04.25.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, TN

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

A royal blue Ford Mustang with white racing stripes down the top races into the parking lot and eventually creeps into a parking spot near the door. The rumbling of the V8 engine vibrates the camera until it's shut off. The fans looking on from the arena are overheard cheering even though they have no idea who the driver is. A few seconds pass and the driver's door swings open and John Cena exits! Cena is dressed in a matching green shirt and baseball cap that's accented by black jean shorts.

[ John Cena ] S.. G.. W! THIS IS SHOCK, BABY!

Cena smiles to the camera and does the "You Can't See Me" gesture.

[ John Cena ] You only get one shot to make a first impression, and John Cena plans on makin' one to remember tonight, that's for damn sure!

Since he's wearing his ring gear, there's no gear bag to grab. He just tucks his car keys into his front left pocket and makes his way towards the Asylum.

[ John Cena ] It's a good thing this arena is called the Asylum.

He smiles widely.

[ John Cena ] 'Cause Eddie Dennis, it's about to get INSANE IN HERE TONIGHT!

With his back to the entrance, Cena goes from comical to serious.

[ John Cena ] They entrusted us by putting us in the main event of the first Shock ever. In the history books, if this experiment fails or succeeds, it'll because of us, Big Ed. It's up to us to go down to that ring and tear the house down!

Cena is confident. He has no reason not to be.

[ John Cena ] Just remember this. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Cena salutes.

[ John Cena ] See you out there.

Cena swings the door open with reckless abandon and goes inside. The metal door with glass panes slowly returns back to its resting point as the scene fades out.

We cut to the backstage area where we see Eddie Kingston stepping out from his locker room. He is dressed in trademark wrestling attire with the Puerto Rican Flag embroidered on his pant leg as he looks fully prepared for his match here tonight. However, before he takes another step towards the ring entrance, he notices the SGW camera in his face. He chuckles as a toothy grin forms on his face.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Tonight… is the night.

He rubs his hands together in anticipation as the look of excitement can clearly be seen overcoming him.

[ Eddie Kingston ] In just a matter of minutes, Bray Wyatt, you are going to be all mine… No more mind games… no more words. Just us two… standing in the ring together, waiting to rip each other apart.

He laughs to himself as his eyes get wide.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Bray… I've been countin’ down the minutes… since I got the call letting me know that it would be you I was facin’ here tonight. Since that moment this smile hasn’t left my face.

He pauses momentarily to tilt his head slightly.

[ Eddie Kingston ] And you might be askin’ yourself, “why?”. “Why is a man that I’ve never even met before, so happy to be facing me?” Well, I’ll answer that for ya’ pal… Because people like you MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! People like you, who prey on the weak and vulnerable, deserve a fate worse than death. You find people that have hit rock bottom… you find them and you extend a helping hand… you give them a false sense of hope and you use them…

The smile has faded as the camera zooms in on his face… nearly capturing the pain in his eyes.

[ Eddie Kingston ] (his voice cracks) You use these people who have NOTHING! They’ve already lost everything in life and all they want… all the ask for… is a helping hand. And you… YOU take advantage of that! You PROMISE them a world where all their problems will simply cease to exist… You feed them these lies in order to get them to trust you. And they do… they fall for it. I mean, what other choice do they got?

The pain is gone… hate is now filling that void.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Then you use them for all they are worth… and once you’re done with them, you cast them aside like an unwanted stepchild. You throw them back into that pit of misery that they came from. Bray Wyatt you are filth! YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH! And there will never be another moment in my life that I treasure more than when I END YOUR LIFE in that ring tonight!

Kingston shoves the camera out of his face he marches towards the ring entrance… ready to go to war.

The music of Bray Wyatt begins to fill the arena as the lights dim, the crowd putting the lights on their phones to create a nice effect. Bray appears at the top of the ramp, flanked by Harper and Rowan, Rowan holding a chair and dragging it behind him. They make their way towards the ring, but stop half way, the lights turning up and Bray placing the lantern on the floor. The chair is placed in front of him, he now has a microphone in hand while Eddie Kingston looks on in confusion.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Eddie... I see ya foamin' at the mouth, man... Like some caged animal. Yeah man, I feel that anger... That rage... Given the chance I'm sure you'd love to get your hands on me, teach me a lesson... But unfortunately for you, man... That ain't gonna' happen.

Wyatt takes a brief pause, a slight look of confusion on the look of Eddie Kingston right now.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Only those WORTHY get to stand across from me... I offered you a chance, a way out... And you threw it back... IN MY FACE!

[ Eddie Kingston ] FUCKIN' RIGHT I DID!

Eddie Kingston is ready to go, almost begging Wyatt to step into the ring with him.

[ Bray Wyatt ] I warned ya', man... I told ya' what would happen if you refused to join me, Eddie.

Wyatt begins to laugh almost uncontrollably.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Same old story, Eddie... The architect of your own demise. What's about to happen to ya'... This pain you're about to endure... It's all your fault.

