11 / 16 / 2019 | Key Arena | Seattle, Washington

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches

- Chris Dickinson def. Mike Mondo via Pin Fall w/ Pazuzu Bomb in 6:12
- Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. James Ellsworth via Submission w/ Salt of the Earth in 21:33
- Nick Gage def. Cara Noir via Pin Fall w/ Piledriver in 5:51
- Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) def. Johnny Jeter & Kenny Dykstra via Pin Fall w/ Book'em Danno in 7:09

"Earlier Tonight."

It's nighttime in Seattle and there's a hint of Thug Life in the air.

It soon becomes evident why.

The live crowd pops huge as they witness John Cena arrive at the Key Arena, pulling a rolling bag behind him. Cena is in camouflage shorts and a bright orange t-shirt. He's staring straight ahead, all business as he approaches the rear exit of the arena. However, before he reaches the door, he's approached by Cathy Kelley, accompanied by her trusty SGW issued microphone! Cena gives her a sly smile as she approaches, balancing his bag next to him and letting go of the handle. He tips his bright orange cap to her.

[ John Cena ] Queen Cathy.

She blushes and bats her eyelashes.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hi, John.

She's practically beaming. Cena clasps his hands in front of him, looking down at her.

[ John Cena ] What can I do for you this evening?

Her smile wavers a bit.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Well, John... I was wondering if you might have any opinions or... insight, even... on who attacked Jeff Jarrett at SGW Revenge. Being the victim of a senseless, random attack yourself, that is.

Cena props his elbow in his hand and scratches his chin. The classic Thinking Man.

[ John Cena ] Cathy, if there's one thing I've learned in all o' my years in the business... it's go with your gut.

She nods, looking thoughtful.

[ John Cena ] And my gut tells me... that the man who attacked Jeff Jarrett...

He looks directly into the camera, no more smiles, no more amusement... all intensity.

[ John Cena ] ...is the same man... who attacked ME!

Cathy's eyes are wide, clearly intimidated by the Hulk'd out Cena.

[ John Cena ] I ain't forget 'chu, Orton.

He shakes his head.

[ John Cena ] ...not by a damn sight!

He takes a deep breath and turns back to Cathy.

[ John Cena ] I hope that answers your question.

He takes her by the hand and kisses her just above her knuckles before giving her a wink.

[ John Cena ] Always a pleasure, Cathy.

Without another word, Cena grabs his bag and walks into the arena. Cathy is visibly flustered. However, that feeling is suddenly shut down when the camera pans over to reveal Paul Heyman looming creepily over her shoulder. She almost jumps out of her shoes, startled by his fat, greasy presence. He smiles from ear to ear. She swallows hard.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Um... hi, Paul.

He reaches up and pinches her cheek.

[ Paul Heyman ] Cathy... Kelley... I never tire of seeing that adorable face.

[ Cathy Kelley ] What brings you out here, Paul? Shouldn't you be helping Tessa Blanchard prepare for her big match with Sasha Banks tonight?

He scoffs.

[ Paul Heyman ] Sasha Banks? Please! Tessa won the match the moment that it was booked. What happens in the ring tonight, presumably the end of Sasha Banks' career... is simply a formality. No, dear Cathy... I'm here to let you and all of the fans at home in on some breaking news.

He stares right into her eyes uncomfortably.

[ Paul Heyman ] Are you ready?

[ Cathy Kelley ] Uh, for... for what?

[ Paul Heyman ] The news, Cathy! Keep up! Are you ready?! This is a huge scoop!

He rolls his eyes.

[ Paul Heyman ] Isn't that your whole shtick? You interview people, you get the scoop, and then... then... you deliver it to the unwashed masses? Regardless! I am here to cordially announce that my wonderful, fun loving wrestling family will be expanding, effective tonight.

He turns and looks into the camera, smiling. Cathy looks intrigued, raising an eyebrow.

[ Paul Heyman ] You heard that right... Paul Heyman... the advocate for some of the most impressive athletes in the history of combat sports will be actively scouting for a new client... who will be named right here tonight... at SGW Momentum.

Paul turns and starts to walk away but Cathy calls out to him.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Paul! Wait! Who... who is it!?

He clasps his hands in front of him and smiles devilishly.

[ Paul Heyman ] Now, now, Cathy... that would be a spoiler.

He turns and walks away, leaving Cathy standing there by herself. Finally, she huffs and looks comically disappointed before walking off-camera herself. We remain there for a moment, looking out into the parking lot for what feels like a good 30 seconds before we see Sin Cara approaching the building in a three piece suit and his mask, carrying his bag with him. However, before he can reach the entrance, a recurring theme so far tonight, he's blocked suddenly by the presence of LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park! The fans boo loudly. Sin Cara drops his bag next to him and looks ready to fight... but it becomes clear that isn't the goal when Salina de la Renta saunters into the shot in a skin tight white business suit. She looks Sin Cara up and down, raising her eyebrow... clearly impressed by what she sees.

[ Salina de la Renta ] You did not answer my calls.

LA Park shifts behind her, lurking over her shoulder. He badly wants this to go south.

[ Salina de la Renta ] Do you not believe me to be serious with my offer?

Sin Cara doesn't answer... he simply stares right through her.

[ Salina de la Renta ] If you join me... you will be the SGW World Heavyweight Champion.

She steps to him, getting right in his face. He tilts his head to the side, staring into her eyes.

[ Salina de la Renta ] You will be my champion.

Without saying a word, Sin Cara pushes past her and walks toward the entrance. LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park turn and ready themselves for the assault but Salina puts her hand up, stopping them in place. The Parks look at one another and then at Sin Cara as he disappears behind the door. The camera slowly zooms in on her face as she smolders.

We quickly head inside the arena where...

The momentum...



"Forward Momentum" by Dark Tranquillity is blaring over the speaker as we hit the ringside area like a runaway train! The fans are on their feet, screaming their lungs out until they're inevitably drowned out by the sound of pyrotechnics exploding all across the stage, down the ramp, and from atop the ring posts! Ring announcer Justin Roberts is already standing in the ring, plugging his ears with both index fingers while trying to maintain a grip on his microphone! The camera zips along the ringside area, giving everyone at home a close-up view of the screaming fans lucky enough to be sitting front row for this epic event! They're screaming, wild eyed and shaking their fists, ready for the action they've been promised on this night! Suddenly, the camera lifts up and away from the ringside area and we get a sweeping view of the thousands of fans that fill the arena, catching a glimpse of several signs that have been lovingly handcrafted and brought along on journeys of hundreds or even thousands of miles so that they may be featured here tonight!





As the camera turns its attention toward the entranceway, we finally hear the voices of Solid Gold Wrestling... Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner! The excitement in Tony's voice cannot be denied!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's gonna be a big night, fellas! Lots o' stakes ridin' on these matches we got comin' up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You're exactly right, Nigel! You might even say this could be the greatest night--

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely no one is sayin' that, Tony! Not a soul!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, you just never know...

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Sure, I'll give ya' that, Tony... but what we do know is that there are ten matches scheduled this evening and every single one of them carry high stakes regarding the future of Solid Gold Wrestling! We've got a star studded six-man tag team match featuring six of the seven men who, at SGW Revenge, qualified for the 12 Large Tournament on December 1st... to determine the brand new SGW World Heavyweight Champion... but that's not all... the winners of this match will become the top three seeds in the tournament, giving them a distinct advantage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We've also got four 12 Large Qualifying matches to determine the competitors who will round out the tournament! Now, I know what you're thinking, that's only eleven spots filled... but we've received word from the SGW Championship Committee that the twelfth spot has been filled and will be announced at some point during the event tonight. Very peculiar, eh, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Curiouser and curiouser, Tony... let's not forget that Trish Stratus will reveal the plan to crown the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion at Mile High Madness on November 30th! We've got two huge women's matches tonight and I've got to think that the winners of those matches will earn some kind of advantage heading into the double shot weekend!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's such an exciting time to be a wrestling fan, friend!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ...indeed, it is.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Last but certainly not least, our main event this evening will feature the crowning of the first SGW World Tag Team Champions in over thirteen years when The Golden Lovers meet Salina De La Renta's Promociones Dorado and a team that... well... didn't qualify by conventional means, Dario Cueto's Hybrid 2!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That certainly raises a lot of questions, Tony! Dario Cueto implied that there's some level of corruption within the SGW Championship Committee! True or not, that's an allegation that brings a great many things into question! I see an investigation going down in the very near future!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And speaking of an investigation, our thoughts and prayers are with the head of the Championship Committee and former owner of Solid Gold Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, who was brutally assaulted at SGW Revenge... Solid Gold Wrestling officials and police are looking into the matter and we hope to have an update very soon.


Before Steiner can even impart his wisdom on us, "Phenomenal" hits and the fans erupt in boos! AJ Styles walks out onto the stage in his neon green and black gear, flanked by his new muscle, Bad Luck Fale! Styles stands at the edge of the ramp and throws his hood back, definitely looking pleased with himself. Fale stands alongside him, wearing sunglasses with his arms folded across his chest, putting off an undeniable air of intimidation. Styles begins making his way down to the ring with Fale plodding behind him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There he is, gentlemen... AJ Styles!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He qualified for 12 Large by defeating Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels in the main event of SGW Revenge! Some have questioned his methods of winning the match, using the ropes for leverage to pin Danielson, but most people were talking about how he fired Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson immediately following the bout!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And now here he is with Bad Luck Fale! I suppose time will tell whetha' he made a mistake... or an upgrade, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't have any questions about his methods! Anybody who watched that match knew AJ Styles was gonna win! Christopher Daniels is a bald headed son of a bitch that ain't never amounted to nothin' in his whole life! And the other guy in the match was Bryan Danielson and of course he's cryin' because that's what vegan pussies like Danielson do! You wanna know why you lost, Danielson!? It wasn't 'cause AJ Styles used the ropes! It was 'cause you ain't never been inside a gym in your whole life, you flaccid little boy! You don't deserve to be 12 Large 'cause there ain't nothin' large about you except that fuckin' beard you're hidin' behind! Hidin'! FROM THE REAL MAN! ME! FREAKZILLA! I'M STILL CALLIN' YOU OUT, DANIELSON!

Bad Luck Fale stalks around the ringside area as Styles enters the ring and removes his entrance jacket. He tosses it outside the ring and waits in his corner, looking one hundred percent focused. Suddenly, the lights go down and "Root of All Evil" hits. Smoke fills the stage and "The Queen of the Damned" Zelina Vega steps through the curtain with a stoic, royal look upon her face. She glares down the ramp at AJ Styles, tilting her head back and looking down her nose at the ringside area. Without warning, Aleister Black rises up out of the smoke like Count Dracula himself, drawing a huge pop from the fans! Wearing a horned entrance vest, Black stands next to Vegas, his head tilted downward and his eyes directed up at the ring. He's trembling with intensity as he begins to make his way down to the ring with Vega trailing behind him with her hands on her hips.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Gentlemen... the mood has changed.

[ Scott Steiner ] Don't go quotin' that Taz bullshit, Tony! Don't you even fuckin' start!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Aleister Black defeated Samoa Joe in a brutal, hard hitting, borderline uncomfortable to watch match at SGW Revenge... vanquishing The Samoan Submission Machine with Black Mass! I don't think anyone is coming into this match with more hype than Aleister Black following that five star brawl!

Aleister Black climbs into the ring and sits down right in the middle, glaring out at the fans. Zelina Vega remains at ringside, lightly applauding her husband. AJ Styles walks over and leans down into the shot, throwing up a couple of "Too Sweets" on either side of Black's head, visibly infuriating him. Black rises to his feet and gets right in Styles' face! They go nose to nose and Styles gives Black a hard shove! Before Black can even respond, Mike Chioda gets between them!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You gotta work togetha', fellas!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They'll have plenty of time to sort through their issues at 12 Large, if that's how the brackets line up! Until then, it's a foolhardy endeavor for these two to fight it out right now! Wouldn't you agree, Scott?

[ Scott Steiner ] If that was me, I'd kill AJ Styles for disrespectin' me like that! Then I smash that little dweeb in the BDSM mask when he comes out! And do ya' know what happens after that?! I win this match all by myself! By the time we get to December 1st, the show's been renamed 2 LARGE! 1 LARGE FOR EACH ONE OF THE LARGEST ARMS IN THE FUCKIN' WORLD!

Styles and Black continue jawing at each other with Chioda between them when "The Ecstasy of Gold" hits and Sin Cara makes his way out onto the stage in his sleeveless entrance vest. The fans pop huge as Sin Cara stands there and looks out at the fans before pointing out at them and walking down the ramp.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] That... gimp defeated Still Life with Apricots and Pears to qualify for 12 Large, Scott, and he's a dark horse favorite of mine to take the whole thing! Though we don't know who the remaining five competitors are who will make up the final spots at 12 Large, it would seem that Sin Cara is being heartily overlooked! That's a huge advantage that I don't think many people are considering!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's certainly not being overlooked by Salina de la Renta, Nigel. She's actively pursuing Sin Cara, looking to make him the centerpiece of her Promociones Dorado! It's hard to tell if he's interested in going that direction or not, however.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, I ain't overlookin' Salina del la Renta neither, if you know what I mean! But I am... lookin' her over and Big Poppa Pump KNOWS she thinks she can fool some o' the world some o' the time but she can't fool all o' the world all o' the time but she ain't foolin' the Big Bad... Booty Daddy at all if she thinks she can hide that faaaat ass under that sensible... business... ensemble!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my!

Sin Cara launches from the floor to the ring, executing a forward tumble and rising to his feet. Aleister Black and AJ Styles finally stop arguing and Sin Cara goes corner to corner, basking in the cheers of the fans. All three men look ready for action... but the spirit of teamwork is clearly not there. All three of them are doing their own thing until "The Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks hits and the fans pop huge! Tim Storm walks out onto the stage and immediately begins making his way down the ramp, high fiving fans all the way down to the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm! One of the unlikely success stories of the resurgence of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] Success story, my ass! Big Scot Galloway had this punk BEAT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Regardless of how that match went down before MJF stuck his nose where it didn't belong, you can't deny the heart of Tim Storm! At fifty-two years of age, this man is following his dream of competing in an SGW ring and now here he is, qualified for 12 Large alongside some of the best wrestlers in the entire world!

Tim Storm climbs into the ring and takes his place in the corner, gripping the top rope and stretching a bit before leaning against the turnbuckles, waiting for his opponents. Storm eyes Black, Sin Cara, and Styles with confidence until "The Gilded Warrior" hits and "The National Treasure" Nick Aldis makes his way out onto the stage with his insurance policy, Kamille, alongside him. Wearing his entrance jacket, he makes his way down the ramp with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under his arm. He looks down at the fans with a disgusted look on his face as he draws closer to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, Nick Aldis is one of the most talented performers in the world today... but if you wanna talk about how Tim Storm qualified for 12 Large, you must bring up how Nick Aldis qualified! The man didn't even have a match! He simply reaped the benefits of Randy Orton's disgusting and unprovoked attack on John Cena!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't have a problem with how Tim Storm or Nick Aldis advanced to 12 Large! The way I see it, ya' take what ya' can get and if unfortunate circumstances lead to you getting an advantage over someone else... well... welcome to the business!

[ Scott Steiner ] Screw how he qualified! What's he doin' bringin' that bullshit toy belt to the ring with him!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Scott! One of the most prestigious wrestling championships in the entire world... supposedly, it's said to date all the way back to Abraham Lincoln!

[ Scott Steiner ] Don't try to sell me that bullshit!

Aldis climbs into the ring while Kamille remains at ringside with her hands on her hips, looking uninterested in being here. Aldis removes his jacket and hands it to Mike Chioda before holding up the NWA World Championship, giving it a kiss, and handing it off to Kamille at ringside. Aldis and Storm glare at one another, acknowledging their history of fighting over the NWA Championship but that's as far as it goes... there's clearly no love between them. Finally, "Undisputed" hits and Adam Cole makes his way out onto the stage in a black "Adam Cole BAY-BAY" t-shirt with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD following him. Cole stands on the stage, looking out at everyone with a cocky grin on his face. He bends at the waist and then stands upright with both hands pointed in the air, shouting "ADAM COLE... BAY-BAY!" along with the fans. Cole begins making his way down to the ring with Baker following.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole has to be a favorite in the 12 Large Tournament, gentlemen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I agree, Tony... that win over Dustin Rhodes at SGW Revenge was a bloody statement!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The man is talented! He's driven! He's got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Basically, he's everything that makes SGW what it is! I'm gonna call it right here, gentlemen... without even seeing who else qualifies, I think Adam Cole is our next SGW World Champion!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whooooa! Bold prediction, Tony!

[ Scott Steiner ] Bold, yeah! Real bold... because it ain't gonna happen! Look at his arms! The broad with Aldis has got bigger arms than this kid!

Adam Page stands on the apron and points at himself with his thumb as the fans shout "BOOOOOOM!" in unison! Cole finally makes his way into the ring and leads the fans in one more guttural cry of "ADAM COLE BAY-BAYYYYYYY!" while Britt Baker applauds him from ringside. Finally, with all six men in the ring and four associates at ringside, it's down to everyone and Mike Chioda to decide who is going to begin this match!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 45:00

The match begins with Tim Storm and Aleister Black in the ring. Storm has both fists clenched, ready for action. Black stands in his corner, staring across the ring at Storm with dead eyes. Without a word spoken, it's as if both men automatically know it's time to get down to business. Keeping close to the ropes, both men circle the ring, their eyes locked on one another. However, as Tim Storm passes by his own corner, Adam Cole slaps him on the shoulder and climbs into the ring with an arrogant look on his face. The fans boo as Tim Storm looks him up and down in disbelief. Cole gives Storm a wink and Storm just shakes his head before stepping onto the apron. Cole turns and lays eyes on Aleister Black, showing no fear or intimidation... but before Cole can even take a step, Nick Aldis slaps Cole on the back and climbs inside the ring. "Are you joking right now!?" shouts Cole! Aldis looks down his nose at Cole, smiling. Cole runs his hands through his hair and steps onto the apron, looking pissed. Britt Baker, standing at ringside, claps and can be heard saying "It's alright, baby, you got this!" Cole snaps back, "I don't got this! I don't got anything! I'm on the apron, Britt!" Aldis takes  a moment to stop mean mugging his own partners and then turns right around... INTO BLACK MASS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH... MY... GOODNESS!


Aldis crumbles and lands in a heap! Black falls right on top of him! Mike Chioda slides into position! One! Two! Thre-- ADAM COLE WITH A STOMP TO THE BACK OF BLACK'S HEAD! Black rolls off of Aldis, clutching the back of his head. Cole drags Aldis to their corner and tags himself back into the match, showing no respect for his own partner as he uses his boot to nudge him under the bottom rope, where lands on the floor and lays motionless as Kamille runs over to tend to him. Cole turns around just in time to see Black slowly returning to his feet. As Black gets up to one knee, Cole runs over and kicks him right in the face before snatching him up off the mat and drilling him with a BRAIN BUSTER! Cole doesn't waste time going for a pin, it's way too early for that! He stands up with a handful of Black's hair, pulling him up into a seated position. Satisfied that he'll remain in place, Cole hits the ropes... rebounds off the other side... and goes for a running knee strike! Black rolls out of the way and Cole catches himself, turning around suddenly... BLACK MASS! COLE DUCKS! Black spins out and Cole grabs him around the waist from behind... RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! BLACK DOES A BACKFLIP AND LANDS ON HIS FEET! Cole sits up, pointing at his head BECAUSE HE'S JUST THAT SMART and then turns around to see Black staring right into his eyes! Cole freaks and flails backward into his own corner, tagging in Tim Storm!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The intensity of Aleister Black is unmatched!

[ Scott Steiner ] Of course it is! Look at the bad bitch he brought to the ring with 'im! You could fit that broad in your pocket but there ain't enough room in this god damn arena for that attitude! That shit'll take a toll on any man!

Tim Storm looks disappointed in Cole, shaking his head as he climbs into the ring. Cole remains on one knee, leaning on the middle rope as he watches Storm take the initiative. Aleister Black stands totally upright, staring down his nose at Storm. Black casually tags in AJ Styles and climbs through the ropes, kneeling so that he can confer with "The Queen of the Damned" Zelina Vega at ringside. AJ Styles grabs the top rope with both hands and vaults into the ring, landing on his feet with an arrogant look on his face. Styles looks highly amused, shouting "Is this what you want, old timer!? Well, you 'bout to get it!" Styles and Storm circle one another before Styles requests a test of strength. Storm smiles confidently and obliges. Once their hands are locked together, Styles begins complaining about his grip and breaks the test of strength, shaking his hands out looking to be in discomfort.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like AJ Styles is having difficulty with the test of strength...

[ Scott Steiner ] Pussy! What a pussy! If he can't handle Old Man Storm, he should quit the business!

Storm looks frustrated, shouting "Are we gonna do this or what?!" Styles waves Storm off and tags in Sin Cara! Even with the mask on, you can see the confusion on Sin Cara's "face." Sin Cara shakes his head and climbs into the ring. Storm motions for Sin Cara to bring it on... and Sin Cara is looking for a test of strength of his own! Storm and Sin Cara lock hands and they struggle for a moment before Tim Storm's obvious size and power advantage wins out, forcing Sin Cara all the way down onto his shoulders where Mike Chioda counts ONE before Sin Cara gets a shoulder up! Sin Cara is completely bridged back on his head and Tim Storm actually looks impressed... before dropping a knee on Sin Cara's mid-section!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Check out the veteran instincts on Tim Storm!

Tim Storm takes over, snatching Sin Cara up by his mask and whipping him into the ropes. Tim Storm goes for a clothesline but Sin Cara ducks it and springs off the middle rope with an ASAI MOONSAULT! Tim Storm catches him on his shoulder and the fans gasp in awe! Storm parades around Sin Cara on his shoulder, a huge smile on his face, and then runs him into the turnbuckles POWER SLAM STYLE! He leaves Sin Cara in the tree of woe and begins delivering lefts and rights to Sin Cara's mid-section as Mike Chioda demands he let Sin Cara out of the corner! Tim Storm backs away, his hands up, and Sin Cara falls out of the corner in a heap. Once Sin Cara is free from the ropes, Tim Storm approaches him and takes hold of his mask and the waist of his tights. He drags Sin Cara toward his corner and tags in Adam Cole, as Nick Aldis has yet to return to the apron.

Adam Cole stalks Sin Cara as he attempts to return to his feet. He gets to all fours and Cole kicks him right in the side of the head before snatching him up by his mask and setting him up for COLE-ATERAL! Sin Cara manages to drive a knee into the top of Cole's head and slip out behind him! Cole turns around into a dropkick that sends him staggering back toward the ropes... he rebounds off the middle rope and charges back at Sin Cara with a clothesline! Sin Cara ducks the clothesline, leaps to the middle rope, launches onto the top turnbuckle, and flies... bringing Adam Cole down with a lucha arm drag! Cole rolls right back to his feet and they charge each other desperately! Cole throws a CORONA KICK but Sin Cara ducks it and hits the ropes... ONLY TO GET TRIPPED BY NICK ALDIS ON THE FLOOR! Sin Cara doesn't go down but his momentum is stopped and he turns to look at Aldis and yank his foot free... and turns around into a SUPER KICK FROM COLE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT'S HIS MOVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The SUPER KICK PARTY has begun!

Sin Cara tumbles through the ropes and lands on the apron where Nick Aldis drags him off to the floor and slings him back first into the guardrail! Sin Cara goes down in a seated position against the rail and Aldis puts the boots to him before snatching him up with a handful of mask and tights and throws him under the bottom rope! Aldis returns to the apron as Kamille applauds his heroic efforts from ringside. Cole tags Aldis in and Aldis looms over Sin Cara, wringing his hands together in anticipation of what's he going to do to him. Sin Cara is visibly in pain as Aldis stalks him. Sin Cara gets up to one knee and Aldis grabs him around the waist, dead lifting him off of the mat and attempting to give him a stalling German suplex but Sin Cara manages to lock his legs around Aldis' waist, push off of the mat, and drill him him face first with a wheelbarrow bulldog!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is Sin Cara's chance! He's gotta make a tag!

[ Scott Steiner ] He ain't got it in him! His shit's done fucked up! Them little guys can't take a hit like a grown man!

Both men are down! Sin Cara is stirring and crawls agonizingly slow toward his corner! Aldis sits up, eyes crossed... the lights are on but no one's home! Sin Cara is only a few feet away from his partners! While AJ Styles looks bored, not even holding his hand out, Aleister Black reaches for a tag, demanding that he be chosen! Sin Cara is almost there, within inches! And Nick Aldis grabs his ankle and drags him back toward the center of the ring. Maintaining a grip on Sin Cara's ankle, Aldis reaches over and tags in Tim Storm! Tim Storm rushes into the ring and immediately drops an elbow across Sin Cara's back! Aldis rolls under the bottom rope and returns to the apron. Tim Storm once again uses his size to overwhelm Sin Cara, keeping him on the mat and using his strength to maintain the advantage.

Tim Storm rolls Sin Cara into a seated position and locks in a sleeper hold! Sin Cara has almost nothing left and quickly fades away, leaning to the side until Storm follows him down and they lay on  the mat with Storm keeping the hold cinched in. Mike Chioda lifts up Sin Cara's hand and it drops! He lifts it up a second time... and it drops!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Gentlemen, it was a good run but this is it for Sin Cara.

Chioda lifts up Sin Cara's hand for the third time... and Sin Cara's hand remains in the air, clenched in a fist! Sin Cara shakes his fist in the air as Tim Storm looks on with wide eyes, sweat rolling down his reddened face! Sin Cara fights back up to his knees... then up to one knee with Tim Storm following, doing everything he can to keep the advantage! Sin Cara begins elbowing Tim Storm in the mid-section! The fans are going wild and Sin Cara finally elbows his way out of it! Tim Storm holds him stomach and Sin Cara whips around and nails him with a STEP UP ENZUIGIRI! Tim Storm goes down to one knee and quickly dives to tag in Adam Cole!

Adam Cole charges in but he's too late and Sin Cara makes the tag to Aleister Black to a huge pop! Aleister Black steps through the ropes and Cole immediately tries to beg off... but Black advances on him and begins immediately nailing him with a series of stiff strikes before nailing him with a roundhouse kick that sends him tumbling through the ropes to the floor! Adam Cole lands on his feet and staggers backward into the guardrail where he runs his hands through his hair and looks completely caught off guard... AND THEN ALEISTER BLACK SMEARS HIM AGAINST THE RAIL WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GOOD LORD! THE CARNAGE!

Aleister Black is up immediately, pounding his chest and roaring like a monster! Before he can capitalize on Cole, Nick Aldis leaps off the apron with a double axe handle to the back! Black doesn't go down, instead turning around to trade blows with Aldis! They go back and forth and Adam Cole returns to his feet, nailing Aleister Black in the back with a forearm! It's two on one with Tim Storm watching from the apron... until AJ STYLES COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR, WIPING OUT ALL THREE OF THEM! Styles returns to his feet, finds the nearest camera and points at his own face with both hands, shouting "THIS! IS THE FACE! THAT RUNS THE PLACE, SON!" And then Styles turns right around into a KICK TO THE FACE from TIM STORM!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm with the assist!

[ Scott Steiner ] That'll shut that idiot AJ Styles up! I don't know why he's so damn proud of himself! All he did was beat Bryan Danielson! That ain't nothin' to be proud of! Like beatin' a damn kid! I beat kids up all the damn time and you don't see me braggin' about it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wait, what-

Tim Storm remains on the apron, smiling about what he just did... and has no clue that Sin Cara is climbing the turnbuckles behind him! Storm turns around and Sin Cara leaps... FLYING HEADSCISSORS FROM THE TOP ROPE OFF THE APRON ON TIM STORM! HE'S SERIOUSLY TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT! Sin Cara is up and the fans are losing their minds! Aleister Black returns to his feet and gives Sin Cara a good shove before pointing at their opponents... and then up at the ring! Sin Cara gets the message and they each grab Nick Aldis and Adam Cole. They push them under the bottom rope and follow them inside, leaving AJ Styles and Tim Storm lying on the floor. Aldis and Cole slowly return to their feet... Black and Sin Cara each shoot them off into the ropes! Sin Cara follows Nick Aldis in and nails him with a FLYING CROSSBODY that sends them both tumbling over the top rope to the floor! Aleister Black allows Adam Cole to come back to him and goes for BLACK MASS but Adam Cole ducks it and kicks Black in the knee on the turnaround! Black goes down to one knee and Cole hits the ropes... LAST SHOTTTTTTTTTT!


