def. X-PAC via PINFALL

[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and as it fades out we see the ring and the thousands of fans roaring in anticipation for this post-ppv edition of Shock... The first Shock of the New Year and it's going to be a big one... Suddenly, "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEY...here we go... money talks... HERE COMES THE MONEY!" hits and the fans erupt in boos.... Shane McMahon walks out onto the ramp, followed by Mike Awesome, Judge Jeff Jones, Booker T., Ric Flair, Edge, and Christian... They all get in the ring and golden confetti begins dropping from the ceiling!! Shane is laughing it up as all of his superstars celebrate in the ring.... Shane calls for a microphone and it's given to him... He laughs and speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: At Holiday Hell, you all learned exactly whose house SGW really is... And that's MINE... Arn Anderson was no match for the Macho-Mac, and all of those SGW "legends" are a thing of the past... Bret Hart? Nah-uh, Shane Douglas is the new "legend" in that department.. Goldberg? I don't think so.. Mike Awesome is the new blood aroun those parts... Chris Kanyon? Booker T. sent him on a one way trip down 110th Street! And Chavo Guerrero Jr.? Once again, Scott Steiner proved why he, alone, is the SGW World Heavyweight Champion!!

[--The fans boo loudly... Booker T. takes the microphone from Shane...--]

Booker T.: Don't forget, Mista' McMahon.. Da' Book officially put da' Rock on ICE!!

[--Shane laughs and takes the microphone back....--]

Shane McMahon: Ya' got that right, Booker-Man!! SPINAROONIE, BAY-BEE!!

[--Shane laughs as Booker T. hits one knee and stares at his hand..... SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! Shane speaks again....--]

Shane McMahon: Hahahahaaa... It's all good, baby, it's all good, and SGW is remaining firmly where it belongs, but I have to thank two other people, two people who made a decision, and a GOOD decision at that!! And with their help, SGW remained firmly in my grasps.... Ladies and gentlmen... EDGE AND CHRISTIAN!!

[--Shane hands the microphone over to Edge...--]

Edge: Thanks a lot, Shane-O, it's an honor to be a part of this totally righteous era that is right on top where it belongs! And that's why me and Christian put this little ditty together for ya'!

[--Christian reaches into his tights revealing his trusty KAZOO!!--]

Edge: Now, Christian... Let the music commence! Haha!

[--Christian begins playing the kazoo and Edge "sings"...--]

Edge: Here comes the money! Here we go! Money sure does talk! Here comes the---


[--The fans ERUPT... Edge and Christian both look surprised and look towards the ramp... Shane looks furious and Booker T. and Mike Awesome both step up as if to protect Shane from something... The Rock walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand....The fans chant his name and The Rock raises the microphone and speaks....--]

The Rock: Shane McMahon... At Holiday Hell, you did indeed keep SGW in your grasps.. You did indeed defeat Arn Anderson, knock out Bill Goldberg, and screw over Bret Hart... But you did one thing you never should've done.. You did THEEEEE one thing that any man in SGW knows that you never....and the Rock means NEVER do...You screwed over...... THE ROCK... Not once but twice! Oh yes, Shane, the Rock remembers... But obviously you don't remember the wrestler, the superstar, the world champion that brought you to the dance!!

[--The fans cheer.... Shane looks incredibly pissed....--]

The Rock: Oh yes, that's right, Shane, at one time, The Rock was your "boy", at one time, The Rock was "your champion"....But then you screwed over The Rock in favor of your whipping boy, Triple H... And the Rock never got his revenge, but that's about to change!

[--The Rock begins stomping down the ramp and he gets in the ring.... Everyone looks ready to jump the Rock, but he raises the microphone again....--]

The Rock: Everyone just back up... I only want to speak... With one of you... I want to speak with... THE BOOK..

[--The fans boo at the mention of Booker T.'s name....Booker T. steps up and gets in the Rock's face... The Rock doesn't even flinch, and begins speaking again...--]

The Rock: Tell me, Book... Just who in the BLUE HELL do you think you are!?!

