05.23.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

The show opens in the parking lot of The Asylum, a familiar sight to Solid Gold Wrestling fans by now. There's a big night of action, the crowning of the first ever Golden Idol winner being the main event. One man who won't be involved in that match is Eddie Kingston, the main we're currently looking at right now making his way across the parking lot, bag over his shoulder, a determined look on his face. Later this evening he'll step into the ring with Teddy Hart, on a two match losing streak, he'll be looking to correct that without a shadow of a doubt. He quickens his walk as he eyes the entrance, when suddenly he's stopped in his tracks by a man holding a box which evidently has his name scribbled upon it in some rather messy handwriting.

[ Backstage Worker ] Hey Eddie, I've been hoping to catch you before you got in. This came for you earlier in the day, no idea who left it, it was just sitting around backstage for a while so thought I'd drop it to you before you entered the madness in there.

The guy hands the package over to Eddie, who stares at it for a moment and the writing on it. He screws his face up a little, obviously no idea who would be leaving things for him at the arena.

[ Eddie Kingston ] No note? Nothin'?

A stiff shake of the head.

[ Backstage Worker ] Nothing at all, man. I asked a few people where it came from, no one even saw who left it there.

[ Eddie Kingston ] How do I know this thing ain't gonna' fuckin' explode when I open it?

This stops the guy in his tracks and he visibly takes a few steps back now.

[ Backstage Worker ] I... Hadn't really thought of that.

[ Eddie Kingston ] I'm shocked.

You can tell by the facial expression that he's really not shocked at all.

[ Backstage Worker ] Do you often get people trying to blow you up with packages or...?

Eddie gives him the death stare. He snatches the package fully under his arm now and stares the guy out for a few seconds, before brushing past him, slapping his shoulder against the guy for good measure. Eddie doesn't look back as he paces through the corridors, eventually coming to the locker room area and stepping inside.

[ Eddie Kingston ] That fuckin' guy.

A quick shake of the head as he throws his bag on a bench and places the package down beside it, he examines the writing once more, it really could have been written by a five year old. He turns back to his bag and begins to remove a few things from it, but he can't take his eyes off the package. He sits down and picks it up so it sits on his lap, slowly removing the outer packaging just incase there is some explosive device inside. There might be a very premature end to the show here, folks. After a few seconds, a listen and a shake of the box he now holds in his hands, he decides it's not about to explode on him.

[ Eddie Kingston ] It ain't your time yet.

He chuckles to himself slightly that he even considered that. Slowly, he peels open the box and he immediately throws it to the floor and a red liquid pours from inside as the box tilts when it hits the floor. Eddie Kingston rises to his feet and just stares down at the box and the liquid pouring out of it, a shocked look on his face. A few moments pass with more of the red liquid pouring out the box before he crouches down, pulling the box back upright and we can see that it was lined so the liquid wouldn't leak through. He reaches his right hand into the box and pulls out the contents.

The head of a black sheep.

The severed head of an actual black sheep.

He holds it in front of him in astonishment having regained his composure somewhat, the blood still just dripping from where the head had been severed. He walks over to the other side of the locker room and throws the head straight into a bin, then the box swiftly follows it. He sits down next to his bag for a moment, thinking things over and just glances back to the outer packaging where his name was written. It's been left the other way around though and it's this that catches his eye, there's something written on the inside also which he hadn't noticed before. He reaches over and straightens it all out, one word is written. Three simple letters.


The anger is visibly building up inside him, you can just tell from his facial expression. He screws the paper up and throws it towards the bin, missing of course.

[ Eddie Kingston ] I ain't run from nothin' in my life... And I ain't startin' now.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The match starts with Ryder taunting the crowd, giving his normal antics a start trying to get the crowd into the start of the match. Ryder starts to look back over at Khali and starts to sweat a bit, knowing he has a tall test ahead of him. He rushes towards Khali and quickly bounces off, falling over, and rolling himself out of the ring to adjust himself.

Khali screams which gets the crowd to react indifferently, as Ryder tries to make his way back in the ring. He’s quickly met with some boots as Khali starts pounding the boots on Ryder, struggling to get himself up, Ryder starts to crawl over to the ropes to help himself up. Khali notices this and continues to kick him a bit, slowing him down. Khali starts laughing at Ryder who is finally up back to his feet.

Khali rushes over and tries to give Ryder a Mogolian Chop, but Ryder moves out of the way, and delivers a drop kick that has Khali wobble a bit. Ryder tries to run back, and delivers another drop kick, but Khali just will not get down to his feet. Ryder starts to show frustration, runs one more time towards the ropes, but is quickly met with a boot by Khali, knocking Ryder down to the mat.

