06.06.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

The Blue Meanie def. Peter Avalon via Pinfall w/ The Meaniesault
Carlito Caribbean Cool
def. LT Falk via Pinfall w/ The Sour Apple
Aiden English
def. Tim Renesto via Pinfall w/ Director's Cut
"Hangman" Adam Page
def. Mike Rapada via Pinfall w/ Buckshot Lariat

The fans are excited and hungry for action but they get even more loud and rambunctious when the opening drums of Cake’s cover of War Pigs begins to play. The fans know what this means as Pinkie Sanchez walks out in his ropes a book in his hand. He signals for someone to walk out and out comes Shock’s Golden Idol, The Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson! He’s got a backwards Baseball Cap on, a black Team Pazuzu wife beater, and his plain black wrestling trunks with his dick strings out, and of course the Staff in his hands! He’s storming to the ring nodding his head soaking in the cheers. Once in the ring, Pinkie goes to grab two microphones for them.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] Shock! Your Golden Idol, Pazuzu’s chosen one, the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson has done it! He prevailed over 5 other men, and now he stands before you as an Idol!

The crowd just roars as Dickinson’s journey in SGW has won a lot of fans over.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] Now he does have a match tonight against a man who fancies himself a Cleaner, but tonight’s not about Kenny, tonight’s about Chris Dickinson!

More cheers from the crowd though a little split as the fans also clearly enjoy Kenny Omega. Dickinson is just marching around in the ring, clearly intense as always.


He raises the Staff high in the air!

[ Chris Dickinson ] THIS STAFF IS MINE! I’m holding this with honor, whoever steps up prepare for a fucking fight! I don’t care who you are, but I’m not gonna hand this away! I’m the flag bearer for Shock and I’m not looking to disappoint all of ya! Omega, I’m sorry man, I respect ya I really do, but you are in my way, and I’m gonna knock ya down!

At this point the crowd still Hot begins to boo, but not at Dickinson no, Jim Cornette storms to the ring looking well pissed as always. He gets to the ring and just gets in Dickinson’s face.

[ Jim Cornette ] FUCKING BULLSHIT! I am NOT gonna let you hold the flag for MY show! You disgusting, musclebound dickhead! I said you wouldn’t be champ under my watch, and I meant it! Chris you may have the staff now, but I book the matches round here, and I already have a challenger lined up for ya, and he is a REAL wrestler! He’s got the size, he’s got the talent, he’s got the brains, and he has the attitude! Let’s see how you handle my monster, Eddie Dennis, dickhead!

“The Dawning” hits and the Asylum fans begin loudly booing. Eddie Dennis appears on the stage in his gear, ready for a fight. Eddie plods down to the ring, grinning evilly all the way until he reaches the apron. He pulls himself up and then steps over the top rope. Dickinson walks right up to Dickinson and gets in his face. Jim Cornette nods approvingly.

[ Jim Cornette ] Now this is the shit I’m talkin’ about! This is a match with main event potential, unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of, Dickinson! You pig headed ignoramus! Look at the size of this man! He’s a fuckin’ giant! Look at his face! Look at his range! This guy woulda’ been a ten time champion in Smoky Mountain in 1994!

Cornette points at Dickinson angrily.

[ Jim Cornette ] You wouldn’t be fit to fetch Bobby Blaze his fuckin’ coffee, you no good--

Eddie grabs the microphone out of Cornette’s hand. He looks surprised. The fans begin booing and chanting “please don’t talk” but Eddie raises the microphone and does it anyway. He looks at Cornette.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Do yew wawnt this, Jim?

Cornette rubs his hands together and smiles.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Is this… really… what yew wawnt?

The fans boo. Dickinson is ready to throw down. Eddie smiles ear to ear.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Good! Glorious! Because Big… Match… Eddie… WAWNTS… THIS… TOO!

Dickinson holds up the staff so Eddie can see it clearly.

[ Eddie Dennis ] We’ve boomped ‘eads more ‘n once since we came t’ SHAWK… ‘n yew were more ‘n lucky t’ walk away wit’ that golden shaft which should be mine. Yew might ‘ave confused yerself t’ think dis was ova’... but no!

Dennis leans down in Chris’ face.

[ Eddie Dennis ] Yew ‘n I, Chris… we have so much more t’ teach one another!

[ Chris Dickinson ] Teach? Eddie the only thing I got to teach your lanky ass, is that Dickinson runs SHOCK!

Dickinson and Dennis stare each other down.

[ Chris Dickinson ] You want to take this Staff away from me, huh Jimmy? You gonna throw Dennis at me, and act like I’m done? I’ve been looking to knock this lanky fuck down a peg, and whenever we face, I’ll make sure to dish out some extra punishment, on your behalf Jimmy, see because as long as you want the Staff outta my hands, well then I’ll still be here defending it! DICK STRINGS OUT! DICKINSON OUT!

