12 / 14 / 2019 | Target Center | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches

- AZM (w/ Starlight Kid) def. Sumie Sakai via Pin Fall w/ Flying Double Stomp in 8:01
- Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. The Mighty Maccabee via Submission w/ Salt of the Earth in 41:55
- Ken Kennedy & Chris Masters def. The Rock 'n Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton) via Submission w/ The Masterlock in 12:18
- Alexa Bliss (w/ Nikki Cross) def. Delmi Exo via Pin Fall w/ Twisted Bliss in 6:59
- The Rock 'n Jax Connection (The Rock & Nia Jax) def. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) via Pin Fall w/ The People's Elbow in 3:11
- Sami Zayn (w/ Hurricane Helms) def. Yoshi Tatsu via Pin Fall w/ Helluva Kick in 9:53
- Darby Allin def. Brandon Cutler w/ Coffin Drop in 02:43
- The Undertaker def. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. via Pin Fall w/ Tombstone in 01:01
- Luke Harper def. Michael Nakazawa via Pin Fall w/ Running Boot in 00:05
- Southern Hospitality (Cameron Grimes & Mance Warner) (w/ Tammy Sytch) def. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan via Pin Fall w/ Spike Piledriver in 4:20
- Adam Cole def. Silas Young via Pin Fall w/ Last Shot in 8:19
- Dr. Britt Baker, DMD def. Leva Bates via Submission w/ Lockjaw in 2:02

A new era is upon us.

Can you hear that?

They're ready for it.

Inside the arena, the fans are losing their minds.

We're two weeks removed from 12 Large, quite possibly one of the most important events in Solid Gold Wrestling history and the fans are still buzzing, wondering what could possibly follow such an ambitious, history making event. We fade up inside the arena and the set-up is magnificent. Everything is shiny and silver and sharp and the Golden-Tron proudly presents the name of our event, "Fight to the Finish," surrounded by an ever-shifting oceanic backdrop of swords and shields and knives. As pyrotechnics rattle off across the stage and down the ramp, culminating with a series of explosions emanating from the peak of each turnbuckle post, the fans jump and scream in unison! The camera shifts and shakes, moving from one side of the arena to the other, giving off an utterly chaotic vibe as we finally hear from the voices of Solid Gold Wrestling, Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you're ready because it's time!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Right you are, Tony! Solid Gold Wrestlin' is back 'n firing on all cylinda's! We're fresh off crowning new champions at Mile High Madness 'n 12 Large 'n it's now time t' Fight t' the bloody Finish!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And Fight to the Finish we will when "The American Nightmare" Cody defends his newly won SGW Elevation Championship in our main event tonight against the violent and sadistic "King of the Goths" Jimmy Havoc!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Certainly not an ideal first defense, by any means!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's going to be a real humdinger, folks! And speaking of humdingers, at Mile High Madness, we saw a shocking and violent conclusion to the rivalry between Luke Harper and Matt Sydal, the Mile High Street Fight! Never before in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling has there been a more brutal, unforgiving brawl than the one we witnessed on that night!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Let us not forget, that wasn't the only blood spilled in Denva', Colorado! Thousands of fans in attendance 'n millions watching at home witnessed Christina Von Eerie outlast eight otha' women t' become the first eva' SGW Women's World Champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But it didn't come without a price! Christina Von Eerie was on the receiving end of a sickening chair shot, courtesy of Tessa Blanchard! As a result, Miss Von Eerie lost so much blood that she was fortunate not to have to receive a blood transfusion after the show went off the air! Yet, despite her grievous injury, she still somehow managed to pin Rhea Ripley and walk away with the duke... and the championship!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's tough as bloody nails, that Christina Von Eerie! I'd wager it's gonna be a long while before there's anyone who's gonna take that title away from 'er! I have heard, howeva', that we will hear news of Christia Von Eerie's first defense at some point t'night! I'd say Holiday Hell seems bloody likely!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But the big news coming out of 12 Large--


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Speak o' the bloody devil!

The boos threaten to shake the building down to its foundation! Ken Kennedy and Chris Masters emerge from the back in black slacks with white button-up shirts along with aviator sunglasses and expensive looking watches. They walk to the edge of the ramp and look out at the fans with smug looks on their faces, clearly proud of this epic negative reaction that they probably think is all for them... but they soon realize it isn't when those deafening boos becomes even MORE deafening once Randy Orton appears from the back. Orton is wearing a black three piece suit and sunglasses with the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship resting on his shoulder. Orton looks out at the booing fans, showing absolutely zero emotion. Kennedy and Masters stand on either side of him, still looking amused by the highly negative reaction.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And there they are, Chris Masters and Ken Kennedy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Two men who owe their current state of employment to Randy Orton! Two men who haven't been in the spotlight since SGW shut its doors thirteen years ago! And here they are, having pulled off an ambitious coup to see Randy Orton walk away the SGW World Champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] I thought Chris Masters was supposed to be some jacked up beast!? He don't look big t' me! He looks like some scrawny punk ass bitch! If I saw this guy on the beach, I'd kick his sand in his face just for bein' there! Fuckin' shrimp!

Orton begins walking down the ramp, paying no attention to the jeering fans or the middle fingers flying at him from every direction. For a moment, the camera focuses on Ken Kennedy jawing back and forth with a fan that keeps waving his middle fingers right in Kennedy's face. Kennedy swats the fan's hand down and immediately catches a wad of spit right in his face! Kennedy looks pissed but Chris Masters pulls him away from the guardrail before hands get thrown! Randy Orton makes his way up the ring steps and walks across the apron before stopping to remove his sunglasses and look out at the fans through his cold, lifeless eyes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at that, fans. The eyes of a killer.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cold blooded.

Orton steps through the ropes and we see Justin Roberts standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. Kennedy and Masters make their way up the steps as well with Kennedy wiping away at his face, trying to get all remnants of the loogie hocked in his face moments earlier. Masters and Kennedy enter the ring and position themselves on either side of Orton, putting on a full authoritative display. As Justin Roberts begins to speak, Orton holds the SGW World Heavyweight Championship over his head with hand, allowing the fans to take it all in.

[ Justin Roberts ] Ladies and gentlemen... the Solid Gold Wrrrrrrrestling... WORRRRRRRLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONNNNNNN.... RRRRRRRRANDY... OR-TONNNNNNNNNNN!

If you thought the boos couldn't get any louder, you were wrong. Ken Kennedy looks at Justin Roberts and shakes his head in disgust. Kennedy walks past Orton and snatches the microphone out of Justin Roberts' hand. Orton just stares straight ahead, still holding up the championship. Kennedy looks personally offended, tapping on the top of the microphone to make sure it's on. Kennedy yells right in Roberts' face.

[ Ken Kennedy ] You call yourself an ANNOUNCER?

The fans continue booing and Kennedy shakes his head with disgust.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Shame on you, young man.

And then he wags his finger back and forth, right in Roberts' face.

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...SHAAAAAAAAAME!

Orton lowers the championship and rests it on his shoulder before slowly turning his head to observe what's going on between Kennedy and Justin Roberts. Chris Masters scratches his chin, looking disappointed in Kennedy. Kennedy points to the outside of the ring.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Exit stage left, jerk off! I'll show you how it's done!

Justin Roberts hurriedly exits the ring and Ken Kennedy removes his sunglasses, hanging them in the collar of his button-up shirt. He struts to the middle of the ring with a crooked smile and stands there for a moment, basking in the negative reaction. Finally, without further adieu... he tilts his head back, eyes shut, and dangles the microphone over his mouth as though he plans to suck it down his throat.


He pauses, stopping to smell the air, eye still shut. Chris Masters rubs the bridge of his nose.


The boos threaten to drown him out. Orton clutches the championship tightly, staring straight ahead.


Orton raises an eyebrow and side eyes Kennedy. Masters just takes a deep breath.


Kennedy lowers his head and opens his eyes, nodding with a satisfied smile. Kennedy gestures toward Orton with the wave of his hand and the boos... they just never stop. They never even tease stopping.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Hey, boys in the production truck... put a spotlight on this guy 'cause this is the big one!

The lights actually dim and a spotlight drops right on Randy Orton. He looks around with a confused sneer. It's really hard to tell if he's into this at all. Kennedy, however, is all about this, tilting his head back and shouting loudly into the microphone.


He lowers his head and narrows his eyes, barely whispering as he stares right into the camera.

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...wait for it.

There's an awkward pause... and then he shuts his eyes and shouts once again.


Kennedy stops for a moment, opens one eye and speaks normally for two seconds.

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...I'm talking about Edge and Christian. Trish Stratus is the little dog.

He almost breaks up chucking but then shuts the one eye and begins shouting again!


He points at Orton with one shaky finger, his face red and pouring sweat.

[ Ken Kennedy ] THE LEGEND KILLER!

And then he points at the ceiling.

[ Ken Kennedy ] THE GODSEND!

And then back at Orton.


And then he tilts his head back, one final time.


The lights come back up and the air is just thick with boos. Kennedy nods, looking ready to fall over from a stroke at any moment after that insane announcement. Kennedy obnoxiously chews gum before raising the microphone once more to his lips.

[ Ken Kennedy ] How's that for some afternoon delight, huh?

Orton smirks and the camera man catches Orton mouthing "are you done?" Kennedy nods and hands him the microphone. Orton takes the microphone and looks down at it for a moment before finally raising it to his mouth. The boos continue to be overwhelming and Orton lowers the microphone, looking out at everyone through those soulless, emotionless eyes. Once it becomes clear that the boos will continue regardless, he raises the microphone again and just begins speaking.

[ Randy Orton ] You know--

The boos cut him off again, you almost literally can't hear him. Orton tries again.

[ Randy Orton ] You know... I really thought I'd come out here tonight and have something to say. Something emotional or profound about what it means to me... to become the SGW World Heavyweight Champion for a second time... after all I've been through... the ups and downs, my relationship with Jeff Jarrett... winning the world championship and then... losing it to Steve Austin before I even had time to enjoy it...

Orton looks out at the booing masses and lets that hang in the air for a moment.

[ Randy Orton ] ...life and death... and then life again... before ultimately ending up in the back of a garbage truck with Carlito and Chuck Norris... who else can say that, huh? I've had a hell of a run in this company... loved and hated... favored at times... and other times? Treated like dirt on the bottom of Jeff Jarrett's shoe.

Orton removes the SGW World Heavyweight Championship from his shoulder and holds it in front of him. He looks down at it and almost looks as though he's going into a trance, fixated on the gold in front of him. He licks his lips and raises the microphone again, not looking up from the belt.

[ Randy Orton ] ...but it dawned on me... over the past couple of weeks... I never did lose my SGW World Heavyweight Championship... I lost Jeff Jarrett's SGW World Heavyweight Championship. That belt never belonged to me... it belonged to Double J... it belonged to the Golden Rule... and it would have belonged to whoever Jeff Jarrett decided to put in that spot. That was never... ever my championship and I've spent the last thirteen years--

Orton shuts his eyes tightly, swallowing hard as though he might actually be getting emotional.

[ Randy Orton ] Thirteen long years... holding myself responsible... blaming myself for losing something that never belonged to me in the first place. See, Jeff Jarrett put this championship in my hands thirteen years ago... anybody but Val Venis, he said. I wasn't ready for this but it didn't matter... I was just a pawn in his game to retake the company... and when I was gone, he replaced me with Lance Storm... and when Lance Storm was gone, he replaced him with Alex Shelley... we were disposable... I... was disposable... and as much as I hate to admit this to myself... in front of all of you... I was nothing to Jeff Jarrett... I was nothing to Solid Gold Wrestling... I wasn't my own man... I was someone else's... someone else's creation...

Orton, still holding the championship in front of him, cuts his eyes upward and meets your gaze.

[ Randy Orton ] Well, look at me now.

Orton shakes his head gently, trembling with intensity. A droplet of sweat rolls off the tip of his nose.

[ Randy Orton ] ...you son of a bitch.

Ken Kennedy nods along, offering a fist pump behind Orton. Masters pats Orton on the shoulder. Orton holds the championship up next to his face and turns his head slightly, admiring it. Orton's voice remains cold and flat as he continues speaking.

[ Randy Orton ] For the first time in my career... this is mine.

Dramatic pause.

[ Randy Orton ] It was mine to win... and now it's mine to lose.

Kennedy applauds and shakes his head, "you're never gonna lose, bud."

[ Randy Orton ] From now on, everything about this championship... happens on my terms.

Orton smirks.

[ Randy Orton ] I guess you could say... for the first time in my SGW career...

His eyes narrow.

[ Randy Orton ] ...there are no strings on me.

Chris Masters rubs his hands together in front of him anxiously, wearing a smirk of his own. Orton places the championship on his shoulder once again and glances down at it, admiring it once more before turning to face the crowd, sounding more commanding, more lively than before.

[ Randy Orton ] Now, you're probably wondering what that means... maybe you're even wondering who I'm going to defend against first... and the answer to that question? Well, it's a lot simpler than you probably think. Who will I defend against first?

All semblance of amusement goes out the window. His dry smirk vanishes. He's dead serious.

[ Randy Orton ] ...the answer... is no one.

Ken Kennedy chuckles, pointing at Orton: "nobody! You're the man, Randy! You are the man!"

[ Randy Orton ] NO ONE! Because there is no one in this company that is on my level. I'm taking Holiday Hell off the same way I'm taking off tonight. I'm leaving it up to all of the scrubs in the back who think they can step to me... to figure out who gets the honor of getting their skull kicked in first.

The fans finally begin chanting "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and Orton just stares out into the masses.

[ Randy Orton ] And when I deem someone worthy... IF I DEEM SOMEONE WORTHY... of stepping in the ring with me... then... and only then... will I put this championship on the line... and there's not a god damn thing anyone can do about it.

He looks down at the championship once again, a fleeting glance... and then back up into the camera.

[ Randy Orton ] What was that you said, Jeff? Remember the golden rule.

A sinister smile creeps across his face.

[ Randy Orton ] He who has the gold... makes the rules.

Kennedy chuckles, patting Orton on the shoulder, "great callback, chief."

[ Tony Schiavone ] This truly is a new era in Solid Gold Wrestling... Randy Orton is going out of his way right now to put the entire locker room on notice! As if he hasn't done enough with his despicable behavior over the past month and a half! We get it, Randy!

[ Scott Steiner ] That punk wouldn't be talkin' like that back in my day. That kinda' bullshit talk was a good way to get bodied by Bill Goldberg... or me, god dammit! I woulda' smashed this punk bitch and turned him out! Made him one o' my freaks!

Suddenly, "Undisputed" hits and the fans blow the roof off the place! Kennedy and Masters both overreact, looking utterly shocked that someone would interrupt Orton's speech but Orton simply stands upright, clutching the championship in his hand, and slowly turns to face the entranceway. The cheers get even louder as Adam Cole steps out onto the stage in jeans and a masculine pink button-up dress shirt. He's accompanied by Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, who is rocking a skin tight blue dress. Adam Cole has a microphone in his hand and he walks to the edge of the stage, his eyes never leaving the ring. Finally, he raises his arms in the air, shouting:


The fans join along, absolutely losing their minds. Baker positions herself next to Cole with her hands on her hips, looking down at the ring with a raised eyebrow and a confident smirk. Cole, however, is all business as he clutches the microphone at his side.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen, it's about t' go down! Adam Cole is HERE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The man named by Arn Anderson as the future of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] He's a punk ass little pretty boy and he needs t' work out his upper body for once in his life but he 'bout god damn near went the distance at 12 Large and I'll give the little bastard props for that! Takin' the beatin' he took and still goin'? I guess when they built the son of a bitch, they forgot to put in the fuckin' QUIT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But what does he want with Randy Orton? What does he want right now?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Do ya' even really have t' ask, Tony!? Let's hear the man speak!

Staring down at the ring with brooding intensity, Cole raises his microphone and begins to speak.

[ Adam Cole ] I've heard enough, Orton.

Orton raises an eyebrow and slightly tilts his head, eager to hear what Cole has to say.

[ Adam Cole ] I've heard enough, Britt's heard enough, and these people have heard... enough.

Orton can be seen mouthing "oh really?" Kennedy and Masters look on angrily.

[ Adam Cole ] I've only been in Solid Gold Wrestling for a couple months and I've had to listen to you over and over and over again, bitching and complaining about how you were done wrong by Jeff Jarrett! How no one liked you... no one respected you... and how you're going to change all that! Well, guess what, Randy? Let me tell you something right now and I'm gonna make it real clear for you so you can get it through that thick skull of yours!

Cole points down at ringside, right at Orton.

[ Adam Cole ] I don't like you! I don't respect you! And I don't give a damn what you went through thirteen years ago! Jeff Jarrett handed you the SGW World Championship and you weren't ready for it? That's not anybody else's problem... but YOURS!

The fans "ooOOoOooOoo" in response to that. Orton's face turns red with anger, though he tries not to let it show. Kennedy and Masters both look to Orton, waiting to see how he responds but he gives them nothing. Britt leans on Cole's shoulder, smiling as he continues.

[ Adam Cole ] I'll tell you what I care about... I care about the fact that if it wasn't for those two washed-up nobodies behind you, I'd be the SGW World Heavyweight Champion right now! Not you! Not old man Tim Storm! Me! I'd be walking through this curtain right now with that championship around my waist and these people... all these people who despise you? They wouldn't be booing... they'd be shouting-

He throws his free hand in the air, pointing at the ceiling.



He lowers his arm, still glaring toward the ring as the fans finish for him.

[ Adam Cole ] I care about the fact that you screwed me over... you piece of shit!

He points at himself with his thumb.

[ Adam Cole ] I care about the fact that Arn Anderson named me the future of Solid Gold Wrestling!

And then he points at the entranceway behind him.

[ Adam Cole ] And I most certainly care about the fact that I'm the one guy outta' everybody in that locker room that can stand here right now... having never had my shoulders pinned to the mat since I walked through that door... even after sharing the ring with the oh-so-great... mother fucking LEGEND HIMSELF... Randy Orton!

Orton huffs and scratches his chin, looking uninterested.

[ Adam Cole ] Say what you will about anybody else back there, Orton... but I'm the one who stared you in the eyes and lived to tell the tale... and deep down, you know... that if it wasn't for your crack security team you've got shivering behind you right now like a couple of scared little bitches... I'm the one who would've beaten you!

Kennedy shakes his head, shouting "NO WAYYYY!"

[ Adam Cole ] So here I am, Orton, in front of the whole world... and I'm not asking... I'm demanding... that you step up, be a man, and do the right thing... put that title on the line in two weeks at Holiday Hell! Randy Orton... versus Adam Cole--


[ Adam Cole ] ...for the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans begin buzzing with anticipation as they await Orton's response. Orton looks down at his championship and then twirls the microphone in his hand, maintaining the stone cold serious look on his face. Finally, Orton raises the microphone, leaning on the top rope as he cuts his eyes in Cole's direction.

[ Randy Orton ] You know somethin', Adam... you made a lot of really good points while you were standing up there, yapping away like a little dog... and your offer? Your demand, even... that I stand up and do the right thing... it's tempting.

The fans begin booing as they realize quickly where this is going.

[ Randy Orton ] No, no, it is! It's tempting.

He smirks as he steps away from the ropes and looks out at the jeering fans.

[ Randy Orton ] Randy Orton versus Adam Cole at Holiday Hell? That... that's a huge match.

He nods, seemingly giving Cole credit where it's due.

[ Randy Orton ] ...but I don't think you're ready for it.

And then the boos get even louder as Orton finally arrives where they knew he was going. Cole just smiles and scratches his chin as he looks down at the stage. Britt Baker shakes her head, fuming. Cole knew this was coming, too, from the look of it.

[ Randy Orton ] So I'm afraid that's gonna be a hard pass for me.

Cole nods, a knowing smile on his face. He raises his microphone once again.

[ Adam Cole ] I had a feeling you might feel that way... so, I hope you don't mind that I went ahead and ran my idea past someone else before I came out here tonight, just in case... and needless to say, he really liked the idea. You could even say... he loved the idea... but don't take my word for it...

The fans pop huge as VAL VENIS emerges from the back in slacks and light purple button-up shirt. Venis looks down the ramp with a knowing smile of his own. He carries his own microphone. Venis shakes hands with Adam Cole and then turns to face the ring. Orton looks furious, the sight of Venis threatening to cause him to rage out and rip his suit up like the Incredible Hulk. Venis nods with satisfaction, knowing he's already under Orton's skin.

[ Val Venis ] Randy... I'm not gonna stand up here and take all night running down our history and reminding everyone why we don't like each other... because this isn't about me and it damn sure isn't about putting myself over when there's a roster back there behind that curtain, ripe with untapped potential, working their asses off day in and day out to make this the most successful run of Solid Gold Wrestling in history!

Orton shakes his head, looking disgusted.

[ Val Venis ] Not when there's a man standing right here next to me that... dammit... I believe could be the guy that guides this company into the future and takes SGW to heights it's never seen before! No, Randy, that's not why I'm out here... I'm out here because I respect that SGW World Heavyweight Championship more than I respect you... more than I respect myself, even!

Venis points up at the ring with one trembling finger.

[ Val Venis ] And I'll be damned if I let you take it hostage!

The fans pop for that. Cole rubs his hands together, smiling.

[ Val Venis ] So, this is what's going to happen... in two weeks, Solid Gold Wrestling presents its first pay-per-view event since the comeback... HOLIDAY HELL! And in the main event, Randy Orton will defend that SGW World Heavyweight Championship against ADAM COLE whether he wants to... or not!

Orton finally flips out, throwing his jacket off and holding up the SGW World Heavyweight Championship in front of him, pointing at himself and shouting "ARE YOU SERIOUS, RIGHT NOW!?" Kennedy and Masters also come unglued, looking furious on Orton's behalf. Venis chuckles.

[ Val Venis ] And if you get any wise ideas about no-showing the event or refusing to do business in any way, shape, or form... consider yourself stripped of that championship and your win at 12 Large stricken from the record... courtesy of the Championship Committee.

Orton grips the championship tightly, as though he fears someone might actually try to take it.

[ Val Venis ] And just in case you're thinking of testing me... entertain me as I do take a moment to remind the fans about our history and how much we hate each other... when I tell you, right here and now, how much I would love to take that championship away from you... and erase you from the history books.

Venis shakes his head, no longer amused... a dead serious look on his face.

[ Val Venis ] I'll do it in a second, Orton. Just give me a reason.

Without another word, "Undisputed" hits and Val Venis returns to the backstage area, leaving Cole and Britt standing on the stage, looking satisfied with how all of that just played out. The camera zooms in Orton, Kennedy, and Masters in the ring as they collectively seethe with anger.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, you heard it here first, folks! At Holiday Hell on December 28th, Randy Orton will defend the SGW World Heavyweight Championship against Adam Cole!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Of all our possible main events, ya' couldn't possibly ask for a bigga' one 'n that!

As Orton grits his teeth in anger, looking ready to kill someone, we go backstage.

From the business in the arena proper we fade to a nameless corridor, backstage in the Target Center, although our vision of said hallway is obscured by a seething, angry face. The man’s long, wet black hair is hanging all over his face, but he pushes it back behind his ears and snarls slightly, exhaling intensely from the nose.

The Bastard.

[ PAC ] You awl huh’hd me. You awl saw tha’ vi’jyo. Ah saed Ah cood maek alluh the excuses in the woh’ld…

PAC’s admission of defeat, even without using the words “lost,” “lose,” or “beaten” still brings the wrinkled nose and flattened mouth to his face from said video. The very thought of the contest with Tim Storm is still stinging in his soul.

[ PAC ] …Ah lost. Plain’is ‘at…but nevah…agaen…dammit. Ah took meh oyes off the goal at hahnd. Ah’ve gotten my head straight, Aye’m focused agaen. Th’ain’t naeone who can stohp meh.

PAC cracks his neck violently to the left, rubbing his hands and working his shoulders, clearly prepared for the contest to come.

[ PAC ] ‘Fore laung, ah’ll be takin’ mah place against Aww’ton. Against thuh other Sonna Rhodes…against an opponent…who cood challenge meh. Oy’ve not looked pass ‘ole man Dustin…nevah…evah…agaen…but be ‘onest wif ya’selves, now. Dustin Rhodes…is no KING. Aye’ll pin his show’dehs to the mat tonoight…Ah gurantee it. An’nen? The Ess Gee Dub’a’yew Toitle? Will be shown…to its Age…of thuh Bahstahd.

PAC snarls up his mouth and turns to step out of the frame but stops suddenly. The camera pans over and reveals none other than the smug smile of Darío Cueto. He lifts his hands to signify that he’s come in peace and nods.

[ Darío Cueto ] Bastardo…PAC. I…wanted to esstend my deepest sympathies…for your LOSS…in the 12 Larsge Tournament.

PAC is stone-faced and intense as ever, no-selling Cueto’s passive gloating. Cueto reaches out and puts his hand on PAC’s shoulder and the icy Bastard doesn’t move a muscle.

[ Darío Cueto ] I know some…ignorant puntas…might rush to say that…Los Ingobernábles’ presence…distracted you…and let that old man Teem Storm win the match...but…we…we know, don’t we?

PAC’s eyes narrow as Cueto’s smug smile grows.

[ Darío Cueto ] Tenías miedo, niño asustado. You…were scared. You are…weak. You somehow managed to squeeze by my associate Meester Naito…and he would NEVER have let such an opportunity slip through his fingers. Abré los ojos, Bastardo – you are a loser.

The Target Center do not care for Darío Cueto. He is sort of a douchebag, so I mean, fair to them.

[ Darío Cueto ] I would wish you luck…against Dustin Rhodes…but even you, a known loser…can defeat that abuelo flácido. He and his brother…will soon rue the day they decided to get involved with Los Ingobernábles. So…Meestah Bastard…I ask that you try your hardest…not to lose…and embarrass yourself any further?

[ PAC ] Yew…and yuh boys…juss’no…that Ah won’t rest…Ah won’t die…until the world BOWS. Bloody bows! To thuh the rightful King…of Sahlid Gold Wrestlin’. Get thuh hell out’ve mah way.

PAC shoves past Cueto and continues down the hallway as the Target Center pops and Cueto’s face is written over with shock – PAC will face Dustin Rhodes later tonight!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

The four corners of the squared circle are as filled with humanity as they have been since Solid Gold Wrestling’s return in October, as, in total, managers and all, there are 10 people for Senior Official Mike Chioda to corral throughout this opening contest of the evening.

Officer Dan Barry and Detective Bill Carr are wide-eyed, fully aware of the ‘gang warfare’ they’re about to engage in, and in the thick of a discussion, finger guns still in their holsters. Matt and Nick Jackson are pretty non-plussed by the slew of humanity before them; instead they’re shilling Young Bucks Merchandise to a family of four in the third row, lifeless behind the eyes and chanting “THE! ELITE! THE! THE! ELITE!” as the young mother cocks her head in confusion. Los Ice Creams are nodding their pistachio-color-masked heads in unison as “the Million Dollar Man” gives them any final instructions, encouraging them to “GET IN THERE AND EARN THIS DOLLAR!” The only team whose 100% attention is focused on Chioda, the ring, and the fact that the contest has begun is Reno Scum, who have bemused expressions on their faces and look down to ringside for any measure of clarification.

The newly-crowned SGW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie, an honorary member of Reno Scum, looks back at her friends and shrugs, shaking any and all confusion from her head and encouraging Thornstowe to “bust some lips, man.” Thornstowe, not one to be told twice to dive into a fight, darts straight ahead and dropkicks Matt Jackson out of the ring, knocking Nick off the apron in the process! The Target Center roars out in excitement as DiBiase, realizing the time for talk is over, yells for El Hijo to get in the mix – and the taller, tasty treat does as he’s told, running straight ahead – but into a back body drop from Thornstowe! Officer Dan Barry charges ahead, keeping the theme for the contest firmly in place, and the smaller Scum member crosses over the downed Ice Cream and back body drops the officer down onto El Hijo’s sternum! Minneapolis is hyped to see the quick succession of moves and roar out in excitement as Thornstowe makes himself the third man in the pile, sentoning across the two bodies and rolling across the ring to Luster, slapping his partner’s hand for the first tag of the match!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a fluid series of offense from Adam Thornstowe – and in comes the bigger man; Luster is here!

The Legendary Luster steps into the ring and runs, full-steam-ahead, into the risen El Hijo del Ice Cream and plows him over with a shoulder tackle! Still moving, Luster clotheslines Barry, sending him for a tumble to the floor and pumps his fists, Von Eerie throwing up the horns in approval on the floor. As Luster turns, searching for his next victim, he finds himself nose-to-finger gun with Detective Bill Carr! Luster emphatically slaps Carr’s hand, sending the ‘gun’ crashing to the mat and leaving the Detective empty-handed! Luster and Carr begin throwing fists, one after another, connecting with the other man’s skull over and over.

[ Scott Steiner ] Enough of the damn finger shit; this is what I’m talkin’ about! Two beefy sons of bitches just throwin’ blows!

Steiner’s analysis is apt; Luster and Carr are ALREADY slinging spit with each heavy blow, still on their feet, but only just, as the Target Center begins to stir – it’s the Bucks! The Young Bucks slide into the ring and whistle at the two bigger men, who turn to face the Jackson 2 – and are met with a pair of superkicks! Detective Carr takes his flush and rolls out of the ring; Luster cracks his neck and begs the Bucks to deliver another – and the pair do just that, delivering a little Early-Onset Alzheimer’s with a double superkick that takes the Legend down to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Superkick Party has begun!

Ice Cream Jr. runs into the ring and ducks a Matt Jackson clothesline but runs RIGHT into a Nick Jackson superkick! The smaller Ice Cream turns on his heel on impact as Thornstowe leaps into the ring – and it’s stereo superkicks AGAIN! Matt clatters Ice Cream Jr. and Nick smacks Thornstowe! All of the Bucks’ opponents are on the floor and the Jacksons begin bouncing off the mat and pumping up the crowd, who are chanting along with the brothers’ stomps.


