07.04.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

The scene opens to see Sonya sitting down in the locker room within the arena drinking away at a water minding her own business. Suddenly Becky opens the door to the room, and Sonya gets up as a few members of the locker room hold Becky back from getting to Sonya.

[ Sonya Deville ] Oh? You couldn’t wait for me to kick your ass in the ring? What’s wrong little girl?

[ Becky Lynch ] Funny that girly, you don’t seem to see how things go around here. You’re looking at the biggest deal around here, recognise it. The big ruddy cheddar. Nah, nah. I’ve heard you’ve been running your mout’ all over the block about me girly, have we got a problem?

Sonya looks around and places her bottle of water back down.

[ Sonya Deville ] A problem? No, we don’t have a problem Bex, I’m just sick and tired of people like you getting chances, while I’m forced to claw to the top. I don’t care about the hype you have around you, because as far as I’m concerned you're not the man, you're just a scared little girl.

Sonya smirks as she leans forward to mockingly get in her face.

[ Sonya Deville ] Oh and I think Dolph has a crush on your or something, not surprised he has pretty shit taste in women.

[ Becky Lynch ] Well if you’re on about that dope, I bet he’d fuck a shoe if it moves… rather reminicent of your ugly mug. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and realise that’s what you are girly, shit under my shoe. Nothing more, and I think the sooner you realise it, the less pain it’ll cause for you, harlot.

Becky pauses and there is a bit of silent tension and anger in the air, as the two stare off a bit. Becky then walks off and storms out of the locker room. As Becky storms off Sonya just looks off in the distance before muttering

[ Sonya Deville ] We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in our match, then little girl.

The scene closes up and we head elsewhere.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Avalon stares down Lumis, as Lumis slowly walks around the ring, trying to get a look at his opponent. Avalon slowly backs off, and rolls to the outside of the ring, as he tries to regroup and get himself focused for the match. Lumis, slowly rolls out himself, and starts to follow Avalon and stalk him slowly. Avalon takes a look around and drops to his knees to go under the ring, but Lumis quickly stops him. Lumis grabs his one leg and drags him back out, and tosses him back in the ring.

Lumis gets back into the ring, and quickly gives some strikes to Avalon, making it hard for him to try and block it. Lumis gets up and slowly stares down Avalon, as he is quick to get back up to his feet. Lumis waits for Avalon to get back up fully, before dropping him with a closeline. Lumis goes for the cover, but quickly pulls up as the referee starts the count, wanting to do more to Avalon. Avalon begs for his mercy, but Lumis starts laughing and continues the slow attack.

Lumis gets Avalon back up on his feet, and quickly drops Avalon with a Super Kick. Lumis quickly places his bicep around Avalon’s neck and starts squeezing. Avalon slowly starts to fade away, as the referee checks on Avalon. The referee quickly signals for the bell, as Avalon passes out.

Lumis breaks the hold, and stares a hole through a fallen Avalon. He slowly backs out of the ring, as the referee and a trainer checks on Avalon.


Hyper Misao walked through the backstage area with a distressed look on her face. “Agh, have I offended the hunter in such a way in that she has fired arrows at me? That’s not a pleasant situation I wish to be in” She closed her eyes and thought deeply about what she should do and then it came to mind.

Ah I should apologize right to her face!” She smiled “Though… I don’t exactly know where she is at the moment so I should leave a letter. Hyper Misao took out stationary that she had won in a contest recently; it was decorated with famous kaijus but in their own chibi forms. “No I shouldn’t apologize through this letter… too informal I must do so to her face”

She scribbled down on the piece of paper
Meet me in the ring Sarah - HMPoLAP and folded it up, her writing in English wasn’t the best being her second language so it came out shaky and weird. She didn’t see much wrong with this though, now it was time for phase two of her perfect plan, delivery! Picking the locker was something she was perfectly able to do, but NOT HEROIC. So instead she took a knife and stabbed the folded letter into Sarah’s locker.

As she looked at the knife sticking out of the locker and through the letter. Hyper Misao put her hands on her hips and smiled
Now we wait for Sarah and I can apologize in the middle of the ring She said.