Wyatt takes a seat in the chair in front of him and leans back, rocking in it slightly with a huge smile on his face. He waits a few moments before pointing towards Eddie.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Boys, you know what to do.

On the command of Wyatt, both Harper and Rowan slowly move towards the ring and each of them takes a side. Eddie Kingston shows no fear from either, ready to take on both if he has to. Harper steps up onto the apron and he now has the fully attention of Eddie Kingston, it looks like he's going to be the man to step into the ring. Harper has his hands on the top rope and a smirk comes on his face, followed with a shake of the head. Eddie Kingston smirks as Harper drops to the floor and motions behind him. Eddie turns around and Rowan is standing there directly behind, mask still on his face.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Slowly, Rowan removes his mask and has a crazed look on his face. Eddie Kingston isn't fazed and immediately takes the fight to Rowan, throwing heavy right hands and a few boots to the stomach of Rowan. Kingston manages to back the bigger man into the corner and connects with sharp elbows to the side of the face of Rowan, leaving him stunned in the corner. Kingston heads to the opposite corner, sizing Rowan up who is still trying to shake the effects of the latest Kingston attack. Kingston charges forward, but Rowan explodes and absolutely turns him inside out with a thunderous clothesline.

From that point on, the match turned in the favour of Rowan. The bigger man absolutely crushing Eddie Kingston with a brutal set of moves, a pumohandle backbreaker being the latest in his arsenal. Kingston is rolling around in absolute agony, the pain written all over his face.

[ Bray Wyatt ] FINISH IT!

The cries from Bray Wyatt in his chair are audible to everyone in the arena, Rowan nods at the instruction. He drags Eddie Kingston back up... FULL NELSON SLAM! ONE! TWO! THREE! Just like that, Rowan rises to his feet victorious. Harper pulls himself up onto the apron and into the ring, both men now towering over the fallen Eddie Kingston.


[ Bray Wyatt ] NO!

Bray Wyatt rises from his chair and instructs both men to back away from Eddie Kingston, as he climbs the steps and into the ring.

[ Bray Wyatt ] What I tell ya', man...

Bray is screaming down at Eddie Kingston, slightly bent over.

[ Bray Wyatt ] You made the wrong choice! They ALLLLLLL do!

Bray pulls him to his feet, and holds him in position before kissing the forehead of Eddie Kingston... SISTER ABIGAIL! Bray sits for a second to stare at Kingston with a smirk on his face, while being passed a microphone as he gets to his feet by Harper. Bray turns his attention to the crowd around him.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Let this be a warnin' to EVERYONE... Everythin' you thought you knew has been a lie this entire time, man. Nobody is in control here, there ain't no authority here apart from me... BRAY WYATT! And I... I'm your WORST NIGHTMARE!

He laughs.

[ Bray Wyatt ] But... Unlike Eddie here, if you choose to follow me... If you choose to be led by the EATER... OF...WORLDS... Then man, I see great things in your future.

Bray bends down and speaks directly into the face of Eddie Kingston.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Eddie, I hear you were the last of a dyin' breed...

More laughter from Bray, a level up from before.

[ Bray Wyatt ] I hate to break it to ya', but hell... I think your breed might have just CEASED to exist, man!

Bray rises once more and the tone has turned cold, Harper and Rowan stand either side of him as his eyes stare into our soul.

[ Bray Wyatt ] FIND ME!

The lights go out and when they flick back on, all that remains is Eddie Kingston in the middle of the ring just starting to come round after that attack from Bray.

The cameras cut backstage to a section of the Asylum that had been designated the official “interview” area for this edition of Shock. A large banner with the Shock logo had been set up against a concrete wall and some additional lighting was positioned in front of it to wash out the fluorescents that hung overhead. Dressed to the nines and looking fine, the lovely Kat Marino steps in front of the banner, microphone in hand, and smiles into the camera.

[ Kat Marino ] Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kat Marino and joining me at this time is a living legend of Lucha Libre - the one and only Dr. Wagner Jr!

Dr. Wagner Jr approaches the banner from the other side of the camera in his ring coat and mask - both in white. Wagner throws up the heavy metal gesture, slowly tilted his hand and lowered it in front of Kat. With a smile, Kat extends her own heavy metal sign and touches her pinky and index finger with his. Wagner laughs and looks over to the camera with a smile that can still be seen under his mask.

[ Kat Marino ] Dr. Wagner Jr, this isn’t the first time you’ve been in America but this is the first time you’ve made a commitment to be here full time. Why now?

Wagner extended his hand to Kat and pointed to the microphone in her hand. Kat cautiously hands the mic over to Wagner who laughs ago. Holding the mic over his head, Wagner looks up to the ceiling and in his deep, gruff voice says…

[ Dr. Wagner, Jr. ] Bien… Bien… BienBienBien!

With another deep cackle, Wagner hands the microphone back over to Kat.

