12 / 1 / 2019 | MGM Grand | Las Vegas, Nevada

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner




We fade up inside the MGM grand to the tune of "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar and everything is flashy, shiny and bright! Easily the most "extra" set we've seen thus far in Solid Gold Wrestling! The fans are literally chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!" before the first match has even gotten in the ring! Strobe lights and pyrotechnics further excite the fans and the camera attempts to catch it all, threatening to give everyone viewing from home motion sickness as it goes from one side of the arena to the other and then all the way around, giving us an eagle eye view of the entrance way! Once we've every conceivable angle of the crowd and the entrance set-up, we quickly find ourselves in front of our official announce team, Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner! They're all three wearing tuxedos, with Scott obviously having removed the sleeves from his own. They welcome us to this historic event with excitement in their voices!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ladies 'n gentlemen, welcome t' Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is gonna be a huge night! This IS 12 Large!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You could possibly even say, Tony... this might just be--

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's gonna be historic!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But it could also... probably will be, actually... the g--

Nigel gestures toward Tony, trying to get him to spit it out but Tony is oblivious.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It'll be a night that no one will ever forget!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' seriously not gonna say it... Revenge gets it, bloody Momentum gets it... even Mile High Madness got it--

Nigel looks disappointed and shrugs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ...not the bloody title tourney, though.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tonight, twelve men embark on a one night journey and only one of them will walk away as the brand new Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! Eight championship lineages combined into one big gold belt! Easily the most prestigious prize in the game today!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Twelve men with an opportunity to make history!

[ Scott Steiner ] Actually, Timothy Dalton, I only sees ELEVEN men with an opportunity t' make history 'cause everybody KNOWWWS that Bryan Danielson ain't makin' it out o' the first round! Talkin' about chances 'n opportunities like all these guys are created equal when they're fuckin' not! Even Billy Kidman grew up 'n got old 'n shaped up like a god damn man! Bryan Danielson sittin' around the campfire, singin' fuckin Kumbaya while he's eatin' a fuckin' head o' lettuce ain't gonna cut it! Not tonight, god dammit! There's eleven other guys up in this mother fucker that are hungry 'n they're hungry for MEAT and that's an advantage that Bryan Danielson... DON'T HAVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I personally feel like Bryan Danielson, one of the greatest performa's alive today has just as likely a chance of walkin' out o' this tournament as champion as anyone else! Say what you will about 'im, Scott, but the man knows exactly what he's doing!


There's a dramatic, if not slightly awkward pause.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Folks, tonight is the night that we will see the first Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion crowned since the reigning five-time champion Jeff Jarrett vacated it on September 9th, 2006... no one ever thought Solid Gold Wrestling would return... to ask Jeff Jarrett, even he never thought it would return... but here we are and after three huge events, we find ourselves on the cusp of quite possibly one of the most historic nights in the history of this great sport!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There it is. There it bloody is!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tonight, twelve men, regardless of your personal feelings toward them... will strive to become an integral part of that history... it's been a heck of a journey thus far, gentlemen... a journey that I'm not sure many people thought would make it this far... but all of the fans watching that have stuck with us here in the beginning... they all know, they've seen it... we've all pulled together to make this work... from the boys in the back, to the management team, to the little guy, who works diligently to put all this together for all our enjoyment... this is what it's all about... this is family... this is Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Scott Steiner ] If you make me get weepy, I'm gonna beat your ass.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Let's get on with the show.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Let's make bloody history, fella's.

We cut away from the announce team and get a wide shot of the ring where we see a pedestal, topped with a glass case right in the center. Inside the glass case, we see the brand new SGW World Heavyweight Championship... just waiting for someone to claim it. As we settle on that visual, the fans begin buzzing with electricity, chomping at the bit and ready to see what's going to happen first... the camera focuses on the entranceway, finally... as it does, a hush falls over the crowd before--

"Old Time Rock 'n Roll" by Bob Seger hits! The fans react strongly, booing so loudly that the building threatens to come down around them! Suddenly, Tom Cruise slides out from behind the curtain in a three piece suit and aviator sunglasses! He has a huge smile on his face as he walks to the edge of the stage and throws his arms out to the side, drinking in the decidedly negative reaction to his entrance!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're really gettin' started now, folks! The host of 12 Large is here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The forma' world champion, himself! Tom sodding Cruise!

[ Tony Schiavone ] March 12th, 2006! A day that will live on in infamy! The night Tom Cruise became the SGW World Heavyweight Champion! You know, guys, the Heartbreaker pay-per-view has always been known for controversy... what was originally known as the Heartbreaker Screwjob after Arn Anderson blatantly cheated Taz out of the SGW World Championship in favor of his chosen champion, Bret "The Hitman" Hart... but I think what happened on March 12th might actually trump that one in terms of... I don't know, absurdity?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A lessa' company might have crumbled beneath the weight of that controversy... but somehow, against all odds, Solid Gold Wrestling flourished! Say what you will about Tom Cruise, his contributions were a shot in the arm that this company needed!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] You're seriously putting Tom Cruise on the same level as Bryan Danielson right now?


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, thank Christ--


After high-fiving a handful of star struck fans, Tom Cruise walks up the ring steps and climbs through the ropes, strutting across the ring with a confident swagger and a huge, pearly white movie star smile! Tom Cruise stops to admire the SGW World Championship, giving it a good look before making the title belt motion around his waist, drawing even more boos. Cruise gives the camera a sly smirk, almost as if to say "nah, not really... but maybe?" and then collects a microphone from Justin Roberts at ringside! Cruise returns to the center of the ring and points out at all the fans before patting his heart. While standing next to the SGW World Heavyweight Championship, Tom Cruise begins to speak.

[ Tom Cruise ] Holy cow, what a reaction!

The fans continue to boo and he completely no-sells it.

[ Tom Cruise ] I love you people!

The boos... they don't stop. Tom Cruise runs to the corner and leaps onto the second rope. He throws his head back and holds the microphone over his mouth, shouting as loud as he can!


Cruise leaps off the middle rope, sticks the landing, and struts back to the pedestal. He's practically vibrating with excitement. He places his hand on the glass case, staring longingly at the championship inside. His voice is much lower now, much more controlled.

[ Tom Cruise ] You know... it's been a long time since I've called this beauty mine.

He looks out at the fans through his aviators, a proud smile on his face.

[ Tom Cruise ] I know... what we had was special... it was memorable... easily one of the greatest championship reigns of all time and now here we are, together again... and it's time for this baby, my baby, to find a new home. It's gonna be one of twelve lucky men who has the opportunity to walk away with all of this, the same way I did when I... when I defeated Val Venis and Teddy Long to take home the gold.

The fans begin chanting "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" repeatedly, shitting all over this.

[ Tom Cruise ] Are you intentionally being glib? Are any of you old enough or cultured enough to understand what happened in Montreal that night? That's what we, in the business, call history... history! That's what I did and believe me, when I heard Solid Gold Wrestling was making the comeback, just like when Ethan Hunt makes the comeback at the pivotal moment in my BILLION DOLLAR Mission: Impossible franchise... I knew my good buddy Christian would be giving me a phone call!

He lowers the microphone and continues smiling... and then he raises it again.

[ Tom Cruise ] That's billions... with a 'B'.

Cruise lowers the microphone again and the fans begin loudly chanting "YOU SUCK DICK!" over and over. The arena quakes with the effort of thousands of fans. Tom Cruise reaches up and slowly, dramatically removes his aviators and hangs them on the inside of his jacket. He swallows hard and looks out at the fans before raising the microphone again. His voice is lower, far more serious.

[ Tom Cruise ] You know somethin'... you people are getting dangerously close to becoming... suppressive people... and believe me when I tell you... you don't want to be labeled as... suppressive people.

The chants continue with no sign of letting up. Tom's face turns red. He's becoming visibly angry.

[ Tom Cruise ] Do any of you remember when I broke Kristal Marshall's neck? Well, it's about time all of you show the proper appreciation for my contributions to this company because... because if it wasn't for me, this company would have gone into the ground way earlier than it did! I'm the one who put eyes on SGW! I'm the one who put butts in the seats! I'm the one who beat up Chuck Norris at WrestleBrawl 2 and ended the war with Pro-Wrestling Redefined! I'm not the one who called SGW! SGW called me! Christian Cage called me... for a favor! I'm the one you should be thanking for all of this... and as a matter of fact...

He turns his head and looks at the championship again.

[ Tom Cruise ] I'm the one... who should be the SGW World... Heavyweight... Champion!

The fans are losing it! Someone actually throws an entire plate of nachos into the ring and they Tom Cruise in the back, ruining his jacket. He looks furious! Cruise sneers and places his hands on the glass case, preparing to remove it! However, before he can do such a heinous thing as name himself the new champion... "PERFECT STRANGERS" BY DEEP PURPLE HITS! The fans pop HUGE and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas emerges from behind the curtain with... his own SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt strapped around his waist! Douglas walks to the edge of the stage in track pants and a yellow "Franchise" t-shirt, totally not dressed up for the occasion. His giant gut strains against the championship around his waist. Douglas is red in the face, breathing heavily, spittle flying from his mouth with every breath.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just when ya' think a situation can't get worse!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What are you talking about, Nige'? "The Franchise" is a former SGW World Heavyweight Champion, here to defend the honor of the company he loves more than anything! He's surely going to teach Tom Cruise a lesson in respect!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I suppose... I suppose this just isn't how I expected the most important show since the return of Solid Gold Wrestling to start, Tony. It just feel like a little bit of a mess, if I may be so bold.

Shane Douglas walks up the ring steps and makes his way across the apron, eyeing Tom Cruise with anger in his eyes. Douglas steps through the ropes and unsnaps the championship from around his generous waist and throws it over his shoulder. He calls for a microphone and receives one in short order. Before he can even speak, Tom Cruise is already on him.

[ Tom Cruise ] What do you think you're doing? I'm the host of this show! I prepared for this! You can't just--

Douglas raises his microphone and speaks, cutting him off.


The fans pop huge and Tom Cruise lowers his microphone, fully taken aback.


He points right in Tom Cruise's face.

[ Shane Douglas ] SHUT... THE FUCK... UP!

Tom Cruise shakes his head, trembling with rage.


The fans pop huge.


Tom Cruise huffs and scratches his chin. He looks up at Douglas and gives a gentle shrug.

[ Tom Cruise ] Ya' know what, Shane? If you don't like the fact that I did more for SGW in a couple of months than you did in your entire career... then fuck you, man.

Tom Cruise gets right in Douglas' face.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...just... fuck you!

Douglas' eyes bulge and he looks ready to attack. He cuts his eyes in the direction of the championship resting on his shoulder and then back at Tom Cruise. Cruise smiles, a sinister and arrogant smile.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...by the way, what are you doing, bringing that replica piece of shit to my ring?

He looks out at the fans.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...to my house, actually!

He raises his voice, shouting happily, though the intention is clearly malicious.


Douglas strokes his goatee and then removes the championship from his shoulder. He holds it out in front of him so that everyone can see it. It's not the modern SGW World Heavyweight Championship. It's version of the original. Douglas speaks with pride, paying no attention to Tom Cruise acting out.


Tom Cruise can be seen muttering "you son of a bitch!" before Douglas continues.


Douglas holds up the championship belt and shouts right in Cruise's face.


Cruise clenches his fists, appearing ready to throw down. Douglas lowers the championship and looks down at it, sweat rolling off his puffy, red face. He shakes his head.


The fans are cheering loudly. Douglas looks out at them, feeling accepted by the SGW fans for the first time in many, many years. He nods and looks back down at the championship once again.


Douglas cuts his eyes back up in Tom Cruise's direction.


And then Douglas looks at the championship under the glass case.


Douglas advances on the championship pedestal as Tom Cruise looks on, pissed off! The fans immediately begin booing, realizing that Douglas is his same selfish self! Douglas attempts to remove the glass from the pedestal but Tom Cruise places his hand on Douglas' shoulder and spins him around! The fans don't know what to think as Douglas and Tom Cruise go nose to nose! They're gonna throw down! It's gonna be a fight! Just when it looks like someone is going to throw a punch--


Douglas and Tom Cruise both turn to look at the stage, absolutely shocked! Randy Orton steps through the curtain and the fans begin booing loudly! Orton walks to the edge of the stage, already in his gear, and wearing a hooded vest with an RKO logo on the back. Orton doesn't look amused. He cracks his neck and begins making his way down the ramp, toward the ring, with purpose in his step!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Business is picking up here at 12 Large!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Randy Orton! The bloody Vipa' does not look like he has good intentions in mind!

Randy Orton climbs the ring steps and makes his way across the apron before stepping through the ropes. He walks a semi-circle around the ring, getting a good look at Tom Cruise and Shane Douglas before stepping through the ropes. Without a word, Orton snatches the microphone out of Tom Cruise's hand, actually drawing a huge pop! Orton thumps the microphone to ensure that it's on. Once he confirms that it is, in fact, on... he speaks--

[ Randy Orton ] Ya' know what, I've been sittin' in the back, listening to all of this...

Orton looks out at the fans and licks his lips.

[ Randy Orton ] ...and all I've really got to say--

RKO ON TOM CRUISE ON OUT OF NOWHERE! The fans pop huge! Shane Douglas looks on, horrified, clutching the Lifetime SGW World Championship tightly to his chest! Orton is breathing heavily, his eyes... they're crazed! Orton positions himself in the corner and waits on Tom Cruise to stir! Orton slings his head around erratically, screaming "GET UP! GET UP, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Tom Cruise begins to move, ever so slowly! Cruise pushes himself up on all fours... and ORTON PUNTS HIS HEAD INTO THE THIRD ROW! The impact sends Tom Cruise tumbling over the bottom rope, onto the apron, and to the floor below where he lays motionless! Orton pounds his chest like a gorilla and then spits over the top rope to the floor, screaming "STUPID! STUPID!" Behind him, Shane Douglas looks horrified, crying out into his microphone...


Orton slowly turns around, eyeing Douglas hungrily.

[ Shane Douglas ] OH MY FUCKIN' GODDDDDD!

And then Douglas literally pisses his pants right in the center of the ring, in front of everyone! Orton walks up to Douglas, cornering him against the turnbuckles. The fans are roaring, ready to see some carnage! Orton looks Douglas up and down before smiling evilly and then stepping back, gesturing toward the ropes. The camera microphones pick up Orton telling Douglas to "get the fuck outta here." Douglas quickly scurries out of the ring, taking the Lifetime SGW Championship with him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] We need medics out here to check on Tom Cruise!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Randy Orton is a loose cannon as always! Somethin' has t' be done! What are we supposed to do in lieu of a host now? I'm assuming there wasn't a bloody back-up put in place! Is Billy Zane 'ere? Did anybody think t' call Billy Zane?! This is an emergency!

[ Scott Steiner ] That sonuvabitch got what he deserved! If Randy Orton didn't do it, I'da done it myself and then next week, we'd have the Tom Cruise Memorial Show, a double funeral event, where I'd book myself in the fuckin' main event, buryin' Bryan Danielson while Tom Cruise's fuckin' creepy cult shoves his dead ass broken body in a rocket and fires it into the fuckin' sun or throws 'im in a fuckin' volcano or whatever those... those SCIENTISTS do when people die! Fuckin' god damn scientists, always ruinin' shit for everybody!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They're called scientolo-- ya' know what... you're exactly right, Scott.

Randy Orton removes his vest and waits in the corner. Mike Chioda runs down and slides into the ring as some members of SGW ring crew rush the area and remove the pedestal from the ring, positioning it within the ringside area, near the announce team. Medics have now infiltrated the ringside area as well, checking on Tom Cruise and strapping him to a stretcher, rolling him up the ramp and out of sight. Once the ring is cleared and the dust has settled, "The Ecstasy of Gold" hits and the fans lose their minds upon realizing that this is about to happen RIGHT NOW!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, gentlemen, it has t' start somewhere! It might as well be right 'ere!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton versus Sin Cara! One of the most anticipated matches of the night!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And you know that Sin Cara is lookin' t' hand out a receipt to Mr. Orton for that uncalled for, unprovoked RKO at SGW Momentum! Orton may have woke up a sleeping giant in the undefeated luchadore!

Sin Cara emerges from the back and stands on the stage in his sleeveless entrance robe. He points down the ramp at Orton and then tosses the entrance gear right where he stands. Sin Cara begins stomping down the ramp with purpose in his step, ready for action! The fans are cheering loudly, ready to see history be made!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He's got to remember that there're more at stake than revenge!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You're absolutely right, Tony! This is an opportunity for Sin Cara to avenge what happened to him at Momentum, as well as advance to the semi-final round of the 12 Large Tournament! He can't let rage blind him or else it could cost him in the long run!

Sin Cara gets a running start about mid-way down the ramp and leaps from the floor to the inside of the ring, perfectly executing a forward tumble into the superhero landing! His head remains down for a moment and then he directs his gaze upward at Randy Orton! Orton is unbothered, just staring a hole through Sin Cara from the corner. Mike Chioda gestures for them both to join him in the center of the ring. Sin Cara rises and meets Orton in the center, both of them standing on either side of Chioda. Chioda runs down the rules and then calls for the bell to begin the match! The first round of 12 Large is underway!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Randy Orton lunges forward in an attempt to grab Sin Cara but Sin Cara runs underneath the attempt and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Orton turns around just in time to catch a basement dropkick to the knees! He goes down face first and scrambles back to his feet as Sin Cara delivers another basement dropkick to Orton’s face like a heat seeking missile! The impact sends Orton rolling to the center of the ring… Sin Cara climbs onto the apron and grips the top rope, he leaps to the top and springboards off with a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Orton rolls out of the way, escaping under the bottom rope and looking DONE with this already! Sin Cara executes a forward tumble and rolls back to his feet, unfazed! Orton walks around the ring, shaking his head in an attempt to clear out the cobwebs… but the fans pop huge as Sin Cara wipes out Orton with a SUICIDE DIVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Sin Cara is on BLOODY FIRE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] ...and this is only the first match in this historic tournament!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's got t' stay on him! He can't give a competita' like Randy Orton a second t' catch his breath!

Both men lay against the guardrail, human wreckage! Sin Cara gets to his feet first and grabs Orton’s head with both hands. He pulls the larger competitor up to his knees and attempts to guide him toward the ring apron. Orton grunts and violently shoves Sin Cara forward, causing him to collide with the apron… however Sin Cara absorbs the impact, spins around, and boots Orton right in the chest, knocking him flat on his back! Mike Chioda shouts at them to get back in the ring as Sin Cara descends on Orton once again and attempts to pick him up off the floor. This time, Orton comes alive, grabs the front of Sin Cara’s tights, and pulls him down, head first into the guardrail! Sin Cara goes down hard and Orton rolls back to his feet, looking furious!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's how quickly the tide turns, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] Good! Orton needs t' beat the shit outta that little punk, runnin' around here in that fuckin' mask like some kinda' creepy gimp! Well, I hope that gimp likes pain 'cause Randy Orton's gonna fuckin' give it to 'im! Orton's my pick to win the whole god damn thing, actually!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just a couple of weeks ago, you were ready to strangle the man yourself!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's when I thought he killed my god damn friend but as you already know, Roger Moore, Randy Orton was fully EXACERBATED OF ALL CHARGES and what that means is he's innocent and what THAT means is he's my fuckin' pick to win this whole thing! And he actually has a chance, unlike your pathetic, punk ass friend Bryan Danielson!

Orton rolls under the bottom rope and back out, breaking Chioda’s count before grabbing a handful of Sin Cara’s mask and pulling him to his feet with ease! Orton sets Sin Cara up for a suplex and rests his feet on the guardrail… the fans boo loudly as Orton looks out at them with wild eyes… DRAPING DDT ON THE FLOOR! Orton sits next to Sin Cara and then glares down at him before shaking his head in disgust. Orton returns to his feet and picks Sin Cara up by the back of his tights and a handful of mask. He throws Sin Cara into the ring and then rolls in after him… the fans boo as Orton rests next to Sin Cara in a push-up position, pounding the mat and shouting “GET UP! GET UP, SIN CARA!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my... I think this could be it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He gave it his best shot but in the end, the onslaught of one Mista' Randall Orton was simply too much for the International Sensation t' overcome!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hope he unmasks him after he beats him! I wanna see the freak under the mask!

Sin Cara pushes himself up to all fours and then gets one leg underneath him. He grabs the middle rope to steady himself and finally stands on spaghetti legs, holding onto the top rope. Orton sticks his tongue out, shouting “TURN AROUND!” Sin Cara slowly does so, leaving one hand on the top rope, and Orton springs into action… RKO! BUT SIN CARA HOLDS ONTO THE TOP ROPE SO ORTON CRASHES AND BURNS! Sin Cara immediately leaps and caves in Orton’s chest with a DOUBLE STOMP! Orton growls in pain and rolls over into a fetal position as Sin Cara attempts to regain his bearings! Sin Cara hits the ropes and nails Orton with a running senton! Sin Cara returns to his feet as the impact causes Orton to rise into a seated position. Sin Cara hits the ropes and wipes out Orton with a BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Orton’s legs fly in the air and Sin Cara hooks them both, leaning back for extra leverage on the pin! One! Two! Thr—ORTON KICKED OUT! Sin Cara can’t believe it! Orton rolls over, red in the face and looking exhausted… the fans suddenly begin booing and we find out why when the camera gives us a wide angle shot of Salina de la Renta walking out onto the stage, flanked by LA Park, El Hijo de la Park, and Thunder Rosa!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is Promociones Dorado doing out here?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What do ya' think they're doin', Tony? Salina has had her eyes on Sin Cara since day one! She's obviously out 'ere t' support 'im in his endeava' t' become the SGW World Heavyweight Champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] If only it were that simple.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It is! If ya' can't trust Salina de la Renta t' let things play out 'n see how they go, who can ya' trust?!

Sin Cara stands and takes Orton by the head, attempting to guide him back to his feet. Orton feeds in and Sin Cara hooks him, possibly for a vertical suplex or a DDT… but then he notices Promociones Dorado watching him from the stage! Sin Cara loses his focus and allows Orton to spin out, maintaining his grip on Sin Cara’s wrist and nailing him with a SHORT ARM EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, TURNING SIN CARA INSIDE OUT! Sin Cara lays on the mat, cradling his head as Orton stares down at him, licking his lips. Orton stalks Sin Cara, watching him closely while moving slowly and methodically… before taking up a position in the corner! The fans boo loudly as they realize what’s about to happen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Did you see that?! The very presence of Promociones Dorado has thrown Sin Cara off his game!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm afraid that's on Sin Cara, not on Salina de la Renta!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, he's about to pay for it now! Orton's about to wreck this bitch and I can't wait!

Sin Cara gets up to all fours and Orton charges… RUNNING PUNTTTTTT! NO! SIN CARA MOVES AND USES HIS ARM TO SWEEP ORTON’S LEG! Orton crashes and burns, landing flat on his back and Sin Cara springs to his feet, runs and leaps onto the top rope… MOONSAULT! HE GETS ALL OF IT! HE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THRE—ORTON KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HE ALMOST HAD HIM!

[ Scott Steiner ] BUT HE FUCKIN' DIDN'T!

Sin Cara shakes his head and looks down at his hands, he’s in utter disbelief! What else does he have to do!? Suddenly, the fans begin booing once they realize that Salina de la Renta and her thugs have moved closer to the ring, still observing! Orton tries getting back to his feet but Sin Cara dropkicks him in the back, causing him to fall forward onto the middle rope, facing Promociones Dorado. Salina checks out Orton out, smiling evilly… but she gets too close and Orton snatches her blazer, pulling her in close! Mike Chioda flips out, yelling at Orton to let her go and just as it looks like LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park may intervene, he shoves her backward into them turns right around into a running Sin Cara who begins tilt-a-whirling around him at such a ridiculous pace that the fans loudly “wHoOOOOOOoOooooOooAAAA!” as the spectacle keeps going! AND THEN SIN CARA DROPS HIM INTO LA MISTICA!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THAT'S HIS MOVE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is it! Everything or bloody nothing!