Aleister Black goes down as Zelina Vega looks shocked at ringside! Cole prepares to go for the pin but AJ STYLES COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cole rolls out of the ring and Styles executes a perfect forward tumble out of the move and returns to his feet... walking right into THE PERFECT STORM FROM TIM STORM! Tim Storm returns to his feet, pounding his chest, all fired up! And then he comes face to face with Bad Luck Fale! The fans "OOooooOooOo" in anticipation as Tim Storm comes nose to nose with AJ Styles' new muscle! Mike Chioda is losing his shit, demanding that Fale get out of the ring! However, before they can come to blows, Kamille rolls under the bottom rope and nails Fale with a low blow! Doubling over in pain, Fale is quickly thrown over the top rope to the floor by Tim Storm! Tim Storm dusts his hands off... and turns around into a MISSILE DROPKICK FROM SIN CARA! Storm hits the mat and rolls under the bottom rope! Sin Cara returns to his feet and points to the floor where Tim Storm is lying! HE'S GONNA FLY! Sin Cara hits the ropes... AND GETS CUT OFF AND NAILED WITH TORMENTUM BY NICK ALDIS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] DAMN YOU, ALDIS!

Aldis covers and he's too tired to hook the leg... one! Two! Thre-- AJ STYLES BREAKS THE PIN WITH A SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH! Styles goes for an arrogant cover, sitting on Aldis' chest while holding up double "Too Sweet" hand signs! One! Two! Thr-- SUPERKICK FROM ADAM COLE! Styles flails backward and rolls out of the ring! Sin Cara stirs and tries to get back to his feet! Adam Cole stalks him with a huge smile on his face... and then Sin Cara gets up to both knees and places his hands on the waist band of Adam Cole's tights. The man's got nothing left to give! Cole looks around at everyone, grinning, standing there with a confident swagger that's unmatched by anyone else! Cole grabs Sin Cara by his mask and holds him steady. He shouts right in Sin Cara's face.

"Are you ready for this, kid?! You shoulda' stayed down the first time I put you on your ass!"

The fans boo loudly, not caring at all for this blatant disrespect from Adam Cole. Cole tilts his head to the side and uses his free hand to loosen his tights, pulling the strings out over his waistband. The fans begin booing, knowing what's coming.

"Because now it's TIIIIIIIIIME... for you to SUCK! MY! DICK!"

And then the fans pop huge as Sin Cara grabs a handful of Adam Cole's crotch! Cole hops in place, looking horrified as Britt Baker watches on from ringside with genuine fear in her eyes! Sin Cara returns to his feet, nodding along as the fans cheer so loudly that they threaten to bring the building down! Nick Aldis returns to the ring behind Sin Cara and charges at him with a clothesline from behind but Sin Cara ducks and Nick Aldis turns Adam Cole inside out with the clothesline! Cole rolls out of the ring and can't believe how bad he just messed up! Before Aldis can even turn around, Sin Cara hits the ropes on the other side of the ring, rebounds toward Aldis and nails him with a WHEELBARROW STUNNER! Aldis sells back to his feet and tumbles through the ropes, hits the apron, and lands on his feet on the floor... WHERE SIN CARA MEETS HIM WITH A SUICIDE DIVE... INTO A TORNADO DDT ON THE FLOOR!



Sin Cara springs back to his feet excitedly and the fans are going wild... until they suddenly aren't. We soon find out why when the camera pans to the stage and we see SALINA DE LA RENTA observing Sin Cara's performance from afar. Sin Cara actually doesn't seem rattled, paying her no mind beyond a passing glance... but that was all it took to turn the tide! Tim Storm nails Sin Cara from behind with a big, clubbing forearm and throws him under the bottom rope, back into the ring! Tim Storm follows him in and grabs two handfuls of his mask, pulling him back to his feet. He whips Sin Cara into the ropes and gets it... THE PERFECT STORM-- NO! SIN CARA BEGINS TILT-A-WHIRLING ALL AROUND TIM STORM AND IT'S NON-STOP! THE FANS ARE GOING NUTS! AND SIN CARA DRILLS STORM INTO THE MAT WITH A CRUCIFIX BOMB!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jesus Christ! His old ass neck can't handle this shit! Someone call a hearse cause Tim Storm is fuckin' dead! Go straight to the graveyard! Don't pass go and definitely don't collect your two hundred fuckin' dollars!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sin Cara is pulling out all the stops! Perhaps because Salina de la Renta has joined us on the stage to observe this match!

Storm rolls out of the ring and Sin Cara turns right around into a SUPER KICK FROM ADAM COLE! Cole goes for a cover but Sin Cara rolls under the bottom rope as Cole looks on, utterly defeated! Cole sits up on his knees and a genuine look of fear washes over his face as he hears a rumble behind him. Cole slowly stands and swallows hard before turning around... and coming face to face with Aleister Black! Cole begs off, taking a few steps back... and AJ STYLES FLIES FROM BEHIND! PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cole dives to the side and AJ Styles manages to land on his feet right in front Aleister Black, stopping himself from hitting his own partner! Styles pats Black on the shoulders with both hands, laughing and saying "Whoa, buddy! That was close!" Aleister Black looks enraged... AND KICKS STYLES' HEAD OFF HIS SHOULDERS WITH BLACK MASS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's his own partner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not wise, Aleister! Not wise at all!


The fans erupt as Black stands there, huffing and puffing angrily. Styles rolls out of the ring while cradling his head and Adam Cole comes from the side with a SUPER KICK but Black ducks it and nails Cole with BLACK MASS! Cole doesn't go down! He stands in place on spaghetti legs, threatening to fall over like a dying tree but Black catches him by the chin, stares right into his eyes and shouts "THIS! IS! YOUR! END!" but Black's eyes get wide as he sees SIN CARA springboard off the ropes behind Cole and dropkick him in the back, sending Cole crashing into Black! The impact sends Black tumbling to the floor and Cole follows him, rolling onto the apron and then onto his feet, leaning on the apron and clutching the back of his head. Sin Cara hops in place, signaling that he's going to fly once again! He hits the ropes... and TIM STORM CUTS HIM OFF WITH THE PERFECT STORM! HE EVEN FITS IN A COUPLE EXTRA SPINS BUT THAT COSTS HIM AS SIN CARA MANAGES TO REPOSITION INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN FOR THE ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNERS - AJ Styles, Aleister Black, & Sin Cara via Pin Fall in 34:01

The fans pop huge and begin chanting "HOLY SHIT" at the top of the lungs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Pardon my language but I must echo the sentiments of our fans when  I say... HO-LEE SHIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a match, Nigel! And now Sin Cara, Aleister Black, and AJ Styles will enter 12 Large as the top three tournament seeds!

[ Scott Steiner ] Good! That prize woulda' been a waste on Tim Storm! He might not make it to 12 Large since he's so god damn old!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on, Scott.


In the ring, Tim Storm remains on his knees next to Sin Cara. Salina de la Renta shows no sign on her face of whether she is impressed or not by Sin Cara's performance but she turns and silently walks to the back without incident. At ringside, Kamille has helped Aldis to his feet and he now clutches the NWA World Championship belt to his chest as he staggers up the ramp, toward the back until they disappear behind the curtain. AJ Styles and Bad Luck Fale leave up the ramp with Fale covering Styles' head with his entrance jacket as the fans scream obscenities at him. Adam Cole and Britt Baker head up the ramp with Cole looking pissed and more than worse for wear. Shortly after, Aleister Black stalks up the ramp with Zelina Vega on his arm, showing no sign of how he feels about winning the match. Black and Vega disappear behind the curtain, leaving only Tim Storm and Sin Cara in the ring. Storm helps Sin Cara to his feet and shakes his hand as the fans cheer.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There it is, gentlemen! That's the spirit of sportsmanship in action!

Storm pats Sin Cara on the shoulder and exits the ring... however.


The fans erupt in boos as Randy Orton steps through the curtain in his gear and a sleeveless hoodie with the hood up. He stands on the stage and looks out at the fans for a moment before walking down the ramp at a lackadaisical pace, showing almost no interest in his surroundings at all. Tim Storm remains in the center of the ramp, staring Orton down the entire time he's coming toward him... but as Orton reaches him, he simply walks past Storm like he isn't even standing there! Storm shakes his head, annoyed by the gesture, and continues walking up the ramp. Orton climbs up the ring steps and then into the ring where Sin Cara remains standing with his hands on his hips. Orton walks right past him and leans through the ropes, shouting "Gimme a god damn mic!" before swiftly receiving one from Justin Roberts. Orton thumps on the top of it, making sure it's on and then walks toward the center of the ring--


The fans lose it! Tim Storm stops on the stage, looking FURIOUS, and charges back down toward the ring! Mike Chioda meets him halfway down the ramp and here comes Steve Corino and D-Von Dudley with a herd of arena security! Orton throws off his jacket and picks up his microphone. Corino and Dudley slide under the bottom rope and check on Sin Cara.

[ Randy Orton ] Hey! Hey, keep him back!

Orton sneers.

[ Randy Orton ] You stupid old man! You're outta control!

Orton walks a semi-circle around the ring, moving around manically... almost crazed.

[ Randy Orton ] Everybody... everybody... EVERYBODY SAW SIN CARA TRY TO FUCK ON ME!

Orton shoves Steve Corino aside and leans down in Sin Cara's face.


Steve Corino and D-Von Dudley pull Sin Cara out of the ring and hand him off to arena security, who helps him to the back. Tim Storm looks furious as arena security won't let him past to get his hands on Orton. Finally, shaking his head in defeat, Storm returns to the back, lending a hand to help Sin Cara through the curtain. Corino and Dudley remain at ringside, keeping an eye on Orton as he remains in the ring with a microphone. The fans loudly begin chanting "FUCK YOU, ORTON" over and over. Orton finally comes to a stop in the center of the ring and allows the fans to bathe him in their hatred. He finally raises the microphone.

[ Randy Orton ] Let this be a lesson... I do what I want... when I want.

The fans boo even louder.

[ Randy Orton ] I am the only SGW legend left standing in this company... and there is no one... absolutely no one who will tell me what I can or can't do. Everything... everything... EVERYTHING that happens from this moment forward... happens on my terms.

An arrogant smirk crosses his face.

[ Randy Orton ] You wanna give those six losers a shot at the top three seeds in the tournament? That's fine by me... it doesn't matter where they fall in the tournament because I'll beat them one... by... one... but you're not gonna just leave me out in the cold... you're not gonna treat me like I don't matter! I do matter! I'm the only person in this god damn stinkin' company that MATTERS!

He turns to face the entranceway.

[ Randy Orton ] So yeah, I'm not waiting any longer... bring out Samoa Joe so I can kick his fat ass.

The fans "OoOOoooOOo" in anticipation and they're immediately cut off by "Mama Said Knock You Out" hitting over the speaker system! The fans pop huge as Samoa Joe explodes from the back in his green and black gear with a towel around his neck! Joe stands on the apron, breathing heavily before whipping the towel off, throwing it on the ground, and stomping down the ramp!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Samoa Joe is HERE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And he's got somethin' t' prove, Tony!

[ Scott Steiner ] I saw that fat bastard in the back earlier, tryin' to prove he could fit a hundred marshmallows in his mouth! You shoulda' seen 'im when he got to fifty! IT LOOKED LIKE THE GOD DAMN STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN BRICKED IN JABBA THE HUTT'S MOUTH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jesus.

[ Tony Schiavone ] After having what many people considered the match of the night with Aleister Black at SGW Revenge, Samoa Joe is looking to regain what momentum he lost by failing to qualify for 12 Large! If Samoa Joe can knock off Randy Orton tonight, that has to put him in contention for a title shot following the tournament!

[ Scott Steiner ] Smo' Joe ain't gonna beat Randy Orton! Look at Randy Orton and look at Smo' Joe and you tell me who the fuckin' star is! Randy Orton's a grown man with a grown man's body! Smo' Joe looks like a baby that got old but never stopped bein' a baby! That's the difference 'n Smo' Joe and a real man! Randy Orton sits down and has a beer after a hard fought match... Smo' Joe has his ugly wife change his diaper and powder his thighs because they're raw from rubbin' together during his match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Okay, Scott-

[ Scott Steiner ] HE'S FAT!

Samoa Joe climbs the ring steps and walks across the apron, never taking his eyes off of Orton. Finally, Joe goes to step through the ropes... and Orton immediately kicks him right in the side of the head! The impact nearly knocks Joe off the apron but Orton catches him around the neck and drags him through the ropes... FOR A DRAPING DDT INTO THE RING! Mike Chioda clutches the sides of his head, looking as devastated by the impact as Samoa Joe himself! Orton picks up his microphone as Joe writhes around on the mat in pain.

[ Randy Orton ] Call for the bell, Chioda! Start the match!

Chioda looks conflicted, looking from the timekeeper to Orton and back again.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The rulebook clearly states that a match can't begin unless both men are on their feet!

Orton backs Chioda into the corner, getting right in his face.

[ Randy Orton ] Call for the bell... before I make you call for it!

The fans pop huge but before Orton can find out why... he actually DOES find out why SAMOA JOE SNATCHES HIM UP IN THE COQUINA CLUTCH AND FALLS BACKWARD! Samoa Joe locks it in and begins choking Orton out... AND MIKE CHIODA CALLS FOR THE BELL TO BEGIN THE MATCH!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Samoa Joe struggles to keep Orton locked in the hold! Orton fights against the rear naked choke, throwing elbows back into Joe's mid-section and using his legs to draw closer to the ropes! Orton uses his momentum to roll onto his side and Samoa Joe ends up on Orton's back as Orton fights up to all fours! Samoa Joe is breathing heavily, spittle flying from his mouth as he fights to maintain the hold! Orton gets up to one knee and reaches back over his shoulder to jam a thumb in Samoa Joe's eye! Samoa Joe refuses to let go! Orton's eyes begin to roll back in his head! He fights back up to his feet and begins flailing, reaching for the ropes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's about to happen, gentlemen! Samoa Joe is gonna shut... Orton... up!

Orton can't reach the ropes! Mike Chioda is shouting, asking him if he gives up... but Orton snatches him by his shirt and pulls him in close! Chioda pushes back, trying to get away... and ORTON KICKS BACKWARD INTO SAMOA JOE'S BALLS! Samoa Joe releases the clutch and Orton shoves Chioda away from him! RKO ON SAMOA JOE! Chioda staggers back into the corner, red in the face and trying to straighten his shirt. He shouts at Orton about laying hands on him but Orton is focused on the downed Samoan Submission Machine!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Not like this!

Orton positions himself in the corner and waits on Samoa Joe to stir. Orton watches with wild, crazed eyes, gripping the top rope on either side of him. "GET UP! GET UP!" he shouts and Samoa Joe finally gets up to all fours with sweat cascading down his features. Orton roars and sprints... RUNNING PUNT TO THE SKULL! Samoa Joe goes limp and falls over on his back! Orton falls on top of him and hooks the leg! One! Two! Three!

WINNER - Randy Orton via Pin Fall in 2:35

The fans erupt in boos as Orton rolls off of Joe and begins pounding his fists on the mat, shouting "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!" until he's red in the face. Orton finally stands and pounds on his chest victoriously! The fans have begun loudly chanting "BULLSHIT" and it reverberates throughout the building.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we apologize... this man... this man is out of control!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know why these people are so pissed off! Randy Orton didn't do nothin' that Smo' Joe's own heart wasn't gonna do! It was only a matter of time 'fore that fat bastard killed over! His god damn heart's been workin' overtime to pump blood through that giant, fat body!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's two matches now for Orton against world class competitors with a total combined in-ring time of less than five minutes, fellas... Not only do I imagine that the fans feel cheated but... consider what the boys in the back must be thinkin'... Randy Orton is a former SGW World Champion... he's ruthless, he's entitled, and it honestly seems like he's betta'... than... eva'... if you're a new talent walkin' into Solid Gold Wrestling today, how do ya' process that? How do ya' prepare for a man like Randy Orton?

[ Scott Steiner ] Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

Orton prepares to step through the ropes and leave the ring when there's suddenly a huge pop from the fans! Orton looks around, confused, and then realizes why when he sees Edge and Christian walk out onto the stage! Edge and Christian both appear stoic... solemn, even. John Cena marches through the curtain, drawing another huge pop and he points down at the ring where Orton remains with a look on his face that's a mixture of confusion and anger. Suddenly, Seattle's finest roll out through the curtain on either side of Cena and the fans lose their minds! Police officers charge down the ramp and surround the ring, all focused on Randy Orton!

[ Scott Steiner ] What is this shit!? Who the fuck called the po-po!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is what you call justice, Scott! Randy Orton was on a rampage last night and now it's time to reap the rewards! He assaulted Jordan Devlin! He assaulted John Cena! And, more importantly, he assaulted Jeff Jarrett, beating the man into a damn medically induced coma!

Orton kicks at the bottom rope to keep the police from coming in after him, refusing to go quietly! However, some of them slip in on unprotected sides of the ring and tackle him down! Orton is practically dog piled by police and they slap the cuffs on him! Orton is shouting and writhing around, refusing to make this easy on any of them! As the police drag Orton kicking and screaming up the ramp, they reach the stage where Cena, Edge, and Christian are waiting. Orton and Cena lock eyes. They exchange words.

[ Randy Orton ] You called the cops!? All because you couldn't finish what you started!?

[ John Cena ] Ain't about me, kid... this is for Double J!

Orton suddenly spits in Cena's general direction, narrowly missing! The police drag Orton through the curtain and Cena follows him out. Edge and Christian linger on the stage for a moment before looking at each other, satisfied with what just went down. They walk through the curtain, leaving the cheering crowd behind.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Right on, John! I couldn't have said it better myself! This... this is for Double J!

As the fans continue roaring with approval, we fade out and cut backstage.

We can still hear the shocked reaction of the fans as we head backstage and are immediately presented with the visual of Jamie Hayter and Kris Wolf backstage. Remembering how Jamie Hayter ruthlessly attacked Naomi last week, the fans begin booing loudly. The two ladies are deep in conversation as we join them with Hayter adamantly explaining something to an uneasy Wolf.

[ Jamie Hayter ] ...all I'm sayin' is there's no bloody reason that what we got in Japan can't continue right 'ere. I'm Oedo Tai, you're Oedo Tai... if we got one another's backs, there ain't a fuckin' soul in this locka' room that can stop us.

Wolf rubs the back of her head, not seeming totally into the idea.

[ Kris Wolf ] I mean... look... I'm all about some Oedo Tai... for real! I'm always throwin' up the "O" everywhere I go, right? But I was kinda' lookin' forward to doing my own thing in SGW... like... like a new beginning!

Hayter's eyes narrow. She's very much not okay with this answer.

[ Kris Wolf ] There's a lot of stiff competition around here... lots of fresh meat.

She shrugs.

[ Kris Wolf ] I just wanna see where I stand on my own... for a while, at least.

Hayter just glares down at Wolf in awkward silence for a moment before speaking.

[ Jamie Hayter ] ...just think about it.

Kris Wolf nods but before the conversation can go any further, Lacey Evans walks into the shot in her blue and white hat and entrance gear. The eyes of Hayter and Wolf are drawn to her instantly as her very presence commands their attention. She from Hayter to Wolf and then back to Hayter before clearing her throat and cutting her eyes in Wolf's direction. Hayter looks confused. Evans looks at Hayter again and then at Wolf before gesturing off-camera with a tilt of her head. Hayter sneers.

[ Jamie Hayter ] What are ya' playin' at, twat?

Evans shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

[ Lacey Evans ] I want you t' excuse your little playmate so we can talk, you lesser-than.

Hayter gestures toward Wolf with her thumb.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Well, see... the problem wit' that is... we were already talkin' 'fore ya' decided t'--

Wolf puts her hands up, interrupting Hayter.

[ Kris Wolf ] No, no, it's cool... we were done anyway.

Lacey looks Wolf up and down with a smirk.

[ Lacey Evans ] Honey, look at yourself... you were done before you got here.

Evans looks at Hayter with no less disgust.

[ Lacey Evans ] They just let anybody in here nowadays... there's no such thing as standards anymore.

Half offended with a look of disbelief on her face, Wolf rapidly crotch chops toward Evans.

[ Kris Wolf ] Suckitsuckitsuckit!

And then rushes off-camera cackling, leaving Evans looking confused. Evans shakes her head, pushing that incident as far out of her mind as possible. Finally, she settles her gaze on Hayter, who just stares a hole through her with narrowed eyes.

[ Lacey Evans ] Let me make this clear, little miss tea and crumpets... I don't like your attitude and, if I'm bein' honest, I just plain don't like the look of you... but somebody up top saw fit to make us team up tonight and I'm not about to put over either one o' those devil music listenin' societal rejects on account of you and I not bein' on the same page. Is that understood?

Hayter's eyes widen a bit as she processes that large information dump.

[ Lacey Evans ] The troll that accosted me at Revenge... she belongs to me.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Okay... and?

Evans tilts her head back, staring down her nose at Hayter.

[ Lacey Evans ] You keep her moose of a partner off my back while I get the job done. If you do your part and follow my lead, you and I will be makin' a very fortuitous trip to the pay winda' tonight. Now, how does that sound?

Hayter shrugs.

[ Jamie Hayter ] It's whateva', I guess. Just don't get in my bloody way.

Just as it looks like Hayter and Evans have come to some kind of understanding, albeit a shaky one, the camera quickly pans away from them and we see "The National Treasure" Nick Aldis walking through the backstage area, supported by Kamille. He's visibly in rough shape after that physically taxing six-man tag team opener. Regardless, he carries the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under his arm. Kamille assists him to a nearby steel folding chair where he sits down and remains still for a moment with the championship resting across his lap. He looks up and points at the camera.

[ Nick Aldis ] Bring that camera over here.

As Kamille takes her place standing next to Aldis with her hand on his shoulder, the camera man brings the camera in closer as requested. Aldis looks worse for wear, having been beaten from pillar to post, including a disgusting suicide dive into a tornado DDT on the concrete. Aldis leans back in the chair, clutching the championship tightly.

[ Nick Aldis ] This is a message to all of you in the Solid Gold Wrestling network... from my colleagues in the locker room... to the management... even to the fans, who so openly disrespect me despite my unparalleled efforts to restore the respect and sanctity to this sport I love so much...

The live crowd can be heard booing Aldis before he even gets to his point.

[ Nick Aldis ] As you all saw tonight, my teammates failed me and I have not secured a spot as one of the top three seeds in the 12 Large Tournament... where I shall no doubt be victorious regardless and become the new Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion...

He takes a deep breath and smiles through the pain.

[ Nick Aldis ] It is with that proclamation that I reveal to all of you the nature of my plan... for when I become the new Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, I shall cast it aside once and for all in favor of the world's one true heavyweight championship belt...

He holds up the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

[ Nick Aldis ] ...mine.

Kamille stares straight ahead into the camera, showing absolutely zero emotion.

[ Nick Aldis ] Eight championships unified into one? What comparison does that even make to one true, pure... and uninterrupted lineage? You can keep the Johnny Stamboli's, the Carlito's, and the Curt Hennig impostors that make up those false histories. Here in my hands, I hold the legacy of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Harley Race, and "The Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada... men who are true pioneers of this sport.

Aldis stands, quaking with pain as he does so. He holds the championship underneath his arm.

[ Nick Aldis ] Once I have replaced your false championship with one of true legitimacy, I will--

There's a commotion off-camera and Aldis stops in mid-sentence to look. John Cena walks into the shot and gets right in Aldis' face. Kamille stands by, looking on, ready to pounce if needed. Cena stares into the eyes of the man who reaped the benefits of his unfortunate attack at Revenge. Aldis doesn't back down an inch, just staring right back. Cena gently shakes his head, never breaking eye contact.

[ John Cena ] You're gonna replace the SGW World Championship... with that one?

[ Nick Aldis ] You're damn right I am, John.

[ John Cena ] Not on my watch.

The commotion continues off-camera, getting louder and louder as it gets closer to the scene. Aldis looks over Cena's shoulder and sneers, surprised and annoyed by what he sees. Cena doesn't even have to look. He already knows what's going on. He looks over his shoulder and gestures toward the rear exit to the building.

[ John Cena ] THIS WAY, BOYS!

Suddenly, we see a group of police officers escorting a struggling and handcuffed Randy Orton through the backstage area! The fans pop huge as Orton is dragged out into the parking lot against his will! Cena and Aldis stare one another down for another long moment before Cena smirks and runs his fingers along the bill of his cap.

[ John Cena ] Now, if you don't mind... I got business to attend to.

Aldis smirks and gestures toward the door as though he's doing Cena a courtesy.

[ Nick Aldis ] By all means, John.

Cena walks past Aldis and out the door, following the police and Orton. As they vanish and the door shuts behind them, we're left with Aldis and Kamille on their own. Aldis looks down at the NWA World Championship and then up at nothing in particular as we return to ringside.

There's still a smattering boos throughout the arena thanks to Nick Aldis and his bold proclamations.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton is on his way to the big house and Nick Aldis... Nick Aldis wants to replace the SGW World Heavyweight Championship?! I think he'll have a hard time making that happen. That's just preposterous.

[ Scott Steiner ] Guess how many times I held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't have to guess, Scott! The answer is zero! You've never held it!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's how you know that belt is a god damn piece of shit.

Tony laughs and we focus on the entranceway. The fans have quieted down significantly... and that quiet is suddenly damaged when "Lights Out" hits and Jamie Hayter slings the curtain back and appears on the stage. The fans boo loudly as Hayter swiftly makes her way down the ramp with both middle fingers raised, making sure everyone gets a good look at them!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jamie Hayter certainly isn't looking to make friends, is she?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think she made that pretty clear when she attacked Naomi, fresh off 'er match with Rhea Ripley at SGW Revenge! Jamie Hayter certainly lives up to her name... and as a matter o' fact, she embraces it!

[ Scott Steiner ] She's got the right fuckin' attitude, for sure. Fuck all these people!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, come on, Scott... these people are why we do this! They've given us this opportunity!

[ Scott Steiner ] Are you fuckin' jokin' right now, Schiavone!? These wimpy little punks didn't spend hours in the god damn gym every day for decades to cultivate the largest arms in the world! These piss ants didn't beat up Gangrel and Big Slow every night on the road for fuckin' YEARS! Four time SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Tony, and these bitches didn't do a god damn thing! Do you know what they did do, though!? THEY TURNED BRYAN DANIELSON INTO SOME KINDA' INDIE GOD AND NOW THEY'RE CHEERIN' HIM ON LIKE HE'S A SOMEBODY BUT HE AIN'T SOMEBODY, HE'S GOD DAMN NOBODY! IN MY DAY, BRYAN DANIELSON WOULDN'T BE SHIT! HE'D SHOW UP, OPEN UP SOME PUSSY VEGAN CUISINE IN THE LOCKER ROOM AND IMMEDIATELY GET BODIED BY CHRIS KANYON!

There's the sound of a fist slamming on the desk.


Jamie Hayter steps through the ropes and makes sure to offer some sarcastic applause to a group of enthusiastic fans who boo her as loud as they possibly can. She wipes away fake tears and then takes her place in the corner where Paul Turner begins to pat her down for foreign objects. Hayter's music cuts and is quickly replaced by "Like A Lady" and the fans lose their shit! Lacey Evans makes her way out onto the stage in her blue and white entrance gear, drawing even more heat. Evans begins making her way down the ramp with her hands on her hips, curling her upper lip in disgust at the fans who openly jeer her and make obscene gestures.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Take a good look, fellas! That's a real life, one of a kind lady!

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's made quite the splash since coming to Solid Gold Wrestling! You could say she's ruffled quite a few feathers with her attitude and shocking level of aggression, drawing the ire of Christina Von Eerie at Revenge!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's the meat of the story heading into this match! SGW management was looking for an opportunity to showcase our developing women's division and opted to put Christina Von Eerie and Lacey Evans on opposite sides of this tag team match! They were assigned Jamie Hayter and Rhea Ripley as their partners and here we are!

Lacey struts across the apron and removes her entrance skirt before tossing it to the side. She seductively removes her gloves and then steps through the ropes, walking arrogantly toward Hayter. The two lock eyes and there's clearly no love lost here but there appears to be an understanding between them. Evans takes her place in the corner, standing next to Hayter with her hip cocked to the side. Her music cuts and "Broken Bones" by Anti-Flag hits, drawing a huge pop. Christina Von Eerie emerges from the back and walks to the edge of the stage, leading the fans in a loud "OI! OI! OI!" chant. They quickly catch on and begin chanting along with her as she makes her way down the ramp.