As Matt and Nick bounce off the far, ropes, preparing for something crazy, Officer Barry is quick, back into the ring with his finger gun drawn!

[ Dan Barry ] FREEZE! Hold it right there, punks!

The Bucks stutter-stop, grabbing one another by the shoulder and pointing at the gun in wide-eyed horror. Barry steps forward, breathing deeply and then looks over his shoulder at the growing mass of humanity, rising up off the protective mats below. Thinking quickly, Barry yells at Nick –

[ Dan Barry ] DIVE!

The younger Jackson looks at his brother and shrugs, running and flipping over the top rope beautifully, smearing the group and popping the Target Center. Back inside, Matt spots something on the mat and sneaks over, behind Barry, and picks it up.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What’s going on here, what has Matt Jackson found on the mat?!

As Barry stops marveling at Nick’s dive, he refocuses his attention on the matter at hand, turning right into a finger gun! It’s Matt Jackson! Matt’s got Bill Carr’s finger gun – and it’s pointed right between Officer Barry’s eyes!

[ Scott Steiner ] Awww, yeah! Blow that filthy cop away, Deer Boy!

Jackson begins talking smack, turning his finger gun right into Barry’s skull as the Officer lifts his own gun and his empty hand, trying to talk the Buck off the edge – when El Hijo del Ice Cream slides into the ring and runs over, double-axe-handle lifted to strike –

But Matt Jackson fires the finger gun!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH GOD, NO!

El Hijo immediately crashes to the mat and sprinkles explode from everywhere somehow, pooling up by Hijo’s skull! Matt is shocked and looks down at the finger gun in his hand as Barry looks horrified at what’s transpired.


The Target Center is alive with energy and Matt Jackson begins looking around, in complete shock at the madness unfolding. He looks back at the gun in his hand and his face is immediately written over with heartbreak and confliction. On the floor, Detective Carr realizes what’s happened and screams out for the older Buck – but Nick is up and ready to defend his brother – but the good Detective is not having ANY of it and hurls Nick right into the guardrail with a sick thud!


As Matt and Dan Barry begin throwing shots back and forth, Adam Thornstowe is up and slides into the ring with fury in his eyes! Thornstowe joins Jackson and Barry in their slugfest as Luster the Legend wheels Carr around on his heel on the floor and the pair resume their epic battle! Carr ducks a right hook, but Carr charges ahead, tackling the Legend into the barricade! The Target Center roar out in shock as the Detective stands, stomping Luster in the chest a few times before turning to the ring, where Dan Barry swings a fist for Thornstowe – who ducks, but the Officer’s punch clobbers Matt Jackson, sending him to the floor! Matt may be out cold!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT A SHOT! Is Matt Jackson unconscious??

Christina Von Eerie runs over to Luster and begins inspecting what appears to be a sternum injury on Luster as Thornstowe runs over and double stomps El Hijo del Ice Cream’s lifeless body – no movement! – but more sprinkles fly out of his body somehow! Thornstowe lifts the seemingly-dead Ice Cream from the mat and puts him on his shoulders, death valley style, looking to put this match away for Reno Scum! Meanwhile, Team Tremendous are working in unison, lifting Matt Jackson off the mat and discussing something amongst themselves – and Detective Carr begins climbing the ropes! He’s on the top rope and Dan Barry lifts the elder Buck onto his shoulders – could we be looking at a Tremendous Doomsday Device?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be it, fans!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, THIS! COULD! BE! IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I JUST said that, Tony! Hey! Look at this!

Nick Jackson is alive! The Merch-Freak springs into action and wrecks Thornstowe with a spinning back elbow, sending he and El Hijo del Ice Cream to the floor in a thud! Before Carr can soar off the top rope, Nick superkicks the pad and crashes the big man down onto the turnbuckle, crotch-first! Detective Carr rolls to the floor below while Barry panics, Matt Jackson still on his shoulders! Nick fires a SECOND superkick, blasting the Officer in the chin! Matt quickly reels off a reverse rana, spiking Barry on his skull!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHOA NOW! SKULL TRAUMA, AHOY!

Ice Cream Jr. darts ahead with a clothesline, but the rising Matt ducks, sending Junior into the ropes, but when he turns, the Ice Cream is met with a double superkick! The fans roar out joyously at the huge strike! Matt is quick to scoop up ICJ in the Tombstone position and Nick scoots to the apron – they’re setting it up!

[ Scott Steiner ] …the hell are they doin’ here?

Nick leaps, springboarding off the rope with a front-flip, driving Ice Cream Jr. down headfirst, spiking the Tombstone with an added flip!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MELTZAH DRIVAH!!


As soon as Nick lands, he gets dragged under the bottom rope to the floor by Adam Thornstowe and run into the stairs! Matt makes the cover and frankly, it’s academic from here! ONE! TWO! THR-- LUSTER THE LEGEND PULLS MATT OUT OF THE RING BY HIS ANKLE! He slings him backward against the guardrail and Thornstowe scrambles into the ring, covering Ice Cream, Jr.! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNERS - Reno SCUM via Pin Fall in 19:27

Reno SCUM's theme hits the speakers and they celebrate, on their knees in the middle of the ring after the exhausting contest to open the show here in Minneapolis. Luster kisses Thornstowe on the forehead as the baffled audience offers up a strong reaction for the victorious tandem.

[ Scott Steiner ] You know, there’s no damn universe in which I should appreciate these homeless looking shits, but dammit they’re…they’re…argh! DAMMIT! It jus’ reminds me of me and Rick’is all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …well. Alright. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Reno SCUM! They’re the winners here in Minneapolis, fans – and surely this shoots them up the rankings for the next Tag Team Championship shot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Incredible tandem offense from Reno SCUM, fans – and what an incredible contest for all four teams here tonight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Abso-damn-lutely! Team Tremendous looked like a pair of tough customers and what about the Young Bucks?! They were only SECONDS from victory, it seemed!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Incredible point, Nigel. Of course, we also cannot discount the effort from Los Ice Cre—OH, NOW WHAT IS THIS?!

Before Schiavone can expand on his thought, El Hijo de LA Park has slid into the ring in black slacks and a white Oxford shirt to match his mask and immediately pounces on Luster, clubbing him in the back of the neck like a vicious hyena! Outside the ring, Mike Chioda does his best to restrain Christina Von Eerie, keeping her from getting inside the ring and risking aggravating her injuries from the double shot weekend! Before Thornstowe can help his partner at all, LA Park spins him around by the shoulder and field-goal kicks him right in the groin, sending him crashing to the mat, gripping his sore lower abdomen.


Salina de la Renta slowly steps into the ring as her charges have a firm grip on the downed victors of the match, licking her top row of teeth and strutting around like she owns the place; as long as the father and son luchadors are present, she has as good a claim as anyone, frankly. Salina takes a microphone from Justin Roberts and raises it to her mouth slowly, ignoring the spattering of boos from the Target Center. She lifts a finger and slowly wags it back and forth.

[ Salina de la Renta ] Didn’t I…warn you? I told all of you people that Promocíones Dorado is the greatest collection of talent in Solid Gold Wrestling. ¿Y ninguno de ustedes me creyó? You don’t believe me?! Look at these losers! ¡Mira a estos perdedores!

Salina spreads her open hand across the ring, showing off the wreckage from the match before and more importantly, the damage done by the Skeleton-faced luchadors. She snaps and shakes her head back and forth.

[ Salina de la Renta ] Darío! Your band of Ingobernábles have paraded around Solid Gold Wrestling with something that is MINE for far too long. Tus pequeños juegos ignorantes han terminado, y mis pateadores están listos...

She takes a moment to look deeply, seductively even, into the hard camera before speaking again, slowly and coolly.

[ Salina de la Renta ] …to take…your…championships.

LA Park throws his arms high into the air and screams out as Hijo rubs his hands together menacingly. The Target Center boos as Salina smiles, a vision of deceptive beauty, and speaks again.

[ Salina de la Renta ] You all…are too concerned with the Rhodes Hermanos…with el Bastardo. Darío! Your happy little clowns have ignored their TRUE rivals – the TRUE threats to the Tag Team Championships for far too long! Promocíones Dorado were not pinned at Momentum! Promocíones Dorado are the TRUE contendientes número uno! We shall not be forgotten! We will NEVER lay down and die! Promocíones Dorado will get…what is OURS…o lo tomaremos.


El Hijo looks down at Luster and screams, slapping him across the face and then high-fives his father as Salina remains staring down the barrel of the camera.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, say what you will about Promocíones Dorado – but this attack is no way to dispute the title-shot giving process.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Salina de la Renta makes a very good point, though! LA Park and his son never got pinned – they lost NOTHING!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, damn!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I see this as a bit of a forceful request, Tony! Who’s going to tell Promocíones Dorado no?!

[ Scott Steiner ] More importantly, who’s telling that saucy little minx ‘no?’ It sure as shit ain’t Big Poppa Pump!

As the masked men exit the ring and assist Salina through the ropes, the cameras take a visual survey of the damage in the scene, taking a moment to show the effects of Promocíones Dorado’s beatdown on the victorious Reno SCUM before getting a final visual of de la Renta’s smirking face and fading away.

As the tag team match comes to a conclusion and the ring begins to clear, we find ourselves in a long hallway backstage. The camera moves backwards as Nick Aldis, Kamille, Eli Drake, and Jim Cornette are seen walking in unison right towards us. Their march ends at a door with a “Championship Committee” sign on it. Cornette walks to the front of the group and gives them their orders.

[ James E. Cornette ] Now look, I have some history with these two. Hell, I was even briefly in charge of this goddamn place before I got so pissed off at Alex Shelley for dickin’ around that I wanted to boil him in oil and sell his fat for soap that I closed the place before I had a goddamn heart attack. I didn’t want to be the man who croaked over dead live on fuckin’ Shock in front of everyone and their grandma watchin’ the shit! The SGDubya’ product in 2006 was full of movie stars, sex tapes, killin’ innocent people, and fuckin’ maniacs divin’ off of every fuckin’ piece of furniture they could fine to get a crowd reaction! I just hope it’s changed.

[ Eli Drake ] I don’t know, SGW sounded pretty fun back then.

[ Nick Aldis ] I remember when they shoved Chuck Norris in a garbage truck. That was quality.


Immediately, Cornette’s face turns from flesh tone to a color comparable to a fire truck. Noticing it and showing a concerned expression, Aldis puts his hand on Cornette’s back to check on him.

[ Nick Aldis ] Jim, are you alright?

[ James E. Cornette ] Am I alright? Excuse me for tryin’ to lay down the ground rules to ensure you two succeed, because, if I’m not mistaken, Nick, you really screwed the pooch at 12 Large and I’m not about to have your stink rub off on Eli over here.

[ Eli Drake ] Jim, we’re all friends here.

[ James E. Cornette ] If you can’t share honesty among friends, then who can you share it with?

Drake turns to Aldis and shrugs. Aldis side-eyes Cornette and grips his NWA World Championship tightly.

[ Eli Drake ] Sorry, Nick.

[ Nick Aldis ] Quite alright. He’s not the first, nor will he be the last, to try to discredit the REAL World’s Champion.

Cornette bangs on the door repeatedly until it finally opens a few seconds later. On the other side of the door is Christian Cage, who looks pleasantly surprised to see his old manager.

[ Christian Cage ] JIM! C’mon in!

Christian holds the door open as the four enter and are immediately greeted by Edge, who is sitting in a chair, flipping through his phone.

[ Edge ] Jimmy!

Edge tosses his phone on a desk and gets up and shakes hands with Cornette. You can see Aldis and Drake’s confidence swelling in the background.

[ James E. Cornette ] Edge, Christian, good to see you boys. Thirteen years is a long time.

[ Christian Cage ] Indeed.

[ James E. Cornette ] You guys know Nick and Kamille, but I wanted to introduce you Eli Drake.

[ Edge ] So, what do we have here? This a little stable or something?

[ Christian Cage ] Bunch of NWA guys fighting to restore order of pro-rasslin’?

Edge nudges Christian and loudly proclaims..



Cornette is none too pleased with the mockery.

[ James E. Cornette ] Fuckwits.

[ Edge ] But seriously, Jim. We know Eli. We’re excited to have him aboard. Nick, good to see you still carrying a championship that is neither relevant nor recognized by SGW. But hey man, keep on doing you.

Aldis clutches the NWA title tightly against him, disgusted by the insult.

[ Nick Aldis ] I’ll have you know that this title is far more sought after and valuable than your precious SGW title.

[ Eli Drake ] Nick, no..

[ Nick Aldis ] And that this championship carries the lineage of legends like Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and -

[ Christian Cage ] Mike Rapada and Blue Demon. We get it. Prestigious.

Paying them no mind, Aldis continues.

[ Nick Aldis ] Terry Funk, Dory Funk, and Ric Flair. MEN! Real professional wrestlers such as Eli Drake and myself. Men to restore order to this business and do things for the greater good of this business. Right, Eli?

Drake nods in agreement.

[ Eli Drake ] The greater good.

[ Edge ] Then it’s settled.

Edge gets up from his chair and tries to herd the NWA contingent back to the doorway that they came from. With Kamille, Aldis, and Drake outside in the hallway, Cornette stands on the threshold.

[ James E. Cornette ] What do you mean by “it’s settled?”

[ Edge ] The Greater Good.

Edge steps towards Cornette, forcing him to take a step back into the hallway.

[ Edge ] Your little NWA group here. That’s your new name. You’re welcome.

[ James E. Cornette ] I don’t think we’re an official group?

[ Edge ] Well, you are now. Thanks for stopping by, Jim.

[ Christian Cage ] James.

[ Edge ] Can I call you Jimothy?

[ James E. Cornette ] “Jimothy?” You little shi-

Edge closes the door and shakes his head at Christian. You can see the relief all over their faces after that exchange. Their happiness is short-lived as the door swings wide open, nearing knocking Edge down in the process. Triple H enters and gets right down to it.

[ Triple H ] Gentlemen, I just want to let you know that I accept.

[ Christian Cage ] ….What?

[ Triple H ] Your offer to join the Championship Committee. I see that you’re lacking leadership now that Jeff is gone. I’m offering you my services.. My legitimacy..

[ Edge ] Hard pass.

[ Christian Cage ] Yeah, no offense, but we know your track record from where you’ve come from before joining SGW. If anyone is putting the belt on themselves in 2019, it’s one of us.

[ Edge ] Yeah. Sorry, man. We’re at capacity.

This isn't the answer Triple H expected. Someone of his stature is very rarely rejected. Triple H takes a few seconds to absorb the information and nods his head.

[ Triple H ] Alright.

He thinks it over.

[ Triple H ] We all make mistakes.

Triple H winks and slaps Christian on the left arm.

[ Triple H ] Maybe it’s something you guys don’t wind up regretting down the line. I’d hate to see it.

With that, Triple H exits the Championship Committee office on his own and closes the door behind him. Christian scratches the back of his head as Edge rolls his eyes.

[ Edge ] I hate being an authority figure. I liked it better when we just had creative control and did whatever we want.

[ Christian Cage ] I’m about to put a deadbolt on the door if any more wackos try coming in here.

Edge walks back to his chair and flops down and begins flipping through his phone again as Christian looks at his options with the door's locks. The scene fades.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell and Sasha Banks remains in her corner, visibly unnerved. Bayley stands at ringside, looking from Sasha to Ratchet and back again with genuine fear in her eyes. Ratchet remains in her own corner for a moment before taking one exaggerated stagger toward the center of the ring and then begins convulsing violently as though electricity is pulsing through her veins! The fans don't know what to make of this and begin booing.

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck is this shit!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] She seems to be having some kind of... episode or something!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ...or something is right, Tony! Not much is known about the mysterious Nurse Ratchet or conspicuously absent villainous mastermind, Docta' Cube... but what little we do know is that she's dangerous and unpredictable! Sasha Banks may very well be The Boss but I doubt she's been through anything that would prepare her for THIS!

Without wasting another second, Sasha Banks charges across the ring and nails Ratchet with a shotgun drop kick that sends her staggering back into her corner! Sasha rolls right back to her feet and charges in with a vicious forearm to the chest that rattles the nurse. Sasha continues firing off with a series of forearms, causing Ratchet to rock back and forth stiffly, showing no other signs of selling the onslaught! Finally, Sasha Banks takes a step back and waves her hand in front of her face, openly gagging!

[ Tony Schiavone ] How foul must Nurse Ratchet be to elicit that reaction from Sasha Banks?!

[ Scott Steiner ] This bitch is just full o' surprises, huh!? You know who else probably stinks!? Bryan Danielson! You know how it is with those... those vegans 'n their hippy bullshit! They sit around all day, eatin' hummus 'n not shavin' 'n showerin', rollin' around in the fuckin' mud like a bunch o' god damn dogs! I don't like it! It ain't right! If that broad can't take a fuckin' shower, she shouldn't be here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think it's more the fact that she seems t' be some sort of supernaturally fueled being from beyond the grave, Scott! It's not simply a matta' of not taking a showa' but that she's been bathed by somethin' else entirely... such as the evil machinations of one Docta' Cube!

[ Scott Steiner ] Who is this Doctor Cube anyway?! I ain't even see this guy around!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh, you'd know 'im if ya' saw 'im, Scott.

[ Tony Schiavone ] He has a a block for a head!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jesus fuckin' Christ! IS THIS COMPANY A JOKE NOW OR SUMPIN'!?

Dropping her guard only momentarily, Ratchet reaches out and grabs a handful of Sasha's throat before whipping her around in the corner and brutalizing her with overhand punches! Each devastating blow causes Sasha to flail in the corner before a couple of stiff, open hand slaps cause her to fall into a seated position, rubbing her jaw in pain! Ratchet staggers out of the corner, toward the center of the ring... and then awkwardly stumbles back toward it, driving her bare knees right into Sasha's face! Bayley looks on in horror as she sees her best friend dominated! Ratchet rolls backward out of the corner and returns to a standing position before beginning to convulse once again! This momentary lapse in action allows Sasha to use the top rope to pull herself back to her feet and deliver a stiff kick to Ratchet's stomach! Sasha pulls her in and mounts her back... CODE BLUE! Sasha maintains the hold and keeps Ratchet trapped in a pinning predicament! ONE! TWO! RATCHET KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh wow! I thought that was it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's gonna take much more 'n that t' hold down a fiend from the bloody grave!

Sasha rolls back to her feet and looks down at Ratchet with a sneer. Ratchet gets up to one knee and Sasha ROUNDHOUSE KICKS HER RIGHT IN THE HEAD! Ratchet doesn't go down! Sasha turns and hits the ropes... RUNNING METEORA! Sasha forward tumbles off of Ratchet upon impact and returns to a standing position, assuming a fighting stance! Sasha motions for Ratchet to get up... AND SHE DOES! SITTING BOLT UPRIGHT AND TURNING HER HEAD RIGHT IN SASHA'S DIRECTION! Sasha suddenly doesn't look so sure, her confidence wavering! Bayley begins pounding on the apron, shouting at Sasha to get out of the ring... and Sasha does just that, climbing through the ropes and hopping off the apron!

[ Scott Steiner ] Smart move! Best not t' be fuckin' associated with this bullshit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm shocked! It's totally unlike Sasha Banks to walk away from a fight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It looks like Bayley's on board as well, gentlemen! They're OUTTA here!

The fans begin booing loudly as they realize Sasha Banks isn't going to stay and fight. Sasha looks disgusted and shakes her head, waving off what's going on in the ring and commenting "Uh-uh! I don't get paid enough for... whatever this is!" But before she can take a step away from the ring, Nurse Ratchet reaches through the ropes and seizes her by two handfuls of hair! Bayley begins shrieking like she's witnessing someone being murdered right in front of her while Sasha kicks away at the air, having been lifted a few inches off the ground by her hair! Bayley grabs Sasha by her legs and tries to pull her free but Sasha is out of control and accidentally kicks Bayley away, causing her to crash backward into the guardrail!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a hit! There's no doubt that'll give Bayley Excedrin headache number nine!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not good! That's not bloody good for Sasha Banks!

[ Scott Steiner ] Here we fuckin' go! Gettin' dragged back into the shit show!

Sasha is pulled into the ring, though the ropes by her hair! Sasha suddenly comes alive, smacks Ratchet's hands down, and nails her with a vicious open hand slap! Ratchet completely no-sells it and swings with a lumbering right hand but Sasha ducks it, catches Ratchet on the turnaround and drills her with a LUNG BLOWER before floating her over into... THE BANK STATEMENT! The fans liven up, screaming and shouting "TAP! TAP! TAP!" but Nurse Ratchet won't do it! Instead, she reaches over and grabs Sasha's wrist, prying it away from her neck! Sasha looks on in wide eyed horror as Ratchet uses supernatural brute strength to separate her hands!


[ Scott Steiner ] That ain't shit! I can do that!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, Sasha Banks is a one hundred pound woman--


Bayley hops onto the apron, her face full of concern! Bayley begins to step through the ropes but Aubrey Edwards meets her halfway and begins yelling at her to get out of the ring! Bayley freaks out, screaming "I'M TRYING TO HELP MY FRIEND!" and Aubrey returns fire with "I KNOW! THAT'S THE PROBLEM! GET OUT!" Sasha Banks releases the hold on her own and begins drilling Ratchet in the back of the head with forearms, doing anything to keep her down but she doesn't pay attention to Ratchet's hands and it costs her... AS RATCHET DRIVES A SYRINGE FILLED A MYSTERIOUS GREEN LIQUID INTO SASHA'S THIGH!

[ Scott Steiner ] What... the... FUCK!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Good God! Good God, I can't believe what I just witnessed!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm at a loss for bloody words!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at Sasha Banks! She's fading! She's fading fast!

[ Scott Steiner ] No shit, she's fadin', dumb ass! That nurse bitch just injected her with a full syringe o' fuckin' Drain-O or some shit! THAT AIN'T RIGHT, GOD DAMMIT! AIN'T NOBODY SIGNED UP FOR THAT SHIT! I DIDN'T PAY T' SEE THIS SHIT!

Sasha passes out almost immediately and Nurse Ratchet covers her! Bayley looks on in horror and hops off the apron, placing both hands on either side of her head, her mouth agape! Aubrey Edwards turns around and only sees Ratchet on top of Sasha Banks! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Nurse Ratchet via Pin Fall in 12:42

The fans are in shock as Nurse Ratchet crawls off of Sasha Banks' limp body and stands up. Ratchet looms over Sasha and tilts her head to the side, almost as if she's confused by what she's looking at. She begins to convulse again, drawing boos from the fans. Suddenly, Bayley hits the ring and tackles Ratchet down, pummeling her with right hands!

[ Tony Schiavone ] GET HER, BAYLEY! GET HER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is what ya' get when ya' mess wit' Bayley's friends!

Bayley stands and brings Ratchet up with her, dragging her by two handfuls of hair. Bayley whips Ratchet into the ropes and follows her in... clotheslining her over the top rope to the floor! Ratchet lands on her feet effortlessly and simply stares up into the ring, right into Bayley's eyes! Bayley takes a deep step, clearly shaken! Nurse Ratchet convulses again and then shambles backward for a few steps before whipping around and shakily staggering up the ramp. The fans begin booing even louder as the stage begins to split apart and smoke begins billowing out.

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck is happenin' now!? Why is all this shit so god damn weird?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... I don't know! What's happening, Nigel!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Come on, Tony! Why are ya' askin' me!? I've neva' seen anything like this!

From out of the smoking gap in the stage rises a high tech pod with Dr. Cube inside! He operates a control panel from within that looks as though it would be more at home connected to an arcade game with large buttons and a joystick! Nurse Ratchet shambles toward him and enters the pod before turning around and peering out the window to gaze at the ring where we see Bayley kneeling down and checking on the unconscious Sasha Banks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I have neva' in my bloody life!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't understand any of what I'm seeing right now!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! Just kill me now!

Once they're both secure inside the pod, it slowly lowers back into the open stage, which then begins to seal up behind them!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're returning to the underground lair of Dr. Cube!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did those words seriously just come out o' your mouth? Can we get an EMT out 'ere t' check on Sasha Banks for Christ's sake? The woman was bloody injected wit' an unknown substance! This might actually be consida'd a serious, life threatening situation!

Finally, as if on cue, a handful of EMTs rush out from the back and run across the freshly sealed stage before sliding into the ring and checking on Sasha Banks. Bayley stands and lets them have access to her, covering her mouth and looking deeply concerned. We quickly cut to the back.

Backstage, we see Adam Thornstowe sitting in a steel chair, running his hands over his head, red in the face with anger. Behind him, Luster the Legend is pacing back and forth, breathing heavily. He stops in front of the wall, takes a deep breath... and then headbutts it as hard as he can, leaving a head shaped crater behind! Christina Von Eerie walks into the shot with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder, a look of concern on her face. She looks at the hole in the wall and then at Luster, her upper lip curled in disbelief. She points at the hole in the wall.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Dude, seriously!?

Luster looks down at her, clearly upset over what happened in the tag match earlier tonight.

[ Luster the Legend ] It's fuckin' bullshit! This was our fuckin' moment and they ruined it!

Von Eerie narrows her eyes and points at an empty chair in the corner.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Sit down.

Luster looks at the chair and the back at Von Eerie, still angry but now confused.

[ Luster the Legend ] ...but--

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Sit. Down.

Luster shakes his head and lumbers over to the chair, taking it by the back and dragging it across the room, causing it to screeeeeeeech loudly with every agonizing inch until it's placed next to Thornstowe's chair. Luster sits down. His shoulders slump forward and his elbows rest on his knees but he still looks like a giant next to Thornstowe. Von Eerie lowers the championship belt from her shoulder, holding it at her side with the strap nearly touching the floor. She shakes her head gently, looking down at her disappointed comrades.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] You guys gotta get your heads outta your asses.

Luster and Adam both look up at her, surprised.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Wait, what the fuck?

Von Eerie sighs.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] What I'm saying is... you got your ass beat tonight, it sucks... it really sucks... but it's not the end of the fuckin' world or anything... you guys are in a competitive-ass division... stuff like that's gonna happen, ya' know? Dust yourself off and focus on getting them back.

Thornstowe looks back down, shaking his head with disgust.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] ...oh, we'll get'em fuckin' back, alright.

Von Eerie smirks and gives a half hearted shrug.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Hey, at least you won. Four way match with one fall? That's a crap shoot at best. One wrong move and you coulda' lost to the ice cream men.

[ Luster the Legend ] Better the ice cream men than the Bucks.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] We fuckin' HATE the Young Bucks.

[ Luster the Legend ] They woulda' made fuckin' t-shirts to commemorate that shit! On Hot Topic shelves all across the damn country! The fuckin' night the Young Bucks snuck in and pulled one over on Reno fuckin' SCUM! How god damn embarrassing.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] We'd be a fuckin' laughing stock. Even more than we are now after I got kicked in the cock by that fat skeleton.

Von Eerie raises an eyebrow.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I... I don't think it's that big of a deal?

Luster shakes his head and places his face in his hands.

[ Luster the Legend ] You wouldn't... how many times you ever get your ass beat by some freak in a goofy costume?

She looks taken aback.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I literally got staples put in my head two weeks ago after getting jumped by a so-called Sassy Southern Belle that can't decide if she's a former marine, a pin-up model, or a fifties house wife.

[ Luster the Legend ] See, you just don't get it.

She takes a deep breath and just looks generally over it.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Right, okay. Well, I'm gonna let you guys wallow and see if there's anything to do around here. Maybe Colt Cabana's having another one of his weird bathroom interview segments I can crash.

She walks past them and out the dressing room door. The camera follows her down the hallway toward the general backstage area. With the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder, she scans the area but somehow doesn't notice Rhea Ripley approaching her from the side. Ripley's already in her gear and leather entrance vest, ready for action tonight. Ripley has a smug look on her face.

[ Rhea Ripley ] There ya' are... been lookin' for ya'. Thought maybe ya' were hidin' from me.

Von Eerie hoists the title a little higher up on her shoulder, a smirk on her face.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Riiiiiiight... what's goin' on, Rip?

Ripley tilts her head back, looking down her nose at Ripley.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I have a proposition for ya'... seein' as how you 'n I were the last two women standin' at Mile High Madness... what say after I take out Tessa Blanchard tonight, you 'n I have anotha' go at Holiday Hell?

Von Eerie looks down at the championship and then back up at Ripley.

[ Rhea Ripley ] One on one...

And then she places her finger on the center plate of the championship belt.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Wit' this... on the bloody line.

The live crowd is cheering, really ready to see these two go at it one more time.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Yeah... about that--

Von Eerie rubs the back of her neck, looking slightly uncomfortable.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I kinda' already have a dance partner that night...

Ripley looks surprised... and more than a little annoyed.

[ Rhea Ripley ] You what? Ya' can't be serious... who deserves a shot more than me?

Von Eerie looks down and shakes her head before looking back up at Ripley.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Look, me and Lacey Evans--

Ripley's jaw nearly hits the floor and her face turns red with anger.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Ya' givin' the first shot at that belt to Lacey fucking Evans?!

Von Eerie's eyes narrow.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] We have unfinished business.

Ripley takes a step toward Von Eerie, looming over her. If looks could kill...

[ Rhea Ripley ] ...so... do... we.

Von Eerie doesn't break eye contact with Ripley, showing no fear or intimidation.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Look, I've already talked to Trish and made it official... there's no going back on it now. It's time that me and her got this over with. You saw what she did to me at 12 Large... that can't go unanswered.

Ripley places her hands on her hips, still looking pissed... but she nods, accepting it.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Yeah... yeah, you're right.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Once I'm done with her... the next shot is yours.

Von Eerie then tilts her head to the side, eyes cut toward the ceiling as though she's thinking it over.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] If you can get past Tessa Blanchard tonight, that is.

Ripley looks taken aback, almost personally offended... and then she cracks a smile.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Fuck you, that's not funny.

Von Eerie looks down at the championship on her shoulder and then back up at Ripley.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] Who said I was joking?

Without another word, Christina Von Eerie walks off-camera, leaving Rhea Ripley standing there, a look of disbelief on her face. Ripley watches Von Eerie leave and then shakes her head as we return to the ring for our next match.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

“COLT-CA-BAN-A!” clap clap clapclapclap “COLT-CA-BAN-A!

