A bulging bicep flexes over and over, filling your screen.

The camera zooms out to reveal Bron Breakker, curling a massive piece of staging, wearing black SGW sweatpants and snarling at nothing in particular. After another moment, Bron’s face shifts as he notices an approaching figure.

[ Bron Breakker ] What, you got next or somethin’?

The camera pans to reveal SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight and SGW Television Champion John Cena, a slight smile on his face, his Triple Crown championship belt on his shoulder, with the SGW Television Championship on the opposite shoulder. Cena nods, impressed with Breakker.

[ John Cena ] No sir, I’m already ready for my match…no more reps for me. Plenty impressive, though.

Bron pays him no mind and keeps curling the huge truss. Cena steps closer and extends his hand – in it, the SGW Television Championship. Breakker looks to his left, sees Cena extending the championship, and looks forward again.

[ John Cena ] I want you to take this, Bron. Every single night, every single show, every single match, you impress me more and more. You have the heart of a true champion. You’ve defied things that are impossible for so many, and you do it by embodying every single aspect of the true American spirit…but more importantly, by embodying every aspect of hustle…loyalty…and respect.

Bron drops the staging truss and turns to Cena, his face twisted into a sneer.

[ Bron Breakker ] Look, all’a that’s sweet’n all…but I ain’t takin’ yer belt.

Cena arches his head to the side, a bit confused.

[ Bron Breakker ] Cena, you beat me at Game’a’Squid. You beat me at WrestleBrawl. You eliminated me from the WrestleBrawl itself. You’re the better man…for now.

Cena smiles, nodding slightly.

[ Bron Breakker ] I don’t want nothin’ I didn’t earn, you hear me? And Cena…ta’nite?

The double champion lifts his head and looks eye-to-eye with Breakker.

[ Bron Breakker ] You’d BETTER win your qualifier. You’d BETTER make it ta’ that Body Count finale tonight, because I’m sure the hell gonna win mine. I want to see you in the main event…because tonight, I’m gonna be the better man. Tonight, I’m not gonna stop! I ain’t gonna quit! I’m gonna win…and I’ll prove I’m the better man ta’nite – AND FOREVER!

Cena is impressed again and smiles, nodding and stepping aside, clearing the path for Bron. Breakker looks at the Television Championship on one shoulder, then moves to the SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight Title belt, and finally, looks back at John Cena.

[ Bron Breakker ] …you better not give up.

Breakker walks past Cena, out of the frame of the camera. Cena smirks, lifting an eyebrow slightly.

[ John Cena ] I never do.

11/27/2022 x Seattle, Washington x Climate Pledge Arena

COMMENTATORS - Excalibur & Pat McAfee

Tony Nese def. Joe Gacy via Pinfall
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) def. CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) via Pinfall

Backstage, we find Cathy Kelley standing in front of the interview set with Rick Knox next to her. Knox looks extremely nervous and his head is lowered as he stares directly at the ground. Cathy flashes a big smile and addresses the camera in front of her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hi guys, Cathy Kelley here! With me right now is SGW official, Rick Knox.

As Cathy turns her attention to him, Knox lifts his head and gives her attention, but with a jittery, unsettled demeanor about himself.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Last month at WrestleBrawl IV, Dolph Ziggler lost the SGW Triple Crown in a bit of controversy, being pulled to the outside by CM Punk, and then being considered eliminated after John Cena tossed out multiple people at once to win the title. Rick, you made the decision to crown John Cena the new champion. What did you see to make that determination?

[ Rick Knox ] Well Cathy, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. As a referee, especially in high-stakes matches, you can only call what you see, and well..

Dolph Ziggler enters the scene and stands right in front of Knox, who loses all color in his face, turning white as a ghost.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Oh, don’t mind me, Ricky. I’m not here to interrupt. I’m here to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as to why I’m not the Triple Crown Champion right now.

Ziggler motions for him to continue.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Please. Enlighten me and all of us.

[ Rick Knox ] As I was saying.. You have to call it like you see it, and when I turned around, John Cena had made multiple eliminations and he was the last man remaining in the ring. We don’t have the gift of instant reply. We have to go with what’s in front of us.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] And because you’re a shitty referee, you missed EVERYTHING that was going on! Because you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing, you allowed CM Punk to drag me to the outside and lumped me in with Anthony Ogogo and Steve Austin as eliminated parties. Tell me, Ricky.. Do you think John Cena is strong enough to eliminate THREE men at once? DO you think you made the right decision?

Knox thinks it over, choosing his words carefully.

[ Rick Knox ] John’s an incredibly athletic specimen. It’s possible.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] So, without knowing for sure, you gave him my title because “it’s possible” that John could have eliminated multiple people at once? Do you REALLY believe yourself? Are you that stupid, Rick?

[ Rick Knox ] After reviewing the footage multiple times after the fact, it’s obvious you were not officially eliminated and CM Punk played a role in what happened. For that, I apologize. We’re human beings, Dolph. Mistakes happen.

Dolph approaches Knox and grabs him by the collar of his shirt, pulling Knox inches away from his face.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Your mistake is why I’m not champion right now! That title had eluded me for YEARS, Rick! Years! And when I finally, FINALLY get my hands on it and the deck is stacked against me, I get so close to the finish line.. Only for you to “make a mistake.”

Dolph’s face turns blood red as CM Punk enters the camera’s view. Springing into action, he knocks Ziggler’s hands away from Rick Knox’s collar and slings his arm around the embattled referee. Oozing with sarcasm, Punk tries showing his support.

[ CM Punk ] Rick, we all make mistakes. You gave it your best in an impossible situation and I think it turned out just fine.

Punk moves his arm from around Knox’s neck and pats him on the back a few times with a forced grin on his face.

[ CM Punk ] You kept an empty-headed fuck like Dolph Ziggler from leaving with the Triple Crown. You should be celebrated for that. SGW is better off because Rick Knox exists, if you ask me!

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Give me a break, Punk.

With Knox separating him from Ziggler, Punk smirks, playfully looking confused.

[ CM Punk ] What? Am I not allowed to speak my truth? Rick gets put on the spot by Queen Cathy and you interrupt him from speaking his mind. I come out here to save a referee and I, too, get interrupted? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the only person with a problem around here about that match..

Punk points to Ziggler.

[ CM Punk ] Is you.

Ziggler throws his hands up in the air and tries to back away.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I’m so tired of this, Punk. Ever since you got here, all you've done is try to be a thorn in my side. We can settle this in the ring and find out who the better man is.

Ziggler turns and Punk lunges over Rick Knox’s shoulder and sucker punches Ziggler in the side of the head! Ziggler shoves Knox down and gets Punk in a front headlock! Punk spins Dolph around and backs him into a wall, trying his best to break the hold. Security floods the scene with Rick Knox also doing his best to try to break things up.

[ Rick Knox ] BREAK IT UP, YOU TWO!

Knox's demands go unheard and the scuffle continues between Punk and Ziggler. Finally, after a few minutes of struggling, the large security detail and road agents pull the two men apart before the fight can escalate, dragging them as far apart as they can get the two. The damage is done but tensions are high and this isn’t settled by a long shot. The camera cuts back to ringside.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Seattle is white-hot for the opening match of the night featuring teams captained by a beloved crowd-favorite and the affable, patriotic SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. At ringside, Excalibur greets the crowd at home.

[ Excalibur ] Welcome, one and all, to the Solid Gold Wrestling Thanksgiving-weekend extravaganza of teamwork and isolation, of cooperation and casualties, of –


[ Excalibur ] That it is, Patrick, and we are pleased to be here together with you all tonight – and look at this, our SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion John Cena is coaching his teammates before we get to the action. On the other side of the ring, it looks like Brandon Cutler is asserting his will on his partners!

[ Pat McAfee ] Who’s that?

[ Excalibur ] Brandon Cutler, Pat – he’s a member of Team Gargano making his SGW debut and a long-standing independent wrestler!

[ Pat McAfee ] …EXACTLY! Freakin’ WHO?!

[ Excalibur ] Oh. OH! Right. Well, Pat, don’t you think you aught to go get on the apron?


McAfee spikes his headset into the table and then leaps up onto it, flossing for thirty seconds to a great pop before joining his team on the apron. Meanwhile, Cena pats him on the shoulder, smiling, before asking R-Truth if he’d like to start the match. Truth looks in at Brandon Cutler and nods before Gregory Helms begins mouthing off, pointing at Cutler, then waving off R-Truth and smacking Cena on the chest and shaking his head.

[ Excalibur ] Oh, wow. Looks like Gregory Helms is saying that if John Cena were any leader, HE’D start the match off!

Cena seems to agree and steps into the ring, patting Truth on the shoulder before working his shoulders and circling the ring with Brandon Cutler. Cutler, for his worth, looks completely unintimidated by the SGW Triple Crown champion, and rushes over, arms flailing wildly!

[ Excalibur ] HERE WE GO!

Cena, though, is not a doofus, and scoops Cutler onto his shoulders effortlessly and drives him into the mat with an Attitude Adjustment! He covers and Senior Official Aubrey Edwards counts – ONE, TWO, THREE!


Cutler sits up, shocked at his seconds-long debut, and in comes Claudio Castagnoli! Castagnoli rushes over with a European uppercut and smashes Cena back into the corner! Over and over, Claudio throws Europeans at Cena’s meaty chest, smacking him with blow after blow! Claudio allows Cena out of the corner before lifting him and PLANTING the champ with an Alabama Slam! Not stopping, Claudio begins a giant swing! The fans begin chanting with the rotations – “ONE! TWO!”

[ Excalibur ] A giant swing! John Cena’s in trouble!

Claudio reaches 10 rotations and drops Cena before lifting his arm and signaling for a sharpshooter – BUT CENA SNARES HIS LEG! Claudio struggles, but Cena’s just too strong and pulls him to the mat, keeping the leg grapevine and – CHOKE APPLIED! IT’S THE STF! Claudio struggles for a moment, but Cena’s massive forearms are pulling back tighter and tighter, viciously trapping Castagnoli’s head and neck! He has no choice – AND TAPS OUT!


[ Excalibur ] …nevermind!

Johnny Gargano is slack-jawed on the apron, completely shocked at what’s happened within a minute and a half here! Gargano steps into the ring and cracks his neck before tying up with Cena, dragging him to the mat by the arm! Cena is up and Gargano swings an enzuigiri – Cena ducks! He’s got his leg! STF! STF! Gargano’s struggling against the hold, trying to scramble across the ring – but Cena applies the choke! Gargano is waving his arms, clawing at Cena’s forearms – but nothing’s doing!

[ Excalibur ] Team Captain Gargano HAS TO GET OUT OF THIS!

Johnny struggles and slips out of the hold! He rolls across and headbutts Cena, releasing his grip! Gargano rolls across the ring and leaps back into action – enzuigiri! Cena’s dazed, on his knees and in comes Johnny – BABY ACE CRUSHER! Johnny’s on fire and begins tuning up the band for a superkick! STOMP-STOMP-STOMP-

[ Excalibur ] The tide is turning here in Seattle!

Gargano fires – BUT CENA CATCHES HIS LEG! UP TO THE SHOULDERS – ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! John rolls Gargano up and over again – A SECOND ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Gargano hits the mat and Cena maintains the hold on his arm, twisting his body over – STF! Gargano is absolutely devastated by the offensive explosion – AND TAPS OUT! The fans in Seattle are nuclear!


Cena releases Gargano and stands, breathing deeply for the moment as Aubrey helps Gargano to the apron. Johnny slowly realizes what’s going on and sits, staring at the ringside mats as Quincy Elliott steps somberly into the ring and begins throwing blows with Cena!

[ Excalibur ] I can’t believe it – but Johnny Gargano’s been eliminated! John Cena, our SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, is truly a Superman!

Gargano remains seated on the apron, his head slowly shaking, as Cena ducks an errant clothesline from Elliott before –

[ Excalibur ] OH MY GOD!



Cena covers Elliott – and Aubrey counts! One, two, three!


Cena rolls Elliott off of Sonny Kiss and covers him, too! Aubrey counts, and she could have counted to a million! That’s all she wrote!



Cena’s theme blares triumphantly over the speakers as he stands, pumping his fist victoriously! His team joins him in the ring, clapping him on the back as Pat McAfee flosses and dabs! Cena looks over at Gregory Helms on the apron, whose mouth is wide open, and winks, before throwing his hands in the air just as his theme crescendos. There’s literally nothing this guy cannot do.

[ Excalibur ] John Cena has quite literally led his team to clean sweep styled victory in the opening contest of the evening! Our body count is at five, but we also have five survivors! Nifty!

[ Pat McAfee ] AND ONE’A THOSE IS ME, DAWG! I got that dawg in me but you know who else got that dawg?! IT’S BIG JAAAAAHN! JEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHN! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENA!

Cena laughs and points at Pat at ringside before hopping from the ring and standing before Gargano. Johnny looks up finally, locking eyes with Cena and shaking his head in disbelief. Cena speaks to him, inaudibly to all of us, and pats Gargano on the shoulder. Gargano shakes his head, again, but Cena grabs his hand and shakes, permanently effervescent and affable.

[ Excalibur ] Great show of sportsmanship from Cena, Pat, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from our champion.

[ Pat McAfee ] From him, maybe, but not me! HAHAHA! We win and you lose, dawgs! We got it and you want it! Suck on that, baby!

McAfee jumps up and begins dancing again as we get a final shot of a victorious, complete Team Cena walking up the ramp, ready for the main event.


The SGW interview backdrop.

We see Cathy Kelley standing by with a microphone in her hand. Standing next to her, we see the former two-time SGW World Champion, Bret Hart. Smiling, she begins the interivew.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Ladies and gentlemen, what an exciting opening match we just witnessed. That was the first of many Body Count qualifying matches that we have lined up for you tonight. Now, some of you may be con fused on how the Body Count event works so I'm here with Bret "The Hitman" Hart to explain the rules! Take it away, Bret!

Bret leers at Cathy uncomfortably before focusing on the microphone in her extended hand and addressing the screaming SGW fans.

[ Bret Hart ] Thank you, Cathy. What we have here tonight is a series of five on five elimination matches... every match continues until one whole team is eliminated. At the end of the night, the survivors of all the qualifying matches will meet in the Body Count match.

The fans cheer. Cathy nods, listening.

[ Bret Hart ] Now, what that is... is an elimination free-for-all. Everyone starts at the same time and eliminations can be registed by pinfall or submission. No disqualification, no count out. At the end of the match, the sole survivor will be declared the winner.

He brushes the hair out of his face and continues.

[ Bret Hart ] Now, we just saw John Cena's team completely sweep Johnny Gargano's team. Since John Cena is the world champion, that means the men's Body Count match WILL BE for the SGW Triple Crown World Championship!

Huge pop.

[ Bret Hart ] Next up, we have the elimination match featuring the women's champion. If Alexa Bliss' team wins, the title will be on the line... but if not, if Jinny's team is victorious... then the women's Body Count match will be for the opportunity to FACE Alexa Bliss for the championship at Holiday Hell in one month!

Another big pop.

[ Bret Hart ] Best of luck to everyone involved. I'm going home now.

He turns and walks off-camera abruptly. Cathy smiles.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Thanks, Bret!

She turns back to the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Back to you guys!


REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

There's a big fight feel in the air as Alexa Bliss stands across the ring from Jinny for the first time ever. Bliss holds the SGW Women's World Championship in her grasp and looks down at it. Gionna Daddio pats Bliss on the back, telling her "we've got this." Wendy Choo is curled up in the corner with her head resting on a pillow. Charlotte Flair and Brandi Rhodes seem focused on the task ahead, eyeing the team across the ring.

[ Excalibur ] This is the match that will determine the stakes for tonight's Body Count match! If Alexa Bliss wins, the women's world championship will be on the line. If Jinny wins, then the winner of the Body Count match will face Alexa for the championship in one month at Holiday Hell!

[ Pat McAfee ] I'm not likin' the champ's chances here, Ex-cal. Alexa's team ain't no slouch but Jinny is backed up by some straight up KILLAS!

Alexa hands over the world title and the referee passes it off to the timekeeper. Jinny starts out on her team while Gionna Daddio insists on starting for Alexa's. The fans boo as Alexa takes her spot on the apron. Jinny smirks and shakes her head.

[ Excalibur ] Gionna Daddio seeks to take care of Jinny herself. If you haven't forgotten, it was Jinny that Gionna Daddio defeated in the finals of the first-ever SHE-1 tournament in 2020!

Jinny and Gionna tie up and jockey for position before Jinny takes over with a knee lift. She pulls Gionna in and plants her with a snap suplex, then snatches a handful of hair and slings her toward Alexa's corner. Jinny points at Alexa and shouts for her to tag in. The fans are cheering as Alexa looks around nervously. Gionna gets up to both knees and shakes her head before turning and tagging in... WENDY CHOO! The fans boo as Wendy climbs into the ring and rubs her eyes like she's just woken up. She approaches Jinny, but before she can do anything, Jinny nails her with a ROLLING WHEEL KICK STRAIGHT TO THE FACE! She pulls Wendy Choo up by both pigtails and boots her in the stomach... STYLE CLASH! She rolls her over! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Jinny rolls back up to one knee and gestures for Alexa to come inside. Alexa shakes her head and Brandi Rhodes climbs into the ring, smiling.

[ Pat McAfee ] Brandi Rhodes has arrived, brah. The wife of the son of a plumber!

[ Excalibur ] Despite managing Cody Rhodes for the duration of his SGW and WLCW career, this is her first time stepping into an SGW ring. She hopes to make an impact and become the new champion tonight!

Jinny rolls her eyes and tags in Katarina Leigh. Katarina steps into the ring and eyes Brandi. Brandi doesn't seem put off at all by facing off with someone with the storied career of Leigh. In fact, she shrugs and charges... only to walk into a BIG BOOT! The fans cheer loudly as Katarina Leigh snatches her off the mat and whips her into the corner! She follows her in with DOUBLE KNEES to the chest and then snapmares her out of the corner and into the middle of the ring!

[ Pat McAfee ] Katie Leigh is makin' up for lost time with this fast and furious offense!

[ Excalibur ] She's built quite the reputation for herself outside of Solid Gold Wrestling! You know it would be the cherry on top of an illustrious career to win tonight and go on to Holiday Hell to face Alexa Bliss for the championship!

Katarina Leigh posts up in the corner and waits on Brandi Rhodes to get to her feet. Brandi staggers up and Katarina charges... BIG CLOTHESLINE! She runs over and tags in Kairi Sane, who climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies... INSANE ELBOW! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Pat McAfee ] She's gone! Brandi Rhodes is gone!

[ Excalibur ] I'm as shocked as you are!

Kairi immediately rushes across the ring and knocks Alexa Bliss off the apron to a big pop! Charlotte Flair climbs into the ring and nails Kairi from behind, sending her crashing face first into the middle turnbuckle! She capitalizes, pulling Kairi out of the corner and pulling in for a quick PILEDRIVER! Kairi lands in a heap and ends up in a seated position, her head bobbling around like it's full of ball bearings. Charlotte hits the ropes... NATURAL SELECTION! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Asuka climbs inside and charges across the ring to head off Charlotte... but gets cut off by a basement dropkick to the knees from Gionna Daddio! Gionna and Charlotte go to work on Asuka, putting the boots to her before Gionna mounts her and rains down vicious forearms to the head and chest!

[ Excalibur ] It's breaking down as Alexa's teammates seek to neutralize the Empress of Tomorrow!

Becky Lynch and Katarina Leigh hit the ring to even the odds! Becky pairs off with Charlotte and they trade forearms! Katarina and Gionna slug it out and tumble through the ropes to the floor! Jinny takes the opportunity to sneak around the ring and grab Alexa by the ankles, pulling her off the apron! The fans pop huge as Jinny whips Alexa hard into the steps! Inside the ring, Asuka struggles back to her feet and joins Becky Lynch to double team Charlotte in the corner! Charlotte refuses to back down and dumps Becky Lynch to the floor, leaving her alone with Asuka. Charlotte boots Asuka in the stomach and delivers a vicious SNAP POWERBOMB! Asuka rolls straight back to her feet and Charlotte charges, booting her straight in the face, turning her inside out! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


On the floor, Jinny pulls Alexa to her feet and whips her into the rail before following her in with a clothesline that sends her into the front row! Charlotte is the lone competitor in the ring, gesturing for someone, anyone, to bring it on! Katarina Leigh plants Gionna Daddio with a suplex on the floor and then slides into the ring, facing off with Charlotte. Charlotte nails Katarina with a big slap and Katarina returns with one of her own! Slaps turn into chops and those turn into big right hands! The fans are rumbling as Charlotte and Katarina go at it!

[ Pat McAfee ] These two are serious about goin' all the way tonight!

[ Excalibur ] With so much on the line, how can you not?!

Gionna Daddio slides into the ring, favoring her back. She clips Katarina's knee and Katarina goes down! Gionna rolls to the apron and Charlotte tags her in. Gionna stalks Katarina as she struggles back to her feet. Katarina finally stands and turns, walking right into the CODE OF SILENCE! Gionna covers her! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Gionna seems all too pleased with herself until she turns around into a BIG RIGHT HAND from Becky Lynch! The impact sends Gionna spinning out and Becky catches her wrist and yanks her straight down into the DIS-ARM-HER! The fans go wild as Gionna Daddio immediately taps out!j


[ Pat McAfee ] Eliminations are comin' quick! Holy sh--

[ Excalibur ] We're down to the final four within seconds!

Becky gets back to her feet and Charlotte nails her from behind, sending her sprawling forward into the ropes! Charlotte catches her on the rebound and nails her with a SICK GERMAN SUPLEX! Becky rolls back to her knees and Charlotte hits her with a basement clothesline! Becky looks out of it and Charlotte pulls her back to her feet. Charlotte hooks her... AND NAILS HER WITH HER OWN MANHANDLE SLAM! She covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- BECKY KICKS OUT! Charlotte can't believe it!

[ Excalibur ] You can't keep THE MAN down that easily!

On the floor, Jinny tries to climb back inside the ring but Alexa holds her ankle and uses all her weight to keep her grounded. Charlotte wastes no time in setting Becky up... for the FIGURE EIGHT! The fans boo loudly as Becky fights as long as she can... before tapping out!


Charlotte rushes to the apron and grabs Jinny by the hair, dragging her into the ring. Alexa follows her in and it's two-on-one! Alexa and Charlotte whip Jinny into the ropes... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! They pull Jinny back to her feet... DOUBLE SUPLEX! There's no way Jinny can fight back!

[ Excalibur ] I think this might be in, Pat. Alexa and Charlotte are about to qualify for the Body Count match. There's no way around it.

[ Pat McAfee ] Ya' can't count out Jinny. I've seen this broad's deathmatches before. She ain't got no quit in her!

They pull Jinny back to her feet and go for another double suplex but Jinny blocks it... and plants them both with a DOUBLE DDT! Alexa rolls to the apron and Jinny slowly returns to her feet. She pulls Charlotte up, snatches her wrist... and turns her inside out with the ACID RAINMAKER! She covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!



[ Excalibur ] This is the fight everyone has wanted since these two went face to face at WrestleBrawl IV!

Alexa rolls off the apron and staggers back against the rail. The fans are buzzing with anticipation as Jinny tosses Charlotte out of the ring and gestures for Alexa to step inside. Alexa looks around nervously and then smirks before snatching her title and walking toward the back!

[ Excalibur ] You must be joking! Alexa Bliss is taking her title and going home!

