DATE: 04/21/2002


[[[- The screen goes black for about 5 seconds as then the nEw logo appears on the screen with a black outline. Suddenly a over-voice is heard as it then says the following... -]]]


Over Voice: Ladies and Gentlemen... The wrestling world has hit rock bottom, and has now entered a new era. For what was considered wrestling, has now been taken to a new level. Forget about Vince McMahon, forget Eric Bischoff, and never mind Ted Turner... This is a new Era to the wrestling world... this is nEw!!!

Now without further adieu... Live from the Staples Center in Las Angeles, California... This is New Era Wrestling... This is Showtime!!


[[[- The camera spans around the arena and shows off the awesome looking green nEw set as the green and yellow pyrotechnics explode as suddenly we are introduced to the announcers of nEw Sean Mooney and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenen -]]]


Sean Mooney: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to nEw!! I'm your host Sean Mooney along side The Brain himself... Bobby Heenen, Bobby, welcome back to the broadcasting table.


Bobby Heenen: Well Mooney it's a new day and a new Era... let's get the ball rolling here tonight cause it's Showtime!


[[[- Suddenly... 'The is a New Era blasts on the PA system as the fans direct their attention to the entrance way as out through the smoke steps PAUL HEYMAN? Why is he here? Paul Heyman is in nEw. The camera zooms in on his face as he begins to scream at the crowd as the fans try and get a touch of him, as he steps through the ropes and into the ring and begins to speak as the fans show Heyman mixed reactions... -]]]


Paul Heyman: Hello Las Angeles.... Hello Wrestling Fans... welcome to Showtime! Now ladies and Gentlemen... what you're looking at is a new style being brought to you here. You see it was I who was sitting in the back in Stamford, Connecticut... listening to the bull that Vince McMahon was throwing at me. I got sick and tired of day in and day out, saving his ass in the storylines. I got tired of screaming at Vince, telling him to give me a raise, so what did I do... I QUIT THE WWF!!! So what I brought here was two men who have a ungodly amount of money.... two men who have a wallet twice the size of a Vince McMahon... And Jay King and Mike Frost... who were very successful in the past in the defunct SGW... Have re-opened a company.... a new Era of companies... and it is I WHO HAVE THE POWER AS WELL. IT IS I WHO HAVE BEEN NAMED THE NEWEST nEw COMMISSIONER!!!


Sean Mooney: WHAT??! Why?


Paul Heyman: Now incase your wondering... tonight your going to see a jam packed card to open up nEw... and tonight I don't want to take up any time.... but what I do want is for each and every one of you to just listen up, pay attention and take a look at the nEw commissioners newest protégé... the future of wrestling, Mr. NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPION HIMSELF.... BROCK LESNAR!!!


[[[- Suddenly Brock Lesnar's music blasts as he walks out with his huge biceps rippling as the fans are going crazy with the boo's as Heyman stands in the ring and begins to laugh as Brock joins him, in the center of the ring, grunting, snorting and making his huge muscles flex like mad as Heyman begins to speak again...  -]]]


Bobby Heenen: That man scares me Mooney!


Sean Mooney: Me too!


Paul Heyman: That's right nEw... no more beating up on the poor defenseless commissioner, because now that I have this man at my side.... no one will stop me from eventually getting full control of nEw, and taking the new Era to heights it will never see without my guidance!


[[[- Just then "Crawling" by Linkin Park plays as out from the back walks Tommy Dreamer of all people to a loud ovation as he steps into the ring and begins to speak... -]]]


Tommy Dreamer: Listen Heyman, I didn't come to nEw to hear an earful of your crap! I came here to do what I do best... and that is get the job done in the ring, make some money and win championships, So Heyman, why don't you do us all a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP.....!!


[[[- From there Lesnar spears Dreamer right in the gut and picks him up and delivers a pump handle slam and slams Dreamer, like he's nothing. Lesnar then picks Dreamer up again and executes a vicious Jackhammer leaving Tommy Dreamer totally knocked out, laying in pain as the EMS immediately runs to the scene and referees run to hold back Lesnar as he has just shocked everyone -]]]




Sean Mooney: That is one sick individual!


Bobby Heenen: You're telling me!