The camera cuts backstage of The Asylum. The Nashville crowd who has been somewhat rowdy thus far takes a moment to cool off. The Master of the Snowplow, Al Snow, and his very blue and very meanie partner, The Blue Meanie, are looking over the top of a couple of dozen bags of fireworks that are spread out on the floor.

[ Al Snow ] This is it, Meanie. It’s all we could afford from Nashville, Tennessee’s famed fireworks outlet… Big Titties Fireworks Committee.

[ The Blue Meanie ] It’s perfect, AL. But… you still haven’t told me the plan…

Snow fumbles around looking through the various bags until he finds what he is looking for.

[ Al Snow ] Grab the biggest bag, Meanie… and bend over.

AL pulls a couple of rolls of Gorilla tape out of one of the bags.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Shouldn’t we wait until after our match? You know— just in case...

Snow pats the nonexistent pockets of his tights looking for a lighter.

[ Al Snow ] You think we should wait until AFTER the match before we tape a bag of these highly dangerous and barely legal fireworks to your bum? But Meanie… how else are we going to make our big entrance?

Meanie stammers and stutters and does his best to quickly change the subject.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Hey, so, AL, you know the thing I like most about fireworks?

That was a terrible attempt to change the subject. Literally, that was the opposite of changing the subject.

[ Al Snow ] That they’re usually accompanied by hot dogs and hamburgers?

[ The Blue Meanie ] Yes.

[ Al Snow ] Shocking.

[ The Blue Meanie ] But, on top of that, on top of the hot dogs and hamburgers, I really like blowing things up. You know, in a legal way. And, better than that, I like the idea of blowing things up, in a legal way and having the things blowing up results in pretty colors.

[ Al Snow ] Bullshit.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Come again?

[ Al Snow ] You hate pretty colors.

[ The Blue Meanie ] Not when I’m blowing stuff up. In a legal way.

AL pontificates.

[ Al Snow ] You’ve never used a firework, have you?

[ The Blue Meanie ] Nope. They’re kind of terrifying. I just come for the hot dogs and hamburgers.


[ The Blue Meanie ] But, s’all good, let’s say we go light the Shark and the Dolph-in up and watch them bottle-rocket the heck on out of here.

[ Al Snow ] Worst.

[ The Blue Meanie ] What?

[ Al Snow ] Fourth of July pun ever. You could’ve gone with something like …. gee Al, you know what would be patriotic? If we whooped those sea-dwelling punks asses. It’s like that one guy said, one if by land, two if by sea. Two of us, two of them. BOOM. ROASTED.

As the fans begin returning to their seats the camera cuts from the J.O.B. Squad back to some hot and tasty in-ring action.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Carlito smiles and starts to take a big bite of his apple, and as he starts to chew, Hangman walks over to Carlito and slaps him in the face, making the apple fly out of his mouth and onto the mat. The referee starts to look at Hangman and Carlito, disgusted as the referee starts to kick the pieces of apple outside of the ring. Meanwhile, Carlito starts delivering some left and rights to Hangman, and then finishes off with a drop kick, which knocks Hangman outside of the ring.

Carlito starts to taunt the crowd, as he quickly turns around and notices Hangman rushing towards him, and is quickly knocked down by a closeline. Hangman makes a quick cover, but Carlito is quick to kick out before the count starts. Carlito gets to the ropes and lifts himself up, but is met with a drop kick by Hangman, who then lifts up Carlito, and delivers a suplex making Carlito scream right away. Carlito then slowly makes it to the ring, as he tries to catch his breath.

Hangman allows Carlito to come back to his feet, but the two start to quickly exchange forearms back and forth with one another, seeing who can knock one another out. They quickly stop, before picking it up with some quick left and rights to one another. Both tire out quickly, but Carlito quickly comes to and drops Hangman with an European Uppercut. Carlito makes the cover, but Hangman kicks out at one.

Hangman gets back to his feet, as Carlito is unsure of what to do next. Hangman starts to yell out something and starts to rush after Carlito. Carlito lowers the top rope, and drops down, which we then see Hangman fly over the top rope, and slams himself down to the outside. Hangman slowly comes to and comes to the inside, but is instantly met with Carlito and a Backcracker followed by a three count.

