Rose! Nyla Rose instantly shrugs both women off and then lifts Shoko Nakajima over her head, GORILLA PRESSING HER! Nyla Rose throws Shoko into Shida! Both women powder to the floor where Nurse Ratchet is waiting! Leva Bates climbs onto the apron and runs, taking both women down with a SENTON OFF THE APRON!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The unconventional team of Leva Bates and Nyla Rose are putting up much more of a fight than I expected in the early going!

[ Scott Steiner ] This Nyla Rose... there's somethin' about her! Somethin' ain't right! She ain't like these other girls! She's big as fuck! Strong as a god damn ox! Mean as shit! I think I'm in love!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What about Rhea Ripley?! Your precious moose?

[ Scott Steiner ] The moose might have to take a backseat! Or maybe she can join in!

Leva Bates returns to her feet and pulls Shoko Nakajima back up to her feet. She goes to toss her under the bottom rope but Shida comes alive and shoves Leva into the apron. Shoko and Shida each grab Leva by the hair and plant her face into the apron! The hardest part of the ring! Both Big Kaijus slide under the bottom rope and Nyla Rose takes them down with a double clothesline! Nyla lifts Shida off the mat and hoists her up for a POWER SLAM but Shoko clips her knee! Nyla Rose goes down to one knee and Shida lands on her feet. Shida hits the ropes... TAMSHII NO THREE COUNT ON NYLA ROSE! Nyla goes down hard and Shoko covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- LEVA PULLS SHOKO OUT OF THE RING! Leva rolls under the bottom rope and Shida immediately knees her in the face! Leva goes down! Shoko Nakajima is ascending the turnbuckles from the outside! SHE FLIES! BIG KAIJU SPLASH ON LEVA! Shoko covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Another dominant win by the Big Kaijus on their road toward a Twinstar title shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Actually, I was just informed that this victory does indeed make them the number one contenders to the SGW Twinstar Championship! They will receive their title shot at No Remorse, only two weeks away from Body Count!

Leva Bates rolls out of the ring where Nyla Rose is waiting. Nyla Rose snaps and POWER BOMBS Leva Bates on the floor before leaving the ring in a huff. Nyla shakes her head, disgusted by her partner's performance.

[ Scott Steiner ] Sexy as fuck. Take me now, Native Beast!

Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima celebrate in the ring. Nurse Ratchet lurks on the outside. As they continue celebrating, Nia Jax explodes from the back and runs down to ringside! Nurse Ratchet meets her halfway up the ramp and Nia Jax knocks her down with an AVALANCHE ATTACK! Jax rolls under the bottom rope and turns Shoko Nakajima inside out with a lariat! Shida and Jax trade punches and forearms until Shida is forced to powder out! Shida collects Shoko and they escape up the ramp with Nurse Ratchet in tow!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nia Jax is NOT finished with the Cube Army!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They took her friends! Cost her opportunities! Nia Jax owes them a hell of a receipt!

With the Big Kaijus and Nurse Ratchet standing on the stage and looking on, Nia Jax grabs a microphone and walks to the center of the ring. She points up the ramp at them and begins to speak.

[ Nia Jax ] You think this is over! It's not over! Not by a long shot! You kidnapped my friends and that's no good! You think you can hide behind your Twinstar title shot!? You can't hide from me!

Shida and Shoko look at each other, concerned.

[ Nia Jax ] You might be the number one contenders to the Twinstar titles... but I'm standing here right now and I'm naming MYSELF a number one contender to the Twinstar titles! YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! YOUR TITLE MATCH IS A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH NOW!

Shoko sneers, shouting "YOU NO CAN DO THAT! THAT NOT HOW IT WORK!"


Shida shakes her head and then points at her temple, "YOU SO STUPID!" she throws her hands up and storms to the back with Shoko and Nurse Ratchet in tow. Nia Jax throws down the microphone and makes the title belt motion around her waist as we head to the back... will we really see The Boss 'n Hug Connection versus The Big Kaijus versus... NIA JAX!? Or is all of this in Nia Jax's head?!

Backstage, Colt Cabana frantically rushes down a hallway on a mission. He stops at his destination, the Championship Committee’s door and he begins repeatedly slamming on the door with his fist. Edge opens the door, irritated.

[ Edge ] Colt? What the hell do you want?

[ Colt Cabana ] I will have you know that there’s been a mutiny being formed against me ever since the teams were finalized!

[ Edge ] A mutiny?

[ Colt Cabana ] A flim-flam, a schmohz, a coup, whatever you want to call it. Prince Devitt and The Miz have been scheming since I picked ‘em to overthrow me.

Edge scratches the back of his head.

[ Edge ] Well, it’s not worked yet, has it?

[ Colt Cabana ] Well.. no.

[ Edge ] Then what do you want us to do about it?

[ Colt Cabana ] Tell ‘em to stop, man. It’s really getting to me.

Edge drops his head and sighs.

[ Edge ] So you want me to tell your team, to quit bullying you?

[ Colt Cabana ] Maybe not that extreme, but, ya’ know, maybe tell ‘em to cut it out.

[ Edge ] Dammit. Fine. Let’s go.

Edge cuts in front of Colt and walks down the hallway. Colt chases behind as Edge comes into the locker room and sees “Hangman” Page off in the corner and The Miz and Prince Devitt in the middle of a conversation.

[ Edge ] Alright, quick F-Y-I.

[ The Miz ] Oh, c’mon, Colt! You went to the Principal? Some captain.

[ Edge ] Yeah, that’s my F-Y-I. No matter what you and Devitt have in mind, Colt’s the captain. He's the leader of the poorly-named Team Nose and that’s that. No coups, overthrows, nothing. Got it?

[ The Miz ] Colt Cabana isn't a real leader! He doesn't lead this team, Edge! He's like Rango! Rango didn't really save those animals, the same way Colt Cabana doesn't lead this team!

[ Edge ] Is this true, Colt?

[ Colt Cabana ] I did not see Rango.

Devitt looks disgusted.

[ Prince Devitt ] Look at what I was forced into. A team led by a cartoon character that’s tryin’ to be overthrown by an ‘actor.’

[ Edge ] Same goes for you, Devitt.