[[[- The scene slowly fades as we see Dreamer being carried off in a stretcher as we see Lesnar grunting for more, as Heyman stands in front of him, holding him back as the fans are stunned -]]]


Sean O'Haire vs. William Regal vs. Cactus Jack

Without a shadow of a doubt... the best opening match to a efed ever! Sean O'Haire walked out to a huge pop as the crowd went nuts to see the first match get underway. He entered the ring and posed on the middle rope for all the fans. As Suddenly William Regals titan tron busted out as out from the back walked the arrogant, and the cocky William Regal. He walked out to major heat and got into the ring where he just gave a dirty look to O'Haire. Finally, the major pop of the night as suddenly Cactus Jack's music began to blare as he walks out screaming BANG BANG! The bell sounds as the match began. Cactus Jack got off to an incredible start. He began with many right hands on both O'Haire and Regal, and knocked Regal to the outside. Regal slowly recovered and the camera then zoomed up on him to reveal Regal hid his brass knucks!! Suddenly Regal rolls back into the ring where he is met with a DDT delivered by Sean O'Haire, as Cactus Jack nails O'Haire in the back of the head and goes for a quick cover. Referee Earl Hebner makes the count, 1...2.. Kick out. Regal gets up and picks up O'Haire and goes for a suplex, but its reversed. Cactus Jack then runs off the ropes and delivers a elbow drop to the gut of Regal, then goes for the pin. The referee makes the count once more 1...2... Kick out by Regal. Cactus can't believe it, as O'Haire then picks up Cactus and delivers a major head butt to the cranium of Cactus Jack, but Cactus doesn't budge. O'Haire then delivers one more, but to no avail. He then runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Cactus ducks it and kicks O'Haire in the gut and delivers a DOUBLE ARM DDT!! IT'S OVER.... the referee makes the cover 1....2.... REGAL MAKES THE SAVE. He reaches in his trunks and pulls out some brass knuckles, and nails Cactus Jack in the skull. He makes the cover, as the referee makes the count, 1....2....3!!! It's OVER... Regal just got the pin with the brass knucks!! Damn him!


Winner via Pin Fall: William Regal



[[[- After the match we cut to back where we see a dark room, with lots of fire and cross's everywhere, with few burining candles as we see Gangrel kneeling at a bruning cross drinking a cup of blood, as we listen in... -]]]


 Gangrel: The leeches of the world shall cometh and worship thee... for the Dark Warrior has arrived to destroy those who stand in their way!


[[[- He lights another candle and drinks some more "blood" from his cup as suddenly the door opens and in walks a man in a tie... as we once again listen in... -]]]


Gangrel: WHO IS IT?!


Steven Richards: Mr. Gangrel, look at your life-style, look at what you represent... my son.... flee from this, and come with me, help me fight the good fight.... fight for the right to Censor!


Gangrel: Men don't make men... He makes men, and after tonight, He will strike, and He will cometh, to suck your blood and leave you for the vulture's of the world! Hahahaha, AHHHHHHHahahahahaha!!! 


Steven Richards: You will regret this my son...


[[[- Richards turns around and walks out of the door as Gangrel sips from his cup once more and spits it everywhere, as the "blood" runs down his cheeks, as we cut to the next match. -]]]

Shawn Michaels vs. Sean Stasiak

The next match is ready to start, as the fans direct their attention once again to the entrance way, as 'OH SHAWN' starts to play as out from the back, walks the 'Icon, the Showstopper, The Main Event' Shawn Michaels himself to a loud ovation, as he walks into the ring and starts the stripping of his entrance attire, and then gets down on one knee and poses in front of his giant pyrotechnics. The Fans go crazy as suddenly 'MECCA... OF MANHOOD!' is heard as Shawn Stasiak's music begins to play as out from the back with his manager, Stacy Kiebler walks 'The Mecca of Manhood, Shawn Stasiak. He gets into the ring where mainly you hear just cheers for Stacy, as the two pose, and Stacy lays a huge wet one on Stasiak, as she then gives Michaels the eye, as Stasiak becomes livid and goes right after Shawn Michaels. He charges at him, but runs right into a super kick. Michaels just stands over Stasiak and just laughs at him for his stupidity. Michaels goes for the cover, but suddenly Stacy, out of total desperation gets up on the apron, and pulls up her skirt a little bit, as Shawn goes over to take a look at the long legged beauty as he takes her and gives her a big wet kiss. Much to Shawn Michaels shock, Stasiak is up, as Shawn turns around as Stasiak nails him with a vicious big boot and makes the cover, 1....2....3!!! Stasiak has just pulled a huge win here in nEw!!


Winners via pinfall: Sean Stasiak

[[[- After the match we cut to the back and see Mike Sanders sitting in his office talking on the phone... -]]]


 Mike Sanders: Yea mom, I'm fine really... yes, I packed it.... No mom.... I don't want to say that mom.... Fine [mumbles] I love you mommy!!! [clears his throat]


[[[- Just then Billy Kidman walks into his dressing room... -]]]


Mike Sanders: I GOTTA GO! [Hangs up the phone] Can I help you?


Billy Kidman: Were you just talking to your mother?


Mike Sanders: Uhhh no that was my girlfriend.... 


Billy Kidman: I heard you say mommy though and....


Mike Sanders: Dude I wasn't talking to my mom, what the hell do you want anyways?


