05.09.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

Earlier today.

We open back up backstage, less than a hour before the show starts. Almost as if it was planned, we see Seth Rollins and Goldberg almost run into each other as they are turning the corner of the hallway.

[ Seth Rollins ] Hey, Goldberg!

He gets a quick, short response.

[ Bill Goldberg ] What the hell do you want?

Sensing his frustration, Rollins treads lightly as he responds.

[ Seth Rollins ] Look man. I just want to make sure there is no hard feelings.

Goldberg grabs Rollins by the neck and slams him up against the wall

[ Bill Goldberg ] Kid, why don't you just shutup and listen!

He cracks his neck and looks Rollins straight in the eyes, still holding onto his neck.

[ Bill Goldberg ] I get it! You wanna make a name for yourself! You did what you had to do.

Rollins is released from Goldberg's firm grip around his neck. He rubs his neck as to signal he is some pain after that. Goldberg doesn't move, including his eyes.

[ Bill Goldberg ] You ever do that again, trust me.

He smiles

[ Bill Goldberg ] We won't be having a conversation like this. Because i'll be spearing your ass in half!!

To attempt to reason with Goldberg, Rollins jumps in.

[ Seth Rollins ] Let's just consider ourselves even here. Ok?

He continues to rub his neck.

[ Bill Goldberg ] There is enough assholes around here, us fightin' just makes things easier on them..

They both extend their hands and shake, both looking each other in the eyes. Camera quickly fades to black..

We re-open inside Seth Rollins locker room. Lacey Evans is front and center, dressed as usual..

[ Lacey Evans ] Well hun, how did things go talking with Goldberg?

We hear Rollins voice, but he is not anywhere in the camera's view.

[ Seth Rollins ] Oh, it went great!

Yeah right.

[ Lacey Evans ] Really, what did he say?

[ Seth Rollins ] We both agreed we should be focusing on the same enemies, not each other.

A figure appears in the screen, dressed in a black hoodie with a black mask covering their face. The quickly latch onto Lacey Evans, scooping her up over their shoulder..

[ Lacey Evans ] Well, wait... what... Get yer' hands off me!!!

The black bandit runs out of the screen, kicking the door open to quickly leave the room.

[ Seth Rollins ] What the hell is going on?

Seth comes around the corner with a white towel wrapped around his waist, thank god. He looks around but doesn't see Lacey.

[ Seth Rollins ] Lacey?

He continues to look both directions as if he is hoping she will magically appear. While he is still doing this, we fade to black....

Who took Lacey Evans?

The lights dim as we hear the familiar shriek from the crowd. Sitting in pitch black for all but a few seconds can feel like an eternity, as we wait with baited breath for an answer to the silence.

The SHOCK-tron flickers on. At first we see nothing but static, but an image of a thick smoke appears.

As the smoke begins to dissipate, we see the silhouette of a man. We see the figure towering above reaching hands, as if he were a saviour; a lord.

Whilst the image only lasts a short moment, it's enough to evoke a passionate roar from the fans. They don't need a name; they know who they saw... and he's on his way to the ring now!


REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Dickinson and Goldberg enter the ring first, former partner’s last week now enemies as Dickinson doesn’t waste any time by continuing to rock Goldberg with hard left and rights. Goldberg, pushes Dickinson out of the way, only for Goldberg to walk over to the Undertaker and tags him on..

Undertaker makes his way in the ring, as Dickinson tells Undertaker to fight him like the man he is. Undertaker rushes towards Dickinson, who cracks Undertaker over the head with a closeline of his own. Dickinson looks over to Eddie Dennis, and tells him to finish the job. Dennis slowly walks into the ring and screams at Undertaker, getting ready to make short work of Undertaker.

Undertaker starts to tag in Goldberg, but is quickly stopped by Dennis, as he clubs Undertaker square in the back. Undertaker, slow to get up, starts rushing towards Dennis and knocks him down with a closeline, before getting back up, and hitting him with another one. Dennis is slow to get up, and pushes himself back towards Dickinson asking for a tag. Meanwhile, as this happens, Goldberg gets tagged in by Undertaker, as Dennis rushes towards him.

Goldberg takes down Dennis hard to the mat with a closeline. Dennis wants Undertaker back in the ring, and starts to yell at him, asking him to get back in so he can end this match once and for all, and get himself closer to the end goal. Goldberg, looks over at Undertaker, who is dying for the tag in, and slowly tags Undertaker in, and quickly squares up against Dennis, who has no choice but to square up himself, and tries to fight to the Undertaker’s style.

We all know that Dennis is going to lose this fight, as Dickinson rushes into the ring and punches Undertaker in the back of the head. Undertaker drops down to one knee as Dickinson yells at Dennis to finish it. Dennis nods and quickly follows with the Neck Stop Driver. Neck first to the mat Undertaker goes, Dennis covers Undertaker and gets the three count. Dennis gets up quickly and starts to get in the face of Dickinson who quickly delivers a Pazuzu Bomb to Dennis.