[ Pat McAfee ] If she loses by count out, she doesn't have to defend the title later tonight! I don't like it but it's smart thinkin'!

The fans boo loudly as Alexa Bliss makes it about halfway up the ramp. Jinny looks furious, but she's not taking it lying down! Jinny climbs out of the ring and gives chase to Alexa Bliss! Alexa's eyes go wide and she quickly darts behind the curtain! As Jinny approaches the curtain, she's suddenly turned inside out by a lariat from the emerging NYLA ROSE! The referee calls for the bell! Alexa Bliss has been disqualified!

JINNY in 18:41


Nyla Rose stands over Jinny and pulls her off the stage by two handfuls of hair. Alexa Bliss steps back out from behind the curtain with the championship in her grasp. The fans are booing as Alexa holds the title up and shrieks "YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!" Nyla pulls Jinny in... and POWERBOMBS HER OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH A TABLE BELOW!


[ Excalibur ] Not only has Alexa Bliss wiggled her way out of defending the title tonight, she's ensured that Jinny may not even be able to compete in the Body Count match!

EMTs and road agents flood out through the curtain and immediately begin tending to Jinny. WALTER and Tyler Breeze emerge from the back and are held back by officials as Jinny is being checked on. Alexa cackles evilly and turns around to show off her championship belt to the fans, drawing even more heat. Alexa and Nyla Rose are finally ushered off the stage by officials and the focus is entirely placed on the efforts below.

[ Excalibur ] Well, if nothing else, we can confirm that the women's Body Count match tonight will be to determine the number one contender for Alexa Bliss' championship at Holiday Hell in one month. However, we don't know if Jinny will be a part of that match after that heinous attack by Nyla Rose.

[ Pat McAfee ] I don't see Jinny sittin' this one out unless she's physically incapable of moving... even then, I have it on good authority that she'd have WALTER carry her out there to compete!

[ Excalibur ] Well, that's unlikely--


[ Excalibur ] That's actually not a bad point, now that you mention it. Either way, we will do our best to keep you viewers at home updated on Jinny's condition as we draw closer to the women's Body Count match.


The SGW backdrop.

Queen Cathy Kelley is standing in the center of our frame, flanked on the right by the Liaison to Syndicate Sports Sting, wearing a nice black suit, face painted as usual. On her left is SGW Triple Crown Champion John Cena, a very light sweat on his brow following his single-handed clean sweep of Team Gargano a few moments ago.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Sting, you told me just moments ago that our SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight and Television Champion John Cena requested a moment of time here tonight, and John, the floor is yours, sir.

Cathy extends the microphone towards Cena as Sting watches on intently. Cena nods, smiling lightly at Queen Cathy.

[ John Cena ] Thank you, Cathy, it’s a pleasure as always.

John turns to face the camera and holds up his SGW Television Championship belt.

[ John Cena ] This championship, the Solid Gold Wrestling Television Championship, is full of prestige. I have no hesitation to tell everyone watching that I’m beyond honored and proud of myself for being part of that long legacy of the title’s history. Earning this championship means the world to me – and now, I’m comfortable with my journey here in Solid Gold Wrestling, with where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. I’m ready for the history of this championship to be extended beyond myself.

Cathy’s eyebrows furrow as Sting nods.

[ John Cena ] I am officially relinquishing the SGW Television Championship, effective immediately. My time as champion was wonderful, and I’m proud to be part of its legacy.

Cena extends his arm, holding the championship belt out to Sting. The Stinger accepts the championship and then shakes Cena’s hand before leaning towards Cathy.

[ Sting ] Thank you John. I know you have a main event championship match to prepare for – thank you for taking the time to do this championship justice.

Cena nods to Sting and winks at Cathy before leaving the scene.

[ Cathy Kelley ] So, Sting, what does this mean for the SGW Television Championship?

Sting nods and reflects on the championship before speaking.

[ Sting ] Excellent question, Cathy. I won’t dilly dally here – a new SGW Television Champion will be crowned next month at Holiday Hell. I’ve decided…it will be a Four Corner Survival match. Who’s in the match? Who’s the next champion?!

Cathy lowers her head, non-verbally asking Sting to continue.

[ Sting ] The only thing for sure…is NOTHIN’s for sure! We’ll be sure to let you know when we know. Thank you very much, Cathy.

Sting walks off screen as Cathy nods, reflecting.

[ Cathy Kelley ] There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a new SGW Television Champion will be crowned at Holiday Hell! Pat, Excalibur, back to you at ringside.

We fade.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Rick Knox has more than two hands full in this contest, started off hot-and-heavy by Kurt Angle and Savio Vega, miraculously making his Solid Gold Wrestling debut almost 30 years past his prime.

[ Pat McAfee ] Savio Vega?! What’s the Syndicate Sports board thinkin’, brah?!

[ Excalibur ] Certainly an…interesting…choice for this event, right?

[ Pat McAfee ] I’d say he’s more an ELIMINATED choice for this event!

Somehow, in the time the match kicked off, Kurt Angle has scooped Savio off the mat and driven him down, violently, with an Angle Slam! As the fans roar, Angle latches on the ankle lock and wrenches Vega’s leg wickedly, assuredly snapping the bones as Savio slaps the mat recklessly, surrendering to the hold!


Angle throws Savio’s leg to the ground as attendants begin to remove him from the ring, then stomps to his corner, flexes as if he were a singular giant muscle and screams “YEEEEAAHHHHHHH!” before tagging out to Charlie Haas. The blonde half of the former Team Angle steps into the ring, pulling his singlet straps up and popping them into place as SGW Saudi Arabian Champion Mansoor leaps over the rope and dashes in, tying up with Haas as the fans in Seattle roar approval. The two jockey around for a moment, taking one another to the mat with rudimentary holds, but Haas has the clear upper hand, dragging Mansoor to his corner and throwing a hand to Shelton Benjamin, who accepts!

[ Excalibur ] The World’s Greatest Tag Team is running like it’s 2004 all over again, Pat!

Haas and Benjamin lift Mansoor to the top rope, chest-first, and Benjamin is off, leaping over Charlie’s shoulders and driving all of his weight into the Saudi Arabian Champion’s back! Mansoor is struggling as Shelton throws him overhead with a T-Bone Suplex, then covers – but it’s only a two count! Mansoor reaches out, and the abnormally large hand of Luchasaurus reaches out to him and accepts the tag!


Luchasaurus stomps into the ring, stepping unceremoniously on Mansoor as he goozles Benjamin, throwing him backwards into his corner with authority! Benjamin fires up, but the dino warrior is too strong and swallows the attacks, throwing Benjamin over the ropes, knocking Haas down, as well! Gable uses the ropes to spring and slide under the bottom rope, under Luchasaurus’ legs and into the ring behind him – Otis shoves! – Luchasaurus is down and here comes Haas – senton! Benjamin is behind him – rolling senton! Gable is up and leaps into the air, driving an elbow into the dinosaur’s heart! Benjamin tags Otis, who climbs up top and flies – DIVING SPLASH! The fans in Seattle roar, much like the downed Dino himself, who is counted out – one, two, three!


Kurt Angle cheers like he’s never cheered as he instructs Otis to the apron, tagging Haas back into the ring. On the other side, Rey Mysterio leaps into the ring and baits a charging Charlie into a lightning-quick victory roll – he’s got the legs pulled tight! ONE, TWO, THREE!


Angle screams for his team to focus as Benjamin leaps into the ring, pausing as Mysterio rises and throws a precise kick at his midsection – but Rey catches it! Benjamin knows the drill, though, and swings his opposite leg around, looking for a Dragon Whip, but Mysterio ducks it, leaving Benjamin to fall to his hands and knees – open for an Oklahoma Roll! Mysterio sinches the hold tightly and Knox counts – ONE, TWO, THREE!



Rey stands up, proud, and pumps his fist before leaping to the second rope and popping the Seattle crowd like Julio Rodriguez just knocked one into the third deck. Kurt Angle is BESIDE himself on the apron, screaming for his team to get their act together as Chad Gable scoots into the ring and snarls, preparing to take on the lucha legend.

[ Excalibur ] This is a pivotal time in this match, Pat – it’s three-on-three, now! Rey Mysterio has evened the score!

Gable and Mysterio tie up, both filled with energy even as the match and adrenaline wear on. Eventually, both men crash in center ring looking for cross body blocks and roll to their corners, tagging out – to Otis and Roman!

Otis rushes over, but Roman responds with a huge forearm, stopping him in his tracks! It’s a slug fest! Shots rain down, over and over repeatedly before Roman gets a final punch, then another, and a final shot, stunning his opponent! Reigns steps back and rushes into the ropes for a spear, but on the rebound, Otis is right on him – WHAM! Bossman Slam!

[ Excalibur ] WOW did you hear the pop on that slam?! Otis has a wild look in his eyes!

[ Pat McAfee ] He’s got lightnin’ in his blood, baby!

Roman is staggered, doing his best to stand, but Otis doesn’t give him the opportunity – BIG SPLASH!! That one shook the entire ring! Knox is in position and Otis covers – for the three count!


[ Pat McAfee ] WOW! DID YOU SEE THAT, EX-CAL?! Roman Reigns was the most threatening man left and now he’s GONE!

Exhausted from the meaty slugfest, Otis rolls to the apron and tags in Kurt Angle as Mansoor steps in and cracks his knuckles. Mansoor runs and leaps into the air – Pump Superkick!!! – but Angle ducks, and Otis connects with a stiff clobbering blow to the face! Mansoor stumbles backwards – right into an Angle Slam! Jackknife cover – one, two, three! We’re down to three-on-one!


Rey Mysterio swallows and looks around at the crowd in Seattle for encouragement, and they give him a heaping, Thanksgiving-sized helping of it, so he leaps over the ropes and charges in, dropkicking an approaching Kurt Angle! As Angle stumbles backward, Chad Gable slaps him on the back, blind tagging into the contest! Unaware, Rey scoops Angle off the mat and quickly tosses him onto the middle rope for the 619 – and connects! He covers, but Knox signals that Angle isn’t the legal man! Putting it all together, Rey Mysterio gets taken with a waist lock and driven into the corner and rolled back – right into the Chaos Theory German Suplex!

[ Pat McAfee ] BOOOM!

The crowd roars as Gable holds the bridge, leaning back deeply into the successful final cover of the contest!



As their theme rolls through the arena, Alpha Academy throw their hands into the air victoriously, popping the crowd in the Climate Pledge arena, who are cheering for the show of skill through their victory.

[ Excalibur ] What a win for Alpha Academy – that’s one of the most convincing team wins of the night thus far!

[ Pat McAfee ] I’ll say – and from experience, too! Alpha Academy looked like a well-oiled machine out there!

Now stalking up the ramp confidently, the surviving members of Alpha Academy are greeted three-fourths the way up the ramp by Tony Schiavone, who has a microphone in hand for a quick chat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Impressive victory for three members of the Alpha Academy team, three members survive and will move on to the Body Count matchup later on in the evening – Kurt Angle, how did you think your team performed in your qualifying match?

Angle scowls slightly, but cannot help but look around the swelling arena, leaving room for a smirk to replace his grimace.

[ Kurt Angle ] I thought that, barring a few unfortunate screw-ups, Alpha Academy looked exactly like I thought we would – dominant. No surprise, though, is it, Seattle?

The arena cheers as Chad Gable steps into the range of the microphone. Schiavone points it towards him and the arena quiets to listen.

[ Chad Gable ] Of course there’s no surprise! Alpha Academy is one of – no – IS THE dominant force in Solid Gold Wrestling! Imperfect 10s? No chance! The Young Bucks?! YEAH RIGHT! And why is that? It’s because Alpha Academy is genetically superior! You should know that, though…it’s PRACTICALLY ACADEMIC!

Otis leans into the frame and screams:


Angle scowls at Otis, but shakes it off and smirks, turning to Schiavone and muscling towards the microphone again.

[ Kurt Angle ] It IS practically academic, Schiavone…and you know what else it is? It’s true…IT’S DAMN TRUE!

The speakers come alive again, the theme song blaring as a victorious Alpha Academy leaves Schiavone nodding, satisfied, as they head to rest before the Body Count main event later in the evening, where a shot at the SGW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance

We abruptly cut away to the SGW Control Center.

The atmosphere is chaotic. The wall is covered with monitors like something you might see in a newsroom. Each one is displaying different events which have transpired throughout SGW history. Some of them are simply flickering SGW logos. Standing in front of the monitors, we see former SGW SHOCK correspondent Kat Marino with a microphone in her hand.

[ Kat Marino ] SGW fans, I'm Kat Marino and I'm coming to you live from the SGW Control Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota with some breaking news!

The fans can be heard murmuring to one another, wondering what's going on.

[ Kat Marino ] It would appear that Syndicate Sports management has made the decision to fully honor the stipulation from WrestleBrawl IV, stating that Jinny's victory over Dakota Kai would result in the end of the SGW World Twinstar Championship lineage. As a result, the most recent champions, Dakota Kai and Skye Blue, have been stricken from the record and the last recognized champions will be Couture Kicks.

The fans boo.

[ Kat Marino ] This decision does not come lightly, but the unfortunate lack of competition in the Twinstar division appears to be a driving factor. Maybe one day we'll see these once coveted titles return to prominence once again!

It looks as though she might wrap up the segment when suddenly she places a hand over her ear as she receives new information through her ear piece. Her eyes widen with surprise and she looks directly into the camera.

[ Kat Marino ] Oh! And it appears that Syndicate Sports management is not pleased with Alexa Bliss intentionally sabotaging her participation in tonight's Body Count match. I've just learned that they will be issuing a $10,000 fine to Nyla Rose for participating in the intentional disqualification... and a $15,000 fine to The Golden Goddess herself... wow.

She swallows hard.

[ Kat Marino ] And since this is hot off the press, they're both learning about these fines right now which is, um, kind of awkward! Back to you, Pat and Excalibur!


REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Madcap Moss appears more than ready to kick off the match for his team against a very charged-up WARHORSE, but moments after referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell, “Manscout” Jake Manning slaps Moss on the back and steps into the ring, his obnoxiously large backpack getting hung on the top rope as he does. Moss’s eyebrows furrow angrily, but the Manscout jabs his finger at a page in his book, illustrating some point that nobody seems to care about.

[ Pat McAfee ] Who’s this jahbroni?!

[ Excalibur ] “The Manscout” Jake Manning is no stranger to professional wrestling, but he’s also the world’s oldes—err…most EXPERIENCED Boy Scout! He’s a Man Sc—

[ Pat McAfee ] Man Scout, right, right. That’s a gahbage gimmick, man! Now he’s building a damn tent in the ring?!

McAfee stands at the desk, places his hands to his mouth and screams.

[ Pat McAfee ] Ya gimmick is treash!

Manning miraculously assembles the aforementioned Tent in about a minute, but as he stands over his constructed friend, proud, WARHORSE crashes both the party and Tent himself with a disgusting diving double stomp to the back of Manning’s head and neck! The Manscout crumbles like he was once again against the Nacho Butcher in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and is easy pickings for the Macho Muchacho.


As Manning rolls to the floor and Chioda kicks the pieces of Tent under the bottom rope into a heap with him, Madcap Moss leaps into the ring, eager to get going yet again – but Delirious slaps him on the back and rolls into the ring, babbling incoherently at Moss!

[ Delirious ] Fuzawala gimbabwen MAD CAPS MOSS bingabagabba DELIRIOUS enchandala WORRY HORSE bahhhhh!!

Madcap, having understood none of this and being pushed from the ring by Mike Chioda for a second time, seethes on the apron as Delirious slaps his chest over and over, circling WARHORSE before the two tie up in the center of the ring, jockeying for position over the other man. Eventually, Delirious gets the better of the technical exchange and tiger spins WARHORSE into a hammerlock; fortunately for Horse, his right hand is stiff enough to break the hold and stun the marble-mouthed grappler.

[ Excalibur ] The Heavy Metal loving WARHORSE is ruling ass here tonight!

WARHORSE ducks a wild Delirious clothesline, sending him spiraling over the top rope – but WARHORSE is on the move, darting across the ropes and soaring through the top and middle ropes with a tope con hilo, smearing Delirious and flying into the crowd! Stacks and D’Angelo are quickly to the floor to hoist Delirious back into the ring, but Logan Paul is quick to flip from the top rope, knocking all the men to the ground! Once they’re all up, Madcap Moss joins the fray, punching EVERYONE, regardless if they’re on his team or not! Matt Sydal glances around the arena with a peculiar look in his eye and ascends to the top rope! SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE PILE! The fans in Seattle pop huge as the Young Bucks yawn in their corner.


Back in the ring, WARHORSE quickly takes advantage and applies the Scorpion Deathlock, headbanging to add torque to the hold and Delirious taps out!


With WARHORSE catching his breath inside the ring, Madcap Moss steps into the ring with determination in his eyes, pointing at the face-painted opposition and smacking his beefy chest, circling the ring before –

[ Excalibur ] Oh, you have to be kidding me!

Logan Paul blind tags into the match! Madcap Moss is absolutely incensed, but the social media Maverick pays him no mind and looks across the ring, demanding that WARHORSE tag in D’Angelo! Eventually, Chioda can no longer contain Moss, who shoves WARHORSE, flips off Paul, then shoves the official himself!



[ Pat McAfee ] Good, get this guy out of here!

[ Excalibur ] I really don’t know what Madcap Moss has done, but NOBODY seems to want to give him a chance in SGW.

[ Pat McAfee ] Oh well. Seeya, Mahss!

D’Angelo steps into the ring to face Logan Paul and the two sloppily wrestle for a moment before the ‘veteran’ D’Angelo throws an awful clothesline, which Paul ducks, applying a textbook school boy for the unsuspecting three count on the Don!


D’Angelo is overcome with shame and shock, grabbing his face in his hands as Stacks Lorenzo leaps into the ring, rushing into action with a raised double axe-handle, which Paul intercepts with a superkick! The fans in Seattle pop huge as Paul performs the classic “suck it” taunt at D’Angelo then plants a foot into Stacks’ chest, covering him for the one-two-three!


The fans explode again as Logan Paul leaps into the air, pumping his fist victoriously before looking at Matt Sydal and nodding proudly. D’Angelo rushes over, plowing Paul over from behind and begins laying the boots to him repeatedly. After Paul is downed sufficiently, D’Angelo barks for Stacks to “get his lazy ass up” and the two begin wearing Paul out. Eventually, Sydal realizes he should probably help his teammate and climbs to the top rope, looking around the arena as the fans swell with excitement –

[ Excalibur ] One of the world’s premier high flyers is perched and prepped to go! MATT SYDAL’S CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF!

Sydal soars off the top with a shooting star press, aimed right for the mess of humanity in the ring –

SUUUUUUUPPERKICK!!! The Young Bucks double superkick Sydal as he rotates and send him crashing into the mat at a disgusting, crumpled angle!

[ Pat McAfee ] Did he really try a freakin’ SHOOTIN’ STAH PRESS into the ring?!

[ Excalibur ] The Young Bucks shut that idea down IMMEDIATELY! Matt Sydal’s still twitching on the mat!

Matt and Nick begin giving Sydal a vigorous round of crotch chops, then notice the still-down Logan Paul and offer him their crotches, too. Eventually, D’Angelo and Lorenzo join the Bucks, pointing and laughing at the downed members of Team Sydal, cackling as the Jackson brothers slowly look at one another and then, back to the two mafiosos. Before Stacks can realize what’s happening, Nick superkicks him right on the button, sending him through the ropes and to the floor. Tony D’Angelo’s jaw drops, but Matt quickly irish whips him into the far ropes, then leapfrogs him on the rebound – Nick drops down and D’Angelo steps over, hits the ropes on the rebound – DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

[ Excalibur ] A little Early Onset Alzheimer’s for Tony D!

D’Angelo tumbles through the ropes to the floor as Matt and Nick plant feet on Paul’s chest – one, two – KICKOUT! Logan pushes off the mat slowly, the fight still burning inside him as the Bucks look on, surprised with the show of spirit from the Social Media Maverick. Matt quickly scoops Logan off his knees and into a Tombstone position, allowing Nick time to leap over to the apron and springboard in, flipping forward with the –

[ Excalibur ] MELTZER DRIVERRR!!!


Matt covers Logan – one two three! That eliminates the Maverick!


Nick lifts his brother off the mat as Mike Chioda helps Logan Paul out of the ring. Matt Sydal is pulling himself up on the ropes, WARHORSE climbs into the ring, having been completely forgotten about until this point! He wants to finish Sydal himself, telling the Bucks so. Nick and Matt look at each other, smile... and then SUPERKICK WARHORSE!

[ Excalibur ] What-- that's their own partner!

[ Pat McAfee ] For now, yeah! But that's one less guy they have to worry about in the main event tonight, brah!

The Bucks grab Sydal and drag him on top of WARHORSE! Chioda counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The Bucks size up Sydal as he struggles back to his feet,  the lights still twinkling between frames of consciousness, but the Young Bucks immediately rush the high-flyer with a double superkick! Sydal falls into the ropes and rebounds out, on spaghetti legs – ANOTHER double superkick! The Bucks watch as Sydal crumbles into the mat, then cover him for the final one-two-three!



The Bucks’ theme roars triumphantly through the arena as the Brothers Jackson connect with a ‘too sweet’ and then a rousing round of crotch chops at the downed Sydal’s face.

[ Excalibur ] The Bucks look pretty good here tonight, Pat – you know that it’s more than the Body Count match on their minds tonight, too!

[ Pat McAfee ] You know it! The tag titles, those Imperfect 10s, that’s on Matt’s mind – that’s in Nick’s noggin! – The Bucks are on fire, and they’re heading toward the Bahdy Count match, baby!

Now out of the ring, the Bucks mouth off to the camera as we fade from the scene.


Johnny Gargano is still in his gear.

Candice LeRae is trying to stop him from leaving the arena with his bag. Gargano looks utterly devastated as he places his hand on the exit door. Candice grabs his arm and pulls him back a couple steps.

[ Candice LeRae ] Johnny, it's just a setback!

Gargano shakes his head.

[ Johnny Gargano ] It was a clean sweep, babe... a cleap sweep isn't just a little setback. It's humiliating. I just... I don't know what to do. I just wanna get outta' here, okay?

Candice huffs and places her hands on his shoulders.

[ Candice LeRae ] You can't give up like this. I hate seeing you this way. WrestleBrawl didn't turn out how you wanted... and neither did this, but--

She looks him in the eyes.

[ Candice LeRae ] The Johnny Wrestling I know wouldn't let this get him down. He'd get up, dust himself off, and be ready for Holiday Hell.

Gargano looks away from the exit and toward where the action takes place. He sighs and a smile begins to form at the corner of his mouth.

[ Johnny Gargano ] You're right.

[ Candice LeRae ] I know.

He gives her a peck on the cheek.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Let's go find a spot at Gorilla to watch the rest of the event.

[ Candice LeRae ] Yeah? You're sure?

He nods.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Yeah, babe. I wanna see how it ends.


REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

MJF exits the ring and shoves the timekeeper out of his chair, taking it for his own and sitting down with his arms crossed. MJF barks orders from the outside, demanding Wardlow start things out. On the other side of the ring, Joey Ryan assures his team that he has this covered. Aubrey Edwards signals for the bell and Wardlow blasts Ryan with a huge clothesline!

[ Excalibur ] The War Dog wastes no time doing MJF’s bidding!

[ Pat McAfee ] When you have someone like Wardlow at your disposal, why would you break a sweat on your own?

