Flash bulbs go off.

There's a pedestal shrouded by a black sheet.

The live crowd cheers as Nigel McGuinness walks into the shot in a three-piece suit. He's got his eyes focused on something or someone off-camera as he positions himself behind a podium next to the pedestal. He gestures to someone off-camera with his hands.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Right this way, ladies.

Alexa Bliss walks into the shot in a black skirt and leather vest with the SGW Women's World Championship on her shoulder. Nyla Rose accompanies her. The fans boo loudly as Alexa stands to the right of the pedestal with Nyla Rose looming behind her.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ladies and gentlemen, the SGW Women's World Champion... "The Golden Goddess" Alexa Bliss!

The live crowd boos. Seconds later, Jinny appears in a dark blue dress with a cape attached at the shoulders via golden clasps. The fans cheer. Jinny eyes Alexa and Nyla Rose before turning up her nose and assuming her position on the other side of the pedestal.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And her challenger this evening's main event, the former SGW Women's World Champion and the first-ever women's Body Count match winner... "The Fashionista" Jinny!

The live crowd cheers even louder but the reaction doesn't appear to faze Jinny. Alexa rolls her eyes. Both women's attention seems to be focused on the pedestal between them. With both women introduced and standing in place, Nigel leans into the microphone on his podium and begins speaking.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Thank you both for agreeing to be here for this occasion. As everyone knows, you're both making history here tonight. Not only is this a huge championship match... but this is the first time ever that two women have main evented Solid Gold Wrestling's Holiday Hell event. Since the first Holiday Hell in 1999, the marquee match-up for this event has always showcased the best of the best.

More flashbulbs go off.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Just for reference, Bill Goldberg defended the SGW World Championship against Steve Corino in 1999. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeated "The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit in 2001... and more recently, Randy Orton defeated Adam Cole in 2019's main event. Tonight, Alexa Bliss will take a huge step forward in the evolution of women's wrestling in Solid Gold Wrestling when she defends her championship against a woman is considered, to this day, the benchmark in SGW's women's division... Jinny.

Nigel picks up the microphone from the podium and approaches the pedestal, placing his hand on the black sheet, preparing to reveal what's beneath. Jinny and Alexa both look interested.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's due to the historical context of this match, possibly the biggest women's match in SGW history, that Syndicate Sports is proud to unveil--

He rips the sheet away dramatically. The fans erupt.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] --the brand new SGW Women's World Championship!

Alexa looks down at her championship and then at the brand new title resting on the pedestal. The corner of Jinny's mouth twitches, almost forming a smile. She fights the urge to let her emotions run free. Nyla Rose rubs her hands together anxiously, licking her lips at the sight of the new belt.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's right, the winner of tonight's main event will walk away with this, the grandest prize in women's wrestling today!

Without another word, Nigel picks up the championship belt and two stagehands remove the pedestal. He steps up between Jinny and Alexa with the championship held out in front of him. Alexa hands off her championship belt to Nyla Rose, then grabs onto one end of the new championship belt with both hands. Jinny grabs onto the other end with both hands and they lock eyes. You can cut the tension in the room with a knife as flashbulbs begin going off, capturing this once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Jinny and Alexa both turn their heads to look at the cameras. Smiling, they speak to one another through gritted teeth.

[ Alexa Bliss ] I'm going to wreck you tonight, slut.

[ Jinny ] Bitch. You really have no idea who you're fucking with you, do you?

[ Alexa Bliss ] Right in the ovaries. That's where I'm gonna punch you.

[ Jinny ] You're quite possibly the stupidest person I've ever met.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Maybe. But I'm the champion and I'm pretty so it doesn't matter.

[ Jinny ] I'm going to expose you and leave with this gorgeous new accessory and there is literally nothing you can do to stop me.

[ Alexa Bliss ] Over my beautiful dead body.

There's a twinkle in Jinny's eyes.

[ Jinny ] Oh, darling... that's been the plan all along.


COMMENTATORS: Excalibur & Pat McAfee

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) def. The Beautiful People (Al Snow & Doink) via Pinfall
The Hurricane def. Marek Brave via Pinfall
Johnny Gargano def. Chuck Taylor via Pinfall

It’s as calm and normal as possible in the backstage area of the arena. The fans are buzzing from Sting’s announcement of a newly-designed Women’s Championship belt for tonight’s main event, but the buzzing of anticipation quickly turns to boos.

CM Punk has arrived.

Surrounded by a dozen or so security guards, Brian Cage, what appears to be three lawyers, and Ace Steel being led by Larry the dog on a leash. Simply arriving at the arena isn’t enough for the Straight Edge Savior, he does so with his entourage.. And a bullhorn.


A few enhancement talents are shoved out of the way by Brian Cage.


A “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” chant can be heard coming from the fans watching the video boards at ringside. Punk’s broadcast is interrupted by Sting, drawing cheers from the fans upon his arrival. With his arms to the side and looking for answers, Sting tries getting close to Punk, but is quickly blocked off by his security.

[ Sting ] What’s all of this?

Punk raises the bullhorn back up but Sting reaches through security and slaps it out of his hands! Punk looks at his security team in disbelief. He quickly composes himself and responds to Sting.

[ CM Punk ] When you have to come to work in unsafe conditions, you have to do what’s best for you and your friends.

[ Brian Cage ] We’re friends, Punk?

Punk scoffs.

[ CM Punk ] Absolutely fucking not.

He turns back to Sting.

[ CM Punk ] I’ll have you know, your little gang of security tried taking liberties with me last month, Stinger. I was trying to help render aid to an injured female member of our roster and they let a crazed, deranged man attack me! Then, when the opportunity arose, the security guards put their hands on me and tried putting me out of commission!

[ Sting ] You ran Mandy Rose over with a car!

[ CM Punk ] I did no such thing! SLANDER!

Punk looks to Brian Cage, who is flexing, causing his biceps to appear ready to pop like balloons at any moment.

[ CM Punk ] This idiot ran her over. And if you try pinning that on me one more time, Sting, I’ll take everything you have in court!

Sting tries to respond but Punk quickly cuts him off and continues after putting his arm around one of his lawyers.

[ CM Punk ] In fact, that’s why three members of the best legal team money can buy are here tonight. After the way Body Count ended, mainly the unsafe working conditions I’ve found myself in where non-contracted talents like Brian Cage can run people over and not be arrested.. I’m not wrestling in a steel cage tonight.

[ Sting ] Oh, is that so?

[ CM Punk ] Until you and this new regime of SGW earn my trust, we’re going to play by MY rules, Stinger. So my lawyer has worked up a new contract for tonight’s match. I’ll fight Ziggler. However, I’ll only fight Dolph Ziggler under my terms.

The lawyer confidently hands Sting a new contract. Sting flips through the pages, hitting the highlights.

[ Sting ] You want to fight Dolph Ziggler in a five-on-one handicap match? Do you even have four other friends? Huh? You, Brian Cage, Ace, and your dog gonna’ find another partner?

[ CM Punk ] Larry is more than capable.

Sting rips the contract in half and drops the pieces on the floor.

[ CM Punk ] I figured you’d respond like that.. Even if you did litter.

The lawyer hands Sting a second contract.

[ CM Punk ] Here’s my final offer.

[ Sting ] Your final offer is fighting Dolph Ziggler with his hands tied behind his back in a submission match?

[ CM Punk ] Two men who aren’t submission specialists doing battle will bring in the ratings! It’ll also prevent Ziggler from trying anything funny like he did last month in the parking lot.

Without a second thought, Sting rips the contract in half and drops it on the ground, with the pieces of paper falling on top of the others. Sting huffs, visibly angered by Punk’s shenanigans.

[ Sting ] I’m not here to earn your trust. I’m here to lay down the law.

He steps closer to Punk as security tries creating more space between them.

[ Sting ] I don’t care how Jeff, Edge, Christian, or the Championship Committee used to do things. This is a new era for SGW. And with this new era comes a new Sheriff. That’s me, pal.

Punk stands defiant as Sting continues.

[ Sting ] Your lawyers, your threats, your off-the-wall tomfoolery, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to get in that cage and fight Dolph Ziggler tonight, Punk. For months, you’ve been a thorn in the side of everyone who has come in contact with you, but even more so, for months, you’ve done a lot of damage to Dolph Ziggler’s career. You’ve cost him matches, you’ve cost him championships, and you even caused Mandy Rose to be sent to the hospital for your selfishness.

Sting wags a finger at Punk, scolding him like a child.

[ Sting ] So this ain’t gonna’ fly with me. When that cage lowers and it’s just you and Ziggler tonight… Man, these security guards, these empty suits, Brian Cage, your dog, nobody’s gonna’ be able to help ya’! You and Ziggler’s gonna’ work out your differences. To borrow something my old friend, Dusty Rhodes, used to say and apply it to this situation… We’re gonna’ get funky like a monkey in the steel cage, daddy!

Sting bends down and picks up the ripped pages of Punk’s failed contracts. He hands them to one of the lawyers and smiles back at Punk.

[ Sting ] Don’t forget to recycle.

Sting walks off, leaving Punk fuming at the sight of the new Commissioner of Solid Gold Wrestling. He gave it a strong try, but CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler WILL meet in the steel cage later on tonight!

REFEREE: Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

There’s a lot of commotion in the ring as all six men – well, eleven PEOPLE is a fairer assessment, as Ryan Nemeth, Peter Avalon, Kurt Angle, Angie Mysterio and an already teary-eyed Aaliyah Mysterio are ALL at ringside – in this huge Number One Contendership to the SGW Tag Team Title ladder match are throwing bombs back and forth and knocking one another to and fro.

[ Excalibur ] This has…TOO MANY combustible elements!

[ Pat McAfee ] I love it, baby! Let’s blow it THA F UP!

Otis uses his size to throw everyone out of the way before coming face to face with J.D. Drake! Both men begin slapping one another in the face and chest over and over! Neither man is willing to surrender! Suddenly Chad Gable leaps onto Drake’s shoulder! From the other side of the ring – here comes Rey Mysterio! The masked man flies and lands on Otis’s shoulders! There’s a chicken fight going on and all of a sudden, Cezar Bononi and Roman Reigns come out of nowhere, fighting between the pair and up, onto the ropes for some reason!

[ Excalibur ] Roman and Bononi, of all people, are climbing the ropes!

[ Pat McAfee ] Good on ‘em! I can do it, so can they!

With Roman and Bononi tumbling off the ropes, both men reach and connect with one another – but mainly with the chicken-stacked men! Rey grabs Bononi and Gable grabs Roman – and away they go! The entire mass of humanity falls to the mat – SUPER STACKERPLEX!


[ Pat McAfee ] I’ve never in all my life seen such a crazy maneuver!

[ Excalibur ] Wait, you’ve been a wrestling fan for years, though?

[ Pat McAfee ] Haha! Choice!

Before long, Nemeth and Avalon slide a ladder into the ring! They’re struggling, setting up the ladder themselves amidst the chaos – here comes Kurt Angle! – WHAM! SUPERKICK FROM Nemeth! He looks a whole lot like his brother by laying out Angle! Here they go! Avalon up one side of the ladder, Nemeth up the other – here comes Otis! Avalon leaps off with a cross body, but Otis catches him – and slams him into the ladder! Nemeth rolls upon impact out of the ring and lands at Angie Mysterio’s feet!

[ Excalibur ] Ryan Nemeth put it all on the line – so did Avalon!

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, well…so much for that!

Meanwhile, on the floor, Peter Avalon begins setting up two tables, side by side on the floor! He snarls and rubs his hands together like a cartoon villain as Aaliyah Mysterio cries. Roman Reigns quickly interjects and knocks Otis into the fray, out of the mix! Kurt Angle is up – GERMAN ON REIGNS! Up comes Bononi – but CHAD GABLE’S ALIVE! GERMAN BY GABLE ON BONONI! Mysterio darts over, but Angle deadstop ducks and catches him with a GERMAN SUPLEX! IT’S A BONAFIDE SUPLEX FESTIVAL!

[ Excalibur ] GERMAN!


[ Excalibur ] Kurt Angle and Chad Gable are truly like clones of one another!

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, you’d think somebody would have done THOSE TWO in some kinda angle like that, right?

[ Excalibur ] Kayfabe, partner!

[ Pat McAfee ] Who’s that, some rat?

WHAMMO! Superman Punch! Roman knocks Gable completely out of the ring! Roman huffs and sets up the ladder, then demands for Rey to climb up – but Mysterio notices an approaching Otis and dives over the ropes, knocking him back to the floor! Incredible maneuver! Roman rolls his eyes and starts climbing the ladder himself, but stumbling, looks around and screams aloud:

[ Roman Reigns ] WHERE THE FUCK IS ANGIE?!

Before long, Angie scoots, uncoordinated, into the ring and glares at Roman. He points at the ladder, yelling for Angie to acknowledge him! On the floor, Aaliyah cries uncontrollably. What else is new?

[ Excalibur ] Hold on…

[ Pat McAfee ] …this is kinda familiar…

Angie scowls and holds the ladder as Roman spits down at Aaliyah! The fans all boo in shock and Angie’s eyes go red – oh my! Angie releases the ladder as Roman steps – and there he goes! Roman tumbles, falling further and further, NEARLY OVER THE ROPES! – BUT THROATS HARD ON THE TOP ROPE! Roman falls to the floor, immediately out of commission!

[ Excalibur ] Roman Reigns is a bit choked up! What a disgusting landing and a very bizarre bit of tribute in this car-crash of a match!


Rey escorts Angie from the ring as his daughter Aaliyah trembles, tears streaking down her face. Quickly, the masked man lifts a new ladder and begins climbing, darting practically up each step before he reaches the top! Before you know it, though, Cesar Bononi is climbing behind him – same side! – and Rey thinks quickly, leaping down and reverse rana-ing Bononi off the ladder! HUGE POP FROM THE FANS!

[ Excalibur ] AMAZING! Rey Mysterio does not want Los Bloodline to lose tonight!

Mysterio, pumped up by the fans, climbs again, step by step, and reaches the top – but Chad Gable is there and meets him! The two men begin slugging it out – and lose control! Gable soars – and crotches himself on the top! Unfortunately, Rey’s landing is far more vicious – he goes back first into the ladder Reigns fell from, breaking it on one side and leaving rough, jagged metal edges everywhere to break around his body!

[ Excalibur ] Absolutely vicious landing! Rey Mysterio has been broken absolutely in half!

[ Pat McAfee ] Puttin’ it all on the line! He got that dawg in him! Like a chihuahua!

[ Excalibur ] I’m not joking! Mysterio is badly hurt!

As the ring clears, J.D. Drake and Otis stable the ladder, on either side, climb, encouraged by the cheers of the fans! A slew of doctors reaches the ring, hoping to assist Mysterio, but atop the ladder, twelve feet in the air – it’s a massive, meaty, man-slapping-man slugfest! Otis BWAPS Drake with a big punch! Drake fires off a headbutt – and Otis is staggered – but shakes it off! Drake pushes further, but Otis catches him and headbutts him back! Drake is dazed and Otis tries to shove him back – but Drake claws at his nose! Otis cries out and Drake quickly scrapes his eyes, too! Otis is dazed – and Drake shoves him, all his might – sending Otis tumbling precariously down and through the pair of tables on the floor! What a gross landing!


[ Pat McAfee ] See, the joke is funny cause he was in a construction-themed tag team, remember?

Drake shakes off the cobwebs and reaches up – he’s got the contract! The rest of the Wingmen recover and slide into the ring as Drake slowly descends the ladder victoriously.

THE WINGMEN in 14:39

The bell rings and Peter Avalon jumps into the air, both feet behind him, almost like he expects the world to pause like the end of a sitcom episode. It does not, and he crashes into the mat with a thud. No matter, though, because Drake lifts him up by his belt and shows him the contract, absolutely beaming ear-to-ear at his achievement – and the achievement of the Wingmen as a whole!

[ Excalibur ] The Wingmen are out of the punchline and into the headlines – they are number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships!

Roman Reigns holds his head in agony and slams a fist down into the protective mat at ringside. Inside the ring, amongst the mess of broken ladder, Rey Mysterio is a heap of bruise, blood, and bone, and attendants tend to him, checking on his health and status before we cut to Otis, still crashed through the table outside the ring. Doctors check on him, as well, calling for a neck brace and stretcher as Kurt Angle grimaces and a small tear ekes from his eye.

[ Pat McAfee ] God bless Big Otis, he tried his best – but it’s no celebration with strippers and coke, it’s a hospital with slop for you!

[ Excalibur ] That’s a bit depressing, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, well, that’s tag wrestlin’ for ya, partner!

Back inside the ring, Ryan Nemeth pumps his fist and declares the victory for his team! Each of the Wingmen clap one another on the back, celebrating their number one contendership as we fade away from the scene.

A lower-third informs us the footage reads EARLIER TODAY…

An extremely determined Anthony Ogogo is walking, seemingly magnified towards his destination. Beside him, QT Marshall smirks, looking ahead and then up at his charge, speaking nonstop.

[ QT Marshall ] —because this is YOUR night! This is YOUR TIME! This is the night we do what nobody else in years and years of SGW has been able to do — chop the head right off of that rotten Texas Rattlesnake once and for all!

They’re silent for a moment, still walking. Ogogo nods, a slight grin crossing his lips as he barely looks to his left at Marshall.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Nah, man…

QT looks a bit perturbed, but Ogogo, still walking, holds up a fist.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] …T’nite’s the night I knock Austin…Stone bloody Cold.

QT cackles uproariously.


QT pats Ogogo on his shoulders and then his eyes light up.

[ QT Marshall ] Oh, that reminds me! I set up a massage for your shoulders and delts before the match — don’t forget to head to medical for that in just a bit, right?

Ogogo nods and keeps walking, as determined as ever. Marshall nods, watching proudly.

[ QT Marshall ] Tonight is the night. TONIGHT!

Marshall smirks and looks down briefly, but he’s quickly snatched up! A hand is over his mouth, another hoodie-sleeved arm wrapped tightly around his throat.

It’s HOOK!

Ogogo continues ahead, totally in the zone.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] …tonight.

Ogogo finally reaches his locker room and opens the door, turning to speak again, but of course, Marshall is nowhere to be seen! Ogogo looks the opposite way, over the cameraman and back. The Guv’nah shrugs, then steps into his locker room and closes the door behind him as we fade to black.

REFEREE: Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Paul Turner signals for the bell and Miro charges at Austin Theory and turns him inside out with a vicious lariat! The fans release an unified “oooh!” at the sound of the impact of Miro’s monstrous forearm colliding with Theory’s chest. Theory pulls himself up with the help of the ring ropes as Miro stands over him, taunting.

[ Pat McAfee ] I tell ya’, Excalibur, this guy Miro, he’s got that DAWG in ‘em!

[ Excalibur ] You have a-

[ Pat McAfee ] DAWG! D-A-DUBYA-G! DAWG!

[ Excalibur ] I’m not disagreeing! Jesus!

Miro paintbrushes the back of Theory’s head as he finally gets to his feet. Theory pushes Miro back to create some separation and kicks him in the gut below delivering a stiff forearm. Miro shakes it off and begs him to do it again! Theory obliges, sending in a rapid fire series of forearms and hits the ropes, Rolling Dropkick! Miro staggers back against the ropes and Theory hits another dropkick! Miro collapses back into the corner and Theory pounces with the window of opportunity open. Using all of his might, Theory hoists Miro up to the top turnbuckle and hits a palm strike to stun the Bulgarian Brute.