Billy Kidman: I just came to wish you luck tonight in our match...


Mike Sanders: Luck? Billy, Luck has nothing to do with our match tonight... tonight, I'm just going to simply kick your ass!


Billy Kidman: Yea, whatever...


Mike Sanders: Yea, and by the way... while you're at it, why don't you go ahead and bring that fine piece of meat Torrie down to the ring so she can see a real man in action!


Billy Kidman: You son of a....


[[[- Suddenly Kidman hops over the desk and nails Sanders in the face as a bunch of referee's jump into the scene and seperate the two men as Sanders is being held back, with both men screaming as we cut back to the ring... -]]]



The Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan

We return back to the arena as the fans are on their feet cheering as suddenly 'DEAD MAN WALKING' sounds as the arena explodes as out from the back, with his bandana on and all, the Undertaker walks out to the ring with very disturbed look on his face, as he walks down the ramp way, into the ring. As suddenly 'WHEN IT COMES CRASHING DOWN AND IT HURTS INSIDE' blasts over the loud speakers as the fans erupt as out from the black, wearing the red and yellow walks the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Hogan walks down the ramp and into the ring where he poses for all the screaming fans as the Undertaker takes a cheap shot from behind as the match begins. The fans begin to boo as finally the bell rings and The Undertaker throws Hogan off the ropes. Hogan ducks a big boot and runs off the opposite end of the ring ropes and comes back and delivers a big clothesline. Hogan gets up and drills The Undertaker with some heavy right hands. The Undertaker doesn't budge for long as he returns a low knee to the gut of his own. The fans start to cheer for Hogan as the Taker begins to kick him while he's down. He picks up Hogan and executes the Tombstone. He goes for the cover, Earl Hebner makes the count, 1...2... KICK-OUT!!! Hogan kicked out. The Undertaker is in disbelief. He picks Hogan up and nails him with a hard elbow to the cranium. Hogan drops to on knee but not down all the way. Taker nails him with a heavy fist, but suddenly Hogan starts to 'Hulk up'... Oh no.... Hogan starts Hulking up and The Undertaker continues to beat on Hogan, but to no avail. The taker then nails hogan in the gut  as he then reveals he nailed hogan with a hand full of quarter dollars!! From there he quickly delivers the LAST RIDE!!! The cover 1...2... wait a second... there's stone cold Steve Austin, he just ran down and gets into the ring and tells the referee to stop the count.... he shows the referee the quarters as the referee see's them and quickly disqualifies The Undertaker... The Undertaker is livid... as Austin laughs then gives the Undertaker the finger and STUNNER!!!! The Undertaker has just been stunned by the Texas Rattlesnake as Hogan gets the win!!


Winner via DQ: Hollywood Hulk Hogan


[[[- After the match, we cut to the back as we see the Undertaker walking back from his dressing room after his match as Austin is standing in front of the Undertakers dressing room door with his arms folded... -]]]


 Stone Cold Steve Austin: Why'd you do that? [crowd: WHAT?!] Why do you feel the need to fight with a foreign object? [crowd: WHAT?!] I thought you were the American Bad ass [crowd: WHAT?!] I thought you were the deacon of Destruction? [crowd: WHAT?!] I thought you wanted respect? [crowd: WHAT?!] So why do you need to use a foreign object to win a match?


The Undertaker: You got a problem son?


Stone Cold Steve Austin: WHAT?!


The Undertaker: Listen if you got a problem with how I do business, then you can take that up with me.... in that ring boy... otherwise I suggest you move your sorry ass and keep your damn mouth shut if you know what's good for you!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: You want to fight Stone Cold? [crowd: WHAT?!] You want to battle the rattlesnake? [crowd: WHAT?!] You want to whip my ass? [crowd: WHAT?!]  WHAT?! If you want me to whip The Undertaker's ass right now, gimmie a hell yea! [crowd: HELL YEA!]  Son... at the first Pay-Per-View... go ahead and mark your calender, because you just booked yourself in a match with stone cold Steve Austin, and son.... you just signed your death wish.... AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE... [crowd: WHAT?!]  BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!


[[[- Austin walks away from the door as the camera zooms up on Undertaker's face, as he shows a very pissed off look... -]]]


The Undertaker: Yea, we'll see boy... we'll see.... I'll make your ass famous!!