Wardlow brings down his straps and growls to the hard camera. He picks Ryan up, POWERBOMB! Maintaining his grip, Wardlow rolls Ryan up and hoists him up again, POWERBOMB! ANOTHER POWERBOMB! ANOTHER POWERBOMB! “WARD-LOW” chants fill the arena, drawing the ire of MJF, as the Powerbomb Symphony continues.

[ Excalibur ] It’s no debate Joey Ryan probably deserves this.

[ Pat McAfee ] Didn't you help run the company that enabled that degenerate?!

[ Excalibur ] It’s a dirty situation, Pat. But what isn’t dirty is how clean and crisp Wardlow’s conducting of the Powerbomb Symphony is!

[ Pat McAfee ] Excalibur, that escape from controversy was smooth as hell.

Wardlow drags Joey Ryan’s lifeless body off the mat one more time, delivering a final, vicious, stiff powerbomb and plants his foot on his chest for an easy three count.


Joe Hendry enters the ring and tries sneak attacking Wardlow, only to have him turn around and wrap his hands around Hendry’s neck! Wardlow picks Hendry up and slams him to the make with a Choke Bomb! Wardlow picks Hendry up - POWERBOMB! One, two, three!


[ Pat McAfee ] The team of Joes.. and Elias.. Are two members down already!

[ Excalibur ] Look at MJF just eating it up on the outside. His team of Wardlow and men of questionable opinions regarding vaccines are pandemics look posed to make a run here.

Wardlow tags in Jaxson Ryker who is now facing off against Joe Doering. Doering twists Ryder inside out with a monstrous lariat. The big cowboy throws the horns to the fans and waits for Ryder to get back to his feet - another big lariat! MJF stands up from his seat as Doering covers Ryker - One, two, three!


MJF yanks Wardlow down from the apron and screams at him, admonishing his bodyguard for tagging in someone who immediately found himself eliminated from this match. “Get back in there and fix this!” MJF screams at Wardlow before pie-facing him. Wardlow huffs, doing his best not to choke MJF out in front of all of us. He enters the ring and steamrolls Joe Doering. Doering is blind tagged by Elias, who storms into the ring and eats a big spinebuster! Wardlow goes for the pin - one, two, three! Elias is eliminated in a shocker!


[ Pat McAfee ] What is it with Elias and getting beat by random people in 30 seconds?

[ Excalibur ] Well, to his defense, the former Television champion’s brother DID last quite a bit longer against Christopher Daniels than he did here tonight!

Wardlow tags in Brian Pillman in order to get a breather. MJF applauds the young Varsity Blonde, who begins really taking it to Samoa Joe. With Joe backed in the corner, Pillman hits two back-to-back dropkicks right to Joe’s face, staggering the Submission Machine. Pillman hits the opposite corner and rushes at Joe, but Joe catches him in mid-air and delivers a vicious STJoe! Joe shoves Pillman in the corner and pounds away with stiff jabs to the ribs until Pillman rakes the eyes. Pillman goes up top and attempts a cross-body, but Joe walks out of the way at the last minute, causing Pillman to land hard on the mat! Joe wraps Pillman up in the Coquina Clutch and Pillman quickly taps!


Pillman rolls to the outside and is greeted by a furious MJF, who slaps him across the face and shoves him to the ground! Back in the ring, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe are going back and forth, reminding fans of their epic matches a decade or more ago. Aries has Joe stunned with a stiff forearm shot, but Doering tags in and swings wildly for a lariat that Aries ducks and hits against the ropes and hits a flying clothesline, dropping Doering to the mat! Aries kicks Doering in the face between the eyes and picks the big man up - BRAINBUSTER! Aries quickly hits the top rope and hits a big 450 SPLASH! One, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] Samoa Joe is the last man standing on his team!

[ Pat McAfee ] And look at the three men remaining that are standing in his way!

Samoa Joe cracks his knuckles, looking ready to go. Austin Aries pie-faces Joe and then decides to step in his face to talk trash. Joe headbutts him between the eyes and slings him up on the top turnbuckle.. MUSCLE BUSTER! One, two, three!


[ Pat McAfee ] Austin Aries avoided masks and responsibilities during the pandemic but he could not avoid the Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe here tonight!

[ Excalibur ] We’re going to be sharing an interesting dynamic, aren’t we?

[ Pat McAfee ] It's gonna be wild, brah!

Austin Aries exits the ring clutching his neck, immediately catching the wrath of MJF. “MID! YOU ARE MID!” MJF spits in Aries’ face! Aries wipes his face and gives MJF a left hook! He throws MJF in the ring and he turns to scream at Aries on the floor, not realizing who is behind him.. Samoa Joe.

[ Excalibur ] MJF has spent all match barking orders and now it’s his turn!

MJF turns around and sees Samoa Joe, dropping to his knees and pleading for mercy. Joe picks him up by the hair, but MJF breaks free and rushes to the corner and tags in Wardlow. Wardlow gets snatched by Samoa Joe and dropped down to the mat in the Coquina Clutch! MJF drops off the apron and looks on without offering any assistance to Wardlow, who fades out in the chokehold.


[ Excalibur ] MJF sacrificed his insurance policy to avoid Samoa Joe!

MJF looks disgusted on the outside as Wardlow exits the ring upon regaining consciousness. MJF rolls his neck, looking prepared to go back into the ring, but here’s his teammates! Jaxson Ryker! Brian Pillman! Austin Aries! All three men grab MJF and toss him into the ring, right into the waiting arms of Samoa Joe. MJF is sat up on the turnbuckle and eats a right hand. Joe picks MJF up on his shoulders and marches around the ring.. MUSCLE BUSTER! One.. two.. Three!

SAMOA JOE in 15:12


[ Pat McAfee ] Samoa Joe is the sole survivor!

[ Excalibur ] MJF did not even get a single hold applied in this match. He spent all night belittling his teammates and it came back to bite him in the end! Samoa Joe moves on after looking like a dominant force!

Wardlow sighs and drags MJF’s lifeless body out of the ring and slings him over his broad shoulders. MJF dangles from his shoulders as Wardlow walks past his teammates, who look on in pride of what they did to their team captain. The camera pans back to the ring where Samoa Joe celebrates as the fans chant in union, “JOE! JOE! JOE! JOE!”

Lights reflecting off of championship gold fills the view of the camera. A quick zoom out reveals the SGW World Tag Team Championships resting on the shoulders of The Imperfect 10s of Shawn Spears and Preston Vance. A scatter of boos from the arena is heard as Spears soaks it up and smirks.

[ Shawn Spears ] As of Halloween night, we have surpassed 365 days as Tag Team Champions. The reign that never ends continues on and on and on! Whether Edge and Christian are here or whether they’re watching at home, there’s nothing that can be done to erase that!

Spears takes his title off his shoulder and holds it in front of the camera.

[ Shawn Spears ] We are the best tag team in Solid Gold HISTORY! Forget Edge and Christian! Forget the Dudleyz! Forget all of those who have come before, because the division begins and ends with The Imperfect 10s!

Vance nods in agreement.

[ Shawn Spears ] We’ve knocked out every team that’s been thrown at us. Before they left, the old guard vowed to rebuild the division. And boy, what a job they did! They brought us Fur and Loathing, CHAOS, and all of these other nobodies that skipped town as quickly as they came!

[ Preston Vance ] Tucked their tails and ran.

Spears’ eyes go wide as he gets it.

[ Preston Vance ] Fur and Loathing, tucked their tails, because they’re animals.

[ Shawn Spears ] No, I get it.

[ Preston Vance ] Their costumes had ears and tails so they theoretically tucked their tails when they left SGW.

Spears cuts him off.

[ Shawn Spears ] Vance, I understand the joke.

[ Preston Vance ] It was more a metaphor than a joke.

[ Shawn Spears ] No.. No it wasn’t.

He shrugs it off and gets back to business.

[ Shawn Spears ] Anyway.

He takes a deep breath and shakes his head in frustration. Quickly trying to get back on track, Spears pretends none of that even happened and continues.

[ Shawn Spears ] So now it looks like the Young Bucks are wanting to step up to the plate. The audacity they had of getting in my face last month at WrestleBrawl. The absolute disrespect these punks showed the greatest tag team of all time! I mean, have they no idea what we're capable of?! Do they not know how many times we've defended these titles in a year? The disrespect is disgusting and it will not stand!

On cue, Matt and Nick Jackson enter the picture and get right in the faces of Vance and Spears with their eyes locked on the title belts.

[ Matt Jackson ] You guys see what happened earlier? Got that big win and we’re heading straight to the Body Count match!

[ Nick Jackson ] We’re gonna’ win the GOSH DANG Triple Crown! Both of us.

[ Matt Jackson ] Splitting that bad boy.

[ Nick Jackson ] Like a milkshake. Freebird rule style. Joint Triple Crown Champion.

Spears rolls his eyes.

[ Matt Jackson ] Maybe we’ll win the strap tonight and then the Tag Titles at Holiday Hell. Who knows?

[ Nick Jackson ] A little winner take izz-all.

[ Shawn Spears ] You know, I like the sound of that. Winner takes all. Let's do that.


[ Matt Jackson ] And then we’ll truly see who is the greatest tag team of all time.

Spears extends a handshake offer to seal the deal.

[ Shawn Spears ] Sounds like we have a date with destiny at Holiday Hell.

STEREO SUPERKICKS! Vance and Spears drop to the floor in a heap and the Bucks grab the fallen Tag Team Championships, giving them a quick moment of admiration before dropping them on top of the chests of the champions. Matt and Nick playfully shake hands with Spears and Vance, and then turn to the camera, giving it an awkward stare. Nick gives the camera a “too sweet” and then MATT JACKSON SUPERKICKS THE CAMERA! We catch a shot of the ceiling as the scene quickly cuts back to ringside. Imperfect 10s versus The Young Bucks at Holiday Hell is set, but will it also be for the Triple Crown?!

REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The fans are buzzing with anticipation as Paul Turner calls for the bell to begin the match. Ronda Rousey starts for her team, glaring across the ring at Nia Jax, who hands her SGW Women's Intercontinental championship off to Turner. Turner passes the belt through the ropes to the timekeeper. Jax cracks her knuckles and gestures for the Baddest Woman on the Planet to bring it on.

[ Pat McAfee ] Standing across the ring from one of the most dangerous women in the entire world and Nia Jax shows NO FEAR! This match is about t' be DRUNK, Excalibur!

[ Excalibur ] Ronda Rousey is making her much anticipated debut tonight and she has the chance to make an immediate impact if she can defeat the Women's Intercontinental champion and move on to the Body Count match!

Jax and Ronda square off in the middle of the ring. After some trash talk, Nia Jax goes for a big right hand but Ronda ducks it and peppers Nia's mid-section with a barrage of rights and lefts! Jax quickly rights herself and goes for another big punch-- NO! Ronda ducks it and executes a go-behind! She grabs Jax around the waist and tries for a takedown but Jax stands her ground and grabs Ronda's wrists... before slamming her ass into Ronda's mid-section, sending her flying back into her corner! Ivy Nile makes the blind tag and steps into the ring, leaving Ronda looking pissed!

[ Excalibur ] The debuting Ivy Nile is eager to try her hand against the Intercontinental champion!

[ Pat McAfee ] The Diamond Pitbull, baby!

Jax and Nile meet in the center and tie up before Jax throws Nile all the way across the ring! The fans cheer loudly as Jax motions for Nile to bring it on! Nile cracks her neck and points past Jax, telling she wants Sasha Banks! Banks nods, ready for the fight, and Nia Jax tags her in!


[ Excalibur ] The former SGW World Twinstar champion has entered the ring!

Nile charges at her! Sasha ducks! LUNG BLOWER! She flips her over into the BANK STATEMENT! Sasha cranks back on the hold! It looks like Ivy Nile may tap out but-- NO! Shayna Baszler breaks the hold with a kick to Sasha's head! Bayley climbs into the ring and charges at Baszler, nailing her with a clothesline! Baszler and Bayley tumble to the floor and keep fighting! Big Swole climbs into the ring and charges across, nailing Lita and knocking her off the apron!

[ Excalibur ] The match is breaking down! Paul Turner has to regain control!

[ Pat McAfee ] There's a buncha' DAWGS in this fight, brah!

Nikkita Lyons climbs into the ring and nails Big Swole with a flying hip attack! Lyons celebrates the successful attack but then turns around into a LARIAT from Jamie Hayter! She's turned inside out! Ivy Nile crawls to her corner and tags in Ronda Rousey! Rousey steps into the ring and stalks Sasha Banks as she struggles back to her feet. Sasha turns around and Ronda takes her down with a JUDO THROW INTO AN ARMBAR! SASHA TAPS OUT IMMEDIATELY!


[ Pat McAfee ] Oh, man! Boss Time is OVER!

[ Excalibur ] Ronda Rousey just took down a former champion, Pat. She has to have her sights set on a certain current champion now!

Sasha rolls to the floor and Ronda gets back to her feet, observing the chaos around the ring. Shayna Baszler backs Bayley against the apron and tees off with rights and lefts before Bayley takes over with a boot to the stomach. Bayley whips Baszler into the steps! Ronda sets her sights on Nikkita Lyons, who is still lying in the ring. Lyons uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet and Paul Turner declares her the legal woman. Lyons turns around and Ronda charges... CLOTHESLINE!-- NO! Lyons ducks it and catches Ronda with a SPIN KICK on the turnaround! Ronda goes down and Lyons hits the ropes... SPLITS INTO THE LEGDROP-- NO! RONDA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND SNATCHES NIKKITA'S ANKLE ON THE LANDING! ANKLE LOCK! NIKKITA TAPS OUT!


[ Pat McAfee ] That's two in a row!

[ Excalibur ] Ronda Rousey is making a statement tonight! Nia Jax and her team MUST rally back at this point or all hope will be lost!

Shayna Baszler is helped to her feet by Ted Dibiase at ringside. Bayley rolls into the ring and is quickly declared the legal woman. She goes right after Ronda, nailing with a series of right hands before whipping her into the ropes. Ronda comes back with a clothesline but Bayley ducks it and catches Ronda around the waist... BAYLEY TO BELLY! Bayley covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! JAMIE HAYTER BREAKS THE PIN!

[ Excalibur ] Jamie Hayter just spoiled what might have been a shocking upset!

[ Pat McAfee ] Thick thighs save lives, brah! Ronda Rousey owes Jamie Hayter a big one!

Hayter drags Ronda to her corner and tags herself in! Hayter posts up in the corner and waits on Bayley to get to her feet. Bayley staggers up and Hayter charges... BIG LARIAT! She covers and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Jamie Hayter just took down one half of the former Twinstar champions!

[ Pat McAfee ] Are we lookin' at a clean sweep!? Is Ronda's team gonna go all the way with zero losses!?

Nia Jax and Lita talk on the floor before Lita nods and climbs into the ring. Paul Turner restores order, forcing only one of Ronda's team to start. Big Swole heads in. Lita and Swole tie up, then Lita takes over with a headlock. Swole backs her into the ropes and shoots her off! Lita comes back with a flying headscissors! Both women are up and Lita nails another headscissors! Swole rolls to her corner and tags in Shayna Baszler! Shayna charges in and Lita ducks a clothesline! Shayna turns around into a big right hand! Lita nails her with a boot to the stomach... TWIST OF FATE-- NO! Shayna spins out and snatches Lita's wrist, dragging her down into the KIMURA! Shayna wrenches back on Lita's arm and LITA TAPS OUT!


[ Excalibur ] Oh my! This isn't good for Nia Jax!

[ Pat McAfee ] We're looking at five on one situation, Excalibur! If I'm Nia Jax, I'm NOT liking my chances! Intercontinental champion or not!

Nia Jax steps into the ring and cracks her knuckles. Baszler is smiling, knowing Jax is screwed! Baszler tags in Ivy Nile. Nile climbs into the ring and gets right in Jax's face! The fans are buzzing with anticipation, wondering what's about to happen... and Nia Jax nails Nile with the FACEBREAKER PUNCH! She puts one boot on her chest! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Statement... MADE!

[ Pat McAfee ] Holy smokes! This fight ain't over yet, brah!

Big Swole charges into the ring and nails Nia Jax with a big forearm to the chest! Nia Jax completely no-sells it and lifts Big Swole over her head... BIG BODY SLAM! Big Swole sits up with big bugged out eyes just in time for Nia Jax to come of the ropes and flatten her with a HUGE LEGDROP! She leaves her leg draped over Swole's chest... ONE! TWO! THREE!


As soon as the three count is registered, Ronda Rousey, Jamie Hayter, and Shayna Baszler all three assault Nia Jax, putting the boots to her! Jax powers up, throwing her arms out and sending all three women flying like a bomb went off! Baszler immediately scrambles back to her feet and clips Jax's knee! Nia Jax goes down to one knee and Hayter comes off the ropes... BASEMENT LARIAT! Jax is down! Baszler and Hayter go back to the apron as Ronda looms over the Intercontinental champion. Jax slowly tries to stand and Ronda snatches her up... and POWERS HER ONTO HER SHOULDERS! The fans are in awe of this display of strength! PIPER'S PIT ON NIA JAX!

[ Excalibur ] ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

[ Pat McAfee ] Did you freakin' SEE that!?

Ronda springs back to her feet and grabs Nia's wrist... THEN WHIPS HER DOWN INTO THE ARMBAR! The fans are going nuts as Ronda rips back on the hold! Nia Jax is refusing to tap out but Ronda is pulling the arm at such a vile angle that Paul Turner calls for the bell to end the match!

& SHAYNA BASZLER  in 14:41


Ronda releases the hold and rolls back to her feet, pounding her chest and crying out in victory. Jamie Hayter and Shayna Baszler join her in the ring. Nia Jax rolls to the floor, favoring her arm. She grabs her championship belt and leaves, a look of anger on her face.

[ Excalibur ] Ronda Rousey just made a huge statement, defeating the reigning Women's Intercontinental Champion... but what about the statement Nia Jax made by refusing to tap out?

[ Pat McAfee ] The ref saved her ass, Excalibur. Ronda Rousey was on her way to snapping that arm clean off!

Ted Dibiase and Paul Levesque join the survivors in the ring, raising Rousey and Baszler's arms in the air. We fade out on a shot of the winners celebrating their win.


Someone is counting.

[ Austin Theory ] --seven... eight... nine...

We see Austin Theory sitting backstage doing curls. The fans boo loudly as Theory counts along with each one, appearing satisfied with his progress.

[ Austin Theory ] --ten... eleven... twelve--

Britt Baker walks into the shot, rolling her bag behind her. As soon as he sees her, he begins counting even louder, curling more aggressively.


He abruptly stands up and drops the weight as if he just noticed her standing there. She's looking at her phone, paying him zero attention.

[ Austin Theory ] Did ya' hear that? I did over a thousand.

She walks away without saying a word, never acknowledging his existence. He frowns and turns around, finding himself face to face with Adam Cole. The fans cheer loudly as Cole looks him up and down before shaking his head.

[ Adam Cole ] Nice try, kid.

Cole pats Theory on his bare chest and then walks away, leaving Theory looking perplexed. Theory reaches down and picks up the weight with a noticeable grunt.

[ Austin Theory ] Whatever, man. Nobody cares what Adam Cole thinks.

A voice from off-camera can be heard.

[ Tony Nese ] Sounds like someone needs to get in better shape.

Theory looks over and appears offended.

[ Austin Theory ] Are you serious, guy? Look at me.

[ Tony Nese ] I don't need to look at you, "guy." I could hear you grunt from all the way over there. How much is that weight? Ten pounds? Twenty?

[ Austin Theory ] It's--

[ Tony Nese ] Whatever it is, I'm not impressed. See, I'm here because Solid Gold Wrestling is the home to real athletes... men who get things done. Look at me. Look at these abs, kid. This is what a PREMIER ATHLETE looks like.

Tony Nese flexes hard.

[ Tony Nese ] This is why the Stinger decided to put me in the match for the vacant Television title at Holiday Hell, while you're over here... doing whatever it is that you do. I'll be seein' ya' whenever you decide to head up my way... toward the main event.

Nese walks off-camera, leaving Theory alone.

[ Austin Theory ] What the hell, man. Why do people keep calling me "kid?!"

Before Theory can get an answer to that question, Miro walks into the shot, minding his own business. Miro's already in his gear and doesn't even look in Theory's direction, but still draws Theory's ire.

[ Austin Theory ] Oh, hey. You got somethin' you wanna say, too?

Miro stops in his tracks and looks over his shoulder as the fans "oOoOoOOooooo" in anticipation. Miro pins Theory to the floor with his gaze. Theory puts his hands up, begging him off.

[ Austin Theory ] Hey, hey... I'm not-- uh... I'm not lookin' for trouble.

Miro stares him down and sneers.

[ Miro ] One is not always on journey for trouble when it finds them instead.

There's a long pause as both men stare each other down.

[ Miro ] You are fortunate that God's Champion has more... important matters to deal with tonight. Maybe another time.

Miro turns and walks away. Theory wipes the sweat from his brow as we fade out.

REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Rick Knox signals for the bell and we have Akira Tozawa and Satnam Singh starting off. Wade Barrett laughs from the apron as one of his two giants towers over the smaller Tozawa.

[ Pat McAfee ] Sound strategy on Wade Barrett’s part, allowing the largest man on his team to do the work!

[ Excalibur ] It’s all about surviving, Pat!

Tozawa decides to go low on the giant, repeatedly kicking him in the thighs in an attempt to cut him down at the stump like a tree, but Singh’s hand devours Tozawa’s face as he palms it like a basketball and shoves Tozawa back into his own corner with mighty force! Tozawa tags in Danhausen against his own will. Danhausen comes into the ring, faking bravery the best that he can. He begins the routine of cursing Satnam Singh, but before he gets too far into it, Singh blasts him with a big boot! As soon as Danhausen stands up, he eats a spear! One, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] If you told me that Satnam Singh would get an elimination this quickly in the match, I would have called you insane!

[ Pat McAfee ] I read the scoutin' report on this team before the show, and what I learned was that Satnam Singh has got 'dat DAWG in 'em!

[ Excalibur ] You've used that phrase multiple times tonight, but I'm not sure what you're talking about, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] DAWG! D-A-W-G! Means he digs deep down inside his guts and finds that inner-DAWG and comes ready to show that his bite is worse than his bark!

[ Excalibur ] Scott Steiner, it's not too late to come back.

Taking Danhausen’s place is The Butcher. He enters the ring and begins stomping and lunging around Singh, who clotheslines Butch and then finds himself getting tagged out of the match by Wade Barrett. Barrett hops into the ring, picks the Butcher up and fires off a stiff forearm square to his jaw! Singh is perturbed by being tagged out and spins his captain around and begins arguing with him.

[ Excalibur ] Dissension in the ranks!

Barrett shoves Singh and then tags in Khali, screaming, “He’s the better Indian anyway!”

[ Excalibur ] You would have thought getting rid of Scott Steiner would tone down the racial insensitivity on these broadcasts, but no.

As soon as Khali enters the ring, The Butcher hits a big shoulder block and tags in Ethan Page. Page picks Khali up by the hair, dragging him to his feet. He spins Khali around and hooks his arms.. Ego’s Edge!

[ Excalibur ] Un.. be.. lee.. vi..ble!

Page covers Khali - one, two, three!


[ Pat McAfee ] Well, son of a bitch.

