Fade up.

A collection of the most random assortment of talent in the professional wrestling business has flocked to the center of the locker room backstage. Optimism builds and expressions of hope are smeared across the faces of everyone in the vicinity as one man takes center stage and is holding court.

"The Rated R Superstar" and SGW Co-Owner, Edge.

[ Edge ] Tonight is the night, gentlemen. Tonight, EVERYTHING is on the line.

His captivated audience includes Sting, Paul Heyman, Sanshiro Takagi, Val Venis, Lance Storm, Chavo Guerrero, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Alex Shelley, Eddie Kingston, The Rock, Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, and Paul Heyman - all men Jeff Jarrett has had cross dealings with in the past. Behind them, showing support, are other members of the roster including Adam Cole, Matt Sydal, Samoa Joe, and Bron Breakker.

[ Edge ] For some of you, it’s competing in the thirty-man WrestleBrawl match. It’s having the opportunity to have that “WrestleBrawl moment” that only a handful of men have ever had the honor of experiencing while also becoming Triple Crown Champion.

This draws nods from Adam Cole, Samoa Joe, and some of the others.

[ Edge ] But for the rest of us, it’s about coming full circle. It’s about seeing a man get a dose of karma that he’s had coming his way for two damn decades! Tonight is about ensuring that there’s a Solid Gold Wrestling for you all to work for tomorrow.

Edge looks each man in the eye. It’s personal to him. He knows what’s riding on his match and by making eye contact with each former promotional owner in front of him, he knows how much this also means to them.

[ Edge ] And that’s where I come in.

He breathes deeply and nods his head, almost reassuring his own self that everything is going to work out.

[ Edge ] We’ve all been impacted in some way by Jeff Jarrett, and tonight, I’m going to put him away once and for all. I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for all of you. For Paul Heyman, Mr. Takagi, Eric Bischoff, and the other promoters that Jeff stomped out and stole the title lineages of, merging into SGW’s without a second thought.

Edge looks to Lance Storm, Steve Austin, and some of his other elder statesmen.

[ Edge ] Tonight, I fight for my fellow legends like Lance, Steve, Val, and Chavo. Men who carried this company in good times and bad. Men who made their own marks and created legacies that Jeff Jarrett was unable to deny. Hell, for guys like Bret Hart who was the first man to become SGW World Champion and set the standard for what it meant to be THE man in SGW.

[ Val Venis ] Kick his ass, Edge!

Edge and Val fist bump one another, drawing fiery cheers from the gallery. This is quickly turning into a pep rally, with the large crowd fully behind Edge, hanging on to his every word. Times are different, as this has brought longtime rivals, frenemies, and casual acquaintances all together for one common cause.

[ Edge ] For the new era that made SGW a success when we had no business coming back from the grave.. Adam Cole, Eddie Kingston, Joe.. Thank you all for your sacrifices. I hope to make it all worth it.

Nodding in agreement is most noticeably Adam Cole. The former two-time SGW World Champion looks to be locked in.

[ Edge ] Whoever wins WrestleBrawl and becomes Triple Crown Champion tonight, whether that’s Dolph Ziggler or someone in this room right now, I promise you to give everything I have left in my tank to give you somewhere to go to work and defend the championship after tonight. You have given SGW everything you have, and now it’s my turn to remotely try and return the favor to all of you.

Edge strokes his graying beard as the weight of the world rests on his aging shoulders. He chooses his words wisely and speaks with unmistaken passion.

[ Edge ] I know I’m not perfect. I’ve not always been the ideal representative of this company. Many of you in this room right now probably hated my guts at one point in time.. Hell.. You may still do.

Edge looks to Val Venis and Chavo Guerrero.

[ Edge ] But SGW is special. It’s worth fighting for. When push comes to shove and she needs something, we all roll up our sleeves and we play our roles. Sometimes that’s booking the card, sometimes it’s being a road agent, and sometimes it’s being the World Champion. At the end of the day, what’s best for SGW is best for all of us. Because we do it together until the very end. I might be a son of a bitch, but I'm a son of a bitch who will do ANYTHING for this company!

Everyone nods in agreement, even some of the other promoters who haven’t spent time in SGW. Edge surveys the crowd and continues making eye contact with everyone, making sure they know he’s sincere.

[ Edge ] I know there’s a lot of you in this room who could very well be in the spot I find myself in tonight. I also know there’s many of you who could step into that ring and beat the brakes off of Jeff Jarrett and save Solid Gold Wrestling. But I opened my mouth and put it all on the line, and you know what? I’m ready to rock n' roll.

He puffs his chest out.

[ Edge ] With all of you supporting me these last few weeks, I feel more validated than ever that this is the right decision. Jeff Jarrett played the role of a changed man excellently. He fooled us all. When it was all said and done, Jeff Jarrett was still the same son of a bitch he’s always been. So the only option we have left is to push our chips to the center of the table, go all in, and get this piece of trash out of the business forever!

Edge then points to himself with his two index fingers, his voice booming over the crowd.


He runs his hands through his hair and catches his breath, allowing the red color to fade from his face.

[ Edge ] Jeff Jarrett has screwed us all over the years, but tonight, that’s coming to an end.

He follows up on his vow.

[ Edge ] I’m willing to die tonight so that the rest of you can live forever.

10/29/2022 | Los Angeles, California | Crypto.com Arena

COMMENTATORS: Tony Schiavone & Nigel McGuinness


Konami def. Leva Bates via Submission w/ Triangle Lancer in 2:19

Backstage at the interview set, an extravagant backdrop has been assembled with the WrestleBrawl IV logo against the wall and two large monitors surround it on both sides. Cathy Kelley stands in front of the set in a form-fitting blue dress. Joining her in the SGW Triple Crown Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Dolph Ziggler, one month ago at The Death of SGW, you shocked the WORLD by coming from the back with the AWE and Cyber Fights Championships around your waist, then cashing in your Golden Ticket on Jeff Jarrett to unify the titles, becoming the Triple Crown Champion in the process! And then..

He cuts her off.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] And then..

Ziggler shakes his head, visibly frustrated. His tan is extra orange tonight, shining brightly in the fluorescent lights above. His hair is wet and the Triple Crown title rests tightly around his waist.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] And then Jeff Jarrett, the snake, had a little venom left in the fangs and I paid the price for getting caught up in the middle of the drama between him and Edge.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Which leads us to tonight - you must enter the WrestleBrawl match at number one AND defend your title in the process!

[ Dolph Ziggler ] It’s incredibly frustrating, but you know what? Bring it on. There’s a lot of people in that locker room that doesn’t think I deserve to carry this, and there’s nothing better than shoving their opinions right down their throats!

Dolph rubs the front of the Triple Crown and continues.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] This was two years in the making.. And now that I have it, Cathy, it’s not going anywhere!

Roars from the crowd are heard as CM Punk walks into the view of the camera, stepping right up to Dolph Ziggler. He slaps the hood of his sweatshirt down and runs his hand over his stringy hair.

[ CM Punk ] THIS is how you mark your first words as champion? Bellyaching? Complaining? Oh, woe as me, having to defend my title against the entire roster..

Punk scoffs.

[ CM Punk ] Get used to it. That’s what being the champ is all about. As soon as you handed Edge that ticket and stormed down to the ring with Mike Chioda, you immediately became a marked man. Now that you have the title around your waist, that bullseye has grown larger.

Dolph stares a hole through Punk, who flashes a smile at him.

[ CM Punk ] What? Don’t like someone interrupting your interview time?

The smile goes away immediately.

[ CM Punk ] Now you see how I feel.

The two men have a face off in dead silence for an uncomfortable amount of time. Cathy remains diligent, standing between them with the microphone to not miss anything.

[ CM Punk ] There’s no game plan or guide on being the champ. It’s a crash course every second of every day, Dolph. But don’t worry, once I win WrestleBrawl tonight, I’ll show you how being the champ is done.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Oh yeah? You’re gonna’ show me how it’s done?

Dolph unsnaps his belt and shoves it against Punk’s face.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I’m starting it off at number one.. I’ll see you out there because I’m not going ANY.. WHERE! This belt, this company, it all belongs to me, Punky. You’re just along for the ride.

Punk slaps the belt out of his face and the two men stare one another down.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] So buckle up.

[ CM Punk ] You’d better hope you’re long gone before I get out there. You talk a lot of trash for someone I don’t think is capable of backing it up.

Punk bumps Dolph’s shoulder with his own, passing by him and walking away from the interview set. Ziggler slings the Triple Crown over his shoulder and fumes as he watches CM Punk walk away.

REFEREE: Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT: 30:00

Mike Chioda displays the championship to all corners of the ring while Breakker and and Cena stand in their corners, eye locked and ready to go. The bell sounds and Cena dashes out of his corner right towards Breakker, WHO COUNTERS WITH A FRANKENSTEINER! One! Two! NO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We almost had a new champion within the first ten seconds of the bout!

Cena rolls away from Breakker and into the corner, pulling himself up with the ropes in shock that it was almost over that quickly. The two meet in the center of the ring and engage in a collar-and-elbow tie-up to which Cena slips out of and drops Breakker to the mat with a drop-toe hold. STF! Breakker quickly Army crawls himself to the ropes, forcing Cena to break the hold. Breakker hops to his feet and nods at the champion, giving him kudos.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And just like that, Tony, John Cena took his best shot at the challenger, almost givin' us a quick ending to the opening bout here tonight.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't blame these guys for throwing it all out there early on. You know they're wanting to save their energy for the WrestleBrawl match later on tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We've only seen one match lose a match earlier in the night to go on and win WrestleBrawl itself, and that was Raven in 2006. It's possible, but you still don't want to lose this match regardless.

Cena charges at Breakker and hits him with a shoulder block that barely rattles him. Cena leans into the ropes and goes for another, but Breakker moves out of the way and hits the ropes himself. He comes off them and pounds into Cena, staggering him back into the ropes. Cena comes off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and comes back with a face plant bulldog variation. He stands over Breakker... "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" Cena hits the ropes, stops, dusts his shoulders off and Breakker springs up! POWERSLAM! He picks Cena up and gives him a hip toss, slinging him halfway across the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John Cena is used to being the strongest man in any match he's in, but I think the youth of Bron Breakker is proving that to not be the case tonight!

Breakker sees the advantage and quickly drags Cena up to his feet, but Cena begins delivering stiff body blows to the ribs and gut of Breakker, breaking his grip. Cena delivers a stiff right hand to Breakker's jaw and then hits the ropes and springs off, SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! ONE! TWO! TH- NO! The fans are LOSING it with all of the haymakers being thrown here early on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My word, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This goes ta' show how important they view the Television Championship while also wanting to gather some momentum for later tonight! I haven't seen John Cena hit that Stunner in years! It's ugly but effective!

Cena sits on the top turnbuckle waiting for Bron to get up to his feet. Cena dives, going for the Famouser, but Bron catches him and plants him down with a powerbomb! Bron picks Cena up and gives him a short-arm clothesline followed by a belly-to-belly suplex! Bron goes for the cover but Cena kicks out at one. Bron deadlifts Cena off the ground in a standing suplex position, leaving him hoisted high in the air. The fans begin counting as the seconds go by. At the count of twenty-three, Breakker drops down to the mat, sending Cena down hard. Breakker flexes and poses to the fans, who give him a huge pop in return. He turns back to Cena, who ducks a right hand and hits a sit-out back suplex! Cena hits the ropes, wasting no time, FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Cena grabs Breakker's right leg and Breakker pushes him off, sending Cena through the top and middle ropes, crashing hard on the outside!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neither man can get an advantage! Whoever wins this will simply be the survivor!

Breakker exits to the apron and climbs up on the middle rope. Once Cena is to his feet on the outside, Breakker dives, DIVING BULLDOG FROM THE ROPES! Cena's head bounces off the pavement like a basketball! Breakker picks Cena up and tosses him back inside, quickly following him. One.. two.. kick out! Cena isn't finished yet! Breakker deadlifts Cena off the mat into a Gutwrench Powerbomb! Breakker again picks Cena up, OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY! Breakker rolls Cena over to his belly and applies the Steiner Recliner dead in the center of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Shades of his uncle! This move won Big Poppa Pump four SGW World Championships!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John's really in trouble here, Tony! If I'm him, I'm almost giving it up to live to see the WrestleBrawl match in one piece!

Breakker screams at Cena to give up, but Cena keeps his eyes focused on the ropes in front of him, refusing to give up. The fans are torn at who they're cheering for, as the big moves and never-say-die attitude of each have won them over. Cena manages to move a few feet but Bron quickly clamps the move on tighter. Mike Chioda is right there with Cena, waiting for the moment he gives up to call the match. Cena manages to get his right arm free from the knee of Breakker, and then his left arm! He grabs Breakker's grip and gives it everything he has to get his hands away from his neck to give himself some breathing room. Cena pushes off the mat and gets to his feet with Bron on his shoulders!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John Cena truly is a Superman! Look at this core body strength!

Cena falls backwards, landing on top of Breakker, breaking the hold. The two men lie there, exhausted, as a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant breaks out.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I agree with these fans in Los Angeles! This truly IS awesome!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No matter what happens here tonight, this is a star-making match for Bron Breakker!

Slowly, each man gets to his feet and they begin trading right hands, one after one. Cena ducks Bron's last punch and turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb- no! Bron flips out of it and clotheslines Cena to the mat! Bron climbs the turnbuckle and waits. Cena is up and Bron dives for the Bulldog, but Cena turns around and catches him on his shoulders! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena collapses on top of Breakker with his arm stretched out wide - One.. two... three! John Cena retains!

JOHN CENA via PINFALL in 11:11

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a freaking match, man. Wow!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If Edge wins here tonight and Solid Gold continues, these two men are your future to build around. What an effort by each of them, constantly giving the other their best shot. This wasn't your everyday match, this was a fight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Like you said, Nigel, it was about survival! John Cena survived and retains his title. Now, the question remains, will they have enough time to recover before WrestleBrawl?

Chioda hands Cena his Television Championship and Cena immediately leans over the top rope to catch his breath. Breakker gets to his feet and kicks the bottom rope in frustration. Cena walks over to him and whispers words of encouragement in his ear and the two men shake hands, showing respect to one another for a hard fought opening bout.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John Cena is one of the favorites to win WrestleBrawl, but if it's not him, I very seriously believe Bron Breakker is your alternate pick with the way he showed out here tonight! Big move after big move did he hit on the champion. For a rookie, he battled like a seasoned veteran!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You run that match back and you'd have a different winner. It could've went either way there. I'd love to see it again.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It was suggested these guys give in early on to save themselves for the WrestleBrawl match, but I truly think they went even harder after the fact! They refused to cut corners and have elevated the prestige of the Television Championship in the process!

Cena exits the ring, giving the stage to Breakker. Cena gives him a round of applause from the outside, causing the fans to also applaud his efforts here tonight. Breakker brushes them off, still visibly frustrated that he came out on the losing side of things here tonight in the opening contest. Cena walks up the ramp while rubbing the back of his neck, showing the aftermath of a hard hitting contest. Finally, Bron does acknowledge the fans, waving to them before exiting the ring himself.

The fans are still buzzing as we head to the back.

Immediately, the excitement turns to boos as we're greeted by the sight of Chris Jericho being dragged toward the rear exit by the Harris Brothers. He fights against them with everything he's got, shouting at the man standing behind them who appears to be paying no mind to what's going on as he speaks to Billy Zane. Zane nods along with every word and scribbles on a clipboard.

[ Chris Jericho ] This is ridiculous! You're kicking me out of the arena!? I don't get to be in the WrestleBrawl match!? I demand an explanation, Double Jerkass!

The Harris Brothers stop in their tracks. Jarrett, clad all in black, looks annoyed. He stops speaking to Billy Zane and turns his attention to Jericho.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Why doesn't Chris Jericho get t' be in the WrestleBrawl match? Because Chris Jericho let me down last month! I had plans for you, you son of a bitch, and what happened? Not only did you let Adam Cole get the better of ya', ya' did a damn sorry job of havin' my back and that's why I ain't the world champion no more.

Jarrett points toward the door.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get his ass outta' here!

Seconds later, Chris Jericho is dragged outside and shoved in a trash can. Chris Masters walks past, guiding a white horse. Nearby, Ken Kennedy is rigging up what must be thousands of dollars in pyrotechnics. Gene Snitsky lifts David Arquette up into a seated position on his shoulder so that he can put the finishing touches on some elaborate framework that will contribute to Jarrett's entrance later tonight. Jeff Jarrett looks up and nods, satisfied.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Lookin' good, Arquette

Arquette smiles with a twinkle in his eye.

[ David Arquette ] Thanks, Double J. It's an honor.

In the corner, sitting on an equipment storage crate, we see Hook eating from a bag of chips and staring off in the distance. Scott Steiner walks past him with a bundle of metal pipes slung over his shoulder. He discards them on the floor, snorts, and then spits.

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm tired of fuckin' around with this grunt work bullshit! I'm more than this, Jeff! I was a four-time world champion and you've got me settin' up all your entrance shit like I'm some kinda' scrub! Like I'm fuckin' Rob Conway or somethin'!

The camera pans over to reveal Rob Conway seated in a nearby chair, tuning a golden guitar. Next to him, there's a dozen more guitars just like it. Conway looks up at Steiner and lowers his sunglasses.

[ Rob Conway ] I'm sitting right here, brother.

[ Scott Steiner ] I know that, you dickless piece o' shit!

Steiner points at Conway.

[ Scott Steiner ] And what this fuckin' idiot doin' anyway? You got him tunin' guitars!? Fuckin' why?! You're just gonna break all of'em anyway!

Conway shrugs and looks at Jarrett.

[ Rob Conway ] That's a fair question.

Jarrett removes his black cowboy hat and places it on a nearby chair. He walks right up to Steiner and places his hand on his shoulder.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The Conman is tunin' those guitars for the same reason that you're standin' here today, helpin' me see our dream all the way through, Scotty... because I asked him to. If that ain't a good enough reason for ya', I don't know what t' tell ya'.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't see what any o' this shit matters. All that matters is that you smash Edge tonight... bitch ass Adam Copeland, fuckin' nobody! Crush him and end this shit once and for all.

Jarrett smiles and gives Steiner's shoulder a squeeze.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's all about the entrance, Scotty. Tonight's gonna be one for the ages!

The horse makes a noise and there's a smell of manure.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Kennedy, get a shovel and clean that shit up, would ya'?

Kennedy stands up and salutes.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Yes, SIRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Mister Double J!

Kennedy leaves the pyro unattended and grabs a nearby shovel, walking off camera to help Chris Masters with the horse. Billy Zane approaches Jarrett, appearing sheepish about interrupting him and Steiner's conversation.

[ Billy Zane ] Jeff, the little people have arrived.

[ Scott Steiner ] Little people?!

[ Billy Zane ] Do you want me to send them straight to wardrobe?

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuckin' midgets?! Wardrobe?!

Jarrett smirks.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I thought it'd be funny as hell to do a little throwback t' the old days, Scotty. Back when men were men and took real shots at their opponents in their promos. Ain't nothin' sent a message like beatin' up a midget dressed like the guy you're facin'! I ordered six of'em!

[ Scott Steiner ] SIX MIDGETS!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Edge, Christian Cage, ol' Stinger, Stone Cold, Val Venis, and Vince Russo!

[ Billy Zane ] It's gonna be hilarious.

[ Scott Steiner ] Back the fuck up, Billy Zane!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's all about the entrance.

Steiner isn't amused. Jarrett glares at him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's wrong, Big Poppa? You wanna punt the Val Venis midget?

Steiner just stares at him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It'll make ya' feel better.

Steiner shakes his head.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't fuckin' know. Maybe.

Jarrett nods, satisfied with that answer. He turns away from Steiner and begins speaking to no one in particular.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This is it... the biggest night in SGW history! The last night in SGW history. Edge can spout off all he wants about beatin' me and securin' the future o' the business... but the fact o' the matter is this... I always win when it counts.

Jarrett picks up his cowboy hat and places it back on his head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He ain't beatin' me... he ain't handin' MY company over t' Syndicate Sports. SGW belongs t' me 'n me alone... it exists today because of my accomplishments and when I leave this business forever in a couple hours, I'm taking it with me and there ain't nobody can stop me.

Jarrett takes a deep breath.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] SGW exists because I allow it... and it's gonna end--

The corner of Jarrett's mouth twitches and a sinister grin begins to form.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] --because I demand it.

Jarrett chuckles.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ain't I great?

[ Billy Zane ] Hell yeah, you are.

Jarrett turns his head and looks at Zane, disgusted.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That was rhetorical, slapnuts.

Billy Zane's shoulders slump and he lurches off-camera. Jarrett shakes his head. Hook crumbles up his bag of chips and tosses it aside, then hops off the equipment box. Without saying a word to anyone, he makes his way to the rear exit. The camera follows him out. As soon as Hook makes it outside, he pulls his hood up over his head. There's no telling what's going through his mind as he looks around at his surroundings. Suddenly, we hear a voice from off-camera.

[ Steve Austin ] I guess you got my messages.

Hook turns and faces Austin, already in his gear and ready for the WrestleBrawl match.

[ Steve Austin ] Hell, son, guess kids these days don't know how t' answer a damn phone.

Hook chews his gum, offering no answer.

[ Steve Austin ] Well, if ya' did, I coulda' prepared your ass better for what's 'bout t' go down.

Hook looks confused. Austin nods at someone behind him. Hook slowly turns around and the camera reveals... RANDY ORTON! The live crowd pops huge. Orton, in street clothes, looms over Hook, oozing intensity. Hook raises an eyebrow, not comprehending what's going on. Orton tilts his head and cracks his neck.

[ Randy Orton ] It's time we talked about your dad.

Hook's eyes hover toward the door to the arena. Orton shakes his head.

[ Randy Orton ] No, not that piece of shit.