Carlito grabs another apple, takes a bit and immediately spits it in the face of Hangman before walking out of the ring, proud he won.


Jim Cornette is pacing back and forth backstage, twirling his tennis racket in his hand with a big toothy grin on his face. Eddie Dennis stands in the background, rubbing his hands together with a sadistic look.

[ Jim Cornette ] I can't wait! Tonight's the fuckin' night! The outlaw mudshow, no good prick known as Chris Dickinson finds himself starin' across the ring from the 6'4" GIANT EDDIE FUCKIN' DENNIS!

[ Eddie Dennis ] Yes! YES! HE DOES, JEEM!

[ Jim Cornette ] It's a fuckin' tag team match with that giant lump o' shit, Otis, and that ain't ideal but I set you up real fuckin' nice with a guy I trust more than my own fuckin' mama! And that's only 'cause she's fuckin' dead! D'LO FUCKIN' BROWN HIMSELF! A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CLASSIC!

[ Eddie Dennis ] Heh heh heh... I can be down wit' de' Brown!

Dennis nods, chucking maniacally.

[ Jim Cornette ] God damn right you can! Tonight, you and D'Lo Brown are gonna get God's good work done! And do ya' wanna know why that is, Eddie Dennis!?

[ Eddie Dennis ] WHY!? WHY IS THAT, JEEM!?


He pokes Dennis in the chest with his tennis racket.


[ Eddie Dennis ] Jeem... I will KILL Christophurr Dickinson!

He pats Cornette on the shoulder.

[ Eddie Dennis ] For yew! MY FRIEND!

Cornette and Eddie look eerily into each other's eyes.

[ Eddie Dennis ] I have PLANS... for Meester Dickinson.

Dennis turns and walks off-camera, leaving Cornette alone, smiling.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Blackman doesn’t seem scared by Khali, making Khali laugh a bit, and saying something that we can’t quite understand. The two slowly walk around the ring, trying to figure out when the perfect time to lock up would be, but Backman quickly tries to get advantage by delivering some kicks to the knees of Khali to knock him down to the ground, but is failing to do so.

Blackman looks confused, and slowly rushes towards the ropes, but quickly gets stopped by Khali as Khali’s knee knocks Blackman down to his face. Blackman slowly makes his way to the ropes to get back up, but Khali grabs Blackman, and starts throwing him around the ring. The referee starts to check on Blackman to see if he is able to continue, which Blackman makes sure he is able to do so.

Blackman, back on his feet, quickly starts and rushes towards Khali, but gets knocked down by Khali again. Khali cockily covers Blackman, but Blackman kicks out, shaking his head at Khali. Khali takes Blackman by his neck and lifts him up in a chokehold, but quickly drops him, as Blackman’s head bounces off the mat. Khali makes another cover, but Blackman kicks out at two. Khali starts to yell out something inaudible as the crowd starts to boo.

Blackman, slow to get up, holding his neck starts to yell at Khali to give him his best. Khali quickly responds, by rushing towards Blackman, but Blackman drops down and gets Khali to trip over and fall down. Blackman starts to rush over to put some sort of hold on Khali, but is met with a Mongolian Chop, and Khali slowly makes the cover on Blackman for the three. Blackman is still not moving after Khali gets up after ten minutes of having difficulty doing so, putting a slight delay on the show.


The scene cuts backstage where Jim Duggan is on a ladder putting up mini USA flags and balloons. There’s a long table behind him full of all sorts of finger food, which Otis hovers and slobbers over. The cameraman gets a little closer as Duggan steps down and looks into the lens.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOO! Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s in a great mood today and you wanna know why?

He shakes his head up and down, answering his own question.

[ Jim Duggan ] Because it’s the 4th of July, folks! And means we celebrate the independence of the United States of AMERICA! UUUUUUUSA! UUUUUSA!

He raises a thumb in the air, half expecting someone to join in with the chant.

[ Jim Duggan ] And that’s not all! After Otis and his lacky Dickinson win in the main event tonight, there will be even more cause for celebration! Now I don’t know what Dickinson’s roots are...but he looks a little olive skinned to me and that’s a sign of a man not to be trusted!

Duggan gets aggressive and moves into the camera.