Khali puts his foot on Ryder, who quickly kicks out and pushes Khali’s foot off. Ryder gets back up and starts to taunt the crowd some more. The crowd starts yelling at Ryder to turn around. Ryder shrugs and starts to continue the chant, but when he turns around he is met by the Mongolian Chop from Khali. Khali makes the cover, and wins this match.


Khali could be a force to face the winner of the Golden Idol later on in the night. Khali screams as the camera zooms in on his face.

The camera cuts to a backstage shot of The Asylum. Much to the surprise of the live crowd in Nashville and the announcers who are following along on their monitors trying to sound surprised, the tag team specialists, the original best friends, the team that is affectionately known as the J.O.B. Squad are standing backstage, somewhere between the talent locker rooms and craft services.

[ Al Snow ] Tell me, Meanie...

Collectively, the two of them look like garbage. Trash. Like... like, actual trash and garbage. Several tiers below "championship material." A lifetime away from ever winning another match let alone winning another tag team championship match. Of course, don't let that "I've been sleeping outside and I think smell like dog piss" look fool ya. Most recently, the J.O.B. Squad was fairing well in SGW's growing tag team division. That is, of course, until tonight...

[ Al Snow ] I am dying to know...

It should be noted that HEAD is not present. She's currently not speaking with either member of the J.O.B. Squad. But that's another story.

[ Al Snow ] ...what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

The Master of the Snowplow, Al Snow, looks like he has no idea why they are there. But I suspect that he suspects something is afoot.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Whelp...

The Blue Meanie looks like someone just shit in Al's biscuits and he's been tasked with the duty of letting him know. Meanie clears his throat. There’s a large audible gulp.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Well... uh... do you mean, like, today?

The Lord of Bluetown, The Blue Meanie, bites his lip nervously.

[ Al Snow ] Yes. Of course… I am only concerned with the last twenty-four hours. You know that. You’ve been absolved of your previous years of... blueishness.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Well…

The Blue Guy is slow to respond. The Snowman on the other hand is impatient and quick to snap back.

[ Al Snow ] Yeah, yeah… spit it out.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I haven’t done it yet. Rather, I’ve done it… it’s done… but it’s not like done-done yet. My part is kind of done.

[ Al Snow ] Explain. Dammit, Meanie.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I’d rather show you.

First there are the sounds of papers rustling.

[ Al Snow ] WHAT?!?!

Next, there are the sounds of Al Snow screaming.

[ Al Snow ] This... this is a contract.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Yes. You see... you've still got to sign. I have already signed my copy... and turned it in.

[ Al Snow ] Sign, what?! Jesus! Meanie. What have you done? OH, God... this is bad.

Snow paces back and forth nervously. The Meanie tries to comfort his tag team partner but he's not having it.

[ Al Snow ] It says right here... WHAT?! IT SAYS RIGHT HERE... the first line of the contract, Meanie... it says that we are hereby DEMOTING OURSELVES TO SHOCK?

Al throws the contract. Papers fly everywhere.

[ Al Snow ] You took a job... for less money... for less opportunity... for... for... you DEMOTED US, MEANIE?! How did this happen? You said you were just going to run in the back door and use the restroom.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I... uh... I... Al... um... it all happened so fast.

Meanie slowly raises his shoulders to shrug.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I can tell that you're a little...

[ Al Snow ] ...what...

[ The Blue Meanie ] I can tell that you're maybe feeling a little bit...

[ Al Snow ] Say it. I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT... I am feeling... WHAT?! A LITTLE BIT...

[ The Blue Meanie ] Shocked.

The camera cuts away as Snow hangs his head in shame.

We pick up with a rather enraged Eddie Kingston. Clearly, the whole beheaded black sheep hasn't gone down well the more he's thought it over and it looks like he's about to go and do something about it. He's storming around the backstage area, brushing past people as if they weren't even there. A few try to calm him down, but to no avail, he's at a level of anger that cannot be managed. He throws open a few doors along the way, slamming his fist into them to look inside then storming off when he doesn't see who he is looking for.

[ Eddie Kingston ] WHERE IS HE?!

The sound of his voice shoots through the corridor, turning every head, if they didn't know there was a pissed off Eddie Kingston in the area before then they definitely do now. He proceeds to throw open a few more doors, before he spots the guy who gave him the package in the first place. He shoots over and swiftly grabs him by the scruff of the neck, pinning him up against the wall.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Did he give that to ya', huh?

[ Backstage Worker ] Wha... Wha... What...

Eddie pulls him off the wall a little then slams him back up against it.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Quit stutterin' and give me a straight answer! I ain't in no mood to fuck around.

[ Backstage Worker ] Wh... Wh... Who...

Slamming his left fist into the wall beside the guys head, Eddie roars.

[ Eddie Kingston ] BRAY! BRAY FUCKIN' WYATT!

The guy looks terrified and confused.