Some spit gets in Dennis’ face but the Golden Idol doesn’t care and just Shoves Dennis out of the way as Pinkie and Chris leave Cornette and Dennis in the ring. Cornette is pissed but Dennis just smiles looking like a hungry lion.

Backstage in the official J.O.B. Squad locker room, which is denoted on the door as follows:

The Blue Meanie is laying on the floor, rolling around on his back. He is trying to grab his knees… but it’s not going so well.

[ The Blue Meanie ] One. Two. THR…

His heterosexual lifemate, tag team partner, and better looking best friend, Al Snow, stands over him with his hands on his hips. Not like in a sassy way… more like in a disgruntled ornery step-fatherly kind of way.

[ Al Snow ] Why.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Kegels. The exercise. Male Kegels.

Meanie is winded. Al looks at his partner in the most disapproving of manners.

[ Al Snow ] That’s not… why. That’s not why, Meanie. I mean, why?

[ The Blue Meanie ] You’ve got to exercise them.

[ Al Snow ] Men don’t have Kegels.

[ The Blue Meanie ] They don’t?

[ Al Snow ] I don’t know.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Well, I’m barely a man, so I don’t see how that impacts me either way.

The Meanest Man continues rolling around, grabbing at his knees, bringing about a hearty shake of the head from his tag team partner.

[ Al Snow ] Look, Kegels, no Kegels, you being a man, half a man, it doesn’t matter. We have serious business. But remind me to find a mirror you can stand in front of later. I would like to point out about ninety-seven other parts of your body you could be working on… or working out… or whatever.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Relax, Al, I’m telling you, demoting ourselves to Shock was the smartest move we’ve ever made. I’m killing it on this roster.

[ Al Snow ] You’ve done nothing since arriving on this roster. Literally. Nothing.

[ The Blue Meanie ] My point exactly. STRAIGHT-KILL-IN-IT.

[ Al Snow ] Okay, maybe demoting ourselves to Shock was the single greatest move in the history of any career. But, that’s ancient history. AND MEANIE… YOU DON’T STRIKE ME AS A HISTORIAN! We’re dealing with a much more current and pressing matter.

[ The Blue Meanie ] What’re the haps?

[ Al Snow ] I still haven’t heard from HEAD. Now, I know I told her that she could take her sorry excuse for a mannequin self and go shove it, HEAD’s entire head, up the ass of a giraffe. But… I didn’t say I didn’t want her to manage us anymore. I was going to save that reveal for the next time she did something despicable.

The Blues of the Blue goes … blue. It’s hard to tell whether that’s from exhaustion as a result of his kegel exercises or because of what Al just said, but it’s still something that just happened.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Oh no. But… it's what everybody wants.

[ Al Snow ] I know.

[ The Blue Meanie ] But it’s what everybody needs.

[ Al Snow ] I… know. We haven’t talked since our falling out. And, I don’t know how I feel about it. Quite frankly, I have nothing to say to her after what she said to me. Right to my face, man. She insulted my pride and my work as a Buddhist belly dancer. But still, it’s going to be weird going out there tonight with her, you know? I mean, I’ll probably win since she’s not with us, but… you know… like, it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s not like that I think we need HEAD. It’s just kind of nice when she’s around.

[ The Blue Meanie ] That’s a real bummer, man. I’d love to help you, I really would. You know I’ve always been a big fan of HEAD, but I haven’t seen her.

It feels like forty-five minutes have passed but The Blue Meanie finally works his way from his back to a vertical base.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I’ll tell you what SnowStorm, I’ll keep an eye out for her, okay? You know, keep my ear to the street.

The SnowMAN looks at his partner, furrowing his brow in the most questioning of ways.

[ Al Snow ] Meanie…

[ The Blue Meanie ] Whelp, I better get to goin'. Big match today, yessiree! Big ole’ match to be had!

[ Al Snow ] You don’t even have a match! I have a match. And, I’ll be having said match without HEAD. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you…

If you thought Al couldn’t furrow his brow any furrow-ier than he just did, you were wrong. And, to say the least, The Meanie is feeling the heat.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Who, me? C’mon man, no way. You know me, if I knew the first thing about HEAD, you’d be the first one I’d call!

[ Al Snow ] Mmhmm.

The Meanie does his best to hide something… something Al already has noticed. The problem is, The Meanie sucks at hiding things. Baseball cards, Reese’s Cups, water balloons, and now potentially information about HEAD … all things he’s tried to hide from AL. Unsuccessfully. So, rather than give it up, he does his best to calmly, and normally walk out of the J.O.B. Squad locker room.

Right after he walks headfirst into the wall, as a result of trying to be calm and normal.

