08.15.2020 + The Asylum + Nashville, Tennessee

Commentators - Mauro Ranallo, Booker T., & Renee Young

The scene opens up in the backstage area. Colt Cabana walks into Jim Cornette’s office, but Jim isn’t to be found.

He turns around, to see Alex Shelley staring at something, with his face in disbelief, he starts to talk.

Alex Shelley: Jim.. Jim’s vanished.

Colt Cabana: Vanished?

Shelley turns around, and starts to speak to Colt.

Alex Shelley: Yeah, you dipshit, he’s disappeared. There’s a note of somesort, seems to have come from Jim, but I’m not so sure.

Colt picks up the note and reads it before putting it down.

Colt Cabana: Yeah, that wasn’t from Jim.

Alex Shelley: How do you know?

Colt Cabana: He didn’t put me down, there’s no way in hell that’s him.

Alex takes a look at the letter again, and nods in agreement. He starts talking.

Alex Shelley: Guess I’ll start looking for him.

Colt Cabana: I don’t think you need to honestly. Do you really miss him?

Shelley sits back down, and starts looking at the monitor.

Alex Shelley: Nah, you’re right.

We go back to the ring, as we get ready for our first match of the night.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Allie gets out to the ring, and immediately asks Becky to pet her belly, screaming at her to do it. Becky looks at Allie all strange, and odd, not sure what to do about this, but she starts to come closer to Allie, before she quickly backs away. Allie starts to meow a bit as Becky starts to get a bit weird about Allie doing all this.
We suddenly start seeing Becky attack Allie by kicking her in the gut, knocking her down to one knee. Allie starts to growl a bit at Becky annoyed she got hit, but she gets back up and delivers a hard right to the side of Becky’s head. Becky follows up with a forearm of her own before the two continue to deliver strong shots back and forth.

Becky gets up and delivers a stiff kick to the side of Allie’s head. Becky makes the cover, but Allie kicks out at two. Becky takes a look at Allie and starts to deliver strong left and rights, as Allie starts to cover her face. The referee asks Becky to get off of Allie, but she puts in a few more shots before getting back up.

Allie gets up slowly, as Becky is stalking her a bit, and delivers a strong Becks-Plex down to the mat. She covers Allie again and gets a three count and the victory. Becky gets up and smirks as she starts looking over at the downed Kat.


Sarah Logan already stands in the ring holding a mic. Stationary too, rather than her typical erratic stomping.

She’s focused, staring out into the crowd with a subtly cunning, toothy smirk. Her tone is relatively smooth and collected, compared to her usual erratic shouting.

Sarah Logan: ...Hyper Mizow. The “Goddess of Shock” Champion.

The crowd pops enthusiastically.

Sarah Logan: A lot of y’all think I’m a joke. You think I’m just some lackey who doesn’t know a thing about anything. ...You just think I’m nothin’, don’t you?

A bunch of cheers in the affirmative.

Sarah Logan: But somehow, this girl playin’ pretend, this girl actin’ like she’s some hero, this GIRL who can barely ride a bicycle!...who can barely do anything without fallin’ right on her face!...you think she can’t do NOTHIN’ wrong.

The crowd boos.

The viking warrior shakes her head, scowling with disgust.

Sarah Logan: But me? I won the biggest battle royal in wrestling history! I threw out wrestlers! I threw out celebrities! I FEASTED ON THE REMAINS OF BUGS BUNNY!

Her eyes widen as her voice raises. ...She settles herself down.

Sarah Logan: ...At Supremacy? I PROVED my supremacy! ...But what did I get for it, huh? A whole bunch of nothin’. ...That’s the theme, huh? Y’all don’t want to give me anything, so I just gotta keep takin’ it. And keep takin’ I will. ...Hyper Mizow? At Shockwave, I’m challengin’ you for your “Goddess of Shock” Championship. But don’t worry. I’m not expectin’ you to come out and accept. Not right now. You’re too busy doin’ what you do, aren’t you?

She shrugs nonchalantly.

Sarah Logan: While Hyper Mizow is out stumblin’ around, bumblin’ about like the FOOL she is, I’m out providin’ for my family! I’m out supportin’ my husband, huntin’ for all the gay meat he likes. Foragin’ for all his favorite fruits and vegetables, makin’ sure the chickens lay enough eggs. ...I’m out here tryin’ to change the world! Tryin’ to make it better! Tryin’ to treat it right! I’m takin’ down factory farming! I’m takin’ a stand against a system that DRAINS and DESTROYS its people AND the Earth! ...I’M THE FUCKIN’ HERO HERE! I’M THE FUCKIN’ HERO! SARAH MOTHERFUCKIN’ LOGAN!