[ Excalibur ] Austin Theory might shock the world right here!

[ Pat McAfee ] This is gonna’ be some Mike Tyson versus Buster Douglas stuff of epic proportions if so! Make a name for yourself, kid!

Theory takes a few steps back and rushes towards Miro, jumping to the ropes, spring off of them and hitting a SPRINGBOARD SPANISH FLY!

[ Excalibur ] UN-BE-LIE-VABLE!

Theory quickly pins Miro - one.. two.. Kick out! Miro kicks out with force right after Paul Turner’s hand slams the mat for the two count.

[ Pat McAfee ] He’s gotta’ stay on ‘em, Excal. This is as good of a shot as he’s gonna’ get.

[ Excalibur ] Right you are, Pat. This is a golden opportunity to get a debut win over one of the top talents in Solid Gold Wrestling!

Theory anxiously awaits Miro to get to his feet, practically foaming at the mouth for him to do so. Miro pushes himself up and Theory strikes - Rolling Blockbuster! Instead of pinning Miro, Theory takes a moment to start celebrating to the crowd, drawing a chorus of boos in the process.

[ Excalibur ] What is he doing, Pat?!

[ Pat McAfee ] Pardon my espanol, Excalibur, but Austin Theory is el fuckin’ uppo.

[ Excalibur ] That is so egregiously wrong.

Theory turns around and is shocked to see Miro gnashing his teeth in his direction like a rabid animal. A huge side-kick drops Theory to the mat and Miro drops down, burying a knee right into the ribs of Theory. Miro then rears his knee back and pounds it into Theory’s ribs again. He drags Theory up by his hair and hits him with a pump kick that sends Theory into the corner. Miro, relentless in his pursuit, grabs Theory and slings him out of the corner, crashing hard to the mat!

[ Excalibur ] The tide has turned QUICKLY!

Theory staggers back up and Miro hoists Theory up to his shoulders for a big Samoan Drop! He roars in the middle of the ring and the fans give him a mixed response, but respect the violent display that is unfolding in front of their eyes. Miro grabs Theory by the wrist and one after one delivers stiff lariats to him, refusing to let go or let Theory fall to the mat. After the last one, Miro hooks him for a big belly-to-belly suplex and quickly rolls him over and applies GAME OVER! After fighting it for as long as he could, Austin Theory has no choice but to submit in the middle of the ring!

MIRO via SUBMISSION in 12:12

[ Pat McAfee ] There was totally nowhere for this guy to go after being wrapped up in the gaudy ass arms of Miro.

[ Excalibur ] Austin Theory impressed early and had Miro on the ropes, but he lost track of the prize and paid dearly for it!

Paul Turner has to plead with Miro to break Game Over, even threatening him with reversing the decision after attempting to count to five. Miro finally breaks the hold and refuses to let Turner raise his arm in the air. CJ Perry enters the ring and celebrates with her husband as Miro prays over the fallen Austin Theory.

[ Excalibur ] An impressive win for The Redeemer here tonight. One has to think he’s ready to tackle 2023 head on!

Miro goes to the top rope and poses for the fans, celebrating his win as the cameras cut away from the ringside area.

A steel chair flies by the camera and smashes into a wall, clanging loudly as the fans in attendance “oooh!”

[ Roman Reigns ] ENOUGH! This is absolutely pathetic!

The Tribal Chief is trembling with fury, breathing deeply as he glares around the Los Bloodline locker room. Roman storms over to Jimmy Uso and slaps a red Solo cup of eggnog out of his hand, splattering into the back wall.


Roman throws his hands out to the side, insinuating the emptiness of the room. He looks at his own waist, the across the room to Rey Mysterio’s — both are devoid of championship gold.

As a matter of fact, there’s not even a contract for an upcoming championship match to be found in the room.

…altogether, just a dire sight.

[ Jimmy Uso ] Nah, man, I…

Roman steps forward, right into Jimmy’s face.

[ Roman Reigns ] Acknowledge me.

[ Jimmy Uso ] I’m sorry, Roman. Tribal Chief, you deserve better.

Roman nods and turns, facing Rey Mysterio, who is having ice packs applied to his surely-devastated back by his wife, Angie.

[ Roman Reigns ] …and you.

Reigns stomps over and Rey stands, pained. The masked man isn’t backing down, but the Tribal Chief cocks his head to the side and smirks. Angie Mysterio steps up, behind Rey and glares right back at Roman.

[ Roman Reigns ] …would you consider —

Roman waves his hand towards the door, motioning towards the ring.

[ Roman Reigns ] — THAT, what you did out there, all of that…would you consider that your best effort, Rey?

Rey nods proudly, gripping his back with a free hand.

[ Rey Mysterio ] Yeah, I am proud of that! I feel horrible! I feel broken!

Angie sneers.

[ Angie Mysterio ] We are ALL proud of the effort Rey gave in that match, ROMAN! Who in the world do you think you are, threateni—

[ Roman Reigns ] I AM THE TRIBAL CHIEF!

The room falls silent. Angie Mysterio sneers.

[ Angie Mysterio ] You’re no more a chief than I am, Roman. You’re a loser!

Rey turns, angrily, non-verbally telling his wife to drop it immediately and Angie backs down. As Rey moves back to face Roman, he’s surprised to find the Tribal Chief right in his path, glaring down his nose and all in the masked man’s business.

[ Roman Reigns ] …no. More. No more. Something…ANYTHING…is goi—no. Somethin’ WILL change by the next show, because this Samoan-Mexican alliance is no damn joke. Do you hear me, Rey?

Mysterio doesn’t back down.

[ Rey Mysterio ] Heard.

The two are locked in, neither moving, even through the sound of a door opening. After a moment, Nia Jax steps into frame, behind and between the two men. She Unlike Most Girls readjusts her SGW Women’s Intercontinental Championship onto her shoulder as both men turn their attention to her.

[ Nia Jax ] Tonight? I’m going to SMASH both of my opponents. If the sole champion in Los Bloodline has to step up and bring respect to the Bloodline? Well, then I’m going to eat…and I’m gonna eat GOOD.

There’s a slight rumble of cheers as Nia stands her ground.

[ Nia Jax ] …it’s feeding time.

Nia walks away from the scene and Roman’s gaze follows her, a strange mix of emotions visible in his eyes. The camera catches Rey, too, smiling and nodding, proud of Nia. Reigns turns back, catching Mysterio’s expression and shakes his head, displeased, as we fade away.

REFEREE: Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

Mike Chioda stands in the center of the ring and displays the Television Championship to the four men, who stand in their corners, looking ready to go. He hands the championship to Kayla Braxton and signals for the bell and the match is on.

[ Excalibur ] Pat, certainly this is going to be one the most unpredictable matches of the night. One has to think Samoa Joe is the favorite, but there’s wildcards like Charles Crowley who can snatch the victory without anyone thinking twice!

[ Pat McAfee ] Let’s go Matt Sydal! Dude’s WILD!

Sydal, Nese, and Crowley have the same idea and charge at Samoa Joe, using the numbers to get in as much damage to the largest man in the match as they can. Kicks, stomps, forearms, and stiff rights all connect on Joe, leaving him staggered in the corner. The three men then dump Samoa Joe over the top rope! Matt Sydal runs against the ropes and DIVES OVER THE TOP ONTO JOE! Tony Nese claps his hands and hits the ropes, but Charles Crowley springboards off the ropes in front of him and catches Nese on the way through, hitting a big Cutter! One, two, kick out!

[ Pat McAfee ] The circus guy ‘bout stole that one!

[ Excalibur ] I mentioned the wild card nature of Crowley and he almost ended this incredibly early!

Crowley dumps Nese over the top rope and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Crowley dives and is CAUGHT by Samoa Joe! Joe slings him down in a chair by the corner guardrail and quickly gets a running head start and crushes Crowley with a running kick, bouncing his head off the guardrail! On the other side of the floor, Nese and Sydal are duking it out, with Nese poking Sydal in the eyes and then whipping him into the steel steps - But Sydal leaps over them!

[ Pat McAfee ] Look at this got damn spider monkey!

Sydal spins around and runs towards the steps, springing off of them, and flies towards Nese with a big Shooting Star and connects, sending Nese down to the ground! Seeing his opportunity, Sydal quickly rolls Nese into the ring and hops to the apron. Ascending to the top rope, Sydal dives, SHOOTING STAR PRESS! One, two, BROKEN UP BY SAMOA JOE! Joe picks Sydal up and manhandles him into the corner. Rapid fire jabs to the ribs and an Enziguri drops Sydal to a seated position in the corner. Joe runs his foot across Sydal’s face, hits the ropes and plows through him in the corner!

[ Excalibur ] Samoa Joe is exerting his dominance!

[ Pat McAfee ] Samoa Joe’s a big sumbitch. Let’s see if he has the endurance to outlast these smaller guys.

Samoa Joe turns and sees Tony Nese on the top rope. He dives towards Joe, but Joe simply walks out of the way and allows Nese to hit the mat chest-first, drawing a huge chorus of laughs from the crowd. Joe dusts his hands off and plays to the camera, mouthing “it’s gonna’ be an easy night!”

[ Excalibur ] Samoa Joe feels comfortable, but here’s Charles Crowley!

Crowley dead-legs Joe from behind, sending the big man down to one knee. Crowley faces Joe and kicks him right between the eyes and then buries a knee to his face. Joe pushes him back trying to create some space, but Crowley stays on him, backing Joe into a corner. Crowley runs and hits a big splash in the corner and Joe stumbles out, and Crowley then hits a big dropkick, sending Joe out of the ring! Before Crowley can follow, Sydal rolls Crowley up for a quick two count! Nese grabs Sydal from behind in a Full-Nelson and slams him to the ground! Nese picks Crowley up with a deadlift and hits a Buckle Bomb! Nese quickly goes up top, TRIANGLE MOONSAULT ON CROWLEY! One, two, kick out!

[ Pat McAfee ] Tony Nese looks like the most borin’ ass guy but he can move!

[ Excalibur ] SGW officials are high on his potential, for sure, Pat!

Sydal has hit the top rope and Nese turns, METEORA! One, two, kick out! Sydal waits for Crowley to get up and hits him with a flurry of kicks to the legs and gut, and knocks him down with a spinning heel kick! Sydal goes up top, signaling for the Shooting Star, but here’s Samoa Joe! He rushes to Sydal and slaps him in the face with a palm strike! MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe goes to cover but gets kicked in the face by Crowley!

[ Excalibur ] Charles Crowley has been a thorn in the side of Samoa Joe all match!

Nese hits the ropes and dives over with his hand on the back of Joe’s head for a vicious Hotshot! Joe’s throat bounces off of the rope and he’s stunned. Nese goes up top and Charles Crowley suplexes the big man down. Nese hits the 450 SPLASH on Samoa Joe! But now Nese and Crowley begin arguing with one another about who gets to pin Joe!

[ Pat McAfee ] I’ve made a lot of boneheaded decisions in my day - getting arrested for public urination, retiring from the NFL before I was 30.. But this might trump them all, dude. Somebody, ANY BODY, needs to pin Samoa Joe right NAHHHH!

Nese shoves Crowley, who returns the favor with a shove of his own. Wasting time, the two men begin trading right hands! Nese hits the ropes and dives off but Crowley catches him on his shoulders and hits a big Death Valley Driver! Here’s Sydal! Sydal covers Joe and only gets a one count! Crowley clotheslines Sydal over the top for his troubles!

[ Pat McAfee ] It would figure Matt Sydal would be the only one with a brain.

[ Excalibur ] Have you seen his promos, Pat? Let’s not go that far.

Samoa Joe is back up and looks furious. He grabs Tony Nese and headbutts him between the eyes! Joe flips him to the ground, chops him on the back of the neck, hits the ropes, and kicks Nese so hard in the chest that the thud echoes throughout the arena. The fans release an “uhhhhh!” in union, grossed out by the power of that kick. Crowley leans back in the corner and watches this unfold. Samoa Joe hits the ropes and drops a knee on Nese’s chest and then picks him up. He sits Nese on the top rope, MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe then.. Kicks Nese out of the ring?

[ Excalibur ] It’s safe to say Tony Nese is finished in this match after that onslaught! Why isn’t Joe pinning him?

[ Pat McAfee ] He’s wanting Charles Crowley!

Joe curls his index finger towards himself in Crowley’s direction. Comfortably leaning against the ropes, Crowley leaves them and meets Joe in the center of the ring. Joe slaps Crowley in the face, but Crowley gets a burst of FIGHTING SPIRIT~!! He headbutts Samoa Joe, hits the ropes, SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! THREE! Samoa Joe got pinned by a Sunset Flip and we have a new champion!


[ Pat McAfee ] I know people out there get mad when we cuss, but what the FUCK was that!

[ Excalibur ] That’s what happens when one person shows up and survives, Pat!

Charles Crowley is handed the Television Championship and the crowd is STUNNED at the abrupt ending of the match. These four men were putting on a showcase and Crowley shocked the world with the quick pin on Samoa Joe! He raises the title in the air and then drops to his knees, pressing the title against his forehead and gives it a kiss.

[ Pat McAfee ] The boyhood dream has come true! Charles Crowley joins the historic lineage the Television title holds! He joins names such as Chris Kanyon! Buff Bagwell! Michael Shane! Hollywood Hogan!

[ Excalibur ] One of those names just isn’t like the other..

[ Pat McAfee ] I know! Buff Bagwell, man. What a career.

The camera gives us a final shot of Crowley celebrating in the ring before head to our next match!.

REFEREE: Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

As the graphic for the next match fades, we're greeted with a shot of Konami making her way through the backstage area, ready for her match. The live crowd cheers as she wrings her hands together, approaching the Gorilla position.

[ Excalibur ] Here comes The Submission Sniper herself, the leader of the Golden Joshi Squad... KONAMI! In just a moment, she'll be making her entrance and engaging the diabolical Ram Kaicho in our first ever Holiday Street Fight!

[ Pat McAfee ] This is gonna be bad ass, Ex-cal! Ram Kaicho got eliminated by Saki Kashmeousside at Body Count and she retaliated and retaliated HARD, not only by taking Saki out but by interfering in the Body Count match and costing Konami the win, a shot at the championship, and even the main event slot at Holiday Hell! This ain't just a match about wins and losses, this is a REVENGE STORY!

However, before she reaches the curtain to make her entrance-- BAM! Konami goes down to all fours after being hit by Ram Kaicho! The camera pans out to reveal a grinning Kaicho standing over Konami, clutching the remains of a light tube with red tape around it so that it resembles an oversized candy cane! Konami crawls forward on all fours before getting up to one knee but Kaicho tosses the busted tube and boots Konami in the back, sending her sprawling forward on the concrete! The fans boo loudly as Kaicho snatches two handfuls of Konami's hair and drags her past the Gorilla position and through the curtain!

[ Excalibur ] After a shocking jumpstart backstage, we're finally making our way to the ring!

The fans boo as Konami rolls onto the stage with Kaicho in pursuit. Konami rolls up into a kneeling position as Kaicho approaches and nails her with forearm to the mid-section! Kaicho backs up and Konami rises, peppering Kaicho about the chest and head with rapid fire palm strikes! The fans fire up as Konami tees off! Kaicho staggers back and falls into a seated position at the edge of the stage! Konami assumes a martial arts stance and shouts something in Japanese... BUZZSAW KICK-- NO! KAICHO CATCHES HER FOOT! Kaicho slowly stands with wide eyes, aware that that kick would have sent her fifteen feet below. Holding onto Konami's foot, Kaicho maneuvers her away from the edge. She teases a dragon whip but Konami jumps and nails her in the head with an ENZIGURI! Kaicho spins out on impact and falls down, tumbling down the ramp!


As Kaicho's tumble comes to a stop at the edge of the ringside area, we get our first look at the ring. There's stockings hanging around the apron, more light tubes taped up to look like candy cane, and three gift boxes. One of the gift boxes is hanging from a pole above one of the corners, another is resting on the announce table in front of Pat McAfee and Excalibur--

[ Pat McAfee ] Hey! Where'd that thing come from!?

[ Excalibur ] Your guess is as good as mine!

--and the third is sitting on the ring steps. There's also a large plush snowman, a large plush teddy bear with a bow around its neck, and a life size animatronic Santa Claus! Konami makes her way down the ramp as Kaicho struggles to one knee, dizzy from her trip to the ringside area. As gets to both feet, Konami collides her with her at full speed, nailing her with rapid fire forearms! Kaicho rakes Konami's eyes and grabs by her gear before throwing her into the ring steps-- NO! Konami reverses it and sends Kaicho hard into the steps! Konami looks around at the fans and begins clapping, getting them behind her before she charges and leaps! DOUBLE KNEES TO KAICHO-- NO! KAICHO MOVES! Konami collides knees first with the steps and inadvertently tackles the gift box, taking it with her! The box opens upon impact and GLASS ORNAMENTS spill across the ringside area!

[ Excalibur ] Oh! Oh, that's not good!


Some of them shatter beneath her and she sits up with a pained look. She looks down and sees pieces of the broken ornaments sticking in her forearm and thigh! She quickly picks the pieces out of her flesh and tosses them aside but before she can do anything else-- BAM! KAICHO NAILS HER IN THE BACK WITH ANOTHER CANDY CANE LIGHT TUBE! Konami cries out in pain and falls over on her side. Kaicho boots her over onto her back and covers her! ONE! TWO! KONAMI ROLLS HER SHOULDER UP! Enraged, Kaicho stands and grabs a handful of ornaments. With one hand, she yanks up Konami into a seated position and begins grinding the broken ornaments into her forehead! Konami reaches back over her head and hooks Kaicho's mouth with her thumb, pulling her aside and forcing her to release her hold on her! Konami stands and checks her forehead, finding a smattering of blood on her fingers! Kaicho lunges forward and Konami instinctively nails her with a SPARTAN KICK to the chest! Kaicho staggers back into the guardrail! The impact causes her to take a big step forward and Konami sends her head into the third row with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Kaicho staggers out and Konami takes her by the hair and tosses her under the bottom rope! Konami follows her into the ring. Kaicho crawls on all fours toward the corner as Konami approaches. Konami snatches the back of Kaicho's tights, only for Kaicho to roll over, grab the front of Konami's tights, and pulls her face first into the middle turnbuckle! Kaicho quickly gets to her feet and plants her foot on the back of Konami's neck. Kaicho then grabs the top rope on either side and slings herself upward... before coming down with DOUBLE KNEES to the back of Konami's head! Konami slumps down and falls into a position where her head is resting on the bottom rope. Kaicho wastes no time in climbing the turnbuckles above Konami and ripping open the gift box hanging above... REVEALING BARBWIRE TINSEL ROPE!

[ Excalibur ] That's certainly an inventive use for tinsel!

[ Pat McAfee ] My mind is BLOWN right now!

Konami sits up and Kaicho approaches from behind, preparing to strangle Konami from behind! Konami gets her hand between the rope and her neck! Kaicho tries her best to force it around Konami's neck but Konami suddenly comes alive, rolls backward, and uses her legs to pull Kaicho down into a pinning predicament! ONE! TWO! THR-- KAICHO KICKS OUT! Both women roll straight back to their feet and then charge at each other! BAM! They exchange forearms! Konami gets the upper hand, nailing Kaicho with a forearm that sends her back into the ropes! Kaicho rebounds and goes for a clothesline but Konami executes a drop toe hold! Kaicho falls across the bottom rope and rolls over onto her back just as Konami charges in... RUNNING SHOOT KICK TO THE FACE! Kaicho flails on impact and rolls over the bottom rope, tumbling to the floor below!