[ Al Snow ] That big, blue ball of love is hiding something… and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. But first… I must out GREAT the Khali.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The match opens after Naomi finishes dancing around the ring, keeping Misao focused fully on Naomi instead of getting ready for the attack. Misao quickly shakes out of it, but quickly the smirk goes away as Naomi dropkicks her down hard to the mat. Naomi starts dancing a bit more, but is quickly rolled up by Misao, and Naomi quickly kicks out, and starts to yell at the ref. Misao gets up, and rolls her up again, this time Naomi kicks out at two.

Misao gets back up and delivers a strong drop kick of her own causing Naomi to fall to the outside, giving Misao some time to hype up the crowd before diving out of the ring, causing Naomi to crash to the barrier. Misao smiles and puts her hands up and starts to clap, grabbing Naomi and throwing her back into the ring. Misao rolls over on Naomi and gets a two count, which Misao looks over to the referee asking him to count a bit faster.

Misao grabs Naomi and delivers a strong back suplex, only for her to grab Naomi again and hit another suplex on her. Naomi slow to get up, is met with a superkick and Naomi goes down grabbing her jaw in the process. Misao starts to pump up the crowd asking for them to get behind her, and Naomi starts to rush towards her with a Rear View, but Misao somehow realizes to move out of the way. Another Super Kick by Misao, but a quick two count.

Misao starts running towards the ropes, as we see Naomi slowly get back up, and as Naomi gets up, she turns around and is met by a Superhero Uppercut, knocking Naomi back a few feet. Misao starts to make the cover, and gets the three count.

Misao gets up and starts celebrating as it seems Sarah Logan was watching her and Logan slowly disappears in the background as Misao continues to celebrate.


On the last edition of Shock, Hacksaw Jim Duggan arranged a trip to his ranch in Amarillo, Texas for Otis and Tucker to celebrate the former’s win over Judas Mesias. The SGW cameras cut to recorded tape of Jim Duggan driving his truck on the highway.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOO! You fellas excited for a road trip with ol’ Hacksaw?

He starts to nod his head erratically even though he’s the one asking the question.

[ Otis ] Oh yeahhh!

[ Tucker ] Yeah, I guess.

[ Jim Duggan ] Come on Tucker, I’m gonna need a lot more energy than that! I got a whole week’s worth of activities planned out!

Duggan starts fiddling around with the radio controls trying to find a decent station.

[ Jim Duggan ] What’s a guy gotta to do get some classic rock around here?!

He smashes his fat fingers all over the dashboard in frustration before putting his eyes back on the road. Suddenly, the truck stutters and the vehicle comes to a halt.

[ Jim Duggan ] Ohhh boy, we’re outta gas!

[ Tucker ] We got a spare can?

[ Jim Duggan ] ‘fraid not, tough guy! There’s a gas station about 2 miles east...

Nobody speaks up to volunteer and make the walk.

[ Jim Duggan ] Well I can’t do it, I’m practically 85! Tucker, you’re a lean son of a gun...why don’t you go on ahead and I’ll stick it out with Otis here?

Tucker sighs and gets out of the vehicle. As he proceeds to make his way east, Duggan quietly exits the car and makes his way over to the trunk. He retrieves a full can of gasoline and begins to fill up the truck as the footage ends there.

Dolph Ziggler zooms into the parking garage in his custom hotpink 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S, his devoted compadre Sonya Deville in the passenger seat. “Piece Of Your Action” by Motley Crue blasts on.

The parking job is as painstakingly obnoxious as his car, the small car twisted diagonally and somehow taking up two spots.

Ziggler struts out of the car, wearing a suit as pink as the car, a black dress shirt beneath it, adorned with a naturally pink tie. Deville emerges out, less of a strut and more of an assertive step, sporting a suit herself, except her ensemble is all jet black.

“The Showoff”, his hair worn straight and down, removes his black shades, assessing the scene in front of him. With Deville to his side, he notices Kat Marino fast approaching, anxious to get a word.

[ Kat Marino ] Hey Dolph. I’m sorry to bother you, but everyone wants to know: now that you’ve accepted Goldberg’s $10,000 challenge tonight, what will you do with the money if you win?

Ziggler glances off to Sonya, chuckling dismissively. He turns back to Kat with the smuggest of smug faces.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...It’s not a problem. But do me a favor babe. Can you get Renee Young for me? We sort of...go way back. She’s one of my favorite girls. ...Could you do that for me?

Kat’s confused.

[ Kat Marino ] I’m sorry, Dolph. But Renee is a commentator now.

Ziggler shrugs, annoyed. He doesn’t care.

[ Kat Marino ] ...Anyway, we’ve had fans pipe in suggestions for how you could use the money if you do win? Knowing you’ve openly said that you don’t need it? ...You know, you could donate it to coronavirus victims? Maybe the family of George Floyd? Those are just a couple of the suggestions...