Wade Barrett demands Satnam Singh enter the ring, saying, “I was kidding. YOU are the best Indian wrestler of ‘em all!” Singh rolls his eyes and exits the ring over the top rope, forcing Rick Knox to start counting! As the count quickly progresses, Barrett starts shouting and demanding Singh return to the ring. Ignoring the captain’s screams, Singh exits to the back, voluntarily eliminating himself!


“Don’t worry, baby. I got this!” Heath Slater tells Barrett as he hops in the ring. Slater turns around and eats a high knee from Ethan Page immediately! Staggered, Slater gets kicked in the gut.. EGO’S EDGE! One, two, three! Heath Slater is gone and Wade Barrett buries his head in his hands!


[ Excalibur ] Wade Barrett started off looking like a genius with his team and now he’s down to just himself and.. Bushwhacker Luke! Team Crowley is on fire!

Wade Barrett steps into the ring and blasts Page from behind. He slams Page’s head against the turnbuckle four or five times, slings him against the ropes and hits a big hip toss. Page is right back up and Barrett blasts him with a rolling elbow. He picks Page up, wasting no time, and quickly floors him with the Bull Hammer! One, two, three!


Akira Tozawa jumps off the top rope and he eats a side kick in mid-air! Barrett picks him up and wraps his arm around his throat for a ripcord.. BULL HAMMER! One, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] This is unprecedented, Nigel. Wade Barrett has reeled off two insanely quick eliminations and has changed the tide of this match completely!

Crowley is in the ring now as the two captains stand face-to-face. “Give me the Bushwhacker!”, Crowley demands. Barrett reluctantly tags in Luke, who stomps around the ring with his tongue out and his arm flailing up and down to match his steps. Crowley whips him into the ropes and slides underneath his legs. Once Luke turns around, he pokes him in the eyes and Crowley brings him down with a takeover headlock. Luke gets to the ropes and forces a rope break. Crowley springs off the ropes and catches Luke with a big cutter! He then tags in the Butcher and tells him to finish the deal. As soon as the Butcher enters the ring, Luke rolls him up in a school boy! One, two, three! The Butcher is gone and Crowley is in shock!


Crowley kicks Luke low and tries to roll him up but Luke is close enough to the corner where Barrett can make a tag. Barrett is in and drags Crowley to his feet, but Crowley rakes his eyes and picks him up for a body slam. Barrett is back up and Crowley hits the springboard cutter for a two count. Staying on the attack, Crowley grabs Barrett for an attempted Cross Rhodes, but Barrett blocks it by dropping to the mat and crawling quickly to his corner, tagging in Luke.

[ Excalibur ] What a motley crew of a final three we have here, guys. Some random person who bet on Bushwhacker Luke being in the Body Count match as a joke just might find himself a wealthy man after tonight at this rate.

[ Pat McAfee ] I, uh, put a quick fifty down on FanDuel that Bushwhacker Luke would get strapped up, Ex. Kinda' excited right now. Not gonna' lie. Chaos for SGW and the new management, nonstop laughter for me and the boys cashing that ticket out.

Luke comes marching back in and hits a shoulder block on Crowley, and another, and another! Luke poses to the crowd, taking his attention away and pays for it with Crowley punching him right between the eyes! Luke stomps his way back to his corner and tags Barrett in and doesn’t stop! Bushwhacker Luke stomps down the steps and around the ring to the amusement of the fans.

[ Excalibur ] What.. In the world..

Barrett sees and opening and grabs Crowley, BULL HAMMER! One, two, three! Wade Barrett used the distraction to win it for his team!



[ Excalibur ] Bushwhacker Luke inadvertently used his unpredictability to help his team win the match!  At this point, he has a better chance of becoming the Triple Crown Champion than most of the actual Solid Gold roster!


Bushwhacker Luke marches around the ring and down the aisle. He has no idea that his team is victorious and that he has moved on to the Body Count match. Wade Barrett poses in the middle of the ring, reminding everyone that he eliminated almost the entire team of Charles Crowley here tonight!

Alexa Bliss.

The fans erupt in boos.

Bliss stands backstage, watching the event unfold on a monitor with Nyla Rose standing at her back. Alexa looks away from the monitor where Wade Barrett and Bushwhacker Luke are celebrating and then down at the SGW Women's World Championship on her shoulder.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Seriously, I'm already over this night.

Nyla nods and looks down at Bliss.

[ Nyla Rose ] Bitch, you ain't got nothin' to worry about.

Nyla Rose points at the monitor.

[ Nyla Rose ] Seventy-five year old ass Bushwhacker Luke just won a match in 2022 to earn a shot at the SGW Triple Crown World Championship. Ain't nothin' stoppin' you from doin' what needs to be done.

Before Bliss can respond, Ronda Rousey walks into the shot with Shayna Baszler and Jamie Hayter. There's a strong mixed reaction as the three bruisers look Alexa and Nyla Rose over. Nyla squares up, not backing down an inch. She looks Rousey dead in the eyes.

[ Nyla Rose ] Make a move, sweetheart. I dare you!

Ronda smirks and looks straight through Nyla Rose, deep into the soul of the champion.

[ Ronda Rousey ] You had a good run, kid.

Alexa glares at her, seething mad.

[ Ronda Rousey ] Shame it's all coming to an end at Holiday Hell... because I'm winning the Body Count match tonight.

Without another word, Ronda Rousey walks off-camera with Shayna and Hayter behind her. Bliss and Nyla Rose watch them leave then glance at each other. Nyla smirks and cracks her knuckles.

[ Nyla Rose ] Told you... your little ass ain't got NOTHIN' to worry about.


REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

There’s an evident sense of urgency spreading through the ten men in this Body Count qualifying contest, with Hook, Darby Allin, Big E, Karrion Kross, Austin Theory, nZo, and Happy Corbin cycling in and out of the ring with quickness over the first few moments of the contest. Despite the serious nature shared by all ten men, no man other than Hook makes any noticeable headway towards eliminating any member of an opposing team.

[ Excalibur ] Look at the beef on display here – Big E has Happy Corbin right where he wants him!

Sure enough, E lifts Corbin up onto his shoulder and struts around the ring, but Ogogo pulls Corbin from his shoulder and slaps him on the back – blind tag! Ogogo is legal and Big E turns back, into the opposing corner, but more pressingly, into an Ogogo body shot!

[ Pat McAfee ] He’ll lose his lunch with anotha shot like that, brah!

The Seattle fans groan as E covers his stomach, leaving his head open for a boxing-styled barrage from the former champion Ogogo! The Guvnah connects with a vicious combination, leveling Big E before hooking the leg and covering for the three count!


With official Mike Chioda assisting Big E to the apron and out of the ring, Vince McMahon steps right past his former client ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and saunters into center ring, chest puffed out and arms swinging cockily as the fans in Seattle roar with anticipation.

[ Vince McMahon ] Alright, pal, you think you’re some big shot, hah? Do ‘ya?! You’re some big man, ahh?! You wanna fight me, pal? SWING, BIG BOY!

Ogogo looks at QT Marshall on the floor, befuddled with this approach from the elderly McMahon.

[ Excalibur ] I don’t think it was his intention, but Vince McMahon may have just found the best method for stopping Anthony Ogogo’s assault!

[ Pat McAfee ] What’s that – confusion?!

[ Excalibur ] Exactly!

McMahon jabs his finger into Ogogo’s chest and then slaps him right across the jaws! The fans (And frankly, many of the participants in the match) are shocked, but none more shocked than McMahon, as soon as Ogogo responds with a lightning-quick right jab, knocking the billionaire right onto his ass, clearly unconscious!

[ Pat McAfee ] WELL! So much for all’a that!

Ogogo kicks McMahon down to his back, placing his foot onto his chest – for the one, two, three!


As soon as Chioda counts three and begins peeling McMahon’s carcass from the ring, Darby Allin is flying through the air, connecting sloppily with Ogogo, but knocking the Guvnah across the ring and into his corner! Ogogo tumbles through the ropes to the floor but makes enough contact with nZo to quantify a tag, and the loudmouth leaps into the ring, kicking Darby in the face before looking across the ring, flipping off Stone Cold and daring him to step into the ring against him. Austin begins cursing at nZo, completely and justifiably unafraid, but this gives Darby enough opportunity to shove nZo into the ropes and connect with a neckbreaker, leaving both men down and out!

[ Excalibur ] There’s been a reset in center ring! Three-on-five is tough odds for team Stone Cold, let’s see what transpires with a prospective double hot-tag!

Allin inches across the ring, getting closer to Stone Cold’s rabid, outstretched left mitt, but before he can tag out, Anthony Ogogo leaps into the ring, pulls Darby back to his own corner before scooping up nZo, throwing him at their corner, and watching as Karrion Kross tags in confidently. Kross steps into the ring and lifts Darby, throwing him overhead with a Doomsday Saito Suplex!

[ Pat McAfee ] That’ll remove all memory of a certain Mummy’s Curse match!

Kross again hooks Allin, but Darby won’t quit fighting, elbowing Kross in the head – Ogogo tags in! Darby turns – HUGE RIGHT HAND! Darby sinks to the mat and Ogogo covers – one, two, three!


Ogogo glares at Kross, who’s still in the ring, and slaps him on the chest, focusing on Chioda, who registers this, for whatever reason, as a tag. Kross snarls at Ogogo, walking backwards and telling him “I’m the bad ass on this team,” and “Watch what happens now, Ogogo!” before stepping into a body. Kross turns around – KICK, WHAM! STUNNER! Austin strikes without hesitation and Kross is down and out! ONE, TWO, THREE!


Quickly, nZo leaps off the top rope and into the fray – but Stone Cold intercepts him with a little KICK, WHAM! STUNNER! STONE COLD STUNNER AND nZo FLIPS BACKWARDS ON IMPACT! Austin covers, one, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] Stone Cold is a man possessed!

[ Pat McAfee ] So he’s keepin’ it 100, huh?! Nothin’ new for tha’ Texas Rattlesnake, brah!

Happy Corbin is the next man to step in and step up, throwing a clothesline, which Austin ducks – KICK, WH—no! Corbin catches the kick and spins Austin out, looking for End of the Day, but Austin keeps the wrist and twists out, KICK, WHAM! STUNNER! STONE COLD STUNNER! STONE COLD STUNNER! STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin hooks both legs, cursing up a storm as Chioda slaps the mat thrice!


[ Excalibur ] THAT IS THREE ELIMINATIONS OVER THE COURSE OF ONE MINUTE FLAT! Stone Cold Steve Austin is an absolute madman!

Stone Cold stands and raises the double bird to the audience before walking to his corner and conferring with Hook as Austin Theory enters the ring and sprints over, pump kicking Austin in the back and over the top rope! Stone Cold flails wildly as he soars over the rope, leaving room for Chioda to recognize a tag to Hook. Austin Theory is working quickly and efficiently, clobbering Hook with a few shots before hooking him in a front facelock and climbing to the interior second rope, stalling superplexing the Silent Assassin into the ring!

[ Pat McAfee ] WHAT A MOVE! Theory got dat dawg in’nim!

[ Excalibur ] Certainly so, I think – Theory’s been working with a purpose – BIG LEGDROP, did you see the height on that?!

Theory covers Hook – but it’s only a two! With a snarl, Theory threatens Chioda, but from the floor, Marshall advises him to finish, and Theory listens to said advice. Scooping Hook off the mat and to his shoulders, Theory prepares to drive him down to the mat, but Hook begins elbowing him across the jaw! Again! And again! Hook squirms off his back and connects his hands – Redrum! NO! Theory snapmares Hook down, but he rolls through, big right hand! Hook delivers a massive shot and Theory is stunned! Hook shakes the cobwebs and looks at Austin, who’s dazed but still ready for a tag!

[ Excalibur ] Here we go! Stone Cold’s ready!

Hook swallows hard and reaches, half diving for the corner, but Theory intercepts him – SUPERKICK! His lip split from the strike, Hook continues falling towards the corner, and –

[ Excalibur ] NO TAG! Hook missed the tag, there!

[ Pat McAfee ] Austin’s not legal, but HEEEEEERE’S STONE COLD!

Austin flips off Theory, still on the apron and kicks him in the gut – WHAM! Austin drops down, STUNNER! Theory hot-shots off the rope and slingshots back, practically airwalking on impact into the center of the ring, where Hook lacksidasically drapes an arm over him! Stone Cold reaches in and slaps Hook’s foot – legal tag, says Chioda! ONE, TWO, THREE!


[ Excalibur ] What a heads up play from Stone Cold! Operating like a true veteran!

Breathing deeply, Austin reaches back through the ropes and tags himself legal! The fans pop huge as Austin swings a leg through the ropes to enter – but there’s Ogogo! Moving like water across the ring, Ogogo connects with a malicious right hand, crossing and NAILING Stone Cold right on the button! Austin’s head snaps wickedly as his body goes limp, falling awfully in a disgusting heap to the ground, only stopped from landing on his head by his leg caught in the middle ropes!


QT Marshall is practically giddy on the floor, leaping into the air with delight as Mike Chioda begins frantically yelling for help for Austin! Marshall badgers Chioda, telling him this match is active and a competitor is out of the ring!

[ Excalibur ] WHAT?! QT Marshall’s losing it, demanding for Chioda to count Stone Cold out of the match!

[ Pat McAfee ] IT’S LEGAL AND JUSTIFIED! I love seein’ Stone Cold open up can upon can of whoop ass as much as the next red-blooded American, but this is the rules, dawg! Ya can’t break the rules! That’s just…wrong, bro!

Chioda’s count reaches seven, and eight, as the fans plead for Austin to get up – but Stone Cold is truly out of it, knocked unconscious by The Guvnah’s shot, and is counted out of the contest.


[ Pat McAfee ] DAMN! DAMN! Stone Cold got GOT by the GUBNAH, BRAH!

[ Excalibur ] He’s truly, purely dangerous! And we are down to two! One-on-one – HOOK VERSUS ANTHONY OGOGO!

Ogogo’s eyes track across the ring to Hook, bracing himself in the corner and breathing deeply following the beating he’s taken in the contest. Marshall leaps up and down, demanding that Ogogo finish the matchup. Ogogo takes a step as Hook opens his eyes and looks at the approaching challenge.

[ Excalibur ] This doesn’t look good for Hook, but he’s been born and raised into this company, into this sport! Taz’s blood and spirit and fire are in him! Damn him, but Jeff Jarrett’s countless resources put into making him a cold-blooded, babyfaced assassin…Hook isn’t done until the bell rings!

Hook swallows, his face scrunching in determination and his eyes narrowing in rage as he grips the middle ropes, still locked on his opponent.

[ Pat McAfee ] You think Ogogo doesn’t know that?! He’s well aware this is the son of a legend! Or…well, two legends….ONE BY BLOOD THOUGH! AND THAT ONE DIED AT SGW! HE GOT KILLED HERE, SO HOOK’S GONNA BE WILLING TO GO DOWN SWINGIN’!

Ogogo looks like an absolute terminator, ready to destroy Hook as QT Marshall salivates on the floor. He speaks, the cameras picking up his sneers from ringside.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Suhvive…if I LET YOU, boy!

Now fully enraged, Hook pulls himself up in the corner, wipes the blood from his lip and scowls at Ogogo, who rushes in, fist cocked –


[ Pat McAfee ] LOOK AT THIS!

Hook’s got his arms wrapped tightly! Redrum!! Ogogo’s got nowhere to go and Hook wraps his legs tightly around the Guvnah’s torso, constricting like a python as the life drains from his opponent!

[ Excalibur ] His father put countless opponents away with this very hold – but Hook’s got his first SGW victory in his own clutches, if he can tap out Anthony Ogogo here!

Hook keeps the Redrum hold latched on, somehow growing impossibly tighter by the second as QT Marshall screams for anyone to do anything to stop this from ringside! With no further alternative, Marshall kicks the ring steps, reaches into his track jacket, producing a white hand towel, and launches it into the ring! QT Marshall has thrown in the towel for Ogogo – HOOK WINS! HOOK SURVIVES!

HOOK in 11:33


The crowd in Seattle are practically nuclear as Chioda rips Hook’s arm from beneath Ogogo’s head, finally freeing the brutish Brit to breathe again! On the floor, QT Marshall is white-faced, horrified at what he was forced to do, but knowing full well it’s better for his money-maker to be able to fight – let alone breathe – another day.

[ Excalibur ] What a monumental win for Hook! His father Taz must be beaming – or, err…frowning LESS SO than normal… watching this transpire!

[ Pat McAfee ] Hook’s got cahones goin’ up against the Gubnah like that, dawg! Big huevos! Big impressed!

Hook stands, then jerks his arm away from Chioda, walking chest-first into the top rope and mean-mugging into the hard camera as the fans continue to explode for the young man’s incredible fortitude and victory. Eventually, Hook retreats to the floor, where attendants are looking into the still-unconscious Stone Cold.

[ Excalibur ] Not to take away from Hook’s victory in the slightest, but attendants are looking after the SGW Intercontinental Champion ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

[ Pat McAfee ] Well, yeah, Ogogo just punched his damn lights out! KAYOH!

Hook kneels, listening to the doctors and ringside attendants as they perform various checks on the downed Stone Cold as QT Marshall helps Anthony Ogogo up the ramp and to his dressing room as we fade away from the scene at ringside.

Backstage, Samoa Joe is seen in the locker room toweling himself off from his match earlier tonight. His unwinding is interrupted by Charles Crowley, who walks up to him and slaps the towel out of Joe's hands.

[ Samoa Joe ] Do we have a problem here?

He quickly gets to his feet and stands eye-to-eye with Crowley, who refuses to back down.

[ Charles Crowley ] Quite the opposite. It is YOU who has the problem, Joe.

[ Samoa Joe ] Is that right? And are you this problem?

Crowley nods in affirmation.

[ Charles Crowley ] Exactly right.

Joe crosses his arms, listening intently to what Crowley has to say.

[ Charles Crowley ] See, I'm new to Solid Gold Wrestling. There's a lot of people who write me off because they don't know who I am or what I have to offer. I was given a rubbish team that couldn't carry their weight, and along with WrestleBrawl, I've yet to be able to show the world just who Charles Crowley truly is.

[ Samoa Joe ] And where do I factor in?

[ Charles Crowley ] You're a big, bad, brute of a man, Samoa Joe. People fear you. People know what you're capable of inside that ring.

Joe nods.

[ Charles Crowley ] And the easiest way to inform the world of my pending ascension to the top of SGW is to take you out. Let this be your warning, Joe. I'm coming for you.

[ Samoa Joe ] You? You're coming for ME? No beef, no wires crossed, no reason to approach me like you did other than the fact that you want to be famous? You think coming after one of the big dogs in SGW is your ticket to the top?

Crowley nods as Joe weighs his decision.

[ Samoa Joe ] I like your attitude, kid. The thing is, if you're going to let your intentions be known.. That you're going to come after someone that's big and bad.. You'd better strike first and strike hard. If not, I'mma bust you up.

HEADBUTT TO THE NOSE! Crowley grabs his face and turns to the side, allowing Samoa Joe the chance to snatch Crowley up in the Coquina Clutch and drags him down to the ground in the middle of the locker room! Matt Sydal quickly rushes into the scene and begins trying to pry Joe's arms off of Crowley.

[ Matt Sydal ] Joe! C'mon, bro, that's enough!

Sydal's plea is ignored as Joe wrenches back, finally releasing the hold until he's satisfied with the amount of damage he's caused to the arrogant upstart. Joe gets to his feet and scoffs at the sight of Crowley before giving him some parting words.

[ Samoa Joe ] Welcome to the big show, kid.

Joe walks off as Sydal helps Crowley to his feet. He's wobbly, but manages to keep his bearings about him. Crowley coughs as the color returns to his face. He wipes away a trickle of blood from his nostril and smiles, counting getting Samoa Joe's attention as a victory within itself.

REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Bron Breakker and Hangman Page start us out with a handshake while Aubrey Edwards signals for the bell. A split chant of “LET’S GO BREAKKER!/”HANG-MAN-PAGE!” breaks out with the two men acknowledging it.

[ Pat McAfee ] Look at Bron Breakker, dudes. Friggin’ stud. He’s probably drowning in it.

[ Excalibur ] Drowning in what, Pat?

[ Pat McAfee ] C’mon brah, erm, let me put this delicately.. I’m sure the nephew of SGW Hall of Famer, Scott Steiner, gets frequent attention from the females.

A collar-and-elbow tie-up begins the match, with both men jockeying for position, using leverage to gain momentum. Breakker shoves Hangman hard to the ground and screams at him to get back up. Hangman quickly obliges and they lock up again, with Breakker slinging Hangman in the corner and he begins pounding his shoulder deep into Page’s gut. Page drops down and Breakker is relentless, stomping Page in the chest repeatedly. Breakker drags Hangman out of the corner and pins him but only gets a two count. He tags in Kevin Owens who takes over where he left off. Owens attempts a running back Senton but Page moves. He gets up to his feet and staggers Owens with a rolling elbow! Hangman makes it to his corner and briefly scans his teammates.

[ Excalibur ] Adam Page has no idea who he should tag!

[ Pat McAfee ] I feel like that’s not a good sign.

Hangman reluctantly tags in Luigi Primo, who springs into the ring while not missing a beat of tossing his pizza dough in the air. Kevin Owens is to his feet and even stands in amazement of the pizza slinger.. Until Owens catches the dough in mid air and screams, “I HATE PIZZA!”

[ Pat McAfee ] And the lie detector says THAT’S a friggin’ lie.

Owens crams the dough in Primo’s face, kicks him in the gut, STUNNER! One, two, three!


Owens walks over to the opposite corner and blows a snot rocket on Hornswoggle! Hangman flips over the top rope, BUCKSHOT LARIAT! He tags in Hornswoggle who carefully climbs his way to the top rope, TADPOLE SPLASH! One, two, three!


[ Pat McAfee ] Hol..ee.. Shit.

[ Excalibur ] Hornswoggle pinned Kevin Owens clean as a sheet in the center of the ring!

PAC enters the ring and hits a running boot to Hornswoggle! He picks him up effortlessly and spikes him down with a Brainbuster! PAC quickly ascends to the top rope, wasting zero time, BLACK ARROW! One, two, three!


PAC soaks up the boos from the fans, mocking them with crying motions with his fists. Matt Cardona goes to enter the ring but he is stopped by Santino Marella. Santino assures his teammates that he has this under control. He approaches PAC, reaches into his tights, puts out the Cobra and PAC headbutts him between the eyes! PAC then gives Santino a sickening German Suplex that folds him over and quickly applies the Brutalizer!

[ Excalibur ] Look at the mean streak PAC is displaying tonight, guys! This Brutalizer is locked in!

Santino reaches the Cobra as high in the air as he can get it, vowing not to submit. The move stays locked in and the Cobra progressively lowers the longer he remains in the hold until finally Santino fades completely out, the Cobra resting on the mat beside him. The referee calls for the bell but PAC refuses to relinquish the hold initially, but finally gives in after two warnings.


PAC tags in Bo Dallas and here’s Matt Cardona representing Team Hangman. Bo swings wildly at Cardona but he ducks and picks Dallas up and hits an Atomic Drop! Dallas swings at Cardona again and, again, Cardona hits the Atomic Drop! Cardona rips his shirt off like he’s Hulk Hogan, slinging the pieces to the outside.

[ Excalibur ] That will be for sale on his podcast Patreon within the hour.

Cardona whips Dallas into the buckle and crashes into him hard with a clothesline. With Dallas dropping to the mat, Cardona pumps his fist, chanting “WOO! WOO! WOO!” with the crowd and delivers a STIFF Broski Boot! He lays in wait as Bo Dallas finally stumbles to his feet, RADIO SILENCE! One, two, three!


