06.20.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

[ The Blue Meanie ] Why are we outside?

[ Al Snow ] The locker room is too painful a place to be.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Yeah. Memories.

“The Snowman” Al Snow grabs his tag team partner and heterosexual lifemate The Blue Meanie by his belly t-shirt.

[ Al Snow ] Meanie, we’ve been fired more times than I can remember. Women have broken up with me. Cam models have asked you not to visit their sites any longer. We’ve been kicked out of numerous thrift stores for bringing down morale. But, this? THIS? HEAD walking out on us not once, but twice? And, costing me my match two weeks ago? This takes the cake.

[ The Blue Meanie ] I could go …

[ Al Snow ] You want cake, Meanie?

[ The Blue Meanie ] Now?

[ Al Snow ] If you want cake then we need to go out there and beat Adam Page and Matt Riddle. Like Winston Churchill said, to the winners go the cake.

[ The Blue Meanie ] He was a wise man. But, think we can let up on that requirement? That seems like a tall order.

Al lets his tag team partner go, his hand covered in The Meanie’s sweat, which emanated from his third roll.

[ Al Snow ] Let up on that requirement?

The Snowman shakes his head, much to the disappointment of the Mean Man.

[ Al Snow ] No, Meanie. If you want cake, we’re going to earn it. And, we’re going to earn that cake without HEAD. Just you and me, no HEAD between us.

Al marches towards The Asylum with The Meanie following, his head hung low

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Sarah and Ariel start off, running towards the ropes and bouncing off of one another, with both of the women knocked down to the ground. Ariel gets to the ropes first and helps herself up, as Sarah rushes towards her and gets a quick roll up. Ariel quickly kicks out and starts to rush after Sarah, who is asking the referee to have Ariel back up.

Sarah then kicks Ariel in the gut and drops her with a suplex. Sarah laughs a bit at the downed Ariel, before she gets towards Ariel, but is met with Ariel grabbing her and rolling her up. Sarah kicks out at two, but the two of them start attacking one another back and forth until the two of them get pulled apart by the official as the two are equally as frustrated.

Ariel runs towards Sarah but is quickly stopped by Sarah who then quickly grabs her and delivers a snap suplex. Sarah then gets back up and quickly gives out a primal scream, which Ariel starts to cover her ears. Sarah then quickly runs to the ropes and drops the Kentucky Knee on Ariel. Sarah makes the cover and gets the three count.

Sarah starts to get up, but keeps her eyes locked on Ariel, before rolling out of the ring.


The camera cuts backstage to the Shock brand's intrepid interviewer. Always down for chasing after the next scoop, water splashes up near Kat who tries to play it off as if nothing happened.

[ Kat Marino ] Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time is the newest member of the SGW Shock roster - Shark Boy.

Kat walks over to the source of the previous splashing to reveal a masked man laying in an inflatable kiddie pool so that only the fin on the top of his mask is standing above the water. Shark Boy emerges from the water with a smile on his face... or mask. The mask is always smiling.

[ Kat Marino ] Shark Boy, I understand that you're a creature from the deep that has come to us from a mysterious kingdom under the sea.

[ Shark Boy ] That's right, Miss Marino. I like that name, by the way. Marino... sounds like marine... as in marine life... as in me. Are we related?

[ Kat Marino ] No, Shark Boy, I don't think that we are.

[ Shark Boy ] Just as well.

The pair stand in awkward silence for a moment.

[ Kat Marino ] Well... Shark Boy... what is your mission here?

[ Shark Boy ] Ah, well, as a creature from the deep I'm here to study and understand the ways of the surface dweller. I find myself confronted with differing views and opinions and it really puts my cognitive skills to the test.

[ Kat Marino ]What're are you currently thinking about?

[ Shark Boy ] Disney's Magic Kingdom versus No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom.

[ Kat Marino ] Who wins?

Shark Boy rubs his chin in deep contemplation.