[--Booker T. laughs and speaks into the Rock's microphone....--]

Booker T.: I'm the most electrifyin----

[--Booker T. is cut off when the Rock just pulls the microphone away from him... The Rock steps back and looks Booker T. up and down and speaks again....--]

The Rock: Ya' know... IT JUST....DOESN'T....MATTER...

[--The Rock grabs Booker T. and ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! The fans EXPLODE!!!! Everyone jumps on the Rock and begins beating down on him!! BUT HERE COMES GOLDBERG!!!!!!! GOLDBERG slides in and Edge and Christian both jump on him!! They're clubbing him with big lefts and rights and Goldberg brushes them off!! He flips Edge over the top rope and Edge hits the floor hard!! He whips Christian into the ropes..... SPEAR!!!!!! Mike Awesome jumps on Goldberg and finally hits him hard enough to knock him down!!! Awesome stomps on Goldberg and suddenly someone turns Awesome around.... THE ROCK!!!! ROCK BOTTOM ON AWESOME!!!!! Shane slides out of the ring and takes off up the ramp and Booker T. is close behind him!! Flair and Jones leave quickly as well, and eventually, all that are left standing is Goldberg and The Rock!!! The fans roar in excitement... Finally everyone leaves and we have our first match....--]

Perry Saturn vs. Rob Van Dam


[--Saturn and RVD brawl a bit and throw out some fast paced moves and Saturn dominates for a few seconds.. RVD puts Saturn into a devastating hammerlock and Saturn reverses it... Saturn whips RVD to the ropes and Saturn leapfrogs him, but RVD stops.. Saturn turns around and RVD jump kicks him in the face!! Saturn hits the mat with some blood running out of his nose... RVD goes up top.... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!! He covers...1..2...SCOTT STEINER TEARS INTO THE RING WITH A VENGEANCE!! What the hell does he want!?! He belly to belly suplexes Rob Van Dam out of his fucking boots!!! And he slaps Saturn into the STEINER RECLINER!!! The fans boo loudly as Steiner rips into these two, sending a message loud and clear to his opponents tonight... Steiner finally just leaves the bodies in the ring and walks to the back as the fans boo....--]

WINNER: No Contest

[--We cut to the parking lot area where we see Chris Jericho making his way into the building with his duffel bag full of his gear... He looks ready for a battle against Money Inc., but suddenly a black car drives up quickly behind and stop!! The back doors open and Johnny the Bull and Val Venis get out!! They both take down Jericho and throw him into the trunk of the car!!! Johnny makes sure it's locked... Johnny walks up to the driver's side window and motions for the guy inside to roll it down... It's VIRGIL... Johnny speaks...--]

Johnny the Bull: Alright, he's in da' trunk, Virge.. Eh.. Feed'im to da' pigs..

Virgil: [--Nods--]

[--Virgil drives off, leaving Johnny and Val in the parking lot....--]

Val Venis: "Feed him to the pigs" ?

Johnny the Bull: Yeah, don'cha know dat one pig can consume two pounds of human flesh in about eight minutes?

Val Venis: That's disgusting...

Johnny the Bull: Used Dibiase's money to buy me a lotta pigs.. Best way to get rid'uva body...

Val Venis: I don't want to hear it...

Johnny the Bull: I doubt we'll see Jericho much anymore..

Val Venis: That's enough, you're making me sick!!

[--Johnny and Val continue bickering at each other as we cut to the ring for our next match.....--]

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chris Kanyon


[--Whipwreck and Kanyon go at it fast and furiously and Kanyon dominates with some innovative offense!! Kanyon whips Mikey to the ropes and hits him with a sidekick and Mikey is up quickly... Mikey and Kanyon trade punches and Kanyon goes for a clothesline, but Mikey ducks it and kicks Kanyon in the back!! They brawl a little bit more when suddenly THE BIG NASTY RUNS IN!!!! CHOKESLAM FOR MIKEY!!! CHOKESLAM FOR KANYON!!!! The fans boo loudly as the Nasty growls and snorts at his fallen victims... He leaves the ring as quickly as he came in as the fans boo....--]

WINNER: No Contest

[--We cut backstage where we see the NEW tag team champions, Justin Credible and The Sandman sitting back, drinking some beer with..... JEFF HARDY!! Shane McMahon and Mike Awesome suddenly storm onto the scene, and you can tell Shane is still pissed about what happened in the opening segment....Sandman stands up and offers Shane a beer and Shane slaps it out of his hand... The Sandman gets PISSED...--]

The Sandman: What the FUCK did you just waste that fuckin' beer for, mother fucker!?!