PAC comes back into the ring and blindsides Cardona. He goes to the top rope - BLACK AR- no! Cardona puts his knees up! PAC is clutching his ribs and Cardona picks him up for an Impaler DDT. He tags in Hangman who flips over the top rope - BUCKSHOT LARIAT! One, two, NO! Hangman grabs PAC by the hair but gets his hands slapped away. PAC kicks him in the thigh, but Hangman fights through it, scoops PAC up - DEAD EYE! One, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] PAC was a key member of the SGW roster during the initial comeback in 2019 and into 2020. It’s a shock to see him go out midway through this match like this, but Hangman Page is proving himself as one of the key members of this newly-constructed SGW roster!

Hangman Page and Aiden English face off in the ring, with English looking to get his first action of the night. Cardona and Breakker look on from their respective corners as the teams are dead even at 2-on-2. English pokes Hangman in the eyes and slings him over the top rope. English then turns to the fans and throws his arms out to the side, paying no mind to his opponent, which comes back to bite him. Hangman landed on the apron, composes himself, and flips over the top rope, delivering a sickening Buckshot Lariat! One, two, three!


Bron Breakker enters the ring knowing he’s the last hope for victory and a chance at possibly becoming the SGW Triple Crown Champion later tonight.

[ Excalibur ] Here we go! These two started the match and now Hangman Page is looking to end it!

Page and Breakker shake hands and circle one another in the ring.. And then Matt Cardona oddly tags himself into the match. Hangman is baffled by the decision, but Cardona lets it be known that he wants to be the man to pin Bron Breakker, audibly proclaiming “this is how I get hired on the spot!”

[ Excalibur ] The former WLCW X-Division Champion wants the glory!

[ Pat McAfee ] It ain’t about weight limits, it’s about no limits with this incredibly tan S.O.B! The former WLCW X-Division Champion cashed in his shot at Cody Rhodes at Clash at the Canyon earlier this year, and now he’s cashing in his shot at taking out a man that was so close to becoming SGW Television Champion just one month ago!

Flash pin! Breakker rolls Cardona up and uses his weight as leverage! One, two, three! Cardona is gone!


[ Excalibur ] Matt Cardona’s greed cost himself AND his team here tonight! I know it’s every man for himself in the Body Count match, but you have to work cohesively in order to get there. He went into business for himself and paid dearly!

Bron Breakker looks down to talk trash to the fallen Matt Cardona, taking his eyes off Hangman Page. Page flips over the ropes, BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Breakker looked up just in time to see Hangman Page's flying clothesline coming right at him and it connects square in Breakker's mouth, bloodying it in the process! Hangman hooks both legs of Breakker and pins him - One! Two! Three!



Hangman Page's music hits and he raises his right arm in the air, celebrating with the fans in attendance. He goes to all four corners, playing to the fans and soaking in their adoration.

[ Pat McAfee ] So much for all that hype behind Bron Breakker meeting John Cena in the Body Count match, huh? For all that bark, he didn't SHOW UP with any of that dawg in him!

[ Excalibur ] Truly, when you're facing a competitor as strong as "Hangman" Adam Page, it's imperative that you SHOW UP and show out if you have any hope of winning!


Fade up.

We're immediately greeted with a shot of--

--the SGW Limitless Championship!?

The fans cheer, not knowing what to think at first. As the camera pans out, we see that the championship belt is resting in someone's back. Seconds later, we see Ruby Soho sitting next to the bag, taping her wrists. The fans cheer wildly. Without prompting, she looks up into the camera and begins speaking.

[ Ruby Soho ] Before you ask, no. I'm not coming back full-time and bringing the championship with me. I brought this strap back with me tonight for one reason--

She holds up one finger.

[ Ruby Soho ] --a reminder.

She finishes taping her wrist and stands up, picking up the championship and looking down at it.

[ Ruby Soho ] That's right... a reminder of what I did during my time in SGW. And what did I do? I knocked down barriers. I flipped off everyone who said I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do. I became the two-time SGW Limitless Champion. I beat men, grown men, in an environment where intergender competition wasn't just unwelcome but looked down upon.

She holds the championship up next to her face.

[ Ruby Soho ] I brought this with me so I don't forget why I'm fighting... I'm here to prove that I'm the best competitor in this company and I always have been. No labels, no bullshit. I'm not the best women's wrestler in SGW... fuck no. I'm the best wrestler, PERIOD... and I promise you, after my team wins tonight, I'm not chasing the women's championship. I'm inserting myself in the men's Body Count match... whether Syndicate Sports likes it or not.

She drops the title back in her bag and glares into the camera.

[ Ruby Soho ] Just try to stop me.


REFEREE - Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Despite Konami and Saki Kashima sharing the captain role, Jade Cargill pushes them aside to start the match on her own, drawing boos from the crowd. Ram Kaicho chooses to start for her team and meets Cargill in the center, giving us the ridiculous visual of Cargill looming over her like Andre the Giant.

[ Excalibur ] Ram Kaicho and Jade Cargill, two debuting competitors starting the match. You have to wonder if Ram Kaicho is considering the significant size difference as this match gets underway. Perhaps she should consider letting Rosemary or Sarah Logan start this one out!

[ Pat McAfee ] Well, you know what they say, Excalibur: dynamite comes in small packages! Jade Cargill looks like a million bucks, like she should be able to tear a little girl like Ram Kaicho to pieces but this is professional wrestling, brah. Ram Kaicho might be hidin' some o' that DAWG in 'er!

Paul Turner calls for the bell and Jade immediately pie faces Ram Kaicho to the mat! Ram sneers and gets back to her feet, receiving encouragement from Shotzi Blackheart in her corner. Ram storms back up to Jade and they tie up, resulting in Jade throwing Ram all the way back across the ring! Ram throws a fit, flips off Cargill, and tags in Su Yung! Jade backs into her corner and Tiffany Stratton makes the blind tag. Cargill looks annoyed but steps onto the apron regardless. Stratton looks on uneasily as Su Yung lurks about the ring. They tie up and Stratton takes over with a headlock. Su Yung backs her into the ropes and shoots her off. Stratton goes for a clothesline but Su Yung ducks it and hooks Stratton about the arms, planting her with a crucifix bomb! Su Yung rolls straight back to her feet as the impact sends Stratton over onto her knees. Su Yung lunges forward with a KNEE STRIKE to the face! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Pat McAfee ] Boom! Su Yung just put that face on disability!

[ Excalibur ] Su Yung has drawn first blood for Team Ram! We've already seen it exhibited multiple times tonight... when ten competitors are giving it their all, eliminations are going to happen suddenly and in explosive fashion!

The fans seem surprised by the quick elimination. Konami darts straight into the ring and nails Su Yung with a shotgun dropkick! Konami snatches her off the mat and throws her into the corner, peppering her with a series of chops and palm strikes! With Su Yung knocked loopy, Konami grabs her by the hair and throws her out into the center of the ring! Su Yung rises to one knee, vulnerable. Konami prepares to kick her head off but Rosemary hits the ring to make the save! She charges at Konami from behind, but Konami moves out of the way just as Su Yung launches the RED MIST! Rosemary gets it all! Saki Kashima hits the ring and dropkicks the blinded Rosemary, sending her out of the ring! Su Yung never sees the ROUNDHOUSE KICK from Konami coming and it sends her head into the third row! Konami falls on top of her! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Just moments ago, Su Yung was on top of the world with her elimination of Tiffany Stratton... now, she is the first victim of The Submission Sniper, Konami!

[ Pat McAfee ] I think she kicked her teeth into the third row!

Sarah Logan hits the ring and attacks Konami before she even gets off of Su Yung. Logan whips Konami into the ropes and nails her with a huge clothesline! Konami scrambles for her corner but Logan stays on her, dragging her back into her corner by the ankle. Logan puts the boots to Konami and then tags in Ram Kaicho. They nail Konami with a double suplex and then Logan steps back onto the apron. Ram takes over on Konami, snatching her off the mat and hitting her with a swinging neckbreaker before sitting up and flipping everyone off. She makes a point to step on Konami's throat and flip off her partners before mounting her and delivering a series of punches to the head and chest.

[ Excalibur ] As the captain of her team, Ram Kaicho is going out of her way to garner as much attention as possible. She's not just trying to win, she's trying to gain the favor of Syndicate Sports!

[ Pat McAfee ] She's a dawg, Excalibur!

Ram Kaicho tags in Shotzi Blackheart, who immediately climbs the ropes and flies... SENTON SPLASH-- NO! KONAMI MOVES! Shotzi Blackheart crashes and burns! Konami dives and tags in Lacey Evans! Lacey hits the ring and Shotzi staggers up to her feet and sees Lacey Evans coming! Shotzi meets her halfway with a telegraphed haymaker but Lacey Evans ducks it, then catches Shotzi on the turnaround with the WOMAN'S RIGHT! Shotzi goes down and Lacey covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!



[ Excalibur ] Shotzi Blackheart is gone, eliminated by the former contender to the SGW Women's World Championship. In case you forgot, she was the first-ever challenger to Christina Von Eerie at Holiday Hell in 2019!

Sarah Logan climbs back into the ring and immediately wipes out Lacey Evans with DOUBLE KNEES straight to the face! Shotzi rolls out of the ring as Sarah Logan pulls Lacey Evans back to her feet. She hoists her up... PILEDRIVER! Logan covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Pat McAfee ] Sarah Logan just broke that NECK!

[ Excalibur ] Lacey Evans has been eliminated! Sarah Logan has got to be a favorite to survive and move on to the Body Count match! From her stories rivalry with Hyper Misao on SGW SHOCK to her victory in the Barbie Blank Memorial Battle Royal, Sarah Logan's potential is undeniable!

Saki Kashima hits the ring and Sarah Logan meets her coming in with a clothesline-- NO! SAKI CATCHES HER WITH A FLASH PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Ram Kaicho charges into the ring, shrieking as she runs toward Kashima! ANOTHER FLASH PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Wait! Wait! What's happening! Sarah Logan and Ram Kaicho have both been eliminated! The CAPTAIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!


Before Saki can even celebrate, Ram Kaicho gets back to her feet and boots her hard in the side of the head! Ram throws Kashima through the ropes to the floor and immediately whips her into the steps! Paul Turner is shouting at Ram to stop but he still works toward counting Saki Kashima out! Ram charges and smashes Saki Kashima into the steps with a DOUBLE KNEE ATTACK, THEN PULLS SAKI TO HER FEET AND PLANTS HER WITH A SWINGING FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX! Saki Kashima lays on the floor, favoring her neck as Ram looms over her and flips everyone off! Konami jumps off the apron and goes after Ram Kaicho, but Ram takes off, escaping to the back as Paul Turner calls for the bell!


[ Excalibur ] Thanks to the diabolical Ram Kaicho, Saki Kashima has been eliminated by count out! What a ruthless assault!

[ Pat McAfee ] She was one of the co-captains for her team, right? That's real tough luck for Konami, huh? Who's winning this one, Excalibur?! Who's movin' on to the Body Count match!? I can't keep track!

Konami checks on her tag team partner as Paul Turner yells at her to get back in the ring. A couple EMTs rush out to check on Saki and Konami looks up toward the ring. Jade Cargill finally steps into the ring and assumes the role of legal participant as Rosemary struggles back into the ring, still blind from the red mist! She can see well enough to make out where Jade is standing and goes after her, only for Jade to wreck her with a VICIOUS PUMP KICK, then hoist her up for JADED! Jade covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!



Ram Kaicho is standing on the stage, trembling with rage after being unceremoniously eliminated. Jade Cargill steps out of the ring and approaches Konami and the fallen Saki Kashima on the floor.

[ Excalibur ] It looks like Jade Cargill is going to check on her partners--

[ Pat McAfee ] Don't be ridiculous, Excalibur. I think I know exactly what's about to happen!

Konami helps Kashima to her feet as Cargill reaches them. Cargill stares Konami down, then leans down to get right in her face, shouting "YOU'RE WELCOME, BITCH!" before pushing her aside and heading to the back. Cargill eyes Ram Kaicho as she walks past her and disappears through the curtain.

[ Excalibur ] Just like that, the bell rings and it's every woman for their self!

[ Pat McAfee ] Jade Cargill wants the big belt, Excalibur. She doesn't care about helping out Konami or Saki. The minute that match ended, all bets were off! I can't wait for the Body Count match, brah!

Konami walks Kashima to the foot of the ramp and stares up at the stage where Ram Kaicho is lurking. Konami and Kaicho stare each other down as we head to the back.

We head backstage where we see Cathy Kelley standing by with Tyler Breeze. They're standing in front of a door marked "Medical" in red writing. The fans have gone eerily silent upon seeing Breeze's grim demeanor. Cathy raises her microphone and begins speaking.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I'm standing by with the former LARIAT Underground World Champion, Tyler Breeze, who serves as an advisor to Jinny... Tyler, earlier tonight, Jinny was brutally assaulted by Nyla Rose at the behest of the SGW Women's World Champion, Alexa Bliss... do you have an update on Jinny's condition?

Breeze takes a deep breath.

[ Tyler Breeze ] Well, as you could see, she took a pretty nasty fall from about fifteen feet up. There's no way she should be competing tonight. There's untold damage to her neck, her back--

He looks genuinely concerned.

[ Tyler Breeze ] --she may even have a concussion on top of all that.

[ Cathy Kelley ] So, you're saying Jinny is definitely out of tonight's Body Count match--

Before she can finish her sentence, the door opens and Jinny appears, leaning on the doorframe for balance. Her face is pale and she's clearly worse for wear. Behind her, WALTER looms with an uncharacteristic look of concern on her face. She looks at Tyler Breeze with contempt and then cuts her eyes in Cathy's direction.

[ Jinny ] That miserable little bitch... will have t' kill me t' keep me out of that bloody match.

[ Tyler Breeze ] Jinny, I--

[ Jinny ] Shut it and come back inside before you spout anymore uninformed shit and make yourself appear even dumber than you already have.

Jinny's eyes narrow and Breeze simply nods and walks past her, disappearing inside the room. Jinny looks at Cathy and shakes her head, seething... trembling with pain or maybe even anger at the idea that she would give up so easily.

[ Jinny ] Fuck off.

Cathy swallows hard and nods before leaving. Jinny slams the door shut.


REFEREE - Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

“Action” Mike Jackson and Crazzy Steve start things off and the fans are deathly silent, having no real idea what to expect in one of the more random assorted matches here tonight.

[ Pat McAfee ] Bustin’ out my ol’ tinfoil hat over here, guys.. But yinz ain’t goin’ to convince me Sting and Syndicate Sports is holding this here show tonight as a tryout for the future of the SGW roster.

[ Excalibur ] But that’s EXACTLY why Body Count is being held, Pat.What makes you think otherwise?

[ Pat McAfee ] I’m not hating but Excalibur, my man, the combined age of the dudes Miro has on his team is like, a million. Mike Jackson, who I thought was a Young Buck, absolutely helped Noah load animals in the ark.

[ Excalibur ] The Young Bucks are Matt and Nick Jackson. You know this. You always have

The bell sounds and Mike Jackson grabs Steve’s arm and wrings it around, hops on the middle turnbuckle, then springs to the top rope and begins walking the rope effortlessly! The fans awe in amazement of a man his age so easily pulling off the stunt. Jackson dives off the top rope and turns it into an arm drag, sending Crazzy Steve sliding across the mat!

[ Pat McAfee ] LOOK AT THIS GUY, HUH?!

Mike Jackson hooks Steve in a headlock and goes to his corner and tags in Ricky Morton, who jumps over the top rope and takes over the headlock from Jackson. Steve backs Morton into the ropes and pushes him off, breaking the headlock. Morton comes off the ropes and Steve ducks down for a back body drop, but Morton dives over him - CANADIAN DESTROYER! One, two, three!


Ricky Morton raises his arms in the air but takes his eyes off the other corner, where Adam Cole charges in and hits a basement dropkick to Morton, sending him down to one knee - LAST SHOT! Morton slumps to the ground but Cole grabs Morton’s head and looks to the capacity crowd and screams, “IT’S TIME TO RICKY MORTON TO SUCK MY DICK!”

[ Pat McAfee ] Whoa now, is this a thing?

[ Excalibur ] He’s tried it a few times.

[ Pat McAfee ] Does.. Does anyone go through with it?

[ Excalibur ] Well, no..

Adam Cole gets to the middle turnbuckle and drops down on top of Ricky Morton, who just gets to his feet, PANAMA SUNRISE! Morton twitches as he lies on the mat and Adam Cole nonchalant covers him. One.. two.. Three!


Adam Cole tags in Malakai Black and Mike Action re-enters the ring for Team Miro. Jackson looks ready to go but Malakai Black sits crossed-legged in the middle of the ring, paying no attention to his opponent. Mike Jackson runs the ropes, moving back and forth around the brooding Black, but choosing not to make any contact with him. Jackson’s pleas of Black fighting him go rejected until Jackson bounces off the ropes one more time and is caught off guard as Black springs to his feet and levels the elder Jackson with BLACK MASS! Malakai Black puts his foot on Jackson’s chest - one.. Two.. three!


[ Pat McAfee ] Gonna’ have to get that guy a tryout for the Colts, Excalibur. With a lethal foot like that, he could do some damage puntin’ the ol’ football around!

As Mike Jackson leaves the ring, Ric Flair enters and bounces off the ropes, unleashing a loud “WOOOOOO!” from deep down in his chest. The fans follow behind, reciprocating with a loud “WOOOOOO!” of their own. Flair slaps his shoulders and does the Fargo Strut as Black looks on.

[ Excalibur ] The former SGW World Champion and Championship Committee member looks ready to go, but Pat, you have to worry about Ric Flair being in this match with all of his previous health issues.


[ Excalibur ] Pat, again, I said you have to worry about Ric Flair’s health here.


[ Excalibur ] Alright, sure. Excellent commentary there.

Triple H slaps Black on the back, tagging himself in. Triple H enters the ring and begins trying to talk some sense into Flair, encouraging him to tag someone else and remain on the corner. Flair shakes it off, not wanting to hear anything his longtime friend has to say.

[ Excalibur ] Triple H is known as The Game, but from what I can tell, this is a friend trying to look out for another friend and not some sort of mindgame.

Triple H escorts Flair back to his corner and encourages him to tag Kenny Omega, which he does. Omega comes in, kicks Triple H in the gut and hits a snap suplex! Omega immediately tags Flair back in and The Nature Boy grabs Triple H’s legs and stomps him in the gut! “It’s time to go.. To school!” Flair wraps his leg around Triple H’s right leg, but Triple H uses his left to shove Flair off of him. “I tried to help you, Ric!” Flair blasts Triple H with a knife-edge chop! Another! The WOOOs are loud after each one. Triple H is backed into a corner and Flair hits him with a potato of a right hand and goes back to chopping. Triple H sees and opening and grabs Flair, throwing him into the corner and begins planting boots to his gut. He then whips Flair as hard as he can into the opposite corner, causing Flair to flip head over heels in a disgusting landing! Triple H shakes his head, frustrated with what’s going on. Flair is gushing blood from his head.

[ Pat McAfee ] This sumbitch Flair bleeds just from simply living!

Triple H tells Flair he’s sorry, kicks him in the gut, PEDIGREE! One, two, three!


[ Excalibur ] It’s now four-on-two for Team Cole! Team Miro is in some trouble here.

Miro explodes through the ropes and drops Triple H down with a shoulder block. He goes to the corner and tags in Pentagon Jr. Pentagon enters the ring, tightens up his glove on his right hand and throws three fingers into the air while chanting “CERO!” He then shoves his hand into Miro’s face and screams “MERO!” Miro hits him with a side thrust kick to the gut and then a belly-to-belly. Pentagon gets up and Miro sends him into the ropes and connects with a BIG back body drop! Miro roars to the crowd’s approval. He stomps on Pentagon’s back and locks in Game Over! Miro rears back on Pentagon’s neck to the point it’s uncomfortable to watch. Miro finally yanks back and Rick Knox steps in and calls it, showing mercy for the helpless Pentagon!


Adam Cole steps into the ring and stares down the raging Miro and thinks better of it, quickly tagging in Malakai Black. Cole drops down to the floor and paces around and watches on.

[ Excalibur ] With how furious Miro looks right now, I do not blame the former SGW Champion for sitting this one out and letting some of this men do the dirty work.

[ Pat McAfee ] Uh, yeah. ZERO chance I’m gettin’ in there with that big ol’ behemoth!

Malakai Black spits black mist in the eyes of Miro, momentarily catching him off guard! BLACK MASS! Miro no sells it! He wipes the mist off of his face and slaps Malakai Black across the face! Judo throw! Side kick to the head! He picks Black up off of the mat and hoists him on his shoulders - Oklahoma Slam! Miro wastes no time and quickly forces Black’s arms around his knees and rears back on the Game Over! Malakai Black refuses to submit, which causes Miro to tighten his grip. Black manages to crawl a few feet towards the ropes, but Miro stops the momentum and rears back deeper in the hold. Malakai Black’s eyes roll in the back of his head and Rick Knox calls for the bell!


[ Excalibur ] The Redeemer is redeeming his team right now, and has quickly made this a tied ball game!

Triple H and Adam Cole begin arguing about who is next to go into the ring as Miro tags in Kenny Omega. Adam Cole decides to bite the bullet and enters. The two lock up and Cole shoots Omega to the ropes and knees him in the gut, flipping Omega over, crashing hard to the mat. Cole dropkicks Omega in the back of the head and quickly applies a headlock. Omega works his way to his feet and back drops Omega, breaking the headlock and quickly goes for a pin. Cole kicks out at two and pokes Omega in the eyes, halting his momentum. Cole scoops Omega up in a suplex and plants him down across his knee for a two count. Triple H tags himself in now that things have shifted towards his team and tells Cole, “I got this, kid.” Cole and Triple H begin arguing back and forth as Omega crawls to his corner and tags Miro in. Triple H shoves Cole but Cole is quick to pie-face Triple H!

[ Pat McAfee ] The two-time champ is reminding The Game of who’s in charge!

[ Excalibur ] It’s not the best of ideas, Pat. Miro is laying in wait, fresh, and ready to go!

Triple H swings at Cole but he drops off the apron and brushes him off. Triple H turns around and eats a huge Pump Kick, sending him backwards into the ropes! As Triple H’s momentum bounces him off the ropes, he walks right into the open arms of Miro for a big belly-to-belly! Triple H is back up, and he eats another big suplex! Triple H staggers to his feet again and Miro is waiting - big powerslam! Miro stands over Triple H and stomps on his back to loosen his arms - GAME OVER! Triple H taps immediately!


[ Excalibur ] Adam Cole is on an island by himself now!

Cole slides into the ring as Omega and Miro stand side-by-side. He shows no fear but knows the odds are against him, so he does the only thing he knows to do in this situation - fight. Cole super kicks Omega and kicks Miro low. Superkick on Miro! The big man staggers back into the corner and Cole puts the boots to him and then climbs to the middle turnbuckle and pummels him with repeated left and rights. He spins around on the turnbuckle and jumps off towards Omega, PANAMA SUNRISE! He covers Omega but Rick Knox refuses to count, informing Cole that Miro is the legal man. Cole turns around and eats a big clothesline! Miro drags him to his feet by his hair, but Cole refuses to yield, stomping on Miro’s foot and dropkicking him low. THE BOOM! The running knee floors Miro and Cole covers - one.. two.. No! So close! Omega rushes at him but Cole stops the attempt with a superkick! He is grabbed from behind by Miro, who carelessly slings him over his head with a big German Suplex! He grabs Cole and picks him up for a Fallaway Slam!