[[[- Camera fades showing the Undertakers very pissed off look as he walks into his dressing room... -]]]



Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

Athletically this had to be the best match of the night. The match began as Austin music blasts as out from the back walks the Texas rattle snake to a huge ovation, as he enters the ring and poses on all four corners as suddenly 'Metal' begins to play as out walks Angle to his pyro's as he walks down the ramp and into the ring, where he removes his gold medals as the bell sounds and this match is underway. Austin starts out strong after the lock-up as he toss's him against the ropes and delivers a Lou Thesz press, and adds tons of punches to follow. Angle gets up and gets knocked right back down with a big fore-arm. He then gets right back up and gets decked one more time back to the canvas. Austin motions for angle to get back up, as suddenly Angle gets up, ducks a clothesline, and kicks Austin in the gut and delivers a DDT. Austin slowly tries to wipe away the cob webs as He returns to his feet as Angle bounces off the ropes and executes a picture perfect Bulldog to the skull of Austin. Angle celebrates, picks Austin up and goes for the Angle slam. Austin quickly gets out of it, and turns around and flicks off Angle and kicks him in the gut. STUNNER... it could be over here as Referee Earl Hebner makes the count. 1....2..... But suddenly down runs the Undertaker... he rolls in the ring and attacks Austin. Austin is getting beating like a red headed step child, as he picks him up, and delivers THE LAST RIDE!!! Austin has been beaten to a pulp as the Undertaker leaves to a terrible ovation as the fans give a huge booing POP, as Austin gets the win via Disqualification.


Winner via DQ: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin


[[[- After the match, and both men have exited to the back we then hear the music of William Regal, as he walks down the aisle to a loud ovation of boo's as he steps through the ropes, into the ring and begins to wave to everyone as they continue to boo, he takes a mic and begins to speak... -]]]


 William Regal: Ahhh, Las Angeles California [crowd cheers], could this town get any more bloody disgusting!? I mean this city is a prime example of you Americans, and how you take care of your pathetic country. Every single square inch of land is filthy, disgusting, and smells like the bum of a horse! Let me just tell you, the British treat their bodies, and their country like a temple. The British are....


[[[- Just then Metal plays as out from the back to a shocking loud bunch of cheers walks Kurt Angle with a microphone in hand as the music slowly dies down and he begins to speak... -]]]


Kurt Angle: Smell like a horses bum? [Crowd: WHAT?!] Pathetic country? [Crowd: WHAT?!] Listen pal, I represented this country and won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympic games, held in Atlanta, Georgia, and I was proud to respresent such a great nation as this. [Crowd: WHAT?!] But you know something Regal... it's foreign punks like you that really make my furnass fry. So you know what buck-o, I'm going to walk down this ramp-way and give you a good old American ass kicking....OHHHHH IT'S TRUE!!




[[[- Angle drops the microphone and slides into the ring as Regal nails Angle in the back, as Angle fights his way to his feet, as he reverses a right hook by Regal and suddenly without notice... ANGLE SLAM!! the crowd cheers as Angle's music begins to play as Regal rolls out of the ring , backing up to the entrance way holding his back, and pointing at angle in the ring and screaming in disgust as the crowd continues to cheer for Angle. -]]]



Triple H vs. Steven Richards

The camera returns to the ring as suddenly.... 'TIME TO PLAY THE GAME' blasts as the sound of MotorHead begins to erupt throughout the Staples Center. The crowd goes absolutely insane, as out from the back walks Triple h, head down with water in his right hand, as he pours it on himself and walks down the ramp. He gets on the ring apron, takes one last sip of water and then spits it out as the fans eat it up. He gets in the ring and poses on all four turnbuckles then as suddenly the sirens are heard as the boo's begin to be heard as out from the back walks 'Mr. Censorship himself', Steven Richards. He walks to the ring with a very straight face, gets in the ring and goes right after the Game. Triple H gets backed into the corner as Richards begins to pound on Triple H, with lefts and rights. Triple H reverses it though and delivers a few knee's to the gut of Richards. Richards goes down on both knee's and Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Richards just pulls away and gets up and executes a picture perfect clothesline. Triple H gets up and runs right into a body slam by Richards. He goes for the cover 1...2....3. Richards gets the win as suddenly the lights go out and then come back on a few seconds later as we then see Richards covered in blood.... He is livid! As he runs to the back in a very pissed off manner


Winner via pinfall: Steven Richards


[[[- A few moments later we see Richards walking through the back wiping off the blood very upset... -]]]


 Steven Richards: GANGREL!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! YOUR MINE!! I will find you Gangrel, rest assured, and I will give you the ultimate punishment.... for you will BE CENSORED!! Cause it's for your own GOOD!!