Shane McMahon: Listen here, you stupid son of a bitch!!

Mike Awesome: YEAH!!!

Shane McMahon: I paid you two.. I PAID YOU TWO TO LOSE TO EDGE AND CHRISTIAN LAST NIGHT!! And you took the money... AND WON ANYWAY!!

Justin Credible: So fucking what?

Shane McMahon: So what? SO WHAT!?! YOU'RE FIRED, THAT'S WHAT!!!

[--Jeff Hardy suddenly pops up and speaks...--]

Jeff Hardy: Hey! You can't just fire'em like that!!

Shane McMahon: You! Shut up! You've got no say in this!!

The Sandman: Well, I just fuckin' happen to think he'll have a fuckin' say in it, now!

Shane McMahon: Yeah? How's that, Sandman?

[--At this moment, Mikey Whipwreck walks onto the scene to talk with his tag team partner, Jeff Hardy....--]

The Sandman: Do you ever read contracts, you stupid son of a bitch ass mother fucker? It says in my fucking contract that if you fire me and I'm a damn champion, that I get to pick the heir to my fuckin' throne! And I say the new tag team champions.... ARE MIKEY WHIPWRECK AND JEFF HARDY!!!!

[--Sandman and Credible laugh as they hand over their tag titles to Hardy and Mikey!! Shane just looks super-fuckin'-pissed now... Awesome is also ultra pissed...Mikey and Hardy look awfully happy to have the belts....--]

Shane McMahon: Sandman... Credible... Get the hell out of my building or I will have you arrested for trespassing... GET OUT!!

[--Sandman and Credible laugh and grab some beers... They walk out of the room and out of the building and into the sunset for good as Shane just eyeballs Mikey and Hardy...They are officially the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Shane McMahon just stares at him intensely... Shane and Awesome leave as Mikey and Hardy look at their tag team titles.....We cut to the ring for our next match...--]

The Hurricane vs. Triple H


[--The Hurricane runs at Triple H and Triple H kicks him in the gut before he can do anything... Triple H just hooks him... PEDIGREE!!! The fans boo and Triple H picks Hurricane up again.. KICK! PEDIGREE!!!! Triple H does an arrogant cover.1..2..3!!! Triple H has just kicked the shit out of The Hurricane!!--]

WINNER: Triple H via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage to Shane McMahon's office... He's all alone and he's going through some papers.... Someone suddenly blasts into his office... It's SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner!! Steiner has the World Title over his shoulder and he looks super-pissed...--]

Shane McMahon: Ah, Scotty... Congratulations on your win at Holiday Hell, done like a true champion..

Scott Steiner: Shut your mouth, boy!! I'm not here for your congratulations or any more of your horseshit!! I took this belt from that bitch, Chavo!! I did it cause you paid you me to, I did it and you fucking give me a SIX PACK CHALLENGE!?! Who the hell do you think you are, bitch!?!

Shane McMahon: I--

Scott Steiner: SHUT UP!! I'm sick of this shit, I finally get this belt and now you're booking these matches designed to take the belt off of me!! Well, it's not happening!! I'm going to go to that ring, and I'm going to kick their asses like the bitches they are! They're nothing but damn jokes!!

[--Suddenly the door opens again and THE ROCK steps in... Shane springs up like he's scared he's about to get hit and Steiner just stands his ground and eyeballs the Rock....--]

Shane McMahon: What the hell do you want!?!

The Rock: Whoa whoa whoa... Listen up, Shane.. If the Rock was here to whip your ass, he would've charged in, slapped the yellow off of Scott Steiner's teeth and shoved his shiny black boots right up your candy ass!

Scott Steiner: 'Scuse me, boy!?! What the hell did you just say!?!