Edge looks at Hangman in the corner, minding his own business, drinking a pint glass filled with whiskey.

[ Edge ] No more of this. From now on, be more like Hangman.. Minus the extremely overpour of whiskey that will definitely send him to the emergency room soon enough. The guy just shows up and hangs out. Sometimes he wrestles on Shock. Not really a part of anything we have going on here but he’s a live body that minds his own business.

[ Hangman Page ] Cool, man.

[ Edge ] We good here?

Before anyone can respond…

[ Edge ] Good.

Edge opens the door.

[ Edge ] Never bother me again about stupid crap, Colt. Okay? Great. Good. Wonderful.

Edge exits and slams the door behind him.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, that’s that. You heard the man.

Miz rolls his eyes and walks away as Devitt scoffs at the sight of Cabana. The scene fades.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time - 20:00

In a collision reminiscent, at least, body-wise, of several Tokyo Dome main events past, the knowledgeable fans in the arena are anxiously buzzing as Tim Storm smiles across the ring at “Limitless” Keith Lee. Lee’s got a bit more of a smirk on his face, but, too, seems eager to get started.

[ Tony Schiavone ] A pair of big, beefy brawlers who can get it done on the mat – which one will come out on top here in Tokyo, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s hard to say, Tony – both men could use a big victory heading into Body Count, as they’re both crucial members of their teams!

[ Scott Steiner ] FIRST OF ALLS – Schiavone, you don’t know beef! You’re a pussy loser! Like Danielson, ‘ya don’t GET BEEF! Secondlies – if these two clowns are crucial members t’their teams, those whole teams’re SCREWED!

A huge collar-and-elbow tie-up in center ring and Lee has the strength advantage, pushing Storm back into the ropes and launching him into the ropes! Shoulder block from Storm – but Lee doesn’t budge! Lee invites Storm to take another shot and he sprints into the ropes, adding momentum and plants his shoulder into Lee again – but no dice! Storm squares up and snarls, daring Lee to take his own shot and the Limitless One does, charging off the ropes for a shoulder block – but Storm takes off and begins crisscrossing the ropes with Lee!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! There’s going to be an impact!

The Dome’s respectful murmuring amplifies slightly as the two men rebound forward and back off the ropes, narrowly avoiding one another with each intersection until Lee dead stops and deadlifts Storm over his head! A big “oh!” reaction from the fans in the Dome – but Storm wriggles down, landing on his feet and clapping Lee with a big lariat – but Limitless Lee is still standing!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good Lord!

Lee smirks and rebounds off the ropes, SMACKING Storm with his own lariat! Storm stumbles off the ropes but uses the momentum to propel himself into ANOTHER BIG STRIKE! Rick Knox throws his hands up as the two men continue clobbering one another repeatedly, just knocking one another with harder and harder shots to the chest and neck!

[ Scott Steiner ] They’re throwin’ shots! Who’s got more to give?!

Lee throws a Mongolian Chop, stunning Storm and leaping into the middle rope, springboarding backwards for a clothesline – but Storm flies up and dropkicks Lee out of the air! The fans clap politely for Storm’s agility at his age and cheer his cover – only getting a quick one count on the surprise attack. Lee kicks out quickly but remains on his side, recovering from possibly having the wind knocked out of him in the early going of the match.

Storm stays on the offensive, lifting Lee and hurling him into the ropes, catching him for a powerslam to the delight of the fans in the Dome! Storm covers – but only a two count! He looks to Knox, who acknowledges the two again as Storm stands up, preparing to go back to work against Lee –



[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?!

[ Scott Steiner ] ORIGIN!

The entire group runs down the ramp behind Jericho, who is aiming for the head with every shot he throws as Knox calls for the bell – but receives a superkick from Adam Cole for his troubles!


As the bell chimes, the fans in the Tokyo Dome are murmuring in displeasure at the unclean finish to the contest. Chris Jericho is rabid, absolutely ravaging Tim Storm with continued strikes to the head and shoulders. Adam Cole is stomping Storm over and over as Steve Corino keeps a chokehold on the Team SGW member.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is disgusting! This is supposed to be a night of athletic contests and the damn Origin has ruined this match!

Arn Anderson is directing traffic outside the ring as the Big Nasty subdues Keith Lee with a big right-handed blow to the face! Lee slumps to the mat, his head balanced precariously on the bottom turnbuckle! Cole and Jericho continue their assault on Storm, really bruising the newest addition to Team SGW –


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Consider the score evened, gentlemen!

‘Diamond’ Dallas Page, Ruby Riott, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin dash down to the ring, with Bryan Danielson stalking more intently behind them, sliding into the ring and immediately going to war with the Origin squad! Austin and Jericho are throwing right hands, Stone Cold getting the upper hand! Cole has DDP rocking, and Riott is doing everything she can to hurt Steve Corino – and succeeding! Meanwhile, Bryan Danielson begins kicking Arn Anderson in the ass on the outside! The Big Nasty notices this and turns away from Lee to attend to the Origin’s Coach – but in taking his attention from Lee, the Limitless warrior signals to the curtain – and here comes the Limitless Five!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s Danhausen! EC3! Cesaro!

The three men rush to the ring and begin gang-attacking the Big Nasty, finally toppling him over the top rope and to the floor! The other members of the Origin retreat under the sizable disadvantage they’re in and make their way up the ramp, stunned at the turn of events!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Origin aren’t stupid – they know that if they put Tim Storm out of the main event at Body Count, that eliminates a member before we’ve even made it to Houston!

[ Scott Steiner ] But they didn’t expect Lee and his stupid losers to come down and stop them! What a world!

A final shot of a seething Adam Cole and Chris Jericho before we cut back to Team SGW and the Limitless Five assisting Tim Storm and Keith Lee to their feet following an intense – and eventually, cut-too-short contest.

We fade from the ring.

We fade up backstage where we see Nick Aldis in a three piece suit with his conspicuous shrouded object tucked under his arm. Also in the room, we see Johnny Solid Gold eating a sandwich, Marc Mero staring into a mirror while repeating "I'm good enough! I'm smart enough! And dog gonnit, people like me!" over and over, and D'Lo Brown chatting with Mark Henry in a salmon blazer. Nick Aldis looks over his team with a smug look.