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this shit!? I THOUGHT HALLOWEEN WAS TWO WEEKS AGO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's Christina Von Eerie, Scott! She's a firm believer in the punk rock lifestyle!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hate it! It's different! I... just don't fuckin' like it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, I doubt she gives a damn what you think, sunshine! That's kinda' the whole thing!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Speaking of someone she doesn't give a damn about, you know she's got her sights set on Lacey Evans tonight! Lacey took a shot with her patented Women's Right at Revenge but didn't get all of it, allowing Von Eerie to retaliate! It's a natural rivalry, I think. These two were destined to hate each other... I think we just got there a little bit faster than anyone expected!

Von Eerie stops at the edge of the ringside area, looking up into the ring at Evans and Hayter with a confident smile on her face. Her music cuts and "Brutality" feat. Ash Costello hits, bringing out Rhea Ripley! Ripley storms through the curtain in her entrance vest and tosses the hair back out of her face before throwing up her leg and stomping hard on the stage, causing pyrotechnics to blind and deafen everyone in the immediate vicinity! Ripley paces back and forth on the stage, sneering at the opposition waiting in the ring. Finally, Ripley begins walking down the stage with purpose.

[ Tony Schiavone ] ...and here she comes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is the woman who won the first women's match of the new era!

[ Scott Steiner ] She's got fuckin' arms for days! She beat the fuckin' brakes off that glowstick bitch!

Ripley makes it to the end of the ramp and stands alongside Von Eerie. Ripley doesn't look amused at all but Von Eerie wears a knowing smile. They both climb onto the apron and look out at the fans, throwing up the horns before stepping through the ropes. Both women shed their entrance attire and look ready to go as they back into their corner, their eyes never leaving their opponents. Each set of teammates talk amongst each other to determine who will begin the match. Ripley climbs onto the apron, allowing Von Eerie to start... and without even really discussing it, Evans steps through the ropes onto the apron, forcing Hayter to start!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, would you look at that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Smart thinkin' by Lacey Evans! She's gonna make Christina Von Eerie sweat it out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That is not what that gesture brought to mind, Nigel!

Paul Turner calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Jamie Hayter charges at Christina Von Eerie as soon as the bell rings! Hayter throws a wild clothesline and Von Eerie runs right under it and forearms Lacey Evans off the apron to a huge pop! Von Eerie turns around as Hayter is running up on her again and blocks a haymaker before peppering Hayter with lefts and rights of her own, each blow eliciting a loud "OI!" from the fans! She punches away at Hayter until she's wobbling around on spaghetti legs! Von Eerie winds up for one final blow but Hayter ducks it out of nowhere and then stands upright with two middle fingers extended, shouting "FUCK YOU!" but Von Eerie simply responds by kicking Hayter in the stomach and pulling her in for the GRAVEYARD SMASH! Before Von Eerie can get the arms hooked, Lacey Evans slides under the bottom rope, rises up, and BOOTS VON EERIE RIGHT IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Observe the extension on that kick, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely brutal blow!

Paul Turner begins shouting at Lacey and pointing aggressively at her corner! Evans covers her mouth and pretends she has no idea why he's upset! She returns to the apron as Von Eerie gets up to one knee, clutching the side of her head. Hayter takes over with a couple of forearms to the back and then passively boots Von Eerie in the side of the head, knocking her over! Hayter mounts Von Eerie and begins raining down punches as Von Eerie covers up! Satisfied, Hayter stands and drags Von Eerie by her ankle to her corner. She tags in Lacey Evans and the fans boo loudly. Evans and Hayter drag Von Eerie off the mat and throw her into the corner before putting the boots to her! Rhea Ripley charges into the ring to a big pop and Paul Turner gets between her and the action, demanding that she get back and giving Evans and Hayter even more time to brutalize Von Eerie in the corner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What despicable tactics! Lacey Evans will go to any length to win this match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Despicable? Please! Ya' do what ya' gotta do! Welcome to the business!

Von Eerie is kicked down into a seated position and Evans places her boot on Von Eerie's throat, choking her while Hayter steps out onto the apron. The fans boo loudly as Evans refuses to stop choking her, even as Paul Turner begins counting to five! Evans finally stops and backs up, putting her hands up as Turner warns her. Von Eerie tries to use the ropes to pull herself up and Evans pushes past Turner to advance on her! Von Eerie comes alive and kicks Evans in the mid-section. Evans is knocked backward and looks personally offended before advancing on her again, only to receive another kick to the mid-section! Von Eerie stands, determination on her face, and prepares to charge at Evans but Hayter grabs a handful of Von Eerie's mohawk! Von Eerie turns to throw hands at Hayter on the apron but Hayter jumps back off the apron and Evans clobbers Von Eerie from behind, knocking her down to her knees!

[ Scott Steiner ] They're doin' a god damn number on that Halloween Store reject!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Lacey Evans and Jamie Hayter have proven to be a shockingly proficient tag team!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Great minds thinks alike, Tony!

Evans boots Von Eerie in the back, causing her to fall throat first on the bottom rope where Hayter begins violently pulling down on her head, choking her! Lacey Evans distracts Paul Turner, pretending to faint right in the middle of the ring, forcing him to catch her with a confused look on his face! Hayter continues going to work on Von Eerie... until Rhea Ripley hops off the apron and charges around the ring! Hayter sees her coming, releases Von Eerie, and tries to square up... only to get bowled over by the larger Ripley! The fans pop huge! Ripley immediately snatches Hayter up off the floor in a wheelbarrow position and whips her head first into the guardrail! Once! Twice! Three times! Then she whips her upward and drops her chest first on the guardrail! The fans are going nuts! Ripley turns around... right into a baseball slide from Evans!

[ Scott Steiner ] That broad is fuckin' stout! That baseball slide didn't even knock 'er down!

Ripley is knocked backward into the guardrail but that doesn't stop her! Evans rolls the rest of the way out of the ring and advances on Ripley but Ripley is waiting on her! They clash at ringside and begin trading punches as the fans go wild! Ripley gets the upper hand, staggering Evans with a punch to the jaw but she can't capitalize because Hayter returns to her feet and nails Ripley from behind with a forearm! Evans and Hayter put the beat down on Ripley, punching and kicking away until there's a noticeable change in the crowd's mood... there's a buzz of electricity and we soon find out why... as the camera pans up to reveal Christina Von Eerie perched on the top rope! Evans and Hayter look up and see her but it's too late! SOMERSAULT SENTON FROM VON EERIE! SHE WIPES OUT ALL THREE WOMEN ON THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT A MOVE!

All four women are down! Von Eerie is the first one up and she begins shouting "OI! OI! OI!" and getting the fans behind her as she grabs two handfuls of Lacey's hair and pulls her off the floor. She tosses Lacey under the bottom rope and follows her inside. Lacey scrambles back to her feet and turns around right into a big forearm from Von Eerie! Evans and Von Eerie begin trading forearms! The fans begin an dueling "BOOOO!" versus "OI!" chant with each blow! Von Eerie jars Evans with a shot that appears to piss her off way more than it actually hurt! Evans snatches a headlock to put a stop to the onslaught and Von Eerie backs into the ropes, shooting Evans off! On the floor, Hayter pulls Ripley to her feet and whips her hard into the ring steps! Hayter climbs onto the apron and makes a blind tag as Evans rebounds! Von Eeries throws a clothesline but Evans ducks it and Von Eerie gets turned INSIDE OUT by a LARIAT from Jamie Hayter!

Von Eerie lands in a seated position and Evans comes back at her with a basement dropkick! Hayter mounts Von Eerie and begins violently choking her before flipping her over and locking her in a camel clutch! Evans gets down on all fours, getting right in Von Eerie's face, trash talking her! Paul Turner is threatening to disqualify her if she doesn't out of the ring but she isn't listening! Hayter fish hooks both sides of Von Eerie's mouth! As Evans continues talking trash, Hayter releases one side of Von Eerie's mouth and raises her finger in the air... she lowers and puts it in her mouth, removing it with a long strand of saliva hanging from it! The fans groan in disgust and Hayter jams the finger in Von Eerie's ear, really working it around and going deep! Lacey Evans stops talking trash and openly gags!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely repulsive behavior!

[ Scott Steiner ] I didn't realize this was that kinda' match! God damn!

Lacey stands up and backs away... only to have her ankles grabbed by Rhea Ripley! Ripley trips Evans and pulls her out of the ring! Evans lands on her feet and Ripley immediately rips her head off with a clothesline! Ripley rolls her into the ring and Hayter releases Von Eerie with a look of surprise! Ripley and Hayter charge at each other and Ripley nails her with a big boot to the stomach before whipping her into the ropes... AND SENDS HER FACE INTO THE THIRD ROW WITH A DROPKICK! The fans are going nuts! Lacey Evans climbs back onto the apron and Ripley boots her right in the face! Evans flies off the apron and hits the guardrail! Ripley returns to the center of the ring and grabs Von Eerie by the wrist, dragging her into their corner! Ripley climbs onto the apron and then tags herself in!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Finally! This is her first legal action in the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Business is about t' pick up!

Ripley returns to the ring like a house of fire! Hayter stands and feeds right into a clothesline! Evans rolls under the bottom rope and walks into a clothesline! Hayter is back up and Ripley gives her a kick to the stomach and hooks her for a suplex! Evans charges at her and gets a kick to the stomach as well! She snatches Evans up for a suplex as well! The fans are roaring! DOUBLE SUPLEX ON BOTH WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME! Evans rolls out of the ring and Ripley returns to her feet, pounding her chest before snatching Hayter up by both sides of her head. Ripley sets Hayter up for RIPTIDE but Hayter elbows out of it and shoves Ripley backward toward her corner! Von Eerie makes a blind tag! Ripley charges out of her corner and throws a big boot! Hayter ducks it and runs right into a kick to the stomach from Von Eerie! GRAVEYARD SMASH! She covers Hayter and hooks the leg! Evans tries to slide under the bottom rope but Ripley cuts her off! One! Two! Three!

WINNER - Christina Von Eerie & Rhea Ripley via Pin Fall in 22:24

[ Tony Schiavone ] They did it! What a showing by Christina Von Eerie and Rhea Ripley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Don't count out Lacey Evans and Jamie Hayter! They put up one hell of a fight! And ya' know this is gonna weigh on Trish's mind as we head toward her historic announcement later tonight about the future of the SGW women's division!

The fans pop huge! Ripley uses her boot to shove Evans off the apron and Evans looks furious as she backs up the ramp. Hayter rolls out of the ring and staggers awkwardly up the ramp behind her. They disappear through the curtain. Inside the ring, Von Eerie uses the ropes to return to her feet. Ripley just eyeballs her, not looking particularly impressed before stepping through the ropes and leaving the ring without incident. Von Eerie looks confused by the complete lack of celebration but is smiling nonetheless, satisfied with pulling that victory out of nowhere. Ripley stops on the stage to cross her arms over her head and throw up the horns before turning and walking through the curtain.

With our sights set on the SGW interview set, CM Punk, AJ Lee, and Hangman Page step into view, seemingly looking around for someone.

[ Adam Page ] So.. uh.. We’re supposed to be interviewed, right?

[ Shane Douglas ] YOU’RE RIGHT! HAHAHAHA!

Strutting into the scene, Shane Douglas positions himself right in between Punk and Hangman, looking extremely uncomfortable in a black SGW polo that is one size too small.


Before Punk can answer..

[ Shane Douglas ] I DON’T KNOW!

Douglas turns to Hangman.


Before Hangman can answer..

[ Shane Douglas ] BE CAREFUL! HE’LL SUE YA’! HAHAHA!

[ AJ Lee ] Are you going to shut up or..?

[ CM Punk ] It’s fine, AJ. It’s fine. It’s all an act.

Punk expands on his comment before Douglas even registers it.

[ CM Punk ] And to answer one of your gazillion questions. Yeah, Franchise, I think we can coexist. Hangman is the future of this business. The kid has it. I consider myself lucky. I wanted to ease back into the business, and getting to team with someone like him is going to make that process very smooth. I can’t wait.

[ Adam Page ] I appreciate that, man. And I have to say, getting to team with someone of your caliber really inspires me. You march to the beat of your own drum, and I respect the hell out of you for that. I look forward to fighting the Rhodes brothers with you tonight.


Colt Cabana comes into the picture and there’s a brief moment of awkwardness between he and CM Punk.

[ Colt Cabana ] Welcome back.

[ CM Punk ] Yep.

[ Colt Cabana ] I.. uh.. Hate to interrupt and all.. But I was wondering, if we could maybe go somewhere and talk. Try to hash things out. Heck, who knows, maybe even get you on Good Times, Great Memories or something. I’m going to set up in the bathroom. It’s the only open office space for the show.

Years of sour feelings still exist between the two and you could cut the tension with a knife. Franchise leans in, intently listening and following this as it transpires. The longer we go without an answer, the more anxious Douglas gets as he shoves a microphone in Punk’s face.

[ Shane Douglas ] ANSWER THE QUESTION!

Completely over the situation, Punk swats the microphone away and squares up to create a more intimate setting between himself and his former friend.

[ CM Punk ] Look, let’s just talk after the show. I don’t think right here is the best place.

Without giving Colt a chance to respond, Punk squeezes him on the shoulder and walks off the interview set. Dejected, Cabana looks down as Hangman walks up to him.

[ Adam Page ] Hey man, I’d be on your show. You know.. If it wasn’t in the bathroom. Kinda’ weird.

Colt sighs.

[ Colt Cabana ] You’re too pure for this world, cowboy.

Colt nods at The Franchise.


[ Colt Cabana ] Franchise, never change, buddy.

The scene fades as the cameras cut back to the ringside area.

In an unknown section of the backstage area where some production equipment is stored for the evening, we see none other than Elias propped up on an oversized storage box, back against the wall, strumming away on an acoustic guitar. His jeans are ripped and his cutoff SGW logo shirt is displayed every time he moves the guitar every so slightly.

[ Elias ] Hello, I am Elias. You may remember me from smash hits such as two weeks ago, when I shocked the entire world with my latest smash hit. You remember the diddy. The lights went off, the spotlight on Elias.. Where it belonged.. And I became the main event that the show so desperately needed.

He strums a few notes.

[ Elias ] And that was a beautiful thing, man.

Elias leans his head against the wall and looks up to the lights. He’s not in Seattle, he’s in the moment.

[ Elias ] Until it was ruined by someone trying to upstage me. “The Fallen Angel.” You know, that angel, man, flew those wings too close to the sun and paid the price. Biggest match of his life! The chance to semi-main event underneath my debut.. Blew it all out of jealousy that I had those people eating out of the palm of my hand. But that’s on him. That’s his problem, not mine.

The camera pans out to reveal a production worker standing nearby.

[ Production Member ] I could really use that box, pal.

[ Elias ] And I could really use the respect that I deserve, brother. You are in the midst of a superstar. Can you feel the aurora?

Bianca Belair passes by, completely minding her own business.

[ Elias ] Excuse me, can you repeat that?

[ Bianca Belair ] I didn’t say anything?

[ Elias ] Fine, fine, fine. I’ll play a tune. Just for you, my biggest fan.

She’s so confused. Looking around and seeing nobody else around but her and the production member, she has a bewildered look smeared across her face.

[ Bianca Belair ] I don’t even know you.

[ Elias ] Your ponytail is bigger than your career will ever be,
You going far here is like Cena.. somethin’ I cannot see.
You have lips all over your gear like you’re high class..

She stares an absolute fury-filled hole through him.

[ Elias ] The only lips of yours I need are a set on my ass.
Because I am Elias, the future SGW Champ.
And you, you’re just the star of Lady and the Tramp.

[ Bianca Belair ] Y’all, somebody better come get their man before I make him eat that guitar.

Storming off, Elias continues strumming as Bianca is completely out of sight.

[ Elias ] Elias is for the people, all people. No matter your race, gender, orientation, or religion. These lyrics are from the heart.

Elias hops off of the box and strums his guitar as he walks down the hallway. He passes Raven and Billy Kidman.

[ Elias ] Oh my, look at you two.

Elias reaches into his pocket and tosses something in their direction. Kidman takes it and unfolds it and immediately hands it to Raven.

[ Elias ] You’re welcome.

[ Raven ] This says that you owe us twenty dollars.

[ Elias ] Oh, shoot. Give me that back.

Elias takes it from Raven and exchanges it with another.

[ Raven ] This one says you owe us.. Ten dollars.

[ Elias ] Don’t spend it all in one place.

[ Raven ] See, Billy? See what would’ve happened had you chosen to continue down your path? Look at what he’s become.

Kidman continues scratching and rocking on the ground as Raven looks to Elias with a disgusted look on his face.

[ Elias ] Say, you two wouldn’t know where I could get some drugs, do you?

[ Raven ] This is a man who’s lost it all, Elias, and yet, you mock him? Billy is set to become one of the twelve to seek out the SGW Championship. He’s not some joke, some meaningless fodder that’s just another cog in the wheel that keeps SGW spinning. Billy Kidman is your future champion. Mock him at your own risk.

[ Elias ] I’m going to mock this whole damn company until I get that World title ‘round my waist! It’s the only gold record I need. 12 Large isn’t just a tournament name, it’s a unit of measurement the ladies use!

Elias continues his march down the hall until he’s stopped dead in his tracks by a mountainous figure.

Nathan Jones.

Doing bicep curls with beer kegs, Nathan Jones’ intensity is off the charts as he stalks his opponent. Elias swallows hard as Jones discards the kegs to the side as easily as a regular person would put away teddy bears.

[ Nathan Jones ] You ready to go t'night, Elias? You ready.. T' find out who.. Is.. the betta' man?! You ready t' find out who is... TWELVE LAAAAHGE?!

[ Elias ] Well, actually, 12 Large is the name of the tournament..

[ Nathan Jones ] You ready t' take the ride down da’ long, windin’, painful road t' the Boggo?! ‘Cause Elias, I’m not afraid, mate. I’m gonna’ rip ya’ limb from limb! And when I’m done wit' ya', I’m gonna’ take ya’ pretty guitar n’ I’m gonna’ shove it up ya’ ass 'n play a little tune wit' it!

Elias does his best to maintain a safe distance between himself and Jones.

[ Nathan Jones ] I’ve been waitin’ for this moment for YEARS, mate! Years.

[ Elias ] Well, I hate to inform you, MATE, but when we’re finished in that ring, there’ll be plenty of time for you to throw shrimp on the barbie and watch your Crocodile Dundee movies. Because moving on to 12 Large is something you’re just not cut out for.

Nathan Jones punches a hole straight through Elias’s guitar that was still resting in front of his chest. Elias crumples back in shock as the air exits his entire body and debris goes flying everywhere in the vicinity. As Elias looks down at his destroyed guitar, Nathan Jones laughs in a terrifying fashion and advances.

We quickly cut to ringside and... rather than an entrance theme or a blurb from commentary to kick off the next, very crucial contest of the evening, it is instead Elias’ body flying through the curtain and rolling across the entrance stage which signals the ‘beginning’ of the following portion of the show – a 12 Large Qualifying Match between the downed Vagabond and his assailant, currently stepping through the curtain to a raucous response, Nathan Jones.


Jones slowly stalked across the stage, looking to continue punishing Elias, who was crawling backwards on his knees, begging off Jones over the microphone attached to his ear.

[ Elias ] Whoa! Whoa now, brother, whoa!

Jones halts his movement as Elias takes a few more scoots backwards, hands up to signify peace for the moment.

[ Elias ] All I’m saying is give peace a chance! Now, please, man! These people…right here in Seattle, Washington paid good, GOOD money to see Solid Gold Wrestling tonight, didn’t you?!

The Seattle crowd responds in the affirmative. Jones cranes his head around, hearing their reaction and glares holes through Elias as he continues talking, one hand still lifted to hold Jones off and the other rummaging through his interior vest pockets for something. Jones looks on with a seamless blend of confusion and murderous intent as Elias carries on.

[ Elias ] And you know what, Nathan? These people were wanting to see THIS! RIGHT! HERE more than any other thing on this show tonight, man!

Seattle roars again. They sure are ready to see Nathan Jones wreck Elias’ life!

[ Elias ] ME! Elias! The Main Event! The premier entertainer on the roster! You all work your dead-end jobs and saved penny after penny for your seats tonight…just for a little love and inspiration from yours truly…well…don’t you worry…

Elias, still digging around in his vest, has finally found what he’s looking for and nods, pulling out his hand slowly, surely…before a dull flash of silver can be seen! Elias is packin’ –


– a harmonica. He holds it up into the spotlights, giving the instruments silver body a good gleam for the fans around the arena to see for themselves. The Wanderer stands slowly and grins to the audience, still brandishing his new instrument.

[ Elias ] Never fear, Seattle…because this train…the E-Train, as it were…doesn’t come off the tracks that easily…now…let’s see here…

Elias twiddles the small instrument in his fingers a moment, sizing up the device before producing a shrill series of notes, clearly incorrectly, but carries on confidently. He taps his foot in ‘rhythm’ with the wretched sounds and begins to vocalize between his measures of harmonic horror as Jones and the fans wince, doing their best to listen.

[ Elias ] <singing> Twelve…oh, twelve large…you’re givin’ me the blues…twelve large, twelve large…you’re givin’ me the blu-ues, yes…

Seattle begins raining boos down from every angle of the arena to the stage onto Elias, who carries on with no sign of stopping.

[ Elias ] <singing> Nathan Jones, you try…you try to stop the music…you tried to end the show…but these fans are used to sadness since Marshawn Lynch has up and gone! …They’ve got nothing much to live for…work their fingers to the bones…now they’re forced to sit and stare…at stupid Nathan Joooooones!

Much like the Key Arena, Jones is pissed. He’s had enough games and more than enough of Sing-Along with Elias today and slowly begins walking across the stage to the Vagabond, who is still distracted with his own singing and harmonica-playing.

[ Elias ] <singing> You should get on with you—URGHFFF!

Jones thrust his fist forward into the harmonica, only inches from Elias’ mouth and connected, sending the instrument into the Vagabond’s mouth! Jones lifted his opponent onto his shoulder and began walking, trying to take Elias’ body to the ring and finish this qualifier quickly, but the resourceful guitarist slid off the back! Jones turns to meet Elias, but gets a spat-out harmonica to the face! Elias quickly swings his left foot upward and connects with a punt to the balls that Jason Myers would be envious of!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We are descending into absolute bedlam here, folks! When is an official going to reel this contest back in?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Honestly, Tony, this was sort of a black mark on a card chock-full with sound action all night…I mean, neither of these gentlemen are known for the technical proficiency, so why not let them just brawl recklessly across the arena?

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, Peter Dinklage! Well said!

Jones’ body rolled slightly down the entrance ramp as he gripped his crotch in pain. Elias, checking his teeth, planted a stiff boot into Jones’ shoulder as he approached, sending the Australian further down the incline. Finally, content with a bloodied set of 32, the Vagabond squares up and delivers another big kick to Jones’ back, rolling him down to the protective mats at ringside. Elias reaches for the big man’s head, but Jones fires back, clubbing wildly at Elias’ own neck, stunning the musician for the time being. Jones, every bit of 6’10”, stands tall and throws Elias madly into the ring post, clattering his skull with a mighty boom!

Referee Aubrey Edwards zooms down the ramp from the locker room and immediately begins trying to restore order to this lawless situation, directing Jones to take the action to the ring as the bell rings out, signaling that we’re finally going to have a wrestling match – and finally find out which man is qualifying for 12 Large!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Jones maintained his advantage from the floor after slowly stepping over the top rope into the ring, stomping Elias in the ribs thrice and then screaming right in his face. The Drifter is clutching his midsection, coughing out from the repeated blows from the massive Jones’ foot, but keeps an air of defense to him as he crawls towards the nearest corner for refuge. Jones, though, has no regard for Elias’ breath or pain and scoops him up off the mat, slamming him down recklessly with great force and minimal skill to the attack!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, Nathan Jones is simply using his physical gifts to his advantage and slamming Elias against the mat with all the strength he’s got!

[ Scott Steiner ] Beatin’ a man half-ta-death is the best way to win, you geek!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like Elias is finding a way around the pummeling, gents!

Elias squirms down Jones’ back and drives his shoulder into the Colossus’ knee, taking with it his entire body weight and bringing the big man down to the mat with a pain-filled shout. Taking a moment to breathe, Elias quickly realizes he has to capitalize on the opportunity his resourcefulness gave him and beings stomping Jones in the weakened leg over and over until he needs to literally stop and catch his breath. The Drifter, certainly not a small man by any means, decides to wrestle within the reality of the match at hand and scales to the second rope, flying off with a diving double-axe to Jones’ leg for another big score.

Elias lifts Jones up and brings him into the corner, looking for something big, but the Colossus powers back and begins wrecking the Drifter with blow after blow, clubbing him with his massive arms to the head and neck, either side taking an absolute blasting from the mammoth man swinging the shots. With Elias staggered, Jones charges ahead and nails a huge spin kick, taking Elias down but also severely straining his weakened knee in the process! Jones agonizingly crawls over to his opponent and covers! One! Two! Elias works his shoulder up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What heart from the Drifter here! Nathan Jones is a savage and for Elias to kick out shows a lot about his…well, fairly detestable character!

Jones groans out, realizing his physical gifts are far greater than Elias’, but his physical damage may be even greater, as well. The massive Australian struggles to his feet and begins clawing his huge hands at Elias’ head, trying to lift the Drifter from the mat to put him away for good. Elias is quick on his…well, back…but, hooks Jones’ huge frame for a sloppy small package – only a one count! Jones is furious and clubs Elias in the side of the neck in anger, struggling up to his feet again and again lifting the Drifter, this time with much more reckless abandon.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like Jones is done playin’ with his food, gentlemen!

Jones drove Elias’ frame into the corner and began delivering shoulder block after shoulder block, upwards of six in a row before rising up into the Drifter’s face and screaming out; Jones is in the zone, now – this is a war cry, a harrowing wail of anger! Jones goes back to work with another meaty shoulder tackle and preps for an eighth blow, but Elias somehow gets his right knee up! The Colossus takes it right to the face! Jones is wobbly and perhaps unconscious, leaning to fall to the mat but the Vagabond grabs his beefy body and props him up in the corner. A slim grin creeps across Elias’ face and he begins forcing Jones up, up the turnbuckle until he’s seated on the top pad.

Elias thrusts Jones’ left leg, then his right, over the top rope and begins arduously making the climb up the treacherous turnbuckles himself – he’s looking for some sort of avalanche maneuver to put this match away! The Drifter hooks his opponent in a front facelock and tosses his arm over his own head – it’s a superplex attempt! Jones is wise to the attack’s set up and begins tossing shot after shot at Elias’ tummy, rocking him but not downing the Vagabond! Elias eventually presses his thumbs into the eyes of the now freed Jones, rehooking the suplex but feeling much worse for wear and probably unable to complete the devastating slam from the top turnbuckle.

[ Scott Steiner ] No way this weakling Elias can lift that big ‘ole sunnuvabitch Jones…NO WAY.

With everything he has left in his body, the Vagabond grunts and forces Jones’ near-350-pound frame into the air and stalls for two seconds, majestically flexing like only Elias can before superplexing the Aussie down into the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's somethin' a lot of people don't give Freakzilla credit for, he's got the largest arms in the world but he never skimped on no damn leg day either, not like that lazy piece of Australian shit Nathan Jones! He spent all that Mad Max money on another damn Bowflex when he should have got the Chuck Norris-sponsored LegxercizeMAX!!

Aubrey Edwards looks incredulously at the mangled mess of mass on the mat before her, hands on the sides of her head in disbelief at the gargantuan bump she’s just seen. Neither Jones nor Elias musters an inch of movement for a moment before the Senior Official reluctantly begins the standing ten count to call the contest, if necessary! Edwards makes a count of seven before the Drifter slowly worms over, into a cover! ONE! TWO! THRE—NOOO! Nathan Jones powers up and Elias cannot believe it!

Now laying on top of his opponent, who’s forced his giant shoulder off the mat again, Elias looks up to the heavens and cries out, wondering surely what in the world he can do to put away Nathan Jones. The pair slowly, almost magnetically begin to rise from their backs simultaneously and then, clawing at one another, rise to their knees and begin slugging! It’s bomb after bomb as the Australian Colossus and the Drifter pound one another with heavy shots.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Who’s going to fall first?! This could be pivotal!