Hook looks down and pulls his hood back.

[ Randy Orton ] Your real dad. The one I murdered in 2006.

Hook looks up and meets Orton's gaze.


REFEREE: Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT: 30:00

Aubrey Edwards holds up the Twinstar titles and then passes them off to the timekeeper.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The fate of the Twinstar championship belts all comes down to this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dakota Kai's quest to become the ideal Twinstar champion comes to an end tonight, one way or another. She will either defeat one of the greatest SGW Women's Champions of all-time to become the sole carrier of the championship belts or she will fall before Jinny tonight and walk away with nothing!

Aubrey calls for the bell to start the match. Jinny and Dakota Kai circle one another and then tie up in the center of the ring. They struggle against one another for a moment before Jinny takes over with a knee lift to the mid-section and grabs a headlock. She wrenches it and Dakota backs her into the ropes, shooting her off. Dakota follows her in and pump kicks her right in the face on the turnaround! Jinny tumbles through the ropes and lands on the apron before rolling to the floor, staggering and then ending up leaned against the apron. Dakota smirks and then hits the ropes, running full blast and flying through the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE ON JINNY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dakota Kai is pulling out all the stops!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's giving Jinny everything she's got and that's what it's gonna take to defeat one of SGW's longest reigning champions!

Jinny is smashed back first into the rail and Dakota lands on her feet. Before Jinny can fall to the mat, Dakota grabs her by the hair and throws her under the bottom rope, back into the ring. Dakota climbs onto the apron and then ascends the turnbuckles. Jinny rolls out to the center of the ring and Dakota flies... FLYING DOUBLE STOMP-- JINNY MOVES! Dakota lands on her feet and rolls through! Jinny rolls back to her feet as well! Jinny charges and goes for a clothesline but Dakota ducks it. Jinny turns around and Dakota goes for a PUMP KICK! Jinny runs underneath it. Dakota turns around and Jinny nails her with a ROLLING WHEEL KICK! Dakota crumbles and Jinny covers! ONE! TWO! DAKOTA KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The heart of Dakota Kai is undeniable!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dakota Kai does not give up easily. The road to this moment has been a long and winding one. After becoming one half of the first Twinstar champions with Tegan Nox, Dakota suffered a severe injury to her head and neck which took her out of action for a time. There was even a moment where we had no idea if we'd ever see the Captain of Team Kick in the ring again. She will not go quietly into the night!

Jinny gets up and immediately snatches Dakota off the mat, planting her with a snap suplex! Jinny gets up and pulls Dakota up again, throwing her hard into the corner where she falls into a seated position. Jinny flips Dakota off and charges, nailing her with a cannonball senton! Jinny recovers and pulls Dakota out of the corner by her ankle before going to the middle rope. She drops a knee across Dakota's chest and goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! DAKOTA KICKS OUT! Jinny immediately begins throttling Dakota with both hands as Aubrey Edwards counts, threatening to disqualify her! Jinny lets go at 4.99999 and then mounts Dakota, cradling her head with one hand and punching away with the other! Aubrey counts again and Jinny lets go, standing up and stomping Dakota right in the mid-section. The fans boo loudly as Dakota curls up in a fetal position. Jinny smiles and uses her boot to force Dakota over, flat on her back. Jinny places her foot on Dakota's throat and begins choking her! She lets go just before she's disqualified and then leans down to snatch a handful of Dakota's hair. Dakota comes alive and cradles Jinny out of nowhere! ONE! TWO! THR-- JINNY KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It can happen that bloody quick!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She was less than a second away from securing the titles!

Both women roll back to their feet and Jinny charges at Dakota. Dakota drops and pulls down the top rope, causing Jinny to tumble onto the apron and to the floor! Jinny lands awkwardly on her feet and rushes to the timekeeper's table. She grabs one of the Twinstar titles but turns around into a running boot from Dakota Kai! Jinny flies over the time keeper's table and disappears behind it as the fans cheer! Dakota pushes the time keeper out of the way and flips the table! She grabs Jinny by two handfuls of hair! She drags her on all fours back to the ring and rams her head first into the steel steps! Jinny falls into a seated position and Dakota charges... RUNNING SHOOT KICK-- NO! JINNY MOVES! DAKOTA KICKS THE STEEL STEPS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good God, did you hear that impact?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She might have broken her own leg!

Jinny immediately gets back to her feet and snatches Dakota's leg before she goes down. DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP! Dakota clutches her knee and cries out in pain! Jinny grabs Dakota's leg and rams it repeatedly into the steps repeatedly. With Dakota incapacitated, Jinny walks back to the time keeper's table and picks up one of the Twinstar titles from the floor. Aubrey immediately snatches the title out of Jinny's hand, refusing to let her use it as a weapon. Aubrey turns her back to get rid of the title and check on Dakota Kai, allowing Jinny to turn around and find that a fan in the front row, wearing a Rey Mysterio mask and a Los Bloodline hoodie has picked up the other Twinstar title! Jinny sneers and goes to snatch the title away from them! They hang onto the belt and Jinny pulls them over the rail and into the ringside area! Jinny turns around and eyeballs Dakota Kai as Aubrey checks on her knee. However, behind her, the person in the Rey Mysterio unmasks to reveal--

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's SKYE BLUE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What is Skye Blue doing 'ere!? Is she here to help Jinny or--

Jinny hears the crowd reaction and slowly turns around... SUPERKICK FROM SKYE BLUE! Jinny goes down and the titles flies through the air, going through the ropes and landing in the ring! Skye Blue pushes Aubrey Edwards aside and helps Dakota to her feet, shoving her under the bottom rope! Seconds later, she pulls Jinny to her feet and throws her under the bottom rope as well! Skye Blue pounds on the apron and shouts at Dakota to get up and finish it! With tears of pain rolling down her face, Dakota uses the ropes to get back to her feet. She posts up in the corner, favoring her knee. Jinny slowly gets back to her feet and Dakota musters up everything she has left to charge across the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here she goes-- OH NO!

Dakota's knee buckles under her and she flails forward, straight into position for... THE STYLE CLASH! She rolls Dakota over! ONE! TWO! THRE-- DAKOTA KICKS OUT! The fans pop huge! Jinny can't believe it! She pulls Dakota up to her feet and sets her up for the Acid Rainmaker! Skye Blue climbs onto the apron and Jinny approaches her, talking trash! Dakota Kai uses what little strength she has left to charge at Jinny-- NO! JINNY MOVES! Dakota Kai collides with Skye Blue, sending her flying off the apron! Aubrey leans through the ropes to tell Skye Blue to stay off the apron, allowing Jinny to grab the championship and WAFFLE Dakota with it! She covers! Aubrey turns around! ONE! TWO! THREE!

JINNY via PINFALL in 8:18

The fans erupt in boos as Jinny rolls off Dakota and grabs the championship belt. Moments later, Aubrey presents her with the other one and she remains on her knees, watching Skye Blue check on Dakota Kai.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a devastating outcome for Dakota Kai.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It begs the question of what may happen next for the Twinstar titles.

Jinny finally stands up with a championship belt hanging from each hand. She approaches them as Skye helps Dakota up into a seated position. Dakota looks knocked loopy, but furious... frustrated, perhaps. Jinny holds up one of the titles and looks it over before glaring at Dakota Kai and nodding.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Is that... respect I see on the face of Jinny?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... I don't know, buddy! But I don't like it!

Jinny drops one of the titles in Dakota's lap, then tosses the other at Skye Blue, almost knocking her down from her kneeling position. The fans don't know what to make of it as Jinny exits the ring and walks to the back.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What does this mean? Jinny just handed the titles to Dakota Kai and Skye Blue. Are they the champions now?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That certainly appears t' be the case. Some bizarre sign of respect for the hard fought battle, I believe. Amazing. Truly, anything can happen at WrestleBrawl!

Dakota Kai and Skye Blue look down at their titles as we fade to black.


The camera follows as pristine white ping pong balls rattle around off a gold roll cage, the sound of them plinking off the cage and one another providing ambient noise opposite the interested murmuring of the crowd in Los Angeles. As the shot zooms out further, we catch a glimpse of the person operating the roll cage – none other than Maria Kanellis!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, look! It’s Maria Kanellis! She’s a former SGW General Manager!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Please don’t make me think about Maria or the horrors she has wrought upon my life, Tony. The job she has tonight is thankfully neither general manager nor interviewer, but operator of this roll cage to provide numbers to the participants in tonight’s WrestleBrawl contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] SURELY she’ll be a great fit for this job, Nigel! I mean, what in the world could go wrong?

Neither man speaks as Maria stares vacantly into the mess of white ping pong balls before noticing the camera and quickly repositioning.

[ Maria ] Oh, poo! I wasn’t ready! Hello friends! I’m soooOoOoOo glad to see you, even though I’m not REALLY seeing you because all I see is a camera and the room I’m in! Television is cray cray, though – who knows how all that works! :S

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …Lord of hosts.

Maria stops spinning the cage and lifts both hands, excited, allowing the lights in the room to glimmer against the sequins and shiny thread of her gold dress. Before she can speak again, the door to the room opens and her eyes quickly cut to the person entering.

[ Maria ] Oh, WOW! It’s Johnny Gargano!

Sure enough, Johnny Wrestling steps confidently into the room and shakes Maria’s hand with a smile. He gestures at the roll cage and Maria spins it for a few seconds.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Miss Maria, it’s a treat to see you. I’m hoping you can help me with finding out where I’ll enter in WrestleBrawl?

[ Maria ] Of course I can, Johnny Wrestling Gargano! I love your full name, it’s so unique and special, just like my full name – Maria Louis Kanellis! Well, technically it’s Mary Louis Kanellis, but that’s my REAL name! Know what I mean?

Johnny smirks and nods, laughing to himself gently and winking at Maria.

[ Johnny Gargano ] I know exactly what you mean.

Maria stops rolling the cage and fiddles with the door, which is on the front of the round cage, allowing two balls to roll out onto the table.

[ Maria ] AWWW, SHOOT! :[ My balls fell out!

[ ? ? ? ] Woof. Am…am I interrupting something?

The fans’ in attendance laughter quickly turns to a pop as the camera pans to reveal ‘Hangman’ Adam Page walking into the room with a slight smile on his face. Gargano meets his energy and nods confidently, then non-verbally signals at the pair of balls on the table, neither number visible somehow. Page and Gargano reach at the same time, taking the ball closer to the other before smirking and checking their entry numbers.

[ Maria ] Well, that worked out just great – like me when I’m at the building named after that guy Jim. Jim Curves! He knows how to treat a woman right!

[ ? ? ? ] Speak of the devil and I appear!

From the opposite side of the room, QT Marshall approaches in a navy-blue track suit with red and white piping on the collar, sleeves, and side of the pants. Marshall’s shit-eating grin is particularly indulgent on feces this evening, and he turns over his shoulder to watch as Anthony Ogogo approaches, coolly staring down both Gargano and Hangman as he stops beside Marshall. His track suit bottoms match Marshall’s, but the top is nowhere to be seen as Ogogo has opted for a large towel over the back of his head and shoulders.

[ QT Marshall ] It’s great for SGW to allow you both such a grandiose and prestigious opportunity tonight – you’ll both have the luxury of making history by losing to Anthony Ogogo as he debuts and stakes his claim as the greatest athlete in the history of this company!

Both Gargano and Hangman take a moment to meet Ogogo’s gaze – the Guv’nor is nonplussed with either man or the situation in general and instead focuses on the golden roll-cage. QT quickly notices his client’s interest in the situation at hand and refocuses.

[ QT Marshall ] Alright, you moron, enough with the staring and drooling over there! Let’s give Anthony Ogogo his number and move along with our lives, huh?! I’ve given both Hangman Page and Johnny Gargano the biggest boon their careers will ever enjoy tonight, and just being in the same room with Anthony Ogogo is doing more for their value than they could ever manage alone!

[ Hangman Adam Page ] Don’t talk to Maria like that, QT Marshall – she didn’t do anything to you.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Yeah, that’s not a good look for your first night in SGW.

[ QT Marshall ] Oh yeah?! And what would you know about a good look for a first night in SGW, Johnny?! What third-class Marvel bullshit are we cosplaying as this evening, huh?!

Marshall smirks as Hangman looks at Gargano’s attire for the evening.

[ Hangman Adam Page ] I ain’t the most brushed up on none of that, but…looks like Captain America from where I’m standin’. Hardly third-class, he’s been in like ten of them movies.

Gargano nods at Page then looks across the room at Ogogo.

[ Johnny Gargano ] You got it, Hangman – Captain America. Pretty convenient, I think, huh, Guv’nor?

Ogogo’s icy gaze hasn’t moved from Johnny’s face. He nods and lifts an eyebrow slightly before Gargano nods assuredly. QT Marshall smirks, unimpressed with Hangman or Gargano.

[ QT Marshall ] Yeah, sure, Captain America. Whatever. And you, Hangman, you think your stupid little tee shirt and tight-ass jeans with the embroi—

[ Maria ] I AM NOT A MORON!

The entire room’s attention turns to Maria, whose face is pressed into a puffy pout. Marshall blinks hard, processing.

[ QT Marshall ] Alright, only took you thirty minutes to process that comment, but we’ll move along and hopefully, even you can get this one, Maria, but Hangman Page, nothing about you intimidates me! And nothing about you could EVER intimidate Anthony Ogogo, you hear me, pal?!

Hangman gestures with his hand at Ogogo and scoffs at Marshall.

[ Hangman Adam Page ] But you aren’t in the match, are you, pal? Guess that’s a ‘you’ problem. Why don’t you let your boy pick his spot and quit runnin’ that damn mouth already?

QT’s face washes over with red as Ogogo gestures to Maria and she turns the roll cage over a few times, opening the hatch. Anthony Ogogo looks towards the cage and reaches inside, plucking out a ball and flicking it to Marshall, who bobbles it a time or two, but grabs it tight.

[ QT Marshall ] Hah! SEE THAT?! Anthony Ogogo isn’t afraid of you losers! He doesn’t care what number he drew because he’s going to win no matter what!

Marshall takes a look at the ball in his hand and snorts, laughing aloud.

[ QT Marshall ] YES! Maria, you empty-headed little twit, you should be thanking your lucky stars you gave The Guv’nah a good number or I would have had to knock you out of this company for good!

[ Maria ] Hey! >:( That’s not true, I’m in AT LEAST one other segment after this one!

Marshall rolls his eyes and refocuses on Ogogo, patting him on the shoulder and pointing arrogantly at Gargano and Hangman.

[ QT Marshall ] Maria, we’re all stupider for having listened to you speak. Gargano, I hate to spoil the comic book, but the hero dies tonight, and Hangman, son, the only cowboy shit you’ll be gettin’ in tonight may as well be the cowpie you just stepped in with THIS MAN – THE GUV’NAH! Boys, I’d tell you it’s been fun, but that’d be a lie, and I’d wish you luck, but that’s just a waste of breath, because, well, when Anthony Ogogo is involved, there’s only three things that happen.

Marshall smirks and bobs his head over his shoulder at Ogogo before shaking the ball in his hand towards the two men.

[ QT Marshall ] …he hits. He strikes. He wins.

Marshall begins cackling and steps forward, getting right into Gargano and Hangman’s faces. Marshall snarls cockily, but Hangman pops forward, unintimidated, and QT quickly flinches back, nearly falling to the ground! The crowd pops huge as Ogogo steadies Marshall and the pair leave the room. Hangman pats Maria on the shoulder as Gargano shakes his head left and right.

[ Johnny Gargano ] We’ll see about that, huh?

Hangman nods, looking just as confident as ever as Maria’s face scrunches, confused again.

[ Maria ] Wait, why is his name ‘Cutie?!’ I know I’ve got a weird name, but that’s just plain LYING!

Hangman and Gargano both look away, unsure of how to proceed in the conversation as we fade from the scene.

REFEREE: Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT: 30:00

After being on the receiving end of a beatdown in Mexico City, The Imperfect 10s brought the fire to match the Spectral Envoy right from the opening bell, giving referee Rick Knox all he can handle in this Solid Gold Wrestling World Tag Team Championship match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Woo-wee, we’re off to the races, Nigel! This one is electric from the opening bell!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Rightfully so, too! Consider the Spectral Envoy put the ENTIRE tag division on notice at the Death of SGW event and now, they’ve got a chance to prove they’re the best from the jump!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Imperfect 10s may have something to say about that, though!

From the jump, The Envoy focus on Spears, dumping him to the floor before focusing on the less-experienced member of the 10s, Pres10 Vance! Frightmare whips Vance into the ropes, but Hallowicked steps in, intercepting the dashing Vance with a sick Rydeen Bomb – but he’s not done! – ‘Wicked rolls Vance backwards and there’s Frightmare, applying the crucifix – and driving him down into the canvas! Tomb Raider! Cover’s maintained – but Vance is out between one and two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Excellent for Vance to kick out so early, that will send a message to the challengers and to the great and devious UltraMantis Black on the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] UltraMantis Black scares me a bit, Nigel – he’s incredibly intelligent and knows how to push the Spectral Envoy towards the cosmic levels of success this world cannot afford!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Maybe so – but the Imperfect 10s are FAR from transitional champions or easy to defeat – they’ve held these championships for literal YEARS this month!

Hallowicked maintains the edge on Vance, keeping him grounded while applying the pressure to his neck and upper back. Vance dodges a double chop and stuns Wicked with a dropkick while Spears knocks Frightmare from his apron and slides in for a double team maneuver! Vance applies a waistlock, but rushes towards his partner – lung blower! – Vance keeps the waistlock and twists the Nightmare Warrior outward – RIPCORD CUTTER! Hallowicked ate the canvas and Vance covers – ONE! TWO! NO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH! I thought that was it, Nigel! What a combination there from the champions!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Their teamwork was a hot-topic of discussion for a while into their reign, but this is a well-oiled machine – IMPERFECT or not!

Spears tags in and keeps the pressure on the larger half of the Spectral Envoy before lifting him and rushing to the corner for an attack, but ‘Wicked slingshots over and steps off the middle rope with a flush kick to Spears’ face! Hallowicked whips Spears to the Envoy corner and pops him to the top rope before tagging out to Frightmare – Hallowicked crosses Spears’ arms – ICONOCLASM! Spears flips off the top rope and to his back, but Frightmare’s right there, backflipping through the air and landing knees-first on Spears!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH LORD! Frightmare calls that one KNEECOLEPSY!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They’re not done, either!

Frightmare takes Spears by the head and tags BACK out to ‘Wicked, who quickly scoops Spears into a fisherman suplex lift – and DOWN INTO A SIT-OUT SPINEBUSTER! The Graveyard Smash! ONE! TWO! THR—NO! Shawn Spears kicks out at the last possible second! UltraMantis cannot believe it on the floor, shaking his insect head before brandishing his staff at Rick Knox, imploring he “slaps the mat in a proper cadence moving forward!” Hallowicked tags out to Frightmare, who waits, stalking Spears from the top rope. When Spears rises, Frightmare flies – RIGHT INTO A STIFF PUNCH! Frightmare is dazed, but Spears pops him to his shoulders and down, neck-first across the knee! Spears covers him – ONE! TWO! THR—NO! Frightmare is the one to break the cover at the last possible second! After a moment, the action breaks down again when Frightmare slides under a Shawn Spears lariat attempt, quickly sweeping his leg! Frightmare is up and quickly backflips –


[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH! OH! RIGHT TO THE KNEES!

Spears rolls out of the way of the blow and instantly hooks Frightmare’s wounded leg – it’s the Sharpshooter! Spears wrenches back as UltraMantis begins screaming for Frightmare to fight – the smaller member of the Envoy reaches the bottom rope – but Spears pulls him back to the center, not willing to relinquish the hold! Frightmare tucks his shoulder and head under, disrupting Spears’ center of gravity, then plants his foot up, into his chin – and both men are down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We’re at critical mass, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The SGW World Tag Team Championships hang in the balance of this moment – which man can get their fresh partner into the ring quicker!

Spears rolls, looking through cobwebs for Vance, while Frightmare uses his hands and elbows to scratch and claw closer to UltraMantis’ screams in the Envoy corner. Hallowicked’s hand is outstretched, but Pres10 Vance’s is too! Spears and Frighmare reach as far as they can and –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] DOUBLE TAG! It’s a fresh start!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But all four men are somehow houses of fire, Nigel! It’s still anybody’s ballgame!

Pres10 Vance charges directly towards Frightmare, who ducks his clothesline and crosses the ropes – but Vance is redirecting towards his own set of ropes! Frightmare and Vance collide in center-ring, both men rolling out of the double-cross-body block and towards a corner. Following fisticuffs, Hallowicked ducks a clothesline and waffles Spears with a huge backhand blow to the nose! Hallowicked lifts Spears to his shoulders, but the tag champion scuttles off his back and connects with a big forearm shiver, then shoves ‘Wicked away and into the far ropes! Turning around, The Nightmare Warrior dashes across the ring and thrusts his foot high into the air for a Yakuza kick –

But Spears ducks! – and Hallowicked soars over the top rope, colliding with UltraMantis!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Spears moved out of the way! He’s still up and going, but UltraMantis Black is helping Hallowicked up now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Something has to be done here!

Pres10 Vance notices Hallowicked doing his best to stand up and make it back into the ring, but quickly scales the turnbuckles and dives with a flip senton, crashing into both the Nightmare Warrior and UltraMantis Black! Back inside the ring, Frightmare leaps from the top rope, hoping to eliminate The 10s and win the championships, but Spears catches the smaller member of the Envoy on his shoulders and INSTANTLY drops him with a sickening Death Valley Driver! There’s a collective pop and groan around the Crypto.com Arena! Vance scurries into the ring and into the cover as Referee Knox slides into position and counts the one, two, three.