[ Pat McAfee ] That kick! Ram Kaicho just got a free nose job!

Konami follows Kaicho to the floor and sees her crawling toward the animatronic Santa Claus. Konami goes straight to the gift box on the announce table and rips it open, revealing... A RAILROAD SPIKE PAINTED LIKE A CANDY CANE! Konami looks at the weapon and smiles... only to turn around into-- BAM! KAICHO NAILS KONAMI WITH THE SEVERED HEAD OF SANTA CLAUS! Konami goes down and Kaicho mounts her, hitting her in the head a second time with the head before spitting in its face and throwing it aside!

[ Excalibur ] What villainy! She's spat right in the face of jolly Saint Nick!

Kaicho sets her sights on the railroad spike and raises it over her head with both hands! She's going to stab Konami straight through the head with it! She brings it down but Konami catches her wrists at the absolute last second! They struggle over the spike with it only coming an inch away from Konami's eyes before--

[ Pat McAfee ] Hold on, what's going on here!?

The teddy bear suddenly comes alive and removes its own head, revealing MOMO KOHGO! The snowman removes its head and reveals SAKI KASHIMA! The fans are going wild! Kaicho has no idea what's going on until it's too late! BAM! SAKI AND MOMO AVALANCHE KAICHO FROM EITHER SIDE WITH THEIR OVERSIZED MASCOT SUITS! Kaicho drops the railroad spike and falls to the side! Konami rises to her feet and throws the ring apron aside. She reaches underneath and finds an OVERSIZED WREATH! Kaicho stands up on spaghetti legs and Konami slams the wreath down over Kaicho's shoulders... TRAPPING HER! Kaicho looks shocked and Konami throws her under the bottom rope! Konami follows as Kaicho gets up to her feet, arms still trapped by the wreath! She runs in a circle, trying to escape but-- KONAMI CUTS HER OFF WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICKS TO THE HEAD! Kaicho falls to her knees and looks up at Konami, totally out of it... BUZZSAW KICK! Konami covers and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!

KONAMI via PINFALL in 8:02

The fans cheer loudly as Konami rolls off of Kaicho and Aubrey Edwards raises her arm in victory. Kaicho rolls to the apron, her arms still constrained by the wreath.

[ Excalibur ] Konami has journeyed through hell and back to defeat Ram Kaicho and avenge the wrong done to her and Saki Kashima at Body Count!

[ Pat McAfee ] You could even say she's gone through Holiday Hell and back, am I right?!

Saki Kashima and Momo Kohgo attempt to get in the ring but their bear and snowman costumes are too bulky to get through the ropes and they tumble back to the floor! After celebrating, Konami exits the ring and joins them at ringside. They raise her arms in the air as they head toward the back, drawing more cheers from the fans.

[ Pat McAfee ] Did ya' see what I did there, Ex?! Holiday Hell?!

[ Excalibur ] Indeed. I get it, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] It's okay if ya' don't, brah! Either way, that match was wild as hell. Definitely not what I expected from a Holiday Street Fight!

[ Excalibur ] Regardless of expectations, that was quite the brawl... and combined with her showing at Body Count, she's definitely put herself on the map in Solid Gold Wrestling as a contender for whatever championship she may set her sights on!

On the apron, Aubrey Edwards struggles to pull the wreath from around Ram's shoulders! Ram hops down to the floor and Aubrey finally wrenches the wreath free... only to immediately get SHOVED DOWN BY RAM KAICHO! Aubrey looks on in shock as Ram flips her off and storms off to the back as we head to the back.

Matt Sydal gingerly limps around the locker room with a towel draped around his shoulders and stops in front of a defeated Austin Theory. Theory has his head down and is hunched over, propping himself up with his forearms resting on his thighs.

[ Matt Sydal ] Tough night for us both huh, friend?

Theory doesn’t respond.

[ Matt Sydal ] I know losing is tough, but you showed a lot of moxy out there tonight. The future is bright.

This brings a miffed Austin Theory to his feet and he gets right in Matt Sydal’s face.

[ Austin Theory ] “The future is bright,” huh? Thanks for the kind words.

Theory snarls.

[ Austin Theory ] Means a lot coming from a guy who has never won anything in the nearly-three years that he’s been in and out of this company. You’re only known for two things, Sydal.

He holds up one finger.

[ Austin Theory ] The flamethrower incident with Luke Harper.

Another finger.

[ Austin Theory ] And being a loser.

[ Matt Sydal ] Your words won’t impact me, Austin. I’m just trying to be a supportive veteran for a promising up-and-comer. Use that venom, that hatred, and let it fuel you for greatness, man!

Sydal flashes a smile and kills Theory with kindness.

[ Matt Sydal ] I had a chance to become Television Champion tonight and I didn’t get the job done. You know what I’m going to do, though? I’m going to lick my wounds, rest up and get healthy, and when 2023 rolls around, I’m going to use this as a learning moment to move to better things!

[ Austin Theory ] What’s your New Year's resolution, Sydal? To actually win -A- match?

[ Matt Sydal ] Gotta’ start somewhere. Win a match, build on it, build and build and build, and soon enough, I’ll be one of the pillars of this company!

Theory scoffs and rolls his eyes at the optimism.

[ Austin Theory ] And you know what I’ll be doing? I’m going to be skipping the line while scrubs like you do it “the right way.” I don’t wait until it’s my turn. I don’t plan on being a good little soldier and wallow around the bottom of SGW with people like you. Nah. I’m going straight to the top because I am going to be the FUTURE of Solid Gold Wrestling!

Theory slaps Sydal on the shoulder and playfully presses his fist against Sydal’s chin.

[ Austin Theory ] Keep dreaming, sport. Shoot for the moon! We’ll see where all of that crap gets you in 2023 while I’m sitting on top of SGW.

He rolls his eyes.

[ Austin Theory ] Idiot.

Theory side steps Sydal and walks away. Sydal shakes his head and watches Theory leave.

[ Matt Sydal ] Kid has promise, but that attitude is going to ruin everything for him.

The scene fades as we return back to the ringside area.

REFEREE: Rick Knox| TIME LIMIT - 30:00

While Paul Levesque’s presence at ringside could be predicted for his charge, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, another two women were also present for this important singles match – Jamie Hayter, seconding Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., and Shayna Baszler, pacing like a jungle cat with a white towel draped over her shoulders in support of her fellow Four Horsewoman Rousey.

[ Pat McAfee ] Lots of movin’ pahts at ringside, EX-CAL! PLUS – the two big time brawlin’ beauts in the ring right now!

[ Excalibur ] It’s gonna be a brutal match! And here we go!

Ronda and Britt meet in center ring, blow-for-blow, really dishing it out to one another! Baker takes a blow to the jaw and spins left, but she uses a great momentous move and connects with a solebutt to the bread basket! Ronda bends over in pain and Britt whips her into the ropes – big leg lariat! Cover – but only a one count!

[ Excalibur ] Neither woman looks like they’re willing to back down at all!

Ronda trips Britt, but Baker uses her ring awareness to roll free and swing her boot upward, striking Ronda right in the face! Baker covers – but only a one yet again! The fair dentist evaluates the situation, flips off Levesque, and hops to the middle rope, scoring with a flying blockbuster for a two count!

Britt keeps on the offensive, kicking Ronda in the ribs and then, ignoring the stern look her opponent gives, Baker proceeds to spit in Rousey’s face! Ronda is PISSED and chases Baker through the floor – where Jamie Hayter steps into her path! Rick Knox is quick to tell Hayter to “back off, keep it between the women in the mix here!” Hayter seems to agree, and Levesque is shouting for Ronda to focus on what’s at hand! From behind Rousey, here comes Britt Baker with a steel chair!

[ Pat McAfee ] WHAT IN THE HELL?!

BUT SHAYNA BASZLER STOPS THE WEAPON ATTACK! Baszler pulls the chair free and goes nose-to-nose with the Dentist before Knox AGAIN must intervene, demanding that Shayna Baszler steps off and backs away!

[ Excalibur ] Britt Baker is REALLY going to step up in the face of two of the Four Horsewomen?!

[ Pat McAfee ] Wait a minute, are you referencin’ a group where the otha’ two member are called MMA Slugs right now?!

[ Excalibur ] That’s unnecessary, Pat, and beyond that, I don’t even think that joke is SGW canon! That’s just pointless in-joking and gesturing for three people!

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, well, I’m not sure any more than three people will catch this exchange anyway!

Britt turns and BLASTS Ronda in the face with a forearm and rolls her under the ropes, quickly following her onto the top rope and leaping – diving headbutt! And scores! Baker holds her head and makes the cover – one! Two! Thre—no! Ronda kicks out at the last second, but as she does, the weight shifts and Rousey’s looking for a crossface! Baker squirms, looking to make it to the ropes, but cannot – but she does find the Lockjaw!! Baker squeezes down hard on Ronda’s mandible, lessening the strength of the crossface! Both women are up, struggling with one another and tumble through the ropes to the apron! Britt releases – and Ronda does, too!

[ Excalibur ] What’s happening now?! These two have rummaged through the ropes and aren’t giving a bit of breathing room!

Ronda’s up first, fury in her eyes and she jukes, connecting with Baker’s ribs! Britt screams in pain and leaps up, KNEE STRIKE! Ronda’s dazed!

[ Pat McAfee ] Whoo-koo, cachoo! These two are going for the kill shot with every blow!

Ronda ducks an errant shot from Britt and connects, left cross! Britt’s dazed, and Ronda scoops her onto the shoulders – and off the apron as the crowd chant their approval!


A moment passes and the huge collective of women at ringside finally stand up, each trying to find their balance – but Jamie Hayter hurls Ronda into the ring! Rick Knox threatens, but before he can finish – Shayna Baszler tosses Britt Baker into the ring! Both women are down and Rick Knox is bellowing for these women to stop touching the competitors or else they’ll be thrown out – and the two women GLARE at one another!

[ Excalibur ] Uh..oh!

The fans are swelling with excitement, and just as they reach their apex, Jamie Hayter smirks and slaps Shayna!


There’s a huge collision at ringside – Shayna Baszler and Jamie Hayter each swing with huge haymakers and connect – both women are down and out on the protective mats outside!


[ Excalibur ] Big, knockout-level blows at the eleventh hour outside the ring! This one’s gonna come down to the women in the ring!

Baker swears inaudibly and turns to face Ronda, who rushes in and leaps into the air – looking for an armbar – but Baker sidesteps! Ronda crashes to her knees and Baker’s off like a bullet to the ropes – THE BOOM! – NO! – Ronda rolls out of the way!

[ Excalibur ] Neither woman conceding an inch here!

Baker crashes face-first into the ropes, where she drapes through the middle and top cables!

[ Pat McAfee ] Hey! Looka’this!

Jamie Hayter, using all the strength she can muster, reaches up and places brass knuckles on Britt’s hand! Paul Levesque points out to Rick Knox that something’s going on, but before Knox can find anything, Baker stumbles up and Ronda goes to scoop her up – no! Britt goes over the back, deadstop and turn!


Sure enough, the knucks-aided fist swings for Ronda’s jaw, but Rousey intercepts the fist and twirls underneath, grapevining Baker’s torso – KIMURA LOCK!

[ Excalibur ] OH MY GOSH, KIMURA LOCK! Ronda’s got it cinched in tightly!

Britt fights back for a moment, but Ronda wrenches her wrist and elbow disgustingly until Baker’s eyes roll back in pain and she’s forced to verbally submit! Ronda throws her arm down as Baker collapses in misery, her arm clearly worse for wear!


The bell rings and Ronda rolls away from Baker, pushing her hair back out of her face with a proud grin across her face. On the floor, Shayna pumps her fist and then hops gently to the apron, starting into the ring but stopping when Jamie Hayter rises from the floor and scoots in to assist her own ally.

[ Excalibur ] Wow, this really was like a collision of two forces, Pat – I can’t believe that Britt Baker lost this match tonight.

[ Pat McAfee ] I BUH-LEEEEEEVE! I believe it, baby! ROWDY! RONDA ROUSEY, SON! HA’GAHT THAT DAWWWWWG! DAWG! She got that dawg’inner!

[ Excalibur ] Take a breath, Pat!

With Hayter supporting Britt Baker up the ramp, a scowl on her face, we get a shot of Britt’s eyes, glazed from pain and not completely comprehending what just happened. The cameras cut back to ringside, where Ronda is leaning confidently on the top rope, Paul Levesque patting her on the shoulder and pointing victoriously at her.

[ Excalibur ] Even though I can’t believe Britt Baker lost this match, that’s no disrespect whatsoever to Ronda Rousey – she pulled it out, and that was a down, dirty, messy match – so all the respect in the world for pulling out a victory!

Ronda smirks and climbs to the top rope for a moment, simply lifting a single finger before mouthing the words “I’m coming for you!” at the camera as we fade away from the scene.


Anthony Ogogo is certainly much more massaged, but also much more more concerned about the rather pressing lack of QT Marshall by his side. The former boxing champion is walking straight ahead, a sour expression on his face.

[ Excalibur ] Fans, we’ve learned a while earlier that Anthony Ogogo reported to SGW officials that QT Marshall is missing!

[ Pat McAfee ] Sucks, I guess – but he’s got an SGW Intercontinental Championship match to prepare for!

[ Excalibur ] I’m sure he’s aware, but he’s likely looking for his confidant to plan for the match – right?

Before Ogogo can get much further into the broad, open area of the backstage complex, Queen Cathy Kelley rushes up with a microphone, holding a hand towards Ogogo.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Anthony! Excuse me, Mr. Ogogo, hold on!

Ogogo stops in a huff and turns to Cathy, clearly annoyed but trying his best to be hospitable.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Anthony Ogogo, tonight you’ll face your rival, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, in a match with the Solid Gold Wrestling Intercontinental Championship on the line. Given your tumultuous history with ‘Stone Cold’ Ste—

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Excuse me, Cathy, but let me cut you off right there.

Ogogo cracks his neck and turns to face her, visibly frustrated with his scenario.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Right now, I’m trying my very hardest to find QT Marshall, because before anything, I need to prepare myself for what could serve as the catalyst for m’ascent in Solid Gold Wrestling. QT and myself have trained long and hard for this night, and I’ve known it – I’VE BLOODY KNOWN!! – that he’s not just been running errands, I know this is sumfin’ crooked!

Ogogo turns to the camera and glares daggers down the barrel.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Austin, you dirty old redneck bastahd! You’ve got QT, do’ya? And what for? To intimidate me? To make ME scared?! NO! WRONG! I’m sorry, you delusional little snake, you, but I’m afraid of nuthin’ – and NO man, especially no man in this miserable, time-wasting scud-mark of a promotion Solid Gold Wrestling!

Cathy’s eyebrows shoot up. A little uncalled for, she thinks, but she refrains. Probably wise.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] I cannot wait until our match, Austin – because QT or no, I plan to tear your feeble, geriatric body limb from limb tonight. I am a man of my prime, and now I am a man whose rage knows no bounds! I’ll start with your destroyed, held-together-with-lolly-sticks knees and crush them to dust! Then I’ll move to your stupid little neck and break it again! Finally, I’ll rip your head from the husk of cartilage you call a neck, toss it into the air and keep it as a trophy…and take your championship along with it! I’ll leave your stupid legacy laying on the canvas, though, Austin…

As Ogogo snarls, the camera slowly pans out to reveal –

[ Excalibur ] Oh my!

[ Pat McAfee ] STONE COLD! I guess if Ogogo’s gonna talk about him, he may’s well be there to hear it!

Ogogo continues, unaware, as Austin cocks his head to the side, listening with a blended expression of mock concern and fury.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Because I’ve no use whatsoever for such a tarnished, pathetic thing. Your legacy in Solid Gold Wrestling? Give me a break. I’ll be the man to end your pathetic adventures into mediocrity tonight, and then maybe I’ll send that hood-wearing bahstahd you lug around to prison, where he belongs.

Cathy notices Austin behind Ogogo and her eyes go wide. Ogogo doesn’t notice.

[ Anthony Ogogo ] Austin…tonight’s event is aptly named, innit? Ta’nite, I’ll be the handsome devil destroying your legacy, taking your championship, re-breaking your neck, and finally ridding SGW of your lowly, serpentine presence once and for all. And when I’m done? I’ll send you to hell, right where you belong.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] …that a fact, heh?

Ogogo’s eyes go wide and he turns on his heel – RIGHT INTO A FIST! Austin is on fire, peppering Ogogo over and over with shots to the face! Austin dodges a big haymaker from Ogogo and kicks him in the gut, taking him by the head and whirling him into a metal garage door! Ogogo is dazed, and Austin gets right in his face, screaming!


Austin smashes Ogogo’s head into the garage door again and continues screaming!


Austin takes Ogogo by the ears and forces him to look in his face, then screams again –

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] EHH-EHH! SON, I’M SENDIN’ YER ASS TO HELL!

Stone Cold takes another opportunity to slam Ogogo’s face into the garage door and then punches him stiff in the jaw! Austin keeps a hold of Ogogo’s ears and pulls him over, towards a row of port-a-potties!

[ Excalibur ] Oh no. Oh no.

As the two rivals approach, still in a tussle, the port-a-potty on the end opens and who else but Christopher Daniels steps out, greeted by an absolutely gargantuan pop. Daniels continues walking forward and dusting his hands off, tucking what appears to be a worn copy of Playboy under his arm.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Oh, hey guys! How’s it goin’? Glad to see you both! Just wanted to come and surprise everybody and say hel—

Austin pushes past Daniels.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] Good ta’see ya, ya ‘ole bald sunnavabitch!

Daniels’ eyes scrunch with confusion.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hey, but… you’re bald, too! Also, this isn’t what it looks like!

He holds the Playboy up, shaking it!


Austin ignores Daniels and approaches his former port-a-potty and smashes Ogogo’s face into the door, before opening it and turning back to him.


With a grunt, Austin hurls Ogogo by the ears into the port-a-potty and the entire structure rocks, shaking and nearly tipping over! Stone Cold cocks his head at the port-a-potty and picks up a nearby chair, smashing the door over and over.


Austin flips off the port-a-potty and stomps off screen as the camera turns to Christopher Daniels, whose eyebrows are high and eyes shocked. He speaks to himself, then to the camera as he recognizes it’s nearby.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I guess some things never change! Shew. But at least it can’t get any worse, now. I mean…holy crap…


Without warning, ‘Stone Cold’ suddenly blazes onto the screen on an ATV and rams right into the port-a-potty, sending it hurdling to the ground! Austin reverses a moment, then drives up, parking the front two wheels onto the door of the port-a-potty as an undistinguished substance begins to leak out from any available crevice of the fallen booth.

[ Excalibur ] Oh no, I’m going to be sick – look at what’s coming out of that – and Anthony Ogogo’s in the—oh no! Look at that!

[ Pat McAfee ] Poo juice, Ex-Cal!

[ Excalibur ] Stone Cold Steve Austin has just covered Anthony Ogogo in a night’s worth of fecal matter!

[ Pat McAfee ] And, I mean, most likely a little bit of Christopher Daniels’ Own Dressing!

Austin steps off the all-terrain vehicle and maneuvers over to a closet, where he opens the door to reveal QT Marshall – but not in the same state we saw him earlier!

[ Excalibur ] There’s QT Marshall! AND HE’S WEARING A GAG AND A DIAPER!