[ D'Lo Brown ] I'm tellin' you, Mark, ain't no sense in us bein' here. Why we flyin' our asses all the way out to Japan to hang out with these fools? We ain't even booked! I'm startin' to think SGW management don't RECOGNIZE who they got on the roster.

Mark reaches into his blazer and removes a sandwich. He takes a bite of it.

[ Mark Henry ] Damn, D'Lo. They flew us out here on they dime. I don't care nothin' 'bout gettin' my face seen. I'm jus' here to do me, son. If we get to split a wig, that's gravy... if not, I'm jus' gonna enjoy these free wasabi and peanut butter sandwiches they givin' away.

[ D'Lo Brown ] Wasabi and peanut butter!? Who the hell givin' away wasabi and peanut butter?! All they got in catering is chicken strips and them square pizzas left over from the last Detective Khali promo! Ain't nobody givin' away wasabi and peanut butter sandwiches!

Johnny Solid Gold looks up from eating his own wasabi and peanut butter sandwich.

[ Johnny Solid Gold ] These taste like poison.

[ D'Lo Brown ] 'cause it probably IS poison, god damn! You two nasty mofos scroungin' around and eatin' sandwiches from strangers! Sniffin' around lookin' for whatever strange, untrustworthy sandwiches ya'll can find!? We in Japan, ya'll! YOU CAN'T TRUST NO STRANGE SANDWICHES YA'LL JUST FIND LAYIN' AROUND!

Marc Mero approaches with a visible stain on his shirt, a mix of wasabi and peanut butter.

[ Marc Mero ] Hey, guys! I heard you talking about the DELIGHTFUL wasabi and peanut butter sandwiches--

[ D'Lo Brown ] Walk on, Wildman!

D'Lo points off-camera.

[ D'Lo Brown ] Walk on! I ain't about to hear it.

Marc Mero sulks and walks off-camera. Before the conversation can go any further, The Rock storms into the room and walks right up to Nick Aldis. They stand nose to nose. Nick Aldis raises an eyebrow.

[ Nick Aldis ] What do you want, Dwayne?

The Rock snorts and tilts his head, listening to the PEOPLE, even though they aren't making a bit of noise. The Rock whips his head back around to face Nick Aldis.


He tilts his head back.


Aldis huffs and wipes the spit out of his eye.

[ Nick Aldis ] You realize you don't have to do that literally every single time you enter the room. You're one of the greatest superstars this business has ever known. We know exactly what your name is--


[ Nick Aldis ] Right, then.

[ The Rock ] Nick Aldis! NICK... ALDIS! The National Treasure! The National Treasure standin' eye to eye, face to face, nose to nose with the People's... CHAMPION!

[ Nick Aldis ] You're no champion, Dwayne. Not anymore.


[ D'Lo Brown ] That ain't what happened. Like, at all.


[ Johnny Solid Gold ] That's actually Johnny Solid Gold.


Johnny looks down at his jeans and takes a bite of his sandwich.

[ Johnny Blue Jeans ] Fair enough.

[ Nick Aldis ] That's enough, Dwayne.


Aldis shakes his head.

[ Nick Aldis ] It's not time yet.

Aldis tilts his head and cracks his neck.

[ Nick Aldis ] If you're done acting afool, I'll be on my way.

Aldis turns and starts to leave the room. He stops and snatches the sandwich out of Johnny Blue Jeans' hands. Aldis looks at it and sneers.

[ Nick Aldis ] You're all disgusting. You know that, right?

He drops the sandwich on the floor and leaves the room. The Rock shakes his head as he watches Aldis leave the room.

[ The Rock ] The Rock is watchin' you, Little Nicky.

The Rock reaches into his jacket and removes a square piece of pizza. He eats it in one bite.

[ The Rock ] The Rock is watchin' you.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time - 45:00

Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov jump the Von Erichs during the introductions, knocking both men to the ground. Kayla Braxton is quickly escorted out of the ring by Aubrey Edwards. .V.E.N.O.M. focuses their attention on Ross Von Erich, stomping him in a two-on-one attack before picking him up. Dragunov holds his arms behind his back as Low-Ki hits the ropes, TIDAL WAVE KICK! Dragunov dumps Ross Von Erich over the top to the outside!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Explosive beginning here before the bell has even sounded!

Aubrey is trying to restore some order, demanding that only one member of the Tag Team Champions stays in the ring while the other goes to the apron. Dragunov elects to go outside and Low-Ki takes over, paint brushing the back of Marshall’s head and taunting him in his deep voice. “YOU ARE WEAK! YOU ARE PATHETIC FOR TRYING TO STAND UP AGAINST LOW-KI!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] For a man short in stature, Low-Ki is one of the most intimidating men in this sport!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scotty, c’mon..


Aubrey calls for the bell, starting the match as Low-Ki stomps around the ring like a mad man. Marshall pushes up to his knees and Low-Ki hits a snap kick to the side of his head. He picks Marshall up by his hair and wraps his arm around Marshall’s neck.. KI KRUSHER! Low-Ki tags Dragunov in and goes up top. Marshall gets back up with help from the ropes, TORPEDO MOSCOW! LOW-KI COMES OFF THE TOP WITH THE DOUBLE STOMP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my God! They’ve killed the Von Erichs!

Dragunov covers as Low-Ki watches the side of the ring, preventing Ross from coming back in. Aubrey gets down and counts the three count without a single doubt!

V.E.N.O.M. via PINFALL in 08:11

[ Tony Schiavone ] Can anyone stop the Tag Team Champions at this point?!

Christian Michael Jakobi and Giulia enter the ring with the championship titles and hands them to Low-KI and Ilja, who reject it. Low-Ki exits the ring and rolls Ross Von Erich back in and the attack is on! Dragunov picks Ross up, TORPEDO MOSCOW! V.E.N.O.M. reach down and display the heads of the Von Erichs like trophies. HERE COME KEVIN STEEN AND EL GENERICO WITH A TRASH CAN AND A KENDO STICK! Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov stand back, waiting for attack until Kevin Steen begins destroying Marshall Von Erich with the trashcan himself! El Generico looks on in confusion and gets blindsided by Ilja Dragunov!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] All hell has broken loose!