Black screams in anguish on the floor as Hallowicked slides back into the ring, unable to accept the match is over! Hallowicked checks on Frightmare as Spears and Vance collect their titles and celebrate.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Imperfect 10s have retained against all odds again, vanquishing the brutal Spectral Envoy after what was an impressive and unforgiving debut one month ago in Mexico!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Imperfect 10s are truly making a case for being the number one tag team in the HISTORY of SGW!

We fade out on a shot of the 10s holding up their titles.

Leaving the ringside area, the camera quickly cuts to the back where D-Von Dudley stands in front of a door and gives it a quick knock. The door opens and Edge is behind it, looking pleased to see him.

[ Edge ] What’s up, D?

[ D-Von Dudley ] You wanted me to let you know if Cody made it to the arena.. He hasn’t.

Edge sighs and nods in understanding.

[ Edge ] Okay, thanks for letting me know.

Edge shuts the door. Now inside the locker room, Edge pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing. Christian walks into view of the camera and joins his brother, looking equally concerned.

[ Christian Cage ] Nothing, huh?

[ Edge ] Doing a welfare check on a former World Champion is always a lovely thing to do on the night of a big show.

After a few rings, the line is picked up on speaker phone. A deflated voice comes from the other side of the phone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hey, Edge.

[ Edge ] Cody? Where in the world are you, man? It’s WrestleBrawl. It’s a big night. I need you here to have my back with Christian and the guys against Jarrett's crew.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I’m sorry. Truly. I’m not coming tonight.

Edge’s jaw drops. He can’t comprehend what Cody is saying.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Honestly? I’m ashamed that I let everyone down in Mexico. Them wiping out my brother and Stephen, forcing Brandi to count the three count.. I just can’t show my face in front of the fans or the boys for what happened. I had a lot of people relying on me and I let them all down. I let you down.

[ Edge ] You’re crazy, Cody. It was, like, one-on-fifteen or something! You did the best you could. No one could overcome those odds!

[ Cody Rhodes ] I’m sorry I’ve put you in this situation tonight, Edge. You’re having to fight in a triple cage for control of the company when I could’ve stomped this guy out once and for all had I done my job.

Cody cuts Edge off before he can respond.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Good luck tonight, man. I know if there’s anyone out there who can do it, it’s you. When you beat Jeff, tell Syndicate to take everything good about SGW and focus on that. A fresh start is good. As for me, I just need some time. Thanks for everything.


[ Christian Cage ] That match really took a heavy toll on him.

[ Edge ] Even more of a reason to finish this fight.

The scene fades.

REFEREE: Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT: 30:00

The fans in Los Angeles are split evenly between the two women vying for the SGW Women’s Intercontinental Championship through their entrances and the early goings of the match. Kacy Catanzaro’s attempts to use her speed and edge in the technical game she can find were moderately successful, as were Nia Jax’s attempts to plow through Kacy with her size and strength advantages.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fresh off the challenge of knocking off one of the most decorated, tenured women in Solid Gold Wrestling history in Hyper Misao, Kacy Catanzaro now much tangle with another of the same ilk – Los Bloodline’s Nia Jax!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely, Nigel! Nia Jax is a former number one contender to all the championships she’s eligible for, as well as being a former SGW Twinstar Champion with the aforementioned Hyper Misao – perhaps most importantly though, she is *NOT* like most girls!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think this is more important, Tony – look!

Nia scores, countering a corkscrew crossbody by catching Kacy out of the air and planting her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two! After glaring at Paul Turner for a few beats, Nia lifts Kacy off the mat and squeezes, wrenching her in a nasty bearhug! Kacy struggles for a moment, then bell-claps Nia’s ears! And again! The hold is broken! Kacy quickly leaps to the second rope and dives – tornado DDT! The champion covers – one! Two! TH—NO! Nia Jax kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Beautiful DDT from Kacy Catanzaro, but Nia Jax won’t be put away that easily! She’s clearly been working out with the other members of Los Bloodline and that has to be toughening the already double-tough Nia Jax!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fair enough – but our Women’s Intercontinental Champion is no pushover, either – she’s on the move!

Catanzaro leaps, vaulting over the ropes and scores with a headscissors takedown! The champion rolls and springs off the interior ropes -- but Nia moves! Kacy takes the impact to the spine, and Nia quickly scoops her off the mat, powerslamming her violently! Catanzaro takes refuge in the corner, but the Los Bloodline member growls, roaring out loud:


And she’s off – BIG HIP ATTACK IN THE CORNER! Kacy is stunned! Nia’s off again – HIP ATTACK! Nia lifts her opponent from the mat – SAMOAN DROP! COVER! ONE! TWO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! It’s feeding time, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed it is, Tony. Nia very nearly booked an appointment with Leva Bates for a quick name-etching in the history books! She must press this advantage – here comes Kacy!

Catanzaro fires up, forearming Nia and baiting her into position for a neckbreaker! Kacy quickly dashes over – corkscrew splash! ONE! NIA KICKS OUT! Kacy breathes out heavily and pumps her fists again, building her support in the building and pointing to the top turnbuckle! Catanzaro scoots up to the highest point in the ring and pauses, waiting a moment before leaping off the ropes – SOMERSAULT LEGDROP! – But Nia moves! Kacy splats on the canvas again, and this self-inflicted damage gives Nia time to push off the canvas and stomp Catanzaro in the sternum. Nia plucks Kacy off the mat and begins taunting her, out of the range of the ring microphones. After a moment of holding Catanzaro’s head in her hands, Nia delivers a sickening headbutt! Kacy is dazed – and Nia positions her for another big blow!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THIS COULD BE IT – Nia is looking for a powerbomb, piledriver, SOMETHING devastating here!

Nia lifts Kacy up – Tony’s right, there’s a powerbomb incoming! – NO! – Kacy forearms Nia in the head and rotates, re-settling in the classic chicken-fight formation before lifting her arms up and popping the fans in LA! Kacy shifts her weight and rolls forward, pulling Nia down with her and keeping the challenger’s legs held tight – ONE! TWO! THRE—NO!! NO! Nia kicks out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No! You can see the shock on Kacy’s face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She’s shocked!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The victory roll earned Catanzaro the SGW Women’s Intercontinental Championship in Mexico City and very nearly cemented her first successful title defense, but She Unlike Most Girls was able to kick out!

Catanzaro closes her eyes tightly, shaking her head and fighting the realization she may not be able to put Jax away – but suddenly, just as Nia stands to her feet, Kacy’s entire demeanor changes! Her eyes narrow, almost bloodthirsty, and she pulls up on the middle rope, running across the ring and planting Nia with a John Woo dropkick to the chest! Nia flies backwards and smacks into the turnbuckles, then stumbles out – but Catanzaro springboards out and missile dropkicks Nia RIGHT in the nose! Jax turns and falls on her face on the canvas, but rather than pin her opponent, Kacy ascends to the top rope and snarls at Nia!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, this is…this is a bit scary, right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Kacy’s behavior has absolutely shifted!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH GOD, HERE SHE GOES –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] LORD IN HEAVEN, DOUBLE STOMP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Kacy just stomped right on the base of the neck and the back of Nia Jax’s skull!

The audience groans collectively as Kacy forces Nia onto her back and hooks both legs angrily as Paul Turner counts ONE-TWO-NO! NIA JAX KICKS OUT! Kacy can't believe it! Nia Jax struggles back to her feet and advances on Kacy, pinning her against the corner and delivering a DEVASTATING FACE BREAKER PUNCH! Kacy collapses and Nia Jax drags her into the center of the ring. Kacy is completely unconscious so there's absolutely no need for it... but Nia Jax drops a LEG DROP ON HER HEAD ANYWAY! She remains in place as the referee counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!

NIA JAX via PINFALL in 7:39

The fans cheer loudly as Nia Jax gets back to her feet, favoring the back of her head. Paul Turner presents her with the SGW Women's Intercontinental Championship. Nia Jax looks down at it and holds it over her head to a big pop.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nia Jax has finally done it! She's earned her first singles championship in SGW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I really hope Nia Jax isn’t seriously injured! What a disgusting blow, that seemed so out of left field for Kacy! It's a miracle that she was able to rally back and become the champion!

Nia Jax stands over the fallen Kacy Catanzaro and holds up the championship belt as we fade out.

The rattling of ping pong balls inside of a golden cage fill our ears as Maria valiantly cranks the handle, mixing them up. She’s in a glittery silver dress and bright red lipstick compliments the look. As Chad Gable takes his ball and walks out, Shawn Spears and Preston Vance, the SGW Tag Team Champions, walk into the room, their turn to draw their entries for WrestleBrawl.

[ Shawn Spears ] What are you doing here?

[ Maria ] I work here!

[ Shawn Spears ] …No.. No you don’t.

Maria nods in confirmation.

[ Maria ] I was in charge once. I hired Alf!

She continues.

[ Maria ] I was a great interviewer! I asked all of the hard questions.

Maria then displays the spinning ball rack, looking as proud of it as if it were her own child.

[ Maria ] Now I’m playing with balls! Yay me!

[ Shawn Spears ] You do know what you just said, right?

[ Maria ] Oh! Whoops! Tee hee! I talked dirty. Shame on me!

Spears has had enough of all of this. He snatches the first ball that rolls out of the cage and his head drops.

[ Shawn Spears ] Oh hell no, no way..

He turns to Vance and hands him the ball.

[ Shawn Spears ] This one’s yours, buddy! My pleasure.

Vance looks down at the number and crushes it in his hand. Spears cracks a big smile and slaps Vance on the chest.

[ Shawn Spears ] Go get ‘em, big man!

Spears snatches another ball and looks even more displeased with it than the one before.

[ Shawn Spears ] TEN?!

[ Maria ] Yay for the irony!

Maria flashes the “ten” fingers at Spears, who throws the ball down on the ground and stomps on it.

[ Shawn Spears ] That gimmick is old already.

Interrupting is another participant coming into the room to draw his number. The identity of the competitor is hidden thanks to a black sweatshirt with the hood flipped up over his head, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, and a black and white bandana covering his mouth.

[ Maria ] Oh noez, please don’t rob us!

She throws her hands up in submission.

Howdy, ma’am. I’m Adam Page here to draw my number, little doggie.

[ Maria ] Hangman, you can’t draw twice! You were in here earlier!

[ Shawn Spears ] You’re definitely not Hangman.

[ Hangman Page ] QUIET YOU!

[ Shawn Spears ] “Hangman,” you sure do sound different.

[ Hangman Page ] Ah, uh, I have a cold. That’s why I’m wearin’ the bandana. It also disguises my identity when I go out and do cowboy shit.

He gives Maria a thumbs up.

[ Hangman Page ] Definitely one of my catchphrases that only I say and no one else would copy.

[ Maria ] Something just doesn’t add up with you, mister!

“Hangman” goes to grab a number but Maria grabs his hand, stopping him in the process. She quickly yanks down the bandana and rips the sunglasses off of his face, revealing that it is NOT Adam Page, but instead, it’s CHRISTIAN CAGE! Maria drops her jaw in shock!

[ Maria ] Gasp!

[ Christian Cage ] How dare you violate my personal space like that?!

[ Maria ] Christian! How could you try to sneak your way into WrestleBrawl like this?! You tried taking a spot away from a new SGW signee and that’s mean!

[ Christian Cage ] You’ve been a thorn in my side for sixteen years, Maria! You cost me my World Championship, annoyed the hell out of me, and now this!

Christian shows off a massive-sized golden belt buckle.

[ Christian Cage ] I even bought this stupid belt buckle to help disguise myself and you ruined it all in like five seconds! Dammit!

Christian looks at Shawn Spears with a snarl on his face.

[ Christian Cage ] What number did you get, kid?

[ Shawn Spears ] Ten.

[ Christian Cage ] Of course you did.

He shakes his head.

[ Christian Cage ] Freakin’ mark.

[ Shawn Spears ] Trust me, I don’t want it.

Christian’s eyes light up as an opportunity arises.

[ Christian Cage ] Look, let’s be real here.

He slings his arm around Spears’ shoulders.

[ Christian Cage ] We both know you’re not going to win. And don’t try to cut me off with one of those “But Christian, it’s WrestleBrawl, ANYTHING can happen!” pleas. No. No it can’t.

Christian reaches into his pocket and offers Spears a folded up $20 bill.

[ Christian Cage ] Take this and go get some Wendy’s or something. Live large and have a good night while I have my WrestleBrawl moment. That's FOUR Biggie Bags, kid. Two for you, one for Vance, and one for your mom when you get back home. Have I mentioned how cool I think your mohawk is? Every grown ass adult should have one.

[ Shawn Spears ] I don’t know whether to be insulted by the small amount of cash you offered or the fact you don’t think I’m going to win WrestleBrawl.

[ Christian Cage ] Wait, do YOU think you’re going to win the WrestleBrawl match?

Spears shrugs.

[ Shawn Spears ] I mean, I have a better shot at it than you. You’re not even in the damn match.

Spears scoffs at the sight of Christian.

[ Shawn Spears ] Idiot.

Spears makes his way to the exit, but stops himself and walks back to Christian.

[ Shawn Spears ] And even if I don’t win the match, I’ll just continue piling on to the record for the longest Tag Title reign in SGW history.. A record you’ll never have again in this lifetime. I guess Preston and I might just go down as the greatest team in SGW history. How cool would that be?

Spears walks out with Vance following him. Christian flips over a nearby table, causing stuffed animals belonging to Maria to fly in the air. Maria looks on in horror.

[ Maria ] If you wanted a spot in the match, all you had to do was ask, Christian! You’re an owner of SGW and make the rules! You could have even had Chris Jericho’s spot! He’s not been seen in months. You didn’t have to hurt Mr. Bear and his friends!

[ Christian Cage ] Give me Jericho’s spot then!

[ Maria ] Never! I’m going to let the first person who walks through that door have the 30th entry into WrestleBrawl and I hope he wins!

Both Christian and Maria look to the doorway. After several seconds, no one comes through.

[ Maria ] It’s usually less dramatic on television.

[ Christian Cage ] We’re literally on television right now.

Maria looks at the camera.

[ Maria ] Hi mom!

She continues waving until Preston Vance comes walking back into the room and Maria throws her arms in the air.

[ Maria ] Yay! Congratulations! You’re in WrestleBrawl!

Vance looks at Maria with a confused look.

[ Preston Vance ] I know?

He bends down and picks up the remains of his crushed ping pong ball.

[ Preston Vance ] I forgot which number I had and came back for the ball.

As quickly as he appears, Vance exits. Maria huffs, blowing the hair out of her eyes.

[ Maria ] Maybe Chris Jericho wasn’t booked for WrestleBrawl and it was all a misunderstanding anyway? I DUNNO!

[ Christian Cage ] Maria.. I’m about to lose..

Christian punches a hole in the wall! His fist is driven several feet through the drywall, almost elbow-deep. He pulls his arm out of the crater he’s created, with it now covered in debris.

[ Christian Cage ] ..My frickin’ mind!

He shows her his white dust covered fist, his face is blood red, and veins in his neck throb with his heartbeat.

[ Christian Cage ] I hate you. I hope Edge wins, we sell SGW to Syndicate Sports, and people like you are never seen again. You, Tucor, that time John Travolta was the Higher Power, Edge and I losing to Demolition, and this segment.. The Mount Rushmore of the worst moments in SGW history.

Christian kicks the door open and storms out, leaving Maria and the ping pong ball machine all alone. She pouts and lowers her head.

[ Maria ] And Christian Cage was never seen in SGW again. Yay! Go me for running him off!

Maria jumps in the air, clapping her hands with her mood changing at the drop of a hat. The cameras switch back to ringside.

We fade up on a shot of Kayla Braxton in the middle of the ring. The fans are buzzing with anticipation as she looks around at them with a knowing smile on her face. Finally, after a few seconds, she raises the microphone and begins to speak.

[ Kayla Braxton ] Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time... for the WRESTLEBRAWL MATCH!

The fans pop huge.

[ Kayla Braxton ] The rules are as follows... two men begin the match. Every two minutes, another competitor will enter the match. Eliminations can only occur by throwing your opponent the top rope where both feet must touch the floor!

Everyone is standing. They already know the rules. They're ready to get this thing started.

[ Kayla Braxton ] Once all twenty-nine opponents have been eliminated, the last man standing will be the Solid Gold Wrestling Triple Crown WORLD champion!

The fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT!"

[ Kayla Braxton ] Now... allow me to introduce the man who will enter at NUMBER ONE!

"Here to Show the World" hits and the fans cheer loudly! Dolph Ziggler emerges from the back with the SGW Triple Crown World Championship around his waist. He stands on the stage and looks out at the fans before unsnapping the title from around his waist and looking down at it.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There he is... the world champion!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And what a long and winding road he has ahead of him, Tony. This man potentially saved Solid Gold Wrestling last month by defeating Jeff Jarrett to become the new champion... but he was rewarded by being forced to defend his championship against twenty-nine other men here tonight at WrestleBrawl!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's easy to see why he may feel some resentment toward the rest of the SGW roster and maybe even the fans! His title reign is in jeopardy tonight and he doesn't even have to be involved in the end of the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Entering at number one severely lowers his chances of making it to the end. I feel obligated to mention that he did win the sixty-man Most Excellent Even Bigger WrestleBrawl match from Saudi Arabia, but those entrances were accelerated and the talent pool wasn't exactly what I'd call... top notch. Experience is experience but this is a whole 'nother animal, Tony!

Ziggler climbs into the ring and goes corner to corner, holding up the championship. He hops down and hands off the championship belt to Aubrey Edwards at ringside. Ziggler remains in the corner and cracks his neck, hopping in place, getting ready to face the gauntlet. His music cuts and the fans quiet down.

[ Kayla Braxton ] And now, the man who drew NUMBER TWO!

"Rebel Heart" hits and the fans erupt! Johnny Gargano walks out onto the stage with Candice LeRae. He looks around at the fans with a smile on his face. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and then turns around and walks through the curtain. He begins making his way down to the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Johnny bloody Wrestling is here!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh MY goodness! One of the most exciting talents in the business today! If there's anyone who could match Dolph Ziggler blow for blow in resilience and tenacity, it's this man right here!

Gargano climbs into the ring and eyes Ziggler before going corner to corner and discarding his entrance top. Gargano stands across the ring from Ziggler, amped up, visibly excited, ready to go! Ziggler stares across the ring at Gargano, unenthused but appearing laser focused. All four referees are standing on different sides of the ring for maximum coverage. As the camera slowly zooms in on the championship belt resting on the time keeper table, Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell to begin the match!

REFEREE: Aubrey, Mike, Rick, & Paul | TIME LIMIT: No Time Limit

As soon as the bell rings, Ziggler runs full blast across the ring at Gargano! Gargano meets him in the middle with a clothesline attempt but Ziggler ducks it and hits the ropes! ZIG-ZAG ON GARGANO-- NO! Gargano brushes off the attempt and Ziggler lands flat on his back! Ziggler rises to his knees-- SUPERKICK FROM GARGANO! Ziggler sells back to his feet and Gargano throws him over the top rope! Ziggler catches himself with one hand and one foot brushes the floor but he quickly pulls himself up and rolls back under the bottom rope!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good God, we were almost guaranteed a new champion within SECONDS of the opening bell!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Truly anything can happen in the WrestleBrawl match!

Gargano approaches Ziggler and goes to pull him off the mat but Ziggler comes alive and grabs a handful of Gargano's tights. He pulls him forward, causing him to tumble through the ropes and onto the apron! Ziggler springs back to his feet and grabs Gargano by the head, pulling him halfway through the ropes-- DRAPING DDT! Gargano seesaws on the middle rope and Ziggler rises to his feet, shouting "GET UP, MOTHER FUCKER!" before SUPERKICKING Gargano right in the side of the head! Gargano tumbles forward back into the ring. Ziggler grabs Gargano by either side of his head and tries to fling him over the top rope but Gargano hangs onto the top rope and fires away, elbowing Ziggler in the mid-section until he staggers away from him. Gargano falls to one knee and catches his breath as the timer counts down from ten!


Bron Breakker explodes from the back and runs straight down to the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bron Breakker! What unfortunate luck for Ziggler and Gargano!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bron Breakker is an amazing athlete, but who knows what he has left in the tank after that knockdown drag out fight with John Cena earlier tonight! He hasn't much of a break at all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A break? What are you talking about, Tony? A competitor like Bron Breakker is built to go all night long!

Breakker slides into the ring and immediately catches a charging Dolph Ziggler with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Ziggler flies over the top rope and barely catches himself! Before Bron can take advantage of Ziggler's vulernable position, Gargano tries to catch him with a superkick! Breakker catches Gargano's ankle and pulls him in... T-BONE SUPLEX ON GARGANO! Breakker stands up and rages out, pounding his chest and-- SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE FROM ZIGGLER! Breakker staggers back into the corner and Ziggler follows him in, climbing onto the middle rope and raining down punch after the punch! The fans count along until they reach ten... and Breakker dumps Ziggler over the top rope and onto the apron! Ziggler frantically tries to find his footing and Gargano leaps onto the middle rope, punching away at Breakker as well! The fans count along... until Breakker walks out with him and POWERBOMBS HIM right in the center of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bron Breakker is on bloody fire!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dolph Ziggler has got to slow down! He's nearly been eliminated three or four times already!

Bron looks out at the fans with wild eyes and turns around just in time to catch a charging Dolph Ziggler and turn him inside out with a STEINERLINE! Ziggler lands all on his head and neck as the fans begin counting down from ten!


There's a strong mixed reaction as Preston Vance walks out onto the stage and cracks his knuckles, then flexes as hard as he can!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Preston Vance! One half of the tag team champions and the powerhouse of the Imperfect 10s!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He could be a dark horse candidate to go deep in this thing, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can never underestimate the unchecked strength of a man like Preston Vance!