[ Jim Duggan ] So if you wanna focus on Eddie Dennis, that’s your call. But after the bell, after Otis’ arm’s raised in victory, he won’t hesitate to send a message! BUT...that’s for later tonight. For now, we celebrate this great, sovereign nation and pay homage to those who fought for our freedom! HOOOOOOOOO!

He swings another fat thumb in the air as the scene cuts to ringside.

Eve is already waiting in the middle of the ring and a hush falls over the arena, the fans know who they are expecting next. Just then, the music of Bray Wyatt plays out into the arena and Bray walks out with a microphone in his hand. Eve looks up to the top of the ramp with a rather confused look upon her face. Bray waits for a moment, a smile on his face before he begins to laugh uncontrollably.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Eve...

Eve stares directly up to Bray, showing no fear, yelling and showing plenty of attitude.

[ Bray Wyatt ] I'm sorry.

There's a look of pure confusion on the face of Eve right now.

[ Bray Wyatt ] I'm sorry... For what's about to happen to you. It ain't your fault... You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He chuckles to himself.

[ Bray Wyatt ] But I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't lookin' forward to this.

Bray steps to the side as the arena pitches into a red light, and a smile comes across his face as Abadon comes crawling out onto the stage. Eve starts to look a little uneasy in the middle of the ring upon seeing Abadon in person, who crawls her way over to the right leg of Bray Wyatt and wraps her arms around it. She tilts her head from side to side, as Bray looks down for a moment, still chuckling away to himself. He places his hand on her head then grabs her hair so she has to look into his eyes. He points with his left hand towards the ring and lets her hair go, as she continues her way crawling down to the ring.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

As she makes her way up the steps and into the ring, she stays on her hands and knees with Bray making his way down to ringside to get a closer look. Abandon finally gets to her feet and climbs the ropes then leans back, staring Eve directly in the eyes as she does so, letting her tongue hang out. Eve doesn't waste any time, deciding that attack is the best form of defense on this occasion and attacks Abadon with a few stiff forearms to the back of the head. Abadon drops from the ropes and onto her knees, Eve takes full advantage and connects with a kick to the side of the head. She turns to Bray on the outside, looking pleased with her work and almost mocking him... but Abadon explodes with a clothesline from nowhere!

It turns Eve inside out and she slaps the mat hard, just as Abadon lets out an almighty roar and pulls at her hair. Eve slowly tries to get up to her feet... KNEE TO THE FACE! Abadon fully cleans out Eve right there with that vicious knee strike. Eve isn't even moving after that. Bray looks absolutely delighted at ringside, laughing as he turns around to the crowd to make sure they are watching what is unfolding in the ring right now. Abadon looks down to Bray for instruction... "DO IT!" is the cry that greets her. Abadon nods, pulling Eve up by the hair and looking at Bray the entire time she does this. She gets Eve into position then LICKS HER FACE... SISTER ABILGAIL! Abadon plants the skull of Eve hard into the mat... The hook of the leg is academic at this point... 1....2.....3!!

ABADON via PINFALL in 06:53

Abadon rolls off Eve and slides herself into one of the corners of the ring, as Brays ascends the steps of the ring and steps through the ropes with microphone still in hand. Eve hasn't moved at all as Bray Wyatt stands over her, laughing, as Abadon crawls from the corner and slithers over to wrap herself around his right leg once more.

[ Bray Wyatt ] Let this be a warnin', man... No one... Is safe.

Abadon extends her tongue out once again, it's a pretty spooky sight.

[ Bray Wyatt ] No man... No woman... NO ONE!

The eyes of Bray turn cold.

[ Bray Wyatt ] This is only the beginning... We grow stronger every day... There's more... MANY more. We sit amongst you now... And you don't even know it. We're everywhere, man... And soon... WE... TAKE... OVER!

Bray extends his arm out and opens the palm of his hand.

[ Bray Wyatt ] He's got the whooooooole world... In his hands.

Suddenly, he snaps his hand closed and holds it up in front of his face, Abadon looking up as he does so.

[ Bray Wyatt ] RUN!

And just like that, the lights flick off for just a second and when they come back up all that remains is Eve lying in the ring motionless still as medics come down to assist her.