[[[- Richards walks past the camera man as we fade into the next match -]]]


Edge & Christian vs. Raven & Lance Storm

This match was great. The match began with some crazy techno music playing as out from the back with Dawn Marie at his side walks Lance Storm, holding up both arms at the top of the ramp, as he walks down the aisle, up the steel steps and into the ring where he gives a little mediocre posing, as Dawn stays behind him with her bimbo look to her. As suddenly the sound of a bird is head as out from the back his hands out to his side, posing walks Raven. He walks down the aisle. Gets into the ring, removes his leather jacket as gives a small pose. Suddenly 'YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME!' plays as out from the back walks two of the biggest names in tag team wrestling today... Edge and Christian. Both men walk down to the ring, get in and both pose on the middle rope as the fans go wild. As Raven and Storm jump both of them from behind as the match gets underway. Raven starts out beating on Edge, throwing him into the corner, and delivering some heavy fists, and then some chops. He then whips him into the other corner where Storm charges and delivers a hard elbow to the skull.  Edge drops on his ass as Christian comes in and gets back suplexed. And then the big leg drop by Storm. Raven goes for the cover, 1....2....KICKOUT!!! Christian kicks out, and gets up and nails storm with the low blow. Raven then attacks Christian from behind and executes the EVENFLOW!! Raven stands up and poses with the "crucifix" pose as out of no where... BAM!!! Storm nails Raven with a huge superkick to the jaw? What the hell? Storm has turned on his partner!!! Why? What i nthe hell has just happened?!! Storm leaves the ring and grabs Dawn Marieas Christian rolls over on a knocked out Raven, as the referee turns around and makes the cover, 1...2...3!!! Edge and Christian pull a fast one as Storm leaves laughing at a beaten Raven in the ring.

Winners by pinfall: Edge and Christian


[[[- After the match we cut to the back where we see Heyman sitting down at his desk, as Brock stands like a wall close behind, as Heyman has his feet kicked up on the desk as we listen in.... -]]]


 Paul Heyman: Brock... we got it made my man... look at this...  We're in the drivers seat of a company... we got tons of talent in the company... Vince McMahon can kiss my ass!


[[[- Suddenly The Undertaker busts through the door very pissed off..... -]]]


The Undertaker: Listen Heyman, I don't give a damn about you or this stupid 300 pound dumb ass standing behind you... I just want you to give me Austin... NOW!!


 Paul Heyman: 'Taker... listen I realize where your coming from... and you know what, just like Austin said earlier... let's make this match at the first ever nEw pay-per-view... Stone Cold Steve Austin vs: The Undertaker, one more time!


The Undertaker: Fine... but you better make sure he stays out of my way until then, and....


 [[[- Just then Regal busts through the door interrupting the Undertaker.... -]]]


William Regal: Did you see what bloody happened out there Heyman... Kurt Angle almost broke my damn back... you got to do something about this... this is an outrage... AN OUTRAGE!!!


Paul Heyman: Just hold it.. everyone calm down, and breath... I got a little idea... next week at Showtime... we're going to spice things up a little bit. Next week Regal... your going to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Undertaker, your going to face Kurt Angle!!! And Regal if you impress me in that match next week, then you get Angle at the first nEw pay-Per-View, until then, both of you guys better stay in line, and don't do anything stupid!


William Regal: Impress you? I'll bloody impress you... I'm going to break Austin's damn spine in the regal stretch then I'm coming for that miserable toe rag Kurt Angle!


The Undertaker: Don't worry Regal, I got plans of my own for Angle.... you just take care of Austin next week, then after that, Austin's ass belongs to me! Later Heyman!


[[[- The Undertaker Storms out of the room and slams to door as the scene fades into the next match... -]]]


Gangrel vs. Scott Hall

This match couldn't get any weirder. The match begins as the lights dim low as suddenly, a weird music is heard as suddenly fire begins to blast at the entrance way as rising up through the top ramp is 'Goth Prince' himself, Gangrel.... he makes his way out and through the fire as he walks down to the ring as he has a glass of what looks to be Blood in his wine cup. He gets on the steel steps, takes sip, and spits it out as the red 'blood' runs down his mouth, as he gets into the ring with a heavy grin, as suddenly 'Don't Sing it... Bring it' is played as out from the back with the gold chains, and vest on, walks the smooth, the cocky, and the bad guy himself... Scott Hall. He walks down the aisle, gets into the ring and poses to a cheerful, yet at the same time booing crowd, as Gangrel attacks Hall from behind as the fans boo as the bell sounds and this match is underway. Gangrel backs Hall into a corner, as Gangrel climbs to the middle rope and delivers punch after punch after punch, and then does the unthinkable and sinks his fangs into Hall, as Hall gets disgusted and shoves Gangrel off the middle rope and goes after him. Hall gets on top and begins throwing some big right hands. Gangrel gets up and as Hall runs at him, Gangrel ducks a Hall clothesline as the referee gets knocked down, Hall in disbelief, turns his attention to the referee, he checks on him, gets up, turns around and runs right into a Gangrel DDT. The fans boo like crazy, as Gangrel gets up and raises his hands high in the air, and as he does so, the referee slowly rises up from being hurt. This is shocking!! The referee looks at Gangrel making the pin, and makes the count... 1....2.....KICK-OUT!!! Hall kicked out. Gangrel can't believe it, as the referee is still having trouble getting back up as Hall gets up and ducks a big boot from Gangrel and kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the RAZORS EDGE!! But Gangrel reverses it, and as Hall gets up, he runs into a mist of blood that Gangrel spit out from the mouth, as Gangrel makes the cover, 1...2...3!!! Gangrel gets the win. Suddenly the lights go out as the RTC logo flashes on the titan Tron as the lights then come back on and Gangrel has a RTC logo across his chest, as he is laid out cold in the center of the mat.... it looks as if Richards and Gangrel have quite a feud brewing early!