[ Eddie Kingston ] You workin' with him? He put ya' up to this? Think you're FUNNY?

It takes a few seconds, but he finally finds his voice to try and defuse this potentially lethal situation that he finds himself in. A pissed off Eddie Kingston is no joke.

[ Backstage Worker ] I swear... On my kids lives... I have no idea what you're going on about, Eddie.

[ Eddie Kingston ] The package... What fuckin' else would I be talkin' about? Did Bray... Give it... To you?

The guy can't shake his head quick enough.

[ Backstage Worker ] How do you... I... Didn't even know who it was from. I swear... It was sitting around for a little while and all we knew is that it was for you. I don't know who left it, where it came from... Nothing.

[ Eddie Kingston ] If I find out you're lyin'...

Eddie has his fist an inch away from the guys face, when he's interrupted from a voice behind him.

[ Jim Cornette ] You'll do fuckin' what exactly?

They both turn their heads at the same time. It would be comical if the situation wasn't so serious.

[ Jim Cornette ] Eddie, get your hands off that boy before I fire ya' right now.

There's a tense few seconds, then he finally lets the guy go. He slips away, tripping as he does so, not even looking back to see what transpires between the two.

[ Jim Cornette ] Wanna' explain what the hell that was about?

[ Eddie Kingston ] THAT FUCKIN' GUY...

[ Jim Cornette ] Son, I don't know who it is you THINK you're talkin' to... But I'd suggest you lower that tone.

Eddie tries to calm himself down enough to address Cornette how he wants to be.

[ Eddie Kingston ] So, I turn up tonight and that guy hands me this package. I open this fuckin' thing, and inside? This decapitated sheep head or some shit, blood still drippin' off this thing.

[ Jim Cornette ] Jesus.

[ Eddie Kingston ] And there's only one guy fucked up enough to do that... Bray Wyatt.

A slight nod of agreement from Cornette.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Plus, on the inside of the packaging... Let's just say it left no doubt.

[ Jim Cornette ] He is a spooky bastard, I'll give ya' that.

Cornette thinks for a moment then points to Eddie.

[ Jim Cornette ] I'm sure you'll figure it out.

[ Eddie Kingston ] What? You're just gonna' do nothin'?

There's genuine shock in the voice of Eddie.

[ Jim Cornette ] Rather you than me.

Cornette slaps the shoulder of Eddie Kingston as he walks off.

[ Jim Cornette ] Anyway, ain't you got a match soon to worry about? Good luck.

Eddie watches as Jim Cornette walks off with not a care in the world in his head. Eddie looks pissed, but what can he do? He needs the job. Disappointed at not really getting any answers or finding Bray, he heads back to get ready for his match the way he came with everyone giving him all the room in the world just to be safe. Eddie makes it back and opens the door, but the lights are out. There's darkness inside the locker room, he enters and we can't see him for a few seconds until he flicks the switch and they spring to life. As he turns, there's a figure standing in front of him. The body of a man wearing a full boiler suit, but the severed head of the black sheep on top of it. He shoots back for a moment with shock, the figure just standing there not moving an inch. Eddie decides to go on the attack and swipes at it, the entire thing just crumples to the floor.

The head of the black sheep hits the floor and rolls a little, someone obviously removed it from the trash and set this up. The boiler suit was on a mannequin, it wasn't a person at all. Eddie just stares down, a little spooked this time for sure, then looks around the place to make sure there's nothing else hidden there. His heart is racing, sweat begins to form on his forehead. It's clear the mind games are working, Bray Wyatt is getting to Eddie.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Eve takes a look at Misao and laughs a bit, as she tries to get herself ready for this match. Misao runs around the ring, trying to get herself ready, but is met by a quick closeline from Eve knocking Misao down to the mat. Misao gets back up and sulks for a bit, before delivering a drop kick of her own, before trying to go for a quick pin.

Eve gets out of the pin, but is quickly met by Misao who puts on a quick hold, to slow the pace down, and also to catch her breath from all the running she did earlier on in the match. She then quickly gets back up, and delivers another drop kick to Eve who then rolls out of the ring to collect herself.

Eve is slow to recover, but Misao quickly comes out of the ring, and is met with a closeline from Eve. The fans here are booing Eve as we quickly get to see what Eve’s true colors really are, disappointing a lot of the fans here. Eve rolls Misao into the ring, and starts to make a cover on Misao, but Misao kicks out, and gets herself closer to the ropes to get back up.

Eve grabs Misao by the hair, and starts delivering some stiff chops to the chest of Misao, who quickly starts to hold them and whimper a bit as they are hurting. Misao, then starts to take advantage of everything, delivering a strong closeline to Eve, and then quickly rushes to the top rope, and delivers a stiff Double Stomp. Eve holding and trying to catch her breath, quickly gets covered by Misao, and gets the three count. Misao gets back up, and starts to jump up and down in excitement.