[ Dr. Wagner, Jr. ] Do you speak Spanish, senorita?

[ Kat Marino ] Si.

[ Dr. Wagner, Jr. ] Bien bien. I speak some English so we’re on even ground. You knew my handshake so it sounds like you know a little bit about me. Is that right?

Kat Marino: I spent some time in SoCal. It’s kinda hard not to know about lucha libre when you’re in the wrestling business there… and then it’s kinda hard not to be around lucha libre without knowing Dr. Wagner Jr.

[ Dr. Wagner, Jr. ] Bien bien. That’s why, senorita. You have heard of Dr. Wagner Jr in Southern California… but have the people of Portland heard of Dr. Wagner? Have the people of Des Moines heard of Dr. Wagner? Charlotte? Cincinnati? Denver? Have the people of Nashville heard of Dr. Wagner? No, of course not. That’s why I am here. I have spent 35 years establishing my career… my legacy… in Mexico and I would like to do the same here. Solid Gold Wrestling is known all around the world and Shock is a new chapter. It is Dr. Wagner Jr’s new chapter as well. It felt like the time was right.

[ Kat Marino ] Tonight you’re facing Otis but I know the topic on everyone’s mind is the Golden Idol Championship.

[ Dr. Wagner, Jr. ] Ah si.. Si.. I have held many belts… won many tropheys… even fought for a sword once… but never a staff. It’s an interesting thought, yes?

Dr. Wagner Jr winked at the camera and walked away, leaving Kat standing by.

[ Kat Marino ] Back to you, Mauro.

Otis is backstage in the locker-room, rubbing beard oil into his facial hair. A knock on the door is heard and Otis’ eyeballs pop. Tucker walks in and the two eventually make eye contact.

[ Tucker ] Look, I know you’re not happy about Hacksaw coming into the fold. And – and he’s aware of that, which is why he’s not at the arena tonight. Take as long as you need to come round to the idea, but I'm telling you bro, his experience can give us that added advantage.

Otis doesn't react much to the speech, but Tucker continues.

[ Tucker ] He sent you this...a gift of sorts. The start of a bright, promising partnership. How about it?

Tucker pulls something from behind his back, and it’s a big bundle covered in wrapping paper. Otis takes the gift and unwraps it, revealing a large baked ham.

[ Otis ] Tuckeh...

[ Tucker ] Please, just...just give him a chance, bro.

Tucker backs away and discreetly heads out of the locker-room. Alone with his thoughts, Otis stares into the baked ham for answers.

We suddenly cut backstage to Becky Lynch, she has on her almost swimsuit esq metallic gear with a zip down the front that is done up and she’s wrapping tape around her wrist. She doesn’t look up to the camera, she just looks down practically. She has a bit on her mind but not enough to seek distractions like a reality show like camera glaring at her. She sighs.

[ Becky Lynch ] What are you expecting out of me, huh ya dope? I don’t think you genuinely care how I feel, it’s just another piece of content amongst the crowd.

She continues to wrap her wrists with the tape, not going extremely fast, maybe an indication that she isn’t super excited to be going through this laborious task, getting ready for her match.

[ Becky Lynch ] Maybe you just seemed to have forgotten to ask me earlier in the week about “how I felt for this upcoming match” or whatever robotic question you could think of. I’m not a robot so don’t expect me to not pick up on it. I live in twenty-four-seven.

She’s finished on one of the wrists and is moving over to the other side now.

[ Becky Lynch ] I’d almost expect for you to be like that though, moving to Shock and thinking I’m just gonna be like “oh yeah boss sure thing”. C’mon man. Who?! Puh, at least you’re packing some stars or something. Actually, one thing. I was looking at the people they brought on for this and I felt like I was pretty satisfied most of the way through. One name that got to me, I think you know who.

Becky continues wrapping her wrist, I don’t think we know who.

[ Becky Lynch ] The man that broke my heart. The man that is walking on like nothing ever happened between us, it’s whatever. Does he want to lead that sad little life then? So be it. I’m not going to stop him from living a lie when both of us know that it’s just that.

Becky sighs yet again, pausing wrapping her right wrist.

[ Becky Lynch ] There’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to pretend he isn’t there I guess. Look out to the lassies I guess. See what’s in front of me instead of a mile ahead. I guess that brings me to tonight.

Becky finishes wrapping up her wrist with the tape and then gets up, turning around to get her attire wrist covers as we cut off.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The two men lock up, as they push one another back and forth. Otis having the clear size advantage is making Wagner decide how he wants to go after him, so he quietly exits the ring so he can focus on his plan of attack. Wagner rolls back in and meets Otis with a few left and rights, before running towards the ropes and just bouncing off Otis. Otis, shakes it off like it didn’t bother him, and closelines Wagner down.