Winner via pinfall: Gangrel


[[[- We then cut to the back once more as we then see Torrie Wilson getting a cup of coffee, she picks up a spoon, and drops it, as she bends over to pick it up, as we then see Sanders standing there gawking at Torrie's ass, and laughing, as he walks up to her.... -]]]


 Mike Sanders: My, my, my... Are your legs tired honey?


Torrie Wilson: No why?


Mike Sanders: Cause you've been running through my mind all day!


Torrie Wilson: Oh my god... That's so corny....


Mike Sanders: Yea whatever honey... I tell you what why don't you go ahead and give me your phone number, seeing as i lost mine!


Torrie Wilson: You got to be kidding me...


Mike Sanders: Tell you what, why don't you ditch that punk Billy Kidman and go out with a real man.... like me!


[[[- Just then Billy Kidman walks up to Sanders -]]]


Billy Kidman: Look pal, back off my girl....


Mike Sanders: Looks to me like your girl is drooling over me!


Billy Kidman: Yea, well how about I make you drool out some blood!


Mike Sanders: Ohh, is that a threat? Because I wouldn't want to have to beat you... like I am going to tonight....


Billy Kidman: Oh really, well why don't you prove  it!


 Mike Sanders: Hahaha, whatever you say, just make sure you bring your 2 dollar whore down to the ring to watch me... a real man... in action!!


[[[- Kidman then swings and nails Sanders in the jaw as he drops to one knee as the fans are heard going crazy as tons more referee's jump into play once more and separate both men once more, as Sanders is seen screaming again at Kidman, as Kidman grabs Torrie's hand as both of them walk away as the camera then zooms back on Sanders who is red in the face and still screaming.... -]]]


Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

The sounds of rob Van Dam's music is suddenly heard as out from the back, walks to a loud ovation ... (((points to himself))) ROB VAN DAM!!! He walks down the ramp-way and up the steps, and hops over the top rope as he points to himself over and over again, as suddenly some crazy, unknown alternative music begins to play but no one comes out... The announcer then announces that RVD wins by forfeit, due to Dreamers injury earlier in the show courtesy of Brock Lesnar


Winner: Rob Van Dam



Shane Douglas vs. The Hardy Boyz

Handicap match

This match was a terrible match. The match began with the Hardy Boys coming out to their usual entrance as the walked down the ramp way and into the ring where they would pose a bit and get the fans going as suddenly 'GET YOUR ASS FRANCHISED' plays as out from the back with the lovely Francine at his arm walks Shane Douglas to a loud ovation. The fans go crazy for Francine... mainly the men, as he walks down the ramp, into the ring, and poses and flicks off a few fans before the bell sounds. The match gets underway with Jeff Hardy starting off against Shane Douglas. The two lock up and Shane takes Jeff Down early with a leg sweep, he kicks him while he's down. Lita we see on the outside cheering her guy on, as Francine walks over and smacks the hell out of Lita as the two female beauties battle it out on the side of the ring as Matt Hardy drops down from the ring apron to separate the two as they battle up the ramp way, the referee is distracted by the cat fight as Douglas quickly head butts Jeff Hardy, as Hardy goes down, and Douglas goes to the outside, and gets a chair. He pulls back, swing and BAM! Cracks Jeff Hardy in the skull. Hardy goes down a bloody mess as Douglas laughs. Matt Hardy runs back to the ring where he stands up and BAM!! Matt Hardy quickly gets nailed in the skull with the chair as well, as Douglas continues to laugh, Lita breaks lose then on the outside from Francine and grabs a chair as well, gets in as Lita goes for a chair shot, but Douglas ducks, as Lita drops the chair after Douglas kicks her in her gut and DDT's her on the chair. Douglas then makes the cover on Matt Hardy... 1...2...3!! Douglas pulled a big win!


Winner by pinfall: Shane Douglas


[[[- After the match we see Douglas and Francine just walk through the curtain hand in hand, Douglas is a little bloody and in pain, as The Coach quickly walks up for an interview.... -]]]


 Jonathon Coachman: Shane Douglas... Great Job on your match?



Shane Douglas: Shut Up... I beat both of those punks but one thing that really pisses me off is that Lita had to stick her God Damn nose in my damn business... and you know what else....