With that huge shriek and contemptuous, wild glimmer in her eyes, she’s lost it.

The crowd’s boos hit their most thunderous point thus far.

Sarah Logan: AND AT SHOCKWAVE!...

With the sound of a bell Hyper Misao comes down on the combat cycle 3.0 she seems to be struggling to maintain balance on the bicycle. But stops at ringside and clambors into the ring holding a gift in her hand.

Hyper Misao: Hello, Sarah!

Sarah grits her teeth, red in the face.

The green hero looks back at the translation on the tron to make sure it’s accurate, before turning back.

Hyper Misao: May we speak hero to hero? You wish to make the planet better, but in that I wish to protect love and peace. Our morals do not clash, so on that note I accept your challenge, but I wish for it to have one rule in place. But before I announce the rule a peace offering!

She extends the box over to Sarah Logan wrapped neatly with a bow.

The viking appears slightly satiated by the hero’s answer to her challenge, but the appeasement vanishes the second she sees the gift-box, reverting back to furious eyes.

Sarah Logan: ...The FUCK is this? I don’t want your shit! ...You can take your green fairy dust and get the FUCK out of my ring!

Emphatic boos from the crowd.

Sarah points threateningly towards Hyper Misao, and for all we know could be ready to shoot an arrow straight into her face, but she just sticks with her pointing.

Hyper Misao frowns.

Hyper Misao: I assure you this is no fairy dust! This is a gift you opened yourself up to something important so I wished to return the favor. Here!

She opens the gift and pulls out a bag of cream puffs bought from the convenience store.

Hyper Misao: This, it is a symbol of our rivalry which has taken many shapes but in the end we are still heroes! So I give you the respect of your origin with what was the origin of my own heroic journey!

The viking’s outraged in absolute shock. Her mouth contorts, as she rips open the bag of creampuffs, staring into it with disdain.

Sarah Logan: ...PROCESSED FOODS? I don’t eat processed fuckin’ foods! ...The only symbolism here is that YOU’RE a cream puff to BEAT, Mizow! And I’ll prove it at Shockwave! ...But here!...it’s time for you to live out your fuckin’ symbolism!

She smiles toothily and wickedly before cramming a cream puff straight into Hyper Misao’s face, the cream smudging all over.

The crowd boos voraciously, beginning to urge their hero on with a chant for “Hyper Misao”, hoping for retaliation.

But she’s just too dejected.

Sarah cackles villainously, proud of her actions, as the fans rain boos on her. She drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, savoring the dejection on her adversary’s face.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

It takes Gage five minutes to get to the ring after he makes his way through the crowd as the crowd loves “The King” here in Nashville. Blackman looks on, kinda confused by the fans allure for Gage. Gage starts smirking a bit, and starts laughing at Blackman, yelling at him to start kicking the shit out of him. Blackman nods and starts rushing after Gage.

Gage starts to protect himself as Blackman delivers a bunch of left and rights to the body and face of Gage. Gage pushes him back and tells him to relax as Gage starts to rush him dropkicks him down to the corner. Gage starts to run to the opposite corner, and delivers a face wash with his right foot to the face of Blackman.

Gage picks up Blackman and delivers a strong suplex putting Blackman stiff on his back. Blackman gets up slowly but delivers some elbows to the stomach of Gage. Gage goes down to one knee, and starts to look over to Blackman asking him to knock him out. Blackman listens to Gage and delivers a strong stiff kick to the side of the head.

Gage crumples down to the mat, where Blackman makes the cover, and gets the three count for the win. Blackman looks over at Gage, and smirks a bit before getting up to his feet and walking out.


They said it didn't matter.

Everything was going to be alright.

It was all just a dream.

Tomorrow would be a new day.

But, they were wrong.

Everything was not alright.

It wasn't a dream, it was reality.

And nothing was going to change.


A figure appears.

It's a masked man, holding his arms out to his sides.

As a faint light appears to brighten, the figure is revealed.

Behind the mask.

The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles.

Or maybe....

Just maybe, they were right...

This is the dawn of a new era.

My friends, if that's the case.

Greatness awaits.