Several SGW crew members and agents are now backstage indulging in the food and drink laid out by Duggan and Otis. The ambience is surprisingly enjoyable as they’re all working the room conversing. Suddenly, Duggan stomps his way in with four women by his side.

[ Jim Duggan ] HOOOOOO! It’s time to turn this party up a notch! I’ve got the finest broads from Vietnam – at a discount when booked in batch – and they’re here for our enjoyment...TOUGH GUY!

The women look barely 18, as Duggan pulls out a massive wad of cash. He licks his fingers and picks out a few notes before placing them in one of the women’s tops. The attendees around him walk away in disgust, at which point Otis scurries in and tries to grab some food.

[ Jim Duggan ] Well, now that we’ve got the floor to ourselves, how about you put those small mouths to good use eh? Hogan may have had the 16 inch pythons but I got the length on the snake that really matters! Come on ladies...

As Duggan throws a few more notes in the air, Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville walk into scene to Hacksaw’s utter disbelief. He tries to get Otis’ attention but he’s too busy eating.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Hacksaw...I believe you got something for me?

Duggan acts ignorant but clearly panicked. He grabs one of the Vietnamese women and pushes her towards Dolph.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] My MONEY, old man! You think I need to PAY to be with a woman? Do you even know who I am? ...Now, you? I can understand...I mean, look at that gut! And why do you never wear a damn shirt?!

Duggan notices the cameras are rolling and rights to put on a brave front. He takes a step forward but is met by Sonya, who does the same.

[ Jim Duggan ] Now look here, young lady! I ain’t ever hit a WOMAN before because Hacksaw’s a gentleman! But if you get in my way –

Sonya takes another step forward. Hacksaw tries to throw a punch but Deville takes advantage and locks in a guillotine choke. Duggan is instantly brought to his knees, as Sonya grunts, applying more force. Hacksaw starts tapping out dramatically, as Ziggler taps Deville’s shoulder. She releases the lock and gets back up, looking down at Duggan groaning in pain. Ziggler bends down to his level.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] ...You know, a man like you, Hack? A guy who's always claimed to love America? You'd think he'd have a taste for women a little more American than these.

Ziggler briefly glares at the apparent escorts with disdain.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] But you're a hypocrite, Hack. Just like that cowardly dough boy behind you, who won't even step to me because he knows I am a thousand times the man you've ever been, and a thousand times THAT...the man he could EVER be.

Duggan, for as out as he is, is clearly trying to do the math in his head. But it's hopeless.

Ziggler gives Otis a beady-eyed stare of death, before bringing that stare back to Hacksaw.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] Tell you what though. ...You tell your boy to see me in the ring in two weeks. And unlike you, I'll ACTUALLY teach him a thing or two about America. And it's that in America? You keep what you earn. You're ENTITLED to the fruits of your OWN hard work. ...Even if you do choose to put that fruit into the trash.

Ziggler chuckles. Proud.

[ Dolph Ziggler ] In the meantime? Buy whatever you want, Hack. Buy new clothes. Buy the time of desperate women. But just know...that after I dismantle your boy? I want every cent of that $100,000 bounty back. JUST...so I can throw it into the trash...all over again. And on the 4th of July? Right now? I remind you, and everybody watching...that that's my fundamental RIGHT. As an American.

He smiles. Satiated. For now.

He nods to Deville and the two walk off, as Otis is seen in the background nervously bursting a blue balloon, a concerned expression on his face.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Ziggler and Snow start out as the two lock up, and quickly battle to see who is the better grappler. Ziggler gets the advantage, and puts on a side headlock, wrenching the neck to cause more pressure. Ziggler, starts to lay off a bit as Snow delivers some elbows to the gut of Ziggler. Snow walks over to his corner, and Meanie tags himself in, making it his time to start in this match. Ziggler laughs at Meanie, and tags in Shark Boy, who makes his first appearance in Solid Gold Wrestling.