[ Pat McAfee ] Is this a sex thing?!

Austin pulls QT by his head over to the port-a-potty and kicks him in the knee, sending him down to the floor before screaming at him again.


The fans explode with joy and slightly off-screen, Christopher Daniels pumps his fist with enthusiasm. Austin lifts Marshall, walks him to the Port-A-Potty, and smashes his face down into the door.

[ Stone Cold Steve Austin ] OH – AND CUE TEE?!

Austin rears back and HURLS Marshall over the fallen port-a-potty, screaming again, a middle finger pointing into the sky and enunciating every word he says.


Another gargantuan pop from the audience as Austin stomps off screen and the camera refocuses on Christopher Daniels, clapping and grinning as we fade away.

REFEREE: Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

The two men meet in the center of the ring as Paul Turner stands in between, giving final orders before signaling for the bell. A dueling chant breaks out, showing the crowd is evenly divided.


[ Excalibur ] Pat, Adam Cole receiving some fanfare from the crowd has him seemingly perplexed here.

[ Pat McAfee ] He’d better shake it off like Taylor Swift or else he’s gonna’ get caught off guard.

[ Excalibur ] What are you, Mauro Ranallo now?

[ Pat McAfee ] No idea who the hell that is.

[ Excalibur ] ..Alright.

Cole cups his ear and smirks, reminding Hangman that “this is MY house!” Hangman throttles him with a stiff forearm and the fight is on! Cole responds with a forearm of his own, sending Hangman back a few steps. Hangman wipes his mouth and fires back at Cole, who backs into the ropes for support. The fans respond after every stiff blow with cheers, not really wanting to boo either man. Cole rears back but Hangman ducks down, so Cole quickly improvises with a high knee lift, connecting right between the eyes! Hangman drops to one knee and Cole hits a superkick and covers, only getting a one count! Page kips up and clotheslines Cole! Cover - one! Kick out! Both Cole and Page slide to opposite covers to catch their breaths as the fans eat it up!

[ Excalibur ] What a flurry! These two men have created such a frantic pace to start, trading blows back and forth, Pat. Someone has to get an advantage and capitalize on it!

[ Pat McAfee ] You see that cowboy kip-up like a karate guy? Friggin' amazing.

Cautiously, Page and Cole meet again in the center of the ring and lock up. Cole grabs a headlock and wrenches down. Page backs into the ropes and shoots Cole off and drops down as Cole passes by. On his way back, Cole is caught off guard as Page hops up and hits a snap powerslam! Page quickly pulls Cole up and hoists him over his head - DEAD EYE- NO! Cole wiggles down Page's back into a sunset flip for a quick two count. Cole quickly pops Page in the face with a super kick and goes for The Boom, but Page rolls out of the ring. Cole grabs the top rope and jumps over, but Hangman quickly slides back into the ring as Cole lands hard on the floor outside. Hangman hits the ropes and dives through the middle, crashing Cole's back into the guardrail! Hangman high-fives some fans on the front row and takes a fan's beer and downs it to a huge pop!


[ Excalibur ] Adam Page is a man of the people and he has Adam Cole in a bind!

Page looks to take advantage of the situation and pulls Cole up by his hair but gets pulled into the ring post by Cole and a handful of tights. Cole slams Hangman's head into the ring steps for good measure. He then grabs a cup of beer from a nearby fan and dumps it all over the top of Page's head and rolls him back into the ring. Standing on the apron, his back to the ropes, Cole throws his arms in the air and screams, "ADAM COLE...." and the fans finish in unison with his finishing "...BAY BAY!" Cole is back inside and paintbrushes the back of Page's head, taunting him. This draws the first boos of the night for the former SGW Champion. Cole drags Page into the corner and blisters him with knife-edge chops. He then picks Page up into a suplex position and drops Page's neck down on his knee. Cole quickly covers but Hangman kicks out at two. He debates the speed of Turner's counting, but quickly goes back to work.

[ Excalibur ] Adam Page is one of the bright spots in this new era of SGW, Pat. His signing created a lot of buzz and anticipation for what he could bring to the table. Besides his talent and personality, you cannot deny his heart.

[ Pat McAfee ] Think he'd teach me how to ride a horse?

[ Excalibur ] Your responses have added nothing to this match.

[ Pat McAfee ] I'm just fuckin' living, man. Just shootin' the breeze and saying whatever's on my mind. It's electric sometimes. Sometimes it stinks. That's the risk you take.

Cole superkicks Page, dropping him to one knee. He grabs Hangman by the hair and yells, "IT'S TIME FOR HANGMAN TO SUCK MY DICK!"

[ Pat McAfee ] It's time for WHO do WHAT?

Hangman grabs Cole by the crotch and his knuckles turn white from the grip! Cole yells out in agony as Paul Turner counts to five, forcing the break. Hangman scoops Cole up and hits a Fall-Away Slam! He grabs Cole and sits him on the top turnbuckle, quickly joining him up top. Page is going to try to hit the Fall-Away Slam from the top, but Cole wiggles his way free and slides to the mat between Page's legs. Cole grabs Hangman's head and sets it for a super kick! Stunned, Hangman staggers on the top rope and Cole leaps up, BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! One, two, no! Cole gets on the top rope and awaits Page to get to his feet. One he does, he goes for the Panama Sunrise, but Page blocks it and turns it into DEADEYE! One, two, no! Page goes to the top rope and dives off for a moonsault, but Cole is up and superkicks him in the chest on the way down! Both men collapse on the mat, exhausted from the flurry!

"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap "THIS IS AWESOME!"

[ Excalibur ] The fans have spoken!

Page is up to his feet first and drags himself through the ropes to the apron and as Cole gets up, he goes for the Buckshot, but Cole hits a super kick! Cole climbs to the top rope and goes for another Panama Sunrise but Page turns it into a big back drop upon Cole's flipping attempt! Page readies himself and plows Cole with a rolling elbow! The former champion is stunned and Page sees an opportunity. Page hits another Fall-Away Slam and goes to the apron. When the time is right, he flips over the tope rope and.. Cole ducks.. Hangman clobbers Paul Turner with the Buckshot Lariat instead! Paul Turner is OUT!

[ Pat McAfee ] Excalibur, my analysis of this match.. Paul Turner.. Does not have that dawg in 'em. Or his piss. 'Cause Adam Page just knocked it out of him.

Britt Baker comes down to the ring and slides a chair in. The fans boo as Cole looks down at the black steel chair resting at his feet. He looks over to Hangman, who is helping Paul Turner the best he can, and appears to be conflicted.

[ Excalibur ] Adam Cole has the opportunity to lay his opponent out and he not even know it but isn't jumping on the opportunity just yet. Could we be seeing a change of heart?

[ Adam Cole ] Last night of the year, man. Anything goes! Start fresh in the morning.

Cole picks the chair up much to the approval of Britt Baker. He holds it over his head, looking ready to strike Page at any moment.. But Cole drops it over the top rope to the outside! Britt's jaw drops in shock and the fans explode as he chooses not to use it on Hangman!

[ Pat McAfee ] New Year, new Adam Cole!

[ Excalibur ] He did the right thing! He's going to try to win this one with honor!

Cole spins Hangman around and tells him it's time to finish this. Page looks to the outside as Britt Baker holds up the steel chair that was meant for him and gives Cole a nod, realizing that it could have all went a lot differently just a few short moments ago. They fist-bump one another and then begin trading right hands and the place erupts!

"COWBOY SHIT!" Big punch! "ADAM COLE!" Big punch!

Over and over, but the reactions from the crowd grow deafening with each blow. Fists turn to elbows. Elbows turn to forearms. Cole is rocked by a headbutt but doubles Hangman over with a shot to the kidneys! They even trade pump kicks and the fans are eating it up! Gassed, each man uses the other to hold himself up momentarily before finding fighting spirit to continue their onslaughts!


[ Pat McAfee ] There's nothing on the line in this match, dude! Just pride! It's wild!

[ Excalibur ] We've seen Adam Cole duke it out with SGW Legends such a Steve Austin and Val Venis, but now it's Cole who is the legend and is trying to withstand an upset attempt from an up-and-comer!

Back and forth blows stagger the competitors, with neither gaining a true advantage. Page makes the first mistake and swings wildly with a desperation haymaker that Cole ducks. Cole hits Page with a kick to the knee and then a quick superkick. He lowers his knee pad and hits the ropes - THE BOOM! One, two, kick out at 2.9999! Cole hits the corner again, wasting no time - PANAMA SUNRISE! Cole collapses on top of Page, draping an arm over him - one.. two.. three!

ADAM COLE via PINFALL in 13:29

Paul Turner raises Adam Cole's hand in the air as his music plays loudly in the background. The capacity crowd is on their feet, giving each man a deserved round of applause. Cole hugs Britt and goes to Hangman and picks him up off the mat. The two embrace in a big hug and shake hands. Cole points to Hangman, giving him a sign of respect.

[ Excalibur ] That is an SGW Hall of Famer who knew his number was almost had tonight showing respect to the future of the company, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] What a damn match, dude!

[ Excalibur ] There's a reason why Adam Cole has been one of the cornerstones in Solid Gold Wrestling for three years, Pat! He proved it tonight that he still has what it takes to be in the upper echelon!

Hangman tries breaking free but Cole refuses to let go, catching Page off guard. Cole mouths the words, "thank you" and releases his handshake. He rolls out of the ring with Britt Baker quickly behind him, giving the ring to Hangman Page. Page drops to his knees and clutches the back of his neck as chants of "COWBOY SHIT! COWBOY SHIT!" rain down on him. Adam Cole stands at the top of the ramp victorious, but knows it very easily could have gone the other way. Is this a sign of times changing for the two-time World Champion?

Johnny Gargano is seen walking down the hallway backstage with Candice LeRae and their infant son in her arms. Their casual stroll is stopped abruptly by Charles Crowley, who is carrying the SGW Television Championship.

[ Charles Crowley ] Well, hello there, Gargano Clan.

Crowley admires young Quill, pinching his cheeks before Candice turns her body, shielding her son from the bizarre Crowley.

[ Charles Crowley ] You know, Johnny, we all had high hopes for you. You were supposed to come in and take this company by storm as the hot new prospect. Your story is admirable. You scratched and clawed your way from the independent scene and made it to the big time to provide for your beautiful family.

Crowley longingly admires Candice and Quill before turning his attention back to Gargano.

[ Charles Crowley ] But while you’ve lost matches and taken shows off, I’ve been here as a role model and poster child for the new era of Solid Gold Wrestling. The only thing that separates us is that you get the benefit of the doubt while I have to work twice as hard to get noticed.

[ Johnny Gargano ] You’re right.

Crowley cocks an eyebrow.

[ Johnny Gargano ] And that’s not fair.

Gargano puts his arm around Candice and continues.

[ Johnny Gargano ] I took tonight off to spend the holidays with my family without aches and pains, but I should have been competing with the rest of the roster. No excuse.

Gargano looks dead in Crowley’s eyes and speaks honestly.

[ Johnny Gargano ] While guys like you fight and fight and fight, I haven’t kept up my end of the bargain upon signing that SGW contract, and I plan on making it right in 2023 and beyond. It’s time to go from being good to being great. I’m not one to rest on my laurels at all, and I always want to earn my keep.

He pauses.

[ Johnny Gargano ] And you’ve inspired me just now. You’re a heck of a competitor and you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. I can respect that.

This isn’t going how Crowley expected.

[ Johnny Gargano ] So I’ll be back at the next show.. And I could rebound with a good opponent.


[ Johnny Gargano ] Or even a good partner.

[ Charles Crowley ] Who, me?

Crowley is unsure of Gargano’s position.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Guess we’ll see how it goes, won’t we? I mean, if you’re interested.

[ Charles Crowley ] It’s a possibility.

Gargano smiles and pats the title belt on Crowley's shoulder.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Great! Maybe we can work something out then... one way or another.

Gargano and his family continue walking down the hallway, leaving Crowley behind. With them a safe enough distance away, Crowley lets a sly smile escape his lips as he looks down at his title. He seems very interested after his conversation with the returning Gargano, but why?

REFEREE: Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 45:00

Nia Jax hands off the championship belt to Mike Chioda. He shows the title to Cora Jade and Haruna Neko, giving them a good look at it before handing the title off to a ringside attendance. He calls for the bell to begin the match. Robert Stone watches intently from ringside, encouraging Neko to do her best and get the job done as quickly as possible.

[ Excalibur ] What a match this is, Pat... not only is it a match we might not have gotten if Nia Jax weren't trying to prove herself to the, um, non-champion Ronda Rousey, but it's a match you're only going to find in Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Pat McAfee ] I'm pumped, Excalibur. Nia Jax is a BEAST and I'm salivating at the thought of what's she's about t' do t' these two! She's bad enough on her own, but with something t' prove? We're about to see some FACES! GET! BROKEN! YEAH!

All three women begin circling one another... before Haruna Neko charges at Nia Jax and runs straight into a stiff-arm clothesline, turning herself inside out! The fans "OoOOooh!" on impact and then Jax advances on Cora Jade! Jade lunges and tries a double leg takedown but Jax remains standing and smashes her between the shoulder blades with double axe handle blow! Cora falls to all fours but before she can scramble away, Nia Jax pulls her in and whips her up... POWERBOMB! Cora Jade folds up, almost kneeing herself in the face! Jax covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- HARUNA BREAKS THE PIN!

[ Excalibur ] That's how quickly it can end! If it wasn't for Haruna Neko's quick thinking, Nia Jax would've retained JUST LIKE THAT!

[ Pat McAfee ] I told you! She's bad, man!

Haruna rains down open hand slaps to Nia Jax's back. Jax looks pissed, slowly rising to her feet. Neko pounds away at Jax, hitting her with vicious forearm blows to the chest! Jax frowns and grabs two handfuls of Neko's hair! She HAIR WHIPS NEKO ACROSS THE RING! Jax advances on her as Cora Jade rolls to the apron. Neko struggles back to her feet and leans against the ropes. Nia Jax stomps toward her... only for Robert Stone to grab Neko by the ankle and drag her out of the ring! Stone points up at Jax and offers advice to Neko along the lines of "you have to stop getting hit!" until Jax steps through the ropes-- NO! Cora Jade comes out of nowhere to boot Jax in the side of the head, causing her to fall onto the apron and tumble to the floor!

[ Pat McAfee ] Oh! No way! Cora Jade knows that's the only way she can win, to eliminate DA' FACE BREAKER from the equation!

[ Excalibur ] I mean, that's pretty standard strategy for a three way dance, Pat. Neutralize one opponent so that you can defeat the other in a one-on-one scenario. It's smart thinking by Cora Jade!

Neko immediately begins putting the boots to Jax then shouts at Robert Stone in Japanese. He snaps to it, helping her pull Nia Jax up to her feet. Mike Chioda yells at Stone to get his hands off of Jax but there's no disqualifications in a three way dance! Haruna Neko and Robert Stone throw Nia Jax shoulder first into the ring steps! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Excalibur ] Robert Stone is doing what it takes to ensure victory for Haruna Neko! It's a good thing there's no disqualifications or else this match would be over! Wait, look out!

CORA JADE WIPES THEM BOTH OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Robert Stone lies disheveled against the guard rail! Cora pulls Neko to her feet and throws her under the bottom rope! Cora climbs onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckles! Neko slowly returns to her feet and Cora Jade flies-- MISSILE DROPKICK! Jade scrambles and covers! ONE! TWO! NEKO BRIDGES OUT! Cora returns to her feet and pulls Neko up behind her. Cora attempts to whip Neko into the ropes but Neko cuts her off and whips her around... BAM! BIG SLAP TO THE FACE! Jade is staggered and Neko snatches her wrist! Neko climbs to the middle rope and then steps onto the top! Cora Jade looks on helplessly as Neko walks across the top rope and then leaps! OPEN HAND SCRATCH TO JADE'S CHEST! Jade staggers out to the middle of the ring and Neko charges and leaps-- DOUBLE PAW STRIKE TO THE CHEST!

[ Pat McAfee ] What the hell is going on?! PAW STRIKES?!

Jade goes down and Neko hits the ropes... RUNNING BACK SENTON! Neko covers! ONE! TWO! NO! NIA JAX PULLS HARUNA NEKO OUT OF THE RING! With zero hesitation, Nia Jax nails her with the FACE BREAKER PUNCH! Neko goes down in a heap! Jax goes to roll under the bottom rope but Robert Stone stops her, grabbing her ankle and pulling her back out of the ring! Jax hits Robert Stone with the FACE BREAKER! Stone goes down and lies completely motionless next to Neko!

[ Excalibur ] That's it! That's what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!


Jax turns to head back into the ring-- NO! CORA JADE NAILS HER WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Both women crash against the guard rail! Jade gets to her feet first and staggers out before returning to grab Jax by the hair. She struggles to pull Jax up and awkwardly throws her against the apron before booting her in the stomach. Jade pulls Nia Jax in and goes for a suplex-- NO! Nia Jax locks her legs and SUPLEXES CORA JADE ON THE FLOOR! Jax gets back to her feet and pulls Jade back to her feet. She throws her under the bottom rope and follows her in with an intent look on her face. Jade pushes herself up to all fours and Jax takes two big steps before kicking her right in the ribs! Cora cries out in pain as Nia advances on her. She plants her boot right on Cora's chest and pins her down! ONE! TWO! THR-- CORA GETS A SHOULDER UP!

[ Excalibur ] Cora Jade refuses to give up, no matter how much damage she takes from the Women's Intercontinental Champion!

Wasting no time, Jax snatches Cora off the mat. Cora fires off with a forearm to the chest but Jax no sells it and rattles her with a forearm of her own! Not allowing Cora to fall to the mat, Nia Jax snatches her up onto her shoulder and plants her with a SAMOAN DROP! Jax sits next to Jade's motionless body for a moment, appearing pissed. Finally, Jax stands up and hits the ropes, preparing to drop the BIG LEG-- NO! ROBERT STONE GRABS JAX'S ANKLE AND HOLDS HER IN PLACE! The fans boo loudly as Haruna Neko rolls into the ring on the other side, visibly rocked from that Face Breaker punch... however, she's clutching Cora Jade's skateboard! Before Jax realizes what's going on, Neko charges and NAILS HER with the skateboard! Jax crumbles and falls through the ropes, coming to a rest on the apron as Robert Stone celebrates and then falls against the guard rail to keep from falling down.

[ Pat McAfee ] How is Robert Stone still standing?! How is HARUNA NEKO still standing?! Nia Jax handed out those Face Breaker punches like she was teaching a master class in CTE!

[ Excalibur ] Regardless, Haruna Neko now holds the outcome of this match in her paws-- along with Cora Jade's skateboard! What happens now!?

Neko turns around and points at the fallen Cora Jade. She holds up the skateboard and waits on Cora Jade to return to her feet. The fans begin buzzing as Jade struggles up to one knee. Neko shouts in Japanese and charges! Cora Jade suddenly rises and SUPERKICKS the skateboard back into Neko's face! Neko goes down in a heap and Cora Jade covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

CORA JADE via PINFALL in 10:06

The fans cheer as Robert Stone dives under the bottom rope, just seconds too late! Cora Jade rolls off of Neko and Mike Chioda presents her with the championship belt!


[ Excalibur ] It seems as if Nia Jax's open challenge has backfired and the x-factor of three way dances has come into play as she wasn't even pinned to lose her championship belt!