The Rock: Steiner, your role, know it, YOUR MOUTH, SHUT IT!! Now, Shane McMahon... I'm going to tell you what The Rock's going to do tonight...First.. The Rock is going to go to the ring with Goldberg and he's gonna lay a ROCK BOTTOM here.... And a PEOPLE'S ELBOW THERE....and Lay the Smacketh Down on Edge and Christian's candy asses!! And then, Booker T.'s gonna stroll down, and the Book is going to get in the ring and he's going to do his SPINAROOOOONIIIIIE......And he's going to keep spinning...Just....like this...

[--The Rock makes a twirling motion with his hand and he just keeps twirling... Shane and Steiner begin to get a little agitated at how long the Rock is doing this.....--]

The Rock: And then he's going to stop...Dead in the ring... Stop....FOREVER... Because the Rock is going TO LAY THE SMACK DOWN ON HIS CANDY ASS, TOO!! And Scott Steiner... If you dare.... DARE talk to the Rock the way you just did... You will know the true meaning of your little catchphrase, when you bow down and KISS THE ROCK'S ASS!!

[--Steiner looks ready to explode... The Rock then just eyeballs Shane....--]

The Rock: If ya' smell...what the Rock....is cookin'...

[--The Rock walks out of the room and leaves Shane and Steiner both pissed off... Steiner walks out of the room soon after, and Shane speaks into his speaker phone to his secretary....--]

Shane McMahon: Find Johnny the Bull.... I've got an offer he can't refuse....

[--We cut to the ring for our next match...--]

Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven


[--Raven and Jarrett brawl a little bit and Raven gets the advantage... Raven whips Jarrett to the ropes and hits him with a high knee.. Jarrett hits a low blow on Raven and takes the advantage for a few minutes and he whips Raven to the ropes... He hits Raven with a clothesline.... Raven gets back up and Jarrett whips him into the turnbuckle.. Jarrett elbows him in the corner and Raven kicks Jarrett in the gut... Raven whips Jarrett to the ropes and Jarrett tries for a clothesline but Raven ducks it and turns Jarrett around..... EVENFLOW!!! Raven covers and hooks the leg.1..2...3!!!! RAVEN HAS WON THE MATCH!!!--]

WINNER: Raven via Pinfall

[--We cut back to Shane's office where he's still behind his desk when we hear his speaker phone come to life....--]

Shane's Secretary: Mr. McMahon... Johnny the Bull is here to see you..

Shane McMahon: Send him in..

[--The door opens up and Johnny the Bull steps in with Ms. Hancock...--]

Shane McMahon: What'd you bring her for?

Ms. Hancock: Mr. McMahon, it is my job as Mr. Dibiase's secretary to supervise all actions of Money Incorporated's staff to make sure they do not make any unauthorized deals with other members of Solid Gold Wrestling's active roster....

Shane McMahon: Whatever.. Johnny, I've got something to ask of you...

Johnny the Bull: Shoot, Mista' McMahon..

Shane McMahon: As you know, Johnny, I've got a lot of enemies in SGW, and I've got even more money... And I know how much you like money, Johnny, so I'm going to make you an offer... You make sure The Rock and Scott Steiner don't lay one finger on me, and I'll give you hefty reward...

Johnny the Bull: Like what?

Shane McMahon: Maybe....A world title shot, next week on Shock....

Ms. Hancock: That's acceptable...

Johnny the Bull: So... All I gots to do is make sure they don't touch you... And I get a world title shot?

Shane McMahon: Exactly...

Johnny the Bull: Mista' McMahon, you got ya' self a deal...

[--Shane and Johnny shake hands and Johnny and Hancock leave the room as Shane sits back down... We cut to the ring for our next match....--]

Mankind vs. Hulk Hogan


[--Mankind and Hogan brawl for a bit and Mankind whips Hogan to the ropes... He hits Hogan with a knee to the gut and Hogan hits the mat... Hogan's back up quickly and he begins sending the big right hands into Mankind's head!! He whips Mankind to the ropes and hits the BIG BOOT!! Hogan goes to the ropes and DROPS THE LEG!! But Mankind moves!! Hogan hits the mat hard and Mankind is on him quickly!! Mankind pelts Hogan with shots to the head and picks him up.. He whips Hogan to the ropes and hits a clothesline!! Hogan rolls around on the ground for a bit and Mankind reaches into his tights and pulls out..... MR. SOCKO!!!! Hogan gets back up and Mankind shoves Mr. Socko down Hogan's throat!!! Hogan fights it and kicks Mankind in the balls!!! Mankind backs into the ropes in pain and Hogan runs at him, but Mankind manages to hit him in the gut with a stiff kick!! He hooks Hogan.... DOUBLE ARM DDT!!!! Mankind covers..1...2....3!!!!! Mankind has won the match!! Mankind leaves as the fans chant his name...--]