Jones cocks his fist back and connects with a straight jab to the mouth, sending spittle flying everywhere from Elias’ gums! Before waiting, Jones is up, feeling the adrenaline, ignoring his bum leg and hooks the Drifer, dropping him with a massive Snap Powerbomb!! ONE! TWO! THREE! That’s it!

WINNER - Nathan Jones via Pin Fall in 8:44

Schiavone was right – the pivotal final punch paved the way for Nathan Jones to hoist up his opponent and earn a spot in the prestigious 12 Large Tournament. Jones laid on the mat, absolutely spent from a back-and-forth, smash mouth contest that nobody could have seen coming from a mile away.

[ Scott Steiner ] Man, these two lame asses beat the piss outta each other! Imagine what woulda happened if they’d been in the ring…with a REAL MAN! THASS ME! THE BIG, BAD….BOOTY DADDY! I woulda ripped their damn faces off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Be that as it may, Scott, Nathan Jones has qualified for the 12 Large Tournament and we’ve still got more business to get to here tonight – it’s an action packed evening here in Seattle, fans! Momentum has still got much more to come! Let's throw it to Cathy Kelley, standing by with one of the lucky winners of tonight's six-man tag team match!

We quickly cut backstage.

As the night rolls on toward it’s inevitable championship conclusion, we’re treated to a shot of the Los Ingobernables stable, gathered in a hallway together for some sort of meeting. The entire space is silent, ominous even, as Cueto stands in front of the four wrestlers he’s assembled to represent his group. El Jéfe is solemn, but smirking.

[ Dario Cueto ] Tonight, believers, is the night. Tonight, we see what my investments have returned.

Scarlett batts her eyelashes at Dario playfully. Jack Evans smirks cockily and Angélico nods confidently. Tetsuya Naito is snoring…perhaps comically? Dario clears his throat and proceeds, slightly miffed with Naito, but smiles.

[ Dario Cueto ] Jack…Angélico…my boys. My friends…tonight, you show the world what Hybrid athletes are capable of. Tonight, you defeat those masked nitwits and make their harlot handler run and cry to her papa! Or perhaps…to me?

Dario sniggers and Jack gives him a sly low-five.

[ Dario Cueto ] Tonight, we send the most beautiful love story ever told back to Jápon! The only love on display tonight will be the Hybrid 2 showing their love for professional wrestling – their love for money – and their love for winning – and ween you shall, boys! You will become…the very first SGW World Tag Teem Shampions in over a decade tonight. Keeny and Kota stand no chance…they are Golden, yes…but my money, my INGOBERNABLES – are more valuable than gold.

Jack begins mouthing off inaudibly and Angélico smirks, nodding in agreement with Dario, who kisses Scarlett’s hand.

[ Dario Cueto ] My dear, chu are beyond gorgeous. Your smoke is one which no man can endure.

[ Jack Evans ] <looking her over> Damn right.

Dario shakes his head at Jack playfully before looking to Naito, still ignoring the proceedings.

[ Dario Cueto ] Meester Naito – my very funny friend, you are TRULY INGOBERNABLE! TONIGHT! Tonight, my friend…mi amigo…you will battle the Bastard.

Naito is still in dreamland…or, at the least, not with Dario in this hallway.

[ Dario Cueto ] I would never tell you how to compete, Meester Naito, but I will say – be careful. PAC is a Bastard…not only in nomenclature! He’s earned that nickname…by…well…being ún bastardo real.

Naito’s eyes open wide and cut to his right.

[ Dario Cueto ] Oh! Hello my friend! I appreciate your attention, but I must quer—

Naito interrupts Cueto by standing and walking between he and the rest of Los…and going face to face with Kazuchika Okada.

The Key Arena roars out in excitement as the rivals meet eye-to-eye for the first time in Solid Gold Wrestling. Okada is unflinching, looking down at Naito, who smirks confidently at the Rainmaker, showing no fear. The two remain locked in place, visually battling one another as Cueto finally interjects.

[ Dario Cueto ] Tetsuya…please let our friend through. You two…can discuss your history…and…potentially our future –

Cueto winks at Okada, who is oblivious to the gesture. He’s concerned with nothing but Naito in this moment.

[ Dario Cueto ] – later.

Naito steps to his left and bows at the waist comically, holding his right arm out like a butler to encourage Okada to continue walking. The Rainmaker is stone-faced and continues along his way through the arena, surely preparing for his own 12 Large Qualifier later tonight. As he passes, Naito rises with a stern frown on his face.

[ Dario Cueto ] Focus, my friend. Your opportunity to prove yourself with the Rainmaker is yet to come. First, you qualify for the Twelve Large…then…then, Meester Naito.

Before Naito can reply, another visitor approaches from beyond Cueto’s back – PAC. The Bastard steelily gazes into Naito’s eyes for a few moments, allowing the Key Arena ample opportunity to react to this early interaction between two men who would meet later in the evening. Eventually, PAC looks deep into Cueto’s eyes and speaks.

[ PAC ] …yore money iss no’guud in them ropes, Cueto.

The Bastard looks at Naito. The tension could be cut with a tennis ball.

[ PAC ] Eye’ll see you theah, Noitoh.

PAC walks by Naito, keeping his steely gaze on his opponent’s eyes before leaving the screen as we get a final shot of Naito, smirking to himself.

Outside the locker room door, Cathy Kelley is standing by with Tim Storm. Storm is in his ring gear with a towel draped over his neck. Cathy greets us as Storm wipes his brow.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey SGW fans! With me right now is one of the twelve men who’s going to fight for all the marbles at 12 Large. This is Tim Storm! Tim, thanks for your time this evening.

[ Tim Storm ] Of course.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Now Tim, to start the show, you were in the six-man tag match where the winners secured the top three seeds in the 12 Large Tournament. How are you feeling after that?

[ Tim Storm ] Tired.

He chuckles and continues without skipping a beat.

[ Tim Storm ] But no, seriously. I feel great. There’s a youth movement going on in the business, specifically Solid Gold, and it’s amazing to see. It’s also reassuring to know that I’m going to be able to keep up with them. Think about it, I was in there with Adam Cole and Nick Aldis taking on Sin Cara, AJ Styles, and Aleister Black. Tell me who sticks out like a sore thumb in that one! But, truly, I like to think I proved myself out there and in two weeks, when I make it to Vegas, I plan on leaving with that SGW Championship around my waist.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I hate to draw your attention away from 12 Large since it has the makings of being a huge night for your career, but I have to ask.. Jeff Jarrett.

Storm nods.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Tell us what you saw?

[ Tim Storm ] What a sight. What a despicable thing to do to someone. I know my history and I know Jeff Jarrett wasn’t one of the most likeable fellows, but everyone deserves a second chance. It’s apparent that someone, not naming names, but we KNOW who it is, still holds a grudge from a decade ago. I hope the police work diligently in keeping someone like him behind bars for a very long time.

The sights replay in Tim’s mind. He tries shaking them off like cobwebs.

[ Tim Storm ] When I got to that parking lot, I could have sworn he was dead, Cathy. Thank God he wasn’t.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Drew Galloway casually stroll into the scene. MJF is out front, smacking a wad of chewing gum with his Burberry scarf placed over a black suit. Galloway towers over him.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Funny. I thought you were dead too. You know.. When I smashed you up with that chair.

[ Tim Storm ] If you have a problem with me, we can finish it any time you’d like.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Why would I have a problem with you, Timmy? Father Time will finish you before I got the chance.

[ Tim Storm ] It’s a shame that you’re wasting your talent like this, you know?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Who me? I’m not wasting anything! I’ve got a genuine rocket ship strapped to my back! I’m going to the top of SGW!

Storm shakes it off.

[ Tim Storm ] Not you, him.. Galloway.

[ Drew Galloway ] What about me?

[ Tim Storm ] We didn’t know it at the time, but we were fighting for entry in 12 Large. You let this loud mouth crack a chair over my back and kick you out of a chance to be SGW World Champion. Then, instead of cracking his skull like a watermelon, you let him convince you into teaming up with him? Come on, Drew. You’re better than this.

MJF quickly interjects.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] WHOA! HOLD ON, GRAMPS!

MJF turns to Galloway and reassures him.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] He’s crazy. That man is wearing a legitimate adult diaper. Do NOT listen to him!

Turning back to Storm, MJF’s eyebrows scrunch down on his face as his tone deepens.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Had I know that match was for entry into 12 Large, I wouldn’t have hit you with that chair. I’d let ol’ Drew here break you into a million pieces.. And THEN I would’ve smashed your face into the third row with that chair!

He smirks.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] I would say go win the title and be sure to give Drew here a shot, but, c’mon, let’s face it. You CAN’T win! Three matches in one night? Buddy, face facts. You’re a walking miracle. Your biggest achievement in SGW is going to be known as the guy who scraped Roadkill Jarrett off the parking lot. In fact, I’d even say it was a BLESSING that Drew Galloway didn’t make it into 12 Large.

[ Drew Galloway ] How?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] It just wouldn’t be fair for you to obliterate the entire roster in one night, pal! Now, you’re going to be fresh and relaxed while old man Tim and company duke it out for the belt. When the champ gets crowned, you run in, level him, and stake our claim!

[ Drew Galloway ] “Our” claim?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Our claim. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby.

MJF turns back to Storm and rolls his eyes.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Now, Timmy, get your bags packed and skedaddle. It’s past your bedtime. That’s why you jerked that curtain tonight.

[ Tim Storm ] One day very, very soon, MJF, someone’s going to wipe you off the face of this earth for the betterment of the world. I just don’t know if it’s going to be myself or Drew Galloway. Either way, your kind is a dying breed in this business. Talk all you want, but soon enough, you’ll have to back it up in that ring. Play your cards right, though..

Storm playfully pats MJF on the cheek three times.

[ Tim Storm ] And I’ll give you a shot at the belt after I win it in Vegas.

He turns to Cathy.

[ Tim Storm ] Cathy, thank you for the interview. It was nice seeing you.

Going back into his locker room, Storm leaves Cathy Kelley standing there with MJF and Galloway. MJF removes his gum and slaps it on the nearby wall.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] So.. Cathy.. You wanna’ try out the Eiffel Tower with me and Big DG later?

[ Drew Galloway ] No.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hard pass.

She walks away as Galloway shakes his head in disbelief.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] ...SLUT!

We go to the ring for our next match.

The fans are still booing Maxwell Jacob Friedman when we return to the ringside area. The camera is focusing on the entranceway and the boos suddenly dissipate as they realize we're on the verge of our next match. They begin buzzing with anticipation.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Never have I ever met a man with less respect than Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's young, rich, and ready for action, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's no excuse!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] We already know how ya' feel 'bout Bryan Danielson, Scotty.


Suddenly, "Kingdom" hits and the fans erupt! Brandi Rhodes is out first in a black one piece that's unzipped in such a way that it almost covers nothing. She stands on the stage with her hands on her hips, looking out at the fans with a look on her face that gives you the impression that she thinks she's responsible for some of this turnout. From behind her emerges Cody in purple and gold gear with a matching entrance jacket. He stands next to Brandi and looks out at the fans as well, a smirk on his face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] One of the most talked about signings since SGW's return! Cody!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one of the brightest stars in the business today!

[ Tony Schiavone ] A man that could go anywhere he pleases... and he chooses Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cody is, indeed... SOLID GOLD!

Dustin Rhodes emerges shortly after in red and black gear with a matching entrance robe. With his face half-painted red and black, Dustin walks up next to Cody and places his hand on his shoulder before all three of them make their way down to the ring. Once they reach the ring, Brandi climbs the ring steps and sits on the middle rope, allowing Cody to step through but then stepping in the ring herself before Dustin. She's visibly unimpressed with Cody's older brother. Cody and Dustin talk in the corner with Brandi standing practically between them, eyeing Cody like she can't believe this tag team is actually happening. As they talk, Cody's music cuts and we're left in silence for a moment.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a team! Cody and Dustin Rhodes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cody and Dustin are a helluva' pair, Tony, but methinks there might be trouble in paradise! Look at the way Brandi Rhodes is lookin' at Dustin! I don't know if she's as on board with this family reunion as 'er hubby!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't be ridiculous! This is a huge moment for both of them!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Maybe I am lookin' too much into it, Tony. Eitha' way, you're right! What a moment for these two... Dustin Rhodes, under his famous Goldust moniker, was the original SGW United States Champion and, now, here he is walking alongside his brother! The old and new generation, side by side! It's like poetry, fellas!

"Ghost Town Triumph" hits and Adam Page walks out onto the stage to a huge pop. He makes his way down to the ring and steps through the ropes before walking right up to Cody and Dustin. He shakes hands with both of them and Brandi rolls her eyes before stepping through the ropes and standing at ringside, looking bored. Page goes corner to corner, raising his bull rope in the air before hopping down and removing his vest.

[ Scott Steiner ] Hold on, what's this!? I thought Bobby Duncum, Jr. was dead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He is...


[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's Adam Page! The Hangman!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHO!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who even remembers those two?!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hate rap!

There's the sound of a fist hitting the table.

[ Scott Steiner ] IT'S CRAP!

"Cult of Personality" hits to a massive superstar pop and AJ Lee skips out onto the stage with a huge smile on her face. CM Punk walks out behind her in a hoodie and kneels down next to her. He throws his hood back and looks down at his wrist before standing up, punching the air, and shouting "IT'S FUCKIN'... CLOBBERIN' TIIIIIIIIIIIME!" Punk walks confidently down the ramp with his eyes locked on his opponents in the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here it is! The return of CM Punk!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's one o' the greats, Tony! And he's makin' his comeback right 'ere... in SGW!

Punk climbs the steps, walks across the apron, and looks out at the fans for a moment before stepping through the ropes and walking right up to Cody before taking a hard left and leaping onto the middle rope, throwing his hands out to the side and yelling "WHAT'S MY NAAAME!?" which draws a huge "CM PUNK" chant! Punk hops down and removes his jacket, tossing it to the side before taking his spot next to Adam Page. Once it's determined who is starting the match, Rick Knox calls for the bell to begin!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The match begins with Cody and CM Punk in the ring. The fans are loudly chanting "CM PUNK!" over and over. He stands there and looks out at the fans with a proud smirk on his face. Finally, he meets Cody in the middle of the ring. Punk offers his hand and they shake hands. Punk even bows slightly, showing respect to Cody. The fans applaud this gesture and the two back away from each other before circling one another, ready to go!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a show of sportsmanship! CM Punk is one of a kind!

Cody and Punk lock-up in the center of the ring and Cody takes Punk over in a headlock! Punk backs Cody into the ropes and shoots him off. Punk bends over for a back body drop but Cody baseball slides between Punk's legs and uppercuts him right in the chin! Punk staggers back and Cody immediately returns to his feet, hitting the ropes and nailing Punk with a shoulder block! Punk feeds right back up and Cody comes off the ropes with another shoulder block! Punk is right back up again and Cody goes for another shoulder block only for Punk to sidestep him and nail him with a kitchen sink! Cody flips over Punk's knee and lands on his ass, allowing Punk to kick him square him in the back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What... a... shot!

Cody seethes, red in the face, and slowly gets up after absorbing the impact! Punk bends over with his hands on his knees, looking at Cody with an amused look on his face. Cody shakes his head and casually walks over to tag in Dustin Rhodes! The fans cheer loudly as Dustin steps through the ropes, eyeballing Punk. Punk motions for Dustin to bring it on but Dustin gives a gentle shake of the head and points past him to Adam Page! Dustin Rhodes wants The Hangman! Punk looks over his shoulder at Page and says "You want HIM?!" Punk shrugs and tags in Adam Page!



Adam Page steps through the ropes and his eyes lock on Rhodes. Page and Dustin circle one another for a moment before locking up. Page immediately takes over with a knee lift and then delivers a clubbing blow to Dustin's back! Dustin almost goes down to his knees but manages to remain standing. Dustin feeds toward the ropes and Page follows him in, giving him a stiff shove into the corner before putting the boots to him! Rick Knox begins counting to five, ordering Page to let Dustin out of the corner. Page takes a step back and Dustin punches him in the throat out of nowhere! Page staggers out of the corner, clutching his throat, and Dustin charges out... delivering a devastating BULLDOG! Dustin wipes his nose to check for blood then mouths "son of a bitch!" before wandering over to tag in Cody! Dustin climbs onto the apron and Cody snatches Hangman off the mat before delivering a snap suplex!

Cody and Dustin cut the ring in two, keeping Hangman away from Punk as much as possible. They work over Page's knee, taking away the height advantage of the big man. For several long minutes, they take turns tagging in and out, working Page over and keeping him beaten down in their corner. The fans rally behind Page, anxious for him to make the tag to Punk. Punk leans over the top rope, reaching for the tag. AJ Lee stands at ringside, looking worried. Suddenly, the fans erupt in boos. Everyone in the ring looks confused, except for the downed Hangman. We realize why when the camera pans over to reveal Paul Heyman standing on the stage with a huge grin on his face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is Paul Heyman doing here!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He said earlier that he'd be scouting talent tonight... maybe he sees something he likes!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'll tell you'se guys what I'm scoutin'! I'm bored with all these cowboys fightin' and this little skinny guy standin' on the apron! CM PUNK!? What a joke! If he stood sideways and stuck out his tongue, he'd look like a fuckin' zipper! NO! WHAT I'M SCOUTIN' IS THIS MOCHA LATTE HOTT-AY THAT THE BLONDE PRETTY BOY BROUGHT TO THE RING WITH HIM! THAT'S WHAT A REAL WOMAN LOOKS LIKE! NOT THIS FLACCID, SCRAWNY LITTLE GIRL THAT CAME DOWN WITH THAT TATTOOED EMO FREAK!

Paul Heyman quietly saunters down the ramp with his hands in his pockets. He stops at the edge of the stage and watches the match with amusement on his face. Dustin Rhodes has Adam Page on the mat in a sleeper hold. Page begins elbowing his way out and eventually returns to his feet. Dustin struggles to maintain his grip but the larger, strong Page continues elbowing out. Dustin releases his grip and staggers back. Page hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Dustin gets a desperation back body drop over the top rope! Page lands on his feet on the apron! Dustin approaches him and throws a punch but Page blocks it and punches Dustin right in the jaw! Dustin staggers out and Page launches over the top rope... SHOTGUN LARIAT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord! THAT'S HIS MOVE!

The fans pop huge and Cody is freaking out on the apron! Page is too out of it to make the cover! Punk is yelling at Page to make the tag! Paul Heyman watches on, looking very impressed with Page! Page stirs and begins crawling for the tag. Dustin drags himself toward his own corner as well. Finally, Page gets within reach and extends his hand... AND PUNK STEPS OFF THE APRON!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what? What just happened!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You know what just happened, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You've gotta be kidding me!

The fans boo loudly as Punk dusts his hands off like a job well done and walks around the ringside area with AJ Lee following him, smiling evilly. Cody, Dustin, and Brandi Rhodes all look surprised. Adam Page is still on the mat, looking on... he can't believe it! Punk and Heyman stare each other down before Heyman throws his hands out to the side and Punk gives him a big, exaggerated hug! Punk, Heyman, and AJ Lee walk up the ramp together, all with satisfied looks on their faces! They disappear behind the curtain and Adam Page is left alone! Dustin Rhodes tags in Cody and Cody steps through the ropes, eyeing Page hungrily! Page uses the ropes to stand, his back to Cody!

Cody runs up behind Page, pulls him away from the ropes... CROSS RHODES! NO! HANGMAN SPINS OUT! He takes hold of Cody's wrist and nails him with a SHORT ARM LARIAT! Hangman goes for the cover! One! Two! Cody kicks out! Hangman pulls Cody to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder! He goes for a RUNNING POWER SLAM but Cody slips out behind and shoves him forward into the Rhodes' corner! Dustin nails Page with a big right hand, staggering him, and Page staggers backward into... CROSS RHODES FOR REAL! Cody covers him! One! Two! Three!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a fight! Adam Page neva' gave up, not 'til the bitta' end!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That damn CM Punk! We should've seen it coming, Nigel! It shouldn't surprise us at all... he knows a thing or two about walking out on an obligation! Only this time, it came at the expense of Adam Page!

WINNERS - Cody & Dustin Rhodes via Pin Fall in 12:51

Cody and Dustin hug in celebration after the big win as the fans chant “HANGMAN PAGE!” in respect for his valiant effort after CM Punk left him high and dry. Recognizing this, Cody asks for and receives a microphone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Hangman.. Helluva fight. That right there was some real cowboy shit. Thank you.

Bowing their heads in respect, Cody and Dustin motion to Hangman who extends his hand and shakes both Dustin and Cody’s hand and exits the ring.

[ Cody Rhodes ] SGW, that felt pretty damn good! When I signed that contract and got my first match set up, I didn’t expect it to be sharing a ring with this man to my right. I won’t lie. But Dustin, I’m glad I was able to debut in one of the most prestigious companies around with you by my side.

Chants of “DUSTY! DUSTY! DUSTY!” fill the area because wrestling fans are uncreative and know how to sabotage any moment.

[ Cody Rhodes ] People said SGW was trying to infiltrate the business. That it doesn’t belong. That SGW was a thing of the past and needed to stay there.. Two shows in, and my God, this place is changing EVERYTHING! In two weeks, this company is holding two shows in two nights. Let’s see someone else do that!

He pauses and wipes the sweat out of his eyes.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Now, my brother and I, we aren’t in 12 Large..


[ Cody Rhodes ] And that’s alright. Because you take lemons and make lemonade out of it. You take that snub and you channel that energy into something else.. And Dustin.. I know what that something else is.. That is.. If you trust me.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] What’cha got in mind, baby brother?

[ Cody Rhodes ] The main event of tonight’s show is a triple threat to determine the first SGW Tag Team Champions in a decade. What if.. What if this became more than a one night stand? What if you and I made this a thing? What if we set out to establish a legitimate tag team division and chase down those belts? WHAT DO YOU THINK, SEATTLE?! HUH!? DO YOU WANNA’ SEE THE RHODES BROTHERS WEARIN’ THOSE STRAPS?! C'MONNNNN!!

The place erupts as Cody panders to the crowd, going to each side of the ring, throwing his arms up in the air and garnering strong reactions from the capacity crowd. Dustin just looks on in total amazement of the connection his brother has with the people.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Cody..

Cody turns around and walks back to Dustin in the middle of the ring.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] If we’re gonna’ do this..

Dustin extends his hand.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Then, daddy, I guess we’d better go all in.. If you will.

Cody shakes Dustin’s hand and the place explodes again. The Rhodes have formed a full-time tag team right in the middle of the ring! The SGW tag team division has been rekindled with a brand new level of competition thanks to the teams thus far, and the Brotherhood simply adds to that!

We can still hear the fans losing their minds as we cut backstage and find ourselves in front of the SGW interview set with Paul Heyman, AJ Lee... and CM Punk. Those cheers quickly turn to boos and Punk raises an eyebrow, cupping his ear and really drinking them in with a smug look on his face. AJ Lee hangs onto his arm, staring up at him longingly with a huge grin on her face. Next to them, Paul Heyman beams with pride, his hands clasped in front of him. The boos continue raining down until "The Franchise" Shane Douglas walks into the shot, a sour look upon his face... he eyes Heyman, looking him up and down with absolute disgust. Suddenly, without warning, Douglas turns his head away from Heyman and projectile vomits off-camera, wipes his mouth aggressively with the back of his hand, and loses his mind as Heyman, Punk, and AJ Lee all look on, grossed out beyond belief.


Heyman looks at Douglas quizzically and places his hand on his shoulder.

[ Paul Heyman ] Shane... how are you doing this evening?

Douglas tilts his head to the side, confused. His eyes are bloodshot and he's trembling with intensity.

[ Paul Heyman ] How are things at home, old friend?

Douglas looks rattled by the kind and gentle nature of his former employer but shakes his head aggressively and growls, not letting the sentimentality of it all get to him. Heyman removes his hand from Douglas' shoulder.


AJ Lee looks legitimately horrified of Douglas. Punk shakes his head. Heyman chuckles.

[ Paul Heyman ] Mr. Douglas, your contributions to the extreme wrestling movement have been noted... and forgotten... moving on to a more important... and relevant piece of business... I shall take this moment to answer your first question, the only sensible thing you've asked since you stepped foot in this company...

Heyman gestures toward himself with the wave of his hand.

[ Paul Heyman ] How did I... Paul Heyman... come to secure a contract with the hottest free agent in all of professional wrestling today... C... M... PUNK? Well, the answer is quite simple, really... as you know, CM Punk and I go way back. He's a very dear friend of mine and, well... he's what we call, in this business... a Paul Heyman Guy.

Punk smiles and wrings his hands together, completely ignoring AJ Lee next to him.

[ Paul Heyman ] See, Shane... I already have the women's division covered... Tessa Blanchard will soon be the SGW Women's World Champion and there's nothing... nothing anyone can do about it... but... why stop there? What's the point in having some of the gold... when you can have... all of it?

Heyman's eyes get wide and sweat rolls off his nose.

[ Paul Heyman ] And that's where C... M... Punk comes in.

Heyman gestures toward Punk with the flick of his wrist.

[ Paul Heyman ] Mr. Punk has long been waiting in the shadows, ready for an opportunity to return to this business... ready for an opportunity to take the wrestling world by storm once more... and with a generous donation to our most... prestigious Championship Committee... that's exactly what I was able to provide for him.

Douglas scratches his head, struggling to understand.

[ Paul Heyman ] What does that mean? Allow me to break it down for you in terms that you can understand.

The camera slowly zooms in on Heyman as he speaks.

[ Paul Heyman ] CM Punk... is back.

Heyman smiles, his face red with excitement.

[ Paul Heyman ] And on Sunday, December 1st, 2019...

His jowls quiver with excitement.

[ Paul Heyman ] C... M... Punk... will be... 12... Large!

The fans erupt in boos as Heyman reveals he bought Punk's way into the 12 Large Tournament. Heyman laughs and saunters off camera with confidence, leaving Punk and AJ Lee behind with Douglas. Punk locks eyes with the Franchise and stares him down, looking pleased with himself. He walks closer to Douglas and they almost go nose to nose. Douglas holds the microphone up between them, staring up at Punk in bewilderment. Punk huffs.

[ CM Punk ] This business is funny like that.

Douglas raises an eyebrow.

[ CM Punk ] Just when ya' think you've got all the answers... I come along and change the questions.

Punk winks at him.

[ CM Punk ] See ya' around, Franchise.

The fans boos as Punk takes AJ by the arm and walks off-camera with her, leaving Douglas behind. Douglas purses his lips, looking like a scolded toddler. The camera hangs on him for a long, awkward moment before he clenches his fist and punches the air angrily.


Douglas storms off the interview set and the camera slowly pans over to reveal Rhea Ripley to a huge pop from the live crowd. Ripley has changed out of her gear and into a black leather ensemble. She makes her way through the backstage area, fiddling with an iPod, earbuds plugged in. Christina Von Eerie approaches from the side, placing her hand on Ripley's shoulder. Ripley attempts to hide the fact that it startled her, being jolted out of her own little world. Ripley removes one of her earbuds and looks at Von Eerie, annoyed.

[ Rhea Ripley ] What is it wit' people in this company thinkin' they can just walk up 'n touch me?

Von Eerie removes her hand from Ripley's shoulder, looking taken aback.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Hey, my bad... I just wanted to say thanks.

Ripley just glares at Von Eerie, appearing uninterested.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I really appreciate you having my back during that match.

Ripley just stands there, clearly not into this at all.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] That pin-up doll douche bag is a real pain in my ass right now.

Ripley rolls her eyes.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Yeah, okay.

Von Eerie raises an eyebrow.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Is there a problem? Because I thought we made a pretty rockin' good team tonight.

Ripley removes her other earbud and gently shakes her head.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Did we, now? Did we make a pretty rockin' good team?

Ripley looms over Von Eerie and points at herself.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I ain't 'ere t' be part of a pretty good team... I'm 'ere t' be the SGW Women's World Champion.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Yeah, obviously... so am I. What's your point?

[ Rhea Ripley ] Lata' tonight... Trish Stratus is gonna announce how that championship is gettin' crowned... 'n I'm willin' t' bet it ain't gonna involve sunshine 'n lollipops 'n friendship... it's gonna be every woman for 'erself 'n ya' best believe... I'm goin' all in on yours truly.

Von Eerie huffs, completely caught off guard by Ripley's hostile attitude.

[ Rhea Ripley ] So, pardon me if I really don't give a shit about ya' gratitude, mate.