Nia Jax looks pissed and turns to see Robert Stone still leaning against the rail. She rears back and SMASHES his face with the FACEBREAKER PUNCH! He goes down, unconscious! Jax storms up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain.

[ Excalibur ] Another unfortunate loss for Los Bloodline tonight. Nia Jax is NOT happy.

[ Pat McAfee ] Happy or not, the Generation of Jade is upon us and I'm here for it!

We fade out on a shot of Cora Jade celebrating with the championship.

We abruptly cut backstage.

We can still hear the live crowd reacting to the champion's celebration.

As the camera pans around, we see Jinny standing by and watching the celebration on a monitor backstage. WALTER and Tyler Breeze stand nearby, silent. Jinny raises an eyebrow and nods before turning away from the monitor... however, before she can remark on what she just witnessed, she's approached by Konami. Jinny raises her nose in the air and approaches Konami, looking down her nose at her. Momo Kohgo and Saki Kashima appear behind Konami, still clad in their oversized teddy bear and snowman costumes, minus the heads.

[ Jinny ] What's the meaning of this...

She eyes Momo and Saki in their ridiculous outfits.

[ Jinny ] ...interruption?

Konami still looks beaten, worn down from her street fight earlier tonight. There's a smattering of dried blood on her forehead. She looks Jinny in the eyes and speaks with a determined tone.

[ Konami ] < Jinny-san... tonight, you will make history by becoming the new SGW Women's World Champion in the MAIN EVENT of Holiday Hell. At Body Count, even though there was interference by Ram Kaicho, I felt your strength and I know that you have what it takes to defeat Alexa Bliss. >

[ Jinny ] You're not telling me anything I don't already know.

Konami smiles and nods.

[ Konami ] < Then allow me to tell you something else... >

Jinny's eyes narrow.

[ Konami ] < I know that you felt my strength as well... so I want you to know that I will be waiting. >

A smile creeps across Jinny's face.

[ Jinny ] I would say that you've got no bloody idea what you're asking for, bitch... but since you've already had a taste of what I can do... I'll just say this--

She gets right down in Konami's face.

[ Jinny ] --bring it on.

Konami nods, a smile appearing on her own face. Without another word, Konami walks out of the shot and leaves Jinny standing there, watching her go. Momo and Saki shuffle past her in their costumes, leaving Jinny with a disgusted look on her face as we head to the ring.

REFEREE: Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

No sooner than Aubrey Edwards called for the opening bell, Matt Jackson is scooting across the ring and lays Pres10 Vance out with a scintillating superkick! Vance tumbles through the ropes to the floor as the fans explode with shock!

[ Pat McAfee ] Good morning, Pres10 Vance! That’s a Matt-Daddy Superkick right to the jaw and I bet Pres10 Vance has a big, Tommy Boy styled red mark on his jawline after that kick!

Spears does his best to fight two-on-one, intercepting a Nick Jackson Superkick, but eating a Matt Jackson superkick to the jaw! Spears takes it flush and bounces off the ropes, dazed, right into –


[ Pat McAfee ] Speak football, Ex-Cal!

Spears is on jelly legs, and the Bucks don’t mind it a bit, connecting with double superkicks to the shins, then a little Early Onset Alzheimer’s, the double superkicks to the kneeled opponent, a foot connecting with either side of the head! Nick covers – but Spears is out at the count of two! Vance rolls into the ring and throws a wild clothesline at Matt – but the elder Jackson ducks – and Vance steps RIGHT into a superkick from Nick! Vance falls to the mat and Nick covers – another two count!

[ Excalibur ] Put on your party hat, Pat, because the superkick party is off and running!

[ Pat McAfee ] Who popped the keg?!

[ Excalibur ] I don’t know so much about a keg, but Spears just got his jaw tapped with a series of superkicks!

Matt and Nick communicate outside the range of the ring or camera microphones, confirming a strategy with one another before stepping together and nudging Vance out of the ring, apparently choosing to focus their assault on Shawn Spears, the older of the Imperfect 10s! Spears breaks an attempt for a suplex and clubs Nick in the jaw before booting Matt in the stomach! Spears hooks Matt for a DDT and pulls Nick over for a flatliner – and connects! Both the Young Bucks are shot down in their prime and Spears covers Matt – just a two count! Spears crosses and covers Nick – only a one count this time!

[ Pat McAfee ] Wow! Shawn Spears is doing his best to get the 10s on the board and back into the game! It’s just the first quarter – or halftime? – How, uh…how do I make a time analogy to football, here, Ex-Cal?

[ Excalibur ] You’ve got me, Pat, I figure that’s a you question! Either way, Shawn Spears sure did connect with that beautiful, heads-up double-team maneuver! He’s absolutely GOT to capitalize on this momentum, though!

[ Pat McAfee ] Let’s see what happens now, because Spears is done resting and plotting – he’s moving into drive and shifting this plan into action!

Spears stands up and lifts Nick to his feet – powerbomb incoming! Shawn Spears is looking to powerbomb the younger Jackson brother to the floor from the ring! Spears charges – but Nick hooks the top rope and drags Spears to the apron – hurricanrana! Spears and Nick rise up – but Matt Jackson’s right there – SUPERKICK! Spears is dazed and Nick vaults through the top and middle rope to the inside of the ring – ANOTHER SUPERKICK FROM MATT! Spears is dazed and the brothers pause – DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Spears falls to the floor, colliding with his partner Vance!

Matt Jackson stands on the middle rope, spreading the top rope higher than normal and allows Nick to soar through the ropes with a beautiful tope con hilo, smashing Pres10 Vance to the floor! Nick scoops Vance up by the mask and whirls him into the ring with authority as Matt leaps off the middle, holding the top still, and flips over the top, connecting with Spears!

[ Excalibur ] DIVES ACROSS AMERICA AND THE YOUNG BUCKS are keeping the pressure on the Imperfect 10s! If the Young Bucks want to end the longest reign in the twenty-year history of Solid Gold Wrestling, then they have to apply pressure whenever possible on Spears, Vance, and the 10s as a whole!

[ Pat McAfee ] Well, it looks like Nicholas is lookin’ ta’ do just that, Ex-Cal! He’s waitin’ to pop a soupy kick right in Vance’s ass!

[ Excalibur ] “POP A SOUPY KICK?!”

Back inside the ring, Nick Jackson is perched on the top rope, waiting for Vance to stand – and soars with a cross body block! – but Vance catches the flying Buck, rolls backwards and stands! What strength! Vance charges ahead, tossing Nick into the air and DOWN with a charging Samoan Drop! Matt Jackson springboards over and into the ring, but Vance is ready – powerbomb position and DOWN onto his brother! Vance covers – one! Two! NO! The Young Bucks aren’t done yet!

[ Excalibur ] The Young Bucks are keeping their skin in the game! The Bucks have to keep forcing the issue, here, because the Imperfect 10s are finally looking like they’ve found the groove!

[ Pat McAfee ] You’re right on it, Masked Man! These 10s are playin’ like 20s at the minute – can they keep up the hard work and blindside the challengers?!

[ Excalibur ] Hard to say – the Young Bucks have been one of the best tag teams in SGW history, championships or no championships!

[ Pat McAfee ] You…you literally can’t be serious, right?

Vance shouts for Spears to join him in the ring, and the veteran of the Imperfect 10s begins stirring, looking to rejoin the fray in the ring. Pres10 Vance hoists Matt Jackson up with a suplex, stalling for a while and looking to drain the blood to Matt’s head, but here comes Nick – BUT WAIT! Shawn Spears intercepts, grabbing the younger Jackson by the ankle and stopping interference! Vance swings Matt down – JACKHAMMER! Spears releases Nick and Vance throws a clothesline – DUCK! SUPERKICK! Vance is dazed and here comes Spears – SUPERKICK FROM NICK! Vance roars and pumps his fists, not ready to say “die,” but Nick throws another superkick – INTERCEPTED! Vance throws the leg to Spears, who catches it and allows Vance to neckbreaker the stalled-out Young Buck!

[ Pat McAfee ] The best team in modahn SGW history – MAYBE SO! Their teamwork is off the charts right there, brotha!

Spears and Vance position Nick onto their shoulders, looking for the double Death Valley Driver, but Matt is up and pulls Nick down from their grasp! It’s a standoff and all guns are blazing!

[ Excalibur ] SUPERKICK!

[ Pat McAfee ] WIZZOW WHAM!

[ Excalibur ] SUPERKICK!

[ Pat McAfee ] BAZINGA, BABY!


[ Pat McAfee ] AWW MAMA, WHAT A MOVE! All four’a these jokers are down and out, daddio!

It takes a moment for the action to reset, but it’s Nick Jackson and Pres10 Vance who come up for air first – Vance throws a big right hand, but Nick superkicks it out of commission! WHAT?! Nick goes for a superkick, but Spears tackles him to the mat from across the ring! Here comes Matt with a charging elbow strike, but Vance ducks and lifts him onto his shoulders – Spears joins him – DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Matt eats canvas and is down and out! Nick is up now – SUPERKICK TO SPEARS! SUPERKICK TO VANCE!

[ Excalibur ] THE IMPERFECT 10s SHAKE OFF THE MILLIONTH SUPERKICK OF THE MATCH! How is this team doing this?!

Spears and Vance connect with a double big boot, spurning Nick into the ropes – and ONTO THEIR SHOULDERS! DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER – right onto Matt’s torso! Nick is absolutely wrecked, but Spears and Vance double cover Matt – and that’s all she wrote! The longest-reigning champions keep the gold as Aubrey Edwards counts the brothers Jackson out of the match!


Spears slumps into the corner, absolutely worn out after the 100-yard dash of a match the four men have just endured. Vance’s mask laces are immediately loosened to allow him better breathing, and Aubrey passes him a championship belt, a sign that the hard work the Imperfect 10s have put in will be on the record book for at least another four weeks.

[ Excalibur ] Well, credit’s due where credit’s due! The Imperfect 10s, as unconventional, and well…

[ Pat McAfee ] IMPERFECT!

[ Excalibur ] Right, thanks Pat, IMPERFECT – as they may be, continue to heap day after day onto their record-breaking SGW Tag Team Championship reign. It’s all the more impressive considering they’re going into 2023 as champions and have held the gold for over a calendar year! And they just defeated the Young Bucks – maybe the time in the sun has passed for the Bucks?

Vance and Spears hug in center ring, truly proud of their accomplishment together, before pausing to look at their championship belts. The Imperfect 10s lift the championships as we cut to the back.


Nia Jax is sitting down, drinking from a bottle of water. She's still feeling the effects of her three way dance earlier in the night. She turns up the bottle of water to finish it off but its suddenly slapped out of her hand! The fans loudly "OoOOoOooooo" as the camera pans over to reveal Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler! Jax just shakes her head.

[ Nia Jax ] Seriously?

Jax stands up and looks at Shayna and Ronda.

[ Nia Jax ] Are we doing this right now? Is it feeding time?!

[ Ronda Rousey ] Don't come at me with that shit, Jax. I heard you talking that trash after our match at Body Count. How I have to earn the right to face you while you run off and defend your title against two nobodies that couldn't lace my boots

[ Shayna Baszler ] What a joke.

Paul Levesque steps into the shot, looming over all three of them.

[ Paul Levesque ] Nia Jax... the indestructible force... the immovable object... she who is not like most girls... one month ago, you made the mistake of crossing Ronda Rousey, the baddest woman on the planet.

He gestures toward Rousey.

[ Paul Levesque ] You had the audacity to say she didn't deserve a match with you, even though she beat you at Body Count--

[ Nia Jax ] She didn't beat me! I never tapped out!

[ Ronda Rousey ] That's something I intend to change.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Yeah!

Jax, Rousey, and Baszler all push up against each other like a fight may break out at any second. Before it escalates any further, Levesque pushes them apart and steps between them.

[ Paul Levesque ] That's enough! Jax, you said Ronda Rousey has to earn a match against you... and I say that's bullshit! Ronda Rousey is one of the most celebrated athletes in all of combat sports. You're not even the champion anymore! She's not gonna be disrespected like that!

Jax raises both of her fists.

[ Nia Jax ] I'm not scared of Ronda Rousey! As a matter of fact, I'll take both of you on by myself!

[ ??? ] No, you won't.

Jax looks confused as she turns around and we see EVE TORRES walk into the shot. Torres stands next to Jax and puts her hand on her shoulder. Rousey and Baszler look pissed.

[ Ronda Rousey ] What the hell is this, Torres? You sided with me in the build-up to Body Count! You said Nia Jax didn't stand a chance at beating me!

[ Shayna Baszler ] Yeah!

[ Eve Torres ] Yeah, well... maybe I had a change of heart. Me and Nia have had our ups and down throughout our careers but I'm not gonna stand by and let you two bully her into a handicap match!

Rousey glares at Eve Torres.

[ Ronda Rousey ] Ya' know what... I don't have time for this shit.

Rousey turns to walk away, then stops and looks over her shoulder.

[ Ronda Rousey ] This isn't finished.

She walks away with Baszler and Levesque in tow.

[ Eve Torres ] Damn right it's not.

As Rousey, Levesque, and Baszler walk off into the distance, Torres turns and sees Jax staring a hole through her. Jax approaches Torres and gets right in her face.

[ Nia Jax ] Thanks for the back-up--

Torres nods.

[ Nia Jax ] --but I don't know if I'm ready to trust you after what you said about me before Body Count.

Without another word, Jax walks off-camera, leaving Torres to herself.

Before entrance themes can play, announcers can speak, or the bell can even ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Anthony Ogogo come blasting through the curtain, punches flying in every direction over and over and over until both men go rolling down the ramp and through the aisle!

[ Excalibur ] OH MY!

[ Pat McAfee ] LOOK AT THIS!

As Ogogo lands on top, he shakes the cobwebs and begins to punch Austin, but Stone Cold throws his hands up, choking Ogogo! Before long, Rick Knox comes darting down the aisle, flanked by a partially-cleaned-up QT Marshall! Marshall demands that Knox kicks this match off – but not before he himself swings his foot right at Stone Cold’s head, breaking his grip!

[ Excalibur ] What a cheap shot!

Marshall turns to the crowd, gleaming with pride despite still being covered partially in fecal matter, but suddenly his smile drops – AND A FAN JUMPS OVER THE AISLE AT HIM!



Hook begins pummeling QT, knocking him up the aisle and by the stage as Knox investigates Austin and Ogogo – and then yells across the arena –

[ Rick Knox ] Ring the bell!

The bell rings and away we go!

REFEREE: Rick Knox | TIME LIMIT - 45:00

Ogogo crawls on his hands and knees to Austin and punches him with as much force as he can muster! Austin returns fire and kicks Ogogo back, pressing up for support on the barricade at ringside – but in comes Ogogo! The Guv’nah charges, tackling Stone Cold not over – BUT THROUGH – the barricade and into the crowd! The fans in attendance roar with support as the two men crash, rolling across concrete before forcing themselves to their knees, through the pain, and redirected at one another!

[ Excalibur ] WHOA NOW! What an impact! Both men go crashing through the barricade and into the audience!


Austin takes a fan’s outstretched cup of beer, chugs it, and runs at Ogogo – THESZ PRESS! RIGHT ON THE CONCRETE! Austin begins punching the bareknuckle champion over and over, impacting his face and this match with every blow. Stone Cold stands, taking Ogogo for yet another time tonight by the ears and drags him, up the steps of the arena and into the upper levels of the crowd!

[ Pat McAfee ] Man, is this gonna be one of those stereotypical Attitude Era jaunts?

[ Excalibur ] What do you mean?

[ Pat McAfee ] You know! Pointless brawling through the crowd to add excitement?

[ Excalibur ] Does THIS match REALLY need all of THAT?!

Ogogo catches Austin’s strike and swings his own – WHAM! A body shot staggers Austin and Ogogo plants his foot into the side of his head and Austin falls! Tumbling, downward, over and over, Austin’s body forcing into and off of every single step, Stone Cold finally comes to a stop by crashing into a fencing piece – right by the edge of the lower bowl of the arena!

[ Pat McAfee ] Oh no! Stone Cold’s on the edge and he just might break!

[ Excalibur ] Or Ogogo may break him! Look out below!

Ogogo reaches Austin – and begins pushing to tip him over the edge! Stone Cold fights, doing his best to twist and turn out of the danger of what’s coming, but Ogogo pushes everything as much as he can, trying to force Stone Cold over the edge –


Austin swings his foot upwards, connecting with Ogogo’s groin! Ogogo’s hand is still wrapped upon Austin’s throat, forcing him over the edge, and just before he falls, Stone Cold flips off his rival!


[ Excalibur ] LOOK OUT! OH MY GOSH, NO!

[ Pat McAfee ] These guys wanna be the Intercontinental Champion SO BADLY!

The camera finally reaches them, and both Ogogo and Austin are a mass of wrecked humanity, having gone through a table at a bizarre angle! Neither man is moving, but Rick Knox is frantic, checking on both men and wondering to the cameraman if he needs to call the match – but before he can, in comes QT Marshall, shoving Knox away from the mess of humanity! Knox goes flying as Marshall begins stomping Austin, over and over again, screaming a mess of obscenities into Stone Cold’s face!

[ Excalibur ] WHAT THE HELL, QT?!

[ Pat McAfee ] He’s just making sure his investment pays off! QT is doing whatever it takes in order to succeed in this matchup – by Ogogo’s proxy!

[ Excalibur ] Yeah well, he’s got to stay out of this match! He’s making the legacy lessened of this great championship by injecting himself into the contest!


[ Excalibur ] IT’S HOOOOOOK!

[ Pat McAfee ] BIG RIGHT HAND! Hook is swinging for the fences!

Hook delivers again, tackling Marshall and then lifting him, whirling him into the wall of the arena, then into a garbage can! Hook punches, down into the trash can before pulling Marshall out! The two men tie up – but Ogogo cleans Hook’s clock! Hook goes flying and Marshall sinks to the ground as the exhausted and broken Ogogo cracks his neck and refocuses on Stone Cold –


[ Excalibur ] Stone Cold is alive! They’re brawling down the aisle and back!

[ Pat McAfee ] Here we go!

Austin and Ogogo continue along the path they tread into the crowd, storming towards the ring – but Ogogo shoves Stone Cold and swipes a steel chair up! Austin, fortuitously, does the same – and SCLASH! WHACK! The chairs collide in mid-air and block one another! AGAIN! AND AGAIN! Austin throws his chair at Ogogo’s midsection and hurls him over the barricade! Austin very carefully balances himself onto the barricade and dives, piercing Ogogo with the point of his elbow!

[ Excalibur ] VINTAGE STONE COLD! …ugh. I hate that I just said that.

Ogogo grabs the bottom rope and struggles, trying his best to crawl into the ring – but here’s Austin! WHAM! Clubbering shot to the back of the head! Ogogo turns, too – SMACK! Austin goes flying as Ogogo’s five fingers say hello to the face! Both men use all their remaining effort – and they’re in the ring! This match has finally reached the ring – and TERMINUS!

[ Pat McAfee ] Here they go! Which man is going to be the first up to their feet?!

[ Excalibur ] It’s Austin! Stone Cold! He’s up…barely! But he’s coming around!

Austin, breathing deeply, stalks the downed Guv’nah and begins shouting, cursing at his opponent and demanding he stands up! Eventually, Ogogo rises from the mat and Austin approaches – KICK! WHAM – STUN—NO! NO! Ogogo whirls Austin off him and WHAM!