V.E.N.O.M. and El Generico & Kevin Steen are brawling now with the Von Erichs down on the mat. Here come The Young Bucks! Here’s Beer Money! The four enter the ring and try to make peace, but it’s short lived. Everyone is brawling and fighting inside the ring Bodies are going everywhere!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at this, guys! The Snake Pit is crumbling, fighting one another, while Team Psych appears stronger than ever!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Try as the Snake Pit did, peace just wasn’t an option tonight! V.E.N.O.M. has brutalized their own teammates!

Several road agents have hit the ring to assist Aubrey Edwards in separating the chaos ensuing inside the ring. Finally, all of the teams have been separated, from inside the ring to the outside. Like it or not, Low-Ki and Ilja Dragunov’s reign as SGW World Tag Team Champions continues with no end in sight! If they’re willing to do this to their own teammates, what will they try to do to Team Psych at Body Count?!

Backstage, we see Christopher Daniels packing up his gear. Frankie Kazarian approaches, looking concerned as he sees the Full-Tilt Boogie Championship resting on a chair next to Daniels' gear.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Hey, man. You sure you wanna leave that thing lying around? Someone sees you got it, they might come and try to collect.

Daniels scoffs.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Who would be DUMB ENOUGH to come after me, Kaz? Huh? I'm the leader of the FALLEN FIVE! Those men would die to protect me.

Kazarian scratches the back of his head.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] So, uh, Chris... you think maybe I could, like... pin you to become champion for a few seconds? I'll lose it right back to you. I swear.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You selfish bastard.

Kazarian hangs his head in shame.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You disappoint me every day.

Daniels picks up the championship and looks down at it.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I'm very lucky that SGW management didn't make me defend this thing in the Gold Rush. YOUR mistake could have cost me my precious championship!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Wait, my mistake?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Yeah! The one that got me pinned by The Miz!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Whatever.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Yeah, whatever.

Kazarian turns to leave but is instantly run over by Hyper Misao's combat cycle! Kazarian goes down and Misao brings the bike to a screeching halt. The Goddess of SHOCK Championship crown rests on her head.


Hyper Misao sprays Daniels in the eyes with a large can of BEAR MACE!



Hyper Misao cradles him and Slick Johnson runs in from nowhere! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Slick Johnson hands her the title. She holds it over her head proudly.


CRACK! Kazarian nails her with a kendo stick! Misao goes down and Kazarian cradles her up! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Kazarian grabs the title and then helps Daniels to his feet. Without another word between them, Kazarian and Daniels escape the scene. Hyper Misao sits up with the crown crooked on her head, looking devastated as we fade out.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time - 20:00

Mike Chioda calls for the bell to begin the match. Ember Moon and Jinny stare across the ring from one another. Nurse Ratchet, Britt Baker, and Sasha Banks are at ringside, watching at the order of their team captain. Ember and Jinny finally collide in the middle of the ring, locking up and jockeying for position.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Very interesting match going on here... Jinny and Ember Moon are both members of the same team, Alta Moda! Jinny apparently finds Ember to be disrespectful and wants to teach her a lesson.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's the word going around. That's also why the other members of Alta Moda are at ringside. Jinny wants them to see what happens when you challenge her authority!

Ember immediately takes Jinny over with a hiptoss! Jinny scrambles back to her feet and Ember hoists her up, hitting her with a bodyslam! Jinny is right back up and Ember nails her with a dropkick! Jinny powders to the floor and Ember hits the ropes! She goes for a suicide dive but Jinny meets her coming through the ropes with a FOREARM STRIKE! Ember goes limp and drapes over the middle rope. Jinny grabs her hair and drags her out of the ring. Jinny puts the boots to Ember while screaming, "see what happens, bitch!"

[ Scott Steiner ] This is bullshit! The tin foil hat girl weighs twice as much as the other one! She needs to get up off her fat ass and put hands on that fuckin' pencil neck bitch!

Ember fires up, nailing Jinny with forearms to the mid-section. Ember fights back up to her feet, drilling Jinny with forearm after forearm before whipping her into the guadrail-- NO! Jinny reverses it... but Ember Moon leaps onto the rail and springboards off! ECLIPSE ON THE FLOOR! The fans "OOooooOAAAAAH" in awe at the impact!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHATAMANEUVER!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's what I'm talkin' about! Now get 'er ass in the ring and show 'er that her title reign was bullshit, just like the moon landing and Pizzagate!

Ember hoists Jinny up and shoves her under the bottom rope... but Ember is blasted from behind by Shayna Baszler and the Highers out of nowhere!


All three women immediately begin putting the beatdown on Ember Moon! All three of Jinny's goons pound on Ember and then throw her under the bottom rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What the hell is this!? She's on YOUR TEAM!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jinny doesn't give a damn! She felt slighted by Ember Moon's attitude and she's teaching her a bloody lesson! It's disgusting but that should be expected from Jinny by now!

Still a little out of it, Jinny snatches Ember Moon up and pulls her in... ACID RAINMAKER! Jinny stands over Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler hands her a microphone. Aliyah jumps up and down with joy, shouting "YAAAS QUEEN" over and over. Jinny begins to speak.

[ Jinny ] See what happens, bitch? You run that mouth and don't show me the respect I deserve and I will happily shut it for you. I am the longest reigning champion in this company's FUCKING history! Who the fuck even ARE you, cunt?!

Jinny kicks Ember in the ribs. She turns to the other members of her team at ringside. Sasha, Baker, and Nurse Ratchet look on. Sasha barely pays attention, playing with her phone.

[ Jinny ] As for you three, fall in line--

Before Jinny can continue, Charlotte Flair, Tessa Blanchard, Deonna Purrazzo, Ariel, and Scarlett Bordeaux hit the ring! Sasha Banks and Britt Baker immediately duck out before contact is made, heading to the back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Queen's Court is here! It's going to be Queen's Court versus Alta Moda at Body Count!