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Look. I hate to be THAT guy. But if I’m going to answer dumb things like that, I need to enjoy looking at the girl asking them. ...Right Sonya?

Sonya nods knowingly, eyeing Kat with disdain.

[ Sonya Deville ] Beat it. You’re not worth our time. ….I kinda’ hate your vibe too.

“The Pridefighter” invades Kat’s space, intimidating the now reluctant interviewer, who slowly backs away and out of view.

Satisfied, Deville acknowledges the camera, winking at it.

Ziggler struts forward, shaking his head disappointedly at said camera.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Hey Bill. Is that you sending in those “suggestions”? You condescending dick.

He chuckles, his expression reverting to arrogance.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] When I win tonight, I’m not donating my “winnings” to charity. I’m not giving them to anybody. ...Hell, I won’t even keep them for myself. ...You know what I’ll do, Bill? You know what I’ll do with your pathetic desperation money?

Smarmy laugh, before his beady eyes go serious.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] I’ll throw it in the god damn trash.

Sustaining his stern, cold glare. His tone equally as cold.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...And if anyone has the balls to pull it out? I’ll throw them in there too.

The camera fades on Ziggler’s unforgiving eyes.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Seth looks on and rolls out of the ring, to allow Khali and Snow to fight with one another. Snow looks on and rolls out himself, finding it a bit unfair that he has to fight Khali and starts to yell at Seth to get back into the ring, and get ready for a fight. Seth tells Snow to turn around, but before he can, Seth is met with a club to the back of the head, knocking him down by Khali, from the inside of the ring.

Snow laughs a bit at Seth, but is met with Khali going to him and grabbing him by the head and placing him back in the ring. Snow, scared for his life, screams a bit before moving himself out of the way, before he’s met with the entire body of Khali in his face. Snow takes advantage of that, and tries to pin Khali but Khali falls right on him, but the count is broken up after Seth comes back in and kicks Khali in the back of his head.

Khali turns around and starts to yell at Seth, but Seth starts delivering Super Kicks to the face of Khali which does nothing. Khali goes for the Mongolian Chop on Seth, but Seth ducks out of the way and starts to take his focus and attention on Snow, who is still recovering from the attack by Khali sitting on him, that he doesn’t realize Seth is on the attack, making him unaware that Seth is coming over there ready to attack.

Once he does realize Seth, he quickly gets to his feet and pokes him in the eye. Seth turns around and falls right into a Mongolian Chop from Khali and falls flat on his face. Snow realizes this and starts to rush over to make the pin on Seth, but is met with a Mongolian Chop of his own. Snow rolls to the outside, and comes back in holding Head. The referee is checking on Seth, still down when Snow smacks Head to the back of Khali.

Khali starts to wobble a bit, and Snow gets another whack in on Khali with Head, which does enough to place him right on top of Seth. The referee starts to make the count as Snow just backs out of the ring scared, and successfully makes the three count. Khali shakes his head and starts screaming gibberish, as he is looking for Snow.


Back to the recorded tape of Duggan and his road trip. After the crafty Duggan cut Tucker loose and left him stranded on the highway, it’s just him and Otis now. The radio now seems to be working as Duggan and Otis are having a singalong.

[ Otis ] There’s a lady who’s sure...oh yeah!

[ Jim Duggan ] All that glitters gold!

[ Otis ] And she’s buying a stairway to Hea-

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was fun, kid.

Otis looks out of the window.

[ Otis ] Tuckehh...

[ Jim Duggan ] Now look...son, Tucker ain’t gonna be around no more. It’s just you and me, buddy!

Duggan winks at Otis and vigorously raises a chunky thumbs up, but Otis isn’t convinced.

[ Jim Duggan ] He don’t know what’s good for ya! He’s weak! He’s a walkover! That’s not the American way! When we get pushed, we push back harder! Trust me kid, after this week, you’ll be a NEW man!

Another massive shake of the head, as a little spit flies on to Otis’ face. He slowly wipes it off.

[ Otis ] Jimehhh...

[ Jim Duggan ] That’s right, ol’ Hacksaw Jim Duggan is gonna make you a superstar! Just like I was in the 80s! 90s! Noughties! Stick by me and you’ll have that Golden Staff! You’ll have all the women in the world too, just like Hacksaw did in his day!

The truck makes a turn and approaches the entrance to the ranch. American flags draped everywhere, it’s as if they just entered a military base. The footage ends with the duo exiting the vehicle and making their way towards the compound.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Ariel takes a look over at Becky, and smiles and starts licking her lips. Becky, kind of freaked out by the situation, drop kicks Ariel down to the mat, and gets a quick one count as she quickly made the cover to Ariel. Ariel gets back up, and starts to punch Becky in the chest, trying to make her go down to the mat, but is failing to accomplish that.