[ Excalibur ] OH MAN! OH MY GOSH!

Ogogo connects with an absolute banger, a pure shot to the jaw, and Austin crumbles to the mat in a heap, one knee under his chest and his forehead on the canvas!

[ Pat McAfee ] Stone Cold is out cold! KAY OHHHH!

Ogogo stumbles into the corner, still dazed from the hellacious brawl and night of fights he’s been through, and refocuses, eventually noticing that Austin is practically unconscious in front of him. Within thirty seconds of stumbling back, Ogogo finally realizes what’s happened, and a sinister grin crosses his lips.

[ Excalibur ] He’s done it – he’s done it! Ogogo has knocked Stone Cold out! He’s just got to make a cover now!

Ogogo stumbles ahead and nudges Austin with his boot – he’s out! Ogogo laughs to himself and turns, facing Rick Knox and demanding he comes over – that this match is done – BUT OH MY GOSH!

[ Pat McAfee ] WHAT!?!

Austin somehow trips Ogogo up and rolls him up, putting all his weight onto Ogogo’s legs and neck and stacked as high as possible! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans in attendance absolutely roar with emotion, absolutely in disbelief that Stone Cold could overcome in such a way! Anthony Ogogo shoots up off the mat, shocked at what’s just happened!


[ Pat McAfee ] Stone Cold! He’s done it! I thought he was knocked completely out cold!


Anthony Ogogo is quickly over, on top of Austin and begins LEATHERING him with rapid-fire shots to the head and face! Ogogo is PUMMELING Austin, killshot after killshot, sending blood shooting from Stone Cold’s nose with a variety of blows!

[ Excalibur ] ENOUGH! ENOUGH! This is a disgusting show of brutality!

[ Pat McAfee ] Yeah, man, this is a bit too much, dawg! CUT IT OUT, OGOGO!

Ogogo has absolutely no interest in ceasing his attack and pounds the mat in rage, beyond infuriated with what has transpired tonight. With another right hand, Ogogo sprays blood from Austin’s mouth across the ring, but then –

[ Excalibur ] HOOK! IT’S HOOK!

Hook slides into the ring and shoves Ogogo off of Austin, instantly throwing punches at his face with every bit of energy he has left! Ogogo throws another back at Hook, connecting with his right ear!

[ Excalibur ] These two are men possessed! Neither Hook nor Anthony Ogogo looks like they’re ready for anything less than a brawl ‘til the bitter, bloody end!

Finally, security rushes the ring and somehow finds a way to drag Hook off of Ogogo, but all the while, both men are clawing through security, desperate for an opportunity to continue exacting their anger on one another physically. On the mat, Stone Cold Steve Austin still has not moved, and doctors begin attending to him as crew and staff remove Ogogo from the ring. The commentary team are respectfully quiet as doctors check on the status of our rebellious and resilient SGW Intercontinental Champion. Hook glares at Ogogo, then over to Austin, as the fans murmur in concern.

We fade from the scene.

A Christmas tree and wooden chair takes our attention backstage. Zooming out, we see a sign reading “SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN’ TO TOWN” in bright red paint. Admiring the display is Cezar Bononi, who is the only person in line.

And he’s wearing a black top hat, an oversized diaper, and has a white banner wrapped around his chest.

[ Cezar Bononi ] Santa Claus. Disgusting.

A finger taps him on the shoulder. Cezar turns and is met by JD Drake.. Who is dressed identically to Cezar. JD Drake is infuriated at the sight in front of him.


[ Cezar Bononi ] What do you mean, friend?

Cezar flexes and we finally get a glimpse of the pageant banner around his chest. It reads “BABY NEW YEAR 2023,” the same as JD Drake’s.

[ JD Drake ] I’m Baby New Year, not you!

[ Cezar Bononi ] JD, the costume, the banner, the top hat, it all adds up and confirms that I am indeed Baby New Year for Holiday Hell!

JD Drake’s face is flushed and looks like he could spit nails.

[ JD Drake ] Have you ever SEEN Baby New Year? Huh?

He doesn’t let Cezar respond.


Drake has never shown more passion for anything in his entire life and snaps the black top hat off of his head and gives it a death grip in his hands.

[ JD Drake ] Go change your clothes. This is my dream!

[ Cezar Bononi ] Since when?

[ JD Drake ] Since lunch!

[ Cezar Bononi ] Oh! That long?! I’ve been dreaming of being Baby New Year since I discovered what it was!

[ JD Drake ] And that was when?

Cezar thinks it over.

[ Cezar Bononi ] A day or two after Body Count. The idea was kicked around by the gang and everyone loved it.

[ JD Drake ] The gang?

[ Peter Avalon ] HO! HO! HO!

Peter Avalon struts into the scene wearing a Santa Claus suit with no padding around the stomach and no fake, white beard in sight. Standing next to him is his elf, Jessica McKay. Her elf ears are the only part of the outfit that is traditional, as the rest of her attire is barely there, revealing more skin than one would think would be legal to show on television.

[ Peter Avalon ] Cezar! You look amazing! We knew it would look great.


The betrayal is all over Drake’s face as tears develop in the corners of his eyes.

[ JD Drake ] You know Baby New Year has to meet a series of requirements, and having sixteen abs and a mustache ain’t part of it! Now, you and your slutty elf tell this man to go change!

[ Peter Avalon ] Slutty elf?!

[ Jessica McKay ] Ya’ know, I should be, but I’m not even upset about that.

She playfully runs her hands up and down her curves, giving herself a smack on the butt.

[ Jessica McKay ] I do look pretty amazing.

Ryan Nemeth walks into the scene wearing jeans, an ugly Christmas sweater and a Santa hat. He stops dead in his tracks upon seeing Jessica McKay. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pair of sunglasses, quickly putting them on his face.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] Dang, Jessie.

He then pulls his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose and gives her a wink.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] Happy birthday, Jesus. Just by putting eyes on you, I’m willing to bet that the Lord has indeed come.

[ Peter Avalon ] I don’t think it’s a good idea to mock the birth of God, but it was a kinda-sorta good joke, so I’ll let it slide. I love a good pun.

Nemeth sees the two Baby New Years and cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] Why do we have two babies? I thought we agreed Cezar was the true one?


[ Ryan Nemeth ] I knew we had the back up baby, but it wasn’t Drake.

[ Jessica McKay ] Christmas was a week ago, yeah? Why is Santa still here?

Avalon walks over and sits down on the wooden chair and is joined by his trusty elf. He waves off McKay and Nemeth’s concerns.

[ Peter Avalon ] Jessica, just be a good elf and don’t question me. And Ryan, who was the back up? I didn’t know we had another option.

On cue, Doudrop walks into the scene wearing an oversized diaper, a sports bra, a pageant banner, and a top hat of her own. Nemeth’s jaw drops and he pulls out his iPhone, snapping a quick picture.

[ Peter Avalon ] WHAT.. IS.. THIS?!

[ JD Drake ] Thank you for seeing the light!

Avalon hops out of his chair and looks in pure disgust at Doudrop.


[ Doudrop ] That’s.. Kind of offensive.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] I think I may be into the lady New Year…

Peter Avalon throws his Santa hat on the ground and points his finger in Doudrop’s face.


[ Doudrop ] Hey! I’m proud of my body!

[ JD Drake ] Yeah, c’mon Pete. Why are you dogging her for flaunting what she has?

Avalon shakes his head.

[ Peter Avalon ] I could give a crap about how she looks! But last time I checked, fellas, it was BABY NEW YEAR! NOT WOMAN NEW YEAR! WOMEN CANNOT BE BABY NEW YEAR! DO WE NOT RESPECT OUR TRADITIONS AROUND HERE?!

Avalon deeply breathes and tries composing himself.

[ Peter Avalon ] All I’m saying is it’s common knowledge that the only role women have in Christmas fun is in the kitchen and dressing as slutty elves! Looking around, I see that it appears JD Drake and Doudrop are the only two among us who IGNORED THE MEMO!

Avalon huffs and marches back to Santa’s chair and carelessly flops down in it, slumped over to the side.

[ Peter Avalon ] At this point, we might as well have three Baby New Years. Christmas is canceled.

JD Drake silently pumps his fist after getting confirmed as at least one of the three babies.

[ Peter Avalon ] I’m the sexiest Santa ever and have a slutty elf, and it’s all for naught.

Doudrop walks over to Peter and sits down on his lap, instantly crushing his legs. Avalon yelps in agony and his eyes bug out of his head, but he does his best to maintain his composure.

[ Doudrop ] It doesn’t have to be for nothing, Santa Pete!

Avalon can’t even wrap his arms around Doudrop, who keeps wiggling in his lap, trying to get comfortable.

[ Doudrop ] You’re so boney.

She keeps wiggling around, catching the attention of Nemeth. He pushes his sunglasses up to cover his eyes and rubs the back of his head.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] You’re a lucky S.O.B., Avalon.

He sighs.

[ Peter Avalon ] Tell me, little girl. Have you been good or naughty this year?

[ Doudrop ] Oh Santa, I’ve been a good girl!

Nemeth, off to himself, smirks.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] That’s what they all say.. But I can see it in her eyes. She’s lying.

Nemeth turns and walks away from the group, pulling his cell phone back out. He swipes it open, goes to his photos, and admires the quick picture of Woman New Year he took moments ago.

[ Ryan Nemeth ] 2023, I can’t wait to see what's in store.

The scene fades.

REFEREE: Paul Turner | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

The fans are hyped after John Cena's elaborate New Year's themed entrance, which saw him delivered to the ring standing atop a big golden ball while the fans counted along with a timer on the Golden-Tron. There's a big fight feel as John Cena stands across the ring from Wade Barrett, who is all business. Cena's cheery demeanor from his entrance is gone and he stares across the ring at Barrett with intensity and determination etched on his face. Cena hands the SGW Triple Crown World Championship to Paul Turner and Turner takes it over to Barrett, giving him a good look before he holds the title up for the fans and then passes the title to the timekeeper. Turner calls for the bell and we're off!

[ Excalibur ] And away we go, Pat. This is John Cena's first singles title defense since becoming the Triple Crown champion at WrestleBrawl IV two months ago... and what a challenge that lies before him. Wade Barrett came out of nowhere, making his return to professional wrestling at Game of Squids, and now he's standing across the ring from the man who holds the most prestigious championship in all of wrestling. Tonight, he cements his legacy as an SGW legend and lives forever... or John Cena's reign continues into the new year!

[ Pat McAfee ] I tell ya' what, Excalibur, I may not agree with the man's methods but I got a lot o' respect for Wade Barrett and how far he's come since arriving here. At Game of Squids, he pretty much had a throwaway match on the card against Andre Chase. He went on to have a star making performance against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, a bonafide SGW legend and grand slam champion, then a strong following in the WrestleBrawl match followed by being the runner-up in the first-ever men's Body Count match. Say what you will about what he did to Big Match John after the Body Count match... Wade Barrett has PUT IN THAT WORK to stand across the ring from DA' CHAMP tonight!

Cena and Barrett circle one another before moving in for the lock-up-- NO! Barrett fakes Cena out and nails him with knee lift to the gut! He hoists Cena onto his shoulders! WASTELAND-- NO! Cena elbows his way out and lands on his feet behind Barrett! He shoves Barrett forward into the ropes! Barrett rebound and Cena scoops him up! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-- NO! BARRETT SLIPS OUT AND HITS THE ROPES! Cena turns around... BULL HAMMER! Cena goes down and Barrett falls on top of him! ONE! TWO! THR-- CENA KICKS OUT!

[ Excalibur ] That was almost it! COULD YOU IMAGINE, PAT McAFEE!?

[ Pat McAfee ] I'm blown away, brah! Wade Barrett got ALL O' THAT BULL HAMMER! If that's me and John Cena kicked outta' that... I'm SHOOK! I KNOW WADE BARRETT IS SHOOK RIGHT NOW!

Barrett grumbles and stands up, pulling Cena up behind him. He immediately hoists Cena onto his shoulders... WASTELAND-- NO! Cena fights his way out and stumbles backward into the ropes! Barrett turns around... LEAPING SHOULDER BLOCK! Barrett goes down and immediately sells back to his feet where Cena is waiting with ANOTHER SHOULDER BLOCK! Barrett rises to his feet again and Cena boots him in the stomach! PROTO PLEX! Barrett's up again and he walks right into the BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cena springs back up and bends at the waist! He waves his hand in front of his face! "YOU CAN'T SEEEEEEEE ME--" NO! Barrett punches up into Cena's throat! Cena goes down and Barrett slowly gets back to his feet. Barrett pulls his black elbow pad down to reveal the red interior and backs up into the corner, eyeing Cena with malice! Cena slowly gets up to all fours and Barrett charges... BULL HAMMER-- NO! Cena ducks it and catches Barrett on the turnaround! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- BARRETT KICKS OUT! The fans erupt in boos!

[ Pat McAfee ] OH! MY! GOD! DID YA' SEE THAT!?

[ Excalibur ] The Bull Hammer couldn't get the job done! The Attitude Adjustment couldn't get the job done! The title means too much to these men to stay down this early in the contest! Let us not forget that it was only with the use of a ladder that John Cena was able to force Wade Barrett to submit at Body Count. What will it take to put the purveyor of Bad News when weapon use will result in an immediate disqualification!?

Cena immediately rolls Barrett over and attempts to lock in the STFU but Barrett scrambles for the ropes, gripping the bottom rope with both hands! Paul Turner calls for the break and Cena backs off but not before Barrett lights out with a boot to the chin that sends Cena back on his ass! Barrett rises to his feet, bounces off the ropes and nails Cena with a BASEMENT CLOTHESLINE! Wasting no time, Barrett shakes off the Attitude Adjustment and pulls Cena up off the mat, boots him in the stomach and plants him with a POWERBOMB right in the center of the ring! With Cena's feet still in the air, Barrett falls on him, executing a jackknife pin! ONE! TWO! CENA KICKS OUT! Frustrated, Barrett pulls Cena to his feet once again and whips him so hard into the turnbuckle that he runs into it chest first! The fans groan on impact and Barrett follows him in... CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF THE NECK! Cena goes face first into the turnbuckle and bounces out a step before Barrett catches him around the waist... RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Cena accordions on impact and Barrett falls to one knee and smiles evilly as he looks at Cena's crumpled body. Barrett slowly stands and pulls the elbow pad up... before pulling it back down! He cocks his arm as Cena returns to his feet on spaghetti legs! Barrett charges... BULL HAMMER-- NO! Cena ducks it and scoops Barrett up! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-- NO! Barrett grabs onto the top rope with both hands, blocking the move! UNTIL CENA PIVOTS AND EXECUTES A FIREMAN'S CARRY OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!

[ Pat McAfee ] That landing was bad, man! Is Barrett hurt!?

[ Excalibur ] He certainly seemed to land awkwardly on his knee. It's very possible that he twisted it or worse. That's certainly not something you want to happen ever, let alone in the middle of a championship opportunity of this magnitude!

Barrett clutches his knee and Cena follows him out. Paying no mind to Barrett's potential injury, Cena pulls Barrett off the floor and tries to whip him into the ring steps... but Barrett's knee buckles and he falls on his face! Barrett crawls to the steps and turns over, resting with his back to the steps. Cena looks concerned and Paul Turner hops out of the ring to check on Barrett. As Turner checks on Barrett, Cena places his hands on either side of his head, appearing shocked that Barrett may be injured.

[ Excalibur ] It looks like... it looks like Barrett might have injured himself on that fall to the floor. Official Paul Turner is checking out the situation and it looks like he may have to make the difficult decision on whether or not this match will have to stop here and now.

[ Pat McAfee ] Man, you really hate to see a match end like this, especially one that you know means so much to the competitors involved. Wait, hold on... what the hell is happenin', brah!? IS THAT A FAN JUMPING THE FREAKIN' RAIL!?

With Paul Turner's back turned, John Cena is attacked from behind by a man dressed in camouflage shorts, a John Cena shirt, and a John Cena hat! Cena goes down to all fours and the "fan" removes his hat to reveal--


[ Excalibur ] You've got to be kidding me. He's supposed to be in jail! The unexpected Cinderella story of Body Count might have returned but I've got a feeling that the fans, let alone John Cena, aren't as excited to see him tonight!

Bushwhacker Luke pulls Cena up to his feet and pulls him in for a suplex but Cena blocks it and nails Luke with a suplex of his own! Luke writhes about on the floor, shaking like electricity is coursing through his veins! Cena looks down at Luke, offers him a respectful salute and turns right around into a RUNNING BOOT FROM WADE BARRETT!

[ Excalibur ] It was all a damn ruse! Wade Barrett was never injured! He was just distracting Paul Turner so his unlikely ally could help him get the advantage!

[ Pat McAfee ] If you thought John Cena was capable Wade Barrett enough that he'd just GIVE UP his shot at the Triple Crown, I'm afraid I got some BAD NEWS, BRAH!

Barrett pulls Cena off the floor and whips him so hard into the steps that he goes knee first into them and flips over onto the other side! Barrett turns and sees Luke lying on the floor but pays no mind as he walks past him and kicks John Cena right in the back! He pulls Cena to his feet again and presses him up before dropping him chest and throat first across the guard rail! The fans boo loudly as Barrett tees off, nailing Cena with a series of forearms to the chest as Cena remains prone against the rail. Finally, Barrett takes Cena by the back of the head and guides him away from the rail before kneeing him in the gut and pulling him in... POWERBOMB ONTO THE APRON! The impact sends Cena staggering away from the apron and Barrett hoists him up into a spinebuster position before charging and ramming him back first into the ring post! Barrett drops Cena like a sack of potatoes and turns around with a diabolical smile on his face. The fans boo loudly and one of the people in the front row throws an entire cup of beer right in Barrett's face! Barrett jaws back and forth with the fans before Cena comes alive out of nowhere, favoring his back, and grabs Barrett by his hair and the rear of his tights! He throws Barrett under the bottom rope and follows him in! Barrett scrambles back to his feet and hits the ropes! Cena tries to meet him coming in with a clothesline but Barrett ducks it and catches Cena on the turnaround! He scoops him up... WASTELAND! Barrett covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! CENA GETS A SHOULDER UP!

[ Pat McAfee ] These guys are goin' a mile a minute, Ex-cal. This whole friggin' ordeal has been non-stop, big meaty men slappin' meat and I'M! HERE! FOR IT!

[ Excalibur ] If you told me four months ago that this is what the world title match at Holiday Hell was going to be, I might have called you a liar... but here we are and this is one of the most exciting championship matches I've ever witnessed! What a match! WHAT A FIGHT!

John Cena is red in the face, crawling toward the ropes. Barrett slowly gets up, his frustration building. He catches Cena by the ankle and drags him into the center of the ring... BEFORE TRYING TO LOCK IN HIS OWN STFU! Cena blocks it, throwing his elbows back and catching Barrett in the eye. Barrett fights through the pain and gets one arm around Cena's neck but Cena uses his raw brute strength to hold onto Barrett's other wrist, refusing to let him lock his hands! Cena finally pries both of Barrett's hands apart and rolls over, shaking Barrett off of him! Cena slowly stands and Barrett rolls back to his feet! As Barrett stands, Cena charges... SHOULDER BLOCK! Barrett's back up-- ANOTHER SHOULDER BLOCK! Barrett's up again-- A THIRD SHOULDER BLOCK! Barrett returns to his feet-- BOOT TO THE STOMACH! PROTO PLEX! Barrett sells straight back to his feet and walks right into THE BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Barrett refuses to stay down and John Cena feeds on the adrenaline coursing through his veins and begins climbing to the top rope! As Barrett stands, he doubles over at the waist and Cena flies... GUILLOTINE LEGDROP TO BARRETT'S BACK! Barrett goes down and rolls over on his back! Cena stands up totally straight and then bends at the waist, getting right in Barrett's face! He waves his hand in front of his face! "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" The fans chant along and Cena turns to hit the ropes... AND NAILS BUSHWHACKER LUKE WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND, CAUSING HIM TO TUMBLE FROM THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! Cena turns around... FIVE! KNUCKLE! SHUFFLE-- NO! BULL HAMMER OUT OF NOWHERE! Cena tumbles through the ropes and onto the apron!