Eve slowly gets back up, looking to shake the hand of Misao. The fans are telling her not to, but just as Misao puts her hand forward, she quickly gets slapped by Eve, who rolls out of the ring laughing.

The Golden Idol Championship flashes on the screen....

We are less than 2 hours away from crowning the very first Solid Gold Wrestling Golden Idol Champion!!! Tonight, Six men step inside the squared circle, but only one will walk away with the ultimate prize....

The camera cuts to inside the building, where JoJo Offerman is backstage with Seth Rollins. He's in a pair of black pants, black boots and a black t-shirt that reads 'Saturday Night Savior' on the front of it.

[ JoJo Offerman ] Seth, later tonight you will be taking on 5 other participants to determine the first Golden Idol Champion. What are your thoughts?

Rollins smiles as he rubs his goatee while looking at the camera.

[ Seth Rollins ] You see this?

He points to the words written on his shirt.

[ Seth Rollins ] I didn't come to this company.. come to this show, Shock.. ON SATURDAY NIGHTS!!

Pop from the small crowd that has begun to file in the arena.

[ Seth Rollins ] To just be another one of the guys in the locker room, JoJo. I'm the single best athlete that this company has to offer, and I'm going to prove it again tonight. Right here in Nashville TENNESSEE!!!

Bigger pop from the crowd.

[ JoJo Offerman ] There's some good competition in this match tonight, Seth. John Cena, Kenny Omega, Chris..

Rollins cuts her off.

[ Seth Rollins ] JoJo, no offense.. But does it really matter who those other guys are? I mean, come on, look at me. Do I really look concerned about any of them? No matter how you line them up, they are all going to fall in the end. The day I joined this company was the day everyone was put on notice. You step in the ring with the...

Again, he points to his t-shirt.


He smiles, pausing for a second..

[ Seth Rollins ] You're just not going to walk out of the arena happy. Ok? I know you go to bed at night telling yourself that you've got a chance. That you are going to somehow defy the odds, shock the world so to speak and defeat me. But all of those hopes and dreams come crashing down the second my boot smashes your face into the mat.

He poses for the camera as JoJo looks at him, waiting to see if she can actually speak..

[ JoJo Offerman ] What will it mean if you are indeed victorious tonight and win the Golden Idol Championship?

[ Seth Rollins ] Well, first it will prove that everything I said was going to happen did in fact happen. I walked into a match with five other participants and stood above all, better than the rest. They just don't compare to Seth Fuckin' Rollins..

The confidence of Rollins is oozing, he truly believes he is unstoppable. This will be no easy task, but he is one of the few men that can actually do it.

[ JoJo Offerman ] I see your confidence is high Seth. I'd wish you good luck, but it doesn't sound like you need any..

[ Seth Rollins ] That'a girl... you're catchin' on..

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The two shake hands as the crowd starts chanting for Teddy a bit. Eddie steps back a bit, for Teddy to take in the admiration from the people in the crowd who are excited to see Teddy in a Solid Gold Wrestling ring. Eddie then quickly rushes towards Teddy and takes him down with a closeline, and is met with boos by the crowd.

Eddie looks at the crowd and shakes his head, as he grabs Teddy again, and delivers a suplex down hard to the mat. Eddie laughs a bit more, and continues to stomp him over and over again. Teddy rolls out of the ring to recollect, and then goes over to the corner, and pets one of his cats he brought with him, as the crowd starts to chant for mister Money.

Teddy gets back in the ring, as the crowd is still chanting for mister Money, as Teddy quickly drops kicks Eddie to the corner. Teddy goes rushing from one corner to another and hits a strong drop kick to the face of Eddie. Teddy makes a quick cover but Eddie kicks out right before the referee can put his hand down for one.

Eddie starts to get back up, but is quickly met by Teddy who takes him down with a strong DDT. Teddy then starts to get to the top rope, and starts to ask for the chance for the crowd to chant his name. Suddenly, Teddy jumps off the ropes and delivers a 450 Splash, and covers Eddie for the three count.

TEDDY HART via PIN FALL in 05:19

Eddie gets back up, and starts to walk away slowly. Disappointed that again he hasn’t shown himself worthy in Solid Gold Wrestling.

Kat Marino stands backstage with a stern Becky Lynch.

[ Kat Marino ] Becky, tonight you’re squaring off with Jamie Hayter. How are you feeling going into this?

[ Becky Lynch ] What now? Do you pray on the fact that I have feelings because I’m a woman, Kat? Do you pray that it makes me weak? Do you need to monitor that?

Lynch shows agitation in her scowl.

[ Kat Marino ] I didn’t say that, Becky.

[ Becky Lynch ] ...Certainly came off like that’s what ‘ya said. But I ain’t got time for it, ‘ya dope.