[ Pat McAfee ] Miro is friggin’ relentless, man!

[ Excalibur ] He absolutely smells blood. Adam Cole is refusing to go down easily.

Miro covers and gets another two count. Cole blocks a Roundhouse Kick and hits a Pump Kick of his own and goes for a suplex, but he can’t lift Miro in the air due to the wear and tear he’s endured in the last couple of minutes. Miro breaks free of the suplex attempt and hits a spinning heel kick and picks Cole up quickly. Spinning Side Slam! Miro quickly covers - One.. two.. three!



[ Excalibur ] Miro eliminated four of the five men on the opposite side of the ring! This has to be one of the most dominating performances here tonight when it’s all said and done!

[ Pat McAfee ] And ol’ Kenny Omega is gonna’ get a chance to get strapped up tonight thanks to riding Miro’s coattails.

[ Excalibur ] That’s actually a good point, Pat. Miro did most of the heavy lifting in this match, but now he and Kenny Omega, former teammates, have the same chance to become Triple Crown Champion later on tonight by virtue of surviving their match!

Miro and Kenny Omega celebrate in the ring as Adam Cole rolls out to the floor. The fans give him a loud round of applause, showing respect to the SGW legend for his valiant fight with the odds stacked against him. Tony Schiavone enters the ring and stands between Miro and Omega.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Miro, Kenny, you two survived and are moving on. How are you feeling?

[ Miro ] How do I feel? Tony Schiavone, do not let foolish things escape your lips. You know how I feel. The Redeemer did not finish the job at WrestleBrawl due to outside noise, but tonight, NOTHING stands in my way of becoming champion! Nothing will prevent me from carrying that Triple Crown Championship and presenting it to my god as a sacrifice! Not even you, Kenneth Omega...

Miro turns his attention to Kenny Omega. The fans give a loud “OoOooh!!” Omega looks at him with a confused glance and Miro immediately drops him with a STIFF roundhouse kick to the side of the head!

[ Pat McAfee ] They might have been teammates but they ain’t friends!

[ Excalibur ] Miro is looking to get an advantage for the Body Count match!


Miro looks down at Omega and the camera catches him yelling, “Thank you, Kenneth.. Now, The Redeemer must march on!” Miro stomps Omega in the back, throws his arms in the air in celebration, and exits the ring as Rick Knox slides in next to Tony Schiavone to check on Kenny Omega. Miro looks to be on the inside track to become the next SGW Triple Crown Champion later tonight!

We fade up backstage on a close-up shot of the SGW Women's Intercontinental Championship. As we pan out, we see it resting on the shoulder of Nia Jax. The fans cheer loudly. Jax moves her shoulder around a bit, wincing in pain due to the results of the relentless assault by Ronda Rousey earlier tonight. She huffs loudly... and then rolls her eyes as Cathy Kelley walks into the shot with a microphone in her hand.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Nia, is now a good time for a word?

Nia clenches her fist, wincing in pain again.

[ Nia Jax ] Cathy Kelley, you'll get your interview when I'm ready, not a minute before.

Cathy looks around, confused.

[ Cathy Kelley ] So... no?

[ Nia Jax ] Did I say no?! Get over here.

Cathy swallows hard and approaches. Nia Jax glares at her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] So, um... Nia, last month you defeated Kacy Catanzaro to become the new Women's Intercontinental Champion. Tonight, you fell just short of qualifying for the Body Count match when the referee stopped the match--

[ Nia Jax ] Let me stop you right there... that referee had no business stopping that match. I never tapped out. I wouldn't have tapped out, even if Ronda Rousey ripped my arm clean off... and she almost did just that. I'm not a quitter... I'm a fighter.

Nia Jax removes the championship from her shoulder and holds it up in Cathy's face.

[ Nia Jax ] More than that, I'm a fighting champion.

Jax turns and looks directly into the camera.

[ Nia Jax ] Ronda Rousey thinks she's tough, huh. She's not so tough and if tonight was the best she's got, well I got news for her... she's got a long way to go before she earns a shot at my championship.

[ Cathy Kelley ] What's next for you, then?

[ Nia Jax ] To prove I'm a fighting champion, I'm gonna defend this title against a couple of new girls I saw putting the ink to their contracts earlier tonight... Cora Jade and some little Chinese girl dressed up like a kitty cat.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Oh, um, that's Haruna Neko and she's Japanese, not Chin--

Nia's eyes narrow.

[ Nia Jax ] I hate kitty cats.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Fair enough.

Cathy turns to face the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Well, you heard it here first, everyone. Ronda Rousey must earn the right to face Nia Jax for the championship and while Rowdy Ronda works her way toward the top, Nia Jax will defend that championship against two brand new competitors at Holiday Hell.

Dramatic pause.

[ Cathy Kelley ] In their debut match.

Cathy blinks, thinking it over with a vacant look on her face.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Back to you, Pat and Excalibur!


REFEREE - Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Britt Baker leads her team in a charge across the ring! Doudrop immediately sandwiches Skye Blue between her body and the turnbuckles, causing her to collapse and roll to the floor! Dakota Kai and Britt Baker tie up, throwing hands like women possessed! Hazuki and Statlander trade chops and forearms! Leyla Hirsch and Tegan Nox tie up and fight to the mat before rolling to the floor! Ruby Soho pairs off with Abadon, showing ZERO fear as she takes it to the Living Dead Girl with a flurry of punches!

[ Excalibur ] Mike Chioda has lost control of this one right out of the gate! It appears that Britt Baker had a plan coming into this match and the magic word is BLITZKRIEG!

[ Pat McAfee ] You can't argue with a plan that works, brah!

Within moments, the brawl becomes so intense that only Tegan Nox and Leyla Hirsch are left in the ring! Tegan goes for a suplex but Leyla slips out and executes a go-behind... before planting Tegan with a vicious GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans boo as Leyla returns to her feet and gestures for Tegan to get up! Tegan slowly stands and Leyla clips her surgically repaired knee! Tegan goes down and Leyla tries to flip her over in a half crab! Tegan struggles against it as best she can! On the floor, we see Ruby Soho whip Abadon into the stairs and then roll under the bottom rope... SHOTGUN DROPKICK TO Leyla HIRSCH!

[ Excalibur ] Ruby Soho is showing off her experience already!

[ Pat McAfee ] She's got the will to win, man! She wants that big belt!

With Hirsch knocked loopy, Ruby Soho charges to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles before flying... AND TAKING OUT BRITT BAKER AND DAKOTA KAI ON THE FLOOR WITH A CROSS BODY! Tegan Nox recovers and sees Leyla Hirsch up on one knee! She runs... nailing her with the SHINIEST WIZARD! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Tegan Nox has drawn first blood!

Hirsch rolls out of the ring and Abadon crawls under the bottom rope, eyeing Nox! The fans are booing as Abadon sizes her up and advances on her! Nox is helpless to fight back as Abadon hooks her before she's even all the way up on her feet... CEMETERY DRIVE! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Ruby Soho and Dakota Kai work together to toss Britt Baker back into the ring, but before they can get her in there, Kris Statlander comes out of nowhere with a double clothesline! Statlander helps Baker to her feet and they begin putting the boots to Dakota and Soho. On the other side of the ring, Doudrop picks up Skye Blue and PLANTS HER with a bodyslam on the floor! With no further fanfare, she throws her under the bottom rope and follows her inside. Skye Blue struggles back to her feet but Abadon is waiting to nail her from behind. Doudrop lifts up Skye Blue and DRILLS HER WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER! The fans boo loudly as Doudrop covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Pat McAfee ] I don't see anybody stopping Doudrop, brah! She's a hoss! SHE'S A HOSS, MAN!

[ Excalibur ] She has the size advantage in this match, as well as the fact that she's an excellent technical wrestler. She can take someone out from every possible angle!

Abadon and Doudrop have the run of the ring! On the floor, we see Hazuki crawling toward the apron but Kris Statlander is already on her, nailing her in the back with a brutal forearm attack! Statlander rolls Hazuki inside just as Britt Baker joins the rest of her team. All four women put the boots to Hazuki and then Britt Baker produces her glove, puts it on, and ties Hazuki up with... LOCKJAW! The fans boo as Hazuki desperately taps out!


On the floor, we see Ruby Soho and Dakota Kai recovering and realizing that they're outnumbered two against four!

[ Excalibur ] I think the realization just set in... this is NOT good for Dakota Kai and Ruby Soho!

[ Pat McAfee ] It don't look good at all, Ex-cal, but these two girls ain't got no quit in'em! It's gonna get ugly as hell but they ain't goin' down unless they go down swingin'!

Dakota and Ruby both slide under the bottom rope and start throwing wild punches and kicks! Ruby Soho is immediately scooped and powerbombed by Doudrop! Ruby rolls to the apron and Dakota Kai is quickly overwhelmed by her four remaining opponents! Doudrop nails her from behind with a big forearm! She goes down all fours just in time for Britt Baker to come off the ropes with the CURB STOMP! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Four on one... this is not looking good for the two-time Limitless champion.

Britt Baker sits up with a huge smile on her face... just in time to catch a MISSILE DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE FACE FROM RUBY SOHO! Baker goes down with blood pouring out of a freshly broken nose! Baker rolls to the apron and Ruby Soho immediately superkicks Kris Statlander! She turns and HEADBUTTS Abadon! BAM! DOUDROP NAILS SOHO FROM BEHIND! Soho goes down to all fours and scrambles forward... but Doudrop catches her ankle and drags her into the center of the ring before pulling her straight up into a WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX! Ruby accordions on the landing. Statlander scoops Ruby off the mat and plants her head first with the BIG BANG THEORY! Ruby rolls back into a kneeling position and Abadon comes off the ropes with the CEMETERY DRIVE! Ruby rolls over and Doudrop comes off the ropes with a BIG LEG DROP! Doudrop rolls off of her and the injured, bleeding Britt Baker snags Ruby's arms, pulling her head back and clamping down with LOCKJAW! Ruby Soho is so far gone that she immediately passes out!



The fans boo loudly as Britt discards Soho and returns to her feet, immediately leaving the ring with blood covering the lower half of her face. Abadon crawls around on all fours as Doudrop and Statlander celebrate their victory.

[ Excalibur ] Four more women added to the mix to determine who will face Alexa Bliss at Holiday Hell. What a performance by Ruby Soho. It was shocking to see her return here tonight but not quite so shocking to see her go down swinging against insurmountable odds!

[ Pat McAfee ] Hopefully that's not the last we ever see of her.

[ Excalibur ] Either way, Britt Baker has led her team to victory and any one of these four women would be more than worthy of challenging Alexa Bliss in one month!



Wade Barrett.

The fans cheer loudly as he makes his way through the corridors backstage, ready for the main event title match. He comes to a stop in front of a dressing room door and doesn't even bother knocking. He walks straight in and comes face to face with... the SGW Triple Crown World Champion, John Cena! The fans explode as Cena stands up from his chair and snatches the championship belt from a nearby table before meeting Barrett face to face only a few steps from the door. They stare at each other silently, trembling with intensity. Finally, the silence is broken.

[ John Cena ] Wade.

[ Wade Barrett ] John.

Another moment of silence.

[ John Cena ] Ya' know, a more insecure champion might think you were bargin' in here to make a statement before the main event tonight... but I know that ain't the kinda' man you are, right?

Barrett breaks eye contact ever so slightly.

[ John Cena ] What can I do for ya', Wade?

Barrett meets Cena's gaze again.

[ Wade Barrett ] You're helluva' champion, John... and you've done bloody amazing things since you came back. You know I came 'ere with a goal in mind--

Cena's gaze falters and turns toward the title on his shoulder.

[ Wade Barrett ] --yeah, that's right.

Cena looks back up into Wade's eyes.

[ Wade Barrett ] I came 'ere t' tell you man to man... I'm gunnin' for you tonight... 'n I aim t' leave this arena as the new SGW Triple Crown World Champion.

Cena shows absolutely zero emotion.

[ John Cena ] Noted.

Barrett nods.

[ Wade Barrett ] I'll be seein' you around, John.

Barrett turns and walks out of the room. Cena looks down at the championship belt and then at the open doorway to his dressing room.

[ John Cena ] Not if I see you first.


REFEREE - Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Between the obvious and not-so-obvious rivalries and relationships delivering ample amounts of stress to the situation in the ring, there’s quite a bit of tension in the arena. CM Punk, in specific, is juggling two terribly defined relationships in his bitter rival, Dolph Ziggler, and his former best friend and now uncomfortable bedfellow, Colt Cabana.

[ Excalibur ] I’ve known these guys for a very, very long time, and to see the tension in the air here in Seattle is something completely off the grid for me, Pat. Colt Cabana is a long-time SGW stalwart and staff member, and for all intents and purposes, has been the bigger star in the scope of Solid Gold Wrestling when compared to CM Punk – who is likely the MUCH bigger star in the spectrum of the professional wrestling world.

[ Pat McAfee ] Ts’a’cahmplicated world we live in, X-CAL! Gunna see it all come to a head right here, dawg!

Former Vice President Keith Lee infers he’d like to start the match for his team, but Punk shoves him back, and points right at Cabana’s face with an index finger before looking across the ring at Rene Dupree. Punk mouths something low to Cabana and then steps from the ring, leaving him to start the match. Cabana rolls his eyes as he turns, popping his singlet straps and investigating Dupree, who is flexing across the – WHAM!

[ Excalibur ] WHAT?!

CM Punk leaps into the ring and plows through Cabana from behind, knocking him to the ground with a forearm and begins smashing him in the back of the skull with repeated blows, turning his former best friend over and screaming in his face before standing, stomping him in the throat and looking to Dupree, flipping him the bird, and leaving the ring.

[ Pat McAfee ] Y’know, nobody can say CM Punk ain’t a man of conviction! Even if this move is…admittedly stupid!

Dupree shrugs, drags Cabana to center-ring by the arm and covers! Easy three!


Before Dupree is even off the mat, Punk is already in the ring, rushing and connecting with a knee to the side of the Frenchman’s head! Dupree crumbles beneath Punk’s weight, and he begins clobbering Rene, taking a split second to stomp Cabana as Aubrey helps roll him to the apron. Punk pulls Dupree up by his hair, connects with a roundhouse kick and takes his arm, hammerlocking it, slipping under the free arm – LARIAT! Pepsi Twist DESTROYS Dupree and Punk covers for the three count! The score is evened!


Totally non-plussed with the goings-on, Punk stands, uses the butt of his boot to nudge Dupree from the ring, and calls across the ring:

[ CM Punk ] MDK! MDK! C’mon, meth addict, let’s go!

The Seattle fans cheer as Nick Gage needs to further instruction and rushes at Punk, hands outstretched and connecting in a stranglehold! Punk looks immediately regretful as Gage claws at his throat, then his eyes and pulling his hair! Gage is quick to pull Punk over by the throat, screaming inaudibly in his face before lifting him for a chokebreaker – but Punk swings his knee into Gage’s face! Nick Gage is dazed! Punk lifts Gage onto his shoulders and down – but not with the GTS – with the Pain Thriller! Nick Gage’s fallen brother Justice Pain’s finisher! Punk covers – what an ass! – ONE, TWO, THREE!


Before he can run wild any further, the Acclaimed are quickly into the ring and bum-rush CM Punk, dropping him with a double hiptoss and double dropkick! Bowens lifts and in soars Max – Hart Attack! Max covers – only a two count! Punk claws Caster in the eyes and boots away Bowens, quickly slapping the outstretched hand of Brian Cage! Cage leaps into the ring and double clotheslines the Acclaimed down! He flexes, tearing at nothing in the air, and refocuses – but here’s the Acclaimed! The duo double-clothesline Cage over the top rope and quickly rush to the floor, keeping a firm press on the enormous Swolverine!

[ Pat McAfee ] Well this ain’t good for Big B-RI CAGE!

Aubrey beckons a final time before starting her count – and reaching ten! ALL THREE MEN ARE COUNTED OUT! This is a bit strange since technically the Acclaimed cannot be legal simultaneously, but…y’know. Referee’s discretion and all.


Absolutely baffled with how his team has performed, Ziggler rolls his eyes and steps into the ring, where he comes face-to-face with the Former Vice President of the United States of America, Keith Lee!

[ Pat McAfee ] I coulda swore that guy died, X-Cal!

[ Excalibur ] Yeah, I don’t think that’s canon anymore. I’m still new here, all the lore is kind of jumbled in my mind.

[ Pat McAfee ] Right.

Punk is directing traffic, each man tagging in and out on his side to keep Ziggler punished and keep Team Punk fresh! CM Punk slaps Ziggler right across the face then tags out to Moxley, who bulldog chokes Dolph before kicking him in the ribs and tagging out to Keith Lee.

[ Excalibur ] Dolph Ziggler, the former Triple Crown Champion, is in a bad way here!

Ziggler is quick to strike back against the big man, dancing around Lee and struggling to avoid his power moves. Dolph is for the most part, successful, but Keith Lee does catch a diving Dolph on a flying cross body attempt and slam him to the mat with a vicious Big Bang Attack! ONE, TWO – NO! Dolph’s still in it!

[ Excalibur ] Ziggler has to fight!

Lee lifts Dolph, looking for a Spirit Bomb, but Ziggler slides off his back – SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! ZIG ZAG!! ZIG ZAG! Dolph covers – three count!


Punk is absolutely incensed, having stacked the deck against Dolph and now, seeing his numbers dwindle to 2-versus-1! Punk looks to his left to instruct Jon Moxley, but the Death Rider is already after it, tackling Ziggler to the mat and delivering stiff elbow blows and headbutts, staggering Ziggler and snarling the whole time!

[ Pat McAfee ] FURIOUS! Jahn Mahxley is a man possessed! The Death Ridah is doin’ it, DAWG!

Moxley lifts Ziggler with a double underhook from behind, planting him face-first into the mat! Mox steps away, looking on with rage as Ziggler struggles up – and off we go, Mox rushes in for a knee trembler, but Ziggler rolls left! Mox turns, shot to the face! Ziggler throws a superkick! RIGHT TO THE CHIN!

[ Excalibur ] Dolph has to keep fighting!


Dolph plants a left hand into Mox’s ear, then Mox responds with a cross, sending spittle flying from Ziggler’s mouth! Moxley throws another knee, aiming for the mid-section, but Ziggler moves – SUPERKICK! Another one – Mox catches the foot, swings out, looking for a lariat, Ziggler ducks, SCHOOL BOY! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

[ Pat McAfee ] NO WAY!!


Moxley sits up, eyes narrowed in fury from the brawl with Ziggler. The Death Rider cuts his expression from Aubrey Edwards over to Ziggler…and he begins laughing uproariously!

[ Excalibur ] WHAT?!

[ Pat McAfee ] Moxley’s a game-ah! Game appreciate game!

Moxley shakes his head and mouths something at Ziggler, who’s kneeling across the ring and breathing deeply before rolling out of the ring. Punk leaps from the apron and stomps over to Moxley and asks, “what the hell you’re thinkin’?!” Moxley blinks and points at the ring, then at Ziggler and continues trying to walk, but Punk steps into his way! Punk squints and points back at Ziggler, then jabs Moxley in the chest and keeps mouthing at his partner before very audibly saying “loser!” Punk turns to leave, flipping Ziggler off over Moxley’s shoulder! The fans in Seattle roar as Moxley laughs to himself again, then pulls Punk back towards the ring, rears back and socks Punk directly in the jaw with a stiff right hand!

[ Excalibur ] OH BOY!

[ Pat McAfee ] That Jon Moxley always doin’ some off-the-cuff stuff, brah! He got that scrap inn’em! Says “nuh-uh, Punker, you’re seein’ this one out!”

Punk looks absolutely bewildered as he grabs his jaw, but Moxley is quick to pepper him with another shot to the jaw! Mox cackles, then slings his former team captain into the ring post and then pointing at Ziggler, tosses him under the bottom rope and into the ring before dusting his hands off and walking out of the arena to a massive pop from the fans in Seattle. Punk, whose eyes are focusing on and off on something, likely due to the pain in his skull, turns to face Aubrey and then, looks across the ring at his rival Ziggler, who stifles a laugh and cracks his neck.


Ziggler uses all his strength to push off the mat, still glaring at Punk, who pulls himself up on Aubrey’s slacks, then shoves the official towards Ziggler! With Dolph doing his best not to strike Senior Official Edwards, CM Punk rushes in and lays into Ziggler with shot after shot, fist after fist, driving him into the corner of the ring! Aubrey admonishes Punk, warning him of a disqualification, but Punk brushes right by her, rushing across to the opposite corner and screaming at Ziggler across the ring before running over – FLYING KNEE! NO!


Aubrey counts – one! Two! Thr—NO! NO! CM Punk kicks out! Ziggler’s hands are instantly on his head, not believing this isn’t it! Ziggler pulls Punk off the mat by his head and throws a punch – connects! Punk is staggered and Ziggler connects with another shot!

[ Pat McAfee ] BIG SHOT!

Ziggler rears back – SUPERKICK! Punk takes it to the jaw and stumbles back into the ropes! Ziggler throws another superki—NO! Punk catches the foot, spins him out, onto the shoulders! GO! TO! SLEEEEEEP! Ziggler eats every bit of that knee and is wobbly-legged! Punk grabs Ziggler by the hair and screams in his face:


Punk thrusts Ziggler to his shoulders and walks forward – lifts him up – ZIGGLER SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT! ZIG ZAG!! Dolph covers, both legs hooked – ONE! TWO! THREE!



“Here to Show the World” blares over the speakers in the arena as the fans in Seattle absolutely come unglued. Ziggler rolls off Punk and pushes his hair out of his face, breathing deeply.

[ Excalibur ] This is absolutely unreal! Dolph Ziggler has overcome insane odds – and has won! Dolph Ziggler has survived CM Punk and is moving onto the Body Count main event!

[ Pat McAfee ] It’s no surprise! The former champ wants that big shiny belt back!

[ Excalibur ] You’re right, Pat! Dolph Ziggler’s got an opportunity to right his perceived wrongs and reclaim the championship he won in Mexico City! Dolph Ziggler can show the world right here tonight that reign, that victory, was no fluke!

Punk grits his teeth and rolls to his stomach, his head probably pounding. Ziggler looks across the ring at Punk and chuckles to himself before pulling himself out of the ring. Ziggler begins yelling inaudibly at Punk, who turns his head over, squinting due to the blows to the head, but eventually mouths a few choice swears back at Ziggler. Now on the stage, the victorious Dolph Ziggler shrugs and then winks at Punk before we fade from the scene.

Saki Kashima is seething.

Sitting backstage, Saki ices the back of her neck. Konami paces back and forth, rubbing her hands together anxiously. The fans cheer loudly upon seeing the Submission Sniper.

[ Konami ] < I knew that I would someday become SGW champion... but I did not assume that the opportunity would come so soon. >

Saki looks up Konami and sneers.

[ Saki Kashima ] < Hey, who cares! I got eliminated. Did you see that? That's not fair. If you advance, so should I. >

Konami ignores the disrespect.

[ Konami ] < You will have your opportunity soon enough. Once I win the championship, perhaps you will be my first defense. >

[ Saki Kashima ] < Fat chance. You will duck me because you know I'm the superior athlete. That's why you have teased me about this... mystery tag team partner. Who is it already? I took a beating for you tonight. I deserve to know! >

Konami smirks.