[ Shark Boy ] No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom

[ Kat Marino ] Ladies and gentlemen, the mysterious creature of the deep - Shark Boy!

Shark Boy waves at the camera before flopping back into the water, sending more splashes of water back up at Marino.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The two lock up as D’Lo has the proper power advantage over Carlito and swiftly pushes him down on the mat. Carlito stares at D’Lo who starts laughing a bit at the down Carlito, who gets up and delivers a drop kick to D’Lo who gets knocked over a bit, before rolling himself out of the ring and falling flat on his face.

Carlito goes outside and grabs D’Lo by the neck and throws him into the ring post, knocking him over. Jesus is sitting by the announce desk, and quickly checks to see what is going on, before sitting back down nodding in approval. Carlito grabs D’Lo and throws him back into the ring. Before he gets back in he taunts the crowd and walks back into the ring.

D’Lo gets back up, and delivers a suplex to Carlito. D’Lo looks on as he sees a downed Carlito and starts to climb to the top rope. Before D’Lo jumps off the top rope he takes a look at the crowd once more, and starts to jump down for a Lo Down, but Carlito moves out of the way. Carlito turns him over and lays on him, holding the tights and getting the three count.

Carlito gets the hand raised in victory, as he starts to take a bite of an apple, and then proceeds to spit it right on D’Lo.

CARLITO via PINFALL in 05:30

Previously recorded: 2 weeks ago

The camera cuts backstage where Otis and his mentor, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, are seen entering the arena for the show. The rugged veteran isn't dragging a luggage bag behind him; due to his role having no physical capacity, this comes as no surprise. Instead, he simply handles a 2x4 in his fat, meaty palms. Otis, however, IS an active member of the roster but also carries no bags or luggage. Rather, he wears the MAGA hat given to him during their visit to Hacksaw's ranch. Otis can't stop touching and adjusting the hat to make sure it's a proper fit, and there's a sense of pride in his newfound "fashion accessory".

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOO!

The sheer force and lack of direction from Duggan causes him to bump into the cameraman.

[ Jim Duggan ] GET OUTTA MY WAY!

As the duo set foot on the premises, they're greeted by Kat Marino.

[ Kat Marino ] Hey guys -

[ Jim Duggan ] Look Otis, they got a tasty, little RING RAT to give us a nice, warm welcome!

Hacksaw begins to shake his head vigorously, as he slobbers all over Marino.

[ Otis ] Oh yeah!

[ Kat Marino ] Uh, no...I just wanted to ask a few questions. We all saw your trip to the ranch, but Otis...are you actually planning on wrestling anytime soon?! Tell me, what are your future plans?

Before Otis can answer, Duggan steps ahead of him.

[ Jim Duggan ] Whoa, whoa, whoa...what makes you think you can talk to Otis like that?! What makes you think he has to answer to a WOMAN, huh? Otis deserved a break after sending that FOREIGNER Judas Mesias packing!

Duggan gets a little closer to Marino, inches away from her face.

[ Jim Duggan ] You know...it’s been a few weeks since I last saw Mrs. Hacksaw, so why don’t YOU skidaddle off over to the locker-room and I’ll meet you there!

Marino stands back in disgust and considers slapping him. Ever the professional, she simply shows her distain and walks away off scene.

[ Jim Duggan ] Yeah, that’s right, scram! You women love to flap those gums but when you stand next to a REAL man like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, you can’t handle it!

They continue to walk towards the locker-room as Duggan looks into the camera.

[ Jim Duggan ] Now that I got that loser Tucker outta the picture, I can strap that rocket on to Otis, brother. This kid is box office, just like I was! He wrestles when he wants to wrestle...and all you fans out there, you’re in luck! ‘Cos Otis is gonna lace those boots up...

The crowd can be heard popping in the background. Whatever Otis’ direction in recent weeks, the fans still retain a little affection for him. Though the same can’t be said for the man whose tutelage he’s under.

[ Jim Duggan ] ...but not tonight! HOOOOOO!