WINNER: Mankind via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Chris Benoit getting ready for his match tonight... Shane McMahon walks into the room and Benoit looks ready to fight him, but Shane motions with his hands that he's not here to fight....--]

Shane McMahon: Benoit, before you get any wrong ideas about why I'm here, let me just get this out into the open... I'm going to make you an offer you'd be crazy to refuse....

Chris Benoit: What could you possibly offer me of yours that I would want...

Shane McMahon: Benoit, I'm giving you the opportunity, next week to step in the ring with Shane Douglas.... Not as enemies, but as partners...

Chris Benoit: Keep talking....

Shane McMahon: Tag team championships... Four corners match.. Whipwreck & Hardy.. Rhyno & Taz... I haven't exactly decided who the other team will be, but I want you and Douglas together with those belts... It makes me sick to think that pathetic wrestlers like Whipwreck and Hardy are holding gold while two respectable wrestlers like you and Shane Douglas are getting the shaft, day in and day out....

Chris Benoit: Sounds good... I'll be glad to assist Shane in taking the gold off of that scum... More than glad, actually.. It'd be an honor.. Mr. McMahon...

Shane McMahon: Excellent.. See ya' next week...

[--Shane leaves and Benoit goes back to preparing for his match....--]

Taz vs. Steve Corino

1. Regular Match
2. Falls Count Anywhere
3. Extreme Death Match

[--Corino and Taz brawl a lot to start and Taz dominates with a series of suplexes, but Corino manages to survive this onslaught and he whips Taz to the ropes.... SUPERKICK!!! Taz hits the mat hard and Corino picks Taz up.... IMPLANT DDT!!!! Corino covers..1...2...Steve Corino gets up breaking his own count when suddenly... "PERFECT STRANGERS" by Deep Purple hits... It's Shane Douglas' music!! Douglas walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand...--]

[--Douglas looks at the action in the ring and laughs loudly..... He raises his microphone and speaks...--]

Shane Douglas: Steve Corino! Taz! Two men who the people in SGW think embody the word EXTREME... Well, I beg to differ, boys, because it was The Franchise who brought the world "Extreme" to Solid Gold Wrestling!! I think it's pathetic that you two are fighting for that belt... In fact... It makes me SIIICK!! So what I propose right now.. If you two want to be the true Extreme Champion, you try and beat ME!!! Right here... Right now!! THREE WAY DAAAAANCE!!!!!

[--Corino and Taz both motion for him to "JUST BRING IT" and Douglas begins walking down to the ring in his street clothes... This may not be a good idea considering he's in the main event later tonight!! Douglas slides into the ring and they all begin brawling!! Douglas begins taking it to Taz while Corino tries to get a few hits on Douglas!! Douglas clotheslines Taz out of the ring and Corino and Douglas begin trading punches!! Corino throws a wild forearm and Douglas ducks it, he turns Corino around... FRANCHISER!!!!! Corino bounces from the impact and goes right out of the ring!! Taz slides back in and Douglas rakes Taz's eyes!! Taz recoils from the move and Douglas pulls a CHAIN out of his pocket!! He slams it hard into Taz's head and Taz hits the mat totally unconcious!! Corino slides back in and Douglas lays him out too!! The fans are booing loudly and Douglas covers Taz....1.....2.....3!!!!!! SHANE DOUGLAS IS THE EXTREME CHAMPION!!!!! Douglas stands over Taz and Corino's bodies laughing... The referee hands Douglas the Extreme Title belt... Douglas laughs loudly as he looks at it and leaves the ring as the fans boo loudly....--]

WINNER: Shane Douglas via Pinfall

Hour 2 --->