[ Konami ] < You can ask her for her identity yourself. She is here tonight to witness my victory and to meet you herself. >

Saki stands up, removing the ice pack from the back of her neck. Konami removes her cellphone from her bag and scrolls, finding the appropriate app. A familiar tune begin playing and Saki's eyes widen in terror.

[ Saki Kashima ] < You didn't-- no! Anyone but Syuri! >

Konami smirks and stops the song.

[ Konami ] < I am only kidding. I knew that would get a rise out of you. Actually-- >

There's a squeal from off-camera and Momo Kohgo sprints onto the scene, giving Saki Kashima a big hug. The fans cheer loudly. Saki pushes her off, looking repulsed.

[ Saki Kashima ] < This is even worse! >

Konami puts her arm around Momo's shoulders and smiles.

[ Konami ] < Soon, the Golden Joshi Squad will be anointed by gold! >

[ Momo Kohgo ] < Right! >

Momo salutes. Saki looks annoyed.

[ Saki Kashima ] < If you say so. >

We fade out on a shot of Konami's satisfied face.


A quick cut backstage and we see an irascible Stone Cold Steve Austin storming through a corridor of the Climate Pledge Arena, swearing the entire way. Behind him, Hook very lazily follows, certainly trying to conserve his energy but also likely damaged following the encounter with –

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] OH OH-GO-GO! Where are ‘ya, you tea and crumpet sunnavabitch?!

Austin kicks a door open to reveal a candlelit room. In the center of the moody space is SGW Road Agent Gangrel, seated at fully dressed gothic Thanksgiving table. He drinks from a goblet of viscous red fluid and grins, the crimson liquid dripping off his fangs.

[ Gangrel ] I’m thankful for you joining me, Steve. Please, have some…

Gangrel licks his lips.

[ Gangrel ] …turkey!

Gangrel waves his hand across the table’s full spread as Austin wobbles, definitely still concussed. Austin shakes his head, doing his best to clear the cobwebs, and takes the turkey platter, hucking it across the room into the wall. Stone Cold turns and storms out the door, past a now caught-up Hook. Gangrel snickers.

[ Gangrel ] Cool.

Austin, walking crookedly, bounces slightly off a wall and continues forwards. From behind him, a crew of medical workers rushes over, doing their best to stop him

[ Older Doctor ] Mr. Austin, please, you’re not fully healthy, we need to administer a few more tests!

Austin keeps walking, but cuts his head back for a moment.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] If you don’t shut the hell up, I’m gonna administer an entire case of whoop ass on you and your stupid little tests!

The older doctor sells this remark like a gunshot but the rest of the group follows Austin, Hook behind them.

[ Mustache doctor ] Mr. Austin, you’re concussed! Anthony Ogogo is a golden gloves boxer and he knocked you completely unconscious! You have got to go to the hospital!

Austin turns, taking the mustachioed doctor and throws him through a door in the hallway, poking his head into the room.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] I’m lookin’ for a OH-GO-GO! Anybody here, you London Bridge bastard?!

The doctors pull Austin from the doorway, and Stone Cold finally unleashes a little concussion-fueled hell on the medical professionals, punching one, throwing another through a confusingly placed table of sandwiches, and hurling the final one down the hallway. Hook looks at the displaced sandwiches, shakes his head in disgust and follows Austin, who kicks open a third door.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] You beady-eyed sunnavabitch!

Austin charges into the room, snarling and spewing venom – the camera follows to reveal –

[ QT Marshall ] STEVE! STEVE! NOO!

Austin LEATHERS Marshall with a right hand – AND ANOTHER! – A THIRD! – RAPID-FIRE FISTS! As you would imagine, Austin is talking trash the entire time he wallops Marshall but is also wobbly throughout. With Marshall down on the ground, Austin begins stomping a mudhole in Ogogo’s chest and walking it dry! Hook approaches, placing a firm hand on his mentor and turning him, trying to stop the onslaught – but Stone Cold sees something, squints and then opens his eyes wide.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] About time, you Lennox Lewis sumbitch!

Austin charges across the room – RIGHT AT ANTHONY OGOGO! The two tie up with punches, Hook pulling Austin back, but they’re quickly joined by a massive host of SGW security and Seattle police! Austin is pulled away and Ogogo is drawn over, closer to Marshall as the scene becomes far too chaotic and we cut away.

REFEREES - All | TIME LIMIT - No Time Limit

The match begins with all ten women already in the ring. Jinny is posted up in the corner, using the top rope to steady herself. Britt Baker's nose is taped up with noticeable bruising around her eyes. Aubrey Edwards is in the ring, acting as the primary official while Rick Knox, Paul Turner, and Mike Chioda surround the ring to keep an eye the rest of the action.

[ Pat McAfee ] It's time, Excalibrah! Time for the bodies to hit the floor!

[ Excalibur ] Excalibrah?! That will never ever be a thing, ever-- nevermind. Since Alexa Bliss was defeated earlier in the night, a loss that resulted in a hefty fine, this match will determine the number one contender who will challenge The Golden Goddess at Holiday Hell!

Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell and Jade Cargill immediately charges and nails Abadon with a PUMP KICK! Abadon tumbles to the floor! Konami goes straight after Ronda Rousey and they begin trading blows in the corner! Jamie Hayter rushes Jinny in the corner and nails her with corner avalanche! Jinny falls into a seated position and Hayter begins putting the boots to her! Shayna Baszler goes after Britt Baker and dumps her to the floor, then follows her to the outside. Doudrop and Statlander trade blows until Doudrop takes over with a knee lift and plants the alien with a sickening POWERBOMB!

[ Excalibur ] The action is getting off to a hot and heavy start!

[ Pat McAfee ] The alliances forged in the qualifying matches don't mean nothin', Excalibur! Friends and foes alike are goin' at it! Hey, wait-- does that mean I gotta fight John Cena next!? Oh mannnnnn!

Cargill turns her attention to Jinny, helping Jamie Hayter put the boots to her. Eventually, they pull Jinny out of the corner and go for a double suplex but Jinny blocks it and thumbs Cargill in the eye! Cargill staggers out and gets nailed out of nowhere by a vicious clothesline from Doudrop! Jinny snatches Hayter's wrist and goes for the ACID RAINMAKER but Hayter ducks it and catches Jinny on the turnaround with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Jinny goes down and Hayter covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! JINNY KICKS OUT! Abadon slides back into the ring and nails Hayter from behind. Hayter falls through the ropes to the floor and Abadon turns around into a running boot from BRITT BAKER! Abadon lands hard on the mat and rolls over onto all fours just in time for Shayna Baszler to smash her face in with a RUNNING PUNT! Britt Baker shoves Baszler out of the ring and hits the ropes... CURB STOMP ON ABADON! Baker covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Britt Baker just registered the first elimination, neutralizing the monster known only as Abadon!

[ Pat McAfee ] That is NOT who I woulda' pegged for the first elimination!

Kris Statlander struggles back to her feet and nails Baker with a DOUBLE KNEE attack! Baker falls forward into the middle turnbuckle and Doudrop charges in, hitting her with a CANNONBALL SENTON! Doudrop drags Baker out of the corner and hits the ropes... BIG SPLASH! She covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- BAKER KICKS OUT! Statlander immediately boots Doudrop in the side of the head before Ronda Rousey Irish whips Konami into Statlander! Statlander tumbles to the floor! Rousey is grabbed by the ankle by Jade Cargill and dragged out to the floor. Statlander boots Konami in the stomach and pulls her in to set up the BIG BANG THEORY but Konami escapes, snatches Statlander's arm, and rolls her over into the TRIANGLE LANCER! Statlander immediately taps out!


[ Excalibur ] The Galaxy's Greatest Alien is gone! Just like that!

[ Pat McAfee ] The eliminations are comin' quick 'n dirty, Excalibur! I like it!

Doudrop returns to her feet and sets her sights on Shayna Baszler. They fight in the corner until Jinny rejoins the action, grabbing Doudrop by two handfuls of hair and pulling her away from Baszler. Baszler peppers Doudrop's mid-section as Jinny has control of her. Doudrop throws an elbow back and catches Jinny off guard, then turns and boots Baszler in the stomach. She scoops Baszler and PLANTS HER with a Michinoku Driver! Jinny rushes forward and pushes Doudrop out of the ring, then covers Baszler! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] The Fashionista just made excellent use of her opportunistic tendencies, taking advantage of the damage inflicted by Doudrop!

Jinny gets up to both knees and Konami buzzsaw kicks her in the back of the head! Jinny falls forward and rolls to the apron as Konami desperately tries to catch her before she escapes. Jade Cargill and Ronda Rousey tee off on each other with big right hands before Ronda takes over with an uppercut and tosses Cargill under the bottom rope. Ronda follows her in and stalks her, waiting on her to get up. As Cargill stands, Konami joins the confrontation! Konami and Ronda kick away at Cargill, cutting her down to size before Cargill comes alive and BICYCLE KICKS Konami! Konami goes down! Ronda lunges forward and snatches up Cargill, hoisting her onto her shoulders! PIPER'S PIT! Ronda immediately rolls over and locks Cargill in the ANKLE LOCK! Rousey grapevines the hold and Jade Cargill has no choice but to tap out!


[ Pat McAfee ] What!? NO!

[ Excalibur ] Jade Cargill, as impressive as she is, is no match for the experience of "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey!

Jamie Hayter slides back into the ring and immediately clotheslines Ronda in the back, sending her sprawling face first onto the mat. Hayter pulls Ronda back up to her feet and plants her with a T-BONE SUPLEX! The impact sends Ronda rolling back to her feet. Ronda charges and goes for a clothesline-- NO! Hayter catches Ronda's arm and hooks her... HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER! Hayter sits up with a big smile on her face, then pulls Ronda back up again. She goes for a POWERBOMB but Ronda begins hammer fisting Hayter on top of the head then locks her legs around her neck! Hayter drops Ronda down hard but Ronda hangs on, transitioning into a TRIANGLE CHOKE! Hayter struggles and reaches for the ropes... but Ronda locks in the hold even tighter and Hayter taps out!


[ Excalibur ] That's two in a row for Ronda Rousey!

[ Pat McAfee ] She wants that title, Excalibur! She's lookin' to earn that one-on-one opportunity!

Ronda gets back to her feet and sets her sights on Konami. Konami slowly gets back to her feet and Ronda moves in on her-- NO! Britt Baker comes out of nowhere with a SUPERKICK! Ronda staggers out and immediately gets wiped out by a RUNNING AVALANCE FROM DOUDROP! Ronda rolls to the floor! Doudrop charges and takes down Konami with a big clothesline! BAM! SUPERKICK FROM BRITT TO DOUDROP! Britt smiles and pulls Doudrop back up to her feet then delivers a humiliating open hand slap! Doudrop fires up and grabs Britt's head with both hands, ragdolling her across the ring with ease! Ronda Rousey rolls back into the ring and whips Doudrop around, nailing her with a big right hand! Doudrop staggers out and Jinny comes out of nowhere to nail her with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! As soon as Jinny lands flat on her back, Ronda snatches her up by the hair and lifts her up... PIPER'S PIT!

[ Pat McAfee ] Jinny just can't catch a break, brah!

Jinny rolls to the apron and Ronda stalks Doudrop for a moment before finally just snatching her wrist and locking in a devastating ARM BAR! Doudrop immediately taps out!


[ Excalibur ] Doudrop has been eliminated! You can't deny what a force she's been during this match!

[ Pat McAfee ] I wouldn't have been surprised if she won the whole thing!

Ronda sits up, looking satisfied. She turns around and-- wait, what!? Britt Baker tosses Ronda Rousey a chair! Ronda catches it and Britt SUPERKICKS IT into her face! Ronda falls forward with the chair beneath her head and Britt bounces off the ropes... CURB STOMP ONTO THE CHAIR! Britt covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!



[ Excalibur ] Britt Baker is the first woman to take advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation during this, the first-ever Body Count match! It comes at the expense of Ronda Rousey!

Britt seems overly satisfied with herself as she returns to her feet and turns right around into a ROUNDHOUSE KICK FROM KONAMI! Baker spins out and Konami nails her with a boot to the stomach and plants her with a DDT! The impact sends Britt back up to her knees just as Konami runs and kicks off the middle rope, nailing Britt right in the face with a FLOATING ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Britt immediately falls flat on her back, covering her broken nose with both hands! Konami covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! BRITT ROLLS HER SHOULDER OFF THE MAT-- NO! KONAMI SNATCHES THE ARM AND ROLLS HER OVER INTO THE TRIANGLE LANCER! With blood pouring from her broken nose, Britt Baker taps out frantically!


[ Excalibur ] Just like that, Britt Baker is gone!

[ Pat McAfee ] She's gotta get that nose checked out, Excalibur. All respect to the good doctor but she probably shouldn't have been out here with that injury... but hey, that's on her and her drive to become champion, dawg!

[ Excalibur ] Either way, we're down to the final two... it's the Fashionista versus the Submission Sniper!

Konami returns to her feet and Britt Baker rolls to the floor. Jinny returns to her feet and kneels in the corner, keeping her eyes on Konami. Jinny and Konami then circle each other and then tie up. They struggle over the lock-up until Jinny takes over with a knee lift and goes to the eyes, causing Konami to turn around. Jinny advances on her but Konami is aware enough to hit Jinny with a spin kick to the mid-section, then turn and grab Jinny by the hair before BLASTING HER with a devastating shoot kick straight to the face! Jinny staggers out and Konami charges, nailing Jinny with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Jinny ragdolls into the corner and falls into a seated position. Konami runs a semi-circle around the ring and charges into the corner... BASEMENT CROSSBODY!

[ Excalibur ] Jinny has GOT to regain control or this won't last much longer!

[ Pat McAfee ] Konami is LASER FOCUSED on that big win!

Konami pulls Jinny out of the corner and picks her up... driving her straight into the mat with a FALCON ARROW! Konami covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! RAM KAICHO PULLED AUBREY EDWARDS OUT OF THE RING! The fans erupt in boos as Aubrey begins shouting down at Kaicho, ordering her to return to the back!

[ Excalibur ] Ram Kaicho is here, dishing out a receipt for her unceremonious elimination earlier tonight!

Saki Kashima and Momo Kohgo both emerge from the back to a big pop and chase Ram Kaicho around the ring! Ram jumps the rail and escapes through the crowd as the Golden Joshi Squad follows!

[ Pat McAfee ] Look at 'er go, Excalibur! Ram is on the RUN, baby!

Frustrated, Konami watches as her partners chase off Ram Kaicho-- BAM! Jinny nails Konami in the back with the discarded chair from earlier! Konami staggers forward and falls to her knees! Jinny tosses the chair aside and pulls Konami back to her feet... THEN NAILS HER WITH THE ACID RAINMAKER! Jinny covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! KONAMI KICKS OUT! KONAMI KICKS OUT! Jinny can't believe it!


[ Pat McAfee ] I saw it, brah! I just don't know if I believe it!

Raging out, Jinny snatches Konami off the mat by a handful of hair and pulls her in for the STYLE CLASH-- NO! KONAMI SLIPS OUT! FLASH PIN! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! JINNY KICKS OUT! Both women roll back to their feet and Konami goes for a ROUNDHOUSE KICK! NO! Jinny ducks it and boots Konami in the stomach... STYLE CLASH! Jinny rolls Konami over into a pinning predicament but then pushes her out into a kneeling position. Jinny rolls back to her feet and nails Konami right in the jaw with a BICYCLE KNEE, then catches her wrist before she can fall back... ACID RAINMAKER! KONAMI TURNS INSIDE OUT! Jinny covers, hooking both legs and cradling the head! ONE! TWO! THREE!

JINNY via PINFALL in 29:21


The fans erupt as Jinny rolls off of Konami and lays flat on her back next to her. Konami covers her face with both of her hands, chest heaving up and down with heavy breaths.

[ Excalibur ] Jinny has done it. Jinny has won the first-ever Body Count match!

[ Pat McAfee ] Major props to Konami, brah. She might have won this thing if it wasn't for Ram Kaicho! That's the name o' the game, though. No disqualification, no rules... Jinny took advantage of that and pulled out the win.

Aubrey Edwards helps Jinny to her feet and raises her arm in victory. The fan are cheering loudly. Konamu struggles back to her feet and eyes Jinny from across the ring. Konami approaches and looks Jinny in the eye. Konami mutters something in Japanese and Jinny nods before offering her hand. Konami and Jinny shake hands to another big pop.

[ Excalibur ] I don't know if it's the table she crashed through earlier tonight or what, but Jinny is showing Konami the respect she deserves after that stellar performance.

Konami bows and exits the ring, leaving the spotlight to Jinny.

[ Excalibur ] Jinny has earned a one-on-one opportunity in one month's time.

[ Pat McAfee ] She's one of the most influential SGW Women's World champions of all-time. You know she's chompin' at the bit to get her hands on reign number two.

Seconds later, the cheers turn to boos as Alexa Bliss and Nyla Rose step out onto the stage. Alexa has switched into street clothes and has the championship belt resting on her shoulder. She sneers down the ramp at Jinny and security floods out from the back, standing in front of them and preventing them from approaching the ring. Jinny scowls and remains in the ring. Her eyes never leave the champion.

[ Excalibur ] Good on security for getting involved as quickly as they did.

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, we don't need a repeat of what happened earlier.

[ Excalibur ] The match is booked. Jinny earned her title shot! There's no need for this!

Alexa holds up the championship with an arrogant look as Jinny glares at her from the ring. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, genuinely wondering what's going to happen when these two meet one-on-one.

[ Excalibur ] The SGW women's division has been built on the shoulders of these two women. Which one will walk away as the champion at Holiday Hell? Which one will cement their legacy as the best of all-time!?


We fade out on a shot of Jinny's scowling face.

A dilapidated mobile home.

Several cars are parked out front, all of which look to be worth more in value than the home. A strand of half-working Christmas lights flicker above the door on the front porch.

Inside, we hear the show blasting from the television and see all members of the Wingmen seated around the kitchen table, deep in a game of poker.

[ Peter Avalon ] JD, I appreciate you letting us use your house as the temporary location for Wingmen’s.

[ JD Drake ] Of course. It ain’t no mansion, but it fits my needs. A house truly is a home when it’s filled with friendship.

Cezar Bononi scoffs at Drake’s humility.

[ Cezar Bononi ] No need for the humble words, friend. Look at this place! It’s the nicest home I have ever been in! In Brazil, you would be considered the wealthiest man!

Ryan’s jaw drops. There’s no disguising his shock.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] Seriously?

Nemeth stands up and points to a bedsheet covering where a window once was.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] It’s freezing outside and there’s a bedsheet with a hole in it covering this window!

Drake nods, knowing exactly what it’s there for.

[ JD Drake ] The hole is to let the sunlight in.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] That is.. Certainly an idea you had.. And followed through with.

Nemeth collapses back into his chair and presses his hands against his face, huffing in frustration.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] It’s taking forever to rebuild Wingmen’s. We had it all, guys. We lived like kings. And now, look at us, one puff of high wind away from being blown all the way to friggin’ Oz in this trailer!

[ JD Drake ] Dibs on bein’ the Tin Man!

[ Peter Avalon ] Oh, so I guess this makes me Dorothy, huh?

[ Ryan Nemeth ] ..Why would you automatically assume that?

[ Peter Avalon ] Well, I..

[ Ryan Nemeth ] I mean, you’re absolutely right. You’re petite and do own glittery red shoes.

Avalon looks betrayed and throws an index finger in Nemeth’s direction.


Avalon turns his attention to the show on the television, doing his best to immediately change the subject away from him.

[ Peter Avalon ] I don’t know who’s going to win Body Count, but I hope it’s not Ziggler.

[ Cezar Bononi ] Agreed.

JD Drake pats Ryan on the back and looks apologetic.

[ JD Drake ] I’m sorry, buddy, but I’m with ‘em. Anyone but Ziggler.

Drake shakes his head.

[ JD Drake ] Or the pizza guy.

Drake crushes a can of Pepsi in his hand at the thought of Luigi Primo becoming SGW Triple Crown Champion.

[ JD Drake ] Outlaw piece of shit.

[ Peter Avalon ] Besides, we know who the true top Nemeth is in the world, and he’s right here with us! Isn’t that correct, Ryan?

Sulking, looking completely indifferent as the show unfolds in front of him, he shrugs.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] Whatever.

The scene fades. We quickly cut back to ringside for our next Body Count match.

REFEREES - All | TIME LIMIT - No Time Limit

Inside the ring, Mike Chioda holds up the SGW Triple Crown World Championship before handing it off to Paul Turner at ringside. Turner places the belt on the timekeeper's table. John Cena eyes Paul Turner as he sets the title down and then offers him a respectful salute before turning his gaze back to other 17 men in the ring. Chioda calls for the bell to begin the match!

[ Excalibur ] It's time for one of the eighteen men to decide the fate of the SGW Triple Crown World Championship! Can John Cena leave with his championship or will he be added to the body count at the end of the night like everyone else?!

As soon as the bell rings, R-Truth charges at the Young Bucks! They duck a double clothesline attempt! R-Truth turns around-- DOUBLE SUPERKICK! R-Truth turns inside out and lands on his head! The Bucks both cover him! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Samoa Joe corners Gregory Helms and begins demolishing him with chops and forearms! Helms falls into a seated position and Joe begins kicking away at his face before delivering a humiliating and painful face wash! Kenny Omega goes after Miro, pissed after what happened following their qualifying match! Omega and Miro trade blows! Kurt Angle can be seen coaching Gable and Otis in the corner, sending them both after Bray Wyatt! They tackle Wyatt in the corner and begin pummeling him, putting the boots straight to him before they double Irish whip him toward Angle who throws him clean over his head with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Wyatt lands hard the Alpha Academy is on him again immediately, stomping away before Angle and Gable stretch him out... leaving him prone to a CATERPILLAR SPLASH FROM OTIS! The fans boo loudly!

[ Excalibur ] Alpha Academy is running the table on Bray Wyatt! If they continue working together like this, you could make a great case for one of them to become our new champion tonight! Wait, hold on! What's HE doing--

Dolph Ziggler charges across the ring and catches John Cena in the chin with a SUPERKICK! Cena tumbles through the ropes and lands in a standing position against the rail... just in time for Dolph Ziggler to crash into him with a high speed SUICIDE DIVE! Ziggler springs back to his feet and pumps his fists, screaming and red in the face! He grabs Cena by either side of his head and tosses him head and shoulders first into the ring steps before charging... and delivering DOUBLE KNEES STRAIGHT TO CENA'S FACE! The fans are booing loudly as Dolph Ziggler takes out his aggression on Cena. Cena appears visibly loopy.

[ Excalibur ] John Cena has just taken a significant amount of damage within the span of about thirty seconds! Dolph Ziggler is out to prove he truly was robbed at WrestleBrawl IV and, I mean... he really was, thanks to CM Punk-- but John Cena had nothing to do with that!

Wade Barrett and Hangman Page trade vicious forearms in the middle of the ring until Bushwhacker Luke breaks up the fight by grabbing Hangman by his hair and pulling his head back so that he can lick him across the face! Hangman Page throws a back elbow and nails Luke in the eye, sending him staggering backward. Hangman attempts to focus on Luke but Barrett whips him around and nails him with a huge right hand! Hangman staggers out but before Barrett can capitalize, he and Hangman are BOTH knocked down by STEREO SUPERKICKS from the Young Bucks! The fans erupt in boos as the Bucks pose over the fallen brawlers!