Becky hits a few forearms to the face of Ariel, knocking Ariel back a bit, before grabbing her and hitting a side suplex on Ariel, who rolls out of the ring before Becky can make the cover. Becky then goes out of the ring, only to be met with a stiff punch to the stomach by Ariel, knocking Becky down to one knee. Ariel gets back up and meets Becky with a boot to the face knocking her down in the process.

Ariel rolls into the ring, asking for the referee to start counting Becky out, as Becky gets back into the ring, she’s quickly met with boots by Ariel. Ariel starts to continue delivering the boots but is being held back by the referee who pushes Ariel back even further. Becky gets back to her feet and delivers a side kick to the head of Ariel, who falls flat on her back. Becky then starts to make the cover but Ariel kicks out before the referee can start counting.

Becky starts to take over and gets back into control of the situation by slowly applying an STF to Ariel, who quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. Becky gets up to grab Ariel close to the ropes, but Ariel grabs Becky and rolls her up, holding the ropes in the process. The crowd screams towards the referee to pay attention, but he fails to do so.

Becky gets up and starts yelling at the referee that Ariel held the ropes, but Becky doesn’t get the time of day from the official. Up in a distance, Sonya looks on with a smug look on her face, shaking her head and walks to the back, pleased.

ARIEL via PINFALL in 09:42

The angsty Sarah Logan assesses the catering table backstage, unimpressed and not enthused with the heavy helping of vegetables and otherwise non-animal options on display.

[ Sarah Logan ] Prissy bitches!

Logan shakes her head, expressing a disgusted scowl.

[ Sarah Logan ] They're gonna be grateful I'm here now.

The self-proclaimed viking crouches down, removing something from her gymbag.

...freshly sliced (and cooked...she's not a cavewoman...right?...) deer carcass, accompanied of course by the freshly sliced corresponding head.

Logan hoists the pieces of flesh onto the table, as nearby assistants and stagehands look squeamish and repulsed, the deer head staring back at them with cartoonishly horrified eyes.

A technician walks up to Sarah Logan but when they remove their hat it's revealed to be Hyper Misao, before Sarah Logan can say anything Hyper Misao starts talking.

[ Hyper Misao ] Greetings citizen! How would you like to assist in the pursuit of justice and protection of love and peace. For you see I fear my opponent tonight Naomi is going to bring back one of the forbidden names of the past, and I need you to get a closer look and get any information on the Big Bad Booty Posse that I believe she may be bringing back from the cursed realm!

Logan glances on, her mouth agape, baffled.

[ Sarah Logan ] ...Excuse me?

Hyper Misao scratches her head wondering if something got lost in translation perhaps repeating would be better.

[ Hyper Misao ] I need you to infiltrate and stop an evil and forbidden crime syndicate from forming. They go by the name of the Big Bad Booty Posse and threaten the natural order of peace and love. Which I, Hyper Misao am to protect! Do not let my clever technician disguise fool you for I am a true super hero!

She pumps her fist the serious look in her eyes from behind the mask showing she truly believed this.

Still incredulous, Sarah scoffs and barks out...

[ Sarah Logan ] SPEAK ENGLISH!

But she IS speaking English?

Hyper Misao frustrated starts tapping her head with her fist and goes simpler

[ Hyper Misao ] ah ok! One of our fellow roster members threatens to destroy all. And I Need your help to spy on them!

[ Sarah Logan ] ...Are you kiddin' me? I'M the only one destroying ANYONE around here! ...NOW EAT MY MEAT OR GET LOST!

Sarah alludes to the delightful deer carcass, and of course disembodied head that she set forth on the catering table behind them.

Hyper Misao looks at the dear carcass and jumps back in surprise a bit shocked and repulsed, but tries to maintain her composure.

[ Hyper Misao ] I am in fact not kidding you, there are forces beyond our power working against us that could destroy peace and love!

Sarah shakes her head, fed up.

[ Sarah Logan ] I'm outta' here! Fuckin' crazy person.

The viking goes to march off, but within seconds, comes stomping right back, yanking the deer head and carcass she had set on the table, shoving it begrudgingly back into her gymbag.

[ Sarah Logan ] Y'all don't appreciate me!

She points threateningly at Hyper Misao, stomping off with disdain.

[ Hyper Misao ] But Peace and Love...

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Omega and Dickinson look at the staff that Dickinson is currently holding, realizing that it’s not on the line, and that Dickinson’s win is still much talked about today. Dickinson shakes the hand of Omega as the two lock up. Dickinson gets the quick power advantage, and pushes Omega to the corner. The referee steps in and starts to count and the two unlock as Dickinson slaps Omega on the chest.

Omega smirks and rushes towards Dickinson, and gets him with a high knee that makes Dickinson wobble a bit. Dickinson falls back into the ropes, and bounces off delivering a vicious closeline to Omega, making him fall over in the process. Dickinson quickly makes the cover, but the referee realizes Omega’s feet are under the ropes, so he tells Dickinson to back away from the count, which frustrates him.