REFEREE - Bryce Remsburg + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Carlito comes out, as Otis is sitting there waiting for him talking with Tucker and Duggan on strategy. Duggan takes one look at Carlito and tells Otis to squish him. Otis smirks and agrees as Ticker and Duggan walk to the back and the two lock up, but Otis quickly gets a power advantage and pushes Carlito down.

Carlito takes a look at the outside, and starts to roll out of the ring to slowly, regroup and collect himself. Otis rushes to the outside and starts to chase Carltio around the ring. Carlito rolls back in, as Otis follows, but he quickly starts getting some kicks to the gut, as the referee starts pushing Carlito away from Otis so he can get himself back up.

Carlito gets back to the corner, allowing Otis to get up, and Otis rushes towards him, and crushes him with a big splash towards the corner. Carlito falls over and he quickly follows up by rushing towards Carlito with a cannonball splash. Otis then pulls Carlito more towards the middle of the ring, and bounces off the ropes and delivers the Caterpillar.

Otis makes the cover, and gets the three count defeating Carlito and squishing him like a bug.

OTIS via PINFALL in 02:21

The scene opens up as we see Becky walking down the hall, looking extremely annoyed from what’s happened just a few weeks ago still, she has a harsh grudge now, and she knows that Sonya won’t be far to find in this arena. She heads into the locker room, swinging open the door quite roughly as the patience has run out quickly.

Becky Lynch: Any of yous seen her?

Becky glares around the locker room with a piercing gaze, and then suddenly a voice pops out from nowhere, from an undisclosed wrestler in the locker room.

??: You mean Misao?

Becky Lynch: No! I don’t mean her, lassie! Sonya. Where is Sonya? I need to know.

There is a bit more silence as it seems they know something Becky doesn’t.

Becky Lynch: What? The Grim Reaper hasn’t got to her before me, has they?

??: She still walks.

Becky Lynch: Then what?!

A few girls look over to a torn open box, with a tossed aside letter sitting there waiting for a recipient.

Becky Lynch: That for me?

Nobody answers as Becky walks forward to check out the box, but goes for the letter first as it’s not even touched in the slightest. A lot of people don’t appreciate the time and effort someone puts into a letter, so she opens the envelope and pulls out the letter and it says as follows…

To The Chump,

Enjoy your new crown, it’s the closest you’re going to get to one while I’m around.

From, your worst nightmare.

Becky grabs the letter from both ends and rips it in half and looks in the box, and tips it up onto the floor, a plastic tiara. In a pure rage she stomps on the tiara, shattering it, and walks out of the locker room to try and find her rival.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Ziggler and Styles stare one another down, as Khali looks on at the both of them awaiting for something to happen. Ziggler and AJ nod, and quickly start to rush Khali, who quickly pushes them aside and knocks them both down. Khali lets out a scream, as Ziggler and AJ look at one another surprised.

Khali grabs both Ziggler and AJ and knocks their heads together, knocking them both down, AJ flying to the outside of the ring, and Ziggler bouncing off the ropes. Khali then lifts up Ziggler and throws him to the outside, where AJ catches him and the both fall flat to the outside, as Khali starts to stand away awaiting both to return.

Both men roll back and in the ring, and start to attack Khali with forearms, kicks and punches, making Khali a bit wobbly. Finally on wobbly legs, Ziggler and AJ both hit super kicks, knocking Khali down hard to the mat. Ziggler then takes a quick turn and hits a huge super kick of his own on AJ knocking AJ hard to the mat.

Ziggler makes the cover, and gets the win, another big victory for Ziggler and he continues to carry momentum heading into Body Count.


In a dark alleyway, a dark silhouette appears. Suddenly, out from the shadows, Vincent appears, with Tyler Bateman and Chuckles the Clown next to him. He starts speaking.

Vincent: Steven, I was really impressed, man. Really dug that you took it to “The King”. Really dug that you made him pass out. Made him hurt.

Vincent smirks.

Vincent: A real shame though man, I really thought that Nick could’ve been someone who coulda gotten the job done.

Vincent coughs.

Vincent: But he didn’t and ya’ know that’s okay. What are ya’ gonna do. Not really a problem per se, but a problem nonetheless. So, ya’ know what. I gotta do the job, myself.

Vincent smirks.

Vincent: Shockwave’s comin’. And to tell you man, I want there to be blood, I want there to be violence. This is going to be the end of you Steven. You could’ve had it all man. Could’ve rode across town with the best. Now, you’re just wondering when your last breath will be.