Preston Vance climbs into the ring and immediately goes face to face with Bron Breakker! They stare each other right in the eyes, trembling with intensity! The fans begin buzzing, ready to see what these two men will do to one another! Finally, Vance hauls off and nails Breakker with a big chop! Breakker snorts and spits, then looks down at his reddening chest. Breakker looks down at his hand and then nails Vance in the chest as hard as he can! Vance doesn't back down! They both begin exchanging chops until their chests are wrecked! Finally, the chops turn into big right hands! It's an all out brawl between the two biggest guys currently in the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's breaking loose!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Everyone in this match needs to learn to bloody pace themselves!

Gargano and Ziggler come out of nowhere and jump on the backs of Vance and Breakker! Vance dumps Ziggler over his shoulder and onto the apron! Ziggler scrambles to remain on the apron and jams his thumb into Vance's eye! Breakker hooks Gargano's head and plants him with a BACKPACK STUNNER dead in the center! Ziggler dashes across the apron and climbs the turnbuckles! He leaps from the top... DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO BRON BREAKKER-- NO! BREAKKER CATCHES HIM! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! The timer counts down from ten!


The fans boo loudly as Powerhouse Hobbs walks out onto the stage with a sneer.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh... my... goodness! It's POWERHOUSE HOBBS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This match just became a big man's game! What will happen when Powerhouse Hobbs meets Preston Vance and Bron Breakker!?

Hobbs slowly climbs into the ring, not keeping his eyes off of Bron Breakker. Preston Vance, still favoring his eye, approaches Hobbs. Hobbs, Breakker, and Vance meet in the center of the ring. Hobbs smiles and then boots Vance in the stomach! Breakker steps forward and nails Hobbs with a headbutt! Hobbs staggers back into the ropes and Bron charges... STEINERLINE! NO! Hobbs ducks it and Ziggler comes out of nowhere to dump Bron over the top rope! Bron lands on the apron and quickly regains his footing, grabbing Dolph around the head and SUPLEXING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Ziggler fights like crazy and manages to fall away from Bron, landing BEHIND HIM! Ziggler hangs on to Bron's waist and Bron doesn't know what to do! He hangs onto the top rope with one hand while trying to wrench Dolph's hands free from around his waist! Bron sees Hobbs and Vance begin duking it out, getting closer and closer, before he finally says screw it and pulls himself through the middle rope and back into the ring with Dolph on his back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT! WAS! CLOSE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a situation to find yourself in, Tony. Bron Breakker's inexperience is showing. No veteran of the sport would've tried a suplex to the outside from that position! He could've easily cost himself and Dolph Ziggler the match!

Bron and Dolph lie on the mat, relieved. Hobbs ducks a punch from Vance and hoists him onto his shoulder... RUNNING POWERSLAM! Hobbs springs back to his feet and immediately gets nailed with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK from Johnny Gargano! Hobbs staggers back into the corner. Gargano follows him in with a running clothesline and goes for a BULLDOG out of the corner but Hobbs hangs on and hoists Gargano up... BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! The fans boo as Hobbs gets up and sets his sights on Breakker. However, as Breakker gets up to his feet, the buzzer sounds!


Toru Yano appears on the stage to a big pop! He has a huge smile on his face as he begins making his way down to the ring, seemingly unfazed by the human wreckage going on inside!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Toru Yano has arrived, though I'm not sure how eager he should be to get in the ring with the men already inside!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yano and his partner, Tomohiro Ishii, picked up a huge win last month. After having their celebration ruined by the Spectral Envoy, you would think he'd be eager to make a statement tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's... that's not what Toru Yano is all about, Tony.

Yano walks up the steps and spends too much time playing to the fans on the apron, allowing Powerhouse Hobbs to grab him by the hair and drag him over the top rope and into the ring! Before Hobbs can take advantage of the flailing Yano, Bron Breakker comes out of nowhere and nails him with a clothesline to the back! Breakker and Hobbs trade clubbing blows as Yano scrambles away on all fours... straight into a GUT WRENCH SLAM FROM PRESTON VANCE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the strength of Preston Vance!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He lifted him clear off the mat with zero effort!

Vance flexes and descends on Yano to continue the punishment but-- ZIG ZAG OUT OF NOWHERE ON PRESTON VANCE! Vance rolls to the apron and Ziggler celebrates hitting his finish... only for Yano to come alive and dump Ziggler over the top and onto the apron! Ziggler hangs on with one hand! One foot touches the floor! Yano doesn't take advantage because he's spending too much time by pointing at his temple, showing everyone how smart he is! Ziggler pulls himself back onto the apron and rolls under the bottom rope! He springs back to his feet... ZIG ZAG ON TORU YANO! Ziggler remains on his knees and cries out in victory as the buzzer sounds again!


Matt Jackson appears on the stage, drawing massive heat. He gestures for the fans to cry about it as he makes his way down to the ring and then places one knee on the apron, staring through the ropes at the action inside the ring before he makes the leap.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Jackson is being extra cautious. Clearly, he's wanting to make sure this run in SGW counts after how the last one fizzled out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Both Young Bucks have always good at plotting and planning, politicking if you will. He's gonna hold off until the moment is just right!

Seconds later, Matt Jackson crawls through the ropes and positions himself behind Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler slowly gets up as Jackson gestures for him to stand! Ziggler turns around... SUPERKICK ON DOLPH ZIGGLER! Ziggler goes down! Johnny Gargano is back to his feet-- NO! SUPERKICK ON JOHNNY GARGANO! Powerhouse Hobbs ducks a clothesline from Bron Breakker and clotheslines him over the top rope! Breakker lands on the apron and Hobbs turns around-- SUPERKICK ON POWERHOUSE HOBBS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Superkicks for EVERYONE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an idiot! He should've let Hobbs eliminate Bron Breakker!

Breakker climbs through the ropes and charges at Matt Jackson! STEINERLINE! NO! SUPERKICK ON BRON BREAKKER! Matt Jackson begins sizing up Preston Vance as he struggles back to all fours. However, before Vance can get upright, the timer begins ticking down from ten!


Samoa Joe emerges from the back with his towel around his neck. He glares down at the ring and begins heading that way as the fans begin chanting "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU" over and over! Joe tosses the towel into the crowd and casually walks up the steps.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Samoa Joe, the SUBMISSION MACHINE himself is here!

[ Tony Schiavone ] One month ago, he took CM Punk to the limit. Tonight, he looks to become the new SGW world champion! If anyone can do it, it's this man right here!

Samoa Joe climbs into the ring and immediately catches a charging Matt Jackson with an STJOE! The fans pop huge! Joe sees Preston Vance on all fours and charges... RUNNING BACK SENTON ON VANCE! Joe rolls straight back to his feet. Toru Yano is up and begins begging off Joe... and receives a SHOTGUN DROPKICK FOR HIS TROUBLE! Joe gets back to his feet and snatches up Dolph Ziggler off the mat. He hoists him up onto his shoulder and runs him hard into the turnbuckles. He puts Ziggler in a seated position on the top turnbuckle and hooks him... MUSCLE BUSTER ON DOLPH ZIGGLER-- NO! SPEAR FROM POWERHOUSE HOBBS! JOE AND ZIGGLER BOTH CRASH AND BURN!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord, someone has to be hurt!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm not sure who got the worst of that one, Nigel! Joe or Dolph!

Hobbs gets up and pulls Ziggler to his feet, casually throwing him over the top rope! Ziggler catches himself and immediately rolls back under the bottom rope. Hobbs pulls Samoa Joe back up and lifts him up into a fireman's carry position. The fans gasp at the strength of Hobbs... but Preston Vance comes out of nowhere and boots Hobbs right in the face, causing Joe to land on his upperbody! Vance is standing tall as the fans begin counting down with the timer again!


It's Nick Jackson! The fans erupt in boos as he explodes from the back and runs to the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Young Bucks are united! This could spell disaster for the rest of the men in the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're the first tag team partners to be in the ring at the same time, affording them a significant advantage. It'll be interesting to see if they can make the best of it!

Nick slides into the ring and helps Matt to his feet. Powerhouse Hobbs struggles back to his feet and the Bucks are waiting on him-- DOUBLE SUPERKICK ON HOBBS! Ziggler charges at them and walks right into a DOUBLE SUPERKICK, TURNING HIM INSIDE OUT! Johnny Gargano comes alive and ascends the turnbuckles. He goes for a flying crossbody-- NO! HE'S DOUBLE SUPERKICKED OUT OF THE AIR! Preston Vance charges at them with a double clothesline! They duck it and catch him on the turnaround with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Toru Yano is up-- DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Samoa Joe is up-- DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Bron Breakker is up-- DOUBLE SUPERKICK! EVERYONE IS DOWN BUT THE YOUNG BUCKS!


[ Tony Schiavone ] The Young Bucks are back and they're back in a big way!

The Bucks strike a pose, drawing massive heat, then turn their focus to Preston Vance and begin putting the boots to him as the timer begins counting down!


Shawn Spears charges out from the back to a big pop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's.... SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEARS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's on his way to help his partner!

Shawn Spears slides under the bottom rope and immediately boots Dolph Ziggler in the side of the head on his way to nailing Matt Jackson in the back with a big forearm! The impact sends Matt Jackson face first into the middle turnbuckle. He pulls Nick off of Vance and tosses him over the top rope! He catches himself on the apron and Spears helps Vance to his feet just in time for Nick to leap onto the top rope and fly! DOUBLE CROSSBODY-- NO! THEY CATCH HIM AND DROP HIM ON THE MAT! They turn around and immediately nail a charging Matt Jackson with a double clothesline!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Imperfect 10s are showing why they're one of the best tag teams in Solid Gold Wrestling history!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Young Bucks might have picked a fight they weren't quite ready for!

With Matt Jackson down, the Imperfect 10s turn around and-- SUPERKICK ON PRESTON VANCE! HE GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! The fans erupt in boos!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Just like that, Preston Vance is gone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The first elimination has been registered by Nick Jackson!

Nick Jackson has eliminated Preston Vance! Shawn Spears immediately boots him in the stomach and brings him in for a POWERBOMB-- NO! MATT JACKSON KIPS UP AND PULLS NICK JACKSON DOWN! He lands on his feet and they nail Shawn Spears with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK! He staggers back into the ropes an the Bucks charge... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO THE FLOOR!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Now, that is a statement! The Young Bucks have eliminated both members of one of SGW's most influential tag teams!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Indeed-- wait, look out! From behind--

Both Bucks wave bye-bye and blow him a kiss before-- TORU YANO SNEAKS UP AND DUMPS THEM BOTH-- NO! THE BUCKS COMPLETELY NO-SELL THE ATTEMPT! They turn around and whip Yano around, pushing him against the ropes... DOUBLE SUPERKICK TO YANO! He flies over the top rope to the floor!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just like that, Toru Yano is gone!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I bet Yano wishes the Stone Pitbull was already in the ring!

The Young Bucks have huge smiles on their faces as they turn around... INTO A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE FROM POWERHOUSE HOBBS! They're gone!


[ Tony Schiavone ] The ring was beginning to fill up and, just like that, five men are gone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You must be aware of your surroundings at all times in the WrestleBrawl match, Tony! All times! Elimination lurks around every corner!

The fans erupt in boos and the timer begins counting down!


The fans boo loudly as Chad Gable emerges from the back with Otis and Kurt Angle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Alpha Academy has arrived, making their debut on the grandest stage of them all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] From what I understand, they were a late entry into the match. Either way, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Chad Gable is one of the best workers in the entire world... being mentored by an undisputed legend in this business, Kurt Angle!

Gable slides under the bottom rope and immediately goes after Powerhouse Hobbs! Hobbs no-sells the attack and nails Gable with a big right hand! Before Hobbs can capitalize, Otis slides under the bottom rope and knocks him down with an AVALANCHE ATTACK! Gable and Otis put the boots to Hobbs, then pull him back up. Gable feeds Hobbs to Otis, who hoists him up and plants him a FALLAWAY SLAM! Hobbs rolls to the apron! Otis gets up and lifts Gable onto his shoulder, torpedoing him onto Dolph Ziggler on the mat! Otis beats his chest and shouts "OHHHH YEAH!" before turning around into a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM BRON BREAKKER!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bron Breakker has taken such a beating throughout this match, I'm shocked he had enough left in the tank to lift the massive Otis!

Otis rolls to the apron where he's collected by Kurt Angle and rushed to the back. Chad Gable nails Bron Breakker with a basement dropkick as soon as he gets back up, then gets dropped by a SUPERKICK from Johnny Gargano! Gargano tosses Gable over the top rope, but he catches himself. Before Gargano can capitalize, he's whipped around and nailed with a big open hand slap from Samoa Joe! Joe runs Gargano into the corner and hoists him up... MUSCLE BUSTER ON JOHNNY GARGANO! Chad Gable darts across the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. He flies... and gets caught by POWERHOUSE HOBBS! Hobbs dumps Gable over the top rope again! Gable hangs onto the top rope, pulling it down! Dolph Ziggler charges and dumps Hobbs over the top to the floor, drawing a gasp from the fans!


[ Tony Schiavone ] The Powerhouse is gone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a run he had! What a shocking elimination! This match is CHAOTIC, Tony!

Dolph Ziggler pumps his fists, celebrating having eliminated someone as the buzzer sounds!


Frightmare emerges from the back and the fans boo loudly. UltraMantis Black accompanies him onto the stage and whispers something in his ear before turning around and returning to the back. Frightmare cracks his knuckles and charges toward the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Envoy fell short in the tag title match earlier tonight but Frightmare is looking to score big in the WrestleBrawl match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Anything can happen, I guess!

Frightmare slides under the bottom rope and immediately boots the celebrating Dolph Ziggler right in the back of the head! Dolph goes down, but before Frightmare can capitalize, Samoa Joe comes out of nowhere with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Frightmare is sent flying into the corner and lands in a seated position! Samoa Joe pumps his fists, JACKED, and turns right around into a SPRINGBOARD SHOULDERBLOCK FROM CHAD GABLE! Gable springs back to his feet and charges... CANNONBALL SENTON IN THE CORNER TO FRIGHTMARE! Gable rolls back to his feet and rushes over to Dolph Ziggler! He pulls Ziggler to his feet and tries to throw him over the top rope... but Ziggler catches himself on the top and elbows away at Gable's mid-section, cutting him off!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dolph Ziggler is proving himself a master of minding his surroundings!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These near eliminations are giving me fits!

Bron Breakker returns to his feet and charges up behind both men, DUMPING THEM BOTH OVER THE TOP ROPE! Ziggler and Gable land on the apron and regain their footing! Bron approaches and catches a forearm from Gable! Bron shakes it off and approaches again, receiving a forearm from Ziggler! Bron staggers out and Gable leaps onto the top rope... SPRINGBOARD-- NO! Ziggler grabs him by the ankle and yanks him down... THEN SUPERKICKS HIM ON THE APRON! Gable goes down hard but has enough ring awareness to roll under the bottom rope! Ziggler looks pissed but gets over and it leaps onto the top rope himself! SPRINGBOARD-- NO! BRON BREAKKER SPEARS ZIGGLER OUT OF MID-AIR! THE FANS EXPLODE! Breaker pounds on his chest and drags his thumb across his throat before pulling Ziggler back up to his knees... LOW BLOW FROM ZIGGLER! Bron goes down as the fans begin counting down from ten!


Rey Mysterio launches out of the stage to a giant pop! Aaliyah and Angela Mysterio appear on the stage to wish him well and he gives them a hug before sending them to the back. He rushes to ringside as the fans cheer loudly!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's Rey Mysterio! Easily one of the most exciting competitors in all of SGW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Los Bloodline represent!

Mysterio slides under the bottom rope and Dolph Ziggler charges at him, only to catch a drop toe hold! Ziggler falls into the ropes and Mysterio charges... 619! Ziggler sells out to the middle of the ring and Mysterio climbs onto the apron! He leaps onto the top rope... AND DROPS THE DIME ACROSS THE BACK OF ZIGGLER'S HEAD! Mysterio rises to his feet, soaking in the cheers... and Frightmare clobbers him in the back! The fans boo loudly as Frightmare goes to work, mounting Mysterio and pummeling away at him with lefts and rights!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That damn Frightmare! He's a menace!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's a hell of a talent, and as new as he is to SGW audiences, he knows that knocking off Rey Mysterio will get him and the Spectral Envoy noticed. Imagine if he wins the WrestleBrawl match itself!

Frightmare continues pummeling away and just as it looks like he won't stop-- BAM! SUPERKICK FROM JOHNNY GARGANO! Frightmare goes down and Gargano steps through the ropes, gesturing for Frightmare to get up! Frightmare slowly gets up and Johnny vaults over the top rope... ONE LAST BEAT ON FRIGHTMARE! Rey Mysterio gets up to one knee and Gargano goes for another SUPERKICK but Mysterio catches his boot and stands up. Mysterio whips Gargano around by his ankle but Gargano uses his momentum to nail Mysterio with an ENZIGURI out of nowhere! Gargano is the last man standing in the ring as the time counts down!


Matt Sydal charges out from the back and runs straight to the ring to a big pop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here comes Matt Sydal and he has his sights set on the championship!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one of the most exciting talents in the company, Tony. He made his return at The Death of SGW, thwarting Jimmy Havoc's attempt to murder Cathy Kelley, and he's riding that wave of momentum into this championship opportunity!

He slides under the bottom rope and immediately catches Gargano with a wheelbarrow bulldog! Gargano rolls to the apron! Bron Breakker recovers and charges, going for a STEINERLINE but Sydal catches him and plants him with a CRUCIFIX BOMB! Samoa Joe rises from the mat and walks right into a boot to the stomach... STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE ON SAMOA JOE! Sydals springs back to his feet and points at the turnbuckles to a big pop! He climbs and flies in one fluid motion! SHOOTING STAR PRESS ON SAMOA JOE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shooting star press! He got bloody all of it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Sydal is truly one of the most explosive competitors I've ever seen!

Matt Sydal grabs Joe by either side of his head and tries to get him off the mat. As Sydal struggles to eliminate Joe, Rey Mysterio dropkicks him in the back! Sydal stumbles forward into the ropes! Mysterio runs... 619! NO! Sydal catches Mysterio's knees and shoves him back out onto the apron! They exchange forearms from across the ropes before Sydal snatches Rey and tries to suplex him into the ring! Mysterio blocks it and lifts Sydal for a suplex... but Sydal knees his way out of it and drops back to his feet... then nails Mysterio with an ENZIGURI! Rey falls onto the apron and Sydal grips the top rope, using it for leverage to push Rey off the apron.. but Rey won't budge!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's gonna take more than that to eliminate Rey Mysterio!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Correct you are, Tony. Matt Sydal will have to put in far more work than that to eliminate a superstar of Rey Mysterio's caliber!

Sydal continues putting the boots to Rey... until Chad Gable comes out of nowhere and grabs Sydal around the waist... CHAOS THEORY! Sydal lands all on his head and neck! Gable scrambles back to his feet and rushes toward the fallen Sydal-- NO! ZIG ZAG ON GABLE OUT OF NOWHERE! Ziggler rises to his feet and turns around just in time to catch a charging Rey Mysterio! He flings Rey Mysterio over the top rope and onto the apron! Mysterio catches himself and prepares to springboard back into the ring-- SUPERKICK FROM ZIGGLER! MYSTERIO IS GONE!



Ziggler falls to his knees and rests against the ropes as the timer counts down!


The fans explode as "Hangman" Adam Page steps out onto the stage with a beer bottle in his hand. He takes a drink from the bottle and tosses it aside as he begins stomping toward the ring, high-fiving fans all the way down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] "Hangman" Adam Page has arrived!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This man could win the whole thing!

Adam Page climbs onto the apron and eyeballs Frightmare as he slowly gets up to one knee. Once Frightmare is up, standing on spaghetti legs, Hangman launches over the ropes... BUCKSHOT LARIAT ON FRIGHTMARE! The impact turns Frightmare inside out and Hangman Page wastes no time in yanking him off the mat and tossing him straight to the floor!


Page turns around and immediately catches a charging Ziggler, back body dropping him over the top rope! Ziggler barely catches himself on the top rope, dangling! One foot touches the floor! Adam Page attempts to capitalize but he's attacks from behind by Johnny Gargano! Gargano and Page trade forearm blows until Hangman gets the advantage, hitting Gargano so hard that he spins out and staggers into the center of the ring! Ziggler rights himself on the apron as Page advances on Gargano... and catches a superkick in the chin! Page staggers backward and collides with Ziggler, knocking him off the apron again! Ziggler hangs on for dear life!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dolph is hanging on by a thread!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He has GOT to get back inside! The champion is less than an inch from elimination!

Page rebounds off the ropes and nails Gargano with a ROLLING ELBOW, turning him inside out! With Gargano down, Page turns around to finish off Ziggler but finds himself face to face with Samoa Joe! Joe and Hangman go nose to nose! The fans are going nuts... and they begin trading blows like men possessed! Joe suddenly open hand slaps Hangman across the face, causing him to spin out. Joe ducks down and scoops him up from behind... ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP RIGHT IN THE CENTER! Joe gets straight back to his feet and immediately catches a charging Matt Sydal with an ST-JOE! The fans are going wild as Samoa Joe walks a circle around the ring. Unknown to him, Ziggler is righting himself on the apron. He eyes Joe and leaps onto the top rope... SPRINGBOARD-- NO! SAMOA JOE JUST CASUALLY WALKS AWAY AS ZIGGLER CRASHES AND BURNS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Samoa Joe just shrugged off the champion's attempt at a high risk maneuver! This is his moment to capitalize!

The fans ERUPT as Ziggler writhes on the mat! Joe shakes his head, disappointed as the timer begins counting down!


Ricky Starks walks out onto the stage and strikes his pose!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The debuting Ricky Starks! I hope he's prepared to go it alone with Powerhouse Hobbs having already been eliminated!