Orton cries out in pain and reaches for the ropes as Sin Cara wrenches back on his arm! Orton is in dead center of the ring with nowhere to go! He reaches for the bottom rope but he’s nowhere near it! Orton teases tapping out… but stops himself, even going so far as to chew on his own fingers to keep himself from tapping out! Outside the ring, we see Salina de la Renta LOSING IT, shrieking “who does he think he is!? That lowly perro does not get to put his hands on me!” Back in the ring, it looks like Orton is finally going to give in… when Mike Chioda is distracted by Salina de la Renta on the apron! Orton begins tapping out! ORTON IS TAPPING OUT!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Mike Chioda is distracted! He doesn't see the submission!

[ Scott Steiner ] THANK GOD!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is a crime! This is a damn crime! Sin Cara has the match bloody won!

But the hold is broken by a sloppy tackle from LA PARK! El Hijo del LA Park grabs Sin Cara and drags him under the bottom rope, tossing him onto the floor before sliding inside himself! Los Parks begin putting a beating on Orton, delivering a barrage of clubbing blows! Orton fights back up to his knees, throwing punches into the mid-sections of the Parks… until SIN CARA SPRINGBOARDS BACK INTO THE RING WITH A DOUBLE DROPKICK, SENDING BOTH PARKS TUMBLING BACKWARD! They roll under the bottom rope, back to the floor as the fans go wild! Orton returns to his feet and turns around… JUST IN TIME TO RKO THUNDER ROSA OUT OF MID-AIR! THUNDER ROSA IS DEAD! Orton stands up, raging out and slinging his head side to side, screaming “STUPID! STUPID!” before turning around… and SIDE STEPPING A CHARGING SIN CARA! Sin Cara collides with Salina de la Renta, sending her rag dolling into the arms of LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park! Sin Cara stumbles off the ropes and Orton is waiting for him… RKO! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! He covers Sin Cara and hooks both legs for good measure! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Randy Orton via Pin Fall in 17:46

The fans boo loudly as Orton rolls off of Sin Cara and then under the bottom rope. He steps over Thunder Rosa's body and then walks around the ring confidently. LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park are helping Salina collect herself and Orton walks right past them, eyeing Salina as he does. Salina glares right back at him, fuming as he heads up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton has advanced to the next round but you have to give Sin Cara credit where it's due! There is every indication that if it weren't for interference from Promociones Dorado, he would have very well won this contest here tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think Sin Cara is gonna have some ratha' harsh things to say when 'n if he chooses to address this... mishap with Miss Salina de la Renta! She cost him 'n she cost him big... not t' take anything away from Randy Orton tonight, the bloke won the match... but Sin Cara had it in his bloody grasp!

Orton remains on the stage for a moment, facing the entranceway. He looks over his shoulder at the carnage he's left behind and then disappears through the curtain as we cut to the backstage area.

In the office of the Championship Committee, you can sense the spread of panic in the room as Christian Cage frantically paces back and forth with his hands on top of his head. Edge is doing his best to try to wrangle his brother back into reality.

[ Christian Cage ] WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO, HUH?!

He answers himself.

[ Christian Cage ] I guess we just send out a message to the people to go home and we reschedule this. Cancel 12 Large and shut the whole damn thing down! With Tom on the way to the hospital, this show doesn’t have a host!

[ Edge ] Christian, for the love of God, calm down!

[ Christian Cage ] Having Tom Cruise come back and host 12 Large was my idea! Literally, my only contribution to ALL of this was suggesting we help Tom out with a pay day. Now look at what’s happened!

Shaking his head in disbelief, Edge somehow finds himself as the voice of reason.

[ Edge ] Well, first off, I don’t think Tom needed the pay day.

[ Christian Cage ] Dude, did you see The Mummy?

[ Edge ] Well, no. But, to my defense, I don’t think anybody did.

[ Christian Cage ] Exactly! The guy was on hard times. We have to use our newfound power in this business to help the boys! Now I'm going to have to plan a Memorial Show!

Christian weighs the pros and cons quickly in his head.

[ Christian Cage ] I bet it'd do crazy high ratings, though.

[ Edge ] Christian, snap out of it. I mean, sure, having Tom come back and host the thing was cool, but it's not necessary. This is a new era in the business. We'll be alright!

[ Christian Cage ] We need a new host like right now. Because I'm about to lose..

Christian kicks a nearby trash can, sending it sailing a few feet across the room.

[ Christian Cage ] ..My frickin' mind!

The door to the office swings wide open and Christopher Daniels, wearing a tuxedo t-shirt comes walking right through, uninvited. Daniels is even holding a microphone in his hand. The excitement coming from Daniels is unmatched by Edge and Christian.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Don’t worry, ol’ C.D. is here!

[ Edge ] ...For?

[ Christopher Daniels ] To host the show!

[ Christian Cage ] Is this a rib?

[ Christopher Daniels ] What?! No! Let me do it! Look! I’m in my finest tuxedo and I even have a microphone! What else do you need to host a show?

[ Edge ] Talent.

[ Christian Cage ] Wins.

[ Edge ] Personality.

[ Christian Cage ] The ability to tell jokes.

Daniels cuts them off where they stand.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hey! I’m funny! Did you not see when I went to the comedy club a few weeks ago?

[ Edge ] Yeah, buddy, about that.

Edge is blunt.

[ Edge ] Don’t do that again. Ever.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Guys, give me a shot! Tell ‘em, Steve.

The camera pans to the left revealing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin randomly propped against a wall off camera, drinking a Stone Cold IPA.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Wait, where did you come from?

[ Steve Austin ] I’ve been here the whole time, son.

Austin takes a swig of his beer and takes a few steps in the direction of Edge and Christian.

[ Steve Austin ] Last time I checked, this was a god damn wrestlin’ show! It don’t need a host! It just needs two bad ass sumbitches inside that twenty-by-twenty ready to fight!

With his effort to host the showing dying by the second, Daniels grows some courage and makes a terrible decision by turning his sights on Austin and getting in his face.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Ya’ know, Stone Cold, I heard you were a legendary ass kicker in SGW’s glory days! But you wanna’ hear some STONE COLD TRUTH? You’re not anymore! The only ass kicker in SGW right now, hell, IN THIS ROOM, is ME!

Unfazed, Austin takes another swig of his beer.

[ Steve Austin ] I’ve heard about ya’, too.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, good!

[ Steve Austin ] I heard you were a SORRY SON OF A BITCH!

Austin uses his free hand to flip the middle finger in Daniels’ face. Kick to the gut, STONE COLD STUNNER! Daniels flies backwards and crashes through the coffee table that sat in front of the couch in the office! Austin gets to his feet, beer bottle still securely in his hand. He pours the remaining bit all over his face and looks to the camera with it dripping down his chin as Edge and Christian look on, completely baffled by all that’s transpired.

[ Steve Austin ] Now, Mr. Cameraman, do me a favor and let’s get back to the ring for some action! Ain’t nobody here to watch a buncha’ yip-yappin’ at the mouth! Everyone’s here to watch someone get their ass kicked in that squared-circle!

With the camera zoomed in tight on the crazed eyes of former SGW Champion, Steve Austin, the scene quickly fades and heads back to the ringside area for our next match. Host or no host, 12 Large continues on!

The fans are still going wild for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's shenanigans as we return to ringside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, it looks like we're moving forward without a host, guys! How 'bout that?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What happened to poor Tom Cruise is criminal, Tony... and I do hate to see Christian's well thought out plans tossed to the side... but I must give it to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the fans are here for wrestling! We're gonna see the crowning of the first SGW World Heavyweight Champion in over fifteen years, lads! There's no need to dress that up! It speaks... for itself!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well said, Nigel! Very well said!

Suddenly, "Come As You Are" hits and the fans respond with a very mixed reaction. Billy Kidman steps through the curtain first and looks out at the sold-out crowd. He scratches his neck and, despite his attempt to appear lethargic, you can't help but notice a flicker of awe in his eyes. Raven follows him out and sneers as he looks out at the fans. Raven slaps Kidman on the back of the head, startling him out of his stupor, and they begin making their way down the ramp.

[ Scott Steiner ] Look at this disgustin' piece o' shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] At one time, Billy Kidman was one of the premier athletes that the wrestling business had to offer. Obviously, he's fallen on hard times and... reverted back to some bad habits, which are clearly being fed by the devious Raven--


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Either way, he eeked his way past Christopher Daniels at SGW Momentum and earned his spot amongst the 12 Large! Some might say he doesn't belong but he's here to prove those naysayers wrong! And as has been proven many times ova' in history... anything can happen in Solid Gold Wrestling!

Kidman rolls under the bottom rope and returns to one knee in the center of the ring. Raven climbs awkwardly onto the apron and then steps through the ropes before lurking behind Kidman and places his hand on his shoulder. The fans are very clearly torn on how they feel about these two. Finally, Kidman returns to his feet, scratching his cheek and leaving a red mark. Raven wanders over to a corner and sits down before wiping his nose, inspecting what he found, and then flicking it out of the ring. Kidman waits for his opponent, doing his best to focus on the entranceway.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's despicable, the way that Raven has manipulated his way back into controlling Billy Kidman's life... this man is clearly under the influence of... something!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whoa, whoa, Tony! That's quite the accusation! Maybe dial it back a tad, eh?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Clearly, he's under the influence of Raven's evil! That's all I meant to imply!

"The Gilded Warrior" hits and the fans erupt in boos. Kamille steps through the curtain first in a skin tight, gold dress. Following her, "The National Treasure" Nick Aldis appears in his entrance jacket and carrying the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under his arm. He raises his arm and waves at the fans with a smug grin upon his face until he lowers his arm and tilts his head back, staring down his nose at the unwashed masses. He begins walking down the ramp with an arrogant swagger.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here he is... the man who would replace the SGW World Championship... with his own!

[ Scott Steiner ] Never gonna happen, Tony! This guy ain't shit! He's walkin' 'round here, carrying around that toy belt like it means somethin' but it don't mean a god damn thing! Who held it before? Ric Flair!? Ric Flair's a banana nose bastard! Terry Funk!? Just die already, Funk! You're old! TOO OLD TO LIVE! AND YOU KNOW IT SO WHY DON'CHU JUST GIVE UP! I KNOW YOU HEAR THE REAPER CLAWIN' AT THE FOOT O' YOUR BED EVERY NIGHT, FUNK! GO TOWARD THE LIGHT, YOU OLD BASTARD!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Terry Funk! Legend... of... the sport... we hope you have many great years ahead of you, Terry! He's a former SGW World Tag Team Champion, you know!

As they reach the ring, Kamille climbs the ring steps and walks across the apron before sitting on the middle rope. Aldis follows her up the steps and then climbs through the ropes. He walks to the center of the ring and holds the championship over his head for the entire world to see. The fans respond by loudly chanting "YOU SUCK DICK" so loudly that the walls threaten to collapse around them. Aldis lowers the championship and gives it a kiss before handing it to Kamille, who exits the ring with it. Aldis removes his entrance jacket and glares across the ring at Kidman, looking appalled by the unwashed state of his opponent. Once he's discarded his robe, Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Raven paces around Kidman’s corner as Kamille stands stoically outside, firmly gripping the NWA World Championship. Before the bell rings, Aldis slaps Kidman in the face and pie-faces him into the corner. As Aldis plays to the fans, he receives a ton of boos in response. Kidman runs up to him from behind, ROLL UP! ONE, TWO, TH- KICK OUT! Aldis is in complete disbelief as Kidman holds his fingers half an inch apart, showing Aldis how close it was. Aldis swings a right hand and Kidman ducks and headbutts Aldis in the face! With Aldis staggering back, Kidman charges at him and eats a clothesline with Aldis quickly following up with a few clubbing forearm strikes to the back. Aldis then picks Kidman up by the hair and tosses him effortlessly through the middle ropes to the outside. Aldis dusts off his shoulder, audibly screaming to the camera, “THIS IS THE FACE OF A TRUE CHAMPION, GENTLEMEN!!”


[ Tony Schiavone ] Aldis has the advantage right now! I don't see this going well for Kidman!

On the outside, Kidman gets kicked in the ribs by Kamille who plays it off ever so innocently. Kidman rolls on the ground, clutching his left side and the referee has no idea what happened thanks to a distraction from Aldis. As Kidman makes his way back up to his feet, Kamille sees another opportunity to strike. Kamille attempts a clothesline on Kidman and he ducks, sending her arm colliding into the ring post! Aldis can’t believe his eyes and sticks his head through the ropes to check on her, giving Kidman time to get back inside. Aldis turns around in time to see Kidman throwing up a drop kick! Kidman goes up top! SHOOTING STAR - IT MISSES! Aldis rolled out of the way! Aldis returns to his feet and quickly snatches up Kidman by the legs! KING'S LYNN CLOVERLEAF! Billy Kidman fights it as much as he can and reaches for the ropes... but ALDIS LEANS BACK EVEN FURTHER UNTIL THE TOP OF HIS HEAD ALMOST TOUCHES THE MAT! KIDMAN HAS NO CHOICE... BUT TO TAP OUT!

WINNER - Nick Aldis via Submission in 4:12


[ Scott Steiner ] 'course I saw it, Tony! It's happenin' right in front of us! The phony champ just made that homeless piece o' shit scream for his mama! I can't say I'm mad at it! Fuck that guy! Filthy, smelly piece o' trash! He's a loser! A NOBODY! HIT THE SHOWERS, JACK OFF!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nick Aldis advances t' the semi-final round in dominant fashion! One step closa' t' the SGW World Heavyweight Championship! Just as he promised!

Kidman lays in a fetal position on the apron, whimpering. Raven snatches him off the apron and drags him up the ramp by his ratty t-shirt, Kidman scrambling on all fours to keep up until they disappear behind the curtain. Kamille enters the ring with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt and hands it to Aldis, who holds it over his head while smiling confidently. We quickly cut to the back, so as not to encourage his behavior with any more screen time than he deserves!

As the celebration of the past and present continues tonight here at 12 Large, we see two former SGW World Champions and former stable-mates, Val Venis and Johnny “the Bull” Stamboli in the middle of a conversation backstage. The two old friends have big smiles on their faces that you couldn’t possibly remove if you tried.

[ Val Venis ] “Bull,” I have to say, I never thought we’d be in the same room ever again. What’s it been? Like, 16 years at least?

[ Johnny Stamboli ] Easily, brother. But ‘ey, look at ‘chu. Fockin’ legend.

Humble, Venis tries his best to deflect the compliments.

[ Val Venis ] Just blessed. It’s been a hell of a ride, that’s for sure.

[ Johnny Stamboli ] But how ‘bout how we used ta’ bash those skulls back in the day, eh? Fockin’ mooks didn’t know what was comin’ when Money Incorporated was raisin’ hell.

Adam Cole stumbles upon the two reminiscing and begins scratching his head in confusion.

[ Adam Cole ] Pardon the interruption, but let me get this right. Not only is Val Venis a “legend” in SGW, but.. Johnny the Bull?! No wonder this place was left in hibernation all of these years.

Cole scoffs at the thought. Stamboli looks unimpressed.

[ Johnny Stamboli ] Da’ fock are you?

[ Adam Cole ] Oh, you must not have television at the rock that you’ve been hiding under for two decades. While you were some flash-in-the-plan, some flavor of the month, I’m the new guy around here. I’m the man this company is being built around. Unlike you’re shooting star that burned out so quick, I’m the long term solution.

[ Johnny Stamboli ] I didn’t stutta’. Da’ fock are you?

[ Adam Cole ] I’m Adam Cole, bay-bay! You stupid sonuvabitch!

Without giving either Venis or Stamboli a chance to respond, Cole snaps once again.

[ Adam Cole ] And I didn’t stutter, either. I am the new franchise of this company! And at the end of the night, I’m going to be the SGW Champion that neither of you could ever be. I’m going to restore value to that belt that people like you two stole from it way back when.

[ Val Venis ] You have no idea, kid.

[ Adam Cole ] Oh! Thank God! Val Venis is back to save the day!

Cole clasps his hands together and brings them in tightly as the sarcasm oozes out of his mouth like venom.

[ Adam Cole ] Just what SGW needs, another washed-up nobody like you coming back and bringing even more slime like this guy with you. SGW is back and better than ever thanks to me and all of the bloodsucking leeches like you two come from the woodwork for another payday while being crutched up on “history” and “nostalgia!”

Cole is stern in his delivery and his voice cracks with passion. Venis and Stamboli are given no other choice but to stand back and endure it.

[ Adam Cole ] Those days are cute when people like you sit back and trade stories. All you can offer this company now is nothing but a mouthful of memories while people like me do all the work in the ring to make SGW a premier destination. If it was up to me, my only advice for you two would be.. Be careful.

Cole smirks and cocks an eyebrow.

[ Adam Cole ] Don’t choke on those memories. The Val Venis Memorial Show would be the lowest rated show in SGW history.

You can see steam blowing out of Venis’ ears as he’s inches away from Cole.

[ Adam Cole ] I don’t give a damn if you’re on the Championship Committee or if your buddy here is a Hall of Famer. I’m the current attraction.. the future legend.. the most untouchable man in SGW right now. I’m the reason this place exists. You two are the reasons it died. So tonight, when I become SGW World Champion, I expect a thank you.

[ Val Venis ] You have some nerve, Cole. You know that?

[ Adam Cole ] What’cha going to do about it? Oh, yeah, that’s right.. NOTHING!

The look on Cole’s face just adds more fuel to the fire. We await Venis to strangle him to death at any moment now.

[ Adam Cole ] And when I win this tournament, I want you to be the one who straps that belt around my waist. Enjoy the rest of the show, fellas.

Cole sarcastically gives a thumbs up to Venis and Stamboli and exits the scene, leaving the two legends looking at one another, fuming. Adam Cole has made a statement tonight, but let’s see if he can back it up and win the SGW World Championship!

After Adam Cole’s arrogant display with the champions of Solid Gold Wrestling’s past, we fade back to a shot of the people jammed into the MGM Grand, now in need of someone to pick up their spirits after the scene backstage. The stage lights dim to black before being replaced with purple, gold and teal. The lights are accompanied by the timely, perfect plucking of an acoustic guitar – and Garth Brooks’ lyric tenor voice.

Three thirty in the mornin', not a soul in sight
The city's lookin' like a ghost town on a moonless summer night
Raindrops on the windshield, there's a storm movin' in
He's headin' back from somewhere that he never should have been
And the thunder rolls…
…and the thunder rolls.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen – Tim Storm is one of the unlikeliest success stories of the first month of Solid Gold Wrestling…but can he actually conquer the Bastard?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I’d like to think Tim Storm can defeat any opponent on the entire Solid Gold Wrestling roster, Nigel! You saw that beautifully made video – even as a high school football player in Texas, young Timothy Storm was willing to do the work to succeed! He’s a winner if ever there wer—

A fist slams on the announce table and Schiavone whimpers embarrassingly.


Tim Storm emerges onto the stage, a serious look on his face as he works the kinks in his wrists, testing his tape and preparing for the match to come. Eventually, the positive reception around the arena causes a sly smile to break across his face.

Storm marches onward, taking his time to register the emotion of the moment as he strides to the ring confidently. As he steps through the ropes, it becomes clear that for the 50-year-old educator, this is far and away the biggest opportunity of his career. Regardless of the pressure on him, Storm is prepared and throws his fists high into the air as Brooks wails:

And the thunder rolls! And the lightnin' strikes!
Another love grows cold…on a sleepless ni-ight!
As the storm blows on…out of contro-o-ouuul
Deep in her heart…the thunder rolls!

Las Vegas is clearly in support of the unlikely hero, and the soulful banger fades as Storm looks ominously toward the grand entrance stage, preparing himself for the war to come. After a few moments of silence, “Boom Boom Pow” hits the speakers and the audience sours their mood to match the next competitor. After the bad mood in the MGM Grand reaches its apex, “The Bastard” slowly emerges from a swarm of black and white strobe lights and glowing LEDs onto the stage.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Here’s an incredible dark horse for SGW World Heavyweight Champion…THE BASTAHD!

[ Tony Schiavone ] While his attitude is sour and his in-ring conduct is deplorable, to say PAC is one of the favorites to win the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship is most certainly an understatement!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen, PAC will take no prisoners, as shown in his match with Los Ingobernables’ Tetsuya Naito at Momentum – and he’s looking to fly straight to the top of the ladder here in SGW when he wins it all tonight!

PAC begins his walk to the ring, emphatically stomping and keeping his eyes locked on Tim Storm, who is showing no sign of fear either. It’s apparent both men are aware of the threat the other represents, and yet, aren’t intimidated by said threat. PAC’s ice-cold demeanor is chilling, for lack of a better word, though Storm’s fiery heart may just be its best counterpart through the entire 12 Large field. The Geordie slides into the ring and pops up, getting right in Storm’s face and popping the raucous Vegas crowd, who are all-too-ready to see The Bastard put in his place. PAC looks like he’s somehow developed MORE musculature since Momentum’s incredible match with Tetsuya Naito and based upon his confidence displayed the night prior at Mile High Madness, the Bastard will be one of the toughest men to bounce from the bracket.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

As referee Rick Knox calls for the bell, the Vegas crowd immediately fire up a chant of “Let’s Go, Stor-rrm!” while a small but vocal group retaliate with “LET’S GO PAC!” The mood has truly shifted in the venue as Storm smirks to acknowledge the MGM Grand’s support and charges into a collar-and-elbow tie up with vigor – but the Bastard isn’t having any of that and immediately ducks through, wrapping his arms around Storm’s waist and locking them tight.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Looks like PAC is trying to avoid any strength advantage Tim Storm may have here, Nige!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It would appear so – but look at this! Storm with an impressive counter there, using his height advantage to snap PAC over with a headlock takeover – quite resourceful, albeit very unconventional!

PAC transitions from the headlock by rolling his own hips and snaring Storm in a head scissors, though the beefy Texan does well to pry the Bastard’s legs open and grab him by the neck! The Vegas fans roar at the sudden strike of violence, though a PAC fist quells the throttling. Storm falls to his behind and PAC runs over, seeking some sort of knee strike but Storm trips him down and applies a head scissor. The Bastard endures the pain of the hold for a moment before gracefully rotating and popping up from the scissors and clattering Storm with a basement dropkick.

[ Tony Schiavone ] PAC scores with the sickening dropkick! That impact rattled Tim Storm’s skull!

[ Scott Steiner ] Old Man Storm’s brain is probably already gots thuh Allzheimers but that must have accelerated the process! ‘WHERE’S MAH PILLS,’ he’ll start askin’ his UGLY wife – WHO, by the way, I can have any time I so please!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] <aside> Clarification incoming…

[ Scott Steiner ] …SEXUALLY, THAT IS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There it is.

Storm immediately grips his neck, indicating a measure of whiplash on the dropkick, but PAC could care less and instantly begins raining down double axe handles to the neck and shoulders. The Bastard is living up to his nickname, putting every ounce of musculature to work in clubbing away at Storm’s thick neck, wearing it further and further, surely with the final goal being a submission victory with the Rings of Saturn. The longtime educator rolls to a corner to stop the vicious onslaught to the top of his spine and referee Rick Knox forces a bit of separation between the Bastard and his opponent.

[ Scott Steiner ] COWARD! What a pussy this old man is, just bury his ass dead – R! I! P! – and let the jacked midget move on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don’t think Tim Storm is done just yet, Scott!

Storm bravely pulls himself up by the ropes and charges toward his opponent, but PAC greets the Texan with a spinning solebutt to the abdomen, doubling him over. Not waiting, the Bastard is quick off the ropes and plants his foot into Storm’s head AGAIN, drawing a shocked reaction from Vegas and garnering a deep one count from Referee Knox. PAC keeps his foot on the pedal with a big neckbreaker and follows it up with a standing star press for another two count. Not letting the heat of the math and Storm’s resilience get to him, PAC picks up his larger opponent and puts him back to the canvas – directly on his neck! – with a deadlift German Suplex!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MY HEAVENS! What impact and directly to the neck of Tim Storm!