Shark Boy starts to rush after Meanie, but Meanie stands there, and we see Shark Boy bounce off of Meanie, knocking himself to the ground. Meanie then takes quick advantage of it, picking up Shark Boy by his head, and delivering some strong forearms to the face of Shark Boy. Shark Boy slowly makes his way to his corner, and Ziggler tags himself back in, going right after Meanie, and dropping him with a drop kick. Ziggler makes the cover, but Meanie kicks out after the referee starts to put his hand down for two.

Ziggler gets back up, and starts to put a hold on Meanie, who is trying to make sure he can still breathe. Meanie gets to the ropes, and Ziggler breaks the hold, while Ziggler backs off, Snow tags himself in, and the two go after one another. Delivering back and forth punches. Ziggler then backs a bit, and tries to deliver a super kick, but Snow blocks it and hits a super kick of his own. Snow covers Ziggler, who kicks out right at two. Snow cannot believe it.

Shark Boy comes into the ring, and starts to deliver left and rights to Snow. The referee starts to move Shark Boy back to his corner, as Meanie climbs the top rope, and delivers an elbow to Ziggler, knocking him down. Meanie rolls out of the ring, as Snow starts to make the cover but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler, slow to get up, delivers the Zig-Zag to Snow before making the cover for three. Ziggler takes a look at Shark Boy and scoffs, as he leaves the ring.


Backstage we can see the Golden Idol himself, The Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson talking to his friend and advisor Pinkie Sanchez.

[ Chris Dickinson ] Pinkie he’s not gonna call you, for the last time I don’t think Kevin Nash even has your number!

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] Ah, that’s where you are wrong Dirty Daddy….. I gave him my number so I know he’s gonna call. Anyway why do you care, you have a big main event to win!

[ Chris Dickinson ] Yea your right I do have to get ready, alright Pink just stay her I gotta get the dick strings fixed.

Dickinson leaves as Pinkie stares at his phone waiting for Big Kev to call, as he’s waiting out of the corner Eddie Dennis pops up and begins to assault Pinkie Sanchez!

As Dennis finishes his attack and begins to exit just as Dickinson notices.

[ Chris Dickinson ] PINK! I’ll fucking kill that lanky fuck, mark my words.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Sonya and Becky stare down one another, as Sonya quickly tries to take Becky down, but fails to do so. Becky then starts to grab Sonya’s leg and takes her down, and quickly starts to deliver left and rights to the downed Sonya. Sonya quickly covers her face to stop the delivery from being so impactful, but Becky continues until the referee starts the count for her to stop the attack.

Becky gets back up and starts looking over at the referee, and starts to yell at the referee to let her do what she wants, but Sonya quickly takes advantage, and drops her to the mat and starts to deliver left and rights of her own. The referee starts to count to five, which starts to piss Sonya off, and she gets off, only to jump back on Becky and continue the onslaught. The referee starts to count again.

Sonya gets off of Becky, as Becky goes towards the ropes, and lifts herself back up. Becky then rushes towards Sonya, and delivers some left and rights, before grabbing Sonya and dropping her with a suplex. Becky makes the cover, but is quickly over, as Sonya quickly is able to kick out before anything truly starts. Becky gets back to her feet and quickly delivers some boots to Sonya, who is trying to get to the ropes to get up herself.

Sonya, takes a look around and quickly rolls out of the ring, to get herself back to normal, and tries to get some focus and regroup. Becky rolls out herself, and starts to chase Sonya around the ring. Becky catches Sonya and grabs her and delivers a Becks Plex to the outside, as the referee continues his count, Becky continues to attack Sonya. The referee calls for the bell as he finishes his ten count and both women are still going at it.

We get people from the back, coming to the outside to split the two apart but they continue to fight off one another.


Sarah Logan struts backstage, kip in her step, like she runs the damn joint.

Becoming a trademark, her giant crossbow sits at her side in its holder, always ready to be utilized when needed...or, you know, when wanted to be on a whim.

[ Sarah Logan ] Wine is fine but whiskey's quiccckkkkkah. Suicide is slow with liqqquuuaaaahhh.

There she was, singing Ozzy Osbourne lyrics to herself, and horribly so. She felt an affinity for Ozzy after throwing him over the top rope at Supremacy...just one of her many victims in the gargantuan battle royal she prevailed in. He was old and frail, but he was also strong and brave to be there at all. Sarah commended that. He had that viking spirit, even if he didn't have the viking body.