[[[- Just then Lance Storm walks up to Douglas with Dawn Marie at his side.... -]]]


Lance Storm: Congratulations on your big win.... too bad you had to cheat to get the win... like a true pussy!!!


Shane Douglas: You want some of me punk?


Lance Storm: I don't really think there's much of you, after Lita kicked your ass out there!


Shane Douglas: Oh really?


Lance Storm: Yea!


[[[- Douglas takes a swing at Storm but misses and referee's jump in and separate the two men before anyone gets hurt as we then see Paul Heyman walk up to both men.... -]]]


Paul Heyman: Well, Well, Well, two of my finest men that I created back in ECW.... Look at you both... look what you've become, two low life, pieces of crap with two bimbo girls at their sides. You turned weak on me boys... WEAK!!! So I tell you what... since you two have become so weak... i'm going to make one of you strong again, i'm going to make a man out of one of you, and seeing as you both want at each other so bad... next week on Showtime... you two are going to have a little match.... Douglas vs: Storm... next week on Showtime... got it!!


[[[- Heyman chuckles a little and walks off as the camera zooms in on Douglas's eyes!.... -]]]


The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK... IS COOKIN' plays as out from the back to a huge pop walks the peoples champion... the Rock walks out down the ramp way and up the steel steps where he steps on the middle turnbuckle and poses for all the fans as the go crazy for him as he runs his face through the air and feels the electricity from all the nEw fans. Suddenly.... 5......4.....3....2....1....BOOM!!! BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!! Plays as Jericho is seen with his back to everyone, as he turns around with a cocky grin on his face as he runs to the ring, but the Rock meets him outside of the ring as the two men battle it out as the fans go crazy as the bell sounds and referee orders for both men to get into the ring. The keep giving right hands to one another. Rights and Lefts until suddenly the bell sounds again as they continue to beat the hell out of one another as they fight up the ramp way. As the referee orders the match to stop due to a count out!


Winner: Neither... Double Count-out

[[[- After the match we cut to back once more as we see Scott Hall walking out of the arena, and Kanyon walking to the ring ready to wrestle as both Hall and Kanyon bump shoulders -]]]


 Kanyon: Watch out!!


Scott Hall: You watch out... You bumped into me chico!


Kanyon: Yea whatever... nice job by the way on getting your ass handed to you earlier tonight by Gangrel!


Scott Hall: Oh you think your bad or something chico... tell you what, why don't you say that to my face... but fair warning, if you do... I'm going to CARVE YOU UP!!!


Kanyon: [Gets in Hall's face] You got you ass handed to you by....


[[[- Hall decks Kanyon, and continues to slam his fist in Kanyons back.... Kanyon tries to fight back but cant as Hall throws him into some wooden crates... -]]]


Scott Hall: Who got their ass handed to them now chico? HUH??!!


[[[- Hall walks away as Kanyon lays their in pain... -]]]



Ric Flair vs. Kanyon

Who better then Kanyon? Well after getting assaulted by Scott Hall, everyone was. The match started out with Kanyon walking down to the ring holding his back and his left ribs, as he gets into the ring and doesnt do any posing at all, he just rolls into the ring and stands there in pain. As suddenly the lights dim low as "WOOOOOOOO" is heard over the speakers as out from the backs walks the NATURE BOY himself... Ric Flair. He walks out to a huge ovation as the fans go wild for him, as he takes his time down the aisle, and into the ring where he struts a little for the fans before removing his robe. As the loights come back up and the bell sounds and this match is underway. Ric Flair takes advantage early and nails Kanyon in the ribs with his leg. Kanyon, tries to get to his feet but Flair knocks him back down. Kanyon eventually gets back up and nails Ric Flair with a low blow. Flair drops to one knee as Kanyon toss's him into the corner and clotheslines him. Kanyon goes off the ropes and delivers a big knee drop to the skull as the fans cheer on Flair. Kanyon makes the cover, 1...2...Kickout by Flair. Flair gets up and knees Kanyon in the stomach. Kanyon tries to make it to his knees but gets DDT'd for his troubles by Flair. Flair makes the cover, 1...2...Kickout! Kanyon gets up and runs off the ropes and into a big clothesline. flair picks Kanyon up by the hair, but miraculousy blocks a big punch by Flair and gives him the "stunner". Flair goes down hard. Kanyon crawls over for the pin... but Hall then suddenly jumps through the crowd in street clothes and nails Kanyon. Kanyon gets knocked down as the referee calls for the bell. Hall picks up Kanyon and delivers the RAZOR'S EDGE!!! Hall stares down at a knocked out Kanyon and begins to laugh, as he walks off leaving Kanyon thriving in pain.