The smattering of gasps around the arena was enough to give Knox a serious measure of concern for Storm; his own gritted teeth and hands gripping his neck like it was broken was perhaps an entirely different and yet, more powerful measure of concern. Before the official could make any decisions regarding the match and Storm’s health, PAC was already tumbling through the air, crashing his bodyweight into the Texan with a moonsault senton from the mat, completely rotating the extra 90 degrees in delivering, in essence, a standing reverse 450 splash. The beautifully executed maneuver drew yet another two count as the rough-and-tumble Texan refused to say die.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Storm is displaying every bit of courage we’ve come to know from him, but at what cost? He’s got a family, guys!

[ Scott Steiner ] And they’re probably at home, wonderin’ what’s in the inheritance for them!! I’ll spoil it for yer asses – NOTHIN! CUZ TIM STORM’S A STUPID TEACHER! HE COULDN’T DO, SO HE TEACHED! HE’S POOR AS ALL HELL AND NOW, THIS PACK GUY IS WHIPPIN’ HIS ASS LIKE LIFE HAS FOR SO LONG!

[ Tony Schiavone ] …well, Scott, there’s a lot to be said for the passion that comes from doing something you truly lov—hey! Wait a minute! What the hell is Dario Cueto and Los Ingobernables doing here?!

Schiavone’s right – at the top of the ramp, Dario Cueto, Scarlett Bordeaux and Tetsuya Naito are standing, watching the match take place. Cueto’s attention is on Storm, mocking his every grimace and defeated attempt to rise off the mat, while Bordeaux is halfway watching the match while otherwise looking out of the side of her eye at Naito. The Los leader, finally, has his eyes glued to PAC, who noticed the three new onlookers, but couldn’t seem to be plussed in the slightest at their arrival or their presence, as evidenced by his stiff soccer kick to Storm’s neck all while glaring up at Naito on the ramp. The Ungovernable Naito spread his eye open with his fingers, indicating that he’s watching PAC – or perhaps that PAC should be paying closer attention! Storm is up and with everything he has, charges to and THROUGH the Bastard as he spins around in realization, plowing PAC down with a Texas-sized LARIAT that would make the great Stan Hansen proud!


Storm begins pounding the mat, pumping up the Las Vegas crowd and himself in the process. The Texan pulls up off the mat by the ropes as PAC does the same, struggling to get back to his feet – and charges! But PAC is too quick and DRIVES Storm down, headfirst into the mat with a spike hurricanrana!

[ Scott Steiner ] YEAH! END’ISS ASS!

PAC proceeds to the top rope with little wasted time and stands up, taking a moment to look deep into Naito’s eyes, who opens his own with his signature pose and smiles before the Bastard shakes his head back and forth angrily – and FLIES! It’s the Black Arrow! PAC spins majestically through the air with the corkscrew shooting star press – BUT STORM MOVES!! TIM STORM IS OUT OF THE WAY! The Bastard smacks the canvas and pops up on impact – Storm’s on him! PERFECT STORM!! Tim Storm snatches PAC and twirls around twice, giving the spinning slam more momentum and covers! ONE! TWO! THREEE!!! Tim Storm is moving on!

WINNER - Tim Storm via Pin Fall in 10:51

Storm grabs his face, exhausted and neck probably screaming in pain from the Bastard’s savage attack plan. Back at the stage, Naito, Cueto and Bordeaux slowly exit the stage as Naito grins and shakes his head back and forth. Storm rolls from the ring and grits his teeth as he recognizes the intense pain in his neck.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What heart! Tim Storm is advancing to round two of the 12 Large Tournament, folks!

[ Scott Steiner ] Heart my ASS! Any heart he’s got is hanging on by a damn thread – just like his LIFE! He’s OLDER THAN ALL HELL AND HIS ASS IS GOIN’ DOWN! HOW MANY MORE ROUNDS?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, there could feasibly be two mo—

[ Scott Steiner ] TWO! Yeah, his ass will surely die!!

Storm achingly makes his way to the top of the stage and lifts a hand victoriously, taking a moment to point out to his family and wave. The camera cuts to them, where Mama Storm has a tear in her eye for her son’s success.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] …holy Hell, Scott.

As Storm leaves the stage, PAC comes to and sits up, looking down at the mat before turning his sneering face to the crowd, who are actually quite receptive of the Geordie, applauding his efforts. PAC slowly rises to his feet and lifts a single middle finger before hopping out of the ring and walking up the aisle sourly as we fade away from the ring.

Backstage, Sin Cara is seen completely off by himself in the depths of the arena with his head buried deep in his hands. Even though his match has long ended, he’s seemingly never went back to the locker room to shower and change. Salina de la Renta steps into view, observing Sin Cara’s disappointment.

[ Salina de la Renta ] It’s a good thing you wear that mask, you know?

Sin Cara stands up right and sees who’s speaking to him. In his best broken English, he addresses her with obvious despair in his voice.

[ Sin Cara ] What do you want?

[ Salina de la Renta ] I would cover my face too if I lost as humiliatingly as you did. The winners of that six-men at Momentum were supposed to be the shoo-ins to go to the finals of the tournament. But you.. You lost.

Sin Cara hangs his head.

[ Salina de la Renta ] But compañero, if you would have joined Promociones Dorado, I would have ensured that you would have that championship around your waist.

[ Sin Cara ] Just as Promociones Dorado possess the Tag Team Championships?

Salina laughs as Sin Cara reverses course on her.

[ Salina de la Renta ] Ah, nothing but a moment of weakness. A fluke if you will. I assure you, Sin Cara, Promociones Dorado will have those titles very soon. Join us, let us help you get gold of your own. If you don’t, the losing will continue. The shame you bring upon your family, your culture, your home.. It will worsen! You will be forced to remove your mask and change your identity for you will no longer be the fighting hero people can stand behind! This is why you need Promociones Dorado! This is why you need me!

[ Tim Storm ] I don’t think he’s interested.

Tim Storm, fresh from his match, side steps Salina and approaches Sin Cara.

[ Tim Storm ] You fought a hell of a match out there, friend. Don’t listen to her. Stand up for yourself and let the lies this temptress is trying to feed you go unnoticed. You’re one of the best men in Solid Gold Wrestling and your future is bright.

[ Sin Cara ] Gracias, Tim.

Storm looks back at Salina with a snarl on his face.

[ Tim Storm ] Especially if you don’t side with evil like her.

[ Salina de la Renta ] And who are YOU?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Don’t mind, Tim, here. He’s just a senile old man.

To make matters worse, Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Drew Galloway enter the picture. Neither man is competing here tonight, so there’s no reason for their involvement.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Sin Cara, you constantly denying Salina’s offer to join her little group is the biggest botch in your career, and trust me when I say this, you’ve had a LOT of botches!

Looking on in pure disgust, Galloway shakes his head at the sight of Tim Storm and Sin Cara.

[ Drew Galloway ] The fact that I wasn’t in this tournament and you two were is a joke.

[ Tim Storm ] Well, you can thank you “friend” there for that.

[ Drew Galloway ] I didn’t get a second chance match like the others. Nothing. I’ve been ignored as if I don’t even exist thanks to you.

[ Tim Storm ] Hold on now. Don't be upset at me about all of this. I won fair and square at Revenge just like I have tonight. I'm as close to that title as anyone else still left in that tournament right now!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Give me a break, geezer! You think you’re going to win it all or something? Someone call your kids because grandpa is lost and can’t find his way home! My man DG here is going to be the first challenger to the SGW Championship while people like you never sniff the title scene ever again. Enjoy the fairytale, Cinderella, because it’s almost midnight!

[ Tim Storm ] Regardless of what happens tonight, I’ve still made it deeper into the tournament than Drew Galloway. That’s a fact you cannot argue.

MJF has to hold Galloway back after he attempts to charge at Storm. With the situation seemingly calm, MJF is amused by Tim Storm.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Timmy, you might have made it this far, but let me give you a little spoiler alert, okay? News flash, this just in - Tim Storm’s career is OVER!

BIG BOOT FROM GALLOWAY! Tim Storm is dropped and immediately, Drew Galloway and MJF pounce on Storm, kicking and stomping away on him. Sin Cara tries intervening on Storm’s behalf, but MJF starts throwing lefts and rights to keep him at bay.

[ Drew Galloway ] If I can’t win the SGW title tonight, Tim, neither can you!

Galloway picks Storm up and nails him with a power slam on the floor! Galloway rolls over and sees a toolbox resting on top of one of the production crates. Quickly ripping the top off of it, Galloway pulls a crowbar from it and begins clubbing Storm’s right knee repeatedly! Storm screams out in agony as Galloway delivers blow after crushing blow with enough force to seemingly break down a brick wall! Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Sin Cara breaks free from MJF and dives on top of Storm to protect him.

[ Drew Galloway ] Pathetic.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Holy shit! Tonya Harding would be proud of that move.

MJF hunches down over Tim Storm, who is clutching his knee in agony.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Oh no! Wittle Timmy got a boo-boo on his knee!

MJF spits on Storm.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Piece of shit.

MJF spits in the direction of Sin Cara as well.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Nice mask.

He scoffs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Idiot.

MJF dusts himself off and congratulates Galloway on a job well done. The two turn to leave and notice Salina de la Renta still there. She hands MJF a card.

[ Salina de la Renta ] Nice work. This is my card.

MJF looks it over and hands it to Galloway.

[ Salina de la Renta ] We should work together sometime.

As some of the SGW medical team finally enter the scene, Galloway rips the card in half and throws the pieces on the ground.

[ Drew Galloway ] I work alone.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] WE work alone, buddy! You and me! Dynamic duo! The Golden Rulers! Thick as frickin' thieves!

Without acknowledging anything MJF says, Galloway exits the scene without Friedman, who is too busy grabbing the pieces of Selina's business card. He sticks them in his suit pocket and quickly rushes to catch up with him. We get one final shot of the medics and Sin Cara doing their best to tend to Tim Storm, who still has another match upcoming! Even if he’s able to compete, at best, Tim Storm will be down to one leg! Drew Galloway might have shifted the future of the entire tournament with his vicious attack!

We fade back to a shot of the beautiful entrance stage after Drew Galloway’s vicious attack on Tim Storm. The announce table is strangely silent, probably concerned for what this heinous situation with MJF and the Scottish Psychopath can mean for the future of the evening when Nathan Jones steps out onto the stage. The MGM Grand Arena is a little shocked to see a man of Jones’ size and general disposition appear with such little fanfare, but the slight applause around the arena eventually grows to a respectable level as the intense Aussie storms down the ramp and to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, from that vicious situation in the backstage area, we’re back to the ring for another first round contest! This individual, Nathan Jones, is perhaps the most intense competitor in the loaded 12 Large field, wouldn’t you say, Nigel?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I would, Tony. Nathan Jones is used to intensity – it’s his everyday life! We all know about his time behind bars in the Boggo Road prison in his homeland of Australia, but Jones can’t seem to leave that time behind – of course, one would imagine this is the very point of incarceration as a corporal punishment, yet the goal SURELY would be for the seclusion to rehabilitate instead of encourage a greater level of violence!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell of a job that kookaburra bullshit factory did, then – this tall bastard looks like he’s ready to rip Adam Cole’s head clean off! …and FRANKLY, I’m here for it!

Jones steps over the top rope solemnly and wheels around, standing in center ring and practically daring his opponent, the Panama Playboy, to try any funny business with him. Referee Paul Turner, ever the timid optimist, walks up to Jones and earnestly encourages him to take to his corner for a pre-match check. Jones looks down his nose at the miniscule official and takes a half-step into the direction of his corner begrudgingly.

The lights fall to black before a stream of yellow lasers light up the arena, dancing across the stage to form an unmistakable “AC” before the speakers ring out with “SHOCK…the system…” and the MGM Grand explodes with energy. As the guitar riff plays, Adam Cole confidently strides onto the stage, his long hair dripping with water and his handsome face dripping with arrogance.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Pardon my pun, but this gentleman, Adam Cole, is without question – an UNDISPUTED contender for the first Solid Gold Wrestling Champion in over ten years!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Unquestionably is right, best buddy. Adam Cole is cocky, he’s braggadocious, he’s arrogant – but he backs every bit of it up in the squared circle with his next-level, top-of-the-chart skills, and has built and amazingly large fanbase while doing so!

[ Scott Steiner ] Remind you of anyone ‘ya know?!

Cole begins his walk to the ring, making the “championship” gesture by his waist as his lovely girlfriend, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD follows him closely. As he approaches the apron, Britt gives Adam a knowing look before he leaps onto the side of the ring and pauses, a single finger in the air and his head bowed. As the song reaches its choral crescendo, he looks up, mouths the word “boom,” which the MGM Grand scream along with him as Cole jabs his thumb at himself. He smirks into the camera, zooming in on his face, saying that “Nathan Jones ain’t got a snowball’s chance in he—HEY! HEY!”

Before Cole can step into the ring on his own volition, Nathan Jones has grabbed him by the neck and lifts him OVER the top rope, rolling him across the ring and snarling like a wild animal! This match has begun!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

As the house lights rise to normal, Jones is already on Cole like white on rice, clubbing the Panama Playboy with repeated blows to the head and shoulders! Jones blows himself up, delivering no less than 50 forearm strikes to the head of his opponent before taking a second to breathe deeply and scream out across the arena!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Talk about your quick start! Adam Cole is already at a severe disadvantage here, fans!

Cole’s eyes are as wide as saucers as Jones stomps him in the chest, driving his smaller opponent into the corner, where he pushes his knee right into Adam’s face! Jones releases his knee and stomps again, ten times right in Cole’s chest as the fans count out alongside each blow! Adam Cole wisely rolls through the ropes to the floor, where Britt Baker joins him in a hurry, obviously concerned for her boyfriend’s not-so-hot start to this first round contest.

Jones isn’t in a waiting mood and pulls Cole BACK to the apron by his hair once he’s on his feet, but the Panama Playboy delivers a quick shoulder tackle through the ropes to stun Jones, then rolls over his back into the ring and darts off the far-side ropes! – Jones is up, though and runs THROUGH Cole with a full-body attack, stopping the Playboy’s momentum harshly!

[ Scott Steiner ] NUH UH, LITTLE MAN! You gotta tackle the giant head on, not by running like a little chump!

Cole’s head must be spinning as Jones reaches down to the canvas and pulls him up by his neck AGAIN! Once Adam is back on his feet, Jones lifts his opponent onto his shoulder and charges into the far turnbuckles, bashing him repeatedly with shoulder tackles to Cole’s muscled mid-section, wearing further into the insane cardio that the Playboy obviously hoped he would not have to dip deep into for round one! Cole plants a thumb into Jones’ eye as he ceases his shoulder tackling onslaught and gingerly hops to the middle rope, diving off and looking for the Panama Sunrise – BUT JONES IS FAR TOO LARGE AND FAR TOO ENERGIZED! Jones maintains the hold on Cole’s legs and walks out into center ring, PLANTING his opponent with an Australia-bama Slam! COVER! ONE! TWO! NO! No! Adam Cole works the shoulder up and Jones is visibly in shock at the kickout. Not one to waste time, Jones drives his elbow deep into Cole’s stomach while on his knees, causing Adam to roll across the ring in agony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Not that we underscored Nathan Jones’ chances of winning, Nigel, but it sure seems like the MGM Grand are a bit shocked at the outcome of the match thus far! We could have a bracket buster on our hands here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s all on paper, Schiavone! Adam Cole is a human being with an enormous brain and other enormous body parts that will keep him in this or any match until the bitter end – Nathan Jones cannot let this opportunity slip through his fingers – he MUST capitalize and finish the Panama City Playboy here and now or forever rue the decision not to!

Jones walks slowly to Cole, breathing deeply and regaining his wind, then picks his opponent up by his long hair and punches him in the stomach, delivers a clubbing blow to the back and steps back – Jones fires the Spinning Kick! He’s headhunting!! – but just as Jones spins backwards, Cole readies a kick and fires – RIGHT to Jones’ testicles before falling to the mat! Referee Paul Turner runs to disqualify Cole, but the Playboy is down and screaming about his ACL! Turner rushes to Cole and begins inspecting his damaged ligament. After a moment of inspection, Cole slaps himself in the kneepad and stands up strong.

[ Adam Cole ] <hardly audible on the ring mic> Huh! All better! Thanks, Paul!

Turner grits his teeth, scowling, but Cole is already pouncing on Jones with a chop block, staggering the Colossus! Cole is up and throws ANOTHER chop block, really wearing out the calf! Cole is up and throws a vicious superkick – RIGHT AT Jones’ calf and finally sends the Boggo Road Colossus down to a knee, screaming out in pain!

As Jones struggles on his knee, clutching his damaged calf, Cole delivers with another massive Superkick! Right to the jaw! Nothing! Jones is just MORE pissed off, still rubbing his calf! Cole throws another superkick! No dice! A third! Still nothing! Cole darts ahead with a fourth, but Jones catches it and tosses him off, Cole rolling backwards as Jones rises and charges at his opponent – BUT COLE LEAPS UP! PANAMA SUNRISE! The big man takes the impact DIRECTLY on the top of the head sickeningly! Jones’ legs are very close to the ropes, but Cole covers his shoulders with all of his body weight – AND BRITT BAKER GRABS JONES’ FEET! ONE! TWO! THREE! Adam Cole needed definite, unseen assistance to defeat Nathan Jones!

WINNER - Adam Cole via Pin Fall in 8:55

The MGM Grand explodes with excitement as Turner counts the three! Jones is furious and Cole is immediately up and rolls out of the ring with cat-like quickness, clearly in no mood to stick around and find out how Jones likes the crooked outcome of the match.

[ Scott Steiner ] NOW DAMMIT! If this Australian lame-ass hadn’t skipped leg day AGAIN he coulda kicked that skinny dentist broad right offa him! Just another reason why bullshit artists like this Boggo Road bastard will never win! Danielson will never win! I’M A WINNER!

A concerned Britt Baker begins attending to her boyfriend on the floor, back to the ring – BUT SOON REGRETS IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] BRITT! LOOK OUT, DEAH!

Nathan Jones stumbles up to his feet and grabs Baker by the shoulder of her sleeveless top, pulling her up off the ground! The Dentist is screaming for help, and Cole CHUCKS a steel chair at Jones, clattering off his head, causing him to drop Baker back to the ground! Before Jones can retaliate, Cole has Baker by the wrist and is RUNNING up the aisle to the stage, pulling his girlfriend along violently as he does his best to escape the Colossus of Boggo Road!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole is going to pull Britt Baker’s arm right off her torso! He sure doesn’t LOOK like a winner right now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Who cares what he looks like, Tony? Adam Cole is a winner – and he’s advancing to the next round of the 12 Large Tournament – one step closer to being the first Solid Gold Wrestling World Champion in ovah a decade!

We fade to the backstage area on a final shot of Nathan Jones’ seething, furious face.

We suddenly find ourselves outside.

It would be quiet, peaceful even... if not for the screaming fans.

We can still hear them rumbling inside the arena, jacked up after the exciting conclusion to Adam Cole versus Nathan Jones... the dream match they never knew they needed. It's dark and there's no one around. No pedestrians, no other workers... as the camera scans the area, it becomes clear that we're close to the staff entrance, which explains the lack of activity. Everyone is inside, ensuring this event goes off without a hitch. As the camera floats around aimlessly, we catch a glimpse of a silhouette sitting on some steps underneath a canopy... a man all by himself.

The camera begins to zoom in and the live crowd is shocked to see another former SGW World Heavyweight Champion in a long line of them tonight. Wearing a blazer over a Blink 182 t-shirt and rocking black skinny jeans, the man anxiously rubs his hands together between his knees while looking down at the ground beneath him. He cuts his eyes up in the direction of the camera... the fans actually pop pretty loudly.

Alex Shelley.

His eyes narrow as though he doesn't relish the idea of being found back here. However, he appears to think it over and takes a deep breath, exhaling like the weight of this scenario has exhausted him already. Like, just being here has taken all he had to offer. With a dry, somber tone... he speaks to us, the live crowd, and the viewers at home.

[ Alex Shelley ] Ya' know... the last thing I ever expected to get in the mail was an invitation to attend 12 Large... and I'll be honest with ya', I never thought in a million... billion... years that I'd actually go through with it... and show up.

He allows an awkward smirk to adorn his features as he looks back down.

[ Alex Shelley ] Why is that, you ask?

And then he looks back up dramatically.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...'cause for the last thirteen years, internet journalists and keyboard warriors... basement dwelling neck beards and forty-year old virgins... dweebs for lack of a better term... have been typing away and referring to me as the last true SGW World Heavyweight Champion... the last one that counts, they say.

He scoffs.

[ Alex Shelley ] Those last four reigns after mine... they're a sham... everyone knows it... it's not even a secret, man... those guys didn't earn the belt... not like I did... Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Christian Cage? Don't get me wrong, they're... I mean, they're decent, okay... I'll give'em that much credit... but everybody knows... everybody knows... that I'm the last one that counts.

His smile has vanished altogether, replaced by a look of indignation.

[ Alex Shelley ] So, tell me this... if the famed and oh-so-credible Internet Wrestling Community knows this... and more impotantly,,, if I know this... then how come no one... absolutely no one is talking about Alex Shelley? All anyone wants to talk about is... is Jeff Jarrett--

He pats his heart.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...which, by the way, I'm still so broken up about what happened to ya'.

He winks at the camera.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...thoughts and prayers, buddy.

He gets right back on the subject.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...they wanna talk about Shane Douglas, and Chavo Guerrero's so-called miracle title reigns... they're even talking about Tom Cruise and Gangrel! Tom Cruise, for real? Get with the program, sheeple! Solid Gold Wrestling was trolling you and it wasn't even that good of a gag.

He begins to look pissed.

[ Alex Shelley ] That Hollywood idiot broke Kristal Marshall's neck with a botched F-5... who let Tom Cruise do an F-5 on live television anyway? See, I like it when my world champions know how to work... learn how to work, Tom... if ya' ever get outta' intensive care.

He begins to chuckle to himself.

[ Alex Shelley ] Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

He holds his hand up and wags his finger in the camera, regaining our attention.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...but what I'm getting at here... is no one ever talks about Alex Shelley... not in the mainstream, at least... only amongst the purists and the connoisseurs of finer wrestling products... it's as though I've become something of a hipster wrestling fan's delight... and it's not fair.

His eyes widen, he's pleading.

[ Alex Shelley ] I did cool stuff, man! I won the SGW World Championship and the XWF World Championship in the same night! I'm the only person that ever did that! I filmed all of Jeff Jarrett's biggest hits... Dead Men Don't Woo... The Lonely Grave of Richard Fleihr... that was me! I did that. I filmed Nancy Benoit without her freakin' consent and then humiliated her rotten, murdering husband at WrestleBrawl 2...

He looks down, shaking his head gently.

[ Alex Shelley ] Maybe I'd be remembered more fondly if I... if I somehow ended his career--

He looks back up into the camera.

[ Alex Shelley ] Ya' know... before all the murder--

He gives his cheek a light smack.

[ Alex Shelley ] Nah... can't dwell on the what if's... what's done is done.

He waves the camera off, clearly not in the mood to talk anymore as it has obviously put him in a worse mood than before. Suddenly, we hear footsteps in the distance. Heavy footsteps. They're getting closer. Shelley pays no attention to the noise until he realizes that they've come to a halt at his back. We hear someone strike a match... it sizzles for a moment and then we see it fall in and out of the shot as the handler drops it. Shelley looks over his shoulder as the man steps up next to him and then takes a seat on the concrete steps right by his side. We see the filthy ripped up jeans and sweat stained wife beater and we immediately know who it is. The large, bearded man takes a long drag off his cigarette and exhales the smoke.

[ Luke Harper ] So... you think you've got problems?

Harper reaches into his back pocket and finds a beer. He cracks it open and takes a drink. Shelley stares at the side of his head, visibly intrigued by this filthy, carefree individual.

[ Luke Harper ] There ain't no sense in troublin' yourself with what those people think... they only know what they see and they're all blind, the whole lot of 'em... the whole damned lot of 'em... the world slides... and the world goes... and death makes them equal, the rich and the poor.

Shelley nods, understanding.

[ Alex Shelley ] ...right on.