Jinny, the Highers, Shayna Baszler, and Nurse Ratchet all go toe to toe with Flair, Blanchard, Purrazzo, Bordeaux, and Ariel! Finally, Alta Moda is sent packing and they escape up the ramp, looking disheveled and angry. Inside the ring, we see Charlotte and Tessa help Ember Moon to her feet. There seems to be some level of respect between these three women. The camera focuses on Tessa, Charlotte, Ember, and Deonna as we fade out.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time - 60:00

Kayla Braxton finishes the official introductions and Darby emerges from the corner and rips his black hoodie off. Half of his entire body is covered in white paint with “CHAMP” written in black scattered all over his chest and left arm. Danielson does some final stretching of his arms and meets Darby in the middle. Paul Turner gives them their final instructions and signals for the bell. Seconds in, neither makes a move. The stare down extends into the first minute with Danielson towering over the smaller Darby, ironic given Danielson’s short stature himself.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson has many a half dozen defenses of the Real World Championship against a variety of opponents, guys, but no one as unpredictable as Darby Allin.

Danielson pie faces Darby after a few choice words, but Darby comes right back, getting in Danielson’s face, who again pushes him away. A third pie face sends Darby backwards, but Darby comes back with a big forearm! Danielson snugly delivers one of his own and goes for another, but Darby blocks it and hits Danielson with three stiff ones, bounces off the ropes, and hits a flying forearm, sending the champion to the outside! Darby hits the ropes and dives through the middle rope towards Danielson, who moves out of the way! Darby crashes into the guardrail on the outside, folding himself like an accordion!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Darby Allin has crashed and burned!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There’s a reason they call them high risk maneuvers!

Danielson wastes no time and picks Darby up and rams him into the guardrail shoulder-first. On the ground, Danielson puts a boot on Darby’s throat and uses the guardrail for leverage. Paul Turner begins counting from the ring, but is completely ignored as Danielson’s outside attack continues and Darby pays for the high risk dive.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is not lookin’ good for Darby!

[ Scott Steiner ] This is the first time that freak, Bryan Danielson, has ever had a size advantage in his life. Look at ‘em! He looks like Andre the Giant against that pipsqueak!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Maybe so, Scott, but you won’t find a bigger heart than Darby Allin!

Danielson picks Darby up and seats him at the intersection of two guardrails and takes a few steps back before getting a running head start, landing a flying knee strike to Darby, banging his head against the railings! Darby slumps over in the chair, eventually collapsing to the ground. Danielson picks him up and dumps him over the railing, then raises his arms in the air and proclaims “BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Real World Champion is certainly not lacking confidence!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank- Thank you for that observation.

Danielson works his way to the ring as Paul Turner continues his march to ten. Danielson looks back to see Darby pulling himself up and over the guardrail. Danielson rolls in and rolls back out to break the count and goes back to Darby. Danielson gets blasted with a headbutt from Darby! Darby is now on top of the guardrail - CROSS BODY BLOCK! Darby crawls on top of Danielson and begins wildly throwing punches, with as many connecting as missing! The Japanese crowd is coming to life, applauding the fighting spirit of Darby Allin as he fights back against the champion.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Darby Allin is back in it!

Darby uses all of his might and picks Danielson up and rolls him into the ring. Darby climbs the apron and then the post. COFFIN DROP! It blindsides Danielson! Darby covers, one, two, no! Danielson is up and hits a lunging headbutt on Darby, but Darby rolls him up with a small package out of nowhere!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Mr. Small Package getting a taste of his own medicine!

One, two, kick out! Danielson is quickly back up and drives his hip into Darby’s gut. Butterfly Suplex! Danielson sits on the mat and pulls his kick pads up and huffs, realizing he’s been in for more of a fight than he bargained for. He sees Darby sitting up and kicks him as hard as he can in the chest again and again and again. The stiff kicks echo throughout the Tokyo Dome as Danielson brings a little more heat with each one. Danielson drags Darby up by his ear and snarls at the sight of him. SMALL PACKAGE! DARBY ROLLS HIM UP! One, two, th- kick out! Darby almost did it again! Danielson hits a running knee and goes up top.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Now here’s the champion with a high risk maneuver!

Danielson dives for the flying headbutt but Darby rolls out of the way! Darby locks in the LaBell Lock! He’s using Danielson’s own move against him! Danielson stretches and reaches desperately for the ropes.


Danielson makes one final effort and gets to the ropes. Paul Turner breaks the move and Darby rolls over. Danielson is back up and Darby pounces, FLOAT OVER STUNNER! Danielson staggers back. Darby kicks him in the gut, CODE RED! One, two, kick out! Danielson rolls over to the corner and Darby meets him with a running clothesline! He rolls backwards and goes for another strike but Danielson rushes out of the corner with a running knee! Both men are down and the capacity crowd in the Tokyo Dome applaud the men’s efforts.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a flurry from the challenger and what a statement from the champion! Both men are down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is a main event in any company in the world, gentlemen!

Paul Turner begins counting both men out, looking on for either one to make a move. His count grows to five, six, and seven, still nothing. At nine both men kip up, drawing “oooh” and “ahhhh” reactions from the fans. As soon as they hit their feet, they immediately begin trading forearm shots with one another! FIGHTING SPIRIT~! Darby pops Danielson with a jaw breaker and sends Danielson backwards, bumping into Paul Turner. Turner shakes it off, but quickly enough for Danielson to kick Darby below the belt and rolls him up! Turner counts - one, two, three! Bryan Danielson cheated to retain his title, ruining an entertaining match-up!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Dammit, Danielson!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Real World Champion lives to fight anotha’ day by any means necessary!

Danielson gets up and rolls out, grabbing his championship from the timekeeper and hops over the rail. Darby slams the mat with his fists, knowing Danielson stole this from him. He stares the champion down with disgust as Danielson begins escaping through the crowd, quickly vanishing into thin air moments later. The fans applaud Darby and his efforts tonight. He was so close, but close doesn’t bring championships. Darby is a made man after tonight’s performance regardless and Danielson has to know how lucky he was to escape with the gold!

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are escaping through the parking lot with Slick Johnson trailing behind them. They reach their rental car and Kazarian tries to shove Daniels inside. Daniels' eyes are red and swollen shut.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Wait! Wait! Let me get on top of you!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] What?!