Dickinson gets back up and grabs Omega by the head, and lifts him back to his feet. Omega quickly comes to and delivers a strong kick, quickly getting Dickinson in a daze. Omega rushes to one side of the ring, and comes at Dickinson with V-Trigger, and quickly makes the cover. Dickinson makes the kick out at two, getting Omega frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done in a quick manner.

Omega grabs Dickinson and starts to lift Dickinson over his head, and as he does so, he is met with a knee to the face by Dickinson, causing him to loosen his grip. Dickinson starts clubbing Omega, before lifting him up and delivering a Pazuzu Bomb to the corner turnbuckle. Dickinson makes the cover and gets the three count in an impressive victory for the holder of the Golden Idol.


Footage of Otis and Duggan at the Amarillo ranch continues. Clips of Otis training play over the song “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions.

[ Otis ] Oh yeah!

He performs laps with a large log of wood. As the sweat pours off, he’s then seen slowly climbing up a wall of rope as he slowly manoeuvres himself up and over the other side.

[ Otis ] Oh yeah!

Otis is so drenched that he takes off his shirt and falls down to perform some sit-ups.

[ Otis ] Oh yeah!

Suddenly, the music shifts to more dramatic tones. Smoke effects feature across the exit of the compound as a topless Jim Duggan stomps his way in carrying nothing but a 2x4 and the US flag.
In slow motion.


Otis looks on but doesn’t know what to make of it all.

[ Jim Duggan ] Otis, you’re one tough son of a bitch. You may not eat right, you may not train right...but neither did Hacksaw! What got Jim Duggan through the hard times was his love for the United States of America! HOOOOOOOO!

[ Otis ] ‘Mericahhh!

[ Jim Duggan ] Kid, you’ve sent Wagner Jr packing back over the border! You’ve sent Judas Mesias packing to the main roster where he’s gonna get eaten alive along with that other criminal Psycosis! He ain’t no lover boy compared to Hacksaw! Ya know, I even got a kiss from Diana Ross!
The war continues as we eradicate all those on Shock who hate America!

Otis gets up off the floor and begins to nod.

[ Jim Duggan ] Let me see your love for this country, brother!

[ Otis ] Oh yeah! ‘Merica!

[ Jim Duggan ] Let me hear it!

[ Otis ] ‘MERICA!

[ Jim Duggan ] UUUUUUUUUU-!

[ Otis ] ESS-EHHHHH!

Duggan is now almost in a trance as he stomps and claps on the spot, shaking his head if he were playing guitar.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOOOOOO!

“Rock You Like A Hurricane” begins to play again, as Duggan hands Otis a MAGA hat.

[ Jim Duggan ] You earned this, tough guy! Protect it with everything you have!

Otis, like a small child, excitedly takes the hat and puts it on. His eyes pop as he looks up into the distance.

[ Otis ] Jimehhh!

The scene cuts to more smoke effects and slow-motion as Otis walks with a serious face, holding Duggan’s 2x4 over his shoulder. Behind him, Jim Duggan, also wearing a stern exterior, and the American flag being held high in the air. The music starts to fade as the footage ends.

The SGW cameras cut away from the ring and to a black screen. A sound of a large switch being flipped echoes throughout an empty room as stage lights illuminate a pair of red velvet curtains. Slowly, the curtains begin to open and sitting in the middle of the stage on a plan black barstool is a lean figure with a chiseled physique. Another large switch is flipped and a spotlight illuminates the visage of "The People's Poet" Aiden English. Aiden turns to the camera and clears his throat.

[ Aiden English ] "A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" a poem by Aiden English.

Aiden steps down from the stool and stands at the front of the stage.

[ Aiden English ] My love is like a shipwreck dashed into the rocks - no one survives. As salty water is pulled into burning lungs and I feel myself sink lower I have a moment of clarity to shout why?! Why am I so cursed as to love that which mangles me?! Why must I so eagerly throw myself onto a live grenade once she... once you... pull the pin? My arms spread as wide as an eagle's to hold you while yours lay crossed across your chest like a man resting in his coffin. You deny me. I defy you. It's counter-intuitive, it's self-effacing. It's self-destructive and my god do I yearn for more and more harm to be cast upon me. I will walk throw snow covered minefields on bloody stumps to feel the coarse caress that is your arms and breast. You don't not gently stroke my cheek but beat me with your stiff limbs. You do not lift me heart with devotion and affection but raise me only to drive me down again. You only hear my voice every waking second of my day. I only hear your voice when you cause me pain. The sound of my heart is a cement mixer full of gravel, churning and clanging over and over again. I give and give and you take and take. It's a sadomasochistic love affair and I wouldn't have it any other way. You sleep soundly while I'll never sleep again.