The bell sounds with the fans firmly in the corner of Cabana. He meets Dickinson in the center of the ring and extends his hand.

[ Colt Cabana ] Put ‘er there, pal!

Dickinson spits in Cabana’s face and kicks him in the gut, drawing a chorus of boos from the capacity crowd here in Minneapolis. With Cabana doubled over, Dickinson suplexes Cabana and immediately goes for a pin. One.. two… Dickinson raises Cabana’s head off the mat and yells to the fans, “AW HELL NO! HE’S ABOUT TO SUFFA’!” Before Cabana can get back up, Dickinson lifts him off the mat and knees him in the face and drops him with a DDT. Dickinson immediately picks Colt up and whips him into the corner and charges right after him, hitting a big splash! Colt drops to a seated position in the corner as Dickinson is loving how the match is going thus far. Dickinson sprints at Colt but he rolls out of the ring at the last second. Dickinson follows him to the outside and Cabana finds life with a back body drop, sending the Dirty Daddy crashing hard to the floor! Cabana sees an opportunity and rolls back into the ring to compose himself while Dickinson writhes in pain outside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This isn't going exactly as Chris Dickinson hoped, I don't think!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Chris Dickinson has wanted t' get his hands on Colt Cabana since Momentum! He felt that Colt Cabana humiliated him, damaged his credibility by roping him into the Good Times, Great Memories circus! Ya' know that little talk segment really is starting to get a reputation, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I find it hilarious! Perhaps Chris Dickinson would be better suited to find a sense of humor!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's not god damn funny! It's jack-off bullshit!

Dickinson beats the ten count and is back inside. Colt shrugs with a goofy smile on his face and you can audibly hear him apologize. Dickinson runs at Colt, but he puts his hands up and yells, “STOPPPPPPP!”

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this happy horse shit!?

Colt points to the ceiling and tells Dickinson to “Look up!”

[ Scott Steiner ] What the fuck is goin' on!? Is this some kinda' god damn joke!?

Dickinson doesn’t fall for it and instead of looking up, kicks Cabana low! Colt doubles over as Dickinson goes for a powerbomb, but Colt wiggles his way free. Colt grabs Dickinson’s arm and whips him into the corner. “FLYING ASSHOLE!” Colt jumps but misses and Dickinson counters with a German Suplex, making Colt an accordion right in the center of the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, that's the way to do it! Drop him on his fuckin' neck!

With Cabana in pain on the mat, Dickinson plays to the crowd, drawing a large amount of boos from the Midwestern fans that are firmly behind Cabana. Dickinson wastes too much time, though, as when he turns back to Colt, he’s back up. Jab! Jab! Jab! BIONIC ELBOW! Dickinson springs right back up, another Bionic Elbow! Colt picks Dickinson up for Colt .45, but Dickinson slides out and grabs Colt by the waist. Cabana begins gyrating his hips, causing Dickinson to let go and yell, ‘WHAT THE FUCK, CABANA?!” Cabana then kisses Dickinson on the lips! Dickinson, pissed as hell, takes a swing at Colt but he ducks and rolls Dickinson up all in one fluid motion! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Colt Cabana via Pin Fall in 9:34

[ Tony Schiavone ] Colt Cabana has done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes, he has! And what an unconventional way t' bloody do it, at that!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuckin' finger guns, syringes, a mother fucker with a box on his head, and now this!? I'm tellin' you'se guys, they're turnin' this company into a fuckin' clown show! Me 'n Gangrel didn't brawl it out, gettin' down 'n dirty in the gravel 'n the bottle caps so this bullshit could go on! I hate Colt Cabana!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well--

[ Scott Steiner ] HE SUCKS, GOD DAMMIT!

After the match, Dickinson has to be restrained by Paul Turner and arena security as he foams at the mouth for a chance to get his hands on Cabana! The fans filling the arena with chants of “COLT-CA-BAN-A!” are short lived as the Golden-Tron comes to life with an unconscious and bloody Nick Gage front and center. Blood pours out of Gage’s forehead like a waterfall in a disgusting scene.

He thought you were funny... the cunt.

As Nick Gage collapses to the ground, it’s shown that Jimmy Havoc was basically holding his lifeless body up this entire time. Havoc overtakes the scene as Cabana looks on, confused, still inside the ring.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Your protector is gone, Colt. Nothing can save you now.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is Jimmy Havoc talking about?!

[ Jimmy Havoc ] People seem to forget just who I am. I’m a former World Champion elsewhere. I’m not comedy fodder. I’m not a bloody punchline, mate. Ever since I walked in the doors o’ Solid Gold, I’ve been disrespected. I’m treated as some type a’ little joke. They thought it proper to shove me in some sort of comedy bit with Colt fuckin’ Cabana.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony, I don’t think Jimmy effin’ Havoc has time for games any longa’!

[ Jimmy Havoc ] That all changes presently. Nick Gage, the cunt. He was first. Next, Cody Rhodes. I’m goin’ to do bad things ta’ the Nightmare tonight. I’m goin’ to walk away wit’ his title. Nice little concept the belt has.. Three defenses until a World title shot. I like that. I already know who my first defense will be against.. And that’s you.

The fans roar as Cabana is still trying to figure all of this out.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Tonight, I show Solid Gold Wrestling what Jimmy Havoc is truly capable of. At Holiday Hell, I’ll show you first-hand the torture that comes with me. I’m not a slapstick sidekick, Colt. I’m your bloody worst nightmare. If I don’t beat Cody tonight, I’ll still slit your throat and watch you bleed out anyway.. Fuckin’ cunt.

The Golden-Tron dies back to a black state as Cabana runs his hands down his face.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Havoc has laid down the challenge, guys! He’s acting a little prematurely issuing a title challenge for a championship he has yet to win, but either way, at Holiday Hell in two weeks, it’s going to be Jimmy Havoc against Colt Cabana with or without the Elevation Championship on the line!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s a risky strategy, Tony! Cody Rhodes is not gonna go down without one hell of a fight in the main event!

We quickly go backstage.

The sounds of anger fill our ears. Someone is being dressed down in an aggressive fashion.

Los Ice Creams.

Ted DiBiase paces back and forth, shaking his head with a sour expression on his face. Los Ice Creams stand with their heads lowered.

[ Ted DiBiase ] That..


[ Ted DiBiase ] What you two did out there..

His voice goes to another level of fury.

[ Ted DiBiase ] That was a joke! An embarrassment! EMBARRASSMENT! Do you hear me!? Huh?!

DiBiase reaches into his pocket and removes a thick wad of cash and shakes it in front of them.

[ Ted DiBiase ] This is my hard-earned money, boys, and the kind of match you two had out there is NOT what I am paying you two to do! I paid for winners! I’m a SGW Hall of Famer! Without me there is no Val Venis! Without me, Money Incorporated would’ve never taken this company over within a few short months!

DiBiase snaps in the faces of Los Ice Cream and they raise their heads.

[ Ted DiBiase ] WINNERS! I paid for WINNING!

Ted, when will you ever learn?

Standing out in the middle of all of the yelling is a familiar female voice. The camera pans over to reveal Tammy Sytch standing in front of Mance Warner and Cameron Grimes, who look like they’re ready for action. Tammy takes a few more steps and tries to figure out what’s in front of her eyes.

[ Tammy Sytch ] How the mighty have fallen. From legendary manager of champions and Hall of Famers to… Ice cream men?

[ Ted DiBiase ] That's LOS ICE CREAMS to you, you ignorant fool! And you want to talk about how the mighty have fallen? Look at you! It takes one to know one, Tammy! Old, busted, and BROKE! HAHAHAHAHA!

Being the only one laughing, DiBiase looks back to Los Ice Creams with a snarl.

[ Ted DiBiase ] LAUGH! Do something to earn the money I’m wasting!

Immediately, the two begin laughing at the top of their lungs as Tammy and DiBiase square off.

[ Tammy Sytch ] I’ll have you know, Ted, I’m back in the business and I’m backing the future of the tag team division. Basically, these two are the opponent of everything that your.. Whatever those two are.. Will ever be.

Tammy shoves her index finger deep into DiBiase’s sternum.

[ Tammy Sytch ] And there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no amount of money in the world that can make those two respectable, let alone in the same league as my guys.

[ Cameron Grimes ] Tammy, I’m tired of hearin’ y’all talk! I’m ready to fight!

Tammy turns to face her clients, who are literally chomping at the bits. She cocks an eyebrow with a sly look on her face.

[ Tammy Sytch ] Well, I'm not exactly stopping you, boys...

[ Mance Warner ] Let’s do this shit!

Warner and Grimes charge at Los Ice Cream and knock each of them to the ground, swarming them like a pack of dogs. Southern Hospitality waste no time, laying in stiff boots to the ribs and face as Tammy roots them on. DiBiase looks on, pleading with his men to get up and fight back. He tries interfering to get Southern Hospitality off of them, but Tammy ends up pulling DiBiase out of the picture so that the assault continues.

Finally, satisfied with their work, Warner and Grimes call off their beat down as Tammy blows a kiss to DiBiase.

[ Tammy Sytch ] See what I mean, Teddy? Your guys aren’t good enough and you’re just too old for this business.

Southern Hospitality walk off with Tammy following right behind them. Not one to lose an argument, DiBiase does his best to counter.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Yeah? Well, you’re pretty damn old too, woman!

DiBiase realizes they’re long gone by now and looks down at his beaten down investment on the ground, struggling to get back up. Los Ice Creams finally help one another back to their feet as DiBiase remains in total disbelief. Nothing about tonight has gone the way he had it pictured. We go to the ring for our next match.

We hear the howl of a wolf in the distance.

And then we hear the song "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny Cash playing lightly over the scene.

White text appears on the screen:

"Somewhere in Alabama"

The fog is thick, the trees are gnarled and creepy, lurching out into the darkness as though they may reach out through your television screen and grab you up out of your seat. The live crowd sits in uncomfortable silence. We're in a graveyard... there's... graves... everywhere... and the camera, it focuses on one in particular.


There's beer cans and cigarette butts scattered all around the headstone, one even stubbed out right on top of it. Truly, someone without conscience has already been here. Someone that you might call sadistic. One might even be inclined to call them Mr. Sadistic, if they were into naming that sort of person, which they're not... I don't think.

In front of the tombstone, there is a gaping hole... something has crawled out.

Something is coming.

To Solid Gold Wrestling.



It's The Undertaker.

The Undertaker is coming to Solid Gold Wrestling.

The scene fades out and over the dark screen, we only hear one voice.

[ Scott Steiner ] Hold on, god dammit!

Steiner pauses, confused.


We quickly return to ringside.

We fade up in the darkened Target Center. The 20,000+ in attendance are buzzing with excitement for whatever is to follow until a lovely, perfectly tuned G chord strums out and a single spotlight rises on center-ring. It’s fairly obvious now that none other than ‘the Drifter’ is seated on a simple, wooden stool. He’s got four scarves wrapped around his beefy neck and his long, dark hair is pulled back into a bun. The ‘Solid Gold Record’ cutoff shirt is stretched to its limits on the Drifter’s muscular torso. His golden-tinted oak Gibson guitar is shiny, visibly freshly polished, and yet, the man’s smile is the brightest thing in all the ring.

[ Elias ] Hello, I am Elias…and you all…are Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Minneapolis boos out. They’re not at all into Elias and at roughly thirteen seconds into his speaking, they’re at about a 7/10 on the anger scale.

[ Elias ] …oh. I am so sorry! You see, I wasn’t informed by the production team that there was a greater than normal number of deaf patrons in the crowd tonight…but I’m happy to help.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a kind-hearted man! Elias is a role model!

[ Elias ] I’ll answer you all! You howl out, in your gross accents, “WHOOOOOO?” I’m…I’m quite sorry that none of you know who you are or where you are, but I am happy…well, not happy…hmmm.

Elias puts a single finger to his lips, thinking. Minneapolis aren’t pleased at all.

[ Elias ] <quietly> …I am…not happy to tell you that you’re Milwaukee…so…what’s the word I’m looking for here…?

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is Elias serious right now?

The Drifter’s face is scrunched up, deep in thought, before he realizes what he’s looking for. His face lights up as he throws his finger into the air.

[ Elias ] AH! Yes, yes! I am obligated to inform you people that you are from – and as such, are defined as a group – as the city of Milwaukee!

Minneapolis is over it. Elias takes a few more strums on his guitar, working out a melody before he begins picking out notes, playing a delightful bluesy tune. The Gibson’s sweet sound is a harsh contrast to the vehement boos.

[ Elias ] …yeah, man. I have…prepared a little song for you all tonight…I know that’s why you’re all here. So, let’s all listen carefully…let’s love together, shall we? This song is called “Oh Milwaukee.”

Elias continues picking the notes and nods his head rhythmically, tapping his foot on the bottom rung of the stool.

[ Elias ] MmmmMMmmMMmmm… yeah. Yeah, that’s nice.

Elias swallows and continues picking his notes, starting his song as the boos cease minimally.

[ Elias ] <singing> The man gave me nothing…nothing but excuses for sin…
The man breaking hearts...finding excuses staggered from their white-man skin…

Though the camera remains on Elias, commentary is heard sniggering.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Isn’t Elias white, though?

[ Elias ] <singing> Oh I may sound…I may sound like I carry in my mind to be alone…
Alone without any peers and I take off with a view upon this way…
I see a man, older than Bernie Sanders walking towards me and he’s banging his drum!
I look upon the bald, broken down Fallen Angel and I said to “die!” He looks at me with all the pain of fifty years of being a loser written on his face like the world shot cum across his sunken-in cheeks…and he swings at me?

Elias chuckles. He’s the only one.

[ Elias ] <singing> I’ll be emptied once more of my energy…leading the huddled masses along the primrose path to glory…come, baby.
Oh Milwaukee!
Here in lights, oh there will be a lot of mistakes made.
You’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve made seven mistakes…and one more tonight, but please don’t mock me.
I made a lot of mistakes, but being in the ring with a bitch like you – Yes, I can explain.
Kicked in the crotch at every turn and still hobbling along with your ballbag in your hands, looking everywhere for a handout for glory. I’m the one to tell you, right Milwaukee? There’s only sadness for your story.

Elias tilts his head back and practically screams the next line.

[ Elias ] <singing as loud as possible> AL! LA-BAMA!


[ Elias ] <singing normally again> Picture the scene, you know what I mean? I’ll burn off the decades tonight, because rust never had the inside track against a man as old as you… Once I’m done I’ll accept dollar bills but feel free to bowwww!
I’ll wreck you like old age can’t seem to, Daniels, Angel your wings are clipped forever now!
Clipping your wings and doing the things that nobody’s able to – <speaking> being me, quite frankly!

More boos from all angles of the arena. Tony Schiavone is audibly booing, as well.

[ Elias ] <singing> Step one on a thousand mile journey tonight, the first step down a long, hard road, but I’ll walk on! I’ll walk strong! Right to the mountaintop where I belong!
There’s a snake curled atop the treasure chest, filled with gold…
…and I’ll gently throw him off-the-top-of-the-peak-and-watch-him-squirm-through-the-clouds-until-he-crashes-onto-the-jagged-rocks-below, OH! He’s breaking-his-Viper-spine-and-suffering-countless-internal-injuries-rendering-him-dead-on-impa-aaaact, mmmmmm oh yeah.

Seriously, what the hell is Elias on?

[ Elias ] <singing> From the mountaintop, all clad in gold, the universe at my callll….
Ooohhh mama all the things to see, it’s you feeling ten foot tall,
Losin’ matches and losin’ hair and losin’ relevance and mindlessly losing the company money alllllllll~

The Target Center have checked out of the song long ago and are drowning out as much of Elias as possible with their boos.

[ Elias ] ALL! ALL the way, daddio! Ah ha ha!
<singing again> While I know you better than you know yourself, hold you have made a mindlessly cruel mistake and hell, please just tell me you don’t know? Tell me you’re learned while the flames overtake your old, old, old, old school!
Hey look at the fire and you’ll see, Chris…look and you’ll see and you’ll know you are a fool!
Solid Gold, though, oh, Milwaukee…Solid Gold has miles to go. Solid Gold has a very balanced fire insurance policy and won’t succumb to your careless flames, no! Solid Gold won’t be burned down with the chokin’ embers of your garbage fire career, no!
We will ride beyond high…yeah, yeah past the levels you know…
…we will reach platinum status…triple platinum with Elias atop Solid Gold.

Elias breathes out and positions his fingers just so as the boos continue to echo off of every corner of the arena. The Drifter quizzically lifts an eyebrow and plays his final chord, smirking.

[ Elias ] ...Oh, Milwaukee!

As he finishes, the Vagabond rises from his stool and removes his guitar from over his shoulder and bows. He hands the guitar to a ringside attendant and lifts his hands, asking the fans to stop applauding so he can speak. His worry is greatly unfounded; You see, there’s no applause at all, Elias is simply a jackass. The lights in the arena rise as Elias nods solemnly, the Target Center suddenly, voraciously applauding.

[ Elias ] Well! I must say, this is…honestly, a very disappointing applause considering the aural masterpiece you’ve just enjoyed, but…it’s a start! Thank you, no…no, thank you, Milwaukee…

Elias’ skull is just as thick as ever; he has no clue that ‘the Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels has been in the ring for God knows how long, only just becoming visible when the arena lights rise to show off the full ring. With the Drifter turned away from him, Daniels is chomping at the bit, practically begging Elias to turn around and face him!


Referee Rick Knox runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, simply pointing behind the Drifter’s back when he questions the hot-and-heavy entrance from the zebra. Elias turns and realizes Daniels is there!

[ Elias ] OH SHI—

Daniels kicks Elias right in the stomach! Knox calls for the bell and this one is off to the races!!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The Fallen Angel is wasting NO time! He bends Elias over, piledriver-style and double underhooks the arms – LIFT! – ANGEL’S WINGS!! Daniels is up quickly and bounces over the Drifter and up the ropes, not giving the Target Center time to completely scream out alongside the


Daniels gets EVERY BIT OF IT! Elias is writhing in pain as Daniels hooks both legs and exhales violently with each slap of the mat! ONE! TWO! THREE!! WOW!

WINNER - Christopher Daniels via Pin Fall in 00:40

[ Tony Schiavone ] Holy smokes! Christopher Daniels makes it two in a row, here, fans! What an emphatic victory! That had to be less than 30 seconds!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] ABSOLUTELY, TONY!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You have to wonder what sort of training has Daniels been undergoing to reach this new level of physicality in the ring, Nigel.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, it’s clear to me that the Fallen Angel has had quite enough of this pseudo-rivalry with Elias and appears to have something to say – he’s badgering Justin for the microphone!

[ Scott Steiner ] What’s baldy got to say? I hope it’s sumthin’ about how big a pussy loser Bryan Danielson is!

Daniels thumps the top of the microphone a few times as Knox begins attending to Elias on the mat. The Fallen Angel runs up, not saying anything and kicks Elias out of the ring, telling Knox to “get that piece of trash out of my ring!!” The Target Center pop for Daniels’ gusto and cheer as he lifts the microphone to speak.

[ Christopher Daniels ] <breathing heavily in anger> …can anybody hear me??

The Target Center roars out in approval – Daniels has clearly struck a chord with the fans in Minneapolis and they’re cheering away as Daniels squints his eyes and looks at his open hand for something that isn’t there.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hell, I’m glad I’m not the only damn one, then…enlighten me, Minneapolis! Please, let me know what’s going on, because I seem to be misunderstanding a crucial component of what all is haphazardly allowed to transpire here in Solid Gold Wrestling!

Another big cheer, though there’s a bit of confusion spreading around the arena. What’s up with the Fallen Angel?

[ Christopher Daniels ] I can’t comprehend why day after day, week after week, event after event, Solid Gold Wrestling and the Championship Committee continue to look past one of the most obvious talents on the entire roster. I’m hardly one to ‘cry wolf,’ by any stretch of the imagination, but this walks like a sham, smells like a sham, looks like a sham, so chances are this is a damn SHAM! This entire thing right now is absolute bullshit!

Minneapolis heard that! They’re still popping like Kettle Corn as Daniels rolls on.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I’m about the furthest from a conspiracy theorist one can get. I believe in working hard, putting everything you have into everything you do, keeping your nose to the grindstone and letting your work speak for itself – so then, why the hell is there some damn conspiracy against the Fallen Angel? Can anyone cast a rope into the fires of this hell and pull me from the pit I’m in? Yes…yes, they can – but they won’t. You see, for whatever reason, Solid Gold Wrestling must enjoy having a man like Christopher Daniels in this position. For whatever reason, Christopher Daniels offers up gold and is given shit!

The Target Center pop for that one, too. Daniels’ scowl is smeared like the shit he speaks of across his face as commentary pipes in.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we have no idea what Christopher Daniels is talking about and frankly, we don’t condone his choice of language!

Undeterred in the ring, Daniels presses on, counting on his fingers.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Let’s look at the facts: I was screwed out of a main event victory in the first SGW show in over 13 YEARS by some Bob Dylan wannabe.

One finger up and a pop from the crowd, still sore over “Oh, Milwaukee.”

[ Christopher Daniels ] But, oh! No worries, Chris – you’ll get another shot at the 12 Large Tournament – and WHAT HAPPENED THERE? Oh, that’s right – some brainwashed, out-of-touch druggie and his enabling, smells-like-sour-ass mentor CHEATED, throwing a sack containing God knows what into this ring! INTO! THIS! RING! Yeah – I stopped dead in my tracks and got pinned by Kidman…BECAUSE I FIGURED ONCE A SACK OF METH HIT THE RING WE’D HAVE CALLED THE DAMN THING OFF!!!

Another excited murmuring from the Minneapolis crowd as Daniels puts up a second finger.

[ Christopher Daniels ] How about the double-shot weekend, hmm?! Solid Gold Officials loooove talking about how much of a big thing it is for them to produce two shows in one weekend when other crackpot, garbage dump companies struggle to book a SINGLE DAMN MATCH anymore! BUT WHAT ABOUT DANIELS, I ASK?! What did I get? OH! How about a chance to shine in the Elevation Championship Ladder Match? DENIED! What about an opportunity to host – or GOD FORBID – WRESTLE! – on 12 Large?! Hell, I’d have taken a PRE-SHOW MATCH! NO! NO! DENIED, CHRIS! DENIED!

Daniels is seething, holding up another two fingers as Nigel McGuinness finally speaks up.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …Oi’ve known Christ’apher Daniels a lawng time…and it seems like he’s foinally snapped, gents.

Daniels stops dead in his tracks and looks up, directly into the hard camera.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Know what I DID get that weekend? Hmm? I got a singles match against Kenny Omega…and as such, I would receive the first shot at the new Elevation Champion! WOW! WHAT A PRIZE! So, hot off the heels of my first victory SGW Officials would ALLOW me to have, I stroll into 12 Large like a ton of other guys did that night, happy for the company, even though I wasn’t one of their 12 men on display – and I offered up my services in the time of need! I stepped up when nobody else would! And what did I get? WHAT DID I GET?! I’ll tell you what I got…

Daniels looks down, forcing himself to laugh at the situation as the Minneapolis fans have realized this isn’t a man stepping up and addressing his concerns like taking the bull by the horns; no, this is a man grasping at the last fraying threads of his sanity and doing whatever he can to hold tight. The arena isn’t silent so much as pensive and eerie as Daniels labored chuckles are heard across the 20,000 strong.

[ Christopher Daniels ] …I got…made fun of…by Edge and Christian. Stand up was a one-time thing! What do you assholes do to let steam off, huh?? I know DAMN WELL you’re plenty stressed, aren’t you?! Know what else I got? I got LEAPFROGGED by Jimmy Havoc! He’s getting a shot tonight?! He’s not even had a MATCH YET!! This…IS….A! CONSPIRACY!

Daniels is red in the face and absolutely furious. Minneapolis is very conflicted, but a vocal portion of the audience are cheering him as he seethes.

[ Christopher Daniels ] …I am finished with being treated like a second-class performer in Solid Gold Wrestling. I am a world-class performer…and I’ve ALREADY made history here in SGW. I will…WILL. WILL! Be respected.

Daniels holds up a single index finger.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You can either choose to repent and respect me yourselves, SGW…or I’ll take what I’m owed…what I deserve…and that’s neither a promise, nor a threat…but the GOSPEL…according to the Fallen Angel.

Daniels flips the microphone out of his hand at Justin Roberts and quickly floats through the middle and top rope, hell-bent for the backstage area and still steaming from his cathartic speech. Commentary is uncharacteristically silent, still contemplating his words as we fade to the back.

There's a buzz of fluorescent lights as we head to an undisclosed area of the building where we see two steel chairs sitting in front of a lazily hung "SGW" banner. The lights are uncomfortably bright, shining down on the vacant chairs. Finally, we hear an awkward shuffling from off-camera and two young Japanese girls walks into the shot and take a seat... one of them, the one on the right, is wearing bright, shiny blue and white ring gear and a matching mask with an "S" on the forehead, her shiny black hair hangs around her shoulders. She's also wearing a black "SGW" t-shirt that appears to be at least two sizes too large. Starlight Kid's smile is gigantic and the lights really make her teeth pop for the camera. She's clearly happy to be here.

Sitting next to her, slumped down in her chair with her arms folded across her chest is AZM. You can almost literally feel the anger, the pure unadulterated rage... it radiates off of her tiny frame. She's clad in a "Stardom" t-shirt and track pants. Her bottom lip pokes out like a scolded child. After they sit there awkwardly for what feels like forever, Starlight Kid waves at the camera, almost jumping out of her seat with excitement.

We are aided during this promo by the presence of brightly colored subtitles.


It is absolutely not morning. AZM shakes her head with disgust at Kid's joy.

[ Starlight Kid ] < I am Starlight Kid! >

Starlight Kid raises her hand, offering a salute to the viewer. We sit there in awkward silence for a moment before Starlight lowers her hand and turns her head to look at AZM, who isn't moving aside from the fact that she's shaking like a volcano ready to erupt. Starlight looks back into the camera, still smiling.

[ Starlight Kid ] < It is your turn to introduce yourself to our most generous hosts! >

AZM's upper lip curls and she slowly turns her head to look at Starlight.

[ AZM ] < No. >

Starlight laughs nervously and then swallows hard before addressing the camera.

[ Starlight Kid ] < This is my good friend and travel partner, AZM! I promise she is not always like this! >

AZM turns to look back into the camera, impossibly looking angrier.

[ AZM ] < Do not make excuses for me, smiling idiot! Only you would smile as we are being so obviously punished by Rossy-san. I know why you are being punished, you are a terrible competitor. You never win, even though you say you will try your best! I should know. I'm the one who beats you! >

Starlight doesn't even flinch as AZM tees off on her.

[ Starlight Kid ] < We are so happy to be here! >

Starlight Kid places her hands on her thighs and nods toward the camera, still smiling.

[ Starlight Kid ] < We have arrived in America on excursion, a journey to become better competitors and gain more experience by challenging ourselves as well as the greatest talent that is offered by this most gracious country! >

AZM shifts in her seat, glaring hard at the side of Starlight's head.

[ AZM ] < Speak for yourself. >

AZM then turns to face the camera, speaking with a childish sneer.

[ AZM ] < I have already proven that I am one of the best this world has to offer. I should be main eventing this show instead of those gross old men. There is nothing left for me to learn, there is only the path of destruction I will leave behind me as I collect your all of your title belts... but do not rest easy, those of you who do not hold a title... I will not limit myself to collecting your gold... >

AZM leans forward in her chair, staring hard into the camera. Starlight bites her bottom lip.

[ AZM ] < I'm also collecting grandmas. >

Starlight looks at the camera blankly and blinks multiple times before speaking, completely disregarding everything that AZM just said.

[ Starlight Kid ] < We look very forward to contributing to the growth of this awesome women's division! I can not wait to see what happens in the next match! Women's tag team action! So exciting! >

[ AZM ] < It's a lazy old grandma match. >

Starlight refuses to let AZM kill her excitement, beaming with joy.

[ Starlight Kid ] < FUN! >

Suddenly, there's a crash from off-camera and we hear a woman yelp. Starlight and AZM both look off-camera and try to get a better look of what's going on. Finally, we see Cathy Kelley walk into the shot, looking annoyed. She looks around her surroundings, only appearing mildly disgusted. Starlight playfully waves at her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] What are you two doing down here? This is the arena basement! I almost broke my neck tripping over some equipment!

She looks from Starlight to AZM and back to Starlight.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Oh wow, they weren't kidding, you two really are kids.

She looks into the camera, genuinely concerned.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Is it even legal to put them in a ring?

Cathy shrugs and blows a strand of hair out of her face.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Honestly, this isn't the weirdest thing to happen since I took this job.

And then she raises an eyebrow, nodding along as she agrees with herself.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Actually, this isn't the weirdest thing that's happened tonight.

She collects herself.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Okay, let's do this. Interview time, girls!

And then she touches her ear as someone tells her something through an earpiece. Cathy listens intently, looking confused. Finally, we hear her speak, disbelief in her voice.

[ Cathy Kelley ] What do you mean they've already done the interview? By themselves? On this set? You can't be serious. This looks like a Taliban hostage video set-up. One of them is even wearing a mask. For real, who signed off on this?!

Starlight Kid stands up and wraps her arms around Cathy's waist, hugging her tightly. Cathy looks down, making the moment even more awkward by stiffly placing her around Starlight's shoulders.

[ Starlight Kid ] < I AM SO HAPPY TO MEET YOU, CATHY-SAN! >

AZM remains seated and glares up at Cathy with absolute hatred.

[ AZM ] < Leave and take that smiling idiot with you, wrinkly face grandma! >

Cathy looks highly offended.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey! That's not nice--

And then she looks even more confused, her eyes wide. She doesn't speak Japanese!

[ Cathy Kelley ] Wait a second, where are those words coming from!?

Cathy huffs, patting Starlight on the back as she continues hugging her.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Correction, this is the weirdest thing that's happened tonight--

And then stops herself, tilting her head to the side as she thinks it over.