Von Eerie cracks a smile and takes a step back with her hands up in front of her.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] God damn. Alright. Fuck you, then.

Ripley waves her off nonchalantly before placing one of her earbuds back in.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Yeah, yeah. Buy me dinna' first, twat.

Ripley casually walks out of the shot, leaving Von Eerie behind. Von Eerie looks on, smiling in disbelief before turning to walk away herself... however, she only gets a few steps away before she's blasted from the side by Jamie Hayter! The crowd's excitement intensifies as Hayter and Von Eerie tie up and begin slugging away at each other, neither woman willing to give up as they throw hands recklessly! Von Eerie rages out and takes over with a knee lift that sends Hayter staggering backward but before Von Eerie can capitalize, she's nailed from behind with a running forearm from Lacey Evans! The fans erupt in boos as the impact sends Von Eerie sprawling forward, face first onto the floor! Von Eerie clambers back to all fours but Hayter and Evans descend on her, clubbing her across the back with forearms and drilling her with vicious boots! Von Eerie curls up in a fetal position, covering up to protect herself, as the hits just keep on coming. Finally, Evans shoves Hayter, drawing an indignant look from the British competitor.

[ Lacey Evans ] Take an arm, trash!

Hayter curls her lip in disgust.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Who are ya' callin' trash, ya' sodding cow?!

[ Lacey Evans ] Sweetie, I mean in this in the nicest way possible... you are disgustin'. Now, take an arm and let's get this over with before your pungent odor disturbs my gag reflex!

Von Eerie fights them every step of the way but each woman manages to take one of her arms and drag her up to her knees. Von Eerie tries her best to wrench her limbs free but Hayter and Evans drag her kicking and fighting into a nearby restroom. As soon as they get her through the door, they whip her hard into the wall, sending her crashing into it, creating a small indention in the wall. Von Eerie goes down to one knee and Hayter immediately drills her in the side of the head with a running knee into the wall! Von Eerie falls down on her ass, leaning against the wall with a faraway look in her eyes. Evans seductively walks toward Von Eerie with a hand on her hip and a big smile on her face. Hayter glares down at Von Eerie with a satisfied look. Lacey looks at Hayter and sneers, gesturing toward Von Eerie with a wave of her hand.

[ Lacey Evans ] Okay, now I want you to take this salty dog into the stall and use that unruly green hair to clean that filthy toilet! Maybe that will teach her some humility... and show her that there is class and refinement in servitude!

Hayter scoffs, narrowing her eyes.

[ Jamie Hayter ] What the fuck are ya' goin' on about? I ain't cleanin' no bloody toilet wit' her hair. Why don't you do it yourself, ya' daft cunt!

Lacey's jaw drops... but not for the reason you might think.

[ Lacey Evans ] Me? Heavens to Betsy! Honey, I don't think so. Poor people use these toilets.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Why don't we just, like... I dunno, give 'er a powerbomb on the sink. That would hurt a right good bit, I think.

Lacey just stares at her, mouth agape.

[ Lacey Evans ] You poor, sad little girl. You really have no flair for the dramatic, do you?

Hayter scoffs and shrugs, already over this.

[ Jamie Hayter ] I thought we were gonna hurt her. That's kind of what I do.

[ Lacey Evans ] I want to send a message and if you don't wanna help... you are free to go, child.

Hayter rolls her eyes and starts to turn around.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Fine by me-- Oh, hi.

Hayter finds herself face to face with... Rhea Ripley! The fans pop huge as Ripley stares down at Hayter with zero emotion on her face. Lacey Evans looks on with wide eyes, not expecting this development at all. Without even acknowledging Lacey or Hayter, Rhea speaks over them.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Oi, Christina... what we were talkin' 'bout earlier?

She shrugs casually.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I changed my mind.

Without warning, Evans shoves Hayter forward into Ripley and rushes out of the restroom! Ripley immediately snatches Hayter up... and drills her with RIPTIDE ON THE SINK! Hayter's back bends awkwardly and the porcelain cracks with water going everywhere! Hayter rolls over on her side, cradling her head and clutching at her obviously injured back. Ripley steps over her and offers her hand to the still seated Von Eerie.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Get up. Ya' look ridiculous.

Von Eerie rolls her eyes and takes Ripley's hand. Ripley pulls her to her feet and they walk past the downed and groaning Hayter as water pools around her. The fans are cheering loudly as the camera slowly zooms in on Hayter and we slowly fade out and cut to ringside for our next match.

As our screens fade back to the arena proper, the lights fall to black inside the Key Arena as a quiet beat plays over the speaker system. Finally, a duo of vocalists begin to speak:

Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever
This is for those… (Forever!)
That can relate…
Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever
Don't hide it… (Forever!)

As the beat intensifies and Tech N9ne begins rapping at lightning-pace, the stage lights begin strobing to the tune of the song and Christopher Daniels emerges into the arena to a very welcome ovation from the Seattle fans. A long, dark entrance jacket covers Daniels’ shoulders and a jet-black cloth is covering his head. The Fallen Angel thrusts his arms out to the side and brings them back before him, the first two fingers on each hand leading him to the ring with purpose.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this man, the Fallen Angel, is in win-or-go-home mode tonight – this is his final opportunity to qualify for the 12 Large Tournament and in order to earn his berth, he’s got to defeat another very talented competitor in Billy Kidman.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Right you are, Tony – Christopher Daniels is a veteran of this business with years of experience under his belt. A man who underestimates the Fallen Angel is a man who has, more often than not, already lost the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nige, it’s clear that Daniels is experienced, but you have to ask yourself – is he in the right frame of mind for this contest tonight? We’ve seen in video updates that he is apparently working through issues with former tag team partners and has tried his hand at comedy lately, as well – we wonder if his full attention has been given to Billy Kidman, and perhaps more importantly, Raven tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] While his plate may be full, Da niels has never been one to skimp on the preparation phase of the battle – rest assured, the Fallen Angel is going to be well-versed in his game plan to qualify for 12 Large right here, Tony.

Daniels aggressively pulls the cloth from his head and tosses it to the mat, inaudibly speaking to the camera and looking in prime physical condition tonight. Seattle are warm in welcoming the Fallen Angel as Tech N9ne’s song reaches its chorus.

I caught crazy
And I plan on keepin' that shit
Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever

[ Scott Steiner ] Did the little bald boy’s song just say he ‘caught crazy?!’

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Christopher Daniels’ theme does, in fact, emphasize that he has ‘Caught Crazy,’ Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] THASS GARBAGE! Back in my day, you just went out to the ring and snapped people’s necks and physically accosted any and everyone you saw in order to be taken as crazy! Man, woman, animal, David Penzer – whoever! Just havin’ some no-name rapper say it for you is why this bald child is gonna get his ass whipped right here tonight – AND HE’D BETTER CONSIDER HIMSELF LUCKY IT AIN’T ME IN THERE, cuz then his ass wouldn’t be whipped, it’d be DEAD! I gots the biggest arms in the entire! DAMN! WORLD!

There’s a trademark uncomfortable silence at the announce desk as Daniels’ theme fades and the crowd begins to stir.

[ Scott Steiner ] …who the hell’d you say is Daniel Christopher fightin’ tonight anyway?

“Come As You Are” begins to play across the speakers and the lights begin to swirl a gross mix of green, purple and strobe. The fans immediately boo Raven, who emerges from the curtain with a sickening smirk on his face, and Billy Kidman, staring at the ground anxiously and taking care not to run into Raven, who stops every few feet to sneer at front-row patrons. Said fans aren’t impressed with the Master Manipulator and give him ten sorts of business in exchange, but Raven maintains his glare as he leads Kidman to the ring for this 12 Large Qualifying contest.

[ Scott Steiner ] DAMMIT! I wanted it to be someone big and bad ass, not wormy-ass druggies who needs some calamine lotion! Kidman’s bitch-ass couldn’t keep Torrie Wilsons satisfied…because HE’S NOT A REAL MAN! NOT LIKE ME…NOT LIKE THE BIG, BAD…BOOTY DADDY! I’d be more than satisfied to go and satisfy the little Kidman’s wife all night long! ALL NIGHT, SCHIAVONE! DIDJA HEAR ME?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] …Yes.

Another uncomfortable silence from our announce trio as Kidman timidly steps through the ropes and crouches in his corner, listening intently to Raven’s final instructions as referee Mike Chioda signals for the bell – another man will qualify for the 12 Large Tournament very soon!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Despite being nearly perfectly matched physically and of relatively the same age and experience, Daniels has wrestled upwards of 30% more matches than Kidman in his career and confidently takes the lead, forcing a collar-and-elbow tie-up into a top wrist-lock, pushing the Allentown native to the mat for a one count. Kidman nimbly kips up from the mat and then drops to his stomach, effectively arm-dragging the Fallen Angel to the mat and popping up for a stalemate early. From outside the ring, Raven begins yelling at a front-row fan about the state of affairs in Jerusalem, distracting Kidman. Daniels, ever the opportunist, takes advantage of his elsewhere-directed opponent and rolls him backwards with an O’Connor hold before transitioning to a carefully applied armbar. As Raven turns his own attention back to the ring, he is appalled to see that Kidman has lost the advantage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now this is just a shame – Raven turning his attention away from Billy Kidman caused his ‘friend’ to lose focus! And now it’s Kidman’s fault??

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You’re damn right it is, sunshine! Kidman’s the one in that ring – NOT RAVEN! If Kidman wants to win this match and qualify for 12 Large, he’s got to get his ass in gear and quit worrying with the daft bird on the outside!

Kidman manages to counter the armbar and uses a bottom-rope springboard to vault over a charging Daniels, rolling backwards to create more separation and then low-bridging the top rope to bait the Fallen Angel into a rough fall to the mats below! Raven immediately begins yelling for Kidman to capitalize and when his ‘friend’ turns eyes to him, the Master Manipulator silently pats his black leather jacket, near his heart. The clever SGW camera crew catches Kidman’s eyes widening and getting whatever message Raven is sending. The nimble Kidman climbs up the center portion of the ring ropes – and leaps! Springboard Shooting Star Press wipes out Daniels on the floor and Seattle is losing it!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] The springboard Shooting Star Press! Kidman is laying it all on the line in order to prove he’s 12 Large tonight and look, gents – Raven is grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

Nigel’s selling point is apt; Raven’s toothy grin is ear to ear as he wickedly chuckles at the carnage before him. Kidman very slowly regains his composure and tosses Daniels into the ring, turning to look at Raven for a measure of approval.

[ Raven ] What are you thinking? Get in the ring and cover the Angel! Stop wasting time!

Kidman turns, not unlike a scorned child, and meekly scampers into the ring and covers Daniels – one! Two! NO! The Fallen Angel used the momentary lapse in Kidman’s judgment to regain some composure and push his shoulder off the canvas. Kidman sits up and timidly scratches the side of his neck before anxiously meeting Raven’s eyeline. The Master Manipulator is livid; Raven screams for Kidman to do something and end the match – Kidman sheepishly rises and goes to lift Daniels, who was playing opossum perfectly and snares Billy in a small package! ONE! TWO! NO! Kidman forces his shoulder up! Raven breathes out intensely on the floor, having thought it was over, as Daniels is up quickly and smacks Kidman with a right jab, a European Uppercut and finally – a Flatliner! Daniels doesn’t delay and instantly keeps control of the head and rolls onto his shoulders, latching in the Koji Clutch!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Koji Kanemoto’s Koji Clutch!! Daniels has perfected this hold over time and Kidman is in real trouble here!

Daniels wrenches back, fully extending Kidman’s neck and stretching him with vicious intent in his eyes. Raven reaches out, across the ring and pulls Kidman by the hand to the ropes as Chioda screams out.


Raven holds his hands up, emphasizing his innocence, as the Seattle fans boo him. Daniels stomps Kidman in the small of the back and then leaps into the air with an elbow drop to the afflicted area. The Fallen Angel continues his all-out assault on Kidman’s spine with a textbook backbreaker, then a body slam. Daniels wisely realizes he shouldn’t play with his food and drags the weakened Kidman to the corner and leaps – first over Kidman, then to the middle rope and finally, off the top rope – and the fans shout along with him:


But there’s no water in the pool! Kidman rolls inward, giving Daniels nothing but mat to meet him off the BME! The Fallen Angel pops off the mat from the impact and Kidman is now the one on the attack, running ahead and spiking Daniels on his shoulders with a Northern Lights Suplex! ONE! TW—no, wait! Kidman is rolling through the cover! Back on his feet with Daniels’ waist still locked, Kidman transitions and PLANTS the Fallen Angel with a sitout spinebuster – the BK Bomb!!

[ Tony Schiavone ] BK Bomb! BK Bomb! Kidman scores with the BK Bomb, Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] COVER HIM, DAMMIT!!

Kidman does as he is told and administers the cover from the seated position, getting another two count in this rapid-fire matchup. On the floor, Raven is rummaging under the ring and produces a steel chair, hopping gingerly to the apron, weapon in tow! Referee Mike Chioda and Kidman approach Raven, curious about why in the world he’s got a folding chair on the apron! The Master Manipulator ignores Kidman and speaks directly to Chioda, explaining whatever drove him to his current situation. Chioda begins yelling that this is “Raven’s last warning!” – but suddenly, Daniels rushes ahead and SMASHES Raven off the apron with a mighty thud! The Key Arena roars in approval as Daniels continues running, now across the ring. Kidman realizes he needs to keep whatever momentum he still has and follows after the Fallen Angel – but Daniels has too much speed and WRECKS Kidman with a leg lariat! Kidman is seeing stars!! Chioda quickly checks Kidman’s eyes for a possible concussion, but Daniels is on him quicker than Chioda can complete the exam and slams his opponent to the mat with a huge STO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be it, Tony! Daniels is feeling it now!

Daniels looks around the arena, feeling the approval of the Seattle fans who are ready to see what the Fallen Angel does now. He bends over and lifts the lifeless Kidman from the mat and sets him up for a piledriver – no! Double underhooks the arms – Daniels is looking for the Angel’s Wings! But something’s going on on the floor! Raven tosses a rolled up paper baggie into the ring from the arena floor and Daniels’ eyes cut over to the bag. The Fallen Angel keeps Kidman’s arms locked, but begins questioning Chioda about what in the world Raven would throw into the ring. Chioda begins slowly inspecting the bag and pulls a worn spoon from within as Daniels’ eyebrows raise curiously.

[ Raven ] NOW, BILLY! NOW!

Kidman stands, flipping Daniels to the mat while still holding his arms – it’s a cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Billy Kidman via Pin Fall in 10:59

Daniels releases Kidman’s arms and Billy immediately rolls to the bag, grabbing it on his way out of the ring and to the floor, where he reunites with Raven. The Master Manipulator’s face is written with perverse joy as he shoves the battle-worn Kidman toward the ramp. Kidman begins poking around in the paper sack as Daniels sits up, livid and arguing with referee Mike Chioda about the call.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I cannot believe this, fans! Christopher Daniels has suffered setback after setback in back to back SGW shows despite proving himself as a more-than-competent competitor in both outings!

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s because he’s a LOSER! He’s a damn bald loser like Mr. Clean! I mean, seriously, what kind of genie bastard magically shows up in women’s homes in the middle of the damn day just to help them CLEAN?! He sounds like a stupid bastard to me, just like Christopher Daniel! His bald ass deserved to lose!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No matter how he fell, Raven and Kidman certainly had one aspect of a gameplan rehearsed and it came through for these gentlemen tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] GENTLEMEN?! Nige, have you lost your mind?! What about that scam by Raven was gentlemanly at all??

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I never said his methods were gentlemanly, Tony – and the fact of the matter is, by hook or by crook, Billy Kidman is 12 Large!

Kidman wouldn’t know it, though, as he’s now entirely consumed by the contents of Raven’s pocket bag. Raven’s enormous, arrogant smirk tells half the story of the contest; Christopher Daniels’ infuriated frown in center ring tells the other half. Daniels snarls and begins yelling at Chioda once again as we fade to the announce table again.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, as much as that disturbs me for the Fallen Angel, and as much as I consider that to be a true travesty of justice, we have to move along here tonight – and the sheet says we’re due for a visit from an old friend – Mr. Chavo Guerrero Jr.! Nige, best buddy, any clue what this could be about?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Perhaps it’s in relation to my requested transfer.

[ Tony Schiavone ] TRANSFER?! <chuckles> What, you’d break up the best gosh darn announce team in history and get yourself transferred to another post?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I neva’ said I’d be the one moving.

Tony’s face sinks as Nigel smirks at the camera, shaking his head. Scott Steiner fills in all of the zero gaps from the previous exchange.


A single tear streams down Schiavone’s cheek as he mutters something about the Darkest Day in the History of Our Friendship to himself as Chavo Guerrero Jr’s theme hits the speakers.

Chavo's theme carries us backstage where we see him standing in front of a table with a golden briefcase resting on it. He's in khaki pants and a green polo shirt with the SGW logo embroidered on the breast. Chavo is smiling proudly, showing no signs at all of mental trauma from his experience in the Firefly Funhouse at SGW Revenge. He greets the camera, holding his hands out to the sides in a welcoming gesture.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Hello, Solid Gold Wrestling fans!

The live crowd cheers and begins chanting "CHAVO!" over and over.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Thanks for all your thought and prayers regarding the loss of Pepe!

He pats his heart.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] It really means a lot!

He points into the camera, smiling once again.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] But that's enough talk about sad things, let's talk about new, fun, and exciting things!

He places his hand flat on the briefcase.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Like what I have right here, inside this briefcase, esse!

Chavo nods assuringly, staring right into your eyes.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] What we have inside this briefcase is a brand new concept cooked up by the SGW Championship Committee! Specifically... me! When I first started out in Solid Gold Wrestling, everyone thought I was a joke, esse! They would mistreat me and Pepe, beat us up, throw us away like garbage! It really did a number... on mi corazon!

Chavo clenches a fist and holds it close to his heart.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I just couldn't catch a break... until one day, I fell backward into an SGW World title match against the vile, depraved, disgusting murderer, Chris Benoit! To the shock of many, I defeated him to become the new champion... and to this day, I wonder what would have happened if I had've ended his career in the ring that night... if I had've dropped him on his head and paralyzed him... would Nancy and Daniel be--

He pounds himself on the forehead with the heel of his palm.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Stop blaming yourself, Chavito!

He shakes his head, looking remorseful.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You couldn't have known, esse.

He looks up at the camera, seemingly back to normal.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Back in my prime, we didn't have tools to catapult us into the main event. You either had it... or you didn't. It was easy to be overlooked back in those days. I mean, with studs like Johnny Stamboli, Tom Cruise, and Gangrel clogging up the main event, there was hardly room for anyone else!

He unsnaps the briefcase and opens it facing himself. He looks down at the contents in awe.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] What I have here... is a tool to help someone bypass the clutter of a crowded main event scene! Something a lot of guys from my day wish they had! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... the Solid Gold Wrestling ELEVATION Championship!

He turns the briefcase around to reveal the championship to the audience for the first time!

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Here's how it works, friends! The Elevation Championship can be contested in any kind of match, just like any other title belt! But... if the champion can successfully defend it three times, they have the option to vacate it for an opportunity at the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Now, how do we go about crowning the first-ever SGW Elevation Champion?

Chavo scratches his chin, thinking really hard.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Hmm... what goes along with Elevation?

His eyes become wide with excitement.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Ladders! Arriba la raza!

He wears an almost maniacal smile.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] And where does an Elevation Championship Ladder Match take place? Well, where do ya' think, esse!? Elevation, ladders... Mile High Madness! That's right! Six men will do battle at Mile High Madness in a Ladder Match to see who becomes the first SGW Elevation Champion!

The fans cheer wildly, loving this new concept and the fact that we're about to get a ladder match.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Me and the rest of the Championship Committee put our heads together and we thought really, really hard about who deserves to be in this match... of course, we can't reveal everyone right now because we're still waiting to see how some of the 12 Large qualifiers pan out... but I can reveal four of the men who will be in the match right now!

He proudly proclaims the first name.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] "The American Nightmare" Cody!

The fans pop huge.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Colt Cabana!

Another huge pop.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson!

The fans begin largely chanting "WHO! WHO! WHO!" Chavo shrugs, mouthing "No idea!"

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] And last but not least... "The Hangman" Adam Page!

Big pop for the Hangman, followed by a huge "COWBOY SHIT" chant. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the room is bathed in orange light and Chavo looks around, confused. There's a sound of a heartbeat followed by a steady beeping rhythm. The fans pop huge as, from behind the table, Red Hook Petey rises! Red Hook Petey has seen way better days as he's practically held together with band-aids and bubble gum after the explosion at SGW Revenge. Chavo looks appalled.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Red Hook Petey!? What the heck are you doin' here, esse!?

[ Red Hook Petey ] Hey, Chavo! 'chu fuggin' bitch! Why don't you'se give ME one o' dem Elevation spots!

Chavo just glares at Petey. A bead of sweat rolls down his nose. He looks... angry.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Where's Pepe, Petey?

Petey slowly turns his head toward Chavo.

[ Red Hook Petey ] Oh, brutha'... 'chu don't wanna know!

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Where... is... Pepe!? What have you freaks done with my friend, esse!?


Chavo palms Petey's head and tries to force him back underneath the table!

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I... have had... enough... of you, esse!

...and Petey's head snaps off in his hand! Petey's body falls beneath the table and Chavo looks down at the severed head of Petey in horror. Chavo sneers and prepares to throw it away from himself but the mouth moves and Petey's head coughs.

[ Red Hook Petey ] 'chu killed me, Chavo... 'chu killed me... I neva' thought chu'd do me like dat, Chavo...

Chavo pouts like a scolded child.

[ Red Hook Petey ] ...I... I thought... we was family.

And then, the death rattle.

[ Red Hook Petey ]...suh-viiiiiiiive...

And he's gone.

Chavo drops the head on the floor.

Chavo shakes his head, trying to shake that visual out of his mind. He takes a deep breath and turns back around to face the camera. The lighting returns to normal with the death of Red Hook Petey, as well. Chavo looks to be under major stress after that... and he clearly misses Pepe more than he lets on.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Well, everybody... I guess, um... this has been your introduction to the Elevation Championship--

He sees something off-camera and looks genuinely concerned.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Hey, hold on! Who are you!? What are you doin' here, esse!?

And then he looks genuinely frightened, recoiling in fear. We hear what sounds like the hammer click back on a pistol from off-camera.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Is that a g-... no way! You can't have that in here! This... this is a wrestling program! Please--

We suddenly return with Chavo Guerrero standing completely still in front of the camera. The Elevation Championship still rests in front of him inside the briefcase. Standing next to him, we see NICK GAGE. Gage has one arm hidden behind Chavo, who is sweating bullets. Gage is all business, staring straight into the camera. He nudges Chavo hard.

[ Nick Gage ] Tell'em.

Chavo swallows hard.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] There's been a slight change in plan, folks... "The Hangman" Adam Page is no longer going to be competing in the Elevation Ladder Match at Mile High Madness... the Championship Committee has determined that he will be replaced by--

He cuts his eyes in Gage's direction.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] What was your name again, esse?

Gage looks at Chavo like he could hit him.


[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] He will now be replaced by Nick Gage. Surprise!

Gage nods, satisfied.

[ Nick Gage ] That's god damn right. Now tell the people to enjoy the rest o' the fuckin' show.

Chavo forces a smile.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Enjoy the rest of the show, everyone!

We quickly cut to black.

While the fans are still reeling from the announcement of the should-be epic Elevation Championship Ladder Match, we cut backstage where we see Christian Cage power walking down a hallway with his phone in his hand. The fans pop upon seeing the former SGW World Champion but he's all business. He takes a hard right into what appears to be an office where we see Edge talking to his former rival, Val Venis. Both Venis and Edge look surprised by the interruption and moreso by Christian's demeanor. Edge almost stammers as he speaks.

[ Edge ] What's that face, bro?

Christian holds up the phone, indicating he just got some news.

[ Christian Cage ] He's out.

[ Val Venis ] ...who's out?

[ Christian Cage ] You know who.

[ Edge ] You gotta be kidding me.

[ Christian Cage ] They're bringing him back to the arena right now.

Venis shakes his head, looking disgusted by this. Christian looks at Venis and nods.

[ Christian Cage ] Should we have the talk with Mr. Venis here?

Venis raises an eyebrow, looking confused.

[ Edge ] Yeah. I think it's about that time.

[ Val Venis ] What... talk?

[ Christian Cage ] The one we should've had before we re-opened those golden gates.

All three men move in closer to discuss something that we're not welcome to sit-in on. The camera slowly draws backward out of the office and Christian reaches out to slam the door in our faces. What could Venis, Christian, and Edge be discussing... and did they really let HIM out?! How!?

A dark room filled by only the light of candles scattered all throughout. Aleister Black, still in his ring gear, sits cross-legged on the floor, his outline defined by some of the small flames. Zelina Vega stands over him, her hands on his shoulders.

[ Aleister Black ] Arrogance is the camouflage of the insecure. AJ Styles, your sins found you out tonight. You paid for them.

With his palms pressed against one another in a praying motion, Aleister chooses his next words wisely.

[ Aleister Black ] Why? Why did I choose tonight to be a teaching moment? Why did I almost throw away a shot at being one of the top three seeds in the 12 Large Tournament?

He pauses as if he was expecting an answer from us. Zelina gazes dead center into the camera, never taking her eyes off of us.

[ Aleister Black ] Because I didn't need this advantage to become SGW World Champion. I'm secure in my talents and what I can do inside that ring. Unlike you, AJ. You use your mouth to cover up what burdens you deep down inside. I saw that and I decided to make you repent.. With Black Mass.

A sly smile escapes Zelina's lips as she nods in agreement.

[ Aleister Black ] I don't need this mythical advantage because my destiny remains the same no matter the route I take to get there.. At 12 Large, I'm outlasting eleven other men and becoming champion. I don't care if I'm number one or number twelve. The outcome remains the same.

Aleister makes no apologies for the things he has done tonight. Truly believing in himself and showing no remorse for what he did to AJ Styles, he ponders out loud.

[ Aleister Black ] Every action has a consequence, right? AJ, what if me kicking your face off ends up putting you at a disadvantage in the tournament?

A pause interrupts the thought. Aleister smirks as his palms escape one another, making a small shrugging motion. He speaks so softly, yet so full of confidence that it's hard to tell whether or not Aleister Black is in fact a good person or not. If you ask him, I'm sure he'll tell you he's no where near "good."

[ Aleister Black ] Then I guess you weren't too phenomenal after all.

[ Zelina Vega ] All of them will fall before you... all of them.

[ Aleister Black ] Come 12 Large, December 1st, all of you will face consequences for your actions. SGW will atone for its doubts and second-guessing against me as I take their championship and hold it hostage... until the gates of this place close thanks to fools like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Ending his message, Aleister returns back to his brooding ways. The candles surrounding him suddenly flame out. Darkness. The scene fades.

After the announcement of the sure-to-be-wild Elevation Championship Ladder Match, the Seattle fans are hyped for their next contest – another 12 Large Qualifying Contest! The stirring in the audience is amplified when “Clavicle” hits the speakers. The Alkaline Trio jam welcomes Matt Sydal to the stage, running and dead stopping at the top of the ramp excitedly. “NAMASTE, FRIENDS!” Sydal speaks to the camera calmly, but loudly enough to be heard over the music. He bows to the camera and twice again to the Key Arena and takes off for the ring, sliding halfway across the canvas and rising with two fingers in the air.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don’t like this guy.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] All I know of the world is shattered!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Matt Sydal is ‘REBORN,’ best buddy – but his newfound positive spin on life hasn’t endeared him to many backstage, would you say?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No, Tony, it seems as if people preferred the old Matt Sydal – alas, he is dead and gone and in his place is a man Reborn, who is on the cusp of a major championship opportunity in Las Vegas…IF he can get past the other three men in this match!

Sydal begins stretching his legs as “Swamp Gas” slams the air harshly and green and brown lights descend on the stage. After a moment, Luke Harper emerges from the curtain, smoking a cigarette in what is ABSOLUTELY a fire hazard and is being allowed to go on.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Smoking DOES kill…if Luke Harper doesn’t get to you first!

Harper methodically strides to ringside with nary a care in the world. He thumps his cigarette at the protective mats and stomps it out before leaping onto the apron and stepping over the top rope, into the ring. He immediately goes nose-to-chest with Matt Sydal and shoves the man who he nearly decapitated at Revenge before referee Paul Turner gets between the two and encourages peace before wartime.