[ Christopher Daniels ] I want my belt back! Let me lay on top of you!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Why are you saying it like that!?

[ Christopher Daniels ] That love spray is still in my mouth--

Kazarian slaps Daniels hard.


[ Christopher Daniels ] I'm hallucinating! I MIGHT DIE! LET ME PIN YOU!

Kazarian shakes his head.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] FINE!

Kazarian lays down on the pavement and Daniels crawls on top of him.

[ Slick Johnson ] Seriously, guys?

He drops to his knees. One. Two. Three.


[ Christopher Daniels ] Help me up! I can't see!

Slick Johnson and Kazarian help Daniels up and throw him in the backseat of the car.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Where's my belt?! I WANT MY BELT! I EARNED IT!

Kazarian hands Daniels the belt. Slick and Kaz get in the car and drive off into the night.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time - 60:00

Io Shirai's left knee is visibly taped up, stemming from the fight earlier this evening. She hands the SGW Women's World Championship to Rick Knox, who holds it over his head before handing it off to Kayla Braxton. He calls for the bell and Sasha Banks immediately charges across the ring and nails Io with double knees to the chest, sandwiching her against the turnbuckles! Io falls into a seated position and Sasha grabs Io's injured leg, pulling her out of the corner and immediately going for a figure four leglock, only for Io Shirai to cradle her out of nowhere! ONE! TWO! THR-- SASHA KICKS OUT! Sasha immediately dives back on Io's knee, punching it repeatedly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You had to know this was going to happen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] With a champion as strong as Io Shirai, Sasha Banks would be a fool not to go after the injured limb! Everything is on the line in this match! Io Shira's championship versus Sasha Banks' quest to become known as 2 Beltz Banks!

Rick Knox pushes Sasha away from Io and drops down to one knee to check on her, asking if she can continue. Io struggles back to her feet and Sasha pushes Rick Knox out of the way before punting Io right in the knee! Io falls through the ropes and onto the apron. Sasha grabs Io by the head and tries to suplex her back into the ring but Io reverses it and lifts Sasha high overhead... only for her knee to buckle! BOTH WOMEN CRASH TO THE FLOOR IN A HEAP OF BROKEN BODIES!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOODNESS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an ugly landing! My word!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know what I expected comin' into this match but this is a god damn car crash! These two are hurtin' each other and I fuckin' love it! How come all the chick fights ain't like this!?

Both women writhe around on the mat as Rick Knox dives out of the ring to check on them. Lightning Star runs down to check on Io Shirai as Bayley charges down to check on Sasha Banks. Io Shirai is crying out in pain from the damage done to her knee. Rick Knox looks at Io and tells her "You just say the word and I'll end it!" Shirai is helped up by Starlight and AZM. Io pushes Rick Knox aside and grabs Sasha by the hair, whipping her around and smacking her face on the ring apron!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There it is! The adrenaline rush she needed!

Io Shirai tosses Sasha Banks under the bottom rope and into the ring! Io goes to follow her but Bayley grabs her leg and pulls her back out of the ring! Io immediately punches Bayley in the face! Bayley is quickly tackled by AZM and Starlight Kid! They chase Bayley up the ramp and through the curtain, all three of them are now out of the equation! Io Shirai hobbles around to return to the ring... only for Sasha to take her down with a suicide dive! Both women crash into the guardrail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What impact! Sasha Banks has no regard for her personal safety!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Even less for the personal safety of Io Shirai!

[ Scott Steiner ] As it should be! This business ain't got nothin' to do with takin' care of your opponent!

Sasha Banks pulls Io Shirai to her feet and slings her under the bottom rope. Sasha ascends the turnbuckles and waits on Io Shirai to struggle to her feet. Sasha Banks flies... MISSILE DROPKICK! Io Shirai accordions on impact! Sasha covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- IO SHIRAI KICKS OUT! Sasha uses the momentum from the kick out to snag Io Shirai's leg and roll her over into a HALF CRAB! Io Shirai cries out in pain and tries to reach the ropes! Sasha won't let her! Io's fingers graze the bottom rope... but Sasha walks Io back to the center of the ring! Sasha sits back on it but Io Shirai manages to torque her body in such a way that crawls out from beneath Sasha and cradles her out of the crab! ONE! TWO! THR-- SASHA KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Io Shirai refuses to go quietly into the night!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That title means everything to her! Every match she's had in SGW built to that championship win and she aims to keep it!

Sasha looks furious and stands up. She kicks Io in the leg and then goes to the top rope... Sasha Banks flies... FROG SPLASH! NO! IO ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY! Sasha Banks lands hard! Io Shirai rolls back to her feet and approaches the corner. She rests her forehead on the top turnbuckle for a moment... AND THEN BEGINS CLIMBING!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't know if this is a good idea!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Can she even DO it!?

Io steadies herself, heavily relying on her good knee... MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP ON SASHA BANKS! IO'S KNEE BUCKLES AND SHE GOES DOWN! SHE CAN'T CAPITALIZE! Both women are down! Rick Knox slides down next to Io, checking on the knee. Sasha Banks rolls over to all fours, clutching her mid-section, gasping for air. Sasha fights back to her feet and eyeballs Io Shirai on the mat. "I'M FINISHING THIS, BITCH! IT'S OVER!" She shoves Rick Knox out of the way and descends on Io... only for Io to small package her out of nowhere! ONE! TWO! THREE!

IO SHIRAI via PINFALL in 08:39

Sasha Banks is quickly ushered from ringside in tears as Rick Knox hands Io Shirai the championship belt. He helps her to her feet and she holds the title over her head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's done it! She's overcome the odds again!

The celebration is cut short as Rhea Ripley enters through the crowd and clips Io's knee from the rear! Bea Priestley enters the ring and taunts Shirai as Ripley snatches her up in the PRISM TRAP! Priestley grabs the women's title and holds it up in Io's face as she cries out in pain!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You had to know it wouldn't stop with the fight earlier tonight! Dammit! You're bloody teammates! Work together and suss it out at Body Count for god's sake!

AZM and Starlight Kid run down the ramp at full speed with Hyper Misao tailing them on the combat cycle with the Goddess of SHOCK crown on her head! Misao brings the bike to a stop and all three women slide under the bottom rope! Ripley drops Shirai and meets them coming in! It's an all out brawl! Ripley, Starlight, Misao, Bea, and AZM throw down as Rick Knox tries to restore order!