He eyes the beer in Harper's hand.

[ Alex Shelley ] Say, pal... ya' wouldn't happen to have another one of those, would ya'?

Harper turns his head slowly and glares at Shelley with crazy eyes.

[ Luke Harper ] ...does the Pope shit in his hat?

Shelley swallows hard and timidly shrugs.

[ Alex Shelley ] I doubt it but who's to say, really?

Harper's beard can barely hide his smirk. He reaches behind him and removes another can of beer. He hands it to Shelley. Shelley looks down at it and uses his t-shirt to aggressively wipe down the top of the can before cracking it open. He takes a drink and looks out into the darkness of the parking lot. He speaks to no one in particular, almost under his breath.

[ Alex Shelley ] Mr... Sadistic.

Harper looks at him, his beady eyes narrowed. Shelley nods.

[ Alex Shelley ] Yeah, I know who you are.

He takes another drink.

[ Alex Shelley ] Big win last night... what was that, almost three hours?

He smiles, looking down at his can.

[ Alex Shelley ] Friggin' marathon man over here.

Harper continues glaring at Shelley with brooding intensity. He then turns his face away from Shelley and looks out at the parking lot himself. His tone is dull, almost lifeless. It's as though he forces the words out.

[ Luke Harper ] It's... peculiar... how money... or gold, for frame of reference... can silence a neighborhood.

Shelley tilts his head to the side, digesting that.

[ Alex Shelley ] Sure... peculiar.

[ Luke Harper ] Where I come from... there was no money... no gold... but noisy... all the time... car horns, shouting, squealing animals, stereos at full volume... there was always someone, somewhere... making noise.

He slowly turns his head to look at Shelley again. His voice is lower, more dry.

[ Luke Harper ] It's noisy here.

Shelley turns and meets his gaze, clearly uncomfortable.

[ Luke Harper ] I can't stop... I can't rest... until there's silence.

Harper finishes off his cigarette and flicks it into the darkness before turning up his beer and draining it. He crushes the can in his fist. Harper stands up, looming over Shelley. Shelley looks up at him, probably and rightly so, expecting an attack at any moment from the Most Sadistic Man in SGW. Harper takes a deep breath.

[ Luke Harper ] Up with ya'... there ain't nothin' left to do here but wait.

He points out at nothing in particular but it's as though he knows exactly where he's going.

[ Luke Harper ] Massage parlor around the corner.

Shelley looks out into the distance and then finishes his beer. He stands up and dusts off the seat of his pants, never taking his eyes off of Harper... still not knowing what to expect from the bruiser.

[ Luke Harper ] ...then we're gonna hop on a jet back to my place.

He nods, a proud look upon his face.

[ Luke Harper ] I have a sauna... and an air hockey table.

He clenches his teeth, forcing the next word through them.

[ Luke Harper ] ...fun.

Without another word, Harper descends the steps and begins walking out into the parking lot, probably toward his rental car. Shelley remains behind, clutching his empty beer can. He watches as Harper walks further and further before he shrugs. He tosses the beer can over his shoulder and clinks around on the pavement behind him. Shelley sighs.

[ Alex Shelley ] Fuck it.

Shelley follows Harper into the darkness, toward the massage parlor... and into uncertainty.

The are still awash with confusion as we return to the ringside area with a wide shot of the entranceway.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wow! What an appearance by former SGW World Champion, Alex Shelley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm not so sure I'd be that quick t' shack up wit' the enigma known as Mista' Sadistic! In reality, we've just seen Alex Shelley for the first time in years... and now, quite possibly... the last time! Who knows what's goin' on in the mind of that unpredictable barbarian!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't let him hear you say that, Nige'!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, eitha' way, the show must go on 'n that's exactly what's about to happen as we embark toward another first round match in this historic 12 Large Tournament!

The fans boo loudly as "Cult of Personality" hits and Paul Heyman walks through the curtain, a smug grin on his face. From behind him, AJ Lee explodes out from the back, skipping in circles all around Heyman as he barely pays her mind. The boos become even louder as CM Punk throws the curtain aside and steps out onto the ramp in his gear and a baggy black hoodie, his face obscured. Punk kneels down at the edge of the stage, next to Heyman and Heyman smiles as he pulls his sleeve up, revealing his watch. He holds it out, underneath Punk's face and checks it, looks at it quizzically, and then throws his hood back as he stands while shouting "IT'S FUCKIN'... CLOBBERINNNNNNN' TIIIIIIIIIIIIME!" which gets a big pop despite his despicable, villainous leanings. Punk charges down the ramp with purpose in his step, Paul Heyman and AJ Lee trailing behind!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's no doubt that CM Punk has proven himself to be one of the most controversial figures in SGW since returning to professional wrestling! After betraying the Hangman at SGW Momentum, it was revealed that Paul Heyman had bribed an as of yet unidentified member of the SGW Championship Committee to buy a spot for CM Punk in the 12 Large Tournament! Since then, as we heard at Mile High Madness just last night, CM Punk has some rather unique opinions on the history and management of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Controversy is his middle name 'n controversy, believe it or not, creates cash!

Heyman climbs up the steps first and sits on the middle rope, allowing Punk to step through and climb inside, spinning out with his arms outstretched until he comes to a stop in the center of the ring. The fans have reverted back to booing Punk ruthlessly but that doesn't stop him from running to the corner, leaping onto the middle rope and cupping his ear while shouting "WHAT'S MY FUCKIN' NAAAAAAME!" which elicits another massive round of boos! Punk just smiles and looks down at someone in the front row before flipping them a middle finger and mouthing "fuck you, too." Before tensions at ringside can rise any higher, the lights go out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here he comes! Aleister Black!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Paul Heyman might've bought CM Punk a spot in the tournament but he damn sure didn't buy him an easy way outta the first round! Aleister Black, as we've seen up 'til now... is LEGIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He defeated Samoa Joe in one of the greatest, most hard hitting matches I've ever seen with these two eyes at SGW Revenge! And then, at SGW Momentum, he left a path of destruction in his wake on the way to victory in a six-man tag team match! You're a fool if you're sleeping on Aleister Black in this tournament!

The fans gasp with surprise as they're bathed in darkness... there's a long moment where there's no sound at all... and then "Root of All Evil" hits to a big pop and the smoke machines go into overdrive on the stage! The Queen of the Damned, herself, Zelina Vega walks out onto the stage first in entrance attire that would look more at home on the set of a Hellraiser movie, holding a goblet that's swirling with a viscous red fluid. She stands on the stage with a solemn look on her face... until Aleister Black rises straight up out of the smoke into a standing position! Black stares down the ramp with great intensity before stomping down the ramp, toward the ring and his destiny!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm tellin' you'se guys right now! It's that spicy emo pocket rocket he's carryin' to the ring with him! Look at her fuckin' face 'n tell me that broad don't mean business! He ain't about t' let her down! Aleister Black KNOWWWWS that if he drops god damn ball tonight, it's gonna be a diff'rent kinda' hell in the bedroom tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I mean, that's one theory, for sure.


Zelina Vega remains at ringside as Black climbs into the ring and falls into a seated position in the center of the mat. Punk watches on from the corner, amused, offering a sarcastic golf clap. Black returns to his feet and whips around to glare at Punk, practically freezing him in place with his eyes. Punk looks taken aback for a moment but brushes it off and backs up into his corner. As Justin Roberts finishes introducing Black, Paul Heyman bullies in and snatches the microphone out of Roberts' hand, drawing some major heat from the SGW faithful. Heyman clears his throat into the microphone and begins to speak.

[ Paul Heyman ] For those of you who don't know by now... my name... is PAUL--

And then Aleister Black executes a perfect, mid-level BLACK MASS and kicks the microphone out of Paul Heyman's hand to a huge pop! Paul looks down at his hand in disbelief! AJ Lee stares up from ringside with her jaw on the floor! With no hesitation, CM Punk charges right up on Aleister Black, getting in his face! They stand nose to nose and Mike Chioda immediately calls for the bell!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans are electric as CM Punk and Aleister Black stare each other down in the middle of the ring. Black is trembling with intensity while Punk simply stares into his eyes with a confident smirk. Finally, Punk raises a single finger as if to ask Black for “one moment,” turns slightly to the side… and then drills him with a big right hand out of nowhere! The fans boo loudly as Black is forced into the corner under a barrage of lefts, rights, and open hand slaps! Punk continues the flurry until Black covers with his arms, trying to protect his head! Satisfied, Punk backs out of the corner, turns around and runs toward the opposite corner… but just as he turns around to charge back at the cornered Black, Black is already meeting him with a YAKUZA KICK TO THE FACE, the impact of which sends Punk careening awkwardly over the top rope where he crashes onto the apron and rolls to the floor before staggering into the guardrail, clutching the side of his face!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a shot! This is how you send a message t' everyone else in the tournament!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Aleister Black isn't here to talk, gentlemen! He's here to win!

Paul Heyman and AJ Lee approach Punk, checking on his condition. Almost like a child, he points at the point of impact… but then both of them abandon him with wide-eyed fear… as ALEISTER BLACK SAILS OVER THE ROPES, TAKING PUNK OUT WITH A PLANCHA! Paul Heyman loses his mind, screaming “ARE YOU MAD!?” as Aleister Black returns to his feet, showing almost zero emotion on his face, aside from brooding intensity! Punk is laid out at the edge of the ramp and Black descends on him, grabbing a handful of hair. He pulls Punk up to his knees and Punk grabs Black’s wrist with both hands, trying to maintain some semblance of control. Black aggressively tosses Punk down face first where he lands on all fours and Black casually kicks him in the ribs before grabbing a handful of Punk’s tights and throwing him headfirst into the ring steps, creating an audible THUNK that causes the fans to groan! Punk rolls over into a seated position, rubbing the back of his head and his eyes go wide… as ALEISTER BLACK CHARGES IN WITH A KNEE STRIKE! PUNK MOVES AND BLACK EATS THE STAIRS, FLIPPING OVER THEM AND LANDING IN A SEATED POSITION ON THE OTHER SIDE! Black clutches his knee and seethes with anger, spitting with every heavy breath!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That might've cost Aleister Black dearly! A knee injury at this stage in the match could be critical!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You need your knees to stand!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Stand and fight, yes, Tony!

Punk returns to his feet, looking pissed. He spits on the mat and walks around the steps, smiling as he sees the wounded Black. Zelina Vega looks on from several feet away, genuine concern on her face for her husband. Punk kicks the seated Black in the back and then hops around and delivers a second kick full-on to his chest. Punk rolls under the bottom rope to break the referee’s count and then grabs a handful of Black’s hair. With another handful of Black’s tights, Punk forces him under the bottom rope and then follows him inside. The fans are booing loudly and Punk arrogantly cups his ear, beckoning them for more! Punk gives everyone a thumbs up and an “OK” hand signal before going back to paying attention to Aleister Black, who is struggling to all fours. Punk grabs a handful of his hair, keeping his head in place… and then begins delivering a series of short kicks to Black’s head! One, two, three, four, five, six short kicks… and then Punk pulls back… AND FIELD GOAL KICKS BLACK RIGHT IN THE FACE! The impact sends Black over on his back and he continues writhing on the mat and seething, spitting through gritted teeth!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think we're seeing the end of Aleister Black here, folks.

[ Scott Steiner ] Bullshit! Don't count out Aleister Black yet! That tatted up vampire bitch is just gettin' warmed up! I promise you that! He ain't about t' let CM Punk get the god damn better of 'im! He knows what awaits in the bedroom!

Punk stalks Black, keeping his arms outstretched at his sides! As the fans boo louder and louder, Punk finally places his hands together and positions them next to his face… signifying that it’s time for Aleister Black to go to sleep! Black, quaking with exertion, forces himself up to his feet and he turns around… only for Punk to scoop him up on his shoulders! GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEP! NO! Black slips out! Punk turns around, surprise on his face… BLACK MASSSSSSSSSSSS!


Punk crumbles like he’s made of Paper and Aleister Black falls on top of him! Mike Chioda counts! ONE! TWO! THRE—AJ LEE PULLS MIKE CHIODA HALFWAY OUT OF THE RING! Chioda crawls the rest of the way out of the ring, shouting and pointing at AJ Lee before showing her the “SGW” logo on his referee shirt! However, his lecture only goes so far before… ZELINA VEGA TACKLES AJ LEE ON THE FLOOR! Zelina and AJ fight it out, rolling around on the floor as the fans go nuts! Paul Heyman just stands there, watching with both hands on either side of his head and his mouth hanging agape! Mike Chioda shakes his head, done with this business, and slides back into the ring where Black still has Punk down! Chioda counts! ONE! TWO! THR—PUNK KICKS OUT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My goodness! That few seconds that AJ Lee bought just saved CM Punk!

[ Tony Schiavone ] By all rights, Aleister Black should have won this match!

[ Scott Steiner ] It ain't over yet! And until it is, get the god damn cameras on the two broads rollin' around on the floor out there! I wanna see my spicy emo Queen of the Damned give that flaccid tapeworm lookin' rat the business!

Black looks angry as he stands up and then winces as he feels the pain shoot through his knee from the earlier crash into the ring steps. Black punches his knee a couple of times to get the feeling back in it and then grabs Punk by the hair. On the outside of the ring, D-Von Dudley and Steve Corino have come to ringside to escort AJ Lee and Zelina Vega away from the area while Heyman argues AJ’s case! The fans cheer loudly as AJ and Zelina are escorted behind the curtain, out of the fray!

[ Tony Schiavone ] AJ Lee and Zelina Vega have been ejected from the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good! Now maybe we can focus on having a clear cut winna' of this match!

Aleister Black watches this go down and shakes his head before turning his attention back to Punk. He uses Punk’s hair to pull him up off the mat. Punk stands on spaghetti legs and Black holds him up with a hand on either side of his head. Black shouts “MEET… YOUR… MAKER!” before releasing Punk’s head and going for BLACK MASS… but Punk comes to and punches Black in the knee as his leg comes around! Black recoils, drawing back the kick and gripping his knee in pain! Without a second's hesitation, Punk hoists him up… GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Punk covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - CM Punk via Pin Fall in 18:39

The fans erupt in boos as Punk rolls off of Black and sits on his knees in the middle of the ring, pumping his fists with a huge grin on his face! Paul Heyman is practically jumping up and down at ringside. Punk rolls out of the ring and Heyman throws his arm around his shoulder, guiding him toward the ramp. Punk looks up into the ring with a confident smirk as he and Heyman back up the ramp. Inside the ring, Aleister Black rolls over on his side before getting on all fours and trying to push himself back up.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, CM Punk has done it! He's beaten Aleister Black and he's going to round two!

[ Scott Steiner ] Awww, bullshit! Now we gotta listen to this guy yap about winnin' this fuckin' match! Somebody better knock this bitch out before the night's over! I'ma tell you that right now!

Punk stands on the stage with Heyman's arm around his shoulder. Heyman holds up one finger and shouts "THAT'S ONE STEP CLOSER!" before they turn and leave through the curtain. The camera cuts and focuses on Aleister Black in the ring as he tries to put weight on his wounded knee. The fans give him a standing ovation for his effort as we go backstage.

As we move from the ringside area to backstage, we see Colt Cabana, Jason Jordan, and Kurt Angle standing around talking. Nick Gage enters the screen on a mission, marching straight up to Cabana.

[ Nick Gage ] You the comedian?

[ Colt Cabana ] Who? Me?

[ Nick Gage ] You’re that guy who does the little segment where people get shit on, right?

Cabana has no idea how to reply. While he thinks of how to approach this, Jason Jordan speaks for him.

[ Jason Jordan ] Yeah! Good Times, Great Memories!

[ Nick Gage ] That’s it.. That’s the show where you bury the people. I’m surprised you haven’t had me on there yet.

[ Colt Cabana ] W.. Well why would I do that? You’re a fine, upstanding citizen. A valued member of the roster, even!

[ Nick Gage ] No, I’m not.

Gage pauses and awkwardness overtakes the situation. With a full poker face, Gage looks dead in Cabana’s eyes and then starts laughing.

[ Nick Gage ] See?! I’m a fuckin’ comedian, too! You’re a funny mother fucker!

Full of relief, Colt lets out a sigh.

[ Nick Gage ] Go ‘head, do another one of the shows. I need a laugh.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, I don’t think it’s really an every show kind of thing.

Gage’s delight turns to brooding anger once again.

[ Nick Gage ] You telling me that I’m not gonna’ get to see the funny show? You do know what I’m capable of, right? So, here’s the deal, you’re gonna’ have yourself one of those little shows or else I’m gonna’ slice baldy’s throat over there.

Jordan and Angle both rub the tops of their heads, realizing that it could literally be either one of them soon to meet their demise. In desperation, Angle screams out.

[ Kurt Angle ] Go on, Colt! Be freakin’ funny!

[ Nick Gage ] Yeah, Colt. Be funny. Or else.

[ Colt Cabana ] I don’t really like getting put on the spot. I mean, c’mon! Who else can just fire off comedy without preparation?

[ Nick Gage ] Jerry Seinfeld.

Gage backs up his claim with such confidence.

[ Nick Gage ] “No soup for you!” Fuckin’ gold.

He dies out in laughter even though it wasn’t a Seinfeld joke. Nervously fumbling around for inspiration, Cabana knows his back is against the wall.

[ Nick Gage ] Start up the show, give a little intro, and start making fun of people. Or else.

Gage reaches into his pocket and pulls out some sort of rusty prison shiv that looks like it’d give you an incurable disease before you finally bled out after being stabbed with it.

[ Nick Gage ] Make me laugh.

Knowing he has no other choice, Cabana swallows hard and wings it. He stares directly into the camera that is conveniently on the scene and begins.

[ Colt Cabana ] Uh.. Hi.. Hi folks! Welcome in to a very unique edition of Good Times, Great Memories! I’m your host, Colt Cabana, and here with me right now as my temporary.. I think.. Co-host.. Is Nick Gage!

[ Nick Gage ] Hi, Ma!

[ Colt Cabana ] Ah, the shoutout to mom.

[ Nick Gage ] What? You don’t like your mother?

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh, of course, I do! She’s the best. And when I undoubtedly die here tonight, she’ll be devastated to see my unedited demise in front of millions of people.

Disco Inferno walks in front of the shot and Gage stops him.

[ Colt Cabana ] Look! Our first guest! Disco, you debuted last night at Mile High Madness. How was it for you?

[ Disco Inferno ] It’d be better if this maniac wasn’t pressing a shiv against my throat right now.

The camera pans over to reveal Nick Gage doing just that. Cabana quickly grabs Gage’s arm and moves it down, allowing Disco to more freely breathe once again.

[ Colt Cabana ] Disco Inferno everybody!

Wasting no time, Disco disappears quickly. You can hear him yelling down the hallway as he escapes.

[ Disco Inferno ] That lunatic has a prison shank!

Apparently, he was talking to Candy Floss, who paid him no attention.

[ Colt Cabana ] Candy Floss! The newest member of the women’s roster!

[ Candy Floss ] Hi guys!

[ Colt Cabana ] Candy Floss, people are dying to know.. What’s your favorite kind of candy?

[ Candy Floss ] Oh! That’s a tough question. Let me think..

She takes a few seconds to ponder, which is a few seconds too long for Gage.

[ Nick Gage ] Fuckin’ black licorice or get the FUCK out of here!

[ Colt Cabana ] BLACK LICORICE?!

Cabana instantly regrets his decision to speak.

[ Colt Cabana ] I mean, black licorice is cool! It definitely doesn’t taste like chewy dirt. Great call!

Jacob Fatu and Armando Alejandro Estrada walk through the shot and Gage stops Fatu with a smile on his face.

[ Nick Gage ] Hey! Colt Cabana thinks you’re FAT! Tell ‘em! Roast ‘em good!

[ Armando Estrada ] ‘Chu think JACOB FATU is fat?!

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh dear God. I should’ve just let him shank me to death.

Fatu grabs Colt by the throat and is foaming at the mouth as Gage looks on.

[ Armando Estrada ] I will have you know.. This man! Jacob Fatu! Is not fat, ‘chu got me?! Huh? He is merely.. BIG BONED! HE IS SAMOAN!

Jimmy Havoc, with an ax over his shoulder for NO apparent reason passes by and observes the happenings. He looks on with great interest.

[ Nick Gage ] What are YOU fuckin’ starin’ at?

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Wouldn’t mind seein’ a cunt die in person.

[ Nick Gage ] Colt! Roast this pasty goth!

[ Colt Cabana ] I’m a little busy here!

Gage grabs Fatu’s arm and forces him to release Cabana from his grip. Colt slides to the ground and gasps for air. Estrada looks down at Colt with a snarl.

[ Armando Estrada ] You.. have been warned!

Fatu and Estrada walk off as Angle and Jordan help Colt back to his feet.

[ Colt Cabana ] Our.. Aw fuck me.. Our next guest on the show is Jimmy Havoc… Who.. For no reason.. Has an ax on his shoulder…

Colt drops his head. Things are going from bad to worse.

[ Colt Cabana ] Jimmy, buddy, I hope you have a sense of humor or I think I’ll be finding out how sharp that ax is.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I don’t mind havin’ a laugh.

[ Colt Cabana ] Jimmy, welcome to the show. It’s sponsored by Nick Gage, so you can tell why it’s going to flawlessly. Jimmy, buddy, welcome to SGW! Tell us about your plans. Your hopes, dreams, everything in between..

[ Jimmy Havoc ] ...That wasn’t funny.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, I really don’t want to die.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] What? You think I’m not worth a fuckin’ joke, cunt?

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh.. So.. You have an.. Ax to grind with my questions?

[ Nick Gage ] Fuckin’ gold! You’re the funniest shit alive, Cabana!

Havoc isn’t pleased.

[ Colt Cabana ] Get it? Ax to grind? Because.. You have an ax…

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Oh, no. I get it. Rubbish. All of this. All of you. Pure shit.

[ Nick Gage ] Hey, you goth fuck! Nobody cares what’cha think! Colt here thinks you’re a real mother fucker anyway!

Colt buries his head in his hands and Havoc takes the ax off his shoulders.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ax to grind. THAT’S the joke that I die from.

Havoc swings but Colt ducks at the last second! With the ax head buried deep into the drywall, Havoc instead punches Colt in the face and drops him to the ground and begins delivering stiff lefts and rights as everyone looks on. Chris Dickinson sprints into the scene, having seen the events unfolding on a monitor.


Still furious as to what happened on the last Good Times, Great Memories, Dickinson goes to get involved but Gage stops him. The two men are face to face and you expect a fight to break out at any second.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Get the fuck out of my face!

[ Nick Gage ] You wanna’ die?

[ Chris Dickinson ] I wanna’ fuck ‘em up!

[ Nick Gage ] Then you’re gonna’ have to go through me!

[ Chris Dickinson ] What? You two some butt buddies now or somethin’?

[ Nick Gage ] Colt Cabana is a funny guy! He can’t be funny if he’s dead!

Havoc grabs Colt by the head and smashes his face against the wall, sending blood splattering everywhere! Finally, in the midst of all the chaos, Angle and Jordan are finally able to drag Havoc off of him. SGW road agents and security officials finally enter the scene as well, doing their best to restore order from this absolutely chaotic scene. Havoc is held back by Lance Storm and Little Guido, but not enough to where he can flip double birds in Cabana’s direction.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] This whole fucking company is a joke. Not just you.

As order is worked on being restored, the scene fades as the cameras transition back to the ring for our next match. Nick Gage got his wish for more Good Times, Great Memories, but Colt Cabana has paid the price for it!

The fans are still in shock after witnessing the attempted murder of Colt Cabana by the debuting Jimmy Havoc. We return to the ringside area and there's absolutely no time sweeping crowd shots or witty banter from the announce team because it's now time for the final opening round match of the 12 Large Tournament! Without any fanfare or waiting for the fans to clue on what's coming up next, the lights suddenly dim, the strobe light pounds, and the trumpets sound, heralding the arrival of "The Final Countdown" by Europe!

"We're leaving together,
but still it's farewell..."