Ricky Starks sprints down to the ring and slides inside. He immediately goes face to face with Samoa Joe... but rather than fight Joe, he turns and boots Matt Sydal in the ribs! The fans boo loudly as Starks snatches Sydal off the mat and plants him straight down into the mat with the ROSHAMBO! Sydal lands high on his head and neck and then sells back to his feet! Wobbling around on spaghetti legs, Ricky Starks flings him straight over the top rope to the floor!


As Starks watches to make sure Sydal is gone for sure, Samoa Joe attacks him from behind! Joe whips Starks around and hoists him up onto his shoulder. Starks rights back but Joe runs him into the corner. Joe struggles for a MUSCLE BUSTER but Starks fights him off and then boots him in the face! Joe staggers out of the corner and turns around into a leaping Ricky Starks! HURRICANRANA ON SAMOA JOE! Joe lands and rolls to the apron.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Samoa Joe has underestimated the ability of Ricky Starks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ricky Starks is a game changing talent, Tony. He's the kind of competitor that you can hang the future of your company on. Samoa Joe is no slouch, but he's got to get it together if he hopes to win this match!

Ricky Starks gets back up and looks around the ring, amped up and looking for his next target! Dolph Ziggler pushes himself back up and pounds on his chest, shouting at Starks to bring it on! Starks shows no fear and charges, only for Dolph to drop and pull down the top rope! Starks flies over the top rope and lands on the apron! Starks rights himself and Ziggler tries to punch him down-- NO! Starks blocks the punch and delivers one of his own before dashing across the apron and climbing the turnbuckles! Ziggler staggers out and Starks flies... BLOCKBUSTER ON ZIGGLER! Starks springs back to his feet and sees Bron Breakker returning to his feet. Starks runs at him... LEAPING ENZIGURI ON BREAKKER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ricky Starks is making a statement loud and clear!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, he is! But he's got to start throwing some of these men out or all of this effort is for nothing!

Johnny Gargano is up and Starks stalks him, sizing him up! Gargano turns around and Starks boots him in the stomach... ROSHAMBO-- NO! Gargano slips out and SUPERKICKS Starks in the knee! Gargano steps through the ropes and stands on the apron... ONE FINAL BEAT ON STARKS! Gargano is beat to hell and back but he's standing tall as the timer ticks down!


Gargano puts both hands on either side of his head, looking on in shock as Wade Barrett makes his entrance. Barrett wears a smug grin as he makes his way down to the ring slowly and methodically.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There he is... Wade Barrett. Just one month ago, he took "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the limit in Mexico. Tonight could be his night to stake his claim and become the new SGW champion.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not just anyone is capable of giving Steve Austin a real fight. If the men in this match think Wade Barrett is going to be a pushover, I'm afraid I've got some bad news!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, you said the thing.

Barrett climbs onto the apron and steps through the ropes, keeping his eyes on Gargano the entire time. One he's in the ring, Gargano charges and Barrett ducks a clothesline! Gargano turns around-- BULLHAMMER! Gargano goes down! Barrett turns around and sees Chad Gable charging at him! Barrett cuts him off with a boot straight to the face! Barrett picks Gable up onto his shoulder and walks him to the ropes. He dumps him over onto the apron and Gable hangs on for dear life before thumbing Barrett in the eye! Barrett staggers out and regains his composure just in time to see Samoa Joe charging at him! Barrett moves and Joe collides with Chad Gable, sending him to the floor!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Chad Gable is gone, just like that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He had a good run, Tony. A spectacular showing for his first appearance in an SGW ring!

Samoa Joe looks down at Gable, confused for a moment before realizing he eliminated him. Joe shrugs and then turns around... INTO A BULLHAMMER! Joe staggers against the ropes, out on his feet, and Barrett clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor, right next to Gable!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Samoa Joe is bloody out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wade Barrett is beside himself!

Barrett leans on the ropes and looks down at Joe, smiling. He waves "bye bye" and then turns around-- BUCKSHOT LARIAT OUT OF NOWHERE ON BARRETT! The fans lose their shit as the Hangman runs straight through Barrett and stops at the ropes, leaning on them and looking down at the arm that turned Barrett inside out!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] He got ALL of that Buckshot Lariat!

Dolph Ziggler uses the ropes to pull himself up, then sees the Hangman ready to go and collapses back into the nearest corner! The fans boo as Ziggler obviously avoids confrontation. Hangman shakes his head and advances on Ziggler anyway... only to get trucked by a RUNNING AVALANCHE ATTACK FROM BRON BREAKKER! Hangman goes down, but rolls straight back to his feet and charges! Hangman and Breakker collide in the center and begin trading big right hands! They're brawling until the timer counts down and the next entrant's music stops them in their tracks!


CM Punk walks out onto the stage, getting massive heat from the fans. He smirks and kneels down before checking an invisible watch. He teases the "clobbering time" line but shrugs and gets up, drawing even more heat as he makes his way down to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's certainly no love lost for CM Punk!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You have to wonder what his motivation is tonight. Is he here just for the championship or will his recent interactions with Dolph Ziggler play a role?

Punk slides into the ring and sees Hangman and Breakker eyeing him. Punk smirks and slides back out of the ring. The fans boo even louder as Punk walks around the ring and takes a seat at the announce desk, picking up a headset and putting it on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hold on, are we being joined by--

[ CM Punk ] Good evening, gentlemen. Enjoying the show?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It would certainly seem we have been joined by CM Punk. What's the meanining of this visit? You're aware there's a WrestleBrawl match for the world championship going on and you're in it!

[ CM Punk ] Let me make something clear to you, Nigel. I'm gonna make something really clear... and I'll say it nice and slow so you can understand, but I'm only gonna say it once. I've already seen how this match ends.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What does that even mean--

[ CM Punk ] It means the winner of this match is a foregone conclusion. Do you know who I am? Of course you do. I'm the best wrestler in the fucking world. Obviously, I'm winning this match. No matter what happens in the ring from bell to bell, there's only one winner and that winner is ME! So why am I gonna waste my time rolling around on the mat with the empty headed dumb fucks in the ring who don't even realize THEY'VE ALREADY LOST, when I can spend the evening down here with my GOOD FRIENDS Tony and Nigel and only step in the ring for the spot the matters? The spot where I eliminate the idiot fuck paper champion, Dolph Ziggler, and hold my hand in the air with the Triple Crown championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well!

Hangman and Breakker look annoyed by Punk's actions and look at each other, then nod in agreement. They both walk toward the ropes to go after him and bring him back inside... but Dolph Ziggler runs up from behind and tries to dump them both over the top rope! Breakker lands on the apron but Ziggler doesn't quite get all of Hangman! Hangman punches away at Ziggler, knocking him backward.

[ CM Punk ] Look at this idiot. Why is Hangman Page focusing on Ziggler when Scott Steiner's doofus nephew is on the apron! Turn around and eliminate that meathead moron! He's a bigger threat than Ziggler anyway, am I right?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bron Breakker is a heck of a talent but any man in this match would be a fool to underestimate Dolph Ziggler, the SGW Triple Crown World Champion!

[ CM Punk ] You keep calling him the champion like that means anything.

Breakker climbs back into the ring and charges, taking Hangman and Ziggler both down with a double clothesline as the timer counts down once again! The music hits and the fans begin going wild as money begins falling from above, stylized with the face of our next entrant!


[ Tony Schiavone ] IT'S OKADAAAAAA!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Man Who Brings Rain of Money has ARRIVED!

[ CM Punk ] Who?!

Okada discards his robe and makes his way down to the ring. There's a big fight feel in the air as he climbs into the ring and goes face to face with Bron Breakker. Breakker nods and nails Okada with a big right hand! Okada responds with an earth shattering chop that nearly brings Breakker to his knees! Breakker hits him with another big right hand! Okada takes over wit h a knee lift and whips Breakker into the ropes. Breakker comes back with a STEINERLINE but Okada ducks and catches him from behind... MONEY CLIP! Breakker fights and fights... but he quickly succumbs and is left lying on the mat! Okada stands up and smirks, wiping the sweat off his brow and flicking it away.

[ CM Punk ] What's this idiot doing?! You just turned Bron Breakker into nearly three hundred pounds of dead weight! You're not eliminating him now! You're supposed to be trying to win!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I thought you said it was pointless for everyone else to try and win?

[ CM Punk ] It is, but-- shut the fuck up, Tony! Who did you ever beat?!

Johnny Gargano slowly gets back to his feet and lays eyes on Okada. Despite being beaten nearly half to death for the last forty minutes, Gargano smiles at having the opportunity to face a man like Okada. Okada slowly turns and sees Gargano, then gestures for him to bring it on! The fans go wild as Gargano and Okada lock up and jockey for position! Okada quickly takes Gargano over in a headlock and then executes a go-behind! He tries to lift Gargano up for a German suplex but Gargano locks his legs and executes a go-behind of his own! Okada begins throwing elbows back into Gargano's head, forcing him to release the hold! Okada turns around and grabs Gargano's wrist... RAINMAKER! Gargano turns inside out!

[ CM Punk ] Good, he's little so you can just pick him up and throw him out like the trash he is!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Johnny Wrestling is one of the best in the world! He's survived nearly forty minutes!

[ CM Punk ] Yeah? And look at him! He could barely stand BEFORE Okada knocked him on his ass. Look at me, I've barely broken a sweat! That's the mark of a true athlete. I'm a sixty minute man.

Okada throws his arms out to the side, basking in the reaction of the fans as the timer begins ticking down again. However, his celebration is interrupted by Ricky Starks, who nails him from behind with a big forearm! Okada maintains his footing and turns around, trading blows with Starks as the buzzer sounds!


Ishii charges out from the back, jogging to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's the Stone Pitbull!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One half of CHAOS with Toru Yano, who we've already seen eliminated tonight. He's a little more serious minded than his partner, so we'll see if he fares any better!

[ CM Punk ] That stupid old man is going down just like all the rest.

Ishii hits the ring and immediately goes after Okada, nailing him with a shoulder block that sends him straight to the mat. Ricky Starks quickly boots him in the stomach but the attack is no-sold! Ishii shoves Starks hard into the corner and begins chopping away at his chest until he falls into a seated position against the bottom turnbuckle. Ishii turns and gets nailed with a flying knee strike from Okada! Ishii falls into a seated position against Starks and Okada charges in, SMASHING THEM BOTH WITH A DOUBLE KNEE ATTACK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ishii may have a broken nose after that knee strike!

[ CM Punk ] How can you tell? He's the ugliest guy in the match!

Okada pulls Ishii out of the corner and hoists him up... BRAINBUSTER! Ishii rolls to the apron and Okada is unable to capitalize before-- ZIG ZAG OUT OF NOWHERE! Ziggler springs back to his feet and grabs Okada by the head, pulling him back up. He flings him straight over the top rope to the floor! The fans erupt in boos as Ziggler falls to his knees and celebrates like he just won the match!


[ CM Punk ] See that?! Okada isn't so tough after all!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It just goes to show that anything can happen in the WrestleBrawl match! Okada is one of the best in the world but you can't overlook a talent like Dolph Ziggler, our SGW champion!

Ziggler stands up, hanging onto the top rope to maintain his balance. He turns around and comes face to face with Wade Barrett! Ziggler leaps at him and Wade leans into it, catching Ziggler on his shoulders! Wade walks him to the center of the ring and plants him with WASTELAND! Barrett grabs Ziggler by the head and yanks him up off the mat, running him toward the ropes and flinging him over the top rope to the floor-- NO! ZIGGLER CATCHES HIMSELF! He lands on the apron and turns around just in time to block a big right hand from Barrett! Ziggler leans over the top rope and BITES BARRETT ON THE FOREHEAD! Barrett staggers out into the center of the ring and gets immediately scooped up and planted with the DEADEYE from Adam Page!

[ CM Punk ] What kind of man bites someone, huh!? That's your champion!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Seriously!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] In a match like this, one must do what they have t' bloody do!

Ziggler scrambles through the ropes and charges at Page! They meet in the center and begin trading punches as the buzzer sounds!


The fans erupt in boos as Joe Gacy walk out onto the stage with Harland!

[ CM Punk ] Who is this fat fuck?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's the debuting Joe Gacy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And his muscle, Harland! If both of these men get involved, it could be quite the game changer for this match!

Gacy and Harland walk down to the ring and Gacy motions for Harland to get in! Gacy remains at ringside with a big smile on his face as Harland steps through the ropes and directs his chilly gaze at the brawling Hangman and Ziggler!

[ CM Punk ] What's this coward doing?! Get in the ring and fight, Gacy!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Again, I ask... seriously?!

Harland charges and takes both men down with a double clothesline! Harland scoops Adam Page off the mat and lifts him up, attempting to throw him straight over the top rope! Adam Page slips out behind him and whips him around! Boot to the stomach! DDT! Page rolls back to his feet and grabs Harland by the head, flinging him straight over the top rope to the floor! The fans cheer loudly as Page smiles and flips him off.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look out, Hangman!

Joe Gacy nails Page from behind and dumps him over the top rope! Hangman lands on the apron and hangs on with all he's got as Gacy attacks his hands, trying to make him let go! Hangman nails Gacy with a forearm, causing him to stagger out into the center where he's nailed with a SUPERKICK from Ziggler! Gacy goes down and Ziggler is jacked up for about two seconds before Hangman launches and goes for the BUCKSHOT LARIAT-- NO! Dolph ducks it and catches Hangman on the pass with a ZIG ZAG! Ziggler celebrates until the buzzer sounds and he sees who is coming next!


Miro from emerges from the back and stares down at the ring with contempt!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Miro is here to REDEEM the WrestleBrawl match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Coming in this late in the game, he has to be a favorite to win!

[ CM Punk ] Correction, Nigel. There's only one favorite to win and that's me.

Miro runs down to the ring and slides inside. He immediately puts Ziggler down with a SHUFFLING SIDEKICK and then turns his attention to Tomohiro Ishii! Ishii slowly gets up, favoring his neck. Miro charges and effortlessly clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! The fans boo loudly as Miro roars!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Ishii is gone, courtesy of the Redeemer!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A monster like Miro coming in fresh this late in the match is a dangerous thing.

[ CM Punk ] He eliminated an old man. That's not impressive. I knew Ishii would get eliminated as soon as I laid eyes on him. Mostly because I'm winning this match and naturally, that means he would've been JUST ANOTHER VICTIM! Heh. Hi, Taz! Hey, guys, is there pay-per-view in Hell?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jesus!

Bron Breakker slowly gets back to his feet and uses the ropes to steady himself. He lays eyes on Miro and watches him as he sets his sights on Joe Gacy. Miro snatches Gacy off the mat and turns around to see Bron Breakker advancing on him... then throws Gacy into Breakker! Breakker and Gacy both go down and Miro rushes up on them, grabbing Breakker off the mat and lifting him onto his shoulder. He charges and attempts to dump Breakker over the top but Breakker slips out behind him! Miro turns around and Breakker clotheslines him hard... but not hard enough to get him all the way over the top! Miro thumbs Breakker in the eye and then headbutts him! Breakker staggers out into the middle of the ring and Ricky Starks comes out of nowhere with a STEP-UP ENZIGURI! The impact sends Breakker forward into the returning Miro, who grabs him and plants him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

[ CM Punk ] Why aren't more people being eliminated!? These god damn kids need to work smarter! They need a firm hand to guide them and show them how it's done! Hopefully, they pay attention when I become the champion tonight.

[ Tony Schiavone ] How about you get in the ring now and show them!?

[ CM Punk ] Excuse me? I'm out here doing YOUR job, Schiavone. This match sucks and you two aren't doing anything to keep it exciting for MY fans at home. I have to do everything around here. I'm trying to run a BUSINESS!

The timer begins counting down and Miro waits in the center, ready for the challenge!


Hallowicked makes his way out onto the stage with UltraMantis Black. UltraMantis points to the ring and Hallowicked nods. Satisfied, Black returns to the back and Hallowicked begins running to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here comes Hallowicked, the other half of the Spectral Envoy!

[ CM Punk ] He's a geek in a mask. No one's paying to see this shit.

Hallowicked runs at Miro and immediately gets caught around the waist and belly to belly suplexed over the top rope to the floor!


[ CM Punk ] What the hell was that? He should be ashamed of himself.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Blindly charging at a man like Miro was certainly a choice!

Miro smirks and immediately goes back to being all business. He casually snatches Johnny Gargano off the mat and flings him over the top rope! Gargano catches himself, hanging onto the top rope. Before Miro can capitalize, his knee is clipped from behind by Dolph Ziggler! Miro goes down to one knee and Gargano dives back through the ropes, catching Miro around the neck and planting him with a BASEMENT DDT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The neck is one of Miro's biggest weaknesses!

[ CM Punk ] The neck is everyone's biggest weakness, you fucking nerd.

Gargano and Ziggler slowly get to their feet and lean against the ropes on opposite sides of the ring. They glare at each other, numbers one and two. They're both exhausted. They prepare to meet in the center of the ring but they're cut off by Joe Gacy and Ricky Starks! Starks goes to work on Gargano while Joe Gacy punches away at Ziggler! Ziggler goes to Gacy's eyes, causing him to stagger away from him. Ziggler boots him in the stomach and piledrives him straight into the mat! Starks and Gargano fight against the ropes until Ziggler runs up on both of them and dumps them over the top rope! Both men land on the apron and Ziggler tries to knock them both off... but they catch him and hook him for a double suplex to the floor! Ziggler fights out and somehow manages to land on the apron with them! All three men trade punches and chops until Gargano goes for a superkick! Ziggler ducks and Gargano hits Starks! Starks goes down and rolls under the bottom rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was a close call for Ricky Starks!

[ CM Punk ] That was dumb luck. How do you end up in a spot like that and eliminate no one?! I would've eliminated all three of those geeks!

Ziggler and Gargano go at it on the apron until Ziggler boots Gargano in the gut and DDTs him on the apron! Gargano rolls under the bottom rope and Ziggler pounds on the mat, frustrated! Ziggler climbs back into the ring as the buzzer sounds!


Roman Reigns steps out from the back with the Usos on either side of him. He gives them both a nod and they turn and return to the back before he begins slowly making his way down to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The tribal chief of Los Bloodline is here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This man is a force and he's made it well known that he isn't happy with how his bookings have been handled since he arrived. Tonight could very well be the night that he seizes his moment and proves to the world that he's the best there is!

[ CM Punk ] Are... are you joking? I'm sitting right here!

Ziggler walks right into a SPEAR from the Big Dog! Roman heads to the corner and posts up, waiting for someone to move. He tilts his head back... OOOOOOOWAAAAAAAH! Joe Gacy slowly gets up and Roman charges... SUPERMAN PUNCH ON JOE GACY! Gacy is knocked out on his feet and Roman flings him straight over the top rope to the floor!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Just like that, Joe Gacy is gone!

[ CM Punk ] He should've already been gone. Come on! Eliminate more people!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] As has been suggested before, get in the ring and eliminate them yourself!

Roman slings the hair out of his face and turns his attention back to the ring. Hangman Page is getting up and Roman seizes him by the back of his neck with one hand. He guides Hangman to his feet and tries to throw him over the top rope! Hangman fights back and elbows away at Roman until he backs off. Hangman boots Roman in the gut and pulls him in for a DDT but Roman runs him backward into the corner. Roman begins teeing off with big right hands in the corner! Hangman does his best to cover up but Roman won't be denied and Hangman falls into a seated position! Roman places his boot on Hangman's throat, pinning him in place, then turns around and walks right into a STEINERLINE that turns him inside out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What impact from Bron Breakker!

[ CM Punk ] Now do something productive and eliminate him!

Breakker tears down the straps and hoists Roman off the mat! He lifts him onto his shoulder but Roman slips out behind him! Breakker turns around and Roman nails him with a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Breakker staggers back into the ropes and Roman charges, only for Bron to drop and pull down the top rope! Roman tumbles over the top and onto the apron! Bron tries to knock him off but Roman blocks the punch and quickly gets back inside, mobbing up on Breakker and nailing him with a series of right hands before the buzzer sounds again!


The fans erupt in boos as Maxwell Jacob Friedman walks out onto the stage with Wardlow!

[ CM Punk ] Fuck this guy.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Finally, something we can agree on.

MJF and Wardlow make it down to the ring and MJF looks apprehensive about getting inside. He watches as Roman and Bron exchange punches before stepping inside and setting his sights on the fallen Dolph Ziggler! He puts the boots to Ziggler and then shouts at Wardlow to get in the ring! Wardlow climbs in and helps MJF snatch Ziggler off the mat! MJF begins directing traffic, shouting "throw this piece of shit out of my ring!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's with all these bodyguard and managers getting involved in the WrestleBrawl match tonight!?

[ CM Punk ] It's fucking bullshit. I don't condone underhanded tactics like that. I'm a champion! A real champion! And I carry myself like a champion at all times, unlike all these damn children who just like to play "wrestler!"

Wardlow GORILLA PRESSES Ziggler and prepares to launch him over the top rope! Ziggler reaches down and hooks Wardlow's nose with two fingers! Wardlow drops Ziggler, who immediately dumps Wardlow over the top rope and to the floor! MJF snaps and clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope! Ziggler barely hangs on! MJF tries to punch him off but Ziggler ducks the punch and hits MJF with a shoulder attack through the ropes! MJF doubles over and Ziggler launches over the top rope, hitting him with a SUNSET FLIP! MJF rolls through and rises back to his feet-- BAM! HE KICKS ZIGGLER RIGHT IN THE FACE! Ziggler goes down and MJF smirks, backing up... until he realizes that Roman Reigns and Bron Breakker have turned their attention to him! The smirk drops quickly as he turns around and gets booted in the stomach by both of them... DOUBLE STALLING SUPLEX! MJF IS DOWN!