[ Excalibur ] I don't know if that was intentional or not... but if so, extraordinary ring presence from John Cena!

[ Pat McAfee ] Bushwhacker Luke just saved the day for Wade Barrett again! I hope he got him a Christmas card this year, Ex-cal!

Barrett looks on in disbelief as Cena rises to his knees on the apron, visibly knocked loopy from the Bull Hammer. Barrett reaches over the top rope and grabs Cena by the hair. He guides him toward the corner and begins climbing the turnbuckles. He pulls Cena up behind him from the other side. Seconds later, both men are standing on the middle rope on opposite sides of the ropes. They begin trading punches over and over! Each man teases falling from the ropes but they manage to hang on! They continue fighting it out until Barrett rakes Cena's eyes and hooks him for a SUPERPLEX! Cena blocks it! Cena teases SUPERPLEXING Barrett to the floor! Barrett holds onto the top rope! They struggle against one another, fighting for that superplex!

[ Excalibur ] Somebody... somebody is going to get hurt! This is exceptionally high risk, especially following the type of match these two men have had!

[ Pat McAfee ] Brah, God forbid Cena manages to superplex Wade Barrett to the FLOOR! Somebody will DIE! Maybe both of 'em! It ain't worth it, guys! Get it back in the ring!

[ Excalibur ] It's truly a testament to how far they'll go to call themselves champion!

Suddenly, the fans begin buzzing as John Cena cries out with exertion! Barrett looks on with wide eyes as Cena DEADLIFTS HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! The fans are losing their minds as Cena stares down into the center of the ring, steps up onto the top rope with Barrett on his shoulders, and then leaps-- ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT FROM THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING! The fans EXPLODE! Cena rolls over onto Barrett, barely covering him! ONE! TWO! THREE!

JOHN CENA via PINFALL in 13:01

The fans cheer loudly as the count is registered and Paul Turner calls for the bell!

[ Pat McAfee ] What a friggin' match, Excalibur! WHAT! A FRIGGIN'! MATCH!

[ Excalibur ] Once again, John Cena is leaving with his arm raised. You can't discount Wade Barrett's efforts, however. He pulled out everything he had in his arsenal, it just wasn't enough to put away Big Match John. Ultimately, this wasn't a match about flashy moves or who could deal out the most punishment... THIS WAS A TEST OF ENDURANCE!

Cena is helped onto his knees by Turner. Turner presents Cena with the championship and raises his arm. Cena looks exhausted, like the lights are on but no one is home. Cena clutches the championship to his chest and looks down at the motionless Barrett, almost as if he's disappointed for him.

[ Excalibur ] That look speaks a thousand words, Pat. That's the look of a man who respects his opponent. John Cena wanted to win this match... he NEEDED to win this match, but he knows how much it meant for Wade Barrett to walk away as champion and it hurts.

[ Pat McAfee ] That's the shitty thing about SGW, brah. There's so many amazing talents in this company... but somebody's gotta lose. Tonight, it was Wade Barrett. One night, it might be John Cena, but not tonight... not at Holiday Hell!

Paul Turner and Bushwhacker Luke help Wade Barrett out of the ring, throwing his arms over either shoulder and walking him up the ramp. Cena stands and walks to the ropes, watching as they help Barrett up the ramp. Once they reach the stage, they turn around and Barrett eyes Cena, sneering. He pushes Turner and Luke away from him, barely able to stand on his own but he  forces himself to endure it. Cena holds up the championship belt with one hand... and offers Wade Barrett a respectful salute with the other! The fans cheer! Breathing heavily, sweat dripping from his nose... Barrett simply nods and turns around, limping to the back with Bushwhacker Luke and Paul Turner following.

[ Excalibur ] This isn't the last we've seen of Wade Barrett in the title scene, Pat. You don't put up a fight like that and go away quietly into the night. And if I'm reading that salute correctly, John Cena respects the hell out of that man for the fight he put up, for the work he put in, despite how Barrett ruthlessly attacked him at Body Count.

[ Pat McAfee ] You're damn right this ain't the last time we're seein' these two get down and dirty and I hope I'm still sittin' here behind this desk when it happen again. The best seat in the house for the best wrestling IN! THE! WORLD!

Barrett disappears behind the curtain and we focus on Cena in the ring. He goes corner to corner, saluting the fans and holding up the championship belt. The fans are going wild until--

[ Pat McAfee ] Hold on! HOLD ON! WHAT! IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS!?

The curtain is ripped back to reveal... MIRO! The fans erupt in boos as Miro steps out onto the stage with wide eyes. He's trembling with intensity, sweat pouring off his face as he points down the ramp... eyes focused on the Triple Crown champion! He begins making his way down to the ring with purpose in his step!

[ Excalibur ] Earlier tonight, Miro made a STATEMENT by defeating Austin Theory! After that resounding victory and two strong showings at WrestleBrawl and Body Count, Miro obviously believes he's owed a one-on-one title shot with John Cena... but now is not the time, Miro! John Cena just survived a WAR!

[ Pat McAfee ] Hey, you can't fault the man for takin' advantage of the spotlight that's 'bout t' be on him. It's one thing to call out a guy on Twitter or some promo on YouTube that nobody's gonna watch... but this is HOLIDAY HELL! This is one o' the BIG FOUR in SGW and Miro is CALLIN' HIS SHOT! RESPECT THE HUSTLE, SON!

Miro climbs into the ring and gets right in John Cena's face! They go nose to nose and Cena is silent and stoic as Miro talks trash! Cena pushes forward, shoving Miro back a step with his forehead! Miro looks offended and Cena holds up the championship, drawing a big pop! The fans begin loudly chanting "LET THEM FIGHT" over and over until--


[ Excalibur ] This just got a lot more interesting!

Adam Cole walks out onto the stage! Cena and Miro both stare down the aisle at the former two-time SGW World Champion. However, before Cole can even begin walking down the ramp, Miro nails Cena from behind! Cena goes down to all fours and Cole sprints to the ring!

[ Excalibur ] Miro is taking advantage of the distraction created by Adam Cole!

[ Pat McAfee ] He's makin' that STATEMENT, brah!

Cole slides under the bottom rope and Miro charges toward him! Cole ducks a clothesline and catches Miro on the turnaround with a SUPERKICK! Miro staggers around on spaghetti legs and Cole nails him with a SECOND SUPERKICK! Miro tumbles through the ropes but lands on his feet, staring up at Cole, enraged!


Miro backs up the ramp, trembling with anger. Finally, he disappears behind the curtain. Satisfied, Cole turns around and is immediately scooped up by John Cena! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-- NO! Cena thinks better of it and puts Cole down! Cole falls on his ass and scrambles backward before returning to his feet and eyeing Cena with a sly smirk.

[ Excalibur ] I think Cena realized Cole is the one who pulled him out of a sticky situation. Cooler heads might have prevailed.

Leaning against the ropes, Cole points at the championship belt and we can see him mouth "that's coming home." Cena looks down at the title and then lays it on the mat in front of him. Cole just nods and steps through the ropes, exiting the ring. Cole backs up the ramp and we fade out as Cena picks the title up and holds it over his head.

The SGW Control Center.

Kat Marino stands in front of a collection of active monitors, each one showing off footage from various points in SGW history. On one, we see Bret Hart sending Shane Douglas crashing through a ringside table from atop a steel cage. On another, Harry Smith throws down the XWF World Championship. Stevie Ray celebrates with the SGW Hardcore Championship, the winner of the first-ever Thunderdome match in SGW history on another. The live crowd is buzzing with anticipation, wondering what news Kat has for us tonight.

[ Kat Marino ] Greetings, SGW fans! Kat Marino here, live from the SGW Control Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I'm here tonight with some big news, straight from our board of directors at Syndicate Sports!

The fans cheer.

[ Kat Marino ] On January 28th, Solid Gold Wrestling presents the sequel to its most successful and, um... is controversial events, Card Subject to Change! Creatively titled... Card Subject 2 Change.

She smiles awkwardly.

[ Kat Marino ] That's the number two, not the word-- because it's the sequel.

She shakes her head, getting back on track.

[ Kat Marino ] For those of you who weren't watching in 2020 when the original event took place, Card Subject 2 Change will be a very special event in that no one will know who they're facing until they walk through the curtain. Everything is up in the air! The opponents, the stipulations, the titles... anything and everything can be on the line! Or nothing!

She proclaims excitedly.

[ Kat Marino ] Literally anything can happen!

She points at a monitor behind her where Cathy Kelley is seen pinning Shane Douglas and being declared the new SGW Lifetime World Champion.

[ Kat Marino ] See? Cathy Kelley teamed up with Scott Steiner and Tim Storm to defeat Bryan Danielson, Gangrel, and Shane Douglas! Somehow, this made her the SGW Lifetime World Champion and Bryan Danielson would rebound from this loss to become the longest reigning SGW Triple Crown World Champion in history!

She turns and points to another monitor where Dr. Cube is transforming Tommaso Ciampa into an oversized bird monster.

[ Kat Marino ] And then Dr. Cube transformed Tommaso Ciampa into Tucor, the most timeliest of creatures, an event that was supposed to be stricken from everyone's memory after Tom Cruise vanquished Dr. Cube from this plain of existence.

She swallows hard, really coming to terms with the words that just came out of her mouth.

[ Kat Marino ] Anyway, normal stuff happened, too!

She gestures toward another monitor.

[ Kat Marino ] Like Jinny beating Christina Von Eerie for the SGW Women's World Championship, or--

She turns to another monitor.

[ Kat Marino ] --or Adam Cole winning the world championship from Randy Orton!

The fans cheer, remembering this iconic moment.

[ Kat Marino ] I think I speak for everyone when I say this is the most anticipated follow-up to an event in SGW history. I know I'm excited for it!

She places her hand against her ear, receiving some breaking news. She sighs.

[ Kat Marino ] Also... I'm just now learning that Ram Kaicho is being fined $5,000 for placing her hands on Aubrey Edwards during the Holiday Street Fight.

She stares into the camera with genuine fear in her eyes.

[ Kat Marino ] Ram, I know you're just now learning of this, so... um--

She swallows hard.

[ Kat Marino ] --please don't kill me.


REFEREE: Mike Chioda | TIME LIMIT - 30:00

After the entrances and introductions, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler have found themselves inside the steel cage with Mike Chioda. The bell sounds and Ziggler wastes no time! He runs for Punk and Punk has nowhere to hide! Ziggler has Punk in the corner and begins throwing haymakers in his direction as quickly as his arms will move! The rabid fans in attendance are eating it up, pleading for Ziggler to continue the onslaught. Haymakers become more controlled right hands with predetermined locations, and Punk desperately kicks Ziggler low and pushes him away. Seeing the opening, Punk hops up the ropes and begins climbing the side of the cage to escape!

[ Excalibur ] You cannot win by escaping! CM Punk is simply trying to survive!

[ Pat McAfee ] Dude got blitzed right off the bat by a fired up Dolph Ziggler!

Punk grabs the top of the cage and has Brian Cage meeting him on the other side, but Ziggler grabs Punk’s legs and pulls him down, causing Punk to straddle the top rope! Ziggler bounces the ropes up and down and Punk comedically flails like he’s riding a bull until one final bounce sends him flying towards the mat and landing hard on the canvas. Ziggler picks Punk up and rams his head into the cage! He grabs Punk and sends him flying face-first into the opposite side of the ring, crashing hard into the cage! Ziggler does it again on the third side of the ring and a final time on the fourth! Punk throws a right hand in the direction of nobody and falls face-first on the mat!

[ Pat McAfee ] CM Punk has been a thorn in the side of Dolph Ziggler for months now, and the former Triple Crown Champion is getting his revenge!

[ Excalibur ] I’d call running down your friend with a car and costing you the top prize in our sport multiple times a little more than being a thorn in the side of Dolph Ziggler.

[ Pat McAfee ] Hey man, I don’t come after you when you scream about Tope Suicidas and shit.

Punk pulls himself up off the mat and the camera gets a great shot of blood gushing from his forehead. Ziggler pushes Punk into the corner and mounts the turnbuckle. He begins delivering punch after vicious punch, with the fans counting along to each one. After ceremoniously hitting ten, Ziggler begins biting Punk’s open wound, causing more blood to pour out in the process! Ziggler drops down and spits blood in the air and wipes his mouth off with his now-bloody wrist tape.

[ Pat McAfee ] Dolph Ziggler is a certified maniac! Total sicko!

Ziggler turns back towards Punk and eats a diving clothesline! Punk wipes the blood from his eyes and smears it all over Ziggler’s face before choking him on the mat. Without a disqualification possibility, Mike Chioda can only stand back and let it happen. Punk unwraps some of the tape on his arm and begins choking Ziggler with it, turning his face a bright purple. He lets go and mounts Ziggler, then begins popping Ziggler with stiff elbows!

[ Excalibur ] CM Punk using some of his MMA training from his past-life to blast Ziggler with these elbows to the forehead!

[ Pat McAfee ] CM Punk STUNK in the UFC but he’s provin’ right now that an elbow to the face is undefeated!

[ Excalibur ] Well-

[ Pat McAfee ] STUNK!

Punk rolls off of Ziggler, who now has blood trickling down from the corner of his right eyebrow. Punk kicks Ziggler in the face and begins biting the cut and really opens Ziggler up. Both men are covered in blood, their own and one another’s. Punk begins his attack by methodically choosing his spots on Ziggler. A stiff kick to the ribs, a brutal kick to the spine, and slowly walking around Ziggler, picking him apart piece by piece has the fans getting behind Ziggler and booing every movement Punk makes. He gives the fans two middle fingers and continues deconstructing the former champion. Punk sends Ziggler into the corner with an Irish Whip and quickly follows behind him with a high knee! Punk then grabs Ziggler’s head and runs out of the corner, crashing down with a big bulldog! Punk is on one knee and crosses his arms into an ‘X’ and screams, “BEST IN THE WORLD!” to a massive chorus of boos.

[ Excalibur ] CM Punk survived the early flurry from Ziggler and seems to be firmly in control here.

The blood on Punk’s forehead is clotting up and turning a dark red, almost black, as it dries. He lifts Ziggler off the mat and hooks his arms for a Double Underhook Backbreaker! Punk drops a knee on Ziggler’s back and rears his chin back. Mike Chioda checks on Ziggler, but there’s no way he’s going to submit. Punk slams Ziggler’s head down on the mat and gets up. He picks Ziggler up and hoists him up on his shoulders. Ziggler quickly wiggles off and kicks Punk in the gut! Famouser!

[ Excalibur ] Famouser out of nowhere! It’s over!

One, two, th- kick out! Punk rolls over and crawls away from Ziggler, pulling himself up on the ropes and begins climbing up the cage once again. Ziggler follows, but Punk keeps him at bay with a series of wild kicks. Punk is almost to the top but Ziggler catches him and pulls him down, and now both men are balancing on the top rope and using the cage to steady themselves. A few elbows from Punk create an opening for him to smash Ziggler’s face against the cage, but Ziggler fires back with a punch to the ribs and he rams Punk’s head into the cage as well! Punk leans back but Ziggler grabs him and again rams his head into the cage!

[ Pat McAfee ] This is a dangerous position for ‘em!

[ Excalibur ] That top rope doesn’t offer a lot of room to maneuver, then add in the dangerous cage and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Ziggler rams Punk’s head into the cage twice more but Punk blocks the third attempt! A left hand gives Punk an opening. He hooks his leg around Ziggler’s and grabs his neck - RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP OFF THE TOP ROPE! Both men land hard on the mat and they’re down for the count.

[ Excalibur ] Whoever can get up first has the biggest opportunity of the night! Blood is covering the ring and these men are leaving nothing in the tank!

Ten seconds or so pass by before either man makes a move. Ziggler and Punk both work their way to their knees at the same time and immediately begin trading right hands. Punk hits Ziggler and the crowd boos heavily. Ziggler retaliates to a huge pop.


Punk leans in and bites Ziggler’s forehead again before Ziggler can attempt another punch! Ziggler punches Punk in the gut and headbutts him! Both men collapse to the mat from their knees and are down again, exhausted.

[ Pat McAfee ] There’s so much hatred between these two, Excalibur, that neither man is willing to give the other an inch! I’m afraid someone’s gonna’ die in this ring.

[ Excalibur ] Mike Chioda does have a tall task in front of him of allowing this thing to finish with a true winner while also looking out for the well-being of both men involved.

Punk gets to his knees and pulls himself up with the ropes as Ziggler pulls himself up in the corner. Punk charges at Dolph, but he moves out of the way - ZIG ZAG! Punk hops right back up and Ziggler hits an Atomic Drop and then a big knee lift! He pushes Punk into the ropes and ties his arms up in them! Punk is at Dolph Ziggler’s mercy!

[ Pat McAfee ] Ladies and gentlemen, CM Punk is SCREWED!

Brian Cage runs around the cage to the door and begins trying to pull it open, repeatedly yanking on the lock to break it.

[ Pat McAfee ] Ladies and gentlemen, I may have spoken too soon! This jacked up maniac is ‘bout ta’ rip the friggin’ door off of the cage with his bare damn hands!

Brian Cage gives the door one more good pull and rips it completely off the hinges! The fans gasp in shock of the feat of strength. Cage tosses the door aside and pounds on the steel steps in front of him.

[ Excalibur ] WHO IS THIS?!

Someone comes running down from the back with a lead pipe in their hands! The mystery person is in all black and is wearing a ski mask to disguise their identity. BAM! The lead pipe is bent across the back of Brian Cage! Cage spins around and BAM! The pipe cracks Brian Cage in the head and he drops in a heap to the ground! The mystery person drops the pipe and removes its ski mask.. SONYA DEVILLE! THE CROWD ROARS AS SONYA DEVILLE REVEALS HERSELF!


[ Excalibur ] Brian Cage is out cold!

Ace Steel runs down from the back and Sonya picks the pipe up just in time to level him with it before he can get to her or the cage! The crowd is roaring at the turn of events, but inside the cage, things are much different. Ziggler turned his back on Punk to watch Sonya’s back, and CM Punk has worked his way free from the ropes! He blasts Ziggler in the back and wraps himself around Ziggler’s arm.. PEPSI TWIST! Punk walks to the open door and blows a kiss to Sonya Deville. He turns back to Ziggler, picks him up on his shoulders, GO TO SLEEP!

[ Excalibur ] Damn it! CM Punk is going to win this!

Punk mimics the Great Muta and throws the “I love you” signs out with both hands and screams, “BEST IN THE WORLD!” He bends over Ziggler and Ziggler spits in the face! Ziggler quickly jumps to his feet, SUPERKICK! BLONDE AMBITION! The front-facing version of the Zig Zag has Punk on the mat! Ziggler stalks Punk until he stumbles to his feet - ZIG ZAG! He covers Punk with both legs hooked - One… two… three! Dolph Ziggler has done it!