[ Cathy Kelley ] No, no, wait... Sasha Banks getting stabbed with a syringe.

Cathy nods.

[ Cathy Kelley ] That one's still up there.

AZM remains seated and we slowly zoom out and fade away with a wide shot of Starlight Kid hugging Cathy Kelley. We quickly cut to the ring for the beginning of our much anticipated lazy old grandma tag team match!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as Mike Chioda calls for the bell, Priestley and Hayter rush across the ring and attack Statlander and Floss, beating them both down in the corner, with Priestley directing traffic! The fans are booing loudly as Hayter drills Floss repeatedly with solid forearms to the back, keeping her down on all fours as she tries to crawl away! Priestley has mounted Statlander, keeping a hold on the back of her head as she rattles her with forearm after forearm! Candy Floss continues crawling with Hayter beating the hell out of her until she reaches the bottom rope on the opposite side of the ring. Floss flips over on her back as Hayter descends on her and Floss grabs a handful of Hayter's tights, pulling her down and causing her to tumble through the ropes to the floor! The fans cheer loudly as Candy Floss stands up with a big smile on her face... and then charges over and drop kicks Bea Priestley in the back, knocking her off Statlander! Priestley rolls to the floor and Candy Floss helps Statlander to her feet!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The action is starting off fast and furious here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is certainly going t' be an interesting match, Tony! As we saw two weeks ago at 12 Large, Candy Floss got caught in the middle of a confrontation between Jamie Hayta' and Trish Stratus... enta' Bea Priestley 'n that confrontation got physical real quick!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jamie Hayter and Bea Priestley both had some very choice words about Candy Floss and the women's division, in general... very controversial opinions, I might add. Candy Floss, a very bright young talent here in Solid Gold Wrestling, was tasked with finding a suitable partner to defend her honor and I think she did a great job with Kris Statlander, another young newcomer here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Bea 'n Jamie have taken issue wit' the fact that the women's division, in their opinion, isn't focusing on real athletes such as they fancy themselves... but instead on women like Candy Floss who seem to have a less than competitive outlook... once again, their opinion, not mine!

Priestley and Hayter, on opposite sides of the ring, both look pissed and jaw back and forth with fans at ringside. However, they notice a sudden change in the crowd reaction as the fans begin buzzing with electricity, stomping and clapping with anticipation! Both women turn around... AND CATCH STEREO SUICIDE DIVES ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE RING!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Would ya' look at that!

Bea Priestley is lying half on the ramp, half inside the ringside area with her hands over her face! Kris Statlander stands up, pumping her fist and looking around wild-eyed! Candy Floss is up on the other side of the ring, grabbing two handfuls of Jamie Hayter's hair and pulling her toward the ring. Floss shoves Hayter under the bottom rope and follows her inside. Statlander joins them and they whip Hayter into the ropes... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Hayter feeds right back up to her feet and walks into a double kick to the stomach... AND THEN A DOUBLE SUPLEX! Statlander climbs onto the apron and Candy Floss covers! ONE! TWO! HAYTER KICKS OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They almost had her! What a surprise that would've been!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It certainly would've gone a long way in proving Jamie 'n Bea wrong!

Priestley has returned to her own corner, kneeling on the apron and holding onto the middle rope as she watches what occurs inside the ring. Holding onto the tag rope, Statlander pounds on the top turnbuckle, urging Candy Floss on! Floss pulls Hayter back to her feet and attempts to give her a body slam but Hayter sandbags her, using her size advantage to weigh down the smaller Floss! Hayter tries to take over but Floss cuts her off with a chop to the throat and then BODY SLAMS HER ANYWAY! The fans pop huge as Hayter looks surprised and rolls back to her feet only to get hooked... and nailed with a SNAP SUPLEX from Floss! Hayter sits up, favoring her back, and returns to one knee before finally staggering back to her feet where Floss nails her with a dropkick that sends her tumbling into her own corner where Priestley reaches through the ropes and tags herself in!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Business is about to pick up!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If I'm Candy Floss, I'm lookin' for the fastest exit out o' that ring!

Floss and Priestley stare at each other, the mood in the ring instantly changing. Priestley smirks and the two ladies circle one another for a moment before they lunge at each other in the center of the ring! Candy goes in for a lock-up but Priestley fakes her out and nails her with a SCORPION KICK right in the face! Candy staggers, holding her face with both hands, but doesn't go down... until Bea comes off the ropes with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK that sends Floss ragdolling into the corner! Bea rolls back to her feet and then begins stomping and kicking away at Floss in the corner before scraping her face repeatedly with the side of her boot! Chioda tells Bea to get out of the corner, so she takes a few steps back... before charging back in with a sickening FACE WASH that leaves Candy Floss draped over the bottom rope!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, gentlemen, I think this is about t' get difficult t' watch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bea has no concern for her opponents' well being!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] For those o' you at home who don't know, Bea Priestley had a tuma' removed at a young age 'n with it, she claims her humanity, her empathy, her bloody compassion... all of it was removed along with it! All that's left, she says, is the monsta'!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! That's fucked up!

Chioda checks on Floss as Priestley walks out into the center of the ring, looking deeply satisfied with herself. Hayter offers a golf clap from the corner, smiling proudly. Priestley turns to address Statlander, assuming a fighting stance and then flipping off the Galaxy's Greatest Alien, drawing massive heat from the fans. Statlander tries to enter the ring and Mike Chioda catches her, charging over to demand that she stay in her corner. While Chioda is occupied, Priestley loudly claps her hands over her head, simulating a tag, and then shouts "GET IN, JAMIE!"

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hey! That's not a legal tag!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I believe that's the point, Tony! They're takin' shortcuts anywhere they can!

Hayter climbs into the ring and immediately charges into the corner, drilling Candy Floss right in the head with a running knee strike! Priestley climbs onto the apron and Hayter takes control as Mike Chioda turns around, just in time to see Hayter drag Floss out of the corner by her foot and cover her! One! Two! Candy Floss kicks out! Hayter responds by immediately delivering an open hand slap to Floss' stomach before pulling her back to her feet and then hitting her with a backbreaker over her knee! Hayter holds Candy Floss in that position, pushing down on her chin in an effort to legitimately break her in half over her knee before becoming frustrated and just pushing her off, causing Floss to land on her stomach. Hayter quickly mounts her and locks in a camel clutch! Hayter wrenches back on the hold for a moment before finally using one of her free hands to dip her index finger into her mouth, removing it with a long strand of saliva connecting her fingertip to her bottom lip... and then she jams the finger into Candy Floss' ear as she cries out in disgust! The fans boo loudly... and then Bea Priestley teases stepping through the ropes, causing Statlander to try the same... only to get caught by Mike Chioda again! Chioda shouts at Statlander to get back on the apron... but while his back is turned, Bea Priestley enters the ring freely and DROPKICKS FLOSS RIGHT IN THE FACE! Priestley returns to her corner, middle finger raised as Statlander looks frustrated!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's gotta be frustrating to be Kris Statlander right now! She's helpless to help her partner in her time of need!

[ Scott Steiner ] That ain't nobody's god damn fault but her own! See, I know a thing or two about tag team wrestling, Tony! Those two broads wit' the funny accents, they're playin' this shit smart, doin' everything behind the referee's back 'n gettin' their shit in! Those other two idiots don't know what the fuck they're doin'!

Hayter releases the camel clutch and covers Floss again! One! Two! Thr-- FLOSS KICKS OUT! Hayter shakes her head, pissed, and then drags Floss to her corner. She tags in Priestley, who then enters the ring to a chorus of boos. Hayter doesn't leave the ring, however, and they whip Candy Floss into the ropes... Jamie Hayter meets her halfway with a running LARIAT that turns her inside out! As soon as she lands on her back, Priestley caves her chest in with a standing DOUBLE STOMP! Candy Floss sits up, clutching her chest in pain... JUST IN TIME FOR HAYTER TO WIPE HER OUT WITH A BASEMENT LARIAT! Hayter quickly returns to the apron and Priestley covers her, hooking a leg! One! Two! Thr-- KRIS STATLANDER BREAKS THE PIN, KICKING PRIESTLEY IN THE BACK! Priestley gets up and charges at Statlander but Mike Chioda gets between them and begins pushing Kris back to her corner! Priestley looks furious... but then Candy Floss rolls her up from behind out of nowhere! ONE! TWO! THRE-- PRIESTLEY KICKS OUT WITH FORCE! CANDY FLOSS ALMOST GOT HER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's certainly not gonna endear her to Miss Priestley!

Priestley returns to her feet instantly, catching Floss on all fours, and delivering a SICKENING AXE MURDERER KICK to the back of her head! Priestley drags Floss back to her corner and tags in Hayter. Hayter enters the ring with a confident swagger and stalks the fallen Candy Floss as she begins to stir on the mat. Jamie Hayter looms over her and watches with a sadistic smile as Floss tries to crawl toward her corner. Finally, once she's only a few feet away, Hayter reaches down and snatches up Floss' wrist along with a handful of hair, shaking her hand at Statlander and taunting her, shouting "OH, YOU WANNA MAKE A TAG!? YA' WANNA TAG YA' FUCKIN' MATE--" but Floss flips over, using Hayter's grip on her wrist to her advantage, and drives both feet into Hayter's chest, shoving her backwards violently, causing her to fall flat on her back several feet away! Hayter quickly rolls back to her feet, looking panicked... but CANDY FLOSS MAKES THE TAG!

[ Tony Schiavone ] THERE IT IS! GET'EM, KRIS!

The fans pop huge as Statlander vaults over the top rope into the ring! Hayter charges at her with a LARIAT but Statlander MATRIXES underneath it! Hayter turns around, looking frustrated, just in time to catch a PELE KICK right to the head! Bea Priestley charges into the ring and goes for a YAKUZA KICK but Statlander perfectly executes a CARTWHEEL EVASION and continues cartwheeling all around the ring before stopping in front of Priestley, staring her right in the eyes... and then BOOPING HER ON THE NOSE! Priestley staggers back, looking INFURIATED but before she can do anything, Candy Floss comes out of nowhere from the side with a DROPKICK! Priestley stumbles through the ropes to the floor! Jamie Hayter returns to her feet and Candy Floss nails her with a BASEMENT DROPKICK, sending her down to one knee just in time for Statlander to come off the ropes with a RUNNING AXE KICK! Statlander covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- STATLANDER BREAKS THE PIN HERSELF AS PRIESTLEY RE-ENTERS THE RING WITH A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE STOMP... CAUSING HER TO NAIL HER OWN PARTNER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my goodness! This is the break Candy Floss and Kris Statlander needed!

Priestley looks surprised for a split second but quickly gets mad again as she rises to her feet and is instantly nailed with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK from Statlander! The impact sends Bea spinning out before collapsing on the mat and rolling out to the floor! Statlander covers Hayter! ONE! TWO! THRE-- HAYTER KICKS OUT! Statlander tags Candy Floss back into the match and they whip her into the ropes! They both double over, preparing for a DOUBLE BACK BODY DROP but Hayter stops mid-ring and kicks Candy Floss in the chest! Before Statlander can pivot to get their advantage back on track, PRIESTLEY FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A FLYING DOUBLE STOMP AND DRILLS HER RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hayter hits the ropes and nails the staggering Candy Floss with a RUNNING LARIAT! Statlander fights back up to one knee but Priestley points at her, finger gun style and pulls the trigger, before hitting the ropes and nailing her full-on in the face with... THE BEA TRIGGER! Statlander tumbles out of the ring, to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just like that, the tables have bloody turned! Get out o' the ring, Candy!

Hayter snatches Candy Floss up off the mat and carries her in a fall away slam position as Priestley ascends the turnbuckles! Hayter drops Candy Floss across her knee backbreaker style and Priestley flies... DOUBLE STOMPING FLOSS OFF OF HAYTER'S KNEE!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's it! Took her god damn head clean off!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a sickening maneuver!

Hayter covers! Statlander tries to make it in under the bottom rope but Bea tackles her down, keeping her on the opposite side of the ring! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter via Pin Fall in 16:58

The fans boo loudly as Hayter and Priestley quickly exit the ring and back up the ramp with their arms around one another, clearly happy with how everything turned out. Hayter cackles while holding up a middle finger while Priestley simply stares up into the ring with an arrogant smirk. They disappear through the curtain soon after.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I hate to say it but that was an impressive showing by two ruthless women.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They didn't come here t'night t' play games... they came here t' fight 'n they came t' win... 'n that's exactly what they bloody did.

Inside the ring, we see Kris Statlander and Mike Chioda checking on Candy Floss in the middle of the ring. They help Floss into a seated position as the fans begin giving her a round of applause for that hard fought effort.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You can't deny the heart of Candy Floss... say what you will about how she dresses, how she acts, or the company she keeps... but she gave us one hundred and ten percent tonight and no one can take that away from her.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I highly doubt this is ova' between these four ladies.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely not. They'll meet again and next time, Candy Floss and Kris Statlander will be ready! I'm sure of it!

Finally, as Statlander and Candy Floss return to the back, we go backstage ourselves.

As we cut backstage, we see Christopher Daniels still ranting and raving backstage to anyone that will listen, which, right now… is nobody.


Daniels punches a Pepsi vending machine so hard that he immediately pulls his fist back and clutches it in pain, immediately regretting the decision. With nobody around, Daniels is able to sell the pain a little more than normal… Until he sees Bryan Danielson propped up against the vending machine with his arms crossed.

[ Bryan Danielson ] What are you doing?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Definitely not punching a soda machine.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Why are you grimacing in pain then?

Daniels frantically shakes his fist, trying to hide the pain.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Drastic times call for drastic measures. I needed to get someone’s attention.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And punching that machine was the easy way of doing that?

[ Christopher Daniels ] You listen to me, Danielson. I don’t do things the easy way. I do them the RIGHT way!

Danielson’s puzzled.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I don’t understand..

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, open your books because I’m taking you to school, pal! You should know what’s going on as well as anyone around here! Two months, two months to the day that SGW was created. We were two of the first guys on the roster. We were the first main event! Where’s our title matches, huh? Where’s our big time feuds?

It hits him.

[ Christopher Daniels ] We should team up! We can be Team Disrespect!

[ Bryan Danielson ] “Team Disrespect?”

[ Christopher Daniels ] Yeah! We’re two guys who deserve better. We’d make a great team! I could get a few more guys and we make a cool stable out of it or something!

Danielson grabs a handful of his beard, appearing to be deep in thought. After a few seconds, Danielson looks to Daniels with a snarl.

[ Bryan Danielson ] No.

[ Christopher Daniels ] WHAT?!

[ Bryan Danielson ] Look at me, okay? If you want some of what Adam Cole got at 12 Large, you’ll get out of my face and never.. NEVER.. Approach me with such fickle bullshit again, okay? I just so happen to be doing just fine. You and I, we’re going in different directions in this company, Daniels. If you had a group, there would be no chance in HELL I’d be seen doing anything but kicking all of your heads in! The only way I'd ever tag with you is if SGW management forced us into some kind of... stupid, contrived eight man elimination tag match... and let's be real, if there's even ONE legitimate athlete on the other team, you're all toast. Luckily, SGW management isn't brain dead so that will never happen!

Interrupting the conversation is the newest member of SGW, The Rock. The Rock has practically busted into the arena and is a literal bull in a china shop, pardon the pun. He is searching high and low for someone in particular.


[ Christopher Daniels ] ..Aren’t you teaming with Nia Jax?

The Rock snaps his head at Daniels and rips his sunglasses off. The smoldering intensity of The Great One makes Daniels extremely uncomfortable.


[ Christopher Daniels ] That’s not even the name of the show!


The Rock sees the camera and looks dead into it.




Without any notice, The Rock just storms off and leaves Daniels and Danielson remaining, completely floored by what just transpired.

[ Bryan Danielson ] ...Adam Cole isn’t even the World Champion, asshole.

Danielson shakes his head.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Him. Go ask HIM to be your partner. I think you’re both on the same wavelength.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I mean, we both ooze charisma.

Then Daniels figures it out.

[ Christopher Daniels ] HEY! I’m not stupid!

[ Bryan Danielson ] You are if you thought I would EVER stoop so low to JOIN a group that you’re looking to start. YOU, a leader? You’re a follower. You’re a joke. Like the Rock.

The camera pans to see the Rock re-enter the scene. The Rock is walking side by side with Chris Dickinson as we see Danielson walk away.


[ Chris Dickinson ] He’s in a fuckin’ coma. Do you even watch the show?


[ Chris Dickinson ] The fuck am I supposed to know? Probably fuckin’ Eugene or somethin’.

[ The Rock ] WHERE’S EUGENE?!

Having enough of it, Chris Dickinson turns the tables on The Rock.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Hey, asshole. Listen up. Your movies are shit. Your brain is shit. And your pants are fixin’ to be full of shit if you don’t shut.. The FUCK.. up! Jesus Christ!

Dickinson turns and walks up to Daniels, who is still standing in the middle of all of this chaos.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Movie stars, right?

Dickinson gets right to it.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Look, I’ve heard what you’ve been sayin’ and I agree. I think this company caters to its legends and heroes instead of takin’ care of those who do all the work.

Daniels is flabbergasted that someone is agreeing with him.

[ Chris Dickinson ] We should get outta’ here and have a conversation about what we can achieve with this idea. Shake this place up.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well yeah.. Okay..

The shock turns to pure glee. Like, kid-opening-an-Xbox-on-Christmas morning glee.

[ Christopher Daniels ] THIS IS GREAT! TEAM DISRESPECT!

[ Chris Dickinson ] No team names.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, I bought thirty t-shirts with the logo on it.

[ Chris Dickinson ] What the hell? You trying to start the nWo or something?

Dickinson vacates the scene as Daniels quickly tries to catch up to him.

[ Christopher Daniels ] It’s cheaper to buy in bulk!

As Daniels follows, the camera pans over to reveal Luke Harper, Mr. Sadistic himself, leaned against the wall, smoking a cigarette with a beer in the other hand. A witness to this entire scene, he can only mutter one word to summarize it.

[ Luke Harper ] ...Fun.

Harper removes his cigarette, exhales the smoke into the air and rams the butt into the wall, leaving a dark, ashy spot on the white paint. He takes a swig of his beer and walks in the direction that Dickinson and Daniels exited in as the scene fades.

Backstage, we see Cathy Kelley standing in between of two SGW road agents, Steve Corino and Lance Storm. Storm and Corino are both in t-shirts and jeans, your standard casual attire for their jobs. Cathy is smiling brightly, wearing black leather pants and a red top that rests slightly off of her left shoulder.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey guys! I'm joined with two real life legends here in Solid Gold, active road agents Steve Corino and Lance Storm, who wanted to take a break in the action and talk about a special match that we'll see at Holiday Hell.

[ Steve Corino ] That's right, Cathy. Lance and I are proud to be able to announce that we're the first two participants in the Chris Kanyon Memorial Battle Royal.

Storm shakes his head.

[ Lance Storm ] Indeed. There's a lot of off-beat shenanigans these days but if I may be serious for a moment, I'd like to speak candidly about my friend. With this new version of SGW doing its part to honor the past, it's only fitting that we're able to honor a fallen friend and former teammate of ours. Along with brief alliances with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, Chris also guided Edge and Christian in their early days, helping to forge them into the superstars they eventually became. Kanyon is a former SGW United States, Television, and Tag Team Champion. He was a force to be reckoned with during his time in the company and we look to keep his memory alive.

[ Steve Corino ] For anyone who wants to participate, the door is wide open to get in this match and be a part of something special for the Shock lead-in to Holiday Hell.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Speaking of Shock, ladies and gentlemen, as Steve said, it will be the lead-in to Holiday Hell. Four matches will be held and then the regular pay-per-view will start. It's not another venture like the double shot being two shows in one weekend, as this is all considered one show... And wow, this battle royal is a great way to honor someone like Chris Kanyon at the first SGW pay-per-view in thirteen years!

"Hurricane" Helms and Sami Zayn walk into the scene.

[ Hurricane Helms ] Here ya' go, Sami. Here's you a way to finally get booked!

[ Sami Zayn ] A battle royal, though?

[ Hurricane Helms ] But it's against these two. Look at 'em.

Helms scoffs.

[ Hurricane Helms ] Fat.


[ Hurricane Helms ] Bald.

The thought makes him shiver.

[ Hurricane Helms ] Easy win.

Tommaso Ciampa approaches from the other side of the camera.

[ Tommaso Ciampa ] I'm in.

Ciampa turns to Zayn.

[ Tommaso Ciampa ] Your "easy" win just got a whole lot more difficult. You really think you're gonna stand a chance against me after I drag Pete Dunne later tonight? You don't stand a chance of getting between me and my inevitable SGW title shot.

[ Sami Zayn ] I look forward to the challenge.

Steve Corino looks to his left and notices someone.

[ Steve Corino ] Hey kid, you want in?

The camera pans to reveal Darby Allin sitting on the ground, his back against the wall.

No reply.

Darby rolls his skateboard back and forth with his hand.

[ Hurricane Helms ] What do we have here? Some sorta' face-painted mute or something?

Hurricane walks over to investigate with Darby paying him no attention.

[ Sami Zayn ] He paints half of his face because half of him is already dead. Pretty cool backstory.

Helms bends down and gets in Darby's face.

[ Hurricane Helms ] Hey, clown-face.. They're wondering if you're going to be in the battle royal or if you're just going to sit there with your stupid skateboard.

[ Sami Zayn ] Hey man, be cool. Darby's a good dude.

[ Tommaso Ciampa ] Why are you worried about him? I'm standing right here!

Undeterred, Helms continues.

[ Hurricane Helms ] Nice face paint. You do it yourself? Half dead, huh? You're gonna' be full dead if you cross my boy, Sami Zayn!

SMASH! Helms' skull collides with the brick wall! Darby Allin wastes no time introducing himself to SGW by dropping "Hurricane" Helms right where he stands. Allin gets to his feet and pops his skateboard up and grabbing it in one fluid motion. Darby walks over to Cathy Kelley and the rest of the crew.

[ Darby Allin ] I'm in.

He drops his skateboard and skates off out of the view of the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] What just happened?

Bewildered by all that has transpired in such a short amount of time, Cathy shrugs and looks into the camera with a Jim Halpert stare as the scene fades.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Minneapolis is split 75/25 for Rhodes as the opening bell sounds to kick off this singles contest – while neither man can afford to lose the match, it’s quite a calm opening to the affair as a collar-and-elbow tie-up kicks us off. Dustin uses his larger body to take control of the Bastard’s wrist and wrings it, manipulating the joints in PAC’s arm to take over with a hammerlock. The Geordie is wise to these tricks and standing no-hand cartwheels, breaking Dustin’s hold with effortless ease.

[ Scott Steiner ] Does old man Dustin know who the hell this is?! It’s the jacked-up midget! He don’t lose!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He actually lost to Tim Storm earlier this month, Scott.

[ Scott Steiner ] Shut the hell up!

Another collar-and-elbow tie up attempt and Dustin ducks down and scoops PAC onto his shoulder – a body slam! PAC takes the brunt of the slam to his shoulders and continues forward to a knee, gritting his teeth. Dustin smiles and steps ahead, latching PAC in a side headlock, tightly gripping the Bastard’s head with his strong forearm. PAC pushes ahead, driving Rhodes into the far ropes and fires Dustin ahead, into the ropes – Dustin rebounds and smashes PAC with a shoulder tackle! – Rhodes takes off and PAC dives over, but Dustin’s up and over! – PAC is up quickly and bends in center ring, looking for a back body drop – Rhodes soars over, sunset flip! – PAC rolls through and CLATTERS Dustin with a big basement dropkick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’ll loosen your molars, boys!

PAC is up quickly and plants his foot into Rhodes’ sternum twice before running off the ropes and scoring with a beautiful standing shooting star press! – but there’s no cover! Referee Rick Knox queries with the Bastard as to why he didn’t make the cover – and PAC replies with a steely, flat face. Rather than argue with Knox, PAC observes as Dustin rolls to his elbows and knees, struggling to get back to a standing base – but the Bastard steps off of his opponent’s weak back and hits ANOTHER standing star press, collapsing Dustin as he lands!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Bastard is using the skills that brought him to the dance with a pair of beautiful standing shooting stars – and look at this!

As Dustin rolls to lay on his aching back, PAC quickly hops to the second rope and flips ahead – a second rope 450 Splash hits the mark! Dustin winces in pain as PAC props up on his knees, observing his older opponent’s aching body betray him. The Bastard smirks and brushes past Knox again, lifting the Natural by his ears to his feet. PAC, talking trash, slaps Dustin in the mouth – BUT THE NATURAL IS FIRED UP! DUSTIN LAUNCHES AHEAD, THROUGH THE PAIN WITH A FALLING LARIAT! PAC backflips on impact and the Target Center loses their minds, encouraging Dustin to make the cover – and he does!! ONE! TW—NO! NO! The Bastard is up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] MY WORD! That could have been it, fans!

Dustin confers with Knox, who is more concerned with the status of the Natural’s back and knee than his counting cadence, before struggling up, pushing off his knee and rising – but PAC is ALREADY up and plants Rhodes with a hurricanrana – and ANOTHER Standing Star Press!!


Before Rhodes could react, PAC vaults through the ropes to the apron and springs off the top rope, flipping ahead with a SPRINGBOARD 450! The force on the impact propels Dustin to his stomach and the Bastard observes this with a disgusted look on his face. PAC stands up and walks over to Dustin, crouching and slapping his opponent in the back of the skull. Dustin, still fired up despite his body’s resistance, throws a wild punch toward PAC but misses by a wide margin. The Bastard scoffs and rises before placing his foot right into Dustin’s skull, holding him down to the mat.

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT ARROGANCE! What a disgusting, arrogant display from PA—

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THE BASTARD! He’s a Bastard and that’s exactly why he’s behaving this way, Tony!

PAC lifts Dustin by the nape of his neck and doubles him over with a spinning solebutt and sprang off the ropes – BUT DUSTIN CAME ALIVE, CATCHING THE BASTARD WITH A SNAP POWERSLAM!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE HELL?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There’s still life left in Dustin!

The Target Center pops as both men rise, PAC throwing another lariat – but Dustin ducks! Back Suplex! – Dustin’s up and off the ropes! – The Bastard throws another line – Dustin ducks and keeps charging! – PAC bends, looking for a back body drop – SPINNING NECKBREAKER! PAC’s up once more and clubs Dustin, trying to break his considerably build stride and runs to hit the ropes – but Dustin catches him by the shoulder and pulls him around – BIG JAB! JAB! JAB! Dustin’s firing it up!


Dustin grabs his crotch and SLAMS his elbow into PAC’s head with the Bionic Elbow! PAC bounces off the mat from the sheer impact to his head and rolls backwards, standing…AND FALLS! The Natural lifts his finger and spins it around, hyping up the crowd before lifting the Bastard from the mat and shoulder-driving him into the corner!


Rhodes lifts PAC up to the top rope and throws his legs over, taking a moment to pop the Bastard in the mouth with another stiff right hand. Dustin’s riding a huge wave of momentum and hollers out in his deep, Texan voice for the Target Center to come to life – and they do! He steps up to the middle rope and pulls PAC into position before slowly placing his feet on the top ropes!


Just as the Natural exerts to lift PAC, his right knee buckles slightly! Rhodes screams out in pain and the Bastard is quick to react despite the suffering Dustin has inflicted, clubbing his leg over and over and sending his opponent off the top rope and to the mat below in a crunch! Rhodes’ back must be in agony as PAC stands up on the ropes – and flies! It’s the Black Arrow!! The Bastard’s corkscrew shooting star press hits the mark – but rather than go for the cover, PAC immediately latches on the Rings of Saturn – the Brutalizer!! Dustin’s face is written over with pain as PAC wrenches back on his arms and shoulders, adding a ton of pressure to the already-damaged back of the Natural.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This has GOTTA BE IT!

Dustin used every bit of strength and momentum he could muster in inching forward towards the ring ropes, seeking a break from the pain of the submission hold. Without hands to cinch on the ropes, though, the Natural was quite literally stuck with nowhere else to go as PAC pulled back on the muscles with all he has.


Rather than listen to the eternal wisdom of Scott Steiner, Dustin endured the pain and wrought his neck and head forward, getting within an eyelash’s length of the bottom cable –



[ Nigel McGuinness ] WITH HIS BLOODY TEETH! This cowboy won’t quit!

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s his damn funeral’s all I gots to say!

PAC released the hold at Knox’ count of four and instantly jumped to his feet, stomping directly into Rhodes’ neck over and over! Altogether, the Natural suffered through seven violent stomps to the base of the neck and top of the spine, leaving him in a heap on the mat! PAC scaled the turnbuckles – and flies again, ANOTHER Black Arrow! It hits the mark, right on the injured back and Dustin howls out another time in obvious agony as PAC hurls him over twice, away from the ropes and covers, planting both open hands into Rhodes’ chest for the one – two – three.

WINNER - PAC via Pin Fall in 10:04

Rick Knox immediately pulls Dustin from beneath PAC, whose crooked grin makes it evident that he’s pleased with himself and his outburst of violence. Rhodes is gripping his back, gritting his teeth and trying to work himself up to a seated position despite Knox’ best efforts to keep him supine.

[ Scott Steiner ] Dammit, when’s Dustin gunna learn? He’s too DAMN OLD! Just like Tim Storm! TOO DAMN OLD.

[ Tony Schiavone ] He loves this business, Scott! He’s got a family legacy to live up to – in his mind!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely right, Tony. Dustin’s got nothing to prove – both the Dream and his brother are more than proud of the competitor he is. Speaking, though – of a competitor to be proud of – PAC! The BASTAHD – has gotten right back on track tonight.

PAC stands in center ring, pulling his hair behind his ears and glaring out at the capacity crowd in the Target Center, who are all too happy to boo him as Dustin receives assistance up the ramp. The Bastard peers deeply into the hard camera and finally cracks the tiniest smile in existence, happy with his vulgar display of power before snarling again as we fade to the backstage area.