Otis grabs Wagner by the head, and gives him an elbow to the side of the head, making Wagner a bit woozy. Down on one knee, he is met by a drop kick, which only gets a quick two count by the official. Wagner, looking on, gets back up, and starts continuing with some left and right hooks, as he slowly pushes himself towards the ropes to gain some momentum. Wagner drops Otis with a closeline, and he quickly follows up with a cover but Otis kicks out at two.

Otis gets back up, and starts to feed off the energy of the crowd. Looking on at the amazement of the crowd, he quickly slides back to the corner and drops him down with a dropkick. Wagner shakes his head and notices Otis rushing towards him, he quickly moves out of the way, and he only gets a two count after he tries to roll him up. Wagner, disgusted, starts to plant some kicks in Otis’ hamstrings, making it difficult for Otis to want to stand back up. Otis finally gets back up and moves out of the way, dropping Wagner hard to the mat with a quick Snap Suplex. The crowd starts chanting for Otis, as he starts pumping his fist and getting himself pumped. He starts plopping down to the ground, CATERPILLAR! Otis makes the cover, and a gets a three count.

OTIS via PINFALL in 06:43

We open up with Jim Cornette backstage talking with Shock referee John Cone. Their conversation ends fairly quickly as Seth Rollins walks into the picture, in his wrestling attire ready to rock 'n roll.

[ Jim Cornette ] Well, hello there Mr. Rollins!!

Cornette smiles as he extends his hand for a shake. Rollins extends his hand, grabbing Cornette's hand. You can tell it's a firm handshake by the look on Cornette's face as he looks down at his hand.

[ Jim Cornette ] Are you going to let go of my hand, or what?

Rollins releases the handshake, eyes locked on Cornette.

[ Seth Rollins ] You just make sure you watch what I do tonight. This is just the beginning for the Saturday Night Savior!!!!

[ Jim Cornette ] I sure hope so! Solid Gold Wrestling is in need of something fresh. It makes me sick watching some of the talent that has managed to slip their way through these doors.

Rollins nods his head in approval, slicking his hair back out of his face. He locks eyes with Cornette, by now a serious look is on his face.

[ Seth Rollins ] I'm only going to say this once. If anyone... AND I MEAN ANYONE tries to hold me back or keep me down. Well, lets just say... They don't want to see what happens if they do...

Rollins storms off as he and Cornette's shoulders collide. The impact pushes Cornette towards the wall as he looks at Rollins who is on a mission down the hallway. As we cut out, Cornette says.

[ Jim Cornette ] Good luck in your match tonight Seth....

A black 1974 Plymouth Barracuda comes roaring down the driveway, loudly announcing its presence to all. Pulling into a spot, the doors open on both sides and out exit GOLDBERG along with his wife and son. Moving to the trunk of the car, he pulls out a gym bag before slamming the lid down. Wrapping an arm around his son while his wife loops her arm around his arm carrying the gym bag, he leads his family inside the building and into his dressing room. The Asylum is a lot smaller than the venues he’s used to but he plops himself down on a bench and goes about pulling out his gear. Kat Marino politely knocks as she enters the room.

[ Kat Marino ] Excuse me, Goldberg? Could I get a statement before your tag match tonight?

Already shifting into his intense asskicker mode, Goldberg cracks a smile while still pulling out his gear as he responds

[ Bill Goldberg ] Statement? No offense missy, but my statements are made in the ring. That said? You can pass a few messages along for me.

[ Kat Marino ] And those are?

[ Bill Goldberg ] Tell Chris Dickinson that I respect his moxie and it’ll be a pleasure to kick some ass with him tonight. Tell Jim Cornette that if he even -thinks- of saying or doing something “controversial” about my family tonight that I will test how loud he squeals when I shove that tennis racket up his…

[ Wanda Ferraton ] [covering their son’s ears] Bill!

[ Bill Goldberg ] Right. Sorry hon. Eitherway? Cornette will get the idea. And finally? Tell Omega and Rollins that it don’t matter how many video games they play or how much oil they douse themselves in to make themselves slippery like eels…THEY’RE NEXT!!!

Kat quickly scampers out of the locker room at Goldberg’s bellowing as she knows it’s pretty much interview over

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The two lock up, and quickly get themselves in a difficult situation. Both women are having issues trying to get the advantage of one another in the lockup, but both quickly let go and start to stare down one another moving around trying to figure out what each other needs to do to get the upper hand. Sonya asks for a handshake, but Sexy Star ignores and rather try to lock up instead.

Sonya nods and the two lock up, a side headlock by Sonya, is met with a takedown, as she quickly puts on a half crab. Sonya pushes it in deeper, but Sexy Star gets to the ropes asking for a break. Sonya starts to get a bit frustrated as Sexy Star sees this and forearms Sonya in the back of the head. Sonya goes down hard to the mat as Sexy Star continues to pack some punches on Sonya. The referee gets in there and asks her to stop and starts the five count. The referee gets to four before Sexy Star gets up.