[ Excalibur ] Dolph Ziggler threw everything he had left in him for that rally and has vanquished his foe! CM Punk is defeated and revenge is secured!

Mike Chioda and some road agents enter the ring and help a dazed CM Punk to his feet and escort him out of the ring and up the ramp. Sonya Deville enters the ring and Ziggler gives her a big bear hug and the crowd is going wild. While CM Punk is going up the ramp, Ziggler climbs to the top of the cage and sits on the very top, crossing his arms into CM Punk’s signature pose.

[ Pat McAfee ] Dolph Ziggler is the freaking man! Look at ‘em! This guy is prone for another shot at the Triple Crown sooner rather than later.

[ Excalibur ] You’re right there, Pat. However, CM Punk has nothing to frown about either. He tormented Dolph Ziggler to make a name for himself in the new era of SGW and he has proven he still has what it takes to be one of the top names in the company. Punk’s going to lick his wounds tonight and I promise you, he’s going to have a new plan in 2023!

The camera gets a tight shot on Ziggler, who is still seated on top of the cage. He’s bloody, battered, beaten, but tonight, he’s victorious! Ziggler sees the camera and points directly at it, screaming, “THAT WAS FOR YOU, MANDY!”

The interview set backstage is occupied by Cathy Kelley and a downtrodden “Hangman” Adam Page, still reeling from his match earlier. Cathy flashes a smile to the camera and addresses those watching.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hi guys, Cathy Kelley here, and joining me is “Hangman” Adam Page. Hangman, you and Adam Cole had a great match tonight, but it saw you, again, on the losing end of things.

Hangman nods.

[ Cathy Kelley ] You were one of the highest profile signings for the new era of SGW, but you’ve hit a rough patch with a string of back luck. You came up short at WrestleBrawl IV after a valiant performance. Body Count and tonight also provided the same result.

[ Hangman Page ] Thanks for the reminder. Appreciate that.

[ Cathy Kelley ] I said all of that to ask my main question - where do you go from here as we enter 2023?

Hangman sighs and runs his hands through his sweaty, curly hair.

[ Hangman Page ] That’s the million dollar question, Cathy.

He shrugs and gives her a point blank answer.

[ Hangman Page ] I have no idea.

Cathy seems taken aback by his bluntness.

[ Hangman Page ] I know my signing with Solid Gold Wrestling created a lot of buzz and people had some lofty goals for what I’d accomplish, hell, I did too. So for things to not go to plan so far is a little frustrating.. More than a little.. VERY frustrating. I’m not afraid of pressure, but also Cathy, I’m not afraid of failure.

He turns to the camera.

[ Hangman Page ] Failure reveals our true character when the going gets tough. The road to success isn’t a straight path. It’s windy, filled with curves, detours, and obstacles. I’ve fought the best of the best in SGW and I just went toe-to-toe with a Hall of Famer tonight. I’m going to dust myself off and figure out a game plan for myself and this coming year.

His saddened tone becomes more optimistic.

[ Hangman Page ] You can’t win all the time in life. Don’t count it as a loss, but a lesson.

Some slow clapping is heard from off-camera and the source is quickly revealed as Wade Barrett, who rips the microphone out of Cathy Kelley’s hand and begins screaming.

[ Wade Barrett ] What an inspirational speech, cowboy! Truly.

Barrett scoffs.

[ Wade Barrett ] But while you were losin’ another match, I was fightin’ the bloody WORLD CHAMPION in a match I should have won! Injustice has been served against me, and I demand another shot at John Cena RIGHT NOW!

[ Hangman Page ] C’mon Wade, we’re trying to do an interview here. Cathy has work to do.

[ Wade Barrett ] Unless “Queen” Cathy is grantin’ me another shot at Cena, I couldn't care less about her job!

[ Cathy Kelley ] Back off, man!

Hangman steps in front of Cathy to shield her from an infuriated Wade Barrett.

[ Wade Barrett ] The rough and tough cowboy is here to save the day! What a hero. Just a shame you can’t even save yourself when you get in the ring.

[ Hangman Page ] Hey, I get it. Losing sucks. We both lost tonight but look at the completely opposite ways we’re dealing with it. You’re completely irrational and it’s unnecessary.

[ Wade Barrett ] Irrational, eh? You haven’t seen me act irrationally, cowboy.

BAM! Barrett bounces the microphone off Hangman’s head and the fight is on! Cathy Kelley rushes away from the scene as Hangman and Barrett trade right hands at a rapid pace. Barrett hooks Hangman in a front headlock and slams his forearm across Page’s back repeatedly, but Hangman rushes him into the interview set, breaking the hold and destroying the set in the process! Page headlocks Barrett and throws a few punches, with just a few connecting. Security floods the scene and tries breaking things up... but as Barrett is pulled away from the scene, we notice that Hangman Page is visibly limping. A couple EMTs run into the shot and force him to sit down as we head to the ring for the main event.

REFEREE: Aubrey Edwards | TIME LIMIT - 60:00

The fans are buzzing with anticipation as Kayla Braxton wraps up the in-ring introductions. Aubrey Edwards holds up the brand new SGW Women's World Championship for everyone to see before taking it to each corner and letting the competitors give it one final look before the match begins.

[ Pat McAfee ] There it is, brah. That's what it's all about!

[ Excalibur ] It's certainly a prize fit for the first-ever Holiday Hell main evented, not just by women but, by the two most influential women in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling! Which one will be the first to hold it?

Aubrey hands the title off to a ringside attendant, who places it on the timekeeper's table. Aubrey turns and calls for the bell to begin the match but both women remain still in their corners. The camera focuses on each woman as they take in their surroundings, looking around at the buzzing fans and allowing the moment to sink in.

[ Excalibur ] What a moment this is, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] I know it's the company motto, I know how cliche it sounds... but these ladies know-- they know whoever wins this match... WILL! LIVE! FOREVER!

Jinny and Alexa finally leave their corners and meet in the center of the ring. Jinny stares Alexa down. Alexa smirks and looks away, staring out at the fans... and then, without warning, Alexa slaps Jinny hard across the face! Jinny's eyes widen and she whips her head back around to face Alexa! Alexa immediately bolts, sliding under the bottom rope! Jinny gives chase! Alexa completes a lap around the ring as the fans go wild before sliding under the bottom rope! Jinny follows her in and Alexa turns on a dime, putting the boots to her!

[ Excalibur ] The devious Alexa Bliss has played Jinny in the opening moments of the match, stealing the advantage just like she stole the SGW Women's World Championship from Christina Von Eerie at SGW KILLS!

[ Pat McAfee ] Ironically, with help from Jinny!

Jinny fights up to all fours and Alexa straddles her back, yanking her head up by a handful of hair and CROSSFACE STRIKING HER WITH HER FOREARM! Jinny rolls over onto her back and Alexa drops down, mounting her and raining down forearm shots! Jinny desperately tries to cover before reaching up and clawing Alexa's eyes! Alexa falls to the side and Jinny rolls over on top of her, grabbing her by either side of her head and pounding it into the mat! Jinny stands and boots Alexa in the stomach, then pulls her up by her hair. Jinny wears a sadistic smile as she drags Alexa behind her by a handful of hair and then yanks her into a suplex position. Alexa blocks it and then punches Jinny in the stomach, causing her to release the hold and back up. Alexa sneers and turns to hit the ropes-- NO! Jinny snatches a handful of Alexa's hair, causing her to fall flat on her back! Alexa rages out and rolls straight back to her feet, only to get nailed with a huge forearm by Jinny!

[ Pat McAfee ] Did you see that impact, brah!?

[ Excalibur ] What a shot! Alexa Bliss should look into seeing Britt Baker later on because that's the kind of blow that will definitely loosen your fillings!

Alexa staggers back and then nails Jinny with a forearm of her own! Jinny nails Alexa a second time! Alexa tees off with another! The fans are heating up as Jinny rears back for a third... only for Alexa to boot her in the stomach and plant her with a snap suplex! Alexa rolls straight back to her feet, hits the ropes, and drops DOUBLE KNEES across Jinny's mid-section! Alexa rolls forward, stands, and then BACKFLIPS ONTO HER! She hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! JINNY KICKS OUT!

[ Excalibur ] It's gonna take a heck of a lot more than that to put Jinny away. She hasn't come this far to go down like that!

[ Pat McAfee ] Exactly. There's way too much heat between these two. I don't see any scenario where Jinny gives Alexa Bliss the satisfaction of pinning her tonight!

Alexa stands and glares down at Jinny before snatching a handful of hair and pulling her off the mat. She whips Jinny into the corner and then charges... HANDSPRING ELBOW-- NO! Jinny forearms Alexa in the back of the head and then grabs her around the waist! GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE! Alexa ragdolls and lands in a heap! Jinny grabs her ankle and drags her out of the corner! She covers! ONE! TWO! ALEXA BRIDGES OUT! Jinny immediately collapses the bridge with an open hand slap to the stomach! Alexa rolls over, favoring her stomach, looking offended! Jinny wastes no time in grabbing Alexa by the hair and pulling her off the mat. She rattles Alexa's teeth with another big forearm and then whips her into the ropes-- NO! Alexa reverses the Irish whip! Alexa goes for a clothesline but Jinny ducks it and executes a go-behind! GERMAN SUPLEX-- NO! Alexa bends and grabs Jinny's ankle to block it! Before Jinny can pivot, Alexa pounds the mat with both hands and pushes off... WHEELBARROW BULLDOG!

[ Excalibur ] Offense like that is why she's been the champion for over a year now, Pat. Her ability to transition and turn her opponents' offense against them! Say what you will about her size or her tendency to use underhanded tactics... but Alexa Bliss can WORK when she has to!

Alexa gets back to her feet and looks to the turnbuckles. The fans boo loudly as Alexa ascends the ropes and stands on top, looking down at Jinny with contempt. A sly smile creeps across Alexa's face and she flies! TWISTED BLISS-- NO! JINNY GETS HER KNEES UP! Alexa is wrecked! Jinny rolls back to her feet and snatches Alexa up by her wrist... ACID RAINMAKER-- NO! Alexa ducks it and catches Jinny on the turnaround! Boot to the stomach... DDT! Alexa covers! ONE! TWO! JINNY KICKS OUT! Alexa can't believe it!

[ Pat McAfee ] Jinny kicks out with FORCE! Surviving this match-- no, winning that championship means enough to THE FASHIONISTA that she kicked out of the move that ended Hyper Misao's career at WrestleBrawl IV! What's it gonna take to keep her down for the count!? I don't know if the move has been invented yet, Ex-cal!

Alexa is seething as she pulls Jinny to her feet and whips her into the corner. Alexa follows her in... HANDSPRING ELBOW! Alexa remains with her back to Jinny and throws an elbow back into her nose! She hits her with a second elbow and then executes a forward roll, returns to her feet, and then charges... nailing Jinny with a devastating forearm to the chest! Jinny falls into a seated position and Alexa charges again... DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE! Alexa drags Jinny out of the corner and begins climbing the turnbuckles... but Jinny springs to her feet and rushes up the turnbuckles on the other side! Jinny and Alexa trade forearms while both are standing on the middle rope! Jinny rattles Alexa with a big right hand and then hooks Alexa's head, grabs her wrist, and then leaps! SWINGING NECKBREAKER FROM THE TOP AND INTO THE RING! Jinny rolls straight back to her feet and pulls Alexa up behind her! Alexa's visibly out of it! Jinny grabs her wrist and nails THE TOUCH OF COUTURE! Jinny covers... BUT AUBREY EDWARDS IS DISTRACTED BY NYLA ROSE! Aubrey is yelling at Nyla Rose to get off the apron as the fans count "ONE! TWO! THREE! ONE! TWO! THREE!" Jinny is furious and stands up, approaching Nyla Rose!

[ Excalibur ] This is ridiculous! Jinny had the match won! We should have a new champion right now!

[ Pat McAfee ] You ain't kiddin', brah, but ya' had t' know that Nyla Rose was gonna get involved somewhere! Nyla Rose is the whole reason Alexa Bliss unified all those belts at Game o' Squids! Alexa's always got the Native Beast in her back pocket!

Aubrey turns and blocks Jinny, keeping her and Nyla Rose from making contact! However, Aubrey's eyes suddenly grow wide as she sees what's coming from behind Jinny! Tipped off by Aubrey's reaction, Jinny steps to the side and Alexa Bliss collides with Aubrey, sending her backward into Nyla Rose! Nyla falls to the floor and Aubrey tumbles through the ropes and onto the apron, out of it!

[ Excalibur ] It looks like Nyla Rose got what was coming to her for costing Jinny the title but... Aubrey Edwards is down as well! We need a referee, stat!

Alexa looks surprised by what she's done and turns around just in time to get whipped about and nailed with the ACID RAINMAKER! Jinny covers! There's no referee! The fans count "ONE! TWO! THREE!" over and over before Jinny finally stands up. She paces back and forth for a moment before... rolling to the floor and checking beneath the ring. Jinny pulls out a table to a huge pop! She sets it up at ringside... only to get AVALANCHED from behind by Nyla Rose! Jinny sprawls forward onto the floor and Nyla Rose snatches her up and lifts her... BEAST BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

[ Excalibur ] Jinny's thirst for violence-- Jinny's need to PUNISH Alexa Bliss... it might just have cost her the match!

[ Pat McAfee ] YA' THINK!?

Without wasting any time, Nyla Rose picks up Jinny and rolls her under the bottom rope. The fans are booing as Nyla Rose rolls under the bottom rope and picks up Alexa Bliss, dragging her across the ring and placing her on top of Jinny. Nyla exits the ring as Rick Knox jogs out from the back. The fans are booing as he slides into the ring.

[ Excalibur ] No! NO! The one time Rick Knox decides to do his job--

[ Pat McAfee ] It's not over yet, brah! It's not over 'til his hand hits the mat three times!

He slides into position and counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Nyla Rose grabs the championship belt and rolls under the bottom rope with it, shoving it into Alexa's hands. Alexa is still disoriented as she looks down at the title and raises her arm in victory! Tears stream down her face as Nyla Rose helps her to her feet.

[ Excalibur ] Well... Rick Knox's hand hit the mat three times, Pat.

[ Pat McAfee ] That... is NOT how I saw this one going.

Nyla Rose hoists Alexa Bliss onto her shoulder and walks her around the ring as the fans throw garbage into the ring. Nyla finally sets Alexa down and Alexa nearly falls to her knees but catches herself at the last second... only for Aubrey Edwards to come out of nowhere and rip the title from her grasp! The fans EXPLODE!

[ Pat McAfee ] Hey! Hey, what's goin' on!?

[ Excalibur ] Senior referee Aubrey Edwards has taken the championship away from Alexa Bliss!

Rick Knox looks confused as Aubrey approaches him and points at Jinny on the mat, bringing attention to her FOOT RESTING ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Rick Knox places his hands on the sides of his head, realizing what an error he's made! Alexa begins shrieking "THAT WASN'T THERE! THIS IS BULLSHIT! THE REFEREE'S DECISION IS FINALLLLL!"

[ Pat McAfee ] What's gonna happen!?

[ Excalibur ] I... I think the match has to continue but that decision is in the hands of our senior official!

Aubrey Edwards leans through the ropes and draws Kayla Braxton over. We can see Aubrey telling her something. Kayla nods and then raises the microphone.

[ Kayla Braxton ] Ladies and gentlemen, by order of senior official Aubrey Edwards... this match--

Dramatic pause. The fans are buzzing with anticipation.


The fans erupt! The bell sounds to restart the match! Kayla Braxton takes the championship belt and returns to the table with it! Jinny slowly returns to her feet, looking PISSED! Alexa sneers, but before she can advance on Jinny... someone jumps the rail and climbs into the ring, tackling Nyla Rose to the mat! The hooded woman ties up with Nyla Rose and rolls under the bottom rope with her!

[ Pat McAfee ] Who the hell is this woman attacking Nyla Rose!?

[ Excalibur ] I... I don't know!

Nyla Rose and the hooded woman brawl up the ramp before reaching the stage! Rick Knox tries to separate them! The hooded woman knocks Nyla Rose to the edge of the stage and Rick Knox grabs her around the waist, pulling her back and causing her hood to fall away... revealing NIKKI CROSS! The fans pop huge!


Nikki Cross fights free of Rick Knox's grasp and charges at Nyla Rose... TACKLING HER OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH A TABLE BELOW! Nyla Rose and Nikki Cross are BOTH neutralized!



We return to focus on Jinny and Alexa in the ring! Alexa looks unnerved by what just happened to Nyla Rose! Jinny finally stands upright and Alexa charges at her! Jinny ducks a clothesline and catches Alexa on the turnaround! She catches her wrist... ACID RAINMAKERRRRRRRRR! Jinny covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ALEXA BRIDGES OUT!

[ Excalibur ] HOW DID THAT NOT END IT!?

[ Pat McAfee ] Say what ya' will about Alexa Bliss, she's the champ for a REASON!

Jinny pulls Alexa back to her feet and hits her with a knee lift to the mid-section. She pulls her in... STYLE CLASH-- NO! Alexa blocks it, sweeps Jinny's legs, and goes for a JACKKNIFE PIN! ONE! TWO! THR-- JINNY KICKS OUT! Both women rolls back to their feet and Jinny walks right into a BIG RIGHT HAND STRAIGHT TO THE JAW! Jinny falls straight back-- NO! Alexa catches her wrist and pulls her in... IMPLANT DDT! Jinny is OUT! Alexa climbs the ropes, then looks down at Jinny, standing on the top rope as boos radiate from the heart of the arena! She flies! TWISTED BLISS--

[ Excalibur ] Not like this!

--NO! JINNY MOVES! ALEXA CRASHES AND BURNS! Jinny rolls to her feet as the impact sends Alexa back up to her knees, favoring her mid-section! ROLLING WHEELKICK ON ALEXA! She goes down and Jinny snatches her up by her wrist... ACID RAINMAKER! She maintains her grip and pulls Alexa straight back up... INTO A SECOND ACID RAINMAKER! Jinny covers and hooks the leg, cradling her tight! ONE! TWO! THREE!

JINNY via PINFALL in 18:02

The fans are cheering loudly as Aubrey Edwards brings the championship to Jinny. Jinny looks down at the title and cradles it tightly to her chest.

[ Pat McAfee ] Look at that, Ex-cal! Dreams DO come true!

[ Excalibur ] Indeed, they do! Here in the main event of Holiday Hell on New Year's Eve, Jinny has reclaimed the championship she feels was stolen from her at So-Called Rivals in 2020! She has solidified her place in history by ending the longest women's title reign in history, overcoming the odds and defeating Alexa Bliss here tonight!

WALTER and Tyler Breeze make their way down to the ring and hoist Jinny onto their shoulders as pyro rains down from the rafters. Alexa Bliss rolls under the bottom rope and walks to the back, cradling her head. She stops on the stage and looks back, tears in her eyes, before disappearing behind the curtain.

[ Pat McAfee ] All respect to Alexa Bliss, no one has or ever will again do what she's done as SGW champion. She's the Great Unifier, the Golden Goddess! Her contributions will never be forgotten and I know we haven't seen the last of her!

[ Excalibur ] Alexa and Jinny are destined to do this dance for as long as they share a spot on the same roster, Pat. You're absolutely right.

We fade out on a shot of Jinny holding the championship over her head.

End of transmission.