The crowd noise shifts to boos, as Duggan chuckles. They continue walking and come across the catering.

[ Otis ] Oh yeah!

Otis picks up a bowl of salad and throws it on the floor, before grabbing a handful of cookies.

[ Jim Duggan ] Easy on the carbs, kid. You wanna have a body like Hacksaw, don’t you?

Otis puts on a sad face, but quickly grabs some chicken breasts to consume on the go. They keep walking until, after a few seconds, Duggan stops in his tracks and begins to sniff like a dog.

[ Jim Duggan ] Hold it, tough guy. You smell that?

Duggan turns to Otis who is munching on a piece of tandoori chicken.

[ Jim Duggan ] INDIAN FOOD? Get that outta your mouth, right now!

Otis sheepishly nods in resistance, as Duggan tries to force his fingers into his mouth.

[ Jim Duggan ] Open up kid, we don’t eat spices like those liberals on the West Coast! Only...salt...and...pepper...for us! Aha!

He manages to get the few remaining morsels of chicken from Otis’ mouth and throws it on the floor.

[ Jim Duggan ] Hand over the other breast, brother.

Otis looks close to inconsolable as Duggan gives him an icy, disapproving stare. Otis hands over the tandoori chicken breast and Duggan walks over to a trash can to dispose of it.

[ Jim Duggan ] I know you don’t like me being tough on you but you gotta learn these things if you wanna be a true American patriot! We don’t need other cultures imposing themselves on our way of life!

As Hacksaw throws the chicken into the trash can, he looks into it and sees several wads of cash just lying there. Duggan pauses in shock before slowly looking around him. He slowly looks behind his left shoulder, and then his right. Nobody but Otis in sight. With a chuckle and a grin, he leans into the trash can and picks up as much of the cash as he can – atleast, whatever is reachable beneath the bits of chicken.

[ Otis ] Jimmeh?

[ Jim Duggan ] You head on over, I’ll be right behind you kid!

Otis doesn’t think anything of it and makes his way towards the locker-room. Duggan expresses an evil laugh before taking the money and leaving the scene.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Eve smirks a bit as Becky looks focused, and ready for this match. The two lock up, as Eve puts Becky in a side headlock, and continues to wrench the neck a bit, as Becky quickly grabs the ropes to break the hold. Eve does, but quickly delivers a kick to the gut of Becky, which knocks Becky one one leg.

Becky then gets back up to her feet, as the two of them continue to fight one another around the ring with Becky getting the upper hand, delivering a suplex to the mat, and getting a quick cover, which Eve quickly kicks out at one. Becky stands and waits for Eve to get up, but Eve refuses to get up, as she slowly backs herself into the corner of the ring instead.

Becky starts to grab Eve who kicks Becky in the gut, as the two of them get face to face, as Becky quickly delivers a headbutt startling Eve a bit. Eve quickly grabs her nose as she starts screaming a bit. The two of them lock back up, and Becky gets the quick upper hand and flips Eve on the ground and puts her in the Dis-Arm-Her. Eve trying to break the hold finally cannot handle the pain any longer, taps out to Becky’s move.

Becky lets go and gets up to celebrate looking on at the fallen Eve.


Backstage, wearing a shirt with a rainbow emblem that says "HEEL PRIDE" and a black suitjacket over it, Dolph Ziggler stands with Sonya Deville, shortly before her match with Hyper Misao.

He shows her something on his cell phone, irritated.

We zoom in, and see the footage of Jim Duggan and Otis picking through the trash for the $100,000 bounty that Ziggler won off Goldberg two weeks ago. In the footage, the shameless bandits gleefully escape with their "reward".

Ziggler begrudgingly shoves his cell phone into his pocket, scoffing.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...I told them what I was gonna do, Sone. I told them what I'd do to ANYONE who picked their way through trash for money that I rightfully earned! I earned to do whatever I wanted with it!

[ Sonya DeVille ] ...So what? You gonna do it tonight?