[ Scott Steiner ] Aww, fuck! Here we fuckin' go!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's time for the final match in the first round of the 12 Large Tournament!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And it shall not disappoint! It's a titanic battle between two o' the greatest performa's in the world today! AJ Styles 'n Bryan Danielson! I'm excited, guys! This could be an early contenda' for match o' the bloody night!

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson emerges from the backstage area in a long, maroon entrance robe with the hood up. He walks to the edge of the stage and glares out at the fans who insist on cheering him despite his dickish demeanor.

"And maybe we'll come back,
to Earth, who can tell?"

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't get it! Why the fuck do the people cheer this asshole?! He's got a shit attitude, he's got a shit look, and he wrestles like fuckin' dog shit! Look at his arms! What can even do?! Are you tellin' me this... this fuckin' pasty, white nobody can take somebody in a real fight?! I'd snap this bitch like a toothpick 'n there'd be nobody that could fuckin' stop me!

Danielson walks toward the ring, staring straight ahead. He stops at the ring steps and throws back his hood before walking up them and then across the apron. He climbs the turnbuckles from the outside and looks out over the sea of fans, cheering wildly for him. Danielson shakes his head. For a moment, the camera focuses on Brie Bella and his daughter Birdie sitting in the front row.

"I guess there is no one to blame,
we're leaving ground (leaving ground!)"


[ Tony Schiavone ] Ahem... uh... yes, Scott.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's two years old, Scott. Jee-zus Christ.

Danielson leaps down from the top rope, landing on his feet inside the ring. He walks to the center with his fist held out in front of him, staring down at it, ready to use it at a moment's notice!

"Will things ever be the same again?"

Danielson then charges across the ring, leaps onto the middle rope and shouts at the crowd, pointing at his own chest with both thumbs as spittle flies from his mouth and becomes lost in his beard!



[ Scott Steiner ] You're god damn right I am, you piece o' fuckin' shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One o' the best of all time, Scott. Nothin' ya' say can change that!

Danielson remains on the middle rope, looking out at the fans as the lights come up and his epic entrance music is abruptly cut off and replaced by "Phenomenal." The fans erupt in boos as AJ Styles walks out from the back in his red and black tights, flanked by Bad Luck Fale! Styles walks to the edge of the ramp and crouches down before standing up while throwing his hood back. The boos get even louder as Styles holds his arms out to the side before bringing them together, interlocking his hands to perfectly show off the red "P1" logo in his palms. Styles points to the ring and chuckles, mouthing "this guy ain't no competition!" at the camera as Fale lurks behind him, no emotion on his face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] AJ Styles! One of the most polarizing figures in Solid Gold Wrestling right now. He pinned Bryan Danielson at SGW Revenge, using the ropes for leverage. Then, at SGW Momentum, he let his attitude get the better of him and drew the ire of his own tag team partners, ultimately being put down with Black Mass! Now, here we are once again... Styles and Danielson! Where it all started!

Bad Luck Fale remains at ringside as Styles walks up the ring steps and then across the apron. He looks out at the fans with an arrogant smirk on his face before stepping through the ropes and walking right up to Danielson. They begin jawing back and forth before Aubrey Edwards gets between them and forces them into opposite corners. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, ready to see these two go at one another after what happened at SGW Revenge. Once they're both situated and the announcements are out of the way, Aubrey calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

There’s an undeniable sense of a big fight feel in the air as Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles meet in the center of the ring. Styles wears a confident smile as he stares into the eyes of Danielson, who glares up at Styles through narrowed eyes. The fans are buzzing with anticipation… without warning, Styles delivers an open hand slap to Danielson’s face! Danielson’s head turns on impact and he looks out at nothing in particular, staring off into space as the fans “OoOOoOooOoooo” in unison. Danielson wipes his mouth, finding a hint of blood on his fingertips… and then he smiles evilly! Danielson whips around and nails Styles right in the face with a huge forearm! The fans pop huge as Styles grabs Danielson and they tie up, drilling one another in the head repeatedly with vicious, aggressive strikes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord! Protect yourselves, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're out of control!

Just when it looks like neither man will give in for their own well-being, Styles rakes Danielson’s eyes, whips around, and KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH A PELE KICK! Danielson flails backward into the corner, looking dazed! Styles returns to his feet and charges into the corner with a flying forearm but Danielson ducks out and Styles eats the top turnbuckle! Styles wheels around in the corner and takes a few steps out… just in time to take a SHOTGUN DROPKICK FROM DANIELSON! Styles ragdoll backward into the corner and lands in a seated position! Danielson holds onto the top rope with both hands and begins stomping away at Styles, stomping him repeatedly in the head, neck, and chest!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get up, Styles! You fuckin' loser! You're better than this!

Danielson then runs to the opposite corner, charges in, and FACE WASHES HIM AT FULL SPEED! The impact sends Styles careening over the bottom rope, face down and ass up as he collapses onto the apron and falls to the floor! Danielson marches to the center of the ring and points in the direction Styles fell… the fans begin cheering loudly as they realize what’s about to happen! Styles returns to his feet, beat to hell and back, just in time for Danielson to sail through the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE! Styles catches Danielson’s upper body on the exit and manages to change his trajectory in mid-air, causing Danielson to eat the guardrail! Both men are down!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jeeeee-zus Christ!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I think we might need a medic out here!

[ Scott Steiner ] Call a hearse! Danielson is fuckin' dead!

Styles is the first man to his feet and he rolls under the bottom rope. He crawls into the corner and takes a breather while Aubrey Edwards counts Danielson out! The camera focuses on Brie Bella and Birdie in the front row, watching on with genuine concern. Danielson struggles back to his feet, using the guardrail to steady himself. The fans are cheering loudly as Danielson staggers toward the ring apron, cradling his injured mid-section. Styles sees Danielson is standing and pulls himself up. He charges across the ring and flies… FOSBURY FLOP! STYLES AND DANIELSON CRASH TO THE FLOOR!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a move!

[ Scott Steiner ] Aww bullshit! I can do that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not true in the slightest.

Styles rolls back to his feet and grabs a handful of Danielson’s hair. He pulls Danielson up to his knees and then dead lifts him onto the apron. He shoves Danielson under the bottom rope and Danielson rolls to the middle of the ring. Styles stands on the apron, watching over the top rope while leaning back, prepared to pounce… Danielson slowly returns to his feet and Styles flies! PHENOMENAL FOREARM! DANIELSON KNOCKS HIM OUT OF MID-AIR WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE CHEST! Styles collapses onto his knees and Danielson begins tenderizing Styles’ chest with kick after brutal kick! After three solid kicks, Danielson shouts “YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME?!” and KICKS STYLES’ HEAD INTO THE CHEAP SEATS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Pin him, Bryan! PIN HIM!

Styles collapses and Danielson covers him! ONE! TWO! THR—BAD LUCK FALE PULLS DANIELSON OUT OF THE RING! Danielson glares at Fale and then drills him with a forearm to the head, knocking him on his ass! The fans erupt! Danielson backs into the corner of the guardrails and charges out… KICKING FALE RIGHT IN THE CHEST! KNOCKING HIM FLAT ON HIS BACK! The fans are losing it! Danielson grabs each of Fale’s wrists and holds them tightly as he STOMPS AWAY AT FALE’S HEAD AND CHEST WHILE THE FANS GROAN WITH SYMPATHY PAIN!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's what he gets for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Danielson had it in his grasp! He could taste it!

Danielson smiles and spits on Fale before turning around, a look of horror befalling him! Styles rushes across the ring, leaps onto the top rope… and WIPES OUT DANIELSON WITH A SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The fans go nuts! Styles returns to his feet and tosses Danielson under the bottom rope. He follows him inside and snatches Danielson up… he pulls him in and tries for the Styles Clash but Danielson won’t give up his arms and Styles can’t lock the move in! Finally, Danielson manages to get his arm at an angle where he can trip Styles up and Styles falls face first, allowing Danielson to lock in a heel hook with a leg grapevine! The fans pop huge as Danielson locks it in and Styles reaches for the ropes! The fans begin loudly chanting “TAP! TAP! TAP!” while Danielson frees one of his legs to kick AJ in the back with the flat of his boot! Danielson joins the fans, shouting “TAAAAAAP! TAAAAAAAAP, AJ!” but Styles refuses!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get t' those god damn ropes, Styles!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just tap out already! Please! For ya' own safety!


On the outside of the ring, Fale has returned to his feet and has stolen a steel chair from someone in the front row! The fans boo as Fale slides the chair under the bottom rope for Styles, within Styles’ reach! Styles grabs the chair as Aubrey yells at him to let it go… but Fale maintains his grip on it and uses his strength to pull Styles AND Danielson closer to the ropes! Styles manages to grab the bottom rope and Edwards calls for Danielson to break the hold! Danielson stands up, furious, and hits the ropes… SUICIDE DIVE ON BAD LUCK FALE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fale is down... again!

Danielson and Fale are both lying against the guardrail and Danielson scrambles back to his feet! Danielson climbs onto the apron as Styles finds his footing in the center of the ring, favoring his damaged leg. The steel chair rests only a few feet away from him in the ring. Danielson climbs the outside turnbuckles and flies… DRILLING STYLES WITH A TOP ROPE DROPKICK! Styles is out… and Danielson kips up, shaking his fist as he returns to his feet! The impact on the dropkick sends Styles tumbling head over heels, into a kneeling position! Styles looks beat to hell and back and puts his hands up, begging Danielson off! Danielson sees the chair and picks it up… the fans begin going wild as Danielson stares down at the chair, shaking with rage! Aubrey Edwards warns him to put the chair down and Danielson raises it over his head, prepared to brain Styles with it for the harassment he’s endured!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Don't do it, Bryan! Ya' still have a chance to come outta this wit' the win!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Think about your family, Bryan!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't even care anymore! Fuckin' hit 'im!

Aubrey Edwards pulls the chair out of Danielson’s grip from behind! Danielson turns to confront her but she’s already turning around to toss the chair under the bottom rope! With both Danielson and the referee’s back turned, AJ Styles charges up behind him! Danielson steps to the side and Styles collides with the turnbuckles! He staggers backward and Danielson catches him... REGAL PLEX! STYLES LANDED ALL ON HIS HEAD AND NECK! Danielson immediately scrambles on top of him and locks in... CATTLE MUTILATION! Aubrey Edwards dives into position and... AJ STYLES TAPS OUT! AJ STYLES TAPS OUT!

WINNER - Bryan Danielson via Submission in 19:53

The fans pop huge! Danielson continues wrenching back on the hold while Styles cries out in pain, tapping out as frantically as he can! Finally, Danielson releases the hold and rolls back to his feet, diving out of the ring and embracing his wife and child as if he just won the whole tournament!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a match! Bryan Danielson has avenged his loss from SGW Revenge!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Such an impressive victory but he still has a long way to go! In the semi-final round, Adam Cole awaits and you know he's not planning on calling it an early night!

AJ Styles staggers up the ramp, looking to be in a great deal of pain before he disappears behind the curtain. Back at ringside, Danielson continues celebrating with his family! As Danielson balances on the guardrail, he holds his hands out to his sides, soaking in the adulation from the fans. A smile creeps across his face as we cut to the back!

As we arrive backstage, we see Cathy Kelley standing by with Trish Stratus in front of the special 12 Large edition of the interview set. Cathy is wearing a short black dress with gold accents. Trish is in a black pants suit with gold accents, as well. Very uniform for the occasion. Cathy has a huge smile on her face as she brings us in for the interview.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey, everyone! Cathy Kelley here! How about that first round?! Wow!

Trish nods, smiling.

[ Cathy Kelley ] The 12 Large Tournament is off to a great start and I can't wait to see who walks away with the gold at the end of the night! So exciting! Something else that's exciting? The history that was made last night at in Denver, Colorado at Mile High Madness!

The fans cheer loudly. Trish's smiles becomes even larger upon hearing the reaction.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Of course, I'm talking about the crowning of the first ever SGW Women's World Champion!

Cathy gestures toward Trish with the wave of her hand.

[ Cathy Kelley ] And it's all thanks to this woman standing next to me... Trish Stratus!

More loud cheers and a round of applause from the live crowd.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Trish, as everyone knows, the SGW Women's Division was a pet project of Jeff Jarrett but it was actually your influence that made it possible in 2019... how proud are you to see all of your dreams and hard work pay off with such success?

Cathy holds the microphone up to Trish's face. Trish hesitates, raising an eyebrow.

[ Trish Stratus ] Well, Cathy... I can't take all of that credit... I really don't feel comfortable taking, well, any of the credit... as you said, this whole thing was Jeff's brainchild... it's something he always wanted to do but never could get off the ground... all I did was water the seed that he planted back in 2006.

Trish shrugs, still smiling.

[ Trish Stratus ] As for the rest... all of that falls on the shoulders of the women who made this possible. Women like Rhea Ripley, Christina Von Eerie, Lacey Evans, and Tessa Blanchard... who came into Solid Gold Wrestling with something to prove and lit the fuse that culminated with the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion being crowned last night... and not only was it a historic moment just to see a new champion crowned but it was the world's first exposure to SGW's brand new match stipulation, the Gold Rush!

Trish holds up her fist in front of her, looking down at it with a smirk.

[ Trish Stratus ] We got to do that first... the ladies... and nothing can take that away from us.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Simply amazing, Trish. Tell me, are you satisfied with Christina Von Eerie making history and becoming the first SGW Women's World Champion? Is that who you envisioned when you made your historic announcement at SGW Momentum?

Trish offers a timid smile and looks down for a moment before looking back up.

[ Trish Stratus ] I honestly can't say who I expected to walk away as the first champion, Cathy... all of the women that graced SGW's ring so far are so talented and so driven to succeed... I would've been proud of any one of them becoming the champion... as for Christina Von Eerie, I think she's going to do a great job... she's going to carry the torch for a whole generation of women and little girls all around the world. I'm proud of her and I hope she realizes just how important she is to the world of women's wrestling today.

Cathy notices something off-camera and suddenly looks concerned. Trish notices the look and glances off-camera as well, appearing confused. The fans boo loudly as Jamie Hayter walks into the shot in black jeans and a cut-up "Chat Shit, Get Banged" tank top. She eyes Trish up and down with a smirk. She sniffs the air, looking around in an almost comedic manner. She raises an eyebrow, having picked up a scent. She gets even closer to Trish, still sniffing. She huffs and shakes her head, her smile becoming even bigger.

[ Jamie Hayter ] There it is... thought I smelled cunt.

The fans erupt in boos. Cathy covers her mouth, looking away with wide eyes. Trish is visibly offended, smoldering as she stares Hayter down. Hayter places her hands in her pockets and offers a slight shrug.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Couldn't help but notice that ya' left my name off ya' little list of... influential females.

Trish shakes her head, clearly still pissed.

[ Trish Stratus ] It wasn't supposed to be a definitive list, Jamie. All of us made this possible.

Hayter looks down at the floor and then back up at Trish. She points at Trish.

[ Jamie Hayter ] All of us, yeah? All of us did this? You did this wit' us?

Hayter gets right in Trish's face, removing her hands from her pockets.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Bitch, the only thin' ya' eva' did in this comp'ny... was every single bloke ya' could ride t' the bloody top... ya' ain't no pioneer, love... ya' what women's wrestlin' is tryin' t' get away from... what I'm sayin' is... ya' ain't part o' the solution, ya' part o' the fuckin' problem...

The fans "OoooOoOOooo" in response. Trish takes a deep breath.

[ Trish Stratus ] So, is this going how you imagined, Jamie? Your little alliance with Lacey Evans fell apart and then you couldn't hack it in the Gold Rush last night... so this is your plan to get noticed? This is how you wanna... make a name for yourself? How's it going?

Trish smirks and cocks an eyebrow.

[ Trish Stratus ] I'm serious. How's it working out for you? Please, share.

Before Hayter can answer, the fans cheer loudly as Candy Floss walks into the shot. She stands next to Trish. Trish glances over at her, looking confused. Cathy steps in next to Floss and raises her microphone.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Um... Candy Floss? What are you doing here?

Floss sighs, pouting like a child with her bottom lip poking out.

[ Candy Floss ] I spent m' last segment in a bathroom wit' Disco Inferno 'n Nick Gage, Cathy...

She looks down and shuffles her feet.

[ Candy Floss ] That can't be how the fans rememba' my participation t'night.

She shakes her head, nearly shutting one eye as the painful thought of that strikes her.

[ Candy Floss ] It just... can't... that'd be ratha' sad, yeah?

Floss shudders. Cathy shrugs, seeming to understand.

[ Candy Floss ] ...but then I sawr it looked like Trish was in trouble 'n could use a little back-up, soooo...

Trish looks from Floss to Hayter and back to Floss.

[ Trish Stratus ] I can handle myself.

Candy Floss shrugs and then removes a candy cane from her pocket. She sticks it in her mouth and rolls her eyes up at Trish, an amused look upon her face.

[ Candy Floss ] Sure, obviously! Ya' Trish Stratus!

There's an awkward silence as Trish simply glares at Floss.

[ Candy Floss ] ...buuuuuut... just in case ya' wrong... I'm standin' lit'rally right 'ere.

Hayter curls her upper lip in disgust and gestures toward both women, waving both her hands angrily.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Excuse me?! What in the FUCK is goin' on 'ere?! Is this some kinda' really really pathetic buddy-comedy act?! Are ya' havin' a fuckin' laugh right now?! I'm tryin' to make a fuckin' statement on how pathetically SHITE this excuse for a women's division is!

Candy scrunches her face up.

[ Candy Floss ] Hey! That's not nice!

Hayter places her hands on her chest, mocking sincerity with a surprised look on her face.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Oh really? I'm so sorry! Allow me t' apologize... would ya' like a piece o' candy?

Candy Floss clasps her hands together in front of her and nods quickly.

[ Candy Floss ] WOULD I?!

[ Trish Stratus ] It's going to be a middle finger.

Hayter reaches into her pocket and pantomimes digging around, really looking for a piece of candy.

[ Cathy Kelley ] It's totally gonna be a middle finger. Trish is right.

Hayter removes her hand from her pocket and yes... it's a middle finger! Candy's jaw drops and Hayter waves the middle finger around right in her face. Trish and Cathy both rolls their eyes at the immaturity of this exchange.

[ Trish Stratus ] Called it.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Totally called it.

Hayter gets right in Candy's face, maintaining the middle finger right between her eyes.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Fuck you, Candy Floss.

And then Hayter smiles, giving the camera a good shot of those British teeth.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Fuck you up your stupid arse!

Before Candy can reply, we see Trish and Cathy's eyes become wide with surprise!

[ Cathy Kelley ] Look out!

BAM! BEA PRIESTLEY WIPES OUT CANDY FLOSS WITH A BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Candy goes down, cradling her head in an attempt to protect herself! Priestley mounts her and begins raining down forearm strikes before standing and stomping her right in the mid-section! Priestley looks at Hayter and then gives her a good shove, almost knocking her back a step.

[ Bea Priestley ] Fuckin' hell, Jamie! What was all that fuckin' talkin'!? JUST HIT THE BLOODY COW!

[ Jamie Hayter ] I'm fuckin' sorry, Bea! It jus' threw me off a bit when this idiot twat stuck 'er nose where it didn't belong! I was tryin' t' make a fuckin' statement--

Candy Floss rises up to her knees and punches Hayter in the stomach, sending her staggering backward! Bea immediately pounces on her and beats her back down to all fours as Trish Stratus begins calling for security! Cathy Kelley quickly vacates the scene! Hayter joins in and they both lift Candy Floss off the floor and fling her through the 12 Large interview set! The curtain and backdrop collapse, along with some metal framework that clatters loudly on the ground as it covers Candy Floss entirely, obscuring her from view. Priestley brushes the hair out of her eyes, speaking in a low, snide tone.

[ Bea Priestley ] Next time, stay in the fuckin' loo wit' Disco Inferno 'n the rest o' the losers, cunt.

Hayter and Priestley laugh and walk off-camera as security and a collection of stagehands rush into the area and begin trying to uncover Candy Floss. Trish Stratus watches on, shaking her head. We quickly cut back to ringside for the next match.

We fade in from Trish, still shaking her head to a shot of the extravagant 12 Large entrance stage, where we blast into the second round with a little Rev Theory as a soundtrack.


The strobes and stage lighting bounces between shades of red, brown, orange and gold as Randy Orton emerges from the back onto the stage slowly. His pace is deliberate, slow, but beyond all else – confident.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The despicable Viper is walking into the second round of the 12 Large Tournament with a purpose, best buddy! Randy Orton had a tough test in Sin Cara round one, but now he’s got a much different test ahead of him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite! From the high-flying pageantry of Sin Cara to the calculating scientific approach of “The National Treasure,” Randy Orton will have to be his greatest self in order to propel himself to the third and final round of competition.

[ Scott Steiner ] Orton’s a vicious, miserable sunnavabitch, that’s for sure – but he’s been a badass since SGW returned – is this prim and proper Aldis boy gunna be able to take him down?! I ain’t buyin’ it!

Orton looked out across the arena once inside the ring, slowly removing his sleeveless hoodie and throwing it into Justin Roberts’ face before taking to his corner and working the tape on his wrists, preparing himself for action. As referee Rick Knox begins struggling to inspect the Viper’s knee pads and boots and Orton’s eyes narrow, the stage lights become a lovely blend of blue and gold as “The Gilded Warrior” plays from the arena PA.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] While Randy Orton may have been a total badass since the return of SGW, this man, Nicholas Aldis, has years of carrying the National Wrestling Alliance on his back! He’s carrying the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and could soon have a second championship on his arm – that is, unless he unifies it with his NWA Title!

[ Scott Steiner ] NOT GUNNA HAPPEN! I ain’t lettin’ some smarmy-ass fancy-pants unify a belt men likes me, and Jeff Jarrett, me, that bald-headed sunnavabitch Goldberg, and ME, MOST IMPORTANTLY, worked our asses off to build and worked our cocks off to make matter…but DON’T WORRY, LADIES…BIG POPPA PUMP’S DICK…IS STILL THE HOOK-UP!

Aldis walks up the ring steps and into the squared circle, taking time to clean his boots before stepping through the ropes and lifting his NWA Championship high into the air with pride. “The National Treasure” removes his ring jacket and passes it and the NWA Championship to Roberts, who gives them to a ringside attendant and takes time to smile facetiously at Orton, who’s still as stone-faced as ever as Knox calls for the bell to kick off the second round.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 45:00

Nick Aldis ducks a charging Orton’s clothesline attempt and rolls backwards with an O’Connor Roll, earning a one count before pointing to the side of his head, letting the Viper know that he’s quite bright and wouldn’t be taken down so easily. Aldis can be heard on a nearby camera as we get a shot of his smiling face.

[ Nick Aldis ] What do you take me for, Randall? Some sort of stupid person?

Aldis twists a rising Orton’s arm and wrenches, eventually transitioning into a hammerlock and perfectly establishing himself as the dominant technician in this contest with a second hold. Orton beautifully spins through the hammerlock and works around to an Irish Whip, launching Aldis into the far ropes. As the National Treasure comes back off the ropes, he’s got a running Polish Hammer and swings, but Orton ducks! Aldis is off the other side of ropes, but Orton is alive and snares the NWA Champion with a HUGE SNAP POWERSLAM! The MGM Grand explodes with energy as Aldis is up near instantly, but Orton replies by slipping around him and backbreaking him across his own back! Orton’s playing his greatest hits as Aldis is reeling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Orton is taking Aldis down over and over! This isn’t looking good for Nick Aldis! How can the Treasure respond?

Orton is up and strolls across the ring confidently to Aldis, who immediately catches Orton from the mat with a small package! He’s got him tight!! ONE! TWO! NO!!! ORTON’S UP!


Aldis is up and begins stomping Orton in the neck as he tries to rise off the mat. The National Treasure buries his boot four more times into Orton’s neck and shoulders before holding his face to the canvas with the same foot, bending at the waist and screaming:


Aldis isn’t finished and lifts Orton off the mat, quickly scooping him to his shoulders and looking for Tormentum! Aldis screams out victoriously and begins to spin – BUT ORTON IS ALIVE AND SMASHES ALDIS WITH THE RKO!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HOLY MOLY! WHAT AN RKO!!