[ CM Punk ] Why didn't they just throw him out of the fucking ring!?

With MJF writhing about on the mat, Roman and Breakker go back to trading punches! They tie up and struggle against the ropes until Wade Barrett comes out of nowhere, attempting to dump them both over the ropes! They fight against him until Hangman Page joins him! Roman and Breakker punch away at Barrett and Hangman, unable to fend them off until the buzzer sounds!


Charles Crowley emerges from the back with a huge smile on his face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Charles Crowley, making his grand debut!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Quite the interesting character, Nigel. His unorthodox attitude and in-ring style could be enough to take the victory this late in the game!

[ CM Punk ] He's an idiot in a top hat! Do you REALLY think he can win!?

Crowley slides under the bottom rope and immediately joins Hangman and Barrett! All three men continue trying to force Roman and Breakker over the top until Roman jams his thumb in Page's eye! The Hangman breaks away from the pack, allowing Breakker to tee off and punch away at Wade Barrett! Barrett falls back and Breakker follows him in, nailing him with big right hands! Roman boots Crowley down and posts up in the corner. He waits for Crowley to get to his feet and then charges... SPEAR! NO! Crowley cuts him off with a bicycle knee! Roman staggers out toward the ropes and Crowley charges... CLOTHESLINING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! THE FANS ERUPT!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Charles Crowley just dumped Roman Reigns!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Charles Crowley came out of nowhere and knocked off the Tribal Chief in less than a bloody minute!

[ CM Punk ] Big deal! Wake me up when he wins the title... which he won't-- BECAUSE I WILL!

Barrett and Breakker continue slugging it out! Charles Crowley turns around into a ROLLING ELBOW from Hangman Page! Page advances on Crowley but MJF comes alive and nails him with a low blow! The fans boo loudly as MJF looks down at the kneeling Hangman with a cocky smirk. MJF goes to pull Page to his feet and Ricky Starks joins him, getting Page all the way up. Page struggles through the pain and fights back, peppering both men with punches to their mid-sections. Starks backs off and finds himself face to face with Miro! Miro snatches Starks up and plants him with a T-BONE SUPLEX! Page fights back to his feet and headbutts MJF, sending him staggering back into the corner, just in time for Johnny Gargano to nail him with a CORNER SPLASH!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Johnny Wrestling out of nowhere!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's making the most of this opportunity! His boyhood dream could come true tonight!

MJF staggers out of the corner and Page scoops him up... DEADEYE ON MJF! Hangman Page stands up, pumping his fists, and Miro nails him with a SHUFFLING SIDEKICK! Hangman staggers and falls through the middle rope, landing on the apron. As he struggles back to his feet, Miro sends him flying backward into the guardrail with an AVALANCHE ATTACK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord! His back could be broken!

[ CM Punk ] I would've never let that happen to me. What an idiot.

Breakker and Barrett continue brawling in their own world as the buzzer sounds!


Anthony Ogogo walks out onto the stage with QT Marshall at his side. The fans boo loudly as QT points at Ogogo and nods with a confident look on his face. They begin making their way down to the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Guvna' has arrived, gentlemen!

[ CM Punk ] Yawn, wake me up when it's time to crown the new champ!

Ogogo steps into the ring as Ricky Starks struggles to his feet. Starks sees Ogogo and throws a right hand but Ogogo sidesteps it and LIVER PUNCHES Starks! Starks nearly goes down but Ogogo catches him and tosses him over the top rope to the floor!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Guvna' has drawn blood in his first interaction!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a run for Ricky Starks, to end just like that!

QT Marshall applauds at ringside. Ogogo blitzes Wade Barrett from behind, sending him crashing forward into Bron Breakker. Breakker staggers back into the corner. Ogogo whips Barrett around and catches a big right hand to the jaw! Ogogo goes toe to toe with Barrett, slugging it out before ducking a haymaker and nailing Barrett right in the stomach! Barrett goes down to his knees and Ogogo pie faces him down! Bron Breakker storms out of the corner and charges at Ogogo, nailing him with rights and lefts! Ogogo covers up as Bron backs him into the corner and pummels him! QT Marshall climbs onto the apron and Bron Breakker punches him down! The fans erupt! Ogogo comes alive and NAILS Breakker right in the back of the head! Breakker goes down in a heap!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a punch!

[ CM Punk ] Who does this guy think he is, letting another man give him a concussion like that?

Ogogo shakes his hand out and turns his attention to the fallen Dolph Ziggler, picking him up off the mat. He throws Ziggler into the corner and begins pulvering his mid-section with lefts and rights before rocking his head and letting him fall face first onto the mat! Ogogo searches the ring for another challenger and comes face to face with Miro! The fans buzz with anticipation as the two bruisers go nose to nose! Ogogo throws a big punch! Miro catches it and pulls Ogogo in, hoisting him up and planting him with a RUNNING POWER SLAM! Miro springs back to his feet and roars! The buzzer sounds!


The fans erupt as Adam Cole steps through the curtain with Britt Baker applauding behind him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and returns to the back as he makes his way down to the ring!

[ CM Punk ] No one asked for PDA. No one bought a ticket for that, or for Adam Cole for that matter.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The former two-time SGW World Champion! He hopes to collect his first Triple Crown championship here tonight!

Cole slides into the ring and settles his eyes on MJF, struggling into a seated position. Cole charges and nails the seated MJF with THE BOOM! The fans cheer loudly! Cole throws his hands up... "ADAM COLE BAY-BAY!" He wastes no time in pulling MJF up to his feet and flinging him over the top rope to the floor!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] MJF is gone, just like that.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Courtesy of the two-time champ!

[ CM Punk ] Props to the two-time champ being smart enough to actually eliminate someone!

Adam Cole turns around and immediately gets jumped by Miro! Miro whips Cole into the ropes where Charles Crowley comes out of nowhere and nails him with a big clothesline! The fans boo as Cole goes down. Crowley turns around and immediately gets nailed by a big clothesline from Miro! Miro pulls Crowley back to his feet, then boots him in the stomach. Miro plants Crowley with a powerbomb right in the center of the ring. Cole returns to his feet and charges, leaping over Crowley and tackling Miro down! Cole peppers Miro with punches, then stands up and pulls him back to his feet. He attempts to lift Miro up for COLE-ATERAL but Miro fights his way out and plants Cole with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Miro rolls straight back to his feet and posts up in the corner. Cole slowly gets to his feet and Miro charges... LUNGING KICK-- NO! COLE SUPERKICKS MIRO'S LEG FROM UNDER HIM! Miro goes down and Cole hits the ropes... MIRO GETS THE BOOM!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole has laid waste to Miro! Can he capitalize!?

[ CM Punk ] Come on, Cole! Get him the hell out of my ring!

Cole struggles to pull Miro off the mat as the buzzer sounds!


John Cena explodes from the back to a huge pop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THE TV CHAMP IS HERE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fresh off of defeating Bron Breakker earlier tonight, John Cena is looking to add another piece of gold to his collection!

[ CM Punk ] Big Match John. I hate Big Match John! How can anyone cheer this phony piece of garbage?! I watched that noir movie he released this week. It was garbage, unlike the Girl on the Third Floor, which was a critical and commercial hit!

John Cena slides under the bottom rope and IMMEDIATELY clotheslines a recovering Charles Crowley over the top rope to the floor! The fans explode!


Cena yanks the groggy Bron Breakker off the mat and lifts him onto his shoulder. Bron's too out of it to struggle and Cena sends him straight to the floor with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Charles Crowley and Bron Breakker are gone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just like that, Tony!

John Cena goes after Adam Cole and they begin trading punches! Cena ducks a punch from Cole and catches him... PROTOPLEX! Cole is down! Cena springs back to his feet and hits the ropes... FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE ON COLE! Cole sells back to his feet and Cena is waiting on him... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON COLE! Cole rolls to the apron and Cena gets up just in time to get a SUPERKICK from Dolph Ziggler! Cena staggers into the ropes and rebounds... right into a LIVER PUNCH FROM OGOGO! Cena falls to his knees and Johnny Gargano comes out of nowhere with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK TO THE FACE!

[ CM Punk ] Look at everybody working together to take out Big Match John. I love it.

[ Tony Schiavone ] They had to find a way to cut off his momentum and they did it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They've got to capitalize and get him out of the ring!

Ziggler, Gargano, and Ogogo pull Cena to his feet and begin walking him toward the ropes. Cena comes alive and nails Ogogo with a big right hand! Ogogo staggers back and Gargano clips Cena's knee, sending him back down to one knee before Miro returns to his feet and wraps his arm around Cena's neck, holding him in place! Ziggler and Gargano size Cena up and deliver a DOUBLE SUPERKICK-- TO MIRO! Miro collapses and then Gargano and Ziggler nails Cena with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The men who entered at one and two are standing tall!

[ CM Punk ] They need to stop wasting time working together! This is supposed to be every man for himself!

Gargano and Ziggler stare each down as the buzzer sounds!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is it, gentlemen! The last entrant is here!



"Stone Cold" Steve Austin emerges from the back and storms down to ringside!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The three-time SGW World Champion and current reigning SGW Intercontinental champion is here to RAISE SOME HELL!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not to mention, one of the few men to achieve the status of Lifetime SGW Champion!

[ CM Punk ] He's a lifetime alcoholic piece of trash.

Austin walks around the ring and goes straight to the announce table! He grabs CM Punk by the hair and violently drags him over the announce table! The fans are going nuts as Austin flings Punk under the bottom rope and into the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] FINALLY! Thank you, Steve!

Austin follows him in and Punk is waiting! Punk hoists Austin onto his shoulders! GO TO SLEEP-- NO! Austin slips out! Punk turns around-- KICK WHAM STUNNER! Punk staggers out against the ropes and Dolph Ziggler charges at him, clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor! The fans erupt!


[ Tony Schiavone ] DID YOU SEE THAT!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If I blinked, I woulda' missed it!

Ziggler talks trash at Punk from the ring and then turns around into a SUPERKICK from Gargano! Ziggler goes down and Ogogo attacks Gargano from behind. Before Ogogo can capitalize, Austin whips Ogogo around and nails him with a big right hand! Ogogo returns fire and they trade punches until Austin takes over, punching away at Ogogo until he falls into a seated position in the corner! Austin stomps a mudhole and walks it dry! Austin turns around and walks into a SUPERKICK from Gargano-- NO! Austin catches Gargano's boot! Austin shakes his head! Middle finger! He whips Gargano around... KICK WHAM STUNNER! Gargano staggers out and Austin clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor!


Austin smirks and turns around as Hangman Page climbs back up onto the apron. He launches over the top rope and goes for the BUCKSHOT LARIAT-- NO! His back gives out on the landing, having taken too much damage on the bump to the floor! As he staggers forward, Austin boots him in the stomach... STUNNER! Hangman Page staggers out and Austin dumps him straight to the floor!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Steve Austin is on a bloody tear!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Johnny Gargano and Hangman Page, gone in short order!

Austin turns around-- WHAM! OGOGO KNOCKS HIM COLD WITH ONE PUNCH! Austin goes down and Ogogo tries to pick him up, only to be cut off by the ZIG ZAG! Ziggler springs back to his feet, pounding his chest-- NO! BULLHAMMER OUT OF NOWHERE ON ZIGGLER! Wade Barrett still favors his stomach as he turns around into a PUMP KICK FROM ADAM COLE! Barrett staggers back into the ropes and Miro comes out of nowhere to clothesline him over the top rope to the floor!


[ Tony Schiavone ] If you thought Wade Barrett was leaving as champion, I've got some bad news!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You said the thing again.

Cole leaps to the second rope and waits for Miro to turn around. Miro finally turns... PANAMA SUNRISE ON MIRO-- NO! MIRO STANDS UP WITH COLE'S LEGS OVER HIS SHOULDERS! Miro charges for the ropes and DUMPS COLE STRAIGHT TO THE FLOOR!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is truly the most unpredictable WrestleBrawl in history!

Miro turns around and comes face to face with John Cena! Cena and Miro begin trading punches! Cena ducks one of the punches and scoops Miro up... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! The fans explode! Cena stands up and hits the ropes... FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE-- KICK WHAM STUNNER OUT OF NOWHERE! The impact sends Cena flying through the ropes and onto the apron! Miro struggles back to his feet and Austin waits on him to stand! Miro gets up on spaghetti legs and Austin nails him with boot to the stomach! He goes fo the stunner but Miro shoves him off! Austin collides with Dolph Ziggler and both men staggers into the ropes! Miro charges at them and they both drop and pull the top rope down! MIRO TUMBLES TO THE FLOOR!


[ Tony Schiavone ] There goes Miro!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is truly anyone's match to win but you know Dolph Ziggler has to be exhausted. The man has taken an unreal amount of punishment tonight... a testament to his desire to remain SGW champion!

Cena rolls under the bottom rope, back into the ring. Ziggler and Austin both descend on him and yank him back to his feet. They push him against the ropes and start trying to lift him over the top. Cena struggles with everything he's got! Ogogo joins and all three men are trying to force Cena over the top rope! Suddenly, there's a loud crash as Miro begins dismantling the ringside area, raging out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What the heck is Miro doing!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's a bloody sore loser, that's what!

All four referees begin trying to calm Miro down, but he's inconsolable! He grabs Paul Turner and lifts him up by the collar of his shirt, yelling right in his face! The fans erupt in boos as CM Punk gets up from his lying position on the floor and reaches into the ring. He grabs Dolph Ziggler by the ankle and drags him out of the ring! As he does, Cena powers up and yells as loudly as he possibly can, using raw brute strength to hoist Anthony Ogogo and Steve Austin over the top rope to the floor! Rick Knox turns around just in time to see the eliminations and with Ziggler already on the floor.... HE CALLS FOR THE BELL! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

JOHN CENA in 73:29

CM Punk as Dolph Ziggler looks on in horror at what's transpired! Before he can protest the decision, CM Punk  attacks him and they brawl to the back! John Cena is on his knees in the middle of the ring as Aubrey Edwards brings him the SGW Triple Crown World Championship and the SGW Television Championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] With all due respect to John Cena, I don't think Dolph Ziggler was officially eliminated!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, Tony. CM Punk has cost Dolph Ziggler what he holds most dear!

John Cena goes corner to corner with the titles and holds them over his head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big Match John has just become Big Champ John! He has survived an absolute gauntlet tonight, despite the controversy surrounding his victory!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You can't help but feel bad for Dolph Ziggler, surviving all the way to the end, only to be robbed by the dastardly CM Punk... as it is, however, John Cena is our world champion. Now, the question is whether he reigns beyond tonight or if this is one shining moment before everything goes dark!

John Cena continues celebrating with the championship belts as we fade to black.

The fade rises into a tight shot of a very conflicted face – Scott Steiner’s face, specifically. Big Poppa Pump’s sunglasses conceal his eyes, but the parts of his face remaining visible are written with frustration. Steiner’s got his phone in his hand and finally lowers his chin to look at the device. Of course, our line of sight gives no indication whatsoever as to what Big Poppa Pump is looking at, but one must assume there’s a specific itinerary laid out by “the Six-String Samurai” Jeff Jarrett for the night’s events.

[ Scott Steiner ] …fuck.

Steiner recklessly jams the device in his pocket and removes his shades, taking a moment to reflect. The corridor around him is nondescript, but Big Poppa Pump has always been smarter than his muscles or rage might indicate – Scott Steiner is well aware of what tonight means.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, there’s a man Jeff Jarrett has counted on for years…decades. And sadly, our former partner is possibly the most loyal member of Jarrett’s army.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Their roots lay deep, Tony, back to the Inhumane Society and through the years, those roots have only been made stronger through the gold they’ve added to their legacies along the way. Roots THIS deep and that covered in gold are, well…solid, to say the least and to pluck the low-hanging fruit.

The former Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion huffs angrily, breathing deeply despite his own will to remain statuesque through the weight of the moment and those to come. After a moment, Steiner looks off towards something we cannot see and quickly jams the sunglasses back onto his face and barks wildly.

[ Scott Steiner ] Jus’ what-in-tha’-fuck do YOU want, hah?! You ain’t got no better shit to be doin’, boy?! Getting’ yer’ ass kicked across two matches in one night and now you wanna make it a third time?

The cameraman steps back and pans left to reveal – BRON BREAKKER! The fans in Los Angeles pop huge as Scott Steiner steps forward, less than a foot away from his nephew.

[ Bron Breakker ] Listen up, Scotty – I ain’t got time to dick around about this shit becuz’ yer right – I’ve been through it ta’nite! – BUT DAMMIT, I NEED YOU TA’ SHUDDAP AND LISSEN!

Another gargantuan pop as Bron nods boldly in his uncle’s face. Despite the age difference, the familial similarities are off the charts between the Solid Gold Wrestling legend Steiner and the promising upstart shattering expectations and blazing a trail to the top Breakker.

[ Scott Steiner ] …if you wasn’t my brother’s little BASTARD I’d knock you the fuck out…


A massive “oh” resonates through the arena. Slowly, Steiner removes his sunglasses, maybe even impressed with the stones Breakker has shown in speaking to him this way. There’s a moment of silence between the two, the ambient cheers of the arena the only noise.

[ Bron Breakker ] Lissen…you’ve done it all. You’re one of the most famous wrestlers in the world and you’re one of the biggest legend-stars Solid Gold Rasslin’s ever seen. You been the champ, tag champ, hell you even called a ton of the best matches in the place’s history. When the book of SGW finally gets written, you’re gunna be a huge part. You’re a huge part of SGW’s past…

Steiner nods, agreeing, proud of his history in SGW, but stops, lifting his chin into the air as Bron lifts an eyebrow and continues.

[ Bron Breakker ] But the future’a SGW?

The fans rumble again and Bron smirks.

[ Bron Breakker ] The future of SGW ain’t for Scott Steiner to help Jeff Jarrett destroy…the future b’longs ta’ me.

Another pop from the fans, but neither Breakker nor Steiner flinches. A beat passes of silence among the two men, neither breaking their glare toward the other. Scott’s mouth drops slightly to speak, but Bron cuts him off before it’s possible, just shaking his ‘no’ before pointing at his own chest. After a second, Breakker turns and walks away from the scene. The fans cheer Breakker, but quell for a moment as Steiner watches him leave and shakes his head back and forth, huffing again. For a moment, Steiner looks around at the corridor again before snorting to himself and placing his sunglasses back onto his face.

[ Scott Steiner ] …stupid bastard.

Steiner removes his phone, jabs it with a finger, and stares at it through his dark glasses as we fade away from the scene.

REFEREE: Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT: 60:00

Aubrey Edwards collects the women's championship to start and holds it over her head for the fans to see. Alexa Bliss glares across the ring at Misao, appearing ready to tear her to pieces. Misao stands in her corner, unmasked and focused on Alexa Bliss with brooding intensity. At ringside, we see Nyla Rose and Shin Ultra Shoko, both ready to offer support to their partners.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the face of Hyper Misao, Nigel. That's the look of a person who knows that the stakes are everything or nothing on this night, quite possibly the most important in the history of our sport!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You ain't lyin', Tony. While Alexa can lose her precious championship tonight, it truly is everything or nothing for Hyper Misao. She either leaves with the championship... or she leaves without her career!

Aubrey calls for the bell and both women begin circling one another. Finally, they meet in the center of the ring and lock up-- NO! Alexa executes a go behind and then blasts Misao in the back of the head with a vicious forearm! Misao sprawls forward and Alexa laughs before descending on Misao and grabbing two handfuls of hair. She pulls Misao up to her knees and hooks her around the neck, planting her with a DDT! Alexa quickly goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! MISAO KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My goodness, that was almost it! That quick!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Alexa has put away many with that very DDT! A testament to Hyper Misao's will to win that she was able to kick out of that maneuver! And look at Alexa Bliss! She can't believe it!

The camera pans over to reveal Shoko had one knee on the apron, prepared to interfere on Misao's behalf if necessary. Alexa looks pissed and delivers a stiff open hand to slap to Misao's stomach before snatching another handful of hair. She pulls Misao up to her knees and Misao comes alive, nailing Alexa in the mid-section with a forearm! Another forearm! Misao rises and swats Alexa's hands down before booting her in the stomach! Alexa doubles over and Misao nails her with a KNEE LIFT STRAIGHT TO THE FACE! Bliss goes down and Misao hits the ropes... RUNNING SPLASH! She remains on top of her! ONE! TWO! ALEXA KICKS OUT! Misao wastes no time in pulling Alexa straight back to her feet. She whips her into the ropes and Alexa comes back with a clothesline. Misao ducks it and catches Alexa's wrist... HYPER MI RETURNS! She covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NYLA ROSE PULLS MISAO OUT OF THE RING!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That damn Nyla Rose!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Misao might very well have had this one in hand if not for Nyla Rose and you have to believe that's exactly why Alexa Bliss brought her along... and by that same token, you know that's why Hyper Misao brought Shoko Nakajima! To even the odds!

Misao immediately nails Nyla Rose with a big forearm to the chest! Nyla Rose staggers back, but before she can retaliate, SHIN ULTRA SHOKO FLIES FROM THE TOP ROPE AND WIPES HER OUT WITH A CROSSBODY! The fans pop huge! Misao quickly climbs onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckles! She waits for Alexa Bliss to get back to her feet. Alexa slowly stands, disoriented, and looks up just in time for... I AM A HERO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Is this it!? Can she do it!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's gonna fly! This is how the historic reign of Alexa Bliss ends!

Misao gets all of it! She hooks both of Alexa's legs! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! ALEXA BRIDGES OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HOW!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Alexa Bliss lives t' fight another day, Tony! Hyper Misao may be fighting for her career, but Alexa Bliss is fighting for her legacy! She's the Golden Goddess, the Great Unifier! She's fueled by bloody spite!