As the match ends, the camera quickly transitions to the locker room of “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and Brandi. Brandi is looking at the monitor in disgust as the aftermath of Dustin Rhodes/PAC continues playing.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Jesus Christ.

She turns to Cody and slings her arms in the air, expecting some sort of reaction from him.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] And THIS is what you’re hitching your wagon to?

[ Cody Rhodes ] He’s my brother.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] And he doesn’t have it anymore, Cody. Face the facts.

Brandi picks up Cody’s Elevation Championship from a nearby chair and holds it up to where he has no other option but to see it.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] THIS should be your focus! You’re letting these delusions of grandeur about this Brotherhood reformation take your eye off the prize, Cody. This title is your ticket to the top of this company. You beat Jimmy Havoc tonight and then Christopher Daniels.. Then you’re ONE defense away from fighting Randy Orton.

Cody rolls his eyes. Brandi isn’t one to hold back her thoughts.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Quit letting Dustin hold you back. That’s all I’m saying. You’re the superior brother. You know it. He knows it. The entire world knows it. This title is what we came here for! Not the Tag Team titles! I didn’t pass up contracts elsewhere to feud with the damn Hybrid 2, Cody!

[ Cody Rhodes ] I promise you, I have all of this under control. I know what I’m doing.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Do you? Do you, Cody?

With the worst timing possible, Matt and Nick Jackson stroll into the locker room. They’re in matching Young Buck logo t-shirts and their ring gear and headbands.

[ Matt Jackson ] Well, this is awkward.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Matt, Nick, I need a favor.

Still on a mission, Brandi takes the Elevation title and practically shoves it in the Bucks’ faces.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Look at this belt and tell Cody to quit being stupid.

Reluctantly, Nick obliges.

[ Nick Jackson ] Hey Cody, quit being stupid.

He then turns and looks to Cody.

[ Nick Jackson ] Now, why did I just that?

Cody shakes his head and walks over to the Bucks and shakes hands with both Nick and Matt. He has a big grin on his face.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Believe it or not, Brandi is a little dramatic.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Excuse me?

She matter-of-factly lets Cody know.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] I have a lifestyle that I’m accustomed to living, Cody. Don’t mess with mama’s money.

Cody rolls his eyes and focuses back on the Bucks.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I’m glad you guys signed on. I can’t wait to see you guys tear this place down! What are you guys up to?

[ Matt Jackson ] Honestly? We saw you guys on the monitor and knew this was a great way to make an introduction.

Matt and Nick turn to the camera, completely breaking the fourth wall.

[ Matt Jackson ] Find this shirt and more at Pro Wrestling Tees dot com slash Young Bucks!

Matt blows a kiss to the camera as Nick flashes a “Too Sweet.”

[ Cody Rhodes ] Who.. Who are you guys talking to?

Cody looks into the camera and squints.

[ Nick Jackson ] The people, Code.

[ Matt Jackson ] YouTube dot com slash Being The Elite. Like and subscribe!

Matt flashes the “Elite” three-fingers and shakes them up and down with a smug look on his face. Having enough, Brandi interjects herself into the situation.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Y’all gotta’ go.

She opens the door of the locker room and points to the hallway with an expressionless look on her face. You can almost see steam pouring out of her ears.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Get out.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Well guys, it was nice catching up I guess.

[ Nick Jackson ] Good luck out there tonight, man.

[ Matt Jackson ] Yeah, dude. If the singles thing doesn’t work out, Nick and I will fight you and Dustin any time.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] OUT!

With the Bucks bidding their final goodbyes, they exit the room and Brandi slams the door shut behind them. She walks over to Cody and shakes her head.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Tonight, you’re fighting a man who walks around with an ax. You know that, right?

[ Cody Rhodes ] Yeah. The guy more evil than Skeletor or whatever. I got it.

Cody smirks and grabs Brandi by the arms. He looks her dead in the eyes and follows up in a reassuring tone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Trust me. I’m focused. I got this. Dustin and I, it’s a side quest on this journey. My only focus right now is not being the guy to lose a brand new title in his first defense.

Brandi wants to believe him.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I promise you. Nobody is messin’ with your money.

He gives her a peck on the forehead and grabs the Elevation title, giving it an admiring glance for a few seconds as he places it back near his gear bag. The scene fades.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Before the bell rings, Galloway hits a running big boot on Kota Ibushi, turning him inside out. The fans are booing relentlessly as Galloway screams at Paul Turner to ring the bell. Turner begins arguing with him about his early attack, but Galloway backs Turner into a corner and hovers over him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't you do it, Galloway! Don't you dare!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Afta' Randy Orton and CM Punk's actions at 12 Large, you know that SGW officials are on high alert! Paul Turna' isn't one t' take threats of violence lightly! Especially not afta' taking Punk's patented Go to Sleep! Imagine if we didn't have two weeks between events to rest up, Tony! It'd probably be you and I out there officiating tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Don't put that thought in my head, Nige'! I don't even want to imagine being in the same ring as Drew Galloway, the Scottish Psychopath!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Calling him that probably isn't gonna endear him to you any more!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'll referee whatever damn match you want! I ain't scared o' shit! If somebody steps to me, I'll beat their ass 'n remind ERRYBODY WHO THE FUCK I AM! Especially if it's that skinny punk, Bryan Danielson! Remember when I fuckin' TOSSED that punk like a sack o' shit!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was two weeks ago at 12 Large!

[ Scott Steiner ] And what'd he do about it?! NOTHIN'! He backed away! Backed away from the REAL MAN! You're welcome, Adam Cole! And if you're ass wins the world title at Holiday Hell, you owe me a mother fuckin' title shot!

Ibushi double ax-handles Galloway in the back, causing his attention to turn from Paul Turner to Ibushi. The bell sounds and the match is officially on! MJF is slamming the mat from the outside, barking orders at Galloway. Kota’s offense makes no impact early on, with a flurry of kicks bouncing off of Galloway like he’s made of steel. A clothesline flattens Kota and Galloway plays to the fans as MJF obnoxiously applauds and screams, “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] This relationship between Drew Galloway and MJF is unconventional to say the least!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can't help but get the idea that their friendship is a one way street, kind of like the one between you and I, Tony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Aww, thanks, Nigel!

[ Scott Steiner ] That wasn't a compliment, jackass!

Galloway grabs Kota by the hair and paintbrushes his head repeatedly, adding insult to injury. A spinebuster, followed by Galloway hitting a leg drop has Kota in trouble very early on, not even two minutes into the match. The fans are doing everything they can to join in with Kenny Omega in willing Kota on. Galloway goes for a cover and pulls Kota up at one, laughing and proclaiming, “I’m not finished with you yet!” Galloway continues not taking the match seriously and plays around with Kota instead of finishing it off. He bounces off the ropes and Kota surprises him with a bicycle kick to the face! Two stiff kicks to the right shin drops Galloway to Kota’s level and a roundhouse drops the big man! Omega is slapping the mat from the outside in excitement. Kota goes up top as Galloway works his way back to his feet, but MJF shoves Kota off the top, sending him tumbling back inside the ring. Omega sprints towards MJF and we have a foot race ongoing on the outside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Kenny Omega is in hot pursuit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But look what's happening inside the bloody ring!

Back inside the ring, Ibushi slowly gets to his feet.. CLAYMORE KICK! Galloway covers him and it’s academic from here - one… two.. three! Drew Galloway is victorious thanks to MJF!

WINNER - Drew Galloway via Pin Fall in 5:59

Drew Galloway has won the match but he isn’t finished. MJF slides into the ring and begins strangling Kota Ibushi with his scarf as Kenny Omega is disposed of instantly with a Claymore Kick! The bell rings repeatedly but is ignored as MJF and Galloway continue their destruction with the fans practically begging the Golden Lovers to fight back.


The fans pop as Tim Storm appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone. MJF gets to his feet and laughs at the sight of Tim Storm. Galloway gives Ibushi a Claymore for his troubles and joins MJF in looking on at Storm.

[ Tim Storm ] What’s wrong guys? You think you’re going to bust my knee up and cost me my chance to become SGW World Champion and I not have something to say about it? This right here.. This little attempt you two are makin’ at runnin’ roughshod all over SGW ends and it ends NOW!

Storm points to himself as his face turns blood red and his voice raising.

[ Tim Storm ] Ever since Revenge, MJF, you’ve ran that mouth of yours and until now, you’ve gotten away with it. Somehow, some way, you convinced Drew there to join in with you even though you’re the one responsible for him not having any title shots thus far. MJF, YOU are the problem! Not me, not these fans, not SGW management, not Drew Galloway.. YOU! Take a good look in the mirror and realize that you are nothing but a cancer, an incurable disease that has nothing good going for it!

MJF rolls his eyes, not taking Storm serious at all. Storm turns his attentions to Galloway.

[ Tim Storm ] But Drew Galloway, you’re the opposite.

And now he has Galloway’s attention.

[ Tim Storm ] Look at you, son. You have all the tools it takes to succeed in this company and become a top star, yet, you’ve hitched your wagon to this loud mouth and it’s holding you back! Think about it.. If he had not hit me with that chair, you’d been in 12 Large. Instead of me in the finals, it could’ve been you. Instead of you wrestling only your second match in SGW tonight, you’d been booked every week! This man is your downfall! MJF has led you down a path to become an afterthought instead of an impact player.

Storm slaps his injured knee and continues.

[ Tim Storm ] MJF promises you gold and opportunity, yet, all he’s had you do is try to take me out of commission.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You stupid old man..

MJF has been given a microphone and paces back and forth in the ring. He knows he has to do something to cut Storm’s momentum off and get out of Galloway’s ear.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] I knew we busted your knee up and have you hobbling around like Tiny Tim, but I didn’t know we gave you CTE in the process. You’ve lost your mind, old man.. By the way, how’s that knee doin’?

Without giving him a chance to respond, MJF continues, fully in control.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] For your information, myself and the big DG right here, we have a team that is working! You saw what he did to Kota Ibushi! You see what I’m doing on a show-by-show basis in the dark matches! We’re on a winning streak, which is something you can’t stay about yourself, can you?

MJF shrugs.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] You are a LOSER, Tim! You’ve been a loser since your mother forgot to swallow and you’ll be a loser until the day you’re dropped six feet into the dirt with nobody in attendance! Your children? Losers. Your wife? Loser. Your mom?

He smirks.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Besides being a slut.. She’s also.. A.. LOSE-RRRRR! It’s the Storm family gene! You know why I don’t like you, Timmy? It’s because you refuse to lay down and die. You keep acting like you belong in this business, in SGW, as if the signs aren’t there. You don’t have it anymore because you never had it to begin with! You couldn’t beat Drew Galloway without my help at Revenge, you let your team down in the six-man at Momentum, and you screwed the pooch at 12 Large! Your time.. Is.. OVER! Get out of my company, get out of my business, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, and go straight to HELL!


[ Tim Storm ] MJF, you’re writing checks your ass is going to have a hard time cashing one day.. More specifically, at Holiday Hell. Because I challenge you two to a match! You think you’re untouchable, that there’s no repercussions to your actions.. It’s time to pay the bill for the damage you’ve done.. That is, if you’re not chicken.

MJF scoffs. Insulted at the insinuation from Storm.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Afraid? You.. You think that we’re afraid of YOU? Jesus Christ, someone call your family, Tim.. Warn them to watch their backs because you’re days away from going full-Benoit on them with that type of brain injury!

Galloway snatches the microphone from MJF, taking him aback.

[ Drew Galloway ] I’m not one for a lot of conversation. I’d rather have my discussions in the ring. You want to fight us, Tim? I don’t see anyone there with you.

MJF leans over and yells into the mic.


[ Tim Storm ] Oh, right.. I guess I am forgetting..

SIN CARA! Sin Cara comes from the back to a loud ovation from the crowd. He shakes hands with Tim.

[ Tim Storm ] This is another man you tried to embarrass at 12 Large. Sin Cara is one of the finest men and competitors in SGW. Tonight, we’re going to see how we work together in that ring, and at Holiday Hell, we’re going to kick your asses from pillar to post!

[ Sin Cara ] Good always prevails against evil!

MJF puts a hand up, begging off momentarily.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Now, hold on, Timmy..

Galloway snatches the microphone from MJF.

[ Drew Galloway ] We accept!

Roars from the fans fill the arena as the match becomes official. A big smile comes across Storm’s face, finally getting what he has wanted from day one - MJF and Galloway inside the ring on his terms.

[ Tim Storm ] You’re gonna’ have a whole mess of trouble at Holiday Hell, so I wouldn’t look too far in advance, boys. Actually, you’re in for some trouble right now I do believe..

MJF and Galloway turn around in unison to see Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega back to their feet. Stereo clotheslines send MJF and Galloway flipping over the top rope and crashing hard on the outside. The Golden Lovers hug in the middle of the ring as the camera pans back to Tim Storm and Sin Cara high fiving.

We head backstage where we see Cathy Kelley standing in front of the official SGW interview backdrop and not the creepy Taliban hostage set-up in the basement. Standing on either side of her, we see Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter, still in their wrestling gear and looking all too proud of themselves. The live crowd immediately begins booing and Hayter smirks, shaking her head before waving her hand around and cupping her ear, welcoming the boos. Priestley simply stands next to Cathy and stares a hole through the side of her head. Cathy smiles through her obvious intimidation and gets right to it.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Bea Priestley, Jamie Hayter... you just defeated Candy Floss and Kris Statlander in a rather impressive display, though some might consider the win tainted--

Hayter cuts her off, eyes narrowed and upper lip curled as though she smells something foul.

[ Jamie Hayter ] Tainted?! Who would dare call that win tainted?!

Priestley rests her arm on Cathy's shoulder, leaning in close to her.

[ Bea Priestley ] Someone who obviously didn't watch the fuckin' match.

[ Jamie Hayter ] ...or someone lookin t' 'ave 'er bloody head kicked in.

Cathy laughs nervously, looking from Bea to Jamie and back again.

[ Cathy Kelley ] It wasn't me, guys.

Bea shakes her head, her eyes never leaving Cathy's timid face.

[ Bea Priestley ] I'll bet it wasn't... twat.

The fans boo loudly as Cathy cringes at the insult. Cathy raises the microphone to speak again but Priestley palms it, blocking Cathy from speaking into it. Cathy's eyes widen and she looks at Bea with genuine concern. Bea yanks the microphone out of Cathy's hand and speaks into it.

[ Bea Priestley ] I think we've heard enough out o' you.

Cathy swallows hard, expecting the worst.

[ Bea Priestley ] Now, fuck off... ya' not needed for what we got t' say.

Cathy looks from Bea to Jamie and then back again before lowering her head and walking off-camera, but not before Hayter gives her a good hard shove, sending her out of sight more quickly. The boos get even louder. Hayter smiles and brushes the hair out of her eyes. Priestley watches to make sure Cathy is really gone before turning back to the camera.

[ Bea Priestley ] What you lot saw t'night... was a fucking statement.

Priestley smiles, a dry and cynical smile.

[ Bea Priestley ] If this is what the SGW women's division is all about... we ain' impressed.

Hayter grabs Bea's wrist and brings the microphone over to her mouth. Hayter is almost bent at the waist, talking into the microphone still in Bea's hand. She points into the camera aggressively as she speaks.

[ Jamie Hayter ] What you 'ave in front o' you are two o' the very best 'n you have the audacity t' put us in the ring wit' those two fucking clowns! Is that the best you've got?! Christina Von Eerie wasn't booked t'night... what 'bout 'er!? Or Nikki Cross!? Or even that simpering twat Bayley! We're supposed t' believe they were too busy?!

Hayter cups her mouth like she's going to tell us a secret.

[ Jamie Hayter ] ...BULLSHIT!

Hayter continues going off, genuinely pissed.

[ Jamie Hayter ] If that's the best you've got, then keep puttin' 'em in front of us 'n we'll keep knockin' 'em bloody down! But if ya' even fuckin' hope t' put a stop t' this... t' us? Ya' gonna 'ave t' find some birds a lot fuckin' tougher 'n that!

Priestley pulls her wrist free from Hayter's grasp and glares into the camera. Hayter returns to an upright position, still looking frustrated. Priestley gently shakes her head, looking offended by this whole situation.

[ Bea Priestley ] Consida' this your notice, Trish.

She leans into the camera, her eyes narrowed.

[ Bea Priestley ] Find us some bloody good competition... or we'll find it ourselves.

Priestley seems finished at that point, nailing the go-home line but Hayter is finished, leaning back down into the microphone while glaring into the camera and making the "title belt" motion around her waist.

[ Jamie Hayter ] And 'ow about some shiny new women's tag team titles? Fetch us a couple o' those, too, while ya' at it... only try 'n make'em look not-shit like the fuckin' otha' one, yeah?

Bea rolls her eyes and curls her upper lip.

[ Bea Priestley ] Come on, Jamie.

Hayter nods, still staring into the camera awkwardly. Priestley finishes us up, addressing Trish again.

[ Bea Priestley ] The ball's in your court, cunt.

Priestley drops the microphone and walks off-camera with Hayter following behind. The fans are booing loudly. Finally, the camera pans over to reveal Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, having been watching from the side the entire time. Nikki watches Priestley and Hayter disappear before slowly turning to look at Alexa. Alexa is totally focused on the two women we just heard from. Alexa takes a sip from an oversized mug of coffee before narrowing her eyes.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Interesting.

And then she smiles.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Very interesting, Nikki.

Nikki Cross looks confused but Alexa has never seemed more.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Some of these gashes might be useful after all.

Cross raises an eyebrow, still not understanding... and neither do we as we return to ringside.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Neither man flinched from their corner when the timekeeper’s bell rang to signal the start of the contest. Neither Tommaso Ciampa nor Pete Dunne could stand to lose their first match in a Solid Gold Wrestling ring. While no championships or honors were on the line, both Ciampa and Dunne could accurately be described as ‘proud,’ and as such, nothing less than having their hand raised at the end of the match would suffice – first match or fortieth.

After a moment or two, both men slowly stride to center ring, the Target Center still completely abuzz for the contest which would hopefully explode in mere moments. Senior Official Aubrey Edwards stood firm in the center of the two men, patiently waiting for the first ripple to disturb the still waters in the squared circle. Neither man threw a shot, simply standing solemnly and staring holes through one another.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The intensity in the arena is palpable, ladies and gentlemen! These two men are ready to make an impact in their debut for Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Scott Steiner ] Who doesn’t want to win every match they’re in, you nerd-ass? Both these foreigners want to beat the hell outta each other – PERIOD!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Scott, Tommaso Ciampa is actually from the United States.

[ Scott Steiner ] With a name like that?! Jesus I’d have hated to have been him as a kid…mainly for the stupid foreign-soundin’ name…but also mainly cause then I wouldn’t have been me – BIG POPPA PUMP! The man with the largest arms on the playground! The Big, Bad…BOOTY DADDY! Railin’ all the cheerleaders and that spelling teacher Mrs. Murphy’s slutty ass, too! Her juicy ass could sure spell that day! Know what she was spellin’, Roger Daltrey? “O! O! O! OH! OHHH! OHHHH YEAH, BIG POPPA!” Right in the middle of the gymnasium for all the other little punks to watch…

[ Tony Schiavone ] There is literally no way that any of tha—

Steiner slams his fist on the table and there’s a moment of silence.

[ Tony Schiavone ] …I mean…it MIGHT have happened.

[ Scott Steiner ] …it sure the shit did. OH! There the foreigners go!

Almost as if the universe had grown tired of hearing about how Scott Steiner supposedly had sexual relations with an educator as a young boy, Dunne and Ciampa began throwing punches rapidly, each one connecting but not damaging or even stunning their intended target! Edwards immediately snapped into the zone, too, demanding that the men open their fists – and Ciampa obliges with a lightning quick slap to the chest! Dunne won’t be out-Dunne and throws his own open-hand chop, connecting with the Sicilian Psychopath’s meaty pectoral region.

Ciampa turns back, snapping his head to go forehead-to-forehead with Dunne, each man shoving one another before tying up in a reckless collar-and-elbow tie-up and sprawling into the turnbuckles, rolling across the ropes with no regard for one another or themselves. Eventually, Ciampa gains the advantage, forcing Dunne into a corner and shoulderblocking him over and over to loosen the grip the Bruiserweight has on him. Before Dunne can retaliate, Ciampa lifts his opponent and slams him into the mat with force, rolling across him and PLANTING him with an Air Raid Crash! COVER! ONE! T—NO! Dunne’s out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This one is NOT going to be for the weak of heart, fans!

No sooner than McGuinness could finish speaking, Dunne, still on his back, fires away at Ciampa’s bearded chin with his feet, clocking the Sicilian Psychopath with a stiff boot or three! As Tommaso falls to the mat in a slump, holding his chin, Dunne struggles up and applies a kneebar, tearing away at Ciampa’s surgically repaired knee ligaments.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is an intelligent approach from Dunne, Nigel, to target Ciampa’s knee.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Too true, Tony; Tommaso Ciampa’s knee has long given him trouble but more recently than not, he’s appeared quite strong – you’ll also notice the heavy brace on his leg –

[ Scott Steiner ] Shampoo’s doing his best to protect the leg, yeah, but what if he’s misdirecting the Brit towards something that’s fine?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] EXACTLY, Scott.

Dunne releases his hold as Ciampa scampers to the ropes and begins tending to his knee. The Bruiserweight rises off the mat and notices that Ciampa is seated in front of the ropes, towards the center of the apron and charges, surely looking for a high impact penalty kick – but Ciampa is up with more quickness than nearly anyone could have expected and tosses Dunne from the ring to the floor below! The Target Center pop huge as Ciampa is charging, immediately off the far-side ropes and – SUICIDE DIVE! The knee is as good as could be as Tommaso Ciampa rises off the protective mat, having smeared his opponent and screams out sheer energy, pumping up the Target Center for what is to come.

Minneapolis doesn’t have to wait long to see what’s next as Ciampa lifts Dunne from the mat and tosses him back into the ring before sliding in, following his opponent. Ciampa plants his boot into Dunne’s sternum, quickly striking before lifting him from the mat and lifting his opponent to his shoulders, facing the lights high above before spinning him out with a beautiful neckbreaker! COVER! ONE! TW—NO! Dunne forces his shoulder up to continue the contest, kicking out once again.

[ Scott Steiner ] Normally this is where’s I’d harp on the stupid bastards in the ring for not staying on their damn opponent but this Tommy Shampa guy is doin’ just that – he’s punchin’ this Dunne guy right in the damn face! YEAH! Now suplex’is ass!

The Sicilian Psychopath lifts Dunne from the mat and doesn’t utilize a suplex; instead choosing a series of slaps and knee strikes, really rocking the Bruiserweight – who fires back, through all the pain with a step-up Enzuigiri! Dunne’s still alive and quickly scoops up Ciampa – SIT OUT POWERBOMB, MY WORD AT THE POWER! ONE! TWO! NO! Ciampa breaks the cover this time, throwing his shoulder off the mat! Dunne, thinking quickly, swiftly grabs the outstretched arm of Tommaso Ciampa and begins biting down on the digits, sending a grimace of pain across the Psycho Killer’s face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] BITING?! My word, Pete Dunne is BITING Ciampa here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Bruiserweight will do whatever it takes, Tony – and DO NOT FORGET IT!

With Ciampa’s fingers still clamped in his mouth, Dunne begins working the wrist, bending it and manipulating the joint in a disgusting manner, finally releasing the digits and pending the hand backwards to the mat, stomping down on the elbow and really damaging Ciampa’s left arm. Dunne throws a stiff kick at Ciampa, who rolls over after the blow to his arm, doing his best to protect himself. The Bruiserweight could care less and immediately lifts Ciampa from the mat – but Ciampa fires again with a leaping knee strike! Dunne shakes his head, trying to put the ringing in his ears out of mind, but Ciampa is ALREADY on him again, popping his opponent with a HUGE German Suplex!

[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH! DO IT AGAIN!

Ciampa doesn’t give Dunne another suplex but does follow the head drop by hooking his head between his legs – this could be it!


The Psycho Killer lifts Dunne into the powerbomb – and drives him down onto the knees with the sickening Project Ciampa!! COVER! ONE! TWO! THR—NO! Dunne slips his shoulder up at the last possible second! Tomasso Ciampa cannot believe this, looking to Senior Official Aubrey Edwards with shock on his face, but doesn’t delay long, snatching Dunne up and looking now for another big blow – but it’s Dunne! Dunne with all the fighting spirit he can muster, throwing a superkick and connecting – then hitting his OWN German Suplex on Ciampa!

[ Scott Steiner ] HOLY SHIT! Dunne’s throwing Ciampa around, too! What in the hell are these two doing right now?!

Dunne is rolling! He lifts Ciampa and hooks him with the pumphandle, looking surely for the Bitter End – but Ciampa rolls through the hold and hooks Dunne – FAIRYTALE ENDING! – NO! NO! Dunne lands on his feet and advances on Ciampa but Ciampa pulls Aubrey Edwards in front of him! Dunne grabs her by the shirt and pushes her aside, leaving her distracted long enough for Ciampa to kick Dunne low! He hooks him... FAIRYTALE ENDING! Ciampa covers and hooks both legs, cradling him as tightly as he can! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Tommaso Ciampa via Pin Fall in 18:44

As the bell rings, Ciampa immediately rolls out of the ring, celebrating like a wild man as the fans boo!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my God, fans, I don't think anyone saw this coming!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thought Pete Dunne was insanely hyped up coming in, you can't call this an upset, Tommaso Ciampa is a seasoned veteran competita' with a mean streak a mile wide!

Ciampa celebrates up the ramp with wild eyes, raising his arm in victory as Tyler Bate and Trent Seven run down to check on Pete Dunne. Dunne refuses their help, looking furious as he struggles back to his feet.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this is certainly not the last time we're going to see these two compete. With the way Ciampa took this one, you know Pete Dunne is going to be looking for revenge! If Ciampa is smart, he should be concerned about what comes next!

[ Scott Steiner ] CONCERNED?! Hell, you limp dick loser, Ciampa’s already through the curtain – he’s no pussy like you, Schiavone! He’ll be ready for British Strong Style – Ciampa’s no BITCH! He’s no Bryan Danielson! Danielson, you stupid little bastard, I swearda—

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Fans, we’ll go on and throw you to the back before Scott gets rolling!

As Steiner yells away, Dunne is shown in center ring, looking as miserable as ever even in defeat as we fade away to the backstage area once more.

With Pete Dunne still in the ring, the cameras switch to the office of the Championship Committee. Inside, we see Edge, Christian, and Val Venis sitting around, deep in conversation. Being able to stand back and watch old friends and rivals reconnect after a decade is a sight to behold.

[ Val Venis ] And then Steamboat tells me, “Look, I need you to drive this monster truck and then go blow up a vault with sticks of dynamite to steal the belt.” When I sit back and think about the crazy stuff they had us do back then, I feel like it was all a dream. It was a total one-eighty compared to my post-SGW life.

[ Edge ] You mean when we were all gone and you got to be taken seriously again?

[ Christian Cage ] And you could actually win something because we weren’t in your way to stop you?

Venis scoffs and playfully gives Edge and Christian a middle finger.

[ Val Venis ] One of these days, fellas, I’m going to kick both of your asses inside that ring to make up for lost time.

Venis looks to Christian and nonchalantly follows up.

[ Val Venis ] That is, unless you lose your smile again and need Tom Cruise to do the favor instead of you.

[ Christian Cage ] There’s a reason I didn’t call you when SGW came back. For your information, I used the money you spent on those front row tickets for you, Arn, Shane, and Bubba Ray to wipe my ass with.

Venis chuckles at Christian being unable to take much ribbing. He throws his arms to the side and looks around with a big smile on his face.

[ Val Venis ] Well, look at me now, Jay. It worked out for all of us.

Venis pauses.

[ Val Venis ] And speaking of Arn and Shane, I wanted to toss you guys an idea.

[ Edge ] If it doesn’t involve hearing Christian whine, then I’m all ears.

[ Val Venis ] So, we have Cole and Orton at Holiday Hell right? Can’t really trust either of them at this point.. Let’s make sure the people get a winner in case Orton tries messin’ around. Let’s have a judge’s panel. We can get Arn, Shane, and Steamboat to sit ringside in case this thing goes the distance and ensure we have a true winner.

[ Christian Cage ] How much is that going to cost?

[ Edge ] Seriously, bro?

Christian shrugs in self-defense.

[ Christian Cage ] Look, things are running great for SGW right now. We’re putting on great shows that leave everyone in the dust, the talent is happy, we’re growing weekly. It can all snowball on us. You start spending too much one day, the next day your shows happen three days late, and then you end up with DJ Gabriel in your bed as champion or something. I’m the voice of reason over here!

Edge shakes it off and focuses back on the subject.

[ Edge ] Judge’s panel.. I like it. It’s obvious, Randy wasn’t our choice as champion. I’m still convinced he attacked Jarrett regardless of what the cops say. So all of us, we have to band together and do what’s best for SGW.. And what’s best right now is ensuring that the first pay-per-view in a decade goes off without a hitch. Let’s get with the others and make it happen. Good idea, Val.

Pleased, Val smirks. He knows something that Edge and Christian don't.

[ Val Venis ] I also have one more surprise in the works for ol’ Randy I think you guys are going to like.

He stands up and notices the camera. Immediately, things become more hush-hush as Venis chooses his next words more wisely.

[ Val Venis ] Since it’s obvious we have company.. Let me just say, in the interest of fairness, I think it’ll drive Orton insane.

Venis walks over to the cameraman and puts the palm of his left hand over the lens, causing our view to go black but the audio remains.

[ Val Venis ] Guys, if you don’t mind, we’re conducting business here.

The scene fades. What is the next surprise the Championship Committee will have in store for Holiday Hell’s main event?!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

As the bell rings, the electric atmosphere in the Target Center rivals the energy from any point in the evening for this contest. Two perennial rivals and complete opposites in terms of how they view the game they both love, Danielson and Triple H stare one another down before immediately tying up in center ring as Minneapolis blows up in excitement.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a palpable energy in the arena for this contest!