Lynch goes to trudge off, focused on her night ahead, but Sonya Deville cuts her off in street clothes.

[ Sonya Deville ] Hey baby. Not so fast.

Deville grins smugly.

Lynch expresses that familiar scowl.

[ Becky Lynch ] I have a match to go win, lassie. You have another one to go lose, or are you planning to reinvent the wheel?

[ Sonya Deville ] Nah. I’m not here to wrestle tonight. Maybe I’m just here to give you trouble.

Deville’s not impressed with the woman once known as “The Man”.

[ Sonya Deville ] People like you were famous once. But people like me? They were tossed aside before ever being given a second look.

The “Pride-Fighter” scoffs.

[ Sonya Deville ] You’re a fucking fraud, Becky.

She shoves at Lynch. Lynch is incensed, ready to strike.

[ Sonya Deville ] But me?! I’M THE FUCKING TRUTH!

Becky’s had enough. She shoves at Deville. Deville shoves back, annoyed. They’re about to come to blows, before a hand plants itself firmly on Lynch’s shoulder, compelling Lynch to turn around. She pushes the hand off her shoulder before even knowing who it belongs to.

The “who” being Dolph Ziggler, who is inexplicably shirtless and wearing hot pink trousers. He glances down at Becky, at least feigning concern.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Is she giving you trouble, Becky?

Becky’s not amused.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Sonya, now’s not the time. Seriously babe.

Ziggler exchanges a disapproving stare Deville’s way.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I mean, we just got here! ...At least, I just got here. Sonya, she’s had a rough time. ...Honestly? We’ve both had a rough time. But I’ll tell you what, Becky. We’ve been through worse. We’ll get through this!

He nods enthusiastically. A forced, cheesy smile on his face.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] All Sonya was trying to say...in her own way, is that we understand where you’re coming from. Those people in the crowd? All these other chumps here in the back? They don’t respect you, Becky. Despite everything you’ve stood for in the past, and everything you’ve done. They don’t, huh?

Deville glances on, frustrated.

Becky ponders the thought. She’s not rejecting it.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] But we want you to know. That the two of us? We respect you, Becky.

He puts that hand back on her shoulder. She doesn’t shove it off this time.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Especially me.

There’s that cheesy grin again.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Now go beat that chubby Hayter chick, yeah?

[ Becky Lynch ] ...Yeah sure. I damn well will, Dolph.

Becky stammers off, perhaps even a little bit invigorated.

Deville approaches closer to Ziggler, no more frustration. Instead, she stares up at him with an appeased, even shady smile.

[ Sonya Deville ] You’re lucky I go along with you.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Hey. I’m only telling her how I feel.

[ Sonya Deville ] Yeah fucking right.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Heh.

He shrugs nonchalantly, the slightest hint of a smile on his face.

[ Sonya Deville ] I sure as hell said what I meant.

Ziggler nods, wrapping an arm around Deville’s shoulder, as they both stare villainously ahead.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Mesias stares down Otis, who looks on and starts to rush towards Otis. Otis rolls outside of the ring and starts to talk to Tucker about how this guy is freaking him out a bit. Mesias rolls out of the ring, and slowly walks towards Otis, who takes a look at Tucker, and rolls back into the ring, calling for Mesias to meet him back in the ring.

Mesias listens, and rolls back into the ring, and quickly rushes towards Otis, who moves out of the way, and delivers a close line to the back of Mesias. Mesias turns around and screams at Otis, who quickly jumps back and falls over. Mesias makes a cover, but Otis quickly kicks out as Tucker yells at him to refocus.

Otis gets back up and rushes towards Mesias and he tries to closeline Mesias down, who goes unmoved. Otis rushes and tries it again, and notices he moves ever so slightly. Tucker yells at Otis to keep doing it, and Otis listens to Tucker and keeps doing it. Suddenly, Mesias is seen on one leg.

Otis starts to play up to the crowd a bit, as the crowd starts to chant for Otis. Otis walks back towards Mesias, who is slowly getting back to his feed. Otis runs back to the ropes, and delivers a drop kick knocking down Mesias. Otis sees this, and starts to get himself ready for the Caterpillar. Otis makes the cover, and picks up the win on Mesias.

OTIS via PIN FALL in 05:19

Sarah Logan in a squat rack in her barnyard of a gym.

Her narrative voice sounds.

[ Sarah Logan ] You think you can condemn me?

Sarah Logan in army regalia firing off a bow and arrow.

SARAH LOGAN: Because I don't believe in your way of life?

Sarah slicing up wood aggressively with a chainsaw.

[ Sarah Logan ] Maybe you should ask yourselves why I don't believe in yours.

A montage of victimized, scared animals in factory farms.

[ Sarah Logan ] But enough about belief.