The fans boo loudly. Misao can't believe it! On the floor, Nyla Rose is writhing about on her back as Shoko Nakajima pounds on the apron, rallying the fans behind Misao. Misao looks at Shoko and nods before grabbing two handfuls of Alexa's hair and pulling her up-- NO! Alexa yanks her down into a small package! ONE! TWO! THR-- MISAO KICKS OUT! Misao and Alexa quickly roll back to their feet and clash in the center of the ring, trading forearm blows! Alexa takes over with an eye rake! Misao covers her eyes and backs away, but Alexa follows her, nailing her across the face with open hand slaps! Once! Twice! Three times! FOUR-- NO! Misao catches Alexa's wrist and rages out and begins swatting away at Alexa with open hand slaps of her own! Alexa backs away frantically until Misao traps her in the corner! Misao slaps away before drilling Alexa with a series of forearms that causes her to fall into a seated position against the bottom turnbuckle! Misao plants her boot on Alexa's throat and looks out at the fans. They cheer loudly and Misao runs a circle around the ring... ending with DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE OF ALEXA BLISS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord, her face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not just her face, Tony. Did ya' see how her neck snapped back on impact!? That was a manner of ferocity we've not seen from Hyper Misao!

She pulls Alexa out of the corner and lifts her up... VANITAS-- NO! Alexa blocks the move and spins out, hooking Misao's head and planting her with a vicious DDT! Misao lands right on top of her head and tumbles over! Alexa covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- MISAO BRIDGES OUT! Misao pounds on the mat, screaming in Japanese. Alexa gets up and boots Misao in the back. Misao screams again in Japanese and then stands up, receiving a forearm to the back! Misao trembles with intensity and turns to face Bliss. Bliss takes a visible step back, shaken the look in Misao's eyes. Suddenly, Bliss sneers and throws a big right hand Misao! Misao ducks it... HYPER MI RETURNS! She doesn't bother going for a cover. She goes straight for the corner! Misao perches on the top rope, shouting "I... AM A HERO!" The fans cheer loudly... but before she can fly, Nyla Rose comes alive and leaps onto the apron, grabbing Misao's ankle! Misao tries to shake her off but Shoko Nakajima rushes across the apron and nails Nyla with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Nyla Rose tumbles to the floor and rolls back to her feet... just in time for Shoko to run across the apron and fly... SOMERSAULT SENTON-- NO! NYLA CATCHES HER AROUND THE WAIST AND WHIPS HER UP... AND POWERBOMBS HER INTO THE APRON!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a move!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shoko Nakajima stood up for her friend and paid the ultimate price! Hyper Misao is on her own now-- wait! Look! Up in the air!

Nyla Rose roars victoriously... but turns right around into I AM A HERO FROM THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! Nyla Rose is down! Misao gets back to her feet and the fans are red hot! However, Misao turns to return to the ring... only to get hit by TWISTED BLISS FROM THE TOP! Alexa gets up and looks out at the fans, drawing massive heat. Alexa smiles evilly and grabs Misao by the hair. She throws her under the bottom rope and follows her inside, covering her and hooking the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- MISAO SCREAMS AND BRIDGES OUT! The fans lose their shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She kicked out of Twisted Bliss! Hyper Misao bloody kicked out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Alexa Bliss is wondering what she has to do to keep Hyper Misao down for the count. What does Misao have left in the tank... for that matter, what does Alexa Bliss have in the tank!?

Misao slowly gets up and turns around to face Alexa before falling to one knee, exhausted. Alexa stands over her and looks down at her, a furious look upon her face. Misao yells something in Japanese at Alexa... and Alexa responds by punching Misao right in the jaw! Misao slowly begins to fall backward but Alexa catches her wrist, yanks her upright, and then pulls her in... DDTing her straight into the mat! Alexa covers, firmly planting her forearm across Misao's jaw... one, two, three.


The fans erupt in boos as Alexa rolls of Misao and covers her face with both hands.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's over, Nigel. Just like that.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Alexa Bliss retains her championship and the career of Hyper Misao has reached its end. What an unfortunate turn of events.

Alexa gets up to her knees and Aubrey Edwards presents her with the SGW Women's World Championship. A full cup of beer is slung into the ring, narrowly missing Alexa. She stands and Aubrey Edwards raises her arm for a second before Alexa yanks her hand away. Nyla Rose rolls under the bottom rope and hugs Alexa, quickly being pushed away. Alexa looks disgusted as she shakes off the gesture and raises her championship over her head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I guess the silver lining is that this is it anyway if Jeff Jarrett wins tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes, yes... that's certainly a lining. I don't know if I'd call it bloody silver, though.

Suddenly, the fans cheer as Hyper Misao whips Alexa around and stares her right in the face. Shoko Nakajima kneels on the apron behind Misao. Alexa and Misao stare each other down. Nyla Rose cracks her knuckles and points at Misao, shouting "YOU LOST!" before Alexa raises her hand, silencing the Native Beast. Alexa positions the championship belt on her shoulder and looks down at it before looking back up at Misao. The fans are buzzing, wondering what's going to happen next.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What-- what's going on, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Misao is understandably upset. Who knows what's going through her mind right now.

Misao is beat up and disappointed following the match, staring Alexa down with tears in her eyes. Finally, after what feels like forever, Misao offers her hand. Alexa looks down at Misao's hand and it feels like hours pass before she finally accepts the gesture to a huge pop. Misao nods before pulling back and delivering a devastating open hand slap right to Alexa's face! The fans cheer loudly as Misao smiles and leaves the ring with Shoko. Alexa touches her cheek, watching in disbelief as Misao and Shoko leave the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good for you, Misao!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Her career may be over, but she's still leaving on her own terms!

Misao stands on the stage and bows, drawing another big pop as Shoko applauds behind her. Finally, they turn and exit through the curtain. Back in the ring, Alexa Bliss goes back to her celebration until--

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, that music... what's going on!?

"Trap or Treat" hits and the fans erupt! The reaction eventually plateaus into a strong mixed reaction as Jinny walks out onto the stage!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's the Fashionista herself, victorious earlier tonight against Dakota Kai!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's she doing out here?!

Jinny makes her way down to the ring and climbs inside. Nyla Rose is amped, ready for battle! Alexa sneers and looks down at her title before looking back up at Jinny. Jinny crosses the ring and gets right in Alexa's face. The fans are ready to explode. Jinny looks down at Alexa's title and then right back into Alexa's eyes.

[ Jinny ] You have something that belongs to me.

BAM! Nyla Rose nails Jinny from behind! Jinny staggers forward as Alexa retreats to the corner! Jinny turns around as Nyla advances on her but Jinny is ready, nailing Nyla with a ROLLING WHEEL KICK! Nyla staggers backward into the ropes as Jinny returns to her feet! Nyla rebounds and Jinny catches her wrist... ACID RAINMAKER DEAD IN THE CENTER! NYLA ROSE IS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jinny just turned Nyla Rose inside out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jinny just made a bloody STATEMENT, Tony!

Jinny turns her attention to Alexa... and Alexa exits the ring! The fans boo loudly as Alexa holds up the championship belt and backs up the ramp! Jinny smiles evilly and makes the "title belt" motion around her waist, standing over Nyla Rose triumphantly.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Before Alexa Bliss came along, Jinny was the most dominant champion in SGW history and the longest reigning. Since her championship reign ended in controversial fashion, she's been dabbling in the Twinstar division as we saw earlier tonight... but no more! Jinny has confronted the Golden Goddess, and should SGW continue beyond this day, we are looking at the makings of a bloody dream match!

Alexa stands on the stage with her title, furious as we cut to the back.

We can still hear the live crowd as we head backstage.

Cathy Kelley is standing by in front of the WrestleBrawl IV interview set with a microphone in her hand. The fans cheer loudly upon seeing her, curious about what's up to. Excitedly, she begins to speak into the microphone in her hand.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Ladies and gentlemen... the SGW Triple Crown World Champion!

The camera pans over to reveal John Cena with the championship belt resting on one shoulder and the Television championship on the other. The fans cheer even louder. Cena looks out at nothing in particular and nods, satisfied with the reaction. He looks down at the titles on his shoulders proudly as Cathy continues the interview.

[ Cathy Kelley ] John, you just overcame twenty-nine other men to become the new Triple Crown champion. Some would call your rise in SGW "meteoric" or unexpected at best. What do you have to say about that?

Cena lets the question sit for a moment and then takes a deep breath before answering.

[ John Cena ] You know, they always say it takes a lifetime to become an overnight sensation but if there's anybody out there that thinks this came out of nowhere, they haven't been paying attention. The fact of the matter is that SGW thought they needed a hero more than ever over the past couple months. Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Edge? Those men have done a hell of a thing gettin' us this far... but it turns out, it wasn't a hero we needed after all. We needed a dragon. Because these titles, SGW's history, and the history of every company that SGW has absorbed over the past twenty-somethin' years... all of that is a priceless treasure and that's not something you count on a hero to come save. That's somethin' you PROTECT WITH YOUR VERY LIFE and it's an honor t' be the FIRE BREATHIN' SON OF A GUN that gets to do exactly that, starting tonight!

The fans erupt. Cathy smiles and continues.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Wow! With all that being said, how does it feel being, possibly, the last SGW champion? Do you want SGW to continue beyond tonight? Who DO you want to see come out on top in the triple cage main event?

Cena removes the Triple Crown from his shoulder and looks down at it. After a long moment, he looks up and meets Cathy's gaze, pinning her in place with his eyes.

[ John Cena ] Of course I'm pulling for Edge, that goes without saying... but no matter what happens tonight, SGW will live on forever in the hearts and the minds of wrestling fans all over the world. Jeff Jarrett can do whatever he wants if he wins, but he can't take away the memories that SGW has given us over the past two decades.

The fans cheer... but those cheers turn to boos as Jeff Jarrett walks into the shot, clad all in black. He walks right up to Cena and stands nearly nose to nose with them. Jarrett uses one finger to tip his cowboy hat back and his eyes fall to the title in Cena's hands. Cathy Kelley looks uneasily from Cena to Jarrett and back again.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, you had a good run, kid.

Cena's eyes narrow as he stares a hole through Jarrett.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But this is the end o' the line and I'll be takin' back what belongs to me. That title... it's for real champions, the best o' the damn best, and what ya' did tonight wasn't nothin', beatin' twenty-nine other men t' walk away with it. You'll be remembered, for what it's worth... but tonight, that belt belongs to The Six-String Samurai and I aim t' have it around my waist for the seventh time when I beat Edge and bury this company six feet in the damn dirt.

Jarrett extends his hand, expecting Cena to hand the title over. Cena looks down at the title and turns red in the face as he mulls over the most difficult decision he's ever had to make in his career. After what feels like forever, Cena places the title on his own shoulder and glares at Jarrett.

[ John Cena ] If you want it, you gotta take it from me.

Jarrett smirks and looks down, scratching his chin.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I figured you'd say somethin' like that.

The fans boo loudly as the Harris Brothers step into the shot. Seconds later, Chris Masters and Ken Kennedy join him. Then Gene Snitsky. Then Rob Conway. Then Hook and Scott Steiner. The champion is completely outnumbered. Cena looks at Cathy and gives her a quick nod, signaling that she needs to leave. Without a word, she vacates the scene. Jarrett pulls his hat back down and his smirk fades away.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You wanna reconsider? You're gonna look mighty damn stupid if you get your ass kicked and I end up shuttin' the whole thing down at the end o' the night anyway.

Before Cena can make the decision on his own, Edge walks into the shot in his gear and an SGW t-shirt. The fans explode. Edge stands next to the champion and cuts his eyes toward him, giving him a respectful nod.

[ Edge ] Take the title and get outta' here.

Edge then directs his gaze at Jarrett.

[ Edge ] I got this.

Cena shakes his head.

[ John Cena ] I'm not going anywhere.

Edge smirks and nods. Jarrett smiles ear to ear.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't know why the hell you're smilin', Edge. There's still only two of ya'!

The fans suddenly erupt as Christian Cage walks into the shot, followed by Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Val Venis, Lance Storm, Alex Shelley and Vince Russo, Sanshiro Takagi, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and The Rock. Adam Cole, Bron Breakker, and Eddie Kingston enter the frame to another huge pop. Jarrett looks around and realizes he's significantly outnumbered now. Edge shrugs.

[ Edge ] Looks like someone didn't learn their lesson last month.


[ Edge ] EVERYONE hates you, dude.

Jarrett removes his black cowboy hat and looks down at it. His voice is quiet, less boisterous than usual.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So, we're doin' this right now?

[ Edge ] God damn right we are.

Jarrett sighs and raises his eyes to meet Edge's.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's a shame. I had a hell of an entrance planned tonight.

[ Edge ] No one gives a damn about your entrance, Jeff.

Jarrett smirks and tosses the hat aside, then drops his black trench coat on the floor.

[ Edge ] All that matters tonight... is how you leave.

Jarrett nods and looks down... then cheap shots Edge with a punch to the throat! The fans erupt in boos as Jarrett immediately grabs a handful of Edge's hair and runs him through the interview backdrop! Everything comes crashing down and sparks fly in every direction! Jarrett and Edge both go down and tie up, throwing punches on the concrete floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, is this it!? We're doing this right now!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You're damn right we are, Tony! The fate of SGW will be decided presently!

The Harris Brothers pair off with Sanshiro Takagi and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.! Rob Conway and Alex Shelley brawl like men possessed, fighting off-camera within seconds! Ken Kennedy and Christian Cage throw hands! Bron Breakker and Chris Masters clash together and immediately engage in a TEST OF STRENGTH during a backstage brawl!? Val Venis and John Cena both go to work on Scott Steiner, but he holds his own, refusing to go down! Hook immediately takes Ric Flair's head off with a clothesline and then focuses on Bret Hart, but before he can move on him, Adam Cole steps between them and shakes his head! Cole and Hook tie up and begin throwing wild punches! The Rock and Gene Snitsky go face to face! The fans explode. The Rock looks Snitsky up and down and then uses both hands to shake the oversized belt buckle holding up his leather pants.

[ The Rock ] Whoa, mama! Yeah! Gene Snitsky! Let the Rock tell ya', the Rock loved the way ya' sacrificed ya'self by drivin' a car head-on into a semi t' kill Randy Orton back in 2006!

Snitsky's eyes light up and he smiles.

[ Gene Snitsky ] Thanks. I liked how you almost helped John Travolta take over the world with Scientology tequila.

[ The Rock ] Well, let the Rock ask ya' somethin', Gene Snitsky!

The Rock smells the air.

[ The Rock ] Does it make Gene Snitsky... hard?

Snitsky looks confused.

[ Gene Snitsky ] Does... what--

[ The Rock ] --imagining The Rock shoving his SEXY FOOT up your CANDY ASS!

Big right hand to Snitsky! The Rock stays on him, peppering him with lefts and rights! The camera focuses on Bron Breakker and Chris Masters still struggling over the test of strength until Eddie Kingston approaches with a confused, frustrated look on his face. Kingston shakes his head and immediately flicks Masters in the nuts with his knuckle! Masters lets go of Bron's hands and falls to his knees. Bron and Kingston look at each other.

[ Eddie Kingston ] What the fuck are you doin'?! Beat his ass!

Breakker shakes his head, then turns and nails Masters in the side of the head with a big right hand! Out of the corner of the screen, we see EMTs checking on Ric Flair, still down from the attack by Hook. Lance Storm and Bret Hart help them get him clear of the area, removing themselves from the brawl in the process.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It looks like Ric Flair may be injured!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It was the devious HOOK and that vicious clothesline! It looks like Lance Storm and Bret Hart are going with him! That's gonna be a devastating blow to Edge's efforts!

Kingston joins Takagi and Chavo, helping them fight off the Harris Brothers! The three-on-two brawl gets intense as all five men fight through the exit door and into the parking lot! One of the cameramen follows them and we see Ron Harris boot Chavo Guerrero right in the face, knocking him down! Takagi and Kingston stand together and fight, but Rob Conway escapes through the door and nails Kingston in the back with a big forearm before Alex Shelley catches up to him in hot pursuit! Shelley grabs Conway by his hair and rams him face first into the hood of a nearby car! With Takagi left standing alone to face the Harris Brothers, they waste no time in hoisting him up and DELIVERING AN H-BOMB STRAIGHT THROUGH ANOTHER CAR'S WINDSHIELD!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord! Sanshiro Takagi has to be dead!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's another down from the men doing their damndest to defend Solid Gold Wrestling! Get some bloody EMTs out here!

Back inside, Jarrett and Edge have fought back to their feet. They brawl away from the interview area and into the catering area! Jarrett takes over and smashes Edge's face first into one of the tables, then grabs a bowl of salad and dumps it on Edge's head! Then he hits him with the plastic bowl! Edge rightfully no-sells the shot and nails Jarrett in the stomach with a forearm before picking him up and body slamming him through the table! The fans cheer as Jarrett is covered in salad dressing and toppings. Edge bends at the waist and shouts right in Jarrett's face.


He grabs Jarrett by the hair and pulls him up, then lifts him again for a body slam! Jarrett slips out behind him and Edge turns around into a big right hand! The impact causes Edge to turn back around and Jarrett hooks him... STROKE THROUGH ANOTHER CATERING TABLE! The fans erupt in boos as Edge lays face down in the wreckage! Slices of bread, deli meat, ketchup and mustard... everywhere. Jarrett flips Edge over and mounts him. He grabs the back of Edge's head and holds him in place as he punches away at his forehead!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This isn't how this was supposed to go down! We were supposed t' be bloody prepared this time!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jeff Jarrett is relentless! He'll do anything it takes to keep SGW in his grasp!

There's a loud crash and the camera pans over to reveal Ken Kennedy and Christian have fought into the catering area as well. They've cleared the cutlery table and plastic forks and spoons are everywhere. Christian tries to ram Kennedy headfirst into the table, but Kennedy blocks it and elbows Christian in the mid-section. Kennedy forearms Christian hard in the jaw, almost knocking him down!

[ Ken Kennedy ] You stole my place in history, Christian! The Colossal Towers should've been the longest reigning tag team champions in history!

Christian looks confused.

[ Christian Cage ] Seriously? You're still on that!? Move on, dude!

[ Ken Kennedy ] The man who booked Demolition in 2020 just so he could get his win back is gonna tell me to move on?! PLEASE!

Christian favors his mid-section and exhales deeply.

[ Christian Cage ] Whatever happened in 2006, it doesn't even matter. Colossal Towers, Edge and Christian? Those reigns are dust in the wind. The longest reigning tag team champs in history are the Imperfect 10s now. Can we at least agree on that being the absolute WORST?

Kennedy thinks it over and nods.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Point taken.

[ Christian Cage ] Thank you!

And then Christian boots him in the stomach and suplexes him straight through the table!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ken Kennedy has been neutralized by Captain Charisma!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, thank the bloody stars, we can finally put the rivalry between Edge and Christian and the Colossal Towers behind us!

The impact from the table bump causes a nearby Nyla Rose to drop her sandwich on the floor. Christian rolls over, out of the wreckage, and eyes Nyla Rose looking down at her sandwich. Nyla reaches down and picks up the sandwich and looks it over. She shrugs and takes a bite as Christian pumps his fist victoriously, another successful sandwich on the floor moment in SGW. Nyla Rose then kneels next to the fallen Christian, still chewing.

[ Nyla Rose ] Joke's on you, bitch. I LOVE floor sandwiches.

Christian's shoulders slump.

[ Christian Cage ] Well, that gag is dead.

Nyla walks out of the shot as Christian falls back into the wreckage with Kennedy. Jarrett pulls Edge back to his feet and whips him into the wall-- NO! Edge reverses it and sends Jarrett face first into the wall! Edge follows him in and goes for a running yakuza kick, but Jarrett moves and Edge puts his foot clean through the wall! The fans "OHHHH" in response and Jarrett begins forearming Edge in the back before pulling him free and nailing him with a big right hand! Edge returns the favor and takes over with a knee lift... then SUPLEXES JARRETT ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Jarrett cries out in pain as Edge sits up and whips the ketchup and mustard thick hair out of his eyes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Finally, Jarrett is down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, Jeff Jarrett is down but it's meaningless until they're inside the triple cage! You've got t' get him t' the bloody ring, Edge!

In the other area, Cena and Val Venis continue fighting with Scott Steiner until he gets his hands on a lead pipe and uses it to nail Venis in the knee! Venis goes down, seething with pain! Cena catches the pipe as Steiner tries to bring it down on his head! They fight over it before Cena knees him in the stomach and causes him to drop it! However, Steiner doesn't back down, booting Cena in the mid-section and planting him with a T-BONE SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! The fans boo loudly as Steiner walks over and picks up the Triple Crown championship. He stands over Cena and then bends at the waist, holding the title up right in his face.

[ Scott Steiner ] Punk ass bitch! You ain't no real champion!

He gives the belt a good shake.

[ Scott Steiner ] Not like me... not like Double J! You ain't shit! I HELD THIS FUCKER FOUR TIMES! YOU AIN'T SHIT, BOY--

Cena punches up into Steiner's face! The fans pop huge! Cena rises to his feet and begins peppering Steiner with punches until he drops the belt. Steiner stands on the edge of a stairwell, rage burning in his eyes. Cena picks up the title and holds it tightly in both hands.

[ John Cena ] You wanna fight? YOU GOT A FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

And then he charges... nailing Steiner in the head with it and sending him tumbling down the stairs! The fans explode as Steiner lays completely still at the bottom!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Scotty, no!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Friend or foe, he brought it on himself, Tony! Once again, I beg someone, anyone, please call some EMTs to the scene!

We quickly cut away and see Adam Cole and Hook still throwing bombs at one another! They fight out into the parking lot where we see Alex Shelley and Rob Conway trading punches on top of an SUV. Ron Harris is seated on the pavement as Eddie Kingston works his forehead over with a board with a nail in it! Chavo Guerrero clutches Pepe with both hands and looks around at his surroundings, unchallenged. He sees a nearby trashcan and approaches it. Chavo and Pepe both look down inside.