Sonya gets back up and is met with a closeline knocking her down to the mat again. Sonya is quick to get up, and she starts to lock up with Sexy Star again. Sexy Star starts to get frustrated again, and pushes Sonya off of her. Sonya takes her down with a traditional take down, and gets in some left and right forearms of her own. Sonya smirks a bit, as the referee is asking for her to let go, but she won’t listen. Sonya gets the referee to count to four herself, as she gets up and starts to yell at the referee. The referee is telling Sonya to turn around and pay attention to her opponent, but Sexy Star delivers a quick PAQUETE TOTAL for a three count. Sexy Start quickly rolls out of the ring, and rushes up the ramp laughing at Sonya. Sonya meanwhile gets frustrated and starts to punch the mat staring at Sexy Star.


Top Gaijin roam around the Asylum, sneering at the arena and its dirt and grime. Jamie is sipping on a protein shake, though she looks like she’s ready to wretch at the so-called “arena”

[ Jamie Hayter ] I can’t believe Leatherface McSaggytits really exiled us, the Top Fuckin’ Gaijin, to some backwater shit arena in bumfuck America!

[ Bea Priestley ] Not this shit again. We both know this crap show won’t last more than a month at most. I mean, a fuckin’ movie prop is the top prize.

Not exactly eager to approach the two Brits, Kat Marino carefully walks up

[ Kat Marino ] Jamie, Bea…

[ Jamie Hayter ] Ugh, we even get imitation interviewers!

[ Bea Priestley ] As if Cathy Kelley wasn’t enough of an annoying tart.

Jamie walks up to Kat with her hands on her hips

[ Jamie Hayter ] Let me guess. You’re gonna ask how Bea feels about facing the Irish Salad Tosser? Or about how Sailor Moon Hurricane is going to get her cunt stomped before her face is smashed in by a Bea Trigger?

[ Kat Marino ] I, uhm…

Bea Priestley: Shut it cunt. Be instead useful and find that dried up Canadian jerky Trish Stratus and have her come explain why we’re being made to waste our time in this pissant and podunk den of wankers!

[ Kat Marino ] Uhm…

Jamie throws her hands up in frustration

[ Jamie Hayter ] Got a fuckin’ speech impediment? Stop talking and go get McSaggytits!

[ Bea Priestley ] Chop-fuckin’-chop!

[ Kat Marino ] Trish isn’t here. Jim Cornette and Alex Shelley are the ones in charge here.

The Gaijin start throwing even more a fit, tossing things everywhere, including Jamie dumping the rest of her protein shake all over Kat Marino

[ Jamie Hayter ] Fuck you! And fuck that old hillbilly tosser! And especially fuck that Motor City Machine Cunt! This is bullshit! I’m calling Rossy and getting us our proper fucking due or a flight back to fucking Japan!

Jamie storms out of view as Bea just walks by Kat with her usual cold, empty gaze. Reaching her finger out she dabs some of the shake up from Kat’s cheek and takes a taste

[ Bea Priestley ] Clean up on Aisle CUNT!

Bea shoves Kat down on her ass before walking away

The scene opens to a thickly fog coated courtyard of a very large castle. There is something eerie about the area - there are lights all over, but they are very dim, making it extremely Bram Stoker-esq. There seems to be whispering and distant talking coming from both sides of the speaker. Where are we? Why does this look like a 1950's monster flick? The answer is simple, standing front and center of the courtyard is a familiar face, James Mitchell. He's standing in front of a large man who is tied to an upright table, his head is covered however, with only one hole cutout near the nose area.

[ James Mitchell ] Oh yes, finally! Finally I have found the one monster that will NOT be stopped!

James Mitchell clutches his hands together.

[ James Mitchell ] Solid Gold Wrestling, you have made a grave mistake, a truly... deadly decision when you decided to awaken the beast that is PCO. See, this is no ordinary man, no regular guy who you could walk up to and shake his hand and wish a good day to. No, PCO is a disgusting and abhorrent creature. One who has no desire to make friends, acquaintances or "good contacts." He wants one thing.

James turns around and laughs, enraging PCO, who begins to attempt to break free from his chains.

[ James Mitchell ] Because tonight! TONIGHT! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TO-NIGHT! Your eyes will attempt to deceive you, it will try and convince you what you are seeing is not real. But heed my warning, what you will see is very real. PCO will unleash nothing short of Hell tonight on Shock!

James moves closer to the large man who we could now safely assume is the monster PCO. Coming into the frame is D. Destro who is laughing as he puts his hand onto an electrical box that has tons of wires coming out of it and leading under the monster's mask.

[ James Mitchell ] So come out, come out, whoever you are... and try to kill the MONSTER!

James tilts his head back and begins laughing like a movie villain. D. Destro screams as he slams the switch down. Electrical currents can be heard and sparks begin to fly off of the monster. The two men laugh uncontrollably as PCO has been quite literally, Shocked.


REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Omega and Goldberg start out for each team, as they look one another up and down to see who might have the advantage. Goldberg asks Omega if he wants to lock up, as Omega laughs him off a bit before looking over at Rollins who wants to get himself in the match. Omega tags in Rollins, and goes after Goldberg, and knocks Rollins flat on his back, before shaking his head and laughing it off, tagging in Dickinson in the process. Dickinson looks on at Goldberg shaking his head.

Dickinson grabs Rollins and quickly pushes him aside asking for Omega. Omega tags himself in and rushes towards Dickinson with a knee that knocks Dickinson down for a bit. Dickinson shakes it off and rushes towards Omega with a strong closeline. Dickinson grabs Omega, and slams him down hard to the mat, covering him for a quick one count. Omega shakes his head, and is looking for a tag, but is stopped by Dickinson, who picks up Omega, and pushes him towards the corner, tagging Goldberg in.

Goldberg grabs Omega and hits him with clubbing left and rights on the lower back of Omega. Omega falls down, grabbing his back, as Goldberg looks on waiting for Omega to get up. Goldberg grabs Omega, but Omega knees him hard in the face, and rolls towards his corner for a quick tag to Rollins. Rollins gets into the ring and rushes towards Goldberg knocking Goldberg down to one knee. Goldberg then gets another closeline that knocks him down hard on the mat, as Rollins gets ready to hit him with the Curb Stomp. Before Rollins can do that, Omega rushes into the ring, and hits Goldberg with a V TRIGGER knocking Goldberg out cold on the mat. Omega turns quickly to a rushing Dickinson, who meets a V TRIGGER of his own. Rollins notices that Goldberg is slowly coming to, and gets himself to the corner. Rollins rushes and CURB STOMP! Rollins rushes back, and rushes to the opposite corner again, and hits Goldberg with another CURB STOMP! Rollins makes the cover and gets the three count!


Two technicians walk through the backstage area leaving the camera panned on some boxes in which equipment is stored. One of the boxes open up on its own and upon seeing that the coast is clear Hyper Misao opened the lid further and exits shutting it slowly.

[ Hyper Misao ] I have infiltrated the base of operations. Now the hero of Shock can gather intel on her opponents, in complete anonymity.

She looks around but notices another staff member approaching to which she hides further into the shadows.

[ Hyper Misao ] This fortress known as the Asylum... is jam packed with guards. I must be vigilant to make sure I do not become one of the captured souls trapped within. The plan is simple get the intel, use it to my own advantage in my match to secure a victory and escape unscathed on my trusty combat bicycle.

Sneaking through the shadows Hyper Misao scoped out the arena planning her daring and heroic plan. This would go well for the most part until she was in front of the women's locker room the spot in which she would be able to gather intel easiest.

[ Technician ] Misao people have been looking for you.

Her worst fears realized a civilian having spotted her she responded in the way she had to.


She threw sand in his face that she kept in a pouch for emergencies. Upon seeing the person turn around she locked him in a choke hold.


After he passed out she dragged the lifeless body into an equipment box and ran off into the shadows.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

PCO stares down the giant, trying to understand what he has the task to try and defeat. PCO starts rushing towards him, and runs into him. Neither man makes a move. PCO yells back at Khali to try and put him down. Khali nods and rushes back to knock down PCO, but fails to do so as well. PCO screams and rushes back towards Khali, but instead runs himself out of the ring as he makes his way over the top rope. PCO starts shaking his head in disbelief, as Khali screams and raises his arms in celebration.

PCO rolls back into the ring, and starts yelling at Khali in French. Khali laughs and knocks him down with a closeline. PCO shakes his head, and starts to get himself ready to attack, but Khali moves to the side. PCO realises it, and takes Khali down by chop blocking him down. PCO makes the cover, but Khali quickly kicks out, and gets back up and starts yelling gibberish at the referee. The referee tells Khali to calm down, but Khali continues to talk nonsense. PCO gets back up and starts to try and lift him, but PCO is having difficulty to knock him down.

Khali starts to laugh at PCO having issues trying to knock him down. Khali starts to get up, and starts to work on slamming PCO to the mat. Khali slams PCO down with a powerful body slam, and he puts his foot on him and gets only a one count. Khali suddenly realizes he needs to do something, and something quick, he rolls out of the ring and starts to look for something under the ring. The referee comes towards the side Khali is at, and asks Khali to get back in the ring. Khali shows his face, and he suddenly has a safari hat on. The referee, confused, just shakes his head as Khali makes his way back in the ring. PCO is looking confused, turns around and suddenly is met with a stiff Mongolian Chop. PCO falls flat on his back, as Khali takes the hat off and makes the cover. He gets the three count as the crowd laughs at the man with many hats.


We go backstage where we see Eddie Dennis in his gear, walking. The fans begin booing. The camera focuses on Dennis as he wraps his hands around his wrists and clenches his fists with each plodding step. He's approached by Kat Marino with a microphone and she walks briskly to keep up with his pace.

[ Kat Marino ] Eddie! Eddie Dennis!

Eddie continues walking, staring straight ahead.