[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH! They’re ready to see Hunter Hemmsley beat the absolute dog shit out of that fake-ass loser Bryan Danielson. I hope he rips that shoddy ass beard right off his troll-ass face.

Danielson has the early advantage, thanks to his immense technical knowledge. Not to be outdone so easily, Triple H squeezes through a headlock and takes Danielson’s waist, driving him to the mat forcefully and transitioning to a keylock. The American Dragon is energized, though, and rolls backwards, kipping up to his feet and wagging a finger ‘no’ in Hunter’s face.

The Game is red-faced, already embarrassed as Danielson steps back, allowing him to his feet – but only JUST, as the Dragon scoops his left leg and Dragon Screws him back to the mat, applying the figure four leglock!

[ Tony Schiavone ] NO WAY! That’s the Figure Four Leglock, signature hold of Triple H’s friend and mentor Ric Flair!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT GALL FROM THIS SKINNY SON OF A BITCH! I mean, let’s be real here, Ric Flair’s a banana-nosed bastard and an old geezer with a limp-ass dick, but even still, he’s better than this vegan pussy Bryan Danielson! HOW MANY TIMES I GOTTA SAY IT, DAMMIT – I’M CALLIN’ YOUR ASS OUT, DANIELSON!!!

Hunter, appalled and insulted (though somehow not to the level of Steiner), reverses the pressure on the hold and Danielson releases the maneuver, giving both men an opportunity to rise to their feet – but yet again, it’s the American Dragon who takes Hunter to the mat, snaring him with a hammerlock that he drives to the canvas, manipulating HHH’s knee and pressuring his opponent into a supine position. Danielson quickly transitions to a double hammerlock and then rolls backwards, snatching the Game’s leg and wrenching on an ankle lock!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A motivated Danielson here tonight – and TRUST ME – a motivated Bryan Danielson is far and away the most dangerous Bryan Danielson!

Triple H army crawls to the bottom rope and breaks the hold, sending Mike Chioda rushing ahead toward Danielson. As the Dragon releases the ankle lock, HHH spits angrily, working the pain from his ankle, still holding the ropes and rising to his full height again for the first time in minutes. Danielson signals to Triple H that he’s ready for another grapple and the Game gives him an emphatic ‘suck it’ with cross chop to pop the fans. Danielson’s bearded face scrunches up in anger and he dashes ahead, catching another waist lock and looking to charge with the O’Connor Roll, but the Game puts the breaks on and forces his legs ahead of him, squatting to quash the momentum Danielson exerted to build. Hunter fakes out a snapmare and rotates around the Dragon, grabbing an abdominal stretch!


As Danielson surveys his situation, confidently telling Chioda he’d never submit to this hold, Triple H slowly slides an arm behind him and grabs the top rope, pulling tight to increase the force on the hold! Danielson screams out, informing Chioda of the rules infraction, but when the Senior Official turns to check, Hunter’s got his hand planted in Danielson’s hip again, forcing his spine to contort violently. When the referee goes to Danielson again, HHH slyly grabs the rope again, stretching his opponent illegally!


Danielson powers through the pain and steps through the leg lacing, dragging Hunter to the mat with a roll – but CLATTERING his skull with a charging dropkick to electrify the crowd in the Target Center! Somehow energized by the display of blatant cheating, Danielson takes the Game by both arms and begins stomping his chest and face VIOLENTLY! The atmosphere in the Target Center may as well have shifted to the ‘Roman Coliseum’ setting as more than half the fans begin cheering this ridiculous display of aggression from the Dragon, who practically breathes fire in Chioda’s direction as he reaches the four count, signaling a near-disqualification. Danielson releases the Game, who slumps to the mat and looks around the arena before getting nose-to-nose with Chioda and screaming.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I HAVE! ‘TIL! FIVE!


[ Tony Schiavone ] HEY! Triple H is rolling out of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Probably smart, he IS the Game after all!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What do you mean, Best Buddy?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Consider this, Tony – at 12 Large, Bryan Danielson savagely beat Adam Cole within an inch of his life after a FAIR AND LEGAL MANEUVER. Danielson’s keenly aware that Triple H tried to cheat him just then and reacted with all that venom?! Hunter is wise to break any sort of momentum Danielson builds and cut him off at any and all stops!

The Game regains his stability on the floor and begins taking a lap to build his energy, but Danielson skirts quickly from the ring to the floor and is giving chase! Hunter picks up the speed, running around the ring and after a half-lap, sliding into the ring! Danielson follows, but Hunter cuts him off with a double-axe handle to the back of the neck! Thinking quickly, HHH is off the ropes and drops a knee in the same spot, rolling across the canvas and covering Danielson for a one.

Back to his feet, Triple H suplexes Danielson and then instantly lifts him again – but Danielson is alive! He throws several kicks to the abdomen, fans chanting “YES!” with each one, then charging off the ropes – but Hunter, too, is alive and scores with the high knee strike, sending the Dragon back to the mat in a heap! Triple H spits on his opponent’s body, drawing the ire of the Minneapolis fans, but he’s unconcerned; the Game lifts Danielson and slams him down – it’s the big time Spinebuster!

[ Tony Schiavone ] SPINEBUSTER! The Game is rolling now!

Triple H covers again, drawing a two-count and then gets in Chioda’s face before realizing the real issue is the burning, soulful passion in Danielson’s heart that propels his shoulder off the mat each time he’s covered. The pure fury in the American Dragon’s face is scary as he sits up, trying to reach his feet, but Hunter begins leathering him with heavy blow after blow, punching him right in the eye over and over!

[ Scott Steiner ] YES! FINISH HIS ASS, NOW! DO IT!

Finally satisfied with his pugilism, HHH lifts Danielson into a piledriver position and double-underhooks the arms – he’s looking for the Pedigree! Scott Steiner is fully erect at the commentary table, screaming nonsense as Hunter leaps –

– but Danielson swings through, keeping the arm hooked and dragging HHH to the mat with a small package! ONE! TWO! THREE! What in the hell?!

WINNER - Bryan Danielson via Pin Fall in 9:21

[ Scott Steiner ] FUCK! FUCK FUCK!

Danielson immediately slides to the floor, a huge grin stretched across his face as his opponent in ring has a look of shock on his own. Triple H is immediately up, in Chioda’s face and jabbing him with his index finger as Danielson lifts his own fingers into the air in victory, still sitting on his ass at the bottom of the ramp.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WOW! Out of nowhere, practically! They do call this man Mr. Small Package, so I can’t say I’m surprised that the contest is ov—


Steiner throws his headset at the table in anger as Danielson makes it to his feet, just in time to meet the eyeline of the stunned Game in center ring. Danielson’s smile is wickedly appealing as he backs up the apron, rubbing his hands together, immensely satisfied with himself.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Err…as I was saying…quite the victory for the dangerous American Dragon, fans. You must think this propels him up the contendership rankings, Tony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely, best pal. Bryan Danielson is absolutely unhinged and quite frankly, I’m scared of what he may do to someone in that ring soon – but Triple H cheated! He incurred the wrath of the Dragon and lost! Justice was served after all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Your sense of justice is a bit skewed, Tony.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And I love you, too, Best Buddy! Let’s throw it to the backstage area, I have it on good authority there’s some very interesting goings on!

Nigel scoffs as the final shot is of a furious Triple H, breathing deeply and huffing spittle everywhere as we fade to the back.

With the ring clearing out from the previous match, the Golden-Tron comes to life. Lacey Evans, decked out in an oversized hat with a black bow on it and a black and white polka dot dress, sips from a small tea cup with her pinky finger extended. She is “surprised” to see the camera and slowly rests her cup on the nearby table. It appears as though we’re at her home.

[ Lacey Evans ] I do apologize for not being there tonight. I know ya'll miss me.

As “Live via Satellite” flashes on the top right hand corner of the screen, scattered boos from the arena are overheard.

[ Lacey Evans ] I was plannin' on takin' the night off but I just got some news that I had t' share. I got a letter from Trish Stratus, and it’s official - I will become the SGW Women’s Champion at Holiday Hell when I take what is rightfully mine from that undeserving, outrageous, tattooed nasty…

Lacey heaves in disgust, covering her mouth.

[ Lacey Evans ] Christina.. Von.. Eerie….

The mention of Von Eerie draws a solid “C-V-E! C-V-E!” chant from the crowd.

[ Lacey Evans ]Champ,” you listen and you listen good. I didn’t come to Fight to the Finish tonight.. not because I was told not to or because I'm, Heaven forbid, scared... but because, quite frankly, it’s an unsafe work environment.

Knowing her follow up, Evans cocks her eyebrow as her smile turns crooked.

[ Lacey Evans ] For Christina Von Eerie.

She pauses briefly to allow the fans to react with even more boos.

[ Lacey Evans ] I mean, if I were there and we were to cross paths, sweetheart, I could KILL Christina Von Eerie, the same way I almost did at 12 Large when I accidentally busted her open. How was little ol' me supposed to know she was so... so fragile?

Drawing more ire of the fans, Evans begins fanning herself with a comically oversized fan.

[ Lacey Evans ] Have mercy… What a mess that was. It’s almost too much to bear!

The tone of Lacey Evans turns more serious as she puts her fan down and the camera zooms in tighter on her.

[ Lacey Evans ] It's bad enough that during the match, you sprayed your disease infested blood into my eyes like some heathen from one o' those uncultured horror movies... Why, you coulda' given me that AIDS virus! That just won't do. That just won't do AT ALL, Christina Von Eerie! So that’s why I’m not there tonight.. For your own safety. Because if I were there, I wouldn’t have waited for Holiday Hell to give SGW a champion full of CLASS, DIGNITY, and RESPECT.. The complete opposite of the uncultured swine that you truly are.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! Clap clap clapclapclap “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

[ Lacey Evans ] And lest I forget... Trish Stratus did take your little suggestion for a stipulation to heart. She was all set to make this match a no disqualification, falls count anywhere, all thingamajigs and whatchamacallits are legal kinda' match... I bet you'd really like that, wouldn't you? You were countin' on that, probably.

She smiles, showing off her pearly whites.

[ Lacey Evans ] Let's just say I made a generous donation to an anonymous member of the Championship Committee and made that little bit of nonsense... go away. Trish may have some say over the comin's and goin's in this division... but we all answer to somebody, don't we?

She lets that hang in the air for a moment.

[ Lacey Evans ] So enjoy your little title for a couple more weeks, trash.. I’m staying home until Holiday Hell on December 28. But don’t you worry, honey, because I’ll be ready. For the next two weeks I’ll be training by raising my daughter, cleaning up around the house, and ensuring my husband sees his way to work with clean clothes and a full belly.. As the good Lord above intended it to be!

From the commentary table, we hear Scott Steiner weighing in over Lacey speaking.


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Which diapers, Scotty? Yours or the kids?


[ Tony Schiavone ] I… I don’t even know what to say at this point. Let’s let Lacey finish here.

Having no idea her promo was interrupted by the ramblings of a mad man, Lacey Evans sends her warning to Von Eerie home with one final comment.

[ Lacey Evans ] We can't erase the fact that you have that title in your possession, but we can correct that error that has plagued this company ever since Mile High Madness. I plan on doing so by wiping you off the face of this planet! Enjoy your time as champion, you Nasty, because after Holiday Hell, SGW will be made whole once again by having a champion with class that it can be proud of!

Evans grabs her tea cup once more and raises it to her lips. After taking another sip, she places it back down, leaving red lipstick marks behind on the cup.

[ Lacey Evans ] And if I don’t see you before then, Christina, Merry Christmas! Our one true God, the Lord's holiday... it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.. The lights, the trees, the presents, and Lacey Evans becoming SGW Women’s Champion! Happy birthday, Baby Jesus!

The scene fades to back. We’re back to ringside and the fans are relentlessly booing what they’ve just witnessed as the Golden-Tron dies down. Lacey Evans challenges for the Women’s Championship at Holiday Hell! What a match that will be!

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

The fans are on their feet as Rhea Ripley and Tessa Blanchard meet in the middle of the ring. Standing a few inches taller than Blanchard, Ripley glares down at her, a smug look upon her face. Blanchard stares right back up at her, undeterred. The atmosphere is positively electric as these two titans of the women's division prepare to do battle for the first time after giving us only a teaser of what they're capable of together at Mile High Madness.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Just listen to these fans! This is a match we've wondered about since we first heard Paul Heyman mention the possibility of it at SGW Revenge! Two of the most dominant competitors in the SGW women's division! You're in for a treat fans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And speaking of Paul Heyman, where is the most successful manager of our generation, Tony? This is quite the match for one of his clients, I can't imagine he'd miss it for no bloody reason!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm hearing from our sources in the back that... Tessa Blanchard requested that he remain in the back. There's definitely been some friction between the two... I don't think Tessa Blanchard likes how Paul Heyman has been taking credit for the advancement of her career.

[ Scott Steiner ] She prolly got tired of drivin' around with that fat bastard, with his fat sweaty ass makin' all their rental cars and hotel rooms smell like hot dog water and bathrooms in a porno theater!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I just find it peculiar that she would bar Heyman from ringside, yet Paige is right there. What does sodding Paige offa' that Paul Heyman doesn't? It doesn't make any sense, is all I'm saying, fellas.

After a stare down that feels like forever, Tessa hauls off and nails Rhea Ripley with a big forearm right to the jaw! Ripley huffs and turns her head back around to face Blanchard, looking pissed. Ripley nails Blanchard with a big right hand, causing Blanchard to stagger back a step... before lunching forward with another forearm... followed by a flurry of forearms, sending Ripley staggering backward into the corner! Blanchard continues hauling off, rattling Ripley with every bone jarring blow to the head and chest! Suddenly, Ripley comes alive, snatching Blanchard by either side of her head, and slings HER around into the corner before drilling her with a series of right hands as the fans go wild! Each devastating blow causes Blanchard to flail before she finally falls into a seated position in the corner. Ripley begins putting the boots to her before hanging onto the top rope and pushing her boot beneath Tessa's chin, choking her forcefully! Rick Knox begins the mandatory five count, commanding Ripley to stop! As he reaches four, Ripley backs away with her hands up, staring straight into Rick Knox's eyes. Blanchard grips the middle rope on either side of her, looking pissed. She goes to pull herself up and Ripley pushes Knox aside and charges into the corner... only to meet a boot to the jaw from Blanchard! Ripley staggers back and Tessa steps up onto the middle rope... before leaping off and nailing Ripley with a SPINNING BACK ELBOW that knocks her flat on her back!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This bout is non-stop and hard hitting from the get-go!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whicheva' one o' these ladies comes away wit' the victory t'night will have established a foothold in the division that no one can deny! Whetha' the match stipulation dictates it or not, you must acknowledge that the winna' of this match must be in line for a title shot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know Christina Von Eerie is paying attention to this one!

Blanchard sits up, holding her fist out in front of her and shaking it with intensity. She returns to her feet and grabs a handful of Ripley's hair, guiding her up to her knees. Once Ripley is there, Tessa hits the ropes and nails Ripley with a shotgun dropkick right to the chest! Paige pounds on the mat on the outside, cheering Blanchard on! Blanchard goes for a quick cover but Ripley kicks out at one and attempts to roll back to her feet. As Ripley gets up to one knee, Tessa snatches her around the waist... and dead lifts her into a German suplex, landing her solidly on her shoulders and head! Ripley rolls over on her stomach and begins crawling toward the apron. Blanchard scrambles to catch her but Ripley grabs the bottom rope, flips over, and shoves Blanchard off with both feet, causing her to land on her back and roll backward to her feet. However, by the time Blanchard is up again, Ripley has already rolled to the floor and is walking around the ringside area, holding onto the guardrail as she makes her way around.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like Rhea Ripley is playing hard to get!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's playing it smart, Tony!

Inside the ring, Tessa teases a DIVE, eliciting cheers from the crowd! Tessa hits the ropes and prepares to fly but Ripley springs into action, grabs Paige by either shoulder and throws her in front of her! Tessa catches herself, managing to stop herself just as she begins to emerge through the middle and top ropes but Ripley shoves Paige aside and grabs Blanchard by the hair, dragging her through the ropes and tossing her effortlessly to the floor! Paige has landed on her ass several feet away and is shouting at Ripley angrily as Ripley descends on Blanchard, snatching her up by two handfuls of hair, and then slinging her backward onto the edge of the ramp!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What impact!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's that Rhea Ripley aggression we were lookin' for!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's why she's the fuckin' moose!

Ripley stands over Blanchard for a moment, looking down at her. Blanchard cradles her head, looking to be in great pain. Paige is back on her feet, shouting at Ripley, trying to get her attention but Ripley turns her and cocks her fist, causing Paige to stumble backward, the guardrail behind her being the only reason she doesn't fall down during her escape. Ripley turns and descends on Blanchard once again, pulling her up by either side of her head. Ripley pulls Blanchard into a power bomb position and eyeballs Paige, flipping her a middle finger and shouting "she's dead now, yeah!? Lot o' help you are, twat!" and then POWER BOMBS HER INTO THE APRON! Blanchard looks to be in grievous pain as she slowly slides off the apron and falls to her knees at ringside. Ripley looks down at her and shakes her head, not impressed, before pie facing Blanchard down to the mat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Disgusting impact! That's the hardest part o' the ring!

Blanchard writhes on the floor, favoring her back. Rick Knox shouts at both women to get in the ring or else he's count them out, prompting Ripley to flip Blanchard over, grab a handful of her tights, and toss her under the bottom rope. With a menacing aura about her, Ripley climbs onto the apron and then steps through the ropes casually, her eyes never leaving the wounded Blanchard.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Rhea Ripley seems colder, far more brutal than normal.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Rhea Ripley is always unforgiving 'n brutal, Tony, but I do see what you're saying. Perhaps it has something t' do with being denied her shot at the SGW Women's World Championship at Holiday Hell! It's clear that she found her rejection to be a slight, perhaps even a bit humiliating. It's very possible she's taking this aggression out on Tessa Blanchard t'night!

Blanchard rolls to the center of the ring, still appearing to be in great pain. Ripley stalks her, preparing for another go... but she looks confused as the fans suddenly erupt in boos. Ripley turns to face the entranceway and sees PAUL HEYMAN making his way down to ringside with an arrogant swagger! Paige looks confused and slightly annoyed as Heyman approaches ringside and positions himself next to her. Heyman can be seen communicating with her but she's not having it, taking a few steps away from him. His eyes are glued on the ring and he begins shouting at Tessa to get up. Ripley shakes her head, not having time for this interruption.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It looks like, despite Tessa Blanchard's wishes, Paul Heyman is HERE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's his job to make sure she succeeds! Whether or not she wins this match will have a dramatic effect on his bottom line!

Ripley goes back to work, approaching the fallen Blanchard... only to receive a kick to the mid-section from the mat! Blanchard quickly returns to her feet, having been playing possum momentarily! With Ripley doubled over, Blanchard snatches her up and drills her with a snap suplex! Blanchard takes a moment to recover, still favoring her back, and Heyman is losing his shit at ringside, pounding on the mat violently, cheering her on! Blanchard returns to her feet as Ripley gets up to one knee. Blanchard hits the ropes goes for a boot to the head but Ripley catches the boot and holds it, standing up and keeping Tessa hopping one leg! Tessa pretends to beg her off, to not take advantage... but then suddenly flips her off and yells "FUCK YOU!" before nailing her with an ENZIGURI! Ripley falls back to one knee and Blanchard hits the ropes... RUNNING BOOT TO THE HEAD! Ripley goes down, her shoulders and back across the bottom rope! Blanchard hits the ropes again... RUNNING DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE! Blanchard whips back around with her arms out to the side, fired up, ready to end this! Ripley crawls to all fours and then gets up to one knee... Blanchard grabs a handful of hair and guides her back to her feet... she Irish whips her into the ropes but Ripley reverses the whip at the absolute last second... AND HEYMAN TRIPS BLANCHARD BY ACCIDENT! HE WAS TRYING TO GET RIPLEY BUT HE GOT TESSA! The fans erupt in boos! Tessa turns around, distracted... and RIPLEY CHARGES UP ON HER FROM BEHIND! She clubs Tessa in the back and pulls her in... RIPTIDE! RIPTIDE! SHE GOT IT-- NO! TESSA USES HER MOMENTUM TO GO OVER RHEA'S SHOULDER AND GET A SUNSET FLIP PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER - Tessa Blanchard via Pin Fall in 12:39

The fans cheer in surprise and Tessa releases the hold, even looking surprised that she managed to keep Ripley down! Ripley sits on her ass and can be seen muttering "motha' fucking bullshit!" before rolling out of the ring. She walks past Heyman and Paige without even looking at them and then walks up the ramp and through the entranceway, out of sight. Heyman wipes the sweat from his reddened face. Paige rolls under the bottom rope and crawls over to Tessa, checking on her, looking genuinely worried for her well-being after that beating.

[ Tony Schiavone ] That is not how I expected this one to go down, fans.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I can't imagine Rhea Ripley had any idea this is how it would happen. First, what happened earlia' tonight with Christina Von Eerie 'n now this... this isn't going t' sit well with Miss Ripley, I don't think!

Tessa Blanchard is up to her knees, looking like she's seen much better days. She calls for a microphone and Paige quickly retrieves one for her. Paul Heyman walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, looking deeply concerned. Paige helps Tessa to her feet and Tessa checks the microphone to make sure it's on. The fans are giving Blanchard a round of applause after that hard fought battle. Blanchard finally raises the microphone, glaring right at Paul Heyman as she does so.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Paul...

She doubles over, hands on her knees. Paige pats her on the back. Finally, Blanchard stands upright.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Paul... you and me... all of this.

The fans begin cheering, picking up quickly on where this is going.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] You can shove it up your fat ass!

Paige laughs and applauds. Heyman looks like he's seen a ghost.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] I told you... I told you to stay in the back... because I don't need you... and you can't even follow simple instructions! The fact of the matter is... I have never needed you! I don't need your guidance! I don't need your support! And I don't need your extreme branding bullshit!

The fans pop huge. Paul Heyman literally drops to his knees, his hands pressed together in front of him. He's begging her to reconsider! Paige stands there, hands on her hips, just shaking her head. Blanchard keeps going.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] I'm not the Terminatrix, Paul! I'm the DIAMOND in the rough! I'm a third generation SUPERSTAR! I am wrestling royalty! I don't want you by my side... and I damn sure don't need you by my side!

He shakes his head frantically, slinging sweat in every direction, his hands held out in front of him.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] You... are... FIRED!

Blanchard throws down the microphone and walks past the kneeling Heyman where Paige is already sitting on the middle rope, waiting on Tessa to step through, onto the apron. Tessa and Paige leave together, disappearing through the curtain as Paul Heyman remains in the ring, almost visibly sobbing! We quickly go backstage!

Our fade brings us to a hardly used locker room. Two bags are still perfectly packed and sit to the side of the three men crowding the shot – British Strong Style. Trent Seven is in the center of your screen, immaculately dressed as usual, twirling the tip of his long mustache. Tyler Bate is on Seven’s left, wearing suspenders over an Oxford shirt, beard well-groomed and a sheepish smile beneath it. Pete Dunne, still breathing deeply following his match with Ciampa, has his singlet straps down, pulled just over his waist as he tears his wrist tape off. Eventually, the Bruiserweight looks up from his work and meets the eye of the camera like his associates. The men are all silent, but a few cheers echo across the Target Center as they appear on the Golden-Tron.

[ Trent Seven ] We’ve heard the rumors.

The most eloquent of the three, Trent continues.

[ Trent Seven ] Solid Gold Wrestlin’. Best of the best. ‘Where the elite are.’

Seven stops twirling his mustache and a grin spreads across his face.

[ Trent Seven ] That’s why we’re here. We here to beat the best and take all o’ the gold. We’re here to prove that we are the best in this business - as individuals, as a team, and as one unit. Right Tyler?

Bate nods firmly, agreeing with Trent.

[ Tyler Bate ] Exactly right. We want all the gold.

[ Pete Dunne ] Randy Orton. Cody Rhodes.

Dunne takes over, his gruff exterior a staunch contrast to Mustache Mountain’s smooth outward appearances.

[ Pete Dunne ] Whoever has gold. Give ‘em to me. I’m not here to be quite proper. I’m here to break bones. I’m here to punish. To maim. To rip people limb for limb and stand atop the mountain in Solid Gold.

Dunne runs his hands through his sandy-colored hair. His expression never changes; it’s constantly reminiscent of ‘just stepped in shit.’

[ Pete Dunne ] You think you’re the best SGW has to offa’? Fuckin’ prove it, yeah? Cos’ that’s what I’m plannin’ ta’ do.

He pauses.

[ Pete Dunne ] All you people, consida’ this your one and only warnin’. You wanna’ slack off and skate by? You wanna’ get comfortable and not give it your all each and every show? Do that against me and you’ll bloody die in that ring at my hands. British Strong Style is here. The three o’ us, we’re not an afterthought. We’re your new reality.

[ ??? ] Hold it right there, boys!

From the hallway into the locker room approaches none other than Team Tremendous, led by Officer Dan Barry’s drawn finger gun! Detective Bill Carr is close behind him, but seems a bit ‘off’ following the sad scene earlier tonight with his finger gun misfiring in the hands of Matt Jackson. Barry’s expression is steely and he, for some reason, gets right in Pete Dunne’s face.

[ Dan Barry ] …during our patrol, we overheard someone staking a claim to gold. AND DON’T! …for one…not even one! Second…think that we aren’t aware of who you two are…

Barry directs his finger gun between Bate and Seven, who have bemused expressions on their faces. Dunne, still right in Barry’s face, hasn’t moved a muscle.

[ Dan Barry ] …Mustache Mountain. Your reputation precedes you, gentlemen…and we’re VERY aware of your history with gold…TAG TEAM gold, as it were.

Carr is emotionless behind Barry. The officer nudges him in the tummy with his elbow and Carr nods half-heartedly to agree.

[ Trent Seven ] Listen, err…<Seven leans in to check Barry’s badge>…ah, Officer. Listen, Officer…we would be remiss not to mention our desire to win the Solid Gold Tag Team Champio—

[ Dan Barry ] Yeah, yeah, yeah! Save it, Seven. I’ve seen your sort before…always walkin’ around…with your MUSTACHES. Makes me sick, quite frankly.

[ Tyler Bate ] Oy, Officer, you’n ya mate both have moustaches, too.

Barry immediately reaches up to his lip, gasping, his finger gun still pointed at Mustache Mountain.

[ Dan Barry ] …yes. Yes…so we do…but no matter! As I was saying, I’m fully aware of your sort! I’ve seen all of season one of Peaky Blinders, MATES!

[ Bill Carr ] …what?

Barry turns around to his partner, finally interested in something on the scene.

[ Dan Barry ] Peaky Blinders. You know? British gang? Hoodlums? Netflix? We watch it in the car all the time!

Carr shakes his head ‘no’ slowly.

[ Bill Carr ] Not ringing any bells…and we LITERALLY only watch shows together.

Bate cocks his head slightly to the side.

[ Bill Carr ] …oh, no, nothing like that…I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that…but, you know…stake-outs…lots of Netflix passes the time, y’know?

Carr, finally something in the realm of invested in the conversation, puts his hand on Pete Dunne’s shoulder, gripping it. Dunne is obviously less-than-thrilled at this and grits his teeth.

[ Dan Barry ] COME ON, BILL! Cillian Murphy…Sam Neill…?

[ Bill Carr ] …nope. Nothin’.

[ Dan Barry ] Argh. Bill, you’re IMPOSSIBLE tonight…anyway…

Barry whips his head back to Seven and begins screaming at him.


[ Trent Seven ] This is preposterous. Peaky Blinders is a show on the damn telly and we’re here to wre—


The seething Dunne’s eyes close tight, Carr’s hand still on his shoulder in a mostly-friendly way despite his partner’s rabid investigation. Carr puts his spare hand to his chin, deep in thought.

[ Dan Barry ] CONFESS! We all know you’re the gang we’re after here in SGW!

Bate rolls his eyes. Dunne’s shoulders tighten in anger. Seven chuckles slightly, shaking his head ‘no.’

[ Trent Seven ] S’a load’a bollocks.

[ Pete Dunne ] <quietly>…I’m right sick of this…

Exasperated, Barry pulls his SECOND finger gun and points it at Dunne, who’s finally spoken again and continues pressing the matter with Seven.

[ Dan Barry ] OH YEAH?! Well, try this on for size…you’re Mustache Mountain, right?

[ Tyler Bate ] Righ—

[ Dan Barry ] RIGHT! And you need razors to shave facial hair into such fine mustaches…and I’ll bet you’ve got a razor in your hat right now, don’t’cha?! CAUSE YOU’RE A PART OF THE PEAKY BLINDERS GANG! SWISH FROM DOWNTOWN! CASE CLOSED! COME ON, OUT WITH IT! WHERE’S YOUR HAT, SEVEN?!



Dan Barry howls out in pain as Dunne snaps his left-hand finger gun! Before Carr can react, Dunne reaches out and LEATHERS him across the neck with a slap! The Target Center roar out in shock at the absolutely brutal display and Barry runs off screen, Carr chasing behind him, each man holding their wound. Dunne glares in their direction as Team Tremendous run offscreen, out of the British Strong Style locker room. Seven and Bate, used to Dunne’s viciousness by now, are even slightly perturbed at this outburst.

[ Bill Carr ] <running after Barry> WHOA, DANNO, HOLY HELL! …we’ll uh…wow! We’ll question you all later!

Dunne stands solemnly before looking to his partners, who nod, then back to the camera.

[ Pete Dunne ] S’a fuckin’ clown show, the whole lot’of you. There’s no one here who can hang with us…as no one here’s even givin’ it any effort’t’all.

Dunne snarls as Bate and Seven flank his sides, smirking.

[ Pete Dunne ] …we’ll rule this bloody shit show in no time.

Dunne throws his fist up to the side of his mouth and jumps toward the cameraman, who flinches and runs off, sending us back to the commentary table in a more-harsh-than-normal fashion.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Before the match can even get underway, the smarmy theme of Maxwell Jacob Friedman plays over the PA and the Target Center is uproarious with boos.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now what does MJF have to do here?! He’s got no business here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like he’s got plenty of business here! Speaking of business!