Orton is up immediately and slaps himself in the face, absolutely enraged and ready to kill, screaming out loud:


Orton lifts the dead to rights Aldis from the mat and looks him square in the glazed eyes.

[ Randy Orton ] STUPID!!

Orton leaps and RKO!! He smashed Aldis RIGHT into the mat with that one and covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Randy Orton via Pin Fall in 6:14

As the bell chimes and Orton pops off the mat, eyes burning with white-hot rage and sheer intensity pumping through his body, he quickly tears his arm away from referee Rick Knox and leaps through the second and top ropes to the ground, walking backwards up the ramp with nothing but determination on his face.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] MY WORD! Randy Orton has made a statement here, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOD! Randy Orton…has made a STATEMENT HERE, best buddy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …yes? Yes, I just said that exact thing, Tony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] …I don’t recall that.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] <sighs deeply> Either way, Randy Orton is less than 30 minutes in the ring in this tournament and has punched his ticket to the finals! NO MATTA WHICH of the other four men join him in the third round, it’s absolutely unquestioned that Orton will be the freshest man.

Aldis sits up, eyes widened and gripping his sore face as he comes to. Referee Rick Knox begins attending to “the National Treasure” and once he’s up, Aldis SHOVES Knox to the mat! The NWA World Heavyweight Champion immediately begins screaming at the official who counted three to eliminate him from the tournament, but Knox is back up and jabs his finger in Aldis’ face, telling him he’ll be fined if he’s not careful.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton’s on to round three! He’s made QUITE a statement here tonight!

Nigel begins sighing deeply as we’re treated to another shot of the victorious Viper’s face, written with nothing but an arrogant snarl and the knowledge that he’s one win away from his second SGW World Heavyweight Championship. From the gritted teeth, icy-veined confidence of Randy Orton’s face, we fade to the back, where a corridor is hosting an interesting discussion between a pair of Golden Lovers.


Backstage, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi are apparently deep in conversation when we join them. Kota’s has a peaceful, charming expression and is nodding as we arrive.

[ Kenny Omega ] …and that’s why I think it was honestly a better port than a console game…but I digress, Kota.

Kota smiles kindly as Kenny puts a hand on his shoulder.

[ Kenny Omega ] You’re the best listener. Thank you for being you.

Kenny leans in to kiss Ibushi on the cheek, but the pair is interrupted unexpectedly from off-screen.


The MGM Grand roar out as the camera zooms out and we see Team Tremendous, finger guns drawn and pointed into Omega’s spine. Officer Dan Barry is still visibly bruised from the ridiculous four-way showcase the night before, but Detective Bill Carr is somehow worse-for-wear than the man who competed the night before, sweat beads decorating his head like raindrops across a windowpane. He’s breathing deeply and his finger gun shakes with intensity in Omega’s back.

[ Kota Ibushi ] <translated from Japanese> What’s the meaning of this! Put down your guns!

Kota goes to jump up but Omega quickly curbs this idea, knowing he could have his spine blown out at any second by a fired finger bullet.

[ Kenny Omega ] <through a puckered mouth> doont do anyfeeng Koda…dey’ve got dare guns at my back…

Kota’s mouth spreads open wide in shock as Omega opens his mouth from its puckered form to speak again.

[ Kenny Omega ] Officers…I’ll come quietly…just…please…remove your guns, please?

Barry looks at Carr, who is clearly unhinged and ready to fire a finger bullet right into Omega’s back for whatever reason, but Barry nods encouragingly and Carr jerks his finger pistol away. Barry slowly removes his own and Omega turns towards Team Tremendous slowly.

[ Kenny Omega ] <softly> …fools.

Omega quickly steps back and points HIS OWN FINGER GUN at Team Tremendous, just like his in-ring pose! Carr screams as he and Barry re-draw their finger guns and point them at Omega, Ibushi trapped in the center, innocently raising his hands up as the MGM Grand laugh out loud at this ludicrous situation these men find themselves in.

[ Kenny Omega ] Why are you here?! Why are your guns drawn?!



Ibushi stands up and lifts his hands, imploring the men to lower their finger firearms.

[ Kota Ibushi ] <translated from Japanese> Please! Please put the guns away! I mean, seriously, you all – what are we? A bunch of dimwitted bank-robbers in silly masks, slinking across the background of a scene like some old film?

As Ibushi’s line concludes, Los Ice Creams suddenly freeze along the back wall of the corridor this entire situation is unfolding in, terrified they’ve been given away. It’s convenient that all eyes are on Ibushi’s pleas for civil mindedness to prevail, as it appears the Ice Creams from Mexicali have quite a large haul of frozen fish in their hands, no doubt stolen from craft services. El Hijo looks over his shoulder at Ice Cream Junior and nods, the pair scuttling away along the edge of the wall to their destination off-screen.

Omega lowers his finger gun first, then Barry, who has to nudge Carr’s finger pistol down to his side as Ibushi lowers his hands and smiles slightly.

[ Kota Ibushi ] <translated from Japanese> Thank you all. Very much. Now, I am so sorry that your investigation was disrupted by our friend Colt’s interview show, but I must assure you, Kenny and I had nothing to do with any criminal activity – we were simply preparing for a hard-fought SGW Tag Team Championship Match…

The mood sinks as Kota’s face falls. Kenny puts his hand on his partner’s shoulder.

[ Kenny Omega ] It’s alright, Kota…we’ll get another shot at the championships soon!

Carr steps forward, pushing past Omega and getting nose-to-nose with Omega comically.

[ Bill Carr ] …not if I have anything to say about it, Kenneth Charles Omega.

Omega scrunches his face.

[ Kenny Omega ] …that ISN’T my name, Carr.

Omega leans in further, getting RIGHT in Carr’s grill.

[ Kenny Omega ] …it’s Kenneth MURIEL Omega.

Carr lifts his nose, infuriated for whatever reason and backs off, nodding.

[ Bill Carr ] This is a pain I know all too well…

He points to his chest.

[ Bill Carr ] William Litchfield Phineas Carr.

Barry speaks up from beside his partner.

[ Dan Barry ] Pfft. You think that’s bad?

All eyes bounce to the Officer as his head falls in sadness.

[ Dan Barry ] Daniel Day Lewis Barry.

Omega stifles a laugh as Carr pats his partner on the shoulder. Ibushi hangs his head, empathetic with such an unfortunate and strange name. Eventually, Barry looks up and directly at Ibushi and Omega.

[ Dan Barry ] No matter. We clearly are on the wrong trail for this case…perhaps…someday…

Barry stretches a hand out to Omega, who takes it, shaking.

[ Dan Barry ] We can have an exhibition of our own…and perhaps…for the SGW Tag Team Championships!

Carr nods enthusiastically, probably too enthusiastically as Ibushi chuckles to himself and nods.

[ Kenny Omega ] It’s a deal. We’d be happy to compete against you both.

Just as this very strange segment begins to ‘naturally’ conclude, Nathan Jones storms into the corridor, sending every man jumping in shock at the rather large man suddenly appearing on the scene. Jones is quite frankly, infuriated, and upturns a nearby press table in fury before clinching his eyes closed and counting to ten, softly to himself.

[ Nathan Jones ] …oight…noine…ten…

Kenny Omega steps to Jones’ side and speaks solemnly.

[ Kenny Omega ] That was a tough loss, Jones. Cole had to cheat to defeat you…you know that, right? You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Jones snaps his head toward Omega and seethes, practically breathing fire down on the confident, unflinching Omega.

[ Nathan Jones ] Yew think oi down’t know?! Of cowwse OI KNOW! OI can’t – CAN’T! – CAN’T! Let moi angah unfuhl… Losing…WASSENT…an opshun!

Omega raises his hands to soothe the big man. It isn’t doing much to help; after all, it’s just two lifted hands by a person who means very little to Jones, but the sentiment was nice enough. It’s just a very tense situation in a general sense.

[ Kenny Omega ] Listen, listen…I’m sorry about the loss. You did your best and that’s all we can ask for…you know…as fellow competitors?

Jones turns back to Omega, still glaring. Nobody says anything for a moment until Officer Dan Barry coughs.

[ Kenny Omega ] …so…where do you go from here, Nathan?

Jones sighs deeply, still breathing from his nose to calm down.

[ Nathan Jones ] …Oi’ll be go’win to tha ownl’ah ploice that’s evah felt loike ‘ome.

Silence. Eventually, Omega responds helpfully as the Pepsi Center are murmuring their own suggestions.

[ Kenny Omega ] …back to the prison? …back…to Boggo Road?

Jones turns once more to Omega and looks him deep in the eyes. The only sound at the scene is Detective Carr’s labored breathing.

[ Nathan Jones ] …no. Outback Steakhouse. Oi must go…immediately.

There’s a puzzled silence in the air until Barry raises a single finger and leans into the frame.

[ Dan Barry ] Ou…Outback Steakhouse??

Jones turns his hyper-intense gaze to Barry, who flinches as the Aussie’s gaze meets his own. The Colossus of Boggo Road nods and the Officer reciprocates the gesture rapidly, frightened.

[ Bill Carr ] …you know something, big man?

Carr steps into frame beside his partner and sizes up Jones, looking him up and down. Jones isn’t intimidated in the slightest and peers through the portly detective.

[ Bill Carr ] I got a wild suspicion that our perp is hidin’ out at the ‘Back. What’s say you back us up…andmaybespotusfordinneryouknowjustsayin’?

Jones glares deep into the detective’s eyes before panning to his partner. There’s a painfully long silence. Omega pulls out his phone and checks the time. Jones glares back at Carr.

[ Nathan Jones ] …No. This…is a juuh’nee Oi must make…aloune.

Jones turns and nods to Omega and Ibushi before walking solemnly away from the scene. Carr’s eyes are wide and he turns to his partner.

[ Bill Carr ] There’s somethin’ about that guy that rubs me the wrong way, partner…something….some….thing…

Omega leans in gingerly.

[ Kenny Omega ] …was it that he just shot you down for dinner?

Carr sighs and looks over his shoulder at Omega.

[ Bill Carr ] …yes. Yes it is.

Team Tremendous solemnly walk out of frame as Omega lifts his eyebrows and breathes out through his nose deeply.

[ Kota Ibushi ] <translated from Japanese> …this company is very strange, Kenny.

[ Kenny Omega ] Yes. Yes, Kota. Quite strange, indeed.


We return to ringside where the fans are standing on their feet, ready for the next match to begin.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an interesting look at some of the talent from our blossoming tag team division!

[ Scott Steiner ] Were two o' those guys dressed like fuckin' ice creams!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That they were, Scott! But speaking of our blossoming tag team division, take a look at who's sitting ringside right now!

The camera pans over to reveal Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, and Tyler Bate sitting right in the front row! The fans pop huge as the members of British Strong Style wave to everyone before looking into the camera. Bate and Seven tweak their moustaches before holding their fists up, showing off how tough they are as Dunne simply stands between them, looking miserable.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] British Strong Style! The game... has just changed, gentlemen!

The fans don't have to wait much longer, as we're only back for a few more seconds before "Cult of Personality" hits! The fans erupt in boos as Paul Heyman steps through the curtain with a smug look on his face. He waits at the edge of the stage, almost vibrating with excitement, his face red with joy. CM Punk emerges from the back, no hoodie this time. He looks out at the fans and smirks, his body bruised and red in various spots from the hard hitting, knockdown drag out fight with Aleister Black earlier this evening. Paul Heyman holds out his wrist and Punk doesn't even bother kneeling down, he just looks at the watch and huffs, muttering "Well, would ya' look at that... it's fuckin' clobberin' time" just loud enough for the camera to pick up. Heyman and Punk begin making their way down to the ring as the fans continue booing.

[ Tony Schiavone ] CM Punk is looking worse for wear after going toe to toe with Aleister Black in a brutal strike fest where we ultimately saw Punk deliver Aleister Black his first loss since coming to Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Interestin' to note, Tony, that AJ Lee is nowhere t' be found... due to 'er actions durin' the match with Aleister Black, AJ Lee has been barred from ringside for the duration of the tournament! Even if Punk goes to the finals, he only has Paul Heyman t' bloody lean on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Only Paul Heyman! Not only one of the most successful managers in the history of professional wrestling but a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to see his clients succeed!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, maybe I unda'sold his presence a tad bit.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Maybe!

Heyman climbs the steps and then sits on the middle rope, allowing Punk to step through before following him inside the ring. Punk walks with a cocky swagger to the center of the ring and turns in a circle with his arms outstretched, soaking in the strongly negative response. Punk drops to his knees in the middle of the ring and smiles as Heyman looms behind him with his hands clasped behind his back. Heyman smiles evilly and the boos continue intensifying until the music cuts, leaving us with nothing but the sounds of the irritable live crowd.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This crowd is definitely not made up of CM Punk fans, here tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] CM Punk is controversial, for sure! Some people just can't handle the truth!

"The Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks hits and the fans begin cheering loudly. It feels like we wait forever, though, and... nothing. The cheers eventually turn to boos as the realization dawns upon the fans that Tim Storm may not be coming.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, folks... there were concerns that Tim Storm might not be able to compete after the heinous, dastardly attack by Drew Galloway and Maxwell Jacob Friedman and it looks like that might actually be the case.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a sad end to a night which seemed poised for success. I met with Tim Storm backstage before the show went on the air and I know that if he could physically be here right now... he would!

Finally, after several long seconds, the curtain is thrown back and Tim Storm steps out to a huge pop! Storm is red in the face and sweaty. His knee is heavily bandaged and every single step looks more difficult than the last. Storm literally has to use the guardrail to get down the ramp with joyous fans slapping him on the shoulders and back as he strains to make his way down to the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is too bloody much! The man can barely walk!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Give him a chance, Nigel! Tim Storm doesn't know how to quit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm all for givin' people chances, Tony! Believe me! I've fought through my share of injuries 'n that's partially why I'm sittin' 'ere instead o' standin' in that ring right now m'self! But look at the man! He's ready t' fall ova' at any second!

[ Scott Steiner ] Even without the bum leg, that old bastard is one bad bump away from the fuckin' grave!

Storm reaches the ring apron and grits his teeth before forcing himself onto the apron and rolling under the bottom rope. Punk and Heyman exchange words with Punk looking on in disbelief at what he's seeing here. He looks disgusted and amused at the same time. Tim Storm struggles to stand, hanging onto the ropes for dear life. Paul Turner approaches him and we see them speaking in the corner, perhaps discussing whether or not Storm can realistically compete in this match. Storm continuously nods and waves Turner off. Turner shakes his head and walks away from Storm. Paul Heyman strides across the ring and takes the microphone from Justin Roberts... but before he can use it, CM Punk takes it away from him! Heyman huffs and then smirks before stepping onto the apron. Punk looks Tim Storm up and down before raising the microphone and speaking.

[ CM Punk ] Are you serious right now?

Punk gestures toward Storm's injured knee.

[ CM Punk ] Look at you! You can barely stand!

Storm looks down at the mat and shakes his head, almost looking ashamed.

[ CM Punk ] Don't be stupid, old man... you weren't gettin' past me with two good knees.

Punk points at the entranceway.

[ CM Punk ] So, I'm gonna give ya' one chance... to do yourself a favor... and to spare me from havin' to be the guy that ended Tim Storm's career... tuck your tail between your legs and get the fuck outta' my ring, old timer, 'cause it's time to face the music and accept that you... you just don't have it anymore!

Storm looks up at Punk with sweat rolling off his features... you can tell that pissed him off.

[ CM Punk ] See, I know you're under a lot of pressure because that's what Solid Gold Wrestling does to people... I've seen it before, Tim! You're in no condition to compete but here you are, willing to risk permanent injury for the oh-so-great Solid Gold Wrestling! And why?! Why do you do it, Tim!? Why are you so willing to throw your entire life away? For all this?!

He gestures toward the fans with a wave of his hand.

[ CM Punk ] For them!? They don't care about you! No one cares about you! That's why Solid Gold Wrestling is a joke! They will use you up... they will take everything you have to give and they will use it up and then they will throw you away like a...

Punk hesitates and then smiles.

[ CM Punk ] ...like a used condom.

Storm begins trembling with anger. Punk approaches him and gets right in his face.

[ CM Punk ] Is it worth it, Tim? Is the empty promise of a spot in history, of personal glory... is it really worth it? This is your last chance, Tim, and then I'm gonna get really pissed off. Do you understand me? Accept defeat... and leave this ring while you still--

Storm nails Punk with a right hand! The fans pop huge! Punk staggers backward and drops the microphone but catches himself! Furious, Punk charges forward and kicks Storm right in the knee, forcing Storm to fall into a seated position in the corner! Punk begins kicking away at Storm in the corner as Paul Turner calls for the bell!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 45:00

Punk grips the top rope with both hands and stomps away at Storm before reaching down and grabbing Storm by his ankle. He pulls Storm out of the corner and immediately stomps him right in the injured knee! Paul Turner shouts at Punk and warns him but Punk waves him off then snatches up Storm's leg, flipping him over into a BOSTON CRAB! Tim Storm cries out in pain as Punk cinches it in and leans back, smiling with wide eyes! Paul Heyman pounds on the mat from outside, screaming "TAP OUT! PLEASE, TIM! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I hate t' say it... but Heyman isn't wrong!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I know... but, dammit, no one wants to see it end like this!

The fans are booing loudly as Punk continues wrenching back on the hold before freeing up one of his hands to rip at the wrap around Storm's knee! Paul Turner flips out, commanding Punk to stop but Punk won't be denied! Once the wrap is removed, he begins viciously beating on Storm's knee with his fist! Storm pushes himself up, sweat rolling down his strained, red face! And by some miracle, Tim Storm makes it to the ropes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He did it! He's broken the hold!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But at what cost!? The match isn't ova' yet, Tony!

Punk releases the hold and stands up, walking across the ring with his hands on his hips. Punk shakes his head before muttering "stupid old man," and turning around to advance on Storm! Storm grips the bottom rope and rolls over on his back, kicking in Punk's direction with his good leg! Punk grabs the excess wrap, still connected to Storm, and pulls on it, removing the rest of it altogether. Punk then snaps and attempts to grab Storm's ankle again, absorbing a kick to the stomach but managing to get his hold on him. Paul Heyman climbs onto the apron and distracts Paul Turner! Punk pulls Storm into the middle of the ring and flips him over... before using Storm's own wrap to CHOKE HIM OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Turn around, ref! I can't believe Paul Turner is allowing this to happen!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Never unda'estimate the craftiness of one Mista' Paul Heyman!

Punk wrenches back, strangling Tim Storm with all his strength! Storm claws at the wrap, his eyes bulging! And then Paul Turner turns around and catches Punk in the act! The fans pop huge as Turner shoves Punk off of Storm! Punk falls on his ass and looks up at Turner with fury in his eyes! Turner reaches down and picks up the ramp, shaking it in Punk's face before turning and slinging it over the top rope to the floor to a massive pop! Punk returns to his feet and gets right in Turner's face! Turner and Punk jaw back and forth before... Punk shoves Turner!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, give that ref the business!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Such disrespect from CM Punk! I don't even know where to start!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Neva' lay ya' hands on an official, ya' neva' know when it might come back t' bite ya'!

But Turner shows no fear and SHOVES PUNK BACK... INTO A SCHOOLBOY PIN FROM TIM STORM! Turner follows them down! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! PUNK KICKS OUT! Paul Heyman is literally leaning on the apron and praying, staring up at the ceiling! Storm's knee wouldn't allow him to maintain the leverage needed to keep Punk down! Punk immediately scrambles to his feet and drops an elbow into Storm's knee, causing him to groan in pain! Punk is OUT OF HIS MIND with rage, not believing how close he came to being pinned! Punk drags Storm to the corner and then slides under the bottom rope. Paul Turner yells at Punk to get back in the ring but Punk isn't listening... he grabs both of Tim Storm's ankles and crotches him on the ring post before... LOCKING IN THE RING POST FIGURE FOUR!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get the god damn body bag ready, this old man is dead!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The unforgiving post-assisted figure four! It's illegal, it can't end the match officially but it can definitely put Tim Storm at an even bigger disadvantage! CM Punk is ruthless!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Everything is on the line! CM Punk knows what he has t' do 'n he's pullin' out all the stops!

Punk rocks up and down, putting all the pressure on the hold that he can while shouting "GIVE UP, OLD MAN! GIVE UP!" but Storm just covers his face with both hands and yells in pain! Paul Turner slides out of the ring and attempts to force Punk to break the hold, trying to pry his legs away from Storm's but Punk is undeniable! He won't be stopped! And Paul Turner CALLS FOR THE BELL! The fans begin booing loudly and Punk releases the hold with a huge smile on his face, knowing that he's won the match by referee stoppage!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's it... that's it, folks... Paul Turner has seen enough...

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He really had no choice.

Heyman struts around the ring and embraces Punk before raising his arm in victory. Paul Turner is talking to the timekeeper and Justin Roberts. Punk and Heyman continue celebrating Justin Roberts nods behind them and then stands up, raising his microphone.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen, the winnerrrrr of the match...

That signature Justin Roberts pause.


Punk and Heyman immediately stop celebrating and their jaws drop!

[ Justin Roberts ] ...TIM... STORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM!

The fans pop huge!

WINNER - Tim Storm via Disqualification in 6:33

Despite his victory, Tim Storm is in no position to enjoy it! Storm is curled up in a fetal position, clutching his knee while grunting and groaning in pain. CM Punk glares at Paul Turner and then quickly advances on him, grabbing a handful of his shirt and throwing him violently into the ring, under the bottom rope! The fans boo loudly as Punk follows him in, quickly scrambling back to his feet. Turner returns to his feet as well, shouting at Punk and pointing at the SGW logo on his shirt. Punk shoves Turner and yells "REVERSE THE DECISION!" but Turner refuses and shoves Punk back! Without another word, Punk scoops up Paul Turner... AND DELIVERS THE GO TO SLEEEEEEEP!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOODNESS! IS THIS REAL!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's real, Tony! This is bloody happening!

[ Tony Schiavone ] A shove is one thing but this... this is unacceptable!

Paul Turner is OUT! The fans boo loudly! Suddenly, from the back runs Lance Storm, Steve Corino, D-Von Dudley, Little Guido, and a herd of arena security! They flood the ring and Corino and Guido quickly separate Punk from Turner, pushing him back! Furious, Punk climbs out of the ring and collects Heyman. The fans boo as Heyman and Punk walk around the ring and then up the ramp. Arena security, led by D-Von Dudley, follows Punk and Heyman up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Storm has won the match... but at a hell of a cost.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's earned his way t' the finals of the 12 Large Tournament but I don't see any way... any realistic way that he could possibly compete... I mean, the man was practically immobile before this match even started... and now?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we will update you on the condition of Tim Storm as more information is known.

Punk looks indignant, shouting "You don't have to follow us! We know the way out!" before following it up with "I'm leaving because I want to! Not because you said so!" Punk and Heyman walk through the curtain with D-Von and security behind them. Inside the ring, Lance Storm is kneeling next to Tim Storm and he holds up an "X," prompting EMTs to hit the ring with a stretcher. Tim Storm has tears in his eyes as he's assisted onto the apron and then onto the stretcher where he's quickly wheeled to the back. The fans applaud Tim Storm's effort as we cut backstage.

We arrive backstage where we see that the 12 Large interview set has been completely scrapped after the incident between Bea Priestley, Jamie Hayter, and Candy Floss. Excited and smiling, Cathy Kelley stands alongside the one and only John Cena, who is wearing a dark blue "Hustle, Loyalty, Detective Work" t-shirt with his hands clasped at his waist, showing off his matching dark blue sweat bands, adorned with tiny police badges. The live crowd pops huge and Cena perks up, looking all around him as though he expects to actually see those same rabid fans coming from all directions around him. He wears a sly smirk as Cathy Kelley kicks us off.

[ Cathy Kelley ] John Cena, what a night it's been, right?

Cena nods, still smirking.