Dickinson quickly gets up and rolls out of the ring, yelling that he’s ready to win.

via PIN FALL in 08:42

A Truck that says "Nashville Public Library" backs up into the backstage arena with some surrounding by technicians who seem to be confused by the truck's sudden appearance. The driver gets out of the front seat and begins walking around handing books to various people. Tommy Dreamer walks up to the van to talk to the driver.

[ Tommy Dreamer ] I think you have the wrong place. This isn't a library this is a wrestling event could you get that truck out of here.

[ Driver ] Oh, it appears my disguise was too good I did not wish to infringe on the gimmick on another roster member.

With a flourish, the driver pulls off the uniform revealing Hyper Misao.

[ Hyper Misao ] It is I the hero who seeks to protect Love and Peace. Hyper Misao, having escaped from the dastardly clutches of the Public library and arrived to Shock!

[ Tommy Dreamer ] You're late.

[ Hyper Misao ] And it is my sincerest apologies, but Justice is important!

She hands him a copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Before rushing off into the depths of the Asylum in the name of protecting Love and Peace.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Becky makes herself comfortable in the ring as she tries to grab a hold on Sexy Star who doesn’t want to lock up. Star quickly locks up Becky, as she goes and grabs her for a hold, but Becky makes her way out of the hold and puts Star in a hold of her own. Becky starts to lock in the hold tighter and tighter as the two continue to make moves on one another.

Becky gets back off the hold, and waits for Star to get back up. Star is slow to get up, and rolls out of the ring to quickly regroup and reset. Becky gets out to follow her, but before the chase begins, Becky rolls back into the ring, tired of the antics, and rather fight. Becky smirks, as Star comes back into the ring, and is quickly met by a few foot stomps from Becky, as Star quickly cries foul, wanting her to back off and quit hurting her.

Becky stops kicking her, allowing Star to get back up. Star starts to rush at Becky but she quickly moves out of the way. Star bounces off the ropes, and is met by a snap German Suplex, with a bridge that is only giving Becky a two count. Becky slams her hands down on the mat, thinking she had Star beat, only to get back up and grab Star by the hair. Becky grabs her leg, and delivers a Becks-Plex hard to the mat.

Becky takes the energy from the crowd and starts to smile a bit, before walking towards Sexy Star and grabs her arm, and starts to wrench it up. Becky smirks a bit before wrenching it stronger and suddenly we hear a loud snapping noise. Before Star could tap, the ref already calls the match as Becky smiles. She gets up and slowly and raises her hands.

Star rolls out of the ring crying as Becky looks over and laughs telling her paybacks are a bitch.


The cameras cut backstage outside the mens’ locker room.

[ Kat Marino ] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time...Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight!

A small pop can be heard from the fans who are witnessing the interaction on the titantron. Otis and Tucker walk into frame and give Kat a smile.

[ Kat Marino ] Guys, later tonight, Otis will be teaming up with the Great Khali against John Cena and Kenny Omega. The winners of that match will progress to next week and have a chance to compete for the biggest prize on Shock...the Golden Idol staff. Thoughts?

Otis allows Tucker to step in and answer the question.

[ Tucker Knight ] Well Kat, you make it sound real simple. And that’s because it is. Win...and you’re in. Now last week, Otis beat Wagner Jr to get off to a winning start. Tonight will be no different.

[ Kat Marino ] And Otis...if you don’t mind, the SGW fans haven’t heard much from you. Seems like you’re not a man of many words but what’s your take on this situation with Jim Duggan? Tucker here...he’s brought him into the fold to guide you to the top. To mentor and tutor you...but it seems as though his recent efforts have landed him in hot water. Whether he’s being assaulted in a gym or locked in the car boot...

Otis again avoids responding, and Tucker quickly steps in.

[ Tucker Knight ] Kat...Jim comes from a different era. And we respect that. Is he a little too...conservative for us at times? Sure. But what matters is that he gets the best out of Otis. Last week was just one example. I know what Hacksaw can bring to the table and Otis is fully on board too.

Kat turns to Otis.

[ Kat Marino ] Otis? Can we hear what YOU think?

Otis hesitates but after a few seconds looks like he’s about to speak before being interrupted by large stomps.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOOO! Who’s the beautiful lady? I thought ring rats weren’t allowed backstage anymore?

Tucker tries to mitigate the situation and pushes Otis through the locker room door.

[ Tucker Knight ] That’ll be all, thanks Kat.

The trio close the door behind them as the cameras cut back to ringside.


REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Kenny and Khali start the match as Kenny takes a look at Cena, who just shrugs him off, and tells him to get the job done. Kenny lets out a big gulp, as he walks over to Khali and asks for his hand, so the two can shake hands. Khali doesn’t understand what Kenny is asking for and quickly tries to hit him with a Mongolian Chop, but Kenny notices it and rushes back for a bit to realize that it could’ve been the end of him and quickly tags in Cena, scared.

Cena gets in the face of Khali, and the two lock up with Khali, pushing him down and screaming out loud showing off his power. He slowly shuffles his way over to Otis and tags in Otis and tells him what we might think was to finish him. Otis grabs Cena, but Cena starts to lay in some punches and realizes that he needs to tag in Kenny to catch his breath. He makes his way over to Omega, and tags him in, telling Omega that he’s big.

Kenny gets into the ring, and starts to deliver some chops to Otis, and Otis slowly tries to chop Kenny back but slowly starts to get tired, and gets himself ready to tag in Khali, but Kenny stops Otis, and grabs trucks, and pulls him towards him. He pulls too hard and Otis crushes Kenny inthe corner, but Cena realizes it, and tags himself in.

Cena gets into the ring, and quickly makes his way and knocks down Otis to the mat. Cena pumps up his shoes before yelling out you can’t see me, which gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Cena runs corner to corner, before hitting Otis with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena looks over to Khali and rushes over and pushes him down onto the floor. Cena then takes a look at Otis, and gets ready to deliver the Attitude Adjustment.

Cena lifts Otis on his shoulders and quickly puts him down with the Attitude Adjustment. He starts to make the cover on Otis, as Kenny comes in for the assist. Cena pushes Kenny on the mat, telling him he didn’t need the help as Kenny smirks and nods.


Goldberg, after a hard fought match and post-match shower, is dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and wheeling his carry-on bag out as he makes his way out to the parking lot and his rental Mustang GT350.

Colt Cabana quickly runs up trying to catch the legend.

[ Colt Cabana ] Goldberg! Wait! You haven’t signed your contract for the next show!

Goldberg tosses his gym bag into the trunk and pulls out a manila envelope, tossing it at Colt who looks confused.

[ Colt Cabana ] What’s this?

[ Bill Goldberg ] I’m not signing any future contracts for scheduled matches.

Colt begins panicking as he rips open the manila envelope while protesting.

[ Colt Cabana ] What?! You can’t! What is this a lawsuit? I thought we were on…oh.

Goldberg just grins as he opens the car door and slips inside the car and starts the engine. With a loud rumble the car roars to life as Goldberg shifts it into gear and makes it peel out, spraying dirt toward Colt’s direction before racing off. Jim Cornette comes storming up looking red as a beet.

[ Jim Cornette ] So what in Sam Hill and flying fucks did you do this time? I swear boy, you could fuck up a wet dream!

Colt hands Cornette the documents as he rolls his eyes and begins to read them.

[ Jim Cornette ] “The Goldberg $10,000 Open Challenge sponsored by STP. Every 2 weeks, Bill Goldberg will appear on Solid Gold Wrestling’s Shock television show with a briefcase with $10,000 cash and serve an open challenge to any roster member in the back. If Goldberg is defeated, the challenger walks out with the cash briefcase. This promotion will run for the next three months as a trial with a one year renewal option.”

Cornette looks at first thrilled then pissed off when he realizes Cabana actually just scored a big success.

[ Jim Cornette ] It seems a broken clock is right at least twice a day. Don’t expect me to say “Good job kid”…because you’re still a fuckin’ dipshit.

Cornette storms off, leaving Colt standing there smirking ear to ear and triumphant. He’ll take the victory over Cornette even if it was handed to him.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The match starts with Leva walking over to Misao showing her a book on her favorite K-Pop group. Misao takes a certain interest in the book, asking Leva to hand it over to her. Leva grins and quickly hands it over, but is quickly met with disappointment, as Misao takes the book and places it in her corner, and rushes with a drop kick, making the other books in Leva’s hand go up in the air, and fall right on her.

Leva has trouble making her way out of all the books as Misao goes to her corner and laughs at Leva struggling. Misao comes and rushes over to Leva and delivers a strong drop kick. Leva can’t believe it, as she screams in agony, and rolls out of the ring to regroup. Misao rolls out and starts to chase Leva around the ring. Leva runs back in the ring and meets Misao with some boots, making it impossible for Misao to get up and get herself situated.

Leva gets pushed off of Misao by the ref, who doesn’t see Misao get up, grab the book and throw it straight at Leva. The ref turns around, with Leva recovering from the hardcover book being thrown at her, as Misao gets told by the ref to not do it again. Misao nods in agreement as she rushes towards Leva and hits a strong drop kick, knocking her down hard on the mat. Misao starts to clap, and the crowd follows as they’re slowly getting back into the match.