Sarah stalks a deer in the woods, a rifle pointed towards it.

Bang bang.

She crawls towards her fallen victim, before turning to the camera with a rebellious scowl.

[ Sarah Logan ] Because I'm Sarah MOTHERFUCKIN' Logan, and I'm gonna SAVE the motherfuckin' WORLD.

Fade out.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The bell rings with Sydal looking over at Goldberg, sorta nervous. Sydal starts to rush after Goldberg, and as he does, Goldberg delivers a Spear knocking the air out of Sydal. Sydal having trouble breathing, has Goldberg standing over him. Goldberg moves out of the way a bit, as Sydal slowly gets back up.

Sydal, gets grabbed by Goldberg and lifted. He then delivers a Jackhammer, and quickly follows through with the cover and gets the three count for the victory.

Goldberg quickly gets up and stares down Sydal, who is lying there motionless.


Cameras cut backstage in the locker room where Otis, Tucker and Duggan are celebrating the win against Judas Mesias.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOO!

[ Tucker ] Good job, Dozy! Back on track for that Golden Staff!

[ Otis ] Oh yeahhh! Golden staff!

The trio are celebrating as though Otis just got inducted into the SGW Hall of Fame. Duggan blows a party horn in Tucker’s ear.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOOOOO! That’s another Hispanic down, brother!

Tucker’s excitement fades a little, disapproving of Duggan’s comments. Otis is aloof and continues dancing, rubbing his big belly with joy.

[ Jim Duggan ] You’re starting to build quite the streak against all these MINORITIES, kid!

Duggan’s smile quickly weans as he looks around the room and turns aggressive.

[ Jim Duggan ] Where are all the broads, fellas?! This is a party!

[ Otis ] Partehhh!

[ Jim Duggan ] You know what, nevermind...there are plenty of establishments on the way to Amarillo! But don’t tell Mrs Hacksaw!

Duggan performs a shushing motion, which Otis copies before returning to caressing his belly.

[ Tucker ] Whoa, wait. We’re going to Amarillo?

[ Jim Duggan ] I got a ranch down there, brother! A welcome retreat for Otis after his win tonight!

Tucker: Dozy, you’re okay with this? We have that Make-A-Wish thing tomorr -

[ Otis ] Amarillooohhh!

Tucker doesn’t look too sure, but Duggan gives a thumbs up.

[ Jim Duggan ] Relax, kid! It’ll be fun! Besides, you’re the one who brought me on board. You don’t think Hacksaw knows what he’s doing?

Tucker looks like he’s thinking about it and then extends a hand. Duggan embraces him in a hug instead, as the camera picks up on Jim – his typical, goofy face turning into an evil smirk.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Bea is walking around ringside singing towards Becky, who is focused on Hayter who is staying around the ring, trying to focus on Becky. Becky rushes towards Hayter, who moves out of the way, and bounces off the ropes. Hayter takes advantage of this, and quickly tries to roll up Becky, who quickly kicks out at two.

Hayter looks at the ref, as Bea is on the outside yelling at the official to count quicker. Hayter grabs Becky, but Becky quickly kicks Hayter in the gut, and is met with some punches by Becky. Becky then hits a side suplex and quickly makes the cover. Hayter kicks out and quickly rolls out. Bea rushes over to Hayter and checks on her.

Bea continues to check on Hayter, as Becky rolls out and starts to yell at Bea. Bea asking Hayter to quickly get up, rushes towards Becky and tries to deliver a drop kick, but Becky moves out of the way, and a loud thud is heard as Bea hits the outside hard. Becky walks towards Hayter, who quickly delivers a strong kick to Becky’s gut.

Hayter throws Becky back in the ring, as Hayter rolls in she turns to the crowd and starts to taunt the crowd a bit. Hayter turns around and Becky hits the Bex Plex on Hayter and gets the cover on Hayter. Hayter kicks out, but is quickly met with the Dis Arm Her by Becky. Hayter at this point has no choice but to tap out. Becky holds onto the hold for a few more seconds before letting go at the referees request.


First Challenge Down.

Goldberg didn’t expect it to be so quick, but that’s the point of an open challenge. Give everyone a chance to make a name for themselves. Some will rise up, some will get cut in half within 30 seconds. All in all, another night, no one $10,000 richer, so Goldberg is walking to his rental Corvette ZL1, tossing the cash case and his gear into the passenger seat. Feeling something behind him, he turns around to find Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville staring into the car.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Can I help you with something, son?

Dolph keeps looking in the car for a moment before bringing his eyes on Goldberg.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Nice car.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Yeah.

Dolph smirks and walks off as Sonya starts to follow then pauses and comes back to Goldberg.

[ Sonya Deville ] And nice case.