Vincent puts his head down.

Vincent: It’s gonna be really weird, when I’ll be delivering your eulogy at your funeral. Ya’ dig what I’m sayin’?

Vincent lets out a manic laugh as the scene slowly fades.

REFEREE - John Cone + TIME LIMIT - 15:00

Dickinson looks on at the magic that is the Undertaker. Surrounded by the mystique and persona, that is the Undertaker Dickinson seems a bit overwhelmed, seems like this is all too much for him. Undertaker slowly takes off his hat, and starts to remove his jacket as Dickinson rushes towards him. Suddenly the dark, cold stare of Undertaker takes over, surprising Dickinson.

Dickinson falls back, and starts to crawl backwards towards his corner of the ring. Undertaker smirks and slowly makes his way over to Dickinson. Dickinson smirks and starts to get up and get in the face of the Undertaker. Undertaker steps back and delivers a strong left that knocks Dickinson down to the mat. Dickinson quickly gets up, gives a left of his own, knocking Undertaker back a bit.

Undertaker comes to, and rushes towards Dickinson, who drops him down with a drop toe hold. Dickinson then starts to try and apply pressure on the leg, but Undertaker won’t have any of it and pushes off. Undertaker quickly gets up, and tries to put pressure on his leg, but falls down failing to do so. Undertaker then gets back up and delivers a takedown to Dickinson, and applies a side headlock.

Undertaker releases the hold and starts to walk back and forth. Undertaker then grabs Dickinson by his head and delivers some left and rights, as Dickinson tries to continue to come back and gain ground on Undertaker. Undertaker shoves Dickinson away from him, and rolls out of the ring, and quickly rolls back in. Undertaker then suddenly takes Dickinson up and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver.

Undertaker covers, and gets the three count, picking up the victory over Dickinson. Suddenly the lights go out, and out comes Eddie Dennis, Golden Idol in hand, staring at the Undertaker, suddenly the feed disappears, and a lost signal appears.


The signal is regained, and we see Dr. Cube, with Jim Cornette tied up and being held up by Abyss. Dr. Cube begins to speak.

Dr. Cube: Idiots! You thought that this was a brain child of that guy over here? Shock, his idea? Don’t you morons understand the sheer power I have. The ULTIMATE power I have?!

Dr. Cube notices Abyss let go of Cornette, who quickly takes the bandana out of his mouth and begins to speak.

Jim Cornette: You motherfucker, you really thought that you would get away with this! The fuck are you trying to do here.

Dr. Cube: Erase history, dolt. You had your fun. Cube Prime had its fun. You really thought I wouldn’t have fun.

Jim Cornette: Come on, I was.. I was leading Shock to great heights.

Dr. Cube: I gave you the TV time, because I forced it on the air, idiot. No one wants to watch two guys in a hot tub with your wife naked.

Cornette puts his head down.

Dr. Cube: Besides, who thought it was a great idea having Chris Dickinson as champion? Guy can’t even tie his shoes.

Jim Cornette: It was Colt Cabana, wasn’t me I swear. I hate that fucking guy.

Dr. Cube: Sure, but you know what, things were made right with Eddie Dennis. Guy has a great look.

Jim Cornette: That’s what I’m tryin’ to say, mother fucker let go.

Cornette tries to kick Abyss off him, but Abyss tightens the hold.

Dr. Cube: He’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

Eve comes out from behind Abyss, and starts talking.

Eve Torres: So I see my plan worked.

Jim Cornette: What!? She came off dumber than Maria, how the fuck?!

Dr. Cube: Everyone wants to work for me, Jimbo. You incoherent idiot. It’s time for you to go back to the eighties, you’re not loved there, but tolerated.

Abyss throws Cornette into some doorway, and closes the door. Dr. Cube smirks as Eve walks next to him.

Dr. Cube: So my next trick is to pretend this never happened! Well, okay not everything. I like Eddie, and would love to see Sarah Logan maul that Misao. Get her out of my hair for good.

And with a snap of his fingers, the feed goes to black.

A screen comes up with both Eddie Dennis and Hyper Misao, holding their respective equipment that Shock thought were titles. And then suddenly come up, in the Solid Gold Wrestling locker room, with new faces, interested in taking what’s theirs.

What has Cube done?

Where’s Shock?