[ Cathy Kelley ] ...but admittedly, a lot of people have been wondering where you've been? You didn't appear at Mile High Madness and you seem to be keeping to yourself backstage here at 12 Large... with everything that's been going on since SGW Revenge, your absence... well... it's a little conspicuous.

Cena huffs, his smile getting even bigger. He cuts his eyes in Cathy's direction.

[ John Cena ] That's what they're sayin', huh?

He chuckles and points into the camera.

[ John Cena ] That's what THEY'RE sayin'?

Cathy nods quickly, still smiling. Cena looks down at the floor and then back up at her.

[ John Cena ] Cathy, I wasn't at Mile High Madness last night because I didn't have a reason t' be at Mile High Madness last night... t' be honest wit'chu, my investigation into who attacked Jeff Jarrett... well... it's kinda' stalled... somebody, I don't know who, vouched for Randy Orton's whereabouts on the night of the attack... that lets him off the hook.

And then Cena looks directly into the camera.

[ John Cena ] ...for THAT.

The fans begin cheering, knowing Cena isn't done with Orton.

[ John Cena ] However... that doesn't change the fact that Randy Orton attacked me for no reason at SGW Revenge... from behind like the low-down, cowardly dog that we all know he is!

He looks at Cathy, raising a finger in the air as he makes a point.

[ John Cena ] ...and he IS, Cathy.

She quickly nods, still smiling.

[ John Cena ] Me 'n him... we got unfinished business... I meant that when I said it.

And then Cena looks off into the distance at nothing in particular.

[ John Cena ] ...but this is 12 Large... this is the biggest event since Solid Gold Wrestling kicked outta' that thirteen year pin attempt and made it's COMEBACK! This tournament, these matches, and more importantly, that Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship are SACRED!

The fans pop huge.

[ John Cena ] Do I want Nick Aldis to win the SGW Championship and unify it with his belt? Hell no. But in this environment, among these legends, among these fans, and among these twelve men who would dare call themselves CHAMPION, I will respect his opportunity t' do so.

Cena shrugs.

[ John Cena ] Didn't work out for him but what can ya' do?

Cathy covers her mouth to hide her smile, trying to remain impartial.

[ John Cena ] As for Randy Orton... he attacked me from behind... put me on the shelf...

Cena holds up his fist and looks down at it.

[ John Cena ] I definitely owe him one.

And then Cena holds up his second fist, staring down at it.

[ John Cena ] Hell, you might even say I owe him two.

Cena huffs and then smiles, lowering his fists.

[ John Cena ] But I have reserved myself to chill out here behind the curtain, throw back a couple o' cold ones with Stone Cold and Gangrel, and just let it play out... and see where it goes.

Cena runs his fingers across the bill of his cap and points at the camera, his voice becoming louder.

[ John Cena ] Double J, we love ya', brother! I ain't forget 'chu! We still lookin' and we gon' find whoever it was that did you wrong! Get well soon! Thoughts and prayers headin' your way! Justice for Jarrett Gang Unite!

The fans are going wild for Cena as he suddenly jets off-camera, leaving Cathy to herself with a huge smile on her face. She gestures toward the direction he left with the wave of her hand.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena!


We quickly return to the ringside area where the fans are already on their feet, staring in the direction of the entranceway and anxiously waiting for the next match to begin. We barely have a second to settle in when the lights dim, the trumpets sound, and the strobe lights begin pounding throughout the arena!

"We're leaving together,
but still it's farewell..."

[ Scott Steiner ] We seriously gotta go through this shit every single time this punk works?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it! The last remaining semi-final round!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The winna' of this match will go on to face Tim Storm and Randy Orton in the finals t' determine the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion!

Bryan Danielson emerges from the back in his gear, having left the robe behind this time around. Danielson walks to the edge of the stage and nods along to his music, having clearly been overtaken by the confidence gained from defeating AJ Styles earlier tonight! Satisfied with the strong positive reaction, Danielson begins stomping down the ramp, even stopping to high five a few rowdy fans on the way down!

"And maybe we'll come back,
to Earth, who can tell?"

[ Scott Steiner ] It's like the shittier he gets, the more these assholes love him!

Danielson walks around the ring before approaching Brie and Birdie. He hugs them both and kisses his daughter on the forehead before climbing onto the apron and stepping through the ropes, a confident smile on his face!

"I guess there is no one to blame,
we're leaving ground (leaving ground!)"

[ Tony Schiavone ] Having seen how the loss to AJ Styles affected Bryan Danielson, it's refreshing to see him in this totally new light! It's like he's been reborn! Rejuvenated! This is a man who is ready to take this tournament by storm!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' absolutely right, Tony. That loss in such a high profile position on the card was positively devastating to the psyche of Bryan Danielson! A competita' of his magnitude... he doesn't deal wit' loss the same as a regula' man! If I know Bryan Danielson like I think I do... that loss has been eating at him this entire time... and his victory, sweet victory, tonight over AJ Styles surely lifted a giant weight off his shoulda's!

Danielson stands in the middle of the ring, looking out at the fans, still smiling.

"Will things ever be the same again?"

And then he suddenly charges for the corner, leaps onto the second rope and points at himself with both thumbs, informing the fans of what they already know! Spit flies from his mouth with every single word, running down his beard in disgusting fashion!



[ Nigel McGuinness ] Everyone is here t'night wit' a common goal... it was the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship that drew these twelve athletes to Las Vegas, like a beacon of hope for the future of the wrestlin' business! Bryan Danielson has not come this far just t' leave empty handed!

Danielson's music cuts and he backs into his corner, resting against the turnbuckles while glaring at the entranceway. There's electricity in the air as the fans await his opponent... finally, "Undisputed" hits and the fans cheer loudly as Adam Cole steps through the curtain. Britt Baker follows him out with a huge smile on her face, standing alongside him with her hands on her hips. Synchronized, they both double over and then rise up, pointing their fingers in the air as the fans shout "ADAM COOOOOOOOLE! BAY BAY!" Cole and Baker begin making their way down the ramp, both of them smiling arrogantly as they do so.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One of the most charismatic young men in Solid Gold Wrestling! No matta' how ya' feel about 'im personally, you must admit that Adam Cole has that undeniable IT facta'! I was speakin' wit' the forma' owna' of SGW, Arn Anda'son, backstage earlia' 'n he told me that he believes Adam Cole is the future of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I would honestly have a hard time arguing that, Nige'.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] One thing we should address is the disadvantage that the winna' of this match will face... of course, they will go on t' compete in the finals for the championship but there's no match between this one 'n the final round! There will be a short break... but that's all the winna' of this match will receive before bein' thrown t' the wolves!

Cole walks up the steps and then struts across the apron before taking his spot right in the center. He points at himself with his thumb, eliciting a loud "BOOOOOOM!" from the fans in attendance! Cole smirks and then steps through the ropes. Danielson keeps his eyes locked on Cole as though he's ready to strike at any moment. Britt Baker remains at ringside as Cole walks to the center of the ring, doubles over, and then rises up with both hands pointed in the air!


The fans cheer loudly as Cole removes his "Undisputed" t-shirt and tosses it to the side before taking his place in the corner. Standing across the ring from one another, Cole and Danielson stare each other down. Mike Chioda looks from Cole to Danielson and back again before calling for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 45:00

Danielson and Cole circle one another, covering the entire perimeter of the ring before they finally collide in the center, locking up and fighting for dominance! They make attempts at forcing one another back but neither man is willing to give an inch! Finally, Cole takes over with a knee lift, doubling Danielson over! Cole snatches a headlock and Danielson immediately shoots him off! Cole rebounds and Danielson goes for a clothesline but Cole ducks it, seizes Danielson's arms and pulls him down in a CRUCIFIX PIN! Cole cinches it in and Mike Chioda counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait, what?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I... I don't know! Did... did that jus' happen!?

WINNER - Adam Cole via Pin Fall in 1:39

Scott Steiner dies laughing on commentary, not even having the words. The fans gasp in surprise, totally taken aback by what just happened! Cole immediately releases the pin and rolls under the bottom rope where Britt Baker meets him at ringside, a disbelieving smile etched across her face. Cole just stares up into the ring, shocked but... obviously thrilled!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, I'm speechless! Truly... anything can happen in Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My heart goes out to Bryan Danielson... damn!

Bryan Danielson rests on his knees in the middle of the ring. Mike Chioda is kneeling next to him, checking on him, and Danielson raises up his hand in front of him, holding up three fingers, confirming that was actually a three count which Chioda does with a solemn nod. Danielson bows his head, disappointed.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And everything was going so well, gentlemen.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, congratulations to Adam Cole. With a victory that sudden, he'll no doubt be heading into the tournament finals with lots of energy to spare. What a lucky break for Adam Cole, Nigel.

Outside the ring, Cole and Baker continue chatting and celebrating but Baker looks up into the ring her eyes go wide with surprise! The fans gasp! Baker shoves Cole out of the way and DANIELSON WIPES HER OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! The fans erupt in boos as Danielson rolls off of her and looks down at what he's done! He's breathing heavily, fists clenched! He holds his fist up and stares down at it, trembling! Baker isn't moving!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good lord! What has Bryan Danielson done!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I was afraid o' this! He's lost his bloody marbles!

Danielson slowly returns to his feet... before getting blindsided by Adam Cole! The fans pop huge as Cole and Danielson tie up and begin slugging away at one another all around the ringside area! Adam Cole takes over, drilling Danielson with a series of forearms, sending him stumbling backward into the timekeeper's area! Justin Roberts and the timekeeper both scramble out of the way as Danielson clambers around on all fours with Cole in pursuit! Cole is raging out, screaming obscenities at Danielson as he tries to get away! Danielson dives under the ring apron but Cole catches his ankle! Cole drags Danielson out from under the ring but... Danielson has his hands on a steel chair!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT'S HE GONNA DO WITH THAT!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Security! Get security out 'ere immediately!

Danielson rolls over and drives the edge of the chair into Cole's ribs! Cole staggers back, doubled over, and Danielson rises, seething, spitting with every heavy breath! Danielson brings the chair down on Cole's back! Cole goes down to both knees and Danielson drills him in the back again! Cole falls over on his back, seized up with pain, and Danielson stands over him, looking down at him... Danielson hocks and spits right on Adam Cole before raising the chair and bringing the edge down into Cole's ribs! ONCE! TWICE! THREE TIMES! NO, FOUR! FIVE! SIX! Cole has curled up into a fetal position and Danielson descends on him, snatching up his arm in a manner reminiscent of an abdominal stretch... AND DRIVING MMA ELBOWS INTO COLE'S RIBS!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] FOR GOD'S SAKE, BRYAN! STOP IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Okay, for real now, where IS security!?

[ Scott Steiner ] Aww, god dammit! FUCK THIS!

The fans pop huge as Scott Steiner stands up and tosses his headset down! Steiner stomps around the announce table and approaches Danielson from behind, lifting him off of Cole and awkwardly slinging Danielson back and away from him! Danielson stares at Steiner, red in the face, and pulling at his hair with both hands! He's completely snapped! Steiner steps over Adam Cole and points at Danielson, shouting "YOU BETTER BACK THE FUCK UP, BITCH!" Danielson slowly backs away, looking as though he's absolutely snapped. He makes it halfway up the ramp, his eyes never leaving the ringside area before he raises a shaky middle finger and shouts-

[ Bryan Danielson ] ...FUCK YOU, ADAM!

EMTs finally rush down to ringside to check on Britt Baker and Adam Cole. Scott Steiner remains standing at ringside with his hands on his hips, sunglasses still glued to his face, appearing generally unbothered by the situation. Danielson disappears behind the curtain and seconds later, another set of EMTs with a stretcher charge down and head in Adam Cole's direction. One of the EMTs has helped Britt Baker to her feet and is assisting her toward the backstage area. The camera lingers on a pack of EMTs herded around Adam Cole and from our vantage point, we can see panic on at least one EMT's face as Cole is spitting up blood.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my, that's... that's definitely not good.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It certainly will call into question whetha' or not Adam Cole can continue.

There's a rustling sound as Scott Steiner returns to the table and puts his headset back on.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Welcome back, Scott... and thank you.

[ Scott Steiner ] I told you'se guys he was a fuckin' piece o' shit! He ain't got no problem steppin' to a little pretty boy like Adam Cole but ya'll saw what happened when he got faced down by a real man! I proved... what I've said all along... Bryan Danielson ain't nothin' but a weak, flaccid little punk ass bitch and he's scared... scared of the real man! I told you I was comin' for you, Danielson... and we saw what happened! You ran! Like the scared little bitch that you are... now, let's throw this shit show back to Cathy Kelley! CATHY!? WHERE YOU AT?!

We can hear Nigel take a deep breath as we cut to the backstage area.

We quickly cut backstage where we see Cathy Kelley standing by with a microphone in her hand. She's not her usual, smiling self. She actually appears to be quite down. She bites her bottom lip as the camera zooms in and she prepares to hit us with the bad news.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey, everyone... unfortunately, I've just received some bad news regarding our main event, which is supposed to take place in just a few moments... as everyone saw earlier tonight, Tim Storm was viciously assaulted by Drew Galloway and MJF... an attack that Tim Storm suffer a pretty serious knee injury... Tim Storm went on to face CM Punk in the second round of the tournament where the injury was further aggravated, despite Tim advancing to the finals...

She looks down and takes a deep breath before looking back up into the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] After being treated at a local medical facility, it has been determined that Tim Storm is unable to compete in tonight's main event... so what was supposed to be a Triple Threat Final, will now be a one on one contest between Randy Orton and Adam Cole, to determine the first SGW World Heavyweight Champion in over thirteen years.

The fans boo loudly upon hearing this news.

[ Cathy Kelley ] In other news...

The camera pans over to reveal Solid Gold Wrestling legends Bill Goldberg, Gangrel, and Arn Anderson! Standing alongside them, we see the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion, Christina Von Eerie! While the three legends are well dressed, Von Eerie looks utterly destroyed following her match last night at Mile High Madness, beaten and bruised with a large bandage on her forehead attempting to peek out from underneath a strategically placed bandana, holding her green hair back. She carries the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I'm standing here with former SGW World Heavyweight Champions, Bill Goldberg and Gangrel... the founder and former owner of Solid Gold Wrestling, Arn Anderson... and the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion, Christina Von Eerie!

The fans cheer loudly before breaking out into a loud "OI! OI! OI!" chant.

[ Cathy Kelley ] In just a few minutes, the main event is going to start and we're gonna find out who will become the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion... let's hear some opinions! Bill, what do you think?

Bill Goldberg, in black pants and a black button-up shirt, snorts and leans into the microphone.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Ya' know somethin', Cathy... when I beat Bret "The Hitman" Hart for that championship... the competition in Solid Gold Wrestling was at a level that I didn't think would ever be topped... and to my knowledge, it never was... until tonight!

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Now, Tim Storm's outta the match and honestly, he would've been my pick. He's old but he's grizzled... he's a fighter and, to be honest, he's built like a brick shithouse... pardon my language, heh... but if I'm picking between Randy Orton and Adam Cole...

Goldberg leans back, placing his hands on his hips. He looks into the camera, dead serious.

[ Bill Goldberg ] I'm going with Randy Orton every... single... time.

The fans erupt in boos. Goldberg huffs... and then makes it worse.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Because this is a man's sport and when you look at Adam Cole and then look at Randy Orton, it's clear to see which one of those guys doesn't belong here and which one of them deserves to be called a champion!

Goldberg points into the camera and winks.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Hit the gym, Cole. This is where the big boys play!

The boos get even louder and Goldberg takes a step back. Cathy Kelley can be seen muttering "wow" as she approaches Gangrel. Gangrel is in black slacks and billowy white shirt. He holds a clear goblet of viscous red fluid in his hand. Gangrel smirks, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Gangrel, what about you? Who takes home the gold tonight?

Gangrel rocks back and forth and sticks his tongue out.

[ Gangrel ] Heh-heh... I like Raven.

Cathy tilts her head, looking confused.

[ Cathy Kelley ] He... he isn't even in the tournament--

Gangrel walks off-camera suddenly, still smiling.

[ Cathy Kelley ] ...and he just walked out.

She sighs.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Sure, cool, okay.

She approaches Arn Anderson, who is wearing jeans with a big belt buckle and a black Solid Gold Wrestling polo shirt. Anderson smiles, rubbing his hands together. Cathy smiles upon seeing the former owner of Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Arn Anderson! I'm sure you have a strong opinion on the matter!

Anderson scratches his beard, nodding gently.

[ Arn Anderson ] That I do, Cathy... that I do... I think it's pretty clear cut who the winner of this match will be... there's one man in this match who embodies everything that Solid Gold Wrestling has always been about... athleticism, charisma... that... that unidentifiable IT factor... Cathy, call me crazy... but I'm goin' all in... on Adam Cole tonight!

The fans pop huge. Anderson hears them and looks out at nothing in particular, nodding along.

[ Arn Anderson ] That boy's got somethin' and I think we're gonna see it come to a head right out there in that ring tonight! Solid Gold Wrestlin' has got a license to print money with that kid and I'll say it right here, right now... you're lookin' at the future when you look at Adam Cole... bay-bay.

He gives her a wink. Cathy giggles at Anderson's attempt to be hip before moving on to Von Eerie. The fans begin buzzing with electricity as Cathy approaches her. Von Eerie clutches the championship close to her chest, tightening her grip on it.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Christina Von Eerie... congratulations on surviving eight other women and becoming the first-ever SGW Women's World Champion! On behalf of ladies employed by Solid Gold Wrestling, past and present, thank you for everything you did last night!

Von Eerie smirks and nods, the wear and tear of the battle having clearly taken a toll on her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] So, as the first SGW Women's World Champion, where do you land on the main event tonight? Who walks away as the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion?

Von Eerie tilts her head back, really seeming to think it over. Finally, she looks back down at Cathy.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Honestly, it's anybody's ballgame... both of those guys have worked pretty god damn hard since they got here and what can I say? They've earned their spot in the main event... HOWEVER... I'm gonna go with Adam Cole--

The fans cheer loudly, shouting "BAY-BAYYYYYYYYY!" and cutting her off mid-sentence. She smiles.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Because let's face it... Randy Orton is a fuckin' DOUCHE BAG... and to be honest, I like to see douche bags get exactly what they got comin' to 'em--

BAM! CHRISTINA VON EERIE GETS NAILED FROM BEHIND BY LACEY EVANS! The fans erupt in boos as Von Eerie goes down on her side and tries to protect her head but Lacey Evans descends on her, ripping away her bandana and then ripping the bandage off, revealing a collection of stitches right in her hairline with some severe bruising! Evans manages to deliver one good punch right to the point of impact, causing the stitches to burst and blood to begin flowing from Von Eerie's head! Evans grabs the women's world championship and looks down at it as she looms over Von Eerie, her upper lip curled in disgust. Evans fixes her hair using her reflection in the championship belt.

[ Lacey Evans ] That's what you get, ya' nasty ne'er-do-well--

And then Evan's eyes get wide and she drops the championship before bolting in the opposite direction! IT'S RHEA RIPLEY! Rhea Ripley charges onto the scene but Evans is long gone! Ripley looks on, furious! Cathy Kelly is kneeling down, pressing the bandana to Von Eerie's open wound. Ripley shakes her head before kneeling down next to Von Eerie as well, checking on her uneasy ally... before allowing her eyes to drift toward the championship lying on the ground next to them.

With that visual, we cut to the ring for the final time.

There's something in the air.

It's impossible not to feel it.

Something big is about to happen... and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

We return to the ringside area and you can actually feel the electricity. The camera slowly pans around the arena, showing off the excited faces of the fans in attendance. Everyone's attention is turned to the entranceway because they know exactly what time it is. There's a rumbling amongst the fans, an underlying roar which emanates deep from the heart of the MGM Grand. We hear our faithful SGW announce team begin speaking and they sound serious, their voices low and professional as they take in this big fight atmosphere that's descended on the arena.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, it's all come down to this.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What started with twelve men has now come down to two.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Correct, Nigel. As you heard just moments ago from Cathy Kelley, Tim Storm has not been cleared to compete following the devastating knee injury he suffered at the hands of Drew Galloway... which was then aggravated even further by CM Punk. It was determined by doctors on site that Tim Storm is in no condition to compete and therefore, he must forfeit his spot in the main event.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a damn shame.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm has been taken to a local medical facility where doctors will determine the full extent of the injury... our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Storm and his family and everyone here at Solid Gold Wrestling wishes him the very best in his recovery.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I know how much it meant to 'im, Tony. A man of his age wit' his experience... jus' signin' that SGW contract was a big feat... but t' actually make it t' the finals o' the 12 Large Tournament... t' come that close t' tastin' the most prestigious world championship in the business today, only t' have it ripped away from ya'? I know that feelin' all too well 'n it's bloody devastating.

We hear Tony shuffle some papers on his desk.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, folks, it's time.

Tony takes a deep breath.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Let's get to it.

As if on cue, the Golden-Tron comes alive!


The fans begin booing loudly as Randy Orton steps out from behind the curtain, no entrance vest, no hoodie, just ready for a fight. He looks out at the booing fans and curls his upper lip before walking straight toward the ring, laser focused on the task at hand. He climbs up the steps and walks across the apron, stopping to look out at the fans once more before stepping through the ropes. Orton walks to the corner and climbs onto the middle rope, looking disdainful before holding his arms out to the side... prompting a shower of golden pyrotechnics to fall all around him, causing the fans to gasp in surprise! Orton lowers his arms and continues looking at everyone, making eye contact with every single person he possibly can, melting them into their seats. The dead-eyed former champion climbs down off the turnbuckle and walks across the ring, taking his place in the opposite corner, eyeing the entranceway with a smoldering glare.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Randy Orton has had a hell of a run tonight, gentlemen.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Forget t'night, Tony... Randy Orton has had a helluva' run since comin' back t' Solid Gold Wrestling. Until t'night, the man had less 'n five minutes of ring time despite bein' challenged by two world class athletes in Jordan Devlin 'n Samoa Joe... Sin Cara rose t' the challenge t'night 'n likely woulda' won if not for ill-timed inta'ference from Promociones Dorado... eitha' way, Orton walked away victorious... and then he battled Nick Aldis in the second round... making quick work of 'im before moving on... unlike the men he would call opponents in our main event tonight, Randy Orton is walking into this match undefeated and relatively unscathed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You're absolutely right, Nigel. Randy Orton is operating at peak performance right now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Damn close enough to it t' be dangerous, for sure.

Orton's music cuts and a hush falls over the crowd. Orton bends over in the corner, hands on his knees, watching the entranceway intently while licking his lips. He's breathing heavily, ready to get this underway. Finally, "Undisputed" hits and the fans pop huge! Adam Cole walks out onto the apron with a very noticeable hitch in his step. His ribs are heavily taped and he keeps his arm held close to his side and covering his mid-section. Every single steps appears to bring him pain as he grits his teeth and seethes as he closes the distance between the entranceway and the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Comparably, Adam Cole has not had the easiest journey to the finals tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not by a long shot! Things were lookin' good when Adam Cole did the impossible 'n toppled the dominating 'n detestable Colossus of Boggo Road, Nathan Jones! Howeva', it was afta' he defeated Bryan Danielson in the second round that things went a little bit off the rails!

[ Tony Schiavone ] With the match over and his hand raised in victory, Adam Cole never saw the attack coming from the American Dragon! With a steel chair, Bryan Danielson absolutely demolished the ribs of Adam Cole, bludgeoning him ruthlessly until he was restrained by arena security!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely despicable actions by a man I thought I knew betta' than anyone.

[ Scott Steiner ] I told ya'll he was a piece o' shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Adam Cole might have broken ribs... he might have internal bleeding... honestly, the docta's took Tim Storm outta' the match, I wouldn't have been shocked if they'd have done the same thing for Adam Cole! Without knowin' the full extent of his injuries, how could they send 'im out 'ere t' compete?

[ Scott Steiner ] Hold on a second, Anthony Stewart Head, are you seriously sittin' here implying that you think they shoulda' took Old Man Storm AND the pretty boy outta the match... 'n just handed the god damn belt to Randy Orton!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No, Scott, I'm implying that I care about our performa's 'n want to see their best interests kept in mind.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Speaking of best interests being kept in mind, I would like to inform our viewers at home that, following the nasty hit she took during the semi-final match between Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, Britt Baker has been checked out on site and is a little banged up... but is doing fine overall... though she was advised to remain in the back for this match.