[ Scott Steiner ] YEAH! Smoke his ass, big man!

The lights in the Key Arena fall to black quickly to pop the crowd, which is rumbling excitedly before the sound of a single coin rattling off a concrete floor is heard and the lights instantly flood in gold and red around the arena. The lights aren’t the only thing flooding the building, as THOUSANDS of Rainmaker dollars fall from the ceiling, welcoming Kazuchika Okada to the stage! Okada reflects ominously over the massive sea of humanity, chanting ‘OH-KA-DA!’ as he begins his walk to the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] For those who have been living under a rock for the last ten years, allow me to introduce you to a man who many consider to be the greatest living professional wrestler alive today –

[ Scott Steiner ] Very kind of you, Peter Blair, but I already introduceds myself earlier.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ‘The Rainmaker!’ Kazuchika Okada!

Steiner scowls and swears under his breath as Okada steps into the ring and slowly, surely ascends the turnbuckle and spreads his arms, palms to the sky as the camera zooms out, showing the Key Arena replicating his pose as the dollars continue to fall from the sky.

As referee Paul Turner struggles to keep Harper and Sydal separated in the ring and Okada begins to dispense of his beautiful, ornate ring jacket, the lights in the arena fall to black, giving way for an extravagant display of lasers and smoke from the stage. A series of victorious trumpets sound, announcing the arrival of our third competitor – and Seattle has perhaps NEVER been louder.

[ Scott Steiner ] Go on and punch him, Harper! Punchin’ someone in the dark is a victimless crime! DAMMIT! Here’s that damn vegan son of a pussy bitch Bryan Danielson! I HATE HIS VEGAN ASS MORE THAN ANYONE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I hadn’t noticed, Scott!

Steiner is somehow refrained from a rampage as the fans begin singing along with the crowd-hyping entrance theme of the “American Dragon.” Bryan Danielson himself slowly steps onto the stage, walking across the Rainmaker Dollars scattered on its steel facing and being bathed in a sea of strobes and lasers. The Dragon, practically breathing fire, is glaring holes into Harper, Sydal, Okada and Turner in the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know something, Nige’, one man who may contradict that point about Okada being the best professional wrestler in the world is…



We’re leaving together,
But still it’s fareeeeeeewelllllll!
And maybe we’ll come baaaaack…
To Earth, who can telllllllll?

[ Scott Steiner ] I’m gonna fall the hell out like fat ass Smo’Joe juss did if somebody doesn’t cut this pageantry sing-song bullshit short right now! I’m bein’ serious back there, I can’t guarantee my big ass arms can save my brain from dyin’ of disgust like it could save my ass from dyin’ from anything else!

Danielson begins serenely pacing to the ring, like a lion, impressively and patiently stalking its prey. His eyes cut to the front-row patrons, who he snarls at silently, only just realizing that they are beyond excited to see him. The Dragon evenly strides up the ring steps and takes a spot in the center of the apron, letting the excitement build in the arena; not because it fuels him…and not because he knows the fans love it.

I guess there is no one to blame!
We’re lea-ving grou-ow-ouuunnd….lea-ving-ground!

Bryan Danielson takes his time with this song, with this entrance because it gets in the head of his opponents. He arrogantly leaps to the middle rope and opens his arms out wide, finally drawing Sydal and Harper’s attention to himself and away from one another.

Will things ever beeeeeeeeeeeee the same again?!

Danielson jabs both thumbs in his own direction, screaming to no one in particular and yet, to everyone within earshot that he is the –


It’s the Fi! Nal Count! Downnnnn!

The American Dragon flies off the middle rope and lifts his index fingers into the air, taking care to stride directly into Matt Sydal and attempts to do the same to Harper before Turner holds Danielson back, escorting him to his corner. The Dragon takes a moment to fake dash at Okada, seeing if the Rainmaker would flinch – he does not. Danielson smirks to himself, speaking silently in words of planning as his hometown fans are absolutely nuclear for his entrance and for his very presence, immediately chanting that the other three men in the match would “get their fucking heads kicked in!”


The tension in the ring is unreal as Turner finally assumes he has things in control and signals for the match to begin!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 45:00

A respectful show of handshakes and pleasantries kicks off our contest.

…really? Not even at all?

Well, reader, you’re apt not to believe me.

Luke Harper literally ran at the first audible note of the bell at SMASHED Sydal’s face with a HUGE big boot, sending the Reborn grappler to the floor with a sick thud! The Key Arena roared out in shock, curious whether or not Matt Sydal was still conscious…or perhaps, even still living?

As Paul Turner turned white as a sheet, Danielson and Okada tied up in center-ring with a textbook collar-and-elbow hold. Two bulls testing one another, Okada used his natural size advantage to take Danielson’s wrist beautifully. The Rainmaker’s technique was admittedly not quite Danielson’s, but would outdo over 99% of the professional wrestlers on planet Earth. Danielson wisely counters the wristlock and manipulates Okada into a waistlock. The Rainmaker’s eyes widen and he breaks Danielson’s lock and grabs his wrist, spinning through and into his own waistlock as the Key Arena loses their minds! Surely there won’t be a Rainmaker THIS early?! Danielson snaps Okada’s normally-iron-tough lock and rolls to the ropes for a break as the fans cheer Okada’s candor.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Okada looks to be playing mind games with Danielson! His grip is legendarily mighty and Danielson will certainly struggle to break it later on.


Meanwhile, Harper pulls out another cigarette and a lighter (?!) from his pocket and fires up, deciding to smash Sydal’s face with his foot, holding the smaller man down just by standing. Sydal eventually breaks Harper’s hold by…well, kicking him directly in the Greek Philosopher Testicles (pronounced test-uh-clees) and giving the Arena a mighty roar. Sydal struggles to his feet, still aching from his face being smashed off his head at the beginning of the contest, but manages to deliver a stiff kick to Harper’s thigh, staggering the big man before running at him, guns blazing! Harper is too quick, though, and LAUNCHES SYDAL OVER HIS HEAD, BACK BODY DROPPING HIM INTO THE AUDIENCE!

People scatter every which way, allowing Sydal to crash violently into a pair of chairs, although the awkward angle gave him quite a bit of concrete arena floor to ‘cushion’ his fall. As you might imagine, the other 99% of the arena which didn’t get the souvenir of a lifetime tossed to them immediately begin chanting.


Back in the ring, Danielson charges into Okada and leaps with an elbow strike, clattering the Rainmaker. Okada wasn’t stirred and swung his own elbow violently, blasting the Dragon with his own shot! The pair went back and forth, hell for leather in delivering the sickening forearms as the crowd roared in approval! On the floor, Harper finishes his cigarette and throws it to the ground, stamping it out. He steps casually over the barricade and lifts the destroyed Sydal, picking him up and walking to the aisle of the arena, away from the fans as Turner called for the pair to return to the ring. Harper has no interest in this idea and instead positions Sydal for a powerbomb – ON THE ARENA FLOOR!


[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH!

Paul Turner is having an absolute conniption as Harper lifts the Reborn one and begins running – he’s looking for a LIGER BOMB! – but at the last second, Sydal shifts his weight and ranas Harper directly into a wall! The impact sends a mighty THUNGKK through the arena and another fecal chant picks up as Turner goes full Maucaulay Culkin, hands on the sides of his face screaming for help.

As medical professionals attend to the suddenly ravaged Sydal and Harper, the match taking place in the ring has absolutely exploded. Okada is using his size and strength to his advantage, popping Danielson with a dropkick, a backbreaker and a vertical suplex for a thick two count. Danielson struggles to return to his feet, but his worn body from the war two weeks ago with Daniels and Styles is aching after Okada’s stiffly thrown offense lands. Danielson swings a slap and connects, shaking Okada’s molars, then drops the Rainmaker with a short-drop German suplex! COVER!!


Danielson takes both of Okada’s arms after he impacts, grabs the wrists and begins stomping the Rainmaker’s chest violently, crying out in a mix of fury and spit as he wrecks the Japanese import with shot after shot after shot.


Nigel McGuinness corpses audibly as Danielson ascends the turnbuckles with all the speed he can muster and lifts himself up to his full height slowly, taking time to measure his shot – and FLIES! Danielson soars off the ropes with the diving headbutt, ignoring doctors’ orders and sound logic – and MISSES! Okada rolls from out of the way and Danielson immediately clinches his skull, sore and rattling from the concussion-inducing impact.


Back on the floor, Harper and Sydal have been taken to a nearby medical facility, otherwise known as a hospital as Turner returns to the ring, scatterbrained and blown away by the carnage he’s seen today. Okada realizes his time is now and lifts the shaken Dragon from the mat, CLATTERING him with a German Suplex of his own! DANIELSON ROLLS UP! FIGHTING SPIRIT~! Okada doesn’t care and shoots the Dragon off the ropes before leaping and knocking his teeth out with a dropkick!! As the Rainmaker rises, he throws his arms out in his signature pose and the camera zooms out again, showing the entire arena with Okada at the center. He lifts Danielson by the wrist and positions himself – this is terminus!

[ Scott Steiner ] YES! YES! WRECK HIS ASS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This could be it! The Rainmaker is absolutely lethal!

Okada ripcords Danielson – wait! NO! Danielson rolls into the arm they’re connected by and tucks the Rainmaker’s legs into his own! It’s a modified Small Package!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!

WINNER - Bryan Danielson via Pin Fall in 28:08

Danielson immediately releases his hold and squirms from the ring as Okada sits up lightning-quick, mouth agape in absolute shock! Danielson runs his hands through his sweat-soaked, stringy hair and screams “BEST! WRESTLER! IN-THA! WORRRRRLDDD!” right into the nearest camera. Okada covers his eyes with his hands and runs them through his own hair, stunned at what has transpired.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This, my friends, is EXACTLY WHY you can never – EVER! – count out the American Dragon! Bryan Danielson is a –


Uncomfortable silence at the announce table.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson is 12 Large, Nigel!

McGuinness responds in the affirmative as Danielson reaches the stage and thrusts his hands up victoriously, glaring holes in Okada, still shocked in center ring.

As the scene shifts, we find ourselves inside the.. Men’s restroom? The smells overtake and the dim, sketchy lighting does help the mood at all. Colt Cabana is seen sitting in a computer chair, wearing a no-sleeve tuxedo t-shirt and holding a microphone. He waves to the camera.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the SGW return of GOOD TIMES, GREAT MEMORIES! I am your host, SGW alumni, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana, and I am live from the Good Times Studio here in Seattle!

A toilet flushes.

[ Colt Cabana ] They told me, swear to God, “Colt daddy, we need ya’! Revenge was great, Momentum is gonna’ be even bigger, but we need Colt! We need Good Times!” Which, I knew was a lie, because last time I was here, nobody knew who I was.

Colt sighs a little.

[ Colt Cabana ] But hey, that was 2006. Nobody knew any better. We didn’t even have a black President at that point… Did we?

Chris Dickinson exits a stall and walks up to a sink and begins washing his hands.

[ Colt Cabana ] Hey chief, did we have a black President in 2006?

No response.

[ Colt Cabana ] Barack Obama, head guy in charge back then or nah?

Still nothing.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well folks, the first interview is going GREAT! Got ourselves a regular deaf fella’. Good Times, Great Memories - handicap accessible!

Dickinson finishes washing his hands and can’t get to the paper towels due to Colt blocking the way.

[ Colt Cabana ] Folks, our deaf buddy here has destroyed this place. Mazel tov to his colon after that one. They say when you lose a sense, others get stronger. We only assume that his nose is on fire right now. Jesus!

[ Chris Dickinson ] The FUCK you say? What are ya’, some kinduva comedian or something?

[ Colt Cabana ] I mean, I try.

[ Chris Dickinson ] The Dirty Daddy thinks you fuckin’ suck. Now get out of the way so I can dry my hands, yeah?

[ Colt Cabana ] “Dirty.. Daddy?”

Colt may get punched for this, but he’s going to try it.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ladies and gentlemen, our deaf friend can actually speak and hear after all! This is “The Dirty Daddy!” Now Dirty Daddy.. What makes you so dirty? How many kids do you have to make you a daddy? THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW! THIS IS A SERIOUS INTERVIEW SEGMENT!

[ Chris Dickinson ] Get.. out..

Before has a chance to move, Dickinson rips him out of his desk chair and slams Colt up against the nearby wall.

[ Colt Cabana ] I’m so thankful I saw you wash your hands.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Now, you listen to me..

The bathroom door tries to open but the chair is blocking it from opening all the way. After a few attempts, the door explodes off the hinges as Luke Harper steps into the doorway.


[ Chris Dickinson ] Can’t you see we’re havin’ a little discussion here, dummy?

Harper doesn’t flinch.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Earth ta’ mutey! Hey! Get out so I can ruin this idiot!

Nothing. After a few seconds, Dickson releases Cabana and steps to Harper. Harper big boots him, sending Dickinson flying back into the nearby stall wall. A brawl breaks out between the two men as Cabana grabs the chair and tries dragging it with him.


Then it hits him.

[ Colt Cabana ] My gear bag!

He runs back into the restroom as Dickinson and Harper are still going at it and grabs a black garbage bag from the floor. For good measure, he tosses a roll of toilet paper in it and stops at the sink, admiring the hand soap. He gives the bottle one good squirt and smells it, seemingly not disappointed.

[ Colt Cabana ] Eh, I’ve smelt worse.

The soap bottle also goes into the bag. Seeing the action still unfolding, Cabana pushes the chair down the hallway in a frantic pace, almost like he’s straight out of a scene from a horror movie. Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle stop him with concerned looks on their faces.

[ Kurt Angle ] Whoa! Colt! What the heck?

[ Colt Cabana ] So, I was in the bathroom doing Good Times, Great Memories, and -

[ Jason Jordan ] Naturally..

Harper and Dickinson bring the fight down the hallway! Every few steps, they stop to trade more blows. Cabana, Angle, and Jordan exit the danger zone and find themselves in catering. Matt Sydal is seated at a table eating a sandwich while we see Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi relaxing at another table, getting a small snack before their match later on tonight. Looking panicked, Cabana realizes his escape may be at a dead end. Kota Ibushi elbows Omega and whispers into his ear.

[ Kenny Omega ] Why yes, Kota, Colt does look startled. Hey Colt, what’s wrong, buddy?

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh, nothing. Just escaping two dudes who were fighting in the bathroom.

[ Kenny Omega ] Well, that’s different. What were they doing in there?

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh, uh, just being guests on Good Times, Great Memories. You know, the usual..

[ Kenny Omega ] No.. No that is not the usual. That is very strange.

Chiming in from another table, Matt Sydal can’t pass up an opportunity to let his thoughts be known.

[ Matt Sydal ] As the wise man Jim Morrison once said, “people are strange when you are a stranger.”

[ Kenny Omega ] Well, thanks for that.

[ Matt Sydal ] One day, you guys will be sorry for not listening to what I have to say.

Luke Harper and Chris Dickinson bring their brawl to catering, which then immediately turns into everyone trying to get some sort of order restored. Matt Sydal gets his sandwich knocked out of his hands by Harper and stares at it resting harmlessly on the floor for a few seconds. On the other end of things, Dickinson turns his sights back to Cabana, with Jordan and Angle doing their best to break things up. Sydal looks around, notices no eyes are on him and picks his sandwich back up and takes another big bite. Suddenly, mid-chew, he jumps to the top of a table and dives towards Harper, hitting a hurricanrana on Harper, sending him crashing through a popcorn machine, exploding kernels everywhere! Sydal takes another bite of his sandwich and turns around, seeing Harper immediately back to his feet. Harper grabs Sydal by the throat and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH A DESSERT TABLE!

[ Luke Harper ] Mr. Sadistic says.. Stay down!

[ Colt Cabana ] His nickname is "Mr. Sadistic!"

Dickinson then takes a gallon of milk and pours it all over an unsuspecting Cabana, laughing the entire time.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Time for ya’ Vitamin D, dummy! Look! I'm a comedian too!

[ Kurt Angle ] Hey, bucko! That’s a waste of a valuable resource!

Angle lunges at Dickinson and tackles him to the ground. Dickinson begins pounding clubbing forearms into the back of Angle, trying to break free. Jason Jordan joins in, trying to pull his father away from the melee as well. FINALLY, SGW officials and road agents hit the scene doing their best to calm the situation down. Kota Ibushi, the only innocent man in all of this, continues eating his snack as if nothing is going on. Truly staying out of everyone’s business but his own.

With order somewhat restored, a milk-covered Colt Cabana looks to the camera with a double thumbs up.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well folks, that was the return of Good Times, Great Memories! Thanks to all of my guests.. Thanks to the Dirty Daddy for the drink..

Kota Ibushi helps Sydal up and looks into camera and gives a thumbs up. Kenny Omega looks into the camera and gives a thumbs up as well.

[ Kenny Omega ] Be sure to catch the Golden Lovers in the main event as they capture the Tag Team Championships and steal the show!

When you think it’s all over, Detective Dan and Detective Bill enter the scene with their sights completely set on Kenny Omega. Kota Ibushi comes over to Kenny’s side just in case things escalate.

[ Officer Dan ] Did you just say that you planned on.. STEALING something?

[ Detective Bill ] You know what we do to thieves around here?

[ Kenny Omega ] No no, “stealing the show.” You know? It’s a phrase.

[ Officer Dan ] Hear that, Bill? It’s a phrase. It’s not an attempt to cover up petty theft!

[ Detective Bill ] Officer, I believe him.

[ Kenny Omega ] Thank you.

[ Detective Bill ] I believe him like I need a hole in the head!

He dies out laughing as Omega looks completely bewildered.

[ Detective Bill ] It’s because I DON’T!

[ Officer Dan ] Good luck in your little match tonight. Don’t you dare try to steal a damn thing, you hear me?

Team Tremendous walk off as Ibushi slaps Omega on the arm and shrugs.

[ Kenny Omega ] ..What just happened?

The scene fades.

As we fade from Kota Ibushi’s smiling face to a scanning shot of the eager Seattle crowd, an aggressive “WHYYYY?!” shouts over the PA system to indicate our following contest will be starting soon and that one of the most popular members of the Solid Gold Wrestling roster would soon be gracing us with his presence.

Do you tell me all these –
I just wanna live my –
I don't want to leave my
Dreams-be-hind – Tell me!

As Ill Niño’s “This Time’s For Real” rips through the air, Dario Cueto arrogantly saunters onto the stage to a big reaction – Seattle is clearly Los Ingobernables territory as the money man stops in his tracks and puts his hands on his hips, clearly enjoying this response. From behind him, Tetsuya Naito comes strolling onto the stage, clad in a three-piece white suit and his iron entrance mask, and stops beside Cueto, staring into his eyes. Dario gestures towards the ring as the Los Ingobernables leader continues his walk to the ring, seemingly fully prepared for his 12 Large Qualifying Contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, say what you will about Dario Cueto, say what you will about the Hybrid 2, say what you will about Scarlett Bordeaux –

[ Scott Steiner ] Fine as shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] – you sim-what? Uh, yes, say what you will about the rest of Los Ingobernables, this man, the de facto leader of this Ungovernable group, Tetsuya Naito is UNDENIABLY a fan favorite. Just listen to this Seattle crowd!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s right, Tony! Naito-san is incredibly skilled in the ring, but his new approach to wrestling following a very tough few years in the business is what endeared him to fans in his native Japan and then across the world! In fact, his time in Mexico was likely where the union with Dario Cueto first took root!

[ Scott Steiner ] Whatever, whatever – tell me, is this freak really gonna wrestle in that damn suit?! IT’S WHITE!! Doesn’t he know it’s WAY after Labor Day, DAMMIT!?

As Steiner asked, Naito shed his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt and vest, eventually removing them and passing the clothing to a ringside attendant. Naito unfastened his tear-away suit pants and pulled them off, leaving him in his gear and boots, fully prepared for the intense matchup to follow. “Boom Boom Tap” fires up after a moment or two of silence to allow Naito a moment to stretch out his limbs – he instead chooses to lean casually in the corner. As the song reaches a crescendo, PAC steps onto the stage, a single spotlight illuminating his frowning face as the Key Arena gives the Bastard a surprisingly mixed reaction.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This man, ‘The Bastard,’ –

[ Scott Steiner ] Appropriate nickname if’ya ask me!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] – is one of the most talented wrestlers on this entire roster, and that’s saying a whole lot, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s correct, Nige’! PAC is a high-flyer of the greatest height, a skilled counter-grappler and has deceptive powe – or, well, maybe not-so-deceptive power nowadays – just look at him!

[ Scott Steiner ] Looks like me, just way less pumped up and way WAY shorter!

PAC slides through the ropes and immediately bounces off the mat like a superball and goes nose-to-nose with Naito, who is grinning ear-to-ear at the sight of the Bastard’s enthusiasm for the fight to come. While PAC might have been more outwardly prepared and eager for the collision to come, the Los Ingobernables leader was taking quite the reserved approach – no surprise for long-time Naito fans.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

The ring bell’s ominous, final tome fades out as the noise of the Seattle crowd roars their approval. Chants of “This is awe-some!” ring out across the arena before either man has moved from his position in the corners of the ring. PAC is confident, smug even, as the corners of his lips curl ever-so-minimally in the most menacing way. His musculature is somehow even more rippled than previously before and his breathing, slow and steady, indicates his conditioning may be at an all-time high to match his physique. Across the ring, Naito is standing with a bemused smirk on his own face, completely no-selling any of the conditions affecting the atmosphere of the moment: fans screaming, massive arena, intimidating opponent or enormous opportunity on the line. Naito’s body is less cut than the Bastard’s, but his wind may have no rivals on the entire SGW roster.

Senior Official Aubrey Edwards locked her hands before herself to indicate the two men should tie up and begin the contest and PAC begins to circle the ring intensely, his lips now curled into a scowl. Naito held his ground and kept perfectly still, even as PAC approached his corner with squinted eyes, not completely understanding what the Ungovernable Naito was playing at. As his hands rose, preparing for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Naito waves his hand nonchalantly, encouraging the Bastard to make another lap around the ring. PAC looks at the official for guidance and when none can be mustered, thrusts a cocked fist in Naito’s direction – but the Los Ingobernables leader sees the blow coming and rolls underneath, coming to rest on his side in his trademark Abre los Ojos pose as the Key Arena cheers vehemently in response.

PAC seethes in the corner where Naito previously stood, looking down at the center of the ring at the Los leader, who was doing any and everything but taking the Bastard seriously. Rather than play into Naito’s hand again. PAC was patient and gave Naito plenty of time to rise to his feet and begin circling himself. As PAC begins lion-pacing more aggressively, Naito stops in mid-circle, nearly causing a collision between he and the Bastard and giving the Seattle fans another laugh. Naito turns, achingly slowly, to face his opponent, who by this point has had enough fun and games and snaps off a headlock takeover before the Los leader can protect himself or reverse the throw.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s a clear message from PAC to Tetsuya Naito – continue playing games and I will make you pay!

[ Scott Steiner ] This midget is jacked as SHIT!

On the mat, PAC maintains control of the side headlock, really wrenching on Naito’s neck with his well-defined forearms. With Dario Cueto watching carefully from the floor, Naito skillfully forces his way off the canvas and drives his shoulder into the Bastard’s stomach, pushing him into the ropes and shooting him off – PAC darts into the ropes and rebounds, full force, but Naito side steps him with a lucha pass and begins running the opposite ropes, crisscrossing the squared circle with a beat that makes you Jump – Jump! Eventually, PAC’s superior conditioning takes over and he strides effortlessly across the ring in three steps per crossing, focused entirely on the act and losing all attention on Naito, who calmly slides out of the ring and sits cross-legged on the apron, watching the Bastard pound the cables like a madman.

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THA HELL IS THIS WEIRD BASTARD DOIN’ NOW? He’d better quit clownin’ around…or else that beefy midget’s gonna break a foot off in his ass, juss like I broke my foot off in that rat bastard Gangrel’s ass back in 03! JUS PICTURE IT, SCHIAVONE! THE GENETIC FREAK, STANDIN’ TALL IN THE MIDDLE OF THA RING, BIGGEST ARMS IN THE DAMN WORLD LIFTED UP HIGH IN THE AIR LIKE A CHAMPION, STANDIN’ ON ONE GOOD FOOT AND BLEEDIN’ FROM THE SNAPPED-OFF CAFF OF THE OTHER LEG! Meanwhile! Down on the ground like the PUNK BITCH…that he is! Gangrel, the vampire BITCH, layin’ face-down, with the BIG…BAD….BOOTY DADDY’S BOOT – snapped off in his ass!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yes, Scott, you mentioned that before you went into the entirely redundant description.


Schiavone does just that, praising the Bastard for his impressive lung capacity but questioning how long it would take him to realize Naito’s on the apron catching his own breath and watching PAC’s own deteriorate? Almost as if the entire show was predetermined (how silly, right?), PAC stutter-stopped and noticed his opponent resting on the apron, grinning ear-to-ear at him.

[ Scott Steiner ] I KNOW THAT LOOK!

The look in question was ‘rage,’ and PAC used it to John Woo Dropkick Naito from the apron and into the guardrail with a disgusting CRACK! Dario Cueto’s eyes spread wide with shock and disgust and ran to Naito’s crumpled form, checking on his injuries and encouraging him to work back into the ring. Sneering from the ring, PAC pauses before blowing a huge snot rocket from his nose to Naito, who is now too hurt to play mind games with the Bastard. Naito manages to roll in under the bottom rope before Edwards reaches the count of ten, preserving the contest at the expense of a little more of his gas. Not one to let a positive opportunity go to waste, PAC immediately pounces on Naito and begins raining elbow strikes to the shoulders and neck as the LI leader throws his hands up for protection. PAC looks up and around the Key Arena to a much less mixed reaction than before, as the fans are looking for more an even match than the ruthlessly aggressive striking the Bastard has given them thus far. As you may imagine, though, PAC doesn’t care and stomps Naito right in the ribs, authoritatively establishing dominance in the early going.

The Bastard maintains control for several moments, keeping the Ungovernable Naito on the mat with a series of holds targeting the neck and shoulders – clearly keeping his own Rings of Saturn hold in mind, envisioning his grip tearing Naito’s muscles and being declared the winner of the contest. Naito overcomes the hold momentarily, popping PAC with an enzuigiri for a one count. Outside the ring, Dario Cueto shouts words of encouragement, keeping his distance from the ring but ensuring that his charge knows he’s there. Naito lifts the Bastard from the mat and locks on a hammerlock, thinking of his patented Gloria maneuver – but PAC fights back, one-hand cartwheeling and breaking the hold with a chopping motion and SPIKING Naito with a hurricanrana, driving the Ungovernable one onto his forehead disgustingly!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOD!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT IN THE WORLD!


PAC quickly makes the cover – ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Naito is alive! Cueto pumps his fists victoriously on the floor, yelling in Spanish for Naito to come back and put the Bastard away. Naito begins trying to power up off the canvas, but PAC smacks him with a kick to the side of the head, cutting off the momentum effectively – OR DOES HE?! Naito looks up, smirking at PAC! PAC fires his foot forward again, but Naito grabs it and pulls, tripping the Bastard! Naito rolls across his opponent’s chest and is up, charging off the ropes! PAC leaps over into the drop down but Naito’s over, still charging! – PAC with a lucha pass, Naito springboards off the middle rope and armdrag – Naito maintains the hold, hammerlock annnnnd – GLORIAAAA! Naito lifts PAC up while still hammerlocked with a sharp-angled drop to the back of the head! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! PAC is the one to extend the contest this time with a well-timed shoulder off the canvas.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nobody will say die here!


Both men work off the mat and meet with a series of quick punches, rocking one another until PAC staggered backwards into the ropes – but launched forward with a discus lariat, cleaning Naito’s clock! COVER! ONE! TWO! NO! Cueto wipes an enormous flight of sweat off his head, praying out loud and cheering Naito on encouragingly. PAC whirls Naito over to his stomach and hooks his left arm over his head – it’s the Rings of Saturn!! The Bastard applies the hold and begins wrenching back, pulling his shoulder and arm at a harsh angle – and Naito’s eyes clench shut in pain as he begins screaming through the considerable pain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THIS COULD BE IT! PAC is ripping and tearing at Tetsuya Naito’s arm, going hell for leather to be 12 Large!!