With a smile and a deep bow, the spot lights turn off and the People's Poet vanishes into the darkness.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Goldberg comes out to the ring first, pacing back and forth waiting for Dolph to come in. As we still await Dolph to come out, Sonya walks out in complete silence, yelling at Goldberg and telling him to calm down and wait for Dolph to come out. Suddenly out of nowhere, Dolph runs into the ring with the briefcase and smashes it to the back of Goldberg.

Goldberg quickly reacts and turns around, but is met by another hard briefcase shot to the head, knocking him down to his knee. Dolph, angry, hits him again on the head and notices that it was the shot to knock him down. The referee asks Dolph to stop doing this, so they can start the match, as Dolph looks on, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

The referee does to his dismay, and asks for the match to start. Dolph waits to react once more, and hits a strong Super Kick to under the jaw of Goldberg, and he pins Goldberg and successfully defeats him and the briefcase.

Dolph quickly gets out of the ring, briefcase in hand and celebrates with Soyna as Goldberg slowly gets up fuming yelling at Dolph that this isn’t over yet.


Backstage, Renee Young (having hopped out of the commentary booth) catches up with the victorious Dolph Ziggler.

He holds now his $100,000 briefcase at his side. Renee glances down at it, then up at Ziggler, inquisitive.

Ziggler shoots her an intrigued glare right back.

[ Renee Young ] Dolph, I know you said earlier that you would throw this money into the trash. But are you having second thoughts?

He chuckles, pleased.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...First of all? Thanks for listening, Renee. I knew that SOMEONE was capable of listening. Second of all? I knew you'd want to see me!

She glares at him quizzically.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Hey. I know you're confused. I know it sucks here in Nashville. I know it sucks in...many ways for you. But not as much as it sucks right now for Bill Goldberg, huh?

He cackles in delight.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] But babe. I SAID I would chuck this cash into the trash. And that's EXACTLY what I'm gonna do.

Ziggler points out at something in the distance.

A standard-looking silver trash bucket.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Here Renee. Let's do it right now. You can even join in with me!

Ziggler gestures for Renee to follow with his hand. She reluctantly jogs along as he stops in front of the trash bucket.

He nods his head, opening up the briefcase, ensuring he shows the camera the fresh cash that's cramped into the briefcase.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Alright babe. You do it just like this.

Ziggler "instructs" Renee, grabbing a single wad of cash and throwing it with aggression into the bucket.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Your turn.

He smirks, pointing at the wads of cash, gesturing for Renee to take one. She's tentative, but within a few moments, grabs one. She stares at it, thinking.

[ Renee Young ] Dolph.

Renee raises a brow, apprehensively staring him down.

[ Renee Young ] Are you SURE you need to do this? The company could just seize the money and...I don't know. They could donate it. Or. ...It doesn't have to be thrown away.

His tone becomes confrontational.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Oh. So you think it's okay to take away my right to freedom of expression? I can't do with my OWN money as I please? ...That's just not something I believe in, Renee. Now chuck this wad of cash into the trash where it belongs.

She stares down at the cash, contemplative. She shakes her head.

[ Renee Young ] ...No. You do what you want. But I'm not doing this, Dolph.

Renee drops the cash into the briefcase. She sighs, stammering off in annoyance.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Ah well.

Ziggler shrugs nonchalantly, turning the briefcase upside down as all the cash drops swiftly into the trash.

He swipes his hands together, satisfied, observing the empty briefcase.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Heh. Maybe I COULD use this.

"The Showoff" trucks out of view with the empty briefcase in hand.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Leva walks over to Eve asking her to look at a few of her books she brought out to the ring with her, asking which one might be her favorite. Eve asks if she’s serious and when Leva is about to say yes, Eve slaves the books out of Leva’s hands, knocking them all to the ground. Leva, upset, gets down to start picking them up, as Eve laughs a bit before delivering some boots to Leva, who was trying to pick up her books.

Leva, angry, starts pushing and yelling at Eve but Eve isn’t going to listen to her, as she delivers a drop kick knocking Leva down to the mat. Eve starts to grab Leva to pick her up, but is met with a quick slap by Leva. Leva’s eyes got a bit wide, as she realized she hit Eve in the face. Eve takes her down with a closeline, before picking up Leva and delivering a suplex. Eve gets a one count on Leva, before shaking her head and grabbing Leva to lift her back up.

Leva pushes Eve out of her way, to try and get herself back and ready to fight, but is quickly met with some pushback of her own. Eve starts to deliver some hard forearms to the face of Leva, but Leva quickly starts delivering some offense of her own. Leva gets the upper hand with Eve, but Eve slowly counters back, and delivers a hard closeline knocking Leva down to the mat, giving her a chance to regroup and refocus. Eve starts asking for the crowd to chant her name, but the crowd isn’t responding.