[ Kat Marino ] Do you have anything to say about your match with John Cena tonight?

Eddie stops in his tracks and lowers his hands. He looks down at her, towering over her. She looks up at the Welsh giant in awe.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Everythin' I need t' say... I'll say in the ring.

She nods. A sadistic smile appears on Eddie's face.

[ Eddie Dennis ] I have so much t' teach 'im.. about pain.

He holds up his hands and looks down at them.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Pain... and... humility.

Kat looks at Eddie's hands with wide eyes.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Big... Match... Jawn...

He shakes his head.

[ Eddie Dennis ] What a fookin' joke.

Eddie walks away, leaving Kat Marino looking on.


REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The three women enter the ring, and get ready to fight one another. Jamie is on the outside cheering for Bea, with Bea looking on at her opponents, she decides to roll outside, and have Misao and Becky fight one another while she just watches from the outside, chatting with Jamie, not really paying attention to what’s going on in the ring. Misao rushes to the outside, and taps Bea on the shoulder, Bea quickly turns around and punches Misao in the face, knocking her down as Bea rolls back in the ring laughing.

Becky runs towards Bea, and knocks her down with a closeline, as Bea quickly gets herself back up, and gets another closeline by Becky. Becky then grabs Bea by the hair, and takes her down with a suplex. Becky makes the cover, but Misao gets back in the ring to break it up. Becky shakes her head, and grabs Misao, throwing her back out of the ring. Misao takes a look at the inside of the ring, and gets disappointed. She rushes back into the ring, and pushes both Becky and Bea, before rushing and dropkicks Bea down hard to the mat. Misao makes the cover, but Bea kicks out quickly before the ref could get set.

Misao then takes her attention towards Becky, but Becky pushes her outside of the ring, and focuses her attention on Bea. Bea gets back up and quickly pushes Becky out of the way, but Becky quickly delivers a suplex, knocking Bea down. Misao is making her way towards Jamie, who quickly stops when Jamie turns around and yells at her. Bea gets up, and takes a look around, quickly deciding to make her way towards the corner where Misao and Jamie are arguing with one another. Becky makes her way towards Bea, and takes her down and puts her in the DIS-ARM-HER. She continues to wrench and pull the arm upwards, as Bea starts to scream in pain. Bea is screaming for Jamie to pay attention, but Misao has taken Jamie down with a dropkick. Misao rolls back into the ring, but Bea taps out to the Dis-arm-her. Misao disappointed rolls out of the ring, and laughs at the downed Jamie, who is quick to scream in frustration.


Somewhere outside The Asylum, angst and discontent is thick in the air. We can still hear the live crowd cheering following the stellar match involving three of the best competitors in the world today. We see a figure sitting upon some steps. As we draw closer, we see a green military jacket... skinny jeans... a black beanie pulled tight over his head.

He hits a vape.

There's a scent of cotton candy as he exhales.

The live crowd cheers as the camera zooms in on the face of Alex Shelley, the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion. The forgotten SGW World Heavyweight Champion, more specifically. He stares off into the distance and speaks to no one in particular.

[ Alex Shelley ] I was a big deal once.

He takes a deep breath.

[ Alex Shelley ] SGW champ... the centerpiece of Sports Entertainment Xtreme... I was the new chosen one, man. Vince Russo's chosen one. Won two world titles in one night. And what do I get?

He hits the vape again and exhales deeply, creating a cloud of cotton candy fumes.

[ Alex Shelley ] No respect.

He turns and looks directly into the camera, shadow obscuring his face.

[ Alex Shelley ] No respect... that's what I get. All the other former champions... so-called legends? They're remembered fondly... they're showcased on television... the main show, they call it. The goons on the championship committee... Goldberg, Stamboli, Douglas? Featured. Steiner, Orton, even Stone Cold... featured.

He smirks.

[ Alex Shelley ] All the former champs are featured.

He offers a halfhearted shrug.

[ Alex Shelley ] Except Benoit.

He hits the vape again.

[ Alex Shelley ] He's still dead.

He points at himself with his thumb.

[ Alex Shelley ] But me? I get the shaft.

The camera pans over to reveal another figure sitting next to Shelley in the shadows. The man is completely obscured by darkness. The man raises his arm and... hits a vape. The overpowering odor of Fruity Pebbles wafts up from the darkness in a cloud. The man's raspy voice emanates from the darkness.

[ Gangrel ] Heh-heh... that sucks.

Shelley's eyes narrow.

[ Alex Shelley ] Yeah. What do you know? They worship you.

[ Gangrel ] Heh. Yeah. It's pretty cool.

Shelley continues to staff off into the distance, his soul crushed under the weight of the world. A door opens up and Rick Steiner steps out... the former SGW Hardcore Champion. The live crowd pops huge. Steiner looks around and his beady eyes settle on Shelley and Gangrel. Steiner reaches into his pocket and hits a vape of his own. Strawberry shortcake fills the air.