[ Pepe ] ... .. . .. . .... ..

Chavo nods confidently.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You're right, Pepe. If this is the end for SGW, let's burn this mother down!

Chavo removes some matches from his pocket and lights the trashcan on fire! Within seconds, Cole and Hook brawl closer and Hook tries to shove Adam Cole's face into the fire! Cole fights back with elbows to the mid-section and then turns and SUPERKICKS HOOK! Hook staggers back and falls to a rest against the bumper of a nearby car! Cole looks at the trashcan and then at Chavo.

[ Adam Cole ] Seriously!? What are you thinking!?

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It was Pepe's idea! I swear!

They're interrupted by a loud crash! The camera pans over to reveal Rob Conway planting Alex Shelley on top of the SUV with a BIG BODY SLAM! Shelley slides off and lands on the pavement below. Conway laughs evilly and climbs down. Shelley writhes in pain on the ground. Rob Conway opens the driver's side door and place Shelley's head inside. He prepares to slam it shut on his head but Vince Russo charges in out of nowhere with his baseball bat and nails Conway in the back with it! Alex Shelley rolls out of the way and Conway falls right in his place. Russo raises the bat to finish off Conway but Conway raises his hand to hopefully block the blow.

[ Rob Conway ] Russo, please! We were partners, man!

Russo lowers the bat slightly, seeming unable to do it. Shelley struggles back to his feet and gently shoves Russo out of the way. He places one hand on the car door and looks down at Conway. Conway continues begging off.

[ Rob Conway ] Shelley, brother! What we had was beautiful! It can be again! What do ya' say, man? One more run for The Pulse?

Shelley glares down at Conway.

[ Alex Shelley ] Sorry, Rob. When it comes to Pulse reunions... I'm afraid the door is closed--


[ Tony Schiavone ] Goodness gracious! Someone has to stop this madness!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Unfortunately, after the events of The Death of SGW, something like this was inevitable!

We catch up with Jarrett and Edge as Edge guides Jarrett through the backstage area. Jarrett has blood trickling from a wound above his eyebrow. Seconds later, Edge throws Jarrett forward and he tumbles through the curtain and onto the stage! The fans explode as Edge follows him out, trembling with intensity! Jarrett slowly gets back to his feet, standing at the edge of the stage. Edge pounds his chest and then points out at the fans before charging... AND SPEARING JARRETT OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH TWO TABLES! The fans explode! Jarrett and Edge are both lying completely still!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This might be over before it even begins!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't believe it for a second! If this match somehow ends in a no contest, the ownership of SGW will remain with Jeff Jarrett and this is the bloody end of it all! Edge knows this... everyone back there knows this! They won't allow this to be how it all comes to an end!

We go backstage again and immediately see The Rock planting Gene Snitsky with a ROCK BOTTOM on the concrete, then picking him up and dumping him in a nearby equipment box! Snitsky has been neutralized! We quickly cut to the parking lot where we see Vince Russo looking on as Alex Shelley and Eddie Kingston pull Sanshiro Takagi out of the windshield. Adam Cole just looks on as Chavo Guerrero, Jr. jabs Ron Harris above the eyebrow with the broken off tip of Pepe's stick! Blood streams down Ron's face as he cries out in pain!

[ Adam Cole ] Jesus Christ.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It's Pepe's idea! I swear!

CRASH! The fans explode as Bron Breakker tackles Chris Masters through the door and into the parking lot! Breakker stands up, hocks, and spits next to Masters. Masters sits up and Breakker snatches his wrist, pulling him effortlessly up onto his shoulder and charges... POWER SLAMMING HIM ONTO THE HOOD OF A CAR! Breakker flexes and roars, then turns and joins the others as they converge in a circle around HOOK! Hook raises his fists and refuses to back down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hook is channeling the spirit of his father, refusing to back down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And that would be Taz, not the cowardly low life masquerading as his father who wants to burn SGW to the ground!

Just as it looks like Hook is about to get the beating of his life, we hear a voice from off-camera.

[ Steve Austin ] Step aside. Ol' Stone Cold's got this.

Breakker and Kingston step aside, allowing Austin to enter the circle. Austin gets right in Hook's face, staring him down. Hook looks right back at Austin and then around him at the men who were prepared to give him a beating. Hook lowers his fists and Austin nods.

[ Steve Austin ] That's what I thought.

Austin turns and points at the bodies scattered around the parking lot.

[ Steve Austin ] Ya'll clean up all this shit and put Jarrett's little boyfriends in a damn dumpster somewhere.

Austin turns back to Hook.

[ Steve Austin ] As for this one, don't let him go nowhere. I ain't done with him by a damn sight!

Austin turns to walk away but he only makes it a few steps before Adam Cole stops him.

[ Adam Cole ] Hey! You got us takin' out the trash... what the hell are you gonna do, huh?

Austin doesn't even look over his shoulder as he responds.

[ Steve Austin ] What's it look like? I'm gonna save the fuckin' day!

Back in the arena, we see Edge begin to stir in the wreckage of the tables. Jarrett still isn't moving. The fans cheer loudly as Christian Cage emerges from the back and climbs down from the stage. He pulls Edge to his feet and throws his arm over his shoulder. As the camera pans out, we see that the TRIPLE CAGE has already been lowered and the contract is hanging above the top tier. There are ladders standing around the ringside area inside the cage. Two more ladders are inside the middle tier.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an intimidating structure that is... and here's Christian Cage to help Edge on his way to the ring, just as I expected. Of course, the match won't officially begin until both men are inside the cage.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This has been truly intense thus far. I can only imagine what's going to happen once the match begins and the stakes become real!

Chrstian walks Edge along the ramp and they reach the ringside area. Paul Turner opens the door and allows Christian to walk Edge inside. Christian helps Edge onto the apron and rolls him into the ring. Christian turns and faces the ramp just in time to see Lance Storm, Bret Hart, and Val Venis pulling Jeff Jarrett out of the wreckage. Venis is noticeably favoring his knee as he throws one of Jarrett's arms across his shoulders. Storm takes the other and Bret trails behind them as they drag Jarrett toward the cage.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I just received word from the back that Ric Flair is doing fine following the attack from Hook backstage. The presence of Lance Storm and Bret Hart would seem to indicate that's true.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the SGW locker room working together to make this match happen! You just know Val Venis is enjoying dragging Jeff Jarrett to his doom inside the three tiers of steel!

Storm and Venis drag Jarrett past Christian and through the cage door. They throw Jarrett's lifeless body into the ring and then exit the cage. Mike Chioda is standing in the middle of the ring and he shouts at Paul Turner to lock the cage! With everyone locked out but Chioda, Edge, and Jarrett, Paul Turner slips a chain through the cage door and padlocks it in place!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it! The battle for Solid Gold Wrestling can officially begin!

Mike Chioda calls for the bell! The fans explode!

REFEREE: Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT: No Time Limit

Edge uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He posts up in the corner and glares across the ring at the fallen Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett begins to stir and rolls over on his side. He pushes himself up to all fours and then grabs onto the bottom rope. Jarrett is trembling with exertion as he pushes himself up. Suddenly, the fans begin to cheer loudly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it! It's happening!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One of these men will decide the fate of Solid Gold Wrestling!

John Cena walks out from the back with his titles on his shoulders. They're followed out by Bron Breakker, Adam Cole, Eddie Kingston, Alex Shelley, Vince Russo, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., The Rock, and Sanshiro Takagi. They all join Christian Cage, Lance Storm, Bret Hart, and Val Venis as they watch from outside the cage.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look! Everyone's here to see what happens!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This match means more to them than anyone could possibly know!

Jarrett finally stands on spaghetti legs and turns around... INTO A SPEAR! The fans pop huge as Edge rises to his feet and thrashes his hair around! Edge backs up into the corner and gestures for Jarrett to get up! Seconds later, Jarrett does just that and walks right into a SECOND SPEAR! The fans EXPLODE! Edge rolls off of Jarrett and pounds on the mat before sitting up on both knees. He looks out at the fans and nods before pushing himself off the mat and returning to the corner! He kneels down and motions for Jarrett to get up again!


Jarrett slowly stands, hanging onto the top rope so he doesn't fall down.

[ Tony Schiavone ] DO IT, EDGE!

Sweat drips off his face as he turns around... and EDGE TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A THIRD SPEAR! Jarrett is sprawled out flat on the mat as Edge remains on his knees next to him. Edge looks down at Jarrett and then up through the cage roof, eyeing the contract above. Edge smiles ear to ear and nods. Edge gets up and rolls out of the ring. He grabs one of the ladders and slides it under the bottom rope. Seconds later, he's back inside and setting the ladder up.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Edge is about to make his way up through the hatch into the second tier!

Edge makes sure the ladder is steady and places one foot on the bottom rung... but he struggles to lift his other foot. The fans seem confused until the camera zooms in and reveals a giant fist protruding from a hole in the mat, gripping Edge's ankle! Edge looks panicked and the men outside the cage begin raising hell, knowing something unfair is going down! Suddenly, the hole becomes bigger and bigger until... THE BIG NASTY CRAWLS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You've got t' be bloody joking! The Big Nasty is BACK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] How do you stop someone like Jeff Jarrett, Nigel!? The man has back-up plans for his back-up plans!

Edge looks horrified as "The Big Nasty" Paul Wight emerges from a hole in the ring, laughing maniacally! He pulls Edge down from the ladder and throws him hard into the corner on the opposite side of the ring! The fans are booing like crazy, but before Big Nasty can do anything else--



The fans LOSE THEIR SHIT as the entrance set-up is torn to shreds... when Steve Austin drives a BLACK AND GOLD SGW MONSTER TRUCK OUT FROM THE BACK! The champion, Christian, and the rest of the SGW loyalists move aside as Austin blasts down the ramp and rams the monster truck into the cage! One side of the cage falls down hard and WAFFLES THE BIG NASTY STRAIGHT TO THE MAT, PINNING HIM DOWN! HE'S UNCONSCIOUS! Edge looks on from the corner with a big smile on his face! Steve Austin climbs out of the monster truck through the window and stands on the hood with two beers! Edge offers Austin a thumbs up and Austin responds by smashing the beers together and pouring them all over his face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nothing's over until Stone Cold says so!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I see what you did there!

Edge sees Jeff Jarrett is still lying flat on his back and sets his ladder back up. He begins climbing and reaches the top. Edge fiddles with the hatch and pushes it open, then climbs into the second tier! Edge rests there for a moment before retrieving one of the other ladders and setting it up inside the second tier. On the mat below, Jeff Jarrett struggles back to his feet and lays eyes on the fallen Big Nasty before realizing that Edge has already climbed to the second tier. Jarrett swallows hard and begins climbing, slowly but surely!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Double J is back on his feet!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But is it too late to catch up?! Climb, Edge! Bloody climb!

Jarrett reaches the hatch and climbs inside just as Edge is about to crawl into the top tier. Jarrett uses a burst of adrenaline to lunge forward and grab Edge's ankle, pulling him down into the second tier! Edge and Jarrett trade punches before Jarrett snaps and snatches Edge by the hair, ragdolling him repeatedly into the cage walls! Edge looks out of it as Jarrett boots him in the stomach and PLANTS HIM with a DDT on the cage floor! Jarrett rests next to him for a moment before looking up and getting back to his feet. Jarrett sets the ladder back up and begins to climb. After a sluggish climb, Jarrett reaches the final hatch and pushes it open. Jarrett gets about halfway out before Edge comes to and climbs the ladder as well.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on, Edge! Stop him before it's too late!

Edge catches Jarrett's ankle, but it's too late. Jarrett rolls onto the top tier where it's revealed that he's planted a GOLDEN GUITAR! The fans erupt in boos as Jarrett scrambles for the guitar and gets his hands on it. Edge follows him out and Jarrett turns, swinging the guitar down! Edge catches his wrists and boots him in the stomach, making him drop the guitar! Edge goes for the EDGECUTION but Jarrett spins out of it and hooks Edge for the STROKE-- NO! Edge elbows his way out! He goes for the EDGECUTION again but Jarrett pushes him backward and BOTH MEN FALL FROM THE TOP TIER TO THE SECOND!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Both men are down and I'm not certain they're getting back up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Neither man is willing to give the other an inch! This is pandemonium!

Edge and Jarrett both lay completely still on the second tier roof. The contract sways back and forth above the top tier. Everyone watches from the floor, shouting encouragement at Edge. Mike Chioda climbs up onto the second tier and opens the cage door to check on both men. Edge begins to stir first, sitting up and resting back against the cage. Jarrett gets up to all fours and then collapses down on his face. Edge slowly gets up and uses the cage to keep himself stable before finally beginning to climb back up. Edge gets one knee on the top tier before shaking his head and climbing back down! Mike Chioda is standing between Edge and Jarrett, so Edge snatches him by his shirt and whips him around, turning his back to Jarrett in the process... allowing Jarrett to come alive and nail Edge with a low blow! The fans boo loudly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dammit, Jeff! Why are you the way you are!?

Edge falls to his knees and Jarrett turns to begin climbing! Edge fights against the pain and grabs Jarrett by his pants, pulling him back down. Jarrett responds with a big right hand! Edge nails Jarrett with a right hand of his own! They trade punches until Edge takes over with a boot to the stomach. He hooks him... EDGECUTION ON THE CAGE FLOOR! Both men are down! Mike Chioda is shouting at them to check their status but neither man is answering him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The first man to their feet might win this thing.

Finally, Edge struggles back to his feet and begins slowly climbing. Jarrett pushes himself back up to all fours and then places his hands on the cage. Chioda gets closer to Jarrett, asking him if he can continue. Jarrett violently pushes him away, almost sending him over the edge! Chioda collects himself and backs off. Jarrett begins climbing just as Edge rolls over onto the top tier. Edge grabs the guitar as Jarrett reaches the top. Edge raises the guitar and Jarrett boots him in the stomach! Edge drops the guitar and Jarrett goes for the STROKE! Edge elbows out of it and then nails Jarrett with a big right hand! The fans are going wild as they exchange punches with the contract hanging within reach just overhead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, look! Here comes Scotty!

The fans boo loudly as Scott Steiner emerges from the back, limping. Steiner is covered in cuts and bruises from the spill he took down the stairs earlier. His bleach blonde hair is stained red in the back from an open gash he suffered on the landing. He's gripping a lead pipe with both hands as he walks down the ramp. All of Edge's supporters turn around and face the ramp as Steiner makes his way down.

[ Tony Schiavone ] He can't possibly think he can take them all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scotty, old friend, don't do this!

Steiner's body is trembling with pain. He can barely stand. As he approaches the men surrounding the cage, Edge gets Jarrett reeling with a series of right hands and then kicks him low! Jarrett falls to his knees and Edge picks up the golden guitar. Bron Breakker steps away from the pack and meets his uncle on the ramp. Steiner and Breakker go nose to nose. No words are exchanged, they stare each other down. Steiner looks up at Edge and Jarrett on the top tier and then back at his nephew. Breakker's gaze dares Steiner to do something... but as Steiner watches Edge pick up the golden guitar again and hold Jarrett dead to rights, he simply drops the lead pipe and turns around, abandoning his partner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's it, Scotty! That's the right decision... for you and SGW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Twenty years of working with Jeff Jarrett or not, Scott Steiner knows when he's wasting his time! Let Jarrett settle this one himself, friend!

Steiner disappears through the curtain and Jarrett stands up on spaghetti legs... BAM! EDGE SHATTERS THE GOLDEN GUITAR OVER JARRETT'S HEAD! The fans explode as Jarrett free falls backward and lands on the second tier with the busted guitar frame still around his neck! Edge looks down at the motionless Jarrett and brushes the hair back out of his face before turning and looking up at the dangling contract. The fans are going nuts!

[ Tony Schiavone ] DO IT, EDGE! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's got it! WE'VE BLOODY WON!

Edge reaches up and grabs the contract! It's over!

EDGE in 14:29

The fans are cheering loudly as Edge stands on top of the cage, staring down at the contract.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a fight! What a WAR!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's all over, Tony. I thought I'd have something more t' say... but I don't.

"Metalingus" plays throughout the arena as the roster empties out from the back and surrounds the ring, even lining up both sides of the ramp. EMTs rush out afterward and cut the Big Nasty free, then roll him out on a stretcher. Another couple EMTs scale the cage and check on Jeff Jarrett, then work on getting him down. Eventually, they reach the bottom with him and he refuses to lie down on the stretcher, pushing one of them away before falling forward and catching himself on one knee.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Stubborn to the bitter end!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't think bitter is a strong enough word for that man.

Sting walks out from the back in a suit and stands on the stage, giving Edge a thumbs up and then applauding. Jarrett gets back to his feet and refuses to look any of the SGW roster in the eyes as he makes his way up the ramp, toward Sting. Jarrett gets right in Sting's face. Sting simply stares right back at him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] He better not lay a hand on the Stinger!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at the man, he can barely stand! You know he's not--

Jarrett goes for a big right hand but Sting blocks it and PUNCHES HIM DOWN! The fans explode as Jarrett goes down and rolls all the way down the ramp, past every member of the SGW locker room!

[ Tony Schiavone ] YES, GET HIM, STINGER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Idiot.

As soon as Jarrett comes to a stop at the edge of the ramp, Steve Austin cracks open two cans of beer and pours them all over Jarrett's face! Jarrett doesn't even move until the EMTs collect him and force him onto a stretcher, then take him to the back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Get Jarrett out of here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Austin is a national treasure. One of the greats!

Jeff Jarrett is wheeled up the ramp and through the curtain. Edge makes his way down with the contract and walks out the cage door. He shakes hands with John Cena and Val Venis before giving Christian a hug. Sting makes his way down the ramp, applauding. Edge stares him down and looks at the contract.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is... is Edge having second thoughts?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm honestly not sure.

Just as it looks like Sting's look of pride is beginning to falter, Edge nods and hands him the contract. Sting looks down at it and removes a pen from his jacket. He writes his name at the bottom and then holds up the contract for all to see! The SGW locker room erupts, cheering, clapping, jumping up and down! Sting cups his mouth with his free hand and howls, drawing another big pop!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's it! Sting has done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Syndicate Sports has regained control of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's a brave new world!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One I can't wait to see explored for years to come, Tony!

As everyone celebrates, the camera pans around and travels up the ramp... revealing Dolph Ziggler standing on the stage, having already changed out of his gear and into street clothes. He's red in the face as he stares at the celebration going on at ringside, wanting no part of it. He watches John Cena give Edge a big hug with the Triple Crown and Television titles on him. Though he was the savior of SGW just one month ago, it's like the fickle fans and SGW locker room have already forgotten he exists.

As everyone celebrates, they have no idea that just fifty feet away--

--the thunder rolls.

Hours later.

Jeff Jarrett exits the arena with his head down, barely able to walk following his match. With luggage in hand, he is immediately bathed in flashing red and blue lights. Confused, he looks around sees a collection of police cars, and uniformed men walking in his direction.

[ Officer ] Jeff Jarrett, put the bags down and come with us. You're under arrest.

Jarrett raises an eyebrow and sets his bags down.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What the hell for?

Without answering him, two officers sweep his feet out from under him and put him face down on the pavement. His black cowboy hat falls off and lands somewhere next to him. His hands are forced behind his back and handcuffs are applied. Seconds later, Edge and Christian walk out the rear exit in street clothes. They look just as surprised as Jarrett to see what's going on. One of the officer's plants his knee in Jarrett's back.

[ Officer ] You're under arrest for the murder of Peter "Taz" Senerchia. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, I understand, slappy.

The officers yank Jarrett up to his feet. As they walk him toward the police car, a man steps out from among the police officers. Jarrett immediately recognizes him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So, your ass made a deal, huh?

Randy Orton tilts his head and cracks his neck, then snorts and spits right in Jarrett's face.

[ Randy Orton ] Yeah, I made a deal, you piece of shit.

Edge and Christian approach and one of the officer's opens the door to his cruiser, preparing to shove Jarrett inside. Jarrett stops and turns slightly, looking at Edge and Christian with a cocky smile despite his current situation.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Edge... Christian... I been pullin' ya'lls strings for so damn long, what the hell are ya'll gonna do without me?

There's a twinkle in Jarrett's eye as the officer shoves him inside and slams the door shut.

[ Christian Cage ] Dick.

[ Edge ] Always has to have the last word.

Seconds later, the cruisers are gone and the parking lot is dark with the exception of a few street lamps. Edge and Christian turn to address Orton, but he's gone as if he was never even there to begin with.

[ Edge ] Damn.

[ Christian Cage ] Never was one for goodbyes, I guess.

They both stand there quietly for a moment.

[ Christian Cage ] Well, where do we go from here?

Edge scratches his chin.

[ Edge ] Ya' know, a vacation sounds great right about now.

[ Christian Cage ] That was actually a rhetorical question to give our last moment on camera some depth and meaning, like SGW Forever--

Edge just glares at Christian.

[ Christian Cage ] Ah, screw it. A vacation sounds great, dude.

They walk off-camera, bickering back and forth. As their voices become more and more distant, the camera pans over and then down to reveal Jeff Jarrett's black cowboy hat resting in the light of a street lamp. We slowly zoom in on it until we hear gravel crunching under someone's feet. We see a hand reach down and pick up the hat and the camera follows that hand all the way up to their bald head. Steve Austin puts the hat on and frowns.

[ Steve Austin ] Fits like shit.

Austin removes the hat and flings it off into the distance like a frisbee. We hear the rustle of a bag and the camera pans over to reveal Hook standing just behind Austin, eating from a bag of chips. Austin looks over his shoulder and sneers.

[ Steve Austin ] Come on, kid. We got work t' do.