She raises a brow, seeming intrigued by that.

[ Sonya DeVille ] I can help out. You know how I feel about that fat ogre.

He nods knowingly.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Yeah. He's a real piece of shit. ...And you know what gets me the most? He's walking around with a MAGA hat. ...Seriously? Who the hell wears a MAGA hat that isn't a braindead doofus?

Now she nods knowingly.

[ Sonya DeVille ] I know. You know how I feel about that. It's offensive. ...I didn't think it was possible, but the ogre's actually gotten worse.

Ziggler thinks to himself briefly. He exhales.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...Look.

He positions both hands on her shoulders, staring into her eyes with a slight smile. Those beady eyes are the opposite of trusting. But she trusts him.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Just focus on your match tonight, Sone. Focus on Becky if you gotta too. Tonight's not the night. You'll go out there, you'll beat the Hamburgler and after the show? We'll celebrate you. ...It's pride month, after all.

Deville clasps her hands together, relishing the thought.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...And hey. It'll be a good time. ...But in two weeks? It's not gonna be a good time for those two slobbering chumps. I can tell you that.

Ziggler finally removes his grasp of Deville's shoulders, certainly having left them there awkwardly long.

He and Deville gaze out villainously into the distance.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Snow and Hangman start for the two teams, as they both lock up, as Hangman gives a quick tag out to Riddle, who looks confused, but goes back in and starts to lock on a hold to Snow, who quickly wants it to slow down a bit. Snow goes to the ropes to break up the hold and quickly tags in Meanie, who is just excited to be here.

Meanie quickly does his taunt, but is met with a high knee by Riddle. Riddle goes for a quick cover but only gets a one count. Meanie gets up, and delivers a closeline to Riddle, who gets into his corner to tag in Hangman. Hangman gets in the ring and tries to knock down Meanie with a closeline, but fails to do so.

Hangman quickly delivers a drop kick, which Snow quickly tags himself in and rushes after Hangman, who quickly gets him and delivers a Fall Away Slam. Hangman tags in Riddle, who goes for the cover, but Snow kicks out at two. Snow makes the tag to Meanie, who kick’s Riddle flat on his face. Meanie goes to the top and delivers the Meaniesault for the three count on Riddle.


REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

The two start off with Sonya not taking Misao’s offense seriously. As she just is laughing at the fact that the two are facing off with one another. Sonya goes and starts to grab Misao, but Misao slips out and slides out of the ring, and starts to laugh and dance around Sonya. Sonya rushes to the outside of the ring and a chase between the two starts.

Misao gets back in the ring first, but is quickly met with Sonya grabbing her by the leg and tripping her, causing her to fall over and landing face first. Sonya laughs a bit, and starts to grab Misao by the neck, delivering a suplex to the mat. Sonya makes the cover but is met with a two count, as Misao kicks out, and Sonya is seen annoyed.

Sonya then starts to grab Misao, who elbows the face of Sonya, stunning her for a second. Misao goes towards the ropes, before rushing back towards her, but Sonya quickly moves out of the way and starts to grab her, locking in a Kimura lock. Sonya continues to grab the hold as Misao slowly stoops down and passes out. The referee checks on her, and quickly calls for the bell.

Sonya is slow to let go of the hold, but she quickly does, celebrating in the process. Sonya stares down Misao, as she is slowly coming to.


REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

English looks on who is suddenly surprised to see Undertaker in the ring with him. Undertaker smirks as he jumps at English who rushes to the outside of the ring to protect himself from Undertaker. Undertaker waits for English to come into the ring, but quickly is met with Undertaker blocking him coming back in.

English finally gets back into the ring, and starts to stare down Undertaker who quickly grabs him by the neck getting himself ready for a Chokeslam. English kicks Undertaker in the gut, who quickly releases the hold, as English catches his breath. English then starts to throw some left and rights at Undertaker who doesn’t budge.