[ Scott Steiner ] BIG SCOT! Now it’s a party!

As MJF makes his way to the top of the ramp, trailed by Drew Galloway because of COURSE he is trailed by Drew Galloway, the man from the Hamptons begins snapping his fingers wildly. From the backstage area, several stagehands produce an expensive looking leather couch, which MJF stretches across, not-so-subtly relaxing in an effort to distract his rival Tim Storm. Galloway stands, arms crossed behind Friedman.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What in the hell does he think he’s doing here? HE HAS NO BUSINESS HERE!

Back in the ring, Referee Paul Turner begins the contest as Tim Storm, motivated through the appearance of his hated rival, begins pounding away at NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis with right hands! Storm scores with a hiptoss! And an armdrag! AND A DROPKICK! The old-school Tennessee sequence sends Aldis to the floor as Sin Cara hurricanranas Drake to the floor, where the two men and manager James E. Cornette confer, trying to decide just where their gameplan went wrong.

"What the fuck are you two doin' in there, huh!? Get in there and get the job done! Tim Storm might be a grown ass man but get ahold of that mother fuckin' partner o' his and beat the shit out of him! He's a hundred fuckin' pounds of outlaw bullshit! Kill that masked piece o' fuckin' shit!"

Just as Cornette finishes his sentence, Sin Cara soars off the top rope, knocking both Drake and Aldis out with a plancha! Cornette ducks out of the way at the last second, scampering out of the way as the luchador stands up, pumping his fists aggressively! Cara chooses Drake to start the match and hurls him under the bottom rope into the ring before covering him! ONE! T—kickout! Drake slips his shoulder up as Cornette breathes out a huge sigh of relief.

The luchador did his best to avoid Drake’s skilled striking and baffle him with the high-flying offense that brought him to the dance, finishing up a particularly beautiful sequence with a springboard tornillo for a two count. As Cara rises and receives confirmation of the count from Paul Turner, Drake quickly strikes out, clattering Sin Cara right in the crotch to stun the luchador, rolling him over in a school boy so as to not alert the referee to the cheating.

[ Tony Schiavone ] LOW BLOW! Is this the respect and honor the NWA is founded on, dammit?! This may be the Darkest Moment in the History of Our Sport!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You said that no less than two hours ago about Matt Jackson and El Hijo del Ice Cream, Tony…

[ Tony Schiavone ] What now? I don’t recall.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …I…wow…Jesus.

Of course, Cara slips out of the half-hearted pinning hold, but Drake drags the luchador to his side of the ring and tags Aldis. The NWA Champion is precise and dangerous with his offense, using backbreakers and suplexes to drive the air from the luchador’s lungs.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Old-school, time-proven tag team strategy from these two NWA stalwarts – no surprise! AND LOOK AT CORNETTE AT RINGSIDE! This strategy has brought Corny tons of gold over the years!

Aldis uses every ounce of his weight to smash Sin Cara with slams and presses into the corner, utilizing his near forty pound weight advantage in a way that the luchador struggles to overcome. The NWA World Champion tags out to Drake and the pair smash Sin Cara with a double-gripped straightjacket neckbreaker! Eli covers – but Tim Storm is in to break the hold!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nick Aldis and Eli Drake are lucky Tim Storm can’t come in and play the power game right back with them! They know they can’t fly like Sin Cara so they’re holding him to the ground!


[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s not FAIR, Nige!

Drake arrogantly slams Cara to the mat and mocks the Minneapolis fans before ascending the turnbuckles, all the way to the top – and dives! – BUT SIN CARA GETS HIS BOOTS UP! Drake’s on wobbly legs as Cornette begins screaming for him to make the tag immediately! Cara struggles up to his knees, but Drake lifts him up, powerbomb style! This could be it! – BUT CARA BOUNCES OFF HIS SHOULDERS AND IS OFF THE ROPES! Drake throws a clothesline! – DUCK! – Another line! – DUCKK! – Drake’s dizzy and Sin Cara latches him up, TILT-A-WHIRL HEAD SCISSORS! The Target Center comes absolutely unglued!

[ Tony Schiavone ] BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If Sin Cara’s going to make the tag, this is his best opportunity!


Sin Cara’s incredible tilt-a-whirl head scissors has wiped out both Drake and himself and yet, both men begin slowly inching towards their respective corners…and Drake slaps Aldis’ hand! The Self-Proclaimed True World’s Champion quickly springs into the ring and grabs Sin Cara’s foot, restricting the luchador from making his way to Tim Storm!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH NO! Aldis has got Sin Cara’s foot!

Aldis grins ear-to-ear and begins pulling the luchador back to center ring – but Sin Cara resists his pulling and bounces up – ENZUGIRI! Aldis is rattled and Cara dives – there’s the tag! Tim Storm is legal! Storm begins throwing shots at Aldis, staggering the NWA Champion and whips him into the ropes – BIGGGGG back body drop! Storm flexes hard, pumped up, and WRECKS Eli Drake’s life with a huge clothesline! Aldis is up – clothesline for him, as well! Both Aldis and Drake are up and Storm pulls them in – double noggin’ knocker and Minneapolis is loving Tim Storm!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tim Storm is coming alive against these representatives of the National Wrestling Alliance!

Storm signals he’s looking for the Perfect Storm and lifts Aldis, but Jim Cornette is up on the apron! Referee Paul Turner is doing his best to remove Cornette from the apron but cannot make heads or tails with the outspoken manager! Storm tosses Aldis to the mat and strolls over, grabbing the manager by the lapels of his gaudy suit jacket!

[ Scott Steiner ] UH OH! Old man fight!

Cornette is begging the beefy Texan off, pleading for Storm to release him and swearing that he’d leave the ringside area – but behind is Nick Aldis, smashing Storm with a big forearm smash! Cornette’s attitude immediately shifts, leaping off the apron at Turner’s demands and jabbing a finger into Storm’s face as Aldis steps through the ropes to the apron and attempts to pull Storm through the ropes with him!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be a bad place for Tim Storm!

But before Aldis can do anything at all, Sin Cara leaps off the top rope and hurricanranas Aldis off the apron! Minneapolis roars out at the daring maneuver as Storm turns back into center ring – and Drake is up! Eli Drake plants his foot into Storm’s mid-section and lifts his hands, signaling for something big! Drake swings his knee up with the lift, looking for Blunt Force Trauma! As Drake spins, looking for his Discus Clothesline to complete the sequence, Storm ducks, catching Drake and continuing the spinning – round and round and round and DOWN! PERFECT STORM! COVER! ONE! TWO!


MJF absolutely ruins Storm’s back with a steel chair! The bell immediately begins ringing crazily, signaling the disqualification as Drew Galloway lifts Storm up from the mat.

WINNER - Tim Storm & Sin Cara via Disqualification in 13:07

Cornette begins yelling at the top of his lungs for Drake to exit the ring as Galloway begins leathering Storm with vicious punch after vicious punch. As Drake hits the floor, Cornette grabs him by the arm and begins trekking up the ramp, Aldis already halfway up himself with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship secured in his arm.


MJF’s face is written over gleefully as Galloway shoots Storm into the far ropes and DECIMATES the big man with the Claymore kick! Storm takes the shot to the jaw and nearly backflips on impact, crumpling to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Friedman laughs heartily, pointing a finger in Storm’s face and fake crying like a real asshole…

UNTIL SIN CARA CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK! Friedman bumps to the floor and instantly flops over dramatically, selling to the furthest row that his neck is broken from the dropkick. Galloway isn’t going to take this abuse and runs to Cara, ready to fight, til Cara lucha passes him and follows him into the ropes, latching on a headscissors and spinning around and around and around before DRIVING Galloway headfirst into the mat with a spike headscissors takeover!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] SIN CARA’S ON FIRE!


Galloway skirts to the floor, deciding that the message was as good as sent to Storm, who’s still down in the ring. Sin Cara stands up and spots something on the mat of the ring – MJF’s prized Burberry scarf! On the outside, Galloway revives MJF, still very theatrically complaining of an impossibly broken neck to look! Friedman turns his eyes to the ring, still backing up the ramp with Galloway and sees the luchador WIPING HIS BY GOD ASS WITH THE BURBERRY SCARF!

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] NOOOOOOO!!!

Friedman begins crying out in anguish as Sin Cara balls up the scarf and throws it, hitting the Salt of the Earth right in the kisser! MJF takes his scarf in his hands, looking at its desecrated form and weeps openly as Galloway continues urging him up the ramp. Sin Cara begins attending to Storm, still down on the mat as Friedman looks up, red faced and screams.


Galloway finally gets MJF to the stage, where Friedman begins kicking his leather sofa. One errant kick sends MJF limping off infuriated with this turn of events as the camera gives us a final look at our heroes still in mid-ring, Storm finally seated and discussing what happened with Sin Cara as we fade to the back.

We quickly head backstage where we see Candy Floss sitting in the floor, absolutely devastated following her heartbreaking loss earlier in the night. The fans cheer upon seeing her and, though she can hear the live crowd, it doesn't seem to cheer her up. She runs her hands through her bright pink hair before tilting her head back, resting it against the wall behind her. She speaks to no one in particular, sounding distraught.

[ Candy Floss ] I don't know what t' do...

She sounds practically on the verge of tears.

[ Candy Floss ] They called me a loser... 'n I bloody lost.

She huffs, looking genuinely lost.

[ Candy Floss ] Where do I go from 'ere?

She looks off-camera and gently shakes her head.

[ Candy Floss ] Maybe... maybe I shoulda' stayed in the loo like she said.

A single tears rolls down her cheek.

[ Candy Floss ] Maybe I belong in there wit' Nick Gage 'n Disco Inferno!

From off-camera in the opposite direction from which she looks, a hand slides into view... clutching a box of Pocky. Candy Floss slowly turns her head and sees the candy in front of her face. Her eyes widen and brighten as a huge smile appears on her face! It's as though she was never upset to begin with. The camera pans over to reveal the hand belongs to Kris Statlander! The fans cheer loudly as the Galaxy's Greatest Alien hands the Pocky to an elated Candy Floss. Without hesitation, Floss begins shoveling Pocky into her mouth, "MMMMM"ing and "AHHHH"ing each bite.

[ Kris Statlander ] Sugary sweet sustenance, as your heart desires, Earthling.

Candy just looks at Statlander, nodding her head while smiling, her mouth still full.

[ Kris Statlander ] I listened to the awkward conversation you held with yourself, though I remained hidden and pretended not to. That is your Earth custom, yes? Unfortunately, I can not allow you to return to the obscure sub-planet Loo. What a retched hive of scum and villainy it is, Earthling Floss.

Candy Floss is literally not paying attention at all.

[ Kris Statlander ] Though we are fortunate that Earthlings Gage and Disco have departed--

Statlander clenches her fist in front of her and stares down at it.

[ Kris Statlander ] But it would seem they tragically died on their way back to their home planet.

Statlander returns her gaze to Floss, observing how she continues eating her Pocky.

[ Kris Statlander ] Your insatiable appetite has inspired hunger rumblings of my own. I shall devour my own conquest now, a minty fresh delight I discovered while exploring sub-planet Loo earlier this Earth day.

Statlander removes a pink object, roughly the size and shape of a hockey puck. Candy Floss recognizes the urinal cake for what it is and tries to speak up--

[ Candy Floss ] Hey, no, wait--

But she is too late and Statlander takes a huge bite of it, chewing it as though nothing is wrong.

[ Candy Floss ] Oh wow, ya' really did it.

She shakes her head, looking on in disgusted awe.

[ Candy Floss ] Just bit right into it... didn't even have t' think about it.

Statlander raises an eyebrow, still chewing diligently before swallowing.

[ Kris Statlander ] Though the color and scent would indicate a pleasant or sweet flavor such as your treat, I find this to taste like Earth elements salt and ammonia, bitter... but ultimately edible.

Floss clears her throat and closes her box of Pocky before setting it on the floor next to her.

[ Candy Floss ] Wonderful.

Statlander finishes off her delightful treat as Floss watches on in silent horror.

[ Kris Statlander ] I detect the emotions... stress and anguish. You will find these emotions... unnecessary going forward. Your concern is that you have lost an important match and you are no adequate. This is not logical thinking, Earthing Floss. I have spoken to the prime overseer of this sub-planet... the one called Trish. She has granted our away unit another opportunity at your hostile invaders, Priestley and Hayter.

Candy's jaw drops, her smile is out of control.

[ Candy Floss ] Seriously?! You did that?! You're the best!

Statlander tilts her head to the side.

[ Kris Statlander ] However, there was one stipulation.. she requested that this encounter be undertaken with an away team of three able bodies rather than the two we departed with on this night.

Candy tries to follow.

[ Candy Floss ] So... a six woman tag?

[ Kris Statlander ] If that is the term... then yes.

Candy stands up, jumping up and down with excitement. Statlander stands to meet her.

[ Candy Floss ] This is so exciting! Who can we get t' team with us? There's so many options! Oh! I don't think Rhea Ripley has anything planned--

[ Kris Statlander ] I have already made first contact with one of the most brilliant minds this sub-planet has ever known. The benevolent one known as Dr. Cube. It is known that he holds much power on this planet and we would be wise to use it to our advantage.

[ Candy Floss ] Wait, no-- that's not... that doesn't sound like a good idea, at all.

Candy's shoulders slump, defeated.

[ Candy Floss ] Like... you realize someone got stabbed with a bloody syringe tonight, right?

[ Kris Statlander ] That was the first action I took into account when choosing our partner. It was a very effective maneuver and now the one called Sasha Banks is returning to her own planet, hopefully with better fortune than Earthlings Gage and Disco.

[ Candy Floss ] You 'n I should really have a talk about what makes an... effective maneuva' if this partna'ship is gonna work out... 'n we should also have a talk about treats, especially the ones you find on... um... sub-planet Loo.

Statlander tilts her head to the side.

[ Kris Statlander ] I'm listening.

Floss and Statlander walk away and the camera follows them as they talk things over. They walk past Jason Jordan, who is minding his own business, sitting in a steel chair, shirtless and in gym shorts. Kurt Angle stands next to him, watching him with a look of awe on his red face, sweat rolling off his features for seemingly no reason. Jason Jordan is clutching a large weight, doing curls. They pay no mind to Floss and Statlander as they vanish off-camera.

[ Kurt Angle ] You're doing great, son! Keep going!

Jordan strains as he executes another curl.

[ Jason Jordan ] Can't stop! Won't stop!

Suddenly, we see Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross approaching from the distance. Jason Jordan sees them coming and looks up at Angle with a sly smirk. He cocks an eyebrow.

[ Jason Jordan ] Check this out, dad. You 'bout to see how it's done.

As Alexa and Cross draw closer, having a conversation amongst themselves, Jordan begins doing curls again, this time far more aggressively, counting out loud.

[ Jason Jordan ] One thousand and one... one thousand and two... one thousand and THREE--

He stops as Alexa and Nikki walk fully into the shot. Alexa is looking down at her cell phone. He drops the weight and stands up, admiring his physique with a proud smile on his face. Angle nods, still sweating profusely for no reason. He slaps his son of the chest, nodding his head. Jordan flexes.

[ Jason Jordan ] Damn, look at me! I'm huge! Did you ladies see that?

He tilts his head back and places his hands on his hips, sticking his chest out.

[ Jason Jordan ] I did over a thousand.

Alexa looks as though she's barely paying attention. Nikki Cross, however, looks genuinely impressed, her eyes as large as saucers. She pats Alexa on the shoulder excitedly. Alexa slowly turns her head, looking away from her cell phone. She looks annoyed. Cross points at Jason Jordan.

[ Nikki Cross ] Alexa, Alexa! Did ya' hear 'im?! He did over a t'ousand!

Alexa's eyes narrow and she scoffs.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Of course, I did. Can't you tell? I'm a friggin' lake below the waist right now.

Jason and Kurt both look surprised. Jordan's jaw nearly drops. Cross just looks confused. Jordan tries to salvage his demeanor, straightening back up and plastering on a confident smile... but he still sounds like a stupid kid.

[ Jason Jordan ] Wait, are you being serious?

Alexa looks him up and down and sneers.

[ Alexa Bliss ] You really have to ask? Go shit in your hand.

Jordan lowers his head in shame and walks off-camera, taking Kurt Angle with him in red faced, sweaty silence. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross watch them leave. Bliss shakes her head, fuming mad. Nikki Cross rubs her hands together anxiously, looking at Bliss with a look of genuine concern.

[ Alexa Bliss ] This is a joke, Nikki.

Nikki scratches her head, confused.

[ Nikki Cross ] I dun' geddit.

Alexa cuts her eyes at Cross, scowling.

[ Alexa Bliss ] No, not an actual joke, you ignorant slut.

[ Nikki Cross ] Oh.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I mean this! All of this!

Nikki looks around at her surroundings, innocently looking for this joke.

[ Alexa Bliss ] What are we even doing here?

Cross nods, looking uncomfortable as she obviously doesn't follow.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm over it.

Bliss turns to the camera, peering right into the lens.

[ Alexa Bliss ] You! Camera donkey! Get over here! Now!

The camera quickly shuffles toward Alexa until her upper body is all that we can see with Nikki Cross peering over her shoulder from behind, watching with wide eyed curiosity. Bliss tilts her head back and stares down her nose into the camera, speaking with a strong sense of entitlement.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm only gonna say this one more time--

She scoffs and shakes her head.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Actually, I'm gonna say this until you idiot hookers get it through your heads... this is my division. It was specifically built for me... to showcase my talent and my looks... because I am everything that a mainstream wrestling company wants in a professional female athlete.

The fans boo loudly. Bliss arches an eyebrow.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I was supposed to be the face of this division... I was supposed to be the first champion... but thanks to Lunch Lady Patricia, the leathery old hot pocket that runs this division, I've been shoved to the back of the line! I haven't even had a televised match yet!

Alexa glances over her shoulder at Nikki Cross.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Even this brainless lump of biscuit dough has had a match on TV!

Nikki waves at the camera from behind Alexa, a proud smile on her face.

[ Nikki Cross ] Aye! I lost t' Tessa Blanchard!

Alexa's upper lip curls in disgust.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Shut up, Gargamel! God, who even gave you permission to breathe?!

Nikki Cross seems to pay no mind to the comment, still smiling as Alexa continues.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Well, that's coming to an end because I'm making a challenge! As far as I'm concerned, this division is a failure! The title is around the waist of a skank bitch disgusto that hasn't even earned her contract, much less my championship! There's an alien, a Candy Crush reject, at least two women I'm positive are men, and children... literal children ruining what I hoped to establish as the premier women's division in professional wrestling!

The live crowd boos loudly.

[ Alexa Bliss ] It's time for a friggin' course correction! The broad shouldered, square jaw experiment is canceled! Since day one, I have been treated like a second class citizen while Tessa Blanchard of all people has gotten to do anything she wants... and it seems like, no matter how many times I try to beat it into her, she just won't take the hint! This is my division... in my pocket... it belongs to me! I'm retaking what's mine, I'm putting my stamp on it, and I'm getting it back on track. That means getting rid of Tessa Blanchard first... and then moving on to the crackhead bee-yotch wearing my belt.

Alexa cracks a sinister smile.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I know what you all want... you want me to go away... you want me to give up... at the very least, you want to go about your lives and pretend that I don't even exist... and you know what? That actually reminds me of the last time I went to Disney World... did you know that they have an entire world dedicated to that garbo Cars movie and there's not one single shred of evidence that Ratatouille ever even existed?

She shakes her head, seething with anger.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm not friggin' Ratatouille.

She lets that hang in the air for a moment as the fans continue booing.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm Up! I'm Toy Story 3! I'm a friggin' classic!

Nikki Cross pipes up.

[ Nikki Cross ] Oh, oh! Alexa! I like Antz the best of all!

Alexa's face turns red and she gets so angry that she almost vomits.


Nikki quickly shrinks in fear behind Alexa.


Nikki's lower lip sticks out like a scolded child.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Everybody knows that Dreamworks is just Pixar for poor people.

Alexa is smoldering.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm not Antz.

She looks down for a moment.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Tessa Blanchard... she is Antz.

Still looking down, she shakes her head.

[ Alexa Bliss ] She's friggin' Boss Baby--

Alexa literally GROWLS and looks back up into the camera.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Ugh, that's enough! I hate you, Tessa! You're horrible and you're ugly! You've ruined everything for me and at Holiday Hell, I'm coming for you and I'm taking back everything you've gotten that should've been mine!

Bliss stands there for a moment, breathing heavily. She looks over her shoulder at Cross.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Come on, Nikki! Get your fat body moving, we're outta here.

Bliss storms off camera and Nikki Cross timidly follows her. We fade out.

Backstage, we see “The Franchise” Shane Douglas hard at work smothering a hot dog with so much ketchup that an entire garden of tomatoes died for the cause. He’s still wearing his SGW Lifetime World Championship and we can see his microphone stuffed in the front of his pants, sticking out above the top of the title.


He raises the hot dog up to his mouth, ketchup pouring off the sides like melted butter, and goes to take a bite. Douglas is stopped dead in his tracks by Adam Cole and Britt Baker passing by, minding their own business. Quickly, Franchise takes one bite and discards the hot dog, sending it flying down the adjacent hallway. With ketchup spread all over his mouth, he dead sprints in their direction, frantically pulling at the microphone stuffed between his stomach and the SGW Lifetime Championship.


The disgusted expressions on Cole and Britt’s faces tell the entire story.

[ Adam Cole ] Hold on, were you eating a hot dog with ketchup on it? Like.. A LOT of ketchup?

Before Douglas can answer, Britt cuts the discussion off.

[ Britt Baker ] No, no.. Most importantly, why is the top of the microphone so wet?

Then it hits her.

[ Britt Baker ] Wait.. Are you still wearing your pissed-filled pants from TWO WEEKS ago?

[ Adam Cole ] Dude!

Reality hits Cole like a ton of bricks.

[ Adam Cole ] How.. How are they still wet two weeks later?


[ Britt Baker ] C’mon Adam, let’s go. I don’t understand all of this anyway.


Britt nods her head.

[ Britt Baker ] Sure, that.


[ Adam Cole ] Hey, whatever they have to do to cover their bases, right?

None of this seems to bother Adam Cole in the slightest.

[ Adam Cole ] Ricky Steamboat is one of the most respected and admired men in this business. Shane McMahon took this company to new heights, higher than anyone ever dreamed.. And Arn Anderson, in case everyone forgot, called me the future of SGW. And he’s right.


[ Britt Baker ] Didn’t Arn Anderson give you your fake championship belt there?


Paying no attention to Douglas, Cole turns and looks to the camera, doing his best to speak into the microphone while doing his best to stay as far away from the damp top of it as he can.

[ Adam Cole ] SGW was birthed on the back of a history, a legacy of being the most dominant promotion in the business. The first few shows have consisted of its heroes and legends, like Val Venis, like Jeff Jarrett, like.. Shane Douglas.. Coming back for pay days to relive those glory days. Randy Orton, you’re its past as well. And, if you ask me, it’s time to put aside everything from the past and look forward to the future. That’s why I’m going to win the World Championship at Holiday Hell in two weeks. I’m doing this for me AND for SGW. It’s time to move on.

On cue, Chris Masters and Ken Kennedy walk into the scene. Kennedy stands face-to-face with Cole as Masters is caught in admiration of Britt Baker.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Did I hear that correctly or do I need to go clean out my ears? YOU.. YOU are going to be the man who “saves” SGW by dethroning Randy Orton?

[ Adam Cole ] You heard right.

[ Ken Kennedy ] You think being SGW World Champion is what this company needs? Look, I’m sure you’re a nice guy. Your girlfriend is hot and all, but let me give you a correct response to your thoughts. You are…

Kennedy cocks his head back, inhales deeply, and roars out loudly.


Now blood red from the yelling, Kennedy looks to Cole, smacking gum obnoxiously.

[ Ken Kennedy ] Wrong.

As Cole and Kennedy stare down one another, we see Masters slap Britt Baker on the backside, immediately garnering him a slap to the face.

[ Britt Baker ] Do that again and I’ll rip your eyeballs out.

Cole tries side-stepping Kennedy to come to Britt’s aid, but Kennedy darts back in front of him. Masters now turns his attention to Cole as well, almost having him in a corner.


Chris Masters turns to Douglas and flexes, causing his pecs to dance around repeatedly.


Masters pie-faces Douglas against the wall, knocking him unconscious upon impact. With Douglas out of the way, Masters and Kennedy turn their sights back on Cole until Randy Orton interrupts and calls off the dogs.

[ Randy Orton ] Enough.

Orton weaves in between Kennedy and Masters and looks down at Cole with a snarl.

[ Randy Orton ] I don’t need you two to soften him up before Holiday Hell. When I beat him, I don’t want him to have any excuses other than that I was simply BETTER!

[ Adam Cole ] You’re in for a hell of a surprise, Randy.

Orton shrugs. The arrogance oozes out of every pore.

[ Randy Orton ] Maybe. But to do that, you’ll need to put a few dents in my armor.

Orton turns his back to Cole, practically giving him a free shot to attack him from behind. Orton waits a few seconds as Cole doesn’t even flinch, not wanting to have any role in Orton’s mind games.

[ Adam Cole ] I’d prefer to do my fighting in the ring.

Orton turns around with a smirk on his face. He eyes Britt Baker and then turns back to Cole.

[ Randy Orton ] Your call.

Turning around again, Randy Orton walks off, leaving Kennedy and Masters hurriedly trying to catch up with him. Cole has both of his fists clenched, doing his absolute best to keep calm.

[ Adam Cole ] Let that prick play his games. All that counts is what happens inside the ring.

Britt Baker walks over and locks her arm inside Cole’s as the scene fades.

We return to the ringside where the fans are already on their feet, stomping and clapping away, ready to see the main event get underway! The camera pans out, giving us a wide shot of the entranceway. The lights dim and the Golden-Tron flashes to life, drawing a huge pop from the fans!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's main event time, fans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And what a main event it's set t' be, Tony! Cody defending the SGW Elevation Championship against Jimmy effing Havoc!

Droplets of blood appear on a white screen and the words "JIMMY FUCKING HAVOC" appear across the tron as "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI hits! The songs plays for a moment before Jimmy Havoc finally emerges from the back in black tights with a matching trench coat and studded mask. In his right hand, he carries an axe! The fans are booing loudly as Havoc stands there for a moment and extends his arms out to his sides before lowering them and beginning to make his way down to the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's he gonna do with that axe?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, he certainly isn't gonna give Cody a shave!

Havoc climbs onto the apron and then stands, looking out at the fans as he clutches the axe in both hands. He grips it tightly and then steps through the ropes, stomping out into the center of the ring and looking as disinterested as he can behind his mask. He eventually turns on a dime and walks to his corner where he glares at the entranceway. As he stands there in silence, gripping his axe, his music cuts and...

Adrenaline, in my soul!
Every thought, out of control!
Do it all to get them off their feeeeeeeeet….
Crowd is here, about to blow!
Waitin' for me to start the show!
Out the curtain, lights go up – I'm home!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody! The man who has made astronomical strides since coming to SGW!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Unparalleled success for The American Nightmare! We'll see if he's got what it takes to keep what he's earned here tonight!

The fans pop huge as Cody makes his way out onto the stage with the SGW Elevation Championship around his waist. Brandi Rhodes follows him out, rallying the fans as she reaches the edge of the stage with a huge smile on her face. Cody stands there and looks out at the fans before patting the center plate on the championship.

And my father said, when I was younger
Hard times breed better men (better men!)

Cody and Brandi make their way down the ring and Brandi climbs the steps first before strutting across the apron and sitting on the middle rope. Cody follows her up, smiling proudly, and then steps through the ropes before walking across the ring and unsnapping the championship from around his waist. The fans cheer loudly as he holds it over his head, nodding along as he receives their praise.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The fans are firmly behind the Nightmare Family!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Whetha' they support him or not, Cody should not take his eye off the prize! Jimmy Havoc is no laughing matta'! You saw what he did earlia' tonight to Nick Gage! One wrong move, and that will be Cody, too!

Finally, Cody hands the championship to Aubrey Edwards and she holds it over her head. Cody backs into his own corner, adjusting his weight belt and staring across the ring at Havoc, the man who would challenge him tonight! Aubrey hands the championship off to Justin Roberts and then calls for the bell!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

The big fight atmosphere is in play as Cody and Jimmy Havoc remain in the respective corners, staring across the ring at one another. Still clutching his axe, Havoc reaches up and removes his mask before dropping it in the corner, his icy cold eyes never leaving Cody as he does so. Cody licks his lips anxiously. He looks impossibly confident despite the man he's staring across the ring at. Aubrey Edwards reaches for the axe and Havoc jerks it away from her before staring her down. She tilts her head to the side, warning him without having to say anything. He looks down at the axe and then hands it to her on his terms. She takes it and carefully hands it to an attendant at ringside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Get that thing out of here! Who knows what Jimmy Havoc is capable of!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck him! I'd take that axe away from 'im and shove it up his ass!

Cody and Havoc meet in the center of the ring and stare right into one another's eyes for what feels like forever before Cody holds out his hand, offering a handshake. Jimmy Havoc looks down at Cody's hand and then raises his own, middle finger extended. The fans boo loudly. At ringside, we see Brandi Rhodes watching, both hands flat on the apron with a look of concern on her face. Cody smirks and lowers his hand... before taking a swing at Havoc! Havoc ducks and nails Cody with a forearm! Havoc continues hitting Cody with forearm after forearm as the fans boo! Cody staggers back, looking rattled by each shot before he tumbles backward through the ropes, onto the apron, and then onto the floor where Brandi puts her hands on either side of his face, checking on him!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I understand Cody being upset by that disrespectful gesture from Jimmy Havoc but he might have bitten off a little more than he can chew by initiating a brawl with the King of the Goths!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc is certainly not one with whom you would like to trifle, Tony!