Misao grabs Leva, and starts to yell, and hits a Vanitas on Leva, and getting the three count. Misao gets back up, and starts to celebrate in the ring.


The fans boo as we fade up on a shot of Eddie Dennis, seated in a dark room. The camera focuses unsettlingly on his shadow stricken features. His voice echoes in the room like the voice of God.

[ Eddie Dennis ] T'night... I took wan... step... clo-suh...

He smiles. His teeth flicker in the light.

[ Eddie Dennis ] ...t' becoming the GAWLDEN IDOL.

The fans boo even louder.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Fittin', innit? I am the FACE of SHAWK... 'n bloody soon enough, I'll be the fookin' champion, too... 'n all these people, all these shtoopid fookin' people out 'ere... will chant my name.

He points at himself.

[ Eddie Dennis ] They will CHANT... MY... NAME!

He whispers.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Big... Match... Eddie.


[ Eddie Dennis ] Big... MATCH... EDDIE!

He stands up, looming over the camera. From beneath him, we can only see his eyes towering over us from the shadows. His voice is lower, more of a growl than anything else.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Big... Match... Eddie!



REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Kingston demands to start the match as Bray agrees and goes outside speaking to Rowan and Harper. Meanwhile, Seth lets Wagner start the match, as he watches the two men go at it. Seth before Wagner can get going tags himself in, and with the confused look on Kingston’s face, he quickly goes over to Seth and puts him down with a closeline. Kingston waits around for Seth to get up, but is quickly tagged out by Bray. Kingston gets in the face of Bray, who quickly tells him to watch, and relax.

Seth stares at Bray, and quickly tags in Wagner. Wagner goes after Bray and quickly takes him down with a forearm. Bray gets back up and takes Wagner down with a closeline of his own, as he taunts the crowd asking the crowd to follow him. Wagner gets back up, and suplex’s Bray to the mat, wondering what’s going on Kingston turns around to see Bray down on the mat, and starts laughing at Bray, asking if he needs help.

Bray gets back to his feet, wondering where he is and sees Wagner coming to rush at him. Bray moves to the side, and quickly gets tagged by Kingston, making him the active competitor. Seth rushes in and takes Bray to the outside, and steamrolls his way through Kingston, before getting to his corner, trying to get Wagner to tag him in.

Wagner starts to slowly make his way to the corner, and tags in Seth, who comes in, and grabs Kingston and delivers a Falcon Arrow, which only gets a two count. Seth gets back to his feet and starts stomping the mat. Bray, looking on in horror, starts to turn around and walk away from his partner, disgusted that he didn’t follow the plan. Back in the ring, Seth rushes a downed Kingston and hits a Curb Stomp, making Kingston’s nose bleed. Seth makes the cover, and gets the three count.

Bray starts to yell back at the ring at Kingston, and tells him he still has his opportunity to change his mind, he can still save Kingston. Kingston, slow to get up, yells at Bray telling him that this is far from over.

via PIN FALL in 09:02

We quickly go backstage where we see Jim Cornette and Alex Shelley watching the finish of the main event on a monitor backstage. Shelley looks uninterested. Cornette wipes at his brow with a handkerchief.

[ Jim Cornette ] So, it looks like we've got our fuckin' match, Shelley.

Shelley nods, scratching the back of his head. He looks down at his cellphone, really not paying attention. Cornette looks painfully annoyed by this.

[ Alex Shelley ] Yeah. Big match. Big deal. Such history.

[ Jim Cornette ] Are you FUCKIN' with me right now?! God damn, Shelley. Look at the match! Do you realize what a fuckin' bullet we dodged tonight?! Eddie Dennis, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Dr. Wagner, Jr.! Those are real wrestlers! Athletes!

[ Alex Shelley ] I thought it was a six-way? Aren't there two more in the match?

Cornette's eyes narrow. If looks could kill.

[ Jim Cornette ] Are you standin' there, a former SGW World Champion, and suggesting I group in that wannabe performance artist PIECE OF SHIT Kenny Olivier with actual athletes who give a fuck about their craft!? Oh, he's an artist! The mat is his canvas! This is his art! If he really cared about WRESTLING he'd burn his boots and get the fuck outta' the business! And as for that dickhead mongoloid Chris Dickinson?! A man who made his name by brutalizing a fuckin' woman!? He's a disgrace to the fuckin' business. They should ride him outta SGW on a rail and throw him in a fuckin' river! It'll be a cold day in hell before Chris Dickinson is a champion under my watch! Mark my god damn words!

Cornette shakes his head.

[ Jim Cornette ] Stupid mother fucker.

[ Alex Shelley ] Imagine if Otis and Great Khali made it in.

[ Jim Cornette ] Oh, god damn. Don't even start.