Undertaker looks on as English runs towards the ropes, and English is met with a Big Boot to the face. Undertaker then starts to get himself ready for a Piledriver, but English quickly knees him in the face to break out of the hold. English rushes and knocks both him and Undertaker over the top rope with a closeline and continues the fight outside.

The referee starts to make the count, and before either can make it back to the ring, the count to ten is made and both men are counted out. The fighting still continues.




Sarah Logan stomps out onto the ramp, a microphone in hand, and holding...a bow and arrow in the other hand.

[ Sarah Logan ] You think you're a superhero? Huh? You think you can save the world?

She shakes her head. Disgusted.

[ Sarah Logan ] I'M the one that's savin' the world, Mizow! Sarah MOTHERFUCKIN' Logan!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

[ Sarah Logan ] Winner of the Supremacy Battle Royal!

She's proud of herself, nodding with a satisfied, toothy smirk.

[ Sarah Logan ] Destroyer of Presidents! Obliterator of Hollywood and pro fuckin' sports!

Wide eyes.


She cackles with delight.

[ Sarah Logan ] And now? Because you disrespected me? Because you don't appreciate me? Because you WOULDN'T eat my meat?

The viking warrior points towards Hyper Misao, who seems apprehensive, though contemplative too. Is Hyper Misao deliberating her counter attack?


Sarah suddenly yanks her bow and arrow up, aiming it at Hyper Misao. The crowd gasps in fright. They could be hit!

Thankfully for them, Sarah's a hell of a shot. She yanks back and shoots. The arrow flies directly towards HM.

But HM evades the arrow by somersaulting out of the way! ...A sloppy somersault at that. It was very poorly done. The crowd pops nevertheless!

...Until they gasp. But fortunately, the arrow hits an empty seat. That was a close one.

Frustrated, Sarah fires again, and HM once again evades her with another awful somersault! Style points don't matter. This is about results.

The arrow luckily hits the protective barrier in front of the fans.

And another arrow flies. HM once again avoids it, this time doing a putrid backflip, her legs giving out from underneath her, probably nearly breaking her knees.

The arrow bounces off the commentator's both, nearly killing Renee Young, who exhales with relief.

Sarah crouches down and slams the steel of the ramp with both hands, agonizing over her misfires.

HM stumbles to her feet and poses, proud of her defenses against the aggressive viking warrior, even if they were surely on the lucky side. She favors her knees and ankles as she does, wincing.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Khali looks on as Dickinson doesn’t seem so scared of Khali like one would expect. Dickinson rushes towards Khali, and tries to knock him over, but Khali doesn’t budge. Dickinson does the same thing yet again, but is met with some confusion as Khali doesn’t budge again. Dickinson then tries to drop kick Khali, but Khali moves out of the way.

Khali grabs Dickinson and starts throwing him around the ring a bit. Dickinson goes from corner to corner as Khali tosses him around the ring with ease. Khali starts to yell something, but we can’t quite understand what it is. Khali gets to Dickinson and starts to pick him up, as Dickinson is looking on confused.

Dickinson starts to come to, and quickly delivers a drop kick to Khali, who starts to wobble and lose balance a bit. Dickinson gets himself ready and starts to deliver another drop kick to Khali and gets him to fall down to one leg. Dickinson rushes towards the ropes, and bounces off and delivers a strong closeline knocking Khali down. Dickinson makes the cover, Khali kicks out at one.

Khali gets back up and starts to scream in the face of Dickinson, who seemingly doesn’t know what to do. Dickinson starts rushing towards Khali but bounces off of Khali and straight to the ground. Dickinson gets up real quick and notices Khali not looking around so Dickinson rushes to the rope and delivers a chop block, knocking Khali to his one leg.

Dickinson rushes back and delivers a hard close line to the back of the head and knocks Khali down to the mat. Dickinson makes the cover and gets the three count, as Khali kicks out right as the referee puts his hands on the mat for three.

Dickinson quickly gets out of the ring and celebrates.