Adam Cole tries the steps but the pain is too much so he walks around the ring and sits on the apron with his back to the ropes. Despite being in horrible pain, Cole forces a smile and points at himself with his thumb as the fans cry out in unison: "BOOOOOOOOOOM!" Cole uses the ropes to stand up and then steps through the ropes into the ring. Orton hasn't moved an inch, nor have his eyes left Adam Cole since he stepped through the curtain. Cole is breathing heavily, looking almost sick with pain as he stares at Orton from across the ring. Cole walks to the center and then painstakingly bends at the waist before standing upright with one arm pointed in the air while the other remains cradling his injured ribs.


Cole sneers and then spits as the pain hits him like a ton of bricks. Aubrey Edwards follows Cole into his corner and pats him down for foreign objects, same as she did off-camera earlier for Randy Orton.  Once she's satisfied that neither man is carrying anything illegal, she summons this both to the center of the ring where Justin Roberts is standing by with a microphone in hand. Cole and Orton glare at one another, neither man willing to take their eyes off the other.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen... the following match is the FINAL RRRRRROUND in the 12 LARRRRRRGE Tournament... and it is for... THE SOLID GOLD WRRRRRESTLING... WORRRRRRRRLD HEAVYWEIGHT... CHAMPIONSHIPPPPPP!

The fans pop huge as Aubrey Edwards holds the championship over her head for everyone to see. She turns and holds it in front of Adam Cole. Cole kisses a couple of his fingers and then touches them to the center plate. She turns and presents the championship to Orton who just stares down at it with... nothing in his eyes. He appears to be in a trance. He nods solemnly and then directs his gaze back up at Cole. Justin Roberts gestures toward Randy Orton with a casual wave of his hand.

[ Justin Roberts ] The first challengerrrrr... to my riiiiiight... he IS a Solid Gold Wrestling legend...

There's a loud chorus of boos that well up from somewhere in the arena.

[ Justin Roberts ] Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri... he weighs in tonight at TWO HUNDRED... AND FIFTY POUNDS! He is the former two-tiiiiiiiime Solid Gold Wrestling Television Champion... he is the former Solid Gold Wrestling... WORRRRRRRLD Heavyweight Champion! And he IS... the man who KILLED TAZZZZZZZZZ...

The boos become deafening. Orton shows no emotion, staring a hole right through Adam Cole.


The boos, they won't stop. Someone even throws a full drink into the ring where it hits Orton in the shoulder and he completely no-sells it, not even a hint of a flinch upon impact.


The fans are stomping and clapping while booing as loud as they can, threatening to bring the building down around them by sheer willpower. Aubrey Edwards can be seen handing the championship off to the timekeeper, who places it on a podium at ringside.

[ Justin Roberts ] And his opponent...

The boos are quickly silenced and replaced by excitement and electricity! The fans continue stomping and clapping but with support, rather than disgust! Adam Cole is trembling with intensity as he stares right into the eyes of Randy Orton!

[ Justin Roberts ] Hailing from Panama City, Florida... he weighs in tonight at TWO HUNDRED... AND TEN POUNDS! He is... THE STARRRRRRRR OF THE SHOW! THE PANAMA CITYYYYYY PLAYBOY AND THE MANNNNNN WHO SEEKS TO BECOME...

The fans are all on their feet, ready to explode.


The fans can barely contain themselves. Cole sneers at Orton, curling his upper lip in a mix of pain and disgust.


And then the fans blow the roof off the place.


Justin Roberts quickly exits the ring, leaving only Aubrey Edwards between Adam Cole and Randy Orton. They continue staring each other down as the crowd reaction intensifies. Edwards looks from Cole to Orton and then back to Cole before whipping around and calling for the bell to begin our main event!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

As soon as the bell sounds, the demeanor of both men changes drastically. They back away from one another and Cole assumes a fighting stance, still favoring his injured mid-section. Orton remains standing upright, his head tilted downward and eyes locked on Adam Cole... they circle one another as the fans stomp and clap, screaming with excitement! After one good trip around the perimeter of the ring, they lunge at one another and lock-up dead in the center! They struggle for a dominant position as the fans get hotter and hotter... and then Orton takes Cole over in a headlock! Orton cranks on it, wrenching Cole's neck... until Cole backs Orton into the ropes and shoots him off! Orton comes back and Cole goes for a clothesline! Orton ducks it and Cole turns right around into... THE RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! NO! Cole shoves Orton off and he hits the ropes, surprise on his face! Orton rebounds off and Cole is waiting on him with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE RIGHT TO THE FACE! Orton powders out of the ring, holding his mouth and looking frustrated as he leans on the apron.

[ Tony Schiavone ] First blood, drawn by Adam Cole!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He knows the drill! He's gettin' some stuff in early so Orton knows he means business!

Cole continues favoring his ribs as he walks across the ring, wincing with every step. He reaches through the ropes and gets a grip on Orton's head with both hands but before he can even attempt to pull Orton back into the ring, Orton comes alive, grabs both of Cole's ankles... and drags him under the bottom rope, catching between the ring and the apron! Orton goes off, nailing Cole in the head and neck with a series of forearms until Cole covers up... leaving his mid-section vulnerable! Orton drills Cole with a knee lift to the ribs and then begins pulverizing him with devastating lefts and rights until Cole can longer stand, falling down behind the apron!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shades of Fit Finlay! I don't think Cole saw that coming!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The sheer brutality of that assault! Orton is NOT here to play!

Orton pounds on his own chest and then bends down to throw the apron up, uncovering Adam Cole lying in a fetal position with a copious amount of blood on his lips. Orton stands up, looking down at Cole with a sadistic smile on his face. He looks out at the fans and shouts "THIS IS IT!? THIS IS YOUR BOY!? STUPID!" before bending down to grab two handfuls of Cole's hair! Orton pulls him up to his knees and Cole drills him in the mid-section with a forearm strike! Orton staggers back but doesn't lose his grip. Cole nails him a second time and a third! Orton sneers before pulling back and nailing Cole with a big right hand, right to the head! Cole's head wobbles around on impact and his eyes practically cross as he teases falling all the way back... but he remains up on his knees! Cole fires back with another forearm to the mid-section and then Orton nails him with a second big right hand, this time knocking him down flat on his back!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My word! Orton could've knocked him unconscious with that shot!

Orton rolls under the bottom rope and back outside, breaking the mandatory ten count. Orton grabs two handfuls of Cole's hair again but this time, as soon as Cole hits his knees, he violently shoves Orton backward, causing him to crash lower-back first into the ring steps! Orton looks more annoyed than hurt before he can retaliate, Cole crashes into him with great force, body tackling him over the stairs and onto the opposite side of the ringside area! Both men land awkwardly and painfully with Orton lying flat on his back with his legs still resting ON the stairs! Cole struggles back to his feet and then touches his mouth, seeing the blood on his finger tips. He spits on the floor and then points at Orton, finger-gun style before advancing on him! He grabs Orton by his wrists and drags him off the steps before taking hold of his head with both hands and pulling him up to his knees. He attempts to force Orton under the bottom rope, back into the ring, but Orton stops him, bracing himself on the ring apron with both hands... and then drills Cole in the ribs with an elbow!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, that's not good! That's not good at all! He's going to work on those injured ribs!

Cole staggers to the side and Orton falls on him, grabbing him by his tights and the back of his head before tossing him aggressively under the bottom rope. Orton goes to follow him in but Cole rolls right back to his feet, coughing and spitting as he does so! Orton steps through the ropes but Cole snaps and kicks the middle rope, crotching Orton! Orton staggers, catching his foot on the middle rope and Cole grabs him around the head! The fans begin cheering loudly as Cole holds Orton in place... AND DRILLS HIM WITH HIS OWN DRAPING DDT! Cole covers him! ONE! TWO! THR-- ORTON GOT A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bold strategy! I've got a feelin' that Randy Orton won't take kindly!

Cole gets back up to his feet, gritting his teeth as he favors his busted ribs. Orton slowly rolls over onto all fours and gets up to one knee. Without wasting any time, Cole hits the ropes, rebounds off the other side and goes for it! LAST SHOTTTTTTTTT! ORTON DUCKS IT! COLE WHIPS AROUND... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! Orton shoots straight back up to his feet, pounding his chest, and then falls down into a push-up position, pounding the mat with both fists! Orton scrambles on top of Cole and covers him, hooking the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ADAM COLE KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HE KICKED OUT OF THE RKO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Is that the first time that's happened!?

The fans are coming unglued! Randy Orton can't believe it! He immediately mounts Cole, cradles the back of his head, and begins drilling him with forearms and right hands until Cole is limp! Orton stands up, slinging his head from side to side and shouting "STAY DOWN, COLE! JUST STAY DOWN, YOU... YOU PUNK!" Orton positions himself in the corner, gripping the top rope on either side of him. Orton stomps in anticipation as the fans begin booing, realizing what Orton has planned. Adam Cole rolls over onto his stomach and gets up to all fours! ORTON CHARGES! RUNNING PUNTTTTTT! NO! ADAM COLE GETS UP TO BOTH KNEES AND SWEEPS ORTON'S LEG ON THE PASS! ORTON TUMBLES DOWN TO ONE KNEE AND COLE HITS THE ROPES... RUNNING PANAMA SUNRISE! THE FANS ERUPT! THE IMPACT SENDS ORTON STRAIGHT BACK TO HIS FEET! Cole is still seated and they lock eyes! Orton manages an arrogant smirk before... he tumbles straight back through the ropes, onto the apron, and to the floor below!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Even knocked stupid from the Panama Sunrise, excellent ring presence from the veteran, Randy Orton! Even if that move can obtain the three count, Orton knew well enough to fall t' the outside 'n make Adam Cole work for it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It could buy Randy Orton all the time he needs to recover!

Cole scrambles out of the ring and does everything he can to get Orton off the floor! With a handful of tights and a grip on Orton's shoulder, he finally manages to get Orton back up on the apron! Cole shoves him hard under the bottom rope and then follows him in, covering him and hooking the leg! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! ORTON GOT A SINGLE INDEX FINGER ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Cole grits his teeth and pulls at his hair with both hands!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ONE... BLOODY... FINGA'!

Cole goes to pick Orton up off the mat once again and Orton immediately drills Cole in the ribs with a big right hand, causing Cole to lose his grip and stagger back! Orton slowly rises to one knee, visibly disoriented. Orton smacks himself on the side of the head, trying to shake out the cobwebs. Cole approaches again and Orton nails him in the ribs again... but this time Cole staggers back into the ropes and uses the momentum to SMASH ORTON RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THE CORONA KICK! The impact sends Orton sprawling flat on his back and Cole hesitates for a moment, cradling his ribs. He grits his teeth and fights through it before advancing on Orton and pulling him up into a seated position by his head. Orton's head wobbles around like it's full of ball bearings and Cole hits the ropes... he's going for the LAST SHOT but Orton springs back to his feet and meets Cole on the rebound... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE-- NO! COLE SHOVES ORTON OFF! Orton hits the ropes and rebounds, himself! SUPER KICK FROM COLE! NO! ORTON RUNS UNDERNEATH IT AND CATCHES COLE'S NECK ON THE PASS! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THAT'S IT! HE WON'T KICK OUT OF TWO!

Cole is lying face down, his arms at his sides, breathing heavily. Orton is down, flat on his back, using both hands to cover his face! Both men are down! Neither man can capitalize! Aubrey Edwards looks back and forth from competitor to competitor before starting the mandatory ten count! The fans count along but as Edwards reaches six... the fans pop HUGE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's going on, Nigel!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I... I'm not sure-- Wait, is that!? NOOOOO! YOU GOTTA BE JOKIN' RIGHT NOW!

IT'S TIM STORM! TIM STORM HAS RETURNED FROM THE HOSPITAL! Storm emerges on the stage, aggressively hobbling with a crutch tucked under his arm. He's wearing a loose fitting SGW t-shirt and still in his gear, minus one boot on a heavily wrapped leg! Tim Storm is quaking with pain, red in the face, sweating profusely! He begins making his way down to the ring almost literally on one leg! Storm slides the crutch under the bottom rope and follows it inside. He uses the ropes to pull himself with Aubrey Edwards shouting at him, asking him what he thinks he's doing! Storm hobbles, unable to put ANY weight on the leg, it seems! Storm looks at Edwards and pleads with her-


The fans begin loudly chanting "LET HIM FIGHT! LET HIM FIGHT!" Aubrey looks at Storm and then out at the fans before shaking her head and turning to Justin Roberts... shouting "THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! MAKE IT A THREE WAY DANCE!" THE FANS POP HUGE! Storm nods, accepting that this is really happening! He's getting his opportunity!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THREE... WAY... DANCE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here we are! The tournament final AS ADVERTISED!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jus' when I thought we weren't gonna see this stupid old man die in the ring tonight, my mother fuckin' prayers get answered! Time to head for the light, you old bastard!

In the meantime, Adam Cole and Randy Orton are slowly returning to their feet, using this opportunity to regain some of their senses! They've both used the ropes to pull themselves up on opposite sides of the ring and they both lay their eyes on Tim Storm, standing in the corner! Cole looks pissed, perhaps not believing they're actually allowing Storm to enter the match so late! Cole charges at him and Storm lunges out of the corner with all his strength and catches Cole coming in... THE PERFECT STORM! COLE IMMEDIATELY ROLLS UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE, FOLLOWING THE IMPACT! Storm tries to catch him before he hits the floor but he's too late! Frantically, Storm scrambles back to his feet, wincing as he puts pressure on his injured knee... AND TURNS RIGHT AROUND INTO AN RKO! NO! STORM PUSHES ORTON OFF AND CAUSES ORTON TO SANDWICH AUBREY EDWARDS BETWEEN THE TURNBUCKLES!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] JEE-ZUS CHRIST!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Aubrey Edwards is down! Get an EMT out here!

Aubrey Edwards drops like a ton of bricks and rolls onto the apron, cradling her head and neck! Even Orton looks shocked by this development, shaking his head before turning around... INTO STORM WEARING HIM OUT WITH HIS CRUTCH! THE FANS LOSE THEIR MINDS, CHEERING ON STORM AS HE WHIPS ORTON WITH THE CRUTCH UNTIL IT'S A MANGLED MESS OF TWISTED METAL! Orton tries to escape but Storm discards the ruined crutch and catches up to him... only to have Orton come alive and nail him with a European uppercut that knocks him flat on his back! Orton picks up the crutch and looks down at it before tossing it over the top rope and then falling flat on his back to roll under the bottom rope. Cole is still lying on the outside... Tim Storm is down, clutching his knee, trying to will it work for him just a little bit longer!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tim Storm with the crutch, doing some necessary damage to Randy Orton!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Normally, I wouldn't condone such an act but Randy Orton is a bit of a prick so I'll let it slide!

Randy Orton goes under the ring and finds a steel chair! He slides it under the bottom rope and then follows it inside. Rick Knox charges out from the back to a pop and slides under the bottom rope, immediately standing and yelling at Randy Orton to put the chair down! Orton doesn't listen and prepares to use it on Storm but Knox grabs the chair, hanging onto it for dear life! Orton sneers and whips the chair hard to the side, slinging Knox along with it! He tumbles through the ropes and to the floor where he lands in a heap, cradling his own head and neck now!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Goodnight, Rick Knox! Where's those bloody EMTs!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like CM Punk and Randy Orton will both be paying fines for laying hands on officials tonight! Absolutely unacceptable behavior!

Orton raises the chair and prepares to bring it down on Tim Storm's injured knee... but Adam Cole returns to the ring, SUPER KICKING THE CHAIR OUT OF ORTON'S HANDS! Orton and Cole immediately begin slugging it out but Cole takes over by kicking Orton's knee out from under him! Orton goes to one knee and Cole grabs a handful of his face, pulling him in close and screaming right in his face!


The fans pop huge and Cole hits the ropes... ONLY TO GET SNAGGED AND DRAGGED UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE BY... KEN KENNEDY AND CHRIS MASTERS! The fans erupt in boos as Kennedy and Masters begin pummeling Adam Cole with forearms and brutal stomps, ultimately culminating with Masters and Kennedy DOUBLE POWER BOMBING COLE ON THE FLOOR! Kennedy and Masters look satisfied with the work they've done and Cole is curled up in a fetal position, spitting up blood and groaning in pain!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Kennedy and Masters! Those two... those two washed up--

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Easy, Tony! Don't get too worked up! The match isn't ova' yet!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's just... it's uncalled for! It's despicable! These two men formed The Golden Rule with Randy Orton and Jeff Jarrett back in 2006, along with the Big Show and Jillian Hall... now they're here in 2019, doing everything they can to get back in the spotlight... they're... they're just riding Randy Orton's coattails!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' not wrong, Tony. Ya' not wrong 'bout any of it!

Orton returns to his feet, smiling as he realizes what just happened! However, Orton hears a rumbling behind him! He turns around and Tim Storm swings the steel chair at his head! Orton ducks it and catches Storm on the pass... RKO! RKO! RKO! Orton springs back to his feet and begins pounding his chest, looking down at Storm and flipping him off, yelling "YOU STUPID OLD MAN!" and then he covers him! BUT THERE'S NO REFEREE! Aubrey Edward and Rick Knox are still down! Paul Turner was taken out by CM Punk earlier in the night!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There you go! NO REF! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!

Suddenly, Mike Chioda emerges from the back, jogging down to ringside as Orton shouts "HURRY THE HELL UP!" Chioda slides under the bottom rope, scrambles into position... and counts! ONE! TWO! THRE-- TIM STORM KICKS OUT! TIM STORM KICKS OUT! IT TOOK CHIODA TOO LONG TO GET TO THE RING AND THAT WAS ALL THE TIME THAT TIM STORM NEEDED! Randy Orton can't believe it! He slowly returns to his feet and Tim Storm rolls over on his side, trying to collect himself... Orton begins shouting in Chioda's face! "THAT WAS THREE! HE CAN'T EVEN WALK, YOU IDIOT! END THE GOD DAMN MATCH!" Chioda holds up two fingers, shouting "THAT WAS TWO!" and then points at the SGW logo on his shirt! Orton wipes his mouth and then looks down at the mat... BEFORE HITTING MIKE CHIODA WITH AN RKO!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ARE YA' BLOODY KIDDING ME!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] There goes Mike Chioda! What the hell is this man thinking!?

Orton sits up and takes a deep breath, running his hands over his face. The fans are booing loudly. Finally, there's a huge pop as Edge, Christian, and Val Venis emerge from the back and walk out onto the stage. All three of them stand there for a moment and talk it over until they all seem to come to an agreement... Edge and Christian return to the backstage area and Val Venis removes his jacket before beginning to unbutton his blazer!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Wait a second, what's Val Venis doing!?

[ Scott Steiner ] He's takin' his fuckin' clothes off! Championship Committee wasn't workin' out, I guess! Time to make a new movie! Hell, I'll watch it! I'll even co-star if the money's right!

Val Venis, shirtless, begins stomping down the ramp toward the ring before charging up on Rick Knox, yanking off his referee shirt, and putting it on himself! The fans are going nuts! Orton sees what's happening and places his hands on either side of his head! He can't believe this! Venis rolls under the bottom rope, points at the logo on the shirt and then shakes his head at Orton, letting him know he's SCREWED!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh boy! You've messed up now, Randy! Val Venis is taking over as the REFEREE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The last time Val Venis acted in a referee capacity in an SGW ring, he ended the war between Solid Gold Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Redefined at WrestleBrawl 2!

Tim Storm attempts to return to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up. Without hesitation, Orton simply smirks and picks up the steel chair. Venis warns him not to use it but Orton advances on Tim Storm and raises it over his head... he's going to bludgeon him with it! NO! VAL VENIS RIPS THE CHAIR AWAY FROM ORTON! Orton whips around, shouting at Venis, "DON'T YOU DO IT, VAL! YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU TRIED TO FUCK ON ME!" Venis grips the chair tightly, looking at Orton with genuine hate in his eyes. Orton smiles and gives Venis a shove! The fans "OOooOoOoooo" in response as Venis looks down at the chair.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't do it, Val! Don't let him bait you into this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's right! Don't lowa' ya'self to his level!

Finally, Orton hocks and SPITS RIGHT IN VENIS' FACE! Unable to take anymore, Venis raises the chair and swings for the fences! But Orton falls out of the way and the chair is wrapped around the head of TIM STORM, who just got back to his feet behind Orton! With the chair still around his neck, Tim Storm collapses! Randy Orton remains on one knee, looking up at Venis in genuine shock! The fans are booing loudly and Venis places both hands on either side of his head, not able to believe how bad he just messed up! Orton looks down at Storm and then back up at Venis, mockingly shouting "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" before pulling the chair off Storm's neck and covering him, hooking one leg desperately! Venis looks down at Orton with gritted teeth! NOT LIKE THIS! Orton points down at Storm! "COUNT IT! COUNT IT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO! NO! NOT LIKE THIS!

Val Venis drops to one knee slowly, making every single long second count... he drops to all fours and looks Orton right in the eyes as he brings his hand down on the mat...




[ Nigel McGuinness ] KICK OUT, TIM!









WINNER & NEW CHAMPION - Randy Orton via Pin Fall in 39:41

The fans erupt in boos and Orton rolls off of Storm, immediately falling back on his knees and pumping his fists in victory! Ken Kennedy and Chris Masters roll into the ring on fall to one knee on either side of Orton, celebrating with him as though they just won the match themselves! Venis looks down at them with disgust as EMTs rush out from the back and begin checking on Adam Cole and Tim Storm.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it's about bloody time.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These men could be seriously injured!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's debatable whetha' eitha' one o' them shoulda' been competing t'night!

Orton pushes Kennedy and Masters away from him and stands up, approaching Venis and shouting "GO GET MY BELT!" Venis looks down at the mat, disgusted, and shakes his head. Justin Roberts approaches the ring apron and holds the belt through the ropes. Venis walks over, furious, and snatches the title away from Justin Roberts before looking down at it himself. He soaks it in, taking in the beauty of the championship before approaching Orton with it. Orton reaches for the championship but Venis walks past him, taking a position behind him... and strapping the belt around Orton's waist! Even Orton looks surprised by this!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Very... um... surprising display from Val Venis right now.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He respects the championship, Tony... not the man.

Once the belt is secured around Orton's waist, Venis walks past him and steps through the ropes, standing on the apron. Venis points over the top rope at Orton and shouts "THAT'S THE CLOSEST THING YOU WILL EVER... EVER GET TO RESPECT FROM ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Venis hops down off the apron and begins backing up the ramp, his face red with anger. "ANY OTHER BELT AND I WOULD'VE CLOCKED YOU WITH IT!" Venis finally turns and walks through the curtain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just like I said... he respects the championship and is willing to put the prestige of the belt ova' his hatred for the man who took it away from him thirteen years ago!

Inside the ring, Orton is hoisted onto the shoulders of Chris Masters and Ken Kennedy as fireworks rain down from the ceiling and pyrotechnics explode across the stage! Flames fire out from the ring posts as Orton removes the championship from around his waist and holds it over his head while being held in the air! The fans boo loudly, raining garbage in the ring as the celebration continues. Finally, Kennedy and Masters let Orton down and he holds up the championship, letting the camera get a good look at it before looking into the camera and shouting, pointing at himself...


The camera slowly zooms in on a shot of Orton, flanked by Masters and Kennedy, as he holds the championship over his head. Garbage continues to pile up in the ring but he pays no mind, only focusing on the championship gripped in his hands.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, the show is over... but the animosity sure isn't!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh, no doubt. Randy Orton now has a target painted on his back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I can promise you this, he hasn't heard the last from Adam Cole or Tim Storm!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not by a damn long shot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, this has been SGW 12 Large! On behalf of Nigel McGuinness and Scott Steiner, thank you for tuning in! Goodnight and join us on December 14th when Solid Gold Wrestling presents FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

End of broadcast.