Leva is still having trouble getting back to her feet, so Eve starts to notice and takes advantage of the situation by starting to slowly climb to the top rope. She starts making the dive down and successfully connects with Leva hitting the Evesault. Eve makes the cover and gets the three count for a successful victory.


The scene moves to a bar somewhere in the United States. No one is in there except for the bartender cleaning one of the glasses. Suddenly the door opens with a man standing in the doorway. Wearing jeans, cowboy shirt and cowboy boots he enters the bar and takes a seat at the bar.

[ Bartender ] Hangman, I was wondering when you were going to show up.

[ Adam Page ] Yeah sorry it took me longer than usual. Anyway I’ll take the usual.

The Bartender grabs the glass and starts to pour straight Jack Daniels in the glass before handing it to Hangman.

[ Bartender ] So I heard you are going to SGW Shock.

[ Adam Page ] Where did you hear that? Is Harry spreading shit again? I swear I will when I see him next I see him I won’t hesitate to give him the one, two.

[ Bartender ] Calm down, I just saw it on the internet.

[ Adam Page ] Man those dirt sheets get the news quick these days. But yeah I needed to go somewhere that I can be myself and SGW seemed like a nice place to finally break away. No Elite, just a clean slate.

[ Bartender ] Yeah you have been talking about that for a while especially when you spend too much time with Mr. Daniels.

Page drinks the glass of Jack Daniels

[ Adam Page ] Well unlike everyone I ever met, Mr. Daniels here has never jumped me from behind or broke my heart. Speaking of Jack, I’ll take another one.

The Bartender pours another drink

[ Adam Page ] I mean who do they have on that roster. Two spooky dudes? I have seen more spooky things, hunting on my property. D’lo and Al Snow, shouldn’t they be in a retirement home trying to hit on grandmothers about the golden times of the 90’s? Eddie Dennis, he sounds like the guy who is trying to get me to go to AA meetings and that is not happening anytime soon, and who is the world champion. Do you know?

[ Bartender ] I don’t know

[ Adam Page ] That is the point, nobody knows. They had to tell me after I signed the contract. Chris “Dick Strings” Dickenson. That the only thing I know about him is Dick Strings and that is it.

[ Bartender ] You really sound like you don’t want to be there.

Adam drinks the second glass of Jack and slams it on the bar.

[ Adam Page ] I told you, I wanted a clean slate and I believe I will be able to have one here. I where I can spread my wings and spread some Cowboy Shit. Thanks again.

Adam Page starts to leave.

[ Bartender ] You know Omega is in the on Shock too.

Adam Page stops in his tracks and turns around

[ Adam Page ] WHAT!

The scene cuts to black

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Dennis takes a look at the Undertaker, and is unphased by his presence. Undertaker gets in Dennis’s face and starts to attack him with some left and rights, shocking Dennis as he is having trouble getting started to make the attack himself. Dennis rolls out of the ring, and starts to focus on getting himself back and focused in the ring. Dennis tells the ref he’ll get in when he’s ready as he’s getting tired of Undertaker getting advantage.

Undertaker calls for Dennis to get back in the ring, and even backs up a bit. Dennis rolls back in and yells at Undertaker. Undertaker starts to rush towards him, but Dennis moves as Undertakers head bounces off the top turnbuckle. Dennis takes this to his advantage and rolls him up. The referee stops the count as Dennis’s feet are on the ropes, asking Dennis to stop, he gets off the Undertaker and gets in the referee’s face.

Undertaker turns Dennis around and delivers a forearm to the face of Dennis, who leads back with his own forearm, and the back and forth of cheers and boos are heard loudly throughout the arena, as the two are going at it at a feverily quick pace. Undertaker then backs towards the ropes and delivers a big boot, knocking Dennis down. Dennis gets back up and hits a boot of his own, getting the Undertaker to stagger a bit, before regaining his balance.

Undertaker grabs Dennis and throws him down with a strong closeline, but only getting a two count on that. Undertaker then grabs Dennis and walks with him to the corner of the ring, and gets up on the ropes and starts to tightrope across them before diving off, hitting the Old School in the process. Undertaker makes the cover on Dennis, but Dennis kicks out at two, leaving the crowd on its feet in the process.

Undertaker grabs Dennis, and holds him by the throat, and gets himself ready for the Chokeslam, and succeeds in driving Dennis down. Undertaker starts grabbing Dennis, and as he’s starting to set up Dennis for a Tombstone Piledriver, out of nowhere, Chris Dickinson comes out and puts his elbows to the back of Dennis. The referee calls for the bell, making Undertaker furious that he lost the match to this.

Dickinson continues to attack Dennis giving him a few boots to the downed Dennis. Dickinson rolls out of the ring and lifts his arms up in the air to celebrate. Undertaker takes a look at what was going on from the outside, and he quickly shakes his head in disgust as the scene fades to black.