Naito nudges ahead, using his spare arm and feet to advance himself and grabs the rope by the tips of his fingers, narrowly triggering the referee’s count to end the hold. As PAC releases the Rings, Naito rolls to the corner, holding his shoulder and rubbing it vigorously, doing his best to return feeling to the weaked joint. PAC wasn’t prepared to let his hard work go to waste and ran over, clubbing Naito viciously in the nose and lifting him from the mat in piledriver position! The Seattle crowd roars out in shock, expecting the worst for Naito, but the Ungovernable One breaks the hold and maintains a wristlock, spinning out and behind PAC – looking for DESTINO – NO! NO! He can’t complete the turn with the weakened shoulder and falls off of the Bastard, clutching his shoulder in absolute agony! PAC sneers down at Naito and IMMEIATELY latches on the Rings of Saturn again, wrenching further and further back! Naito howls out, doing everything he can to advance to the refuge of the ropes, but nothing is working as the Bastard is putting every pound of muscle on his back to slow him down. After a moment of intense stretching, PAC releases the hold violently, slamming Naito to the ground before eyeballing the top turnbuckle.

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NO! Don’t do it, PAC!

[ Scott Steiner ] I dunno what the hell he’s gonna do, but if you DON’T want it, CHANCES IS, I DO!

PAC quickly ascends the ropes and stands to his full height, sizing up the still prone Naito, laying on his face on the canvas before flying off the ropes – it’s a corkscrew shooting star press – the BLACK ARROW!! The Bastard comes down hard, driving his hard body down into the back and shoulders of his Ungovernable opponent and makes the cover – ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - PAC via Pin Fall in 16:33

The Key Arena rings with enthusiasm as the Bastard’s arm is raised as winner – PAC is 12 Large! After a monumentally taxing contest, both winner and loser are showing the wear of the battle they’ve just endured. Naito laid on the mat, clutching his neck and shoulder, clearly in pain from the damage done by the Rings of Saturn only moments ago. Dario Cueto rushes to the side of the ring nearest to Naito and begins watching carefully, with a stern frown upon his face, to ensure the Bastard takes no cheap shots on the downed Los leader.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an amazing contest – these two men slammed themselves into one another over and over until only one was left standing…and PAC has earned his entry to the 12 Large Tournament!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And this contest has to have done wonders to impress the Championship Committee – this could be a victory which earns a fairly-high seed, gentlemen!

PAC finally rose from the canvas and his face was written with pain – but the most prominent thing to be seen is the overwhelming vibe of pride – well-earned after this hard-fought contest.

[ Scott Steiner ] GO FIGURE! The guy who’s jacked as all hell ended up takin’ tha victory! Imagine what woulda happened…if it’d been a bad sunnavabitch like me in that ring just then!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This man has to be very exci—

[ Scott Steiner ] IMAGINE IT, DAMMIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Okay!

Schiavone clenches his eyes and begins inaudibly mumbling to himself as he imagines. Our final visual of the contest is the victorious Bastard exiting the ring, taking off for the locker room as we fade away from the ring with Scott Steiner snorting in joy.

Backstage, we see Bryan Danielson seated at his locker, hyper-focused on his current task of folding his ring gear into his bag. Once he’s finished, he stands up and zips open another compartment of his bag and pulls out a banana. Before he even gets to unpeel it, it’s slapped out of his hand.

[ AJ Styles ] Bananas are stupid. Just like your dumb beard!

AJ Styles quickly steps behind his new enforcer, Bad Luck Fale, as Danielson does his best to refrain from snapping immediately. Styles is able to talk bigger standing behind a giant.

[ AJ Styles ] Aw, what’s wrong, Bryan? Still mad about Revenge? To the victors go the spoils, baby! And A.. J.. STYLES is gonna’ be your next SGW Champ!

[ Bryan Danielson ] Not if I have anything to say about it.

Knowing it’s two-on-one, Danielson has to choose his words carefully, while also not backing down.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You know, it’s real easy to talk the big game standing behind your oaf here, but one of these days, AJ, it’s gonna’ come back down to you and I inside that ring, and when it does, I’m going to break every bone in your body and lock you in a hold so tight your eyeballs pop right out of their sockets!

Bad Luck Fale steps towards Danielson and cracks his knuckles. His demeanor remains cool and hidden behind those sunglasses.

[ Bryan Danielson ] What about it, fat boy? Something you want to disagree with?

[ AJ Styles ] Fale here is an upgrade from Gallows and Anderson. He’s going to make sure people like you don’t stand in my way from getting that belt around my waist. Solid Gold can’t risk slime like you rising above the gutter where you belong!

Adam Cole and Britt Baker walk into the scene with big smiles on their faces.

[ Adam Cole ] Don’t mind us, guys. Really. We just wanted a closer look at a couple of the flippy guys doing their flips and flops pretending to be bad asses.

[ Bryan Danielson ] They’re not flips.

[ AJ Styles ] They’re planchas.

[ Adam Cole ] Hear that, babe? “Planchas.”

[ Britt Baker ] So impressive.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You need to get your bitch out of the locker room.

[ Adam Cole ] Hey, she goes where she wants.

Danielson looks Cole dead in the eyes and then nods toward Britt.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I was talking to her.

[ AJ Styles ] Oh! Burn!

[ Bryan Danielson ] Hey! If you think it’s over between us, you have another thing coming, okay?

[ Adam Cole ] You know, I get so sick and tired of hearing guys like you two run around talking and talking and talking.. Back it up sometime, would ya’? Oh, that’s right.. You CAN’T! 12 Large, Vegas, you’re lookin’ at the next SGW World Champion!

The door to the locker room explodes open like the cops are on the other side. While not the police, it’s the next best thing, The Franchise.


Douglas licks his lips as he admires Britt Baker for far too long than what’s comfortable.


Douglas looks to Danielson and Styles.


[ Bryan Danielson ] All I wanted to do was eat a banana and leave.


Bad Luck Fale takes it upon himself to step up to The Franchise, who shows no fear.


Fale responds by pie-facing Douglas’ head against the wall. Trying to break free as much as he can, Douglas can’t shake the grip.


Paying him no attention, Cole goes back to his conversation with Danielson and Styles.

[ Adam Cole ] You two continue fighting amongst yourselves. It’s cute. Just prepare to live in a world where its controlled by Adam Cole.. Bay-bay!

Cole grabs Britt by the hand and they exit the view of the camera. Our last shot is the blood red face of the Franchise in deep trouble, pinned against the wall, frantically pleading for help that doesn’t seem to be coming. The scene fades.

We return to ringside where the fans are ready to see the action get back underway! The camera pans around the arena and then settles on the entranceway, leveling off at stage-level. As Justin Roberts climbs into the ring, ready to announce the next match's participants, "Watch Me Shine" hits and the fans begin booing as BIANCA BELAIR makes her SGW debut, skipping out onto the stage in a bedazzled black tracksuit, spinning her ponytail in her hand!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hey, hold on! What's this!? What is Bianca Belair doing out here?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whatever she wants, Tony! Haven't ya' heard?

[ Tony Schiavone ] She isn't booked! She wasn't even scheduled to appear at all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This woman marches t' the beat of her own drum! She's got her own way of walkin'! Her own way of talkin'! And her world doesn't revolve around SGW... SGW's world revolves around 'er! Why is she here? Who knows! But I bet we're 'bout to find out!

Bianca begins making her way down to the ring and stops at the edge of the ramp to look out at the fans with an arrogant smirk on her face. She shakes her head, looking unbothered by the negative reaction and continues walking around ringside before approaching the announce table. She picks up a headset and puts it on before sitting down to Tony Schiavone!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh wow, I guess this is happening!

[ Bianca Belair ] Mmhmm. You better believe this is happening, Tony Schiavone! Live and in livin' color!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?

[ Bianca Belair ] I don't have to explain myself to you, Nigel McGuinness. Uh-uh!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fair enough, I suppose. Scouting potential competition for the future, I'd imagine.

[ Bianca Belair ] Maybe I am, maybe I ain't! Maybe I just wanted to get my face seen and let the world know that Bianca Belair is here! Bianca Belair is solid gold and Bianca Belair ain't here to play! Maybe that's why I'm here, Mr. Know-It-All.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Hey, hey, now! It's our job to speculate!

[ Bianca Belair ] It's gonna be ya' job to pick up your teeth off the floor if ya' keep on with your little assumptions. I already had to deal with some freak with a guitar earlier tonight. I ain't about to put up with whatever mess you got goin' on, too!

As Belair and the announce team banter back and forth, her music finally cuts and we're left in silence for a moment aside from the boos that continue to drone on. Those boos are quickly replaced by a huge pop as "Sky's the Limit" hits and Sasha Banks walks out onto the stage with Bayley trailing behind her! Bayley is in jeans and a "Legit Boss" t-shirt, showing support for her friend! Sasha strikes a pose on the stage while Bayley applauds behind her. Sasha very clearly pays no attention to Bayley before slightly looking over her shoulder and waving her off. Bayley's shoulders slump and she returns to the back before Sasha removes her sunglasses, throws them to the side and begins making her way down to the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sasha Banks! One of the most talented, most charismatic superstars in SGW's star studded women's division! And look at that, Bayley's heading to the back because she knows Sasha Banks has this in the bag and wants to win this the right way! They're true friends! Like you and I, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're exactly like you and I, Tony! Bayley looking on from afar with puppy dog eyes while Sasha Banks look straight ahead, just wanting to do her job, do it well, and be left alone while she does it! Precisely the same!

[ Bianca Belair ] Hold on, is somethin' weird goin' on here. Because it feels like somethin' weird is goin' on here.

Sasha climbs onto the apron and undoes her entrance jacket before stepping through the ropes with a confident look on her face. She walks out to the center of the ring with her arms outstretched, smiling as the fans cheer her on, despite her shifty treatment of Bayley on the stage. Sasha ditches her jacket and takes her place in the corner, waiting for her opponent.

[ Bianca Belair ] Girl, uh-uh! Ain't nobody here to see Sasha Banks. She's old and busted.

[ Tony Schiavone ] She's one of the most talked about stars in Solid Gold Wrestling today!

[ Bianca Belair ] She's trash.

"This Time I Want It All" hits and the fans erupt in boos as Paul Heyman walks out onto the stage with a smug grin on his face. He stands at the edge of the stage and waits until the music peaks and Tessa Blanchard walks through the curtain! The boos get even louder as Blanchard walks to the edge of the stage, next to Heyman, and turns her back to the fans before slinging her hair around and throwing a wink over her shoulder.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tessa Blanchard... The Terminatrix! Accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman and look at that smile! He's a man who knows he's got it in the bag... and why wouldn't he after signing a bloody megastar on the level of CM PUNK earlier tonight!

[ Scott Steiner ] If signin' CM Punk is the equivalent of signin' a fuckin' megastar, then just shut the fuckin' business down and pretend it never existed 'cause it's gone too far to ever come back! I think I finally found somebody more pathetic than Bryan Danielson!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Seriously?


[ Bianca Belair ] Is this, like, an all the time thing?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Yes.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, it is.

Blanchard walks down the ramp with Heyman in tow, her nose stuck up in the air the entire time. Blanchard walks up the steps and then across the apron. Paul Heyman follows her and sits on the middle rope, allowing her to step inside the ring. She walks into the center of the ring and throws another wink over her shoulder as the fans continue booing. Blanchard removes her entrance vest and hands it to Heyman. Heyman gently folds it and places it in her corner before walking over and snatching the microphone out of Justin Roberts' hand! The boos get impossibly louder as Heyman begins clearing his throat into the microphone. Finally, he speaks.

[ Paul Heyman ] Ladies and gentlemen... my name... IS PAUL HEYMAN!

Someone actually throws a full tray of nachos into the ring and Mike Chioda scrambles to kick it out of the ring and get a towel down on the molten hot cheese. Heyman snickers and continues speaking.

[ Paul Heyman ] ...and I am the advocate for the fastest rising athlete in combat sports... an athlete who knows no boundaries, who has no limitations, who refuses to take no for an answer from ANYONE! Of course, I'm talking about the THIRD GENERATION SUPERSTAR! THE ONE AND ONLY TERMINATRIX OF SOLID GOLD WRESTLING! AND THE WOMAN WHO WILL BECOME THE FIRST, LAST, AND ONLY SGW WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPION... TESSA BLANCHARD!

Tessa looks out at the fans with disgust. Sasha Banks rolls her eyes behind her. Heyman's smile gets impossibly bigger as he raises one finger, commanding silence which he does not receive. Not by a long shot.

[ Paul Heyman ] And that's not a prediction, ladies and gentlemen.

He chuckles.

[ Paul Heyman ] ...that... is a SPOILER!

Without any warning, Tessa suddenly lashes out and runs at Sasha in the corner, pinning her against the turnbuckles and grabbing a handful of hair before delivering a series of right hands right to her head! Paul Heyman quickly gets out of the ring and Mike Chioda frantically calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Tessa continues wailing away at Sasha in the corner until Chioda forces himself between them! Tessa pushes her way past him and goes back to swinging away, knocking Sasha down into a seated position in the corner. Tessa begins stomping away at Sasha's head and chest before turning and strutting toward the center of the ring with her arms out, looking deeply satisfied with herself as Heyman applauds at ringside, shouting "WONDERFUL JOB, TESSA! YOU'RE DOING GREAT!" Tessa cuts her eyes at him and then turns around to approach Sasha in the corner again. This time, Sasha is ready for her and boots her in the mid-section before using the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Sasha immediately grabs to handfuls of hair and whips the doubled over Blanchard backward, sending her flat on her back! The impact sends Blanchard back up into a seated position and Sasha comes off the ropes with a running METEORA!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sasha Banks is fighting fire with FIRE!

[ Bianca Belair ] Is that all she got? I ain't impressed. Not a bit.

Sasha springs back to her feet and motions for Tessa to get up! Tessa slowly gets up to all fours, looking furious. Back up to one knee and Sasha nails her with a stiff kick right to the chest! Tessa absorbs it and glares at Sasha before she receives another! And another! And another! Tessa stands up regardless, clearly in pain but pushing through! With Tessa standing all the way, Sasha throws a kick to the mid-section but Tessa catches it and slings Sasha's foot to the side! Sasha spins out and Tessa catches her on the turnaround with a LARIAT! Sasha turns inside out!

[ Bianca Belair ] Tessa Blanchard can get away with that kinda' move on little girls like Sasha Banks but if she tried that on me, I would snatch her bald in front of the world. I ain't even kiddin'.

Tessa rushes over and grabs two handfuls of Sasha's hair, pulling her to her feet. Tessa pulls her in for a vertical suplex and lifts her up! The fans actually begin to cheer as Tessa keeps her in the air. Tessa then drops her legs across the top rope for a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX but Sasha knees Tessa in the head once she goes vertical again! She knees Tessa a second time and Tessa drops her over the top rope! Sasha lands on her feet on the apron and nails Tessa with a big forearm to the jaw! Tessa staggers back but then lashes out and goes for a shoulder thrust through the ropes! Sasha sidesteps her and kicks Tessa full on in the side of the head! Then Sasha grabs Tessa around the neck and drops off the apron, giving Tessa a SEESAW DDT ON THE APRON!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She didn't even get her hands up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] All head and neck! Tessa Blanchard might be done! That's the hardest part of the ring, you know?

Sasha walks around the ringside area in front of the announce team with her arms outstretched, showing off for the fans as Tessa Blanchard falls limp onto the apron and then falls to the floor! Bianca Belair stands up behind the announce table and glares at Sasha with an arrogant smile. Sasha shakes her head, smiling herself, brushes the dirt off her shoulder toward Belair. Sasha goes to pick Tessa up off the floor and brings her up to all fours with a handful of her tights. Bianca sits back down behind the table.

[ Bianca Belair ] That's what I thought! You don't want none! Walk away, little g--

AND SASHA BANKS TOSSES TESSA BLANCHARD OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE INTO BIANCA'S LAP! Bianca falls out of her chair and looks humiliated as she shoves Tessa Blanchard off of her! Sasha Banks begins taunting her and Bianca looks furious! Mike Chioda quickly gets between them in order to diffuse the situation before it goes any further! Bianca stands up, reading to start swinging but Sasha just smiles at her until Tessa comes out of nowhere with a forearm to the side of the head knocking Sasha on her ass! Tessa grabs Sasha by the hair and slings her under the bottom rope! Tessa follows her in and climbs to the top rope from the outside. She perches and waits for Sasha to stand... Sasha slowly returns to her feet and Tessa Blanchard FLIES! MAGNUM! Sasha Banks moves! Tessa crashes and burns! Tessa returns to her feet, clutching her back and Sasha runs up behind her... LUNGBLOWER! She flips Tessa off of her on impact and locks in THE BANK STATEMENT! Tessa is crying out in pain and raising her hand like she might tap out... but Paul Heyman climbs onto the apron to distract Mike Chioda! The fans are booing loudly as Chioda demands Paul Heyman get off the apron!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Sasha has it locked in! She's gonna do it-- Hey! Where are you going!?

Bianca Belair climbs into the ring and grabs two handfuls of Sasha Banks' hair, forcing her to break the hold! She snatches Sasha up off the mat and delivers the K... O... D! The fans boo loudly as Bianca rolls under the bottom rope and leaves up the ramp with a disgusted look on her face. Tessa Blanchard returns to her feet, wipes at her face to ensure she isn't bleeding, and pulls the already out of it Banks back to her feet! She grabs her wrist... TERMINATRIX ELBOW! The fans boo loudly as Tessa covers her! One! Two! Three!

WINNER - Tessa Blanchard via Pin Fall in 14:07

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thanks to Bianca Belair, Tessa Blanchard has done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You take'em how ya' can get'em, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bianca Belair shouldn't have even been out here!

Tessa Blanchard stands in the middle of the ring and Mike Chioda raises her arm in victory. She yanks her wrist away from him and then uses her boot to shove Sasha Banks onto the apron. Tessa hangs onto the top rope with both hands and pushes Sasha off the apron, to the floor. Bayley runs down to ringside and checks on Sasha, looking sad. Tessa smiles and wipes away fake tears before turning around... INTO A DDT FROM ALEXA BLISS!


[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't know how wise it was of her to rile up the Terminatrix all over again after Revenge!

The fans boo loudly as Bliss stands over Tessa with a huge smile on her face! Paul Heyman looks on, mortified! Alexa walks a semi-circle around the ring, talking trash at the fans and wiping away fake tears of her own! However, those boos suddenly turn to cheers as we hear a familiar song hit over the sound system!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Trish Stratus is here! The first lady of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A true trailblazer if there eva' was one!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I have no doubt, Nigel, that if SGW had a women's championship back in the day, Trish Stratus would've been the champion many times over!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I disagree! She'd be a one time champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Because she woulda' neva' lost it!

The fans pop huge as Trish Stratus makes her way out onto the stage in a sensible, black pants suit. She has the brand new SGW Women's World Championship under her arm and once she reaches the edge of the stage, she holds it over her head with a proud smile on her face. The camera zooms in and we get a good, clear look at the championship belt.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a beaut that championship is.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It almost brings a tear to my eye. That doesn't just represent the women's champion... that represents history! That is literally history in the making!

Alexa looks on, annoyed that Trish Stratus has spoiled her moment. As Trish makes her way down the ramp, Tessa Blanchard comes to and blindsides Alexa with a forearm to the side of the head! Tessa and Alexa tie up and begin throwing hands as the fans begin to go wild! Trish becomes annoyed, reaching the edge of the ringside area and looking over her shoulder. She snaps her fingers and here comes Lance Storm and Steve Corino! They slide into the ring and quickly separate the women, pulling them apart as they kick and claw to get at one another. Trish climbs the ring steps and makes her way across the apron before stepping through the ropes. She looks from Tessa to Alexa and back again before calling for a microphone and receiving one from Justin Roberts. Trish raises the microphone and speaks.

[ Trish Stratus ] Ladies... respect yourselves.

Tessa and Alexa both stop fighting and look at Trish, furious.

[ Trish Stratus ] As two of the first women signed to contracts in this new era of Solid Gold Wrestling, you represent everything this division aspires to be. The two of you represent the vision that this company has for the future of women's professional wrestling... and when I'm in this ring, preparing to make an announcement that will change the future of Solid Gold Wrestling forever? I expect you to show me and this championship... the respect that we deserve.

There's a brief pause as that settles.

[ Trish Stratus ] So, with all due respect to you both... knock it off.

Tessa and Alexa look at each other and then back at Trish, having calmed down considerably. Storm and Corino release them and they don't immediately go back to fighting to the surprise of everyone watching. Trish smiles knowingly before walking toward the center of the ring with the championship under her arm. Satisfied that the situation has been diffused, Corino and Storm exit the ring and wait at ringside, giving the spotlight to the ladies.

[ Trish Stratus ] Ladies and gentlemen, the topic of the SGW Women's World Championship has been talked about since the return of Solid Gold Wrestling. When will a champion be crowned? How will a champion be crowned? Who will it be? Well, I intend to answer at least two of those... right now!

The fans cheer loudly. Alexa folds her arms across her chest and raises an eyebrow.

[ Trish Stratus ] What you see here is the SGW Women's World Championship. The first of its kind... this is what SGW owner Jeff Jarrett had in mind when he signed Chyna and "Super Model" Amy Love to contracts in 2006... but the world wasn't ready... SGW... wasn't ready.

Alexa can be seen mouthing "Amy Love?!" behind Trish.

[ Trish Stratus ] I'm proud to announce the dawn of a new era in Solid Gold Wrestling... an era where a women's division will be allowed to flourish with world class talent that isn't objectified or ridiculed. At both SGW Revenge and tonight, we have seen some of the very best talent in the world compete... we've seen violence and, more importantly... we've seen passion... I've seen so many women over the course of these two events who deserve to call themselves a champion...

The fans are cheering. Trish looks around at the fans, a proud look on her face.

[ Trish Stratus ] ...but there can be only one.

Her smile becomes even larger.

[ Trish Stratus ] I'm proud to announce that the match to determine the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion will be the MAIN EVENT at Mile High Madness during our historic double shot weekend, just one night before we crown a new SGW World Heavyweight Champion at 12 Large!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Trish Stratus ] And in order to crown a first, we're going to introduce another first...

Dramatic pause.

[ Trish Stratus ] Introducing... the GOLD RUSH!

The fans cheer, though they have no idea what that is.

[ Trish Stratus ] The rules are simple... two women begin the match and every two minutes, another woman will join the match until all ten women have entered... eliminations can occur at ANY TIME by pin fall, submission, or disqualification... and the last woman standing will be declared the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion!

The cheers become even louder. Alexa doesn't look amused... neither does Tessa for that matter.

[ Trish Stratus ] After much consideration, the ten women decided upon by myself and the Championship Committee will be Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Christina Von Eerie, Rhea Ripley, Lacey Evans, Jamie Hayter, Eva Marie, Bianca Belair, Kris Wolf, and Tessa Blanchard!

Before Trish can say anything else, Tessa Blanchard storms up on her and snatches the microphone out of her hand, drawing massive heat from the fans! Tessa gets right in Trish's face as Heyman watches on from ringside, shouting "DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT, TESSA!" but Tessa pays him no mind!

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Are you kidding me?! Do you know who I am?! You should be handing me that championship on your knees, god knows you're familiar enough with that position! I shouldn't have to beat nine bimbos to win the belt that everyone already knows... belongs to ME!

BAM! Alexa Bliss nails Tessa Blanchard in the back, sending her head first into Trish's face! Trish goes down, clutching her nose! Tessa gets back to all fours but is quickly pulled out of the ring by Lance Storm before she can put hands on Alexa! Paul Heyman follows Lance Storm as Tessa struggles against him as he drags her up the ramp, shouting "UNHAND HER, YOU FIEND!" Steve Corino slides under the bottom rope and checks on Trish. Alexa doesn't even care that Trish is down! Instead, she saunters over and picks up the SGW Women's World Championship and holds it over her head! The fans are booing loudly, shitting all over this display!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely appalling behavior from the so-called Goddess!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's nothing so-called about it! She's got the belt to prove it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's not hers!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not yet.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Your infatuation with this pint-sized monster is disturbing.

Corino helps Trish to her feet and she cups her nose with one hand, blood pouring from between her fingers. Trish storms up behind Bliss and snatches the championship out of her hand with her free hand and hands it to Corino before grabbing her microphone off the mat. Trish is fuming mad. Alexa looks at her, angry that Trish interrupted her moment. Trish is breathing heavily, trying to find the will to speak through a handful of blood. She finally forces out the words.

[ Trish Stratus ] You... you idiot!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Trish Stratus ] You... you just couldn't do it... could you?

Trish shuts her eyes tightly, holding back tears through the pain.

[ Trish Stratus ] You couldn't hold it together... for five minutes... without making it about you!

Alexa scoffs, smiling through her initial burst of anger.

[ Trish Stratus ] None... none of this is about you... and there will be nothing... nothing at Mile High Madness about you! It's not gonna be... a ten woman match... not anymore! It's gonna be a NINE... woman... match... because, Alexa... YOU'RE OUT!

The fans pop huge and Alexa has a nuclear meltdown in the ring! Trish drops the microphone and grabs the championship away from Steve Corino. Trish gets out of the ring and as she does, the camera catches a glimpse of her face, revealing a severely bloodied nose. Trish storms up the ramp with the championship under her arm, leaving Alexa Bliss throwing a temper tantrum in the ring. Trish stops on the stage to hold up the championship one more time before disappearing behind the curtain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a damn shame! She just took the best wrestler out o' the bloody match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Come on, Nigel.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, color me intrigued either way.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You heard it here first, folks... straight from Trish Stratus herself! Mile High Madness... the main event... the first-ever Gold Rush match! Nine women, only one of them can be the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion! And it won't be Alexa Bliss!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just keep rubbin' it in, will ya'!

We fade out and head backstage.

Now, Christopher Danies, where were YOU on the night of November 2nd, 2019?!

A dark room that is only lit by the swaying back and forth of a single lightbulb positioned in the center of the ceiling. Christopher Daniels is seated at a table, looking around at his surroundings.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Uh. Well.. Can we get some more light in here? I don’t even know who's screaming at me right now!

Lights fill the room, revealing Fandango and Eva Marie on the other side of the table, dressed as cops.

Sexy cops. Obviously.

Fandango’s red police attire shines like new money, with black stripes running down the sides and an oversized gold badge over his heart. Eva Marie’s matches, but it leaves a lot less to the imagination with booty shorts and a low-cut cop. Both are wearing black-tinted aviator sunglasses as well.

[ Christopher Daniels ] The lights are on and I STILL don’t know who’s screaming at me!

[ Eva Marie ] Fandango, I’m bored.

[ Fandango ] Silence, Lieutenant Eva Marie!

Eva Marie huffs and twirls her nightstick in boredom as Fandango takes a sip of coffee and slams the mug down on the desk. The camera gets a close up of the mug, showing its side reading “You Can’t C Me.. Til I have my Coffee.”

[ Fandango ] We were hired by Solid Gold Wrestling to discover who attacked Jeff Jarrett! Everyone thought it was Orton but now the Viper has flown the coop and the case has been re-opened, effective immediately! This is Lieutenant Eva Marie and I am Sergeant Fandango.. And from now on, WE will be the one asking all of the questions!

Unable to resist, Daniels raises one finger in the air.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I have one last question.. If you’re the sergeant and she’s the lieutenant.. Then why are you bossing her around?

[ Fandango ] Lieutenant, give me the pepper spray. It’s time for a little.. Brutality.

[ Christopher Daniels ] The hell?! For asking a question?

[ Fandango ] No.

Fandango scoffs at the sight of Daniels.

[ Fandango ] For your appearance.

[ Eva Marie ] Disgusting.

Having enough, Daniels stands up and throws his hands in the air.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I’ve had enough! Do you not know who I am? Huh? Do you not know where I’ve come from or what I’ve done! I’m not some run of the mill joke like you two. I didn’t attack Jeff Jarrett just like you two didn’t get hired to run an investigation! Besides, why am I the one you’re investigating anyway?! I was in the MAIN EVENT of the show, you idiots! There’s no way it was me!

Daniels rips the badge off Fandango’s shirt.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You’re fake cops!

He turns to Eva Marie.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I’d rip yours off as well but this is 2019. I can’t risk being canceled by ten people with social media accounts.

The door of the room opens as John Cena walks in trying to gather an idea of what in the world is going on.

[ John Cena ] Can I help you guys?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Yeah! You can let me out of here. These two think I attacked Jeff Jarrett!

[ John Cena ] Did you guys even watch Revenge? He was literally in the main event, competing for a spot in 12 Large when the attack went down.

[ Christopher Daniels ] That's what I said!

Looking down, Cena sees his coffee cup on the table and clenches his fists.