[ Excalibur ] It's astonishing how the Young Bucks returned to Solid Gold Wrestling for tag team glory... yet have somehow gotten TWO shots the Triple Crown! They're the ultimate spoilers, disrupting that stellar contest of strikes between Wade Barrett and Adam Page!

Hook and Pat McAfee struggle in a lock-up in the corner until McAfee uses his significant size advantage to shove Hook off. Hook staggers out and McAfee charges, taking Hook down with a shoulder tackle! McAfee celebrates like he just won the whole thing and then goes to the top rope. With a huge smile on his face, he flies... MOONSAULT-- NO! HOOK MOVES! McAFEE CRASHES AND BURNS-- NO! McAFEE LANDED ON HIS FEET! Wait! He doesn't realize Hook is standing right behind him as he celebrates his spectacular gymnastic feat! REDRUM ON McAFEE! HOOK PULLS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT! McAFEE TAPS OUT!


[ Excalibur ] Oh my, I'm sorry, Pat. You should've seen that one coming, honestly.

Samoa Joe pulls Gregory Helms out of the corner and whips him into the ropes. Helms leaps onto the second rope and flies back toward Joe with a crossbody attempt-- but Joe just casually walks away, leaving Helms to crash and burn to a huge pop! As soon as Helms returns to his feet, Joe charges and takes him down with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Helms goes down in a heap! Joe gets up and pulls Helms up to his feet. Helms fights back, peppering Joe's mid-section with rights and lefts before Joe shoots him off. Helms hits the ropes and comes back... ST-JOE! Helms lands all on his head and neck! Joe hoists him up off the mat and runs him into the corner, setting him on the top rope. He walks him out... MUSCLE BUSTERRRRRRRRRRR! Joe covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Samoa Joe might be putting in the performance of a lifetime tonight! He's never looked better than he does right now!

Miro sidesteps a superkick from Kenny Omega and then meets Omega with a SHUFFLING SIDE KICK! Omega staggers back into the ropes where he's met on either side by the Young Bucks! The Elite look at each other and nod, then charge at Miro! Miro immediately slaps down Nick Jackson but Omega and Matt Jackson maul him with forearms and knees, beating him down to all fours! Omega grabs Miro's wrists... V-TRIGGER! A SECOND V-TRIGGER! A THIRD! Then Nick Jackson returns to the scene! Nick and Matt grab Miro's wrists... BTE-TRIGGER! A SECOND! A THIRD! A FOURTH! MIRO'S HEAD IS PASTE! They let go and Miro falls flat on his face before rolling to the apron! They desperately try to catch him but he's rolls straight to the floor!

[ Excalibur ] There's no way Miro doesn't have a concussion right now! That certainly would have been the end of his involvement in this match if he didn't have such incredible ring presence!

Bray Wyatt has come alive and obliterated Otis with Sister Abigail. However, he's left himself open to a series of GERMAN SUPLEXES from Kurt Angle! Angle ragdolls Wyatt with at least a dozen suplexes before going to the top rope. The fans are visibly uncomfortable and begging Angle not to do it... but he does! SHITTY MOONSAULT! BRAY WYATT MOVES! There's no water in the swimming pool! Wyatt snatches up Angle... SISTER ABIGAIL! But as soon as Wyatt lands with the move, Gable snatches him around the waist... CHAOS THEORY! HE BRIDGES IT ON THE LANDING! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans boo loudly as Gable sits up and gives himself a round of applause! Back on the floor, Ziggler storms over to the timekeeper table and steals the ring bell! The fans boo loudly as Ziggler points at Cena, who is standing on spaghetti legs and using the commentary table to stand. Ziggler charges... AND NAILS CENA WITH THE BELL, SENDING HIM CRASHING OVER THE TABLE AND INTO EXCALIBUR'S LAP! Ziggler tosses the bell and stares at the bloodied Cena with a satisfied look of disdain!

[ Excalibur ] Good lord, John Cena is a mess! He's a bloody mess thanks to Dolph Ziggler! This is just uncalled for. Someone get some help for John Cena!

Dolph Ziggler tosses the bell and slides under the bottom rope. He sees Otis staggering back up to his feet following his encounter with Bray Wyatt. Wasting no time, Ziggler charges... ZIG-ZAG ON OTIS! He covers and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Otis is gone! The Alpha Academy just took their first hit, courtesy of Dolph Ziggler!

Ziggler turns around... and immediately gets blitzed by a BUCKSHOT LARIAT FROM HANGMAN PAGE! Page covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- ZIGGLER BARELY KICKS OUT! Hangman Page looks furious! He pulls Ziggler up to his feet and nails him with a big forearm! Ziggler appears out on his feet! Hangman nails him with a second big forearm and then goes back out to the apron. He flips and flies... A SECOND BUCKSHOT LARIAT-- NO! KENNY OMEGA COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A MID-AIR V-TRIGGER! Hangman sells straight back up to his feet where he's nailed with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK FROM THE YOUNG BUCKS! Page falls through the ropes to the floor!

[ Excalibur ] The Elite are on a TEAR!

Omega and the Bucks pose and then turn around right into-- WADE BARRETT USING BUSHWHACKER LUKE AS A BATTERING RAM! He takes out Nick Jackson, then tosses Luke aside! He boots Matt Jackson in the side of the head! Omega flies toward him... V-TRIGGER! Barrett staggers out but Omega catches him and boots him in the stomach. He hoists him up... ONE WINGED ANGEL-- NO! BARRETT SLIPS OUT BEHIND HIM! Omega turns around... BULL HAMMER! Omega does a whole back flip and lands on his head and neck! Barrett covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Kenny the Cleaner is gone just like that! Anything can happen in the Body Count match!

The Young Bucks are recovering on the floor and look shocked that Omega has been eliminated! They prepare to slide back into the but... they're blitzed by Shawn Spears and Preston Vance! The Imperfect 10s are putting the beatdown on both Young Bucks on the floor! Preston Vance hoists up Nick Jackson and POWERBOMBS HIM onto the apron! The fans are going nuts as Spears picks up Matt Jackson for a piledriver! Vance climbs onto the apron and they deliver a SPIKE PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR!

[ Excalibur ] The Imperfect 10s are handing out receipts for what happened earlier tonight!

Spears throws the completely lifeless Matt Jackson back into the ring where Bushwhacker Luke is waiting! He covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] Did... did that just happen!?

Shawn Spears pulls a table from beneath the ring and sets it up. Together, he and Preston Vance powerbomb Nick Jackson through the table! Satisfied, they leave the ringside area with Spears shouting "WE'LL SEE YOU AT HOLIDAY HELL!" Miro recovers at ringside and pulls Nick Jackson from the wreckage before tossing him inside the ring. With little fanfare, Miro rolls Nick over and locks in... GAME OVER! Nick is unresponsive and Mike Chioda has no choice but to call for the bell!


[ Excalibur ] The Young Bucks are both gone thanks to the Imperfect 10s! And Miro. And, um, Bushwhacker Luke.

Kurt Angle and Chad Gable set their sights on Hook, double teaming him in the corner with kicks and stomps. Hook puts his hands up to defend himself, then knees Gable in the mid-section! Gable staggers out and Hook delivers a devastating UPPERCUT to Kurt Angle! Gable charges at Hook, only to get a BACKDROP OVER THE TOP ROPE! Gable crashes on the floor and Angle snatches Hook around the waist, trying for a belly to belly suplex. Hook headbutts his way out! Angle is knocked loopy by the impact but charges at Hook with a clothesline! Hook ducks it and catches Angle's arm! REDRUM! Hook locks it in tight and Angle has no choice but to tap out!


[ Excalibur ] Hook just eliminated a multi-time SGW champion! Kurt Angle is GONE!

BOOM! Samoa Joe nails Hook from behind with a vicious clothesline! Hook sprawls forward and Joe snatches him off the mat before planting him with a SNAP POWERBOMB... THEN TRANSITIONS IT INTO AN STF! Hook is struggling, reaching for the ropes... and finally gets them! Joe keeps the hold locked on as their's no disqualifications! Bushwhacker Luke boots Joe in the back, breaking the hold! Joe gets up and stares Luke down, seething! Luke shows no fear and nails Joe with a weak forearm! Joe looks down at the point of impact and shakes his head, then clothesline Luke down! Luke rolls to the apron! Chad Gable slides back into the ring and nails Joe from behind with a clothesline! Joe staggers forward, then turns around to face Gable! Gable begins to beg him off!

[ Excalibur ] I think Chad Gable realizes what a mistake he's made!

Hook returns to his feet behind Gable and Joe charges, going for a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Gable dives out of the way! HOOK GETS ALL OF IT! Hook falls through the ropes to the floor! Joe gets up and Gable snatches him off the mat... CHAOS THEORY ON JOE! Joe lands all on his head and neck but rolls clean through and LOCKS IN THE CONQUINA CLUTCH ON CHAD GABLE! GABLE IMMEDIATELY TAPS OUT!


[ Excalibur ] The night is over for the Alpha Academy! Chad Gable gave it a hell of a fight but Samoa Joe is UNDENIABLE!

Joe drops to one knee and poses before turning around into-- A BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Joe staggers back and Hangman Page climbs onto the apron behind Joe! BUCKSHOT LARIAT TO THE BACK! Joe takes a somersalt bump and Page covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] It took TWO Buckshot lariats but Adam Page has neutralized Samoa Joe!

Hangman Page is JACKED as he rises back to his feet... and walks right into a SHUFFLING SIDEKICK FROM MIRO! Miro immediately rolls Page over... GAME OVER! BAM! MIRO IS SUPERKICKED RIGHT IN THE JAW BY DOLPH ZIGGLER! Ziggler falls to his knees and cries out in victory before rising to his feet and immediately getting scooped up by WADE BARRETT! WASTELAND! Barrett looks pumped but then turns around into-- a face to face conversation with the bloodied John Cena!

[ Excalibur ] JOHN CENA IS BACK!

Cena scoops up Barrett! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Barrett rolls to the apron and Cena turns around just in time to catch a charging Bushwhacker Luke! PROTOPLEX ON LUKE! Cena springs up and gets in Luke's face! The fans shout "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" as Cena bounces off the ropes... FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Luke sells back to his feet and Cena scoops him up... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON LUKE! Luke is OUT but Cena rolls him over... STFU! LUKE TAPS OUT!


[ Excalibur ] The Cinderella run of Bushwhacker Luke is over! What an unexpected, stellar performance!

Cena stands and salutes Luke as he rolls out of the ring. Cena looks around at the human wreckage in the ring, but is then seized from behind by HOOK! REDRUM OUT OF NOWHERE! Cena struggles to break the hold but Hook has it locked in! Just as it looks like Cena may fade out-- CRACK!

[ Excalibur ] What the hell is he doing here?!

Anthony Ogogo has nailed Hook in the back with a steel chair! Hook goes down and Cena falls forward! Ogogo blasts Hook with the chair again and again, leaving red welts all across his back! Hook scrambles back up to all fours and Ogogo tosses the chair down. Hook struggles up to his knees and Ogogo sizes him up... BIG RIGHT HAND TO THE JAW! Hook goes down and Ogogo grabs the bloodied body of John Cena and drags him on top of Hook! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans erupt in boos!

[ Excalibur ] That's not right! We were within seconds of being guaranteed a new champion but the despicable Anthony Ogogo prevented Hook from finishing off the champion!

Suddenly, the glass shatters and Steve Austin emerges from the back with security and EMTs struggling to hold him back! Ogogo steps out of the ring and gestures for Austin to bring it on! As Austin is held back, Ogogo walks past him and through the curtain, appearing satisfied with having taken out the man who defeated him earlier tonight! With everyone's attention turned toward what's going on with Austin and Ogogo, Dolph Ziggler gets back to his feet and slides out of the ring, finding a table underneath the ring. He slides it under the bottom rope before finding another table and using it as a bridge between the apron and the announce table. Ziggler goes underneath the ring again and finds a ladder, standing it up on the floor!

[ Excalibur ] What the hell is Ziggler doing?! Why would you willingly introduce these elements into an already chaotic and violent match!?

Ziggler rolls under the bottom rope and sets up the table in the ring, leaning it upright in the corner. He pulls Cena to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders! The fans boo loudly as Ziggler uses one hand to wave in front of his face, shouting "YOU CAN'T SEE ME, BITCH!" and he charges at the table-- ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON CENA THROUGH THE TABLE! Cena lands all on his head and neck! Ziggler remains on his knees, pumping his fists and crying out in victory before standing dragging Cena out of the wreckage by his ankle! Ziggler turns around-- HUGE LARIAT FROM MIRO!

[ Excalibur ] He might have just broken Ziggler's neck with that lariat!

Miro pulls Ziggler up off the mat and brings him in... SAITO SUPLEX! Ziggler lands in a seated position, clearly out of it, and Miro hits the ropes... RUNNING SHOOT KICK TO THE FACE! Ziggler is OUT! Miro points at Cena and yells "GAME! OVERRRRRR!" before advancing on him and walking right into THE BUCKSHOT LARIAT OUT OF NOWHERE! Adam Page covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! MIRO ROLLS HIS SHOULDER OFF THE MAT!

[ Excalibur ] Miro refuses to stay down!

Page looks frustrated and stands up, pulling Miro up off the mat. Miro fights back, delivering heavy punches to Page's midsection before pulling him in for a POWERBOMB-- NO! Hangman locks his legs and stands up with Miro still on his shoulders! He repositions his arms around Miro's legs and drops him! DEADEYE OUT OF NOWHERE! Page covers and hooks the leg, praying for dear life! ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] It took EVERYTHING Hangman Page had in the tank but Miro is eliminated!

Miro rolls out of the ring and Hangman Page staggers back to his feet... only to immediately get nailed with the BULL HAMMER! Page staggers, out on his feet, and tumbles through the ropes to the floor! Wade Barrett falls into a nearby corner and sets his sights on John Cena. Barrett smirks and stalks out of the corner, walking right into a SUPERKICK from Dolph Ziggler! Barrett goes down and Ziggler turns his attention to Cena, who hasn't moved a muscle since going through the table! But Ziggler is suddenly whipped around by--

[ Excalibur ] HEY! GET HIM OUT OF HERE!


[ Excalibur ] This seriously isn't over!? Punk LOST to Ziggler earlier tonight!

Punk hoists up Ziggler-- GO TO SLEEP! The fans erupt in boos as Punk stands over Ziggler with a huge smile on his face! Wade Barrett crawls over on all fours and looks up at Punk. Punk gestures that Ziggler is all his... and Barrett covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans immediately begin chanting "BULLSHIT" over and over!

[ Excalibur ] This is ridiculous! Uncalled for! CM Punk has been jealous of Dolph Ziggler since day one! He can't just let this petty rivalry go!

Punk steps out of the ring, laughing all the way up the ramp before disappearing behind the curtain. Barrett pushes Ziggler out of the ring and returns to his feet just in time to see Hangman Page on the apron, preparing for a BUCKSHOT LARIAT-- NO! JOHN CENA COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND PUNCHES PAGE OFF THE APRON, SENDING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!

[ Excalibur ] John Cena just sent Hangman Page straight to Hell!

Cena leans on the top rope and looks down at Page, unconscious! Blood continues to pour from Cena's forehead. Finally, he turns around and walks right into... THE BULL HAMMER! Cena goes down and Barrett covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- CENA KICKS OUT, SHOUTING "NOOOOOO!" as he does! Barrett can't believe it! Barrett rolls out of the ring and grabs the ladder, taking it down and sliding it under the bottom rope.

[ Excalibur ] What-- what's he going to do with that!?

Barrett hoists Cena up off the mat and lifts him onto his shoulders... WASTELAND ON THE LADDER! Barrett covers but Chioda won't count because Cena's shoulders aren't on the mat! Frustrated, Barrett pulls Cena off the ladder and lifts him onto his shoulders again... WASTELAND-- NO! Cena slips off and whips Barrett around! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON THE LADDER! Cena drags Barrett off the ladder and covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- BARRETT KICKS OUT! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Excalibur ] If John Cena thought that was enough to take out Wade Barrett, I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS!

Cena can't believe it! He looks down at his hands and then up toward the heavens! Finally, Cena gets up on spaghetti legs and points down at Barrett... then looks over at the ladder to a big pop! Cena sets the ladder up and begins climbing! Barrett returns to his feet and begins climbing as well! Both men reach the top and begin trading blows!

[ Excalibur ] They're up ten, fifteen-- no! Twenty feet in the air! This isn't going to end well for anyone!

Cena and Barrett continue trading punches until Cena grabs both sides of Barrett's head and smashes his face on the ladder! He smashes it again! And again! Barrett falls straight back to the mat! Cena looks as though he's gonna climb to the top and leap off... but Adam Page returns to the ring and climbs up with determination on his face! Page reaches the top and nails Cena with a big right hand! Cena and Page trade blows until Cena ducks a punch and hooks Page's arm! He drags Page over the top of the ladder and onto his shoulders! The fans are buzzing with anticipation as Page struggles to get free! Cena has wild eyes as he delivers a devastating ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER! Both men are DOWN!

[ Excalibur ] Good God, John Cena has killed Adam Page!

Cena rolls over and places one arm over Adam Page... ONE! TWO! THREE!


[ Excalibur ] There was no way he was escaping that. No one could have kicked out of that! Adam Page put up a hell of a fight but, just... nobody could survive that Attitude Adjustment from fifteen feet up!

Cena rises to his knees as Adam Page is pulled from the ring by Rick Knox and Paul Turner. Still bleeding, Cena is visibly out of it. Wade Barrett rises to his feet behind Cena, rolling his black elbow pad down to reveal it's red interior. He sizes Cena up... AND DELIVERS A BULL HAMMER STRAIGHT TO THE BACK OF CENA'S HEAD! Barrett covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- CENA KICKS OUT, SHOUTING "HELLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as he does! Barrett can't believe it!

[ Excalibur ] What will it take to keep John Cena down!?

Barrett stands up and takes down the ladder and grips it with both hands, waiting on Cena to stand up! Cena slowly returns to his feet and Barrett charges with the ladder! DROP TOE HOLD OUT OF NOWHERE! Barrett goes down face first and eats the ladder! CENA LOCKS IN THE STFU! THE FANS ARE GOING NUTS! Barrett refuses to tap out! Cena frees one of his hands and punches away at Barrett's head before pulling the ladder in tight, forcing Barrett's head through the rungs! HE LOCKS IN THE STFU IN WITH THE ASSIST OF THE LADDER! Barrett immediately taps out!



The fans explode as Cena releases the hold and rolls off of Barrett!

[ Excalibur ] From his stunning victory over Johnny Gargano's team in the opening match to defeating seventeen other competitors in the men's Body Count match, John Cena has emerged tonight STILL THE CHAMPION!

As Cena is helped into a seated position by Rick Knox and Aubrey Edwards, Mike Chioda presents him with the Triple Crown championship belt. Fireworks explode on the stage and all the down the ramp, drawing another huge pop. Cena struggles to his feet and looks down at the title in his hands before raising it over his head.

[ Excalibur ] I think it's safe to say that this match turned out like no one expected. From the miracle run of Bushwhacker Luke to Wade Barrett coming up JUST short in the main event... what an unpredictable match. What a night!

Rick Knox helps Wade Barrett up as Chioda pushes the ladder under the bottom rope. Barrett pushes Knox aside and leans on the top rope to maintain his balance. Barrett eyes Cena and approaches him. Cena lowers the title to his side and glares at Barrett through his crimson mask.

[ Excalibur ] What's going on? Is this... is this going to continue?! Both men are exhausted-- beaten within an inch of their lives!

Barrett looks down at the title and then into Cena's eyes. Cena holds the title up to shoulder-level, never breaking eye contact with Barrett. Barrett breathes heavily and then-- offers his hand. Cena looks down at the hand... and accepts the gesture!

[ Excalibur ] What a moment! What an ending for Body Count--


[ Excalibur ] NO! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!

Cena falls flat on his back, unconscious! The fans boo loudly! Barrett stands over Cena and stares down at him with a look of pure hatred. The fans begin throwing garbage in the ring as Barrett reaches down and picks up the Triple Crown championship. With a solemn look, he holds it over his head for all the fans to see.

[ Excalibur ] That's not right, Wade! You didn't earn the right to hold that championship!

Lowering the title so that he can stare right at the center plate, Barrett admires his reflection in the gold before dropping it across Cena's heaving chest.

[ Excalibur ] What a... what a disappointing note to end on.

Barrett exits the ring and walks up the ramp toward the stage with a smug look on his face. He stops on the stage and makes the title belt motion around his waist, drawing even more boos.

[ Excalibur ] John Cena won the match. John Cena retained his championship... but at the end of the night, it's WADE BARRETT standing tall! For Pat McAfee, I'm Excalibur... we'll see you in one month at HOLIDAY HELL!

Inside the ring, we see Mike Chioda and Aubrey Edwards checking on John Cena.

Fade out.

The parking lot.

Dolph Ziggler is still in his gear, visibly pissed.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] CM PUNK!

The live crowd boos loudly upon the mention of Punk's name.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Where the hell are you?!

Mandy Rose and Rene Dupree emerge from the rear exit and meet Ziggler, doing their best to calm him down but Ziggler is having none of it, barely even acknowledging their presence.

[ Mandy Rose ] Dolph, please! Now is NOT the time!

[ Rene Dupree ] She's right, Zigman. You've been through a lot tonight.

Ziggler tries to press forward and Dupree puts a hand on his chest.

[ Rene Dupree ] Save it for the ring, brother.

Suddenly, we hear an engine rev from off-camera.

Tires squeal.

An SUV comes from out of nowhere, heading right for Dolph Ziggler! Rene Dupree pushes Ziggler out of the way but Mandy Rose isn't so lucky! She gets clipped by the vehicle and lands hard on the pavement, crying out in pain! The live crowd erupts in boos as the SUV screeches to a stop! The driver's side door opens to reveal... BRIAN CAGE!

[ Brian Cage ] Stupid fuckin' bitch!

Then the passenger's side opens and out steps--

[ CM Punk ] Cage, you musclehead dumb fuck! You were supposed to hit Ziggler!

Dupree helps Ziggler to his feet. Ziggler is red in the face, looking over at Mandy Rose as EMTs rush out from the back to check on her. Dupree runs his hands through his hair and then goes to Mandy's side as well. CM Punk approaches Ziggler, shouting aggressively.

[ CM Punk ] Hey, that dumb silicone bitch wasn't even supposed to be here! NONE OF THIS IS MY FAULT!

Ziggler snaps and dives on Punk, tackling him down and punching away at him until until Cage pulls him off and ragdolls him into the side of the SUV! Ziggler barely has a chance to move before Punk throttles him with both hands around his neck, shouting right in his face!


Ziggler grabs Punk's wrists, trying to wrench them free.


Brian Cage grabs Punk by the shoulder.

[ Brian Cage ] Hey, here comes security--

Punk lets go of Ziggler and shoves Cage away.

[ CM Punk ] Don't fuckin' touch me, you steroid abusing piece of shit--

Ziggler rises and punches Punk right in the face! Punk staggers back just as security floods the area and gets between them! Security drags Punk away as he shouts at the equally restrained Ziggler.

[ CM Punk ] Who the fuck do you think you are, huh!? YOU WANNA LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME!? I WILL SUE YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW, ASSHOLE!


The camera pans out as they continue to fight toward one another. We see an ambulance drive into the shot as EMTs load Mandy Rose onto a stretcher. They push her toward the ambulance as we fade to black.

End of transmission.