[ Scott Steiner ] This is my kinda' shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's absolute chaos!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't see how they can coexist at this point.

As they brawl, Becky Lynch walks out onto the stage with Shotzi Blackheart, Nia Jax, and Scarlett Bordeaux... obviously Bayley is too busy tending to Sasha Banks backstage.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There they are! Becky Lynch's team, Not Like Most Rebels!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're set to do battle with Rhea & the Rippers at Body Count and you have to believe they're enjoying what they're seeing right now! The implosion of their opponents!

Becky smiles and points at the ring before making the title belt motion around her waist. Security floods the ring and tries to break up the fight as we fade to black.

Pete Dunne, Al Snow, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and Joey Janela are seated in chairs backstage. MJF is away from everyone else, changing after his match.

[ Pete Dunne ] Good job out there.

Dunne’s sarcasm doesn’t go unnoticed.

[ Al Snow ] But, he lost.

[ Pete Dunne ] So did our fearless leader.

Dunne scoffs.

[ Pete Dunne ] Some piss leader if you ask me.

He stares down MJF.

[ Pete Dunne ] Same goes for his li’l buddy. Shit effort.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Excuse me?

MJF throws down a towel and marches towards Dunne, getting in his face.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] What happened out there was a FLUKE! You got me? FLUKE! A blind squirrel finds a nut once in a blue moon and that is exactly what happened out there tonight.

[ Pete Dunne ] A fluke, eh?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] I didn’t see your shit ass in that ring, did I? I sure as hell saw Danhausen’s. I saw Christopher Daniels. I saw everyone.. But.. you.

The two have a stare down with neither man moving an inch. Cody comes in with Brandi and sees what’s going on.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Enough.

He flips over a nearby chair as MJF takes a few steps back from Dunne.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I don’t even want to know what’s going on over here, nor do I care.

Frustration overtakes him.

[ Cody Rhodes ] The entire game plan for Body Count has changed. Tonight was supposed to be about me winning Gold Rush and then winning the title in two weeks.

Cody is fuming.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Now, it’s about ending the Fallen Five’s careers and then.. Every man for himself in Body Count.

[ Pete Dunne ] Just hate when things don’t go your way, don’tcha Nightmare?

Cody cocks his head in Dunne’s direction and the two have a face off.

[ Pete Dunne ] For me, the strategy ain’t changed. I was goin’ into the match lookin’ out for myself anyway. I could give a damn about the rest of ya’. Especially you.

Dunne smirks.

[ Pete Dunne ] You’re all hype. You feast on the weaker and when it comes time to run with the elite, you can’t do it.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Excuse me?

[ Pete Dunne ] You are a leader by title only.

Dunne turns and walks out of the room. Cody nods and licks his lips.

[ Al Snow ] That was harsh.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Shut the FUCK up, Al Snow! God! Kill yourself already!

Cody looks towards the exit as we get one final shot of the Team Cody leader looking beaten down from the tongue lashing from Pete Dunne as the scene fades to black.

After show-stopping, dramatic entrances from either man, both champion and challenger are standing on opposite sides of the ring as they are introduced in both English as well as Japanese. As their information is read, a bevy of kimono girls deliver bountiful bouquets of fresh flowers to either man. Nash hands his flowers to a ringside attendant, winking charismatically – but Cole leaps across the ring and tackles him in the knee! The Tokyo fans boo the lack of respect for the traditions of puroresu, but the match begins – with the champion on his back and the challenger standing tall!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time - 60:00

With a quick advantage from his pre-match leap, Cole continues his assault, pounding at the Champion’s left leg with fists before standing and stomping down on the knee joint with both feet.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] They are all of these things, and yet – also, effective! Some may say, BRILLIANT, even! Nash has a weak spot – exploit it! Become champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] How dare you, David Beckham!? You’d really rather have that pretty boy bastard Cole as a champion to Kevin FUCKIN’ Nash?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, I’m neither advocating for the strategy or saying I’d take it for myself, I’m just saying that it is an objectively effective and intelligent strategy against Kevin Nash!

Cole immediately, instinctively applies a textbook Figure Four Leglock, wrenching down on the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion’s left knee joint. Cole sits up, eyes wide and knowing full well that a deliberate, driven approach will end the contest and bring the gold back to the Origin – and perhaps more importantly to Adam Cole’s waist. With a stern expression, Cole slaps Nash’s leg and screams for the champion to surrender – but Nash does no such thing, pushing himself towards the bottom rope with all the strength he has left to muster. The fans in the Tokyo Dome are clapping rhythmically for the champion to endure and fight on – and Nash does, finally grabbing the cable to the chagrin of Adam Cole.

[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S IT, NASH! THAT’S IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nash certainly looks worse for wear, but he’s got a…a fire in his eyes, almost, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Japan…and this building in particular…has that effect on people! It’s called FIGHTING SPIRIT, Tony!

Senior Official Aubrey Edwards begins counting the hold for disqualification, Cole only letting go at the last possible moment to preserve his chance at the championship. Nash grips the ropes and pulls himself, feeling out his weakened leg as Aubrey holds back the rabid challenger – but Cole pushes past her! Adam Cole rushes in to go back on the attack, but Nash punches him right in the face, stopping the attack! Tokyo give a loud “oh!” as Nash retaliates, grabbing Cole by the hair and throwing him to his waist, leaping and landing with a massive sidewalk slam! The entire ring shakes as the Dome applaud politely! Nash covers – One! NO! Cole kicks out at one!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! Aww, oh FUCK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nash hit the huge Sidewalk Slam – but Adam Cole’s energy is still much too high! Too much left in the tank!

Slightly stunned and still working the pain from his ailing knee, Nash presses gingerly off the mat and bends over to lift Cole from the canvas, as well – but the Panama City Playboy snares the champion in an inside cradle!! ONE! TWO! NO! Tokyo applaud Nash’s spirit as he kicks out, Cole still snarling, though a marked bit more concerned!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Another near-fall, these men aren’t taking any chances or excess time!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You can say that again!