[ John Cena ] ..Is THAT my coffee cup?

Cena shakes his head. He turns to Eva Marie and looks her up and down.

[ John Cena ] Is that my cop uniform?

Confused, Eva Marie goes to respond but Cena begins chuckling. At ease, Fandango and Eva Marie join in. Cena stops his chuckling to deadpan a response.

[ John Cena ] See, it’s funny because there’s no way I could wear that.

The laughing stops as Cena looks straight at Fandango and Eva Marie with no expression on his face. Christopher Daniels is absolutely bewildered at this point. Without one second of a break, Cena follows up by pointing to the door.

[ John Cena ] Quit harassing Chris and get out.

Eva Marie quickly exits the room as Fandango follows. Cena stops him by pressing him up against the wall.

[ John Cena ] I know nobody in this room attacked Jeff Jarrett. I don’t know what you two got goin' on  but it don’t mean you’re not up to something. Ima be watchin’ you.

Fandango leaves the room as Daniels walks around the table and stands next to Cena, more than relieved that the ordeal is over.

[ Christopher Daniels ] That was weird, right?

Daniels slaps Cena on the back.

[ John Cena ] Same goes for you. Until we ensure there weren’t co-conspirators, I have eyes on everyone.

Cena leaves the room as Daniels shrugs his shoulders in disbelief.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I was in the main event! There’s no way it was me! Unless there’s two of me! C’mon!

Randy Orton may be in custody, but tensions are still high across the SGW roster, it seems. With good reason. Did Randy Orton have help? If so, then who? The scene fades as the cameras switch back to the ringside area for our next match.

The buzz in the air is only matched by the palpable tension; both are thick and heavy, both threaten to send Seattle into a frenzy as Skrillex’s “Bangarang” hits the speakers – the frenzy has arrived!

[ Tony Schiavone ] FANS – IT’S TIME!

As the dubstep classic blares across the arena, Dario Cueto steps through the curtain onto the stage confidently and smiles broadly, ignoring the portion of the audience who boo his visage. He waves his hand over his shoulder and welcomes The Hybrid 2 – Jack Evans and Angélico to the stage! Seattle immediately break into more appropriate boos as Evans’ face is spread ear-to-ear in a toothy grin, automatically talking trash to the fans and declaring himself and his partner “the freshest sons of bitches in this city!” Cueto looks both men in the eyes and delivers a few more words of wisdom as they run to the ring and slide in, hyping themselves up for this crucial matchup. Cueto takes his time to take a seat at the announce desk, as promised, to share his wisdom for this contest.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] AS PROMISED! We are being joined here by a dignitary of the professional wrestling world, a mogul of the business world, and from what I can see, quite the knowledgeable foodie – it’s Mister Dario Cueto! How are you, Dario, old friend?

[ Dario Cueto ] Ah, Nigel, my friend, it’s been too long. I hope you are well. Hello, Meester Steiner, it’s my pleasure to meet you.

[ Scott Steiner ] It sure the shit is, skinny Antonio Banderas!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Welcome to the table, Mr. Cueto, it’s such a trea—

[ Dario Cueto ] Oh, Diós Mió. Does he HAVE to start now?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dario, my friend, he truly does.

[ Tony Schiavone ] –t to have you here! Any friend of Nige is a friend of mine!

[ Dario Cueto ] I’m sure you feel that way.

“Golden Lovers Theme” breaks the discussion at the desk and signals the next team is ready to emerge! The Key Arena is absolutely ELECTRIC!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Would you LISTEN to this capacity crowd, Nige?! These folks are ready to see the first champions crowned in this new chapter of Solid Gold Wrestling history!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You’re right, Tony! Seattle is bouncing off the walls of the Key Arena – and this pair of gentlemen MUST be feeling the pressure right now!

As golden light floods the stage, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, clad in matching golden tights and enormous, one-winged entrance gear, hold their innermost-hands and thrust their outer hands to the sky, bringing their massive, white wings up as well as pyro explode around the pair – The Golden Lovers are HYPED for this hugely important contest in SGW History. The Lovers make their way to the ring and settle in their chosen corner, discussing last minute strategy as their music fades.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know something, if the Golden Lovers ARE feeling the pressure, you wouldn’t know it – they appear to be calm and composed before this championship contest!

[ Scott Steiner ] See that’s what youse twos don’t GET! When you’re a REAL CHAMPION, when you’re a REAL MAN, this typea shit don’t shake you! You tell your pussy nerves to take a hike and settle into the reality of the situation – you made it here cuz you earned it! It’s time to put your sacks on the table and see whos’ got the biggest pair!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow, Scott, that was actually quite insightf—

[ Scott Steiner ] ‘Cept I don’t see no real men out here right now! I see a bunch of little pansy Lovers or whatever the hell they’re callin’ themselves. Who cares what the damn internet thinks about you?! If you can’t get it done in the ring, you’re a useless pile of SHIT!

Schiavone decides to let it be as “March of the Dead Things” announces the arrival of our third and final team for this main event contest.

[ Dario Cueto ] Now look at this pair of wannabe champions, here, huh? My believers would have laughed me out of the Staples Center if I’d have DARED to show my face with this set of losers! Luckily, they are with a woman who…my oh my, I don’t think ANYONE would ever boo, am I right, Meester Steiner?

[ Scott Steiner ] YOU NEEDTA…uh…DAMN IT! I can’t even disagree with Dollar Store Jimmy Smits – she’s hot as all hell!

The aforementioned Salina de La Renta steps seductively through the curtain, flanked by a super-energized El Hijo de LA Park, who is ready for the match to come. Bringing up the rear is LA Park, cool and collected as this is far from the first championship match in his storied career. The trio walk with confidence to the ring and take their corner as the atmosphere in the arena reaches a new high.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These gentlemen, proudly representing Promocioñes Dorado, defeated the Usos in a hard-fought contest to earn their spot here tonight – you know they’re ready for action, Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] They better be! You think when Jeff and I were SGeeDubaya Tag Teem Champions we just strolled in there NOT ready for action?! HELL NO! We were always ready, dammit! ALWAYS! Get better soon, Jeff, this place is runnin’ like shit without ya!

Referee Rick Knox proudly holds up the beautiful gold belts – and before long, we will have Solid Gold Wrestling Tag Team Champions for the first time in years – but which team will earn the right to call themselves the best of the division?

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

As the opening bell rang for our main event of the evening, complete pandemonium ensued; All six men dashed to center ring and began throwing blows, practically punching any man that moved, friend or foe! It seemed as if LA Park would be the strongest man in the match, but a shot aimed for Kota Ibushi’s face was ducked, leaving the elder masked man wide open for a colossal pump kick right to the skull jaw! The Key Arena pops in unison with the luchador’s jaw as he falls through the top and middle rope to the floor! Jack Evans breaks free from the pack and begins spouting off at the mouth, which, admittedly, is nothing new from the Prince of Parkland. Evans takes a step and runs, cartwheeling and moonsaulting over the top rope with an additional flip – the Sasuke Special! The electrifying dive wipes out LA Park on the floor and gives Seattle its second burst of adrenaline within the first minute of this main event match!

[ Dario Cueto ] THE! MOST! ELECTRIFYING! HIGH-FLIER! IN! THE WORLD! My friend Jack Evans! Feast your eyes, Believers!!

Kota Ibushi looks out of the ring and recognizes that Evans is taking partial credit for his well-placed kick to the jaw of LA Park and simply cannot let this injustice stand. Ibushi runs diagonally to the corner and flies high – the Golden Triangle moonsault! Beautiful form and it splatters Evans, Park and Ibushi himself on the protective mats below! As Ibushi rises and pumps his fists with the front-row fans, Park and Evans begin clawing at one another, trying to rise and get out of the drop zone. Angélico peers out of the ring and sees his partner down on the mat and immediately smacks Omega, running and launching himself – with no hands! – over the top rope and planchas all three men to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MY WORD!


Dario Cueto is clapping wildly for the successful dives from his Hybrid 2, encouraging them to stay strong and recover from the booth. Back inside the ring, Omega palm strikes El Hijo and goes to run off the ropes, but Hijo is sprinting, too – Omega throws a clothesline but Hijo ducks – and stays bent over as he runs and suicide dives through the ropes, kamikazeing the other four men in the match to the ground as Omega looks on in wide-eyed shock. Seattle is absolutely next level, roaring for the dives they’re seeing as Omega drops to a knee in center ring, welcoming the familiar beating of the guardrails and chairs, stomping and clapping, whatever they can do to encourage Omega – BAM-BAM BAM BA-BAM! BAM-BAM BAM BA-BAM! Omega looks up, steely eyed and runs off the ropes – off the far ropes and back – and dives! It’s the Rise of the Terminator!! Omega’s beautifully dangerous tope con hilo is a split-second life-or-death maneuver and comes up nothing but gold as he wipes out the rest of the competitors with a single blow!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He might have been dressed as a One-Winged Angel like Sepiroth tonight, but Kenny Omega just CUT through all his competition like Cloud’s Metal Chocobo!


As Seattle (and Scott Steiner) implodes, all six men slowly begin trying to bring themselves off the protective mats on the arena floor, finally finding their footing. The five men huddle themselves together, using one another for balance and grip as they rise collectively – wait, five men? Yes, only five! LA Park managed to skimp through much of the impact of Omega’s tope and ascended the turnbuckles slowly, gaining his balance just as the other men rose up – and Park dives, tumbling through the air with a beautiful rolling senton, absolutely bowling over the other men as Seattle finally reaches a sweet release, climaxing with this ridiculous series of dives!


[ Tony Schiavone ] LA PARK! What a risky move – and it paid off!

Strangely, it is Jack Evans who is to his feet first and plucks LA Park from the mats, rolling him back into the ring. Evans hops to the apron and springboards in with a 450 splash, plastering Park with a beautiful dive and garnering an early two count from referee Rick Knox. Evans wastes a bit of time after his two count, jaw-jacking with Knox over the cadence of his call, leaving himself wide open for a top-rope cross-body block from Hijo, covering Evans for a two count of his own! Hijo rolls up and runs in with a standing senton, pressing the wind from Evans’ lungs. Hijo attempts to revive his father, but before he can stir the elder luchador from the mat, Angélico slides into the ring and spins him around, BICYCLE KICK! The South African scores and sends Hijo rolling from the ring. As Angélico lifts his partner Evans from the mat, the Golden Lovers slide back into the ring and immediately begin duking it out with the Hybrid 2.

Evans cartwheels and kicks Omega right in the left ear, sending the Best Bout Machine to the mat – but it’s no rest for Kenny, as Evans bends over at the waist and Angélico leapfrogs his partner into a legdrop on Omega for a one count! Ibushi rushes over and begins kicking Evans and Angélico, defending the ring from both men! Angélico throws a roundhouse kick, but Ibushi catches it and tosses it at Evans, then DDTs Ang, spiking the South African on his head and causing him to Dragon Screw leg whip the Prince of Parkland to the mat in a tumbling, screaming whirl! Ibushi rises, pumping his fists excitedly, but El Hijõ slides in and pops off a quick hurricanrana on the Golden Star, sending him to the mat. Kota tries to roll through the whip, but tumbles right into LA Park, who clutches the Golden Star and plants him with a savage piledriver! Double cover!! ONE! TWO! NO!! NO! Jack Evans hobbled over and popped referee Rick Knox in the back with a falling double axe-handle to stop the fall!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! Only a two count for Promocioñes Dorado!

[ Dario Cueto ] YES! YES JACK, YES! Fight through!

Evans’ leg is clearly damaged from the leg screw and he hobbles to the nearest corner and begins stretching the injured limb from the knee down, attempting to work out whatever is ailing him – to no avail! The masked men, now recovered, dash into the corner and attempt to grab Evans, but he rolls forward and kips up! – but his leg is shot! Evans immediately grabs his knee and Hijo runs up, clubbing Jack in the back of the head and hooking him for a suplex! Hijo lifts and his father grabs his legs – this could be bad! Salina de La Renta roars in approval from the floor, excited at the prospect of a championship win being in close proximity! Park throws and swings the leg, they’re looking for a modified Magic Killer, but Evans takes the momentum and twirls around, spiking Hijo with a gross Tornado DDT! Park is appalled at the pendulum’s errant swing and lifts Evans from the mat, dominating the Prince of Parkland with his power advantage. The elder luchador grips Evans under his arm for a sidewalk slam and manipulates his opponent’s lanky frame in a scintillating tilt-a-whirl before BODYING him with a backbreaker! COVER!! ONE – TWO – THR—nooo!! Angélico breaks up the cover! The main event stays alive – but Angélico is ready to put it away! Park staggers up and Angélico meets him with a TNA kick, then a superkick to the side of the masked head! Not waiting any at all, the South African hops over the top rope and keeps the momentum going, springing into the ring with a twisting body attack and planting Park!

[ Dario Cueto ] Yes! That’s it Angél – hey! HEY! Who the hell is that?!

From over the barricade jumps a familiar face to knowledgable wrestling fans – Thunder Rosa! The facepainted luchadora and recently-inked member of Promocioñes Dorado quickly climbs up the ropes to the top turnbuckle – and soars! Rosa takes Angélico to the mat with a beautiful cross body block, popping the Seattle fans and endearing them to the luchadora with her first move in the company. Dario Cueto seethes in the booth, cursing inaudibly at Rosa as Salina de La Rena licks her upper row of teeth in delight. Rosa’s time in the sun is not a long one as Jack Evans hobbles up and shoves the luchadora with all of his might, sending her crashing through the top and middle rope to the floor with a THUD as Dario and Scott Steiner laughed at commentary.


Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi are alive! Having both rested near-simultaneously, the Golden Lovers are up and begins PLASTERING Evans with a stiff series of kicks! Kenny throws a TNA kick right to the gut – Kota stomps down on Evans’ head, popping him back up – Kenny throws a middle kick to the back – Kota to the chest – and then, leaping, Kenny sweeps the legs as Kota smacks Evans with a flying knee strike! Seattle roars out victoriously as Evans rolls to the ground in misery! El Hijo de LA Park is up and pops off a hurricanrana on Omega, sending him crashing into Ibushi with a spear! Hijo does not delay and wrenches Omega in a german suplex position and PLANTS HIM! ONE! TWO! NO!! Omega slips a shoulder up! Hijo sits up, arguing with referee Rick Knox, but Angélico flies from the top rope – METEORA! – Angélico connects with the seated luchador and covers! ONE! TW—NO!! LA Park is alive to save his son and smacks him with a big senton, flattening his (and his son’s) lungs in the process! Park, the most senior wrestler in the match, rises up and looks about the arena, knowing full well that his time could be slipping through his fingers to take the Tag Team Championships.

[ Tony Schiavone ] LA Park has GOT to make a move right here – this match is building to a fever pitch and only one team can be the SGW Tag Team Champions!

Park pulls Angelico from the mat and places him on the top turnbuckle, he’s looking for a superplex – but the Lovers are up again! Kenny and Kota each take one of the elder luchador’s legs and begin wrenching, trying to break his grip on Angélico and take command, but Park fights back to maintain control! Finally, the Lovers manage to lift Park from his position on the second rope and walk out into the ring with him – BUT PARK IS DEADLIFTING ANGELICO! Seattle roars out, absolutely shocked – as Angélico is elevated in free air with nothing put a painful splat to the canvas below to look forward to! The Lovers begin yelling at one another, trying to decide how to proceed as the fans begin screaming louder!

El Hijo de LA Park makes the decision for the bucks and leaps off the top rope with a cross body, completing the suplex/splash combination from the insanely elevated assist from the Golden Lovers and the entire tower falls to the mat! Hijo inches over, struggling to make the cover on Angélico – ONE! TWO! NO!! NO! Jack Evans is there to break up the cover! As Evans assists Angélico to his feet, the other four men rise themselves, bringing us a callback to the raucous beginning to the contest with all six men throwing shots everywhere, not even looking at which punches land and where! Finally, Hijo and Park toss Evans from the ring to the floor and begin brawling with the Prince of Parkland. Back inside, Ibushi and Omega, still weakened from their lifts, struggle with a similarly-weakened Angélico, who is trying his hardest to fight off both Golden Lovers. Ibushi scores with a huge shot to the head, sending the South African dazed into the ropes and Omega charges, looking for a cross body to take both men to the floor – but Angélico ducks, pulling the rope! Omega soars over the ropes and smashes into Hijo and Park with all of his weight, wiping out all three men! It looks like Omega shoved Hijo into the guardrail, hitting his head at a rough angle while Park suffers the bulk of Kenny’s weight. As Angélico realizes he’s alone with Ibushi, the pair run into one another like something from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, punching and kicking in every direction and looking for any advantage. It is, in fact, Ibushi, who scores larger with a pump kick! Angélico is dazed – but Evans springboards in with a knee strike to Ibushi’s head!! – Angélico fights through and smacks Ibushi with a bicycle knee! – Evans hooks Kota for a Yoshi Tonic and turns midway, allowing his high-flying partner to run and flip over with a neckbreaker, popping a sick double-team maneuver and the crowd at once! Angelico dashes to the top rope and flies – THE SUPERMAN SENTON! Evans is right behind him, same set of ropes!! Angélico rolls off the Golden Star and…630 SPLASH! EVANS NAILED IT! THAT’S GOT TO BE IT!!



THRE—NO!! NO! KENNY OMEGA IS ALIVE! He slides in and breaks up the pinfall predicament at the very last moment as the Seattle fans roar out! The Best Bout Machine grabs Angelico by the hair and pulls him in – he’s looking for a Croyt’s Wrath!! Omega lifts Angelico in an electric chair – but Angélico shifts his weight at the last moment – POISONRANA! He spiked him, but Omega is still standing! Evans steps in annnnd – EVANS DRIVER! Omega’s taken two shots to the top of his skull and appears out! Ibushi is up next and with a vengeance, running in and SMACKING Evans with a sick V-Trigger, ripped right from his Lover’s playbook! Evans looks like he’s taken an eight-ball to the dome! He’s ZOOTED! Angélico and Ibushi begin throwing blows again, seemingly the only two living men alive in this match!

[ Dario Cueto ] Eet’s too much pressure! I can’t take this stress!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Dario! Be careful!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT?! LEAVING NOW?!

Cueto jumps up, throwing his headset to the desk and exits the booth as Schiavone wonders aloud how he can leave now. Ibushi smacks Angélico so hard his teeth have to have rattled, drawing an audible groan from the Key Arena and stunning the South African – he hooks him – this could be it! Ibushi lifts – GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB!! He plants Angélico and rolls him across the ring – Kota is planning to finish Evans! He lifts the dazed Parkland Prince and leathers him with a smack that echoes around the arena before charging off the ropes for a kill shot! – But Evans ignores his obvious pain and charges with him! Omega hits first, but Evans wisely bends at the waist, looking for a back body drop – Omega dives and flips, clutching Evans’ legs – A SUNSET FLIP!! Evans fights as Kenny tries to pull his opponent down with his legs – but EVANS SITS OUT, GRIPPING OMEGA’S LEGS! DARIO’S AT RINGSIDE! DARIO GRABS EVANS’ HANDS!




That did it! Dario Cueto has paid for this opportunity and ensured his investment wouldn’t go to waste – Los Ingobernables’ Hybrid 2 have won the match by hook or by crook!

WINNERS & NEW CHAMPIONS - The Hybrid 2 via Pin Fall in 42:14

Evans immediately scoots from the ring and begins clawing at his partner’s arm, dragging Angélico from the squared circle and attempting to revive him. Cueto begins yelling at attendants, demanding their championship belts!


Even un-mic’ed, Cueto is audibly heard screaming for the shining gold championship belts, which Evans and Angélico take in their hands, checking their bruised and battered reflections in the glimmering front plates. No matter the mark, no matter the scar, nothing can take away the honor and pride that comes with being named the first Solid Gold Wrestling Tag Team Champions in YEARS! Los Ingobernables may not have had the hottest start to their evening, but the conclusion proved the night was like a delicious bowl of pho – best left to simmer early for the best taste later!

We suddenly cut away from ringside.

Away from the streamers and confetti.

Away from the pomp and circumstance.

And we find ourselves in the dark, lonely parking lot. The visual is almost unnerving in its silence. The roaring crowd from only seconds ago has been completely muted and we're no longer privy to the history going on inside of the ring. The first tag team champions in over 13 years are no longer our concern. We hear the hum of an engine and crunch of gravel beneath a nearby vehicle's tires.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we're sorry to interrupt the history making event going on inside the ring but we've been alerted that there may be something going on outside in the parking lot... after last week, we don't want to take a chance on missing whatever may be going on...

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Right you are, Tony... betta' safe than sorry, I say. Let's see what we have 'ere.

A police cruiser rolls steadily into the shot, coming to a stop right in view of the camera. A police officer steps out of the front seat and walks to the rear, opening the door and stepping aside as... Randy Orton climbs out, still in his gear and wearing a smug look on his face. Orton's wrists are still handcuffed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my... oh... my... goodness!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' know what they say about keepin' a good guy down, Tony?

[ Tony Schiavone ] This hardly applies, Nigel!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it's even harda' to keep a bad guy down! And this guy... is as bad as they get!

[ Scott Steiner ] That no good, god damn sunuvabitch! What's he doin' back here, huh!?

Orton tilts his head side to side, cracking his neck before looking down at the officer. He eyes the officer aggressively as the officer tries his best not to make eye contact. Orton holds his wrists out in front of him so the camera gets a good shot at the cuffs gleaming in the street lamps. Orton's upper lip curls... he's impatient.

[ Randy Orton ] Do it.

The officer snatches his keys off of his belt and fumbles to find the right one. Finally, he does and he unfastens the cuffs, catching them as they fall away from Orton's wrists. Orton touches his wrists, giving them each a squeeze and turning his attention to the arena. Orton looks over his shoulder at the officer.

[ Randy Orton ] Now, get the hell outta here.

Orton shakes his head and scoffs.

[ Randy Orton ] I can't believe my taxes pay for this bullshit.

The top tips his hat back and looks annoyed.

[ Officer ] Don't give me that... you don't even live here.

Orton whips around, veins bulging in his neck, eyes wide with fury.

[ Randy Orton ] What did you say!?

The officer shrinks in Orton's shadow. Orton breathes heavily, clenching his fists... ready to strike.

[ Randy Orton ] What the hell did you just say?

The officer shakes his head and pulls his hat down over his eyes.

[ Officer ] Nothin'.

Orton sneers and whips his head around... he shouts, spittle flying from his mouth.

[ Randy Orton ] STUPID!

Orton shakes his head, his upper body turning red. He points at the officer with a shaky finger.

[ Randy Orton ] Today's not the day, cowboy...

The officer climbs back into the vehicle and begins to pull away. Orton points and shouts.

[ Randy Orton ] NOT TODAY!

The police cruiser leaves the scene and Orton turns around, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath. He opens his eyes, a new man, and looks up at the arena. He begins walking toward the rear entrance only to have it open in front of him a moment before he reaches it. Lance Storm and Little Guido step out, flanked by two arena security guards. Orton stops in his tracks and looks both men up and down before cracking a sinister smile.

[ Randy Orton ] What the hell is this, huh?

Storm and Guido stand their ground, showing no intimidation to Orton.

[ Randy Orton ] You're gonna keep me from coming inside?

Orton points at them and sounds far more amused than he lets on.

[ Randy Orton ] You two!?

Orton attempts to push past them but Storm, Guido, and security guards keep him back. Orton takes another deep breath, doing his best to keep his anger from consuming him. Orton points at himself, his anger level clearly rising.

[ Randy Orton ] This is bullshit! I'm innocent!

Orton looks over them and shouts toward the building at no one in particular.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Cleared of all charges?! How!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A man is innocent until proven guilty, Tony! Welcome to America!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know how this piece o' shit got out but errybody knows he did it and there ain't no doubt about that! I don't care what anybody says! And quite frankly, I'm glad he's out because if he's out here, then he ain't in there... and that means he's easy pickin's for the BIG BAD... BOOTY DADDY! Little Randy Orton owes a debt for what he done to my friend and it's a god damn cryin' shame that Dubba' J is layin' in a hospital bed and this piece o' shit is walkin' around free! Orton might be innocent in the eyes of the law but he ain't innocent in the only eyes that matter! And those eyes belong to me and one day, he's gonna be lookin' right into'em while I'm squeezin' the life from his worthless, flaccid body! Even if he is innocent, he's guilty of the crime of bein' a world class ASSHOLE and he's gonna get what's comin' to him... sooner... rather than later!

Lance Storm shakes his head, looking highly annoyed by this situation.

[ Lance Storm ] This isn't about...

Storm stops himself and sighs. He doesn't need this right now.

[ Lance Storm ] Not everything is about you, Randy.

Guido scratches his chin.

[ Little Guido ] Friggin' mook.

Orton looks at Guido with such anger that Guido immediately looks down.

[ Randy Orton ] Then what is this?

The door opens up behind Storm and Guido. The first person out the door is "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. He steps out into the parking lot with a huge smile on his face. He sees Orton and that smile immediately drops. Flair simply shakes his head and walks past Orton without even giving him the time of day. Out next, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. walks out with a briefcase, presumably carrying the brand new SGW Elevation Championship inside. Guerrero eyeballs his former rival, Orton, and just looks disappointed. Orton looks confused and his eyes fall back on Storm.

[ Lance Storm ] We're securing the exit for the Championship Committee, moron.

Orton glares at Storm, who glares right back. The door opens again and this time we hear chatter from inside. Christian Cage steps out, paying no attention to the near-confrontation going on just a few feet away. He has that dry Christian Cage smile on his face. Edge follows him out, laughing about something said behind closed doors... and then they're followed out by Val Venis in a three piece suit. Venis is chuckling, shaking his head like he can't believe what he just heard inside. All three men walk past Storm and Guido, stopping in front of Orton. Orton looks from Edge to Christian... and his eyes fall on Venis. Venis and Orton stare each other down intently. Christian raises an eyebrow.

[ Christian Cage ] Oh, hey... you guys know each other?

Edge pats Christian on the shoulder, smirking.

[ Edge ] Come on, baby brother... you know, they had the thing.

Edge holds his hands out in front of him, widening them slowly.

[ Edge ] From yeeeeears ago.

Orton and Venis don't move... you can cut the tension with a knife.

[ Christian Cage ] Oh yeah! Man, well... this is certainly awkward.

Orton cuts his eyes toward Christian, seething.

[ Christian Cage ] Uh, so, yeah... Randy.

Orton's eyes narrow.

[ Christian Cage ] Meet the brand new interim member of the Championship Committee, bud.

Edge reaches over and pats Orton on the back. Edge shrugs him off and slaps his hand away.

[ Edge ] This must really suck for you, dude.

[ Randy Orton ] God dammit, Edge! I hate you.

Orton runs his hands over his head, breathing heavily.

[ Randy Orton ] I hate... both of you.

Edge and Christian laugh and give each other a low-five before walking away. Venis continues glaring at Orton before shaking his head and letting a sly smirk creep across his face. Without saying a word, Venis walks past Orton, showing no fear of a sneak attack as he follows Edge and Christian to a purple limousine off in the distance. Orton stands there, quaking with rage. Storm and Guido exchange a look.

[ Lance Storm ] Looks like we're done here.

Storm and Guido return inside but the door catches before it can latch shut. Just as Orton thinks this night can't get any worse, John Cena steps out with a huge grin on his face. He looks out in the distance, seeing Venis, Edge, and Christian disappear in the distance. Cena looks at Orton, amused.

[ John Cena ] Looks like somebody's in trouble.

Orton and Cena lock eyes. Cena's humor demeanor immediately vanishes and he's dead serious.

[ John Cena ] You might be able to fool some o' these people...

Orton clenches his fists erratically like he's trying to regain feeling in his hands.

[ John Cena ] You might even be foolin' the right people...

Cena removes his baseball cap and whips it off into the shadows. There's a crash and a cat screeches.

[ John Cena ] But you ain't foolin' me.

There's a long pause as Orton and Cena almost come nose to nose.

[ John Cena ] We got unfinished business... you son of a bitch.

Cena uses his fingers to point at his own eyes... and then turns them to point at Orton.

[ John Cena ] From this day forward... all eyes... on you.

Without another word, Cena walks past Orton and ventures out into the parking lot. The camera slowly zooms in on Orton. Orton looks down at his hands and they're trembling. He clenches two fists in front of him and continues staring down at them. The camera continues zooming in until all we see in the frame is Orton's eyes. They're bright and they're alive.

One of them twitches.

A bead of sweat rolls off his brow.

End of broadcast.