[ Rick Steiner ] Main event's up. We should head inside.

Shelley shakes his head.

[ Alex Shelley ] Main event time, huh.

He stands up and just looks... depressed.

[ Alex Shelley ] Who gives a shit?

He turns and walks inside, leaving Steiner and Gangrel alone. Gangrel stands up and dusts his pants off. Steiner holds the door open.

[ Gangrel ] I hope Raven wins. I like Raven.

Steiner raises an eyebrow, confused.

[ Rick Steiner ] Yeah. Whatever.



REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Eddie takes a look at Cena, and quickly laughs him off, as Cena was asking Eddie for a handshake, who puts his arms back down and asks for a good clean fight. Eddie is quick to lock up with Cena, who takes him down with a strong forearm, shocking Cena with the power of the forearm. Cena slow to get up, gets ready to lock up with Eddie again, but Eddie rolls out and walks around the outside of the ring, making Cena start and chase him.

Cena rolls outside and starts following Eddie around, and Eddie turns around and kicks Cena in the gut, and throws him back in the ring. Cena rolls up and starts to hit Eddie with a forearm, knocking Eddie down quickly, with another strong forearm to follow. Cena starts to scream asking for the crowd to get to their feet, as Cena gets a mixed reaction from the Shock crowd.

Cena, then grabs Eddie by the neck, and gets ready to deliver a suplex, but the suplex is blocked by Eddie, and a suplex of his own is delivered onto Cena. Cena starts to hold his back for a bit, before getting himself back up, and giving Eddie a shoulder block. Eddie gets up, and another shoulder block is delivered by Cena knocking Eddie down to the mat again.

The hand goes up, and you know what that means. The crowd yells “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” and he hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle, delivering it on Eddie who holds his face. Eddie is slow to get up, as Cena is getting himself ready to finish this match, and as Cena starts to grab Eddie, he pushes his way out, getting himself out of an Attitude Adjustment. Cena is stunned, and quickly turns around, only to get kicked in the gut. Eddie grabs Cena and delivers a dangerous NECK STOP DRIVER. Eddie smirks, before slowly making the cover and getting the three count. Eddie slowly gets up, demanding the referee raise his hand.


Eddie Dennis leaves the ring, victorious.

Boom Boom starts to play over the P.A. system as new Shock producer, and overall great guy, Colt Cabana makes his way out from the back.

Colt starts walking down towards the ring, as he gets towards the ring itself, high fiving fans who are there chanting his name. Colt smirks and takes a bow at the end of the enterance ramp before rushing into the ring.

Colt grabs a microphone, before he speaks he just has the microphone at his side as the fans chant “COLT CA-BAN-NA’. Colt puts the microphone up to his mouth, and starts to talk.

[ Colt Cabana ] Guys, have you been enjoying Shock tonight? Great group of guys that are putting out all the stops just for you guys, you gotta love it! Ya’ gotta love the energy here tonight.

The crowd cheers, as Colt turns and looks around at the fans in attendance. Colt then starts speaking again.

[ Colt Cabana ] Now with the talent we have here, and I’m specifically talking about the male talent, because I was asked not to be creepy and talk about the women, Jim’s orders. So, we’re gonna do something interesting, and something that I’ve dreamed of.

Colt smirks.

[ Colt Cabana ] As someone who has an eye for the obscure, and interesting I wanted to talk to ya’ guys a bit about what we’re gonna do for the Golden Idol staff, and how we’re gonna crown the first champion. Hey guy, can you grab it for me?

Colt points to the person along ringside, and asks him to grab it underneath the ring. The person runs towards the one side, and proceeds to grab it, handing it to Colt. Colt raises it in the air, and smirks wondering where they had the time to make this.

[ Colt Cabana ] God damn, when did this company get so creative. Eh, whatever. So, the idea I have, was something that I wondered about a lot. What would you do, if you started outside of the ring instead of inside it. The goal, to put your opponent back into the ring.

The crowd looks confused, as Colt continues to speak.

[ Colt Cabana ] Heh.. Alright so, the last two go into the ring an-

Before Colt can finish speaking, his microphone is cut. He’s looking around confused asking who did this, and suddenly at the top of the stage, Jim Cornette comes out smirking from ear to ear.

[ Jim Cornette ] You think I was going to let you do something so stupid, Cabana? You think I was gonna allow you to ruin my night? Ruin my show? Remember the rules Cabana, you don’t make the rules, I do!

The crowd boos loudly, as Jim Cornette continues to speak.

[ Jim Cornette ] So before fat boy came out here and tried to ruin everything. Twelve men, will be split up in teams of two. They’ll participate in tag team matches. Three of ‘em will be booked, by yours truly. Winners of those three tag team matches, will then face off the following Shock, for the fucking trident. Ya’ll can thank me for this genius fucking idea.

The crowd continues to boo, as Jim Cornette gets enraged.


The Solid Gold Wrestling logo starts to flash up as the scene fades.