Sonya departs, leaving Goldberg just standing there, looking bemused. With a smirk, he jumps into the Corvette, pressing the starter button as the engine roars to life. As he does every week, he revs the engine of his latest sports car up before peeling out of the parking lot.

A sudden cut of the lights.

An immediate end to the white noise.

The SHOCK-tron flickers from static to a symbol of darkness.

The fans erupt into a primal roar before the tron fades.


REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 60:00

The six men take a look at one another getting each other ready to fight, and grab the Golden Idol Staff, the first champion of the Shock brand. Dennis takes his first crack going after Dickinson and the two pass along left and rights with one another, the other four men in the ring pair off with one another getting ready to beat one another for the chance to win this new Staff here.

Dennis moves away from Dickinson and starts double teaming Cena with Omega, who was going crazy at Cena, trying to get the advantage on Cena. Cena pushes both out of the way, before continuing his attack on Dennis. Dennis knocks Cena over the top rope with a closeline, before Dennis is met with a high knee from Omega, knocking Dennis to the outside as well. Omega takes advantage of this and dives over the top rope landing on both Cena and Dennis.

Meanwhile, Dickinson and Rollins go after Wagner, who quickly stops both Dickinson and Rollins from taking advantage of one another, hitting both with closelines before going back out there and pushing forward by attacking Omega and hitting a nice Hurricanrana, as Omega rolls out of the ring, Wanger follows hitting twisting plancha to the outside landing on Omega and the barrier outside. Wagner holding his leg in discomfort, Omega grabs Wagner and throws him back in the ring.

Cena and Dennis start beating one another by hitting left and rights to one another, before getting stopped by Dickinson. Dickinson starts to pick up Dennis, and starts to place him on his back. Cena then pulls Dennis off of Dickinson’s back, before rushing towards the ropes and hitting Dickinson with a shoulder block. Cena rushes his arms to above his head, and looks down at Dickinson, who tells him that he can’t see him. Cena turns around and is quickly met with a high knee, knocking Cena down hard to the mat.

Wagner and Rollins start exchanging left and rights with one another, as Rollins starts to get the upper hand, Rollins gets pushed over the top rope by Dennis. Dickinson quickly throws Wagner over the top rope as well. Wagner falls right on top of Rollins, who quickly starts to squirm trying to get Wagner off of him. Rollins finally gets Wagner off him, but quickly gets tripped up by Wagner grabbing Rollins leg.

Rollins turns around and stops at the hand of Wagner who holds it in pain, yelling at Rollins in Spanish. Meanwhile back in the ring, Cena and Omega are exchanging left and rights with one another, leaving Dickinson and Dennis to one another. Dennis grabs Dickinson and throws Dickinson right into Cena and Omega, which knock both me down. Dennis grabs Cena by the head, and starts smashing him with left and rights.

Dennis gets some left and rights back at him by Cena, before getting lifted on Cena’s shoulders for an FU. Cena starts to plant Dennis down to the mat, but Dennis lands on his two feet, and Dennis turns around and punches Cena right in the face, and he starts to crumble straight down to the mat. Dennis makes the cover on Cena, but Omega breaks up the count before the referee could count to two. Dennis gets up right away, and gets in the face of Omega as the two push one another back and forth.

While Dennis and Omega continue the shoving match, Dickinson gets back into the ring, and starts rushing towards Cena, who’s still on the mat. He goes for the quick cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Dickinson irate, pushes Omega into Dennis, knocking both down and out of the ring. Dickinson looks back over towards Cena, and picks him up over his head, and delivers a Pazuzu Bomb to the corner turnbuckle. He pulls Cena away from the corner and covers for a three count.


Alex Shelley comes out to present Chris Dickinson with the Golden Idol. Shelley starts to hand it over to Dickinson, but Dickson rips it out of his hand and raises it above his head in excitement. Dennis gets back into the ring and stares down Dickinson as the scene fades.

The show has been a roaring success, Chris Dickinson has won the golden idol, everyone is now wrapping up backstage after the show has gone off the air. A man who it hasn't been a great night for is Eddie Kingston, everything with Bray Wyatt aside, he also lost at the hands of Teddy Hart, too. He cuts a dejected figure right now sitting alone where we left him last, bag all zipped up and he's ready to depart the building back to his hotel. He grabs the strap and places it over his shoulder, he takes one last look around for no real reason then heads towards the door.

Just as he touches the handle, the lights flicker a little and it makes him jolt a little. It's obvious he's still a little shook, no matter what he'd tell you, from all the things that have gone down this evening. He lets out a sigh, feeling stupid for even thinking that Bray could have something to do with that. He heads out the door and takes the long walk back to the parking lot, where you'd assume he has a car or something waiting for him. He passes a few of the people he stormed passed earlier, issuing an apologetic hand to every last one of them. He knows he was a bit of a dick and he holds his hands up to that.