As she stomps her feet into the joint women's locker room though, she notices something.

A knife stuck into her locker, with a note accompanying it.

Her eyes widen, as she hurries to the locker, examining the words.

Meet me in the ring Sarah -HMPoLAP"

[ Sarah Logan ] You serious Mizow? Who brings a knife to the fight when I got a GUN?

A few jobbers in the locker room area cry out "SHE'S GOT A GUN!" and pace around frantically, running for cover. Sarah shouts over at them.

[ Sarah Logan ] NO I DON'T HAVE A GUN!

She hoists an index finger, wanting to clarify something, her eyes showing confusion.

[ Sarah Logan ] ...By "gun" y'all mean an automatic one right?

By now they've all cleared out. Running scared from the modern-day viking.

Another day at the office for Sarah motherfuckin' Logan.

Sarah re-focuses her attention on the knife and the note, inspecting it again.

[ Sarah Logan ] What the HELL does LAP even stand for? I'm not runnin' laps just to see you, you screechy-ass goblin.

She shakes her head.

[ Sarah Logan ] ...Nah. You're gonna see me in the ring on MY terms, Mizow. Not tonight. No runnin' laps. I'll see 'ya in two weeks.

The viking yanks at the knife, rather aggressively, throwing caution out to pasture as she so often does.

She clutches the knife in her palm, gazing at it.

Within seconds, she glares up at the camera, as if to know it's been there the whole time. Big brother was like that. All their drones and shit.

[ Sarah Logan ] The thing about huntin', Mizow, is you can't go too hard too quick. Most the time, you gotta sit back and let them come to you. ...Everyone thinks you go straight for the kill though. Daaaamn, did I give into that temptation with you.

Smacking her lips, still infatuated with the knife.

[ Sarah Logan ] But I ain't givin' into it again. I'll get you when I get you. And it's not just gonna feel good, Mizow. It'll taste good too.

She glares sharply into the camera in a rare moment of cerebral sternness. You thought she was scary already, but you and Hyper Misao haven't seen her when she's focused.

Sarah licks over the big knife, cackling evilly as she does.



REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Dickinson and Dennis start off the match, but Dennis quickly realizes this and tags Brown in. Brown looks at Dennis annoyed but gets into the match, ready to fight the Golden Idol holder. Brown smacks Dickinson in the face, which only sets off Dickinson, who quickly lifts up Brown and drops him with a powerbomb. Dickinson quickly makes the cover, but Brown kicks out at one.

The referee asks for Dickinson to slow down a bit and not go too crazy, but Dickinson starts yelling at the referee, before pointing at Dennis demanding he makes his way into the ring. Otis then tags himself in, and begs Dickinson to get back into their corner and stay there, as he goes towards Brown, quickly making him tag in Dennis, who looks annoyed that this even happened to begin with.

Otis starts to call Dennis to the ring, and Dennis rushes Otis and drops him with a drop kick. Dennis makes the cover, but is quickly kicked out by Otis at one, lifting Dennis over the official. Dennis holding his ribs, rolls over back to his corner tagging Brown in, who hasn’t fully recovered himself yet. Brown looks at Dennis, and yells at him to be a team player, but Dennis isn’t listening to it.

Brown works on Otis’ arm, putting Otis in an arm lock, as Dickinson is going crazy in his corner trying to get a tag to get himself in the ring. Otis powers out of it, and tags in Dickinson. Brown starts to make his way towards Dickinson, but Dennis starts yelling for Brown to make the tag. Brown looks on confused, listens and tags himself in. Dickinson seething starts to rush towards Dennis, but Dennis quickly rolls out of the ring, giving Dickinson the bird before walking up towards the ramp.

Dickinson starts yelling at Dennis to get back into the ring and fight like a man, but Dennis refuses to listen to Dickinson before storming off to the back. Brown, confused, asks the ref what to do, but before the ref can answer, Dickinson grabs Brown and delivers a Pazuzu bomb to the corner turnbuckle. He quickly covers Brown for the three count, before storming out of the ring looking for Eddie Dennis.

Meanwhile Otis stays in the ring and celebrates with the crowd as the show fades.