Winner via DQ: Kanyon


[[[- After the match we cut to the back as we see Edge and Christian in their ring gear walking down the hallway to the ring, as we listen in... -]]]


 Edge: little bro... did we kick ass tonight or what?  And right here in Las Angeles!! [Fans cheer]


 Christian: Yea unfortunately our first match in nEw had to be in a dump town of L.A.!! [Fans boo]


Edge: Yea this town sucks almost as much as the Clippers!


 Christian: Hahaha, yea or the Dodgers!! [fans boo like crazy]


Edge: But dude listen.... next week, don't get too cocky... I mean we have to stay focused, the nEw has some pre-mo talent....


 Christian: Yea.....


 Edge & Christian (at the same time): NOT!!!!!!


Edge: Dude who would actually want to face us... we're too good?!


Christian: No kidding, and after tonight's victory.... after the world saw us beat Raven and Storm... I think it's very obvious... we showed the world why E & C totally reak of awesomeness!!


Edge: Right on Little bro... right on!!


[[[- Edge and Christian high five one another and then walk past the camera man as the fans continue to boo both of them majorly...  -]]]



Billy Kidman vs: Mike Sanders

Great athletic match between two high flying, cruiserweights, The match begins after Kidman's music is played as he walks out and to the ring as the fans cheer, as Kidman gets in the ring and just tests the ropes out with a very serious look on his face, as suddenly The alternative music begins to blast as out from the back, with the cocky look and all, with the shades on, walks Mike Sanders. He walks down the ramp, and into the ring as the referee calls for the bell as both men lock up, Sanders gets Kidman early in a headlock and holds onto the ropes for support. The fans cheer on Kidman, as Kidman throws Sanders off the ropes, Sanders comes back as he runs under a jumping Billy Kidman, and returns to a kick to the jaw by Kidman. Kidman, returns to his feet, and goes up to the top rope, and waits for Sanders to get up. Sanders makes his way up to his feet as Kidman delivers a high cross body block as he gets Sanders in a pinning position, as the referee makes the cover, 1...2... KICK-OUT! Sanders gets up and gets nailed with a clothesline, as Kidman makes the cover, 1...2...KICK-OUT! Sanders gets back up and this time ducks a clothesline by Billy Kidman and executes a textbook style Hurrican-rana. He picks up Kidman and slams him by the ropes, as he runs up to the ropes and does a spring board flip off the middle rope and on to the stomach of Billy Kidman as the fans go crazy as Sanders makes a cover, 1...2...Kick-Out! Sanders and Kidman are both out of breath, as Sanders lifts up Kidman and drops him on his stomach and then goes up to the top rope, leaps and nails a elbow drop right to the back of Billy Kidman and makes the cover, 1...2...Kickout. Sanders picks Kidman up, but kidman reverses his suplex, and then Sanders reverses, his reversal, and executes a Flying DDT out of no where as he makes the cover, 1....2....3!!! Sanders wins shockingly!!!


Winner via pinfall: 'Above Average' Mike Sanders


[[[- After the match is over Kidman gets up in shock as He stands in the corner with a stunned look on his face as Sanders gets his hand raised as suddenly 'THIS IS A NEW ERA' starts to play as out from the back walks Paul Heyman by himself, with a microphone in hand.... -]]]


 Paul Heyman: Great match boys!! I must say I am impressed, but seeing as Mike Sanders did get the win a rather... un-honorable way... I am going to propose that you two meet once again.... but not next week at Showtime... at the first nEw Pay-Per-View... which I have entitle to be named Eruption!!! So boys, I hope you enjoyed your little match tonight, because I have a feeling within the next few weeks, your going to be seeing a lot more of one another. You want to know how I know this... because I have booked you both as tag team partners next week to face both Edge and Christian!! But until then, I got a little surprise for you.... go ahead and turn around!!!


[[[- Heyman points, as both Sanders and Kidman turn around as they see... IT'S BROCK LESNAR!!! He delivers a SPEAR to Sanders, gets up and SPEARS Kidman!! Kidman gets knocked down on his ass, as Lesnar picks up Sanders and delivers a Triple Power Bomb to Sanders. Then he picks up Billy Kidman, throws him over his shoulders, picks him up over his head and toss's him out of the ring and down through the announce table!!! Good God Heyman has ordered this monster to destroy everyone in sight!! Heyman then begins to speak.... -]]]


Paul Heyman: A new era.... a new attitude.... a new owner, and next week, the path of destruction continues... but I might have one more guy to join Brock to destroy everyone in it's path!!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... WELCOME TO A NEW ERA OF WRESTLING, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


[[[- Heyman leaves walking backwards holding Brocks hand up high, laughing as the copy write symbol appears in the little box in the bottom right hand of the screen as the scene slowly fades to black.... -]]]

End of Show