Eventually, he makes it into the parking lot. He looks around for a few seconds and shakes his head, clearly whoever is supposed to be there to meet him hasn't arrived yet. There's an eerie silence and it doesn't go unnoticed by Eddie, but once again, he just pushes it to the back of his mind. He places his bag on the ground, noticing his shoelace is untied, he bends over to do it up. A million thoughts are on his mind right now, he's on a losing streak, he can't seem to get Bray off his back to matter how much he ignores it. It's never been easy for Eddie, that's true. Everything he's ever done he's had to scrape and claw his way toward, nothing has ever been handed to him so he's as determined as he ever has been to turn this all around.

Just as he finishes the lacing up, he lifts his head and falls back onto the floor, moving himself back a few feet as he does so. We finally see what he's look at...

The black sheep.

It stands before him once again, just like earlier, but it's just appeared from nowhere this time. The boiler suit is identical but the head... It's different. Eddie begins to laugh.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Fuck... Man, I gotta' control my shit.

He dusts himself off and gets to his feet, a few feet away from the black sheep.

[ Eddie Kingston ] Wait... How the hell did you get here?

He's talking to himself and trying to process everything through his mind just as...

The head of the black sheep tilts to the right.

The eyes of Eddie Kingston are almost popping out of his head right now, as the head then tilts the other way. Eddie can't even move a single muscle in his body. The black sheep rights his head back central, and before Eddie Kingston even has time to think or say another word...


A big boot to the face nearly takes his head off his shoulders. Eddie might already be out as more boots come down on his face, each time bouncing his head off the concrete floor. Blood quickly begins to pour from the head and mouth of Eddie Kingston, whoever is wearing the mask of the black sheep is an absolute monster of a man. Eddie is dragged up to his feet and carried over to where a car is parked nearby...


Half the body of Eddie Kingston is inside the car, the other half out, he's just folded over the door of the drivers side right now. The black sheep can be heard breathing heavily, almost grunting, as he stands back to admire his work. The legs of Eddie Kingston begin to wriggle a little, there's still some fight left inside of him yet. He's dragged from the car and dropped onto the floor, blood absolutely pouring from him, his face is a complete crimson mask. Jesus Christ, Eddie Kingston is dragging himself up to his knees... He's fucking crazy. He slowly manages to lift his head to stare directly at the mask of the black sheep, who stands towering above Eddie.

[ Eddie Kingston ] That... All... You... Got...

He pauses.

[ Eddie Kingston ] ... Pussy.

Immediately following those words, Eddie spits blood directly into the mask of the black sheep. He motions for him to bring it, the black sheep obliges... BOOT TO THE TEMPLE! Eddie Kingston flops to the floor and begins to violently shake uncontrollably, he's in a bad way. Not satisfied with his work, the black sheep turns and heads towards a corner of the parking lot. He disappears for a moment and when he reappears, he's holding... A CONCRETE BLOCK! Surely not? Eddie lies motionless. The shaking has stopped, there is no sign of life at all. The black sheep walks over slowly, the weight of the block is a struggle even for someone of his size. He stands above the lifeless body of Eddie Kingston and struggles to lift it above his head...


The block actually breaks on impact as it crushes the skull of Eddie Kingston. A few seconds pass of dead silence, when applauding is then head followed by a familiar laugh.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Oh, Eddie...

Bray Wyatt appears from absolutely nowhere.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Eddie... Eddie... Eddie.

Bray kneels down beside the body of Eddie Kingston with a smile on his face.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Didn't I tell ya' this would be your funeral, man... But nah, you knew better as always... FOOL!

The last word echoes around the parking lot, as Bray leans even closer to the lifeless Eddie Kingston.

[ Bray Wyatt ] You turned down the chance of a lifetime... A chance to be SOMEONE...

Bray runs his gloved right hand over the face of Eddie, then turns it to look at the blood.

[ Bray Wyatt ] While the body may die, the soul... It lives forever, man. And with every soul I consume... I only get stronger... And stronger...

He runs the blood across his face.

[ Bray Wyatt ] ... And STRONGER.

Leaning into the ear of Eddie Kingston, Bray whispers.

[ Bray Wyatt ] You thought your life was hell, Eddie? Really? That's NOTHIN'... Compared to what awaits you now.

He can't help it, the laughter once more rings through the seemingly empty parking lot.

[ Bray Wyatt ] You never had a choice, man... In the end, they all join me... But this, all of this... It never had to be this way. All you had to do was ACCEPT my hand... Follow me into the flames. You could have stood beside me like a GOD... Now those flames will burn your soul... FOREVER.

Bray begins to laugh uncontrollably now as he spreads his arms, looking up with the black sheep behind him. The screen goes black for a moment and when it flicks back to life, all that's left is Eddie Kingston. The lifeless body of Eddie Kingston.