Cody spends a moment stalling on the floor, waving off Havoc in the ring as he walks the perimeter of the ring, stalking Cody. Cody continues walking about with his hands on his hips, motioning for "one more second" from Aubrey Edwards. Jimmy Havoc looks on, visibly annoyed before sitting in the corner and checking his wrist, looking at the watch that isn't there. Cody and Brandi continue conversing and Cody makes the mistake of putting his back to the ring. Havoc stands and approaches. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the top, grabbing a handful of Cody's hair! Cody grabs Havoc's wrist and allows himself to be guided back onto the apron but he quickly grabs Havoc by either side of his head and drops, snapping his neck on the top rope! Havoc flails backward and Cody immediately slides in runs at the staggering Havoc, executing a go-behind and pulling him down with a running school boy! Jimmy Havoc kicks out before Aubrey can even hit the mat and immediately scrambles back to his feet! He hits the ropes and catches Cody as he's rising to one knee, nailing him right in the face with a running knee strike! The impact sends Cody reeling around and he lands chest first across the middle rope! Havoc runs and hits the ropes again, this time driving his knee into the back of Cody's head! Havoc hangs onto the top rope and continues putting pressure on the back of Cody's head, choking him on the middle rope!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jimmy Havoc is ruthless in his pursuit for championship gold!

Brandi Rhodes climbs onto the apron and tries to push Havoc's knee off of Cody but Aubrey yells at Brandi to get down and then begins the mandatory five count! Havoc lets go at four and Cody falls away from the rope, attempting to crawl as he touches his neck, gasping for air! Havoc eyes Aubrey with his hands up in front of him... before straddling Cody's back and nailing him with a series of cross arm strikes until Cody goes down flat! Havoc brushes the hair out of his face and uses his boot to flip Cody over. He bends down and takes Cody by the hair but Cody comes alive and snatches Havoc down in a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! TH-- HAVOC KICKS OUT! Havoc immediately gets back on Cody, mounting him and raining rights and lefts on him until Cody reaches through the flurry and thumbs Havoc in the eye! Havoc falls backward and Cody stands up, touching his lip to check for blood. Havoc gets up to one knee, rubbing his eye with the heel of his palm, and Cody nails him with a running kick to the side of the head! Havoc goes down flat on his back and Cody snatches him up by either side of his head and pulls him in... SNAP SUPLEX! Cody maintains his grip and rolls back to his feet... for a SECOND SUPLEX! And then he rolls through... for a THIRD SUPLEX! Cody floats over into a pin! One! Two! Th-- HAVOC ROLLS A SHOULDER UP!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Expert technique from Cody!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's gonna take more than that to keep Jimmy Havoc down!

Cody wastes no time, sneering and grabbing a handful of Havoc's hair. He punches Havoc in the head once, twice, three times and then lets him fall to the mat. Cody wipes his mouth and nods, looking satisfied as Brandi applauds and cheers him on from ringside. Cody gets up to one knee and takes Havoc by the hair, guiding him up as well. Once Havoc is up to one knee, he nails Cody with an elbow to the stomach, followed by a couple stiff punches. He swats Cody's hands away and rises, nailing Cody with a series of right hands before Cody snatches a headlock to slow him down! Havoc backs up into the ropes and shoots Cody off. Havoc meets him midway and Cody puts him down, flat on his back with a shoulder strike! Havoc sits up, looking pissed, and flips Cody off from his seated position! Cody smiles and runs his hand through his hair... and kicks Havoc right in the face!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah! That's how you get shit done! Kick his teeth down his throat!

Cody circles Havoc, looking down at him. Brandi is pounding on the mat, urging Cody to finish him off. Havoc continues lying flat on his back, resting his hand across his face. Finally, Havoc begins to stir, rolling over onto his side and then up to one knee. Cody points at him and cocks his eyebrow... before charging and nailing Havoc with a running knee strike to the head! Cody stands up, pumping his fists and slapping himself on the chest before turning around and falling onto Havoc, covering him but he doesn't hook the leg! One! Two! Thr-- Havoc kicks out with authority! Cody smirks and sits up on his knees. Havoc rises up onto his elbows and swiftly slaps Cody across the face! Cody looks pissed and slaps Havoc back! Havoc quickly rolls back to his feet and Cody meets him, standing and they go nose to nose! They jaw back and forth before Havoc drills Cody right in the nose with a headbutt! Cody flails backward and spins out, turning his back to Havoc! Havoc pounches, drilling Cody in the back of the head with a clothesline, sending him sprawling forward, landing on his face! Havoc looms over him, breathing heavily as the fans boo.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is not a position Cody wants to find himself in!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Not only is Jimmy Havoc a ruthless fighta' and a champion of the death match genre, he's a skilled technical performa' and an ultimate opportunist! Cody would be wise to rememba' that!

Havoc plants his foot right between Cody's shoulder blades and raises both middle fingers in the air. Havoc brushes the hair out of his eyes again and bends at the waist to paintbrush Cody across the back of the head. He reaches down and grabs a handful of Cody's tights and hair, guiding him toward the middle rope on all fours. Cody grabs on the bottom rope, trying to put a stop to what Havoc is doing but Havoc abruptly brings his foot down hard on Cody's wrist, smashing it into the mat! Havoc forces Cody's mouth onto the bottom rope and then hits the ropes... charges back in and goes for a RUNNING STOMP but Cody rolls out of the way and Havoc gets nothing but air! Cody rolls back to his feet and runs up behind Havoc, snatching him up by his leg and dumping him over the top rope to the floor! Havoc lands on his feet and staggers backward into the guardrail but before he can even think about righting himself... HE CATCHES CODY ON A SUICIDE DIVE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOULD YA' LOOK AT THAT!

Both men are down in a heap, resting against the guardrail! Cody snarls and stands up, using the rail to steady himself. Cody pumps his fists and slaps himself on the chest, shouting "COME ONNNNN!" as the fans lose it! Cody snatches Havoc up and lifts him in the air for a vertical suplex! He drops Havoc's feet on the apron... AND THEN DROPS HIM WITH A DRAPING SPINNING NECKBREAKER! The fans pop huge and Cody is up! He pulls Havoc back to his feet, drags him toward the ramp... and then gives him a SNAP SUPLEX ON THE UNFORGIVING STEEL! Cody sits up, red in the face, breathing heavily, ready to end this! Brandi is cheering him on as he rises to his feet and takes Havoc by a handful of his t-shirt. He pulls Havoc up to his knees and then forces him onto his feet. He shoves Havoc back first into the guardrail and then rips his t-shirt right down the middle... before delivering an earth shattering chop! The fans "WOOOOOOOOO!" in delight and Cody nails him with another and another and another before hauling off and punching Havoc right in the face! Havoc spins out and face plants right on the floor! Cody looks out at the fans and begins drawing energy from them as they cheer and chant his name!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He's gotta stop focusing so much on the fans and set his sights on the task at hand! The people aren't gonna help him put away Jimmy Havoc, for pete's sake!

Cody goes to pick Havoc up off the floor and Havoc goes for the eyes, causing Cody to turns around and drop to one knee. Havoc staggers back up to his feet and grabs two handfuls of Cody's hair before slinging him backward, causing him to land flat on his back on the floor! Havoc mounts him and begins raining down elbows and forearms before standing up and rolling under the bottom rope to break the count. He rolls back onto the floor as Aubrey shouts at him to bring it back inside... but he just flips her off and goes about his business. Cody rolls over on his side and one of Havoc's elbows must have split his eyebrow open. Cody is dribbling blood on the floor and Havoc descends on him, going after the wound and punching away at it even more, trying to really open it up!

[ Scott Steiner ] Hell yeah, this is what I paid for! Open him up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] A wound like that is certainly gonna put Cody at a disadvantage!

Havoc stands up, sneering and looks at the blood on his fist... before licking it! The fans groan in disgust! Cody shakes his head, touches the wound, and then rolls over onto his side again. He gets onto all fours and a pool of blood has begun to form on the floor beneath him. Cody crawls until he can put his hands on the ring steps. He uses them to pull himself up as Havoc stalks behind, ready to strike at any moment. Brandi watches from around the opposite ring post, covering her mouth, worried. Once Cody is up, Havoc grabs him from behind, spins him around, and whips him into the guardrail! Cody crashes hard, back first, and Havoc follows him in... only for Cody to back body drop him over the rail and into the front row! Havoc rolls over in the laps of the fans in the front, knocking their chairs over and ending up in the second row! Havoc struggles back to his feet and picks up one of the chairs he knocked over before tossing it over the rail and into the ring side area. Havoc approaches the rail once again and then looks on in surprise as the fans pop HUGE... WHEN CODY HURLS HIMSELF OVER THE RAIL AND TACKLES HAVOC BACK INTO THE SECOND ROW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look out! Some lucky fans just got a heck of a souvenir!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Those fans would be wise to clear a bloody path!

Cody is up immediately, running on adrenaline as blood pours down his face! He pounds his chest and shouts "GET UP, JIMMY!" before picking him up himself and shoving him backward into the guardrail. Havoc rests against it and Cody advances on him before delivering a bloody overhand chop that leaves a streaked bloody handprint all the way down to Havoc's naval! Havoc cringes and favors his chest but Cody fires up and clotheslines Havoc over the rail, causing him to land right on top of his head on the floor! Cody climbs over the rail and stalks Havoc as he tries to crawl away on all fours. Cody keeps touching the wound on his head, checking it repeatedly, before he finally unfastens his weight belt and folds it over in his hand. The fans begins cheering loudly as Cody looks down it... and then LASHES HAVOC ACROSS THE BACK! Aubrey begins flipping out, yelling at Cody to stop but Cody nails him and second and third time before finally discarding it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at Cody, dishing out his own brand of ruthlessness!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He'd be wise not to get himself disqualified here!

[ Scott Steiner ] Who gives a shit?! He keeps the belt!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's not the objective of the Elevation Championship, Scott! It isn't just about keeping the belt, it's about successfully defending it! You must register wins, not simply retentions! If Cody wants to become one step closa' to an SGW World Heavyweight title shot, he must pin Jimmy Havoc or make him submit!

Havoc rolls over onto his back and Cody mounts him, cradling the back of his head with one hand as he plugs away at him with the other, rapid fire punches! Cody stands back up and the fans pop huge! He grabs Havoc by the head and pulls him up as well before throwing him under the bottom rope. Cody follows him in and Havoc is scrambling to his feet. Havoc quickly hits the ropes and Cody catches him coming off with a KITCHEN SINK! Cody is firing up! Havoc lands in a seated position and Cody hits the ropes... RUNNING KICK TO THE FACE! Havoc takes the impact and rolls over onto his side before struggling up to all fours. Cody snatches him up in a front face lock. Havoc is limp in his arms and Cody shoves him backward into the corner. Cody carefully places Havoc's arms over the top rope, keeping him in place, and then climbs to the middle turnbuckle! He begins punching away at him! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! He hesitates, holding his fist out in front of him and shaking it as he looks out at the fans... AND THEN DELIVERS TEN! ELEVEN! TWELVE! THIRTEEN! FOURTEEN! FIFTEEN! AND THEN HAVOC STEPS OUT AND PUSHES CODY'S LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM, CAUSING HIM TO FALL FACE FIRST ON THE RING POST!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my god, what a landing!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody... is in... trouble!

Cody goes totally limp and falls over the top rope to the apron and then rolls onto the floor! Havoc staggers out of the corner and quickly drops and rolls under the bottom rope. Brandi Rhodes is on the floor, kneeling next to Cody and checking on him. He hasn't moved an inch. Havoc approaches and Brandi yells at him to get back but he doesn't listen and advances further. Brandi stands up and gets in his face but Havoc just smiles evilly and pushes past her, almost knocking her down! The fans boo loudly and Havoc bends at the waist to seize Cody by the hair... but Brandi leaps onto his back with his arms around his neck! The fans go wild as Havoc as Havoc spins around and then reaches back, grabbing two handfuls of hair... and whips her over his shoulders onto the floor! Brandi lands hard, flat on her back and favors her back as she rolls over, gritting her teeth! The fans begin chanting "YOU SICK FUCK!" as Havoc just shakes his head and steps over her on his way to get Cody!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Brandi's got to be careful here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You neva' know what Jimmy Havoc could do!

The fans suddenly pop huge as Dustin Rhodes charges out from the back, carrying a towel and having changed out of his gear and into his street clothes. He looks genuinely concerned. Dustin and Havoc each stand on either side of Cody's body and glare at one another. Brandi is already back to her knees next to Cody, looking up at Havoc with pure hate. Dustin kneels down next to Cody and begins checking on him, trying to clean his face off with the towel. Without warning, Havoc pushes Dustin aside and grabs Cody by the head! He pulls Cody to his feet and throws him under the bottom rope! Havoc goes to follow him in but Dustin stops him, whipping him around and getting right in his face! Havoc and Dustin stare each other down and Dustin points in Havoc's face, telling him to stand down! Havoc shoves Dustin back but Dustin gets right back in his face, standing only an inch away... but Havoc is suddenly propelled forward into Dustin by a BASEBALL SLIDE from Cody! Dustin is sent back first into the guardrail and Havoc catches himself and turns around... just in time to get FLATTENED BY A SUICIDE DIVE FROM CODY THAT MORE CLOSELY RESEMBLES A SLOPPY TORPEDO ATTACK!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't know who got the worse end of that one! What a collision!

Both men are down and the fans are chanting "HOLY SHIT!" over and over. Dustin looks mortified as he looks down at Cody while favoring his back! Brandi has her hands on either side of her head, deeply concerned. Cody pushes himself up, getting blood everywhere. Havoc looks out of it, covered in Cody's blood, too. Havoc tries to sit up but Cody is waiting for him, snatching him up off the floor in a reverse dragon sleeper position... BEFORE PLANTING HIM WITH CROSS RHODES RIGHT ON THE FLOOR! The fans pop huge and Cody quickly scrambles back to his feet and tries to get Havoc up onto the apron! Dustin and Brandi watch in awe as the bloody and weakened Cody forces Havoc under the bottom rope and rolls in after him! Cody covers him! ONE! TWO! THR-- HAVOC GOT A FOOT ON THE ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HE ALMOST HAD HIM!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Taking an extra second to drag Havoc nearer the center of the ring could have made all the difference in the world there, Tony!

Cody sits up on his knees, not believing it! Dustin and Brandi watch from ringside, shocked! Havoc rolls back to his knees and grabs onto the middle rope. He looks back over his shoulder at Cody and then forces himself up to his feet. Cody motions for Havoc to bring it on and Havoc does just that, springing to action and kicking Cody full on in the face! Cody falls back on his knees and Havoc snatches him up off the mat. Cody can barely stand but Havoc grips his wrist, brings him in and goes for the ACID RAINMAKER but Cody ducks it, executes a go-behind, and hoists Havoc up for a BACKDROP SUPLEX only for Havoc to roll off backward and land on his feet! Cody turns around... LARIAT! CODY TURNS INSIDE OUT! Havoc and Cody are both down! Aubrey Edwards begins the mandatory ten count!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Both men are down! This could be it!

The fans are cheering wildly as both men struggle to stand. They reach their knees and find themselves face to face in the center of the ring. They begin exchanging punches and forearms! Neither man looks like they can take much more! Cody finally delivers a forearm that knocks Havoc back onto his shoulders and Cody scrambles to cover him but only gets two before Havoc rolls a shoulder off the mat! Cody goes into desperation mode and stands up on spaghetti legs, pulling Havoc behind him. Cody holds Havoc at arm's length by a handful of hair as Havoc looks up at him. Havoc takes a swing but narrowly misses. He throws another punch but that one misses, too! Cody holds his fist up and draws back... before punching Havoc right in the forehead! Havoc goes down to one knee! Cody draws back and hits him again, right in the forehead! Aubrey Edwards is wanting intently from the side and Havoc reaches out, grabbing a handful of her shirt! She puts her hands on him to shove him away but he shoves her away first and as she stumbles backward, taking her eyes off the action, Havoc raises his arm right into Cody's crotch with a stiff low blow!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my! That'll certainly turn the tide!

[ Scott Steiner ] What a punk! God damn coward! Fight like a man!

Aubrey gets right back into the fray, shouting at Havoc about putting his hands on her and Havoc waves her off, not even paying attention as he advances on Cody. Cody lies on his side in the middle of the ring, holding his groin as Havoc descends on him and grabs another handful of hair. He tries to pull Cody up but Cody is basically dead weight at this point. Havoc gets frustrated by not being able to get Cody off the mat and instead just mounts him and begins raining down punches on him again. Cody is barely able to cover. Dustin and Brandi are both leaning on the apron, watching. Dustin is clutching the bloody towel anxiously. Havoc looks at Dustin and shouts:

"You better throw that fucking towel in 'ere before I kill this fucking arsehole!"

The fans boo loudly and Dustin looks down at the towel, contemplating it. Havoc finally stands up and brings his foot down hard into Cody's mid-section. Cody curls up in a fetal position and Havoc drops onto him again, this time punching him right in the side of the head. Cody is unable to cover himself at all now and Havoc drives an elbow straight into his temple! Dustin holds the towel in front of him, staring at it, and shakes his head. Brandi looks at Dustin with narrowed eyes and shouts "Don't you dare, Dustin! Don't you fucking dare!" Havoc stands up again and wanders over toward the ropes. He squats down in front of where Dustin and Brandi are arguing and points over at Cody.

"Do you see that man ova' there? Your husband, your brother... I told you what I set out t' do and I aim t' fucking do it! If he's too bloody stupid t' stay down, it's your responsibility t' do what's fucking right! Throw in that fucking towel!"

Brandi scowls and snatches the towel out of Dustin's hand! She holds it up in front of Havoc and he nods, assuring her that this is the only way... and then she throws the towel... INTO THE CROWD! The fans over the bloody towel and it's suddenly lost in the sea of humanity. Havoc shakes his head and turns around. He approaches Cody and goes to pick him up but Cody comes alive with a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THRE-- JIMMY HAVOC KICKS OUT! Havoc scrambles back to his feet and Cody is struggling back up to one knee! Havoc hits the ropes and charges back at Cody... but Cody cuts him off, raising both middle fingers up, stopping Havoc right in his tracks! Havoc looks pissed and attempts to kick Cody in the chest but Cody catches his boot and struggles back to his feet! He stands, maintaining his grip on Havoc's boot! He flips Havoc off with his free hand and then throws his boot to the side! Havoc spins out and Cody catches him from behind... CROSS RHODES! HE GOT ALL OF IT! BUT BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! CODY CAN'T CAPITALIZE!


Finally, Cody rolls over and manages to place one arm over Havoc's mid-section! Aubrey counts! ONE! TWO! THRE-- HAVOC GOT A SHOULDER UP! The fans boo loudly. Cody sits back up on his knees and holds up three fingers, not able to believe that it was only two! Cody stands back up, shaky, and pulls Havoc up with him. Cody takes hold of Havoc's wrist and drags his thumb across his throat... before spinning Havoc out and going for... AN ACID RAINMAKER OF HIS OWN! Havoc ducks it and catches Cody, spinning him out and NAILING HIS OWN ACID RAINMAKER! CODY TURNS INSIDE OUT! Havoc covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- CODY KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!


The fans pop HUGE as Cody immediately rolls back to his knees, blood pouring down his face, and begins shaking his fists and head! Havoc looks on with wide eyes, shocked! Havoc stands and clubs Cody in the back but Cody completely no-sells it! Havoc hits him again and again but Cody continues to no-sell as the fans continue to LOSE THEIR MINDS! Havoc finally spins Cody around and Cody points right in his face and shouts "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Havoc backs up, surprised, and Cody begins punching away at him! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE PUNCHES! Havoc staggers backward until he's in the center of the ring and Cody begins dealing out a series of jabs and nails... THE BIONIC ELBOW! HAVOC GOES DOWN! THE FANS GO WILD! Cody goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- THE BELL SOUNDS!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He got him! CODY HAS DONE IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I... I don't think he did, Tony! I think we've just experienced a first here in SGW!

The fans pop huge before they realize what's happened!

WINNER - Time Limit Draw in 60:00
[ Cody Retains Elevation Championship ]

The fans are booing loudly as Cody sits up, so out of it that he thinks he's actually won the match. Havoc is lying still in the center of the ring as Brandi and Dustin Rhodes slide into the ring and fall on their knees on either side of Cody. Aubrey Edwards brings the SGW Elevation Championship to him. He holds it in his lap, looking down at it. He brings it up to his face and kisses it. Brandi begins urging him to get out of the ring and Dustin helps him to his feet. Cody stands up, looking like he's been through a war and holds the championship over his head.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, that's it, folks! Cody has done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a fight... what a WAR!

Dustin and Brandi begin helping Cody toward the ropes. As Cody reaches the ropes, Brandi sits on the middle rope so that he has easier access to exit. The fans begin chanting "FIVE MORE MINUTES" over and over. Cody looks out at the fans, hearing them. Brandi tells him to get out of the ring and Dustin just remains silent, locking eyes with his brother. In the middle of the ring, Jimmy Havoc has risen to his knees and looks like death warmed over. He calls for a microphone and receives one. Standing with one foot through the ropes, resting on the apron, Cody locks eyes on the King of the Goths. Havoc forces himself to stand and raises the microphone.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] You heard the people, Cody... your people.

Havoc holds up his hand, all five fingers outstretched.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Five more minutes.

Brandi can be seen shouting "No! NO, CODY!" but Cody just stares him down. Havoc smiles.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I'm game if you are so what's it gonna be? Are you a fighting champion or are you a cunt like that wife of yours?

Brandi's jaw drops and Cody looks furious. Dustin puts his hand on Cody's chest, trying to convince him to think it over. Even Brandi, despite being insulted, continues telling Cody to get out of the ring. Havoc tosses the microphone in Cody's direction. Cody, still half out of the ring, reaches down and picks up the microphone. He looks out at the fans, genuinely appearing to listen to their pleas. He looks down at the microphone and nods before speaking... he sounds proud... stoic, even.

[ Cody ] These people paid for a fight to the finish.

He lets that hang in the air for a moment.

[ Cody ] So let's give'em a fight to the fuckin' finish.

The fans pop HUGE and Cody steps back through the ropes! Aubrey calls for the bell, shouting "PUT FIVE MINUTES ON THE CLOCK!" as Cody meets the smiling Havoc in the middle of the ring where they immediately begin trading punches! Brandi watches on in horror from ringside with Dustin standing next to her. As Havoc and Cody tear into one another, the fans suddenly begin booing as... Dario Cueto walks out onto the stage with Scarlett Bordeaux in tow! Dario and Scarlett make their way down to the ring where Dustin and Brandi are waiting on them. Dustin squares up, intent on keeping them away from ringside but that simply leaves him prone to an attack from ANGELICO who has come through the crowd and nails him with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE FROM THE GUARDRAIL! Angelico begins putting the boots to Dustin as Brandi freaks out... and Scarlett drills her with a running forearm before standing over her and gyrating her hips seductively!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No! Come on! Get Los Ingobernables out of here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] They've had their sights set on Cody and Dustin Rhodes for a while now! This was bound to happen but dammit, why now!?

Cody takes Havoc down with a clothesline and Aubrey Edwards leans through the ropes, shouting at everyone involved in the brawl at ringside! She takes her eye off the ball just long enough for JACK EVANS to slide into the ring and charge at Cody but Cody ducks a clothesline, catches Evans from behind... AND PLANTS HIM WITH CROSS RHODES! The fans pop huge! Cody rises up, all fired up, and Havoc comes out of nowhere and takes him by the wrist... ACID RAINMAKERRRRRRRRRRRR! JIMMY HAVOC COVERS AND HOOKS THE LEG JUST AS AUBREY TURNS AROUND! ONE! TWO! THREE!

WINNER & NEW CHAMPION - Jimmy Havoc via Pin Fall in 61:01

The fans erupt in boos as Jimmy Havoc snatches the Elevation Championship away from Aubrey Edwards and rolls out of the ring! He walks right past the ruckus at ringside and clutches the championship close to his chest! Once he reaches the stage, he holds the championship over his head with wild eyes and gritted teeth before disappearing through the curtain.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc is the new champion and what a disgrace! Jimmy Havoc will now defend the championship at Holiday Hell against Colt Cabana and I don't envy him a damn bit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm at a loss for words... what did we just witness!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] History, Tony... and a damn ugly piece of it.

Dario and Scarlett back up the ramp while Angelico collects Jack Evans from the ring, dragging him out of the ring by his foot. As they leave up the ramp, celebrating, we see Dustin crawling over to check on Brandi while Cody remains lying still in the center of the ring. Once Dario, Scarlett, and the Hybrid 2 reach the entranceway, however, there's no more time to celebrate as LA Park and El Hiji de LA Park emerge from the back with steel chairs and waffle Evans and Angelico in the back! Dario begins freaking out and hiding behind Scarlett as Promociones Dorado goes to work!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Promociones Dorado!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is what we call instant karma! The Hybrid 2 has had their sights set on Cody and Dustin Rhodes but in the meantime, Promociones Dorado has been upset that the Hybrid 2 has been ignoring them! Well, they're not ignoring them now!

Salina de la Renta steps out from the back, looking proud of what her men are getting done! Jack Evans fights back to his feet but LA Park cuts him off with a BRUTAL chairshot right to the head! Evans face plants and doesn't move, leaving Angelico all alone! Los Parks converge on Angelico and begin putting the boots to him before they drag him to the edge of the stage! Dario and Scarlett are helpless as El Hijo de LA Park helps LA Park lift Angelico onto his shoulders... AND HE DELIVERS A SIT-OUT POWERBOMB OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH A TABLE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOODNESS!

The fans are chanting "HOLY SHIT" over and over as LA Park and Angelico both lay motionless at the bottom! El Hijo de LA Park and Salina de la Renta stand at the edge of the stage, looking down at the carnage as Dario and Scarlett look on in horror!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ladies and gentlemen, I've just received word from the back that due to the events we're witnessing unfold right before our eyes, Holiday Hell will see the Hybrid 2 defend their championships in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH at Holiday Hell, against Promociones Dorado and the team of Cody and Dustin Rhodes! That is... if any of them have survived!

[ Tony Schiavone ] If this is any indication, it's gonna be a war!

Inside the ring, we see that Dustin and Brandi managed to make it back into the ring and are checking on Cody despite having been attacked themselves just moments earlier. The camera focuses on the Nightmare Family in the center of the ring as we cut backstage one final time.

From the ring, the scene quickly cuts backstage where we see Randy Orton, flanked by RKO Security, marching down the hallway. Kennedy and Masters stop on a dime as a nearby door swings wide open with Val Venis exiting, momentarily startling all parties involved.

[ Val Venis ] What’s going on?

Orton practically shoves Kennedy and Masters out of the way, stepping right in the middle of Venis’ personal space. Orton cuts right to the chase, leaving the pleasantries completely out of the conversation.

[ Randy Orton ] It’s the end of the show.

[ Val Venis ] And?

[ Randy Orton ] “AND?!”

Orton punches a nearby wall and snaps his head back at Venis. You can see the veins on the side of Orton’s head throbbing.

[ Randy Orton ] I demand you tell me this “surprise” for Holiday Hell. I’m sick of your shit, Venis. You’re walking around as if you’re some sort of difference maker when you’re nothing more than a temporary replacement. You don’t have the power around here.

Orton slaps the SGW World title on his shoulder.

[ Randy Orton ] I do.

[ Val Venis ] Hey, had you not attacked Jarrett, I would still be sitting in the crowd watching shows. This is all on you.

[ Randy Orton ] I didn’t attack Jeff Jarrett.

Orton smirks.

[ Randy Orton ] Go read the police report yourself.

[ Val Venis ] But, you know Randy, there is something you did do..

Venis knocks on the door he just came from.

[ Val Venis ] You want the surprise? Alright.

The door opens and John Cena exits and stands by Venis without moving his eyes at all off of Randy Orton and RKO Security.

[ Val Venis ] John Cena. Someone we have PROOF that you attacked. Someone you don’t like. Someone who will… Maintain order.

Orton’s trying to put the puzzle together.

[ Val Venis ] We can’t control all the moving parts with Adam Cole and Tim Storm that led to you winning that title. We can’t control your attitude or change the disrespect you’ve shown since day one of SGW’s return.. But what we can control, is how prestigious that title remains. This isn’t a company where it’s being traded back and forth with buddies. This isn’t a company that tosses around title matches to just anyone. When they happen, they MATTER!

Orton cocks an eyebrow.

[ Val Venis ] So John here, he’s going to help our vision for a legitimate World title match come to fruition.

[ Randy Orton ] In what way?

[ Val Venis ] Special guest referee.

Cena steps in between Orton and Venis with a big smile on his face. Cena’s smile quickly makes way for a stone cold expression.

[ John Cena ] You may not respect this company and those who operate it on a high level, but come Holiday Hell, you and Adam Cole, y’all are gonna’ damn well respect the stripes.

Orton is livid.

[ Randy Orton ] This is bullshit, Venis! Bullshit!

Orton kicks a nearby garbage can, sending it toppling over. Kennedy and Masters do their best to help Orton regain his composure as Cena enjoys the sight.

[ John Cena ] That's good, Randy. Express yourself. Get it all out.

Orton turns to Venis, doing his best to intimidate him.

[ Randy Orton ] I can’t wait for the day that giving you one ounce of power blows up in SGW’s face. When it does, it’s gonna be glorious… And I will still be champion.

[ John Cena ] Don’t worry, Randy. I’m gonna’ call it right down the middle. But remember this…

Cena whispers in Orton’s ear.

[ John Cena ] An elephant remembers everything, and so does John Cena. You cross me, you try to mess with this match in ANY way.. I’ll be your worst nightmare, kid.

[ Randy Orton ] All you need to do is count to three... and stay out of my way.

Randy Orton and John Cena have a stare down with the tension so thick you can feel it through the television set. There's absolutely no way anyone could have predicted this would be the surprise Val Venis had in store for Randy Orton!

Holiday Hell is coming in fourteen days...

But will it be hell for Randy Orton...

Or Solid Gold Wrestling!?