[ Scott Steiner ] I’m ready to see Nash beat this skinny little shit for once and for all!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cole doesn’t seem to be into that idea, Scott! He’s going upstairs!

With the champion doing his best to rise off the mat, Cole realizes it may be his best opportunity to strike and ascends the turnbuckles, looking for a little extra ‘oomph’ on the oncoming maneuver – which certainly APPEARS to be Panama Sunrise! Nash finally sturdies himself on his two feet, still bent at the waist as Cole gives a quick crotch chop and leaps off Bret’s rope, landing in piledriver position on Nash and launching –

[ Tony Schiavone ] NOOO!!

BUT NASH HOLDS ON! Big Sexy keeps his feet planted and Cole is dangling over Nash’s shoulders precariously! Nash thinks quickly and grabs Cole’s head with a free hand, pulling it to the side of his waist and taking off on a light run before leaping into the air and dropping down – AIR RAID CRASH!


[ Scott Steiner ] It’s the will to win!

Nash rolls through and hooks the legs – ONE! TWO! NO!! COLE IS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I could have sworn that was it, ladies and gentlemen!

The champion, too, has an incredulous look on his face indicating he thought the match was all but over! Realizing the match and championship were still on the line, Nash begins pressing off the mat again, slowly and antagonizingly, giving Adam Cole opportunity to recover and force off the mat, as well.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] These men are both feeling the effects of this matchup – and only one can be champion!

Both men pull up and charge forward – SUPERKICK! BIG BOOT! Nash and Cole each fall back, staggering and dazed into opposite corners!

[ Scott Steiner ] GET UP, NASH! GET UP!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Critical portion of the match right here!!

Cole shakes his head vigorously, trying his best to clear the cobwebs. Across the ring, Nash has his head in his hands, then bashes his knee, surely encouraging blood flow before both men open their eyes and pull out of the corners, still dazed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the world could happen here?!

Nash smirks and throws a crotch chop at Cole! Tokyo pops! Cole gives his own – and throws a superkick right at Nash’s chin!

[ Scott Steiner ] OH FUCK!

POW! The Superkick connects! Nash falls to a knee and Cole is off like a bullet, hitting the ropes before CRASHING through the champion’s head with the Last Shot!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] LAST SHOT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This could be it!

Cole hooks both legs and pulls tightly! Edwards counts it – ONE! TWO! THREE!

ADAM COLE via PINFALL in 10:01

“End of the Revolution” blasts across the speakers as Cole slinks to the canvas, pressing his fists to his face, worn and shaking with adrenaline as the bell rings again.

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! NO, DAMN IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We’ve got a new SGW World Heavyweight Champion!

Edwards collects the championship belt and walks over, pausing as Cole recovers enough to raise up to his knees and hold his hands out – and receive the championship belt. Adam Cole looks deep into the beautiful gold plate and clutches it tight, shaking as the nerves and stress of the moment give way to pure exhilaration. The Tokyo fans, even, are clapping respectfully for the new champion as he presses off his knee, stumbling into the corner.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a championship encounter! I cannot believe the lengths these men were willing to go to be named the champion of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Likewise, Tony, I am proud to have seen such a matchup…and now, what is THIS?!

The Dome begins to buzz even louder – with distaste! – as the entire Origin storm down the long ramp towards the ring! With Chris Jericho leading the way, the group slides into the ring and begin assaulting Kevin Nash, who is still down on the canvas. Jericho cradles Nash, hands full of his long gray hair and delivers stiff right hand after stiff right hand until blood trickles from Big Sexy’s forehead.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dammit, no! This man has just been through one of the most physically taxing SGW Championship matches I’ve ever seen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It doesn’t look like the Origin give a damn – and no surprise! These WOLVES are picking Nash’s bones clean!

Arn Anderson is directing the Origin into action, smiling as Jericho lifts Nash from the mat and watches calmly as Corino and Cole smack ‘Big Sexy’ with a double superkick! Off the impact from the double strike, Jericho demolishes Nash with a Judas Effect elbow, sending the big man careening to the mat in a heap.

[ Scott Steiner ] DAMMIT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] DOUBLE SUPERKICK! JUDAS EFFECT! No man can take all of this punishment!


[ Tony Schiavone ] THE ODDS ARE EVENING!

Sliding into the ring is none other than the self-proclaimed Captain of Team SGW Bryan Danielson! He makes a beeline for Adam Cole and begins throwing fists as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Tim Storm, Diamond Dallas Page and Ruby Riott join, each one taking a member of the Origin team and brawling as absolute bedlam takes over the Tokyo Dome! Nash, still down on the mat, is succeptible to Arn Anderson’s choking, further wearing him down after the grueling contest with Adam Cole!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wait’a’minnit’ Scott! Looks like someone’s beat you to the punch!

It’s Darby Allin! Limitless Champion Drew Parker, Nunzio and Pinkie Sanchez! Jackknife Inc. are coming to the aid of their Team Captain! Allin swings a skateboard at Anderson, running him off just as Team SGW force the Origin from the ring! As the Origin regroup, pacing up the ramp, the combined forces of Team SGW and Jackknife Inc. rally in the ring, standing tall amidst a sea of clapping and cheers from the Tokyo Dome!

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK the Origin! FUCK Adam Cole! This shit is gettin’ta be too damn much!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can say that again, Scott!

Austin and Page lift Nash from the mat, helping the groggy Big Sexy to his feet as Danielson, Storm, Allin, Riott, and Parker all glare up the aisle at the Origin.

[ Tony Schiavone ] FANS! The road to Body Count gets more and more bumpy with each turn! There isn’t much more time for teams to establish themselves before the time has come to determine the future of SGW! However – we’ll be here in Tokyo for the SHE-1 Tournament BEFORE we can get further down the road!

[ Scott Steiner ] I have been instructed to exclaim, “RING OF DREAMS!” Crock of shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Then, we’re off to the Glorious Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the status quo will be thrown astray – there’s bound to be a little Blood in the Sand!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …God help us all…

[ Tony Schiavone ] We’ll see you in two weeks!

A final shot of a furious Kevin Nash, then a jovial Adam Cole as we fade to black.

End of transmission.